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Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others . . . Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time . . . many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune . . . Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself . You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy. Desiderata — 1927 by Max Ehrmann ANDREAN HIGH SCHOOL MERRILLVILLE, INDIANA Theresa Wojkovich, Co-Editor Susan Zaloudek, Co-Editor Mr. Raymond DeFabio, Co-Moderator Sister Jeanne Ambre, SS.C.M., Co-Moderator TABLE OF CONTENTS 14 Academics 64 Organizations 158 Seniors 90 Sports 40 Student Life 120 Underclassmen It’s experimenting in life by testing established ideas and trying out new ones . . . It’s also being intelligent thinking abstractly and working for answers . . . Thinking thoughts that are too deep for emotions. It’s finding the insights to create meaning . . . Freely thinking being analytical yet Respecting and being tolerant of traditions. . . . being self-assured, confident and serene when obstacles are gambling against your favor It’s being relaxed and unfrustrated in a hectic, pressured world . . . Where only the tranquility from within can help deal with future problems THE INFLUENCE OF EXAMPLE . . . take kindly the counsel of the years . . . One of the major influences on a student is not what he is told, but what he sees. Through the excellent example of our administration headed by Father Schwenzer, the steady guidance of our counselors, and the Christian witness of our Theology classes, we have had many striking examples of Christian brotherhood and concern. These three forces have helped to form Andrean into the community it is and set the direction of Andrean’s future toward that which is desired. Sister M. Jeanne, SS.C.M. Assistant Principal Mrs. Betty M. Sawyer and Mrs. Betty Ann Yurechko Cafeteria Staff: Top Row, Left to Right: Mrs. R. Horkavi, Mrs. F. Windbigler, Mrs. A. Oldaker, Mrs. M. Quade, Mrs. B. Mizerak; Bottom Row, Left to Right: Mrs. M. Hall, Mrs. V. Kisylia, Mrs. G. Bartman, Mrs. D. Flynn, Mrs. P. Windbigler. f 18 — Academics Sister M. C rescent ia, SS.C.M., and Mrs. Hazel Moorhouse UNDERSTANDING EACH OTHER . . . observe the virtue and goodness that surrounds you . . . Being able to understand others is integral to the success of any person in the world today. Because of this, learning to communicate is one of the specific goals set for all Andrean students. English teaches us the art of communicating with those around us through both the spoken and written word; Social Studies links us with our forefathers; and Foreign Languages expose us to the ways and cultures of other peoples. With a well-rounded awareness of varied cultures, the accomplishments and failures of past generations, the wealth of literature, and our own creativity, we begin to understand that which is desired. 22 — Academics Academics — 23 Academics — 25 26 — Academics Academics — 27 EXERCISING THE ARTS . . . keep interested in your own career, it is a real possession in the changing patterns of time . . . Andrean, as an educational institution, does not function just to assist students in accumulating knowledge, but also encourages, through the Arts, a high degree of student self-expression. Through such courses as Art, Mechanical Drawing, Music, Clothing, and Foods, students “do their own thing” in expressing themselves, while Typing, Shorthand, and Bookkeeping students busily substantiate the adage “practice makes perfect.” These courses not only teach the basics of their particular fields but stimulate a high degree of creativity and performance among the individual students. Developing skills and exercising talents are two satisfying and fulfilling aspects of that which is desired. Academics — 33 34 — Academics MANAGING THE UNIVERSE ... no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should be .. . Comprehension of the physical world around and within you and an under- standing of operations with numbers are the two specific goals of the science and mathematics departments, respectively. From the detailed studies of cell mitosis to the laws of gravity, from cosine and sine values to the graphing of functions, both departments offer a broad curriculum of courses and a vast resource of knowledge. When the wonders of the two are combined, the complexity of the universe is seen in the actual ordered and simple state in which it was created. We find a tool, beautiful and intricate, useful in accomplishing that which is desired. 36 — Academics 38 — Academics ■ -v i ' ■■.■ ; OCTOBER RUSH AND ROYALTY HOMECOMING 73 was filled with dreams, hopes, tears, and napkins. Sophomores, the teachers, coached the Freshmen in the way of the chicken wire and napkin. High-spirited Juniors pulled together to decapitate an oversized hornet. Excited rivalry burst into Gilroy Field. 42 — Student Life At the end of the line now. it was the Seniors ' turn to continue tradition. A giant pumpkin coach drawn by two Clydesdale horses and complete with coachmen and red and gold heralds led the exuberant caravan down Broadway. Intermittent rain and a cold wind appeared to be the only dampers on the evening until the Niners lost on a rain-soaked grid. Studi-nl I ifc 43 Half-time saw the first appearance of the Ninerettes, followed by the procession of floats. Anticipation mounted as the candidates and their escorts approached the fifty yard line. Due to difficulties with the microphone, everyone but the candidates heard the announcement of the queen. Moments later, the golden coach returned to carry the 1973 Homecoming Queen, Gerri Smith. The court and their escorts: Pam Lennertz and Paul McGuan, Patty Rees and Greg Doneff, Gerri Smith and Craig Collins, Mary Jo Black and John Cicco, Ellen Bushemi and Mike Manno. The award-winning comedy by George F. Kauffman and Moss Hart was presented on November 9, 10, and 11. Under the excellent direction of Father Joseph Moffatt, the curtain parted to reveal the splendid efforts of cast and crews. THE CAST Bob Dian Patty Rees Paul Sotak Mary O’Rourke Mary Rose Genduso Savas Zembillas Ken Edwards Casandra Crowder 46 — Student Life Charlie Zembillas Tom Conde Mike Long AJ Stalmah Claudia Carija Val Visclosky Diana Henry Dave Bianco Eddie Miles John Hohner . . . and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should . . . Religion. Structurally speaking, Andrean looks like a normal, everyday type, American high school. However, Andrean is not an “average” school. It is not because it goes one step further and calls itself the Andrean Community. Retreats, daily mass and communion, and prayers before classes don’t make all the difference. A community needs people sharing and growing through each other. By seeing the universe unfold through each other, by seeing the universe unfold through others, the Andrean student sees the universe unfold through God Himself. 48 — Student Life Student Life — 49 50 — Student Life Tropical foliage and over-sized dice and playing cards carried out the theme of this year’s Turnabout, “Tropicana Casino.” From 8 to 11, two hundred couples tried their luck on the dance floor to the music of Shades of Time. f ' | m r ' 1 L ' ■ ' v ■■ I ? 1 1 m f » If y.y£ ' JS : ' . . .AND NO ONE COULD BE PROUDER A long and winding road greeted hopeful eyes and promised a wonderful evening of punch and boogie for those gathered to celebrate the glorious victories and hard defeats of the 1973 teams. 52 — Student Life Ice cream sodas, silhouettes. Free Verse, and an Old Fashioned Love Song touched off Froshmore Night with a bit of nostalgia for a booming success. Student Life — 53 WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAIN Elegant gowns, tuxedos, nosegays and boutonnieres highlighted each excited couple at Canterbury Theatre. The beginning of the end was at hand; the last great Senior get- together before graduation was over almost before it began. The Junior-Senior Prom was just a fraction, a second in the year’s activities, but an event to be remembered for many years. OLIVER! • . Sav«|s Zembilbs Naincy - Ka+hy Ibac 6yk s Charlie Zcrpbill s Vlrs. Corncy • M$ry Ann flmciriilc MnSomWe- Tim 121 a kir Dtt- Mar ' iss LevendA ' Werbcrry- A I Stelmah t «Ty- Diana H«nry Janet Hudock Pat Mills Conway . rs. S 5 W€T. Charlotte . Noah Claypple • Mrs. Bedwin Mr. Ikbwnkw- Pr Grimwifl • Old Gaily- Mi hf Watchman- Workhouse oys fttaifl ' s Townspeople Al sf lmaK Tony r Mona taraci m 5mar Compaq 58 — Student Life COMPETITION PLUS is putting it mildly for this year’s Armageddon games. Much spirit was displayed on the part of all teams. Victory came to the Juniors with the Freshmen not far behind. Sophomores came in with a hardy (and hearty) third, while the Seniors dropped to fourth place. Armageddon has traditionally been an outlet for the tension built up during the year and increased by its near end. This year’s finale was a tremendous mud-sling-and-slide in which most participated; even the unwilling were victims. Even without a victory, the Seniors presented royalties at the evening sock hop. 60 — Student Life COMPETITION PLUS I’M YOURS IN BUTTONS ‘N’ BOWS The annual Clothing Style Show was a delightful display of perseverance and talent, evident in everything from formal wear, to sportswear, to cuddly nightgowns. Not only the girls, but the parents and friends who enjoyed the show, were proud of the accomplishments. SHARP SKATING BRINGS ACCLAIM Three is a charm, as this, the third year of the Gary Griffins resulted in their winning the 1st place slot in two leagues: Northern Indiana and Michiana H. S. Hockey Leagues. Clad in red and gold, under the dedicated leadership of Father David Klein, the team skated and scored their way to a coveted record of 29-1-1. Student Council Officers: R. Waddell, Secretary; M. Mulloy, Treasurer; P. Rees, Vice-President; L. Shirley, President. Action ’64 was this Student Council’s biggest success. Substituting the Four Seasons for Chubby Checkers, short hair for pony tails, and T-shirts for leather jackets — the signs of the 60’s for those of the 50’s — was a dubious decision but one that was well worth making. Selling carnations on Valentine’s Day was another first for the Student Council. Over two hundred flowers were sold and more were in demand. The proceeds went to the Heart Association for its annual fund drive. Other Council activities were the sponsoring of student exchanges, pep assemblies, and sock hops, including the now annual masquerade dance on Halloween. 66 — Organizations NEW IDEAS DEVELOP NEW TRENDS Organizations — 67 CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP SERVICE 68 — Organizations The qualifications of National Honor Society are the intangible, sometimes undefinable qualities of leadership, character, scholarship, and service. For the member, however, these qualities find actualization in the activities sponsored by N.H.S. Fine Arts Day in the spring and tutoring the year round provide the opportunities for interested and ambitious students to give of their talents and time to help others culturally and intellectually. Organizations — 69 EVERYONE LOVES A PARTY Few are more willing to give of their time, energy, and money for others than the Youth Association for Retarded Children. Holiday parties, bake sales, and unsurpassed effort by all made the club’s activities time well spent. Y.A.R.C. Officers: D. VanCleef, Secretary; B. Knies, President; M. Shediak, V-Pres.; M. Tournai, Treasurer. 70 — Organizations STUDENTS PRACTICE POLITICS Board of Directors: T. Smar, M. Plucinik, B. Bojarski, S. Mullin, D. Bianco, A. Heltsley. Andrean’s Political Action Club serves as an outlet for concerned students who take an interest in political affairs. This year, they proposed a new Student Council Constitution. Last summer’s Hoosier State delegates were: L. DeGan, T. Conde, L. Shirley, T. Wojkovich, R. Ruzga and L. Martin. Organizations — 7 1 THE BAND MARCHES ON . . . Concert Band Members: Front Row: C. Burton, V. Gerchak, L. Hall, K. Elkins, H. James, N. Griffin, K. Chalko, P. Patterson, J. Cleveland; Second Row: D. McCune, L. Rooney, P. Murphy, D. Linneman, K. Burke, A. Povlinski, M. Mahon, L. Grant, R. Barner, D. Woodard, J. Wiedemann, R. James; Third Row: B. Karagin, K. Prentiss, J. Harris, M. Jabkowski, L. Rice, M. Manuel, R. Reuter, D. Kaminski, M. O’Connor, M. Dickerson, T. Potenti; Fourth Row: G. Kesel, M. Hopkins, J. Huerta, S. Cooke, P. Campbell, J. Taylor, S. Chalko, S. Hogg, J. McConnell, S. Christian, D. Zaloudek. AND ON. . . Concert Band Officers: S. Christian, Vice President; K. Chalko, Librarian; R. James, President; S. Chalko, Manager; N. Griffin, Secretary. A trip to Canada, three concerts and the grade school tour highlighted activities for the Andrean Music Department this year. Success dominated the activities including the traditional Mardi Gras. Under the guidance of Reverend Joseph Moffat and Mr. Rolando Chilian, the department spent two days in Canada on tour and presented band and choral concerts throughout the year. Marches, classical and popular music were performed before parents and students alike. Stage Band Members: J. Harris, Piano; J. Wiedemann, N. Griffin, H. James, K. Chalko, K. Burke, Saxophones; S. Christian, T. Merza, D. Zaloudek, M. O’Connor, T. Potenti, Trumpets; S. Hogg, S. Chalko, K. Prentiss, Trombones; E. Miles, Drummer. Organizations — 73 FUNDS RAISED FOR MUSIC DEPARTMENT TOUR 74 — Organizations Organizations — 75 4 ' Z 5 s 3 c V v M SING — SING A SONG The Seniors wished they could retake their four years of Mixed Choral and the Freshmen could not wait until next year. Students not only learned working with each other but a deep appreciation was born with Father Moffatt’s every correction. Mixed Choral Members: Front Row: M. Plucinik, K. Page. J. Jones, M. Hernandez, S. Burrel, M. Kesel, M. Burgess, M. Rinchak, D. Downs, R. Bottos; Second Row: K. Kovich, E. Murphy, J. Parker, J. Ornelas, J. Nettles, A. Farag, B. Knies, D. Taneff, M. Tomondi; Third Row: P. Reba, J. Barker, D. Reba, G. Tutto, T. Blaker, T. Ridgely, D. Fissinger, B. Bielak, D. Poplon, M. Matsey; Fourth Row: C. Cargle, A. Stalmah, T. Sgambelluri, J. Filipowski, S. Tomasic, T. Smar, T. Staehle, R. Borchert, M. Milenki, F. Losinski. 76 — Organizations Girls Choral Members: Front Row: L. Donald, P. Holcomb, E. Murphy, L. Conway, B. Villareal, P. Mathis; Second Row: F. Brantley, B. Hernandez, J. Keough, C. Duran, J. Boer, A. Sheeran, J. Cungin, K. Wilson, F. Knowles, M. Richter, C. Pesdan; Third Row: R. Kacmar, K. Paulson, M. Hysong, M. Levenda, P. Yurechko, C. Stazinski, A. Powell, E. White, F. White, M. Lennertz. Working into a lively repertoire of classical and contemporary works, Mr. Chilian created an enjoyable, yet disciplined learning experience for the Girls’ Choral. Organizations — 77 BEHIND THE SCENES Variety is exciting, as were the Drama Club’s two productions: the comedy You Can ' t Take It With You presented in November, and the spring musical, Oliver! Only the hard-working casts and crews know the number of days that went into each well-built set and difficult scene that climaxed in the few hours of audience enjoyment “on stage.” Drama Club officers were: Janet Hudock, President; Tom Conde, Vice-President; Laurie Atzhorn, Secretary. ACTIVE CONCERN The Business Club gave its members valuable working experience through the opportunity of doing “jobs” for their teachers. They stress not only training but service. Even as it became more difficult, Mission leaders succeeded in aiding many missions that asked for our support. Mission Representatives: D. Rettig, K. Pazak, M. P. Hughes, and J. Barker. Organizations — 79 “WE LIKE OUR TEAMS 9 Booster Club, which drums up enthusiasm in sports without actively participating in the sport, promotes the spirit of the school. The colorful and imaginative signs which line the corridors before the games, were part of their team backing, which the players agreed, helped inspire them to give their all. As an added attraction the Booster Club introduced the Ninerettes, a fresh idea promoting team spirit. Officers : From Left: B. Cogelja, S. Singel, K. Rupp, D. Hazi. 80 — Organizations BOX THE BRICKIES Equipped with uniforms and pom-poms of red and gold, the Ninerettes were seen on football fields and the gym floor arousing the spectator’s enthusiasm, as well as assisting at school functions. With the joint efforts of Miss Trapane and Mrs. Mestrich, their moderators, the forty girls have found a prominent place in Andrean’s athletic activities. Organizations — 8 1 FIGHTING FEMALES Basketball, Volleyball, Powder Puff Football and Track are just a few of the many activities that the Girls’ Athletic Association undertook in ’73-’74. G.A.A. also sponsored the most successful dance of the year, Tropicana Casino. Under Miss Kay Spencer’s direction the girls got together for a winning season. G.A.A. Officers: E. Gregory, Vice President; K. Tracy, President; D. Hazi, Treasurer; M. Voss, Secretary; D. Henry, Publicity. CE OUI ESI DESIRE The French Club serves as an outlet of expression for not only the lover of the language, but the French culture as well Excursions to Chicago included two French plays, and an exploration of the Art Institute. Each trip finished with an enjoyable lesson in French cuisine. French Club Officers: S. Sheffer, President; P. Kacmar, Vice-President; B. St. Germain, Treasurer; P. Teso, Secretary. WHAT MOVE WOULD YOU MAKE? Don Kaminski, John Kopchik, and Tony Farag led the chess team to victory. On an individual level, this highly competitive game requires extreme concentration and skill. The team has proved that they have mastered these fundamentals by going undefeated and wrapping the year up in winning a five round tournament. Organizations — 83 GIRLS AND PARENTS JOIN IN FUN Officers: From Left: Joanne Simatovich, Michelle Cieskiewicz, Eleanor Nawrocki, and Joan Shonski. As in previous years, Daddy Date Night was the biggest success for the Future Homemakers of Andrean. Held on Saint Patrick’s Day, a bit of the old Irish touched every Dad and his daughter. As an added feature, Mary Beth Gianoli was presented the Betty Crocker award for attitude. In November a Mother’s Mass was held complete with entertainment provided by the Kitchenetters. The girls along with Mrs. Wamsher, their moderator, visited an orphanage, and brought the year to a close selling pizzas at Armageddon. 84 — Or ganizations Organizations — 85 PUBLICATIONS GET The Decussata staff of ’74 learned a lot about responsibility. Not that we had any intention of doing so, but that it was necessary for the production of the book. Meeting deadlines was not as easy as it sounded when we mentioned them in passing during the workshops. Needless to say, the deadlines were met and we leave the finished product in your hands. Co-Editors: Sue Zaloudek and Theresa Wojkovich. Staff: P. Battistini, L. Beckham, C. Brockschmidt, L. Daniel, M. B. Gianoli, P. Kratkowski, D. Kutzer, E. Nawrocki, C. Poncsak, P. Rees, K. Rupp, R. Schafer, G. Sopko, M. Strimbu, L. Turean, P. Walker, G. Warren, M. Zambory. 86 — Organizations IT TOGETHER Under the direction of Sister Gilmary, the Acropolis strove to inform the student body of current happenings. Having at least three years of experience behind them, the staff learned many of the finer points of journalism. With a second place award from the Columbia Press Association, the staff ended ' 13-14 looking forward to a first place in ’75. Co-Editors: M. J. Black, K. Page, E. Hennessy, L. Szmutko. Photographer: M. Strimbu. Organizations — 87 A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING From the first assembly of the year, the opening Mass, to the “final stand” for the Seniors at graduation, assemblies provided entertainment, communal prayer, and a welcome release from classes. The National Theatre Company, The Navy Jazz Band, Mr. Wizard of Purdue, and the Olympic Judo-Karate School provided valuable learning experiences for the entire student body. 88 — Organizations Organizations — 89 A DESIRE TO WIN The 59er’s varsity football record this season was 6-4 overall, and second place in the Northwest Conference. The 23-3 defeat suffered at the homecoming game against Lew Wallace caused the team a loss in the battle for Northwest Conference supremacy. Headhunters for this year’s defense were Russ Capellari, tackle Mike Saffa, and junior end Mike Daugherty. Offense was sparked by Pat Malayter, Bob Kunas, and Arnie Gough. The varsity squad is said to be a lucky team for having a coach with as much love for his team as Coach Pete Billick. Because of all that he has done to make the season successful. Coach Billick is highly respected. The fans thank the coaching staff and the entire team for their perseverance, hard practice, and unity which altogether provided an exciting season. MH9EA Bottom, L. to R.: (Mgr.) M. Mizen, G. Crnkovich, R. Persin, J. McConnell, D. Kristoff, M. Simpson, J. Goetz, B. Dorulla, J. Frankovich, P. Reba, R. Lepp, J. Beres, D. Sanders; Second Row, L. to R.: S. Senak, T. Orton, T. Gregory, F. Ploffman, S. Persin, T. Lynch, P. Malayter, R. Dorulla, G. Rawley, R. Capellari, J. Wojkovich, J. White, M. Reardon, M. Lipton; Third Row, L. to R.: (Coach) Pete Billick, J. Huerta, M. Malayter, L. Matunas, T. Gos ewski, A. Gough, M. Saffa, A. Arceo, M. Daugherty, J. Buergler, B. Smith, D. Bain, G. Locasto, B. Iatarola, (Coach) John Bennett. Absent: P. Reardon, B. Kunas. 92 — Sports RESERVES SHARE CITY TITLE The reserve football team had an overall record of 4-2-2 against heavily laden, upper-classmen teams. A tie with Horace Mann was the fatal blow that caused a share of the city reserve title with Lew Wallace. Outstanding individuals included Bud Landeck (M.V.P.), Dave Ballinger (Most Improved), Chris Cunningham, Mark Tolpa, Paul Stanzione, Tom Staehle, Pat Young, Nelson Vidal and the fine coach A1 Holok. Bottom, L. to R.: J. Levenda, J. Page, F. Kissel, B. Pete, B. Landeck. B. Dorulla, C. Cunningham, M. Bobbin, T. Staehle; Second Row, L. to R.: R. Craig, T. Gravelle, J. Laskowski, D. Krupchak, G. Edwards, J. Doyle, M. Bianco, D. Ballinger, B. Karrigan, S. Kokos; Third Row, L. to R.: J. Novotny, J. Fallace, J. Goetz, R. Blaker, M. Bickel, P. Young, R. Shatzel, N. Vidal, M. Verdeyen; Fourth Row, L. to R.: (Coach) A1 Holok, J. Walsh, T. Giannini, K. Beckham, S. Allison, J. Montanio, P. Stanzione, B. Galovic. Absent: M. Tolpa. Sports — 95 FROSH CONTINUE TRADITION It seems that once a tradition is started, it cannot be stopped too easily. For the fifth consecutive season the Frosh team has won the Northwest Conference title. With the fine coaching of Father Menner and Mr. Nicolini and the great running abilities of half-back Mel Gore, the team ended the season with a 7-0-1 record. The Frosh team has brightened the future of football at Andrean. Andrean’s freshmen have now lost once in the last forty-three games. Bottom, L. to R.: J. Driscoll, T. Seibal, L. Billick, M. Simmons, J. Vidal, D. Wasil, B. Vahary, J. Frankovich, T. McDevitt, T. Calloway; Second Row: D. Cieselski, L. Bicalho, B. Bielak, S. Mallonee, J. Henry, J. Cisarik, W. Cisowski, D. Dorulla. R. Zrombkowski, M. Gelovic, J. Pfeifer, Third Row: M. Gore, J. Qualizza, T. Ramirez, M. Wilczynski, T. Sanchez, J. Prusiecki. M. Shovak, T. Martin, M. Keller, J. Pete, D. Komenda, J. Johnson, S. Vela, B. Graves, B. Kacmar, (Coach) Fr. John Menner; Fourth Row: (Coach) Mr. Chris Nicolini, J. Bodnar, A. Skarja, P. Pannai, D. Reba, R. Edwards, B. Marder, G. Donald, J. Smutko, M. Sopko, J. Kedziora, D. Giannini. J. Vaiana, F. Losinski; Fifth Row: E. Nowak, J. Villareal, K. Fronzcak, M. Bournes, J. Saminski, R. Hite, S. Nolan, T. Brush, D. Jancosek, P. Barrera. Sports — 97 The cross country team, under the excellent coaching of Fr. Ward and behind the strong running of Tim James, captured the Gary City Meet for the second consecutive year. Their dual meet record was a respectable 9 wins and 3 losses. The nucleus of the team was comprised of returning lettermen Tim James, Tom Walla, and Tom Paulson. The other five runners who contributed to the team were Ralph Duenas, Jeff Taylor, Jerry Mulloy, Steve Miller and Greg Nowesnick. These runners each won fifth place or higher during the season. In the 16 Team Sectional Field (112 runners) Andrean finished sixth. However, individual effort by Tim James earned him a place in the regional lineup. He finished three seconds behind the winner of second place. Bottom, L. to R.: D. Hientz, S. Miller, T. Paulson, T. James, T. Walla, J. Lakne: Second Row: J. Gomez, G. Nowesnick, M. Hallet, S. Predaina, R. Duenas, J. Taylor; Top Row: C. Grubb, D. Gacey, J. Mulloy, L. Sanchez, (Coach) Fr. Ward. 98 — Sports CROSS COUNTRY RUNS STRONG Sports — 99 TENNIS TEAM SWINGS TO SUCCESS It was another fine season for Coach Mazur’s netters. They finished the season with a 12-3 record for the last five years. Senior Captain, Ben Milbrath, who led the team, captured the Gary City Singles Crown. Pete Milbrath, Marty Mulloy, Tim Sheeran, Bob Onda, Tom Gundy, and Ernie Blando composed the varsity team for the season. Six of the seven Varsity players will return in 1974. With a strong reserve team, Andrean’s tennis future seems bright. 100 — Sports Sports — 101 VARSITY TEAM HAS TOUGH SEASON This year’s varsity basketball team had a rough time. Their regular season record of 7-12 was not bad, though, considering that only one starter returned from last year’s team. This year was a year of rebuilding, bringing with it two sophomores (P. Liber and P. Patterson.) The leaders of the team were M. Manuel, highest scorer, T. Bukur, leader of assists, and J. Dougherty, one of the best rebounders yet. The two coaches, Dan Rogovich and Mike Chelap, led a courageous battle despite misfortune. Bottom, L. to R.: (mgr.) J. Levenda, P. Patterson, R. Dorulla, D. Chube, T. Seibal, Mark Manuel; Top, L. to R.: G. Bruce, M. Gibbs, T. Bukur, J. Dougherty, B. James, R. Bajgrowicz, P. Liber, (Coach) Dan Rogovich. 102 — Sports Sports — 103 RADIANT RESERVE The reserve basketball team finished the year with their second consecutive winning record ( 1 1 wins — 8 losses), the second best in the history of Andrean. Highlighting the season was the first win ever over Gary Roosevelt. G. Bruce led the reserves in scoring while D. Chube ran a close second. K. Collins and J. Goetz were the team’s leading rebounders and R. Shipp displayed ability with clever passes and assists. Congratulations go to Coach Chelap and the entire sophomore team. Bottom, L. to R.: (Mgr.) T. Ramirez, P. Patterson, K. Underwood, R. Shipp, G. Spencer, T. Muffoletto; Top, L. to R.: J. Goetz, G. Bruce, P. Liber, K. Collins, K. Sylve, R. Morgan, D. Chube, and (Coach) Mike Chelap. Sports — 105 FRESHMAN TEAM’S FUTURE LOOKS HOPEFUL This year’s frosh team was spirited, had great spunk, and were ready to play despite the 9-15 record. Center, Jim Viana, and guard, Pete Vorkapich, were a few of the better prospects of the team, coached by Jerry Mazur and Fr. Cylwicki. Excellent in rebounding, this is one promising team for Andrean. Bottom, L. to R.: C. Norman, G. Gomolka, G. Lehockey, M. Hill, D. Bahrenth, J. Muffoletto, P. Vorkapich; Second row, L. to R.: T. Calloway, T. Martin, J. Siminski, R. Edwards, T. Tucker; Top row, L. to R.: (Coach) Jerry Mazur, M. Wolfe, J. Vienna, B. Graves, J. Siminski, M. Bournes, T. Brush, E. Nowak, (Coach) Fr. Cylwicki; Absent: Frahm, Ross. 106 — Sports GIRLS PROVE THEIR ABILITY Varsity Basketball: Top Row: E. Macey, F. Gomez, D. Fatula, M. Voss, K. Crane; Bottom Row: C. Richter, L. Rupp, C. Tracy, E. Gregory, N. Ihnat, P. Richter. Reserve Basketball: Top Row: A. Milbrath, S. Cooke, S. Richter, A. Behnke, D. Torres; Bottom Row: M. Lennettz. J. Keough, T. Cicco, A. Povlinski, L. Walsh. Athletics — 107 MATMEN QUALIFY FOR REGIONALS This year’s varsity wrestling team, under the coaching of Mr. Holok and Mr. Grella, compiled a 7-2 Dual Meet Record and a third place showing in sectionals as its major accomplishments. Three of our wrestlers. Bill Dorulla, Mike Nacarato, and Jeff Bruce qualified for regional competition. Other top wrestlers were Ben Milbrath, Scott Vidimos, Bob Iatarola and Mike Daugherty. Varsity : Bottom Row: J. Bickel, E. Wallo, J. Lackney, T. Mazarro, P. Nunley, D. Dorulla, R. Vasquez; Second Row: D. Ciesielski, D. McGrath, S. Vidimos, B. Milbrath, M. Nacarato, G. Kesel, T. Staehle, D. Reba, S. Miller; Third Row: (Coach) Mr. Holok, R. Stanzione, B. Iatarola, J. Bruce, M. Daugherty, B. Dorulla, J. McConnell, A. Arceo, (Coach) Mr. Grella. Reserves: Bottom Row: J. Bickel, J. Lackney, S. Miller, D. Dorulla, P. Nunley; Second Row: J. Pete, T. Maravich, D. Reba, R. Vasquez, M. Keller; Third Row: J. Qualizza, P. Stanzione, E. Wallo, J. Montanio, D. Wasil, B. Marker, (Coach) Mr. Grella. Sports — 109 NINERS GO TO BAT Bottom, L. to R.: J. McConnel, J. Wojkovich, J. Frankovich, G. Crnkovich, R. Shipp. Top, L. to R.: R. Galovic, D. Karpen, T. Waite, J. Goetz, 1 Laskowski, M. Verdeyen, R. Dorulla, R. Ramusack, J. Pavolvich, M. Saffa, M. Vaugi. J. Scully, M. Manuel. Coach John Bennett’s baseball team concentrated on rebuilding this year. Underclassmen proved to be the bac kbone of the team promising a strong comeback next year with 16 of 19 players returning. Senior Mike Saffa was recognized as Most Valuable Player and Gary Crnkovich as Most Improved. Sports — 111 TEAM STREAKS PAST OPPONENTS The track coaching staff was divided into three areas: Fr. Ward (distance and high jump), Mr. Nicolini (shot put, discus, and broad jump) and Mr. Billick (sprints, hurdles, and pole vaults). Outstanding school records include Arnie Gough, high and low hurdles; Ron Persin, discus; and the shuttle hurdle team composed of Pete Reba, Bill Pete, Pat Reardon, and Arnie Gough. Freshman school record breakers were Jim Siminski, high jump (5 ' -7 ); Greg Nowesnick, high hurdles (16.45); Larry Billick, low hurdles (23.2); Steve Miller in the two mile run (11 :2 1 .6); and the sprint medley relay (1.47.3) and 880 relay (1 :37.8) teams. Qualifiers: Bottom, L. to R.: T. Paulson, T. Walla, T. Goesewski, T. James, A. Gough, T. Ross. Top, L. to R.: (Coach) Pete Billick, J. White, R. Persin, B. Pete, D. Burrell, T. Waite, P. Reba, M. Manno, R. Kunas, M. Waite. Varsity. Bottom, L. to R.: T. Walla, E. Graveline, J. Lacney, B. Pete, J. Taylor, S. Predaina, G. Johnson, T. Ross. Top, L. to R.: T. Goesewski, (Coach) Pete Billick, P. Reardon, T. Paulson, J. White, B. McPherson, (Coach) Chris Nicolini, J. Bickel, R. Persin, T. LaMere, A. Gough, P. Reba, D. Burell, T. Waite, M. Manno, T. James, (Coach) Fr. Ward, R. Kunas, M. Waite, M. Verdeyen, D. Bain, R. Duenas, B. Iatarola, J. Bruce. 112 — Sports !» Freshmen: Bottom, L. to R.: K. Macinga, J. Qualizza, S. Mallonee, J. Prusiecki, B. Nunley, J. Szmutko, D. Jancosek, P. Panayi. Top, L. to R.: L. Billick, J. Bodnar, J. Vaiana, S. Nolan, M. Wolf, (Coach) Chris Nicolini, G. Nowesnick, G. Pfeifer, F. Losinski, J. Siminski, R. Barrera. Sports — 113 ANOTHER SEASON TEES OFF Andrean golfers went on to win the city championship for the third straight year, and qualified for regionals for the second year in a row. The Northwest Conference champs were led by 5- time match medalist Scott Vidimos whose season’s average for 9 holes was 39.8. By placing second in the Regionals, the golfers qualified for the state finals. Our fourth place finish in the team standings was highlighted by Scott Vidimos winning the individual state title. This is the first time Andrean has had a golf team in the state finals. Sophomore Larry Koval, Juniors Mark Matovina and Dan Sik ich, and Seniors Tim Matovina and Gerry Roszkowski rounded out the team. The experience gained this year by the new members of the team will prove valuable in continuing the success of Andrean golfers. Bottom, L. to R.: T. Matovina, G. Roszkowski, S. Vidimos, M. Matovina, D. Fissinger; Top, L. to R.: L. Koval, M. Bobin, D. Sikich, R. Fransioli, Coach Mike Chelap, T. Staehle, T. Wood. 1 14 — Sports INTRAMURALS DEVELOP SLOWLY Fr. Klein made an attempt to organize intramural football, basketball, and soccer teams this year, but was disappointed in the lack of interest. The football teams that were organized were composed of sophomore homerooms and a team made up of members of the Gary Griffins, which captured the championship title. In basketball, seniors did not show much enthusiasm. The senior boys only had two homerooms competing: rooms 214 and 23 1 . The senior championship was won by room 214. In the junior boys’ basketball, homeroom 2 1 8 won the championship game. As in football, the sophomores division showed a lot of enthusiasm. The freshman boys entered their own All-Star team in the sophomore division and much to the chagrin of the sophs, won the sophomore championship. An attempt was made to form a soccer team but lack of interest barred the development. 116 — Sports Sports — 117 BASKETBALL WRESTLING VARSITY ANDREAN OPPONENT 58 Gary Roosevelt 64 59 Wirt 47 65 Lew Wallace 73 85 River Forest 71 64 West Side 84 65 Merrillville 80 50 Hammond High 84 41 Horace Mann 53 61 Crown Point 62 54 Portage 45 49 Chesterton 50 47 Hammond Morton 64 84 Horace Mann 74 80 Mishawaka Marion 58 57 Hobart 53 48 Hammond Clark 66 79 Calumet 70 57 Emerson 87 66 Laf. Catholic Central 70 46 Roosevelt 66 Record 7-13 LOOTBALL VARSITY ANDREAN OPPONENT 14 Hammond Morton 7 14 Portage 26 7 West Side 6 0 Hobart 3 19 Horace Mann 0 21 Gary Roosevelt 12 3 Lew Wallace 23 24 Emerson 0 33 Wirt 13 14 Chesterton Record 6-4 VARSITY ANDREAN OPPONENT 57 River Forest 12 30 Emerson 27 53 Hanover Central 10 33 Horace Mann 34 30 West Side 28 39 Lew Wallace 17 33 Wirt 27 25 East Gary 21 13 Gary Roosevelt 37 Valparaiso Triple Dual 3rd N.W.C. Tournament 5th Sectionals 3rd Record 7-2 RESERVE ANDREAN OPPONENT 0 Hammond Morton i 14 6 Hobart 6 14 West Side 6 6 Horace Mann 6 21 Gary Roosevelt 12 6 Lew Wallace 20 14 Emerson 12 7 Wirt 0 Record 4-2-2 FRESHMAN ANDREAN OPPONENT 24 Hammond High 12 12 Gary Tolleston 8 8 West Side 6 6 Horace Mann 6 16 Gary Roosevelt 0 26 Lew Wallace 14 44 Emerson 12 20 Wirt 6 Record 7-0-1 CROSS COUNTRY ANDREAN OPP. 46 Hobart 15 23 Wirt 26 20 Emerson 39 21 Morton 35 19 Wallace 42 40 Roosevelt 38 21 West Side 36 23 M. C. Rogers 34 21 M. C. Elston 36 17 M. C. Marquette 46 21 H. Mann 34 30 Calumet 29 City Meet 1st Sectionals 6th Record 10-3 TENNIS ANDREAN OPP. 0 LaPorte 7 1 M. C. Rogers 4 3 Merrillville 2 3 Griffith 2 3 Wirt 2 5 West Side 0 3 Crown Point 2 5 Emerson 0 5 H. Mann 0 5 River Forest 0 5 Roosevelt 0 3 H. Morton 2 1 Portage 4 4 Hobart 1 City Meet 2nd And. Invitationals Record 1 1-3 2nd TRACK Indoor Record Outdoor Record Bronko Relays And. Relays Chesterton Relays Rens Relays NWC Meet LaPorte Relays H. Clark Relays GOLF BASEBALL ANDREAN 12 River Forest 0 Merrillville 1 Merrillville 9 Emerson 3 H. Mann 3 Roosevelt 3 Portage 5 Wallace 4 Emerson 10 West Side 4 H. Mann 2 H. Gavit 1 H. Gavit 5 Roosevelt 1 Wirt 4 Wallace 2 Chesterton 7 H. Gavit 2 Calumet Record 5- 1 4 ANDREAN OPP. 179 Portage 191 Lake Central 191 163 Highland 177 319 Hobart 316 Merrillville 321 M. C. Elston 336 325 LaPorte 329 170 Wirt 183 152 Wallace 167 175 North Judson 196 167 Wirt 176 H. Mann 283 154 Wallace 174 Roosevelt 232 159 Hobart 153 Munster 161 171 Valporaiso 156 Michigan City 179 167 Merrillville 162 Portage 161 159 Crown Point 159 Chesterton 190 won on basis of 5 th man Invitationals Rensselear 11th LaPorte 7th Lake Hills 4th Lafayette 8th Sectionals (Pheasant Valley) 2nd Charles Aldrich Larry Aloia Eric Andersen Nick Antonacopulos Maria Arriero Thomas Babilla Derek Bahnerth Karen Bajgrowicz Kris Baron Diana Barrera Reynaldo Barrera Kim Bartos Officers of the Class of 1977: Left to Right: Brian Campbell, Treasurer; Kris Baron, Secretary; Kelly Blake, Vice President; Steve Mallonee, President. Cindy Beckman Lesa Beeler Jean Beiriger Mark Bell Matthew Benac Mary Bestich Maria Bianco Luis Bicalho Suzanne Bickel William Bielak Lawrence Billick Becky Birchler 122 — Underclassmen Kelly Blake Ellen Blando M. Elena Blando Linda Blaszczak James Bodnar Chester Bojarski Shauna Boliker Susan Bono Severina Bonomo John Bosak Michael Bournes Carol Bowron Victoria Bradford Faith Brantley Kathleen Brown Timothy Brush Ellen Buczek Nancy Burgess Kathleen Burke Patricia Burkus Debbie Burns Nancy Burrell Diane Cafiero Thomas Callaway Brian Campbell Paul Campbell Rachel Cantu Kathy Caplis 123 — Underclassmen Richard Cattan Mary Ann Chelich Tamara Cherry Joan Christoff Daniel Ciesielski Joyce Cieskiewicz John Cisarik Walter Cisowski Patricia Collie Bryan Collins Joseph Conde Laura Conway Stacy Cooke Monica Corgan Rebecca Coy Maureen Crandall Pamela Crossk Cassandra Crowder Jeton Cunegin Karyn Custer Barbara Davis Josephine Deery Marjorie Dickerson Terry Dobrian William Dolatowski Louise Dominik George Donald Karen Dorochoff 124 — Underclassmen Daniel Dorulla Debbie Downs Cynthia Drapac James Driscoll Sandra Dudash Theodore Dudash Margaret Ede Reginald Edwards Alba Egipciaco Kathrine Elieff Kelly Elkins Janet Erdei Paul Euvino Aida Farag Pina Ferlanino Joesph Fernandez Joesph Finnearty Allison Finnerty Daniel Fissinger Christopher Frahm Deborah Frank James Frankovich Robert Fransioli Kenneth Fronczak Dennis Funkhouser Michael Gacsy Debby Gagliardi Underclassmen — 125 Michael Gajewski Manuel Gallegos Guadalupe Garcia Yolanda Garza Richard Gerberick Dino Giannini ■» Gerard Gomez Gregory Gomolka Carol Gondell Kathy Gonzalez Mel Paul Gore Jenny Grana Lavander Grant William Graves Harold Griffith Carol Gross Anna Gursky Yolanda Guzman Michael Hallett Margaret Hargarten Carolyn Havens James Henry Blanca Hernandez Iris Hernandez 126 Underclassmen Lori Heyl Marlon Hill Lionel Hinojosa Richard Hite Marianne Hnat Elise Honkoski David Huber Rosemary Hudock Alice Huerta Catherina Huerta Mary Anne Hysong Gina Iatarola Philip Ignarski Mary Ann Innes Joseph Inzerillo Diane I tin Thomas Ivancich Diane Ivanyo Matty Jabkowski Stanley Jagiela Diane Jagiella David Jancosek Mark Jeffreys Martin Jelovcic James Johnson Kathleen Johnston Patrice Joyner Brigid Judge Robert Kacmar Robin Kacmar Underclassmen — 127 Cheryl Kaiser John Kedziora Mark Keller Elizabeth Kent Janet Keough Lauren Kinder Gregory Kmetz Felicia Knowles Mary Kolczak Daniel Komenda Julie Konrady Grace Kovach Mary Lach Trenice Larry Jerome Lee Brett Lehocky Mary Lennertz Kathy Lepp Lucinda Levenda Deborah Linneman Carl Long Michael Long Alberto Lopez Camerina Lopez Perry Lopez Frank Losinski Antonia Lozano Katherina Lynch Kenneth Macinga Mary Ellen Magallon Francine Maggio Mary Mahon Stephen Mallonee William Marker Thomas Marovich Thomas Martin Juanita Martinez Robert Martino Ronald Massengill John Mathews Mark Matsey Robert Mazzaro Timothy McDevitt Debbie McEwan Susan Mclntire Underclassmen 129 Trelane McKinney Kathy McKissack Quinton McKnight Mark Melczewski Xavier Mendoza Rebecca Merced Mary Merza Anne Milbrath Steven Miller Tammie Mirich Roselene Modrak Diane Molik Kathleen Morrison Laura Morton Susan Muldoon Eileen Mulloy Maureen Murphy Pamela Murphy Jack Muffoletto Michael Navarro Timothy Nawrocki Melynda Nicksic Steven Nolan Craig Norman Edward Nowak Gregory Nowesnick Brian Nunley Julia O’Connor Michael O’Melia Gerald Palumbo 130 Underclassmen Anthony Pavolich Margaret Pease Steven Peddle Coleen Peller Mary Peloza Vicki Penn Theresa Perrotta James Pete Gregory Pfeifer John Pfeifer Michael Pifferitti Wallace Piwkiewicz Cynthia Platis Gail Polomchak Brian Popp Anthony Potenti Ann Povlinski Theresa Powell Underclassmen — 131 John Prusiecki Antoinette Putz John Qualizza Anthony Ramirez Carlos Ramos Kim Randall David Reba Ted Reguly Rochelle Renner Margaret Retson Daniel Rettig Debra Rettig Shelley Richter Nancy Rivas Daniel Robbins Lisa Roo ney Michael Ross Sandra Ross Carolyn Roszkowski Angela Ruth Barb Ruzbasan Bernice Ruzga Sharon Rykovich Robert Sabljak Joanne Samarzija Tom Sanchez Laurent Santaquilani Timothy Schafer Terry Schiralli Cheryl Schmitt 132 — Underclassmen Terrence Seibal Donna Sekulich Robert Sgambelluri Lorraine Shanko Henry Sheets Michael Shoback Reginald Shropshire James Siminski Jerome Siminski Martin Simmons Moya Singleton Anthony Skarja Cora Smith Jeanne Smith Theresa Smolinski Daniel Sokolowski Mark Sopko Mary Spasoff Barry Stalmah Kim Starczewski Susan Stark Victoria Steininger Carl Suelzer Joseph Szmutko James Taneff Michael Terzich Scott Tomasic James Tomko Patricia Torchia Denise Torres Underclassmen — 133 Martha Trevino Michele Truax Thomas Tucker Robert Vahary James Vaiana Mark Vargas Stephen Vela John Verdeyen Michelle Vician John Vidal Frank Villareal Joseph Villarreal Ramona Villarreal Karen Vinzani Peter Vorkapich Betty Jean Walker Louise Walsh David Wasil Earl Westforth Jan Wewe 134 — Underclassmen John Wheet Christina Whelan Fabian White Theresa Whitney Debbie Wier Michael Wilczynski Kim Wilson Janet Wojkovich Michael Wolf Thomas Wood Cindy Yudt Patty Yurechko Robert Zacharias Janet Zakutansky Mark Zancanaro Kally Zembillas Raymond Zimmerman Randall Zromkoski Mary Zygmunt Underclassmen — 135 Lydia Alvarez Linda Amore Vincent Amore Phillip Angelo Charles Babilla Diane Bajgrowicz David Ballinger Sandra Barajas Cynthia Bartfai Hilary Baruch Kevin Beckham Anita Behnke Officers of the Class of 1976: From Left to Right: Bud Landeck, President; Mary Ellen Pearce, Vice President; Anne Sheeran, Secretary; Mark Krcmaric, Treasurer. 1 3 Mary Bellendorf Lauren Benac Michael Bianco Michael Bickel David Blachly Richard Blaker F . r x V Ernest Blando Mark Bobin Debra Braman Greg Bruce Kathy Bryan Lori Bukur 136 — Underclassmen Chris Burgess Mary Burgess Courtney Burton Colleen Canales Leticia Canchola Sue Carija Tony Carlino Kathy Chalko Michelle Cherry Margaret Chevigny David Chube Tina Cicco Debra Clark Jackie Cleveland Cedric Cobb Christine Colle Kevin Collins Phyllis Comerford Jacqueline Conroy Leslie Cooke Andrea Corgan Frank Cortina Theresa Costello Robert Craig Edgar Chrisostomo Chris Cunningham Denise Czapko Mark Daniel Antoinette Dauro Kathy Davies Underclassmen 137 Millicent Davis Paula DeBois Patricia Deery Nancy DeGan Cheryl Dent Julie Dickerson Susan Doffin Ann Marie Dolato John Dolatowski Eileen Dombrowski William Dorulla James Doyle Tom Drapac Deborah Duriavig Rita Enrico Gina Ensalaco Frank Evenocheck Janet Ewen Carolyn Fairbairn Karen Fazekas Christina Fealy Richard Federici Marina Fernandez Becky Frederick Helen Galanos Johanna Galanos 138 — Underclassmen Robert Galovic Marie Garcia Vance Gerchak Charles Gill Linda Gintert James Goetz Frances Gomez Sandra Gonzalez Susan Goszewski Beverly Gough Tom Gravelle Mark Green Theresa Gregor Linda Guelinas Tom Gundy Rita Gurdian Theresa Hanlon John Harris Mary Hayduk Dan Heintz Kevin Hirsch Scott Hogg Pam Holcomb Maurice Hopkins Bernadette Horkavi Robert Horvath Arthur Houser Maiy Hughes Robert Iatarola Stan Ignarski Nancy Ihnat Jean Ikovic Underclassmen — 139 Debra Jackson Walter Jagiela Linda Jaworski John Jenkins Christine Jimenez Mark Kacmar 140 — Underclassmen Donald Kaminski Robert Karafin Richard Keeley Maria Kienzynski Frank Kissel Michele Klich Lorelei Knowles Carol Koch John Kopchik Larry Koval Pam Krajnak Mark Krcmaric Karen Kristoff Devery Krupchak Maureen Kuchta Peter Kutsugeras Marie Kwilasz Judy Ladra Vernon Landeck James Laskowski Susan Lazorik Pat Lepp John Levenda Sharon Levin Peter Liber Leonor Lopez Rosemarie Lopez Florence Magallon Michael Mallonee Mark Manley Mark Manuel Nancy Marcotte Denise Marulic Joe Mathews Paula Mathis Brian McPherson Stephen Mendoza Robert Mestrich Michael Milenki Nancy Miller Theodore Mioduski Kathy Mongold Johnnie Montanio Charlene Moore Richard Morgan Elizabeth Morrison Nanette Moss Tony Muffoletto Eileen Murphy Michele Murphy Underclassmen — 141 Lisa Nacarato James Nettles Becky Noak Shawn Norman Tom Novotny Susan O’Leary Martin O’Melia John Ornelas Tom Ownes Joel Page Susan Palansky Susan Palermo Phillip Patterson Kim Patton Kathy Pazak Mary Ellen Pearce Gerald Persley William Pete Elaine Petrites Michael Petrites Laura Phipps James Plasencia Marie Plasencia William Plumb Kathy Poncsak David Poplon Suzanne Praschak William Pratschak Steven Predaina Karl Prentiss Janet Ramusack Rosanne Randazzo David Rearick 142 Underclassmen Yolanda Rebeck John Rees Stephen Rees Pam Richter Robert Rueter Laura Rupp David Rutkin Linda Ruzga Susan Rykovich Annette Sajko Leon Sanchez Frances Santaquilani Tina Santucci Debra Sarkey Nancy Saroukos Debbie Sattler Roger Schaetzel John Schweisthal Susan Scully Anne Sherran James Shepitka Ricky Shipp Chris Shultz Kenneth Shultz Cindy Sidor Anita Simpson Joseph Sims Larry Skeirys Underclassmen — 143 Hugh Sloan Nora Smith Tammy Smith Vicki Snemis Gary Spencer Bruce St. Germain Tom Staehle Paul Stanzione Donna Starr Velda Staton Sharon Stinar Janine Stinson Tom Strimbu Susan Sum Diane Suzich Kevin Sylve Michael Szymanski Joseph Tassone James Teso Patty Teso Mark Tolpa Kris Tomaszewski Debbie Torres Diane Trafny 144 — Underclassmen Nancy Trajkovich Mary Tsampis Keith Underwood Luciana Urban Carmen Vasquez Michelle Verduzco Pat Vidal Allison Vidimos Robert Vidmich Valerie Visclosky John Walsh Kerry Warded Theresa Weiler Karen Werner Alice White Jeanne Whitney Joseph Wiedemann Connie Wiley Debra Williams Alan Wissenberg Jackie Witczak Luis Zacarias Theresa Zakutansky David Zaloudek Shelby Zampa John Zembillas Underclassmen — 145 Officers of the Class of 1975: From Left to Right: Savas Zembillas, President; Rich Kunas, Treasurer; Veronica LaFrossia, Vice President; Cindy Lesch, Secretary. Beth Adams Steve Allison Eileen Argon Amado Arceo Jan Argenta Jim Argenta Jacob Arriero Laura Arriero Therese Arvin Lorraine Babagan Richard Bajgrowicz David Bain Margi Ballinger John Barker John Baron David Barrick John Bayer Clari Lynn Benford Lynn Bettens David Bianco Silvia Bicalho John Bickel Connie Biegel Mike Bilski 146 — Underclassmen Diane Bittner Timothy Blaker Kris Bley Kathy Bollinger Tony Bonich Raymond Borchert Patty Brady Celeste Brockschmidt Allan Brown Patty Brown Jeff Bruce Nancy Bryan Yvonne Buckhalter Joe Buergler Michele Burgess Mike Burkhart Dave Burrell Susan Burrell Thomas Cafiero Laura Camery Hortence Canchola Valerie Cannon Joe Carlino Steve Chalko Linda Chirby Yvonne Chirby Margaret Cholodinski Laurie Chouinard Christine Christoff Margaret Churilla Underclassmen 147 Gene Ciesielski Mary Ciesielski Tom Ciesielski Doreen Cisowski Jo Ellyn Codespoti Beth Cogelja Martha Colon Zoraida Colon Carol Colza Betty Jo Conlon Allison Cooke Diane Coppinger Debbie Cox Jeanie Corado Colleen Crandal Gary Crnkovich Kim Crossk Glenn Cummings Charles Darmon Mike Daugherty Bill Deery Toni Demo Bill Dickerson Debra Dixon Ray Dobrian Linda Donald John Dougherty Denise Downs Bob Dutcher Tim Dzyacky 148 Underclassmen Gary Edwards Betsy Ellis Philip Ensalaco John Erdelac George Evenocheck John Fallace Anthony Farag Joe Filipowski Kevin Finnerty Harry Floras John Frankovich Theresa Franz Lisa Galanos Jim Gaydos Mary Rose Genduso Thomas Giannini Michael Gibbs Bobbie Gilea Paul Giorgi Patty Godoy Nancy Gomolka Debbie Gough Ed Graveline Len Gregorczyk Ethel Gregory Joe Grembowicz Nora Griffin Chuck Grubb Debbie Guelinas Joan Guernsey Underclassmen — 149 Shelly Haas John Hargarten Marquita Harris Dale Harvoth Beth Hayes Darlene Hazi Pat Hecimovich April Heltsley Liz Hennessey Diana Henry Maria Hernandez Marie Hill Gina Hill Frank Hoffman Sue Hudock Joe Huerta Barbara Huettner Joan Huffman Mike Hull Mary Carol Hush Stacie Ignarski Theresa Inzerillo Henry James Tim James Mary Jo Jankowicz Cathy Jascoviak Nadine Jelovcic Mike Jesko Gino Johnson Rosemarie Kacmar Rick Kadar Marie Kamaski Brad Karagin 150 Underclassmen Dennis Karpen Lynn Kenny Madeline Kesel Jim Kish Patti Klimek Vicki Kmetz Beth Knies Steve Kokos Becky Kolakovich Janet Komisarcik Kim Konrady Karla Koslow Rhonda Kostelnik Vickie Kovalcik Karen Kovich Dave Kristoff Tom Krusa Rich Kunas Jeff Lacney Veronica LaFrossia Meller Langford Tony Laterzo Chuck Lazar Kim Lennertz Cindy Lesch Betsy Lessard Marissa Levenda Gary Loh Underclassmen — 151 Mark Louviere Kevin Luksus Mark Malayter Cindy Maleck Elaine Marcotte David Marovich Kelli Marrie Cathy Martin Joseph Martin Mark Matovina Diana Mattei Larry Matunas Joni Mazzaro Jim McConnell Debbie McCune Ron McGee Tony McWhorter Cathy Mekola Ed Mele Pete Milbrath Ed Miles Maureen Miller Pat Mills Barb Milosovich Pat Minczewski Rosalie Mirich Elizabeth Murphy Tom Nault Joe Novotny Judy Nowak Michael O’Connor Bob Onda Tom Orton Kathryn Page Barb Palansky Christine Pazak Jim Pease Gaibrielle Peddle Bob Penn Debbie Perotta Ron Persin Su’san Petrites Christine Phillips Manuel Plasencia Maryann Plucinik Ann Poracky Ray Ramusack Joe Razumich Mike Reardon Pat Reardon Underclassmen — 153 Pete Reba Beth Rendina Patty Renslow Kathy Rettig Lynn Rice Cheryl Richter Terry Ridgely Dawn Robbins Rick Rondinelli Tony Ross Diane Roszkowski Lori Roszkowski Karen Rupp Charlotte Ruzbasan Maureen Ryan Mark Saberniak Amy Sanchez Nick Santaquilani Ron Santelik Phil Santucci Donna Sapone Lorraine Sattler Regina Schaefer Lola Schiesser 1 54 — Underclassmen Ed Schutz John Scully Scott Senak Bob Senzina Tom Sgambelluri Lori Sharp Mary Sheeran Tim Sheeran Sherry Sheffer Mike Shoemaker Pam Shoemaker Joan Shonske Eric Shropshire Daniel Sikich Joanne Simatovich Pam Simko Susan Singel Bernard Smith Underclassmen 155 Bill Smith Donna Sohacki Mary Sopko Bob Sosa Paul Sotak Debbie Spangler Diane Spasoff Brian Sperl A1 Stalmah Cindy Starkey Tom Stinar Mike Strimbu Mark Suelzer Lisa Surber Jeff Taylor Miriam Tournai Kathy Tracy George Tutto Diane Van Cleef Mickey Vaughan Roy Vasquez Marty Verdeyen Mike Verdeyen Nelson Vidal Scott Vidimos Becky Villareal Maryann Voss Rita Waddell 156 — Underclassmen Jan Wagner Tim Waite Tom Waite Ed Wallo Kathy Wallo Jeff Ward Lynetta Ward Gail Warren Debbie Wayman Maureen Wesbecher Ruth Westforth Jeff White Peggy White Kent Williams Russ Wilson Mike Wirtz Mary Wleklinski Jim Wojkovich Larry Wood Pat Young Norma Zacarias Mary Zambory Savas Zembillas Ed Zych Underclassmen — 157 10 years from now . . . walking through the empty hallways hearing music floating from the cafeteria . . . walking in the boy’s gym hearing echoes of cheers from past basketball games . . . . . . still as yesterday . . . hearing . . . seeing . . . feeling . . . All the good times, the bad times and times of growth which every person who has touched a part of Andrean has experienced . . . Garry Aloia Angela Amore Laura Atzhorn Mary Ann Babjak Mary Backe Barbara Badylak Nancy Bahun Scott Ballogg Marisela Barcenas Norma Barcenas Laura Barich Robin Barner 160 — Seniors Ruben Barrera Thomas Bartolomeo Dennis Barunica Paula Battistini Lisa Beckham Bias Belmonte Class Officers: Mary Ramirez, Gerri Smith Joseph Beiriger Karen Benac Roberta Benac James Beres Theresa Berkheimer Beverly Binzen Seniors — 161 Mary Jo Black Maria Blando Pamela Bodnar Bernard Bojarski Michelle Botsko Ramona Bottos Kevin Brislen Vin Buckhalter Brian Bobin John Bodnar Olga Bojarski Edward Botsch 162 — Seniors m Thomas Bukur Linda Burkhart Claudia Carija Stephen Christian Geralyn Burrell Karen Burwinkel Elizabeth Bushemi Ellen Bushemi John Cicco Michelle Cieskiewicz Seniors — 163 Carolyn Clifford Craig Collins Mary Jane Comerford Susan Consorti Kathleen Crandall Karen Crane Bradley Cross Denise Davis Lawrence DeGan Jesse Devitte Robert Dian Jerome Dombrowski Gregory Doneff Louise Daniel Barbara Daugherty Richard Deruntz Karen Devitt Joseph Dickerson Cynthia Dixon Toni Dorochoff Raymond Dorulla Seniors — 165 Ralph Duenas Linda Dziewicki Joi Edwards Kenneth Edwards Alexander Einikis Jack Ellis Doreen Fatula 166 — Seniors Robert Franta Anne Frenken James Gallagher Victor Galvez Vikki Geras Michael Gerberick Mary Beth Gianoli Margaret Gilmore Susan Gobla David Gorney Thomas Goszewski Arnold Gough Seniors — 167 Tanya Graham Anthony Gregory Gerianne Hap Lawrence Hargarten Paula Halpin Lisa Hall Gayle Gross Denise Hackley Susan Hayes John Henderson Thomas Hilton Debra Hiney Martha Hogan John Hohner Nancy Hostetler Janet Hudock 168 — Seniors Mark Hunker William Huszar Thomas Jakelich Robert James Gabrielle Irons Donald Jacobs Steven Jeffreys Jeanette Jaworski Seniors — 169 Jessie Jenkins Mary Anne Johnston Joni Jones Brendan Joyce Pamela Karras Thomas Kersting Gregory Kesel Kathleen Kissel 1 70 — Seniors Mary Jo Klich Bobbi Knowles George Kosanovich John Kovich Leslie Kozyra Dana Kranik Pamela Kratkoczki Michael Krcmaric Donna Kutzer Timothy LaMere Tamara Krupchak Robert Kunas Seniors — 171 Eileen Lax George Ledak Pamela Lennertz Michael Lepp Richard Lepp Carol Libauskas Mathew Lipton George Locasto Matthew Libassi Daniel Long 172 — Seniors Pierrette Martin Terrence Lynch Barbara Marcotte Susan Longa Loretta Lorenty Karen Lynch ft Michael Manno Lucy Martin Alice Markle Bonnie Markle Eileen Macey Nancy Malicki Mario McDaniel Daniel McDonald Thomas McMahon Robert Melevin Timothy Matovina William McCabe Daniel McGrath Paul McGuan Robert Mellon William Mellon 174 — Seniors ) Anthony Merza Audrey Miller Mary Mirich Patricia Myers Michael Nacarato Eleanor Nawrocki Stephen Ohm Theresa Metz Benjamin Milbrath Joseph Montanio Shiela Mullen Seniors — 175 Daniel Oppman Mary O’Rourke Christine Pankiw John Parker John Pavlovich John Peck Laura Peddle Sandy Persin Cheryl Pesdan Patricia Pete Susan Peterson Jane Phipps 176 — Seniors Carol Poncsak Barbara Radigan Louis Rajski Mary Ramirez Manuel Ramos Eugene Rawley Paul Redar Seniors — 177 Karen Rettig Timothy Ridgely Kathryn Rooney Gerald Roszkowski Rita Ruzga James Rydlewski Raymond Saksa David Sanders Eugene Roberts Michael Rogers Mark Roszkowski Rebecca Rueter Richard Rykovich Michael Saffa Fred Schmidt Margaret Schwinn i 178 — Seniors Lydia Shanko Christine Shepitka Thomas Seibal Monica Shedlak Ellen Sielewicz Ronald Simko Michael Simpson Thomas Smar Seniors — 179 180 — Seniors Debra Spotilla William Stassen Carin Stazinski Mark Strimbu Matthew Suelzer Christina Sum Paula Teso Stanley Tokarski Aniko Szabo Lisa Szmutko Doriane Taneff Carl Terlicher Seniors — 181 182 — Seniors Dana Warner Joyce Wheeler Rebekah Wheeler Ellen White Laura Whitten Phillip Wiley Gail Williams Samuel Wilson Mary Lynn Theresa Wojkovich Wojcehowski Dane Woodard Joseph Yuran Michael Yurechko Susan Zaloudek Charles Zembillas John Zemelko Seniors — 1 83 1 84 — Seniors Seniors — 185 Seniors — 187 Personal Patrons Mrs. Joan Alfred Nick Angel, Lake County Treasurer Joe Arredondo, Lake County Auditor Mrs. Katherine Beckman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Blake Marion J. Bushemi, State Representative Mrs. Sam Bushemi M iss Ann Chrison Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Daniel Raymond DeFabio Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Dickerson Jeannine Eckert ' s Salon Mrs. George Fisher Mr. and Mrs. John Foley Dr. J. J. Forszt, Lake County Commissioner Herbert F. Geisen Attorney Paul J. Giorgi Rudolph G. Gomez and Family Homeroom 107 Richard Thomas Hysong Ined ' s Standard Service Michael Jankovich, Lake County Assessor Richard T. Jeffreys Dr. and Mrs. S. Lopez Robert A. Lucas Mrs. Joseph McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Herb Meinert Dr. Georgia B. Mitchell Mr. William A. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Ted Murphy Thomas J. Nestler Nu-Art Upholstery Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Smith Raymond C. Sufana, Chief Deputy Prosecutor Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Waterford Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Wirtz Yamo ' s Fruit Market Young World Mr. and Mrs. P. Zakutansky, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. P. Zakutansky, Sr. Business Patrons A Friend A B Tooned 2 I West 73rd Avenue Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Ace Hardware 7300 Braodway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Action Hardware Company, Inc. 6 1 0 South Lake Street Gary, Indiana 46403 Adams Village T.V., Inc. 3592 Village Court Gary, Indiana 46408 Ad-Craft Sign Company Box 444 Portage, Indiana 46368 Allied Insurance Agency, Inc. 6695 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Al ' s Super 1 00 400 West 73rd Avenue Merrillville, Indiana 46410 IP Calumet Construction Corp. 1 247- 1 69th Street Hammond, Indiana 46324 Calumet Securities Corp. 561 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46402 Carley ' s Moving and Storage Company 5260 Cleveland Street Gary, Indiana 46408 Andros Furniture and Appliance, Inc. 3764 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46408 Artistic Cleaners 6854 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Biegel ' s Carburetor and Ignition 1 30 North West Street Crown Point, Indiana 46307 Raymond F. Carmody, M.D. Pravit Sinchai, M.D. 5284 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46408 Dr. G. V. Carter 7887 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Chicken Unlimited 5524 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Broadway Dodge, Inc. 5880 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Burns Harbor Marine, Inc. I 700 Marine Street Portage, Indiana 46368 Commercial Construction, Inc. 59 West 68th Place Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craig 6782 Polk Street Merrillville, Indiana 46410 C Thomas Chevrolet 650 East 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana 46402 Dairy Queen of Merrillville 6849 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Dermatology Associates, Inc. 5490 Broadway Plaza Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Patrons — 1 89 Crossroads Plaza 6 1 st and Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 3550 Village Center Gary, Indiana Dunkin ' Donuts 5775 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 East Gary Drugs 4294 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana 46405 Edward ' s Store for Men 20 1 Main Street Hobart, Indiana 46392 55th Avenue Pharmacy 5490 Broadway Plaza Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Ban $Jl]ndiana g NATIONAL ASSOCIATION Now 13 Convenient Locations Downtown Gary Glen Park Ross Whiting Midtown Miller East Gary Hobart Highland Cedar Lake St. John Shelby Daily Drive-in Administrative Trust Offices -Twin Towers, Merrillville 190 — Patrons 49th Avenue Bakery 49 1 3 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46409 Gary Floor Refinishing Company 5495 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Fran ' s Auto Sales 4 West 73rd Avenue Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Gary Photo Service I 1 25 Grant Street Gary, Indiana 46408 Froggy ' s Carry Out 2950-45th Street Highland, Indiana 46408 Gary Transfer Company 3600 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana 46408 Frontierland Campers Route 41 and U.S. 30 Schererville, Indiana 46375 Gingiss Formalwear 6 1 28 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Giolas Studio 5070 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46408 Glen Park Tobacco Company, Inc. 5255 Cleveland Street Gary, Indiana 46408 Goad ' s House of Tennis 1 000 East 80th Place Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Heilman ' s Auto Supply 5 1 2 East 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana 46402 Recreational Insurance Specialists 5201 Broadway, Suite 3 Gary, Indiana 46410 Patrons THE TOP DOG The Cycle Scene The Family Bicycle Center 4601 Broadway 44 West 67th Avenue Gary Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Phone:887-1843 Phone: Koney Dogs Hamburgers (219) 769-3737 Homemade Chili Better than the best Dr. Joseph Hlodnicki, D. P. M. 7863 Broadway, Suite 130 Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Hammond Drapery Co., Inc. 6 1 68 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Holloway Lumber and Construction Co., Inc. 1115 Broadway Gary, Indi ana 46407 Horst ' s Hardware 204 South Main Street Crown Point, Indiana 46307 Hunch Furs 3654 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46408 Incentive Insurance, Inc. 4365 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46409 Insurance Service Agency, Inc. 2111 W. Lincoln Highway Crown Point, Indiana 46307 Jaski ' s Barber Shop 835 East 49th Avenue Gary, Indiana 46409 192 — Patrons asm John ' s Barber Shop 514 East 3rd Street Hobart, Indiana 46342 A m The Keg Trap 4489 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46408 Lach Funeral Home 6121 Miller Avenue Gary, Indiana 46403 Lansing Studio P.O. Box 341 nsing, Illinois 60438 Mark ' s Super Foods 4 1 00 Adam ' s Street Gary, Indiana 46408 Matovina Construction Co. 2702 West 63rd Avenue Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Max ' s Restaurant 3691 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46409 McClenthen Motors American 1003 North Main Street Crown Point, Indiana 46307 Larson ' s Lumber, Inc. 2701 West 45th Avenue Gary, Indiana 46408 Lennertz Fireplace Store 5583 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 The Lighthouse, Inc. 1 0 1 South Court Street Crown Point, Indiana Lot O ' Fun Trailer Sales U.S. 4 1 -l 2 mile south of U.S. 30 Scherrillville, Indiana 46375 The Athlete ' s Foot Sporting Goods Store 63 West 68th Avenue Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Phone: 769-3113 A Complete Line of Athletic Equipment Patrons — 193 We Run Circles Around Anyone When 1+ Comes To Professional Cameras And Other Gear. Best Wishes to the Class of 1 974 and Congratulations to Their Proud Parents for a Job Well Done. Mangos Realtors, Inc. 5417 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Mercury Moving and Storage 7200 South Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Merrillville Bakery 7 1 39 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Metcalf Drugs 1 20 South Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Miner-Dunn Restaurant 301 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana 46408 Mr. Alley ' s 6615 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Pampalone Pharmacy 3776 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46408 Phipps and Funkey, Inc. 5525 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Piatak Meats, I nc. 6200 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 194 — Patrons Varsity Cheerleaders Kim Konrady, Barb Huettner, Pam Lennertz, Ellen Bushemi, Donna Sapone and Ann Poracky along with Ted Wahlberg show off camera equipment that can be purchased at Wahlberg ' s. Join fhe discriminating — get the best for your money! Outstanding Portraiture by Exclusively in Natural Color Services Available: Senior Portraits Wedding Stories Cameras and Projectors Dark Room Equipment Photogra phsr — T©d NA ahlberg And Supplies 73 1 5 Lake Shore Drive Cedar Lake, Indiana 46303 Telephone: 219 — 374-5454 Patrons — YOUR GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD BANK Main Office 883-0431 883-0361 504 Broadway Autobank 883-5925 436 Washington Street Central Office 883-962 1 1710 Broadway Village Office 887-1223 3562 Village Court Piezano ' s Pizza, Inc. 4450 Cleveland Street Gary, Indiana 46408 The Pines Gift Shoppe U.S. Highway I 30, across from the Hobart Animal Hospital Hobart, Indiana 46342 Len Pollack, Buick, Inc. 7301 East U.S. 20 Gary, Indiana 46403 Roma Old Mill 35 West 73rd Avenue Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Portage Drugs Central and Willow Creek Roads Portage, Indiana 46368 William A. Pozzo, Inc. L-65 at 15th Avenue Gary, Indiana 46403 Reavis Tire and Supply 901 East 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana 46403 Remy Construction Co., Inc. 3712 Hayes Street Gary, Indiana 46408 196 — Patrons Rendina Funeral Home 456 Clark Road Gary, Indiana 46406 Ron-D ' s Beauty Salon 3859 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46409 Sanders Ready-Mixed Concrete, Inc. 3800 Rhode Island Street Gary, Indiana 46409 Schepel Buick, Inc. 3208 West Lincoln Highway Crown Point, Indiana 46307 Schmal ' s Dairy Store 2 I 3 North Main Street Crown Point, Indiana 46307 W. A. Schmidt Agency 504 Broadway, Suite 7 1 2 Gary, Indiana 46402 Seaway Motor Express 3600 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana 46408 Vito J. Sgambelluri, Real Estate 959 West 56th Place Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Reliable Nursing Services Call Day or Night RN ' s, LPN ' s, Aid es, Companions, Male Attendants or Live-in’s Available — Full or Part-Time basis. Our employees are experienced, screened insured, bonded and under RN supervision. 4121 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46409 Phone; (219) 981-2168 Compliments of The Knights of Columbus St. Thomas Council 1 347 Patrons — 197 Sharp Brothers Garage 43 I Virginia Street Gary, Indiana 46403 Thomas A. Snemis 37 1 2 Hayes Street Gary, Indiana 46408 Albert A. Slater Furniture 7320 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Smith and Company, Incorporated Realtors 500 West Lincoln Highway Merrillville, Indiana 46410 Snell Chevrolet Sales, Inc. 700 West Commercial Lowell, Indiana 46410 Steel City Cartage Company P.O. Box 420 East Chicago, Indiana 46312 Steeltex Industries, Inc. 6 Russell Street Hammond, Indiana 46320 PRIVATE Hairstyling by Appointment • MANICURING •HAIR STRAIGHTENING • RAZOR BLENDING •HAIR STYLING Charles E. Pfister •HAIR COLORING •TOUPEES •DANDRUFF TREATMENT Phone 884-8550 gingiss Formalwear Centers World ' s Largest Formalwear Specialists Two Convenient Locations 56l4Hohman Crossroads Plaza Hammond, Indiana 6 1 st and Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 931-6180 887-6544 — Patrons Congratulations to the Class of 1974 Roman Pizza 5660 Harrison Street Merrillville, Indiana Steel Town American, Inc. 7010 East U.S. Highway 20 Gary, Indiana 46403 Summerfield Motor Leasing Company 3033 Grant Street Gary, Indiana 46408 Tip Top Supermarket, Inc. 2025 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana 46408 Titak Meats 4921 Broadway Gary, Indiana 46408 Joe Tittle and Sons 6140 Broadway Merrillville, Indicia 464 10 Union Florist I 520 Grant Street Gary, Indiana 46404 Walker Motor Company 428 East 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana 46403 Warsaw Packing Company 1 839 Delaware Street Gary, Indiana 46404 Wendt Brothers Drugs 1 04 South Main Street Crown Point, Indiana 46307 Chuck Wheeler Restaurants 5809 Miller Avenue Gary, Indiana 46403 Yu Can! Motorcycle Shop 1 09 West 4 1 st Avenue Gary, Indiana 46408 Patrons — 199 And as We Bring This to a Close, There Are Many People We Would Like to Thank: Father John Menner Liz Bushemi Father David Klein Linda Chirby All the Coaches Gerianne Hap Sister M. Paul Mary Jo Klich Sister Joanne Stahura Steve Predaina The Office Staff Jim Spasoff Miss Kay Lynn Spencer Bill Stassen Tim Matovina Mark Strimbu Charlie Zembillas Mike Strimbu Bob Lewis of Lewis Color Studio Kelly Blake Gary Camera Mary Ciesielski Wahlberg Studio Doreen Cisowski Ellen Bushemi Ben Milbrath And our parents and friends who missed us for days at a time 200 — Acknowledgements

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