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Once in a lifetime . . . Many events recur throughout our lives. Seasons change; birthdays and holidays are celebrated annually. Presidential elections and the Olympics come around every four years. People usually buy new cars every five to ten years; most also will move to new homes at least two or three times in their lives. But some events occur only once in our lives. The reappearance of Halley’s Comet this year prompted us to think of those special times which we can only experience once. The comet, which visits the inner solar system only every seventy-six years, was last seen in 1910. Although the 1 986 view of Halley was not as spectacular as before, to miss even glimpsing it was to miss the chance of a lifetime. 1 986 DECUSSATA Andrean High School Merrillville, Indiana Student Life 10 Freshmen 32 Academics 40 Sophomores 70 Sports 78 Juniors 112 Organizations 120 Seniors 144 Year in Review 168 Community 176 Index 195 Acknowledgments 200 2 — Introduction We reflect upon the events in our lives and realize that some of them, which seemed insignificant at the time they occurred, now occupy special places in our hearts and memories. Why are these few memories cherished more than the others . . .? They occurred but once in our lives. Introduction — 5 We remember the fear we felt on our first day of school as freshmen , meeting those first few friends, our foolish escapades, that special dance, the winning varsity team, a momentous retreat, and the last day with diplomas in our hands and tassels on our hats. 6 — Introduction Our cheers fade , faces in the classrooms change, and we move on. But not everything changes; the spirit of Andrean remains with us. We have the memories of all of our fortunes and mishaps, of our successes and failures, and — reminded by the speeding comet — of our once in a lifetime experiences. 8 — Introduction Student Life Remember . . . Parties Shaving cream fights at Armageddon ’ 86 Senior Prom The collapsed senior (root beer) float Pizza after the games Dancing with Dad Receiving ten cards in one day from the Christmas mailbox Tree trimming in the courtyard Receiving flowers on Valentine ' s Day Late night talks Winning in dodgeball at rec-night Masquerading at the sock hop Parties . . . Once in a lifetime. Student Life — 11 Winter Fun Council Brightens the Courtyard On December 4, 1985, student council members put on their hats and gloves and got out the ladders and lights to do the traditional decorating of the spruce tree in the courtyard. After a lively snowball fight, they completed their task; Andrean’s courtyard had a beautiful Christmas tree. UPPER: Dawn LoVerde and Amy Reed pause a moment while decorating the tree. LOWER: Sheryl Thomas concentrates on fixing the tree lights. 12 — Student Life UPPER LEFT: Joe Adams gives Tim Mihalik a lift to reach the high boughs. UPPER RIGHT: John Cidulka helps Mia Costanza unravel the knotted lights. LOWER LEFT: Aileen Blake, Dan LaMere, and Jill Lach sort the colored lights. Student Life — 13 THE 1985 HOMECOMING COURT: CLOCKWISE FROM LOWER RIGHT: Mia Costanza and Rick Ruffing, Laurie Alvarez and Todd Peebles, Lisa Compton and Craig Teske, Laura Susoreny and Rob McMahon. CENTER: 1984 Queen Mary Puntillo crowns her successor, Marcella Mirich. 14 — Student Life Color-ful Spirit Senior Float and Niners Win The 1985 Homecoming was a time we showed our true colors — Red and Gold! The parade, beginning at May’s parking lot, was a bonanza of red and gold flowers, balloons, and signs covering trucks, trailers, and convertibles. Although they did demolish the prize-winning senior float, the drizzle and wind did not diminish the Niner spirit. To climax an entire week of festivities the Niners defeated Horace Mann 36-0. UPPER: Varsity cheerleaders portray a day in the life of a Niner at the pep rally. MIDDLE: Cross country members show their spirit in the homecoming parade. LOWER: Seniors acknowledge their presence during roll call. Student Life — 15 Homecoming ’85 September 21 , 1 985 Refreshments: Kristyn Chapas and Jackie Dakich Committee Members Chairpersons: Mia Costanza and Dawn LoVerde Ticket Design: Beth McCarthy UPPER: Shawna Mioduski, Sean Doolin, John Cidulka, Amy Someson, Carrie Miller, and Pat McNeil love homecoming. LOWER LEFT: Roxanne Gard and Jeff McMichael add a little gusto to their dancing. LOWER RIGHT: Inga Lewis and her date sit one out. 16 — Student Life UPPER LEFT: Taking a break, Kathy Dorris and Tony Barlas watch other couples dance. LOWER LEFT: During a long evening of dancing and dining, Tal Wongse-Sanit enjoys the company of her date, Steve Nodd. RIGHT: Linda Wilczynski and her date dance the night away. Chairman: Dawn LoVer de Favors: Andrea Matovina Music: Parks Brothers Music Photographs: Giolas Studios Turnabout ’86 “I Got You, Babe” February 1, 1986 Daddy Date Night October 20, 1985 Andrean High School Music bv Abbev Road Committee Members: Dana Govert Mary Weber Maria Govert Dee Dee Williford Jean Weber Lisa Kaufman Moderator: Mrs. Judy Hevel 18 — Student Life Committee Members: Dana Govert Maria Govert Mary Weber Mignon DeBie Linda Simon Jean Weber Lisa Kaufman Mommy Date Night February 9. 1986 Music by Abbey Road UPPER LEFT: Paul Conarty enjoys a dance with his mom during Mommy Date Night. UPPER MIDDLE: Gentleman Pat McNeil sees to his mother’s comfort. UPPER RIGHT: Mark Vician treats his date to a dance. LOWER: Rob Hruskovich carefully pins a corsage on his mother’s lapel. RIGHT: Miss Shultz models the latest in fashion eyewear. FAR RIGHT: Christi Hruskovich, Rosie McCullough, and Leanne Price wear the newest hairstyles. LOWER RIGHT: Peggy McGuire: “Why are you doing that?” Mark Aloia: “Just for the hack of it.” LOWER LEFT: Madonna fashions and dance moves were popular at the Masquerade Sock Hop. LOWER: Joe Adams does his impression of Bruce Springsteen. LEFT: Varsity hacking co-captain Tim Mihalik demonstrates the maneuver that earned him a hacking scholarship to Hackensack U. Timely and Totally Trendy Fads and Fad Watching Keep Fashionable Niners Busy over the country. Since the tremendous victory of the Chicago Bears over the New England Patriots in Superbowl XX, Bears paraphernalia has been popular. Rozelle headbands like the one worn by Quarterback Jim McMahon have become a fashion trend. Hairstyles have also undergone some radical changes. “Tails,” “Spikes,” “Mohawks” are in. Flat tops are coming back and many boys are shaving the sides of their heads. Hacky sacks are probably one of the most enjoyable fads we have. With a little practice, anyone can bounce one of these little leather- covered bean bags off his knee or foot. Hacky sacks are great for keeping in shape. Movie stars are a major fashion influence. Sylvester Stallone has created a big market for both “Rambo” and “Rocky” paraphernalia. Pee Wee Herman is also very popular. No one is surprised to see a student walking down the hall humming “Tequila” or dancing very strangely. 20 — Student Life Student Life — 21 CLOCKWISE FROM CENTER: Rob McMahon clowns around. Amy Reed, Mia Costanza, Sheryl Thomas, Jill Lach, and Lisa Compton take a break. Danny Oates impersonates Ed Grimley. “The Blues Brothers,” Greg Volan rt.tVfcW jm and Teresa Gianoli, drop in at the masquerade sock hop. Lynn Compton, Michelle Kopp, and Bridget Blake model the latest in sock hop chic. Maria Isla becomes a kid again dressed as a baby. 22 — Student Life CLOCKWISE FROM UPPER LEFT: Mignon DeBie, Frances Kepes and Karen Saroian wait for their dinner. “No pictures please,” pleads Sheryl Thomas as Judy Scheuer looks on. Mike Sanchez enjoys a dance with Miss Shultz. Tim Mihalik, Yvette Logue, Paula Pearce, Jim Osborne, Phyllis Sanchez, Roxanne Gard, Rob McMahon and Dawn LoVerde gather for dinner before the Junior-Senior Dance. Andrean’s Fantastic Foursome, Rob Hruskovich, Aileen Blake, Bill Anderson, and Mike Benac execute the moves that have made them a legend in their own time. Classes Clash Class of 87 Wins Fight Amidst a variety of changes, including its many new games and its occurrence on a school day, Armageddon commenced with a Spirit Week, during which students clashed, dressed down, and wore Hawaiian, red and gold, and gym clothes. The games opened with an assembly and the official lighting of the torch. Suit- clad seniors took an early lead with victories in both the eating contest and the class officer relay race. Juniors, though, through consistency, emerged victorious in the day-long struggle with a total of 91 points. Seniors placed second with 75 points, while sophomores and freshmen came in third and fourth respectively. LEFT PAGE, UPPER: During the traditional Armageddon eating contest, Dan Koulianos eats his way to a senior victoiy. LOWER: An underclassman tries for an ultimate catch. RIGHT PAGE, UPPER LEFT: Aileen Blake and Marcella Mirich show agility and strength in the relay race. UPPER RIGHT: Junior class officers proudly parade their class flag into the gym. LOWER: Rob McMahon demonstrates his lung power in the class officer relay. 24 — Student Life LEFT PAGE, UPPER RIGHT: Frank Manista and Meri McLean relax after the garter dance. MIDDLE: Scott Attar and Dawn Lanfear dance to the music of Abbey Road. LOWER LEFT: Bill Zelin and Roxanne Gard exit from the dance floor for a punch break. LOWER RIGHT: Nicole Bukur and Shawn Hutchens leave the hall after a memorable evening. RIGHT PAGE, UPPER LEFT: Tal Wongse-Sanit and Todd Peebles dance the night away. UPPER RIGHT: Rob McMahon and Dawn LoVerde receive prom king and prom princess honors. MIDDLE LEFT: Tim Mihalik and his girlfriend share a tender moment near the fountain. MIDDLE RIGHT: Jeanne Walsko and her escort enjoy a glass of punch. 26 — Student Life W iero W 3ie ofUf " Ayidrea v JcAao - (from - Fridays Soeninp tAe twenty -ffd ' of yQwl Jdnetecn Aandred and etyAty-eioo Jldu ic Ih ' jUdty dload Committee Members Chairpersons: Marcella Mirich and Laura Susoreny Committee: Aileen Blake Mia Costanza Dawn Lo Verde Todd Peebles Tal Wongse-Sanit UPPER LEFT: First place winners, The Time, lip sync the words of “The Bird.” UPPER RIGHT: Christina Thiel and Micki Weber sway to the music. LOWER LEFT: Chad Close and Kim Zimmer rock to the beat. LOWER RIGHT: Mark Marich, Joe Stern, and John McCarthy imitate the music of the Violent Femmes. On May 2, 1986, the Andrean Clown Troupe, made up of nine old members and thirteen new members, presented Clownamania ’86, an exciting graduation and evening full of hilarious clown skits and jokes. After learning and performing before various audiences, new members ended the year with their “graduation.” The evening began with “What is Clownamania?,” a skit which explained the purpose of the show. The skit was followed by more performances and a special clown parade and concert, in which the clowns presented their handmade instruments and costumes. The evening concluded with the Clown Troupe dance. Graduating that evening were Luke Brennan, Michele Erickson, Mike Holland, Kathy Kramek, Jenny Lottes, Charity Rodriguez, Dina Selman, Stacy Stinnett, Tricia Thorn, and Dan Zielinski. For inspiration, advice, and humor, the clowns had help from Calumet Clown Troupe member Polly Benitone. Father Quanz UPPER: The Andrean Clown Troupe sings “Celebrate Youth.” MIDDLE: Clown Troupe members are: First Row, Marty “K.J.” Kopil, Jim “Muddy” Watters, Cathy “Dreamer” Beiriger, Mike “A.U.” Holland; Second Row, Jen “Bink” Binkley, Jen “Pepper” Van Hazebroeck, Luke “Lucky” Brennan, Dan “Pockets” Zielinski, Jenny “Rainbow” Lottes, Dina “Spunky” Selman; Third Row, John “Patches” Zielinski, Tricia “T.T.” Thorn, Charity “Polka Dotsy” Rodriguez, Mary “Valentine” Grusak, Sr. Marlene “Melody,” Lisa “Snuggles” Kaufman, and Jacqueline “Twinkles” Jenkins. LOWER: Pockets and Melody perform “Two on a chair.” helped with microphone and stage set up, and Mr. Billick supervised construction and maintenance. Selling tickets at the door were Sister Bernice Marie, Sister Catherine Ann, and Andrean students. Student Life 29 Fun Games “Rec night is a great way to unwind from a long week of school,” says sophomore Christina Thiel. Rec night helps to spark class unity and healthy competition between classes. Students play basketball, ping-pong, dodgeball, wallball, and volleyball from 7 to 10. The evening of fun-filled games is sponsored by the Student Council. CO LU 0C LU LU CO LU 0C Li. LU Frolicking Freshmen Student Council Welcomes Incoming Freshmen The freshman picnic to some people means fun, food, games, and a chance to meet others. After events such as the three-legged and the wheelbarrow races, the freshmen received lunch and a free ticket to something more exciting, the first sock hop. After all of the first year jitters were released, thanks to the picnic, they were ready to begin their first year at Andrean. CO LU cc 32 — Freshmen Miriam Abraham Isidro Alba Kyle Allen Eleanor L. Anderson Mary Kay Anderson Laura Andreani Luis Arceo Mike Augustine Arturo Azcona Roman Azcona Missie Babicka Krista Bane Anthony Banks Mike Banzen Kelli Barber Dale Barton Marenda Bass Laura Benedyk Sam Bennett Patty Bensie Matthew Benus Laura Bianchi Rodney Billena Lisa Bobruk Trisha Boby Addulah Boose Jenny Bouska Janet Brandt Luke Brennan John Brim Scott Burton Angie Caban Kris Cantu Barb Carey Marc Chevigny Joe Chiarella Louise Chirby Kim Chorak Dave Christianson Theodore Cisowski Tiffanie M. Clark Rob Clayton Stefie Colias Allison Covey Dan Cox Christopher L. Craft Dan Dailey Keith Darnell Arlandal Davis Tim Davis Ken Dienes Karla Dingle Paula Dixon Lisa Dobogai Tim Doffin Elaine Eck Bob Eck Tricia Emeka Chris Emig Mickey Erickson -n 3D m ( m T1 3D m c m T| 3D m c n m 3D m c m Freshmen — 33 CO LU CC LU CO LU CC Li. LU LU CO LU OC LL RIGHT: Freshman girls learn a lot in Mr. Rogovich’s health class. Annette Evans Joe Exl Richard A. Fabian Nora Fagen Joel Falconburg Gabriel Faur Pat Fife S6an Flesher Michelle Frankovich Susie Furman Sarah Gagan Delia Garcia Miles C. Gault Joanie Gholson Diane Giacomin Deon Giannini Pete Glorioso Adam Goad Alfred Gomez Gaea Gomez Karen Goysich Scott A. Greenwalt Julie Greer Karen Gregor Chrissy Hanna Erick M. Harrell Jay Harris Angela Harvey Nicole Hasara Felicity Havrilla Tiawiana Headd Trenton Heffner Lisa Heim Tami Hernandez Robert Hevezi Raynaldo J. Hinton Mike Holland Brian Holmes Debbie Hoover Keith Hornick D6Andr6 P. Hudson 34 — Freshmen Michelle C. Hughes Yolanda Hughes Matt Humes Ryan Iker Pam llada Jim Jacobs Brenda Jankovich Sandy Jascoviak Becky Jaskolski Dawn Jaskolski Jacqueline Jenkins Jerry Jimenez Joann Jimenez Clint Johnson Mike Johnson Alan Jones Damon K. Joshua Jenny Kacocha Peter Kaiafas Elizabeth Kaufman Monica Kazmier Kim Kellenburger Homer Keller Laura Kelner Kaylyn Kezy Robert Klus Felicia Knight Cathy Kobza Jessica Kohl Amy Kolczak Donald Konecki Brian Kopack Mark Kopil Dawn LaMantia Kenia Lattimore Amy Lavrick Wendy D. Lewis Jamya Liggins Susan Loker Mike Lopez Jennifer Lottes LEFT: Debbie VanSlyke, Susie Plasencia, and Chris Emig show Noah’s Ark at Open House. Freshmen — 35 ) LU CC LU CO LU cr LL LU CO LU cr Rick Lowe Jessica Luke Tom Mack Danny Magura Todd Mahan Amy Majchrowicz Dawn Majchrowicz Dennis Mako Mila Manley ToiLisa Mark Jennifer Martin Shaun Martin Arcelia Martinez Laure Martinez Rosalia Martinez Jennifer Mathis Herbert McBurger LaShun McDowell Eileen McGuire Tami McKinley Carmen Medellin Luiz Melo Vazantha Meyers Eric Mihal Michelle Mihalik Matt Miklosy Steve Mirabella Paul Mishorich John Monik Gary Monroe Nicole Montpetit Paul Morales Traci Morales Jacqueline Moran Susie Mueller Jose Mufioz Jeanette Murawski Jennifer Nadolski Jeff Newton Julie Nicholson Tim Nigro Dawn Ostrowski Elizabeth Pabon Sandy Pabon Michelle Pacalonis Pam Pankiewicz April Pardus Ayesha Patterson Bill Pavicich Natalie Peifer Anthony Perez Roman Perez Andy Perzo Michael Peters Barb Pictor Brian Piunti Susie Plasencia Dennis Pokropinski Jeri Polimac Jenny Potter 36 — Freshmen Lisa Pozzo Mark Price Lori Quinn Tom Radojicic Jennifer Raich Heather Rakoczy Jesse Ramos Jeanette Rech Denise Reeves Jessica Renwald Tom Reynolds Jeanine Richter Shelly Robertson Angie Robinson Jennifer Roig Jeanine Roper Matthew Rouge Cassie Rozycki Fanon Rucker Laura Rzepka Stephanie Sakes Stephanie Salomon Leigh Samarzija Pete Sanchez Chuck Sawochka Bill Schenher Georgia Scherry Shad Schultz Lynette Schumann ABOVE: Freshman class officers are, Left to Right: Vice-president Shad Schultz, President Colleen Spanopoulos, Treasurer Fanon Rucker, and Secretary Allison Covey. J3 m c m -n J3 m c m J3 m c m T| 30 m c i Freshmen — 37 CO LU DC LU CO LU DC LU CO LU DC Tim Schutz Dina Selman Michele Sentoro Jeanette Shafer Brian Shipp Tricia Skowronski James Smith Kevin Smith Colleen Spanopoulos Rick Spurlock Sherry Stanzione Daryle Steffens Kyle Stern Stacy Stinnett Cindi Stypula Peggy Sullivan Jackie Susanna Mark Svetcoff Paul Synowiec Jennifer Szaller Karyn Tatham LaShanda R. Taylor Derek Thompson Andy Thorn John Todd Ralph Torres Pat Townsend Jennifer Turnbull Marc Turner Debbie VanSlyke Manuel Vasquez Angela M. Vega Ross Vidal Denise Viene Richard Wagner Sara L. Walton Wendy Warren Michelle Watroba Jean Weber Rich Weber Darren Wesley CO LU DC U- RIGHT: Michelle Mihalik works intently on her drawing in Design- Drawing I. 38 — Freshmen Russ D. White T| J3 m c n Debbie Wilczynski m Felicia Williams Marcella Williams T| J3 m c DeeDee Williford Michael Wiltermood Dawn Wiltshire Donna Woloshansky J3 m ( Jennifer Young m Melissa Zemlik Dan Zielinski T| J3 m c Kevin Zurawski Freshmen — 39 Academics Remember . . . “I’m gonna kill ya . . Running to Wendy’s during open lunch when it’s ten below To Kill a Mockingbird Last minute cramming before exams The senior presidential convention Tons of homework Passing notes Betting everything in final Jeopardy . . . and winning Band practice on the football field Playing the clock game during exams All-nighters . . . Once in a lifetime. Academics — 41 ADMINISTRATION Rev. John Whitley, C.S.B. Principal Sr. Christopher, SS.C.M. Assistant Principal for Girls Rev. Robert Glass, C.S.B. Assistant Principal for Boys Mr. William Barancyk Dean of Students 42 — Academics FACULTY Sr. Alfred, SS.C.M. — Guidance Sr. Aniceta, SS.C.M. — Reading Enrichment Mrs. Dolores Aylesworth — Earth Space Science Mrs. Suzanne Beck — Record Keeping, Typing, Office Procedures Mr. John Bennett — Biology, Biology Sr. Bernice Marie, SS.C.M. — Typing, General Business Mr. Peter Billick — Technical Drawing Rev. David Bittner, C.S.B. — Spanish I, Algebra lx, Algebra 2 Miss Lisa Blair — Chemistry Miss Donna Bombassaro — Physical Education Mrs. Cora Bosak — Algebra 1 Sr. Catherine Ann, SS.C.M. — English 1, English 4 Rev. Michael Cerretto, C.S.B — Morality Mrs. Frances Crary — English 3, 3x, English 4 Mrs. Edith Dakich — English 2, 2x, English 3 Academics — 43 FACULTY Mr. Raymond DeFabio — English 3 , 3 Mrs. Nancy Dustman — Physical Science, Advanced Biology Rev. John Fiore, C.S.B. — Choir Mr. Eugene Giorgio — Algebra 2, Geometry X, Analytic Geometry, Calculus Mr. Steven Gunhouse — Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Algebra 2, Advanced Math Mr. John Hershberger — Geometry , Algebra Mrs. Judy Hevel — Clothing, Foods, Advanced Foods, Independent Living Mr. Mark Horvath — U.S. Government, Economics Mr. Cornelius House — World History, German 1, 2, 3,4 Mr. Joseph Huber — Algebra 1, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics Mr. Ralph latarola — Physics, Advanced Chemistry Sr. Jane, SS.C.M. — Spanish 2, 4 Mr. Greg Jasek — Music Appreciation, Concert Band, Beginning Band, Music Theory Mr. James S. Jovanovic — U.S. History, World History Mr. Scott Keller — Algebra 1, Chemistry 44 — Academics FACULTY Mr. James Klora — World History, U.S. History, U.S. History X Mr. James Kocal — Biology Mrs. Alice Rose Landeck — English 1 Mr. Joseph Lanzalaco, C.S.B. — Faith, Biblical Literature, New Testament Mr. Sammy Listro — Painting Graphics, Design-Drawing, Ceramics Sculpture Sr. Marlene, SS.C.M. — Biblical Literature, New Testament Mrs. Luz Martinez — Spanish 1, 3 Miss Carol Mullaney — Faith, English 2 Mr. Christopher Nicolini — Athletic Director Mrs. Carol Norris — Secretary Miss Kathy Olivotto — Guidance Mrs. Suzanne Owen — Librarian Academics — 45 FACULTY Miss Vivienne Palaiologos — French 1, 2, 3, 4 Sr. Paul, SS.C.M. — Latin 1, 2, 3, 4 Mrs. Bonnie Paulsin — Secretary Mr. Joseph Pilsner, C.S.B. — Public Speaking, New Testament Mr. Dave Pishkur — Physical Education, Health and Safety Miss Mary Ann Poparad — English 1, 2 Mrs. Jo Powell — Secretary Mrs. Jane Ridgely — Secretary Mr. Dan Rogovich — Physical Education, Health and Safety, Alumni Director Sr. Rose Mary, SS.C.M. — Biblical Literature Mrs. Margaret Shafer — English 2, New Testament Miss Pamela Shultz — Computer Literacy, Computer Programming 46 — Academics I FACULTY Mr. Terry Slater — Guidance Mrs. Petra Steele — Journalism, English 1 , 1 Mr. Mark Strimbu — Geometry , Geometry Mr. John Szot — World History Mrs. Joyce Thomas — English 1, 4, 4X Miss Roseann Trapane — Sociology, Personal Typing, Shorthand 1, 2 Mrs. Geraldine Ventura — Marriage Mrs. Anne Weiss — Accounting 1, 2, U.S. History, U.S. History X Mrs. Gloria Wojkovich — Secretary Mrs. Betty Yurechko — Secretary Mr. Ivan Zimmer — Personal Typing, Finance, Business Law, Marketing Academics — 47 Reflective Moments Seniors Retreat; Return with Refreshed Minds The spirit of God lives at Andrean. Whether in all-school Masses, religion classes, retreats, or prayers before a physics test, religion is an integral part of each student’s life. The theology department insures a balanced religious atmosphere for students. They are responsible for organizing all Masses, retreats, and days of reconciliation. According to Campus Ministry leader Miss Mullaney, more and more seniors are taking advantage of the overnight retreat program that was instituted last year. These retreats begin on a Friday night when students leave Andrean for Camp Lawrence in Valparaiso. After a weekend of learning about themselves and making new friends, participants return home on Sunday afternoon. UPPER: The Mass at the end of a weekend retreat brings reflection and meditation. MIDDLE: The senior weekend retreat winds to a close as Pat McNeil performs one final skit. LOWER: Some of the entertainment on the overnight retreat is supplied by Frank “Kermit” Manista. 48 — Academics UPPER: Seniors not only visited Valparaiso for their overnight retreat, but also took a side trip to the Land of Oz. LOWER: Preparing for a mock ceremony in marriage class, Roxanne Gard and Joe Jimenez look for scripture passages to include in the liturgy. Academics — 49 The Play’s the Thing Bard Lives in English Curriculum Shakespeare is alive and well at Andrean High School. By the time he graduates, almost every Niner is well-acquainted with the Bard of Avon, having studied at least four major Shakespearean plays, beginning with Romeo and Juliet his freshman year. Sophomores read Julius Caesar, juniors meet Macbeth, and seniors learn of the tribulations of Hamlet. In addition to his plays, Shakespeare’s songs and sonnets appear throughout the curriculum, and seniors in English 4x study a fifth play, The Tempest. Students learn their Shakespeare from reading, performing, preparing special projects, listening to records, and watching films. According to Mrs. Crary, English department chairperson, “The more you read Shakespeare, the easier it becomes.” LEFT PAGE, UPPER: Rob Hruskovich, Barb Ratkay, and Dwane Peterson, winners of the Merrillville Optimists’ Club essay contest, proudly display their award. LOWER: Dan LaMere selects some light reading from the magazine rack in the library. RIGHT PAGE, UPPER: Mark Page explains how an Anglo-Saxon warrior, Matt Negrelli, should look . . . and act. LOWER: Meri McLean seeks advice from Mrs. Steele concerning her journalism assignment. 50 — Academics Academics — 51 Scientific Insights Students Excel in AP Courses Exciting . . . Challenging . . . Those two words come to mind when a student thinks of his Advanced Placement science course. “AP Chemistry challenges me to excel and is a great preparation for college, especially because I’m planning on going into engineering,” comments Paul Conarty. Frances Kepes agrees. “I’m thinking of being a biologist, so AP Biology is really beneficial — I may even test out of some college classes because of it.” Most students attest to the fact that AP classes take up much of their time, yet they enjoy the variety of activities. Mary Weber comments, “I like the diversity. One day we may dissect a grasshopper and the next we may study the ecology of the Indiana Dunes. It’s really fun — and it puts me one step closer to my career goals.” UPPER: Teresa Gianoli and Patti Oprish complete their Organic Chemistry assignment. LOWER: Sheryl Thomas and Aileen Blake prepare test tubes for a lab in AP Chemistry. 52 — Academics UPPER: Rob Hruskovich and Bert Restyanszki test their compound for water solubility. LOWER LEFT: Biologist Vicki Vucich experiments with the pH of an organic compound. LOWER RIGHT: Marcella Larson has a shocking experience in Physics class. Academics — 53 Math Class . . . Fun? Students Enjoy Math and its Sideshows “Math classes have more fun” could be the motto of the Andrean math department. Andrean students learn the many idiosyncrasies of Andrean’s math teachers while they devour their sage mathematical wisdom. Members of Mr. Giorgio’s classes enjoy the quiet thinking atmosphere of his long meditative silences. Mr. Huber’s classes marvel at his non-stop energy. “I get exhausted just watching him,” said one student. Mr. Gunhouse’s classes enjoy his “You’re okay, I’m okay, everything’s okay” teaching style. Father Bittner’s students not only enjoy math, they learn new accents, eh? UPPER: Intently studying his calculus text, John Olivieri works for a good grade on his test. LOWER: Mike Kinasiewicz asks Mr. Giorgio to explain a tough calculus problem during class. 54 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Taking some time out of class, Tim Fealy and Kevin Schutz discuss a few of the fundamental principles of calculus. LOWER LEFT: During a free moment, Mike Chary seeks assistance from Mr. Giorgio about a mathematical game. LOWER RIGHT: Deep in thought, Laurie Alvarez reads her calculus to prepare for her homework assignment. Academics — 55 UPPER LEFT: Democratic candidates Steve Michaels, Andy Galler, Lori Knudson, and Kirk Zapp nervously await instructions before their televised debate. UPPER RIGHT: Amidst the hoopla, Campaign Manager Mike Bujdoso and Republican candidate Susan Craig reflect upon their campaign goals. LOWER LEFT: Meri McLean and David Sepulveda patiently await the convention’s beginning, the keynote speeches. LOWER MIDDLE: Republicans show their enthusiasm following Nola Isla ' s rousing speech. LOWER RIGHT: Republican activists Karen Saroian, Nola Isla, and Maureen Murawski paint campaign posters for their candidate. 56 — Academics T Seniors Campaign Zapp-Galler Ticket Wins Mr. Mark Horvath’s senior government classes held their own Presidential elections including mock primaries and Presidential conventions. Candidates determined by the primary elections were Republicans Taso Kaiafas, Dave Topp, Brian Van Buskirk, and Susan Craig, and Democrats Steve Michaels, Kirk Zapp, Andy Galler, and Lori Knudson. The candidates’ campaign supporters used posters, slogans, and food to gain popular support. So, in the words of Lori Knudson, “. . . to separate the truly qualified candidates from those who could simply come up with the cutest slogans or serve the sweetest cookies,” Mr. Horvath conducted a press conference. To prepare for it, party activists helped their candidates write papers on eight important issues facing the U.S. government today, as determined by a general survey. All of the government classes then viewed the video-taped con ference. For the convention, activists properly decorated the boys’ gym, complete with banners, posters, and balloons. After completing their platforms, and after many unsuccessful ballots and a caucus, Democrats selected Kirk Zapp in a 39-21 vote over Lori Knudson. They later nominated Andy Galler for Vice-President. After almost seven hours, the convention, characterized by a myriad of deals, broken promises, and strained friendships, concluded, but, as Lori Knudson said, “There were shouts of elation and of anger, tears of joy and disappointment. The entire day was filled with intense anxiety, and all those who attended the convention were feeling emotionally drained.” Mr. Horvath, pleased with the convention and its results, told his classes, “If you left feeling drained, you learned what I wanted you to learn.” Before Christmas break students voted in the final election, choosing Democrats Kirk Zapp and Andy Galler as their winners. Academics — 57 Languages Broaden Understanding Department Ranked Number One in Area In the midst of national concern from educators about the lack of foreign language studies, Andrean has had an increase in the number of students enrolled in foreign languages, especially in third and fourth years of study. A poll taken by Highland High School’s foreign language department ranked Andrean number one in Northwest Indiana in the percentage of students taking a foreign language. Senior Deanna Magura believes, “Having taken Spanish for three years will not only give me a view of the Spanish culture, but will help me better relate to people by speaking their language. This will give me an edge in the job market.” Future help is not the only reason for taking a language. Junior Cherri Monik says, “I’m taking Latin and Spanish because I’m curious about the cultures and languages of other people.” Sister Jane, language department chairperson, summed up reasons for studying foreign languages. “Learning a foreign language not only helps students in future jobs, it also gives them a chance to broaden their knowledge about other people and their cultures. It helps people to be more accepting of people unlike themselves.” RIGHT: Reviewing for a Latin exam, Rob Clayton jots down a few notes from his book. LEFT: Patty Bensie seeks aid from Sherry Stanzione during French class. 58 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Senior Latin Club members Vicki Vucich, Teresa Gianoli, Mark Page, and Kevin Schutz read St. Luke’s Nativity Gospel in Latin. MIDDLE LEFT: Laura Kelner brushes up on her spelling techniques in Spanish class. LOWER LEFT: Rob Crawford, David Zielinski, and Mary Weber engage in a game of Mille Bornes to sharpen French skills. RIGHT: Miss Palaiologos talks with Jackie Moran about her French assignment. Academics — 59 Busy-ness Bodies Students Learn Business Basics Few students pass through Andrean without participating in a business course, whether it’s Personal Typing, Typewriting, Shorthand I and II, or Accounting I and II. “Business courses provide a basis for future college courses,” said senior Mark Vician. Headed by Sister Bernice Marie, the business department offers skills students will use for a lifetime. “Taking Personal Typing is a great way to get the basic skills needed to write letters and papers and to use the computer keyboard,” said sophomore Leanne Price. UPPER: Kris Katich and Mike Back concentrate to improve their typing skills. LOWER: Sister Bernice Marie’s typists diligently peck away at the keys. 60 — Academics 4 UPPER LEFT: Kathy Rivera’s fingers move swiftly across the typewriter keys. MIDDLE LEFT: Realizing the importance of practice, Michele Herd and Mary Massey concentrate on perfecting their typing techniques. LOWER LEFT: Prompted by Miss Mullaney, Jodi Kratkoczki, Olivia Arceo, and Ruth Roman work to improve their shorthand. RIGHT: Listening to Sr. Bernice Marie, Shane Pearson loses his concentration in typing class. Learning for Life Home Ec-ers Gain Vital Skills “I want my students to learn how to be smart shoppers and independent individuals,” said Mrs. Hevel of the home economics department. In home ec, students learn everything from how to boil water and sew on a button to interior decorating and family money management. Male and female students alike enroll in these classes to learn the practical and necessary lessons of family and independent living and money management. UPPER: Linda Wilczynski and Brian Kellenburger sample their Cornish hens in independent living class. LOWER: Kathy Silich readies her machine for an hour of sewing. 62 — Academics H-A-C-KIN’ in the AHS Computer Courses Both Beneficial and Fun “I like computer class because I like to learn new things — and this class teaches me a lot, especially where we’re headed in the future,” said senior Chris Brandt. Computer class has become a favorite among seniors. A required course for graduation, seniors enjoy “hacking away” at -it Li the keyboards and inventing new programs. In addition to learning the basics, students take a break from the routine and enjoy computer games during class. UPPER LEFT: Todd Peebles double- checks his program. LOWER LEFT: Mark Aloia hacks away at an Apple lie. RIGHT: Tal Wongse-Sanit keys in her homework assignment. Academics — 63 Friendly and Fun Wargames Relaxation and Enjoyment Dominate in PE atmosphere. “Gym class is great! It really by awarding team MVP’s, Coach masquerade day. All contribute helps me to relax and forget Rogovich creates witty puns, to a friendly, fun-filled about my other classes, at least and Coach Bombassaro often for a while.” Many freshmen and calls for dress-up days, which juniors readily agree with Mary might include Hawaiian day, Mihalik on this point. “I sure do,” boxer-shorts day, or even says Dan Monroe. “It’s one of my favorite classes. Each coach uses different methods to help us relax and have fun.” Coach Pishkur often motivates his students to excel UPPER LEFT: Mr. Rogovich fields questions during a driver-safety discussion. LOWER LEFT: Health students listen attentively to a question concerning hypothermia. RIGHT: Eileen McGuire argues her side of the controversy to lower the driving age to fifteen. Healthful Understanding Teachers Promote Healthy Minds and Bodies “We only have one body, and we should take care of it; health class helps us to do just that,” freshman Diana Giacomin reminds everyone. Diana’s knowledge comes from her participation in Andrean’s required health and safety class, a favorite among freshmen. Students become aware of proper health practices and attitudes, learning in a very comfortable atmosphere. Mr. Rogovich, a health and safety teacher, says, “My main approach in teaching is to make my students comfortable.” Angie Caban remembers all the famous Rogovich puns. “On the first day of school, Mr. Rogovich told us he wouldn’t grade on a curve anymore because once he was almost hit by a truck.” Nevertheless, health class is serious business because a healthy body is just as essential as a healthy mind. Good health promises a productive life, and, guided by Mr. Pishkur and Mr. Rogovich, students learn to understand themselves and others. Academics — Choir, Band Compete Marchers Score Well in Area For the first time in several years, the Andrean marching and concert bands returned to competitive action. Under the direction of Mr. Jasek, the bands scored well in several contests, including the Indiana State High School Music Association marching band contest. At the beginning of the school year, a jazz band was started because, according to Mr. Jasek, “Jazz is the only truly American musical style.” The jazz band replaced the pep band at Andrean basketball games. Throughout the school year the band performed at several school events including Christmas and spring concerts. Under the direction of Fr. Fiore, the Andrean concert choir sang a variety of music such as Gregorian chant, renaissance music, and popular songs. They performed at the Andrean Open House and the Christmas and spring concerts, besides singing at Mass, where said Fr. Fiore, “We sang, not as a choral group, but to enhance the singing of the entire student body.” 66 — Academics UPPER RIGHT: Gordon Walton, David Sepulveda, and Dawn Rucker play a jazz tune during open house. MIDDLE RIGHT: Michelle Hughes, Gordon Walton, Debbie Sohn, J. J. Porterfield, Pamorn Kulsakdinun, and Kevin Suggs relax at Burger King after competition in Palos Heights, Illinois. UPPER LEFT: Flutists Helen O’Connell and Stephanie Eriksen play at a Christmas concert. LOWER RIGHT: At the annual open house, the choir entertains both students and parents. UPPER LEFT: After competing, the band poses for a group picture. UPPER RIGHT: Bass player Joe Adams tunes his instrument before performing. LOWER LEFT: Pianist Cam Stram, proving that his skills extend beyond the classics, plays a popular Prince tune at a pep rally. LOWER RIGHT: Brass players Erik Kullerstrand and Matt Booker pause for a break during a practice session. Academics — 67 Relaxation + Creativity = Art Artists Produce Good Works, Score Well in Area “Art class takes up a lot of time,” says senior Jill Lach, “but I really enjoy it. In class, the radio is always on and that helps me to unwind.” Mr. Listro, the fine arts teacher, explains, “I try to provide a relaxing atmosphere so my students will be comfortable and produce the best works they can.” His students do produce good works. Mr. Listro encourages students to enter art contests, particularly the NIAA art exhibit, and often his students capture top prizes. “I’m always proud after a contest,” he says, “but even if someone doesn’t win an award, I still am proud of him because I know that he has tried his best.” LEFT: Working diligently, Alfredo Davila finishes his art project. UPPER RIGHT: Fanon Rucker works intently on his technical drawing project. LOWER RIGHT: Sean Flesher strives for accuracy in design drawing. rv‘ 68 — Academics UPPER LEFT: Amy Dailey masterfully carves her sculpture of a child. LOWER LEFT: For extra credit, Missie Babicka paints stage sets for the Christmas concert. LOWER RIGHT: Dea Ard gets some artistic advice for her painting of a space shuttle launch. Academics — 69 CO LU CC O O CO CO LU CC o Ql O CO CO LU CC O O CO CO LU CC O CL O CO Stanley Acosta Jim Allegretti Bernadette Arceo Jason Artemiuk Jenny Attar Hope Ayala Steven Azcona Dina Baccetti Kelli Bachich Mike Back Vanessa S. Balon Mike Bane Melody Baran Michael Barancyk Karen Barloga Mike Barney William R. Baron Dana Beasley Carol Beckmann Cathy Beiri ger Mike Bellich Christopher Benac Stacy Benka Kim Berry Annette Betz David Bielefeld Jenn Binkley Joe Bishop Joyce Blachly Bridget Blake Matt Booker Christine Brack Richard Braun Mark Brengettcy Debbie Brzoska Brian Bujdoso Nicole Bukur Angela Burroughs Carol Denise Burton Shane Bush Lisa Calloway Jennifer Campbell RIGHT: Debbie Brzoska, Kelly Kiel, Jennifer Robertson, Marianne Oates, Christi Hruskovich, and Ellen Schneider may be wet, but their spirits are not dampened. 70 — Sophomores LEFT: Before the Hobart Invitational, runners Todd Fitzgerald and Blair O’Connor warm up. Mike Carlisle Dawn Carpenter Jim Carter Brian Catherine Moira Chaseley Lisa Chiarella Eric Christe Michelle Clark Lisa Cleland Chad Close Kim Coady Scott Codespoti Lynn Compton Keiron Couret Jason Crawford Leslie Crosby Alayna D ' Andrea Tim Dankovis Alex DaSilva Dawn Deck Amy Derdowski Moira DeRosa Siriporn Dhana Denise Dobogai Patty Doffin Kim Doolin Michael Dorris Greta Doumanian Stephanie Drapac Jennifer Dudley Nicole Dynek Dean Easton Kathy Erickson Paul Falconburg Frank Fauser John Fife Todd Fitzgerald Pat Fleming Marian Frazzini Rob Freese John Gasaway Danny Giorgi ( o " 0 J3 m c ( O u m c c O " 0 30 m c c O " 0 O 30 m c Sophomores — 71 if) LU CC o Q. n c n LU cr O O if) if) LU cr o. o if) if) LU cr O if) John Gonzales Deborah Gonzalez Beth Gotch Chris Grandfield Stacey Granger Lou Green Andreana Greene Joel Gross Mary Grusak Tom Guelinas Rosa Maria Haddix Jim Halfman Mick Haller Dale Hamann Beth Hammond Matt Hanlon Carlton Hargro Erika Harris ABOVE: Rachel Walters, Barbara Ratkay, Kim Zimmer, Stanley Acosta, Anil Pillay, and Mickey Haller formed Mr. Szot’s B-team for the big Jeopardy game among history classes at Open House. UPPER RIGHT: The sophomore Homecoming float, a glue factory, won second place in the competition. LOWER RIGHT: Erik Kullerstrand and Tom Guelinas won first place in the sophomore division at the Masquerade Sock-hop costume contest. Martita R. Harris Lucretia Harvey Michele Herd Eric Hiduke Meredith Hoefer James Houpt 72 — Sophomores Christi Hruskovich Ann Huber Tracy Humes Wendy Hussey Shelley Hutka Roy Isla Mary Jackson Jodi Janke Michelle A. Jao Dan Jimenez Andrea Johnson Kim Juskevice Angela Karabetsos Kris Katich Laura Kaufman Mark Kazmier Laura Kellar Kelly Kiel Dan Kilgore Michelle Kinasiewicz Lynn R. Klus Paul Kobza Michelle Kopp Jason Koulianos Kathy Kramek Mary Krienke John Kroepfl Erik Kullerstrand Greg Lach Verna D. LaGrant Robert LaMere Ericka Dominique Landon Cheryl Lanfear Patrick Laws Camille D. Lee Frederick Lee Rustin Lewis Ann Logothetis Gloria Lopez Tracy Luekens Quanda Major Julie Mako Brian Mallams Mark Marich Brendan Marr Maria Martinez Mary S. Massey Tanya Mathews Debra Mattei John McCarthy Peter McCobb Erin McCracken Rosie McCullough Kris McGuire Frances McMahon Mike McQuillin Phillip Melvin Jim Metro Jonathan W. Mitchell Melissa Mohan ( o " 0 J3 m c c O “0 n m c c O “0 J3 m c c O " 0 J3 m ( Sophomores — 73 if) LU tr O o. O if) 0) LU GC O O if) if) LU GC o O Jeffery Moore Brian Mosby Tom Nawrocki Natalie Negron Tracy Nelson Kevin Newton Victoria Nicksic Mike Nigro Lisa Nocks Marianne Oates Blair O’Connor Martin Oleksy Leah Ombac Nicole Onder Scott O’Neil Cynthia Oresik Sylvia Osorio William Owsley Q. O CO CO LU GC O O 0 ABOVE: Mary Massey concentrates on trying to increase her typing speed. UPPER RIGHT: Matt Booker entertains his fellow band members while they hungrily await their orders at Burger King. LOWER LEFT: Rosie McCullough tries to shield Kelly Cusick from the camera. LOWER RIGHT: A typical sophomore locker expresses the personality of its owner. 74 — Sophomores LEFT: Erik Kullerstrand performs as pop-star Prince at the pep assembly before the Merrillville football game. BELOW: Mr. Klora questions Mr. Szot’s A-team at the Open House Jeopardy game. Kristi Palansky Michael Parish Michael Pearson Shane Pearson Kevin Perfetti Dan Persic Eric Peterson Anil Pillay Allison Porterfield Christopher Potter Lorraine Prenizny Leanne Price Christopher Quenette Yolanda Rainge Bill Rakoczy Anthony Randolph Barbara Ratkay Yolanda Reeves Mark Regan Monica Reibly Doria Restyanszki Tom Ring Fernando Rivera Jennifer Robertson Tonya Robinson Melissa Rohrer Victoria Rondez Tom Rosta Julie Rothenberg Debbie Ruesch Fred Ruiz Vershalle Ryan Diane Sabo Lou Samaniego Nicole Samarzija Zayda Sanchez ( o " 0 J3 m ) ( O " U J3 m c c n O -o O J3 m c c O " 0 J3 m cs Sophomores — 75 CO LU CC o Q. o c o co LU cr O O o co LU a: O Q. o CO CO LU CC o 0 . o CO Anne Sanders Peter Sawochka Anne Schafer Anne Schenher Ellen Schneider Yvonne Schneider T. J. Schulien Scott A. Schumann Steven Schwartz Tricia Sebella Adam Sech Muna Selman Will Selmer Darlene Sepiol Jackie Sepulveda Amy Sera Crissy Shakula Dan Shaughnessy Alicia A. Sigala Doug Sikora Amy Silwinski Debbie Sohn Missye Sopko Brelis Spiller LEFT: Trainer Kim Zimmer refills water bottles for thirsty football players. RIGHT: Sophomore class officers, from left right, are Secretary Jenny Attar, President Michelle Jao, Treasurer Joe Stern, and Vice-president John McCarthy. G. Scott Staley Melanie Stanley Alonda Steele Tyra J. Steele Joe Stern Kelli Stern Dave Sullivan 76 — Sophomores I LEFT: Dan Shaughnessy says his lines in a performance of Camelot during Mr. Szot’s World History class. RIGHT: Sophomore cheerleaders watch from the sidelines. Julie Sunwoo Trish Taylor Brett Teske Christina Thiel Bob Tilka Tiffany Tillman Michele Turner Nicole L. Uram Sue Vahey Jennifer VanHazebroeck Tricia VanSlyke Dawn Vargas Bobby Vegter Todd Vician Dave Vincent Pam Vincent Kim Vith Angela Volan Ed Vucich Jeanne Vuich Geri Wagner Ma rk Wagner Rachel Walters Lance Washington Jim Watters Michele Weber Robbie Weeks Gordon Whitney Alexander Wilmore Kevin Wislo Tiffany Wisowaty Kathy Wongse-Sanit Jennifer Woodward John Zielinski Regina Zielinski Kimberly Zimmer CO o " 0 u m co co O " 0 J3 m co co O " O J3 m co co o " O X m co Sophomores — 77 Sports Remember . . . Cheering when we’re behind The final buzzer Crutches and bandages Pre-game pep talks The swim team Sectionals Winning that first letter Running through the halls The never-ending practices Playing in the rain Coach Memorizing the plays and signs “59-59 -59ers, let’s go!” Celebrating after a win The school fight song . . . Once in a lifetime. Sports — 79 BOYS’ TENNIS Andrean Opponent 1 Portage 4 3 Crown Point 2 4 Bishop Noll 1 4 Hammond 1 5 Lowell 0 4 Hobart 1 5 Gary Wirt 0 5 River Forest 0 4 Highland 1 5 Gary Roosevelt 0 5 Lake Station 0 5 Gary West Side 0 5 Gary Wallace 0 3 Munster 3 4 Valparaiso 1 5 Lake Central 0 4 Merrillville 1 Sectionals 2 Calumet 3 Highland Inv. — 3rd place Lake Station Inv. — 1st place UPPER RIGHT: Front Row: Kevin Wheeler, Brett Teske, Tommy Rosta, Pat Fleming, Bob Vegter, Fernando Rivera, Pierre DeBois. Back Row: Gabe De la Paz, Roderick Jao, Mitch Barloga, Jeff McMichael, Bill Zelin, Craig Teske, Tony Barlas, Rodger Jao. LEFT: Bill Zelin sends a smashing return. LOWER MIDDLE: Jeff McMichael backhands to a victory over Lowell. LOWER RIGHT: Rodger Jao goes for a winner. Tennis Team Swings to Success Final Record 15 and 2; State Sixteen shutouts and enjoyed a twelve- meet winning streak. In sectionals the team went down to defeat in the finals against Calumet. Rodger Jao, however, went all the way to the final sixteen singles players in the state. In addition to the varsity’s success, the junior varsity finished unbeaten for the second consecutive year. With such talent, Andrean tennis has a firm foundation. 80 — Sports Jao Places in Under the steady leadership of Coach Klora, the boys’ tennis team once again completed a fine season. Led by Rodger Jao, Most Valuable Player, Niner netmen finished with 15 wins and 2 losses. The team also did well in the invitationals at Highland and won 3 of 4 divisions at Lake Station. As a group they won 72 matches and lost 18, not including tournaments. They recorded 8 Sports — 81 UPPER: Lisa Fleming putts for a birdie. LOWER: Sarah Gagan, Jackie Brody, Meredith Hoefer, Kobjit Waranimman, Jennifer Dudley, Lisa Fleming, Greta Doumanian, Allison Heuring. Driving ■B Force Bad Breaks Jinx Girl Golfers Led by Most Valuable Player freshman Sarah Gagan and junior Kobjit Waranimman, Most Consistent, the girls’ golf team finished with 3 and 9 for the year. Beginning in the middle of August, the girls played and practiced at the Broadmoor Country Club in Merrillville. All meets were nine hole competition except for sectionals, regionals, and invitationals. The team participated in invitationals at Rensselaer, Michigan City Rogers, and one hosted by the Culver Academies. Competing for the Niners along with Sarah and Kobjit were juniors Jackie Brody, Lisa Fleming, and Allison Heuring. Sophomores on the team were Meredith Hoefer, Jennifer Dudley, and Greta Doumanian. At sectionals, Sarah Gagan fired a 99, qualifying as a medalist and advancing to regionals at LaPorte. Marquette L Chesterton L LaPorte L M. C. Rogers L Valparaiso L Gary Roosevelt W Knox W Merrillville L Gary Roosevelt W Rensselaer L Lowell L M. C. Elston L Rensselaer Inv’t M. C. Rogers Marquette Inv’t Culver Girls’ Academy Inv’t GIRLS’ GOLF CROSS COUNTRY 82 — Sports Coached by Mr. Horvath, the boys’ cross country team ful- filled Andrean’s expectations of excellence, finishing with an 11-6 record for dual meets. Leading the way on this senior- dominated squad were Jason Close, Bert Restyanszki, Rob Hruskovich, Bill Anderson, and Mike Sanchez. Other senior run- ners were Rob McMahon, Steve Michaels, Mike Fagen, and Mike Benac. Joining the seniors were juniors Jon Lapham and Brian Berger. Sophomores Todd Fitzgerald, Blair O’Connor, and Scott O’Neil also contributed their efforts to the team’s suc- cess. Rounding out the roster was freshman Pete Sanchez. From mid-July until the end of August, the team practiced daily from eight to ten a.m. To keep the team on its toes, Coach Hor- vath alternated practice spots, ranging from Ogden Dunes and Miller to the Merrillville and Schererville areas. All the prac- tice paid off when the team placed third at the Hobart Sec- tional, qualifying for regionals. Regionals, hosted by Valparaiso University, featured five of the toughest teams in the state, in- cluding eventual state champion Valparaiso High School. Bishop Noll W Chicago Mt. Carmel W Merrillville L Hobart L Griffith L Gary Roosevelt L Wheeler W Crown Point L Hammond High W Whiting W Kankakee Valley L Lowell W Gary Wirt W Gary Wallace w Lowell w Lake Station w Hammond Clark w Sectionals 3rd Regionals 7th Hammond Gavit Inv. 3rd Rensselaer Inv. 4th Lowell Inv. 3rd North Newton Inv. 3rd Hobart Inv. 8th Boone Grove Inv. 2nd UPPER: Pete Sanchez stretches to prepare for a race. MIDDLE: Front Row: Pete Sanchez, Rob McMahon, Blair O’Connor, Jason Close, Brian Berger, Bill Anderson, Scott O’Neil, Todd Fitzgerald. Back Row: Coach Horvath, Mike Benac, Jon Lapham, Mike Sanchez, Bert Restyanszki, Rob- bie Hruskovich, Steve Michaels, Mike Fagen. LOWER: Jason Close gives his all. On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Boys Place Third, Advance To Regionals • r x » • -• - ' • • S ' Small Wonder Spirit Surpasses Size Andrean’s Girls’ Cross Country team was competitive despite its small size. With a team of only seven girls, keeping up with the bigger teams was a problem. “When we got on the line and saw other teams having fifteen people or more, we knew we had to run hard,” commented junior Vicky Rowland. Being a small team was not a total handicap, however. “We had a lot of unity on the team because it was small, and we had a lot of fun in practice,” commented senior MVP Kristen Laskowski. Sophomore Pam Vincent was the team’s MIP. Boone Grove W Hobart L Kankakee Valley W Munster Lake Central 3rd Merrillville L Hammond Gavit Highland 3rd Portage L Chesterton L Portage Hobart Highland 4th Invitationals Hammond Gavit T. F. South Rensselaer New Prarie Highland Hammond Clark UPPER: Kristen Laskowski leads the pack in a meet at Hidden Lake. MIDDLE: Frannie McMahon and Michelle Kinasiewicz encourage each other near the end of a race. LOWER: First Row: Kristen Laskowski, Vicky Rowland, Kim Zimmer. Second Row: Coach latarola, Michelle Kinasiewicz, Sandy Bucheck, Frannie McMahon, Mary Weber. Sports — 83 CROSS COUNTRY FRESHMAN JV FOOTBALL Bright Future J.V. Destroys Subordinate Noll 28-8 Coached by varsity assistants, the junior varsity football team finished with an even 4 wins and 4 losses. Two important victories were the defeat of Chesterton and a 28-8 win over arch-rival Bishop Noll Institute. Award winners for this season were Big Hitter Phil Melvin and Most Improved Player Joe Bishop. The two freshman football teams, guided by Coaches Bixeman, Kocal, and LaMere, finished their season with a combined 7 win, 4 loss record. Highlights of the season were a 14-0 win over Bishop Noll Institute and a 22-0 shellacking of Merrillville Pierce. Award winners were Most Valuable Player Jerry Jimenez, Best Attitude Joe Chiarella, and Big Hitter Jose Munoz. JV Football Bishop Noll W Lowell W Horace Mann W Lew Wallace L Munster L Merrillville L Chesterton W Gary Wirt L 84 — Sports Freshman Football Andrean Opponent 14 Bishop Noll 0 19 Lowell 6 27 Horace Mann 20 6 Lake Central 20 0 Lew Wallace 0 14 Lake Station 0 0 Harrison 28 6 West Side 26 22 Pierce 0 0 Wirt 6 0 Whiting 34 LEFT: First Row: G. Gomez, D. Wilczynski, T. Nigro, R. Billena, R. Perez, A. Perez, T. Davis, R. Azcona, J. Ramos, D. Magura, D. Giannini, C. Emig. Second Row: Coach Bixeman, J. Jimenez, A. Robinson, R. White, P. Townsend, K. Hornick, M. Augustine, D. Mako, T. Radojicic, S. Burton, D. Steffens, T. Reynolds, P. Glorioso. Third Row: E. Mihal, M. Banzen, M. Vasquez, D. Dailey, M. Lopez, B. Eck, J. Jimenez, A. Thorn, M. Price, B. Holmes, Mr. Kocal. Fourth Row: D. Cox, M. Miklosy, J. Chiarella, S. Schultz, T. Mack, D. Konecki, J. Munoz, S. Bennett, A. Azcona, P. Morales, B. Pavicich. Sports — 85 FRESHMAN JV FOOTBALL VARSITY FOOTBALL Niners Play Well in Sectionals Overall Defense Ranked Well in Area; Many Players Capture Post-Season Awards With the help of the first group of young men to go through four years of Coach Ivan Zimmer’s system, Andrean has once again become a team to be reckoned with. This group, who finished out their high school careers with a six win, four loss season, includes Brad Aeschliman, Bob Boby, Joe Brack, Mike Bujdoso, Rob Crawford, Don Doffin, Rob Holcomb, Josh Janke, Doug Katich, Brian Kellenburger, Mike Kinasiewicz, Tom King, Dan Koulianos, Ralph Larson, Bob Luckiewicz, Tim Mihalik, Jeff Novorita, Jim Osborne, Mark Page, Steve Pavicich, Tom Powell, David Torrence, Dave Toth, and Jeff Viene. Managers were Dan LaMere, Mark Vician, and trainer, Mickey Kopil. Of the 4 losses, 3 were by one touchdown to Noll, Merrillville, and Adams in the second round of the play-offs. Off-season work and football camps, combined with desire, discipline and dedication, helped account for their success. An independent rating service ranked Niner defense number two and pass defense number one in the region. In addition to regular team awards, many players received academic honors. Andrean had five seniors on the Academic All-State Team; they were Brad Aeschliman, Tom King, Mark Page, Tom Powell, and David Toth. Toth was also awarded a special scholarship from the “Thundering Herd,” the Indianapolis Colts Booster Club. These awards go to seniors unable to compete during senior year due to injury. The team awards winners this year were, on offense, John Lustina best offensive back and Brad Aeschliman best offensive lineman. On the defensive side were Hardest Hitter Doug Katich and Best Linebacker Tom Powell. MVP went to Bobby Luckiewicz, while Most Coachable went to Jim Osborne. Mike Falcone was voted MIP. Bobby Luckiewicz and Mike Kinasiewicz were selected for the prestigious North All-Star team. Luckiewicz also was named to the All-State second team and the Catholic All-State team. First Row: M. Vician, N. Dynek, J. Janke, K. Zimmer, D. LaMere, B. Bujdoso. Second Row: J. Janke, B. Aeschliman, B. Boby, J. Novorita, J. Jimenez, T. Powell, M. Prusiecki, D. Toth, T. King, J. Lustina, S. Attar, J. Koulianos, D. Jimenez. Third Row: Coach Mako, R. Valenzuela, M. Sidor, R. Crawford, M. Bujdoso, J. Osborne, 86 — Sports S. Pavicich, M. Page, P. Morley, R. Larson, D. Katich, D. Davis, J. Allegretti, R. Holcomb, E. Grafton. Fourth Row: M. Parrish, D. Koulianos, R. Robinson, B. Mirabella, B. Luckiewicz, B. Kellenburger, K. Palansky, D. Doffin, D. Wesley, R. Weeks, T. Johnson, S. Nigro, R. Hargro, J. Bishop, B. LaMere. Fifth Row: Coach Quinn, P. Simatovich, J. Brack, J. Viene, S. Gaydos, J. Fife, J. Crawford, T. Williford, M. Falcone, M. Mejia, S. Schumann, M. Oluvic, D. Owen, M. Carlisle. Sixth Row: Coach Zimmer, Coach Wiltshire, P. Janke, M Kinasiewicz, Coach I. Zimmer. Andrean Opponent 0 Bishop Noll 7 15 Gary Wirt 14 6 Hobart 35 36 Gary Horace Mann 0 32 Hammond Gavit 6 0 Merrillville 7 3 Chesterton 0 6 Gary Wallace 0 Sectionals 38 Gary Horace Mann 6 0 S. B. Adams 14 UPPER LEFT: Mike Kinasiewicz just misses an interception. UPPER RIGHT: Derrick Davis makes a perfect reception for the T.D. MIDDLE LEFT: John Lustina runs past the Wirt defense. LOWER LEFT AND RIGHT: There is no joy in Mudville as Niners fall 14-0 to third ranked South Bend Adams in sectional play-offs. Sports — 87 VARSITY FOOTBALL VOLLEYBALL Dig Those Spikes Niners Kill Clinton Prairie The highlight of the girls’ volleyball season was breaking Clinton Prairie’s 118 game winning streak in the Lafayette tournament. The varsity pulled together using a combination of serves, spikes, and blocking to crush the Clinton Prairie team in the first game. The varsity record was 26-5. Most Valuable Player award and Best Defensive Player went to senior Paula Reardon. Sophomore Lynn Klus was honored with Most Improved. The Pride, Hustle, and Desire award was given to junior Michele Macielak. The junior varsity team ended its season with a record of 14-3. The Most Valuable JV Player award went to sophomore Melissa Mohan. Sophomore Kris Katich earned the Most Improved Player award. Varsity Highland W Griffith L St. Francis DeSales W Whiting W Wheeler W Calumet L Hammond Morton W Bishop Noll W Crown Point W Hammond Clark w Lake Station W Hobart W Hammond High w Chesterton W Hebron W Munster W East Chicago Washington W Hammond Gavit W Griffith Inv’t W Merrillville Inv’t L Lafayette Catholic Inv’t L Sectionals L Merrillville W LEFT PAGE: UPPER: FRESHMEN — Front: Debbie Wilczynski, Lisa Heim, Laura Bianchi, Jenny Potter, Eileen McGuire. Middle: Jeanette Murawski, Kim Kellenburger, Monica Kazmier, Denise Viene. Back: Krista Bane, Dawn Wiltshire, Jennifer Martin, Kim Chorak, Susan Loker. MIDDLE: Front: Lisa Cleland, Missie Babicka, Melissa Mohan. Back: Kris Katich, Stephanie Sakes, Jenny Attar, Heather Rakoczy. LOWER: Michele Macielak sets for Paula Reardon. RIGHT PAGE: UPPER LEFT: Lynn Klus prevents a Merrillville ace with her hit in sectionals. UPPER RIGHT: Kim Chorak lunges to hit the ball. LOWER LEFT: VARSITY — Front: Michele Macielak, Paula Reardon, Aileen Blake. Middle: Bridget Blake, Lynn Klus, Nora Fagen. Back: Lynn Malocha, Shawn Brokemond, Pam Arvay. MIDDLE RIGHT: Nora Fagen spikes the ball. LOWER RIGHT: Bridget Blake bumps the ball for her teammate’s set. 88 — Sports VOLLEYBALL SPIRIT 90 — Sports UPPER RIGHT: VARSITY — Top: Roxanne Gard. Middle: Dawn LoVerde, Jackie Dakich. Bottom: Laura Susoreny, Marcella Mirich, Jackie Brody. LOWER LEFT: JUNIOR VARSITY — Top: Tricia Van Slyke, Dana Beasley. Middle: Melissa Rohrer, Cheryl Lanfear, Moira DeRosa. Bottom: Ellen Schneider. LOWER RIGHT: FRESHMAN — Front: Jennifer Szaller, Sherry Stanzione, Lisa Bobruk, Jackie Moran, Michelle Frankovich. Back: Tricia Skowronski. UPPER LEFT : Shirley Calloway and Yvette Logue perform “Girls with Guns” at the homecoming pep assembly. UPPER RIGHT: Dawn LoVerde and Jackie Brody urge on the Niners in basketball sectionals. LOWER RIGHT: Ellen Schneider and Dana Beasley cheer their team to a victory. Sports — 91 SPIRIT BOYS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL Andrean Opponent 52 Gary Roosevelt 91 89 Whiting 42 52 Gary Wirt 50 72 River Forest 49 57 Merrillville 58 54 Portage 65 85 Gavit 70 49 Noll 57 65 Highland 54 57 Crown Point 65 78 Calumet 58 86 Munster 79 79 Lew Wallace 96 64 Lake Central 54 69 Hobart 61 83 Clark 41 65 Chesterton 55 60 Morton 56 81 Kankakee Valley 58 70 Lowell Sectionals 67 72 Morton 59 56 Gavit Regionals 49 68 Lew Wallace 70 92 — Sports LEFT PAGE: UPPER LEFT: Kirk Zapp’s pass perplexes a Portage player. UPPER RIGHT: Defying gravity, Bill Zelin outleaps his Clark opponent. MIDDLE LEFT: Jeff McMichael looks for an open teammate. LOWER RIGHT: Jerome Robinson drives against Clark. RIGHT PAGE: UPPER: Bill Zelin concentrates on a free throw. LOWER: Front Row: Matt Hanlon, Jeff McMichael, Wayne Conley, Jerome Robinson, Pat Morley, Todd Johnson, Pete Rogovich, Kirk Zapp. Back Row: Coach Huber, Coach Zimmer, Tim Sullivan, John Muratori, Bill Zelin, Tom Bennett, Mr. Washington, Coach Horvath. Niners Win Sectionals Cagers Prove Hard Work and Determination Pay Off For the first time in five years, the boys’ varsity basketball team overcame teams from the Hammond area to win the sectional title. Fans screamed as Niners jolted Gavit 56-49. Niners went into the championship game against Gavit with a 15-5 record and a seven game winning streak which started with a victory over a tough Lake Central team. Coach Huber’s and Coach Zimmer’s determination and hard work reaped benefits as Niners carried an impressive season. “A lot of credit goes to Coach Zimmer’s defensive coaching. He was very inspiring,” commented Kirk Zapp. The starting line-up consisted of MVP Bill Zelin, Todd Johnson, Wayne Conley, Pete Rogovich, and Jerome Robinson. Awards for leading scorer, leading rebounder, and spirit went to Wayne Conley, Todd Johnson, an d Bill Zelin respectively. Sports — 93 BOYS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL BOYS’ FRESHMAN JV BASKETBALL Ready, Willing, and Able Junior Varsity Team Scores Most Points Ever impressive 18-2 record. Co- Most Valuable Players Sam Bennett and Damon Joshua led the freshman team to big wins over Lake Central and Horace Mann. “The win against Horace Mann in the Holiday Tournament was the one that really turned the club around,” commented Brian Kopack, starter. Niners beat a tough Horace Mann club in the championship game of Andrean’s Holiday Tournament. “After we beat Horace Mann we gained confidence in ourselves, and we didn’t think anybody could beat us,” said Sam Bennett, starting center. The freshman B-team, led by Most Valuable Player D6Andr6 Hudson, finished with a 10-3 record. The junior varsity basketball team won four of its last five games to salvage a 10-10 record. The all-sophomore squad capped the season with a 71-42 trouncing of Lowell, scoring more points than any other junior varsity team in Andrean history. Fifty Niner cagers lost 6 ' 6 " starting center Rob Freese three quarters of the way through the season after an accident during practice. “Rob’s injury seemed to fuel us during the last five games. We made up for our loss of height with a lot of heart,” commented Eric Hiduke. Led by leading rebounder Lance Washington, leading scorer Mark Regan, and free throw percentage leader Dan Kilgore, JV Niners outran 10 of their opponents with a wide- open transition game. On their road to physical fitness, the thirteen team members endured harsh practices at 6:15 every morning. Their conditioning gave them the necessary stamina when the game was on the line. Coach Mark Horvath summed up the season: “They really were a great group of kids. This was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had coaching a team.” The freshman basketball A- team finished its season with an Andrean Opponent 33 Gary Roosevelt 64 29 Whiting 26 35 Wirt 44 48 River Forest 37 45 Merrillville 43 46 Portage 52 48 Hammond Gavit 37 30 Bishop Noll 51 57 Highland 38 44 Crown Point 59 69 Calumet 50 46 Wallace 55 48 Lake Central 53 37 Hobart 39 61 Hammond Clark 39 66 Chesterton 54 55 Hammond Morton 36 47 Kankakee Valley 55 71 Lowell 42 LEFT PAGE: UPPER LEFT: The JV team huddles to determine final strategy. LOWER LEFT: Todd Fitzgerald foils his defender in Andrean’s defeat of the Trojans. RIGHT: Fouled by a Highland player, Mark Regan receives two free throws which will boost the Niner lead. RIGHT PAGE: UPPER LEFT: Lance Washington adeptly blocks a Trojan pass. UPPER RIGHT: Dan Kilgore brings the ball upcourt in the Highland game. MIDDLE LEFT: JV TEAM — First Row: John Fife, Eric Hiduke, Todd Fitzgerald, Rob Weeks, Anthony Randolph, Dan Kilgore. Second Row: John Kroepfl, Mark Regan, Jason Artemiuk, Rob Freese, Lance Washington , Jason Crawford, Coach Horvath. LOWER LEFT: FRESHMAN TEAM — First Row: Pete Sanchez, Darren Wesley, Dennis Mako, Chris Craft, Robert Hevezi. Second Row: DeAndre Hudson, Brian Kopack, Sam Bennett, Jose Muhoz, Tom Mack, Coach George Washington. Sports — 95 BOYS’ FRESHMAN JV BASKETBALL GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Andrean — Var. Opponent 57 Edison 44 36 Highland 46 35 Roosevelt 45 48 Calumet 19 37 Whiting 30 61 M. C. Rogers 40 50 Merrillville 46 51 Lake Central 55 39 Hammond Clark 55 35 Lake Central 39 29 Merrillville 43 39 Valparaiso 47 48 Horace Mann 44 55 Wirt 66 37 Crown Point 54 69 River Forest 34 63 Lowell 31 53 Hobart Sectionals 23 56 Edison 42 46 Calumet 28 45 Crown Point Regionals 37 37 Lew Wallace 63 96 — Sports UPPER: VARSITY — Front: Jennifer Martin, Heather Rakoczy. Middle: Kris Katich, Jenny Attar. Back: Aileen Blake, Mary Mihalik, Angela Duffy, Toni Rossi, Netta Washington, Nita Dziczkowski. LOWER: J.V. — Kim Zimmer, Doria Restyanszki, Peggy Sullivan, Barb Pictor, Carol Beckmann, Michelle Watroba. We Did It! Niners Level Crown Point for Sectional Title On its way to the sectional crown, Andrean’s girls’ basketball team enhanced its season with a stunning defeat of three-time state finalist Crown Point. Although the Andrean team finished the season at 12- 10, it played much better than the record indicated as the defeat of Crown Point proved. “We always knew we had the ability. Everything came together perfectly at exactly the right time,” said Most Valuable Player Nita Dziczkowski. “We dreamed of winning sectionals, but as we found ourselves in the final game, we realized the sectional crown could become a reality!” exclaimed Jenny Attar, Most Assists and Steals. Other season awards went to Acquanetta Washington, Most Points, and Aileen Blake and Mary Mihalik, Most Improved. UPPER LEFT: Aileen Blake fires over a Wallace defender. UPPER RIGHT: Nita Dziczkowski dodges Wallace players to bring the ball down court. LOWER LEFT: Nita Dziczkowski shoots for two in the first round of sectionals. LOWER RIGHT: Kris Katich fakes out a helpless Crown Point defender. Andrean — JV Opponent 38 Edison 24 18 Highland 25 11 Roosevelt 45 13 Calumet 26 28 Whiting 30 17 M. C. Rogers 30 29 Merrillville 42 19 Lake Central 41 30 Hammond Clark 27 21 Valparaiso 29 50 Horace Mann 8 32 Wirt 27 15 Crown Point 40 50 River Forest 33 j 27 Lowell 26 25 Hobart 27 Sports — 97 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL WRESTLING Class Act Katich and Powell Win Sectional Crowns Under the guidance of wrestling coach Ralph latarola, matmen completed one of their best seasons in recent history with eight wins and nine losses. Highlights of the season included wins over Roosevelt and Wirt and a fifth place finish at the Hobart Invite. At sectionals, seniors Doug Katich and Tom Powell advanced to regionals by winning their respective weight classes. Senior Brian Kellenburger and freshman Roman Perez each placed second. Kellenburger was Most Improved and Katich was Most Valuable. Gary West Side W Lake Station L Gary Roosevelt W Hobart L Gary Lew Wallace L Merrillville L Gary Horace Mann W East Chicago Washington L Gary Wirt W River Forest L Michigan City Elston L Invitationals Valparaiso 7th Merrillville 8th Hammond High 5th Hobart 4th 98 — Sports UPPER: First Row: B. Krienke, J. Jimenez. Second Row: J. Zuniga, R. Perez, M. Nigro, K. Wislo, E. Christe, T. Nigro, B. Bujdoso, J. Carter, R. Clayton, M. Kopil. Third Row: M. Bujdoso, D. Koulianos, D. Bielefeld, M. Barancyk, B. Kellenburger, T. Williford, D. Jimenez, J. Allegretti, M. Fagen, J. Koulianos, S. Nigro, J. Gonzales. MIDDLE LEFT: Joe Jimenez bests his opponent. MIDDLE RIGHT: Weightlifting keeps Doug Kellar in shape for wrestling. LOWER: James Cabbie and a teammate practice their techniques before sectionals. Sports — 99 WRESTLING GIRLS’ TENNIS Grand Slam For the Love of It The girls’ tennis team finished off a fine season with an eleven win and six loss record. Decisive victories included wins over Bishop Noll, Griffith and Highland, but Andrean archrival, Merrillville, narrowly defeated the Lady Niners in a 4-1 contest. Senior Amy Reed was chosen as this year’s Most Valuable Player with sophomore Michelle Jao as Most Improved. In sectionals, Andrean overcame Lowell in a close match, 3-2, before losing to Merrillville, 4-1. Coach Klora commented, “Girls’ tennis began four years ago, and several members have been with the team since its start. They are graduating now, but a new group of promising young players has arrived.” He feels that the undefeated junior varsity team “shows great promise.” ft r Andrean Opponent 4 Highland 1 4 Wheeler 1 3 Lake Central 2 5 Marquette 0 2 Portage 3 5 MC Rogers 0 2 Valparaiso 3 4 Calumet 1 4 Chesterton 1 3 Griffith 2 5 Bishop Noll 0 0 Culver Academy 5 1 Merrillville 4 0 Hammond Clark 5 4 Lake Station 1 Sectionals 3 Lowell 2 1 Merrillville 4 100 UPPER LEFT: MVP Amy Reed smashes a return to her Lake Station opponent. UPPER MIDDLE: Michelle Jao serves for match point. UPPER RIGHT: Angela Burroughs expertly volleys her opponents’ lob and wins the point and game. LOWER: Girls’ tennis team members are: First Row, Vicky Nicksic, Missy Rohrer, Angela Burroughs, Michelle Jao; Second Row, Greta Doumanian, Pam Vincent, Kim Kozlowski, Amy Reed, Molly Reed; Third Row, Coach Rosta, Missy Mohan, Jackie Moran, Therese Moran, Lisa Compton, Lynn Compton, Coach Klora. Sports i ip ill 1 w — m Herald Newspapers photo Sports — 103 GIRLS’ TRACK BOYS’ TRACK Ready . . . Set . . . Go! Runners Get Honors, Records The boys’ track team finished a successful season with a 5-4 record. “We had a good year with many personal bests achieved,” commented Coach Billick. Special achievements included a high jump record (1 2 0 " ) set by Jeff Novorita and Rob Freese and a pole vault record (20 0 " ) set by Bob Vegter and Joel Gross at the Lowell Relays. At the Valparaiso Relays, Jeff Novorita and Matt Hanlon set a record for the high jump relay (12 0 " ). Matt Hanlon also tied the sophomore high jump record (6 ' 4 " ) set in 1979 by his brother, Dan Hanlon. Several team members, including nine individuals in fifteen events, three 400 relay teams, and one 600 relay team qualified for sectionals. The qualifiers were Matt Prusiecki in the long jump, 100 and 200 meters, Tim Mihalik in the 400 meters, high hurdles and low hurdles, Paul Simatovich in the 200, 400 and 800 meters, Jeff Novorita, Rob Freese, and Matt Hanlon in the high jump, Bob Vegter in the pole vault, Jason Close in the 800 meters, and Eric Grafton in the 200 meters. Special award winners included, in field events, Most Improved Player Mike Barancyk and Most Valuable Player Jeff Novorita, and in running events, MIP Paul Simatovich and MVP Tim Mihalik. Matt Prusiecki was awarded the overall MVP honors. 104 Andrean Opponent 41 Munster 75 41 Boone Grove 40 48 Hobart 94 48 Chicago Heights 17 87 Wheeler 39 37 Lew Wallace 90 100 Lake Station 26 53 Wirt 74 82 Boone Grove 45 Lake Central Inv. Bishop Noll Inv. Andrean Relays Munster Inv. Lowell Relays Valpo Relays Sectionals 2nd 7th 2nd 4th 4th 7th 8th FAR LEFT: Bob Vegter goes for the ten foot mark. UPPER: Matt Prusiecki accelerates past his opponents in a 100 meter race. LOWER LEFT: After an 800 meter run, Jason Close wearily crosses the finish line. LOWER RIGHT: In preparation for the sectional meet, Paul Simatovich screws spikes into his Nike® running shoes. ABOVE: Rick Spurlock leaps a low hurdle in practice. Sports — 105 BOYS TRACK BASEBALL Heavy Hitters Niners Rage to 1 9-8 Season The Niner baseball team finished its regular season with an outstanding record of 19-8. Notable events included a 15-4 shellacking of Lew Wallace and a 10-6 win over Crown Point. Commented Coach Pishkur, “We had another fine season. We’ve established ourselves as one of the best ball clubs around with wins over most of the area teams. A strong Andrean baseball program has finally arrived.” — Sports 106 Andrean Opponent 1 Chicago St. Rita 2 3 LaPorte 2 6 Gary Horace Mann 3 15 Lew Wallace 4 7 Mt. Carmel 9 ; 7 Lowell 8 3 Griffith 2 3 Merrillville 1 7 Gary Roosevelt 6 11 River Forest 2 8 Lake Central 0 15 Lake Central 3 4 Merrillville 2 11 Wirt 4 6 Evanston 2 3 New Trier 13 11 Lake Station 1 4 Highland 0 2 Calumet 4 10 Morton 0 2 Highland 13 10 Crown Point 6 5 Marian 7 8 Hammond Clark 2 6 Morton 5 LEFT PAGE, UPPER: Scott Attar readies himself for a fastball. LOWER: Derrick Davis tags out his Roosevelt opponent. RIGHT PAGE, UPPER: Niner pitcher Dan Monore goes for a win against Highland. LOWER LEFT: Don Doffin pegs a perfect throw to first. LOWER RIGHT: Baseball team members are: First Row, Rob Weeks, Chris Potter, Jay Walters, Chad Close, Brian Bujdoso, Chris Lee, Pete Rogovich, Jeff McMichael, Scott Attar; Second Row, Coach Pishkur, Coach Wiltshire, Coach Gonzalez, Kevin Wolf, Don Doffin, Pat Morley, Tom Bennett, Derrick Davis, Mike Sawochka, Bill Zelin, Dan Monroe, Steve Mostello, and Dave Owen. Sports — 107 BASEBALL SOFTBALL 108 Swing Into Action The Andrean softball team ended its season with an 11-10 record. “We had an excellent start (6-0),” commented Coach Schultz, “but near the end of the season, we hit a low point and lost four straight. That’s what killed us going into sectionals.” In sectionals, the Lady Niners played well against Calumet with good, solid defense and with fine hitting by Toni Rossi, Aileen Blake, and Pam Arvay. In their second game, though they held the Brickies to a mere two points, the Niners generated little offense and left many stranded on base. The final score was Hobart 2, Andrean 1. Post-season honors included Nita Dziczkowski as Most Valuable Player. LEFT PAGE, UPPER: Rounding second and heading into third, Pam Arvay starts her slide. LOWER: Mikka Romanenko pitches her way to a three hit shutout in sectional play. RIGHT PAGE, UPPER LEFT: Aileen Blake awaits a pitch from her Hobart opponent. UPPER RIGHT: Jenny Potter hurls a fastball toward the plate. MIDDLE LEFT: Michele Macielak safely steals second base. MIDDLE RIGHT: Aileen Blake pivots and throws for a double play. LOWER: Softball members are: First row, Jennifer Martin, Jenny Potter, Jeanne Vuich, Heather Rakoczy; Second Row, Lynn Klus, Nora Fagen, Toni Rossi, Beth Flesher, Michele Macielak; Third Row, Coach “Yankee” Lanzalaco, Phyllis Sanchez, Pam Arvay, Mikka Romanenko, Jackie Kranik, Nita Dziczkowski, Aileen Blake, and Coach Schultz. — Sports Dziczkowski Wins MVP for Third Year Andrean Opponent 7 Calumet 0 10 Crown Point 9 7 Bloom Trail 6 15 EC Washington 5 15 Gavit 2 7 Gavit 6 3 Lake Central 10 11 Valparaiso 15 12 Whiting 6 4 Morton 5 7 St. Francis 5 5 Hobart 9 2 Chesterton 6 27 Bishop Noll 12 28 Marquette 4 7 Munster 12 0 Merrillville 24 6 Griffith 14 6 Lowell 14 10 Calumet 0 1 Hobart 2 Sports — 109 SOFTBALL SOCCER LEFT PAGE, UPPER: Soccer team members are: First row, Mike Parish, Rob Holcomb; Second Row, Isi Alba, Matt Miklosy, Larry Bosevski, Jim Watters, Pete Sanchez, Steven Schwartz, Mike Carlisle, Tom Radojicic, Mark Kazmier, D’Andre Hudson; Third Row, Tim Sullivan, Doug Kellar, Mike Benac, Mike Sanchez, John Olivieri, Rob Hruskovich, Bert Restyanszki, Dave Toth, Brian Hibbs and Tony Kerr. LOWER LEFT: John Olivieri goes for a score. LOWER RIGHT: Rob Holcomb tracks down the ball in the Lea Manor game. RIGHT PAGE, UPPER: Team members lend moral support to their fellow players on the field. LOWER: Bert Restyanszki dribbles the ball down the field. 4 Aj M w r ' Bfii.- ? ' " Tt. = = Heads Up! Team Reaches 7-3-1 Mark The soccer team wrapped up its season with an impressive record; decisive victories over Hammond, Valpo, Noll, and Merrillville helped the Niners coast to a 7-3-1 mark. In the final game of the season, Portage (6-0 in league play) defeated the Niners (4-2 in league play) to capture sole possession of the league title. Mike Sanchez and Mike Carlisle helped the team throughout the season with goals in nearly every game. Goalie Tim Sullivan, averaging about ten saves per game, also helped the cause. The greatest moral victory of the season was in the Culver game. Though it ended in a tie, the game proved a victory for the Niners, who had lost to tough Culver teams for five straight years. Andrean Opponent 0 Lea Manor (England) 5 6 Hammond 2 11 Bishop Noll 1 0 Munster 1 8 Wallace 1 2 Highland 0 2 Culver 2 4 Valpo 0 4 Chesterton 1 6 Merrillville 0 0 Portage 2 no SOCCER CO oc o CO a; O co cc O co a: O co a: O Becky Acevez Vicky Acevez Steven Acosta Tommy Aguilar Ed Anaszewski Olivia Arceo Scott Attar Jane Austgen Tony Azad Greg Badar Craig Ball Mitch Barloga Greg C. Barrera Laura Beckmann Robert Behnke Tom Bennett Brian Berger Julie Bernard Sarah Berndt David Best David Bettens Carrie Blaney Michelle Bobruk John Bodie Rob Bono Larry Bosevski Robert Bosevski Jackie Brody Jim Bucko Andriel Buggs Sam Bunjan Sheri Bunjan Jay Cabbie Mark Carpenter Anthony Cesario Michael Chary Nicquel Chavers 112 — Juniors Angela Chiarella Jill Chrispell Wayne Conley Robb Connors Lynn Conroy Demetrica Cook Gregory Crook Kelly Cusick Amy Dailey Darren Darnell Alfredo Davila Derrick Davis Pierre DeBois Gabe DelaPaz Simone DeMass Danielle Demkowicz Michelle Denton Michael DeRosa Mary Deruntz Yvonne Diwyk Angie Dixon Walter Drakis Thomas DuBois Angela Duffy Cathy Duffy Ray Dziubla Ana Equihua Stephanie Erikson Michael Erris Martin Falatic Jean Falconburg Mike Falcone Steve Fardy Nancy Finley Mimi Fisher Lisa Fleming Beth Flesher Antoinette Fordham Jeff Freese Eileen Friel Jennifer Gaydos Steve Gaydos J3 if) o 30 if) J3 if) J3 if) 30 if) Juniors — 113 ( cc o cc o ( ) cc o 0) cc o ( cc o Gino Giaconin Eve Gomez Elaine Gonzalez Charles Gore Jennifer Grecco Lauren Greer Rahul Gupta Madeline Hafner Ron Hargro Andrew Hasara Michelle Hayes Chris Heim Allison Heuring Brian Hibbs Tom Hokenson Denis Howorth Rob Hruskoci Tom Huber Lara Hughes Pat llada Michael Inman Michael Jacobs Joe Jakubielski Roderick Jao Todd Jaskolski Sheila Jeffers Kristin Jenkins Julianne Jeschke Todd Johnson Sandy Jonas Sue Jonas Marvin Jones Magnus Jonsson Jim Kaminski Tony Kerr Valerie Kidd Janene Kimble Marty Kopil Kimberly Kozlowski Jodi Kratkoczki John Kratkoczki Bill Krienke 114 — Juniors Beth Kroepfl Pamorn Kulsakdinun Jonathan Lapham Marcella Larson Laura Lavendusky Ryan Leach Chris Lee Kimberly Leslie Dawn LoVerde Jeffery Lucas John Lustina Teri Lynch Michele Macielak Kim Majchrowicz Lynn Malocha Eileen Manley Debbie Markovich George Martinez Andrea Matovina Eduardo Maya Tiffani Mayer Thomas McCobb Amy McCullough Susan McCullough Annie McGuire Mike McKissack Marcos Mejia Patrice Mellady Benjamin Mendoza Mary Mihalik Chantal Miller Shawna Mioduski Bill Mirabella Charles Mirich Jennifer Mirich Dan Monroe Tony Montemayor Pat Morley Steve Mostello Tonia Munoz John Muratori Maureen Murawski o J3 to o 30 tO o J3 tO O J3 (O O J3 CO Juniors — 115 CO cc o CO a: O co cr O co a: O co a: O Steve Nigro Reuben Ofsaiof Jennifer Olejnik John Olivieri Michael Oluvic Zorina Ombac Julie Ortegon Chung-Hsi Ou Meng-Hsi Ou David Owen Kevin Palansky Nileema Pargaonker Judy Penn Mark Perry Betsy Peterson Pattie Polansky Kimberly Poleski J.J. Porterfield Tamra Powell Matt Prusiecki Nino Radojicic Leandrew Randolph Jim Rangel Robert Rayson Molly Reed Pamela Rhodes LaShanda Rice 116 — Juniors Cathy Rivera Jerome Robinson Ronald Robinson Charity Rodriguez Peter Rogovich Ruth Roman Toni Rossi Vicky Rowland John Roytan Dawn Rucker Christine Sakes Barb Samplawski James Schenher Judy Scheuer Mitchell Sidor Paul Simatovich o 73 C o 73 ( O 73 C o 73 C O 73 C Juniors — 117 CO cc o ( ) cc o CO cc o CO cc o CO cc o The Junior class officers are: Front Row: Jennifer Grecco, secretary; Andrea Matovina, President. Back Row: Roderick Jao, Vice President, and John Lustina, Treasurer. Kim Skowronski Amy Someson Mark Stanger Kevin Suggs Tim Sullivan Timothy P. Sullivan George Synowiec Matt Tall Adam Thierer Tricia Thorn Taratip Thupvong Teri Tolman Susie Tomecko Rick Valenzuela Bob Vega Beth Vidal Randy Voller Jim Walesch Jay Walters Gordon Walton Kobjit Waranimman 118 — Juniors Acquanetta Washington Kevin Wheeler O 30 Neal Whited ( David Wielgus Scott Wilkins Krissy Willard o 3D ( Chayako Williams Tom Williford Jodie Wylie Beth Wynne Michael Yazvec Gilbert Yee Dawn Zajdel David Zielinski 30 ( Matthew Zima Joe Zuniga o 30 c n 30 ( Juniors — 119 Once in a lifetime . . . 120 — Organizations Organizations Remember . . . Traveling to Europe Skiing down Colorado slopes Painting stage sets Drinking root beer and eating pretzels Play practice Being inducted into the NHS Open House Serving at Mass Reading proposals at student council meetings Wearing sack-cloth during Latin slave week Writing copy and drawing layouts . . . Once in a lifetime. Organizations — 121 UPPER LEFT: Sherry Stanzione and Leigh Samarzija enjoy themselves at the S.A.D.D. sock hop. UPPER RIGHT: Matt Booker “gets down” at the S.A.D.D. sock hop. LOWER: Charity Rodriguez, Tricia Thorn, Jennifer Binkley, Sr. Marlene, and Greg Saffa prepare the balloon lift-off during S.A.D.D. Week. Awareness Week Held Students Get Information S.A.D.D., Students Against Drunk Driving, sponsored an awareness week March 17-21 to remind students of the hazards of driving drunk. S.A.D.D. took a survey of the entire student body on alcohol-related facts. Members also held a poster contest, in which posters were judged on originality, and a raffle for the use of a limousine for prom. At the end of the week, S.A.D.D. sponsored a sock hop. “S.A.D.D. week was successful,” Charity Rodriguez, S.A.D.D. vice-president, said, “because students learned much and everyone got involved.” S.A.D.D. officers are Sr. Marlene, moderator, Greg Saffa, president, Charity Rodriguez, vice-president, Jennifer Binkley, treasurer, and Tricia Thorn, secretary. 122 — Organizations UPPER: Y.A.R.C. Club officers are Yvette Logue, vice-president; Paula Pearce, president; Julie Jeschke, treasurer; and Beth Kroepfl, secretary. LOWER LEFT: The Easter Bunny visits with Arlandal Davis and his new friend. LOWER RIGHT: Vicki Vucich plays “Duck, Duck, Goose” with a group of her special friends. The Youth Association for Retarded Children is headed by Sister Paul. Members of Y.A.R.C. volunteer their time and services to bring happiness and joy to special children. They sponsor parties at Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and one during the summer. The results of Y.A.R.C. are two-fold. Members bring laughter and love to the children; in return, they receive lasting memories of the joy they have given to these children. Y.A.R.C. club officers are Paula Pearce, President, Yvette Logue, vice-president, Julie Jeschke, treasurer, and Beth Kroepfl, secretary. Spreading Happiness Students Give Love to Kids Organizations — 123 UPPER: Sheryl Thomas types an article for the Valentine’s Day issue. LOWER LEFT: Matt Ligda organizes pictures for an upcoming Acropolis edition. LOWER RIGHT: Judy Scheuer proofs Christmas feature copy. Spreading the Word Staffers Transmit News The Acropolis’s sports stories, departmental news, student polls, and thoughtful essays spread the word to the student body. With the help of editor Matt Ligda and mo derator Mr. DeFabio, the newspaper published six issues during the school year. These issues brought student body information as well as entertainment. “We accomplished much this year,” commented Ligda. “I’m happy with our publishings and the way everything worked out.” 124 — Organizations UPPER: Monica Reibly helps editor Teresa Gianoli compose introduction copy. LOWER LEFT: As seniors crowd around to receive their 1985 yearbooks, staffers frantically try to maintain order. LOWER RIGHT: Charity Rodriguez organizes the junior photographs for her section. The yearbook provides a year in review for all students and captures those moments we know are special. But now it has captured them in a different room. Last year, the Decussata was located in room 47, a cramped room with a view of the school disposal area. Over the summer, though, the Decussata moved up to room 224, a spacious room with fresh air, its own powder room, a luxurious patio with sunning area, and a picturesque view of Broadway. Under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Steele, staffers work in their lovely room, recording the year’s memories. Publishing Memories Staffers Adapt Well to Changes Organizations — 125 RIGHT: Karen Hibbs practices for the JETS competition. LOWER: Members of Andrean’s JETS team were Mr. Giorgio, moderator, Tom King, Kevin Schutz, Greg Volan, Brian Hibbs, Teresa Gianoli, Paul Conarty, Adam Thierer, and Karen Hibbs. Facts and Figures Math Club Successful With four math contests to compete in this year, Andrean’s Math Club kept busy practicing all types of math problems. Andrean emerged victorious from the I.U.N. calculator contest. In the upper division Kevin Schutz and Greg Volan tied for first place, and Chung Ou tied for ninth. In the lower division Peter Sawochka took fourth place. Andrean also competed in the Chesterton Math Contest on April 8, the Michigan City Rogers Math Contest on April 19 and the I.C.T.M. contest at I.U.N. on April 26. Math Club moderator Mr. Giorgio said, “Math Club spends most of its time organizing teams and preparing for contests.” However, members of the club are eligible for extra credit in their math courses if they complete problems on an extra credit sheet. 126 — Organizations Heroic struggles occur every week at Andrean. These battles take place on a chess board when Andrean students gather in room 219. The biggest battle of all took place in March. After weeks of preparation, Andrean’s chess club team entered into battle in the Indiana Chess Team Tournament on March 1st. The team prepared during the club’s weekly meetings on Thursdays in room 21 9. Many of the meetings were devoted to choosing the team, studying different moves, and honing chess skills to perfection under the guidance of club moderator and head coach Mr. Giorgio. Team captain Mike Chary commented on the tourney, “We did our best. The other schools seemed to have prepared more in depth than we did.” Other team members are juniors, Brian Hibbs, Randy Voller, Steve Fardy, and sophomore, Kevin Wislo. Board Battles Members Play in Contest Organizations — 127 UPPER: Scott Staley and Kevin Wislo match wits in a board game. UPPER: Ski Club members gather before they head down the slopes. LOWER: Mounting the slopes in Colorado, Frances McMahon, Chris Quenette, Dawn LoVerde, and Rob McMahon ready themselves for their runs. It’s All Downhill Club Skis in Colorado Over Christmas break, the Ski Club, directed by Mr. Slater, trekked to the slopes of nationally renowned Vail, Keystone, and Copper Mountain in Colorado and enjoyed the best skiing territory in the U.S. Timber Ridge Condominiums provided accommodations, which included a health club, outdoor heated pool, and sauna. With such great skiing opportunities offered to members, the Ski Club fully enjoyed the season. 128 — Organizations RIGHT: Bert Restyanszki and Rob Hruskovich demonstrate a chemistry project at Open House. LEFT: Lynn Martin and Kevin Schutz perform an experiment for their AP biology lab. Twice a month, Andrean students gathered in Room One for Science Club, made up of future scientists, scientifically-minded students, and those who were just curious. They held contests, such as estimating measurements of different objects, a catapult building contest, and an egg drop contest. Eggs were dropped from ten feet, and the winner was the first person who had built an egg container in less than thirty minutes and dropped it without the egg cracking. A trip to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and the Adler Planetarium highlighted the year. Mrs. Dustman is moderator. Officers are Nileema Pargaonker, president; David Zielinski, vice president; Bob Vega, secretary; and Betsy Peterson, treasurer. Searching Beyond Scientists Explore Ideas Organizations — 129 UPPER: Madeline Hafner prepares to collect donations for the Thanksgiving food drive. LOWER LEFT: According to John Cidulka and Pat McNeil, sharing is what it’s all about. LOWER RIGHT: Meaningful Vibrant Person, Frank Manista, performs at a senior retreat. 130 — Organizations LEFT: Brian VanBuskirk, Pam Arvay, Madeline Hafner, and Julie Ortegon ham it up for sophomores on retreat. RIGHT: Rob McMahon receives consultation and advice from Beth McCarthy in a retreat skit. Mission Club, Christian Service Club, and Campus Ministry are three organizations whose members put their Christian beliefs to work. Under Fr. Cerretto’s guidance, Mission Club members take up weekly collections in homerooms to aid people in this community and in other states and foreign countries. The Christian Service Club, under Sr. Marlene’s guidance, brings happiness to the needy. The Thanksgiving food drive provides food for families in this area; the Christmas toy drive supplies children in Appalachia with something for Christmas. The Campus Ministry, led by moderator Miss Mullaney, was responsible for planning retreats as well as penance services and Masses. Sharing Our Blessings Niners Help Those In Need Organizations — 131 BELOW: Dr. Peggy Elliott, Chancellor of Indiana University Northwest, addresses the National Honor Society and guests. RIGHT: Jeff McMichael, Rodger Jao, Dave Topp, Frank Manista, and John Olivieri celebrate their induction with punch and cookies. National Honor Society Fifty-Eight New Members Inducted iU s4«utenA ni 7 te4 tyteutaCi PetuUfe t , iecc y “RctAui tycififa. ’KaxeH. ' iUt s4c£ee«i 4C£l4o i ' rtyeunldj ‘S ' tetu i “Siyeut peiuUfai ' ttyre ec flac ie s4«uOUeC “ScKffa Ttaia S i ' iCey (ZaCfocutUf ‘TTtid (2 X4 UtJ4L ' Kcuc tutd S«CMUt (Zw 0 ? ' ia tce ' Kefiet Si H y ie ‘De ' WtcMA 7 Mt ' King. 132 — Organizations LEFT: Members pass the flame from the Candle of Knowledge. BOTTOM LEFT: New members wait to receive pins and certificates. BELOW: Honor Society officers and Fr. Whitley lead the procession. d Vli T ttud Vtt Tttatt TleyieMl TTtdke Sa tcdef TttccAaet ' KafuC 7tye£e t 0 (2 x t te££ pfryCUa Sa tc£e% P y 4t OCivieni 0 KC tt S MV 0 Vl4l TTtanceUa, d osiavk Dave Oevea ' Kevin ‘leupa decuoi 7tta Paye ‘Dave Sa vnetuf IKuMe ' »t eteea6 Tlciee ta Panyaa t6ex dauna Saeoneny Dea uui TTta una PauCa Peanee TTCasdeta, 7 add Pee4te 7dci 74i vut 4 idnea 77t dwlHa. Daxcey PiCade Dave 7ofefi ■ga tkcTH-oAm. 7o H ' PaeveCC tyney t a£ad 7?tc7tticd et TTlasuf Tfti iaM, TTtatt P ' uoUec l s4nuf “)R.eed dinda 70 iCejyttedi 7al TOo up4e-Sa«Ut S auma, TTCtaduefa ' " Sent “ .eeUfOaej i DetA TOytute SiM 7ttCna4e££a, ' WtaneeMa, ’Tttinicd 7 a d and Sa Kp£atve l 2 -yeast ne itde ' i Organizations — 133 LEFT: Student Council officers are First Row: Chris Lee, treasurer; Dawn LoVerde, secretary. Second Row: Bob Boby, president, Bert Restyanszki, vice-president. RIGHT: Brad and Brian VanBuskirk listen as Danny Oates presents a proposal for boys’ uniforms. Student Leaders Members Are Active Andrean has an efficient and active Student Council, made up of one senator from each homeroom. Headed by President Bob Boby, Vice-President Bert Restyanszki, Secretary Dawn LoVerde, and Treasurer Chris Lee, the Student Council undertook several activities. Under Father Quanz’s guidance, members raised and distributed money for organizations and events which included trips, dances, and rec nights. 134 UPPER LEFT: Erik Kullerstrand dons flashy clothes to perform at a pep assembly. RIGHT: Joe Adams rocks to the spirit beat. LEFT: Excited students catch the spirit at a pep assembly. “Oh, when the Andrean Niners fall in line, We’re gonna win this game another time. And for the red and gold we’ll fight, fight, fight, And for the red and gold we’ll fight with all our might. Oh yes, we’ll fight, fight, fight for every point. We’ll hold that line; we’ll hold that line. We’ll bury all our opponents. We’ll meet the score, beat the score; Fight! Fight! Fight!” The Andrean Booster Club screams out the fight song at football games, basketball games, and pep rallies. The Booster Club promotes school spirit by painting signs, organizing fan buses to away games, and creating skits for pep rallies. The Booster Club also organizes the sale of Homecoming mums. Beth McCarthy, senior member, said that the Booster Club tries to encourage involvement in and excitement about school activities by distributing bags of candy to football players before important games. Spirit Boosters Boosters Add Excitement Organizations — 135 New York . . And More Artists Tour NY, Help Community Posters and advertisements for school events are no problem for the Andrean Art Club. With moderator Mr. Listro heading a crew of willing workers, they offer their artistic gifts to many organizations around Andrean and in the community. One special project to which members donated time and talents was the American Cancer Society’s “Send a Mouse to College” campaign. But Art Club isn’t all service. Over Christmas vacation, forty members made an extended field trip to New York City, where they visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, attended Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, strolled Fifth Avenue, rode the Staten Island ferry, climbed to the top of the Empire State Building and saw a Broadway production of Forty Second Street. 136 — Organizations TlSu.ii rtout AMI RtCAN CANCER SOCIETY pend a F ou e I Cot?«„X fcronl j87 y RCRH S°ClETy I ry -••. .■ Organizations — 137 UPPER LEFT: Eric Grafton, host of “Family Food,” introduces the Havealots and Gotnots. LOWER LEFT: The host questions the Gotnots, those who represent the hungry of the world. RIGH T: Clowns represented the Havealots, those who are unaware of the world’s hunger problem. Clowning Around Clowns Spread Joy Whenever someone is in need, send in the clowns! An important project of the Clown Ministry was Oxfam, a world wide organization against hunger. This project centered upon the idea of “We Are the World.” The clowns asked the student body to fast from junk food for a week. Students collected pledges for every day they did not eat junk food. All pledges went to feed the hungry of Africa. Moderator, Sr. Marlene, and officers, Mary Grusak, president, Andrea Matovina, vice president, Tom Rosta, treasurer, and Jennifer Binkley, secretary, feel that the Oxfam project showed that Andrean students care about the world around them. It is clear: clowns are willing to help someone whenever he is in need. 138 — Organizations LEFT: Frank Manista develops pictures in the darkroom. RIGHT: Alex DaSilva climbs a ladder to get a better view of the Christmas tree-lighting ceremony. A group of photographers, under Mr. Strimbu’s guidance, met informally to take pictures for the school paper and yearbook. They attended all school events, took pictures, and developed the pictures in the school’s darkroom. Through experience, members learned important skills in order to take better pictures. Capturing Moments Photographers Trap Images Organizations — 139 LEFT: Latin Club officers are Mark Page, vice president, Vicki Vucich, president, and John Lustina, secretary. Not present is Matt Prusiecki, treasurer. UPPER RIGHT: Latin Club members await the coming of Saturn, whose feast they are celebrating. LOWER: Latin Club slave, Debbie Hoover, carries lunch trays for Mark Page and Vicki Vucich. Latin Lives Slaves Become Citizens Sponsored by Sister Paul, Latin Club is open to all students who are taking or have taken one year of Latin. Latin Club explores Roman culture, holidays, dress, and religion. Induction for members began with a short ceremony, introducing them to the spirits of Latin I, II, III, and IV. A slave week included the practices of wearing brown tunics, sitting at a special slave table in the cafeteria, and doing special tasks for senators, the senior members of the Latin Club. The most important day in the new Latin Club member’s life is Saturnalia, the feast of the Roman god, Saturn. On this important day, slaves become plebeians, and students exchange gifts and perform a skit about the gods and goddesses. 140 — Organizations UPPER: French Club officers are Miss Palaiologos, Jenny Hrebec, Thuptara Thupvong, Jim Kaminski, and Valerie Verde. LOWER: Jenny Hrebec and Valerie Verde enjoy the French cuisine at Cafe Bonne Femme. The French Club with its sponsor Miss Palaiologos gives club members a chance to experience the French culture in Northwest Indiana. One such activity included dinner at Cafe Bonne Femme in Merrillville. Members Attend Party Dining Out Organizations — 141 142 — Organizations Spanish Fiesta Members See Customs Chaperoned by moderator, Sister Jane, the Spanish Club traveled to Kokomo, Indiana, for Spanish Day. Members tasted authentic Spanish food, viewed flamenco dancers, and observed Spanish customs. This day gave students a chance to witness the customs of Spanish-speaking people. Other activities included breaking a piflata and holding a mock bullfight. Spanish Club officers are Kobjit Waranimman, Deanna Magura, Maureen Murawski, and Rich Valenzuela. UPPER: German Club members gather for Oktoberfest. LOWER: German Club officers are Jim Metro, Cheryl Lanfear, Barb Samplawski, and Marcella Larson. German Club members feasted on pretzels and root beer at the German festival, Oktoberfest. Under Mr. House’s guidance, members received an opportunity to observe this German holiday. German Holiday Members Hold Oktoberfest Organizations — 143 Once in our Lifetime Four years ago, high school stretched ahead of us, further into the future than we could see. Today, with the speed of a comet across the night sky, our four years have flashed past, and we are ready to leave Andrean and go forward. Saying goodbye is never easy. During our time here, we have been together, first as incoming freshmen, united by our mutual enthusiasms and expectations — and more than a few anxieties and fears. Events of the four years have brought us even closer together: a sock-hop to help a classmate, homecoming floats, blood drives, tree-trimming parties, retreats, hard- fought Armageddon battles, defeats, victories, tears, and cheers. Now we go our separate ways, but we will carry memories with us of these, the best of times — the once in a lifetime events. UPPER RIGHT: At a senior retreat, John Cidulka makes dish duty fun. LOWER RIGHT: Pat McNeil performs a skit at his retreat. LOWER LEFT: Seniors celebrate the girls’ basketball sectional win over Crown Point. 144 — Seniors Joe Adams Brad Aeschliman Josie Helen Aguirre Michele Alston Laurie Alvarez Tammy Anaszewski Bill Anderson Rick Anthony Pamela Arvay Anthony J. Barlas Christine Bellich Michael Anthony Benac Amy M. Bernat Jeff Bistrow Seniors — 145 Joseph Gonzales Rafael Gonzalez Robert Gorski Dana Govert Maria Govert Eric Antoine Grafton Bryan Greenwell Jennifer Guelinas 44 tV 5 6 Bill Gurdian Bridget A. Heckler Colleen Hill Karen Hibbs Germaine Hill Duncan Hines Mary Joy Hnat Rob Holcomb Seniors Mary Malloy 52 — Chris Majchrowicz Seniors Mark Ligda Matthew J. Ligda Yvette Logue Kirk Lowe Bobby Luckiewicz Deanna Magura Frank C. Manista Tabitha Nicole Maris Lynn Martin Jesse S. Martinez Tia Largura Ralph Larson Kristen Laskowski Inga D. Lewis Tony McKinley Meredith McLean Robert C. McMahon Jeff McMichael Senior Royalty Hnat Wins Hobart Junior Miss Title Just as Their Royal Highnesses Charles and Diana honored the United States with their visit, Andrean has also been honored with royalty. Mary Joy Hnat was crowned Hobart Junior Miss on November 17 at Hobart High School. Mary Joy earned her title by running against fifteen other competitors. She was judged on poise, appearance, a creative performance in which she tap- danced to “Puttin’ on the Ritz,’’ physical fitness, academic achievement, and an interview. By winning the title, Mary Joy earned a $500 scholarship and a necklace. “I’m thrilled!” commented Mary Joy. “I was so shocked when they announced that I’d won. It’s been fun — I’ve made so many new friends, and competing in Indianapolis for the Indiana Jr. Miss title was an experience that I’ll never forget!” Seniors 153 Laura Susoreny Cam Stram Jill Stern Thuptara Thupvong Sheryl Thomas Sandra Tchoukaleff David S. Toth David Torrence David Topp Katrina Todd Stephanie Lynn Trexler Chrissie Uhles Paul J. Vale Brad VanBuskirk Seniors LEFT: Included in Mr. Versatility’s, Rob McMahon’s, vast array of skills is the ability to fly. RIGHT: Joe Adams shows off his award-winning talents at Andrean Aid. Class of 1 986 SENIOR ROYALTIES MOST VERSATILE Rob McMahon Aileen Blake MOST ARTISTIC Dea Ard Bill Guardian MOST MISCHIEVOUS Missy Gard Rob Holcomb MOST DRAMATIC Susan Craig Joe Adams FUNNIEST LAUGH Tabby Maris Kevin Wolf BEST PHYSIQUE Laura Susoreny Paul Vale MOST EXTRA-SOCIABLE Mia Costanza Todd Peebles BEST COUPLE Darcey Pliske Brian Kellenburger BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Amy Brislen Frank Manista MOST ATTACTIVE Lisa Compton Rob McMahon MOST SHCOOL SPIRIT Roxanne Gard Bert Restyanszki BEST DRESSED Nancy Raich Rodger Jao MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Teresa Gianoli Kevin Schutz NICEST HAIR Valerie Verde Jeff Novorita MOST ATHLETIC Nita Dziczkowski Bill Zelin BEST EYES Phyllis Sanchez Sean Doolin BEST LEADER Mia Costanza Bob Boby MOST SCHOLARLY Vicki Vucich Greg Volan BEST MUSICAL TALENT Linda Wilcznaski Cam Stram BEST PERSONALITY Marcella Mirich Todd Peebles NICEST SMILE Lisa Compton Todd Peebles BEST LEGGS Laura Susoreny Kevin Wolf BEST DANCER Susan Craig Shirley Callowey Rodger Jao Seniors — 161 162 — Seniors LEFT PAGE, FAR LEFT: Rob McMahon explains the significance of the offertory gifts. UPPER RIGHT: Our Lady of Consolation Church was the site of Baccalaureate. MIDDLE RIGHT: Senior class officers, Aileen Blake, president, Rob McMahon, vice president, Tom King, treasurer, and Marcella Mirich, secretary, and Todd Peebles stand for the profession of faith. LOWER RIGHT: Seniors reflect upon their years at Andrean. RIGHT PAGE, UPPER LEFT: Frances Kepes, Brenda Bryan, Mignon DeBie, Patti Oprish, Mary Weber, Lori Knudson, and Nola Isla show their happiness. LOWER RIGHT: Tal Wongse-Sanit and Teresa Gianoli present the gift of the Decussata. You Are My Friends By Linda Wilczynski REFRAIN: You mean so much more to me today Than you did the day before yesterday; You shared with me; you cared for me; You loved me just the way I am. And through the tears, through the Pain and fears, you gave me strength To stand alone again. But now I Don’t have to be alone anymore Because I have you. You are my friends. We are all so much different But now in one way we’re the same — We have a bond of love, a bond of friendship, A bond that helps me through each day. REFRAIN We are now like a family — A brother, a sister, and a friend. We have a love full of joy, a love Full of happiness, a love that will never end. REFRAIN We will soon go our separate ways To college, career or a home, But there’s one thing graduation Will never change, And that’s our love, that’s our love. REFRAIN No, now I don’t have to be alone anymore Because I have you. You are my friends. Seniors — 163 Senior Honors . . . Special Recognition Awards Bishop Grutka Award for Christian Service Lisa Kaufman Sister Emma Award for Dedicated Service to the School . Mia Costanza Bert Restyanszki Outstanding Achievement in English Vicki Vucich Kevin Schutz Outstanding Achievement in Science Teresa Gianoli Kevin Schutz Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics Karen Hibbs Greg Volan Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies Kirk Zapp Greg Volan Outstanding Achievement in Foreign Language Paul Conarty Rob McMahon Outstanding Achievement in Business Education Lynda Easton Sylvia Richter Outstanding Achievement in Art Dea Ard Jill Lach Outstanding Achievement in Drafting and Design Cam Stram Four Years Perfect Attendance Tony Cavazos, Brady D’Andrea, Andrea Deruntz, Don Doffin, Kim Salomon, Mary Weber 164 — Seniors Lions Club Outstanding Seniors Mia Costanza Tim Fealy Teresa Gianoli Doug Kellar Tom King Frank Manista Marcella Mirich Mark Page Paula Pearce Linda Wilczynski Outstanding Student Awards Mia Costanza Bert Restyanszki Outstanding Scholar Athletes Aileen Blake Tom Powell Most Valuable Staff Member The Post-Tribune Matthew J. Ligda Scholastic Journalist Award The Hammond Times Teresa Gianoli Indiana Hoosier Scholars Rob Hruskovich Vicki Vucich Alternates Top Ten 1 . Kevin Schutz 2. Greg Volan 3. Teresa Gianoli Paul Conarty 5. Rob Hruskovich 6. Vicki Vucich 7. Tom King 8. Karen Hibbs 9. Rob McMahon 10. Mark Page Therese Moran Karen Hibbs Therese Moran Mark Page dar Good Citizen Award Chris Rettig Frances Kepes National Merit Scholars Greg Volan Tom Powell Kevin Schutz Paul Conarty Linda Simon National Achievement Commended Finalist Shirley Calloway National Merit Commended Students Joe Adams Rob Crawford Brady D’Andrea Teresa Gianoli Karen Hibbs Rob Hruskovich Lori Knudson Matt Ligda Tony McKinley Patricia Oprish Chris Rettig Vicki Vucich Mary Weber Seniors — 165 166 LEFT PAGE, UPPER: Rafael Gonzales, Pete Fotinos, Eric Grafton, Chris Majchrowicz, Joey Jimenez, and Mike Sawochka show their pre-graduation excitement. LEFT: Joe Adams and Josie Aguirre proudly lead the procession of graduates into the gym. MIDDLE RIGHT: Dea Ard, Tammy Anaszewski, and Laurie Alvarez wait to receive their diplomas. LOWER RIGHT: Usher Roderick Jao escorts Sr. Catherine Ann, Fr. Cerretto, and the graduates from the auditorium. RIGHT PAGE, UPPER: With a grin on his face, Tony Barlas is more than happy to receive his diploma. LOWER LEFT: Jason close exudes that “I am cool " look. LOWER RIGHT: Dea Ard accepts congratulations from Fr. Whitley. Seniors — 167 UPPER LEFT: For the last time as Andrean students, Chris Brody and Craig Teske walk through the campus. LOWER LEFT : Kevin Schutz, Marcella Mirich, and Tom King solemnly step down from the stage as commencement comes to a close. U PPER MIDDLE: Bruised and bandaged, Doug Kellarand Matt Negrelli are still able to smile. LOWER MIDDLE: As the Alma Mater is sung, Bishop Gaughan closes the celebration. UPPER RIGHT: Happiness radiates from the faces of Todd Peebles and Frances Sosa. MIDDLE RIGHT: Chris Bellich, Amy Bernat, Marie Bosevski, Chris Brandt, and Vicky Braun are mesmerized by Bishop Gaughan’s address. LOWER RIGHT: As parents proudly applaud, Fr. Whitley presents the class of 1986. THE YEAR FOCUS: TERRORISM NATIONAL WORLD Terrorism dominated the news. Stories of hijackings, bombings, hostages, and American retaliations were so prevalent they became commonplace. FLIGHT 847 In the summer of 1985, terrorists captured TWA flight 847 in Athens and held 153 victims hostage. The last 39 Americans were finally released 17 days later, but during that time the hijackers had brutally beaten and killed Robert Stetham, an American. ACHILLE L AURO In October, four Palestinian terrorists intercepted the Italian cruise ship, the Achille Lauro, and held Amercian and European tourists hostage for 3 days. The terrorists murdered Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old confined to a wheelchair. When the terrorists attempted to fly out of Egypt, four F-1 4 fighter planes intercepted the getaway plane over the Mediterranean and brought the four terrorists down into custody in Sicily. MALTA In November, Arab Hijackers took control of EgyptAir flight 648 and forced a landing on Malta. After terrorists killed five passengers, Egyptian commandos intervened with a gun-battle that claimed the lives of 57 more passengers. ABU NIDAL In January of 1986, Palestinian gunmen belonging to a terrorist groupled by Abu Nidal simultaneously attacked airports in Rome and Vienna. The attacks killed 14 people, including an 11 -year-old American girl. TRIPOLI Ronald Reagan, claiming to have irrefutable proof that Moummar Gaddafi was responsible for a Berlin discotheque bombing, ordered a sneak attack on Libya on April 21. US F-1 11 bombers took off from Great Britain headed for Tripoli, bypassing France and Spain when both countries denied access to their air-space. Reaching Libya around 2 A.M., the F-1 1 1 ’s bombed T ripoli for 1 1 minutes, hitting naval targets, an airfield, Gaddafi’s residence, and other targets. One F- 111 plane was reported lost. Tourism in Europe was at an all-time low. SPACE SHUTTLE On January 28 the United States and its space program were struck a devastating blow when the space shuttle Challenger exploded less than a minute after takeoff, killing the seven astronauts aboard, including civilian teacher Christa McAuliffe. TELEVISION NBC took its first number one rating in years with the hit program The Cosby Show. Other popular programs of the season were Moonlighting and The Wheel of Fortune. HANDS ACROSS AMERICA On May 25, 1986, millions of Americans joined together to make a chain across the country. Although there were gaps in the line, the effort succeeded in raising millions of dollars for charity. DICTATORS EXILED In the Philippines the government of Ferdinand Marcos was overthrown and replaced by the government of Mrs. Corazon Aquino. In Haiti revolutionaries toppled the dictatorial government of Baby Doc Duvalier. Both are searching for permanent residences; temporarily, however, Marcos is staying in Hawaii and Duvalier in France. NUCLEAR DISASTER In May the largest nuclear meltdown in history occurred when the Chernobyl Power Plant near Kiev in the Ukraine spewed radiation and dust particles over western Asia and eastern Europe, killing 19 people and destroying many dairy and grain products. LIVE-AID On July 13, 1985, the largest concert ever staged took place simultaneously on two continents. Live-Aid, a massive trans-Atlantic concert to combat hunger in Africa, entertained over a billion viewers throughout the world for over 16 hours. The concert, which raised more than 30 million dollars, highlighted Phil Collins, who performed both in Wembley Stadium in London and later in John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia. 170 — Year in Review IN REVIEW LOCAL NEWS DEATH SENTENCES Alton Coleman and Debra Brown were both given the death sentence in several states, including Indiana, for their 1984 killing spree. The sentence in Lake County, Indiana was the most important because Indiana is more likely to impose the death penalty than other Midwestern states. SUICIDE OR HOMICIDE? Police reopened the case of 52 year old Hobart man, James Cooley, who was found dead last year with 32 hammer blows to the head. Local police had termed it sui cide, but state police reopened the case and are now investigating the possiblility of homicide. SPORTS NEWS SUPERBOWL CHAMPS Chicago Bears dominated the 1985 National Football League season. After twelve straight wins, they lost to the Miami Dolphins, then won the rest of their games, including a Superbowl blowout over the New England Patriots, 40-10. The Bears achieved their 18-1 record with their “46 defense,” rated number one in the NFL, and with Hall-of-Fame-bound running back Walter Payton. The Bears also brought humor to football by introducing 305 lb. William “The Refrigerator” Perry as a running back. BROKEN RECORD Player-manager Pete Rose of the Cincinnati Reds broke Ty Cobb’s record for most hits when TOP MOVIES Out of Africa The Color Purple Kiss of the Spiderwoman Back to the Future Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Rambo Murphy’s Romance Pretty in Pink he hit his 4,192nd hit near the end of last season. Rose, who has played major league baseball for more than twenty years, has no plans for retirement. TOP MUSIC ARTISTS Dire Straits Whitney Houston John Cougar Mellancamp Prince World Series 1 NCAA Basketball Kansas City Royals 4 Louisville 72 St. Louis Cardinals 3 Duke 69 1 NCAA Football NBA Championship Oklahoma Sooners 25 Boston Celtics 4 Penn State Nittany Lions 10 Houston Rockets 2 Super Bowl Stanley Cup CHICAGO BEARS 46 Montreal Canadiens 4 New England Patriots 10 Calgary Flames 1 Year in Review — 171 NORTHERN INDIANA ARTS ASSOCIATION Outstanding Award Bill Koch — “The Hunter” First Place in Media Bill Gurdian — “Quiet Times” Frances Kepes — “Fallen Women” Honorable Mention Michele Macielak Karen Saroian AHS YEAR 29th ANNUAL REGIONAL ART EXHIBIT Amy Bernat — first in arts and crafts Jill Lach — first in painting James Walesch — first in graphics Karen Saroian — second in drawing Frances Kepes — hon. men. in sculpture INDIANA FEDERATION OF CLUBS Jill Lach — first place MAGIC OF THE DUNES CONTEST Karen Hibbs — first place in prose Frances Kepes — second place in poetry Mary Grusak — honorable mention in poetry QUINCY COLLEGE POETRY CONTEST Meri McLean — second place MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. ESSAY CONTEST Linda Simon — second place OPTIMIST ESSAY CONTEST Rob Hruskovich Dwane Peterson Barbara Ratkay LATIN SWEEPSTAKES TROPHY Kevin Schutz Teresa Gianoli Vicki Vucich Tricia Thorn Chantal Miller Mike Chary Matt Prusecki John Lustina Mark Stanger Cindy Oresik Barb Ratkay Leanne Price NATIONAL LATIN EXAMS GOLD: Tim Schutz Jennifer Bouska SILVER: Jennifer Lottes Andriel Buggs Matthew Rouge Michael Wiltermood William Walters Kevin Schutz Mike Inman Bill Gurdian — “Quiet Times” 172 — Year in Review IN REVIEW NINER NEWS TEACHER OF THE YEAR Inland Steel named Mr. Sammy Listro Teacher of the Year for 1986. Mr. Listro earned recognition because of his obvious dedication to his work and his students. AUTO ACCIDENT On November 4, Miss Roseann Trapane and her mother were seriously injured in an automoble accident. Through the prayers, cards, and thoughts of the Andrean community, both regained their health. JETS On Tuesday, February 18, the Andrean JETS team captured the third place trophy at the annual competition at Purdue Calumet. Andrean participated with fifteen area high schools in the large high school division. The team followed in the tradition of the 1985 team, which also won the third place trophy. ACADEMIC DECATHLON The Academic Decathlon team came in second place at the regional competition at Merrillville High School, losing out to the host school. The team went on to state competition, where it placed third behind Merrillville and Indianapolis North Central. ANDREAN-AID In the spirit of Live-Aid and Farm-Aid, Andrean had its own benefit rock concert on March 1, 1986 Andrean-Aid was held in the boys’ gym from 2-10 p.m.; the $3 admission fee went to charity. Performing at Andrean-Aid were Currently Nameless, Deviance, Code Red, Custard Pie, and Unknown. UNIFORMS A senior faction of the Student Council led by Brian Van Buskirk and Danny Oates started a mid-winter controversy by proposing that the boys have a dress uniform starting in fall of 1986. The proposal was strongly supported by senior and junior boys, who would not be affected by the proposal because of senior privilege. The proposal, opposed by underclassmen boys and some sympathetic girls, passed by a hand count 55-54. A recount was refused by Bob Boby, Student Council President. Although many considered the proposal to be a big joke, it enlivened the council during the winter-time doldrums. Bill Koch — “The Hunter” ART AWARD Jill Lach won an $800 scholarship by placing first in an art competition sponsored by the Indiana Federation of Clubs held in Indianapolis on April 22. She also was awarded $50 for “most popular piece.” DAYTIME ROMANCE During Christmas break, Mr. Terry Slater asked Miss Donna Bombassaro to be his wife. They planned an August 2 wedding. Year in Review — 173 Mr. Barancyk “Graduates” Mr. William Barancyk, Andrean’s Dean of Students for eighteen years, retired at the end of the 1985-86 school year. Mr. Barancyk became interested in Andrean in 1 968 at the suggestion of a friend. At that time, he was Sergeant Barancyk and ready to retire from the Gary Police Department after 20 years of service. At the time of his retirement, Sergeant Barancyk was offered two jobs: he could remain on the police force but not in active duty or he could work as Andrean’s Dean of Students. The decision was not an easy one. The latter position called for a cut in salary, but it would also give him the chance to work on a one-to-one basis with high school students. Mr. Barancyk feels that he made the right decision and has no regrets. Mr. Barancyk has in his eighteen years maintained a high opinion of Andrean’s student body. He cites “Christian values” and an atmosphere that at its best “makes people feel a part of the whole” as reasons for his opinion. Fairness has always been Mr. Barancyk’s goal in dealing with Andrean students. The Dean feels that the most important element of his job has been to keep a view of the student as an individual. He worked hard not to stereotype students because of the actions of a few. He feels the need to understand why a student behaved as he did, not just focus attention on what he did. Mr. Mark Strimbu, one of several teachers at Andrean who knew Mr. Barancyk as a student and now knows him from the point of view of a teacher, attests to Mr. Barancyk’s fairness and humanity. Senior Rob Holcomb points out that the Dean is “always willing to listen.” Mr. Barancyk’s connection with Andrean is deepened by the connection of members of his family. His grandson Mike is currently a sophomore. His nephew Steven was the valedictorian in 1980, and his nephew Frank was Student Council president in 1981. After retirement, Mr. Barancyk plans to maintain his relationship with members of the Andrean community. While keeping busy with domestic duties and church-related activities, he feels he will have time to “maintain contact” with the many friends he has made over the years among students, faculty, and administration. Fr. Whitley’s comments on the Dean summarize the feelings of most members of the Andrean community who knew Mr. Barancyk: “Mr. Barancyk will be deeply missed. I have come to know him as a person of great humility, warm, tender, sincere, and of an understanding heart. His integrity and professional manner were much appreciated. As an understanding friend of youth and frequently as their sympathetic confidant, he has made a substantial contribution to life at Andrean. I wish him well in his retirement.” 0 7 I rzs 7 you t ! COMMUNITY Mr. William Barancyk Mr. James Klora Jo and Jack Powell Mrs. Petra Steele Mrs. Edith Jakich Miss Carol Mullaney Mrs. Margaret Shafer The T(h)eresa Twins Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Giorgio, Jr. and Family Dr. and Mrs. William R. Lewis and Wendy Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Reibly Sisters of SS. Cyril and Methodius Mr. and Mrs. John James Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Wirtz (219) 980-5750 MEADOWS HOUSE OF FLOWERS GIFTS ED AND ALVERA TOKAR 5713 HARRISON ST. MARV AND DORA ARGENTA MERRILLVILLE. IN 46410 JAMES H. HADEY, M.D. Gynecology-Infertility Merrillville Health Center 6111 Harrison Street Merrillville, IN 46410 (219) 980-6165 176 — Community U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Nationally Advertised Brands ITATI FARM INSUtANCI Compliments of Outstanding Quality Better Selection Lower Prices ANDREW A. ATTAR Agent 19 W. 73rd Avenue Merrillville, Indiana 46410 (219) 738-2588 (219) 769-1188 219 769-3320 INTERIORS Interior Design Residential -Contract Four Convenient Locations Helen Volan, ASID 500 W. Lincoln Hwy Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Andrea: you’ri with i n, is. 11 t ' Times for All Local News. Sports, and Advertising h and the Top Quality Market in the Calumet Region Community — 177 CONGRATULATIONS RODGER THE CLASS OF ’86 3 Down: Marita Class of ’83 Radmar Class of ’84 Rodger Class of ’86 6 To Go: Roderick Class of ’87 Michelle Class of ’88 Mylene Class of ’90 Rodolfo Class of ’92 Rodney Class of ’93 Rodell Class of ’97 DR. MRS. RODOLFO L. JAO 178 — Community CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1 986 COMPLIMENTS OF Daniel R. Kozlowski, D.D.S., M.S. Henry Feinberg, D.D.S., M.S. Harry Frank, D.D.S. ENDODONTICS, INC. 8679 Connecticut Street 9042 Columbia Avenue Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Munster, Indiana 46321 (21 9) 769-1 166 (21 9) 836-5940 Community — 179 WENDY (HODGES) TATTER REDKEN Wendy’s UNISEX STYLING SALON MON. 9-7 TUES.-FRI. 9-9 SAT. 8-4 SUN. 10-4 2301 FAIRVIEW LAKE STATION, IN 219-962-7984 Best Wishes from E. T. Pappas, M.D. Merrillville Health Center 6111 Harrison St. Merrillville, IN 980-6114 CROWNTIQUE Fine Antique Estate Jewelry Gold — Diamond — Gems Repair and Custom Services CLOSED SUNDAY and MONDAY 146 N. Main Crown Point, IN 663-9049 180 — Community Congratulations to the Class of 1 986 from Dela Paz Medical Corporation 8679 Connecticut Street Merrillville, IN 46410 Community — 181 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1 986 Oral Surgery Group, Inc. E. Witkin, D.D.S. R. E. McMahon, D.D.S. S. P. Taurus, D.D.S. R. E. White, D.D.S. 8691 Connecticut Street Merrillville, Indiana 46410 887-4991 769-2720 182 — Community JOHN THE CROWD AT ARBY’S 5790 Broadway Merrillville OPEN Sun.-Thurs. 10:30-10:00 Fri.-Sat. 10:30-11:00 Community — 183 To the Class of 1 986 OUR BEST WISHES FOR A LIFE OF GREATER AND BETTER ACHIEVEMENT Dr. Mrs. G. J. Volan 184 — Community CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1 986 from Dr. Mrs. Leon Kinasiewicz and Family Michael Class of ’86 Michelle Class of ’88 Community — 185 CHUCK GARD STATE FARM Ills. BROAD GRIFFITH, IN 46319 r " “ " STAff UIM INSUBAMCI CHUCK GARD Agent Ph. (219) 924-5020 • Auto • Home • Life • Health Quality Flowers For All Occasions 1 CENTRAL FLORISTS 1 6701 -A Broadway Merrillville, IN. 46410 Phone G. C. MOLIK 736-9077 Owner 736-9078 CONGRATULATIONS from 6124 Broadway Merrillville BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS OF M. U. Pargaonker, M.D. Chapel Plaza 7895 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 769-1585 186 — Community CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1 986 from B. KRISHNA DEV, M.D. 6111 Harrison Street Merrillville Health Center Community — 187 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Michele and the Class of 86 Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Roig and Family Merrillville Eye Clinic 8500 Broadway 188 — Community “There is only one success ... to be able to spend your life in your own way.” Christopher Moriey Congratulations and the Best of Luck to the Class of 1 986 from Drs. Y. and V. Wongse-Sanit and Family Naree Class of ’85 Tal Class of ’86 Kathy Class of ’88 Nick and Nat Class of ’94 Communit 1 — 189 BEST OF LUCK FROM THE LAZZARO COMPANIES PLASTICS • STEEL DOORS • HARDWARE • GLASS • WINDOWS • MIRRORS 980-0860 738-1810 5880 BROADWAY, MERRILLVILLE Carl Lazzaro — Ben Lazzaro — Chuck Lazzaro — George Putz — Frank Lazzaro Jr. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL from THE GEISENS Geisen Funeral Home, Inc. 7905 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 190 — Community 3731 RIDGE, HIGHLAND, IN Bikes and Accessories Racing and Touring Equipment Northwest Indiana’s Largest Schwinn Dealer 923-2555 decor tile inc. 2204 US 41 Schererville, IN 46375 (219) 332-1500 Ceramic Floor Wall Tile Marble, Parquet Flooring Community — 191 DEEN EYE CLINIC, P.C. DEEN OPTICAL SERVICES Christopher Deen (Ophthalmologist) 980-6143 Merrillville Health Center 6111 Harrison Street Merrillville, IN 46410 JOHN P. BUSHEMI Professional Corp. Atty. 5847 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 PHONE 769-4888 REEVES FLOWERAMA, INC. LIBERTY SQUARE 7886 BROADWAY MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA 46410 192 — Community Trailer Sales On Rt. 30 V4 East of Rt. 41 (219) 865-1656 Coachmen Nomad Prowler Palomino Motor Homes j ravel T railers 5th Wheels Fold Down Campers Sales and Service UNION FLORISTS 1520 GRANT GARY, IN 944-7100 Merrillville Gary 7880 Broadway 1 81 8 W. 35th Merrillville, IN Ave ' 46410 Gary, IN 46408 738-2770 981-1131 Valparaiso 51 Indiana Ave. Valparaiso, IN 46383 465-7000 TEIBEL’S There are a number of outstanding restaurants in and around Chicago but few with the reputation and longevity of TEIBEL ' S in Schererville, Indiana, located at the busy intersection of Routes 30 and 4 1 . The big attraction, of course, is their good food and reasonable prices. Their fresh lake perch and fried chicken are two of the most sought after items on the menu, with over 6,000 pounds of chicken and 3,000 pounds of perch leaving the kitchen each week. There are ideal accommodations at TEIBEL ' S for all types of group functions, such as wedding receptions, industrial banquets, anniversary parties, etc. Three delightful rooms are available for most size groups from 40 to 450 guests. For information or reservations, call (1-219) 865-2000. They will be happy to assist you Open daily for lunch and dinner from 1 1 am to 1 0 pm. Reservations suggested for weekends. Community — 193 194 — Community Abraham, Miriam 33 Acevez, Becky 112 Acevez, Vicky 112 Acosta. Stanley 70, 72 Acosta. Steven 112 Adams, Joe 13, 20, 67, 132. 135, 145, 160, 167 Aeschliman, Brad 86. 145 Aguilar, Tommy J. 112 Aguirre. Josie Helen 145, 167 Alba, Isidro 33 Allegretti, Jim 70, 86, 99 Allen. Kyle 33 Aloia, Mark 20, 63, 132, 145 Alston, Michele 145 Alvarez, Laurie 14, 55. 145, 167 Anaszewski, Edward 112 Anaszewski, Tammy 132, 145, 167 Anderson, Bill 23, 82. 132, 145 Anderson, Eleanor L. 33 Anderson, Mary Kay 33 Andreani. Laura 33 Anthony, Rick 145 Arceo, Bernadette 70 Arceo, Luis 33 Arceo, Olivia 61,112 Ard, Dea 69, 145, 167 Artemiuk, Jason 70, 95 Arvay, Pamela 88. 108, 131, 132, 145, 169 Attar. Jenny 70, 76, 88, % Attar, Scott 26. 86, 107, 112 Augustine, Mike 33, 85 Austgen, Jane 112 Ayala. Hope 70 Azad. Tony 112 Azcona, Arturo 33, 85 Azcona, Roman 33, 85 Azcona, Steven 70 Babicka, Missie 33, 69, 88 Baccetti, Dina 70 Bachich, Kelli 70 Back, Mike 60, 70 Badar, Greg 112 Ball, Craig 112 Baton, Vanessa S. 70 Bane, Krista 33, 88 Bane, Mike 70 Banks, Anthony 33 Banzen, Mike 33, 85 Baran, Melody 70 Barancyk, Michael 70, 99 Barber, Kelli 33 Barlas. Anthony J. 17, 80, 145, 167 Barloga, Karen 70 Barloga, Mitch 80, 112 Barney, Mike 70 Baron, William R. 70 Barrera, Greg 112 Barton, Dale 33 Bass, Marenda 33 Beasley, Dana 70, 90. 91 Beckmann, Carol 70, 96 Beckmann, Laura 112 Behnke, Robert 112 Beiriger, Cathy 70 Bellich, Christine 145, 169 Bellich, Mike 70 Benac, Christopher 70 Benac, Michael Anthony 23, 82, 145 Benedyk, Laura 33 Benka, Stacy 70 Bennett, Sam 33, 85, 95 Bennett, Tom 92. 107, 112, 132 Bensie, Patty 33, 58 Benus, Matthew 33 Berger, Brian 82, 112 Bernard. Julie 112 Bemat, Amy M. 145, 169 Bemdt, Sarah 112 Berry, Kimberly 70 Best, David 112 Bettens, David 112 Betz, Annette 70 Bianchi, Laura 33, 88 Bielefeld, David 70. 99 Billena, Rodney 33, 85 Binkley, Jennifer 70, 122 Bishop, Joe 70, 83, 86 Bistrow, Jeff 145 Blachly, Joyce 70 Blake, Aileen 13, 23, 24, 52, 88, 96, 97, 108, 132, 146 163 Blake, Bridget 22, 70, 88 Blaney. Carrie 112 Bobruk, Lisa 33, 90 Bobruk, Michelle 112 Boby, Bob 86, 134, 146 Boby, Trisha 33 Bodie, John 112 Bodney. Paul 146 Bohney, Timothy J. 146 Bono, Rob 112 Booker, Matt 67, 70, 74, 122 Boose, Addulah 33 Bosevski, Larry 1 12 Bosevski, Marie 146, 169 Bosevski, Robert M. 112 Botts, Angela 112 Bouska, Jenny 33 Brack, Christine 70 Brack, Joe 86 Brandt. Christine 146, 169 Brandt. Janet 33 Braun, Richard 70 Braun, Vicky 146, 169 Brengettey, Mark 70 Brennan, Luke 33 Brim, John 33 Brislen. Amy 146 Brody, Chris 146, 169 Brody, Jackie 81, 90, 91, 112, 132 Brokemond, Shawn 88, 146 Bryan, Brenda 132, 146, 163 Brzoska, Debbie 70 Bucheck, Sandy 83, 146 Bucko, Jim 112 Buggs, Andriel 112, 132 Bujdoso, Brian 70, 86, 99, 107 Bujdoso, Michael 56, 99, 146 Bukur, Nicole 26, 70 Bunjan, Sam 112 Bunjan, Sean 146 Bunjan, Sheri 112 Bunjan, Suzie 146 Burroughs. Angela 70 Burton, Carol 70 Burton, Scott 33, 85 Bush, Shane 70 Caban, Angie 33 Cabbie, James 99. 112 Calloway, Lisa 70 Calloway, Shirley 91, 132, 146 Campbell, Jennifer 70 Cantu, Kris 33 Carey, Barb 33 Carlisle, Mike 71, 86 Carpenter, Dawn 71 Carpenter, Mark 112 Carter, Jim 71, 99 Catherine, Brian 71 Cavazos, Antonio 147 Cesario, Anthony 112 Chapas, Kristyn 147 Chary, Mike 55, 112 Chaseley, Moira 71 Chavers, Nicquel 112 Chevigny, Marc 33 Chiarella, Angela 113 Chiarella, Joe 33, 84. 85 Chiarella. Lisa 71 Chirby, Louise 33 Chorak, Kim 33. 88 Chrispell, Jill 113 Christe, Eric 71, 99 Christianson, David 33 Christianson, Erica 147 Cidulka, John 13, 16, 130, 144,147 Ciminillo, Lori 147 Cisowski, Theodore 33 Clark, Michelle 71 Clark, Tiffanie Michelle 33 Clayton, Robert 33, 58, 99 Cleland, Lisa 71, 88 Close. Chad 28,71, 107. 147 Close. Jason 82, 167 Coady, Kim 71 Codespoti, Scott 71 Colias, Stephanie 33 Compton, Lisa A. 14, 22, 132, 147 Compton, Lynn 22, 71 Conarty, Paul F. 19, 126, 147 Conley, Wayne 92, 1 13 Conlon, Patrick J. 147 Connors, Robert 113 Conroy, Lynn 112 Cook, Demetrica P. 113 Costanza, Mia 13, 14, 22, 132, 147 Couret. Keiron 71 Covey, Allison 33. 37 Cox, Dan 33, 85 Craft, Christopher 33, 95 Craig, Susan 56, 132, 147 Crawford, Jason 71, 86, 95, 147 Crawford, Rob 59, 86 Crook, Gregory A. 1 13 Crosby, Leslie 71 Cusick. Kelly 74, 113 Cusick, Patrick 147 Dailey. Amy 69, 113 Dailey, Dan 33, 85 Dakich, Mary Jacqueline 90, 147 D ' Andrea, Alayna 71 D ' Andrea, Braden 147 Dankovis, Tim 71 Darnell, Darren 113 Darnell, Keith 33 DaSilva, Alex 71, 139 Davila, Alfredo 67, 113 Davis, Arlandal 33, 123 Davis, Derrick J. 87, 86, 107, 113 Davis, Tim 33, 85 DeBie, Mignon 23, 147, 163 DeBois, Pierre 80. 113 Deck, Dawn 71 De la Paz, Gabe 80, 113 DeMass. Simone 113, 132 Demkowicz, Danielle 113 Denton, Michelle 113 Derdowski, Amy 71 De Rosa, Mike 113 De Rosa, Moira 71, 90 Deruntz, Andrea 148 Deruntz, Mary Kay 113 Dhana, Siriporn 71 Dienes, Kenneth 33 Dingle. Karla 33 Diwyk, Yvonne 113 Dixon, Angie 113 Dixon, Paula 33 Dobogai, Denise 71 Dobogai, Lisa 33 Doffin, Don 86, 107, 132, 148 Doffin, Patty 71 Doffin, Tim 33 Doolin, Kimberly 71 Doolin, Sean 16, 148 Dorris, Kathy 17, 148 Dorris, Michael 71 Doumanian, Greta 71, 81 Drakis, Walter 113 Drapac, Stephanie 71 DuBois. Thomas 113 Dudenski, Brian 148 Dudley, Jennifer 71, 81 Duffy. Angela M. 96, 1 13 Duffy, Cathy 113 Dynek, Nicole 71, 86 Dziczkowski, Nita 96. 97. 108, 148 Dziubla, Ray 113 Easton, Dean 71 Easton, Lynda 148 Eck, Elaine 33 Eck, Robert 33, 85 Emeka, Tricia 33 Emig, Christina 33. 35. 64, 85 Equihua, Ana 113 Erby, Helen Marie Erickson, Kathy 71 Erickson, Mickey 33 Erickson, Stephanie 66, 113 Erris, Michel 113 Evans, Annette 34 Exl, Joe 34 Fabian, Richard A. 34 Fagen. Michael A. 82, 99. 148 Fagen. Nora 34. 88. 108 Falatic, Martin 113 Falconburg, Joel 34 Falconburg, Paul 71 Falcone, Mike 86, 113 Fardy, Steve 113 Faur, Gabriel 34 Fauser, Frank 71 Fealy, Timothy 55, 132, 148 Fedorchak, Robert 148 Fife. John 71, 86, 95 Fife. Pat 34 Finley, Nancy 113 Finley, Steve 148 Fisher, Michelle 113 Fitzgerald, Todd 71, 82. 95 Fleming, Lisa 81, 112 Fleming, Pat 71, 80 Flesher, Beth 108, 113 Flesher, Sean 34, 68 Fordham, Antoinette 113 Fotinos, Pete 148, 167 Frankovich. Michelle 34, 90 Frazzini, Marian 71 Freese. Jeff 113 Freese. Rob 71, 95 Friel, Eileen 113 Furman, Susie 34 Gagan, Sarah 34, 81 Galler, Andy 56, 148 Garcia, Delia 34 Gard. Milissa 148 Gard, Roxanne 16. 18. 23, 26, 49. 90. 148 Gasaway, John 71 Gault, Miles C. 34 Gaydos, Jennifer 113 Gaydos, Steve 86. 113 Gholson, Joanie 34 Giacomin, Diane 34 Giacomin, Gino 114 Giannini, Dean 34, 85 Gianoli, Teresa M. 22, 52, 59, 125, 126, 132, 148. 163 Giorgi, Danny 71 Glorioso, Pete 34. 85 Goad, Adam 34 Gomez, Alfred 34 Gomez. Eve 114 Gomez. Gaea 34, 85 Gonzales, John 72, 99 Gonzales. Joseph 149 Gonzalez, Deborah 72 Gonzalez, Elaine 114 Gonzalez, Rafael 149, 167 Gore, Chuck 114 Gorski, Robert 149 Gotch, Beth 72 Govert, Dana 149 Govert, Maria 149 Goysich, Karen 34 Grafton, Eric Antoine 86, 138, 149, 167 Grandfield, Chris 72 Granger, Stacey 72 Grecco, Jennifer 1 14, 1 18, 132 Green, Lou 72 Greene, Andreana 72 Greenwalt, Scott 34 Greenwell, Bryan 149 Greer, Julie 34 Greer, Lauren 114 Gregor, Karen 34 Gross, Joel 72 Grusak, Mary 72 Guelinas, Jennifer 149 Guelinas, Tom 72 Gupta, Rahul 114, 132 Gurdian. Bill 149 Haddix, Rosa Maria 72 Hafner, Madeline 114, 130, 131 Halfman, Jim 72 Haller, Mickey 72 Hamann, Dale 72 Hammond. Beth 72 Hanlon, Matt 72, 92 Hanna, Chrissy 34 Hargro, Carlton 72 Hargro. Ronald 86, 114 Harrell. Erick 34 Harris, Erika 72 Harris, Jay 34 Harris, Martita R. 72 Harvey. Angela 34 Harvey, Lucretia 72 Hasara, Andrew 114 Hasara, Nicole 34 Havrilla, Felicity 34 Haynes, Michelle 114 Headd, Tiawiana 34 Heckler, Bridget A. 149 Heffner, Trenton 34 Heim, Chris 114 Index — 195 Heim, Lisa 34. 88 Herd. Michele 61, 72 Hernandez, Tami 34 Hearing, Allison 81, 119, 132 Hevezi, Robert 34, 95 Hibbs, Brian 114, 126 Hibbs, Karen 72, 126, 132, 149 Hiduke, Eric 95 Hill, Colleen 149 Hill, Germaine 149 Hines, Duncan 149 Hinton, Raynaldo J. 34 Hnat, Mary Joy 149, 153 Hoefer, Meredith 72, 81 Hokenson, Tom 114 Holcomb. Rob 86. 149 Holland, Michael 34 Hollie, Kimberly Denise 150 Holmes, Brian 34, 85 Hoover, Debbie 34, 140 Homick, Keith 34, 85 Houpt, James 72 Howorth, Denis 114 Hrebec, Jennifer 132, 141, 150 Hruskoci, Rob 114 Hruskovich, Christi 20, 70, 73 Hruskovich, Rob 19, 23, 50, 53, 82, 129, 132, 150 Huber, Ann 73 Huber, Tom 114 Hudson, De ' Andre P. 34, 95 Hughes, Lara 114 Hughes. Michelle C. 35, 66 Hughes, Yolanda 35 Humes, Matt 35 Humes, Tracy 73 Hunter, Kristine 150 Hussey, Wendy 73 Hutchens, Shawn Dennis 26, 150 Hutka, Shelley 73 Iker, Ryan 35 llada, Pam 35 llada, Pat 114 Inman, Michael 114 Isla, Maria Theresa 22, 150 Isla.Nola 56,132,150,163 Isla, Roy 73 Ivanyo, Dan 150 Jackson, Mary 73 Jacobs, Jim 35 Jacobs, Michael 114 Jakubielski, Joe 114 Janke, Jodi 78 Janke, Joshua 86, 150 Jankovich, Brenda 35 Janssen, Susie 150 Jao, Michelle A. 73, 76 Jao, Roderick A. 80. 114, 118, 167 Jao, Rodger Agana 80, 132, 150 Jascoviak, Sandy 35 Jaskolski, Becky 35 Jaskolski, Dawn 35 Jaskolski, Todd 114 Jeffers, Sheila 114 Jenkins, Jacqueline 35 Jenkins, Kristen 114 Jensen, Bertram 150 Jeschke, Julianne 114, 123 Jimenez, Dan 73, 86, 99 Jimenez, Jerry 35, 84, 85 Jimenez, Joann 35 Jimenez, Joseph A. 49, 99, 150, 167 Johnson. Andrea 73 Johnson, Clint 35 Johnson, Mike 35 Johnson, Todd 86. 92, 114 Jonas, Sandy 114 Jonas, Sue 114 Jones. Alan 35 Jones, Marvin 114 Jonsson, Magnus 114 Joshua, Damon Keith 35 Juskevice, Kim 73 Kacocha, Jenny 35 Kaiafas, Peter 35 Kaiafas. Taso 150 Kaminski, Jim 114, 132, 141 Karabetsos. Angela 73 Katich, Doug 86,98,150 Katich, Kris 60, 73, 88. 96, 97 Kaufman, Elizabeth 35 Kaufman, Laura 73 Kaufman, Lisa 132, 150 Kazmier, Mark 73 Kazmier, Monica 35, 88 Kellar, Douglas Eric 99, 151, 160, 169 Kellar, Laura 73 Kellenburger, Brian 62, 86, 98, 99, 151, 160 Kellenburger, Kim 35, 88 Keller, Homer 35 Kelner, Laura 35, 59 Kepes, Frances 23, 132, 151, 163 Kerr, Tony 114 Kezy, Kaylyn 35 Kidd, Valerie 114 Kiel, Kelly 70, 73 Kilgore, Dan 73, 95 Kimble, Janene 112 Kinasiewicz, Michael 54, 86, 87, 151 Kinasiewicz, Michele 73, 83 King, Thomas N. 86, 126, 132, 151, 163, 169 Klus, Lynn 73,88, 108 Klus, Robert 35 Knight, Felicia 35 Knudson, Lori 56, 133, 151, 163 Kobza, Cathy 35 Kobza, Paul 73 Koch, William 151 Kohl, Jessica 35 Kolczak, Amy 35 Konecki, Donald 35, 85 Kopack, Brian 35, 95 Kopil, Mark 35, 99 Kopil, Marty 114 Kopil, Mickey 86, 133, 151 Kopp, Ken 151 Kopp, Michelle 22, 73 Koulianos, Dan 24, 86, 99, 151 Koulianos, Jason 73, 86, 99 Kozlowski, Kimberly 114 Kramek, Kathy 73 Kranik, Jacqueline 108, 151 Krasnansky, Kristen 151 Kratkoczki, Jodi 61, 114 Kratkoczki, John 114 Krienke, Bill 99, 114 Krienke, Mary 73 Kroepfl, Beth 115, 123 Kroepfl, John 73, 95 Kullerstrand, Erik 67, 72, 73, 135 Kulsakdinun, Pamom 66, 115 Kusmierz, Keith 151 Lach, Greg 73 Lach, Jill 13. 22,133,151 La Grant, Verna D. 73 LaMantia, Dawn 35 LaMere, Dan 13, 50. 86, 151 LaMere, Robert 73, 86 Landoh, Erica 73 Lanfear, Cheryl 26, 73,143 Lanfear, Dawn 90, 151 Lapham, Jonathan 82, 115 Largura, Tia 152 Larson, Marcella 53, 115, 193 Larson, Ralph 86. 152 Laskowski, Kristen 83, 152 Lattimore, Kenia 35 Lavendusky, Laura 115 Lavrick, Amy 35 Laws, Patrick 73 Leach, Ryan 115 Lee, Camille D. 73 Lee, Chris 107, 115, 134 Lee, Frederick B. 73 Leslie, Kimberly 115 Lewis, Inga 0. 16, 152 Lewis. Rustin 73 Lewis, Wendy Denise 35 Ligda, Mark 152 Ligda, Matthew J. 123, 152 Liggins, Jamya 35 Logothetis, Ann 73 Logue, Yvette 23, 91, 123, 152 Loker, Susan 35, 88 Lopez, Gloria 73 Lopez, Mike 35, 85 Lottes, Jennifer 35 LoVerde, Dawn 12. 23. 26, 90, 91, 115, 128, 134 Lowe, Kirk 152 Lowe, Rick 36 Lucas, Jeff 115 Luckiewicz, Bobby 86, 152 Luekens, Tracy 73 Luke, Jessica 36 Lustina, John 86. 87, 115, 118, 140 Lynch, Teri 115 Macielak, Michele 88, 108, 1 15 Mack, Tom 36, 85 Magura, Danny 36 Magura, Deanna 85, 142, 152 Mahan, Todd 36 Majchrowicz, Amy 36 Majchrowicz, Chris 152, 167 Majchrowicz, Dawn 36 Majchrowicz, Kim 115 Major, Ouanda 73 Mako, Dennis 36, 85, 95 Mako, Julie 73 Mallams, Brian 73 Malloy. Mary 152 Malocha, Lynn 88, 115 Manista, Frank C. 26, 48, 130, 132, 139, 152 Manley, Eileen 115 Manley, Mila 36 Marich, Mark 28, 73 Maris, Tabitha Nicole 152 Mark, ToiLisa 36 Markovich, Debbie 115 Marr, Brendan 73 Marlin, Jennifer 36, 88, 96, 108 Martin, Lynn 129, 152 Martin, Shaun 36 Martinez, Arcelia 36 Martinez, George 115 Martinez, Jesse 152 Martinez, Laura 36 Martinez, Maria 73 Martinez, Rosalia 36 Massey, Mary S. 61, 73, 74 Mathis, Jennifer 36 Matovina, Andrea 118 Mattei, Debra 73 Matthews, Tanya 73 Maya, Eduardo J. 115 Mayer, Tiffani 115 McBurger, Herb 36 McCarthy, Beth 131, 153 McCarthy, John 28, 73, 76 McClinon, Melody 153 McCobb, Peter 73 McCobb, Thomas 115 McCracken, Erin 73 McCullough, Amy 115 McCullough, Ken 153 McCullough, Rosie 20, 73, 74 McCullough, Susan 115 McDowell, LaShun 36 McGuire, Annie 115 McGuire, Eileen 36, 65, 88 McGuire, Kristin 73 McGuire, Margaret C. 20, 153 McKinley, Tami 36 McKinley, Tony 153 McKissack, Mike 115 McLean, Meredith 26, 50, 56, 153 McMahon, Frances 73, 83, 128 McMahon. Robert C. 14, 22, 23, 24, 26, 82, 128, 131, 153, 161, 163 McMichael, Jeff 16, 80, 92, 107, 132. 153 McNeil, Patrick T. 16, 19, 48, 130, 144, 154 McQuillin, Mike 73 Medellin, Carmen 36 Mejia, Marcos 86, 115 Mellady, Patrice 115 Melo, Luiz 36 Melvin, Chuck 154 Melvin, Phillip 73, 84 Mendez, Carmen 154 Mendoza, Benj 115 Metro, Jim 93, 143 Meyers, Vazantha 36 Michaels, Steve 56, 82, 154 Mihal. Eric 36. 85 Mihalik, Mary 96. 115, 154 Mihalik, Michelle 36, 38, 64 Mihalik, Tim 13, 20, 23. 76, 86 Miklosky, Matt 36, 85 Miller, Carrie 16, 154 Miller, Chantal 115 Mioduski, Shawna 16, 115 Mirabella, Bill 86, 115 Mirabella, Steve 36 Mirich, Charles 115 Mirich, Jennifer 115, 154 Mirich, Marcella 14, 24, 90, 163, 169 Mishorich, Paul 36 Mitchell, Jonathan W. 73 Mohan, Melissa 73, 88 Monik, John 36 Monroe, Dan 115 Monroe, Gary 36 Montemayor, Tony 115 Montpetit, Nicole 36 Moore, Jeffery 74 Morales, Paul 36, 85 Morales, Traci 36 Moran, Jacqueline 36, 59, 90 Moran, Therese 154 Morley, Pat 86, 92,107,115 Mosby, Brian 74 Mostello, Steve 107, 115 Mueller, Susie 36 Mueller, Thomas 154 Muhoz, Jose 36, 84, 85 MuAoz, Tonia 115 Muraco, Missy 154 Muratori, John 92 Murawski, Jeanette 36, 88 Murawski, Maureen 56, 88, 115, 142 Nadolski, Jennifer 36 Napules, Margaret 154 Navarro, Caryn 154 Nawrocki, Tom 74 Negrelli, Matthew A. 50, 154, 169 Negron, Natalie 74 Nelson, Tracy 74 Newton, Jeff 36 Newton, Kevin 74 Nicholson, Julie 36 Nicksic, Victoria 74 Nigro, Mike 74, 99 Nigro, Steve 86, 99, 116 Nigro, Tim 36, 85, 99 Nocks, Lisa 74 Novorita, Jeff A. 86, 154 Oates, Daniel Richard 22, 134, 154 Oates, Marianne 70, 74 O’Connell, Helen 66, 154 O’Connor, Blair 71, 74, 82 Ofsaiof, Reuben 116 Olejnik, Jennifer 116 Oleksy, Martin 74 Olivieri, John 54, 116, 132 Olson, Shannon 155 Oluvic, Michael 86 Ombac, Leah 74 Ombac, Zorina 116 Onder, Nicole 74 O’Neil, Scott 74, 82 Oprish, Patti 52, 155, 163 Oresik, Cynthia 74 Ortegon, Julie 116, 131 Osborne, Jim 23, 86, 155 Osorio, Sylvia 74 Ostrowski, Dawn 36 Ou, Chung Hsi 116 Ou, Meng Hsi 116 Owen, David 86, 107, 116 Owsley, William 74 Pabon, Elizabeth 36 Pabon, Sandy 36 Pakalonis, Michelle 36 Page, Mark 50, 59, 86, 140, 155 Palansky, Kevin 86, 116 Palansky, Kristi 75 Pangere, Kerry 155 Pankiewicz, Pam 36 Pardus, April 36 Pargaonker, Nileema 116 Parish, Michael 75, 86 Patterson, Ayesha 36 Paulsin, Sandy 155 Pavicich, Bill 36, 85 Pavicich, Steve 86, 155 Pearce, Paula 23, 123, 155 Pearson, Michael 75 Pearson, Shane 61, 75 Peebles, Todd 14, 26, 63, 155, 163, 169 Peifer, Natalie 36 Penn, Judy 116 Perez, Anthony 36, 85 Perez, Roman 36, 98, 99 Perfetti, Kevin 75 Perry, Mark 116 Persic, Dan 75 Perzo, Andy 36 Peters, Michael 36 Peterson, Betsy 116 Peterson, Dwane 50, 155 Peterson, Eric 75 Pictor, Barb 36, % Pictor, Eric 155 Pillay, Anil 72, 75 Piunti, Brian 36 Plasencia, Susie 35. 36 Pliske, Darcey 155 Pokropinski, Dennis 36 Polanski, Patricia 116 Poleski, Kimberly 116 Polimac, Jeri 36 Porterfield, Allison 75 Porterfield, J. J. 66, 116 Potter, Chris 75, 107 Potter, Jenny 36, 88, 108 Powell, Tamra 116 Powell, Tom 86, 98, 155 Pozzo, Gina 155 Pozzo, Lisa 37 Prenizny, Lorraine 75 Price, Leanne 20, 75 Price, Marques 37, 85 Prusiecki, Matt 86, 115 Quenette, Christopher 75, 128 Quinn, Lori 37 Radojicic, Nino 116 Radojicic, Tom 37, 85 Raich, Jennifer 37 Raich, Nancy 155 Rainge, Yolanda 75 Rakoczy, Bill 75 Rakoczy, Heather 37, 88, 96, 108 Ramos, Jesse 37, 85 Randolph, Anthony 75, 95 Randolph, Leandrew 116 Rangel, Jim 116 Ratkay, Barbara 50, 72, 75 Ratkay, Steve 155 Rayson, Robert 116 Reardon, Paula 88, 156 Rech, Jeannette 37 Reed. Amy 12, 22, 156 Reed, Molly 116 Reeves, Denise 37 Reeves, Yolanda 75 Regan, Mark 75, 95 Reibly, Monica Ann 75, 125 Renwald, Jessica 37 Restyanszki, Bert 53, 82, 129, 134, 156 Restyanszki, Doria 75, 96 Rettig, Christine 156 Reynolds, Tom 37, 85 Rhodes, Pamela Renae 116 Rice, Lashanda 116 Richardson, Johann 156 Richter, Jeanine 37 Richter, Sylvia 156 Ring, Tom 75 Rivera, Cathy 61, 117 Rivera, Fernando 75, 80 Robertson, Jennifer 70, 75 Robertson, Shelly 37 Robinson, Angela 37, 85 Robinson, Jerome 92, 117 Robinson, Ronald 86, 117 Robinson, Tonya 75 Rodriguez, Charity 117, 122, 125 Rogovich, Peter 92, 107, 117 Rohrer, Carole 156 Rohrer, Melissa 75, 90 Roig, Jennifer 37 Roig, Michelle 156 Roman, Ruth 61, 117 Romanenko, Mikka 108, 156 Rondez, Victoria 75 Roper, Jeanine 37 Rossi, Toni 96, 108, 117 Rosta, Tom 75, 80 Rothenberg, Julie 75 Rouge, Matthew 37 Rowland, Vicky 83, 117 Roytan, John 117 Roytan, Karen D. 156 Rozycki, Cassie 37 Rucker, Dawn 66, 117 Rucker, Fanon 37, 68 Ruesch, Debbie 75 Ruffing, Richard 14, 156 Ruiz, Fred 75 Ruzga, Tom 156 Ryan, Vershalle 75 Rzepka, Laura 37 Sabo, Diane 75 Saffa, Greg 122, 156 Sakes, Christine 117 Sakes, Stephanie 37, 88 Salomon, Kim 156 Salomon, Stephanie 37 Samaniego, Lou 75 Samarzija, Leigh 37, 122 Samarzija, Nicole 75 Samplawski, Barb 117, 143 Sanchez, Michael 23, 82, 156 Sanchez, Pete 37, 82, 95 Sanchez, Phyllis 23, 108, 156 Sanchez, Zayda 75 Sanders, Anne 76 Saroian, Karen 23, 56, 157 Sawochka, Chuck 37 Sawochka, Mike 107, 157, 167 Sawochka, Peter 76 Schafer, Anne 76 Schenher, Anne 76, 117 Schenher, Bill 37 Schenher, James 117 Scherry, Georgia 37 Scheuer, Judy 23, 124 Schneider, Ellen 70, 76, 90, 91 Schneider, Noelle 157 Schneider, Yvonne 76 Schreiner, Victoria 157 Schulien, T. J. 76 Schultz, Shad 37, 85 Schumann, Lynette 37 Schumann, Scott 76. 86 Schutz, Kevin 55, 59, 126, 129, 157, 169 Schutz, Tim 38 Schwartz, David 157 Schwartz, Steven 76 Sebella, Tricia 76 Sech, Adam 76 Selman, Dina 38 Selman, Muna 76 Selmer, Will 76 Sentoro, Michelle 38 Sepiol, Darlene 76 Sepulveda. David 56. 66. 157 Sepulveda, Jackie 76 Sera, Amy 76 Shafer, Jeanette 38 Shakula, Crissy 76 Shaughnessy. Dan 76, 77 Sherman, Darin 157 Shipp, Brian 38 Shipp, Donna 157 Sidor, Mitchell 86, 117 Sierra, Tina 157 Sigala, Alicia A. 76 Sikora, Doug 76 Silich, Kathleen M. 62, 157 Simatovich, Paul 86, 1 17 Simon, Linda 157 Skowronski, Kim 118 Skowronski, Tricia 38, 90 Sliwinski, Amy 76 Smallman, Carol 157 Smith, James 38 Smith, Kevin 38 Smith, Shawn 157 Sneiderwine, Tom 157 Sohn, Debbie 66, 76 Someson, Amy 16, 118 Sopko, Missye 76 Sosa, Francisca Disley 157, 169 Spanopoulos, Colleen 37, 38 Spider, Brelis 76 Spurlock, Rick 38 Stanger, Mark 118 Stanzione, Sherry 38, 58, 90, 122 Staley, G. Scott 76,127 Stanley, Melanie 76 Steele, Alonda 76 Steele, Tyra 76 Steffens, Daryle 38, 85 Stem, Jill 158 Stem, Joe 28, 76 Stem, Kelli 76 Stem. Kyle 38 Stinnett, Stacy 38 Stram, Cam 67, 158 Stypula, Cindi 38 Suggs, Kevin 66, 118 Sullivan, Dave 76 Sullivan, Peggy 38, 96 Sullivan, Tim 92, 118 Sullivan, Timothy P. 1 18 Sunwoo, Julie 77 Suris, Matt 158 Susanna, Jackie 38 Susoreny, Laura 14, 90, 158 Svetcoff, Mark 38 Synowiec, George 118 Synowiec, Paul 38 Szaller, Jennifer 38, 90 Tall. Matt 118 Tatham, Karyn 38 Taylor, LaShanda 38 Taylor, Trish 77 Tchoukaleff, Sandra 158 Teske, Brett 77, 80 Teske, Craig 14, 80, 158, 169 Thiel, Christina 28, 77 Thierer, Adam 118, 126 Thomas, Sheryl 12, 22, 23, 52, 124, 158 Thompson, Derek 38 Thom, Andy 38, 85 Thom, Tricia 118, 122 Thupvong, Taratip 118 Thupvong, Thuptara 141, 158 Tilka, Bob 77 Tillman, Tiffany 77 Todd, John 38 Todd, Katrina A. 158 Tolman, Teri 118 Tomecko, Susie 118 Topp, David 132, 158 Torrence, David 86, 158 Torres, Ralph 38 Toth, David S. 86, 158 Townsend, Pat 38, 85 Trexler, Stephanie Lynn 158 Turnbull, Jennifer 38 Turner, Marc 38 Turner, Michelle 77 Uhles, Chrissie 158 Uram, Nicole L. 77 Vahey, Sue 77 Vale, Paul J. 158 Valenzuela, Rick 86, 118, 142 Van Buskirk, Brad 134, 158 Van Buskirk, Brian 131. 134, 159 VanHazebroeck, Jennifer 77 Van Slyke, Debbie 35, 38 Van Slyke, Tricia 77, 90 Vargas, Dawn 77 Vasquez, Manuel 38, 85 Vega, Angela Marie 38 Vega, Bob 118 Vegter, Bobby 77, 80 Verde, Valerie 141, 159 Vician, Mark 19, 86, 159 Vician, Todd 77 Vidal, Beth 118 Vidal, Ross 38 Viene, Denise 38, 88 Viene, Jeffrey J. 86, 159 Vincent, Dave 77 Vincent, Pam 77, 83 Vith, Kim 77 Volan, Angela 77 Volan, Gregory 22, 126, 159 Voder, Randy 118 Vucich, Ed 77 Vucich, Victoria 53, 59, 123, 140, 159 Vuich, Jeanne 77, 108 Wagner, Don 159 Wagner, Geri 77 Wagner, Mark 77 Wagner, Richard 38 Walesch, Jim 118 Walker. Carol 159 Wallace, Pamela 159 Walsko, Jeanne A. 26, 159 Walters. Jay 107, 118 Walters, Rachel 72, 77 Walton, Gordon 66, 1 18 Walton, John 159 Walton, Sara 38 Waranimman, Kobjit 81, 118, 142 Warren, Wendy 38 Washington, Acquanetta M. 96, 119 Washington, Lance 77, 95 Watroba, Michelle 38, 96 Watters, Jim 77 Weber, Jean 38 Weber, Mary 59, 83, 159, 163 Weber, Michele 28, 77 Weber, Rich 38 Weeks, Robbie 77, 86, 95, 107 Wesley, Darren 38, 86, 95 Wheeler, Kevin 80, 1 19 White, Loma 159 White, Russ D. 39, 85 Whited, Neal B. 119 Whitney, Gordon 77 Wiatrolik, Robert 159 Wielgus, David 119 Wilczynski, Debbie 39, 85, 88 Wilczynski, Linda 17, 62, 159 Wilkins, Scott 119 Willard, Krissy 119 Williams, Chayako 119 Williams, Felicia 39 Williams, Marcella 39 Williford, Dee Dee 39 Williford, Tom 86, 99, 1 19 Wilmore, Alexander 77 Wiltermood, Michael 39 Wiltshire, Dawn 39, 88 Wislo, Kevin 77, 99, 127 Wisowaty, Tiffany 77 Wolf, Kevin 107,159 Woloshanski, Donna 39 Wongse-Sanit, Kathy 77 Wongse-Sanit, Tal 17, 26. 63, 160, 163 Woodward, Jennifer 77 Wright, James 160 Wylie, Jodie 119 Wynne, Beth 119 Yarchan, Stephen 160 Yazvec, Michael 119 Yee, Gilbert 119 Young, Jason 160 Young, Jennifer 39 Zajdel, Dawn 119 Zapp, Kirk 56, 92, 160 Zekis, Christopher J. 160 Zelin. Bid 26, 80, 92, 107, 160 Zemlik, Melissa 39 Zielinski, Dan 39 Zielinski, David 59, 119 Zielinski, John 77 Zielinski, Regina 77 Zima, Matthew 119 Zimmer, Kim 28, 72, 76, 77, 83, 86, 96 Zuniga, Joe 99, 119 Zurawski, Kevin 39 Index — 197 Just as the comet streaked through the night sky and disappeared, this year has passed through our lives. And, just as the comet continues its trek across the universe, so too will we continue our journey through life. Much like the comet’s appearance, our years at Andrean are brief. But both leave lasting impressions upon us, impressions and singular memories that will last and guide us for a lifetime. 198 — Closing - Colophon — Taylor Publishing Company published 800 copies with 200 pages of the 1 986 Decussata under the Mark program with 80 lb. enamel paper. All copy and captions are Helvetica Bold in 12 and 10 pts. and Helvetica Bold Italic in 18 pt. All headlines are 36 pt. and 24 pt. Helvetica Bold. Cover — 20%, 60%, and 100% maroon on white Durolith with 24 and 36 pt. Broadway type. STUDENT LIFE — 3 pica border contrasting with screen on page. ACADEMICS — 3 pt. tool lines and 2 picas black surrounding main copy. SPORTS — 4 picas 100% black down the side. ORGANIZATIONS — 6 pt. Harvard tool line surrounding main copy. UNDERCLASSMEN — 24 pt. Helvetica Bold captions down the side. SENIORS — 36 pt. Brush type reversed on 100% black screen with red and gold stripes across the page. COMMUNITY — 1 and 3 pts. tool lines. All senior portraits were taken by Mr. John Giolas of Giolas Studios, Merrillville, Indiana. Closing — 199 1986 DECUSSATA STAFF Editors in Chief: Teresa M. Gianoli Greg Volan Chief Photographer: Frank Manista PHOTOGRAPHERS: Nola Isla Dwane Peterson Angela Volan Robbie Vega Alex Da Silva Brelis Spiller Jim Houpt ORGANIZATIONS: Barb Ratkay SPORTS: Mike Benac Karen Hibbs STUDENT LIFE: Tal Wongse-Sanit ART COVER DESIGN: John Todd SENIORS: TaratipThupvong JUNIORS: Charity Rodriguez SOPHOMORES: Christina Thiel FRESHMEN: Monica Reibly STAFF: Mark Vician Paul Conarty Vicki Vucich Robbie Vega Cynthia Oresik Bill Schenher Dave Christianson Erica Christianson MODERATORS: Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Steele Mr. Strimbu SPECIAL THANKS TO: Tamra Powell Karen Saroian Lynn Martin Tim Fealy Kevin Schutz Frances Kepes Father Whitley Rob McMahon Father Glass Dawn LoVerde Mr. DeFabio Joe Adams Post Tribune Matt Ligda Hobart Gazette Dana Govert Mrs. Yurechko Maria Govert Mrs. Paulsin Linda Wilczynski Mr. Rogovich Lori Knudson Sheryl Thomas Coaching Staff Judy Scheuer Journalism Classes Mr. Klora Susie McCullough Mr. Listro Donna Arington Mr. John Giolas 200 — Staff

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