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And the seasons they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down We’re captive on a carousel of time We can ' t return We can only look behind from where we came And go round and round and round in the circle game “The Circle Game’’ by Joni Mitchell Introduction — 1 It seemed like a forever — reading, writing, arithmetic grade school and junior high — Growing up to be a 59’er Then through Freshman newness Sophomore enthusiasm Junior impatience the agonizing wait to be a Senior only to begin again To feel four years ago as yesterday And tomorrow as a lifetime away 2 — Introduction 4 — Introduction How quickly September changes to December the snow melts the trees come back to life We pick daisies avoid bees and run barefoot in the sand almost in one breath Tearing calendar pages as fast as we cover chapters and write critiques This revolving pattern finds us joyful at times — pensive saddened exuberant at others Each full turn of twelve months deepens our friendships perception knowledge maturity our love We pass with the time to greater things Introduction — 7 Time disappears — we can’t come by it again What happened once won’t happen again the same way We aren’t the same people we were 4 years ago 4 months ago 4 weeks ago 4 days ago 4 hours ago Our experiences are crystallized — they are as static and as clear as pictures Introduction — 9 Our joys and sorrows high points and low points are a part of history but they live and flourish in our memories Introduction — 11 ANDREAN HIGH SCHOOL Merrillville, Indiana Athletics ... 90 Underclassmen . . . 1 20 Seniors . . .158 WITH SINCERE APPRECIATION WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO REVEREND JOHN T. CHERRY, C.S.B. VOLUME II JUDY WOJKOVICH, Co-Editor DAVID BITTNER, Co-Editor RAYMOND DE FABIO, Moderator SISTER JEANNE AMBRE, SS.C.M., Moderator academic Administration — Bearers of Vision for Now and The Future A school is as good as the dedication of its leadership. This dedication cannot be measured by time, space , money or any conceivable measurement of its output. It can only be measured by the totality of its efforts and its success at instilling its goals and reaching every student. In Andrean’s case the goals are to promote scholastic achievement and to implant Christian morals. Under the leadership of Father Cherry and Sister Janet the realization of these goals was just a bit more conceivable. They were able to keep Andrean a top quality Catholic High School. Rev. Ronald G. Schwenzer, C.S.B., Assistant Principal Rev. Vincent C. Eckert, C.S.B., Treasurer Sister M. Emma, SS.C.M., Librarian Sister M. Jeanne, SS.C.M., Assistant Principal 16 — Academics Sister M. Janet, SS.C.M., Associate Principal Academics — 1 7 It is the same God that said, “Let there be light shining out of the darkness , " who has shown in our minds to radiate the light of the knowledge of God ' s glory, the glory on the face of Christ. We are only the earthenware jars that hold this treasure, to make it clear that such an overwhelming power comes from God and not from us. We are in difficulties on all sides, but never cornered; we see no answer to our problems, but never despair; we have been persecuted, but never deserted; knocked down, but never killed; always, wherever we may be, we carry with us in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus, too, may always be seen in our body. For we know that when the tent that we live in on earth is folded up, there is a house built by God for us, an everlasting home not made by human hands, in the heavens. In this present state, it is true, we groan as we wait with longing to put on our heavenly home over the other; we should like to be found wearing clothes and not without them. Yes, we groan and find it a burden being still in this tent, not that we want to strip it off, but to put the second garment over it and to have what must die taken up into life. This is the purpose for which God made us, and he has given us the pledge of his Spirit. 2 Corinthians Gifts symbolizing various aspects of Father Cherry’s life were presented at the Offertory of the Mass of Resurrection celebrated at Blessed Sacrament Church. Pictured at the right is a piece of artwork, symbol of Father’s lif elong devotion to the beautiful works of man’s imagination and hands; a candle, symbol of the light and wisdom of Christ which illumined Father’s life; the memorial edition of the Acropolis; Father’s office book, symbol of the Basilian life of community and prayer; nails, symbolizing his share in the sufferings of Christ; a faculty handbook, symbol of his efforts to fashion Andrean into a deeply Christian educational community; grains of incense, symbol of the beautiful, gentle, and humorous words and acts which characterized his life; and an earthenware clay vessel, symbol of man’s nature, imperfect unless filled with the power of Christ. 20 — Academics That We Might Not Forget REVEREND JOHN T. CHERRY, C.S.B. December 12, 1919 — February 21, 1973 Unless a wheat grain falls on the ground and dies it remains only a single grain, but if it dies, it yields a rich harvest. John 12 A quiet man — peaceful and strong A friend — enduring and concerned A priest — devoted and faithful We are only the better for having known him Academics A Unique Insight Into the Life of Men in God Religion at Andrean is not just a subject but a way of life, therefore, the Theology Department’s main objective is to aid the individual student in seeking knowledge of religious truths and principles, and helping them apply these to modern life. Theology has always been a four year course here at Andrean which distinguishes Andrean from public schools. All religion courses aim to aid students to understand their faith in relation to themselves and the world. Rev. Charles Christopher, C.S.B. Sister Mary Anne Nemec, SS.C.M. WEArE OnW TtlB EflKWENwflRE TrfflT HoiP TM lb MaKe |T CfflP Thjfj SllCW AN mm overwhelming po w sR GOD comes FROM fyD MOT PROM US Sister Virginia DeWan, SS.C.M. 22 — Academics Sister M. Paul, SS.C.M. Mr. Anthony Grella Academics — 23 Mr. Dennis Kauffman Rev. David Klein, C.S.B. The English Department provides each student with an opportunity to gain an insight into the beauty of literature and the creativity of composition. A wide variety of courses explores everything from writing skills to Black American literature to Film as Art. Speech and Journalism courses offer a valuable outlet for self-expression. This year, the department sponsored the National Theatre Company’s presentation of Barefoot in the Park and Antigone in order to expose each student to professional drama — living literature. In the Literary Magazine, creative students receive the satisfaction of seeing their best achievements in print. Rev. Gordon Judd, C.S.B. Mrs. John Thomas Mrs. Leroy Ernst 24 — Academics Seeking to Plumb the Depths of Words Sister Gilmary, SS.C.M. Mr. Raymond DeFabio Mrs. Vernon Landeck Rev. Charles Smith, C.S.B. Academics — 25 to Think and Express Oneself in Another Language i Sister M. Annette, SS.C.M. 26 — Academics Sister Marguerite Dankulich, SS.C.M. Mr. Lester Weiss The Language Department offers four year courses in French, Spanish, and German, and a two year course in Latin. Along with the fundamental knowledge of the language, culture is brought into the course by the use of filmstrips, periodicals, and tapes. Most students take advantage of the opportunity to study two years of one language or another in preparation for the future. Miss Patricia O’Hara Academics — 27 Intensive Study of Cultural Patterns Through an active study of our nation’s history, government and economics the Social Studies Department strives to produce responsible citizens of the United States. Term papers, reports, study of current events, and group discussions inform students of the workings of the United States and makes them aware of the past, present, and future of our world neighbors. Mrs. David Black Miss Roseann Trapane 28 — Academics Mr. John McCarthy, C.S.B. Academics — 29 A Challenge to the Inquisitive To appreciate the intensity of the natural world is the general aim of the Science Department. Amid an array of lab books, lecture notes, test-tubes, and balances, one can discover the complexities of the unknown. The department offers a basis for further study in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Miss Linda Bram Rev. Kenneth Decker, C.S.B. Mr. Orville Burley 30 — Academics Mr. Michael Chelap Sister Joan Marie, SS.C.M. Mr. Jerome Mazur Academics — 31 Developing the Analytical Mind As all other departments the Math Department provides the student with an adequate background for further study in its field. There is a choice of three tracks to follow from which the student can choose the one best fitted to his needs and abilities. Regardless of the program he chooses the math student makes use of logic and reason to develop clear thinking patterns which aid him in all his other studies. Sister M. Nadine, SS.C.M. Mrs. Dennis Mestrich 32 — Academics Sister Jeanne Ambre, SS.C.M. Rev. Harold O’Leary, C.S.B. Sister Joanne Stahura, SS.C.M. Rev. John Ward, C.S.B. Academics — 33 A Future to Work In Pages of squiggles and lines take on new mean ing as shorthand students perform daily assignments of writing exercises and transcriptions. Hands which at one time pecked at typewriters slowly and deliberately, after much practice race through page after page of challenging jobs. Students gain experience in duplicating papers and programs for school events by operating machines and working with stencils. Business Education also includes a study of the principles of Accounting, Business Law, and Management. Such basic skills and practices are good beginnings for a prospective future in the business world. Sister Bernice Marie, SS.C.M. 34 — Academics Mrs. Henry Merila Mrs. George Putz - Sister Maria Goretti, SS.C.M. Sister M. Cyrilline, SS.C.M. Mr. B. and Mr. B. The Application of Polished Skills Academics — 35 Mr. Peter Billick Mr. John Bennett The Industrial Arts Department provides valuable training tor tuture engineers. Dratting, a study ot tools, machines, and operations paves the way tor interpreting and sketching drawings and blueprints. Mechanical Drawing I and II, Architectural Drafting and Design, and Creative Design enable the student to better acquaint himself with the language of industry. The Process of Refining Aesthetic Sensibilities The Fine Arts add a necessary dimension to the total development of the Andrean student. Beginning and advanced Art students experiment with paint, pastels, and ink as well as some unusual art forms such as macrame and tie-dye. Tissue paper and styrofoam packing pieces challenge the students to be ingenious in their creative efforts. Mrs. Robert Czarnecki 36 — Academics Mr. Rolando Chilian Band and Choral students work to develop talents which bring joy and entertainment to the entire student body. Two concerts and an out-of-state tour motivate the students to a high degree of excellence and provide the experience of performing in public. Rev. Joseph Moffatt, C.S.B. Academics — 37 The Art of Domestic Science The Home Economics Department attempts to provide students with the knowledge and skill necessary to be good homemakers. In Foods, a variety of cooking methods are taught with emphasis placed on nutritional values. Good nutrition is a basic part of maintaining the health and well-being of the entire family. Development of sewing skills is important to the homemaker for the satisfaction it brings and the money it saves. Students first practice the basic techniques of darting and hemming, then, after hours of effort, energy, and learning, yards of material and thread take on the shape of coats and dresses. Mrs. John Wamsher 38 — Academics The Science of Sport Physical Education is a required course for all Freshmen at Andrean. The students obtain a knowledge of a variety of sports, besides having a great deal of fun. Soccer, Volleyball, Trampoline, Bowling, and even modern dance find a place in the typical gym class. A follow up to the Physical Education course is the Health and Safety course required in Sophomore year. Here students receive a basic knowledge of the functions of the body and valuable first aid instruction. Miss Kay Lynn Spencer - L Mr. Alexander Holok Mr. Daniel Rogovich Academics — 39 Guiding the Journey to Senior Year Repeatedly the Guidance Counselors prove their genuine concern by sharing ther experience and insights with each student. Individual interviews afford an opportunity to solve schedule problems and plan for future studies. The Counselors’ open doors and willing spirits testify to their sincere desire to meet the needs of each student. Sister M. Alfred, SS.C.M. Mr. Christopher Nicolini Mr. John D. Cox Mrs. Ronald Suckow 40 — Academics Mrs. Philip Sawyer Mrs. Robert Ridgely Mrs. Carl Yurechko Secretaries and Cooks Keep Us Fed and Filed Sister M. Crescentia, SS.C.M. Mrs. Dale Eisner Mrs. John Celenica CAFETERIA STAFF: BACK ROW: L. Parker, J. Aydelotte, M. Matecki, B. Miyerak, C. Matsis. FRONT ROW: V. Kisylia, F. Windbegar, A. Sicula, A. Oldecker, M. Quade. Academics — 41 One reason the big apples are always on top of the basket is that there are always a lot of little ones holding them up there. New Dimensions for Student Council The Andrean Student Council serves as a mediator between faculty and students, especially in matters concerning extracurricular activities. The traditional Student Council activities, dances, sock-hops, assemblies, excursions, Armageddon, and the soon to be traditional Rock Revival, helped to make the year enjoyable for Andrean students. More valuable than the planned activities of Student Council were the serious efforts to include more students in the decisions and work of Student Council. Through conscientious students and faculty the goal of a better Andrean will be realized. National Honor Society Evokes " Mayhem, Madness a nd Merriment " Scholarship, character, leadership, service: these are the four characteristics which bring together Juniors and Seniors from all Andrean organizations into one body, the National Honor Society. Every Tuesday afternoon members of NHS and other volunteer students could be found tutoring grade school boys from Hoosier Boys Town. The NHS’s major endeavor was Fine Arts Day, a program which combined entertainment with instruction. This year’s theme was “Mayhem, Madness, and Merriment — the Development of Comedy in Film.” 46 — Organizations EXECUTIVE BOARD: D. Bittner, T. Hallett, J. Malloy, M.J. Craig. Organizations — 47 Deadlines, By-Lines, Proofs, and Prints The Acropolis, Andrean’s school newspaper, is published monthly by a staff of volunteers and journalism students. Favorite columns include ‘Li’l Andy,’ written by Andrean’s mascot who reveals the secrets of Andrean, and ' Athlete of the Month,’ a column which gives recognition to outstanding Andrean athletes. Under the direction of the new moderator, Sister Gilmary, the Acropolis has become a vital voice in communication between faculty, students and administration. 48 — Organizations This is the Year That Was CO-EDITORS: S. Zaloudek, D. Bittner, J. Wojkovich, T. Wojkovich. Due to a great deal of time, energy and sacrifice, the 1 973 Decussata is now a reality. Under the guidance of our two moderators, Sister Jeanne Ambre and Mr. DeFabio, staff members used their creative talents in making this book one we hope will be remembered throughout the years. Various new methods of procedure, such as the training of two co- editors for next year, workshops and a special Patron Drive run by Jo Hutchens, have made the production of this book a challenging experience. The hours were long and the tensions great, but the result of our efforts is one that will be treasured by many. Judy and Dave Tom Benson John Blenke Nancy Buergler Marcia Cardetti Lin Domanski John Driscoll Tom Hallett THE 1 973 DECUSSATA STAFF Jo Hutchens Patty M. Ihnat Karen Jones Donna Kutzer Paulette LaFata John McLaren Annette Michalak Deborah Mosley Eleanor Nawrocki Kathy Peterson Pat Rees Judi Stankovic Mark Verdeyen Peggy Walker Organizations — 49 Vive Le Canada The main project of this year’s French Club was the trip to French-speaking Canada during Easter vacation. Stops included Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec City, and Toronto. The trip was planned in order to meet the French speaking people themselves instead of merely reading about them in books. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Treasurer P. Karras, President A. Kopil, Vice President P. Lafata. NOT PICTURED: P. M. Ihnat. 50 — Organizations PAC — Action Not Words POLITICAL ACTION CLUB OFFICERS: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. J. Steinkellner, moderator, S. Zaloudek, P. Skinner, D. Pizani, T. Smar. Political rallies, telephone calls, voting and responsible politics are some of the interests of the Andrean Political Action Club. These students could be found at enthusiastic rallies, telephoning and driving people to the polls on election day, and at meetings discussing the political system. Interested not only in the workings of politics, the members felt the responsibility to work at making politics better. Organizations — 51 Smell of the Greasepaint, the Roar of the Crowd “1776,” “Don’t Drink the Water,” and “Thurber Carnival” were the 1973 Andrean Drama Club presentations. The musical, “1776,” and the comedy, “Don’t Drink the Water,” were staged by students under the direction of faculty supervisors. The play, “Thurber Carnival,” was a joint effort, using the combined efforts of students, faculty, and members of the Parents’ Club. Drama Club presentations provide enjoyment of theater productions while giving students a chance to learn first hand the art of the theater. DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: President T. Kish, Secretary C. Smith, Vice President J. Hudock. 52 — Organizations Organizations — 53 BSU Promotes Black Pride Andrean’s Black Student Union is a group of Black students organized to promote Black awareness, Black pride, and Black unity. This year’s activities, including a trip to Black Expo, a sock-hop, and a week dedicated to Black history, were all means for the Black Student Union to achieve its goal of Black identity. BLACK STUDENT UNION OFFICERS: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Jenkins, S. Allison, D. Mosley, C. Watkins, Mr. J. Steinkellner, moderator. 54 — Organizations Concern for Others Marks FHA The Andrean Future Homemakers of America has organized projects to be of service to others, such as their visit to Villa St. Cyril, an Old Folk’s Home in Highland Park, Illinois, and obtaining toys for children in orphanages. The traditional Daddy Date Night was one of the most successful in years. Along with the Christmas party, the Installation and Mothers’ Tea, and the making of Armageddon pizzas, the FHA sold stationery and had an excursion to Sara Lee in Chicago for the end of a busy year. F. H. A. OFFICERS: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Cieskiewicz, E. Nawrocki, M. Mulroe, S. Shonske. Organizations — 55 Concentrated Entertainment The Chess Club of Andrean High School is a group of students interested in learning and experiencing the fine points of the game of chess. Hushed, thoughtful meetings are characteristic of this club, making it one of Andrean’s most unique organizations. CHESS CLUB OFFICERS: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: L. DeGan, J. Hohner, R. Dian. 56 — Organizations Service Is Our Most Important Product BUSINESS CLUB OFFICERS: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Dluzak, L. Melevage, K. Reardon, P. Mihalic, L. Domanski, P. Olejnik, The Business Club of Andrean is an organization composed of students interested in the field of business. The project of assigning secretaries to teachers proved to be successful and so, many Business Club members found themselves gaining valuable experience as secretaries to various teachers. An excursion was planned and members of the Business Club, along with members of the FHA, visited patients in a convalescent home. This year has proven to be a year of growth and achievement for the Business Club. Organizations — 57 YARC and TAC Reach Out — Farther The Andrean Youth Association for Retarded Children is a group which provides entertainment for the younger retarded children of The Merrillville area. In order to raise money for activities, Sue Peterson held a bakesale at her church which netted over $20. The money was soon put to good use at the Easter party where Beth Knies played the role of the Easter bunny (much to the excitement of the youngsters and the amusement of the volunteers). A spring picnic at the Salvatorian Fathers initiated a new treat for the children this year. Several students are involved in the Lake County Unit of Teens Against Cancer, performing service which they find both rewarding and important. 58 — Organizations Where Charity and Love Prevail . . . MISSION CLUB MEMBERS: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Witczak, D. latarola, J. Nettles, Sr. Mary Anne, R. Dobrian, J. Taylor. Through the work of the Mission Society, the students learn of the needs of others and have the opportunity to do what they can to alleviate poverty. The society, through its homeroom representatives, raised money by daily collections and the year’s school wide project — the raffling of a 1 0-speed bicycle. The money collected went to various places of need both in the United States and in foreign countries. This year, in addition to monetary assistance, the members collected mittens, scarves, and hats to meet the immediate need of some Indian children in a reservation school. Organizations — 59 FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Ramos, B. Karagin, S. Hogg, J. Harris, K. Prentiss, T. Mioduski, K. Sulve, S. Allison, A. Siffin, S. Christian, J. Wiltshire, M. Manuel, D. Davison, R. Barner, L. Babagan, P. Martinez, J. Wiedmann, D. Woodard, S. Lewis, R. James, H. James, K. Chalko, C. Libauskas, C. Benford. FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Huerta, E. Miles, B. Smith, G. Kesel, N. Flores, L. Martin, B. Rueter, P. O ' Keefe, J. Taylor, S. Chalko, J. McConnell, M. O ' Connor, B. Taylar, J. Arriero, R. Wilson, D. Zaloudek, P. DeBois, D. Clark, K. Lee, V. Cannon, T. Berkheimer, P. Patterson, J. Cleveland, L. Hall, J. Witczak, K. Ousley, D. Wray, N. Griffin. 60 — Organizations Brass + Winds + Percussion = Music Through the concert band and the stage band, both under the direction of Mr. Rolando Chilian, students learn to appreciate and understand many areas of music. Members of the concert band are exposed to classical, popular, march, and sacred music as well as theory and the history of music. The stage band provides an opportunity to perform in the jazz idiom. This year’s stage band became the first Andrean band to perform at a contest. It placed in a tie for third out of ten bands. The groups performed in concerts, grade school tours, and on the music department tour to St. Louis, Missouri. FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Manley, S. Christian, T. Merza, R. Wilson, S. Allison, D. Zaloudek, M. Hebert, D. Ramos, B. Karagin, S. Hogg, J. Harris, J. Wiltshire, D. Davison, S. Lewis, J. Wiedemann, D. Wray. Organizations — 61 Believe in Music — FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Hernandez, K. Page, R. West forth, M. Balinger, L. Bukur, P. Holcomb, D. Duriavig, K. Kovich, M. Hebert, K. O’Rourke, P. Irving, V. LaFrossia, L. Martinez, B. Villareal, B. Knies, K. Marrie, D. Sohacki, D. Roszkowski, S. Barajas, L. Bodie, E. White, A. Powell, P. Lee, L. Broschart, M. Levenda, M. Tournai, J. Boer, C. Stazinski. 62 — Organizations Girls ' and Concert Choir FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Tutto, F. Bercaw, J. Nettles, R. Borchert, A. Farag, J. Barker, T. Ridgely, F. Mader, T. Kish, T. Staehle, R. Kunas, J. Franson, J. Filipowski, T. Blaker, D. Poplon, M. McMahon, C. Cargle, S. Burrell, M. Kesel, C. Carija, N. Coulehan, R. Bottos, M. Gilmore, P. Olejnik, P. Longazo, C. Griffin, T. Meyer, M. Plucinik, P. Mathis, J. Largura, J. Hudock, D. Mosley, L. Domanski, M. Tomondi, D. Robbins, D. Downs, M. Marasco. Concerts, grade school tours, and the concert tour to St. Louis, Missouri were the main events of the Andrean Girls’ Choral and mixed Chorus. For the second consecutive year, the Andrean Choral groups have appeared on Channel 1 1 ’s Sunday Evening Club. Each member of these groups spends numerous hours, both in school and out, practicing to achieve the high degree of quality for which the Andrean Music Department is noted. Organizations — 63 Girls Prove Athletic Ability The Andrean Girls Athletic Association was the source of both intramural and extramural sports for girls. Intramural teams (between classes) included Powder Puff football, volleyball, and basketball. Extramural teams (between schools) included golf, volleyball, basketball and track. Along with sports activities, GAA also sponsored Pixie Week, which was a week of exchanging gifts and good will during the Christmas season. It also held the annual turnabout dance, the theme of which this year was “Carousel.” UPPER RIGHT: Publicity Chairman T. Hennessey, Secretary M. Powell, Vice-President M. Sheeran, President D. Angelini, Treasurer E. Kedziora. 64 — Organizations Booster Club Promotes Enthusiasm This year the Booster Club has contributed much to the enthusiasm shown at games and to school spirit in general. Their imaginative signs could be seen covering the halls, urging our teams to victory. Booster Boards enabled spectators to easily identify a player with his number. Along with the sale of homecoming mums, Booster Club sold Andrean license plates, key chains and buttons. LOWER RIGHT: (top) Treasurer D. Duriavig, Secretary S. Cunningham, (bottom) Vice-President J. Helsper, President N. Buergler. Organizations — 65 Cheerleaders Inspire Spirit 66 — Organizations CENTER LEFT: FRESHMEN: (top) L. Nacarato, L. Alvarez, (middle) L. Bukur, M. Pearce, M. Chivigny. (bottom) A. Sheeran. LOWER LEFT: VARSITY: C. Hagel, P. Lennertz, L. Lorenty, P. Mihalic, C. Chase, E. Bushemi. UPPER RIGHT: RESERVES: (top) B. Huettner, A. Poracky. (middle) D. Spangler, K. Konrady. (bottom) D. Sapone, L. Chirby. Organizations — 67 To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all. Oscar Wilde istudint life Andrean’s Primary commitment to spiritual development extends beyond the Theology department into special religious activities. Father Norman Murphy, school Chaplain, celebrates Mass every morning in the Priest’s Chapel and distributes Communion before the lunch periods. Each class also has three voluntary retreats each year. This year, religious activities gained even more emphasis through observances such as “Right to Life Week’’ and a special Mass of Thanksgiving. The most moving services, however, were the Wake, Vespers, and two Masses for 70 — Student Life Father Cherry. The Andrean Community, with that strange joyful-sorrow that characterizes Christian belief in Resurrection, was united in prayer. Thus did Andrean endeavor to make God a living reality, rather than an intellectual fact in 1973 . " For God, to me, It Seems, Is a Verb, Not a Noun " UPPER LEFT: Bell tower of Blessed Sacrament Church, symbol of both the Baccalaureate Mass and Father Cherry’s Resurrection Mass. LOWER LEFT: Andy Praschak leading the congregation in the Responsorial Psalm at the Vesper Service for Father Cherry. UPPER CENTER: The stage during the Vesper Service. LOWER CENTER: Andrean Seniors gathered on retreat in Room 46. UPPER RIGFIT: The Basilian Fathers of Andrean concelebrating the Mass of the Holy Spirit with Bishop Grutka. LOWER RIGFIT: Blessed Sacrament Church during Father Cherry’s Mass of the Resurrection. Student Life — 71 Homecoming Hysteria Traditions make up a large part of our lives. There are traditions in society, in our families and in our school. One of the most beautiful traditions present at Andrean is the Homecoming hysteria. This year people were even more hysterical because Homecoming was so early; it hardly seemed that we had our schedules memorized when we were fluffing flowers in homeroom — and religion and English, at the dinner table, in front of the tube, in our sleep. Flower parties began weekly and quickly increased to nightly and early-in-the-morning-ly. As the big weekend rolled around, everyone bubbled with anticipation of the event and pride in their work. As a result, the Freshmen and Sophomores ordered the Niners to “Tame ’Em’’ and the Juniors caged the Roosevelt Panthers as they chanted, “We Got Ya, Uh-Huh.’’ The center of all this enthusiasm and support was the team of the Fighting 59’ers and they didn’t disappoint their exuberant fans. They gave their school and Homecoming Queen, Debbie Karras, an exciting 40-20 victory over Roosevelt. It was a proud and delighted queen who was escorted out ot Gilroy on her red and gold chessboard float, proclaiming “Seniors Reign!” 72 — Student Life Niners Pawn the Panthers Student Life — 73 Senior year — a year of quickly fleeing ‘‘last times,” college hopping and chronic " senioritis.” Homecoming is a very big part of Senior year for it is the time of ultimate realization of the words ‘‘our class” and “our school.” This realization is not only characteristic of the seniors, however. It is a time of unity and spirit, of good times and jubilation for everyone — freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike. There’s nothing like a cheery flower party to bring people together, and nothing like a colorful imaginative caravan to stimulate pride among classmates. Amid the swelling crowd packed into the cramped bleachers of Gilroy, the anticipation rises as the embodiment of school spirit, loyalty and unity, the Homecoming Queen of 1 972, is announced. And Andrean has come home; for some it is the last time they will see their too oft condemned and too seldom beloved school as one. For them, and the others after them who will come and go, Andrean has come home to house their fondest memories and warm their hearts. 74 — Student Lite 1972 Homecoming Queen, Debbie Karras UPPER LEFT: Ed George’s Monte Carlo pulled the senior float — “Seniors Reign. " Mrs. George covered the car with float flowers and made its crown. CENTER LEFT: Queen candidates and their escorts: Char Smith and Regis McMahon. Pam Mihalic and Doug Nabhan, Caryn McLaughlin and Mark Levenda, Debbie Karras and Andy Praschak, Cathy Hagel and John Schafer. LOWER LEFT: “And the 1 972 Homecoming Queen is . . . Debbie Karras!!!” CENTER RIGHT: " Seniors Reign! " Student Life — 75 r ttlHskra of tfie Gmtinintal Cmtijtttl ‘©lie Cast of 17 6 Hofov tAfitiMA, ; . JiAnoTt iAiyidil . . Uifafeorwu ' C ' cflwisncuv ■■■ (PauCdotak, Uusci cMpw . {if it JswK4 yv. . . J?(l Jwtwuik WUmMiomy- . . (PatMs (b uMtjywM4 ovfikckisidcKs ‘Omfivinli ' ' t eJa u a v Umt cftotat(xe.ajt . . . Qavt (Bumcc- aA$Mtt $ulac . ' jM(3£aJejVv 3 XchaAdL . . u itv (Stf ck ton. . .d fadju.%wtC bkH v!$6 . . .CBt c. Mzvwt u djJwwL idiidqo . . Sfcvnk J faJjeA l. UvnOAt Jfau,. . jckyiAiLicffit tydwld Uhoyniorv . . uliiaA f ktudfw SJfyiarv. . , L fyjjck? 78 — Student Life THE CAST Father Drobney . . . John Hohner Ambassador Magee . . . Donn Wray Miss Kilroy . . . Lisa Beckham Axel Magee . . . Ron Izynski Marion Hollander . . . Andrea Kopil Walter Hollander . . . Tom Hallett Susan Hollander . . . Mary Kay Hughes Krojack . . . Savas Zembillas Burns . . . Mike Shoemaker Chef . . . Tony Farag Sultan of Bashir . . . Dave Bianco Sultan’s Wife . . . Paulette Lafata Kasnar . . . Brad Karagin Countess Bordoni . . . Kathy Page Logashi . . . Pat Mills Torin . . . Paul Sotak 80 — Student Life Riding Along on a Carousel “When the girl does the asking, you can always expect a tremendous ' tum(ab)out ” This is proven annually by the G.A.A. when it sponsors the Turnabout Dance. The 73 theme was “Carousel” and decorations included carousel table favors and a streamer- maypole. Blue lighting, flowery garden vines, and glistening stars set the mood for “Dancing in the Moonlight” at Froshmore Night. Boys and girls of the two classes actually “mixed” on the dance floor — probably for the first time in the history of the event. The added nudge was provided by Fluid Motion. 82 — Student Life Dancing in the Student Life — 83 Planning the Junior Prom was a challenge to the unity of the class. Few tickets had been sold and March 31 was close at hand, but with combined efforts of moderators and officers “Southern Comfort’’ became a reality. The cafeteria was transformed into a southern plantation rich in moonlit gardens, apple tree swings and flowered trellises. The music of Prologue completed the setting for a successful evening. 84 — Student Life Juniors Dance in Southern Plantation Atmosphere Student Lite — 85 Mandolin Wind A Mandolin Wind blew gently and favorably for the Senior Class of 1 973. The Seniors enjoyed their gala evening at the Canterbury Theatre and Canterbury West in Michigan City. The Moon Glows provided the beat for the evening’s festive dancing there. Post-Prom 1973 took place at the Bridge-Vu Theatre, where a buffet dinner was served. Afterwards, the couples rocked to the music of the World Column. Sunshine and warm weather prevailed for the weekend activities and characterized the delightful time had by all. 86 — Student Life Student Life — 87 Senior Antics Achieve Armageddon Victory v=7rittins t7rowl p The growl of the Gary Griffins has scared away the opposition for the second year in a row, bringing the championship trophy back to Andrean. Under the direction of Fr. Klein, this year’s team compiled a 19 and 2 record. The high scorer’s trophy was won by Bob Bartolomeo, the most valuable player award by John Mallonee, and the most improved player trophy by Craig Collins. THE GRIFFINS: LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: B. McGuan, J. Mallonee, J. Mikos, C. Collins, M. Cross, J. Gallagher, D. Lelek, S. Ballogg, J. Pavolich, J. Blenke, R. Ramusack, J. Huerta, P. McGuan, L. Matunas, Fr. Dave Klein. KNEELING: Captain B. Bartolomeo, M. Frankowski, D. Oppman. Student Life — 89 Never one thing and seldom one person can make for a success. It takes a number of them merging into one perfect whole. Marie Dressier dthliti£ Netters Have Continued Success Andrean’s netters have won their fourth consecutive NWC championship over rival Lew Wallace with a record of 9-2. Their composite record over the past four years is a fantastic 39-9. The team is led by Senior C. Fitzhugh, who has won the Andrean Invitational, City Championship, and Sectionals in the singles division, and Ted Itin, 2 doubles man. The reins next year will probably be taken over by B. Milbrath, 2 singles man and P. Milbrath, a sophomore, who was the Most Improved Player from last season. 92 — Athletics Harriers Take First in City Meet as They Post 9-3 Dual Meet Record The Cross Country team under the first year guidance of Father Ward was one of the best in Andrean’s history while posting a 9-3 dual meet record. One of the three losses was to a powerful Hobart team. Andrean established themselves as the best team in the city by winning the city meet and a third place finish in the sectionals. The core of the team was formed by T. James, one of the best runners in the area, T. Paulson, T. Walla, M. Glinski, and M. Verdeyen. 94 — Athletics CROSS COUNTRY HARRIERS: FRONT ROW: M. Verdeyen, M. Glinski, T. Paulson, T. Walla. SECOND ROW: T. Laterzo, T. James G. Mulloy, G. Vossberg, P. Wiley. THIRD ROW: L. Sanchez, J. Lynch, C. Grubb, R. Duenas, G. Walton. UPPER LEFT: Tim James, Mike Glinski, Mark Verdeyen, Tom Paulson, and Tom Walla accept first place trophy for their fine showing in the city meet. Athletics — 95 Gridders Surprise All — Except Themselves At the beginning of the season many people thought this year’s varsity team was too small to be seriously considered for the conference championship. The lack of size was offset however, by their fierce determination. Coach Billick in his first year as head coach did an excellent job in preparing this fine squad. The 7-3 record does not accurately reflect the team’s effort in the two bitter losses to Hobart and Chesterton by a total of seven points. Opening season wins over Portage and Morton provided excitement for 59’er fans. Brickie Bowl again proved hazardous for the niner team in a 7-6 loss. A wide margined victory over Horace Mann was followed by a satisfying Homecoming defeat of Gary Roosevelt. A narrow win over Lew Wallace was followed by the team’s worst performance against Emerson. Wirt was defeated 10-6 followed by a loss on a muddy field to Chesterton. The final game was against fourth-ranked West Side which had four 250 pound defensive linemen. Remarkably the Niners played their best game in winning 26-0. Many individuals played key roles in producing the fine overall team effort. The quarterbacking Bob Bartolomeo was supported by the ground attack of Phil LaMere, Rich Kunas, and Gene Rawley. Joe Sullivan, All-State defensive end, split time on offense between end and fullback. The kicking of Tom Collins earned honorable mention as All-State. John Mallonee and Russ Capellari spearheaded the fine defensive effort. Truly a team effort was responsible for the fine record of this year’s squad. 96 — Athletics Athletics 97 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: R. Piazza, G. Ousley, T. Rendina, R. Dorulla, G. Locasto, T. Collins, V. Sebo, R. Capellari. SECOND ROW: S. Mireles, P. LaMere, B. McGuan, M. Upton, T. Gregory, B. Van Cleef, P. Malayter, J. Beres, T. LaMere, T. Dougherty, R. Lepp, G. Rawley. THIRD ROW: J. Mallonee, J. Gavin, R. Bartolomeo, D. Sanders, S. Bien, E. Hudson, M. Wood, D. Ramos, G. Sopko, T. Jakelich, V. Billick, T. Rezak. FOURTH ROW: Mr. P. Billick (head coach), R. Reed, J.’ Wiltshire, S. Wilson, M. Saffa, R. Kunas, S. Persin, J. Gallagher, T. Goszewski, A. Gough, M. McDaniel, Coach A. Holok. Ath letics — 99 Reserves Record 6- 1 Season RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: T. Giannini, J. White, M. Verdeyen, R. Persin, G. Crnkovich, D. Kristoff, J. Frankovich, F. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: D. Davison, M. Daugherty, T. Nault, J. Argenta, G. Edwards, R. Kunas, J. McConnell, M. Reardon, M. Plasencia, M. Wirtz, P. Young. THIRD ROW: M. O’Conner, J. Barker, J. Novotny, T. Orton, D. Bain, P. Reba, Marty Verdeyen, A. Arceo, J. Buergler, J. Scully. FOURTH ROW: M. Mizen (mgr.), P. Reardon, J. Huerta, G. Evenocheck, A. Stalmah, M. Malayter, L. Matunas, M. Mislen, J. Wojkovich, Coach A. Holok. 1 00 — Athletics This year’s reserve team provided a formidable test for most of the area’s top teams. They compiled a record of 6-1 through their depleted schedule losing only to Lew Wallace by a score of 8-0. High points in the season included a 16-0 victory over rival Hobart and a narrow 10-8 win over West Side. The offense behind quarterback John Scully averaged 1 5 pts. per game. The defense proved difficult for opponents allowing only 4 pts. per game. Coach Holok has done an excellent job in preparing the cast for next year’s varsity in his first year as reserve head coach. Athletics — 101 Frosh Allow Only 2 TD ' s as Offense Rolls The winning Freshman tradition has once again been preserved at Andrean by this year’s team with a record of 7-1 . A 34- game winning streak for the Frosh teams ended in a gruelling match with Merrillville as the team gave up their first TD of the year and lost 6-0. Coaches Menner and Nicolini are to be congratulated. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: J. Page, W. Pete, F. Kissel, J. Laskowski, M. Mallonee, T. Novotny, T. Staehle, M. Tolpa, W. Dorulla, C. Cobb. SECOND ROW:J. Levenda, T. Giavelle, R. Schaetzel, L. Koval, J. Doyle, M. Bickel, P. Einikis, S. Ignarski, C. Cunningham, S. Mendoza, R. Keeley, R. latarola. THIRD ROW: Coach Fr. J. Menner, M. Kacmar, R. Kittle, V. Landeck, R. Morgan, K. Beckham, M. Manley, J. Walsh, A. Wissenberg, J. Goetz, M. Bianco, R. Galovic, Coach C. Nicolini. FOURTH ROW: J. Harris, P. Stanzione, D. Krupchak, J. Montanio, R. Blaker. 1 02 — Athletics GAA Has Record Participation Athletics — 103 Varsity Struggles to .500 Record Despite a difficult schedule and the loss of two stars from last year’s varsity squad, the Andrean cagers managed a 1 0-1 0 season. Instead of relying on one or two high- scoring players, the Fifty-niners have depended on overall teamplay. This was proven by the scoring averages of starters Joe Sullivan (1 7), Jim Connelly (14), Tony Maggio (1 3), and Keith Zimmerman (11). Maggio was the leading playmaker and field general, averaging 7 assists per game. Brian Curtis and Tom Bukur shared the remaining starting position and were invaluable in their work off the backboards. The other varsity members: Rich Bajgrowicz, Rudy Denson, Ray Dorulla, Tom Seibal, Tom Goszewski, Mark Manuel, and Bob James contributed when needed. Entering the semifinal round of the Holiday Tournament on a bye, Andrean staged its best comeback of the year against Emerson. After losing 38-29 at halftime, we arose and defeated them 69-65. The squad then prevailed over Crown Point, 61-52, and it seemed as though a winning streak had begun. However, we followed with our worst game of the season, losing to Portage. Heartbreaker losses to Chesterton and Horace Mann stopped the winning streak in its tracks. A victory over East Gary momentarily halted the slide, but defeats at the hands of Hobart, Hammond Clark, and Horace Mann in the Sectionals brought a painful end to the season. VARSITY BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: J. Levenda, mgr., T. Seibal, R. Dorulla, T. Bukur, J. Connelly, T. Maggio, R. Denson, R. Tarkelly, mgr. SECOND ROW: R. Barner, B. James, K. Zimmerman, B. Curtis, J. Sullivan, T. Goszewski, R. Bajgrowicz. 1 04 — Athletics 106 Athletics Reserves Have First Winning Season in Ten Years While Frosh Also Have Success The reserves achieved a 10-8 mark, their first winning season in ten years. Coach Mike Chelap has done a remarkable job with his team during the short time he has been here. The team is composed of many fine individuals of which forwards M. Vaughan and M. Gibbs are most prominent. The Freshmen also had a good season, posting a 8-5 record. Coach Dan Rogovich has a promising team to look forward to in the years to come. RESERVE BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: B. Onda, J. White, P. Milbrath, M. Gibbs, H. Flores, J. Wojkovich, M. Mizen (mgr.). SECOND ROW: C. Lazar, R. Bajgrowicz, T. Waite, J. Dougherty, M. Vaughan, J. Buergler, S. Senak. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: T. Gundy, K. Underwood, D. Chube, P. Patterson, T. Muffoletto, L. Koval, W. Jagiela (mgr.). SECOND ROW: J. Goetz, G. Bruce, P. Liber, R. Morgan, J. Jenkins, J. Walsh, V. Landeck, J. Page. Athletics — 1 07 Coach John Bennett’s wrestlers struggled to a 4-8 record. This performance was not surprising, as the team was almost entirely composed of underclassmen. The team did have some fine grapplers such as Terry Paulson and Dean Behnke, the only Seniors on the squad, Scott Vidimos, Ben Milbrath, and Mike Nacarrato, who is the captain and holder of the record pin in Indiana. The team can look forward to some fine future seasons due to the experience gained this year. Grapplers Struggle VARSITY WRESTLING: FRONT ROW: T. Staehle, C. Vorsberg, M. Matovina, F. Schmidt, B. Milbrath, M. Naccarato. SECOND ROW: S. Vidimos, T. Paulson, D. Behnke, J. McConnell, M. Daugherty, R. Persin, R. Borchert (mgr.). THIRD ROW: D. Gorney (mgr.), C. Zembillas, D. McGrath, M. Ullman, P. Redar, B. latarola, J. Bruce. 108 — Athletics RESERVE WRESTLING: FRONT ROW: J. Lacny, G. Ciesielski, G. Kissel, S. Rees, T. Staehle. SECOND ROW: J. Bickel, T. Martin, M. Verdeyen, E. Wallo, B. Dorulla, J. Lynch. THIRD ROW: D. Vinzanni, T. Bartolomeo, M. Ramos, T. O’Keefe, J. Mulloy, R. Kadar, P. Stanzione, Coach Holok. Athletics — 1 09 Senior Homeroom Captures Honors The intramural program, under the very able direction of Father Klein, had another successful year. Once again, touch football and basketball were offered. The Seniors of Homeroom 206 captured the school football championship, defeating Sophomore Homeroom 212 in the playoffs. During the basketball season, Homeroom 206 again showed their athletic might by winning the school championship. High scorer was Senior Mark Oskins who averaged 24 points per game. Homeroom 201 took Junior honors, and Homeroom 212 led the Sophomore league. TOP: SENIOR FOOTBALL CHAMPS: LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Hricik, R. McMahon, B. Laco, D. Starr, M. Lucas, S. Piwkiewicz. BOTTOM: SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL CHAMPS: STANDING: J. Grembowicz, M. Vaughan, S. Kokos, T. O’Keefe. KNEELING: J. Lacny, M. Mulloy. 110 — Athletics TOP LEFT: SENIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPS: LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: B. Bihlman, J. Wiltshire, M. Oskins, T. Vaughan. KNEELING: T. Collins, L. Hricik. ABSENT: C. Griffin, G. Pelot. TOP RIGHT: B. Bihlman aims for a free throw. BOTTOM LEFT: J. Wiltshire and M. Oskins up for a rebound. Athletics — 111 Baseball Team Struggles Through Bad Weather Struggling through rain and mud, Father John Menner, in his first year as head co ach, was satisfied with his team’s performance. The infield consisted of Murphy Cross at third, Gary Crnkovich at short, Dave Smith at second, John Mallonee at first, and Mike Saffa catching. Jim Connelly, Ray Dorulla, and John Pavlecich made up the outfield. The pitching staff was led by Mickey Vaughan, Mark Lucas, and Keith Zimmerman. The team was plagued by inconsistent weather and the loss of Mickey Vaughan, who lost three games despite giving up no earned runs. The team appears to have a good nucleus for next year. 112 — Athletics BASEBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: T. Collins, J. Wojkovich, J. Frankovich, M. Cross, R. Dorulla, G. Crnkovich, M. Saffa, J. Pavlecich. SECOND FCW: Coach Fr. J. Menner, R. Ramuscak, J. Connelly, J. Mallonee, K. Zimmerman, D. Smith, M. Lucas, M. Vaughan, M. Verdeyen. Athletics — 113 Golfers Match Last Year ' s Record This year’s varsity golf team inherited the reputation of “the team to beat,” due to the 25-1 record of the preceeding year. S. Vidimos, a sophomore, voted 1971-1972 Most Improved Player, led the varsity into all their matches with his consistent all-around play. R. Franz and P. Beiriger provided superior competition for many unlucky opponents. All this, teamed up with S. Ferguson, produced a foursome that was feared by all. Next year’s golf team will be interesting to watch. Losing their seniors (Ray, Pete, and Scott), the younger players will have to fill the gap for another successful season. This will be difficult, but Coach Mike Chelap believes that they can do it. VARSITY GOLF: KNEELING: G. Roskowski, S. Vidimos. STANDING: T. Matovina, R. Franz, S. Ferguson, P. Beiriger. LOWER LEFT: Pete Beiriger drops a short putt. LOWER RIGHT: Ray Franz chips on to the green. 114 — Athletics UPPER LEFT: Scott Vidimos hits a fairway iron. LOWER RIGHT: Scott Ferguson tees off. LOWER LEFT: RESERVE GOLF: STANDING: L. Wood, D. Jacobs, M. Matovina, G. Locasto, P. Wiley. SEATED: L. Koval, Coach M. Chelap. Athletics — 115 Ha rriers Run " Higher, Faster, Farther " The varsity track team gained much needed experience this year. Though track does not draw as many fans as football or basketball, it requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. The harriers have the dedication it takes to do well. They are led by Joe Sullivan in the shotput and discus, Tim James in the mile, Tom Goszewski in the 440, and Mike Waite in the 1 00 yard dash. Coach Pete Billick has done a great job with this team and is confident of their continued success. LEFT TO RIGHT: 1st ROW: J. Beres, M. Manno, T. Goszewski, M. McDaniel, A. Gough, P. Reardon, T. O’Keefe, J. Scully. 2nd ROW: Coach Billick, T. LaMere, N. Videl, J. Bickel, J. Lacny, P. Reba, J. Taylor, D. Burrell, Mark Verdeyen. 3rd ROW: B. latarola, D. Bain, A. Arceo, G. Sopko, J. Johnson, M. Waite, R. Duenes, Marty Verdeyen, Ass’t Coach Nicolini. 4th ROW: J. Sullivan, P. Stanzione, M. Saberniak, T. Waite, P. LaMere, B. Jenkins, T. Ross, B. Bobian, M. Mislian, Distance Coach Fr. Ward. ABSENT: T. James, G. Ousley, J. White. 116 — Athletics tennis I ANDREAN OPPONENT j 1 Laporte 4 1 Crown Point 4 5 Emerson 0 5 West Side 0 5 Roosevelt 0 5 West Side 0 3 Wirt 2 5 Horace Mann 0 3 Wallace 2 3 Griffith 2 5 River Forest 0 Record: 9-2 football VARSITY ANDREAN OPPONENT ANDREAN RESERVE OPPONENT 14 Portage 6 16 Hobart 0 16 Hamm. Morton 0 Horace Mann forfeit 6 Hobart 7 23 Gary Roosevelt 6 28 Horace Mann 0 9 Lew Wallace 8 40 Gary Roosevelt 20 28 Emerson 0 10 Lew Wallace 0 12 Wirt 0 7 Emerson 18 10 West Side 8 10 Wirt 6 Record 6-1 6 Chesterton 12 26 West Side 0 Record 7-3 FRESHMAN ANDREAN OPPONENT 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 6 12 Tolleston 6 Horace Mann 12 Gary Roosevelt 20 Lew Wallace 26 Emerson 20 Wirt 0 Merrillville 20 West Side Record 7-1 cross country ANDREAN OPPONENT 21 West Side 34 46 Hobart 17 20 Wirt 35 15 Emerson 43 25 Lew Wallace 30 23 Gary Roosevelt 32 30 M. C. Rogers 25 27 M. C. Elston 28 15 M. C. Marquette 40 34 Merrillville 23 15 Horace Mann 40 25 Hamm. Morton City Meet 1 st Sectionals 3rd Regionals 1 0th Dual Meet Record: 9-3 30 basketball ANDREAN OPPONENT ! 47 Gary Roosevelt 59 Wallace forfeit 98 River Forest 64 66 Hamm Morton 62 85 Wirt 73 72 Merrillville 57 69 Emerson 65 42 Gary Roosevelt 64 61 Crown Point 52 54 Portage 76 63 Chesterton 64 59 Horace Mann 61 85 Hammond 89 72 East Gary 64 62 Hobart 73 51 Hamm. Clark 90 83 Calumet 56 80 Wirt 62 52 Laff. Central Catholic 76 SECTIONALS 68 Horace Mann Record 10-10 71 track Dual-Triangular Record 6-1 0 Bishop Noll Relays 13th Chesterton Relays 4th Rensselear Relays 3rd ] Laporte Invitational 8th I Northwest Conf. Meet 5th 1 golf ANDREAN OPPONENT 167 Griffith 171 Portage 177 158 Highland 171 161 Hamm. Morton 211 166 South Newton 181 306 Elkhart Central 310 161 Lake Central 161 155 Lew Wallace 188 168 Emerson forfeit 319 LaPorte 314 155 Munster 164 159 Hamm. Tech 188 Wirt 188 156 Merrillville 158 147 Lew Wallace 163 Horace Mann 201 155 Hobart 156 156 Valporaiso 156 won on basis of fifth man Invitationals Rensselear 3rd LaPorte 5th Culver 3rd Lake Hills 3rd Lafayette 7th City Tourney 1st Sectionals 2nd baseball i ANDREAN OPPONENT 1 7 River Forest 4 1 0 Wirt 2 1 3 Merrillville 8 1 9 Merrillville 11 1 1 •Lew Wallace 2 0 Wirt 3 1 5 West Side 9 2 Gary Roosevelt 11 2 Lew Wallace 4 3 Emerson 6 9 Emerson 5 6 Horace Mann 5 6 Gary Roosevelt 2 1 6 West Side 7 I 23 Horace Mann 4 1 4 West Side 10 I 1 Sectionals Gary Roosevelt 5 Record 5-1 1 Record 25-1 wrestling ANDREAN OPPONENT 1 28 River Forest 32 1 26 Emerson 29 I 34 Lew Wallace 24 1 18 Hamm. Morton 42 1 46 Hanover Central 15 1 1 33 Horace Mann 36 1 1 6 Hobart 46 1 1 30 Wirt 26 1 1 21 East Gary 33 1 I 19 Gary Roosevelt 33 1 1 12 Chesterton 39 1 West Side forfeit I 1 Crown Point 3rd I I Invitational Tourney I Conference Tourney 3rd 1 Record 4-8 iindir d dssm in frvshm n CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary, V. Landeck; Vice-President, S. Praschak; Treasurer, A. Sheeran; President, S. Hogg. Lee Alvarez Linda Amore Vincent Amore Phil Angelo Chuck Babilla Dianne Bajgrowicz Dave Ballinger Sandra Barajas Tom Barta Cindy Bartfai Hilary Baruch Kevin Beckham Anita Behnke Mary Jo Bellendorf Lauren Benac Fred Bercaw Mike Bianco Michael Bickel Dave Blachly Rich Blaker Ernie Blando Mark Bobin Joyce Boer Jeanne Bombassaro 1 22 — Underclassmen Sandy Bossey Debbie Braman Laurie Broschart Greg Bruce Kathy Bryan Lori Bukur Chris Burgess Mary Ellen Burgess Colleen Canales Leticia Canchola Sue Carija Marie Carlino Kathy Chalko Michelle Cherry Julie Chester Maggie Chevigny David Chube Debra Clark Jackie Cleveland Cedric Cobb Chris Colle Kevin Collins Phyllis Comerford Jackie Conroy Leslie Cooke Dave Cooley Andrea Corgan Francois Cortina Terry Costello Rob Craig Underclassmen 123 Edgar Crisostomo Christopher Cunningham Deni Czapko Mark Daniel Toni Dauro Kathy Davies Millicent Davis Paula DeBois Nancy DeGan Cheryl Dent Frank Diaz Julie Dickerson Sue Doftin Ann Marie Dolato Eileen Dombrowski Bill Dorulla James Doyle Tom Drapac Debbie Duriavig Paul Einikis Rita Enrico Gina Ensalaco Frank Evenocheck Janet Ewen 1 24 — Underclassmen Christina Fealy Richard Federici Marina Fernandez James Franson Becky Frederick Robert Galovic Marie Garcia Tina Georgieff Marilyn Gerberick Vance Gerchak Linda Gintert Jim Goetz Frances Gomez Sandy Gonzalez Beverly Gough Tom Gravelle Mark Green Terese Gregor Linda Guelinas Tom Gundy Fredricka Hall Bill Hall Theresa Hanlon John Harris Mary Hayduk Dan Heintz Bill Henderson Kevin Hirsch Scott Hogg Pam Holcomb Maurice Hopkins Bernadette Horkavi Bob Horvath Arthur Houser Mary Pat Hughes Denise Hutchinson Underclassmen 125 Robert latarola Stan Ignarski Nancy Ihnat Jean Ikovic Debbie Jackson Walter Jagiela Linda Jaworski John Jenkins Christine Jimenez Mattie Joiner Mark Kacmar Mark Kamaski Don Kaminski Robert Karafin Richard Keeley Larry Keil Maria Kienzynski Julie Kipta Frank Kissel Ronald Kittle Michele Marie Klich Lorelei Knowles Carol Koch John Kopchik Larry Koval Pam Krajnak Mark Krcmaric Karen Kristoff Devery Krupchak Maureen Kuchta 126 Underclassmen Marie Kwilasz Judi Ladra Vernon Landeck Janet Largura Jim Laskowski Joan Lazar Susan Lazorik Pat Lepp John Levenda Steve Lewis Pete Liber Daniel Lopez Leonor Lopez Rosemarie Lopez Florence Magallon Mike Mallonee Mark Manley Mark Manuel Nancy Marcotte Magdalena Martinez Peggi Martinez Denise Marulic Joel Mathews Paula Mathis Brian McPherson Steve Mendoza Underclassmen 127 Robert Mestrich Terry Meyer Nancy Miller Ted Mioduski Anne Mitchell Kathy Mongold John Montanio Charleen Moore Richard Morgan Beth Morrison Nanette Moss Tony Muffoletto Eileen Murphy Michele Murphy Lisa Nacarato Jim Nettles Becky Noak Shawn Norman Tom Novotny Joan O’Brien Sue O’Leary Martin Omelia John Ornelas Tom Owens Joel Page Sue Palansky Sue Palermo Phil Patterson Kimberly Patton Kathy Pazak 128 — Underclassmen Mary Ellen Pearce Jerry Persley Bill Pete Elaine Petrites Michael Petrites Laura Phipps Jesse Plasencia Maria Plasencia Bill Plumb Kathy Poncsak Dave Poplon Suzanne Praschak Bill Pratsch Steve Predaina Karl Prentiss Sharon Raab Anne Radigan Tom Ramos Janet Ramusak Rosanne Randazzo David Rearick Karen Rearick Yolanda Rebeck John Rees Steve Rees Pam Richter Mark Roy Rob Rueter Laura Rupp David Rutkin Underclassmen — 1 29 Linda Ruzga Susan Rykovich Annette Sajko Leon Sanchez Frank Santaquilani Tina Santucci Debra Sarkey Nancy Saroukos Debbie Sattler Roger Schaetzel John Schweisthal Sue Scully Anne Sheeran Jim Shepitka Ricky Shipp Chris Shultz Ken Shultz Charlene Siar Cindy Sidor Anita Simpson Cheryl Sims Joe Sims Lenny Skeirys Hugh Sloan 1 30 — Underclassmen Nora Smith Vicki Snemis Steve Sokit Gary Spencer Bruce St. Germain Tom Staehle Paul Stanzione Tonia Starks Donna Starr Valda Staton Sharon Stinar Janine Stinson Tom Strimbu Frank Kevin Sturgeon Sue Sum Diane Suzich Kevin Sylve Amy Syrk Mike Szymanski Joe Tassone Jim Teso Patti Teso Mark Tolpa Kristine Tomaszewski Debbie Torres Diane Trafny Nancy Trajkovich Mary Tsampis Keith Underwood Luciana Urban Underclassmen — 131 Carmen Vasquez Michelle Verduzco Patti Vidal Allison Vidimos Rob Vidmich Valerie Visclosky Dorothy Vitalone Carolyn Vossberg Andrew Vouros John Walsh Kerry Wardell Anthony Watson Terri Weiler Karen Werner Alice White Jeanne Whitney Joe Wiedemann Connie Wiley Debbie Williams Alan Wissenberg Jackie Witczak Luis Zacarias Theresa Zakutansky David Zaloudek John Zembillas 132 Underclassmen zephemeres CLASS OFFICERS: Treasurer, C. Lesch; Secretary, M. Mulloy; President, S. Zembillas; Vice-President, V. LaFrossia. Steve Allison Eileen Aragon Amado Arceo Jim Argenta Jan Argenta Jacob Arriero Laura Arriero Terese Arvin Lorraine Babagan David Bain Richard Bajgrowicz Margy Ballinger Sue Banchansky John Barker John Baron John Bayer Clari Lynn Benford Lynn Bettens David Bianco Silvia Bicalho John Bickel Connie Biegel Mike Bilski Diane Bittner 134 Underclassmen Lli Timothy Blaker Kris Bley Kathy Bolinger Tony Bonich Raymond Borchert Patty Brady Celeste Brockschmidt Allan Brown Patty Brown Jeff Bruce Nancy Bryan Yvonne Buckhalter Joe Buergler Michele Burgess Mike Burkhart Dave Burrell Susan Burrell Thomas Cafiero Dave Camery Laura Camery Hortence Canchola Valerie L. Cannon Joe Carlino Steve Chalko Linda Chirby Yvonne Chirby Margaret Cholodinski Laurie Chouinard Christine Christoff Margaret Churilla Gene Ciesielski Mary Ciesielski Tom Ciesielski Underclassmen 135 Doreen Cisowski Jo Ellyn Codespoti Beth Cogelja Martha Colon Zoraida Colon Carol Colza Betty Jo Conlon Allison Cooke Dianne Coppinger Jeanie Corado Debbie Cottrell Debbie Cox Colleen Crandall Gary Crnkovich Kim Crossk Glenn Cummings Charles Darmon Mike Daugherty Derrick Davison Toni Demo Bill Dickerson Debra Dixon Ray Dobrian Linda Donald Tina Donaldson John Dougherty Denise Downs Bob Dutcher Tim Dzyacky Gary Edwards 136 — Underclassmen Betsy Ellis Philip Ensalaco John Erdelac George Evenocheck John Fallace Anthony Farag Joe Filipowski Kevin Finnerty Carmen Flores Harry Floros John Frankovich Theresa Franz Jim Gaydos Mary Rose Genduso Thomas Giannini Michael Gibbs Linda Gibson Bobbie Gilea Paul Giorgi Patty Godoy Nancy Gomolka Debbie Gough Ed Graveline Len Gregorczyk Ethel Gregory Joe Grembowicz Nora Griffin Chuck Grubb Debbie Guelinas Joan Guernsey Underclassmen — 1 37 Shelley Haas John Hargarten Marquita Harris Dale H arvoth Beth Hayes Darlene Hazi Pat Hecimovich April Heltsley Liz Hennessey Diana Henry Maria Hernandez Marie Hill Gina Hill Frank Hoffman Sue Hudock Joe Huerta .Barbara Huettner Joan Huffman Mike Hull Mary Carol Hush Stacie Ignarski Theresa Inzerillo Pauline Irving Henry James Tim James Mary Jo Jankowicz Cathy Jascoviak Nadine Jelovcic Mike Jesko Gino Johnson Rosemarie Kacmar Rick Kadar Marie Kamaski 138 Underclassmen Brad Karagin Dennis Karpen Lucy Keil Anne Kelley Lynn Kenney Madeline Kesel Jim Kish Patti Klimek Vicki Kmetz Beth Knies Steve Kokos Becky Kolakovich Janet Komisarcik Kim Konrady Jeff Kopil Karla Koslow Rhonda Kostelnik Vickie Kovalcik Karen Kovich Dave Kristoff Rich Kunas Jeff Lacny Veronica LaFrossia Meller Langford Tony Laterzo Chuck Lazar Lori Lazarian Kim Lennertz Cindy Lesch Marissa Levenda Gary Loh Mark Louviere Kevin Luksus Underclassmen — 1 39 Cathy Martin Loretta Martinez Mark Matovina Diana Mattei Larry Matunas Linda Mayoch Joni Mazzaro Jim McConnell Debbie McCune Jim McDonald Ron McGee Tony McWhorter Ed Mele Cathy Mikola Pete Milbrath Maureen Miller Pat Mills Barb Milosvich 140 — Underclassmen Pat Minczewski Rosalie Mirich Mike Mislan Mark Mizen Melanie Monroe Marcia Morrison Gerry Mulloy Marty Mulloy Deb Murphy Elizabeth Murphy Tom Nault Joe Novotny Judy Nowak Michael O’Connor Tim O’Keefe Bob Onda Tom Orton Kathryn Page Barb Palansky Christine Pazak Jim Pease Gaibrielle Peddle Bob Penn Debbie Perrotta Ron Persin Susan Petrites Manuel Plasencia Maryann Plucinik Joann Pollaro Ann Poracky Underclassmen — 141 Kevin Powell Ray Ramuscak Joe Razumich Mike Reardon Pat Reardon Pete Reba Beth Rendina Patty Renslow Kathy Rettig Cheryl Richter Terry Ridgely Dawn Robbins Rick Rondinelli Tony Ross Diane Roszkowksi Lori Roszkowski Paul Roy Karen Rupp Charlotte Ruzbasan Mark Saberniak Amy Sanchez Nick Santaguilani Ron Santelik Phil Santucci Donna Sapone Lorraine Sattler Regina Schafer Lola Schiesser Ed Schutz John Scully Tim Sheeran Sherry Sheffer Mike Shoemaker Pam Shoemaker Joan Shonske Eric Shropshire Daniel Sikich Joanne Simatovich Pam Simko Sue Singel Bernard Smith Bill Smith Donna Sohacki Mary Sopko Paul Sotak Debbie Spangler Diane Spasoff Brian Sperl Al Stalmah Cindy Starkey Tom Stinar Mike Strimbu Mark Suelzer Lisa Surber Jeff Taylor Jules Taylor Miriam Tournai Kathy Tracy George Tutto Diane VanCleef Underclassmen 143 Mickey Vaughan Roy Vasquez Marty Verdeyen Mike Verdeyen Nelson Vidal Scott Vidimos Becky Villareal Maryann Voss Rita Waddell Jan Wagner Tim Waite Tom Waite Ed Wallo Kathy Wallo Jeff Ward Lynetta Ward Gail Warren Debbie Wayman Maureen Wesbecher Ruth Westforth Jeff White Peggy White Kent Williams Russ Wilson Mike Wirtz Jim Wojkovich Larry Wood John Yast Pat Young Norma Zacarias Dave Zale Mary Zambory Savas Zembillas Ed Zych 144 Underclassmen juniors CLASS OFFICERS: Vice-President, R. Kunas; Treasurer, M. Ramirez; Secretary, P. Malayter; President, G. Smith. Garry Aloia Aline Amore Gail Anderson Laurie Atzhorn Mary Ann Babjak Mary Backe Barb Badylak Nancy Bahun Scott Ballogg Marisela Barcenas Norma Barcenas Laura Barich Robin Barner Ruben Barrera Tom Bartolomeo Dennis Barunica Paula Battistini Lisa Beckham Joe Beiriger Bias Belmonte Karen Benac Roberta Benac Jim Beres Brad Berk 146 — Underclassmen Terri Berkheimer Bev Binzen Maria Blando Brian Bobin John Bodnar Pam Bodnar Bernard Bojarski Olga Bojarski Eddie Botsch Michelle Botsko Ramona Bottos Kevin Brislen Vin Buckhalter Tom Bukur Linda Burkhart Karen Burwinkel Ellen Bushemi Liz Bushemi Russ Capellari Doris Carey Carrell Cargle Claudia Carija Steve Christian Michelle Cieskiewicz Carolyn Clifford Craig Collins Mary Jane Comerford Tom Conde Sue Consorti Tim Cooley Underclassmen — 1 47 Kathy Crandall Karen Crane Bradley Cross Pat Cunningham Mark Cvitkovich Louise Daniel Barb Daugherty Denise Davis Larry DeGan Karen DeMeo Richard Deruntz Karen Devitt Jess Devitte Bob Dian Joe Dickerson Cindy Dixon Jerry Dombrowski Greg Doneft Toni Dorochoff Ray Dorulla Chris Drapac Ralph Duenas Linda Dziewicki Joi Edwards 1 48 — Underclassmen Kenneth Edwards Alex Einikis Jack Ellis Doreen Fatula Ron Federici Mary Ann Fetsch Eileen Fissinger Jan Fox Joe Fraiz Mitch Frankowski Bob Franta Anne Fr enken James Gallagher Victor Galvez Vikki Geras Michael Gerberick Mary Beth Gianoli Margaret Gilmore Terri Glorioso Sue Gobla David Gorney Tom Goszewski Arnie Gough Tanya Graham Tony Gregory Gayle Gross Underclassmen — 1 49 Denise Hackley Judy Hagel Lisa Hall Paula Halpin Gerianne Hap Larry Hargarten Sue Hayes John Henderson Tom Hilton Debbie Hiney Marti Hogan John Hohner Tim Hornak Nancy Hostetler Janet Hudock Mark Hunker Bill Huszar Jim Hynes Gabrielle Irons Don Jacobs -M K Tom Jakelich Robert James Janey Jancosek Karen Jankowicz Jeanette Jaworski Steve Jeffreys Jessie Jenkins Mary Anne Johnston Joni Jones Joseph Joyce Tom Kersting Gregory Kesel Kathy Kissel Mary Jo Klich Bobbi Knowles Mike Kobylanski George Kosanovich John Kovich 1 50 — Underclassmen Leslie Kozyra Dana Kranik Pam Kratkoczki Sharon Kray Michael Krcmaric Tammy Krupchak Bob Kunas Donna Kutzer Tim LaMere Eileen Lax George Ledak Karen Lee Pam Lennertz Mike Lepp Rick Lepp Matthew Libassi Carol Libauskas Matt Liplon Underclassmen — 151 George Locasto Dan Long Sue Longa Loretta Lorenty Karen Lynch Terry Lynch Eileen Macey Pat Malayter Nancy Malicki Mike Manno Barb Marcotte Alice Markle Bonnie Markle Lucy Martin Petey Martin Tim Martin Raul Martinez Tim Matovina Bill McCabe Mario McDaniel Dan McDonald Dan McGrath Paul McGuan Tom McMahon 1 52 — Underclassmen Bob Melevin Bill Mellon Bob Mellon Anastasia Merkouri Anthony Merza Terri Metz Ben Milbrath Audrey Miller Mary Mirich Joe Montanio Shiela Mullen Patty Myers Mike Nacarato Eleanor Nawrocki Mary Ann Nestler Steve Ohm Pat O’Keefe Dan Oppman Mary O’Rourke Pat Owens Cathy Ousley Chris Pankiw John Parker Adrienne Patton Tom Paulson John Pavlovich John Peck Laura Peddle Sandy Persin Larry Persley Cheryl Pesdan Patti Pete Susan Peterson Underclassmen — 1 53 Janie Phipps Denise Pisani Carol Poncsak Auria Powell Barb Radigan Louie Rajski Mary Ramirez Manuel Ramos Gene Rawley Paul Redar Pat Rees Bridget Reich Karen Rettig Tim Ridgely Gene Roberts Mike Rogers Kathryn Rooney Jody Rosen Gerald Roszkowski Mark Roszkowski Rebecca Rueter Rita Ruzga Jim Rydlewski Rich Rykovich Mike Saffa Ray Saksa 154 Underclassmen Dave Sanders Fred Schmidt Margaret Schwinn Tom Seibal Lydia Shanko Monica Shedlak Chris Shepitka Leon Shirley Ellen Sielewicz Ron Simko Michael Simpson Thomas Smar Gerri Smith Marty Smith Sam Smith Henry Smolinski Marsha Sohacki George Sopko James Spasoff Charlotte Spence Debbie Spotilla Bill Stassen Carin Stazinski Mark Strimbu Matt Suelzer Christina Sum Aniko Szabo Lisa Szmutko Doriane Taneff Carl Terlicher Underclassmen — 1 55 Paula Teso Stan Tokarski Mimi Tomondi Marlena Towers Harold Tully Linda Turean Mitch Ulman Bill VanCleef David Vinzani George Vossberg Michael Waite Peggy Walker Tom Walla Dana Warner Becky Wheeler Joyce Wheeler Ellen White Laura Whitten Phil Wiley Gail Williams Sam Wilson Mary Lynn Wojcehowski Theresa Wojkovich Dane Woodard Joe Yuran Michael Yurechko Maria Zacarias Susan Zaloudek Charlie Zembillas John Zemelko 156 Underclassmen Memories in Bits and Pieces " " ... And tomorrow we might not be together I’m no prophet, I don’t know nature’s ways So, I ' ll try and see into your eyes right now And stay right here cause these are the good old days.’’ . . . ' Anticipation ” Carly Simon Marilou Agana Debra Angelini You wake up one morning and find it’s June 10! The day you’ve spent 4 years waiting for. The last day of those 4 years your parents Have insisted are " The best days of your life.” And, looking back, for once, You find yourself agreeing with them. Julie Babiak Anita Bakos Loretta Balakir Sylvia Barajas Duane Bartolac Lisa Bartolomei Bob Bartolomeo Peter Battistini Dean Behnke Pete Beiriger 1 60 — Seniors Thomas Benson Carl Beougher Peter Beres LuAnn Bernth Seniors — 1 61 Those Exciting Lunches M ■ David Bittner John Blenke Debra Bodnar Carlene Bolinger Janice Brezik Bruce Brincko Vickie Bombassaro Roberta Bottos 162 — Seniors Carol Burley Jim Bushemi Denise Charbonneau Cynthia Chase Pamela Chirby Marlene Chmiel Patricia Camarena Marcia Cardetti Nicholas Chimitris Anne Chinery Chris Christian Denise Cisowski Seniors — 1 63 Georgia Clayton Beth Codespoti Tom Collins Dante Colza Lauriann Conley Mary Lou Conlon Nancy Coulehan Mary Jean Craig Jim Connelly Charles Cottrell Susan Cunningham Brian Curtis 1 64 — Seniors Increasing the Prom Fund Maxine Cusumano Joanne Davis Paul Denesuk Rudy Denson Denise Dergo Brian Dering Donald Deruntz Linda Domanski Timothy Dougherty John Driscoll Donna Duriavig Richard Dziadosz Seniors — 1 65 Sue Dzyacky Richard Eisman Charles Fitzhugh Elaine Fraiz Donald Galler Jim Gavin Charmaine Gilea Mike Glinski Gina Federici Scott Ferguson Raymond Franz Jack Gagan Edward George Debra Gibbs Mitchell Glinski Monica Gonzalez 1 66 — Seniors Power Puff Power — Gridiron Girls Michael Graystone Betsy Gregoline Charles Griffin Michele Guizzo Mary Gutowski Linda Hac Catherine Hagel Janet Hall Seniors — 1 67 Thomas Hallett Patricia Halpin Janet Helsper Valorie Henderson Therese Hennessey Chris Hrabota Frances Hudock Edwin Hudson Peter Hanicq Mary Hebert Fred Huettner Josephine Hutchens 1 68 — Seniors Patricia A. Ihnat Patricia M. Ihnat John Ikovic Ted Itin Jim Jackson Mary Jane Jackson Richard Jackson k i Ralph Jones Monica Kamaski Debbie Karras Eva Kedziora Lawrence Kemp Charmayne Kirkland Ed Kish Kathleen Kish Theresa Klepkoff Keith Klodzen James Knies Wayne Koch 1 70 — Seniors Ray Kollasch Karen Konrady Sue Korhel Stephanie Kovach Mike Krebes Christine Krejci Ed Lachowicz Robert Laco Sharon Kowalczyk Karen Kozub Crystal Krupchak Barbara Lach Nancy Ladra Paulette LaFata Seniors — 171 Patricia Lee David Lelek Mark Levenda Debra Libauskas Robert Litavecz Gina Litherland Cheryl Long Pamela Longazo Teri Lorenzo Mark Lucas 1 72 — Seniors Leadership Four-Strong: Praschak, Brezik, Karras, LaMere Rosellyn Lustina Bob Lynn Frank Mader Antonino Maggio Mary Lynn Suzanne Marasco Marszalek John Mallonee Jane Malloy Pete Mazeikas Kim McConnell William Martinez Rose Ann Maschenik " To See Thee More Clearly John McLaren Caryn McLaughlin Martha Mendez Diane Mestrich John Mikos Mary Ellen Mikuta Simon Mireles Alan Mizen Regis McMahon Lynette Melevage Annette Michalak Pam Mihalic Cassandra Miller Michael Milosvich Mary Morrison Deborah Mosely 1 74 — Seniors Barbara Mytyk Doug Nabhan Melanie Navarro Eric Nunley Marlene O’Brien James Obsitnik Seniors — 175 John Pavlecich Gregory Pelot Kathryn O’Rourke Mark Oskins Gerard Ousley Keith Owens Debra Pado Terry Paulson John Petalas Kathleen Peterson 176 — Seniors Terrie Poncsak Kevin Popa Andy Praschak Joanne Prusiecki Tony Rendina Thomas Rezak Myron Rupp Toni Sablich Richard Rodriguez William Rose John Sabljak Stephen Sajko John Schafer Barbara Schultz Sharon Scully Vince Sebo Thomas Shanko Susan Shonske Annette Siffin John Simko Patricia Skinner Charlotte Smith David Smith Janet Smith Sharon Sohacki Judith Stankovic Mary Starkovich David Starr Scott Stefankiewicz Elva Stiles Seniors — 1 79 Mandolin Wind Richard Tarkelly Wilvester Thornton Doreen Melissa Topalski Tokarchuck Mary Suelzer Joe Sullivan Robert Super Diane Svabik 1 80 — Seniors Senior Couples Dance and Dine Mike Ulman Gerry Tully 14 Magdeline Toth Mike Tsangaris Melissa Underwood Wilma Vasguez Thomas Vaughan MarkVerdeyen Seniors — 181 Clement Watkins Vicki Watts Andrea Wallo George Walton 182 — Seniors ' Memories can never take you back, Home, sweet home. You can never go home any more. " The Moody Blues James Wiltshire Judy Wojkovich Martin Wood Donald Wray Keith Zimmerman Joe Zych Mary Zolchak Seniors — 183 We must not close ourselves to change — we cannot stagnate simply because we refuse to accept it. Mary Jean Craig Valedictory Address Seniors — 185 Class of 1973 Agana, Maria 6121 Birch Ave. Angelini, Deb 13128 Marshall St., Crown Point Babiak, Julia 161 E. 50th Ave. Bakos, Anita 900 E. 49th Ave. Balakir, Lori 4332 Delaware St. Barajas, Sylvia 418 W. 12th Ave. Bartolac, Duane 12204 Burr St., Crown Point Bartolomei, Lisa 3671 Adams St. Bartolomeo, Bob 9430 Cleveland St., Crown Point Battistini, Peter 5461 Fillmore St. Behnke, Dean 130 S. Wisconsin St., Hobart Beiriger, Peter 12832 Marshall St., Crown Point Benson, Tom 957 W. 69th PI. Beougher, Carl 1504 E. 36th PI. Beres, Peter 1700 W. 58th Ave. Bernth, Lu Ann 3545 Mississippi St. Bestich, Frank 4445 Jefferson St. Bianchi, John 6757 Adams St. Bicalho, Marcia 1800 W. 54th Ave. Bien, Stan 220 E. 78th Ave. Bihlman, Bruce 5640 Pennsylvania St. Billick, Vern 712 Virginia St. Bires, Greg 3509 Massachusetts St. Biros, Elizabeth 3102 W. 60th Drive Bittner, Dave 6925 Van Buren PI. Blenke, John R.R. 4, Box 130, Valpo Bodie, Lynda 4081 W. 20th PI. Bodnar, Debbie 733 Kentucky St. Bolinger, Carlene 2050 W. 58th Ave. Bombassaro, Vicki 4051 Buchanan St. Bottos, Roberta 3915 Madison St. Bowen, Carol 303 S. Wabash St., Hobart Brezik, Jan 250 N. Dearborn St., Hobart Brincko, Bruce 3537 Harrison St. Brockschmidt, Mary 3764 Sandusky St., Hobart Browar, Natalie 217 W. 56th PI. Buergler, Nancy R.R. 2, Box 117, Hobart Bunch, Marlene 3948 Polk St. Bushemi, Jim 5590 Jefferson St. Burley, Carol 15811 Cline Ave., Lowell Camarena, Pat 7703 Marshall St. Cardetti, Marcia 7807 Hemlock Ave. Charbonneau, Denise 1611 Dale Drive Chase, Cyndi 5395 Buchanan St. Chimitros, Nick 1603 W. 94th PI., Crown Point Chinery, Anne 4108 E. 1 1th PI. Chirby, Pam 5125 Georgia St., Apt. 3 Chmiel, Marlene 800 Ohio St. Christian, Chris 361 Pierce St. Cisowski, Denise 1355 Aetna St. Clayton, Georgia 3714 Harrison St. Codespoti, Beth 5884 Roosevelt St. Collins, Tom 5860 Massachusetts St. Colza, Dante 5076 Ohio Ct. Conley, Lauriann 3662 Johnson St. Conlon, Mary Lou 341 Maple Lane, Crown Point Connelly, Jim 5830 Taney PI. Cottrell, Charles 1041 Clay St. Coulehan, Nancy 6700 Birch PI. Craig, Mary Jean 6782 Polk St. Cunningham, Sue 5550 Marcella Road Curtis, Brian 412 Connecticut St. Cusumano, Maxine 7776 Carolina PI. Davis, Joanne 6713 Tyler St. Denesuk, Paul 5142 Roosevelt PI. Denson, Rudy 1331 E. 20th Ave. Dergo, Denise 4459 Maryland St. Dering, Brian 721 W. 78th Ave. Deruntz, Donald 1870 Dale Drive Dluzak, Diane 3701 Maryland St. Domanski, Linda 12428 Kingfisher Rd., Crown Point Dougherty, Tim 101 Appletree Lane, Valpo Driscoll, John 2313 E. 27th Ave, East Gary Duriavig, Donna 625 W. 79th Ave. Dziadosz, Richard 6672 Monroe Court Dzyacky, Sue 4384 Connecticut St. Eisman, Rick 7622 Harold St. Farrar, Dave 2546 E. 22nd PI. Federici, Gina 1539 S. Alabama, Hobart Ferguson, Scott 2255 Oak Lane Fitzhugh, Charles 1312 Bigger St. Flores, Nelson 377 Jackson St. Fraiz, Elaine 4414 E. 11th Ave. Franz, Ray 6335 Taft St. Gagan, Jack 1809 S. Brookwood Dr. Galler, Don R.R. 2, Hobart Gavin, Jim 5860 Jackson St. George, Ed 5551 Tyler St. Gibbs, Debbie 5012 Arthur St. Gilea, Char 4533 Harrison St. Glenn, Nora 1065 N. Vanderburg St. Glibota, Tom 5630 Pennsylvania St. Glinski, Mike 4189 Rutledge St. Glinski, Mitch 4189 Rutledge St. Gonzalez, Monica 3610 E. Oakdale Dr. Graystone, Mike 4418 Miller Ave. Gregoline, Betsy 1819 W. 64th PI. Griffin, Charles 1706 Clover Lane, Valpo Guizzo, Michele 3541 Tyler St. Gutierrez, Martin 1010 Arizona St. Gutowski, Mary R.R. 6 Smoke Rd., Valpo Hac, Linda 2120 W. 58th Ave. Hagel, Cathy 835 Warrick St. Halfman, Sara 12614 Grant St., Crown Point Hall, Janet 423 Martin Dr., Crown Point Hallett, Tom 4057 Harrison St. 1 86 — Senior Directory Class of 1 973 Halpin, Tricia 123 N. East St., Crown Point Hanicq, Peter 4918 W. 7th Ave. Hebert, Mary 439 E. Third St., Hobart Helsper, Janet 700 W. 49th Ave. Henderson, Val 6936 Hickory St. Hennessey, Therese 6324 Garfield St. Hrabota, Chris 4777 Washington St. Hricik, Larry 3608 Connecticut St. Hudock, Franci 7130 Virginia St. Hudson, Ed 2324 Buchanan St. Huettner, Fred 6344 Garfield St. Hughes, Mary Kay 4903 W. 29th Ave. Hutchens, Jo 4141 Connecticut St. latarola, Donna 2569 J. Contact, Portage Ihnat, Pat A. 2699 Grand Boulevard, East Gary Ihnat, Pat M. 1125 N. Wells St. Ikovic, John 4860 Monroe St. Itin, Ted 4855 Garfield St. Izynski, Ron 5464 Adams St. Jackson, Jim 1234 Idaho St. Jackson, Mary Jane 1234 Idaho St. Jackson, Rick 1234 Idaho St. Jenkins, Bill 2506 Burlington Rd., Valpo Jones, Karen 2088 W. 51st Ave. Jones, Ralph 6988 Van Buren St. Jordan, Kevin 3701 Jackson St. Kamaski, Monica 405 Michigami Trail, Chesterton Karras, Debbie 4653 Washington St. Kedziora, Eva 4445 Massachusetts St. Kemp, Lawrence 1308 Rutledge St. Kirkland, Charmayne 837 Johnson St. Kish, Ed 4700 Van Buren St. Kish, Kathi 3545 Jackson St. Kish, Tom 3450 W. Ridge Road Klepkoff, Theresa 5850 Pennsylvania St. Klodzen, Keith 2837 W. 42nd Ave. Knies, Jim 3724 Mississippi St. Koch, Wayne 6255 Arthur St. Kollasch, Ray 3016 W. 41st Ave. Konrady, Karen 9345 Garfield Court, Crown Point Kopil, Andrea 4210 W. Ridge Road Korenich, Jackie 2261 Samuelson Rd., Portage Korhel, Sue 541 1 Mary Ann Lane Kovach, Stephanie 4408 Virginia St. Kowalczyk, Sharon 3509 Carolina St. Kozub, Karen 4236 Harrison St. Krebes, Mike 4760 Washington St. Krejci, Chris 4181 Ellsworth St. Krupchak, Crystal 2677 Union St., East Gary Lach, Barb 6133 Miller Ave. Lachowicz, Ed 1341 W. 47th Ave. Laco, Bob 1401 W. 56th Ave. Ladra, Nancy 3701 Polk St. Lafata, Paulette 1750 W. 48th PI. Lamere, Phil 12436 Kingfisher, Crown Point Lara, Rick 5535 Lincoln St. Largura, Joyce R.B. 2 Box 322, Valparaiso Lee, Pat 1804 W. 20th PI. Lelek, Dave 7175 Catherine St. Levenda, Mark 5900 Vermont St. Libauskas, Debbie 666 Pike St. Litavecz, Bob 5428 Chase St. Litherland, Gina 4149 Monroe St. Long, Cheryl 310 E. 78th Ave. Longazo, Pam 230 E. 59th Ave. Lorenzo, Teri 400 E. 69th Ave. Lucas, Mark 6636 Birch PI. Lustina, Rah 3795 Lincoln St. Lynn, Bob 7755 Carolina PI. Mader, Frank 525 E. South St., Crown Point Maggio, Tony 180 E. 46th Ave. Mallonee, John 235 W. 43rd Ave. Malloy, Jane 325 Pettibone Ave., Crown Point Marasco, Mary Lynn 1700 W. 62nd Ave. Marszalek, Sue 3717 Lincoln St. Martinez, Bill 4761 Madison St. Maschenik, Rose Ann 3300 Connecticut St. Mazeikas, Peter 5330 Pierce St. McBeath, Maureen 4408 Adams St. McConnell, Kim 3700 W. 91st Ave., Crown Point McGuan, Bernie 777 W. 70th PI. McLaren, John 272 Taft PI. McLaughlin, Caryn 1241 E. 36th Ave. McMahon, Regis 4229 E. 11th Ave. Melevage, Lynnette 5520 Jackson St. Mendez, Martha 714 W. 1 1th Ave. Mestrich, Diane 3655 Fillmore St. Michalak, Annette 521 E. 52nd Ave. Mihalic, Pam 3839 W. 41st Ave. Mikos, John 717 Buchanan St. Mikuta, Mary Ellen 1504 W. 62nd Ave. Miller, Cassie 1861 W. 58th PI. Milosvich, Mike 3409 Broadway Mireles, Simon 3979 Ohio St. Mizen, Alan 2904 E. 73rd Ave. Morrison, Mary 6510 Glen Iren Lane Mosley, Deborah 2967 W. 20th Ave. Moss, Michelle 376 N. Knox St. Mullen, Terry 3800 Lincoln St. Mulroe, Mary 567 Tennessee St. Murphy, Sue 202 E. Greenwood Ave., Crown Point Mytyk, Barb 800 Buchanan St. Nabhan, Doug 3608 E. 34th Lane, Hobart Navarro, Melanie 600 Van Buren St. Noll, Kathy 1219 High St., Hobart Senior Directory — 1 Class of 1 973 Nunley, Eric 3866 Pennsylvania St. O’Brien, Marlene 538 Kentucky St. Obsitnik, Jim 4901 Garfield St. Olejnik, Pam 5618 Grant St. O’Neil, Sharon 463 Rutledge St. O’Rourke, Kathy 1900 E. 73rd Ave. Oskins, Mark 1090 E. 56th Ave. Ousley, Gerald 301 W. 35th Ave. Owens, Keith 663 W. 79th Ave. Pado, Debbie 688 Ohio St. Paulson, Terry 3620 Madison St. Pavlecich, John 198 W. 75th Ave. Pelot, Greg 701 2 E. 1 1 7th Ave., Crown Point Petalas, John 812 Adams St. Peterson, K. 3600 W. 231st Ave., Lowell Pfeifer, Jeff 2705 W. 38th Ave., Hobart Piazza, Ralph 1001 Wayne St. Pipas, Steve 1 133 W. 61st. Ave. Pishkur, Janet 4039 Pierce St. Piwkiewicz, Steve 4476 Connecticut St. Poncsak, Terrie 821 1 Taft St., Crown Point Popa, Kevin 409 W. 47th Ave. Powell, Mary 630 Jackson St. Praschak, Andy 4349 Grant St. Prusiecki, Joanne 225 E. list PI., Hobart Radigan, Leo 6624 Birch PI. Rados, John 719 E. 62nd Ave. Ramos, Dave 6813 Tyler St. Randall, Roger 2395 W. 20th PI. Razumich, Bob 41 13 Adams St. Reardon, Kathy 209 Marimar Court, Crown Point Rebeck, Joan 1012 N. Vanderburg St. Reed, Rich 445 Kelley St., Hobart Rees, Jenny 91 1 Lake George Dr., Hobart Rendina, Tony 2807 W. 57th Ave. Rezak, Tom 5460 Pierce St. Rodriguez, Richard 3561 Adams St. Rose, Bill 3956 Rhode Island St. Rupp, Myron 3738 E. Oakdale Dr. Sablich, Toni 3612 Van Buren St. Sajko, Stephen 4721 Georgia St. Santeramo, Lori 9516 Cleveland St., Crown Point Sceniak, Jim 1 1 08 W. 62nd PI. Schafer, John 11424 Delaware St., Crown Point Schultz, Barb 635 E. 54th Ave. Scully, Sharon 6424 Garfield St. Sebo, Vince 4356 Maryland St. Shanko, Tom 681 Illinois St. Sho nske, Sue 1533 Maple St., Hobart Siffin, Annette 4224 Connecticut St. Simko, John 3827 W. 40th Ave. Singel, Debbie 4620 Virginia St. Skinner, Pat 651 Water St., Hobart Slosson, Ken 4208 Van Buren St. Smith, Char 4416 Adams St. Smith, Dave 1824 W. 58th PI. Smith, Janet 6220 Hayes St. Sohacki, Sharon 225 W. 54th Ave. Stankovic, Judi 3844 Madison St. Starkovich, Mary 3717 Madison St. Starr, Dave 5771 Ellsworth St. Stefankiewicz, Scott 1 029 Arizona St. Stiles, Elva 433 Tyler St. Suelzer, Mary 756 Fillmore St. Sullivan, Joe 5331 Grant St. Super, Bob 6102 Johnson St. Svabik, Diane 601 Hovey St. Tarkelly, Richard 1726 W. 50th PI. Thornton, Wilvester 836 E. 36th PI. Tokarchuck, Doreen 200 E. 50th Ave. Topalski, Melissa 226 W. 76th Ave. Toth, Maggie 2749 Decatur St., East Gary Tsangaris, Michael 2360 W. 64th Ave. Ulman, Mike 6516 Ash PI. Underwood, Missy 4570 Roosevelt St. Vasquez, Frances 224 Harrison St. Vasquez, Wilma 3630 Jackson St. Vaughan, Tom 5900 Arthur St. Verdeyen, Mark 4339 Jackson St. Vincson, Cheryl 4421 W. 11th Ave. Voloch, Mike 4109 Alabama St., Hobart Vrabel, Mike 1125 W. 49th Ave. Vucicevic, Mira 4821 Connecticut St. Vukobratic, Marilyn 4460 Pennsylvania St. Wallo, Andrea 1240 E. 36th Ave. Walton, George 3850 Waite St. Watkins, Clement 2340 W. 20th Ave. Watts, Vicki 3852 Sandusky St. Westforth, Nancy 4704 Roosevelt St. Wilson, Chuck 5935 Grant PI. Wiltshire, Jim 7736 Carolina PI. Wojkovich, Judy 5555 Johnson St. Wood, Marty 1260 Arizona St. Wray, Don 1213 W. Lincoln Hwy., Crown Point Wyar, Linda 234 Taft PI. Zakutansky, Mary Box 716, Ogden Dunes, Portage Zimmerman, Keith 4195 Virginia St. Zimmerman, Mark 7533 Broadway Zolcak, Mary Ann 7137 Harrison St. Zych, Joe 7510 Madison St. 1 88 — Senior Directory Seniors — 1 89 Personal Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ambre Nick Angel Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borchert Raymond Scott Borchert Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Buergler Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Burrell Mr. and Mrs. Gettis Burrell Marion J. Bushemi Mrs. Sam Bushemi Arthur and Mary Chinery Ann Chrison Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Daniel Raymond DeFabio Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dickerson Dunes Rexall Drugs Erdelac Bros. Mobil Service Station Mrs. Cleo Fisher Mary E. Ford Dr. J. J. Forszt, Lake County Commissioner Doris Franklin Judge Andrew V. Giorgi Paul J. Giorgi Mr . and Mrs. Willie J. Greene Mrs. Eloise Griffin Mrs. Peggy Elaine Harris Homeroom I 1 7 Homeroom 120 Homeroom 122 Homeroom 127 Homeroom 128 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Houser Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lee Jackson Michael Jankovich Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kazic Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kiel CarCharJo KirkIBurIHutch Miss Cecilia R. Kos Henry S. Kowalczyk, Lake Co. Prosecutor Dr. Ralph Kroot Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Landeck Dr. and Mrs. Henry S. Lebioda Mrs. Constance Lee Mr. and Mrs. Charley Lowe Lukens-Striegel 55th Ave. Pharmacy Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Manley Agnes Marjov Lonnies Food Mart Mrs. Joseph McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mestrich Mr. and Mrs. Alden Mikuta Dr. Georgia B. Mitchell Mr. William A. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Murphy Reverend John Murzyn Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Nawrocki Mr. and Mrs. William A. O ' Leary Stella Ponteliodis Elizabeth Reid Augusta Smith Mr. and Mrs. Geo rge L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Sprowls Mary D. Starkovich Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas Mr. and Mrs. John Wamsher Mrs. Charles Waterford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welch Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willis Son Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Wirtz Bert Wozniak Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Zakutansky Safe! " Last one to the locker room has to take a shower! " 1 90 — Patrons Business Patrons Adam ' s Village T.V., Inc. 3592 Village Court Gary, Indiana Albert A. Slater Furniture 7320 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Alis Coin Laundry Cleaners 1737 West 37th Gary, Indiana Artistic Cleaners 3767 Broadway Gary, Indiana Barker ' s School Bus Service 2323 West 47th Avenue Gary, Indiana The Beauty Boutique 209 South Calumet Rd. Chesterton, Indiana Biegel ' s Carburetor- Ignition Service I 30 N. West Street Crown Point, Indiana Big Wheel Restaurant 6140 Melton Road Gary, Indiana Bihlman Asphalt Paving P.O. Box 51 3 East Chicago, Indiana Boric ' s Religious Goods 307 W. 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Brady Funeral Home 3781 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Broadmoor Restaurant U.S. 30 and Whitcomb Merrillville, Indiana Broadway Plaza Medical Laboratory 5490 Broadway Plaza Gary, Indiana Burke Storage and Van Co., Inc. Gary, Indiana Burns Harbor Marine, Inc. I 700 Marine St. Portage, Indiana Patrons — 191 Business Patrons The Chatterbox 7205 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Mr. James J. Crandall 3799 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Ronald H. Doneff, M.D. 5490 Broadway Plaza Merrillville, Indiana East Gary Drugs 4294 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Emery ' s Bread and Cakes 3565 Jackson Street Gary, Indiana Erdelac Bros. Service 4500 Broadway Gary, Indiana 49th Avenue ACE Hardware 4900 Broadway Gary, Indiana Fry ' s Department Store 2 1 6 Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Gary Office Equipment Co. 701 West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Gary Transfer Co. 3600 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Gingiss Formalwear Center 4845 Broadway Gary, Indiana Gough Construction Co., Inc. 6567 Ellsworth Place Merrillville, Indiana What do you mean you forgot to put the film in the camera!! 1 92 — Patrons Business Patrons Grant St. Dairy Queen 3075 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Heines Barber Shop 835 East 49th Avenue Gary, Indiana The Heritage Restaurant 1 3242 Wicker Avenue Cedar Lake, Indiana James A. Holcomb 730 Randolph Street Gary, Indiana Holy Trinity School 425 West I 2th Avenue Gary, Ind iana Homeroom I 3 I Senior Girls Horst ' s Hardware 204 South Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Hub Bootery I 16 North Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Hurwich Haller, Inc. 668 Broadway Gary, Indiana J. C. Penny Co., Inc. 35 1 6 Village Crt. Gary, Indiana Kennedy Lewis, Inc. 108 North Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Lach Funeral Home 6121 Miller Avenue Gary, Indiana Juniors get their jollies! Patrons — 193 Lamp Lounge 1400 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Landeck Millwork Co., Inc. 44 1 6 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana Lennertz Fireplace Store, I 5583 Broadway Merrillville, tndiana nc. What wonders a capgun can do! Lennertz Oldsmobile-Honda 6501 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Lisa ' s Exclusives 3896 Broadway Gary, Indiana M N Furniture Appliance Co. 6025 E. U.S. 20 Gary, Indiana McClenthen Motors, Inc. 1003 North Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Meadows Apothecary The Drug Store That Has Everything 5150 Broadway, Gary, Indiana Means Developers, Inc. 2247 Broadway Gary, Indiana " One two three-one two three . . . Bank of Indiana NATIONAL ASSOCIATION Now 13 convenient locations Downtown Gary Glen Park Whiting Hobart East Gary Ross Highland Cedar Lake St. John Midtown Miller Shelby Daily Drive-In 1 94 — Patrons Business Patrons Mele ' s Texaco 5275 Cleveland St. Merrillville, Indiana Metcalf Drugs 1 20 S. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Milbrath Ready Mix Concrete, Inc. 90 1 Grant Street Gary, Indiana John S. Miller Agency 4015 Broadway Gary, Indiana The closer you get . . . Miner-Dunn Restaurant 301 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Modrak Chemical Products Co. 46 1 0 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Nason ' s Appliance Co. 4989 Broadway Gary, Indiana Old Colony Reality 3799 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Buy from the Good Guys Bob Henry and Stan Mize 5880 Broadway Merriville, Ind. 887-9561 Patrons — 1 95 Business Patrons You should see me without the desks! " Olympic Judo Karate 3984 Broadway Gary, Indiana Pampalone Pharmacy 3776 Broadway Gary, Indiana Pawinski Funeral Home 2728 West 15th Avenue Gary, Indiana Piezano ' s Pizza, Inc. 4450 Cleveland St. Gary, Indiana Pittsburgh Paint Center 5360 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Len Pryweller P. O. 343 Gary, Indiana Authorized Dealers Garaflex — Rollot Dentax — Nikon Bolex — Hasselblad Leica — Polaroid Bell Howell — Canon Sales — Service Rentals Kodak Processing of all Slides and Movies 2-3 Days on Color Prints Cameras — Projectors — Repairs Screens — Tape Recorders DARKROOM EQUIPMENT NEW AND USED EQUIPMENT Amateur — Professional Industrial — School — Church 882-6032 GARY CAMERA OPEN SUNDAY 10-2 541 Washington Street Gary, Indiana Best Wishes to the Class of 1973 from 1 96 — Patrons BEGINNING A NEW GENERATION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC EXCELLENCE “EST. 1926” AWARD WINNING NATURAL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY • SENIOR PORTRAITS •FAMILY GROUPS •PUBLICITY RELEASES •WEDDING STORIES WHEN YOU WANT ONL YTHE VERY BEST Patrons — 1 97 " Antigone, " " Barefoot in the Park " For the second year here at Andrean we were able to appreci- ate the creative abilities of the National Theatre Company. Their productions of " Antigone " and " Barefoot in the Park " gave us a glimpse of professional drama at its best. Rees Funeral Home, Inc. 600 W. Old Ridge Road Hobart, Indiana Remy Construction Co., Inc. 37 1 2 Hayes St. Gary, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Vitold Reey, Attorney at Law 5671 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Rockford Life Insurance Co. 47 West 67th Place Merrillville, Indiana St. Hedwig Church 1 746 Pennsylvania Gary, Indiana St. Thomas Council Knights of Columbus 1 347 33 I West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Schepel Buick and Opel 3208 W. Lincoln Highway Merrillville, Indiana Schmal ' s Dairy Store 2 I 3 North Main St. Crown Point, Indiana Spasoff Studios 3633 Broadway Gary, Indiana Squire Lincoln Mercury 6701 E. U.S.20 Gary, Indiana Star Realty 5 1 43 Broadway Gary, Indiana Stardust Sports Complex Bowling — Tennis Billiards — Cocktail Lounge 1-65 and U. S. 30 Owner: Ray Barton 1 98 — Patrons Steel Cities Steels, Inc. Rt. 20 and Montgomery St. Gary, Indiana Stewart ' s Business Machines 4409 Broadway Gary, Indiana Stilinovich, Palmer Wiatrolik Funeral Home 42 1 3 Broadway Gary, Indiana Titak Meats 492 I Broadway Gary, Indiana Town Finance Co., Inc. 4645 Broadway Gary, Indiana U.S. Piping, Inc. P.O. Box 28 Portage, Indiana Vossberg Apparel, Inc. 327 Main Street Hobart, Indiana Herb Welch Co., Realtors 2955 West 74th Avenue Merrillville, Indiana Welsh Oil Inc. 7000 Chicago Avenue Gary, Indiana Wendt Brothers Drugs 1 06 South Main Street Crown Point, Indiana J. J. Wesbecher, Inc. I 1 34 Virginia St. Gary, Indiana Wilco Food Center 6300 Miller Avenue Gary, Indiana Acknowledgements Rev. John T. Cherry, C.S.B., Principal Sister M. Janet, SS.C.M., Acting Principal Mr. Leo Ambre Mr. James Bell Sister Bernice Marie, SS.C.M. Elizabeth Bushemi Rev. Charles Christopher, C.S.B. Thomas Collins Rev. Kenneth Decker, C.S.B. Rev. Vincent C. Eckert, C.S.B. Sister M. Emma, SS.C.M. Sister Gilmary, SS.C.M. Sister M. Jeanne, SS.C.M. Sister Joan Marie, SS.C.M. Rev. Gordon Judd, C.S.B. Rev. David Klein, C.S.B. Mr. Robert Lewis Jeff Lacny Rev. Joseph Moffatt, C.S.B. Sister M. Paul, SS.C.M. contributions and Mrs. Robert Ridgely Mr. Daniel Rogovich Rev. Ronald G. Schwenzer, C.S.B. Leon Shirley Miss Kay Lynn Spencer Bill Stassen Thomas Vaughan James Wiltshire Donna Wojkovich And a special thanks to all those without whose support this book would still be unfinished. Thank you, The 1973 Decussata Staff 200 — Acknowledgements fipiif-! I mm ■Brsikp »p|i|||il . wmmm ■ 1 • -H- ■ • -S ■HPi jdgi - - tamraa m 0 s?fe ■ p ■: :«t.-.j-:-: ;i.;ii?f: . „ raw •■•:•«•:• ;:sr srsee-t :•: : pll l«i«pi! : :••••• M-aL , " ..., . : : ji. ■} : «-:;-.if : aiiifi mk MHL, W I §§; 4£M ■ ' .f. i‘s- • » •:•:•;•:•. . r . -|u±p ‘N 1 ¥ i mm 4m ••••• •:i.y XiS : ¥:b, : :i iSSH -. ■ u ,v.. " w SBKm ■ .•! ii 1 28} r |S SfB«fiil 1 • m • .TO r- -a J»fL-, Slpil • m 1 . .»:« : t !:•:• . . J £, S.--. ' -r i-y-Zt : •. $feS£g .$: , .„ lllillilpiliiili lili •:ii) • :• ' iMi aaBMBw BlifeilESlii! hiaiS m wsrIWBI IMli ini IK 1 : VP V Hi : %:| 8 r f ' i ffl: 1 T;nfi-:-i{ h Si; K 1 B , p Si i : : ' wi U ;.. 1

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