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t ' ’ C y filA PPy y f fr-e r’eo yctA fc f 1 H C.dct fuv . ft fua-rf, . ff 6yl Y y ' H fr f cJtexV I ' ll , To r»6 6(6 ipRetyTceH k H0C4Ke$ To 67$ Jet ViX 6c O 0 u ) 0 fATt I ojiu coR i 7 tut $I6H7 £ V mr SRcthcAl . 00006 . 6-°oD LUC 1C te £iA;r?y jtfiNQr J 6peL itV ik x®umth4ll THe 6lRL$y» ' Zef-.TAke z . e 0 l " 11 li cL n ' 1 Por H K. (Lx ; jz o.r J S 1 faef f r " rr 40 CX oOco. C s « qXottS Oj TTO Gk I+WAAvt HP ovd l ru jJ)a dbOtf °0 ' Ox.cA co en cw d §o QcxfrK « RECESS AT A 1988 Andrean liieh School 5959 Breadway Merrillville Indiana 4641C Student Life 8 Crganizations 3C Academics 5C Faculty 54 Sncrts 82 Album 11C Freshmen 12C Scnhcmcres 128 Junicrs 136 Senicrs 144 year in Review 176 Community 174 Index 194 Clcsing 198 Acknowledgments 2©C p jj© T ' ©; ©• ' ©c i© © ' © iP A Introduction — 1 Broadway. Stretching from Gary ' s United States Steel Works on the north side to the suburban area of Crown Point on its south end , Broadway is Northwest Indiana ' s main roadway. Andrean High School ' s home is 5959 Broadway , Merrillville, Indiana. — Introduction Introduction — 3 W " ” ! ' ».uo .«» • Dt ' • " l »»0° l } ndrsa nr Hr 4 — Introduction Broadway. It has been said that a visitor to New York City needs to remember only one street. This street is Broadway, starting at the tip of Manhattan Island and leading into upper New York State. Introduction — 5 Broadway is a place of bright lights, a magical place where dreams come true. While we are at Andrean, we are in the spotlight as we prepare for the future. The spotlight shines on us when we win a decisive victory, when the spring play opens, when we perform as clowns, and when we finally graduate with tassels on our hats. Faculty and administration guide and direct our preparation as Andrean acts as the road to stardom on another Broadway. 6 — Introduction STUDENT LITE 8 — Student Life Student Life — 9 HOMECOMIMG with the annual parade of floats down Broadway. Each class created a float for the parade, as did several school organizations. The freshman float was awarded first prize in the float contest. During halftime, Michelle Jao was crowned Homecoming Queen by 1986 queen Dawn LoVerde. Other members of the court included Lynn Compton, Jen Attar, Erika Harris, and Michelle Kopp. The football team’s 9-7 victory over Chesterton topped off the evening. Senior Bill Rakoczy commented, “This year’s Homecoming was the best. I’ll always remember it years after I graduate.” ABOVE: The Senior Float Committee gathers on its creation. RIGHT: Junior Varsity cheerleaders head down Broadway. OPPOSITE PAGE: Members of the 1987 Homecoming court include: UPPER RIGHT: Lynn Compton and escort Blair O’Connor. MIDDLE RIGHT: Michelle Kopp and escort Bill Rakoczy. LOWER RIGHT: Erika Harris and escort Rustin Lewis. UPPER LEFT: 1987 Homecoming queen Michelle Jao and escort Todd Fitzgerald. LOWER LEFT: Jen Attar and escort Tim Dankovis. 10 — Student Life V • Student Life — 11 HOMECOMIMG DANCE priate theme for the 1987 Homecoming Dance held on Saturday, September 20, 1987. The gym was decorated in 1950’s style and each couple was given an Oldie 45 as a souvenir of the evening. The music was provided by Rol- lin’ Sound. Homecoming Chairperson Angela Burroughs commented on the evening, “It was a great success. All the work and prep- aration we put into the dance was worth it.” LE FT: Nora Fagen and Matt Leurck love Homecoming. RIGHT: Nicole Onder and Brian Mallams share a close dance. 12 — Student Life UPPER LEFT: Ferliza Rivera and Roy Isla are all smiles at Homecoming. MIDDLE LEFT: Brett Teske and Siripom Dhana personify the spirit of Homecoming. LOWER LEFT: Bill Schenher and Gaea Gomez depart after a memorable evening. UPPER RIGHT: John Rowley, Candy Guelinas, Tom Radojicic, Marissa Olivieri, Kyle Stern, and Meredith Compton rest between dances. LOWER RIGHT: Darren Billena and Stephanie Hanlon “Rock Around the Clock.” Student Life — 13 RETREATS Retreats give students a chance to grow spiritually as well as mentally. Through these retreats, students learn a lot about themselves and their peers. Underclassman retreats at the Salvatorian Shrine were led by upperclassmen. Senior retreats were held at Camp Lawrence in Valparaiso. Jim Carter commented on his retreat experience: “My retreat weekend was a unique and fulfilling experience that I will remember always.” UPPER LEFT: Moderators and leaders of the second retreat gather by the lake. LOWER LEFT: Rosie Mc- Cullough and Julia Becker have a snack during their break. UPPER RIGHT: Mark Marich plays Wilbur the Pig and Chris Brack stars as Charlotte in the Char- lotte’s Web skit. 14 — Student Life UPPER LEFT: Mike “Noah” Parish and Mark “the alligator” Marich perform a retreat skit. MIDDLE LEFT: Allison Porterfield, Kathy Wongse-Sanit, Leslie Crosby, Julie Sunwoo, and Lisa Calloway are all smiles. LOWER LEFT: Chad Close plays a bumblebee in a retreat skit. UPPER RIGHT: Kris Katich, Lynn Compton, Kathy Wongse-Sanit, Kim Coady, and Jim Carter eagerly await their next retreat activity. MIDDLE RIGHT: Re- treat leaders and moderators of the first weekend demonstrate their skill as a team. Student Life — 15 SOCK HOPS Sock hops give students the opportunity to kick up their heels to the latest music. Stu- dents enjoy dancing to a variety of tunes from rap to new wave. The sock hops also provided a much needed diversion from school and studies. Various school organizations, includ- ing PomPons, Cheerleaders, Latin Club, and Spanish Club, sponsored sock hops this year. 16 — Student Life JEJhlOR-SEMIOR DAhCE was held on January 23 at the Turkey Creek Country Club in Merrillville. Student DJ’s T. J. Schulien, John Gonzales, and Jim Carter provided the music for the evening. Senior John Kroepfl commented on the dance, “I had a marvelous time. The food was delicious, and the music was terrific. I’ll remember this night for a long time.” .BOVE: Chris Benac and Debbie Brzoska dance the ight away. UPPER RIGHT: Kathy Wongse-Sanit, tacey Granger, and Greta Doumanian look forward to a evening of fun and good music. LOWER RIGHT: berry Stanzione and Sean Rigg take a break from ancing. Student Life — 17 DADDY DATE MIGHT On October 25, fathers and daughters got a chance to spend an enjoyable evening together at Daddy Date Night. The dance was sponsored by Mrs. Hevel and deejayed by Abbey Road. The tickets cost $20 and all proceeds went to the home economics department. ABOVE: Bridget Knopick and her father share a special dance. UPPER RIGHT: Kris Katich and her father take a break from the dancing. LOWER RIGHT: Fathers and daughters enjoy after-dinner coversation. Student Life MOMMY DATE MIGHT On February 6, Andrean’s gentlemen escorted their favorite dates, their moms, to Mommy Date Night. Moms and sons enjoyed each other’s company while they ate a delicious dinner. Following the dinner, moms and sons danced the night away to the music of Abbey Road. Moms who had a four-year perfect attendance record received a special diploma. Thanks to Mrs. Hevel and her home economics class, the evening was a great success. Student Life — TURMABOUT dance instead of waiting by the phone in hopes that someone will ask them. Turnabout 1988 was held on February 13, in the Boys’ gymnasium. Over 180 couples attended the dance. This year’s theme was “And Then He Kissed Me!” Decorations consisted of silver Hershey’s Kisses with red, black, and white accents. ABOVE: Sasipatra Satayathum, Eric Christe, Erik Kullerstrand, and Jessica Mallams greet their fellow Turnabout-goers. RIGHT: Marci Beishline and her date dance cheek to cheek. 20 — Student Life ABOVE: Many couples enjoy the music at Turnabout. LOWER LEFT: Tom Radojicic and Mary Beth Simpson enjoy each other’s company at Turnabout. LOWER RIGHT: Jim Allegretti, Michele Turner, Missy Mohan, and Scott Schumann anxiously await their turn in line to get their pictures taken. Student Life — 21 APSLMIC OLD LACL The Andrean Drama Club performed Joseph Kesserling’s Arsenic and Old Lace on November 12-15 in the boys’ gymnasium. The play tells the story of the zany Brewster family of Brooklyn. Miss Gina Shropshire, Miss Tina O’Drobinak, and Mr. Nicholas Dorochoff directed the play with the help of student director Kim Zimmer. The cast included students from each class. The months of rehearsing and hard work that the cast and crew put into the play resulted in a first-rate production. q RSENIC CFld cjJACE CAST Abby Brewster The Rev. Dr. Harper Teddy Brewster Officer Klein Officers Brophy Martha Brewster Elaine Harper Mortimer Brewster Mr. Gibbs Jonathan Brewster Dr. Einstein Officer O’Hara Lieutenant Rooney Mr. Witherspoon Debbie Duffy Bert Kullerstrand Chad Close Mick Watters Matt Staley Debbie Brzoska Debbie Wilczynski Dan Zielinski Pat Duffy Mick Haller Erik Kullerstrand Jeff Newton Carlton Hargro Fanon Rucker ABOVE: Mortimer Brewster fears for his life as his brot er Jonathan prepares to inject him with poison. 22 — Student Life UPPER LEFT: The cast members of Arsenic and Old Lace gather on the set for a picture. UPPER RIGHT: Elaine Harper gives Mortimer a good night kiss. ABOVE: Abby Brewster, Martha Brew- ster, and Mortimer Brewster watch as Mr. Gibbs unwittingly downs the poisonous elderberry wine. Student Life — 23 oriCE upom a mattress The Drama Club presented Once Upon A Mattress, a fairy tale-like musical for the spring play. The play is a parody of the familiar children’s story, The Princess and the Pea. Like the fable, the play’s main characters are Princess Winnifred, a young prince, and the queen who insists on putting all of the would-be princesses to the test. These roles were played by Angela Volan, Michael Martinez, and Kim Zimmer. In the comedic adaptation of the story, the princess swims from her swamp kingdom to the castle in search of her shy and boyish prince. The play ends happily as Princess Winnifred passes her test and wins the prince. fidl noe upon A mAU.IiOSS jftjiA if? { S 3 iff mvvr ' CAST Minstrel Wizard Prince Dauntless the Drab. . Queen Aggravain King Sextimus the Silent . . Jester Lady Larken . . Colleen Spanopoulos Sir Harry Princess Winnifred the Woebegone .... Angela Volan KNIGHTS AND LADIES CF THE COURT Sir Gregory . . Anthony Banks Lady Marigold .... Lady Beatrice .... Sir Tristram Sir Harold Lady Rcwena Princess Number 12. . . . Amy Derdowski Sir Roland Lady Heloise Lady Grace .Stephanie Han lor. lady Lucille Lady Marie . Bridget Knopick Sir Malcolm Bert Kullerstrand Lady Mabel le Lady Merrill Sir Stud ley Lady Patrice .Jennifer Szaller Lady Isabelle .... . LaShanda Taylor ABOVE: Prince Dauntless sweeps Princess Winnifrec off her feet. 24 — Student Life UPPER: The cast gathers on the set of Once Upon A Mattress. MIDDLE LEFT: The Jester, Prince Dauntless, Princess Winnifred and King Sextimus join their voices in song. LOWER LEFT: The chorus belts out the final number. MIDDLE RIGHT: Queen Aggravain consults the wizard. Student Life — 25 PROM ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life” was the theme of Prom ’88. Appropriately, all who attended enjoyed a memorable evening. The dance was held at the Hellenic Cultural Center in Mer- rillville on May 6. The hall was decorated in emerald green and peach. This year besides hors d’oeuvres, dinner was served. After dinner couples enjoyed a promenade out- side the building as excited parents took pic- tures. The beautiful weather added to the en- joyment of the evening. Prom Queen honors went to Lynn Compton, and Blair O’Connor was Prom King. Shad Shultz and Angie Caban were crowned Prince and Princess. ABOVE: Tanya Mathews and Rob Freese arrive at Prom awaiting an eventful evening. RIGHT: Prom Princess Angie Caban and Prince Shad Shultz share a dance befitting royalty. 26 — Student Life s 4ki UPPER LEFT: Fernando Rivera, Angela Burroughs, Kathy Wongse-Sanit, Roy Isla, Kim Coady, and alumnus Ricardo Valenzuela enjoy each other’s company at Prom. MIDDLE LEFT: Sue Plasencia, Paul Mishorich, Jeff Newton, Amy Derdowski, and Melody Baran display their dancing tech- niques. LOWER LEFT: Couples enjoy food and friendship at Prom. UPPER RIGHT: Prom King Blair O’Connor, and Marianne Oates lead the promenade. LOWER RIGHT: Kim Vith and Dave Vincent dance the night away to the music of Abbey Road. Student Life — 27 ARMAGEDDOM May 9, with the start of Spirit Week. Stu- dents shed their uniforms for more desirable clothes. To promote spirit and unity, each class was given a region of the cafeteria to decorate. The Games officially began with the lighting of the torch at the opening assembly. The class officers participated in relay races and eating contests. The results of Armageddon were announced at the sock hop following the Games. The seniors emerged victorious, edging the jun- iors by half a point. The sophomore class came in third, followed by the freshmen. Seniors 72.5 JR. 72 SO. 71 FR. 49 LEFT: Blair O’Connor and Jason Bacchus watch Scott O’Neil as he prepares to light the Armageddon torch. RIGHT: Sophomore and Junior class officers cheer on Willard Turner and Mark Price as they down gastro- nomic delights. 28 — Student Life UPPER: The Senior class boys’ volleyball team watches as Dan Persic spikes the ball. LOWER: The Sophomore class officers, led by secretary Mylene Jao, attempt to raise the spirits of their class at the Armageddon pep rally. LOWER RIGHT: A group of students relaxes in the courtyard. Student Life — 29 ORGANIZATIONS 30 — Organizations Organizations — 31 ORGANIZATIONS The many diverse clubs at Andrean give students the op- portunity to explore new areas of interest and broaden their knowledge. By interact- ing with other students and the community, club mem- bers acquire knowledge that will greatly help them be suc- cessful in the future. 32 — Organizations Organizations — 33 “The Spanish Club gives students t chance to experience a new culture, the foe and the customs. At the same time, they working together not only for the club, but 1 other Spanish groups in the area.” Jeanette Muraws “The Latin Club, the Roman Society, lows students to enjoy and learn about t cultures of the ancient Romans. Members the Latin Club study the writings and custoi of ancient Romans, such as Caesar and C ero.” Brian Kopa ABOVE: Laura Kaufman and Rosa Haddix assemble Span- ish Club Christmas presents. UPPER RIGHT: SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS — Vice President, Fanon Rucker; Pres- ident, Jeanette Murawski; Treasurer, Tiffany Clark; Sec- retary, Delia Garcia; and Co-Secretary, Malissa Sapko. LOWER RIGHT: LATIN CLUB OFFICERS — President, Brian Kopack; Treasurer, John McCarthy; Secretary, Kim Zimmer; and Vice President, Bill Rakoczy. 34 — Organizations “German Club gives us the opportunity to learn more about the German language as well as the German culture. Our biggest pro j- ect this year was the construction of a float for the Homecoming parade.” Michelle Weber “The French Club gives students the chance to learn about the cultures, language, and history. By holding bake sales and selling croissants, we earn money to sponsor trips to Chicago.” Gaea Gomez OVE: German Club members show their enthusiasm dur- , the annual Halloween parade down Broadway. UPPER jHT: Treasurer, Tom Rosta; Vice President, Kathy Wongse- lit; President, Angela Burroughs; and Secretary, Jackie iran. LOWER RIGHT: GERMAN CLUB OFFICERS — Pres- nt, Patrick Laws; Vice President, Michele Weber; Sec- ary, Christine Brack; and Treasurer, Todd Vician. Organizations — 35 “The Student Council is a good way to involved with student activities. The stude and administration work together to pass p posals. With the help and cooperation every member of the student body , we will able to make every one of our student fui tions successful.” Michelle J ABOVE: STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS — Treasurer, Bill Schenher; Secretary, Michelle Frankovich; Vice President, Joyce Blachly; and Pres- ident, Michelle Jao. UPPER RIGHT: Michelle Jao asks for any new proposals. LOWER RIGHT: Michelle Frankovich reads the minutes from the previous meeting. 36 — Organizations “In the Booster Club, we inform students of sporting events. Painting colorful signs and decorating the players’ lockers promotes school spirit and gets people to attend the games.” Karen Goysich UPPER LEFT: Alonda Steele displays her artwork. LEFT: Kathy Wongs-Sanit shows her support for the Niners by painting signs. ABOVE: Booster Club members heighten school spirit. Organizations — 37 “The Christian Service Club is involved many activities directed toward helping t community. Two of these activities were t Thanksgiving food drive, in which we ga food to the needy in Northwest Indiana, a the toy drive, in which we gave toys to t young children in Appalachia. Although o club was small this year, we really felt tl our activities were beneficial to the coi munity.” Jean Web 38 — Organizations “Andrean’s Students Against Drunk Driv- ing (S.A.D.D.) Chapter underwent numerous changes as the club’s new moderator, Sister Pamela Smith, shed new light upon the or- ganization with her many ideas and useful advice. With an increase in membership, the club accomplished many projects, both in school and in the community. I believe we’ve made tremendous progress in increasing both student and community awareness about the growing problem of drinking and driving.” Yolanda Rainge OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER LEFT: CHRISTIAN SERVICE CLUB OFFICERS — President, Julie Sunwoo; Secretary, Dina Selman; Vice President, Jean Weber; and Treasurer, Sarah Hoffman. UPPER LEFT: Jean Weber stares in amazement at the amount of food donated for the Thanksgiving food drive by the students. LOWER LEFT: Christian Service members assemble boxes of food for the needy. ABOVE, UPPER LEFT: S.A.D.D. OFFICERS — President, Yolanda Rainge; Secretary, Michelle Weber; Vice President, Andreana Greene; and Treasurer, Eric Hiduke. RIGHT: Yolanda Rainge emphasizes the dangers of drinking and driving. LOWER LEFT: Literature from the S.A.D.D. organization informs us that true friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Organizations — 39 “The National Honor Society is an o ganization comprised of juniors and senio who exemplify the qualities of leadershi scholarship, service, and character. The ai nual induction of the newly elected membe was held on January 17 in the girls gyr nasium. Fifty-two students were inducted in the National Honor Society that evening.” Greta Doumania UPPER LEFT: NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS — Vice Pres- ident Blair O’Connor, Secretary Lynn Compton, President Greta Doumanian, and Treasurer Todd Vician. UPPER RIGHT: Greta Doumanian leads the assembly in the pledge. RIGHT: Jeanette Shafer, Jackie Moran, and Michelle Frankovich celebrate their induction. 40 — Organizations •ic dnderson Aelicity Adavrilla Wonica Peibly nnifer -Attar Ckriiti Adruikovick Ckriitine Piley lope -Ayala Wickelle Jao Pockelle Pobertson idney Sillena Paul J(obza Akomai Poita yce Slackly Srian Adopack Aeiyk Samarzija •id yet Slake Adatky A ramek Vicole Samarzija iristine Srack Patrick A aw 6 Peter Sanchez ' ebbie Srzoika Aony Aenzo William Sckenher ' nyela Surrouyki Julie Wako Aimotky Schulz iia Calloway Wila Wanley Aina Selman nnifer Sam bell Poialia lUflartinez Wuna Selman am Coady Mam Watlon Charlene Sepiol f nn Compton Jokn WcCartky Jeanette Shafer ■ eiron Couret WeLsa Wokan Qreyory Staley loira AePosa fjicole Wontpetit Sharon Stanzione itricia Aoffin Jacqueline VI or an Julie Sunwoo eta Roumanian Julie Vickofion Jennifer Szaller atkerine Crickion Slair O ' Connor Ckriitina Akiel ra Aayen Cynthia Oreiik Aricia Van Slyke he he lie Arankovick Aeanne Price Aodd Vician bin (ya)away Joilyn Packowicz Pamela Vincent tea Cjomez IJolanda Painye Wickele Weber ndreana Greene Adeatker Pakoczy Peyina Weber ary CjruSak William Pakoczy Adwanrak lAJonyie- hr rick Adaller Sarbara Patkay A imberly Simmer -year member Organizations — 41 “Being involved with Y.A.R.C. is not o a lot of fun, but also rewarding. The kids work with at our Y.A.R.C. parties are just 1 any other kids. They’re bright, intellige and have a great sense of humor.” Leah Oml 42 — Organizations “Art Club gives us the chance to express ourselves in our work. By learning the various techniques of shading, painting, and sten- ciling, we can apply our knowledge to other projects outside of school.” Hope Ayala OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER LEFT: Barb Ratkay and Yvonne Schnei- der help the children at the buffet during the Christmas party. UPPER RIGHT: Carmen Medellin and Barb Ratkay sing Christmas carols at the Y.A.R.C. party. LOWER LEFT: Leah Ombac gives her artistic encouragement. LOWER RIGHT: Y.A.R.C. OFFICERS — Yvonne Schneider, Angela Burroughs, Moira DeRosa, and Hope Ayala. ABOVE, LEFT: Monica Blakemore concentrates on the shapes for her collage. ABOVE: Stephanie Rainge studies crumpled Coke cans for her next art project. LEFT: ART CLUB OFFICERS — Anne Schafer, Roman Perez, Hope Ayala, and Katherine Erickson. Organizations — 43 “The Acropolis, under the guidance Mr. DeFabio, allows students to e press their opinions and keep i formed of numerous school even By writing articles and editorials, t] students demonstrate their writi ability. The Acropolis is an integral pc of Andrean’s character.” Greta Doumani ABOVE: Cindy Oresik and Kathy Kramek congratulate themselves on making the deadline. UPPER RIGHT: Jennifer Binkley proof reads Val- entines. RIGHT: Jennifer Binkley and Cindy Oresik type the final draft for the newspaper. 44 — Organizations “Few people realize the work and the planning in producing a yearbook and rarely think about staffers, who put in long hours to make it a success. Copy and layouts must be completed, and deadlines must be met before the book is finished. With the help of Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Steele, staffers improve their writing talents and learn skills used in creating layouts.” Barb Ratkay UPPER LEFT: Jeff Foley and Barb Ratkay d iscuss what type should be used in the introduction. ABOVE: Jeanette Shafer and Kim Moise decide upon a cutline for the picture. LEFT: John Kroepfl plans his layout. Organizations — 45 “Science Club is a way for students to together and have fun with science and mi ies. We do experiments, watch science ficti movies, and have contests to see who will the next Einstein.” Donald Kone RIGHT: SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS — Nicole Hasara, Steve Azcona, Donald Konecki, and Tony Lenzo. LOWER RIGHT: Science Club members display their projects. 46 — Organizations “The Photo Club is always behind the scenes. The club is present at every school function, capturing every moment for the yearbook. If there s a picture of you in this edition of the yearbook, thanks go to the crew.” Rosalia Martinez LEFT: Rosalia Martinez examines the pictures that were just developed. ABOVE: Kim Moise reloads her camera. Organizations — 47 “Through the Clown Ministry, I am abl bring joy to a variety of people. I try to g as many shows as possible because I feel important to help others whenever I can.’ Dina Seln 48 — Organizations “Amnesty International (AIUSA) is an im- portant organization because it gives students the opportunity to get involved in improving human rights in the world.” Angela Volan OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER LEFT: Pete Kaiafas and the clown light up the hallway at Open House. RIGHT: The clowns brighten everyone’s day. LEFT: THE CLOWN MINISTRY OFFICERS — Dan Zielinski, Jennifer Zemelko, Dina Selman, and Cathy Beiriger. ABOVE, UPPER LEFT: AMNESTY IN- TERNATIONAL OFFICERS — Malis- sa Sopko, Hope Ayala, Angela Volan, and Jenifer Krizmanic. UPPER RIGHT: Hope Ayala and Jenifer Krizmanic dis- cuss the importance of Amnesty In- ternational. LEFT: Angela Volan and Felicity Havrilla compose a letter to the government on behalf of a prisoner of war. Organizations — 49 ACADEMICS 50 — Academics Academics — 51 52 — Academics Histories make men wise; poets, witty; the mathematics, subtile; natural philosophy, deep; moral, grave; logic and rhetoric, able to contend. - FRANCIS BACON While sports and other extra-curricular activities contribute to a well- rounded individual, academics make a person complete. In the classes we take at Andrean, we develop ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes physically. We prepare ourselves to handle any situation that may come our way. Our ultimate goal is complete self-reliance. Through academics we may come closer to this goal. Through academics we ready ourselves for our moment in the spotlight. Academics — 53 Administration Rev. John Whitley, C.S.B. Principal Sr. Christopher, SS.C.M. Assistant Principal for Girls Rev. Dennis Kauffman, C.S.B. Assistant Principal for Boys Rev. Paul Quanz, C.B.S. Treasurer Physical Science Mr. Tom Shields Dean of Students 54 — Administration Faculty uidance Record Finance — Accounting I, Record Keeping, Typing II, Office Procedures Mrs. Nancy Bell — Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Statistics, Algebra II Mr. John Bennett — Biology, Biology Sr. Bernice Marie, SS.C.M. — Typing I, Pre-Algebra Mr. Peter Billick — General Shop, Basic Technical Drawing, Advanced Technical Drawing, Advanced Shop Miss Donna Bombassaro — Physical Education Mrs. Cora Bosak — Algebra I . I, lx Rev. Michael Cerretto, C.S.B. — Morality Mr. Leicester Cheong — Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Mrs. Frances Crary — English IIIx, IV Mrs. Edith Dakich — English II, IIx, III Mr. Raymond DeFabio — English III, III Mr. John Dennis — Computer Literacy, Computer Programming Mr. Nicholas Dorochoff — English II , I Mrs. Nancy Dustman — Genetics, Conservation, Advanced Biology Mr. Shawn Garrity — New Testament, Faith Mr. Eugene Giorgio — Algebra I, II , Algebra IIx Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, A.P. Calculus Statistics Mr. Michael Grabowski — Physical Science, Chemistry Miss Kelly Haussman — Biology, General Science Mrs. Judy Hevel — Foods I, II, Advance Foods, Clothing I, II, Sewing III, Independent Living Rev. George Heyman — Faith, Marriagt Mr. Mark Horvath — U.S. Government Economics Faculty — 55 Faculty Mr. Sr. Jane, SS.C.M — Sparia i»ij IV Mr. James Jovanovic — Sociology, Guidance Mr. James Klora — U.S. History, World History, U.S. History 1945- Present Miss Mary Kopil — English I , I Mr. Sammy Listro — Ceramics I, II, Design Drawing, Drawing, Painting Graphics Sr. Marlene, SS.C.M. — Biblical Literature Mrs. Luz Martinez — Spanish II, III Sr. Mary Anne, SS.C.M. — Guidance Mr. Robert Morrison — Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Choral, Concert Band, Beginning Band Mr. Christopher Nicolini — Athletic Director Mrs. Gail Nicolini — Geometry , x, Algebra II Mrs. Carol Norris — Secretary 56 — Faculty Faculty Miss Susan O’Connell — Geometry, Algebra II Miss Tina O’Drobinak — New Testament Miss Kathy Olivotto — Guidance Director Mrs. Suzanne Owen — Librarian Sr. Pamela, SS.C.M. — Morality, Faith, English IV Sr. Paul, SS.C.M. — Latin I, II, III, IV Mrs. Bonnie Paulsin — Secretary Mr. Dave Pishkur — Physical Education, Health and Safety Mrs. Jo Powell — Secretary Mr. Brian Ridgely — Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Algebra II , Statistics, A.P. Calculus Statistics Mrs. Jane Ridgely — Secretary Mr. Dan Rogovich — Health and Safety, Physical Education, Alumni Director Sr. Rose Mary, SS.C.M. — Biblical Literature Faculty — 57 Miss Terri Rothan — English II, II Mrs. Sharon Sanchez — Secretary Mrs. Mary Shafer — Algebra I , Geometry Miss Gina Shropshire — French I, II, III, IV V Mrs. Petra Steele — English I, I , Journalism Mrs. Martha Strapon — Earth Space Science, Physical Science Mr. John Szot — World History, A.P. World History Mrs. Joyce Thomas — English I, IV, IVx Mrs. Sandy Toth — Biblical Literature, New Testament Miss Roseann Trapane — Sociology, English IV, Shorthand I II Mrs. Emily Vas — Geometry , Algebra II Mrs. Geraldine Ventura — Public Speaking, Marriage 58 — Faculty v Faculty Mr. Tom WaU ' TKystcaT Science, Physics Mrs. Anne Weiss — U.S. History, U.S. History X, Algebra I, Accounting II Mr. Eugene Wojdyla — U.S. History Mrs. Gloria Wojkovich — Secretary Mrs. Marsha Wozniak — English II, II Mrs. Betty Yurechko — Secretary Mr. Ivan Zimmer — Marketing, Business Law, Personal Typing Faculty — 59 ABOVE: Meredith Sattler donates money to the missions. UPPER RIGHT: Sister Rose Mary lectures the freshmen in her Biblical Literature I class. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Ventura goes over marital obligations with her senior class. LOWER RIGHT: Father Cerretto’s Morality class enjoys a film. 60 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Father Cerretto and Diana Giacomin are happy Morality class has begun. LOWER LEFT: Kaylyn Kezy studiously finishes her morality questions. All ccurage is religious. Without religion we are cowards. — GEORGE BERNARD SHAW Academics — 61 ABOVE: Jennifer DuBois and Felicia Knight concentrate on copy for Journalism. UPPER LEFT: Mr. Dorochoff shows Gary Monroe and Michael Peters what happens to those who are tardy for English. UPPER RIGHT: Wendy Lewis loves Journalism. LOWER RIGHT: Mrs. Dakich leads the class in a lively discussion. 62 — Academics LEFT: John Gonzales, Fran McMahon, Michelle Jao, and Kim Vith work happily together. LOWER LEFT: An English III class puts last night’s homework on the board. BELOW: An English II class gains greater insight into Julius Caesar by listening to records. Remember • • • ycur native language is the language ef Shakespeare Milieu and the Dible. — GEORGE BERNARD SEIAtV Academics — 63 ABOVE: Freshmen complete their Biology labs with a smile. UPPER LEFT: Tom Rosta and Edward Vucich analyze pond water for A.P. Biology. UPPER RIGHT: Nora Fagen and Colleen Spanopoulos test the acidity of certain chemicals. MIDDLE RIGHT: Rosalia Martinez hooks up the juniors’ battery project. LOWER RIGHT: John Hovanec, Eric Delaney, and Mike Lustina wait impatiently for the bell. 64 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Matt Booker consults with Shane Pearson before adding the finishing touches to the seniors’ heating element. LOWER LEFT: The seniors’ wind generator awaits a breeze. BELOW: Jason Koulianos and Fernando Rivera ponder the mysteries of Physics. The real and legitimate goal cf science is the endcwment cf human life with new inventicns and riches. — FRANCIS BACCN Academics — 65 ABOVE: Suzanne Rurode solves for x. UPPER RIGHT: Geometry students work hard on proofs. MIDDLE RIGHT: Christine Isla labors over geometry homework. LOWER RIGHT: Gloria Reyes pauses in her note-taking for geometry. 66 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Steve Mirabella and Matt Miklosy race to solve an Algebra II problem. LOWER LEFT: Miss O’Connell assists a student at the board. LOWER RIGHT: Mrs. Bosak prepares the day’s lesson for an Algebra lx class. Mathematics, ri fhtly viewed, ncssesses net cnly truth, but supreme beauty — a beauty edd and austere. — DECTCAND RUSSELL Academics — 67 UPPER LEFT: Stefanie Sakes makes last minute corrections before giving an oral report in U.S. History. UPPER MIDDLE: Pat Duffy proves his merit as an orator in World History. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Klora mesmerizes his U.S. History class with a brilliant lecture. LOWER RIGHT: Students in Government show particular interest in the topic at hand. 68 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Mr. Szot and John Heuring entertain and educate a U.S. History class with the play Everyman. LOWER LEFT: Mike Barancyk, Stacey Granger, and John Kroepfl participate in a spirited debate. Academics — 69 ABOVE: Jeanette Murawski, Malissa Sopko, Fanon Rucker, and Senora Martinez work on pinatas for the fiesta. TOP: Mademoiselle Shropshire and several French students spend time trying to master the intricacies of the French language. MIDDLE RIGHT: First year Latin students cooperate at the blackboard. BOTTOM RIGHT: Martin Oleksy takes notes in Spanish while Eric Christe listens intently. 70 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Delia Garcia and Fanon Rucker display true holiday spirit in making Spanish Christmas ornaments. LOWER LEFT: Christine Brack works diligently on a map of Germany for Open House. BELOW: Second year German students wait anxiously for their test results. Academics — 71 ABOVE: Jamya Liggins looks up from her typewriter. UPPER LEFT: Sarah Hoffman is hard at work typing a term paper. UPPER RIGHT: D’Andre Hudson shows off an IBM Memorywriter at Open House. LOWER RIGHT: Brelis Spiller flies through his typing assignment. 72 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Tiffany Tillman quickly types out a paper at Open House. LOWER LEFT: A typing class waits for the signal to start typing. 311111 mf ' » -J f u J ■ k. Academics — 73 ABOVE: Freshman girls relax in the locker room before changing for Physical Education. UPPER RIGHT: Angela Harvey observes Miss Bombassaro’s use of calipers. NEAR MIDDLE RIGHT: Jenny Attar prepares to leave the locker room after an exhilarating game of volleyball. FAR MIDDLE RIGHT: Liz Kaufman whips the ball towards the opposing team. LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Rogovich pauses to reflect on his previous statement. i 74 — Academics LEFT: Jackie Jenkins has her total fat content measured in Physical Education. BELOW: A Health class waits patiently for Mr. Rogovich’s arrival. HEALTH Academics — 75 ABOVE: Jennifer Woodward, Bob LaMere, and Monica Almy smile at the success of their program. UPPER RIGHT: Mike Carlisle wonders what’s gone wrong with his program. LOWER RIGHT: Kelly Carreno works hard at the computer. 76 — Academics ABOVE: Jill Falconburg and Denise Dobogai admire Mary Beth Simpson’s skill in the kitchen. UPPER LEFT: Tonya Robinson finishes a seam. LOWER LEFT: Julia Becker models Rosie McCullough’s latest creation. Nature has net said te me E)cn t be peer, net “Be rich, but she cries “Be independent, — NICHOLAS CHAMLCLT Academics — 77 ABOVE: John Allen gets ready to toot his tuba. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Morrison teaches his class to read music. MIDDLE RIGHT: The trumpet section of the band entertains the crowds at Open House. LOWER RIGHT: Flutists make all their hard work pay off. 78 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Mr. Morrison conducts the band at Open House. LOWER LEFT: Mr. Morrison poses with choir officers Amy Derdowski, Debbie Sohn, Monica Almy, and Sue Plascencia. BELOW: Troy Burns practices after school. After silence that which ccmes nearest tc expressing the inexpressible is music. — ALDCUS HLXLty Academics — 79 ABOVE: Jenifer Krizmanic shows great promise as an artist. RIGHT: Congressman Peter Visclosky presents Anne Schafer with a blue ribbon for winning the Congressional Art Competition. WINNER ( ' imu,ressu ' va Art (.ompCtUUr Art isn’t easy. Every miner detail is a maier decision. — SUNDAY IN THE DADE WITH GECDGE 80 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Shad Schultz works diligently on his design. LOWER LEFT: Mike Johnson contemplates his subject before starting his drawing. BELOW: Jeff Foley finds out that drafting isn’t all fun and games. Cne must wcrk, nettling but werk. And ene must have patience. — AUGUSTE UCDIN Academics — 81 SPORTS 82 — Sports 84 — Sports Spotlight on the Stars Sports — 85 Boys’ Tennis Continues Success Although six new tennis courts were added to Andrean’s athletic facilities, they were not ready in time to aid the team for the 1987 season, and Niners were forced, as in past years, to travel to other courts for practice. Nonetheless, Coach Klora’s varsity squad proved once again that they could win without home courts. They compiled a record of 9 wins and 5 losses. Top singles competitors were Tom Rosta, Brett Teske, and Fernando Rivera. Completing the season at the top doubles positions were teams of Scott Burton and Bob Vegter and Pat Fleming and Rob Hevezi. Niners shut out Crown Point, Gary Wirt, Gary Roosevelt, and Merrillville. In the Lake Station Invitational Niners finished a strong second. In the state tournament, Andrean faced Griffith (12- 3) and Lake Central (16-0) in sectional play. Upsetting Griffith 4-1, they advanced to sectional championship against Lake Central, losing 3-2. Coach Klora praised the fine season and individual efforts and performances. Individual award winners were Tom Rosta, Most Valuable, and Brett Teske, Most Improved. Boys’ Tennis 86 — Sports Lady Niner Reachers Regionals The Andrean girls’ golf team had a season characterized by strong individual performances. The team coached by Mr. Pishkur failed to qualify for regionals as a whole. Junior Sarah Gagan, however, qualified as an individual. Sarah won in the sectional, but was not able to advance beyond regionals. The Most Valuable Golfer award went to Sarah Gagan. UPPER LEFT: Jennifer Dudley putts in for par. LOWER LEFT: Sarah Gagan drives toward the green. LOWER RIGHT: Lori Klus prepares to putt. Girls’ Golf Sports — 87 Boys’ Cross Country at its Best Coach Mark Horvath guided the boys’ cross country team to a record of 15 wins and 2 losses, posting the best record in the history of Andrean cross country. Season highlights included victories over Merrillville, for the second year in a row, and Crown Point, whom the Niners defeated for the first time in nine years. In addition to the dual meets, Niners finished a strong second place in the Hammond Gavit, Lowell, North Newton and Boone Grove invitationals. The team was also characterized by excellent individual efforts, led by captains Pete Sanchez and Blair O’Connor and number one runner Brian Kopack. Midway through the season at Wheeler, Pete Sanchez and Brian Kopack broke the course record of 16:01 with times of 15:58 and 16:00 respectively. In doing so, Pete and Brian became the second and third fastest runners in Andrean history. In the state tournament, Niners placed second in their sectional. Coach Horvath was disappointed with the team’s performance in regionals but more than happy with the fine season record the team had compiled. He said, “Andrean became one of the premier teams in the toughest part of the state. We are no longer just another competitor but are now considered a contender.” ♦Most Valuable Runners were Brian Kopack and Pete Sanchez. Winner of the first annual O’Connor Award was Blair O’Connor. Most Improved Runner Award went to Franco Cammarata. UPPER RIGHT: Brian Kopack and Pete Sanchez wait for the gun. MIDDLE RIGHT: Brian Kopack sprints past his opponent. RIGHT: Back Row: Coach Mark Horvath, John Murawski, Jason Bacchus, Blair O’Connor, Bill Rakoczy, Sean Flescher, Brian Kopack. Front Row: Scott Wengel, Franco Cammarata, Mike Zencka, Antwan Colon, Pete Sanchez, and Aaron Polomchak. Boys Cress Country 88 — Sports Season of Competition Under the guidance of coach Dan Rogovich, the girls’ cross country team finished its season with three wins and ten losses. Despite the return of only three lettermen, the team remained competitive throughout the season. Co- Most Valuab le Runners were sophomore Michelle Penn and senior Tricia Van Slyke. Jun- ior Debbie Van Slyke com- mented, “ Our inexperience and small team’s size probably hindered our chances of win- ning more meets, but we learned a lot and had fun.” LEFT: Michelle Frankovich and Tricia Van Slyke keep a steady pace. BELOW LEFT: Debbie Van Slyke finished a grueling race. BELOW RIGHT: Michelle Penn nears the chute. Girls’ Cross Country Sports — 89 A Season of Highlights The 7-3 Niners completed a powerful season highlighted by impressive wins. The varsity team defeated three 5A schools in successive victories, including a 6-0 overtime win over arch-rival Merrillville, marking the first AHS win over the Pirates since 1963. The team demonstrated drive in their come-from-behind victory against Griffith. After taking the ball 72 yards, Niners secured a big sectional win with a touchdown with only 13 seconds remaining in the game. Special awards went to Jim Allegretti for best offensive lineman, Darren Wesley for best back, Jamie Smith for best receiver, Sam Bennett for best defensive back, Jason Crawford for best defensive lineman, Joe Bishop for most improved, and Bob LaMere for most versatile. Mark Wagner and Kelly Carreno were named Co-MVP’s. “Twenty-nine seniors took part in Senior Night, but a returning group of very talented people will continue Andrean’s emergence as a football power in Indiana,” remarked Coach Zimmer. Special recognition went to managers Brian Bujdoso (4 years), Jodi Janke (4 years), Dan Persic (2 years), and trainer manager Kim Zimmer (4 years). UPPER RIGHT: Coach Ira Zimmer looks on in anticipation. ABOVE: J.V. -VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM — Front Row: Jeff Hersick, DeAndre Hudson, William Selmer, Dave Bielefeld, Dennis Mako, Pat Townsend, Daryle Steffens, Mike Martinez, Mike Vale, Thomas Noble, Jason Koulianos, Darren Wesley, Anthony Perez, Brian Barney, Joe Exl, Matt Potochick. Second Row: Kim Zimmer, Joe Clune, Ken Dienes, Mike Carlisle, Dave Sullivan, Mike Barney, Tim Harley, Matt Miklosy, Darrell Stewart, Dan Dailey, Greg Schutz, Brian Holmes, Keith Hornick, Dennis Gurdian, Bob Japundza, Greg Lach, Jim Green, Brian Bujdoso. Third Row: Manuel Vasquez Bob LaMere, Andre Guider, Mark Kazmier, Michae Dorris, John Fife, Adam Matlon, Pat Fife, Dan Cox Kelly Carreno, Joe Bishop, Mark Price, Shad Schultz Scott Codespoti, Dan Jimenez, Jim Allegretti, Scot Schumann, Mike Barancyk, Mike McQuillin, Jo Munoz, Paul Morales, Jodi Janke. Fourth Row: Jasoi Crawford, Joe Doyle, Willard Turner, Brian Carter, Wal Spasveski, Lou Green, Tom Zimmer, Andy Thorn, Mik Bellich, Rob Weeks, Mark Wagner, Chris Benac, Jin Halfman, Bill Pavicich, Head Coach Ivan Zimmei Varsity f cctball LOWER LEFT: Niners ex- plode off their offensive line. UPPER LEFT: Niner running back avoids a tackle. MIDDLE RIGHT: Attempted field goal is in the making. MIDDLE LEFT: Niner makes his way down field. UPPER RIGHT: Offensive power turns the corner to gain a yard. Sports — 91 Young Niners Extend Effort Even though hampered by a number of injuries the Junior Varsity football team showed a lot of heart and rallied to win their final game to end the season with a record of 1-7. Shad Shultz won the Most Valuable Player award. The JV coaches, Pat Janke, Jim Wiltshire, and Ira Zimmer, were pleased with the effort that the team showed. The Freshman team showed a lot of promise and enjoyed a measure of success with a record of 5-2-1. The Most Valuable Player Award went to Mike Lustina. Jeff Pszonka won the Hardest Hitter award and Tony Macielak won the Best Attitude award. Freshman coaches were Jack Bixman, Bob Laskowski, and Dave Pszonka. UPPER RIGHT: Coach Janke gives instructions to a player. LOWER: The Niner team kicks off. 92 — Sports JV-Freshman Football « CL. UPPER LEFT: Andrean’s quarterback throws long. RIGHT: Members of the JV team huddle on the fifty yard line. LEFT: The defensive line pushes back the offense. Sports — 93 ir. Niners Kill Crown Point Although the 1987 season was not one of victories, it was definitely a season of learning. The Niners realized that skill, teamwork and determination were the keys to success, if not victory. The turnout for freshman and junior varsity teams was so large that four squads were necessary to accommodate the girls. The varsity hit their high point at mid-season when they pulled together to down the Crown Point Lady Bulldogs, who were ranked in the top ten. Most Valuable Player and Best Outside Hitter Awards went to senior Bridget Blake and junior Nora Fagen. Most Consistent Player also went to Nora Fagen. Marci Beishline and Shelly Wylie were named Most Improved Players. Up and Coming Players Award went to Barb Larson from the junior varsity team. UPPER RIGHT: Lynn Klus pounds a set from Shelley Wylie. Back Row: Nora Fagen, Stephanie Sakes, Heath ABOVE: Front Row: Debbie O’Neil, Lisa Cleland, Shelley Rakoczy, Denise Viene, Lynn Klus, Denise Dobog Wylie, Missie Babicka, Marci Beishline. Bridget Blake, Coach Bob Heersema. 94 — Sports Volleyball TOP LEFT: Heather Rakoczy and Denise Viene block their Munster opponent. MIDDLE LEFT: Nora Fagen and Lynn Klus dominate on defense. UPPER: Ruth Dial warms up her serving arm. LEFT: JUNIOR VARSITY MEMBERS — Back Row: Patty Grabek, Suzette Popovich, Sarah Hoffman, Barb Larson, Dana Romanenko, Amy Palk, Coach Bob Heersema. Front Row: Denise Swanson, Jennifer Stuck, Amy Arntz, Ruth Dial, Tina Dimofski, Lisa Vitalone, Claire Doolin, Kim Kamradt, Kelly Kotka, and Lisa Pieters. Sports — 95 Spirited Winners At Andrean, cheerleaders rouse fans and entertain with their acrobatics and antics. Fifty Niner squads have accomplished much more than meets the spectator’s eye, however. During the summer, varsity and junior varsity squads attended the United States Cheerleading Association summer camp at Valparaiso University, winning first place all-around, as well as a spirit award. Individual awards went to Kim Zimmer, Miss y Rohrer, Jennifer Szaller, and Cheryl Lanfear, Kim and Missy also won ASCA All-American awards. The junior varsity squad made an impressive showing by placing in various categories. Stephanie Hanlon also received an individual award. UPPER: JUNIOR VARSITY — Front Row: Stephanie Hanlon, Candi Guelinas, Andrea Szaller. Back Row: Kim Suchy, Michelle Frankovich and Nicki Tomecko. MIDDLE: FRESHMEN — Barb Krantz, Stephanie Roig, Kim Vega, Lisa Martinez and Lisa Dabrowski. LOWER: VARSITY — Left to Right: Jackie Moran, Kelly Bachich, Kim Zimmer, Cheryl Lanfear, Sherry Stanzione, Jennifer Szaller, Missy Rohrer and Tricia Skowronski. Cheerleadina 96 — Sports Poms Gain Recognition The Ninerettes are seldom given the attention they deserve. They work long and hard on their routines, all for a few minutes at halftime, to entertain the crowd and raise spirit. The squad started the year on the right beat by capturing third place overall at summer camp. They also qualified for national competition held in Florida. Moderator and coordinator of the Ninerettes is Miss Gina Shropshire. ABOVE LEFT: The poms kick up a storm. LEFT: The Ninerettes perform a new routine at halftime of the Lake Central basketball game. ffmtM umh k TJ J Jr ' »•• • — 1 r=- 4911 iBOVE: First Row; Christi Hruskovich, Kelli Stern. Sec- nd Row; Yolanda Rainge, Debbie Brzoska, Kelly Kiel, Irika Harris, Vicki Rondez, Tiffany Wisowaty, Tricia ' aylor, Tracy Humes, Moira Chaseley, Marianne Oates, )arlene Sepiol, Joslyn Rachowicz, Tiffany Tillman. Third Row; Laura Kelner, Stephanie Rainge, Kelli Barber, Karen Goysich, Jeanette Shafer, Jennifer Raich, Lisa Pozzo, Kim Kellenburger, Mary Myers, Cindi Janssen, Meg Chaseley, Jen Oates, Gloria Reyes, Zandra Mukes, Tiffanie Clark. Poms Sports — 97 Two Reach Regionals The boys’ golf team turned its season around when they defeated Merrillville 174-179 and went on to edge out Gavit with a score of 176- 178. In the Boone Grove Invitational Niners downed six teams to win first place. The team played its best when it defeated Chesterton 165- 166 and later placed fifth of twelve teams in sectionals. Two individuals advanced to regionals: Brett Teske and Kevin Newton. Most Valuable Player was Brett Teske. Dennis Pokropinski won Low Average Trophy, and Most Promising Freshman was Paul Keaton. UPPER RIGHT: Brett Teske hits an iron shot. MIDDLE RIGHT: Kevin Newton putts towards the flag. LOWER RIGHT: Keith Darnell drives off the tee. ABOVE: Dennis Pokropinski putts. 98 — Sports Boys’ Golf Netters Come on Strong The girls’ tennis team started its season slowly but soon came into its own as consecutive victories over Michigan City Rogers, Griffith, Chesterton, and Merrillville put the team on track. They went on to capture 3 out of 4 of their next matches. They ended the season with a record of 7-4. The team beat its first opponent in sectionals, Hobart, but later fell to Lake Station in a close match. Greta Doumanian commented on the season, “We started kind of slowly, but we worked really hard and made things happen for us. I’m really pleased with the effort we showed.” TOP LEFT: Last Row; Greta Doumanian, Jackie Moran, Allison Porterfield, Michelle Frankovich, Shelley Robertson, Jennifer Raich, and Lynn Compton. Second Row; Vazantha Meyers, Chris Shakula, Karyn Tatham, Jennifer Turnbull, Karen Koznicki, Mylene Jao. Front Row; Meridith Compton, Ame Palk, Michelle Jao, Cyndi Stypula, and Shelley Wylie. MIDDLE LEFT: Lynn Compton serves. LOWER LEFT: Jackie Moran returns a serve. ABOVE: Coach Klora watches his players intently. Girls’ Tennis Sports — 99 Niners Down Griffith The soccer team had a season filled with ups and downs. They did not start out well and were hurt with the loss of Pete Sanchez when he shattered his leg in the third game of the season. Led by captain Mike Parish, the team pulled together and went on to compile a record of 5-8-1. The highlight of the season came when the Niners downed Griffith. They were the only team to beat Griffith during their season. Mike Parish was Most Valuable Player and Roman Perez was Most Improved Player. LEFT: Mike Sur advances the ball upfield. ABOVE: Front Row; Chris Grandfield, Mike Carlisle, Matt Miklosy, Steve Schwartz, Matt Leurk. Second Row; Frank Cammarata, Ryan Iker, Rodney Billena, Roman Perez, Brian Mallams, Darren Billena, Tom Anderson, Mike Samaniego, Coach Sanchez. Third Row; Luiz Melo, Scott Sanders, Mike Sur, Ti Hutchens, Mike Parish, Gonzalo Fraisero, Tim Swa Mark Kazmier, DeAndre Hudsc Soccer 100 — Sports UPPER LEFT: Mike Carlisle steals the ball. UPPER RIGHT: Chris Grandfield chases after the ball. MIDDLE LEFT: Mike Carlisle harasses his opponent. ABOVE: Matt Leurk takes a break. LEFT: A Portage player tries to penetrate Andrean’s defense. Sports — 101 Freese Goes to State The boys’ track team opened one of the most successful seasons in recent years with an impressive victory at Lake Central Relays. The team also won the Andrean Relays and compiled a record of 11-5. Nine individuals advanced to sectionals: Jim Gray, Joel Gross, Fred Lee, Stan Acosta, Scott O’Neil, Walt Spasevski, and Rob Freese. Freese set an Andrean record and meet record at the Munster Invitational by jumping 6 ' 10 " . Rob advanced to state competition. The field events’ Most Valuable Player was Rob Freese; Most Valuable Runner was Fred Lee. UPPER RIGHT: Front Row: Walter Spasevski, Mike Vale, Bryan Holmes, Fred Lee, Mike Leka, Mike Phillips, Mike Barancyk. Middle; Brad Olson, Bill Rakoczy, John Murowski, Scott O’Neil, Antwan Colon, Jim Gray, Jason Bacchus, Pete Kaiafas, Gary Monroe, Rob Freese, Mark Banks, Dean Easton. Top: Joel Gross. RIGHT: Rob Freese attempts to clear 6 ' 10 " . LOWER LEFT: Bill Rakoczy enters the turn. LOWER RIGHT: Scott O’Neil passes a Wheeler runner. Boys’ Track 102 — Sports Kaufman Gets Third Led by captains Laura Kaufman and Tricia VanSlyke the girls’ track team had one of its most successful seasons ever. Throughout the season many individuals performed exceptionally; Laura Kaufman set school records in shot put with 42 ' 10 " and in discus with 127 ' 4 " . The team achieved impressive wins at the Hobart, Calumet, and Andrean Relays. The final record for the season was an outstanding 28-3-2. Eleven members qualified for sectionals. Laura Kaufman, Christine Massey, and a relay team qualified for regionals. Placing second in shot and third in discus at regionals, Laura advanced to the state meet where she placed third in shot put. Kellee Wilson was the Most Valuable Player in track and field. Tricia VanSly ke was the Most Valuable Runner and Laura Kaufman was the Most Valuable Player in field events. ABOVE LEFT: The girls’ track team poses before a meet. LEFT: Laura Kaufman hurls the shot. ABOVE: Christine Massey soars over the hurdle. Girls’ Track Sports — 103 Perfect Game For the fourth straight year Andrean’s baseball team finished the season with at least nineteen wins. They compiled a record of 19-12. A midseason streak of six straight wins lifted their record to 12-5. After a loss the team came back and beat New Trier, a ranked Illinois team, 6-1. Seventh-ranked North Newton fell to the Niners who then proceeded to defeat Lake Station and Lew Wallace. They then swept a doubleheader with Lake Central. Seniors Scott Lemmons, Dan Owens, and Chris Potter led the team with outstanding individual efforts. Scott Lemmons hit the second most doubles in Andrean history. Dan Owens had the second highest batting average ever for the school, and Chris Potter hurled a perfect game against River Forest. Junior Eric Mihal posted one of the best records of any area pitcher with eight wins and only one loss. UPPER RIGHT: Coach Pishkur confers with his battery on the mound. MIDDLE RIGHT: Jason Urbaniak concentrates on the coming pitch. LOWER RIGHT: Sean Flesher lays down a bunt. 104 — Sports Baseball i UPPER LEFT: Chris Potter pitches. UPPER RIGHT: Niners celebrate a run. MIDDLE LEFT: Adam Goad prepares to tag out the runner. ABOVE: An Andrean runner advances to second base. LEFT: Coach Wiltshire gives instructions to Adam Goad. Sports — 105 Season of Triumphs The second consecutive varsity softball season for coaches Doug Anderson and Denny Martin came to a close with a record of 13-11. Andrean graduate and Northwestern University catcher, Meg Haller, proved to be the spark plug. The Niners’ season was highlighted by a first place finish in the Valparaiso tournament, where they defeated Michigan City Elston and Valparaiso to capture the title. In addition, a 7-6 victory over Catholic rival Bishop Noll marked a positive turn in the Niners’ offense and defense. Special award winners included center fielder Krista Bane, catcher Jennifer Martin, and pitcher shortstop Heather Rakoczy as Most Valuable Players. Sophomore catcher Sarah Hoffman was named Rookie of the Year. “Victories over Crown Point, Lake Central, Merrillville, and Munster and possibly a sectional title are the goals for next year. We have the talent to do so and we remain optimistic as we look to the future,” commented Coach Haller at the awards banquet. RIGHT: Jackie Sepulveda prepares to field from third base. BELOW: The Lady Niners celebrate after the first place finish in the Valparaiso tournament. 106 — Sports Softball UPPER LEFT: Nora Fagen makes the play at shortstop. UPPER RIGHT: Jenny Potter and Jennifer Martin relax between games. MIDDLE LEFT: Laura Bianchi hurls the pitch with first baseman Lisa Dobogai ready. MIDDLE RIGHT: Pitching, Heather Rakoczy leaps from the mound. LEFT: Krista Bane leads off from third as Jeanine Richter bats. Sports — 107 Four Niner Grapplers Reach Regionals Under the guidance of Andrean’s new wrestling coach Tom Sanchez and new assistant coach Bill Hebert, the wrestling squad compiled a record of five wins and five defeats. For the first time ever, Niners faced Bishop Noll in a wrestling match and devasted them with a score of 45-15. The team distinguished itself with respectable finishes at both Hammond and Hobart invitationals. The team was led by certain individuals who exhibited outstanding efforts throughout the season. Four wrestlers, Pete McCobb, Joe Exl, Paul Morales, and Darren Billena advanced to regionals. Pete McCobb received the Team Leadership Award, Joe Exl was Most Improved, and Paul Morales was Most Valuable. UPPER RIGHT: An Andrean grappler tries to get a hoi on his opponent. ABOVE: Pete McCobb pins a Bisho Noll wrestler. Wrestling 108 — Sports IPPER: First Row; Joe Exl, Russell Foster, Carl Diaz, Ariel llvambuena, Peter McCobb, Bob Heckler, Fanon Rucker, iorey Newman, Don Pearson, Carl Wolf. Second Row; laise Geddry, Mike Conroy, Paul Halfman, Craig Dorin, im Nigro, Bobby Bihlman, Peter Hutchens, Ralph Torres, obert Blondet, Jim Sianta, Tony Alessandrini, Mike arancyk, Coach Tom Sanchez. Third Row; Asst. Coach rian Kellenburger, Eric Christie, Tim Harley, Ted Cisow- ki, Paul Kobza, Jim Allegretti, Jimmie Gray, Jim Jacobs, aul Morales, Kevin Wislo, Dan Dhana, Jeff Govert, Carlos ivera, Eric Lode, Asst. Coach. LEFT: An Andrean wrestler attempts to flip his op- ponent. RIGHT: Pete McCobb is cheered on to victory by his teammates. Sports — 109 New Coach Turns Season Into a Success New head basketball coach Tom Shields took over a young team with not much experience and plunged headlong into the season. Five of the first six games were losses, but Coach Shields pulled the team together and turned the season around. Starting with Hammond Gavit the team defeated eleven of its next thirteen opponents. At one point the team had an eight game win streak. Many of the victories were against impressive teams such as Lake Central, Gary Wirt, Chesterton, and Lew Wallace. In sectionals the team handily defeated Hammond Morton but later lost a close game to Hammond High in the championship game. Senior Todd Fitzgerald was named Most Valuable Player. UPPER RIGHT: Matt Hanlon puts in a lay-up. ABO Darren Wesley, Jamie Smith, Todd Fitzgerald, P« Sanchez, Matt Hanlon, Kevin Smith, Damon Joshua, Dar Brown, Gerrard Boyd, Sam Bennett, Dan Kilgore, Jas Artemiuk, Lance Washington, Rob Freese. Boys’ Varsity Basketball 110 — Sports UPPER LEFT: Todd Fitzgerald gets the tip-in. UPPER RIGHT: Matt Hanlon exhibits his free throw form. LEFT: Brian Kopack finishes his drive with a left-handed scoop shot. ABOVE: Rob Freese releases his deadly jumper. Sports — 111 Winning Seasons Both the junior varsity and freshman basketball teams enjoyed successful seasons. The JV team posted one of the best records of recent years by winning twelve games and losing eight. The most impressive wins of the year came against South Bend Adams, Lew Wallace, and Lowell. Coach Pritchett was pleased with his team’s performance, especially since they were such a young team. By the end of the year, he was starting three freshmen. Mental Attitude and Performance Awards went to Shawn Lemmons, Mike Lustina, Brandon Brantley, and Dante Brown. The freshman team had one of the best seasons ever by compiling a record of 17-4. The high point in the season came when they handily defeated Bishop Noll. Mental Attitude and Performance Awards went to John Hovanec, Jermaine Cross, Ted Janik, Tom Hilbrich, and Chris Duncan. TOP: Shawn Lemmons shoots a free-throw. ABOVE: Boyd, Adrian Guzman. Third Row; Coach Pritche First Row; Scott Jacobs, Pete Sanchez, Ronier Scott, Chris Gorski, Andre Guider, Dante Brown, Tc Brian Kopack, Alfred Gomez. Second Row; Sean Zimmi Flesher, Tim Hutchens, Quentin Peterson, Gerrard 112 — Sports JV and Freshman Basketball OP LEFT: Coach Washington instructs his players. OP RIGHT: Freshman players warm up. ABOVE: First ow; Gary Dennison, Eric Lopez, Jarret Board, Kewan [ackett, John Doumanian. Second Row; Shawn emmons, Troy Burns, John Hovanec, Chris Carr, lario Ponce, Mike Lustina, Jermaine Cross. Third Row; oach George Washington, Eric Delaney, Mike Gaydos, Ted Janik, Brandon Brantley, Chris Cambell, Tom Hilbrich, George Martin, Chris Duncan. Sports — 113 Young Teams Gain Experience The girls’ basketball program struggled through a difficult year as the young teams gained experience and improved fundamentally. On the varsity team, Coach Bombassaro concentrated on improving her young players’ skills with the help of the only two seniors, Kris Katich and Jenny Attar. The team finished the season with a record of 3-15. They defeated Hammond High, Gary Wirt, and River Forest. The team was led by Most Valuable Player Kris Katich and Most Dedicated Jenny Attar. The junior varsity team was more successful, compiling a record of 7-9. Award winners were Brenda Falcone, Most Improved, and Tiffany Smolar, Most Valuable. The freshman team had a record of 2-13, and the award winners were Nicole Kurzeja, Best Mental Attitude, and Dawn Kokot, Most Valuable. UPPER: Jenny Attar puts up a shot. ABOVE: JUNIOR VARSITY — Front Row; Amy Reynolds, Gina Anton, Ruth Dial, Tiffany Smolar. Second Row; Kim Zapinski, Emily Renwald, Debbie O’Neil, Marcy Morgan, Brenda Falcone, Rhonda Kokot. Back Row; Coach Donna Rombassaro, Kris Filips, Bari Larson, Tara Gidley, Jennifer Allen, Rose Sanchez, Dawn Kokot, Coach Aimee LaMere. Girls’ Basketball 114 — Sports UPPER LEFT: A Lady Niner puts in a lay-up. UPPER RIGHT: Jenny Attar brings up the ball. LEFT: Front Row: Jen Attar, Jen Potter, Barb Pictor. Second Row: Jen Martin, Tiffany Smolar, Amy Reynolds, Krista Bane. Back Row: Coach Aimee LaMere, Rose Sanchez, Peggy Sullivan, Jennifer Allen, Barb Larson, Kristen Katich. Sports — 115 ALLUU 116 — Album FACES While taking part in various activities, Andrean students take on different appearances. Interested during class, brimming with happiness after the victory, or made-up for Prom, each face creates the face of Andrean because it belongs to a true Niner. % 118 — Album Album — 119 vid Acosta lessandrini John Allen Jennj er Anderson I ennis Andres Gina Anton Antoin te Arambula Amy Arentz vlike Baccetti Mike Bailey Laurence Barker Jen Ifer Benjamin Nicole Berry Robert Bihlman Jarrett Board usan Bobruk lichael Bonta Brandon Brantley andon Brooks Rfbecca Bujdoso Stinnie Burnett Troy Burns tahsaan Butts odi Campbell Christqpher Campbell Freshmen The freshman class officers meet to plan the trip to the Bulls game. Front row: Lisa Martinez, vice- president; Jen Stuck, secretar y; Back row: Ramiro Martinez, president; Mario Ponce, treasurer. 120 — Freshmen Jennifer Campo Fatima Canelo Christopher Carr Nicole Castle Jeff Coady Meridith Comptoi Alicia Conarty Bryan Cooley Kim Cora Jermaine Cross Magnus Curmudg Kim Curtis Kathleen daSilva Lisa Dabrowski Shane Darnell Johnnie Davis Chon Deck Eric Delaney Gary Dennison Ruchik Desai Ruth Dial Felix Diaz Ezequiel Domingu Gordon Doolin John Doumanian Joanne Dubovich Sharese Dudley Shawn Duffy Chris Duncan Gregory Durko Kathy Eck William Eck Ariel Elvambuena Victoria Emeka Dawn Erickson William Fabian Angel Febus Kristen Filips Stephanie Fogara Chantal Foster 1 Damon Fraylon Tanya Friday Creg Furman Michael Gaydos Blaise Geddry Peter Giannini La Toya Gibson Tara Gidley Nina Gomez ICatherine Gonzalez Felicia Greene Tessa Greenwalt Lynn Grogan Melissa Haas Kewan Hackett John Hackleman Amy Halaschak Lisa Halstead Arthur Hammond Arthur Harris Freshmen UPPER LEFT: Cheerleader Stephanie Roig decorates the freshmen cheerleading car for the Homecoming parade. UPPER RIGHT: Band members Jodi Campbell, LaToya Gibson, and Dawn Erickson march down Broadway during the Homecoming parade. BOTTOM: Kathy Eck, Lisa Halstead, Stephanie Fogarassy, Bridget Knopick, and a friend greet eighth graders and their parents at the annual Open House. 1 Freshmen f if Freshmen Keith Heim Brian Henderson Thomas Hilbrich Heather Holzer John Hovanec Antoine Hughes Peter Hutchens Christine Isla Theodore Janik Steven Jimenez Jason Johns Anise Johnson Erik Johnson Chakeba Joiner Brandy Jones Thomas Jones Paul Keaton Danielle Keiler Michael Keyak Kevin Kiel John King Bridget Knopick | Kathleen KoDe Dawn Kokot Karen Koznicki Barbara Krantz Allison Krecik Brian Krompacl Mark Kunas Scott KurzawinJ Nicole Kurzeja j Lori Laco David LaMarr Lila Larson Curly LaSagnal Terrance Lasl Michael Law Laura Lawsfl Susan Lee . Shawn Le ski Fresh™ i — 123 Julianne Lenzo Eric Lopez Gregory Lopez Raquel Lopez Gary Lucas Michael Lustina Jill MacDonald Anthony Macielak Cynthia Majcher lark Majchrowicz George Martin Lara Martinez Lisa Martinez tamiro Martinez feather Massa Freshmen ABOVE: After gym class, Bridget Knopick, Karen Koznicki, and Meredith Sattler are eager to return to their studies. LOWER RIGHT: Cheerleaders Lisa Dabrowski and Lisa Martinez decorate for the Homecoming parade. LOWER LEFT: After taking exams, Ann Tonello, Heather Massa, and Meridith Compton display big smiles of relief. 12 ' Freshmen Keith Massa Brian Massengill Christine Massey Sara Massey Katherine Mathis Eric Mattull Alex Maya Claudia McCowan Susie McKinney Graham Meeks Margarita Mendez Caroline Mihalik Brian Mish Kimberly Moise Roxanne Morton Melissa Muffoletto Kimberly Nash Erik Nelson Christine Nevill Corey Newman Thomas Noble Mariaelena Nunez Deborah O’Neil Shanna O’Sullivan Bradley Olson Brandi Oslawski Brian Otis Lisa Pabey Dawn Papachronis Amy Parkinson Ruishon Patterson Gersham Patton Tony Perella Abigail Perez Robert Peters Timothy Petrites Jennifer Picha Mario Ponce Suzette Popovich William Pozzo Jeffrey Pszonka Timothy Puntillo Dave Rachowicz Jon Reens Jennifer Regal Mi Kelly Regan Carlos Rivera Judy Rodriguez Stephanie Roig Joseph Roman Dana Romanenko John Rongers fhelle Rosborough Brian Rosta Emily Rouge Mario Ruiz Suzanne Rurode Debra Sabo lichael Samaniego Denis Sanders Amy Sattler Meredith Sattler ennifer Schenher John Schenher heresa Schneider Patrick Shafer Rene Sigala Doug Singel James Snemis Yazmin Sobh Bill Sohn John Sokit Mary Spence Heidi Stamate Jennifer Stuck Denise Swanson onia Tankersley Peter Thiel Ann Tonello Turnquist Freshmen Freshmen w d Whether running the three-legged race or watching others test their skills, freshmen enjoy the picnic at orientation. Suresh Uf Jason Urbaniak Sergio Urquiza Stephen Vahey Erinne VanHazebroeck Tricia Vaughan Kimberly Vega Eric Vorice Gregory Walters Michael Watters Reggie Weathersby Dennis Weber Elizabeth Wilkins Kellee Wilson Andy Yankauskas Kimberly Zapinski res! 7 Joe Aguilar Jennifer Allen Tim Allen Thomas Anderson Quichea Armour Kelley Arnold Michael Arvay Matthew Bailey John Baldin Mark Banks Irma Barajas Brian Barney Dave Barrios Christine Basiak Marci Beishline Joann Bernard Tracy Berndt Harlotta Betancourt Darren Billena Anne Bisana Scphcmores Class officers, Stephanie Hanlon, president;Mylene Jao,secretary;Mike Martinez, treas- urer; Emmanuel Dial, vice-president, gather before a student council meeting. Sophomores Scphcmcres Monica Blakemo Wendy Blixt Robert Blondet Margaret Brack Sharon Braun Dante Brown Laura Bryan Annette Brzoska Brian Butkus Franco Cammarati Yolanda Carpentei Brian Carter Meggan Chaseley Terrence Chouinajc Elliott Clark Tiffany Clark Rebecca Colby Angel Colon Antwan Colon Scott Connors Michael Conroy William Couret Thecla Cox Angelica Davison Kirsten Delaney Dan Dhana Emmanuel Dial Carl Diaz Christine Dimofski Clare Doolin Craig Dorin Sherry Douglas Joseph Doyle Deena Dreas Tarrish Drew Jennifer DuBois Beth Dudak David Dudley Deborah Duffy Patrick Duffy 19 William Dushane Kimberly Dynek Jeff Dzyacky Monica Equihua hristine Espinoza Jill Falconburg Brenda Falcone Jeffrey Foley Russell Foster Jerla Freeman Danielle Galvan Mary Ann Garcia Marcia Gehring Willie Gibson Cindy Gonzalez Michelle Goodwin Christopher Gorski Jeffrey Govert Patricia Grabek Jimmie Gray James Green John Grothaus Candy Guelinas Andre Guider Dennis Gurdian Jennifer Haas Karla Halaschak Paul Halfman Melissa Haller Steve Hampton Stephanie Hanlon Monica Hawkins Danny Hayes Robert Heckler Keenya Heffner atasha Henderson Jeffrey Hersick onathan Heuring Sarah Hoffman Emily Holley Scphcmcres — Sophomores Scphcvticres Sophomores gather while waiting for the costume judging. Marian Horton Tim Hutchens Aimee Ivey Cherry Jacobs Scott Jacobs Cynthia Janssen Mylene Jao Bogdan Japundza Jennifer Jerry Kimberly Kamradt Tamara Keaton Candice Kelly John Kerr Lori Klus Rhonda Kokot Karen Koranda Elisha Kosiba Kelley Kottka Amy Kucan Bert Kullerstrand Barbara Larson Kendrick Leach Nicole Lee Michael Leka Jenaya Liggins Sophomores Regina Lynch Alex Macias Melissa Macielak Jessica Mallams Allan Mance Eric Marcyjanik Michelle Marino i Michael Markovich Guillermo Martinez Michael Martinez Bonnie Massey Demetries Matheny Brian Matysiak Michelle Mazeika lomas McCullough Scphcmcres John Mlechick Marcy Morgan Zandra Mukes Robert Muratori John Murawski Scphcmcres Mary Myers Melissa Negron Nicole Nowak Jennifer Oates Charles O’Brien Marissa Olivieri Michael Ortiz Richard Orto Yolanda Pace Amelia Palk Carrie Pankiewh Don Pearson Michelle Penn Quentin Petersoi Michael Phillips Lisa Pieters Sunita Pillay Tom Podnar Aaron Polomcha John Porter Matthew Potochi Kristen Pszonka Stephanie Rainge Arleene Rais Jimmy Reed Lisa Reeves Celeste Renwald Emily Renwald Gloria Reyes Amy Reynolds Kim Ridgeway Ferliza Rivera Yvette Rivera Renee Roby Edward Rodrigui Melissa Rodrigr Tanisha Ross Gayle Rusbasa Brian Rusin Charles Ryai Sophomo 133 Kristine Saliaris Leena Samuel Nancy Sanchez osemary Sanchez Scott Sanders Sumi Satalic Safclpatra Satayathum ?nnifer Saveriano Todd Schilling Gregory Schutz Ronier Scott Renata Sech Cheryl Shipp James Sianta Cheri Siner Jeff Smar Esther Smith Kimberly Smith Lovell Smith Tiffany Smolar Matthew Staley Nicole Stanger Tracey Steffens Darrell Stewart Kimberly Suchy Michael Sur John Susoreny Timothy Swan Linda Szabo Andrea Szaller |rren Szwajkowski Regina Tapp Erica Terry Carmen Thiel iodney Thompson Sean Thompson Jarence Thornton Gail Thupvong Jicole Tomecko Lana Trojan Scphcmcres - Sophomores Scphcmcres Pat Duffy performs in Mr. Szot’s World History class. w Geralyn Tucker Julie Tucker Willard Turner Ramesh Unni Cristina Vaca Michael Vale Josephine Valtierra Jennifer Vargas Lisa Vitalone Maria Weiss Scott Wengel Corrine Wild Carla Williams Shalonda Williams Bryon Willy LaCheryl Wilson Carl Wolf Mark Woodward Tyrone Wray Chris Wright Richelle Wylie Heriberto Zamora Jennifer Zemelko Michael Zencka Tom Zimmer Sophomores — ’ Kyle Allen anor Anderson Kay Anderson Luis Arceo Arturo Azcona Fidel Azcona Melissa Babicka Micole Bacchus Krista Bane Anthony Banks Kelli Barber Marenda Bass Laura Benedyk Sam Bennett Patricia Bensie Matthew Benus Laura Bianchi Rodney Billena Lisa Bobruk Trisha Boby Addulah Boose ennifer Bouska Gerrard Boyd Janet Brandt Luke Brennan Kimberly Burns Scott Burton Angela Caban ; Kristina Cantu vlarc Chevigny Kimberly Chorak Da| d Christianson ThGpdore Cisowski Tiffanie Clark Robert Clayton oseph Clune phanie Colias Daniel Cox r Craft aniel Dailey Juniors 136 — Juniors LEFT: The junior class officers, Wendy Lewis, Alan Jones, ana Rodney Billena, take a break after the Student Council meeting. Keith Darnell Timothy Davis Kenneth Dienes Paula Dixon Lisa Dobogai Timothy Doffin Elaine Eck Robert Eck Patricia Emeka Christina Emig Michelle Erickson Joseph Exl Richard Fabian Nora Fagen Joel Falconburg Patrick Fife Timothy Fitzgeral Sean Flesher Gonzalo Fraisero Michelle Frankov Susan Furman Sarah Gagan Delia Garcia Miles Gault Joan Gholson Diana Giacomin Deon Giannini Robert Gidley Peter Glorioso Adam Goad Alfred Gomez Gaea Gomez Karen Goysich Scott Greenwalt Karen Gregor Adrian Guzman Timothy Harley Jeanetta Harris Angela Harvey Nicole Hasara Felicity Havrilla Tiawiana Headd Trenton Heffner Lisa Heim Tamra Hernandez Juniors RIGHT: Brenda Jankovich and Michelle Frankovich share a laugh after school. FAR RIGHT: Susie Mueller and Barb Pictor peek out of the gymnasium at the end of P.E. class. Juniors w Robert Hevezi Raynaldo Hinton Carla Hollingsworth Brian Holmes Keith Hornick De Andre Hudson Michelle Hughes Yolanda Hughes Ryan Iker Pamela Ilada James Jacobs Brenda Jankovich Sandra Jascoviak Dawn Jaskolski Rebecca Jaskolski Jacqueline Jenkins Joann Jimenez Jeffrey Johns Michael Johnson Alan Jones Damon Joshua Jennifer Kacocha Peter Kaiafas Elizabeth Kaufman Kimberly KellenburJ Homer Keller Monika Keller Laura Kelner Kaylyn Kezy Robert Klus Felicia Knight Cathy Kobza Jessica Kohl Amy Kolczak Donald Konecki Brian Kopack Mark Kopil Jenifer Krizmaniq Maryann La Maj Dawn LaMantia Juniors — 1 nia Lattimore Amy Lavrick 1 atthew Leurck Wendy Lewis Jamya Liggins Juniors N Susan Loker Michael Lopez [ennifer Lottes Richard Lowe Jessie Luke Thomas Mack Todd Mahan Majchrowicz Majchrowicz Dennis Mako Mila Manley I ToiLisa Mark ennifer Martin •celia Martinez ,aure Martinez Rosalia Martinez Jennifer Mathis Adam Matlon feileen McGuire Cprmen Medellin Luiz Melo zantha Meyers Eric Mihal chelle Mihalik litthew Miklosy even Mirabella Paul Mishorich John Monik Gary Monroe cole Montpetit Paul Morales ueline Moran usan Mueller Jose Munoz Murawski 140 irs asar Juniors Jennifer Nadolol Jack Neitzel Jeff Newton Julie Nicholson Timothy Nigro Julie Olszewski Dawn Ostrowsl Chi Ou Elizabeth Paboi Sandy Pabon Michelle Pacalc tf s Pamela Pankieif §:z April Pardus Ayesha Pattersc William Pavicic Natalie Peifer W 4 Anthony Perez Liliana Perez Roman Perez Andrew Perzo Michael Peters Suzanne Picha Barbara Pictor Brian Piunti Susan Plasencia Dennis Pokropiijfri Jeri Polimac Jennifer Potter Elizabeth Pozzo Mark Price Lor i Quinn Tomislav Radoji Jennifer Raich Heather Rakocz Jesse Ramos Jeannette Rech Jessica Renwa ' Thomas Re Jeanine Ric Rochelle Roj 141 Robinson Elena Roig Jennifer Roig Jeanine Roper atthew Rouge John Rowley andra Rozycki Fanon Rucker Laura Rzepka ephanie Sakes Salomon igh Samarzija Peter Sanchez Irles Sawochka Scott Scheffer iam Schenher orgia Scherry Shad Schultz tte Schumann mothy Schutz Dina Selman sanette Shafer Brian Shipp Beth Simpson a Skowronski James Smith Kevin Smith Collefeli Spanopoulos lard Spurlock ron Stanzione 142 — Steffens Kyle Stern Stinnett Stypula Sulllivan Szaller Tatham Taylor Thompson Thorn Junicrs Juniors LEFT: Michelle Frankovich leads the Niner cheerleaders during halftime at a basketball game. John Todd Ralph Torres Patrick Towns Jennifer Turnb Marc Turner Deborah VanSl ! ;e Manuel Vasqu Angela Vega Ross Vidal Denise Viene Richard Wagne Sara Walton Michelle Watro Regina Weber Richard Weber Darren Wesley Debra Wilczyns Felicia Williams Marcella Willia Dee Dee Willifo Michael Wilter; Jennifer Youn; Melissa Daniel Zieli Juniors — 143 ■ Seniors UPPER: Vice President Michelle Kopp, Secretary Jenny Attar, Treasurer Pat Fleming, and President Blair O’Connor meet to discuss plans for the Senior Prom. LOWER LEFT: Seniors Julia Becker, Kathy Wongse-Sanit, and Julie Sunwoo create signs for the Booster Club. LOWER RIGHT: Tyra Steele and Mike Runyon explain the mysteries of DNA. 144 — Seniors r Michael Barancyk Karen Barloga Michael Barney Julia Becker Seniors Seniors Stanley Acosta James Allegretti Monica Almy Eric Anderson Bernadette Arceo Jason Artemiuk Jennifer Attar Hope Ayala Steven Azcona Dina Baccetti Jason Bacchus Kelli Bachich David Bailey Vanessa Balon Michael Bane Melody Baran 5 Seniors Chris Benac. Michael Bellich Catherine Beiriger Carol Beckmann Jennifer Binkley David Bielefeld Kimberly Berry Stacy Benka Matthew Booker Bridget Blake Joy ce Blachly Joseph Bishop Debbie Brzoska Mark Brengettcy Richard Braun Christine Brack Carol Burton Angela Burroughs Nicole Bukur Brian Bujdoso Seniors Seniors Shane Bush Lisa Calloway lennifer Campbell Dawn Carpernter Kelly Carreno James Carter Moira Chaseley Lisa Chiarella Eric Christe Michelle Clark Lisa Cleland Chad Close Kimberly Coady Scott Codespoti Brian Collins Lynn Compton Keiron Couret Jason Crawford Leslie Crosby Alexander da Silva Seniors Seniors Timothy Dankovis Dawn Deck Amy Derdowski Moira DeRosa Siriporn Dhana Denise Dobogai Patricia Doffin Kimberly Doolin Michael Dorris Nicole Dynek Greta Doumanian Dean Easton Stephanie Drapac Katherine Erickson Jennifer Dudley Paul Falconburg Frank Fauser John Fife Todd Fitzgerald Patrick Fleming Seniors Seniors lames Houpt Eric: Hiduke Martita Harris Shelley Hutka Wendy Hussey Tracy Humes Ann Huber Angela Karabetsos Kimberly Juskevice Andrea |ohnson Daniel Jimenez Laura Kellar Mark Kazmier Laura Kaufman Kristen Katich 150 — Seniors a Mary Jackson Jodi Janke Michelle |ao Seniors Kelly Kiel Daniel Kilgore Michelle Kinasiewicz Lynn Kins Paul Kobza Michelle Kopp Jason Koulianos Kathy Kramek Mary Krienke John Kroepfl Erik Kullerstrand Gregory Lat h Verna LaGrant Robert LaMere Ericka Landon Cheryl Lanfear Patrick Laws Camille Lee Frederick Lee Scott Lemmons Seniors Seniors Anthony Lenzo Rustin Lewis Ann Logothetis Gloria Lopez Julie Mako Brian Mallams Mark Marich Maria Martinez Mary Massey Tanya Mathews Debra Mattei Janet Mays Frances McMahon Michael McQuillin Philip Melvin James Metro Seniors 52 — Kristen McGuire Rosemary McCullough Peter McCobb John McCarthy Melissa Mohan Seniors to Natalie Negron Rita Neitzel 1 Tracy Nelson Kevin Newton Blair O’Connor Vicky Nicksic Martin Oleksy Lisa Nocks Leah Ombac Marianne Oates Nicole Onder Scott O Neil Cynthia Oresik Sylvia Osorio Daniel Owens Michael Parish Jonathon Pearson Michael Pearson Nilsa Perez Seniors — 153 Seniors Kevin Perfetti Daniel Persic Eric Peterson Anil Pillay Allison Porterfield Christopher Potter Lorraine Prenizny Veronica Price loslyn Rachowicz Mark Regan Yolanda Rainge Monica Reibly William Rakoczy Doria Restyanszki ' W Barbara Ratkay Christopher Rigg Christine Riley Thomas Ring Fernando Rivera Sandra Robinson Seniors Seniors Deborah Ruesch Alfred Ruiz Vershalle Ryan Diane Sabo Julie Rothe nberg 1970-1987 " The train smashed into the rear of the car, splitting it in half. Dead on impact, police said, was the driver of the car, lulie Rothenberg, seventeen " couldn ' t believe, when I came to school the next day, that lulie wouldn ' t be here. She was always so funny, always talkative . . " Everyone loved her — you couldn ' t help but love her . . . " " Julie really cared for others. She had a gift for cheering people up. I can never recall Julie being in a depressed or angry mood. She always had something to say that somehow made you feel better ... " " She wasn ' t afraid to stand firm with her views. Some people give in under pressure, but not lules. I admired her a great deal for that. I think I know why she was that way. Her family has been so strong through all of this. Instead of people consoling them, they ' re doing the consoling ... " " She managed to touch the lives of so many people in seventeen years, lules ' s funeral was the largest they ' d ever had, the funeral director said " You know what — she never decorated a Christmas tree. Because she was Jewish, she just never did it. Last year after break we made a deal that she was going to come over and help me do ours; she wanted to put the star on top. I was going to buy her a little tree of her own, then get some crazy earrings and put them on like ornaments. That way she ' d have a tree of her own and some new things to get weird with ... " " It ' s so hard to let go of a friend. She was genuine; she was what she was. Not quiet. Every day on the way to lunch I ' d meet her in the main hall. ' Do I got a story for you! ' she ' d say " Our retainer days " were really funny. Every couple of weeks last year we ' d pick a day to pin our retainers on our vests. During the off days lules wore her frog. It was a fishing lure she had taken the hooks off of . . " Today has to be the saddest day I ' ve ever seen at Andrean, but one of the warmest. Boys are not afraid to reach out and embrace or lend an arm to cry on. Girls hold each other in comforting hugs, sharing the pain that each other feels. Friends, enemies, strangers are all somehow brought together in sorrow — supporting each other, helping each other. It ' s too bad that it takes death to make such love and warmth happen ... " " We need to spread love just as lules Rothenberg did in her short lifetime of seventeen years, lules, we love Seniors — 155 Seniors Louis Samaniego Nicole Samarzija Zayda Sanchez Anne Sanders Ellen Sue Schneider Peter Sawochka Anne Schenher Anne Schafer Steven Schwartz Yvonne Schneider Thomas Schulien Scott Schumann Darlene Sepiol Patricia Sebella Muna Selman William Selmer Jacqueline Sepulveda Christine Shakula Daniel Shaughnessy Douglas Sikora Seniors Seniors Amy Sliwinski Debbie Sohn Malissa Sopko Brelis Spiller Gregory Staley Melaine Stanley Alonda Steele Tyra Steele Joseph Stern Kelli Stern David Sullivan Julie Sunwoo LEFT:Chris Brack, Chad Close, and Miss Shropshire ham it up for seniors on retreat. ABOVE:Mike Parish, Mark Marich, Leslie Crosby, Anne Schafer, Chris Brack, Chad Close and Mrs. Ventura love senior retreats. Seniors Seniors Tricia Taylor Brett Teske Christine Thiel Tiffany Tillman Michele Turner Susan Vahey Jennifer VanHazebroeck Tricia VanSlyke Dawn Vargas John Vegter Todd Vician David Vincent 00 Pamela Vincent Kimberly Vith Angela Volan Edward Vucich Geralyn Wagner Mark Wagner Lance Washington James Watters Seniors Michele Weber Robert Weeks Kevin Wislo Tiffany Wisowaty Seniors Kwanrak Wongse-Sanit Jennifer Woodward John Zielinski Resina Zielinski Kimberly Zimmer LEFT: Melody Baran strikes up the band. ABOVE: And they lived happily ever after . . . Seniors Seniors i UPPER LEFT: Homecoming Queen candidate, Erika Harris, and her escort, Rustin Lewis, enjoy the festivities. UPPER RIGHT: The weekend comes to a close for seniors on retreat. LOWER LEFT: While on retreat, seniors took a journey on Noah’s Ark. LOWER RIGHT: Todd Fitzgerald escorts Homecoming Queen, Michelle Jao. 160 ' — Seniors Senior Royalties noiasi Best Humor Eric Kullerstrand and Tiffany Tillman Best Musician Tom Ring and Andreana Greene Most Versatile Matt Hanlon and Kris Katich Best Eyes Jason Koulianos and Anne Schenher Best Dressed Mike Parish and Michelle Jao Nicest Laugh Mike Parish and Hope Ayala Most Likely To Succeed Blair O’Connor and Greta Doumanian Best Personality Pat Fleming and Missy Mohan Best Couple Dan Shaughnessy and Anne Schenher Best Hair Mick Haller and Angela Burroughs Best Leader Blair O’Connor and Jenny Attar Most Artistic Peter McCobb and Anne Schafer Best Physique Tim Dankovis and Missy Rohrer Most Sociable Pat Fleming and Michelle Kopp Most School Spirit Chad Close and Cheryl Lanfear Best Organizer Eric Hiduke and Michelle Kopp Most Persuasive Todd Fitzgerald and Stacy Granger Best Legs Fernando Rivera and Kim Zimmer Most Handsome or Beautiful Chris Grandfield and Darlene Sepiol Most Athletic Rob Weeks and Lynn Klus Most Mischievous Kevin Perfetti and Monica Almy Best Smile Anil Pillay and Lynn Compton Best Actor — Actress Eric Kullerstrand and Angela Volan Super Procrastinator Eric Anderson and Kathy Wongse-Sanit UPPER LEFT: How many seniors can fit in a telephone booth? MIDDLE LEFT: Jason Koulianos receives the Best Eyes Award and Andreana Greene receives the Best Musician Award. LOWER LEFT: Fr. Cerretto presents Hope Ayala with the Nicest Laugh Award. ABOVE: Rita Neitzel, Christina Theil, Mickie Weber, Dawn Carpenter, Jennifer Campbell, Cindy Oresik, Barbara Ratkay, and Mary Jackson enjoy pizza and pop in the courtyard. Seniors — 161 ■Baccalaureate wr m i W • 1. 7 71 M — L « 1 ■ w- UPPER LEFT: Todd Vician leads the procession. UPPER RIGHT: Eric Christe offers the class flag. LOWER LEFT: Bishop Gaughan consecrates the bread and wine. MIDDLE RIGHT: Angela Burroughs receives communion from Fr. Whitley. LOWER RIGHT: Senior girls participate in the Mass. OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER LEFT: Miss O’Drobinak, Sr. Marlene, Tom Ring, and Melody Baran provide music for the Mass. UPPER RIGHT: Yolanda Rainge offers school books as a symbol of academic life. MIDDLE LEFT: Senior boys reflect on the Bishop’s homily. LOWER RIGHT: Our Lady of Consolation Church is the site of Baccalaureate. LOWER LEFT: Julie Sunwoo presents the gift of the Bible to Bishop Gaughan. 162 — Seniors Seniors — 163 Senior Honors am M WmvSk 1 mm Mike Parish receives the “Student of the Month” Award from Mr. Ben Myers of the Merrillville Exchange Club as M and Mrs. Parish and Fr. Whitley look o Special Recognition Awards Bishop Grutka Award for Christian Service Sister Emma Award for Dedicated Service to the School For Outstanding Achievement in English For Outstanding Achievement in Science For Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics For Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies For Outstanding Achievement in Business Education For Outstanding Achievement in Foreign Language For Outstanding Achievement in Computers For Outstanding Achievement in Art For Outstanding Achievement in Drafting and Design The Fr. John A. Burke Award for Excellence in Music Perfect Attendance for Four Years Catherine Beirigc Roy Is] Michelle Ja Greta Doumania Peter McCob John Kroep Tricia VanSlyTk Tony Lenz Monica Reibl . . Kathy Erickso Blair O’Connc . . James Allegret Mary Jacksc Greta Doumania . . Blair O’Connc Allison Porterfiel .... Anne Schafc Kimberly Vit . . . Mark Kazmic Debbie Soh Catherine Beirigc Andreana Greer Angela Karabetsc Paul Kobz Anil Pills Christine Shaku Alicia Siga Edward Vucic John Zielins] Kim Zimmi 164 — Seniors National Merit Scholars Top Ten Merrick Haller Peter Sawochka John Kroepfl Julie Sunwoo National Achievement Scholar Matthew Booker [ational Merit Commended Scholars Angela Burroughs Eric Hiduke Laura Kaufman Anthony Lenzo Monica Reibly Thomas Rosta Tricia VanSlyke Kwanrak Wongse-Sanit 1. Blair O’Connor 2. Thomas Rosta 3. Anthony Lenzo Julie Sunwoo 5. Mickey Haller Tricia VanSlyke 7. John Kroepfl 8. Monica Reibly 9. Greta Doumanian 10. Laura Kellar Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award Scholastic Journalist Award — The Hammond Times Laura Kellar American Legion Post 430 Outstanding Student Awards Blair O’Connor Julie Sunwoo Kathy Kramek Cynthia Oresik Most Valuable Staff Member Award — The Post-Tribune Barbara Ratkay The Lions International Student Leaders are Debbie Ruesch, Doria Restyanszki, Cheryl Lanfear, Debbie Brzoska, Kim Doolin, Scott Staley, Todd Vician, Eric Hiduke, Jim Allegretti, and John McCarthy. Seniors — 165 Commencement UPPER LEFT: Blair O’Connor gives the valedictory speech at graduation. UPPER RIGHT: Tom Rosta gives his farewell. LOWER RIGHT: Brett Teske receives his diploma from Bishop Gaughan. LOWER LEFT: Fr. Cerretto and Sr. Mary Anne lead the Commencement procession. OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER LEFT: Fr. McGrogan presents Julie Sunwoo with the American Legion Outstanding Student award. UPPER RIGHT: Fr. Whitley receives a gift from the Diocese of Gary to continue his education in Rome. LOWER LEFT: Jenny Attar receives a congratulatory hug from Dan Persic. MIDDLE RIGHT: Debbie Brzoska proudly receives his diploma from Bishop Gaughan. LOWER RIGHT: Pon Dhana adjusts Kathy Wongse-Sanit’s cap. 166 — Seniors Seniors — 167 Commencement OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER: Frances McMahon is all smiles as she receives her diploma from Bishop Gaughan. LOWER LEFT: Carlton Hargro adjusts his hat before the ceremony. LOWER RIGHT: Walt Spasevski accepts his diploma as Fr. Whitley looks on. THIS PAGE: UPPER LEFT: Senior girls reflect on their years at Andrean. MIDDLE LEFT: Bishop Gaughan presents Joyce Blachly with her diploma. LOWER LEFT: Alex da Silva and Tom Ring congratulate each other. ABOVE: Angela Burroughs and Fernando Rivera diplay their graduation smiles. Seniors — 169 AHS Year Armageddon Seniors 72.5 Juniors 72 Sophomores 71 Freshmen 49 Spell Bowl Team 1st in Region Mickey Haller Pat Laws Leanne Price Monica Reibly Mila Manley Julie Olszewski Gaea Gomez Kris Cantu Jennifer DuBois Jeff Foley Academic Superbowl English Team 1 point away from 1st in State Jennifer DuBois Jeff Foley Gayle Rusbasan Academic Decathlon Pat Laws Blair O’Connor Monica Reibly John Gasaway Lisa Calloway Leanne Price Peter Sawochka Scott Staley Jennifer Lottes 170 — Year in Review in Review rENNIS ANYONE? Dver the summer, Andrean underwent major reconstruction. Along with the enlargement of :he parking lot, tennis courts were installed in :he area behind the baseball field. These :ourts will be used by the tennis teams and will be the site of summer tennis camps and ournaments. 7 R. LANZALACO Reverend Joe Lanzalaco, C.S.B., who taught at ndrean during the 1985-86 acade mic year, was ordained a Basilian Father in Rochester, Slew York, on September 19. He returned to Andrean to say Mass for the student body. VlIXED DOUBLES TOURNAMENT rhe first Student-Faculty Mixed Doubles rournament was held on October 23 and 24. Bob Vegter and Jackie Moran defeated Rob devezi and Cindi Stypula, 8-5 in the finals. AM THE GYM t Andrean’s first “Jam the Gym” basketball jame, sophomore Mike Conroy collected 60.00 after his name was chosen and he hit wo free throws in a row. The year’s largest :rowd looked on as Andrean defeated Lake Central, 81-72. STEP rhe freshmen and juniors took two days out of :lass to take the ISTEP (Indiana Statewide resting of Educational Progress). The test, adored to reflect the curriculum of Indiana ichools and their standards, was developed by he Indiana Department of Education. GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS idr. Horvath’s spring government classes held heir own Presidential elections including nock primaries and Presidential conventions. t the final election, Republicans Mark Marich tnd Chad Close defeated Democrats Blair D’Connor and Laura Kaufman. LL-STAR ATHLETES im Allegretti was named by the Indiana ' ' ootball Coaches Association as an Academic Ul-Star. Jenny Attar was also named by the ndiana Basketball Coaches Association as an Academic All-Star. TEACHER OF THE YEAR Inland Steel named Mr. Mark Horvath Teacher of the Year for 1988. Mr. Horvath has taught at Andrean for seven years and is currently teaching government and economics to the seniors. NEW PRINCIPAL Fr. Michael Cerretto was named Andrean’s principal starting June 6, 1988. Fr. Cerretto has taught at Andrean for the past six years during which he served as Superior of the Basilians at Andrean. His predecessor, Fr. Whitley, will be stationed in Rome, Italy. THIRD IN STATE Senior Laura Kaufman placed third in shot put in the state track and field championships. Her throw was 42 feet, three fourths inch. UPPER: The Academic Superbowl English Team, Jeff Foley, Jennifer DuBois, Gayle Rusbasan, and Moderator Mr. Wojdyla, proudly display their award. LOWER: freshmen and juniors take the ISTEP test. Year in Review — 171 World News NORIEGA In February, General Manuel Noriega, commander of the Panamanian Defense Forces, ousted Panamanian President Eric Delvalle when Delvalle tried to fire him from his post. Despite U.S. pressure, Noriega made one of his allies the acting president. Earlier that month, Noriega was indicted for drug trafficking and money laundering. MOSCOW SUMMIT Following a Washington summit in December, President Reagan attended a summit meeting with Soviet Leader Gorbachev in Moscow. Human rights, arms control, and conflicts in Central America were key topics of discussion. The year National News MAYOR WASHINGTON Chicago Mayor Harold Washington suffered a heart attack followed by full cardiac arrest on November 25, 1987. The mayor died soon afterward. He was the first black mayor of Chicago and the first mayor of Chicago since Richard Daley to be elected to a second term. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE KENNEDY President Reagan nominated Judge Kennedy on November 11 for the Supreme Court. Kennedy was the President’s third choice; the Senate defeated conservative Judge Bork, and Judge Ginsburg withdrew from consideration following revelations of past marijuana use. Top Music Artists INXS George Michael Michael Jackson John Cougar Mellancamp Tiffany Bruce Springsteen Top Songs “Need You Tonight” “Bad” “I Had the Time of My Life” “Faith” “I Think We’re Alone” “Tunnel of Love” 172 — Year in Review in (Review Top Movies Fatal Attraction Dirty Dancing Moonstruck Wall Street Broadcast News The Last Emperor Good Morning Vietnam Sports Champions World Series: Minnesota Twins 1 NCAA Football: Miami Hurricanes Superbowl: Washington Redskins Stanley Cup: Edmonton Oilers 1 NCAA Basketball: Kansas Jayhawks Local News )ARLWIN CARLISLE Jine-year-old Darlwin Carlisle of Gary had ioth of her legs amputated after her mother 9ft her in an abandoned house with no heat ar several days during the winter. A neighbor iscovered the freezing girl wrapped in a filthy lanket in the corner of the house. Darlwin iow lives with her great-grandmother in Gary, ler mother was arrested and charged with hild neglect. LAJOR AIRPORT lary airport, renamed for former Gary Mayor lichard Hatcher, is being considered as the Liture site of a major commercial airport. The irport would bring new business and more Dbs to the area. Sports News WINTER OLYMPICS The XV Winter Olympics were held this year in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The U.S. team consisted of 166 athletes competing in 47 events. The team won six medals and had the poorest U.S. medal showing since 1936. Speed skater Bonnie Blair and figure skater Brian Boitano took gold medals, and figure skater Debbie Thomas won a bronze. LIGHTS AT WRIGLEY In February, a Chicago Council Committee voted to allow the Cubs to play eight night games in the summer of 1988. The decision was made amidst protests from residents of Wrigleyville. MICHAEL JORDAN The Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordan was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. Year in Review — 173 BEST OF LUCK FROM THE LAZZARO COMPANIES PLASTICS • STEEL • DOORS • HARDWARE • GLASS • WINDOWS • MIRRORS 980-0860 738-1810 5880 BROADWAY, MERRILLVILLE Carl Lazzaro — Ben Lazzaro — Chuck Lazzaro — George Putz — Frank Lazzaro Jr. JOIN THE CROWD AT ARBY’S 5790 Broadway Merrillville OPEN Sun.-Thurs. 10:30-10:00 Fri.-Sat. 10:30-11:00 174 Best Wishes and God’s blessing to the Class of “88” from the parishioners of SS Peter and Paul, Merrillville ELSER AND ASSOC. D.B.A. Full Service Employment Agency Temp Force TWIN TOWERS 1000 E. 80th PI. Merrillville, In. Phone: (219) 769-2922 Congratulations on a successful academic year. Saint Stephen the Martyr Catholic Community 175 Best Wishes From . . . Walker, Fleming, Corbin Greenberg, P.C. Attorneys-At-Law T. Clifford Fleming James T. Walker Thomas M. Greenberg Robert M. Corbin C. Donald Emery, III Suite E 99 East 86th Ave. Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Phone: (219) 769-0420 Georgie’s B.B.Q. 6016 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 176 — Community CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1988 from Mr. Mrs. Stephen Ratkay and Family Steve Class of ’86 Barbara Class of ’88 Community — 177 Congratulations , TO THE CLASS OF 1988 from Oral Surgery Group, P.C. A. Koczon, Administrator S. P. Taurus, DDS R. E. McMahon, DDS S. J. Fairchild DDS H. E. Stevenson, DDS R. E. White, DDS 8691 Connecticut Street, Merrillville, Indiana 46410, (219] 769-2720 813 LaPorte Avenue, Valparaiso, Indiana 46383, (219) 462-5117 5939 Central Avenue, Portage, Indiana 46368, (219) 763-1300 178 — Community Congratulations and Best Wishes to Greta and to all the graduates of 1988 from Dr. Mrs. Heratch Doumanian John and Leo Community — 179 CONGRATULATIONS, MITCH! WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! Dr. Rodolfo Mrs. Tessie Agana Jao and Family Dr. and Mrs. Andriano A. Agana 5 down, 4 to go!!! Marita Class 1983 Radmar Class 1984 Rodger Class 1986 Roderick Class 1987 Michelle Class 1988 Mylene Class (1990) Rodolfo Class (1992) Rodney Class (1993) Rodell Class (1997) 180 — Community Expert Installation Available decor tile inc. Remodeling Ceramic Floor Wall Tile, Marble Hardwood Flooring, Vinyl 2210 US 41 Schererville, IN 46375 (219) 322-1500 Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm Thurs. 8am-8pm Sat. 9am-3pm 4,1 .£v Community — 181 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Kathy and the class of 1988 from Drs. Y. and V. Wongse-Sanit and family Naree ’85, Tal ’86, Kathy ’88, Nick ’94, and Nat ’94. 182 — Community Congratulations to Tncia Van Slyke and the Class of 1988 Off the Square Office and Art Supplies Crown Point, Indiana Grandma Van Slyke J.B. Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Class of ’88 from ( 219 ) 980-5050 5970 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 Same Day Professional Service BRAKES • FRONT ENDS • SHOCKS • SPRINGS • COILS FREE INSPECTIONS Bob and Cassie Belshaw (Owners) n k BRAKE R SPRING Community — 183 in loving memory of Frank Shebat and Tom Shebat Class of 1963 — Bonnie Shebat Williams Taylor Publishing Company Proud to be Andrean’s Yearbook Printer Donna Arington Graphics Consultant 1113 Kentucky St. Valparaiso, IN 464-2487 184 — Community BfSAK NATIONAL AWARD WINNING FULL SERVICE DEALER CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH 61 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE IN NORTHWEST INDIANA 3111 W. LINCOLN HWY. (U.S. 30) MERRILLVILLE 738-2323 185 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 From Dr. Mrs. Leon Kinasiewicz and Family Michael Class of ’86 Michelle Class of ’88 186 — Community Congratulations to the Class of 1988 Erwin P. Gomez, M.D. Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 6111 Harrison, Suite 252 Merrillville, IN (219) 980-1307 187 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1988 From Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Roig and Family Merrillville Eye Clinic 8500 Broadway To Andrean High School: Thank you for four years well spent, four times around. John Class of ’79 Stephen Class of ’83 Gregory Class of ’86 Angela Maria Class of ’88 Dr. Mrs. G. J. Volan 189 Thank you, Andrean High School, for participating in the many Optimist Club projects over the years. Best of luck for the future! Optimist Club of Merrillville Founded in 1960, the Optimist Club of Merrillville is a service organization committed to serving the youth in the community. Its primary function is to be a friend of the young people. Annually, it sponsors a wide range of activities for boys and girls. Individuals interested in joining the Optimist Club and serving the community s youth should contact any member or call 942-4367. BE AN OPTIMIST AND BE SOMEBODY 190 — Community COMMUNITY Andrean Library Fr. Michael Cerretto, C.S.B. Mrs. Frances Crary Mrs. Edith Dakich Mr. John Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Giorgio Fr. George Heyman Miss Tina O’Drobinak Fr. Paul Quanz, C.S.B. Mrs. Petra Steele Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stuck Mrs. Joyce Thomas Mrs. Emily Vas Mrs. Geraldine Ventura Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wirtz Mrs. Helen Zielinski Community — 191 Towing Air Conditioning Auto Repair Tires DON ERDELAC, PRES. JACK ERDELAC, VICE PRES. JOHN TOMPI, MECHANIC Erdelac’s Inc. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 800 West 61st Ave. Merrillville, IN 46410 Experience the Unique Your Night Out is Important to Us Prom Dresses Winter Formats Lina’s Bridal and Tux, Inc. “Making Dreams Come True” 2274 U.S. 30 West Valparaiso, Indiana 46383 (219) 464-9248 T-W-Th. 10-8 Fri.-Sat. 10-5 7138 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 (219) 769-1002 T-W-Th. 11-7 Fri.-Sat. 11-5 Closed Sunday and Monday 192 — Community HEART I ' A( i: 2000 HEALTH EXERCISE " The GM Staudwid " (j{ £ ' jivl £m me anil WMwt) The Dynamic Balance of BODY • Mind • SPIRIT MANAGING STRESS OVERLOAD • Nutritional Fitness • The New Aerobics • Physical Fitness Program • Mental Fitness • Meditation Instruction HEART PACE 2000 EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOG CALL NOW (219) 769-3550 HEART PACE 2000 ELEANOR KAY-MIRICH Health Administrator CEO CFO Member ol American Hospital Association National Association (or Ambulatory Care MIRICH MEDICAL CORPORATION 9001 Broadway • Merrillville, IN 46410 Community — 193 194 X Acosta, David 120 Acosta, Stanley 145 Aguilar, Joe 128 Alessandrini, Anthony 109, 120 Allegretti, James 21, 109, 145, 165 Allen, Jennifer 114, 115, 128 Allen, John 78, 120 Allen, Kyle 136 Allen, Tim 128 Almy, Monica 76, 79, 145 Anderson, Eleanor 136 Anderson, Eric 145 Anderson, Mary Kay 136 Anderson, Jennifer 120 Anderson, Thomas 100, 128 Andres, Dennis 120 Anton, Gina 114, 120 Arambula, Antoinette 120 Arceo, Bernadette 145 Arceo, Luis 136 Arentz, Amy 95, 120 Armour, Kysha 128 Arnold, Kelley 128 Artemiuk, Jason 110, 145 Arvay, Michael 128 Attar, Jennifer 10, 74, 114, 115, 144, 145, 166 Ayala, Hope 43, 49, 145, 161 Azcona, Arturo 136 Azcona, Fidel 136 Azcona, Steven 46, 145 Babicka, Melissa 94, 136 Baccetti, Dina 145 Baccetti, Mike 120 Bacchus, Jason 88, 145, 102, 28 Bacchus, Nicole 136 Bachich, Kelli 96, 145 Bailey, David 145 Bailey, Matthew 128 Bailey, Mike 120 Baldin, John 128 Balon, Vanessa 145 Bane, Krista 115, 136, 107 Bane, Michael 145 Banks, Anthony 136 Banks, Mark 128, 102 Barajas, Irma 128 Baran, Melody 145, 27, 162 Barancyk, Michael 69, 90, 109, 145, 102 Barber, Kelli 97, 136 Barker, Lawrence 120 Barloga, Karen 145 Barney, Brian 90, 128 Barney, Michael 90, 145 Barrios, Simon 128 Basiak, Christine 128 Bass, Marenda 136 Becker, Julia 14, 77, 144, 145 Beckmann, Carol 146 Beiriger, Catherine 49, 146 Beishline, Marci 20, 94, 128 Bellich, Michael 90, 146 Benac, Chris 17, 90, 146 Benedyk, Laura 136 Benjamin, Jennifer 120 Benka, Stacy 146 Bennett, Sam 110, 136 Bensie, Patricia 136 Benus, Matthew 136 Bernard, Joann 128 Berndt, Tracy 128 Berry, Kimberly 146 Berry, Nicole 120 Betancourt, Carlotta 128 Bianchi, Laura 136, 107 Bielefeld, David 90, 146 Bihlman, Robert 109, 120 Billena, Darren 13, 128, 100 Billena, Rodney 136, 137, 100 Binkley, Jennifer 44, 146 Bisaha, Anne 128 Bishop, Joseph 90, 146 Blachly, Joyce 36, 146, 169 Blake, Bridget 146 Blakemore, Monica 43, 129 Blixt, Wendy 129 Blondet, Robert 109, 129 Board, Jarrett 120, 113 Bobruk, Lisa 136 Bobruk, Susan 120 Boby, Trisha 136 Bonta, Michael 120 Booker, Matthew 65, 146 Boose, Addulah 136 Bouska, Jennifer 136 Boyd, Gerrard 110, 136, 112 Brack, Christine 14, 71, 146 Brack, Margaret 35, 129 Brandt, Janet 136 Brantley, Brandon 120, 113 Braun, Richard 146 Braun, Sharon 129 Brengettcy, Mark 146 Brennan, Luke 136 Brooks, Brandon 120 Brown, Dante 110, 129, 112 Bryan, Laura 129 Brzoska, Annette 129, 146 Brzoska, Debbie 17, 23, 97, 166, 165 Bujdoso, Brian 90, 146 Bujdoso, Rebecca 120 Bukur, Nicole 146 Burnett, Etinnie 120 Burns, Kimberly 136 Burns, Troy 120, 113 Burroughs, Angela 35, 43, 146, 169, 27, 162 Burton, Carol 146 Burton, Scott 136 Bush, Shane 147 Butkus, Brian 129 Caban, Angela 136, 26 Calloway, Lisa 15, 147 Cammarata, Franco 88, 129, 100 Campbell, Christopher 121, 113 Campbell, Jennifer ' 161 Campbell, Jodi 120 Campo, Jennifer 121 Canelo, Fatima 121 Cantu, Kristina 136 Carlisle, Michael 76, 90, 100, 101 Carpenter, Dawn 147, 161 Carpenter, Yolanda 129 Carr, Christopher 121, 113 Carreno, Kelly 76, 90, 147 Carter, Brian 90, 129 Carter, James 15, 147 Castle, Nicole 121 Chaseley, Meggan 97, 129 Chaseley, Moira 97, 147 Chevigny, Marc 136 Chiarella, Lisa 147 Chorak, Kimberly 136 Chouinard, Terrence 129 Christe, Eric 20, 70, 109, 147, 162 Christianson, David 136 Cisowski, Theodore 109, 136 Clark, Elliott 129 Clark, Michelle 147 Clark, Tiffanie 97, 136 Clark, Tiffany 34, 129 Clayton, Robert 136 Cleland, Lisa 94, 147 Close, Chad 15, 16, 147 Clune, Joe 136 Coady, Jeff 121 Coady, Kimberly 15, 147, 27 Codespoti, Scott 90, 147 Colby, Rebecca 129 Colias, Stephanie 136 Collins, Brian 147 Colon, Angel 129 Colon, Antwan 88, 129, 102 Compton, Lynn 10, 15, 40, 147, 99 Compton, Meridith 13, 121, 99 Conarty, Alicia 121 Connors, Scott 129 Conroy, Michael 109, 129 Cooley, Bryan 121 Cora, Kim 121 Couret, Keiron 147 Couret, William 129 Cox, Daniel 90, 136 Cox, Thecla 129 Craft, Christopher 136 Crawford, Jason 90, 147 Crosby, Leslie 15, 147 Cross, Jermaine 121, 113 Curtis, Kim 121 da Silva, Alexander 147, 169 da Silva, Kathleen 121 Dabrowski, Lisa 96, 121 Dailey, Daniel 90, 136 Dankovis, Timothy 10, 148 Darnell, Keith 137, 98 Darnell, Shane 121 Davis, Johnnie 121 Davis, Timothy 137 Davison, Angelica 129 Deck, Dawn 148 Deck, Chon 121 Delaney, Eric 64, 121, 113 DeLaney, Kirsten 129 Dennison, Gary 121, 113 Derdowski, Amy 79, 148, 27 DeRosa, Moira 43, 148 Desai, Ruchik 121 Dhana, Siriporn 13, 148, 166 Dhana, Dan 109, 129 Dial, Emmanuel 129, 128 Dial, Ruth 95, 114, 121 Diaz, Carl 129 Diaz, Felix 109, 121 Dienes, Kenneth 90, 137 Dimofski, Christine 95, 129 Dixon, Paula 137 Dobogai, Denise 77, 148 Dobogai, Lisa 137, 107 Doffin, Patricia 148 Doffin, Timothy 137 Dominguez, Ezeguiel 121 Doolin, Clare 95, 129 Doolin, Gordon 121 Doolin, Kimberly 148, 165 Dorin, Craig 109, 129 Dorris, Michael 90, 148 Douglas, Sherry 129 Doumanian, Greta 17, 40, 148 99 Doumanian, John 121, 113 Doyle, Joseph 90, 129 Drapac, Stephanie 148 Dreas, Deena 129 Drew, Tarrish 129 DuBois, Jennifer 62, 129, 171 Dubovich, Joanne 121 Dudak, Beth 129 Dudley, David 129 Dudley, Jennifer 87, 148 Dudley, Sharese 121 Duffy, Deborah 23, 129 Duffy, Patrick 23, 68, 129 Duffy, Shawn 121 Duncan, Chris 121, 113 Durko, Gregory 121 Dushane, William 130 Dynek, Kimberly 130 Dynek, Nicole 148 Dzyacky, Jeff 130 M Easton, Dean 148, 102 Eck, Elaine 137 Eck, Kathy 121 Eck, Robert 137 Eck, William 121 Elvambuena, Ariel 109, 121 Emeka, Patricia 137 Emeka, Victoria 121 Emig, Christina 137 Equihua, Monica 130 Erickson, Dawn 121 Erickson, Katherine 43, 148 Erickson, Michelle 137 Espinoza, Christine 130 Exl, Joseph 90, 109, 137 Fabian, Richard 137 Fabian, William 121 Fagen, Nora 12, 64, 95, 137, 107 Falconburg, Jill 77, 130 Falconburg, Joel 137 Falconburg, Paul 148 Falcone, Brenda 114, 130 Fauser, Frank 148 Febus, Angel 121 Fife, John 90, 148 fe, Patrick 90, 137 ilips, Kristen 121 itzgerald, Timothy 137 itzgerald, Todd 10, 111, 110, 148, 160 leming, Patrick 86, 144, 148 lesher, Sean 88, 137, 104, 112 agarassy, Stephanie 121 5ley, Jeffrey 45, 81, 130, 171 ister, Chantal 121 jster, Russell 109, 130 raisero, Gonzalo 137, 100 ■ankovich, Michelle 36, 40, 89, 96, 137, 99 ■aylon, Damon 122 -azzini, Marian 149 •iday, Tanya 122 ■eeman, Jerla 130 •eese, Robert 110, 111, 149, 102, 36 jrman, Greg 12 jrman, Susan 137 agan, Sarah 87, 137 alvan, Danielle 130 ant, Kellie 149 arcia, Delia 34, 71, 137 arcia, Mary Ann 130 asaway, John 149 ault, Miles 137 aydos, Michael 122, 113 addry, Blaise 109, 122 ahring, Marcia 130 holson, Joan 137 iacomin, Diana 61, 138 iannini, Deon 138 iannini, Peter 122 ibson, La Toya 122 bson, Willie 130 dley, Robert 138 dley, Tara 114, 122 orioso, Peter 138 aad, Adam 138, 105 amez, Alfred 138, 112 amez, Gaea 13, 138 amez, Nina 122 anzales, John 63, 149 anzalez, Catherine 122 anzalez, Cindy 130 anzalez, Deborah 149 aodwin, Michelle 130 arski, Christopher 130, 112 avert, Jeffery 109, 130 aysich, Karen 97, 138 •abek, Patricia 95, 130 ■andfield, Christopher 149, 100 , 101 •anger, Stacey 17, 69, 149 ay, Jimmie 109, 130, 102 •een, James 90, 130 •een, Louis 90, 149 eene, Andreana 39, 149, 161 •eene, Felicia 122 eenwalt, Scott 138 eenwalt, Tessa 122 egor, Karen 138 ogan, Lynn 122 oss, Joel 149, 102 othaus, John 130 usak, Mary 149 aelinas, Candy 13, 96, 130 Guelinas, Thomas 149 Guider, Andre 90, 130, 112 Gurdian, Dennis 90, 130 Guzman, Adrian 138, 112 Haas, Jennifer 130 Haas, Melissa 122 Hackett, Kewan 122, 113 Hackleman, John 122 Haddix, Rosa 34, 149 Halaschak, Amy 122 Halaschak, Karla 130 Halfman, James 90, 149 Halfman, Paul 109, 130 Haller, Melissa 130 Haller, Merrick 22, 149 Halstead, Lisa 122 Hamann, Dale 149 Hammond, Arthur 122 Hampton, Steve 130 Hanlon, Matthew 109, 111, 149 Hanlon, Stephanie 13, 96, 130, 128 Hargro, Carlton 149, 169 Harley, Timothy 90, 138 Harris, Arthur 122 Harris, Erika 10, 97, 149, 160 Harris, Jeanetta 138 Harris, Martita 150 Harvey, Angela 74, 109, 138 Hasara, Nicole 46, 138 Havrilla, Felicity 49, 138 Hawkins, Monica 130 Hayes, Danny 130 Headd, Tiawiana 138 Heckler, Robert 109, 130 Heffner, Keenya 130 Heffner, Trenton 138 Heim, Keith 123 Heim, Lisa 138 Henderson, Brian 123 Henderson, Natasha 130 Hernandez, Tamra 138 Hersick, Jeffrey 90, 130 Heuring, Jonathan 69, 130 Hevezi, Robert 139 Hiduke, Eric 39, 150, 165 Hilbrich, Thomas 123, 113 Hinton, Raynaldo 139 Hoffman, Sarah 39, 72, 95, 130 Holley, Emily 130 Hollingsworth, Carla 139 Holmes, Brian 90, 139, 102 Holzer, Heather 123 Hornick, Keith 90, 139 Horton, Marian 131 Houpt, James 150 Hovanec, John 64, 123, 113 Hruskovich, Christi 97, 150 Huber, Ann 150 Hudson, De Andre 72, 90, 138, 100 Hughes, Antoine 123 Hughes, Michelle 139 Hughes, Yolanda 139 Humes, Tracy 97, 150 Hussey, Wendy 150 Hutchens, Peter 109, 123 Hutchens, Tim 131, 100, 112 Hutka, Shelley 150 I Iker, Ryan 139, 100 Ilada, Pamela 139 Isla, Christine 66, 123 Isla, Roy 13, 150, 27 Ivey, Aimee 131 Jackson, Mary 150, 161 Jacobs, Cherry 131 Jacobs, James 109, 139 Jacobs, Scott 131, 112 Janik, Theodore 123, 113 Janke, Jodi 90, 150 Jankovich, Brenda 139 Janssen, Cynthia 97, 131 Jao, Michelle 10, 63, 150, 160, 99 Jao, Mylene 36, 131, 128, 29, 99 Japundza, Bogdan 90, 131 Jascoviak, Sandra 139 Jaskolski, Dawn 139 Jaskolski, Rebecca 139 Jenkins, Jacqueline 75, 139 Jerry, Jennifer 131 Jiminez, Daniel 90, 150 Jiminez, JoAnn 139 Jiminez, Steven 123 Johns, Jason 123 Johns, Jeffrey 139 Johnson, Andrea 150 Johnson, Anise 123 Johnson, Erik 123 Johnson, Michael 81, 139 Joiner, Chakeba 123 Jones, Alan 137, 139 Jones, Brandi 123 Jones, Thomas 123 Joshua, Damon 110, 139 Juskevice, Kimberly 150 Kacocha, Jennifer 139 Kaiafas, Peter 49, 139, 102 Kamradt, Kimberly 95, 131 Karabetsos, Angela 150 Katich, Kristen 15, 18, 115, 150 Kaufman, Elizabeth 74, 139 Kaufman, Laura 34, 150, 103 Kazmier, Mark 90, 150, 100 Keaton, Paul 123 Keaton, Tamara 131 Kellar, Laura 150 Kellenburger, Kimberly 97, 139 Keller, Danielle 123 Keller, Homer 139 Keller, Monika 139 Kelly, Candice 131 Kelner, Laura 97, 139 Kerr, John 131 Keyak, Michael 123 Kezy, Kaylyn 61, 139 Kiel, Kelly 97, 151 Kiel, Kevin 123 Kilgore, Daniel 110, 151 Kinasiewicz, Michelle 151 King, John 123 Klus, Lori 87, 131 Klus, Lynn 94, 95, 151 Klus, Robert 139 Knight, Felicia 62, 139 Knopick, Bridget 18, 123 Kobe, Kathleen 123 Kobza, Cathy 139 Kobza, Paul 109, 151 Kohl, Jessica 139 Kokot, Dawn 123 Kokot, Rhonda 114, 131 Kolczak, Amy 139 Konecki, Donald 46, 139, 99 Kopack, Brian 34, 88, 111, 139, 112 Kopil, Mark 139 Kopp, Michelle 10, 144, 151 Koranda, Karen 131 Kosiba, Elisha 131 Kottka, Kelley 95, 131 Koulianos, Jason 65, 90, 151, 161 Koznicki, Karen 123 Kramek, Kathy 44, 151 Krantz, Barbara 96, 123 Krecik, Allison 123 Krienke, Mary 151 Krizmanic, Jenifer 49, 80, 139 Kroepfl, John 45, 69, 151 Krompack, Brian 123 Kucan, Amy 131 Kullerstrand, Bert 131 Kullerstrand, Erik 20, 151 Kunas, Mark 123 Kurzawinski, Scott 123 Kurzeja, Nicole 123 La Marca, Maryann 139 Lach, Gregory 90, 151 Laco, Lori 123 LaGrant, Verna 151 LaMantia, Dawn 139 LaMarr, David 123 LaMere, Robert 76, 90, 151 Landon, Ericka 151 Lanfear, Cheryl 96, 151, 165 Larson, Barbara 95, 114, 115, 131 Larson, Lila 123 Laskowski, Terrance 123 Lattimore, Markenia 140 Lavrick, Amy 140 Laws, Michael 35, 123 Laws, Patrick 151 Lawson, Laura 123 Leach, Kendrick 131 Lee, Camille 151 Lee, Frederick 151, 102 Lee, Nicole 131 Lee, Susan 123 Leka, Michael 131, 102 Lemmons, Scott 151 Lemmons, Shawn 113, 124, 112 Lenzo, Anthony 46, 152 Lenzo, Julianne 124 Leurck, Matthew 12, 140, 100, 101 Lewis, Rustin 10, 152, 160 Lewis, Wendy 62, 137, 140 Liggins, Jamya 72, 140 Liggins, Jenaya 131 Logothetis, Ann 152 Loker, Susan 140 Lopez, Eric 124, 113 195 196 Lopez, Gloria 152 Lopez, Gregory 125 Lopez, Michael 140 Lopez, Raquel 124 Lottes, N. Jennifer 140 Lowe, Richard 140 Lucas, Gary 124 Luke, Jessie 140 Lustina, Michael 64, 124, 113 Lynch, Regina 132 VlacDonald, Jill 124 vlacias, Alex 132 Macielak, Anthony 124 Macielak, Melissa 132 Mack, Thomas 140 Mahan, Todd 140 Majcher, Cynthia 124 Majchrowicz, Amy 140 Majchrowicz, Dawn 140 Majchrowicz, Mark 124 Mako, Dennis 90, 140 Mako, Julie 152 Mallams, Brian 12, 152, 100 Mallams, Jessica 20, 132 Mance, Allan 132 Manley, Mila 140 Marcyjanik, Eric 132 Marich, Mark 14, 15, 152 Marino, Michelle 132 Mark, ToiLisa 140 Markovich, Michael 132 Martin, George 124, 113 Martin, Jennifer 115, 140, 107 Martinez, Angelia 140 Martinez, Guillermo 132 Martinez, Lara 124 Martinez, Laure 140 Martinez, Lisa 96, 120, 124 Martinez, Maria 152 Martinez, Michael 90, 132, 128 Martinez, Ramiro 120, 124 Martinez, Rosalia 47, 64, 140 Massa, Heather 124 Massa, Keith 125 Massengill, Brian 125 Massey, Bonnie 132 Massey, Christine 125, 103 Massey, Mary 152 Massey, Sara 125 Matheny, Demetries 132 Mathews, Tanya 152, 26 Mathis, Jennifer 140 Mathis, Katherine 125 Matlon, Adam 90, 140 Mattei, Debra 152 Mattull, Eric 125 Matysiak, Brian 132 Maya, Alex 125 Mays, Janet 152 Mazeika, Michelle 132 McCarthy, John 34, 152, 165 McCobb, Peter 108, 109, 152 McCowan, Claudia 125 McCullough, Rosemary 14, 77, 152 McCullough, Thomas 132 McGuire, Eileen 140 McGuire, Kristen 152 McKinney, Lenora 125 McMahon, Frances 63, 152, 169 McQuillin, Michael 90, 152 Medellin, Carmen 43, 140 Meeks, Graham 125 Melo, Luiz, 140, 100 Melvin, Philip 152 Mendez, Margarita 125 Metro, James 152 Meyers, Vazantha 140, 99 Mihal, Eric 140 Mihalik, Caroline 125 Mihalik, Michelle 140 Miklosy, Matthew 67, 90, 140, 100 Mirabella, Steven 67, 140 Mish, Brian 125 Mishorich, Paul 140, 27 Mlechick, John 132 Mohan, Melissa 21, 153 Moise, Kimberly 45, 47, 125 Monik, John 140 Monroe, Gary 62, 140, 102 Montpetit, Nicole 140 Morales, Paul 90, 109, 140 Moran, Jacqueline 35, 40, 96, 140, 99 Morgan, Marcy 132 Morton, Roxanne 125 Mueller, Susan 140 Muffoletto, Melissa 125 Mukes, Zandra 97, 132 Munoz, Jose 90, 140 Muratori, Robert 132 Murawski, Jeanette 34, 70, 140 Murawski, John 88, 132, 102 Myers, Mary 97, 133 Nadolski, Jennifer 141 Nash, Kimberly 125 Negron, Melissa 133 Negron, Natalie 153 Neitzel, Jack 141 Neitzel, Rita 153, 161 Nelson, Erik 125 Nelson, Tracy 153 Nevill, Christine 125 Newman, Carri 125 Newton, Jeffery 141, 27 Newton, Kevin 153, 98 Nicholson, Julia 141 Nicksic, Vicky 153 Nigro, Timothy 109, 141 Noble, Thomas 40, 125 Nocks, Lisa 153 Nowak, Nicole 133 Nunez, Mariaelena 125 O’Brien, Charles 133 O’Connor, Blair 10, 40, 88, 144, 153, 166, 28, 27 O’Neil, Deborah 94, 125 O’Neil, Scott 153, 102, 28 O’Sullivan, Shanna 125 Oates, Jennifer 97, 133 Oates, Marianne 97, 153, 27 Oleksy, Martin 70, 153 Olivieri, Marissa 13, 133 Ols on, Bradley 125, 102 Olszewski, Julie 141 Ombac, Leah 43, 153 Onder, Nicole 12, 153 Oresik, Cynthia 44, 153, 161 Ortiz, Michael 133 Orto, Richard 133 Oslawski, Brandi 125 Osorio, Sylvia 153 Ostrowski, Dawn 141 Otis, Brian 125 Ou, Chi 141 Owens, Daniel 153 Pabey, Lisa 125 Pabon, Elizabeth 141 Pabon, Sandy 141 Pacalonis, Michelle 141 Pace, Yolanda 133 Palk, Amelia 95, 133, 99 Pankiewicz, Carrie 133 Pankiewicz, Pamela 141 Papachronis, Dawn 125 Pardus, April 141 Parish, Michael 15, 153, 164, 100 Parkinson, Amy 125 Patterson, Ayesha 141 Patterson, Ruishon 125 Patton, Gershom 125 Pavicich, William 90, 141 Pearson, Don 109, 133 Pearson, Jonathan 65, 153 Pearson, Michael 153 Peifer, Natalie 141 Penn, Michelle 89, 133 Perella, Tony 125 Perez, Abigail 125 Perez, Anthony 90, 141 Perez, Liliana 141 Perez, Nilsa 153 Perez, Roman 43, 141, 100 Perfetti, Kevin 154 Persic, Daniel 16, 154, 166, 29 Perzo, Andrew 141 Peters, Michael 62, 141 Peters, Robert 125 Peterson, Eric 154 Peterson, Quentin 133, 112 Petrites, Timothy 125 Phillips, Michael 133, 102 Picha, Jennifer 125 Picha, Suzanne 141 Pictor, Barbara 115, 141 Pieters, Lisa 95, 133 Pillay, Anil 154 Pillay, Sunita 133 Piunti, Brian 141 Plasencia, Susan 79, 141, 27 Podnar, Tom 133 Pokropinski, Dennis 141, 98 Polimac, Jeri 141 Polomchak, Aaron 88, 133 Ponce, Mario 120, 125, 113 Popovich, Suzette 125 Porter, John 133 Porterfield, Allison 15, 154, 99 Potochick, Matthew 90, 133 Potter, Christopher 154, 105 Potter, Jennifer 115, 141, 107 Pozzo, Elizabeth 97, 141 Pozzo, William 125 Prenizny, Lorraine 154 Price, Mark 90, 141, 28 Price, Veronica 154 Pszonka, Jeffrey 125 Pszonka, Kristen 133 Puntillo, Timothy 125 Quinn, Lori 141 Rachowicz, Dave 126 Rachowicz, Joslyn 97, 154 Radojicic, Tomislav 13, 21, 141 Raich, Jennifer 97, 141, 99 Rainge, Stephanie 43, 97, 133 Rainge, Yolanda 39, 97, 154, 162 Rais, Arleene 133 Rakoczy, Heather 95, 141, 107 Rakoczy, William 10, 34, 88, 154, 102 Ramos, Jesse 141 Ratkay, Barbara 43, 45, 154, 161 Rech, Jeannette 141 Reed, Jimmy 133 Reens, Jon 126 Reeves, Lisa 133 Regal, Jennifer 126 Regan, Kelly 126 Regan, Mark 154 Reibly, Monica 154 Renwald, Celeste 133 Renwald, Emily 114, 133 Renwald, Jessica 141 Restyanszki, Doria 154, 165 Reyes, Gloria 66, 97, 133 Reynolds, Amy 114, 115, 133 Reynolds, Thomas 141 Richter, Jeanine 141, 107 Ridgeway, Kim 133 Rigg, Christopher 17, 154 Riley, Christine 154 Ring, Thomas 154, 169, 162 Rivera, Carlos 109, 126 Rivera, Ferliza 13, 133 Rivera, Fernando 65, 86, 154, 169, 27 Rivera, Yvette 133 Robertson, Rochelle 141, 99 Robinson, Angela 142 Robinson, Sandra 154 Robinson, Tonya 77, 155 Roby, Renee 133 Rodriguez, Edward 133 Rodriguez, Judy 126 Rodriguez, Melissa 133 Rohrer, Melissa 96, 155 Roig, Elena 142 Roig, Jennifer 142 Roig, Stephanie 96, 126 Roman, Joseph 126 Romanenko, Dana 95, 126 Rondez, Victoria 97, 155 Rongers, John 126 Roper, Jeanine 142 Rosborough, Michelle 126 Ross, Tanisha 133 Rosta, Brian 126 Rosta, Thomas 35, 64, 155, 166 Rothenberg, Julie 155 Rouge, Emily 126 ge, Matthew 142 ' ley, John 13, 142 ycki, Cassandra 142 ker, Fanon 34, 70, 71, 109, 2 sch, Deborah 155, 165 i, Alfred 155 i, Mario 126 yon, Michael 144 ode, Suzanne 66, 126 basan, Gayle 133, 171 in, Brian 133 n, Charles 133 n, Vershalle 155 pka, Laura 142 , Debra 126 ), Diane 155 ss, Stephanie 68, 142 iris, Kristine 134 mon, Stefanie 142 aniego, Louis 156 aniego, Michael 126, 100 arzija, Leigh 142 arzija, Nicole 156 uel, Leena 134 :hez, Nancy 134 :hez, Peter 88, 110, 142, 112 :hez, Rosemary 114, 115, 4 hez, Zayda 156 lers, Anne 156 lers, Denis 126 lers, Scott 134, 100 lie, Sumi 134 yathum, Sasipatra 20, 134 er, Amy 126 er, Meredith 60, 126 riano, Jennifer 134 jchka, Charles 142 chka, Peter 156 fer, Anne 156 ffer, Scott 142 nher, Anne 43, 80, 156 nher, Jennifer 126 nher, John 126 nher, William 13, 36, 142 rry, Georgia 142 ling, Todd 134 eider, Ellen Sue 156 eider, Theresa 126 eider, Yvonne 43, 156 lien, Thomas 156 ltz, Shad 81, 90, 142, 26 mann, Lynette 142 mann, Scott 21, 90, 156 tz, Gregory 90, 134 tz, Timothy 142 ' artz, Steven 156, 100 , Ronier 134, 112 lla, Patricia 156 , Renata 134 an, Dina 39, 49, 142 an, Muna 156 er, William 90, 156 1, Darlene 97, 156 Iveda, Jacqueline 156, 106 ir, Jeannette 40, 45, 97, 142 ir, Patrick 126 ila, Christine 156, 99 Shaughnessy, Daniel 156 Shipp, Brian 142 Shipp, Cheryl 134 Sianta, James 109, 134 Sigala, Rene 126 Sikora, Douglas 156 Simpson, Mary Beth 21, 77, 142 Siner, Cheri 134 Singel, Doug 126 Skowronski, Tricia 96, 142 Sliwinski, Amy 157 Smar, Jeff 134 Smith, Esther 134 Smith, James 110, 142 Smith, Kevin 110, 142 Smith, Kimberly 134 Smith, Lovell 134 Smolar, Tiffany 114, 115, 134 Snemis, James 126 Sobh, Yazmin 126 Sohn, Debbie 79, 126, 157 Sokit, John 126 Sopko, Malissa 34, 49, 70, 157 Spanopoulos, Colleen 64, 142 Spasevski, Walter 90, 169, 102 Spence, Mary 126 Spiller, Brelis 72, 157 Spurlock, Richard 142 Staley, Gregory 157, 165 Staley, Matthew 134 Stamate, Heidi 126 Stanger, Nicole 134 Stanley, Melanie 157 Stanzione, Sharon 17, 96, 142 Steele, Alonda 37, 157 Steele, Tyra 144, 157 Steffens, Daryle 90, 142 Steffens, Tracey 134 Stern, Joseph 157 Stern, Kelli 97, 157 Stern, Kyle 13, 142 Stewart, Darrell 90, 134 Stinnett, Stacy 142 Stuck, Jennifer 95, 120, 126 Stypula, Cynthia 142, 99 Suchy, Kimberly 96, 134 Sullivan, David 90, 157 Sullivan, Margaret 115, 142 Sunwoo, Julie 15, 39, 144, 157, 166, 162 Sur, Michael 134, 100 Susoreny, John 134 Swan, Timothy 134, 100 Swanson, Denise 95, 126 Szabo, Linda 134 Szaller, Andrea 134 Szaller, Jennifer 96, 142 Szwajkowski, Darren 134 Tankersley, Tonia 126 Tapp, Regina 134 Tatham, Karyn 142, 99 Taylor, Lashanda 142 Taylor, Tricia 97, 158 Terry, Erica 134 Teske, Brett 13, 86, 158, 166, 98 Thiel, Carmen 134 Thiel, Christina 138, 161 Thiel, Peter 126 Thompson, Derek 142 Thompson, Rodney 134 Thompson, Sean 134 Thorn, Andrew 90, 142 Thornton, Clarence 134 Thupvong, Gail 134 Tillman, Tiffany 73, 97, 158 Todd, John 143 Tomecko, Nicole 96, 134 Tonello, Mary 126 Torres, Ralph 109, 143 Townsend, Patrick 90, 143 Trojan, Lana 134 Tucker, Geralyn 135 Tucker, Julie 135 Turnbull, Jennifer 143, 99 Turner, Marc 143 Turner, Michele 21, 158 Turner, Willard 90, 135, 28 Turnquist, Lawrence 126 Unni, Ramesh 135 Unni, Suresh 126 Urbaniak, Jason 126, 104 Urquiza, Sergio 127 Vaca, Cristina 135 Vahey, Stephen 127 Vahey, Susan 158 Vale, Michael 40, 135, 102 Valtierra, Josephine 135 VanHazebroeck, Erinne 127 VanHazebroeck, Jennifer 158 VanSlyke, Deborah 89, 143 VanSlyke, Tricia 89, 158 Vargas, Dawn 158 Vargas, Jennifer 135 Vasquez, Manuel 90, 143 Vaughan, Tricia 127 Vega, Angela 143 Vega, Kimberly 96, 127 Vegter, John 158 Vician, Todd 35, 40, 158, 165, 162 Vidal, Ross 143 Viene, Denise 95, 143 Vincent, David 158, 27 Vincent, Pamela 158 Vitalone, Lisa 135 Vith, Kimberly 63, 158, 27 Volan, Angela 49, 158 Vorice, Eric 127 Vucich, Edward 64, 158 Wagner, Geralyn 158 Wagner, Mark 90, 158 Wagner, Richard 143 Walters, Gregory 127 Walton, Sara 143 Washington, Lance 110, 158 Watroba, Michelle 143 Watters, James 158 Watters, Michael 127 Weathersby, Reggie 127 Weber, Dennis 127 Weber, Michele 35, 39, 159 Weber, Regina 39, 143 Weber, Richard 143, 161 Weeks, Robert 90, 159 Weiss, Maria 135 Wengel, Scott 88, 135 Wesley, Darren 90, 110, 143 Wilczynski, Debra 23, 143 Wild, Corrine 135 Wilkins, Elizabeth 127 Williams, Carla 135 Williams, Felicia 143 Williams, Marcella 143 Williams, Shalonda 135 Williford, Dee Dee 143 Willy, Bryon 135 Wilson, Kellee 127 Wilson, LaCheryl 135 Wiltermood, Michael 143 Wislo, Kevin 109, 159 Wisow aty, Tiffany 97, 159 Wolf, Carl 109, 135 Wongse-Sanit, Kwanrak 15, 17, 34, 37, 144, 159, 166, 27 Woodward, Jennifer 76, 159 Woodward, Mark 135 Wray, Tyrone 135 Wright, Chris 135 Wylie, Richelle 94, 135, 99 Yankauskas, Andy 127 Young, Jennifer 143 Zamora, Heriberto 135 Zapinski, Kimberly 114, 127 Zemelko, Jennifer 49, 135 Zemlik, Melissa 143 Zencka, Michael 88, 135 Zielinski, Daniel 22, 23, 49, 143 Zielinski, John 159 Zielinski, Regina 159 Zimmer, Kimberly 34, 90, 96, 159 Zimmer, Tom 90, 135, 112 197 At Andrean, we set the stage for our future; we learn the lines for the roles we will play. Experiences gained here will direct our actions , and our dreams will begin to materialize. 198 — Closing Closing — 199 1988 Decussata Staff Editor in Chief: Barbara Ratkay Photography Editor: Rosalia Martinez Moderators: Mrs. Steele Mrs. Thomas Student Life: Greta Doumanian Organizations: Jeanette Shafer Academics: Gaea Gomez Faculty: Jennifer DuBois Sports: John Kroepfl Freshmen: Julie Nicholson Sophomores: Barb Larson Juniors: Jeff Foley Staff: Bill Schenher Stacey Granger Kathy Wongse-Sanit Julie Sunwoo Bill Rakoczy Heather Rakoczy Amy Kucan Mike Arvay Kim Moise Thanks: Nina Gomez Marilyn Verde Fr. Whitley Fr. Quanz Donna Arington Mr. John Giolas Mr. Defabio Mrs. Paulsin Bridget Knopick Brenda Jankovich Terry Chouinard Cheri Siner Leanne Price Eric Hiduke Jennifer Roig Stephanie Roig Laure Martinez Mrs. Yurechko Sr. Christopher Coaching Staffs Greg Volan Frank Manista Tricia VanSlyke Karla Halaschak Senior portraits and special occasion photographs taken by Mr. John Giolas of Giolas Studios, Merrillville, Indiana. Cover designed by Terry Chouinard, Class of 1990. 200 — Acknowledgments Tinn, Vfeu sweehe i Im dod WS fVi H iX oj w - I U ' i Loiaa ue uiciJad non x n tnoiO oxfo 2 T£r x ner ev€S, 4 oa(] d Sbifor e- -(o (c 1 - c[ h cllGX Wtei UoviW aiEeXCu Guxef psrxm j I hope 0 IX 4itY Sclent s, Oeatn ' iVf Ctervtf fyu Cinaci hQ.vf a hord I ' (ee?i LSfCW 7 !XO 0 be io il q ,- - 1 is® (X ]() (,e; Summer dChoof ' bidn [fri . 0 rumfe ditto vJUTb: vio ntu i-tllox 4 tUio nits., i COdy m o jkmduu ■ ■pJlJJd JdJfk, fife (pd did Hi+5, Xfefe fit MimI. iaf% duuM Mlkr % 110 (XllM- fel X . M 46 dxt f AM 1 jji d tpu. diAidb j hynv kjit ( -i icatt J ' MuAjiiMjMc l J eu 1 Vaw a - ' x., oyfevi. X? uAL XfioXfdlL c y zu) lAjku. ddity JMk 9 d jdfixsuM lm ipu, Midi imP l 7 4M d V 0 WdLwi jJb. H u a-ftiluu Kiip a K L ’ 1 - (fX ' „ ...

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