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4 J . x ' - A . 'ff-, : -'EM ,? 5 . X 9 i 1 I Z 5 . 5 1 1 , 1 i 4 A I 51 1 E M F 1 sw . H , In E ' Lf: ,X li, nl ,I Q ua wwf: if me Q The Pioneer 1 2 2 2 ,gi K in :El me ' ,f i 3 2 f' .-f' ,I ,XNDRHXV JACKSON IIICII SCI IOC ll, St. ,Xlbans Ncw York IKALPII VV. Il.xIA1.1-zu, Princifnll Iunc, 1950 Volumc XII No. 2 WR must march rm darlznge fx 'W V ' - K' i xii. X in , 1 A'For we cannot furry here, Y' W 1 f W 7 ' V , -3 1, V , , We must bear the brunt of danger, VVe the youthful, sinewy races, All the rest on us depends. Pioneers! O, Pioneers!" --VVAL1' XKVIIITIXIAN 5 f- "" f- ?7 -- --u:-v- .ff --iff-'?'r .NXQ X y' ii, IM ,si JRLL NN 9: 1 -IX Q'-7 Pioneering Days Are Not 0ver There have been many pioneers before us, and even more pioneers will follow us. This is evident in all phases of life, for man is continually striving to improve what has been begun by others. We know that the best novel has not yet been written, the finest airplane, not yet built, the greatest oration, not yet heard. We of Iackson may be the ones to improve and build on the founda- tion of the past, to result in the best of our time in our chosen Held. This attitude has continued from generation to generation, from century to cen- tury, and will continue to flourish until the end of time. The pioneer is an individual with an ideal. He is willing to sacrifice his personal enjoyment in order to attain his objective. His goal must be the fore- most thing in his mind, ignoring trivial matters. The primary requisite is a delinite goal, and the helping factors are perseverance, ability, and an over- whelming desire to reach the goal. To us, our individual aims and accomplish- ments seem insignificant, but each is a part of a whole plan, out of which we achieve something worthwhile. At jackson, we were privileged to receive the preliminary background and training which will enable us to accomplish the things we most desire. If we were diligent and receptive, we have absorbed what was offered us. Now, at graduation, we are once again concluding a chapter in our book of life, and we are being handed a sheaf of clean pages. What, through our deeds, is to be written there, is entirely up to each of us. Through our future actions, the chapters in that book can be an everlasting credit or a burning disgrace. Let us always remember what we have been taught during our stay at Iackson, and fill our book with deeds we shall always look upon with pride. The road of the past four years was paved and made ready in advance for us. Now the time has come when we must pave our own way, step by step, by applying what we have spent four years in learning. May we do well what we do, and ever keep in mind the principles of living that have been instilled in us so that we in our time may achieve fame as-pioneers in all that is worthwhile. HELEN ARENHOLZ 3 hief Scoufs Message Periodically throughout our history, economic peaks and troughs have arisen. 'l'hc latter sometimes constitute serious crises. VVhen we strike a peak, rccklessness prevails, when we reach a trough, pessimism reigns. lt would appear that we are at present trending toward a levelling off period. 'l'here is a tightening of jobs on most salary levels. XVe have just passed through a period when a person with even meager ability could secure employment with almost unprecedented renmneration. 'l'hat is no longer quite true. You members of the graduating class may End it more diflicult to secure well paying positions than did the graduating class of last Ianuary, and the actual mnnber of positions available may be less than a year ago. I hope the keynote of your outlook will remain optimistic. If employ- ment is tighter, meet the situation by becoming better prepared. lf jobs are somewhat scarcer, be more persistent in your search. If salaries drop, do not demand unreasonable pay. VVhen you secure a position, make yourself in- valuable to your employer. Put your best into all your work and really make good. Such attitudes and outlooks will spell success in almost any economy. Let courage be your watchword, and conscientious work your determination. RALPH VV. HALLER 4 dministrative 1 ssistants Mr. Saul 'l'odcr, Mrs. Iiliszlbctll Brogzm, Mr. I. Gordon IjCllfSC'll, Mr. Ifrxmcis Grady. Gr d Ad ' Nlrs, I'1l0l'L'lll'L' Todd, Mrs. Ruth Brown, Mr. Milton Bluff. 5 3111 frllrmnriam IESSICA ROSS TESTAVERDE February 6, 1950 Devoted wife and mother- Graciorus and loyal member of the faculty- Kind and understanding teacher. Mrs. Testaverde endeared herself to so many at Iackson that she will long be remembered. Dedication For her quiet, friendly ways, for her deep understanding of tlie boy or girl who doesn't like school as well as the one who does, for her bits of friendly advicc and hcr inspiration to all to inake the most of themselves, for her continued perseverance in spite of not always perfect health, for her gentle, kindly manner toward us all- We, the Senior Class of June, 1950, take exceedingly great pleasure in dedicating this, our yearbook, to Mrs. Theresa Boehm. 7 -944-1 M83 1 111 1 DORIS SCllXl'llll,l'I lll'll,lCN .XIKIGNIIOIZ l'll.l'1.XNUR SCjllXX'l'1XCl'1R 1 ioneer Stal' ' l'lt1If!Jf 111 ellieffl lele11 .xl'L'llll0l7 ,Xsxneiute lqlllfllfh'-l,llllS Selmeluleg l'llL'2lllUl' Sel111'e11ger cllldlfllldll of Litemry Sfuff4Xl11rg1e Dixon flllmllflllclll of P11utogrufnlzy-fRz1lph l.etl11 Co CllldlT7IICll of Art-Ierell Kllllll, XlLll'lL'llC Stoelcer Clltllfllltlll of Seen'tariffs-l311rlu:1r11 lleeker Literary' Staff-l'Ille11 .X11clerso11. llele11 ,'X11to11ell1. llolly Cuntelli, Dolores Dressel, llz1rlx1r41 lfilnski, Rose clfllillllilll, Marge Hesse, Marge Kenclrielc, lllllk' Kro11e11, Bz1rluz1rz1 141112, Vern l.:1rae11, c:L'0l'LQl2l l.el1111a11111, Iea111elte Nluttes. 101111 lXlerri:1111, Lxllllil Nleyer, 102111 XYOocl, Stlllltllll Roberts. l'ltlCllIfX' A1I1'i.wer.s'-Nlrs. llalll z111cl Mr. llrzlclley. BUSINICSS S'l'pXl"l+' Cfrmffllflirlllcrrl-llz1lpl1 l,etl11, Xlilclrecl Nlc-Nnlly SCCfL'fllfl'-.xllflllllL'H'L' ljtllllllil Allfllfflf-lXl1lLlClllll,' S11ll11'1111 xlt'llllX'fNfNl1ll'lC .xC'liCl'lll2lll. ll:11'lv11r:1 llz111111gz1rcl11er, l,1ltllC'lll Czlssicly, ll0SCll11ll'f' C2lSSlllf', Nlilf- eelle Ceeez111t1, 1114111 lfiller, l'lllIlLl l'xCC1lL'f'. xll1SCll1l l'llIlClSCll. lsfllllli Cl111rrz1p11to, Illllk' cllllll' 1lCllll3, llele11 ll:11, .Xrlene Kelly, Xlalt Kelly, ljilfflfllf' Kiely, l'llOl'L'llL'C l.0111l111rcl1. lxllll'lL'IK xlilhllliil, l'vl'LlllL'L'5V xlL'KL'll1lf, Robert lXleNl1llz111, .xllll lxlCllll0l72l. Iuelxie Xlessell. K1llllL'IlllC Olllig, lUo1'r1tl1y l,LlL'lUXY, Yirgilligl l'1ez1relli, .Xllll llottlmff, Carol llriee. llenry R1el1111rm11cl, llL'lL'l1k' Sleeper. Clc11'111 Xxrllwlll, Wagon Wheels t, fl Wisdom, Inc. Most Dramatically lnclined Eleanor Sclwwenger Barbara Levine Herberl Marx Wally Shorf pw- . Most Versatile A Finger in Every Pie Marge Hesse Polly Canlelli Ed Dowd Bob McMillan 9 Dreamers Mr. and Miss Bop Marge Kendrick Barbara Filaslxi Frank O'Lear Jack Luquer 1 -. , -1. .1 . I - ..... -.- ... W ..-.. Mixmasters Mr. and Miss Music Vera Larsen, Virginia Picarelli Marilyn Murphy Bob McMillan Bill Wurlenburg I0 wsrwf ""' 3' Fashion Plates Whistle Bait Marie Jo Jensen Georgia Lehmann Jack Luquer Charles Walsh P , lf Live Wires Smilen' .lack 'n' Jill Virginia Picarelli Alice van Aclcen Artie Speclcman Wally Short ll -4 5 Heartbreakers Class Flirfs Polly Canfelli Jeaneffe MaH'es Charlie Walsh John Ohlman ...Ig ,Q Personality Plus Teachers' Trials Marge Hess Madeline Sullivan Bob Downing 'Arlie Speckman 12 Apple Polishers Best Sports Janet Lawrence Ann Naylor Ralph Lethi Joe Cali My rm The Long 'n' Short of it Sophisticates Gertie Hayward Marie Jo Jensen Don Whalen Bob Hevner 13 Class Lambs Cutest Mar ie Dixon Vera Larsen, Margie Hesse 9 John Sheldon Charles Walsh A MW M Class Athletes 'Q Ed and Etta Kett Dolly Kluge Joan Lalier Frank Gaffney Ralph Lethi 14 s 14.11, A la Picasso Chatferboxes Jer6ll Kahn Doris Schaeble Andy Pinfo, S+eve Werlick Ariie Speckman Witfiesf Class Clowns adeline Sullivan Ed Ohlson Ar+ie Speckman Joan Small M 15 F' Most Misunderstood Hardest to Convince Ann Mendoza Phyllis Farese Bob Blank Norman Stein rf .i Favorite Teachers Most Popular Mrs. Todd Marge Hesse Mr. Schwarzenbacln Bob McMillan 16 . xx MUNIHG me 4,154 K, f wh. iw' , f5'1W N . ,L.,.,,,m, ,, ,ffm fyyw DICK ' WNIMHDH FREN ANNE M' sen. W HHRGIE HESSE TELL! RRSEN xg" ,'Q'-fum .I k"' 5 r S'-I , 'Ji 'lg-5' le 'if r 171 1 - ,tr-.f:" j.-it MARIE ACKERMANN "Kitten" Co to business C-.O. and Library Rep, History Oftiee Squad, Scc'y to teachers, Newman Club, Business Staff, 'APioneer"g Typing ccrtifs To own a nursery for children and raise a flock of my own Cute and lovable, full of fun, Marie is liked by everyone. ELAINE AIILE "AhlHc" Prolonged vacation in Vermont Major and Minor Service Pins, Pitman Shorthand and Typing Certificates, Ilonor Roll, Scc'y to teachers, Bowling Club Private Secretary A private secretary is what she'll bc, A great success undoubtedly. PAUL ALBERT "Poopsic" Vlfork To marry a rich girl and live happily ever after Always happy, always gay, Paul goes smiling on his way. ANDREVV N. ALEXANDER "Andy" Polytechnic Institute of Technology Student Court Iudge, Arista Treas., Varsity Show, Visual Aid Squad Capt., Administrative Ass't Squad, A'Star" Statt, Lunch Patrol Electrical engineer Andy's fine record speaks for him. VVC know hc'll reach success. AND EVV ALIMO SY "Al" Coll ' A 'Io ecorne a ec ical en r ell JL prou say we knew him when. ROSEMARIE ALONCE 'tRosic" Business School Library Assistant Interior decorator She's shy and sweet, A joy to meet. RUTH AL'I' Budness Sr. Orch., Concert Comm., Operctta, See'y to teacher, Honor Roll, Hist. and Eco. Honor Classes, Volleyball and Y.O.U. Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Rcorg. Squad Expert dictaphone operator A quiet manner, a steady smile, For this combination, we'd walk a mile. 18 , f f . ' - s-: 4 ., r. . Q -- r '-1' :rf , 'I ' ii! ', J I . J 1 ' 4' , - n- 1 j j . j i.. v- . 1, -3 N . f-3 ' E f 'F 1 N' it - 'N if 3 A I f ...,',. ' ,' uv' .Uv-, .i 'rf V . .. ., "- 11451-M: , --r' - T., . - vu : A 7. --fl. "' "'f'f ,. . ,N -. .. it A,.n,,- J-n,,,n..,,.,.,.. f -..., , -.-v,..f'.. .,-.- Qa ,-. -'.-.'..'- 4 . . H, - r --.,,,-.1-g,,,,,..,:r2E:'n.tL.,-:rg-5-,., 1'-3. f. ...- - -1-3, i ST ' " ',.. PAUL ALTMAN ,V .- . mfg c0I1egq.,.'..w ,LA ' "Hickory Log," ournalism, jackson patrol, ionor R ll, , gljs 'lrhdor class, 176853. 'EHVJT To sle twelve hours every day On Paul Altman you ean't lose, Once he gets a good night's snooze. ALAN G. AMR EIN ,. A' ' Colle Z ' Tre of ri. ., i 1 r a d flaior Ser , Stuc nt urtge ' 4 itor of ar," Arsen ' O LaCe,' " Re 'r ian ' ' Chm? engineer Hc'll "compound" a success, because he always does his best. LAU X A ANDERSEN "Law" To c e a secretary , hbfGs, "j . lers, JROII, , 1shHongg,Classcs To v V , full lifef , V MA? iav fa ha y', ith much success, .nd littglfstrifc. ELLEN ANDERSON HEI" Business School "Pioneer" Staff, See'y Green and White Party, See'y to Miss Mouscn, Mr. Deutsch's Sq., Basketball Club, Emer- gency Rm. Assist. To always be happy and contented with what 1'm doing. Always undcrfoot, but nice to have around. EVELYN AN E "Evie" B iness r ' i , .ss . ' o a zat' quail, o Pitman h er cates. Travel ,K .- ,-' ' She's cute .nd smal ,f One of the best of all, JOT4-,tj JAMES ANTHONY "Iiml' Marine Engineer Fort Schuyler Maritime College Capt. Varsity Soccer, Major UI," New- rnan Club, Hall Patrol, See'y to Mr. Borten. Iimmy has chosen engineering, And all can sec success is nearing. DONALD ANTIZZO College Visual Aid Sq., "Star" Art Staff. Chemist flndustriall In the laboratory of life, Hc'll have the right formula for success. Q 9 glard a w cle er HELEN ANTONELLI Secretary "Pioneer" Staff, G.O. Rep., Honor Roll, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teachers To be a dancing elf Lovable, laughable, and full of fun- One in a million, she's gay as the sun. IIELEN ARENHOLZ Business ' Editor-in'Chicf of "Pioneer," "Hickory Log" reporter, Library Assist., Minor and Major Service Pin, G.O. Rep., Grccn and YVhite Party, Lunch Patrol, Scc'y to Mrs. McClintock To be as wonderful to my children as my parents were to me. She's the Editorhin-chief of the "Pioneer," A hard working gal who's always sincere. IACK ARNOLD Work Band, Orchestra, Lunch Patrol Marry a rich girl. lack can "bank" on success. DAVID AUE 5 1 Y r st s time way. W ROSALIE BAGNASCO Dance with Rockettes at the Music Hall Dancing, Skating, Bowling Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Mrs. Goodman, Typing Certificate T each dancing "Dance" your way to success and get many "kicks" out of life. BILL BAIRD "Fritz" Queens College, then Cornell University 2 yrs. Varsity Soccer, PSAL Medals, Honor Roll, "Star" Staff, Minor Serv- ice Pin, Hall and Lunch Patrols, "Hickory Log" Reporter. To do research work in the field of medicine To do research is his aim, VVC know he'll reach the Hall of Fame. LILLIAN BALICK "Lill" To go to college G.O. Rep., Sec'y to Miss French To be a psychiatric social worker A girl who has a pleasant smile- VV e know hcr life will be worth while. GENE BANDINI XVork and college later Go to school for accounting Get to know him, take our advice, He's so much fun, and very nice. GEORGE E. BANKS "Skip" Auto mechanic Sec'y to Teachers, Int. Champions Basketball Private business George has a high ambition, Achieved by work and not by wishing. BARBARA BAUMGARDNER Airline Stewardess "Bobbie" Roller Skating Club, Late Office Squad, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teachers, Math., Science and English Ilonor Classes To own a motorcycle To see the world is her aim, In business she will find her flame. KENNETH BAUSCII "Ken" College "Arsenic and Old Lace," "The Red Mill," "I Remember Mama," Arista, Minor Service Pin, Lunch Patrol, Glee Club, Honor Classes To be a teacher Be it Harvard or Yale, To success Kenneth will sail. ROBERT BEAN "Bob" or "Beane" College To go into my own business A college man you will become, Good luck and best wishes from everyone. ANITA BECKER "Biscuit" Green Mountain College Library Staff, Emergency Room Assist., Sce'y to Teachers, Swimming Club, Ir. Red Cross Club To get married To be a Mrs. is what she wishes, But don't forget, you'll have to do dishes! BARBARA BECKER "Ba" Modeling Sr. Class Treasurer, Maior I. Cheer- ing. Green and VVhite Party, "Pioneer" Staff, Ilonor Roll 8 Terms, Eng. Ilonor Classes, Pitman and Typing Certif., Skating Club, Sec'y to Teachers. To have a happy and lasting marriage She'll be a "model" wife, Loving Eddie all her life.. IOAN EILEENDB "Jeanie" Nursing r ' Lunch Pa I Gperetta nd Concert, YO.U. At 1 clubs, scdy C , ' Staff, Ilonor ses, . lub, 'rogran Comm., pecial orus, Bio. L J snlst. Marry a doctor the world Ioan will give ou any a pill, Each one covcrc ith good will. IAMES BELL "lim" College Visual Aid, General Science Prep. Squads, "Hickory Log" Staff, llall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Iournalism Class, llonor Roll, Ilonor Classes. Graduation from medical school All who know lim agree, A great success he's bound to be. 19 IOAN BELL "Mert" Stenographer and typist See'y to Miss Bardolf, Bowling Club Sweet and cheerful every day, A sure tire hit in every way. MARILYN BENEVENTO '4Brooklyn" Work Basketball Club, Honor Roll 2 Terms, Ir. Red Cross, Sec'y to Miss Snyder Dance in the Harvest Moon Ball Contest A girl so sweet is surely hard to beat. HENRY BERTOLOTTI Henry's been very quiet, but we'll hear from him later! VVC wish him all success. FLORENCE BIANCO "Flo" Continue with business school G.O. Ofhec 3 Terms, Typing Certifi- cate, Honor Roll To Travel Around the world she goes, And where she'll stop, nobody knows. GEORGE BIEDERMAN Salesman Tennis Team, Band and Concert, Rifle Club President of a business We know he'll mind his own "busi- ness" exceptionally well. ROBERT BLANK f'Bob" Go to college at night and work in day Menu Squad C. P. Accountant Don't concentrate too much on "figures" GERALD BLOOMGARDEN "jerry" College Math, Ofliec, Math Club, Bio. Lab., Arista, Honor Roll, Latin Honor Cer- tificate, Minor Service Pin, Pres. of Bio. Club Doctor Our friend Ierry, as a friend is grand, He'll be known as the "get well" man. DANIEL BODNER loin the Merchant Marine and see the world Guard Three Terms, Late Otlice Squad Become rich When he joins the Merchant Marine, All over the world he'll be seen. 20 ,. I . I . . A . 1 HA LD BOENING' "Happy" 'o oin rny,fqther in business X 'I?attol,' Iunior Varsity Basket- 4 , Ilonpr Roll y- .- To be a basketball ego f 'A Happy has humor, I appy has witg VVith us all he makes a hit. FRANCES BOLIN "Fran" College ' ' Sr. ClasyQ er, Direct fo stumcs cssive Party, f'Star" Staff A ' Squad, Swimmi Q 'Il' onor Classes o rhumbal and tango A rp if O Carefree and gay,N' ,, -Q-'Vi Come what may. . , -. RALPII BONAVOGLIA "Bon Bon" Politician To be President He is Iaekson's favorite star, VVC know that Ralph will go far. IAMES BOND "lim" Queens College Program Comm., Service Squad, Chemistry, Math., and English Honor Classes, Honor Roll . To see the world To see the world is his ambition, Bon Voyage to lim we're wishing. AUDREY BONVICINO "And" Wfork See'y to Mrs. Wolfson, Ir. Red Cross Club, Honor Roll, Library Rep. To learn how to swim Audrey will never shirk, From any kind of hard work. IACQUELINE BOYCE "jackie" Nurses training To become a good nurse To our school Iackie's been a welcome addition, VVe wish her success in her chosen ambition. 'TN Bi le e n ce Pitman 80 word yb rthe Lord Her s nny - ire has no room for worry, rnoodiness, or gloom. IOAN BRADY "Brooklyn" College Lunch Patrol, Library Assist, Library Rep., Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Ir. Red Cross Clubs, Honor Roll, Hon- or Classes, Sr. Class Trcas. To sit on the Dodger bench during a World Series, watching them beat the Yankees! VVe hope you see the Dodgers win! ELSI ' N ol UL e i . . ' r' ' I trol, Vollcy Ball Li ' iii O ' l IOAN BRODKORB Secretary Honor Roll, G.O, Rep., See'y to Teachers, Typing and Stenography Certs. To become a farmer's wife A happy girl with a happy way, As a farmerette she'll be O. K. AUGUST BROGLE, IR. "Augie" College-Fordham University Honor Roll, History Honor, Winner of "Hickory Log" Slogan Contest, New- man Club History teacher To teach history is your ambition, We hppc you get what you're wishin'. AUDREY BUCHHORN "And" Business school Sec'y to Miss Flynn, English Honor Class To be a Wave To sail the seven seas she'd go, May she only pleasures know. THOMAS BURKE To be a carpenter Service Squad To become prosperous Keep your goal in sight. JOSEPH BURNS "joe" Police Dep't. ,W Soccer Team, Hall Patrol, Locker Guard, G.O. Rep. Detective Into the police force Ioe will go, Medals of valor some day he'll show. BILLIE BURTON "Bea" Work in the telephone company See'y to Teachers Housewife Never a worry, never a care, Happy-go-lucky everywhere. NATHAN VV. BUTT, "Nat" Hope to attend Yale University Math. Tutor, Honor Classes, Oper- etta Ticket Salesman, Math Club, Honor Roll Law He'll win in any court, And always he'll be a good sport. BEVERLY JOAN CALDER "Bev" Business school Girls' Varsity, Basketball, Volleyball, Dance, Leaders, French, Tennis, Soft- ball and Badminton Clubs, See'y to Teachers, Service Comm., Honor Roll, Minor and Major Letters. To have a good home and family Because you're loyal, pleasant, true, Many fine things are destined for you. IOSEPH CALI "Sportie" Be a salesman Green and YVhite Party, Scc'y to Teachers, Hall Patrol, Art Squad, G.O. Rep., Basketball Intramural Cham- pionship. To travel the country May your ability be so Bongo, That you can sell oil furnaces in the Congo. RONALD CAMPBELL "Soupy" Work VVork usually brings success. We know you'll deserve your share, and we wish you the best. CECILIA CAMPO Secretary G.O. Rep. Three Terms, Bowling Club, Sec'y to 'Teacher Get married and raise a baseball team Dreams sometimes scatter and then die, But not for Cecilia and her special guy. PAULINIS CANTELLI "Polly" Katharine Gibbs Cheering Squad, Usherette Squad, See'y of G.O., "Pioneer" Staff, Senior Class Treas., See'y of G. 8: VV. Party, G.O. Rep., Minor Service Pin, Ilonor Roll, Cap't. Lunch Patrol. To be just like my lylom Our Polly is a joy complete, She's jolly, ay, ' pleasure to meet. Ol' A "Big Iohn" -. or cleric ork tar" i t Start at bot 1 o an office and try to gegtoffhlemlop May you climb quickly! WILLIA CARNEY "Bill" To get 1ob Eco. I i ll, H 'APatro, L . To beapoliti'n ' ,. He's always trustworthy and 'ever dependableg . ff " " , Such a combinzfm highly eommenda le. ANN CARTOLANO "Annie Oaklie" To be a music teacher Library Staff, See'y to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Basketball Club, Tennis Club. To have the patience and knowledge of my own music teacher Black hair, bright smile- Here's one worthwhile. CHARLES CASSIDY "Chuck" Business G.O. and Library Rep., Lunch Patrol To start my own business Whether at play or at his iob, He'll always rise above the "mob," Z1 N Q PATRICIA CASSIDY "Pat" Work Scc'y to Teachers, Program Comm., 'Lunch Patrol, Newman Club, Crcen and White Party, 'General Office, lr. Red Cross To be a success Patricia's cute and so petite, She and Rose are a double treat. ROSEMARY CASSIDY 4'Rose" Nurse General Office Squad, Sec'y to Teach- ers, Crecn and White Party, Newman Club, Honor Roll To succeed The highest aim is success in life, We know you'lI reach your goal. LAURA CATAFFO "Lolly" Dental Assistant See'y to Teachers, Operctta, "The Fortune Teller," Special Chorus To marry the most wonderful guy in the world To marry, by golly, Is the ambition of Lolly! MARCELLE CECCANTI A'Frcnehy" Secretary "Pioneer" Business Staff, Reorgani- zation Squad, Pitman Award, Dramatic Club, Service Squad To get the best out of life A secretary she will be, And a success undoubtedly. AUDREY CIIAMBERLAINE College "Sandy" Girl Leader of Arista, Vice Pres. Var- sity, Student Court judge, Lieut. Math. Club, Maior Service Pin, Eng. Office Assist., Leaders and other sports clubs To become an airline stewardess May you Fly to success! CAROL CHARLTON 'ACharlie" A teacher's college Special Chorus, "Red Mill" Operetta, Clce Club, See'y of Varsity Club, 2 Major I's, 6 minor I's, Basketball, Softball, Leaders, Volleyball, Dancing Club, Lunch Patrol To be a teacher In her quiet, demure way, On she goes smiling, day by day. ARNOLD CHOVNICK UNick" College--New York University Chemistry Preparation and Physics Squad, "Hickory Log" Reporter, Pro- gram and Regents Recording Comm., Honor Classes To be a doctor As a doctor he'll be cheerful and gay, Helping all who come his way. RICHARD COEN Radio Pres. of Radio Club, Amateur Radio Club Radio Operator Even asleep, Rip Van Winklc VVould sec our Dick twinkle. 22 RICHARD CONCANNON "Dick" Adelphi College Varsity Show, "Beggar on Horseback," Visual Air Squad, Camera Club, Li- brary Squad, Vice Pres. Sr. Class To own a new Plymouth convertible VVith or without your ear, We're sure that you'll go far. RAYMOND CONDON "Igor" Work Chair Repair Squad, Intramural Awards, Farm Cadet Corps, two years To make a million without working Work hard when you work, Play hard when you play, Then success will come your way. ELEANOR CONRAD Work as a secretary h See'y to Teachers, Library Staff, Li- brary Rep., IIonor Roll, English and History Honor Classes Marriage and California Cool and quiet, sweet, serene, A girl so nice is seldom seen. AUDREY COOK "Cookie" Secretary Bowling Club, Att. Squad, Honor Roll, Pitman Cert. Have as much fun out of life as possible A girl who is sincere and true, VVe wish all our friends were just like you. DAVID COO ER "Dave" Que s Co ihbgj Poli rtooning b, "Star" Art Sta w' ' s bright, Dav e ' d to be in the spotlight. PATRICIA ANN CORDES "Patsy" Nursing G.O. Rep., Sec'y of Teachers, "Hickory Log" Reporter, Honor Roll To help those less fortunate than myself In her pleasant and quiet way, Pat will reach the top some day. ANDREW I. CERNICLIA "Andy" To see the world Intramural Award PSAL Award, Ilonor Roll, Ilall Patrol To retire at 40 Round and round the world he goes, ,And wherq hefstops fnobody knows. l 3 , .1 . .jf ,- NJ' IAME B. QOTT R Ilalllgk ,f Ii bgon helxwill not tell, MRVC qclwnlbhis, we wish him well. i ,' f ix EDGAR CRONIN "Ed" Civil Service Band Three Terms, Senior Orchestra, Newman Club, Sec'y to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol To "take it with me" when I die To take it with you when you die, You'll have to be a lucky guy. RAYMOND CUNNEEN "Ray" Work Best of luck, Ray! Happiness, too! FAITII CUTLER Business world Science Honor Class, G.O. Oflice, Health Ed. Office, Sec'y to Teacher To become successful in business A business woman Faith will be, To the door of success she'll hold the kcv. AUDREY DANIELSEN "Dannie" To become a successful secretary See'y to Teacher, Lunch Patrol, Pit- man 80 VVord Cert. To repay my parents for all they've done, and get married Pretty, friendly, kind, and sweet- Audrey's qualities can't be beat. HELEN DARBY Work Bookkeeper We're glad to have you with us, Helen. VVe wish you success and happiness. ROSEMARIE D'AVANZO 'ARosie" To work as secretary in bank Newman Club, See'y to Teachers, Typing Cert., Stockroom Assist., Re- gent YVeek Ass't. To travel with a millionaire husband Ilere's a girl, we must admit, VVho's got "pep" and plcpty of fit." EMILY ANN DELVENTHAL fling' Pratt Insftjfle gl . r, f ,f ,I Sec'y jfqftfeachersu Program Comm., Biology Squad, Home Economics Serv- iee Award, Major Service Pin, Math. Tutor if 5.1.1 , Home econbmicy leacherf I Emily is a-lgitl ambitious, creative and friendly. ' WILLIAM DENNIS ' , f'Bill,?' College ' g' f , ' Vice Pres,of G.O., Basketball Team, Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Green and VVhite Party. See the world with Ed Dowd and Bob McMillan Y In any land or any elirne, ' i VVc're sure the. three of you will shine. I FRED EPP wg College , A 't to viser, T 'y, Sta p , s, ' ory ' .A d. Ass' et cleaner' I urh l" did exe 3 will do as IANET DEREMER "Ian" Work Glec Club, Attendance Oflice, See'y to Teachers, Lunch Patrol Health, happiness, husband, Heaven Health, happiness and husband are Worth A beautiful heaven right here on earth. HAROLD V. SM ID larry" Work IW jmrclgtra, and To come a mi io ire The first mil' e hard t to make! I PHILIP DI NON O "Flip" To a life ile D an I Iorseback," c d, ckson Patrol, four erms J Policeman Flip's ambition is to Je a cop, There is no doubt he'll reach the top. MARY DISIIMAN To go to business school Red Cross Club, Sec'y to Teachers, Library Rep. To work in an office as a secretary Full of pep, push, and go- That's why people like her so. MARGIE DIXON "Marge" Cortland University G.O. Sec., Sr. Class Trcas., "Pioneer" Staff, Usherettes, Green and White Party, Honor Roll 8 terms, Honor Classes, Major Service Pin, Math. Tu- tor, Library Ass't., Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Library Rep. To be as sweet as "sister" Nice disposition, a friend to each, And to you all, a Georgia Peach, PATRICIA DOHERTY Work Honor Roll, Sec'y to Teachers Health, happiness, a husband and heaven A sweet girl, a sweet thought- May you gain the things you've sought. DORIS DOLAN "Dot" VVork See'y to Teachers. G.O. Othee Ass't., Honor Roll, one term To wish for the moon and find "Happy Times" Full of pep, push and go- That's why people like her so. 23 PATRICIA DOMIGAN t'Pattie" Advertising Ass't. to Teachers, Sec'y to Teachers, Ilonor Roll, Dramatics, Iournalism Classes To enjoy life IIcre's wishing success To one who deserves the best. LUCILLE DOMROE XVe wish Lucille success and happiness. MARVIN DORSKIND "Marv" Brooklyn College of Pharmacy llonor Roll 7 Terms, l'.S.A.L. Award, Scc'y to Teachers To be a pharmacist and research chemist XV ith tubes in hand that fizz and fume, Stands sulphur-stained Marv in some smoky room. EDVVARD DONVD, IR, "Ed" College Pres. of G.O., Boy Leader of Arista, Co-captain of Track Team, Current Events Club, Ilall and Lunch Patrol, Mimeograph Squad, Ilonor Roll, llonor Classes, 3 Major Ts See the world To our former President of the G.O., VVc wish you success wherever you go. IAMES DOVVLING Silence is goldenl' IIere's luck to you anyway! ROBERT DOVVNING "Murg'l College-Syracuse University Pres. of Sr. Class, Band, All Queens Swimming Team, G,O. Rep., Ilonor Roll, llonor Classes The oceans will turn green with envy when they t'sea" this wave of success. DOLORES DRESSEL "Dee" Katherine Gibbs School Ilonor Roll, "Pioneer," Library Staff, G.O. Rep., Scc'y to Teachers, Green and White Party, Newman Club To be Cinderella and marry Prince Charming As gay and cheerful as the sun, Sweet and kind to everyone. IAMES DUFFY "Duff-NVnft" College Hall Patrol, llonor Roll 7 Terms, See'y to Teacher Some day own my own farm in Ver- mont A farm in Vermont someday t'will be, Owned by a man called 'tFarmer Duityf' 24 ALLEN DUSVVALT t'Dusty" College Track and Cross Country Teams, Po- litical Cartooning and Trinity Clubs, llonor Roll, Math. Tudor, IIall Patrol, Major and Minor Letters To get a B.S. Degree from Queens College Keep your goal in sight. LORRAINE EASON Wfork Bowling Club, Glee Club, Ilonor Roll To get married In her demurc and quiet way, Shc's bound to reach the top some day. GEORGE EGAN "Lefty" To work To get on the Police Department VVhether directing traffic or pounding a beat, Adventure he is bound to meet. 415 , 1 36 up if A-rm" au.. . ' 'sa orus I, YH a licate n ay J- i g . the while- IIC' iw wi such a smile. IOAN EIFLER To become a successful secretary t'Pioneer" business staff To repay my parents for their thought- fulness plus health, happiness, hus- band, heaven All who know her like her well, In our opinion, Ioan is swell. ROBERT ENGASSER "Bob" Ioin the Air Corps Stay single or marry a rich widow May your wishes all come trncg Be successful in all you do. r DON EP flwbl , E Wfork ' ppm I . d, G.U. Clas. pt. F n to Hy rp the Il, To moonihc RW u K fly, ' Oh, golly! VVhat a tgum s guy! GEORGE ERICKSEN Wfork Hall Patrol Own a small business May the type of work you do Ever bring success and happiness to vou. IOAN MARY FALLER "Io" Career in Fashions Swimming, Newman Club, Bio. Lab., Mr. Deutsclfs Squad, Library, G.O. Rep., Library Ass't., Lunch Patrol May you draw the design of success. PHYLLIS FARESE "Phil" Cortland State Teaeher's College Newman, Swimming, Basketball, Soft- ball, Leaders Clubs, Library Ass't., Varsity Sl1ow's, "Beggar" and "I Re- member Mamma," Minor To teach kindergarten May all your problems be little ones. EDNA FEENEY t'Eddie" Wfork Volleyball Club, See'y to Teachers, Library Ass't., "Pioneer" Bus. Staff, Ilonor Roll, Typing Certs., Athletic Awards, Regents VVeek Ass't. T o lead a folly and happy life Agreeablc and full of fun, Always liked by everyone. IAML IBHILLY H9111 Y" wfofkag if ' xg SWlIllIll 1lll, Track 'Ie 1, Ba Hall Squad, Lunch Patr l Laboratory technician " ,,,',.,, YVC know jimmy willj Sireceiedg He's just the boy toftake the lead. ANN FEISER Wfork Sec'y to Mr. lluneke, Mrs. Hammer, Mrs. Cardone, Mrs. Woykc, Mr. Grady To drive a motorcycle Agrceable and full of fun, Always liked by everyone. IOAN FERTIK "joanie" Business school Sec'y to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Honor Roll, Two Terms XVork as an assistant bookkeeper Shc's just the one for a bookkeeper's assistant, A sweet girl, so neat and eflieient. BARBARA FILASKI Secretary "Pioneer" Statt, Sec'y to Mrs. Brogan, Manager of Cheering Squad, Member of Green and VVhite Party, Pitman and 'Typing Certs. To own an eligible bachelor's home with Ioan and Marge Ba1h's got be-bop on her mind, A nicer gal is hard to find. MUSETTA FINEISEN HFini" College or travel Honor Roll, Honor Classes, "Star" Art Staff, "Pioneer" Business Staff, Sec'y to Teachers, G.O. Rep. To own a flea circus "Sugar 'n spice And everything nice." NANCY IOAN FINKLE College Major Service Pin, Arista, Honor Roll, Ilonor Classes, Program Committee, Sec'y to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Stu- dent Court Clerk and judge To be successful in anything I choose Let us hope you choose the right thing, So success and happiness it will bring. IANE FINNIGAN To become a buyer Honor Roll, Clubs Eventually marriage and a family She never fails to greet, With a smile that is so sweet. MARYLIN FISCHISR "Honey" Secretary See'y to Teacher Marylin's a gal VVh0 really is a pal. IAMES l"LliCKENS'l'l5lN "l"lecky" Go to work Service and Locker Guards, Special Chorus, Chair Repair Squad To be an automobile mechanic Under the car or in the hood, limmy's mechanics will be very good. BET' ' FL L ' ' -su-ij Iunro Lunch Pat ec' ' hers, Vol- leyball, D bs, c Club, Ilonor Roll 'in - Betty's sweet and ety's quiet, At junior college she'll cause a riot. FRANK FORKER "Pancho" College Baseball Team, Study Hall See'y To be a matador down Mexico way. In any land, in any clinic, We are sure that Frank will always shine. RUTH FORMAN 'iRuthie" Typist-receptionist Typist for the "Stan" Go back to Virginia after graduation If a Southern belle you'd be, Remember Iackson while in Virginny. ROBERT AN X MbQ,jJ.ri0b" XY ,A - ur aims a high, . , nrrry a rich ' it 'll g v. ' ' W . . , fd ' I ' 25 ANN MARIE FREYER "Bunny" Nursing school General Science Lab., Political Car- tooning, Roller Skating, Tennis Clubs, Library Staff, "Star" Staff, Major Serv- ice Pin, Sec'y to Teacher To become a navy nurse IO F O "lack" Boo Lu rol o ess s happ' The agrswer to a patient's prayer. VIOLET GACSAL "Vi" Modeling Volleyball, Bowling, Basketball Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Pitman and Typing Certs., Honor Roll, Newman Club To be the first gal to go to West Point Good luck to a girl with a strange ambition, But d0esn't West Point have some sort of tradition? FRANK GAFFNEY "Gazelle" College Co-Capt. Track Team, City Champ, Queens Champ, Nat'l Champ, G.O. Rep., Green and VVhitc Party, Four Maior "Vs" Live. learn. laugh, love and leap lle'll leap his way toward success. ROBERT GARDNER "Cactus" College City and Queens Cross Country, Queens Novice, Manager Cross Coun- try Team, Manager Track Team, Honor Roll 8 Terms To do whatever I do to the best of my ability No one will overtake you on the road to success. ANDREW GEIERSBACII "Andy" Provision dealer Service Squad Sports announcer We'll hear Andy everywhere, VVhen he's a sports announcer on the air. MARGARET GELSOMINE "Margie" Work Roller Skating Club, Scc'y to Teachers Margie's quite nice and sweet, To know her is a super treat! GRACE MARIE GENNARO Work in an office "Gracie" Dancing Club, Sec'y to Miss Raynor To live a life of happiness Grace is quiet, courteous, sweet, Her company will always be a treat. 26 FRANK GIARRAPUTO "Ierry" Go to work in an office Sec'y to Teachers, Ir. Dramatic Mem- ber, Aquarium Club, Operetta Chorus, Art Helper, Glee Club Marry a wealthy widow A regular fellow liked by all, He'll skip to success without a fall. DOROTHY GNAD "Dotty" Business Ilonor Roll, Library Ass't., English Honor, Math. Squad, Filing Cert., Skating and Glee Clubs First woman President of the United States You may not be President of the nation, But you'll always rate our admiration. ROBERT GOERKE "Bob" College Salesman With charm and spirit he'll blaze his way, And startle thc world with ideas some day. . PHYLLIS GOLBM "Flip" Medical technologist ss' ess c Party, Sec'y o Club, 'Crcativ riting, Public eaking, Props, "I e ember Mama" o ge t t 't leak. rc succc oes, yllis will foll . ROSE ANN GOLDMAN "Rosie" College Minor Service Pin, "Pioneer" Staff, Math., Sci., Hist., and Eng. Honor Classes, Special Chorus, Sce'y to Teach- ers, Lunch Patrol, Swimming Club To fulfill my secret ambition Her secret ambition she will not tell, But whatever she does, we wish her well. I IAM RD A ' " C g - . p., r. rch , he iskry Pre 'o 6,4 a uiek convertible J Ambition and wisdom, "pep a d vim Will make a sure success of him. IOHN GRAHAM '4Iohnny" College Visual Aid Squad To be a millionaire and hx feet tall If such a wish is your desire, We hope that it will not expire. ROSE MARIE GRECO "Ro" New York School of Interior Design Basketball Club, Library Staff, English Honor, Honor Roll, Program Comm., Sec'y to Teacher Lead a life of leisure Full of fun! That's our "Ro," She'll be a success where'cr she may go. MARILYN GREENBAUM "Mar" Secretarial school Honor Roll, Art Squad, See'y to Miss Flynn, Leaders and Bowling Clubs Executive secretary Could any employer ask for more? IACK GRIPPO College Bowling Team, Band, Scc'y to Mr. Wood To be successful after college in business We wish lack just the best of luck. RU'l'll GROSCII Wfork in a business office Scc'y to Mrs. LeScl1aek Typing Cert. To marry a gentleman farmer To work in an office is a good desire, And that farmer we all admire. IOIIN GUER A 'tIolm" Sta 1 my e a business tyc o Hall a o Millior1a There are in' ny ' o iaye an ambition like phil 9 But if you work hard, your dreams will edsne true. IANE GUMAELIUS "lame" College "Pioneer" Staff, Y. O. U. Club, "Star" Art Staff, Emergency Room Ass't., Trinity, Volleyball Clubs, Stage Prop Comm., Progressive Party, Program Comm., Ilistory and English Oflice Swing on a star Even if you never swing on a star, On the way upward you'll go far. GRACE IIAAS Business school Sec'y to Teachers, Y. O. U., ,Math., Softball, Swimming Clubs, Math. and General Science llonor Classes A welcome addition to any class ls quiet, deiimrc Grace llaas. KENNETII IIAAS College r . ' i 1 ol Dfw U 'ame and fort ne will c i e enncth's And g'lgd o, fhc'y'll come to stay. ' ROGER IIAGER "Bear" College llonor Roll Seven Terms To own or operate some sort of business 'lo operate a business is his aim, VVhether his business is large or small, lle'll be successful just the same. IOHN HALCROVV L. I. Agricultural Institute "Arsenic and Old Lace," "I Remember Mama," Pres. Y. O. U. Club, Gen. Sci. Lab., Lunch Patrol, Library Squad, Iackson Patrol, Bookroom To be a country gentleman Ile'll plow his way to success. BRYNA IIALPERN College Volleyball, Basketball, and Glee Clubs, Library Ass't., Emergency Rm. Ass't., Honor Roll To teach the next generation their A B C's You'll certainly earn your teaeher's fees. EDN MAY IIARDICK Pac llege Math. a l'sm llonor Classes, llo ll, C . Wi Patrol, Sec'y to ac , ino S vice 'in, Li- brary Regt lust keep on 'ig as you ar . KATHLEEN IIARNEDY "Tootsie" Receptionist or typist Library Staff To get married and raise a family May you be as happy as can be. DONALD IIARTER "Don" College fpre-medicall Varsity Shows, Special Chorus, Visual Aid Squad, Scc'y of Radio Club, Nu- clear Physics Club, Arista, llonor Roll, Minor Service Pin, Latin llonor Cert. To become a physician Enthusiasm -4- ambition 4- brains : success in any line. PIIYLLIS IIASKELL "Phoo-Phoo" Nurses Training School Coirnnunity Corps Rep., Book Rep., Swimming and Bowling Clubs, Sccly to Teachers. llistory llonor Classes To make a millionaire Phyllis would like a millionaire VVho'd build her castles, but not in the air. CATHERINE R. llAUBENRl'IICll Hunter College "Cathy" llonor Roll, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teacher, Scc'y of Newman Club, Bas- kclball, Bowling, and Softball Clubs, Emergency Room Ass't. Dietitian It'S nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. lNlARlE LOUISE llAURl "lXlary Lou" Business school r llege Trinity, Frc , Red Cross, Volleyball, B , ai l Soft 1 ms, Li- br .S T make ss of 1 chosen vocation 2 T0 s c'e i' 'ou grim Good luc , 1 is hat ive're wi in'. 27 HELEN HAY Business school Reorganization Comm., "Pioneer" Bus. Staff, Green and VVhite Party, Library Rep., Sec'y to Teacher, Locker Guard, Volleyball and Roller Skating Clubs Private secretary Ilelen is as nice and sweet As anyone you could hope to meet. GERTRUDE IIAYVVARD "Gertie" Secretarial work Band, Sr. Orch., Concert Comm., Sec'y to Teachers, Newman, Volley- ball, Softball and Knit-Knotters Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Minor Service Pin. To grow She's ever so tiny, But she's always shining. IUNE HECKELMAN Pratt Institute Arista, Ilonor Roll, Minor Service Pin, Sec'y to Teachers, Varsity, Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Leaders, Drarnatics, and Glee Clubs Dietition If you want to know how many calories were in that last piece of pie, ask Iune. ELAINE HELD "Pepper" Business Sec'y to Mr. Singer, Regents Record- ing Comm., Bowling, Volleyball Clubs, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Iournalism Class Business career In her sweet and quiet way, Elaine will reach the top some day. ALLAN HERRLEIN Queens College "Star" Staff, Lunch Patrol, Iackson Patrol, Visual Aid Squad, Honor Classes A regular fellow you cannot deny, All in all, a pretty good guy. HELEN IIERTEL Secretary Ilonor Roll, Sec'y to Teachers, Lunch Guard, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club To make M0111 proud A worthy ambition, Ilelen. MARGARET HESSE "Marge" University of New Hampshire Capt. Chcering Squad, Historian of G.O., Girl Leader of Arista, Minor Service Pin, Stage Crew, "Red Mill," See'y to Teachers, Athletic Clubs, Honor Classes, 'APioneer" Staff To be just like my Mom Her friends are many, her enemies none, She's liked by all and full of fun. ROBERT HEVNER "Bob" College See'y to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Visual Aid Squad, G,O. Rep., Green and White Party Be a millionaire and see the world Lively, friendly, smiling, and gay, He's the kind that makes life pay. 28 q ROBERT? HICKA "Bob'? ollege, ' , - llsatrtll ,Lahker Guard, Science s ad 'fl To reid? hh!! Lctslo h k a swell guy, There aren't many who can pass him by' ANNE HINTZ Y. O. U. Club, Lunch Patrol, Reor- ganization Squad, Library and English Ass't., Sec'y to Teachers, Varsity Play, Minor Service Pin, Arista Anne is a sweet and graceful lass, A charming member of our class. GORDON HIRT Hofstra Senior Orch., 4 Terms, Band Z Terms, Iackson Patrol l Term Teach music or join a symphony orchestra He'll strike a happy chord wherever he goes. FRANK HOBBS 'lFrenehy" Navy or work Ilall Patrol 8 Terms, Lunch Patrol, Red Cross, Soccer Team Get married and raise a family Frank is pretty swell, Let's hope the future treats him well. MARY HOEY Berkley Business School Late Office Squad, Attendance Office Squad, Roller Skating Club, Volley Ball Club To get rich quick There's a twinkle in her cyc, And a smile as she passes by. EVELYN IIOFFMANN "Evie" Secretarial career Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling Clubs, See'y to Teachers, Program Comm., Honor Roll, Reorganization Squad, Honor Classes, Minor I To make my Mom proud of me One swell girl, we all sayg They don't come like her every day. GERTRUDE HOLLAND "Gcrri" Mary Immaculate Nurnng School To become a nurse A noble ambition for a noble girl. CAROL IO RG A'Butch" To co i ' n or VV.A.F. , s't., Cross Club, Honor 3 e , b moth I riend. re nany er enemies none, She's liked by a 1 l of fun. FRANCES IOAN HUNDT "Fran" Take a long vacation Sec'y to Teachers, Pocket Book Store, Swimming Ass't. Do home work lIere's hoping you have time for fun, After you get your homework done. MARILYN IIUNT "Rusty" Farmingdale College Gym Ass't., Sec'y to Teachcrsg Ilonor Roll, Varsity, Athletic Clubs, Pro- gram Comm. Career in art May your talents never be 'Arustyf' ARTIIUR ICART A'Artie" Wlork Ilall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Science Squad To retire at forty In a penthouse he'll reside, YVith his millions by his side. DOROTIIY IACKSON "Dottie" Alusieal comedy Late Oflice Squad, Leader's Club, Re- gents Recording Comm. Show business Sl1e'll never stop 'Till she reaches the top. KA'l'IlLEEN IACOBY "Kay" Stenographer To make a million and travel INIay the "Type" of work you do, Always bring success to you. ALICE IASPER "Lynn" Business school: work Ilonor Roll, Sec'y to Teachers, Leaders Clllb. Nil10r "I," Graduation Flower Connn., Basketball, and Volleyball To get married I Iers are ways of pleasantness, And all her paths are peace. MARIE IO IENSEN "Io" Art school Arista, Minor Service Pin, Ilonor Classes, Ilonor Roll, 'AStar" Art Staii, Sec'y to Teachers. Art Office Squad, Att. Squad, Reorganization Squad, To do all the things I've always wanted to do. To do everything you want to do, XVill keep you busy your whole life through. EDXVARD E. IESSE Coast Guard Academy Lighting and Amplification Squad, Nuclear Physics Club, Visual Aid Squad, Band, Lunch Patrol, See'y to Teachers, Math. Tutofg Ilonor Roll. Aviator Q Your plans for a career in aviation, XVill some day be a great asset to our nation. is ,y 'F DO ORES BEVERLY JONES "Del" Te ' 'is S-9-' See'y o eae er, C t Cub, ypmg Cc ents VVeek Ass't. . n To own my own business L.-.L VVith her pleasant voice. Shc'll make a fine telephone operator. R. LEE IORDAN "Pee VVee" College L til ar in ' .ti id Visua K' a L . e . on Ilorsebac ' "Red Mill," G.O. Rep. To live ppy d sperous life. May a nappy and pros- perous one, VVith lots of cheer and plenty of fun. CONSTANCE IOYCE "Connie" Go to college Manager of Progressive Party, See'y to Teachers, Volleyball, Basketball and Glec Clubs, Special Chorus To be a writer Connie and writing go hand in hand, Ilope she'll be the finest in the land. DCYRUPIIY XIQLIN HDottie" V170 ff Spec orus, 'ec'y to Teael s To we happy Be good and you will be happy. ,f f IERELL E AI ' "Ierr"" ' or Ji! e s,k.xV"f 'jd ii mo in H 'nor Roll Ilonor SY: t cae 1erS . ' may Art Office Squn To see my Dodge' win the series! VVe're sure Ierell 'ill ring the bell, Designing fashion. for lylademoisellc. IULIA KAIFER Nurses Training Swimming Club, Volleyball Club, Bowling Club, Library Ass't., See'y to Mrs. Sieger Nursing career She's cheerful and bright, This woman in white. shi e 1 r ,, . . D. ' V ' ' .'sr asses, " o r a "Star bin S C' ' . l , ral n , ROBERT KAPPLEMANN School or work Ilonor Roll, 3 Terms, Lunch Patrol, Gen. Sei. Squad, Sec'y to Teachers, Craft Club To travel Neither shy nor bold- Bob's as good as gold. RITA KAROL Laboratory technician General Science and llistory Ilonor Classes, Sec'y to Teachers, Math. Tu- tor, Library Rep. 3 Terms Rita has a high ambition, VVe know shc'll make a good teclmi- cian. 29 ALICE KASPER Wfork Sec'y to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, New- man, Bowling, Basketball and Volley- ball Clubs, E11glisl1, Science and Eco- nomics Ilonor classes To be successful! May yo11r drca111s co111e tr11e In everything you plan to do. GRACE KEILING "Dc Dc" Secr ry A .b Rxfigllliiiaation Squad, Snrflning Club. st,Ly,m'Df. can ! To be happy with Harry A girl with a s111ilc is a girl worthwhile. ARLENE KELLY College , V ' IIo11or oll, lylath. '1 , Emergency Roo a11 E ra Ass V'APioneer" , ch rol, Leaders, Volley- ll, Illllll' and Basketball Clubs Teach school' I11 a classroom bright a11d clean, Teaching cl1ildre11 wc'll find Arlene. LENORE KELLY 'lLee" Nursing school Stagchand in "Arsenic a11d Old Lace," Sec'y to Teachers To be a nurse and marry a doctor Patient + Lenore : a speedy recovery. MARGUERI'l'E KELLY UMaggie" Business , ,lg I Service Squad, L AtilC'IKl21I1CC Squad, Y., O. UM, Cplulfi "Pionee 'V 'Business sf ff, ffljondlv 11011, ,pvisihy Iloxor C ssds A r' A-, g Qullen sabe? g Ilace Ud? 'Q llcre's success to a Spaflkllqspeakiiig Scnorita, l X VVouldn't you just love to IIICCT her? M V I 'ILL Co A 1, II' z nnci -Patrol, G.O. Rep. His gooc 't ' l 'nning smile, Make li' ' on of the Emerald Isle. ALBERT KEMVP College Varsity and Ir. Varsity Basketball, Hall Patrol, Lunchroorn Squad, See'y to Teacher To make money To 111akc IIIODCY is your aim, Lct's hope it'll bring yo11 lots of fame. MARGARET KENDRICK "Marge" Secretary Major Cheering, G.O. Historian, "Pioneer" Staff, Green and Party, Sec'y to Teacher, Honor an eligible baehelor's home Ioan girl in o11r esteem, be an endless dream PHILIP KENNEL "Phil" College Star Staff, Minor Service Pin, L11ncl1 Squad, Lunch and Ilall Patrols, Honor Roll, G.O. Rep., English Honor, Cre- ative VVriting, Iournalism To become an architectural engineer IIe'll be a good engineer, With a well-built career. ROBERT KERTZ t'Bob" Hofstra College Basketball Team, General Science Lab, 'I'yping Cert., Ilall Patrol A quiet fellow that everyone knowsg IIe'll leave good impressions wherever he goes. DOROTIIY KIELY "Dottie" Business school "Pioneer" Staff, Service Squad, Li- brary Stall, Bowling Club, Sec'y to Mr. Clark To see the world Dottie wants to see tl1e worldg That's a big ambition for such a young girl. MAUREEN KING "Shorty" College I n r , " RCIll'lI1l7Cf Mama," .t1es, Se to 'I '1ers, Volley- all Club, S ' ' nb, Bas " Club sn To be a doctor The best is always hard to gain, But this wc'rc sure you'll attain. VVALTER KLEIN "Ty,' Study law Sports Editor, "Hickory Log," Soccer and Track Teams, General Science Prep., Math. Club, Green and XVhitc Party, Lunch Patrol To be healthy, happy and wise Giving advice on life's iourney Wlill be VValtcr's job as an attorney. CARSTEN KLOSTERMAN "Kit" College Iackson Patrol, General Science Squad Business A swell fellow we all like well, Of whom wc have no faults to tell. DOROTHY L. KLUGE "Dolly" Queens College Assoc. Ed. of Hickory Log, Co-cd. of A'Star," G.O. Rep., Scc'y to Teachers, Service League, Trinity and Math. Cl11bs, Ilonor Roll To have a full, happy life A girl with a srnilc-- And ambitions worthwhile. EDVVARD KOCII A very q11iet ch - VVe'll hear fro ' . . 7 In BERNICE KOHNLE "Bernie Mae" Trade school Sce'y to Teacher To marry Wherever she goes, whatever she'll do, With flying colors she'll come thru. IOAN KORMAN Secretary Honor Roll, 8 Terms, See'y to Teacher, Sten. Regents Marking Comm., Type writing Cert. To become a success in the business world Our little secretary, pencil in hand, Is a wonderful person, so sweet and grand. ANNE KOTZ Secretary Att. Squad, See'y to Teachers Travel With a sweet soft smile that never wanes, Success and happiness will be her gains. IOHN KRISCH "jack" To marry a millionaire heiress We hope you find your dream girl! WALTER KROL "Cookie" College or work Special Chorus, Concert Make a million Why stop at one? Make two!!! IUNE KRONEN Valparaiso University Sec'y to Teachers, Special Chorus, Clec Club, Volleyball Club, Trinity Club, Honor Roll, journalism Class, Typing Cert., 'lPioneer" Staff To be a deaeoness It is our honest guess That she will be a great success. FRANCES KUCLER "Fran" Wor y , ' achers, t oll ,Z To be e a tenograp A fme. t ' ' ca you far in any ocation. FLORENCE KULOW "Flo" College Special Chorus, Senior Orchestra, Con- certs, Operetta, Dramatic Club, Y.O.U. Club, English Honor and Dramatic Classes, Library Rep., , Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll, Major Service Pin Var, sity Shows . To be able to smile always Pep and vim-that's our Flog That girl is always on the go. FRANCES KURAK We all admire Frances' ability and determination to learn in spite of phys- ical handicaps. We are proud to have her graduate with us. HELEN LAINEN "Honey" Working See'y to Teachers, Swimming and Life- Saving Clubs, Pitman Award To be a private secretary When Helen is working, There'll be no shirking. IOAN LALIER Hunter College See'y to Teachers, Minor I's-Leaders, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Vol- leyball, Softball Clubs, All-Round Athletic "I," Stage Crew, Reorgan. Squad, Varsity Club 3 years To be a nurse Here's wishing success To one who deserves the best. JOAN LAMB "Rusty" Katharine Gibbs Private secretary A secretary will Rusty be, A model she'll be of industry. BARBARA LANG "Barby" Business Arista, "Pioneer" Staff, Leaders Club, Sec'y to Teachers, Program Comm., Library Ass't,, Honor Roll 8 Terms, Math, English, I-listory Classes, Minor Service Pin To be six feet tall Barbara's only Eve feet tall, It's a wonder that we see her at all! VERA LARSEN "Babe" Cortland Teachers ,ollege, ' Arist Hon R , 'l jior y Ca of et ., . ., L , 8' C Pin, e s Squa , ' necr" taiffSee'y Teachers t ' To be like ', . A nice girlywa tin m 71 For her succes w s m'. ANGELA LATINA "Angie" Secretary Sce'y to Teacher, G,O. Rep., Honor Roll l Term To be a private secretary Angie's sweet and very merry, We know shc'll make a fine secretary. nl-larry!! mliaif Church ker , May your lb! ' lt' d your high scho ' een, IOHN LEAY "Curley" College Coecapt. of Lighting and Amplification Squad, Math. Honor, 'fHiclcory Log" Photographer, Varsity Shows, N.Y.C. Atom Exhibit, English Honor, Physics and Chem. Prep., Newman Club To become an electrical engineer If you don't get a Ph.D., May you always have a I.O.B. MARY IANE LEAY "Chicken" Business school English Office Squad, Newman and Bowling Clubs Mary is a pleasant fricndg VVe wish hcr happiness without end. HOPE LEDERMAN "Pidgeon" Art school Sec'y to Teacher, Special Chorus, Glce Club, Honor Roll, Eng., Sei., Civics Ilonor Classes, Concert Fashion designer A fashion designer Ilopc will be, And a success we all can see. ALBERT LEIIMANN "Bo" Vifork Hall Patrol Z Terms To travel around the world To secfthe world is his aimg In business he will find his fame.. GEORGIA LEIIMANN Berkeley Secretarial School Cheering Squad Major "I," "Pioneer" Staff, Honor Roll, G.O. Rep., Green and VVhite Party, Emergency Room Ass't., Sec'y to Teachers, Type. Cert. To be happy in everything I do Two things may you always possess- A cheery smile and happiness. KENNETH LEIBMAN Vacation Honor Roll 3 Terms To own a permanent seat at the Yankee .Stadium At play and in his job, He'll always be above the mob. CAROL LEMP 4 Secretarial school Honor Roll, Mimeo Squad, Sec'y in Secretarial Practice Office, Volleyball, Rollerskating Clubs To own a stableful of winning race horses VVC hope they all win! BETTY LERCII "Lizzy" Secretary Library Ass't., Sec'y to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Ass't. in Late Office To own more furs that I. Fox If your ambition ever comes true, Call on us and give us a few. 32 RALPH LETHI "Don" College "Pioneer," Honor Roll, Ass't Mgr., Soccer Team, Minor "I," Student Court, Ass't Mgr. Progressive Party, Amateur Radio Club, Program Comm., Major Service Pin, Adm. Ass't Office, Stockroom To travel and to be a philanthropist He's sure to achieve a high position. sornet A ramatic H r ersonai is very ecstatic. MA ION LOCKVVOOD Secretarial work Sec'y to Teachers, Library and G.O. Reps., Ilonor Roll 4 Terms, Pitman Award, Glce Club To have the best time I can out of life VVith hcr you may eompeteg But you'll find hcr hard to beat. IOSEPHINE LOIODICE VVNEKV Radio Station Glce Club, Gym Ass't, Scc'y to Teach- ers, Library and Reorganization Squads, Green and VVhite Party, Honor Roll To get some fun out of life A splendid girl hcr classmates say, VV hat better tribute can we pay? BARBA A LEVI E I, X C ege 'I L1 1' .nd C .ce V "I Renymber a," 'rditor 1il.,Sf'a'i' Staff, S c" ol rs. V. X Jon. Student CO:1rt7pZI'erk, ' inch Patrol PLO CE LOMBARDI "Flo" V570 nt eTle o eC1n ny , . . c . nd Miss Ray ' ' eer, Green an rite Party, B ing Club To be r r tive in the Telephone pany May you be a live wire. I RQEJIJII L Y f'Ruthie" B s eh l A -2,11 v , s. ouna. Program Comm., RecT"Cross Club, Lunch Patrol, Swim- ming Club f To becomeflgrod sezgzdary , , ,- Ruth is Ei swebtdnd grahful young lass, A charming member of our classd' A, LORRAINE LOVETT "Lorry" Secretary See'y to Teacher, Band, Roller Skating, Dramatics, Spanish Clubs Professional roller skater May you travel steady and fast On the wheels of fame. IIAR CHE LUCAS "Honcybunch" r ro , ' 'Ionor Class, See'y to eh S ' ming Club succ siness career 3Nchooz' 0 a sw girl, a sweet thought- May you ain the things you've sought. VIRGINIA LUECKE "Ginny" Work and go to business school Libraty Stall, Sec'y to Mrs. Krieger, Att. Oflicc Squad Secretarial work and get married A girl with a ready smile, With accuracy she'll type and file. ALAN LUGER "Ally" College Service Patrol, Library Representative To retire when l'm twenty years old lt you retire when you're twenty, 'l'here's fun you'll miss a good 'n' plenty. IOAN LUNT Telephone Company Sec'y to Teachers Secretary Aim high, work hard. and you ean't fail. IOIIN LUQUICR "lack" Attend Long Island Agriculture and Technical Institute Service Squad in Newtown, Intramural Award Retire at Z5 XVC like his ambition and his career. IOSICPII LUTZHL ' 'Aloe' University of Nebraska g VVorked in English Book Room To get out of New York Lots of success to a "swell guy." 'l'herc arcn't many who can pass him bv. , . , 1 ORGE LY "Lee" o,gointo .. Halghitrol 'l'o a dipl ' ' 'l'o . hislxambitiong XV6 'now that he'll create tradition. X. IOYCIC LYNCII College Assoc. and Ass't Editor of Ullickory Log," "Star" Staff, Chorus, "The Red Mill," Rcorg. Squad, Scc'y to Teacher, Skating Club. Library Ass't, Eng. Off. Ass't Iournalist Quick, charming, and very smart- lfasily taken to cveryonc's heart. DAVID MaeKAY 'tDave" Pre-Med College Math Club, Gen, Sci. Squad, Lunch Patrol, Regents Squad, Arista, P,S.A.L. Award To be a doctor 'l'all and handsome, lots of fun, Dave is liked by everyone. DENNIS M C U A AN "Mac" Syracuse,Urza t ' I 0 sit c e elle!! l gi R l ff I ravel expense! , u travel far and wide, good fortune at your side. WALT W. MAGNUS "Magi" University of Pennsylvania Ilonor Roll To become a D.D.S. Iaekson's loss-Pennsylvania's gain. PAUL MAIIEDY "Phillip" Work To see the world To see the world take the express, And may it lead to happiness. DOUGLAS MALONEY u ' College "Arsenic and Old Lace," 'll Rem cr Mama," Iaekson Patrol, G.O. epree sentative, Special Chorus United States Air Force lIc'll "wing" his way to fame. . IOIIN I". MALONICY "lack" Work Get rich lack can't go wrong, his aim is high, For success and happiness, he'll reach the sky. LORl1lT'I'A MANDHL "Lorrett" Secretarial work Eng. Office Squad, Library Representa- tive, See'y to Teachers, Newman Club, llonor Roll, Bowling Club To become an artist some day Continue as you have begun, And you will surely succeed. Jo MARGOLIN .ttlf . ee'yV4to Mr., Grady, Bowling and lQDancirig, lbs, "Hickory Log" Staff, Ion 'f A kflodel , fi' ,friendly and sweet- ldft her is 1 treat IACK MARSCIIIIAUSICR A'Musky" Be a scholarly highway vagrant To be the richest loafer in the world lack is a very fine dresscrg YVhen he meets a girl, he's sure to impress her. 33 KENNETII MARTIN "Kenny" Vlfork Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol Be a millionaire Kenny will travel here and there VV hen he beeomes a millionaire. DOLORES MARTINGANO "Marty" Secretary Volleyball Club, Typing Organizations To work for the underground Marty is a lovely name, VVe're sure that you will reach great fame. HERBERT MARX "Herb" College Boy Leader of Arista, Editor of Hllick- ory Log," Lighting and Amplification Squad, Physics Prep., Chemistry Prep. Squads, Visual Aid Squad, General Science Squad, Math Club, Green and XVhite Party, "Star" Staff, Lunch Patrol, llonor Roll, llonor Classes "To live well, laugh often, and love much" llis scholastic achievements will help fullhl his ambition. Il'IANlC'l"l'l'i MA'l"l'lCS 'tlennien Nurses Training "Pioneer" Staff, llonor Classes, llonor Roll, P.S.A.l., Award, Minor Service Pin, Skating Club, Glee Club, Library Ass't., Attendance Squad To make my dreams come true Twinkle in her eyes, mischief on her lips: Merry is hcr way as into each heart she skips. VICRONICA MA'l"l'lll'lVVS HRounic" Pratt Institute Skating Club, Z Minor "fs," Late Of- hce Squad, Attendance Ofhce, Library Ass't 2 terms, Library Representative. Minor Service Pin '1'o travel and see the world She's sweet and full of pep, Light of hair and light of step. RTARLENE RLAQQIKA "LCC" N llTSll1g,SCl1,00l'? irliiks I lostess See'y oi 'Pi nee?" Business Staff, Vol- leybally Skatllfig Clubsg Guagd, Emer- ge icyf Rqom Ass't, See'y to Mr. Ddvatscliolionor Roll, llonor Classes Live, lpve anti be hubby Ambitious and eHicicnt4 lsii't that sufficient? HOVVARD MAZARIN t'limmy" College Tennis Team Z years., See'y to Mrs. Boehm 2 years Law or bunness Full of pep, push and go, 'l'hat's why people like him so. BARBARA MC CABE "Bobbie" Work To be a secretary When a handsome employer says 'lTake a letter," Tell me, Bobbie, what could be better? 34 ROBERT MC CRANN Wfork Aquarium Club To be a policeman He brightens the glooniicst moments! EDNVARD MC KEEVER College I. V. Basketball, Hall Guard, Sec'y to Mrs. Horie, lntranmral Award To be rich If a rich fellow you want to be, You'll probably live in luxury. FRANCES MC KENNY "Fran" Wfork as I1 doetor's assistant See'y to Teachers, G.Of Rep., "Pioneer" Staff, Swimming Ass't, Minor "I," Special Chorus, Library Rep., Swima ming Club, Typing Certificate To smile without squinting and be like my mother Always smiling, always gay: VVe hope that you will stay that way. ELAINE MC KEON Business school See'y to Miss Mouseu, Sec'y to Mrs. Grossfeld, Newman Club To enjoy life She will be happy for many a year, And every day shclll spread good cheer. ROBERT MC MILLAN "Bob" Wlest Point Vice Pres. of G.O., Track Team 3 Terms, Cross Country Team, Green and XVhite Party, Capt. llall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, G.O. Rep., Capt. Gen. Sci. Prep. Squad To see the world with Ed Dowd A regular fellow, his classmates say. VVhat greater tribute can they pay? MILDRED MC NALLY "Milly" College Volleyball, Roller Skating, and Basket- ball Clubs, See'y to Teacher, Chairman of Business Stall of the "Pioneer" To be a teacher To be a teacher, neat and efficient- lsn't that sufficient? JOHN MC NAMARA "Mac" Vacajion ' Iackson Pa ol 3 Terrgs To be rich . Good luck to a swell guy: VVe know that he'll always get by. EILEEN MC PARTLAND l'Smiley" Secretary See'y to Teacher, G.O. Rep., Atten- dance Monitor, Swimming and Glee Clubs, Concert Singer, Lunch Patrol To be the most sought after secretary in the business world Blue of eyes, red of hair- Sweet personality and ladylike air. ANNE MC SHERRY "Ducky" College Clubs, Minor Service Pin, Reorgan. Squad, English Oflice Ass't, Arista, Publicity for Varsity Show, Creative Writing, Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Sr. Class Treasurer Iournalist Everything about Anne is "Ducky," If you know her, you're awfully lucky. ANN MENDOZZA "Chickie" cozzele Honor R016 'Tcrrns, . . Rep., Sidi to Teachers, Tennis o eybyllfbbs et- ball, and tbzrll' ubs fl Tbfen' eaphlfaay fuzzy. 'J Our hickie wa ts to go to college, Thereihe' ' se her store of knowl- edge. K MARIORI EL EN MENNCHE "Midge" Business school Sce'y to Teachers, Volleyball, Basket- ball, and Glee Clubs, Special Chorus, Lunch Patrol IIcrc's to a girl who's good as gold, We wish her the best that life can hold. IOAN MERRIAM "Mickey" Stenographer "Pioneer" Staff, Library Ass't, Sec'y to Mrs. Haber, Honor Roll, Library Rep. Court stenographer Always jolly, always kind, Shc's the girl we like to hnd. IACQUELINE MESSET1' "jackie" College Library Ass't, Attendance Squad, Sec'y to Teachers. "Pioneer" Staff, P.S.A.L. Award To always keep smiling If you're always smiling, The key to success You'll surely possess. DOROTHY MESSINA "Dotty" Queens College Assoc. Editor 'lHiekory Log," Sec'y of Arista, Major Pin, Minor Pin, Sec'y to Teachers, Program Comm., Basketball, Volleyball Clubs, Green and White Party, Glec Club, Honor Classes Teaching Dotty with her patience tried and true, Will have a job of teaching our poster- ity what to do. ANNA MEYER "Anne" Queens College - "Pioneer" Staff, ,Minor Service Pin, Sec'y to Teachers, Honor Roll 7 Terms, Library Ass't, Volleyball and Basket- ball Clubs Teacher When you reach the height of success, Come back to teach at A.I.H.S. IOHN MEYER "johnny" College Mimeo Squad, G.O. Rep., Math Tutor See the world Iohnny's much nicer than we can tell, After you meet him, you'll say he's swell. ANNA MIES "Ann" 'To go to the coast Volleyball, Bowling, Swimming, Soft- ball, and Basketball Clubs, Library Ass't To be a stenographer, typilst and book- keeper Anna wants to travel around, And then to a sccretary's desk settle down. ROBERT E. MORLANG "Bob" Office worker Ilall Guard Z Terms, Gym See'y To graduate Four years in a coma-- llc winds up with a diploma! IIENRY MORRIS "Hank" See the world Track Team Major "I," G.O. Rep., Iaekson Patrol, Honor Roll, Ilistory Ilonor Sports announcer To be a sports announcer is your aimg Wc're sure you'll score your way to fame. IIELENE MULLER Katherine Gibbs Business School Scc'y to Teacher, Library Ass't, junior Orchestra To go to Hawaii To Helene, our "Miss Nibbsf' Who wishes to attend Katherine Gibbs. NORMA MARIE MULLER Secretary "Pansey" German Ilonor Class, Ilonor Roll 8 Terms, Ir. Orchestra, Scc'y to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Y.O.U. Club, Math Tutor, Lieut. Lunch Patrol, Ass't Pocket Book Room Neat and efl-icient Norma will bc, After graduation, as a secretary. MARILYN MURPHY To sing Att. Squad, Clerical Ass't, Opcretta, Special Chorus, Library Ass't Marilyn made our Hall of Fame, In life we hope she'll do the same. MARILYN KAY MURPHY "Murph" Secretarial work Scc'y to Teachers, Minor "I," Athletic Clubs, Steno. Certificate, Honor Roll To be an aviatrix When "Murph" has her plane to fly, You'll see her scooting through the sky. VVILLIAM MURPHY Good luck to you, Bill, in whatever career you choose! 35 4 IOAN MURRAY "Ioanic" Wfork Volleyball Club, Typing Certificate, See'y to Teachers, Ilonor Roll, Library Representative To be a carbon copy of the best orig- inal, my mother Your ambition is one we admire, To no better aim could one aspire. VVILLIANI NALEPA "The Iliekn SlIe.f1'fH1n 1 K ,V-6, .X Library intro? Qvui' Ta oina farm 'iid Wnstg ' I Brigit Qpilht' 'ery, never. fl 'I'hete's no favor he won't XI N ROSALIND NASII f "Roni" Merchandising school Sr. Class 'l'reas., Ass't Mgr. Progressive Party, G.O. Rep., Sce'y to Teachers, "Arsenic and Old Lace," UI Remember Mama," Honor Roll, English Oflice Squad, History Ofliee Squad, Program Comm., Radio VVorkshop To be as great at acting as Dr. Man- heim Good looks, brains, and personality. CA'l'lIl'lRINE NAYLOR HAnu" Wfork in the I.B.M., later College Sec'y to Teachers, Varsity, Leader's, Badminton, Basketball, Dance, Soft- ball, Volleyball, Tennis Clubs, Athletic Awards, Lunch Patrol To travel around the U. S. Here's a girl we all think great, A sport, a friend at any rate. IUDITH ELLEN NELSON "Indy" Cornell University Arista, Co-Editor of '4Star," "Beggar On Horseback," Honor Roll, Ilist., Eco., Eng. Honor Classes, Late Ofhce Squad, Special Chorus, Mrs. Brogan's Squad, Rep. to Student Forums, Ir. Dramatics Club, Math Office Scc'y Anthropology A nice girl with winning ways, She'll get ahead in fu u ' days. w REN 669' Uri ' H ol M e 1 ney MN ' i , ll1lC, moe- In eh direction shall he go? IOSEPH NEUMAIR "loc" Continue education in Hofstra Hall Patrol Business administration May your work and busy days, Meet with universal praise. BERNARD NEYLON "Bernie" College P.S.A.L. and Intramural Awards, Hall Patrol, Locker Girard To retire at 25 As a student hc's really swellg We know that he will ring the bell. 36 X . 'A - GR E V Y coz - My X " 7 , " e er Arssnie and Old VIFJIT m Mama, ' Sec y to eaehers i To go around the world ,. Bright, cheery, never blue, There's no favor she wouldn't do. ALDONA OCIKAS 'fDee" Business college Reorgan. Squad, G.O. Rep., Swimming Ass't., Swimming and Y.O.U. Clubs, Special Chorus, See'y to Dietitian To be happy and content with my beachcomber She must have taken geometry, She knows all the angles! IANE O'CONNOR Work Mgr. Green and VVhite Party, Capt. Girls' Swimming Ass'ts, English Office Squad, See'y to Teachers, Leaders, Soft- ball, Basketball, Volleyball To be a better swimmer than Mrs. Vogel Always full of "pep" and fun. CATHERINE OELKERS "Kay" Work See'y to Miss Tallarico, Volleyball and Leaders Clubs, Typing Certificate To have a happy and successful life Always kind to everyone, Always ready for some fun. LOUIS OELSCIILAGER "Lou" Policeman Mgr. Soccer Team, Lunch Patrol, In- tramural Basketball, Biology and Ad- ministrative Ass't Squads To be a cop Success is sure to come, For one so full of fun. ELAINE OETZMAN "E" Secretarial school Honor Roll, Math Ilonor Class, Ir. Dramatic Club, Skating Club, Swim- ming Club, Work in Bookroom, Scc'y to Mrs. Ioscelync, Attendance Office To marry a millionaire Not too quiet, not a frivolous gal, lust one you'd like to call your pal. KATHLEEN OI ILIC 'fICay" Business career Minor Service Pin, Sc" o r' iers, "Pioneer" Bus. Sta . , ' P y, Bo l' --I P . ball, Ba ' , Da tbal an ers Clubs I Professional bowler Her personality will help her . tain her B goal. IOHN OHLMANN "Iohnny" Work Visual Aid Squad 4 Terms, Hall Guard, G.O. Representative To become a millionaire Every girl he gives the eyeg But he'll find his true love by and by. EDVVARD OIILSON "Swede" Wfork for my yirst million Capt. of Stage Crew, Hall Patrol, C.O. Rep., Green and White Party, 2 Art Awards, Minor Service Pin, P.S.A.L. Award Replace lohn L. Lewis Lively, friendly, jolly and gay, He's the best in every way. MICIIAICL RICIIARD OKUN "Miekey" College and work Special Chorus, Dean's Squad, Capt. llall Squad. Iaeksou Patrol, Lunch Patrol. Locker Squad. See'y to Teacher To be a success His friendly traits are known by allg From the ladder of success he'll never fall. FRANK O'LEAR College llall and Lunch Patrols, Honor Roll 5 Terms, Swimming Team, Cv.O. and Library Rep. To see the world North, South, East or NVest, Frank will travel and be the best, IOSICPH OLIYA 'AMuzz" College Basketball Team 2 years To become a health education teacher You want to be a health ed. teacher, Your success we'll recognize when we HlllCCtCll2l.H DONALD O'MIiLIA 'tDon" 'I 'o work A baseball career XVc're rooting for a great sport and a great guy. DONALD OPI IALS "Don" College See'y to Teacher, Hall Guard, Creeti and XVhite Party. Ilonor Roll Make a million Xh7 l1lkC it a billion? qt 1 OR .I o in ,llladiuil n and Volleyball Clubs, I r R . ist. Honor Class, Bowl- Sec'y to ' 'hcrsg Shorthand and Typ- ing Certi eatcs Secretary To know her is to like her. IO.-KN O'l"l'liRS'l'EDT "Ioannie" Northwegian Lutheran Hospital Nurses Training School Ilonor Roll, Ilonor Classes To be a big success XVe wish you all success in this Hue ambition. Rx S ss. K . " J. ii -1 DOROTHY PAETOVV "Dottie" Browne's Business School Arista, Minor Service Pin, "Pioneer" Business Staff, Sec'y to Teachers, Minor "I" Volleyball, Ilonor Roll, Lient. Lunch Patrol, Program Comm. To see the world Dorothy P. wants to roamg VVhen you're away, think of home. DONALD PARKER Best wishes for the future! BETTY PARKINSON "Balls" Wfork Varsity Pres., Leaders, Softball, Volley- ball, Basketball, Dancing Clubs, See'y to Mrs. Hilbert, Special Chorus, Miss Morlcy's Squad Co Wlest on horseback Co VVest on horseback, my dear, I hope you don't get a wrong "steer," PATRICIA PARMER "Pat" Busi aree ' See . rdoi , 1 r nu r- titie ' ' min ler " '1 Clu unch Pa rol Tr el around the worl 'Z' Small and petite- She's all reet. ALICE PERKINS Secretary See'y to Teachers, Library Rep., New- man Club, Lunch Patrol, Swimming Club, Creative VVriting Class, Volley- ball Club, Public Speaking Class A quiet girl that everyone knows, She'll leave good impressions wherever she goes. RACHAICL PICRRY "Rae" Wfork and then marriage ling. Ilonor Classes. Library Ass't and Rep., Sec'y to Teachers and to Grade Advisor To have as much happiness as anyone can As soon as Rachel Finds her man, She'll have as much happiness as any- OIIC CZIII. MARIIC Pl'I'l'l'IRlNlAN "Dimples" Browne's Business School Ilonor Roll l Term Professional dancer Vile hope you do what you want to do, And don't forget we're rootin' for you. THOMAS PIi'l'TlCRSI'IN "Pete" College Track and Cross Country Teams -Queens Championships Mile and Freshman Relay, Major and Minor Let- ters Traek, Band, Ilistory Ilonor Class, Ilonor Roll Tall and blond, a terrific guyg He's got all he needs to always get by. 37 m . K - IOSEPIHNE'PETRUZZE.LLO UIQ" Atterld dressmaking ,school NQwman,"Bowling, Volleyball, Swim- rrling, Bbdmintdn 'Clubs, English and Science IIoporqClasses, Honor Roll To get marviedl ' She's swdet and gay in every way, Whether at work, or whether at play. ROBERT PFISTER "Pfis" Coll ' I JS, F acks n Pgpplt' ' tar" lStaiI, Trinity Chula nalism, Sta1npN'ClubL" Biology teacher 7 A biology tea er o high degree- 'I'hat's what l ' surely be. IOIIN PIIELAN "lack" Vifork To become President VVe'll all vote for you! VIRGINIA PICARELLI "Ginny" Private secretary Volleyball, Basketball Clubs, G.O. Rep., Library Rep., Varsity Show, English Ilonor, Dramatic Classes, Vol- leyball and Shorthand Certificates To understand God's will and to see it flourish with the growth of my children A friendly smile and personality. MARIE PICCOLI W'ork as a secretary Attendance Office Squad, See'y to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Eng. Ilonor Classes, Ilonor Roll To get married and have a happy home Gay and cheerful as the sun- Sweet and polite to everyone. ANDREVV PINTO "Andy" Art school fPrattl Art Editor of "Star," Sec'y to Teacher, Ilonor Roll 6 Terms Art teaching In climbing the ladder of success, "Andy" will do it with finesse. GERALD PITTLE "jerry" Adelphi College Photographer We hope you'll click throughout your life. ANTOINETTE POLLINA Lunch Patrol 2 Terms, Attendance See'y, French Club IIere's wishing success To one who deserves the best. ll 38 WALTER PORTER Always quiet, always steady, He's ambitious and ever ready. MONTE POSNER , "Monte" Colle ,f Calf? Iallwgyards, 'Math Clulwgmh rcnt'Events lub To become a lawyer Friendly and sincere, gt' To success hc'll persevere. ,rf ' A E PQTTHO F., A 'flNyeledy" , 1 - Steno apher' C'-", e y to iss uffy, "Pioneer" Staff, Bowding Clu!3,Tyjng.Ql:rtiticate To teach dancm Anne Patthoff4 a danccwa hurry I . Maybe shell become QQCHAKQIP Murray. CAROL PR Secretary K - no , oller Skating and M l s, ibra Ass't and Rep., cc' to h r tman Certificate T travel A secretary she will bc, And a success undoubtedly. ANN PRETE Ilonor Roll 5 Terms To travel around the world IIcre's health and wealth and happi- ness, And a one-way ticket to success. CAROL PRICE Arista, Major Service Pin, Orchestra, Operetta and Concert Comm., Math, Fashion Illustration, Knit-Kuotters Clubs, Library Rep., Lunch Patrol To become a member of Iaekson's fac- ulty A worthy ambition Is worth recognition. U IAN T. PRITCIIARD 'iluleu e I 1 t Y r, S ien uad, t c St s l V, I v 1 on't "cut p" n1 MURIICL PRUlNllNlELL ' glut" Secretary Scc'y to Miss Stanton Live, love and be happy More ambitions like yours would lead to fewer wars. J Q .1 MARIORIE ELIZABETH RAMSEY Attend college G.O. Rep., Mrs. McClintock's Squad, Green annd VVhite Party, Library Ass't, Special Chorus. Glee Club, Concerts, Athletic Clubs, Scc'y to Teachers Happiness, Husband, Heaven A good, natural girl with a beautiful voice, NVhcrcver she goes, she's the pcople's choice. FRANCIS RAZZA ' "Frank" Frank is the amusing orator of all our classes: VVith him around, a glad day always passes. ANN REICIIERT "Torchy" XVork in an office '4Star" Typist, Sec'y to Mr. Poriemon, Library Ass't, Volleyball Club, Library Rep., Novice Award, P.S.A.L. Award To grow another head XVhy do that? VVe like the one you have! ROBERT 'REINHOLD , "Bob" College i r I U Q mr Qrehcstr 3' Terms, Concert, .V Dance Band, Band 4 Terms, Iackson Patrol - journalism A journalist you will be- A famous one, wc know we'll sec. IEAN RENNEMAN Roller Derby skater Special Chorus, Clee Club, "Red Mill," Concerts, Scc'y to Miss Loh- man, Volleyball Club, Lunch Patrol To get married IIere's to smooth skating thru life! HENRY RICHMOND t'Ilank" College Progressive Party, "Pioneer" Staff, Track Team. Chem. Sq., Art Sq., Stu- dent Court Candidate, Cen'l Science Sq.. Sec'y to Teachers To be happy at what I'm doing. A mighty Hue ambition Under eu v condition. V PATRIC RIGNW'iKy "ag" Nurs I Mr. ass x ' own 51 r n rizdua ' - As a frie j tranchcgtdg Rig wil be the finestcglf ' ONA RITCHIE "Rich" w j l s nb ion i a blank, t ithlu hr' always rank! leg ' ra' cai , 'fStar ,StaE, P.S.A.L. d ig X j S I KATHLEEN RITCHIE "Cappy" Undecided See'y to Teachers, Iackson Rep. for Macy's, Basketball Club, Library Staff, Honor Roll To enjoy life A terrific gal, pleasant and sweet- That's a combination hard to beat. STANTON ROBERTS "Stan" Alfred University "Pioneer" Staff, Crafts Club, Shop Ass't, Print Shop, Green and NVhite Party, Honor Roll Silver-smith-teacher A regular fellow, his classmates say. What more tribute can they pay? IOHN ROCHE "Iohnny" College Iaekson Patrol, Lunch patrol, C.O. Rep., Math Honor Class Sports Iournalist or Public Accountant Iohn has ambitions double, Finding happiness and success will give him little trouble. PAULINE RODRIQUEZ "Polly" Attend Kaupert Secretarial Institute Arista, Minor Service Pin, Pres. of Newman Club, Honor Roll, Eng., Math, and Eco. llonor Classes, Secre- tary to Teachers Secretary to engineer Ilcre's to one of Iackson's Hnest! She has endeared herself to us all. 1 ,xr IOSEPH ROGERS Lf" "Joe" work 46,1 'js rl Policeman ' Energetic, honest, wise and' ie- VVe'll certainly welcome protection from you. f . ,wif K+ " E1?g,EN W S , gd ,,,. - man cftihcatofx ,- " . 7' A privzz jecrdtary shew , ' And 9 uccess undoub dly. LO RAI ROSENS "Lorry" T a n rs I n oll y n o T e af an r X Short and petite And, oh, so sweet! X ' JW? FRANCES ROSSI X Take a long vacation Typing Certificate To enjoy life as it comes Naturally nice and nicely natural. 39 IOHN ROUGVIE "Scotty" College Soccer Team Accountant With a good nature, and a ready wit, You will always make a hit. LINDSEY D. RUCK "Lin." To take up a trade under the G.I. Bill of Rights Hall Patrol To make my first million and retire You'll surely come into a wealth of happiness and success. CAROLINE RYAN Secretary Ilonor Roll, English Ilonor, Creative VVriting and Dramatic Classes, Sce'y to Mr. VVellington To become a wealthy widow Ilers is a strange ambition. For other things she should be wishin'! NICIIOLAS SAKELL "Nick" Queens College History 'Teacher VVhen as a teacher you swing into action VVe'll all say, "Come back to Iacksonf' IOYCE -sALoMoN,c College' I' x Q, to teachers unch Patrol, Lib ry .. . . A ., , R 2' sst C O R sith Civics onor Class ,Mr 'E To nzarntfd vaknlderfulgny A Ifltall tflffe girls ere as sweqif as she, Ialckson would a heaven be. TIIERESA SALVO "Tessie" To work in an office Ilonor Roll, Sec'y to Teacher, Typing Certificate Secretary Any ofhee will welcome her, ICILEEN SANTRY , "Ei" T beasce ulsecrthr-y' ' -1 I h7?JllCi'lllTIl lub, Pleiareic-:11t'ijui.11IC,xA'I'yb mg Ctrt1 ec'y to Stlfaehers - To be,ju ike my Pl-:oth , 1 l,.fEi"fis-a girl soigrand, I - l Shc'll.give her friends a helping hand. I., , . MYRNA SAVVYER College Sec'y to Teachers, Regents Squad, Lunch Patrol, Volleyball, Math, Y.O.U. Club, Varsity Show To be a nurse Shc'll spend her time dressed in white, Making aches and pains all right. 40 NANCY SCALICE "Nan" Secretary Honor Roll, Sec'y to Miss Stanton, Library Squad, Sec'y to Mr. Carr To be as sweet as my mother and as wise as my father This ambition is hard to fulhll, But Nancy's the girl to fill the bill. DORIS SCHAEBLE "Da" Secretary Assoc. Editor of "Pioneer," Minor Pin, Green and VVhite Party, Att. Squad, Lunch Patrol, Skating Club, Honor Roll, G.O. Rep., Typing Certificate, Pitman Certihcate, Sec'y to Teachers To be as great to my children as my parents are to me! Like a candy bar, nutty and sweet, She's as nice a girl as you can meet. EVELYN SCHAETZLE "Lynn" Private secretary Skating and Glee Clubs, Special Chorus, Concerts, Ir. Orchestra, Sec'y to Teachers, Honor Roll To always be happy A lively girl so full of pep We End it hard to keep in step. GRAHAM R. SCHATZ College Secretary to a teacher Physicist or chemist Graham wants to go to college, There he'll build up a storehouse of knowledge. LILLIAN SCHEMBRI "Lilli" College Secretary to teachers To teach Spanish in Andrew Iackson May your "course" be clear, day after day, year after year. RITA SCHERER College Honor Roll, Library Ass't, Library Rep., Radio Workshop, Dramatic Classes, Sec'y to Mrs. Brown, Progressive Party To get married and live happily ever after VVhen you End your handsome male, Life will end like a fairy tale. MATTHEVV SCIILOTT "Matty" Salesman 1 Library Squad, Print Shop, Ilall Patrol To be rich in friends and bank account A willing heart, a helping hand Always ready on demand. MARIORIE AJSCHMIDT "Margie" Queens College Assoc. Editor 'tlliekory Log," Stage Crew, Captain Lunch Patrol, Program Comm., Sec'y to Teachers, Arista, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Swimming Club Math teacher Mariorie's a gal with wit and brainsg When she's around, happiness reigns. DORIS SCHMITT College Roller Skating Club, Honor Roll, Iour- nalism Classes, Bowling Club To make a good secretary Quiet and efficient- Isn't that sufficient? IEANETTE SCHOEFFEL "Ieanie" Photographer Scc'y to Teachers, Honor Class, Honor Roll, Locker Girard Own a beautiful home Lovely to look at, delightful to know. IIULDA SCIIOTTE Private Secretary Orchestra, Concerts, Varsity Show, Sec'y to Teacher, Ilonor Roll, Lunch Patrol, Softball, Swimming Clubs, Knit Knotters, Pitman Certificate To always be happy May you have health, riches toog May you succeed in all you do. CONSTANCE SCHROEDER Queens College "Connie" Arista, Ilonor Roll, Minor Service Pin, Minor "Arsenic and Old Lace," Star Staff, Ilonor Classes, Dramatics, Iour- nalism, Sec'y to Teachers Doctor IIerc's a girl with a great ambition, And a matching disposition. ALBERT V. S IIU TZE Co e. , gre at ,l y S Teacher oney B 'liafri at ambi n! lt just won't work! ROBERT SCIIVVAN "Bob" Go to a trade school Art and Crafts Club, Ass't to Mrs. Boehm, Mrs. Poctz, Mrs. Adams, Lunch Patrol Marry u millionaire's daughter Your ambition is very high, You'll succeed if you'll only try. SICMUND SCIIX AR 'tSig" Business hool or or French utor, Sci. Lab., Lunch Patrol, 1 g orp Ass't, Hall Patrol l Civil erviee or bu s eld A brilliant stud ' ell friend, Sig will meet t rai ow at his iourney's end. ROBERT SCIIXVARZ 'tBob" Columbia University Chem. and Gen, Sci. Prep., Radio Club, Amplification and Lighting Squad, Track Team Physicist Bob is one who will succeed, We wish him luck, oh yes indeed! ELEANOR SCHWENGER "El" College Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Assoc. Editor, "Pioneer," Sec'y to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Arista, Major and Minor Service Pins, Library Staff, Clubs To always be happy and satisfied with what I have This gal is full of personality, Laughter, vim, vitality. SALVATORE SCIASCIA "Chuck" N.Y.U. College of Engineering General Science Squad, Ilonor Roll Aviation engineering Ilave no fear, He'll be a good engineer. BARBARA SCOTT "Bobbie" Business School Honor Roll, Sec'y to Mrs. Heekman, Y.O.U, Club, Lunch Patrol, Typing Certificate To marry a man with money and live in style for the rest of my life She'll type and record her way To fame and fortune some day. ROBERT SEEMAN 'tBob" College "Beggar on Horseback," "Arsenic and Old Lace," "I Remember Mama," Co- Editor on A'Star" Staff, Borough Dis- cussion Club, Honor Roll, Minor Serv- ice Pin A profession Bob's personality is keen and full of expression, An asset to any profession. WILTLXIAM Q SEIE1' "Bruce" In hclsbq ,andxlffnnreg ' Outsidc54wclI, we'rc- not 'sojsurelh DOLORES SEIDENSPINNER Flower Fifth Avenue Hospital Special Chorus, Clee Club, "Red Mill," Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teachers, Library Rep. To be a nurse or marry a doctor Shc'll spend her time all dressed in white, Making pains and aches all right. DONALD ULINC A'ZuZu" lle o , las aptain, Iall Pa- trol, Intra l Basketball, Swimming Awards, P. ,Award To make n ykdnd own a farm All through life just do the best, That way you'll reach happiness. LAW .NCE SHARKEY Work . , Make a illfpn Buell' X' Witty gay, l . Hell reach e without claw Hi ' ' 'll . s conse1e EzJrlElw1va Cpqyl . u U- IQ Y 41 A RICHARD SHAW "Biek" or College t'Profcssor Arista, "Star" Staff, Math Team, Math Club, Math Tutor, V. A. Squad Cap't, Chem. Prep., Minor Pin, Miss Long's Ass't An engineer of one sort or another IIe'll not give the world a crooked steer, Not Richard Shaw, our po itial rigi- ncer. IOHN SIIE N College Track Tear , isu Aid e 'or Rep. Quiet, ainhitious, hy- An all round goo guy. NVILLIAM SIIE TON QIBHY' Italian Merchant Marine Aeade y Varsity Shows, "Arsenic and Old Lace," "I Remember Mama," Captain Ilall Patrol, Book Room Ass't, Radio Broadcast 1949 Become Duke of Vlfindsor To he'a duke his yen, WVe'll be proud to say, 'AVVC knew him when!" VVALLACE SIIIO 'I' "Wally" ,. ew4.uZ.a. . L r-in-chief I kory Log, Arsenic a a2?L"BrgJQf,'ftinity"Club, ' -7 e Ffench Clu Honor C sses, P537 Cl rbis Q Ministry May God's blessing fo you on the road to your chosen'profession. ROBERT SIIULMAN "Bob" College Ilonor Roll, Track, Tennis and Cross Country Teams, Visual Aid and Mr. Stevenson's Office Squads, Sec'y to Teacher Bob will acquire a lot of knowledge During his career at college. WILMA SIIUMVVAY "VVillie" To go to Cornell "Arsenic and Old Laee.,, "I Remember Mama," 'tRed Mill," Secretary to Miss Morley, Basketball, Swimming Clubs, Library Ass't, Special Chorus, Lunch Patrol To do something on time "Willie" is a nickname neat, For a girl who can't he beat. ALEX SKIJARSKY "Al" Work in,,printingkshop , ,Sedy to ffeaelgvr, Minieograph Squad, Asxt to 'ML Ilarwbod at Basketball gal es and Swimming Meets, II. Ed. See'y I To make Roekefellei jealous Alex, who is our mmieograph man, Is responsible for our midterm e IIELENE SLEEPER ' School , Bowling, Tennis, min ball, Roller ig C11 , See' o Teachers ry Sq? ff, Library ep., Ilo o , Ho Classes Helen is the quiet one, In spite of this, she's lots of fun. 42 If s on - y 7 WS L i'- I X! "Smallie" eri e ibbsj Q1 :'y "Teac s, em ervof Green l hw P 'tyN. A own gi eligible ach or's home with arb and rge , goody-that's just what we need! lish Book Room Ilall Patrol G O. Q., History Award, Newman Club, ncert Comm., Special Chorus, Li- I , r ICENE SMITII "Bud" 3 ' 7 Y ' y Ass t iticzan you wmt to be 1 politician ter live up to "Smith" traditionl TI I-EVELYN SODERSTROM "Evie" Orehestri Clee Club Instrumental ss Library Asst Library Rep., .ater Class, Swimming Ass't ation Army officer se in need 1 will heed. 0 to England and Sweden v 9 TIIUR SPEQKMAN O95 ' e Sf' bR ., English C ass, Cr fWhite ' , rt Statt, "Ars ' 1 Ol e, . ' me ber' , Ilo ll, Lib.ry ' be Ike e ler's rival in wealt 1 e cannot see, A ' 1 " " 7 a J a rival in wit and wlnm vou may very well be NCES IUNE STADLER Fran ist and secretary 'y to Teachers, Typing Certificate, rich 1nan's darling! l and quiet, sweet and serene, girl so nice is seldom seen. NE STARKIE noratory Technician School 'y to Teacher, Library Rep., Craft ,b, C.P. Filing Contest travel travel is Anne's ambition, : know she wont be only wishin'. RRAINE STEDMAN "StCdy" V VY ' Chorus, Clee Club, Operetta, rc Cd COllCCItS, G.O. Off nor lies ist n A IMANN ,Stcgie - ego eaeher College P i1 in Squid K ' , . er corn I 4 ch r I ery I 5 f , a cher he'l, ei . ' A I s ' 'A arp' ' sl "s not "flat", s ' ' , " ati 'RLS,5 V , ARTHUR R. STEIER "Artie" VVork Craft Club, Shop Ass't Radio and ,television To become a cosmopolitan gentleman You're in a new and growing carecrg Success will be with you in every year. NORMAN B. STEIN University of Rochester Lighting and Amplification and Math Oflice Squad, Phys. and Chem. Prep., Math Club, Progressive Party, Honor Classes Pianist and composer Rings on his lingers, Bells on his toes, He'll make music wherever he goes. MARLENE STOCKER "Lee" Art School Arista, Honor Roll, " ary rt St "Pioneer" Art S shion Club. Minor Service Honor Classes, Art Ofliee ra tage Crew, A hletic Clubs,f'L' y Ass't, Lunch Patr To be like 'Elsie, the Borden "-fb contented Lovable, laughable, full of fun One in a million, she's bright as the sun. DON STONEBRIDGE "Don" Work Varsity Shows, Hall Patrol, Special VVhether at play or at his job, Don will always rise above the mob. RICHARD STRAIILMAN "Dick" Queens College Arista, Ilonor Roll, 7 terms, Minor Service Pin, T rack Team, Chemistry Squad, Lunch Patrol, Math and His- tory Honor Classes, Art Squad To be healthy, happy and prosperous Agreeable and full of fun, He's well liked by everyone. UTII TAY X -,"Shelly" lleg E ' , i , GGY to Teacher, or Roll Wit her nice dis' osi n, S ' ' o ' i n 5. RICHARD STRUVE 'Rich" Real estate broker Ass't to Teachers, Stamp Club To play the organ in Radio City Music Hall . As a broker he will be the best, And he will go above the rcst. IRWIN SUCHOFF f'Sam" N .Y.U. Uptown University QPre-Dental Coilfsej Arista, Service Pin, N. Y, Youth Forum, Guide-Atomic, Energy Ex- position, Mgr. Progressive Party, Light- ing and Amplification, Chemistry and Physics Prep., General Science Prep. Squads, Nuclear Physics Club, Math. To see the world 1 Pull hard and you'll extract success. f . MADELINE ULKLIVAIHX 'isuily' Nurse L ' Lun h atrol Art , Seefy tu caehers, GO. c ., w man Club, "Pioneer" Staff To be shortwinded when the fellows run after me Like death and taxes that stop never, Madeline's antics go on forever. MARIE SULLIVAN "Re" Designer Special Chorus, "Red Mill," Glce Club, Bowling Club, Late Ofliec Ass't, Concerts, Sec'y to Teacher To trap enough minks to make a coat Agreeable and full of fun, Marie is liked b everyone. N SU f' egJCh., Opefcblm, 'Red ce I " ' I P eaders C bs IEA I M 0 D " eh Li r r ss't, Volley- 7 1 7 onor A To get married To work as a bo keeper is your am- bition, f j We know you'll 'keep your figures in accurate position. GENEVIEVE L. TALBOT "Ieanne" Secretary Sec'y to Teachers, English Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Pitman shorthand Certificate, Homework Monitor Health, happiness, husband and heaven She stands out in all our classes Can it be her red rimmed glasses? IUNE TAUBY Secretary Basketball and Glce Clubs, Special Chorus, Sec'y to Teachers, C.O. and Library Reps. To own six Cadillacs Now, don't you get caught speeding!!!E! BARBARA STRICKLAND "Bobbie" Work Honor Roll 7 terms, Sec'y to Teach- ers, Pitman Certificate, Instrumental, Bowling, Volleyball Clubs, Regents Re- cording Comm., History Honor Class Secretary Smiling, happy, laughing and gay Let's all keep Bobbie just that way. RICHARD TEC 'LMAN Te ne o. mployeg ind college f L c r al! ro . , ocker C-uar ' ad Elect er To ow i is to like him. HARVE TEICHER'I"X "Rocky" czz' , ' , V-f 0 e a.E?rZLr5iog Rep,Hoac4.1sll, Zt ,' K milf ,f ,pf - Idano s a ange Hlllllll-l0l1.f But ' A ld wkfons jtion! lr, uf- V' 43 PATRICI THOMAS 'tPat" To go to e5s. hool Sec'y t erg man, Bowling, V zzpl, Bad nt , ftball Clubs, Lu Patrolv J I3 o marry a millionaiie Fame and fortune on er doorstep wait. I C. GORDON THOMPSON Army Air Force Iackson Patrol, Crafts Club May he End a successful course Flying with the Army Air Force. IOIIN THOMPSON 'tIack" Vlfork b 5 , u A I Agigdeanls 'ofEee, jackson Patrol T f 'a success , If you stay just thh waykyoq are, Your success wilktake you far. LORRAINIE THOMPSON To be a secretary Ilonor Roll They're "cheaper by the dozen" Lorraine is always merry, She is sure to make a good secretary. XNILLIAM TI PSONLVQB "Bill" Work' u ' 's ory Honor Classes X5 eci2ie . ue 4 e realt 5idhp ess . n " A '-75' , u succeed in whatever you d . MARTIN TRAUBE "Marty" L. I. Institute of Agriculture and Tech. S. S. Squad, 7 terms, Hall Patrol, l term See the world That means "join the navy"! LUCILLE TROTTA "Shorty" Secretary Sec'y to Teachers, Volleyball, Basket- ball and Leaders Clubs, Minor "I," Honor Roll To be a success A real gofgetter with a good aim in life. CAMILLA UNDERHILL "Cindy" Veterinarian Assistant Instrument Class, Iunior Orchestra To make my mother happy and proud of me May your ship of dreams dock at the port of Reality. 44 ALICE VAN ACKEN Secretary Library Staff, Bio. Lab. Squad, G.O. Rep., Sec'y to Teachers, Green and White Party, Honor Roll To love, laugh, and be happy Always happy, always gay- Wc hope that you will stay that way. SUSAN C. VANCROVE "Susie" Queens College Assoc. Editor "Hickory Log," Major Service Pin, Arista, Ilonor Roll, Eng- lish Ilonor, Creative Writing and Iour- nalism Classes, Re-organization Squad, Program Committee, Sec'y to Teachers To teach English and journalism To know her is to love her. VVAITTER VASOLL "Wally" Your guess is as good as mine Hall Patrol, I term To take Serutan before 35 What a strange ambition, Wzlllyl Hope you're successful and always jolly. MINNIE VERNI "Angie" Vlfork Special Chorus, Sec'y to Mr. Kerchoit, Sec'y to Miss Ienner, Library Rep., "The Red Mill" Get married Success to Minnie Verni, Is what our friendly wish will be. BARBARA VOGEL "Bobby" Fashion model To become a cover girl We'll see you soon on the cover of a book, Be it "Life," t'Coronet," or "Look," IUNE INIARIE VOLLKOMIVIER "june" Fashion Institute of Technology Art Squad, Skating, Bowling, Leaders, Fashion, and Volleyball Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teachers, "Star" staff, Honor Roll 6 terms, Major Service Pin Fashion designer May you draw a design for happiness. PATRICIA VVALKER "Pat" Secretary Secretary to Teacher To always be happy and make other people happy With your personality, You'll make everyone happy. CIIARLES VVALSII "Charlie" XVork Visual Aid Squad 3 terms, Lunch Pa- trol Z terms Photo-engraver Ilis manner and his friendly air Make him welcome anywhere. EDYVARD VVALSII "Red" Fix my car and take a trip down South 2 years Ir. Varsity Basketball Team, Z years Varsity Basketball Team To play baseball May you "hit" many "homers" in the direction of success. BARBARA VVATTS "Barb" Drake's Budness School Lunch Patrol, Red Cross Club, See'y to Mrs. Goodman, Typing Certificate To be a millionaire and retire The best of all in life to you, It won't "shock" us to sec 'WVatt" you'll do. DONALD XVEBSTER "Brewster" College lr. Orchestra, Instrumental Class, Ilall Patrol, Locker Guard, Ilonor Roll 'I'o find Brewster's millions You will win what you deserve By your talent and your reserve. RICIIARD XVEISS 'ABenny" College Swinnning and All Queens Swimming Teams, All Queens 220, Lunch Patrol Ilorse doctor Richie's always in the swim, llis form and style are never dim. S'l'I'IVl'I VVICRLICK "Stef" Pratt Institute Art Editor of "Star," Art Office Staff, Ilonor Roll 7 terms. G.O. Rep., Lunch Patrol, See'y to Teacher Art teacher Ilis pleasant disposition will yield A successful job in the art field. MARGARET XVICST "Peg" Business Scc'y to Teachers, Lcadcr's Club, Prop Connnittce for "Arsenic and Old Lace," Red Cross Club, Reorganiza- tion Committee, Sec'y to Mrs. Alex- ander, lfnglish Office Ass't XVork in the Telephone Company ller heart is like a subway- Always room for more. MARVIN . ICXLIC ' " Tarty" fam ' WVLWV , 1' 0 r . Le S lack Engineerin f Marty's' c ' idtdybof gineerg For him success is very ne: . DON XYIIALEN "Ozark" College Varsity Basketball, junior Varsity Basketball, llall Patroljllistory Ilonor Class, Green and XVhitc Party, Ilonor Roll Although his ambition is a question, llc'll make good in any profeision: MARY ELLEN VV 444' eac ers College 0 - o Iorseback,"If?6f1lordir d,L nch S ad, L, Da ce Cl , Sec' ach- crs. S ti' ., ub ' pay lpixie! f"'lA,.-4' Lit sweet, of ' ' eff' She l succeed' ' , p . DORIS VVICKS To go o work Spe ' o , V all Club, Re4 liz S adggee' ' 'achcrs, IX h ' isl 1 C sses, G.O. O To co a ceptionist Ma, ucccss be your every caller. RAYMOND VVILK "Ray" College or work llall Patrol, Ilonor Roll Export and import business After graduation he'll embark In some pursuit to leave his mark. GLORIA VVILSON "Lori" Business school See'y to G.O. Office, Emergency Room Ass't, "Pioneer" Staff, Bowling Club, Volleyball Club, Ilonor Roll, Typing and Pitman Shorthand Certihcates To be a dancer Isn't she cute? Isn't she sweet? To look at her surely is a treat. IOAN VVILSON "VVillie" Bookkeeper f - . Lui Ml, 'See'yx to jllegwlicrs, Li- bra y cp. . To travel ' Sweet and neat, ll1,I1CfKl to feet. IRENE YVIMMER "Rennie" To be a secretary Attendance Office, Sec'y to Teacher, G.O. Rep., Roller Skating Club To travel Always quiet, always steady She's ambitious and ever ready. IIEBERT XVINKLICR 'King' College Ilall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Math, ling- lish, Civics, Science Ilonor Classes, Ilonor Roll To own a mink farm llcrby is rootin' for C.C.N.Y.: That college seems to catch his eye. BARBARA VVOLLNY A'Boogsic" Telephone Company Live in a penthouse, and be a success in everything I undertake Barbara is so swell, Let's hope everything with her goes well. 45 Spe- Sec to each- Leaders Patrol, Library Rep. To be a singer A girl so sweet, You seldom meet. jOAN D. WOOD Become a stenographer and typist Sec'y to Teachers, Volleyball Club, Green and White Party member, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Typing Certificate, Pitman Shorthand Cert. To travel A good friend and a good pal, We of jackson like this gal. jOAN MARY WOOD "joanie" College "Pioneer" and "Star" Staffs, Sec'y to Mr. Blatt, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Re-organization Squad, Library Staff, Lunch Patrol, Math Club, Athletic Clubs Keep on laughin' "This good old earth has need of some mirth, It has troubles enough of its own." IOAN WRIGHT College Sec'y to Teacher, Concerts, Gradua- tion, Varsity Show, Operettas Orch., Member, Aquarium Club, Library Rep., Volleyball Club, Service Pin To be a high school music teacher A pretty girl is like a melody. MARI, NE WUCHTE "Lee" W 'College 'S etar , 'to Teacher, Lunch Room ua , olleyball and Swimming Clubs Nur, All are aware Of her auburn hair. john Barclay james Barnard joseph Benelli Leonard Caffray john Cloherty William Corkhill Arleen Cuttler 46 GEORGE WULPERN "Willy" College Varsity Baseball Team, Locker Guard, jr. Orchestra, jackson Patrol, G.O. Representative Professional ballplayer George will be sure to make a "hit," WILLIAM WURTENBURG "jus Plain Bill" " ish I ad ent f dirfelfyi grgzrms, Spiial Chorus, History Honor,- All City Chorus To mgke'tri'gv1,6f the best in myself h rs Always calm, always mellow We admire such a swell fellow. GEORGE R. ZANG "Geo" Polytechnic Institute Radio Clubs, Hall and Lunch Patrols B.S. in electrical engineering, become a radio amateur George is sure to engineer his way to success. EUGENE ZEITLER "Gene" Wfork in a candy store jackson Patrol, Sec'y to Mrs. Boehm Fireman It's a sure thing he doesn't want to set the world on Ere., , - 4A-f .x."2f 4 " -,nil - 2 IOAN ZIMMERMAN "Zim" College Honor Roll, "I Remember Mama," 'LArsenic and Old Lace," Chem. Prep. Squad, Bio. Squad, Bowling Club, Vol- leyball Club, Sec'y to Teachers Research chemist "Zim," you'rc wise, sincere, and true. May your scientific career bring great happiness to you. amera Shy Loyle Egger Donald Etherington john Favicchia Gloria Fay jerry Herrman Eugene Higgins Frank Hurley William Smith Donald Kiernan Peter Langhauser Charles Lingen john Marmaro William Meyer Charles Newman Richard Rzonca G. 0. Executive Council fsittiugj-Marvin Gercle, Viecfllresicleirtg Mr. Ralph VV..IIaller, Priricipalg Michael Doyle, Presiclerrtg Mrs. Marjorie XVhiteheacl, Sponsor. fSf2l1lClillgl-S2ll1ClI'2l Nichol, Secretary: Mr. Bass, Treasiircrg Mr. Gordon Deutsch, Administrative Assistantg Barbara Oeh, Historian. 47 CAN Y0l7 REMEMBEI FERUARY . . . At long last we are occupying a seat in a senior enrolling room. We are now part of the graduation class of Iune, 1950. Boy! It surely feels good. We are all wondering what new and exciting events will occur in our senior term. After all, this is the term we have all worked for and wondered about. Well, it didn't take long for the ball to start rolling! The "Pioneer" Staff is organized, and months of hard work are in store for those selected. A game of 'Ayou vote for me and I'll vote for you" is played, as we vote for the "big wheels" on our "Hall of Fame" ballots. Senior Capitalists mob Room 139 to order their senior jewelry. Another term and a few more grey hairs for Mrs. Goodman! Candidates spend a day of anxious waiting as the ballots for Senior Oflicers are counted. Bob Downing reigns victorious as Prexy. "Mom, may I have an advance on my allowance?" is the cry of many a senior as orders are taken for hats and pins. Yessir! Our first month has cer- tainly got off to a glorious start! MARCH . . . "Baby pictures, baby pictures! Has anybody brought in a baby picture for the yearbook? Yes, it must have a glossy finish. You have until Monday." Senior Officers use some of their high-pressure salesmanship to convince dubious classmates to go to the Prom. Mr. Photographer follows the "Pioneer" Photography Heads inside, outside, to the main hall, girls' gym, boys' gym, library, and outside again until all Hall of Fame and club pictures have been taken. Whew! Green and White hats, marked "A. H. S., '50," decorously march through the halls, perched high on laughable looking senior heads. Woe to those who have missed out and have to wait till the next morning to get theirs! O happy day of days! The proofs of the yearbook pictures are returned. Hmmmm! The first marking period draws to a close, and Easter is here before we can say "lack Robinson." Gosh! Two months gone by already. I can hardly believe it. It won't be long now! 48 VAYBACK IN '50? APRIL . . . The Easter holidays come as an oasis in the desert of classes, where all have had a chance to refresh themselves with the sweet water of relaxation. With the holidays over, it's back to school and the tedious grind in prep- aration for mid-tenns. Before-"I know I'll just never pass this history mid-tenn. Clayton Anti-trust Act, 1890, passed in Harrison's Administration." After-"It wasn't too hard. Oh, well, it's over anyway." MAY... A mass wave of green and white hits Iackson's fair halls. The seniors are on the loose again with balloons, feathers, and what-nots trailing be- hind them. It's SENIOR DAY! Dusk has fallen, and warm breezes blow as the tiny stars turn themselves on into their twinkling best. Pink nets and blue taffetas swish past, escorted by white dinner jackets. Faces are flushed a delicate pink, and hearts are en- raptured, for this is the moment of the Senior Prom. Grocery stores have sold an extra abundance of toothpicks for the pur- pose of holding up the wilted lids of those seniors who wait to watch the sun rise. Yawn, Yawn! IUNE . .. The race is on, and we've got to win. We've passed the first turn, the second, and the third. The results are yet to be known. Regents week is over! The results are posted, and we have won! Figures, garbed in green and white gowns, pass to their respective places. Soon, hands are holding onto something solid and concrete. It certifies that he or she is a graduate of Andrew Jackson High School. This is the opening of a door to a new life, and it is also the closing of a door on an old one. This is our diploma! It is graduation day! The tears of departure have been shed, and the old familiar smiles once more break out on shining faces. We are now alumni and already are looking forward to our first class reunion--And so, till we meet again, Annie and Andy, so long! 49 W9 s Barbara Vogel Betty Ramsey Barbara Becker Evelyn Hoffman .loan Fuller Connie Schroeder Pafriciu Doherfy 1 9 .I .loan Beirne Joan Margolin Doris Schaeble Lillian Schembri Evelyn Schaetzle . Jerell Kahn Marion Lockwood wr' 'of' .pf X . 1 kwn---f N ': ' Q W X .z ' " Q 9 M y'f :a.-. ffl: 'XV I . Q M Y 2 ' - X., , ,. -WE" fi .ei af LAR I- 15. Joan lamb 16. Joan D. Wood 17. Joe Burns 18. Roberl Seeman 19. Anne Naylor 20. Ruth Grosch 21. Gloria Orlando 'P' .L 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28, ff -dlfl Q Kathleen Rilchie Laura Anderson Audrey Bonvicino Polly Canlelli Anne Koiz Joan Brady Anne Cafalano .x 1 l 1 wwf J NP' M 4 rf ww--W Qfu ff ik , iQWisw..Mw ii x X un- .I X X x i 1 29. Elsie Braafen 30. Veronica Matthews . Joan Small . Jane Gumaelius . Museffa Fineisen 2 33 34. Eleanor Schwenger . Marilyn Benevenfo 36 37 38 39 40 4l 42 Belly Lercll . Lucille Trolta . Nancy Scalice . Helen Arenholz . Bill Shenlon Ruth Forman Huldah Schofie "' .xn- . Margie Mennche 44. Dick Sirahlman 45. Nancy Finkle 46. Kiny Ohlig 47. Marilyn Fischer 48. Lorella Mandel 49. Joan Bell 50. Barbara Strickland p M xi- Sv' qu-A ' 1 W' 'pr W, 3 i"f'A" hw , gf' i - ya V Rita Scherer Irwin SuchoH Barbara Filaski June Volkhammer Mary Lou Hauri Phyllis Haskell Carol Preston Edna Feeney This term's Yearbook not the best The halls of Iackson ever at rest Ellen Anderson being still Helen Arenholz not talking 'bout Bill Eddie Ohlson being quiet in class Bob Hevner without the pass Ioyce Salomon able to grow Polly Cantelli saying "No" Betty Ramsey not saying 'AHi" Iennie Mattes being shy Mr. Ponemon not with the "Star" Herb Marx not going far Doris Schaeble not being gay Madeline Sullivan with nothing to say Iohnnie Ohlman not romancing Betty Lerch not dancing Frank Gaffney not the "Gazelle" Iim Dowling not being swell Don Whalen being four feet short Ioe Cali not a good sport Margie Dixon not being nice Miss Bardolf not talking about price Georgia Lehmann without her Al Dolores Dressel not a pal Kitty Ohlig not lingering awhile Ierrie Kahn without a smile The gang at A. I. being rural The name Ioan Wood not being plural Eleanor Schwenger saying "ain't" Marlene Stocker with nothing to paint Helen Antonelli being blue Marie Io Jensen without something new Ioe Bums not having a party Mr. Singer being tardy CAN Y0l Alice Van Acken looking glum Evelyn Schaetzle not chewing gum Barbara Becker without her laugh Irwin Suchoff not a whiz at math Flo Lombardi not a vision The study hall with television Gloria Wilson not in style A lunchroom line in single file Carol Preston being loud Frank O'Lear not in a cloud Ioan Small not being witty Vera Larsen not being pretty Dick Concannon without his hot-rod We Seniors without Mrs. Todd Marge Hesse without her hat Pat Cordes being fat june Tauby not being bop Bob McMillan not on top Rozzie Nash not being "Progressive" Margie Kendrick ever aggressive Charlie VValsh without his good looks Norman Stein without his books Aldona Ocikas doing what she's told Ed QRedj Walsh being bold Anne McSherry without Peggy West Our swimming team not the best "Happy" Boening being sad Patricia Walker ever mad Bill Shenton without his jacket Iohn Sheldon making a racket Iune Kronen making a sound Ye olde Iackson on a new plot of ground A nicer guy than Walter Porter lim Fehilly doing what he ought'er P P P P P P P P P 52 MA GINEPP? Ray Cuneen not a good shot The emergency rooms with an empty cot The Cassidy twins not being double Eddie Koch getting into trouble Marilyn Murphy ever naughty Connie Ioyce being haughty Dick Weiss with a scowl on his face -Or, for that matter, losing a race Bob Downing not in the swim Artie Speckman not having a whim Jimmie Bell not in the know jackson Seniors with enough dough Doug Maloney missing a cue Robert Frank without a crew Eddie Dowd not on the run Lorraine Stedman not being fun Ronnie Matthews with her man The basketball team without a fan Stan Roberts without a grin Barbara Wollney not needing a pin Mary Ellen White minus her joe Richie Strahlman having a foe Manager O'Conner not a good "lane" Curly hair in the pouring rain Helene Sleeper ever awake Io Loidice not strolling in late Jackson studes awaiting a test Don Seuling ever at rest lack Luquer off the beam Chickie Mendozza without that gleam Barbara Filaski not a good dancer Walter Klein without the right answer Dolly Kluge being rude Cappy Ritchie not in a good mood Vi Cacsal not being cute Gertie Hayward not playing a flute Phyllis Farese without her freckles A quieter girl than Betty Fleckles Edna Feeney without her blush Bill Seery in a rush The gang not in the deli for ham-on-rye Green and White and Progressive eye-to-eye Nancy Finkle looking a sight Wally Short not being right Campaign speeches not a surprise Members of the faculty telling lies A steno test without a cough Robert Seeman not sounding off Ginny Picarelli without Ann Meyer A ire drill with a real tire Harvey Teichert without a crack in his voice Mr. Schwarzenbach not the Seniors' choice No graduates on the iive-year plan Mrs. Crossfeld without a tan Harry Ehlen with " ultra" diction A tired "Pioneer" Staff without some friction Looking out the window and seeing a view Iesse and Harter not on the stage-crew The Board of E. approving frats A Senior class without its hats Exercises in gym without howls The G.O. finally getting us soap and towels Iackson freshmen not being tame Iackson Seniors not being to blame Barbara Lang six feet tall The "Pioneer" Staff without Mrs. Hall A. I. not the best in the city. This is the end of our little ditty. ? ? ? P ? P ? ? 53 Y, eye , we 9 59, Rosemarie D'Avanzo 60. John Leay 6l. Barbara Levine 62. Dorothy Paefow 63. Norma Muller 64. Bob Mc Millan Robert Kertz . Georgia Lehmann . Phyllis Goldman . Harriet Lucas Margie Dixon Eileen Sanlry nv' gqsws- -'g. 'E:. .-,-.: Eggs l ' r ff ii gl 4 A5 5' 71 72 73 74 75 76 Helen Hay Helen Anronelli Arfie Speckman . June Kronen Barbara Wollney Alice Kasper A N- 77. Carol Holmburg 78. Madeline Sullivan 78a Michael Okun 79. Jeaneffe Mcalles 80. Alice Van Acken Sl. June Kronen Gr i .US Anil X x W 'Vi E sf :Xia ,NX S wx X Q X N ,gf if 7 . 5 , -. R79 if 31, an' ef ff gf ' s Judy Nelson Lorraine Rosensfein Lorraine Stedman Ellen Anderson Rosalind Nash John Roche 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 Helene Muller David Mac Kay Barbara Lang Vera Larsen Josephine Loiodice Margaret Kelly , Violet Gacsal . Dolores Dressel Laura Cataffo . Mary Ellen While Marie Ackerman . Herb Marx . Florence Kulow . Dolly Gnad Q, Z 'H iffiiw, UM., S . U I ,552 f .L .. w . Z 4 . , 5 rl, 102 Dolores Scidenspinner 103 Lorraine Eason 104, Pal Rigney 105 Camilla Underhill 'IO6 Elaine Oefzman l07 Donald Harfer 108 Audrey Cook Swing Your Partner to the Tune of .... East of the Sun ........ I Can Dream, Can't I?. . . It Isn't Fair ............ Music, Music, Music .... Crocodile Tears ....... Black Coffee ....................... . . I've C-ot a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts ..,. . . Youlre Breaking My Heart ......... Chewing Cum ........... Candy and Cake ............. . . Dcarie, Do You Remember? . . . . . Once In A While ......... Crazy, He Calls Me .... Again ............... Cinderella ............... Sitting by the Window .... With My Eyes Wide Open. You're Wonderful ........ Undecided ................ .... I Only Have Eyes For You .... . . Early Autumn ............. Whispering ..... I"ool's Paradise .... Happy Time .... Rag Mop ....... Enjoy Yourself ........... Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered .... Dear Hearts and Gentle People ..... Sllppin' Around ................... Said My Pajamas, Put on My Prayers. . . . Cone With The Wind ............ . Adios .............. .... 56 ......A.I.H.S. . . . . . . .Of graduation . . . .To have Regents . . . . . . . .From room 327 . . . . . . .In the dean's office . .Morning after the Prom . . .Zeros on the report card . . . . , . . . . .Student Court . . . .Minus 5 in Gym ..............Atthedeli .When you were a freshman . . .Corning to school early . . . .Cheating on a test . . . . . . .Progress Gr. 9-8 . . . . Queen of the Prom . . . . . .Waiting for the bell .'Cause I went early to bed Hall Whom to ask to the Prom Forschner . . . . .Back to school again . . . . . . .In the library .. . ...Over at Ioe's , . . . .Easter Vacation ........Cym Suits . . . .On the weekends .........Midterms ............Faculty?? ................Cutting . . . Cot asked to the Prom . . Fun at Andrew Iackson ........TodearoldA.I. Ll ufv'A77'lTUDE5'.f- QAM B lyfkys 5' ,. .ni ,U cl' - 9: ggi- in ' L-, A o if R.: Ntifs' ' 'Y " ,,M"4t,, ff' fa ts: 11 . A 3 , - 'Az:Nffff.f+:1::,-,-fwewb'A s f x? i 4 "'5 ! 1 f XI ' 'fy'-4,,.,. Q 0 ' , X ' 'Q A 4: 5 A S N so Q ,fg--.-"H X 5 - 2 if S1 9 Q. " ' ' -v-af: o 0 Q 0 f 0 O 4 O akose m5aR0SE 'SH b Wlost. S , ..-.Q-,-1.,1":gr-'1."'f'-' 1 f. - - ,. ., . - U! 4 ! 5- sg 5. 'Y 'A . r-gif: ,-.qi''.l:' x .. . 5 '- -'---- -: 11:-.f'. . G -.1 .4',. l,-4--v .f ::'Q.--1132-..'3, ,. ' 4,4'f..--141-:. 4' Q svfzrgvcs- 'A' . l E ' X . . V .- A - . , - A A FQ1 -'M 3 www if " . ' Y 0-M 'www N ' ' v J , x 'kv My ,QWWQ xg , if? Q E 5 wwf .a v:,.'-:: 1 ::.:: - . I W, i'W'5Qg5f 3 Q57 3. Si if X MH w 1 S: di 1 . ,, 1 M W sakmfqi , 1 ask I u-up 'UQ ' ff ii M S rm J EY a B. my WWW E 3 2 . ,Ni ,X ,Q is :iw any 14, MEA y af 1 4 'Q ,I .gxw 5? SWB 4 Wigfkgfif Q ff sw 1 , Hi, Q M N395 1 I Sxxxitizf m EH , ,s 1 ix Wm fvff'?""'M' Q 2 N WS? f s 45" ,,.,-"' , 5 E fwf- zkn c , x i . 'xt W5 ll . Mi 'ii F RESHMAN The pass Hall of Fame Senior Hats Book Report Ambition College Homework Failure The Late Bell Freshmen Passing Regents Late Pass Elevator Up and Down Stairs Iackson am fire Tales FRESH MAN Something asked for only if urgent. They're wonderful. Gosh! I'll get thc best book I can find. To graduate with a 95 average. Harvard They say to do 45 min- utes, so I'll do one hour. The world has come to an end. A signal to be in my seat, ready for work. Aren't we wonderful? What arc they? Gosh, I'm late-guess I'll go home again. I didn't know there was one. It says down, so I'd better go down. It's a big school. SOPHOMORE Something asked for when the period is boring. I'm sure to get picked. Some day. I can skip over a chap- ter or two. To graduate with an 85 average. Queens They say to do 45 min- utes, so I'll do 30 minutes. I still have three more years. A signal to run to my classes. Mere children. A whole week off. I'll try to slip in--I'm only a few seconds late, I havcn't got a pass, so that's that. I'm in an awful hurry, I hope I don't get caught. It's a school. 1UN1oR Something asked for to meet heart-throb in the hall. Can't wait till l'm a Senior. It won't bc long now! Classic Comic to the rescue. To graduate with a 75 average. Which ever one ac- cepts me. I'll do it in enrolling room. What! again? A signal to leave my beau and trudge to my class. They get smaller each term. Where there's a will, there's a way. Oh, well, I'm allowed three. He'll never know the difference. The teacher isn't look- ing, Who cares? lt's a matter of opin- ion. SENIOR Who needs a pass? You vote for me, I'll vote for you. I'll wear it forever. The summary on the cover is enough. To graduate! Oh, well, I didn't want to go anyway. She won't call on mc. I'll see you next term. When I get there, I get there. Did I look like that? "That's my Desire." I'll use the one I got last week. Hello, Iohn. How are you? Who reads the signs? It was a wonderful school!!! 61 Last Will and Testament We, the Senior class of Iune, 1950, being un-sound of mind and weary of body, after having endured and survived four years of hard labor Qsome were exposed to morej do hereby declare this to be our Last Will and Testa- ment and declare all other contracts and commitments null, void, and in- sufficient. We brought into our school nothing but ourselves. Upon leaving, in the same baffled confusion as that in which we entered, we bequeath to our deserving successors the following: To Iackson-To have always a principal as wonderful as Mr. Haller flt could never happenlj To Mrs. Todd-A Senior class without any problems To Mr. Schwarzenbach-Good Weather for fishing To the locker rooms-Air Wick To Mr. Forschner-Nothing-nothing-He's got it all! To the swimming pool-Water To Mr. Ornstein-Chairs To Mrs. Collins-A new set of traditions To Mr. Blatt-Another "gazelle" like Frank To the walls-Plaster To Mrs. Amery-A railroad of her own To Dr. Manheim-The lead in "Hamlet" To our parents-The key to the poor-house fafter receiving graduation billsj To Mr. Ponemon-A couple of A'Star" struck kids To the Library-Comic books To Miss Flynn-Everything wonderful for such a wonderful person To Mr. Christ-An automatic planner for the assembly programs To future Seniors-The enjoyment of having Miss Bardolf for a teacher To Mr. Zimmerman-A louder whistle To Mr. Heckman-That raise in pay To the Freshman-Gur sympathy To the World-Some assurance of peace. QWe'l1 try to helpj. To Mrs. Hall-Our thanks and appreciation for making all this come true. ln witness whereof, we affix our seal this twenty-ninth day of Iune, in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty. The Seniors WITNESSES SFSON President-Bob Downing NV' ' HIC? Vice-President-Dick Concannon 5 Editor-in-Chief-Helen Arenholz "lil r e '4L3ANS'G3v 62 To Franle.' He always does so inueh for us, But over hiin tliere's never a fuss. All our general needs he meets, Like helping us find extra seats. He inends the shades and fixes the doors, He dumps the paper, then niends some more. He's always ready to take a joke, Even when what he's just fixed is already broke. He never sees wrong doers, he's not here to pry But he's always looking for a regular guy. Ile carries a ladder to reach the heights, For he's always repairing the burned-out lights. The great inan is one who rises the ink, And wears the white collar, or so folks think. But the one who really helps us out. Is the one we never hear about. So here's a man who dcsewes a hand, For really he helps old Iaekson High stand. We'll reineinber our school, our teachers, too, But, Frank, this class will never forget you! 63 ,I ,,f,f ' Q x A, ff g ,,1f' g, 11 X jf! K 1 ' ' ,I . Qfyx N' IA" 'lx 5 jf! 'V -' . 1" Qi fl! 'I f f 5 . ,f k , -f t pf, 1. X 'ffl xx X. , , 1, 'g ff' I , ' 1 - , ,f,r" Z' ,'f.-.w"'1- -, ,f-. L 1 1--1-f,,1l'1".,., . ' - f ,:. . tfff -'if-..- 'Iw i' V -- J. ' 2"'- Efigrg V Y,,..fif?- ' cuff, 'Lg' ' X, ' '-.. V. , , -.wiv imp . ., "W 5 ' -x ' 5 as,'.' V N Jm,,',,,.,.'--.w., NK - - inrsua-.9-,-.,i,: 2. " 431- . r 3. . -' .:.-.N-1-.,.,.4 1 IR I A b I Q :.1u-mf glqszu:-Afjvjili vfrfg' y,,.J.a:4'. I :" X ,fury I My L ' :.'..-3.w,.,.,V,-I-A . .x.,:. -- -nu Q5- 11-5 Q- f fn 4- ' . I ' -fu ..-T J I X 0 Q Q. I a.Af-11.4-Lv, . li'In-?,:aR,.JL:g..,aux-zkcrfiwt, I-:.,', 1 gl , ,I J-KU l N 1,-1.,f'ff,-J..l,.. 4.4 . -v,Qvfr,1.v-4-.-47-t-1.1-W--'f .9 ' -V ' 3 ' "if fri-"fe-'ir.J " ' A ,.. " ,- H-f-xLug,.Q..:.i,i,- A'-4.. .-,.,-.',,, N .JR - - - li: ' -:if xf""-'-U-ww.-2. yfyfl ggwali---tm W M X 1 , V . 14 ,..,f.,.,.,,,, ulwgl ,Q!. A14-U 0 , 7' Y f A 'ig ' 1 - 'iq' 4,-te--I,-:fy . , . fi' A +- fi uf , N i f ,f ffm M9411 1 ',i"!5' M' 3 e ' ' " d,:f""":A" by -KX Y' ,pf fl, ' - ' - AQHA' nkin -,, f,3,Q?Q , N 1 xv! 4. fl Jqgbvty Atv: - . 5915 ,fait U gl ., --- - A fp., L 1 J A ' f in . 'f:g,'Sv,ffx, 1 . I 1 ll! 3 l JRJQX ,f lj 5 - ' W2 fy' X X, X' ' Q I f '- Q , ix xx '- ff f f J z 4 1 2 f .. ,L .,M.,,... 4 x , U, 1, A U A ..l. ' .f b Ti L Q ' ' "Ya L ' N- ,I -if-3 -sz s':':EF':r' ' A """"' ' " , , '3'Ef?:5Ef:35::-if X 'YW N. bf :J r 5, I ., . u gl.. 'I 3 1:1 , ffl- 11g.'q-r:,!'f,2?l:. -Sgr. .w1.:,'2'ki "?'5-,-.-.1"- Iff.C'55Iiii,J'!iQii5iiiiv-'qiiiziii fl . 'fff 553'-fiE5':5: '!,.5!EEiZii:71!' '!!:1".:', .H 1 i"EESEf2i5E2iEE!iE! 2ie. - 3-1 ' ' 2 f.ffE?ii'E'5E'L5f- i.' "WM-'Y-.' - Fi fv"'--fif-Z--if" '19Fw:f" A 'EEE-'liiiifeifif -Jv:.fzia.f- .- ,Q '.-'-1.1.59-,.,-Wg.--' ia-mf !g:,s:'-- - . Lv.X 5.15 .pf ,... ... .,...... nfl' I -1 u. -A.s 1. . 1 lla --,L lu. 1- - ,fha-.n . v: ... - 'll-3.5!'r:':-:e-1 L . -.2 ... . ,,.', ,,l 5. ,' ,rpg 1-f ,,. J , , ...., ' w-,--3x........- -"-.131ag-flip:',-'ff-5-1-.-,,aC,'. :s'sA,' "sseggga':g55gg 12-513315.-L'4j-a.',,--a"4' ' . .ffgglgiiwfiiii ' - ' ' -' " A I 425'-g:eia'?s:E2!',-1 -3 f5::,:7.!rei'5' S51 3,1"l1'l:55f'S . ' f5Qss5ff:f:,::f7-f' gz:-:Eliza -. 5,355::g.::ig5iAs.f g :Q 1-ggi: .5'.,!!-Mligfig , ay . my I-g5a!vf?!5:f.1"' :-----:sax Ei- 'eliifiifli-'-,if 1 'H NA.-.,J" ilij -122 ' L .1g'f:5I!ffz5:ff, I :','f5::?Qj!J'i"f Q "fmt, 7 , Z'.1ie,2zaeg:, ,gm , -Q5 'N 1 If 5f:ig:55!f 'fy in -"f:'A.' ,. A -iiQ, 'fly all-:iss p- p ... 3-ie!-1 Qg :::::?::::zf as-gig fa, ll' 4' 419' I ll:'l.llnf' --511.40 'lu '--:g-1: -:,,n,p -N, 45... My 2.4, X Yr N-!F A . .x , X' 0 0 v, Q L .. 'N If K W -f ' ' xx . lm -..,.'..44.- -3. 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BAND Sponsor: Mrs. Ruskin Sponsor: Xliss IIUIIIIILIII gplfry Q 5 ,if X .1 V we , T A , ,W gn, K, , , ffl! ivy? ZZ at 21.5,. .-, -, ' 'jf' X 4? an , Q di 69 W X S QS X x 1 T xl X ' gk Q WA , ax gx,w,5 N . A ,K V l A f ,V , ' xv' 2" X ' 'S' 2 X F I . ,.,. AQ 5 4 i V e K, - F .. 1 ' if 1 ' ii, -TA Q- .. Fl: Cf! fq QF 'Z ,-it 'M f " S' :QQ gk rbi i7 1 W 'T' if I It gf' ' ' , 1 - :' C. , 4 A b . 5-J as 'A -rl ,fif If P V . A " ' ' Q ,,,,, it 1 mfg . 55- ,qw Il, ..wJ, il gg, at Ywwwwwxw .x., . D - - .X kA , ' i f f 7 v N? , A , J .mv Q ,s gi A Xi -W x, lm, A , i St l 4 ' , A X .f 'JVM :.. A 1 R fsxfg Mix 5-eg gg if 3 fi A k mx. 5 5, S iii? 'X f A Sk :sf X wx f M 1 'F wi M ' Nm R , K .K .. x-xL R K Xxtx Kg 1 ,Sak j ...M W mmf x ,,1,::,-- . -.f., -,-- if in 2 Q Q 5 X KWH.. 1. . fs W 1 W , W M- I9 lnnnlilff Q g Q H vi 31 mf " wiv 3 E M.. 5 ' fm 5 ' W' fl lf , J ' C23 me , ,if ga ,.-I Q ' x A 5 V .. - J m 5 in ,5 wg LMA:-,q,,'-f "W'T.S'1g3 ' i'gFw '1"- if gi .N . " ' l k? V F' " 'TNT f :QL . 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K 3 1 ' Q ,Q My 'af W X in ,S Q 2 1-mai? 2 kia, if-4-1 J! 5' r . is 'F Q5 W gg 'QQQ 4 xx 53 5'5- S C K W 2 P if 'Sffiif swf 'E' N fig? f 9 " MIMEOGRAPH SQUAD 3. DANCE CLUB Spcmllscm: Xlrs. BCIICIILCLCL Spm1so1': Xliss XLUIISLII Xlrx. Nlalrks LEADERS CLUB 4. FRENCH CLUB SIJUIISUIANI Xlrs, LCC 8170115011 Xlrs. Kglsius XI1's.lliHJc1't lJ1'csidc11t: XLLIIIYCCII XICCII l'1'csiclcnt: l3cx'Q1'ly' Calder ARTHUR TUDICS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS +0 Hwe Class of June I95O o o o EXCLUSIVELY EQUIPPED TO DO YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY o o o 49 WEST 46+h STREET Circle 7-4I25 New York Cify L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY JEWELERS 535 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK I7, NEW YORK ELLIOTT MURPI-lY's AQLIAS 0 AMPHITHEATRE Flushing Meadow Park Queens, N. Y. X ESTABLISHED X I859 FOOD STORES I Q 2 IME GREAT ATLANTIC G PACIFIC TEA CO. IE'-'Y A TT Ulla. Laaa, MARIES LUNCHEONETTE Specializing in Hamburgers, Frank'Fur+ers 8: lll'24'l67ll' STREET EDWARD J. BROWN 5hOf+ Orders' Jamaica, N. Y. OL. sa-mo Hof Meals . ..... Open All Nighf I A '89-2, LINDEN BLVD. S-I-' ALBANS Carpenler- Cuslfom - Radlafor Enclosures a Specially ArI'I1ur Pos+eI's Meal' COMPUMENT5 8: Grocery Marlcel' 'OI' ZOI-IO LINDEN BOULEVARD LAurelIon 8-3868 SI. Albans, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS of . . . DR. S. NATHANSON VETERINARIAN IN CHARGE HOLLIS DOG 81 CAT HOSPITAL I90-30-99+I1 AVE. AT THE HOLLIS L.I.R.R. STATION O Phone H Ilis 4-0723 JACK KAHN INTERIOR DECORATORS, INC. "CompIe+e Furnishings For I'he Home" FURNITURE-SLIP COVERS 8: DRAPERIES I84-20 HORACE HARDING BLVD., FLUSHING, N. Y. IN. 3-0045 LAureIIon 8-6440 CompIimenfs of . . . BERLIN BROS. Beverages Delivered 'Io I'I1e Home IIEVBTYTIIIHQ For The Par'Iy" I96-O2 LINDEN BLVD.-ST. ALBANS I2. L. I. LAu relfon 5-9673 POLLY'S SWEET SHOP Sunday Special, Giani Size Sodas, Delicious Food TRY US ONCE AND YOU WILL TRY US AGAIN I89-34 LINDEN BLVD. Aufomofive Paris and Accessories : Bicycies : Toys CAMBRIA AUTO SUPPLY 220-26 LINDEN BOULEVARD CAMBRIA HEIGHTS II, N. Y. LAureIIon 7-0040 Radios : Bafferies : EIec'IricaI Appiiances LAureIIon 5-9425 S C A L L Y ' S ITALIAN RESTAURANT .na PIZZERIA "Where Cooking Is ATI' and Eafinq A PIeasure" Excellent Italian Cuisine - Sea Food Our Specialfy I93-I4 LINDEN BLVD. -:- ST. ALBANS, L. I. LAureIIon 5-0346 JOAN SHOPS Ladies' end Junior Apparel I88-I3 LINDEN BOULEVARD S+. Albans, L. I., N. Y. LAu reIIon 8-3050 JOYCE BROTHERS Funeral Direcfors 20I-20 LINDEN BLVD. S+. Albans, L. I. LAureIIon 7-I3I3 J. HoIdswor+h CAMBRIA JEWELERS WaIcI1,CIocIrs,JeweIry Repairing. Work Guaranfeed Precision Jewelers 222-I3 Linden Blvd. Cambria Hgfs. II, L. I. I-IOIIis 4-5853 CHARLES D. ADAMS FLOWERS 2I4-57 JAMAICA AVENUE OUEENS VILLAGE. L. I. Flowers by Wire New York CAMBRIA RADIO SHOP RADIO - TELEVISION - PHONO SALES-SERVICE 224-I2 LINDEN BLVD. LA. 8-2I6O CROSS ISLAND PHARMACY 206-02 HOLLIS AVENUE HOIIis 5-3358 HoIIis, N. Y. LAureIIon 8-2068 Esfablislned l927 EDWARD KATT Sf. Albans' ORIGINAL FLORIST ARTISTIC FLORAL SERVICE FOR EVERY OCCASION I80-I9 LINDEN BLVD. a+ L.l.R.R. S+a+ion Bonded Member Elorisls' Telegraph Delivery Assn. I I-IOIIis 5-4430 R. A. SAAM HARDWARE Elecfrical 81 Plumbing Supplies-Window Shades Painfs - Glass - Houseware 207-02 HOLLIS AVE. HOLLIS, L. I., N. Y. I-IEMPSTEAD VALET Tailors - Furriers - Cleaners - Dyers All Work Guerenfeed ZI9-03 I-IEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE Queens Village, N. Y. I-IOIIis 5-9704 LAureIIon 8-9858 CAMBRIA PAINT 81 WALL PAPER CENTER, Inc. ASQ PAINT a. WALLPAPER BEHIND THE SCENES 220-I5 LINDEN BLVD., CAMBRIA I-IGTS. II, N,Y. WE CALL AND DELIVER I-IOIIis 4-6537 KNOWLTON'S DRY CLEANERS SPOT SPECIALISTS I98-05 MURDOCK AVENUE ST. ALBANS, L. I FAIRWAY OIL HEAT SERVICE PARAGON OIL BURNER SALES II3-4l FARMERS BLVD. ST. ALBANS l2, N. Y I-IOIIIS 4-4343 - LAureIIon 8-8399 Licensed and Bonded OIL BURNER SERVICE AND INSTALLATION Phone LAureIIon 8-7374 ST. ALBANS FLORIST M. A. Ford FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS I87-O2 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, L. I., N.Y. TRI-BORO CONSTRUCTION CO. Roofing - Siding - Sform Windows - Alferaiions I I5-OI FARMERS BOULEVARD ST. Albans, L. I., N. Y. S. C. SiIver LAureIIon 8-OIIO LAureI+on 8-5344 AII Our Work Guaran+eed A. TOMINOVICH EXPERT WATCHMAKER .na JEWELER 190.09 LINDEN BLVD. ST, ALBANS, N. Y. LINDEN PHARMACY S. Wolff, Ph. G. 23I-OI LINDEN BOULEVARD Cor. 23IsISfree1 Sf. AIban s, N. Y. Phone LAureIIon 5-9795, 9796 LAureI+on 5-0909 MARCONE LUMBER CO. Building Maierials- Insulaiion Producfs LINDEN 81 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. F U R S S U IT S Cold Sforage Repairs Remodeling S T Y L E S Ladies Accessories CLOTH COATS DRESSES Opposi+e S+. Albans TI'1ea+re I89-32 LINDEN BLVD.. ST. ALBANS LA. 7-IZOO GEO. NEWI PRIME MEAT MARKET Fancy Poulfry and Provisions 205-09 HOLLIS AVENUE ERNIE'S DELICATESSEN FANCY GROCERIES Home Made Salads and Cold Cuis 205-I5 HOLLIS AVENUE HOIIIS 4-44I2 Orders Prompily Delivered LAureI'ron 8-7566 ST. ALBANS JEWELERS I99-08 LINDEN BLVD. Diamonds - Waiches - Silverware ST. ALBANS, L. I., N. Y ADELAIDE'S KIDDIE SHOP lnfanfs' and Cl'1ildren's Wear and Shoes 205-I7 HOLLIS AVENUE Tel. HOIIIS 4-3657 RE 9-3540 Pappas 81 Sfube LINDEN BAKERY II4-48 MERRICK ROAD JAMAICA 5. L. I. KARL SCHWENGER'S lRicl'1ard's Markefl PRIME MEATS and GROCERIES Qualiiy - Couriesy - Service II3-63 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. ST. ALBANS, L. I. LUCH-LE PHARMACY STEPHENS QUALITY MEAT Louis Nehf, me. MARKET PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST POULTRY-GAME-EISI-I IN SEASON 227-OI LINDEN BLVD., QAMBRIA HGTS. ZOI-OI II4flI AVE. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. We Deliver LAureIfon 8-45I5 Tel. HOIIIS 4-4024 LAUNDER-E-Z G R O S S M A N AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY DRY GOODS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY I99-I3 LINDEN BOULEVARD Nexl fo A 81 P Across from Bohaclc 40 MINUTE Wash -Soff Wafer Drying Equipmenf IIO-IO FARMERS BLVD. OL. 8-72I2 CAMBRIA DRUGS INC. Louis Cure, PI'1.G. 22I-OI LINDEN BLVD., ST. ALBANS, L. I. Telephone: LAUTE-Hon 8-8IOI CHARLES OF ST. ALBANS Phologrephs Thai' Always Please We Supply Cap and Gown I9O-I5 LINDEN BOULEVARD SI. Albans Tlwealre Block MARY'S FUR SHOP QUALITY FURS I88-24 LINDEN BLVD., ST. ALBANS I2, N. Y. Resiyling - Cusfom and Ready Made - Cold Sforage LAUFGIIOVI 8-2744 M. Pan+eIIas, Prop. Phone A. Plucinski LAureIIon 8-6680 Propriefor TONY'S MEAT MARKET PRIME MEATS - POULTRY - PROVISIONS Orders Called For 223-II LINDEN BLVD. And Delivered Cambria Hqls. II, N. Y. H E R B ' S STATIONERY 81 LUNCHEONETTE II3A27 FARMERS BLVD. ST. ALBANS, L, I., N. Y. HOIIIS 5'94I7 COMPLIMENTS OF . . THE CANDY CANE 200-23 MURDOCK AVENUE JAmaica 3-3389 Free Delivery ROYAL POULTRY FARMS BUY THE PARTS YOU LIKE BEST Turkeys, Squabs, Capons, Eic. IIO-52 FARMERS BLVD. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. Complimenfs . . . MET PHARMACY Marfin Efiinger, PII.G. 204-08 HOLLIS AVENUE, HOLLIS. L. I. Phone HOIIis 4-8383 Complimenfs of . . . Marfha and Carol Price VIOLIN AND PIANO INSTRUCTION LAU reIIon 5- I 656 G A N S C A P THE QUALITY SI-IOE OF ST. ALBANS I88-42 LINDEN BOULEVARD Corner of Farmers BOuIevard CAMBRIA Sc and I0c STORE SIMPLICITY PATTERNS AII School Supplies and Everyday Needs ZI9-I5 LINDEN BLVD. CAMBRIA HLEIGI-ITS WALSH FLOWER SHOPPE EST. I92I FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Telegraph Delivery Service Landscape Coniracfors ZOI-I3 I2O Ave. LA. 8-6082 SI, AIIJOTIS, L.I. Compiimenfs of . . . Commander and Mrs. WILLIAM PAETOW SPRINGFIELD GARDENS POST NO. I5 AMERICAN LEG-ION LAU reITOn 8-2 I 90 MIGNON PASTRY SHOPPE AMERICAN and EUROPEAN BAKING We Caier Io Weddings - Parfies 225-I5 LINDEN BLVD. Social Affairs Cambria Heighfs, L. I. SUCHOFF'S PHARMACY A. Suchoff, PI'I.G. Prescripfion Specialisi I99-I3 LINDEN BLVD,, Cor. I99TI1 S+. LAUreIfon 5-9737 S+. Albans, L. I. ST. ALBANS HOBBY CENTER ART SUPPLIES Compiirnenfs of . . . I87-24 LINDEN BOULEVARD J O H N N Y ' S I SODA-CANDY-STATIONERY LA H 8 3320 I99-I9 MURDOCR AvE.. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. We on ' COmpIImenIs Of . , . WOOLWORTHS I88-35 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. Free Delivery H. 8: A. Kranziein UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT HENRY 81 ANN'S IFormerIy WiIIren'sI DELICATESSEN AND GROCERY Home Baking - Frozen Foods Tel. LAureIfon 8-2992 228-I9 LINDEN BLVD. CAMBRIA I-IGTS II, N.Y. LAurel+on 5-946I UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT HERM,AN'S CONFECTIONERY H . 8: M. """" Wd' Sfafionery 8: Luncl1eoneH'e ICE CREAM 'and CANDY ' ll4-54 MERRICK BLVD. l88-ll LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. Near Linden Theaier Phone LAurell'on 8-5560 SHEERS HARDWARE CO. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS-scorrs LAWN CARE Paonucrs Hardware - Housewares - Wallpaper Plumbing Supplies - Eleciric Supplies - Garden Supplies 223-I7-I9 LINDEN BOULEVARD HOllis S-029i Have you a Hobby? Addiiions - Remodeling - Conversions lr Alferaiions of Every Descripiion - Concrete - Brick lr Masonry Work of All Kinds Ceramics and Po'HeryTaugl1'l - Kiln on Premises G. 8 Ari- 81 Model Supplies - Hgndicrgffg Carpeniers - General Coniracfors lx Builders Phone HOllis 4-OI96 205-ll 9Oih Avenue 220-I4 Hempsiead Ave. Queens Village, N. Y. E511 l926 Hollis' N, Y, auslNEss smokin INSURANCE LAureli n 5-OIOI A. C i II O as e no FRANK J. KENNEDY ALICE'S KNIT SHOP UCENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER Yarns - Trimmings - Ari Needle Work 137.26 LINDEN BQULEVARD 20l-ll Linden Sl. Albans, L. l., N. LAurell0n 5,9682 S+, Albans I2, LAurelion 5-l I33 LA li 7-0330 we on LINDEN TEXTILES "LET us BEAUTIFY YOUR FLooRs" --SEW and SAVE-- HOMESTEAD FLOOR COVENNG CORP- Cofions - Sillrs - Woolens - Curiains - Draperies Brogdlqgmg - Linoleum - Tiles While Goods - Trimmings - Peiierns 220-12 LINDEN BLVD. cAMBRiA Hers. ii, N.Y. Opp. WOO,wOrlfi'22 UNDEN BLV2-.n Albans' L' ,D S A R A 'S Complimenis of . . . Luncheoneile 8: Soda Founfain AL'S RESTAURANT 2:4-33 JAMAICA AVENUE HOME OF 5000 F000 QUEENS VILLAGE, N. Y. 22l-20 LINDEN BLVD. HOT MEALS SERVED DAILY Cambria Heighfs JAmaica 6-I520 JAmaica 6-6I48 HUGO R. HEYDORN REAL ESTATE BROKER Sales - Renfals - Morfgages - Appraisals Specializing in Suburban Homes I I I-I0 MERRICK BLVD. Open Evenings Near Illfh Ave. and Sundays Jamaica 5, N. Y. LAurelI'on 8-635i Orders Delivered QUALITY MEAT MARKET PRIME MEATS- LAMB- VEAL a. Pouumr 228-06 LINDEN BOULEVARD Marlin Kuelwl, Prop. S+. Albans, N. Y Complimenis of VILLAGE CLEANERS Dry Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing Shirfs Laundered Tel. HOlli5 4-I32O Il3-IO Springfield Blvd. Complimenis of . . . NEUKUM'S STATIONERY STORE 2I9-2I LINDEN BLVD: Cambria Heighls JOHN CORDES DELICATESSEN SALADS - TABLE LUXURIES - HOME COOKING Soda on Ice 22l-07 LINDEN BLVD. LAurel+on 8-2I39 Cambria His., L. l. Complimenfs of THE HEAVEN TO SEVEN SHOP I87-3I LINDEN BLVD 51. Albans, N. Y. Phone: HOlIis 4-3600 ST. ALBANS' OLDEST APPLIANCE REPAIR SHOP Es+ablisl-ned I934 VVASHERS - REFRIGERATORS - VACUUM CLEANERS - HOME FREEZERS REPAIRS - SALES - SERVICE PFEIFFERS APPLIANCE SHOP II4-37 FARMERS BLVD ST. ALBANS I2, N. Y. LAurelfon 8-4-OIO THE LU JON COIFFURE SALON BEAUTY CONSULTANTS SI. Albans' Smariesi Shop 2 I9-O3 LINDEN BLVD. QUALITY MARKET Ill-I6 FARMERS BLVD. GROCERIES - FRUITS - VEGETABLES SI. Albans OL. 8-4220 BEACON MUSIC AND GIFT 222-O9 LINDEN BLVD. Records - Greeiing Cards - Figurines Complimenfs of . . . ' SCHEIDT'S BAKERY III-I3 FARMERS BLVD. GARDEN TAILORING CO. "3 HOUR SERVICE" WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER CLEANING, PRESSING, DYEING, STORAGE ALL WORK DONE ON PREMISES I09-II FARMERS BLVD. I89-30 LINDEN BLVD. For Prompi' Service HOLLIS. N. Y. ST. ALBANS Call HOIIis 5-6579 MAC'S BARBER SHOP CHILDREN A SPECIALTY ZI6-I3 II4+h AVENUE Queens Village LEVY'S LUNCHEONETTE AND ICE CREAM PARLOR 230-OI LINDEN BLVD. Cambria I-Ieiqlmfs, L. I., N. Y. JOHN'S DELICATESSEN Il3-65 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. CAMBRIA HEIGHTS, L. I. SAVE WITH SELF-senvice AT WHEATLEY'S GROCERY I-IOIIis 4-4250 We DeIive THE VENOSA HARDWARE AND PAINT STORE House Furnishings, Elecfricel, Plumbing Supplies Il2-IO SPRINGFIELD BLVD, QUEENS VILLAGE BONNIE CLEANERS Ne+ionaIIy Adveriised Brands ef Chain Sfore Prices I-IOIIIS 4A539I ll2.04 SPRINGFIELD BLVD' We Fenure Qualify-Plus Dependabilify I-IOII' 5-I0022 TONY'S MARKET 'S I QUALITY FRUITS 8: VEGETABLES K R I S C H S 200-22 HOLLIS AVE HOLLIS N Y Ice Cream Cakes-Ice Cream-Fruii Ices T I 'Hoi 59 ' ' ' I99-I4 HOLLIS AVE. HOLLIS, L. I. e. I is - 476 COMPLIMENTS . of . STATE PARK BAKERY 2I7-O5 LINDEN BLVD. SI. Albans LAURELL FASHION SHOPPE Offers Sfyles for fhe Besi in Women's Apparel 20I-O4 LINDEN BLVD. S+. Albans II, L. I., N. Y. Ric:hmond's HARDWARE DEPARTMENT STORE SPRINGFIELD BLVD. AT II3+h AVENUE HOIIis 5-5I5O-5I5I Oueens Village OL. 8-IOII GEORGE MOHRMANN DELICATESSEN 81 GROCERY Home Coolring Our Specially IO9-I6 FARMERS BLVD., HOLLIS, L. I. COMPLIMENTS . Of. WESTERVELT A. TAYLOR HOIIis 4-7609 THE SAINT PRESS ST. ALBANS' FINEST III-49 FARMERS BLVD., ST. ALBANS I2, N. Y. ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS We Handle Greeiing Cards For AII Occasions BANZER'S PHARMACY Service for The Siclr I94-OI LIN-DEN BOULEVARD LAureIIon 8-7623 S+. Albans, L. I., N. Y. LAureI+on 7-0046 Y L. Sarnoff NASSAU-QUEENS SEWING CENTER Yard Gods---Trimmings - NoveII'ies Sewing .Machines Serviced 220-IIA LINDEN BLVD. Near 22Is+ SI. Cambria Heighfs, N. Y. HOIIIS 4-4673 Complimenfs of MAUDE'S BEAUTY SALON I98-I I MURDOCK AVENUE II4IIn Ave. SI. Albans. L. I. LAureIIon 8-9IO5 Orders Delivered FRED'S OUALITY MARKET PRIME MEATS 8: POULTRY Jersey Pork and Bologna 200-OI LINDEN BLVD. Fred Rapp, Prop. S+. Albans II, N. Y. COLFAX PHARMACY A. Lehrer, PI1.G. - Prescripiion Experfs I I4-O9 COLFAX STREET, Cor. 2 I2+Iw Sfreer I'IOIIs 5-I0044, IOO88 SI. Albans, L. I. JOYLAND GIFT SHOP Parfy Favors, Sfafionery, Toys, Greefing Cards 200-I9 MURDOCK AVENUE ST. ALBANS, L. I. REpubIic 9-29I9 Free Delivery ANGUS BEEF STEAKS GEORGIE'S MARKET CHOICE MEATS AND POULTRY I I4-O8 Merriclc Road, AI' Linden Blvd. ROSENKRANZ BAKE SHOP 220-03 I-IEIVIPSTEAD AVENUE Oueens Village, -Nf Y. I-IOIIis 4-0869 HOIIIs 4-5409 Where Service Is More Than A Word EMBY RADIO Sales and Service - Radio 8: Television I90-I2 III AVENUE L. Beers SI. Albans I2, N. Y. COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 366 FIFTH AVEN New York I, New York Manufadurers of Choir Robes - Band Ou+fi+s - Academic Caps, Gowns and Hoods- Specialiies Complimenis of . . . THE BAND BOX BEAUTY SALON MEXICO STREET FISH MARKET New Manager: GEO. H. SARGEANT FINEST QUALITY SEA FOOD 200-05 II4III AVE. M. Boeifclwer Orders Delivered--Phone LAureIIon 8-2I72 SI. Albans, L. I., N. Y. HOIIis 4-2I30 II6-64 Mexico SI'reeT SI. Albans, L.I, N.Y. LAureIfon 5-9854 Robf. Tobin, Prop. DI CAMILLO Shoe Repairing and Hai' Cleaning Isa-54 ELMIRA AVE. Iaaafh S+. 3. Liber+y Ave.I BOB'S SERVICE STATION GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Tires - Tubes - Bafferies HGH-IS L- It Springfield 8: Linden Blvds. SI. Albans, N. Y. DR. WALTER J. DUDAS CAMBRIA BAKE SHOP D E N TIS T 223-03 I-INDEN BLVD. I90-II LEWISTON AVENUE Sl- Albam- N- Y- By Appoinfmeni IOII Farmers BIvd.I "QUALITY BAKED PRODUC-I-SH OLympia 8-8989 Sf. Albans I2, N. Y. L. Goldman, PI'I.G. N. Sherman. Ph.G. COMPUMEN-I-5 G 8: S DRUG CENTER -of- ETHICAL PHARMACISTS LINDEN BLVD.. Cor. 224+h S+., Cambria Hfs. COSMETICS - PRESCRIPTIONS - SODA ST. ALBANS THEATER For Prompf Courfeous and Sanifary Service Try JOHN'S BARBER SHOP I98-07 MURDIOCK AVE. III-IIII Ave.I Experi' Licensed Barbers in Affandance GABE'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP SHOES REPAIRED WHILE You WAIT 2oI.oI 20Is+ STREET KOH Murdock Ave.I ST. ALBANS, N. Y. T-IOIIis 5-7792 Prompi' Delivery J. C. SCHULTZE PAINTS - HARDWARE - HOUSEWARES I09-7I FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. l2O6+I'I SLI ST. ALBANS, L. I. LAU relfon 5-4858 TOWN-CRAFT GIFTS - LAMPS - PICTURE FRAMING Hallmark-Norcross Graefing Cards 23I-28 MERRICK BLVD LAURELTON, L. I. I I U E I THE LINDEN SWEET SHOP MS 59456 223- I 8 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS CORCORAN SERVICE STATION Home Made Ice Cream and Candy A Repairs - Washing - Greasing - Gas - Oil - Tire Lfkurelfon 8,4483 Tubes - BaHeries - Accessories ERNEST TEWES ,, , , ,, 245rh STREET and CENTRAL AVENUE Home of Homemade Speclalhes DELICATESSEN - FANCY GROCERIES Joseph Corcoran Elmont N- Y 224-I7 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. "QUALITY REIGNS SUPREME" FERDINAND STEGEMANN PRIME MEAT MARKET Ci+y Dressed Mea+s Only - PouI+ry in Season 2I9-I9 LINDEN BLVD. Phone LAureITon 8-IO89 FOREMOST IFOUNTAINS, INC. 527 CASANOVA STREET NEW YORK '59, NEW YORK Manu'FacI'urers of HIGH GRADE DIE STAMPED SODA FOUNTAINS 81 EQUIPMENT ..,.- Av, 1, if-fl! 'if ,-45:15 241.13 iii' -"""'-5' , 1 i- A-:A 'iw X I X " '.,:',::':.:. wg ' :I N' Q , L r r - 'WV' ' r A Vw ex 3 X 91,595 ', AV , - 'gps 7 Y rr re an gg W I Q,-V Q Qx e f x ma? Why , , ln xr ' f f- f 1 fl: 1727 'A , so f mgtfr eggs? ff f 1 7 T- N xi If -I 5-" 'Er' fiylg 1' ff, 1 "swf 517, ' 31 r f' ,fs --- K 1' ' ff' N 'f If 'f' frjifftf4:'w'.7r"lf'3 W "f V' - of ' C' 1 ' 'r 'J"'?'M'1"y fe' U'f ' f' ' 1' 'lf ' " 1' A QI' I X M: "'?f'?e,l'g' "' ,i'rr-.M " ' "1 f -l'9l'!'qSy" V8 s Q if "' W v W 4 MM 61.53 N' w rr 4 'Miz' 5 rw Q fx "N . wx y'Mx'ug fr f x X 'Q' """ " rm'-" ' l fr DT: X - x"5 "' ' "'r ""' "9e"'frfQ5Qif-s il gn R '14 N'5"KQN'N'1" '1 'X j 2" lf' 1' ' , r',. Mwrrrr' , viii W"Af ' on rn X n I - ' 'x 'Ve M' viii- X ,fat - , -ff: xx--ss -e , .fa Ei, ,?ff' .g "W VW' 4 W H " K 1 r r, , , ,A V, , ,Il A ".-'ik 'QM ,rr gr, N r rf. 'W Y' M n w wr 'Q M arr f QV X if j' 3 I' ' :N xi' JI!! ' 1 ,,gg1.vN' 1 ! ' 5' ,XTX "Wu:-115. 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VVALT XVIIITMAN . s.f""" W7f15?hA nyyfcyf fi' 'gfvvff .Autographsm ww "lg+'Lf Wd ' 'AW 2? U YP Mmwamw U A ,,f- ff x 'TW ilk, ' "1 L"'Wig, 'N f-- 1 . x YQ J!! . Q,Q , d . OX pt, 'ff x Ayjk ' W of 1.. ' .g-afiji - A A bvzJ!Cpuyf t if ,VX f AU. A A Aj gy, A , 311, . A ' 'mr 0 1 I X 4 . XXV 1 f' - an vm. QA2. 0, f 4 A J - x, f W fir ff m ff A -J' , K.. W' A b hdillgzmrnn BY THE Comm PRES I V S N Y 14, . Y: -i 65 . M ww I .z. wwfwdwjwco f 1 Wfmo +500 W, ,, ' -Ev- 1 , I n 1 , 4, -rn 65' 4 .. M X..- - ...- ..- 1 . , -,Li AI. .uf -1-1 :3 K . U 1 ff., .f?' ii A lic. -1 W. -r. .LAT 'f :Q H A E FE" fa 1 'SASL L . I .... '. 4 X QF if-fr . - 1

Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) collection:

Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 28

1950, pg 28

Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 16

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Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 71

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Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 94

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Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 100

1950, pg 100

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