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Aww if wx maj- Yxggfwffffww iii 0,4Qm'5g:Mw, vmmilfgdw 2" of M '55 beg X , - - I QQ X ro rw mm UU Lujykwlw fjmaw 'gm Lejzsses- 13 COG' Vu SUM ww ww? yo Om have 07156 OM J 1 6,1 ,li M- ipuevgio, ha wmedrwexk 3 vom ' QMFZWMQM3 AW' H5A,2fffPfxf-Qi' Ufgsejffp 'W Jmkkohqijmm '.,' ' 7631146 JCE succe Qdjqe 'jwm aw L ws! 055485 if: N ! f0ffJL Ke-Wjygym MQ WW mfg if Q 2 , yAW 53M WLSW xcoyl EVBN QM 093625395 X aw? affgfaf Z2 D i of W WWW C23 2 WM MQW? if vw? 5 MM J ,fx -MQW 1 , Uf 25 ,fg gjgg gxqfjvbbix 'N G 94,5 rf U IAXX Qi- 5qff,2"': Vx? ig ig H U Egifoeii Q10-4 , T 15,1 iggfifgoqf E Zi Gi 5 55310 wif? Q2 as Q NHKJAC i??5 2 , JB X , ' , ji 'mmf 4 Q ' A V fwvaon' X ffe xi EQ3 Vp H ' Qgegfq KCAQJQGQEW Nl AQ? Mai HQ MJSQ nf V9 W jk 465 mf A AQ 559' F ,O ' . 6 ,XA , Ax . CA N AN N Q 'SS XCNQYQ NXPQA Q QSQQR QQQ? NNXQNQ NS NQQXIX 33 W 5 QNX QXXX 19m Xxmyx Qfxhv XQQQQXNLBB xfx Qui NQQQX 'Sl XJXYWBX-25 ASQQXX my ww Qu Qmx Xm Xxkq VMS Qkx Qixiwkd F-QQiXxg QXHN NS. NL-CNQMQ Sk 3542 WM 'QXXQY Ya QR UNL Q y NN fNWNNXfKw4mSQyNwgwQxfgAwQawwM9 Q Gibb Xxmk QBNQCWSX. XYQQQQ. QQQX QQBK CPQEQ QQ VNQSQQ WNW!QQSQQEDWMfwhkwwvxgmxvmxdmww mfifgk f' A554 L gfcjw was 2,0 5 4 , gP, "6 EQ' gr?-gdfjflgng' 5 , 'xg X -4Cw.4 Pallas! f' 495. 5043? -ZZ' 1 +1499 Ga -4 W? 2'2Ar1-2V?3 A 4 2g7JfZ gf9gw-Veg 0652 01' 221993 g Q A2 5fQj,2U6z 9335 M2559 4,3522 ,,,.Z ff, l f, 4 1 1 F 4 N N 4 4 5 5 Table of Contents Gpenlng ............. 4 Sports ..... .... 1 6 Features .... ,... 6 8 Groups .... .... 9 4 Faculty .... ,... 1 52 Seniors .... .... 1 64 juniors ..,.... .... 1 9-4 Sophomores ........ 212 A jerry Lamb, a member of Student Council, was asked whether he would en- courage other students to participate in school ac- tivities. l'Yes, I would en- courage it because to enjoy school, you have to be in- volved with it," he replied. Danny Maldonado, a junior, has participated in cross-country for two years. ln his junior year he was chosen to go to Lubbock. Talon asked Danny what he thought about Lubbock, Texas? 'llt was an okay town, but the trip wore me out," he said. A newcomer to Andress High, sophomore Angel Segura had a few things to say about the Eagles. l'The teachers are very helpful and involved with school ac- tivities." He went on, 'The people seem to be very sociable." 3 ll? or all ou do It makes you a big part of Andress High This book is dedicated to all those individuals who take pride in our school in one way or another. lt was pro- duced for those who made a commitment to a club, a college-preparatory class, or simply to acquiring the learn- ing and skills necessary to prepare for the future. Through our united ef- A -X member ot the wrestling learn. sophomore loe Romero helps his team- mates earn money tor learn expenses at a car wash held atterschool in the school parking lot. 4 Opening forts, we can take pride in our school and show our spirit at pep rallies, competi- tions, or athletics. Even those who did not actively participate in school activities still contributed a great deal simply by atten- ding classes daily and cooperating with teachers, because it is those times spent here, be they pleasant or sorrowful, that will fill the future with memories of years past. ln the pause of tomorrow, we shall relive the times spent in high school in our minds. All our experiences, whether they were vivid with bright smiles, lively peo- ple, or crowded with embar- rassing moments, make up the various aspects of An- dress High life. Whatever oui ambitions may be, we must always keep them close tc our hearts and remembei most of all, we are unique persons. We are Andres! Eagles. , l i . ,4. .i A The high spirit ot the luniors was strong- ly exhibited in their determination to win the Homecoming building decoration con- test. They made hugh posters to place on the walls ot B building to proclaim their beliet. P An enthusiastic crowd ot Eagle fans shows emotional involvement with the ac- tion on the football tield W 9 H' t At the 23rd annual Homecoming foot- all game, the junior varsity cheerleaders were on hand to show their support for me Eagles who won a dear victory against me EI Paso High Tigers 14-7. Opening 5 P As one of her many tasks as school nurse, Mrs. lean Morrissey checks senior Kim Blair's temperature. A Business teacher Mr. Martin Rodela looks over as a student works on a typing assignment, P Survey of math students listen intently as 1.-.if her Carlos Zapata explains a problem, 5 Opening P Choir instructor and guitar teacher, Mr. Robert Dierdorf, explains on the board as lavier Barraza practices on his guitar. ,. . e3 1 vs: if l, ' l 'llliwgf , .fro 1 2 2 I IO il-Nnrm-J. ' 'gel f .5 'ml "'l.l'gZl , 1 illlwiwww i- or all you've done Dedication in teaching Eagles how to fly Teachers not only hold classes, they get involved with school organizations. There are over twenty clubs sponsored by faculty members. People like Mr. Richard Flores, who sponsors the Pan-American Club, dedicate much of their spare :ime to extracurricular activities. Other teachers gave time :o tutoring services. This year, there were three teachers who volunteered their lunch period one day a week in order to help students prepare for college admissions exams. Mr. Carlos Zapata tutored students in the math area, Mrs. Peggy Schwerin and Mr. loel King helped students with English and vocabulary portions of the test. It is easy to forget how much work teachers put into the school when they lose .,,::'ifisSf?52: -l illllltqzw will 'M lf"i3"..f1wlf::iF'::,L:f ':llt.lgL'1.,lI mtltiqlgll' l5u.::':li'ill,,ggg,' if J llllili"1wl their temper because you forgot your book - it may have been the first time you were not prepared, but it probably 'wasn't the first time that day that the teacher had heard the same excuse. It may have been ag- gravating when a teacher did not accept a late paper, but we forgot that no one would accept the teacher turning grade sheets in to the registrar late. And when your iquickwit- ted remarks did not seem so humorous to the teacher, it was easy to forget that he might just be a little tired after cheering at the Football game Friday, working at Fall Festival Saturday and grading papers Sunday. ' These were the persons whom we will later thank for having pushed us to do our best. Opening 7 W Whig' K if w2'?3l i' W: 4 J , 45-Y H49 iw N -A 4 . M W 11- we -:1 ,ww 5:5 mv .fr Wm 'Nl ' U U " A ?l"'E'i if A eg fl' " is .ef si' ,333 ff' if X '?'i"' 5 Jil", , sf "I" sf f' -V 'mag K, f -at -qi F is - fw?'fa E Q 'sa y Q5 ' ,sl . -gl ' KQE1 Fr, E .s Q it ' 4 .i M .. me 4. 11"-I 'i i"f-glffl 'tif 1'- "'if'922lff i Homecoming Queen Sheri Mauldin is scorted by her father and Miss Teresa ena, principal, onto the football field yhere she is to be crowned during alftime activities. r 1' 'E Qvrfam . H 'B 'I yu K twink - 5. asihhyi' or all ou'll do As you begin to soar into the sky Seniors! What will we do now? We are at the beginn- ing of ba whole new life. Responsibility, indepen- dence, and the chance to make our dreams come true. lt's now in our hands. Many seniors know what they will be doing. College and jobs will be the biggest part of our lives. Yet, as we look ahead, memories high school will always there. Will anyone be able to forget our first day at An- of be dress? Struggling to do our best in class? Getting our class ring? Ordering an- nouncements and making preparations for graduation? Owning our first car? Having our first job? These are memories that will always be with us. ' As we look ahead, we wonder just what the future holds. lt's up to us to try to make the world out there -- our world - the best it can be. To show everyone that we can do it! 'ea varsity he person Opening 9 EE f 10 Fashion ff -ff fwfm, 1,55 ,iffffiia ,M ...... ' ix. Vw, K , VVVVVVM.-VV 'f 'V X ,H ws V 45 ,VV ,V f.::wV,, 'fi zs1'42jff:55jWM"M F2 V ,LW V 'LKEI . ..,,,,, ,322 V .. ,,,,, mg fx wf " ., ii' it J, , My ,,,, ,., ,f 4, , . we m M ,r ,,,: reerrr rf , f' f A rrr drrer l ' W f 2 rrr W d " , ' ree w e derrr dd r,er ," 'ki' 'f" 'L I . if, , rrre - rrr ' ' rrrre ,f r rdr i Af rrdrd r r r . U r I W rrrrr i . 'V f , 1L" W JQV' . " ' , 4? ' r dr Q, d d d r P H e - W e rr d H K e + drrr V V, 2 ' ereee r - e r , izjf sfw ' :g d 5' : W , kt 1 f H f ' . 'T W' , 1' H, 1 " f kf'w' , - :.: w ' r xi '-.A ' gl ,: 1 'jg 4 5, "Af' "k:', A Hfeiify L,f,, ,, ,",: ,-M, we-pe, i, ,, . '1 ' J reer . 1 1 e rr 4 r rerr 1 f 'S me H1051 A 4YVV6, , K VVVIV .L A W V. , ir- ,, ,,w... A I.. M Sfh k H115 Yeaf' 1 dem? ' De5'8"e' S1845 5 . rrrre Kiem aiso d to Wear ac-Q, brands Cguld J hipSe9l'1. :11 coming indivldua1 tastes populamv of . me S,f'ag'Cff? t9 r moods. .armburedjd 6 rdrr d OO -e Everyibne in one way d or th i er Whether NWSFG . . . p .' f - , L':nV A time anotkger med to fri un. n a m i d Q preppue, a MHNY SfUdem5 BOT H110 VSUWE 'ook' wwfh 3VeFa89 , Emi r the e"beaCh"" look. These afeend fof wie 3 fashion d d YO14- were the Ones with Op Shuts eesrm bigger Carrl ga saudf and Vansgcheekered tenms the rdpegiwlrts with at gre shoesg With the rise of New alllgators or IQCFG S f . - Q m ay "ff ' :- Ml' ::" , muggcgr more students embroidered on and inw WQHVWS mlm-Sklffs Sldefsf dress d r bright colors. This was Heat-10053518 SWS ' reer drrrr d d eeddd r rrerr r rdrrd r rder er eree H were r rr errrr ' rrd T f ,fx ww f r - f AM' -muwfffm ff.. :mmf , , ..,,,,, ,,.2,,, , "ff : 2 .. . if 1: f Wffiggswm1,555-wearer, ' -"Kr: if: V' L. . ,45,22wm51m,fffs-2, . ' M 1 ,,,, ff. F rw 9 V' , d,,r,,, 6 gd,,,E , y x . f f -- wwf 1-mfiwm ri2w,f1,, f-ff ff , ay, ., ,, W ' 1 2 . , J B . d d h i h " ww T2 em resse wa M g up S t e t mg to co t IS WW" QW 2-I ?Qf'i:fj 'V4,,51, , ,gT , ' r year as Lisa Ophord was. 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Another question asked was HWhat do you like best about An- dress?" popular answer was, as jeff Huff shid, ul like the opportunity to join the many different clubs." 1-11... :gm-fzLsLgfL-wL:,,1:LL,..,.f2L: 1L,fLLwLL L: :Lyn-2,L:Lfg:efgL,.1-LL,:fL,ffL,,f1fLL,LQLLML:1fLLfgLLLmLmL:LLL1 -' X L K X LQ LL , KP S' , 2, ps S ,S m4mmsi"1 U X LLMLLLLLLLLLLL- X 3 X Us if S S KL SK J Y'1Wl'W' 'lssssiiwiffw , 1 2 L S P H S Yfes74s2ifL2s-4fLLLLLEL-:mf L , KK 2 LQLLLLLLLWL --- LLL 2 L 2 K X L2 L sws1g':f::4ff4LfLzzL S S WL 1 ,LL Q 3 x 2292251211 X K LL 2 LLLLLLL:-L-:L , 1 X L K dd siifiw-KL f L 5 F 1 S 3 L,,zsfzL22q5::i,L,., -fiilfzig H , S 1 IQLSSQSIEWLLLLSYLLQ ,L S fgiiiiigiwfifieik5S?L553l5557i5Yii'fihflfiii iSif7lFif?i5??iiifiiivsfvifz S kif7?E55lf5'5'-f5?5fQf3TLf55 L , ws2zv':Q1:..,fszfwffL:f'fiLWLLfHLYLsf?L-:1,"7v11fLLsfrzLL.ssszisggeis L S LLLLL-,LLL-55 .LsfL.f L. ..-- L- L LLL K5 .54335 S LS,XL.:MLL,1L 3 1 2 LSQLSSLLL-L W 21 - eau , .1 . .... 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Def Leppard 2.QuietRiot 3.loumey avorite ee ee Car 1. Corvette 2. 280 ZX 3. Camaro wmv i Sports 16 Sports r . L "' K0 rx' . I x l il'-S'1x 4 I, I OW Sports 17 er tough competition Working hard to get back on top The Eagle varsity football team started the season on Aug. 15 with two new coaches as a result of changes made in the distict which eliminated seventh grade football and added a sophomore team. 'lt gives the athletes more individual coaching and allows them to be more prepared and ready to play," commented head coach Allan Sepkowitz on his additional staff. The Eagles opened their season with twenty returning lettermen and a strong vic- tory over Parkland. As the season progressed, they played against some very tough 1-5A competition. Though the disappointing losses to Irvin and Corona- do darkened their hopes for the state playoffs, the come-from-behind win over Burges put a definite high in the season. Coach Sepkowitz felt that the leaders of the team were ,J .. Q lf N Erick Paschall, Kenny Thomas, Cody Poke, Boris Woodson and Matt West. There were vast im- provements through the team, but most improved were Clarence Seay and Boris Woodson on offense and Daryl Foster and Steve Romero on defense. 'll'm very proud to hav coached this team. l have a great staff, working hard, to get Andress back on top." summed up Allan Sepkowitz. L .AL A Varsity football team: bottom row Steve Ortega, Bryant Audirisch, Cody Poke, Pablo Mejia, Ken Thomas, Kirk Chitty, Kanava Lynn, Luis Murillo, Manny Mata, Iohn Molina: Second row: Larry Gomez, Scott Heri, Boris Woodson, Clarence Seay, Kevin Birdwell, Steve Romero, leff Lewis, Daryl Foster, lim Castaneda, Craig Thomas, Third row: Doug Stevens, Erick 18 Varsity Football Paschall, Raymond lohnson, Gary Wiley, Steve Messimer, lames Rojas, Mike Licon, Tom Helms, Orlando Hemandez, Melvin Davis, manager Keith Farrow, Top row: Coaches loe Vasquez, Bobby Elliot, head coach Allan Sepkowitz, Paul Golliher, Rodney WelIsNL1y,gghKle.efklohn Avara, Matt West, coac es Gerald Antwine, Ben ny Reed, Bob Berryhill, Roy Culberson. l l W1 , if' A, K mpuoaannqnonbw 465943 - Yfk, fn V, W,-WA. wmnwsw-Q, . ,nwwwziw ww ,awww 29? 5,512 -snmmsmrvf Cl? F . if 4, 2 5 4 gi i as 3? 5 2 5 Z f 41-.,ff15s,-J, K f . iw ,Q ' -Q9 . 5 ,L .5 gf, ' - , K Steve Ortega punts ithe ball away against T Hanksp 4 The football statisticians for this year were: Suzi Melton, Stephanie Whitaker, Sandy Mata, and Tammy Allen fbelowj. V The Eagle offense barrels through Parkland towards the goal line. The Andress offense lines up against cland. Varsity Football 21 V Glen Schlosser is successful in defending L Andregs keys up for their most impor- a pass against Austin. tant district game against Coronado. A Kenny Taylor scampers out of the P Andress moves the ball with good suc- backfield in a game against Coronado. cess as the runningback has blockers and an open field. 22 lunior Varsity Football istrict runners-up lunior varsity displays talent, desire to excel The junior varsity team had a great season as they went on to become district runners-up. 'We really concentrated on the fundamentals. l feel this really helped us win the close games," commented Coach lerry Antwine when asked about game strategy. Antwine also said that the difference between this year's players was "good talent, a good attitude and a good desire to excel." The team opened their district season with a tie against jefferson. Andress bounced back in their next game with a victory over Austin at home. After losing to Burges earlier in a non- district play, the IV Eagles came back to beat the pants off of Burges with a 32-18 win. They also defeated lrvin, Bowie and then, in the final game of the season, faced Coronado for the title. Un- fortunately, the T-Birds squeezed by the Eagles in a very close and tough event. All in all, they had a great season, finishing 4-1-1 in district play. 'I really enjoyed coaching this season more than any in the past," com- mented Antwine. s , taas, ,,,i , W . s -" ' 4 Ray Snider relaxes after scoring a T.D. A Coaches Antwine and Vasquez look on for six points. as the team does battle on the field. A The Andress lunior Varsity Football team. lunior Varsity Football 23 V Ray Snider checks the line before the P Andress stands in formation at a game ball is snapped, ' against Coronado. 9 24 Sophomore Football P Andress player is brought down by two Coronado players. ore athletes involved Increased number of players There is an addition to the Andress football teams this year. The sophomore foot- ball team increased the number of athletes that were able to be involved in football. Although they were a new team, the sophomores were very strong. The players had a great deal of pride in being winners and it showed in their performance on the field. Outstanding players were: Kenny Taylor, Emilo Pittman, Arthur Scott, George Markle, john Gunn, and Raymond Maxwell. Coach Bobby Elliott feels that Burges was their toughest game, but as the season progressed, the per- formance of the team im- proved, along with the at- titude and spirit of the team. Coach Elliott commented, "They performed well under pressure and there was a great amount of talent on this football team." The sophomore football team finished with an 8-0 record. In their first year as a team, the sophomores were district 1 AAAAA champions. The members of the sophomore football team alternated between playing on the junior Varsity and the Sophomore teams. 4 Andress linemen do a good job of holding Coronado back. 4 Andress makes a first down at a game .---- against Austin. Sophomore Football 25 nexperience hurts Young varsity volleyball team finds going tough 'lThis year we had a very young team. When we got behind, it was very hard for our team to fight back," said Coach Eva Navarro. 'They do have the potential to play better and hopefully next year they will show their abilities." Despite many hours of hard practice, which began on Monday, August 8, the team fared poorly in district competition. They practiced an average of two hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Fridays and game days, they averaged at least half an hour. The inexperience men- tioned by Coach Navarro led to many disappointments for the 14-member team, which finished in seventh place. The only returning players were Monika Drake, Linda Kirk, Ana Cigarroa, and Leslie Thompson. In addition to their own tournament which the team hosted August 26-27, they participated in the Riverside and Parkland Tournaments, in which they fought but lost the consolation trophy. A Girls' varsity volleyball team: standing Monica Sanchez, Aileen Tellez, Leslie Thompson, Carey Rojas, Monika Drake, Ana Cigarroa, Beatrice Navarette, Esther Salazar, and Coach Eva Navarro, Kneeling are Cathy Dickson, Norma Fonseca, , Linda Kirk, Alice Gross and Eleanor Molina. P Coach Eva Navarro 26 Girls' Varsity Volleyball P Coach Navarro gives advice to the players at the Parkland Tournament. 2 f ga 4 Eg s .., JZ I' Q + 4 Z 2 E 5 5 l a ti Us vim 1 , Es ig 1, if 4 i Q l 5, ggif 2 Q , g 5 at zqgm c, .252 W 2 I T ffl Q , f , ff E 2311 2,51 i s H A T 2 , ,5?23,,,5,E as ft 5255 E an lelimealsiliez. lm sl ...Z i , ,L Vi W........... awww in-R... .Mita ---- - fttgif ffft 4 The Varsity Volleyball team warms up before participating in the Parkland Tournament. ,W i,,, ..,,, , H-f..,,,W,,w A The team prepares themselves for the serve from their opponents, the Parkland Matadors. 4 As team members watch the game, Eleanor Molina sets up the ball for a team member in the Parkland Tournament. Girls' Varsity Volleyball 27 W' ,, gif ,,-if 2 . A As team members watch in suspence, at wxmsanul goes up to spike the ball. P Monika Drake serves the ball against the opponents, the Matadors. 28 Girls' Varsity Volleyball -....-.Lg A Xw QMNWSWN Mh""""'---.. P The team waits for the serve during the Andress Tournament. Quin ,,."f W I NA ,N ,MM ws, ,W 4 The Volleyball team practices before starting their very own tournament. V Eleanor Molina serves the ball in the An- dress Tournament. 'F iwmss 2 , i,ii'L1S -A-1 .-.. , . 1? L....4-r""'w M 7 ,-M""" Mfwws. A Beatrice Navarette falls on her knees in P Beatrice Navarrette returns the served Jrder to save the playing ball in the An- ball during the Andress Tournament. dress Tournament. Sl Girls' Varsity Volleyball 29 pirit helps team Coach expresses pride in B volleyball squad In the second week of August, the Andress Volleyball B-team started practicing. They practiced hard for an hour and a half every day because they knew the teams from the El Paso District would be very tough competition. The team was made up of 13 sophomores and one junior. Since this was Coach Rivas' first time to coach the volleyball team, he had a lot of work because he had all new players and no returning players. The team had one tournament and was award- ed a consolation trophy with three wins and one loss. 'll feel we have done well as a team. Spirit helped us because we made it a point to never quit no matter how hard times got," said Coach Rivas. UThe team held to it and I am proud of them and I know that they will be very successful next year." e sis 1 M mana. -C- Q S kt v ,A 'kts' 1-,tam A B volleyball team: standing Coach Bill Rivas, Caroline Look, Sylvia Eaton, Melissa Garcia, Mary Beth Tate, Norma Fonseca, Lorena Rodriguez, Toni Acosta, Mary Lou Harris, Seated: Sonya Corrales, Berlinda Thomas, lannette Williams, Toni Blaes, Lorena Valdez, Lucy Hostos. 30 B- Team Volleyball 54 li FEMS FLKQYS FN! U Sw A ii i it 'weiwiwwk A Coach Bill Rivas watches action intently. P Lucy Hostos sets up the ball for Mary Beth Tate or Toni Blaes to hit over the net, , .,,,,, 4 7 W Era K 9 5 Z W if , ol 2 5 1 fa- 5 fit WM? 5 af? Ai? QE y r ,it . ., . ,,, - ' 5 E? ww?wWmtfV J if 2,54 ,fn ff - ,,.. Affrlyiih. A- 6 ,jaw w g, EM 1 A5 ' 'z 32 My f f if , ft' if , 4 , f ,M , za.- 211. K gf y E 25 PE 14' W, ,af ,... Z? W ,.,,,f 1, ... 'ik .. 5 l 2 x N C we C sc s X YL N hx awe? C.. f X me Q Qs ' MM sv. Q 43 QQSXYR taswwmw s X as WAX via XXXNNQC .QW Wm, C. "" I, ,, 1 ,,,, .,5A5 .. , , j,,7E,a i , ,,,, . z e. , V e .2 E 5 Z 3:4 2 ,tif 7 5, Q mf.. WH ,, v,,,,t.,,, W 'li 2 5 ,W a W sff, ,,.. 2 fgiw WM itz' 1 Ve jfaf z f Q l il? 51 'Q l .EF f 2 tr, tit 22 5 2 l imii ,fm X 1, 21- gg V., V an 2 fi , , s 5 i M , 5 wwf' f , tw f 1 EK? 5213 5 5 3 fig? ff slff jfff 1 Eff' E tc ff si are f' r j 259 A 5 EM ? zggi fi ,f 5 QW s,,, fi., ,,,k W, if il f S 4 Silvia Eaton and Toni Acosta wait for Eastwood to serve the ball at a home game. fd. 51 E 'Li ,Q AQ ""'f ,Y . ' ai ' 1 . N . :?,A atnfb'---mM.,rs fs gf s,, EPZ? in f ' A i y qnaoi Ano A Melissa Garcia shows her good offen- sive techniques as she serves the ball to llrvin. 4 Sylvia Eaton serves the ball to score a point against Bowie. V Mary Beth Tate spikes the ball against the Bowie Bears as Norma Fonseca and Lucy Hostos back her up. B-Team Volleyball 31 V Irene Vasquez gets out of the bus at a district meet at Coronado, V As the tension builds, loe Oliveri, Felipe Soto, and Sergio Hernandez prepare to run in a district meet. X . i i I i i 5 A During an exhausting run, Sherry i Cmmbly and Donna Lewis have Irvin run- 3 ners tailing them. i I 6 A Ann Tumer and Irene Vasquez sit and think P The running form that got Donna before they have to run at Coronado. Laverty in the All State Team is shown in this picture. 32 Cross Country averty does it again Senior goes to state meet again g paces team to good season Cross country is a sport hat includes both boys and girls and requires a lot of york throughout the season. his season Coach Lucy sleiman started organized vorkouts from day 1 of chool. However, many of he runners had been runn- wg on their own during the ummer. The cross country practices have a lot of work which involves distance training, hill work, intervals, and some speed work. The cross country team has 20 members and two managers. Donna Laverty, who was 6th in state and lst in district last year, defeated her district championship title of last year and went on to Regionals where she placed third, qualifying for the state meet. In the state meet, Donna came in 10th out of 104 of the best. Because of this, Donna became a member of the All-State team. According to Coach Neiman, the most outstan- ding runners for the boys ...lf A julie Vasquez tries to pass an El Paso High runner in the Coronado meet. 4 M g, H V mi, 4 If . ll my 3 if A '1 Mi ig , ez M W, t Q W an is . , , W W An! were Richard Salgado and Anthony Cleveland. For the girls, she named Donna Laverty and Irene Vasquez. Though they had stiff com- petition from El Paso High, Coronado and Burges, the girls placed 4th in district and the boys placed 6th. A Coach Lucy Neiman gives a team member a pep talk. 4 Cross country team: standing Debbie Golden, Patricia lopez, Ann Tumer, Tam- my Morgret, Donna Lewis, Amanda Banks, Paula Garcia, Donna laverty, jerri Pester, Irene Vasquez, julie Vasquez and Coach lucy Neiman: Kneeling: Cindy Pert, Richard Salgado, Sergio Hernandez, An- thony Cleveland, joe Oliveri, David Dor- chester, George Carleton, Danny Maldonado, Felipe Soto, Sherry Crumbly and jimmy Bricker. 4 Sergio Hemandez paces himself for the long run at the Coronado meet. Cross Country 33 ome exciting moments Varsity boys' basketball team battles tough opposition lt was a disappointing season for Coach Fernie Her- nandez' varsity basketball team, one he attributed mostly to the inexperience of the team, combined with some tough district opponents. They provided fans with some exciting moments, barely losing to state-ranked lefferson 48-44. When asked what made the difference in losing or winning this season Her- nandez replied, llSome of these guys peaked too early. Their consistency was not established, due to this factor we lost some close games." This was not true for senior Angel Vela, who averaged 14.3 points per ball game, and was named as a Herald-Post All-City player. The team did accomplish a few things this season by receiving a second place trophy in one tournament, and two consolation trophies in other tournaments. They were looking good in pre-district play with a 12-5 record. The team slowed down dramatically with a 5-9 record, winding up the season with a 17-14 record. as the score is tiei A Andress varsity basketball team: Terry Williams, Michael Bryant, Trevor lones, Victor Grubbs, Angel Vela, David Cadina, lames Miller, Daryl Blohm, Guy Newton, Earl Eagon, Tom Taylor, Edward Miller. P Rodney Wells, while on a fastbreak, pushes the ball up-court. 34 Varsity Boys' Basketball fain! nuff 5168 QV new lnuw mfA I V Nw-rw.-Mwmww Mswfmw ru ? ,P . of ff M Ayn ' W man'-M, N Q , ugh, H V,,,,,,,, I W I H, N .,,, Mm, ,, f, we V M' ww A Angel Vela, Andress' season high scorer, shoots a short jump-shot, 4 Emilio Pittman goes up for a lay-up while Rodney Wells trails, 4 lames Miller soars as he goes up on a jump ball. . .m.,e,.w 1 ,,,, 5 ev 4 4 his 5' in 4. W, .W Varsity Boys' Basketball 35 e f' A L, ' M 4 Ml Q 1 ' 5 S ' -., r .. W r W.. W 'Qing nu, if 1 77" A Emilio Pittman goes up for the ' lay-up. V Earl Eagan goes up for two points. A we g 15 BK Y' G A . K M Sv ,, ..v, Manuv- 5 wg- I Na H E : ,, A, my 2 H 'ifwi N 5 f gl , "WX , , W ' V 1-f A 1 N 1, K , ,,'.. kk ,lk .Lbh K3 - .W wmxgm A my mh"' , , -. ,,,, . , I 7 , 'U' :umm Q 53 , - , ,, M 1- Wm, , H ' f' ,V I5 ---'- ' 4 - ' 3 V f .5 ' If 53 - f W 1 1 4 we A Q 4 ,. a E 9 ' Z f' ' ' - -,,, I fa " , ,,, " , , pa :g22Fl12" i if Q 1 ,H ff 3 - ,,,, , ' aaa aaa r 2 ,s as 5 gg ' . - " Q ' J "LL ' '0"ff A f 7? , ' ,, I YI, I 'XM A Q if M I I if' ' L" " " .,,,,. 4 ,, H Akd' U ' , W M ,,, A V .. gy f -rg . Q A M .. M. VVVV ff -4 Q 1 if , - V Y- - 9- fvudwa if 'W -'Y a. ws s n,,,,,,, VVV! 36 Boys' Vars ity Basketball A Earl Eagen shoots a freethrow after being fouled . is A The Andress Eagles get pumped up for the game. I I WT. was A Q .iff ' 1 Sew' X .P X ,sw Q-ge N k Mx . : -. . E .xg me - Earl Eagan shoots from long ra Ae :.- -pa 1, -.E gets set for -. V! E! v, ,...k A P lmifil I E , I ' PM M Q N ! r" 1' - . i T .:.. j sy- fs, V David Cadena comes up with a strong rebound. ' ix ' 3 XT Q? V of tx Q 2 5 0, .. -- ' dgiv HS-f , Q gg ww ,, W, - 9' , A ,, Q 5. . 5 AN W' ESS , ' ,gf-' 5 5 G LE g Q2 it K 5' Q 2 V . , ---Q f ' . h u K tx 1 L :sift r i ?f..'Q,fQQf.f ' Q ..., I 1 it ,JQXXA : L L 1 X ps, at trio t gf r Q Q 1 ' -as fig .gy 1 Iii uW..,l.a2 'M' K QW xv i H if ' I 'A Ns.. , K V . . h ,N N, . L. 5 7 I S at Ns i s? 4. r v f t 'fi A-.1 W 5 90 X , MW N, r rrrrrr ,gr , ," , ,. - Jw V . 4, l fs It 'VW' N A 3' 6 L As Angel Vela trails, Trevor lones ishes the ball upcourt, ,.,,..d' A Emilio Pittman snatches a rebound. hs! V, sw - R LL? K . MM ,ww .ff W A Earl Eagan shoots a jump shot for two points. Boys' Varsity Basketball 37 ough season in District 1- A Boys' junior varsity basketball team struggles during 83-84 season lt was a very tough season this year in district 1-5A for the Andress Boys' Basketball team, according to Coach Bill Rivas. The team started out their district games january 3 against Austin, coming back in the second half of the game after being 15 points behind. Austin won 47 to 43, but the team held their heads up, proud of the effort they put out. 'll think our district is the thoughest it's ever been. Every team is good and most games are very close. lt's just up to the teams to make the least mistakes at the end," said Coach Rivas. 'These sophomores and juniors have really come a long way. Win or lose, I will always be proud of them." The team participated in two tournaments, the Lydia Patterson Tournament, com- ing in second, and the River- side Tournament, where they were eliminated after the second game. l.!! lm A Byron Wofford goes up for the rebound after Revis Rankin takes the shot. P Coach Bill Rivas confers with team dur- ing a timeout. 38 Boys' Basketball Team s l W, ..,, Wm P Daryl Erwin makes a layup against the El Paso High Tigers. .. .gi.,a,tw K A I ' ' 1 111 gf 3 4 Boys' B-team: standing Mark Morrell, Q ,M or Sa? L, N it Craig Sykos,Revis Rankin, leff Wolfgang, Gaylon Greer, Byron Wofford, Marshall - L- Ivory, Marvin McBurrows, jimmy Rivera, X ll , ,,.frw2::2Q Q igssal -. s . Q Marcelo Polanco and llmmy jones, Kneel- 5 ing: Eunice Sullivan, Coach Bill Rivas and 1 1 Charles Lindsay. ,W,,,,........---. --..........., ' Q "1---. A ,,,,...-- -... ,,,,,.. M V Daryl Erwin takes a free throw after be- ak B a.---'fa A""""'--M ing fouled by EI Paso. I 90-50---f 'WA' ww f-.s Wm fn VM Jn H fy, ,ff rw, W wr, , .,A, .... 1 ,, V - , ffffffw-wfww ' .1 ggggggyggg yy ,,,,, g-- fs meg mga, ,..,- V "W ,WWW 73g vw ""mnW, A "' Q M, ,,,,,,,,,. jg H V Mm ,,,,,,,, ..,, , ,,,,,,, M U WTWW f"f Q WMM, ,,f,, ,, nw: vu I ' H -MM, . Byron Wofford jumps high against an P Revis Rankin passes the ball to limmy W pponent from El Paso. lones during the Andress - El Paso game. W i" 'W 'f B Boys'Basketball Team 39 OLlHg TEHTTT FTTHTLITES Varsity girls' basketball team improves after inexperienced start The Varsity Girls' Basket- ball team came into the year with a very young and inex- perienced group of girls. The Andress girls went into the season with only five returners. After a rough start in the first two games of the season, the Eagles recorded their first win 49-38 over Hanks, but due to lack of leadership by the players, they could not continue. Pride kept the team together and with hard work made Austin their first cistrict victim with a 32-9 win. The team worked well enough to pull out the next six games. Austin became prey again as they fell 30-25 to the Eagles. After a couple more games, the girls swept the last two games of the season with a one point win over ,lefferson and a dominant 40-27 win over Bowie. Head coach Rita Minjarez commented about the team, "I feel the whole team im- proved towards the end of the year. All the girls worked super hard to mature and im- prove their basic fundamentals." A Bernadette McBurrows handles the ball as she looks towards Lyndel Cobbs' direc- tion to pass. V Head coach, Rita Minjares, walks back to her seat after a time-out. 40 Girls' Varsity Basketball 1 -is as ft: it 2 .. , - H K VAVVVVKL cccc 2 I A fi Edwina Hunter drives for a shot as a Silver Fox tries to stop her. 543 Q-...F . ..,.., ...... W....,.,.. Edwina Hunter goes through the motions ' - as she attempts a free throw. H V Bernadette McBurrows, Risa Geary and Laura Ackley go to the sidelines for instruc- tions during a time out. mg swim I ...QWLF 4 -- - i einen., .... , mx Francine lones goes for a basket as Monica Drake stays alert. V ,gov-"""'-'-. Members: Nancy Vega, Lyndel Cobbs, 'WM ' Monica Sanchez, Linda Kirk, Ana Cigarroa, Carey Rojas, Mrs. Minjarez, Monika Drake, Bernadette McBurrows, Edwina Hunter, Francine Jones, Laura Ackley, Eleanor Molina. Managers: Maria Zuloaga and Pam Calderon. interim -.. .,,.....saL.---: --. -vs -... .,,,..-..., ,....-M-W "" "',- 9- ' Varsity Girls' Basketball 41 ,,,. , ,,,, - -- ,,,.. I Mia , ta. i is K A-raw Hwfaim "f?'ii gi? 'Sfiii ww if M W F? , gig? ffl Wagga ff an T8 bound 42 Girls' Varsity Basketball AMonika Drake wins the toss-up against Austin. POIga Vela goes for a layup while Ber- nadette McBurrows trails behind. I V ,,,k M ' if l L' MonikaVDrake goes up for a rebound e againsgggustin as Francine lones and Nancy a ' 6' 5' :' Hamm, incl' V983 m0V95 the ball d0Wl'1 the AThe referee makesacall against Austin. nrt. t,,,,M me-"""""" ' 4lyndeIl Cobbs goes for a layup against Irvin. YNancy Vega and Monica Drake battle their Austin opponent for the ball. M.. 6, .t mme .fb L QNVVT44 2 'V ' hmmm ff M gmwmwmzfm-W,wfwf'+fiw " I :MWMR - ,r -- ,wp : ,Efffarfaf " V LW WW, WH, , Girls' Varsity Basketball 43 4 With determination on their faces, the team warms up for a district game against V Kathy Birriel makes a nice shot to scor El Paso High. 2 points. 23.3 ,Nev-www mil mt.. " Wgawi A www Hindi' as-gg' he W, t....t. W A Struggling for a rebound Kathy Birriel, and Sonia Corrales try to recover the ball. P B Girls' Basketball team: standing Coach Eva Navarro, Amanda Banks, Eva Bradford, Silvia Eaton, Veronica Blackston, Risa Geary, Nadine Gonzales, Adela Velas- quez, Lorena Valdez, Brenda Peters, Toni Acosta, Kneeling: Ramona Vela, Sonia Corrales, Stacy Leggett, Kathy Birriel, Esther Avila, Pat Collins, and Melissa lackson. 44 B Girls' Basketball atgjsfmzsf maxim ii' ' ' ' ots of enthusiasm' B girls' basketball team allcontribute to effort District games started December 10 for the Girls' junior Varsity Basketball team, with-the first game be- ing against El Paso High. The hardest A game this season was against Burges where they lost 32 to 5, according to Coach Eva Navarro. "The team showed a great deal of enthusiasm," com- mented Navarro, 'and most of the players really worked hard to improve." Everybody contributed to the team's ef- fort, and Veronica Blackston did well offensively with Stacy Leggett doing well defensively. The team participated in the Ysleta junior Varsity Tournament, where the team played well but lost the consolation game to jeffer- son by 2 points. The team started practice November 2, from 7 to 8 a.m. on non- game days and 2-hour prac- tices on Saturdays. A Coaches Eva Navarro and Rita Miniarez vait patiently for the game to start. .M N a.awmW""""""'w T. ' a ." 't . ' ff ll ,g ar gg v 3 i A Lorena Valdez wins the toss up against an El Paso High opponents. 4 Pat Collins brings the ball down court so she and the team can score. B Girls' Basketball 45 n the mat ilWrestling team has high moments" Members of the wrestling team may not have had a successful season, but they gained valuable experience vvhich will be useful next year since only three team members are graduating. There were some very ex- citing moments on the mat. The squad had some pret- ty good wrestlers in Bobby Georges, Luis UGhava" Murillo, and Mike Klee, who were the team captains as well. These three dedicated a lot of time and effort into guiding and helping the other wrestlers who all were inexperienced. Goached by Oscar Miran- da, the wrestlers gave a lot of individual effort into this season. Although they only vvon one district match, the individual effort was great. . I Q 'f mt .. WH U4 an T : 1 ,,A mg. nw l . ' Z . , :g,::L V V, A . siti 't 9 I , M 521,,'igJg3:.,,,41L,,gtQqiig,,fgtQQ5,i . ' ,,,,,, , gg, M f 4' 'f W ,f:-,- ' tlk 5 ,, .. M ,If , ss:,sA K, , I ' "" 9 1: , Mx ' it if I 5 A ' ' r , if fb WT: if V Y , V ,,,L v V i, A I I I ,ff It W V 3,25 -fc ff+f ,, V it 1 .9 I :f fl , ..,. G- 1 ,L ' A ,, ll , 5 " 7 2 . ' f Zi. A-f---4 While winnin 4-0 lames Balarhar ets set L S 3 8 to continue wrestling. A Senior and co-captai ike Kleigt V Bottom row: Tom Castaneda, Luis Mar- quez, Hector Reyes, Leo Baquera, Richard Vera: Second row: Tom Kopcinski, lim Castaneda, Bobby Georges, Eddie Rojas, Armando Garza, Patrick Widner, lames Balarbar, Pedro Murillo, lsabel Miramontesp Top row: Coach Oscar Miranda, loe Romero, Felipe Soto, Steve lones, Luis Murillo, Victor Faz, Raul DeLaRosa, Richard Flores, Luis Castro. 46 Wrestling 4 luis Murillo waits to get on top in a referee's position. V While eyeing his foe Armando Garza gets ready to wrestle, -t W iii i X E ? in ,.. i.i1,. . H 'i . . " x' iiii . .. . if gt .V .EQ ,M 5, . iiii . , . . K T . .. , fs V for 'aft .f."wtf y K .mtssl A While at the city tournament luis Murillo gets ready to wrestle Bowie. 4 At 132 pounds, Bobby Georges is ready to wrestle. Wrestling 47 PWhile the other girls talk over what they are going to do, Maria Lucas practices on her cartwheels. ANova Williams practices her exercises on the balance beam. PMaria Treesh works on her floor exer- cises forthe meet against Irvin. 48 Gymnastics w :gf iff k Q 3' X a , ' S' ' , -- 3 H l -V - " " .t.. L- "i' ' LLL.... 6 tc, .... - if Q: Liwvgiltwtt . . U lm, Q my mv mr ,. 3 pn- ax .. rrrrr J r W ' sf - mm it Q 1-1 " as .-at at an s - . f we .is R 11 as Mmmws .N,,,R..,sw-"tt .sa ignv in awk A ,N 'E PMaria Casaigne stretches out before practicing. ars and beams uymnasts polish skills, team members place in city meets Gymnastics started work- ing out january 2 at lunch time until Spring Semester. Then they practiced during 3rd period and sometimes at lunch. The first meet was on February 15 against Austin, The six girls that placed were Chris Scepanski on the uneven bars, third on the beam and second on the floor exercise, Mary Beth Tate tied sixth on the beam, Maria Treesh placed first on the vault, tied sixth on the beam and fourth on the floor exercise, Silvia Lucas placed fourth on the beam, Gay Beasley placed fourth on the beam and third on the floor exercise, and Gina Sirmons placed sixth on the floor exercises. The team worked hard to improve themselves especially for their hardest competition against Cor- onado and Irvin. The only returning gymnast was Gay Beasley, who competed last year all season as varsity. an lil QM MW 8733 VVe've all worked hard, helping one another," com- mented Coach Rosemary Ar- riola. lll'm hoping our team is not affected due to the change in our competition workout schedule and also the fact that our scheduled home meets will take place at another school. Aln the middle of a back bend is first year gymnast Chris Scepanski. S 4Andress gymnastics team: bottom Maria Casaigne, Sonya Andrews, Kim Morgan, Gene Titus, Chris Scepanski and Mary Beth Tate: Top: Maria Treesh, Maria Lucas, Gay Beasley, Gina Sirmons, and Nova Williams. 4The gymnastics team stretches out before practicing. Gymnastics 49 V Victor Lara, George Carleton and Tony Cleveland participate in the money raising lyrroii t A55 ,XX W. ttxctaw. ,Q relay, m Zzl, ,rr.r , K A- Q K - t it t f .14 t W rrrr eere e X f Q is . or fi . ? K K - V Steve Messimer practices throwing the shot put during track practice. ' 5 E Wh.,- Z J " , wifi , I li ii , A Showing determination on his face, Matt P Kevin Birdwell and Mario Hostos prac West prepares to throw the discus during tice in running long distance practice. 50 Boys' Track -K it . ' X M x j Q s L I dey, 1'-4 humans-......,.,a , ' . f- mn-Nm Es, K, . f 1. - . I '.-- n the cinders Returing members set pace for boys' track team There were 40 athletes on the Andress boys' track team for the 83-84 season. Of those 40 runners returning for a second season were Marvin Liggins, in the shot put, limmy Taylor in pole vault, Clarence Seay in sprints and relays, Cary Wiley for the long jump, hurdles and relays, Melvin Davis in the high jump and Tony Cleveland, George Carleton and Fidel Villapando in the long distance runs. llThese are a fine group of young men," commented Coach Bob Elliott. llThis is the best group of sophomores I have had since I've been here at Andressf' The track team started practicing in December. They practiced from 3 in the afternoon until sunset. The team needed improvement in the long jump, pole vault and sprints for district, accor- ding to Coach Elliott. He named Gary Wiley, Clarence Seay, Tony Cleveland and George Carleton as four team members who showed most improvement. the Andress lnvitational, Meet, George- Carleton, 4 CW, ,M 5 W' 54.12 I , ,. .-H' s .ffT"'L...'- - , ,,.......- 4 Danny Maldonado struggles to get past an opponent from Irvin, A Andress's Mario Castro is shown running against his opponents dur- ing the Andress Track meet. 4 Coach Bob Elliott Boys' Track 51 aking tracks Girls' team aims for sixth district title There were 27 athletes on the girls' track team with 10 returning from last season. Those returning were Aman- da Banks, Yvonne Campos, Edwina Hunter, Francine Jones, Stacy Leggett, Linda Kirk, Bernadette McBurrows and Missy jackson running A Tanya De Meritt warms up throwing the shot put. P The girls warm up their starting positions forthe 100 yard dash. P Andress girls' track team: kneeling Maria Carranza, lulie Vasquez, Patricia Lopez, Pat Collins, Caron Meloche, 'April Doctor, Standing: Nadine Gonzalez, Tammy Morgret, Yvonne Campos, Berlinda Thomas, Ana Cigarroa, Donna Lewis,'Ed- wina Hunter, Amanda Banks, Bethel Abrum, Stacy Leggett, Bernadette McBur- rows, Gerry Pester, Veronica Blackston, Lisa Williams, Francine lones, Linda Kirk, and Paula Garcia. 52 Girls' Track sprints and Donna Lewis and Cindy Pert running distance. Most of the team were returners and by virtue of ex- perience improved from the years before. Pat Collins showed outstanding perfor- mance on the team and by next year should be an outstanding runner. llWe've won district five out of the last six years," commented Coach Lucy Neiman, Band we will be working for six out of seven this year." L, L -'ffl ls- FYR Fi: 'wilt' fffgifgiat -:ef s.,LWLLL,fLs L -LLL-A Less ,..... . f f--13tf,q5gLfL1L1g-if:LLL--ws, L -- ef- :LLLQ 'Lit-:sv ---' L L . , L, L at K ' -S L i L, S LL , L, in 5- in . L K Coach Lucy Neimifihtlsisiigr team at practice. t L it V 1Ana cigarroa practices throwing the 'Nadine Gonzalez and Missy lackson discus. prepare themselves for the 100 yard dash. vain i J ,,,,t,,- gijff i, -'.fg X s k I A --v H W. e fm r"""' KX xs r ggi . ., , I ,gk c reshhj i,,,,.pk.!-une-nn, 0 f ' f "--a...,,,,1 N M X R ,, , .. , , Q . me-a Y -a:..,s.,-0,0-W--9.4 M, M "N W, M M M ,,,,, ,Wm 7-R, -5 A -v-......,, f W W --h.y,, N N -.,, MAVN M.-,,WMA , , fu-M--w.M""gj" M--W ,,,, e.Nj-W-..-.f. M ,,.,. my A., , ,M J, -...Mg We-th-1 ' wc' ' in W-Q... """'n'N'-....- .-v-..., 1- . ' W., ' ' -1. ..,M,m,, f if A -k..,,M , .N,,,, ,M V W, ---f-1 -..,. ee-5-W.....h- ,.,, M., '-ee 1 '-4'-no-..... ' ' we ,W M ,, - N, , M MMM , .pu 'W'--- v-..,.,,a M. ,,,. W... a..,....,,M my WM ......s,,1 ,...,sw -wA....., W...-api www V W I f f J 'f"klil is- 'l . F55 "W W, li 1: , ,V , .ha y,gL,g,, '-: - , W A Q .i-:ff ' 1. 4During their practice, Bernadette McBur- ATeam members encourage Donna Lewis rows and Veronica Blackston enjoy the and Gerri Pester during their daily practice. challenge of running track. Girls' Track 53 la ing host Season opens with invitational meet The first track meet of the 1983-84 season was the An- dress Invitational held February 24-25. The two-day event hosted a total of 32 teams, boys and girls. All teams from the EI Paso district plus two Amarillo teams participated in the meet. Bernadette McBurrows set a school record in the triple jump while qualifying at Irvin. The boys qualified here at Andress. The finals were run on Saturday. The lady runners finished overall in second while Amarillo Sandies won with a score of 107. Varsity looys finished in fourth overall, with Irvin taking the team title. 54 Andress Invitational A Ivan Green prepares himself for the IOUyard dash against other schools during the Andress Invitational meet. P Glenn Schlosser soars over the bar in the pole vault event in the Andress Invita- tional track meet. W ' L A " ' C ' L 19' 21. V " " .. " WW ' Q , V Nasir V, ,A -. n ..,,g,, ' quan- 1 , , , L W A Mario Hostos flies through the air during the long jump event in the Andress Invita- tional track meet. 4 A Burges hurdler glides over the hurdles in the first heat of the Andress Invitational to qualify for the finals, Andress Invitational 55 P A team Conference precedes daily prac- tice sessions which began even as the field was being prepared for playing season. V Members of the varsity baseball team: kneeling Coach lerry Antwine, Bobby Georges, Larry Hetrick, Mike Aguilar, Ed- die Carrillo, Manny Mata and Larry Gomez, Standing: lohn Molina, Sergio 'ii Beltran, Robert Delgado, lavier Ortiz, Tony Marshall, Daryl Blohm, Orlando Her- nandez, Robin Chavez and Bradley Powell. QM.. 56 Varsity Baseball ' t gya. ws sis'-4' J' Q ws inning tradition Varsity diamondmen strive to stand up to challenge The Andress Varsity Boys' Baseball team started district competition March 20 against the jefferson Silver Foxes after having played several scrimmage and non- district games. The 15- member team started prac- tice February 1, working out from 2:45 to 6 p.m. daily. Larry Hetrick, Sergio Beltran and Daryl Blohm are the team's returning let- termen. At the start of the season, the team was very young and needed to vvork on their defensive techni- ques, according to Coach jerry Antvvine. 'We have a winning tradi- tion in baseball here at An- dress High School and l would like very much for this team to stand up to that challenge and be the type of team we can all be proud of," commented Coach Ant- wine. Ulf we have a suc- cessful season, it will be a total team effort." l A Coach jerry Antwine 4 Sergio Beltran helps level the dirt on the baseball field. A A busy, active field is seen as some team members work leveling the dirt vvhile others practice catching and throwing the ball and Coach Antvvine supervises all the activity. Varsity Baseball 57 eam effort B baseball team coach stresses positive attitude lllvty main goal is to try to instill a positive attitude in my players and to get them ready both fundamentally and mentally, to play varsity ball," commented David DelToro, junior Varsity baseball team coach, in talk- ing about his goals for the year. Team effort is an obliga- tion that has to be met, in keeping one step ahead of the game Delloro has pro- claimed that liWhen we win or lose ball games it is because all nine players had a part in it. l like it better this vvayg team effortff The lunior Varsity Baseball if ,J team is very young, con- sisting of mostly sophomoresg however, the talent is there and the poten- tial is unlimited. Whatever the team comes in, whether it be first or last, they will provide fans with excitement and some hard hitting action on the field. , 1j ,,t,t,,',s :Yi MM... JE.. 't"":-1-Y gan uw, V V Ni ,. H i , ,F -' ' , ,iglps " f zu AI 'f'7.,n" ,, Q , 4, an A Q . ' -f 7 ' f W lr' tv, i. ,K A ,4 M ,W nr gy N sw, ,, MM fm., ,J A Us s.. uw xggv' - fag, P'f-iff' "f Q , i' . ,Q-15 Q"t,,, N sa1w"'i', ,,,,fjaaffB"H L..v get mt? zz- V iw' f ,ww W ws-WW g , A Top rovv: Coach DeIToro, Scott Orzehowski, Marcelo Polanco,: Pat Vargas, Mark McAllister, lesus Hernandez, Gabe Reyes, Mark Morrell, Oscar Payang Bottom rovv Robert Murillo, Karl Altheide, lohn Lindquist, Michael Smith, Harvey Gomez, Dodie Haguewood, Marty Trot- tier, lose Ramos. P Gabe Reyes sorts through the baseballs, while resting during practice, 58 B Baseball Team ps--Qt - J 5 1 G 5 N K sciyaaccc ttt , .N ssci C .1-s,, K N,,,N,'swct, N , t Q :isa sv wt ' X ' , 45: X. 7 Coach DeIToro during fielding practice 3 fi? , , it,,- tgg. Vg J t ,F .lbg yi-, if V Y J QQ' K A jf f M s,,.. . .' si, .V i l k i .h Y M if If-...:.Zs.s.2 . ccic Xgg A K .,.t.,...:.:,,,,: Catcher reaches pitch "" 'ittt during practice, as he gets the real thing. is .. .. U ii , WW' idfigligsztstaiiisgifaaiz ,,,, ,- :Ei L ,gs Q ,, ,Q , E Q gf.. A E "" I 5 .,,,... ' I ' at wa . - ' i - f : s Qt we E M, +46 i f QQ ii, -,,tew-t- if f W 55,44 . ,ze Us ia. an -ai- sss B iais V R Mgaig , tae? Q55 Ls, ,ly .:gV---: ggt.iV tg Vkik A ::,, . , I sss C tsi, rttt -'fi :2i'fisiif,,,f'i5twg,, g:,,,g,yei w?L ,NQEt iif4:f cigars iss f ,, "fsmiai?m.2 ,ii ,,,- fg,,ggkfgj,,yg:1g si,, vfffif av, 2: 'iif----- N:-- fi +V ii 'ii' 'lQ11Yi'vUdP.23Ny' , VL, .fM""J ' ' ,. ' , QW ' ,Magi 11,7559 . tv u dir? A 'ky' , fa .,"' z , i at wW,y41f.M.M W W 5, - - M Ravi' ,ML 4., . . Wa. ,,,.-.J-1, , , X f' Vg, Wk f -M 4i'61m,a4 ar' 3 "ffl ,W , "'V 172 .Mwvm-vwrwwavxyw W , if A an ywfwmwmwwf W 1f.mW-fbu....4-my 0 E killing... , H, waig if" , H 1, it , W ' I :,w43'i'ii5ZiW ., W ' ii K i L ,, " f ,ii Eii Q ,ffm , fam ia i - ggi it - 4 N 1 A . J f 1 1 iitt i itt t ff it i '-L" ii DelToro shows the catchers how it's done ii. H ' CO rrect ' M 14946 gg ggrttwlif W Y rt. ' , 5 , -ltfwulig, ' A Karl Altheide concentrates on hitting the ball in batting practice. 4 DelToro talks to his team before and after practice, B Baseball Team 59 ood attitude' Golfers tee off to victorious season start Golf Coach Roy Culberson had many objectives for this year's team other than just golf. Among the objectives were to maintain physical fitness, develop an apprecia- tion for athletics, and to help the athlete develop self- control, discipline, leadership and sportsmanship. Nine players from the eighteen-player squad were returning. The golfers practic- ed since the beginning of the semester to get ready for their first tournament on Feb. 8X for the boys, and Feb. 9, for the girls. They got off to a good start winning their first . .. APauI Camacho follows through with his putt during the Eastwood lnvitational, PCoIf team: front Catherine Dickson, Christine Smith, Ann Sollerborn, Yvonng! Qtero, Statistician Tammy Allen,Tolene Titus, Claudia Gonzalez, Monica Drake, back Tom Taylor, Timo Briffa, David Dor- chester, lohn Ramirez, Rodney Vargas, Roger Benson, Denzil Collette, and Coach Roy Culberson. 60 Colt' Team three tournaments against Bowie, El Paso, and jefferson High School. Coach Culberson com- mented on the team, "All the players came out with a good attitude, and with a good attitude, fifty per cent of the battle is won." tl li fi 1 5 Swijn ig . Gam . M... :ssIv..:ss'mss ater sports Swim team grow in size, members advance to regionals The Andress swimming team had an increase of six fifth. people this year, expanding from last year's three- member team. The team had many vic- tories against other high schools, qualifying them for regionals, In the district meet, the girl's team took third We while the boy's team took Swimming regionals were held March 2nd and 3rd in Lubbock, Texas. The top three swimmers went to this meet. These swimmers were returning lettermen Carol Baum, Fritzi McDonald and A ' QS an W , ..,,.,,,,...,.. it t 1 T W 4' may MW my I ggg. . ,,, . . as if ' , . . f-W1 ga., sf -' f " . agen' X2 X wh ,V 4 l A, 'V I . g. . . . ig - wg I H . U . W ...MN . Q V, . I M V . ,,, ,512 'wt wwtf .M N ' H L ,W . my - ' V g X I , .ff ' ff M ,1- f f V. ,.,, jx., ii .MMWWMWWWi+Wfos. H ig h t. W-My V . . ,,,,,, ., . MaW?,fW6JeWWwmQrmaf3Qt is . t as at Ext .ga ., . . 4, . . a ,,. gg' " ' ' I , Qs?aa??assfxVsuw,iiWQQwa2za,V, ' ' f .v . Ht-u"f7+aIg i ,Q W 'W-1 " 'f' V at a 4 Q Nancy Barnes. Rita Kemp and Danny Sparks also went. When asked what she en- joyed the most about swim- ming, Nancy Barnes said 'll like to swim because it's good exercise. I also enjoy the feel of competition and the hard work involved." Q A 4Andress Swim team: front Todd DePauw, Andre Galipeau, Rogelio Ortega, Fritzi McDonaIdg middle Carol Baum, Rita Kempp top Nancy Barnes. Not shown is Danny Sparks. Akogelio Ortega does the butterf- ly stroke. 4Andre Galipeau rises up for air during freestyle. Swimming Team 61 oing to the net Tennis teams benefit as experience gained during year The tennis team was a very young one with lack of experience in some areas, but that did not keep them from working hard. Pulling together their llyery good" competitive spirit, they beat some opponents that had a lot more experience. Tournament play started in September with a Round Robins against other schools in the district, District play started in April, with the Donges Tournament ending the season. According to Coach Bill Wilson, Andress' best singles talent was found in lrene Sandovol and Keith Koether. Best boys' doubles were lesse Adame and Steve San- 'best tana with Sherry Noland and Qhrisftarlsin being the girls' ln summing up the year, Coach Wilson said, llThe team improved greatly bet- ween fall and district play in the spring. The team got stronger and we had some outstanding sophomore players." gwwmtarawmwewf K ! Q-,,.-X Alesse Adame runs to make a solid return. PChris Larkin stretches out to return the ball. coach, Mr. Bill Wilson. 5 t 255 as E 2 E X 55 L If I .efffilifliiz :sf , Z: " - . '.Z1svi.: ::', nl., ,:,k .Q ,,,, at ,,,c,,, ccc, ., rg ' , N -, N N . , ,,,, 1, 1 ,. 'liif xaf- fin: ' ".ift""m:? :m'-::: .. - 'I 1 , -Qzlli ifif. ,'4".,fA ' '4 I 3 1 ,cf tt. , K :tilt ,I V My .. - f , , , . .3 , 'zziwzm - 1' gr?f,1',,s,'352a,,- 35,1 X " t " ' V .. r ' it .I zi . H E' s , , r' , ,cc , ' A r , K ' V R . lb? - , f- l t " -X . , , ttt.. , U 7 . fn X qs K I . -- ' kktk ii" , .... . J''11,,,12vfw:mw,.r,MsQ,- 'S fl' 2-JM. 1f1:Mi:'f5f't fv1"'i Q ,, 71' 3 fl:-'vii Qs- f ' R' - f f' .f 2'ts.:g'f'Qi5f5',1 i'if'1-1,i:1:"': .ff .'ilf-3:-Qifsi ' 1 33- 4 T'1i'.:-21-' F ' 51: ff ?i'iT'.-v'-Htl? - Y ' W fl 62 Tennis Team , tr . tt.,, 1 it ,. ..,, . ---- . ,t,, . ,,, V1 .,., ,iv ,, ,,.,,. ,.,, my , f,,W,,i:fasa,,r t If 5 Z 14 X 2 5 E + 'Mai za: if M E W ,nf v , " ' " , ,,- ,V fi 'WH -is wwa ++ sim me ,Q , , V S5 ri ft- 3- .V arg ' Q l f ,Q -,,- an ,- ,,j, ,Q yfgqgfg- t ' ' 7, ' ruaiaw 411 fs u 5, ,, ,,k-. 5 il ual wma Q 'Y . viii 2 E its keeps Q L X J SN .i .rg 3 ' we it' ,,LL t 3 .A - , - - - , 7 K 1 -k',,- ""- f , , - k ...., . Q, ...." A , L - .--, so ff' f 5. 5,4-f' ' 7 1 V 1- ' - . K in V: . .gi ,RJ-,.rf kL ,',L ,tie .- 1 ,,L' t A,,-- ,,-A,, I 1 ,'Lk - . ,. "-- 1 L"' I , -:f,2w:f,i 5 -,F ,- ::,,-1... .:. ,,,k,,,. - W .,,........e ,i . 1 -. ' ' L"' -LL" . ATeam captains lrene Sandoval and , Ruben Mena- fi, , , ,. i, by mL!VL W L li Q DYULV if IKLO CU .. te . - . v5'eVef' Santana GSSVGSSWSW SVUHSIWQS The ' '. - .. ball Over the ner, 4Tennis team: front Wannapha Robinson, Michelle Simard, Sharon Kulvinskas, Nan- cy Newark, Irene Sandoval Chris Larkin, Renee Montes, Dawn Cornell, Sonja Brown, Helen Grice, Stacy Beck, Debbie . D 2 . Phillips, middle April Bracewell, Lisa T 'iiii it .. -1 Hag "'i W ,L . - L " Vineyard' Hyo Suk Leathefi Andy 1. ,,-": -- ' fe i f-Q.-w -E: g T ggi, -. .", jjji.i...Q: 15,5-ggt 5 , N K ' I - . . b S , A m IIV , Espinoza, David Lee, Steven Santana, at - ,--,- - tts iiii ' ' ' - rrr , ,ttt K'?"" A"de'S0"' Qi'-M--Cm'STf9f' Cmfdy L - ss's -' ,s.. Willard: IOD Sieve HON, GFEQUHIXOU, Mike -Q: .1 'f1':st it 2 .'i.f ,,, . F ,- YW .: "i' "5 Q." L siii In 1 .STS - Is. e - f w Warren, Ruben Mena, Gary WIni0n, iie. . I I ,,-' . --1- ,,,t - - , - - -. L . Michael Woodward, Carl johnson, Lennie s - ,-:- f :-f 'tff V. A - f ' ei at t ., f BnghllY,leSSe Adarne, Renee Lastra, Allan r1-: tttt Q 111 ' iit, tttt -- ' ,,,, r,, eett WaSh"'gf0"- Y s - ,,ttt t 1 . Q- -t"P -Q ' .S Ka ' , - - ,,, ,. , iss ' A W 1 . . 1 ., 2 " -1 ,r . ttti' , o 5 I f j ,fo " tsearettt . -N eff f f f f L5 KWH . . - S e , t,,, fe . e ' ' t""-- 5 -- if , , . ' . L , X 6 'M My U' r eetee iii, r,t, -f L ' A f 1 , H It. " .', ., I- ,,,, I . - . ' .-! . Q t rf. '- ,,1t .i.,. P '---- ttt, f -2 ff 2- f' - ' W 1 X 51 ' - FL U L f ' ..:.L . :K ,:::' . 1 ,. . E ,I ,.::: .. ., iikh Uk iih I 58:5 Q. ,E L. tti. , D .. In A ..,, .,..., "i' A ,t,, ' 5 ef i-YZ 'i.f,- ,ty kg K ..., ,wget In ..,,,,--fh,V.. 7 1,-NMMMK ,. ,, , f., . .tm --f:'a: -ta ,:-:-,,,,::: -- :,:--:fs:2fsw,,- iw:--23: 222.21552---iffzfffni f,,.ffg,,. ,Y ...,,... . W .... ...Q .... ,, .... ,,,..,t-sr.,fa.e..f,z,:.f:s,ptr ze.f---Qzffezeiaeg,--: f..te:::.f,,,,...,,.- f,,. ,, ---- : ---- , 21- W, f f - fg,,..M....,1. w,,,,...ta,- f....-., f,, ., f, W, . , , . gevefisssq--TTY.: .-5 ft ' Tennis Team 63 ome on the range Rodeo spirit hits Andress High Cow roping and bull riding is a sport that is not known to most students at Andressg but, for certain students it is their weekend life. These students were able to par- ticipate in their own rodeos by using senior Val Silvas' ranch. When people say, UWild, wild west," they mean it! These llrodies" lead a life fill- ed with, shall we say, excite- ment. Their daring exploits on the dusty range include roping and riding rough bulls and riding horses across the grassy plains. When they're not roping and riding on the ranch, they compete in rodeo competi- tions which test their skill and stamina. This lifestyle is cer- tainly a change from the easy life we have at home. Happy trails to you . . . ASenior Val Silvas takes a second to catch his breath before trying his hand at roping the calf. VVal Siivas shows his ability to rope a calf and still remain in the saddle. 64 The Cowboys X- I tl ff. may i wk , , av -1 . N 'W . a n 'N' we M at-f Qt' r if er M Nik .1k. A k -. Nm . xnxx A W .L... :QQ 8 Wig WHS XNQN Junior Billy riding the bull. , , r, " ' ff ,,.. challenge of , 5 td. Af ft IM W Afvtaking an appearance, vicious buils stampede into the rodeo ring. 4Barry Scallion tries to stay on the bull for the required eight seconds. The Cowboys 65 lways prepared Ready to aid any injury Have you ever wondered what happened to the foot- ball player that was carried off the field after a hard hit? Doc Luther and his team of trainers are the people that wrap up the hurt ankles, bandage the cuts and ice the bruises. If necessary the trainers canfapply the CPR technique that they are taught in the classes that they A Trainers: back lose Pereira, Bob Wilkins, lames Graham, Emie Logsdonp Front: Velia Velasquez, Dawn Esteen, Michelle Blankenship, Doc Luther. P Doc checks up on Clarence Seay after a hard blow. 66 Trainers are required to take. First, third and seventh period the trainers are in the gym or out on the football field looking out for the players. They are ready to aid any injury that may occur. And, of course they are always present at every game, prepared to take charge whatever the emergency. Ralph 'Luther Kasey , , W, ,,,,, Doc Luther rela n, the office after a football game. V El 1 i E 2 2 5 l we ' Q S v Aw za Q .Q 5 ,, A LL-- -- K if .. Fx X .Vx 4 Luther and Dr. Ed Bunch attend a Cor- y Doc Luther Checks the extent of a onado playa-r's injury, pIayer's injuries. ad. , ee K fi a Q Z We L Xi f - in S A N 3 4 The equipment is well-stocked for the A Ralph Marmolejo and Doc tape up a trainers at a football game. hurt ankle, Trainers 67 A features J Anna ' Ei Wo' ,, , If 35 21332412 T . mf- Q Y Q, X , M ., HQ ,, 4 5,WS'f - A .AVI ya . , xp, Lfyf 1 If: , f ---- - -: rf 4 5 ,, Mfg. , ,, 'fm fmgifzgfsg, ir' A 5 71 ' ,gui , x 4 N ... in , ff Z x amz, 'Y 1.2442 Q Q. . " V Senior Class President lanet Atteberry helps out with setting up luminarias for the P TNNSS traditional lighting ofthe 688 YOSS. i't' ,t t ? ris we 42 wi :MWKWH get messy for Raul Fuerte in the if Or , we ' 2 .V ,. 3 ,Fwy ., wwtw-" t f---- H ,... K - f Q if U , WM. -W is , if A M , . ,l l and the 72 Homecoming Week VW' f 'Q A Michelle Oliver and Charlo take part in Punk Rock Day, r W ,,A. ,, i n tte Muller . it mr.gMoIirQmmcl Stan Lewis stuff their faces M76 werner-eating contest. w Ma emembrance of a Homecoming Xndress students carry on a tradition with contests, special days A traditional Homecoming Veek started out on a reary Monday, but that did ot stop the spirited Andress agles from carrying on a un-filled week of lomecoming activities, star- ng with concert T-shirt day. Tuesday saw the at- mosphere for Malibu Day iellow to perfection. To the pperclassmen's chagrin, the aphomore class swept up all onors in the tug-o-war, this created an air of excitement for the upcoming toilet paper run. That night the traditional Lighting of the "A" was held in the stadium. Wednesday everyone came 'punked out" for punk day. The main event at lunch time was the pie-eating con- test, truly a messy affair. Thursday was T'Oldie Goldie Day," the lunch time activities were the weiner- eating contest and the egg toss. That night Seniors, juniors, and Sophomores gathered for a building decorating contest, with the Class of 84 winning it with a terrific 'Xmake-over" of UA" building. Friday, "the big day," maroon and gold day, was a total success. At lunch seniors, juniors, and sophomores competed with each other in the Life-Saver pass and the Balloon Stomp. The day's activities ended in the gym for our big Homecoming pep assembly. That night we defeated the El Paso High Tigers in our Homecoming game with a score of 14-6. To end a week of tradi- tional Homecoming events and what would all become a fond memory, we held our Homecoming dinnerfdance at the Mesa Inn. Homecoming Week 73 Spring pageant features royalty Our 1984 Andress Aglow behavior and Court consisted of Queen Kerry Howell, Lady-in- waiting, Michele Hill, Princesses Royale Annette Rojas, Elsia Chavez, and Lisa Tipton. i When asked how she felt aboutihaving the honor of being sAglow Queen 1984 Kerry said, 'll was very sur- prisedlf l never really ex- pected to get it." ' 4 t f Kerry was nominated for by the Andress club, in which ,she held position as the club's 0 Lady-in-waiting Michelle Hill Tipton ,, , di, Princess Royale Annette Rojas Pnncess Royale Elsla Chavez Aglow Court 75 ueen's court Clubs, sport teams represented As she was crowned Queen of Aglow, her majes- ty Kerry Howell was attend- ed by a court which con- sisted of royalty representing various organizations and teams. The queen and court are elected from senior girls who are nominated by the many school clubs. Most of the clubs designate their Aglow nominee as their represen- tative for the pageant. The girls select their own escorts, most usually selecting so- meone from the club to ac- company them as they are presented at the pageant. Sports teams select sweethearts and beaus which represent them at the pageant. Usually either the sweetheart or beau is a member of the team which they represent and they are chosen by the players themselves. Finally, class favorites are chosen to represent their respective classes in elections held in the fall. Nominations are made by members of the class and voting is conducted during lunch hour with all members of the class eligible to vote. All in all, the royal court at Andress Aglow is one made up of the top members from all segments of Andress activity. 3. Segr Class Favorites Nicchio and Wfbianne Baker. 76 Aglow Court MWWMw.,f..,,,M,,W,MMwWM -."'l ,X k Club representatives: Top row Isabel vliramontes, Liz Sadlo, Rhonda Raney, Rosalie Martinez, Laura Dockray, Cynthia imith, Cindy Bunnell, Monica Flores, Zecilia Thompson, Suzanne Richardson, Ihristine Larkin, Celia Echeverriap Bottom row: Marilyn Ballory, Norma Rolon, Maria Isabel Rivera, Mariza Gonzalez, Wanda Suarez, lodi Bowman, Annette Her- nandez, Maria Boisselierp Not shown: Denise Freeman, Angie Segura, Rebecca Michael, Anni White, Glenda Buchanan. 1 Senior Class Sweetheart Stephanie Hughes. 4 Sports sweethearts: Monica Sanchez, Sheri Mauldin, lolene Titus, Monica Drake, Sherrie Crumley, Shery Nolan, Gay Beasley, Not shown: Monica Herrades. I x C 4 Cfgpi yi i HIV? Us ,....-v-,-.....1.-1 Aglow Court 77 P Andress Military court and escorts Sophomore princess Michelle Bedy and Donnie Barnes, Rifle team sweetheart Dolores Hanks and Wayne johnson, D Company Princess Tara Rudy and jesus Faz, B Company Princess Liz Moshauer and john Cline, Lady-in-waiting jackie Glass and Edward Welch, Queen, Lisa Smith and Kenneth Hunter, A Company Princess Peggy Gregory and Matthew Petsch, C Company Princess SueLynn Mar and jeff Kirkpatrick, Drill team Sweetheart jessica Murdock and joe Olivieri, junior Princess Barbara Uhler and joe Barrett. iii Q R we .sv si- 1 XFX, X sa 5 Magik s 5 45 dz We i W I ,Z J 5 4? A Court watches while Queen is crowned PD Comp-MY PVlnC95S 5U9lYnn Mill' and by sister Brenda Smith, last year's Queen. Peggy' Gregory Surround Drill team 78 Military Court Sweetheart jessica Murdock. i. x ff :si L . . " M'--.71 - ' - S -t..., . If as . . - -- f A itse I ady' A night in shining armor On the evening of December 3, 1983, Lisa Smith was crowned the 20th Military Ball Queen with jackie Glass atten- d i n g a s h e r Lady-in-Waiting. Lisa was crowned by her sister Brenda, who was last year's Queen. The ball's theme was l'Lady" and the Master of Ceremonies was Cadet Sergeant Major lohn Bings. Dthers in the court were Sophomore Princess - Michelle Bedy, lunior Princess - Barbara Uhlerg Rifle Team Sweetheart - Dolores Hakes, Drill Team Sweetheart - jessica Murdock, and A,B,C, and D Company Princesses - Peggy Gregory, Liz Moshauer, Sue Lynn Mar, and Tara Rudy. Military Court 79 unique year Besides cheerleading, varsity squad helps make commercial ln addition to their cheerleader activities, members of the varsity squad this year had a new and exciting experience. They were invited to par- ticipate in a commercial for Channel 7 KVIA-TV. Their presence in the commercial and on billboards and newspaper advertisements hw i fi, 9 was a source of pride for the entire school. One major change for the cheerleading squads this year was in the fact that instead of the three squads of the past, there were only two this year - varsity and junior varsity. Both squads cheered at all pep assemblies and varsity football games and divided up all other activities. The lV cheerleaders enthused the junior varsity team to a 4-1-1 season and the sophomore team to an 8-O season. Sponsored by Miss Mary Anna Harmon, director of student activities, the squads made posters for each week's game and also par- ticipated enthusiastically in Homecoming activities. Another important part c school spirit is the Eagle Birc junior Charles Lloyd brougl life to the Eagle Bird this yea performing energetically 1 pep assembles and game Marion Ross substituted fc him on occasion. 'q"""""i"EL, '!""'ZfB'41l KW A The IV cheerleaders watch for the next move on the football field. 80 Cheerleaders P The varsity cheerleaders prepare for the Friday night football game. :-31" 'Uhr' JNL f , "fm M K-6" , an :M 'WG Effie W f 1 ,. , N. V 0151 i, ' iff f z, Q . .. vm N xf 1 ,Lei ffl J.. r-rg'-nv ww fl , V life W M A Varsity cheerleaders Michelle Hill, Kimberly Daniels, Marilyn Ward, Monica Flores, Marie Boisselier, Catherine Cranford. Varsity cheerleader Cathy Cranford and Charles lloyd, Eagle Bird, introduce a Burges cheerleader, Cheerleaders 81 ll- ndress Bo Band, journalism make Apuan tops Andress High School has certainly kept Michael Apuan busy. He has been involved with organizations such as band, newspaper, Quill and Scroll, Student Council and the Student Advisory Committee. Along the years, Mike has participated in U.l.L. com- petitions both on district and regional level. He has placed second in newswriting, third place in feature writing, and second in headline writing. He also won third place in the Southwest Scholastic Press Association for a news story. ln band, he placed second division in solo! ensemble. Applying himself to his studies, getting involved with school organizations and competing in contests paid off for Mike when he receiv- ed honors from school and State. These prestigious awards range from the American Legion Boys' State, VVho's Who Among American High School Students, Andress' VVho's Who, and the Op- timist Club Outstanding Senior Boy. By maintaining an average above 90, Mike was chosen to be in the National Honor Society during his senior year. 82 All-Andress A For Mike Apuan, being a member of the school band meant practicing his music daily, P One of Mike's many jobs as the editor of the Aquilla is proofreading copy. "I feel high school has made me a more responsi- ble person and I will always look back at these years with a great sense of ac- complishment. Every early-morning band rehear- sal and every hectic newspaper deadline were well worth the time and ef- fortg the results of all tr "trouble" were more tha satisfactory. The teache and administration hei make everything wo thwhile and thatds wht counts the most." - Mike Apua " . kEL.k 5, if K . X . .N All-Andress .g Ssa Anderson j i 1 1 L Q-Er? S.. :vs ,. "My future plans to ma- jor in music were influenc- ed greatly by what l have learned in choir. I would encourage anyone who is even slightly interested in music to join some sort of choir class. The faculty and staff at ll- ndress Girl Anderson active in choir, NHS Being a top honors stu- dent, Melissa Anderson has received many awards both in extracurricular activities and in academics. Melissa has proven herself an ex- cellent student by earning the honor of All-Andress Girl. ln the three years she has attended Andress High, Melissa has participated in the various choirs offered here such as chamber, jazz, and regular choir. Winning such honors as alternate lst soprano, fifth chair region, second chair area, and first s-ii, chair did not happen over- night for Melissa. As she told Talon, ill got interested in choir in my eighth grade year. l was just in a music class, and the music teacher at H. E. Charles asked me if I wanted to be in choir." During her junior year, the Herald-Post honored her for being in the top five percent of her class. On top of all this, Melissa has also received academic letters for her freshman and sophomore years. X-Y Aw K . - 9 fx mei 1 V ' ' K , S . at . s - . F33 if l A Melissa exercises her research skills in Mr. King's chemistry class by testing the molar relationship between mass and volume. Andress have been really helpful. The teachers get involved with the students. They really help you get prepared for the future. I have really enjoyed being a part of the Andress family." - Melissa Anderson 4 In the choir room, Melissa Anderson diligently practices her music. All-Andress Girl 83 ho's who Nineteen seniors selected for honor Among the high honors which seniors can attain is selection to Who's Who. Since selection is made by faculty members it is indeed an honor to be among those named to this list. Faculty members submit names of outstanding seniors whom they deem worthy of the honor. Nominated students are then asked . Suzanne Richardson was active in DECA for two years, modern dance for three years, becoming vice-president in her senior year. She- was also a member of National Honor Society. Shawn Tanner tNot picturedl was in National Honor Society in Taegu American High School and at An- dress High School. He played varsity basketball and Soccer at Taegu. 84 Who's Who to submit an application on which they list grade average, scholastic achievements, extracurricular ac- tivities and community service activi- ty. A faculty committee reviews the applications and makes the final selections. This year, from applications sub- mitted, nineteen seniors were selected to Who's Who. Melissa Anderson participated in area choir, jazz choir, chamber choir and National Honor Society. She was in the top five percent of her class and received an academic letter. Marilyn Ward was a member of the Pan American Club, F.T.A., spirithead chairman for the Student Council, treasurer for the cheerleading squad, Teen Involve- ment, Drams Club, Creative Writing and the Spanish Clubs. Irene Sandoval has been a member of the French Club, Quill and Scroll, National Honor Society as the treasurer and secretary. Irene also played in varsity basketball team for girls and varsity tennis team. Glenn Campbell was active in Student Council, co-head of the hospitality committee and a member of the school band during his sophomore year. Kim Daniels was in modern dance, a cheerleader, a member of Student Council, president of the National Honor Society and a tutor in her senior year. Sherri Mauldin was FTA. vice- president, Student Council treasurer at Tech and member of the Courtesy Committee. Sherri applied her talents to gymnastics and baton twirler for the band. l l i ludy Krzemien was active in Teen Involvement, junior class secretary, squad leader for the Stu- dent Council, a member of the band for two years and a photographer for the yearbook staff, Christine Edgar was recognized in the National VVho's Who in American high schools. She was French club vice-president, presi- dent for three years, a tutor, member of the Key Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a finalist in the National Merit scholastic competition. S 2 I s ' A at M Y Michale Apuan participated ac- tively in band, newspaper, Quill and Scroll, Student Council and the Stu- dent Advisory Committee. He received honors such as Who's Who Among American High Schools and the American Legion Boys State. Ted Shrader participated in Stu- dent Council as secretary, the JETS Club, Science Club, the Strategist's Guild, National Honor Society and organizations editor for the year- book staff. H Wm: ' ,, ,V ,Q I' H Qs... f yiffiiftf' fa Kenny Villa has been recognized for his involvement in UIL speech competitions, Student Council and the Speech and Drama Club. He was safety committee chairperson, president for Student Council, as well as a band member. Who 'S Who 85 Monika Drake was an F.T.A. member, Student Council, varsity basketball team and varsity golf team. She was involved in senior scouting and represented the USA. in an international conference in Mexico as a senior girl scout. F .Q sltt 5 35 C to t ' fi 3 . .,,, k,,, N ,K W kkkkgii gzxi X K . , Roger Benson has been a member of the school band for three years playing drums. He was a photographer for two years for the yearbook staff. During his senior year he became chief photographer. Roger was also a member of Quill and Scroll. 86 Wh0's Who Carl Nicchio has been in band, becoming president his senior year. He was photo coordinator for the yearbook staff and participated in track and basketball for a year. Carl was also homecoming publicity and gym decoration chairperson for Stu- dent Council. iv-' jenny Look has been a member of Student Council, serving as the treasurer and VOE secretary. She was also in the National Honor Society. Michele Kretzshmar was in soft- ball, soccer and tennis. She received first place in a history fair during her sophomore and junior year and competed in U.l.L. ready-writing. Michele was also a member of the JETS. Marvin Cabiness was recognized as having excellent citizenship. He was historian for the DECA club and photographer for the newspaper staff. ,535 3 onor students Academics, participation rewarded The top five students from each grade level, freshmen through the senior classes, are designated Academic Award winners. To be eligi- ble for the award a student must be in attendance for at least four classes per school day. Students are chosen on the basis of grade point average, providing true in- centive to keep one's grades up. The competition is tough, although it is not un- common for these students to have G.P.A.'s above 4.0. Two other honors which are annually presented were both awarded to one person this year. Senior Ted Shrader was selected for liSalute to Teenagers" by the E.P.E.C. and also recognized for his participation in extracur- ricular activities by Daughters of The American Revolution Good Citizen Award. T .NN Christine Edgar, Charlotte Daily and lean Paicurich. Not shown Danny Heim, Tyrone Moton, jennifer Harris, Miriam Dincher, Sony Sik Choi, Caroline Look and Thomas Cieslik. nf..-.., .. was tr"""f" ,.,,, '8-uv Achievers 87 ews involves everyone Students express views on world events Mike Wilder - "1984" could happen if V Brian Ivie - l don't think l'1984" will hap- people don't stop and take the time to protect their rights. pen. People care too much about their civil rights to let them be taken away. Big Brother - ls he watching? George Orwell's final and most famous novel was i'1984": the story of a society where in all aspects of the citizens lives are open to the scrutiny of the government. The government has taken it upon itself to regulate peo-0 ple's private lives and to put down Usubversive" activity. To enforce their rules, the government uses a "video screen" to spy on people in their homes at will. Perhaps '1984" caused. they sensation it did because 88' The Year Orwell had in the past been considered a prophetic writer. Would the people of the world really come together and become common citizens under a totalitarianistic state? How close to George Orwell's 1948 fthe year was publish- edl would the reality of 1984 come? This was definitely a question that loomed over the heads of a concerned American public. Lebanon - right or wrong? One part of the world that concerned the American public this year was Lebanon. In the summer of '83, Presi- dent Reagan sent American Marines to keep peace in Lebanon. From the time they were sent in, they have en- dured a relentless amount of rocket fire, sniper rounds, ar- tillery shells, and one fatal truck bombing, all leading the public to question whether it was really ,a l'peacekeeping". Their orders were to serve as symbols of Washington'1 committment to the Mideast's stability, not to joir the combat. But that assign- ment by February had left 234 Marines dead and hun- dreds wounded. We asked the studen1 population at Andress Higt "Should we have beer there?" Ruben Mena - l think we should be there V because if we are not there some one like the Communists will take over the area and dominate it. George Papamarkos - No, I don't think we should be there because we are in a hostile situation in which we can 'only de- fend and rarely attack. Clearly a losing bat- tle until we have the go ahead to make the first move evin Keosoff - l'I liked Def Leppard, but :ter what loe Elliot said, I lost interest in uem"' f Thelma Torres - "I thought everybody made a big deal out of it. l think people should have given him a break because he didn't knowfwhat he was talking about." Jef Leppard - controversial statement 'In September during a Def eppard Tucson, Ariz., con- ert, lead singer, joe Elliott 1ade a derogatory com- ient about the Mexican- .merican population of El aso. ln his attempt to stir the ucson crowd into a fervor, Iliott labeled certain El Pa- aans "Greasy Mexicans". El Paso's mayor lonathon ogers, who had given Def eppard the key to the city when they performed here a feek earlier, stated that they fould never be welcome ere again. In several conciliatory at- tempts, Def Leppard offered to donate 510,000 to El Paso's needy children, and other gestures, including the distribution of miscellaneous promotional paraphernalia, were made, The League of United Latin American Citizens called for a nationwide boycott and local radio stations joined in temporarily. The boycott was lifted on january 1, 1984. Throughout the controversy, young people expressed various attitudes toward the entire situation. 1 Chuck Wagner - "The Day After" was not real enough. There is no way you can put a disaster like that on film. You have to experience it yourself. I do believe it can happen, but on a larger scale. Ralph Roman - Personally, I liked the movie but l know others hated it. lt was very realistic. Some people were scared by the things that happened, but I think that we all have to face the fact that we're go- ing to die someday. N One of the most con- troversial movies produced by ABC was 'lThe Day After". lt brought out the worrier in all of us. lt showed what a real nuclear war may be like. lt depicted the destruction of human lives that could only be the result of nuclear war. The movie starred lason Robards acting as a surgeon in Kansas City, Kansas. The y Day After' - Can it happen? a movie shows him trying to continue on after this fatal day. lt also gave a vivid pic- ture of the massive muta- tions that the people ex- perienced after surviving. Much of the reason for such controversy centered around the belief as to whether a movie showing so much horror and death should have been shown. V The Year 09 There exists within the school a society of students that maintain superior marks in advanced classes and prepare for college in a very surreptitious manner. They learn Dimensional Analysis, Thermal Effects, wave mechanics, nuclear physics, summation of vec- tors, Cartesian equations, molal and molar concentra- T ss s -' tion and integration. Allan Gruber stresses ional analysis and to a college career. 5 as 2 ' V W ' . as 1 f ' ' A 'A 12 Vai V 1 C' vi W il 5 I, V us. 2 'A , 9, va tv I H li A if 2afff,vs6e?Q?f3ffMg5llcf' - , ,L l tx 1 lla 5' I 5, "5 , l, gf 5, W 5, gg if Pt is H5422 P451 ' Q Canons -',, Q3 jf it it 535' fy I , . K 4 , ft f f 4 1 f mv' other: if ef f at sa M12 fffflff 2 W' 'md M 1, ,., 7 LW I E is 2' S .Q ' 3:4 A t 1 MW ,W .,,.,,, .W L ,,,.,Q,,.,,.13'f W .,WMt.Waa t,t. ,,,t,,,. , 2 Bobby Lane remains attentive in class despite the ongoing jocularity. sw ,K ww ' is ducation's elite Select students choose sciences Their motives for striving for a higher goal include: self-fulfillment, prestige and promise of a brighter future through knowledge. Surmounting difficult classes might be less of a trick and more of a task. Ask a student in an advanced class what he attributes to his suc- cess, he may well answer an abundance of perspiration and a lack of procrastination. Mr. joel King combines potassium chlorate and red phosphorous. The resultant blast shook the class as well as the instructor. Feature 91 eckoning in the present Technology goes public through computer availability Computer - at one time the very word elicited images of monstrous networks of wire and thousands of vacuum tubes. Pioneers in the field did indeed originate both design and mock-up on a humongous scale. However, technology has condensed computer size and has made the microprocessor affordable to the average household. Many schools now start students working on com- puters early. Elementary school students were familiarized with the keyboard and some learn basic computer language before junior high. Computer classes here at Andress were designed to in- troduce students to the basic applications of the com- puter, practical or otherwise. The computer has been seen as a cornerstone of our technological advancement for some time now. There is little doubt but that the pro- per utilization of the com- puter will help clear the way for America's new techni- industrial revolution. our . 92 Feature whim N . M I ms , I i . , 9- ., 12' f 2: 1 -- 140, ,,,' , .,,, , ts, .4 gal- V V yi? ff? f rt ,,, W tf if 'Q' " J .we 1 'ttr , Computer class teacher Mr. lim Davis checks the quality of a dot matrix printout, Del Mayhak uses the accumulated of com- puter technology to putter around with the computer. F' 1 :if-N-Q' Chuck Wagner eyes the camera as it ap- proaches his computer terminal. Brian Ivie goes through the paces on a game of load runner as part of his com- puter acquaintance program. Feature 93 12 0 0 group 94 Groups .F :JN 1 Yip ,' U -'h - -o u .Q g:"f'. M. I -. . ,ms ,s ,' . ., b : Xu '- 'VU 3' ' '-"1--fb? fx . '.:'S.W3.lN.z .r.,j'at"Q,3i9: -, -. , -yy.-,f 5. A I ' -'-H-' .'n H 'S-S ' X. K 1 u . - - v. . 'f fs 'fu .' ' -x K' ' ' 1' J., , 1. Q4 3. I ,I ' l ' s R3' h 5 J V 1 K' lf h 'ff , . 65 -If Q .rx -gs -155. 'lo 'J f itz. M . ' 1'- tiqfd. .S , , .I 7 ' s. , , LLP, BA "" We-' F, .. I - ' If-: new-,.'.' ,i' . . .M ,.:,g41 - -f- IK sw. H Siu ' ' A ' ,.-- , . . 3 - 1 ix' I ,A I D . I, , ,,M"4,, L,,7fWQ,f . .Q I l,l,,hJ!4'9,4f'n.' ' ,i"r., ss fqviid ' '-in I- as f 'r,- ., ' .v':- ' . - 1 "TN r"-'- ' "W V' ':' ' U' J H u. .-4-.,,..,, 1 V ,Q -'r-J. v . . ,I - -..,.,.- x . v..4 ,h 4 ' , I f j f ' 9 . , . Ti 54 .MOA N 95 , 0 ctive representation Student Council fuels up the school year with excitement, activity Humans are social animals. They need to socialize with one another, but that is not all. They also need leaders to direct them, to give them a purpose. Leaders are not made, they are born. Each leader has a special ability in- grained in his! her personality which gives them a radiating charisma. These leaders merge together to form a government, in this case to form a council, a Student Council. Miss Mary Anna Harmon helps guide this elected group through their beneficial school activities. These include the festive Homecoming activities, the Aglow, the majestic Beauty Pageant and the hectic Slave Sale. This is also the first year that the council can boast an enormous profit. Throughout the year, leaders such as Dr. 'Ron McLeod,General Superintendent of El Paso Public Schools, visit the council to lecture and share their respected viewpoints. Coverments fade away and become ineffective with poor leadership. Student Council is the training ground for an advanced society. l l 3 AStudent Council members: Top row: Richard Vera, Skippy Mohedano, Elinore Molina, Mike Apuan, lulie Grice, Seymour House, Bernadette McBurrows, Frank Vera, Karen Hess, Rene Montez, Cindy Price, and Carl Nicchio. Middle row: Mary Anna Harmon, Sheila Cheatam, Mike Wilder ler Lamb Ken Hunter Yvonne YY .Qtet:Q,' Bubba Woddson, Glen Campbell, Ted Shrader, Cindy Bunnell, Norma Rolan, and Helen Grice. Bottom row: Marilyn Ward, You Hui Taushek, ludy Krzemien, Charlotte Mueller, Ann Sollerborne, lrma Mason, Silvia Rodrequez, Alice Gross, Dianne Baker, and Kenny Villa. PKen Thomas, director of secondary education, discusses the future of Andress. 96 Student Council x E E I QQ li 1 Q 4. N .Elf . 41 Q 4 + QL nw-ww M .l ei R. . ...A, ' ' Glen Cambell and Mike Apuan catch the camera's eye during a council meeting. .S Sf ' ,wt 5 ,,1 e , V1 ,,.e, - New 4CharIette Muller, Shelly Brown and Carmen Trejo work serving cold drinks at the Fall Festival. AMiss Mary Anna Harmon, the council sponsor, speaks out during a discussion. 4Mike Wilder, Cecila Thompson, lanet Attebury, Cindy Price, Irma Mason and Silvia Rodriguez listen to a speaker in the speech auditorium during a Student Coun- cil meeting. Meetings were held on Tuesdays, Student Council 97 V Ross Snyder, Director of Public Informa- P Mrs. Lorene Patnaude's door lights up tion, addresses Student Council during a forthe Christmas Door decorating contest, visit to Andress. which Student Council sponsored. A Rene Montez doesn't mind heavy boxes since they're canned goods for the needy, This was one of Student Council's Christmas projects. 98 Student Council Vltlegfractices for the egg toss dur- ing the Homecoming week activities. i s X ei gi i t it L3 g N 1: 5 E S Q 3 gas- ie . S Q i - f it Swiss i 3 i 2 2 i F . i, Q X? wi, 2 in "em 11' fr 4 Glenn Campbell, Carmen Trejo, Miss Mary Anna Harmon, Yvonne Otero, and Kenny Villa discuss d during Homecoming week. V Franklin Vera checks over the many boxes full of canned goods collected in classrooms for Student Councils Christmas project. if Y t 4 General superintendent Dr. Ron Mcleod discusses proposed changes in schools with members of Student Council. 4 Helping decorate for Andress Aglow are members Richard Vera and Philip Whitehead. Student Council 99 atterns for the future Teen Involvement members help youngsters clarify their values, ideals Future history is always determined by the active generations of society. Any select generation of life has cultures and values that represents themselves as a whole. These values are established in the young, learning years of a person's life. They can be detrimental or beneficial. In order to acheive a perfect, stable society, there must be in- dividuals who will mold the younger age group for the better. There are those select few who will support the burden of this necessary task at Andress. This elite group is compos- ed of students who are not afraid to present the cruel and merry sides of the coin of life. Teen Involvement is the designation given to this cornerstone of the community. Miss Sharon Conroy heads this dedicated group besides being part of our school's counseling staff. In teaching the sixth graders attending the lower grades, the facilitators also get a chance to refine their own set o values. They are molding the future of America. S L AMiss Sharon Conroy addresses Teen ln- volvement facilitators during an early Tues- day morning meeting, Top row: Ronald Ezell, loleen Titus, Cecilia Thompson, Kenny Villa, Cindy Price, Suni Dailey, Angel McCoy, and Miss Sharon Conroy. Bottom row: Gene Titus, Cindy Bunnell, Pam Dennison, Colleen Grable, Eleanor Molina, and Marion Ross. Not shown: Laura Abourezk, Michelle Blankenship, Barbara Burke, lackie Collier, Shawn Contreras, Dawn Estensen, Laura Hendricks, Charles Lloyd, Alan McAdam, Patsy Montes, Delia Mott, Elena Mott, Lori Neslage, Leslie Onick, Christine Scepanski, Rebecca Seal, Kathleen Shirley, Ted Shrader, Bertha Vasquez, and Marilyn Ward. 100 Teen Involvement Q 5. 3 i l r mi. 1 Nw -qw 4 Miss Sharon Conroy, the sponsor, VCindy Bunnell talks with a Fanning sixth passes out folders during a training session. grader over today's exciting lesson. sg 3 n, Zi 1 eff- 5 ii ' ' Q5 ff , , f 4 : ' , f J If H, 55, tt.:-zfw f, 1 W fe, 5fy1gy:f,,W,,i W fff. is ,,.,,, H, is -- , ..t,.:s,1,, fw...f::: f M 4Cindy Bunnell addresses an attentative ADelia Mott discusses the subject of peer qlagg, pressure with sixth grade students. Teen In volvement 101 elect group Honor Society small, but active The National Honor Socie- ty is one of few organizations in which the member is voted in by faculty vote. The club consists of nine active members who are picked on the following points: leader- ship qualities, classroom behavior, character, and a grade point average of a 90 or above. Induction was held May 9 ,W Z v ffm , is A NHS sponsor Mrs. Mary Baquera. 102 National Honor Society of last year. NHS sold calen- dars and other stationery items, at the Fall Festival they had the 'Frisbee Throw" and 'Guess the Legs." Mrs. Mary Baquera heads the club with officers Kim Daniels, presi- dent, Cecilia Thompson, vice-president, Tracey Knighten, secretaryg and Irene Sandoval, treasurer. A NHS members: standing Mrs.Baquera, Miriam Dincher, Michael Apuan, Rhonda Raney, Shawn Tanner, and lennifer Hickman: Sitting: Tracey Knighten, Kim Daniels, Cecilia Thompson and Irene Sandoval. A Secretary Tracey Knighten passes Miriam Dincher a report of items they will sell. lite among journalists Quill and Scroll members tops among nevvspaper, yearbook staffs 'rrr r"',ll1 s,,,,,.rr rrl ,,,ra, ::i.s:w' few wr. s,,, ,a,,,,. K 5 ,,,,w,, ,Wa s,,,,,,,H .W vft..,,,sQ-fftasrw ' fe- , A... , W ,f...,, Q ffm is Nw yr news- asa, was , , , it .,,, ,W ,,, mi me M, www - ,, siw1,,gf..iif ""' f iifmfffrrwiiaewfminwm, eve, new-1 n 1 .ss?:ff:s?stf,a,,,,e- w1i,41...wg many -- 15,E,,t::Q,,,ggMt5,We -6- fff, -Wrmm vfff. L, ,gm YKWWfe1?f10fffgg22i,4ff5fg1 VV iW'!Qlf3'ifl ...., Zgggaifyflfjigzgr 7-3-ll sill ll',",fEEQ'i57:QE5i"flll 45 rewrite i'i?4l2'-5illliQl,:mm we r. W, g g The pen is mightier than the svvord, This saying has re- mained among other themes ever since the existence of the ball point feather. Armies have fought, villages pillaged, kingdoms crumbled, and vvars fought over the writings of a single person vvith a belief he or she stands by. The vvriter possesses an im- mense povver in his hands. Writers can move people, make them laugh, make them cry, inflame them, and make them passionate. What organization can dare to be so bold as to hold the reigns of a determined writer? None other than Quill and Scroll. At last the talented writers can mingle and develop their talents vvith others on the same plane of thought. After their annual feast of festivities, they indulge in im- aginative thinking. Miss lrma Rodriguez is the chief author among journalists. Quill and Schroll, the Inter- national Honor Society for High School lournalists, is the breeding ground for future novelists. They are the food for a more literate America, fires, -':f' iw, , ,,,,,, ,,,,,, W --H , E .. i ,,,,t..., - r 'S if I aft A f Wefifllll AZ iii, E, 4, . 5, 2 , AMichaeI Apuan receives oath while in- ductees Alfredo Lozano, Roger Benson and David Duran repeat after him. 4Top rovv: Stan Cumberledge, David Morales, Carl Nicchio, Roberto Guerena, David Apuan, Tom Leyba. Bottom rovv: Irene Vasquez, Colleen Grable, Isabel Miramontes, Cecilia Echeverria and ludy Krzemian. Quill sf Scroll 103 alftime heroes Long hours prove band members' dedication to excellence ln the wee morning hours when most Andress students were still asleep the Andress band was practicing for the next halftime show. Many hours went into putting together the next halftime show. Afterschool rehearsals, sectional during lunch, and many hours spent at home B W A ff' ...V an Il to learn the music were all a part of marching season. With the driving force of drum majors lohnathan Evans and Norma Rolon and under the strong guidance of direc- tors Al Mendez and Don Wood, the band members dream of receiving that first division rating came true. H is This year they competed in three contests. After not making the finals at the Oc- tober New Mexico State University Parade of Cham- pions, band m rn ers were more determi d tgqnprove the show. T ierwtermina- the Ross Capshaw lnvita- tional, where they received a first division. Four weeks later after a totally revised show, they competed in the Sun Bowl Tournament of Bands and received another first division and took an overall tion, pa ,ed " jx e week second place out of several later el Qfcompeted in bands. lv W if , 5 U if K5 M U c, 12 Jann P Andress band entertains crowd during halftime festivities. PP Flag Captains: Annette Hernandez and Anita Casillas. 104 Band L1 X T f ,, S s. ,xxikgwkiiiiiiggdi P, iiii Q 'iiguggg lf' A , xi- ,1 it X. wswsvvcstssggfif vwhjxq, 'Pumps' ii? ,l 1, V A be 4 at E 'S x 4 L, Director AI Mendez gives directions to band students. Flag girls: top Margret Campos, Lauray Pindell, Rebecca Armstrong,Misty Bradley, Donna Brown, lean Paicurich, Cecilia Gonzalez, Middle: lodi Bowman, Suzanne Quigley, Sonya Edwards, Fina Fiore, Sylvia Rodriguez, Gay Beasley, Pat- sy Montes, Bottom: Annette Hernandez, Amy Ashby, Pam Rittman, Diane Britton, Carmen Treio, Bertha Vasquez,Maria Casaime, Anita Casillas. Not shown: Yvette Cisneros, Yonnie Tauschek. Band 105 PAfter being rated 'superiorn for their marching, Drum majors: Norma Rolon and lonathan Evans proudly accept the award from Mr. Ross Capshaw at the Ross Cap- shaw Invitational. X ABand officers: top Paul McNair, quarter- masterg Kristin Reynolds, treasurerg Mid- dle: Tandra Thomas, quartermasterg Alfredo Arce, quartermasterg Norma Rolon, drum majorg Bottom: Carl Nicchio, presidentg Trisha Gillespie, librariang Not shown: Mike Apuan, vice-presidentg Bar- bara Burke, secretaryg Pam Rittman, librariang Gina Sermons, librariang Trisha Peel, quartermasterg Sean Ginslade, chaplaing lon Evans, drum major, Cecilia Thompson, librarian. PBand sweethearts: Cindy Price, Patsy Montes, Sheri Mauldin, and Beau Carl Nicchio. 106 Band 'XS-wg? 4. P N ' va yi 3. ik, it I F, ., 8 ,4- L 'tpirg , aff W WJ lwirler Sherr1Mauldln 4 Q T Qffiiwft' wwf' M aj .nm fter the march Musicians continue playing in concert After the dust clears from the football field, it becomes evident that marching season has come it its abrupt halt. But the challenge has just begun for band students. During concert season the band is broken into two bands, symphonic and con- cert band. Symphonic band, which is the pride of director Al Mendez, spent many hours to perfect their music. Concert band also spent many hours at perfecting their music. There are also two lazz Bands. First stage band, which director Al Mendez says, His the best he's heard in his seven years at An- dressf' Then there is second stage band, which also is a spectacular band. Both lazz Bands competed at various competitions around the city. 4 0...-n 0 . f' , if was l 'BTW AFirst Stage band: Top: leffery Farmer, Don Morgan, Leon Crank, Paul McNair, and lose Pabong Middle: Diane Ellis, Adrian Brown, Robert Wilson, Willie Lopez, lerry Metzo, David Estes, Stanley Lewis, Suni Dailey, Arnold Marks, and Sean Grinsladep Bottom: Kenny Villa, Gina Sermons, lavier Alonzo, Benny Perkins, Hector Reyes, Pam Rittmann, and Leslie Ritchie. 4Second Stage band: Top: lulian Arreola, Doug jones, and Daryl Irving, Middle: Laura Abourezk, Olga Vella, Gerald Cureton, Orlando Vasquez, Eddie Reyes, Greg Lopez, Bill Getz, lames Tenorio, Len- ny Evans, and Paul Logsdonp Bottom: Manny Morales, Karen Hess, Cindy Price, ludy Krezmien, Hope Marin, Patricia Gillespie, Alfredo Arce, and Charlie lones. Band 107 here's onl one way to pla it Orchestra students give it their all at annual city-vvide contest Over the peaceful sounds of strings rubbing rosin, there is a group of students that have excelled in their tasks. The lone strumming of violins, violas, cellos and basses come together to form a universal language. Playing a musical instrument requires dedication and drive. Andress' orchestra has shovvn the exuberance to funnel their energy into pro- ductive channels. Every club has a goal, a purpose to strive for. The or- chestra is no different. The ambitious goal was to earn enough money to venture on a trip to Durango, Col- A Donald Kopecky, who has directed the orchestra for the past five years, informs the Christmas concert audience about the next selection. V As Mr. Kopecky directs, orchestra members play 'The Christmas Song" dur- ing their annual Christmas concert held in the gym Dec. 11, 108 Orchestra orado. At Durango they will compete with other or- chestras from the area. Mr. Donald Kopecky has been the orchestra director for five years. His pride in his work is reflected in the ex- cellent guidance he gives his students. He says, 'The or- chestra members are trying to improve the orchestra for future students." ln order to fulfill their task, the orchestra sold candy, tumblers, and an assortment of other things. Snovvcones were one of the refreshing treats they sold during the Fall Festival. i 'TQVQ 151 Y Y ,Y 1 DIFQYQ 1 V These were selected to All-Region or- 4 Orchestra members sell snovvcones at chestra: lill Thrasher, Diane Ellis, Eva Brad- the Fall Festival. ford, and Margaret Thompson. await' -+.-:wee B mw WWWWQ , ,,,,,e V 'r , ,M fdw NfxVmfy fem, f Wwxfwfw ' H , SCM -, Q , t M . I ,,, 5.w,: r1,j ,,3,, vE uZ 4,1 'Gm T ffr ,H r"l' , ,A ' N ,V .,,,?yQ,,W M.. V, , X W, ,,N,,MMw V ' I f' A 'ffikfiitfiwilkui M L' f " 3 ' A ' f T Q at , maxim' , v ' M v ' t W ' w.M,,, L Top row: David Hagy, Margarita Gon- and Mr. Donald Kopeckyp Middle row: zales, Cindy Bunnell, Mark Lozano, Kathy Marisa Ramirez, Rene Lastra, Tishall ish, Margaret Thompson, Carlos Diaz, Brown, lohn Molina, Wade jones, Steve ames Shirley, Richard lnrvin, Patrick Hunt, Murrell, Alan Washington, Beau lohnson, Donna Brown, and Yvette Esenseg Bottom row: Diane Ellis, Edda Garcia, Tina Waters, Sharon Farrow, Myra Holly, Eva Bradford, Margot White, Carrie Branson, Wanda Suarez, Michelle Menchaca, Sandy Rios, Annette Rojas, lill Thrasher, and Rachel Kenner. Orchestra 109 Gllilflg VOICES, Choir members practice, excel in performances, contests Choir members worked hard this year as they prepared for contests and concerts. Mr. Bob Dierdorf, director, worked and coach- ed the students. Their main goal this year was to go to Houston for a music festival at Astro World. They sold candy, calendars, and stationery, at the Fall T ' t . 4:2 F if fs c,,, ,f sss A . . ,cci cc . t T .ts as - s f,---- .s X X k 1 K T 5 X l . Q F ft .. . 11 1 F 2 ,,,,, , Z zz... V' ,. 5 .tti t K if 'K as X ATop row: Mr. Bob Dierdorf, Doug Bearden, Randy Maxwell, Dale Woodson, Greg Polk, lean Paicurich, Yonnie Tauschek, Dawn Simmons, Melissa Anderson, Patricia Martinez, Middle rowx lason Babcock, Andy Dyba, leff Lewis, Ar- mando Cano, Kelly Lindsey, Renee Allen, Lorri lames, Tammy Culifer, Wilhemina Messick, Bottom row: Thomas Cieslik, Kevin Dwyer, Leon Smith, Daryl Foster, lulie Christopher, Sandy Christopher, Pamela Enlvin, Michele Prophet, Michelle Hill. PChoir members practice and prepare their songs for the Christmas concert. 110 Choir . ,... F is ss .1 V .. .. N' Festival they sold popcorn and had a grab bag booth. They also had a car vvash to raise funds. Choir members par- ticipated in Chamber con- tests, the EPISD Choir contest May 5, and a solo contest vvhich involved a series of auditions that led to all-state. Eight students made all- N -wb Nt N st X xtx 'S 3- . t o E. . X-by ,ysfisr New . 2' 'S i fflgff V 5 .... f X N tttst QQ .iii ,X Iris f " 1. F ss X we region, seven made Area choir and Melissa Anderson made all-state. Choir events this year in- cluded singing at a pep rally and a parents night concert at HF. Charles and Terrace Hills. ln November they par- ticipated in the Parade of Choirs. ln December they held a Christmas concert here and sang at several shopping malls, Community College, and Sun Towers Hospital. ln February the lazz Choir sang at Andress Aglovv. On April 5-7 they joined in a choral clinic and festival. ,,, f '32 was elected first in allistate choir. 18 wg, K i 6 , 5' i W f W 1 AChoir members who were selefted for Chamber Choir are: ttop rowj' lason Bab- cock, Doug Bearden, Armando Cano, Renee Allen, Dawn Simmons, Melissa Andersonp Bottom row: Thomas Cieslik, Daryl Foster, leff Lewis, Sandy Christopher, Lorri lames, Michelle Hill. 4Choir members give a great perlor- mance at the Christmas Com ert. 4Patricia Martinez practiced her solo and is accompanied by Mr. Dierdorf. Choir 111 PSection leaders are leff Lewis and Melissa Anderson. W rr ' Z' sum, ,rr er K er Wig, 1 AMr. Dierdorf gets ready to direct the class. 112 Choir Pflholr members who were selected for aIl'region and Area Choir are: ttop rowl: lason Babcock, Melissa Anderson, jeff Lewis: Bottom row: lean Paicurich, Thomas Cieslik, Lorri lames. rttt : zi. t fx ,-4 'nm f Members practice for their solo and ensemble contests. u '1'1,I? -3? vig 1 5 F nag! li! ll uw tj rr all 75552 A e WU' 'ii 4Cindy Smith and Lorri lames sell pop- corn and had a grab bag booth at the Fall Festival to raise funds . ,fi if i if iii? it 'q A 2' JP ,V ,ff of N, fin er, +- .- gf ,ll Adi ,' ,. ,Q K Q ' 'iwzrfri' 1' I in git ' ,fi 6. 5' i Qi V, 5 i l L tj ADoug Bearden, Victor Lemos, and jeff Lewis prepare themselves to perform at the Christmas concert, 4Officers are Patricia Martinez, secretary, leff Lewis, president, Lorri lames, vit e-president Choir 113 l hat a feeling! Drchesis Dance Honorary performs gracefully at Christmas concert The main objective of the Orchesis Dance Honorary is to perform and to entertain others. The years' Orchesis Dance Honorary Club had a new sponsor, Mrs. Rosemary Ar- riola, and consisted of ap- proximately ZO members. The year went excep- P The Orchesis Dance Honorary club members show their school spirit by per- forming for the student body at pep assemblies. V Club officers: top Annette Hernandez, Tina Thompson, lackie Mayo, Erika McGill, Genia johnson, Bottom: Suzanne Richardson, Elsia Chavez, Monica Flores. tionally well for the dance club members. The club members participated in ac- tivities such as having bake sales and putting together a haunted house in the gym- nasium at the annual Fall Festival. Taking some of their own time to rehearse and ready themselves for further participation, the dance club members were also able to perform in pep assemblies, in a Democratic Party Rally at Rushfair Center during the fall, at a Christmas concert along with the Golden Eagle Band, and also at basketball games during halftime. Officers for the years' club were Elsia Chavez, presiden Suzanne Richardson, vice president, jackie Mayc treasurer, Monica Florei secretary, Tina Thompso and Erika McGill, costum advisors, Annette Hernande and Cenia johnson Historians. f :elim ll' -- .Lili ,W . s , i i C ' -", ,,,: tf" 1 ,.,- 7 7 it' rfrf "" 2 K stt. lee eetii iir 'l" sss it', A ' see tieeit ssa saa iiiiiicc cts, .,,i,, f t ' - l"' ll, 'l..." ,,.' -- A M. tg 5? ,,, ,X M K ,gf ..fft. lf! . ',:, ii? ifinjs ,W 522 1 54222 'rff tii.t1 l",,,,," , C 'i', H 'T" ',t- i at ----, V ".,. , t , ,,,, .. 3 tit ,ec , M- tt.. . "ii" il't if -- ' ttttt - ,sss e tie, ttc iitt ttttt tttttti A T it i it ' ":k ""iL ' - "-1 'f,ss M C 5 El' i t , C it ',1-' Itll yryy 5 ihi ,,Ir: , A ,ff ciisss it iii is V fll 3 5? C ,t,,Vgg,, ssrrr ' , tst. - fi .Ie-,,:g ,Q . gl, . XM 114 Orchesis P Elsia Chavez, lackie Mayo, Michelle Hill, and Tammy Richardson wait to per- form at Christmas concert, s A Elsia Chavez, Maria Boisselier, Monica Flores, and Anita Casillas practice their dance steps at a dress rehearsal ' .a , k,, w ffiqitgsl rg ' - " I f' ,, ' , fwfr' , 4 .0Qw,p A, gf, 4 . l., , , , 3 A gy ,Q ia V 321 I' 'W if A ' it ,',. I ',V, . AIV: ' ,. f'2' " A, aaf M if A it ii A ,kkk W, M ,V 4 Anita Casillas shows her school spirit 'T "" J ' ' dancing atapep-assembly. E A Marisa Gonzalez, Tina Thompson, lackie Mayo, Rebecca Armstrong, and Lisa Himmel dance to l'We're in This Love Together" played by the band. 4 Club members: standing Rebecca Arm- strong, Suzanne Richardson, lackie Mayo, Yasmin Huffman, Monica Flores, Genia johnson, Ann Sollerborn. Kneeling: Anita Casillas, Erika McGill, Lisa Himmel, Sheila Cheatham. Sitting: Maria Boisselier, An- nette Hernandez, Elsia Chavez, Tina Thompson, Michelle Hill. Orchesis 1 15 reparing for the future Distributive Education club members learn business first-hand DECA tDistributive Educa- tion Clubs of Americal members had two goals to reach during the school year. The first goal set by group members was to work, study, prepare and concen- trate for their contests. The students competed in their field of work on a city-wide basis against students doing AMrs. Debbie Reavis, club sponsor, con- centrates on one of DECA's club meeting discussions. P Club members Robert Hardgrove, Rick Acosta, Suzanne Richardson, Cathy Handley, Annette Brown, work hard at a car wash held at the Thunderbird gas sta- tion on Dyer located at Gibson's parking lot. the same kind of work. These contests include general merchandising, petroleum, advertising, food marketing, and apparel and accessories. Their second goal was to better unders- tand the free enterprise system. Events held by DECA members in an effort to raise funds for the club were a car wash, selling German brat- wurst and pickles at the Fall Festival, and sales of Tom Watt products. For Christmas, they took candy and gifts to the children at Hart School, who are mostly from disadvantag- ed families. One of their major events is the employee-employe annual' banquet held late i the year to get acquainte with everyone in the variot fields which DECA covers. Senior Robert Hardgrov said, 'The reason I'm i DECA is to prepare fc business in the future." PMike Clark, Robert Hardgrove, Hugh Rink, and Dottie lnvvin, enjoy their breakfast after having participated in one of their cIub's meetings. 1 16 DECA Si X . X t F lfleff L K h,.,A 1 ,V B N , jj 1 4Marvin Cabiness and juan Rojas sell Ger- man Bratwurst and pickles during the Fall Festival to raise money for the clubs funds. VTom Simmons, Rebecca Spruill, luanita Pereida, Donna Fuls, club members, discuss an important topic of one of their meetings held one Friday morning. 5 'E A 1. f is is ., ,.. '- - . s ii- , . I -. - S' l s . use x ' t 1 P' 'Z R G 'U is :' '?5l':i:w ' ' ' V- -' L Bottom row: Donna Fuls, Tina Flores, Craven, Mrs. Debbie Reavisp Middle row: andy Rios, Cora Lee Adame, janet Noel, Danny Rojas, Roger Allen, Suzanne Iathy Handley, Donna Graziano, Elsia Richardson, Bonnie Ciesiolka, Annette Ihavez, juan Rojas, Mike Bashon, lulie Brown, Dottie lrvvin, Pam Pacheco, Rebecca Spruill, Bobby Lane, Mike Clark, B93Ch, R0b9ft POI'iill0, leff ASMUSSQ1, Back row: Pete Payton, Eric Paschall, RiCk C2rr,l2m9S YV2ddfQll5TODV0WiPh'l'P Devin Himel, john Flores, Hugh Rink, Whii9h93d,MilfVln C3blf'955- Robert Hardgrove, luanita Pereida, Mike DECA 117 earn and work Vocational Office Education valuable The Vocational Office education organization has become traditional for help- ing students to go to school and work. This enables the student to attend school and still gain valuable working experience. VOE is a program that is available to juniors and seniors who have had one year of typing. the re- quirements are progressed as a student advances from grade to grade. The student begins with a basic course of clerical skills and advances to higher learning goals. This year the club, con- sisting of 38 members, was involved in many activities in- cluding selling stuffed animals, participating in the Fall Festival with the very popular marriage booth and candy shop. During the year the club members go to contest against all the VOE clubs in the city. The festivities at the end of the year include an employer-employee banquet. The experience gained through the years in the club is of great use to the members in their future careers. swf . s.. .. .5 r .f 118 VOE A Club members wait for students to ar- rive at Fall Festival. V Club officers: President Alice Vasquez, Historian Cecelia Thompson, secretary- treasurer, Irma Mason, Vice-President Silvia Rodriguez, Sponsor Mrs. Walker. 'Wh A The Vocational Office Education organization is headed by Mrs. Walker. Sli A Seated frontz Dennise Freeman, Christine Olingerp Left to right: Cecilia Thompson, Sandra Hutchins, lacqueline Vega, lanet Atteberry, Alice Vasquez, Connie Martinez, lenny Look, Luz Her- rera, lessie Flint, Norma Saenz, Rosei Perez, Sandra Gonzales, Laurie Rodgers, Yvone Tyree, Allicia Graham, La Sonia Washington, Patricia Dasher. 4 Top row: Helen Chavira, Cecilia Carran- za, Monika Heisel, Teresa Neslage, Patricia Herrera, Araiceli Ceniceros, lanet Urbina, Andy DeWitt, Faye Brown, Carmen Maldonado, Bottom row: Wendy Dow, Sherri Dinsdale, Delia Mott, Irma Mason, Paul Marcionti, Gloria Titus, Silvia Rodriguez, Lisa Neal. .. ,,. , ., . 4 Barbara Burke writes Christmas cards to A Luz Herrera and Connie Martinez work Andress staff hard making Christmas cards, VOE 119 6 est in district' Auto shop trains professionals The car is the American dream. It represents freedom and enjoyment for the owner. Through constant use, the automobile is prone to break dovvn and fail. Since the car is such a complex vehicle, it needs to be fixed by a professional. Auto Mechanics at Andress helps train professional mechanics for these cars. Mr. Tom Morris, the spon- sor, says the students are highly motivated and per- form a variety of work well. The future mechanics do painting and major overhauls on most makes of cars. ln his ninth year, Mr. Morris proud- ly proclaims that they have done more work than any other school in the El Paso district and that his mechanics are better than any others in the district. AThomas Wix works on an important part of the engine, PDominic Valerio aske Bryan Wells for a part that he needs. E-:,,, Y yr, W . 'Hn if -if . G 3 an if Q it 'm,,., ,, 120 shop fl l tittitsi it'li1 1 1 ' -..., - 4, t A is ef r 3+ 2: e rf K s .ss Y 5 - . fr Q X 5, S . - if. N . stew - fm ..,, .seg W? .. z s tts. P. 4Dennis Richardson attempts to figure out what is wrong with one of the cars that is brought into the auto shop. . -nn-si'!! ?' ,- f-Q --" -s t Q ,, h e N J 1, JK sv-5? fs -1 Q as Q f S3 A hrs, f. 1 f ? f 'Q J, H f fkp rn., I f 'z:1"gsi'agu.113lz, iv .MW lm., W.--fri,-W--1-,-.avg . ' W ML: MI " . Q 1 0 . ao o o eva ,A .. . , . . . . 1 . 1 . Q, . . , 4 . . . X 5 , . , K I .... ...., . 4 o Q 4 X o " W . .9.g .. . 9... .t -.vt-V- ., ..,. ... . . , .. ,.,ft...,g'....,. 44, 4. ,..... ..... , ..,. ...eff ...1... . ?, 4' ' 1 E 5 ,,A,'wc,, A .-M,,,....q . . .A ...., . . - -8- -O . ,.. . . . - . . . . 3. . . If - ..,.. .... 1Q"'I.anos9..f -. +4.04 Mi' .-',... i,A ,,,.4.m.g.,..,a.....,. . fs... .9 korvsqafwgnn on Zeeman, 5, . ..,.,. ,mg,.f.4.g,,Q.. .. 244. f' ' 'Q' 'V-,..,.'-M---.-t,-.+w,,g,' " ' - . ..,,5.-iittf--. -- s t" AH on 5. . -.. ...,, -.,.,...,,..,. . ,Q,... Win? A ' l g Q 1 iw W ,M .. ,:,- s-.wfbff -tY..,'.l,. .... ,.... ,,V,,' A ,,t,,, ,, .,"'W Y ' Y ' ' ' ' fztt,vmf.m.'ZM1p ' - . . s 1 V p Q 4 4 ,V,..g.,,,.L.. ....,. , ...,,. .. V W . ,. V. .... . . , . . . . 1 . I . 4 . ,WAGM Qt''Qi-1',..,,..y.,...,....,,i .a...' .. . . .V . . . . ,. - l 1 f 3. fl . . :A aj Vmgvl -- - . fjQ,.,....... 24 rf'q'??fQ.:' ...,. hmmm' , ' 1 . ...-. t.r. t - if vf .'V9..'. I. . . . . , ....V tr... v ,V k , 4 Q 1 ' A ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - - 4 n n uf Q 4 v Q 4 Q iff-if - , . . .,.. i H '- " -5 '- -1 - 'N . t ' " J I 4 , t , . , , , 4 T g ' my ARaymond Lewis is most outstanding in auto mechanics. 4Dominic Velerio points out the tools that they use for the Cars in shop. Shop 121 ombining job and school Coordinated Vocational-Academic Education offers opportunities Many people believe that llreal life" doesn't begin until a person actually goes out and gets his or her first job. For many high school students, who have been combining school and jobs, llreal life'f has already begun. In an attempt to coor- dinate the two - school and job - for the benefit of the student, Andress offers several programs. Among these is Coordinated Vocational-Academic Educa- tion QCVAED, taught by Mrs. janice Arndt. Students combine academic education with vocational training which A Top row: D. j. Hughes, Ron Archer, Benny Perkins, Paul johnson, Raul Fuerte, javier Alonzo, Second row: Sandra Gunsch, Kimmi james, Debra Golden, Sonja Edwards, Third row: Patricia Lyon, Dolly Mariano, Mina Pinson. 122 CVAE A Officers: Kimmi james, reporter, Debra Golden, treasurer, Ron Archer, parliamen- tarian, Benny Perkins, president, Patricia Lyon, Secretary, Dolly Mariano, vice presi- dent, Sonja Edwards, sergeant-at-arms. helps them accumulate needed school credits and yet also work and gain valuable experience. Students in CVAE may work at a variety of jobs. Students involved in CVAE also learn many skills through competition which they par- ticipate in. This year CVAE teams had success against other schools in area con- tests. They participate in con- tests involving business pro- cedure, opening and closing ceremonies, and job interview. TS C.-Stas S i S i A The Business Procedure Team took se- cond place in area contest: john Galvan, president, Stephanie Whitaker, secretary, Laurene Hawkins, treasurer, Victor Tankersley, sergeant-at-arms, Tommy Anderson, Chistina Martinez, Nancy Mar- tinez, Mina Pinson. A The Qpening and Closing Ceremonief team took third place in area contest: Pau johnson, president, Patricia Sievers, vice president, Patricia Lyon, secretary, Kimm james, treasurer, Sandra Gunsch, reporter jeff Kirkpatrick, parliamentarian, Mike Sowers, sergeant-at-arms, Debbie Golden advisor. rw mall, but dedicated Aedia Club members help keep library organized Libraries are vast orehouses of information id facts. There are libraries i books and libraries of the iind. Both need to be up- ated and changed con- antly by imagination and cts. Libraries are updated y authors and our minds are updated by books. These books are written by writers and are located in libraries. The library is like the human body. lt needs to be cultivated and cared for in order for it to flourish. A group of students have dedicated themselves to the completion of this task. They are the few, yet devoted, members of the Media Club. Mrs. Marguerite Reece, the librarian, commands this dutiful staff of members. The Media Club has raised money through book and M8fM sales. 5. .tl it A, ggggg e c ,, - g is ,.,,,...,, sslivt M.. fy, if .,. ,. V Mrs. Marguerite Reece, club sponsor. 4 Library club members are Valerie Blaes, Belinda Woolridge and Karla Peterson. 1 .Yu cv oh .ft le Lu J .Nt Mrs. Reece and a member selling books P Now it's time for members to file and ring the Fall Festival. shelve books. Media Club 123 n the spotlight Masque and Gavel gives opportunity for actors, speakers to perform How often have we im- agined being Indiana lones in the hot, bright sands of Egypt, Marcus Antonius speaking at a friend's funeral, lames T. Kirk in the heat of a battle, Mad Max driving 100 mph down a highway in an oil tanker, the redrum shining on a winter night, or Larry Creed climbing over the deadfall surrounding Pet Mrs. Garrett, club sponsor, collects money from M8iM sales. 124 Masque 8 Gavel Cemetery? We're there in the action, the emotion, the stress, the strain, the sadness and the joy. Many of us cannot ex- perience a true life plot of ac- tion, mystery, romance, comedy or tragedy. We ad- mire those who have. Actors can escape the dull routine of life and hop into a world where life is fast, to say the least. Acting is something one must experience. The Mas- que and Gavel club gives us this opportunity. Mrs. Norma Garrett and Mrs. Mona Navickas sponsor this organization where a person can be more than himself, something a person imagines in their wildest dreams. The actors, members, star in plays where they can capture the hearts and minds of the au- dience or give speeches and readings which stir our emo- tions. Acting is a part of everyone of us. It originates in imagination and thought? of the mind and it blossom when the time is right foj excitement. A Back row: Mrs. Mona Navickas, Doug Bearden, Marian Ross, Tommie jones, An ni White, Kenny Villa, Krisa Korems, Aaron King, Todd De Pauw, Michelle l 5 5 x Oliver. Front row: Stacey Cords, Linda Kirk, Angie Ryan, Reid Decker, Lenny Evans. P President, Anni White, secretary, Michelle Oliver. 2 , E E E ls .sag I, Q 4, V.. , . 21:8 A -- ,L 1- . 157: ,... f MQ" N gi! ,gf .. .f , Q . 'Maj - 5 ,. ,, 0--em i K' 'ff-W1 as if 1? Sandy Miller and smaphanie seaciiiregfr- 'ticipated in the Fall Festival on behalf ofsthe Drama club. f EN? i 2' A 4 Staphanie Whitaker, Monica Valdes, Anna Lambert, and Kim Garrett, members of 'lThe Hobbit" cast. A Top row: Angie Ryan, Staphanie Whitaker, Lorrie Sandefur, Sandy Miller, Stacey Cords, Middle row: Michelle Oliver, Marion Ross, Anna Lambert, Cathy Crawford, Linda Kirk: Bottom row: Greg Poke, Tommie lones, lames Damron, Doug Bearden, and Ronnie Hanson, were the cast members in 'Up The Down Staircase," 4 Cast from llThe Hobbit", Anni White, Reid Decker, Michelle Oliver, Lisa Gorham, and Kim Garrett. 3 Masque Kr Gavel 125 ultural stud Pan American club unites in action The Pan American Student Forum, helps students to understand the Latin culture extending from North America to the tip of South America. The club was involved in many fund-raising activities throughout the school year. The club held Enchilada and Spaghetti dinners at the A Elma Saenz, club secretary, concentrates on club meeting. 126 Pan American Club school cafeteria. The club members worked hard together so that they could make a trip to San Antonio for a special convention. Mr. Flores, the club spon- sor, worked closely with the members in helping them reach their goals and learning more about the Latin culture. A Top row: Tom Leyba, Patty Herrera, Freddy Lopez, Fina Fiore, Irene Vasquez, Alma Castillo, Stan Cumberledge, Alma Saenz, Cecilia Gonzalez, Gilbert Morales, Second row: lose Saenz, Pat Martinez, Ana Herrera, Aileen Tellez, Ricardo Flores, Mortiza Gonzalez, Angie Segura, Irma Mason, Irma Rolon, lsela Carrillo, letty Aguirre, Bottom row: luan Muro, Eddie Serrano, lewis Castro. PMr. Flores, club sponsor, discusses plans with members. was Q50 ,, Q wWMNmMm M"h"'f"1-u.,., N Q is-at WM Q "an, num' f it , ,ww-4 4AIma Castillo listens to suggestions given by club members as Carlos Gonzales tries to distract her. Mitt ima-1. -in aww-x Q AMr. Flores works hard with club members to make the Pan American club a success, 4Mr. Flores jots down ideas as his club works together. if Pan American Club 127 VAileen Tellez, club secretary, takes notes for a club meeting. Club members participated in a bazaar held at the Sun Plaza Senior Citizen Center, selling burritos and sponsoring a dart throw booth. X? if X X S 5 Q. -- W -Y' MS W..-Q it "'W! Members Fred Lopez, Stan Cumberledge and President Tom Leyba anticipate the profits from the burrito sale as luan Muro, another member, adds to the profits by buying one. 128 Pan American Club V Club president, Tom Leyba, Patsy Her- rera, and Aileen Tellez think over fundrais- ing activity. hange of pace llack American club works together The Black American club, onsisting of thirteen members, has completed its xth year at Andress High :hool. The purpose of the club is 1 give the members a aange from everyday life at Zhool, according to Mrs. 'nerine Matthews, club Jonsor. The Black American club ad many interesting ex- eriences throughout the school year. The club work- ed hard together during the year to help people in need. The events held by the club this year were the an- nual Black history week, par- ticipation in the Fall Festival with the ring toss and snack bar and a show for the public. Mrs. Matthews said she was pleased to see that the club members were more active this year. Aw-iz KW ,,,,, Y ,Al F view wwwnqwdait ,Mx':' 2 2 w' ZJ Yugi 4 A W" 'ww Sr N73 W,-rt ',. gy- ' 5' JP- ? wg V, ,, 4 Candy Geary takes a shot at the ring toss at the Black American clubfs Fall Festival booth. V Mrs. Matthews club sponsor, gets ready to begin a club meeting. 4 The Black American club members await customers to arrive at the snack bar during the Fall Festival. The club sold chips, candy bars and other goodies. 4 Top row: Sonya Calaway, lenni lackson, Glenda Buchmanan, Kimmi lames, Bethel Abrom, Earl Cross, Diane Toliver, Candy Geary: Bottom row: Rod Slade, Zelenia Shoemer, Fred Covington, Pat Meadows, Gwen lohnson. Black American Club 129 P Top row: Lovelys Powell, lonathan Evans, jeff Huff, Constance Edgar, Nancy Newark, Bottom row: Stacey Cordes, An- nette Hernandez, Pamela Rittmann, Tam- mie Newby, Rhonda J, Christine Edgar. 'fanny 'spice of culture French club welcomes new sponsor Ms. Maria Morales became the new sponsor for the French club this year. She taught French and Spanish here at Andress High. During the year the French club watched French films, had special guest films, had special guest speakers, and sampled French delicacies. Although the club was not able to hold their annual treasure hunt, they par- ticipated in the Fall Festival by selling donuts and hot chocolate. Understanding the French culture and language was the main goal for these club members. Fw-'Q-es e .st Egfw A Club officers: Treasurer lonathan Evans, Secretary Pamela Rittmann, President Christine Edgar, Vice-President Rhonda Raney. P Club members talk over ideas for future activities. 130 French Club ,sv s l..1s o enhance knowledge Spanish club members sell bunuelos, join with other clubs The main objective of the Spanish Club is to enhance :he knowledge of Spanish speaking people, their culture and their heritage. Spanish Club consisted of pproximately 20 members, nd their new sponsor, Mrs. vtorales. Members participated in fundraisers, such as selling candy bars, Christmas candy, and having bake sales, and visiting restaurants in luarez, Mexico. They also par- ticipated in Fall Festival selling bunuelos and Mexican candy. Along with the Pan- American Forum, the 3 ii 'at , , . qn.2:.s,. uk L ' members also went Christmas caroling to several convalescent homes and sent out Christmas cards to our American soldiers sta- tioned in Grenada and in Lebanon during the peace-keeping. They joined with Spanish Clubs from other schools to combine their ideas with each other, and also purchas- ed T-shirts to represent themselves and the club. The officers for the club this year were Patricia Mar- tinez president, Velia Muniz vice-president, Kerry Howell secretary, and Maria Rivera treasurer. 4 Back row: Oscar Payan, Nadine Gon- zalez, George Curtis, Michael Kurtz, Third row: Patricia Martinez, presidentg lrma Ceniceros, Velia Muniz, vice-president Kerry Howell, secretary, Second row: Mariza Valdez, Elizabeth Hernandez, First row: Muritza Gonzalez, Virginia Carrillo. 4 Club president Patricia Martinez discusses plans for future activities. V Mrs. Morales, sponsor, collects candy sales money from club member Nadine Gonzalez. 4 Club member and vice-president Velia Muniz sells bunuelos and Mexican candy at annual Fall Festival, Spanish Club 131 nother orld Club members study Germany Many students here whose parents are in the military, have actually lived in Germany, and this has heightened their interest in the country. Germany is a land of an- cient tradition, and what bet- ter way to preserve this heritage, culture, and language than to have a club, projects Almost all have been successful This club participated in the Fall Festival They sold Gummi ars nd Gefangenhaus, meaning jail in Germa The club is sponsored by Mr. Howard Simonides. The officers are CPresidentP representing these valuesCQ HDDEQ Presi- here at Andress High School. dent Sherry Mljlgol-QYQL, and tured into many fundraising Be l a held a XX' ' ll ' ni I The German Club has ven- Secretary Carol Baum. . A r New lil Ll f"fS i .I TH A Members of the German club: front row Kaysie Larson, Brenda Peters, Linda San- tiago: Back row: Cathy Timmerman, Sherry Nolon, vice president, Celia ifhevema, Chnstlne Larkin, prewent. P Prisoners serving time in the Gefangenhaus. 132 German Club N N it tk ESQ A as ZH. EEA Bt sm N I iam ,eeta Y -fa egg at ,.... . ,Q ....--uw, .2 ,f 2 .5 as 5 . 5. I , Mr. Howard Simondies has s on- sored the German Club for se X ral years. P Involved members, Celia and Kaysie, during a German Club meeting. melding of minds Science Club and JETS dazzle audience at Fall Festival There's an old saying that was passed on over the fears. ll0ld chemists never lie, they just dissolve away." Fhis is certainly not the case or the all-round scientific science club and JETS. Nhat's the JETS club you ask? Could it possibly be a new airline? Of course it's N. not. JETS stands for the Junior Engineering Technical Socie- ty. Truly, they are an active artery in the scientific community. The ventures the Science club and JETS have under- taken shine like the light from a magnesium flame. They sold nachos at the Fall Festival. Starbursts were overwhelmingly chosen as the scientist's candy to be sold this school year. When Mr. Joel King talks, people listen. Known as Mr. Organic to his admiring chemistry students, he has something to say about the science club. llThis has been at -W A. RQ. W ....,.. X ,gag s ,t . E---.Q ,, --s. - ,, 1 -- Q. ' F , - is ,.-. J : , . 3 S 23 -A A 5 . t R J X w , ' t THE 3 vi Q 4 . , 'S . N' 555- . , an . , , A kit' " ' . X - , x 'lf T X U li gat 'J' if 1 45 A 5 A Science club officers are: Carl Johnson, secretaryg James Balarbar, vice-president, Vic- tor Sosa, president, .-.. , Md t il ...hgr A nuiomc une or vm nmmrs Q I c l 0 . W Q the best year the Science Club has had since its foun- ding in the early 1900's." The galant officers of the Science club are: Victor Sosa, James Balabar, Carl Johnson and, lest we forget, the officers for JETS are: Victor Sosa, Mike Woodward and Ted Shrader. l J 4 Science and JETS club members: bottom row Tom Lauka, Frank Goshey, Chip Brasgalla, Tom Kopcinski, Cathi Timmer- man, April Thrasher, James Balarbar, John Bings, Victor Sosa, Barbara Howard, Mr. Joel King, Mike Woodward, John Molina, Kristin Reynolds, Ted Shrader, and Cyndi Smith, Top row: Buddy Collette, Robert Michalik, Seth Gonzalez, Gerrald Adams, and Carl Johnson. The participating members in JETS are: James Balarbar, Bud- dy Collette, Frank Goshey, Barbara Howard, Carl Johnson, John Molina, Ted Shrader, Victor Sosa, and Mike Woodward. rp- u 'Ss r 1 , A ' z- u an u Sn u 1 .4 in 5 r . ' if-W fax u Ps u gy l W .J 1 S J rl A JETS club officers are: Ted Shrader, secretary, Victor Sosa, president g Mike Woodward, vicepresident. Science Club!IETS 133 imulations extraordinaire Strategist guild: a college of adventures There's a sound emanating from the inner reaches of Room 128. lf one was to listen closer, he or she could hear the clanking of armor plates, the chattering of con- tent humans, the rolling of lopsided dice and the con- versation of warmongers. One could deduce that these random noises culd signify calamity and a discontented group of gamers, but this is the regular course of action that occurs most everyday. Let's enter this room of simulations and perhaps in- quire into what these strategists are up to. lt's hard to distinguish what is occurring. There is an infinite amount of games ranging from role-playing to wargaming. Look, there're two members engrossed in- the ancient strategic game of chess. There are a few books used in the adventure game of Dungeons and Dragons. A group of members are in- ! 'P i i E A Games club officers are: Charles Wagner, Daniel Kitka, lohn Bings, and Frank Goshey. 134 Strategist Guild i 'l E dulging in a campaign game. And in an isolated corner of the room, so as not to be disturbed, there are two members involved in a board wargame call 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich." Mr. Paul Gannon heads this college of strategists. Everyday he sits upon his throne and feels content over hs rule. He was once asked to say something pro- found and he replied, l'The Strategists Guild has something to offer to everyone." The club's ex- ploits have ranged from helping the Science club sell nachos at the Fall Festival to selling candy after the turn of the new year. It is a shame that we must depart now. What's that? Someone's call- ing us. 'lHow about a game of cards?"the voice asked. Why not? What kid? "Fifty- two card pickup." 4 Games club members include Gary Gutierrez, Gina Petta, Iesus Faz, Tammy Ellison, Tracie Banning, Candi Willard, Peter Larkin, Sandra Dodd, Carl Spalding and Robert Michalik. A Taking a break from gaming, members indulge in the art of socializing. 'W aiommission pops the question 1 Ludents react to possible curtailment of extracurricular activities The eighties introduced a vvn of new ideas and the birth of old ideas. -chnology has advanced Ito the borders of science tion and education is being discovered as a tool for a ore literate, advanced ciety. Since education is iaron King, president German Club: lath and English alone aren't going to ve the worlds problems," IDT loe Olivieri, Recruiting Officer JTC: l'Extra cirrcular activities are need- to create an Espirit De Corps behind the idents and their school " necessary for all nations to progress, there has emerged a nevv concern for quantity and quality in Americas education. To address the problem in Texas, Gov. Mark White created a special com- mission to tackle this ques- tion. One of the commis- sion's findings involved ex- ATina Thompson, Dance Clubg "I don't think they should. Kids aren't going to have much to go on." X 7 S C ,J : ATerry Morgan, Masque 81 Gavel: "Ex- tracurricular activities keeps students motivated If they were taken avvay, it lessens the chances ol that extra c hallengef' tracurricular activities, vvhich many believe are consuming vast amounts of time that could be better used for academic study. Extracur- ricular activities include clubs and major sports. The com- mission suggested that time for these activities be reduc- ed greatly. AKenny Villa, president Student Councili "lt's not fair. Students don't know what they'redoing." .Wk A N,,,...aa 4. V' ii' Nw: ADavid Desmond, Media Club: "They shouldnt They need people to get involv- ed in the school." Their findings have drawn mixed opinions from across the state: some support and some oppose it. Andress' sophomores, juniors, and seniors have also voiced their opinions. ' is ' 5 .',' 3 if 1 V I if .i af ARichard Balarbar, Industrial Arts: "I don't think students can keep up with the extra schoolwork." Alorri lames, Choir: "I don't like it. We shouldn't reduce time." Commission Report 135 if l oving strong Future secretaries learn skills Businesses of America are rapidly increasing to meet the needs of an expanding economic community. The machinery of these industrial consists of dedicated clerical workers, who keep the gears turning. These workers are of course the Future Secretaries of America. This club represents a vital organ in the running of a business body. Mr. Brink, who with Mrs. Donna Kvapil heads this club of profes- sional secretaries, every month brings in a guest speaker to talk to the club about how to survive in the world of business. This was the third year of existence for the club. Even though the club has only ten members they are moving strong. This year the club spon- sored the kissing booth at the Fall Festival. in 1 X., .a sa, as eps ,S Q' A this ..VV: in Q W A tt, in ss? . 1 Suki is l ls S w sf ax- we sm .L 3' 5 ., V A, Sgt.. . . . is ttss .... A ..... . 5 N RQ , Q . ess sgztxtfili 3 Y 5 wifi :N X ' gif ki, Xisfmigigi im 3 is 2 Q P . f A . g sy.. C. . vet . , A ... Q. ei. if Carl Nicchiopis pictiafred here trying to. earn airy A, M xA-t im 04, 'wmv money for FSA. during Fall Fistival? ssh. a, - is .sit t W as fi Front row: Maria Carranza, Elizabeth Her- 3. c ,, .i . ,ft nandez, Dora Morales, Inna Mason, Don- na Mobley, Mrs. Donna Kvapil: Back row: Mr. Donald Brink, Pam Calderon, lackie Vega, Cecilia Thomposon, Laurinda Seager, Ester Avila. Vice President, Irma Mason: Secretary, lackie Vega, President, Cecilia Thom- posonp Treasurer, Ester Avila. 136 FSA as 5? Q 5 are va all it .ts if Za Q a. ia 1 I Q U I 5 1 5 sg, .. s President Cecilia member about the rneetmg. 'Q X as----... --.Nb to 5 F.S,A. members talk about the topics at nd. .-. MV '1 .N ,Zim 4 Mr. Bnnk was one of this year 5 spon ' f "" f' ' sors for F.S.A. A President Cecilia Thompson talks about the next meeting. FSA 137 earning about life Future Homemakers acquire skills, training for a lifetime The family is the core, the nucleus of American society. When the family flourishes, the nation flourishes. When the family Withers, the nation Withers. The country rests upon the stability and warmth that only a family could bring. The bond that melded P FHA club members: back row Melissa Garcia, Cheryl Knowles, president, Celia Echeverria, secretary, Chris Larkin, Cynthia Smith, Mrs. Gladys Wilson, co-sponsor, Front row: Barbara Howard, vice- president, lrma Mason, Angie Segura, Miss leanette Williams, co-sponsor, Y Club members Barbara Howard, Cheryl Knowles, and Irma Mason attend one of the club meetings held throughout the year. families together for years is deteriorating rapidly now. Both parents must work in order to support their family. Family members in turn see less and less of each other. They grow distant, alien. This crumbling must stop. The rift must begin to heal. The Future Homemakers of America has sprouted to uproot and destroy this pro- blem. Sponsors leanette Williams and Gladys Wilson are teaching the nation's future homemakers to bring peace, care and love back in- to the nation's heart. Their campaigns, projects and ideas are as numerous as they are beneficial. They campaigned for the national smoke-out in order to help smokers quit for a day, distributed Homecoming corsages, held a Christmas party for nursery school kids, and visited a nursing home. 138 Future Homemakers P Co-sponsors Miss leanette Williams and Mrs. Gladys Wilson discuss plans for par- ticipation of the club. s.amm.... tl l ! l l Q' omorrovv's educators ' Future Teachers of America explore education as a career The Future Teachers of America is an organization whose common bind is an interest in the teaching field for those who wish to choose teaching as their profession. This year's Future Teachers of America, FTA, consisted of approximately 12 members, and their sponsor, Miss Tora Cade. This year the FTA members participated in fun- draising activities, such as selling candy bars and having bake sales, to raise money to go to a convention in Austin. The members also par- ticipated in our annual Fall fmwi J? M, ,,,, 'QPSK Festival, sponsoring the pie- throwing booth. The FTA started a monthly election to honor teachers with a llTeacher of the Month" title and also llTeacher of the Year". Overall the club had a very good year. The officers for the club 2 4 my this year were Cynthia Smith, president, Eva Bradford, vice-president, and Tina Schubert, secretary and treasurer. District number nineteen bestowed honors upon Michael Kurtz, electing him parliamentarian, and Eva Bradford, elected historian. 44Donna Rigsby pays attention to the day's topic of discussion. 4Mrs. Tora Cade examines FTA's poster. M. K :, 4 2 2 ,ff 1 4 f Tx 2 . V Y A f f W T 1 , 'wli rlf 5, ilnlfiff , f,,' MM , 1 ii 4 A hearty person campus patrolman Terry Corbett, volunteers for this year's pie throw, A FTA club members: back row Mrs. Tora Cade, Mame Fierro, Michael Kurtz, Arturo Chavez, Alan Washington: Front row: Patricia Martinez, Patti jenkins, Cynthia Smith, Eva Bradford. Future Teachers 139 rafting a future lndustrial artists plan, execute America is in a constant cycle of construction and destruction. Time xis the greatest enemy to a building civilization. Its effects are felt by the vvear and tear of physical materials. ln order for the wheels of a civilized society to continue turning, the decay must be repaired. This task has developed into an art form, an industrial art form. Alndustrial Art students design and plan their future homes PSteve Messimer draws a line from one point to another. 140 Industrial Arts Usefulness and utilities are the main models for the ln- dustrial Arts club. They in- dulge in activities that deal with the building and repair- ing of everyday items. Their experience extends into the planning and designing of economical homes of the future. Mr. Richard Davis, the sponsor, gives advice to any student eager to progress in their important field. gi, -- WVVS V is i g.A'T g l El S l vsfst s+r1f,s , , ,, 1 ,fa if 4 f ey if W, 1 .ggi 'L at 1 ,garmin f, 'EI .f M ' was if , as 4, fi is A 5 . I W ,,fxNf':, M x fi 'A 'ff 95 K L, ,gtg 4, 2 ' ' ' ' 91 ,E I f A Pas' if 7 953, gf? as f 3 l 5 ,Ai M if , i f . , ,ig .s , , we , A Y M7 ta, V, il 13 A A W TK' so B, A Y A " B , J N f f s V ,, , , " -, A "'-" - ,, vvvvf W Mf W, ,, .A W , ,,f i?3iV? fi llilsyyi ig, ill in ' ' 'L f Qktfidpggagi ,iw ,, ,W mgyt? ,,,, H, , ,, i i J ,,,, . , ' ' ,,,,,,, W .1 if 3, 4Top row David Usener, Dodie Haguewood, Brian Maruska, lonny Goins, Gary lackson, Danny Saavedra, Steve Messimer, Danny Celisp Middle row leff Barton, Tony Marshall, Gabriela Bayardo, Keith Anderson, Gerrald Adams, Richard Balarbarp Bottom row Buddy Garcia, Eric Bauer, Eddie Villa. 3 4 4 4Q4i.x4g.gqt f 1 w Q 4 4 ASoori to be professional drafters. aw W , 4Mr. Davis explains to Gerald Adams, Eric Bauer, and Mr. Pete Luther about his designs. Industrial Arts 141 new look Aquila staff strives for professional newspaper The school paper, for the first time in more than 20 years, changed its look. Returning staffers and the advisor decided to go for a more professional look and soused newsprint. Unlike staffs of several years past, this one had more returnees. The experienced staff members ended up teaching the new ones, and they had to learn fast. All this showed in the final result. A newspaper was published every three weeks. llThis was most definitely the best Aquila this school has probably ever had," Miss Irma Rodriguez, advisor said. RVVe had a great staff and the best editor l've ever had the pleasure to work with." Though the staff had hard- ly any time between deadlines, they did other A Staff members Rachel Arenas and David Diaz count out copies. P Reporter Celia Echeverria andl?Mike Kleegf sports editor, work on their assignments, P Aquila Staff: seated Dora Morales, Alma Castillo, Rachel Arenas, Gina Petta, Celia Echeverria, Isabel Miramontesg Back row: Nancy Hamler, Kim Krohn, Marvin Cabiness, limmy Bricker, Heather Behymen, David Moralesfilytike lglee,'BiII Patton, Stan Cumberledge, lairne Aceves, Tom Leyba, Mike Apuan, David Diaz, and Crystal Shea. Not shown: Stephanie Hughes. 142 Aquila things than just write and get yelled at. For instance, the first semester staffers con- structed the grand prize win- ning door in the Christmas Door Decorating Contest. 'AThis has to be one of the best high school newspapers in the city," commented editor Michael Apuan, who attributes most of his en- thusiasm to a great staff and advisor. W an asm a 4 As features editors David Morales and Bill Patton work on .1 layout, Isabel Miramontes looks on. W "1 4 Business manager, Stephanie Hughes gets bills ready to send to advertisers. Q ,N 9-LN Styx ., is N Xi.. .1 Q . i A Paste'up, the final step in produntion, is what Crystal Shea and Marvin Cabiness concentrate on. 4 Reporters Kim Krohn, laime Aceves, and Dora Morales work on their stories before the next deadline. Aquila 143 TYTQQ !llmlm0tl5 ife in room 2361 - Deadlines,ThassTes, and headaches There's a lot to be said about putting a yearbook together. Very few people understand the little things like deciding the theme, the cover design, type style, and all the other details. lust what is the Talon staff? They are a group of dedicated individuals who publish a book in the space of 6 months. This may not seem so bad, but when you consider that there are 240 pages in a yearbook, 'it gets a little hectic. Many people wonder what exactly goes into put- ting together a book. Pages are designed and pictures assigned. Copy is written along with captions. When a page is approved, it is put on the final draft and sent to the publisher. It takes a long time for 2-40 pages and some T200 pic- tures to be finished. After a year of hard work, this is the final result. ACO-editors Angie Segura and Laura Dockray PFro ' X ockray, Angie Segurag 2nd row: ' a Martine Lucy Godinez, Susan Rangel, San ' , 3rd row:Arcy Payan, Irene Vasquez, Sue Drollinger, Melanie Roche, Trini Valencia, Sean Hayesg 4th row: Shannon Kendall, Ted Shrader, Victor Faz, Doug Stevens, Victor Sosap Back: David Duran, Erika McGill, Luz Mata, David Apuan, Roberto Guerena, Alan McAdam5 Not shown: Sonya Andrews, Vivian Saenz. 144 Talon fit ' ,..,ia.t -sr Taloniiiaff advisor, Ms. Irma Rodriguei smwK is 1 . 5 M, Q K' . .1 K. ew ,- Of, ,f ze -f . ,tx f Aff.. tazaase ..a,...t.. Mxtamwmwammaww 4 ,, 'W we to U59 EJ? in i E kg , . 1 Sf! .mu "l l Q Nxs ,, gf Fil: i '- ef U tr it ,anew ' it l In l r lt 4Sandy Rios Concentrates on writing Copy for organizations page 4Sue Drollinger touches up her copy for the Aglow Representatives page. k 4TaIon staff photographers: ludy Krze- mien, Roger Benson, Irene Sandoval, Photography coordinator: Carl Nicchio, and Colleen Grable. AErika McGill counts the money she col- lected from yearbook sales during November, 4Sonya Andrews and Vivian Saenz help each other in deciding where pictures will be put on the Industrial Arts page. Talon 145 alling in JROTC battalion copes vvith changes The junior Reserve Officer Training Corps tlROTCj pro- gram encountered several major changes this year. First of all, a lack of interest on the part of students resulted in a smaller enroll- ment which in turn decreas- ed the size of the battalion from five companies last year to three this year. This made it more difficult to recruit members for the competitive teams. Another major change was in the instructional staff. Lieutenant Colonel Don Hallauer became Senior Ar- my lnstructor in the fall. Later in the year, Sergeant tSargej Solan Phelps, who had been an instructor for 13 years and had coached several district- championship rifle teams, retired. He was replaced by Sergeant Major Eddie Hurst. ln spirte of all these changes, those cadets who remained loyal to the pro- gram made the best of it and attempted to keep the Seventh Battalion in high standing among the First Brigade. WW ,,,.,.W,ff-ww WWMW, mf A 7 7 Mmwmwwwwf' ff i . Homecoming Court at the pep assembly i t K the day of game. FTA" Company ttop growl: Rudolph . Seymore, lay Stiles, Tracie Banning, William Kenner, Mauricio lastra, Alan - McAdamg Bottom row: Mario Castro, , Dolan Benortham, lackie Glass, lesus Duran, Thomas Cieslick, and Brigelte Mobley. 145 IROTC . . Wf,,,W, ,, Mmmwnww,-'awww' MMM WWW-wr-wfnwmwwwwrwvgfww' In ,,,,,,,..m W, ,,,,.,,,,,,afw+-vffwff M WWTWMWW- .,,,r,.a.,w .w,Wf,,-.a,,,.u,w- -wwf-rw m,,,mWM ,W-a+r,,r,wwMwwf-W , awww ,wwurwwhmw-ywMwW'MmY .. ,,gW,,s,WMM.W,a f T,.a.,.-,,..,..,,,,.WW,wfw wwaw-q.f,.a,amM 'W' ' Wwwwwwwwwwf ta! mi: A at t , ,ES 9 gy S s a ititai tts Batt gtgft igrtitstlis 3 5 5 . vt jk . gitsiifiiiitis Swg S x S T f - f X A S ,S ,Q E 4During the inspecting Danny Howell, Rodrick Slade, Amy Momany, Arturo Beltram, and Anthony Henry stand at at- tention waiting to be inspected. VCommand Sergeant Major Eddie Hurst replaced Sergeant Phelps as of the second semester. ADianne Moshauer, Arturo Beltran, and Esther Smith stand at "At Ease" during the inspection. 4"B'f Company Hop rowj: john Naputi, William Simon, Amy Momany, Rodrick Slade, lames Melson, and Thurman May: Middle row: Tara Rudy, Martha Godinez, Sonja jackson, Rogelio Ortega, and Kenny Calson, Mike Sowers and Dewayne Howard. IROTC 147 P"C'f Company: Top row: Dianne Moshauer, lohn Damin, lohn Parker, and lohn Peterson, Middle row: Norma Coats, Esther Smith, Semore House, Barry Stephens, and loseph Baquera, Bottom row: Arturo Beltran and leff Kirkpatrick. if teee if, R Bl' S ALieutenant Colonel May inspects leff Kirkpatrick as lessica Murdock looks on. PUD" Company: Top row: Edward Blash, lohnny Sims, lesus Faz, Chales Lloyd, lohn Olsakovsky, Mattew Eychner, lerry Hedin, and Dawn Schlafp Bottom row: Michelle Lorrey, Michelle Bedy, Sandra Dodd, Monique Washington, lason Babcock, and Delores Hakes, Bottom row: Tim Brif- fa, Suelynn Mar, Michael Harrison, and Elizabeth Moshauer. 148. jROTC :mi 4H.E. Charles members: William Ash, Renee Alejo, Leo Baquera, Ernesto Beltran, Cliff Blash, lohn Bielawski, Stephanie Brewer, Elizabeth Brown, Maria Carranza, Carey Conyers, Duane Curless, Shenequa Curtis, loanne Desso, Dana DreDreeke, Nina Dunn, Gary Edwards, Yvonne Garcia, Gerald Gray, Patsy Gregory, Gary Guyton, Gregory Harrison, Ralph Hobson, Donyale Hunt, lerry Levell, Michelle McKinsie, Adam Minnich, David Minnich, jesus Morales, Ruben Najera, Irene Plascencia, EEddie Renken, lose San- chez, Deanna Seitz, Robert Selear, Maria Tarango, and Allen Thayer. ,foam ASueIynn Mar, Dewayne Howard, and leff Kirkpatrick worked and watched their ROTC booth at the fall Festival, 4The Andress Whitman Rifles fthe male varsity drill teamj performs at the County Coliseum for the Fall Drill Meet in which the Marines judged the competition. IROTC 149 Il AAndress Female Drill Team members: Tracie Banning, Suelynn Mar, Lisa Smith, Dianne Moshauer, and Dorothee Choate, Middle row: Tara Rudy, Silvia Galvez, Nancy Lavoie, Patsy Gregory, and Cathy Howard, Bottom row: Norma Coats, San- dra Dodd, Michelle Bedy, and Elizabeth Brown, Commander: Elizabeth Moshauer. 150 IRO TC PAndress Color Guard members: johnny Sims, lesus Duran, Michelle Bedy, Dorothee Choate, and Alan McAdams. AAfter the Christmas holidays loseph Olivieri, became the commander of the male drill team. Here he shows his years of experience and practice tor the judges at a drill meet. PRifle Team members: Top row: Michael Denman, Donnie Barnes, loseph Barret, loseph Olivierip Bottom row' Peggy Gregory, Wayne lohnson, Rebecca Michael. C 4At the Annual Fall Drill Meet the Female Drill Team placed third out of seven schools. Here Sandra Dodd and Elizabeth Brown march their routine. 4Andress Whitman Rifles members: Top row: Mattew Petsch, lesus Duran, Alan McAdam, Mike Sowers, and lohn Daminp Middle row: Tholan Andre, lohn Peterson, and Dewayne Howardp Bottom row: leff Kirkpatrick, lohnny Sims, lohn Parker, joseph Olivieri. AAndress Sabre Guard members: Top row: Tholan Andre, Randy Brown, Richard Munoz, and Michelle Bedy: Bottom row: Alan McAdam, jesus Duran, Thomas Cieslick, and lason Babcock. IROTC 151 152 Faculty Yizcufty f'f yah? education Administrators improve school This year our ad- ministrators worked harder than ever to improve our school. "We have a very fine year in terms of instruction and athletics," Principal Teresa Pena said at the beginning of the year. She accredited most of her op- timism to an outstanding faculty, administration, and coaching staff. The admin- sitration also play a very im- portant part in enforcing discipline. 'l 5 it AMiss Pena admires a picture given to An- dress by KDBC TV. P The assistant principals hold a friendly conversation in the Quadrangle, 154 Administrtors H Hill? gnu an llln llll llllt 'Ill aflfuiuim alillliixf llllululslm m lulllllllsin x r -gl' if wfsix Q a it :J -L llllln 4' I siulull Eli!!! fy!!! is , .A - . ti ,ai K. ,V fe eww Awmwm ig W,..'..' I , A --" f' -is . f gy we , 1 24" 5' ' 'is K y . i ft' it f 5, fin ,W , W " it ' Mrs. 1 ,FN fy sf: Ska. if 1. M hi , .. V L, , . 3 Hx , 'C-r-5 Ae'-11: 'xiii 5' - . . V V+- .t .. .. -ti .tiff -ff fm ,f . ,i- . -A -f if fe sms .- . --rw,-f-Q t-1:1-ff7':i.+ -L Q, M1 Hi ,,A,,.. . L.,i.,, M ww Www ,i62?gm1 ,'-, .ij 2 Q-- S Y ff? Qww w i gg, at f t Lh, ttttt ,, f y4 i i 'iii :W , 1, ' 'N 1, L- tgp, pm,',iZg.,:x,aat,,,- wfi' 1' , ff,igT3f,- ,, f .X I winks f -Zi: 5 est ,mf if , AMiss Sharon Conroy gives some direc- tions to her Teen Involvement class. 4Mr. Lorenzo Mata's business classes pit- ched in and bought him a going-away pre- sent when he left Andress in the fall semester - a pink gorilla in a blue bikini, Faculty 155 FACULTY Amato-Flores Amato, Carlos Science Anderson, Regina A.l.M. Andrade, Roger Practical Life Class Antwine, lerry Major Sports, Health Arriola, Rosemary Modern Dance, Gymnastics Bane, Pam Bookroom Clerk Brink, Donald Business Broom, Kathy Resource Calanche, leo Counselor Cole, Tora English Conroy, Sharon Counselor Cooper lusltina Study Hall Corbett, Terry Campus Patrol Crawford, Kathryn Social Studies Davis, L. R. Indus trial Arts Flores, Irma Librarian Flores, Richard Social Studies Gillespie, Maryann Attendance L14 ,f , l P Science teacher Mr. loe Keith waits for the bell to ring to start his class. 156 Faculty 4 Mr. Larbe Davis demonstrates to his Industrial Arts class. V Coach David Del Toro helps out with the baseball teams car wash. ,, :pas s I ' an ,z - f l 4 Faculty 157 - FA C UL TY Gillett-Matthews Gillett, Ruth Social Studies Gorham, Nancy Clerk Gross, Barbara Resource Harmon, Maryanna Student Activities Director Hepner, Sheila Art Hernandez, Fernando Major Sports, Social Studies lvie, Sue Campus Patrol laurequi, Sarah Clerk Kopecky, Doanld Orchestra Kvapil, Donna Business LaBounty, Katherine English Landin, Norma Attendance Luna, Lonnie Science Luther, Pete Trainer, Science Lytle, loan Business Agent ii ,. ..,cc 35 P Computer Math teacher Mr. lim Davis is caught during a good moment. 158 Faculty Mata, Lorenzo Business - Matthews, Emerine Social Studies ' Q Minjarez, Rita Major Sports, Health E , t t N N X 'f:.:5.- f:: it "' , ttt.. yall'-X A X Ng N , , Ntkcc Mg, .sim K s ""' S ec 'E it 'i -fQ,QttEst1c . -. 14. ',3-2,-w c -" -s .gwssviw .. L A ...,t t Zi 5- ,::, ,,X.:z.k:tt . N.. as A K ,.kk I 5 in A L Q X i g,: . sf- - - -1 ' fa1,1yi.. . -iq V ::,. ,,,,: 2 .Q ,::,,: ,V i -.e,-:ai-g,1z,.1:g:w is fff:, K' '-mes, , M + is XX 5, . - 5 Qt K .Q Wgg -1.-iw K w w - - Q fi , " M X 1-1. f V N N W ' X N N -- ' H S' X55 TW s LM H 82 zllwa 2 as 8342 lk 4 Mr. Howard Simonides takes a break during his prep period, V Mrs. lanice Arndt and Timothy Kelker work the CVAE club booth at Fall Festival. ?":'m"0aw..u, W Q lr ww wa ,, ,V W Z ,, ,, Mmm Faculty 159 FA C UL TY Miranda-Sipiora Miranda, Oscar Major Sports, Social Studies Morrissey, leanne Nurse Navarro, Eva Major Sports, Health Navickas, Mona English Neiman, Lucy , Major Sports, Math Patneaude, Lorene English Pena, Bob Vocational Academic Coordinator Peveto, Rose Math Reece Marguerite Head Librarian Reed, Berny Major Sports, Health Risinger, Arlene Computer Clerk Rivas, Bill Major Sports, Social Studies Rodela, Martin Business Rodriguez, Irma journalism, English Saiz, Olivia Aide Sandoval, Velia Registrar Sauls, Edith Librarian Sipiora, Sandra English we--., -.25 ,, .if f, Q Q? f E an 160 Faculty K W rf, A Our school spirit was not lacking as staff members Miss lustina Cooper and Mrs. Norma Landin showed, P Mr. Andrew Gorale explains the vocabulary assignment to his social studies class. f. aa firm. F .si if y iiirwm W V I i da in the life Teachers cope with realities Oh, no, Monday again! May we have your atten- tion for the morning an- f nouncements, please? "I forgot my book in my locker. Can I go get it?" "You didn't tell us we were going to ha ve a test! " "I didn't hear you say it was due at the end of the period!" Teachers, you are reminded to have your list of No-Shows in to the at- tendance office no later than 3:30 today. . l'Open your books to page 258 and answer ques- tions one through ten." tfvioansl "Where is your absence slip? I can 't let you into class without it!" tGroanj me "Class, settle down and get to work!" tSilenceJ Teachers, please pardon this interruption . . . Will the owner of a blue Pinto, license number XLT 517, please move your car? You are blocking a driveway. "I've got 31 students in my Hrst period class!" "Oh, great, l've got hall duty for the next three weeks!" .. and he wanted to know why I failed him. He only had eight zeros for assignments he never turned in!" May we have your atten- tion for the afternoon an- nouncements, please? Hang in there, Friday's coming! all A Mr. loel King was one of the many teachers that participated in the Fall Festival. A One of our new teachers this year was math teacher Mr. Alfredo Williams. Faculty 161 -Faculty Smith -Zapata Smith, Donald Aide Thompson, Virginia Counselor Tolbert, Margaret Counselor Treesh, Richard English Vasquez, loe Major Sports, Health Williams, leannette Home-making Wilson, Gladys Homemaking Wilson, Mary Speech Therapist Woelper, Walt Social Studies Zapata, Carlos Math VCustodians: seated Maria Elena Rojas, Dora Galva, Elvira Velasquez, Gabrina Rodriguezp Middle: Alejandro Alvarez, Efren Zamora, Benito Najera, Rogelio Lazos lr., Standing: Miguel Flores, Raul Gonzales, jesus Lardizabal, lames Moore, Rogelio C. Lazos, Roberto Tovar, David Padilla. VCafeteria Staff: seated Maxine Kemp, Charlene Corbin, Doreen Marchianti, Ramona Casarez, Standing: Winnie Davis, Marion Marchese, Yolanda Ramos, Ruth Mellich, Linda Romero, Aurora Luna. 162 Faculty its Ars. Elvira Velasquez helps ep Andress grounds clean. ..,i.l. ieeping Andress green is the 2 of Mr. lose Moya. He also mrks Saturdays, watering the Junds to ensure that trees d plants thrive. oing their best Teachers continue educating in spite of public Administrators, secretaries, bookroom clerk, custodians, nurse, business agent, cafeteria staff, registrar counselors, com- puter clerk, campus patrol, aides, librarians, attendance clerks, director of student ac- tivities and then, there is that great majority the teachers. All are a very necessary part of the educational process in this day when schools are re- quired to keep masses of 3 wi X. records and provide a myraid of services. However, when you come right down to it, nothing is as important as what goes on in the classroom. In the past year, the public has been hearing results of studies on the national and the state level, most of which focus on the poor job which teachers are doing. Talk of merit pay, llgetting back to the basics," stricter teacher certification standards, longer school days, outcries increased graduation re- quirements are all being considered. Through it all, the majority of teachers continue doing what they've been doing all along - the best they can despite inter- ruptions, mountains of paper- work, unmotivated students, and endless changes as the public demands first one thing, then another. The final solution? Who knows? fi ,ff -N' ef AOrchestra teacher Mr. Donald Kopecky directs his students during the orchestra's Christmas concert held in the gym, 4Principal Miss Teresa D. Pena commends the football team on a superb season during a pep rally Faculty 163 164 Seniors Seniors 9 'Kr' .4 vl.'. ,,Y i 'Q 1 '34, 1 O 51. 1? J' a e" N , 4 n 1 . .9- --xv .' 'sfh ..' Q , .., sd -. '41, f 1- D 2' W. ,": as Q Q3 . - . ,' ,s-s'b,..- - 1! N41 ' Ts "9 V12 A 1 eg? -.l 7 04. an 4-W' r' V 'K A lx Vx 1- Qi -" SENIORS Abrom-Benson Abrom, Bethel Aceves, laime Aguirre, Elena Alaniz, Gilberto Alejo, Larry Alonzo, lavier Allen, Christina Allen, Renee Anderson, Katherine Anderson, Melissa Anderson, Tommy Andrade, Patricia Apuan, Michael Arroyo, Mark Ashby, Amy Asmussen, jeff Atteberry, lanet Audirsch, Bryant Avara, lohn Baker, Dianne Barrera, Henry Bashon, Michael Bauer, Eric Bayardo, Gabriella Beach, Mike Beasley, Gay Beasley, Iana Beltran, Sergio Belvin, Laurence Benson, Roger 166 Seniors lass officers Atteberry, Trejo, Hawkins lead seniors The senior officers were lanet Atteberry, Carmen Tre- jo, and Laurene Hawkins. lanet Atteberry was presi- dent. Janet was involved in Student Council, V.O.E. and was elected llmost spirited". As president lanet prepared meetings to discuss things to do like they picked out the senior gift, senior t-shirts. The senior class also sponsors the junior-Senior Prom. Carmen Trejo was the vice-president. Carmen was in charge of keeping account of any transactions taking place at the meetings, when sewage- ss, .mvfww wwwwlflfihu the president was absent she presided over the meetings. Carmen was also involved in the Colden Eagle Flag Corp., Student Council, and was elected llmost likely to succeed". Laurene Hawkins was the secretary. Laurene was in charge of taking notes- at the meetings, and summarized meetings before the meetings. Laurene was a member of the CVAE club. The sponsor of the senior class was Miss leannette Williams. , iasr A fl M . Mawfwwkwwwv A Carmen Trejo, vice-president, lanet At- teberry, president, Laurene Hawkins, secretary. ,,.-M. - SENIORS Birdwell-Chavez V.O,E. members put on the Christmas cards. finishing touches W ACeIia Echeverria is happy to receive a Christmas Carnation. PMariIyn Mallory and Kenny Villa par- ticipated in dressing up on oldies day. 168 Seniors fvE"'J,3 'CD- Birdwell, Kevin Blair, Kimberly Blakemore, Brian Blanco, Cesar Boiselier, Maria Bowman, lodi Bradford, Elisa Bradley, Misty Brammer, Tammy Bricker, lames Brocksmith, Kerwin Brown, Adrian Brown, Annette Brown, Shelley Buckley, Leonard Burke, Barbara Caballero, Albert Cadena, David Camacho, Paul Camington, Oliver Cano, Armando Carleton, George Casillas, Anita Castillo, Henry Chavez, Elsia Seniors 169 SENIORS Chitty-Doctor Chitty, Kirk Christopher, Sandra Ciesiolka, Bonnie Cigarroa, luan Clark, Michael Collier, lacklyn Cooney, Bernadette Coons, Kari Cranford, Cathy Crank, Calvin Crumley, Sherrie Cureton, Gerald Dahl, Tammie Dallas, Angela Danberry, leff Daniels, Kim De La Rosa, Antonia Delgado, Robert Dennison, Pamela De Santiago, Mario De Stefano, Susan Dincher, Miriam Distler, Teresa Dockray, Laura Doctor, April mlm 170 Seniors Nik'- s it . M" xi p 11.--1. .. enior class favorites Carl and Dianne elected by members of graduating class The Senior Favorites for the 1983-84 school year were Dianne Baker and Carl Nicchio. Dianne and Carl were involved in many school activities. Dianne was Student Council president. Her junior year she was elected class secretary. Her senior year she ran for class favorite, because she says she felt it would be an honor. She admitted the competition was tough. Her friends were running also for class favorite, and she thought winning would change that, but it didnft. Even though competition was tough she had con- fidence in herself. When they announced the winners, she said she was very honored and happy. Carl was very active also. He was nominated band president, was in Student Council, newspaper and yearbook staff, and was a representative in Andress Aglow. According to Carl, he ran for class favorite because he really wanted the title and he knew his friends would back him up. He said the competition was really tough - that's what made him feel very good to have won. It made him feel great to have been elected class favorite, he said. WW . .... lv 7 . I I Carl Nicchio Class Favorite HW. ..,.. . Q ,... ,Ji if Dianne Baker Class Favorite Seniors 171 - SENIORS Doederein-Flint AYvonne Tyree colors a Christmas card in her V,O.E. class, PLarry Hetrick participated in the egg toss during homecoming week 172 Seniors Doederlein, lulie Doreck, Penny Dozier, Rocio Drake, Monica Duarte, Drew Duran, David Ebert, Margaret Echeverria, Celia Edgar, Christine Edwards, Sonja Edwards, Vicki Ellison, Eric Estep, Alan Estes, David Evans, lonathan Ezell, Ronald Faison, Cathy Farmer, leffery Faz, lesus Fernandez, Patricia Fierro, Pamela Filarski, Barbara Findley, Franklin Fish, Kathy Flint, lessie -- SENIORS Flores-Greenwood Flores, Monica Flores, Rosemary Fowler, Lisa Franqui, Sylvia Freeman, Denise French, Sean Garcia, Arturo Garcia, Brenda Garcia, luan Giuliano, Michael Glass, Brawnley Godinez, Lucy Goins, Iohnny Golliher, Paul Gomez, Larry Gonzales, Antonio Gonzales, Sandra Gonzalez, Claudia Gould, Darrell Graham, Allicia Gramlich, Tina Grant, Wanda Gray, Manha Graziano, Donna Greenwood, Robin 174 Seniors l enior superlatives Pairs chosen as the most' by members of '84 class Selecting superlatives is one of the many events that students look forward to in their senior year. lt's the seniors' chance to honor their own. Nomination forms are made available in the Stu- dent Activities office and seniors nominate their fellow classmates for such honors as cutest, shiest, worst driver and friendliest. Nominations are tallied and the highest get the honor. Traditionally, superlatives are honored at the Iunior-Senior Prom. Being the PMOST" is a good feeling for Seniors and of course, it makes them well known by other students. In other words they are school year are for CUTEST COUPLE: Kerry Howell and Erick Paschall, MOST ATHLETIC: Donna Laverty, Melvin Davis, BEST DRESSED: Elsia Chaves, Larry Gomez, BIGGEST FLIRT: Gina Taylor, Pete Peyton, MOST FRIEND- LY: Sherrie Crumbley, Michael Apuang MOST LIKE- LY TO SUCCEED: Carmen Trejo, jeff Asmussen: MOST SPIRITED: janet Atteberry, Kenny Villa, MOST TALENTED: Sherri Mauldin, Willie Lopez, MOST HUMOROUS: Rhonda Raney, Willie Lopez, PRET- TIEST EYES: Suzanne Richard- son, james Rojas: MOST TALKATIVE: Marilyn Ward, Doug Stevens, BEST SONALITY: Lisa Tipton, Michael Apuan, MOST STUBBORN: Beth Senger, Steve Romero, MOST GULLI- BLE: Marilyn Ward, Landy Vasquez: MOST IN- TELLIGENT: Christine Edgar, jeff Asmusseng BIGGEST SHOW OFF: Elsia Chavez, Mike Guiliano, WORST DRIVER: Amy Ashby, Devin Himelg FOXIEST LEGS: Monika Drake, Fidel Villapan- do, MOST SHY: Pat An- drade, Danny Vasquez, MRJMRS. IRRESISTIBLE: Kerry Howell, Iames Rojas: BEST DANCER: Annette Her- nandez, Paul johnson, Kenny Thomas, CUTEST SMILE: Norma Rolon, Danny Vasquez. celebrities. FRIENDS: Beth Lustig, The favorites for the 1984 Margaret Ebert: BEST PER- ,,,... .,., I onP0f1WffdW5 M Wg, t. f you in+0 WWF I QIFLE5 a I 4435? as at A Bottom row: leff Asmussen, Carmen Trejo, Sherrie Crumbleyp 2nd row: Amy Ashby, Elsia Chavez, Mike Apuan, An- nette Hernandezg 3rd row: Steve Romero, Suzanne Richardson, Erick Paschall, Kerry Howell: 4th row: Willie lopez, Rhonda Raney, Danny Vasquez, Norma Rolon, Beth Lustig, Margaret Ebert, Top row: Doug Stevens, Pete Payton, Kenny Villa. Seniors 175 SENIORS Gribben-Hernandez 4 AMiss'leannette Williams, lanet Atteberry and Laurene Hawkins discuss ar- rangements for the next Senior meeting. Pkose Martinez argues with Boris Wood- son while Armando Cano tries to calm her down. .sob 176 Seniors l 'lv . 9, W ,L . af' l 1 4 ff A 3 'M ,., , , Ly , Sul w-W, 'lun .W N, 1 vn.f', Gribben, Christopher Griffith, Mike Grilho, Richard Guile, Lori Gulick, Lynette Gunsch, Sandra Gutierrez, Gary Gutierrez, Mayra Handley, Cathy Hardgrove, Robert Harrell, Linda Hawkins, Deborah Hawkins, Laurene Hazelton, Kimberly Heim, Daniel Helms, Thomas Hernandez, Ana Hernandez, Annette Hernandez, Elizabeth Hernandez, leannette Hernandez, loetta Hernandez, Marylou Hernandez, Orlando Hernandez, Patricia Hernandez, Robert Seniors 177 SENIQRS Herrera jaurequl Herrera, Luz Hetrick, Larry Hickmon, Iennifer Hill, loseph Hill, Michelle A Himel, Devin Holden, Gary Holder, Chris Holly, Myra Holmes, William Holt, Ronald Hopp, Penny Hosler, leffery Howard, Barbara Howell, Kerry Huckabay, Lenora Huff, leffery Hughes, Morgan Hughes, Stephanie Humphrey, Michael Humphries, Carmen Hunter, Kenneth Hutchins, Sandra lrwin, Dorothy lauregui, David 178 Seniors XAk,.ggg Q gy,A. 1 T h,,, .gg, ..-k f ',,-k i-:gig--gig-L A lenny Look and Rosie Perez Concen- trate on getting their assignment done in typing. 4 Aquila Staff member Rocio Dozier en- joys a iight moment while working on the newspaper, Seniors 179 1 SENIORS johnson-Lustig A N: wa: sw . 353,12 , 2 f HJR. is 5 'N A wi Q i - -dp 1 " 1 1 - .. . . :L 2322? 1 fgww .gn X i -rg -i-wwe.: .f,i.'?ff----17:3-Q Q4 f"e f ,- e- -gs A Gay Beasley dances the night away at the dance sponsored bythe band. P Cesar Blanco, David lohnson and Phillip Whitehead have a good time after school, Em 180 Seniors lames, Kim lohnson, Renard Kenner, Rachel Kenner, William Kirk, Linda Kirkpatrick, leffery ielilee, Mighaeltie Knighten, Tracy Krzemien, ludy Kusak, Denise Lamb, jerry Lane, Bobby Lares, Michael Larkin, Christine lfaverty, Donna Le Claire, Christi lewis, Stanley Licon, Michael Liggins, Marvin Lodge, Lisa Look, Beatrice Lopez, Becky Lopez, Guillermo Lucas, Silvina Lustig, Beth - SENIGRS Lyon-Moore Lyon, Patricia Mallory, Marilyn Mariano, Dolly Marin, Esperanza Marmolejo, Ralph Marquitz, Lea Martinez, Connie Martinegljsax 1-"" Mata, Luz Mata, Manuel Mauldin, Sheri Mayhak, Delmur McAllister, Laurie McCoontze, Brenda McCoy, Angel McDonald, Nancy McLean, lanelle McNeel, Lorraine Mejia, Pablo Melendez, Cecilio Metz, Craig Mitchler, Lisa Montoya, Edward Moore,Norma Moore, Rose 182 Seniors 101 is . -- S . ag NR X QQ . ..,L W .. S . Q ug swf M 4Danny Vasquez washes a car at a car wash held by the baseball team. VAIIicia Graham takes notes during her shorthand class. , fy . ba -5 N ,Ag ' A . ' 4 5 N' ga. 5 4 , 'wx A Vw 5 ' Y Vw V 0 'del Villapando, Danny Edmundo eda and Arthur W ays have a good Seniors 183 1 SENIORS Morales-Paschal! ,......1v1 HHN' Alulie Craven is surprised to receive a Christmas Carnation. Qq5articipated in the egg toss during Homecoming week. 184 Seniors fE', -JI-G" 'lug I hid' q"""""'V' fe-A-w Morales, Manuel Morgan, Terri Moshauer, Elizabeth Mullinix, Eric Munguia, Pamela Murdock, jessica Murphy, Hugh Murphy, Mickey Myrick, Vanda Naputi, lohn Nelson, Dorene Nesmith, Mark Nicchio, Carl Nolan, Sherry Nolen, lohn Nunez, Robert Olinger, Christine Olivieri, joseph Ortiz, Gloria Ortiz, Hilda Pacheco, Pamela Papamarkos, George Parker, lohn Parra, Annie Paschall, Eric Seniors 185 SENIORS Payan-Rodriguez Cesar Payan, Araceli Peel, Patricia Pereida, luanita Perkins, Benny Pettipiece, Debbie Phillips, Annette Pleasant, Phyllis Ponce, Cecilia Portillo, Lanette Portillo, Robert Powell, lim Ramirez, luan Raney, Rhonda Rangel, Susan Reeder, Scott Reinshuttle, Mark Reyes, lim Richardson, Michelle Richardson, Suzanne Richmond, Tammy Rink, Hugh Rios, Sandra Rocha, Marina Rodgers, Laura Rodriguez, Cedar 186 Seniors M .,,W Y , sf i T -..:S9kl' is 9, S. . K 7, V. c ti ? ' s ix' -W K1-':iz1.g53 Nw ',:1 Mnmmww , I "lift-an . Vgzkr , ag "ff" ,dh ff if 'Ihr ,Lu AAna Hemandez drinks her punch during a French Club meeting. 4Kenny Villa prepares to give speech in a Student Council meeting. iGIen Campbell listens for instructions in his Film Analysis class. Seniors 187 -- SENIORS Rodriguez, Ernesto-Smith, Keith Q fiiirrl as wr Nm 2, X 1 sex leg: x rw ,M xi x Qiixjfe Wkxvtmmvwsgxw Www s axw qi Wkx isiiixkiaygmw A Larry Gomez and Donna Laverty enjoy watching a home basketball game. ewmwm New are KK isimrwwsrwstgii P Receiving a Carnation from an admirer during Christmas was one of Kirk Chittys' memorable moments. 188 Seniors -fd yr Cf' l Rodriguez, Ernesto Rodriguez, lesus Rojas, Annette Rojas, Daniel Rollins, Robert Rolon, Norma Roman, Ralph Romero, Arturo Romero, Steve Rotunda, Tina Saiz, Bertha Sanchez, Monica Sandoval, Irene Scott, Lynnell Segura, Angie Shaw, Diana Sheehan, Toni Sheldon, Ronald Shirley, lames Shrader, Theodore Sievers, Patricia Simmons, Dawn Smith, Cynthia Smith, lulien Smith, Keith Seniors 189 -- SENIORS Smith, Leon Vasquez, Alice Smith, Leon Sosa, Victor Soto, Daniel Sowers, Mike Spruill, Rebecca Stephens, Barry Stephenson, Gary Stevens, Doug Stewart, Daryl Stives, Brian Taylor, David Taylor, lena Taylor, Thomas Terrell, Cynthia Thomas, Kenneth Thompson, Cecilia Thompson, Robert Torres, Thelma Trejo, Carmen Trevizo, Laura Valdez, Hilda Valencia, Daniel Valenzuela, Leonor Valenzuela, Teresa Vasquez, Alice 190 Seniors ' ywfifz 7 'ra , if i 5 ff 5' ,gr Q i i ' in 'zz 1 32,2 ,TV M .1 1 , 4 f 'f-k, ,ia f as M in mf .W -',, N4 XN 2 1 1 1 -f,, , Muff --A ,Sri-3 K, f, V. ,M ,, X L ffg f ,, 3 2 9 AKenny Villa cools down with a drink on Malibu day, 4 Seniors show their spirit by hanging up a poster in the gym during a pep assembly, Seniors 191 SENIORS Vasquez, Danny Zamora Vasquez, Danny Veilleux, Arthur Vida, Kimberly Villa, Kenneth Villapando, Fidel ' Villar, Gerardo Waite, Wendy Walls, Kathleen Ward, Marilyn Warrix, Linda Washington, Lasonja Washington, Rochelle Watson, Angela Watson, Sandra Welch, Lynnette West, Matthew White, Anne Marie White, Terry Whitehead, Philip Wilder, Michael Williams, Bryant Williams, Michelle Williams, Nova Williams, Terry Wilson, Ricky Wittig, Warren Wolff, Donald Woodson, Boris Zamora, David 192 Seniors ......s..-X-Q ?2,, ..,.. . ...., , ,gg vfzwz ww 56 gt S.. ,, f' ' - I .sa-X 1 mag " 1. up ,v i ' A Benny Perkins and lavier Alonzo like trying to act cool. 4 Willie Lopez and Robert Wilson dress- ed up for 'imalibu dayff Seniors 193 juniors I O I "?ZI"f?w 195 , ' 4 - Abourezk-Calderon, David Abourezk, Laura Acosta, Paul Acosta, Rick Adame, lesse Adams, Gerrald Aguilar, Michael Aguirre, Letty Allcock, Andrea Alvarez, Irma Alvey, Anthony Ames, Anita Anderson, Daniel Arce, Alfredo Archer, Ron Arias, Maria Armstrong, Rebecca Arrieta, Carlos Arroyo, David Atchison, Roy Austin, Wesley Avila, Esther Babjack, Margaret Baca, Barbara Baird, Andrea Baker, Bobby Balarbar, james Banks, Amanda Barnes, Nancy Barnes, Zachary Barrett, loseph Batchell, Brenda Baum, Carol Bayardo, Paris Bellah, Gabina Berryhill, Chris Bings, lohn Blankenship, Michelle Bleck, Scott Blohm, Daryl Borrero, Marcell Boyer, Cynthia Brasgalla, Christopher Brewer, Richard Brezovsky, Mike Bricker, Suzette Britton, Diana Broussard, Noble Brito, Mario Brown, Faye Brown, Melissa Brown, Sandy Brown, Tishall Bunnell, Cindy Bryant, Mike Buckley, Donna Calderon, David 196 Iuniors ' lass officers Sylvia Rodriguez leads funiors junior class officers for the 1983-84 school year are Sylvia Rodriguez, president, Frank Vera, vice president, and Yvonne Otero, secretary. These officers represent the junior Class. The officers organize fund raising activities, such as a car wash held at the Pizza Hut on Dyer and they sold key chains. During Homecoming week they participated in the building decorating contest. On November 18, they held their annual talent show, which en- titled all classifications to par- ticipate. Another tradition they have is selling carnations during Christmas. They also sponsor the junior-Senior Prom. The sponsors of the' lunior class are Mr. Charles Molina assisted by Miss Tora Cole. A secretary, Frank Vera, vice president, Sylvia Rodriguez, president. luniors 197 7- Calderon, Pamela-Duran A Andress fans eagerly await a touchdown especially when the team played at home, fans crowded into the stadium hoping for a touchdown each time the team had possession of the ball. P juniors try beating the seniors in the spirit jug contest. 198 R luniors Calderon, Pamela Calloway, Sonya Camel, Barbara Campos, Yvonne Carey, Tammy Caro, lim Carr, Richard Cananza, Cecy Carrillo, Eddie Carrillo, lsela Carrillo, Rosa Carr'ilIo, Virginia Carnithers, Catherine Casaigne, Maria Casas, Am1ando Castaneda, lim Castaneda, lorge Castaneda, Miriam Castillo, Alma Castillo, loe Castro, Luis Celaya, Christopher Celis, Daniel Ceniceros, Araceli Cervantes, Maria Chacon, Demmie Chavez, Robin Cheatham, Sheila Choi, Song Chrismer, Dawn Churchman, Marie Cigarroa, Ana Collette, Denzil Colon, loe Cooper, Rick Coppock, Michael Correa, Hector Crissman, Dale Cross, Earl Crowel, Sabrina Crump, Lynn Cumberledge, Stanley Cutter, Minerva Damin, lohn Davis, Donna Del Castillo, lose DeEdesarte, Elena Dewitt, Cindy Diaz, Miryam Dickson, Cathy Dinsdale, Sheri Dorchester, David Doty, Wemer Dow, Wendy Drollinger, Susan Duran, lesus '- Eagen-Harrison Eagen, Thomas Edgar, Constance Eisman, Brian Ellis, Diane Estensen, Dawn Evans, Dawn Evans, Emma Farrow, Sharon Faz, Victor Fierro, Zory Finch, Amy Fiore, Fina Fisher, Carmen Fleming, lohn Flick, Billy Fogg, Lorie Fonseca, Norma Ford, Sheri Foster, Daryl Foster, Kelly Franklin, Lantric Franqui, Sylvia Fuls, Donna Galarza, Alfredo Garcia, Buddy Gardea, lohn Gamer, Shawn Gates, Scott Geary, Risa Georges, Bobby Gibbs, Eva Gibson, Laura Gillespie, Patricia Gladden, Tharin Glass, lacquelyn Golden, Debbie Gomez, lavier Gomez, Teresa Gonzalez, Mario Gonzalez, lose Gonzalez, Margarita Gordon, Richard Gorham, Lisa Goshey, Frank Grable, Colleen Grahan, Bobby Green, Eddie Green, Gaylon Gregory, Peggy Griffith, Todd Gross, Alice Hagy, David Haguewood, Dodie Haney, Debra Harrison, Armin Harrison, Michael Ass may 'rw Y 4 if CLLU, 200 juniors unior favorites Sylvia Rodriguez and Daryl Foster It was a hard decision to make but with lots of support and encouragement from their friends, Sylvia Rodriguez and Daryl Foster were chosen for the 1983-84 junior class favorites. It really didn't come as a sur- prise to many students since Sylvia is friendly, on Student Council and president of the junior class. Daryl felt a little nervous at times because he had never run for anything in his entire life. When he found out he was one of the two finalists he was really shocked. He never thought he could get that far. 'I was so excited when I heard I won! I thank everyone who voted for me because without them I wouldn't have won." iw A Daryl Foster was so IIpopular" during the Fall Festival, spent most of his time in the jail sucking lollipops. A Sylvia Rodriguez always participated in school activities, like dressing up on Malibu Day. luniors 201 - Hart-LaSage A During the Homecoming game Freddie Galarza and Brett Gladden got distracted for a while. P Many juniors got into the spirit on punk rock day by dressing up in the wilest ways. wwf? 202 luniors Han, john ' Hatch, Mark jaufler, Cheryl Heisel, Monika Hempfling, Hans Henderson, Rhonda Hendricks, Laura Hemandez, Ana Hemandez, Frank Hemandez, Harriett Hemandez, Sylvia Herrera, Bertha Herrera, Patricia Hiett, Georgette Hill, David Hill, Teresa Hoffman, Monica Holaery, Lisa Holguin, Marcia Holt, Steve Hostos, Mario House, Seymour Howell, Daniel Hubbard, Remeta Huff, Martiz Huffman, Yasmina Hunter, Edwina Hurd, Lillian jackson, Melissa james, Lorri james, Shelly jimarez, Gilbert johnson, Genia johnson, Raymond johnson, Wayne jones, Edward Y jones, Francine jones, Steve Karl, Mike Kelly, Linda Kendall, Shannon Keosoff, Kevin Keopatrick, Patty King, Aaron Kirby, landon Kirkpatrick, Patty Kitka, Daniel Knight, Charles Kniskem, Heidi Knowles, Cheryl Kopcinski, Tom Korems, Kristen Krohn, Kimberly Kulvinskas, Sharon Lally, Holly La Sage, Michelle - Lara-Morales, Dora Lara, Michael Lara, Rafael Larkin, Peter LaRosa, Sue Lavka, Tom Leal, David Leal, Rafael Lee, lean Leggett, Stacy Lewis, Donna Lewis, left lewis, Ray Leyba, Tom Lindsey, Charles Lipe, Karen Lloyd, Charles Locke, lohn Logsdon, Paul Logsdon, Robert Long, Pete Longoria, Rick Lopez, Fred Lopez, Lozano Loschiavo, Luanne Lozano, Mark Lugo, Marla Lynch, Alton Maldonado, Carmen Maldonado, Daniel Mar, Sue Lynn Marcianti, Paul Marin, Raul Marks, Amold Marshall, Tony Martinez, Mike Mauzy, Karen Mason, Irma Mayo, lacqueline McBurrows, Bemadette McClain, Steve McDonald, Fritzi McGill, Erika McNair, Paul Mejia, Maria Menchaca, Michelle Messick, Wilhelmina Miles, Thomas Miller, james Miller, Robert Miller, Sandy Milliman, Brad Mitchell, Laurie Mobley, Brigette Mobley, Donna Molina, lohn Morales, Dora f M 204 luniors unch time Hanging around Students really look forward to lunch time, most of them just because they get to talk to their friends as much as they want without getting shut up by a teacher. Of course, they look forward to eating, but who can eat with the latest gossip going around school? During this hour most of the students like sitting around and relaxing before they prepare themselves for the rest of the day. Many of the students like lunch time so they can be with the person of their dreams Kas in boyfriend or girlfriendl. The only problem with this hour is when the bell rings because too many of the students find it kind of hard getting to class on time. Why? The world may never know. One thing we do know is that lunch time is the favorite time of the day. Wanda Suarez, Bemadette n 'tfw-eand Lori Mitc - refer eati quad ig eria is so ' l j 1 A Lorenzo Lopez and Irma Contreras luckily find a place to sit and eat lunch at. 'tits-0 Y '54 t ,, Wwkw I f ,,,, ,,sf'W W a 5 , H . 1 -can W I luniors 205 - Morales, Gilbert-Rosa Wt V Adrian Brown tries getting to class on time. V Ray Espinoza fixes a radio in his Elec- tronics class. MPV we ,,, y , , Z x 'M 5 W 206 luniors 5 iii, G Morales, Gilbert Morales, Roy Morget, Tamara Morrison, Ron Mott, Delia Mullen, Pat Muniz, Velia Murillo, Robert Murdock, Alan Muro, Iuan Myatt, Barbara Naiera, Lupe Neal, Lisa Newark, Nancy Newman, Alice Nicolosi, Thomas Nunez, Ignacio Olejarski, David Olivas, Armando Ophord, Lisa Orozco, Gerardo Ortega, Carrie Ortiz, lavier Otero, Yvonne Patzkowski, Harry Payan, Mike Payan, Oscar Peart, Cindy Pease, Carol Peterson, lohn Ponce, Grace Ponce, Ray Powell, Bradley Quigley, Suzanne Rabelo, luan Ramirez, lohn Ramirez, luan Ramirez, Lupe Ramirez, Marisae Raney, Robert Rankin, Revis Redman, Ann Reynolds, Kristin Riches, Kyra Richter, Ronny Rios, Raul Rittmann, Pamela Rivera, Maria Robinson, David Roche, Melanie Rodriguez, Debbie Rodriguez, Sylvia Rojas, Danny Rolon, Paul Romero, Andrea Rosa, Mary luniors 207 Rueda-Vera Qj .bfi l r . 1, i ,fx X -mg x .Li I-:f -4-if J' X .fy 1 ,1 ,J CJ f,J fs.. rf U if ,1 ,J X ,J f' IJ X MVT' lvl f' .tl 5 .- t 1,4-I C7 13 .J :EW x-, Rueda, Edmundo Sadlo, Liz Saiz, Ted Salazar, Esther Salgado, lrene Sanchez, Christine Sanchez, Ivan Sarmiento, Alex Schalla, Bill Schlosser, Glenn Seager, Laurinda Seal, Rebecca Seay, Clarence Seymore, Rudy Shea, Crystal Shirley, Kathleen Sims, lohnny Simard, Michelle Sirmons, Gina ,A Slayton, Shelley H., Smith, Christine Smith, Lisa -23 Smith, Michael ., Sobioch, Doris fy C -5.9 f,..., , ---A Solerbom, Ann Soto, Felipe " Spady, Shannon Steele, lohn Stiles, lay Stokes, Walter Street, Emmett Suarez, Wanda f X ,mf Sullivan, Eunice Sutphin, Eric Tarin, Sylvia Tellez, Aileen Thomas, Lee Thompson, Bret Thompson, Daniel Thompson, Leslie Thompson, Tina Thrasher, April Timmerman, Cathy Titus, lolene Toliver, Diane Torres, Norma Trader, Wayne Treesh, Maria Urbina, Ada Valdez, Mariza Valencia, Trini Vargas, Rodney Vasquez, Bertha Vasquez, Irene Vaupel, Randy Vera, Franklin 208 Iuniors all 'ifrh ,..,f I iv 3 f 'E f ZZ f ,n g wi W H. Z' 1 f 1 f w 2 i 5 Q, Zi 5 gi U 4 , M Q f , f f gay w A gf f T, gf, X 4 J 'ff Q 52,3 as 52? , gf .af 12 22 4 Dale Woodson and Elinore Molina had fun selling cokes at the Fall Festival. Y Many students had a good time at the Fall Festival since there were so many things to do. 4 Alice Gross ties knots on the balloons before the helium escapes. luniors 209 - Villar-Turner Villar, Velia Waddell, lames Wagner, Charles Wallace, Karen Wallin, Sharon Warling, Magdalena Waters, Tina Watts, David Watts, Mike Webber, Mark Welch, Michele Weldin, Wendy Wensel, Patricia Wheeler, Stacy Wiley, Darlene Wiley, Gary Wilkins, Robert Wilkinson, Denise Williams, Connie Wilson, Melissa Wilson, Robert Wise, Veronica Woolfgang, leff Woodward, Mike Wodke, Richard Woods, Arlycia Woods, lay Zuloag, Maria Galvez, Sylvia Garcia, Anita Gonzalez, Cecilia Hall, Andre Harris, Marylou Lally, Holly Marchese, Fiona Q X165 210 Iuniors Martinez, Patricia Messimer, Steve Murphy, Tom Phillips, Raymond Pulliam, Tina i Saenz, Alma Saenz, Vivian Silvas, Valentine Treesh, Maria Tumer, Ann Q ,V-in , Q ,-.,, ,. M gif P se 3 ,Q 5 Ig ' Ui jx i W "Wing AAmy Finch shows everyone the carna- tion she received. 4Tracy Tamer helps Barbara Baca tie the ribbons on the carnations in order to get the carnations delivered on time. 1 1 f new , , 1 "" p f M W WWW luniors 211 jopfmmores "- Abramowitz-Burciaga Abramowitz, Edward Acosta, Toni Aguirre, losie Airington, Kenneth Akins, Brenda Allcock, Lome Allen, Lidia Allen, Melissa Altheids, Karl Alvarez, Tina Ames, lohn Anderson, Keith Apuan, David Arciniaga, Laura Arenas, Raquel Amicar, Heather Arreola, lullian Arroyo, Deanna Avila, Diana Babcock, lason Bachman, Ralph Baker, Reid Balarbar, Richard Bannine, Tracie Barnes, Thomas Barns, Don Barrera, Roger Barrows, Pat Barton, leryl Bedy, Michelle Beecher, Stephanie Beggs, Bonnie Behymer, Heather Beltran, Arturo Benavides, Lisa Benorithan, Dolan Birge, Carl Birriel, Kathy Black, Scott Blackston, Veronica Blaes, Toni Boozer, Victor Bradford, Eva Branson, Carrie Brewer, Teena Briffa, Tim Briones, lohnny Britt, Marie Brown, Donna Brown, Luke Brown, Sonia Bracewell, April Bryan, Danny Buck, Kelly Bune, Steven Burciaga, Michelle 214 Sophomores lass favorites Molina and Hays top for sophs The 1983-84 sophomore class favorites were Sean Hays and Eleanor Molina. Eleanor was involved in many school activities such as volleyball, basketball, and Stu- dent Council. She enjoys being involved in as many activities as she can, she said. This is how she earned her recognition. "This came to me as a big sur- prise but l'm very happy to be chosen as a class favorite. ' Sean Hays was also involved in school activities. He par- ticipated in the Strategists Guild and was involved in the year- book staff. Sean's hobby is playing tennis. llBeing selected class favorite has been a dif- ferent and new experience with a little excitement throughout the year," he said. This has been a new ex- perience for both of them. sflgflw c A 2 A Class favorites Eleanor Molina and Sean Hays. :aes " Q 1" 5' .mf 4 Sophomores 215 E f-Cadena-Dincher lerry Metzo enyoy 'W---A ,-mm lunch 14. A Sophomore Ruth Howard takes her time walking to dass. 1 ,L L ' M Q P Punk day gave Carmen Morales an op- portunity to have some fun with her appearance. vw 42 3 . ' " n f " M' ' V izgg. ' , , 5 Efiifg " ii Q. X' I 216 Sophomores .ur E A Cadena, Ricky Caldwell, Michelle Calvetti, Raul Campos, Chris Campos, Margaret Canas, Steven Carrillo, David Carrillo, Debbie Carr, Vivian Carson, Kerrt Carter, Peroy Case, Mike Castro, Alfredo Castro, Mario Chacon, Alfredo Chase, Mike Chavez, Arturo Choate, Dorothy Christopher, julie Cieslik, Thomas Cisneros, Yvette Clark, Pam Clifton, Mike Coats, Norma Cobb, Richard Cobos, Maria Cole, Roberta Collins, Nonnan Collins, Patricia Contreras, lrma Contreras, Shawn Corpes, Stacey Comell, Dawn Coronado, Heidi Correll, Scott Corrales, Sonia Craig, Kelly Crestani, Lisa Culifer, Rhonda Culifer, Tammy Curtis, George Dailey, Suni Dalrymple, Mistty Dalton, Katja Davis, lulie De Ia Rosa, Mary de Ia Rosa, Raul Delfin, Alice Delucio, Raul DeMeritt, Tanya Denman, Michael Dennison, Laurie Depauw, Todd Desmund, David Diaz, Minnie Dincher, George Dodd Godinez Dodd, Sandra Dokken, lames Dominguez, Veronica Dozier, Robert Duran, Rafael Durring, Claudia Dwyer, Kevin Dyba, Andrew Dyba, Stephen Earle, Sueanna Eaton, Sylvia Eckhart, Robert Effenberger, Paul Ellison, Tomera Encinas, Teresita Ervin, Daryl Ewvin, Pamela Escott, Loraine Esensee, Yvette Esparza, Theresa Espinoza, Andres Espinoza, Christopher Estensen, Sandra Evans, Leonard Eychner, Matthew Farley, Steven Ferman, Angie Femandez, Leticia Fierro, Marne -A Fiore, Albert Fish, Anthony Fowler, Sheri Frataccia, Debra Fry, Robert Fulton, Francisco Fulton, Margarita Gauchupin, Lydia Gagnon, Shawn Galaviz, Mike Galipeau, Andre Galvan, lohn Galvan, luan Garcia, Adam Garcia, Edda Garcia, lacob Garcia, Melissa Garcia, Olga Garcia, Paula Garcia, Sonia Gamer, Chad Garrett, Kim Garya, Armando Gitre, Lester Gladden, Todd Godinez, Martha Godinez, Mary if 4622 av-'Hx I Q U W M-..,, ptimist winners Ross and Ceislik gain recognition Each year the Optimist Club recognizes two outstanding students in each classification who have excelled in academics, community involve- ment,and school activities. This year's winners are Marion Ross and Thomas Ceislik. Thomas, a 15-year-old sophomore, was recognized as an optimist winner. Thomas named math, science, and choir as his favorite subjects. His hob- by is astronomy. Marion Ross was chosen for her contributions to the school. She played her role as the l'Eagle Bird." Marion also con- tributed to her church as well as to her community. Marion was very proud of being named one of this year's Optimist win- ners. 'This has been an honor and a good experience for me " 1 is egg A Thomas Ceislik Sophomores 219 - Gomez-johnson, Tracy help ing each ,Q iicciiii A Pat lenkles searches her pockets for change. 4 Sean Gagnon participating in auto shop. , . 12: germs-:es ME- ----' 7- cc H im, Vw:- I S X , .,.. 3 X Xi x Egg 2 f 5 'aw xc 1 ., N gk ' 220 Sophomores Gomez, Carlos Gomez, jose Gomez, Sandra Gomez, Sandy Gonzalez, Gloria Grass, Kathy Graziano, Mark Grice, Helen Grice, julie Guardado, Rose Guerena, Roberto Gunn, john Gutierrez, Albert Gutierrez, Lisa Hagar, Mike Hamblen, Carrie Hamler, Nancy Hanson, Ronald Hartzler, Gracie Hays, Sean Hedin, jerry Heim, Heidi Helms, Tony Henry, Anthony Hemandez, Barbara Hemandez, Debbie Hemandez, Edith Hemandez, jesus Hemandez, Leticia Hemandez, Susan Herrera, Ana Herrera, Martin Herrera, Miguel Hess, Karen Hiett, Matthew Himel, Lisa Hinoiosa, Irene Hirom, Greg Horgan, Eddie Hostos, Luz Hout, larry Howell, Ruth Hunt, Dean Hunt, Patrick Hutchinson, Lourdes Ivie, Brian Ivory, Marshall jackson, Malcolm jackson, Sonia lelks, Victoria jenkins, Patricia jimenez, Sandra johnson, Beau johnson, Chris johnson, Gwen johnson, Tracy Sophomores 221 - lohnson, Twayne-Martinez, Rosalie lohnson, Twayne lohnson, Erica lones, Charles lones, Douglas lones, Trevor lones, Vickie lones, Wade Keller, lames Kelly, Lori Kelly, Mark Kelly, Satasha Kemp, Rita Kesler, Steve Knotts, Stephanie Knueppel, lames Knueppel, lohn Krohn, lenny Kurtz, Michael Ladd, lennifer Lafferty, Sean Lambert, Ana Lara, Silvia Larson, Kay Sie Larson, Pamela Lastra, Mauricio Lattimer. lerome Lavoie, Nancy Leathers, Hyo Suk Lee, David Lemos, Victor Leon, lackie Levario, Diana Lewis, Kyle Linares, Maria Lingquist, lohn Lindsey, Kelly Look, Caroline Looper, Cliff Lopez, leanette lopez, Sandra Lopez, Patricia Lorrey, Michelle Loya, Cecilia Lozano, Benjamin Luna, lose Lussier, Raymond Macias, Victoria Macieuewski, Frank Magallanes, Hilario Mar, Leiann Markle, George Marques, Luis Martinez, DeLeana Martinez, loseph Martinez, luan Martinez, Rosalie 222 Sophomores RY wif' M we ivy: ' ,JV 'x A A group of sophomores work intently on a writing assignment. 4 Debbie Phillips is surprised by a photographer. if U. ir r Sophomores 223 --Martinez, Linda-Ortiz, Melissa A A chat before lunch is appetizing. H ,yi ,eff if Sometimes sophomores were so intent on I getting to their next class, that they didn't 4 notice what was going on around them. -3 ...emu Zn-M "L--. 224 Sophomores fa. ,,,, za' Martinez, Linda Martinez, Maria Martinez, Maria Mata, Ana Mata, Sandy Mattingly, Tim May, Thurman McAdam, Alan McAllister, Mark McBurrows, Marvin McCormick, Edward Mccrory, Frank Mcmillan, Gray Medina, Sylvia Meiser, Karl Mejia, Victor Melton, Susan Mench, Michael Metzo, Gerard Michael, Becky Michalik, Robert Mitchell, Horace Mohedano, Candido Molina, Eleanor Montes, Rene Mora, Diane Morales, Carmen Morales, Carmen Morgan, Eric Morgan, Kim Morgan, Mike Moreno, Tina Morrell, Mark Mott, Elena Moshauer, Dianne Mungo, Debbie Mueller, Charlotte Mullinix, Sonja Munoz, Debbie Munoz, Richard Murillo, Pedro Murrell, Steve Myers, Frank Navarette, Beatrice Nelson, Diane Nicolosi, lackie Nolon, Bryan Noring, Wendy Oliveira, lames Oliver, Gail Oliver, Michelle Olsakovsky, lohn Onick, Leslie Ortega, Adam Ortiz, Carlos Ortiz, Melissa Sophomores 225 -' Grtiz, Myrna-Rodriguez Lorraine Ortiz, Myrna Otzehowski, Scott Overshon, Thomas Pabon, lose Pacheco, Sylvia Park, Dusty Parker, Raymond Parker, Tom Pearson, Derek Pena, Barbara Pepin, Louis Pereira, lose Perez, Caren Perez, Maria Pester, Geraldine Peters, Brenda Peterson, Karla Peterson, Melissa Petrich, Terry Petta, Gina Phillips, Debbie Pickett, Randall Pina, Andrea Pindell, Lauray Pittman, Emilio Polanco, Marcelo Polk, Darcy Pollock, Lisa Ponce, lesus Ponce, Samuel Powers, Tracy Price, Cindy Prohaska, Greg Prophet, Michelle Rael, Victor Ramirez, Danny Ramos, lose Ramos, Marisa Ramsey, Vera Rangel, Alma Resendiz, Victor Reyes, Everardo Reyes, Gabriel Reyes, Hector Rios, Yolanda Riggens, Pete Rigsby, Donna Ritchie, Leslie Rivera, Mike Rivera, limmy Robertson, Lora Robinsin, Allison Robinson, Billy Robinson, Wannapha Rodriguez, Lorena Rodriguez, Lorraine 226 Sophomores -7 ree time Sophs find many ways to use it There is always a question that lingers in sophomores' minds. This is UWhere should we go on our free time?" Gf course, they usually find the answer to this ques- tion. They enjoy going to Peter Pipers on Fridays, Maybe after- wards, they go to the 'lHill." There they meet all their friends and party. On Satur- days, they used to go to Numbers. But after it closed down, they started going to the new hang-out ltTeen Crazf' Sundays Oh well, that's a different story! They probably just visit their friends or just sleep all day! During school days, sophomores enjoy hanging-out by the cafeteria during lunch. Other sophomores prefer the uQuad." Whether they go out or stay here at school for lunch, sophomores still have fun. Il The e for gijm ,,,, A Having some laughs is part of their lunch time hour. Ill ffffffff Sophomores 227 - Rodriguez, Sandra-Summers student concentrates Oh her V R - ice. ' I 'Ql- . 134 A lose Pavon concentrates on his project in electronics class, 228 Sophomores ii 525' af! Rodriguez,, Sandra Rojas, Carey Rojas, Eddie Rojas, Kristine Rolniak, Denise Romero, lose Romero, luanita Ross, Marian Rudy, Tara Ruiz, jesus Russell, jennifer Ryan, Angie Sachs, Kevin Saenz, laime Saenz, lose Saiz, Salvador Saldana, Adrian Salgado, Richard Sanchez, lohn Sandefur, Lorri Sandoval, Mike Santana, Steve Saguetra, Danny Scallion, Nancy Scepanski, Christine Schaffino, Deanna Schoemer, james Scott, Arthur Scott, Theresa Segura, Angel Serrano, Eddie Shaw, David Shepard, Michelle Sherwood, Cannen Shubert, Tina Silvia, Mike Simmons, Michelle Simons, William Simpson, April Slaight, Tina Smith, Andy Smith, Betty Smith, Esther Smith, lack Smitherman, Sam Soto, Cecilia Soule, loe Sparks, Danny Stevens, Andrea Stockton, Sonny Stewart, Sylvia Strickland, Billy Strickler, Shawn Stuckwisch, Richard Swegheimer, William Summers, Lisa Sophomores 229 - Tarin-Wix Tarin, Rene Taushek, Yon Hui Taylor, Bridjet Taylor, Kenneth Tenorio, lames lerome, lohn Thomas, Berlinda Thomas, Chris Thompson, Bart Thompson, lohn Thompson, Margaret Tinajero, Veronica Titus, Geneva Torres, Gavi Torres, Ted Trotier, Marty Valdes, Monica Valdez, Christina Valdez, Lorena Valerio, Dominic Vargas, Abimael Vargas, Patrick Vasquez, Bemadette Vasquez, Cheryl Vasquez, lulie Vaupel, Lisa Vega, Nancy Velasquez, Adela Villa, Edward Villafuerte, Sandra Villar, Leonardo Vineyard, Lisa Wagner, Pat Warling, Walter Warrix, Lori Washington, Alan Washington, Monique Watson, Beth Wauson, Pat Weaver, Brad Webb, Pat Welsch, Michael Welsh, Sandy Wells, Bryan Whelpdale, Althea Whitaker, Stephanie White, lerry White, Margot Widner, Pat Willard, Candice Williams, Elbert Williams, leanett Windham, Terri Winton, Gary Wisniewski, Darryl Wix, Thomas thx , 1 WH- vmh W ilf' 1 4 of T""5 2 230 Sophomores ar experts Auto shop students learn skills As everyone may already know, students get to pick their own electives. Many students here at Andress prefer picking auto shop. Auto shop is an interesting and educational subject. Students take this course not only for the credit, but to learn a good and useful skill. Students learn to do all types of mechanical repairs. It also in- cludes painting, minor body and engine repair. Students say it's a hard course but worth their time. Their instructor is Mr. Tommy Morris. He has been working here for nine years. Some of his students say he's a hard teacher, but he teaches in a firm way so that the students will learn to be confi- dent in working with cars. l'This course can help them later on in life," says Mr. Morris. "I have good, concerned students!" A Two sophomore shop students work on a transmission. Sophomores 231 - Watters-Woodson Watters, Elena Wufford, Byron Wong, Adonya Wood, lean Wood lohn Woodford, Sherrie Woolridge, Belinda Cabell, Cynthia Chavez, Michael Danberry, Keisa Estep, Alison Foster, Kellie Fulton, Ceci Hauser, Martha lonson, Craig Marks, Marie Martinez, Christina Martinez, Nancy Maxwell, Raymond Mclnite, Elizabeth O'Connor, Rita Olson, Kevin Paicyrach, lean Palemer, Diane Powell, Lovelys Ramirez, Olivia Saldana, Adrian Shantz, lames Slade, Rodic Stuckey, layepee Sycos, Creg Tate, Mary Villafuerte, Maria Watts, David Willbur, Rachel Williams, Connie Woodson, Dale ,-"','2..',.'?M-me.. qw., X., 5 im, iii X xr E pf 232 Sophomores L. 41 1 A The vvackiness of Homecoming week's Punk Day gave luan Martinez, leff Huff, Gina Sermans, Donny Wong, Leslie Onick, Rosalie Martinez, Loni Ramos and Kristin Reynolds a chance to really show off. 4 Hackey sack was a popular sport that many students got into this year. Mark McAllister, Marcelo Polanco, Gabriel Reyes, Carlos Ortiz, and Tim Briffa found playing hackey sack a good way to pass their lunch hour. Sophomores 233 ? 'Www ,W K VVVV A "'IVk gf! kskr ....,,, ,ajiz,-fffgli-: W if 1- 1 W wif" Nav?-.ii Q1- fs' " -'asa af.. ' V ulzl K i zl, E zz ' , ,V .. .. ,Zh f.w,,.:1,j""": gk in H K, 2: .. :gp H I wig it I 1' ,- 31 W ' i" ,V,' ' j , , L 7 W Q1 , Vg - '11 g. 'ggi i'h 35 ,,I ff L 2 Wiwyw-Q1,,,,,1,Z L H , , f 5 15 , "i - Y 1 2 ? fw 1 A, 1 - V W,':f'-,, 1 -1- f ,," iff- 'I:, -- 'Q ,- -- . Maw W 2 1.11, IIL 11111 h'i 1? -- , 1 f fi 1 1 1 2 W ,Eff S' in ' Ig -1' , 1 LLL'- g LL, A L M jf? 5, Z MW ,f f W 'M 4 4, V1 , - A ,,,, ffl- AA 'WWW 'Q 1 My 2 +2 by is mg? L LL LL ily LLLL I .iw ii: LLLLLL M M X 5 QM 2 IQM. LLLLLA L1" :'i 1 ""A: V ,M 1 1 Q 1 f W 1 ft 2 W 97 169 LLLL L qs ,W , Wk M K . W Q I 63 214 i" ll 1 LL'L 5 iz' ""' ' ii' ww 1' 1 5 ' aff 1 5 , 1 f ' 1 10211 ' ' all fm 109 796 6 111- pig gf --LL W my Hg: Q W , f ft 1 WB ,, 1 4 ,Q X aa, MW W A M 5 Q 214 5 2? LLL ,, f ff 'Z WWWKW V ,, MMM M Q3?"Z, ,. W f 34 196 ' isa HS, L ,,,,,, 3 LL ,sm im I 5 mes mi Hg- L 5511 masse, 1, LLLLLLLL , 1. 11 1 M: .., ,,L.,, 2 we-5 2, M. L W 5 , E., vgggg 3 1,2 sms? 151,212 W 1 , .WW .EH L ,,, M52 I 51 Ifx 9' '21 nf Rza' 9 2 if 1 3 5 2 .12 3. LL 1 2 1 Z s 2 7 W 2 2, -1-11 m1f1ff1g1'p1ifsf1 e LLL LLLLLL 1 ":1 ,1 ,LLL 1 LAQQ Y E?-2 IOSEPD L.Lh 59 :--: 1 ' ' , LL, LA-h LLLL, Wmww ilh 'l" ' 1 1 ' LKKLL LLLL L v '1 LA I 1222 Y' 2'f12 f A21 ' L 22222 LL Dangwv K111 ' LLKKLLVV vzzk L L " . " NUC H95 , M I ff' 222 122222 21453 519953 77129 M :hh lhl WVVV 0 Z':' W 196 ' BUCWKSIIY 214 g " 1Q,4.Awgf4l9Yf11LdUf2 n1'P I'A L 166 Buckley,Donr1a M 196' E AC10'3tafP?U' 1, "":L' f 'fffwg '11,T ZLL L : 'M-flAggapfgmigffigayggf I 5 Buckley, Leonard E 169 in 1 K Agostaf 'iii W A LL" ,,LL LLLLLL 214 A Bune, Steven A 1: 214 1 222111 LLL fl Adam 1.117 1s4e2f2ef1,'1OSeph 78, 150, 191, BUf1f1f2ll,Cif1f'iY QW0s196.100,101,109,196 L ' L 7662, 63, T961 1, LLLL Barr W ri k 214 Burciaga, NHCHQIIQ 214 1 'ce LLL, W LLLL 133 W 196 O Sfpat C B k B b 100 107 119 169 1 LLLL 00011 ' ' Barton leffreY 141 ur e, ar ara , , , ' L f 111 -"?5A MI'i' f - 82915512 '111 1 MW ,,LL 56 .196 ' 1: S ' LLLLL ,,,,, LLLLLLLLLLL 1 56,316,6' Baftonfwy' 214 2 1 'fQQf'fi?1 iAiii a "'A: ' 1 ' A Bash0n,,MiChaeI 117 166 ' A , - ' LL 111 "110 1. L ,,,,, f "' L: We' ffif ' 141 166 LL L 1-l i k hqa M 126' BaumfCarol 61 196 Cabal!ero,AIberi 169' L,L,,,,L W, LLLL L,,,, gayardo,Gahiiela 141 166 Cabell, Cynthia 232 H Q LLLLL amrfngtonfmkennefg 11'L W Biiyardo, BaiiSW H 196 Cabiness, Marvin 5 86, 117, 142, 143 ' - LLLL 1 LLLL n Egg seach,Mid-ae: 117,166 Cadena, David E 34,31 169 11 1 1 Algfgziole ? 166 .Bearden,DougIas110,111,113,124,125 Cadena, Richard 217 L M y ,,,..,. 11' --- L '---- I 'M lanche Leo 5 156 He ma fa 1 1 1 2 ' V L sley,Gay 49,77,105, 166, 180 CaIaway,Sonya 129,199 ,.. , LLLLLLLLL h 2,214 2Q1 k?'5taCY 63 Ca'de'0nfDaVid A 196 ,f WT 2 LLLKLL mrrffef' i" mk:B9Qk:Ofd, Sheila 63 Calderon,Pame!a 1 41,136,199 if LLLLL e"'Af1 ,,,LL LLLLLL 2214 Bedy,1Msfhe11e 7a,14a,1so,151,214 CaldweII,Michr3lle 2 217 1'f" 1111 W 2 9129121 1 1 no 111 166 Beecher, Stephanie 125 214. Calverzi,2Raul1 1 2 1 1 217 ' . 01,, ' ' Beggs, Bonnie 214 Camqch6,Rgu! ffl L ,Z ' 1560, 169 ' Qrfemlroget 21215 Behymer, Heather 142, 214 L LL gi L"'LLLLL LLL 111992, Men' Mara 122 166 193 Be"a"'Gabina 1 192, LLL1 i19 ff L77,,L Algggg 121.5 r 58 59' 214 Beltran, Arturo L 56, 146, 147, 148, 214 2 LL ' ' Beitran, Ser io , 572166 N 'A 1 i z gain Belvimlaurgnce L A SLSQVFT99 999:i::i:':' :99LL ' L ' Benavides, Lisa L L QfZ'iI'18S',u Ybp"?-in 217 LLLLLL g j LLLL99 Benortham, Dolan 146 214 Cano, Armando 11O,169,176,179 ,,,L 196 Benson, Roger 6O,86,1O5,14SfW166 Cag ey ,1Iqmarg 1- 2 V199 ' " 111 A Bclb LLL, - 1,, ' P 2CiifOf "1: ' mes,Iohn 214 A L L L , , My , -V 12 1- -- V H L , 2 Andefson, Daniel 196 1 - ' V 1 'rr' L d ,,,LLLL K th . 166 Z Bmggtjqhn LLL LL M1QQ,134!149,,196 Hfja:Isan,EKenny L ,L, L il L 1,1471 2 LLL,,L 2g2dZfjg2'KQmf""e 63 1 41 214 13iniwel1f Kevin1 A q 31 gf: 218, 150 169 Qafr,22RiQhard11 - 1 7111 H :7lj7,s199- -1-- ,LL 1 L L f 1 1- ' . H i , L L L 2 , -I I i ' L A L i , ff ' I L Anderson,MeI1ssa 83,84 11O,111,112, 166 BSFSQ2-545' , L LL LL L 1 V 1 3,14 T C'3U'VMan- A 1 2 T5 I I 217 H LL A d R . 156 1B1rr1eI,Kathenne L V44 2115 Car1janza Mana gg 452, i36,v1g29 00LL 70044 2 A'gd2fif,"fTf,Q'.f1y 122 166 BlaCk,5cott1 2 1 2 221 2 G1aii!Io? v'Fk3i gi Q , QZQQ7, "-,, L- ' V' . . ' A 2'BIackStOr1,'Veronica 2 ' 44, 52,1 3, 5 ill 111 ew? 2 1 Lil' 42 237 Blaesjoni ,L,L L,L,, 1 LL 5, V, ,1,, LLLL 1,j,,,'l' 001 Wg "" A 5 Blaes Valerie 2 arri ogsea L - 1 holan 151 1 '- ' ' Y ' 1 4 A LL Vg? 'f L 111 L,,L L LLLL 111 111-111 L BIa1r,K1mberIy, L L 616951 2, , Car,r1llQ,Mgr1a , ff Wm 1 11 4444 18 23 56 B"'kem0'e'B'i"" Cafg" 1 ' 9 A .2 LLLLLL ,LLLL I , 165 L1 44, 214 Blanco' Cesar i O ,Carr I nl Olwe 1 if ,K 11 L I , ,, , 5 6. '111 1 L111- ' ' Blankenship Michelle- 66,100 196' Carruthers, Catherine 5' V199 LLL 31111 1' APU! delfw 182,85,96,97,1021105.11071 " 1 ' 1 2 1 11 v 142 143 166 175- Blasch, Edward 'I48 1Carson,Kent 5, L 217, EM KLL' .I ":' if H 'Llll "', im k ' 1 211106, BIECI4, Scott i A ' ky k ' ' Caftfbf, Percy Q L ,,,, LLLL 15 ,,1' 5 196 Blohm, Daryl ' 34,56,'196g Casaigneg Maria 3: 48, 49, 1 5,1199 if' ,,L jzmy Boisselier, Maria 761-77,531,115 1,69 ' Casas, Armando 1 2, 1199 LL,,L mf ,LLL 1111 ""'6 546 214 Borrero,MarceII 2 2 196 2 Casas, Michael 1 1 5217: lllll Bwzenvicwr 2 214 Casilf-fwnila 2 3 l 2 104 105' 11561692 '1::1 111 1,,L Bowman, Jody 76,77, 105, 141 Castanedag Arturo 2 1 46' WZ ' ' ,Q P 1 45 Bowmanglennie L 169 Castaneda, jim g 18,4323 LLLLLL I I Qj iaglsather LL B0Y3rf CYmhi3 LLLL 196 Castanedgf f l g ,,, L L,,,L . 1 BfaC9WeHfAPfi' QQW-1Sf-11 1 2 2 2 6927 142 12995 - - ,,,,, ,LL1 ' A , My L 1 1111L,,,L. 1 LLL,L,,,,, 1 .. 51 ffff L, "11 ' 11 as ' ff ' A ' ' 2. --45" A " Q! ig f "' iii? f -, X W K 55? - K' K f .3 - 2 11112 '1"' 'S' A 5 LLL is ' 1 I N r K? 1 , ' 1:1 '11'1 1 5 Z yi ", 5 111'1 11111 gi my H 1 5 , 91 L " LLZ' A 1 L 1 Zzliv 1 1 1 " Qi ' L lzy "" ,L1111 H 1 '? 3 A ' . f 'P 1 2 131 W 111' 2 L 1 1 LL f11 gf: 1 1 M 2 B! 1 94 : 1 Q 4 Y "11 ",LL Z X W A 2 Z 2 Z - ' 2 . f f H 1111 .1 1 1 5 f E 111 L "'ff - ' EE L ,,, ,, 1 " Q " "LL Y W X Q 111111 1111 Q 1111 ' 2 1 2 ME 1 Q Q11 S352m:23f5:f1e' 252 1 1 1 I 1 I -I - - ,1L - 1,, Baker, Bobby ' H L:I: i:i IZL f 5 Eg 2 , Baker, Diana, I 76, 96' 150, 166,261 E I 5 AWWMMNE K Q, A , ,,,N, A 5, 117, 170 Bakerfgegd 2 - 1 K214 2 Brownrlyliqe 2 1111 2 Cleshk, Thomas 110, 111, 112, 146, 151,217,219 ' Balabar, james 463 i22 47p87L,'l21,3Q 196 141 Brown, Melissa X 214 196 Cigarroa, Ana 2, 52 53 199, 26, , , A ' W 11111 - BaIarbar,R1chard 2 2 ,214 Brown, Randall 1511 C!83f"04 ,V 5Q gjW1 2Baf1e,Pam . . 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W Dorchester, David Diaz, Carlos Diaz, David Dias, Guillermina Dias, Miryam Dickson, Catherine Dierdori Bob Dincher, George Dincher, Miriam Dinsdale, Sheri Distler, Teresa Doederlein, lulie Dockray, Laura Doctor, April Dodd, Sandra Dokken, lames Dominguez, Veronica Cooper, Richard Coppock, Michael Corbett, Terry 139, Clark, Pamela 217 Cleveland, Anthony 33, 50 Clifton, Michael 217 Cline, John 78 Coats, Norma 48, 150,217 Cobb, Richard 217 Cobbs, Lyndell 40, 41, 43 Cobos, Maria 217 Cole, Robrta 217 Cole, Tora 139, 155 Collette, Buddy 133, 199 Collette, Denzil 60 Collier, lacqueline 100, 170 Collins, Norman 217 Collins, Patricia 44, 45, 52, 217 Colon, Joseph 199 Conroy, Sharon 100, 101, 155, 156 Contreras, lrma 205, 217 Contreras, Shawn 100, 217 Cooney, Bernadette 170 Coons, Kari 170 Cooper, lustina 1 56, 160 199 199 1 56 Cordes, Stacey 124, 125, 130, 217 Cornell, Dawn 63, 217 Coronado, Heidi 217 Corrales, Sandra 176 Corrales, Sonia 30, 44, 217 Correa, Hector 199 Correll, Scott 212 Covington, Fred 129 Craig, Kelly 217 Cranford, Catherine 18, 170 Crank, Calvin 107, 170 Crawford, Kathryn 125, 156 Craven, lulie 117, 184 Crestani, Elise 217 Crissman, Dale 199 Cross, Earl 129, 199 gowe a ri a 1 , 199 rural iii f 32,33,77, 170,175 qgrurit Ly n f V g 199 u -M y ' ' 18,119,613 Q Cutter, Ronda 217, Culiggi j , ' own 7, 110,217L C ae 1351? 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Dailey, Charlotte 87, 100, 107, Dallas, Angela Dalrymple, Misty 148,151, 170 217 170 217 217 199 125 170 232 170 , , 107, W' Curtis, George 5 131, 17 199 J Doreck, Penny Doty, Werner Dow, Wendy Dozier, Robert Dozier, Rocio Drake, Monica Drollinger, Susan Duarte, Drew Duran, David Duran, jesus Duran, Rafael Durring, Claudia Dwyer, Kevin Dyba, Andrew Dyba, Stephen 26, 2 Eagan, Earl Eagan, Thomas Earle, Sueanna Eaton, Sil "a Ebert, rgaret A Echeve "a,Celia Eclthar Robert Edga . hristine Edga Constance Edw ds, Sonja Ed rds, Vickie Eff V berger, Paul Eisrnan, Brian Elliott, Bobby , Ellis, Di e Ellison, 'ck Ellison, mera Encin , Teresita Erwin, Daryl Erwin, Pamela Escott, Loraine Esensee, Yvette Esparza, Theresa Espinoza, Andres Espinoza, Ray Estensen, Dawn Estensen, Sandra Estep, Alan Estep, Alison 26, 60, 199 6, 110 102 119 76, 77, 105, 144, 170 52 115,134,148,150,151 8, 41, 42 33, 60 119 173, , 45, 60, 77, 86, 144, 145, 144, 144, 146,150,151, 110, 110, ,218 218 Fiore, losefina , Fish, Anthony Fish, Kathy Fisher, Carmen Fleming, lohn Flick, William Flint, lessie Flores, Irma Flores, john Flores, Monica Flores, Ricardo Flores, Tina Flores, Rosemary Fogg, Lorie Fonseca, Norma Fontaine, Michael Ford, Sheri Foster, Daryl Foster, Kelly Fowler, Lisa Franqui, Sylvia Frataccia, Debra Frederick, Margaret Freeman, Denise French, Sean Fry, Robert Fuerte, Raul Fuls, Donna Fulton, Cecy Fulton, Francisco Fulton, Margarita Shawn 105 es 76, 81,i114, 46, 126 126 109 193 119 115, 127 26, 30, 31 V 18, 200 200 174 77, 119 72 117 120, 218 200 61 122 150 7 1 1 I 7 1 1 7 200 218 173 200 200 200 173 156 117 174 156 117 174 200 200 193 200 201 232 174 200 218 154 174 174 218 122 200 232 218 218 220 202 218 218 218 218 ,210 Estes, David Evans, Dawn Evans, Emma Evans, lonathan Evans, Leonard Eychner, Matthew Ezell, Ronald Marne Godinez, Martha Pamela 100, 170 Fierro, Pamela Goins,lohnny 144, 174 Odd 61, 124,217 Fierro, Zorraida Golden, Debra 33, 122' 200 170 Fylarskv, Barbara, Golliher, Paul 7 18, 174 217 FQHCIW, Amy 0 200, 211 Gomez, Carlos 221 170 Findley, Franklin , 173 Gomez, lavier 58, 200 199 'Fl0I9f,45lbefl0 Gomez, lose 221 H fliei: , Gomez, Lorenzo Gomez, Sandy Gomez, TeFesa IL' Gonzales, ,Antonio Lisa Nancy 18, 56, 174,188 221 200 , 1 4174 105,126,210 H60 Emir 1 S fb l iff, Rho n da 122 -I7 2 21290 3 D afirgrfr ,369 203 221. 158 ..,, .. 221 10, , 6 6 100, , Eyre lvie, ue 7224 147, NOW, 39, 1232 2,111 1 18 71, 177,187, 203 1 76,104 105, 114, 115,130, " 175 177 T 109, 141 200 221 129 76,126,131,175 221 221 44, 52, 53, 131 221 203 174 Elizabeth 177 Sonia 1 33 Fernando 1 58 1 ,1,, so ' 160 Frank Lorri 200 125, 200 158 , 200 OU W - 2:20, ,... 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' Morales, Manuel Morales, Maria Roy tt Don -1 , ,,,Dav,ld 3, 34 34, 35, 204 125, 204 204 40, 41, 158 11, 42, 76, 77, 105 46, 160 225 ' 204, 205 182 146, 204 136, 204 N 96,225 56,173 , ,155 26, 27, 29, 41, 7287, 96, 100, 245, 225 18, 87, 109, 1353, 204 1 147 1 ' V ,,,, 2 . ,V 0 ,LLVV it 216,223 105,,142, 13135 143, 3 13Q,,.1?42, 2041, ,,,, 4 126, rr,, , 107,15 V VVV , , l'. ,, ,, , ,,,, Kimberly ' V Terri 'TMi, V , 285' A Tamara ,AV 33,5,2.2W V 39, 53,22 ,,, 1 ,,, , 12l1 23 3 ,rcs 1 31120 ,gli b lif ,,,2, , 515, ,",V 8,150,182 V 5 ' Elena ,VZ ,,, V 2 100,22 1 119, 207 '1 6, 225 r,-,, Mullen' rs 1 " 207 Muiiinix,Enc V V 4,425 gi Mulnnix i ,5 Mungo, Q, ,VVV 2215 V Munoz, Richard ' 15 25, , VV ":' Munguia, VV 2 Munmyelia 1131,3V' V Murdock, Alan ETVV 70, 2 , isi fii' Naputigjohn 185, 147 V, iiia ,f-,, Najera, Guadalupe 20 ' L , , f 'lli Navarette, Beatrice ,V 122 Navarro, Eva 0 li' Q Navickas, Mona ,VV Neal, Lisa 1 Rene Mark Nancy Alice Robert - V ,, 225 Nelson, Dorene'185 1 15, 172 63, 130, 207 207 34 171 185 , 117 I M CL SZYV-Ol'77,132,185 ff' Lugo I h V , , 125 zoring ' ,, Meoc e 1 7' , VV unez, 158 Melson, james , ,,, ,Q VV 142 . , 222 Melson, Susan VV VV Mm 21,225 ,722 , 175V TV V, U Eiga! ,W 'wf,gW,f4, V , .. VVVV V Pete 66,67,141,158 Mena, Ruben t'3 H f ,- ' 63 ,, V V , 8 VV 222 mS2ElV1aViaV,Ctg1gg1eIle, ,,, , , ,V ,,, Rita Lyon, Patricia 1 122,182 Messick, Wilhelmina 11052043208 0Iingef,Christ1ne 119,185 ,,,Q,15t1e, joan " A 158 Messimer, Steve 18, 501 141,211 Clivas, Armando 1 207 "'l' ,,, , , ,, 7 4 Metz, Craig M 1182" Oliver, Gail V 'l'- ,. M Metzq Gemd 7, f l,-t' V Oliver, Michelle V W ,,,1' t',,,' . ,,,, . , ,, Michaembecca VVV ,,, , V , VV V V ,V ww V, V VVVV VV ,,1 VV.,. . , , , la'-' ',f1'i ,,,,, 1 1 3 Maclas, Victoria VV ,,,, -, ,V11les,Thomas V O sakovsky, john V , V V tf.. V VV VVV ,V , ,,,, ,,.. ,,,,,V ,W , 121, . , . ,, ' ,111 fft llllll ,, , 'L llll M 12115 , 'f , . 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1 133,22g? W zur 75 100,230 119 100,208 162 A 129,208 A 230 , 208 , 89,190 1 Wauson, Patrick , , Weaver Bradley Webb Wells, his was all for you Well, the year is over and, looking back, I think I will never forget it. I am grateful for the chance to have worked with such a great bunch of people. Many thank yous to the 1984 Talon staff and photographers for doing their best. There are two people whom I couldn't have done without. I would have been lost without my partner and good friend, Angie Segura. We worked well together through all the rough times, and there were many of those. I would also like to thank 240 Closing our advisor, Ms. Irma Rodriguez, for putting up with us and helping us through the year. Many long hours of work on weekends and during the summer were put into this book. Despite all the frustration, I definitely feel it was more than worth it. Again, thank you to all those who made this book a reality. I sincerely hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I will because it was made especially for you. - Laura Dockray Some memories are good to remember but most are meant to be forgotten - being one of the Talon editors is definit- ly one of them. Sitting here in the corner of the staff room, wearing the latest style in strait- jacket combo with bib,.I stare into the typewriter, now broken down from overusage. It all comes back to me now like a nightmare. All the summer nights wasted in my desperate search for fresh ideas, the do-or-die Satur- day work sessions, the pounding headaches that could only be controlled with an overdose of Tylenol, and, of course, the deadly deadlines. Well, actually it wasn't all that bad. I really did en- joy working with my friend Laura Dockray and our advisor, Ms. Rodriguez. I realize that without the help, support and patience of these two very special ladies I couldn't have done my own job. I also wish to acknowledge the staff members and photographers. Thanks again! - Angie Segura

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Andress High School - Talon Yearbook (El Paso, TX) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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