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J A Decussata Student Life 8 Academics 30 Organizations Sports 54 78 Album 112 Administration 114 Faculty 116 Freshmen 120 Sophomores 128 Juniors 136 Seniors 144 Year In Review 170 Community 176 Index 196 Acknowledgments 200 4 Remember freshman year and the monsters that vere seniors? It seemed impossible that we could emember all those room numbers. And the chedule — All those rotating periods and hours ind lunches! But we survived. Room locations, if lot numbers, wer mportant locker lature. Sophomore year — no longer were we the lowly reshmen, trampled and forgotten. Then we were enth graders. We could start trampling. Seniors vere no longer such imoosing figures. We could valk the hal d. And the all- second s j Now we are juniors! College starts becoming more important as letters from obscure colleges we never knew existed begin flowing in. The infamous S.A.T. looms before us, we take it all with t composure and gr are famous for. Senior year omes at las We are upperclassmejr Freshmen tremble irt our sight, and teachers us with the respect earned. STUDENT LIFE V Student Life 9 f Andrean Spirit at Its Best Homecoming 1 986 was a time to remember. The clown troupe won first prize in the float contest, defeating the seniors. Homecoming will hold special memory for Dawn LoVerde, who was crowned Homecoming Queen during the colorful halftime pageantry. Niners capped the night by defeating the Chesterton Trojans. UPPER RIGHT: The pom-pon squad marches down Broadway to the Andrean school song. MIDDLE: Leslie Crosby, Carol Burton, Tyra Steele, Brian Holmes, and Ericka Landon show their school spirit during the Homecoming game. LOWER RIGHT: T he clown troupe adds color to the Homecoming parade. 10 Student Life THE 1986 HOMECOMING COURT: CLOCKWISE FROM UPPER LEFT: Kobjit Waranimman and Roderick )ao, Andrea Matovina and John Olivieri, Jackie Brody and James Kaminski, Jodie Wylie and Craig Ball. CENTER: 1985 Queen Marcella Mirich congratulates her successor, Dawn LoVerde. Student Life 1 1 f- UPPER LEFT: Kelly Carreno shows his decorated locker to Tiffany Tillman. UPPER RIGHT: The class of ' 88 demonstrates the Niner spirit at the assembly. LOWER RIGHT: Missy Rohrer, Dana Beasley, Cheryl Lanfear, and Kelli Bachich display their optimism. 12 Student Life UPPER LEFT: Jodi Kratkoczki, Jenny Gaydos, and their dates relish a few quiet minutes off the dance floor. LOWER LEFT: Tonia Munoz, Cathy Rivera, Kim Leslie, Ruth Roman, and their dates show off their Homecoming smiles. RIGHT: During a long evening of dancing, Mike Oluvic enjoys the company of his date, Kelli Bachich. Student Life 13 y fiM t Students Care Andrean students willingly rolled up their sleeves and gave their blood when the American Red Cross sent out a call. The drive, which took place on October 22, netted 71 pints for the Red Cross. Students were checked for hemoglobin content and past illnesses. All donors received refreshments after they gave blood. UPPER LEFT: Dawn LoVerde, Carrie Blaney, and Andrea Matovina look on as Kim Majchrowicz signs up for the blood drive. MIDDLE LEFT: Sandy Jonas takes Derrick Davis ' s temperature. FAR LEFT: Tonya Robinson watches as a nurse takes her blood pressure. LOWER LEFT: Senior Marcella Larson has blood taken from her ear to be tested for hemoglobin. UPPER RIGHT: LaShanda Rice waits to give blood. ABOVE: Laurie Greer finishes giving blood. MIDDLE RIGHT: Jeff Lucas gives pertinent information before giving blood. LOWER RIGHT: Pierre DeBois, Cathy Duffy, Darren Darnell and Judy Penn get refreshments after giving blood. Student Life 15 1) ft hi UPPER LEFT: Michele and Jean Weber and their father enjoy themselves at Daddy Date Night. UPPER RIGHT: Julie Nicholson and her dad dance to the music of Abbey Road. MIDDLE LEFT: Seniors Kim Leslie and Ruth Roman enjoy their last Daddy Date Night. MIDDLE RIGHT: Missye Sopko and Dad pose while waiting for their dinner. LOWER LEFT: April Pardus and Father dance to a slow song. LOWER RIGHT: Kim Juskevice and Dad savor each other’s company. 16 Student Life Dave Wielgus, Scott Wilkins, and Cordon Walton enjoy an evening out with their moms complete with dinner and dancing festivities. Student Life 17 $ cUc H oj t " Sock hops are a place to see and be seen, " says senior Charity Rodriguez, " and they are welcome breaks from homework and studies. " The Christian Service Club sponsored a masquerade sock hop at Halloween, the French Club gave one at Thanksgiving, and the Latin Club celebrated the Ides of March with a toga hop. RIGHT: Rosie McCullough and Angela Volan take a break. LOWER LEFT: Matt Booker masquerades as a fireman at the Halloween sock hop. LOWER RIGHT: Yvonne Diwyk, Tamra Powell, and Tom DuBois enjoy the toga hop. 18 Student Life Student Life 19 tc M LEFT: Seniors take on juniors in a game of basketball. MIDDLE LEFT: Tara Thupvong, Tamra Powell, Tricia Skowronski, Yvonne Diwyk, Molly Reed, Krissy Willard, Laurie Greer, Marybeth Simpson, and Amy Someson love rec night. MIDDLE RIGHT: Juniors charge for the ball in dodgeball. LOWER LEFT: Juniors challenge sophomores in volleyball. LOWER RIGHT: Jim Allegretti attempts to block the pass. ■i m Rec nights are a good way to unwind after a week of hard work. They allow students to socialize while engaging in friendly competition. On these nights, students play games, such as dodgeball and basketball, talk with friends, and enjoy themselves. RIGHT: Jose Roig, Tim Sullivan , Dawn LoVerde, and Craig Ball enjoy the music and company at the dance. LOWER: Craig Ball and Jodie Wylie sit one dance out. LOWER RIGHT: Yvonne Diwyk and Tara Thupvong are all smiles at the Junior-Senior Dance. 20 Student Life f WW+hvC lt K) UPPER LEFT: Karla Halashack, Tiffany Smolar, Kim Ridgeway, Danielle Galvan, and Meg Brack love Froshmore Night. UPPER RIGHT: Karen Goysich dances to the music of Rolling Sound. LOWER LEFT: Attending Freshmen and Sophomores get ' ' wild. ' ' LOWER RIGHT: Maria Weiss and Carmen Thiel add some flair to their dancing. Student Life 21 T The Turnabout Dance of 1987 was characterized by simple fun and good times. With a theme of the Romantics ' song “That ' s What I Like About You, " couples danced to the music of Rollin ' Sound. A spirit of friendship and fun prevailed throughout the evening; couples arrived early and stayed until the doors closed. UPPER RIGHT: Rosie McCullough, Angela Volan, and their escorts rest after a long evening of dancing. MIDDLE LEFT: Shane Pearson and Eileen McGuire anticipate an exciting evening. MIDDLE RIGHT: Leanne Price and ]im Halfman sign up to have their pictures taken. LOWER LEFT: Laura Kelner and Scott Staley have their picture taken to commemorate the evening. LOWER RIGHT: Alfredo Davila and lulie Ortegon enjoy their time together at Turnabout. 22 Student Life UPPER LEFT: Gabe de la Paz, Kim Kozlowski, Tim Sullivan , and Tara Thupvong arrive eager for a fun-filled evening. LOWER LEFT: Mike Oluvic and Kelly Bachich leave with a smile after an enjoyable night. UPPER RIGHT: Wendy Hussey and Mark Regan pause beside their names at the Turnabout Dance. LOWER RIGHT: Gordon Walton and Kym Leslie sneak a hug in between dances. JHM ' S MHRrZ LIKE IY® W AMB ' KfAM ' HIGH SCHOOL ‘TUniA OW ' BWOCE FEMUARWiLflZr Student Life 23 Every year Andrean students receive one day to prove class supremacy. Competing in various sports and activities ranging from football to Trivial Pursuit, students attempt to crush their fellows and prove superiority mentally, physically, and spiritually. The class of ' 87 won for the second straight year, followed by the juniors and the sophomores. UPPER LEFT: Dawn LoVerde lights the ceremonial flame to begin the Armageddon games. UPPER RIGHT: Seniors cheer on senior " eater " Mitch Sidor. MIDDLE R IGHT: Despite losing the battle, seniors still managed to win the war of Armageddon ' 87. LOWER RIGHT: Dennis Mako and Mitch Sidor are neck and neck in the eating contest. 24 Student Life UPPER LEFT: Junior class officers proudly display their class flag. UPPER RIGHT: Stephanie Hanlon does a quick change with Mylene Jao ' s help. MIDDLE LEFT: Chung Ou adds to the total senior points by winning his game of ping pong. LOWER LEFT: Angela Vega, Wendy Lewis, Pam llada, Miriam Abraham, and Tami McKinley enjoy their second year at Armageddon. MIDDLE RIGHT: Arlene Domingo, Amy Kolczak, Deon Giannini, and Felicia Knight celebrate the Armageddon experience. Student Life 25 CAST Cf MIRIAM Miriam Abraham JOANN Amy Derdowski PEGGY Cathy Duffy PAT Pat Duffy STEPH Stephanie Hanlon MYLENE Mylene Jao MARTY Marty Kopil DAVID (John the Baptist Judas) Bert Kullerstrand STEPHEN (Jesus) Erik Kullerstrand TONIA Tonia Munoz JEFFREY Jeff Newton JULIE Julie Ortegon HERB J. J. Porterfield GILMER LaShanda Rice ROBIN Barb Samplawski LASHANDA LaShanda Taylor LAMAR Rick Valenzuela ANGIE Angela Volan JENNY Jenny Zemelko SONIA Kim Zimmer 26 Student Life Student Life 27 anbrean aea sen PRESENTS APRIL 2, a 4 5 738 PJt IN TAE BEITS ' GYMNASIUM TENETS 8438 EAILBREN DNBER E - FREE HR RESEHTEB TEKET5 Rtfbb 887-52B1 P The Junior-Senior Prom lived up to its theme name, " Like No Other Night. " The traditional event, which took place on Friday, May 1 , at the Greek Hall in Merrillville, was highlighted with an array of nors d ' oeuvres and atmospheric music provided by Abbey Road. Todd Johnson and Dawn Rucker were selected Prom King and Queen. All of the prom- enading couples received souvenir booklets to commemorate the evening. 28 Student Life ANDPKAN 1IICII cSCIIOOI. .JUNIOP AKNIOP l ' POM ‘Prom 87 “Like No Other Night” LFlitiruf, • ■)U .. ,oK, - 7:00 - 11:00 j " i (Slkatlm Melinite .‘Hall ■If JA, AIIHEV ROAI» OPPOSITE PACE: FAR LEFT: A group of happy seniors gather for the beginning of Prom. LEFT: Mark Wagner and Cheryl Lanfear are prepared for a night on the town. CENTER LEFT: Pam Rhodes, Tonya Robinson, and Kim Berry take a break with their dates. LOWER FAR LEFT: Matt Pruseicki and Sherry Stanzione dance the night away. LOWER LEFT: Lynn Compton and Mark Marich share a princely dance. LEFT: Eric Hiduke and his date enjoy the Prom festivities. CENTER LEFT: Pam Vincent and Tim Dankovis celebrate a fun-filled Prom night. BELOW: Erik Kullerstrand, Moira Chaseley, Angela Burroughs, and Fernando Rivera greet fellow Promgoers. LOWER: Scott Codespoti and Christi Hruskovich share a very close dance. Student Life 29 ACADEMICS 32 Academics think that the most valuable thing I learned in theology is how to be closer to Cod by studying the Scripture. Bob Eck, sophomore. The most valuable thing I ' ve learned is how to understand people and their actions and how to show love and compassion to all people. Amy Dailey, senior. What ' s the most valuable thing you have learned in theology? Not to come in after the bell has rung in Sr. Rose Mary ' s class. Mike Arvay, freshman. All human beings have the capability to do good, but it is up to their own personal morality that makes their decisions. Stan Acosta, junior. Academics 33 FAR LEFT: Kysha Armour takes attendance in Bib. Lit. I. CENTER LEFT: Sister Rose Mary looks up from correcting homework. LOWER LEFT: Kim Zimmer shows prospective freshmen around the theology room at Open House. ABOVE LEFT: Geri Polimac and Miles Gault learn the basic principles of leading Christian lives. ABOVE RIGHT: Father Bittner presides at Mass. LEFT: Ed Vucich and David Zielinski pause to reflect on the Word of God. ABOVE: Karyn Tatham and Mrs. Cox decide on filmstrips to be shown in Bib. Lit. II. What is X? A A whopper with cheese, fries, and a coke. Jim Sianta, freshman. A X is a variable and is unknown. It should stay that way! Jennifer Campbell, junior. A X is a letter that I sign love letters with. If I don ' t, usually I ' ll get laughed at when they find out who wrote it. Shaun Martin, sophomore. A X is a number which represents nothing and everything. It is a number that shocks freshmen and repulses seniors. It is an over- worked, under-paid letter. Nileema Pargaonker, senior. mm mm m UPPER RIGHT: Pamorn Kulsakdinun, Kobjit Waranimman, Chung Ou, John Olivieri, and Meng Ou pay close attention in Advanced Math. LEFT CENTER: Mike Jacobs takes a test in Calculus: before. RIGHT CENTER: after. LOWER RIGHT: Freshmen ponder an Algebra lx equation. RIGHT: Mr. Giorgio answers a student ' s question. ABOVE: Mr. Giorgio turns to the board to illustrate an Advanced Math problem. 34 Academics Academics 35 My geology lab when we looked at rocks and fossils. Amy Majchrowicz, sophomore. My most memorable moment in a science lab was when my hands started burning after spilling hydrochloric acid on them. Kevin Suggs, senior. Freshman year, we dissected a female frog with eggs that looked like poppy seeds. Barb Ratkay, junior. What is the most memorable moment you ' ve had in science lab? I looked at my cheek cells under a microscope. At that time and when I scraped them off the inside of my mouth, my heartrate increased by two beats per minute. Eric Marcyjanik, freshman. FAR LEFT: Michele Weber watches as Kathy Wongse- Sanit discovers more about static electricity. CENTER LEFT: John Olivieri tries something new as Susie McCullough and Kim Kozlowski look on. LOWER LEFT: Toni Rossi, Yvonne Diwyk, and Susie McCullough explain the making of toothpaste at Open House. ABOVE LEFT: Jay Walters, Kim Suchy, and Dave Susoreny prepare their science experiment. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Rowley tutors Ann Logothetis in chemistry. LEFT: Kobjit Waranimman, Steve Fardy, and Jodie Wylie measure liquids for a lab. LOWER LEFT: Greg Badar and Sherry Stanzione show their enthusiasm for physical science. BELOW: Mr. Gray explains gas laws to a physical science class. Academics 37 What work of literature in the curriculum have you enjoyed most? I really enjoyed reading Tale of Two Cities. It helped me to understand the condition of France during the revolution. Amy Kucan, freshman. To Kill a Mockingbird was my favorite. It was a book I actually enjoyed reading; it was entertaining and a book I looked forward to reading. Lisa Cleland, junior. enjoyed Dante ' s Inferno because I liked learning about hell. Randy Voller, senior. 38 Academics A liked To Kill a Mockingbird because it was a book that really kept my attention throughout. Wendy Warren, soohomore. FAR LEFT: Mylene Jao and Mike Leka study together in Mrs. Steele ' s freshman English class. UPPER LEFT: Jennifer Nadolski and Krista Bane scan a newspaper for editorals. LOWER LEFT: Alan Jones works on his English assignment. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Barker instructs his class on subject-verb agreement. MIDDLE LEFT: Manny Vasquez and Peggy Sullivan bring characters from Our Town to life for English class. ABOVE: Mrs. Wozniak and members of her English II class celebrate completion of their term projects. LEFT: Brian Kopack and Sherry Stanzione act out a scene from Our Town. Academics 39 P) If you could change one thing in history, what would it be? A My salary! James Jovanovic, counselor and history teacher. A I would have replaced Zeus as ruler of the gods with the ancient Creek deity, Caea, for rather obvious reasons. Gaea Gomez, sophomore. A I would change the Nazi prison camps. I think the unnecessary killing of Jews was terrible. I would, if I could, change the torture and pain. Anne Sanders, junior. A I would like to go back in time and not develop the nuclear bomb. I feel that it has put too much power of destruction in human hands. Ryan Leach, senior. RIGHT: Felicity Havrilla, as Josephine Bonaparte, pauses to wipe her tears. BELOW: Rosalia Martinez enumerates the many good deeds Napoleon has done for France. LOWER MIDDLE: Pat Morley presides over pre-Constitution activities during Open House. LOWER RIGHT: Blair O ' Connor reviews his notes during his report for U.S. history. 40 Academics UPPER LEFT: Mr. Szot swears in Jennifer Roig at the trial of Napoleon. UPPER RIGHT: The prosecution discusses its plan of attack. LEFT: Allison Heuring makes her point about the Constitution during Open House. LOWER LEFT: Pam Pankiewicz states her case against Napoleon. LOWER RIGHT: D ' Andre Hudson answers a question posed by defense attorney, Kris Cantu. Academics 41 Why are you taking a foreign language? A I am taking a foreign language because I hope it will better enhance my understanding of foreign countries, and to be able to speak two languages. Marissa Olivieri, freshman. A I am taking German so I can read German literature and learn about German culture. It helps me understand foreign ideas. Tony Lenzo, junior. A I asked myself the same question at the end of the first quarter. Dennis Mako, sophomore. A I believe that there lie multiple opportunities for those who know a language other than English, and I want to be one of those people who ' ll have that chance. Charity Rodriguez, senior. ABOVE RIGHT: French III poses for a group photo. CENTER LEFT: A French I class agonizes over irregular verb conjugation. CENTER RIGHT: Allan Mance and his neighbor converse in German. LOWER RIGHT: Eileen Manley and Gary Monroe admire the newly decorated German bulletin board. RIGHT: Andy Thorn and Andriel Buggs discuss the Latin poster. 42 Academics Academics 43 M ? S Ci Why are you taking business courses? I ' m taking business so that I may successfully use the skills that I learn now to my advantage in the future. Mike Ortiz, freshman. A Business is a very challenging field. I also want to be an accountant and make a hundred dollars an hour. Jason Crawford, junior. A I took my course because I thought I might learn something new for a change. Did I learn anything new? I don ' t know yet. Steve DiPaola, sophomore. A I have always dreamed of being able to type. This class is going to fulfill my goal in life. Steve Fardy, senior. ABOVE: Ruth Roman and Cathy Rivera work to finish their typing assignment. LEFT: Jason Artemiuk, Jenny Attar, and Kellie Gant complete their typing assignments. 44 Academics UPPER LEFT: Taratip Thupvong hacks away on the computer keyboard. LEFT: Miss Shultz assists Allison Heuring with her computer program. ABOVE: Tony Cesario punches in his program. Academics 45 What ' s the most frustrating experience you ' ve had with a computer? senior. Tur ning it on. Marty Kopil, Putting in a program, typing a few keys, and then not having the program work. Maureen Murawski, senior. When I hit the open apple and couldn ' t get out, I hit every possible alphabetic character, and the computer went berserk. Steve Nigro, senior. There was a program which was so confusing it took me a week to decipher. After I did that program, I knew there was no way a computer could conquer mankind. Andriel Buggs, senior. Do you think everyone should take home economics? yes. It can help us when we are out on our own and Mom and Dad aren ' t there to help us. It is also fun. Kelley Kottra, freshman. A Mm No. Not everyone wants to learn how to cook and sew. Jodie Janke, junior. Yes. We need to learn how to adapt to individual living and know how to be self-sufficient. Lisa Pozzo, sophomore. A No. It might not appeal to everyone. John Roytan, senior. ■ ABOVE: Kim Poleski and Sue Tomecko complete their cookie assignment in Foods. UPPER RIGHT: Joe Zuniga puts the finishing touches on his creation. LOWER RIGHT: Nora Fagen works intently on keeping her seam straight. 46 Academics CtCBEEUtDOtiJlL fflQJUE MMHHHHIHHHHHHi ■■■■■■■■■■ ABOVE: Dan Dailey and Liz Pabon work together on their basic tech project. LEFT: Ryan Leach and Jodie Wylie listen to Mr. Billick ' s description of building materials on a class field trip. Academics 47 What makes industrial arts classes so much fun? Industrial arts class is so much fun because we discover how shapes and objects are designed. Tyrone Wray, freshman. don ' t know. I haven ' t had fun yet. Jack Neitzel, sophomore. Being able to depict an object of area on a piece of paper and being able to recognize it. This feeling of accomplishment is fun for me. Jim Carter, junior. Industrial arts gives me a chance to escape from the ever- boring routine of listening to lectures, taking notes, and then being tested. It ' s the best part of my day. Allison Heuring, senior. Is your generation really physically " stagnant and sluggish " ? No, our generation is the most physically fit ever. Mike Vale, freshman. A No, our generation is not physically stagnant and sluggish. Most kids are involved in at least one sport. Eric Hiduke, junior. I feel that my generation is not weak and sluggish. We live in a generation which is very health conscious. Barb Larson, freshman. A I believe that people now are realizing the importance of physical fitness and are trying to improve their condition. Lynn Compton, junior. TOE l3Li 48 Academics LEFT: Dodge ball is an important part of the Junior Boys ' gym class. UPPER RIGHT: Boys wage a battle with speeding balls during gym. LOWER RIGHT: Derrick Davis shows freshmen how to slam dunk. Academics 49 Should a music course be required for every student? A I feel that everyone should learn a new talent. It is something to be proud of. Tom McCullough, freshman. A No. I don ' t think every student here should have a music course because not everyone has a musical talent. Trenton Heffner, sophomore. A No. The music courses should be for those who are interested, because only then will the students get the most out of the class. Music is an art and not just another course. Amy Derdowski, junior. A No. Students should not be required to take a music course if they are not seriously interested in music. Music courses are for those who know what it takes. Kim Poleski, senior. 50 Academics What ' s the best thing you ' ve ever created in art class? A The mosaic was very different. It was fun to do! Tiffany Smolar, freshman. I created a city scene that reminded me of my brother, who lives in Chicago. Cheryl Lanfear, junior. My Marilyn Monroe picture, because I have a great teacher and some of the " greatness” rubs off on me. Missie Babicka, sophomore. A The best things I ' ve ever created in art class are four good friends. Mark Carpenter, senior. 52 Academics l LEFT: Roman Perez and Mr. Listro strike a pose. UPPER MIDDLE: Moira Chaseley and Crissy Shakula paint portraits in Painting II. LOWER MIDDLE: Hope Ayala puts the finishing touches on her drawing. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Listro tells Missie Babicka, " That ' s pretty good . . . for a girl. " MIDDLE RIGHT: Amy Dailey chips away at her woodcarving. LOWER RIGHT: Michael McCrovitz ' s rendition of a Violent Femmes album cover. ABOVE: Crissy Shakula paints a mountain scene. Academics 53 OR ACROPOLIS ABOVE: Walter Drakis and Nileema Pargaonker finish their feature articles. LOWER LEFT: lim Kaminski discusses a possible article for the next issue. LOWER RIGHT: Yvonne Diwyk receives her typing assignments from Editor Judy Scheuer. BOTTOM: Judy Scheuer holds a meeting for all reporters. 56 DECU88ATA ABOVE LEFT: Nancy Finley, Jeanette Shafer, and Jeff Foley design the academic section of the Decussata. ABOVE RIGHT: Jeff Foley rejoices when staffers meet their first deadline. CENTER LEFT: Mrs. Steele cheerfully red-pencils yearbook copy. CENTER: Terry Chouinard, Taratip Thupvong, and Barb Ratkay discuss plans for the ' 87 Decussata cover. CENTER RIGHT: Barb Larson prepares a yearbook page. LEFT: Editors meet to discuss designs for Decussata pages. Organizations 57 ABOVE: An art dub member prepares for the holiday season. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Listro gives Elena Roig advice. MIDDLE: Deena Dreas and Meggan Chaseley combine efforts to create Yuletide effects in the art room. RIGHT: Jenifer Krizmanic unleashes the Christmas spirit on the art room windows. ART CLUB 58 Organizations BOOSTER CLUB ABOVE: Homecoming queen hopefuls take part in " The Dating Game " at a pep rally. UPPER LEFT: Fans and cheerleaders show their spirit at a Niner basketball game. BELOW LEFT: John Lustina helps Dave Owen with his lines during " The Dating Game " skit at a pep rally. UPPER RIGHT: Coordinators Tamra Powell and Yvonne Diwyk cut out basketballs to boost spirit. Organizations 59 Ministry, Service, Mission The three religious clubs at Andrean are Campus Ministry, Christian Service and Mission Society. These clubs have allowed us to experience God in our everyday lives. Through them, we are able to come closer to each other and God. Campus Ministry, led by Fr. Bittner, plans all retreats and Masses. Under the guidance of Sr. Marlene, Christian Service Club has sponsored the Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Christmas Toy Drive and puppet shows for the benefit of local churches and schools. Weekly, through the Mission Society, moderated by Fr. Cerretto, we are able to contribute to those less fortunate than we. UPPER: Tim Sullivan receives the Holy Eucharist from Fr. Cerretto. LOWER: Christian Service Club officers, Madeline Hafne r, Charity Rodriguez and Shawna Mioduski sort food for the Thanksgiving Food drive. RELIGION 60 Organizations UPPER LEFT. The Ark of the Covenant is a perennial favorite of freshman religion classes. ABOVE: The library ' s Christmas tree exemplifies the divine spirit that religious clubs inspire. LEFT: Ion Lapham, Dave Susoreny, Andrea Matovina, John Olivieri and Charity Rodriguez savor nature and friendship during a senior retreat at Camp Lawrence. LOWER LEFT: Kobjit Waranimman collects a donation from Tim Sullivan during homeroom. Organizations 61 UPPER LEFT: Mary Kay Anderson and a friend share some Christmas spirit with Sue Plascencia. UPPER RIGHT: Kim Kozlowski jokes with a special friend at YARC ' s annual Halloween party. BELOW: YARC club members and friends meet to spread Christmas joy. Y.A.R.C. 62 Organizations BUSINESS CLUB UPPER: Miss Trapane ' s Business Club discusses a fund-raising project. MIDDLE: The Business Club types up an issue of the Acropolis. BOTTOM: Members of the Business Club take part in an exercise to test the memory. CHESS CLUB UPPER: Mr. Giorgio gets in a game with Steve Fardy while Dave Zielinski and Mike Chary give pointers. LOWER: Mr. Giorgio discusses upcoming tournaments with Chess Club. 64 Organizations CLOCKWISE FROM UPPER LEFT: SADD officers Nileema Pargaonker, Charity Rodriguez and Tricia Thorn are happy to be SADD. LOWER RIGHT: Melanie Stanley, Debbie Sohn and Lisa Fleming enjoy themselves at the SADD sock hop. 8.A.D.D. Organizations 65 SCIENCE CLUB ABOVE: Kathy Wongse-Sanit thrills guests at Open House. UPPER RIGHT: Jeff Foley, Mike Arvay, and Mike Inman compare the results of a scientific experiment. RIGHT: Toni Rossi and Yvonne Diwyk collaborate on a chemistry experiment. 66 Organizations NINERETTES Organizations 67 GERMAN CLUB FAR ABOVE: Members gather to hear the latest news. ABOVE: German exchange student Nico Bizer relaxes after a long school day. RIGHT: Eileen Manley checks out the activities on the German Club board. 68 Organizations LATIN CLUB UPPER: Officers John Lustina, Matt Prusiecki, Kevin Suggs and Leanne Price gather at Latin Club ' s annual Saturnalia. LEFT: Sr. Paul and costumed members gather to celebrate the feast of Roman god Saturn. RIGHT: Matt Prusiecki calls for a bid at the slave auction. Organizations 69 FRENCH CLUB ABOVE: French Club officers Tamra Powell, Yvonne Diwyk and Tara Thupvong discuss a field trip to Cafe du Parc. BELOW: Susie and Rosie McCullough take a break from dancing to chat with Fr. Cerretto at the French Club sock hop. 70 Organizations SPANISH CLUB Organizations 71 ABOVE: Mrs. Martinez directs the afternoon ' s festivities. LEFT: Scott Burton takes a swing at a pihata at the Spanish Club fiesta. RIGHT: Zorina Ombac tests her skill at the pihata, too. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 48 New Members Inducted ABOVE: Fr. Whitley congratulates Tara Thupvong on her induction. RIGHT: Ricky Valenzuela, Rob Hruskoci and Bill Mirabella ponder the merits of their induction. OTHER PAGE: Andrea Matovina leads the members of the National Honor Society in the closing procession. 72 Organizations Jennifer Attar Chantal Miller Thomas Bennett Shawna Mioduski Jacqueline Brody William Mirabella Debbie Brzoska Daniel Monroe Andriel Buggs Blair O ' Connor Kim Coady Reuben Ofsaiof Lynn Compton John Olivieri Pierre DeBois Cynthia Oresik Gabriel DelaPaz David Owen Simone DeMass Nileema Pargaonker Yvonne Diwyk Elizabeth Peterson Greta Doumanian Tamra Powell Stephanie Erickson Leanne Price Nancy Finley Matthew Prusiecki Beth Flesher Yolanda Rainge Gino Giacomin Barbara Ratkay Jennifer Grecco Monica Reibly Mary Grusak Christine Riley Rahul Gupta Peter Rogovich Allison Heuring Antoinette Rossi Robert Hruskoci Barbara Samplawski Christi Hruskovich Kimberly Skowronski Michael Inman Gregory Staley Michelle Jao Kevin Suggs Julianne Jeschke David Susoreny James Kaminski Tricia Thorn Kimberly Kozlowski Taratip Thupvong Kathy Kramek Ricardo Valenzuela Elizabeth Kroepfl Robert Vega Marcella Larson Todd Vician Patrick Laws William Walters Tony Lenzo Kobjit Waranimman Michele Macielak Scott Wilkins Lynn Malocha Kristin Willard Andrea Matovina Beth Wynne John McCarthy Kimberly Zimmer Anne McGuire Mary Mihalik two-year member Organizations 73 ABOVE: President Dawn LoVerde and the Student Council listen as Matt Prusiecki expresses his point of view. UPPER LEFT: Dawn LoVerde and secretary Michelle jao count votes for Homecoming King. UPPER RIGHT: Andrea Matovina, senior class vice-president, counts ballots for Homecoming King. RIGHT: Michelle jao reads the minutes from a previous meeting. : STUDENT COUNCIL 74 Organizations CLOWNS UPPER: Jen " The Bink " Binkley and Jennifer " Pepper " VanHazebroeck down around. LEFT: Andrean Clown Troupe members show off their entry in the Homecoming parade. RIGHT: Clowns light up the hallway at Open House. Organizations 75 AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL : ABOVE: Amnesty International officers gather for a brief meeting to discuss future plans for the club. LEFT: Officers perfect their car before the Homecoming parade. RIGHT: Rosie McCullough, Tim Sullivan and Angela Volan display the daisies that Amnesty sold for Homecoming. 76 Organizations ABOVE: Ski Club members, Michelle Frankovich, Steve Schwartz, Luke Brennan, Frances McMahon and jim Carter attack the slopes over Christmas vacation. LEFT: Frances McMahon consults her map before tackling the slopes. SKI CLUB Organizations 77 Girls ' Golf Girl Golfers Capture Sectional The girls ' golf team, finishing with an 8-5 record, completed one of its best seasons. Led by MVP Sarah Gagan and senior Kobjit Waranimman, the team overcame a 1 -4 record with a win over state-ranked Rensselaer. The Niner squad capped its season by capturing the Valparaiso sectional for the first time in the team ' s history. Coach Pishkur praised his team ' s strong finish. " Although we started off with a 1 -4 record, the team improved with every match they played. The sectional win was the culmination of an outstanding season. " Photo courtesy of the Merrillville Herald OPPONENT W-L Lake Central W Chesterton L Merrillville L Munster W Valparaiso W Hobart w MCElston w Lake Central w Gary Roosevelt w Laporte Invitational 5th Rensselaer W Sectionals 1st Reg ionals 7th LOWER: Girls ' Golf team members: Dawn LoVerde, Toni Rossi, Ann Huber, Sarah Gagan, Kobjit Waranimman, and Jackie Brody. UPPER: Dawn LoVerde swings through. 80 Sports Boys ' Tennis Number One Doubles Finishes Season 1 6-1 Despite a disappointing loss at sectionals, the boys ' tennis team completed a fine season. Led by Most Valuable Player Mitch Barloga and four year varsity veteran Roderick Jao, the team posted a 1 3-4 record. Other standout players included Most Improved Player Fernando Rivera and the number one doubles team of Gabe dela Paz and Tom Rosta, who accumulated an impressive record of 1 6-1 . Coach Jim Klora was very pleased with his team ' s impressive performance. " The team played extremely well considering the tough schedule. I expect great things from this bunch. " Impressive victories over Merrillville and Bishop Noll highlighted the season. The Junior Varsity had a successful season as well. They finished the year with a 1 0-5 record. UPPER: Gabe dela Paz and Tom Rosta go for another win. MIDDLE: Roderick jao swings through. LOWER: The members of the boys ' tennis team are ; First Row: Darren Billena, Rod ]ao, Rob Hevezi, Ferd Rivera, Kyle Stern, Rodney Billena, Mung Ou, and Kevin Wheeler. Second Row: Jose Roig, Pierre Dubois, Pat Fleming, Chung Ou, Mitch Barloga, Brett Teske, Tom Rosta, Gabe dela Paz, and Greg Burton. Sports 81 Cross Country Runners Advance To Regionals The boys ' cross country team won its last four meets and reached regionals, accomplishing its preseason goals. These goals were achieved through an above .500 season and a trip to Valparaiso for the regional meet. " We ' re hap py to have reached the goals we set, " commented coach Mark Horvath. The team was led by MVP Pete Sanchez and MIP Blair O ' Connor. The cross country team finished with a record of 9-7. " I feel we upheld the tradition of great cross country teams at Andrean High School, " said team member Scott O ' Neil. UPPER RIGHT: Pete Sanchez and Prian Berger duel it out. FAR RIGHT: Blair Hmu photo O ' Connor stretches his lead. ABOVE: First Row: Eric Hiduke, Scott Wengel, Pete Sanchez, Todd Fitzgerald, Jim Carter, Scott O ' Neil, Second Row: Coach Mark Hor- vath, Blair O ' Connor, Brian Berger, Rob Freese, Bob Veg ter, Chris Grandfield, John Lapham. 82 Sports Hammond Gavit 6th Bishop Noll L Mount Carmel L Merrillville W Hobart L Griffith L Gary Roosevelt L Lowell Invitational 3rd Wheeler W North Newton 3rd Crown Point L Hammond W Lowell W Kankakee Valley L Hammond Clark W Clark Invitational 5th Lake Station W Lowell W Gary Wirt W Gary Wallace W Boone Grove Invite 2nd Sectionals 4th Regionals 9th Girls ' Cross Country Runner Places 1 1th The Andrean girls ' cross country team finished the year with no record. This dedicated group of girls didn ' t have enough members to compete in meets as a team. They competed as a club in these meets. Said junior member Frances McMahon, " We all really love run- ning. That ' s why we do what we do. " The team was led by freshman MVP Michelle Penn, who placed eleventh at Sectionals. Awarded the Most Improved Runner Award was Tricia VanSlyke. Coach Ralph latarola commented on the season saying, " I felt all the girls improved during the course of the year. " LEFT TO RIGHT, Tricia VanSlyke , Michelle Kinasiewicz, Frances McMahon, Michelle Penn, Zandra Mukes. Merrillville Herald photo Sports 83 Freshman and J.V. Football I Gridiron Greats The JV football team completed its season with a record of 3-4. Mark Wagner received the Hardest Hitter award. Despite their losing record. Coach Janke stated, " Although we had a slow start, we made a big comeback toward the season ' s end. " During the course of the 86-87 season, the freshman football team, under the guidance of Coaches Bixeman and Kocal, finished with a disappointing record of 0-10. The team, however, showed a bit of heart and did not give up. They finished the season with a heart- breaking loss to Gary Wirt in the closing seconds of the game. The season was characterized by many excellent individual efforts. Joe Doyle captured the Big Hitter award, Mike Sur had the Best Attitude, and Greg Schutz was Most Valuable. RIGHT: IV player scrambles for a gain. LOWER: Bob LaMere, who later moved up to Varsity, warms up before entering the t UPPER: The freshman team lines up against its opponents. LOWER LEFT: Coach Baldin gives instruction to Mike Vale. LOWER RIGHT: Darrell Stewart takes a breather during change of possession. Sports 85 I Varsity Football Varsity Team Achieves 7-3 Record and State Ranking. The Andrean varsity football team finished a successful season with seven wins and three losses. The team had impressive victories over Bishop Noll and Chesterton which propelled them to the ranking of thirteenth in the state. Double practice sessions began in early August as the team drilled repeatedly for the upcoming year. This conditioning paid off in the opening game upset of Bishop Noll. The team was led by MVP Matt Prusiecki and award winners Dave Owen, John Lustina, Kevin Palansky, Mike Oluvic, and Mitch Sidor. The team ' s three losses were suffered at the hands of Merrillville and Hobart, once during the regular season and the last time in Sectionals. Head coach Ivan Zimmer commented on the season saying, " This team had a lot of desire, and it showed in the way they played. " 86 Sports Merrillville Herald photo UPPER RIGHT, Matt Prusiecki, the team ' s MVP, drops back into the pocket to attempt a pass. LOWER RIGHT, Mike Oluvic gives chase to the Chesterton quarterback whom he threw fora loss. UPPER LEFT, Kevin Palanski charges through the line for a sack. LOWER LEFT, An Andrean defensive lineman knocks down a pass. Sports 87 Niner Spikers Upset Highly Ranked Marion The 1 986 volleyball season was considered a success on all levels. The freshman and J.V. teams, although not having great records, felt as though they improved. They concentrated on fundamentals and feel that this will help them be better players in the future. Under the leadership of their new coach, the Varsity team felt as though the season was successful. The high point of the season for this 9-7 club came when they defeated Marion, a highly-ranked team from Illinois. Commented Bridget Blake on this victory, " It was the most satisfying win of the season. It was very exciting to have beaten such a highly-ranked team. " RIGHT: Missy Babicka prepares to hit an ace as she concentrates on her toss. LOWER LEFT: Junior Varsity Team, First Row, Missy Babicka, Missy Macielak, Jenny Potter, Amy Palk, Susan Loker; Second Row, Marci Beishline, Rosie McCullough, Barb Larson, Krista Bane. LOWER RIGHT: Missy Mohan sets herself for the opponent ' s serve. 88 Sports UPPER LEFT: FIRST ROW, Stephanie Sakes, Lisa Cleland, Michelle Macielak, Missy Mohan, Denise Dobogai, Lisa Dobogai, BACK ROW, Coach Bob Hershema, Kris Katich, Bridget Blake, Lynn Klus, Lynn Malocha, Nora Fagen, Heather Rakoczy, UPPER RIGHT, Jenny Potter displays her serving technique. ABOVE, Denise Dobogai braces for a return of service. LEFT, Rosie McCullough keeps the ball in play with a good return. Sports 89 Girls ' Basketball Young Team Finishes 9-7 The girls ' varsity basketball team completed their season with a respectable 9-7 record. Acquanetta Washington was named the team ' s most valuable player. Acquanetta was also named to the Cary Post Tribune ' s all-area team as well as the first all-sectional team. Other players who received honors included Mary Mihalik, winner of the Best Team Player Award, and Kris Katich winner of the Pride, Hustle, and Desire Award. Coach Bombassaro commented, " Our 9-7 record doesn ' t tell the whole story. We have six promising sophomores and two juniors returning, so watch out! " UPPER: Members of the IV team are ; first row: Tiffany Smolar, Michelle Goodwin, Amy Reynolds, Missy Macielak, and Eileen McGuire. Second row: Marcy Morgan, Kim Chorak, Colleen Spanopoulos, Melissa Haller, Kelley Arnold, Beth Gotch, Krista Bane, and Karla Halaschak. MIDDLE: Netta Washington and Mary Mihalik play some defense. LOWER LEFT: Members of the team get psyched up for a victory. LOWER RIGHT: Netta Washington signals for the ball. 90 Sports UPPER: The members of the Varsity team are; First row: len Attar, len Potter and Barb Pictor. Second row: Deb Wilczynski, Carol Beckman, Michelle Watroba. Third row: Mary Mihalik, Jen Martin, Kris Katich, Peg Sullivan, and Netta Washington. MIDDLE: Peg Sullivan prepares to steal the ball. LOWER: Kris Katich shoots a free throw. Sports 91 Boys ' Freshman and J.V. Basketball Young Andrean Teams Boast Winning Records All three of Andrean ' s young basketball teams finished with records over .500. The JV team finished its season with a 1 5-5 record. Led by MVP Sam Bennett and Most Improved Player Jamie Smith, the team was impressive in outings against Crown Point, Merrillville, and Bishop Noll. " Effort was the word that described every player on this team, " said starting center Rob Freese. The freshman A-team defeated both Hammond. Clark and Harrison on its way to a third-place trophy in the annual Holiday Tournament and a 10-8 record. Quentin Peterson received the MVP award for this freshman A-team and David Walters was MIP. The freshman B-team was led by Most Valuable Player Tim Swan to a 6-5 season. LOWER: FIRST ROW, Tim Swan, Sean Thompson, Charles Ryan, John Porter, Scott Jacobs, Bryon Willy; SECOND ROW, Mike Zencka, Tyrone Wray, Mike Leka, Tim Hutchens, Creg Schutz, Mike Sur, Eric Dushane; THIRD ROW, Coach Washington, Andre Guider, Chris Gorski, Tom Zimmer, Dave Walters, James Gray, Allan Mance, and Quentin Peterson. RIGHT: Brian Kopack exhibits his shooting form as he scores from the baseline. 92 Sports LEFT: FIRST ROW, lamie Smith, Darren Wesley, Pete Sanchez, Chris Craft; SECOND ROW, Damon loshua, DeAndre Hudson, Alfred Gomez, Matt Leurck, Brian Kopack, THIRD ROW, Sean Flesher, Sam Bennett, Jason Artemiuk, Kevin Smith, Isi Alba, LOWER LEFT: A Morton player looks on as Darren Wesley drives to the basket. RIGHT: Pete Sanchez shoots over the outstretched arm of the defender. LOWER RIGHT: Kevin Smith finishes off a drive with a lay-in. Sports 93 Boys ' Varsity Basketball Varsity Cagers Reach Eleventh in State Coach Joe Huber ' s final season as Andrean ' s head coach was characterized by the effort all the players exhibited. The Niners compiled an 1 8-4 record, the best since 1 981 . The season started out with a bang as the Niners defeated Gary Roosevelt 44-42 in front of a huge home crowd that spilled out onto the court in celebration. After a loss to Gary Wirt the team went on a tear, winning ten games in a row. During this streak the Niners rose to the state ranking of eleventh. Despite a disappointing loss in the sectional championship game, the season was one of the most successful in recent years as Andrean faced five teams ranked in the top twenty and defeated all but one of them. The team was led by Most Valuable Player Wayne Conley and Most Improved Player John Muratori. OPPONENT W-L Gary Roosevelt W Gary Wirt L River Forest W Merrillville W Connersville w Portage w Hammond Gavit w Bishop Noll w Highland w Crown Point w Calumet w Munster w Gary Lew Wallace L Kankakee Valley w Hobart w Lake Central w Chesterton L Hammond Clark w Hammond Morton w Lowell w Hammond Morton w Hammond High L ABOVE: MVP Wayne Conley penetrates Morton ' s defense for a basket. UPPER RIGHT: Two year starter Pete Rogovich goes up for a jump shot. J 94 Sports UPPER: First Row, Todd Johnson, Todd Fitzgerald, Scott Lemmons, Matt Hanlon, Dan Kilgore, Second Row, Pete Rogovich, Wayne Conley, Pat Morley, Tom Bennett, Lance Washington, Third Row, Rob Freese, John Muratori, Jerome Robinson, LEFT: Jerome Robinson rises for the open jump shot. RIGHT: MIP John Muratori reaches for the opening tip. Sports 95 Grapplers Endure Rebuilding Season During the 86-87 season the Andrean wrestling squad compiled a 5 and 1 2 record under the guidance of Coach Ralph latrola. The team made impressive showings while handily defeating Lew Wallace and Hanover. The season was also characterized by many outstanding individual efforts. Seniors Joe Zuniga and Tom Williford, junior Jim Allegretti, and sophomore Paul Morales distinguished themselves by advancing to the regionals. Coach latarola commented, " The team ' s record did not represent the individual talent we possessed. We had a good season, but we ' ll be even better next year. " Pete McCobb received the dedication award; Paul Morales was chosen Most Improved Varsity and Eric Christe, Most Improved JV. Tom Williford was Most Valuable. 96 Sports UPPER LEFT: Paul Halfman and Mike Nigro come out ready for action. UPPER RIGHT: First Row, Bob Heckler, Jim Sianta, Roman Perez, Fanon Rucker, Pete McCobb, Brian Bujdoso, Ron Deluna, John Gonzales, Tim Nigro, Joe Exl, Mike Martinez; Second Row, Donnie Pearson, Jesse Ramos, Brian Carter, Mike Conroy, Paul Halfman, Jeff Govert, Aaron Polomchak, Mike Phillips, Pat Fife, Kevin Wish, Todd Kohen, Scott Sheffer, Eric Christe, Mike Barancyk, Mark Perry; Third Row, Assistant Coach Nigro, Mike Nigro, Joe dune, Tom Williford, Paul Morales, Tony Montemayor, Jim Allegretti, Dan Jimenez, Jason Koulianos, Kelly Carreno, Paul Kobza, Jim Jacobs, Joe Zuniga, Bill Krienke, Coach latrola. MIDDLE: The wrestling team warms up before a meet. LOWER LEFT: An Andrean grappler tries for an escape. LOWER RIGHT: An Andrean wrestler is taken down by his opponent. Sports 97 Kulsakdinun Swings Way to Regionals In what Coach John Szot called a " comeback season, " the boys ' golf team went an impressive 1 1 -8. Under the leadership of Most Valuable Player Pamorn Kulsakdinun, whose 87 at sectionals earned him a regional berth, the team showed vast improvement. Pamorn said of his success, " I did well but my success can be attributed to my hard work and dedication to golf and Andrean High School. " According to Rick Valenzuela, one of the team ' s three seniors, the team was " a group of really good players and if we had gotten together we could have gone down state. " The JV team finished 5-5 led by Joe Stern. Commented Coach Szot, " while not an outstanding season, it was a solid one, and we beat many outstanding teams in the area. " UPPER: Rick Valenzuela demonstrates the proper golf swing. LOWER: Pamourn Kulsakdinun practices putting. Opponent W-L Lake Central L Hammond Gavit W Portage L Culver L John Glenn L Mishawaka Marion W Noll W Calumet W Merrillville L Griffith W Roosevelt w Rensselaer Invitational 7th Boone Grove Invitational 2nd Crown Point L Hobart W LaPorte Invitational 13th Valparaiso L Boone Grove W Chesterton W Hanover Central W Kankakee Valley W Lake Hills Invitational 6th 98 Sports ] Team Wins First Sectionals The 1 987 girls ' tennis team completed the best season in its history. Under the tutelage of Coach Klora, the team captured the Highland sectional crown with impressive wins over Highland, Merrillville, and Lake Station. At regionals the team lost a close match to Portage by a score of 3-2. A big moment for the team was a 3-2 victory over perennial foe, Merrillville. Sophomore Jackie Moran, the team ' s number one singles player, took the Most Valuable Player award. Other standouts included the senior-freshman combination of Kim Kozlowski and Shelley Wylie, who dropped only two matches during the season. Number one doubles players Molly Reed and Lynn Compton compiled a 1 6-4 record and aided efforts in sectionals by sweeping all of their matches. Third year varsity veteran Michelle Jao and second year veteran Greta Doumanian rounded out the successful squad. UPPER: The members of the 1987 Girls ' tennis team are: Greta Doumanian, Lynn Compton, Coach Jim Klora, Molly Reed, Michelle Jao, Shelley Wylie, Kim Kozlowski, and Jackie Moran. MIDDLE: Michelle Jao returns a shot at Sectionals. LOWER LEFT: Shelley Wylie serves up an ace. LOWER RIGHT: Kim Kozlowski prepares to return a serve. Sports 99 State Qualifier The success of the 1 987 girls ' track team was due in part to the strong individual performances of several members. Juniors, Laura Kaufman and Tricia VanSlyke, led the team with the help of seniors, Maureen Murawski and Vicki Rowland. Laura Kaufman, the MVP for field events, set the school record for shot put three times while winning sectionals, regionals, and taking a solid ninth place at the state track and field meet. Tricia VanSlyke took fifth in sectionals, just missing a regional berth. She was awarded MVP for running events. Bright points of the sophomore class include Debbie VanSlyke, Jennifer Mathis, and Jessica Renwald. Promising freshmen include Michelle Penn, Barb Larson, Zandra Mukes, Amy Reynolds, Steph Han lon, and Geri Tucker, the Most Improved team member. RIGHT PAGE: UPPER RIGHT: The 1987 girls ' track team, bottom row: Jennifer Mathis, Vicki Rowland, Maureen Murawski, Tricia VanSlyke, Geri Tucker, and Tracy Nelson. Middle row: Laura Kaufman, Liz Kaufman, Amy Reynolds, Zandra Mukes, Steph Hanlon, Cheryl Shipp, Jerla Freeman. Top row: Debbie VanSlyke, Brenda Falcone, Michelle Penn, Chris Katich, Jessica Renwald, Barb Larson, Stephanie Rainge, and Vershalle Ryan. LOWER LEFT: Laura Kaufman shows her great strength by throwing the shot put. LOWER RIGHT; Jessica Renwald prepares to pass her opponent. LEFT PAGE: UPPER RIGHT: Amy Reynolds battles for a lead position in the 800 meter relay. LOWER LEFT: Zandra Mukes concentrates on narrowing the gap in the last leg of the 1600 meter relay. LOWER RIGHT: Geri Tucker leads the pack during the 800 meter race. 100 Sports Individuals Shine Two to Regionals Despite a 4-5 record, the members of the boys ' track team posted some outstanding individual performances. At the Lowell Invitational several team members broke longstanding meet records. Juniors Matt Hanlon and Rob Freese broke the Invitational ' s high jump record with a combined jump of 1 2 ' 2 " . Also, senior Dave Owen and junior Mike Noble combined forces to break the record in the shot put relay with an impressive 94 ' 6 " throw. Under Coach Pete Billick ' s guidance, 1 8 members of the team qualified for sectionals. Two members, Rob Freese in high jump and Joel Gross in pole vault, advanced to regionals. Team awards went to Joel Gross, Most Improved in Field Events; Dave Owen, Most Valuable in Field Events; Marvin Jones, Most Improved Runner; Paul Simatovich, Most Valuable Runner; Matt Prusiecki, Most Valuable Team Member. UPPER: John Lustina prepares to throw the discus. LOWER LEFT: 800m runner Paul Simatovich is on his mark. LOWER RIGHT: Matt Hanlon attempts to clear the bar. 102 Sports UPPER: The many members of the Boys ' track team gather together with coaches Billick and Niccolini for a team pic- ture. LOWER LEFT: Scott O ' Neil burns up the track and his opponents with his astounding running ability. LOWER RIGHT: loel Gross displays the form that earned him a Regional berth. Sports 103 Softball Lady Sluggers End Season on an Upswing The Andrean girls ' softball team finished the 1 987 season with a record of 9-1 3 under the guidance of coaches Doug Anderson and Denny Martin. The season was highlighted by two comeback victories over Valparaiso and Hammond Gavit. In the Gavit game Niners were down 1 3-6 going into the sixth inning but ended up winning 1 5-1 3, thanks in part to Heather Rakoczy who had 7 RBI ' s, including a grand slam. Other offensive power came from Jennifer Martin, who smashed an out-of-the-park homerun against Bishop Noll. The team ' s most impressive victory, however, came against the favored Valpo team in the opening sectional game. Going into the seventh inning it appeared as if the underdog Niners were going to fall to the Vikings, but the team pulled out a last inning victory to advance to the sectional championship. The Lady Niners lost in the championship game to Chesterton in a hard- fought game. " This year ' s team showed a lot of promise and exhibited much maturity for such a young squad; I expect we will be contenders next year, " commented Coach Anderson. Pitcher shortstop Heather Rakoczy was named MVP, second baseman Christina Espinoza received Rookie of the Year, and first baseman Beth Flesher was Best Defensive Player. UPPER: Scorekeeper Lisa Dobogai and pitchers Laura Bianchi, Heather Rakoczy, and Lisa Heim are in bright spirits before the Gavit game. MIDDLE: Heather Rakoczy warms up before the Merrillville tournament. LOWER: Lady Niners get psyched for the Merrillville game. OPPOSITE PAGE: UPPER: First Row, E. McGuire, M. Macielak, I. Potter, C. Espinoza, M. Macielak, L. Dobogai, Second Row: N. Fagen, L. Bianchi, L. Heim, M. Haller, B. Flescher, L. Klus, Third Row, Coach Anderson, I. Martin, I. Richter, H. Rakoczy, K. Bane, J. Sepulveda, Coach Martin. LOWER LEFT: The Niner offense rocks Marquette in the Merrillville Tournament. LOWER LEFT: A lady Niner steps up to the plate. 104 Sports Sports 105 Soccer Kickers achieve 9-3-2 mark Andrean ties Portage The Andrean soccer team finished its season with a 9-3-2 record. A highlight of the season was a tie with perennially powerful Portage. Led by Co-MVP ' s Mike Parish and Pete Sanchez and Best Team Player John Olivieri, the Niners continued their success of recent years. One reason for these achievements is four-year varsity starter Tim Sullivan. Tim commented, " Our hard work paid off on the field. We are proud that we could continue to bring home victories and keep Andrean ' s name a feared one in area soccer. " The team was led by Coaches Bob Sanchez and Kevin Storey. UPPER: Larry Bosevski races toward the goal with his opponent in hot pursuit. LOWER LEFT: Tommy Radojicic kicks the ball into flight. LOWER RIGHT: John Olivieri heads the ball over his rivals. 106 Sports OPPONENTS: W-T-L Highland W Griffith W Portage T Munster L Hammond High W Merrillville W Bishop Noll W Valparaiso W Lake Central L Chesterton W Morton T Fort Wayne Dwenger W Lew Wallace W Portage (tournament) L UPPER: The 1987 soccer team , bottom row: Mike Parish, John Olivieri. Middle row: Rodney Billena, Pete Sanchez, Mike Sur, Franco Cammarata, Tim Swan, Darren Billena, Tony Kerr, Ann Sanders, Nicole Montpetit.Top row: Coach Storey, Larry Bosevski, Tim Hutchens, Jim Watters, D ' Andre Hudson, Chris Crandfield, Tim Sullivan, Mike Carlisle, Mark Kazmier, Luis Melo, John Kerr, Coach Sanchez, Scot Sanders. CENTER:Rodney Billena struggles with his opponent for control of the ball. Sports 107 Baseball Niner Nine Finishes Andrean ' s baseball team continued its recent winning tradition by posting a 21-8 record, making it the third time in as many years that the team had won twenty or more games. Despite a disappointing showing in sectionals, the team had many bright spots during the regular season. Steve Mostello turned in the best peformance by a pitcher in the game against Chicago Washington, a ranked team in Illinois. The Niners won 8-0 as Mostello hurled a no-hitter. Other high points in the season were victories over Marion Catholic, 9- 7, and Munster, 2-1 . It was the first time that Andrean ' s baseball team has beaten either team. The team was led by MVP ' s Pat Morley and Pete Rogovich, Pride, Hustle, and Desire award winner Scott Attar, Best Pitcher Steve Mostello, Rookie of the Year Sam Bennett, and Golden Glove winner Pete Rogovich. ABOVE RIGHT: Scott Lemmons shows off his home run stance. BELOW RIGHT: Scott Burton and Jamie Smith discuss strategy before the game. BELOW LEFT: Adam Goad pitches batting practice. OPPOSITE UPPER LEFT: Dave Vincent plays shallow left with a smile. OPPOSITE UPPER RIGHT: Mike Pearson exhibits his game-winning style. OPPOSITE LOWER: Jay Walters dreams of stardom. 108 Sports ANDREAN 3 St. Rita OPPONENT 5 2 LaPorte 7 5 Horace Mann 2 9 Lew Wallace 8 12 Lowell 3 5 Merrillville 4 4 Merrillville 5 12 Roosevelt 1 7 Bishop Noll 20 7 River Forest 1 2 Munster 1 11 Lake Central 2 6 Lake Central 5 13 Hebron 4 5 Lake Station 3 7 Highland 6 4 Hammond Morton 9 3 Highland 10 9 E. C. Central 4 9 Marian Catholic 7 16 West Side 15 17 West Side 7 3 North ludson 2 7 Griffith 5 8 Chicago Washington 0 5 Chicago Washington 4 2 Hobart 10 9 Chesterton 2 4 Sectional: Horace Mann 6 Sports 109 Esprit de Corps Few people realize just how rigorous cheerleading can be. Andrean ' s squads work very hard at developing their skills and preparing routines to rouse school spirit. Squad members practice throughout the summer to prepare for the stiff competition they face yearly at the United States Cheerleading Association camps. The ' 86- ' 8 7 squad placed first in the team division, and three individuals won awards for outstanding performances. Dawn LoVerde and Missy Rohrer placed among the camp ' s top ten. Jackie Brody, team captain, placed first in competition. Miss Kathy Olivotto is moderator of the squad. UPPER: Freshman cheerleaders are: First row, Elisha Kosiba, Andrea Szaller, Candy Guelinas, Nicole Tomecko, Kim Suchy. Back row, Stephanie Hanlon. MIDDLE: Junior varsity cheerleaders are: First row, Sherry Stanzione, Kim Zimmer. Second row, Tricia Skowronski. Third row, Jackie Moran, Jennifer Szaller. Back row, Michelle Frankovich. LOWER: Varsity cheerleaders are: Missy Rohrer, Kelli Bachich, Dawn LoVerde, Jackie Brody, Cheryl Lanfear, Dana Beasley. Sports 111 i) Administration Rev. John Whitley, C.S.B. Principal Sr. Christopher, SS.C.M. Assistant Principal for Girls Rev. Robert Glass, C.S.B. Assistant Principal for Boys Rev. Paul Quanz, C.S.B. Treasurer Physical Science 114 Faculty Faculty Sr. Alfred, SS.C.M. — Guidance Mr. Douglas Anderson — Record Keeping, General Business, Finance Mrs. Delores Aylesworth — Earth Space, Conservation Ecology General Science Mr. Richard Barker — English I, II , IV Mrs. Suzanne Beck — Typing I, II, Accounting I, Office Practice Mr. John Bennett — Biology, Biology Sr. Bernice Marie, SS.C.M. — Typing I, Personal Typing, Pre-Algebra Mr. Peter Billick — Basic Technical Drawing, Advanced Shop, Advanced Technical Drawing, General Shop Rev. David Bittner, C.S.B. — Faith Miss Donna Bombassaro — Physical Education Mrs. Cora Bosak — Algebra I, I Sr. Catherine Ann, SS.C.M. — English I, IV, IV Rev. Michael Cerretto, C.S.B. — Morality Mrs. Kathleen Cox — New Testament Mrs. Frances Crary — English III, Mix, IV Mrs. Edith Dakich — English II, llx, III Mr. Raymond DeFabio — English III, II, III Mr. John Dennis — Computer Programming, Computer Literacy Mr s. Nancy Dustman — Biology , Physical Science, Advanced Biology Mr. Eugene Giorgio — Algebra lx. Algebra II, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Geometry x, Calculus Mr. Robert Gray — Physical Science, Chemistry Mrs. Judy Hevel — Foods I, II, Advanced Foods, Clothing, Independent Living, Home Management Mr. Mark Horvath — U.S. Government, Economics Mr. Cornelius House — Modern World History, German I, II, III, IV-V Faculty 115 Faculty Mr. Joseph Huber — Algebra II, llx, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Advanced Math, Statistics Mr. Ralph latarola — Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry Sr. Jane, SS.C.M. — Spanish II, IV Mr. Greg Jasek — Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Choral, Concert Band, Beginning Band Mr. James Jovanovic — Guidance, U.S. History, Modern World History Mr. James Klora — U.S. History, Modern World History Mr. James Kocal — Biology, General Science Mr. Richard Koelemeyer — Geometry, Algebra II Miss Mary Kopil — Spanish I, English I Mrs. Alice Rose Landeck — English I Mr. Sammy Listro — Painting Graphics, Design-Drawing, Ceramics Sculpture Sr. Marlene, SS.C.M. — Biblical Literature, New Testament 116 Faculty Mrs. Luz Martinez — Spanish I, II, III Mr. Christopher Nicolini — Atheletic Director Mrs. Gail Nicolini — Geometry, Algebra II Mrs. Carol Norris — Secretary Miss Tina O ' Drobinak — New Testament Miss Kathy Olivotto — Guidance Mrs. Suzanne Owen — Librarian Sr. Paul, SS.C.M. — Latin I, II, III, IV Mrs. Bonnie Paulsin — Secretary Mr. Dave Pishkur — Physical Education, Health and Safety Mrs. Jo Powell — Secretary Mrs. Jane Ridgely — Secretary 117 Faculty Mr. Dan Rogovich — Alumni Director, Physical Education, Health and Safety Sr. Rose Mary, SS.C.M. — Biblical Literature Mr. James Rowley — Chemistry, Chemistry Miss Gina Shropshire — French I, II, III, IV Miss Pamela Shultz — Computer Programming, Computer Literacy Mrs. Mary Smith — Geometry, Geometry Mrs. Petra Steele — English I, I , Journalism Mr. Kevin Storey — Algebra I, Geometry Mr. Mark Strimbu — Geometry, Geometry Mr. John Szot — Modern World History, Advanced World History Mrs. Joyce Thomas — English I, IV, IVx Miss Roseann Trapane — Shorthand I, II, Sociology 118 Faculty Faculty Mrs. Emily Vas — Algebra II, II Mrs. Geraldine Ventura — Marriage, Public Speaking Sr. Vivian, SS.C.M. — Reading Enrichment, Pre-Algebra Mrs. Anne Weiss — U.S. History, U.S. History X, Algebra I, Accounting I, II Mr. Eugene Wojdyla — Modern World History, U.S. History Mrs. Gloria Wojkovich — Secretary Mrs. Marsha Wozniak — English II Mrs. Betty Yurechko — Secretary Mr. Ivan Zimmer — Business Law, Marketing, Personal Typing, Finance Faculty 119 Joe Aguilar nnifer Allen Tim Allen TomAnderson rmour mv John Balchn Mark B inks Irma War a j as rian Barney Dave Barrios Christine Basiak Marci Beishline Joann Bernard ®racy Berndt Carlotta Betancourt Darren Billena Monica Blakemore Wendy Blixt One long-standing tradition at Andrean is the freshman picnic. Sponsored by the Student Council, the picnic gives newcomers an opportunity to form new friendships while enjoying food and games. LEFT: Friends Tom Anderson, Russell Foster, Tim Swan, and Jeff Hersick enjoy each other ' s company. RIGHT: Stephanie Hanlon and Deena Dreas prepare for the day ' s events. 120 Freshmen Robert Blonde, Margaret Brack Sharon Braun Jessica Brumback Annette Brzoska Yolanda Carpenter Brian Carter Kim Castro Meggan Chaseley Terrence Chouinard Elliott Clark Rebecca Colby Angel Colon Antwan CoUon Scott Connors MichaelMonroy William Couret lason Dalka ) e David Angelica Davison Kirsten Delaney Ron Deluna Dan Dhana Emmanuel Dial Carl Diaz Christine Dimofs Sheila Doming! Clare Doolin Jennifer DuBois Beth Dudak David Dudley Deborah Duffy Patrick Du, Freshmen 121 William Dushane Kimberly Dynek Jeff Dzyacky Monica Fquiha Christine Espinoza Jill Falconburg Brenda Falcone Jeffrey Foley Russell Foster Matthew Franco Jerla Freeman Danielle Calvan Mary Ann Garcia Marcia Gehring Willie Gibson Cindy Gonzalez Michelle Goodwin Christopher Gorski Jeffrey Govert Patricia Grabek Jimmie Gray James Green John Grothaus Candy Guelinas Andre Guider Dennis Gurdian Karla Halaschak Paul Halfman Melissa Haller Steve Hampton Stephanie Hanlon Stacy Hawkins Tracy Hawkins Danny Hayes Robert Heckler Keenya Heffner Natasha Henderson Cumberlynn Herd Ivonne Hernandez Jeffrey Hersick 122 Freshmen UPPER: Gayle Rusbasan, Gail Thupvong, Mary Myers, Sasipatra Satayathum, Cindy Gonzalez, and Elisha Kosiba enjoy the freshman picnic in the courtyard. LOWER: Sheila Domingo waits as Matt Prusiecki calls for bids during a slave auction. Jonathan hleuring Sarah Hoffman Emily Holley Marian Horton Tim Hutchens Aimee Ivey Cherry Jacobs Scott Jacobs Cynthia Janssen Mylene Jao Bogdan Japundza Jennifer Jerry Kimberly Kamradt Tamara Keaton John Kerr Patrick Kintzele Lori Klus Rhonda Kokot Karen Koranda Elisha Kosiba Freshmen 123 elley Kottka my Kucan Bert Kullerstrand Damon Kwiecien Barbara Larson Michael Ortiz Richard Orto Yolanda Pace Jie a Palk Carrie Pankiewicz 124 Freshmen Don Pearson Michelle Pe Quentin PeMrson Michael Bhil lips Lisa Pieters Kristen Ps Stephanie Arleene Rais Lisa Reeves Celeste Renwald Emily Ren Gloria Amy Ala Rios Fertiza Rivera Yvette Rivera Renee Roby Melissa Rodriguez Tanisha Ross Gayle Rusbasa Charles Ryan Kristine Saliari. Nancy Sanchj | Rosemary Sanchez Scott Sanders Joe Santos jmi Satalic itra Satayathum Freshmen 125 Cheryl Shipp James Sianta Cheri Siner Jeff Smar Esther Smith Kimberly Smith Lovell Smith Tiffany Smolar Eric South Matthew Staley Nicole Stanger Tracey Steffens Darrell Stewart Kimberly Suchy Steven Sullivan James Sun woo Michael Sur John Susoreny Timothy Swan Linda Szabo Andrea Szaller Darren Szwajkowski Regina Tapp Erica Terry Carmen Thiel Freshman Class officers, Michael Martinez, Stephanie Hanlon, Mylene Jao, and Christopher Gorski meet in the library to discuss a class trip to a Chicago Bulls game. 126 Freshmen Freshman cheerleaders Candy Guelinas, Nicole Tomecko, Andrea Szaller, and Kimberly Suchy prepare for the Homecoming parade. Rodney Thompson Sean Thompson Clarence Thornton Gail Thupvong Nicole Tomecko Geralyn Tucker Julie Tucker Willard Turner Ramesha Unni Michael Vale Josephine Valtierra Jennifer Vargas Lisa Vitalone David Walters Teresa Weber Scott Wengel Corrine Wild Carla Williams Shalonda Williams Bryon Willy LaCheryl Wilson Mark Woodward Tyrone Wray Chris Wright Richelle Wylie Heriberto Zamora Jennifer Zemelko Michael Zencka Tom Zimmer Freshmen 127 f am Abraham Isidro Alba Jtyle Allen Eleanor Anderson Mary Kay Anderson Melissa Babicka Nicole Bacchus Krista Bane Anthony Banks Kelli Barber Jrrna 1 ,) Bass Laura Benedyk Sam Bennett Patricia Bensie Matthew Ben us Laura Bianc Rodney Biller Lisa Bohruk Trisha Boby Addulah Boose nnifer Bouska Janet Brandt Luke Brennan John Brim Bryan Burger Kimberly Burns Scott Burton Angela Caban Kristina Cagtu Marc Chevigr Louise Chit by Kimberly Chorak David Christianson Theodore Cisowski Tiffanie Clark 1 28 Sophomores Robert Clayton Joseph Clune Stephanie Cglias Allison Co; Daniel Stephen D I Paula Dixon Lisa Dobogai Timothy Doffin Arlene Domingo Elaine Eck Robert Ec| Patricia Emeka Christina Emig Michelle Erickson loseph Ex! Richard Fabian Nora Fagen Gabriel Faur PatrickM Timothy Fitzger Sean Flesher Michelle Frankovich Susan Furman Sarah Cagan Delia Garcia Miles Gault Joan Choi son Diana Ciacomin Ciannini Sophomores 129 Scott Creenwalt Julie Greer Karen Gregor Adrian Guzman Christine Hanna Erick Harrell Jeanetta Harris Angela Harvey Nicole Hasara Felicity Havrilla Tiawiana Headd Trenton Heffner Lisa Heim Tamra Hernandez Robert Hevezi De Andre Hudson Michelle Hughes Yolanda Hughes Ryan Iker Pamela llada Sophomores Allison Covey, Jennifer Turnbull, Jennifer Roig, and Brenda Jankovich shield themselves from the rain during the Merrillville football game. 130 Sophomores lames Jacobs Brenda Jankovich Sandra Jaskoviak Dawn Jaskolski Rebecca Jaskolski Jacqueline Jenkins Joann Jiminez Clint Johnson Michael Johnson Alan Jones Damon Joshua Jennifer Junitz Jennifer Kacocha Peter Kaiafas Elizabeth Kac Michel Kec Kimberly Kellenburger Homer Keller Laura Kelner i Kezy Robert Klus Felicia Knight Cathy Kobza Jessica Kohl Amy Kolczak Donald Konecki Brian Kopack Mark Kopil Jenifer Krizmanic Dawn LaMantia Markenia Lattimore Amy Lavrick Matthew Leurck Wendy Lewis lamya Liggins Susan Loker Michael Lopez N. Jennifer Lottes Richard L(M Sophomore 131 Jessie Luke homas Mack ph Magura dd Mahan Amy Maichrowicz Shaun Martin Arcelia Martinez ure Martinez I bsalia Martinez Jennifer Mathis Hdam Matlon Michael McCrovitz Eileen McGuire Tami McKinley Carmen Medellin Vazantha Meyers Eric Mihal Michelle Mihalik Matthew Miklosy Slfeven Mirabella Paul Mishorich Allen Mitchell John Monik Gary Monroe Nicole Montpetit Paul Morales Traci Morales Jacqueline Moran Susan Mueller Jose Munoz Jeanette Murawski Jennifer Nadolski Jack Neitzel Jeffrey Newton 132 Sophomores Julia Nicholson Timothy Nign Julie Olsz ewsKl Dawn Ostrowski Chi Ou Ayesha Patterson William Pavisich Natalie Peifer Gregory Penn Anthony Perez ’ Roman Per® Andrew Perzo Michael peters Suzanne Picha Barbara Pictor Susan Plasencia Dennis Pokropinski Jeri Polimac Jennifer Potter Elizabeth Poz, Mark Price Lori Quinn Tomislav Radojiq Jennifer Raich Heather Rakoczy Jesse Ramos Jeannette Rech Jessica Renwald I Thomas Reynolds Jeanine Richter Rochelle Robertson Angela Robinson Elena Roig Jennifer Roig Sophomores 133 U f 04b 0 U4 leanine Roper Matthew Rouge John Rowley Cassandra Rozycki Fanon Rucker Laura Rzepka Stephanie Sakes Stefanie Salomon Leigh Samarzija Peter Sanchez Charles Sawochka Scott Scheffer William Schenher Georgia Scherry Shad Schultz Lynette Schumann Timothy Schutz Dina Selman Michele Sentoro Jeanette Shafer Brian Shipp Mary Beth Simpson Tricia Skowronski lames Smith Kevin Smith Colleen Spanopoulos Richard Spurlock Sharon Stanzione Daryle Steffens Kyle Stern Stacy Stinnett Cynthia Stypula Margaret Sullivan Jennifer Szaller Karyn Tatham Lashanda Taylor Derek Thompson Andrew Thorn Ralph Torres Patrick Townsend 134 Sophomores Ur O ' W ' VW ' tb4 U4 Sophomore Class Officers, Colleen Spanopoulos, Fanon Rucker, Wendy Lewis, and Angie Caban gather for a Student Council meeting. Jennifer Turnbull Mark Turner Deborah Van Slyke Manuel Vasquez Angela Vega Ross Vidal Denise Viene Richard Wagner Sarah Walton Wendy Warren Michelle Watroba Regina Weber Richard Weber Darren Wesley Russell White i H Debra Wilczynski Felicia Williams Marcella Williams Dee Dee Williford Michael Wiltermood ¥ Jennifer Young Melissa Zemlik Daniel Zielinski Kevin Zurawski Sophomores 135 O l l tanley Acosta lames Allegretti nica Almy Eric Anderson Bernadette Arceo lason Artemiuk Wjenniter Attar Bacchus i Bachich ichael Back Vanessa Baton Michael Bane M oc y Baran Michael Barancyk Karen Barloga Michael Barney William Baron Dana i Carol Beckr Catherine Beinger Michael Bellich Chris Benac Stacy Benka Kimberly Berry Annette Betz David Bielefield nnifer Binkley Joseph Bishop Joyce Blachly Bridget Blake Richard Braun gettcy rzoska Bujdoso ' cole Bukur 136 Juniors Band members Chad Close and Erik Kullerstrand prepare for competition. Angela Burrou Carol Burton Shane Lisa Ci Jennifer lichael Carlisle Kelly Carreno Moira Lisa Chiarell, Eric Christe Michelle Clark Lisa Cleland Juniors 137 s U vh € fl4 ' Letitia DeNeal Amy Derdowski Moira DeRosa Siriporn Dhana Denise Dobogai Patricia Doffin Kimberly Doolin Michael Dorris Greta Doumanian Stephanie Drapac Jennifer Dudley Nicole Dynek Dean Easton Katherine Erickson Frank Fauser John Gasaway John Gonzales Deborah Gonzalez Beth Gotch Christopher Grandfield Stacey Granger Louis Green Andreana Greene Joel Gross C rusak uelinas ' addix James Half man Merrick Haller ann nlon Dale H Matthew Carlton Hargro Erika Harris Martita Harris 138 Juniors Michele Herd Eric Hiduke lames Houpt Christ i Hruskovich Ann Huber Tracy H umes Wendy Hussey Shelley Hutka Roy Isla Mary Jackson Jodi lanke Michelle lao Daniel liminez Kimberly Juskevice Angela Karabetsos Kristen Katich Laura Kaufman Mark Kazmier Laura Kellar Kelly Kiel Daniel Kilgore Michelle Kinasiewicz Lynn Klus Paul Kobza Todd Kohen Michelle Kopp Jason Koulianos Kathy Kramek Mary Krienke John Kroepfl Erik Kullerstrand Gregory Each Verna LaGrant Robert LaMere Ericka Landon Cheryl Lanfear Patrick Laws Camille Lee Frederick Lee Scott Lemmons Juniors 139 s ' JAa4 C 14 ' nthony Lenzo Rustin Lewis Anq Logothetis ria Lopez Quanda Major Hsian Mallams Mark Marich Brendan Marr Maria Martinez ary Massey nya Mathews Debra Matte i Janet Mays John McCarthy liter McCobb Erin McCracken Rosemary McCullough Kristen McGuire Frances McMahon Michael McQuillin Philip Melvin Brian Mitchell Melissa Mohan Brian Mosby Natalie Negron Rita Neitzel Tracy Nelson Kevin Newton Vicky Nicksic Michael Nigro P Nocks Marianne Oates Blair O ' Connor Martin Olesky bac Onder ' tt O ' Neil hia Oresik Osorio 140 juniors Daniel Owens u Kristi Palans Michael P ish Jonathon Pearson Michael Pearson Eric Peterson Anil Pi I lay Allison Porterfield Christopher Potter Lorraine Pren ny Veronica Price Joslyn Rachowic. Yolanda Rainge William Barbara Mark UPPER: Cynthia Oresik, Barbara Ratkay, and Michele Weber enjoy themselves at the French Club soc hop. LOWER: Fernando Rivera goes for the return. Ghns i Ch r, ristopher Rigg ristine Riley r homas Ring Fernando Rivera Sandra Robinson Tonya Robinson Melissa Rohrer Victoria Rondez Thomas Rosta Julie Rothenberg Deborah Ruesch Alfred Ruiz Michael Runyon Vershalle Ryan Diane Sabo Louis Samaniego Nicole Samarzija Zayda Sanchez Anne Sanders Peter Sawochka Anne Schafer Anne Schenher Ellen Sue Schneider Yvonne Schneider Thomas Schulien Scott Schumann Steven Schwartz Patricia Sebella Muna Selman William Selmer Da Jacqueline Sepiol Iveda Sera Christine . Daniel Shaughr Alicia Sigala Douglas Sikora Amy Sliwinski Debbie Sohn Malissa Sopko 142 juniors Brelis Spiller Gregory Staley Melanie Star Alonda Steele Tyra Steele Kelli Stern Joseph Stern David Sullivan Julie Sunwoo Tricia Taylor Brett Teske Christina Thiel Tiffany Tillman Michele Turner Susan Vahey Jennifer VanHazebroeck Tricia Van Slyke Dawn Vargas John Veg ter Todd Vician David Vincent Pamela Vincent Kimberly Vith Angela Volan Edward Vucich Geralyn Wagner Mark Wagner Rachel Walters Lance Washington James Watters Michele Weber Gordon Whitney Alex Wilmore Kevin Wislo Tiffany Wisowaty Juniors 143 112 7 CLASS 4 « t , O ' I YJ ■ 1 III ■ r « « t j « 4 s4 A 4, v»» ‘ ’ 4 4 V‘4 - •»» v» wm Rebecca Acevez Victoria Acevez Steven Acosta Thomas Aguilar Edward Anaszewski Olivia Arceo Scott Attar Jane Austgen Gregory Badar Craig Ball Mitchell Barloga Laura Beckmann Robert Behnke Thomas Bennett Brian Berger 4 » 4 ft Julie Bernard Sarah Berndt David Best David Bettens Eduardo Bicalho Nico Bizer Caroline Blaney Michelle Bobrulc John Bodie Robert Bono Laurence Bosevski Robert Bosevski Jacqueline Brody James Bucko Andriel Buggs „ 4 1 6 Seniors 4 , % 4 4 , e - , 4 « 4 4 4 4 ’ 4% ' 4 4 - 4 « 4 4 C A 44a4 - b »4 44 4 ► » 4 4 « A 6 4 , - A — % 1 V 4 Mark Carpenter Anthony Cesario Michael Chary Nicquel Chavers Angela Chiarella Jill Chrispell Wayne Conley Robert Connors Lynn Conroy Demetrica Cook Gregory Crook Kelly Cusick Amy Dailey Darren Darnell Alfredo Davila Jr. » 4 . A ■ 4 t ' 4 4« 4» , | «V V 4 - 4 ft ► » 4 4 44 A 9 4 9 A 9 ft 9 « ft ft V 9 9 ► 0 9 » «s 4 ‘ » 4 l • 9 t v ' 4 4 A 4 4 ft 9 4 t .9 4 9 « ► ft ft 9 ft 9 9 ft 4 ! 9 — 0{ V V 4 « 4 A 4 r , ’ ' i ’ ■ 5 « 4 4 e ft 9 V 399 4 v 9 ft9 ft 9 ft 4 ft .Vft 9« ? 9 ft ft 9ftft9ft 9 9. A , ft ft ft ft 9 ft Oft . Derrick Davis Pierre DeBois Gabriel de la Paz Simone DeMass Danielle Demkowicz Michelle Denton Michael DeRosa Mary Deruntz Yvonne Diwyk Angelique Dixon Walter Drakis Thomas DuBois Angela Duffy Catherine Duffy av mr nH fWii iKI-s i uiierme uuiiy Raymond Dziubla ft A ft A ► .9 A 9 " a ft ft « ' ft 9 9 ft « ft 4 4 “ 4 , ' ft 9 4 ft ft 9 % ' a a ft 4 a » 9 ft - 9 ft 4 ft 9 ftftft 9 »ft A ftftft 4 Vfc 4 » 9 fr ft « „ft 4 4 4 ft 9 ft ft ft ft 4 9 ft 9 v v ;v. v v «: ; v «V ; v: : : ; : • : : . : : ; . v v- ; : : 9 9 9 ft 9 9 ft 9 ■Mb A A v 4 A A « AnaMarie Equihua Stephanie Erickson Jean Falconburg Stephanie Ericks Jean Falconburg A Michael Falcone Steve Fardy Nancy Finley Michelle Fisher Lisa Fleming Beth Flesher Antoinette Fordham Jeff Freese Eileen Friel Jennifer Gaydos Stephen Gaydos Kristen Geddry 4 A A 4 -4 A “ 4 A l V 4 V 11 ?+ A A « A 4 - A ' f A 4 « 4 4 4 4 « 4 - A 4, A Seniors 149 » » 4 Gino Giacomin Elaine Gonzalez Charles Gore Jennifer Grecco Laurie Greer Rahul Gupta Madeline Hafner Ronald Hargro Andrew Hasara Michelle Haynes Christine Heim Allison Heuring Brian Hibbs Thomas Hokenson Camona Hollingsworth a . . t A 4 «’ 4 A A A ► » » J 4 4 ° A • f A V » 1 » .» »4 f »4 4.4 • IX Denis Howorth Robert Hruskoci Thomas Huber Lara Hughes Patrick llada Michael Inman Mike Jacobs Joseph Jakubielski Roderick Jao Sheila Jeffers Kristin Jenkins Julianne Jeschke • • » A « 4 k f t « « 4 4 ' 4 « 4 •44 1 A 4 V A « 4 t 1 » » 4 4 i 4 A A A A 4 A I A A 4 A « A A ‘ 4 4 4 4 » 4 A « A C 4 4 4 4 4 4 A ? Todd Johnson Sandra Jonas Susan Jonas - fc A.AA4 4 «4 V 4 a4 4 4 4 4A A 4 4. . 4 4 4 4 4 A 4 4 A 4 4 4 4 4 4 A4 4 4V p4« t ‘ 4 4 4 4 %A 4»AA 4 ' 4 4 • 4 K 4 „ - a ® - ’ a „ « • A 4 . ‘a ’ 4 ? „ 1 » »»‘»4, 1 4 » M . 6 4 -, «» 4 4 4 J ,, » -a « 4 •- . k . | V . . » . v, , ... « . 4 e » A « » »». » “ - , 4 m V k »l » V : 4 » Marvin Jones James Kaminski Anthony Kerr Valerie Kidd Janene Kimble Martin Kopil Kimberly Kozlowski Jodi Kratkoczki John Kratkoczki William Krienke Elizabeth Kroepfl Pamorn Kulsakdinun Jonathan Lapham Marcella Larson Laura Lavendusky f O 152 Seniors » 4 ► Ryan Leach Christopher Lee Kimberly Leslie Dawn LoVerde Jeffery Lucas John Lustina Terese Lynch Michele Macielak Kim Majchrowicz Lynn Malocha Eileen Manley Deborah Markovich George Martinez Andrea Matovina Eduardo Maya • - v v 4 5 4 4 4 4 » 4 ft 4 ft ft - 9 4 4 ft » A ’ V 1 . ’ • 4ft ►,- ' A “ ft » » ► ? 4 » i , 4 ft. ft. r ► , P P ft. ft » ft 4 4 • 4 4 A e 4 . 4 ft 4 4 4 ft 4 A 4 4 ft ft ft 4 ft ft t| Tiffani Mayer Thomas McCobb Amy McCullough Susan McCullough Anne McGuire Marcos Mejia Patrice Mellady Benjamin Mendoza Mary Mihalik ft ft ft ft A f » » Chantal Miller Shawna Mioduski William Mirabella Charles Mirich Jennifer Mirich Cherri Monik ft ft ftr « « 154 ' Mentors 4 ft V 4 r 4 ► 4 v ft 1 ft 4 ft ft ft ft ft ft 4 ft 4 ft 4 4 4 ft ft ft ft I ft ft „ ft ft 4 «. . ft ft •• Daniel Monroe Anthony Montemayor Patrick Morley 4 4 » Steven Mostello Tonia Munoz „ lohn Muratnri rt A " 111111 c. ■? ' Maureen Murawski Stephen Nigro Ana Cristina Nunes Reuben Ofsaiof Jennifer Olejnik John Olivieri Mike Oluvic Zorina Ombac Julie Ortegon ►4 9 4 9 — 9 • O A Chung Hsi Ou ‘,1 Meng Hsi Ou David Owen , • 0 r ft 4 V 9 Kevin Palansky Nileema Pargaonker Judith Penn Mark Perry Elizabeth Peterson Kimberly Poleski Harry Porterfield Tamra Powell Matthew Prusiecki Nenad Radojicic Jaime Rangel Molly Reed :i mk ) n T» v:» ; A „ 4 ► - V « 4 • « 9 1 1 • 9 56 Seniors • « 4 . „ 4 v » v . 1 91 « t “ : 4 A A « Pamela Rhodes LaShanda Rice Cathy Rivera Ronald Robinson Charity Rodriguez Peter Rogovich Jose Roig Ruth Roman Antoinette Rossi Vicky Rowland John Roytan Dawn Rucker Christine Sakes Barbara Samplawski James Schenher - ■ fc. L L 4 ;• . .v " • ».». »v 4 J 1 . ,f 4» 4 e 1 « fc 4, A 4 « ►, «►» A 4 « » 7. « 4 » « ft ;» 4 4 4 « », 4 f T 4 4 1 1 « 1 « S V " 4 4«4»,t« 4 4 l4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 i 4 4 4 1 ’ 4 V tr, Judith Scheuer Mitchell Sidor Paul Simatovich Kimberly Skowronski Americo Soares Amy Someson Mark Stanger Kevin Suggs thy E. Sullivan vidi is. oidiigei Kevin Suggs Timothy E. Sullivan Dthy P. Thierer j Thorn Taratip Thupvong Theresa Tolman Suzanne Tomecko ' 4 » Ricardo Valenzuela Robert Vega Elizabeth Vidal Jeffrey Villeneuve Randolph Voller William Walters A A Gordon Walton Kobjit Waranimman Acquanetta Washington Kevin Wheeler Neal Whited David Wielgus • A « ■ » “ • A ’ 4 4 . ’ I 4 , i « ’ .» r ' ’ » 4 . • " » « ' ' 4- « « » i . ; -V; •. :■ : : : : : t ;• : : : • . .v ; ; :• : • «v: ; :V. ’.v. v: : M .r. J A A Scott Wilkins Kristin Willard Chayako Williams Thomas Williford Sonya Woodard Jodie Wylie Elizabeth Wynne Michael Yazvec Gilbert Yee Dawn Zajdel David Zielinski Matthew Zima Jose Zuniga Todd Jaskolski w « » » 4 » ►« » » » ; t « » 4 « 4 4 4 4 4 4 ► 4 « . » A « 4 « 4 4 4 4 « 4 C » 4 e«4« 4 4 4 1 0 Seniors V «• 4 4 A t %« 4 e 4 v 4 4 4 4 V44 « ’« 4 4 CLASS OF m? Xe4 Best Humor Jim Bucko and Dawn Rucker Most Handsome Attractive Jeff Lucas and Jodie Wylie Most School Spirit Jim Bucko and Dawn LoVerde Most Likely to Succeed John Olivieri and Beth Kroepfl Best Dressed Jerome Robinson and Ruth Roman Nicest Hair Roderick Jao and Eve Gomez Most Athletic Matt Prusiecki and Lynn Malocha Most Beautiful Eyes Nico Bizer and Shawna Mioduski Greatest Speaker John Olivieri and Allison Heuring 0 Best Leader Pierre DeBois and Dawn LoVerde Best Organizer Pierre DeBois and Andrea Matovina Best Musical Talent Greg Crook and Andriel Buggs f Best Personality Scott Attar and Jackie Brody Best Dancer Roderick Jao, Tara Thupvong, and Suzy Tomecko Nicest Smile Scott Attar and Kim Kozlowski Best Legs Mike Falcone and Carrie Blaney Most Versatile Pat Morley and Toni Rossi Most Kind Marty Kopil and Charity Rodriguez Most Mischievous George Synowiec and Julie Ortegon Most Artistic George Martinez and LaShanda Rice Best Dramatic Talent Rick Valenzuela and Julie Ortegon Funniest Laugh Derrick Davis and Vicky Rowland Best Physique Larry Bosevski and Angela Duffy Most Extra-Sociable Ben Mendoza and Madeline Hafner Most Politically Active Jim Kaminski and JudyScheuer Greatest Procrastinator Randy Voller and Chris Sakes v A 4 A J 4 V « 1 V A O 3 ■ « « t ' » A V a 4 V V 4 1 V A v A J ' 3 V » «v- 4 t o V $C4+ 0 SI A- ' v 4 4 - ' « ► 0 o a V « » A K ' a ? « . 4 V A K B o ■ 4 a « v w c A A u 4 4 , « « 164 Seniors O a a » V • t A r, A rt r A A , . M ( Seniors 165 y a A « 1 4 O A v a v p Bishop Grutka Award for Christian Service A v Sister Emma Award for Dedicated Service to the School •A 4 , Outstanding Achievement in English 3 1 p 4 Outstanding Achievement in Science « I ' A p. Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics . p p P 5 Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies p q 4 Outstanding Achievement in Music a a “ o Outstanding Achievement in Foreign Language 4 o V v ( p p N Outstanding Achievement in Business Education . p v a ' a Outstanding Achievement in Art E 4 4 Outstanding Achievement in Drafting and Design Latin: Spanish: French: German: v Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship Athletics A 5 Perfect Attendance for Four Years 1 v V A . A A A a 168 jSifji r A A ’ «. ‘ ft V » « . V ■» 4 ► ft A V o ' 4 4 1 i ft T » » A. t „ ■» ► 0 ft V ft . . Madeline Hafner Martin Kopil Charity Rodriguez .... Pierre DeBois Dawn LoVerde John Olivieri Kristin Willard . Elizabeth Kroepfl Antoinette Rossi Brian Hibbs Elizabeth Kroepfl . . . Jennifer Grecco John Olivieri . . . Gregory Crook Michelle Denton Chantal Miller Dawn Zajdel James Kaminski Marcella Larson Cathy Rivera Ruth Roman . Michele Macielak LaShanda Rice .... Adam Thierer Andrew Hasara John Lustina Mary Mihalik Steve Acosta Brian Berger Michael Inman Kevin Palansky Charity Rodriguez Ricardo Valenzuela A V O x p A t £— 2— A •4 « « .A C A - ‘ p b 1 A P A V L v 4 Tf A 4 4 4 T-rx «i A V V 4 V A T- b i AWARDS 1A?7 TOP TEN Elizabeth Kroepfl Michael Inman Antoinette Rossi John Olivieri Kimberly Kozlowski Gino Giacomin William Walters Andrea Matovina Gabriel de la Paz Marcella Larson INDIANA ACADEMIC COMPETITION SOCIAL STUDIES STATE CHAMPIONS Stephen Fardy Randol ph Volier Jefirey Freese DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION GOOD CITIZEN AWARD Elizaoeth Ann Kroepfl LIONS INTERNATIONAL STUDENT LEADERS Jackie Brody Gaoriei de la Paz Beth Kroeofl Dawn Lo Verde Jonn Lustina Michele Macielak Anarea Matovina William MirabeUa heuoen Ofsaiof Kevin Suggs NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARS Michael Alan Chary Michael Inman John Olivieri NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLAR Tamra Powell NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT COMMENDED SCHOLARS Gregory Crook Chantai Miller » Pierre DeBois Eiizapeth Wynne 4 1 V NATIONAL MERIT COMMENDED SCHOLARS V Gabriel de la Paz Michael Oluvic V Thomas DuBois Tamra Powell Stepnen Fardy Randolph Volier ? Elizaoeth Kroeofl William Walters b AMERICAN LEGION POST i30 OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARDS Pierre DeBois Dawn LoVerde SCHOLASTIC JOURNALIST AWARD The Hammond Time. Chanty Rodriguez MOST VALUABLE STAFF MEMBER AWARD • Poet-Tribune Judith Scheuer PURDUE UNIVERSITY LAFAYETTE CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION NATIONAL HISPANIC MERIT SCHOLAR HONORABLE MENTION Ricardo Valenzuela HOOSIER EXCELLENCE AWARD Elizaoeth Wynne STATE OF INDIANA HOOSIER SCHOLARS Elizabeth Ann Kroepfl Antoinette M. Rossi Michael Chary Yvonne Diwyk Gino Giacomin Brian Hibbs Michael Inman John Olivieri Tamra Powell Antoinette Rossi Triaa Thorn Ricardo Valenzuela Alternates Michael Inman John Olivieri Kim Koziowski Gabriel de la Paz CORNING GLASS WORKS FOUNDATION NATIONAL ENGINEERING APTITUDE SEARCH AWARD Antoinette M. Rossi 6 4 b V 4 4 4 4 4 V rj 4 4 A t A 4 KJ 4 b b 4 4 A v t P 4 V b 4 g b ? 4 4 b 4 4 4 4 .44 4 0 4 4 4 A V A 4 P 4 t A p o 4 a v Seniors 169 ► „ v .. - • 4 b AHS Year Indiana Academic Decathalon Randy Voller — gold medal in Social Studies; silver medal in Interview Steve Fardy — gold medal in Social Studies; silver medal in Economics; bronze medals in Interview and science; second overall Nileema Pargaonker — silver medals in Language, Economics, and Social Studies; bronze medals in Language and Literature Amy Sliwinski — silver medals in Language and Literature Alternates receiving awards were John Gasaway, Pat Laws and Monica Reibly in Review BAND AND CHOIR AWARDS For the first time in school history, the band won first place in its division at the Indiana State School Music Associaton contest. The band played " Bandology, " a concert march, " Prelude Siciliano Rondo " by Malcolm Arnold, and " Whitewater Festival. " The female choir placed second in their division during the competiton. TEACHER OF THE YEAR Inland Steel named Mr. James Klora teacher of the Year for 1 987. He has been a teacher for six years, all of which have been spent at Andrean. STATE HISTORIAN Leanne Price, a Latin III student, was selected to serve as State Historian for the Indiana Junior Classical league for the school year 1 987-1 988. As historian, she will prepare a scrapbook of Latin Club activities in high schools throughout Indiana. ARTIST HONORED Junior Anne Schafer won the 6th annual congressional Art Caucus Competition, which was sponsored by Indiana Congressman Peter Visclosky. Anne ' s pallet painting will hang in the Capitol in Washington D.C. fora year. The painting is titled " Fresh Fruit. " SENIOR DRAFTED BY WHITE SOX Fifth-year senior Derrick Davis was chosen by the Chicago White Sox in the thirty-fourth round of the Major League Draft. Although he was ineligible to play this season, Derrick set a school record last year with a nineteen-game hitting streak. STATE QUALIFIER Junior Laura Kaufman was the only Andrean student to qualify for the state track and field championships. Laura, sixth-ranked in shot put, qualified with a throw of forty feet, six-and-a-half inches. SILVER MEDALIST Sophomore Matthew Rouge merited a silver for his performance on a National Latin exam. FREEDOM SHRINE The Merrillville Exchange Club donated the Freedom Shrine to Andrean to commemorate the 200th year of the signing of the Constitution. The Freedom Shrine contains twenty-eight documents which have been instrumental in establishing and maintaining Democracy in the United States. The Freedom Shrine is displayed in the corridor next to the library. BASKETBALL HOMECOMING Andrean ' s first basketball Homecoming took place on February 20 when Andrean hosted Hammond Morton. Scott Attar became the first Homecoming King when his name was announced at a Sock Hop the following night. SECTIONAL CHAMPS The girls ' tennis team won its first sectional championship in school history. Members of the winning team were Jackie Moran, Michelle Jao, Greta Doumanian, Lynn Compton, Molly Reed, Kim Kozlowski, and Richelle Wylie. The Year World News National News IRAN-CONTRA AFFAIR Confidence in President Reagan dropped after the Iran-Contra Affair was exposed. The United States gave Iran arms in exchange for the release of hostages, as well as money. The United States then sent this money as aid to the Nicaraguan contras. U.S. SHIP ATTACKED The U.S.S. Stark was hit by Iraqui missiles while the ship was patrolling the Persian Gulf. This disaster claimed the lives of thirty-seven Americans. THE VOYAGER Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager became the first pilots to fly around the world when they piloted the Voyage r in 1987. GARY HART Gary Hart, leading Democratic candidate for the 1 988 Presidential election, withdrew from the race after his friendship with model Donna Rice was publicized. PTL Television ' s PTL, " Praise the Lord, " Ministry was rocked by scandals as accusations were made against its leaders, Ji m and Tammy Faye Bakker. These charges include the Bakker ' s lavish spending, Jim ' s affair with church secretary, Jessica Hahn, his alleged homosexuality, and Tammy Faye ' s drug problem. Top Music Artists U2 Talking Heads Genesis Peter Gabriel Paul Simon Whitney Houston Top Songs " With or Without You " " Road to Nowhere " " Invisible Touch " " Sledgehammer " " Lean on Me " " Dance With Somebody " " Walk Like an Egyptian " in Review Top Movies Platoon Top Gun Color of Money Crocodile Dundee Children of a Lesser God Ferris Bueller ' s Day Off Sports Champions World Series: New York Mets 1 NCAA Football: Penn State Nittany Lions Super Bowl: New York Giants Stanley Cup: Edmonton Oilers 1 NCAA Basketball: Indiana Hoosiers Local News HATCHER DEFEATED Gary Mayor Richard Hatcher was defeated in the Democratic Primary in the mayoral race by Calumet Township Assessor Thomas Barnes. Hatcher has been mayor for the past twenty years. DEATH SENTENCE Sixteen-year-old Paula Cooper was sentenced to death by Judge James Kimbrough for the slaying of Glen Park Bible teacher Ruth Pelke. Cooper ' s sentencing has been debated internationally. EARTHQUAKE Six midwestern states, including Indiana, were affected by an earth tremor on June 1 0, 1 987. The center of the tremor was located in Lawrenceville, Illinois. Sports News AMERICA ' S CUP Stars and Strips, whose captain was Dennis Connors, represented the United States when the ship won the 1 987 America ' s Cup. MICHAELJORDAN The Chicago Bulls ' Michael Jordan became the first player since Wilt Chamberlain to score 3,000 points in a single NBA Season. NEW HOME FOR BEARS The Chicago Bears have discussed building a new stadium to replace the Bears ' current home, Soldiers ' Field. A proposed site for the new stadium is on the city ' s west side. With change we grow, and growth is the ultimate purpose of education. Even after the fleeting moments of our lives spent at Andrean are over, we will treasure the experiences gained here because these experiences caused us to change for the better. COMMUNITY Mrs. Aylesworth Rev. R. H. Glass C.S.B. Mr. Klora Ms. Tina O ' Drobinak Rev. Paul E. Quanz Mrs. Petra Steele Mrs. Joyce Thomas Mrs. Emily C. Vas Mrs. Geraldine Ventura Dr. Milo Zaphod Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Crary Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Giorgio Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Wirtz Union Florists 1 520 Grant GARY, IN 944-7100 JPlotoertf PHONE769 ' 4888 jJfpT REEVES FLOWERAMA, |igf INC. LIBERTY SQUARE 7886 BROADWAY MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA 46410 176 Community Congratulations to Gabe de la Paz and the class of 1 987 from De La Paz Medical Corporation 8679 Connecticut Street Merrillville, IN 46410 Communi ty 177 BEST OF LUCK FROM THE LAZZARO COMPANIES PLASTICS • STEEL DOORS • HARDWARE - CLASS • WINDOWS • MIRRORS 980-0860 738-1810 5880 BROADWAY, MERRILLVILLE Carl Lazzaro — Ben Lazzaro — Chuck Lazzaro — George Putz — Frank Lazzaro Jr. ■ N STATE FAIM INSUt ANCI Compliments of ANDREW A. ATTAR Agent 1 9 W. 73rd Avenue (2 1 9) 738-2588 Merrillville, Indiana 46410 (219) 769-1188 (219) 980-5750 MEADOWS HOUSE OF FLOWERS GIFTS ED AND ALVERA TOKAR 5713 HARRISON ST. MARV AND DORA ARGENTA MERRILLVILLE. IN 46410 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FROM THE GEISENS Geisen Funeral Home, Inc. 7905 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 178 Community YIIAJ I 1 LJ decor tile inc. 2204 US 41 Schererville, IN 46375 (219) 322-1500 Ceramic Floor Wall Tile Marble, Parquet Flooring GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 87 JOIN THE CROWD AT ARBY ' S 5790 Broadway Merrillville OPEN Sun.-Thurs. 10:30-10:00 Fri.-Sat. 10:30-11:00 Community 179 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 FROM Oral Surgery Group Inc. S. P. Taurus, D.D.S. R. E. McMahon, D.D.S. R. E. White, D.D.S. S. J. Fairchild, D.D.S. 8691 Connecticut Street Merrillville, Indiana 46410 887-4991 769-2720 813 La Porte Ave. Valparaiso, Indiana 462-5117 180 Community Dr. and Mrs. Andriano A. Agana General Practitioner Congratulations to Our Grandson Roderick (Pong-Pong) Jao Telephone (219)938-0064 938-0065 554 S. Lake St. Gary, IN 46403 FELLOW AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FAMILY PRACTICES Community 181 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the class of 1987 from Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Roig and Family Merrillville Eye Clinic 8500 Broadway Community CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1987 COMPLIMENTS OF Daniel R. Kozlowski, D.D.S., M.S. Henry Feinberg, D.D.S., M.S. Harry Frank, D.D.S. ENDODONTICS, INC. 8679 Connecticut Street 9042 Columbia Avenue Merrillville, Indiana 4641 0 Munster, Indiana 46321 (219) 769-1166 (219)836-5940 Community 183 CONGRATULATIONS!!! RODERICK A. JAO, CLASS 1 987 (President, Class of 1 987) Marita A. Jao, Class 1 983 Radmar A. Jao, Class 1 984 Rodger A. Jao, Class 1 986 Roderick A. Jao, Class 1 987 Michelle A. Jao, Class (1 988) Mylene A. Jao, Class (1 990) Rodolfo A. Jao, Class (1992) Rodney A. Jao, Class (1 993) Rodell A. Jao, Class (1 997) Greetings From: DR. MRS. RODOLFO L. JAO 184 Community To the Class of 1987 OUR BEST WISHES FOR A LIFE OF GREATER AND BETTER ACHIEVEMENT Dr. Mrs. G. J. Volan Community 185 CONGRATULATIONS to Nileema and THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1 987 from M. U. Pargaonker, M.D. and Family 186 Community Greg Badar Congratulations to: Marcos Mejia Gabe de la Paz Nileema Pargaonker Roderick Jao Jose Roig Kim Kozlowski Taratip Thupvong Pamorn Kulsakdinun Ricky Valenzuela Kobjit Waranimman Dr. Erwin P. Gomez Heart, Lung, and Blood Vessel Specialist Tel.: 736-0511 252 Merrillville Center 980-1307 Merrillville, IN 46410 Community 187 Thank you, Andrean High School students, for participating in the many Optimist Club projects over the years. Best of luck for the future! Optimist Club of Merrillville Founded in 1960, the Optimist Club of Merrillville is a service organization committed to serving the youth in the community. Its primary function is to be a friend of the young people. Annually, it sponsors a wide range of activities for boys and girls. Among them are: Essay Contest Tri-Star Basketball Program Oratorical Contest Respect for Law Bicycle Safety Ross Summer Theater Youth Appreciation Week In addition, the Optimist Club of Merrillville supports timely projects that have a bearing on youth. The “Just Say No " drug education program and a “Discipline Literacy " program for parents are ex- amples of civic concern and consciousness of the Optimist Club of Merrillville. The Optimist Club clubhouse is located at 3339 E. 74th Avenue. It is available for rental for meetings, banquets, church-sponsored activities, showers, graduation parties and various kinds of youth activities. For reservations, call 942-4367. Individuals interested in joining the Optimist Club of Merrillville and serving the community ' s youth should contact any Optimist Club member or call 942-4367. BE AN OPTIMIST AND BE SOMEBODY! Congratulations To Nileema Pargaonker and Rahul Gupta and The Class of 1 987 from Dr. and Mrs. Krishna Dev Community 189 ,ookb E1T£ CROWN POINT ORTHODONTICS Dr. Michael D. Goodwin Staff CONGRATULATES THE 1987 GRADUATES Harvey ' s Dime Store " Your everything Store " 106 N. Broad St. Griffith, Indiana 46319 924-4417 U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Nationally Advertised Brands Outstanding Quaity Better Selection Lower Prices Merrillville Hobart Ridge Plaza Valparaiso 5390 Broadway 999 West Old Ridge Road 6010 West Ridge Road U.S. 30 And Coolwood Drive Community 191 Congratulations To The Class of 1987 from The Wongse-Sanit Family 192 Community CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1987 from Dr. Mrs. Leon Kinasiewicz and Family Michelle Class of ' 88 Community 193 194 Community Is Andrean ' s Official Yearbook Photographer Community 195 A Abraham, Miriam 128, 25 Acevez, Becky 145 Acevez, Vicky 145 Acosta, Stanley 32, 136 Acosta, Steven 145 Aguilar, Joe 120 Aguilar, Tommy 145 Alba, Isidro 93, 128 Allegretti, James 19, 97, 136, Allen, Jennifer 120 Allen, Kyle 128 Allen, Tim 120 Almy, Monica 136 Anaszewski, Ed 145 Anderson, Eleanor 128 Anderson, Eric 136 Anderson, Mary Kay 62, 128 Anderson, Tom 120 Andreani, Laura 128 Arceo, Bernadette 1 36 Arceo, Luis 128 Arceo, Olivia 145 Armour, Kysha 33, 120 Arnold, Kelley 90, 120 Artemiuk, Jason 44, 93, 136 Arvay, Michael 32, 66, 120 Attar, Jennifer 44, 91 Attar, Scott 145 Augustine, Michael 128 Austgen, Jane 145 Ayala, Hope 53, 136 Azcona, Art 128 Azcona, Roman 128 Azcona, Steven 1 36 g Babicka, Melissa 52, 53, 88, 128 Baccetti, Dina 136 Bacchus, Jason 13, 136 Bacchus, Nicole 128 Bachich, Kelli 12, 13,23, 111, 136 Back, Michael 136 Badar, Greg 37, 145 Baldin, John 120 Ball, Craig 11, 20, 145 Balon, Vanessa 136 Bane, Krista 39, 88, 90, 104, 128 Banks, Anthony 128 Banks, Mark 1 20 Barajas, Irma 120 Baran, Melody 136 Barancyk, Michael 97, 136 Barber, Kelli 128 Barloga, Karen 1 36 Barloga, Mitch 81, 145 Barney, Brian 1 20 Barney, Michael 136 Baron, William 136 Barrios, Dave 120 Basiak, Christine 120 Bass, Marenda 1 28 Beasley, Dana 12, 111, 136 Beckmann, Carol 91, 136 Beckmann, Laura 145 Behnke, Bob 145 Beiriger, Catherine 136 Beishline, Marci 88, 120 Bellich, Michael 136 Benac, Chris 136 Benedyk, Laura 128 Benka, Stacy 136 Bennett, Sam 93, 128 Bennett, Tom 95, 145 Bensie, Patrica 128 Benus, Matthew 128 Berger, Brian 82, 145 Bernard, Joann 120 Bernard, Julie 146 Berndt, Sarah 146 Berndt, Tracy 120 Berry, Kimberly 29, 136 Best, David 146 Betancourt, Carlotta 120 Bettens, Dave 146 Betz, Annette 136 Bianchi, Laura 104, 128 Bicalho, Eduardo 146 Bielefeld, David 136 Billena, Darren 81, 107, 120 Billena, Rodney 81, 107, 128 Binkley, Jennifer 75, 136 Bishop, Joseph 1 36 Bizer, Nico 68, 146 Blachly, Joyce 136 Blake, Bridget 89, 136 Blakemore, Monica 120 Blaney, Carrie 15, 146 Blixt, Wendy 120 Blondet, Robert 121 Bobruk, Lisa 128 Bobruk, Michelle 146 Boby, Trisha 128 Bodie, John 146 Bono, Robert 146 Booker, Matthew 18, 136 Boose, Addulah 128 Bosevski, Larry 106, 107, 146 Bosevski, Rob 146 Bouska, Jennifer 128 Brack, Christine 136 Brack, Margaret 21, 121 Brandt, Janet 128 Braun, Richard 136 Braun, Sharon 121 Brengettcy, Mark 136 Brennan, Luke 77, 128 Brim, John 128 Brody, Jackie 1 1, 80, 1 1 1, 146 Brumback, Jessica 121 Brzoska, Annette 121 Brzoska, Debbie 136 Bucko, Jim 146 Buggs, Andriel 42, 45, 146 Bujdoso, Brian 97, 136 Bukur, Nicole 136 Burger, Bryan 128 Burns, Kim 128 Burroughs, Angela 29, 137 Burton, Carol 10, 137 Burton, Scott 71, 81, 108, 128 Bush, Shane 137 Butkus, Brian 121 Caban, Angie 128, 135 Calloway, Lisa 1 37 Cammarata, Franco 107, 121 Campbell, Jennifer 34, 137 Cantu, Kristina 41, 128 Carlisle, Michael 107, 137 Carpenter, Dawn 137 Carpenter, Mark 52, 147 Carpenter, Yolanda 121 Carreno, Kelly 12, 97,137 Carter, Brian 121 Carter, James 47, 77, 82, 137 Castro, Kim 121 Catherine, Brian 137 Cesario, Tony 45, 147 Chary, Mike 64, 147 Chaseley, Meggan 58, 121 Chaseley, Moira 29, 53, 137 Chavers, Nicquel 147 Chevigny, Marc 1 28 Chiarella, Angie 147 Chiarella, Lisa 137 Chirby, Louise 128 Chorak, Kim 90, 128 Chouinard, Terrence 57, 121 Chrispell, Jill 147 Christe, Eric 97, 1 37 Christianson, David 128, Cisowski, Ted 128 Clark, Elliott 121 Clark, Michelle 137 Clark, Tiffanie 128 Clayton, Robert 1 29 Cleland, Lisa 38, 89, 137 Close, Chad 137 dune, Joseph 97, 129 Coady, Kimberly 137 Codespoti, Scott 29, 1 37 Colby, Rebecca 121 Colias, Stephanie 129 Colon, Angel 121 Colon, Antwan 121 Compton, Lynn 29, 48, 99, 137 Conley, Wayne 94, 95, 147 Connors, Rob 147 Connors, Scott 121 Conroy, Lynn 147 Conroy, Michael 97, 121 Cook, Demetrica 147 Couret, Keiron 137 Couret, William 121 Covey, Allison 129, 130 Cox, Daniel 129 Craft, Christopher 93, 129 Crawford, Jason 44, 137 Crook, Greg 147 Crosby, Leslie 10, 137 Cusick, Kelly 147 Dailey, Amy 32, 53, 147 Dailey, Daniel 47, 129 Dalka, Jason 121 Dankovis, Timothy 29, 1 37 Darnell, Darren 15, 147 Darnell, Keith 129 DaSilva, Alexander 137 David, Nicole 121 Davila, Alfredo Jr. 22, 147 Davis, Derrick 15, 49, 148 Davis, Timothy 1 29 Davison, Angelica 121 DeBois, Pierre 15,81, 148 Deck, Dawn 1 37 DelaPaz, Gabe 23,81,148 DeLaney, Kirsten 121 Deluna, Ron 97, 121 DeMass, Simone 148 Demkowicz, Danielle 149 DeNeal, Letitia 1 38 Denton, Michelle 148 Derdowski, Amy 50, 138 DeRosa, Mike 148 DeRosa, Moira 138 Deruntz, Mary 148 Dhana, Dan 121 Dhana, Siriporn 138 Dial, Emmanuel 121 Diaz, Carl 121 Dienes, Kenneth 129 Dimofski, Christine 121 DiPaola, Stephen 44, 129 Diwyk, Yvonne 18, 19, 20, 37, 56, 59, 66, 70, 148 Dixon, Angie 148 Dixon, Paula 129 Dobogai, Denise 89, 138 Dobogai, Lisa 89, 104, 129 Doffin, Patricia 138 Doffin, Timothy 129 Domingo, Arlene 25, 129 Domingo, Sheila 121, 123 Doolin, Clare 121 Doolin, Kimberly 138 Dorin, Craig 121 Dorris, Michael 138 Doss, Tonya 121 Doumanian, Greta 99, 138 Doyle, Joseph 121 Drakis, Walter 56, 148 Drapac, Stephanie 138 Dreas, Deena 58, 120, 121 Drew, Tarrish 121 DuBois, Jennifer 121 DuBois, Tom 18, 148 Dudak, Beth 121 Dudley, David 121 Dudley, Jennifer 138 Duffy, Angela 148 Duffy, Cathy 15, 148 Duffy, Deborah 121 Duffy, Patrick 121 Dushane, William 92, 122 Dynek, Kimberly 122 Dynek, Nicole 138 Dziubla, Ray 148 Dzyacky, Jeff 122 Easton, Dean 1 38 Eck, Elaine 129 Eck, Robert 32, 129 Emeka, Patricia 129 Emig, Christina 129 Equihua, Ana 149 Equihua, Monica 122 Erickson, Katherine 138 Erickson, Michelle 129 Erickson, Stephanie 149 Espinoza, Christine 104, 122 Exl, Joe 97, 129 Fabian, Richard 129 Fagen, Nora 46, 89, 104, 129 Falconburg, Jean 149 Falconburg, Jill 122 Falcone, Brenda 100, 122 Falcone, Mike 149 Fardy, Steve 37, 44, 64, 149 Faur, Gabriel 129 Fauser, Frank 1 38 Fife, John 1 38 196 Fife, Patrick 97,129 Finley, Nancy 57, 149 Fisher, Michelle 149 Fitzgerald, Timothy 82, 129 Fitzgerald, Todd 95, 138 Fleming, Lisa 65, 149 Fleming, Patrick 81, 138 Flesher, Beth 104, 149 Flesher, Sean 93, 129 Foley, Jeffrey 57, 66, 122 Fordham, Antoinette 149 Foster, Russell 120, 122 Franco, Matthew 122 Frankovich, Michelle 77, 1 1 1, 129 Frazzini, Marian 138 Freeman, |erla 100, 122 Freese, Jeff 149 Freese, Robert 82, 95, 138 Friel, Eileen 149 Furman, Susan 129 G Gagan, Sarah 80, 129 Galvan, Danielle 21, 122 Gant, Kellie 44,138 Garcia, Delia 129 Garcia, Mary Ann 122 Gasaway, John 138 Gault, Miles 33, 129 Gaydos, Jennifer 13, 149 Gaydos, Steve 149 Geddry, Kristen 149 Gehring, Marcia 122 Gholson, Joan 129 Giacomi n, Diana 129 Giacomin, Gino 150 Giannini, Deon 25, 129 Gibson, Willie 122 Glorioso, Peter 129 Goad, Adam 108, 129 Gomez, Alfred 93, 129 Gomez, Gaea 40, 129 Gonzales, John 97, 138 Gonzalez, Cindy 122, 123 Gonzalez, Delrorah 138 Gonzalez, Elaine 150 Goodwin, Michelle 90, 122 Gore, Chuck 150 Gorski, Christopher 92, 122, 126 Gotch, Beth 90, 138 Govert, Jeffrey 97, 122 Goysich, Karen 21, 129 Grabek, Patricia 122 Grandfield, Christopher 82, 138 Granger, Stacey 138 Gray, Jimmie 92, 122 Grecco, Jennifer 150 Green, James 122 Green, Louis 138 Greene, Andreana 138 Greenwalt, Scott 130 Greer, Julie 130 Greer, Laurie 15, 19, 150 Gregor, Karen 130 Gross, Joel 103, 138 Grothaus, John 122 Grusak, Mary 138 Guelinas, Candy 111, 122, 127 Guelinas, Thomas 138 Guider, Andre 92, 122 Gupta, Rahul 150 Gurdian, Dennis 122 Guzman, Adrian 130 l J Ffaddix, Rosa 138 Hafner, Madeline 60, 150 Halaschak, Karla 21, 90, 122 Halfman, James 22, 138 Halfman, Paul 97, 122 Haller, Melissa 90, 104, 122 Haller, Merrick 138 Hamann, Dale 138 Hampton, Steve 122 Hanlon, Matthew 95, 102, 138 Hanlon, Stephanie 25, 100, 111, 120, 122, 126 Hanna, Christine 130 Hargro, Carlton 138 Hargro, Ronald 150 Harrell, Erick 130 Harris, Erika 138 Harris, Jeanetta 130 Harris, Martita 138 Harvey, Angela 1 30 Hasara, Andy 150 Hasara, Nicole 130 Havrilla, Felicity 130 Hawkins, Stacy 122 Hawkins, Tracy 122 Hayes, Danny 122 Haynes, Michelle 150 Headd, Tiawiana 130 Heckler, Robert 97, 122 Heffer, Trenton 130 Heffner, Keenya 122 Heffner, Trenton 50 Heim, Chris 150 Heim, Lisa 104, 130 Henderson, Natasha 122 Herd, Cumberlynn 122 Herd, Michelle 139 Hernandez, Ivonne 122 Hernandez, Tamra 130 Hersick, Jeffrey 120, 122 Heuring, Allison 41, 45, 47, 1 50 Heuring, Jonathon 123 Hevezi, Robert 81, 130 Hibbs, Brian 150 Hiduke, Eric 29,48, 82, 139 Hinton, Raynaldo 130 Hoffman, Sarah 123 Hokenson, Tom 150 Holley, Emily 123 Hollingsworth, Camona 130, 150 Hollingsworth, Carla 130 Holmes, Brian 10, 130 Hoover, Deborah 130 Hornick, Keith 130 Horton, Marian 123 Houpt, James 139 Howorth, Denis 151 Hruskoci, Rob 72, 151 Hruskovich, Christi 29, 139 Huber, Ann 80, 139 Huber, Tom 151 Hudson, De Andre 41, 93, 107, 130 Hughes, Lara 151 Hughes, Michelle 130 Hughes, Yolanda 130 Humes, Tracy 139 Hussey, Wendy 23, 139 Hutchens, Tim 92, 107, 123 Hutka, Shelly 139 Iker, Ryan 130 llada, Pamela 25, 130 llada, Pat 151 Inman, Mike 66, 151 Isla, Roy 139 Ivey, Aimee 123 Jackson, Mary 139 Jacobs, Cherry 123 Jacobs, James 97, 131 Jacobs, Mike 34, 151 Jacobs, Scott 92, 1 23 Jakubielski, Joe 151 Janke, Jodi 46, 139 Jankovich, Brenda 130, 131 Janssen, Cynthia 123 Jao, Michelle 74, 99, 139 Jao, Mylene 25, 39, 123, 126 Jao, Roderick 11,81, 151 Japundza, Bogdan 123 Jaskolski, Dawn 131 Jaskolski, Rebecca 131 Jaskolski, Todd 160 Jaskoviak, Sandra 131 Jeffers, Sheila 151 Jenkins, Jacqueline 131 Jenkins, Kristin 151 Jerry, Jennifer 123 Jeschke, Julie 151 Jimenez, Daniel 97, 139 Jiminez, Joann 139 Johns, Jeffery 131 Johnson, Clint 131 Johnson, Michael 131 Johnson, Todd 95, 151 Jonas, Sandy 15, 151 Jonas, Sue 151 Jones, Alan 39, 131 Jones, Marvin 1 52 Joshua, Damon 93, 131 Junitz, Jennifer 131 Juskevice, Kimberly 16, 139 K Kacocha, Jennifer 131 Kaiafas, Peter 131 Kaminski, Jim 11, 56, 152 Kamradt, Kimberly 123 Karabetsos, Angela 139 Katich, Kristen 89, 91, 100, 139 Kaufman, Eliazbeth 100, 131 Kaufman, Laura 100, 139 Kazmier, Mark 107, 139 Keaton, Tamara 123 Keck, Michel 131 Kellar, Laura 139 Kellenburger, Kimberly 131 Keller, Homer 131 Kelner, Laura 22, 131 Kerr, John 107, 123 Kerr, Tony 107, 152 Kezy, Kaylyn 131 Kidd, Valerie 152 Kiel, Kelly 139 Kilgore, Daniel 95, 139 Kimble, Janene 152 Kinasiewicz, Michelle 83, 139 Kintzele, Patrick 123 Klus, Lori 123 Klus, Lynn 89, 104, 139 Klus, Robert 131 Knight, Felicia 25, 131 Kobza, Cathy 131 Kobza, Paul 97, 139 Kohen, Todd 97, 139 Kohl, Jessica 131 Kokot, Rhonda 123 Kolczak, Amy 25, 131 Konecki, Donald 131 Kopack, Brian 39, 92, 93, 131 Kopil, Mark 131 Kopil, Marty 45, 152 Kopp, Michelle 139 Koranda, Karen 123 Kosiba, Elisha 111, 123 Kottka, Kelley 46, 124 Koulianos, Jason 97, 139 Kozlowski, Kim 23, 37, 62, 99, 152 Kramek, Kathy 139 Kratkoczki, Jodi 13, 152 Kratkoczki, John 152 Krienke , Bill 97, 152 Krienke, Mary 139 Krizmanic, Jenifer 58, 131 Kroepfl, Beth 152 Kroepfl, John 139 Kucan, Amy 38, 124 Kullerstrand, Bert 124 Kullerstrand, Erik 29, 137, 139 Kulsakdinun, Pamorn 34, 98, 152 Kwiecien, Damon 124 Lach, Gregory 139 LaGrant, Verna 139 LaMantia, Dawn 131 LaMere, Robert 84, 139 Landon, Ericka 10, 139 Lanfear, Cheryl 12, 29, 52, 111, 139 Lapham, Jonathan 61, 82, 152 Larson, Barbara 48, 57, 88, 100, 124 Larson, Marcella 15, 152 Lattimore, Markenia 131 Lavendusky, Laura 152 Lavrick, Amy 131 Laws, Patrick 139 Leach, Kendrick 124 Leach, Ryan 40, 47, 153 Lee, Camille 139 Lee, Chris 153 Lee, Frederick 139 Lee, Nicole 124 Leka, Michael 39, 92, 124 Lemmons, Scott 95, 108, 139 Lenzo, Anthony 42 Leslie, Kim 13, 16, 23, 153 Leurk, Matt 93, 131 Lewis, Anthony 140 Lew is, Rustin 140 Lewis, Wendy 25, 131, 135 Liggins, Jamya 131 Liggins, Jenaya 124 Logothetis, Ann 37, 140 Loker, Susan 88, 131 Lopez, Gloria 140 Lopez, Michael 131 Lottes, Jennifer 131 Lo Verde, Dawn 15, 20, 24, 74, 80, 111, 153 Lowe, Richard 131 Lucas, Jeff 15, 153 197 Luke, Jessie 1 32 Lustina, John 59, 69, 102, 153 Lynch, Regina 124 Lynch, Terri 153 M icickick Macias, Alex 124 Macielak, Melissa 90, 104, 124 Macielak, Michelle 88, 89, 104, 153 Mack, Thomas 1 32 Magura, Joseph 132 Mahan, Todd 132 Majchrowicz, Amy 36, 1 36 Majchrowicz, Dawn 132 Majchrowicz, Kim 15, 153 Major, Alex 124 Major, Quanda 140 Mako, Dennis 24, 42, 132 Mako, Julie 140 Madams, Brian 140 Madams, Jessica 124 Malocha, Lynn 89, 153 Mance, Allan 42, 92, 124 Manley, Eileen 42, 68, 153 Manley, Mila 132 Marcyjanik, Eric 36, 124 Marich, Mark 29, 140 Marino, Michelle 124 Mark, ToiLisa 132 Markovich, Debbie 153 Markovich, Michael 124 Marr, Brendan 140 Martin, Jennifer 91, 104, 132 Martin, Shawn 34, 132 Martinez, Arcelia 132 Martinez, George 153 Martinez, Guillermo 124 Martinez, Laure 132 Martinez, Maria 140 Martinez, Michael 97, 124, 126 Martinez, Rosalia 40, 132 Massey, Bonnie 124 Massey, Mary 140 Matheny, Demetries 124 Mathews, Tanya 140 Mathis, Jennifer 100, 132 Matlon, Adam 132 Matovina, Andrea 11, 15, 61, 72, 74, 153 Mattei, Debra 140 Maya, Eddie 153 Mayer, Tiffani 1 54 Mays, Janet 140 Mazeika, Michelle 124 McCarthy, John 140 McCobb, Peter 97, 140 McCobb, Tom 154 McCracken, Erin 140 McCrovitz, Michael 53, 132 McCullough, Amy 154 McCullough, Rosemary 18, 22, 70, 76, 88, 89, 140 McCullough, Sue 37, 70, 154 McCullough, Thomas 50, 124 McGuire, Annie 154 McGuire, Eileen 22, 90, 104, 132 McGuire, Kristen 140 McKinley, Tami 25, 132 McMahon, Frances 77, 83, 140 McQuillin, Michael 140 Medellin, Carmen 132 Mejia, Marcos 154 Mellady, Patrice 154 Melo, Luiz 107, 132 Melvin, Philip 140 Mendoza, Ben 1 54 Meyers, Vazantha 1 32 Mihal, Eric 132 Mihalik, Mary 90,91, 154 Mihalik, Michelle 132 Miklosy, Matthew 132 Miller, Chantal 154 Mioduski, Shawna 60, 154 Mirabella, Bid 72, 154 Mirabella, Steven 132 Mirich, Chuck 154 Mirich, Jennifer 154 Mishorich, Paul 132 Mitchell, Allen 132 Mitchell, Brian 140 Mlechick, John 124 Mohan, Melissa 88, 89, 140 Monik, Cherri 154 Monik, John 132 Monroe, Dan 155 Monroe, Gary 42, 132 Montemayor, Tony 97, 155 Montpetit, Nicole 107, 132 Morales, Paul 97, 132 Morales, Traci 132 Moran, Jacqueline 99, 111, 132 Morgan, Marcy 90, 124 Morley, Pat 40, 95, 155 Mosby, Brian 140 Mostello, Steve 155 Mueller, Susan 132 Mukes, Zandra 83, 100, 124 Munoz, Jose 132 Munoz, Tonia 13, 155 Muratori, John 95, 155 Muratori, Robert 124 Murawski, Jeanette 132 Murawski, John 124 Murawski, Maureen 45, 100, 155 Myers, Mary 123, 124 kkkkk N kkkkk Nadolski, Jennifer 39, 132 Negron, Melissa 124 Negron, Natalie 140 Neitzel, Jack 47, 132 Neitzel, Rita 140 Nelson, Tracy 100, 140 Newton, Jeffrey 132 Newton, Kevin 140 Nicholson, Julie 16, 133 Nicksic, Vicky 140 Nigro, Michael 97, 140 Nigro, Steve 45, 155 Nigro, Timothy 97, 133 Nocks, Lisa 140 Nowak, Nicole 124 Nunes, Ana Cristina 155 kkkkk k Q kkkkk O ' Brien, Charles 124 O ' Connor, Blair 40, 82, 140 O ' Neil, Scott 82, 103, 140 Oates, Jennifer 124 Oates, Marianne 140 Ofsaiof, Reuben 155 Olejnik, Jennifer 155 Olesky, Martin 140 Olivieri, John 1 1, 34, 37, 61, 106, 107, 155 Olivieri, Marissa 42, 124 Olszewski, Julie 133 Oluvic, Mike 13, 23, 87, 155 Ombac, Leah 140 Ombac, Zorina 71, 155 Onder, Nicole 140 Oresik, Cynthia 140, 141 Ortegon, Julie 22, 155 Ortiz, Michael 44, 124 Orto, Richard 124 Osorio, Sylvia 140 Ostrowski, Dawn 133 Ou, Chi 133 Ou, Chung 25,34,81,156 Ou, Meng 34,81, 156 Owen, Dave 59, 156 Owens, Daniel 141 kkkkk kkkkk Pabon, Elizabeth 47, 133 Pabon, Sandy 133 Pacalonis, Michelle 133 Pace, Yolanda 124 Palansky, Kevin 141 Palansky, Kristi 141 Palk, Amelia 88, 124 Pankiewicz, Carrie 124, 133 Pankiewicz, Pamela 141 Pardus, April 16, 133 Pargaonker, Nileema 34, 56, 65, 156 Parish, Michael 107, 141 Patterson, Ayesha 133 Pavicich, William 133 Pearson, Don 97, 125 Pearson, Jonathan 22, 141 Pearson, Michael 108, 141 Pcfetti, Kevin 141 Peifer, Natalie 133 Penn, Gregory 133 Penn, Judy 15, 156 Penn, Michelle 83, 100, 125 Perez, Anthony 133 Perez, Roman 53, 97, 133 Perry, Mark 97, 156 Persic, Daniel 141 Perzo, Andrew 133 Peters, Michael 133 Peterson, Betsy 1 56 Peterson, Eric 141 Peterson, Quentin 92, 125 Phillips, Michael 97, 125 Picha, Suzanne 133 Pictor, Barbara 91, 133 Pieters, Lisa 125 Pillay, Anil 141 Pillay, Sunita 125 Piunti, Brian 133 Plasencia, Susan 62, 133 Podnar, Tom 125 Pokropinski, Dennis 133 Poleski, Kim 46, 50, 156 Polimac, Jeri 33, 133 Polomchak, Aaron 97, 125 Porter, John 92, 125 Porterfield, Allison 141 Porterfield, J. J. 156 Potochick, Matthew 125 Potter, Christopher 141 Potter, Jennifer 88, 89, 91, 104, 133 Powell, Tamra 18, 19, 59, 70, 156 Pozzo, Elizabeth 46, 133 Prenizny, Lorraine 141 Price, Mark 133 Price, Veronica 22, 69, 141 Prusiecki, Matt 29, 69, 74, 87, 123, 156 Pszonka, Kristen 125 ■A " ★ Q kkkkk Quinn, Lori 133 k k kkkkk Rachowicz, Joslyn 141 Radojicic, Nino 156 Radojicic, Tomislav 106, 133 Raich, Jennifer 133 Rainge, Stephanie 100, 125 Rainge, Yolanda 141 Rais, Arleene 125 Rakoczy, Heather 89, 104, 133 Rakoczy, William 141 Ramos, Jesse 97, 1 33 Rangel, Jim 156 Ratkay, Barbara 36, 57, 141 Rech, Jeannette 133 Reed, Molly 19, 99,156 Reeves, Lisa 1 25 Regan, Mark 23, 141 Reibly, Monica 141 Renwald, Celeste 125 Renwald, Emily 125 Renwald, Jessica 100, 133 Restyanszki, Doria 141 Reyes, Gloria 125 Reynolds, Amy 90, 100, 125 Reynolds, Thomas 133 Rhodes, Pamela 29, 157 Rice, LaShanda 15, 157 Richter, Jeanine 104, 133 Ridgeway, Kim 21, 125 Rigg, Christopher 142 Rigni, Alan 125 Riley, Christine 142 Ring, Thomas 142 Rios, Jose 125 Rivera, Cathy 13, 44, 157 Rivera, Ferliza 125 Rivera, Fernando 29, 81, 141, 142 Rivera, Yvette 125 Robertson, Rochelle 133 Robinson, Angela 133 Robinson, Jerome 95 Robinson, Ronald 157 Robinson, Sandra 142 Robinson, Tonya 15, 29, 142 Roby, Renee 125 Rodriguez, Charity 42, 60, 61, 65, 157 Rodriguez, Melissa 125 Rogovich, Peter 94, 95, 157 Rohrer, Melissa 12, 111, 142 Roig, Elena 58, 133 Roig, Jennifer 41, 130, 133 Roig, Jose 20, 81, 157 Roman, Ruth 13, 16, 44, 157 Rondez, Victoria 142 Roper, Jeanine 134 Ross, Tanisha 125 Rossi, Toni 37, 66, 80, 157 198 Rosta, Thomas 81, 142 Rothenberg, Julie 142 Rouge, Matthew 134 Rowland, Vicky 100, 157 Rowley, John 1 34 Roytan, John 46, 157 Rozycki, Cassandra 134 Rucker, Dawn 157 Rucker, Fanon 97, 134, 135 Ruesh, Deborah 142 Ruiz, Alfred 142 Runyon, Michael 142 Rusbasan, Gayle 123, 125 Ryan, Charles 92, 125 Ryan, Vershalle 100, 142 Rzepka, Laura 134 •kit-kirk kkkkk Sabo, Diane 142 Sakes, Christine 157 Sakes, Stephanie 89, 1 34 Saliaris, Kristine 125 Salomon, Stefanie 1 34 Samaniego, Louis 142 Samarzija, Leigh 134 Samarzija, Nicole 142 Samplawski, Barb 157 Sanchez, Nancy 125 Sanchez, Peter 82, 93, 107, 134 Sanchez, Rosemary 125 Sanchez, Zayda 142 Sanders, Anne 40, 107, 142 Sanders, Scott 107, 125 Santos, Joe 12$ Satalic, Sumi 125 Satayathum, Sasipatra 123, 125 Saveriano, Jennifer 125 Sawochka, Charles 134 Sawochka, Peter 142 Schafer, Anne 142 Scheffer, Scott 97, 1 34 Schenher, Anne 142 Schenher, Jim 157 Schenher, William 134 Scherry, Georgia 1 34 Scheuer, Judy 56, 158 Schilling, Todd 125 Schneider, Ellen Sue 142 Schneider, Yvonne 142 Schulien, Thomas 142 Schultz, Shad 134 Schumann, Lynette 134 Schumann, Scott 142 Schutz, Gregory 92, 125 Schutz, Timothy 1 34 Schwartz, Steven 77, 142 Sebella, Patricia 142 Sech, Renata 125 Selman, Dina 134 Selman, Muna 142 Selmer, William 142 Sentoro, Michelle 134 Sepiol, Darlene 142 Sepulveda, Jacqueline 104, 142 Sera, Amy 142 Shafer, Jeanette 57,134 Shakula, Christine 53, 142 Shaughnessy, Amy 125 Shaughnessy, Daniel 142 Shipp, Brian 134 Shipp, Cheryl 100, 126 Sianta, James 34, 97, 126 Sidor, Mitch 24, 158 Sigala, Alicia 142 Sikora, Douglas 142 Simatovich, Paul 102, 158 Simpson, Mary Beth 19, 134 Siner, Cheri 126 Skowronski, Kim 158 Skowronski, Tricia 11, 19, 134 Sliwinski, Amy 142 Smar, Jeff 126 Smith, Esther 126 Smith, James 93, 108, 134 Smith, Kevin 93, 134 Smith, Kimberly 126 Smith, Lovell 126 Smolar, Tiffany 21, 52, 90,126 Soares, Americo 158 Sohn, Debbie 65, 142 Someson, Amy 19, 158 Sopko, Malissa 16, 142 South, Eric 126 Spanopoulos, Colleen 90, 134, 135 Spiller, Brelis 143 Spurlock, Richard 134 Staley, Gregory 22, 143 Staley, Matthew 126 Stangcr, Mark 1 58 Stanger, Nicole 126 Stanley, Melanie 65, 143 Stanzione, Sharon 29, 37, 39, 111, 134 Steele, Alonda 10, 143 Steele, Tyra 143 Steffens, Daryle 1 34 Steffens, Tracey 126 Stern, Joseph 143 Stern, Kelli 143 Stern, Kyle 81, 134 Stewart, Darrell 85, 126 Stinnett, Stacy 134 Stypula, Cynthia 134 Suchy, Kimberly 37, 111, 126, 127 Suggs, Kevin 36, 69, 158 Sullivan, David 143 Sullivan, Margaret 39, 91, 134 Sullivan, Steven 126 Sullivan, Tim E. 158 Sullivan, Tim P. 20, 23, 60, 61, 76, 107, 158 Sunwoo, James 126 Sunwoo, Julie 143 Sur, Michael 92, 107, 126 Susoreny, Dave 37, 61, 158 Susoreny, John 126 Swan, Timothy 92, 107, 120, 126 Synowiec, George 1 58 Szabo, Linda 126 Szaller, Andrea 111, 126, 127 Szaller, Jennifer 111, 134 Szwajkowski, Darren 126 Tall, Matt 158 Tapp, Regina 126 Tatham, Karyn 33, 134 Taylor, Lashanda 134 Taylor, Tricia 143 Terry, Erica 126 Teske, Brett 81, 143 Thiel, Carmen 21, 126 Thiel, Christina 143 Thierer, Adam 158 Thompson, Derek 134 Thompson, Rodney 127 Thompson, Sean 92 Thorn, Andrew 42, 134 Thorn, Tricia 65, 158 Thorton, Clarence 127 Thupvong, Gail 123, 127 Thupvong, Taratip 19, 20, 23, 45, 57, 70, 72, 159 Tillman, Tiffany 12, 143 Tolman, Terri 159 Tomecko, Nicole 111, 127 Tomecko, Suzy 46, 159 Torres, Ralph 134 Townsend, Patrick 134 Tucker, C-eralyn 100, 127 Tucker, Julie 127 Turnbull, Jennifer 130, 135 Turner, Marc 135 Turner, Michele 143 Turner, Willard 127 kkkkk ★ U k kkkkk Unni, Ramesh 127 kkkkk Vahey, Susan 143 Vale, Michael 48, 85, 127 Valenzuela, Ricky 72, 98, 159 Valtierra, Josephine 127 VanHazebroeck, Jennifer 75, 143 VanSlyke, Deborah 100, 135 VanSlyke, Tricia 83, 100, 143 Vargas, Dawn 143 Vargas, Jennifer 127 Vasquez, Manuel 39, 135 Vega, Angela 25, 135 Vega, Robby 159 Vegter, Bob 82 Vegter, John 143 Vician, Todd 143 Vidal, Beth 159 Vidal, Ross 135 Viene, Denise 135 Villeneuve, Jeff 159 Vincent, David 108, 143 Vincent, Pamela 29, 143 Vitalone, Lisa 127 Vith, Kimberly 143 Volan, Angela 18, 22, 76, 143 Voller, Randolph 38, 159 Vucich, Edward 33, 143 kkkkk w kkkkk Wagner, Geralyn 143 Wagner, Mark 29, 143 Wagner, Richard 135 Walters, David 92, 127 Walters, Jay 37, 108, 159 Walters, Rachel 143 Walton, Gordon 17, 23, 159 Walton, Sarah 135 Waranimman, Kobjit 11, 34, 37, 61,80, 159 Warren, Wendy 38, 135 Washington, Acquanetta 90, 91, 159 Washington, Lance 95, 143 Watroba, Michelle 91, 135 Watters, James 107, 143 Weber, Michele 16, 37, 141, 143 Weber, Regina 16, 135 Weber, Richard 135 Weber, Teresa 127 Weiss, Maria 21 Wengel, Scott 82, 127 Wesley, Darren 93, 135 Wheeler, Kevin 81, 159 White, Russell 135 Whited, Neal 159 Whitney, Gordon 143 Wielgus, David 17, 159 Wilczynski, Debra 91, 135 Wild, Corrine 127 Wilkins, Scott 17, 160 Willard, Kristin 13, 19, 160 Williams, Carla 127 Williams, Chayako 160 Williams, Felicia 135 Williams, Marcella 135 Williams, Shalonda 127 Williford, Dee Dee 135 Williford, Tom 97, 160 Willy, Bryon 92, 127 Wilmore, Alex 143 Wilson, LaCheryl 127 Wiltermood, Michael 135 Wislo, Kevin 97, 143 Wisowaty, Tiffany 143 Wongse-Sanit, Kathy 37, 66, 143 Woodard, Sonya 1 60 Woodward, Jennifer 143 Woodward, Mark 127 Wray, Tyrone 47, 93, 127 Wright, Chris 127 Wylie, Jodie 1 1, 20, 37, 47, 160 Wylie, Richelle 99, 127 Wynne, Beth 160 kkkkk Yazvec, Mike 160 Yee, Gilbert 160 Young, Jennifer 135 ★★★★★ Zajdel, Dawn 160 Zamora, Heriberto 127 Zemelko, Jennifer 127 Zemlik, Melissa 135 Zencka, Michael 92, 127 Zielinski, Daniel 135 Zielinski, David 33, 64, 160 Zielinski, John 143 Zielinski, Regina 143 Zima, Matt 160 Zimmer, Kimberly 33, 111, 143 Zimmer, Tom 92, 127 Zuniga, Joe 46, 97, 160 Zurawski, Kevin 135 1987 Decussata Staff Editors in Chief: Barbara Ratkay Charity Rodriguez Taratip Thupvong Robert Vega Student Life: Taratip Thupvong Academics: Gaea Gomez Jeanette Shafer Organizations: Tamra Powell Sports: Eric Hiduke Underclassmen: Barbara Ratkay Seniors: Charity Rodriguez Business: Robert Vega Moderators: Mrs. Steele and Mrs. Thomas Staff: Special thanks to: Yvonne Diwyk Fr. Whitley Rosalia Martinez Fr. Quanz Steve DiPaola Mr. Rowley Sheila Domingo Mr. Strimbu Dawn Deck Donna Arington Mike Arvay David Wielgus Jeff Foley Jodie Wylie Cindy Oresik Gabe de la Paz Barb Larson Heather Rakoczy Terry Chouinard Tonia Munoz Greta Doumanian Bianchi family Kim Kozlowski Cathy McGuckin Yvonne Schneider Greg Volan Moira DeRosa Mr. Stephen Ratkay Leanne Price Mrs. Anita Sakes Nileema Pargaonker FRANK MANISTA Bill Rakoczy Mr. DeFabio John Kroepfl Merrillville Herald Mike Chary Mrs. Yurechko Nick Steele Mrs. Paulsin Mr. John Giolas coaching staff journalism classes Senior portraits and special occasion photographs taken by Mr. John Giolas of Giolas Studios, Merrillville, Indiana. 200 Staff

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