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Time — the measure of change. Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to years. Timed creatures, we grow or regress, respond or react, learn or forget, spend the times of our young lives profitably or take a loss. And we change with the times. From new and unfamiliar Frosh to seasoned and comfortable Seniors only to begin again on a different level of life. Academics Student Life Organizations Sports Underclassmen .... Seniors Patrons Acknowledgements Table of Contents: Editors: Gwen Schmidt Patty Yast Moderators: S. Jeanne Ambre, SS.C.M. Mrs. Mary Jo Given .14 .40 .62 .88 118 154 176 192 1979 DeCUSS6T0 Time, like a flowing stream on its way to the ocean, never stops. A twig placed in the water is enveloped, swallowed up by the current, destined to move in one direction only. Sometimes we, like the twig, feel caught in the 1 stream of life, following a set pattern and flowing right along with the crowd. Eight years of grade ' school, four years of high school, a job to support a family, then children who will follow the same pattern. 5 Unlike the twig, we have the freedom to transcend the quickly flowing environment — to think about our lives, our patterns, and our uniqueness. Time will not wait for us — but if we are to grow into fully human persons we must take the time | to reflect on our lives to see where the stream of life is taking us and decide where we are going. a dry lecture, a strenuous practice, a too-close-for-comfort victory — all these experiences afford an opportunity for reflection. Aware of what we do and why we do it, we are far removed from the automatic responses of mechanical robots, and can determine our own destiny, establish meaning and purpose for our lives. 9 Moments of our lives spent in contemplation disclose the patterns in our personalities, our strengths and weaknesses, highest aspirations and good intentions. Happiness comes within our grasp when we can sit back, relax, and sincerely say, " Yes, I know where life is taking me. Time is mine to spend on the persons and things I perceive to be most valuable. " Far from being the twig caught helplessly in the flow of life, we are the current moving deliberately. Four years of high school at Andrean are meant to prepare us for n years of life yet to be lived. We learn facts and figures, names and places from the past and present, a facility for communication, ideals in the light of practical realities, Gospel values and the assurances of faith — all tools for " making it " with the time of our lives until we come at last to the changeless happiness of eternity. . tit j t 13 30 8-31 8-32 8-33 8-34 8-35 8 36 . . 2 J 919 9-20 9 21 9 22 Administration The Administration has seen many changes over the past twenty years, and this year is no exception. With Fr. Benwitz taking over the helm as principal, Fr. Ward moving into the Main Office as assistant principal for boys, and Sister Anne Renee resigning for personal reasons in January, the Administration was dramatically altered from last year. Actively looking toward the future, however, it undertook for the first time in Andrean ' s history a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of life in the school. Faculty committees probed into such areas as academics, student activities, and physical plant. Yet all this preoccupation with facts and statistics did not detract from the administration ' s openness and personal interest in the lives of all students. Such dynamic leadership assures that all that has been accomplished in the past twenty years will remain — and that the next twenty years will be even more fruitful. TOP: Fr. Ward gets all necessary information before carefully calculating his next dec ision. BELOW: WFiether in a binder or in a pile Sister Anne Renee manages to get her paperwork done with a smile. CENTER: Fr. Benwitz and Sister Christopher consult to make sure that all facets of the administration are running smoothly and in harmony. Rev. Donald E. Benwitz, C.S.B. Principal S. Anne Renee, SS.C.M. Associate Principal Rev. |ohn Ward, C.S.B. Assistant Principal for Boys Algebra II S. M. Christoph SS.C. Assistant Principal G 16 — Academics TOP LEFT: An all-knowing Mr. Scarfia helps a confused Horst Loerhner got the most out of a trip to the library. TOP RIGHT: With a spare moment in which to breathe, Fr. Benwitz reflects on all work that still needs to be done. CENTER LEFT: Mr. Barancyk and Mrs. Ridgely keep track of the comings and goings of Andrean students. ABOVE: Mr. Jovanovic wheels and deals to keep the school financially sound. r William Barancyk an of Students Mr. lames lovanovic Treasurer World History Rev. Norman Murphy, C.S.B. Chaplain Academics — 17 DeDicanon We dedicate this book to our grace-filled memory of Sister M. Emma, SS.C.M. 1912-1979 Andrean without Sister Emma? Like northern Indiana without Lake Michigan. Sister Emma knew Andrean in its infancy, taught in its childhood years, and singlehandedly engineered the library into the efficient and well-stocked information center that it is. We will all sorely miss her soft-spoken voice, her meticulous organization, her kind humor and beaming smile, her unswerving loyalty to the Andrean community. Our loss is heaven ' s gain. 18 — Dedication Guidance While its quarters in the main hall might be unimposing, the job Andrean ' s Guidance Department performs surely is not. Five dedicated counselors give freely of themselves to help students through the maze of high school life. Schedules, colleges, scholarships, and careers are little problem for the counselors and their extensive collection of files and catalogues. Between trips to visit their counselors, students are kept up-to-date on college and job opportunities via the guidance bulletin boards. The Guidance Department helps lead (not push) the student toward his ultimate goals in life. TOP: Dave Falcone and Father Chircop pool brainpower to construct a well-rounded four-year plan. CENTER LEFT: On the advice of Mr. Nicolini, Sue Simko gets a head start in college- hunting. CENTER: Some major decisions are made in small places, like Kathy Arellano ' s college plans in Sister Mary Anne ' s office. ABOVE: College? You name it, it ' s in the Guidance Department ' s files — and Sister Alfred can find it. Mr. Christopher Nicolini Guidance Director Economics S.M. Alfred, SS.C.M. Guidance Counselor English I Rev. Manuel Chircop, C.S.B. Guidance Counselor Algebra I Academics — 19 Theology The adolescent years are a time of rapid personal development. While most high schools guide the student ' s intellectual and social growth, Andrean, through its Theology Department, endeavors also to nurture the student ' s spiritual life. Freshmen explore the Old Testament foundations of their faith in Biblical Literature. For Sophomores, New Testament examines the life of Christ and the history of the early Church. With a firm knowledge of Biblical concepts, Juniors and Seniors through Psychology, Morality, and Faith and Sacraments, deepen their understanding of themselves, their faith in God, and their ability to respond maturely to His love. Ultimately, Andrean ' s Theology Department seeks to bring every student closer to his life ' s goal. TOP: Sister Paul plays the prophet by proclaiming Amos to her Bibik al l iterature c lass. CENTER LEFT: With candles symbolizing the light of Christ in the world, Sister Edith ' s New Testament students participate in a ceremony commemorating His presentation in the temple. CENTER RIGHT : A little 1 personal attention from Fr. kelly assures Chris Sfyrna that she 1 understands the 1 question on the Morality test. S. Carol Marie 1 , SS.C.M. New Testament Psychology S. M. Edith, SS.C.M Bibik al Literature New Testament 20 — Academics ev. lames Kelly, C.S.B torality, Dramatics nglish III Rev. loseph Moffatt, C.S.B. Psychology, Fnglish III Choral S. M. Paul, SS.C.M. Biblical Literature Latin II, III, l Mr. lames Sc arfia, C.S.B. New Testament Biblical Literature CENTER: Playing St. Paul, Tony Lorenz treats his New Testament class to a costumed dramatization of the Acts of the Apostles. ABOVE: Rulinda Flowers and Debbie Colza consult Fr. Martin on the latest assignment in Faith class. LEFT: Fr. Moffatt probes the deepest recesses of his student ' s minds in preparation for the day ' s discussion of mental mechanisms. Academics — 21 English A tool that one uses often must be used well. Andrean ' s English Department trains students to use a most important tool effectively — their language. Through a four-year program, students acquire and sharpen composition skills and their ability to perceive the major themes of literature. With a solid foundation of fundamental concepts, Seniors may choose from several electives, including College Composition, a course in which they c an fulfill their fourth-year English requirement and earn college credit, journalism, Public Speaking, and Dramatics provide lurther areas of stuciy for interested students. The English Department gives students the key which c an unlock the doors to all other areas of academic endeavor — and to life. CENTER LEFT: Mr. DeFabio gives cues from the corner to his English I students. CENTER RIGHT: Mrs. Gilbertson ' s English II class becomes a court of law as prosecuting attorney Sandy Koch presents her case against Steve Martin, the murderer in the " Tell-Tale Heart. " ABOVE: Kevin Rearick finds out that lifting weights in pantomime is much easier done a few steps away from the weight room. S. Gilmary, SS.C.M. Department Chairman English III, U.S. History College Composition Mrs. Frances Crar College Compositio I nglish II Mrs. Edith Dakich Mr. Raymond DeFal: English II, Public Speaking English I, journalism 22 — Academics LEFT: S. Gilmary veers from the realm of Americ an literature to renew her English III student ' s acquaintanc es with Shakespeare via Macbeth. BOTTOM LEFT: English III students await Fr. Moffatt ' s next question probing the fascinating intricacies of American literature. BOTTOM RIGHT: Fr. Martin turns the appearance of the yearbook photographer into a lec ture on verb agreement. Mr drs 1 1 la Gilbertson nglish I, II Mrs. Alice Rose Landeck English I Rev. Stephen Martin, C.S.B. English II, IV Faith and Sacraments Mrs. loyce Thomas English I, IV A ademirs — 2i Mr. G. Edwin |om U.S. Histor World Histor Social Studies From the invention of the wheel to today ' s technological revolution, Andrean ' s Social Studies Department chronicles the nations and cultures of mankind. World History provides Sophomores an overview of the events that have shaped the modern world. )uniors study the growth and heritage of our nation through United States History. Government, Sociology, and Economics bring a Senior ' s attention to political, social, and economic systems. The aim of the department is to develop in the students a realistic framework, in proper perspective, for learning from the past and planning for the future. TOP: With the use of oral reports and visual aids, Alice Churley and fellow panel members put Spanish Colonization in proper perspective. ABOVE: After two months of meticulous research, jenny Chalko, john Thomas, Carol Cardetti, and Margie Hostetler coordinate the various elements of their Sociology project. Miss Roseann T rapane Department Chairman Sociology, U.S. History Mr. Charles Naumowich U.S. Government Economics Mrs. Anne Wee U.S. Histoi World Histor 24 — Academics LEFT: Despite the tension of lectures, notes, and tests. Miss T rapane manages to lighten the U.S. History lass with her jovial manner. CENTER LEFI: Mr. Naumowich ' s highly illustrative lecture style helps Government students grasp the material. BEK )V I ven though he is attired in the garb of an 1850 ' s Senator, Steve Vernia is still a student at heart when he raises his hand before contributing to the Kansas Nebraska I )ebatc. BOT I OM 1 1 1 I Mr. (ones ' c arelul supers ision is a " c urrcmt event " for his World History students. BOT I ( )M RICH T : Continuing his efforts to keep in contact with all his constituents. Representative Floyd Fithian speaks to seniors. Ik A Mathematics dy From 1 +1 =2 to dx = e Andrean ' s Mathematics Department endeavors to acquaint the student with the many-faceted world of numbers. Through a three-track program designed to meet the stucJent ' s needs and abilities, the student gains vital mathematical skills. Starting freshman year with a foundation of basic arithmetic concepts, the students can build upon their knowledge of mathematics with courses such as algebra, analytic geometry, and the calculus. The Mathematics Department arms students to handle every c omputation from grocery shopping to income tax to determining the orbital velocity of a satellite around Saturn. ABOVE: Algebra I students |ohn Rangel, Tim Frahm, |im Mirabella, and |irn Kolczak work diligently at reducing constants, variables, and equations into one coherent solution. CENTER: Fr. Kline takes time to make a fine distinction about a line. RIGHT: With all the multiplication and algebraic signs involved, Susie Welsh finds that simplifying a polynomial is not such a simple thing after all. Rev. Edward Doser, C.S.B. Department Chairman Analytic Geometry, Calc ulus Algebra I, T rigonometry Mr. Eugene Giorgio Geometry Guidance Counselor 26 — Academics LEFT: In addition to his administrative duties, Lr. Ward also " functions " as an Algebra II tear her. CtN IT R. Lr. I )oser helps Gina Loechner find a hit of humor in trivial trigometrie mistake ' s. IfELOW: " How about a peek at the radicals test you are planning for us, Mrs. Mesterharmf " CENTER RIGHT: With noses to the textbook, Geometry students file away theorems for future tests. leanne Ambre, SS.C.M. Igebra I, Design Drawing iblical Literature Rev. Edwin Kline, C.S.B. Geometry, Morality Basic Technical Drawing Miss )ane Ellen Malloy Geometry Algebra II Mrs. Mary Mesterharm Algebra II General Math Academics — 27 V Language ABOVE: Earphones guarantee that Sue Rettig hears Spanish spoken Spanish-style. CENTER: |ohn Mahan and Paul Bicalho converse in French and are CaReFul in their pronunciation to obtain a good mark. Whether one stuciies Spanish, French, German, or I at in, he soon learns that this study involves much more than just books and blackboards. Headphones, oral reports, colorful posters, maps, and even Christmas trees bring a little bit of Europe and ancient Rome into the classroom. Through the use of these leaching tools a student can be confident that he will master the four basic language skills — reading, composition, speaking, and grammar. Through the study of the literature and history of the country, a student also gains insights into the culture which enlivens his study greatly and allows him to understand elements of foreign lands. S. Marguerite Dankulich, SS.C.M. Department Chairman Spanish I, II A V Mrs. loan Hanas French I, II, III, IV, V 28 — Academics TOP LEFT: With Dobra key looking on, Jenny Chalko and Cheryl Myers struggle with subjunctives, gerundives, and subines while Sister Paul watches carefully for errors. TOP RIGHT: Charles Card finds out that Kris Kringle, Santa ' s German counterpart, is equally generous. CENTER LEFT: Spanish II students puzzle over and respond to a question regarding subjunctive. ABOVE: After four years of French study, Sarah Thomas and lorry Boisvert exercise a privilege accorded to them — the decorating of the French room Christmas tree. LEFT : Discussion groups enhance the study of German I as well as provide a break from the everyday tedium of lecture. Business Whether a student plans to enter college or the business world after high school, the Business Department furnishes him with the basic skills required for suer ess. Typing, Shorthand, and Sec relarial and Clerical Office Practice provide the student with a solid background in clerical work. I or those students interested in management careers, Accounting, General Business, and Business Law prepare the student for further studies in college. Consumer Education and Personal Typing are available for non-business majors who wish to broaden their academic horizons and develop valuable skills for life. College-, Business World-, or life-bound students find that the Business Department c an fill the bill. ABOVE: Miss Kut er ' s c hat k talk sheds light on money management for her General business ( lass. Cf N T E R : In order to get their debits and credits to equal, Manny Blando and Greg Christmas use a comptometer — an important tool to any accountant. RIGHT: Ruben Fontanez shows Kevin Cessna how to fill out his income statement while Gene Glowacki works diligently on his own. 30 — Academics liss Diana Kutzer leric al and Secretarial )ni( e Practice, yping II, General usiness Miss Susan Pasierb Typing I Business Law Business English n •j j TOP: Typing II students soon learn that timed writings are an integral part of their daily routine. CENT E R: Typing I students carefully proofread their business letters before addressing the envelopes. ABOVE: Before uncovering her typewriter, Sandy Azcona needs to clarify a few shorthand strokes with her " boss, " Sister Bernice Marie. LEFT: Sister Daniel and her select group of Accounting II students discuss the accounts payable ledger of a merchandising business. A adcmit s — il Science Andrean ' s Science Department offers a variety of classes that cover topics from minute electrons to the vast universe. In Biology, all Freshmen explore the diverse realm of living organisms. Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics examine the nature and behavior of matter. Organic Chemistry, Advanced Biology, and Advanced Physics round out the curriculum for the accelerated student. Outside of the mainline of science curriculum, Electricity and Electronics is an additional area of scientific exploration for Seniors. Through a combination of c lass lectures and laboratory experimentation, the Science Department aims to provide the student with a well- balanced scientific experience. TOP: David lanssen and Gerry Wojkovich hope that Sister loan Marie c an reconcile the divergent results of their chemistry experiment. RIGHT : t inding sugar in a food sample, Biology students Rosa Perez and Ted Kaminski experience the sweet taste of success. S. loan Marie, SS.C.M. Director of Religious Activities, Department Chairman, Chemistry, Advanced Biology Organic Chemistry Mr. |ohn Bennett Biology Mrs. Helen Giorgio Chemistry Algebra I Mrs. Mary Jo Civ Biolo Physical Scien 1 — At d l( mi( s r. Ralph lalarola lysics, Advanced Physics lysical Science ectricity and Electronics Mr. Paul Quanz, C.S.B. Biology Physical Science TOP: Armed with what he believes to be a correct solution to a tough Physics problem, Frank Moran does the honors of putting it on the board. CENTER: Sandy Tucker, Donna Schutz, and Patty Yast observe an unexpected turn of events in their experiments with mice — multiple births! ABOVE: Mr. latarola helps Ellen Flassig overcome her “mental inertia " in conquering a Physical Science problem. LEFT: Wendy Rogovich and Kassy Welsh perform a " delicate balancing act " while studying the principles of leverage in Physical Science. Academics — 33 Music No life is complete without music. Andrean ' s Music Department provides enriching experiences for students through performances and the study of musical concepts. Under the spirited direction of Mrs. Betz, Beginning and Concert Band give students opportunities to v perform and interpret instrumental music. Flourishing under Fr. Moffatt, Choral allows students with vocal talents to develop their abilities. Music Appreciation and Music Theory add new dimensions to music for those who just like to listen to it. The Music Department makes life at Andrean more meaningful and interesting. TOP: Despite all the percussion in the background, the coronet section penetrates loudly and clearly. ABOVE: Theresa Flammersmith, Ellen Tucker, Steve Karagin, and Sheila Quinn turn excess hot air into merry melodies. CENTER RIGHT: Mrs. Betz points out a “note " of importance in Music Appreciation class. RIGHT: Mike Hite and Ellen Tucker sharpen the flat spots in their musical selection. 34 — Academics Fine Arts Andrean ' s Art Department underwent a complete revamping for the 1978-1979 school year. From the previous format of Art l-ll-lll-IV, the course offerings expanded to include Design-Drawing (the prerequisite course) and three levels each of Painting-Graphics and Ceramics-Sculpture. The diversified sections make it possible for the more creative of the student body to specialize in oils, watercolors, and printing techniques or ceramic pottery and other sculpture media. For the Industrial-minded student there are two tracks designed to prepare the students for decorating and design careers or industry. Technical Drawing, Architectural and Creative Design challenge the imagination while General Shop, Drafting, Woods, Fiberglass and Metals put skilled hands to work. TOP: Joan Ikovic becomes entranced in making her painting a perfect work of art. CENTER: |ohn Mirabella carefully guides the drill press through its mark. ABOVE: Far from the Play Doh world of kindergarten, (anice Bittner dabbles in creating clay pottery. r. Peter Billick iop. Tec h me al I )rawing, rawing and Woods, hitec tural and Creative esign Mr. Sammy Listro Design-Drawing Ceramics-Sculpture Painting-Graphics Academics — 35 Home Economics There ' s no place like home — or Andrean ' s Home Economics Department. While acquiring practical knowledge in nutrition, food preparation, and meal planning, Foods students fill the halls with the aroma of cakes, cookies, and pies making it very difficult for the classes in close proximity to concentrate on anything but eating. Next door, Clothing students transform shapeless yards of fabric into fashionable additions for their wardrobes. Home Management provides a forum for studying child development, money management, and home furnishing. In Home Economics it ' s not the bookwork but the homework that ultimately counts. Mrs. Geraldine Wamshe Foods I, II, Clothing I, Home Managemer ABOVE: Therese Modrak carefully unpins the cloth from the pattern before proceeding to the sewing machine. CENTER: A meat packing representative shows Mrs. Wamsher ' s Foods class that it does matter how you slice it. RIGHT: Careful preparation assures Felice lohnson of a beautiful garment and a good grade. FAR RIGHT: )oe Buczek doesn ' t need much persuasion to be Laurie Lesch ' s cookie taster. 36 — Academics Physical Education There are a lot of shouts and screams emanating from Andrean ' s two gymnasiums — but all within the realm of educational experience. Through various activities, Physical Education classes develop physical fitness to complement the intellectual growth attained in the classroom. Health and Safety helps Andrean students to understand the rapid physical and psychological changes that occur within themselves during adolescence. Together Physical Education and Health and Safety play a vital role in the student ' s total development. . Michael Lobdell ■alth and Safety ysical Education : rld History Mr. Daniel Rogovich Physical Education Health and Safety TOP: Miss Bombassaro outlines the dangers of smoking for her Health and Safety class. CENTER: Mindless of the cold outside. Physical Education students warm up with yoga. CENTER RIGHT: Earlybirds mill about while waiting for their slower classmates to emerge from the locker room. ABOVE: Freshman girls exhibit coordination and teamwork while rolling up the exercise mats. Academics — 37 RIGHT: The sliding glass windows of the Treasurer ' s Office and Mrs. Moorhouse, always ready to write a receipt, are a familiar and costly sight. CENTER LEFT: There ' s a camera in action but no lights until Mrs. Celenica finishes changing the projector lamp. CENTER: Mrs. Sawyer helps Fr. Benwitz budget his time and keep the school running smoothly. CENTER RIGHT : Mrs. Yurechko types the good news or the bad news on transcripts for college applicants. Mrs. Hazel Moorhouse Treasurer ' s Office Mrs. )ane Ridgely Medical Room Mrs. Betty Sawyer Main Office Mrs. Betty Ann Yurecl Main Of 38 — Academics FT TO RIGHT: Mr. Walter Bennett and Mr. David Holland. TOP: Mrs. Quade doesn ' t even have time to say " cheese " as she prepares pizza for the lunch rush. ABOVE: Andrean cooks prove that too many cooks don ' t spoil the broth — or the mashed potatoes. BOTTOM: Mrs. Oldaker spends much time in preparing " poppin ' fresh " pies that will only be wolfed down in seconds by famished students. Academics — 39 10 12 1013 1014 1015 1016 1017 I01£ Putting a Strong Emphasis on Essentials One of the advantages of attending a Catholic high school is the opportunity students have of deepening their understanding of the faith. Theology classes and individual class retreats provide the groundwork for spiritual growth and the integration of Christian ideals into daily living. Retreats, Masses, and Penance services unite the Andrean community in prayer and worship. Additional religious activities are available, including Thursday morning Masses prepared by Theology classes, daily distribution of Communion, prayer services, and weekly Lenten devotions. Being part of a Christian community gives each student a special " time out " to collect his or her thoughts, examine feelings about God, and just celebrate life. TOP: Fr. Moffatt and Fr. Benwitz anoint students with holy oils during the celebration of the Anointing of the Sick offered for S. Emma. CENTER LEFT: Fr. Tim Benanti and fellow concelebrants present the Sacrament and Sacrifice of the Mass to God our Father. CENTER RIGHT : The smiles and enthusiasm of Mr. and Mrs. Etters and Pat Battistini reflect the success of the junior retreat workshop. RIGHT : During a Penance service for Advent Fr. Moffatt reminds us that even though we sin “God still loves us. " FAR RIGHT : As Chris Sonaty, Becky Gomez, Gwen Gerchak, and Kevin Cessna bear gifts of Thanksgiving, students silently offer their own personal prayers of thanks. 42 — Religious Activities TOP LEFT: Bishop Andrew Grutka gives )eff Ehrsam Communion in the hand at the Thanksgiving Mass. TOP RIGHT: Kevin Cessna provides the musical accompaniment to keep everyone on pitch at the Thursday morning Mass. CENTER LEFT : Teachers as well as students employ their musical talents to brighten retreats. CENTER RIGHT: Seniors Rich Thompson, Jay Steiniger, John Thomas, and )oe Buczek learn that meditation requires complete relaxation. LEFT: During the Mass highlighting Vocation Week, Fr. Carl Belish, Basilian Vocational Director, accepts the offerings of bread and wine. Religious Activities — 43 Highlights of Hopes and Hysteria — Homecoming 1978 ABOVE: 1977 Homecoming Queen Mary Lopez, escorted by Joe Pavlik, and reigning 1978 Queen Colleen Blake, escorted by Chuck Krcmaric. The 1978 Homecoming Court: CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Andra Boliker, escorted by Kevin Cessna; Kim Dixon, escorted by Dave Jennings; Becky Gomez, escorted by Mike Kepchar; and Kathy Pishkur, escorted by Tom Scully. 44 — Homecoming The constantly changing weather took a turn for the better on September 22 providing perfect football " sweater weather " for Homecoming 1978. Niner spirit proved to be a key factor in making Homecoming weekend a triumph for the team and fans alike. Enthusiasm served as a fuel for both the bright stream of cars which paraded into Niner territory and their rowdy drivers. A 24-14 victory over tough Michigan City Rogers heightened the hopes for a Niner spot in the play-offs. Days of suspense climaxed when Mary Lopez, 1977 Homecoming Queen, crowned Colleen Blake as her successor. TOP: Sophomores and Seniors encourage their team to " reach for the gold " over the goal posts. CENTER LEFT: In a takeoff from " Grease, " the Niner football team extols the virtues of summer practice when " calisthenics were a big must. " CENTER RIGHT: Andrean ' s own teeny-boppers heckle the football " Greasers, " demanding " Tell me more! Tell me more! " FAR LEFT: The strain and frustration of building a float take their toll on Cam Cefali, Darryl Collins, and Kathy Custer in the final hours of construction. LEFT : Although 1978 is the debut year of the Andrean flag girls, they perform with the style and skill of old pros. Homecoming — 45 46 — Homecoming TOP: The newly introduced flag girls preface the parade which will provide a spirited half- time show. CENTER LEFT: Although building a float involves much hard work, Dorothy Nestorovich, Kathryn Lisek, and Scott Baruch know that it creates an atmosphere for friendship and fun. CENTER RIGHT: Sue Birchler ' s prize-winning Senior car foretells the Niner " runaway " victory over the Raiders. RIGHT: 1977 Homecoming Queen, Mary Lopez, places the coveted crown upon her successor, Colleen Blake. The Andrean Marching Band ' s rendition of Steely Dan ' s hit song, " Peg " was enhanced by the seventeen point lead that the Niners held at halftime. The pom-pon and flag girls ' performance added movement to the music. The presentation for best car decorations followed, with Debbie Billick receiving first place. Homecoming weekend may only be three days long, but the spirit creates memories that will last for years to come. TOP: The Freshmen and Juniors display enthusiastic confidence in a " clean fight " resulting in a " washout " victory over Michigan City Roger ' s Raiders. CENTER LEFT: Brightly-clad reserve cheerleaders bubble with enthusiasm en route to the big game. CENTER: Gerry Wojkovich and Deneen Crandall learn that the ingredients for successful float-making are co-operation and hard work. CENTER LEFT: A glowing Colleen Blake shares the joy of her crowning with her sister, Maureen. LEFT : Following the gala parade, with a flourish of trumpet, Ruben Fontanez signals to " strike up the band. " r Homecoming — 47 V for Victory — B for Boogie TOP LEFT: After three disco dances in rapid succession Shannon Walters and Larry Bihlman take time out to rest their weary " soles. " TOP RIGHT : Martha Kassoris and her date Richard )imenez " boogie to the beat " of Fluid Motion. ABOVE: Ellen Ferguson and Dan Michalec glide amid a fantasy world of angels and stars. CENTER: Couples drift into worlds of their own each time a romantic slow dance begins. RIGHT: Ed Banashak and his date fenny Baughman are amused by the " heavenly hosts " serving punch and cookies. A heavenly decor welcomed over a hundred couples to the 1978 Victory Dance on September 23. An overwhelming victory over Michigan City Rogers set the mood and the music of Freeway established the beat. Couples danced under a star-studded ceiling and were served refreshments by Freshman cherubs — an effect designed to draw everyone to " Fall Into My World. " 48 — Victory Ball Featuring Andrean ' s Finest One day each year, Andrean plays host to a select group of aspiring performers. The annual Talent Show displays the unique abilities of the Andrean students participating in the " On Broadway " production. Students eager to perform and students eager for a relief from classes all look forward to this assembly. The show is an important facet of learning in that it provides a special time to appreciate the talents of fellow students. The 1979 Talent Show featured feats of music and magic, but no one act was singled out for an award — they were all winners! TOP LEFT: Mimicking the Blues Brothers of “Saturday Night Live " fame, Chuck Krcmaric and Brad Wood host the 1979 Talent Show. TOP RIGHT: Singer and Songwriter Mario Ponce, along with pianist John Volan, display their talents which contributed to the success of the 1979 Talent Show. CENTER LEFT: The trio of Diane Hazaga, Bryan Eichhorn, and Maureen Blake perform the song, " Paper Man, " lyrics by Kathryn Lisek and music by Diane Hazaga. CENTER: Andrean ' s own " Magic Man, " Tom Glinski, mystifies the audience by producing a bird from what appeared to be a mere scarf. CENTER RIGHT : Margie Hostetler, accompanied by Stephanie Franz, brings class to the Talent Show with her performance of Telleman ' s " Suite in A Minor. " LEFT : Bob Nandor, Ed Lazar, and Carter Martin coordinate their talents to entertain the student body with an original composition " Freeway Jam. " Talenl Show — 49 Deadly Game On November 23-26, the Andrean Drama Club opened its fall presentation, " The Deadly Game, " with a hand full of aces. The plot centered around four retired lawmen who re-enact famous trials of history to pass the time. Their innocent game becomes sinister, though, when the men put a visitor, Howard Trapp, on trial for his boss ' murder. The suspense builds as Trapp and the audience began to realize the maniacal seriousness of the accusers. The plot takes a surprising twist, reaching an appropriate climax. Directed by Father Kelly, who was assisted by S. Gilmary, the cast and crews combined hard work and talent in presenting a polished performance. Because of the cooperation of many dedicated people, the audience enjoyed a night of fine entertainment. TOP: Although Mr. Trapp keeps asking what role Joseph Pillet plays in the trial, no one tells him that Pillet is the executioner. ABOVE: Laroque, Carpeau, and Kummer play all their " games " with " deadly " seriousness. CENTER RIGHT: Director Fr. Kelly schools his cast in dramatic techniques that will help keep the audience on the edge of their seats. RIGHT: Howard Trapp is completely astounded by the guilty verdict that Judge Emile Carpeau has passed on him. 50 — Fall Play Ca t - lo epn jfctOdtd Jrapp Uu stale J4 Kicrre umtncr (X Visitor -no kn. jJmOctr KeVin IPeztrick TOP: Mrs. Trapp comes to Carpeau ' s mansion to investigate her husband ' s death, but she gets more than she bargained for as she, too, becomes prey to their “game. " CENTER: The gentlemen smile as their maid, Nicole, serves them dinner, knowing that she will never betray their trust. ABOVE: With the trial drawing to a close, Joseph anticipates his grisly role in the " game. " FAR LEFT: Proscecuting attorney Gustave Kummer, is delighted that Trapp ' s attorney, Bernard Laroque, and his defendant have decided to plead " innocent. " LEFT: Little does Mrs. Trapp realize that behind Pillet ' s smile lurks the evil that destroyed her husband. Fall Play — 51 iL : winy Make-Believe The 1978 Turnabout Dance was held on the wintry ninth of December. Slipping and sliding to the door, couples soon forgot Jack Frost ' s icy touch as they entered a make-believe world of fun and fantasy. Passing through a gingerbread house, they received a pleasant welcome from the music of Mandingo. Three hours of entertainment topped off ' Turnabout Week " when the girls wore ties and sweat socks and asked the boys out. At 11 o ' clock the couples left, mementos in hand, and memories in their hearts. TOP: Gina Gregoline and Bob Reed are the picture of “Sugar and Spice " as they stroll through the larger-than-life gingerbread entrance. CENTER LEFT: Bryan Eichhorn and Carol Gough demonstrate their new dance techniques to the appropriate tune of “Le Freak. " CENTER RIGHT: Becky Gomez and Dave DeMars look for their personalized ice cream cone to preserve the " sweet " memories they have of the dance. RIGHT: Kim O ' Brien and Mary Clark find it hard to believe Duane yVagner and Terry Dougherty ' s claim that they " baked the gingerbread men themselves. " 52 — Turnabout Special Valentines Following an old Andrean tradition Valentine ' s Day became Daddy Date Night. A delightful dinner for the dads and their daughters was prepared by the Home Economics Department. After the feast came the festival of dancing: father- daughter couples " squared " off to promenade around the floor. Then the Virginia Reel gave way to ballroom dancing while Bittersweet provided the beat. The finale of the evening was the special recognition given to Dads who had escorted their daughters from Freshman through Senior years. TOP: A candlelight dinner, good company, and friendly humor provide Regina DeMass and her father with some warm memories to treasure always. CENTER LEFT : Energetic square dancing is hard on corsages, so Mr. Burgess has to take a moment off to readjust his daughter Laura ' s. CENTER: For Karen Massengill and her father, the square dancing festivities are a much welcomed part of the Daddy Date Night tradition. ABOVE: The Doherty girls, Robin and Susie, play “Daddy ' s little helpers " as they serve him his chicken Kiev dinner. LEFT: Daddies and daughters enjoy an expanded variation of the square dance set. Daddy Date Night -t- 53 On April 26-29, capacity crowds enjoyed the Andrean Drama Club ' s production of " Godspell ' a musical adaptation of the Gospel according to St. Matthew. The Andrean audiences welcomed the ever-popular play, known for its youthful vitality and universal appeal. Using pantomime, song and dance, magic, and impersonations, the cast of twenty demonstrated the Gospel message of God ' s love in a delightful way. Eerie special effects during the crucifixion scene were unsettling, but the audience could hardly keep from joining in the final exuberant chorus of ' ' Long Live God. ' ' Fr. Kelly, S. Gilmary, Fr. Moffatt, Mrs. Betz, Mr. Qu anz, the cast, crews, and pit band well deserved the standing ovations they received all four nights. RIGHT: In the true spirit of love and forgiveness, jesus urges )udas to " do what he must " and betray him quickly. CENTER LEFT: Spared from the destroying flood sent to rid the world of sin, cast members sway to and fro atop Noah ' s ark. CENTER RIGHT: While the Pharisees question Jesus, He turns the tables and condemns them for their sins and hypocrisy. BOTTOM LEFT: In this parable, Lamar thanks his kind master for freeing him and his family from debts in the millions. BOTTOM RIGHT : On the night of the Last Supper, Jesus bids a tearful farewell to one of his faithful followers. THE CAST Jesus David Jennings John the Baptist Judas John Volan Lamar Jeffrey Mike Hite Robin Georgeanna Orlich Joann Terese Cooke Gilmer Eliz Morgavan Herb Kevin Cessna Sonia Janice Bittner Peggy Jean Keough CHORUS Andra Boliker, Adam Burczyk Nick Dorochoff, Tom Drakos Kathy Fealy, Camille Jo Kendricks Anita Levenda, Michelle Metz, Theresa Pavlik Mario Ponce, Ellen Tucker 54 — Spring Play TOP LEFT: Abraham assures Lazarus and a tormented soul from hell that if the people on Earth “didn ' t listen to Moses and the prophets, they won ' t listen even if someone should rise from the dead. " TOP RIGHT: Father Kelly demonstrates to Jean Keough the value of using hand gestures in her rendition of " By My Side. " CENTER LEFT: A stark spotlight helps to draw the attention of all to the climax of Jesus ' public life, a violent and lonely death. CENTER RIGHT : The cast joyfully brings to life the Beatitudes which proclaim happiness for those who do God ' s will. LEFT: " The Prodigal Son, " Tom Drakos, foolishly squanders all of his inheritance on wine, women and song ABOVE: Jesus ' persuasion results in the reuniting of the prodigal son and his unforgiving brother. Spring Play — 55 ■ Night Life On March 10, 1979, approximately 270 Freshmen and Sophomores enjoyed “a night on the town. " During Froshmore Night, the underclassmen boogied amid scenes of stars, cars, and movie posters. The Italian light outline of a city skyline and the musical beat of Nature ' s Way captured the electrifying pulse of a city by night. With all the excitement, the three hours passed quickly and at 10 o ' clock, the city lights dimmed to a memory. TOP LEFT: Dancing for two hours can tire anyone, even Theresa Pavlik and Paula Gonzalez, who emerge from the cafeteria for a breath of cool air. TOP RIGHT: Couples are quick to respond to the song: “Everybody dance! Clap your hands, clap your hands! " ABOVE: Kathy Janssen, Doris Nelson, and Dana Emerson prove that Freshmen can " boogie down. " CENTER: A quiet slow dance provides a welcome rest from the fast-paced disco dances and a chance for couples to enjoy each other ' s company. RIGHT : Tom Chester demonstrates to Sandy Luzzi that not only does he " love the night life and love to boogie, " he has mastered tricky disco steps, too. FAR RIGHT: Mardee LaMere and Jim Dailey are stirred to energetic dancing by the scenes of a fast-paced city around them. 56 — Froshmore Night Dancers Endure On Saturday, March 24, thirty-four Andrean dance enthusiasts boogied all day and some of the night, too, in a Dance Marathon for Muscular Dystrophy sponsored by the Student Council. Backed by the moral support of countless pledges, the dancers were the picture of perpetual motion for 50 minutes out of each hour — and snoozed, ate, and changed clothes in the other 10 minutes. Twelve hours of music was provided by a disc jockey, records, a square dance caller, more records, and another disc jockey, respectively. From 7 to 10 the Marathon was open to other students as a sock-hop. All totaled, energetic dancers raised an incredible $2531 .53 by the benefit. TOP LEFT: Kevin Vician and ChrisStyrna get into the swing of a down-home circle dance. TOP RIGHT: Sherri Flucus and Jeff Rothenberg display some of their fancy footwork during the Dance Marathon. CENTER LEFT: No ghosts in sight, Michelle Metz and Rick Jimenez scare up their own disco improvisation. CENTER: Even after 4 Vi hours of dance marathon. Rose Sgambelluri and Kevin Ryan can still muster the coordination required to keep up with the square dance caller ' s directions. CENTER RIGHT: Mary Blachly sympathizes with three cases of tired feet on Cheryl Myers, Becky Gomez, and Alicia Fadell, marathoners. ABOVE: There is no mistaking Deneen Crandall ' s partner — Jim DeMass ' stripes give him away. LEFT: As the final minutes of the twelve hours dance away, participants are exuberant in their great accomplishment. Dance Marathon — 57 Friendly Feuding The “call of the classes” produced a thunder of pounding feet, hysterical screams, and mass insanity to begin the 1979 Armageddon festivities. After the underclassmen demonstrated their class spirit, the Class of 79 followed Senior tradition by acting out their spirit in a unique and crazy manner. Parading onto the gym floor with pajamas and teddy bears, the Seniors proclaimed that “the Class of 79 is awake and does indeed shine! " All of the classes proudly stood up and cheered when Senior Joe Chester came in bearing the traditional Armageddon torch. The flame lit, the Armageddon games officially began, first with a banana eating contest won by the Freshmen, and then an obstacle course won by the Seniors. Armageddon hysteria prevailed throughout the entire weekend as each class desperately tried to gain the most points. In the end the Juniors ' Pentathalon victory won for them the famed jug. The Sophomores, Seniors, and Freshmen trailed behind in that order. Sophomore might and muscle tugged successfully for the Spirit Award. The Saturday sock- hop topped off the festivities and ended the class rivalry. TOP: |oe Chester carries on the traditional Senior honor of bearing the official Armageddon flame. ABOVE: Mr. Paul English gives last minute instructions to anxious Pent athletes competing in the 440 dash. CENTER: To a thunder of excited approval, Armageddon Committe member Steve Barancyk turns over the Spirit Award to the Sophomore class president Al Volk. LEFT: Sophomore Frank Berger puts power on the pedals as he approaches the final bend of the bicycle relay. FAR LEFT: Dave Rettig and his infamous faulty flipper will be forever remembered by the Juniors as the one who foiled their chances of winning the obstacle course. 58 — Armageddon Armageddon — 59 TOP LEFT: Junior class enthusiasm " runneth over " onto the gym floor. TOP RIGHT: In the final half of the Championship Intermural basketball game, Sophomores, and Juniors struggle for control of the jump ball. CENTER RIGHT : Putting strength behind her swing. Sophomore Cathy Brasich vainly tries for another run against the victorious Seniors. CENTER LEFT: Despite the mighty effort, the Seniors last chance to win the Spirit Award slips out of their hands. LEFT : Junior class President, Kevin Page, accepts the Armageddon victor ' s jug, as the Class of ' 80 becomes the fourth Junior class in a row to win Armageddon. ABOVE: Sophomore girls are bound and determined that no ball will penetrate their human barrier. Closer to Believing For approximately one hundred couples, a Prom fantasy became a reality on Friday, May 4, 1979. Juniors were given the afternoon off, while Seniors were given the entire day to prepare for the gala event. At 7:30, the big moment finally arrived as couples were greeted at their cars and escorted into the Hellenic Cultural Center. “Three ' s a Crowd " kept the couples in motion on the dance floor until 10:30, even in between courses of a dinner served around 9:30. The music of “Deep River " brought the evening ' s activities to a lively close, sending everyone off with memories to cherish. An eve ning " Closer to Believing " had become an event known by experience. 60 — Prom TOP: Do ushers have more fun? Ed Banashak and Terry Dougherty seem to delight in leaving Dawn Wallace ' s date, Gene Pawlak, and Liz Morgavan ' s date, Kevin Vician, to trail on behind. ABOVE: For lenny Chalko and Gene Glowacki, Prom captures the magic of good music, good friends, and a special date. CENTER: Greg Petrites and Janice Bittner rest and rap between stints on the dance floor. CENTER RIGHT : Being unaccustomed to their fancy attire does not dampen Kathy Walsh and Kevin Custer ' s disco spirit. LEFT: The first few bars of a very special song bring couples onto the dance floor for a dance with a very special person. TOP LEFT: Bringing a splash of the Mediterranean to the Prom, " Jimmy the Creek " Thiros leads some friends in an exhuberant Greek snake dance. TOP RIGHT : The " old fashioned " waltz seems quite popular for Joe Buczek and Gina Rendina as they glide across the floor. CENTER: Margie Hostetler and John Mathews share a quiet moment and a secret during a break from dancing. ABOVE: The happy couple, Renee Chube and Kevin McDonald, realize that their Prom dream is only a few steps " closer to believing. " LEFT: For Vicki Steininger and Nick Dorochoff, Prom begins with the coat check and the anticipation of the funfilled evening ahead. Prom — 61 •22 10-23 10 = 24 - 10=26 10=27 10=26 10=29 . . The Ayes Have It Ideas for improving life at Andrean were sent to the library for discussion every Wednesday at 2:45. That was when the Student Council, led by Fr. Martin and Sr. Bernice Marie, met to speak out on issues and plan activities for the benefit of the entire student body. All dances, movies, and mailboxes were produced through the efforts of the Student Council, as were the annual Armageddon and the newly added cafeteria juke box. Stressing the use and understanding of Parliamentary procedure, Student Council enabled students to learn the ways of government while at the same time working to make their life at Andrean more exciting. TOP: Becky Gomez and Kevin Cessna rock around the clock at the fifties ' sock hop. CENTER LEFT : Good student government demands listening and more listening as the panel of Student Council Officers well knows. Officers: Father Martin, Co-moderator; K. Vician, Treas.; A. Cooke, Sec.; D. Cefali, Vice- Pres.; B. Gomez, Pres. CENTER RIGHT: Volunteers delivering Christmas carol telegrams brighten cold December mornings and liven up the homeroom atmosphere. RIGHT: Fr. Martin makes sure the judges understand the rules before starting a game at the Freshman Picnic. 64 — Organizations TOP LEFT: Maria Lorenz and Noel Perry captivate the audience during the dance contest at “the hop. " TOP RIGHT: Rec Nite dodgeball requires a sharp eye, strong arm, and quick reflexes. CENTER LEFT: Seniors Chris Styrna and Kris Kray stroll 50 ' s-style to their next class. CENTER RIGHT. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat the post office rush at the SC-sponsored Christmas mailbox. LEFT : " It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane. . No, it ' s an airborn volleyball in Rec-Nite competition. Organizations — 65 An Active Concern Love of others prompted Andrean Students to the service of others — and for this, the Christian Service Club flourished. Under the guidance of S. Carol Marie, the Club engineered and directed the Thanksgiving Food Drive. They also helped brighten the Christmas holiday for those in area rest homes with their caroling program. Members finished the year with a clowning service for hospitalized children and rest home residents directed by Marti Palmateer of the Diocesan CYO. TOP: Pam Edwards makes sure there is a little of everything in each box. CENTER RIGHT: Club members load up one of the two cars and a van needed to deliver Andrean students ' contribution of Thanksgiving food. ABOVE: Boxes of food line up single-file for distribution to the needy. RIGHT: Christian Service Club Officers: L. Mirabella, committee chairman; P. Edwards, Pres.; K. Starczewski, Sec.; B. Garcia, Treas. Absent: K. Yocum, Vice-Pres. 66 — Organizations Help in Dollars Cents The passing of the blue money bags in homeroom means it ' s Thursday morning. Directed by Sister Daniel, Mission Club members faithfully carried out the weekly collections to help support missionary groups in the U.S., India, and South America. To add to the sacrifices and kindness of homerooms, club members sponsored other money raisers, including raffling a 3-speed bicycle, selling mums for Homecoming, and sweetheart carnations for Valentine ' s Day. The Mission Club received numerous letters of gratitude from the organizations benefiting from the generous giving of their time and energy. These thanks fan the warm glow in members ' hearts that comes from the knowledge that others have been helped through their efforts. TOP: Mission Club Officers: ). Chalko, Co-Pres.; B. Garcia, Co-Pres.; M. Kozyra, Sec. CENTER LEFT : Everyone may not be quite awake on Thursday morning in homeroom, but they are ready to give whatever they can to keep the Mission Club in the business of helping people. ABOVE: Susan Sewell, Tom Komenda, and Sue Frasca count up the generous returns from the morning ' s collection. LEFT: Tonya Hudson and Kim and Charmain Dixon separate the orders of Valentine carnations to deliver them to sweethearts all over the school. Organ izal ions — 67 Working on Worship TOP: Father Murphy extends a greeting of peace to Gwen Gerchak during a Thursday morning Liturgy. CENTER: Graceful movements performed to “The Dakota Hymn " make the liturgical dance a solemn and beautiful prayer of thanksgiving. CENTER RIGHT: Liturgy Club members take time out from planning Masses and retreats to pause for a pose. RIGHT : Sister Emma and friends share in the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, one of several special activities planned during a week of prayer for Sister. FAR RIGHT : Gene Glowacki, Chris Sonaty, and Nick Dorochoff form a procession to begin Fr. Murphy ' s Thursday morning Mass. Good things come in small packages — like Andrean ' s Liturgy Club. What it lacked in number it made up for in dedicated hard work. With Sister )oan Marie directing their activities, Liturgy Club members took an active role in the planning of class retreats, Penance services and Lenten devotions. They also sponsored a week of prayer for healing for Sister Emma, culminating in a Mass with the Anointing of the Sick. The experience gained in planning these worship services gave club members a background from which to draw in volunteering their services in the parishes. 68 — Organizations Top of the Heap Scholarship, proven by a grade-point average of at least 3.75, leadership and service in school activitie s and clubs, and a character to match the other three qualities brought 28 new members into the Cardinal Flahiff Chapter of the National Honor Society. The January induction brought the total membership to 51. Under the direction of Sister Edith, members served as guides at the orientation night for parents. Junior members gladly ushered Seniors and their parents in and out of the Baccalaureate Mass and graduation ceremony. TOP. Fr. Ward congratulates Theresa Modrak as he hands her the certificate of membership and club pin. CENTER LEFT: NHS Officers: M. Magura, Treas.; A. Fadell, Pres.; K. Cessna, Vice-Pres.; C. Myers, Sec. CENTER RIGHT : State Senator John Bushemi, who spoke at induction, is glad to oblige Chris Griffin ' s request for an autograph. ABOVE LEFT : Prior to reciting their pledge, new and old members spread the light sprung from the Christ candle. ABOVE: Mike Connell directs traffic at Parent Orientation Night. LEFT : Fledging member Mary Blachly receives her NHS stole from Sister Christopher. Organizations — 69 We Write, We Scribble, We Type Yes, Virginia, there is a yearbook room, and there are workers. And they work — slave, even — to meet the deadlines and publish a book that people enjoy carrying around, browsing through, and passing to friends for signatures. It ' s been fun but at the same time, we ' re glad it ' s over. t - TOP: Mr. Rogovich is called in to identify someone in a picture and prove his claim that he " knows everyone in the school. " CENTER LEFT: Even Saturdays find Gwen Schmidt working to finish a Sports layout before the deadline closes in on her. CENTER: Kathryn Lisek stews over the right turn of phrase for a cutline while Patty Yast checks the tense of her copy. CENTER RIGHT: Margie Hostetler matches the line and dot to make a picture fit the space she has for it. ABOVE: Carol Gough and Steve Barancyk agonize over the most diplomatic way to say the team had a poor season. RIGHT: Rookies Lisa Gresoline and Nancy Yast struggle to keep on schedule. 70 — Organizations Spread the Good News The Acropolis staff ably survived several top-notch adjustments in publishing 7 editions of the school newspaper. New moderator Mrs. Dakich and co-editors Katie Foy and Darlene McDonald helped carry on the traditions of excellence in journalism always upheld by Acropolis writers. When Katie moved to Milwaukee mid- year, Kim Wilczynski filled her shoes well, blending with the rest of the staff to inform students of the goings-on around Andrean, and spark their consideration of important issues facing students, faculty, and administration. TOP: Darlene McDonald and Chris Maroules toss an idea around to see if it will stand up to criticism. CENTER LEFT: Kim Wilczynski takes a break from the press room to accept Shawn Smith ' s and Rose Sgambelluri ' s orders for the Valentine ' s Day Happy Ad column. CENTER RIGHT : Work piles up and the tension mounts as Mike Nieto, Sports co-editor, and Chris Styrna, Feature editor finalize their articles for the printer. LEFT: Before delivering them, Chris Maroules and Kim Wilczynski count out and rubberband the newspapers to make sure everybody gets one. ABOVE: Mrs. Dakich double and triple checks copy and headlines to insure that the “Acropolis " is error-free. Organizations — 71 Dabbling in Design This year ' s Art Club had the distinction of being one of Andrean ' s largest clubs with an astounding 63 members. Guided by Mr. Listro, members were given the chance to express themselves artistically. The Art Club was responsible for the festively decorated art room windows. They also painted student ' s faces for Halloween, Christmas, and spirit days. Through club activities, members became interested in the works of well-known artists. To increase their knowledge of art history, field trips were planned to the Art Institute in Chicago, and to various Chicago parks for nature studies to appreciate the beauty that is everywhere. TOP: Renee Halfman helps turn the art room into a winter wonderland. CENTER LEFT: Kris Kray has plenty of customers for painted faces to help heighten Christmas spirit. CENTER RIGHT: Art Club Officers: SEATED: L. Bosak, Treas.; Mr. Listro, Moderator; K. Fealy, Sec. STANDING: K. Kray, Pres.; K. Phipps, Vice-Pres. RIGHT: Art Club members donned the most creative of costumes at their Halloween party. 72 — Organizations Picture This! Andrean ' s Photography Club consisted of 35 students who had access to the darkroom — and knew what to do when inside. A growing interest in photography prompted Father Chircop, the club moderator, to purchase two enlargers, programmable timers, and a new camera for members ' use. The focus of the club was on individual work: taking black and white pictures, developing negatives, and making prints for the personal use of the members. This club added a welcome and different dimension to the Fine Arts offerings at Andrean. TOP: Dave DeMars is wailing to see if something interesting develops. LEFT: Dave Falcone uses the enlarger to produce photographs as big as life. ABOVE: Focusing in on the situation, Fred Arrieta is ready to snap a picture. Organizations — 7i People to People The YARC Club members brightened the lives of many retarded children by organizing parties and providing countless hours of fun. Moderator Sister Paul and club members got together in the summer to plan a special August JjM picnic which gave the youngsters a chance to run, laugh, and enjoy themselves. Such holidays as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine ' s Day, and Easter saw activities, games, and costumes all geared to make the children feel important and remembered. The YARC Club specializes in making people happy. TOP: Too many ants and not enough shade were the only hindrances to fun at the August picnic. CENTER LEFT: Creative costumes and delightful decorations set the proper atmosphere for a Halloween party. CENTER RIGHT: The youngsters find it all but impossible to conceal eagerness to greet their guest of honor. ABOVE: YARC Officers: A. Boliker, Vice-Pres.; M. Fealy, Sec.; P. Edwards, Treas.; K. Fealy, Pres. RIGHT: Santa ' s soft knee and brightly-wrapped gift make Kathy ' s first YARC party an extra-special treat. 74 — Organizations Benign Battles Shrewd calculations, daring moves, and in some cases, luck, are qualities needed for a well-played game of chess. Those who practiced to improve these skills could be found in Mr. Giorgio ' s room at Chess Club meetings. Members met to discuss strategy and share tips for increasing prowess on the checkered board. Participants also had the opportunity to take part in a school tournament matching wits with other students and the faculty to determine Andrean ' s champion chess player. This competition prepared them for the annual regional team tournament, held on March 10 at Cary Career Center. TOP: Mark Sewell has Mr. Giorgio in a tight spot as he moves in to capture the king. CENTER LEFT: With all of his opponent ' s possible options in mind, Vince Kostoff decides which is his best move. CENTER RIGHT : Chess Club Officers: Andy Fitzgerald, Pres.; Casey Creszczuk, Vice-Pres. LEFT : Mr. Giorgio presides over a friendly bout at the weekly meeting. Organizations — 75 Roman Rites Roman tradition did not end with the fall of the Roman Empire. It was faithfully carried into 1979 at Andrean. The Latin Club celebrated Roman holidays with after-school parties and memorials, including skits which depicted the origins of those holidays. Guest speakers and movies relating to classical themes helped students become acquainted with the ways of the Romans. Club members attended Junior Classical League state functions where they proved they were true Latin scholars by competing in writing and oratorical contests. TOP: Latin Club members have fun following ancient traditions while re-enacting the Roman holiday Saturnalia. CENTER LEFT : Chris Griffin, Pam Edwards, and Mike Connell ham it up for the Latin Club ' s version of the " toga party. " CENTER RIGHT: Bob Parks, Jenny Chalko, and Kathy Pishkur don their togas and spread the ceremonial light. ABOVE: Latin Club Officers: CLOCKWISE FROM LOWER LEFT: P. Edwards, Vice-Pres.; K. Pishkur, Sec.; M. Connell, Treas.; C. Griffin, Pres. RIGHT: The sharing of a Roman meal is part of the Saturnalia celebration. 76 — Organizations Se Habla Espanol Aqui Under the guidance of new moderator Mr. English, the Spanish Club quickly got into the swing of activities, starting with a picnic during one of the first weeks of school. The members were kept moving with a field trip to the Mexican Folk Ballet, a Mass celebrated in Spanish, Christmas caroling, and a visit to Chicago to see Man of LaMancha at the Candlelight playhouse followed by dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Meetings were spent making such crafts as “God ' s eyes, " and pinatas. Much time and effort also went into revamping the Spanish newspaper “El Rincon Hispanico " and publishing it quarterly. TOP: Many hands in the gluey mess is half the fun of making pinatas. CENTER LEFT: Father Benwitz elevates the " Misteria de la Fe " for the Spanish Club ' s " Amen. " CENTER RIGHT: Spanish Club Officers: Mr. English, Moderator; K. Ivanyo, Treas.; A. Fadell, Vice-Pres.; C. Ivanyo, Sec.; K. Cessna, Pres. LEFT : Alicia Fadell, Lori Wallo, and Mr. English provide expert accompaniment for the Spanish Mass hymns. Organizations — 77 Of Mice and Men With the help of Mrs. Giorgio as moderator, the never-ending world of science was continually explored by members of the Science Club. Participants did some lab work and got involved in individual projects to advance as far as possible in scientific knowledge. Demonstrations, talks, and films dealing with different fields of science helped broaden the horizons of these budding scientists. TOP: Taking charge of the greenhouse gives the Science Club a challenge which involves a lot of advance planning and hard work. CENTER LEFT: Science Club Officers: Kan Huang, Treas.; Chris Griffin, Pres.; Lucy Ramirez, Sec. CENTER RIGHT: The miracle of growth as seen through a slide on an eggshell amazes Alicia Oresik and Joni Jones. RIGHT: Would these Science Club members be as fascinated if the mice were not caged? 78 — Organizations Human Calculators As part of the National Organization Mu Alpha Theta, Andrean ' s Math Club sharpened the mathematical minds of its members. Participants met to work on and discuss “The Mathematical Log, " a pamphlet published nationwide by Mu Alpha Theta. They also solved complex problem sheets and explored other topics pertaining to modern math. Their work resulted in more self-satisfaction as students earned extra credit in math class for problems correctly solved. The time and effort put into Math Club activities kept the members ' brains going full speed throughout the year. TOP: Jenny Chalko dispels the confusion remaining in the minds of members after two weeks of puzzling over problem sheets. CENTER LEFT: During induction ceremonies of the Mu Alpha Theta, Mark Magura proudly receives the certificate of membership in the Math Club. CENTER RIGHT: Math Club Officers: SEATED- ) Chalko Pres.; A. Fadell, Sec. STANDING: C. Griffin, Vice-Pres.; M. Mott, ' Treas. LEFT : Senior Michael Mott addresses a select audience at the Math Club induction. Organizations — 79 Be a Pepper A special feature of Andrean ' s home games were the Ninerettes. These girls raised school spirit and player morale. Practicing three times weekly with Sr. Marguerite and Mrs. Boliker, the Ninerettes stopped at nothing short of perfection. They planned routines to coincide with the rhythm of the marching band for football halftime shows. Ninerette talent hit the streets as they performed in numerous parades throughout the year. Not limiting themselves to performing, the girls also prepared and served refreshments to our athletes after home games, and served as waitresses at the AAA banquet and Parents ' Club Style Show. TOP: Besides performing new routines at pep assemblies, the Ninerettes help raise the noise level called for by the cheerleaders. CENTER LEFT: Diane Wolfe waits for her cue to put arms, legs, and poms in motion. CENTER: Well-executed dance steps and smi les are important to making each routine a real performance. CENTER RIGHT: Every movement must be synchronized before a routine is ready for the halftime show. RIGHT: Ninerette Officers: CLOCKWISE FROM LOWER LEFT: T. Sowinski, Sec.; A. Boliker, Captain; K. Starczewski, Co-Captain, J. Kasiak, Treas. 80 — Organizations Spirit Center The great seasons sustained by our athletes were a result of training, hard work, and good coaching, but it was the Booster Club, under the lively direction of Miss Bombassaro, that generated enthusiasm and pride in Andrean ' s potential among the students. Members directed such spirit-charging projects as ribbon selling, sign-painting, shades and socks day, and pep assemblies. Booster Club efforts demolished losing streaks, spurred on winning sprees, and kept emotions running high for the length of the year. TOP: Since emotional as well as physical readiness is vital for winning, the team charges up at the pep assembly. CENTER LEFT: Painting in the hallways can create traffic problems, but strengthening the team ' s will to win makes it well worth the trouble. CENTER RIGHT: A pep assembly takes us back to Ancient Egypt as students offer their rendition of Steve Martin ' s " King Tut. " ABOVE: Booster Club Officers: S. Sidor, Treas.; M. Garrett, Pres.; Ms. Bombassaro, Moderator; T. Pavlik, Vice-Pres.; M. Mirich, Sec. LEFT: )im Zembillasand Pat Battistini help raise club funds and school spirit by selling " Pickle the Pirates " ribbons. I I Organizations — 81 Goal-Getters The magnificent Griffins skated their way through another terrific season. Coached by Randy Ehrsam, aided by moderator Fr. Kline, the Griffins beat the state ' s second ranked team, St. Francis deSales, in a smashing 4-3 victory. Outstanding defensemen Larry Bihlman and Greg Babicka kept opponents ' scores low while ace iceman Nick Pappas slipped in 50 goals and 26 assists for the season. TOP: No, it ' s not Jack Anderson and Shana Alexander, but it ' s a face-off nonetheless. CENTER LEFT: Greg Babicka lessens the chance of a Thornwood goal by steering the puck across the ice. CENTER RIGHT: Center Nick Pappas shows what a well-executed face-off can do to a hockey stick. ABOVE: Didier Cortina ( 18) comes in with a flick of his stick to help goalie Mike Rose prevent a Lake Central score. FRONT ROW: M. Glibota, T. Drakos, L. Bihlman, M. Rose. SECOND ROW G. Pusateri, M. Thiros, J. Ehrsam, P. Bicalho, T. Doolin, ). Rothenberg, Ami Thomas, statistician-manager. THIRD ROW: N. Pappas, G. Babicka, J Arnold, D. Coppinger, T. Huffman, K. Rearick, J. Onofrey, D. Cortina. BAO ROW: Randy Ehrsam, Coach; J. McGuan, J. Buczek, C. Doolin, Fr. Kline moderator 82 — Organizations Downhill All the Way The winter of 1979 will long be remembered for snow, snow, snow, and blizzard weather. It is only fitting that 1979 saw the addition of the Ski Club to Andrean ' s present list of extra-curricular activities. The club met every other week to view ski films, plan excursions, and discuss equipment tips. Both beginner and advanced skiers benefited from the club ' s group rates and free lessons at the Pines Ski Center. TOP: Ski Club Officers: Carole Radigan, Sec.; Bryan Eichhorn, Pres.; Kassy Welsh, Treas. CENTER LEFT: Cold morning air makes the 7 a.m. departure seem even earlier as Sheila Heylin and Carole Radigan round up their equipment to head for the slopes. CENTER RIGHT: The snow hills in the parking lot provide an appropriate preview to the mountains of Alpine Valley. LEFT: The Ski Club plays host to instructor Dave Johnson ' s lecture and film presentation on the GLM method of hitting the slopes, as Moderator Mrs. Gilbertson helps set up the reels. Organizations — 83 Language Lovers Two new clubs to strengthen undrestanding and appreciation of foreign languages were added to Andrean ' s list of extra-curricular activities. They are the French and German Clubs. The long-lost French Club was revived " grace a " Mrs. FHanas. Members ran a bake sale early in the year to raise funds for the treasury. This money helped finance bus trips to Chicago ' s Art Institute to see the famous works of Rodin, Cezanne, and other French painters and sculptors. Mrs. Pete helped the German Club make its debut at Andrean. Its members met periodically to lay plans for and discuss parties and skits for the meetings of the fledgling organization. TOP: Scrutinizing students check out the merchandise before investing in the sweets at the French Club bake sale. CENTER LEFT: French Club Officers: C. Parker, Treas.; Y. DuBois, Sec.; R. Chube, Vice-Pres.; K. Yocum, Pres. CENTER RIGHT: German Club Officers: SEATED: I. Diwyk, Sec. STANDING: R. Somani, Treas.; M. Walsh, Pres.; F. Vaiana, Vice-Pres. RIGHT: Though exhausted from a long class day, members work up energy for a French Club business meeting. 84 — Organizations Yours for a Song With Father Moffatt conducting, the choir timed and measured the 1978-1979 school year in song. The choir kept the community entertained with a concert at Southlake Mall and two public concerts here at Andrean in conjunction with the band. At the NISBOVA contest in Highland, several students attained first place honors in the second division. Members also joined the band for a series of concerts at area grade schools to heighten Christmas cheer. 3NT ROW. J. Klamo, Y. Mack. BACK ROW: V. Amore, M e, J. Rainford. FRONT ROW: I. Crowder, S. Paulson, T. Giannini. BACK ROW: J. Willis, C. Cooke, B. Sheeran, T. Jones. NT ROW: J. Driscoll, D. Rogers, M. Doherty, K. Johnson. SECOND ROW anz, L. Schneider, M. Burgess, L. Burgess. BACK ROW: K Olsen R rom, B. Sullivan, K. Brackett, A. Shives. TOP: Father Moffatt directs the choir to perfect harmony at the Christmas concert. Organizations — 85 Music on the March This year ' s band did far more than play in class and for the student body. They started the year by attending marching band camp in August at Camp Lawrence, which primed them for halftime performances. A fund-raising candle sale outfitted the members with new hats. The musicians were also kept busy with the NISBOVA contest, which sent Margie Hostetler, Stephanie Franz, and Karol Kepchar to Indianapolis for state competition. In late November, the band performed in a parade in Hammond with the Ninerettes and Flag Squad, and accompanied the choir on a two day concert tour of area Grade schools at Christmastime. TOP: Hat Day at Andrean puts even more spirit into the pep band as they churn out the school song. CENTER LEFT: Flutists three Margie Hostetler, Rose Kesel, and Liz Morgavan team up to delight their concert audience with a rendition of Dance of the Reed Flutes. " CENTER RIGHT: The pep band accompanies the basketball varsity s winning streak early in the season. RIGHT: The marching band plays another rousing tune for Andrean ' s football friends and fans. 86 — Organizations FRONT ROW: H. Sylve, R. Fontanez, R. Walsh, R. Gholson, W. Owens. SECOND ROW: J. Sanchez, T. Onda, C. Luna, R. Gholson, C. O ' Baker. BACK ROW: H. Loechner, M. Prusiecki, M. Jiminez, J. Good, j. Thomas. FRONT ROW: A. Tokarski, L. Morgavan, R. Kesel, M. Hostetler (Pres.), F. Jackson. BACK ROW: S. Karagin, E. Tucker (Treas.), J. Swanson, W. Stone, T. Hammersmith. ABSENT: S. Quinn (Sec.) Jim Good chimes along in the appropriate measures to add spice to the Band ' s Christmas carols. FRONT ROW: R. Fontanez, J. Swanson, S. Karagin, R. Kesel, M. Hostetler. SECOND ROW: P. Scheuer, E. Lazar, B. Nandor, R. Flack, Mrs. Betz, moderator. BACK ROW: J. Sanchez, T. Onda, S. Quinn, J. Good, S. Franz, W. Owens. Organizations — 87 11=18 tl-19 11-20 11-21 11 : 22 11=23 11-24 . . 1242 1243 12=44 1245 12=46 12=47 12=4 Niners Net Victories With their home court at Southlake Tennis Club, this year ' s tennis team, coached by Mr. Paul Norenburg, proved one of the strongest in the area. The team was powerful in all events, especially in singles where MVP Oscar Blando chalked up a fine record of 13-2. Singles player George Kolettis and doubles player Jim Thiros also contributed to the team ' s success and were named MIP ' s. Unfortunately, the team was upset in the sectionals to end the season with a better than respectable 12-4 record. The junior varsity, led by Frank Moran and Bob Szmutko, also had a winning season with a record of 6-3. ANDREAN OPPONENT 4 Noll 1 5 Wheeler 0 1 LaPorte 4 5 River Forest 0 3 Highland 2 5 Roosevelt 0 3 Crown Point 2 2 Lake Central 3 2 Wirt 3 3 Portage 2 4 Lew Wallace 1 4 Gavit 1 3 Merrillville 2 3 Noll 2 2 Hobart 3 3 Merrillville 2 RECORD: 12-4 TOP: For extra power Bob Szmutko uses this two-handed backhand. CENTER: Eyes glued to the team action, Paul Norenberg, coach of the Andrean tennis team, concentrates on game strategy. CENTER RIGHT: Manuel Blando is poised in net position for the oncoming volley. Varsity: FRONT ROW: M. Blando, G. Boisvert, M. Gross, L. Martinc BACK ROW: G. Kolettis, J. Thiros. ABSENT : O. Bland( 90 — Tennis TOP: Even while she waits her turn on the court, Carole Radigan becomes involved in the game. TOP RIGHT: Oscar Blando slams the ball for a cross court volley. CENTER: With a poised stance George Kolettis awaits his opponent ' s serve. ABOVE: |im Thiros warms up his smooth backhand stroke for the upcoming match. Reserve: R. Somani, D. Baruch, C. Radigan, R. Schlotman. ABSENT: F. Moran, D. Lopez, B. Szmutko. Tennis — 91 Pacemakers If hard work and sheer ambition were the only requirements for a winning season, the 1978 cross country team would " run " the nation. This young team was composed of six freshmen, six sophomores, one junior, and one senior. Mr. English, first year coach, coordinated and directed the team. The hard work done during the season showed in the personal improvement of each team member. MVP Dan Duffy and Ml P Steve Pawlak, along with the other team members, represented the strength and spirit of Andrean by their persistence and dedication. TOP: john Dravet picks up the pace for the last quarter mile. CENTER LEFT: A good laugh and some stretching exercises loosen up the team before they “hit the road. " CENTER RIGHT: The compulsion to win pushes Jim Richter to the lead position. FRONT ROW: J. Richter, J. Dravet, S. Pawlak, D. Duffy, J. Tompi, E. Kostelnik, l Richter. BACK ROW: j. Cogelja, J. DeMars, B. Parks, Mr. English, J. Dravr J. Bistrow, J. Nault, E. Branc 92 — Cross Country ANDREAN OPPONENT 50 Crown Point 15 18 Emerson 37 50 Roosevelt 15 50 Hobart 15 47 Griffith 16 34 Lew Wallace 21 48 Merrillville 15 Record: 1-6 TOP LEFT: Dave Richter, ahead of the crowd, legs the last few feet of the course. TOP CENTER: It takes several minutes for Ed Brandt to resume normal breathing following the 2 16- mile run around Gleason Park. TOP RIGHT: Concentration, practice, and teamwork put Andrean teammates Bill Parks and Ed Brandt in the lead. CENTER LEFT: The team gathers for a refreshing drink while awaiting the results of the day ' s run. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. English, Andrean ' s cross country coach, calmly watches as both seconds and runners fly by. LEFT: Strongwilled and determined, jim Bistrow pushes against the clock. Cross Country — 9J Niners Perfect Pass and Punt Although the 7-3 record of the 1978 varsity football team is respectable, it does not begin to reflect the composite tale nt of the Niners. Eight of the starters were nominated to various all-state teams, including United Press International and Associated Press. Among the Niners ' seven victories were a first-time win over South Bend St. Joseph, and a well-earned Homecoming victory over state-ranked Michigan City Rogers. Under the direction of Coach Billick the gridders rushed for 1,618 yards and passed for 1,117 yards. Led by MVP Mark Prusiecki, the defense held the opposition to only 916 yards rushing and 813 yards passing. In all, Andrean ' s varsity team gave stadium patrons and traveling fans ten exciting weekends. Tom Peller discusses the game plan with Coach Billick before returning to the action. C-: SJ !► 1 a.® .J IJ f Y i AUDREY mm FRONT ROW: L. Hanlon, L. Bihlman, M. Ponce, J. Lavorci, R. Wojkovich, P. Podnar, C. Pawlak, T. Bellot, R. Cholson SECOND ROW: D. Staehle, T. Tolman, M. Holcomb, A. Volk, G. Kranik, K. Vician, |. DeMass, P. Battistini. THIRD ROW: Mr Billick, J. Martin, G. Pusateri, A. Attar, B. Mueller, M. Mulroe, D. Massengill, R. Vucich, P. Svetanoff, ). Pifferitti, T. Babilla FOURTH ROW: Mr. Kirk, B. Nandor, W. Euvino, C. Allegretti, D. Brown, G. Velligan, T. Sanders, ). Walton, M. Prusiecki, B Novorita, ]. Carter, Mr. Nicolini. BACK ROW: J. Chester, T. Peller, B. Wood, A. Tokarski, K. Zimmer, D. Cefali, L. Barich, Argenta, B. Miklosy, C. Cefali, B. Greenwell, L. Emerson 94 — Varsity Football ANDREAN OPPONENT 35 Lowell 0 25 Gary Roosevelt 0 21 South Bend St. Joseph 14 7 Hobart 14 24 Michigan City Rogers 14 7 Merrillville 19 0 Lew Wallace 7 30 Portage 14 34 Wirt 6 20 Lake Central 8 TOP: With excellent pass protection by the offensive line, quarterback Tom Peller (14) prepares to throw to Joe Chester (85). CENTER LEFT: The specialty squad lines up to kick off the game against Hobart. CENTER RIGHT: Rick Vucich searches for an opening in the opposing defensive line. ABOVE: The 59er defense tries to read the next play in the faces of the Portage Indians. LEFT: Mike Mulroe is determined to head off the charging Merrillville lineman in order to free Tom Peller for a run downfield. Varsity Football — 95 TOP LEFT: Joe Chester (85) attempts to gain extra yardage on a kick return. TOP RIGHT: " What do you mean I didn ' t get the first down? " CENTER LEFT: Brad Wood successfully prevents a Merrillville pass completion. CENTER: Tom Peller adds the finishing touch to a Niner touchdown. CENTER RIGHT: Using his reserve power, Greg Pusateri tries to elude a Lew Wallace defender. RIGHT: In the pre-game pep- talk Coaches Nicolini and latarola generate team enthusiasm, which is just as essential as skill and hard work. 96 — Varsity Football rsily: FRONT: K. Pishkur, K. Custer, S. Lissey. BACK: K. illonee, C. Blake, K. Yocum. Niner Battlecry Andrean ' s cheerleaders worked hard to keep school spirit high and Niner pride shining. The varsity cheerleaders placed among the top ten squads at the United States Cheerleading Association Camp at Valparaiso and were invited to the Grand National Camp. The girls also organized a fund raiser to pay for new uniforms for the reserve cheerleading squad. During the 1978-79 basketball season, the girls were assisted by six male cheerleaders for the first time in Andrean ' s history. CENTER: The addition of male cheerleaders proves helpful and allows the performance of more elaborate mounts. ABOVE: The cheerleaders anxiously follow the action on the court during a tense moment in the last home basketball game. e: C. Candiano, M. Mirich, T. Henry, L. Nawrocki, B. Burke. TOP: S. Graham. Cheerleaders — 97 Together We Can The 1978 Sophomore team had only 24 players compared to an average 47 players per opposing team. Under the direc tion of Mr. Naumowich the team finished the season with a 3-2 record. Bill Mueller proved worthy of the MVP title by intercepting three passes and kicking a 26 yard field goal to boost the Niners past Munster 3-0. In the Hobart game Keith Zimmer hooked up with Tom Chester on a 65 yard pass play to upset the Brickies 7-0. John Poje received the MIP award for the season. ANDREAN OPPONENT 7 Chesterton 6 7 Hobart 0 7 Merrillville 13 3 Munster 0 7 Portage 16 RECORD: 3-2 TOP LEFT: With excellent blocking provided by his teammates, Keith Zimmer gains valuable yardage for the Niners. TOP RIGHT: When Coach Naumowich talks, ' people listen. RIGHT : Coach Naumowich and the sophomore gridders " fire up " for the third quarter during the half-time exercises. FRONT ROW: T. Steffens, R. Wojkovich, J. Favorci, T. Erdelac, M. Gonzalez, T. Mellady, D. Frasca, ). Sanders, H. Loechr SECOND ROW: A. Lara, A. Volk, D. Falcone, B. Mueller, K. Kacmar, R. jimenez, T. Chester, J. Onofrey, ). Poje. BACK RC Mr. Naumowich, T. Dougherty, S. Dougherty, S. Martin, D. Lepp, j. Carter, P. Kedziora, T. Lorenz, K. Zimmer, M. Mustaf Bart 98 — Sophomore Football ANDREAN OPPONENT 0 Highland 8 8 Hammond Morton 8 0 Chicago Brother Rice 30 8 Harrison 20 14 Gary West Side 6 8 Pierce 40 0 Wallace 14 12 Roosevelt 20 RECORD: 1-6-1 When the Going Gets Tough . . . The freshman football team, coached by Mr. Jones, survived a tough schedule with a record of 1-6-1. The highlight of the season was the Niner upset over noticeably larger and faster Gary West Side. The frosh also held the Hammond freshman champs, Hammond Morton, to a tie. Larry Thomas, who played quarterback, running back, and tight end, established his position as MVP by leading the team in rushing, passing, and receiving, and center John Mahan received the MIP award. TOP: After mapping their strategy, the offensive squad is ready to proceed with the play. LEFT: Anticipation at the line of scrimmage is essential to the team ' s defensive success. ' if . ' . a c m ... i»m AN tfffw T ' 14 FRONT ROW: M. LaMere, A. Carrales, J. Prince, J. Bielefeld, D. Palansky, E. Reaves, M. Core, K. Ryan, T. Kaminski. SECOND ROW: M. Szuster, J. Mahan, J. Zambory, L. Evans, P. Shakula, C. Boyles, J. Ervin, J. Quinn, T. Rivera, K. King. THIRD ROW- M. Passe, D. Barrera, K. Mulroe, B. Wilczynski, D. Bittner, L. Thomas, J. Kyprianou, E. Stiles, C. Carmouche, j. Dailey R Dudenski A Greenwood, G. Burczek, B. Tittle. BACK ROW: Mr. Jones, Mr. latrola. ABSENT: J. Gawor, E. Beishline. Freshman Football — 99 TOP: Lynn Henderlong " psyches out " her competitor with her calm, cool, and confident stance. CENTER LEFT : After conquering the lengthy fairway, Nancy Yast pours all her powers of concentration into putting. CENTER: Anne Welsh proves that her deep concentration with a steady aim is all that is required to sink the putt. CENTER RIGHT: Kathy Walsh backswings with hopes of a strong, well-placed drive. Girls Putt on the Power The 1978 girls ' golf team parred the season with a 7-6 record. Mrs. Landeck assisted the girls in their daily practices. Diane Hazaga, a senior first year member, played consistently well and earned the honor of MVP. Kathy Walsh, a second year veteran, claimed the MIP award. The Niners placed fifth in the LaPorte Invitational and also captured third in the sectionals. ANDREAN OPPONENT 216 Munster 228 216 Valparaiso 203 177 Knox 230 190 Portage 243 212 Marquette 221 201 Lowell 192 226 Merrillville 224 210 M. C. Rogers 194 188 Hobart forfeit 204 Chesterton 241 197 Lowell 192 185 M. C. Elston 191 201 LaPorte 178 RECORD: 7-6 FRONT: D. Hazaga, L. Bosak, L. Henderlong. BACK: Mrs. Lande A. Welsh, M. K. Phipps, K. Walsh, N. Yast. ABSENT : B. Hrebec a K. Buncit 100 — Girls ' Golf ?serve: FRONT ROW: C. Molik, W. Rogovich, D. LoVerde, R. DeMass. :COND ROW: S. Valenzuela, V. Gomez, K. Steffens, L. Szmutko. BACK DW: S. Walters, M. B. Bonta, M. Fealy, K. Matta, M. K. Garrett, M. ostanza. arsity: FRONT ROW: D. Wallace, K. Pawlak, K. Huerta, P. Mucha, M. lark. BACK ROW: L. Richter, C. Pavlik, C. Blake, L. Golbesky, K. Pole. A Serving of Success Teamwork, consistency, and enthusiasm led the 1978 varsity volleyball team to a record of 12-4, the best record in the history of Andrean. Directed by coach Dave Pishkur, the girls finished the season with a ten-game winning streak. MVP Claire Pavlik proved worthy of the award with powerful spiking. Colleen Blake performed with overall consistency and claimed the MIP title. The reserve team was also successful, finishing with a 9-7 record. MVP Shannon Walters and MIP Mary Fealy added strength and determination to their team. TOP LEFT: Summoning all of her strength, Claire Pavlik prepares to release one of her powerful serves. TOP RIGHT: Adrenalin seems to volley through Kathy Pole and her Niner teammates as they anxiously await a return. CENTER RIGHT: Coach Dave Pishkur reviews team strategy during a time-out. ABOVE: Teamwork is the name of the game as the varsity team coverges for a return volley. Volleyball — 101 Niner Hoop-la The 1978-79 varsity boys ' basketball team, coached by Mr. Rogovich, turned in a respectable season record of 13-9. The highlights were defeating a strong Merrillville team and consequently being ranked eighth in the state. Team effort and balanced scoring were evident throughout the season. MVP ' s Bob Reed, Mike Connell, and Tom Peller led the team in scoring with 325, 302, and 293 points, respectively. Mike Connell also earned the title of leading rebounder with 204 rebounds. The honor of MIP was awarded to Tom Doffin. TOP: 59ers Bob Reed, Mike Connell, and )ohn Argenta wait to see if what went up really will come down. CENTER LEFT: Tom Peller converts a technical foul into bonus points against Merrillville before a standing- room-only crowd. CENTER: Jeff Dandurand displays his strength and agility as he eludes his defender and goes in for a lay- up. CENTER RIGHT: Mike Connell rises high above the crowd to gain control of the ball for the 59ers. RIGHT: Tom Doffin works inside and lays up the ball for an easy two. FAR RIGHT: John Argenta and Tom Peller demonstrate the first stage of “pass, dribble, and shoot. " 102 — Varsity Boys ' Basketball ANDREAN OPPONENT 58 Roosevelt 55 78 Griffith 59 58 Wallace 57 73 River Forest 52 64 Merrillville 54 47 Wirt 56 53 Crown Point 54 77 Portage 83 85 T.F. South 69 74 Hammond Tech 64 76 West Side 62 84 Hobart 74 53 Calumet 56 53 Chesterton 54 62 Lake Central 70 69 Hammond Morton 45 69 South Bend Wash. 81 72 Lowell 69 Holiday Tourney 50 E.C. Washington 73 74 Hammond Morton 59 Sectionals 82 Hammond Gavit 57 57 Hammond Morton 78 RECORD: 13-9 TOP LEFT: Letting nothing stand in his way, Jeff Dandurand " goes over the head " of his opponent for two points. TOP RIGHT: Possession of the ball is all-important, and Bob Reed guards it accordingly. CENTER LEFT: Mike Connell scrambles with the Pirates in an attempt to snatch the rolling basketball before it reaches the boundary line. CENTER: Mike Connell will stop at nothing to " psych out " his opponent. RONT: Mr. Rogovich, T. Peller, B. Reed, K. Page, M. Paulsin, J. Dandurand, T. Sinai mgr.). BACK: M. Connell, M. Walsh, T. Doffin, ). Argenta, D. janssen, C. Cefali, S. Franz. Varsity Boys ' Basketball — 103 104 — Reserve Basketball Top Place Reserved Andrean ' s winning tradition was faithfully upheld by the 1978-79 reserve boys ' basketball team. The boys ended the season with a record of 15-3, which included a 12- game winning streak. Highlights of the season were victories over powerful teams from Merrillville, West Side, and Hobart. Dan Hanlon and ]im Bullock were high scorers, but much help came from the bench, providing depth for the team. Jim Bullock and Ray Cough collected the most rebounds and the best defensive effort came from Ron Wojkovich, Glenn Farmer, and Tom Siminski. TOP LEFT : Jim Bullock uses his height advantage to control the tip-off. TOP RIGHT: Coach Jones and team members are the picture of attention as the Niners work toward another victory. CENTER: Ron Wojkovich works around the opponents ' defense and shoots for two. CENTER RIGHT: Bill Mueller assumes the role of " leader of the pack " as he storms down the court. FRONT: Mr. Jones, D. Hanlon, J. Luckiewicz, B. Pillar, B. Mueller, B. Parks, D. Frasca R. Wojkovich. BACK: G. Farmer, K. Zimmer, J. Bullock, B. Gough, G. Bosak, E Brandt, T. Siminski ANDREAN OPPONENT 30 Roosevelt 59 62 Griffith 32 41 Lew Wallace 46 43 River Forest 34 44 Merrillville 39 45 Wirt 47 45 Crown Point 38 54 Portage 45 52 T. F. South 46 57 Hammond Tech 50 57 West Side 56 52 Hobart 39 52 Calumet 47 56 Chesterton 45 46 Lake Central 39 69 Hammond Morton 48 55 South Bend Washington 44 57 Lowell 38 RECORD: 15-3 Freshmen Court Trouble Team: FRONT: ). Zambory, B. Thompson, J. Cawor, D. Duffy, B. Dougherty. BACK: ). Dailey, M. Tretter, R. Dudenski, E. Stiles, ). Richter. Directed by a new coach, Mr. Dave Pishkur, the freshman A team turned in a season record of 7-10. The team was led by MVP Jim Dailey, who was the leading scorer, and Matt Tretter, who collected the most rebounds. MIP honors for the season went to Bob Thompson. The B team, also coached by Mr. Pishkur, finished with a 6-5 record. ANDREAN OPPONENT A B A B 40 23 Highland 43 39 44 48 Hobart 55 45 35 43 Morton 37 38 61 33 Griffith 67 52 47 Wirt 27 40 Portage 25 39 29 Harrison 41 33 30 49 Lowell 31 37 58 Chesterton 42 26 Roosevelt 49 47 37 Bishop Noll 39 40 40 40 River Forest 38 35 50 53 Pierce 52 49 54 Emerson 26 34 Aylesworth 24 72 Calumet 53 36 LaPorte 41 35 33 Wallace 42 36 RECORD A 7-10 B 6-5 B Team: FRONT: C. King, ). Prince, M. Steinhubel, J. Tompi. BACK: E. Lavendusky, B. Wilczynski, D. Bittner, B. Zajac, ). Bielefeld. TOP: )ohn Zambory and Rick Dudenski team up to put defensive pressure on their opponent. CENTER LEFT: John Zambory rises above the crowd to shoot for two. CENTER RIGHT: Brian Dougherty moves into position as Matt Tretter maneuvers to inbound the ball. Freshman Basketball — 10 Got It Made A season record of 12-4 reflects the outstanding play of the 1978-79 varsity girls ' basketball team. Coached by Miss Bombassaro, the girls captured the sectional title at Lake Station for the second time in Andrean ' s history. The team also turned in a fine performance in the regional game against Michigan City Rogers. The talents of high scorers Rosalie Dominik and Claire Pavlik and leading rebounder Sandy Tucker contributed to the team ' s success. ANDREAN OPPONENT 51 Griffith 54 41 Chesterton 44 65 Mich. City Elston 51 45 Lowell 40 40 Calumet 21 46 Whiting 33 51 Boone Grove 30 53 Merrillville 44 53 Horace Mann 36 52 Wirt 32 51 Lew Wallace 37 50 Lowell 31 40 Chesterton 41 Sectionals 51 Hobart 42 47 Calumet 41 Regionals 43 Mich. City Rogers 45 RECORD: 12-4 TOP: Niners have a minute to spare but no time to lose for a quick rest and review of strategy. CENTER: Rosalie Dominik (55) shoots from the outside as teammate Sandy Tucker prepares for a rebound. CENTER RIGHT: The uncanny accuracy of Claire Pavlik ' s shooting makes opponents beware. FRONT: R. Bryan, N. Hayduk, T. Pavlik, C. Magura, K. Pawlak, L. Babicka. BACK: R Dominik, C. Pavlik, S. Tucker, D. Schutz, M. Fealy, L. Richter 106 — Girls ' Varsity Basketball FRONT: M. Isla, W. Rogovich, M. Metz, D. Madvek. BACK: M. E. Wolf, R. Kesel, M. Malicki, Mr. English, A. Basista, P. Grubl. ABSENT: S. O ' Connell. Under New Management Under the direction of first year coach Mr. English the reserve girls ' basketball team finished the 1978-79 season with a notable 8-3 record. MVP ' s Paula Grubl and Mary Malicki were high scorers for this talented team. The title of leading rebounder was shared by Mary Ellen Wolf and Mary Malicki. ANDREAN OPPONENT 18 Griffith 16 12 Chesterton 24 28 Mich. City Elston 8 14 Lowell 21 26 Calumet 6 22 Whiting 21 21 Boone Grove 12 17 Merrillville 15 27 Horace Mann 9 28 Wirt 29 19 Lew Wallace RECORD: 8-3 13 CENTER: Coach English uses a time-out to reinforce the team ' s strategy. CENTER RIGHT: Carefully working around her defender, Michele Metz shoots from the baseline. LEFT: Rose Kesel (40) uses her height advantage with hopes of controlling the jump ball. ABOVE RIGHT : Wendy Rogovich looks for the best way to escape her opponent as she brings the ball downcourt. Girls ' Reserve Basketball — 107 Matting .500 Under the new leadership of Mr. Ralph latarola, the varsity wrestling team survived a tough season with a record of 5-5. MVP Mark Magura held a seasonal record of 25-1 -1 and was one of the top wrestlers in the state. Greg Thomas also performed well throughout the season and was awarded the MIP title. The reserve team, coached by Mr. Lobdell, finished with a 2-6 record. The outstanding reserve wrestlers were MVP Mike Ihnat and MIP Larry Hanlon. ANDREAN OPPONENT 14 Valparaiso 33 40 Wallace 12 24 Kankakee Valley 27 29 Lake Station 22 21 Hammond High 31 17 Calumet 41 29 Merrillville 28 11 Carmel 54 33 Griffith 23 31 River Forest 23 RECORD: 5-5 Merrillville Invitational: 3rd place Hammond High Tourney: 8th place Hobart Tourney: 5th place TOP: Coach latarola and Mark Magura reflect the tension of the action on the mat. CENTER LEFT : Eric Beishline summons all his strength to keep his arms in front of him and his shoulders off the ground. CENTER: " Is this legal? " Varsity: FRONT: G. Thomas, R. Cruz, S. Pawlak, E. Beishline, M. Magura, S. Martin. BACK: Mr. latarola, D. Collins, J. Martin, T. Bellot, M. Holcomb, P. Battistini, P. Babilla, ). Carter. 108 — Wrestling Reserve: FRONT: T. Ayers, T. Erdelac, L. Emerson, C. Pawlak. BACK: T. jteffens, L. Hanlon, M. Ihnat, ). Rainford, Mr. Lobdell. TOP LEFT : Mark Holcomb uses a well-timed combination of strength and agility to overpower his opponent. TOP RIGHT: The referee acknowledges Mark Magura ' s victory, a familiar sight to Niner wrestling fans. CENTER: With his grimace expressing total body strain, Pat Battistini uses his body as a lever to free himself from a leg lock. CENTER RIGHT: A determined Greg Thomas overpowers his opponent and controls the tempo of the match. ABOVE: Quick movements and powerful muscles help )im Martin flip his opponent into a pin. Wrestling — 109 The Pressure ' s On Though their record may not show it, the girls ' track team had some remarkable victories in individual events. Chris Magura, Claire Pavlik, Lisa Richter, and Becky Gomez broke the school record for the mile relay with a time of 4:28.4. Kathy Pole, the Most Valuable in Field Events, threw the softball past the school record and two inches short of being first in the state. The Most Valuable Runner, Karen Buncich, helped the team finish 7th out of 20 teams in Sectionals. ANDREAN OPPONENET 39 Vi Lake Central 51 Vi Emerson 43 49 Merrillville 67 Hanover 18 46 Portage 58 36 Vi Calumet 20 Chesterton 39Vi 28 Hobart 77 62 Lake Station 7 West Side 65 20 Wirt 65 Horace Mann 49 RECORD: 3-9 TOP: Becky Prusiecki displays the perfect form that gets her over the bar time and time again. CENTER LEFT: Karen Buncich takes a minute to settle her nerves before getting set in the blocks and ready to run. CENTER RIGHT: Never tell Karen Buncich to take a flying leap because she just might. FRONT : K. Dixon, C. Ayala, K. Buncich, C. Pena, E. Echeumuna, C. Knoll, D. Wallace, K. Pawlak, A. White. BACK: C. Pavlik, P. Mucha, M. E. Wolf, K. Pole, L. Richter, C. Magura, P. Grubl. ABSENT : B. Gomez, B. Prusiecki, C. Gough. 1 10 — Girls ' T rack TOP LEFT: Kathy Pole ' s softball throwing expertise took her to the state finals four years in a row. TOP RIGHT: Being sent to regionals entails extra work and practice as Miss Bombassano tries to improve the corporate relay effort of C. Knoll, D. Wallace, B. Gomez, and K. Buncich. CENTER LEFT: Chris Magura and Chris Ayala strive to perfect the hand-off and improve their time in the relay. CENTER RIGHT: Chris Ayala and Dawn Wallace have a quick chat and chuckle while they put on their racing shoes. LEFT: Carol Cough and Karen Buncich lead the way in the 80-yard hurdles. Trackmen Go Through the Paces In spite of injuries and lack of experience, the 1979 varsity track team completed the season with a record of 9-10-1. Under the direction of Coach Billick, the team also set seven school or meet records this spring. Senior Joe Chester claimed the honor of Most Valuable Team Member for the second consecutive year. Sophomores Ron Wojkovich and Dan Hanlon were Most Valuable Runner and Most Valuable in Field Events, respectively. The MIP title was awarded to John Barton. TOP: Dan Hanlon displays the form with which he set a new school record for sophomore high jump at 6 ' 4 " . CENTER LEFT: With muscles tense and feet in position jim Martin anxiously waits to spring into action. CENTER: Dan Duffy ' s determination pays off as he lengthens his lead over the opposition. CENTER RIGHT: Concentrating strenghth and skill, |ohn Carter winds up to hurl the discus. Varsity: FRONT ROW: G. Pusateri, L. Barich, J. Chester, B. Wood, R. Wojkovich, S. Pawlak, D. Duffy, O. Blando. SECOND ROW: M. Drapac, T. Erdelac, J. Martin, C. Allegretti, T. Bellot, G. Pawlak, F. Vaiana, S. jamieson, F. Arrieta, D. Hanlon. THIRD ROW: D. Ivanyo, B. Garcia, T. Chester ). Carter, E. Kostelnik, D. Richter, ). Nault, D. DeMars, B. Parks, F. johnson. BACK ROW: J. Barton, J. Bullock, A. Tokarski, B. Greenwell, M. Nieto, T. Dougherty, E. Brandt. Boys ' T rack hm i n: I RONT: S. Pawlak, M. Passe, K. Ryan, M. Gore, ). Bielefeld SECOND V: C. Boyles, K. Symanski, ). Rudolph, J. Mahan, D. Duffy, J. Ervin BACK ROW ' lakula, L. Thomas, J. Tonello, K. Mulroe, V. Kostoff, P. Lelek ANDREAN OPPONENT 30 De La Salle 5934 Bishop Noll 5834 5734 Munster 4534 Hammond Gavit 31 31 Calumet 78 Hammond Gavit 39 35 FW Snider 67 Valparaiso 32 lew Wallace 31 M. C. Rogers 22 41 Crown Point 44 Wirt 40 Lew Wallace 38 58 Wirt 69 69 34 Bishop Noll 85 Hammond Clark 41 56 Vi Calumet 71 Griffith 31 34 70 Emerson 57 63 Vi Crown Point 6334 RECORD: 9-10-1 Andrean Relays: 4th Place Chesterton Relays: 6th Place Rensselaer Relays: 4th Place Valparaiso Relays: 6th Place Lowell Relays: 1st Place La Porte Invitational: 6th Place Sectionals: 10th Place TOP LEFT: Joe Chester takes flight for the broad jump attempt and prepares for a landing. TOP RIGHT: Dan Frasca, the first man of a record- setting sophomore 2-mile relay team, waits for the starting gun. CENTER LEFT: Taking a firm grip on the baton and a sure foothold on the track, Ed Brandt begins his leg of the relay race. CENTER: Before the meet Ron Wojkovich takes a few laps to warm up. Boys ' Track — 113 Activity on and Around the Mound With Mr. Bennett and Mr. Pishkur coaching, the 1979 varsity baseball team, composed principally of underclassmen, closed the season with a record of 8-9. Among the eleven lettermen who will return next season are MVP Mike Paulsin and MIP Jim Bistrow. Mike had a 4-2 record as a pitcher, walking only 17 opponents and striking out 52. Jim Bistow earned his title by becoming the leading hitter with an average of .366. TOP: Pitcher Bob Reed sizes up the next batter to determine what type of pitch he should throw. CENTER LEFT: Dave Janssen must think and act fast in order to make the catch and tag his opponent. CENTER RIGHT: Jim Luckiewicz uses his better judgment and stops his swing just in time to avoid a strike. Varsity: FRONT: D. Massengill, ). Lavorci, K. Custer, K. Page, B. Mueller, R. Jiminek Bistrow BACK: T. Siminski, B. Reed, M. Haller, M. Connell, R. Gough, G. Farmer, L lan ; ;pn M Pau sir 114 — Baseball serve: FRONT: A. Volk, ). Gawor, B. Botsch, T. Todd, ). Zambory, M. Gonzalez, anfear. BACK: S. Pluchinsky, M. Mustafa, T. Sierra, E. Banashak, ). Poje, M. tter, ). Richter, G. Babicka, ). Luckiewicz. ANDREAN OPPONENT 3 Merrillville 4 1 Merrillville 0 3 River Forest 4 Hebron 0 1 Hammond High 2 4 Roosevelt 5 3 Lew Wallace 1 3 Lew Wallace 0 Portage 13 Emerson 2 4 Lake Station 2 4 Hobart 1 0 Portage 4 4 Chesterton 5 Chesterton 0 1 Emerson 6 RECORD: 8-9 TOP LEFT: With every nerve tense and ready for action, Dave Janssen awaits the pitch. TOP RIGHT: Bill Mueller safely slides home to score another run for the 59ers. CENTER. With the spirit of true grit and determination, Al Volk wallops a winning ball outfield. li.lsrlhlll Golfers Near Par-fection The unending spring rains did not seem to bother the 1979 golf team as they ended the season with a spectacular 14-3 record. Tom Scully ' s back injury kept him from playing up to par, but Jeff Dandurand more than made up for him. The team placed fifth in sectional competition, but Jeff qualified as an individual for the regional competition, and then moved on for the semi-state contest in Indianapolis. ■. w.- - v? } . ' ? TOP: Bob Szmutko, Mark Thiros, and Mike Walsh size up their chances against the opposition while waiting their turn to tee off. CENTER LEFT: With the accuracy that merited a place in state competition, jeff Dandurand sends another ball straight into the cup. CENTER: Tom Scully watches the results of his carefully-aimed second shot. CENTER RIGHT: Terry Babilla uses his strong swing and good form to help put the 59ers on top. RIGHT: Taking a short break from the competition, )im Thiros cleans the dirt from his ball to insure the best possible shot. 1 16 — Boys ' Golf ■JB TOP LEFT: Mike Walsh concentrates all of his effort on getting the hall safely away from the hazards. TOP RIGHT: Tom Pampalone follows through with hopes of a well-placed lee shot. Varsity: FRONT: B. Szmutko, J. Thiros, T. Scully. BACK. j. Dandurand, Mr. Naumowich, T. Babilla, P. Babilla. ANDRE AN OPPONENT 186 Merrillville 164 181 Roosevelt 240 184 Rensselaer 191 158 Portage 165 160 Munster 158 122 Highland 124 122 Bishop Noll 161 151 Hanover Central 180 170 Lowell 171 169 Merrillville 167 169 Lake Central 181 158 Griffith 171 167 Crown Point 167 154 Valparaiso 156 160 Griffith 162 170 Hammond Morton 185 171 Boone Grove 187 RECORD: 14- i Rensselaer Invitational: 2nd 26 LaPorte Invitational: 17th i i lake Hills Invitational: 4th 12 Sectionals 5th Place Reserve: FRONT: B. Zajac, K. King, M. Thiros. BACK. T. Pampalone, Mr. Naumowich, M. Walsh. Boys ' Golt — 1 17 — 252 12 53 1254 12-55 1256 1257 12 - 58 . . Anthony Amore )ohn Arnold Christina Ayala Nancy Aydelotte Kathryn Ayers Louise Babicka Marite Badar David Barrera April Basista Eric Beishline Paul Bicalho Janet Biegel James Bielefeld Carol Billick Donald Bittner Pamela Bonnetts MaryBeth Bonta Bradley Botsch Bryan Botsch Christopher Boyles Karia Brackett 120 — Freshmen Leslie Brost lean Brown Karen Buncich Gabriel Burczyk Maryann Burrell Christina Buoscio Megan Burgess Gregory Camisa Christopher Carmouche Alfred Carrales Eduardo Chambless Majella Chube james Cieselski Cheryl Clark Kristin Cleaver leffery Cogelja Belinda Colon Gladys Colon John Connell Colleen Conroy Madeleine Costanza Ricardo Cruz lames Dailey Richard Daniel CENTER: Finding answers to nonsense questions makes acquaintances out of strangers at the Freshman Picnic. LEFT : Pride, determination, and loyalty are what it takes to be a class officer, and Brian Dougherty aims to prove that he ' s got what it takes. Freshmen — 1 Jacqueline Darby Yvette DeBois Regina DeMass Cynthia Dobis Mary Doherty Susan Doherty Jo Ellyn Dolatowski Theodore Doolin Brian Dougherty Richard Dudenski Daniel Duffy Emelia Echeumuna Lawrence Eleftheri Michael Ellison RIGHT: Surrounded by friends on four sides, Marirose Isla gets the assurance that whatever goes up must come down. BELOW: Freshman Class Officers: ' SEATED: Majella Chube, Vice-President. STANDING: John Zambory, President; Georgeanna Orlich, Secretary; Bob Wilczynski, Treasurer. Ladana Emerson John Ervin Larry Evans Laurie Feduccia Robert Flack Ignacio Flores Henry Flores Marie Fontanez Timothy Frahm Samuel Galler Oralia Garcia Sandra Garcia Charles Gard Kimberly Gast 122 — Freshmen ■ » ... ' jm LEFT: They ' re not graceful, but the sack races at the Freshman picnic give everyone a good laugh. CENTER: Patrick Johnson gives his new books the once-over only to discover that his workbooks have everything but answers. Joseph Cawor Ray Cholson Richard Gill Louis Gilles Mark Glibota Tom Glowacki Christine Gonzales Gloria Gonzalez Yvonne Gonzalez Susan Goodrich Mark Gore Andrew Greenwood Anthony Greenwood Paula Grubl Sharon Gurniewicz Geri Halaschak Renee Halfman Marielle Haller Theresa Hammersmith Cheryl Hanna Lori Haynes Kimberly Henderson Mark Horbovetz Freshmen — 123 Michael Horbovetz Lucinda Hull Sandra Ihnat Lorenzo Imbesi Marirose Isla Claudia Itin Kathryn lanssen Kathryn lenkins Alma fimenez Patrick Johnson lames lohnston Deborah )ones )ody (ones Angela Iordan 124 — Freshmen Theodore Kaminski John Kelly Elizabeth King Kristopher King Gerald Kinzie Patricia Koch Richard Koch lames Kolczak Maria Kolettis Tom Komenda Mary C. Kopil Mary T. Kopil Vincent Kostoff Marie LaMere CENTER LEFT: Freshman spirit shows up at S. Paul ' s classroom when the class of ' 82 jerseys come in. CENTER RIGHT: Working on the Freshman-)unior float, Tom Komenda, Brian Dougherty, and Gerry Wojkovich demonstrate the adage that " Many hands make light work. " RIGHT: Preparing to board the excursion bus to Bendix Woods, )o Ellyn Dolatowski, Rose Sgambelluri, and Renee Halfman condition themselves against the twelve degree temperature outside. Joseph LaMere Laura Lasser Theresa Lauerman F Edward Lavendusky " Laurie Lesch I Maria Loren Carlos Luna Donna Madvek John Mahan Mary Malicki |ohn Manley Lisa Martinez Carol Maycher Mary Misch AlexMishel K I C nthia Miti hell Martha Mohr ■ lohn Mooney j ' Robert Moore I HUB Sandra Morrison Gerardo Mendez Edward Mendoza Ester Mendez lames Mirabella John Mirabella Peter Mirabella Patricia Mirich Freshmen — 125 Michael Moss Karen Mulroe Kevin Mulroe Cynthia Murphy Laura Murphy Paula Muskin Richard Navarro RIGHT : Cheryl Hanna, Pamela Bonnetts, and Lorraine Yates find a day in the " Fabulous Fifties " a new and exciting experience. BOTTOM: lames Dailey takes to the air to prevent the basketball from passing him by. Doris Nelson Daniel Nettles Kris Nicholson lennifer Nicksic Rosemarie Nieves Richard Novoa Christopher O ' Baker Susan O ' Connell Thomas Onda Alicia Oresik Ceorgeanna Orlich Frances Ostrowski Daniel Palansky Kristine Palmer Carol Paradzinski Michael Passe Jeffrey Paulson Kerry Paulson Shawn Paulson Stephen Pawlak 126 — Freshmen Christina Pona Rosa Perez Douglas Pishkur : Steve Pleva receives a home-made Emmy from , Landeck for his expressive portrayal of Helen Keller he Miracle Worker. ABOVE: Cynthia Dobis and her er promenade the hall and liven up the dance floor addy Dale Night. Steven Pleva Stephen Pluchinsky Marnita Poindexter Rhonda Prenizny lerome Prince Jeffery Quinn |ohn Rangel Edmund Reaves Kelley Regan Susan Rettig lames Richter Thomas Rivera Donna Robledo Laura Rodriguez lames Rudolph Kevin Ryan Julie Ann Rykovich loseph Samter Ingrid Sane hez |ohn Sanchez Rosa Sanchez Michel Santaquilani Michael Schest Margaret Settle Mary Susan Sewell Rose Sgambelluri Freshmen — 127 Peter Shakula Marcy Ann Shedlak Rudolph Silich Peter Skirpan Adrienne Smith Leeann Smith Patricia Smith Susan Someson Danny Sorbello Robert Sormaz Kim Steffens Michael Steinhubel Edgar Stiles Elizabeth Stone Michael Stulac janis Summerville Jonathan Swanson Kevin Symanski Kathy Szabo Mark Szuster Zoraida Tagupa Linda Terzich Ruthann Thiel James Thomas Larry Thomas Robert Thompson William Tittle TOP: Karen Mulroe and Marie LaMere place their selections for Freshman class officers in " the ballot box " before exiting the gym. RIGHT: The top of the bleachers makes a perfect perch from which to watch the action at the " Welcome Freshmen " sockhop. 128 — Freshmen LEFT: The " Incredible Hulk " takes possession of Dan Duffy ' s body after a strenuous cross-country run. BOTTOM: Aspiring Freshman cheerleaders learn from the experts that precision and form take a lot of practice. John Tompi John Tonello Matthew Tretter Charles Trocino Sherry Urban Laurie Villarreal Steve Villarreal Gerald Waddell Ruth Ann Walsh Joni Lynn Webb Elizabeth Webster Suzanne Welsh Lori Whitney Georgia Wiatrolik Robert Wilczynski Kechia Williams Jeannette Willis Mary Ellen Wolf Kevin Work Lud James Yards Si Lorraine Yates Elizabeth Yurko Bert Zajac John Zambory Freshmen — 129 Michael Aloia Daniel Alvarez Joseph Alvarez Melanie Amico Patricia Anderson Mario Angotti Fred Arrieta Timothy Ayers Melissa Badar Edward Banashak Frank Barancyk John Barton David Baruch Patrick Basco Jennifer Baughman Paul Behnke Tom Benus Jianie Bernard Thomas Bianco Maureen Blake Oscar Blando sophomores 130 — Sophomores TOP LEFT: Sophomore Class Officers: )im Platis, Treasurer; Al Volk, President; Melissa Mirich, Secretary; Lisa Lopez, Vice-President; S. Carol Marie, Moderator. ABOVE: Sister Carol Marie and Al Volk pull many and varied decoration ideas together for Froshmore Night. LEFT: Maureen Blake and Sheila Heylin search for just the right disco beat to accompany their lunchtime conversation and digestion. Sandra Bodnar fames Bortolini Gregory Bosak Kathleen Brady Edward Brandt Catherine Brasich David Brezik Karen Brown Latoyle Brown Suzanne Buckner Jane Bucko Betty Buergler James Bullock Elizabeth Burke Debora Campbell Carol Candiano John Carter Julie Cataldi Thomas Chester Daphne Chube Sophomores — 131 RIGHT: Tom Chester, Pat Wolfe, and Lisa Lopez collaborate on a Spirit Week sign destined to perk up the second-floor corridor. BOTTOM: L. Henderlong, M. Metz, S. Luzzi, and C. Radigan add a woman ' s touch to the planning of Froshmore Night. Douglas Cibock Frank Ciesielski Jeffery Clark Mary Clark Cynthia Cogelja Tammy Collins Terese Cooke Joseph Craven Robert Costello Noemi Cruz Jane Curley J Janice Cusumano Terry Ann Defenser Jeffery DeMars Evangeline Demopoulos Lori Dobis Robert Dobis Robin Doherty Paulette Dolatowski 132 — Sophomores Terrence Dougherty Felicia Drake Theodore Drakos James Dravet Craig Dreyovich Jeannette Driscoll Charles Echeumuna Thomas Erdelac Jeffery Ewen David Falcone Glenn Farmer Mary Fealy Lisa Felix Ellen Ferguson Andrew Fitzgerald Ellen Flassig Walter Fles Yolanda Flores Valerie Fowler Maureen Foy Stephanie Franz Daniel Frasca Mary Caller Mary Garrett TOP: Dave Falcone enjoys the privacy of the hall for an English make-up test. LEFT : Disco fever was hotter than the pizza sauce at the Sophomore Pizza Party. Sophomores — 133 RIGHT: Robin Doherty attempts to tackle the land of the unknown. CENTER LEFT : The reserve football team proves that a winning season and a perfect record don ' t come easily. CENTER RIGHT: The busy seamstress is Donna Schafer buzzing her way through a button-holing exercise. Robert Gholson Thomas Glinski James Glowacki Victoria Gomez Diane Gonzales Michele Gonzales Annette Gonzalez Martin Gonzalez Paula Gonzalez Raymond Gough Diane Grabek Todd Greenwell Lisa Gregoline Denise Gross Debby Guerrero Kimberly Hallett Richard Hamrlik Daniel Hanlon Robert Hanna Julie Hargarten Frances Haviza Nancy Hayduk 134 — Sophomores LEFT : Some fine hats top the spirited heads of Theresa Pavlik and Brigid Thomas. BOTTOM: JM H Wendy Warminski, Elizabeth Regan, and Cathy JHHHI Penn carry on a not -very-spontaneous conversation in French I. Lynn Henderlong Theresa Henry Sheila Heylin Traci Hoover Cecilia Horkavi Robert Hostetler Alan Huettner Christine Ivanyo David Ivanyo Marcela limenez Richard limenez Randall lohnson Barry lones Daniel Kacmar Kristine Kallimani William Kapranos Steven Karagin Mary Kasarda Martha Kassoris Peter Kedziora lane Keough Rosemarie Kesel Sophomores — 1 i5 F 136 Kevin King Sandra Koch Thomas Kopko Emery Kostelnik Kara Krasnansky Steven Krevitz Kipton Krupchak Therese Lafata William Lanfear Anthony Lara lames Lavorci loan Lazar David Lepp Horst Loechner Mary Longa Lisa Lopez Rosemary Lopez Tony Lorenz Diane LoVerde l inda Luna Sandra Luzzi Barbara Lynn TOP: A relaxing moment in Mrs. Gilbertson ' s English class helps to revitalize everyone ' s creative energies. RIGHT: Brigid Thomas and her father survey the situation on the square dance floor at Daddy Date Night. — Sophomores CENTER: In Physic al Science, Terry Mellady masters the technique for identifying metals by the color they emit when oxidized. BOTTOM: Diane LoVerde takes advantage of a quiet moment after school to get a head start on her homework. Christine Magura Steven Marovich lanice Mane ilia Carter Martin Steven Martin Maria Martinez Susan Massey lanice Mathews Kathleen Malta Laura McClellan Paul McGrath Ronald McQuillin Terrence Mellady Mary Merkouri Michelle Metz Kathy Michalec Michael Mikulich Michael Mioduski Daniel Mirabella Melissa Mirich Christine Modrak Sophomores — 1 37 Carol Molik Joseph Montoro William Mooney William Mueller Mark Muradas Michael Mustafa |ohn Nault Cynthia Nawrocki Tina Nevill Kimberly O ' Brien John Olsen Joseph Onofrey Jean Oprish Joni Orton BELOW: True to form, the Sophomores pitch in headfirst to help set up for Oktoberfest. RIGHT: Lucky for Bill Mueller that the photographer caught Sheila Heylin before she chowed down. Willie Owens William Parks Philip Paulson Theresa Pavlik Kathleen Pawlak Catherine Penn dGHT: Dancing cheek-to-cheek proved to be very popular at the Sophomore Pizza Party. 138 — Sophomores : . b, LEFT: Richard Hamrlik and |eff DeMars find 7:00 A.M. a little early and 12°F a little cold — but pul up with both to go on the Sophomore ski trip to Alpine. FARLEFT:At open house for incoming Freshmen, Greg Petrites waits to resume his 50c tour while Father Doser explains the Math track to an inquisitive mother. PELOW: Sandy Koch as prosecuting attorney questions a neighbor portrayed by Elizabeth Regan in an English class enactment of " The Tell-Tale Heart " . Dave Lepp awaits the swearing in of the next witness. - is : i vav,. l • lames Peters Gregory Petrites Nancy Phipps Prian Pillar lames Platis )ohn Poje Teresa Polak Frank Polaski Eric Prentiss Rebecca Prusiec ki Sheila Quinn Carole Radigan Richard Raffaelli Ginette Rebeck Elizabeth Regan Douglas Rettig Richard Rettig Nancy Ribordy David Richter Lucy Rodriguez Wendy Rogovich Sophomores — U9 Thomas Rooney Michael Rose Angela Ross Terri Rothenberg Randall Russell Violet Salinas Joseph Sanders Joel Santaquilani Marie Sattler Kelly Schacki Donna Schafer William Schafer Chris Schneider Monica Schulte George Sheffer Jeanne Shepitka Elisa Sikorski Thomas Siminski T. Scott Snemis Rahul Somani Lisa Someson Donna Sopko Raymond Staresina Thomas Steffens Laura Szmutko Brigid Thomas Gregory Thomas Thomas Todd Timothy Tomasic Renee Townsend CENTER: Masterminds of a New Testament re-enactment of the trial of St. Paul are the " crowd, " Shelia Heylin and Wendy Rogovich, and the narrator, Nancy Phipps. RIGHT: Jim Lavorci and Rick Jimenez sport their team jerseys and show their Niner pride on Red and Gold Day. 140 — Sophomores - • LEFT : Lunch period provides food for the body and laughter for the soul — a pleasant oasis in the middle of a hectic school day. BOTTOM: Dan Hanlon sizes up the opposition to his favorite move right into the shooting lane. Stacy Troxel Clare Underwood Jeffery Urbaniak Sandra Valenzuela Marc Verde Albert Volk Susan Waddell Lori Wallo Kathy Walsh Jackie Walsko Wendy Warminski Kathleen Welsh Ronald Wojkovich Patrick Wolfe Brian Wood Michael Yates Nancy Yast Laura Young Keith Zimmer Julie Zook tr- Sophomores — 141 Paula Amberson Vincent Amore Guillermo Arceo Kathleen Arellano Andrew Attar Dawn Auksel Marianne Aydelotte Gregory Babicka Terrence Babilla Robert Bahun Edward Bajgrowicz Christine Balt Steve Barancyk Victor Barlas Judith Barton Regina Bartrom Renee Basco Nancy Basista Patrick Battistini Lisa Beishline Terrence Bel lot 142 — juniors Lorraine Bennell lean Bernard Lori Bihlman Deborah Billie k Robert Birchler lames Bistrow Helen Bizadellis Mary Blachly Alicia Blando |ohn Brady Sherri Braman Steven Brost lames Brown Ruth Bryan Adain Bure zyk David Burke Patrick Burns Herbert Caldwe- Hugh Carr Sally Cattan Frank Cefali Tina Chouinarel CENTER: Junior Class Officers: SEATED: Dave Rettig, Treasurer; Kevin Page, President. STANDING: Mary Blachly, Vice-President; Ruth Bryan, Secretary. LEFT: For Vic Barlas and Larry Jagiela, summer vacation collapses into a sea of memories under the weight of innumerable textbooks. luniors — 143 Renee Chube Alice Churley Kim Cisarik Yolanda Clark Darryl Collins Terri Conlon Alane Cooke Karen Coopwood Deneen Crandall Kathleen Custer Kevin Custer jill Dandurand Robert Daniel Leon Darmon Darryl Davidson Harryl Davidson lames DeMass Cindy Deruntz Nancy DeVany Irene Diwyk Charmaine Dixon RIGHT: Three years of scholarship, character, leadership, and service culminate for Gene Pawlak as he receives the stole of the National Honor Society from S. Christopher. BELOW: Turnabout Week finds Kathy Obsitnik and Alice Churley all tied up with books as well as neckties. Ronald Donoval Christopher Doolin Mark Drapac Rebecca Dristas Roxanne Dudash Cynthia Duffy Carol Ehrsam 144 — |uniors TOP: Waiting for that perfect girl to come along, Dan Rodriguez gazes hopefully toward the dance floor. LEFT: Kevin Vician breaks the corridor speed barrier as he shuttles around chairs for Oktoberfest. lanet Eliopoulos Mark Ellison Robert Elmer Rose Fles Sharon Flucus Nancy Fontanez Ruben Fontanez Frances Gallo Richard Gholson lennifer Giorgi Eugene Glowacki Mary Gomolka Nancy Gonzalez Susan Graham Bradley Greenwell Gina Gregoline Thomas Grubl Barbara Hac Kathy Halfman Michael Haller Lawrence Hanlon Bridget Haviza Roberta Hayduk Bob Hazaga Ivette Hernandez Rosalinda Hernandez Michael Hite juniors — 145 Mark Holcomb Elizabeth Hrebec Tanya Hudson t Patricia Huerta Terrence Huffman Michael Ihnat i Michele Ikovic Felice jackson Lawrence lagiela Justin Jagiella Scott Jamieson David Janssen Bernard limenez Jacqueline Jimenez Frank Johnson Kim Johnson 1 Toni Jones June Kasiak Camille Kendricks George Kepchar Karol Kepchar Debra Key Beth Kinzie I TOP: Kathy Ridgely proclaims the First Reading at the liturgy planned by her Psychology class. RIGHT: Junior craziness assumes various colors and designs as Mismatch Day invades Andrean. 146 — Juniors lames Klamo Cynthia Knoll George Kolettis Edward Komisarc ik Mary Kozyra George Kranik Michael Kristott Barbara Kruszynski Diane Kunas Gerald Lanfear Cheryl Lavendusky Mary Libauskas Nora Lloyd David Lopez Catherine Loskill Darlyne Loverde lames Luckiewiez Joseph Lynch Valerie Madvek CENTER: Angela White plays Cupid on Valentine ' s Day delivering carnations to unsuspecting students. LEFT: Mike Ihnat puzzles over the strange questions and problems of the PSAT. luniors — 147 Melissa Malczewski Karen Mallonee Mary Marker Kevin Marrie Kim Marsch David Massa Karen Massengi Jeffrey Mathews Sandy Mattei Darlene McDonald Ava McNair James McNamara Daniel Michalec Brian Miklosy 148 — Juniors Michaeline Mikuta Michelle Mikuta Lisa Mirabella Marlene Mirich CENTER: Mike Wilson strikes a pensive pose at the Relationships Workshop on the Junior Retreat. RIGHT: Mary Marker ' s contagious smile is the ultimate solution for boosting class spirit at pep assemblies. Michelle Mirich Frank Moran Jorge Moreno Angela Morgan Elizabeth Morgavan Daniel Morton Ellen Morton Jacqueline Moss Kevin Mott Richard Mroz Pamela Mucha Laura Nawrocki TOP: Junior girls cast aside their physical and mental lethargy as they tune up for retreat activities. CENTER: Although Mark Sewell believes he is clarifying his chemistry experiment, his strange symbols leave prospective freshmen even more perplexed. LEFT: Mary Jo Kozyra and Helen Bizadellis display the works of the phantom milliner as Hat Day mania sweeps Andrean. Juniors — 149 Karen Nelson Kathleen Obsitnik Kim Olsen Thomas Ostrowski Kevin Page Joy Pampalone Thomas Pampalone i - Sheryl Parker J Michael Paulsin l , a , Lorie Paulson Claire Pavlik TOP: Daddy Date Night couple Mr. Coopwood and daughter Karen dine elegantly on Chicken Kiev, Andrean style. CENTER: After the NHS induction, Lisa Beishline modestly listens as Sister Joan Marie tells her family of her numerous accomplishments. RIGHT: Leather jackets, narrow ties, and bobby socks reign supreme as Miki Mikuta, Dave Lopez, and Toni Jones display their Fifties Day finery. Steve Poncsak Robert Predaina Margaret Pusateri Lisa Ramirez Mary Razumich Evette Reaves David Rettig )anice Rettig Laurie Rice Kathleen Ridgely Diane Robledo Michelle Rodgers Daniel Rodriguez Jeffrey Rothenberg Tamara Ruszkiewicz Mark Sandoval Paul Scheuer Richard Schlotman Bridget Schneider Laura Settle Mark Sewell TOP LEFT: Despite all admonitions f.rom the Health Department, Cathy Loskill and Mary Libauskas find that a " sock exchange " is the best way to get into the spirit of Sock Day. TOP RIGHT: Lunchtime provides Junior girls an opportunity to compare notes on the various retreat workshops. LEFT: Open house tour guide Gerry Wojkovich assures an incoming freshman that all the English books on the table are not required reading for freshmen. juniors — 151 RIGHT: Tom Pampalone displays his culinary talents as he demonstrates how to prepare French Gumbo Soup in a report on French colonization for U.S. History. BELOW: Hoping for another Niner victory Chris Balt and Cheryl Lavendusky are caught up in the tension of the Hobart game. CENTER: With the selection of the style and stone of her class ring, Renee Chube forges yet another link in her loyalty to the Andrean class of 1980. Sandra Sidor Timothy Sierra Caroline Simatovich Margaret Simko Susan Simko Sheryl Skirpan Sophie Skirpan Amy Smith Shawn Smith John Sopko David Sotak Tracy Sowinski Daniel Staehle Kellene Starczewski Bridget Sullivan Pete Svetanoff Robert Szmutko Mark Thiros 152 — Juniors LEFT : Janice Rettig assures herself that all the dots on her PSAT answer sheet are neat and black. CENTER: Cindy Nawrocki, Theresa Henry and Laura Nawrocki smile good-bye to students dashing to the parking lot. Sarah Thomas Allan Tokarski Lisa Tomasic David Torres John Townsend Andrew Tuszynski Jeffrey Uhrin Frederick Vaiana Dana Velligan Stephen Vernia Kevin Vician Bonita Vickerstaff Duane Wagner Pierre Walker Dawn Wallace Michael Walsh Shannon Walters Cretchen Wellman Anne Welsh Angela White Krystina Wilczynski Cynthia Willis Michael Wilson Ceralynn Wojkovich Donna Wukich Karen Yocum Michael Yurko Demetrius Zembillas Juniors — 153 148 1 49 V50 1=51 1-52 153 1 : 54 . . . 2-20 221 2-22 2 23 2 24 2 25 2-26 BELOW: With time running out, senior Rosalie Dominik evaluates the opposition ' s chance of " catching up " . CENTER: Bryan Eichhorn and Diane Hazaga serve as part of the music ministry at the Senior retreat Mass. Mary Ann Anich Sandra Azcona Peter Babilla Michele Banashak Lindsay Barich C v Laura Bartrom Barbara Beckman Sharise Bell Lisa Bernat Scott Baruch 156 — Seniors Angela Bianco Carolyn Biernacik Lawrence Bihlman Susan Birchler Janice Bittner Colleen Blake Manuel Blando Gerald Boisvert Andra Boliker Edward Bortolini LEFT: A compliment on the Pom Pon ' s half-time performance puts Kevin Rearick on the good side of Diane Wolfe. ABOVE: The proud parents of football co-captain Carl Allegretti display his number at half-time on Parent ' s Night. Seniors — 1S7 RIGHT: Gwen Schmidt and Virginia Fraiz spend their halftimes calculating varsity basketball statistics. lill Bucko Joseph Buczek Laura Burgess Denise Burke Carol Cardetti Charles Brost 158 — Seniors Michael Connel X If Don Coppinger Esther Cortez Kathleen Charles Conlon Comerford Didier Cortina Jennifer Costanza Debbie Crawford Iris Crowder Joanne Cusumano Jeff Dandurand Tim Davis CENTER: Nick Dorochoff checks John Hrebec ' s make-up job for the dress rehearsal of “The Deadly Game. " ABOVE: Liz Huettner adds fluff to the chicken wire rainbow destined to grace the Senior- Sophomore Homecoming float. Seniors — 159 David DeGan David DeMars Thomas DeMass Kimberly Dixon Thomas Doffin Donna Domanski Rosalie Dominik Nicholas Dorochoff FAR LEFT: Senior starters Tom Peller (20), Bob Reed (32), Mike Connell (14), and Jeff Dandurand get psyched before the Hobart game. ABOVE: Senior football co-captains Tom Peller, Mark Prusiecki, and Carl Allegretti share their strategy, enthusiasm, and hopes for winning the Battle of Broadway. RIGHT: Carolyn Biernacik, Kathy Wesbecher, and Cindy Fife run through the cafeteria-bookstore routine for the last time. 160 — Seniors LEFI: The Senior Retreat is a relief from hectic ( lasses tor Kathy laworski, Sue Manley, and Gwen Gerchak. Lori Edwards Pamela Edwards k ' tlrey I hrsam Bryan Eichhorn Leroy Emerson Michele Espinoza Wayne Euvino Seniors — 161 Susan Frasca Nancy hreaericK Lisa Gallagher Michael Galovic Kimberly George Gwendolyn Gerchak Terese Giannini Michael Giblin Steven Franz William Garcia ABOVE: Hat Day finds Magilla Gorilla and Bullwinkle Moose among friends in the Senior cheering section. RIGHT: Class Officers, CLOCKWISE: Kevin Cessna, Treasurer; Mr. Sammy Listro, Moderator; Chuck Krcmaric, Vice-President; Colleen Blake, President; Kim Dixon, Secretary; S. Mary Anne, Moderator. 162 — Seniors LEFT: The Sehor under the sombrero is Senior Class Moderator Mr. Sammy Listro. Bridget Horton Margaret Hostetler John Hrebec Kan Huang Karen Huerta Seniors — 163 BELOW: Dancing feet is all Joe Chester and Sherri Braman need to " Fall Into My World " at the Turnabout dance. BOTTOM: Unable to participate because of an injury, Carl Allegretti lends moral support to the wrestling team from the sideline. Stephen Jenkins David Jennings Julie Jocus LEFT: For Ellen Stinar, Cindy Rettig, and Lori McCabe, Graduation announcements get top priority at lunch. Daniel Keller Jean Keough Seniors — 165 Anita Levenda X Sharon Lissey Regina Loechner Judy Loh Charles LoVerde Mark Lovich AMOVE. I inda Ked iora is one of six Senior business majors who work as Offic e Assistants lor one period a day. RIGHT: Angie Ross, Dawn Dungy, 1 ster Cortez, and lean brown easily yield to the temptation provided by the Frenc h Club ' s bake sale. !( ( — Seniors LEFT : John Argcnta and Mike Connell vie for the coveted rebound. Emily Martinez Leslie Martino Carol Marulic 9 Lori McCabe Dennis McKeown Norm Medows t I Raenita Miller Therese Modrak Michael Mooney Michael Mott Michael Mulloy Michael Mulroe Cheryl Myers Nancy Naddy Robert Nandor Kristine Nelson Seniors — l( RIGHT: In an effort to raise excitement for the Merrillville football game, Senior boys practice playing the lown. B( ) I TOM: Mr. I istro explains to prosper live freshmen the art tec hniques demonstrated by Tee Ann ITosak and Kris Kray at the annual Open House. Karin Olsen Nicholas Pappas Witt — Seniors , r annine Petrovich Mary K. Phipps Toni Pious Kathy Pishkur Jl LEFT: Senior basketball fanatics " shoot the hoop " at an intramural game. BELOW: In a scene from " The Deadly Game " Howard Trapp (|ohn Dravet) tries to persuade Nicole (Kathy Pishkur) to drive him into town and away from his malevolent hosts. IS 4 Karen Pole V ' i Kathleen Pole Mario Ponce Mark Prusiecki Diane Prusinski ymond Przybysz Gregory Pusateri John Rainford Kevin Rearick Michael Rearick Seniors — 169 Robert Reed Cynthia Rettig Lisa Richter Alfonso Salazar Thomas Sanders 6r- Frank Santaquilani Julie Sattler Donna Schutz Elizabeth Schneider Gwendlyn Schmidt tr H O Thomas Scully Mark Senak Patrick Settle Paula Sgambelluri CENTER: " Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. " Will this Organic Chemistry lab turn into an explos situation? ABOVE- Like the lid blown off of a pressure cooker, lunchtime releases the latent energ of Andrean Seme 170 — Seniors LEFT: Lindsay Barich takes advantage of time in the counselor ' s office to explore post-graduation opportunities. CENTER: Rosalie Dominik takes part in the Senior Retreat by reading for the Mass. Rebecca Sheeran Susan Sheffer Angela Shives Ka ren Sicula Barbara Siek Theodore Sinai largaret Spellman Charmin Joseph Steininger Ellen Stinar Stallworth Jeffrey Stochel Seniors — 171 RIGHT : Kan Huang demonstrates to the Organic Chemistry class that equations represent the same relationships in any language — even Chinese. Winnie Stone Elizabeth Stryczek Christine Styrna Paul Sylve EumarTagupa Jameslhiros Amy Thomas John Thomas Gloria Thompson Richard Thompson TonyTolman Sandy T ucker Marie Vahary Jenell Vaughan Gregory Velligan Paula Verdeyen 172 — Seniors Anna Marie Visclosky Kimberly Wilczynski )ohn Volan Deborah Willis Richard Vucich Diane Wolfe Jerry Walton Bradley Wood Kathleen Wesbecher ’atricia Zablocki aren Zimmerman 4 LEFT: Ellen Tucker happily follows the caller ' s instructions to " honor your partner " at the Daddy Date Night square dance. RIGHT: As an NHS officer Alicia Fadell lights the candle representing scholarship at the Friday evening induction ceremony. NOT PICTURED: Teresa Zych lames Burke James Good Michael Kepchar Daniel Massengill Joseph McGuan Kenneth Rich Seniors — 173 TOP LEFT: Valedictorian Emilio Justo accepts congratulatory kisses with a smile. TOP RIGHT: At Baccalaureate Mass, almost-graduates Anita Levenda, Kathryn Lisek, Sharon Lissey, and Gina Loechner listen pensively to the proclamation of the Gospel. CENTER LEFT: Gwen Schmidt brings Bishop Grutka a copy of the Decussata as an offertory gift symbolic of Andrean ' s journalistic efforts. CENTER RIGHT: Dean of Students Mr. Barancyk waits patiently to lead the class of 1979 to their commencement ceremony. ABOVE: The top of the alphabet leads the single-file procession out of the building and into the auditorium. LEFT: Bishop Grutka addresses the graduates on the danger of riches and the joys of poverty of spirit. 174 — Seniors TOP LEFT : With a joy and pride that was four years in the making, )ohn Argenta receives his diploma and congratulations from Bishop Grutka. TOP RIGHT: Salutatorian john Volan recalls his favorite lyrics from Codspellio point out that the glories and disappointments of high school were “all for the best " . CENTER LEFT: Becky Kyprianou celebrates her freedom while her parents gleam with pride in their daughter ' s accomplishment. CENTER RIGHT: The 80° weather commencement day leaves Tom Drakos the graduate melting under his mortarboard. LEFT : The tempo of “Pomp and Circumstance " takes Judy Loh and Bob Allen into commencement. ABOVE: All eyes are fixed on the stage, but it ' s anyone ' s guess where the graduates ' attention is focused: past, present, or future? Seniors — 175 PERSONAL PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. William Barancyk Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Buergler Continental Tailors Mrs. Cora Dickerson Freshman Homeroom I Freshman Homeroom 107 Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sailer Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Giorgio, Jr. Golden Coin Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jocus Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kadar Mr. and Mrs. James J. Keough Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Komenda Mr. and Mrs. John Krasnansky Miller Barber Shop Dr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Mirich Mister Eddie ' s John and Darlene Navarro Janet Nickovich Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nieves Perma-Hut of Beat Mr. and Mrs. George Polomct Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Predai Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rothenbe Jack R Mark Satt Mr. and Mrs. Addison F. Tay Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wah Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wamsl Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Wi WENDY ' S Old Fashioned Hamburgers 5700 Broadway Merrillville Indiana I 500 East Lincoln Hwy. Merrillville Next Door to Wickes Furniture Call 738-9090 STEREO AND APPLIANCES Hobart 538 East 3rd Call 942- 1 306 Hours 1 0 A.M. to 9 P.M. Daily Saturday 1 0 A.M. to 5 P.M. Sunday Noon to 5 P.M. Hours: 9 to 5:30 Daily Mon. Thurs. Till 9 P.M. 176 — Patrons P6TROL6UN, INC GIVE YOURSELF A PROMOTION. WILLIAM J. DAVIS State Road I 30 Box 66 942-1501 Hobart, Indiana At Phillips 66 it’s performance that counts “ Do you want to enjoy the mu ess of a se( ure job where you ' re the boss and where you r an be of servit e to your neighbors? Do you want a job where you ( an earn what you ' re really worth? I hat ' s the reward as an f RA Real f slate professional. Working in a neighborhood [ le tronu Realty Associate ' s oil it e, you ' ll be trained in all you need to know in real estate. You ' ll have the advantages of our unique limited home warrant ies program, our national identity and benefits ol working u ith Amerie a s original and largest national cle tronir really system. Your local ERA Real Estate broker has immediate openings. Conlar t him today and give yourself a promotion All you need to know in Real Estate. " H« Irunit Realty Associates LUCAS BENNETT INC. 8127 Merrillville Merrillville, Indiana 46410 219— 738 2750 219— 887 7329 Lennertz FIREPLACE m 29 1 0 E. 83rd Place Merrillville, IN 887-8262 1900 E. U.S. 20 Michigan City, IN 879-0271 Compliments of Artistic CLEANERS J home of Guaranteed Length Drapery Service CALL 884 1 182 23 1 6 Ripley Street Lake Station, Indiana 46405 Patrons — 177 282 1 E. Lincoln Hwy. Merrillville, IN 46410 Phone: 219—942-2131 Northern Indiana, Illinois, Southern Michigan, Wisconsin, Northwest Ohio Manufacturer of CUSTOM HOME PACKAGES Our Plan or Yours TL 3925 E. Lincoln Highway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 LEAGUES — TOURNAMENTS OPEN BOWLING 64 LANES THE HOME OF RENT-A-LANE Learn to Bowl and Improve your Average Glasses 769-3633 942-0432 178— Patrons The Magic Touch Beauty Salon 63 I South Lake Street Gary, Indiana 46403 PHONE: 938-7889 DON ERDELAC AND JACK ERDELAC Congratulations to the Class of 1979 ERDELAC ' S SERVICE SERVICE CALLS 4500 BROADWAY GARY, INDIANA 46408 PHONE 884 6875 BONANZA 2643 Portage Mall Portage, IN 46368 Looking Forward to Serving You In The Future BOB HENRY AND STAN MIZE roadway " The d ealership you can hang your hat on. " ut t US 10 5880 BROADWAY MERRILLVILLE PH. 980-3300 Patrons — 179 SU ro iUV isiuis! A 4 Dairq Queen ► rrs MGweR ' f TDO LATE RjR DEseeRr! 6848 BROADWAY MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA OLD MILL a it) 4 DELIVERY SERVICE - DINE IN OR CARRY OUT 35 W 73 AVE. CORNER OF 73 MADISON MERRILLVILLE Phone 887-7444 Radio Dispatched Truck SANDERS READY-MIXED CONCRETE, INC. BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU Steve T. Sanders Tom T. Sanders 3800 Rhode Island S Gary, Indiar Nicholas R. Burczyk Handwriting Identification Expert Professional Offices 3253 Ridge Road (312)895-3990 (312)868-1270 P.O. Box 14 Lansing, IL 60438 Nicholas R. Burczyk Institute Has given professional court testimony for Counsel, including representation fc Illinois State Attorney as Expert Witness. For Lawyers, Probate, Civil Authorities, Police Departments, Banks, Corporations, Security Departments, Business Firms, Detective Agencies, and personal reasons. Mr. Burczyk was the first to publicly announce through the National Media that the first purported Howard Hughes ' will was not authentic. Among our clients for whom we have done handwriting comparisons have bee the largest corporations, banks, and many law firms in the Chicago area, including the City of Chicago, County of Cook, the United States Government Public Defender Program, Lake County (Indiana) Department of Welfare. We use modern optical and measurement laboratory equipment. We do examinations in our offices or yours. 180 — Patrons Compliments of MIDTOWN PROFESSIONAL DENTAL CORP. I 706 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46407 885-7486 W. T. SMITH, D.D.S. President Phone (219) — 769-5000 Midnigl 7404 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 BankJ ndiana NATIONAL ASSOCIATION Box 8030 Merrillville, Indiana Patrons — IK I ADMIRALS HEALTH CLUB Twin Towers — North Merrillville, IN ALLIED INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 6695 Broadway, Merrillville M. J. Pampalone, Jr., G. J. Grecco A.M.P. — HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING Post Office Box 95 Hobart, IN 903 Shelby Street (Miller) Phone: 886-9090 Joe Hayduk and Joe Kovlick BEACH PHARMACY 925 Shelby Street Gary, IN 932 42 1 I BORIC RELIGIOUS ARTICLES CHURCH GOODS Box 54, St. John Mall St. John, IN 46373 BROADWAY TIRE 4940 Broadway Gary, IN 46408 Best Wishes Class of 1979 BEACH CAFE RESTAURANT ‘TTte c Wdling c Bank . . . NORTHERN INDIANA BANK and TRUST COMPANY VALPARAISO • KOUTS • BURNS HARBOR • HEBRON 182 — Patrons Compliments of Joe Haviza, Printer VALPARAISO PRINTING COMPANY INCORPORATED " THE PRINTING PLACE " I 105 North Calumet Avenue Valparaiso, Indiana 46383 Telephone 2 19 464 8 1 3 I BIEGEL ' S Carburetor Ignition Service Automotive Repair Service 30 N. West St. Ph. 663-0077 FOOD CENTER. 6300 Miller Ave. Gary, Indiana 2080 East Commercial Ave. Lowell, Indiana Patrons — 18! SCHEPEL BUICK OPEL 3208 W. Lincoln Highway Merrillville, Ind. 46410 Bus. Phone (3 1 9) 769-638 1 S kylark • Sky Hawk • Century • Opel Regal • LeSabre • Electra • Riviera Store Hours: 10-5:30 Monday thur Sat. 52 W. 80th Place Merrillville Ind. 464 10 219 789-3320 184 — Patrons Interior design for homes and offices to meet individual needs. Professional assistance in selection and purchase of furniture, draperies, carpets, wall coverings, etc. Designers ' services by appointment. Personal attention given to each project. A wide selection of decorative accessories in stock. 9471 Joliet Street St. John, IN 46373 365 4717 8201 Taft St. Merrillville Ind. 46410 769-9638 TIM ' S Redken Hair Designers Cutters □ REALTOR ffiiMTif, WMC multiple listing SERVICE MLS 1 82 W. North Street — Phone: 769-4500 — Crown Point, Indiana 46307 4755 Broadway — Phone: 887-7408 — Gary, Indiana 46409 Congratulations Class of 1979 Arby ' s Roast Beef Restaurant 5790 Broadway Ave., Gary, Ind. Open Daily 10:30 a.m. til I 1 :00 p.m. Patrons — 185 ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS PRIVATE ART SHOWINGS BY APPOINTMENT 101 East Third Street Hobart, Indiana 46342 Phone 2 1 9— 942-0909 LENNERTZ OLDSMOBILE — HONDA 6501 Broadway Telephone 2 19 — 980-0430 Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Phil LaMere, Br Rick LaMere, Bn r Class of 73 r Class of 78 iiniiiiiiiin mwwmm HiniinutiiniHuiiHliH II mill W®»K W-0058 0059 Sales — Listing Agent BRAMAN INSURANCE AGENCY 8601 Connecticut Merrillville, IN 46410 John P. Bushemi, Attorney-at-Law 5847 Broadway Merrillville, IN 464 1 0 CHEVIGNY PERSONNEL, INC. 1 00 W. 79th Avenue Merrillville, IN 46410 C.L.M. REALTORS, INC. 7301 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 CUSTOM AIRE FLOOR COVERING, INC. 4259 E. Lincoln Highway Merrillville, IN 464 1 0 GALLER ' S GIFTS PLANTS 2050 Southlalce Mall Merrillville, IN 46410 GORE REALTY COMPANY, INC. P.O. Box 24, Willow Creelc Road Portage, IN 46368 HARRIGAN REAL ESTATE 1 24 Main Street Hobart, IN 46342 5070 Broadway Phone 884- 1171 LOU ' S AUTO REPAIR SERVICE 1 80 1 East Ridge Rd. Hobart, IN 46342 Phone 9427000 State Inspections $2.50 Patrons — 187 THE COMMERCIAL BANK 7925 Taft Street Merrillville, Indiana MERRILLVILLE AUTO SALES 5701 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 MILLER DRUG CO., INC. 540 South Lake St. Gary, IN 46403 NORTHERN DATA PROCESSIN 5853 Broadw Merrillville, IN 464 MERRILLVILLE FLORIST BRIDAL SHOP 7005 Madison St. Merrillville, IN 46410 NAPA-GLEN PARK AUTO SUPPLY, INC. 4853 Broadway, 887-7591 Gary, IN 46409 ORNAMENTAL IRON WORI 5300 Massachusetts Merrillville, IN 464 MID AMERICA HOMES, INC. 2821 E. Lincoln Highway Merrillville, IN 46410 NEW MOON RESTAURANT 761 E. 81st Place Merrillville, IN 46410 JOELR. PAGE, JEWEL 1000 E. 80th Pla Merrillville, IN 464 ICtng ®ux Formal Wear Rental Sales AFTER SIX PALM BEACH LORD WEST Phone: 769 1863 7890 Broadway-Merrillville, IN 46410 188 — Patrons Congratulations to the Class of 1979 From PHIPPS 4 FUNKEY, INC. REALTORS 5525 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 LEN POLLAK BUICK, INC. 730 1 E. Melton Road Gary, IN 46403 REEVES FLOWERAMA, INC. 7886 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 REMCO BUSINESS MACHINES, INC. 2940 Highway Ave. Highland, IN 838-4480 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS St. Thomas Council No. 1 347 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Emett Bosak Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clifford Dr. and Mrs. John Kolettis Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gough Dr. and Mrs. John Scully Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Thiros Dr. and Mrs. Charles Yast Palrons — 189 SANDERS READY MIXED CONCRETE, INC. 3800 Rhode Island St. Gary, IN SHEERAN OIL CO., INC. 2975 W. 9th Ave. Gary, IN 46404 SOUTH END BODY SHOP Rt. 30 Utah St. Phone:942-5412 STEEL CONTAINER CORP. 363 I State Line Hammond, IN STEWART ' S BUSINESS MACHINES, INC. 4788 Broadway Gary, IN 46408 TROXEL JEWELERS, INC. 7980 Broadway, Merrillville Phone: 769 0770 Good Luck to the Class of 1 979 8 Convenient Locations to Serve You . . . GARY NATIONAL BANK L Serving the Family and Business Community; Deposits Insured by FDIC TUFF-KOTE DINOL AUTOMOTIVE RUSTPROOFING 41 89 E. Lincoln Hwy., Merrillville Owner: George Smith, ' 64 VIEUX CARRE 2683 Willow Creek Rd. Portage, IN 46368 WESTSIDE NURSING HOME 353 Tyler St. Gary, IN 46402 190 — Patrons FOR THE FINEST IN CHEVROLET SHAVER CHEVY 1-65 at 61st Avenue Merrillville, IN 769-0123 Patrons — 191 ' Tis the time to be grateful to: Mr. Barancyk Patrick Battistini S. Bernice Marie Betsy Burke Father Chircop the Coaching Staff Darryl Collins Joanne Cusumano S. Daniel Mr. DeFabio Jeff Ehrsam Joe Gawor, Jr. S. Gilmary Mr. Giolas Tom Glowacki Mark Holcomb Joan Lazar Sue Manley Bob Predaina Mark Prusiecki Mrs. Sawyer Kelly Schacki Jerry Walton Father Ward Kathy Wesbecher Mrs. Yurechko Keith Zimmer and others, too numerous to mention, who encouraged, excused, helped, and inspired us. EDITORS: Patty Yast and Gwen Schmidt INTRODUCTION: ORGANIZATIONS: SENIORS: Margie Hostetler Patty Yast Jennifer Costanza Chris Sc$faty Amy Parry Kathryn Lisek Stacy Troxel Marilyn Hanzal SPORTS: Judy Loh ACADEMICS: Gwen Schmidt Steve Barancyk Carol Gough PATRONS: Kevin Cessna Lisa Gregoline Belinda Colon Alice Churley Debra Key UNDERCLASSMEN: Shawn Smith STUDENT LIFE: ' 82: Nancy Yast Virginia Fraiz Carole Radigan PHOTOGRAPHY: Sandy Sidor ' 81 : Cecilia Horkavi Dave DeMars Peggy Lepp Frank Barancyk Fred Arrieta Laurie McClellan ' 80: Steve Barancyk Tom Rooney Cheryl Lavendusky Endsheet Design: Dave DeMars 192 — Acknowledgements —

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