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DECUSSATA 1985 Andrean High School Merrillville, Indiana Summer 6 Summer Play 16 ® Golf . 18 Tennis 19 Cross Country 20 Administration 22 Freshman Picnic 24 Freshmen 26 Volleyball 34 Football 36 Autumn 40 Spirit Week 42 Booster Club 43 Homecoming 44 Cheerleaders, Ninerettes . . 46 , German Club 48 l v YAR c 49 w y j Sock Hops 30 Daddy Date Night 51 Fall Play 52 Religion 54 Science 56 English 58 Mathematics 60 Business 62 Computers 63 Social Studies 64 Language 66 Lunch 68 Music 70 Mission Club 72 Peer Ministry 73 Fine Arts 74 Industrial Arts 75 Guidance 76 Library 77 Gym and Health 78 Home Economics 79 Art Club 80 Business Club 81 Sophomores 82 Winter 88 Spring National Honor Society . . 90 Chess Club 92 Latin Club 93 Acropolis 94 Decussata 95 Science Club 96 JETS 97 S.A.D.D 98 French Club 99 Father Murphy 100 Student Council 102 Christmas 104 Wrestling 106 Basketball 108 Juniors 114 Valentine’s Day 120 Mommy Date Night 121 Froshmore Night 122 Junior-Senior Dance .... 123 Turnabout 124 Rec Night 126 Bishop Gaughan 128 129 Seniors 129 Softball 146 Baseball 148 Soccer 150 Golf 151 Track 152 Tennis 156 Spring Break 158 Prom 160 Armageddon 162 Senior Awards 164 Senior Dinner 166 Baccalaureate 167 Commencement 168 Year in Review 172 Staff 176 Community 177 Index 196 Who Are We? For now , we are students at Andrean High School. We call ourselves Niners, short for Fifty Niners, derived from the fact that our school first opened in 1959, and from our address, 5959 Broadway, Merrillville, Indiana. But what are Niners ? Niners are students. We are enthusiastic, reluctant, outstanding, or struggling. But we return each year to continue the learning that will help us to become educated men and women in a world that will soon be our responsibility. Niners are builders. We begin in freshman year to build the foundation that will help us gain admission to colleges and career fields, and to develop the values and habits that will structure our lives. Niners are friends. We form friendships that last beyond the years we spend here. We encourage each other. We are generous in supporting missions and causes. We give our time and love to those who need us. Leaders . . . Christians . . . Musicians . . . $ All-Stars . . . 2 — Introduciioii Scientists . . . Hard Workers . . . Builders . . . Artists . . . Students . . . Introduction — 3 We Are Americans • • • Crusaders . . . A Unified Team . . . Athletes 4 — Introduction • • • Winners . . . Number One . . . Niners are leaders. We participate enthusiastically in student government and school organizations. We compete energetically in athletic contests, in speech, essay, academic, and artistic events. Win or lose, we learn and grow from our experiences. Niners are Christians. Our theology classes here are only part of a long process of spiritual growth that will continue into our adult lives. We seek to learn and do God ' s will and to build a faith that we can share with others. In a world of conflict and confusion, our faith keeps us strong and free to use fully the gifts that God has given us. Who Can We Become? Introduction — S SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER Summer is the period Webster calls the time from the June solstice to the September equinox,” but students have a very different definition. It is the time when we enter the adult world of work and play for a short time. Instead of being industrious students, we become athletes, tourists, and employees. Some students traveled to Paris and Greece either with parents or friends. Others chose to see sights closer to home, such as the Indiana Dunes or Great America. Ambitious Niners set some of their free time aside for summer sports. Of course, all students, whether working or playing, read the books assigned for the English department’s reading enrichment program. After a summer of collecting souvenirs, snapshots, trophies, suntans, and spending money, we returned to Andrean in August, relaxed, refreshed, and ready for another year. UPPER: Andrea Alexandrowicz volunteered part of her summer vacation as a candy striper at St. Mary’s Medical Center. LEFT: Technical crew member, Pat Sullivan, hooks up the sound equipment before the summer play production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. RIGHT: During the summer Pamorn Kulsakdinun practiced his golf and was very successful . . . most of the time. LOWER: The heat of summer didn’t stop the strenuous practices of Andrean’s football team. ' . - 8 — Summer Post- Tribune, photo Summer — 9 10 — Summer Left page, UPPER RIGHT: Scot and Dana Govert, as best man and bridesmaid, shared in the excitement of their sister’s summer wedding. UPPER LEFT: Completing many 4-H projects this summer, Christina Thiel earned a purple ribbon on her Division Five sewing project. LOWER LEFT: Maria Vazanellis caught some sun on the white sands of Mykonos. LOWER RIGHT: Summer lawn care and landscaping jobs kept senior Tom Richter in good physical and financial shape. Right Page, UPPER: Senior Cathy McGuckin and junior Carol Smallman mixed business with pleasure as they completed their summer reading assignments. LOWER: Decussata photography editor, Greg Volan, met with sports editor, Teresa Gianoli, to share ideas he learned at summer yearbook camp in Michigan. Summer — 11 Left Page, UPPER LEFT: Practicing during the summer, Mr. Dave Pishkur, Kathy Schutz, and the rest of the volleyball squad started on their way to a great season. UPPER RIGHT: Mike Fagen spent part of his summer vacation running for Andrean’s cross country team. LOWER LEFT: Paul Conarty and Steve Ratkay enjoyed the midway rides at the Lake County Fair. LOWER RIGHT: Ralph Larson returned to shore after a refreshing swim in Lake Michigan. Right Page, UPPER: All packed to go, Ron Potter awaited an enjoyable afternoon at the beach. LOWER: Linda Wilczynski, Michele David, and Kate Sullivan spent their summer rehearsing for Andrean’s summer production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Summer — 13 14 — Summer I Left Page, UPPER: During the summer Sam Bunjan mastered the art of water-skiing on Long Lake in Michigan. LOWER LEFT: Tim Fealy, bookstore manager, gave up the last few weeks of his summer to stock Andrean’s bookstore for the school’s opening on Aug. 21. LOWER RIGHT: Madeline Hafner taught the family dog, Hobie, how to swim. Right Page, UPPER LEFT: Touring France highlighted the summer of Shawn Smith, Lisa Compton, Jenny Hrebec, Valerie Verde, and Nancy Raich. UPPER RIGHT: Susan Craig survived the Tidal Wave at Great America. LOWER: Exchange student, Chiaki Maedea shared her Japanese culture with Theresa Thiel and her family during the summer. Summer — 15 Egyptian Summer During the summer the Andrean drama department produced the play, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The plot, taken from the book of Exodus, concerns the adventures of Joseph, son of Jacob, who was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. Through Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams, he moved up the social ladder to a position as advisor to the Pharaoh. Years later, because of a drought in the land, Joseph’s brothers went to the Pharaoh for grain. Unrecognized by his brothers, Joseph tricked them, but in the end they were all reconciled and shared in Joseph’s wealth and prestige. This summer production gave several Andrean students the opportunity to enrich their vocal and dramatic abilities. For senior Michele David, The play gave me a constructive way to spend my summer and also a chance to meet many new people.” 16 — Summer Play The Swing of Things The girls’ golf season was short but successful. The Niner squad capped its season with a seven and four record. MVP Carolyn Burke led the team with five medals through their pre-sectional play. In a tough season schedule, the Niners, despite losses to MC Elston and state finalist MC Rogers, produced victories over two powerhouses, Merrillville and Chesterton. Though the team did not advance to regional play, Coach Landeck praised her team’s season. Our strong sophomore group really caught fire and added to the experienced upper class players to produce a great season.” UPPER LEFT: Kobjit Waranimman takes careful aim as she prepares to putt. UPPER RIGHT: The golf team members are, First Row: Dawn LoVerde; Second Row: Allison Heuring, Marissa Dennison, Lisa Fleming; Third Row: Jackie Brody, Carolyn Burke, and Kobjit Waranimman. LOWER RIGHT: Nancy Buckley tees off in sectional play. LOWER LEFT: Dawn LoVerde practices her putting in preparation for sectionals. Smashing Success Coach Klora’s netmen kept up tradition by posting a ten win, six loss season. After the team lost their first three matches, they bounced back to win eight in a row and eleven of their last fourteen. Leading the team were singles players Rodger Jao, Nick Kohl, and Jeff McMichael. The doubles teams consisted of Mike Rosta and Bill Zelin at number one doubles and Craig Teske and Roderick Jao at number two. The number two doubles team finished unbeaten with an impressive record of twenty-two wins. Both doubles teams did well in area tourneys, including the Highland and the Lake Station doubles tournaments. Coach Klora said, It was an outstanding season.” UPPER: The tennis team members are. First Row: Rodger Jao, Tommy Rosta, Brett Teske, Roderick Jao; Second Row: Steve Fardy, Brian Hibbs, Tony Barlas, Mitch Barloga, Mike Benac, Mike Rosta; Third Row: Coach Klora, Bob Vegter, Pierre DuBois, Jeff McMichael, Craig Teske, Bill Zelin, Gabe DelaPaz, John Kroepfl, and Nick Kohl. MIDDLE: Craig Teske watches as Roder ick Jao prepares to return the serve. LOWER LEFT: Demetrios Kaiafas sends a smashing return. LOWER RIGHT: Bill Zelin moves in for the kill. Sports — 19 Leader of the Pack For most students, summer vacations last until the end of August, but not for the committed members of the Andrean boys’ cross country team. They return to school at the beginning of July to start training for a grueling season which continues through October. We really strove throughout the entire season to reach our final record of twelve wins and only three losses,” commented senior team member Mike Dailey. Under the direction of Mr. Mark Horvath, the team finished solidly in second place at sectionals. After advancing to regionals, the team just missed a berth in the semi-state competition. UPPER LEFT: Brian Berger outruns his competition at the Lemon Lake meet. UPPER RIGHT: Rob Hruskovich and Mike Sanchez limber up before a Crown Point meet. MIDDLE: Cross country members show their spirit in the homecoming parade. LOWER: The boys cross country members are, First Row: Rob McMahon, Jason Close, Frank Mayer, Brian Berger, Bill Anderson, Kevin Wheeler, Todd Fitzgerald, Tom Baron; Second Row: Coach Horvath, Jim Cavarretta, Bert Restyanszki, Mike Dailey, Steve Michaels, Rob Hruskovich, Mike Sanchez, Jon Lapham, and Mike Fagen. 20 — Sports CROSS COUNTRY Off and Running The Andrean girls’ cross country team was plagued with difficulties throughout its premier season. In our first year we did quite well individually with many firsts by freshman Frances McMahon and junior Kristen Laskowski,” commented Coach Iatarola, but as a team we had our difficulties with a record of only one win and nine losses.” Yet, despite this record, the season ended on a high note. MVP Frances McMahon advanced to the regional competition where she placed sixteenth, barely missing a berth in the state finals. UPPER LEFT: The girls’ cross country team members are, First Row: Frances McMahon, Lori Bujdoso, Michelle Kinasiewicz, Marie Bosevski; Second Row: Vicky Rowland, Carrie Thorn, Annette Jagiela, and Coach Iatarola. UPPER RIGHT: Michelle Kinasiewicz runs ahead of her Merrillville opponents. MIDDLE: Number 115, Frances McMahon keeps pace with the crowd at the regionals. LOWER: The girls’ cross country team awaits the sound of the gun to start a race. Sports — 21 Rev. John Whitley, C.S.B. Principal Sr. Christopher, S.S.C.M. Assistant Principal for Girls Mr. William Barancyk Dean of Students Mr. James Jovanovich Treasurer Business Manager Mr. Daniel Rogovich Alumni Director Health and Safety RIGHT: Mr. House opens his St. Nicholas Day present from Kris Kringle. LEFT: Mr. Szot and Mr. Klora head home after a day’s work. rjgi Wm w Ifc fell jt vfl r W 1 h 22 — Administration Leaders Andrean’s success depends upon leaders who make decisions and enforce rules. Rev. John Whitley, the school’s principal, provides such leadership. He inspires all the students to do their best and rewards them for jobs well done. His encouragement and unwavering belief in Andrean and its students guide and inspire us. He is always prepared to listen to ideas or complaints and his door is open to any student who needs a sympathetic ear. His personal involvement with all of the students helps Andrean reach its highest potential. Assisting Fr. Whitley are Sr. Christopher, Mr. Barancyk, Mr. James Jovanovich, and Mr. Rogovich, and the entire faculty, whose varied duties keep Andrean running smoothly. UPPER LEFT: Father Time.” UPPER RIGHT: Mike Benac and Father Cerretto chat before school starts. LOWER: Sr. Jane, Tom King, Chris Jostes, and Tony Onder look at photos of Spain. Administration — 23 First Taste of Andrean Freshmen arrived on orientation day full of nervous expectation. First, they gathered in the gym to learn the rules and regulations. Next, they received schedules, bought books, and practiced opening their lockers with a little help from their friends. Then, the members of the class of 1988 gathered in the courtyard for the an- nual freshman picnic. As they entered, they were handed a name tag belong- ing to someone else. Then, they had to try and find that person. They played games, ate lunch, met their teachers, and made new friends. - 24 — Freshman Picnic Freshman Picnic — 25 Stanley Acosta Jim Allegretti Bernadette Arceo Jason Artemiuk Jenny Attar Hope Ayala Steven Azcona Dina Baccetti Kelli Bachich Mike Back Vanessa Balon Michael Bane Melody Baran Mike Barancyk Karen Barloga Mike Barney Bill Baron Dana Beasley Carol Beckmann Catherine Beiriger Mike Bellich Stacy Benka Kimberly Berry FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN David Bielefeld Jenny Binkley Joe Bishop Joyce Blachly Bridget Blake Matt Booker Christine Brack Richard Braun Mark Brengettcy Vic Brown Debbie Brzoska Brian Bujdoso Nicole Bukur Angela Burroughs Carol Burton Shane Bush Lisa Calloway Jennifer Campbell Victoria Candelaria Dawn Carpenter Kelly Carreno Brian Catherine Moira Chaseley 26 Freshmen Lisa Chiarella Eric Christe Michelle Clark Lisa Cleland Chad Close Kim Coady Scott Codespoti Lynn Compton Keiron Couret Jason Crawford Leslie Crosby Alayna D’Andrea Alexandre DaSilva Dawn Deck David DeEspinosa Amy Derdowski Moira DeRosa Siriporn Dhana Denise Dobogai Patty Doffin Kimberly Doolin Michael Dorris Greta Doumanian FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Stephanie Drapac Jennifer Dudley Nicole Dynek Dean Easton Kathy Erickson Paul Falconburg Frank Fauser John Fife Todd Fitzgerald Pat Fleming Marian Frazzini Rob Freese Kenya Friday Kellie Gant John Gasaway Dan Giorgi John Gonzales Deborah Gonzalez Beth Gotch Chris Grandfield Stacey Granger Louie Green Andreana Greene Freshmen 27 Joel Gross Mary Grusak Thomas Guelinas Rosa Haddix Jim Halfman Mickey Haller Dale Hamann Beth Hammond Matt Hanlon Carlton Hargro Erika Harris Martita Harris Lucretia Harvey Nikki Hepworth Michelle Herd Eric Hiduke Meredith Hoefer James Houpt Christi Hruskovich Ann Huber Tracy Humes Wendy Hussey Shelley Hutka FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Roy Isla Mary Jackson Jody Janke Michelle Jao Daniel Jimenez Andrea Johnson Kimberly Juskevice Angela Karabetsos Kris Katich Laura Kaufman Mark Kazimer Laura Kellar Kelly Kiel Dan Kilgore Michelle Kinasiewicz Lynn Klus Paul Kobza Michelle Kopp Jason Koulianos Kathy Kramek Mary Krienke John Kroepfl Erik Kullerstrand 28 Freshmen Greg Lach Verna LaGrant Robert LaMere Cheryl Lanfear Ericka Landon Patrick Laws Camille Lee Frederick Lee Tony Lenzo Rustin Lewis Ann Logothetis Patricia Longmore 1 - Gloria Lopez Tracy Luekens Quanda Major Julie Mako Tania Malilwe Brian Mallams Mark Marich Brendan Marr Maria Martinez Mary Massey Tanya Mathews FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Debra Mattei John McCarthy Peter McCobb Erin McCracken Rosie McCullough Kris McGuire Frances McMahon Michael McQuillin Phillip Melvin James Metro Jonathan Mitchell Missy Mohan Brian Mosby Tom Nawrocki Natalie Negron Tracy Nelson Victoria Nicksic Mike Nigro Lisa Nocks Marianne Oates Blair O’Connor Martin Olesky Leah Ombac Freshmen 29 Nicole Onder Scott O’Neil Cindy Oresik John Ornelas Dan Owens Kristi Palansky Mike Pearson Shane Pearson Eva Pena Nilsa Perez Kevin Perfetti Dan Persic Eric Peterson Anil Pillay Allison Porterfield Chris Potter Lorraine Prenizny Leanne Price Chris Quenette Yolanda Rainge Bill Rakoczy Anthony Randolph Barbara Ratkay FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Yolanda Reeves Mark Regan Monica Reibly Doria Restyanszki Tom Ring Fernando Rivera Jennifer Robertson Tonya Robinson Missy Rohrer Victoria Rondez Tom Rosta Julie Rothenberg Craig Rowe Debbie Ruesch Fred Ruiz Vershalle Ryan Diane Sabo I tor - £- Louis Samaniego Nicole Samarzija Zayda Sanchez Anne Sanders Peter Sawochka Anne Schafer 30 Freshmen Anne Schenher Ellen Schneider Yvonne Schneider T. J. Schulien Scott Schumann Steve Schwartz Tricia Sebella Adam Sech Muna Selman William Selmer Darlene Sepiol Jackie Sepulveda Amy Sera Crissy Shakula Daniel Shaughnessy Alicia Sigala Doug Sikora Amy Sliwinski Debbie Sohn Missye Sopko Brelis Spiller Scott Staley Alonda Steele FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Tyra Steele Joe Stern Kelli Stern David Sullivan Julie Sunwoo Tom Tanphaichitr Trish Taylor Teri Tchoukaleff Brett Teske Christina Thiel Bob Tilka Tiffany Tillman Michele Turner John Ucab Nicole Uram Susan Vahey Jennifer VanHazebroeck Tricia VanSlyke Dawn Vargas Robert Vegter Todd Vician David Vincent Pam Vincent Freshmen 31 ■ 4 Kim Vith Angela Volan Ed Vucich Jeanne Vuich Geralyn Wagner Mark Wagner Lance Washington Jim Watters Michele Weber FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Rob Weeks Gordon Whitney 32 — Freshmen Alex Wilmore Kevin Wislo Tiffany Wisowaty Kathy Wongse-Sanit Jennifer Woodward Bryan Yarchan Edward Yee John Zielinski Regina Zielinski ■ FRESHMEN FRESHMEN FRESHMEN Freshmen — 33 VOLLEYBALL UPPER RIGHT: Freshman volleyball team members are: First Row, Michele Weber, Anne Schafer, Andrea Johnson; Second Row, Greta Doumanian, Hope Ayala, Patti Longmore, Doria Restyanszki, Carol Beckmann; Third Row, Chris Hruskovich, Vicki Nicksic, Debbie Brzoska, Kris Katich, Darlene Sepiol, Tracy Luekens, and Coach Talamo. UPPER LEFT: At LaPorte semi-state competition, Kathy Schutz sets up for the spike. MIDDLE: The junior varsity volleyball team members are: First Row, Missy Mohan, Jenny Attar, Danielle Demkowicz, Simone DeMass, Jenny Gaydos, Lisa Cleland; Second Row, Laura Kaufman, Denise Dobogai, Ann Huber, Lynn Klus, Bridget Blake, Rosie McCullough, and Coach Hayes. LOWER: Varsity volleyball members are: First Row, Carrie LaMere, Paula Reardon, Michele Mohan, Michele Macielak; Second Row, Linda Czernoch, Pam Arvay, Lynn Malocha, Kathy Schutz, and Laura Beckmann. — Spores Serving up a Victory The girls’ volleyball team completed the most successful season in Andrean volleyball history. Lady Niners, who were ranked fifteenth in the final coaches’ poll of the year, closed out the season with a 28-6 record, capturing the championships of the Merrillville sectional and Hammond regional, both firsts for an Andrean volleyball team. The Niners, after winning the regional title, became one of the remaining sixteen teams in the state and advanced to semi state play, only to lose to the Plymouth Pilgrims, 15-8, 15-2. Those honored by post-season awards were: Kathy Schutz, Most Valuable Player; Paula Reardon, Most Valuable Player; Lynn Malocha, Most Improved; and Carrie LaMere, Pride, Hustle, and Desire Award. UPPER LEFT: The team celebrates its sectional volleyball win. UPPER RIGHT: Paula Reardon completes a successful spike as teammate Carrie LaMere looks on. MIDDLE: Representing her team, Carrie LaMere accepts the sectional trophy after a smashing victory over Merrillville. LOWER LEFT: Linda Czernoch demonstrates exceptional volleyball skill as she returns her opponent’s serve. LOWER RIGHT: Pam Arvay demonstrates the class and grace that the Niners have when they win or lose. Sports — }5 UPPER RIGHT: Junior varsity team members are: First Row, M. Falcone, S. Gaydos,J. Jimenez, S. Nigro, M. Sidor, K. Lowe,J. Brack, M. Carpenter; Second Row: C. Majchrowicz, B. Behnke, R. Crawford, R. Connors, R. Gorski, R. Hargro, C. Smith, D. Best, P. Simatovich; Third Row, Coach Chester, M. Vician, G. Synowiec, S. LaBroi, T. Williford, R. Larson, D. Klimaszewski, M. Mejia, and Coach Zimmer. UPPER LEFT: Gary Babicka and Jim Osborne watch apprehensively as Chesterton slows the Niner offense. MIDDLE: Doug Katich and Tom LoVerde tackle their Hobart opponent to prevent a yardage gain. LOWER: The Niner defense captures an elusive Clark opponent. FOOTBALL fJL 36 — Sports NW Working Their Way Up Being on the junior varsity football team is a difficult and unrecognized job, but it can be rewarding. Every Thursday, the coaches named one JV player from the offensive squad and one from the defensive squad Scout Players of the week. Recipients earned stars for their helmets and the privilege of suiting up for the varsity game. At the end of the season, Jason Koulianos received the Best Lineman Award, John McCarthy received Best Back, and the Best Mental Attitude Award went to Mark Regan. UPPER: Freshman football team members are: First Row, Coach Scheub, M. Pearson, M. Wagner, M. Barney, B. Spiller, M. Nigro, D. DeEspinoza, J. Metro, J. Allegretti, F. Ruiz; Second Row, B. O’Connor, C. Close, K. Perfetti, D. Shaughnessy, J. Stern, M. Barancyk,J. McCarthy, J. Koulianos, D. Jimenez, C. Rowe; Third Row, Coach LaMere, D. Kilgore, K. Carreno, P. Kobza, J. Bishop, M. Marich, M. McQuillin, D. Easton, D. Bielefeld, L. Green, M. Bellich, S. Staley, Coach Kirk; Fourth Row, B. LaMere, P. Melvin, J. Fife, T. Ring, D. Sullivan, R. Weeks, S. Schumann, B. Catherine, M. Regan, J. Halfman, J. Crawford, and D. Persic. MIDDLE LEFT: Tom Ring grabs a pass before running into the end zone. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mark Wagner gets first aid after being shaken up in the West Side game. LOWER: The freshman defensive line scrimmages with East Chicago Washington. Sports — 37 UPPER LEFT: The Niner defense sets to blitz the Hammond Clark quarterback. UPPER RIGHT: Dave Owen closes in on his Chesterton opponent to break up a pass play. MIDDLE LEFT: Captains Mike Lesch, Ron Gholson, Mark Lesch, and Mike McNeil anxiously eye the coin. MIDDLE RIGHT: Tim Pliske, who established a new Indiana state record of twelve field goals in one season, gives credit to linemen Jim Gregoline, Steve Pavicich, Bob Boby, Mike Kinasiewicz, Brad Aeschliman, Gary Babicka, and holder, Kevin Wolf. LOWER: Determined quarterback Don Doffin retaliates against the strong Rough Rider defense. 38 — Sports Almost . . . The varsity football team achieved a six win, four loss mark to end its 1984 season. The Niners started out well, winning five of their first seven games, but a late loss to Bishop Noll extinguished their playoff hopes. The Niners played well throughout the season and received statewide honors for their effort. MVP Tim Pliske not only was an honorable mention in the 1984 UP1 All-State Football team, but also was the new state record holder for the most field goals in one season. The other MVP, linebacker Mike Lesch, was named to the First Team of the UPI All-State Football Team. Of his team’s success. Coach Ivan Zimmer commented, Our football program is making steady progress toward excellence. This was our finest season!” UPPER: The varsity football members are: First Row, M. Oluvic, S. Attar, J. Lustina, T. LoVerde, Mi. Lesch, M. McNeil, R. Gholson, Ma. Lesch, T. Pliske.J. Novorita, J. Humphrey; Second Row, D. Wagner, J. Gregoline, G. Babicka, M. Reardon, J. Attar, B. Luckiewicz, D. Koulianos, B. Boby, B. Aeschliman, S. Pavicich, C. Wood, T. King, R. Robinson; Third Row, K. Zimmer, R. Gaydos, M. Prusiecki.J. Persic, T. Powell, D. Katich, J. Osborne, P. Morley, D. Owen, M. Hamady, C. Jostes, R. Holcomb, M. Bujdoso, B. Bujdoso; Fourth Row, Coach Chester, Coach Zimmer, M. Banter, B. Kellenberger, E. Jocus, R. Gregoline, M. Kinasiewicz, M. Page, K. Palansky, D. Toth, J. Bates, M. Kopil, D. LaMere, Coach Zimmer, and Coach Quinn. MIDDLE: Tom LoVerde signals touchdown after an interception run into the end zone. LOWER: Quarterback Mark Page sets his offensive line before a critical third down play. Sports — 39 Spirit Week Fr. Whitley says, We are Andrean . . . the best!” and Andrean students stand out among all others!” Spirit week gives us a chance to display the pride we have in our school. On special days students dress up in good clothes or dress down in jeans and sweatshirts with red and gold predominating. Through this we express the spirit of Andrean. Spirit Week brings spirit to its feet! UPPER RIGHT: Visiting Andrean, Fr. Martin brightens up Spirit Week, along with Chris Rettig, Patty Oprish, Helen O’Connell, Matt Ligda, Karen Hibbs, and Linda Simon. MIDDLE LEFT: Frances Sosa and Todd Peebles see the world through spirit-colored glasses. LOWER RIGHT: Katrina Todd’s many buttons show her true spirit. 42 — Spirit Week UPPER LEFT: Andrean welcomes its volleyball team bringing home the sectional trophy for 1984. UPPER RIGHT: Heidi Rogovich participates in booster club activities by putting footballs on players’ lockers. LOWER: At the volleyball pep rally, Shibly Nabhan attempts to leap off the stage in the fashion of Van Halen’s lead singer, David Lee Roth. Miss Mullaney as moderator gives leadership and creativity to the booster club, which supports our athletic teams and plans the pep rallies to encourage spirit. Their fresh ideas have boosted the morale of our teams to new heights. The pom pons, cheerleaders, and other members paint signs to give life to hallways. The booster club’s skits have included such memorable events as the volleyball game with coaches and teachers imitating our team and the kissing contest of blindfolded football players and their moms. Booster Club — 43 Spirit Unites Niners Even before the Homecoming game, Fifty-Niner spirit began to ignite. Each day of the preceding week was set aside to boost our spirits. Dress-up Day and Red and Gold Day were two examples. On the day of the game, a pep rally encouraged players as well as fans. On Friday night many students were part of the parade, which included the prize-winning junior float. Throughout the first half of the game, queen finalists, Jody Attar, Gail Francis, Carrie LaMere, Sylvia Lopez, and Mary Puntillo, awaited the announcement of the winner. Finally at half-time, Sloan Metz, 1983 queen, crowned Mary Puntillo, the student body’s choice for 1984 Homecoming queen. UPPER: Junior class president. Bob Boby, works on an award winning float. MIDDLE RIGHT: Success! UPPER RIGHT: JV Cheerleaders’ spirits soar in the pregame parade. LOWER: 1984 Homecoming Court — Mike Dailey and Gail Francis, Frank Maye r and Mary Puntillo, Carrie LaMere and David Carr, Jodi Attar and Ron Potter, Sylvia Lopez and Peter Duenas. 44 — Homecoming HOMECOMING ’84 HEAD OVER HEELS Oct. 13, 1984 8:00 to 1 1:00 Andrean H.S. Tickets $15.00 UPPER: Gigi Geimer and her escort share a quiet moment. LOWER LEFT: Heidi Rogovich and Ray Gregoline personify the spirit of Homecoming. LOWER RIGHT: Jane Austgen is pleased with the company of Chris Hafner. Homecoming — 45 UPPER LEFT: Filled with enthusiasm, Jackie Dakich and Heidi Rogovich animate fans at the Chesterton football game. UPPER RIGHT: Varsity cheerleaders are: Bottom: T. Moran, M. Mirich, L. Susoreny; Middle: H. Rogovich, R. Erdelac; and Top: S. Craig. MIDDLE: Junior varsity cheerleaders are:J. Brody, J. Walsko, R. Gard, J. Dakich, D. LoVerde, and M. Dennison. LOWER: Pom pon members are: First Row: J. Attar, A. Tomecko, N. Zelin, M. J. Hnat,J. Guelinas; Second Row: L. Martin, A. DuBois, G. Geimer, S. Calloway, A. Bernat, W. Rogers, L. Burton, K. Skowronski; Third Row: Y. Logue, K. Page, P. Pearce, C. Karras, M. Puntillo, T. Tolman, J. Kimbrough, J. Pozzo, C. Oates, L. Blissmer, J. Stern, and C. Rohrer. SPIRIT 46 — Sports Generating Qpirit Cheerleaders and poms are always there, come rain or shine, sleet or snow, to cheer on their teams. Cheering at games once or twice a week, however, is not all they do. Varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders attended United States Cheerleading Association camps at Valparaiso University and Indiana University. At Valparaiso the varsity squad received three first place awards and an all-around first place award that qualified them to compete nationally. The junior varsity attended camp at Indiana University, where they received three first place awards, a fourth place all-around, and a special spirit award. Miss Kathleen Burke, the squads’ sponsor, expressed her feelings about the girls with a smile: ' ' They’re good kids. Mine is an exciting job; it’s fun, and I’m having a good time.” The Ninerettes, through moderator Sr. Jane, also have a lot to do with bringing out the proud spirit of Andrean. The poms practice three times a week to perfect the winning routines they perform. During the summer, the poms went to camp where they competed and qualified for Nationals. Both the cheerleaders and the Ninerettes are responsible for generating much of Andrean’s school spirit. UPPER: Freshman cheerleaders are: Bottom, M. DeRosa, C. Lanfear, T. Nelson; Middle, M. Rohrer; Top, D. Beasley. LOWER LEFT: A smile emerges on Dawn LoVerde’s face as Niners gain yardage. LOWER RIGHT: Roxanne Gard shouts with pleasure as Niners score a touchdown. Sports — 47 It’s A Tradition According to Mr. House, German Club moderator, Oktoberfest was first celebrated in honor of King Ludwig I’s 1810 wedding in Munich, Germany, during the last week of September. The German Club recalls the Oktoberfest in its own way with rootbeer, pretzels, and authentic German steins. What started out as one man’s wedding is now a fun-filled festival for all to enjoy. UPPER : German Club members gather for Oktoberfest. First Row: Madeline Hafner, Laura Anders, Danny Oates; Second Row: Christine Brack, Laura Kellar, Christina Thiel, Pat Laws; Third Row: Bob Hruskoci, Jim Schenher, Mary Fazekas, Michael Yazvec, Simone DeMass, Mike Dorris, Robert Gorsk i. MIDDLE: Guest Speaker, Mr. John Ross, narrates a slide presentation of postwar Germany. LOWER: German Club officers Rob McMahon, Maria Vazanellis, and Mike Sanchez toast their fellow members with steins of rootbeer. Sharing Members of the Youth Association for Retarded Children, headed by Sister Paul, give generously of their time and love to spread a little sunshine in the lives of special children. Holiday parties and outings, complete with games and goodies, are parts of Y ARC’S sunshine strategy. A costume party at Halloween brought giggles and grins from all who took part, and helped to form new friendships between the children and their hosts and hostesses. UPPER: All ghosts and goblins enjoy the YARC Halloween party. MIDDLE LEFT: Paula Pearce and Yvette Logue share a special new friend. LOWER LEFT: Frances Kepes shares her love with a special little girl. LOWER RIGHT: Tal Wongse-Sanit and Wendy Rogers bid farewell to a new friend. Hoppin’ Wild Boys,” Jitter Bug,” Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and Lover Boy” are some of the many popular hits that students enjoy dancing to at Andrean’s sock hops. These sock hops give Niners a chance to release the tensions of school and also to get acquainted with other students. Proceeds from one sock hop were donated to the Leukemia Society in Josh Listro’s name. All of Andrean’s sock hops have been sponsored by the student council. UPPER: Sam Bunjan hams it up for the fans. LOWER LEFT: Toni Rossi and Bob Behnke share a slow number. LOWER RIGHT: Cam Stram, student council treasurer, collects Mary Mihalik’s admission. 50 — Sock Hop Daddy Date Night October 24, 1984 Andrean High School $18.00 UPPER: Mary Weber and her father share a tender moment. MIDDLE RIGHT: Jennifer Mirich and her father sit one out. MIDDLE LEFT: Sisters Theresa and Christina Thiel share their dance partner, Bob Thiel, their father. LOWER: Daddies and daughters dance to the music of Abbey Road. Daddy Dale Night — 51 Guys and Dolls The fall play, Guys and Dolls, was the first ever to be presented in the girls’ gym, chosen for its good acoustics. Guys and Dolls is a musical set in Havana and New York during the late forties and early fifties. The main characters are Sky Masterson, Sarah Brown, Nathan Detroit, and Miss Adelaide. Nathan, who runs a floating crap game in New York City, and his girlfriend, a night club dancer, have had a romance going on for years, and Adelaide wants to get married. Sky Masterson, Nathan’s friend, is a gambler who makes a bet with Nathan that he can convince Sarah, the head of the local mission, to go with him to Cuba. Sky wins his bet, and Nathan and Adelaide finally get married. The Hot Box Dancers were played by Shirley Calloway, Judy Ryan, Michelle Jao, Dawn LoVerde, Helen O’Connell, Jeanie Ring, Eva Pena, and Jeanne Walsko. The Crapshooters were played by Dan Oates, Sam Bunjan, Marty Kopil, Tom Mueller, J. J. Porterfield, and Brian Van Buskirk. The mission dolls were played by Toni Amico, Annette Jagiela, Allison Porterfield, Kate Sullivan, and Judy Ryan. UPPER RIGHT: Sarah speaks her mind emphatically to her sweetheart about their relationship. UPPER LEFT: Bigjule and his gang roll dice to settle a bet. UPPER MIDDLE: Jeanie Ring makes up Mike Benac for his role as Brannigan. LOWER RIGHT: Adelaide sulks over the news that Nathan won’t marry her. LOWER LEFT: Arvide tries to convince brokenhearted Sarah that Sky Masterson is not worthy of her love. 52 — Fall Play The Cast Sky Masterson Sarah Brown Adelaide . . . Susan Craig Nathan Detroit . . . . . . . Andy Galler Nicely-Nicely . . . Duncan Hines Benny Southstreet . . Arvide . . . Tony McKinley Bigjule Gen. Cartwright . . . . . .Julie Kimbrough Harry the Horse . . . Agatha . . . Michele David Rusty Charlie . . . Erik Kullerstrand Lt. Brannigan . . . Mike Benac Director . . . Michael Huber Musical Director . . . . . Mr. Brian Carmody Technical Director . . . Pat Sullivan Fall Play — 53 Reflections Retreats are designed to enable students to take time out from daily routine for self-searching and renewal of spiritual values. They also create an atmosphere of community and help classmates form closer friendships. They are organized and supervised by teachers and students who are members of Andrean’s active Campus Ministry. Although other classes had only one retreat, seniors had their choice of several — three overnight trips and a regular one-day retreat. Seniors who attended the Friday morning through Saturday afternoon retreats at Camp Lawrence in Valparaiso found them particularly meaningful and enjoyable. Organized activities such as hikes and discussion sessions filled the weekend schedule. Most of the students on the retreat agreed that they learned more about themselves and others on the weekend than they could have on a regular in-school retreat. UPPER: Sister Marlene and Miss Burke play guitars and lead the singing for a school Mass. MIDDLE: Tom Pu?£ak and Maria Vazanellis plant seeds for their marriage class project. LOWER: Bishop Gaughan, Father Emerson, Father Whitley, and Dan LaMere wait for the procession to start. 54 — Religion UPPER LEFT: Father Whitley distributes Communion at the Mass for our new bishop. UPPER RIGHT: Vicki Braun and Carmen Mendez fill out questionnaires at the junior retreat. LOWER: Father Cerretto lectures his junior class on morality. Fr. Michael Cerretto, C.S.B. Mrs. Loretta Land New Testament Sr. Marlene, SS.C.M. Biblical Literature New Testament Miss Carol Mullaney Faith Sr. Rose Mary, SS.C.M. Biblical Literature Mr. George Smith New Testament Marriage Faith Religion — 55 UPPER: Colleen Quinn examines plant leaves under a microscope for advanced biology. LOWER: Mia Contanza measures ingredients. Miss Kathleen Burke Chemistry Chemistry Mr. Joseph Chester Biology Earth Space Science Mrs. Nancy Dustman Biology Physical Science Advanced Biology Mr. Ralph Iatarola Physics Advanced Chemistry Electricity and Elecronics 56 — Science Discovering Andrean excels in preparing students for college, and Mrs. Dustman’s advanced placement biology and advanced placement chemistry, taught by Mr. Iatarola, enable college-bound students to get a head start, learning new science lessons and skills and earning college credit. Fast-paced learning and challenging labs make these courses tough but rewarding. Mrs. Dustman agrees that AP students have to work hard to earn their grades. Members of the two classes can attest to that. I have my sights set on a career in chemical engineering,” says Maria Treyes, and AP chemistry has given me a glimpse of how tough and how exciting my college courses and my future career will be.” UPPER: A dissected grasshopper is the object of intense study for Francis Taylor and Sheryl Thomas in advanced biology class. MIDDLE LEFT: The result of Kelly Cusick’s chemistry experiment astonishes Shelia Jeffers. MIDDLE RIGHT: Matt Lottes inspects his advanced chemistry experiment. LOWER: Paula Pearce explains sound waves to Open House observers. Science — 57 All in a Night’s Work The term paper is a wonderful experience, created by the international coffee cartel, intended to boost sales. Teachers usually give students about a month to complete their papers, but that small fact is irrelevant. The average student’s schedule is somewhat less extensive: One month before deadline: Student becomes emotionally prepared for the paper. T wo weeks before deadline: Student picks topic. Ten days before deadline: Student buys note cards, goes to library, finds out what other friends are doing their term papers on. Eight days before deadline: Student goes back to library, borrows library card from friend, checks out books on term paper subject. Seven days before deadline: Student begins taking notes on notecards. School attendance drops drastically. Such tasks as clipping fingernails, cleaning bedrooms, and watching the news suddenly become important. Six days before deadline: Student begins to acquire a taste for coffee and compares hours of sleep received with that of friends. The person who can go two days without sleep is considered a hero and role model. Coffee company stocks rise dramatically. Five days before deadline: All other schoolwork becomes irrelevant. Three days before deadline: Student digs typewriter out of attic and attempts to learn how to type in one night — gives up and reverts to the one-finger method. Two days before deadline: Student’s skin tone changes dramatically. T wenty four hours before deadline: Student begins typing at five p.m., continues until seven the next morning. Day of deadline: Student is in library throughout homeroom and half of first hour. Hour of final destiny: Student stumbles into classroom, vows to start earlier next year, turns in paper, sits down, lapses into coma. What does this exercise teach the student? Many things, including how to research, take notes, and write a research paper. It also teaches students one important rule: Never put something off until tomorrow if you can put it off until the day after tomorrow. LOWER: Senior, Shibly Nabhan, searche: for information for his term paper. UP PER: Early morning hours find Caro Smallman frantically typing the last pag of her term paper. 58 — English Mrs. Ella Gilbertson English II English II Mrs. Edith Dakich English IIX Journalism Public Speaking English II Mr. Raymond DeFabio English III English III Mrs. Alice Rose Landeck English I Mrs. Petra Steele English I English III Mrs. Joyce Thomas English IV-1 English IVX English I Members of Mrs. Steele’s sixth hour English I class discuss their day’s reading assignment, an adventure of Sherlock Holmes. English — 59 Playing the Odds Although Andrean has no slot machines or roulette wheels, in one class the luck of the die determines part of the student’s grades. Like the high rollers in Las Vegas, Father Doser’s math students experience tension and suspense. Father rolls the die each day, and only those in the row whose number appears have to turn in their homework. Those who failed to finish their homework before class hold their breath until the die comes to a halt. Sighs of relief and moans of agony indicate whose row was called. Thus, each student has only a one in six chance of handing in homework each day. Father Doser enjoys the fact that I only have to correct one sixth of the class’s homework a night, and I can still keep a fairly close watch on all of my students.” Father Doser has been using this procedure for years, and most of his students agree that even with the roll of the die, their math grades almost always average out fairly. Left Page, UPPER: Father casts the fateful die. LOWER: Netta Washington receives mathematical advice from Mr. Huber. Right Page, UPPER: Row three comes up, forcing Denise Kroepfl to hand in her calculus homework. LOWER: Jim Allegretti graphs an algebra problem on the board. 60 — Math Mr. Eugene Giorgio Algebra IIX Geometry X Trigonometry Analytic Geometry Fr. Edward Doser, C.S.B. Algebra I Algebra IX Algebra II Trigonometry Calculus Statistics Advanced Math Sr. Joan Marie, SS.C.M. Algebra I Algebra I Mr. Mark Strimbu Geometry Algebra I ‘ I • Miss Connie Larson Algebra II Algebra II Math — 61 Mrs. Suzanne Beck Recordkeeping Office Procedures Business English Typing I and II Sister Bernice Marie SS.C.M. Typing I Introductory Business General Business Miss Roseann Trapane Shorthand I and II Sociology Investment With many careers requiring business skills in today’s world, the Andrean business department prepares its students with a wide variety of elective courses. The business department, headed by Miss Roseann Trapane, offers such courses as typing, accounting, finance, and shorthand. Mrs. Beck’s Office Procedures course allows students to experience the business world first hand. The class participates in a two week on-the- job program sponsored by the Merrillville Chamber of Commerce during second semester. They have also learned valuable word processing skills on Andrean computers. All business courses at Andrean prepare the student for the fast- paced business world which students will encounter following graduation. In a world in which nearly all careers involve some form of business, good business training is advantageous. Mrs. Anne Weiss Mr. Ivan Zimmer Accounting I and II Personal Typing U.S. History Marketing U.S. History X Finance Michele David reviews her shorthand notes. Business Law 62 — Business Returning As computers change the world, Andrean accommodates to the change and benefits from it. With a computer course a requirement for graduation, every student must take at least one semester of computer literacy or computer programming during his junior or senior year. to BASIC Andrean uses computers to help students, and students use computers to help Andrean. Basketball team statistician David Chary, for example, used his experience with computers to make a program to record statistics for every game. 1 % r y Mr. Mark Dvorscak Computer Programming Computer Literacy LEFT: The computer room is a beehive of activity. LOWER: David Chary records the statistics for the basketball games. Computers — 63 UPPER RIGHT: Stephanie Becht inter- rogates Napoleon (Scott Wilkins) at Napoleon’s trial. UPPER LEFT: Napoleon (Rich Valenzuela) awaits the verdict. LOWER RIGHT: Prosecuting attorney, Madeline Hafner, waits for an explanation from Napoleon (Rich Valenzuela) about his crimes. LOWER LEFT: Rich Oluvic, defense attorney for Napoleon’s trial, presents his case to the jury. Mr. Mark Horvath Government Economics Mr. James Klora World History U.S. History Mr. John Szot World History 64 — Social Studies UPPER: John Johnson presents research for his bill in hope of persuading the class to vote in favor of his idea. MIDDLE: Various members of Congress await their turns to express their opinions. LOWER RIGHT: Speaker of the house Cary Wood presides while President Horvath” observes. BELOW: Sean Farmer presents his views on gun control to Congress in government class. LOWER LEFT: Con- gressional Republicans Julie Kimbrough and Linda Vernia argue opposing views. Although not all Andrean students will pursue careers in government, seniors experienced a lesson in politics in Mr. Horvath’s government classes. For two weeks, class members became a mock Congress, submitting bills which were discussed during class. Fiery debates between Democrats and Republicans resulted in either the passing or killing of the bills. Bills concerning illegal immigration, missing children, and voting procedures were among those passed. After a bill was passed by a voice vote or hand count in each class, it went to President Horvath” for his official signature. Besides being fun and a welcome break from lectures and lessons, the mock Congress gave seniors a look at how America’s government works. Social Studies — 6 Learning Language Foreign language versions of the popular games of Monopoly® and Scrabble® can enhance learning for foreign language students. Amidst the demanding tasks of learning a new language, these games bring challenging fun and valuable lessons. A game of Scrabble® in Spanish class or the friendly competition of German Monopoly® helps break the monotony of declensions, dialogues, and grammar lessons. They help students learn new words and use their knowledge of the language in practical situations. Mr. Cornelius House German I German II German III German IV-V World History Mrs. Luz Martinez Spanish II Spanish IV UPPER: A German version of Monopoly® intrigues Chris Hafner, Tom Puscak, Mike Dailey, and Jim Bates during German class. LOWER: Junior Tina Sierra con- templates her next move in a Spanish Scrabble® game. 66 — Language Latin Lives Although Latin is presently a lively part of Andrean’s curriculum, it was once nearly obsolete. This renewal of the language occurred following a decline of Latin in the centuries after the fall of Rome. New languages were derived from Latin as it began to disappear, and the Catholic Mass was the last remnant of Latin as a spoken language. Latin in the classroom also declined over the years. But Latin at Andrean has made a comeback because of the dedicated work of Sister Paul, and Andrean now offers three years of Latin. Although Latin students may never speak Latin in their daily lives, it has many practical uses, such as in the medical field where many words are based on Latin. Sr. Paul SS.C.M. Latin I Latin II Latin III-IV Biblical Literature UPPER: Sister Paul lectures her Latin I class on adjectival endings. LOWER: Jackie Kranik and Stephanie Trexler look up Latin vocabulary words for Latin III. Language — 67 68 — Lunch Lunching Visitors at Andrean are surprised to find that our cafeteria is segregated — boys on one side, girls on the other, a tradition that dates back to the days when Andrean was coinstitutional rather than coeducational. The rule separating boys and girls no longer exists, but students still enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of all-girl and all-boy dining areas. Occasionally, someone breaks with tradition and gravitates to the square tables by the windows where coed dining has become a custom — perhaps even the start of a new tradition. Another surprise awaiting an outsider who ventures in on Tuesdays is that many early lunchers are actually consuming cereal and milk. Ten-thirty is too early for lunch!” says Bob Fazekas. At that time in the morning I want Captain Crunch, not ravioli.” Science students who have D lunches every day complain that the menu is often curtailed by the time they reach the cafeteria and that all the good stuff is gone.” But D lunch has its compensations. Senior Cathy McGuckin says, At least we have four extra minutes to relax and enjoy whatever is left.” The biggest surprise awaiting a visitor, however, would be the round of applause given spontaneously to any poor soul who drops his tray — the bigger the crash, the more thunderous the applause. Real clods get standing ovations. UPPER LEFT: Students wait patiently in the seemingly endless lunch line. UPPER MIDDLE: Wednesday open lunch, a senior privilege, leaves a rare vacancy on the boys’ side of the cafeteria. UPPER RIGHT: At 10:30 in the morning a plate of ravioli looks slightly less than luscious. LOWER LEFT: Charles Mirich forks over the money for his meal to Mrs. Sawochka. LOWER RIGHT: Mike Fagen brings an armful of milk for Tuesday’s breakfast. Lunch — 69 Harmony Guided by two new teachers, Mr. Greg Jasek and Mr. Brian Carmody, the music department maintains a lively schedule. The band, directed by Mr. Jasek, performed at Southlake Mall at Christmastime, played for Bishop Gaughan’s induction Mass, and provided music for the many school Masses and pep assemblies. In addition to marching performances at football games and duty in the stands, the concert band also presented two concerts for the public. The choir, led by Mr. Carmody, took part in both concerts, performed at the Mall, and toured Catholic grade schools. They also provided music for school Masses. According to Sylvia Lopez, choir president, Andrean’s music program has helped all its participants improve their musicianship, both as individuals and as a group. UPPER LEFT: Band members John Kabella and Cam Stram perform the school song at a pep rally. UPPER RIGHT: The choir and band present their annual Christmas concert. LOWER: The band, led by Mr. Jasek, plays at the Andrean-Noll football game. 70 — Music UPPER: The band performs at the annual Christmas concert. LOWER: The Andrean Choraleers liven up the Christmas season by singing at Southlake Mall. Mr. Brian Carmody, C.S.B. Concert Choir Beginning Choir U.S. History Music — 71 UPPER: Father Quanz celebrates the Thanksgiving Mass with offerings from the food drive. LOWER LEFT: Food donated for the Thanksgiving food drive awaits presentation at the altar along with bread and wine for consecra- tion. LOWER RIGHT: Edilyn Christe carries a box of food donated by students for the food drive. 72 — Mission Club JPPER LEFT: Peer ministry teens and noderators pose for a memorable picture n a Michigan cabin before heading back o Indiana. UPPER RIGHT: Father Cer- •etto leads a prayer during the peer ninistry retreat in Michigan. LOWER: 3 eer ministry members return from a Michigan retreat. Fun and Fellowship The peer ministry and the mission club members have dedicated themselves to the service of others. The mission club, with the assistance of Fr. Cerretto, raises money for a leper colony in Bombay, India; sisters in Bolivia, Chile, and the interior of Brazil; a mission in Kenya; a seminary for future priests in Mexico; and the Slovak Institute in Rome, where clergy are educated to go behind the Iron Curtain. Peer ministry assists during class retreats. With the guidance of Mr. Cessna and Miss Burke, they give advice or just a listening ear to fellow students. Senior Tracy Erby, a peer ministry member, says, Every school needs a peer ministry because teens are more open to their peers than adults are.” Peer Ministry — 73 Brushing Up Imagination, patience, and creativity . . . these are the basic ingredients which are vital to artists. With these ingredients, an artist is able to grasp an abstract idea and from it, create a concrete object which conveys his feelings. Many artists at Andrean are doing exactly that. Working painstakingly in a fine arts course, artists are able to express themselves through such media as charcoal, watercolor, clay, and even stained glass. Through those media, one is able to know the artist, for as John Ruskin said, Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of a man go together.” UPPER: Mr. Listro advises Lisa Compton on her inking project. LOWER LEFT: Ann Krienke enjoys working on her ceramic circus project. LOWER RIGHT: Amy Bernat and Teresa Gianoli use their talents to brighten up the art room for Christmas. 74 — Fine Arts Building Up Andrean’s industrial arts program prepares many students for their future. These classes, taught by Mr. Billick, give students hands-on experience for future career opportunities in architecture, engineering, and building trades. Freshman Alex DaSilva says, With the education I’m getting here, I plan on going into an industrial occupation.” Many of Mr. Billick’s former students are now architects and engineers, working throughout the United States. UPPER LEFT: Mike Fagen works with a lathe to make a miniature baseball bat. UPPER RIGHT: Anonymous behind his safety mask, a general shop student learns basic technique for using the lathe. LOWER: Drawing a set of plans prepares Alex DaSilva for a career in industry. Industrial Art — 75 Direction During our four years at Andrean, we encounter many adults who will help us to shape our futures. Perhaps the most important of these persons are our guidance counselors, who help to mold our schedules at Andrean and to send us forward into rewarding careers. Mr. Nicolini, Sr. Alfred, and Mr. Edwards help us make many crucial decisions that are necessary on the road to a trade, career, college, or university. We have come to count on them not only for their guidance, but also for their friendship. They offer advice which comes from experience, and they help us to adapt to our rapidly changing high school years. Our counselors help us schedule our yearly classes, assist us in finding jobs, alert us to financial aid opportunities that some colleges may offer, and encourage us to develop our intellectual potential. Mr. Nicolini believes that counselors get to work with Andrean students on a one to one basis and are then better able to meet their specific needs.” Mr. Jeff Edwards 76 — Guidance Lively Library In memory of Robert L. Birchler II,” is the inscription on the base of a sandpiper carved by Mr. George Orlich, a neighbor and former teacher of the late Bob Birchler, Andrean class of 1980. Bob was killed in 1984 in an auto accident near Bloomington, Indiana, where he was a student at Indiana University. A song Bob wrote, Only One,” is affixed to the base of the carving. Orlich presented the carving to the Andrean library and the Birchler family as a lasting memorial to Bob. UPPER RIGHT: Mrs. Birchler and Mr. Orlich visited Andrean for the dedication ceremony. UPPER LEFT: Clifford Yee relaxes after school with a sports magazine. MIDDLE: During their study hall Kim Leslie, Denise Ramirez, and Todd Johnson make use of the quiet library to study. LOWER: During the National League East playoffs, die-hard Cubs fans gravitated towards the video corner of the library. Library — 77 Fitness And Fun Most freshmen and juniors welcome their semester of gym class wholeheartedly as a break from the monotony of academic classes. Under the direction of Miss Bombassaro and Mr. Pishkur, students learn everything from yoga and aerobic routines to the fine points of softball and soccer. Gym gives students a chance to release tensions and at the same time to keep in shape. UPPER: Wallball, that perennial Andrean favorite, is a popular choice for physical education classes. LOWER LEFT: Sylvia Richter and Karen Saroian face off to get possession of the ball at the start of the game. LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Pishkur’s class watches a film on hypothermia. 78 — Gym Health Practical Living Cooking and sewing, the basics of independence, are old ideas that have survived as an important part of Andrean’s curriculum. Mrs. Hevel teaches these courses and also a course in home management. Through these domestic courses, students learn to be self-sufficient and save money by cooking and sewing for themselves. UPPER: Kim Poleski chops lettuce and tomatoes for a taco salad. LOWER LEFT: Shari Zajac browns hamburger for spaghetti sauce. LOWER RIGHT: Lorna White hems the drapes she just made. Home Economics — 79 Artistic Challenge The art club faced a new challenge when the student council asked them to develop and design a new school mascot. With the help of moderator Mr. Listro, they polled the student body and came up with the Crusader, complete with costume and sword. Other art club projects that served the whole school were the decoration of windows at Christmas and the task of painting a colorful backdrop for the music department concert. On other holidays, members painted little figures and designs on student faces — pumpkins for Halloween, hearts at Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day — and collected twenty-five cents for each. The money was well spent on club materials and an outing to the Art Institute of Chicago. UPPER: Mr. Listro, art club moderator, proudly presents the Andrean Crusader, the new mascot. LOWER: Beth Koke, Elicia Metz and Amy Bernat decorate the art room window at Open House. 80 — Art Club Back in Business Under the leadership of Miss Trapane, Andrean’s business club has been rejuvenated and provides an indispensable service for many students. Given two days’ notice, members will type papers at the reasonable rate of seventy five cents per page. I have really benefited from this new typing service because I haven’t had a chance to learn to type,” said junior Teresa Gianoli. The new program has also helped other students who don’t have time to type their own papers. Best of all, however, the typing service helps members earn extra money for the club’s treasury. UPPER: Colleen O’Brien types a classmate’s Government paper for the business club. LOWER: Linda Vernia earns money for the business club by typing for students. Business Club — 81 Becky Acevez Vicky Acevez Steven Acosta Tommy Aguilar Ed Anaszewski Olivia Arceo Scott Attar Jane Austgen Tony Azad Greg Badar Mitch Barloga Greg C. Barrera Stephanie Becht Laura Beckmann Robert Behnke Tom Bennett Brian Berger Julie Bernard Sarah Berndt David Best David Bettens Carrie Blaney Michelle Bobruk SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES John Bodie Rob Bono Larry Bosevski Robert Bosevski Jackie Brody Jim Bucko Andriel Buggs Sam Bunjan Sherry Bunjan Tammy Burton Mark Carpenter Anthony Cesario Mike Chary Nicquel Chavers Angela Chiarella Stephanie Chirby Evetta Collins Wayne Conley Robb Connors Lynn Conroy Demetrica Cook Gregory Crook Kelly Cusick 82 — Sophomores c K % V VI vu ill IS © Jw v. ' - ft w ft § £ M (fl s, Amy Dailey Darren Darnell Alfredo Davila Derrick Davis Pierre DeBois Gabriel de la Paz Simone DeMass Danielle Demkowicz Marissa Dennison Michelle Denton Mike DeRosa Mary Kay Deruntz Yvonne Diwyk Angie Dixon Walter Drakis Thomas DuBois Angela Duffy Cathy Duffy Ray Dziubla Ana Equihua Stephanie Erickson Michael Erris Martin Falatic SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Jean Falconburg Mike Falcone Steve Fardy Mary Fazekas Kevin Feuerbach Nancy Finley Mimi Fisher Lisa Fleming Beth Flesher Marc Flores Antoinette Fordham Jeff Freese Eileen Friel Jennifer Gaydos Steve Gaydos Gino Giacomin Eve Gomez Elaine Gonzalez Rachelle Goodman Chuck Gore Jennifer Grecco Laurie Greer Rahul Gupta Sophomores — 83 Madeline Hafner Ronald Hargro Andrew Hasara Michelle Haynes Chris Heim Allison Heuring Thomas Heylin Brian Hibbs Michael Higgins Tom Hokenson Denis Howorth Tracy Hrnjak Rob Hruskoci Tom Huber Lara Hughes Pat Ilada Michael Inman Joe Jakubielski Roderick Jao Todd Jaskolski Sheila Jeffers Kristin Jenkins Julie Jeschke SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Todd Johnson Sandyjonas Sue Jonas Marvinjones Jim Kaminski Greg Keelen Tony Kerr Valerie Kidd Dave Klimaszewski Karen Komechak Marty Kopil Kimberly Kozlowski Jodi Kratkoczki John Kratkoczki Bill Krienke Beth Kroepfl Pamorn Kulsakdinun Fabian Lagunes Jonathan Lapham Marcella Larson Laura Lavendusky Ryan Leach Chris Lee 84 — Sophomores Randee Lenoir Kym Leslie Dawn LoVerde Jeff Lucas Michael Ludwiczak John Lustina Teri Lynch Michele Macielak Kim Majchrowicz Lynn Malocha Eileen Manley Deborah Markovich George Martinez Andrea Matovina Eddie Maya Tiffani Mayer Thomas McCobb Amy McCullough Susie McCullough Annie McGuire Steve McKee Mike McKissack Marcos Mejia SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Patrice Mellady Ben Mendoza Mary Mihalik Kathleen Milbrath Chantal Miller Shawna Mioduski Bill Mirabella Charles Mirich Jennifer Mirich Cherri Monik Daniel Monroe Tony Montemayor Pat Morley Steve Mostello Tonia Munoz John Muratori Maureen Murawski Steve Nigro Reuben Ofsaiof Jennifer Olejnik John Olivieri Michael Oluvic Zorina Ombac Sophomores — 85 Julie Ortegon Chung-Hsi Ou Meng-Hsi Ou David Owen Kevin Palansky Steve Parfenoff Nileema Pargaonker Mario Pati Shari Paul Judy Penn Mark Perry Betsy Peterson Pattie Polansky Kimberly Poleski Tonya Polk J. J. Porterfield Tamra Powell Matt Prusiecki Nino Radojicic Denise Ramirez Leandrew Randolph Jim Rangel Bob Rayson w ' W m f v ' M fl ij Jffl j V IT m V i ft £ c w rat Ifl 1 r Ecfl SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Molly Reed Pamela Rhodes LaShanda Rice Cathy Rivera Jerome Robinson Ronald Robinson Charity Rodriguez Peter Rogovich Jose Roig Ruth Roman Toni Rossi Vicky Rowland John Roytan Dawn Rucker Christine Sakes Barb Samplawski Jim Schenher Judy Scheuer Mitchell Sidor Paul Simatovich Kim Skowronski Chris Smith Todd Smith 86 — Sophomores Amy Someson Mark Sta nger Kevin Suggs Tim E. Sullivan Tim P. Sullivan David Susoreny George Synowiec Matt Tall Adam Thierer Tricia Thorn Taratip Thupvong Teri Tolman Susie Tomecko Tim Tracy Segundino Ucab Rick Valenzuela Robby Vega Beth Vidal Jeff Villeneuve Randy Voller Jim Walesch Gordon Walton Kobjit Waranimman SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES i W t . i ' Netta Washington Kevin Wheeler Neal Whited David Wielgus Don Wilkins Trina Wilkins Scott Wilkins Krissy Willard Chayako Williams Tom Williford Sonya Woodard Jodie Wylie Beth Wynne Michael Yazvec Gilbert Yee Dawn Zajdel David Zielinski Matthew Zima Joe Zuniga Sophomores — 8 hpiihz Rational Jdonor Societu jCaura SI riders Carrie JaWlere pam Slrvay Cok WcWaLn dodi Sit tar Warcelta Wirick (Cynthia Beclt Wickele Wokan Jlileen Blake Men O’Connell Wlelissa Bruce Sim P lisle Carolyn Eurke Wary Punllllo oCaura Burton SlomaS puS c al Richard duculicl Polleen Quinn oCinda dzernoch Som l iclter 2)on Coffin Som l iny Sony (jarritano l Uendy foyers SereSa Cyianoli Pan Cyan Karen Sdibbs $udy l lyan enni er Sdrebec Wike Sanckez l ob Sdruslovicl S(atby Sclutz flo a JJa Patrick Sullivan Plris osteS Barbie Swanson e Kamradt SbereSa SbieP SranceS S epeS Si my Someclo Som S(iny (yrey Solan fhcUa 6 J(okl Saree lAJonySe-Sanit Wickael J(opil flicole Zelin deSiynateS 2-year member UPPER LEFT: Sr. Catherine Ann welcomes newly inducted Frances Kepes and her mother to the National Honor Society induction ceremony. UPPER RIGHT: During the induction ceremony, Marcella Mirich shares light from the Candle of Knowledge with Helen O’Connell. LOWER LEFT: National Honor Society officers: Tom Richter, secretary; Theresa Thiel, treasurer; Sr. Catherine Ann, moderator; Carrie LaMere, president; Chris Jostes, vice president. LOWER RIGHT: Dr. John Dustman relates his career experiences to guests and members at the National Honor Society induction ceremony. National Honor Society — 91 a Silent Warriors Every Thursday afternoon An- drean’s thinking men gather in room 219 to struggle on checkered battlefields, armed only with chess pieces and sharpened wits. Mr. Giorgio is moderator. UPPER: David Zielinski and Mike Chary kibitz as Mr. Giorgio and Steve Fardy engage in friendly combat. MIDDLE: Pamorn Kulsakdinun and David Zielinski do battle while Matt Zima waits his turn. LOWER: Kevin Wislo, Tom Williford, and Robby Vega demonstrate that chess players can be comfortable anywhere. m ri..k Latin is Immortal Excitement sparked the Latin Club as members began ar- rangements for a ten day trip to Rome, marking the club’s first-ever trip abroad. Plane tickets, passports, reservations, and new wardrobes were all part of impor- tant preparations for the trip. On April 3, Andrean travelers, led by club moderator, Sister Paul, got their first view of the country in which their studies originated. UPPER RIGHT: Cleverly disguised as Roman goddesses, Latin Club secretary Frances Kepes and treasurer Tal Wongse- Sanit refresh themselves with nectar and ambrosia. MIDDLE LEFT: Amy Dailey, Robby Vega, Beth Wynne, Mike Chary, Kevin Suggs, and Michael Inman celebrate Saturnalia with a gift exchange. MIDDLE: Mike Ludwiczak, John Lustina, and club vice-president Matt Prusiecki model the garb of ancient Romans — togas and top- siders. MIDDLE RIGHT: President Melissa Bruce addresses Latin Club in- itiates at the annual Saturnalia feast. LOWER: Prospective Latin Club members end a week of servitude with their initia- tion as full-fledged Roman citizens. Latin Club — 93 Documenting Our Days Chicago Tribune stand aside, New York Times beware; the Andrean Acropolis is here. With eight publications during the school year, editor Matt Ligda and his staff keep students and faculty informed and entertained. With the assistance of Mr. DeFabio, the newspaper’s moderator, they bring us news of academic and extracurricular achievements and entertain us with special features such as the Valen- tine letters. UPPER: At Open House, Acropolis editor Matt Ligda demonstrates how a newspaper is produced. LOWER LEFT: Sheryl Thomas checks the copy for any errors before the final draft is completed. LOWER RIGHT: Good research skills and a nose for news are vital qualities for Shibly Nabhan’s role as an Acropolis editor. 94 — Acropolis Capturing Time According to yearbook moderator, Mrs. Joyce Thomas, ’ ' The Decussata is a varsity sport.” In organizing a year- book, dedication of both the in- dividual and the whole staff is necessary. But the most important fac- tor is time. Staff members spend many of their after school hours and numerous Saturdays and holidays in the yearbook room. Although the yearbook staff is chronically tired at the end of each grueling work day, it is always rewarding to see the final results: a book of lasting memories. The assistant moderators are Mr. Mark Strimbu and Mrs. Petra Steele. UPPER LEFT: Monica Reibly crops a picture for the sports page. UPPER RIGHT: Senior Chris Borisenko, plans layouts for the senior section. MIDDLE: Theresa Thiel explains the Open House picture assignment to Frank Manista. LOWER: Dianna Farias and Melissa Bruce design layouts for the senior section. Decussata — 95 Natural Wonders The scientific minds of Andrean get together to discover secrets of science. The science club offers members in-depth information about special fields of interest outside their regular science classes. Mrs. Dustman, moderator, has helped officers and members. Seminars, workshops, and lectures highlight the club’s agenda. Officers are Nileema Pargaonker, president; Betsy Peterson, vice president; Pat Sullivan, secretary; and Cynthia Becht, treasurer. UPPER: Science club officers Pat Sullivan, Betsy Peterson, Cynthia Becht, and Nileema Pargaonker discuss the day’s dissection project. LOWER: Sheryl Thomas exhibits her mouse training project at Open House. 96 — Science Club Niner Team Wins JETS Trophy An eight person Andrean team picked up a third place trophy at the Junior Engineering Technical Society competition held on February 21, 1985, at Purdue Calumet Campus. Andrean, with a little over seven hundred upperclassmen, barely qualified for the larger high school division. The team, however, managed to prove itself more than capable with its outstanding third place finish out of nineteen schools. This win was a tremendous improvement over a ninth place finish the previous year. In this competition, a team consisted of up to nine members who work together on seven tests which included physics, mathematics, biology, computer science, engineering graphics, chemistry, and English. Each team had a separate classroom and two and a half hours to complete the tests. Although the Andrean team had an overall score of only 48.45%, it was an excellent one because of the difficulty of the individual tests. The key to the team’s victory was consistency. In only one category of the seven did Andrean place in the top three, but because they placed well in five of the remaining six categories, Andrean managed to capture its third place finish. fir k i ' , f V 2 4 hII A Team members: Teresa Gianoli Robert Sech Greg Volan Naree Wongse-Sanit Jon Hussey Kevin Schutz Melissa Bruce Jeff Kamradt Mr. Giorgio Jets - 97 Help from S.A.D.D. A chapter of S.A.D.D., Students Against Driving Drunk, has been formed at Andrean. As members of a national organization, president, Robin Gill; secretary, Tricia Thorn; vice president, Carrie Thorn; treasurer, Andrea Clay, and many other concerned students inform their fellow classmates ol the dangers of drinking and driving. With the assistance of St Marlene, the S.A.D.D. members have inspired students with postt buttons, and guest speakers. 98 — SADD Le Cercle Frangais Andrean’s French Club has always prided itself with providing opportunities for its members to learn about French culture outside of the classroom. Members enjoy sampling French cuisine, including crepes, pomme-frites, and croissants at French restaurants in Chicago such as L’Escargot and Magic Pan. The Christmas season proved to be especially festive as the club members decorated a live tree in the French room and held a party featuring French cookies and carols. Under the guidance of Miss Palaiologos, French students not only learn about the French language but also gain experiences in the French culture. UPPER: Aileen Blake uses her French vocabulary skills to ask Mia Costanza for certain types of food. LOWER: French club officers are: Nikki Zelin, Nanette Kalimir, Jackie Dakich, Miss Palaiologos (French club moderator), and Mary Weber. With joy and happiness, even in the midst of our sorrow, we celebrated the entrance of Father Norman Murphy into eternal life. Father Mur- phy died on March 17, 1985, in St. Anthony’s Hospital after a long illness. Father Murphy il- luminated and warmed many lives with the rays of his love and the warmth of his smile. Andrean has lost a true friend, a treasured colleague, and a great priest. The funeral services took place on March 21, 1985, in Father’s home town of Wind- sor, Ontario, Canada. Compassionate Council The Andrean student council plays a prominent part in our daily activities. From charity fund raisers to rec night, student council president, Jeff Attar, vice-president, Gail Francis, treasurer, Cam Stram, and secretary, Mia Costanza and the representatives work for the benefit of both students and faculty. In the fall they organized a jeans and sweatshirt day, with a twenty five cent donation from each student go- ing to Mr. Listro’s son Josh, who developed leukemia during the summer. Mr. Listro gave the $250 to the Leukemia Society of America saying, It’s more important for Josh and other kids to have money invested in research. That’s what’s going to count in the future.” The student council also planned two other jean days to raise money for the starving in Ethiopia. These are just two of the many student council activities which demonstrate its dedication to and support of the school and its entire family. UPPER: A grateful Mr. Listro and his son Josh receive a plaque from student council president Jeff Attar and a leukemia founda- tion representative. LOWER: The student council looks on as Barbie Swanson pro- poses a bill. 102 — Student Council UPPER: Tim Fealy proposes that the student council donate funds to the yearbook to buy some new photography equipment. LOWER: Every Wednesday, student council officers, president, Jeff Attar; secretary, Mia Costanza; vice president, Gail Francis; and treasurer, Cam Stram; conduct a meeting. Student Council — 103 Spreading the Spirit During the Christmas season many Andrean students, through various activities, helped to spread the spirit of Christmas in their communities. Junior class president, Bob Boby, proposed that the Andrean Student Council purchase outdoor Christmas lights to decorate the courtyard’s evergreens in order to heighten the holiday spirit at Andrean. A group of students gathered after the junior retreat, lugged out the ladders, and hung the lights. Dressed as Santa Claus at the Washington Park Mall, senior Chris Hafner brought Christmas joy to many youngsters with his jolly appearance. Chris said, I truly felt the real spirit of Christmas because I had the chance to make little children happy. The smiles on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes made taking my time to play Santa worth every minute.” 104 — Christmas UPPER LEFT: As his junior classmates support the ladder. Matt Negrelli reaches to light the tree top. UPPER RIGHT: Rob McMahon turns work into play. LOWER LEFT: As Santa, Chris Hafner brings bright smiles to children’s faces. LOWER MIDDLE: Student Council members hoist a ladder in order to decorate the tops of the trees. LOWER RIGHT: Tal Wongse- Sanit admires the lights she has just hung. ' ' ' « ri f » ' ' f ' B’ » r i r rrn i ' rr rrn itfvvrrri rrrrvrr i rrrrrrri firufH Christmas — 105 UPPER: Wrestling team members are: First row, Tom Williford, Joe Zuniga, Sean Bunjan, Brian Bujdoso, Jose Roig, Mike Nigro, Pete McCobb, Bill Krienke, Brian Kellenberger; Second row, Steve Azcona, Pat McNeil, Mike Bujdoso, Paul Kobza, Joey Jimenez, Eric Turner, Jason Koulianos, Jim Allegretti, Blair O’Connor; Third row. Coach Jim Martin, Mike Fagen, Mike Lesch, Ron Gholson, Danjimenez, Tom Powell, Doug Katich, Doug Kellar, Jon Hussey, John Walton, Coach Iatarola. MIDDLE: Mike Nigro takes down his opponent for a score. LOWER: John Walton struggles to escape his opponent’s headlock and scissors. 106 — Sports Grapplers Despite impressive individual records of 17-7-1 and 15-5-1 by seniors Mike Lesch and Eric Turner respectively, Niners closed their wrestling season with a disappointing 3-12-1 record. Nevertheless, the team did well in sectionals, capturing several individual titles. Eric Turner, Mike Lesch, Doug Katich, and Brian Kellenberger placed first in their divisions. These four advanced to regional competition where Turner took second place. At semi-state Turner lost a close match to the eventual state champion. For Turner’s outstanding season, he was awarded MVP honors. Most Improved honors went to Mike Bujdoso, while the JV MVP award went to Tom Williford. UPPER: Mike Lesch, capturing his opponent in a headlock, takes charge in his matchup. MIDDLE: Pat McNeil headlocks Mike Bujdoso in a warmup session before a meet at Merrillville. LOWER LEFT: Eric Turner works to pin his Roosevelt opponent. LOWER RIGHT: As the starting whistle goes off, Brian Kellenberger tries to lock his opponent. Sports — 107 BASKETBALL UPPER LEFT: Toni Rossi shoots to increase the Niner lead. UPPER RIGHT: Varsity basketball team members are; First Row, Coach Talamo, Carrie LaMere, Carolyn Burke, Lisa Schumann, Lynn Hevezi, Jean Ryan; Second Row, Coach Bombassaro, Aileen Blake, Paula Reardon, Acquanetta Washington, Mary Mihalik, Shawn Brokemond, Nita Dziczkowski, and Angela Duffy. MIDDLE: Junior varsity basketball members are: First Row, Carrie Blaney, Kim Majchrowicz, Jenny Gaydos, Jenny Attar; Second Row, Carol Beckmann, Kris Katich, Beth Kroepfl, Danielle Demkowicz, Michelle Macielak, Madeline Hafner; Third Row, Coach Hayes, Debbie Brzoska, Mary Mihalik, Joyce Blachly, and Laura Beckmann. LOWER: Freshman basketball team members are; First Row, Kristi Palansky, Andrea Johnson, Cheryl Lanfear, Kim Zimmer, Jeanne Vuich; Second Row, Doria Restyanszki, Yolanda Reeves, Bridget Blake, Vicki Nicksic, Jenny Attar, Christi Hruskovich, Hope Ayala; Third Row, Kristen Katich, Angela Volan, Jennifer Campbell, Tyra Steele, Kristen McGuire, and Tracy Nelson. 108 — Sports Growing Menace The 1984-85 girls’ basketball team was one of the most successful in Andrean’s history. Ending the season with an impressive 18-3 record, the Lady Niners provided continuous excitement for their loyal fans. The highlight of the season was a decisive 43-37 win over eventual state champions Crown Point to whom Andrean lost in the sectional finals. For their gallant efforts four Lady Niners were honored on the final night of sectionals. Aileen Blake and Carolyn Burke were named to the second All-Tourney team, and Lynn Hevezi and Acquanetta Washington were named to the first All-Tourney team. Rounding out the season’s honors, Lynn Hevezi and Carolyn Burke were named the team’s MVP’s, and Lisa Schumann, the most Improved Player. UPPER LEFT: Carolyn Burke goes for two points in the Crown Point sectional game. UPPER RIGHT:Jenny Gaydos attempts a second shot after grabbing the rebound. MIDDLE: Leading the Niner offense, Lynn Hevezi drives down the court for another score. LOWER LEFT: Dribbling down court, guard Aileen Blake moves the ball within shooting range. LOWER RIGHT: At sectional finals, Acquanetta Washington sparks the Niner offense with a two point field goal. Sports — 109 Qhooting Stars Through hard work and persistence, the junior varsity and freshman basketball teams successfully finished their seasons with records of 11-9 (JV), 11-10 (freshman A-team), and 6-5 (freshman B-team). Most successful was the freshman A-team, with an outstanding finish in the annual Holiday Tournament. The team easily beat Harrison and Gavit in early round play and went on to capture the second place trophy. Earning season awards on the freshman teams were Jason Crawford, best free throw percentage, Lance Washington and John Fife, most rebounds, and Mark Regan and Todd Fitzgerald, most assists. On the JV level, awards went to Tom Bennett, most rebounds, Peter Rogovich, most assists, and Matt Hanlon, best free throw percentage. UPPER LEFT: Matt Hanlon looks for an open man. UPPER RIGHT: Junior varsity team members are: First Row, C. Lee, M. Hanlon, P. Morley, M. Tall, P. Rogovich; Second Row, M. Higgins, T. Sullivan, J. Muratori, and T. Bennett. MIDDLE: Freshman A team members are: First Row, A. Randolph, T. Fitzgerald, A. DaSilva; Second Row,J. Artemuik, R. Weeks, S. O’Neil, W. Selmer, S. Codespoti; Third Row, J. Fife.J. Crawford, M. Regan, and L. Washington. LOWER: Freshman B team members are: First Row, D. Vincent, M. Wagner, C. Potter, D. Kilgore; Second row, K. Carreno, S. Schumann, E. Hiduke, B. LaMere, L. Green; Third Row, M. Booker, J. Halfman,}. Kroepfl, and D. Sullivan. 110 — Sports UPPER LEFT: The Niner defense leaps to grab the rebound. UPPER RIGHT: Peter Rogovich edges past his Hobart opponent to make a lay-up. MIDDLE LEFT: As his teammates and opponents edge in for a possible rebound, Mike Higgins shoots a free throw. MIDDLE RIGHT: Coach Horvath gives his players a rousing pep talk during a break in the action. LOWER: Dan Kilgore drives the lane for a basket. Sports - 111 BASKETBALL UPPER LEFT: Leaping over powerful Roosevelt opponents, Bill Zelin scores two points. UPPER RIGHT: Todd Johnson scores, jolting the Niners into a lead over Lew Wallace. LOWER LEFT: Tom Richter shoots for two more points. LOWER RIGHT: Dave Carr eludes his Brickie opponent to bring the ball down court. 112 — Sports ni w 0«FA tfJAfTBAU BA»IH»U 9 i»$homi SASKIT8M 8ASKETBAU WAR HU vHORf A V RASKHIML MSKETllfc BA S m VO A Fight to the End A successful season is not always determined by a team’s record. Instead it is determined by the team’s attitude throughout the season.” So commented Coach Joe Huber, the leader of the 1984-85 boys’ basketball team. Although their final record was only 5-16, Coach Huber felt that the season was very successful, for despite a slow start, the squad came back and won three of its last four games. Seniors Tom Richter, Jeff Attar, and Dave Carr, who was the team’s MVP, unified team efforts, and made the Niners an increasing challenge for many region teams. Coach Huber commented, They fought to the end and didn’t quit. I’m proud of them.” UPPER: Varsity team members are: First Row, J. McMichael, B. Zelin, J. Robinson, K. Zapp, T. Johnson; Second Row, D. Doffin, M. Page, T. Richter, D. Carr, and W. Conley. LOWER: Jeff Attar connects with Todd Johnson for a score. Sports — 113 Joe Adams Brad Aeschliman Josie Helen Aguirre Mark Aloia Michele Alston Laurie Alvarez Tammy Anaszewski Bill Anderson Rick Anthony Dea Ard Pam Arvay Tony Barlas Chris Bellich Mike Benac Amy Bernat Jeff Bistrow Aileen Blake Bob Boby Paul Bodney Tim Bohney Marie Bosevski Tim Boudreaux Joe Brack JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS Christine Brandt Vicky Braun Amy Brislen Chris Brody Shawn Brokemond Brenda Bryan Sandy Bucheck Mike Bujdoso Sean Bunjan Suzie Bunjan Shirley Calloway Tony Cavazos Kristyn Chapas Erica Christianson John Cidulka Lori Ciminillo Jay Close Lisa Compton Paul Conarty Patrick Conlon Mia Costanza Susan Craig Rob Crawford 1 14 — Juniors Patrick Cusick Jackie Dakich Braden D’Andrea Pauline Davis Mignon DeBie Andrea Deruntz Don Doffin Sean Doolin Kathy Dorris Brian Dudenski Nita Dziczkowski Lynda Easton Helen Marie Erby Mike Fagen Bob Fazekas Timothy Fealy Robert Fedorchak Steve Finley Pete Fotinos Andy Galler Milissa Gard Roxanne Gard Teresa Gianoli JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS m s T ' Stacy Glover Joe Gonzales Rafael Gonzalez Robert Gorski Dana Govert Maria Govert Bryan Greenwell Jennifer Guelinas Bill Gurdian Bridget Heckler Karen Hibbs Michelle Higgins Colleen Hill Germaine Hill Duncan Hines Mary Joy Hnat Rob Holcomb Kimberly Hollie Jenny Hrebec Rob Hruskovich Kris Hunter Shawn Hutchens Marie Isla Juniors — 11 5 Nola Isla Dan Ivanyo Joshua Janke Susiejanssen Rodger A. Jao Bertram Jensen JoeyJimenez Taso Kaiafas Doug Katich Lisa Kaufman Doug Kellar Brian Kellenburger Frances Kepes Mike Kinasiewicz Thomas N. King Lori Knudson Bill Koch Mickey Kopil Ken Kopp Dan Koulianos Jackie Kranik Kris Krasnansky Keith Kusmierz JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS Gerald LaBroi Jill Lach Dan LaMere Dawn Lanfear Tia Largura Ralph Larson Kristen Laskowski Inga Lewis Mark Ligda Matt Ligda Yvette Logue Kirk Lowe Bobby Luckiewicz Deanna Magura Chris Majchrowicz Mary Malloy Frank Manista Tabitha Maris Beth Martin Lynn Martin Jesse Martinez Beth McCarthy Melody McClinon 1 16 — Juniors Ken McCullough Simon McCune Peggy McGuire Sherry McKeown Tony McKinley Meredith McLean Rob McMahon Jeff McMichael Patrick McNeil Carmen Mendez Chuck Melvin Steve Michaels Tim Mihalik Carrie Miller Marcella Mirich Therese Moran Tom Mueller Missy Muraco Monica Charice Myles Margaret Napules Caryn Navarro Matt Negrelli Jeff Novorita JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS Dan Oates Helen O’Connell Robert Olik Shannon Olson Patti Oprish Jim Osborne Mark Page Kerry Pangere Sandy Paulsin Steve Pavicich Paula Pearce Todd Peebles Dwane Peterson Eric Pictor Darcey Pliske Tom Powell Gina Pozzo Nancy Raich Steve Ratkay Paula Reardon Amy Reed Lisa Remenius Bert Restyanszki Juniors — 117 Chris Rettig Johann Richardson Sylvia Richter Carole Rohrer Michele Roig Mikka Romanenko Karen Roytan Rick Ruffing Tom Ruzga Greg Saffa Kim Salomon Michael Sanchez Phyllis Sanchez Karen Saroian Mike Sawochka Noelle Schneider Vicki Schreiner Kevin Schutz David Schwartz David Sepulveda Darin Sherman Donna Wannetta Shipp Tina Sierra JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS Kathy Silich Linda Simon Carol Smallman Shawn A. Smith Tom Sneiderwine Frances Sosa Jill Stern Cam Stram Matt Suris Laura Susoreny Sandra Tchoukaleff Craig Teske Sheryl Thomas Thuptara Thupvong Katrina A. Todd Dave Topp David Torrence David S. Toth Stephanie Trexler Chrissie Uhles Paul Vale Brad Van Buskirk Brian Van Buskirk 118 — Juniors Valerie Verde Mark Vician Jeff Viene Greg C. Volan Randy Voller Victoria Vucich Don Wagner Carol Walker Pam Wallace Jeanne Walsko John Walton Mary Weber Cheryl Webster Lorna White Robert Wiatrolik Linda Wilczynski Kevin Wolf Tal Wongse-Sanit James Wright Steve Yarchan Jason Young Kirk Zapp Chris Zekis JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIORS Bill Zelin As a student council Christmas project, Darcey Pliske and Rob McMahon put the lights on the courtyard trees. Juniors — 119 •fc- ' f - V ' ■? : t M - . !• ’- : r£-- ,4 . ; r - % On Valentine’s Day the Mission Club sponsors a carnation sale in order to raise money for the poor. Each year the response is tremendous. Along with supporting the missions, students can also show their sweethearts how much they really care in a sentimental way, with flowers. j { t I « j i 1 20 — Valencine’s Day Mommy Date Night February 10, 1985 Andrean High School $18.00 UPPER: Josh Janke serves his mother dinner for a change. MIDDLE LEFT: Brian Stuhlmacher treats his lady to fresh flowers and a night out. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mike and Pat McNeil pose with their mother to capture the special memories of Mommy Date Night. LOWER: Robin Gill and Jeff Attar applaud Mrs. Doolin and Matt for their four-year perfect attendance at Mommy Date Night. Mommy Date Night — 121 FROSHMORE NIGHT February 2, 1985 Andrean High School $3.00 UPPER: John Oliveri sweeps Dawn LoVerde off of her feet. MIDDLE LEFT: Greta Doumanian and Mike Bellich dance to the music of DJ’s Darin Jacobs and Geoff Graegin. MIDDLE RIGHT: Kobjit Waranimman, Simone DeMass, and Vicky Acevez, celebrate the super turnout at Froshmore Night. LOWER: Joe Stern and Toni Rossi spend their Saturday decorating for the dance. 122 — Froshmore Night 1985 JUNIOR- SENIOR DANCE January 26, 1985 Turkey Creek Country Club $12.00 LEFT: The Junior-Senior dance was a double celebration for Nikki Zelin as her friends Mary Puntillo, Bill Zelin, John Cidulka, and Lori Beth Blissmer surprise her with a birthday cake. Junior-Senior Dance — 123 Turnabout ’85 On the Wings Of Love Andrean High School February 23, 1985 7-10:30 pm Music by L L $16.00 124 — Turnabout UPPER LEFT: Roxanne Gard, Michelle Mohan, and Mary Puntillo all share a dance with Jeff Attar. UPPER MIDDLE: Linda Wilczynski and Dan LaMere enjoy each other’s company. UPPER RIGHT: Pat Sullivan and Shari Paul relax after a night of dancing. LOWER LEFT: Susan Craig and alumnus Rich Verduzco boogie to the sounds of L L. LOWER RIGHT: Michele David and Jeff Viene take a break for a glass of punch. Turnabout — 125 Rec-night Rivalries Red-night is a great way to unwind from a long week of school,” says freshman, Christina Thiel. Rec-night helps to spark class unity and healthy competition between the classes. With activities ranging from ping-pong and volleyball to basketball, wallball, and dodgeball, all students can participate in a sport which they enjoy. 126 — Rec Night UPPER LEFT: Mark Page plays ping-pong with an aim to win at Rec-night. UPPER RIGHT: Bert Restyanszki and Bob Boby meet the challenge of ping-pong. LOWER LEFT: Playing girls against the boys causes some argument among the players. LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Szot and Paul Vale’s teammate, Tom Conroy, make sure that Paul doesn’t cross the center line. Ret Night — 127 On October 2, The Most Reverend Norbert F. Gaughan became the new bishop of the Gary Diocese in an Installation Mass at Holy Angels Cathedral. Andrean students and faculty extended a more personal welcome to Bishop Gaughan on October 9. Presiding over Bishop Gaughan ' s installation were Joseph Cardinal Ber- nardin, Archbishop of Chicago, and Archbishop Pio Laghi, Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to the United States. The Archbishop of Indianapolis, The Most Reverend Edward T. O’Meara, installed Bishop Gaughan. Bishops and other clergy members came from all over the country to witness the event. Some of the same celebrants had attended the installa- tion of Gary’s first Bishop, The Most Reverend Andrew G. Grutka. Andrean and Bishop Noll each sent twenty-five students to serve as ushers for the Mass. The choir, musicians, and servers included members of various diocesan institutions. The honor guard included the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus, Abraham Lincoln Assembly, and the Father Sorin Assembly. A grateful Bishop Gaughan thanked everyone for all they had done to welcome him to the diocese. On Tuesday, October 9, the new Bishop celebrated his first Mass at Andrean. During his homily on meaningful relationships Bishop Gaughan created a very relaxed atmosphere among the students and faculty. Andrean’s concert choir, directed by Mr. Carmody, and the Andrean band, under Mr. Jasek’s direction, performed at the Mass. Bishop Gaughan received several gifts from the school after the Mass. Sophomore class vice-president Dawn LoVerde gave him an Andrean jacket. Junior class president Bob Boby then presented Bishop Gaughan with an Andrean cap, and Cary Wood followed by giving him a chalice donated by the Andrean community. Jeff At- tar, student council president, finished the ceremony by asking Bishop Gaughan to wear an Andrean pin at the Homecoming game. -m we live we live fortKe “1 ar d when we die r for the ford is? ©Z-Bflw Caryn Marie Adamo Martin Aguirre Michael Anthony Aguirre Andrea Alexandrowic; Antoinette A. Amico Laura Anders Maria Arceo Sylvia Arceo Greg Barrera Jim Bates Cynthia Becht Diane Benus 1 30 — Seniors Lori-Beth Blissmer Christine M. Borisenko Mike Brandt Lisa Bratton Frank Braun Melissa Ann Bruce Nancy Buckley Lori Buidoso I Peter Duenas Debra Dykhuis Angi Easton Tracy Erby Ruth Ann Erdelac Ralph Falconburg Dianna Farias Sean Farmer Seniors — 133 Sue Frazzim Bob Franz Laura Fath Gail Lynne Francis James Gagan Maria D. Gallardo Anthony M. Garritano Ronald J. Gaydos Gigi Geimer Dave Gertz Ronald D. Gholson Robin Gill Kelli Ann Gonzalez Scot Govert Geoff Graegin Seniors V- ' i Jon Christopher Hussey Jo-Etta Iatarola Gerald E. Humphrey Stephanie Hunt Joe Hamnik Lynn Marie Hevezi Mark A. Hernandez Michelle Hornick Stephania Hasara Steve Hembroff LaChandra Denise Hogan Lorna Hokenson Mark Hamady James Allen Gregoline Raymond Dean Gregoline Christopher Hafner Hermilo Isla Annette Marie Jagiela Linda Jakubielski Margie Jelovcic John Kabella Demetrios Kaiafas Ramon Jones Chrisjostes Nanette Kalamir Jeffrey Kamradt John Karas Christine Karras 136 — Seniors Brian Keith Kostelnik Nicholas A. Kohl Doug Kenbok Beth Koke Mary Ann Komechak Julie Kimbrough Kristen King Kevin Koranda Daniel Grosch Exchange Student Through the International Rotary Youth Ex- change Program, Daniel Grosch, an eighteen- year-old from Cologne, West Germany, arrived at Andrean for second semester, intriguing fellow students with his accent and continental clothes. The second child in a family of six, he plans to follow his father’s career as an engineer. The high drinking age was a shock to me,” he explained. In most European countries, the drink- ing age is about sixteen. Teenagers are expected to act like responsible adults regarding the use of alcoholic beverages. Besides soccer and skiing, Daniel’s favorite pur- suit is traveling. He has been to France, Belgium, Britain, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Switzerland. Though his year in the United States counts as a school year on his record, he still must attend two more years of high school when he returns home. Seniors — 137 Cathy McGuckin Jackie McDougall Frank Mayer Michael Matta i8 — Seniors Seniors Jay A. McHargue Michael McNeil James Medvecz John Medved Michelle Meier Mike Mellady Michelle Mendoza Elicia Metz Carolyn E. Mosby Mike Mucha Shibly Nabhan James Nash Heidi G. Micka Jennifer Mihalik Julie Mirabella Michele Mohan - Charlotte Oates Nancy Penilla Joe Pieters Tim Pliske w t James Nicksic Tony Onder Andrew Pacholski Steve Nodd Jeanine M. Osborne PeteJ. Pavletich Rosa E. Perez Tom Pawlak Colleen O’Brien Karen Page Jenny Perez Jeff Persic 140 — Seniors Ron Potter Mary Puntillo Thomas Puscak Pat Putz Colleen Quinn Patrick Quinn Matthew T. Reardon Joyce Ann Reeds Tom Richter Jeanie Ring Wendy Rogers Heidi Kaye Rogovich Michael Rosta Jean Ryan Judy Ryan Brian Saule Seniors — 141 Lisa Schumann Kathleen Schutz Rob Sech Carolyn Sepiol Sonja Sera Susan Settle Sandra Staresina Dwight Stevenson Brian Stuhlmacher Kate Sullivan Francis A. Taylor Theresa Thiel Barbie Swanson Carrie Thorn Patrick A. Sullivan v- Tammy Szmutko Seniors Charlie Tilka Jon Tomasic Amy Tomecko Maria Teresa Treyes Eric W. Turner Lisa Uhles Maria Vazanellis Christina Velasco Linda S. Vernia Dean Wagner Courtney Walters Kevin W. Whited Ann Wolf Naree Wongse-Sanit Cary B. Wood Laura Wiatrolik Seniors U UPPER LEFT: Class Officers; Carrie LaMere, vice president; Elicia Metz, secretary; Cary Wood, president; and Shibly Nabhan, treasurer. UPPER RIGHT: Leafing through the Decussata, Carrie Thorn reflects on a memorable year. LOWER LEFT: Sandy Staresina and Kristen King watch the Crown Point football game with rapt attention. LOWER RIGHT: Linda Gzernoch and Jamie Gagan watch anxiously as Andrean takes on Lew Wallace. Seniors — 145 HIT AND RUN Andrean’s softball team hit its way to a great start with four straight wins. Although the team’s final record was just slightly over .500 (10-9), Lady Niners displayed their talent with a three game sweep in the Merrillville Tournament, defeating Lafayette Jeff, Washington South Bend, and Merrillville. For the second year in a row, the team voted Junior Nita Dziczkowski most valuable player, and Senior Jean Ryan was honored for best mental attitude. Players who showed the most intensity were senior Kathy Schutz and junior Aileen Blake. 146 — Snorts SOFTBALL UPPER LEFT: Bridget Blake’s quick pitch adds to the success of Andrean’s softball team. UPPER RIGHT: Toni Rossi helps an Andrean pitcher warm up before the Hobart game. LOWER LEFT: After hitting a long fly ball, Kathy Schutz disappointedly returns to the dugout. LOWER RIGHT: The 1985 girls’ softball team members are; First Row; Lynn Hevezi, Michele Macielak, Pam Arvay, Bridget Blake, Nita Dziczkowski, Toni Rossi, and Phyllis Sanchez; Second Row; Danielle Demkowicz, Missy Mohan, Theresa Thiel, Beth Flesher, Angela Duffy, Aileen Blake, Shawn Brokemond, and Mikka Romanenko; Third Row; Coach Chester, Maria Arceo, Jean Ryan, Linda Czernoch, Kathy Schutz, and Coach Talamo. SECTIONAL CHAMPS After a slow start of three wins, three losses, the boys’ varsity baseball team fought its way to a record 29-7 season. Winning the last ten games of the season, the Niner nine went on to take both games in the Lake Station sectional. At East Chicago, Andrean lost — by one run — to regional champs from Munster in the second game. UPPER LEFT: Baseball team members are; First Row, Coach Dar Cox, Dave Owen, Ron Potter, Peter Rogovich, Bill Zelin, Brian Bujdoso, Mike Sawochka, Scott Attar, and Dan Monroe; Second Row, Tom Richter, Mike Jonas, Dave Carr, Gary Babicka, Kevin Wolf, Pat Morley, Derrick Davis, Don Doffin, Steve Nodd, Chris Lee, and Coach Pishkur. UP- PER MIDDLE: Derrick Davis crosses home plate. UPPER RIGHT: Dave Owen attempts to steal second base in the regional game against Munster. LOWER LEFT: Winning the first regional game was a sweet but short-lived victory for Niners. LOWER LEFT: Dave Carr waits for the pitch. BASEBALL HEADING TO THE TOP SOCCER The Andrean soccer team ended its best season with a 12-3 record. Several factors contributed to this impressive conclusion. The team gained the advantage of the twelfth man,” or fan support, as Andrean began playing home soccer games at Father Vincent Eckert Stadium. The team’s offense, powered by Daniel Grosch, German exchange student, and MVP, Tim Pliske, was backed up by a much improved defense which included MIP Mike Parish. An attitude of determination enabled the team to come from behind to beat Griffith, Highland, and Valparaiso. A 2-1 victory over area power Portage highlighted a great season. UPPER: Soccer team members are: First Row, R. Bosevski, M. Negrelli, D. Kellar, D. Sikora, M. Benac, T. Pliske, M. Parish, S. Fardy, D. Walter, F. Ruiz, T. Kerr,J. Olivieri, R. Holcomb; Second Row, M. Kinasiewicz, L. Bosevski, C. Grandfield, M. Kazmier, B. Ande rson, D. Toth, N. Radojicic, B. Restyanszki, M. Sanchez, R. McMahon, J. Cavarretta, M. Dorris, D. Grosch, R. Hruskovich, T. Sullivan, Coach Sanchez. MIDDLE: Team members Matt Negrelli, Doug Kellar, Jim Cavarretta, Rob Hruskovich, Rob McMahon, and John Olivieri work on drills to improve their passing skills. LOWER LEFT: Bert Restyanszki lures his opponent towards the ball in order to pass the ball down field. LOWER RIGHT: At practice, Tim Pliske tries to dribble the ball past Tim Sullivan. PUTTIN ' ON THE RITZ For what Coach John Szot expected to be a rebuilding year, the boys’ golf team ended its 11-11 season with good results. The highlight of the regular season was a 165-167 win over Portage, one of the best teams in the area. In sectionals, Andrean received a respectable fifth place; the team missed qualifying for regionals by a mere four points, but showed its ability to stay in contention. At the Rensselaer Invitationals, sophomore Pamorn Kulsakdinun won a second place medal, which made him a shoo- in for the Most Valuable Player award. Most Improved Player awards were given to junior Pat Conlon and senior Dan Doherty. UPPER RIGHT: Boys’ golf team: Coach John Szot, Pamorn Kulsakdinun, Tom King, Joe Stern, Demetrios Kaiafas, Rick Valenzuela, Chris Brody, Dave Susoreny, Pat Conlon, Dan Doherty, and Dan Kilgore. LOWER MIDDLE: Tom King assists Dan Doherty’s tee-off. LOWER RIGHT: Pat Conlon chips the ball onto the green. Sports — 1! ■■ 152 — Sports EXCELLENCE With five seniors on the twelve- member girls’ track team, experience produced excellence for a successful season. I can’t take much of the credit, though,” said Coach Iatarola. The girls did all the work.” Among those who contributed to the team’s success were freshman Tricia Van Slyke, winner of the Most Improved Player award, junior Kristen Laskowski, Most Valuable Athlete, and senior Heidi Rogovich, who earned the Most Valuable award for field events. UPPER LEFT: Girls’ track team members are: First Row, Vicki Rowland, Tricia Van Slyke, Ellen Schneider, Lori Bujdoso, Carrie Blaney, Laura Kellar, Geralyn Wagner; Second Row, Coach Foyer, Tricia Thorn, Kristen Laskowski, Laura Kaufman, Annie McGuire, Carrie LaMere, Carolyn Burke, Heidi Rogovich, Laura Buncich, Ruth Erdelac, Susie Janssen, Chris Borisenko, Kris Katich, Tia Largura, Laura Chevigny, Dawn LoVerde, Tamra Powell, Maureen Murawski, Stephanie Erickson, Chris Heim, Lisa Kaufman, Michelle Kinasiewicz, Coach Iatarola, Frances McMahon. UPPER MIDDLE: Kristen Laskowski breaks the tape to win a race. UPPER RIGHT: Defying gravity, Heidi Rogovich extends herself at the long jump. LOWER LEFT: Heidi Rogovich and Ruth Erdelac warm up for their events. LOWER RIGHT: Laura Buncich moves to take the number one position. Sports — 153 WELL- QUALIFIED Under the direction of Coach Billick, the boys’ varsity track team ended its season with a strong 6-2 record. The Niners also had a good showing in sectionals with fourteen qualifiers. Despite a mid-season injury, senior Eric Turner qualified for seven sectional events and was named the team’s Most Valuable Athlete. Tim Mihalik, who runs well in both the low and high hurdles, received Most Valuable Runner recognition. Jeff Novorita, whose forte is the high jump, was named Most Valuable in Field Events. Both juniors scored firsts and broke records throughout the season. Most Improved Players in Running and Field Events, respectively, were Gerry Humphrey and Tom Puscak. 154 — Sports UPPER LEFT: With great determination, Geoff Graegin launches the shot put. UPPER MIDDLE: Showing perfect form, hurdler Tim Mihalik executes gracefully. UPPER RIGHT: Boys’ track team members are: First Row, B. Luckiewicz, C. Hafner, M. Dailey, J. Novorita, H. Isla, K. Suggs, F. Lee, F. Rivera, B. Boby; Second Row, R. Gupta, J. Lapham, R. Leach, R. Gaydos, J. Gross, S. O’Neil, K. Wheeler, M. Hanlon, J. Lustina, P. Simatovich, R. Robinson; Third Row, Coach Johnson, Coach Billick, Coach Foyer, D. Gibbs, T. Vician, J. Close, R. Freese, D. Sullivan, R. Vegter, T. Williford, T. Puscak, M. Mucha, G. Graegin, M. Oluvic, M. Yazvec, G. Humphrey, T. Mihalik, Coach Nicolini, and C. DeEspinosa. LOWER LEFT: Jeff Novorita arches to clear the crossbar. LOWER MIDDLE: Stretching with determination, sophomore John Lustina eyes a record landing mark. LOWER RIGHT: Frederick Lee attempts to qualify for sectionals in the long jump. Sports — 155 UPPER LEFT: Greta Doumanian serves up an ace. LOWER: Michele Mohan sharpens her volleying skills at practice. UPPER RIGHT: Tennis team members are: First Row, Michellejao, Pam Vincent, Missy Rohrer, Greta Doumanian, Vicky Nicksic; Second Row, Molly Reed, Rina DelaPaz, Michele Mohan, Kathleen Milbrath; Third Row, Lisa Compton, Valerie Verde, Brenda Bryan, Stephanie Trexler. LOWER RIGHT: Amy Reed makes a smashing return. 156 — Sports n KLORA FORM . . . It’s a Gas The girls’ tennis team capped off its season with a successful 14-6 record. Coach Klora commented, Even though we had a slow start — we lost our first four matches — we rallied to win ten of our last eleven.” Leading the team in this comeback were Most Valuable Player Kathleen Milbrath and Most Improved Player Amy Reed. The team carried its momentum into sectional play, winning decisive victories over Crown Point and Lowell. In the final round, though, they lost to archrival Merrillville. We played our best,” Coach Klora said. It was a great season.” Sports — IV Sftniay. Breakin’ Ignoring the calls to help with spring cleaning or the need to recuperate from late nights working on term papers, students visited foreign lands and spoke foreign languages during spring break. Families at home received postcards of the familiar sights of Rome, Paris, and London. Other students decided to take advantage of cold weather in the West to ski. Of course, Florida was not excluded from spring break plans. 158 — Spring Break UPPER LEFT: Sister Paul’s Latin students and friends pause before the Trevi Fountain in Rome. They are Chris Brandt, Jennifer Mirich, Mark Stanger, Paula Pearce, Valerie Kidd, Cathy Duffy, Matt Prusiecki, Jackie Brody, Chris Brody, Michele Mohan, Heidi Rogovich, Ray Gregoline, Kimberly Kozlowski, Peter Rogovich, Jennifer Grecco, John Cidulka, and Steve Ratkay. UPPER RIGHT: Jose Roig, Mike Rosta, Sr. Catherine Ann, Tony Garritano, and Alicia DuBois gather before the Tower of London en route to inspect the Crown Jewels. LOWER LEFT: Edward Yee, Clifford Yee, their new ski pal, and Gilbert Yee tackle the grand slopes of Keystone, Colorado. LOWER MIDDLE: Over spring break Mia Costanza flew to Ourto Preto, Brazil, to visit her friend Alecia Bicalho, a former Andrean exchange student. LOWER RIGHT: Jackie McDougall, Rina DelaPaz, and Naree Wongse-Sanit posed with their new English friend for Kristen King’s camera on their British holiday during spring break. UPPER LEFT: Rodger Jao and Chrissie Uhles enjoy the nightlife at prom. UPPER MIDDLE: 1985 Prom Queen Laura Burton; Princess Marcella Mirich; King Cary Wood; and Prince Todd Peebles are crowned the royalty of the prom. UPPER RIGHT: Sandy Staresina and her date dance to the music of Voyage. LOWER LEFT: Dave Topp, Meri McLean, Mike Benac, Mary Weber, Steve Ratkay, Teresa Gianoli, Vicki Vucich, and Greg Volan enjoy each other’s company at dinner. LOWER MIDDLE: Eric Turner serves his date a refreshing glass of punch. LOWER RIGHT: Tim Pliske and his date join in the many traditions of Prom — garter and all. ou an JJ s4ndrean School 1985 P rom Meilenic (Cultural (Center WerJUte, 3nl tana UPPER LEFT: Storekeepers, Sheryl Thomas and Frances Kepes wait at Armageddon headquarters for more results from the various contests. UPPER MIDDLE: Senior Kevin Whited snags a Frisbee from the reaches of junior Bill Koch and teammate Pat Sullivan. UPPER RIGHT: By consuming a glass of raw egg and an entire plate of chocolate covered hotdogs quickly, Mike Chary managed to place second in the eating contest, capturing three points for the juniors. FAR LEFT: Andrean’s very own Brelis Spiller, alias Michael Jordan, slams one home for the freshmen. LOWER LEFT: As senior Carrie LaMere dives for her flags, Susie Janssen breaks away for a first down. LOWER RIGHT: Escorted by juniors Mia Costanza and Rob McMahon, seniors Carrie LaMere and Jeff Attar light the torch to open the 1985 Armageddon games. Class Acts Armageddon, one of Andrean’s most popular traditions, allows classes to compete in a scaled-down-to- size Olympic manner. Students participated in events ranging from Trivial Pursuit® to dodgeball, an annual favorite. The spirit of Armageddon began long before the actual events. Classes competed for the Spirit Award during the week which preceded Armageddon. Each day had a different theme: Hawaiian Day, Class Colors Day, Clash-Military Day, Dress-Up Day, and Red and Gold Day, and students dressed accordingly. The games officially began at the assembly on May 17 when student council president, Jeff Attar, and senior class vice president, Carrie LaMere, ignited the flame. An explosive tug-of-war ended the two- day competition. Seniors captured first place in the games with a score of 66. Freshmen came in second with 58 points. Sophomores placed third with a score of 54, while juniors came in last with 49 points. Armageddon — 163 SENIOR HONORS Lions Club Student Leaders Jeff Attar Jodi Attar Cynthia Becht Melissa Bruce Dave Carr Mike Jonas Carrie LaMere Sylvia Lopez Tim Pliske Tom Richter Outstanding Student Awards Melissa Bruce Jeff Attar DAR Good Citizenship Award Carrie LaMere Indiana Hoosier Scholars Tony Garritano Colleen Quinn Alternates Andrea Alexandrowicz Carolyn Burke Tim Pliske JeffKamradt Scholastic Journalist Award The Hammond Times Theresa Thiel Most Valuable Staffer The Post Tribune Cathy McGuckin National Merit Scholars (a right) Jon Hussey Jim Nash Matt Lottes National Merit Commended Students Mike Gentleman Jeff Kamradt Mary Kroepfl Cathy McGuckin Andy Pacholski Jeanie Ring Naree Wongse-Sanit Valedictorian Naree Wongse-Sanit Salutatorian Tony Garritano }CT I‘P Of Special Recognition Awards Bishop Grutka Award for Christian Service Robin Gill Fr.J. Burke Award for Excellence in Music Julie Kimbrough Sr. Emma Award for Dedicated Service to the School Melissa Bruce Sylvia Lopez Outstanding Scholar - Athletes of the Class of 1985 Carolyn Burke Tim Pliske Outstanding Achievement in English Colleen Quinn Tony Garritano Outstanding Achievement in Science Melissa Bruce JeffKamradt Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics Melissa Bruce Dave Chary Outstanding Achievement in Social Studies Naree Wongse-Sanit Scot Govert Outstanding Achievement in Foreign Language Maria Vazanellis Tim Pliske Outstanding Achievement in Art Beth Koke Elicia Metz Outstanding Achievement in Drafting and Design John Medved Outstanding Achievement in Business Education Linda Vernia Indiana University Latino Scholar Award Chris DeEspinosa Peter Duenas Chris Velasco Michelle Mendoza Jenny Perez Indiana University Scholarship Melissa Bruce Jeff Kamradt Nick Kohl Kathy Schutz Purdue University Scholarship Kristen King Colleen Quinn Chris Jostes Seniors — 165 SENIOR DINNER Commencement activities began May 29 with graduation practice. Afterwards, the class of 1985 went to the cafeteria to share a last dinner together. After the meal, Fr. Cerretto and Sr. Catherine Ann announced senior royalities and distributed special awards. SENIOR ROYALTIES BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Brian Carden Toni Amico MOST HANDSOME ATTRACTIVE Jim Gregoline MOST SCHOLARLY Karen Page Tony Garritano MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Naree Wongse-Sanit Tony Garritano Tim Pliske NICEST HAIR Naree Wongse-Sanit Ray Gregoline NICEST SMILE Nanette Kalamir Peter Duenas NICEST EYES Julie Mirabella Jim Nicksic NICEST LEGS Nancy Buckley Steve Nodd BEST PHYSIQUE Sivalai Dhana Mark Banter MOST DRAMATIC TALENT Doreen Coria John Karas BEST MUSICAL TALENT Julie Kimbrough Brian Stuhlmacher MOST VERSATILE Sylvia Lopez Eric Turner MOST EXTRA-SOCIAL Carolyn Burke Jeff Attar MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Gail Francis Jeff Attar BEST PERSONALITY Jodi Attar Jeff Attar BEST DANCER Jodi Attar Tony Onder BEST DRESSED Ruth Erdelac Francis Taylor MOST ATHLETIC Carolyn Sepiol Mike Lesch BEST LEADER Lynn Hevezi Cary Wood MOST MISCHIEVOUS Sylvia Lopez John Johnson MOST ARTISTIC Angi Easton Brian Carden FUNNIEST LAUGH Elicia Metz Daryl Gibbs BEST COUPLE Heidi Rogovich Cary Wood and Laura Burton UPPER LEFT: A few seniors enjoy their last dinner together. LOWER LEFT: Shibly Nabhan watches as Brian Stuhlmacher, the obvious choice for best musical talent, plays his guitar at a pep assembly. 166 — Seniors UPPER LEFT: Cathy McGuckin and Laura Anders prepare to present gifts of the Decussata and the Acropolis at the altar. UPPER RIGHT: Theresa Thiel reads the Epistle at our last Mass. LOWER LEFT: Bishop Gaughan shares his thoughts on being adult Christians and making the right decisions. LOWER RIGHT: Presenting the Eucharist gifts, Mike Rosta and Maria Arceo wait to give the chalices. BACCALAUREATE Breaking tradition, Bishop Gaughan celebrated his first Andrean Baccalaureate Mass at Our Lady of Consolation church rather than at the Cathedral. A highlight of the May 30 liturgy was the song, Magister Meus Christus,” written by Mr. Cessna and Miss Burke, both Andrean graduates, who are leaving the Andrean faculty to pursue religious vocations. Seniors — 167 168 — Seniors Andrean High School Twenty-third Commencement June 2, 1985 COMMENCEMENT UPPER MIDDLE: Expressions of elation radiate from the faces of newly graduated Tom Pawlak, Mark Hamady, Rob Sech, and Dean Wagner. UPPER RIGHT: Proud of their achievements, Maria Vazanellis and Chris Velasco march in procession. LOWER LEFT: Jeff Attar adjusts Nikki Zelin’s cap. LOWER MIDDLE: A joyful Stephanie Hunt accepts Rob McMahon’s assistance after receiving her diploma. LOWER RIGHT: Mary Puntillo, Colleen Quinn, Joyce Reeds, and Jeanie Ring await the conclusion of commencement exercises. Seniors 169 1 -TA C UPPER LEFT: Stephanie Davis gives a warm farewell hug to a classmate. UPPER MIDDLE: Naree Wongse-Sanit accepts her valedictorian award from Rev. Fowerbaugh, Superintendent of Diocesan Schools. UPPER RIGHT: Michele Hornick, Ann Wolf, Linda Czernoch, Lisa Schumann, and Kathy Schutz enjoy the feeling of freedom after four long years. LOWER LEFT: With great pleasure, Jeff Attar trades his cap and gown to Sr. Bernice Marie for his diploma. LOWER RIGHT: After receiving their diplomas, Tony Garritano, Jeff Kamradt, and Tim Pliske reveal their true selves. Seniors — 171 . . . THE YEAE NATIONAL NEWS . . . On November 6, 1984, President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush celebrated a landslide victory over Democrat Walter Mon- dale and his running mate, Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman ever to run for VP, by winning elec- toral votes in 49 of the 50 states. Gary Dotson, a convicted and sentenced rapist, had his twenty-five year prison term commuted by Il- linois Governor James Thompson when his supposed victim, Kathleen Crowell Webb, rescinded her original testimony. LOCAL NEWS . . . Andrean’s own Peter Visclosky of the class of 1967 was elected to the United States House of Representatives from Indiana’s First Congressional District. The small town of St.John, In- diana was terrorized on May 28, 1985, when Jim Koslowski, a disturbed individual, was killed by a St. John policeman after he gunned down a motorist on U.S. Route 41, killed a K-Mart employee, and injured three other bystanders. QUESTION: What university’s team mascot is the Horned Toad? ANSWER: Texas Christian University. This puzzler is one of the multitude of intriguing questions from the exciting game which swept the nation. Trivial Pursuit®. In preparation for the monu- ment’s hundredth anniversary com- ing up in 1986, scaffolding was erected around the Statue of Liberty to allow extensive structural repairs. TOP MOVIES Beverly Hills Cop Ghostbusters Amadeus A Passage to India Gremlins Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 72 — 1984-5 Review On October 26, 1984, surgeons made a medical breakthrough. A two month old baby, nicknamed Baby Fae, received a baboon’s heart in place of her own defective heart. Baby Fae died on November 15, 1984 , just twenty-one days after receiving her new heart. A change in formula pro- voked worldwide storms of protest and forced the Coca Cola Company to bring back its original Coke formula, bot- tled and distributed as Classic Coke. TOP MUSIC ARTISTS Bruce Springsteen Madonna John Waite Chicago Duran Duran Wham! USA For Africa Cindy Lauper WORLD NEWS . . . Because of devastating wide- spread famine in Ethiopia, Americans unified in efforts to send help. U.S. music artists com- bined their talents to record the smash hit, USA for Africa, sen- ding all the profits to Ethiopia. On May 29, 1985, a riot broke out between British and Italian fans before a championship soc- cer game in Brussels. Thirty- eight people were trampled or crushed to death as a stadium wall and gate collapsed; 437 others were injured. Despite the chaos, the game continued. Later, Prime Minister Thatcher ordered the Liverpool team’s withdrawal from further competition. Passengers of a hijacked U.S. — bound TWA flight from Athens were detained in Beirut by Shiite terrorists for seventeen days. IN REVIEW SPORTS NEWS . . . Salmonella poisoning caused by contaminated milk from Jewel’s Hillfarm Dairy in Melrose Park infected over 17,000 people from Illinois, In- diana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. A major industrial disaster oc- curred on December 3, 1984 at the Union Carbide insecticide plant in Bhopal, India, when a poisonous gas leak killed over 2,000 people and affected tens of thousands of others. Soviet President Konstantin Chernenko died on March 10, 1985. Mikhail Gorbachev became Chernenko’s successor as head of the Soviet Communist Party and Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, was shot and killed by two Sikh members of her security guard on October 31, 1984. Her son Raj Gandhi, an airline pilot, was named her successor. The 1984 Summer Olympic games in Los Angeles began with the lighting of the Olympic Flame from the torch which was ignited in Athens, Greece, and carried across the United States. Among the many U.S. gold medalists were gymnasts Mary Lou Retton and Peter Vid- mar, track star Carl Lewis, and the men’s volleyball team. The Chicago Cubs, after captur- ing the National League East Title, battled against the San Diego Padres for the pennant. After winn- ing the first two games the Cubs lost the remaining three, destroying their World Series dreams. In the fall of 1984, Walter Payton, Chicago Bears’ running back, surpassed Jim Brown’s all- time rushing record of 12,312 yards. Cub’s pitcher, Rick Sutcliffe won 14 consecutive games and ended with a 16-1 record. For his fine season, Rick Sutcliffe was awarded the Cy Young Award for 1984. At the onset of the 1984 National Football League season the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis became the new home of the Colts, who moved from Baltimore. World Series — Detroit Tigers over San Diego Padres — 4 games to 1 1 NCAA Football — Alabama’s Crimson Tide, named 1 by both AP and UPI polls Superbowl — San Francisco 49ers beat Miami Dolphins — 38-16 1 NCAA Basketball — Villanova Wildcats beat Georgetown Hoyas — 66-64 NBA Championship — Los Angeles Lakers over Boston Celtics — 4 games to 2 Stanley Cup — Edmonton Oilers over Philadelphia Flyers — 4 games to 1 1984-85 in Review — 173 . . . AHS YEAR Northern Indiana Art Show AWARD OF DISTINCTION Dea Ard — Downtown” FIRST IN MEDIA Mike Brandt — Pipes” Beth Koke — XYZ” Karen Hibbs — Greek God Of Marbles” Karen Saroian — Chipmunk” Rob McMahon — Great Grand Dad” Mia Costanza — Crewmen On The Potowmack” HONORABLE MENTION Jill Lach — Hands Off My Crayons” Dea Ard — ’’Yesterdays” Teresa Gianoli — Shifting Gears” Karen Hibbs — Split Personality” Brian Carden — Another Crowd In The Face” Teresa Gianoli — Neuschwanstein Castle” Jenny Guelinas — Coke Crunch” Chris DeEspinosa — Radiant Christ” Indiana University Calculator Contest 2nd Greg Volan 3rd Kevin Schutz 4th Dave Chary Chesterton Math Contest 1st Place Team Dave Chary Brian Hibbs Chung-Hsi Ou Meng-Hsi Ou Tom Rosta Kevin Schutz Greg Volan Dave Zielinski Armageddon Seniors 66 Freshmen 58 Sophomores 54 Juniors 49 National Latin Exams Silver Medals Kevin Schutz Mike Inman Jim Nash Mickey Haller John Olivieri Kim Zimmer Pan Am Awards 1st Year Spanish Essay 1st — Blair O’Connor 2nd — Zorina Ombac 3rd — Paul Kobza 2nd Year Spanish Essay 1st — Frances Sosa 2nd — Shannon Olson 3rd — Gilbert Yee 3rd Year Spanish Essay 1st — Paul Conarty 2nd — Chris Rettig 3rd — Tom King Honorable Mention Lisa Kaufman Tim Pliske Allison Heuring Indiana State School Music Association 1st Division Awards Andriel Buggs Gabe de la Paz Eva Gomez Sara Hughes Michelle Fisher Andreana Greene Mark Twain Essay Contest 3rd — Kevin Schutz Finalist — Toni Rossi Honors — Linda Simon Honors — Paula Pearce SENIOR POLL 71 % Plan to attend college 51 % Going to IU or Purdue 10% Going out of state 1 % Joining armed forces 174 — 1984-5 in Review IN REVIEW . . . NINER NEWS . . . After capturing first place at the Dunes Op- timist Oratorical Contest, Inga Lewis and Blair O’Connor continued on and won first at the Ham- mond sectional. They then attended the semi-finals in Rochester where they became the first pair of students from the same school to capture both gold medals. Dave Owen captured the first place trophy in the Voice of Democracy Speech Contest sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Inland Steel named Mrs. Edith Dakich the Teacher of the Year for 1985. Mrs. Dakich has ad- ded to Andrean’s academic excellence for the past seventeen years. The 1984 Andrean girls’ volleyball team became the first in the school’s history to battle its way to semi-state competition. The Andrean English department established a tradition of summer reading assignments for all students. Quick-thinking Mrs. Anne Weiss grabbed her grade book as she rushed from her burning home early in the morning on March 29. House and con- tents were a total loss. Andrean’s 1985 varsity baseball team, with a 29-7 record became the winningest sports team in the school’s 25 year history. Andrean students, at the beginning of the 1984-85 school year had to adapt to new school policies which outlawed using Cliff’s Notes in school and going to lockers between classes. Under the expert direc- tion of Mr. Sammy Listro, Andrean’s Art Depart- ment proudly placed second in the Northern Indiana Art show, missing first place by only one point. Melissa Bruce received a grant from the American Heart Associa- tion to do original research in science. Senior Tim Pliske made Hoosier history by kicking the most field goals in one season in the state. He was named to the Indiana All-State foot- ball team and represented Andrean on the All- Catholic football team in conjunction with the Faith, Family, and Foot- ball program. Under the direction of Mr. Dan Rogovich, An- drean Alumni Director, the Andrean Parents Club raised money to offset the rising tuition costs through their calendar raffle sale. Junior Cam Stram received a $5,000 scholar- ship for his grand perfor- mance in the Valparaiso University Concerto competition. Lynn Hevezi was named one of the top senior basketball players in In- diana by Hoosier Basketball magazine. Science Fair Winners Tony Lenzo Martin Falatic Science Club Essay Contest Andrew Hasara AH8 Sports Record Team W-L Cross Country 12- 3 Varsity Volleyball 28- 6 Varsity Football 6- 4 Varsity Girls’ Basketball 18- 3 Varsity Boys’ Basketball 5-16 Wrestling 3-12 Varsity Girls’ Golf 7- 4 Varsity Boys’ Golf 11-11 Varsity Girls’ Tennis 14- 6 Varsity Boys’ Tennis 10- 6 Girls’ Track 11- 3 Boys’ Track 6- 2 Soccer 12- 3 Softball 10- 9 Varsity Baseball 29- 7 1984-5 in Review — 175 • • • Behind the Scenes UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Marie Quade. UPPER RIGHT: Mrs. Vicki Skirpan. MIDDLE LEFT: Mrs. Jane Ridgely. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Bonnie Paulsin. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Betty Yurechko. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Jo Ellyn Powell. 176 — Staff To The Class of 1985 Congratulations and Best Wishes Dr. Douglas A. Haskell D.D.S. GEORGE KINGSLEY, INC. Representing Herff Jones Division of Carnation Andrean High School’s Official Supplier of Class Rings Stationery Graduation Apparel COMMUNITY Laura Anders Mr. and Mrs. E. Giorgio Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Mr. Klora Anders Miss Mullaney Mr. and Mrs. W. Barancyk Mrs. Owen Harry Berke Mrs. Steele Miss Burke Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Mrs. Dakich The T (h) eresa Twins Mr. Chester BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS of M. U. 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The time has come for us to move on to greater challenges and to reach for higher goals. Our experiences during this past year will enable us to one day fulfill our dreams. Our faith in God will permit us to meet difficult challenges and to overcome them. The knowledge that we have gained will enable us to succeed in whatever field we choose. We can do anything because we are special. We are unique among others. We are Niners. We are Andrean. i n 195 Acevez, Becky 82 Acevez, Vicky 82, 122 Acosta, Stanley 26 Acosta, Steven 82 Adamo, Caryn M. 130 Adams, Joe 1 14 Aeschliman, Brad 38, 39, 114 Aguilar, Tommy J. 82 Aguirre, Josie Helen 114 Aguirre, Martin 130 Aguirre, Michael 130 Alexandrowicz, Andrea 8, 130, 164 Allegretti, Jim 26, 37, 60, 106 Aloia, Mark 1 14 Alston, Michele 1 14 Alvarez, Laurie 1 14 Amico, Toni 130, 166 Anaszewski, Ed 82 Anaszewski, Tammy 114 Anders, Laura 48, 130, 167 Anderson, Bill 20, 114, 150 Anthony, Rick 1 14 Arceo, Bernadette 26 Arceo, Maria 130, 147, 169 Arceo, Olivia 82 Arceo, Sylvia 130 Ard, Dea 1 14 Artemiuk, Jason 26, 110 Arvay, Pam 34, 35, 114, 147 Attar, Jeff 39, 102, 103, 113, 121, 125, 128, 130, 162, 163, 164, 166, 171 Attar, Jenny 26, 34, 108, 169 Attar, Jodi 44, 46, 130, 164, 166 Attar, Scott 39, 82, 148 Austgen,Jane 45, 82 Ayala, Hope 26, 34, 108 Azad, Tony 82 Azcona, Steven 26, 106 Babicka, Gary 36, 38, 39, 128d, 130, 148 Baccetti, Dina 26 Bachich, Kelli 26 Back, Mike 26 Badar, Greg 82 Balon, Vanessa 26 Bane, Mike 26 Banter, Mark 39, 144, 1 66 Baran, Melody 26 Barancyk, Mike 26, 37 Barlas, Tony 19, 1 14 Barloga, Karen 26 Barloga, Mitch 19, 82 Barney, Mike 26, 37 Baron, Bill 26 Baron, Tom 20, 130 Barrera, Gregory 128d, 130 Barrera, Greg C. 82 Bates, Jim 39, 66, 130 Beasley, Dana 26, 47 Becht, Cynthia 96, 130, 164 Becht, Stephanie 64, 82 Beckmann, Carol 26, 34, 108 Beckmann, Laura 34, 82, 108 Behnke, Robert 36, 50, 82 Beiriger, Catherine 26 Bellich, Christine 114 Bellich, Mike 26, 37, 122 Benac, Mike 19, 52, 114, 150, 160 Benka, Stacy 26 Bennett, Thomas 82, 110 Benus, Diane 130 Berger, Brian 20, 82 Bernard, Julie 82 Bernat, Amy 46, 74, 80, 114 Berndt, Sarah 82 Berry, Kimberly 26 Best, David 36, 82 Bettens, David 82 Bielefeld, David 26, 37 Binkley, Jenny 26 Bishop, Joseph 26, 37 Bistrow,Jeff 114 Blachly, Joyce 26, 108 Blake, Aileen 99, 108, 109, 114, 146, 148 Blake, Bridget 26, 34, 108, 147 Blaney, Carrie 82, 108, 152 Blissmer, Lori-Beth 46, 123, 131 Bobruk, Michelle 82 Boby, Bob 38, 39, 44, 52, 114, 127, 128, 155 Bodie,John A. 82 Bodney, Paul 114 Bohney, Tim 114 Bono, Robert 82 Booker, Matt 26, 110 Borisenko, Christine M. 95, 131, 152 Bosevski, Larry 82, 150 Bosevski, Marie 21, 114 Bosevski, Robert 82, 150 Boudreaux, Tim 114 Brack, Christine 26, 48 Brack, Joe 36, 114 Brandt, Christine 114, 159 Brandt, Michael 131 Bratton, Lisa 131 Braun, Frank 131 Braun, Richard 26 Braun, Victoria 55, 1 14 Brengettcy, Mark 26 Brislen, Amy 1 14 Brody, Chris 114, 151, 159 Brody, Jackie 18, 46, 82, 159 Brokemond, Shawn 108, 114, 147 Brown, Victor 26 Bruce, Melissa Ann 93, 95, 131, 164, 165 Bryan, Brenda 114, 156 Brzoska, Debbie 26, 34, 108 Bucheck, Sandy 114 Buckley, Nancy 18, 131, 166 Bucko, Jim 82 Buggs, Andriel 82 Bujdoso, Brian 39, 106, 148 Bujdoso, Lori 21, 131, 152 Bujdoso, Mike 39, 106, 107, 1 14 Bukur, Nicole 26 Buncich, Laura 131, 152, 153 Bunjan, Sam 15, 50, 82 Bunjan, Sean 106, 114 Bunjan, Sherry 82 Bunjan, Suzie 114 Burke, Carolyn 18, 108, 109, 131, 152, 164, 165, 166 Burroughs, Angela 26 Burton, Carol 26 Burton, Laura 46, 131, 160, 166 Bush, Shane 26 Calloway, Lisa 26 Calloway, Shirley 46, 114 Campbell, Jennifer 26, 108 Candelaria, Victoria 26 Carden, Brian 131, 166 Carpenter, Dawn 26 Carpenter, Mark 36, 82 Carr, David 44, 112, 113, 131, 148, 164 Carreno, Kelly 26, 37, 110 Catherine, Brian 26, 37 Cavarretta,Jim 20, 131, 150 Cavazos, Cathy 131 Cavazos, Tony 114 Cesario, Anthony 82 Chapas, Kristyn 114 Chary, David 63, 131, 165 Chary, Michael 82, 92, 93, 162 Chaseley, Moira 26 Chavers, Nicquel 82 Cheigny, Laura 132, 152 Chiarella, Angela 82 Chiarella, Lisa 27 Chirby, Stephanie 82 Christe, Edilyn 72, 132 Christe, Eric 27 Christianson, Erica 114 Cidulka,John 114, 123, 159 Ciminillo, Lori 114 Clark, Michelle 27 Clay, Andrea 132 Cleaver, Curt 132 Cleland, Lisa 27, 34 Close, Chad 27, 37 Close, Jason 20, 114, 155 Coady, Kim 27 Codespoti, Scott 27, 110 Collins, Evetta 82 Compton, Lisa 15, 74, 114, 156 Compton, Lynn 27 Conarty, Paul 13, 114 Conley, Wayne 82, 113 Conlon, Patrick 114, 151 Connors, Robert 36, 82 Conroy, Lynn 82 Conroy, Tom 127, 132 Cook, Demetrica 82 Cordova, Jeanie 132 Coria, Doreen 132, 166 Costanza, Mia 56, 103, 1 14, 1 59, 162 Couret, Keiron 27 Craig, Susan 15, 46, 52, 1 14, 125 Crawford, Jason 27, 37, 110 Crawford, Robert 36, 114 Crook, Gregory 82 Crosby, Leslie M. 27 Cuculick, Richard 132 Cunningham, Toyka M. 132 Cusick, Kelly 57, 82 Cusick, Patrick 115 Cuttino, Lieu A. 132 Czernoch, Linda 34, 35, 132, 145, 147, 171 Dailey, Amy 83, 93 Dailey, Michael 20, 44, 66, 132, 155 Dailey, Timothy 128d, 132 Dakich, Jackie 46, 67, 99, 115 D’Andrea, Alayna 27 D’Andrea, Braden 115 Darnell, Darren 83 DaSilva, Alex 27, 75, 110 David, Michele 13, 62, 125, 132 Davila, Alfredo 83 Davis, Derrick 83, 148 Davis, Stephanie 132, 171 Davis, Pauline 115 DeBie, Mignon 115 DeBois, Pierre 83 Deck, Dawn 27 DeEspinosa, Christopher K. 132, 155, 165, 193 DeEspinosa, David 27, 37 Dejesus, Yvette 133 De la Paz, Gabriel 19, 83 De la Paz, Victoria 133, 156, 159 DeMass, Simone 34, 48, 83, 122 Demkowicz, Danielle 34, 83, 108, 147 Denfeld,John 133 Dennison, Marissa 18, 46, 83 Denton, Michelle 83 Derdowski, Amy 27 De Rosa, Michael 83 De Rosa, Moira 27, 47 Deruntz, Andrea 115 Deruntz, Mary Kay 83 Dhana, Siriporn 27 Dhana, Sivalai 133, 166 Diwyk, Yvonne 83 Dixon, Angie 83 Dobogai, Denise 27, 34 Doffin, Don 38, 113, 11 5, 148 Doffin, Patty 27 Doherty, Dan 133, 151 Doolin, Kimberly 27 Doolin, Matt 121, 133 Doolin, Sean 115 Dorris, Kathy 115 Dorris, Michael 27, 48, 150 Doumanian, Greta 27, 34, 122, 156 Doyle, Jackie 133 Drakis, Walter 83 Dudenski, Brian 115 Drapac, Stephanie 27 DuBois, Alicia 46, 133, 159 DuBois, Pierre 19 DuBois, Thomas 83 Dudley, Jennifer 27 Duehas, Peter 44, 128d, 133, 165, 166 Duffy, Angela 83, 108, 147 Duffy, Cathy 83, 159 Dykhuis, Debra 133 Dynek, Nicole 27 Dziczkowski, Nita 108, 115, 146, 147 Dziubla, Ray 83 Easton, Angi 133, 166 Easton, Dean 27, 37 Easton, Lynda 115 Erby, Helen M. 1 15 Erby, Tracy 133 Equihua, Ana 83 Erdelac, Ruth 46, 133, 152, 166 Erickson, Kathy 27 Erickson, Stephanie 83, 152 Erris, Michael 183 Fagen, Mike 13, 20, 69,75, 106, 115 Falatic, Martin 83, 175 196 — Index Falconburg, Jean 83 Falconburg, Paul 27 Falconburg, Ralph 133 Falcone, Mike 36, 83 Fardy, Sieve 19, 83, 92, 150 Farias, Dianna 95, 133 Farmer, Sean 65, 133 Fath, Laura 134 Fauser, Frank 27 Fazekas. Mary 48, 83 Fazekas, Robert 115 Fealy. Tim 15, 103, 115 Fedorchak, Robert 115 Feuerbach, Kevin 83 Fife, John 27, 37, 110 Finley, Nancy 83 Finley, Steve 115 Fisher, Mimi 83 Fitzgerald, Todd 20, 27, 1 10 Fleming. Lisa 18 Fleming, Pat 27 Flesher, Beth 83, 147 Florez, Marc 83 Fordham, Antoinette 83 Fotinos, Pete 115 Francis, Gail L, 44. 103, 128d, 134, 166 Franz, Robert 134 Frazzini, Marian 27 Frazzini, Sue 134 Freese. Jeff 83 Freese. Robert 27, 155 Friday. Kenya L. 27 Friel, Eileen 83 Gagan. James 134, 145 Gallardo. Maria D. 134 Galler. Andy 1 15 Gant, Kellie 27 Card, Milissa 115 Gard, Roxanne 46, 47, 115, 125 Garritano, Anthony 134, 154, 164, 165, 166, 171 Gasaway.John 27 Gaydos, Jennifer 34, 83, 108, 109 Gaydos, Ronald J. 39, 134, 155 Gaydos, Steve 36, 83 Geimer, Gigi 45, 46, 1 28d, 1 34 Gentleman. Mike 164 Gertz. Dave 134 Gholson, Ronald D. 38, 39, 106, 134 Giacomin, Gino 83 Gianoli, Teresa 11, 74, 115, 160 Gibbs. Daryl 134, 155, 166 Gill, Robin 121, 134, 165 Giorgi, Dan 27 Glover, Stacy 115 Gomez, Eve 83 Gonzales. John 27 Gonzalez, Deborah 27 Gonzalez, Elaine 83 Gonzalez. Joe 115 Gonzalez, Kelli 134 Gonzalez, Rafael 115 Goodman. Rachel 83 Gore. Chuck 83 Gorski, Robert 36, 48. 115 Gotch. Beth 27 Govert, Dana 11, 115 Govert, Maria 1 15 Govert, Scot 11, 134. 165 Graegin, Geoff 122, 134, 155 Grandfield. Chris 27, 150 Granger. Stacey 27 Grecco. Jennifer 83, 159 Green. Lou 2 7 , 37, 1 10 Greene, Andreana 2 T Greenwell. Bryan 1 15 Greer. Laurie 83 Gregoline, James 38, 39, 135, 166 Gregoline. Raymond 39,45, 135. 159, 166 Gross. Joel 28. 155 Grosch. Daniel 137, 150 Grusak, Mary 28 Guelinas, Jennifer 46. 115 Guelinas. Thomas 28 Gupta, Rahul 83. 155 Gurdian, Bill 115 -iaddix. Rosa 28 dafner. Chris 45, 66. 105, 135. 155 dafner, Madeline 15, 48. 64. 84, 108 dalfman, James 28, 37, 1 10 Haller, Mickey 28 Hamady, Mark 39, 135, 169 Hamann, Dale 28 Hammond, Beth 28 Hamnik.Joe 128d, 135 Hanlon, Matt 28, 1 10, 155 Hargro, Carlton 28 Hargro, Ronald 36, 84 Harris, Martita 38 Harris, Erika 28 Harvey, Lucretia 28 Hasara, Andrew 84, 175 Hasara, Stephania 135 Haynes, Michelle 84 Heckler, Bridget 1 1 5 Heim, Chris 84, 152 Hembroff, Stephen 135 Hepworth, Nikki 28 Herd, Michele 28 Hernandez, Mark 135 Heuring, Allison 18, 84 Hevezi, Lynn 108, 109, 135, 147, 166 Heylin, Thomas 84 Hibbs, Brian 19, 84 Hibbs, Karen 42, 1 15 Hiduke, Eric A. 28, 1 10 Higgins, Mike 84, 1 10, 1 1 1 Higgins, Michelle 115 Hill, Colleen 115 Hill, Germaine 115 Hines, Duncan 115 Hnat, Mary Joy 46, 115 Hoefer, Meredith 28 Hogan, LaChandra D. 135 Hokenson, Lorna 135 Hokenson, Tom 84 Holcomb, Robby 39, 115, 150 Hollie, Kimberly D. 115 Hornick, Michelle 135, 171 Houpt, James 28 Howorth, Denis A. 84 Hrebec, Jenny 15, 115 Hrnjak, Tracy 84 Hruskoci, Rob 48, 84 Hruskovich, Christi 28, 34, 108 Hruskovich, Rob 20, 1 15, 150 Huber, Ann 28, 34 Huber, Tom 84 Hughes, Lara 84 Humes, Tracy 28 Humphrey, Gerald 39, 135, 154, 155 Hunt, Stephanie 135, 169 Hunter, Kris 115 Hussey, Jon 106, 135, 164 Hussey, Wendy 28 Hutchens, Shawn 115 Hutka, Shelley 28 Iatarola,Jo-Etta 135 Ilada, Pat 84 Isla, Hermilo 136, 155 Isla, Maria 115 Isla, Nola 1 16 Isla, Roy 28 Inman, Michael 84, 93 Ivanyo, Dan 116 Jackson. Mary 28 Jacobs, Darin 122, 144 Jagiela, Annette M. 21, 136 Jakubielski.Joe 84 Jakubielski, Linda 136 Janke, Jody 28 Janke.Josh 116, 121 Janssen, Susie 152, 162 Jao, Michelle A, 28, 156 Jao, Roderick A. 19, 84 Jao, Rodger A, 19, 116, 160 Jaskolski, Todd 84, 151 Jeffers, Sheila 57, 84 Jelovcic, Margie 136 Jenkins, Kristin 84 Jensen, Dave 116 Jeschke, Julie 84 Jeschke, Kristine 136 Jimenez, Dan 28, 37, 106 Jimenez, Joey 36, 106, 116 Jocus, Edward D. 39, 136 Johnson, Andrea 28, 34, 108 Johnson, John 65, 136, 166 Johnson, Todd 77, 84, 112, 113 Jonas, Michael S. 136, 148, 164 Jonas, Sandy 84 Jonas, Sue 84 Jones, Marvin 84 Jones, Ramon 136 Jostes, Chris 39,91, 136, 165 Juskevice, Kimberly 28 Kabella, John 70, 136 Kaiafas, Demetrios 19, 136, 151 Kaiafas, Taso 52, 1 16 Kalamir, Nanette 99, 136, 166 Kaminski, Jim 84 Kamradt, Jeff 128d, 136, 164, 165, 171 Karabetsos, Angela 28 Karas, John 136, 166 Karras, Christine C. 46, 136 Katich, Doug 36, 106, 116 Katich, Kris 28, 34, 39, 108, 152 Kaufman, Laura 28, 34, 152 Kaufman, Lisa 116, 152 Kazmier, Mark 28, 150 Kellar, Doug 106, 116, 150 Kellar, Laura 28, 48, 152 Keelen, Greg 84 Kellenburger, Brian 39, 106, 107, 116 Kenbok, Doug 137 Kepes, Frances 49, 91, 93, 116, 162 Kerr, Anthony 84, 1 50 Kidd, Valerie 84, 159 Kiel, Kelly 28 Kilgore, Dan 28, 37, 110, 111, 151 Kimbrough, Julie 46, 65, 137, 165, 166 Kinasiewicz, Mike 38, 39, 116, 150 Kinasiewicz, Michelle 21, 28, 152 King, Kristen 137, 145, 165 King, Thomas 39, 116, 151 Klimaszewski, Dave 36, 84 Klus, Lynn 28, 34 Knudson, Lori 1 16 Kobza, Paul 28, 37, 106 Koch, Bill 116, 162 Kohl, Nicholas A. 19, 137, 164, 165 Koke, Beth 80, 137, 165 Komechak, Karen 84 Komechak, Mary 137 Kopil, Marty 84 Kopil, Mickey 39, 1 16 Kopp, Ken 1 16 Kopp, Michelle 28 Koranda, Kevin 137 Kostelnik, Brian 137 Koulianos, Dan 39, 1 16 Koulianos, Jason 28, 37, 106 Kozlowski, Kimberly 84, 159 Kramek, Kathy 28 Kranik, Jackie 116 Krasnansky, Kristen 116 Kratkoczki.Jodi 84 Kratkoczki.John 84 Krienke, Ann 74, 138 Krienke, Mary 28 Krienke, Bill 84. 106 Kroepfl, Beth 84, 108 Kroepfl, Denise 60, 138, 164 Kroepfl, John 19, 28, 110 Kullerstrand, Erik 28 Kulsakdinun, Pamorn 8, 84, 92, 1 5 1 Kulsakdinun, Ruangpung 138 Kusmierz, Keith 1 16 LaBroi, Gerald 36, 1 16 Lach, Greg 29 Lach.Jill 1 16 LaGrant, Verna 29 Lagunes, Fabian 84 Lahaie, Mary 138 LaMere, Bob 29, 37 LaMere, Carrie 34,35,44,91, 108, 138, 145, 152, 162, 163, 164 LaMere, Dan 39, 54, 116, 125 Landon, Ericka 29 Lanfear, Cheryl 29, 47, 108 Lanfear, Dawn 116 Lapham, Jonathan 20, 84, 155 Largura, Tia 1 16, 152 Larson, Marcella 84 Larson, Ralph 13, 36, 116 Laskowski, Kristen 116, 152, 153 Lavendusky, Laura 84 Laws, Patrick 29 Index — 197 Leach, Ryan 84, 155 Lee, Camille D. 29 Lee, Chris 84, 110, 148 Lee, Frederick B. 29, 155 Lee, Michele 138 Lenoir, Randee 85 Lenzo, Tony 29, 175 Lepp, Christine 138 Lesch, Mark 38, 39, 138 Lesch, Michael 38, 39, 106, 107, 138, 166 Leslie, Kym L. 77, 85 Lewis, Inga 1 16 Lewis, Rustin 29 Ligda, Mark 42, 1 16 Ligda, Matt 94, 1 16 Logothetis, Ann 29 Logue, Yvette 46, 49, 116 Longmore, Patricia 29, 34 Lopez, Gloria 29, 164 Lopez, Sylvia 44, 138, 164, 165, 166 Lottes, Matt 57, 138, 164 LoVerde, Dawn 18,46, 47,85, 122, 128, 152 LoVerde, Thomas 36, 39, 138 Lowe, Kirk 36, 116 Lucas, Jeff 85 Luckiewicz, Bobby 39, 116, 155 Ludwiczak, Michael 85, 93 Luekens, Tracy 29, 34 Lustina,John 39, 85,93, 155 Lynch, Teri 85 Macielak, Michele 34, 85, 108, 147 Magura, Deanna 116 Majchrowicz, Chris 36, 116 Majchrowicz, Kim 85, 108 Major, Quanda S. 29 Malilwe, Tania 29 Mallams, Brian 29 Malloy, Mary 116 Malocha, Lynn 34, 85 Mako, Julie 29 Manista, Frank 95, 116 Manley, Eileen 85 Marr, Brendan 29 Marich, Mark 29, 37 Maris, Tabitha 116 Markovich, Deborah 85 Martin, Beth 116 Martin, Lynn 46, 1 16 Martinez, George 85 Martinez, Jesse 116 Martinez, Maria 29 Massey, Mary 29 Mathews, Tanya 29 Matovina, Andrea 85 Matta, Michael 138 Mattei, Debra 29 Maya, Eddie 85 Mayer, Frank 20, 44, 138 Mayer, Tiffani 85 McCarthy, Beth 1 16 McCarthy, John 29, 37 McCobb, Peter 29, 106 McCobb, Thomas 85 McCracken, Erin 29 McCullough, Amy 85 McCullough, Ken 117 McCullough, Rosie 29, 34 McCullough, Susan 85 McClinon, Melody 116 McCune, Simon 117 McDougall, Jackie 138, 159 McGuckin, Cathy 11, 138, 164, 169 McGuire, Annie 85, 152 McGuire, Kris 29, 108 McGuire, Peggy 117 McHargue,Jay A. 139 McKee, Steve 85 McKeown, Sherry 117 McKinley, Tony 52, 117 McKissack, Mike 85 McLean, Meri 117, 160 McMahon, Frances 21, 29, 152 McMahon, Rob 20, 48, 105, 117, 119, 150, 162, 169 McMichael, Jeff 19, 113, 117 McNeil, Mike 38, 39, 121, 128d, 139 McNeil, Patrick 106, 107, 117, 121 McQuillin, Mike 29, 37 Medvecz, James 139 Medved, John 139, 165 Meier, Michelle 139 Mejia, Marcos 36, 85 Mellady, Michael 128d, 139 Mellady, Patrice 85 Melvin, Chuck 117 Melvin, Phillip 29, 37 Mendez, Carmen 55, 117 Mendoza, Ben 85 Mendoza, Michelle 139, 165 Metz, Elicia 80, 139, 144, 145, 165, 166 Metro, Jim 29, 37 Michaels, Steve 20, 117 Micka, Heidi 139 Mihalik, Jennifer 139 Mihalik, Mary 50, 85,108,139 Mihalik, Tim 117, 154, 155 Milbrath, Kathleen 85, 156, 157 Miller, Carrie 117 Miller, Chantal L. 85 Mioduski, Shawna 85 Mirabella, Bill 85 Mirabella, Julie 139, 166 Mirich, Charles 69, 85 Mirich, Jennifer 51, 85, 159 Mirich, Marcella 46, 91, 117, 160 Mitchell, Jonathan W. 29 Mohan, Missy 29, 34, 148 Mohan, Michele 34, 125, 139, 156, 159 Monik, Cherri 85 Monroe, Daniel 85, 147 Montemayor, Tony 85 Moran, Therese 46, 117 Morley, Pat 39,85, 110, 148 Mosby, Brian 29 Mosby, Carolyn E. 139 Mostello, Steve 85 Mucha, Mike 139, 155 Mueller, Tom 117 Munoz, Tonia 85 Muraco, Missy 117 Muratori,John 85, 110 Murawski, Maureen 85, 152 Myles, Monica C. 117 Nabhan, Shibly 43, 58, 94, 139, 145, 166 Napules, Margaret 117 Nash, James 139, 164 Navarro, Caryn 117 Nawrocki, Tom 29 Negrelli, Matt 105, 117, 150 Negron, Natalie 29 Nelson, Tracy 29, 47, 108 Nicksic, James 140, 166 Nicksic, Vicky 29, 34, 108, 156 Nigro, Mike 29, 37, 106 Nigro, Steve 36, 85 Nocks, Lisa 29 Nodd, Steve 140, 148, 166 Novorita,Jeff 39, 117, 154, 155 Oates, Charlotte 46, 140 Oates, Dan 48, 117 Oates, Marianne 29 O’Brien, Colleen 81, 140 O’Connell, Helen 42, 91, 1 17 O’Connor, Blair 29, 37, 106 Ofsaiof, Reuben 85 Olejnik, Jennifer 85 Oleksy, Martin 29 Olik, Robert 117 Olivieri, John 85, 122, 150 Olson, Shannon 117 Oluvic, Michael 39, 64, 85, 155 Ombac, Leah 29 Ombac, Zorina 85 Onder, Nicole 30, 140 Onder, Tony 166 O’Neil, Scott 30,110,155 Oprish, Patricia 42, 117 Oresik, Cynthia 30 Ornelas, John 30 Ortegon, Julie 86 Osborne, Jim 36, 39, 117 Osborne, Jeanine 140 Ou, Chung-Hsi 86 Ou, Meng Hsi 86 Owen, David 38, 39, 86, 148 Owens, Dan 30 Pacholski, Andrew 140, 164 Page, Karen 46, 128d, 140, 166 Page, Mark 39, 113, 117, 127 Palansky, Kevin 39, 86 Palansky, Kristi 30, 108 Pangere, Kerry 117 Pargaonker, Nileema 86, 96 Parfenoff, Steve 86 Parish, Mike 150 Pati, Mario 86 Paul, Shari 86, 125 Paulsin, Sandy 117 Pavicich, Steve 38, 39, 117 Pavletich, Pete 140 Pawlak, Tom 140, 169 Pearce, Paula 46, 49, 57, 117, 159 Pearson, Mike 30, 37 Pearson, Shane 30 Peebles, Todd 42, 1 17, 160 Pena, Eva 30 Penilla, Nancy 140 Penn, Judy 86 Perez, Jenny 140, 165 Perez, Nilsa 30 Perez, Rosa 140 Perfetti, Kevin 30, 37 Perry, Mark 86 Persic, Dan 30, 37 Persic, Jeff 39, 140 Peterson, Betsy 86, 96 Peterson, Dwane 117 Peterson, Eric 30 Pieters, Joe 140 Pictor, Eric 117 Pillay, Anil 30 Pliske, Darcey 117, 119 Pliske, Tim 38, 39, 140, 150, 160, 164, 165, 166, 171 Polansky, Pattie 86 Poleski, Kimberly 79, 86 Polk, Tonya 86 Porterfield, Allison 30 Porterfield, J.J. 86 Potter, Chris 30, 1 10 Potter, Ron 13, 44, 141, 148 Powell, Tamra 86, 152 Powell, Tom 39, 106, 117 Pozzo, Gina 46, 117 Prenizny, Lorraine 30 Price, Leanne 30 Prusiecki, Matt 39, 86, 93, 159 Puntillo, Mary 44, 46, 123, 125, 141, 169 Puscak, Tom 54, 66, 141, 154, 155, 164 Putz, Pat 1 4 1 Quenette, Chris 30 Quinn, Colleen 56, 141, 164, 165, 169 Quinn, Patrick 141 Radojicic, Nino 86, 150 Raich, Nancy 117 Rainge, Yolanda 30 Rakoczy, Bill 30 Ramirez, Denise 77, 86 Randolph, Anthony 30, 110 Randolph, Leandrew 86 Rangel, Jim 86 Ratkay, Barbara 30 Ratkay, Steve 13, 117, 159, 160 Rayson, Bob 86 Reardon, Matthew 39, 141, 151 Reardon, Paula 34, 35, 108, 117 Reed, Amy 117,156, 157 Reed, Molly 86, 156 Reeds, Joyce A. 141, 169 Reeves, Yolanda 30, 108 Regan, Mark 30, 37, 110 Reibly, Monica 30, 95 Remenius, Lisa 117 Restyanszki, Bert 20, 117, 127, 150 Restyanszki, Doria 30, 34, 108 Rettig, Chris 42, 118 Rhodes, Pamela 86 Rice, LaShonda 86 Richardson, Johann 118 Richter, Sylvia 79, 118 Richter, Tom 11, 112, 113, 141, 148, 164 Ring,Jeanie 52, 141, 164, 169 Ring, Tom 30, 37 Rivera, Cathy 86 Rivera, Fernando 30, 155 Robertson, Jennifer 30 Robinson, Jerome 86, 113 198 — Index Robinson, Ron 39, 86, 155 Robinson, Tonya 30 Rodriguez, Charity 86 Rogers, Wendy 46, 49, 141 Rogovich, Heidi 43, 45, 46, 141, 152, 153, 159, 166 Rogovich, Pete 86, 110, 111, 148, 159 Rohrer, Carole 46, 1 18 Rohrer, Missy 30, 47, 156 Roig,Jose 86, 106, 159 Roig, Michele 1 18 Roman, Ruth 86 Romanenko, Mikka 118, 147 Rondez, Victoria 30 Rossi, Toni 50, 86, 108, 122, 147 Rosta, Michael 19, 141, 159, 167 Rosta, Tom 19, 30 Rothenberg, Julie 30 Rowe, Craig 30 Rowland, Vicky 21, 86, 152 Roytan, John 86 Roytan, Karen 118 Rucker, Dawn 86 Ruesch, Debbie 30 Ruffing, Rick 118 Ruiz, Fred 30, 37, 150 Ruzga, Tom 118 Ryan, Jean 108, 128d, 141, 146, 147 Ryan, Judy 128d, 141 Ryan, Vershalla 30 Sabo, Diane 30 Saffa, Greg 1 18 Sakes, Christine 86 Salomon, Kim 1 18 Samaniego, Lou 30 Samarzija, Nicole 30 Samplawski, Barb 86 Sanchez, Michael 20, 48, 118, 150 Sanchez, Phyllis 118, 147 Sanchez, Zayda 30 Sanders, Anne 30 Saroian, Karen 78, 118 Saule, Brian 141 Sawochka, Mike 118, 148 Sawochka, Peter 30 Schafer, Anne 30, 34 Schenher, Anne 31 Schenher, Jim 48, 86 Scheuer, Judy 86 Schneider, Ellen 31, 152 Schneider, Noelle 1 1 0 Schneider, Yvonr. 31 Schreiner, Virki 1 18 Schulien, T. J. 31 Schumann, Lisa 108, 142, 171 Schumann, Scott 31, 37, 1 10 Schutz, Kathleen 13, 34, 142, 146, 147, 164, 165, 171 Schutz, Kevin 1 18 Schwartz, David 118 Schwartz, Steve 31 Sebella, Tricia 31 Sech, Adam 31 Sech, Rob 142, 169 Selman, Muna 31 Selmer, William 31, 110 Sepiol, Carolyn 142, 166 Sepiol, Darlene 31, 34 Sepulveda, David 118 Sepulveda, Jackie 31 Sera, Amy 31 Sera, Sonja 142 Settle, Susan 142 Shaughnessy, Dan 31, 37 Sherman, Darin 118 Shakula, Crissy 31 Shipp, Donna 1 18 Sidor, Mitchell 36, 86 Sierra, Tina 66, 118 Sigala, Alicia 31 Sikora, Doug 31, 150 Silich, Kathy 1 18 Simatovich, Paul 36, 86, 155 Simon, Linda 42, 118 Skowronski, Kim 46, 86 Sliwinski, Amy 31 Smallman, Carol 1 1, 58, 118 Smith, Chris 36, 86 Smith, Shawn 15, 118 Smith, Todd 86 Sneiderwine, Tom 118 Sohn, Debbie 31 Someson, Amy 87 Sopko, Missye 31 Sosa, Frances 42, 118 Spiller, Brelis 31, 37, 162 Staley, Scott 31, 37 Stanger, Mark 87, 159 Steele, Alonda 31 Steele, Tyra 31, 108 Stern, Jill 46, 1 18 Stern, Joseph 31, 37, 122, 151 Strain, Cam 50, 70, 103, 118 Staresina, Sandra 142, 145, 160 Stern, Kelli 31 Stevenson, Dwight 128d, 142 Stuhlmacher, Brian 121, 142, 166 Suggs, Kevin 87, 93, 155 Sullivan, David 13, 31, 37, 110, 155 Sullivan, Kate 142 Sullivan, Patrick 8, 96, 125, 142, 162 Sullivan, Tim E. 87, 150 Sullivan, Tim P. 87, 110 Sunwoo, Julie 31 Suris, Matt 1 18 Susoreny, David 87, 151 Susoreny, Laura 46, 118 Swanson, Barbie 102, 142 Synowiec, George 36, 87 Szmutko, Tammy 142 Tall, Matt 87,110 Tanphaichitr, Tom 31 Taylor, Francis 57, 142, 166 Taylor, Trish 31 Tchoukaleff, Sandy 118 Tchoukaleff, Teri 31 Teske, Brett 19, 31 Teske, Craig 19, 118 Thiel, Christina 11, 31, 48, 51 Thiel, Theresa 15, 51, 91, 95, 142, 147, 164, 167 Thierer, Adam 87 Thomas, Sheryl 57, 94, 96, 118, 162 Thorn, Carrie 21, 128d, 142, 145 Thorn, Tricia 87, 152 Thupvong, Taratip 87 Thupvong, Thuptara 118 Tilka, Bob 31 Tilka, Charlie 143 Tillman, Tiffany 31 Todd, Katrina 42, 118 Tolman, Teri 46, 87 Tomasic,Jon 143 Tomecko, Amy 46, 143 Tomecko, Susie 87 Topp, Dave 1 18, 160 Torrence, David 118 Toth, David 39, 118, 150 Tracy, Tim 87 Trexler, Stephanie 67, 118, 156 Treyes, Maria 143 Turner, Eric 106, 107, 143, 154, 160, 166 Turner, Michele 31 Ucab,John 31 Ucab, Segundino 87 Uhles, Chrissie 118, 160 Uhles, Lisa 143 Uram, Nicole 31 Vahey, Sue 31 Vale, Paul 118, 127 Valenzuela, Rick 64, 87, 151 VanBuskirk, Brad 118 VanBuskirk, Brian 118 VanHazebroeck, Jennifer 31 VanSlyke, Tricia 31, 152 Vargas, Dawn 31 Vazanellis, Maria 11, 48, 54, 143, 165, 169 Vega, Robby 87, 92, 93 Vegter, Robert 19, 31, 155 Velasco, Christina 143, 165, 169 Verde, Valerie 15, 119, 156 Vernia, Linda 65, 81, 143, 165 Vician, Mark 36, 1 19 Vician, Todd 31, 155 Vidal, Beth 87 Viene,Jeff 1 19, 125 Villeneuve, Jeff 87 Vincent, Dave 31, 110 Vincent, Pam 31, 156 Vith, Kim 32 Volan, Angela 32, 108 Volan, Greg 11, 119, 160 Voller, Randy 87, 1 19 Vucich, Ed 32 Vucich, Victoria 119, 160 Vuich, Jeanne 32, 108 Wagner, Dean 128d, 143, 169 Wagner, Don 39, 1 19 Wagner, Geralyn 32, 152 Wagner, Mark 32, 37, 110 Walesch,Jim 87 Walker, Carol 119 Wallace, Pam 1 19 Walsko, Jeanne 46, 1 19 Walter, Drew 150 Walters, Courtney 143 Walton, Gordon 87 Walton, John 106, 119 Waranimman, Kobjit 18, 87, 122 Washington, Lance 32, 110 Washington, Netta 60, 87, 108, 109 Watters, Jim 32 Weber, Mary 51,99, 119, 160 Weber, Michele 32, 34 Webster, Cheryl 119 Weeks, Rob 32, 37, 110 Wheeler, Kevin 20, 87,155 White, Lorna 79, 1 19 Whited, Kevin 143, 162 Whited, Neal 87 Whitney, Gordon 32 Wiatrolik, Laura 143 Wiatrolik, Robert 119 Wielgus, David 87 Wilczynski, Linda 13, 52, 119, 125 Wilkins, Don 87 Wilkins, Scott 64, 87 Wilkins, Trina 87 Willard, Krissy 87 Williams, Chayako 87 Williford, Tom 36, 87, 92, 106, 155 Wilmore, Alex 33 Wislo, Kevin 33, 92 Wisowaty, Tiffany 33 Wolf, Ann 143, 171 Wolf, Kevin 38, 119, 148 Wongse-Sanit, Kathy 33 Wongse-Sanit, Naree 143, 159, 164, 165, 166, 171 Wongse-Sanit, Tal 49, 93, 105, 1 19 Wood, Cary 39, 65, 128, 143, 145, 160, 166 Woodard, Sonya 87 Woodward, Jennifer 33 Wright, James 119 Wylie, Jodie 87 Wynne, Beth 87, 93 Yarchan, Bryan 33 Yarchan, Stephen 119 Yates, Yvonne 144 Yazvec, Michael 48, 87, 155 Yee, Clifford 77, 144, 159 Yee, Edward 33, 159 Yee, Gilbert 87, 159 Young, Jason 119 Zajac, Sherry 79, 144 Zajdel, Dawn 87 Zapp, Kirk 113, 119 Zekis, Chris 119 Zelin, Bill 19, 112, 113, 119, 123, 148 Zelin, Nicole 46, 99, 123, 144, 169 Zielinski, David 87, 92 Zielinski, John 33 Zielinski, Regina 33 Zima, Matt 87, 92 Zimmer, Kim 33, 39, 108 Zink, Dan 144 Zubillaga, Hector 33 Zuniga, Joe 87, 106 Index — 199 Editors in Chief: Cathy McGuckin and Theresa Thiel Academics: Colleen Quinn Organizations: Maria Treyes Sports: Teresa Gianoli Student Life: Theresa Thiel Underclassmen: Cathy McGuckin Seniors: Dianna Farias Business Manager: Cathy McGuckin Photography: Frank Manista Moderators: Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Steele Photography Moderator: Mr. Strimbu Staff Greg Volan Christina Thiel Paul Conarty Greta Doumanian Madeline Hafner Betsy Peterson Beth Kroepfl Nola Isla Melissa Bruce Chris Borisenko Cindy Oresik Barbara Ratkay Monica Reibly Nileema Pargaonker Tal Wongse-Sanit Maria Vazanellis Beth Flesher Crissy Shakula Mike Benac Julie Sunwoo Charity Rodriguez Peter McCobb Susan Craig Friends Father Whitley Mr. Jovanovich Mr. Barancyk Mr. DeFabio Mr. Euvino Student Council Post Tribune Office Staff Walter Drakis Kevin Schutz Kathy Schutz Chris Hafner Shibly Nabhan Jeff Kamradt Chris Sakes Mike Brandt Frances Kepes Tim Fealy (Corners) Karen Saroian Tricia Van Slyke Carolyn Burke Mark Vician 200 — Staff . 1

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