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4 9 vii Volume 24 Produced by lhe Talon Qfall' Andress High School 5400 Sun Valley Drive El Paso, Texas 79924 Teresa D. Pefia, Principal REGISTRATIO If I4 SENIORS JUIIORS 'WW A ,...,-. .,. ,A QT. Qji y L I 'U E X f no 2 VT STUDENTS WELLOME BACK Q ,gg W-.w.W, 4 Many students decided to get closer to the front of the line in registration by showing up early. .J A As students patiently wait to get their schedules from their counselors, they discuss their sum- mer vacations. WE MiS:ED YOU v 74 6 ,,,2: ' fp, ,,,., , 'L",, t "'. K i ' ' - -"' 5 dwg? ,L WW" ' 9631 " " 4 Q53 , A, , l A' V VVVV Y ' ,.,, f ' h"' " ' ' , ..b fx: , ,av-wfw' . Kf f X Time and time again the faculty and administration have always been there for the students. Besides fulfill- ing their requirements to us, they were there to root us on during the assemblies, at athletic events, and to spon- sor us in club activities. The year was not all fun and games for the teachers. The changes made by the State Legislature and Texas Education Agency affected not only the students, but the teachers as well. These changes meant new rules to remember and follow, additional paper work, and more conferences with parents and students. Despite salary increases, some still looked for ways to supplement their incomes in order to support families. Many went back to college to qualify for higher pay or to simply increase their knowledge on certain sub- jects. Many joined PTSA meetings to help make more contact with parents. P Mln Lucy Nelman, Mrs. Lorena Patnoaude, and Mr. Rlchard Troesh converse with Prlnclpal Teresa Pon! after the PTSA Open House. Teachers did all this to help their students. They were there to help us when we needed help, and to ex- plain materialto us when we needed the explanation. Many of our teachers were not just teachers, but also our friends. They didn't want to fail us, but if we deserved to fail, then we did. Mostly they did their best, tried to cope with the changes, and kept on doing what they have been doing all along - educating us. A Dance students are led in stret- ching exercises by teacher Mrs. Rosemary Arrlola. P Art teacher Ms. Shella Fitzgerald helps Dlanna Loschlavo with a pro- ject as Patty Wensel concentrates on hers. gs-. f- -in .U lsr I "' B I I I slr l I 1 il gf"h'tW1ji lyy :rf i jl ri-f'3jj3g,w1flQ9,r,-Qeeggree , 23 g N.. A Head librarian Mrs. Marguerite Reece assists a student with check-out. ? 35 ! e if 23 E w 2 ie , Q Q X GTS ,V V i 5 it r ii I i' . g 9 3 3 fl A Homemaking teacher Miss Jeanette Williams discusses some important business with Assistant Prlnclpal John Justice. 4 Typing teacher Mrs. Eugenia Ramirez helps a student with set- ting her margins. V The Sun Bowl press box side glowed with the yellow towels and "Eagles Pride" banners that the crowd waved as they cheered on the varsity football team in the bi- district championship game against Bel Air which Andres won. A Play productions, like "Once A To perform their perfect routines Upon A CIothesllne," in which at football game halftime and dur- drama students teamed up with lr- ing pep assemblies, members of the vin High School dramatists, re- flag corps put in many hours of quired many hours of rehearsal. practice. V Concentration is required in wrestling and Gary Winton, Paris Bayardo and other members of the wrestling team listen as Coach Oscar Miranda gives instructions. A Lots of hard work and practice helps Adon Garcia stay ahead at the Coronado Invitational. The gym was packed from side to side with cheering, excited students. The screams echoed from one end to another. There was just something this year that seemed to bring that old Eagle spirit back full blast. Although pep assemblies were the most common place to display school spirit, enthusiasm was also visible in the many posters which were displayed during Homecoming contests. Many organizations participated. The short and tall of it all gave added pizzaz to the various "skits" sponsored by the cheerleaders at the pep assembly. The crowd joined in cheering on their favorites. The mood was lifted and carried on over to a victorious game that evening. The Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders did a lively, full-of-action routine at the Homecoming pep assembly which again brought out more involve- ment in all of the activities. During the Homecoming pep assembly, the Orchesis dancers performed an ex- cellent routine to "Steam Heat." They had the gym cheering in a roar. The faculty also shared the enthusiasm of the crowds in each pep assembly by joining in and cheering Andress Eagles on to a victory. Even the fact that windy conditions made it impossi- ble to light the "A" as Homecoming tradition demanded, did not "snuff" out the spirit that par- ticipants felt. ditto 'WE A Posters made by spirited seniors ' ' d th CI f "85" d inspire e ass o an helped them win the spirit jug at each pep assembly. TE P Different ways the cheerleaders thought of getting more students involved at pep assemblies included a contest in which the short per- sons wrapped the tall persons with toilet paper. At the first pep assembly, sophomores Yvonne Gonzales and Fred Sunderman won the contest against other participants. 'ai--. ' . if3,. id.. .. ,WW 73 WMS. M Y 1 L vit, 4 Part of Homecoming tradition is the lighting of the "A" on the foot- ball field. The "A" is outlined with luminarios. Unfortunately this year, the hard work of the Student Coun- cil, who assemble and set the luminarios up, was spoiled by wind which made it impossible to light the candles inside the paper sacks. V During Homecoming week, Business teacher, Martin Rodela, showed up as Moses on "Celebrity Day" when everyone was supposed to dress as someone they most admire. EE 4 The most well kept secret of the year was Student Activities Director Illlss Mary Anna Harmon's selec- tion as outstanding Ex. She was presented the award at the Homecoming assembly. A Spirited juniors kicked up a storm as they competed again-st the seniors to prove they had spirit too. School - that is what a student's life is all about, but in spite of what changes have been made, a student's life involved more than study. When we came to school we interacted with other people and we were very much concerned with what they liked and didn't like and with what they thought and did. In the space of this year, we became concerned with world issues as we got in- volved with the election of a president, our dress got a little punkier, a reaction to one of the biggest influences in our lives at the moment - music. Even our tastes in that area varied in the same way our dress did, and we began liking music we had never thought we would. Life for us was more than the seven hours per day, five days a week that we spent in school. We were very much aware that the world out there was waiting for us. A Bernadette Vasquez, junior varsi- ty cheerleader, gets involved in try- ing to get the pep assembly to participate. P Richard Balarbar and John Molina work together on an assign- ment in a science class. w MM: 3 if xx ,i V 4 Juniors entered into the spirit of things, including the balloon stomp at Homecoming, one of the many lunchtime activities that made it a fun-filled week. , A The shady quadrangle provided students with relief from the hot sun during the early days of the school year as they made their way to class. 4 Rushing to lockers between classes was very much a part of the life of all students, and often they found that there just wasn't as much time as they would like to have. W. y m , M gm- V Junior Ronnie Hanson enjoyed letting himself go punk, a popular style this year. A Big sunglasses such as senior Ann Sollerborn wears, in all shapes and sizes were much a part of the fashion scene. 4 New Wave singer Madonna in- spired many girls, including senior Sharon Wallin, to wear the type of clothing which she displays above. Zaiww Stripes, dots, and bright flourescent colors were a very familiar scene on cam- pus as the students of our school were changing right along with the fashions. Many wore new wave and punk fashions, such as torn T-shirts, parachute pants, and jelly shoes. As the fashions change, people's feelings about the fashions change also and opinions about them vary from person to person. "I like some of the new fashions because of the bright colors," Michelle Sim- mons said. On the other hand, Norma Torres said, "I Personally I don't like them." There was so much varie- ty in styles this year, everyone had the freedom to choose the look they wanted and even this could change from day to day. People even had their own ideas of fashions. "I would like to see people wearing loose comfortable pants and shirts with offensive remarks on the chest," said Ray Snider, a junior, Jyl Rolleg, meanwhile, said, "I prefer clothes that are just plain comfortabIe." If the students liked it, they wore it, just to be themselves. That seemed to be the only rule in fashion as the year passed. V Denise Zanella shows off her Quiet Riot attire, including a backstage pass. Una Motley Crue. Prince. Alabama. These were some of the most common names on the music scene. The music of our times has seen a big change. lt seems as if no one con- fines themselves to one par- ticular type of music anymore. Someone that really gets into heavy metal may also enjoy slowing down to Two-Step or Cotton-Eye-Joe. Or so- meone who jams to the beat of soul might like to rock out to Judas Priest. A Rod Stewart dances around the stage during his performance in Las Cruces on October 27. Photo by Ruben Ramirez. Courtesy of The Herald Post. Nevertheless, music has become the one form of communication that ties so many variations of people together. Two types of music that really took off were punk- rock and new wave. Billy Idol, Adam Ant and Cyndi Lauper were some of the most popular punkers. The music of the past year proved one thing: music in- fluences people in many ways. It changes with the times. P Different variations of people pro- ved to be Prince fans after seeing him in the movie "Purple Rain." il' N K K ,SLK xv. C - , . . mg'Ez.,Q zip- ' - ss . .- 5 1 f'.i. 'ff it 1 ' X 1 ' ..,.. ...few t .N bkk'. I 5' ff. 5 ' 1 ' 'gf' '- ii -. .JKLV -5 ..,.,r H ,V -1 , Ng f Q F' t 'ke K is swf' has x Q X SEN -v' QQ, .4 his , N. 'fi M, ss 4 As he sang his way into the hearts of thousands of fans, John Waite looks down into the eyes of the audience in his November 10 concert in Las Cruces. Photo by Carlos Rosales. Courtesy of The Herald-Post. V A true Motley Crue fan: Yvonne Gonzales, sports her shirt, ban- dana, pins and pictures of her favorite heavy metal band. wie-fx. 'UW DU ! 5. tx F ,X gf. AThe hottest groupin country-pop A Duran Duran's album "The was Alabama. They proved to be Reflex," was one of the biggest Sell- one of the biggest cross-over ing albums ofthe past year. groups of the year. Who. T A A As a part of Christmas rush, D Senior David Bailey sacks ia senior Jackie May, on Dillarads customer's merchandise as part of Teen Board, helps pass out boxes hisjob asacashier at K-Mart. to the customers. I lc . idflfd O! WW!! w VE-i Qs gs s K .9 V! wwf 'QSB217 3 BI .' 2 is iiiti In society today, as hard as it is to make ends meet, working high school students have a practical ad- vantage to their education by getting a head start on learning how to manage finances, and establish priorities. With inflation still not quite under control, jobs were necessary to obtain the spending money which parents sometimes found it difficult to provide. The money was not only for the "luxuries" but for the many necessary school expenses and activities. Seniors especially found working vital to earn their own money not only to pay for the necessities that came with being a senior. They were concentrating on preparing themselves for a career, by either planning for college or a more perma- ,Mm nent employment position. Juniors found that they had to work to help pay for their mode of transporta- tion, class rings, and to be able to participate in the school activities. To most high school students a means of transportation is a high priority. Once this had been obtained the need still exists to maintain its expenses of it X A 4 X S license, tags, insurance, and among other things, gas and oil Working students are lear- ning the value of money the hard way, by earning it. They have an advantage over others in not only lear- ning to spend money wisely and save for the future, but to manage the respon- sibilities of a job with the re- quirements of getting an education. i Q X at X , Sie :Z " Az. ix N Ap. gf' -- -"--- 4 Marking bolts of cloth at the Nor- thgate Cloth World was part of the job for senior Steve Holt. i A John Dorchestor, sophomore, concentrates hard on scooping up french fries at the Hamburger Stand. Senior Cathy Dickson enjoys her job, which sometimes includes working Saturday evenings wat- ching children at Child on Deposit, a drop-in babysitting center. 7? A tt Throughout 1984, many "firsts" occurred in major world events. For the first time, there was a woman on the presidential ballot. Democratic presidential candidatefwalter Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate for Vice President of the United States. Even with a vital campaign, the Mondale- Ferraro team lost the elec- tion in a landslide victory to Ronald Reagan. At age 73, Ronald Reagan was re- elected President of the United States. Medicine also had its share of excitement. Baby Fae became the world's first recipient of an animal's heart-a baboon's heart. Also in the area of transplants, William Schroeder received Ill Princess Diana and Prince Charles celebrated the birth of their second child, Henry Charles Albert David. ln New Delhi, many mourned the death of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In retaliation for the killing of 600 people in the take-over of a Sikh temple, the prime minister was assassinated by two of her own guards. One a more pleasant side, sports had an especially ac- tive year due to the 1984 Summer Olympics. The United States captured 83 gold medals during the games that were held in Los Angeles, California Another big sports item was the World Series. The San Diego Padres for a vic tor in the series of 4 ames .,. . sf' , ., fra .... W g 5 5 . . a 6 3 WM . W . . d Detroit Tigers took on the Y 8 tl. tol. the second artificial heart in medical history in an opera- tion performed by Doctor William DeVries. Throughout the rest of the world, events varied from life to death. ln London, These are only a few of the happenings that made the past year so eventful. From tragedies to triumph, from break-throughs to break-downs, world events covered almost every possi- ble topic. S.. A After becoming the second per- son to receive an artificial heart, Bill Schroeder gets a visit in the recovery room from his doctor and surgeon, Dr. William DeVries. A Baby Fae, the first human reci- pient ofa baboon's heart, is shown in her isolette at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Baby Fae died on November 2 after her kidney function deteriorated and her heart became unstable. L. W 1 41 it 5 . ',,,, V, wif?" an i . . '- ' ' it time V 'WIQ f M4 , ,. S 4 in rf l i 1 WMM Kristie,-er. lD- Wa w M ' 'ik in-.. s . , we Ls , 7, f" . 'L f N iff Aft. .fsfgfiiii 'Mp 70 1 x Lffsifzlgi f gil. H ik w an hr rg, A is - M , ffffning T.-'Eff R Ql . ' f,,,, , 'W ' fc W ff , 1, f f infra. ,Q yr--m Q We 4 if Z ,, ' gym r ,,,, , ' . l w x. 5' W s ' 4155, LM' Z! if we as 3272 4 Democratic candidates for Presi- dent and Vice President, Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro, en- joy themselves at the Columbus Day parade in New York a month before the election. 4 A newspaper in Illinois was believ- ed to be the first paper that called in Ronald Reagan's victory in the presidential election. Here, two editors from the Dixon Evening Telegraph look over one of the first papers off the press. 4 A young Sikh points to a hit-list outside a Sikh temple following the assassination of Indian Prime Ministerlndira Gandhi. V Princess Diane and Prince Charles prepare to take their se- cond child, Henry Charles Albert David, home from the hospital. Henry is third in line to the British throne. ,., D Q H 4 ! I defeat and 475 The "Indy," The Cowboys. Twenty years from now we may be wondering what they mean. Tastes, especial- ly those of teenagers, change quickly. Twenty years from now, pizza may give us heartburn. But in "85" these were our likesg these were our favorites. Why? some are obvious. Indiana Jones and the Tem- ple of Doom was an adven- ture movie about Indiana Jones, an archeologist, look- ing for a hidden Egyptian tomb. Everyone liked to head for Peter Piper's Pizza because it was close, it had a video arcade, and the pizza was good yet inexpensive. The "Q" was our favorite radio station not just because it was our only rock station but because we en- joyed the music they played. These favorites, along with some least favorites, were compiled through a random sample poll taken by journalism students. Ap- proximately 400 students were polled. Which year of high school do you consider to be the best? 1. Senior 2. Sophomore Who was your favorite teacher this year? 1. Mr. Lonnie Luna 2. Mr. Joel Keith What food for kind of foodj do you most like to eat? 1. Pizza 2. Mexican food Which is your favorite radio station? 1. KLAQ 95.5 fm 2. KA MZ 932-fm What place do you most like to go to hang out? 1. Peter Piper's Pizza 2. Highway 54 What is the best movie you saw this year? 1. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 2. Gremlins wnaronerhing do you like best aboutschool? l W 1.L unch 2. Friends Whatis your W g favorite o beverage? 1. Coke mbffs.. K 32 Who is yCur'all? time favorite superstar? y 1. Sylvester Stallone 2. Boy George so tea., N K What is the one thing you like least about school? 1. Going to it 2. Homework ' W What is your favorite support? 1. Football y i o 2. Basketball i y l Which is your favorite football team? 1, .DaIlas H y Cowboys 2. Pittsburg i Steelers. i 1 PIZZA HE -f Q FIJIJTBML 3: mm ug:::: :zz ::!:::.. CDW mnluna C KE F'ilJEl-lLr' 'HRK JCDNE6 I gilt LUNQH oo NG all Q 5 schoo 25 P Senior favorite elections resulted in Alice Gross and Chris Celaya be- ing named the most popular in their la C SS. "Andress High could not survive, without the Class of '85!" This was the of- ficial battle cry of the members of the senior class and it served to boost them on to victory for the much-coveted Spirit Jug at the pep assemblies we had this year. At first it seemed things might be more different for the Class of '85 than they had been for any other graduating class. With all the changes made, it looked as if school might not be as much fun for this year's seniors as it had been for those of recent classes. But, being who they were, they managed to make it an exciting year despite having to buckle down to tougher grade scales and never-before- experienced final exams. Some things, though, didn't change - getting fitted for caps and gowns, order- ing announcements, signing memory books . . . the Class of '85 survived, but Andress will never be the same! P CENTER Memor oo s ulc yb k q kly became filled with momentoes of a memorable y d messages f m friend and tea h rs who ld not soon be forgotte . RIGHT Senior members of the band, observing a special tradition, made the last football game of the ason a cel bration all th i . W . Lf 1 s"'f'?E: .js rg mmm. were :Vs f . 5 1 x ' pw. L, 1 . tt.,, 95, kt 4 The Class of '85 was led by vice president Yvonne Otero, president Silvia Rodriguez, and secretary- treasurer Eileen Tellez 4 Joining in on the excitement of Homecoming, seniors Dora Morales and Virginia Carrillo and other friends gather with Eagle Bird. emlafw Laura Abourezk Paul Acosta Rick Acosta Jesse Adame Gerrald Adams Letty Aguirre Robert Aldaco Andrea Allcock Tamara Allen Anthony Alvey Linda Anderson MontyAnderson g Veronica Andrade Alfredo Arce Maria Arias CliP.Q'in9 lf'155f-Q ,-13,.,.f t . . ar, . f jf dqwvwy ,V , W ,fi gig I .- H . K .. I ,,- . ffl' im f , -., Prices and Pads ,, me M sm-.saw ew., ,,m,s,Q 1" ,,si..i.wQ ., - www 5 s. ,i emi iisuov. 'J f Mawr 'rn-ref 5 sndllh 11.70 1 'M sll fb 'nw i 53" .K.L. z QM : A gh .1 k :r,,J A A -A.A'A . . f1:f:.. ., . 1 -e e . mgqfewb-.MW t. .-.M .Msfww..,,.,,,- . .. Memories by Jaml Archer and Leslle Huntley Along with ordering graduation announcements and caps and gowns, seniors often buy memory books to capture the special moments they have had in school. The memory book is a reminder of a unique time in their lives that will never come again. With special pages designated for listing class schedules, teachers, prices and fads, and sports records, memory books allow seniors to put together their own personal scrap- book of their senior year. ' . si is Af" ' f y N 3 . ' J, . gf.. - .. . ,3,3 :sw, 1:53 - +1e,Is,.W-+V fs- .... l - You name it, it's in there Some seniors really go all out to make theirs a com- plete memory book and they stuff them with concert and football ticket stubs, stickers, buttons, spirit rib- bons, photos, newspaper clippings, and sometimes even dried-out corsages. These items servce as reminders of the fun and crazy times they have shared with friends. In years to come, the memory book will let the graduate reflect on their accomplishments and the special friends, and times they will treasure and want to remember always. Ron Archer Rebecca Armstrong Carlos Arrieta Roy Atchison Esther Avila Margaret Babjack Barbara Baca Brenda Bachtei David Bailey Bobby Baker James Balarbar Steve Balderrama Amanda Banks Nancy Barnes Zachary Barnes 27 Joseph Barrett Carol Baum Paris Bayardo Leslie Bazell Gabrina Bellah Chris Berryhill Tracy Berube John Bings Michelle Blankenship Edward Blasch Daryl Blohm Dorothy Borowsky Marcell Borrerro Cynthia Boyar Chip Brasgalla Mike Brezovsky Suzette Bricker Diana Britton Melissa Brown Randall Brown ,f Sandy Brown Sharri Brown Tishall Brown Donna Buckley Cindy Bunnell Andrea Burton Yvonne Bustamante Pam Calderon Barbara Camet Yvonne Campos Jamie Caro Richard Carr Ceci Carranza Eddie Carrillo lsela Carillo Virginia Carrillo Maria Casaigne Armando Casas Sylvia Casillas Jim Castaneda Jorge Castaneda Miriam Castaneda Joe Castillo Luis Castro Christopher Celaya Daniel Celis Demmie Chacon Robin Chavez Sheila Cheatham Sam Choi Dawn Chrismer Ana Cigarroa Maria Cobos Denzil Collette Mark Contreras 30 -MM as ,nav ..-A .ll . .,,, 5 . waffle lm . 4 ,lf - ,,Si55i'gi,7 N,,..lz-'ifs g , ew, 3, ,,mi,, va' 'wi Q-9-' iv2'Z' ,?'Qi2-Yiiig. ' K 1 .V .ta M. AQe,,,sFtwea1fQ1t.aL, swim ww. ,-mflws,s fmt, W in , iw' V - 295- ., ' - ,.yvz- f 'ff it wzzwzzizfleiwgifwf ,. ,,,,,,, . , ,t,,,, - ffff wee' 4. ,fy . ,,.,., ,M ,l.,.t ,J ,,,, up-:wa , 'W Viliwl s , i f , ,,,. Pin-ups A Junior Carrie Hamblen displays her buttons which she keeps on a bandana. by Carrie Hamblen Button, button, who's got the button? The answer this year was: just about everyone. Seen on many people around campus, buttons mysteriously in- vaded students' attire, expressing their view and preferences in rock artists. Duran Duran, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, The Police, and Journey were commonly seen on buttons. Others contained various sayings such as: "l'm not strange, you are" or "l'm the person your mother warned you about" and "Why be normal?" isxff -i 'X - 1 W .... ssss S Q . i .i.- .. - Erie. - , Q 3 Vi .. ,., me .f r ff . S gmt 1 t Q, gi a at 5 X sf is , 313568 t t Wx '11 . QM ' s ' ' K El. ' at S .s. . -K: - tes t Ati ,ga 9 24 Buttons help express views A Lani Ramos wears her buttons on her school jacket while Michelle Shepherd has hers pinned on her purse. What's the reason behind the buttons? Junior Lani Ramos said, "I think it is because people like to show off who they like or what they feeI." "l like to wear them because it is a nice way to meet fine guys and people who have something in com- mon," Lani added. "lt's a good way to make friends. People often come up to me and ask where I got my but- tons and we end up having great conversations." The average buttons range in price from 5.85 to 51.25, depending on where they are purchased. ax- V953 rfg ......, ff-fvwgi in--f Fha Kg- sm I l .1-if fvf ew., l 'K we K ?'K Ox Mike Coppock Gary Cornwell Hector Correa Dale Crissman Sabrina Crowe Arnulfo Cuellar Stan Cumberledge Minerva Cutter John Damin Donna Davis Elnora Davis Elena DeEsesarte Gilberto De La Rosa Cindy Dewitt Benny Diaz 37 Susan Drollinger Wendy Dow Werner Doty David Dorchester James Dokken Sheri Dinsdale Catherine Dickson Miryam Diaz Constance Edgar Brian Eisman Dawn Estensen Sandra Estensen Dawn Evens Robert Farmer Sharon Farrow Victor Faz Amy Finch Josefina Fiore Lorie Fogg Norma Fonseca 'CTE' A N-we-4,., 1'f'N. 69? fix? il as- ' ,,., W V. l 154 ,iw A 4 .ll is! , 'MV ,wx WWW Sheri Ford Daryl Foster Kelly Foster Lantric Franklin Donna Fuls Alfredo Galarza Lupe Gallegos Silvia Galvez Buddy Garcia John Gardea John Gardiner Shawn Garner Risa Geary Bobby Georges Randy Gibbs Patricia Ann Gillespie Jacquelyn Glass Javier Gomez Ceci Gonzalez Margarita Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Seth Gonzalez Richard Gordon Llsa Gorham Frank Goshey Colleen Grable James Graham Edward Green Gaylon Greer Peggy Gregory Michael Grlfflth Sean Grlnslade Alice Gross Dodle Haguewood Debble Haney 34 ffw,,,. x f"'lls "v-e an iff' Q? A KT" vv YTWT' B' we Unique by Juan Martinez "She's so unusual," the name of rock star Cindy Lauper's latest album, could also describe senior Ann Sollerborne, who is one of Lauper's fans. Ann has a unique taste in rock groups: she enjoys listening to groups like Depeche Mode, One Se cond . . .Zero, Belfezore, INXS, Pseudo Echo, and on and on... ,vb Ann likes to be herself A Ann relaxes on the quad with Carmen Morales and another friend during the lunch hour. Ann has a unique style all her own. Much like Lauper, she enjoys wearing fluores- cent colored socks, loose- fitting clothes, and hairstyles that she creates herself. She likes to put together unique outfits by combining various items of clothing. "I like to be different: stares don't bother me! Maybe l'lI shave my head bald next," Ann said. Michael Harrison Mark Hatch Cheryl Haufler Lori Heath Monika Heisel Laura Hendricks Sylvia Hernandez Bertha Herrera Rebecca Herrera Teresa Hill Georgette Hiett Irene Hinojosa Lisa Holden Maria Holguin Stephen Hold 55 Mario Hostos Seymore House Yasmin Huffman Edwina Hunter Lillian Hurd Miguel Iglesias Melissa Jackson Lorri James Magalena Jeffery Janice Jerome Gilbert Jimarez Carl Johnson Vegenia Johnson Francine Jones Sandra Jones Steve Jones Michael Karl Shannon Kendall Aaron King Patricia Kirkpatrick L... Daniel Kitka Cheryl Knowles Keith Koether Thomas Kopcinski Kris Korems Kimberly Krohn Sharon Kulvinskas Holly Lally Mercedes Lara Peter Larkin Yvette Larkin Sue Larosa Rene Lastra Thomas Lavka David Leal Raphael Leal Jean Lee Donna Lewis Jeffrey Lewis Thomas Leyba Charles Lindsey Charles Lloyd John Locke Richard Longoria Evelyn Lopez Fred Lopez Gregory Lopez Dlanne Loschlavo Luanne Loschlavo Mark Lozano Marcia Lucas Sandra Luna Carmen Maldonado Daniel Maldonado Robert Maldonado 36' vw 'W YM 4lN 2 F- WN. 'OK , is it xfw V ff ,W 1 M LI I-' wax' if ff' 'l if D "" f 4 :ig 1, y , ' Jr " 4 ff VJ tk in ' 'iz' lg i Jw 1 .IM f. . .. f-r-' .sr i ,i f , " lf College by Patrick Estrada Adults are sometimes frustrated by their belief that high school students are not interested in anything beyond the immediate future. They are often surprised when they hear some of the plans which are in the minds of young persons. Many Andress students have very definite plans for their future and many of these plans start with a college education. Duane Frlzell would like to go to Brigham Young University to prepare for a career as a veterinarian. "I would like to go to Cal-Tech.," said Mlke Woodward, who plans to become a space physicist. Wanda Suarez said she would like to attend Texas A 84 M because they have a good engineering program. Debbie Phllllps also would like to go to Texas A 81 M to pursue a career in architecturefinterior design or for a secretarial career. Q9 . I-h 1 ,v 1, MA W Ei' ' 1 ix ' M , it ' 3 ... I , , , il ,g L 9 0 " Q B. , Q gi L .Q Q N pl vm as 't f' f' if -ls Q W -,W , 1 '?1 fn W Q ,' 1 ' Q 8 31 f ' 'w g ' .4 v Q K g 4 1 'R I ' t A S9 W A ' ee 1, Q Future planned out for many students V Even as they gathered for the traditional class picture, seniors had already very definite plans of college in mind. Bernadette McBurrows is interested in going to UT Austin to be an engineer. Elana Watt said she is going to attend Southwest ln- stitute for two years, then go to Texas A 84 M to major in hotel-motel management. Aaron King hopes to be a college professor and he plans to attend Rice University. "I want to be a heart surgeon," said Michelle Gallardo, who plans to go to Baylor University. U.T. EI Paso's reputable business program is what at- tracts Edwina Hunter to at- tend that college. Stephanie Allen, whose plans were not quite defin- ed, summed up the ideas behind most students' plans: she wants to go to college to get into the job market and be successful. IB N-AJ it 7 ..,,, 15.9.- Sue Lynn Mar Fiona Marchese David Marcianti Paul Marcianti Irene Marek Raul Marin Arnold Marks Anilnnnu Mlnrihall f1lllllllll, IIIQI illgll Patricia Martinez Irma Mason Karen Mauzy Randy Maxwell Jacqueline Mayo Bernadette McBurrows Steve McCIaine 5? Fritzi McDonald Yvette McDonald Erika McGill Paul McNair Maria Mejia James Melson Michelle Menchaca Marina Merritt Wilhelmina Messick Stephen Messimer Thomas Miles Sandra Miller Isabel Miramontes Laurie Mitchell Donna Mobley John Molina Judy Moore Patricia Montes Dora Morales Gilberto Morales 1 .W 'H' so I1 H-auf" 'wg ik ls- '!"--9- 'FW' FW' W K quam... snu.,,,,, J 'V J Q , , L. gg 'Ur' l .vm-, Cf? tif? use -4""'v.7 H-eq., 2, L 'WM 25151 in.. 'KWWL Wt'-f-nw W Jw Ze me Leticia Morales Roy Morales Tamara Morgret Delia Mott Alan Murdock Yong Mun Velia Muniz Tom Murphy Luis Murillo Robert Murillo Juan Muro Barbara Myatt Lisa Neal Teresa Neslage Nancy Newark Kevin Newman Alvina Ophord Javier Ortiz Yvonne Otero Christina Pantoja Rodney Paredes William Patton Cynthia Peart Raymond Phillips Raymond Ponce Bradley Powell Jennifer Premer Tina Pulliam Suzanne Quigley Juan Rabelo John Ramirez Marissa Ramirez Lorrie Ramos Robert Raney Revls Rankin 42 Z.. . sq- . 1 l I I f 4 Huw , KK Uv! 39" .N i Aliases by Shawn Cowell "Rebel," "Udo," "Cerenski," "Hooper," and "The Oil." Who are they? Many people might not know their real names, but they are most certainly recognized on campus. They may be considered "characters" Most of them - Revls Rankin, Ray Snider, Mike Welsh, George Wright, and Rodney Wells - are in- volved in school activities, but they are also known for their unique personalities. Revls "Rebel" Rankin is known for his smooth-talking, outgoing personality which he displays through participation in speech and drama as well as being a member of the varsity basketball team. Unique style wins themhfriends "Hooper," alias George Wrlght, followed by a friend, rides on "Jake," as he participates in one of his interests. Ray "Udo" Snider and his friend Mike "Cerenski" Welsh were both fellow foot- ball players who thought of themselves as party animals and "fun guys." According to friends, they had an un- canny ability to get themselves out of trouble without a scratch. George "Hooper" Wright was not involved in school activities, but he was a well- known campus personality. His musical interests - he plays guitar - are express- ed by gettin together with friends forjam sessions. He also likes to rodeo and bar- rel race Chis specialtyj at an Anthony, New Mexico arena. Rodney "The Oil" Wells was a basketball player, too, whose nickname might have come from his unique style of producing points in games. Z lbfb 'Wil 5 Kelly Redman Kristin Reynolds Kyra Riches Pamela Rittman Maria Rivera David Robinson Debra Rodriguez Silvia Rodriguez Juan Rojas Paul Rolon Mary Rosa Michael Ross Myrna Rubio Tara Rudy Elizabeth Sadlo Alma Saenz Ted Saiz Esther Salazar Irene Salgado Ivan Sanchez William Schalla Glenn Schlosser Laurinda Seager Rudolph Seymore Crystal Shea Kathleen Shirley Michelle Simard Gina Sirmons Shelley Slayton Christine Smith James Smith Lisa Smith Ann Sollerborn Felipe Soto John Steele A-Q 45" -E+- qv- A+- ii, it 19 1 'UQ- ri. if W L. N 323 7 it is f sf 'ZF W avg vu -..., .,, Jay Stiles Walter Stokes Wanda Suarez Eunice Sullivan Eric Sutphin Karen Tanner Sylvia Tarin Kelvin Tate Aileen Tellez Bret Thompson Leslie Thompson Tina Thompson April Thrasher Catherine Timmerman Jolene Titus Norma Torres Wayne Trader Maria Treesh Ann Turner Marion Typhair 1, 1. ,W 1, , , -H , is 7, at 41 4. ' ,K yn . I ' A Mft' -1: '71 ' 5, A1 5' Q-w.,,Yf,.l?Q' Q, fy P ff N Y Q d ' X.. 4' Cindy Bunnell is M if Z 62 ly distracted from the task at hand. Learnin More than one way to skin a cat n ll , f s, 5 mx X-4 A 7 X V 5 X 4 A dl S XZ' in -fs lr 'vu 3 W., 'Wi +5 Q-'7 Q its-f L A L i ii i l ,A . A . , -5. K , Qs, ' W ah fb ' L 5'5"'vX cr -W- qs.. 'KQV- ,M tts """! "'v-will L A Milton Whitehead Lyndy Wickes Gary Wiley Dennise Wilkinson Melissa Wilson Robert Wilson Tara Wilson Veronica Wise Samuel Wodke Michael Woodward Andrea Woolridge George Wright Maria Zuloaga Anthony Her! Caron Meloche 47 No matter what our individual interests and concerns were, our likes and dislikes, when it came to certain kinds of activities, we all came together like traffic merging from different directions onto the highway. Because of our common bonds of age and school, there were certain things that we naturally shared. We were, of course, interested in what went on in the world. And this year, from politics to medicine to world personalities, we often found ourselves discussing with each other what was in the news. Mostly, however, we focused on those things closer on us, and those had to do with activities here. We participated in elections to select a Homecoming Queen and then in the festivities to honor her, we voted for Andress Aglow Queen, we made posters, we entered contests, we had fun in many different ways. Some of us, also, by combining our interests and talents, stood out individually to bring honor to ourselves, and at the same time made An- dress a better place to be. V Among her many interests Aglow Queen Patricia Herrera par ticipated in modern dance classes and performed at Homecoming bly SSSCITI . 4 Interest in world events, such as the recovery of the satellite Westar by astronaut Joe Allen, reflected in the visor of Dale Gardner, were among the things that we had in common. KAP Photo courtesy of John Yenne, El Paso Timesj itt' ir1" - . .4 Q ' x.,3Y..'. Q ,R Q , ' s. 3 - 4 454 N. ,.1,. . Q.. ak V-,V t 'K . fkfgcrzjgi P ' . r fi:-fi-Qc' ' - K . t - - 9 4 Q fn TQ ? ' T 'T' , ..,t. .-i, A A ' . r , f ...... .... - ---- few "'W WW:-ffis-.s' . fxx- it 'f- t ge-.f M. , .4 uf ' 1 Q ' - mfr 4' . ' . , Q, ' .," ' 4 Newly - crowned Military Queen Sue Lyn Mar addresses her audience following the coronation and presentation of the royal court at the military ball. 4 TOP The gym was alight with col- or and activity at the Homecoming pep assembly, full of maroon and gold balloons and posters made by the school organizations. BOTTOM Homecoming Queen Silvia Rodriguez and her escort Bobby Georges enjoy themselves at thedance. State. friend ,436-14 gary When Jeff Lewis was an- Another time-consuming nounced as one of the win- position that Jeff holds is ners of All Andress, no one that of choir president. could have been more sur- Aside from taking over as prised than Jeff himself. teacher at times. Jeff's "There were so many wor- duties included assisting thy recipients . . . I just section leaders and being thought they would give it to the representative for the someone eIse." The panel of choir in contests. faculty members WhO voted In Jeff was selected Onftlre nofminations obvious- as Boys' state represen- 'Y e t Je Pesseseed the tatlve in Austin. There, he manb' qualmes needed to stayed at the University of receive this honor: leader: Austin for one week and ?h'P' 'eyany' and aeedefme learned about American integrity. government. Jeff has been involved in Jeff credits the faculty many school activities and administration for the throughout the year. Aside honor of All Andress Boy. from being a member of the "I'm just honored to have National Honor Society, Jeff this privilege bestowed upon belongs to the Key Club, a me. I want to thank all the club that provides city wide faculty and administration service. - for this honor." sa' ,4+,4 As they revealed the reci- pients of All Andress, Ber- nadette McBurrows listened in amazement as she was announced All Andress Girl. "l was so surprised that I was chosen over all the other potential candidates." As a possible recipient of this honor, a few of the qualities a student must possess are dependability, acasdemic integrity, and a clear sense of purpose. Throughout her school years, Bernadette displayed these qualities and many more. During her high school years Bernadette has par- ticipated in many activities. ln her freshman year, she 60:6 both volleyball and track. f Aside from being the treasurer for the Nationa ,Honor Society and the S dent Council, Bernadett ' also president of the Fr nch Club. Being a contestan on the locally televised ga e show "High Q" added the long list of activities in ich Bernadette spends her ff- school hours. I, "l'm glad l was invol, ed in so many activities. . J they made my high school ' ears fulfilling and more . memorable." Bernad tte thanks the administra ion, , faculty, and students 'for 1' allowing me to receiv this unforgettable award " 1 I lettered academically in ' wid! 7044 The announcement of Who's Who came several weeks later than usual this year because of an unprecedented number of nominees. The process of selec- tion for Who's Who begins with the nominations of worthy seniors b-y faculty members. This year faculty members nominated 107 seniors for this honor. Faced with such a large number of applications to read and vote on, it took longer than usual and a new selection process was employed. lt resulted in the selec- tion of eleven seniors. The applications which seniors fill out after being nominated asks students to elaborate on scholastic achievement, service to the school and to the com- munity, extracurricular activities, and to write a brief paragraph on their obligation to school and community. fe!!-lewd HA student should remember that hetis representing his school and community at all times and all places. " Jeff represented his school in var- sity football, choir where he was all-area and all-region, Boys' State representative, and academic letter winner, and he fwas also named All-Andress Boy. 40364- fs' "I feel that my foremost obliga- tion is service to my peers and neighbors. ln helping others, I grow more and more into a mature person. " James participated in Junior Engineering and Technological Society, Medical Explorers, Science Club, National Honor Society, and High Q team. '74awww.-4' "lt is a student's obligation to serve his school to the best of his ability through good grades, achievemen t, and strong clubs Thomas was co-editor of the Aquila, vice president of Quill and Scroll, Student Council, French Honor Society, and was president of Pan-American Club. "?"'1ul'F dandy? "A student must commit himself to school and community in order to enrich his or her life through inward satisfaction and become a whole person." Among her many activities, Cin dy this year was a varsity cheerleader, student body manager, and a member of Stu- dent Council, National Honor Society, and Key Club. ' jfifi' 3. 7754? "Obligations extend from having school spirit to doing your homework. " Bernadette was a member of the High Q team, an academic letter winner, National Honor Society, competed in UIL math contests, anbd participated in Student Council, French Club, track, and basketball. She also was named All-Andress Girl. l . L l 7 ' ' y . . -iil m6062614 Katia "Students should take pride in both school and community. They should also learn as much as they can and always give a hundred percent. " Minerva was a member of Na- tional Honor Society, French Club, Creative Writing Club, and served on the Tel-Med Health Board for four years. fade 7764044 "The main priority of the stu- dent in his or her school and com- munity is to be involved in ac- tivities they desire." John participated in varsity football where he was named all- district, Science Club, Junior Engineering and Technological Society, and was vice president of National Honor Society. 77Zcn6 71424 "lt is only proper that one puts in least the same amount of ser- vice he takes." So says Mark who had been honored as an academic letter winner, selected to membership in National Honor Society, was a member of the Junior Scholar's Bowl, Boy Scouts and Explorers. aamvze Olew "Every student is obligated to show their school spirit and loyal- ty in everything they do and everywhere they go. " Yvonne was a cheerleader, a varsity volleyball team member, Girls' State representative, and in National Honor Society, French Club, Student Council, and vice president ofthe Senior Class, DAR Citizen. P -4df!f!6g40t64 "A student's obligation is to participate activehf in the pro- grams the school has to offer and to always show pride and com- mitment to the school they belong to. " Among Lorri's activities include choir, National Honor Society, choir sweetheart, and All-region, All-area, and All-state choir. 6.7 "One of these duties is the obligation to present himself in a manner which speaks well of his education and environment. " Cathi served as president of the German Club, was a member of National Honor Society, an academic letter winner, and par- ticipated in UIL readywriting contests. lndividually, many students brought recogni- tion to themselves and to the school. A group of "Special Peo- ple" were the academic let- ter winners. These students were the five who ranked at the top of their class academically the previous year. They received a letter jacket for their achievement. The announcements we heard every morning were made by seniors Cindy Bun- nell and Silvia Rodriguez. Cindy and Silvia got the job as morning announcers because of their position as student body managers. Two other students who scored big in the "Special" department were Jeff Lewis Ill and Yvonne Otero. Jeff and Yvonne were chosen as Boys' and Girls' State representatives. Yvonne was also selected by a faculty committee to represent Andress in the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest. ln the citywide essay contest, Yvonne ranked third. Kristin Reynolds was, in a sense, an ambassador for Andress. Kristin spent her senior year attending school in Frankfurt, Germany, as a foreign exchange student. Senior Felipe Soto was selected to be honored in the "Salute to Teenagers" sponsored by The Electric Company. He was featured in a Sunday edition of the El Paso Times in September. V Senior academic award winners, Top: John Molina, Michael Wood- ward, Aaron King. Seated Catherine Timmerman and Laura Abourezk. ii Q1 m ,cg A Junior academic award winners, Front: Anna Yeakley, Laurie Wood, Christine Gibbs, Kathy Raess, Judy Harris, Kelly Yoshida. Middle: Lovelys Powell, Michelle Ollver, Richard Munoz, Jessica Baza. Top: Jeffery Suarez, Frederick Sunder- man, Robert Soltls. si S K 1 Q 2 a' W lf Hs, 4 1+ , W is I , A ,, VV .ny I 4 H V 5, ,,,, a k 1 t ' AN!3I'1IZS5 HIGH Nt litbifti. ' , , SKY! !'3'lH! R lu. 2 N 4 it 4' 7923, .- 'J - -- Y gt' X L , 4, .. - ' ' -, W -3 JW 1 f '- v -.Y ,v L --f "QQ 5 s s s ,,.,, i Egg .. -' K ' nt x 2 f 4 sm--if . 3 t N- .. - - ' ..g-et.-at .nf 2. f. .... , . . . ' t v r 3 . 513' H ' iga g ' 'M K 'A "A mmf: 2-K -- sf ix. wg- in - i 5.144 wt -5 .s:.esttfs.if :.1,,-wwe , 1 l-at he ' j ' ' tfmswttafrs Wilma is . 1 of ti ' .,, L ,V 'K f ffsrmtft1,st..l..-fl:ff tw- f- i 1 f .., 5 . , K 6 , , iw' 2' ,ma .t sm.: putt Stew-Q 1 1, .N ..t 1 A t. EN fm ,Q x i f5T??Si'5!i5i v-Q Ex' 1 his mmm at -xmsrw mm st,,N an ,J,f" F' ' .K ospmvrwm xt .tv ldigu .ids intmi want 'ls iw-uh: 1' ' Samet c 1 -twfw f- mt .wg up xtwu wink Mi - Exstsfiffssa lisfff as ami-l in emi at rr- 5 .L PWR, L 1 f s 1 3. , - r - Q t .i ttfeigflri-1 Ewfatmxwllx http. hh fe anti at I X' vm, t':'i.55'X tt: the lun ftmrm .Avi lulv.1rx.!:n tm--'fists M fax, H K k V fifbiteiig fifgwite,-1 .ami ph-wwgx',iptn.f Us: vm ' K jf wtixwwis me-sgmme erm ills lmnlns ,ii xn.1if.slt 1' mfiuds- imlssrriun mm tht' Senior mitiliuil threw! Smevegf Levi 4 tm: 91.44. rx .ru ml in mi xk rn l,wgu.igt 1 4vif1':gx'wv1af:wf2'fLgr.vcxl R14-imghi 'xitiu' sn .tiers vw 5 if-ts 'tt 4: xgmzssix 'MM .,. M W, W YJ lr bpm tfwssxfstneavw. im stairs if. mf t - -mm mm c 1:1 laugh has U5cxX'lb1.'fs?tlg's at Si KN, we st lub Htl. 1 .wmzwnmt ru xx .is wkirtk ij sk writ ,i X x mth .nz prrw mu! m tum dsmng the fiigxixmm limbs Agwprn exwm Xu 1 A if f"l'WN fit fl" Wfww sim this 1 vw: rgt Im l' wer wk! fwxfrsswanulza t1vU',txtwx1r,i hugh Q4 lv: ll ,mit rx .Q .1 tmsw ln vmirv ni rut h this gui. hes cum-nth usissz1g:1-item! .t wtm.i:ship ni time 1 I I it SLN- tw Ns? R: 1-is I zmrmrx Hi- gxarv-nts mlhtn and Ktnwsm, :mtl has ss-tw i 4-Ulu tw: 'mn h its ht pi it it ls: wt ft-npr 6,-........... f, L... A A ' ' 'JJCWULC The Eleclrzc Company salutes ff f ,,,w,,l, V I . Felipe Soto! 1, , M 4 Clndy Bunnell and Sllvla Rodriguez scan the an- nouncements before the bell rings. KSSWX W 1 fi it 'F ,,,,,.,,,,,.mf,, , dy A Top left: Jeff Lewls represented Andress at Boys' State in Austin, Texas. Top center: Yvonne Otero was representative in Girls' State. Top right: Krlstln Reynolds spent her senior year in Frankfurt, Germany. 4 Clipping shows the advertise- ment that featured Fellpe Soto. zum seem 240169145 Suu: 3449 Www 74me44maz944afd! I Smanmamu 4 0464500066 k?atfen6dn4 gdddflfmdlflldid .lean A A 7? S4,e44m4upzdnee44 fam! l4'l640l 54404: ?eov 2364454 Q44 ,444 444 4 4 4 5494200140643 V Queen Silvia Rodriguez and escort Bobby Georges enjoy themselves at the Homecoming dance. A Gina Sirmons and Lovelys Powell enjoy a dance among the crowd in the gym, where the Homecoming dance was held. P Zachary Barnes got into the spirit of Malibu Day from his beach hat to his bare legs. "Wm f-Wgeh, f 'es Tz- , X f W! X. ww' new ET M, -v .vw ..t 4 As an excited crowd cheers him on, a contestant puts everything he has into the pie-eating contest. is ' ml A On Celebrity Lookalike Day, Johnny Briones enjoyed coming to school as a typical "nerd," 4 Clashflnside-Out day challenged students to be creative and this stu- dent gave it her best. A The Car Bash drew some energetic participants as well as in- terested onlookers. 59 9ueLynn Mar reigns over Milifary Ball "Through the Years," the theme for the military ball, served as a reminder of past, present, and future ROTC classes during the once-a-year event. As tradition called for, Queen SueLynn Mar was crowned by the previous year's queen, Lisa Smith. SueLynn became the 21st queen of the Military Ball on December 15. "Being crowned queen this year was a very happy momentfor me," SueLynn said. "I really did not believe that l won, even after a week or so. I am really happy and l hope next year's queen is just as happy." SueLynn's escort was Lt. Col. John Damin. Master of ceremonies for the ball was Richard Munoz and music for the dance was provided by 932. The background decorations, which consisted ofthe sun setting over the mountains, were done by Clifford Blasch, Carl Smith, and John Bielawski. A Newly crowned queen SueLynn Mar is escorted by John Damin from her throne to the floor for the first dance. V Last year's military queen Lisa Smith, escorted by Keith Marshall, is introduced to crown the new queen. Ball Queen SueLynn Mar wx Lady Drill Tara ffffif'-L , gli 66660 "A fantasy" was the at- mosphere in the gymnasium on that second day of March as Patricia Herrera was crowned to reign as the Aglow Queen. Her court con- sisted of Lady-in-waiting Gina Sirmons, and Princesses Royale Pamela Rittman, Esther Avila, and Yvonne Otero. These five seniors were selected out of about fifty- five girls who competed for the title of Andress Aglow Queen. They were nominated by the clubs or organizations in which they were involved. Patricia was nominated by the Pan American club. The Aglow court was a high honor, but in order to have this honor there were specific qualifications the nominees had to meet. The girls had to be of senior cIassification,.maintain a "C" average, attend school for the entire year, and could not hold any other ti- tle during the reigning year. The Aglow pageant is the biggest event of the spring. The funds brought in from the pageant and dance, sponsored by the PTSA, go toward student scholarships. "As I go through my life, I will never forget my over- whelming pride at serving as 1984-85 Andress Aglow Queen. My many thanks to the administration, faculty, and student body for allow- ing me this privilege to serve as queen. Thank you, An- dress High School, for fulfill- ingdmy dreams," Patricia sal . P Aglow Queen Patrlcla Herrera and escort Thomas Leyba. 1 4 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 ' 63 2 V Above the backdrop on the stage was a banner which stated the theme of Andress Aglow. W. , f' 'f , SF' . 3 e,,,,a M 'e'ehh i so l7fi'Vifw, I ' VT., Vi iffy, iz, 4 ggi I pdl K eawzl! P All-Andress Boy and Girl Jeff Lewls and Bernadette McBurrows. l ,L ,,' 1 is cd?" Q t made by thgart under th directl ' of Fitzgerald includ ythis drmof two on either eof A Children of the Court who ac- companied Queen Patrlcla are Fernando Herrera, Dalven Ollvas, Llsle Vanessa Kllmansky, Adam Chrlstlan Ullrlch and Gene Martln Monroe. P Academic award winners, Front: Bonnle Beggs, Krlstlne Glbbs, Kelly Yoshlda, Laura Abourezk, Jesslca Baza. Back: Carollne Look, Mlchelle Ollver, Krls Korems, Rlchard Munoz, Jeffrey Suarez. R ,. ff" Q61 "Na I ,Q . I p I ,,,,,a,,..v hen Come ll? Class favorites Ben Quesada and Laura Rodriguez, Sophomoresg Chris Celaya and Alice Gross, Seniors, Lovelys Powell and Helen Grice. Juniors. 5' 31 49' ,w-fdirm, 4 Sports Sweethearts and Beaus, Front: Mlrlam Castaneda, Cathy Dickson, Tlna Thompson, Chrlstlne Scepanskl, Sllvla Rodriguez. Mid- dle: Rlsa Geqfyf Marla Zuloaga, Dorls Sobloch, Jolene Tltus, Michelle Slmard. Back: Richard Salgado, Dodle Haguewood, Davld Dorchester, Robert Aldaco, Michael Aguilar, Joe Colon. , ,, V A 65 fozfmf Zoom!! P Representing Key club and Junior class: .lohn Mollna, Clndy Bunnell, Gerard Metzo, Ann Turner, Patrlck Barrows, and Eleanor Molina. A Representing National Honor Society, Student Council, and Black America club: Theresa Hlll, Carl Johnson, Mlnerva Cutter, Stanley Cumberledge, and Norma Fonseca. P Representing French, German, and Spanish clubs: Dlane Mora, Ed- ward McCormick, Rebecca Arm- strong, Gllbert Jlmarez, and Virginla Carrlllo. ines ture Cheryl Cnot il f -4' s V Jig, ,Q 'W fe? eg, M1 AW aa' fi, I f 4 Representing Quill 81 Scroll, Aquila and Talon: Colleen Grable, Clarence Seay, Jackie Mayo, John Ramlrez, Alma Castlllo, Fred Lopez. 4 Representing Math, Drama, Science, and Games clubs: Patrlcla Jenklns, Davld Leal, Chrlstlne Smith, Kevln Newman, Aileen Tellez, John Blngs, Dlana Tellez. 4 Representing Flags and Art: A Representing CVAE, DECA, VOE: Patrlcla Montez, Richard Salgado, John Steele, Ellzabeth Sadlo, Rlcky Sylvla Caslllas, and Luls Marquez. Acosta, Bertha Vasquez, Javler 0r- tlz and Tara Wllson Cnot picturedj. P Counselor L CI h 1 ecaee AsslstantPi iplJ h J t i th ft fl h 1 If students felt overwhelmed by the changes which they aced this year, it was nothing compared to what members of the administration, fculty, and staff had to deal with as they were faced with the task of implementing new guidelines, regulations, and policies which came about as a result of action taken by the legislature in a special session called by Governor Mark White last summer. Trying to get used to a new grade scale the first semester which was later amend- ed the second semester was not the least of the changes the faculty faced. There were inundated by students needing eligibility cards signed week after week as standards for participation in extracur- ricular activities were toughened. But this was only the beginning. For the most part, teachers simply at- tempted to keep up with new re- quirements ad continued doing the best they cou d to teach their students. Neiman, who I h me papers o i RIGHT E glnsh teacher Peggy S h i me papers as h t d t k dilig tly on an g t P CENTER M th t h Lucy cross- country a d g I track g s over h ff .U thy' 2... KMSL is X' xi it 4553, Q. M X W6 a a RIGHT Administrators Mlss Kay Tidwell, Mlss Pena, Mrs. Frederick and Mr. Justice meet for a con- ference in Miss Pena's office. BOTTOM LEFT Mrs. Frederick looks over some papers with senior An- drea Baird. BOTTOM RIGHT Mr. Justice coor- dinated implementation of a pilot program involving use of a com- puter for keeping track of attendance. D. Peim I I P In her fourth year as principal, Miss Pena has initiated many new instructional programs and con- tinues to encourage excellence in education and pride in the school. . .J ..,. -.:s,g, as .. f- Q 2 2. T. Winn-Q ,. Principal recalls changes cfpasf year This past year has brought about sweeping changes at Andress High School because of the implementa- tion of House Bill 72. The 68th Legislature mandated some fundamental changes in the operation and funding of our school. In the past few months we have had to make several adjustments. Some of these changes are the following: Teachers received in- creases in salary and addi- tional salary through the career ladder. Limits on participation in extra-curricular activities have been implemented. Also, students must be pass- ing all subjects in order to participate. The State Board has adopted a rule which limits absences from classes for extra-curricular activities by a student to ten days per year. This ten-day rule has not presented a problem for Andress students. Strict ac- counting records are being kept on all students because of participating in extra- curricular activities - athletics, band, cheerleading, etc. The requirement of pass- ing a certain number of classes in order to par- ticipate in extra-curricular activities is much more str- ingent this year. This rule has created several pro- blems. Students have had to be pulled out of activities because of their failure to meet this guideline. The grading scale has changed drastically. Anything below 70 is failing. Many students did not realize the impact of this un- til the first six weeks grades came out. Comprehensive examina- tions, an hour and forty-five minutes long, have been us- ed in all classes including physical education and ma- jor sports at the end of the semester. All students must take these exams. Parents' signatures are re- quired on report cards and are to be returned to the school. The parents of students below 70 must be notified of the necessity for a parentfteacher conference. We are offering tutorial services for students twice a week. Students who have at- tended these sessions have improved their grades dramatically. Even though we have had to adjust to all these changes, we have had a great year at Andress. A new auxiliary gymnasium is in the process of being completed. Our old gymnasium will be remodeled - the floor and lighting are to be replaced. The wall with the beautiful eagle on the north side of the cafeteria is to be refur- bished and completed by Fall, 1985. Our students did very well in our testing program. An- dress had some of the highest scores in the Califor- nia Achievement Test and Texas Assessment of Basic Skills for the district. IT WAS A GRAND YEAR, 1984-85! 1 QPR'-K MARGARET FREDERICK I JOHN JUSTICE KAY TIDWELL Assistant Principal for Guidance 81 Instruction Every new school year brings different challenges to everyone, but "Eagle determination" put all into perfect perspective this year. The new standards of excellence were reflected in student achievements and ac- complishments all year and this performance was a result of high expectations and fine examples exhibited by staff, faculty and ad- ministration. Congratulations to all who cooperated in pursuing the best. Assistant Principal I am proud to be a part of the administrative team here at An- dress. The faculty and staff work well with the administrators toward offering the best for all our students. Hard work and long hours contribute to the good work of the school and the suc- cess of our students. Assistant Principal The school year produced many changes for each of you. On each occasion you have ac- cepted the change as a necessary part to insure the quality of your education. I congratulate you as a student body for your great ac- complishments through this period of change. The ac- complishments serve to enforce the continuing esteem held for the students of Andress High School. To the graduating seniors I offer a special wish for the best of everything. SHARON CONROY VIRGINIA THOMPSON MARGARET TOLBERT Vocational Counselor BOBBY PENA I Vocational Adjustment Coordinator MARY ANNA HARMON Student Activities Director Counselor Counselor ,i. A PTSA President Betty Whlte Iabovej welcomes parents and students to the meeting. RIGHT Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Tolbert chat with one of the speakers at the meeting which con- cerned financial aid for college. Ww- Both Mrs. Charlotte Hopper fleftj, Miss Pena's secretary. and Mrs. Nancy Gorham Cbelowj, clerk, always seemed to have a smile for everyone. 5 Q I 5 JUSTINA COOPER Study Hall Attendant STODD CUNNINCHAM Volunteer IRMA FLORES Assistant Librarian SUE IVIE Campus Patrol I 'fy ,V . ve I , JOAN LYTLE Business Agent JEANNE MORRISSEY Nurse ALICIA OROPEZA Aide MARGUERITE REECE Head Librarian ARLENE RISINGER Computer Clerk OLIVIA SAIZ Aide EDITH SAULS Library Clerk f .N DONALD SMITH Aide P Attendance clerks Mrs. Norma Landin and Mrs. Mary Gillespie in- put sorne data into the computer keeping track of attendance. V Keeping track of the thousands of textbooks used yearly is the job of Mrs. Pam Bane, bookroom clerk. CARLOS AMATO Science REGINA ANDERSON AIM JERRY ANTWINE World History, Health, P.E. MARY BAQUERA Social Studies BOB BERRYHILL Science DONALD BRINK Busines KATHY BROOM Resource CHIAO CALDWELL Math 74 l"1""5' "1-. my fr 4 Assistant librarian Miss Irma Flores, and clerk Mrs. Edith Sauls work closely with Mrs. Reece, head librarian. to keep the library running smoothly. V Terry Corbett and Sue Ivie, campus patrol personnel, look over an unusually quiet quad. ofall 31.511 if .SQ W JW , we 4 . In new 13' fig, A . WILLETTA CORBETT English KATHRYN CRAWFORD Social Studies ROY CULBERSON Social Studies DAVID DEL TORO Alternative Program P During business data processing class, Mr. Brink helps Irma Mason and Christine Scepanski complete their assignment. V Social Studies teacher Roy Culberson supervises as his class completes some work. BOB DIERDORF Choir MARY KAY EMERY DLC RICARDO FLORES Social Studies PAUL GANNON Science MARTHA GARCIA Business STEVEN GENDE English i1 mx ip,.fl. m Mr. Jimiiiiq' lnath teache.r,,si? preparestopgoutwwork. s S if Xi :,' kk'. i .. A Mrs. Dorothy Davis was another member ofthe math department. Social Studies teacher Mr. Andy Gorale stand outside C building as he does noon duty. Mrs. Sheila Fltzgerald taught all the art class, . 4 English teachers Mrs. Pat Fleld V Mrs. Willetta Corbett, English and Mrs. Lorene Patneaude pause teacher, writes a vocabulary list on to share ideas outside A bujlding. the board for her class. Qi .f RUTH GILLETT Social Studies MARGARITA GONZALEZ Speech, English BARBARA GROSS Resource MARSHA HEATH Adaptive P. E. FERNIE HERNANDEZ Social Studies EDDIE HURST ROTC E P Pointing to the problem on the board, Mrs. Joan Martin shows her class how to work the formula. V English teacher Peggy Schwerln pauses while in the middle of some paperwork. P Mr. Joel Keith and Mr. Lonnie Luna work together on a demonstration of how volcanic ac- tion occurs. si t 12 was L ur if -f - Y L f- .- N so 3 DIANE JACOBS Resource DONNA KVAPIL Business KATHERINE LaBOUNTY English LONNIE LUNA Science MANUEL MARTINEZ English EMERINE MATTHEWS Social Studies 76' X. f 'gi t ,, 2 ff , H fd ,,,i. WM! Q iisic f i i ' e '5, ,1 1 me ..,1g .,.. EV . H, -osx: , . ,ii.. P 1 ' .. t . .dgtesuessfsssssvves A 'E t 4 Not only does she coach volleyball and basketball, Miss Eva Navarro teaches health and PE, t r - 4 ta -ztdzez. ii:-at 1 :t112s1.-ks1s1:'1- 412121- ff- 5 is . it T A i ,. i . w flzrimm,-: ,A , - . ,.., ' : 1, - E i , ,E ' ' r I ' ,t ,l., K iff-TI-as - X... 'N' S ' Ez: , - .. f - -"wMte1f- ., .E Nrkwws-me ' ts ,ww nfl wwflazzss . . . ,M www ia l 4 Mr. Carl Proffer is in charge of the SED program. V Mrs. Edda Moore stands before one of her classroom posters show- ing the country she teaches about, Germany. 'C' OSCAR MIRANDA Social Studies CLAIR MURPHY English LUCY NEIMAN Math PHYLLIS NORMAN English ff W? 5,1 for 9 7? V Typing teacher Mrs. Euge nla Ramirez looks over the work of one of her students. V Science teacher Carlos Amato is momentarily distracted from assisting a student. r -' f' . ga-t. V5 ,gulls 'ge VV,1W :f i s,,..,,, ,j,,, 9? 1. ip-f ROSALINA PEVETO Math EUGENIA RAMIREZ Business BILLY RIVAS Social Studies MARTIN RODELA Business IRMA RODRIGUEZ Journalism SANDRA SIPIORA French, English RICHARD TREESH English wi , , DONNA ULLRICH Drama, English JOE VASQUEZ Health JEANNETTE WILLIAMS Homemaklng CARLOS ZAPATA Math Za, Q2 i X ,lim 4 Mr. Martln Rodela, business teacher, supervises two students as they do their work. x is ' - nxmFs1cn.gW . I E ' r o ,lpplq I ts, .mow FQ. ,s 4 . x-3 19 if.- 1 l i ' si .,,,. ' 1.-.. T.. .wt Y A I l st ' W ' 1 WA x ., . -,o .Lax I A . A. . K te 5, 564, 5 rf' -4 ,.1:M. ,fy M ,fifrxf . - Q. t 5. rf W .- A-1 .f , t ,Y ,VL 1. K N. sl .. -. 1, me x X51 x V . . 4 J x I, . pr if .IAN I - .leg s 'Twig ,K V N257 MRI a q3,,z.. k ni 44' 1 K. I' .sli3""' :,k f xg Pledge of Allegiance. roonift n . A Members of the cafeteria staff, managed by Mrs. Marlon Marchese. 4 Members of the custodial staff, Front: Marla Elena Rolas, Elvlra Velasquez. Middle: Eduardo Duran, Alejandro Alvarez, Rogollo C. Lazos, Rogello R. Lazos, Jose Calderon. Back: Jesus Lardlzabal, Raul Gonzales, Davld Padllla, Miguel G. Flores, Benlto Najera, Frank Zamora, head custodian: Rober- to Tovar. 4 Parents and students attending a January PTSA meeting rise for the ? Xl 3. gufiifigfgfg f - -.5-, 1, -' w---- 3 :aff A iff Qi- Q5 5 5 5 1' 5 5 3TQ',f'-f l 'i rrkifa :wfgiei . 2 ' if 5 ' f s fl? 52 f is s 5 5 5? ffm oi'u,9 1 . S v J I ' 5: 5 f 'L ii , ,g,.,.f ,, , . Q in V Thomas Blrdwell works on the When it came to organizations, students found themselves sometimes not knowing whether they were coming or going. Especially for those who were members of more than one school organization, no sooner had they finished with one project than it was time to begin another. Club sponsors and members alike found themselves challenged to continue the traditions and activities set by those of the past while abiding by new guidelines regarding participation in extracurricular activities. Many who had never had to before found themselves carrying elegibility cards around to teachers in order to be able to continue participating in the club. Although it meant extra time and effort, most sponsors and members found it worhtwhile, as they worked in coopera- tion to accomplish the goals they had set for themselves. P Working on a word processor, Teresita Encinas learns through VOE a valuable skill for the future. body of a car as part of partuclpa- WTI ll x t 'gg ':iiY":2- - Q41 G s - ill -sf . 1:-.::E::'11:gQ1 .--X,..Y.f1s. ,Z-:stair f'1fs1ii1EEE:':E3Ei?1k'1 4 The spirit of competition en- couraged members of the Golden Eagle Band to practice long hours to rate high in the Sun Bowl mar- ching contest. V Members of the ROTC Color Guard go through their routine at a pep assembly, 5 5 I K it iiigl lip ES 4 Pan-American club member Gilbert Morales counts money rais- ed by selling cookbooks as two other members discuss business with sponsor Ricardo Flores. Council leads way in school pro jeofs lt's not only our friends and our accomplishments that make a year fun, it's also the activities that go on, and the joy of participating in them. Behind each of these ac- tivities is the devotion of many students who spend hours of their own time to make all of the non-classroom related ac- tivities memorable. They are what make up the Student Council. This organization consisted of about 40 active members who must maintain an average of C or above throughout the school year. They are chosen yearly by popular vote, while still others may become members by working on as many projects as possible until they, too, can be recognized and voted on by the Student Council. Sponsored by Miss Mary An- na Harmon, the group began its busy year by helping at registra- tion. During Homecoming Week they successfully planned and X4 organized the lunchtime ac- tivities andthe Homecoming dance. All through the football season they sold ribbons and made posters to boost school spirit. They worked in conces- sions, served in the press box, and set up the luminarios for the Lighting of the For Thanksgiving they coor- dinated a project involving all of Andress' clubs to collect boxed Thanksgiving dinners for needy families in the Northeast. At Christmas they gave dinners to the janitors in appreciation of their hard work. Other annual events that the Student Council handled were the Aglow Pageant, the Spring Festival, and kiss-o-grams for Valentine's Day. The organiza- tion also did so many other things throughout the year. lt can truly be said that the Stu- dent Council is the most active organization at Andress. They always show their pride and spirit. A Bottom row: Theresa Esparza, Alice Gross, Norma Fonseca, Lori Wood, Charles Lloyd. 2nd row: Lisa Benavidas, Laura Rodriguez, Pat Jenkins, Julie Grice, Debbie Frat- tacia, Charlotte Mueller, Aileen Tellez, Kaysie Larson.,3rd row: Gene Titus, Fred Lopez, Helen Grice, Leslie Huntley, Jolene Titus, Chris Celeya, Abi Vargas, Tracey Berube, Michelle Oliver, Gene Paicurich. 4 Theresa Esparza and Chris Celeya help Miss Harmon take votes for Andress Aglow court. ,,Wlj.W ,,,. ..,,, L , ,. Mni.t,,mfa.M..,,5mM-'gh-fi l Q W, , , . ,,.. W., V, ,, iffrvfwiw H .132 5 5, 3 k I fri, Q if 525 'fir W fu 16 552' 11+ fe MW Mfr? +G: ,1- Wie 1 5, 5 1' ' 5, ,F - ' .3 ' ff' Q3 Aly? " I , fs 4' 'til 'IfW"',Z gm, My .. 'jfv ,.f fic, ",",,,iff,Q,,gf ff , ,,,.. v'42,,,L , Z , up -J 'ffl , 4 4 Alice Gross and Norma Fonseca arrange luminarios to form the let- ter V Mike Fierro and Terese Correll fill bags with sand preparing for the "Lighting ofthe A." A Members take notes as sponsor Mary Anna Harmon explains the importance of eligibility cards and reminds the students to get thern filled out. Officers: Karen Hess, Vice Presi- dent, Silvia Rodriguez, Secretary, Yvonne Otero, Historian, Jolene Titus, Parliamentariang Bernadette McBurrows, Treasurer, Frank Vera, President. iw-.:.:.Q P Abi Vargas snows members the design for the Valentine's Day kiss- o-grams at a meeting. V Members ofthe club worked very hard at decorating the gym for the Homecoming pep-rally. 133 K9 kivi k fe. L4 ,. ,ief 676 A Cindy Luttening, guest speaker, P Karen Hess, Chris Celeya, and talks to members about the profits Fred Lopez help with Homecoming that the class of jewelery sale will Queen elections atlunch. make for the club, b., .- V rs-ts? i K 1 -I -.2 E - ' is -"" tie Q -- "if- -s e ii i, I - F 5- V Mrs. Gonzales' musical greeting card was one of the many doors which were entered in the door decorating contest, sponsored by Student Council. V Ex-Andress students reunite at the Exes Tea, sponsored by the Stu- dent Council. XM fri. by i tfA.:l,f 'E 1.152 e A Members decorate the car to be used in the car bash, one of the Homecoming lunchtime activities. 4 The winning float, made by the Student Council, is displayed in the gym at the Homecoming pep-rally. NH9 Membership a High Honor Being a member of the National Honor Society is one of the highest and most difficult honors to achieve at Andress. The student must maintain a grade point average of 90 or above, and have good leadership and character qualities to be voted on by the faculty. Four members of the Na- tional Honor Society were chosen to participate in a new T.V. quiz show called High Q. Sponsored by KCOS, the show allowed students to compete as a team against other high school students in El Paso to win a computer for the school. heard over the loud speaker and posters could be seen on campus reminding us of the harms of drugs and the danger of drunk driving. Mrs. Mary Baquera was the sponsor of this small and dedicated group of students, who as a fund raiser sold stationery. As a service to the school the organization developed a program to advertise against drugs and alcohol. For some time an- nouncements could be s s . X Q .fl - W A Fellpe Soto volunteers an idea for a club project. 'Q A 335 ' .I ag? Aqli V N.H.S. membglfr- A. V H 5 Zfgzgiisatemgg ape A President, James Balarbar, " 15 1984 in whichigg discusses future plans for the M M embers .... organization. 5 . .gg it A Kneeling: Tlna Pullman, Mlnerva Cutter, Laura Abourezk, Irene Salgado, Aprll Thrasher, Peggy Gregory. Standing: Carl Johnson, Secretary, Mark Hatch, Denzll Col- zales. Not shown: John Mollna, Iette, James Balarbar, President: Vice President: Bernadette McBur- Fellpe Soto, Kevln Keosoff, rows, treasurer: Krlstln Reynolds. Christopher Brasgalla, Seth Gon- WP Journalism Honorary Quill and Scroll Interna- tional Honorary Society for High School Journalists in- cluded members of both Aquila and Talon staffs who had done outstanding work for their publication. This year the members participated in a sale of in the spring to raise funds for their special project, and end- of-the year publications banquet. This is the seventh year the organization sponsors the banquet at which members of both staffs join for induction of new Q 81 S members and to honor let- candles in the fall and candy ter winners and others. 5 5 A Previous members include, Front: Carrie Hamblen, Tom Leyba, Stan Cumberledge, Trlnl Valencla. Back: Charles Lloyd, Davld Apuan, Robert Guerena. Not shown: Colleen Grable, John Ramlrez, Irene Vasquez. 4 Other new inductees are, Front: Debbie Arnold, Monlca Valdes, Cathy Mario Fred Dlckson, Tammy Morgret, n Typhalr. Back: Fellpe Soto, Lopez, Marla Ferdin, Leslle Ritchie, Gerrald Adams, Troy Parke 6' x Good year for AOUILA lt was one of the best years ever for the newspaper staff, according to both the sponsor and editors. Despite the fact that first semester there were two classes during one period - Journalism IA and the newspaper staff- the staff produced six issues, in: cluding a special Homecom- ing supplement, and the Spectrum, a literary supple- ment, in the Christmas issue. The second semester the staff planned to produce another six issues including two which the Journalism I classes produced as prac- 2 l xl H . 5 t,, ll. -I ssrfu A Ps 'Z s l I m A Adviser Ms. Irma Rodriguez talks to co-editor Tom Leyba about plans for the next issue. tice for next year. "I was blessed with this year's staff because they were the easiest one l've ever worked with," co- editor Tom Leyba said. Stan Cumberledge, who shared the duties of editor with Tom said, "The changes that we underwent were for the better. The only regret about this year is that it has to end." Newspaper adviser Miss Irma Rodriguez added, "This was the hardest work- ing, most together staff we have ever had. I am proud of what they accomplished this year." and F.aff-..l...- ' - 1. I Etglg N . A Members of the Aquila staff. Bot- tom: Carrie Hamblen, Tom Leyba, Stan Cumberledge, and Fred Lopez. Back: David Apuan, Charles Lloyd, Bill Patton, Debbie Arnold, Rachel Arenas, Gerald Adams, Alma Castillo, Maria Ferdin, Dora Morales, Felipe Soto, Monica Heisel, Donnie Barnes, and Shan- non Kendall. ? Business Manager Gerald Adams talks to Rachel Arenas and Alma Castillo about billing advertisers. ts N5 nw 4 Managing editor Carrle Hamblen types up story for the next issue. 4 News editor Fred Lopez looks at the new issue of the Aquila. 4 Sports editor Fellpe Soto looks up the football schedule. hr M E ,.,1'- "-s-' +A W. ,ZQ We 4 BIII Patton, Debble Arnold, and Davld Apuan discuss sports pages. i LLW.,, tes' i'xNi . A Features editor Monlca Valdes talks to Graphics editor Marla Fer- dln about using art work on her pages. 4 Troy Parker looks through con- tact sheets. A new approach The 1985 Talon staff decided on a new method of staff organization this year. Instead of having co-editors as in years past, the staffin- stead had an editorial board to make all the decisions of theme, organization, and planning. The idea of an editorial board provided for better organization and higher production standards. The editorial board con- sisted of eight members from last year's staff. Each of them was in charge of one major section. They were Sue Drollinger and Erika McGill, features, Dawn Chrismer and Roberto Guerena, academics, Victor Faz, sports: Irene Vasquez, organizations, and Colleen Grable and John Ramirez, photography. The main goal of the editorial board was to help the nineteen newcomers learn the process of assembling a yearbook. Miss Irma Rodriguez, ad- visor, was there to provide assistance and help as the staff attempted to meet deadlines and put this volume together. A The features staff was: Sue Droll- P The person who designed the lnger, Jyl Rolleg, Erlka McGill, and cover for the yearbook was Lantrlc LuAnne Loschlavo. Franklln. A The sports staff was: Jackie Mayo, Daryl Blohm, Cathy Dickson, Vlctor Faz, and Tammy Morgret. P The organizations staff was: Leslie Rltchle, Michelle Ollver, Davld Apuan, Jyl Rolleg, and Marlon Typhalr. . . ..... . ....-,, if i . . Jesf Advisor Ms. Irrgia Rodriguez checks throu h a ei ' rllaa N 3 P 3 ' f, f ' . .. " waning 3 as SWNF' 5 l l l MMM, ..-vvavfvfrf' f-Q., f H, .7 . V, , ,.,. , new , ,, ,,.oi.e,Wg,,,,... is-Q ,Q fm 4 The academics staff was: BIII Sweghelmer, Robert Farmer, Roberto Guerena, and Jlm Caro. www X. .e 4-f0'7' 4 Jyl Rolleg, Sue Drolllnger, and Luanne Loschlavo work on pages for features. P Back: Jay Stiles, Colleen Grable, Thomas Nicolosi. Front: John Russell, John Ramirez, Luis Castro. Not shown: Felipe Soto. , 1 f A Colleen Grable puts up photo assignments for the week under assigned photographers, P Club sponsor Irma Rodriguez gets into the Halloween spirit by greeting the class in costume. vi r law.. Preparing to print a picture Thomas Nicolosi slips a negative into the Qfaffphofographers As we iook through the pages of the yearbook, the pictures take us back through the many events that took place the past year, whether it was the most important game of the year, the Homecoming dance, orjust a simple pic- ture ofa club. We never stop to realize how much work, time, and effort it took to make the 240 pages of our yearbook come to life. The six photographers on our staff have worked through the entire year making it a point to be at all these events. It is these in- dividuals who made the time to be there, took the pains to get there, and cared enough to do the best job that they could to get the best pictures possible. Came, With the exception of two, ,sum EG 3 tiki! E Y A .xi . - .-me 1---Q -f :gg 3 . , af- , K... Q 'gt I - I . TL 'wif l .zur .1 ' 0 tag- ' f Hitt 5 A John Ramirez assists Victor Faz to identify some of the faces in a picture. 4 Loading film into a cartridge from the bulk loader, Felipe Soto takes care to do it correctly. all the photographers were beginners this year. During the first six weeks, they learned along with the year- book staff, what goes on in the production of the year- book so they could unders- tand that part of the job. Then, is one all-day Satur- day session they learned to take and develop film, and print pictures. From then on it was work, work, work, as they shot over 700 feet of film and printed more than 2000 photographs using gallons of chemicals. The dedication that was put in to fullfilling the responsibility of their jobs is quite commendable, because after all, without the photographers there would be no pictures, and without pictures, and without pictures there would be no book. A Jay Stiles confirms an appoint- ment for a photo assignment to be taken that day. New steps Being under the direction of a new band director might seem one of the worst nightmares a band could go through. But that has turned into a dream. The new direc- tor, Mr. Don Wood, was no outsider to the way this pro- ud band works. Being last year's assistant band direc- tor showed him the ins and outs. And the assistant, Mr. Renee Rosas, helped make the command easier. The band students also went through the marching season with flying colors. The band ended their sum- mer early by going to sum- mer band practice. And when school started, their momentum kept right on go- ing. Morning rehearsals, P Band officers: Pres., Sean Greensladeg Vice Pres., Paul McNair, Lovelys Powell, Donna Davis, Lei Ann Mar, Frank Vera, Pamela Rittman, Cindy Price, Juan Martinez, Suni Dailey, Trisha Gillespie, Karen Hess. A The 1984-1985 Flag Girl Corps. P Marching brass section consisted of trumpets, tubas, baritones, trombones, and french hornes. lunch and afterschool prac- tices didn't leave much free time, but they still found it in themselves to go home and practice some more. All this work did pay off because the band par- ticipated in many contests and got high honors for their performances. When the band went to the New Mex- ico State Contest and the Ross Capshaw Invitational they got superior ratings. And at the Sun Bowl Tourna- ment of Bands contest they got an excellent rating. Don Wood, Renee Rosas, and the band went through the transition with ease and showed everyone the band's pride lives on. JYQWMP 9 5f1f me ew Wag? 35,34 5 ff ffywfqg ' Tw - , if 74 1 5 5 j ..,.. .- ..... , f-My ff ..,.f. W W .Q.z.,,f.., . - f iffi .f . A. V . . , . MW A After performing their halftime show, the band gets reorganized in the stands. 1 '.f.,-,V - , ...'-Q,-r,g..1,x..fiig 1, x. - eiw- .-lr,:,1igfi i , 2 1gr,sm.Hx4.:T+...ii,1rV:Liy1 5 i'.z..?:f :. 'grid' E 2 2 , 'ii' sig T .Fi A if ilggig It V Q... g ig W X i ily g regret Vg 2 f 5, E ,'f'N"N.,.fg,fffss,1z2s3:ei2tf..T. ' 1 , -sw 7 3 ' ' .I i Z 2 at z 3 'f ,Y ' ' ' Z 3 I V .5 T ' L-Q 1 4 i ' ' 1 5 1 , 5 T ffvfmd tg 2 -V 25 2 2 T . W - 1 f 'fra I A .X ,Ti T I 1 1 S H r I 'F v - 4 41 A. 'W 47. T ' f x , . ?t - T EH x 1 -it. ei is . it . I 2 Wm . , . 'if VV.V V . V' , ,,, . Jw, , In V. ,., y,,,.., i . ...... .. .. ' ,gg .f fd ' ,,f- , .V -u, i49i Ll f, 55,444 , ... 'T a iii .ii- "" 12, , i T T 1 f" fTT"1 T , me ... ,.,.. ' if 3 , 3, ...V if-- it 7 'if' . "" naw? W Ti .. f ,,,V , T l l. V Drum Majors this year were Gina Sermons and Pamela Rittman. 4 The percussion and flags show their spirit at the Sun Bowl Mar- ching Contest. 4 The band entertains at the V The percussion section with their lighting of the A. section leader Robert Wilson. R .w new fswma A The sax section with this years P Mr. Wood laughs as the band section leader Donna Davis. poses for their pictures. 4 The flute section with their sec- tion leader Irene Salgado. V This year the band beau and band sweetheart were Robert Wilson and Donna Davis. ' 4 The clarinet section with Trisha Gillespie as section leader. ll l Stage, oonoerf bands 5 Z 3 are aofive all year 1 Marching season is not the only time the band plays. During the second semester they break up into Symphonic and Concert bands. Symphonic band is the one that participates in contests while concert band learns to play their in- struments more fully. There are also two more bands that play during the second semester. First stage band is the pride of our school and always band, learns more about their instrument. l The bands participated in many contests and did well in allof them. In the April and March contests they 5 were rated among the top bands. And in their yearly 3 band trip to San Diego they finished amongthe best of the participants. , 5 E Z 3 This year's band has 9 shown that their momentum does not stop after the foot- T seems to bring exciterneni ball season ends, and they A Thg marching ban-d dances While V The band plays to an attentive wherever they play. Second do just 35 well Off the field as performing in the Stands. audience at their annual concert. stage band, like concert they do on. E gg T Q tm, , K vm iii: f-Q9 -is is-asm A Flag corps member Lisa Smith proudly displays the cake baked by members of the group for the foot- ball team. P Members of the first stage band including section leaders Robert Wilson, percussiong Frank Green, trumpetsg Sean Greenslade, trom- bonesg Pamela Rittman, flutesg and Gina Sirmons, saxophones. E i i 4 Members of the second stage band. WM A The percussion and brass sec- tions of symphonic band. 4 The woodwind section of sym- phonic band. 4 The woodwind section of concert band. A very vocal group The Andress Chorale has been under the direction of Mr. Bob Dierdorf for only two years, but during these two years, they have receiv- ed many honors throughout El Paso. Choir members sang at pep rallies, and in the parade of choirs at El Paso High. They also participated in the Christmas concert which included Orchesis, Or- chestra, andthe Drama Club. Choir events this year in- cluded the solo and ensem- ble contest which was held in February, the Jazz Festival in March, and the Choir concert and sight reading festival in May. Their main goal this year was to take a weekend in April, joining with the Band and Orchestra, to San Diego. To raise the money that they needed, they sold the unicorn stationery, can- dy, and also had a rock-a- thon at Northgate. A Mr. Dlerdorf, director of the Chorale, leads the choir with a tune from the piano. 700 si C! 'fav if ,, V. . v . . w if- ff--f,e,,,g- , .. Y 2 -',l.c K .. '... 2 2 .., ,-rfr -,jr ."i i Z Lhjhizl , .g l ' A a C ""iii ' -"'i ", .. ' ,l 'it so s " iff ,,',l3 f T E IH' il' 5 . .," s ZH i i has T L ..,-l li" . We " if X 5 if itil' if , ffm" ' P 2 C h" Qhv r'r.. ll lil i .ii iii , 2 KH- 1 if N . ' I . 1 l ar,r iill Chcyle officers were: Jean r U, Pal rlch, Jeff Lewls, and Pam A Choir members who made All- Region were: Mike Chavez, Fran- cisco Almanza, Jeff Lewls, Thomas Clesllk, Jean Palcurlch, Lorrl James, and Kelly Lindsey. 4 Out of the seven members who made All-Region, Mike Chavez and Lorri James went on to be selected for All-State. 1' rl- 3 ns W- 4 Choir members who made All- Area were: Mike Chavez, Francisco Almanza, Jeff Lewis, Jean Paicurich, and Lorri James. V Top row: Wilhelmina Messick, Hazel Cross, Christine Smith, Lisa Ophord, Raymond Maxwell, Andy Dyba, Pam Calderon, Renee Kulp, Diana Trout. Middle row: Ronnita Robinson, Debra Dlxon, Claudia Cochran, Angelina Guy, Daryl Foster, Francisco Almanza, Charles Lloyd, Brenda Alvey, Jean Laicurich, Gwen Johnson, Lori Gut- wein. Bottom row: Pam Erwin, Judy Harris, Tammy Culifer, Lorri James, Mike Chavez, Thomas Cieslik, Victor Rael, Karen Nelson, Kelly Lindsy, Kelly Redman. Not shown: Jeff Lewis, Dale Woodson, Ben Woodrldger, Pete Aguirre. wwe X .x. n 1 5 . ? Pulling strings This being Mr. Donald Kopecky's sixth year teaching orchestra, he has learned which groups will be winners and which will not, And this year's orchestra was certainly a group of winners. The orchestra was one of the most pride-filled organizations in the school. They strived for excellence in everything they did from playing as a group to prac- ticing alone. Though the hours of practicing all add up to a great deal of time, the members would pro- bably all tell you it was well worth it. The orchestra par- ticipated in a contest held on Nlay 3 at El Paso High School. Some ofthe members also tried out for the All-Region competition held to get the best players in the city to join together and hold a concert. Through hard work and determination the orchestra has given a name to itself and has brought pride to the school. gc s sw NV. W,.....,: .... .... ,,...., .. k,,,... f 102 .5 11' X S V David True and Diane Ellis listen attentively to Mr. Kopeckey's instructions. is ADavid True, MargaretThompson, A Mellisa Burkholder and Wade and Wade Jones were the Andress Jones put final touches on their members of the All-Region musicforthe Christmas concert. Orchestra. Q 40 , ,,1 dwarf" f 4 Front: Patty Orozco, Edda Gar- cia, Laura Martinez, Tishall Brown, Richard Irwin, Wade Jones, and Beau Johnson. Backi Michelle Menchaca, Margarita Gonzalez, Elizabeth Gomez, Margaret Thompson, David Hagy, Adriana Murez, Margret Thompson, Sharon Farrow, Steven Dice, Linda Farrow, Chris McAdams, Pat Hunt, David Downs, David True, and Steve Murrell. .... . ,?,.. utaaaa ,,,., D .,,., -. ., ,.., M ,,,, N M D D, d .D Y .- fi?--1 - if .Sat ,mf H X: . .. .. H. X i ' so - - .. ., ,,.. ,,..,,.,,fft, v-,.- . ,.:...... A -N ' -9 if- s q . N " , .Q . ,,,.t..W,f...., .,.q ,,., .-., .., N.. .. ., . ,,..,e,s.-swam . ' ' F, D ......... f W f w.....,,.......i .-Manukau nan.-an we-f-wap .nw-N-M.. . ., tt., ,W . k K... iv . .. I 4 Orchestra membef Daifid TVU9 A The orchestra tunes their in- made DVEHZVGB and had the ODDOV- struments before the start of the tunity to try out for all-state Cgncertl orchestra. 705 iinhlsg.-nasal. 'U' Hard work leads fo Urohesis One ofthe most deman- ding and difficult to join clubs in the school is Or- chesis. The club may seem like it's all fun, but the girls who make up the club work hard to be selected to join the honorary dance group. The members are selected by the previous year's dancers and club sponsor, Rosemary Arriola. Throughout the year the girls practiced their routines and put in a number of hours into the choreography of their dances, making their act one that was enjoyed by everyone. The girls performed in a number of events this year, among them, the Homecoming assembly, the Christmas Concert, and An- dress Aglow pageant. They also competed at the Chamizal Theatre, and did a dance at the Mane Event hair styling center as a publicity for their services. A Officers, Back: Wendy Weldin, Secretary, Tina Thompson, Presi- dent, Erika McGill, Vice President, Roberta Cole, Treasurer. Front: Carmen Morales, Marie Marks, Historians, Julie Grice, Cindy Bun- nell, Costume. P Club sponsor Rosemary Arriola and Ms. Mary Anna Harmon discuss the events to take place duringthe Jazz Workshop. 704 is JE Keio' During the Jazz Workshop the girls learned some leaps that looked easy, but were quite difficult. Dancing in unison was one of the categories the girls were judged in during competition. 4 Back: Lisa Himel, Colleen Grable, Yvette Cisneros, Cindy Bunnell, Carmen Morales, Lisa Kvoppel, Julie Grice, Wendy Weldin. Front: Roberta Cole, Erika McGill, Marie Marks, Bernadette Vasquez. 4 Orchesis members carefully time A The girls smile at the judges at their steps in their performance the finale of their act duringa com- during the Christmas Concert. petition at the Chamizal. 705 In fhe fooflighfs We see them up on the stage, laughing, crying, or just having fun. But all the while they are hoping to stir our emotions. When they know they have brought a smile to our face, or brought tears to our eyes, they know they have accomplished their goal. The members of the Mas- que and Gavel club have a chance to experience life as different people with dif- ferent personalities. They have a chance to be up on stage in the spotlight, and have all eyes focused on them. They can stand before a classroom and give speeches on something they believe in, or see what it is like to have a debate, and to participate in one. They learn about theatre as it was in the past centuries and poetry as it developed through the years. In many ways acting is a way of escaping from true life and letting out some of those feelings that are trap- ped inside. There is always a feeling of enchantment when everyone in the au- dience is clappingfor something they've done, and the sound of the ap- plause echoes in their minds. Actually, the Masque and Gavel club had many goals this year. With two new sponsors, Ms. Donna Ullrich and Mrs. Margarita Gon- zales, the club began the year fresh. Within a month and a half, they were com- peting in tournaments and had already performed a school play. The tour- naments are usually all-day activities occuring on weekends in which students compete in different categories of speech and drama. This year the clubs from both Andress and Irvin combined talents to per- form "Once Upon A Clotheslinef' a children's play. lt was an obvious suc- cess for which they received many compliments. To raise money they sold Jumbo cookie-pies and had their own performance of the best scenes from all through the year. l Qi Rs 'ssi rsrrs Q T Q -sr' s in W kk S . . ii -sw M. A V I. . f .... ,,...,kk , J A 'W '-'t if " t ,.,,, r Vlgg A Members Lantric Franklin and P Irvin and Andress cast members Caron Meloche sell cookie pies show their unity in this scene from after school to raise money for the the play. club. 706 A Members of the cast listen for 'heir cues to come on stage during me of the many rehearsals. 4 The cast of "Once Upon A Clothesline" steps forward on stage forthegrandefinale. V Sitting up in their nest, Julie Henderson and Norma Torres en- joy rehearsing their parts as the two little birds. 4 Front row: Michelle Oliver, Presi- dent, Ronnie Hanson, Vice Presi- dent, Cindy Bunnell, Treasurerg Norma Torres, Secretary, Mrs. Gonzalez, Sponsor, Lenny Evans. 2nd row: Donna Ullrich, Sponsorg Todd DePauw, Lori Gutwein, Kris Korems. 707 VOE teaches skills The business world is a field which offers a variety of skills that can be used on the job. Any particular type of skill that a person may find interesting and choose to study can help them suc- ceed in a career in business. The V.O.E program at school offers this opportuni- ty for students to study and acquire these skills. The pro- gram has some of the newest computers used in business offices today. V.O.E classes are held first, second, and third P First row: Christine Pantoja, Lisa Ophard, Arcy Ceniceros, Carmen MoraIes.Second row: Janet Urbina, Cecilia Carrazanza, Helen Chavira, Donna Mobley, Linda Seager, Ester Avila, Cynthia Boyer, Monika Heisel, Yasmin Huffman, Cindy Dewitt, Shelly Slayton, Shawn Gar- cia, Sherry Dinsdale, Vellia Villar, Myrna Rubio, Irma Mason, and Lisa Neal. ,,,. ,..., 70? A Ms. Jessie Walker, sponsor of V.O.E, helps one of her students duringclass. P Dellia Mott, President, Cecilia Carrazanzag Historian, Josie Aguirreg Vice President, Steve Bune, Club sponsor, Ms. Jessie Walker. period. These classes are of- fered to juniors and seniors who have had one year of typing and have been ap- proved by Mrs. Jessie Walker, sponsor of the club. The seniors in the club go to school half day and work the other part of the day. The club is also active in school. This year the members sold stuffed animals as one of their fund raising projects. The club also participated in an an- nual Employee-Employer banquet. 2 ':f:,1s:-fffeNvW-'z'- - -- N tn 4 Vella Villar work's on a class V Myrna Ortiz puts all her concen- calculator in order to finish her job. tration on her class work. nv lu-Q mum ft! ,, . 'M ,qw- . -'-sp, ww-g1lf.f. ' 7' fit, A -if 5 21-.YM iifb -1 " 'iiflxfif ''ifif,"'lf3II'1'.z'fg:,f',ea'lffxv ssl lsx ' 'QL QWLW ' f' "' 'rw'-:Liv ,get-,ff ' g?7g,":'w'-7f.,z'f,wq - ,. 3. 61412 , 4 H J? 4' 4, My 4 1- ' 5 l7'iR,, r ff44ffffi" Keio-Lif t 3jf2,5?'?" 'f f'- 3. , nf, . ' .5 an 5 Al"?i4'f+F?3F375g -F'-if 5 412-, 1' . -. .' 'Z ' 3 f V T Lita ., A,n' 1 v 'f? , fg5.f,., z',,r f f',ri',,-"4 Qgfzf- f .l g lf tg, l ' '- ' f,-ji m.-.,f' y4 '-Q if w3Qr4.'4' Hr.-"' 1 tqrxgzv- ,, , - - i f .Q 1 ,, , A ' w 2-'- Avi- V iw to gl 2, -E 'lfiizf .H- -2 X. Q21 1 kg Ag ' N , an 1- M .M M ,,, -' , , ' it is Z Lf ' ' 1 A W ,. .I V V Af' f M ' 'M -9 fe A fi ' ' s el M e at v' l oorr -4- e we 'f f M N ,. , Z T X NL M 'V ,,,, ,. " 1 A w . ' . iffzi Q ., l ,,rk ,, A ,sr , . f ,,J.3.A5,1E55A l M - f oorff Ef l ' M e ' W" l 3 K 2 .. I , , X gy I r Q ig, y M , -1 ii rorr f 4 Donna Mobley typesa letter fora A Front row: Myrna Ortlz, Sandy grade. Gomez, Jerry Barton, Lucy Hostos, Lorena Rodriguez, Josle Agulrre, and Lisa Crestani. Back row: Teresa Encinas, Letty Hernandez, Mellssa Peterson, Steve Bune, Carmen Morales, Rosa Reyna, and Theresa Scott. I0 V Contestants at the area DECA contest held Feb. 8-9 in Midland were: Juan Rojas, general mer- chandise: Cyndi Campbell, restaurant marketingg Rick Acosta, general marketing. Kneeling: Lisa Himel, advertising services: Tara Wilson, apparel and accessoriesg Kim Krohn, finance and credit: and Tom Lavka, food marketing. P First place winners in the DECA area contest who advanced to the state contest in Fort Worth March 7-10: Tara Wilson. apparel and ac- cessories: Cyndi Cambell, restaurant marketing: Lisa Himel, advertising services: and Kim Krohn, finance and credit services. P DECA members, Kneeling: Sharon Wallin, Tara Wilson, secretary: Lisa Himel, Pam Erwin, junior representative. Standing: Sam Choi, Kim Krohn, Monty Anderson, Cheryl Knowles, Cyndl Campbell, junior representative, Rick Acosta, president: Dawn Evans, Maria Rivera, Zack Barnes, Linda Bellah, Tom Lavka, Sandy Merritt, Melissa Ortiz, Michael Karl, Joe Castillo, Werner Doty, Mrs. Debbie Reavls, sponsor. Not pictured: Judy Cody, James Dok- ken, Mark Graziano, Grace Ponce, Juan Rojas, Stacey Wheeler. V Children at a South El Paso elementary school express their delight with the candy-filled stock- ings from DECA. jf .affix Q X .f is 'Inq awtgggil----I M ., sf. '- et- 4 Sharon Wallln, who works at The Gap in Cielo Vista Mall, had a speak- ing 'part in the annual Employer- Employee banquet. ' DECA members busy with many projects Students in distributive education classes study all aspects of merchandising, marketing, and related fields. Sponsored by Mrs. Debbie Reavis, students enrolled in the class become members of the Distributive Education Clubs of America. They combine school with on-the-job-training as part of their experience. Students participated in contests testing skills in marketing and related fields. This year out of fourteen students who competed in local contests, eight advanc- ed to area and four to state competition. The state con- J test was held in Fort Worth March 7-10. DECA students par- ticipated in a variety of fun- draising projects, one of the major ones being sales of items from Tom Watt Showcases. The funds are used for club projects, in- cluding a Christmas party which the club sponsors an- nually for children at a South El Paso elementary school. The children were given stockings and treats. The students also par- ticipate in an annual Employer-Employee ban- quet which was held April 22 of this year. 4 Elementary school kids show off their treats donated by members of DECA. lil CVAE opporfunifies Many students nowadays would much rather work than go to school. The Coor- dinated Vocational Academics Education pro- gram or CVAE, gives students the opportunity to work, but also stay in school. The club sponsor, Mrs. Janis Ardnt is very suppor- tive of her students. Throughout the year she had special speakers attend the class, and they discuss- e.d subjects that enabled the students to obtain some valuable information and techniques that the students could put to use in future experiences. Even though the members' time was mostly consumed with their work and studies, they also sold candy and tumblers, and had planned to participate in the Fall Festival with a cot- ton candy booth. A Back: John Dorchester, Jay Woods, Mundo Rueda, Darren Lewis, Jeff Magdalano, Shane, Liz Sadlo, Ron Archer, Kelly Foster. Front: Shannon Kendall, Marcia Lucas, Kathy Burrell, Twayne Johnson, Rick Cooper. V Front: John Still, Lorl Neslege, Lilian Hurd. Back: James Knuep- pel, Lisa Holden, Steve McClain, Gabe Jones, Erik Sutphin, Christina Martinez, Sepriano Ramirez, Karen Mauzy, Steve Santana. 712 A John Dean listens attentively while class is being conducted. P Club sponsor Janis Ardnt in- troduces guest speaker, Mrs. Car- roll from Red Cross. amwfia 1 We , M -i - X 'IA w it Uiifffiiix ,owl 'iii wi , . , 4 V .93 A Irma Mason introduces herself and welcomes the guest speaker to a Thursday dinner-meeting. fla V Mrs. Donna Kvapll and profes- sional secretary-sponsor, Irma Madrld, attend a dinner-meeting at Fiddler's restaurant. f Ng ' " ,Qi . . ,.,,, gzip. 43, Y W:'::gt'!S2 ,aff it : ,.,, - if 1 M., ,if i .. -M , 15 571 . if it ff7'iYf?5'f"'.'QQflifHN7',.fg .QW 'I' ,,., J W4 2 i f- , i U ' f 'J w K -fi, --,,1 ,,', I f7.- ,. " 'J'w .1i ,V ace,-'z:,. ,,y:g,,,,, ,gwygfm as 'fe ' " ' 'H' 'Craig V 4 W f lk . , ., ,,,,,., ,, .. . A: 4 XM Q I 2 1 r 9 21152 K A Mr. Donald Brlnk listens closely to plans for the club being discuss- ed at a meeting. F ufure Qecrefaries The business world of four community continues to grow year after year. As it grows, the need for office workers throughout the country increases. With such conditions it is vital that office skills be taught in high school in order to prepare students with inten- tions of pursuing office oc- cupations for the businesses of America. The Future Secretaries of America are students who are dedicated to learning all there is to know about being office workers. Through this club they are preparing for their future and increasing their opportunities for jobs after graduation. Sponsored by Mr. Donald Brink and Mrs. Donna Kvapil, the club had weekly meetings on Thursdays at lunch. Once a month a guest speaker was invited to a dinner-meeting to talk to the members about how to sur- vive in the world of business and to give them an idea of what it is like. As a Christmas project the members sent small candy- filled stockings to the office workers at Andress. 4 Front: Llsa Neal, Stephanie Apodaca, Dora Morales, Nancy LaVole, Irma Mason, Alma Saenz, Yvonne Campos, Mrs. Donna Kvapil, sponsor. Back: Mr. Donald Brlnk, sponsor: Anthony Alvey, An- drea Plna. 775' Studying French ways! "The main purpose of the French club was to en- courage people to study the French language and cuIture," according to the sponsor, Mrs. Sandra Sipiora. At club meetings members discussed how to spend money from last year's account. Members decided to spend the money on various items including a subscription to a monthly French magazine called "Bon Jour." They also spent their money to purchase floppy disks. A Sponsor of the French Club was: Mrs. Sandra Sioiora. P Members of the French Club are: Rebecca Armstrong, Sunl Dalley, Bernadette McBurrows, Mary De La Rosa, Wanda Suarez, Lovelys Powell, Tara Wilson, Allson Estep, Yvonne Campos, Llsa Bene Vledes, and Constance Edgar. A Officers of the French Club are: Rebecca Armstrong, Bernadette McBurrows, Lovelys Powell, and Sunl Dailey. Members spent the funds on these items to help students learn about France. The club also planned to purchase something to aid the school, with any funds which remained. "We are a small but active club," President Bernadette McBurrows said. "Our club is unique because it is a cultural melting pot," added Yvonne Otero. P Wanda Suarez, Allson Estep, and Constance Edgar talk about future plans for the club. 'ii e e fu, e will ,,, ,W , , , Ax, . W R German life The purpose of the Ger- man Club was to study the German culture and language. The German Club sold many items such as gummi twins, candi bars, and Ad- vent calendars. The members ofthe group also sponsored the jailhouse and a sausage booth at the Spring Festival. Money made from these ft "',, DEUTSQCHLAND ? studied items was used to help new members learn the language. Funds were spend on newspapers, dictionaries, magazines and test materials. The german club also con- tributed to charity by help- ing the hungry during Thanksgiving by sponsoring meal-in-a-box and Secret Santa. 4 Members of the German Club are: Cathl Tlmmerman,, President, Rlta Kemp, Vice President: Aaron Klng, Mike Woodward, Steve Murell and Mrs. Edda Moore. Back: Karla Peterson, Brenda Kelly, Kaysle Dar- son, Brenda Peterson, Secretary: Dana Allen and Bellnda Woodridge. A Presldent Cathy Tlmmerman goes over the club agenda. X TS 4 Members of the German Club gather around to discuss future plans. A Officxers of the German Club are: Sponsor Mrs.Edda Moore, Karla Peterson, Dana Allen, and Cathy Timmerman. Spanish Club acfive The interests of the Spanish club are to enhance their cultural awareness and knowledge of the Spanish language and of Spanish- speaking countries. Although this is only Mrs. Maria Morales' second year at Andress, she has been able to make this year very active for them. During Homecoming week the club won first in the Tricycle Race of the clubs, and second place in the poster contest. At Christmas they went caroling with the Junior class to Hill Haven and Rest Haven Convalescent Homes. They sang many of the traditional S anish and D English songs. At the meetings, held regularly on Thursdays, not only business was discuss- ed, but refreshments were sometimes served, and even a traditional Mexican game called "Loteria" was played. As fund raisers the club sold scroll calendars and a variety of candy bars. Having had such an active year, it is no surprise that the club had many goals. They include getting T- shirts, going to English and Spanish movies taking a field trip to Western Playland or Magic Landing, and visiting the elderly in the nursing homes again, maybe even singing for them. They also sought to improve the club in any way, but the main purpose was to have fun. V Mrs. Marla Morales enjoys herself while playing Loteria with club members. P Dora Morales and Vlrglnla Car- rlllo show off the first place trophy the club won in the tricycle race. 776 ff..i -..,. ' ,..,. ..., . . ...,. EHELE5 lflfllaf A Officers join sponsor, Mrs. Maria V Duane Frizell and Linda Martinez Morales in front of the cIub's winn- listen for characters on their ing pggter, Loteria cards to be called out. wax, ...Sidi nu .e 'F Virginia Carrlllo triumphantly. heads toward the finish line in the tricycle race. as fr' fi'i't , ' "2fii?95?' f ' 1 V . 7046 r" ,m1E: 5' Q , M 1?7fxlE'5i' 'fini 5' it WISH Cl-U9 fl 4 4 I ' Wx K I tm' We x C 2 r fl I I 9 pof I if .lf iw" ei we gg . N t Q e if 1- F if i 4 7 , if vig, Ziff? 'iff A ' f EY cf W W f new 24 21,1 ff . . , W, ,W jgygf, W r 4' Dy A f' ' I3 Q? 5'47?.f ' gy 5 xg 1 ,, ff 4 Front row: Laura Rodriguez, Virginia Carrillo, Ofelia Muniz. 2nd row: Laura Castro, Dora Morales, Julie Vasquez, Back row: Stephanie Lemos, Tammy Ellison, Michelle Gallardo, Margot White, Irene Placensia, Pat Martinez, Linda Mar- tinez, Duane Fritzell, Jose Luna, Margaret Thompson, Velia Muniz, Deana Trout, Maria Gonzales, Pete Aguirre, Dan Celis, Sandra Gomez, Gilbert Jin1enez. Not pictured: An- dy Dyba, Metro Cuellar. JFS. 1 g E - X .Egg-tr. t if N5 if Q.. Q 1 ,- ."www-ffmz,'e, ff ,,,7 Mb Oo 719 fY X 17 ffl M 1 A fest: THE EH we t .ti X A Officers: Velia Muniz, secretary, Dora Morales, vice president, Pat Martinez, president: Virginia Car- rillo,Treasurer, Jose Luna, clerk. 4 Members of the poster commit- tee proudly display their poster which won second place in the Homecoming poster contest. 777 PASF promotes unify The Pan American Stu- dent Forum is one that helps students understand the cultures of others. The club is open to anyone interested in promoting friendship among all people despite their race, color, or creed. The club participated in a number of activities. Besides the selling of cookbooks, jewelry, and cookies, since it was elec- ,tion year, the club con- ducted a mock election to see how students would vote in a national election. Other activities that club sponsor Ricardo Flores, and Club members planned to participate in were to attend conventions held in other schools, and learn of their history. Along with the opportunity to learn about, and meet other people, the club was primarily to have fun. st sf V ws -Nw-M' l"" 'K P Officers, Front: Bertha Herrera, secretary: Marla Cobos, President: Mlrlam Castaneda, Vice President. Back: Gllbert Lopez, Sergeant-ab Armsg Gllbert Morales, Treasurer. li? Mmwmw . 'r J lt f . .. - , .... s..............-.,.,..t.. A Club treasurer Gllbert Morales collects and sums up the total amount of the money collected from cookbook sales. 4 Club members enjoy themselves while discussing future activities they plan to participate in. ...C ..t. ... . , t . 1 .., . ,., . .. . . 4 Club sponsor Mr. Rlcardo Flores passes out an assignment to his class. s,,,,,? A Slniw'-4. .,.,.....-f , . .Mt . ,s--as-uswmm .m..M,m,s,,,gg.-t..e... ,svxs . e.,..g:,mL.s.,s..wg,w 1 Q J LLWJ' fi f L' S-in A President Marla Cobos ponders over the suggestions given for fundraisers. 4 Club members, Front: Marlssa Valdez, Fina Flore. Back: Fellpe Soto, Victor Faz, Bertha Herrera, Jim Castaneda, Marla Cobos, Miriam Castaneda, Gilbert Morales, Frank Murlllo, Isela Car- rillo, Hector Reyes, Jose Luls Saenz, Letty Aguirre. 4 Club members listen attentively while a sales promotion guest ex- plains the cookie sale club members conducted in March. 3 A-ww' Black-American Club Many students go home right after school and start on their homework. Many however, take the oppor- tunity of joining clubs for socializing and relieving the pressure of school life. The Black American club is one organization which gives its members an opportunity to vary their everyday routine. Members participated in school activities which were enjoyable for the members as well as educational for them and the public. One ex- ample of these activities was the Black History Week pro- gram which is held annually bythe club. The sponsor of the club, Mrs. Emerine Matthews, is another reason that belong- ing to the organization is en- joyable, according to many ofthe members. A Diane Tollver and Nlcole McGIII conduct one of the organization's meetings. P Members, Front: Dlane Tollver, presidentg Sonya Calaway, vice president. Middle: Narkeeta Hlnes, assistant secretaryg Donyale Hunt, Bridgit Taylor, treasurer, Nlcole McGill, Davld Golden, Mrs. Mat- thews. Back: Noble Broussard, Lauray Pindell, Melinda Hlckmon, George Curtis, Jennlfer Jones, Nicole Edwards. 720 I 5' l' FHA helps society Keeping senior citizens company during the Christmas holidays, sharing a toy with a child, raising money for less fortunate people, and helping the stu- dent body save money dur- ing Homecoming is what future Homemakers of America was all about. This year members of the club, mainly students in homemaking classes, based their purpose on helping humanity. The organization is open to all students. The world today could use a lot more kindness and this is what Mrs. Gladys Wilson and Miss Jeannette Williams, sponsor of FHA, taught their club members. The club was active in school and also in the community all year around. s W, 5 2 X figs R 3 X "E, - FESEU1- . .,.. ' N .,,. i B is '. . t ' students are make up the of America club, A Selling Homecoming corsages during lunchtime in the cafeteria are some members of FHA. This was one of their fundraising projects. V Members of the organization, Front: Debl Gldcumb, Natalle Miller, Wendy Norlng, Sonja Mulllnlx, Cheryl Knowles, presi- dent. Back: Mrs. Gladys Wilson, Missy Garcla, Renee Alejo, Cheryl Nellson, Charles Lloyd, Nlna Dunn, Ann Knowles, Mlss Jeannette Wllllams. 722 Co-sponsor Miss Jeanette Williams works right along with a club member in making gift items for a Christmas project. A Club members talk over plans for V Lori Gutweln and Dana Allen their next community service. linger on after the meeting is over. ,,,..-a-1:11 A Club members take a break after along discussion on club plans. ,Qs-sm"i W...-uunuQ K ey Club for service Starting out as a new club this year was the Key Club. Their main objective was to help certain groups and peo- ple in today's society. While other clubs, who have been around for a while already knew what they were going to do for the year, the Key Club had to start at square one. Getting the members together and telling them what the club was all about was first on a 'M-' V ,, ,ff r Mg., N' ,,x..x,'-,eng ,Yay Q. longlistofjobs. The members were students who cared about what happens to their com- munity and were willing to do something about it. And their sponsor, Mr. Evans, was able to lead the group into a productive year. Having a fine sponsor, great members, and a ter- rific goal was what helped the Key Club break the bar- rier of being a new club. .4 wifes zfglitfi 3 A Dana Allen works hard on getting last-minute club work done. 4 Club members, Top: John San- chez, Metro Cuellar, Todd Wyma, Shane DeMarce, Brad Linking, Ray Parker, and Mr. Evans. Middle: Suzana Gonzatti, Lorl Gutweln, Sylvia Gonzattl, Star Wyma, Dlane Mora, Laura Rodriguez, Jeanette McCormick, Ofelia Munlz, and Brenda Harrell. Bottom: Vlvlan Carr, Dana Allen, Charles Lloyd, Virginia Carrlllo, Vella Munez, Veronica Dominguez, and presi- dent Cindy Bunnell. 725 Science Club - J T9 The Science Club started off the year with a new spon- sor, Mr. Paul Gannon. With his and the members' en- thusiasm the science Club was both an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone involved. The Science Club is intert- wined with JETS Uunior Engineering Technical Socie- tyj which is for students in- terested in science, or for those whose goals are aim- ed toward engineering. During the meetings the club members engaged in many scientific endeavors to investigate the hows and whys of science. Activities outside the classroom in- cluded the selling of Cracker Jacks for funds, and plans to participate in the Spring Festival with a magic booth and sales of nachos. A Working with a computer was one of the activities most en- joyed bythe members. P Back: Tom Lavka, Buddy Col- lette, Seth Gonzales, Richard Balarbar, Robert Fry, Thomas Kopcinski, Robert Eckhart, Bill Robinson. Front: Aaron King, Mike Woodward, Pat Lopez, Vic- tor Lara, John Bing, John Molina, James Balarbar, Carl Johnson, Heather Behymer, Carmen Menchaca, Mary Petta. 724 -iv i A Mike Woodward, vice president: Aaron King, treasurerg James Balarbar, president, Carl Johnson, secretary. V Aaron King and Mike Woodward experiment with several chemical substances during a meeting at lunch. .,. . -.1..., V Sponsor of the math club WGS Mrs. Joan Martin. . ,asa H JL, 1 1 .mg -- - '-,. I' X' ,, . t .15 .,'L 5 r ,, - T f fl , ' ,,A, 4 Q' L ' f1r'w1:fsLv,,'A:,: af sn W"',,f'W'L 1 f kryy 'fzzzini .fs . -' - gi ig fir Ea. . ,,,L !b" 1 ,,,., I M 3 ,fi X I i 1 Vg mt Q xi sf W ., f ' Z Z I E' 3 " V' ft 3 4 S' wwf' C , ' 6 I I og , .,. ,,'f'w-ttf? W . 'r .Q f, , , , f , , gg , Z ,, 1, 1 ff , l ,Qs , , V , 44' 1 Math Club enters citywide meets The math team, which is sponsored this year by Mrs. Joan Martin, is constantly practicing to prepare for monthly math competitions. The Greater El Paso Coun- cil of Teachers of Mathematics, according to Mrs. Martin the organization responsible for arranging monthly math tournaments, encourages schools from El Paso, Ysleta, and Canutillo to compete against each other. The math tournaments consist of two categories. One is the hand-held calculator competition where students use a calculator to solve mathematical problems. This competition usually lasts fifteen to thirty minutes. Calculator com- petiton requires a wide knowledge of geometry, physics, and trigonometry. Number sense, on the other hand, is a competiton which lasts ten minutes, and students are to solve mathematical problems by making all calculations in their head, therefore, students must learn some shortcuts in solving these problems. Number sense re- quires a wide knowledge of plain math, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. A Anna Yeakley competing in number sense competition. 4 Math club members are: Thomas Cieslik, Tony Furth, Richard Munoz, Pat Jenkins, Mrs. Martln, and Anna Yeakley. 4 Math club members eagerly wait A PGY Jenkins COVTTDGUVIS in to find out 5C0re5, calcultor competition. 125 Indusfrial arfs club fakes 'Wings' as name The Industrial Arts Club is one that not many people know about. This club is for students involved in any of the drafting classes, and who are interested in becoming a draftsperson or just learning about the dif- ferent engineeringfields such as mechanical, elec- trical, or architectural drafting. Under the supervision of new club sponsor, lVlr. Ro- que Segura, the club's of- ficial name is now "Wings," and the club motto is, "You and technology, shaping the future." Among the activities that the club planned to par- ticipate in were the spring festival with a balloon bust and a triangle toss. Mr. Segura hopes to get more members interested in the club because he feels that the skills learned may be very useful for those students interested in the A Front: Gilbert Morales, Michael Harrison, Reporters: Mr. Roque Segura, Sponsor, Daniel Celis, Mark Contreras, Reporters. Back: Jesus Duran, Secretary, Steve Messimer, President, Marion Typhair, Vice Presidentg Luis Castro, Sergeant at Arms. 4 Sponsor Mr. Roque Segura engineering field. assists Michael Haggar with a com- plex detail drawing that demands perfect lines and exact measurements. WW' Javier Ortiz and James Spencer work together to solve a difficult space problem on the floor plans of a house. .ae .416 Budd Boozer and Dan Kitka line up their drawings to be sure and get perfect lines. 126 .,,..,.. ,M . .. ef ss ,gr ss X fx M New XN1 3, sp 5, ,sis-:-11 ess- 5:1 ,Q y. jj K . - ' C . - Q li E , -.Sz , 5 cg K ls . 3 9 we 1teet.vfs..- fee, a. . se. .f 2,5 as -- assists! es ..,: ,. " 14191 DS Chess Club skilled Whatever happened to the Games Club? Just like other things this year, the Games Club changed, it became the Chess club. Mr. Lonnie Luna, whose first year this was as a spon- sor, said the Chess Club was specifically organized for one purpose, to better one's ability at strategy games. The Chess Club is for the I NUCLEIC 'NIU Y DI! A 'I' IIS Us ftfg -':'o, mum inttns., new-1 lttuta l3lIX1lllfMlkSTR'li' C Hips Luang pjg0'l'lZINS NUCLEIC f 5.3: M mm x..r student who enjoys playing strategy games like Stratego, Dungeons and Dragon, Gamma World, and even Chess. This year's Chess Club sold Gummi Bears and other candy to buy items for the club. The money they made was spent on chess boards, dice and other items used in games of strategy. me Fw 4 .. in A Sponsor Mr. Lonnle Luna looks over as Sam Choi and Reed Baker play a game of chess. 4 Chess Club members are, Bot- tom: Jerry Leavell, Jose Luna, Sam Chol, Andre Hall, Edward DeMIIo, Suzana Gonzattl, and John San- chez. Top: Ken Jensen, Peter Larkln, Ken Llsonbee, Wlllle Mar- cums, and Reed Baker. 4 Officers of the Chess Club were: Robert Mlchallk, Frank Goshl, Pat Martinez, and sponsor Mr. Lonnle Luna. A Edward DeMIIo and Andre Hall listen as the dungeon master describes the upcoming scene. 727 Shop feaohes skills The students who are enrolled in the shop classes have united into an organization all their own. Sponsored by auto mechanics instructor Tom- my Morris, the group is com posed of some hardworking individuals. The auto mechanics students learn all aspects of automobile repair and body work. They learn the respon- sibilities involved in running an auto repair shop and car- ing for tools and equipment used by an auto mechanic. The students leave the class with skills that they can use in many ways in their life, either in the way of employment or through sav- ings by being able to do their own work on their automobiles. A Working on the body of an auto V Vlctory Melia and Richard Behl are Erlc Sanchez, Aaron Sowles work on an engine. and Danny Castneda. 725' V Scott Spaulding, Robert Scott, 4 Richard Behl, Victor Melia and Carlos Gonzalez and Davld Mar- Vlnce 0'Hara work together on clantl learn to handle and care for various problems of one auto. tools. I i E iw ' i 4 Domlnlc Valerlo and Davld Mar- clantl pinpoint the problem with one auto. if i -115 f .1.. , , J-,Q M, aai n biea n eiiie aia " ' f ' ' ,. , 'fi 1x.z? 4 Mona Holguin is one of the few female students enrolled in the class. 729 ROTC frains leaders Being in JROTC has more meaning than what meets the eye. The battalion has a .staff which supervises all ac- tivities the battalion takes part in, and two instructors who organize the battalion and teach the classes. This year, Cadet Colonel Peggy Gregory became Deputy Brigade Commander over the El Paso Indepen- dent School District JROTC units. The longevity of the 22- year old Corps is due to the enthusiasm of the cadets. From the "Supervision" of the senior cadets to the "Do or Die" duties of the freshmen, there is a family- like feeling. ' Beyond the life of the ROTC cadet career, whether or not they go into the service, the main pur- pose of their training is to make strong leaders today for a stronger America tomorrow. . I,-,,.,4gg.1 Senior Army Instructor LTC Don Hallauer A Jesus Duran and Jesus - -rum. . ii-'Q :U Www Battlion Commander Battlion Executive Officer Cadet LTC John Daman Cadet MAJ Jesus Duran wswmsxsm ezsasfm Morales perform at the Sun Bowl. HE Charles ROTC with CSM Hurst. 150 1 Q.- .f Y' H, , ,, A 1. 1 nav. . Q Qs 'S , 3, A . ' 412' s-' ,f 2 X1 1 4 1 XM..-,MA Vlldfs -. .K-A ' 1 xv. ,x . i." :X 1 yaff' 9 ak'- 'R.x - , ..,. N., .,-x av .b ks, ."- -4-X FV ' f V1 J rf-L QW Bfexx , I ,X xqagy. , H1-xwg, 'iii 31 1, wus sf kj J ri J, A ,J n "f W9 an -U M- 3, T xy' 1146.-,Y ,.' 1' .4 y Lam' , 359-'Xia ui f ' a .qQd',- . " .. ' 54 ,r, 1 'f ,,, .A ax ig fig.-1 " ,E 5,553 if .Life if ,ba ,,. M ,yi U , ,Q 'JV'- ,fi Battlion Adjudant: Cadet MAJ Rudy Battlion SGM Seymore Cadet SGM Richard Munoz .sa Q 1 Terr Bowl. '54 M' 4 A lv. A ace Hllls L... cz 3 f Color Guard performs at the Sun 73 7 P 'A' Company, first platoon V 'A' Company, third platoon , H , 'B' Company, first and second platoons 50 Color Guard commanded by Cadet MSG Carlos Gomez ,Ann 'r -W? L .Q Ku.. .t :M P v 4, lggfiwgx ' Q ,fd N. ,... 3 are or .J 'V -' 'J " . ' Onnteerlng commanded by Cadet CAP Tomas Clesllk Whitman Rlfles at Present Arms I , 9 5 4 Saber Guard commanded by Cadet SGM Rlchard Munoz L , X X Au- 1 a -,K -,,,. A Female Drill Team at "Present Arms." 135 P Members of the junior class elected Helen Grice and Lovelys Powell as their favorites. Although it was not quite as close to graduation for the juniors, they were just one step behind and there was no turning back. Members of the Class of 1986 entered into the spirit of things with lots of energy. With enthusiastic officers and a helpful sponsor to lead them, they began fund raising activities to get things going for their senior year. For the juniors, even the fact that there would be many changes to adjust to and which they would have to put up with for the next two years was not enough to deter them. They were headed on a one- way quest to "seniority" and they looked forward to becoming seniors. As the year came to a close, the juniors could see their goal clearly in sight and there was no way they were going to turn around. The will return next ear as Y Y 'Seniors" and the top is where they will be - no one can stop them now! 154 CENTER Class sponsor Mr. Joe Keith, who teaches geology and biology, gives some of his students assistance on an s ig ment. RIGHT Lucy Hostos gives her all at the car bash sponsored by Student C 'l d ' H ' ounci uring omecomlng Week as other stud t cheer her on. M Us .vifihn - si! 4 LEFT The junior class was led by their enthusiastic officers vice president Cindy Price, president Eleanor Molina, and secretary- treasurer Helen Grice. CENTER Richard Balarbar spent some of his time in the library as he worked to maintain high grades. 01016044 Laura Ackley Antoinette Acosta Josie Aguirre Brenda Akins Jenny Allen Lidia Allen Melissa Allen Karl Altheide Tina Alvaraz John Ames Andy Anderson David Apuan Laura Arciniaga Irma Arellano Debbie Arnold Ralph Bachman Reid Baker Richard Balarbar Daniel Baquera Leo Baquera Michael Barfield Donnie Barnes Tom Barnes Roger Barrera 736 The library got used a bit more this year by students like the one below and likejunior Raul De La Rosa QRIGHTl as they buckled down and adjested to the changes in grading. Changes by Lisa Himel Many changes took place in the past year, changes that af- fected all of us in one way or another. But, looking closely at this year's Junior Class, it was apparent that some of these hit them the hardest. One of the most obvious ad- justments was toward the new grading system. Seniors had little trouble converting to the present system as most of their classes were electives. Sophomores, too, had minimal difficulty because they had never used the old system here. But for juniors, this academic shift came in mid- stride, tripping up some of the best. Said Laura Ackley, "lt's a good grading system, but it was put on us as a surprise. A lot of us didn't feel it was fair." This opinion was common. "I didn't think it was good because it put a lot more pressure on students," stated Pedro Murillo. '86 class members caught midstream But not everyone felt this way. Elena Mott feels that "lt's tougher, but it's better because it makes us work harder." Despite the confusion created by the new system, most juniors admitted to hav- ing a truly memorable year. Ac- cording to Richard Salgado, it was "academically okay, but sportswise, it was excellent." This is the feeling shared by most middle classmen, but Juan Martinez believed that "lt's been a bummer because a lot of people had a sorry at- titude about everything." And what about our Junior Class as a functional club? "lt's been really involved," said Helen Grice, "but because of afterschool activities, not everyone has been able to at- tend the meetings." Yes, the juniors have taken some hard knocks in the past nine months, but the outlook is good and most of us are look- ing forward to a rollicking, fun- filled year. Jeryl Barton Heather Behymer Tury Beltran Lisa Benavides Wendy Biggs Victor Boozer Andy Borowsky April Bracewell Jesse Branon Graceila Briceno Tim Briffa Donna Brown Sonja Brown Steven Bune Michelle Burciaga Barbara Burleson Rick Cadena David Calderon Michelle Caldwell Cindy Campbell Christina Campos Vivian Carr David Carrillo Denise Carrillo 737 Armando Casas Mike Case Mario Castro Frank Cazares Arturo Chavez Arturo Chavez Mike Chavez Julie Christopher Thomas Cieslils Yvette Cisneros Terry Chapsaddle Pam Clark Norma Coats Toberta Cole Norman Collins Patricia Collins Ray Conrad Shawn Contreas Stacy Cordes Dawn Cornell Sonia Corrales Hector Correa Kelly Craig Lisa Crestani Samantha Culbertson Tammy Culifer George Curtis Suni Dailey Katja Dalton Charles Deaton Raul De La Rosa Joe De Castillo Terry De Marce Michael Denmon Todd De Paul Chris Derrick 156' ia r Jinlfg . -f. A gn, a , W X 'VY H+, :3 if A K i KW' ui ic t uf 'C' Q- . 1 'iff 1 ,, in X ' 1.17 3 .svqfif Z Us A i,,ii r,l Z, ic f W 1 rrzr MW S4 as 491 50 rs, f -x If l F Minnie Diaz George Dincher Veronica Dominguez Kim Dorsey Andrew Dyba Steve Dyba Tamera Ellison Teresita Encinas Daryl Ervin Pam Erwin Yvette Esensee Theresa Esparza l 'Na in 1-7. 'QQ 'r if .IZ . ' 4 8 L X -N, 5 ,, X , -' - NL'-.W bo is 1 Q5 vw l 3. h. ev!! Andy Espinoza Allison Estep Lenny Evans Steve Farley Angie Ferman Leticia Fernandez Marne Fierro Anthony Fish Carmen Fisher Andrew Fortini Sheri Fowler Debbie Frataccia Robert Fry Margie Fulton Lydia Gachupin Raymond Gagnon Andy Galipeau Edda Garcia Olga Garcia Paula Garcia Kim Garrett Armando Garza Bill Getz William Glasscock 73? Mary Godinez Carlos Gomez Jose Gomez Sandra Gomez Sandy Gomez Mario Gonzales Nadine Gonzales Gloria Gonzalez Silvia Gonzzatti Mark Graziano Helen Grice Julie Grice Roberto Guerena John Gunn Eva Gunsch Lori Gutwein Mike Hager Carrie Hamblen Nancy Hamler Ronald Hanson Sandy Harness John Hart Grace Hartzler 740 E 'SM .I """2-1 W' -73' ,,,Y,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, , ,l,,,f'1i'sWT"'i"ql',i"QZ'i'1,'ls l Lluili anna lx'-Ulla I I-m , , m ,!, !, :IL S--lw"'4, 2 2 1 N -44419 , , ,,., ,, ,, , ,,,, ., l ,,,,,, "" 'X-'M v ' ' " , -'A gf,1ffvi"5525E1?2fzfiiiliizlifzi"35LQ11 N I , ' ' 2 "W"--ilvilli '1 .a?7?iiiz12:ili ,l,,.,,,,, , , i,s.,y , , Dancing by Jaml Archer "To be a professional you must be willing to sacrifice everything," said Lisa Himel, junior, "but when l'm on stage, it's all worth it." Lisa puts in at least ten to twenty hours of dancing per week. That doesn't include rehearsals. It hasn't been easy for her. "l've encountered a lot of re- jection from people and friends who can't accept how much time l need to spend with it." wwf 4. .,,., . W W. .. . WD, 1E:.:f'1 W?-, 5.1571 ,mm . 5,12 V Q 5 . fi.-'5ff'?f? EEE? Junior Lisa Himel pursues her dream She is a California native who began dancing in Houston at the age of eight. By the time she was thirteen, she audition- ed and was accepted to the Susan Francis Dancers, a local professional jazz company. "l get a lot of criticism from people who don't believe in what l'm doing. They think it's a crazy dream that l'll grow out of. They think I should go to college, get married, and have seven kids," she laughed. "Dancing is something I could never give up or walk away from. It's a part of me and all l've ever known." .i.i C7 f 'fist , - S Q, Q ,- Anil , X. , l Ir' Jerry Hedin Heidi Heim Anthony Henry Leticia Hernandez Jesus Hernandez Martin Herrera Miguel Herrera Karen Hess Lisa Himel Greg Hixon Monica Hoffman Eddie Horgan Lucy Hostos Rita House Larry Hout Daniel Howell Ruth Howell Dean Hunt Pat Hunt Sonya Jackson Patricia Jenkins John Jerome Beau Johnson Craig Johnson 141 Chris Johnson Dwayne Johnson Erica Johnston Charlie Jones Wade Jones Terry Jorgensen Jimmy Keller Linda Kelly Satasha Kelly Rita Kemp Steven Kesler Tracy Ketcherside Jennifer Krohn Lavella Kulp Kaysie Larson Mauricio Lastra Nancy Lavoie Hyo-Suk Leathers David Lee Jackie Leon Maria Linares Kelly Lindsey Karen Lide John Lindquest Caroline Look Pat Lopez Cecy Loya Jose Luna Raymond Lussier Acton Lynch Frank Maciejawski Hilario Magallanes Jim Mattingly Leiann Mar Tina Marino Marie Marks 742 H mmm! - g me SA wl...w..l" 19 . il. Z rkik igtfvw - 'if QW? Qi? ,f 'V'- -sfw:-A :sw -J-sfzzifgsza. K .ig?13ftigsgggiigsgzfm-fszsrzrls' 2: ,. -1a L -' v--1 4 1 N Q tttts 'fre I .1351 " 11:--1..:, -lffiri. -va ., M r mit, ' J . its tim K t . .QE 45 . ztfizizffz ..,kV at 3 . 9 -2 few. t TL P J 'vm' N K , ER i 3 I -- 5 I Luis Marquez Joe Martinez Juan Martinez Linda Martinez Maria Martinez Rosalie Martinez Ana Mata Sandy Mata Raymond Maxwell Mark McAllister Marvin McBurrows Edward McCormick Liz Mclntire Sylvia Medina Victor Medina Suzi Melton Michael Mench Walter Merriam Jerry Metzo Rebecca Michaels Robert Michalik Skip Mohedano Eleanor Molina Renee Montes Dianne Mora Carmen H. Morales Carmen L. Morales Hector Morales Eric Morgan Kim Morgan Mike Morgan Mark Morrell Dianna Moshauer Charlotte Mueller Sonja Mullinix Debby Mungo 145 Karen Melson Richard Munoz Pedro Murillo Stephen Murrell Kirsten Nash Beatrice Navarette Denise Nelson Alice Neumann Eddy Newby Jaqui Nicolosi Wendy Noring Rita O'Connor Michelle Oliver John Olsakovsky Leslie Onick lvonne Oquendo Adam Ortega Carlos Ortiz Melissa Ortiz Myrna Ortiz Scott Orzehowski Thomas Overshon Jose Pabon Jean Paicurich 144 Tech Vocational training well worth the trip by Remeta Hubbard The school day is a little dif- ferent for those students who spend part of their school day at Technical Center getting special training in a vocational career. Part of their school day is spent traveling in a school bus to Tech, located in Central El Paso. Morning students must be at school a little earlier to catch the bus and they return a little after lunch begins. The after- noon Tech students must leave their third period class a little earlier to have lunch before they catch the bus. They return to Andress a little after everyone else has left for the day. Most any Tech student will admit, however, that the special skills they learn make it well worth the trip. Diane Palmer Dustin Parke Parrish Parker Raymond Parker Tom Parker Troy Parker Mike Payan Derek Pearson Barbara Pena Jose Pereira Rosario Perez Brenda Peters Geri Pester Karla Peterson Melissa Peterson Caren Pettis Debra Phillipa Randall Pickett Andrea Pina Lauray Pindell Emilio Pittman Marcello Polanco Darcy Polk Lisa Pollock 745 X 2 W gig i its 1 gg57r m. ,LM-vm I i i , 3 5 Ji ,si , ., , ill f .L lie M we , J ,.,, J P' , , L Jesus Ponce s Samuel Ponce H Lovelys Powell Blayne Primozich Q L Cindy Price Kerry Quinn L L - w If M' . . 'wo Lupe Ramirez Jose Ramos Marisa Ramos Nancy Retiz Everardo Reyes Gabriel Reyes Jeffwchey oiioio s iioii Leslie Ritchie V Viiyi Jimmy Rivera ,i. . , P Wa n n a p h a R o b i n s o n j f ? P fix P Debbie Rodriguez Lorena Rodriguez Ricardo Rodriguez Sandra Rodriguez Carey Rojas Eddie Rojas Joe Romero Juanito Romero Marian Ross -- Jennifer Russell Kevin Sachs M Angie Ryan E. -is Jose Saenz Richard Salgado Lorri Sandefur Marco Sandoval Christine Scepanski Deanna Schaffino 50-W 746 'V gi sf' Jccccsce new 5 K 5 xv 5 iii ig Ai? if 3 ., ,f""" is ii I f' x iii gi l , l l N ,je eeeeee . ' , - i 1 i i l 1 it it , i ,i 5 , f T 5 T 1 T Q T, i, li, .1 f i ii I 'li ill l Ti li,ii+li'imt i :iii inn E1 1 ...1 ming: I xmgqa-K' lil ..x. , 3' W ,Ml W , 37 1, ' 'L" 'L" ' Q Q 1 . , L1,,l,,1f1, ,Q Eddie Schaffino James Schoemer Tina Schubert Arthur Scott Theresa Scott Eddie Serrano David Shaw Michelle Shepherd Carmen Shirwood Mike Silva Michelle Simmons Bill Simons Tina Slaight Andy Smith Esther Smith Jack Smith Matthias Smith Sam Smitherman Raymond Snider Cecilia Soto Joe Soule Danny Sparks James Spencer Sonny Stockton Jaye Stukey Lisa Summers Craig Sykos Mary Tate Yonnie Tauschek Linda Temples James Tenorio Berlinda Thomas Bart Thompson John Thompson Margaret'Thompso Veronica Tinajero 747 -H Fi F sl as sre W rts p rrzie r es 'lumix . M-wg E ' "'1:'A' ,.., ..,., A21' f E2-Q12A f QEZI if ..1: '1-'.g WWW' 2-2 .E ,2"m V V 'AV-., l"- a.it22 MLW ',,.,iL fi EZE l. Ea. 'e-,-f- EY Y ,ilglmg -'-. ,?- - """"' VY ,,.. ::,- H L was Karl Altheide Raquel Arenas DebbieArnold Margaret Campos Angela Ferman Lydia Gachupin Silvia Gonzzatti Jennifer Ladd Teresa Morrissette Wendy Noring Melissa Ortiz Greg Prohaska Danny Saavedra Gene Titus Ted Torres Marty Trottier Monica Valdes Lorena Valdez Pat Vargas Abi Vasquez Bernadette Vasquez Julie Vasquez Adela Velasquez Melissa Villarreal Lisa Vineyard Pat Wagner Karen Wallace Lori Warrix Alan Washington .W . -ff- 2 - Z ? N .V XV l. 1 JY' li , , 2 L. W Jaw! jf? 3 1 ff 2 2 K isii 5' " . siii 'i The music, drama, dance, and art department com- bined to present a fine arts Christmas program in December. It featured an art ex- hibit with work by students, music by the band, a play by the drama depart- ment, and dance numbers. Tr I-M 'Qi- gw 4 in X' x H , I ii -L fi in F arsi" it .Ji-S'-1 i 1 M Monique Washington Elena Waters Brad Weaver Sandi Welch Bryan Wells Althea Whelpdale Michael Welsh Jerry White Margot White Patrick Widner Rachel Wilbur Darlene Wiley Robert Wilkins Candice Williard Edward Williams Shelly Williams Yolanda Wilson Marion Wingate Jerry Winton Darryl Wisniewski Byron Wofford Jean Wood John Wood Sherri Woodford Dale Woodson Belinda Woolridge Todd Wyma Carmen Yanez Consuelo Zamorz 74? P TOP The cheerleaders were an T ever present and valuable part of the sports scene. CENTER Senior Felipe Soto strains to catch up and pass up a com- petitor in a cross-country meet. No matter how much educators and legislators might wish it were different, athletics is a big part of school life and it is a big reason why school is more mean- ingful and enjoyable for many. The axe fell on athletes and coaches this year, too, in the way of tougher eligibility re- quirements, primarily. Nonetheless, sports continued to play a large role in our lives this year and the thrills provided by the teams as they fought their way to championships, play- off berths, or just to stay in the running kept the fans excited and feeling proud of being a part of it, even if it was only in cheering and waving the yellow towels. The athletes, whether receiving honors as part of a team or as individuals, worked to bring recognition to their school. The spirit of teamwork which they learned was a benefit which they would never forget. P Cody Poke accepts a trophy from a local television station for his ef- forts and achievements on the foot- ball field. .,,t,,t , ,cic .,.,, .,, Z . c , sssfwew N . .. Q .5 x s X X X 3 1 '25 .Wax . 1 750 i vel , 6115! iw-wwfwwv-V 4 A member of the varsity football team lumps high at the thrill of hav- ing his team win the district championship. A CENTER Members of the girls' volleyball team relax in the stands following another hard-fought game. as sis QVW2 Lf we s. 5 tt , ,af s Q 4 5 ww seem nw VMQZQQV as as .f si- wise? 5 s. sms QV Qwja Q, ,QQ W its H K f Q1 -aw? QQQM ,V S Q5 we Ewsgeewxs My Q 5 wh :sf FQ 5 wk xf. SWQQVQ ,QQ ,Q s ii ,Q 5 ,H me Q Q ,Q Q ies K is ws Wm QQ as s QS smwfh we M L f if Q is SQMYQ 5 W ,QQ QQ Q Wg fi 'fs Lwfsl WV ,Q sky, 5155 HQ? sw LT QQ Q, , Vf S ,iw w gieswmxeg, Egg, sQ19'Kx,sW iw SQ K, QQ ,gg ,S sig MQ gn, Qty W rw si 5 ,QW ,MQ Qs w,,fiQ QQ QSM ,HQ 5, 5 ,, wr MQ :Q QV M Milfs QWZ fxeiw QQ A w!QsQ1,,Qif Swami' QQ W Q Q, 5 QM Qt 5 M if LQQQWQST JQWQQ5 Qs M Qffa 585515, W ,Q s Msiaggbaw rf! QWQZQQQQS Q ,QF ,YQ ,em SQ ,QQ ,wi wx' s Q ,Q Q Q in 'VT Q wb at im l Q Q Vki ,A 2 Q w ft J V Q Q f' VV ,V f. 1-V 'V LYV:-'fVif ' iii' in . fills "!'Vf','V VV ' 31 ff gg-Q VV fr,-,,, flaw g:2gf'ii' 3 ,V ,K VVVKVVJV V, , ,MM , VM:i..m?.,-Q:k:tt:.t5:QVt"fLse-115VVfu."'2SiQit: srriw 1"f :Sf2Al:t.1g:w2VV'p-l211Vi:tl'11-VV-WW :gl:5L'+-k.x+.sV,V5,fi.:s:.VV :VAN 53 ,kiVwt:,, gf.. ses, Y Vs Vi :Q j QV t'fE'f',5g-'Vflf I-1' "gj,.:lf2iiV:f :lj,:UV9'5V'ttgffiillfgffefffififikfli'-2553555532.g5"'v-Vi"7"'2??'g24"ff,,ii 1385"-,iw'WWlifissiii'l?VkfL:U5'lZ'll f2-:5T2EE.1i'1f'-'?:Lii7.iiV1l5V:E'J ii? 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A Observing courtesies in the bi- P Rght The "old" Eagle costume district play-oft game against Bel made its appearances at pep Air, the Eagle cheerleaders meet assemblies until the "new" Eagle, members of the Highlander squad donated by the seniors, debuted at midfield. the Homecoming assembly. 52 l i 1 A Yvonne Otero, Clndy Bunnell and Sheila Cheatham watch intently when the action gets intense at the Coronado game. Just like everyone else this year, members of the cheerleading squads faced many changes and coping with these changes was a challenge. Whereas before, members of the'squad were allowed to meet as a class during the last period, just like major sports, this year this chang- ed and the girls could only practice after school. In addition, eligibility re- quirements that applied to everyone also had to be met. The first semester the girls had to maintain a C average, the second semester they could not participate at all if they received an F in any class. The squads consisted of six members who put their A The JV squad Gene Tltus, Delflna, Bernle Vasquez, Josle Aguilar, Debble Gomez and Yvette Cisneros. A new challenge skills together with hard work to perform at all pep assemblies, boys' varsity games and girls' volleyball games. The JV squad also cheered at girls' volleyball games and boys' JV and B- team games, helped make posters, breakthroughs, and assisted the varsity cheerleaders in some routines. Joining the cheerleaders in arousing Eagle Pride was the Eagle Bird, brought to life by Irene Otero, Andy Dyba, and Charles Lloyd. A new costume donated by the senior class made its debut at the Homecoming pep assembly. He was a great attraction at all games. 155 agles emerge fops in disfrief lt took a lot of convincing on the part of the Eagle var- sity, but they finally made believers out of the rest of the city when they took the district championship and then went on to defeat Bel Air in the city play-offs. They showed everyone what "Eagle Pride" was all about. It wasn't easy. There were a few times and a few games that the Eagles wished they could have replayed. A key game that because of heavy rains had to be played on the slippery-slidey wet ar- P Bottom: Jimmy Frick, manager: Jimmy Jones, Greg Prohaska, Tony Smith, Mario Hostos, Cody Poke, John Lindquist, Luis Murillo, Ar- thur Scott, Victor Lara, Chris Ber- ryhill. Second row: Coach Vasquez, Coach Frick, Joe Colon, Steve Ortega, Mike Welsh, Scott Orzehowski, Eddie Green, Jim Castaneda, Darcy Polk, John Molina, Coach Berryhill, Chuck Wagner. Third row: Coach Sepkowitz, Bill Simons, George Markle, John Thompson, Clarence Seay, John Gunn, Daryl Foster, Jeff Lewis, John Damin, Coach Culber- son. Fourth row: Scott Heri, Mike Hager, Raymond Johnson, Mike Brezovsky, Steve Messimer, Emilio Pittman, Larry Hout. Fifth row: Jesse Brannon, Daryl Ervin, Rodney Wells, Byron Wofford, Chip Brasgalla, Raymond Maxwell, Ray Snider. V Assistant Coach Frick gives some sidelines instructions. D Coaches Berryhill and Sepkowitz watch intently as the Panthers on their home field give the Eagles a tough time, The Eagles won, though, 28-21. 754 tificial turf of the University of Texas at El Paso Sun Bowl was lost to the lrvin Rockets. But the next time the Eagles played that Sun Bowl, they made sure they emerged victors. That was in the city play-off when they beat Bel Air 34-12. lt wasn't the first district title for the Eagles or head coach Allan Sepkowitz, but, always before, they'd had to share it because of ties and then toss a coin to deter- mine which team advanced tothe regional play-off. This year the only toss was the one to determine where the regional play-off was held. The Eagles won this one and got the hometown ad- vantage against Midland Lee inthe now-familiar Sun Bowl. But it wasn't enough against powerhouse Lee, which, just like its neighbor- ing Odessa Permian, once more proved too big an obstacle for an El Paso team and that ended the season for Andress. But what a season! V Jimmy Jones strutts his stuff as he carries the ball. 4 Team members victoriously carry Coach Sepkowitz off the field after beating Coronado 12-2. V Senior Steve Messimer watches the action as he takes a breather on the sidelines. 755 Q 'E 'T-Q 756 QQ.. fhe way . . . 57 A , To fhe fop! 1 W 756' g Q! mail' 'QW Q--nuns-1 E A Junior varsity head coach Joe Vasquez goes over game strategy with Juan Vega and Raul De La Rosa. P Junior quarterback Ray Snider pitches the ball to a teammate against Austin. JV, Qophs have tough season While the varsity was busi- ly working on a bi-district ti- tle, the junior varsity and sophomore teams were hav- ing a tougher time with their opponents. The JV team, coached by Joe Vasquez and Michael Frick, began their season with two big wins, one over Mayfield 18-O and their first district game against Burges 31-22. Injuries to team members, ..,..,.. ..,. ..,.,, ,,.,. .,.... ,.,, ,, D, Q M, K however, made the season a little rougher later. The team did score two big vic- tories against Coronado C21-OJ and Bowie C12-OJ and ended up with a 4-3 record overall. They never were able to face their biggest rivals, Irvin, since that game was rained-out. The sophomores, coach- ed by Bobby Elliott and Jerry Antwine, had a tougher time at it. They lost their first two games of the season before coming back to beat Jefferson 42-6. They also won their next game against the El Paso High Tigers 25-6. Finishing with a 4-5 overall season record, the team also defeated Canutillo 52-6 in a non-district game, and Austin 16-5 before finishing up their season with a nar- row loss to Alamogordo 27-24. . r , ..,t A Coach Frick talks to his players about offensive execution. V A fine example of defensive play by two Andress tacklers. 160 x Q-ff! f 25 3555 N Y .5 1, if Alma!!! I f L7 5 'x 4011 ,ns 'J 'Lv f. 9 -1 A k Seb. A,5, I Qc' M 1 gy '?f'2' V Lack of heighf hurfs varsify The varsity volleyball team had great expecta- tions at the season's start but came up short, revealed coach Eva Navarro. The over-all record was 10-18 and 6-8 in district play. One of the setbacks was due to height. The team had quite a number of short players, which made the of- fense not as strong as could be. One of the best games Navarro said was against El Paso High. Andress out played the Tigers in two straightgames, with the score reading 15-8, 15-3. "We had balanced passes, sets and hits," Navarro said, adding that good serves also contributed to the win. The team ventured to an Amarillo tournament in September, returning home with the fourth place title. The most improved players offensively were Ana Cigarroa and defensively Eleanor Molina, according to Navarro. On a last note Navarro ad- ded, "We had a good group of kids but just couldn't find the winning combination." A Top row: Denise Nelson, Esther Salazar, Silvia Eaton, Ana Cigarroa, Melissa Garcia, Bea Navarette, Bon- nie Bustamante, Coach Eva Navarro.Bottom row: Eleanor Molina, Alice Gross, Cathy Dickson, Norma Fonseca, Mariza Valdez. V Mariza Valdez provides the need- ed concentration for a perfect bump. 762 . .N ,jg at 3 T ,.,,,.,. .,.. . . ,vw-art, v,.f. . , ,.... .,,.,.. , . .. . It E I t E 25, 2 El 2 ' i f- - . 4 tr "" at te , ii - as ,,,, . 4 . , - .... - . . '- . 1 V .... E. s T 1 ,, Swiss, ' z.,-, ..,., V -.. U 7 ,. .Q L2 s,,ff1hfz2ssfss:i5S:.-- tr Wi Q 1 f ,p uff 'f M. of .. . We ' ' " . LKV, I . ., WW s - r I .Q . ' 'f 'f T i ' ' C . 'z 3 W f 1, T f My 5 24,4 f ,sw o ur .. 'I' :fins-2' . 'SS fr INDICATES wiNNER . . .. . ...... .va 'las 'iv' .'v,..,v"""' 7-x ' M "'-4'-s o ' ,4-e"il' grit?" ,,,..... an-W , 4 Sophomore Denise Nelson shows her spiking ability while teammates back h,er up. V Cathy Dickson shows good form while playing the ball. A VJAVNMMWVMW , A Bonnie Bustamante backs up Esther Salazar to make sure the ball stays in play. 4 Setting, an important factor, was Alice Gross' specialty. i J fs W 763 P Melissa Garcia, Ana Cigarroa and Bea Navarette are in defense block- ing position. on aaan naaa aaaaaaaa s aa .riy Wf-- ,, 11 K T W ..J- -:L- ":' . V ., .l a.n-n s aaaanaaa naanaa a as Q naa s'ls aa n Biggs we B' A ll ' 'S as ish? ff as f .,,.W,,' W Aa ,ii .N . ,,aW,W. .W ,, ,aa,,aw,a.,. ., 1 V Y Q Q. - V K lwgwiwg X,., v :1'ff"+ s...,.1 ffl . . "5 P L av .s I 1 ,. n,aa as naan r a n kkyrh A -s ff--' VLKV A We . A Esther Salazar dmks at a home game against Jefferson D Bea Navarette skillfully bumps 764 wad! gum l-I-lf' nf' 4 The Lady Eagles show good team effort by all backing up the play. V As a back row player, Eleanor Mollna does her job well. nmwmm:x .lmwwi fi ' ' I 1 X' 'QV' 4 Y. HNLHXTN vu- . 1 f- , . . . ,rel -V i' if e .lwl ,., 4 Q i ' l'- 2 -Q ...- 1 . , fi I lgyl W f A , 7"ffjT?f l.: 3 1.1 g--- Q wuz .wins 1- -'Q 'X " K ' -' K '4 s,, M .ws V. 1 Awww! ,gm .. - . ,,.f ,. 'K 4 Mw.5"""4-u.a.,.W K W""""--m.,,. -W. ,, .sw .5 -vm 1 . .: . l -7' ' mKgp5s1,eie:n+'fM-N aa-I ' 4 ,', , -,Q' ,, - Q ' -ns suzu m I, ., W W v -f -, W . bl,. if ,1 . M-Qsw in N, 4 - ,Sv mwaxv- 1. ,Rudy-"' wwtwA,,,.., e " W s gr 'lv 0-f'o""'w' 'fi'-3,1 .,le ,MM gs' i l WMM e egele . . l WWw1.,..i...4..,,,, A Bonnie Bustamante forcefully spikes one at the Bowie Bears. 4 With all eyes on Denise Nelson, she serves the ball. 165 JV Volleyball feam wins disfrief fifle lt was the kind of season most coaches only have once in a lifetime, according to J.V. volleyball coach Bill Rivas. The team ended it's season with an overall record of 20 and 2. The girls also brought home a district championship trophy, finishing 13 and 1 in district play. These results were due to the dedication of the entire team. "lt's very difficult to select any one or two players as outstanding because they all gave such a great effort. l would have to say all my players were my best players," Rivas said. Looking back, Rivas com- mented that their best game was against Coronado. They went into the game with some fear because Cor- onado was a major force in district also,but came out with no mistakes and the score reading 15-3 and A Sonya Corrales backs off to let Virginia Colon serve-recive. V Kelly Maclejewskl spikes one through Jefferson's attempted block. 166 15-6. Rivas concluded, "We had a tough group that over- powered other teams." Their hard work, determina- tion, persistance and never- say-die attitude all con- tributed tothe winning team and their exceptional season. ii 4 Top row: Berlinda Thomas, Stella Vargas, Irene Otero, Lucy Hostos. Middle row: Billie Look, Kelly Maciejewski, Lorena Rodrlguez, Sonya Corrales, Toni Acosta. Bot- tom row: Kelly Yoshida, Toni Blaes, Virginia Colon. The managers are: Dawn Slaughter and Amy Silva. ,mv It-' ff.,- x -, .,...,-gust-w:, ' ri' K if fe ' gy I4- Wf 4 ,V as f fi ff V, vw Q, lil" .ov- -when A Lorena Rodriguez carefully bumps the ball to set up Eagle offense. 4 Stella Vargas watches Kelly Yoshida pick up a spike. 767 Cross-Country teams improve Boys' and girls' cross- country is a sport that re- quires speed, endurance, and more importantly, determination to run that extra mile. Boys run three miles and girls run two miles over various types of terrain such as grass, sand, dirt, pave- ment, and rocks. Runners must be prepared to run under any weather condi- tions because it varied at the meets which were usual- ly held Saturday mornings. Workouts began the first day of school and ended in late October, though many runners actually worked out on their own over the sum- mer. Runners lift weights, run long distance, work hills do intervals, and also work on speed to prepare for competition. The cross- country team had 25 run- ners and one manager. Coach Lucy Neiman was pleased with this year's teams, but hopes they'lI im- prove even more next year. She named Paula Garcia and Adon Garcia as the most im- proved runners on the varsi- ty teams. Neiman said the highlight of the season was winning the first place trophy at the Gadsen Invitational. This was the first girls varsity trophy won since she began coaching cross-country here. Both teams had stiff competition at district but the girls' varsity finished 5th and boys' varsity 6th. 5 1t-2' ,... E EMEWSEE 1-..- C sss- iios X acf .. , E P' . -vinw 2 ,.. S .tt i" 'iii 3 -fi.-..:- .... -.. W S -:- ..:.:t ,-i ii Zff fffi riil Q .f., .,. ,,,..... a l iltl f Lzii i t "1t ' li" '.-' "-'1.' --'-. ':.- -" Ei' ti: ia SN iii, ,., ' , E':t ' "::t:2 C i iz' :"::"i -ti iiti 'mfg 1 .,,- ifti- -fk3k- 1 In n' if , z ' fl :EE . -.-- Q tt, -i E:5E: i i fl ll i rrt ti tt,t t .t S f f -i fi J ri mm -r t iii.. '-'it ,.,,. . .. F i A ' .-' " "- -, E - i t . tutt gff ,, it i B i i i ' i l Ei' :" 1 5, 1 t 5 . . A .,. . S A S ' ' S ii 5 A li S il. , l fot if l . it A Stretching and concentration ' 555 5 . 3 5 l ' before the race begins at the Cor- zzg :Z :-- Q l onado Invitational are Geri Pester, it' 22" ,--- Eltggwrsihss gut' mf '.',, --i ! . ,Q Str .." IQQ , .,g , l , ,.:- . ::' . gr 5,3:'aa.,,:.,55, Paula Garcia, Tamara Morgret, "" E l JuIieVaSquez,and Cindy Peart. S gt S ,. rf V ' zt- is P Teammates Chris Cole and Jimmy Keller wait for their race to start at the Bel Air Invitational. 766' P A first place trophy was earned by the girls' varsity team at the Gadsden Invitational. Proudly displaying the award are Yvonne ' Campos, Virginia Medina, Irene Vasquez, Geri Pester, Tamara Morgret, and Paula Garcia. Y' ii 4 Coach Lucy Neiman waits, timing her runners at the Coronado Invitational. V First row: Coach Lucy Neiman. Second row: Caron Meloche, Kelly Steele. Third row: Irene Vasquez, Jimmy Keller, Julie Vasquez, Mario Castro, Patricia Polk, Richard Salgado, Tamara Morgret, Felipe Soto. Fourth row: Virginia Medina, Rudolpho Herrera, Geri Pester, Adan Garcia, Paula Garcia, Gary Winton, Brenda Peters, Danny . L L .- Maldonado, Yvonne Campos, Patrick Widner, and Audelia Velas- quez. Not shown: Mike Coppock, Pat Lopez, Amanda Banks, Cindy Peart, Chris Cole, and John Bings. or-5 'lil ...L A f i ,,, is ' is ,. 4996, 4 Leading the pack at the Bel Air In- vitational is J.V. runner Jimmy Keller. A Coach Neiman gives a pep talk to varsity runners Danny Maldonado, Richard Salgado, Felipe Soto, and Mario Castro before they run at the Bel Air Invitational. 4 It was the custom of some ofthe runners to say prayer before a race. Shown here are, Pat Lopez, Richard Salgado, Mario Castro, Adon Garcia, Geri Pester, Tamara Morgret, and Paula Garcia. 767 Soccer adds new dimension fo afhlefios There were many changes inthe curriculum of the El Paso school district this year. Changes also occured in the athletics program with the addition of both a boys' and girls' soccer team. The boys' soccer was coached by David DelToro. Coach DelToro said that, like most coaches, he had never played or coached soccer before, so this was a new experience for him as well as for most of the boys who showed up to play. Coach DelToro stated that his first year as coach of the boys' soccer team was hard because he had only coach- ed baseball before. However, he also stated that he would be better prepared as a coach next year because he'll have a year of experience under his belt. There were 16 members and one manager on the boys' team. Coach DelToro was pleased with this amount and said. "They were good kids both on and off the field." He also said that he was pleased with their playing abilities as a team and that the one game they won against Jefferson was their best. The boys' soccer team ended its season winning one game, losing ten, and tieing three. Coaching the girls' soccer team was a new experience for Kim Phillips, too. This was her first year at Andress and she described it as "a challenging, but rewarding job." The girls' team consisted of 18 members and one manager. Coach Phillips hopes to have more girls next year because she thinks once other girls find out about the soccer team they will get interested and want to be a part of it. She also hopes to have some of the girls from the junior highs join her team. Coach Phillips was pleas- ed with her team's perfor- mance and hopes next year they will be even better. She said that their best game was the second time they played Burges because they got to play more as a team. Their worst game, she said, was against Coronado who had so much more ex- perience than they did. The girls' soccer team ended its season winning three games, losing ten, and tieing one. Both coaches agree that soccer in the school district will be more successful in the future, both as a team sport and as a spectator sport. S sw-rs--as K ,. Q . . ft3swgf..Q.t .ggkgf i 'L . E s 770 A First row: Ben Carreon, Didy Haguewood, Richard Hanway, Paris Bayardo, Jeff Richey, Yong Mun, Andy Dyba, Tony Smith. Second row: Manager Frank Almanza, Steve Ortega, Kevin Newman, Ken- neth Brar, Chris Goettlicher, Carl Johnson, Anthony Alvey, Robert Aldaco, Thomas Kopcinski, Coach DelToro. 4 Coach Phillips and team members Yvonne Vasquez, Tina Slaight, and Olga Luna watch and cheer on their team at one of the many soccer games. V Maria Cobos and Maria Zuloaga pass the ball as an opposing player from Austin looks on. K I dm. r 'W Mrs f, ,f,,,,, r-'Q' cc ' A- K rf V, ,af A Sylvia riguez kicks ethe ball to Maria Co os, as number 32 Lucy Hostos tries to get in on the action, 2 In T: A First row: Yvonne Vasquez, Letty Morales, Olga Luna, Maria Zuloaga, Miriam Castaneda, Geri Pester, Lucy Hostos, Tina Slaight. Second row: Coach Phillips, Bertha Her- rera, Velia Munoz, Lorena Rodriguez, Adela Velasquez, Missy Garcia, Tracy Berube, Brenda Peters, Rosa Holguin, Paula Garcia, Maria Cobos. ln., X r as ,Ill vis. 777 Wresfling team sends fwo fo sfafe fourney The varsity Eagles had a great 1984-1985 wrestling season. The Eagles placed third in district, had more wrestlers place than ever before, and coach Oscar Miranda sent two wrestlers to the state tournament. The Eagles wrestled some tough New Mexico and Texas wrestling teams this season, but showed they 'could be competitive when they placed third in district. The Eagles got most of their team points from the light and middle weights in which there were more experienc- ed wrestlers this season. Coach Miranda had more wrestlers place in District Wrestling Tournament than ever before. Victor Faz, Raul De La Rosa, and Felipe Soto place second in district, Jim A Jlm Castaneda tries to escape. P Fellpe Soto works on a pin against an opponent from Mayfield in the Carlsbad Wrestling Tournament. 772 P Head Coach Oscar Miranda, wrestler Eddle Rojas, and Assistant Coach, Ricardo Flores. Castaneda place third, and both Timo Melendez and Eddie Rojas place fourth. Coach Miranda sent two wrestlers to the Texas High School Wrestling Champion- ships after having coached at Andress for three years. These wresters were Faz and Soto. lt was the first time these wrestlers went to state. "l'm glad I made it to x , State my senior year and got sixth place, but I wish I could have experienced it years before because I would have probably had a better chance of placing higher," said Soto. Team captains this season were seniors Luis Murillo, Gary Cornwell, Faz, Soto, and Castaneda. i .A ,fa , f- v 1, wx 1' -X :yi-, - K K.: K 4 Leo Baquera Tlmo Melendez Eddle Rojas 98Ibs. 105lbs. 126Ibs. -Q- J' -Q.-:fl ,J . A.. f Y l' 4 , Raul De la Rosa Jlm Castaneda Fellpe Soto Gary Cornwell 132 lbs. 138 lbs. 145 lbs. 153 lbs. .l Jose Pantqja Luls Murlllo Vlctor Faz 167 lbs, 185 lbs. Heavyweight 7 ai V Coach Miranda goes over strategy with the wrestlers at a meet. A i i 3 iii, N L. A Team, Top row: Pat Wldner, Jim Castaneda, Felipe Soto, Gary Corn- well, Jose Pantoja, Luis Murillo, Victor Faz, and Coach Oscar Mlran- da. Bottomrow: Leo Baquera, Timo Melendez, Victor Lara, Emmanuel Oliver, Eddie Rojas, and Raul De Ia Rosa. S Q 4 Victor Faz tries to pin his .girzuxjjai 3 X 2 if xx a 3 Q N3 - 1 t Q Q 1' X T3 S S K 3 as N ig fs' ,ff 1 1 i X it F5 si f ie 5 X xx' x' if ,x E . . K gi , .w1l:g ! g: S X3 ,ef ,fi IE i 3 3 ga T51 at F i , H255 age L X Q ,5- sg . K sw 5, - eg if 1 + 1 'S A ii- at - 5 Q3 swine. is is 5 ,, tt .,N, , .. . . ?4'fm1q,f, t 'K V . Q Aff? A' 'N ' ' P XS- ,1- 111 mil - E Y' a kg , gf to 5552 . . .--. K ' 'N 1 Q - .-feigsltig ,5 Miva-in ..-Lau V r , . !E4,.i,,w . ..,, at ,, . Q ,., NW. yew 3 3 1 w ,. 1 1 E! X 2 J .ff Elsie- ww 4,1 :S-23,2 rvizz-'iw-12.2 X ' ' at ' i i 5 3:1'iii:-'-2-Y:fre-WZ-:'wff1E1s:f -S '2 A , -vr-,:1f'fS1' 51 f1fi.ii':1fi1-ff "-LL 'e 4 - S2 .Mi H-ggi . K V K egg pg A ,Vgff .W,- ,. Q 335, i 1 . QQ 5 x ...B., , K rl ml gk W i , L. QQ: ' kilzff 31 Q 11 -ig of-1 31233 6 a 1 t K - E Q 3 ' V 'gf 1 1 V X i m,AL xx i f' ai , f mfg' 22 Z A Gary Cornwell tries to get control of his opponent. 4 Wrestling Captains: Luls Murillo, Jim Castaneda, Victor Faz, Gary Conrwell, and Felipe Soto. 775 A Varsity Basketball team: Coach Fernie Hernandez, Vlnce Ramlrez, Emilio Pittman, Marvln McBur- rows, Robert Newton, Byron Wof- ford, Daryl Ervln, Rodney Wells, Revis Rankin, Mark Morell, Coach BilIRivas. P Marvln McBurrows goes up for a jumper against Mlke Duran of Riverside for Two points. 776 P Martiz Huff gets way above the rim on a break-away with no defense in sight. A James Melson goes through some heavy traffic as the defense collapses on him. 4 Special Events Scoreboard tells the story of the Andress victory V Rodney WBHS S095 DY Riverside over the Riverside Rangers. defense and draws a foul. - .1 . A 1 em fn - ia' A ,f Team tops district The Eagle basketball team, coached by Fernie Hernandez, played up to their expectations. The team was ranked all year as one of the five best. When the season was all over, they proved to be the best winn- ing the district title and ad- vancing to the regional playoffs. There were few teams who could stop the Eagles' explosive offense. The run- and-gun offense has always worked for the Eagle team and with a variety of full court presses, they were hard to beat. After a slow start, the Eagle team started to play like they knew they could. Starting with the E.P.l.S.D. city tournament where they routed the Jefferson Foxes in the championship game and took home the first place trophy. A few weeks later, they went to the powerhouse Hobbs, New Mexico Tourna- ment. They showed great character, taking the se- cond place trophy in front of teams like the '84 state champs, Bryan High School, and Altus High from Oklahoma. When district finally rolled around, they did not let up, winning 12 out of 13. This put them easily in first place in the 1-5A race. They went to the bi- district playoffs and faced the 25A runner-up team Riverside Rangers. Despite their jittery performance, they did the job beating Riverside 46-45 in the Special Events Center. "They were scared to death. They were playing like it was the first game of the season," Coach Her- nandez said. With this bi-district vic- tory, the Eagles record sparkled at 24-7. The Eagles took a nine game winning streak to the area playoffs where -they met Lubbock Monterey. Despite a hard fought game, the Eagles fell short to the Lubbock team 54-52. 177 , V L. .,LL I 5 A,. ,, t Ll 4 '-.b 5 LLLLLL t g W . A Power forward Martiz Huff goes up strong over Irvin opponents for some hard-earned points. A Rodney Wells shoots a foul shot while everybody crashes the boards for a possible rebound. P Junior guard Mark Morrell shoots a jumper in a picture-perfect form. 3 W is .. .. N 2 f . r,ee r trter e,eedd t 'e s " tfgsfar' Y r H -"' 4. .er.e Lei . t, Vqg r "ff an ' '- - Q Q. i..,,- ,-1, A .,,. .wx 'K ee , . - rrr-r e -- , s '51 " --v1- f"a.1f in 73" - W -' .-rg-new-.,. -KN, -, , W 1 J: -gms:-,:fx:. . . .. vw f si A ff - if ,e1sszs:21f1g:,'-tf xi Kiss X Eagle team starts their pregame ef rmup before the start of the Jef- son game at home. V During the first quarter action. Robert Newton attempts a jam as everyone watches under the basket. s"'r"'e' ferr:-'erifisritazg -'www' "" : 'L Pf f,.,,. 5' H W,.W. . A Robert Newton outjumps Irvin opponent for the ball at the start of the Andress-Irvin game. . ' A Rodney Wells goes up for a layup as he gets fouled from behind. Discipline leads JV fo disiriof fiile The junior varsity basket- ball team had an extraor- dinary season this year. ln his fourth season at the helm, Coach Bill Rivas guid- ed the team to a district title with an 11-2 record. The team's overall season record of 19-6 was mainly the effect of discipline, Rivas said. "At the end of the year, when we had tough games, I really believe it was discipline that helped us more than anything," he commented. Basketball is a very demanding sport, it com- bines skill and physical stamina and unites them to mold a basketball player. Ac- cording to Rivas, it "requires a lot of voluntary time by the players. You have to be a very special person to play basketball and yet keep up your grades and personal ife." Looking back on the season, Coach said, "Our toughest games came against El Paso, Coronado, and Austin. All three of those games were nail-biting experiences." Z 2 X0 A The JV basketball team, Stan- ding: Jesse Davis, Byron Vaughn, William Doctor, Kenny Johnson, Chris McAdams, Marcello Borrero, Greg Hickson, Ben Quesada, Kent Carson, Mike Reyes. Kneeling: David Pinson and Tony Gonzalez. P Greg Hickson skies over his op- ponent for two as Mike Reyes trails. -it . K ..V. iw. gx ,, 41 4 William Doctor beats his man to V Chris McAdams wins the jump- the basket to break a 14-14 tie ball to start the game off for the towards the end of the first half. eagles. NWGHQIKL fx- of i 'Q 'iw 1, 7 ,Mi -ai. I ""-.,, ' W W s was NN, ,,,,,...- f- '-A M Nw . , ,,,..-J--"""M .,..Hw" "" ' Li it X ..',,,...-- sf""'... jump-shot. A The Doctor pulls up for a short 4 Robert Soltis airs it out from in- side the free-throw line. gf 3,3 X if , . . 'D ' g 1 J ' -,. I Q . l of lilgt a t ff . fi,,i I '5 ' ,, - -' Q.. -3" if git -N kW'W X T '35 ., C H Sams plows over th 4' , Y- Nu.. de ender A le attempting to score. ' , l ' W if S-so ..-fp The Varsity Girls' Basket- ball team came into the year with a good attitude and a lot of confidence. The An- dress girls started the season with five returning players. The Eagles finished the season 12-133 district 7-7A. When asked about their toughest games, Coach Rita Minjarez replied that Burges, Coronado, and Irvin were tough. All three of these teams were in the run- ning for the top two spots in district. There were many ac- complishments in the year for the team. Not only did they work hard to play as one, the girls got along well with each other, another plus. But the greatest ac- complishment the team had was learning to play man-to- man defense. The team also won first place in the Canutillo tournament. Head coach Rita Minjarez commented, "This team showed a lot of pride and character through-out the season. We played very well as a team and I saw a lot of improvement in all my players. The team lacked ex- perience and height but we peaked at the right time. The girls gained confidence and that's when we became very competitive and won most ofour games." Coach Minjarez names Risa Geary as most improv- ed player of the year although all the team work- ed to improve. Most valuable player was Patricia Collins. A Nancy Vega and Laura Ackley carefully watch the game. l..........Y tea'rh A 1 P Pat Colllns passes the ball to her teammate. P 1984-85 Girls' Varsity Basketball team: Amanda Banks, Francine Jones, Ana Clgarroa, Rlsa Geary, Veronica Blackston, Patrlcla Col- llns, Nancy Vega, Eleanor Mollna, Vlrglna Medlna, Angela Maynard, and Laura Ackley. 7672 1 W 4 Francine Jones takes a free- V Pat Collins looks for an open throw shot after being fouled. teammate. L-m s: - Is? ill - . f .1 ' , 'K 1 : V I . - f f L " "' ' i bsf if may E 4The Eagles rebound the ball from A Risa Geary takes the ball from the Rockets. the Bowie Bears. 7675 V The team tries to recover after a P Pat Collins takes the ball down jump-ball. the court. Www ,M ,Tv 754 -1' - , 4-M' . '---.... A Pat Collins dribbles down court against Irvin. JW are wry? Qifmpai iafqpigwxgw-5 er'- 1 Q ab In iff' V Whnie In the process of stealing A Pat Collins shoots for two during the Andress-Bowie game. 4 The Eagles warm up before their game. Young girls' jv basketball feam works hard "The girls' junior varsity basketball team was mosty sophomores who really worked hard this year," said coach Eva Navarro. Their practices were held every day, except for game days, in the gym from seven a.m. through first hour. The team's biggest rivals were the Coronado T-Birds and the Burges Mustangs, who gave them their only losses in the first round of district competition. Coach Navarro com- mented on her players, "Their overall attitude as a team was a good one. ln- dividually, Kim Kretzchmar was the most improved re- bounder. Irene Otero was the most improved offensive player, Ronnita Robinson was the most improved defensive player and the best all around player was Donna Ellis. Navarro enjoyed being the basketball coach, she said, "When the players improve and start doing things well it makes you feel good." Navarro also feels that because the players worked so hard they had a very suc- cessful season. a tough 7876 A Linda Temples watches her out- side shot and gains two points for the team. P Top row: Coach Eva Navarro, Narkitta Hines, Linda Temples, Irene Otero. Middle row: Michelle Tafoya, Samantha Hill, Kim Kretz- chmar. Bottom row: Lacy Joyner, Ronnita Robenson, Lorena Valdez and Donna Ellis. g gg yyggyny W ,Wi ..... . ,,., MWWWM ..,... . EDM F LTA 5 2 A gf, :!: Q mg QNX Sawm- v Ht, A,N i v -...,,,,.M0 W-m.,..,,,,.. A Kim Kretzschmar takes her turn at the free-throw line in effort to catch up the twopoints the lady Eagles trail. 4 Donna Ellis shoots for another valuable free-throw. 4 'Donna Ellls shows good fgrm whale up agamst tough competltnon Qmall feam The girls' gymnastics team was relatively small, according to Coach Rosemary Arriola. There were ten members and only four returnees. The captain of the squad was senior Maria Treesh and co- captain was junior Kimberly Morgan. Most girls who made the team had had the basics of gymnastics taught to them at a junior high school or in private classes. Some started new, however, but they had to really work hard and have a strong desire to participate. The girls competed in four events - vaulting, the uneven bars, the floor exer- does well cise and the balance beam. They practiced for these events during third period and through their lunch hour. ln district competition, which was March 27-28, the top six girls in each event qualified to go to state. Coach Arriola recieves the satisfaction of working and learning with her girls. She stated, "Seeing improve- ment, even in one semester gives great satisfaction. The first year I coached, the team took last place. Last year we came in fifth. Hopefully this year we will improve our ranking and if someone goes to state, it will make my year." IX? A Leslie Huntley shows great poise and character in her floor exercise at an Irvin meet. P Coach Arriola takes an active part while showing Linda Farrow how it should be done. 5 wa?" W L 4 Chrlstlne Scepanskl aims high for a good performance on the uneven bars while Coach Arriola looks on. V Team members converse in the lobby of the gym before a home meet. S A Bottom row: Brenda Harrell, Chrlstlne Scepanskl. Second row: Gllda Slrmons, Marla Casalgne, Marla Treesh. Third row: Leah Carter, Leslle Huntley and Llnda Farrow. Top row: Gene Tltus, Kimberly Morgan and Glna Slmmons. 4 Manager Sam Chol checks out the gymnastic equipment. IX? Swimmers do well despite small team size The Andress Eagle's swim team increased in number this year but their coach still would have liked the six-boy, four-girl squad to have been larger. The team practiced Mon- days through Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:00 at Veteran's Park Pool. they worked long and hard and began each workout with ten or more laps for warm-up before the actual practice started. Their meets were held on Fridays and Saturdays. Coach Tom Malley said that this year's most im- proved swimmer was Stephanie Apodaca. Coach Malley enjoyed seeing the swimmers improve and win Hzzlf 1 He stated, "Just dealing with this age group is a reward in itself." One of the team's seniors, Fritzi McDonald started swimming at age twelve in Panama. She has been on the Andress swim team for four years. She swam the 200 freestyle and finaled in regionals. Fritzi said, "Being on the swim team has enabl- ed me to meet a lot of people." Fritzi and Coach Malley both commented on the need for more swimmers. Coach Malley concluded, "We could have been the best team in El Paso if we had more swimmers." .l is 790 A Top row: John Gallpeau, Wllllam Colllns, Todd DePauw. Middle row: Rlta Kemp, Andy Gallpeau, Frltzl McDonald. Bottom row: Carl Tedesco, Stephanie Apodaca. Not shown are: Carol Baum, Nancy Barns, and Dan Sparks. P John Gallpeau dives at a early morning practice at Veterans's pool. 4 Frltzl McDonald, Stephanie Apodaca and Rlta Kemp all who ad- vanced to regionals, sit at pool side. wa- lxl .mf-"""'W l l s A Coach Tom,MalIey signals how many laps his swimmers have left. 4 The boys race each other to bet- ter themselves for the real competition. V Steve Messlmer gets ready to throw the shot-put as Jesglg P Mike Hagar and other runners Branon and Arthur Scott wait their practice improving their times for turn. the Andress Invitational. 1' ,, 5 A g , '-.' "" a V I. f W--'Lmgf' r , Q , u , W, , K V a kv Hhwm kr we ,,,,, m,,.e,..eLQjg, k nga , V 5 ,V .ml g ,5 , , , ,Q ,,,, , f A , 5, ,,,,,f, 215, ,iii ,, ' ' 4 . " M 1, ' ' ,, swf. 'f 'wa' lla fi' ' A -'VLWIJ ,eq ' , ,W -Q Q , I V, , V f F an , , W:m,- Q 'w,,rm ,Ne "'QriZa..,z.m,,,W..sM,mff,,,U,,.-my L- ,,,, ff . V' ' " " Vx, ,. ,,,, .. . ,,,, i, ,,,,,,, eff! -ft , , ,, ,, "., H A M, y,,,,f,lVf4w,w45T2'VM3g A V , vw I F , A fi ,Wi , L 'VM Q, 'fr' i it r J' A . I-V, . for' fy f,:-f .-.t , ' f A S E 'l3:M:SEil1'???E?!1E?fi- :liziiwfggi , V V , , t E 5 - - k . 4' 2 E exe x if X Qx QQ sf x- v t ' , :T '. .,- ,X f-Wo, 'tu .. R, , ss.. iiz 1 Si "'i"iig'1iiTEiHgiS.1EQ Qvugg'-1: L ' -e mg, X .H Q, 1. .. ,, K Sag 1235 ,gg-Q 2, A Running 100 yard sprints for warm-up, is one of the many events assigned to these runners for practice. P First row: Jesse Branon, Larry Hout, George Markle, Steve Messlmer, Arthur Scott. Second row: Malcolm Jackson, Fred Sunderman, Marlo Hostos, Gary Wiley, Gaylon Greer, Clarence Seay. Third row: German Vergara, Jerry Porter, Adrlan King, Steve Hernandez, Dana Droeke, Mlke Hagar, Horward Gentry, John Gunn. Fourth row: Wlllle Nevelle, Charles Cooper, Cllff Gragely, Ed- dle McCormick, Fablen Vega, Greg Escalante, Manny Marquez, Mark Contreras, Jlmmy Keller, Marlo Castro, Rlchard Salgado, Arturo 4--P-QW' Chavez, Gllbert Lopex. . 172 Boys' track team brings experience' Coach Bobby Elliott had Hoffman, Steve Messimer, great hopes for this year's and Gary Wiley as most varsity team and hoped to improved. come out on top. He ex- pected stiff competition The track team started from Austin and last year's out its season hosting the champions Burges. Andress Invitational, Coach Elliott said that February 23. their strongest events would be the long jump, pole vault, and 400-meter relay. He named Mike Hagar, Chris ,gen Q Q , ' nw-Q ff . ,...,, ,... ,. iriii T lsleif X f- t ,..,.,, N,.,,...,-,..-... . - ...A fi 1. . , . 1 Q an ,lr 1, ,.,- My - .fm mv Nw. 'L .Q me 'V ff .-,- f: I-.wi--. f - - .. of w....l L , ,. ., t , o ltss N - r' i' l .fl , ff. F l v . 1. 1'-ls-V-----u.-..-. f l v . M1 4 Gary Wlley runs one of the many A Glenn Schlosser works on his sprints assigned to him for practice. pole vault form 35 Davld LGB' IOOKS on. 193 Meefs help gain skill Participation in track meets each weekend was the way runners gained pro- ficiency before their district competition. This marked the fourth year our school hosted the Andress Invitational track meet. This is usually the first meet where both the boys' and girls' track teams com- pete together. Our teams competed against various teams from the EI Paso and Ysleta school districts. Those teams invited were Bel Air, Bowie, Burges, Coronado, Hanks, Irvin, Jefferson, and Parkland. Since no extracurricular activities can take away from class time, girls' track had to qualify Friday after- noon at four and boys' track had-to qualify Saturday mor- ning at nine. All finals were run Satur- day afternoon at one. The girls' track team took first place, while the boys track team took third, behind the winners Burges and runner- up Irvin. Francine Jones tied the meet record in the high jump by clearing 5 ft. 4 in. This also set a new school record. Clarence Seay set a new meet record in the 100-meter race with a time of 10.8 seconds, which is one-tenth of a second faster than the last record set. Other track meets includ- ed the Parkland Invitational, the Irvin Invitational, the West Texas Relays in Odessa, and the Bowie Relays. A Andress track members sit and stretch as they wait for their event at the Andress Invitational. P Gaylon Greer struggles for a fast break off the starting blocks at the Parkland Invitational. l?4 V Gary Wlley tries to keep his lead as he gets ready to clear the last hurdle at the Parkland Invitational. aade .W L l . eeee 4 if "-. aQ-: 1 P 4 D 1 I --7"fZ-?ez 'j -V xI..Ni5,4. - QQ ,s f L S I . ,1 .,.,s . . sts 4 i, --' E ,,,. I P ls.,. .ii P d'x d r"-f ,,w, . " "'a rr aaaar tt rrer drrrr It it I :' ' 'A1r'r"i'A Wm, X..,a, 'sftr X,,, 4 ,aaba g gg M ,. g fgil M VN M" E i QS t 3W,fQQ.l7'7 m Ih M Q . , I My-ee 5 ' W ' s- Sgilyf--N I Q',-w' B "'-- It 'W' . as 'WTV' 4,h' --.,... ,.., v,.,, . -Za . x-V4xr4 kkLA,k . M K K T,, ,fi ,Ti kkyk !, Lb-H 'P gg Y ...N rlrd :'h a,ra " I 1- eeelf I I t. I ll N "- l I 'I ' -A --,.. , . I ara , gigs EH X- 1 f p l lr'rlQ .dee ' .Sl .Q so is W ix Q 5 as I 1,1 to . reed rrrrl ,.,. Q We . a I Meets , 4 5 ,L ,.,, ,aW. . KI" 1 . Virk E ,,,' . K." ',', fllTf1iQf.QQ., . - ,gfggws tw ..,., a,ae rrrw .... . ar,..r , , i . 'LALL ima? I MW ...,, --'e V vita ikeqxqt ,,,r s H ---W .,aaWa.r 4 Daryl Irvlng gets ready to jump another hurdle in the 100-meter 'iz hurdle race at the Parkland Invitational. A Lorena Valdez shows good form as she clears another hurdle at the Parkland Invitational. 4 An Andress runner attempts to give her all as she works to beat her opponents at the Parkland Invitational. V Bernadette McBurrows strives for a good jump at the Parkland Invitational. 4 Adan Garcla tries to stay with the leaders in the 3200-meter race at the Andress Invitational. 195 Region runners of 1984 refurn for more In 1984 both track teams sent a total of 14 runners to the Region Track Meet held in Lubbock, Texas. These runners qualified for the region meet by placing first or second in their event at the District meet. For the girls' track team Amanda Banks qualified in meter relay, Edwina Hunter qualified in the 200-meter race and the 800-meter relay, and Melissa Jackson qualified in the 100-meter race and 400-meter relay. Also qualifying for the girls' team were Fancine Jones in the high jump and 400-meter relay, Linda Kirk the 800-meter relay and the in the hurdles and the 400- 1600 meter rela Yvonne meter rela Stac Leggett ' yi yi y Campos qualified in the long in the 400-meter relay, and jump, 400-meter race, and Bernadette McBurrows in 1600-meter relay, Pat Col- lins qualified in the 800- meter relay and the 1600- +- the triple jump, the 800- meter relay, and the 1600- meter relay. 3' i in l' ,, i j 5 .M-ffi,,.,W . . fi g The 1600-meter relay placed highest for the girls' track team by coming in third. This was only one place from qualifying to the State Meet, held in Austin, Texas. For the boys' track team Melvin Davis qualified in the high jump, Chris Hoffman qualified in the 400-meter relay, Mario Hostos qualified in the 400-meter relay, Clarence Seay qualified in the 100-meter race, 200- meter race, and 400-meter relay, and Gary Wiley qualified in the 400-meter relay. Melvin Davis placed highest for the boys' track team by winning the high jump and qualifying to the State meet, held in Austin, Texas. Here he placed se- cond, thus making him the second best high jumper in the state of Texas. A Region qualifiers Bernadette McBurrows, Franclne Jones, Pat Collins, Yvonne Campos, Amanda Banks, and Edwlna Hunter. P Region qualifiers in the 400- meter sprint relay, Chrls Hoffman, Marlo Hostos, Clarance Seay, and Gary Wlley. l?6 4 Francine Jones tries clearing the high jump bar. This is one of the events she qualified for region in. 4 Melissa Jackson and Francine Jones practice their sprints from the starting blocks. M3 A Amanda Banks practices her sprints to keep in running form for region. 4 Edwlna Hunter and Bernadette McBurrows practice improving their running form. ' , ..Q: 23, l si P Coach Neiman walks across the field, towards her girls' track team. Tracksfers at if a ain Girls' track season started with high expectations of G oi,t Q g a I ttit good finish in the district :X X race with 12 returning run- aaaffgli tttr rf,s trrr rtre tttri ittt. Q rtrrs S "'eVS ff0m last year's iiiiiiifr district-winning team. Tnay Wana Amanda Banks' tsssirr f YV0nne Campos' Ana C'Saf- L rea' Pat C0"'nS1 Paula Gaf- Cfay Ednnna Hunter 1 Francine E?53S?E?SQsS3?3i?5Q??ENeaEi?5? ssr J0nes.PatL0pe2,Ber 1, . -.:nlfa.:f5fi ,.,, - tttt nadeffe MCBUYYOWSY Gen pester' Lorena Valdez' and Julie Vasquez. Coach Lucy f ---"fi ..., Y-, f Q? g ,- --., . '-'1 - Q1is5?iiii'fi'1i aera Neiman named Amanda Banks, Yvonne Campos, Pat S 1 5, Collins, and Francine Jones in . .s HS FHOST improved fV0n'l last 'f f .ir r year. Coach Neiman hoped to place in the top three at the district meet held at Irvin April 20. She said their toughest competition would come from Bowie and Cor- onado. She also said that the team's strongest events would be the relays and the triple jump. The track team has won district seven out of the last eight years and hoped to make it eight out of nine this year. A Kelly Steele runs one of the many sprints assigned during practice. P First row: Kelly Steele, Vlrglnla Medina, Paula Garcla, Gerl Pester, Ann Turner, Mlchelle Sainsbury, Patricia Lopez, Julle Vasquez. Se- cond row: Mary Beth Tate, Lorena Valdez, Tansl Sainsbury, Monique Washington, Patrlcla Colllns, Amanda Banks. Third row: Patrlcla Polk, Charmakeltha Smlth, Glna Johnson, Yvonne Campos, Ber- nadette McBurrows, Francine Jones, Edwlna Hunter. Fourth row: Lucy Hostos, Mlssy Garcia, Coach Neiman, Lorena Rodriguez, Ana Clgarroa, Marla Garcia. 796' .-' .'-a ,.,l . R pmeislainiinieiiuiniw """"' ' l V Patricia Polk strives her hardest 4 Ana Cigarroa practices her form to catch up and beat her opponents for throwing the discus. from EI Paso High and Austin. - A Girls' track members stretch and warm-up before they start their strenuous work-outs. 4 Bernadette McBurrows and Yvonne Campos practice running in preparation for the Andress Invitational. P Coach Del Toro explains what to V Coach Del Toro shows the team do next to base runner Eddie how bunting should be done. Carrillo, P Varsity: Eddie Green, Robln Chavez, Javier Ortiz, Jose Garnlca, Mark McAlllster, Daryl Blohm, Tony Marshall, Coach Dave Del Toro, Jose Ramos, Ignacio Vela, Gabe Reyes, John Molina, Eddie Carrillo, Dodle l-laguewood, Robert Hurd. 200 V Daryl Blohm shows his stuff while pitching during pre-game warm-up. P 'Nacho Vela takes a smooth cut driving the ball in the outfield for a base hit. L - H i,,i i,., 4 i,ii ,ii,. , y i,i, . o,,o, ,.,,.,, ,,.,,.o, i"' L , "i" in - i'i7lflli'l'ifi, -- - L iii- gy 'fi" ' L . ,si, ,,ii,ii 'L ,, L ,,.. .,iis L ,L,-, L, ,L,L, L, .iLL,LLi,, .W .LiLi L,L J L .M , LiiL , , L, , ..,,i,,.,. - LLLiL . i"" ' L 4 "'MW""??f-,aa.?5g . If 1 ef 5 L S L ! its it .. . V , - L LLLL . ' QW' Q P - , g MEAN - 19.0.-att.. -f - , pxxaew -f- W i A-eemWw..,1mQ,e:f'nv-is-NewQ -m-1-wwww we-M .. -,,,, ,.,,. l..,11i,,f1., -W ,..,, H .. ,., ,LL, ..,,,.,.,,,,,.,Lg.,-, ,,,., , .. , gs- -f-- , , -I - ' 'i" ,siffzifl-, ' 3- I -,Jug-ii., 'LII' 2. '-i' I -ff- ' 'Y' ' Ia- in "iiL '-"- . A Mike Agullar makes a nice head- first slide into third base as Hanks players look for the throw. A challenging season Eagle Baseball had a big challenge this year. It was the first time in a long while that the baseball team was without the veteran coach Jerry Antwine. New coach David Del Toro had some big shoes to fill in keeping the winning tradition here at Andress. This team had more ex- perience than the baseball team has had in along while. Returning lettermen includ- ed Tony Marshall, Eddie Carlllo, Daryl Blohm, Robin Chavez, Bobbie Georges, Brad Powell, Mike Aguilar, John Molina, and Javier Or- tiz. These young men will be the main key in taking this senior-favored team to the playoffs. "lt will take a great team effort plus a solid defense to have a successful season," commented coach Del Toro. The main tournament was hosted by the Eagle team themselves. It had teams from the Texas Panhandle and scouts from the college level to the pro leagues. The first game of the season was played February 25 against the Canutillo Eagles. This team was pick- ed in the playoffs by the El Paso Times. Their main competition would be last year's district champs Cor- onado Thunderbirds, Burges Mustanges, and the Jeffer- son Foxes. 207 IQ. it AII- 1 1- a 1 NSW Lm.L t A-'-!- ,A,-,. i . - l t a M. .,..x , L,,.L LL,.. ..x, L,.x.. f K t o R t g g t i ff' -LL'-L , , 1 t 5 "'k fi ,-." K f , Q' K fffi?-fiig -,.' ' ' , i f L KLVL H 1 W ps K '-"' - ' .. 1z2x:fl'11'-f ' . f,.,i,..,:s., .. f -I 3 i .ERS ,. Q ' siirtt : '----'- Q1 ....- " iii L.., Q5 5 ., . A t .. M , . 2, 1 . 'r - A K , T - - 33 swf. .'f. :fffzls gfglf -Q. 1-1 ifl a,:1:f,.:fsfsfj5f:- '-W'fl- z '-f-:- -::,1 ,,ffv-s'v:-f.-fw'v"i- . - 'lx fl' f. f Jams. A Eddie Green tosses a baseball while working from his third base position. ' P Mark Mclllllster gives Daryl Blohm the ball after the play was over. Lead off batter, Eddle Carrlllo, gets ready for the first pitch of a scrim- mage game. 202 2 Q 1 t Q . gy, ,W ,MW ,K ,Q,i ,,,, ,,,. , ,.,,.,.,,, I , A 2 .. .. , .. Qs. . 1 r r - ,... f'-. . ., 1 .,., ,M ,,, . W.,,,,. V ',,,,, , I tsii 4 s Wlir, . -, 3257 1 f J" ' IX 11 5. f raaa i i - i" L ' ' 1 V 1, A ' A ,g,,.,x ' 5? "'k' J'w V , g i, , , , I rt i s Q ' ' A 'K J K1 ,"' ,, , ,, ,M M 4 V. fm.: -,:,, ,nag .W W .W ,, ' x -mmzwf wise - U ease' , - 1 2'7fv"A - tr , wang - .V t .. , 5 4 H i I 4. I 12 f If R ,, k t, ,, rttrt K K k-kk ,1f.1f,55,,,, f if , , .. .ss f-fW,-, . ,.,- f- --H --, I 1 ,,f, 1,, - H sereel ' ,i ' tiele ' f "L- KZIL' Q , gh . ,,ik .sa , . 42' "Reef Men? ' ., e k:jl::k.?L H ,krk i wa., ikiji: V t I L ,.,, - 1 . R e m,,A, 5 M ---" .-Ai' J ,-.' t i' Q 4 - if mh V ,,,. H W"' S W'--' . -'Ak f ' ' p ,t K ,, ,, ,M s 11- Wf"k"', 7' 7 f ' fQ Q5 ' 1 ,ft ,,., at . 1 4. , 'ds 4 Varsity baseball team warms up 4 Brad Powell shows his wide bat- before the start of the scrimmage ting stance as a spectator watches against the Hanks Knights. from behind. 'fra l 4 Eddle Green attempts steal home i . diving head first behind batter pf W i Javler Ortlz. f K ,s,,,.,i,,,, .. J., wwf. 2 .,4g,f,M.,,,, in 337. 4 it av, ,w--, 5 v 1 f", VLV' I ,I P 4 4 lst baseman, Mark McAllister, catches the ball in plenty of time for an out as the catcher, Javler Ortlz, trails the play. 2 93 o f ' 'S New coach The J V baseball team is under first-year coach Mike Frick. Coach Frick was hopeful for the J V baseball team and said his major goal was to come out on top. The J V team was made up mostly of sophomores who didn't have much ex- perience. Junior Mark Morell stated it the best when he said, "we're a young and in- experienced team." Coach Frick said that his team's greatest competition -'1 g ii,a , 'sli A ' ., ' Pi ., we If-7 ivy. if ' wg' Mi., Hier fWf'1f"'fffit , Q ,g. fr fzuw, - we ,, -1 if ,, M., hi.. , ra fic' . 4. I S , 4"-, 1. A Outfielder Mark Sandoval gets ready to catch an on-coming baseball. P Bottom row Mark San- doval, Tlmo Melendez, Jeff Suarez, Louls Saucedo, Mar- co Gonzales, Paul Lopez, Peter Lopez, Gunther Thorten, and Hector Her- rera. Top row: Coach Mlke Frick, Eddie Perez, John Car- bajal, Tury Beltran, Robert Soltis, Marcello Blanco, Roland Vasquez, Manny Lopez and Davld Harrison. 204 forJV would be Burges and Cor- onado. l-le also said that with a lot of hard work and practice they should be able to beat them both and win district. Due to the new eligibility rule that went into effect all baseball members had to pass every class. They also had to end practice by 5 p.m. on weekdays. The J V team opened its season ggainst El Paso High, March .5 we t ries -, .t .,N ' . ex A' A+""77if 'ttih' 5135 " A A.. V3 A sst? i 'i x-..5?t K t t SQ A . le an V ' as . Z ., e txgnfs i ' - I --f . +V ' L ' as ,,,,,r X: . A J ,N t+..,,1 .S . 1 s - xt, ,,.. 5, ,.. M , QM , S , S V L. , ,S f, . 1 , L .., . i S . N , 7 ., . me 1. .. -N , . S: K ' ' ,gb + K 'K ' J-ill 4 John Llnqulst gets ready to catch the oncoming grounder while Jeff Suarez and Robert Soltls stand and watch, and Gunther Thornton stands prepared to catch it if John should miss it. V Eddie Perez, an outfielder, cat- ches the baseball as Marco Gon- zales looks to make sure he has it. V Mark Sandoval shows good bat ting form while hitting the baseball 4 Catcher Louls Saucedo waits for A Tury Beltran practices hitting the the pitcher to throw a strike. ball along with Roland Vasquez while John Llnqulst looks on. 205 V Tennis Coach Bill Wilson Expectations high for fennis feam Working all year round, the members of the Andress tennis team worked hard in preparation for district com- petition in May. They participated in round robin tournaments in fall and regular meets in the spring. The team's attitude was good as well as their perfor- mance. The only setbacks experienced by the team was the unpredictable spr- ing weather. The team starts their regular weekday workouts at 2:30 with net running, working on serves as well as their ground strokes. According to boys' team captain, Keith Koether, round-robin tournament play went well but he was disappointed with a third place finish. Although the tennis team did not win every game this year,.the effort made by all the team members brought honor to the school. Returning lettermen in- cluded Keith Koether, Lan- nie Brightly, Steve Holt, Jesus Adame, Michelle Simard, Helen Grice, and Debra Phillips. A 1984-85 Tennis team captains: P Karen Nolan returns the ballwith Keith Koether and Michelle Skill, Simard. V... , ...t.. l ..?,, l if ' g f f I .. J , L 4 Steve and Jesus give the High Five as they win their match. 4 1984-85 Tennis tetiin, First row' Keith Koehter, Lennie Brightly, Steve Holt, David Lee, Alan Washington, Mike Warren, Willie Sanchez, Charles White, Steve Deiter, Patrick Estrada, Travis Newton. Second row: Renee Montes, Debra Phillips, Jami Ar- cher, Helem Grice, Michelle Simard, Judy Harris, Laurie Wood, Michelle Roberge, Wannapha Robinson, Hyo Suk Leathers, Karen Nolan. Not shown: Jesus Adame, Patrick Barrows, April Bracewell, Melissa Brown, Daniel Bune, Dawn Chrismer, Frank Goshey, Manager: Rene Lastra, Kyra Riches, Diana Trout, Candice Willard. 4 Top six boys and girls. First row: Keith Koehter, Lennie Brightly, Steve Holt, David Lee, Alan Washington, Mike Warren. Second row: Debra Phillips, Michelle Simard, Renee Montes, Hellen Grice, Wannapha Robinson, and Hyo Suk Leathers. 4 Wannapha and Hyo Suk back each other up in a practice match of doubles. 207 New sfarf for golf The Andress Golf . team started their year off to a brand new start. Not only were there new golfers, but a new coach as well. Coach Jerry Antwine, the former varsity baseball coach, decided to try his hand at golf. The boys' golf team started their season February 19. They came in fourth place at the Ysleta Invitational, which was held at the Ascarate Municipal Course. The boys' gold team also traveled to Alamogordo, New Mexico to compete in the Billy Alridge Invitational. Richard Mayo tied third for medalist in the Ysleta Invitational. The girls' golf season started March 8 at the Cor- onado lnvitational. "Last year we graduated most of our girl golfers. We're going in young and inexperienced, but hopefully we will im- prove as the season pro- gresses," Coach Antwine said. Coach Antwine also ex- pected an improved perfor- mance from his third, fourth and fifth-ranked golfers, Buddy Collete, Rodney Vargas, and Larry Archer. A 1984-85 Golf Team: Tracy Berube, Robert Camacho, Fred Grado, Vlctor Vlllalpando, Larry Ar- cher, Rodney Vargas, Yvonne Otero, Jolene Tltus, Irene Otero, Stephanie Allen. Second row: Pat Vargas, Buddy Collete, Timo Brlffa, Karl Althelde, Richard Mayo, Chrls Berryhlll, Luls. P Irene Otero putts the ball down the green. 208' he swwfri' ,uf -A iia skasffs r 5' 2, ,,'wlifisiEiisaewaeswzz. 35,2 - X- -ggygw fjgflif-'21f.r ., it-f - V 2 X ., , I I ' . - r 1-'1 ' s .-- -.sry 11:-fu, r-TF-S 2 - ' 1. sf' 'MH ,LL, -. - ', ,... K 1-iHL::fiffi': K ' V or W - or r is L ,L zz. AL,L , 1., ,L,1 ,, ,Q I M W , 'affifffg fkfihffii L H -. - X-Q.'.,2,.T1zig ai-sfefii-s -, - r , -- it 1, 's 4 Vlctor Villapando prepares A Head Coach Jerry Antwlne himself for his putt. follows through with his drive, 4? 4 Tlm Brlffa successfully sends the ball down the fareway. 20? 270 Trainers look offer afhlefes Pete "Doc" Luther and his trainers were really ap- preciated this year. Although the trainers receive little recognition they are the main force behind every athlete at Andress. Trainers learn how to tape and wrap injuries and make sure supplies are provided for all games and events. The trainers contribute a large portion of their time to their job, not to mention the effort that goes into doing thejob well. Their dedication and ef- fort make them an outstan- ding team in themselves, and keeping the athletes in condition is their biggest reward. fffma Z ii, Y , l n ,Z T W 12 f W A Ernie Logsdon wraps an athlete's ankle, P Greg Phillips performs his duties at a basketball game. 5 25 i r f we 4 Doc Luther and Dawn Estensen fend to Steve Messlmefs injury V Doc Luther attends to the foot- duringa football game. ball Dlayefs- H B 1' 4247: , , k, Q y f r lllll, ' , h 1. M 451 Az M W V 4 Dawn Estensen puts a pro-wrap on a pIayer's ankle. A Top row: Tom Parker, Davld Hof- fman, Joe Davls, John Wren, Todd Wyma and Ronnle Hanson. Bottom row: Doc Luther, Eddle Newby, Bobby Wilkins, Allen Taylor, Jerry Gray, Ernle Logsdon, and Dawn Estensen. SSRN xl, l 5 gem 2 P Laura Rodriguez and Ben Quesda were selected class favorites by the sophomores. For the sophomores who comprise the class of 1987, the sign of their times was indicative of the fact that their loyalties, divided between the schools from which they came - H.E. Charles and Terrace Hills - would now come together as they all became Eagles. Besides reconstructing their thinking to consider each other as fellow sophomores rather than rivals, these members of the class of 1987 had to get used to an entire- ly new campus, different methods of do- ing things, and also to being at the bottom rather than at the top as they had been in junior high. All in all, they adjusted pretty well. They got right in the swing of things, elected representatives to Student Council so they, too, could have a voice, selected class favorites, and began participating in school activities. Divided no longer, became in important, contributing part of the place we know as the home of the Golden Eagles. P CENTER Lillian Lopez Maria Spears, Rebecca Valencia, and Aurora Arias gather for a quick chat after school in front of the Ad- ministration building. RIGHT Sophomores, including Karen Smith, found themselves spending more time in the library studying as grade requirements changed. 272 456039 4 The tables next to the cafeteria provided a place for Margie Gomez, Mena Althus, and Yvonne Gonzales to eat and socialize at the same time. ...Q-"' ,,.-f"'7 ,,,,,-ff 'i apia 4 CENTER Sophomore Gilda Sir- mons meets up with her sister, senior Gina Sirmons, at her locker after school. RIGHT Nancy Cooper and Billy Col- lins are momentarily distracted from their work in English class. 273 :A we erfgeaaarwarfwirasuwieesvfggy''KievMaiws?werewewasiWef2age?1wer1wer:ffifis:fw'fs,ia,,siW'Q,,.f,igie,ffifrfgwrigs,Weiws,WeMytarglara,ig,,,gsis,gfi2i,gifgq,,,g,',yiP2i,g,,1fgg,,,ifg,,,,5,W,afw,,,,tw,'1gtgig,Eggtlemgetfgmgm25,55iieggW1wgear,qns5,wg,g1g,,,giis,,35,,,ii,i,5,1g,55,ga,gQ,,,m3gggwg,f5gqii , , M ,HSQAQM My vi ' 'ew ff T951 tw wif! wifi we ,'e1li4f2ta,s-ftsisfvh ,:32ia,H,'1Qs-,viii '12 'theater-,task-fssrwtr at-,g,rM,,'fnsfs we-vas viz, ,.f ,121 ,A-,,gzAfz'3fgie,iiw5,4fs, ,Qi ,ifg2zz,yff5'5,g5f22i ,,f,i5,4Fsf , if ,i,ia9s,Mi?fggt,argilgs1,e ,fu-'fe ,-ffi?m,fi rv ,rfaeffginqeisufiss M' .,,a,gcgi. f i- izgierfwifwiri'-Wieifmrwrxffwfrlf 'flied iP"'fU?W4rWsSff ffrffvf 'wiifar 'fwww,1.,'an-,remisswiser,ixiiew it QW-'fefg':Q1f',,1ew iw-tara .a,r:,iwflv1H's ,ti win-1w'e,:fs-,A an--vies2:i,.fes7: ,4fJa,,if.,is,f2iawssftmf "A v'.z1e,,'imw,sef.e'5wfsrwiefirefifiswas-,'mwwz'--r,i?fwfirm ,ff 1 ,iw ,,, aw ,f ,, ma, me fe' ,ja ,. ,J 'B me, ,A wg, ze-,im,s,,i,,, w,,.Q,-ws, ,A i , ,iw-,Na ,asiiwgz ,.i2w1g -,QQ ,aa ,,Ais,,,,ig Mm, ,ie,,,,ag,, ,,f,5e5,e,,f-,, ae, ,L ,Q,,Q,iia,, ,iam-,rqzr MQ, ,ii.,,,,,M,,.a,-,lar A mtg, mis, , wimtfsl, mg, is ,,i,,r.,.a icky, ,1fg,,,A-mpg, HQ, ,Q,i.s,,,4 gQF,g,,,.QLg,,fe fi,a,,,,,,as,,,5,i,e,,y,a,,m3,,s,,,a1.,,, law wg, mm we ,,,.a,,,a,,i 5, an W, ,Q ,aafeeg ,W e,,,,,..,,, m,,,,,,.,5,2 mm awe 3i,,.,s,,, 5,,,fP,,.,,, gp, ap a, ,, ,W .ir,,,,,s,,,,i2,,, 5 W, ,,,,,,g,,,5,,,?yg,,,M.,,,E, 3,,,Q,,,?,,,s, f,,g,,,,,a,,a, QP, .sw Rg...,,g,, i2,,,,,32 .,.,.,W ,asv if-,zswf el ieffw-wi!! 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It consists of four dif- ferent classes: novice, in- termediate, expert, and pro. lt is based on a point system which is different for all four classes. The novice, in- termediate, and expert classes are amateur classes and race for trophies. Pros, however, race for money. it wise? 7 ' w . 5'- - 3 . Sh Trio gets challenge from BMX racing BMX is divided into two ma- jor parts: the National Bicycle League CNBLQ and the American Bicycle Association CABAJ. In order to race in El Paso, a person must be a member of the ABA. The cost is S21 for insurance, an ABA card, and a monthly magazine. Bicycle prices range from S200 for a beginner's bike to S1000 for high-performance bikes. Racing consists of three heats or motos, and a main. The riders who have the best finishes in their motos advance to the main. A rider must ad- vance tothe main to receive points and a trophy. "The top riders are usually the ones with the most skill and experience," said Steve. "Your physical and mental conditions are also important if you are serious about racing." Q? G M- ,, 353.1 -3 . -Q.: f QgMTf1'7'ws1 rs2a2f, . Awe, ' - f s we V ': szm .'f-- + ve 1 'vf" ':- - .' e.:.'. . ' :: :- ty es -- A , We if re 1 we 1 ze A me as ey ff , - : . , is H -- . - 5133 f ' A' H 1 4 'eff wa s - V A as r . f 5 fitiiyfaee- 353' W Mes---v, ,- ' , W i freer,i4?eJ1?gfHR21.-.53vi.,QfQ?'fQ'tf E152 iefkxa ease? farsefeilesf '- . , w if-et' 5' : - i l r rf' A Qigimiifmfftefsf-Z,-ee.-f.ehkefwiwess reuseyisaeefeffsfimaraewrgsrfgef V . v 7 as -.Q ---. .affbiiszt-V ,, ft, fe .1 -V ,- .ef -- . ' A g .t . . Tammy Baker V Katherina Barfield . Christina Barraza Drew Barrett gov f . 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When I go up there or she comes to El Paso, she usually does my hair for me according to what's 'in' in California." Barbi Beckett, another sophomore, is into the new wave craze. Her hair is bleach- ed and she greases it up to look something like the former singer of the Stray Cats, Brian Sltzer's pompadour. Junior Pat Barrows bleaches his hair on top. "Spiking it on top and hair spraying each piece one-by-one is howl style my hair," Pat said. At the beginning of the school year, it was only a few students who wore the more punkish styles, but as the year progressed, more students got into the new look. 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M WW -, nm ..,., an use xiii if 'few- nz, k. 1 ' i we W., WW ef Guillermo Sanchez Brian Seager Denise Stewart Michelle Tutor Chronia Thompson Kelly Yoshida Peggy Yrigoyeri Ileana Zamora Nora Zamora Noel Zebley Stephanie Apodaca Jami Archer Dennis Arnold Christopher Carrillo Nancy Cooper Bonnie Findley Anthony Furth Eddie Gillet Debbie Gomez James Johnson Doug Jones Rebecca Jones Mark Kelly Dwight Kirksey Christine Kohlhamm Pamela March Tim Marquitz Horace Mitchell Rebecca Morgan Veronica Pacheco Angie Sainsbury ef 237 252 'Wwierv Abourezk, Laura 26, 54, 64 Ackley, Laura 136, 182 Abrom, Jessica 214 Acosta, Antoinette 136, 166 Acosta, Donald 26 Acosta, Javier 26, 110 Adame, Jesus 26 Adams, Gerrald 26, 89 Adams, John 214 Addington, Joanna 214 Aguilar, Sarah 214 Aguirre, Josie 136, 152 Aguirre, Leticia 26, 119 Aguirre, Pedro 117 Akins, Brenda 136 Alba, Alma 214 Alba, Victor 214 Aldaco, Robert 26, 65, 170 Alden, Erin 214 Alejo, Renee 122 Alford, Jack 214 Allcock, Andrea 26 Allen, Dana 115,123,214 Allen, Jennifer 136 Allen, Lidia 136 Allen, Melissa 136 Allen, Stephanie 208 Allen, Tamara 26 Allman, Corinda 214 Almanza, Francisco 100, 101, 170, 214 Altheide, Karl 136,208 Althus, Mona 213 Alvarado, Daniel 214 Alvarez, Tina 136 Alvey, Anthony 26, 113, 170 Alvey, Brenda 214 Ames, John 136 Anaya, Maximo 214 Anderson, Andrew 136 Anderson, Keith 214 Anderson, Linda 26 Anderson, Monty 26, 110 Anderson, Melissa 84 Andrade, Veronica 26 Apodaca, Stephanie 113, 190, 191, 214, 231 Apuan, David 136 Arce, Alfredo 26 Archer, Jami 57, 207, 231 Archer, Jay 160 Archer, Larry 208 Archer, Ron 27, 57, 63, 112 Arciniaga, Laura 136 Arellano, Irma 136 Arias, Aurora 212,214 Arias, Maria 26 Armendariz, Alberto 214 Armstrong, Rebecca 66, 114, 237 Arnold, Deborah 89, 90, 91 136 Arnold, Dennis 214, 231 Arrieta, Carlos 27 Atchison, Roy , 27 Avila, Esther 27,62, 63 Avila, Raymond 214 Avila, Raymundo 214 Babjack,Margaret 27 Baca, Barbara 27 Bachman, Melinda 214 Bachman, Rafael 136 Bachtel, Brenda 27 Baggao, David 214 Bailey, David 18, 27 Bailey, Kimberly 214 Baker, Bobby 27 Baker, Reid 127, 136 Baker, Tammy 215 Balarbar, James 27, 52, 124 Balarbar, Richard 12, 124, 135, 136 Balderrama, Stephen 27 Banaar, Noble 120 Banks, Amanda 27, 182, 196, 197, 198 Banks, Robert 161, 173 Baquera, Daniel 161, 174 Baquera, Leopoldo 136 Barfield, Katherina 215 Barfield, Michael 136 Barnes, Donny 136 Barnes, Nancy 27, 190 Barnes, Zachary 27, 58, 110 Barraza, Christina 215 Barrera, Roger 136 Barrett, Drew 215 Barrett, Joseph 28 Barrows, Partick 66 Bartels, Vickie 215 Barton, Jeryl 137 Bates, Particia 215 Baum, Carol 28 Bayardo, Paris 28, 170 Bayardo, Ziul 215 Baza, Jessica 54, 64, 215 Bazell, Leslie 28 Becker, Cora 215 Beckett, Barbara 215 Beecher, Stephanie 215 Beggs, Bonnie 64 Behl, Richard 128 129 215 Behymer, Heather 124 137 Bellah, Gabina 28 Bellah, Linda 110 Beltran, Arturo 137 204 205 Benavides, Lisa 84, 114 137 Bennett, Robert 215 Benthien, Marsha 215 Berryhill, Chris 28 154 208 Berube, Therese 28 Bielawski, John 215 Biggs, Wendy 137 Bings, Cathy 215 Bings, John 28 124 Birdwell, Thomas 82 Birge, Marilu 215 Blacksher, Eric 215 Blackston, Veronica 182 Blaes,Toni 166,215 Blair, Linette Blakely, Robert Blanchard, Michele Blankenship, Michelle Blasch, Clifford Blasch, Edward Blohm, Daryl 28, 200, Boney, Gloria Boozer, Victor Borowsky, Andre Borowsky, Dorthy Borrero, Marcell Boyar, Cynthia Bracewell, April Bradley, Michelle Branon, Jesse Brar, Kenneth Brasgalla, Christopher Brezovsky, Michael Briceno, Graciela Bricker, Suzette Briffa, Timo Brightly, Lennie Briones, Juan Britton, Diana Broussard, Noble Brown, Donna Brown, Melissa Brown, Randel Brown, Sandy Brown, Sharri Brown, Sonja Brown, Tanja Brown, Tishall Buckley, Donna Bune, Daniel 137. Bune, Steven 201 126 28 137 170, 28 208 29. 215 215 215 28 215 28 202 216 137 137 28 180 28 137 216 192 216 28 154 137 28 209 207 59 28 120 137 28 28 29 29 137 216 103 29 216 137 Bunnell, Cindy 29, 52, 54, 66, 104,105, 107,123,152 Burciaga, Michelle 137 Burleson, Barbara 137 Burton, Andrea 29 Bustamante, Yvonne 29 Caban, Ramon 216 Cadena, Richard 137 Calawa y, Sonja 120 Calderon, David 137 Calderon, Pamella 29, 101 Caldwell, Michelle 137 Calvetti, Raul 216 Camacho, Robert 208,216 Camet, Barbara 29 Campbell, Cynthia 110, 137 Campbell, Kimberly 216 Campos, Christina 137 Campos, Richard 216 Campos, Yvonne 16, 29, 66, 169, 198, 199 Carbajal, John 216 Carbajal, Jorge 204,216 Carleton, Edgar 216 Caro, Jaime 29, 92 Carr, Richard 29 Carr, Vivian 137 Carranza, Ceci 29 Carreon, Benjamin 170,216 Carrillo Christopher 231 Carrillo David 137 Carrillo Denise 137 Carrillo, Eddie 29, 200, 202 Carrillo, lsela 29, 119 Carrillo, Virginia 25, 29, 66, 116, 117, 123 Carson, Kent 180,216 Carter, Leah 189 Casaigne, Marie 29, 189 Casas, Armando 29, 138 Case, Michael 138 Casillas, Sylvia 29,67 Castaneda, Danny 128 Castaneda, Jim 29, 119, 172, 173, 174 Castaneda, Jorge 29 Castaneda, Miriam 30, 65, 118, 171 Castaneda, Tom 216 Castillo, Alma 67, 90 Castillo, Joe 30, 110 Castillo, Jose 30, 216 Castillo, Norma 216 Castro, Laura 117,216 Castro, Luis 30, 94, 126 Castro, Mario 138, 169, 192 Cazares, Francisco 138 Celaya, Christopher 25, 30 Cells, Daniel 30, 65 Chacon, Demetria 30 Chaires, Audrey 216 Chambers, Patricia 216 Chavez, Arturo 138, 161 Chavez, Margarita 216 Chavez, Michael 67, 100, 101, 138 Chavez, Robin 30, 63, 200 Chavira, Salvador 216 Cheatham, Sheila 30, 152 Choi, Sam 30, 110, 127, 189 Chrismer, Dawn 30 Christopher, Julie 138 Ciesiolka, Jerome 216 Cieslik, Thomas 125, 133, 138 Cigarroa, Ana 30, 162, 164, 182, 198, 199 Cigarroa, Jesus 216 Cisneros, Yvette 138, 152 Clapsaddle, Teresa 138 Clark, Alan 216 Clark, Pamela 138 Clayton, Danielle 216 Cleveland, Burrell 216 Coats, Norma 61, 138 Cobos, Maria 18, 30, 119, 171 Cochran, Claudia 216 Cofield, Randy 216 Cole, Christopher 168 216 Cole, Roberta 104, 105, 138 Collette, Buddy 30, 88, 124 Collins, Norman 13 Collins, Patricia 138, 182, 183, 184,185,196,198 Collins, William 190,213,216 Collman, Ronald 216 Colon, Joseph 65, 154 Colon, Virginia 166, 167, 216 Dailey, Charlotte Colson, Martin 216 Conatser, Edgar 114,216 Conrad, Raymond 138 Contreras, Mark 30, 216 Contreras, Shawn A 138 Cooney, Stephen 217 Cooper, Charles 161, 192,217 Cooper, Nancy 213, 231 Cooper, Richard 112 Coppock, Michael 31 Corbett, Cheryl 217 Corbett, Gerhard 217 Cordes, Stacey 138 Cornell, Dawn 138 Cornell, George 217 Cornwell, Gary 31, 173, 174, ' X175 Corrales, Sonia 13, 166, 167 Correa, Hector 31, 138 Correll, Terese 85,217 Cowell, Shawn 217 Cox, Danny 217 Craig, Kimberly 138,217 Crestani, Elsie 138 Crissman, Dale 31 Cross, Hazel 101,217 Crothers, Tina 217 Crowe, Sabrina 31 Cuellar, Arnulfo 31, 123 Cuellar, Carolina 217 Culbertson, Samantha 138 Culifer, Tammy 101, 138 Cumberledge, Stanley 31, 66, 89, 90 Cureton, Valycia 217 Curless, Duane 217 Curry, Steven 217 Curtis, George 120, 138 Curtis, Shenequa 217 Cutter, Minerva 31, 53, 66, 88 Dalton, Katja Damin, John Damman, Herman Daniel, Ronnie Davis, Bettye Davis, Darwin Davis, Donna Davis, Elnora Davis, Harolyn Davis, Jeanette Davis, Jesse Davis, Joseph Davis, Shirley Dawson, Barbara Dawson, Michael Day, Teri DeBruler, Gregory De La Rosa, Gilberto De La Rosa, Maria De La Rosa, Raul 13 De Marce, Terrence De Melo, Edward Deaton, Charles 31,61 31,67 180 211 8, 160, 127, 138 138 130 217 217 217 217 121 31 217 217 217 217 217 217 217 217 217 31 114 173, 174 138 217 138 Deaton, Gwendolyn 217 Deesesarte, Elena 31 Deimerly, Lisa 217 Del Castillo, Jose 138 Delgado, Samuel 217 Demarce, Shane 123 Denman, Michael 138 Denton, Stephen 217 Depauw, Todd 138, 190 Derrick, Christian 138 Desso, Joanne 61,217 Dewitt, Cindy 31 Diaz, Benny 31 Diaz, Ernesto 217 Diaz, Guillermina 139 Diaz, Miryam 32 Dickson, Catherine 19, 32, 89, 92, 162, 163 Dieter, Steven 218 Dincher, George 139 Dinsdale, Sheri 32 Dise, Stephen 218 Dismukes, Ramona 218 Doctor, William 161, 180, 181, 218 Dokken, James 32 Dokken, Michelle 218 Dominguez, Andrea 218 Dominguez, Veronica 123, 139 Dorchester, David 32, 65 Dorchester, John 19 Dorsy, Kimberly 139 Doty, Bradford 218 Doty, Werner 32, 110 Dow, Wendy 32 Downs, David 218 Dozier, Regina 218 Dreeke, Dana 192,218 Drollinger, Susan 32 Dunn, Nina 122,218 Duran, Jesus 130, 131, 133 Duran, Jo Ana 218 Duron, Leonardo 218 Dyba, Stephen 139, Dyba, Andrew 101 139,170 Eaton, Silvia 162 Eckhart, Robert 124 Edeburn, Thomas 218 Edgar, Constance 32 Edwards, Nellie 120 Edwards, Nickol 120,218 Effenberger, Paul 218 Eisman, Briafv 32 Elliott, Jason 218 Elliott, Michael 218 Ellis, Diane 102 Ellis, Donna 186,187,218 Ellison, Tamera 117, 139 Encinas, Teresita 82, 139 Ervin, Daryl 139, 154, 176 Erwin, Pamela 100, 101, 110, 139 Erwin, Richard 103 Escalante, Gregorio 161,218 Esensee, Yvette 139 Esparza, Theresa Espinoza, Raul Espinoza, Andres Estensen, Dawn Estensen, Sandra Estep, Allison Estrada, Maria Estrada, Mark Estrada, Danny Estrada, Patrick Evans, Dawn Evans, Leonard Falke, Annette Farley, Steven Farmer, Robert Farrow, Linda Farrow, Sharon Faz, Victor 32, 92, Fedler, Larry Felch, Thomas Ferdin, Marie Ferman, Angela Fernandez, Leticia Fierro, Marne Fierro, Michael Finch, Amy Findley, Bonnie Findley, Gail Fiore, Josefina Fish, Anthony Fisher, Carmen Fleming, William Fleming, Michelle Fogg, Lorie Fonseca, Norma Ford, Sheri Fortini, Andrew Foster, Daryl Foster, Kelly Foster, Brian Fowler, Sheri Franklin, Lantric Frataccia, Debra Frazier, Lori 84,85,139 218 139 32,211 32 114,139 218 218 218 207 32,110 107,139 218 139 32,93 103,219 32,103 95,119,173. 174,175 219 219 90,91 139 139 139 219 32 219,231 219 32 139 139 219 219 32 32,85,162 33 133 33,101,154 33,112 219 139 33,92,106 139 219 Frizell, Robert 116,117,219 Fry, Judith 219 Fry, Robert 124, 139 Fuls, Donna 33 Fulton, Margarita 139 Furth, Anthony 125,219 Gachupin, Lydia 139 Gachupin, Roberto 219 Gagnon, Raymond 139 Galarza, Alfredo 33 Galipeaum, Andre 139 Galipeaum, John 219 Gallardo, Michelle 117 Gallegos, Guadalupe 33 Galvan, Patricia 219 Galvez, Silvia 33 Garcia, Adan 9,195 Garcia, Edna 103, 139 Garcia, Maria 198,219 Garcia, Melissa 139, 162, 164, 171, 198 Garcia, Olga 139' Garcia, Paula 139, 168, 169, 171, 198 Garcia, Buddy 33 Gardea, John 33 Gardiner, John 33 Gardner, Shawn 33 Garnica, Jose 219 Garrett, Kimberly 139 Garza, Armando 139 Gash, Cary 219 Geary, Risa 33, 65, 182, 183, 184 Gelok, Hannah 219 Genor, Kevin 219 Gentry, Howard 192,219 Georges, Robert 33, 56, 58 Gerrish, Glen 219 Getz, William 139 Gibbs, Christine 54, 64, 220 Gibbs, Randy 33 Gidcumb, Dale 220 Gidcumb, Deborah 122,220 Gillespie, Patricia 33 Gillette, Edward 220, 231 Glascock, William 139 Glass, Jacquelyn 33 Godinez, Maria 140 Goettlicher, Chris 170, 220 Golden David 220 Gomez, Carlos 133 140 Gomez, Debra 152 231 Gomez, Elizabeth 103 220 Gomez, Javier 33 Gomez, Jesus 220 Gomez, Jorge 220 Gomez,Jose 140 220 Gomez, Jose H. 220 Gomez, Margie 213 220 Gomez, Sandra 117 140 Gomez, Sandy 140 Gonzales, Nadine 140 Gonzalez, Antonio 180,220 Gonzalez, Carlos 129 Gonzalez, Cecilia 33 Gonzalez, Enrique 220 Gonzaliz, Gloria 140 Gonzalez, Marco 204, 205, 220 Gonzalez, Margarita 33, 103, 106 Gonzalez, Maria 220 Gonzalez, Maria S. 34, 117 Gonzalez, Mario 140 Gonzalez, Seth 34, 124 Gonzalez, Yvonne 10, 17, 213, Gonzzatti, Silvia 220 123, 140 Gonzzatti, Susana 123, 127,220 Gordon, Jerry 220 Gordon, Kathy 220 Gorham, Lisa 34 Goshey, Frank 34, 127 Gould, David 161,220 Grable, Colleen 34, 67, 89, 94, 235 234 Grado, Alfredo 208, 220 Graham, James 34 Graziano, Mark 140 Green, Frank 98, 220 Green, Edward 34, 154, 155, 200, 202, 203 Greer, Gaylon 34, 192, 194 Gregory, Clifford 220 Gregory, Patsy 133 220 Gregory, Peggy 34, 61, 88, 131 Grice, Helen 65, 84, 135, 140, 207 Grice, Julie 84, 140 Griffin, Kim 220 Griffith, Michael 34 Grimes, Victor 220 Grinslade, Sean 34,98 Gross, Alice 24, 34, 65, 84, 85, 162, 163 Guardado, Rose 220 Guerena, Roberto 93, 140 Guerrero, Juan 220 Gunn, John 140 Gunsch, Eva 140 Gustavanta, Bonnie 162, 163, 165 Gutwein, Lori 101,140 Hager, Michael 140 192 Hager, Nicholas 220 Hagerman, Melissa 220 Haguewood, Dodie 34,65 200 Hall, Andre 127 Hamblen, Carrie 30, 89 140 Hamler, Nancy 140 Haney, Debra 34 Hansberry, Tara 220 Hanson, Ronald 15 140 Hanway, Richard 220 Harmon,Jennifer ' 220 Harness, Sandy 140 Harrell, Brenda 123, 189 221 Harres, Carlos 220 Harris, Judy 54,207 221 Harrison, David 204, 221 Harrison, Michael 35 204 Hart, John 140 Hartzler, Grace 140 Hatch, Mark 35, 53, 88 Hatch, Stefani 221 Hatfield, John 221 Haufler, Cheryl 35 Heath, Lori 35 Hedin, Jerry 141 Heim, Heidi 141 Heisel, Monika 35 Hendricks. Laura 35 Henry, Anthony 141 Heri, Anthony 47 Hernandez, Letty 141 Hernandez, Steve 161, 192,221 Hernandez, Susan 221 Hernandez, Sylvia 35 Hernandez, Jesus 141 Herrera, Bertha 35, 118, 119, 171 Herrera, Antonio 221 Klimansky, Angel Knowles, Ann 2, 222 122, 222 Knowles, Cheryl 37, 110, 122 112 Kniueppel, James Koether, Keith 37, 206, 207 Kohlhammer, Christine 222, Kondik, Theresa 231 222 Kopcinski, Thomas 37, 124, 170 Korems, Kris 37, 64, 106, 107 Kretzschmar, Kim 186, 187. 222 Krohn, Jennifer 142 Krohn, Kimberly 37, 110 Kulp, Lavella 142 Kulp, Sarah 223 Kulvinskas, Janis 223 K ulvinskas, Sharon 37 Lally, Holly 37 Lambert, Mandi 223 Lara, Brenda 223 Lara, Mercedes 37 Lara, Silvia 223 Larken, Peter 37, 127 La Rosa, Sue 37 Larson, Kaye Beth 84, 115, 142 Larson, Pamela 223 Lastra, Mauricio 57, 142 Lastra, Rene 37 Lavka, Thomas 37, 110, 124 Herrera, Hector 204, 221 Herrera, Julio 221 Herrera, Martin 141 Herrera, Miguel 141 Herrera, Patricia 35, 48, 62 Herrera, Rodolfo 169,221 Hess, Karen 85.86, 141 Hettiger, Ronnie 221 Hickmon, Melinda 120,221 Hidalgo, Rosa 221 Hiett, Georgette 35 Hill, Samantha I 186,221 Hill, Teresa 35, 66 Hills, Michael 221 Hills, Kenneth 221 Himel, Lisa 110,141 Hines, Narkeeta 1 121, 186, 221 Hinojosa, Irene 35 Hixon, Gregory 141, 180 Hobson, Ralph 221 Hoffman, Chris 192, 196 Hoffman, David 211 Hoffman, Monica 141 Holden, Lisa 35 Holguin, Maria 35 Holguin, Mona 128, 129 Holguin, Rosa 171 Holloway, Kim 221 Holt, Stephen 35, 207 Homs, Marivel - 221 Horgan, Edward 141 Hostos, Lucy 141, 166, 171 Hostos, Mario 36, 192, 196 House, Rita 141 House, Seymour 3, 36 Hout, Larry 141,155,192 Howard, Bobby 221 Howell, Carolee 221 Howell, Daniel 141 Howell, Ruth 141 Huebel, Harold 221 Huff, Martiz 176, 178 Huffman, Yasmin 36 Hulsey, William 221 Hunt, Dean 141 Hunt, Donyale 120,221 Hunt, Patrick 141 Hunter, Edwina 196, 197, 198 Huntley, Leslie 84, 188, 189, 221 Hurd, Lillian 36 Hurd, Robert 221 Hutchison, Beverly 221 Iglesias, Miguel 36 Irving, Daryll 195 Irwin, Richard 103 lvie, Brian 221 lzaguirre, Aldo 22,1 Jackson, Malcolm 192 Jackson, Melissa 36, 197 Jackson, Sonia 141 James, Lori 36.53, 101 Jeffery, Magdalena 36 Jenkins, Patricia 57, 84, 125, 141 Jensen, Kenneth 127,221 Jerome, Janice 36 Jerome, John 141 Jerome, Mildred 221 Jimarez, Gilbert 36 Johns, Chris 221 Johnson, Beau 141 Joiner, Lisha 222 Johnson, Carl 36, 88, 124 Johnson, Carrie 221 Johnson, Chris 142 Johnson, Craig 141 Johnson, David 221 Johnson, Dwayne 142 Johnson, Genia 36, 198 Johnson, Gwendolyn 121 Johnson, James 231 Johnson, Kenneth 161, 180, 222 Johnson, Kevin 222 Johnson, Perry 121 Johnson, Raymond 154 Johnson, Terry 121 Johnston, Erica 142 Jones, Charles 142 Jones, Debra 222 Jones, Douglas 231 Jones, Francine 36, 182, 183, 196, 197 Jones, Gabriel 112 Jones, Jennifer 120,222 Jones, Jimmie 154 Jones, Rebecca 222 231 Jones, Richard 161 Jones, Sandra 36 Jones, Steven 36 Jones,Wade 102, 103 142 Jorgensen, Terry 142 Joyner, Lacy 186, 187,222 Karl, Michael 36, 110 Karl, Andy 222 Kazhe, Deanna 222 Kazhe, Peter 161 Keller, James 142, 168, 192 Kelly, Brenda 115 Kelly, Mark 222,231 Kelly, Satasha 142 Kemp, Rita 115,142, 190,191 Kendall, Shannon 36, 90 Kendrick, Gary 222 Keosoff, Jaylee 222 Kesler, Steven 142 Ketcherside, Tracy 142 Kidd, David 222 Kind, Cheryl 222 King, Aaron 36, 124 King, Kevin 222 Kirkpatrick, John 222 Kirkpatrick, Patricia 36 Kitchen, Alisha 222 Kitka, Daniel 37.66, 126 Lavoie, Nancy 113, 142 Leal, David 37, 67 Leal, Raphael 37 Leathers, Hyo Suk 142,207 Leavell, Jerry 127 Lee, David 142, 207 Lee, James 223 Lee, Jean 37 Lee, Jenny 223 Lemarier, Lucien 223 Lemos, Stephanie 117,223 Leon, Jacqueline 142 Levell, Jerry 223 Levell, Robert 223 Lewelling, Michael 223 Lewis Darren 112 Lewis, Donna 37 Lewis Essy 223 Lewis, Gerald 161,223 Lewis, Gerald 223 Lewis, Jeffery 2, 37, 50, 52, 54, 64, 100, 101f154 Lewis, Kyle 223 Leyba, Thomas 37, 52,90 Licking, Bradley 123, 223 Linares, Roberto 223 Lindquist, John 142, 154,205 Lindsey, Charles 38 Lindsey, Kelly 100, 101, 142 Linneer, Teresa 223 Lipe, Karen 142 Lloyd, Charles 38, 89, 90, 101, 122, 123 Lockard, Soledad 223 Locke, John 38 Logdson, Ernie 210, 211 Look, Caroline 64, 142 223 Lopez, Delfina Lopez, Evelyn 38 Lopez, Fred 38, 86, 89, 90, 91 Lopez, Gilbert 118, 119, 192, 193, 223 Lopez, Gregory 38 Lopez, Judy 223 Lopez, Lillian 212, 224 Lopez, Manuel 204, 224 Lopez, Patricia 124, 142, 198 Lopez, Paul 204, 224 Lopez, Peter 204, 224 Loschiavo, Dianne 6, 38 Loschiavo, Luanne 38, 92, 93 Lovings, Anthony 224 Loya, Cecilia 142 Lozano, Mark 38 Lucas, Marcia 38, 112 Luna,Jose 117,127,142 Luna, Olga 171,224 Luna, Sandra 38 Lungwitz, Michael 224 Lussier, Raymond 142 Lynch, Alton L. 142 Maciejewski, Frank J. 142 Maciejewski, Kelly J. 166, 167 Magallanes, Hilario L. 142 Maldonado, Carmen G. 38 Maldonado, Daniel 38, 169 Maldonado, Robert M. 38 Mar, Leiann 142 Mar, Suelynn 39, 49, 60, 61, 131 Marchese, Fiona L. 39 March, Pamela 231 Marcianti, David M. 39, 129 Marcianti, Paul J. 39 Marek, Irene B. 39 Marcum, Willy 127 Marino, Tina 142 Markle, George T. 154, 192 Marks, Arnold M. 39 Marks, Maria E. 105, 142 Marquez, Luis R. 143 Marquez, Manuel 192, 193 Marquitz, Timothy J. 231 Marshall, Anthony J. 39, 200 Marshall, Keith 60 Martinez Fernando F. 161 "" Martinez, Joseph P. 143 Martinez, Juan 143 Martinez, Laura 103 Martinez Linda 116, 117, 143 Martinez Maria R. 143 Martinez, Patricia P. 39, 117, 127 Martinez Rosalie R. 143 Mason, Irma 39, 76, 113 Mason, Karl R. 39 Mata, Ana M. 143 Mata, Cassandra 143 Mattingly, Timothy G. 142 Mauzy, Karen A. 39, 113 Maxwell, Randolph D. 39 Mawell, Raymond 101, 143 Maynard, Angela L. 182 Mayo, Jacqueline L. 18, 39, 67, 92, 152 Mayo, Richard H. 208 McAdams, Christopher 180, 181 McAllister, Mark A. 143, 200, 202, 203 McBurrows, Bernadette J. 39, 51, 52, 64, 85, 114, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199 McBurrows, Marvin J. 143, 176 McClain, Steven A. 39 McCormick, Edward J. 66, 143, 192 McCorick, Jeanette A. 123 McCrory, Ramona L. 121 McDonald, Fritizi 40, 190, 191 McDonald, Yvette S. 40 McGill, Erika K. 40, 67, 92, 104, 105, 120, 152 Meoin, Nicole 156 Mclntire, Elizabeth 143 McNair, Paul D. 40, 63 Medina, Sylvia 143 Medina, Victor 143 Medina, Virginia 168, 169, 198 Mejia, Maria A. 40 Mejia, Victor 128, 129 Melendez, Timothy J. 173, 174, 204 Meloche, Caron J. 40, 169 Melson, James T. 40, 177 Melson, Karen L. 144 Melton, Susan M. 143 Mench, Michael C. 143 Menchac, Carmen 124 Menchaca, Michelle A. 40, 103 Merriam, Walter G. 143 Merritt, Marina M. 40 Messimer, Stephen E. 40, 155, 211 Metzo, Gerard L. 66, 143 Michael, Rebecca A. 143 Michalik, Robert J. 127, 143 Miles, Thomas E. 40 Miller, Natalie T. 122 Miller, Sandra L. 40 Miramontes, Isabel S. 40 Miranda, Delia 61 Mitchell, Horace L. 231 Mitchell, Laurie A. 40 Mobie y, Donna D. 40 Mohedano, William W. 143 Molina, John S. 12, 40, 53, 54, 66, 88, 124, 154, 200 Molina, Eleanor R. 66, 135, 143, 162, 165, 182 Monclova, Enrique 225 Montes, Particia 40, 67 Montes, Renee 143 Moore, Judy 40 Moore, Robert 161, 225 Mora, Diane 66, 123, 143 More, Julissa 225 More, Noel 225 Morales, Carmen 35, 104, 105, 143 Morales, Carmen 143 Morales, Dora 40, 90, 113, 116, 117 Morales, Gilbert 40, 83, 118, 119, 126 Morales, Hector 143 Morales, Jesus 130 Morales, Leticia 41, 171 Morales, Roy 40, 41 Morgan, Eric 143 Morgan, Kimberly S. 143, 189 Morgan, Maura L. 225 Morgan, Michael A. 143, 225 Morgan, Rebecca J. 231 Morgret, Tamara D. 41, 89, 92. 168, 169 Morrell, Mark S. 143, 176,178 Morrissette, Teresa 148 Morton, Donna L. 225 Moshauer, Dianne C. 143 Mott, Delia 41 Mueller, Charlotte E. 84, 143 Mullinix, Sonja B. 122, 143 Mun, Yong S. 170 Mungo, Deborah L. 143 -Muniz, Ofelia 117, 123 , 225 Muniz, Velia G. 41, 117, 123, 171 Munoz, Richard A. 54, 64, 125, 131, 133, 144 Murdock, Alan C. 41 Murrilo, Frank 119 Murillo, Luis S. 41, 154, 173, 175 Murillo, Pedro C. 40, 144 Murillo, Robert J. 41 Muro, Juan 41 Murphy, Tom A. 41 Murrell, Stephen E. 144 Musgjerd, Christopher A. 225 Munn, Yong 41 Myatt, Barbara N. 41 Najera, Lorraine 225 Najera, Ruben 225 Nash, Kirsten E. 144 Navarette, Beatrice A. 144, 162, 164 Nay, Debra F. Z2'5 Neal, Lisa A. 41, 113 Nelson, Diana S. 225 Nelson, Denise D. 144, 162, 163, 165 Nelson, Lynn A. 225 Nelson, Karen 101 Neslage, Teresa L. 41, 112 Neumann, Alice M. 144 Nevilles, Willie C. 161, 192 Newark, Nancy M. 41 Newby, Edward L. 144, 211 Newman, Kevin W. 41, 67, 170 Newton, Kevin W. 176, 178 Newton, Travis L. 207, 225 Nicolsi, Jacqueline D. 144 Nicolsi, Thomas F. 75, 89, 94, 95 Nielson, Sheryl M. 122 Ninnemann, Irene R. 225 Nolan, Karen D. 206,207,225 O'Connor, Rita O'Hara, Vincent Olivas, Manuel Oliver, Emanuel Oliver, Diane 144 225 225 174 120 Oliver, Michelle 54, 64, 84, 92, 93,106,107,144 Olsakovsky, John Olson, Michelle Onick, Leslie Ophord, Alvina Oquendo, lvonne Orozco, Leticia Orozco, Patricia Ortega, Adam Ortega, Maria Ortega, Steve Ortiz, Carlos Ortiz, Frank 144 225 144 101 144 225 102, 226 144 226 154, 170 144 I 226 Ortiz, Javier 41, 67, 126, 200, 203 Ortiz, Melissa 110, 144, 148 Ortiz, Myrna 144 Orzehowski, Scott 144, 154 Otero, Irene 166, 167, 186, 208, 226 Otero, Yvonne 25, 53, 54, 62, 63, 85, 114, 152,208 Noring, Wendy S. 122, 144, 148 225 Nunez, Cathy Overshon, Thomas 144 Ozuna, Lariza 226 Pabon, Jose 144 Pacheco, Ernesto 226 Pacheco, Veronica 231 Pack, Robert 226 Paess, Cathy 54 Paicurich, Jean 84, 144 Palmer, Diane 145 Pantoja, Cristina 41, 174,226 Pantoja, Jose 173 Paredes, Rodney 42 Park, Dustin 145 Parker Parrish 145 Parker, Raymond 123, 145 Parker, Thomas 131, 145, 211 Parker, Troy 89, 145, 226 Patton, Van Tuan 42, 90, 91 Payan, Miguel 145 Pearson, Derek 145 Peart, Cynthia 42, 168 Pena, Barbara 145 Pena, Andrea 113 Perea, Alfredo 226 Pereira, Jose 145 Perez, Eduardo 161, 204, 226 Perez, Rosario 145 Perez, Roy 42 Pester, Eugene 168 Pester, Geraldine 145, 169, 171, 198 Peters, Brenda 145, 169, 171 Peters, Robert 226 Peterson, Karla 145 Peterson, Melissa 145 Petta, Gina 124 235 256 Pettis, Caren Pettus, Mona Phillips, Debra Phillips, Gregory Phillips, Raymond Pickett, Randall Pina, Andrea 145 226 145, 207 210 42 145 145 Pindell, Lauray 120, 121, 145' Pinon, Raymond Pinson, David Pittman, Emilio Plascencia, Irene Poke, Cody Polanco, Marcelo Polk, Darcy Polk, Patricia Pollock, Douglas Pollock, Lisa Ponce, Jesus Ponce, Raymond Ponce, Samuel 226 180 145, 154 117,226 151, 154 145 145, 154 169, 198, 199 226 145 146 42 146 Porter, Jerry 161, 192, 226 Powell, Bradley 42, 63, 203 Powell, Lovelys 54, 58, 65, 114, Powers, Tracey Premer, Jennifer Price, Cindy Primozich, Blayne Prohaska, Gregory Pulliam, Tina 146 226 42 135,146 146 148,154 42,88 Quezada, Benjie 57, 65, 161, Renken, Eddie Retiz, Nancy Reyes, Everardo Reyes, Gabriel Reyes, Hector Reyes, Michael Reynolds, 146 119 180 Kristen Riches, Kyra Richey, Jeffery 89, 146 Rios, Carmen Rios, Margarita Rios, Marissa Ritchie, Leslie 43, 89, 92, Rittmann, Pamela 43, 62, 63, 98 161 146 146 200 146 227 43 43 170 227 227 227 146 Quezada, Katherine Quigley, Suzanne Quinn, Kerry Quinones, Melissa Rabelo, Juan Rael, Victor Raess, Kathy Ramirez, Arturo Ramirez, Guadalupe 180, 212, 226 226 42 146 226 42 101 226 226 146 Ramirez, John 42, 67, 89, 94, 95 Ramirez, Marisa 42 Ramirez, Martha 227 Ramirez, Sepriano 112 Ramirez, Vincent 176, 227 Ramos, Jose 146 Ramos, Lori 42 Ramos, Marisa 146 Ramos, Perla 227 Raney, Robert 42 Rangel, Yvonne 227 Ranken, Revis 42, 107, 176 Redman, Kelly 43, 101 Reed, Corina 227 Regan, Jennifer 227 Reim, John 227 Rivera, Jimmy 146 Rivera, Maria 43, 110 Rivera, Silvia 227 Roberge, Michele 207, 227 Robinson, Allison 146 Robinson, Bill 124 Robinson, David 43 Robinson, Ronnita 101, 186, 227 Robinson, Wannapa 146, 207 Rodriguez, Cecilia 227 Rodriguez, Debbie 43, 146 Rodriguez, Laura 65, 84, 117. 227 Rodriguez, Lorena 166, 171. 227 Rodriguez, Lorena O. 146, 198 Rodriguez, Luis 227 Rodriguez, Ricardo 146 Rodriguez, Sandra 146 Rodriguez, Sergio 161, 227 Rodriguez, Silvia 43, 54, 56, 58, 65, 85, 171 Rojas, Carey 146 Rojas, Eduardo 146, 172, 174 Rojas, Juan 43, 110 Rolleg, Jyl 92, 93, 227 Rolon, Paul 43 Romero, Juanita 146 Rosa, Mary 43 Ross, Marian 146 Ross, Michael 43 Rubio, Myrna 43 Rudy, Tara 43, 61 Rueda, E dmundo 112 Ruiz, Adriana 227 Ruiz, Alicia 227 Russell, Jennifer 146 Russell, John 94 Ryan, Angelika 146 Saavedra, Daniel 148 Sachs, Kevin 146 Sadlo, Elizabeth 43, 67, 112 Saenz, Alma 44, 113 Saenz, Jose 119, 146 Saenz, Ramon 227 Sainsbury, Tangie 227 Saiz, Ted 44 Salazar, Esther 44, 162, 163, 164 Salgado, Ernesto 228 Salgado, lrene 44, 88 Salgado, Richard 65, 67, 146, 169, 192 Salmeron, Jose 228 Sanchez, Adrian 228 Sanchez, Avery 128 Sanchez, Guillermo 228, 231 Sanchez, Ivan 19, 44 Sanchez, Osvaldo 228 Sanchez, Willie 207 Sandefur, Lorri 146 Sandidge, Matthew 228 Sandoval, Mark 146,204,205 112 Santana, Steven Saucedo, Luis 204, 205, 228 Scallion, Gary 228 Scepanski, Christine 65, 76, 146, 189 Schaftino, Deanna 146 Schaffino, Heriberto 147 Schalla, William 44 Schlosser, Glenn 44, 193 Schoemer, James 146 Schubert, Tina 146 Schumacher, Steven 228 Scott, Arthur 147, 154, 192, 193 Scott, Arthur 228 Scott, Robert 129, 228 Scott, Theresa 147 Scroggins, Jhonny 161,228 Seager, Brian 228,230 Seager, Laurinda 44 Seay, Clarence 67, 192, 196 Seitz, Deanna 228 Serrano, Edward 147 Seymore, Rudy 44, 131 Sharpe, Robert 228 Shaw, David 147 Shea, Crystal 44 Shepherd, Michelle 147 Sherwood, Carmen 147 Shirley, Kathleen 44 Silva, Amparo 228 Silva, Michael 147 Simard, Michelle 44, 206, 207 147 Simmons, Michelle Simons, William 147, 154 Sirmons, Gilda 189, 213,228 Sirmons, Gina 44, 58, 62, 63, 114, 189, 213 Slaight, Tina 147, 171 Slauter, Dawn 166,228 Slayton, Shelly 44 Smith, Adam 228 Smith, Andrew 147 Smith, Charmakeitha Smith, Christine 44, 67, 101 198 Smith, David 228 Smith, Deborah 228 Smith, Esther 61, 147 Smith, Jack 147 Smith, James 44 Smith, Karen 212 Smith, Karen S. 228 Smith, Lisa 44, 60, 61,98 Smith, Matthias 147 Smith, Monte 228 Smith, Tony 154, 170 Smitherman, Samuel 147 Snider, Ray 147 Sobioch, Doris 57, 65 Solheim, John 228 Sollerborn, Ann 15, 35, 44 Soltis, Robert 54, 161, 181, 204, 205, 228 Soto, Cecilia 147 Soto, Felipe 44, 55, 88, 89, 90, 91,95,119,15O,172,173,174, 175 Soule, Joseph 147 Sowles, Aaron 128 Sparks, Dan 147, 190 Spaulding, Scott 129, 228 Spears, Maria 212,228 Spencer, James 126, 147 Squibb, Sabine 228 Stacy, Kerry 228 Stanford, David 228 Stansel, Stephen 228 Steele, Angelique 228 Steele, John 44, 67 Steele, Kellie 169, 198, 228 Steele, Jim 112 Stewart, Denise 231 Stewart, Michelle 228 Stiles, Brad 229 Stiles, Jay 45, 89, 94, 95 Stipes, Linda 229 Stockton, Sonny 147 Stone, Michaela 229 Stukey, Jayedee 147 Suarez, Jeffery 45, 54, 64, 204, 205, 229 Suarez, Wanda 45, 114 Sullivan, Eunice 45 Summers, Lisa 147 Sunderman, Fred 10, 54, 161, 192, 222 Sutphin, Eric 45, 112 Swegheimer, William 93 Sykos, Craig 147 Sylskar, Lori 229 Tafoya, Michelle 186, 229 Tall, Larry 229 Tarango, Melissa 229 Tarin, Silvia 45 Tate, James 229 Tate, Kelvin 45 Tate, Mary 147, 198 Tauschek, Yon Hui 147 Taylor, Allan 211 Taylor, Bridget 120, 121 Taylor, Henry 229 Tedesco, Carl 190, 229 Tellez, Aileen 25, 45, 67, 84 Temples, Linda 147, 186 Tenorio, James 147 Terranova, Beth 229 Thomas, Berlinda 147, 166 Thomas, Ericka 229 Thomas, Inga 229 Thompson, Bart 147 Thompson, Bret 45 Thompson, Charles H. 229 Thompson, Charles W. 229 Thompson, Chronia 229, 231 Thompson, John 147, 154 Thompson, Leslie 45 Thompson Margaret 102, 103, 117, 147 Thompson, Michael 229 Thompson Tina 45, 51, 65 Thornton, Gunther 204, 205, 229 Thrasher, April 45 Timmerman, Catherine 45, 53, 54, 115 Tinajero, Veronica 147 Titus, Geneva 148, 152, 189 Titus, Jolene 45, 85 Toliver, Diane 120 Torres, Norma 45, 107 Torres, Ted 148 Trader, Wayne 45 Treesh, Maria 45, 188 Treesh, Thomas 229 Trottier, Marty 148 Trout, Diana 101, 117,229 True, David 102, 103,229 Turner, Ann 45, 198 Turner, Araceli 229 Turner, William 229 Typhair, Marion 45, 89, 93 Uhler, Barbara 46 Upton, Evelyne 229 Urbina, Janet 46 Urbina, Maril 229 Valdes, Monica 89, 91, 148 Valdez, Christina 229 Valdez, Lorena 148, 186 Valdez, Mariza 46, 119, 162, 195, 198 Valencia, Rebecca 229 Valencia, Trini 46, 89 Valerio, Dominic 129, 229 Vargas, Abimael 84, 86, 148 Vargas Estella 229 Vargas Margaret 229 Vargas Patrick 148,208 Vargas, Rodney 46, 208 Vargas, Stella 166 Vasquez, Angela 229 Vasquez, Bernadette 12, 105, 148, 152 Vasquez, Bertha 67, 146 Vasquez, Irene 46, 89, 93, 168, 169 Vasquez, Julie 117, 148, 168, 199 169, 198 Vasquez, Roland 204, 229 Vasquez, Maria 229 Vasquez, Yvonne 171, 229 Vaughn, Byron 180 229 Vaupel, Lisa 105 Vega, Fabien 161, 192 Vega, Juan 160 Vega, Nancy 182 Vela, Ignacio 200 201 Velasquez, Adela 148, 169, 171 Vera, Franklin 46, 85 Villa, Raul 46 Villalpando, Victor 208 Villar, Vellia 46 Villarreal, Melissa 148 Vineyard, Lisa 148 Wagner, Pat 148 Wallace, Karen 148 Wallin, Sharon 15, 46, 111 Wagner, Chuck 46, 154 Warren, Michael 207 Warrix, Lori 148 Washington, Alan 148, 207 Washington, Monique 149, 198 Watters, Elena 149 Welch, Michelle 46 Welch, Sandi 149 Weldin, Wendy 46, 104, 105 Wells, Rodney 154, 176, 177. 178, 179 Welsh, Michael 154 Wensel, Patricia 6, 46 Whelpdale, Althea 149 White, Margot 117, 149 Whitehead, Milton 47 Wickes, L yndy 47 Widner, Patrick 149, 169, 174 Wilbur, Rachel 149 Wiley, Gary 47, 193, 194, 195, 196 Wilkins, Robert 149,211 Wilkinson, Dennise 47 Willard, Candice 149,207 Williams, Edward 149 Williams, Shelley 149 Wilson, Melissa 47 Wilson, Robert 47, 67, 98 Wilson, Tara 47.67, 114 Wilson, Yolanda 149 Winton, Gary 149 169 Wise, Veronica 47 Wisniewski, Darryl 149 Wodke, Samuel 47 Wofford, Byron 149 176 Wood, Jean 112 149 Wood, John 149 Wood, Laurie 54, 84, 207 Woodford, Sherri 149 Woodson, Dale 149 Woodward, Michael 47, 54, 124 Woolridge, Andrea 47 Woolridge, Belinda 115, 149 Woolridge, Benjamin 101 Wright, George 43, 47 Wyma, Starr 123 Wyma, Todd 149,211 Yanez, Carmen 149 Yeakley, Anna 54, 125 Yoshida, Kelly 54, 64, 166, 231 Yrigoyen, Peggy 231 Zamora, Consuelo 149 Zamora, lleana 231 Zamora, Nora 231 Zanella, Denise 16 Zebley, Noel 231 Zuloaga, Maria 47, 65, 171 Amato, Carlos 74, 80 Anderson, Regina 74 Antwine, Jerry 74, 160, 209 Arndt, Janis 112 Arriola, Rosemary 6, 104, 188 Bane, Pam 74 Baquera, Maria 74, 88 Berryhill, Bob 74, 154 Brink, Donald 74, 76, 113 Broom, Kathy 74 Calanche, Leo 68, 72 Caldwell, Chiao 74 Conroy, Sharon 72 Corbett, Terry 75 Corbett, Willeta 75, 77 Cooper, Justina 73, 75 Crawford, Kathryn 75 Culberson, Roy 75, 76, 154 Cunningham, Stodd 73 Davis, Dorothy 76 Davis, Jim 76 Del Toro, David 75, 170, 200 Dierdorf, Bob 76, 100 Elliott, Bobby 160, 193 Emery, Mary Kay 76 Evans, Tony 123 Field, Pat 77 Fitzgerald, Sheila 6, 64, 77 Flores, Ricardo 76, 79, 83, 119, 172 Frederick, Margaret 70,71 Frick, Michael 154, 160, 204 Gannon, Paul 69, 76, 124 Garcia, Martha 76 Gende, Steven 76 Gillett, Ruth 77 Gillespie, Mary 74 Gonzalez, Margarita 77, 87, 106, 107 Gorale, Andrew 77 Gorham, Nancy 14, 73 Gross, Barbara 77 Hallauer, Donald 130 Harmon, Mary Anna 11, 72, 85, 104 Hernandez, Fernando 77, 176 Heath, Marsha 77 Hopper, Charlotte 73 Hurst, Eddie 77, 130, 131 lvie, Sue 73,75 Jacobs, Diane 78 Justice, John 7, 68, 70, 71, 151 Keith, Joe 78, 134 Kopecky, Donald 102 Kvapil, Donna 78, 113 LaBounty, Kathrine 78 Landin, Norma 74 Luna, Lonnie 78,127 Luther, Pete 211 Lytle, Joan 73 Malley, Tom 191 Martin, Joan 78, 125 Martinez, Manuel 78 Matthews, Emerine 78, 120, 121 Miranda, Oscar 9, 69, 79, 172, 174 Moore, Edda 79, 115 Morales, Maria 116, 117 Morris, Tommy 128 Morrissey, Jeanne 73 Murphy, Clair 79 Navarro, Eva 79, 162, 186 Neiman, Lucy 6, 68, 79, 169, 198 Norman, Phyllis 79 Oropeza, Alicia 73 Patneaude, Lorene 6, 77 Pena, Robert 72 Pena, Theresa 1, 6, 70 Peveto, Rasalina 80 Phillips, Kimberly 171 Protfer, Carl 79 Ramirez, Eugenia 7, 80 Reece, Margurite 6, 73,75 Risinger, Ariene 73 Rivas, Billy 80, 176 Rodela, Martin 11, 80, 81 Rodriguez, Irma 80, 90, 92, 93 Rosas, Rene 96 Saiz, Olivia 73 Sandoval, Veila 75 Sauls, Edith 73,75 Schwerin, Peggy 68, 78 Segura, Roque 126 Sepkowitz, Allan 154, 155 Sipiora, Sandra 80, 114 Smith, Donald 73 Thompson, Virginia 72 Tidwell, Kay 70, 71 Tolbert, Margaret 72 Treesh, Richard 6, 80 Ullrich, Donna 80, 106, 107 Vasquez, Joe 80, 154, 169 Walker, Jessie 108 Williams, Alferdo Williams, Jeanette 7, 80, 81, 122 Wilson, William 206 Wilson, Gladys 122 Wood, Donald 96, 97 Zapata, Carlos 80 237 fa of , : - pci-4 Q1 2733 it e r cgn uvs one of Q if 791 4 ' 14 ii, 236' tu ents made thro gin pu3dles. 1 4 In better weather, students would gather around the quad before school, between classes. during lunch, and after school. A A surprise snowstorn transform- ed the campus into a winter 1 wonderland and gave the Eagle a l cap and coat of white. l l ! l 5 5 l 1 1 2 A l t E l Q I fl l l we JA 'af , Qi . 1 , , , 'Wi' ae I I Ne, , f ,,"', 45,4 5592 32? , ,,,, ,y ,bw The spirit of participation is evident during Malibu Day, one of the fun days of Homecoming week. ' R53 ,, Qyfa, fi W i W ,iff f 1 1 -in a""""'9mM ., H ,,,,L i. , XVI , V f V if 4! ,, M4 5 iiii i H , Q 2 i i ,iw ,VV K X ff " Wi W A W 4' .A , 7,2 mem,- W. e,,V, ,A '11, ,h ,f "'i . -iii 55... ,A H , ff", ' ,,',' 4 , If ,,,V ,,,, I M W Y .,',' ' mx, , we, A A',f Q' 4 ':1w9 K if HV L 5 2 V 545 ' new ze V ,-,,. .mei Y , J I I S KW

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