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1982 TALO Andress High School hhioooooioo 5400 Sun Valley Did El Paso, Texas 79924 M MilddifH2ee1',Jehnifer Kelloer Emiitorsy i ' Alan Bunnell Chief Photographer .W Our Pride Is Showing . . . It's our part of town, and there's nowhere in the Sun City that is quite like it - the Northeast. Northeast residents often com- plain about the area being con- sidered a "stepchiId" by the city's leaders. In the past few years, area residents have become more vocal about their needs. This exemplifies a feeling of unity and common in- terests among the people of the Northeast. People all over the city frequently go to Dyer Street, whether it be to shop, to eat, or for entertainment - guess you could call it the "Main Street" of Northeast El Paso! H F It's Our Part of Town Pride in the Northeast .Trans-Mountain is "our" Scenic Drive. lt offers beautiful sunsets in the evening, and a stunning view of the rest of the city by night. Many Andress students use the Franklin Mountains for such activities as hiking, biking, and other favorite pastimes. ' Although Andress isn't the only high school in the Northeast, it is the closest to the outer city limits. lt has been around for 21 years, and it typifies the changes and progress of Northeast EI Paso. We live here, and we go to school here We are Northeast El Paso! al."We are Northeast El Paso" billboard symbolizes all our pride in a single phrase! bl Dyer Street - on a Friday or Saturday night, alter a football or basketball game, Andress students could be seen in various restaurants along Dyer. cl And here it ie, with the Franklin Mountains in the background, the place where we spent most of our time and a lot of hard work - Andress High School. dl Our Eagle emblem on the band building let everyone know that here was the home of the Mighty Eagles. ' el .Iuet in ceee anyone tried to use the old "I got lost" excuse for tardies, there was the reminder at the t fS V II D ' l opo un a ey nve. fl One ot Neture'e gitte to Northeast residents . . . a treat for the eye! Such solorful sunsets weren't un- common to residents of Northeast EI Paso. 2 1 'ml -1 """!', -"ef""'l lei IM Q I M Esvawgr hifwfwmx YQWM, 'W'qW'52Aa - 5 ' ' ' 'r '11-,,,,',X,Q'f.k ,f-gig-'Q 4,1 'fig' by ffliffqfgfs '- 5' LN ' ' sw' . Wf- , 13: j n ' 3',5g.1, ,V w "f , 'L ,M .. , .,- Y w iv f jiwf ww' W ' wm v' Aw ,.rgg--'fQ,, TL,:Q.g,4. 14,-Us ",p-Q::fy,q'-A3 vi P 4 ww :Q :-fplwggg-'.pg: . ,3m- -N Q 'L'-ifwff . I ., J ,'.3.',EZ ' . 'Af' 1 - i f x 1 J 5. 1 3 K n. MX' P v A. Q: 1,W,,,iM .s nn. 5 1 ,,....W,.k ix ' 2 g 1 ww ,ff 1 M , 'Jw ,,,,, .:,,,,v,v...mW 1 ' 71535 ..-4, H. ,- 'U , Q ,I 'I Q Sat H .wash ' "' 'MW ' 4 K if w qv. an 'W ' Q, mm 4 . 5 A k D A A A "YQ ,, , lx ' K N 'X C' I ' Q Y nv Q X 1 xx X 5 8 A n ' ' s 1 ' .- N I mgwe L n 'lift' m ,Q .1 I- 'R ig. QV 1 , ,,,4ww, ' wuz: ug WYMWW ' f i 1 W !aw3M E .xx S: 5. M X.. , 4.4 , ' 1 S . ' x 3, jx , M . "M" - S-QQ I',J'v A , M ' ..'i' .' Q AA X I" , Q M 'fi' , 'K 4? I W ,D , I ,, " . 2-1' w A K 1 1 2' . 4 , ,..f -5' " ' -- 'ilu v W 1. 'Vi -"Drew: -g MM . ., J 1 V unit, F 'PQ Q ' -' 'Q-nfr1""a -I - 2 ' "' u , 2 4-.ff , . . , , X I A . gg . ,. 'u ' xwvf A w x f J' 4 , A , U , gh Vi J qu A 3:11 ' ' ' Q 'Y :?Q1?,5l,:,5.if .' '? ' "4 it a m11E?f Qgff jv-l '15 6 ' , JN wwf- :gf -3555 A , , , V i355j'f ,, 1h"fi ,Y ,A 5 - A i EIB x Q QE, V V1 ,, Y . . ' XA, ,-X 5' X i' H 2 ,V Ah www H -'Wai Ig-Al. Q ' --v.Jw.F"' 32,5 , , L ' H a 1 bw Q if-A A ' - -1 re, P , I W i? :mx N A QW 5,51 , A 'U " -- WI um-ni its Kim "" ie, V x 4, 'FQ in Y 1? I F' 'f ' J ' E f' 'sr ..,V ' N- 2 ' m f -fi!! A . Y. , 3 h A Kg - .ax 4 ,V I ai 1 , 1 ' 1- ' l QW7 E 3 if 'Neg ,Q .5 qc v ll t"'., Along with showing our Eagle Pride, we each had opportunity to be proud of our own ac- complishments. lf we reached a goal we had set or if we managed to attain excellence in our errtics or extracurricular ac-i tivities, then we had a right to have pride in ourselves! In high school we were con- fronted with many options as to what activities we would be involv- ed in. We had to make decisions in order to set our priorities, and .in doing so, we came to know ourselves better. Attaining Our Goals Pride In Our Achievements Through participation in team activities, whether it be sports such as football, baksetball, or volleyball, or in such groups as band, ROTC, Student Council or Orchesis, we learned to work together for the benefit of all. And when we won a game or received an award, the achievement earned us pride in ourselves and our school , Sometimes, the honors 'were earned through individual efforts because of our participation in school or community activities. But, no matter how our achievements came, bringing honor to Andress made us proud! aj Senior Holly Lytle proudly displays her Legion of Valor award, the top award that can be given to an ROTC cadet, as her partents and Major iFlet.j George Wagoner, who presented the award, look on. bl Despite a very tough season, varsity football players fought hard in each game, as in this one against Ysleta. cl Band members worked hard, took pride in their. achievements, and displayed their talent at pep assemblies. dj Junior Susan Rodriguez, Student Council hospitality chairman, presides over the sign-in table at the Homecoming Dinner!Dance. el The female varsity drill team goes through its routine at the first district drill meet of -the year. They won third place in the meet. '- - 0 SeniorDeve'I'lanobck receives an award for being runner-up in the city Daughters of the American Revolution citizenship competition. gl Orcheeie dence club members proudly perform- ed at several pep assemblies. if L fltm'- 'a Pride in Our Features vm L, mx- 'waazzwwmmmnwmevmmw 1 WSMWN wmmwqwafmw WW A M. A . ., ..' .,., ....,- M- 5- M.. ww-fry.. ,W,.,,,,v.W,.,vW,v 1 -- VX'-f-A'f4'1'TaawmMnwmMswM4wW W Queen mmm , nwmmaymvwmh-am.u,M.,.,. ., W-ww. . Wvwfivwww--A f.r.mnyuyn-,y-fu.Wpww,1,wX....M ,.,, .. ,www nm mv uhm f ' ' f - ,WBfwNw.1Mwg-gaQi,,g,wM,,, . HI' L -. ady In Doris Cardone Homecoming Queen w M eeee ,. i i if .,- M mv is" 1 1 ie -.L .E, .H if 5? 1' - , 1 x A Qi? M 1 1' iw' 53 3732 Doris, ncortld by hor lnthor, receives her crown from Principals Teresa Pena durlng halftime ceremonies at the Andress vs. Jefferson game. was , A., l , 1 MFL .gmt ,, Vu if -' ' Ez ?!l-h ifxfzig K. i 144 '-.f E fa :.r'1'. 3 5 . gf. -J' if '31 , A wif ., -f 93, . ,- Z ' " 11 7 51 7- ' , 'A Z, M331 -fi-'4 '::,-H11-3 V -t 3 , W ,yL:1.:-wwf . X -:Sark , MTE :gan wpdfgggjggir - QL, a.sg14s,11' hf5 - fig VVZ- 1 if Y , , W ' I df "" RAW 'r in - , ' 'w'-'- ua 5' L 2.132 H' E- 1 " ,, 'ffl ' ' f -- if 'f Q Q M mr 1 6J.fn Ev . il' ,., :::1' ' f.E',5'?' ,f , Z ' 'Gai 12, ff Efmi ' V. f.i?Wmw 1 P E: 'r N 1 Y 'Q gi wav- 1 5 1x".j ,,Z1N1'llwX'5 79U4QWV'5!? -Q, ' . L 3 'W A week 1 3 Q v ' Q , v 4 3 ,-fi -Gi " -fiizx , 5 3 Gil Q V mg-H W uw ,. nn MQ fi Q 'VI f I in full of action, fun ill? 'W W 1443 .lin N I ' W 2 , Ur, . Q x me Q wg, 1 .f Q nw Mm , H Ie if 19 4 wg A WIN! Q b N1 -Q1 X ,Q f Aa, W .P ' P 'Ja .Q Pi if u Q JM w ...rv H, :1Hw',,,,":.i Ag, '.,5:z Q ff ' '!'N-- , W new , w w f' wmG NE WW x 7 " ""Ml"1Tf'.'L ' ' """ " ,,,,u,,,.,,?U , mwwewiff Wm: A xxwx W lwlwfl Fw W5I3ii?Y2ii 4 35-N :.:A -. A fa: w 1-- 2 - ww w Eagle cheer It could have been really tough going for this year's varsity cheerleading squad, but the six who made up the group proved equal to the challenge. First, the original squad which had been selected in the spring ended up with only two members by the beginning of the school year. About two weeks after school began, tryouts were held and four new cheerleaders were selected. In a matter of just a couple of weeks, the four had to learn routines, get their uniforms together, and become a unified squad. With a lot of hard work and much extra time the did it , Y - Then, they wre faced with the Cheerleading takes a lot of work and time. People think it's all fun, but we hardly spend any time at home and we're constantly busy. - Martha Lopez Head Varsity Cheerleader task of firing up a student body that was quickly losing spirit as the football season wore on. Again, they proved their worth as they worked hard each week at pep assemblies to make everyone "get rowdy," as one of their more popular cheers went. No less talented were the members of the junior varsity squad, some of whom filled in on the varsity squad while the new cheerleaders prepared themselves. The B-team cheerleaders, mean- while, also proved to be a popular feature of several pep assemblies as they performed some daring and crowd-pleasing stunts which had earned them awards at sum- mer cheerleading clinics. al The varsity squad consisted of Martha Lopez, Ab- by Martinez, Becky Phillips, Diane Cordero, Carolyn Johnson and Jennifer Kellner. bl Ono of the crowd-pleasing stunts performed by the varsity cheerleading squad. xxx .Thee A 4 Kit W K , A 5 I ,Ty 5? 'fn K i .Q :gsm it ,A , Z.. E iii if tx hkvg' K ff-f-f Q ..... ig my al Junior varsity cheerleading squad consisted of ltopl Kelly Arreolag imiddlel Lisa Borrero, Margi DeBarr, Ceci Carbaialg ibottoml Susan Findley. blB-team cheerleaders were itopl Elisa Bradfordg imiddlej Sheri Mauldin, Monica Flores, Tiffany Wheelerg ibottoml Michelle Hill. clllargi DeBarr moves and swishes her pom-poms as she cheers at a varsity football game. dl Elisa Bradford and Tiffany Wheeler show their spirit during a B-team football game. Being a senior is what every stu- dent Iooks forward to and the Class of '82 was not an exception to the rule. The senior year of high school is always the most memorable one and usually the best. After graduation, the majority of seniors either would prefer to at- tend college or get a job. Those who already work usually prefer to continue at their current place of employment. Each individual had his or her own idea of what their future holds and that is what makes them unique. Most of the seniors only attend- ed school half a day while others went the whole day. Others decid- ed to graduate after first semester and get a head start on the future. al Marvin Nicchio and Danny Landin stroll around campus. by Senior class spells out "SENlORS" at a pep assembly. cj Norma Riddell does her class work. dl The Senior Class of 1982. ' . .-'- Q 1' , Z -x ii., M . bil' A 5 ...f '. 1 1 if L w -Q ' ' N x f 5 e I ja The most visible form of school spirit came every Friday during football season at the pep assemblies designed to get everyone ready for the night's ac- tion on the football field. Those who attended the assemblies usually did find their pride in Andress uplifted by the peppy, enthusiastic playing of the band, teamed with the energy ex- hibited by the cheerleaders. From football team members to faculty, many took part in the skits dream- ed up by the cheerleaders, and by their very participation demonstrated just how much spirit they had and how very proud they were to be associated with the Golden Eagles. aj Emerging from the mysterious "spirit box," James Rojas show the student body at a football pep assembly that the action was all in fun, while varsity cheerleaders Carolyn Johnson, Diane Cor- dero and Martha Lopez react with laughter. by Mike Edwards appears dismayed as he is "at- tacked" by the KINT Super Duck, which made a special visit to one Andress pep assembly, much to the amusement of the student body. cj Students enthusiastically entered into just about any skit dreamed up to boost school spirit, and these two, engrossed in transferring a Lifesaver from one toothpick to another, were no exception. dj Andress graduate Miss Lucy Nieman, now a teacher and coach at her alma mater, is given an opportunity to direct the band she once marched with. aj Coach Armando Hernandez gets the respectful attention of the football team and the rest of the student body as he takes his turn at the weekly pep talk delivered by a member of the coaching staff. 0 You'd look like this, too, if you had just taken a big bite out of a caramel-coated onion as Jim Archer did while participating in another of the varsity cheerleaders' spirit-rousing skits. , X ' Xs5?f .. m zfiiiix- Sv 1- f 11-:-q.4a1- -'- wi 5 ' 4 xx X ' XX Qex my The clothes worn by students this year reflected the fashions worn by people in general. And fashions is the right word since there was no one special look that everyone tried to wear. The clothes were as varied and different as the people who wore them and they gave everyone a chance to do his or her own thing. Designer jeans were the biggest and most popular seen around campus. Among the popular name brands were Jordache, Viola, Bonjour, Calvin Klein, Jogamoes, and Sassons. The fact that designer jeans were a fad did not mean that Levi's and Wranglers were not seen, too. Dresses and skirts were a popular item for the girls. Often velour or corderoy blazers were a favorite accompaniment to skirts and pants. The guys were seen around campus in jeans or corderoys. Dress pants were seen rarely, but still were a part of the fashion. Boots were the type of footwear worn by both guys and girls. Although boots were the most popular shoes worn, tennis shoes and earth shoes were still also worn by manv. mai' num' 22 ""Nwvs...,,, N f""H-use .... ,N - O f were Q s tt.. na? aj Like a lot of other students, Eddie Lopez was comfortable in a pair of jeans and a sweater. bj Manny Rodriguez, Lisa Borrero, and Susan Findley show the typical variety of fashions that students wear to school daily. cj A comfortable top and jeans shown here by Karen Theus were often by students gathered around the quadrangle. dj Ski jackets, worn here by Kristin Fleharty and Jackie Vega were warm as well as comfortable on cold days. ej Sometimes a special occasion, like begin selected Homecoming senior princess as Letty Rodriguez was, deserved dressing up a bit in dress and high heels. tj The dressed-up look for guys this year was cor- deroys and a dress top like the ones worn by Gilbert Acosta. gj This year, designer jeans were the biggest fashion everywhere. Orie Rankin wears a pair of these popular jeans. Inset The Jordache tag was one of the lables often seen on jeans. hj Thelma Colson wears the popular dress pants that resemble sweat pants and a fancy shirt with gold stitching woven into it. 23 Sometimes the only thing that made getting through another day worthwhile was that it brought students one day closer to the weekend. Students put in their 8:30 to 3:30 five-day week routine, anx- iously awaiting the weekend so they could relax and have time for themselves. A popular thing to do on a Friday night was to go to the Andress football or basketball games, depending on the season. Movies, partying, and cruising were also popular pastimes on weekends. The most popular places for students' to energize themselves were Burger King, Wienerschnitzel, and Pizza Inn. And then there was "Ant Hill," a good place to get to know that "special someone" better. 2 re 4. X 1' x fx ...q W'-T. 3' cf- ,. s, as . 'Q'-"K -ef-f--nv., 'vs . V, .. 1 , v ' t fit t s 1 " v , - . .i-- L',.L . , . . , -. .. ivrwe-ffrlf. ww . fm A f M V 1 sv Q f ff Nw-KW ' ffl- ' A -was-od at At the Detour and other arcades, computerized games were always included and Tempest was one of them. by The Thumper-Bumper arcade on Trans- Mountain Drive was the one closest to Andress territory and many students could be found there on weekends, testing their skills. cj Sal Vasquez and a friend attempt to beat the machine. dj The Northgate Theatre marquee shows the titles of two of the movies students went to see this year during the weekends. et During the winter months, a basketball game was a good place to have some excitement and meet friends. ft Pizza was a favorite food and one of the many restaurants on Dyer that catered to the pizza- lovers was Pizza lnn. Many students at Andress had part-time jobs which required most of their time. Some people worked because they wanted to, but the majority worked because they had to. Money was the major reason these people worked. Students us- ed this money in various ways. Clothes and gas were usually what the money earned from a job was spent on. The largest proportion of work- ing students were seniors. Most of them worked so they could pay for their senior pictures, invitations, and caps and gowns. Fast-food restaurants were the most common place for students to work. ln order to work at a place where food was served, a person had to have a foodhandler's card. 'IES to sag. H, ., ,s .-was l t, 1 i t l 1 - . f f- wg- nf 1 ' 'Va Q fy, I tif' . .. -. ' ' -4 HZ? . Q .1 - '- 0 . " ' 'L I ' A Ei ' gr , , LA A xx, W Y! 'M N M A , V ' W' f,f, Q' V1 "' Q , ,,, , .,,,.,, .,Mf iii. H ' ' fl W l lb lc l Q .f .ss-seas-.qi-1 'J' ...- s me 1 7"""!! r :xl 2 . 'ir 5 i s Q: W? sg ggi 'N 3, -:lil C S .h, Q S 5 W. my "' '- - .fx I if 7-:: 555535535 5 L '11?T.LE. 4 - ' as ci' , at Rick Bocanegra works at the newest restaurant in Northeast, Chuck E. Cheese at Northgate, where he sometimes portrays the "star" of the pizza place. by Pricing the stock is just one of the iobs that helps Carina Mott earn her money. cy John Lopez works neatly placing items on the shelves at Gibson's. dj Inventory must be taken, and this was one of the jobs that Jaqui Hutchins did at Smith's. ej Like many other fast- food restaurants, Burger King employs many high school students who rac- ed from school to job, leaving little time for other things. 0 Arranging meat produce is one of the tasks Cody Pierce does at Smith's. gy Angie Jones prepares a sundae for a customer at McDonald's. .-.....-1--a-1-- Y ------1.1-. 28 Pride in Our ATHLETICS 5 ' ,Mu .Y 'F.,g'5:- Q -5 ,. f .- ,M ,Y ' 1 YI f A A ,, up , ' ,Mm fk f - , ,.:. , 1. 1 ff A wh , Q, 5 H wb Agfa H - W x ti' 3 X N ax X! i 'Q I M X E sa! YE , ef f A ' Q N M .fs F I gk gm, 1 '44 V , V 'V Y , , 5 H . 1 Ii ifif i1ei A? W W ,fxwik ' +54 'H' A' Z 'Wu 2 if Q all tHQy've got!! L.--...-.... ....... f-svfi A l 1. "Things could've been better. We had it, but didn't use it." - Glenn Hager Bottom: Jim Archer, James Rojas, Johnny Thedford, Kevin Arnold, Rick Jaksina, Odell Lucas. top: Merle Van Schaick, Michael Tillman, Glenn Hager, James Huffman, Eric Paschall, Rick Melton. "lnconsistent. We tried hard in the first halt and gave up in the second half." - Bobby Avila Bottom: Bobby Avila, David McFarland, Alfred Williams, Bill Davis, Gary Case, Frankie Perales: top: Clint Shaar, Mike Bethune, Herman Goodan, Randy Hawkins, Danny Landin. J l "We didn't win, but the unity was there." A - J. J. Aguilera Bottom: Lance Reynolds, Alex Garcia, Greg Booth, Harry Ranking op: Randy Aragon, J. J. Aguilera, Mark Bownser, Steve Bullitt, Carlton Dozier. 1 VAIISI TY FUUTBALL Ta D'--.yy ? .Au f 1 v 1f1l2 A I' V 2 , fra , Wig " V' um X W J. .M ,. ,, 11 W 1 A4 MWw1WpWwgM, W QM hf f' Zgggmwmmw ? 32 Q 3 fi V, S 'K-5 'v 'SE film. if-R in P -JW 3 4 'Z 'xg -- VAHSI TY FUUTBALL l I Tb lc Te 'Mk "1 1 . Q' ? " A K',M .I 4? 1 fi :WY N, - vw 1 ' Krixxgiypflxf-ff , ,, A, f V'f ,, A 'D S , - 4' , ww' N . ,K awk YH, . W. gi S' 8 .Mr . "" 34 Q' Q5 W X ai rmg4b3A1,. fe 'Fm F m we-"4 A' gn? a""a' .14 B- TEAM F00 TBALI. 'J -W i P L P 7 P 'Y' 4 If , 1- .' 1. D Sf? 3 vi, 'H5r......,..4,ws'v --" 2 J' 'vw' "" ' il" M MW U A-AW N, 59.-. ,..-. r ' ff' , - XXLL- M f"A L -gf " 1' .A W ......, Q M-M H L ,..,,..... ,.,. ........ ..,L,,... ,. ,..,W.., ..,, .. .. ,Y E my Lf'9:"',, ' f , .. . -iff' f' I-W-' ff 'ff' "' vi R ,. if , K s -f --n-gn 1---.-.-an-gp-noe ' I - --' -- -- "' --' N- t 1 -A j ' K salma kxyx I .p-1.---4--, .- --M' A r , M , g ,- -----Y H- i 1 'HSA' r: f "W '- 'A ' "' ' xr-ef-Q xc' - a- rx: ,X ,. ze: fx: If ' ff 1' " W" as - " K' 'M ' A ,,,N.,,, -.MM,.wR.'.2 V-:,,....f.....,..A 4' . ' H ' 7" F' ' hi ' -,M-y v- -, --..- .,,-1-- x M K, - X- --. -v---- - -----' 'l ff -xvggf iff? - 1- -f-'F -'- 3, '-'-'I7""-'-"""f A f' 1,.., ,, , gy ,- v I LD ey " mx 0 x i V N' Q' ...L I , ...,. A as-wnqgj 1 ' 8 f 4 sf uv ARI, NK I' ,. ,, , v , ...- . RN:-K N - Wt' Y S NX .ev lr ,f..x,x 1 9 ff .J K X X , 4 ,. , . M , W -:My Mawruz,-f.. ,.mr,zxi' 'zwivrxznwfv , 2 - g w KL ' ,:L',X: if I 3? IN 2 , W , 1 V 'V'L . .... ..., ' -v """ 1 . M51 ,,fgfiyfw,gm4M-wK'22lw vw' . My '.T"m-AS' 1' ' L' W - A X N. W .Ns-U W , 4 .. 5 14-1 5. - ,WW -- ,E " '--...,-D -M wwmwnpu-,nf:., ,, . 5 mu, ' -M Q" A "'--N-.N L,, A , . 1, , ,. -,Q mm 5 . Q " " - - I ,vw ' A-ft - " '-w - I Lf'1:Qf L'X-- M .. W gk ,fi , A 'N fr- -4 Us n M .. ff f 1 " M , "FM mv- .N .-"W-W-S.. 'L '- X' 4. " X 3 Q' bf -- "if", ,LM swf? 'WQMQ 'Z' 7 V L, fa 1 4 wwf' aa if '79 ' 5 'fi -ffxtr - 'Q WW 1 K 7 ' K . ff 5 H A if i - ? ,,, 4.5,,7,g',giTifi?Mf+WPf'z',?'f,7M' N " BMA u :I K X 1 ig : X " 3 3 36 "xg" ' Nl . - -1. sf. Jff Q 40' f' -Xa f 'NT K , , -I L... M VL 4, g M qt. A Lmm,., 4 Lfm.L, QA11.,,X, Never-say-die spirit lt's always a difficult beginning for the B-team as a new team must be organized from players coming from two different campuses. This year's season started off slowly, but once the team got itself together, things looked a little beter and the team carried off a victory in its first district game. But this caused problems sometimes, as things got going good, the team got overconfident and mistakes were made, causing games to be lost. Never, though, did they stop trying. This never-say-die attitude in Coach Joe Vasquez 'and Arman- do Hernandez' B-team came through as the season progressed. The varsity's problems affected the B-team in a big way, too. When both starting quarterbacks in the varsity were lost to injuries, the B- team ended up having to give up Eric Paschall to them. Poor game attendance, always a problem with the B-team which plays on Satur- day mornings, also deprived them of much-needed support. Still, the team's spirit prevailed and they made it through the season with much to be proud of. The B-football team: front - Mike Licon, Ricky Wilson, Lynn Karnava, Art Perez, Larry Gomez, Ken- ny Thomasg 2nd row - Coach Joe Vasquez, Bryant Audirsch, Manny Mata, Pablo Melia, Lloyd Cobb, Paul Golliher, Mike Klee, Coach Armando Her- nandez, 3rd row - Mike Guliano, Kirk Chitty, Jesus Faz, Jim Murphy, Mike Sleight, David Holmes, Mathew Weldong back - James Atchison, Robert Portillo, Darryl Murrya, Bobby Hernandez, Dennis Aragon, Brian Austin, Doug Stevens: Not shown: Steve Romero. 1- VAIISITK B VULLEYBALL TEAMS The varsity volleyball team had a new coach this season, Miss Eva Navarro. Coach Navarro had previous experience in coaching volleyball, having worked with the B-team for three years here at Andress. The team encountered some tough going during the season, and ended district competition with on- ly one win and 13 losses. The greatest reason for this, according to Coach Navarro of her team, "but they did not have enough aggression." This lack of aggression, added to the fact that there was poor sup- port from the fans, proved to be the downfall of the team. The oustanding players this season, according to Coach Navarro, were Cindy Adams, hitter-setter, Diane Bolding, setter, and Karen Pollock, hitter. l ... . With the advancement of Coach Eva Navarro to the varsity, the B volleyball team acquired Mr. Man- ny Carrasco. This was his first year coaching volleyball at Andress. The B-team fared a little better than the varsity, winning six games and losing 15, but according to Coach Carrasco, all the girls need- ed was a little more practice and experience. He felt the team would be able to work better together next year. The oustanding players for B- team this season, according to Coach Carrasco, were Tammie Alford, hitter, Monika Drake, hitter, Linda Kirk, bumper, and Judy Lopez, setter. Ax X J. , 1 'N f ' 4, L To 'K A at A gigantic effort is made by Diane Bolding to get the ball over the net. by Varsity Volleyball team: top - Coach Eva Navarro, Karen Smith, trainer, Violet Merchant, Michelle Beasley, Karen Johnson, Deanna Nelson, Karen Pollock, Vianda Crowder, trainer, bottom - Melinda Harris, Paula Strange, Diane Bolding. Not shown: Cindy Adams. ct lt's a team effort as teammates stand ready to give Violet Merchant an assist. dt B Volleyball team: top - Coach Manny Carrasco, Robbie Newton, Judy Lopez, Monika Drake, Terri Weathers, bottom - Tammy Alford, Sonya Hodges, Linda Kirk, Ftocio Dozier, Flhonda Henderson, Denise Wheeler. Not shown: Cindy Adams. et Coaches Manny Carrasco and Eva Navarro both concentrate on the action on the court. 0 Alertness is exhibited by these players as they wait for the ball to reach their side. gy Karen Pollock gives the ball her all as Deanna Nelson stands ready. 39 1 VAHSI TY BASKETBALL Right up until the very last, the qustion of how well the varsity basketball team would do in district was up in the air. Almost until the final district game was played, the team had a chance to make it to the playoffs, but a few missed opportunities, games they should have won, made it impossi- ble to make up the deficit, and they New program did not make it. lt was a year of new beginnings, starting off with a new head coach, Fernie Hernandez, who came up from coaching B- team. With a new coach came a new program to get acquainted with. Only three returning let- termen - David Ortega, Eddie Blohm, and Andy Garza - were there to spear-head the effort. al The action seems to freeze as the Eagles wait and watch their shot successfully earn them two points. by In pre-season action at the El Paso High tourna- ment, Willie Miller tips the ball to start the game. cj Varsity basketball team: Mike Washington, Der- rick Frye, Willie Miller, Eddie Blohm, Rayford Mabry, Daniel Benjamin, David Ortega, Jesse Waddell, Andy Garza, Darryl Williams, Robert Cadogen. dj The ball is knocked out of his hands as Eddie Blohm makes an attempt at two points. l 40 ww Q I I f X2 I " u m sswzsi 'Q , k PIQ 2? xx X was SWF 2' 5 32 "MSS im mm gif. 3 Q ,Z M .V L zgi V- ,450 if w 3 r , NVQ . . . ga ' 4, B .3 at David Ortega passes the ball to teammate. by Eddie Blohm shoots after being fouled by a Bear. cy Willie Miller jumps high enough to tip the ball. dy David Ortega makes a long shot. el Eagles and Matadors watch the ball for two points. 0 Darryl Williams goes across court looking for a free Eagle. gy Andy Garza shoots from the side. .-.-.T il- VABSI TY B0 YS BASKETBALL '- The varsity basketball team missed out by an agonizingly close one place coming out in the top four that advanced to the district playoffs. ironically, it was Coach Hernandez' alma mater, El Paso High, for whom he played in his high school days, that eventually won not only the district, but also the bi-district crown, advancing to the regionals, where they were stopped after winning the first game in the tournament. It was a learning year for the team. From the very start of the season, a lack of intensity caused ups and downs during the district race. Under Hernandez, the Eagles slowed down their famous run-and- gun and played a more controlled type of game. Overall, the varsity game the crowds their money's worth. al Darryl Williams shoots for two points at the El Paso High game. bl Williams talks to David Ortega before David shoots after being fouled. cy Robert Cadogen aims for a foul shot. dj David Ortega shoots after being fouled. ei Eagles go back after having a talk with the coach. ti Eddie Blohm, all himself, shoots for two. gl David shoots a long shot in the first half of the game. hi Willie Miller starts the game in a jump shot. ij Eagles wish each other luck before the game. agua Nsrk g... - - f'.i- ' ' ' - f S A- .e..e' as A A A si ':,,S',,:"','f:s - ,,..- .1,S.fwf'..riQf..l -551-. - . .. 37 i ' ..... ' g,..,ui .--N44-ah-gs ,,,..,,, ..... .. H. . . ix.. Ia lb +-C A A Q Q3 72 RX, 4 7 N'-N. ld le al H in--Hmsrf M . wma.. 5 ff U 3 E F in "" Q, " 3-at ' .....g1H,, ., .,,, .,,, , , ,,, iw JMU., , ,Z vsfy A 1 X W rhfwlnwff ,M W -by W Q? Q W W .-Q-Wrix , f ...W -1- Aunnfss ruunrmmfur -i---- The second annual Andress basketball tournament was made possible largely through the help of some Northeast civic organizations which donated money to help pay for trophies awarded in the tourna- ment. The Northgate Optimists, Trans-Mountain Optimists and Skyline Optimists contributed to help defray expenses of the tourna- ment. As far as the tournament went, even though the Eagles did not make it to the finals, it was a successful effort with good atten- dance at the games which saw the Irvin Rockets prevail over the Ysleta Indians in the championship game by a score of 65-59. aj Outstanding players in the tournament received their tropies. by Willie Miller tips the ball against LPI during the first game in the tournament. ct Rockets show oft their trophy after successfully completing the final game against Ysleta 65-59. dj Bears stay with the ball no matter what. ey Irvin Rockets tip to start the game against the Ysleta Indians. 0 Issac Treio of LPI gets the ball to go to LPl's side to shoot. gj Eastwood Trooper jumps high to get the ball over his opponent. hy Eddie Blohm shoots for two points agains LPI during game one. . ..:. it F, ....-- -Q-'f"' X K ,af Kwil ' G 8 rg- me gn 1 '- Q 5 L- g iwfgi x Q' , su in 5 A , 1 Q E 5, N? ,fa W ,5, AN iw Q 1 2 .-ff" 1 1 35 1+ NR L wwf! ' rs ? ,TX f x V Kii ' VAIISITYGIHLS BASKETBALL - - - W ' 1 - l FQ , gi 'R 5 -sisiw I I 'I Ta lb .,. it M, .. 48 Lack of experience hurts The girls' varsity basketball team participated in two tournaments this season. One was the Coronado Invitational and the other was in Big Springs, Texas, at Howard College. Some of the teams present at Coronado were Amarillo, Burges, and Gadsden. Other teams par- ticipating at Howard College were f-Q Slaton, Permian and Farson high schools. Returning players this year were Terrie Nevilles and Angie Brison. The leading scorer was Virginia Cordero. "The team was a well-knit groupg the only problem was lack of varsi- ty experience," said Coach Kay Tidwell. time M X at Girls varsity basketball team: Coach Kay Tidwell, Cecilia Carbajal, Irene Sandoval, Virginia Cordero, Annette Chaves, Mona Brison, Terrie Nevilles, Karla Clark, Judy Beer, Monica Sanchez, Jan Saravo, Angie Brison, Becky Hernandez, Anna Schrieber. bl Virginia Cordero goes for two against Burges. cy Jan Saravo jumps against an Amarillo player. dj Jan goes for a free throw shot. ey Karla Clark goes for a fast break. 0 Irene Sandoval shoots against Amarillo in the Cor- onado tournament. YAHSI TY GIRLS BASKETBALL Team found going rough but never gave up f W, fem 1 ,- 5 . 1 5 1 GIHLS VAHSI TY BASKETBALL f W St! at Coach Tidwell expresses her frustration at the action on the court. by Angie Brison, Annette Chavez and Monica San- chez cheer their teammates from the sidelines. cy The school motto serves as inspiration to the team as they battle their opponents. dy Virginia Cordero warms up before a game. ej Judy Beer heads down the court with the ball in her possession. 0 Monica Sanchez waits on the sidelines, watching the action on court and awaiting an opportunity to get into the game. 53 -- BUYS B-TEAMBASKETBALI. - - al Boys B basketball team: top - Wade Wiley, Angel Vela, Kevin Frye, Carlos Diaz, Terry Williams, Tom Taylor, bottom - John Avara, Julien Smith, David Cadena, Henry Castillo, Greg Frye, Eddie Newman, James Blohm, kneeling - Roger Benson, Vince Castillo. bl The action gets heated as the Eagles struggle against the Bears. cl Coach Rivas watched as his team plays against Bowie. dj Coach Rivas gives a pep talk to the boys B team during the first half against Bowie. el Angel Vela and Tom Taylor try to block a shot by Bowie. tj James Blohm grabs a rebound from Bowie. 54 .M-ww www: C' ic' - ,WZ ,h , V ' M T g , f 5 HD. 6 :eggs mths nun 4 M iffy.. Q T if Q' 1 A H 2 ,. M if 5' . 1 V ' X H . I . I ly , V I , fl, , i, 1 ..,,., '4' 4 we i , . .k'L I 'T ' 'E 4 Z 9,- I If 1 ,Q . , . .. , .. assi c 'Q .wtf --uv, :il Sk- bf!! i ,L G lib' ,r,,.,Ms--ai i Under a new coach, Bill Rivas, the B-team proved to be a tough and hard-fighting bunch which, ac- cording to their coach, "really im- proved as the year went on" Tough bunch despite the fact that they had only one returning player, James Blohm. At the start of the season, the coach listed their weaknesses as defense and a lack of killer instinct, but as the season progressed, they proved to be the winningest team at Andress this year. "The boys' b- team has done a fine job in bring- ing pride to Andress High School. They have played tough opponents like Eastwood, Austin, Irvin, River- side and done an admirable job," said Rivas. Bw Ywffff lifrzlffff "I truly believe that these players will have a big part in deciding who will win district. The talent is there, but more work needs to be done on defense, confidence, and motivation. l feel we'Il be up there in the race for first place." -Bill Rivas Coach il GIHLSBBASKETBALL TEAM - - K O W? 4 fiflw 4'3" '.L,, .1 Q-ni aa mi 1 fffM,,MAnwa4..mW.W.uWH , la lb """'wff-mMW.l.n.,,,,, . at fi ,J 'Xeon at if ai Alisha Knolley sets up a play. bi Annette Chavez waits to shoot a free throw. ci Linda Kirk shows her ability at the jump. dj The start ot a game means everyone's ready. ei Rene Nelson sets up a play to score. DB Girls Basketball team: top - Coach Eva Navarro, Linda Heiblch, Tanya Sims, Renee Nelson, Mona Brison, Monika Drake, Annette Chavez, Annette O'Brian, Caryn Hunter, Jenny Look, bottom - Monica Sanchez, Kathy Walls, Carmela Aquilar, Toby Collins, Linda Kirk, Aisha Knolley, Lisa Tipton. as -.. I TC ld .iff vase Q' 5 ,. -39" 1-0 'ibn .,,, Ilia..-uv "" W ,,, in 3 -av' ,.,,. . ss-w-www 1wlk The Girls' B Basketball team won the first game of the Andress tour- nament, which they hosted, against Ysleta 36 to 33, but they lost the second tournament game to Jeffer- son 31 to 30. Despite the fact that they did not advance further, the tournament was a success. The team had a tough time getting go- ing in competition and at mid- Tough going season did not appear to be a strong contender in district. "There were no problems with the team," said Coach Eva Navarro, "but they will be practicing more on the basic skills, such as more dribbling, passing, shooting, and team work." Their returning players this year were Annette Chavez, Mona Brison, and Linda Heibich. Later in the season four girls - Mona Brison, Annette Chavez, Monika Drake, and Monika San- chez - were promoted from B- team to varsity. 52 3 Q 'M x vi S M4 Y J r 1 f' ,v-'H ':E5 i 91, Y.. If -,FU fr , uw gg 0 'll Vs. 1 --...WWMM Behind the second-year coach Armando Hernandez, this year's team battled inexperience. By practicing from 3:30 to 5:30 every day, Coach Hernandez felt his team gradually improved from week to week. ln past years, the interest and support in the wrestling program has been very low. However, par- ticipation has improved greatly Matmen battle inexperience over the past year. The team's goals for this year were to get more people interested in wrestling and to qualify at least three wrestlers to the state tournament. "I feel we could have won several more matches this year had it not been for injuries," said Coach Hernandez. at Bottom: Mike Lara, Kenny Nesmith, Carlos Torres, Kirk Chitty, Chris Moralesg Middle: Mando Rojas, Rodney Manor, Randy Aragon, Frank Karl, Steve Romerog Top: Paul Galliher, J. J. Martin, Victor Faz. bl Carlos Torres takes an opponent. ct Torres goes for the pin against Cobre. dj Chris Morales tangles it up with an opponent from Gadsden. et Randy Aragon tries a special maneuver in a match. 0 Mando Rojas escapes from an opponent to win two points. gj The team gathers together in a circle to "psych" up before a match. ht Coach Hernandez shouts instructions to one of his wrestlers. it Carlos Torres struggles in a match. jj Kirk Chitty goes for a reversal. kj Chitty tries to gain some points by controlling his opponent. jk 59 l if' Re -5 Q I new X k -Q -5:3 Hz, . f ,Vi , -f.: ' - Q mf. 3 YL- S. , .5 sff w ggff 5. ,ra i - ? ' P I 3 Q YES 33 , . -.f x-5,-. -- A.... , .W lm ....-1 .- KN .S T9 lh A ,wmv ...-m14!l',f'y We-W li By practicing everyday from three to five, the swim team hoped to be competitive with the other schools in the city. Led by senior Jim Baum, the swim team "should be able to score many first places in individual meets, but," accor- ding to Coach Malley, "will not have enough depth to win many as a team." So went Coach Malley's Good finish prediction at the beginning of the season. The team went on to sur- prise even their coach as they end- ed up tied for second place in the city with Coronado at the District 1-5A swim meet. The lack of participation this year was a major disappointment to the coach and team. The girls team had only two members. Malley is hoping to continue building the An- dress program by coaching both the Terrace Hills and H.E. Charles swim programs. at Andrea Weaver practices her diving form. by Paul Russo, Jim Baum, Andrea Weaver, Reuben Bearden, Richard Talamantez . Not shown: Lorin Koszegi and Dayra Bynum. cj Paul Russo dives off the platform in a practice swim. dj Rick Talamantez comes up for a breath of air after finishing his practice laps. ey Jim Baum prepares to hit the water at the start of a race. 0 Andrea Weaver works on her style and form. gy Jim Baum does the backstroke to warm up. hy Dayra Bynum swims the breast stroke in a meet. il Paul Russo displays the technique required to do the butterfly stroke. 6 YMNA S TIES Andress gymnasts performed well under the supervision of Mrs. Rosemary T. Arriola. Since it was her first year at Andress, she stated, "This was a very good lear- ning year." With the exception of Heather Hunt, Mrs. Arriola took on a whole new group of rookies. Returning Ietterman Heather Hunt was the all-around gymnast at A new coach, a new start Andress. She achieved infplacing in the meets and also obtaining all- around a few times. Varsity consisted of Lisa Brad- ford, Jodi Crowell, Kim Hazelton, Heather Hunt, Carmen Ortiz, and Felicia Passmore. B-team members were Gay Beasley, Barbara Briggs, Ber- nadine Dincher, Sherrie DuVal, Thomasina Jasper, Christi LeClair, Sigrid Martin, Joni Mauldin, Michelle Richardson and Linda Williams. aj Top: Kim Hazelton, Jodi Crowell, Carmen Ortiz, Heather Hunt, Lisa Bradford, Felicia Passmoreg Bottom: Joni Mauldin, Sigrid Martin, Christi LeClaire, Mrs. Arriola, Sherrie DuVal, Thomasina Jasper, Bernadine Dincher. bl Bernie Dincher in floor exercise. ct Carmen Ortiz also participated in floor exercise. dy New gymnastics coach, Mrs. Rosemary Arriola. ej Heather Hunt comes in for a landing from the vault. 0 Kim Hazelton flies through the air from vault. gp Carmen Ortiz finishes routine from beam. hj Lisa Bradford concentrates on her balance on beam. ij Thomasina Jasper leaves vault hoping that everything looked good. """'- ,,,, ,M gf" E wi 3J M llllll I nazi MIST!! 55 nm-an M 1 '- ,V,, ,-. W, Dwi . 1 V' 1 E was .,w..-Nw we W By practicing long hours every day, the members of the tennis team hoped to be competitive with the other schools in the district. Thanks to a strong returning squad led by seniors Jeff Ad- dington and Matt Crestani, the boys had an excellent chance of winning district. According to Coach Wilson, "ln order for this to Good chances happen, some of the younger and less experienced players must come through." The girls' team, however, had on- ly one returning starter from last year's squad, Gretchen Koether, thus leaving this year's team with very little experience and an uphill battle for the district title. at Top: Ray Roybal, Robert Warren, Jeff Addington, Matt Crestani, Manny Cardenas, Jaime Arciniega, Ruben Mena, Richard Gross, Kurt Koether: bot- tom: Janet Geary, Susan Kutz, Gretchen Koether, Michelle Byrd, Sarah Taylor, Maryann Morgan, Sally Strider, Beverly Martindale, Kim Vida, Tina Flores. by Top five boys: Jeff Addington, Matt Crestani, Manny Cardenas, Jaime Arciniega, Kurt Koether. cj Jett Addington hits a backhand during a match. dy Top six girls: Janet Geary, Susan Kutz, Gretchen Koether, Michelle Byrd, Sarah Taylor, Maryann Morgan. et Coach Wilson gives instructions to his players before a workout. ' 0 Jaime Arciniega returns a volley that was hit directly at him. gt Matt Crestani shows the form that made him one of the top players on the team. ht Team captains: Gretchen Koether and Jeff Addington. -Q anir mms ------------- "The boys' team has a very good chance of placing in the top three in district if they continue to im- prove." stated golf coach Manny Carrasco. However, the girls' team must contend with inexperience due to the fact there were no retur- ning letterman and only five girls on the squad this year. Golf team outlook good u Both the girls' and boys' teams practiced daily at various golf courses around the city seeking to improve their skills in the game. By working together, the team members were able to help sharpen each other's game. Squad member Nancy Lopez Qno relation to the professional of the same namel summed up her feelings, "The name of the game is to be competitive, but at the same time to learn and have a lot of fun." Ib lc at i l Ml ln.lIwf" I trtrr S H S S k,,,,..s,,,.me35f-'WW' -ii aj Coach Manny Carrasco points where Monika Drake will hit. by Boys team: top - Coach Manny Carrasco, Eric Sodeman, Mike Clark, Jay Flores: bottom - Wayne Shaw, Jack Shinaut, Harold Felton. Not shown: Thomas Dickson. cy Girls' team: top - Monika Drake, Mr. Manny Car- rasco, Patricia Zavalag bottom: Ramona Hostos, Nancy Lopez, Diana McNair. dj Ramona Hostos practices her swing. ey Diana McNair gives it her all. 0 Wayne Shaw prepares for a long shot. gj Nancy Lopez successfully hits the ball. hy Jack Shinaut aims before he hits. it Jay Flores just finishes hitting the ball. it Eric Sodeman aims before hitting. BUYS TIMUK TEAM - - Although lacking the depth that last year's team had, the boys track team was aiming high for a district title. Their hopes were fueled by the arrival of Coach Bob Elliott, who last year was assistant coach with the district champs, the Irvin Rockets. This, plus the return of Aiming high state-ranked Mike Pope in the high jump and such proven standouts as Dale Lavery and Gerry Scott in the hurdles and Mike Berroteran and John McClaren in the distance events, gave the team and coach reason for their high hopes. "This year's team should be a big challenge for all the individuals we have on the team," said assistant coach Armando Vasquez. "Overall, if we continue our hard work, we'll be surprising many schools." fi 4: T5 2 K v :W K, K , X , K K KK -ZF . -':-g-5 .9. .W ' K V ., , KK ' xii warg: 'ip ie if K i K 'I C 'wif at Rene Coppock makes a mighty effort to give the discus all he's got. bt Boys track team: top - Gail Stewart, Kristoddie Brown, Garry Scott, 2nd row - Ivan Greene, Rene Coppock, Mike Pope, 3rd row - Tommy Jasper, Steve Bullitt, Alfred Williams, Mike Berroterang 4th row - Jesus Faz, Gary Holden, Lloyd Cobb, Mike Klee, John McClareng 5th row -Jimmy Taylor, Manager, Ricky Boggs, Bruno Sanchez, 6th row - Fidel Chambers, Andy Maldonado, David 'Jef .,K'f4T"i1,'f3Jt-,KW ,,,K t -V im, . J .. Smith, Matt De La Rosa, Alan Smith, bottom - Kurt Chitty, Tim Foster, Matt Metz. cj Challenging each other, Alan Smith, John Mc- Claren and Gail Stewart run in unison. dj Many practice runs help Tim Foster build up his endurance. at Another tlying leap by broad jumper Matt Metz. tt Soaring over the bar, Mike Pope shows the form that had made him a state-ranked high jumper. '-" BUYS THAUK, UHUSS UUUNTHY - - 'T' .N lx: 1... , 'gf 45 f X' it ii ' QL Q , .... Q x- - .--f - . K K -fn". '." i 1 -L-LL ,,.. s . f ' l i mmhAk . . 'X tw. .. ,t 1 . - ffl -". .312-ekifai wa... . .. J .-.:...f,, -s f . A - ., K - ,-,- . A ,,., eww, S . . AVALAK ii KAAK I ,N . K... .Q .. A T "2 i ' - 1 . e - ai Track team members practiced hard all spring, seeking to get into winning form. by Relay team members practice passing the baton as assistant coach Vasquez looks on. cj The shot put is an event that required a lot of muscle, diwarming up was an important part of practice sessions. ei The runners put a lot of wear on the track. fi Track coach Bob Elliott. gi The Cross Country teams, under the coaching of Miss Lucy Nieman, did their work in the fall and didn't receive much attention for their efforts as football season overshadowed them, but they also worked hard and logged many miles of running in an effort to bring honor to the school. H I i I 1 T i ANDRESS HIGH SCHOOL Y 1 f 3 -vs J 1 Qwm A 5. x .j If lg .5 1f54.,,5Qf,f.i I f. , QiY..5Q x f . ., Nh. h W f fx x.,.,y,,.f. ,NN , J, -, E + K H,,g4,'.,:g3f1 'fwi if I mfr, . ,JL .k .-. ' QQ fwf- - ,... ,, Q Mig? mit +---, iz, M '79 S KE by A, 5 X t ,.f.,. ,MK 'mmm wf5g!23uf.,g' 'SLS ' " AZ' .iww Q, Sjy',y,,iTsmfw, N 4k Q E v 1 140, i S1 , if Q is M.-Elf 5.5. LJ Y GMA all ,, .bn is ,lv f fs new xt 5 QQQ 6 M I' S X. gi: t N 'HE e- Q 8 1' bg M 2. Q g E' ,. 'fu 5 f gy '15 17.3 .xrf', QLLW ...r rw"- r Wh. 41 'fx ig GIRLS' TIMBK The girls have won district the past four and would like to win again this year. Lack of depth and experience may prove to be an obstacle in obtaining it. "We are a very small team compared to last year and have very little ex- Small team perience," stated Coach Lucy Neiman. Returning tracksters this year are Diane Banks, Benita Colson, Virginia Cordero, Juanita Farris, GiGi Gibbs, Frenchie Manor, Patty Pope, and Anna Schreiber. s, ' to .K " ,W .J i' .ul "' 'K-3' aj Virginia Cordero tries to move the weights. bl Janette Stroman slows down after the hand-off. cy Donna Laverty takes oft on a practice run. dy Donna tries to get all the practice she can. x n f af is M, , swam Q"M we 1' Y , A 'Q , I f X , ' f ,af , 49 ,, WSG 2 w fy! -1- xl ., .X ,X N x X x :xx my Q W. X k ,ai4yWiifi.eQ ' JW ,iff 'W' Ki' warg g"f -f 4: ,q'4'gw-f 1 4 ' N ,,,, e,,.qM,.,4,, Sgr nv,-vgvgw ai Girls' track team: top - Coach Kay Tidwell, Juanita Farris, Virginia Cordero, Crystal Holland, Cheryl Luke, Benita Colson, Frenchie Manor, Anna Schreiber, Diane Banks, Coach Lucy Nieman, bottom - Edna Brandon, Kelly Arreola, Donna Laverty, Sonia Hale, Janette Stroman, Tina Tips, Linda Kirk, Patty Pope. Not shown: GiGi Gibbs. by Linda Kirk practices for the next meet. cl Coach Neiman watches her team as they practice. 73 al 'lg GIRLS' THAEK an-45' 1 ' 4 ,m,,.,.... f,,,,,..,Qw Q I Ia lb 4 w Emi f .1 xx E , 3 Q, K. Q -QQ 4. was X ,dw all X ,ESW34 it . r W , 9 wwf was -ax , ' wig, S My aww . lk' ,h 591' 5232 as fi , -Z1 ff' , .. ff 2, Y ,'ff WU. ' 2 ff? fn V M Ic f?w,f 'W -Ar , - . V an X 'ag M ld X , . .,,, y-- I fix , if f, Wm QE , k my n,,,,4-,,,.m MM a, M, 7, Z ,W ,sz A ,M uv , , ,M M 4L.m W, Q, Q1 ', J f w H ,' L'G' ,. 'H ' Q, 3 Q'M"."'ff5f A1 ,, 4, 7 M W M 1, if ,L Nm. , '40 ,, G i, fmt, "K ""2f ,V ' .1 K7 , 4 W JM, MQ, V - I In W 'nw , ff fs, wil' ull , Z ,W 4-M-.. Rig N . q 9,5 ,X I W, -hy'u-- s , x,,, -. ,W 4 ,, W f, W Q 4 ' 1 'P , Jw-Q'?"nf 'Z WJ ,I .c f, ,4..4as-annul! Af -Q 'S S Q Q i . k f in at Cheryl Luke practicing the shot-put. bt Benita Colson, Diane Banks, Janette Stroman, Edna Brandon, and Tina Tips enjoy the discipline of running. ct Sonia Hale shows grace and style. dj Cheryl Luke winds up to throw the discus. at Anna Schrieber, Frenchie Manor and Virginia Cordero goof off with boys' track team mem ber Rene Coppock during practice. 0 Patty Pope gives it all she's got. gt Anna Schrieber practices throwing the discus. ht Juanita Farris runs the 440-yard dash. VAHSI TY BASEBALL With four returning starters, and three of them All-District picks last year, plus four other Iettermen back for another campaign, the defending district champions had high hopes of being at the top once again in 1982. Team depth at all positions and Defending champions plenty of hustle and determination were the strong points of the diamondmen. The team worked out every day from 2:30 until around 5:30 and Saturday mornings to stay in top playing condition. Andress also hosted its own tournament this year, but due to yearbook deadlines, results were unavailable. A v ' ' N' Q .1 . yi., Vg L. 5 ss A lf ..,......,...,.., S M X is ,.: .g,., -, 3 aw Vp, ,-.,..-.,. lr V . 3 ,A ,,,,, W it iXfxSx.f:b TQ el Coach Jerry Antwine walks out to give instructions. by Team captain Franky Perales fires the ball to first base. cl Team members: top - Tom Doederlein, Hugo Blanco, Cliff Vance, Marvin Nicchio, Danny Landin, Pedro Echeverria, Bryce Austin, Jim Archer, Jody Skipworth, Bobby Crowell, Coach Jerry Antwineg bottom - John Maxwell, Merle Van Schaick, James Hoffman, Mario Vela, Franky Perales, Bob- by Avila, Kevin Jones, Mando Cano, manager. dj All-City pitcher Cliff Vance has his eye on the target. el All-District first baseman Danny Landin stretches for the out. 0 Bobby Crowell digs one out of the dirt. gl Senior pitcher Marvin Nicchio fires a curveball. hj Catcher Bobby Avila grins as he waits to catch the ball. -V VAHSITYBASEBALI. - - Ta lb if fw 1gmhM,,x, ,.vwff4 ' N' i ' . , K 5 W www K 'W ' xi? s .. , Q L K H- HWS K K f Id le 3---P -K 35 N Tl al Outfielder James Hoffman waits for the fly ball. by Merle Van Schaick scoops up the grounder. cj Jody Skipworth shows John Travolta a thing or two. dy Tom Doederlein throws the ball to the infield. ey Statistician Julie Kind. 0 All-City infielder Mario Vela shows his form while practicing his defense. gy Letterman Pedro Echeverria makes the play. hy Hugo Blanco gets ready to throw. it Danny Landin laughs as he throws the ball to home plate during infield practice. D Merle catches the high fly with ease. kj Kevin Jones shows how to get two the hard way. lj Senior Cliff Vance hurls a fastball. my Junior first baseman Jim Archer gets ready to catch a line-drive. l B-TEAM BASEBALL N 1-mutual .Jw at Art Garcia takes a swipe at the ball. by B-team members: top - Coach Benny Reed, Manny Ramirez, Paul Bernard, Robert Delgado, Rick Melton, Orlando Hernandez, Ricky Wilson, Sergio Beltran, Danny Soule, bottom - Miguel Lares, Manny Mata, Art Garcia, Danny Vasquez, Larry Gomez, Larry Hetrick, Paul Camacho. cj Intielders: Sergio Beltran, Larry Hetrick, Rick Mel- ton, Orlando Hernandez, Art Garcia, Danny Vas- ques. dj Outtieldersz Robert Delgado, Larry Gomez, Mike Lares, Ricky Wilson, Paul Bernard, Danny Soule. el Pitchers and catchers: Robert Delgado, Larry Hetrick, Danny Soule, Manny Ramirez, Manny Mata, Art Garcia, Larry Gomez. 0 Outfielder Danny Soule waits for a line drive. gy Larry Gomez yawns while warming up before practice. ht Paul Bernard throws the ball to home plate. it Junior Rick Melton rips one into left field. 'Jx ah- al Starting over This year, as almost every year, Coach Benny Reed had to start with almost all new faces on the B base- ball team. Primarily, the job of the B-team coach is to develop begin- ners' talent and make them varsity material. Since the varsity had so many seniors this year, Coach Reed had some returning experience tohelp try to recapture the district champi- onship which he coached his 1980 team to. Outstanding performers were Larry Hetrick, Manny Ramirez, Danny Vasquez and Danny Soule. l TIMINEHS - ' - ' ' '- Getting little recognition, but deserving a lot of it for their part in keeping the athletes in condition and minimizing injuries that were a part of athletic competition, the trainers put in a lot of hours at their job. Taught and supervised by Mr. Pete "Doc" Luther, this group learned the basics necessary to their job: taping and wrapping in- Dedication juries and for preventative measures, making sure supplies were provided at all games, and helping with the comfort, like water and ice, that the players needed to keep them going. When one figured all the competitions that went on in the course of a year - the varsity and B football games, boys and girls varsity and B basketball games, volleyball games, baseball games, and numerous other athletic events - it meant hun- dreds of hours put in by a relatively small, dedicated group and that was a big contribution to the school and the sports program. aj Bobby Avila is carried off after injury during final game against Austin by Doc Luther. bj Robert Vigneault carefully wraps basketball player before game. cj Terrence Long begins to wrap runner Patty Pope's ankle before she goes out to run. dj Trainers: top - Leo Smith, Robert Vigneault, Terry Smith, Joe Carter, William Wilkins, "Doc" Luther, Danny Garbo, bottom - Pam Ott, Chris Wall, Ronny Colon, Terence Long, Roger Turner, Shannon Patterson, Jeff Machicek. Not shown: Head student teacher Matt Livingston, Leonard Hayes, Mike Pickle, Mike Dozier, Julie Kind, Karen Hess, Tony Kozak, Niel McCollym, Kenny Ahrens, Mike Parada. ej Leonard Hayes fills cups of water, one of his tasks as a trainer, during football games. fj Danny Soule watches the game waiting to be call- ed for water or help. . gj While the crowd is being entertained, trainers prepare for second half. 1C -'T Q 45 -- S J Q 5Qf"'iX E, I " W", 'fi 1. VX K ..... 1 1 r' 1 :lf L L X ,fu ' . . E - R M A-sv gym, ::.,,.f A.w..,, Nm WN gg: at x s w . U l V, iifflw' W .'ii:..fE3555l- . f ' Sffzw 1 I A h X , . 9 , 'V i-f S f N Q A mmf g M X .gif "" "-'W 5 .- .A- , , . A. , I 3,5 Yi - IAQ... ,,fvN.,w .fj x. K. ,,. X, Q . ,TN . y I . .' 4 .iv " 'E'-X A , A A F H ,wrt ' . " J 7 ,- , 'args he Q EW? x ',' 2 n I ,.1-, ., . 1 ,. , Q A wk, x .., u 11 NL 1 XS,qL'1gf!-'Q , 10 .fi W 1 Q QT V . , A . LMZ a , .Q ,M 2 S J W m . , .,... , 1. .. ,X V Q.. . ' : swffrunnrsnun anus -- - - - - ii- au f Ff B 6 -X . :nf 1 Q , 1 , l st, IX? ef fx 4? X! Ahvbf f"X ' - fi 'Y 5? 'Q vim ' Q 'L ,A H25 k' - 1 Qkfxi' JV WN - .If WX My aw, S fffzf' 5 3 QA ga 9.5 ACADEMI Pride in Our C MISS TEIIESA D. PENII, PRINCIPAL "In my six months here at An- dress, there's never been a boring moment," said Miss Teresa D. Pena, reflecting in February on her first few months as principal. About the students, faculty, administra- tion and staff, Miss Pena stated, "They are a very strong group of people. They make Andress what it is. . .the best campus in the city!" Miss Pena started the year with many goals. According to her, some have been reached while others are in the initial stages. Some of the accomplishments in- FIRST YEAR HERE 'AHS campus best in city' clude reducing the number of absences and tardies, providing more money for the purchase of classroom materials, having a new marquee put up, and having the eagle in the quadrangle painted. Her long-term projects include a three-year plan to improve instruc- tion and plans to get parents more involved with school goings-on. Miss Pena feels that listening to what students have to say is a vital part of her job as principal. She has selected a group of students that she meets with to hear their ideas on what is good at Andress and what can be improved. Looking back on this year, Miss Pena said that Homecoming week is the activity that stands out the most in her mind. "There was so much going on, it was a very busy week, but well enjoyed. It was fun meeting the outstanding ex and other alumni from Andress. The Homecoming pep rally was the highlight of the week!" Miss Pena, in her first year as principal on a high school campus and the only female high school principal in the city, has a very im- pressive background. She attend- ed Western New Mexico University where she acquired her Bachelor's degree in science. She then moved to El Paso and taught for nine years at Bowie High School. Texas A 81 M University awarded Miss Pena a fellowship to study the educational systems of Central American coun- tries. After that, she went to NMSU and there she received her Master's degree in administration. She returned to El Paso as ad- " xi X will ministrator for the Head Star program for a year, became prir1 cipal of Vilas School for thre years, assistant principal fo- guidance and instruction al Bowie, then principal at Crosb, School for three years. Fro there she went to Terrace Him where she was principal until he appointment to Andress. 'EK .IR x qf I N.h,,, . I "Y,,, W A. ,,'ff , , awww' WU!! ,D Q. it at Miss Pena enters into the holiday spirit, admiring the Christmas tree in the administration oftices. blln an interview with Talon editors, Miss Pena reflects on her first year here, saying, "There was never a dull moment!" cj Rene Coppock pins a corsage on Miss Pena dur- ing the Homecoming pep assembly. dy Attending basketball games, along with many other school activities, was part of Miss Pena's job, but she always seemed to enjoy the events as she does here, with Student Activities Manager Mary Anna Harmon and Mr. Leo Calanche, counselor. ADMIIIISTIM TIUN, STAFF A year of many changes - that could describe 1981-82 at An- dress. Not only did we get a new principal, but we also got a new assistant principal, Mrs. Margaret Frederick, coordinator for cur- riculum and instruction. Students quickly got to know her as well as they knew the other assistant prin- cipals: Mr. Deane Silva, who has been here for four years, and Mr. John Justice, who has been here a total of 13 years, as a teacher, drama director, manager of stu- dent activities and finally as assis- tant principal for the past three years. These administrators, together with the office staff, which kept track of all paperwork involved in running a school, the cafeteria and custodial staffs and faculty, made Andress a school to be proud of. Wi ' , . fit ws . N. Q.. Y. Mrs. Margaret Frederick Mr. Deane Silva Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Leo Celanche Counselor Sharon Conroy Counselor .luatina Cooper Study Hall Willie Cordero Campus Patrol Stodd Cunningham VIPS Eunice Fecker Library Irma Flores Assistant Librarian Audrey Harley Library Mary Anna Harmon Manager of Student Activities Sue Ivie Campus Patrol Lucille Martens Bookroom Clerk Lupe Nuno Aide Bobby Pena Vocational Adjustment Coordinator Margaret Reece Head Librarian Virginia Thompson ' Counselor Olivia Saiz Aide .lease Thornbery Counselor Margaret Tolbert Counselor Mr. John Justice Assistant Principal Qi 'E 'S sy E 2 , S'- , 152 lb . el School secretary Mrs. Charlotte Hopper keeps track of all school goings-on and must deal with many people in the course of a working day. bl Manager ot student activities Miss Mary Anna Harmon sponsors Student Council, oversees the scheduling of all extracurricular activities, and in general works with administration, faculty and students on club activities, fundraising and other school events. TAKING DARE UF BUSINESS l Ia at Registrar Mrs. Deanna Smith runs oft a copy ot a student transcript. As registrar, she has charge of official student records. by Mrs. Otelia Losoya, who was senior attendance clerk until mid-year, looks up a student's class schedule. Mrs. Losoya retired after nine and a half years at Andress. ct Mrs. Nancy Gorham, office clerk, speaks to Mrs. Kay Tidwell about getting a substitute for her class while she goes on an out-of-town basketball trip. dl Mrs. Norma Landin and Mrs. Mary Gillespie, at- tendance clerks, are swamped by students seek- ing absence slips. at While some devious students attempt to distract Campus Patrolman Willie Cordero, some others prepare to play a joke by pouring water on them. 0 Counselor Mrs. Margaret Tolbert looks over students' schedule cards to make sure they are taking the classes they need. gl Long before e semester starts, students preregister and councelors, including Mr. Leo Calanche, must work to eliminate conflicts or repetitions. Tb lc Carlos Amato Science Roger Andrade Practical Life Class Jerry Antwine Health, PE, Major Sports Rosemary Arriola Gymnastics, Health Nt .f Mary Baquera Social Studies Arturo Barba Special Education James Burgess English Manny Carrasco Spanish, Major Sports x tv ,, , K fc, 3 if: f sf X I A' g , X X ' ff 'I 1 x sf' N N, I I Q, Mk . New:- W , .fr-EM L Aux X. T 2-MS.9,5q fm?2kw'ff:,?mg'f, :Q 4' K LSQFA , . . ip, a 1f,,,qX.g -,M kssggiez ., . :wiki 4 'Sig-5? Q N- Q Q.: sf-if -51 Xuan EFA, ' 2 xfrv, Q' . xr R if , Pe AHS TEACHERS SHUW THEY CARE EE at Mr. Richard Flores works with students in the alternative program bt Business teacher Mr. Lorenzo Mata walks around his typing class, checking on his students' progress. cl Students in Mr. James DriscolI's reading classes all work individually or in groups, giving him time to give each one special instruction. dl Many AHS faculty members showed they cared not only in the classroom, but they got involved in other aspects of school life. Mr. Lonnie L. Luna, science teacher, became very involved when school spirit started lagging during football season and made some pep talks during assemblies. et School business continued on into the evening many times for administrators. Principal Teresa Pena and Assistant Principal Margaret Frederick stand on the sidelines to get a close look at the ac- tion during a football game. Paul Gannon Science Norma Garrett Speech, Drama Ruth Gillett Social Studies Barbara Gross Resource Arthur Hammer Science Judith Haynes Modern Dance Nolan Hepner A.l. M. Armando Hernandez Social Studies, Major Sports i '!!':Mi-5 ff ,.f5fT"" .IS , w wx Q' P' M! R S' as XX .. N . .,,.f?, up -wb EDUEA TIUN IN ALL ASPECTS at Andy Garza an friend keep Assistant Principal Deane Silva company at noon in the cafeteria while he stands duty to make sure that students all comply with the rules. by Dratting teacher Mr. Larbe Davis supervises Lance Reynolds as Lance works on a project for the class. cl Checking attendance and keeping track of absences and tardies is only one of the duties teachers, including Mrs. Gladys Wilson, homemaking teacher, must do daily. dl Psychology and social studies instructor Mr. Walt Woelper concentrates on a lesson he is giv- ing one of his classes. el A science instructor explains a lab procedure to one of his classes. fl Coach Benny Reed tells a player what to do next. gl D.E. advisor Mrs. Debbie Reavis helps students out with a project. hj Marking down grades in her book, Miss Lucy Nieman, who teaches math in addition to her coaching duties, keeps track of her students' progress. ww' " . , 3 W MQ ' Emerine Matthews Social Studies Charles Molina English Eva Navarro P.E., Health, Major Sports Mona Navickas English, Speech Lucy Nieman Math, Major Sports Foster O'Neal Math Lorene Patneaude English Solan Phelps ROTC LE M 4 llllll llullu ' i ,. li- A ,,.. .. ,.5..,., if 3 ' " 1,3 , , SM -'-if s Nea, If , , ' Q. 1 Debbie Reavis Distributive Education Benny Reed Health, Major Sporrs Bill Rives Social Studies, Major Sports Truman Roane Social Studies Martin Rodela Business Irma Rodriguez English Journalism Allan Sepkowitz Science, Major Sports Howard Simonides English, German TEACHERS GET IIIVUI. VED ' sl Dance instructor Miss Judith Haynes, gets down on her students' level to teach warmups. bl Gymnastics teacher Mrs. Rosemary Arriola in- spects her students' cartwheels. cj Band director Mr. Al Mendez demonstrates his talent on the soprano sax. dj On "Vaughn Day" students chose to honor their favorite science teacher by dressing "Vaughn style" and "automating" his car. 1 VW., ..... .... . ..,,. M,,,,.,,L K T8 lb Z1 x. .. , - .. ' ..:f5'ifrL'frm:w -N i , .iii TNQ. Kay Tidwell PE, Major Sports Rosemary Vaello English Joe Vasquez Social Studies, Major Sports Ward Vaughn Science al Cafeteria Staff: kneeling - Doreen Maricanti, Suk Burns, Daryan Dillon, middle - Ruth Mellich, Edith Lukens, Lupe Ortiz, Lupe Ramos, back - Elvira Herron, Maxine Kemp, Bakhy Weatherwax, Winny Davis, Aurora Luna, Ramona Casares. Not shown: Flora Duran. bl Custodial statt: front - Mighuel Flores, Rogelio Laso Jr., Elren Zamora, head custodian, Alfredo Arellano, Rogelio Laso Sr.,g back - Rafael Gil, Pablo Caldera, Alejandro Alvarez, Bob Metcalf, Raul Gonzales. cjCaleteria statters wash up the huge pots and pans they use to prepare lunch for hundreds daily. dj Gardener Mr. Felipe Moya sweeps a sidewalk to keep the campus looking nioe. .....q,v--- ,--""' .- . -f' e.wMiT"i ' eywr ,ww ., f , f 'ef twggi' v.w..,4vgw.5r I , fm "' 'T'-114, 1 .M-""""M Dee Welch Business Gladys Wilson Homemaking Walt Woelper Social Studies Carlos Zapata Math 99 SER!0RSERIURSENIURSERIURSERIURSERIURSENIURSERIURSENIURSENIURSERIURSERIURSENIUR SERIURSERIURSENIUI P CLASS PRESIDENT CLASS VICE PRESIDENT CLASS SECRETARY Hubert Armstrong Doug Gurlram 3155 ll Anita Uadena , xx 4 I 5 N J ERIORSERIORSERIURSERIURSENIDRSERIURSENIURSERIURSERIURSENIURSENIURSENIORSENIURSERIURSERIURSERIUR 1 00 Q0 as .Mt ' lv 65 li aj Mark Shacklett, in front of the camera for once in- stead of behind it, allows his face to be painted during Fall Festival. by Lead guitar Paul Maez of Jesuit does his thing during a Homecoming week performance. cj Leo Smith is caught unawares taking it easy on the squad. dj Rene Coppock helps at Senior Class hamburger stand during Fall Festival. ej Costumed seniors impatiently await announce- ment of Spirit Jug winner. 0 Senior varsity cheerleaders spice up assembly with a spirit skit. gl Football players enter into spirit skit during pep assembly. hy Todd Murphy, Marvin Nicchio and Andy Garza show how much assembly pepped them up. it Pam Mootman portrays Raggedy Ann during Fall Festival. SENIUHSENIUIISENIUHSENIMSEN 1 0 1 ALI. ANDHESS BUYAND GIRL f M HV. f : A f' ' 3 3 , 8. . Y f '-'Y ,,,L.,,', : J r ,A e , ' i, , ,LV , ,, , , f W 2, + A V335 A ,, v , Sm. M ra if Scott Abeel Gilbert Acosta Cindy Adams Larry Adams Jeffrey Addington J. J. Aguilera Gilbert Aguirre Hector Aguirre Yolanda Alaniz Chet Allen Stella Alonzo Ernesto Alvarez 6 E ' at Ie al All-Andress girl Anna Schrieber lists among her many activities Tel-Med representative, track team, and varsity girls' basketball team manager. bl All-Andress boy Danny Landin has been on the varsity football and baseball teams. cl As many others who attended the Van Halen con- cert, Albert Calderon wore his souvenir shirt the next day. dl Bake sales always attracted the after-lunch crowd. , el Senior Mary Ann Meyers clowns around while modeling a tuxedo before Homecoming. ,ra as Alma Amaro John Anderson Leticia Andrade Rebecca Andrade Jaime Arciniega Alicia Armendariz Rodolfo Armijo Robert Armstrong fl John Arpin Monica Arrieta Robert Avila Yvonne Baca CLASS FA VUHITES Jack Baldwin Maxie Barbar Teresa Barraza Cheryl Barrett Celeste Bartels Bobby Bassuk . Cary Bates V Dana Bates V Reuben Bearden James Baum -zfnw Jennifer Bazell Craig Bean ,Qu- ig-nv-af Q - s QW. aj Seniors elected Hugo Blanco and Pam Porter as their class favorites. bi Mackinaw continued to be a favorite place for students to frequent during lunch and breaks and even the lack of a comfortable seat didn't deter some. ci Bogarth Gutierrez, Linda Botelho and friends en- joy a discussion their plans for post-graduation. di Student Council president Gilbert Aguirre listens to a suggestion but keeps his gavel handy. Jeanmarie Beauchat Mary Becker Vance Bedinghaus Judy Beer Denise Bell Tina Benoit ' Cheryl Bernaiche Donald Bevan David Bevins Michael Birriel Leslie Blair Hugo Blanco 105 ai Judy Beer, Yvonne .lonee and other future typists concentrate on their work. bl Senior Richard Kimmel rocks with 'iJesuit." cj Kristen Fleherty practices her horn during band. dj Andre Hunter takes a break between sessions. Lawrence Blaech Willie Blohm Ricardo Bocanegra Diane Bolding Calvin Bonds Greg Booth Lynda Bolelho Angela Boulanger Stephen Bouldine Tracie Bowdoin Bonnie Bowling Michele Brasgalla ,i .il ,Q .. WN O Debra Bricker John Bricker Angela Brison Pamela Brooks Kimberly Buck Alan Bunnell Arthur Burciaga Robert Burton Anita Cadena Albert Calderon Lisa Campos Susan Carbajal QA FACES IN THE DHUWD in-'Tw ,, 34, ,fa " , ,,,,,,,,, Manuel Cardenas Cathy Carothere Brenda Caro Christina Carrillo Manuel Carrillo Robert Carrillo Regina Case Soyla Castillo Belinda Castro Kenneth Cavendar Ida Cedillo Jettrey Chavez 'yum 'wav- , . f4 fi af st f 1 iv xaiaqr pf ,Half , 2..if. Hmmm Za: ,VVh,,, ,. kxyi KM. ,1- wa- K K aj Senior Doris Cardona helps assemble Christmas carnations with ribbons and cards for delivery. by Studying was a little more bearable when you had someone to quiz you and help you out as Terry Lozano and Letty Romero found out. cj Parked motrocycles across the street from the school grounds are evidence of the transportation many students used to get to school rather than drive gas-guzzling automobiles. dl Soyla Castillo is momentarily distracted from her work on Talon sports pages as she shares a laugh with her friends on staff. Paul Chavez Deann Childress Carlos Cisneros Juanita Clack Karla Clark Patricia Clarke Melissa Clouser Danny Cody Carol Coleman Robin Collins John Colon Roxanne Colter David Coltrane Teresa Cooney Rene Coppock Diane Cordero Kenneth Cox Andy Cranlord Matthew Crestani Vicky Crowder ,. Jodi Crowell Robert Crowell Randy Cutshall Thomas Daniel Scott Dare William Davis Matthew De La Rosa Diana Denham Lilia De Santiago Ronald Desso Sherrilyn Devine Thomas Dickson QV' ,gaso- Tony Dinsdale James Distler Edward Dix Thomas Doederlein Vicki Dorney Katherine Doty John Dowd Wendy Dowkings wr--W 40-W 'U' Elizabeth Drake Patricia Duggan Ron Dunklee Julie Duron Anneliese Durkes Keith Dykes Patricia Easter Eric Edwards Michael Edwards Paula Edwards Raymond Edwards Carol Endicott ALAN BUNNELL Alan has -been a yearbook photographer for two years and served as chief photographer for the 1982,Talon. He was also involv- ed in the Pan American club, the Spanish club, Quill and Scroll, and four years in band. Other organiza- tions include Team Involvement, Medical Explorers, Catholic Youth Organization, and Who's Who of Foreign Languages. GILBERT AGUIRRE Gilbert, active in Student Coun- cil, served as this year's president. He was a band member for four years and served as this year's assistant drum major. Other organizations Gilbert was active in were Teen Involvement, Superintendent's Advisory Com- mittee, Braintrust or Think Tank, Future Homemakers of America and Orchesis Dance Honorary. HUGO BLANCO Hugo has been a participant of Student Council and orchestra, of which he was the president this year, during all four years of high school. He was also active in the Pan American Student Forum, the Think Tank committee and the debate team. He was the freshman count and sophomore, junior and senior class favorite. He was also a member of the B-baseball team one year and was on this year's varsity squad. 112 i l A Ia. I gl DEVIN GRAY Devin has been a member of the Golden Eagle band for four years. Other organizations in which he was active are the National Honor Society, Science Club, and the JETS club, where he was on the football and track teams. 3 I Q EW., JENNIFER KELLNER Jenny was active in cheerleading for four years, three at her school in Holland, where she attended previousto coming to Andress. She was also co- editor of the 1982 Talon and a member of Quill and Scroll. At her school in Holland, she was a Student Council member, a band member, and on the newspaper staff. RENE COPPOCK Rene was one of this year's Student Body Managers, along :ith being in Masque 81 Cavel .nd on the AQUILA staff, of lhich he served as editor-in- hief for the first semester. He as been active in track, where e threw shot put and discuss, nd in Boy Scouts of America, ixplorers, and Order of the trrow. ANNA SCHRIEBER Anna served as vice president for National Honor Society. She was also involved in Medical Explorers and Tel-Med Health Board. Anna was selected by the faculty as All- Andress girl, one of the highest honors a student can achieve. An- na was active in track, volleyball, and was manager of the varsity girls' basketball team. RUDY ARMIJO Rudy served as this year's Pan American Student Forum vice president. He was also involved in the Student Council, Teen lnvolve- ment, Masque and Gavel, the AHS Golden Eagle Band and was the junior class vice president. Rudy also took part in many speech and drama competitions and won several awards in these. HOLLY LYTLE Holly has been a member of ROTC for four years, advancing to the rank of Brigade Commander this year. She was also a member of the Rifle Team, of which she was captain this year. She has won three scholastic letters and this year she was awarded the ROTC Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement, the highest honor a high school ROTC student can earn. SHERRILYN DEVINE Sherrilyn, a member of the band for four years, served as this year's drum major. She was also a member of the Pan American Stu- dent Forum and Teen Involvement. She has been very active in church activities and entered several com- petitions in solo and ensemble on flute. my John Epperson Evette Espinoza Terri Espinoza Patricia Estrada Connie Fain Juanita Farris Tamar Fecker Tanya Fecker Harold Felton Shirley Findley Rosario Fiore Belinda Fisher Dona Fithian Kristin Fleharty Ana Flores Frederick Frank Angela Franklin Carol Freeberg Roger Fry Rosemarie Gable .15 , , ,, 4 3' CM' Debra Gage Tana Gagnon James Galipeau Yolanda Garcia Alma Garza Andrez Garza Lynn Geary Meg Georges w Jorge Gibbs Jawn Glass Arlene Goelhals Darlene Golden Angelina Gonzales Manuel Gonzalez Oclavio Gonzalez Herman Gooden Isidro Grau Don Gooding Douglas Gorham Chrisline Graham Devin Gray Anita Green Talia Green Sandra Grenz David Grigg Bruce Grinslead Tim Groover Kelly Guile 'Dy .A Veg? J' l , My l fs 2' Hz ff: in Af, QE 1 ' A nin nnnY Bogarlh Gutierrez Glenn Hager Deva Hancock Gale Halfacer Raymond Hand William Harmon Catherine Harrell Dennis Harrie Melinda Harrison Todd Haugen Edward Havercorn Gregg Henigel VX f' 1 AQ Barbara Hernandez Becky Hernandez Ledores Hernandez Cheryl Hillery Maria Hiney Chung Hui Hoey Pamela Hootman Charles Hopp 'W at Philip Hostak Charles Houston Jacqueline Howell Darren Hunter Jana Hunter Andre Hunter Jackie Hurd Jacqui Hutchins James Jakelwicz Veronica Jakaina Cheryl Jeffery Paul Jasso Vanessa Jimeraon Carolyn Johnson Timothy Johnson Angela Jones Jorie Jones Yvonne Jones Moritz Kasberger Susan Kastnor Jennifer Kellner Tanya Kemmerling Richard Kimmell Kenneth Kivler Carl Kniskern Steven Knotts Gretchen Koether Carrol Kozerinsky Daniel Landin Thomas Laneaux Maria Larkin David Laughlin 305-4- Cynthia Lawrence Jessie Lazaro Selina Lee Edward Lewis Mathew Livingston Humberto Longoria Martha Lopez lrma Lopez John Lopez Teresa Lozano Odell Lucas Cheryl Luke Holly Lytle Paul Maez Lisa Mania Ana Marquez Darryl Marquez Gilbert Marroquin Kathryn Martens Merrie Martin Abigail Martinez Bertha Martinez Raphael Martinez Cynthia McAdam Michael McCarthy Cynthia McElveen Charles McGowan John McLaren Kelly McMurray Reginald Meadows Susan Melich Violet Merchant William Messimer Matthew Metz Christopher Meyers Brent Moon Peter Moore Renae Moore Scott Mora Terri Morgan '94 Q'- Paul Moriel Edward Morony Carina Mott Consuelo Moya Tarila Mullen Vanessa Mullins Gloria Munguia Carlos Munoz Vincent Murphy Mary Ann Myers Monica Naron David Nash Nancy Neiman Jelf Nelms Suzanne Nelson Sammy Nemelh Terri Nevilles Ruby Faye Newman Marvin Nicchio Arnold Niederhofer 122 BEST DANCERS: Evette Espinoza and Gerry Scott CUTEST COUPLE: Norma Riddle and Bill Davis MOST ATHLETIC: Karla Clark and Danny Landin BEST DRESSED: Darlene Golden, Donnie Miller, and Paul Jasso BIGGEST FLIRT: Juanita Farris, Michelle Brasgalla and J. P. Aguilera MOST FRIENDLY: Kelly McMurray and Hugo Blanco MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Deva Hancock and Danny Landin MOST SPIRITED: Mary Ann Myers and Mike Edwards MOST TALENTED: Deva Hancock, John Lopez and Paul Maez MR. 81 MS. IRRESISTABLE: Susan Carbajal, and Merle Van Schaick MOST TALKATIVE: Kelly McMurray and Steve Bouldin MOST SHY: Vicki Dorney, Becky Andrade and Jaime Arciniaga MOST HUMOROUS: An ie Bris g on and Vance Bedinghaus CUTEST SMILE: Letty Rodriguez and Doug Gorham PRETTIEST EYES: Melinda Harrison and Donnie Pyles BEST FRIENDS: Kathy Martens and Diana Denham BEST PERSONALITY: Kelly McMurray and Hugo Blanco MOST GULLIBLE: Mary Typhair and Gilbert Aguirre MOST STUBBORN: Linda Botelho and Greg Booth MOST INTELLIGENT: Holly Lytle and John Lopez BIGGEST SHOW-OFF: Juanita Farris and J. P. Aguilera WORST DRIVER: Diane Cordero and Mike Bethune FOXIEST LEGS: Barbara Hernandez and Merle Van Schaick RA 'kf G k ' x 5' 2 fam if .aG I 4, w. X ll nf' ' , - 0 'S ,.,b 4 , .3 we W- lu aj Mary Ann Myers and Mike Edwards by Karla Clark and Danny Landin cj Mary Tphair and Gilbert Aguirre. dl Michelle Brasgala and J. P. Aguilera. el Hugo Blanco and Kelly McMurray. 0 Diana Denham and Kathy Martens gl Diane Cordero and Mike Bethune hi Vicki Dorney and Jaime Arciniaga ij Merle Van Schaick and Barbara Hernandez jj Doug Gorham ki Lelty Rodriguez lj Paul Jasso my Darlene Golden nl Donnie Pyles ol Angie Brison pl Melinda Harrison qi Vance Bedinghaus rj Juanita Farris sl Paul Maez 0 Deva Hancock ul John Lopez 123 Mark Noecker Jorge Oaxaca Mary Odiorne Johanna Odom Jeannette Oliver Mark Olivieri Kelly Olson Eula O'Quin Guillermina Orona Cecilia Ortega Alfredo Ortiz Bambi Ottum Tyrone Palmer Theresa Parada Karen Partch Shannon Patterson Amelie Patzkowski Donald Pelton Victor Pena Francisco Peraleo Gloria Perez Graciela Perez Toni Peterson Vicky Pleifl James Phelps Rebecca Phillips Sandra Pickett Carrie Pierce Cody Pierce Skip Pierson Pamela Porter Linda Preston Donald Pugh Ronald Pugh Valkyrie Raehl Jose Ramirez Eric Ramos John Ramos JoAnn Ramos Orienta Rankin LIFE A T LUNCH Kenneth Ratton Hel Reddoch Harry Renken Terrie Reyes Dianne Richardson Frank Richardson Teresa Richardson Jackie Richason Norma Riddell Lorna Roberts Christine Robinson Leticia Rodriguez Id al Fabien Babel and triend return to school after lunch. by Seniors gather at the outside tables during lunch. cy Bake sale by gymnastics team draws a crowd. di Friends gather everywhere during lunch. N0-f ,pf x Sonya Rodriguez Joseph Rohr Carlos Rojas Leticia Romero Kathaleen Rowland Diana Roybal Paul Russo Debbie Salas David Salgado Joann Sanchez Zina Sanchez Rene Sarmiento l-,045 'W x '? bf . A in gg, ' M B . K" 5 N4 ,, ii' , 127 THUSE WILD 'N' DHAZY GUYS l el Pep neeembliee gave seniors a chance to really get wild 'n' crazy and the wilder the costume, the better. by Donnie Pylee proves he's really got a hole in his head while Ronnie Henry shows what he thinks. cy Student body menegere Hugo Blanco and Rene Coppock enjoyed the chance to lead the craziness. dj Even bend membere like Devin Gray and friend didn't miss out on an opportunity to get in on the fun. Robert Sarmiento Mayen Sewangeri David Schalle Anna Schreiber Cerry Scott Steve Scott Clilton Scrogge Diannia Seeger Qi" Leah Selke 61 Sylvia Serrano William Sheldon Patrick Sharlow wwe-:f 128 334- ii' 0 e la i Charles Shutt Monica Simon Alberta Sissem Patricia Sittig Janet Skibo Karen Slate Denise Slates Michael Smart Alan Smith Donald Smith Karen Smith Lionel Smith PHEPIIHING FUH THE FU TUBE Pamela Smith Peter Smith Eric Sodemann Carol Spencer Carsten Sparks Joseph Spencer John Stacy Robert Stimets Sam Stockton Linda Strange Robert Suarez Richard Talamantez ag G .isis tux A. vw al Social studies teacher Mr. Fernie Hernandez returning a graded paper to a student. bl As students concentrate on the work at hand, Mrs. Rosa Gandara supervises her typing class. cj Advanced biology students pay close attention as Mr. Carlos Amato points out some material on the overhead projector. dl Tony Kozak checks a book to make sure it has the material he needs for a report. Brenda Tate 'ww' .rm M. than Sandra Taylor Karen Theus Vicki Thomas Rebecca Thompson uwyk Alan Tibbetts Tom Tomlianovich Jose Torres 'Uv Susan Toste Leslie Townsend Kevin Treesh Diane Trinidad yo-of Lt-fat. 5 41? 131 aj Letty Rodriguez, Talon photographer, is caught on the other side of the camera as she looks over some contact sheets of photos she took. bl Victor Vasquez reacts to being caught unaware. 'W 41 ""' P X da , 3 2 gm e Ga.. Maria Urbanczyk Cliff Vance Duane Vance Nelson Van Matre ,gsm 'Xf- Merle Van Schaick Salvador Vargas Maria Vasquez Victor Vasquez Mark Vaughn Robert Vaupel Carol Villa Luis Villa 132 W, .GPR 'N WK ullilrllu 49' Corinna Waltord Christopher Wall Lori Wall RQ' Joseph Wallace Terry Waugh Brian Weaver Pam Sowers x....,. dr' .snrx James Wensel William Wilkins Linda Williams Vicki Williams Teresa Wilson Mark Wolf Nathan Wong Chalon Woodbury Ellen Woods John Woodward Shelley Worsham Catherine Wright CLASS PHESIDENT GLASS VICE-PRESIDENT TAHY ASS SEDHE UI. .4 OO A --.2 nxm... A Susan Hndriguez Penny Tuck Lisa Fisher Ai 1,6 HW its Q --f. f Mavic W fl .fQ,.,, . sf- K . . - Hasan f- ww. ,,-553: QS 4' Q W ti - ts . s . .fe . .., .. A. N Annstsa 5 6. if sims Q la xf5a QNDRQSS 9-1 in. 5. 5 . was aj Doug Gorham gets grabbed at Fall Festival to spend a session in the jail. by Dressed up for Oldie-Goldie Day, Elizabeth Liller joins in the fun. cy Annette Lewis and Annette Hansbrough take time to show what good friends they are. dj Juniors ioined in the fun of Fall Festival. el Doug Sweeney dressed the part for Punk Day. fl Joe Johnson and Mike Humphrey liked to show their spirit and show off at pep assemblies. gl Joe and Mike often brought their "friend" along for the assemblies, hj Bill Davis gets dunked during Fall Festival. ij Junior varsity cheerleaders prepare to lead a cheer. 135 .IUNIUHS BIG PAHT UF SEHUUL SCENE at Rick .Iaksina receives a Kiss-O-Gram from an admirer. bl Students in typing concentrate on their timed writings in an effort to increase their speed. ci Thomas Daniel and Kim Rand are in the center of attention at the bubble gum-blowing contest dur- ing Homecoming week. dj Michell McAllister collects money at her club booth during Fall Festival. Ia Christina Acosta Jon Addington Kenny Ahrens Tammy Alford Alan Allcock Terry Allen Mike Amador Rebecca Ames Hugo Andrade Richard Andrade Maria Angel Rosalva Arana Jim Archer Virginia Arciniaga Kevin Arnold Kelly Arreola James Atchinson Brian Austin Mark Austin Jerry Avara Beatriz Avila David Babcock Sharon Baca Kellen Bailey 136 2 1 A Brian Baldwin Carl Barnes Mike Barnes Norman Barnes Adam Baroz Jose Barrera Doug Bearden Michelle Beasley Rollie Beaver Pam Beavers Susan Berndt Melanie Bickle Barbra Blahuta Barbara Blaes James Blohm Anna Borquez Elisa Borrero John Bothne Lorella Bowen Delores Boyd Kim Boyd Joanne Boyer Edna Brandon Susan Brendt 5' ,-Z Yf f M UAIHM TIUNS IMISED FUNDS LIFTED SPIHI TS aj Future Homemakers of America sold carnations for Valentine's Day to raise club funds and mem- ber JoAnn Sanchez helped get them ready for delivery. bj Carnations were sold by the juniors at Christmas and Lisa Fisher was one of the students who assisted with their delivery. cj It was a big job putting ribbons and cards on each carnation but Carol Endicott didn't seem to mind , ii. dj While everyone enjoyed receiving them, Karla Clark got more pleasure out of passing the flowers out. ej Attendance office clerk Mrs. Norma Landin gets a smile out of reading the message on her Valentine. Barbara Briggs Alex Briones Mona Brison Melody Brooks Patricia Broussard Diane Brown Louie Brown Major Brown Robert Brown Natalie Burkes Danny Bustamante Michelle Byrd Dawn Campbell Laura Camet Troy Carr Ray Carrillo Cecy Carbajal Patty Carey Patsy Casillas Luis Castillo Lucy Castro Shirley Cervantes Denise Chambers Charles Curless s Q. 4. Qgamx Bernadlne Dlncher Lanny Dockray Mlchael Dokken Lora Dotson Benlta Douglas Cheryl Dozler Marybeth Drolllnger Ruth Duncan Terry Duran Sherrle Du Val Marie Enrlquez Emlloe Esplno Sherrl Esplnoza Jaoquelyn Falson Mark Farley Cynthla Farmer Cherle Farvour John Faulllng Dena Felnsteln Klm Ferguson Tracy Ferrls Roger Finch Susan Findley Llsa Flsher Louls Fltzgerald Marla Flores Marla Flores Mlke Flores Jlm Folsorn Sylvla Frangul Greg Frye Kevln Frye Tlm Fulmer Paul Gallpeau Leo Gallegos Danny Garbo Adolfo Garcia Alex Garcla Janle Garcla Ruth Gardlner Denise Gatley Rlchard Gaylord Janet Geary John Geyer Roslllana Glbbs Frances Glllesple Michael Glllesple Renee Gltre Sonya Gomez Andy Gonzales Bryon Goodman Karen Gordon Fred Gorham Pamela Gray Bruce Griffin Kin Grlfflth Mark Grohmann Rlchard Gross Mark Gschwlnd Mlguel Gutlerrez Wlllle Hager Monl Hagy Ed Hanna Mltch Haislet Annette Hansbrough Danny Harbln Brad Hardesty Allce Harris Helen Harrls Randy Hawkins Palrlck Hayes Mlchael Haywood TEEN Ill VUL VEMEN T The members of Teen Involve- ment helped young people make important decisions about the use of drugs and alcohol. They aid the students in developing a positive self-image and positive attitudes. Every month Teen Involvement members go to the feeder schools fCharles, Dowell, Newman and Ter- race Hillsl to discuss drug abuse with sixth graders. The program is headed by Miss Sharon Conroy. al Miss Conroy, Teen Involvement advisor. by Top: Keith Dykes, Alan Bunnell, Patty Sierra, Teresa Wilson, Maria Larkin, Candy Geary, Letty Romero, Sherrilyn Devine, Margi DeBarr, Sonya Rodriguez, Gilbert Aguirre, Beth Senger, Susan Brendt, Amy Holmes, Susan Rodriguez: bottom: Janet Atteberry, Shelley Brown, Shellie DuVaI, Luz Castro, Marianne Morgan, Debbie Trejo, Monika lstok, Laura Horn. William Hazelton Linda Heibich Susan Heibich Douglas Helms Heidi Heisel Gregory Hennessy Concepcion Herrera Alan Herron Mike Hicks Marnie Hilleary Laura Horn Won Hoehn James Hoffman Mike Hoffman Crystal Holland Amy Holmes Bill Holmes Phyllis Hootman Brenda Householder Jackie Houston Mike Humphrey Heather Hunt Monika lstok Kyoko Ito QQV ,gg assi i as Xu, S v WE V lg , i , , W 3 S 2 .wu .k X Q . .gg W ,Q Sams 39' W' -my .Sl-ns -1. U 5 ,Q Q 5 fi' Jeff Klein Andrea Klelne Dolores Kusak Susan Kutz Laura Lahs Marla Lares Dale Laverty Karen Leeds Annette Lewis Joseph Lewis Maurloe Lewls Mlchelle Lewls Elizabeth Llller Laurel Lindsey Bruce Lltile Rayford Locket! Frank Long Eddle Lopez Ellzabeth Lopez Alfred Lozano Osbella Luna Raylord Mabry Jeli Machlcek Mlke Malcher Byron Manls Kevln Mannlng Patty Marln Frenchie Manor David Marmolejo Slgrld Martin Towanda Martin Danlel Martlnez Llnda Martlnez Jonl Mauldln Michelle McAlllS16r Absa McBurrows if be l 12, 'Q- 'uv' X Mlrko McCIammy Robert McCoy Julia McFaden Thomas McGrew Sarah McLaren Diana McNair Rlck Melton Gary Mende Edward Mlchallk Mary Mldgley Cathleen Miller Cherie Miller if A 'M " Y: W? .V ,,,., , . ,f 1 H' 'Q ' M t U f, 4 7' 'vt 8 4, it 1 9 cf., V Zigi WXZQ, 2 9 ,WAV-pfiv ' t , W V,,, , f Z A V f , y vgfigp K? fig f U7 M ' X X 5 ,s at iii' f f fa, . , . .nv K 1 ,N v 21 A gf v- 4.4 ,,,, - , 5 A.. I .. f i - ' I J ,,y,, X pw' W..-4" Cherie Mlller Courtney Miller Jamie Miller Phllllp Mllls Monlca Mltchell Blll Moffatt Jorge Mollna Danny Montalvo Elaine Montaya Davld Moore Jackie Moore Brenda Morgan Marianne Morgan Melanle Morgan Jerome Moton Steve Mucha Glorla Munoz Grace Munoz Robert Muro Dlno Murphy Angela Myers Britt Myrlck Andy Neal Robert Neely SUCIUI. 06 Y: A WEDDING IN CLASS aj Mr. Fernie Hernandez, sociology teacher, had his classes conduct a mock wedding. Here he helps the bride and groom, Jesse Waddell and Heidi Heisel, with their "wedding" cake. bl This party included David Schiell, Liz Liller, Jefl Addington, Cindy Farmer, Jesse Waddell, Heidi Heisel, Manny Rodriguez, Aretta Custer, Pedro Chavez and Jaci Rolleg. cl The task of cutting the wedding cake is done here by the bride and groom. dj This wedding party consisted ol Robert Arm- strong, Richard Kimmel, Mark Noecker, Diane Terr seg, Dina Nelson Mary Nelson Janice Newby Eddie Newman Linda Nix Tandi Noggle Gary Norton Randy O'Connor Anthony Olivieri Joe Olivieri Ethel O'Quin David Ortega Carmen Ortiz Javier Ortiz Yvonne Ortiz Janie Orr Alex Otero Pamela Ott Pamela Pacheco Frank Palacios Luis Palacios Sam Palfenier Joana Pantelides Mishelle Parker Felicia Passmore Patrick Kenny Kim Pearson Leonard Pease Jimmy Peart Joe Peczeli Randy Pederson Arturo Perez Jorge Pereira Daniel Perez Nelly Perez Virginia Pereaz Shawn Petta Michael Pickle Terry Pierce Larry Pipkin Darlene Pirtle Maria Pittman Klaus Plath Karen Pollock Raul Ponce Patty Pope John Postelle Turlina Woolridge Llsa Portlllo Tracl Potter Myrna Qualls Vlnoe Qulntana Esther Ramirez Manny Ramlrez Glorla Ramos Sherry Ramos Klmberle Rand Mary Rasp Irma Resendlz Ann Revolr Hllda Reyes Llnda Reyes Rey Reyna Lance Reynolds Mike Rloe Maggle Rlos Elleen Rltchle Sam Rivera Zandrla Robinson Manny Rodriguez Susan Rodriguez Cheryl Rohrbaugh Manuel Rojo Jaoquellne Rolleg Ruth Romero Joe Rosa Raymond Roybal Danlel Ruiz Kellle Rupard Henry Russell Trudle Salas Lucy Salyer David Samarrlpa Dean Samrow 148 Bruno Sanchez Marla Sanchez Jan Saravo Sonia Saya Judy Scallion Michele Scarantlno David Scepanskl David Schleld Julie Soott Erick Shacklett Kristi Shaw Wayne Shaw Diane Shay Pam Shirley Patty Sierra Patsy Slevers Sonya Simard Tonya Sims Jody Skipworth Mike Slaight Brenda Smith Sharon Smith Terry Smith Sarah Smltherman Danny Soto Melissa Soule Theresa Stephenson Victor Stiggers Paula Strange Kelly Strasser Kathy Stroud Misa Stubbletield Douglas Sweeney Sara Taylor Wade Taylor Wilson Tillman AHT CLASSES: MASTEHINE SKILLS at Art teacher Mrs. Sheila Hepner. by One ot the techniques students mastered in art class this year was weaving. Rosie Acana concen- trates on her project. cl Fine detailin on the leatherwork piece that Mike Clark works on requires careful attention. dl Jose Cano works on his weaving. el Mandy Peters and Tim Foster work on their pro- iects. pf-m gl Tb Adrian Thomas Melodie Thompson Barbara Thornton Sandra Torres Debbie Torrez Louis Torrez Charles Trader Debbie Trejo Penny Tuck Jennifer Turner Roger Turner Jaime Valencia John Valerio Bryce Vance Earleen Vandiver Isauro Vega Mario Vela Robert Vigneault Yvette Villa Jesse Waddell Carl Wagner Linda Waite Scott Wakefield Diane Wallace 150 t A NS YXIJWQQU M XX wwf it fb" -we ,ww s......:k N K 5 f f gi . so 4 v- af x , Robert Warren Steve Warren Crystal Washington Juanita Washington Mike Washington Vickie Washington Andrea Weaver Bill Weick Matthew Weldin James Wendel Denise Wheller Darlina Whipple Patty Wilberg Paula Wilberg Kim Wiles Alfred Williams Darryl Williams Wendy Williams Pat Wilson Daniel Winn Kathy Wolt David Wood Kim Woodruf Eunice Woods For the many students enrolled in the vocational programs offered at Technical Center, school wasn't simply a matter of reading, writing and arithmetic. It meant either getting up a little earlier to catch the bus for the mor- ning Tech classes, or leaving third- period class early to catch a quick lunch in order to catch the bus for afternoon Tech classes. But it also meant getting a head start on a possible future career or a job that could help earn money for college. Counseled at Andress by Mr. Jesse Thornbery, students could select from a varied choice in- cluding building trades, commer- cial art, printing, dressmaking, and horticulture, to name a few. aj Diesel mechanics: Todd Haugen and Charles Hopp leave it to Donald Pugh to think of what to do next. by Building maintenance: Mike Lindstrom teams up with others on a construction project. cj Auto Electric: Jaime Adame, Jose Sifuentes work on a customer's car for shop experience. dj Dressmaking: Laura Lahs carefully takes out a stitch from the dress she's making. el Vocational counselor: Mr. Jesse Thornbery shows slides on offerings at Technical Center. lj Printing: Cody Pierce adjusts rollers on press. gl Horticulture: In the greenhouse, Lorella Bowen and Kenneth Patrick give plants their daily water. hj Cosmetology: Mary Georges gives Merrie Martin a manicure. ij Clothing: Karen Lipe learns to sew and seems to like it. jj Cosmetology: Marnie Hillery gets a perm from Mishelle Parker and Lucille Lalyer. kj Technical drafting: Chris Holder and Roberto Muro enjoy their class. lj Food services: Darlene Wiley fills up the sugar containers as just one of the things she does. mjData Processing: Zina Sanchez punches her cards. fm! --I """MA K. .Annu qw U f 9 i l imc, fff Q' N24 i SOFHOMUIIESUPHUMUHESUPHUMUHESUPHUMUHESOPHUMOHESOPHUMUHESUPHUMUHESUPHUMUHESSUFHUMDHESL "It seemed like a -nightmare on the first day but now I just love go- ing to school and don't ever want to miss a day of it," said sophomore Lea Marguitz, express- ing a thought that was common to many sophomores. Coming from both H.E. Charles and Terrace Hills, they felt "lost" at first, but Class of '84 they soon joined the crowd. During Homecoming Week, many sophomores participated in the dif- ferent contests. They also joined the many clubs Andress has. All in all, most sophomores feel the same way - they like Andress and wanted to get out of it as much as they possible could. al Sophomoroa alwaya joined in with the splrlt of the occasion. Larry Gomez and Llsa Bradford com- pete in the apple-eetlng contest durlng Ho ecomln m g. by Barbara Dougherty tries to win for the sophomores durlng the ple-eatlng contest at Homecoming. cj The Sophomore cheerleaders, which always drew cheers when they performed at pep assemblies. 154 DHESOPHUHHNHMHHWHHWUWT3UPHOWHNHMHNUHWHUHESUPHUHHMMEMHWHWHDHESSUPHUHHHHHMUUHHHDHESUPHUHHI A52 V459 'Z ,M Af vg I I I .,,. 4 7' T' M-Teff-wmymgffcwe N Wwiifwjwg ,LzMwfff,e:2fL9Hfi??fet M- dy Val Silva and Barry Scalior prefer to ride horses to school, or at least, they rode by the school one afternoon. el Sophomore: watch in amazement at a pep rally. 0 Band member Kenny Villa knows practice makes perfect, so he put In some dedlcated time to perfect hls music. gl Sophomoree congregate around the tables out- slde the cafeteria for some conversation. LEARNING THE 'WHITE' WAY aj Learning to appreciate literature is one of the things students get in English class. Mrs. Sandra Hernandez shows a student where the assignment begins. bt Library instruction is included in most English classes. Mrs. Peggy Schwerin helps a student selectabook. ci Head of the English department, Mr. Jim Burgess looks over a student's shoulder to help with any problems. dy Mrs. Simma Leslie's research writing classes 'spend a great deal of time in the library getting material for their papers. Here, she helps a stu- dent decide on a topic. at Advanced placement English students find themselves challenged by Mrs. Lorene Patneaude's way of teaching her students the "write" way. Here, she checks some of their work. 'if if-'5:.s..s's,g g Q K .... .., g' gif?" Q YT in Bethel Abrom Jaime Aceves Caralee Adame Juana Adame Gilbert Alaniz Larry Alejo Christina Allen Marty Allen Renee Allen Javier Alonzo Dona Ames Kathy Anderson fs Melissa Anderson Pat Andrade Cynthia Andrae Tholan Andrae Michael Apuan Dennis Aragon Mark Arroyo Amy Ashby Jeft Asmussen Janet Atteberry Bryant Audrisch Carol Auston 156 'ii--1' ' . .. Wesley Austin John Avara Paul Baca Mike Bahena Claudia Baca Dianne Baker Joe Barela Diane Barr Lisa Bars Emilio Barraza Jeffrey Barton Mike Bashon Eric Bauer Gay Beasley Lawrence Belvin Frank Beniamin Roger Benson Vernon Berge Barbara Billman Kevin Birdwell Valerie Blaes Kim Blair Cesar Blanco Rick Boggs Marie Basseller Wlndel Bolllng Elleen Boutelle Karen Bowen Jennle Bowman Ellsa Bradford Jeff Bradshaw Clndy Brasch James Brlcker Kerwln Brocksmlth Adrian Brown Annette Brown 7 W f is-., 2 aw Shelly Brown Tony Bryen Leonard Buckley Robert Burnslde Barbara Burke Leslie Burkes Beth Burkholder Chrls Burns Mlohelle Butte Darya Bynum Albert Caballero Davld Cadena Paul Camacho Glen Campbell Armando Cano George Carleton Kenny Carlson John Carney Samantha Carr Lydia Carry Armando Casas Danny Casas Anlta Caslllas Henry Castlllo fb- X 41 lx 1 X '51 XY' WNW' '59 SW if-S 'im' V J my at I 4 X Vince Castillo Arturo Castaneda Jose Ceniceros Charles Chavez Elsla Chavez Richard Chavez Kirk Chitty Sandra Christopher Juan Clgarroa Mlke Clark Anthony Cleveland John Cline Lloyd Cobb Fred Cody Belinda Colon Irma Contreras Sandra Corrales Hector Correa Cathy Cranford Calvin Crank Julle Craven Kimberly Crowell Tammle Dahl Angela Dallas Jlm Dallas James Damron Klm Daniels Melvln Davls Marie Daughtry Stacy Delmerly Tonl De La Rosa Jose Del Castillo Pamela Dennlson Marla De Santiago Susan DeStefano James Dewitt GETTING PH YSIEAL ' ABUU T EDUUII TIUN sl People in major sports weren't the only ones who got physical about education. P.E. classes were designed to teach students that exercise, whether it be a pickup game of basketball in the gym or in some other'way, is good for everyone. by Many students chose tennis for their physical education class. cl Lile sports classes had a choice of many kinds of activity, including outside basketball games. d,el Pull up the top bleachers and the Andress gym became a bowling alley. Ia s X S Q .,.--- sg.. , s is Q ee naive wvmauw.. Carlos Diaz Maria Diaz Dan Dicarlo Donald Diebel Miriam Dincher Teresa Distler Laura Dockray April Doctor Julie Doederlein Miyuki Donahue Jeff Dorchester Barbara Dougherty xv Rocio Dozier Monika Drake David Duran Margaret Ebert Celia Echeverria Duane Eddy 'fs Christine Edgar Sonia Edwards Vickie Edwards Erick Ellison Susan Enriquez Jorge Escamilla 160 i. . if .. 13 i gi Candace Estensen David Estes Roberta Eychner Ronald Ezell Cathy Faison Jeff Farmer Keith Farrow Jesus Faz Wendy Feeney Steve Ferguson Zory Fierro Barbara Filarski Frank Findley Kathy Fish Clarence Fisher Jessie Flint John Flores Monica Flores Rosemary Flores Tina Florez Mike Fontaine Philip Ford Denice Freeman Raul Fuerte Marty Fray Elena Fulwlder Raymond Gall Erlc Galvan James Galvan Angle Garcla Arthur Garcla Brenda Garcla Juan Garcia Abel Garza Mlchael Glullano Brawnley Glass s eefeel n r e2'e 6 ,L ag ...VVV , fly. 1 fl 'F I ' A u se , ., My y V xx A .X A . If 52 X W S ,... , . we ,QP ,- -Q . wi "li" 1 Q am . 3 . so W afx ga., . M lisa ' f 5 .Z Y a fm A awe , A X X ,E K a X a - we-1. S-mfg iggiunw H D Ziff! NX KL A x 5 X Q X Q. M , eh 1- NV. xr - , 1 . if Qs., ..L.,.-. 1-ini Lucy Godlnez Johnny Golns Paul Golllher Larry Gomez Armando Gonzalez Claudla Gonzalez Marla Gonzalez Marlo Gonzalez Patrlcia Gonzalez Sandra Gonzalez Tony Gonzalez Darrell Gould Alllcla Graham Tlna Gramllch Wanda Grant Donna Grazlano Ivan Green Robin Greenwood Chrls Grlbbon Lorl Gulle Lynette Gullck Sandra Gunseh Gary Gutlerrez Myra Gutlerrez ul 'qty ,..,.-N, ,, gl WT? se-lm .ay . aff i- :aa- 5 .3 ig . -2: lr 3: . .'-.... ew- 1- . f,-, -- X m P fa do me G , , 5 wwf -wwf H, V, . --':- , Dolores Hakes Teresa Hamilton Robert Hardgrove Mark Haro Llnda Harrell Jennlfer Harris Steve Harris John Hart Mary Hatfield Debble Hawkins Laurene Hawkins Klm Hazelton 5-M8239 Rudy Hees Danny Helm Thomas Helms Rhonda Henderson Don Hendrix Annette Hernandez Ernest Hernandez Ernesto Hernandez Jeannette Hernandez Joetta Hernandez Lisa Hernandez Orlando Hernandez Patricia Hernandez Flufuglo Hernandez Robert Hernandez Luz Herrera Larry Hetrlck Joseph Hlll Michelle Hlll Devln Hlmel Sonya Hodges Rlck Hoehn Gary Holden Chrls Holder PIITTING YUUII MIND INTO IT at Concentration is the key to learning, whether it's in a business class, where students type out dicta- tion, or in any other of the many courses offered at AHS. bl An accounting student goes carefully over his figures to make sure he's got everything right. ct ln the library, the atmosphere lent itself to giving careful thought to finding just the right book. dj Math students find themselves intensely involved in solving the problems at hand. NIL mud I' I aff' Q5 Maria Holguin Myra Holly Davld Holmes Ronald Holt Penny Hopp Jeffrey Hosler Barbara Howard Dewayne Howard Kerry Howell Lenora Huckaby Jeff Hutt Stephanie Hughes Morgan Hughes Carmen Humphries Ken Hunter Sandra Hutchlns Mike Hutchison Miguel Iglesias Dorothy Irwin Jeanne Isaacs Greg lstok Brent Jackson Thomas Jackson James Jacobs 164 4: ... Kimmi James Damon Jarvis Tommy Jasper Georgia Johnson Rhonds Johnson Renard Johnson Monica Johnston Mary Jones Stasie Jones Frank Karl John Keller William Kenner Judy Krzemien Linda Kirk Jeff Kirkpatrick Kenny Kincaid Danny King Mike Klee Tracy Knighten Alicia Knolley Baron Knolley Heidi Kniskern Tony Koehil Ken Koker Mark Kwon Jerry Lamb Erlc Lanam Rafael Lara Mlke Lares Chrlstlne Larkln Donna Laverty Rhonda Lawson Rlchard Lawson Chrlstl LeClalre Ray Lewls Stanley Lewls Mlchael Llcon Marvin Llgglns Susan Llghtfoot Rlchard Lllla John Llndsey Karen Llpe Egla Llra Llsa Lodge Brlan Long Terence Long Becky Lopez Olga Lopez Wlllle Lopez Danlel Lorusso Beth Lustlg Karnava Lynn Partlcla Lyon Marllyn Mallory Hope Marln Ralph Marmolelo Veronlca Marquez Lea Marqultz Daniel Marroquln Kenny Marshall frm? Alex Martinez Connie Martinez Lisa Martinez Brian Maruska Manny Mata Tom Mattingly Del Mayhak Steve McAdam Laurie McAllIster Brenda McCoontz Rlck McDonald Kenny McElveen Phlllip Moore Rose Moore Manny Morales Don Morgan Terri Morgan Bernie McGIII Pablo Mella Bllly Mellch Ruben Mena Craig Metz Pat Meyer John Mickey Robert Miller Scott Mlller Chrles Mills Emllio Mlramontes Isabel Miramontes Llsa Mltchler Brian Mohoney Gloria Montes Edward Montoya Joe Moore Norma Moore IT TAKES UUNUENTIM TIUN al It took concentration to make good music. by In homemaking, concentration meant tasty results. cj Chess automatically called for concentration. dj Everyone was sometimes momentarily distracted. Q Patty Morton Tyrone Moton Sheri Mauldin Pam Mullen Eric Mullinix Jerry Mungo Victor Muniz Pam Munguia Jessie Murdock Cesar Moriel Hugh Murphy Nick Murphy Van Murphey Darryl Murphy Melonie Musgrove Vanda Myrick James Mysinger Sonia Nava John Naputi Billy Nelson Rennee Nelson Kenny Nesmith Mark Nesmith Tammie Newby Rick Pearson Carol Pease Dawn Peavy Patrlcla Peel Yvette Pena a ,, f JUHIIHB P9l'9ldB Angle Perez Rosle Perez Benny Perklns Robert Perry Charlle Peterson John Peterson Htl' Laura Peterson Randy Peterson Debra Pettlpleoe Annette Phllllps Mlna Pinson Phyllls Pleasant Cecllla Ponce Kathy Porter Lenette Portlllo Prlscllla Portlllo Lorene Potter Mlke Premer Chris Prock Martlna Puetz Margo Qulntana Juan Ramlrez Letlcla Ramlrez Ted Ramlrez Rhonda Raney Susan Rangel Ron Reddlng Mark Relnshuttle Mlke Remboskl Albert Renaud lb wa QQ- ' 3,,flrf 5 5 sa 734:51 em. S . . ---- ,Si LE: , 35, .- W ,g i ' "' 'K ffffikliiif Q .5 fr- V .- - ,, .ws 1.55 taller Hector Reyes Michelle Rlchardson Suzanne Richardson Hugh Rlnk Sandra Rlos Bill Roblln Melanle Roche Laura Rodgers Debble Rodriguez Hector Rodriguez Isela Rodriguez Jesse Rodriguez Jesus Rodrlguez Raymond Rohena Annette Rojas Danny Rojas James Rojas Norma Rolon Ralph Roman Arturo Romero Lorl Romero Steve Romero Debble Ross Tlna Rotunda Edmundo Rueda Avery Sanchez Monlka Sanchez Danny Sale Irene Sandoval Jay Saravo Pam Sargent Debble Saunders Vlrglnla Saya Barry Scalllon Greg Scarboro Zelenla Schoemer THE UUISSHUUM SCENE aj Mrs. Connie Goebel helps a student with an assignment. by A quick check with math teacher Mrs. Mary Mar- tin was enough to get a student on the right track. cl While Miss Elizabeth Mahlood grades papers, her class concentrates on a French assignment. dj With the help of visual aids such as the overhead projector, Mrs. Jimmie Currie uses, students get extra help. ej Even when working at his desk, science teacher Mr. Doyle Watkins was ready to help a student. ,mr .,,, J Lunnell Scott Beth Senger Freddie Serna Diana Shaw Toni Sheehan Ronald Sheldon Jack Shinaut James Shirley Theodore Shrader Lucy Sierra Marisela Sifuentes Valentine Silvas Dawn Simmons Tom Simmons Katy Simone Cynthia Smith Julien Smith Keith Smith Robert Smith Robert Smith Terry Smith Victor Sosa Danny Soto Mike Sowers 172 .M Rebecca Spruill Barry Stephens Gary Stephenson Doug Stevens Dawn Stewart Gail Stewart Shelley Strain Phillip Strickler Brian Stives Wally Stokes Denise Sutter Ann Sutton Kevin Talton Margie Tarango David Taylor Jena Taylor Jimmy Taylor Tom Taylor Frank Tenorio Barbara Terrell Cynthia Terrell Kenny Thomas Tandra Thomas Cecilia Thompson Carmen Trelo Laura Trevlzo Sherry Turner Tommy Turner Yvonne Tyree Davld Usener Jill Thrasher Llsa Tlplon Magdalena Torres Mlke Torres Thelma Torres Y:-9 MP1 Hllda Valdez Jeff Valdo Danny Valencla Laura Vallla Davld Vandermeer Danny Vasquez Alloe Vasquez Joe Vasquez Jackle Vega Arthur Vellleux Angel Vela Olga Vela Rlchard Vera Klm Vlda Elvla Vllla Fldel Vlllalpando Gerardo Vlllar Jesus Vlllar Kenny Vlllla Teresa Wakefleld Karen Wallace Wllllam Wallace Kathy Walls Marllyn Ward 12.51 LaSonja Washlnton Rochelle Washington Angle Watson Terri Weathers Edward Welch ill Lynnette Welch Pam Welch Larry Welhelm Allen West Anita Westervelt Tlffiny Wheeler 1 Ann Whlte Sandy Whlte Terry Whlle Phll Whitehead Johnnie Whltlleld Johnnie Whlttleld Felecla Whltman Michael Wllder Darlene Wlley Wade Wlley Bryant Wllliams Elbert Wllllams Terry Wllllams Mlchelle Wllliams Nova Wllllams Flloky Wilson Donald Wolff George Wood Boris Woodson Charlals Woolridge Vylorls Woolridge Darlene Wrlght David Zamora Grlselda Zamorano Raul Zamorano 175 L 9 l ll if Q 'E-,353 x A X K 9:7 HBV' ik: as ,. Z hu? -pr' if -x I- L. - wa Ji' -' 3, E' fs Q M x 4 Jr N S 5 ,- L -..., ,fl I , gy- ,Z Q . i sl fi fi f-'fW1i'v'iisv.ew.ii Hiifif' ""! ff: wiigi , :.,- ,Q . w "T 'l25"J""""l,, f ' 1 ' l1iH:v'2r.f.f.'fa li ll iw fiL'.P,'!?i1r fi J ,gt . 2. Ili. veil . ff f iF F1 . Y LU ,V J g,,,1ftWX't5't1t .' 1 'W f' ,t',gl.ff'ff"'n-firm I l X my .W ,.f.M .. V u Ke, .an J ' 4 4 . ra n .. .. ne- ,, ' 'iw , 1 I 4 if ,QQ Q wa 1 1. at ,ir""sff1 n W' , 'J iw, ML Being number one is not an easy task, but once again the Golden Eagle band proved that it could be done. With the guidance of Mr. Al Mendez and Mr. Joe Jacobo, the band came home with a first divi- sion trophy from the annual mar- ching competition held on October 31, 1981, in the Sun Bowl. Many ex- tra rehearsals were spent trying to improve their music and show. The THE BAND Keeping up 111 tradition extra rehearsals paid off well as the band received many good com- ments from the judges. In past years, this was the only marching contest that the band competed in, but not this year. The Eagle band competed in the Sweepstakes Tournament of Bands held on November 25, 1981. They had to work even harder as this contest pitted them against not only El Paso schools but bands from other states as well. Out of the 15 bands that competed, the An- dress band came in second overall and received a score of 88.67 out of a possible 100. The Golden Eagle Band had again proven that they are the "Pride of the Northeast." "I always en- joy working with the Andress students. They're the , best." - Mr. Al Mendez F-1 i'i' ' --.., f Band director 'Q "It's a territic feeling working with the best." - Mr. Joe Jacobo Assistant director '1 Em! ld Q eg 1 y il 2 Tc 180 P M M I K, N,.,, . ,,., lu.. kk,,VV WHWVM , mtwrw , ,AML Jgk 25 M nf A 6 'A W :' n ,,,, M. . ,. .M lfnfjfyg ,,N, Q ,:g,-,,.,N..--M I-W-M. 14-:s:s,:xi,,,.4,,f.:g..zs, ,..,, -I .W..,..,,.1.,...f..,.5L3 3 ..... J. L th' , 49 2, , , W U .i'1M. ' JY.-.I 1' -as-,gr W' . 1, .K ..1!lvyy 1153- ix s-f"gf .11s'5-.,i. if -.,ii1.S,iJf?'.h. il' ' ' Aj W my T9 . .Q-.......- . L 'wr was - f ,,,,, ,fh ' : .,,- 7 w ng, if ,g,,,5,,5 aj 1981-82 Golden Eagle Marching Band. bi Les Townsend performs his solo in "Tiger of San Pedro" during the marching contest. ci Band waits nervously as their turn to perform comes closer and closer. di Feature twirler, Sheri Mauldin, performs one of her routines during the half-time show. ei Eagle band performs opening drill during the EPPS marching contest held at the UTEP Sun Bowl on Oct.31, 1981. fi Drum major, Lisa Manis, directs the band as they perform their show. gi The band bows to the crowd as they finish their show at the contest which was held at the Sun Bowl at UTEP. They were awarded a first division lsuperiorj rating. bvxheff - la mm-msfms f at Andress Jazz Band: top - Mike Lyon, Nancy Odiorne, Andre Hunter, Glen Campbell, Stanely Lewis, Eric Edwards, Eddie Lewis, Jawn Glass, Les Townsend, Kristin Fleharty, Tyrone Palmer, Dana Bates, Beth Sengerg bottom - Director Al Mendez, Norma Flolon, Wendy Dowkins, Pam Porter, Mike Addington, Javier Alonzo, Brian Baldwin, Kenny Villa, Bryon Goodman, Brian Webb, Manny Rodriguez, Adrian Brown. Not shown: Kenny Carrillo, Duane Eddy and James Shirley. bjA Christmas concert followed right after mar- ching season ended. cy Symphonic band performs Christmas music at the concert held December 16. dy Mr. Mendez helps Les Townsend and Duane Eddy with their jazz music while Adrian Brown keeps the tempo. The Andress band began prepar- ing for their concert season soon after marching season ended. The 150-members group was divided into two bands, symphonic and concert, and performed at several concerts and contests. Many students took part in in- dividual competition. Andress sent 66 students to All-Region, the CONCERT, JAZZ BANDS Making music all yearlong highest among all high schools, and 18 were chosen to take part in this band. Out of these 18, five went on to make All-Area, and three made All-State. Solo!Ensemble was another competition in which band members were active. This com- petition was needed in order for band students to earn their jacket letter. Also sharing the limelight of suc- cess was the Andress Stage Band. This highly-rated jazz ensemble was ranked among the top five in the nation and was also invited to compete and perform in Paris, France, at the Paris Jazz Festival in June. This year the symphonic, con- cert, first and second stage bands, and the marching band competed in competition held at San Diego, California. This is the first year in which all five bands entered a com- petition involving each one. To finance their trip, the members were busy all year selling candles, candy, cheese and sausage, popcorn, and holding raf- fles. They had also held several carwashes the previous summer. ej Mr. Mendez shows the jazz band the telegram in- viting them to the Paris Jazz Festival in which they were invited to compete. tj Intense concentration is shown by Mr. Mendez as he directs the symphonic band during a morning I rehearsa. gj Band beau and sweetheart Andre Hunter and Pam Porter. hj Junior and sophomore princesses this year were Liz Lopez and Jackie Vega. According to orchestra director Mr. Donald Kopecky, this year's group was a very young one, con- sisting mostly of sophomores. The 33-member musical ensemble set as its goal a trip to Durango, Colo- rado, for competition against orchestras from surrounding states. ln order to finance the trip, members conducted many fun- ORCHESTRA Young group enthusiastic draising activities including selling candy bars, cheese barrels and Christmas candy. At Fall Festival, they sponsored a popcorn-ball booth. Mr. Kopecky, who is in his third year as orchestra director here at Andress, was very pleased with the number of students who entered competitions. Two succeeded in being selected to All-State orches- tra and four members were in the El Paso Youth Symphony. Members were also proud of the Christmas concert which they presented to the school. aj All-state members are Jill Thrasher and Diane Richard- son. bl Orchestra officers are Debbie Ross, secretary, Debbie Diaz, vice president, Hugo Blanco, president, Kecia Kelly, treasurer, and Annette Rojas, secretary, cj Mr. Kopecky listens while the orchestra plays for him. dj Orchestra members: tront - Debbie Diaz, Debbie Ross, Elvia Trujillo, Yvette Pena, Hugo Blanco, Jill Thrasher, Greg lstok, Kecia Kellyg middle - Jena Taylor, Annette Rojas, Carmen Trejo, Sara Taylor, Rhonda Johnson, San- dra Rios, Lionel Scott, Steve Scott, Carlos Diaz, back - Kathy Fishie, Olga Vela, Becky Lopez, Liz Ortiz, Myra Holly, Clarence Fisher. ej Orchestra members give it all they got. tj Youth Symphony members were Jill Thrasher, Carlos Diaz and Diane Richardson. gj Patt Sittig practices her contest music alone. "We had mostly sophomores, but a very enthusias- tic group this year." - Mr. Donald Kopecky Director 81+ .sm ,wwf-Z,,,w ..,,,,m, W , ,M 'WA-Q w ,WW ' 4' uf Q h.,..M,,., ,A,,,,, ,N 1 4' QSLQ fgfwfw MW . 2231, J--fm ,. .Af .f,M,, N,-v,.w,v, .13 ,W vi, Under the leadership of a new and very enthusiastic director, Mrs. Lisa Quesada, the Andress Choir was revitalized, becoming more ac- tive and visible in school activities. Members of the jazz ensemble made a big hit at one pep assembly, singing and dancing to the title song from the hit movie, "Fame," A special concert per- CHOIR New director enthusiastic formed in December in conjunction with the modern dance department also was enthusiastically received. At the same time, members were working on other projects. An all- time high of 22 members tried out for All-Region choir with nine mak- ing it and five of these going on to qualify for All-State Choir. The various groups performed at several concerts, the Parade of Choirs, a benefit for the mentally retarded, and competed in the Jazz Festival and Chamber Festival. To finance their numerous ac- tivities, members sold school jackets, acrylic impressions, candy and snow cones. One of their pro- jects was a competition trip to Six Flags over Texas in the spring. The choir consisted of fou. groups: A choir, for which students auditioned .and were selected by the director, Jazz Ensemble, which this year was open to anyone in- terested in participating, Girls' Choir, made up mostly of sophomore girls, and Chamber Choir which was made up of the "finest" voices of A choir, accor- ding to Mrs. Quesada. ' "I love it, I love my kids. I hope that Andress - teachers as well as students - will support us in our contribution to EI Paso fine arts." A tit 4 tif - MTS. Lisa Quesada Director T- - xx. as 186 ,.--5, K, - in fi. K I X . A . 9 9 9 QQQZQ1 i Q a 5' "'i,'l 3,2 , .,,, -3, W, 5, RF v il WA" Choir: top row - Dawn Simmons, Dianna Richardson, Melissa Anderson, Angie Garcia, Efren Fernandez, Doug Bearden, Brawnley Glass, James Atchison, Cindy Smith, Kellie Rupard, Tali Green, middle row - Brenda Morgan, Michelle Hill, Jackie Howell, Kathaleen Rowland, Danny Perez, Boris Woodson, Kenny Nesmith, Chris Wall, Dottie Irwin, Debbie Diazg bottom row - Mrs. Quesada, Lori Wall, Patty Morton, Martina Whip- ple, Mike Aceto, David Babcock, Charles Chavez, Armando Cano, Patsy Casillas, Renee Allen. bl Chamber Choir: top row - Dawn Simmons, Melissa Anderson, Efren Fernandez, Doug Bearden, Brawnley Class, James Atchison, Talia Green, middle row - Jackie Howell, Kathaleen Rowland, Danny Perez, Kenny Nesmith, Chris Wall, Kelly Rupard, Cindy Smith, bottom row - Mrs. Quesada, Lori Wall, Patsy Casillas, Mike Aceto, David Babcock, Charles Chavez, Armando Cano, Dianna Richardson, Debbie Diaz. cjGirls' Choir: top row - Pam Shirley, Jackie 5 d Howell, Dianna Richardson, Ellen Woods, Patty Marin, Monica Sanchez, Cathy Harrell, Lucia Godinez, Charlais Woolridgeg bottom row - Mrs. Quesada, Lori Wall, Martine Whipple, Patty Sittig, Liwana Woolridge, Sandy Christopher, Tina Rotunda. lChoir members prepare and take orders from the tapatias they sold at the Fall Festival. Lori Wall prepares a tapatia for a customer while Melissa Anderson takes an order from another. Patsy Casillas' mother helped out by preparing the food for them. el Choir officers: David Babcock, librarian, Lori Wall, 0 secretary: Patsy Casillas, vice presidentg Jackie Howell, president. Jazz Ensemble: top row - Linda Waite, Mary Nelson, Danny Perez, Chris Wall, Ellen Woods, -Talia Green, Liwana Woolridge, bottom row - Lori Wall, Martina Whipple, David Babcock, Charles Chavez, Leon Smith, Pam Shirley, Ellen Woods. 187 , ' 9 ,, ff 'I zf " , w , A f " it ' la lb Choir members have fun while making music aj Charles Chavez shows one of the many animals sold by the choir during the Fall Festival. by Mrs. Quesada conducts and plays the piano to keep the choir in tempo. cl James Atchison, Chris Wall, Leon Smith and Ar- mando Cano rehearse during class. dl Doug Bearden, Kenny Nesmith, Leon Smith, Chris Wall, James Atchison, Armando Cano and Charles Smith sing away as they rehearse for a concert. ejAlI-Region choir members Steve Chavez, Talia Green, Patsy Casillas, Danny Perez. 188 lc ld This year the Speech and Drama departments combined to form a new club, Masque 8t Gavel. The club was kept quite busy this year with the many performances and fund-raisers. The group received assistance from Andy Flores and his gang from KINT 98, raising money by playing a very entertain- ing game of volleyball. Members, along with KLAQ helped the March of Dimes with the annual Haunted MASOUE 8t GAVEL Groups merge to form one House. Later in the year the club produced and performed an all- school play, "The Triumph of Nellie." The club also worked very hard on its one-act performance of "The Entertainer." Members also provided half-time entertainment at one of the home basketball games. Club President Mike Ed- wards said, "I was pleased with the club activities." Co-sponsors Nor- ma Garrett and Mona Navickas worked hard with the group to pro- duce winning teams and qualifying several students to state level competition. at Masque 8- Gavel club members: bottom - David Coltrne, Mark Noecker, Sabina Weber, Karen Slate, Emilce Espino, Maria Vasquez, Mrs. Norma Garrett, sponsorg Kevin Treeshg middle - Kenny Kivler, Kelly Rupard, Mrs. Mona Navickas, spon- sor, Barbara Daughtery, Caroline Jordan, Mary Ann Meyers, Lisa Campos, Betty Cremerg top - Denise Gatley, Bobby Armstrong, Tiny Lightfoot, Rene Coppock, Chris Liller, Mike Edwards, Marco Baroz, Brent Moon. by One-act play cast: tront - Karen Slate, Mark Noecker, middle - J. J. Aguilera, Emilce Espino, Misa Stubblefield, Teresa Barraza, Caroline Jor- dan, Robert Armstrong, Rudy Armijo, Amanda Kellyg top - Tiny Lightfoot, Lisa Campos, Barbara Daughtery, Rene Coppock, Sabina Weber. Not shown: Mike Edwards. cj Linda Guthrie helps paint faces at the Masque and Gavel Fall Festival booth after she herself was given the treatment. dy Officers: Rene Coppock, sergeant-at-armsg Lisa Campos, treasurer, Mary Ann Meyers, secretary, Mark Noecker, vice president, Mike Edwards, president. "This is the most talented and m o s t e n -' thusiastic group of students I h a v e e v e r known." - Mrs. Norma Garrett Co-Sponsor 189 ,xxx aj Front - Sarah Smitherman, Trisha Broussard, 2nd row - Melodia Thompson, Gale Halfacer, Karen Leeds, 3rd row - Lynn Clarke, Zandria Robinson, Frenchie Manor, Adrian Thomas, An- nette Lewis, top - Monica Arrieta. bl Dance girls help each other fix hair before pertormance. cl Carol Endicott showing her stuff at a Christmas program. dl Modern Dance girls performing in gym at pep-rally. ej Officers: President Kelly McMurray, Vice Presidednt Evette Espinoza, Secretary Tamar Fecker, Treasurer Tanya Fecker, Apparel Carol Endicott, Jamie Miller, Monique Watkins. 0 Miss Hayes ioking with Bill Taler and Gail Stewart. gl Nelly Perez and Monique Watkins showing their gracefulness. hj Girls showing their talent at a pep-rally. il Front - Pam Gray, Lisa Borrero, Dena Feinstein, 2nd row - Jacqui Hutchins, Kelly Arreola, Moni- que Watkins, Amanda Kelly, Mishelle Parker, 3rd row - Connie Fain, Tanya Fecker, Mary Typhair, Vicki Dorney, Karen Johnson, Lisa Fisher, Nelly Perez, 4th row - Jamie Miller, Kelly McMurray, Evette Espinoza, Diane Richardson, Tonya Sims, Tamar Fecker, Pam Towers, Carol Endicott, back: Martha Lopez, Michelle Beasley. . ES.: 1.44, A A - ,.,,. so tt . s ,+,, s s s ,atifjg "P X . .T ' 5 . . 1, S fe ,qi gsiggtlx- , 3 .Q . A Q ' X T .gf - 'T 1115. - gn N- 'QI' 5' VY'-...iT A , 't Q" I ' gl 1, a '34 ,, H ,. -.N-1 .1 5 - r g W ,,,x x it P ' b it sl X as 'tg ttt. A- WW seams? A K i.. 1 , A QA i rl Orchesis Dance Honorary is a group that performs a variety of dance programs for the school and community. They spend at least one period a day working on technique and movement. In December they participated in a Christmas program and also danced at the Andress Aglow pageant. To raise money for their OFICHESIS Honorary dance group costumes, they had car washes during the summer. The members of the organization put forth a great deal of time and effort to perform as much as they do. The entire body is used to ex- press anything that can be danced. The dance comes from within the performer. The themes of the modern dance are taken from the ups and downs of real life in its tragic as well as its humorous aspects. S "Orchesis has many dedicated tl dancers and stage managers. They work hard for each performance." - Miss Judith Haynes Sponsor The Andress High Reserve Of- ficer Training Corps program is under the direction of instructors Bill Fenno, Russell Wallace, and Solan Phelps. Under the direction of these three men, the battalion has consistently ranked high in the brigade and for several years has produced the brigade commander forthe city. ROTC Serving with honor, pride The various teams have also con- sistently placed high among those in the city in drill meets, rifle mat- ches, and oreinteering. Either one or both of the male and female var- sity drill teams always placed in the top three at each of the drill meets held in the fall and spring. The rifle team led the district in scoring and qualfied its members for the state meet in Arlington, Texas. ln the program the cadets learn- ed skills ranging from first aid and CPR training to map reading. lt has also instilled leadership and pride in the cadets. Members of the bat- talion were dedicated to the An- dress ROTC program and served with honor and pride. Instructors Solan Phelps, Bill Fenno, Russell Wallace. 192 The Distributive Education Club worked hard this year on training students, who are interested in business careers, job skills. It prepares them for life through classroom and on-the-job training. The qualifications to participate in DECA are being a junior or senior and maintaining a C average in overall standing. Competition plays an important part in DECA. Each student must DECA On-the-job training compete in the contests which An- dress holds. The competitions start at the local level and continue to the national level. The first and se- cond place in each area goes to the city contests. After this competi- tion, the top rank person in each area from participating schools goes to the final contest held in San Angelo. DECA members had many fund- raising projects this year. They sold such items as belts, pencil sharpeners and football key chains. The items were distributed through the Tom Watt Distributing Com- pany. They made 34,000 in profit. The money will be used to help pay for an annual Employer!Employee Banquet. The club also heldfbake sales throughout the year and sponsored a booth at the Fall Festival. l "These are the hardest-working students I've ever come in contact with." - Mrs. Deborah Reavis Sponsor i THAPXXQ Wxg.,,f1 .O 'Hop 'W gif. uwfq QXY. CHAPI5- XQYYQRIQU YEXAS qpUl4 'E' ,mi U4 T9 lh rig? til! Nj--. X' I . f g ,Mq f"'?""'v- Coordinated Vocational Aca- demics Education program tCVAEl is a course designed to help stu- dents find jobs and get experience in the world of work. Thirty-three students are currently enrolled at Andress High School in this fast- growing organization in El Paso and throughout the state. The Andress chapter belongs to the Vocational Opportunities Clubs of Texas CVAE 33 enrolled in program QVOCTJ. The director of the Andress program is Mrs. Elizabeth Dicker- man. Officers elected to serve this year were Patty Wilberg, president: Doris Cardona, vice president: Cathy Carothers, secretary: Ken- neth Cox, treasurer: John Bricker, reporter: Avery Sanchez, sergeant- at-arms: Jorie Jones, parliamenta- rian. at Front: Doris Cardona, Denise States, Jorie Jones, Cathy Carothers, Patty Wilberg, Thomas Laneaux: Back: Kenneth Cox, John Bricker, Alicia Armen- dariz, Avery Sanchez, Slade Dennis, Ethel O'Quin. by Doris Cardona, Cathy Carothers, Patty Wilberg, Patsy Nunez, James Galipeau, Jorie Jones, prac- tice parliamentary procedure. cy Cathy Carothers, district treasurer, and Patty Wil- berg, district secretary. dt James Galipeau, district officer and state repre- sentative. el Renae Moore and Ethel O'Quin watch other mem- bers practice. 0 Front: Erik Lord, Renae Moore, Arlene Lunsford, Patsy Nunez, James Galipeau: back: Eula O'Quin, Paula Wilberg, Tommy Torres, Laura Camet, James Distler. gy Front: Doris Cardona, vice president: Jorie Jones, parliamentarian: Cathy Carothers, secretary: Patty Wilberg, president: back: Kenneth Cox, treasurer: Slade Danis, student advisor: John Bricker, reporter: Avery Sanchez, sergeant-at-arms. hy Alicia Armendariz, Doris Cardona, Cathy Caroth- ers, Patty Wilberg at one of their meetings. it Patsy, James and Tommy in class. ,l gggg "We had a good, A hard-working " group this year." I :N - Mrs. Elizabeth 1 J Q5 ,g Dickerman f Sponsor , Q rf' .A F ,I .ff , ,tim Q 'S , - .,+',-,, I, 211 We proudly participated in the annual EmpIoyerlEmployee banquet." Training students for office employment is what the VOE, or Vocational Office Education, pro- gram is based upon. The students are taught office skills, such as typ- ing, shorthand, filing and business-related subjects. The members use their office skills in their jobs, whether it was behind a VOE Acquiring office skills desk or behind a cash register. The qualifications for this program in- clude one year of typing, and hav- ing the instructor's approval. The junior members attend a two-hour class, where they are instructed in office management. The senior members usually attended school half a day and worked the other half at their business-related job. This year at the Fall Festival, VOE had a marriage booth, where participants could "many" anyone they wanted. They also had the "Sugar Shack," a booth where they sold items such as cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. They rais- ed money to help finance the Employer!Employee banquet which was held during the second part of the school year. VOE members participated in area contests which involved all members interested in competing against other area high schools in the various skills taught in school. 1 - Mrs. Jessie Walker Advisor 212 Ia lb ,pvv 1 4' -fi . mf 1497 I . L..., if I aj VOE members: back - Margaret Chruch, Elaine Montoya, Lynn Clark, Patricia Clarke, Susan Melich, Jeannette Oliver, Monica Simon, Shelly Worsham, Tina Jones, Janet Skibo, Gilbert Acosta, Diane Shayg middle - Rosalva Arana, Ramona Hostos, Tamar Fecker, Sylvia Padilla, Michelle Scarantino, Sherry Ramos, Teresa Duran, Virginia Perez, Leticia Andrade, Anna Borquez, Tina Benoit: front - Pamela Smith, Phyllis Hoot- man, Tanya Fecker, Dianne Richardson, Vicky Phieff, Jeannene Schelski, Denise Gatley, Judy Scallion, Patty Mowery. bl Lynn Clarke end Margaret Church type during the morning VOE class. cj Jeannette Oliver prepares an order for a customer at Wienerchnitzel. dj Tina Jones performs a marriage ceremony at Fall Festival. et VOE officers: Letty Andrade, Gilbert Acosta, Sylvia Padilla, Anna Borquez and sponsor Mrs. Walker. 0 Susan Melich does some work on her practice book. gy Two students tie the knot at the marriage booth at Fall Festival. hj Jeannene Schelski waits for a customer at her window at the Government Employees Credit Union, where she works. ij Class members improve their typing skills during VOE class. it Students work at their tasks during class. 213 The Media Club, in its second year of existence, is an organiza- tion consisting of a group of hard- working students whose purpose is to perform services of all kinds for the library in order to make it a central part of the school. Formed by head librarian Marguerite Reece last year and renamed from what was formerly the Library Club, the MEDIA CLUB Group gives library help group consist mainly of students who serve the library as courtesies, although other students are en- couraged to join. The members take a great deal of pride in the library and help with setting up displays, working with the audio- visual equipment which the library is in charge of distributing, and in general helping out in any way necessary. Mrs. Reece expresses a lot of pride in the organization and a hope that it will grow larger in the future. at Front: Scott Wakefield, president, Theresa Wakefield, secretaryg Jesus Faz, vice president, back: Rosemary Gable, Carrie Pierce, Wendy Dowkins, Pam Sargent, Ledoris Hernandez, Bar- bara Blaes, T. J. Allen, Pam Shirley. bl Scott Wakefield checks out the cassette player in the library. cl Rosemary Gable and Theresa Wakefield set up a display of books. "I am very proud .. i of them. They , A enjoy what I T they're doing ' T' and profit a lot ,,,,, from their work." 'Q t - Mrs- trt Marguerite 3 Reece 'LQ W' ' Sponsor A A 1 Q2 214 Mfg, IN A 0T."N""J Ai' sd , i or ...sq .divx I The Games Club is one of the newest organizations on campus and is in its second year of ex- istence. lt has had a great deal of success and is prospering from its activities. "The most immportant purpose for this club is to have fun," stated one member. Members get together during lunch and after school to play games - games like chess, backgammon, GAMES CLUB All they do is play Dungeons and Dragons, and Risk. For the members, it is mentally stimulating to watch others play games and to play themselves. This year the group began sponsoring tournaments to encourage non- members to participate and these proved to be a great success. Sponsored by the master fun-lover himself, science teacher Mr. Ward Vaughn, members hope to gain even more members in the future and say they have had a good year. at Louis Villa and Marvin Liggins concentrate on their chess game. by Front: George Papamarkos, Mike Wilder, Luis Villa, Alice Harris, Andy Sobioch, Mr. Ward Vaughn, sponsor, middle: Robert Brown, Ted Shrader, Klaus Plath, Chris Miller, Nellie Perez, Bruno Sanchez, Don Morgan, David Duran, third row: Gary Holden, Devin Himez, Mike Linneer, Frank Benjamin, George Carleton, Carl Kniskerng back: Robert Smith, Marvin Liggins, Hugh Rink. cy Hugh, Mike, Don, Andy and Chris look over the Dungeons and Dragons guidebook. . , "We enjoy play- ' , ing games. They 6 are a challenge Q-, and very fill. . interesting." stll - Mr. Ward ..r5::3t2f. vaughn J lttitii ti Sponsor ,h Q Aa W '- fb, gre ' x 'at 1-'3 - HA" .xy ' V. ' 1 'A l f The Math Club was primarily formed for the purpose of uniting those students whose interest and ability in mathematics led to their involvement in interscholastic League and interschool competi- tion. There were two different con- tests that members participated in: Number Sense and Hand-held Calculator Math. This year the club encountered problems in recruiting MATH CLUB Competition primary aim members and at one time there was the possibility that the club would be done away with entirely. Members traveled to various schools to compete and prepare for district UIL competition in March. Mrs. Virginia Akin spon- sored the six-member club which met every Tuesday and Thursday at noon. alMath Club members: George Papamarkos, secretaryg Mike McCarthy, president, Devin Himel, Michelle Byrd, and Absa McBurrows. bjLooking over paperwork was just one ot the things Absa McBurrows and Michelle Byrd did during their meetings that were held during lunch. cj Robert Muro plays the computer game, spon- sored by the Math Club at the Fall Festival, as Devin Himel watches and Mrs. Akin and Mike Mc- Carthy collect money. "It's been a good year, but we need a lot more members." - Mrs. Virginia Akin Sponsor 216 fi, This year's main objective for the Science Club was to establish the club, work out all its problems, and to get it going. According to club sponsor, Ward Vaughn, they were "largely successful." The 20-member club was quite active in its first year, and had several selling projects, including posters, shirt decals, bumper SCIENCE CLUB Get it going is main goal stickers and candy. They also sponsored a "Mr. Wizard" type of science demonstration at this year's Fall Festival, and a talk with an eflglfleeflng professor, with hopes to continue this type of talks within the Science Club. This year the group had a TASK committee to assist students with the SAT GXBITI. The club had members study lasers, in the biological field, and in chemistry. The Science Club also had a JETS QJunior Engineering Technical Socieiyl, chapter which arranged trips of interest. White Sands was one of their first trips and there they toured the computer center and the missile range. at Members: Debbie Trejo, Anthony Olivieri, Richard Johnson, Larry Pipkin, Manny Gonzales, Mrs. Vaughn, sponsor, Bill Shuff, Eric Sodeman, Devin Gray, Greg Hennessy, Jaime Arciniega, Ron Dunklee, Matt Crestani, Tom Dickson, Manny Cardenas, Leanard Paege. by Eric Sodeman and Richard Johnson look over some equipment. cy Conducting a meeting are Manny Gonzalez and Devin Gray. dy While Devin hands out some important papers to members, Manny and Jaime Arciniaga look on. et Leonard Paege and Larry Pipkin listen to Mr. Vaughn as he gives them instructions. ,gg "I'm pleased by the many in- vididual efforts of the members. I feel that we got off on a good foot. - Mr. Ward Vaughn Sponsor 2 4 W MH , X2 N ww N.. ' f va. 5' I k i f S K as s X 4 xxx N . if 33 I 1 Y I , i - 4 1 I I I 4 or ..,. . . Sf' , 4 . The auto mechanics club is composed of members who are enrolled in the auto- shop classes in which students learn about automobiles and how to repair them. Under the direction of Mr. Tom Morris, such things as adjusting and rebuilding carburetors, dropping transmissions, replacing spark plugs and rebuilding cars are among the skills taught to the AUTO MECHANICS CLUB Skills to use now and later students. This year Rosemary Flores, for the second year in a row, was the only female enrolled in the club. Some of the cars that the students worked on during the year were supplied by teachers and some students. Some of the students worked on their own vehicles. The skill of welding, which is an occupa- tion that is highly in demand, is also an ac- tivity taught to the students. Wearing gog- gles is a safety precaution that is required of the students. at Top: Jose Valerio, Gilbert De La Rosa, Robert Hawes, Scott Klimbo, Mike McDonald, Ricardo Luster, Armando Olivas, Martin Lara. Bottom: Mike Ross, Keith Smith, Mark Holdenwang, Den- nis Richardson, Mr. Morris, Johnny Briones, Ralph Leal, James Ardirsch and Jeffery Brown. Not shown: Ceasar Martinez and Lupe Gallegos. by Top: Charles Wagner, Brian Dutro, Gary Wiley, Shannon Johnson, Roy Smith, Juan Muro, Roy At- chison, Paul Acosta. Bottom: Richard Gordon, Daniel Anderson, Jorge Castaneda, Mr. Morris, David Leal, Ivan Sanchez, Miguel Payan and Mike Aguilar. cj Top: John Keller, Jorge Gibbs, Johnny Whitfield, Mike Torres, Rosemary Flores, Raymond Lewis, John Olinger, Tony Koehler, Warren Wittig, Phillip Moore. Bottom: Jose Gonzalez, Clifton Lee, Mr. Morris, Tony Dinsdale, Jimmy Bricker, James Jacobs, Luis Castillo and Steve Warren. "This is one of the best years." - Mr. Tom Morris Sponsor Q s 5 L'-Eu .., el Senior members of the Student Council: top - Rene Coppock, Robert Armstrong, Anita Cadena, Hugo Blanco, Martha Lopez, Rudy Armijo, Robert Stimetsg bottom - Gilbert Aguirre, Ida Oedillo, Angie Jones, Letty Rodriguez. Not shown: Letty Romero, by Junior members: top - Kelly Arreola, Karen Pollock, Susan Brendt, Penny Tuck, Amy Holmes, Amanda Kelly, bottom - Susan Rodriguez, Kyoko lto, Lisa Fisher, Lisa Borrero. cj Sophomore members: top - Caesar Blanco, Elisa Bradford, Kenny Villa, Tina Gremlich, Kim Daniels, bottom - Diane Baker, Michelle Williams, Beth Senger. di Student Council members: bottom - Amy Holmes, Angie Jones, Letty Rodriguez, Gilbert Aguirre, Michelle Williams, Rudy Armijog middle - Kim Daniels, Karen Pollock, Letty Romero, Anita Cadena, Lisa Borrero, Susan Rodriguez, Penny Tuck, Beth Senger, Diane Baker: op - Kel- ly Arreola, Martha Lopez, Tina Gremlich, Rnee Coppock, Ida Cedillo, Robert Stimets, Lisa Fisher, Kenny Villa. ' el Executive Committee: top -- Angie Jones, Susan Rodriguez, Anita Cadena, Hugo Blanco, Amy Holmes, Caesar Blanco, Diane Baker: bottom - Letty Rodriguez, Gilbert Aguirre, Lisa Fisher, Pen- ny Tuck. 0 President Gilbert Aguirre tries to get the members' attention so that the meeting can begin. 220 Student Council is a group of students who are elected by their classmates to represent their opi- nions and interests. This group is comprised of seven students from each classification, representatives from yearbook and newspaper staffs, one representative from each of the cheerleading squads, and the student body managers. STUDENT COUNCIL Representing student body The purpose of this organization is to plan all activities at Andress. This year, they worked at registration and organized Fall Festival. Homecoming, which is one of the biggest events at An- dress, was arranged by the Student Council. During Homecoming week, activities such as the pie- eating contest, bum day, punk rock day and oldie-goldie day were organized by the members. At the Andress basketball tournament, they provided food and refreshments for all the coaches and referees. The members also sponsored and helped at a blood drive held January 6. Representing all the students at Andress is quite a tough job, but the Student Coun- cil, with the assistance of sponsor Miss Mary Anna Harmen, had eveything well organized and under We "This year's C Student Council EO ggg, has worked real- ly hard. I'm pro- - II: I ud ofthem." i - Miss Mary . 6, Anna Harmon .k. f i S' Sponsor ' 9' - M vlfffff J control. . Y' I: : i xx I bi x ,' . l 2 2 , I y',glu I lg 2 wk W , Q i., --S . . S 1 1 vf l aj Nelson Van Matre donates blood at the drive sponsored by Student Council while his friends stand by and watch. bl Kenny Villa serves coffee at the hospitality room for the coaches at the Andress Tournament. cl President Gilbert Aguirre was involved in many other activities besides Student Council. Here he listens to instructions during his modern dance class. dj Ida Cedillo and Kenny Villa watch as a participant tries to shave a balloon at the SC's Fall Festival booth. el Mark Olivieri lies patiently while he donates a pint of blood. 223 Of all the organizations at An- dress, the National Honor Society is one of the few which student may join only if they are selected for membership. In the spring of each year, juniors and seniors who qualify are inducted into the Ted Andress chapter of NHS. Members must have not only maintained an average of 90 or above, but most NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Select few make up club possess outstanding qualities of citizenship, leadership, and ser- vice. Students who qulify scholastically are reviewed by a faculty committee and must receive favorable ratings in order to be ac- cepted for membership. Chapter members this year were involved in several fundraising pro- jects this yera. The members sold M 81 M's and also participated in the Fall Festival where they had a Frisbee toss booth. sy NHS members: top - Mrs. Mary Martin, sponsor, Deva Hancock, Eddie Blohm, Devin Gray, Ron Dunklee, Maria Larkin, Carlos Munoz, John Wood- ward, Carol Coleman: bottom - Anna Schrieber, Linda Strange, Carina Mott, Bill Shuff, Manny Gonzalez, Teresa Wilson, Matt Turner. by President Ron Dunklee and Vice president Anna Schrieber discuss important matters with members of the club. cy Devin Gray shows Deva Hancock his patch which he recieved for being chosen member of the month. dj Mrs. Msrtin discusses important issues with of- ficers Ron Dunklee, Maria Larkin, Teresa Wilson and Anna Schrieber. "lt is a real pleasure work- ing with this group. I consider them the elite." - Mrs. Mary Martin Sponsor 224 Q L? 514 -.'H ? --""" L-nl Quill and Scroll is the only organization that doesn't have many activities of its own - the members were too busy covering the activities of all the other clubs. Quill and Scroll members, chosen from the newspaper and yearbook staffs, must be in the upper third of their class, and must have done superior work in some phase of QUILL AND SCROLL Club honors journalists school publications work. Members must be of junior or senior classification or second semester sophomores. They were selected by the advisor, Miss Rodriguez, in the beginning of the second semester. Induction was held in May at the annual Quill and Scroll Publications Banquet. aj Quill and Scroll members: top - Joe Johnson, Michael Apuan, Rene Coppock, Judy Beer, Mark Shacklett, Albert Calderon, Danny Bustamanteg bottom - Tim Foster, Terrie Reyes, Cheryl Ber- naiche, Letty Rodriguez, Stephanie Hughes, Soyla Castillo, Toshi Navarro. Not shown: Bobby Crowell, Jenny Kellner, Alan Bunnell, Andy Stimets, Larry Blasch, Cliff Vance. bl Even though artist Larry Blasch, wasn't in the newspaper or yearbook class he spent much of his own time to produce the graphics seen in both productions. cy Miss Rodriguez, Cheryl Bernaiche and Soyla Castillo prepare the candles and holders for the invitation. dj Bobby Crowell, Cliff Vance, and Jenny Kellner discuss pictures and layouts for yearbook pages. "These students deserve much more recognition than they get. They've put out a lot of effort so that Andress can enjoy a good newspaper and yearbook." - Miss Irma Rodriguez Sponsor 225 aj Rene Coppock, who served as editor for the first few issues of the first semester, pauses while editing some co . by News editor Judy Beer and assistant editor Mike Apuan relax in the staff room between deadlines. ct Fernie Plascencia, Danny Bustamante, and Albert Calderon count out papers in preparation for sales while Kenneth Cox types out a story. dt Andy Stimets, feature writer, makes a phone call to get some information tor one ot his stories. ej Photographer Bobby Crowell sports editor Joe Johnson, and sports columnist Cliff Vance look over some contact sheets to select pictures for an upcom- ing edition. It Business manager Cathy Harrell shows first-year staff member Stephanie Hughes how to lay out adver- tisements in AQUILA. gt Sophomore Celia Echevveria prepares her "That Was Then" column, made up of information gathered from past issues of AQUILA. ht Entertainment writer Tim Foster concentrates on one of his album reviews while Fernie Plascencia pro- ofreads a story, 226 One of the smallest, most inex- perienced staffs in the history of AQUILA produced this year's issues of the school newspaper, and, according to advisor Irma Rodriguez, "They did a really outstanding job. l'm very proud of them." Due to a lack of beginning jour- nalism classes and the graduation last year of a large number of staff AQUILA STAFF Journalists prove loyal members, this year's AQUILA staff had very few experienced members. The staff grew from eight to 15 when Miss Rod convinc- ed several students who had originally signed up for photo- journalism - a class that didn't make - to stay on and join the newspaper staff. None of the students had any previous newspaper staff or writing experience, but they willingly and enthusiastically did their best to become reporters and writers. They learned the hard way, by just going out and interviewing, then returning to write their stories, which were then checked by Miss Rod, and then, more often than not, rewritten until they were ready for publication. In spite of the tough times, the staff proved to be the most united, with everyone pulling together to sell ads, type stories and get the paper ready for publication issue after issue. "There were problems, personality conflicts, disagreements, sure," said Miss Rod, "but, everybody cared, and that's what really counts." "This year's staff was one of the most together, caring and fun staffs I've ever had. It was a great , year." ' - Miss Irma Rodriguez Advisor 227 Now, a little about the staff. The Talon staff is arranged in a hierar- chy. At the top is the advisor, Miss Rodriguez. Under her are the co- editors Judy Beer and Jenny Kellner. The section editors, Soyla Castillo, Sheryl Bernaiche, Toshi Navarro and Terrie Reyes are next in line, followed by Leslie Burkes, Michelle Butte, Thelma Colson, TALON STAFF Pride marks year's work Betty Cremer, Laura Dockray, Lan- ny Dockray, Sonia Nava, and Thelma Torres, who work on the sections. Each of these people has certain responsibilities to uphold. Miss Rodriguez has the responsibility of making sure we make our deadlines, or else there would be no yearbook. The co-editors take on the responsibility of telling the section editors what is going on. Section editors tell the individuals in their section what assignments they have and how many pages they can use and so forth. lt was a lot of hard work, but all these responsibilities brought many rewards. ln Miss Rodriguez' own words, "lt was a really challenging and fulfilling year for me. The biggest problem was having an entirely new staff to train at the beginning of the year, and yet, l believe that the fact that the staff was entirely new is the strongest point of the book -they had a fresh approach. I feel they did a terrific job!" Terrie Reyes also commented, 'fl thought putting together a year- book was a lot easier than it actual- ly is, but it was worth all my time, effort and energy on Saturday mornings." 28 J s sd.. A f i rg, :WM J-v,, at Advisor Miss Irma Rodriguez. by Co-editors Judy Beer and Jenny Kellner. cj Section editors Soyla Castillo, sports, Cheryl Ber- naiche, features, Terrie Reyes organizations, and Toshi Navarro, academics. dy Talon staff: bottom - Leslie Burkes, Toshi Navarro, Thelma Torres, Laney Dockray, Betty Cremerg top - Jenny Kellner, Judy Beer, Thelma Colson, Cheryl Bernaiche, Terrie Reyes, Soyla Castillo, Sonia Nava, and Michelle Butte. el Miss Rod looks on as the academics section members alphabetize the class pictures. fl Terrie Reyes types up her copy for the band page. gl Cheryl Bernaiche and Betty Cremer team up for work on the features pages. hy Larry Blasch created the artwork which appears in the Talon this year. 229 Strenuous editing, hectic layout- drawing, lots of brain-storming, prolific photography and im- aginative copy writing were all part of being on this year's Talon staff. However, to the untrained eye it might seem amazing that we ac- tually managed to produce 'this book! A curious Aquila staff reporter took down his observa- tions during a typical 5th period in the staff room listening to hard rock and misalphabetizing the senior pictures! 1:07 - Lanny Dockray is unob- trusively trying to blend in with the academics section so Miss Rod who't see him and send him out to talk to organizations sponsors. 1:09 - Terrie Reyes cons Soyla Castillo into coming with her to talk to a perturbed Mr. Mendez about with the Talon rescheduling staff. the band group 1 2 : 2 5 - shot. She ex- Everyone ets A TYPICAL TALON HOUR . . . lains that she 9 to class lex- cept for Jenny P wants Soyla to be there to Kellner who is catch her as either taking she comes fly- an extended ing out the lunch break or door! her counselori. S h a c k I e t t 12:35 - Miss Rod has calmed comes out of the darkroom and down enought to intelligibly yell out to Bobby Crowell not to throw Letty Rodriguez out the window for say- ing he takes lousy pictures! 12:40 - Tim Groover comes in late as usual, smelling like hamburgers after his morning job at Wienerschnitzel. 12:45 - Alan Bunnell emerges once more from the darkroom to beg Miss Rod to let him be designated "Coordinating Editor" la non-exciting title! on the front page. Well, he got half his wish! 12:47 - Judy Beer is making as many layout mistakes as possible so she can practice her basketball shot by throwing them at the trash can! 12:53 - Cheryl Bernaiche and Ter- rie Reyes design 10 pages, crop pictures for 5 pages call each other 92 different names, then proceed to type up their copy. 12:59 - Betty Cremer gets up the nerve to ask Miss Rod for permis- sion to go get her yearbook box which she carries around everywhere except to yearbook class. 1:05 - Toshi Navarro, Sonia Nava, Thelma Torres and Laura Dockray facademics section! are hiding out 230 just misses banging his head on the ceiling. He's dressed in his usual get-up: concert T-shirt, flannel shirt and radio glued to his ear! 1:16 - Thelma Colson and Leslie Burkes are the only ones who are calmly and quietly getting their work done lor at least doing a good job of faking itll 1:18 - After adjusting her Western belt buckle and taking off her cowboy hat, Michelle Butte stands up and proceeds to give Joe Ramirez a photo assignment to take pictures at the Rodeo for the "Cowboy Feature" in the yearbook. 1:20 - Miss Rod announces that everyone should start putting up their work and getting ready for the bell. 1:21 - Jenny Kellner rushes in at the last minute with entrance pass and 20 fantastic new ideas! 1:25 - Miss Rod yells at Joe Ramirez, Soyla Castillo, Terrie Reyes, and Cheryl Bernaiche to get to their French class on time lThey never once made it!! And thus ends another typically hectic and mind-boggling hour on the Talon staff! Do you wonder how it ever got done? ,W aj Peeking in the door, Jennifer Kellner hopes that Miss Rod isn't looking, so that she won't be mark- ed tardy. by A dedicated Leslie Burkes ignores the surroun- ding chaos, calmly gets her work done. cj Bobby Crowell tries to throw Letty Rodriguez out the window, and Mark Shacklett makes no at- tempt to save her. dj Soyla Castillo looks worried about going with Terrie Reyes to confront Mr. Mendez. el On his knees, Alan Bunnell once again begs Miss Rod to let him be "Coordinating Editor." 0 Cheryl Bernaiche and Terrie Reyes attack each other with a picture cropper and a ruler. gy Making another mistake, Judy Beer shoots for two. 231 at Mark Shacklett cleans some dirty negatives. by Getting ready to go on a photo assignment, Letty Rodriguez puts film in her camera. ci Chief photographer Alan Bunnell takes inventory of photo supplies. Inset: Alan gets the enlarger ready to make some prints. dt Developing some film, Bobby Crowell carefully agitates the tank. et Before printing, Joe Ramirez frames the negative in the easel. 0 Emilio Miramontes checks his negative carrier prior to printing a picture. gt Some tools of the trade: the bulk film loader which holds 100 feet of film and reloadable car- tridge into which photographers roll their film to ensure less waste. hy Tim Groover checks a strip of negatives to select his picture. ia in D006 ll 'Sf' 51' ' khgi Q .mug 232 ' f , ' fifiliffii ' ' -:sie ...E CN., gun, - X 53:3 A X K sg s if if if xi-K sd st N was il neu 5,15 53 as Sw 'fi 'A ,iv sf ka -M W 13 A S ff '-3: xp. A ! 9 , 'M L , .xv y,,,,.,. ,. J.:-f ra 'M ,J .0 N 4 ',,,.,.--v"""' mv..-,.,,,Wv J wa- . M FM The Fall Festival, a yearly fun and fund-raiser for clubs and organiza- tions, was held on October 17 from noon until five p.m. There were many things to do and even more things to eat. Under the category of things to eat were Nachos, burritos, cookies, cotton candy, candied apples, and other appetizers. Some of the clubs involved in food sales were D.E., the Junior class, Black-American club, the French club, and the Ger- man Club. Some of the things to do at the Fall Festival included throwing a Frisbee to win a bottle of Coke, getting spooked in the haunted house, getting "married," and get- ting someone dunked in a tank of water. The clubs in charge of these were National Honor Society, Mas- que and Gavel, V.O.E. and the foot- ball team. Most school organiza- tions participated and sponsored both food and game booths. at Persons manning the dunking booth sponsored by the varsity football team wait for someone to come along and try their hand as surrounding water is evidence that some have already succeeded. by FTA sponsor Mrs. Tora Martinez demonstrates good form as she shows how the bowling booth works. cj Selling tote bags and other miscellaneous items tor the D.E. club are Carmen Ortiz and friends. dt Alma Garza waits her turn to be painted at the Masque and Gavel booth. 234 -sf", 4...-A-. f ---....,,..,. x .3454 ' I ,f if 5 Ei- 'K This year the Masque and Gavel club sponsored an all-school play and it also provided most of the ac- tors. The play, a melodrama, was entitled "Lost in the City, or The Triumph of Nellie." The play takes place in New York City in the Gay 90's. The major roles were filled very convincingly and capably by some drama students who have compiled quite a bit of experience in past school productions. The cast put on two perfor- mances of the play, which was directed by drama teacher, Mrs. Norma Garrett, who also made all of the costumes. One performance was on a Saturday night for the general public and another was during school time, for the student body. The school performance was played to a full house and was ex- tremely well received. 236 56-3 -- "x I4 oLp::w . ..... A ANDRESS g " TCH 4 . , rf 'Xk, N gk X' 3 X me 5' Q' X K THE 1? lk X E+ at Cast members: front - Misa Stubblefield, Teresa Barraza, Caroline Jordan, middle - Karen Slate, Amanda Kelly, Sabina Weber, Mary-Ann Myersg back - Thomas Lightfoot, Michael Edwards, Bob- by Armstrong, Rudy Armijo and Rene Coppock. by The good, represented by Bobby Armstrong in the role of detective Johnathan Wells, and the evil villain Hubert Rakestraw, played by Mike Ed- wards, battle it out for Miss Nellie Goodwin QLisa Campost. cy The handsome Johnathan Wells tries to win the heart of Nellie Goodwin. dt Theresa Barraza, Misa Stubblefield, Caroline Jordan, Mary-Ann Myers, Sabina Weber and Lisa Campos played the "Boardinghouse" girls. at Hubert Rakestra forces his attentions on Nellie. 0 The commissioner played by Tina Lightfoot, and Johnathan Wells step in to save the day. gt A full-house crowd packs in the "Theatre," the school cafeteria, to see the final performance of the play. ht Karen Slate portrays the old Mrs. Goodwin. it Rev. Fullworthy, played by Rene Coppock, at- tempts to change Rakestraw's evil ways. it Miss DeFontaine tAmanda Kellyl draws out the evil in Rakestraw. ky At the end of the play, the cast gave Mike Ed- wards an unexpected "treat," a pie in the face. 237 8 SENIORS Acosta, Gilbert 23, 102, 212, Adams, Cindy Adams, Larry Addington, Jeffery 64, 65, Aguilara, Javier 102, 122, Aguirre, Gilbert 13, 102, 112, 122, 143 222, Aguirre, Hector Aguirre, Alberto Alaniz, Yolanda Allen, Chet Alonzo, Stella Alverez, Ernesto Amaro, Alma Anderson, John Andrade, Leticia 103, 212 Andrade, Rebecca Aragon, Randolf Arciniaga, Jaime 64, 65, 122 Armendariz, Alicia 103, 210 Armijo, Rodolfo 103, 113, Armstrong, Robert 15, 103, 189 Arpin, John Arrieta, Monica Austin, Bryce Avila, Robert 76, 77, Baca, Yvonne Baldwin, Jack Barber, Maxie Barnett, Cornell Barraza, Teresa 104, 189, Barrett, Cheryl Bartels, Celeste Bassuk, Bobby Bates, Cary Baum, James 60, 61 Bazell, Jennifer Bean, Craig Bearden, Reuben 60 Beauchat, Jeanmarie Becker, Mary Bedinghaus, Vance 105, 102 213 102 102 102, 146 189 105, 223 102 102 102 102 102 103 103 , 213 103 58 103, ,217 ,211 189, 236 146, 236 ' 103 103 76 103 103 104 104 203 236 104 104 104 104 104 104 104 104 105 105 123 Beer, Judith 49, 53, 105, 106, 226, 228, 229, 248 Bell, Denise Benoit, Tina 105 Bemaiche, chef I 105, 228, Y Berroteran, Miguel Bethune, Mikel Bevan, Donald Bevins, David Birriel, Michael Blair, Leslie Blanco, Hugo 12, 76, 79, 105,112,122,129,185, Blasch, Lawrence 106 Bionm, winie 40, 41, 42, 106, Bocanegra, Ricardo 26, Bolding, Mary Diane Bonds, Calvin Booth, Greg 105 212 229 84 122 105 105 105 105 104, 222 229 201 106 106 106 106 Botelho, Lynda 104, 106 Boulanger, Angelia 106, 201 Bouldin, Stephen 106 Bowdion, Tracie 106 Bowling, Bonnie 106 Brasgalla, Michele 106, 122 Bricker, Debra 107 Bricker, John 107, 210, 211 Brison, Angela 14, 49, 52, 107, 123 Brooks, Pamela 107 Buck, Kimberly 107 Bunell, Alan 107, 112, 143, 232 Burciaga, Arthur 107 Burton, Roebrt 107 Cadena, Anita 107, 222 Cadogan, Robert 1, 41 Calderon, Albert 13, 102, 107, 226 Campos, Lisa 107, 189, 236 Cano, Jose 150 Carabajal, Susan 107 Cardenas, Manuel 64, 108, 217 Cardon, Doris 12, 13, 108, 210, 211 Caro, Brenda 108 Carothers, Cathy 108, 210, 211 Carrillo, Christina 108 Carrillo, Manuel 108 Carrillo, Robert 108 Case, Regina 108 Castillo, Soyla 108, 109, 228, 229 Castro, Brenda 108 Cavender, Kenneth 108 Cedillo, Ida 108 223 Chavez, Jeffery 108 Chavez, Paul 109 Childerss, Deann 109 Cisneros, Carlos 109 Clack, Juanita 109 Clark, Karla 49, 109, 122 139 Clarke, Patricia 109 212 Clouser, Melissa 109 Cody, Danny 109 Coleman, Carol 109 Collins, Robin 109 Collins, John 109 Colon, John 109 Colson, Thelma 23,203 229 Colter, Roxane 109 Coltrane, David 110 189 Cooney, Teresa 110 Coppock, Rene 89, 100, 110, 113, 129, 189, 226, 236, 237 Cordero, Diane 16, 20, 110, 122, 146 Cox, Kenneth 110, 210, 211, 226 Cranford, Andre 110 Crestani, Matthew 64, 65, 85, 110, 217 Crowder, Vicky 110, 203 Crowell, Jodi 62, 110 Crowell, Robert 76, 77, 110, 208, 209,226 232 Cutshall, Randy 110 Daniel, Thomas 110 137 Dare, Scott 110 Davis, William 110 135 De La Rosa, Mateo 110,207,219 De Santiego, Lilia 110 208 Denham, Diana 110, 122, Desso, Ronald 110 Devine, Sherrilyn 110, 113, 143, 178 Dickson, Thomas Dinsdale, Tony Distler, James Dix, Edward 110,217 111,219 111,210 111 111 Doederline, Thomas 76, 78, Dorney, Victoria 111, 122, 208, 235 Doty, Katherine 111 Dowd, John 1 1 1 Dowkings, Wendy 111, 214 Drake, Elizabeth 111 Duggan, Patricia 11 1, 208 Dunklee, Ron 111,217 Durkes, Anneliese 111, 208 Duran, Julie 111 Dykes, Keith 111, 143 Easter,Patricia 111 Echeverria, Pedro 76, 78 Edwards, Eric 1111 Edwards, Michael 20, 111, 122, 189, 236, 237 Edwards, Paula 111 Edwards, Raymond 111 Endicott, Carol 111 139, 235 Epperson, John 114, 208 Espinoza, Evette 114 Espinoza, Terri 114, 146 Estrada, Patricia 114 Fain, Connie 114 Farris, Juanita 73, 75 114, 123 Fecker, Tamar 11 114, 212 Fecker, Tanya 11 114, 212 Felton, Harold 66, 114 Findly, Shirley 114 Fiore, Rosario 114 Fisher, Belinda 114 Fithian, Dona 114 Fleharty, Kristin 22 107, 114 Flores, Ana 114 Frank, Fredrick 114 Franklin, Angela 114 Freeburg, Carol 114 Fry, Roger 114 Frye, Derrick 41 Gable, Rosemarie 114 Gage, Debra 115 Gagnon, Tana 115 Galipeau, James 115, 210, 211 Garcia, Yolanda 115 Garza, Alma 115, 234 Garza, Andrez 40, 41, 43, 96, 101, 1 15 Geary, Lynn 115, 143 Georges, Mary 115, 153 Gibbs, Jorge 115, 219 Glass, Jawn 115 Goethals, Arlene 115 Golden, Darlene 115, 203 Gonzales, Angelina 115 Gonzalez, Jose 219 Gonzalez, Manuel 115, 217 Gonzalez, Octavio 115, 218 Golden, Dralene 123 Gooden, Herman 115 Gooding, Don Gooding, Douglas 1 Graham, Christine Grau, Isidro 15, Gray, Devin 112, 116, Green, Anita Green, Talia 116, 136, Grenz, Sandra Grigg, David Grinstead, Bruce 122 129 187 Landin, Daniel 18, 76, 77, 79, 122 115 135 115 115 217 116 188 116 116 116 Groover, Timothy 116 233 Guile, Kelly 116 Guthrie, Linda 189 Gutierrez, Bogarth 105 116 Hagar, Glenn 116 Halfacer, Gale 116 Hancock, Deva 7, 116 123 Hand, Raymond 116 Harmon, William 116 Harrell, Catherine 116, 186 226 Harris, Dennis 116 Harrison, Melinda 116 123 Haugen, Todd 116 152 Haverson, Edward 116 Heniges, Gregg 116 Henry, Ronny 128 Hernandez, Barbara 117 122 Hernandez, Becky 49 117 Hernandez, Ledores 117 202, 214 Hillery, Cheryl 117 Hiney, Maria 117 Hoey, Chung Hui 117 Hootman, Pamela 101 117 Hopp, Charles 117 152 Hostak, Phillip 117 Houston, Charles 117 Howell,Jacqueline 117, 186 187 Hunter, Darren 117 Hunter, Jana 117, 208, 209 Hunter, Warren 107, 117 Hurd, Jackie 117 Hutchins, Jacqui 27, 117 Jakelwicz, James 117 Jaksina, Veronica 17 Jasso, Paul 117, 123 Jeffery, Cheryl 117 Jeffery, Gregory 246 Jimerson, Vanessa 118 Johnson, Carolyn 10, 11, 16, 20, 118, 203 Johnson, Timothy 118 Jones, Angela 27, 118 Jones, Jorie 118,210,211 Jones, Yvonne 106, 118 Kasberger, Mortiz 118 Kastner, Susan 118 Kellner, Jennifer 16, 112, 118, 226, 228 229 Kemmerling, Tanya Kimmell, Richard Kimmell, Kenneth Kivler, Kenneth Kniskern, Carl Knotts, Steven 118 118 118 118 106 146 189 215 118 Koether, Gretchen 64, 65, 85, 118 Kozak, Anthony Kozerinsky, Carrol 131 118 102, 118, Laneau, Thomas 118, 211 Lara, Martin 58, 219 Larkin, Maria 118, 143 Laughlin, David 118 Lawrence, Cynthia 119 Lazaro, Jessica 119 Lee, Selina 119 Lewis, Edward 119 Lightfoot, Thomas 189, 236 Lindstrom, Michael 152 Linneer, Mike 215 Livingston, Mathew 119 Longoria, Humberto 119 Lopez, Irma 119 Lopez, John 26, 119, 123 Lopez, Martha 11, 16, 20, 119, 235 Lozano, Teresa 108 119 Lucas, Odell 119 218 Luke, Cheryl 73, 74 119 Lytle, Holly 6, 113 119 Maez, Paul 100, 119 123 Manis, Lisa 119, 178 181 Manor, Rodney 58 Marion, Mitchell Marquez, Ana 119 Marquez, Darryl 119 Marroquin, Gilbert 119 Martens, Kathryn 119 122 Martin, Joseph 58 Martin, Merrie 119 153 Martinez, Abigail 15,16 120 Martinez, Bertha 120 Marines, Paphael 120 McAdan, Cynthia 120 McCarthy, Michael 120 216 McElveen, Cynthia 120 McFarland, David 201 McGowan, Charles 120 McLaren, John 120 McMurray, Kelly 84, 120 122 Meadows, Reginald 85, 120 203 Melich, Susan 120, 212 213 Merchant, Violet 120 Mesimer, William 120 Metz, Matthew 85, 120 208 Meyers, Christopher 120 Miller, Willie 40, 42, 894 Moon, Brent 120, 189 207 Moore, Peter 120 Moore, Renae 120 210 Mora, Scott 120 Morgan, Terri 120 Moriel, Paul 121 Morony, Edward 121 Mott, Carina 26 121 Mowery, Patricia 212 Moya, Consuelo 121 Mullen, Tarita 121 Mullins, Vanessa Munguia, Gloria Munoz, Carlos Murphy, Todd Murphy, Vincenzo Myers, Mary Ann 103, 121, Naron, Monica 121 121 121 101 121 122, 189, 236 121 Nash, David Neiman, Nancy Nelms, Jeff Nelson, Suzanne Nemeth, Sammy Nevilles, Terrie 49, 121, Newman, Ruby Faye Nicchio, Marvin 5, 18 76, 77, Niederhifer, Arnold Noecker, Mark 124, 146, Oaxaca, Jorge Odiorne, Nancy Odom, Johanna Olinger, John Oliver, Jeannete Olivieri, Mark Olson, Kelly Oquin, Eula Orona, Guillermina Ortega, Cecilia Ortiz, Alfredo Ottum, Bambi Palmer, Tyrone Parada, Theresa Partch, Karen 124 Patterson, Shannon Patzkowski, Amalie Pelton, Donald Pena, Victor Perales, Francisco Perez, Gloria Perez, Graciela Peter, Amanda Peterson, Toni Pfeiff, Vicky Phelps, James Phillips, Rebecca Pickett, Sandra Pierce, Carrie Pierce, Cody ' Pierson, S. D. Plascen cia, Fernando Porter, Pamela Preston, Linda Pugh, D Pugh, R onald onald Pyles, Donald Raehl, Valkyrie Rairez, Jose Ramos, Ramos, Ramos, Rankin, Ratton, Reddoc Eric Jo-Ann John Orienta 23, 125, Kenneth h, Hal 27, Redic, Maureen Renken, Harry Reyes, Terrie 126, Richardson, Dianna Richardson, Dianne Richardson, Frank Richardson, Terrie Richason, Jackie Riddell, Norma Rivera, Annette Roberts, Lorna Robinson, Christine 124 124 124 124 , 208 76 125 16 125 125 226 104 125 123 125 208 228 126 184 19 1 1 a v 121 121 121 121 121 246 121 101, 121 121 189 124 124 124 219 212 223 124 210 124 178 124 124 124 124 209 124 124 124 124 124 125 125 150 125 ,212 125 125 125 214 152 125 227 125 125 152 125 128 125 233 125 125 125 209 126 126 203 126 229 186 213 126 126 126 126 85 126 126 Rodriguez, Leticia 13, 23, 122, 2 126, 132, 222, 229 Rodriguez, Sonya 127, 143, 178 Rohr, Joseph 127 Rojas, Carlos 127 Romero, Leticia 127, 143 Rowland, Kathaleen 127, 186 Roybal, Diana 84, 127 Russo, Paul 60, 61, 127 Salas, Debbie 127 Salgado, David 127 Sanchez, Joann 127, 138 Sanchez, Zina 127, 153' Sarmiento, Rene 127 Sarmiento, Robert 128 Sawangsri, Maysa 128 Schalla, David 128 Schhelski, Jeannene 212, 213 Schreiber, Anna 49, 73, 75, 102, 113, 128 Scott, Gerry Scott, Steve 128, Scroggs, Clifton Seager, Diannia Selke, Leah Serrano, Sylvia Shacklett, Mark 100, Sharlow, Patrick Sheldon, William Shuff, Charles 128, Simon, Monica 128, Sissem, Alberta Sittig, Patricia 128, 185, 186, Skibo, Janet 128, Slate, Karen 129, 189, 236, Slates, Denise 129, Smarts, Michael Smith, Alan Smith, Donald Smith, Karen Smith, Lionel 100, Smith, Pamela 130, Sodemann, Eric 66, 67, 130, Sowers, Pamela 133, Sparks, Carsten Spencer, Carol Spencer, Joseph Van Matre, Nelson 132, 222 Van Schaik, Merle 76, 78, 79, 122, 132 Vance, Cliff 76, 77, 79, 132 Vance, Duane 132 Vargas, Salvador 132 Vasquez, Maria Delores 189, 132 Vasquez, Victor 132 Vaughan, Mark 132 Vaupel, Robert 132 Villa, Carol 84, 132 Villa, Luis 132, 215 Walford, Corinna 133 Wall, Christopher 133, 186, 187, 188 Wall, Lori 133, 186, 187 Wallace, Joseph 133 Waugh, Terry 133 Weaver, Brian 133 Weber, Sabina 189, 236 Wensel, James 133 Wilkins, William 133 Williams, Linda 133, 202 Williams, Vicki 133 Wilson, Teresa 133, 143 Wolf, Mark 133 Wong, Nanthan 133 Woodbury, Chalon 133 Woods, Ellen 133, 186, 187 Woodward, John 133 Woolridge, Ljwana 186 Worsham, Shelly 84, 133, 212 Wright, Catherine 133 JUNIORS Acosta, Christina 136 Addington, Michael 136 Ahrens, Kenneth 136 Alford, Tammy 136 Allcock, Allen 136 Allen, Terry 136, Amador, Michael Ames, Rebecca Andrade, Hugo Stacy, John Stimets, Robert Stockton, Sammy Strange, Linda Suarez, Robert Talamentez, Richard Tate, Brenda Taylor, Sandra Theus, Karen Thomas, Vicki Thompson, Rebecca Tibbetts, Alan Tomijanovich, Tom Torres, Carlos Torres, Jose Torres, Tommy Tost, Susan Townsend, Leslie Tresh, Kevin Trinidad, Diane Typhair, Mary Urbanczyk, Maria Valerio, Reuben 130, 60, 22, 131, 131 85, 85, 128 185 128 128 128 128 232 128 128 217 212 128 201 212 237 211 129 129 129 129 129 212 217 178 130 130 130 130 226 130 130 130 130 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 58, 59 131 210 131 180 , 189 131 122 122 219 Angel, Maria Arana, Rosalva 136 150 Archer, James Arciniaga, Viginia Arnold, Kevin 76, 79 Arreola, Kelly 17, 73, Arrieta, Monica 208 Atchison, James 136, 186 Austin, Brian Austin, Mark Avara, Jerry Avila, Beatriz Babcock, David 136, 186 Baca, Sharon Bally, Kellen Baldwin, Brian Barnes, Carl Barnes, Mike Barnes, Norman Baroz, Alan Baroz, Marco Barrera, Jose Beasley, Michelle 214 136 136 136 136 212 136 136 136 136 209 188 136 136 136 136 187 136 136 137 137 137 137 137 189 137 137 Beaver, Rollie Beavers, Pamela Berndt, Susan Bickle, Melanie Blaes, Barbara Blahuta, Barbra Blohm, James 137 Borquez, Anna 137, 212 Borrero, Elizabeth Bothne, John Bowen, Lorella Boyd, Delores Boyd, Kimberly Boyer, Joann Brandon, Edna Brendt, Susan Briggs, Barbara 17, 22, 137 73 137 Briones, Alejandro 138, 218 138 Brison, Mona Brooks, Melody Broussard, Patricia Brown, Diane Brown, Kristoddie Brown, Louie Brown, Major Brown, Robert Burkes, Natalie Bustamante, Daniel Byrd, Michelle Camet, Laura Campbell, Dawn 138, 208 138 138 64, 138 138 Carbajal, Cecilia 13, 17, 49, Carey, Patricia Carillo, Ray 1 1 137 137 137 137 241 137 137 213 137 137 153 137 137 137 137 143 138 219 149 138 138 209 138 138 215 138 226 216 210 138 138, 207 138 138 Casillas, Patricia 138, 186, 187, 188 Castillo, Luis Castro, Luz Cervantes, Shirley Chambers, Barbara 138 138 Chavez, Annette 52, 49 139 Chavez, Pedro Chisholm, Cynthia Church, Margaret Clark, Michael Clarke, Lynn Coleman, Mike Collins, Sandra Collins, Toby Colon, Ronald 139, 66, 139, 139, Colson, Maria 73, 74, 139 Cordero, Virginia 52, 72, 73 Cordova, Andrew Correll, Lori Cremer, Betty 139, 189, 201 139 Crowder, Ulanda Curless, Charles Custer, Aretta Davis, Avaril Davis Slade 139, , 139, 210 DeBarr, Margaret 17, 139 DelaCruz, Guillermo Dennison, Brian Desso, Johnnie Desso, Ron Diaz, Debbie Dieter, Steven Dincher, Bernadine 185, 62, 1 1 1 1 1 1 219 143 138 138 139 146 139 212 150 212 139 139 139 139 203 139 139 178 239 203 139 146 139 211 143 139 139 139 186 139 140 Dix, Christiana Dockray, Lannes 140 Dokken, Michael Dotson, Lora Douglas, Benita Dozier, Cheryl Drollinger, Marybeth DuVal, Sherrie 62, 140, 143 Duncan, Ruth Durad, Terry 140 Enriquez, Marie 140 Espino, Emiloe 140 Espinoza, Sherri Faison, Jacquelyn Farley, Mark Farmer, Cynthia 140 Farvour, Cherie 140 Faulling, John Feinstein, Dena 140, 208 Ferguson, Kimberly Fernandez, Efren Ferris, Tracy Finch, Roger Findley, Susan 17, 22 Fisher, Lisa 134, 138 Fitzgerald, Louis Flores, Maria Flores, Maria Mayela Flores, Michael Folsom, Jim Foster, Tim 150 Franqui, Sylvia Frye, Gregory Frye, Kevin Fulmer, Timothy Galipeau, Paul Gallegos, Ezequeil Garbo, Daniel Garcia, Adolfo Garcia, Alex Garcia, Juanita Gardiner, Elizabeth Gately, Denise Gaylord, Richard 141,189 Geary, Janet 64, Geyer, John Gibbs, Roslllana Gillespie, Frances Gillespie, Michael Gitre, Renee Gomez, Sonya Gonzales, Andrew Gonzales, Juan Goodman, Bryon Gordon, Karen Gorham, Fred Gray, Pamela Griffin, Bruce Griffith, Kenneth Grohmann, Mark Gross, Richard 64, Gschwind, Mark Gutierrez, Miguel Hagar, William Hagy, Moni Haislet, Michael Hanna, Deward Hansbrough,Annette 135, Harbin, Danny 139 , 229 140 140 140 140 140 201 140 212 178 189 140 140 140 146 146 140 , 235 140 186 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 227 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 141 141 141 141 212 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 208 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 Hardesty, Bradley Harris, Alice 141 Harris, Helen Hawkins, Dora Hawkins, Randall Hazelton, William Heibich, Linda 142, Heibich, Susan 142, Heisel, Heidi 142 Helms, Douglas Hennessy, Gregory 142 Herrera, Concepcion Hicks, Michael Hillery, Marnie 142 Hoehn, Donald Hoffman, James 76, 78 Hoffman, Michael Holland, Crystal 73 Holmes, Amy 142, 143 Holmes, William Hootman, Phyllis 142 Horn, Laura 142 Hostos, Ramona 66, 202 Householder, Brenda Houston, Jackie Hunt, Heather 62, 63 lstok, Monika 142 Ito, Kyoko Jacinto, Walter Jackson, Jill Jackson, Vicki Jacksons, Terri 143 Jaksina, Ricardo 136 Jamerson, Mark Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Joseph 135, 142 Johnson, Michael Johnson, Richard Johnson, Tita 143, 178 Jones, Billy Jones, Debra Jones, Jerry Jones, Kevin Jones, Tina 143 Jordan, Caroline 143, 189 Juarez, Norma Kelker, Timmy Kelly, Amanda 143, 189, Kelly, Kecia 143 Kemp, Karen 143 Ketcherside, William Kim, Son Kind, Julie 78 King, Norman Klein, Jeffery Kleine, Andrea Koether, Kurt Kusak, Dolores Kutz, Susan 64 Lahs, Laura 144 Lares, Maria Laverty, Dale Leeds, Karen Lewis, Annette 135 Lewis, Joseph Lewis, Maurice Lewis, Michelle Liller, Christopher 1 v 141 214 141 208 141 142 201 201 146 142 217 142 142 153 142 142 142 142 222 142 212 143 212 142 142 142 143 142 143 143 143 203 143 143 142 226 143 216 203 143 143 143 212 236 143 143 236, 237 185 178 143 143 143 143 144 149 64 144 144 152 144 144 144 144 144 144 144 189 Liller, Elizabeth 135, 144, Lindsey, Laurel Little, Bruce Lockett, Rayford Long, Frank Lopez, Edmundo Lopez, Elizabeth Lopez, Nancy Lozano, Alfred Luna, Osbella Lunsford, Arlene Mabry, Rayford Machicek, Jeffery Marcher, Michael Manis, Bryon Manning, Kevin Manor, Frenchie Marin, Patty Marmoleio, David Martin, Sigrid Martin, Towanda Martinez, Daniel Martinez, Linda Mauldin, Joni Maxwell, John McAllister, Michelle McBurrows, Absa McCoy, Robert McClammy, Mirko McFaden, Sarah McNair, Diana Melton, Richard Mende, Gary Michalik, Edward Midgley, Mary Miller, Cathleen Miller, Cherie Miller, Courtney Miller, Jamie Mills, Michelle Mills, Phillip Mitchell, Monica Moffatt, William Molina, Jorge Montalvo, Daniel Montoya, Elaine Moore, David Moore, Jackie Morales, Christopher 22, 146 144 144 144 144 144 144 66, 67, 144, 80, 141 178 62 62 137 144 145 66 81 145, Morgan, Brenda 145m Morgan, Marianne 64, 143, Morgan, Melanie Morton, Jerome Mucha, Steve Munoz, Anthony Munoz, Gloria Munoz, Grace Muro, Roberto 145, 153, 203, 216, 218 Murphy, Dino Myers, Angela Myrick, Britt Neal, Andrew Neely, Robert Nelson, Deanna 146, Nesmith, Kenneth 58, 1 Nelson, Mary Newby, Maria Newman, Eddie 145, 86, 84 144 144 210 144 144 144 141 144 144 186 144 144 144 144 144 144 76 144 216 145 201 145 145 ,145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 212 145 145 58 186 145 145 145 208 145 145 145 202, ,219 145 145 145 145 145 146 187 188 146 146 Nix, Linda Noggle, Tandi Norton, Gary Nunez, Patricia 211, O'Connor, Randy Olivieri, Anthony 146, Oquin, Ethel 146, 211, Orr, Jane Ortega, David 40, 42, 43, Ortiz, Carmen 62, 63, 84, Ortiz, Gloria Ortiz, Javier Ortiz, Yvonne Otero, Alexander Ott, Pamela Pacheco, Pat Padilla, Sylvia 212 Palacios, Frank Palacios, Luis Palfenier, Samuel Pantelides, Joanne Parker, Mishelle Passmore, Felicia 62, Patrick, Kenneth Pearson, Kimbarlee 146 146 146 210 146 217 210 146 146 146, 234 146 146 146 146 146 213 146 146 146 146 Peart, James Peczeli, Joseph Pederson, Randall Pereira, Jorge Perez, Perez, Perez Perez Arturo Daniel 147, 186, , Nelly , Virginia Petta, Shawn Pickle, Michael Pierce, Terry 146 153 147 203 147, 153 147 208 147 147 147 147 147 187, 188 147,215 147, 212 147 147 147 Pipkin, Larry 147, Pirtle, Darlene Pittman, Maria Plath, Klaus 147, Pollock, Karen Ponce, Raul Pope, Patty 73, 75, Portillo, Mona Postelle, John Potter, Traci Qualls, Myrna Quintana, Vincent Ramirez, Esther Ramirez, Manuel Ramos, Gloria Ramos, Sherry 148 Rand, Kimberle 137, 148, Rasp, Mary Resendiz, Dora Resendiz, Irma Revoir, Ann Reyes, Hilda Reyes, Linda Reyna, Rey Reynolds, Lance Rice, Michael Rios, Maggie Ritchie, Eileen Rivera, Sammy John Rivera, Samuel Joseph Robinson, Zandria Rodriguez, Manuel 22, 80,81, 217 147 147 215 147 147 147 148 147 a 148 148 148 148 148 148 212 201 148 148 202 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 146, 148 Rodriguez, Susan Rohbraugh, Cheryl Rojo, Manuel Rolleg, Jacqueline Romero, Ruth Rosa, Joseph Roybal, Raymond Ruiz, Daniel Rupard, Kellie Russell, Henry Salas, Trudie - Salyer, Lucille Samarripa, Daid Samrow, Dean Sanchez, Bruno Sanchez, Maria Saravo, Jan Saya, Sonia Scallion, Judy Scarantino, Michele Scepanski, David Schiel, David Scott, Julie Shacklett, Erick Shaw, Kristi Shaw, Wayne Shay, Diane Shirley, Pamela Sierra, Patricia Sievers, Patricia Sifuentes, Jose Simard, Sonya Sims, Tonya Skipworth, Jody Slaight, Mike Smith, Brenda Smith, Sharon Smith, Terry Smitherman, Sarah Sobioch, Andrew Soto, Daniel Soule, Melissa 6, 13, 143, 148, 58 146 148 64 18, 186 148 149 49 149 149 146 149 66, 67 149 149, 187 143, 149 76, 78 Stephenson, Theresa Stiggers, Victor Strange, Paula Strasser, Kelly Stroud, Kathy Stubblefield, Misa Sweeney, Douglas Taylor, Sara Taylor, Wade Thomas, Adrian Thompson, Melodie Thornton, Barbara Tillman, Wilson Torres, Sandra Torrez, Debbie Torrez, Louis Trader, Charles Trejo, Deborah Tuck, Penny Turner, Jennifer Turner, Roger Valencia, Jamie Valerio, John Vance, Bryce Vandiver, Earleen Vasquez, Salvador 149, 189 135, 64, 149, 150 -Von 143, 150 134 1 1 1 1 v 134, 246 148 148 148 202 148 148 148 189 148 148 178 148 148 215 149 149 149 212 212 149 149 149 149 208 149 212 214 186 149 152 149 149 149 149 149 149 149 149 214 149 149 149 149 149 149 149 236 149 185 149 203 150 150 149 150 150 150 150 217 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 24 Vasquez, Victor Vega, lsauro Vela, Magic Vigneaul , Robert Villa, Yvette Waddell, Jesse Wagner, Carl Waite, Linda Wakefield, Scott Wall, Lori Wallace, Diane Warren, Robert Warren, Steven Washington, Crystal Washington, Juanita Washington, Michael Washington, Vickie Weaver, Andrea Weick, William Weldin, Matthew Wendel, James Wheeler, Denise Whipple, Martina 151, Wilberg, Patricia Wilberg, Paula Wiles, Kim Williams, Alfred Williams, Darryl Williams, Wendy Wilson, Patricia Winn, Daniel Wood, David Woodruf, Kimberly Woods, Edna Woolridge, Trulina 76, 78 41,146 150 150 64 151 41 66 186 151 151 41, 43, 151 13 150 150 150 150 150 150 187 214 187 150 151 219 151 151 151 151 151 151 151 151 151 187 211 210 151 151 151 151 208 151 151 151 150 147 SOPHOMORES Adrom, Bethel Aceto, Michael Aceves, Jaime Adame, Coralee Adame, Jaime Adame, Juana Alaniz, Gilberto Alejo, Lorenzo Allen, Christina Allen, Renee Allen, Roger Alonzo, Javier Ames, Dona Anderson, Kathy Anderson, Melissa Andrade, Patricia Andrae, Cynthia Andrae, Tholan Anpun, Michael Aragon, Dennis Arroyo, Mark Ashby, Amy Asmussen, Jeffery Atteberry, Janet Audirsch, Bryant Austin, Carolyn Austin, Wesley Avara, John Baca, Claudia Baker, Dianne 156, 186, 156 186 156 156 152 156 156 156 156 156 186 156 156 156 187 156 156 156 156, 226 156 156, 143, 156 178 156 156 156 156 157 157 157 157 Chavez, Elsia Barela, Joelee 157 Barr, Alice 157 Barraza, Emilio 157 Bars, Lisa 157 Barton, Jeffery 157 Bashon, Michael 157 Bauer, Eric 157 Beasley, Gay 157 Beltran, Sergio 80 Belvin, Laurence 157 Benjamin, Frank 157, 215 Benson, Roger 157 Blaes, Valerie Blair, Kimberly Blanco, Cesar Boisseller, Maria Bolling, Windell Boutelle, Eilleen Bowen, Karen Bowman, Jennie Bradford, Elisa 15, 17, 62, 63, 154, 158, 222 158 157 157 157 158 158 158 158 158 Bradshaw, Jeffery Braswell, Sonya 158 Bricker, James 158, 219 Brocksmith, Kerwin 158 Brown, Adrian 158 Brown, Annette 158 Brown, Jeffery 219 Brown, Shelley 143 Bryen, Anthony 158 Buckley, Leonard 158 Burke, Leslie 158, 229 Burkholder, Beth 158 Burns, Christopher 158 Butte, Michele 158 Bynum, Darya 60, 158 Caballero, Albert 158 Cadena, David 158 Camacho, Paul 80, 158 Campbell, Glen Jr. 158 Cano, Armando 76, 158, 186, 188 Carleton, George 158, 215 Carlson, Kenny 158 Carr, Samantha 158, 203 138 Carr, Troy Carry, Lydia 158 Casas, Danny 158, 208 Casillas, Anita 158 Castillo, Henry 158 Castillo, Vincente 159 Ceniceros, Jose 159 Chavez, Charles 159, 186, 187, 188 Chavez, Richard Chitty, Kirk 58, 59, Christopher, Sandra 159, Cigarroa, Juan Clark, Michael Cleveland, Anthony Cline,John Cobb, Lloyd Cody, Fred Colon, Belinda Corrales, Sandra Cranford, Catherina 159 159 159 186 159 159 159 159 159 159 159 159 159 Crank, Calvin 159 Craven, Julie Crowell, Kimberly Dahl, Tamra Dallas, Angela Dallas, Jimmy Damron, James Daniels, Kimberly Danison, Christopher Daughtry, Marie Davis, Melvin De La Rosa, AI'ItOf'lla Deimerly, Stacy Delgado, Roberto Dennis, Norwood Dennison, Pamela Desantiago, Mario Diaz, Carlos Diaz, David Diaz, Maria Dicarlo, Donald Dincher, Miriam Distler, Teresa Dockray, Lara Doctor, April Doederlein, Julie Donahue, Miyuki Dorchester, Jeff 159 159 159 159 159 159 159 159 159 159 159 80, 81 169 160, 160, Dougherty, Barbara 15, 160, Dozier, Rocio Drake, Monika Duran, David Ebert, Margaret Echeveria, Celia Eddy, Duane Edgar, Christine Edwards, Vickie Ellison, Erick Enriquez, Susan Escamilla, Jorge Estensen, Candace Estes, David Eychener, Roberta Ezell, Ronald 10, 202, 66, 106, 160, 160, Faison, Cathy Farmer, Jeffery Farrow, Keith Faz, Jesus Fierro, Zorraida Filarski, Barbara Findley, Franklin Fish, Kathy Fischer, Clarence Flint, Jessie Flores, John Flores, Monica Flores, Rosemary Flores, Tina Fontaine, Michael Ford, Phillip Fray, Mary Freeman, Denise Fuerte, Raul Fulwider, Elena Gall, Raymond Galvan, Eric Galvan, James Garcia, Angela Garcia, Arthur 58,161 161 161 17, 161, 218, 64 162, 80, 81, 159 159 185 160 160 160 160 160 160 203 160 160 160 189, 201 207 207 215 160 227 160 160 160 160 160 160 161 161 161 161 161 161 161 214 161 161 161 185 185 161 161 161 219 161 161 161 162 161 161 162 162 162 162 168 162 Garcia, Brenda Garcia, Juan Garza, Abel Guiliano, Michael Glass, Brawnley 162 Godinez, Lucia 162 Goins, Johnny Golliher, Paul 58 Gomez, Lorenzo 80, 81, 154 Gonzales, Antonio Gonzalez, Armando Gonzalez, Claudia 162 Gonzalez, Maria Gonzalez, Patricia Gonzalez, Sandra Gould, Darrell Graham, Allicia Graham, Maxine Gramlich, Tina 162 Graziano, Donna Green, Ivan Greenwood, Robin Gribben, Christopher Guile, Lori Gulick, Lynette Gunsch, Sandra Gutierrez, Gary Guiterrez, Mayra Hakes, Dolores Hale, Sonia 73, Hamilton, Teresa Hardgrove, Robert Haro, Mark Harrell, Linda 162 162 162 162 186 186 162 162 162 162 162 202 162 162 162 162 162 202 222 162 162 162 162 162 162 162 162 162 163 74 163 163 163 163 Harris, Jennifer 163 Harris, Stephen 163 Hatfield, Mary 163 Hawkins, Deborah 163 Hawkins, Laurene 163 Hazelton, Kimberly 62, 63, 163 Hees, Joachim 163 Heim, Daniel 163 Helms, Thomas 163 Henderson, Rhonda 163 Hendrix, Don 163 Hernandez, Annete 163 Hernandez, Ernest 163 Hernandez, Ernesto 163 Hernandez, Jeannette 163 Hernandez, Joeta 163 Hernandez, Lisa 163 Hernandez, Marylou 202 Hernandez, Orlando 80, 163 Hernandez, Patricia 163 Hernandez, Refugio 163 Hernandez, Robert 163 Herrera, Luz 163 Herron, Alan 142 Hetrick, Larry 80, 81, 163 Hill, Joseph 163 Hill, Michelle 17, 163, 186 Himel, Devin 163, 215, 216 Hodges, Sonya 163 Hoehn, Richard 163 Holden, Gary 163,215 Holder, Chris 153, 163 Holguin, Maria 164 Holly, Myra 164, 185 Holmes, David 164 44 Holt, Ronald Hopp, Penny Hosler, Jeffery Howard, Barbara Howard, Dewayne Howell, Kerby Huckabay, Lenora Huff, Jefffs Hughes, Morgan Hughes, Stephanie Humphrey, Michael Humphries, Carmen Hunter, Kenneth Hutchins, Sandra Hutchison, Mike Iglesias, Miguel lrvvin, Dorothy Iaacs, Jeanne Jackson, Brent Jackson, Thomas Jacobs, James Jarvis, Damon Jasper, Thomasina Jasper, Tommy Johnson, Georgia Johnson, Renard Johnson, Rhonda Johnston, Monica Karl, Frank Keller, John Kenner, William Kincaid, Kenny Kirk, Linda Kirkpatrick, Jeffery Klee, Michael Knighten, Tracy Kniskern, Heidi Knolley, Alisha Knolley, Baron Koehler, Anthony Kraemien, Judy Kwon, Mark Lamb, Jerry Lanam, Eric Lares, Miguel Larkin, Christine Laverty, Donna Lawson, Rhonda Lawaon, Richard LeClair, Christi Lee, Clifton Lewis, Raymond Lewis, Stanley Licon, Michael Liggins, Marvin Lightfoot, Susan Lilia, Richard Lindsey, John Lipe, Karen Lira, Egla Lodge, Lisa Logan, Dainne Long, Brian Lopez, Olga Lopez, Rebecca Lopez, Willie Lord, Erik Lorusso, Daniel Lustig, Beth 135, 164 164 164 164 164 164 164 164 164 164, 227 142 164 164 164 164 164 164, 186 164 164 164 62, 63, 58, 164 165 202 165 165 165 164, 185 165 165 165, 219 165 165 73, 165 15 165 165 165 165 165 165, 219 165 166 166 166 80, 81 166, 201 72, 73, 166 166 166 62, 166, 166, 153, 166 219 219 166 166 215 166 166 166 166 166 166 166 166 166 166, 185 166 210 166 166 Lynn, Karnava Lyon, Patricia Mallory, Marilyn Marin, Hope Marmoleio, Ralph Marquitz, Lea Marroquin, Daniel Marshall, Kenneth Martinez, Alexander Martinez, Carlos Martinez, Connie Martinez, Lisa Maruska, Brian Mata, Manuel 80, 81, Mattingly, Thomas Mauldin, Sheri 15, 17, 168, Mayhak, Delmur McAdam, Steve McCoontze, Brenda McGill, Bernardria McAllister, Laurie McDonald, Richard McElveen, Kenneth Mejia, Pablo Melich, Willard Mena, Ruben Metz, Craig Mickey, John Miller, Scott Miramontes, Emilio Miramontes, Isabel Montes, Gloria Montoya, Edward Moore, Joe Moore, Norma Moore, Rosie Morales, Manuel Morgan, Don Morgan, Terri Moriel, Cesar Morton, Patty Moton, Tyrone Mungo, Gerald Munguia, Pamela Muniz, Victor Murdock, Jesscia Murphy, Hugh Murphy, Mickey Murray, Darryl Myrick, Vanda Mysinger, James Maputi, John Nava, Sonia Navarro, Toshiko Nelson, Billy Nesmith, Mark Newby, Tammie Nesmith, Keny Newton, Robbi Nicchio, Carl Noel, Janet Noel, Randy Nolen, Billy Nolen, John Nunez, Robert O'Bryan, Annette O'Bryan, Vivian Ortiz, Gloria 166 166 166 166 166 166 166 166 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 178, 180 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 233 167 167 167 167 167 167 167 215 167 168 186 168 168 168 168 168 168 168 168 168 168 168 168, 229 229 168 168 168 168 169 169 169 169 169 169 169 169 169 169 Ortiz, Hilda Papamarkos, George 169, Parker, John Parra, Ann Parra, John Paschall, Erik Payan, Araceli Payne, Elissa Payton, Pete Pearson, Rick Peavy, Dawn Peel, Patricia Pena, Yvette 170, Pereida, Juanita Perez, Rosie Perkins, Benny Perry, Robert Peterson, Charles Peterson, John Peterson, Randolph Pettipiece, Debra Phillipa, Annete Pinson, Guillermina Pleasant, Phyllis Ponce, Cecilia Porter, Kathy Porter, Rickey Portillo, Lanette Portillo, Priscilla Premer, Mike Prock, Christopher Puetz, Martina Quintana, Margo Ramirez, Juan Ramirez, Leticia Ramirez, Theodore Raney, Rhonda Rangel, Susan Redding, Ronald Remboski, Michael Reyes, Jim Richardson, Michelle 171 169 215, 216 169 169 169 169 169 169 169 170 170 170 184 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 170 171 203 Richardosn, Suzanne 1-71 Rink, Hugh 215 Rios, Sandra 171 185 Roblin, Bill 171 Rodriguez, Hector 171 Rodriguez, lsela 171 Rodriguez, Jesse 171 Rodriguez, Jesus 171 Rohena, Raymond 171 Roias, Annette 171, 184, 185 Rojas, Danny 171 Rojas, James 13, 20 171 Rolon, Norma 171 Roman, Ralph 171 Romero, Arturo 171 Romero, Steve 58 171 Ross, Deborah 171 185 Reuda, Edmundo 171 Sanchez, Avery 171, 210, 211 Sanchez, Monika 49, 52, 53, 171, 186 Sale, Danny 171 Sandoval, Irene 49, 171 Saravo, Jay 171 Saunders, Deborah 171 Saya, Virginia 171 Scallion, Berry 155 Schoemer, Zelenia Scott, Lynnell 172 Senger, Elizabeth 143 Serna, Freddie Shaw, Diana Shinaut, Jack 66, 67, Shirley, James Shrader, Theodore 172 Sierra, Luz Esther Sifuentes, Mariseia Silvas, Valentine 155, Simmons, Dawn 172, Simmons, Thomas 171 171 185 172 172 172 172 172 215 172 172 172 186 172 Simone, Kathleen 172 Smith, Cynthia 172, 186 Smith, Julien 172 Smith, Keith 218, 219 Smith, Leon 88, 187 Smith, Robert 172, 215 Smith, Robert 172 Smith, Terry 172 Sosa, Victor 172 Soto, Daniel 172 Soule, Daniel 80, 81 Sowers, Michael 172 Spruill, Rebecca 173 Stephens, Barry 173 Stephenson, Gary 173 Stevens, Doug 173 Stewart, Dawn 173 Stewart, Gail 173 Stives, Brian 173 Strain, Shelley 173 Strickler, Phillip 173 Sutter, Denise 173 Sutton, Ann 173 Talton, Kevin 173 Tarango, Margarita 173 Taylor, David 173 Taylor, Jena 173, 185 Taylor, Jimmie 173 Taylor, Thomas 173 Terrell, Cynthia 173 Thomas, Kenneth 173 Thomas, Tandra 173 Thompson, Cecilia 173 Thrasher, Jill 174, 184, 185 Tipton, Lisa 13 174 Tores, Magdalena 174 Torres, Michael 174, 219 Torres, Telma 174, 229 Trejo, Carmen 174, 185 Trevizo, Laura 174 Turner, Sherry Tyree, Yvonne Usener, David Valdez, Hilda Valdo, Jeffrey Valencia, Daniel Vasquez, Alice Vasquez, Danny 80, Vasquez, Joe Vega, Jackie 22, Veilleux, Arthur Vela, Angel Vela, Olga 174, Vera, Richard Vida, Kimberly 64, 174 174 174 174 174 174 174 174 174 174 174 174 185 174 174 Villa, Elvia 174 Villa, Kenneth 155, 174,222 Villapando, Fidel 174 Villar, Gerardo 174 Villar, Jesus 174 Wakefield, Teresa 174, 214 Wallace, Karen 174 Walls, Kathleen 174 Ward, Marilyn 174 Washington, La Sonya 175 Washingotn, Rochelle 175 Watson, Angela 175 Weathers, Terri 175 Welch, Edward 175 Welch, Lynnett 175 Welch, Pam 175 West, Allen 175 Westervelt, Anita 175 Wheeler, Tiffany 17 175 White, Ann 175 White, Sandy 175 White, Terry 175 Whitehead, Philip 175 Whitfield, Johnnie 175,219 Whitman, Felecia 175 Wilder, Michael 175 215 Wiley, Darlene 153 175 Williams, Michelle 175 222 Williams, Nova 175 Wilson, Ricky 175 180 Wittig, Warren 219 Wolff, Donald 175 Wood, George 175 Woodson, Boris 175 186 Woolridge, Charlais 175 186 Woolridge, Vyloris Zamora, David Zamorano, Griselda Zamorano, Raul Zavala, Patricia FRESHMEN Adams, Larry Allen, Marty Bahena, Mike Bearden, Douglas 137, 186, Berge, Vernon Billman, Barbara Birdwell, Kevin Bogs, Richard Burnside, Robert Carney, John Casas, Armando Castaneda, Arturo Contreras, Irma Correa, Hector DeStefano, Susan DeWitt, James Del Castillo, Jose Edwards, Sonia Feeney, Wendy Ferguson, Steven Gonzales, Mario Grant, Wanda Hart, John lstok, Gregory 164, James, Kimmi 175 175 175 175 102 156 157 188 157 157 157 157 158 158 158 159 159 159 159 159 159 160 161 161 162 162 163 185 165 Jones, Mary Jones, Stasie King, Dan' Lara, Rafael Long, Terence Marquez, Vernica Meyer, Patricia Miller, Robert Mills, Charles Mitchler, Lisa Mohoney, Brian Moore, Philip Mullinix, Eric Murphy, Van Musgove, Melonie Neumann, Alice Noel, Rene Olinger, Christine Orozco, Estella Pease, Carol Perez, Angie Peterson, Laura Potter, Lorene Reinshuttle, Mark Renaud, Albert Richardson, Dennis Roche, Melanie Rodriguez, Deborah Romero, Lorenza Rotunda, Tina Sargent, Pamela Scarboro, Gregory Sheehan, Toni Sheldon, Ronald Stokes, Walter Tenorio, Frank Terrell, Barbara Turner, Thomas Vallia, Laura Vandermeer, David Wallace, Willis Wiley, Wade Williams, Bryant Williama, Elbert Williams, Terry Wright, Darlene 165 165 165 166 166 166 167 167 167 167 167 167,219 168 168 168 168 169 169 169 170 170 170 170 170 170 219 171 171 171 186 171, 214 171 172 172 173 173 173 174 174 174 174 175 175 175 175 175 Talon staff polled a sampling of Andress students and asked them what their favorite song, group and movie this year was. They were also asked what changes they would like to see in the world. The most popular group of the year was Journey, followed by Rush. Sophomore Irene Sandoval said, "I like the group and their music, and they are really good in concert." The H1 song was "Let's Groove Tonight" by Earth, Wind and Fire. Sophomore Gary Gutierrez said, "The song was really popular this year and I really liked it." aj Greg Jeffery gets ready for a workout in the weight room. by Soaring above the other players, Terrie Nevilles gains two more for the Eagles. cl Mr. Silva and Mrs. Frederick take time out to have a few laughs. dj Couples find time to spend together on the Quad during lunch. el A student's refletions of Homecoming events., 0 Susan Rodriguez takes notes at a Senior meeting after school. gj In an effort to raise money to finance a trip to the Paris Jazz Festival, the band held a special assembly. 246 iq. NR f-f T ss eteere ,,., Q. Raiders of the Lost Ark was the favorite movie. According to Terrie Nevilles, a senior, "The excitement was continuousg it was there at every corner. lt was my kind of movie." When students were asked what changes they would like to see in the world in the near future, the most frequent answer was world peace. Senior Michael McCarthy said, "I think it has been long- awaited. We need to put a stop to all kinds of war, which is amongst us every day. The world would be a much better place to live in." L... S' le If 19 'ks X if' -1 'll' ...X .E THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Most people do not realize how much goes into a yearbook. They don't consider how the cover was designed, or how the type was selected. Such deci- sions were made by the editors and advisor together. As a change from last year's book, we reverted back to maroon and gold for our cover. We wanted to use an eagle on the cover, and "Big Boy" - as our yearbook representative, Mr. Don Delaune named the eagle - seemed to project our theme of pride. We decided to use a gold metalique of Big Boy on a maroon background. The texture of the cover is called hand-tooled leather. Blind embossing was us- ed for the lettering on the front and spine of the cover. On the in- side of your yearbook, Helvetica type was used for the copy. The original layouts in the Wim 248 opening section were designed by Jenny Kellner and Judy Beer and most of the color photographs were taken by Alan Bunnell. The talented Larry Blasch did the humorous drawings of the Eagle Bird in the book. This year's staff was all new. We started from scratch and learned all the basics. From there we let our imagination and creativity take over. We worked overtime afterschool, on weekends and even on holidays. lt got so that we could find our way blindfolded from our homes to room 236, C building. We would like to thank Mr. Delaune, who bent over backwards to help us. Of course, none of it would have been possible without the instruction, support and en- couragement we received from ,fly-v3.14-11-M. ix. is '... ll our advisor Irma Rodriguez, or "Miss Rod," as she is affec- tionately known by her staffers. lt has been a great year for me, especially being on the Talon staff. Holding a position as co-editor was an honor. I couldn't have done it without the help of co-editor Jenny Kellner. She deserves a lot of the credit for putting our sections together. Decisions, decisions Our advisor Miss Rodriguez took us on knowing everyone was new and needed a lot of help. We feel she did a fine job teaching us "how to put a yearbook together." l greatly appreciate all the sec- tion editors working hard both on their pages and helping the students in their group. Finally, to all the photographers who took pictures at games and of clubs at odd times, l thank you. Well, here it is . . . the 1982 Talon! I sincerely hope everyone enjoys it, especially the class of '82, for whom it represents the culmina- tion of four for more! long hard years of high school! I know that everyone on the staff did their ab- solute best, and then some. We will always feel a sense of satisfaction whenever we open this book in years to come. Thank you, Talon staff and photographers, for being the dedicated bunch of peo- ple that you are, and thank you, Judy Beer, for being a super part- ner to work with and a good friend also! Much thanks goes to Miss Rod, who kept us on the ball and gave us excellent instruction and advice. And of course, much thanks to the Andress High School Student body and faculty without whom this book would not even exist!

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