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ANDREAN HIGH SCHOOL Merrillville, Indiana Raymond De Fabio, Moderator David Bittner, Co-editor Patricia Wojkovich, Co-editor Deborah Van Cleef, Co-editor 2 — Introduction Halls, where we stood, and laughed and thought Where a smile meant " hello " and sometimes more. Where day by day we came and found ourselves by Taking Time Together . . . Introduction — 3 4 — Introduction Autumn . . . crisp, cold air, mounds of colorful leaves, strangers became acquaintances, acquaintances became friends, and friendships grew, Taking Time Together . . . Being a niner . . . pep assemblies, games, red and gold, And not being number I everytime, but trying hard. And cheering and booing, and winning, and losing, And Taking Time Together . . . b — Introduction gfe. ® - jSj mtivl ' ' ♦ ZiSSk ®mSk ' ll!§feliKkY B 4 T W ' j r ! ■ Introduction — 7 Taking time together Meeting, planning, creating, rehearsals till ?, missing cues, backstage antics. This is what " Fiddler " was all about. Pooling efforts and talents in dramatic endeavor, the Drama Club presented a play which was a sheer delight to see. 8 — Introduction Introduction — 9 10 — Introduction A ♦k t »• Remember the happy times, all too short, and too quickly gone, When, among friends, we were carefree and smiling, and joyful Taking Time Together . . . f ' Introduction — I I Taking Time Together . . . dancing, laughing, Enjoying every moment, Knowing someone cares, giving, taking, loving . . . 12 — Introduction Introduction — I 3 Suddenly, the future of our past is the present. Familiar faces, well-traveled halls must be replaced with faces and halls of the future. Reflections of what has been fill our minds with hope, dreams, and wonder, knowing that all has come from Taking Time Together . . . 14 — Introduction Y O U V9 COrne q " lotvg way ( Introduction — 15 Andrean Administration 71 — 72 Rev. John T. Cherry, C.S.B. Principal Rev. Ronald Schwenzer, C.S.B. Assistant Principal Rev. Vincent C. Eckert Treasurer Mr. William Baranczyk Dean of Students 1 8 — Academics Strong Leadership Sister M. Jeanne, SS.C.M. Assistant Principal Sister M. Emma, SS.C.M. Librarian Sister M. Janet, SS.C.M. Associate Principal Academics — 19 Guidance Counselors Help Plan Futures Sister M. Alfred, SS.C.M. Mr. John Coggins Mrs. Lawrence Costello English Department Sharpens Creative Skills Academics — Sister Rita Claire, SS.C.M. I 22 — Academics Mrs. Milan Dakich Academics — 23 Theology Department — Foundation of Christian Attitudes Rev. Charles Christopher, C.S.B. 24 — Academics Academics 25 Foreign Language Department Sister M. Annette, SS.C.M. Mrs. Dale Connelly Miss Elizabeth Craciun Sister M. Crescentia, SS.C.M. 26 — Academics Students Experience Cultural Differences Sister Marguerite Dankulich, SS.C.M. Mr. Lester Weiss Miss Deborah Maszka Academics — 27 Science Department — Probe, Listen, Learn M iss Linda Bram Mr. Orville Burley, C.S.B. Mr. Michael Chelap — Academics Sister Joan Marie, SS.C.M. Mr. Alexander Holok Mr- Jerome Mazur Academics — 29 Rev. John Ward, C.S.B. Mathematics — Rev. Albert Cylwicki, C.S.B. Sister M. Joanne, SS.C.M. Mr. Michael Kallok 30 — Academics Computational Skills Developed John Menner, C.S.B. Mrs. Dennis Mestrich Sister M. Nadine, SS.C.M. Academics — 3 I Social Studies Past, Present, and Future Under Observation Mr. William Drozda, Mr. John Steinkellner Mr. Steven Vamos M iss Roseann Trapan© 32 — Academics Academics — 33 Business Department — Preparing Tomorrow ' s Business Leaders ‘Cj Mr. Nicholas Crnkovich 34 — Academics Teachers Provide Students With New Insights into Business Academics — 35 Fine Arts — Students Express Themselves Through Music and Art Mr. Peter Billiclc Mr. Rolando Chilian 36 — Academics Art Classes Learn New Forms of Self- Expression Mrs. Robert Czarnecki Mr. John Williams 38 — Academics Physical Education Department Develops Physical Abilities of Andrean Students Mr. Daniel Rogovich Miss Kay Lynn Spencer 4 Academics — 39 Home Economics Department Formation Of Future Homemakers Sister M. John Vianney, SS.C.M. Mrs. Paul Krick Mrs. John Wamsher 40 — Academics Mrs. John Celenica Mrs. Dale Eisner Secretaries and Cooks Keep School Running Smoothly CAFETERIA STAFF (left to right): Mrs. Caroline Horkevi, Mrs. Ann Oldecker, Mrs. Marie Quade, Mrs. Veronica Kisylia. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Ann Sicula, Mrs. Florence Windbegar. Mrs. Robert Ridgely Mrs. Philip Sawyer Mrs. Carl Yurechko Academics — 4 1 Canterbury Tales 44 — Student Life Seniors Create A New Tradition Canterbury Tales, the 1972 Sen- ior Prom, delighted a record number of couples on April 28 in Michigan City. This marks the first year the Senior Prom has ever been held away from school. The couples dined at Howard Johnsons before arriving at the lavishly decorated Canter- bury Theater. The setting was perfect for the music of the Crystaltones and Feast. The eve- ning was an enjoyable and mem- orable one for all. Student Life — 45 " You ' ve Come a Long Way Baby " — Victory Ball Success 46 — Student Life " Santa ' s Workshop " — Christmas Delight TOP LEFT: Carl Beougher with date at the JUNIOR SPRING DANCE. BOT- TOM LEFT: Couples pause among the strawberry blossoms. BOTTOM LEFT: Charlie Herzer and Ann Frenken enjoy- ing the dance. UPPER RIGHT: John Schafer and MaryJo Black sit out a dance. UPPER RIGHT: Member of GRIMSHAW. LOWER RIGHT: Cha- perons enjoy " Strawberry Fields For- ever. " Student Life — 49 Champaign " 72 " Is a Fashion Success 50 — Student Life Student Life — 51 Wine Casks, Cafes, and Candles Create GAA ' s " Reflections of Venice " UPPER RIGHT: Debbie Anglini and date. CENTER BOTTOM: All-state tackle Bob Stark takes Turnabout too seriously. BOTTOM LEFT: Couples fall in laughter as gondola collapses. 52 — Student Life UPPER LEFT: Chaperones enjoy Reflection of Venice . UP- PER RIGHT: Couples at the Turn-a-bout. BOTTOM: Turn-a- bout is successful! with the help of the SIRCUS. Student Life — 53 Homecoming Excitement Creates Involvement UPPER LEFT: J uniors create a great warrior steed. UPPER RIGHT: Seniors, Toni Nasiloski and Karen Golubic await the start of Homecoming festivities. MIDDLE RIGHT: Seniors ' float is prom- ising victory. BOTTOM RIGHT: Home- coming candidates await announcement of Andrean ' s 1971-1972 Homecoming Queen at Halftime. y | AM i A % ■ 54 — Student Life UPPER LEFT: Homecoming parade takes niners to victory. UPPER RIGHT: Frosh- more float. BOTTOM LEFT: Niners are Stronger than Wirt . BOTTOM RIGHT: Sophomores work enthusiastically on their class float. Halftime Victory for Mary Ann UPPER LEFT: Homecoming candidates, Kathi Halloran, Kitty Medvecz, Denise McDonald, Mary Ann Arini, and Jean Milchak with escorts, Bob Mandula, Dan Burrel, Mike Peloza, Derek Regal and Dan Dziewicki. BOTTOM LEFT: Sus- pense breaks with screams of happiness as the announcement of Andrean ' s 1971-1972 Homecoming Queen, Mary Ann Arini, is heard. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mary Ann on the way to " victory " . 56 — Student Life Gary Griffins Are Great in First Season UPPER RIGHT: Griffins fight for a win. UPPER LEFT: Griffins battle for a goal. BOTTOM: The Gary Griffins pose after a win. 58 — Student Life Closer to Each Other . . . Closer to God u LOvE 5 SOMEBOOT NOTHING MAKES SENSE UPPER LEFT: Seniors at the camp Law- rence retreat participating in the lit- urgy. UPPER RIGHT: Seniors at the re- treat comtemplating on God and love. BOTTOM LEFT: Bishop Grutka cele- brates the annual mass at Andrean. Student Life — 59 " Fiddler " Keeps Tradition of Success CAST: Tevye Brian Lynch Golde Marlene Libassi Hodel Sue Beckman Chava Mary Suelzer Yente Barb Davis Motel Tom Mulloy Perchik Frank Fransioli Lazar Wolf. . . .Chris Markle Fiddler Lori Michelet Tzeitel Deb Doneff i UPPER LEFT: Make-up and sewing crew for Fiddler relaxing after their hard work. UPPER RIGHT: Pit orchestra help make " Fiddler ' ' a success. BOTTOM RIGHT: Stag§ crew poses in one of their constructions. 60 — Student Lifi oon River Citizens Resurrect at Andrean in Spoon River Anthology Student Life — 61 Armageddon Is Senior Victory Energies exploding . . . Spirits soaring . . . 62 — Student Life Three in a Row Is New Record J MORGAN IZATIONS Student Council Initiates Changes This year the Student Council achieved a degree of success never attained in previous years. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Frank and Beth, student attitudes were swayed from apathy towards involvement. Besides traditional Council activities such as dances, Armageddon, Homecoming, etc., the 7 1 - ' 72 Council initiated numerous new ideas. Some of this year ' s " firsts ' ' were: the first Rock and Roll Revival, Movie Night, Red and Gold Day, Bike Hike for St. Jude ' s Hospital, and meetings in the Library. This was also the first year the Student Council attended faculty meetings, opened the Council room during lunch, held frequent meetings with the administration, and received the right for girls to wear pants at the Homecoming sock hop. Courage and daring. Responsibility and dedication to beliefs and people. Mistakes, doubts, fear. Dreams. Challenge. LEADERSHIP. 66 — Organizations UPPER LEFT: Student Council officers: Beth Popa, Tom Vaughan, Frank Fransioli, Debbie Karras. BOTTOM LEFT: Senior girls battle for volleyball victory. UPPER RIGHT: Bob Bartolomeo greased for Rock Revival. BOTTOM RIGHT: Homecoming Assembly was a mock funeral for rival Wirt. planning, sharing, Organizations — 67 Fine Arts Day Relives the Thirties The Cardinal Flahiff Chapter of the National Honor Society is Andrean ' s branch of this nationwide organization which commends junior and senior high school students who display the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and service in the schools’ life. Twice a year an appointed faculty committee selects upperclassmen that are felt to be worthy of this honor. The Society, although it is not intended to be an active service organization, is annually responsible for Fine Arts Day. This year, the thirties were revived in the program entitled " Souplines and Queues or Yes, We have No Bananas. " Highlights of the program were song and dance numbers from that decade, and numerous readings of and about the thirties. Also sponsored by NHS this year was a tutoring program to help the school age boys from Hoosier Boys Town. 68 — Organizations LOWER LEFT: C. Markle, (kneeling) P. Ridgley, B. Davis, J. Masty. UPPER RIGHT: Seniors enjoy Fine Arts Day. BOTTOM CENTER: Dr. Kopcha speaks at Fine Arts Day. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sue Gaydos helps solve a challenging problem. Organizations — 69 Booster Club and GAA Get the Girls Involved This year as in past years both Booster Club and the Girls Athletic Association have involved the girls in school activities. Along with sponsoring the annual " Turnabout ' ' dance, GAA has organized various girls sports, such as basketball, track, volleyball, and softball. Booster Club does a great deal for team spirit by painting signs for the Niners and their games. Both of these clubs generate spirit and are an essential part of our school. 70 — Organizations UPPER LEFT: Booster Club officers: (top row) Theresa Wojkovich, Nancy Buergler, Janet Helsper, (bottom row) Joyce Laskowski, Deborah Cogelja. LOWER LEFT: GAA officers: (top row) Patti Ihnat, Debbie Angelini, Judy Raw- ley, (bottom row) Ramona Bottos, Judy Stankovich. Screaming action; roaring excitement Tension and anxiety. Exuberant spirit and coordinated teamwork. A concerned coach and sponsor . . . Winning teams. Organizations — 71 Drama and Forensics Clubs Are an Outlet for Talent This year the Drama Club has presented two excellent plays: " Fiddler on the Roof " and " Spoon River Anthology. " These two plays harnessed the tremendous talent in Andrean and presented it for all to see. With the help of Fr. Moffatt and Mr. Williams as directors, Mr. Chilian as music director, and Sister Gilmary as costume director, both plays were very successful. In addition to the production of these two plays, the Drama Club co-sponsored with the National Honor Society a trip to Chicago to see the play " I 776” one of the productions to be staged next year. Forensics ' , too, has captured the talents of those at Andrean who have the gift of speech. Members have competed in numerous contests in the area. 72 — Organizations UPPER LEFT: Drama Club Officers: Lori Michelet, Chris Markle, Brian Lynch. UPPER RIGHT: Forensics ' Of- ficers: Chris Markle, Mary Jean Craig, Barb Davis. Backstage crew: Jim Adams, Wally Knoll, Kevin Kom- isarcik, Mike Klich, Laura Atzhorn, Nancy Hostetler, Karen Burwinkel, Janet Hudock. Organizations — 73 S.O.A.P. Helps Better Our Environment Students Organized Against Pollution has done a tremendous job this year in cleaning up the environment around Andrean and the city of Gary as well. SOAP has sponsored numerous glass and paper drives to clean up the streets and to raise money. This club has great student support and has really done a lot for both the school and the city. UPPER LEFT: SOAP Officers: Jean Mil- chak, Mary Ramirez, Jim Adams, Marie Petrites. 74 — Organizations Business and Math Clubs Prepare Careers Both the Business and Math Clubs ' have been active this year. The Business Club, for those who will be entering business careers, sponsored a trip to Chicago to observe many business establishments. The Math Club, too, sponsored an excursion to Chicago, to see the Museum of Science and Industry. UPPER RIGHT: The Officers of the Business Club discuss plans for the forthcoming trip to Chicago. LOWER RIGHT: Math Club Officers examine the use of the slide rule during a meet- ing. Organizations — 75 Language Clubs Give Insight Into Foreign Cultures Andrean has two active language clubs, The French club and the Spanish club. This year the French club has been very active in sponsoring several activities to give insight into French culture. Some of these activities include a crepe bake, and an excursion to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the display of " Christmas Around the World. " In April, the club sponsored a trip for members to Canada to learn about life in a country that speaks a language other than our own. The Spanish Club has done a lot also. They sponsored the National Spanish Contest at Andrean, and there were many winners here. exploring new countries, learning other cultures, discovering different ways of life. LOWER LEFT: Spanish Club Officers: Lupita Vasquez, Matt Lipton, Imelda Navarro, Julio Gill. 76 — Organizations Communicating and Understanding Organizations — 77 UPPER LEFT: French Club Officers: P. La Fata, L. Bodie, D. latrola, A. Kopil. UPPER RIGHT: German club officers: M. Brasich, K. Komisarcik, G. Federici. LOWER RIGHT: Andrean has many winners of the Spanish contest. 78 — Organizations Voices of the Students Are Heard Through the This year the Acropolis, the school newspaper, and the Decussata, the yearbook, have been a voice tor the students. Editorials, Feature stories, and cartoons both inform and entertain us as we read the Acropolis monthly. Memories are revived in August as we receive our new Decussata, which acts as a mirror to look back on our previous school year. Each of these organizations is an essential part of Andrean life and one no student can do without. stencils and carbon copies, spacing and typing, proofreading and editing, making decisions, mailing to the printer. The final copy. Yearbook and School Newspaper UPPER LEFT: Co-editors of the Decus- sata: Debbie Van Cleef, Patty Wojko- vich, Dave Bittner. LOWER LEFT: Co- editors of the Acropolis: Kathy Hallo- ran, Jean Milchak. UPPER RIGHT: Pho- tographers for both the newspaper and the yearbook hard at work. LOWER RIGHT: The staff of the yearbook. Organizations — 79 Y.A.R.C., Human Relations Club, and Black Student YARC, the youth group organized to help retarded children is very active and prevalent at Andrean. Along with having parties at Christmas and Easter for the children, YARC also held a candy sale to raise money for them. In May there was also the annual " Walk for the Retarded " in which 5,000 an Easter egg hunt, a visit from Santa, a helping hand, concern for others, unselfish love. students and young adults took took part. The Human Relations Club and the Black Student Union are relatively new clubs at Andrean, organized to better relations between people both at Andrean and all of Gary. t liJ 80 — Organizations Union Activate Human Interest in Students UPPER LEFT: YARC Officers: T. Wo- jkovich, M. Libassi, M. Zakutanski. UP- PER RIGHT: BSU Officers: E. White, L. Bodie, J. Jenkins, K. Harris. LOWER RIGHT: H uman Relations Club Offi- cers: M. K. Hughes, N. Carey, J. Jen- kins, D. Mosley, J. Jenkins. Organizations — 8 I FHA Activities Generate Spirit FHA has been very active this year, sponsoring activities for the future homemakers of Andrean. Such activities include the annual " Daddy Date Nite and two mothers ' masses as well as the election banquet for new officers. Also, FHA is responsible for the organization of the Avon board. UPPER LEFT: Hungry students enjoy a mid-morning break. LOWER LEFT: The FHA executive board meets to discuss " Daddy Date Nite. 82 — Organizations PAC Interests Students in Politics; Chess Club Competes PAC (Political Action Club) is also one of the newer clubs at Andrean. Organized to get the students at Andrean involved in political activities, this year PAC sponsored a mock election for president. This being an election year, students were allowed to vote for the candidate of their choice on a real voting machine. UPPER RIGHT: PAC Officers: S. Zalo- dek, P. Skinner, J. Prusiecki, J. Fallace. M. Fissinger. Chess Club Officers: W. Knoll, K. Komisarick, J. Prusiecki. Organizations — 83 I UPPER RIGHT: Sister John Vianney looks on as foods students cautiously eat their products. CENTER RIGHT: Nancy Peller pauses during an exciting basketball game: Mike Kleminski swings as he sings many Elvis hits. BOTTOM RIGHT: Steve Pipas and Mark Levenda attentively watch the assembly. Music Department Entertains on Canadian Tour UPPER RIGHT: FRONT ROW: A. Ma- cey, L. Hall, M. J. Klich, M. Pisani, C. Ousley, T. Chalko. SECOND ROW: R. Sturgeon, R. Sturgeon, V. Cannon, L. Babagan, N. Griffin, D. Wray. THIRD ROW: C. Libauskas, D. Farrar, L. Mar- tin, A. Rogers, K. Lee, G. Beres. FOURTH ROW: E. Zemelko, R. Barner, R. James, D. Woodard, T. Lankford, J. Wiltshire. LOWER LEFT: Band Officers K. Harris, T. Griffin, J. Wiltshire, L. Martin. SEATED: E. Zemelko. 86 Organizations UPPER RIGHT: FIRST ROW: A. Siffin, J. McConnell, T. Merza, K. Harris, S. Christian, R. Wilson. SECOND ROW: M. Horkavi, D. Zale, J. Arriero, S. Alli- son, M. O ' Connor, A. Brown. THIRD ROW: S. Chalko, T. Griffin, B. Karagin, D. Ramos. FOURTH ROW: J. Taylor, P. O ' Keefe, K. Klodzen. STANDING: N. Flores, G. Kessel, E. Miles, D. Pisini, P. Teso, J. Huerta. Canada enjoys AHS Band and choral groups. Organizations — 87 UPPER LEFT: Stage Band: FRONT ROW: J. Wiltshire, G. Bires, B. James, D. Wray, E. Zemelko, T. Lankford. SEC- OND ROW: M. Pisani, R. Mailath, M. Rongers, D. Ramos, B. Karagin, T. Grif- fin. STANDING: K. Harris, T. Merza, S. Christian, A. Siffin. 88 — Organizations MIXED CHOIR OFFICERS: STAND- INS: Joyce Largura, Joe Mele, Debbie Mosley. SEATED: Steve Sulich fine ar+s and culture . . . and more, developing sound, pitch, and rhythm, relating to others; practicing . . . perfecting, performing. Organizations — 89 UPPER LEFT: FRONT ROW: M. O ' Brien, C. Carjia, C. Santeramo, M. Spellman, T. Sulunias, E. Murphy. SEC- OND ROW: M. Plucinik, M. Burgess, E. Mitrisin, C. Lesch, B. Villareal, C. Ruz- basin, M. Levenda, D. Carey. THIRD ROW: S. Babagan, M. Tournai, K. Be- nac, S. Burrell, M. Kesel, D. Sohacki, D. Fatula. LOWER LEFT: FRONT ROW: L. Bodie, D. Roszkowski, B. Kneiss, M. Cardetti, R. Sylvester, T. Wojkovich. SECOND ROW: D. Robbins, C. Colza, K. Kovich, J. Jones, D. McDonald, M. Gilmore, D. Downs, M. Libassi, P. Lon- gazo. THIRD ROW: B. Hayes, S. Marzelac, M. Mulroe, M. Ballanger, B. Popa, P. Irving, J. Jenkins, K. Marie, D. Taneff. 90 — Organizations UPPER RIGHT: FRONT ROW: M. Ste- phen, S. Beckman, M. Fusillo. SECOND ROW: M. Tomondi, A. Melevage, P. Oljenik, M. Marasco. THIRD ROW: B. Lynch, T. Mulloy, F. Mader, R. Kunas, S. Sulich. FOURTH ROW: T. Farag, G. Tutto, R. Borchert, J. Filipowski, T. Blaker, D. Gorney. LOWER RIGHT: FRONT ROW: C. Dorsey, D. Mosley, J. Largura, E. Fissinger, K. McConnell. SECOND ROW: R. Bottos, N. Coule- han, L. Bartolomei, J. Hudock, P. Peter- son. THIRD ROW: D. Beougher, T. Teso, R. Melevin, C. Markle, B. Dering, A. Stalmah. FOURTH ROW: T. McM- ahon, B. Komendera, J. Mele, R. Mai- lath. Cheerleaders ' Pep Sparks School Spirit 92 — Organizations LOWER LEFT: Varsity (TOP) N. Peller, C. Dauro. (BOTTOM) M. Geras. P. Mi- halic, M. Arini, I. Koval. UPPER CEN- TER: Freshmen (TOP) D. Sapone. L. Chirby, (BOTTOM) D. Spangler, K. Konrady, B. Huettner, A. Poracky. LOWER CENTER: (top to bottom): S. Hayes, M. Hebert, G. Burrel, P. Len- nertz, M. Bushemi, C. Hagel. Organizations — 93 Gridders Fall Short of Expectations This season the Niner Football Squad provided it’s fans with moments of both great excite- ment and enthusiasm together with disappointment. The open- ing game of the season offered a preview of what was to follow by a 0-0 deadlock with EC Roose- velt. A victory over longtime ri- val Hobart, a crushing of Mann, and a win over NWC threat Gary Roosevelt provided hope for the season strengthened by a shutout of Wallace. Dreams of a fourth consecutive NWC cham- pionship were destroyed by late season losses to Emerson and West Side and a tie with Wirt. A victory over newly found rival Chesterton offered some opti- mism during this season ending slump. The strength of this year ' s team laid in its outstanding de- fense lead by All-State Tackle Bob Stark which repeatedly sty- mied the opposition, allowing only 7.2 points per game. J, . High-scoring West Side was lim- ited to only 13 points. Except for the 59 points scored against Mann, the offense did not offer much support to the defense ' s superb effort. The kicking game of Tom Collins offered a new di- mension to the offensive attack spearheaded by the running of Tom Goetz and Kevin Mirich. Coaches Crnkovich and Billick worked hard to put the best of Andrean on the field. Above all else, hope remains for the next season. 96 — Athletics Varsity Scores RECORD 5-2 2 ANDREAN OPPONENT 0 E. C. Roosevelt 0 16 Hobart 6 59 Horace Mann 6 24 Gary Roosevelt 6 16 Lew Wallace 0 10 Emerson 14 14 Wirt 14 20 Chesterton 6 2 West Side 13 FRONT ROW: R. St. Germain, B. McGuan, K. Harris, T. Rendina, J. Bianchi, J. Kiger, V. Sebo, B. Schmidt, R. Schiralli, R. Bartolo- meo, J. Gavin, T. Collins. SECOND ROW: W. McMillan, G. Ousley. P. Lamere, T. Dougherty, S. Bien, R. Bickel, J. Lessard, K. Mirich, D. Garner, D. Ramos, R. Stark, G. Pazak, S. Mirales (Mgr.). THIRD ROW: Coach A. Haloc, T. Rezak, (Mgr.), T. McGrath, M. Wood, E. Hudson, R. Super, J. Brodner, J. Mallonee, J. Keiser, J. Mele, M. Rupp, D. Parlock, S. Shonske (Mgr.), Head Coach Nick Crnkovich. FOURTH ROW: Coaches J. Bennett and P. Billick, R. latarola, D. Farrar, D. Doff in, E. Ruzga, J. Fallace, K. Relphorde, J. Sullivan, J. Wiltshire, R. Seibal, A. Mizen (Mgr.), Coach C. Nicolini, Missing: Mike Jennings. Athletics — 97 . " ' .2 UPPER LEFT: K. Mirich drives forward. UPPER RIGHT: T. Goetz slips past de- fender. LOWER LEFT: Football has its bumps and bruises. LOWER CENTER LEFT: T. Goetz adds to his yardage. LOWER CENTER RIGHT: Ball slips through fingers of Andrean receiver. Athletics — 99 1 00 — Athletics Frosh Continue Winning Tradition The Frosh of 1971 continued the winning tradition as they became the third consecutive freshman team to go undefeated posting a 9-0 record. Coaches Father Men- ner and Mr. Haloc have pro- vided a strong basis for the fu- ture winning seasons as they blasted opponents on both of- fense and defense. Frosh Scores RECORD 9-0 ANDREAN OPPONENT 18 E C Roosevelt 0 25 Tolleston 0 14 Froebal 0 22 Horace Mann 6 29 Beckman 6 21 Lew Wallace 12 28 Emerson 0 26 Wirt 6 41 West Side 18 FRONT ROW: K. Luksas, E. Wallo, E. Slingsby, J. Fallace, P. Young, S. Crnkovich, J. Woikovich, J. Frankovich, P. Reardon, J. Scully, J. Kopil, G. Edwards. SECOND ROW: J. Erdelac, R. Kunas, T. Orton, M. Plasencia, F. Hoffman, J. Huerta, S. Senak, T. James, P. Reba, M. Schwinn, J. McConnell, N. Vidal, J. Taylor. THIRD ROW: Father Menner (coach), J. Barker, J. Novotny, M. Reardon, M. Mizen, D. Bain, A. Stalmah, J. Buergler, W. Smith, R. Persin, R. Kadar, M. Malayter, L. Matunas, D. Kristoff, G. Evenocheck, J. Ward, J. Argenta, J. White, R. McGee, M. Mislan, Coach Holok. Missing: M. Hecimovich. Athletics — 101 Reserves Offer Promise For Future Reserve Scores RECORD 9-1 ANDREAN OPPONENT 18 Chesterton 6 16 Lew Wallace 0 34 Horace Mann 0 20 Wirt 6 0 Gary Roosevelt 6 23 Hobart 0 40 Bishop Noll 6 28 Emerson 0 25 Crown Point 0 13 West Side 0 The Reserves had another excel- lent season following their unde- feated freshman year, allowing only 4 touchdowns compared to last year ' s one. The team ' s only defeat came at the hands of Gary Roosevelt in a grueling 6-0 game. Hopefully some of the ex- plosive offense of the reserves will be incorporated into the var- sity next year. Coach Bennett prepared the team well as evi- denced by the fine 9-1 record which resulted. FRONT ROW: G. Rawley, J. Ellis, D. Sanders, J. Beres, L. Rajski, B. DeBats, F. Schmidt, A. Gough, P. Malayter, T. Gregory, R. Dorulla. SECOND ROW: M. Lipton, W. VanCleef, S. Persin, M. Simpson, T. Lynch, T. Martin, J. Gallagher, G. Locasto, R. Capel- lari, T. Ridgely, R. Lupp. THIRD ROW: T. Goszewski, G. Doneff, M. Saffa, J. Rykovich, T. Jakelich, S. Wilson, T. LaMere, J. Henderson, M. McDaniels, Coach John Bennett. 1 02 — Athletics Athletics — 103 Cagers Provide Season Ending Excitement Despite a slow start and a diffi- cult schedule the Andrean cagers rallied to post a 13-10 mark. Af- ter early disheartening losses the team played .500 ball until losing highly rated Clark and Hobart. The team won it ' s next 6 games including 2 sectional games be- fore bowing to eventual state- runnerup West Side. The fine play of the squad was lead by Bob Mandula and Mike Maretich with averages of 24 and 19 pts. Both set all-time Andrean re- cords, Mandula with the most points and Maretich for assists. Joe Sullivan led the team in re- bounding. Coach Rogavich is to be congratulated for his part in producing this fine squad. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Culveyhouse, M. Maretich, J. Connelly, J. Kenny, K. Zimmerman. B. Curtis, R. Mandula, J. Sullivan, B. Kamin- ski, T. Maggio, R. Denson, S. Euvino (Mgr.) TOP LEFT: Coach Rogavich during a timeout. TOP CENTER: Joe Sullivan takes a fallaway jumper. TOP RIGHT: Tony Maggio saves a ball from going out of bounds. BOTTOM LEFT: Bob Mandula eludes B. Darter. BOTTOM CENTER: Ben Darter of Wallace draws a crowd of Andrean defenders. Athletics — 105 J 9innjj 40 TOP LEFT: Bob Mandula out jumps de- fender. TOP CENTER: Mike Maretich drives in for a lay-up. TOP RIGHT: Jim Connelly shoots from a crowd. BOT- TOM LEFT: Brian Curtis hauls in a re- bound. BOTTOM CENTER: Mike Mare- tich takes dead aim. BOTTOM BOT- TOM RIGHT: Bob Mandula shoots as Keith Zimmerman moves in for the re- bound. 106 — Athletics Varsity Scores RECORD 13-10 ANDREAN OPPONENT 69 Gary Roosevelt 74 77 Lew Wallace 85 89 River Forest 69 72 West Side 74 88 Wirt 44 HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT 74 Lew Wallace 73 57 Gary Roosevelt 81 74 Crown Point 68 89 Portage 64 87 Chesterton 80 75 Hammond Morton 80 75 Horace Mann 62 80 Hammond High 82 74 East Gary 65 56 Hobart 70 58 Hammond Clark 74 78 Calumet 68 66 Whiting 63 66 Emerson 57 96 Lafayette Catholic 81 Central SECTIONALS 79 Wirt 40 87 Emerson 60 60 West Side 88 Reserves Finish With 9-10 Mark Coach Chelap ' s reserves posted a 9-10 record despite many inju- ries and other problems. Ray Do- rulla lead the scoring while Mike Manno was a valuable asset as a playmaker. Tom Bukur hauled in the most rebounds. Rich Bagjgro- vich offers optimism by his excel- lent play on both Frosh and Re- serve teams. The Frosh " A " team dipped to 7-10 after the loss of Bagjgrovich to the reserves. RIGHT BOTTOM, FROSH, STAND- ING, L to R: J. White, M. Gibbs, C. Lazar, S. Senak, J. Buergler, M. Vau- ghan, J. Bayer, R. Bagirovich, J. Dough- erty. KNEELING: J. Frankovich, H. Flores, J. Scully, P. Milbrath, J. Wojko- vich, B. Onde. TOP CENTER: RESERVES, SITTING, L to R: R. Barner, G. Locasto, T. Ridgely, T. Bukur, T. Goszewski, Rien Bajgrowicz, R. Dorulla, M. Manno, T. Seibal, B. Bo- bin, J. Roszkowski (Mgr.). TOP LEFT: Coaches J. Ma]ur, Fr. A. Cylwicki, and P. Kirk, Trainer. 108 — Athletics Athletics — 109 Ne+ters Continue Success Coach Jerry Mazur ' s netters completed this season with a 10- 3 record, giving Andrean tennis teams a composite mark of 30-7 in the last 3 years, along with 3 consecutive NWC champion- ships. This season, the team reached a new high by being sectional co-champs. Seniors Jim Culveyhouse, Tom Pruzin, Ed Ba- dylak, and Pat Malloy had much to do with this continued success. Charles Fitzhugh established him- self as one of the premier play- ers in the area. Juniors Bruce Bihlman and Ted Itin, along with Soph Ben Milbrath, offer reason for optimism for next year. All considered, tennis has been one of the most successful sports at Andrean. Varsity Scores RECORD 10-3 ANDREAN OPPONENT CONFERENCE 5 Emerson 0 3 Horace Mann 2 5 G. Roosevelt 0 3 Wallace 2 5 West Side 0 5 Wirt 0 NON-CONFERENCE 2 Crown Point 3 3 Griffith 2 4 La porte 5 2 Merrillville 3 5 River Forest 0 3 Valpo 2 ANDREAN INVITATIONAL— 1st CITY TOURNEY — 1st SECTIONALS — CO-CHAMPS 110 — Athletics UPPER RIGHT: FRONT ROW: T. Itin, J. Culveyhouse. B. Milbrath. BACK ROW: B. Bihlman, P. Malloy, Coach J. Mazur, T. Pruzin, E. Badylak, C. Fit- zhugh. Athletics — III Baseball Team Posts 9-2 Record The 1972 Baseball team con- cluded another fine season in Andrean history with a 9-2 re- cord. Coaches Crnkovich and Coggins are to be congratulated on producing a NWC Champi- onship Ball Club. This fine effort by the 59er ' s was spearheaded by the pitching performances of Bill Kaminski, perhaps one of the greatest in Andrean history. His battery mate Bob St. Germain, shortstop Mike Maretich, second baseman Ed Badylak, Ron Seibal, and Tom Kairns led the hitting attack. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach John Coggins, Kevin Harris, John Petulas (mgr.), Tony Rendia, Dave Smith, Jim Connelly, Bob St. Germain, Keith Zimmerman, Jim Wiltshire, Bill Kaminski, Coach Nick Crnkovich. KNEELING: Tom Collins, Ron Seibal, Tom Kairns, Ed Badylak, Mike Maretich, Ed Hudson, Rudy Denson, John Jenkins, Rich Tarkelly (mgr.). TOP RIGHT: Look John, even if the kids call him spider, he still can t catch those high flies. Coaches Crnkovich and Coggins. 112 — Athletics TOP LEFT: One, two, buckle my shoe. Ed Badylak and Jim Connelly. BOT- TOM LEFT: Mike Saffa and Rudy Den- son have infield practice. TOP RIGHT: Bill Kaminski plays first when not pitch- ing. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kinda catches you there, huh Mike? Athletics — 113 114 — Athletics Golfers Are Best in Andrean ' s History The season of the 1972 Golf Team was filled with many high- lights and records, the greatest of which was their 25-1 record, making them the best set of golf- ers in Andrean history. Out- standing performances in the various invitationals against the best teams in the state in fields consisting of as much as 15 teams marked them easily as the best in Northwest Indiana. An- drean was the first area team to win the Laporte Inv. since 1943. They set a dual meet school re- cord 149 at Indian Ridge against Highland. In the city meet they shot an astounding record 293. Jim Culveyhouse ' s 68 in that meet was equally remarkable. Coach Mike Chelap can be proud that he has helped to de- velop this superb unit that has shown a mark of excellence. TOP LEFT: Varsity Golfers with their averages tor 9 holes: J. Culveyhouse (38.4), S. Ferguson, J. Matovina (39.6), P. Beiriger (40.2), P. Mandich (39.6), Scott Vidimos (40.1), R. Franz (41.6). BOTTOM LEFT: J. Culveyhouse. BOT- TOM RIGHT: J. Matovina. Athletics — 115 UPPER LEFT: Champions at La Porte J. Matovina, P. Mandich, J. Culveyhouse, Coach M. Chelap, S. Vidimos. ABOVE RIGHT: Coach Chelap helps out by attending the flag while one of his golfers putts. BOTTOM RIGHT: P. Mandich tees off. 116 — Athletics Varsity Scores Record 25- 1 ANDREAN OPPONENT 157 Merrillville 160 170 Lake Central 176 159 Hammond 184 311 La porte 322 Valpo 335 1 16 Lew Wallace 178 Roosevelt 236 River Forest Forfeit 158 Merrillville 157 154 Lew Wallace 175 Roosevelt Forfeit 149 Highland 171 164 Valpo 167 163 Hamm. Morton 181 Calumet 203 167 Crown Point 173 Hobart 175 Invitationals 322 Rensselaer 2nd 317 La porte 1 st 308 Lake Hills 4th 310 Lafayette 3rd 293 City Meet 1 st TOP RIGHT: R. Franz shows his putting stroke. BOTTOM LEFT: The future stars of Andrean golf: G. Locasto, G. Aloia, P. Wiley, G. Roszkowski, and T. Mato- vina Athletics — 117 Harriers Show Winning Form Andrean, usually not remem- bered for cross country, prod- uced a respectable team this year under Coach Vamos. This sport is not as glamorous as oth- ers and requires hours of patient practice. One of the more larger groups went out for the sport this past fall. With returning Jun- iors M. Glinski, M. Verdeyen, and G. Walton, next year ' s team promises to be a good one. k • ’i C. , - " l ’■ UPPER RIGHT: Coach Vamos times some practice runs. LOWER LEFT: Mark Verdeyen strides out. LOWER RIGHT: The 1971-2 cross country team. 1 18 — Athletics The closer they get, the farther you run. UPPER LEFT: Mike Glinski paces him- self. UPPER CENTER: Sometimes you ' re all by yourself. UPPER RIGHT: Other times there ' s a crowd following you. LOWER LEFT: Three Harriers practice together. — 1 19 Athletics Wrestlers Prove Formidable With Success Coach John Bennett molded this year ' s squad into a fine unit that posted a 7-3-1 record. Ralph la- trola and Joe Lessard provided the impetus of the 59er ' s winning efforts by qualifying for the re- gionals. After five opening wins, the team lost narrowly to West Side 21-18. After midseason problems, the team recovered with a victory over Wirt, and then lost by a disappointing mar- gin to Hammond Morton. Even though many seniors will be lost for next year, the juniors and sophomores on the varsity along with those on the reserve should form a respectable team for the following year. TOP RIGHT: Varsity STANDING L. TO R.: R. latrola, R. Reed, E. Ruzga, D. Behnke, J. Szerba, J. Lessard. KNEEL- ING: M. Mateo, D. Regal, M. Muraida, M. McDaniel, L. Rujski , Tom Rezak (Mgr.), M. Nacarato, T. Paulson, B. Mil- brath, Jack Gugan (Mgr.). BOTTOM LEFT: Andrean Reserve wres- tlers with Coach Holok. Varsity Scores ANDREAN OPPONENT 36 River Forest 21 37 Hanover Cen. 21 24 Lew Wallace 21 28 Horace Mann 21 31 East Gary 24 18 West Side 21 26 Lowell 23 28 Chesterton 28 21 Emerson 36 31 Wirt 24 9 Hamm. Morton 42 Andrean Invitational 3rd City Tourney 2nd Sectionals 3rd Athletics — 121 Trackmen Post 5-4 Record; 4-2 Conference Andrean trackmen finished a re- spectable 3rd in the Northwest Conf. behind highly touted Roo- sevelt and Westside under coach Pete Billick. Jim Fallace, Joe Sul- livan and Joe Lessard qualified for the Regionals with Fallace winning the 440 yd. dash in the sectionals. Sullivan set a school record in the shot put of 52 ' 2 " . In Rensselaer, Andrean needed one more relay win to upset un- defeated Highland. D. Garner, J. Fallace, D. Parlook, and R. Ho- gan formed an excellent relay team. Shotputting was an added extra while J. Vahary was our pole-vaulter. Many juniors and the Frosh team (4-4) offer hope for the future. Varsity Scores ANDREAN OPPONENT 66l 2 Lew Wallace 461 2 59 1 Michigan City 75 59 Wirt 14 26 Roosevelt 92 34 Hamm. Noll 49 34 Emerson 27 34 West Side too 64 H. Mann 50 64 Calumet 50 Relays Culver 3rd Hamm. Noll 6th Andrean 2nd (tie) Chesterton 6th Rensselaer 2nd La porte 7th Sectionals 6th 1 22 — Athletics UPPER LEFT: The younger track stars with Mr. Novotny. UPPER RIGHT: Help with the starting block. LOWER LEFT: Pole-Vaulter Jerry Vahary. LOWER RIGHT: Shot-putting was one of the teams strong points this year. Athletics — 123 Father Klein Directs Intra murals Successfully Under the successful direction of Father Klein, intramural basket- ball was conducted along with the new addition of football. The seniors muscled their way to the football championship, while Homeroom 104 took the junior championship and HR 220 was runner-up in the playoffs. How- ever in basketball the senior ' s luck did not hold as HR 220 fea- turing C. Wilson, D. Smith, T. Vaughan, and J. Wiltshire upset the senior HR 223 for the cham- pionship. The sophomore champs came from HR 212. 1 24 — Athletics Intramural Football New Addition TOP LEFT: Intramural Senior Football Champs: (in no order) B. Wszolek, S. Lolek, T. Sur, M. Yurjevich, D. Smith, J. Warus, J. Vahary, C. Truman, T. Yaros, C. Romenius, A. Voloch. BOTTOM RIGHT: Junior Champs (kneeling) B. Al- varez, M. Levenda, V. Billick, J. Bush- emi, T. Hallett. (standing) J. Blenke, G. Bires, L. Hricik, T. Benson. Athletics — 1 25 1 26 — Athletics GAA Promotes Basketball and Track UPPER LEFT: Varsity: (1st row) N. Pel- lar, C. Hagel, D. Angelini, K. Guerre. (2nd row) B. Popa, D. Charboneu, E. Macey, D. Cisowski. (3rd row) K. Crane, J. Davis, M. Leisentrifft, D. Fedorchak. UPPER RIGHT: Reserves: (1st row) E. Gregory, J. Jones, C. Tracy, R. Bottos. (2nd row) M. Sheeran, L. Balakir, D. Spangler, N. Bellandorf. (3rd row) E. Kedziera, M. Comerford, K. Lynch, C. Clifford. Special Acknowledgements The sports section would like to extend a special thanks in gratitude to certain people who were especially helpful in preparing the section: to Bob Soltis for his extensive and excellent photography in pre- paring our Boy s Basketball section; to coaches M. Che- lap, J. Menner, A. Holok, S. Vamos, and P. Billick for their time and effort. Athletics — 127 UNDERCLASSMEN Freshmen — Live a Little Learn a Little Stephen Allison Eileen Aragon Amado Arceo James Argenta Janet Argenta Jacob Arriero Laura Arriero Terese Arvin Lorraine Babagan David Bain Richard Bajgrowicz Margaret Ballinger Susan Banchansky John Barker John Baron John Bayer Clari Benford Lynn Bettens David Bianco Silvia Bicalho John Bickel Connie Biegel Michael Bilski Diane Bittner 130 — Underclassmen Timothy Blaker Kristine Bley Kathleen Bolinger George Bonich Raymond Borchert Patricia Brady Celeste Brockschmidt Allan Brown Patty Brown Jeffery Bruce Nancy Bryan Yvonne Buckhalter Joseph Buergler Michele Burgess Michael Burkhart David Burrell Susan Burrell Thomas Cafiero David Camery Laura Camery Hortence Canchola Valerie Cannon Joseph Carlino Stephen Chalko Freshman Class Officers: Debbie Span- gler, Savas Zembillas, Mary Sheeran, Marty Mulloy. Underclassmen — 131 Jacob Chidester Linda Chirby Yvonne Chirby Margaret Cholodinski Laurie Chouinard Christine Christoff Margaret Chur ilia Nicholas Ciaccio Sene Ciesielski Mary Ciesielski Thomas Ciesielski Doreen Cisowski Jo Ellynn Codespoti Beth Cogelja Martha Colon Zoraida Colon Carol Colza Betty Conlon Alice Cooke Allison Cooke Diane Coppinger Jean Corado Debbie Cottrell Deborah Cox Colleen Crandall Gary Crnkovich Kimberly Crossk Eugene Cruz Glenn Cummings Charles Darmon 132 — Underclassmen Michael Daugherty Margarita De Jesus Marie Demo William Dickerson Lore Ann Dickinson Debra Dixon Ray Dobrian John Dougherty Denise Downs Robert Dutcher Timothy Dzyacky Gary Edwards Elizabeth Ellis Phillip Ensalaco John Erdelac George Evenocheck John Fallace Anthony Farag George Fedorchak Susan Felsecker Joseph Filipowski Carmen Flores Harry Floros John Frankovich Underclassmen — 133 Theresa Franz James Gaydos Mary Genduso Thomas Giannini Michael Gibbs Linda Gibson Roberta Gilea Paul Giorgi Patricia Godoy Nancy Gomolka Robert Gonzalez Debra Gough Edward Graveline Leonard Gregorczyk Ethel Gregory Joseph Grembowicz Nora Griffin Charles Grubb Debbie Guelinas Joan Guernsey Pamela Gustin Shelley ffaas John Hargarten Marguita Harris Therese Harvey Beth Hayes 1 34 — Underclassmen Elizabeth Hennessey Diana Henry Ann Hill Gina Hill Frank Hoffman Kevin Hubbard Susan Hudock Joseph Huerta Barbara Huettner Joan Huffman Michael Hull Mary Hush Stacie Ignarski Theresa Inzerillo Pauline Irving Timothy James Mary Jankowicz Nadine Jelovcic Underclassmen — 135 Michael Jesko Gino Johnson Rosemarie Kacmar Richard Kadar Marie Kamaski Bradley Karagin Dennis Karpen Lucy Keil Majella Kelley Lynn Kenney Madel ine Kesel James Kish Patricia Klimek Vicki Kmetz Beth Knies Rebecca Kolakovich Janet Komisarcik Kimberly Konrady 136 — Underclassmen Jeff Kopil Karla Koslow Rhonda Kostelnik Victoria Kovalcik Karen Kovich David Kristoff Frank Krol Richard Kunas Jeff Lacy Veronica LaFrossia Meller Langford Anthony Laterzo Charles Lazar Lori Lazarian Kim Lennertz Cindy Lesch Betsy Lessard Marissa Levenda Gary Loh Mark Louviere Kevin Luksus James Lynch Mark Malast Mark Malayter Cindy Maleck David Marovich Kelli Marrie Catherine Martin Loretta Martinez Mark Matovina Frosh Experience New Dimensions in Drama Underclassmen — 137 Diana Mattei Lawrence Matunas Linda Mayoch Joni Mazzaro James McConnell Deborah McCune James McDonald Ronald McGee Cathy Mikola Peter Milbrath Eddie Miles Maureen Miller Patrick Mills Barbara Milosvich Patricia Minczewski Rosalie Mirich Michael Mislan Mark Mizen Melanie Monroe Mary Monti Marcia Morrison Elizabeth Mucha Gerald Mulloy Martin Mulloy Debra Murphy Elizabeth Murphy Thomas Nault John Nestler Joesph Novotny Judy Nowak 138 — Underclassmen Michael O ' Connor Timothy O ' Keefe Robert Onda Thomas Orton Kathryn Page Barbara Palansky Christine Pazak James Pease Robert Penn Debbie Perrotta Ronald Persin Susan Petrites Manuel Plasencia Maryann Plucinik Edward Polak Ann Poracky Gregory Printke Karen Pyszka Sheila Radford Rosanne Rados Raymond Ramuscak Joseph Razumich Michael Reardon Patrick Reardon Freshmen Work Their Way to the Top Underclassmen — 139 Peter Reba Elizabeth Rendina Kathy Rettig Chery Richter Terrence Ridgely Dawn Robbins Xavier Rodriguez Richard Rondinelli Anthony Ross Diane Roszkowski Laura Roszkowski Paul Roy Karen Rupp Charlotte Ruzbasan Mark Saberniak Amy Sanchez Nicholas Santaguilani Ronald Santelik Phillip Santucci Donna Sapone Lorraine Sattler Regina Schafer Lola Schiesser Edward Schutlz Mark Schwinn John Scully Scott Senak Robert Senzina Thomas Sgambelluri Mary Sheeran $ Gee, I wonder if mom packed my Little Debbies.” 140 — Underclassmen Timothy Sheeran Sherry Sheffer Michael Shoemaker Pamela Shoemaker Joan Shonske Dan Sikich Joanne Simatovich Pamela Simko Susan Singel Edward Slingsby William Smith Donna Sohacki Mary Sopko Robert Sosa Paul Sotak Cynthia Southern Debra Spangler Diane Spasoff Underclassmen — 141 Brian Sperl Alan Stalmah Cindy Starkey Thomas Stinar Michael Strimbu Mark Suelzer Tula Sulunias Lisa Surber Roxanne Sylvester Jeff Taylor Miriam Tournai Kathy Tracy Richard Trump George Tutto Diane VanCleef Michael Vaughan Roy Vazquez Gerald Verdeyen Michael Verdeyen Nelson Vidal Scott Vidimos Rebbecca Villareal Denise Vode Maryann Voss 142 — Underclassmen Rita Waddell Janet Wagner Timothy Waite Thomas Waite Edmund Wallo Kathleen Wallo Jeffrey Ward Lynetta Ward Deborah Wayman Maureen Wesbecher Ruth Westforth Jeff White Peggy White Darla Williams Kent Williams Denise Wilson Russell Wilson Michael Wirtz James Wojkovich Lawrence Wood Patrick Young Norma Zacarias David Zale Mary Zambory Savas Zembillas Michael Zolcak Edward Zych Underclassmen — 143 Sophomores — Live a Lot Learn a Lot Jorge Abaslo Garry Aloia Angela Amore Gail Ander son Laura Atzhorn Mary Ann Babjak Mary Backe Barbara Badylak Nancy Bahun Scott Ballogg Marisela Barcenas Norma Barcenas Robin Barner Thomas Bartlomeo Dennis Barunica Paula Battistini Lisa Beckham Donald Beiriger Bias Belmonte Karen Benac Roberta Benac James Beres Beverly Binzen Mary Jo Black 144 — Underclassmen Maria Blando Brian Bobin John Bodnar Pamela Bodnar Bernard Bojarski Olga Bojarski James Bonomo Edward Botsch Michelle Botsko Ramona Bottos Sharon Bova Kevin Brislen Vin Rose Buckhalter Thomas Bukur Linda Burkhart Seralyn Burrell Karen Burwinkel Mary Elizabeth Bushemi Mary Ellen Bushemi Russell Capellari Doris Carey Carrell Cargle Claudia Carija Stephen Christian Sophomore Class Officers: Bob Kunas. Gerri Smith, Pat Malayter, Kathy Cran- dall Underclassmen — 145 John Cicco Michelle Cieskiewicz Carol Clifford Craig Coll ins Mary Jane Comerford Thomas Conde Susan Consorti Timothy Cooley Kathy Crandall Karen Crane Bradley Cross Pat Cunningham Mark Cvitkovich Louise Daniel Barbara Daughtery Denise Davis Robert DeBats Larry DeGan 146 — Underclassmen Karen DeMeo Patricia Devins Karen Devitt Jesse Devitte Richard Deruntz Robert Dian Julie Dickinson Joseph Dickerson Cynthia Dixon Chester Dombrowski Gregory Doneff Toni Dorochoff Raymond Dorulla Katherine Doxas Christine Drapac Ralph Duenas Linda Dziewicki Joi Edwards Alexander Einikis Jack Ellis Doreen Fatula Ronald Federici Mary Ann Fetsch Eileen Fissinger Underclassmen — 147 Janice Fox Joseph Fraiz Mitchell Frankowski Robert Franta Anne Frenken Katherine Frest James Gallagher Victor Galvez Ted Garrity Vikkie Geras Michael Gerberick Mary Beth Gianoli Julius Gil Margaret Gilmore Teresa Glorioso Susan Gobla David Gorney Thomas Goszewski Arnold Gough Tony Gregory Joseph Griffin Gayle Gross Denise Hackley Judith Hagel Lisa Hall Paula Halpin Serianne Hap Lawrence Hargarten Betty Jo Harper Susan Hayes John Henderson Thomas Hilton Debra Hiney Martha Hogan John Hohner David Horkavi Timothy Hornak Nancy Hostetler Janet Hudock William Huszar James Hynes Gabrielle Irons Donald Jacobs Jane Jancosek Thomas Jakelich Karen Jankowicz Jeanette Jaworski Steven Jeffreys Underclassmen 149 Jessie Jenkins Mary Anne Johnston Joni Jones Joseph Joyce Anthony Kalavitas Pamela Karras Maureen Kennedy Thomas Kersting Gregory Kesel Kathleen Kissel Mary Jo Klich Bobbi Knowles Michael Kobylanski George Kosanovich John Kovich Leslie Kozyra Dana Kranik Pamela Kratkoczki Sharon Kray Michael Krcmaric James Krol Tammy Krupchak Bob Kunas Donna Kutzer ... to do my duty, and obey the Boy Scout law. " 150 — Underclassmen Timothy LeMere Eileen Lax George Ledak Karen Lee Pamela Lennertz Michael Lepp Richard Lepp Mathew Libassi Carol Libauskas Mathew Lipton George Locasto Daniel Long Susan Longa Loretta Lorenty Karen Lynch Terrence Lynch Eileen Macey Donald Mako Patrick Malayter Nancy Malicki Michael Manno Barbara Marcotte Alice Markle Bonnie Markle Underclassmen — 151 Lucy Martin Pierrette Martin Timothy Martin Paul Martinez Timothy Matovina William McCabe Mario McDaniel Daniel McDonald Daniel McGrath Paul McGuan Thomas McMahon Robert Melevin Bill Mellon Robert Mellon Anastasia Merkouri Anthony Merza Terri Metz Benjamin Milbrath Audrey Miller Mary Mirich Joseph Montanio Joseph Monti Shiela Mullen Patricia Myers Michael Nacarato Eleanor Nawrocki Mary Ann Nestler Ray Newberry Stephen Ohm Patrick O ' Keefe 152 — Underclassmen Mary O ' Rourke Kathy Ousley Patrick Owens Christine Pankiw Edward Parlock Adrienne Patton Thomas Paulson John Pavlocich John Peck Laura Peddle Sandy Persin Lawrence Persley Cheryl Pesdan Patricia Pete Underclassmen — 153 Susan Peterson Jane Phipps Denise Pisani Carol Poncsak Auria Powell Cynthia Pullins Michael Pusateri Barbara Radigan Louis Rajski Mary Ramirez Manuel Ramos Robert Ramos Eugene Rawley Paul Redar Steven Reed Patricia Rees Bridget Reich Karen Rettig Timothy Ridgely Eugene Roberts Michael Rogers Kathy Rooney Gerald Roszkowski Mark Roszkowski 154 — Underclassmen Debbie Rothschild Rita Ruzga James Rydlewski Richard Rykovich Michael Saffa Raymond Saksa David Sanders Mark Sattler Fred Schmidt Margaret Schwinn Thomas Seibal Lydia Shanko Monica Shedlak Christine Shepitka Leon Shirley Ellen Sielewicz Ronald Simko Michael Simpson Thomas Smar Seralyn Smith Martin Smith Sam Smith Henry Smolinski Marsha Sohacki Unparalleled Sophomore Enthusiasm Creeps Into Classes Underclassmen — 155 George Sopko James Spasoff Charlotte Spence Debra Spatilla William Stassen Carin Stazinski Mark Strimbu Matthew Suelzer Christina Sum Aniko Szabo Lisa Szmutko Dorianne Taneff Carl Terlicher Paula Teso Stanley Tokarski Mimi Tomondi Marlena Towers Harold Tully Linda Turean Mitchell Ulman William VanCleef 156 — Underclassmen David Vinzani George Vossberg Michael Waite Thomas Walla Peggy Walker Dana Warner Becky Wheeler Joyce Wheeler Ellen White Laura Whitten Phil Wiley Gail Williams Samuel Wilson Marylynn Wojchehowski Theresa Wojkovich Joseph Yuran Michael Yurechko Maria Zacarias Susan Zaloudek Charles Zembillas John Zemelko Underclassmen — 157 Juniors — Live a Lot Learn a Little Maria Agana Robert Alvarez Debra Angelini Julia Babiak Anita Bakos Loretta Balakir Sylvia Barajas Duane Bartolac Lisa Bartolomei Robert Bartolomeo Peter Battistini Dean Behnke Peter Beiriger Thomas Benson Carl Beougher Peter Be res Lu Ann Bernth Frank Bestich John Bianchi Marcia Bicalho Stanley Bien Bruce Bihlman Vernon Billick Gregory Bires 1 58 — Underclassmen Elizabeth Biros David Bittner Ervin Blando John Blenke Deborah Bodnar Carlene Bolinger Victoria Bombassaro Roberta Bottos Carol Bowen Janice Brezik Bruce Brincko Ellen Brockschmidt Joseph Brodner Natalie Browar Nancy Buergler Marlene Bunch Carol Burley James Bushemi Patricia Camarena Marcia Cardetti Denise Charbonneau Norma Carey Cynthia Chase Joseph Chiabai CLASS OFFICERS: TOP ROW: Andy Praschak, Treasurer: Michelle Moss, Secretary; FRONT ROW: Phil LaMere, President; Jan Brezik, Vice-President. Underclassmen — 159 Nicholas Chimitros Anne Chinery Pamela Chirby Marlene Chmiel Chris Christian Denise Cisowski Georgia Clayton Beth Codespoti Tom Collins Dante Colza Lauriann Conley Mary Lou Conlon , James Connelly Charles Cottrell Nancy Coulehan Mary Jean Craig Susan Cunningham Brian Curtis Maxine Cusumano Joanne Davis Paul Denesuk Rudy Denson Denise Dergo Brian Dering Donald Deruntz Norma Dewes Diane Dluzak Linda Domanski Tim Dougherty John Driscoll 160 — Underclassmen Donna Duriavig Richard Dziadosz Susan Dzyacky Richard Eisman David Farrar Gina Federici Scott Ferguson Charles Fitzhugh Nelson Flores Elaine Fraiz Raymond Franz Kevin Frederick Jack Gagan Donald Galler James Gavin Edward George Debbie Gibbs Underclassmen — 161 Charmaine Gilea Nora Glenn Thomas Glibota Michael Glinski Mitchell Glinski Monica Gonzalez Michael Graystone Betsy Gregoline Charles Griffin Michele Guizzo Martin Gutierrez Mary Gutowski Linda H ac Catherine Hagel Sara Halfman Janet Hall Thomas Hallett Patricia Halpin 162 — Underclassmen Peter Hanicq Mary Hebert Janet Helsper Valorie Henderson Therese Hennessey James Hobbs Christine Hrabota Lawrence Hricik Frances Hudock Edwin Hudson Fred Huettner Mary Kay Hughes Josephine Hutchens Donna latarola Patricia A. Ihnat Patricia M. Ihnat John Ikovic Ted Itin James Jackson Mary Jane Jackson Richard Jackson Ted Jansen William Jenkins Karen Jones Ralph Jones Kevin Jordan Monica Kamaski Deborah Karras Eva Kedziora Charmayne Kirkland Edward Kish Kathleen Kish Thomas Kish Theresa Klephoff Keith Klodzen James Knies Wayne Koch Raymond Kollasch Karen Konrady Andrea Kopil Jacqueline Korenich Suzanne Korhel Stephanie Kovach Sharon Kowalczyk Karen Kozub Michael Krajnak Michael Krebes Christine Krejci 164 — Underclassmen Crystal Krupchak Barbara Lach Edward Lachowicz Robert Laco Nancy Ladra Paulette LaFata Phillip LaMere Richard Lara Jeannie Largura Pat Lee David Lelek Mark Levenda Debra Libauskas Robert Litavecz Gina Litherland Cheryl Long Pamela Longazo Teri Lorenzo Mark Lucas Rosellyn Lustina Debbie Lynch Robert Lynn Frank Mader Anthony Maggio John Mallonee Jane Malloy Mary Lynne Marasco Suzanne Marszalek William Martinez Peter Mazeikas Underclassmen — 165 Juniors Go All Out to Attain Goals Kim McConnell Bernie McGuan John McLaren Caryn McLaughlin Regis McMahon Wallace McMillan Lynnette Melevage Martha Mendez Diane Mestrich Annette Michalak Pamela Mihalic John Mikos Mary Ellen Mikuta Cassandra Miller Michael Milosvich Simon Mireles Elaine Mitrisin Alan Mizen 166 — Underclassmen Danette Moran Deborah Mosley Michele Moss Terence Mullen Mary Dawn Mulroe Susan Murphy Kevin Murray Barbara Mytyk Douglas Nabhan M-elanie Navarro Kathy Noll Eric Nunley Marlene O Brien James Obsitnik Pamela Olejnik Sharon O ' Neill Mark Osk ins Gerard Ousley Keith Owens Debra Pado Terry Paulson John Pavlecich Gregory Pelot John Petalas Kathleen Peterson Jeffrey Pfeifer Underclassmen — 167 Ralph Piazza Stephen Pipas Janet Pishkur Stephen Piwkiewicz Theresa Poncsak Kevin Popa Mary Powell Andrew Praschak Evangelos Proimos Joanne Prusiecki Leo Radigan John Rados David Ramos Roger Randall Robert Razumich Kathleen Reardon Joan Rebeck Richard Reed 168 Underclassmen Mary Rees Anthony Rendina Thomas Rezak Richard Rodriquez William Rose Carole Rossman Myron Rupp Toni Sablich John Sabljalc Stephen Sajko Thomas Sangerman Lori Santeramo James Sceniak John Schafer Barbara Schultz Sharon Scully Vincent Sebo Thomas Shanko Susan Shonske Annette Siffin John Simko Debra Singel Patri cia Skinner Carolin Skoro Kenneth Slosson Charlotte Smith David Smith Janet Smith Sharon Sohacki Judith Stankovic Underclassmen — 169 Michael Stark Mary Starkovich David Starr Scott Stefankiewicz Elva Stiles Mary Suelzer Joseph Sullivan Robert Super Diane Svabik Richard Tarkelly Wilvester Thorton Doreen Tokarchuck Melissa Topalski Michael Tsangaris Michael Ulman Melissa Underwood Frances Vasquez Wilma Vasquez Thomas Vaughan Mark Verdeyen Cheryl Vincson Michael Voloch Michael Vrabel Mira Vucicevic 170 — Underclassmen Juniors Enjoy Third Year at Andrean George Walton Clement Watkins Victoria Watts Nancy Westforth Charles Wilson James Wiltshire Judy Wojkovich Martin Wood Donald Wray Linda Wyar Mary Zakutansky Keith Zimmerman Mark Zimmerman Mary Ann Zolcak Joseph Zych Underclassmen — 171 FRIENDS BECOME A PART OF US MARIAN BROWN 1954 . . . . . . 1971 Life Is Not Measured By Time, But By Intensity. 172 — Remembrance p SO WE TAKE THEM WITH US . . . I ' ll take my outstretched hand . . . and offer it . . . to anyone who comes along . . . and tells me he ' s in need of love. JAMES BONOMO 1956 . . . . . . 1972 Remembrance — Seniors Open Path to Change Saying farewell is never easy as any Senior can tes- tify. Although anxious for the future, the Class of 1972 prepares to leave Andrean cherishing many memories. Being Armageddon champs for three years, creating outstanding homecoming floats, and initiating the open lunch program are a few things that made our class stand out. Creativity and enthu- siasm marked the unforgettable " Atlantis " as Junior year was climaxed. Senior year premiered as many Seniors displayed their talent in " Fiddler on the Roof " . Tradition was buried as " Canterbury Tales " gave new dimensions to the Senior Prom. So as we look ahead to the future with confidence, we also look back to the past with love, as four more years of reality become memory. Sharon Babagan Edward Badylak James Adams Maureen Ahern Maria Almaguer Dennis Aloia I 76 — Seniors Denies Bartkowski Gordon Basista Nancy Bellendorf Dennis Beougher Jan Bores Christine Berry Margaret Biancotti Ronald Bickel Seniors — I 77 72 Initiates Female President Nancy Biegel Carol Black Wayde Bonomo Ronald Borchert Theodore Bortolini Gale Brackett Theresa Brnicky Robert Brodner Marilyn Brasich David Brinko David Bubus Paul Buckley I 78 — Seniors Officers Veto Tradition Susan Bukur Daniel Burrell Thomas Chale Thomas Chalko ' Kris Cieskielski Patricia Cieskiewicz Shirley Burrell Debora Campbell Pamela Chalovich Tony Chentnik William Clarke Deborah Cogelja Seniors — I 79 Michael Devitte Daniel Doffin Charmaine Dorsey Yvonne Dutkiewicz Marianne Dabrowski Michael Darmon David DeBats Gail Dent Ellyn Doffin Deborah Doneff Kathleen Dziadsz Daniel Dziewicki 180 — Seniors Senior Humor Adds to Christmas Season Wayne Ebersberger Randy Ehrsam Joseph Emery Stephen Euvino Darlene Einilcis Rachael Elizondo Deborah Evans James Fallace Seniors — 181 ' Some 1 Take Time to Reflect Serious Thoughts at Retreats Robert Federici Michael Fissinger Daniel Ford Frank Fransioli 1 82 — Seniors Glass Drive Supports Prom Patricia Gornick Anthony Grgurich Kathryn Guerre James Gundy Seniors — 1 83 Open Lunch Becomes Senior Concern Rita Hagenhuber Kathleen Halloran Richard Hamernilc Roderick Hardiman Lester Hasse Timothy Hayes 1 84 — Seniors Mary Ann Humenik Raymond Humphrey Michael Jankowicz Debra Jarvis Rose Marie Jaworski John Jenkins Susan Jennings Emory Joganic Gene Kadar Thomas Kairns Michael Kamaski William Kaminski Seniors — 1 85 Leonard Kareska Gerald Kegebein James Kiger Michael Kleminski Mary Beth Kocan Robert Komendara Michael Kostelnik Irene Koval Jeff Keiser Jeffrey Kenney Michael Klich Kevin Klodzen Kevin Komisaricik Kathryn Konrady Victa Kruk Edward Krusa 1 86 — Seniors Carol Lacny Barbara Ladra Thomas Lanlrford Joyce Laskowski Mary Ann Leisentritt Stanley Lelek Thomas Lauerman Kevin Lax Seniors — 1 87 Seniors Accept Royalties Suzanne Lenahan Joseph Lessard Marlene Libassi Seorgene Lozano Robert Luptak Brian Lynch Maria Magdeleno Randy Maleck Ann Macey Barbara Macik Patrick Malloy Peter Mandich 1 88 — Seniors Ridgely Organizes Rock Revival Robert Mandula Michael Maretich John Mastalski Jerome Masty Marcia Mattie Jo Ann Mayoch Karen McConnell Denise McDonald Jeanine Marker Christopher Markle Michael Mateo John Matovina " Hi. I ' m teen angel. " Seniors — I 89 " Cause You ' ve Got Debbie Miller Runetta Miller Ross Meehan Lori Michelet =- • Thomas McGrath Paul Melevin Kathleen Medvecz Mary Meschede Joseph Mele Jean Milchak Janine Modrak Gregory Molchan a Friend " Michael Muraida Valerie Nacarato You ' re right Joe ... it really is a pencil. John Nalbor Toni Nasilowski Imelda Navarro Mary Navarro Carol Nelson Denise Nozrik John O ' Keefe Karen O ' Rourke Seniors — 191 Mireya Orozco Irene Ostrowski George Pazak Jacqueline Peck Victoria Ozimec Don Parlock Nancy Peller Michael Peloza Judith Pete Marie Petrites Kathryn Petrovich Peter Petrusha 192 — Seniors Beth Popa Katherine Powell Teri Ransom Judy Rawley Derek Regal Michael Reilly Michael Pisani Beverly Pogo Thomas Pruzin Pamela Radinsky Theresa Reardon Ann Reba Seniors — 193 Steven Reinhart Kevin Relphorde Charles Remenius Patrick Ridgely Alice Rivas Avis Rogers Mark Rongers John Ross 1 94 — Seniors Margaret Roszkowski Susan Roy Jo Ellen Saberniak Theresa Schafer Edward Ruzga Toni Ruzich Janet Singel Daniel Smith Lawrence Sokolowski Kathryn Sopko Seniors — 195 " 72 " Captures Armageddon Jug Lucille Sosa Thomas Sparacino Robert St. Germain Robert Stark Linda Spasoff Mary Spellman Mark Starkey Marie Stassen Martha Stephan Roberta Stevens Cynthia Stiles Richard Sturgeon Robert Sturgeon Stephen Sulich Terrence Sullivan Thomas Sur 196 — Seniors For Record Three Years Carol Terlicher Anthony Teso Charles Turman Deborah Van Cleef Marie Trajkovich Terry Trapane Seniors — 197 " Canterbury Tales " Nancy Vode Andrew Voloch Joan Walker Mary Ward Creates a Memorable Climax Cynthia Wells Robert Wszolek Evelyn White George Yaros Patricia Wojkovich Richard Wojkovich Michaeline Yaros Mary Yast Seniors — 199 Helen Yura Anthony Zancanaro Charles Zart Edward Zemellco Julleann Zloza 200 — Seniors Seniors — 201 " Time it was, And what a time it was, It was . . . A time of innocence, A time of confidences. Long ago ... it must be . . . I have a photograph. Preserve your memories; They ' re all that ' s left you. " 202 — Seniors Personal Patrons Anonymous Better Living Inc. Ronald Borchert Mr. Mrs. Michael Botsko Mr. Mrs. John Brasich Chicago Title Insurance Co. Mr. Mrs. Arthur Chinery Dr. Charles Coburn Mr. Raymond DeFabio Mr. Mrs. John Devins Jeannine Eckert ' s Beauty Salon Friends of 36th Carolina St. Future Homemakers of America Donald Gotsos Mrs. Catherine Greenwald Homeroom 4 — Senior Girls Homeroom 115 — Junior Girls Homeroom 118 — Sophomore Girls Homeroom 123 — Senior Girls Homeroom 124 — Junior Boys Homeroom 126 — Freshman Girls Homeroom 127 — Junior Girls Homeroom 131 — Senior Girls Homeroom 214 — Freshman Boys Mr. Mrs. William Jenkins Johnsons Drugs Clarence Johnston Mr. Mrs. Frank Kissel Dr. Mrs. Ralph Kroot Mr. Mrs. Raymond Lankford Betty Malinka Anna Mario Agnes Marjov Mr. Mrs. Henry Marszalek Kimberly I. Martin Annabelle Mazlack Mr. Mrs. Herbert Meinert Merrillville Florist Shop Mr. Mrs. Dennis Mestrich Mr. Mrs. Thomas Murphy Musin Fish Co. Allan M. Nalbor, D.D.S. Mr. Mrs. Thomas Nawrocki Mr. Mrs. Jon Nozrik Attorney Mrs. Edward Reardon Gabriel Reba Mr. Mrs. Anthony S. Rendina, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Robert Ridgely Roma Tap (Pizzeria) Mr. Mrs. Joseph Sohovich Dr. Mrs. John T. Scully Mr. Mrs. Norbert J. Smith Mr. Mrs. William Smith Mr. Mrs. George Sopko Mr. Mrs. Ronald Spangler Charles S. Smith, M.D. Mr. Mrs. William Van Cleef Mr. Mrs. John Wamsher Dr. Herbert B. Weissman Mr. Mrs. Clarence Wirtz Charles J.Yast, M.D. Mr. Mrs. William L. Zart Barbara J. Zawierucha BUSINESS PATRONS Ace Heating Cooling 320 W. Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Ad Craft Sign Company 3745 Broadway Gary, Indiana Adams Village T.V. Inc. 3592 Village Court Gary, Indiana Angel, Kayes Paterson 6685 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Anonymous Anthony’s Salon Inc. 700 W. Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Artistic Cleaners 6854 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Bank of Indiana 575 Broadway Gary, Indiana Beauty Spot Restaurant 3806 Broadway Gary, Indiana Biegel ' s Carburetor Ignition Service 1 30 N. West Street Crown Point, Indiana Big Wheel Restaurant 5301 Broadway Gary, Indiana Blaze of Crown Point 8 1 I N. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Boric ' s Religious Articals and Church Goods 307 W. 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Bosak Motor Sales, Inc. 3568 Broadway Gary, Indiana 204 — Patrons Broadway Medical Laboratory 5490 Broadway Plaza Gary, Indiana Burns Harbor Marine, Inc. 1700 Marine Street Portage, Indiana Buy-Low Supermarket ' s 901 E. 49th Avenue Gary, Indiana " C " Thomas Chevrolet, Inc. 650 E. 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Calumet Securities Corp. 561 Broadway Gary, Indiana Camp-A-Lot, Inc. 1010 N. Maine Street Merrillville, Indiana Carmichael Prescriptions 518 Broadway Gary, Indiana Camp-Land, Inc. U. S. 30 and Madison Merrillville, Indiana R. F. Carmody M.D. 5284 Broadway Gary, Indiana Central Florists 423 I Broadway Gary, Indiana The Chatterbox 7205 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Charlie ' s Standard Oil Service 4925 Cleveland Gary, Indiana Chevigny Personal Agency 4795 Broadway Gary, Indiana Chicken Unlimited 5524 Broadway Gary, Indiana The Girl from U.N.C.U.R.L. Look ma, no hands! NOVOTNY ' S Gang Patrons — 205 Comay ' s Jeweler ' s Record Shop 624 Broadway Gary, Indiana Walter Cook Insurance Agency 7195 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Cook ' s Glass Trim, Inc. 3974 Harrison Street Gary, Indiana Cooley ' s Norge Village 3933 Cleveland Street Gary, Indiana Crown Meat Market NOS. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Dale Management, Inc. 9 1 3 Madison Street Gary, Indiana Dan ' s Arco 530 S. Lake Street Gary, Indiana Dickerson Drugs Inc. 3776 Broadway Gary, Indiana If only they gave grades for balance. Eat your heart ' s out, Soldiggers. Dunes Gift Shop 616 S. Lake Street Gary, Indiana East Side Motor Sales 62 1 E. 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Phil Flanagan-Real Estate 508 S. Lake Street Gary, Indiana 49th Avenue Bakery 49 1 3 Broadway Gary, Indiana Fran ' s Auto Sales 4 W. 73rd Avenue Merrillville, Indiana Frank ' s Store for Men, Inc. 3937 Broadway Gary, Indiana Frest Dairy Queen 35 1 6 Broadway Gary, Indiana Frys Dept. Store 2 1 2 S. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Frys Dept. Store 305 E. Commercial Lowell, Indiana Gary Camera 619 Washington Street Gary, Indiana Gary National Bank 1 5 Convenient Offices P. O. Box 209 Gary, Indiana General Petroleum Products I I 122 E. 1 0th Place Gary, Indiana Gingiss Formalwear Center 4845 Broadway Gary, Indiana Glen Park Bakery 3713 Broadway Gary, Indiana Dr. M. R. Gregoline 4444 Broadway Gary, Indiana Charles G. Griffin M.D. 1101 E. Glendale Valparaiso, Indiana J. P. Griffin M.D. 419 S. Jackson Blvd. Chesterton, Indiana Herald Newspapers, Inc. 6016 Broadway Gary, Indiana 206 — Patrons The Heritage Restaurant 13242 Wiker Avenue Cedar Lake, Indiana Art Hill Ford-Lincoln- Mercury 901 W. Lincoln Highway Crown Point, Indiana Art Hill Ford-Lincoln- Mercury 901 W. Lincoln Highway Crown Point, Indiana Hofmann Appliance, Co. 4689 Broadway Gary, Indiana Holiday Travel Trailers 1303 W. Lincoln Highway Merrillville, Indiana Holloway Lumber and Construction Co. Inc. 1115 Broadway Gary, Indiana Homeroom 204 Sr. Mary Ann Senior girls The fabulous fifties BUY FROM THE GOOD GUYS BOB HENRY and STAN MIZE ROADWAY 5880 BROADWAY 887-5561 MERRILLVILLE, IND. Patrons — 207 Homeroom 2 1 7 Mr. David Weiss Freshman Boys Horsts Hardware 204 S. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Hub Bootery I 16 N. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Hurwich Haller 668 Broadway Gary, Indiana Insurance Service Agency, Inc. 2111 W. Lincoln Highway Crown Point, Indiana Jannasch Langbehn Agency, Inc. 5800 Broadway Gary, Indiana Kennedy Lewis, Inc. 108 N. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Kepchar-Smith Reality, Inc. 4755 Broadway Gary, Indiana Koney King 4601 Broadway Gary, Indiana Lake County Treasurer 15 W. 4th Avenue Gary, Indiama Lane Furniture Mart 3 I E. Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Lennertz Fireplace Store 5583 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Lennertz Oldsmobile, Inc. 6501 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Lennertz Oldsmobile, Inc. 6501 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Longanette Leasing 7589 Melton Road Gary, Indiana Guess who’s coming to dinner? Lorette Builders, Inc. of Indiana 2824 173rd Street Unit F Hammond, Indiana McAnary Ford, Inc. 3333 Grant Street Gary, Indiana McClenthen Motors Inc. 1003 N. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Meadows Apothecary 5 1 50 Broadway Gary, Indiana Merrillville Furniture 7 1 38 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Merrillville Bakery 7 1 39 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Metcalf Drugs 120 S. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana 208 — Patrons IF IT ' S A QUESTION OF PHOTOGRAPHY ASK THE FRIENDLY PROFESSIONALS TED OR ED AT WAHLBERG CAMERA INC. 7315 Lake Shore Drive Cedar Lake, Indiana Phone: 374-5454 ♦SENIOR PORTRAITS WEDDING STORIES ♦CAMERAS AND PROJECTORS ♦DARK ROOM EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Milbrath Ready-Mix Concrete Inc. 901 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Miner-Dunn Restaurant Inc. 301 W. Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Mirich Realty, Inc. 60 W. 67th Place Merrillville, Indiana Thomas Nastoff Insurance Agency 3801 Washington Street Gary, Indiana National Car Rental 5201 Broadway Gary, Indiana Olson Cadillac Inc. 5201 E. Dunes Highway Gary, Indiana Chicken fried steak?? 4HM And Now For The Sports Patrons — 209 Orbesen Construction Co. Inc. 9 1 7 Madison Street Gary, Indiana Owens Auto Supply Inc. 430 W. 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Pickart Insurance Agency 5671 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Pittsburg Paint Center 5360 Broadway Gary, Indiana But Doc, I’ve been like this for a week. " Q " Drugs, Inc. 2645 W. 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Rendina Funeral Home 456 Clark Road Gary, Indiana Rothschild-lsay Agency Inc. 7863 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Schepel Buick Opel 3208 W. Lincoln Highway Merrillville, Indiana Schiesser ' s Hardware 7726 Taft Street Independence Hill, Indiana Schmal ' s Dairy Store 2 1 3 N. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Wm. A. Schmidt General Insurance Agency 504 Broadway Gary, Indiana Dr. Scholl Foot Comfort Shop 1 05 W. 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana 210 — Patrons Sherwin-Williams Co. 5025 Broadway Gary, Indiana Albert A. Slater-Furniture 7320 Broadway Gary, Indiana Squire Lincoln-Mercury Inc. 6701 E. Highway 20 Gary, Indiana SS. Peter Paul Church 5885 Harrison Street Gary, Indiana St. Andrew ' s Church 801 W. 73rd Avenue Merrillville, Indiana Making acid for fun and profit. Stanley ' s Super Market 4272 Georgia Street Gary, Indiana State Farm Insurance Co. 4500 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Steel Town American Inc. 7010 E. Melton Road, Highway 20 Gary, Indiana I could do that lying down! Patrons — 211 BANK.fl NDIANA Very H ( G on people especially the folks at Andrean High School Steeltex Industries, Inc. 6 Russell Street Hammond, Indiana C. A. Stephan Inc. 3600 Calumet Avenue Hammone, Indiana Stewcrt ' s Business Machines 4409 Broadway Gary, Indiana Thrif-T-Mart 2 1 8 S. East Avenue Crown Point, Indiana Titak Meats 492 1 Broadway Gary, Indiana Tittle ' s Food Centers Gary — Highland — Valporaiso Troxel Jewelers, Inc. 526 Broadway Village Shopping Center Gary, Indiana I always get the messy jobs. What can I say? 212 — Patrons Junior Hams O.K. O.K. I ' ll sign. Universal Pool Supply 3535 W. Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Vossberg ' s Apparel 327 Main Street Hobart, Indiana Walker Motor Co. I nc. Chrysler-Plymouth 428 E. 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Needs a little more Vodka. Patrons — 213 J Wendt Brothers Drugs 106 S. Main Street Crown Point, Indiana J. J. Wesbecher, Inc. I 1 34 Virginia Street Gary, Indiana Westtorth Sports Shop 4704 Roosevelt Street Gary, Indiana Chuck Wheeler Restaurants 5809 Miller Avenue Gary, Indiana Wilco Food Center 6300 Miller Avenue Gary, Indiana Wiseway Food Center 5340 Broadway Plaza Gary, Indiana A typical Senior scene. A lively senior party. 214 — Patrons Study 216 . . . Hard At Work? A potpourri of personalities achievements, ideals . . . determined athletes . . . avid spectators . . . electric scholars . . . those otherwise inclined . . . secure snobbish socialites . . . silent observers . . . industrious workers . . . contented dreamers . . . eager participants . . . disengaged indifferents . . . boisterous clowns . . . subdued sophisticates . . . lucky winners . . . habitual losers . . . questioning philosophers . . . expressive artists . . . gifted performers . . . capable leaders . . . impressionable followers . . . optimistic believers . . . doubting pessimists . . . naive beginners . . . experienced veterans . . . an efficient administration . . . a determined faculty . . . freshmen awakened to new horizons . . . experienced sophomores . . . confident juniors . . . exceptional seniors . . . taking time together . . . we were a part ' of 1972 Acknowledgements Rev. John Cherry, C.S.B. James Adams (cover design) Mr. James Bell Mr. Michael Chelap Mrs. Robert Czarnecki Mr. Raymond DeFabio John Driscoll Sister M. Janet, SS.C.M. Sue Gaydos Mr. Robert Lewis Rev. Joseph Moffat, C.S.B. Beth Popa Mr. Robert Soltis Peggy Walker 216 — Patrons

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