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Bruce T. Berkheimer Co-editor Michaeleen R. Levenda Co-editor Francis A. Amico, C.S.B. Moderator . . . Each day, every day . . . Andrean High School Gary, Indiana Volume 9 i Fable Of Contents Academics 16 Student Life 46 Organizations 68 Athletics Underclassmen 126 Seniors 170 Senior Directory 200 Patrons 203 Acknowledgements 216 2 — Introduction Each day, every day we come and we go with excitement, with fear with despair, with hope, pouring through the doors down the much-travelled halls, sealing them with invisible footprints stopping, talking stopping, thinking sometimes just waiting smiling frowning laughing crying each day, every day Now, suddenly, we see just a few more steps to the end of the corridor and an open one-way door. Now suddenly, we look back with surprise and remember . . . We came alone but one in a mass of many. As the faceless bodies danced around us we realized we belonged. Autumn, winter, and spring swirled round us and we grew each day, every day 4 — Introduction Introduction — 5 Meeting others, discussing, sharing, walking together, eating together, playing together, praying together, together we learned, we found fragments of knowledge hidden in every room . . . “Parlez-vous francais?” “The historical causes of the war . . “Va cup of butter, 2 cups of flour” “Robert Browning, Shakespeare . . “The true Christian person is . . listening, speaking, giving, receiving, shaping ideas, each day, every day Introduction — 7 We are together in oneness in the crowded stands, shouting, “We’re from Andrean!” cheering, sighing, waving red and gold, wearing red and gold, we plan for, yearn for those special days: heels and fancy dresses and boutonnieres, prom gowns swishing and tux’s stiff and trim . . . moments to share with someone we love each day, every day 8 — Introduction 1 0 — Introduction We come together to a common table to celebrate life, to commemorate death, to celebrate our life to remember a lost classmate’s life, to ask forgiveness, love, and grace, one with Our Father at the banquet of the Lord, each day, every day Introduction — 1 1 1 2 — Introduction We came as children laughing dreaming smiling loving and somewhat lost Now we no longer find ourselves the children we once were nor yet the men we shall be Introduction — 1 3 1 4 — Introduction Happy and sad we linger then leave with thoughts and ideals and dreams we have formed in these unforgotten moments of sometime happiness and sorrow with nothing but ourselves as the sum total of each day. Knowing that we realized ourselves, we realized this final day, each day, every day. Introduction — 1 5 si ACADEMICS Schweiss Teilhard de Chardin Contemporary Gambit Plan A, Day 2, Schedule B Unscheduled Time “In Any Event " Exchanging Homework Team Teaching 3 Minutes to go from Choral to Biology Teachers’ Meeting Tons of Homework Andrean Society Last Minute Studying for Exams Term Papers The 5-Minute Shower Missing School Because of Unfinished Reports Each Day, Every Day Our Administration — Strong, Confident Leaden If Andrean High School enjoys the reputation as a leader in scholar- ship and extra-curricular activities among the Gary area schools, a reputation which admissions appli- cations and colleges confirm, the large share of the credit for the planning and organization goes to those who manage the school, the administration. Led by Rev. Richard Kinsky, C.S.B., principal of one year, the members of the adminis- tration have succeeded once more in keeping Andrean an up-to-date academic institution. Their innova- tions at Andrean — ranging from flexible scheduling, and a strength- ening of individual departments to changes in the dress code, have helped to make Andrean a top quality Catholic High School. Rev. Richard C. Kinsky, C.S.B. Principal 18 — Academics Rev. John T. Cherry, C.S.B. Assistant Principal Sister M. Janet, SS.C.M. Assistant Principal Mr. William Baranczyk Dean of Students Rev. Vincent C. Eckert, C.S.B. Treasurer Academics — 1 9 Theology Department Attempts To Prepare Students For Christian Life In A Modern Work The object of the Theology Depart- ment is to aid the individual student in seeking knowledge of religious truths and principles and their ap- plication to current problems. Each student is challenged to find his own place in God’s plan, that is, his relationship with God and his fellow man. Several innovations were attempt- ed in the department this year in order to better achieve this objec- tive, and to enhance the curricu- lum. This included the Sophomore boys ' section, which introduced the Discovery program to Andrean. The Senior section tried to imple- ment semester elective courses such as: Contemporary Problems and the Christian, a Seminar on Teilhard de Chardin, Comparative Religions, and Teaching and Ex- plaining the Faith through the CCD program. Mr. Timothy Bryja Rev. Charles Christopher, C.S.B. Mrs. Lawrence Costello Department Chairman 20 — Academics Sister M. Eileen, SS.C.M. Academics — 21 Sister M. Elizabeth, SS.C.M. Sister M. Jeanne, SS.C.M. Mr. Raymond Tobias Sister Mary Ann, SS.C.M, 22 — Academics Counselors Guide Students Through Present Problems To Future Hopes Sister M. Alfred, SS.C.M. Sister M. Rosario, SS.C.M. Rev. William Stoba, C.S.B. Academics — 23 English Department — Experience Of The Beautiful And Creative ■«»« --- im i The English Department has long distinguished itself by its flexibility, ■ variety, and creativity. It offers, under the chairmanship of Fr. Judd, a four year program for all stu- dents. Its curriculum emphasizes writing skills in conjunction with the exploration of the dynamics of lit- erature, language, and speech. Be- sides special courses for honors students and courses in journalism and speech, the department pro- vides a senior-level course, English Seminar, which challenges inter- ested students with some of the best literature of the world from Euripides to Hesse. New to the pro- gram this year are course electives in senior year, including courses in Shakespeare, Black American Liter- ature, and contemporary authors. Sister M. Alice, SS.C.M. Mrs. Milan Dakich Mr. Raymond DeFabio Sister Gilmary, SS.C.M. 24 — Academics Academics — 25 Mr. Edward Hei dt, C.S.B. Rev. Gordon, Judd, C.S.B. Department Chairman Mrs. Earl Kuleck Mrs. Frank Greenwald Upperclassmen Select English Electives Rev. Richard O’Neill, C.S.B. Rev. Charles Smith, C.S.B. 26 — Academics Mathematicians Learn Old Math In New Ways The Math Department, headed by Sister Nadine, is divided into three tracks to accommodate every stu- dent. The first track comprises the accelerated courses of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and Ad- vanced Mathematics. The second track includes Algebra I, Geometry II, and advanced Mathematics for the average student. The third track aims to help students with dif- ficulty and includes Mathematics 9 and 10, and Geometry. Rev. Albert Cylwicki, C.S.B. Miss Mary Ann Dobrowolski In these courses, math students learn new applications of such handy age-old formulas as a 2 + b 2 = c 2 . While young mathematicians struggle with proofs and graphs, Fr. Cylwicki, with the aid of his overhead projec- tor, helps the upperclassmen to ex- pand their mathematical abilities in such areas as the rate of change of tangents to a polynomial function. Many films this year also proved helpful to math students — even Donald Duck aids in teaching math at Andrean! Academics — Mr. Thomas Fitzpatrick Sister M. Nadine, SS.C.M. Department Chairman 28 — Academics Academics — 29 Language And Literature — Pathway To People The Language Department, headed by Sr. Annette, offers four year courses in French, German, and Spanish and a two year course in Latin. Most students here at An- drean take at least two years of one of these languages, and dur- ing the course of their language program are exposed to a “living language” approach, ie., they are taught in and speak in the lan- guage that they are learning. This program has been especially helped this year by the addition of a portable language lab, which can quickly be moved into any of a half-dozen rooms and which can automatically give each student his own personal language teacher. Over the years the Spanish Depart- ment has enriched its program considerably by offering annual summer excursions to Mexico, where the students study language and literature both on and off one of Mexico’s large universities. Parents’ Club Donates New Language Lab Academics Spanish Department Plans Annual Trip To Mexico Mrs. Arnold Fuller Sister M. Huberta, SS.C.M. Miss Catherine Moore Mr. Lester Weiss Academics Science Department Stimulates Interest In The Why And How Of Our Environment The Science Department under the direction of Fr. Decker, attempts to instill in the students the why and how of physical environment. This year, advanced biology students enter into a contract which deter- mines their quarterly grade. “A” level grades require a laboratory or library research project in addi- tion to regular assignments. As a result of this, students can be found working in the lab before and after hours and on weekends. Some- times Science encourages students to take on individual projects, such as the making of a laser. Despite the chicken and mice in Biology, and the minor explosions in Chem- istry, and the chlorine gas from Physics, the Science Department continues to move ahead. Academics — 33 Rev. Kenneth Decker, C.S.B. Department Chairman Mr. Michael Chelap Sister Joan Marie, SS.C.M. 34 — Academics Social Studies Department — Key To Past And Future Worlds The Social Studies Department under the direction of Miss Roseann Trapane provides courses for everyone. Through four years at Andrean, students are able to learn about the cultures of the Unit- ed States and other societies around the world. An experimental advanced course, team taught by Mrs. Weiss and Fr. Schwenzer, was introduced to the curriculum to pro- vide a more intensive study of Unit- ed States History for students with a spec ial interest in that field of study. Activities of the social studies classes consist of field trips, group projects, study of current events, term papers and book re- ports. Through its required and elective courses, the Social Studies Dept, meets the needs and interests of the students. Rev. Ronald Schwenzer, C.S.B. 36 — Academics Mr. Anthony Trapane Miss Roseann Trapane Department Chairman Mr. Steven Vamos Academics — 37 Mrs. Lester Weiss Business Courses Prepare For Future Careers The Business Department provides all students who seek vocational business training with sufficient preparation to meet occupational requirements for initial employ- ment. Students readily learn note- taking skills and acquire speed in typing to enable them to become business secretaries. Through a va- ri ety of courses, Sr. Cyrilline also helps to provide opportunities for all students to acquire knowledge of business principles and skills for their personal use. Sister Bernice Marie, SS.C.M. Mr. Nicholas Crnkovich jj 1 ( A I] K ' f k jj Sister M. Cyrilline, SS.C.M. Sister Maria Goretti, SS.C.M. Department Chairman Academics Academics — 39 Home Ec Classes Stress Homemaking Skills The Home Economics department aims to provide the students with both the knowledge and the skill necessary for establishing Christian homes, and to develop in the stu- dents an appreciation of Christian womanhood. Students passing room 108 on certain days detect various delicious aromas emanat- ing from the Foods Room where a Home Ec Lab is in session. Here, girls learn the importance of prop- er nutrition. Sewing is also an im- portant aspect of this field. This year, Gisele Farag was named the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow at Andrean. Annually, the Home Ec classes also sponsor the Avon ‘‘Who Fits the Picture " contest. Sister John Vianney’s en- thusiasm has encouraged the stu- dents to become very much in- volved in this department. Sister M. John Vianney, SS.C.M. Department Chairman 40 — Academics Fine Arts Department Develops Student Creativity Through Expression Of The Beautiful Whether adding color to Hello Dolly or touring St. Louis and Louis- ville, the Music Dept., under the di- rection of Mr. Chilian and Fr. Mof- fatt, continually proves that it is a vital part of Andrean. A glance into the art room gives evidence of the creativity of An- drean students. Fr. McKinnon and Mr. Williams provide the students with creative opportunities which result in mobiles, realistic land- scapes, fantastical creatures, and acrylic paintings. The spirit of vari- ous seasons, such as Halloween and Christmas, is brought to the cafeteria by the art students. In an attempt to stay abreast of re- cent architectural innovations, the Industrial Arts Dept., headed by Mr. Billick, tours modern residential areas. The students ' displays on Fine Arts Day show the wide scope of their activities. Mr. Rolando Chilian Rev. Joseph Moffatt, C.S.B. Music Department Chairman Academics Art And Music Departments Join To Stage Andrean Musicals Mr. Peter Billick Sister M. Emma, SS.C.M. Mech. Arts Dept. Chairman Librarian Rev. Robert McKinnon, C.S.B. Mr. John Williams Art Department Chairman Academics — 43 Phys Ed Builds More Than Strong Bodies Here at Andrean the physical edu- cation program is geared toward the freshmen. Mr. Rogovich, the di- rector of the program, has outlined a program which is intended to give freshmen more than an ac- quaintance with sports. They are taught physical skills, instructed in proper physical development, and even exposed to modern dance. Even the sports that are taught and played, such as basketball, volley- ball, baseball, wallball, and soc- cer, are taught more with an em- phasis on sportsmanship than on mere physical prowess. This em- phasis is all part and parcel of our school’s philosophy which stresses the development of the whole per- son. Mrs. Daniel Austgen Mr. John Bennett Mr. Daniel Rogovich Department Chairman Academics Secretaries Smile Behind The Scenes Through Hectic Hours Mrs. John Celenica Mrs. Dale Eisner Mrs. Philip Sawyer Mrs. Carl Yurechko Mi Mrs. Robert Ridgely Academics Bomb Scare 22 and Then Some Retreats Homecoming 1970 Mac’s after the Game An Old-Fashioned Christmas Sock Hops Armageddon Games — 71? Saturday Detentions Mardi Gras Spirit Jug Hall Passes Special Assemblies Garden of Buddha Student and Faculty Volleyball Game Hello Dolly! Folk Masses Kidnapping the Christ Child Each Day, Every Day Religion Is Integral Part Of Daily Life The purpose of a Catholic school is to help students to mature and de- velop both spiritually and intellec- tually. Its aim is to guide them in forming firm Christian morals while providing them with every possible opportunity to fulfill their spiritual needs. From the first week of school, when the entire student body assembled to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit, they be- came united in Christ. Throughout the year, opportunities for daily mass, confession and communion were made available to students. Class retreats, folk masses, and prayer meetings created a mutual companionship and awareness in students. The liturgy and songs of the funeral masses for Kirkland Barnett and Leonard Ruzga were selected and delivered by their own classmates who put a meaning into the sacrifice that touched ev- eryone. All of these aspects of a Catholic education combine to make it a real privilege. Upper left: Ernie Fodor serves as cross bearer for Kirkland Barnett’s funeral mass. Upper center: Bishop Grutka de- livers sermon at Mass of the Holy Spirit. Upper right: Fr. Murphy distributes com- munion during lunch hour. Lower left: Fr. William Gibbons, Regional Superior of the Basilian Fathers, blesses throats on St. Blaise Day. Lower center: Sopho- mores celebrate the Eucharist with Fr. Decker. Lower right: Fr. Judd celebrates the liturgy. 48 — Student Life Student Life — 49 Funny Girl The Cast Fanny Brice . .Sue McCormick Nick Arnstein . . . .Bob Samar Eddie Ryan Ted Pappas Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. . . .Keith Pavlish Tom Keaney . . . .Greg Moon Mrs. Strakosh Marlene Libassi Mrs. Brice Mary Martin Emma Kathy Petrovich 50 — Student Life Hello Dolly! The Cast Mrs. Dolly Levi . . . . . . Mary Martin Horace Vandergelder . . . . . . Greg Moon Cornelius Hackl . . . . . . Ted Pappas Barnaby Tucker . . . . . . Tom Wozniak Irene Molloy . . . . . . Sue Beckman Minnie Fay . . . . . . Merrie Beth Fusillo 52 — Student Life Cancelled Armageddon Games Rescheduled — Successful Despite Tense Beginning Vulgar words, sour faces, pushing hands, and shaving cream sprayed all over the master of ceremonies at the assembly was the ungentle- manly manner in which Armaged- don 1970-1971 began. For a brief ten minutes it appeared that Arma- geddon would not be held this year. Some were glad, feeling that it would be a mockery of school spirit to continue the weekend with this spirit of crude horseplay; some were very sad, seeing a hard three weeks ' work suddenly disappear. But Armageddon did go on, giving the Junior Class its second year of school victory but giving no one the much flaunted " moral victory.” De- spite the tawdry beginning, the weekend drew large numbers of students competing in everything from ping-pong to soccer and enjoying themselves at the sock- hop which ended the festivities. M j 1 j|’ t " ' ll IBsSm A thrilling hush fell over the crowd as the final notes of a song drifted into the air, a pause . . . then Stan Boric announced Andrean ' s 1970 Homecoming Queen — Lynn Thoma. Creative Students Make Homecoming Success Preparation for the weekend began as classes constructed imag- inative floats and fluffed billions of tissue flowers. Homecoming activi- ties commenced with the presenta- tion of the five candidates for queen at the sock-hop Thursday followed by an enormous crackling bonfire. Friday, game night, our long impressive car caravan pa- raded down Broadway to Gilroy Stadium where fans, jumped with glee after each touchdown scored in a 42-20 victory over Emerson. Homecoming events are always surrounded by tremendous antici- pation, joy, spirit, pride, unity, and treasured memories. This year was surely no exception. 56 — Student Life Homecoming Queen And Her Court Debra Gomolka HOMECOMING QUEEN Lynn Thoma Ingrid Thomas Debra Terlicher Victory And Christmas Dances Delight Many Couples Colorful, life-sized cheerleaders and football players covered the gym walls for the Victory Dance which climaxed the Niners’ success- ful football season. Its theme, ”22 and Then Some,” recalled their impressive twenty-two game winning streak, while the Home- coming Queen and her court repre- sented that exciting highpoint of every football season. As the holiday season approached, thoughts were turned to parties, presents, snow, vacation, cheer, and the Christmas Dance. Dedicat- ed students created the scene which greeted couples with “An Old-Fashioned Christmas” of ever- greens, bells, greeting cards, and bright, colored lights. 60 — Student Life Upper left: Pat Lauerman and Geralyn Kunas anticipate an encounter under the mistletoe. Bottom left: Geralyn Kunas has added to the success of many dances with her decorating talents. Student Life — 61 Junior Class Creates Underwater Fantasy The Class of ' 72 with the guidance of its moderators, Mr. Blocher and Sr. Joan Marie, applied originality and skill to make its Junior Spring Dance an enchanting memory. The school cafeteria was transformed into Atlantis, the Lost Continent. Couples attending the dance were plunged immediately into the ro- mance of this underwater civiliza- tion as they entered the cafeteria through a mysterious Aquatic cave. The walls of the room decorated with beautiful sea shells, colorful fish, and unearthly bubbles helped to cast this romantic spell. In the middle of this Neptune ' s world lay an ancient chest spilling over with rare and precious jewels and on each table smaller chests invited couples to store their treasured memories. The finishing touch was given by the sophomores, dressed as sailors, who served up a deli- cious mermaid ' s punch. 62 — Student Life Student Life — 63 Senior Class Achieves Excellence — “Arete” The gods and goddesses of An- drean descended upon the school the evening of April 30. The sen- iors had chosen " Arete,” the Greek word for excellence, as their prom theme. Each couple entered the dance by way of the long pil- lared portico under the Music wing of the school. As they stepped in- side, they were first met with a lush green, beautifully sculptured Greek garden complete with benches, statuary, and stone fountain. Fur- ther into this ancient setting was a magnificent classical temple, awe- some with its three-story-high doric pillars, elegant friezes, and im- mense mural depicting the myths of the golden age of Greece. The cen- ter of this imposing temple was illu- minated by a great torch set amid another small garden scene. Rudi Seyser and His Orchestra com- pleted the scene by filling the at- mosphere with music. The evening maintained its romantic mood even to the Post-Prom Party held at Mar- quette Park Pavillion. Here the sen- iors were regaled with both dinner and more dancing, this time in less classical fashion to the music of the New World Column. Upper left: Dennis Soltis and his date pause beneath a vine-covered trellis at the outside entrance to the prom. Upper center: Pat Lauerman and Michael McLaughlin obviously enjoy each other’s company. Bottom left: Mary Lynn Sceci- na and Landen Krupchak eagerly await their dinner at the Post-Prom. Bottom center left: Maria LaFrossia and Kim Towers dance in the temple courtyard. Bottom center right: Frank Bottos escorts Marguerite Ihn at during the Grand March. 64 — Activities Seniors Recreate Golden Age Of Greece Activities — 65 Turnabout Goes Oriental “Garden of Buddha” was the name of this year ' s Turnabout, which took place in the gym on February 20. The decorations in- cluded an eight-foot Buddha, and a Japanese bridge in the center of the gym, which gave the dance a mystic, oriental atmosphere. The classes of ' 73 and ' 74 got to- gether for the annual Froshmore Night, which took place on March 26. The dance was held in the col- orfully decorated cafeteria and was aptly called “The Sound of Color. " The two Sophomores in charge of the affair were Phillip LaMere and Deborah Karras. Re- freshments were served, and the pizza was made under the direc- tion of Father Schwenzer. 66 — Student Life Frosh And Sophs Dance To Sound Of Color StNIUKb RES JEFF BALLINGER vr ix Ptts DERBY GOMOLKA ISEAS | WJROVKH omsbowui; ORGANIZATIONS JUNIORS MARTIN MCLAUGHLIN MILES MOON .DER R NAVARRO J NAWROCKI NEFF NEHR1NG PAWS PLNOVICH SAMAR SCECIN SIMA THOR ' Tier TROC URW wtt Getting up at 5:30 A.M. Wilmont Skiing Bake Sales Fine Arts Day Last Minute Deadlines Christmas Caroling Running for Elections — Losing by a Hair Career Night Painting Signs to Promote Spirit Music Tour More Mission Money Interphase 1 971 Literary Magazine Each Day, Every Day Student Council Initiates Student Activities The Student Council is intended as a liaison between faculty and stu- dents, especially on extra-curricular activities. Over the years the Coun- cil has changed itself internally and helped in many ways to change general school policy, most nota- bly the dress code which was dra- matically altered this past year for the first time in the eleven year his- tory of Andrean. The most de- manding and valuable service of the Council is preparing the activi- ties connected with Homecoming and Armageddon; in addition, it sponsors most of the dances and sockhops, including the Victory Ball and Christmas Dance, and most of the school assemblies. Two very special projects of the Council’s 1970-1971 term were Tom Dooley Week, a week devoted to raising money to aid the people of South- east Asia, and a Student-Faculty Volleyball Game held to collect money for the nationwide March of Dimes. 70 — Organizations Upper left: Student Council Officers: M. Martin, Vice-president, S. Boric, Presi- dent, J. Culveyhouse, Treasurer, B. Popa, Secretary. Upper center: P. O’Brien performs at the Folk Festival, “Here Comes The Sun” sponsored by the Council. Far right: Student-Faculty Volleyball Game. Bottom right: A wel- comed visitor at the 1 970 Christmas As- sembly. Bottom right: The Armageddon Games are a success due to the efficient preparations of the Student Council. Organizations — 71 The Forensics Society, headed by Sister Gilmary and Mr. Fitzpatrick, enables students to exhibit their tal- ents through competition. The four categories of speech are Humorous presentation. Dramatic presenta- tion, Extemporaneous, and Poetry. In each category, the members compete against representatives of other schools in seven to ten min- ute presentations. About four of the 10 members of Andrean’s Fo- rensic Society have won ribbons in regional competition. Forensic Members Awarded Trophies Upper left: Officers: P. Gilles, R. Guiz- zo. Upper right: Barb Lach. Center right: Chris Markle. Bottom right: Mary P. Lon- gazo, S. Sulich, T. Smar. 71 — Organizations Juniors And Seniors Involved In World Affairs YARC Helps Needy Children Ipper right: Y.A.R.C.: M. Libassi, G. Lozano, M. Zakutansky. (standing) M. Kocon. Vorld Affairs Forum: D. Gomolka, G. Lozano, G. Liber. The Youth Association for Retarded Children has done much to help the retarded in the area. The club has sponsored two candy sales, and a Christmas and Easter party for the children. The members of An- drean ' s Youth Association for Re- tarded Children also took part in a city-wide march to raise money for three day care centers in the dis- trict. The World Affairs Forum is spon- sored by the Social Studies Depart- ment. An interest in current events is instilled in the members through city-wide meetings. At these meet- ings, each school plays the part of a fictional country, discussing vari- ous foreign relations. Organizations — 73 Students Pursue Interests In Foreign Cultures Andrean has two active language clubs, the French Club and the Spanish Club. In November, the French Club, moderated by Miss Moore, spon- sored a crepe sale. The prepara- tion, cooking and serving of these distinctive French pastries was en- tirely done by the club members. All the students and teachers at the school were invited to partake of this continental cu isine to help raise money for the club. At Christmas time, the club went to a Chicago restaurant for a more complete in- troduction to French foods. Also at Christmas time, the club visited the famous display, Christmas Around The World, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. ) 1 K, f 1 1 o ! 74 — Organizations The Spanish Club had more than their share of excitement this year when a Spanish film they were showing was interrupted by a bomb scare here at the school. Less dramatic but equally exciting was the club’s Christmas fiesta, which offered the traditional Spanish cooking along with the customary games, including the breaking of the pinata. The club wound up its activities for the year with a trip to Chicago to see the musical version of Don Quixote, Man of La Man- cha. Upper left: French Club Officers: J. Walker, M. Yaros, D. Mosley, P. Gilles. Upper center: Miss Craciun and G. Fed- erici prepare for a German Club meet- ing. Upper right: German Club Officers: D. Urbanek, M. Beiriger, D. Lebioda, M. Lax. Bottom left: K. Frederick enjoys " une crepe " at the French Club sale. Bottom center: Sister Annette presents K. DeVany, winner of the National Spanish Contest of 1971, with his award, a trip to Mexico. Bottom right: Spanish Club Officers: M. LaFrossia, M. Navarro, R. Navarro. Organizations — 75 NHS Offers Insight Into Black Culture The Cardinal Flahiff Chapter of the National Honor Society is An- drean ' s branch of this national or- ganization which pays recognition to junior and senior high school stu- dents who have displayed out- standing scholarship, leadership, character, and service in their school’s life. At Andrean an ap- pointed committee of faculty mem- bers twice a year selects upper- classmen that it believes are wor- thy of this honor. Although the Society is not intend- ed to be an active service organi- zation in its own right, it does help to sponsor the annual Fine Arts Day. Over the years the Fine Arts Day program has presented valu- able studies of other cultures of the world, ranging from the contempo- rary Subculture to Japanese Art. This year, in cooperation with the Black Student Union, the N.H.S. presented a program devoted to Black American Culture. 76 — Organizations Upper left: NHS Officers: D. Wojkovich, D. Gomolka, J. Ballinger, P. Charbon- neau. Upper center: Chris Markle nar- rates a dialogue from “The Coffee Break” by Langston Hughes at Fine Arts Day. Upper right: State Senator Adam Benjamin addresses the student body at the National Honor Society Fall Convo- cation. Bottom left: A series of interpre- tive dances relates the history of Black American Culture at Fine Arts Day. Bot- tom right: Mayor Richard G. Hatcher speaks at Fine Arts Day. Organizations — 77 Acropolis Keeps Students Informed Andrean ' s newspaper, “The Acropolis,” is a vital part of the school’s academic and extracur- ricular life, providing much desired communication between students on activities, sports, classes, and contests. Under Sr. Alice, the pa- per’s moderator for most of the past eleven years, “The Acropolis” has won several journalism awards. The paper, laid out in a modern format, incorporates car- toons, special columns, editorials, pictures, and general write-ups of school life. Probably the most fa- miliar part of its monthly edition is the Li’l Andy column, a witty, sometimes enigmatic column re- cording the foibles of Andrean stu- dents and teachers. An interesting addition this year is the editorial column. Phase I, which has pro- vided challenging opinions on ecol- ogy, the space program, and other social issues. 78 — Organizations chool Newspaper Experiments With New Design Upper left: Mary Lynn Scecina (co-edi- tor). Upper center: Alice Davis (co-edi- tor). Upper right: Two of the staff mem- bers working on the next issue. Bottom left: (seated) B. Trocheck, W. Knoll, E. Griffin, D. Gomolka, C. Chapko, J. Mil- chak. (standing) G. Brzadilis, D. Lebi- oda, L. Brnicky, C. Markle. Bottom cen- ter: M. J. Craig, T. Lorenzo and C. McLaughlin proofread copy. Bottom right: L. Brnicky, K. Halloran, L. Piekarz and C. Markle. Organizations — 79 Decussata Staff Makes Exciting New Changes Colored Pictures Added — Format Revised This year has been a new and dif- ferent experience for everyone here at Andrean. Changes have occurred not only throughout the rapidly advancing scientific world, but also at Andrean itself. Innova- tions in school policy, a change in administration and changes in stu- dent outlook have been witnessed during the course of the year. It is in keeping with this spirit that the staff of the 1971 Decussata has chosen to embark on an excitingly different book. It is thus hoped that this year ' s Decussata will better present within its pages the memo- ries of this complete school year. 80 — Organizations Upper left: Bruce Berkheimer (co-editor). Upper right: Donna Wojkovich and Maria LaFrossia work on picture crop- ping. Bottom left: Micky Levenda (co-ed- itor). Bottom center: Yearbook Staff: (Seated) M. Kubiak, M. LaFrossia, D. Wojkovich, M. Beiriger, E. Gordon, E. Badylak, J. Minczewski. (Standing) L. Pastuszak, K. Zajdel, B. Zajdel, G. Moon, T. Nehring, E. Ventura. Bottom right: John McLaren, student photogra- pher. Organizations — 81 Music Department — Choral Fact And Fantasies Front row: L. Hall, P. Wiltshire, Y. Enrico, A. Macey. Second row: A. Rogers, W. Vazquez, G. Bizadellis, K. Ousley, M. Pisani. Third row: D. Farrar, L. Martin, F. Hu- dock, J. Wiltshire, T. Lankford, A. Hudock, E. Zemelko. Last row: R. Denson, R. Federi- ci, C. Zembillas, D. Ramos, J. Hnat, L. Hasse, T. Griffin. Andrean’s Music Department is one of the few departments which successfully bridges the classroom and extra-curricular activities. Under Mr. Roland Chilian’s direc- tion it melodiously invades several of the school ' s most popular activi- ties: assemblies, drama produc- tions, and the Homecoming Pa- rade. It even carries this merger of school and activities further by touring area grade schools in other parts of the States and Canada. This year the Band, the Mixed Cho- ral, and the Girls’ Choral took their musical talents to St. Louis and Louisville, Kentucky as well as giv- ing the annual school concerts: Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and Pop Concert. 82 — Organizations ront row: J. Vara, T. Chglko. Second row: G. Bires, R. Sturgeon, R. Sturgeon, E. Gordon, C. Libauskas, D. Wray. Last row: M. Hor- avi, K. Harris, S. Christian, S. Stefankiewicz, A. Siffin, D. Knies, J. Petalas, T. Merza, P. O’Keefe, K. Klodzen, G. Martin, (standing) Jennings, G. Kesel, G. Ledbetter. Organizations — 83 84 — Organizations Upper left: Girls ' Choral: (Front row) S. Peterson, J. Hudock, L. Melevage. (Sec- ond row) L. Whitten, M. Comerford, K. McConnell, M. Spellman, N. Coulehan. (Last row) B. Lach, G. Gallagher, M. Bottos, M. Levenda, M. Tomondi, M. Mulroe. Upper right: Girls’ Choral: (Front row) K. Benac, J. Jones, M. Gil- more, G. Williams. (Second row) S. Marszalek, M. Libassi, L. Domanski, M. Bianco, T. Schafer. (Last row) M. O’Brien, M. Gregor, M. Flynn, T. Mono- han, P. Parker, M. Scecina, K. Simmons. Bottom left: Mixed Choral: (Front row) C. Dorsey, E. Griffin, D. Mosley, J. Lar- gura. (Second row) W. Yurechko, R. Mailath, P. Petrusha, N. Carey, S. McCormick, L. Morrison, M. Marasco. (Last row) K. Pavlish, J. Mele, R. Luptak, G. Pazak, C. Markle, V. Billick, S. Sul- ich. Bottom right: Mixed Choral: (Front row) N. Huber, P. Villereal, D. Ginns, K. O’Rourke, K. Szulborski, S. Beckman. (Second row) M. Martin, S. Cunning- ham, P. Olejnik, M. Schabowski, C. Grif- fin, M. Yurechko. (Last row) B. Lynch, T. Mulloy, F. Mader, T. Kish, R. Kunas, J. Nawrocki, T. Wozniak, R. Razumich, M. Preston. Organizations — 85 “Hello Dolly” And “Fu nny Girl” Directed By Father McKinnon The Andrean Drama Club, in its nine year history has staged some of the best apd most challenging theatre that has been seen in the Calumet area. We began with ‘‘Our Town, " performed on a cur- tainless stage, and worked our way through ‘‘Murder in the Cathe- dral, " ‘‘A Man for All Seasons,” and a sensational production of ‘‘Marat Sade. " At the same time we managed to put on some of Broadway ' s most popular musical- comedies, including the longest running Broadway musical: “Hello Dolly. " “Dolly " and the popular “Funny Girl” were the last drama productions to be staged by Father Robert McKinnon, who has been the chief inspiration and driving force behind our unusually sophisti- cated high school theatre for these past nine years. Upper left: Drama Club: R. Samar, T. Wozniak. (standing) T. Pappbs. Bottom left: Stage Crew: W. Knoll, G. Kay, J. Adams, L. Cielski, T. Hayes, P. McCormick, K. Kom- isarcik. 86 — Organizations Students Work Toward Worthwhile Goals — j mjk 1 Two important clubs at Andrean are the Human Relations Club and Students Organized Against Pollu- tion. The Human Relations Club sponsors such activities as student exchanges, interschool confer- ences, and dances. SOAP has played a big part in getting the stu- dents interested in doing something about pollution. The organization has conducted two glass collections this year, amassing over 6,000 lbs. of glass to be recycled. Upper left: S.O.A.P.: J. Milchak, M. Pe- trites. (standing) W. Zajdel. Bottom left: Human Relations: D. Mosley, M. Kocon, T. Ransom, E. Gordon. Organizations — 87 Future Homemakers Of America Host Parents In Various Annual Activities The Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca plan activities that advocate closer family relationships. The club has sponsored a Mother-Daughter Christmas Party, visits to homes for the aged, and a Halloween collec- tion for Cerebral Palsy. The most successful activity is Daddy-Date Night, which includes all the mem- bers and Non-members and their dads. The FHA sponsors more func- tions such as the assembling of packages that are sent to Vietnam, Mother’s Day in October, and the donut and pizza sale at the Homecoming Bonfire and at Arma- geddon. Organizations Upper right: FHA: (seated) J. Mayoch, R. Argenta, T. Argenta, B. Jaroscak. (standing) K. Finley, D. Doffin, C. Mai- icki, S. Miles, M. Levenda, P. Villareal. Upper center: Couple Square dancing at Daddy-Date Night. Upper right: Mem- bers participate in Mothers ' Mass. Bot- tom left: Girls and moms celebrate the Eucharist at Mothers ' Mass. Bottom cen- ter: Mary Zolcak and her dad enjoy themselves at Daddy-Date Night. Bot- tom right: Mothers’ Day in October. Organizations — 89 Two Successful Clubs Organized This Year The Art Club of Andrean was start- ed this year by Mr. Williams to give its members the opportunity to use their artistic abilities in assisting with school activities. Their projects have included decorating the gym for the Victory Dance, helping with the Turnabout, and making scenery for the plays. The Black Student Union attempts to make black students aware of their own culture by instilling in them confidence and self-pride. This organization has sponsored a paper drive, as well as assisting with Human Relations Club dances. Upper right: Art Club: M. Gorney, R. Samar, J. Adams, W. Knoll. Bottom left: Black Student Union: C. Dorsey, A. Rog- ers, T. Ransom, D. Mosley. 90 — Organizations Experience Proves Valuable The Math Club and the Business Club are two organizations that help students become aware of th e practicality of taking math and business courses. The Business Club sponsors visits to business colleges and firms, and assists with Career Night, making signs to promote this successful annual activity. At each meeting of the Math Club, the members participate in a program including various math puzzles and reports concerning current math projects. Upper left: Library Assistants: V. Lev- enda, P. Gustin, M. Landes. Upper right: Math Club: C. Chapko, M. Kubiak, M. Penovich, M. Levenda, J. Nawrocki, T. Nehring. Bottom left: Business Club: M. Murphy, P. Kranick, D. Terlicher. (seat- ed) M. Tully. Organizations — 91 Mission Society Helps Poor Throughout The Worlc The Mission Society not only helps poor people throughout the world, but brings students an awareness of the problems of the poor. Home- room representatives solicit dona- tions from the homerooms either by planning fund-raising projects, or through " pass-the-hat” collections. These donations are sent to various missions at least twice a year. In addition to various missions, An- drean this year has helped war- stricken families in Vietnam, the poor of Mexico and the slum dwellers of South Carolina. Upper right: Mission Society: B. Berkheimer, J. Bellendorf, T. Hayes, E. Griffin. Bottom: Two “top” homerooms on the monthly mission bulletin. 92 — Organizations Girls Show Sports’ Enthusiasm Top right: Booster Club: M. Hecimovich, D. Wojkovich, B. Trocheck, P. Wojkov- ich. Bottom right: GAA: A. Mytyk, J. Landeck, S. Fuss, N. Huber. Organizations — 93 Cheerleaders Unite School To Insure Victory MUlS ' D6.RDJ Upper left: Varsity: L. Thoma, N. Peller, C. Dauro, M. Geras, D. Terlicher, I. Koval. Upper right: Reserves: C. Hagel, M. Arini, C. Chase, J. Beres, D. Doneff, P. Mihalic. Bottom center: Freshman: P. Lennertz, A. Shepard, E. McCarthy, G. Hap, G. Burrel, S. Hayes. Organizations — — Pre Game Pep Talks Only One 220? Goal Line Stand Cheering Even Though We’re Behind Sectionals “The Bums” The Final Buzzer Coach, “I’m Sick” Winning Your First Letter Tape, Dextroses, and Salt Pills Running in the Gym The City Meets 1 1 th in the State The Never-ending Practices Powder Puff The Coaches Each Day, Every Day — Andrean Gridders Gain NWC Co-Championshi One of the finest squads that has ever come out of Andrean was seen in this year’s varsity football team. The Niners were represented with another state ranked team. Our record was seven and two with victories over long-time rivals such as Hammond-Morton, Wirt and Lew Wallace. The only defeats were to Hobart and West Side which were both extremely gruel- ing games for the Niners. It was a never say die year and success came in working together as a team. After a loss to Hobart, Coach Crnkovich brought the team back to win five consecutive games. Our defense must be given tremendous credit. They were a group of determined players who worked together for one cause — to stop the opposition which they did fantastically. Our offense tried to make it easy for our defense by scoring as many points as possible. Our backs had a rush ing average of 44 yards per run. Much credit must be given to Coach Nick Crnkovich and also to Coach Pete Billick. These two men developed the offense and defense, kicking teams and the line into a single, un- ified team — the Andrean Niners. The entire Andrean community — administration, faculty and stu- dents, plus all the Niner fans, con- gratulate the team on an outstand- ing season 98 — Athletic » J Upper left: Bob Morgan intercepts pass. Bottom left: Front line moves out against defense. Upper right: Niners converge for victory. Bottom right: Bruce Berkheimer gains yardage. Athletics — 99 Front row: D. Aloia, R. Schiralli, S. McGrath, G. Ledbetter, K. Relphorde, J. Keiser, M. Doyle, T. Berry, R. Gasper, R. Bickel, E Schmidt. Second row: J. Kiger, T. Quade, T. Burns, K. Harris, G. Pazak, M. Halfman, J. Mele, B. Burrell, J. Lessard, W. Lepp, Cechovic, B. Morgan, D. Lamere, B. Stark. Third row: A. Mizen (Mgr.), R. Purnell, M. Jennings, B. St. Germain, R. Pontney, D. Doffir T. Goetz, J. Fallace, K. Mirich, R. latarola, J. Yurechko, D. Garner, B. Berkheimer, F. Kalvaitis, T. Hayes (Mgr.). Last row: J. Donne (Mgr.), R. Seibal, L. Krupchak, J. Sullivan, M. Peloza, T. McGrath, B. Hynes, D. Parlock, T. Nash, K. Barich, B. Spicer, J. Ballinger, C Waters, D. Lebioda, P. Charbonneau. 100 — Athletics Upper left: Coaches Crnkovich and Bil- lick discuss strategy. Upper center: Marty Halfman hustles for a big gain. Upper right: Bruce Berkheimer barrels closer to goal. Bottom right: Tom Berry grasps for ball. Athletics — 101 Perseverance Pays Off For Niners Varsity Scores Andrean Opponent 7 Hammond Morton 0 42 E. C. Roosevelt 6 0 Hobart 13 40 Horace Mann 21 21 Gary Roosevelt 8 21 Lew Wallace 0 42 Emerson 20 34 Wirt 14 20 Westside 30 Perfect Record For Frosh Gridders The Freshman football team scored a perfect record in the ' 70 season. Coached by Fathers Richard O ' Neill and John Menner the team shut out every one of its opponents except Calumet. Perseverance, hard practice and tremendous spirit guided this year’s team. Frosh Scores Andrean Opponent 13 Emerson 0 22 E. C. Roosevelt 0 22 Westside 0 8 Taft 0 29 Gary Roosevelt 0 25 Lew Wallace 0 10 Calumet 6 13 Froebel 0 8 Wirt 0 Front row: B. Franta (Mgr.), A. Einikis, D. Johnson, R. Duenas, M. McDaniels, M. Rogers, P. Wiley, J. Wilson, B. Tetek, B. Husgar, M. Rozkowski. Second row: L. Rajsky, D. Sanders, D. Charbonneau, D. McGrath, F. Schmidt, T. Bartolomeo, T. Walla, M. Hunker, P. McGuan, M. Nacarato, B. VanCleef, M. Gross, B. Debats. Third row: M. McCarthy, M. Yurechko, E. Schoenfelt, J. Bonomo, M. Lepp, M. Simpson, T. Seibal, J. Devitte, J. Ellis, R. Webster, T. LaMere, R. Dorullou, M. Lipton, R. Capellari. Fourth row: T. Jakelich, P. O’Keefe, L. Degan, E. Parlock, R. Kunas, E. Rawley, D. Vinzani, J. Montanio, J. Gallagher, B. Joyce, J. Henderson, R. Lepp, G. Lo- casto, T. Burkur. Last row: T. Ridgeley, M. Waite, D. Haworth, T. Goszewski, G. Doneff, T. Lynch, M. Saffa, S. Persion, D. Parlock, P. Malayer, G. Sopko, J. Jancosek, T. Smar, J. Beres. Athletics — 1 03 Reserves Complete Second Undefeated Seasor The Reserve Football team com- pleted this year’s season with an undefeated record. Coach John Bennett worked the team hard and prepared them for a rough season. They responded with a city cham- pionship. After a grueling game with Hammond Gavit which ended in a zero to zero deadlock, the team went unbeaten and untied. The Niners shut out Gary Roosevelt and Lew Wallace and they also de- feated Hobart and Westside. With a tough freshman team coming up. Coach Bennett has a similar out- look for next year. 1 04 — Sports Reserve Scores Andrean Opponent 12 Emerson 8 0 Gavit 0 28 Hobart 8 16 Gary Roosevelt 0 20 Wallace 0 16 Horace Mann 8 12 Westside 8 22 Wirt 12 ANDSEAN avdrew Wdseaj WfDRMjj MLno.s ismcf. : ront row: J. Gavin, G. Ousley, R. Bartolomeo, P. LaMere, S. Bien, T. Dougherty, S. Mireles, T. Mullen, R. Eismen. Second row: R. teed, B. McGuan, V. Billick, M. Wood, E. Hudson, L. Hricik, D. Charbonneau, J. Brodner. Third row: T. Collins, J. Wiltshire, R. Dzia- losz, B. Curtis, T. Vaughan, G. Haworth, J. Knies, J. Flynn. Sports — 1 05 Andrean Cagers Rekindle School Enthusiasm Andrean cagers came up with a winning season this year. With two seniors, two sophomores and a bundle of juniors. Coach Rogo- vich’s Niners obtained a 12-7 rec- ord. Basketball came alive once more at Andrean with an exciting game against Roosevelt. The power of the “Veit " prevailed but the game proved Andrean would be heard from during the year. The team obtained more victories than they had for the last few years. Until the Holiday Tournament, An- drean couldn’t muster a winning at- titude, but perseverance paid off. The cagers reeled off five straight until they bowed to Hammond Tech. With five victories in the next six contests, the Niners prepared for sectionals. However the final buzzer favored Mann 62-60. Al- though the year ended on a low note, Andrean students know that basketball is back. 1 06 — Athletics Upper left: John Komenda prepares for jump shot. Upper middle: Leo Campbell drives in for lay up. Upper right: Robert Mandula feeds off to Don Parlock. Bot- tom left: Leo Campbell sets screen for Robert Mandula. Bottom middle: Joe Sullivan eludes defender. Athletics — 1 07 Niners End Gratifying Season With Optimistic Outlook Varsity Scores Andrean Opponent 59 Roosevelt 73 81 Lew Wallace 91 91 River Forest 64 102 West Side 121 86 Wirt 50 62 Emerson 63 98 Crown Point 78 72 Portage 64 70 Chesterton 61 77 Hammond-Morton 65 74 Horace Mann 65 50 Hammond Tech 70 91 Hammond 72 81 East Gary 64 53 Hobart 58 86 Hammond Clark 74 61 Whiting 60 65 Emerson 61 60 Horace Mann 62 Upper right: Coach Dan Rogovich. Bottom right: Varsity: W. Kaminski, K. Relphorde, . Komenda, D. Parlock, J. Kenney, L. Campbell, R. Mandula, J. Sullivan, M. Kleminsk A. Grgurich, A. Maggio. Center: J. Culveyhouse, M. Maretich. 108 — Athletics Reserves And Frosh Gain Valuable Experience Upper left: G. Haworth goes up confi- dently. Upper right: Coaches Mazur Chelap and Father Cylwicki. Right cen- ter: Reserves: (front row) R. Tarkelly (Mgr.), J. Brodner, P. LaMere, R. Den- son, M. Priano. (second row) T. Collins, J. Connelly, T. Vaughn, D. Smith, G. Pelot. (last row) J. Wiltshire, B. Curtis, K. Zimmerman, G. Haworth. Bottom left: (front row) G. Roszkowski (Mgr.), R. Lepp, J. Pavlovich, T. Seibal, R. Durilla, G. Locasto, T. LaMere, M. Manno, L. Rajski. (back row) B. Bobin, G. Doneff, R. Barner, S. Pierson, T. Goszewski, B. Tetek, T. Ridgely, T. Bukur, M. Waite. Athletics — 1 09 Grapplers End Season With 7-5 Record Andrean’s wrestling team pro- duced a victorious season for Coach John Bennett. Lead by sen- iors Bruce Berkheimer, David Dola- to, Martin Halfman, Frank Kalvaitis and undefeated Tom Berry, An- drean placed third in the confer- ence Tournament and fourth in the East Gary Invitational. Juniors, Mike Mateo, Mike Muraida and Derek Regal, also helped the team muscle its way to victory. Wrestling has become a very popular specta- tor sport at Andrean. Tough teams, good coaches and fine fans have contributed to this popularity. 110 — Athletic Upper left: Derek Regal is proclaimed victor. Upper right: Coach Ray Tobias looks on. Center right: Bruce Berkheimer finds himself in a tense position. Bottom left: Varsity Coach John Bennett surveys the situation. Bottom center: Varsity: (front row) D. Behnke, M. Milosvich, M. Nacarato, D. Regal, M. Muraida. (sec- ond row) B. Berkheimer, T. Berry, J. Szczerba, R. Reed, J. Lessard, M. Mateo, (last row) R. Rezak (Mgr.), R. latarola, M. Halfman, F. Kalvaitis, D. Dolato, R. Seibal, P. Battistini (Mgr.). Bottom right: Reserve-Frosh: (front row) B. Milbraith, D. McGrath, J. Driscoll, K. Gillis, D. Mako, J. Jackson, (last row) S. Mireles, T. Flynn, G. Walton, K. Owens,. T. Martin, T. Dougherty. Varsity Scores Andrean Opponent 29 River Forest 13 38 Hanover Cent 3 21 Noll 30 27 Lew Wallace 19 29 Horace Mann 14 29 East Gary 18 18 Wirt 22 22 Lowell 19 15 West Side 29 18 Roosevelt 30 18 Hammond Morton 24 29 Emerson 18 Athletics — 111 Andrean Trackmen Shine On Cinder Path Running against the best teams in the state, Andrean’s trackmen turned in fine efforts throughout the season. They gave notice of fu- ture success by placing sixth in the 20 team Noll Indoor Relays. They continued to perform solidly out- doors, taking third in the Andrean Relays, eighth in the 1 9 team Gary Sectionals, and third in the North- west Conference West, which was the best conference finish in the school ' s history. The squad had an overall dual meet record of 3-4. Senior captain Gene Sable finished a strong third in the sectional two mile run with a 9:42 clocking, the fastest two mile by a 59er in four years. Junior Jim Fallace equalled the early state season best in the 440 with a 50.4, and missed the state finals by one place. Senior Frank Spellman, who is the city champ, also made the regionals in which he pole vaulted 12’9”. Add to this a school record in the sprint medley and a near miss in the mile relay by sophomore and junior teams and you have a good season, with a bright future. Upper left: Coaches Peter Billick and Steven Vamos get J. Fallace off to a good start. Upper center: A vaulter clears the bar. Upper right: B. Lynch out- distances an opponent. Bottom left: 59ers edge up to the starting line. Bot- tom right: Andrean Trackmen: (front row) G. Walton, W. Clarke, S. Bien, P. LaMere, R. Bartolomeo, T. Berry, R. Gasper, (second row) M. Glinski, M. Verdeyen, J. Brodner, D. Burrell, D. Par- lock, K. Mirich, D. Garner, R. Hogan, R. latarola, J. Vahary. (last row) G. Pelot, L. Sielski, C. Cottrell, J. Vuich, B. McGuan, G. Haworth, W. Ebersberger, J. Karver, J. Fallace, J. O’Keefe, G. Pazak, K. Towers, D. Smith, M. Rupp, R. Humphrey, G. Sable, F. Spellman. 112 — Athletics Harriers Stride Out But Tire At Finish Line Hard work and lots of desire were the trademarks of Andrean ' s cross country team, despite a 3-7 dual meet record. With only one senior in the first seven, the harriers were confronted with a lack of experience and ma- turity. Led by senior Gene Sable, they met the challenge often as witnessed by their 1 1 th place finish in the 16 team sectional and an 1 8th place effort against 22 teams in the Hobart Invitational. The pros- pects look good for next year if this year ' s turnout, the best in re- cent memory, can be matched again for this grueling sport. . .. :if 114- — Athletics Upper center: Coach D. Rogovich looks over the team. Bottom right: G. Rosz- kowski, W. Clark and R. Sylvester run a grueling mile. Bottom left: (standing) P. Ridgely, Mgr., J. Griffin, T. Chale, R. Sylvester, M. Mateo, G. Walton, K. Towers, F. Fransioli, J. Gundy, R. Hum- phrey, M. Manno. (kneeling) M. Zim- merman, S. Stefankiewicz, R. Hogan, N. Flores, M. Gerberick, C. Griffin, G. Roszkowski. Cross Country Scores Andrean Opponent 34 West Side 23 42 Hobart 15 40 Wirt 18 15 Horace Mann 50 42 Elston 17 32 Marquette 25 28 Lew Wallace 27 44 Gary Roosevelt 18 23 Emerson 32 20 East Gary 35 Gary City Meet 5th Place Andrean Invitational 11th Place Hobart Invitational 18th Place Sectionals Invitational 1 1th Place Athletics — 115 59ers Use Superb Effort For Winning Season Anyone who has seen an Andrean baseball game has heard the origi- nal coachly chatter from either Coach Nick Crnkovich of the Varsi- ty or Coach John Coggins of the Reserves. This year ' s squad is a solid team, hitting and pitching as if they were playing for the last time ever. On the mound, we have Dave “Muddy” Waters, Bob Morgan and Bill “Rod " Kaminski, with Bob St. Germain as their battery mate. Carl Markey, last year ' s catcher, has been moved to center field. These and many others have pro- vided Andrean with many exciting baseball games. 116 — Athletics Reserves End Premier Season With 5-5 Record Varsity Scores Andrean Opponent 7 Crown Point 6 7 Emerson 3 8 Roosevelt 7 1 Wirt 7 0 East Gary 9 6 Horace Mann 0 8 Roosevelt 3 2 Wirt 1 1 Wallace 2 3 Wallace 12 3 Emerson 7 Upper left: Father John Menner, and Coaches Nick Crnkovich and John Coggins. Upper right: Varsity: (stand- ing) P. McCormick, Mgr., M. McLaugh- lin, D. Waters, L. Krupchak, T. Schutz, R. Morgan, R. St. Germain, R. Kaminski, D. Pishkur. (kneeling) R. Meehan, M. Fairb airn, E. Badylak, T. Kairns, J. Jen- kins, C. Markey, M. Maretich, R. Seibal. Bottom left: J. Connelly uses curve ball to strike out batter. Bottom center: W. Kaminski warms up during practice. Bot- tom right: Reserves: (standing) M. Keough, R. McMahon, D. Smith, J. Wiltshire, E. Krusa, K. Zimmerman, M. Wood, J. Connelly, L. Hricik, R. Lara. (kneeling) T. Collins, R. Dorulla, R. Kunas, A. Rendina, E. Hudson, J. Mallo- nee. Athletics — 117 NWC Championship For Netters It was a banner season for the var- sity tennis team this year under the leadership of Coach Jerome Mazur. With the aid of four return- ing lettermen, one senior and two freshmen, Andrean finished with a nine and two record. The Niners came out of the season with the NWC Championship. In the sec- tionals the team came in with 23 points and they finished in third place. With only one senior leav- ing, the hopes for next year remain high. Tennis Scores Andrean Opponent 4 Chesterton 1 4 Wirt 1 2 Griffith 3 3 River Forest 2 5 Westside 0 3 Lew Wallace 2 5 Horace Mann 0 4 Emerson 1 2 Valpo 3 3 Merrillville 2 118 — Sports Upper left: Tom Pruzin leaps for return while Pat Malloy backhands. Upper right: Jim Culveyhouse plays net while Charlie Fitzhugh warms up. Bottom left: (front) J. Culveyhouse, P. Malloy, T. Itin. (back) M. Glinski, C. Fitzhugh, E. Bady- lak, T. Pruzin. Bottom right: Eddie Bady- lak and Coach Mazur talk before match. Sports — 119 Andrean Golfers Swing Into Winning Season The 1970-71 golf season was a good one for the Niner linksmen. With five returning lettermen, first year coach Mike Chelap had one of the finest squads in Andrean his- tory. Juniors Peter Mandich, James Culveyhouse gnd John Matovina formed the basic team and were joined by senior Ronald Galloy and sophomore Raymond Franz. The team got off to a flying start winning their first thirteen matches. Included were pressure-packed vic- tories over long time rival, Merrill- ville, and our primary opponent within the Northwest Conference, Lew Wallace. Disaster occured on May 1 2 when Valpo defeated An- drean by thirteen strokes. The Nin- ers bounced back and tied Lew Wallace by a single stroke in a sudden death playoff for the sec- ond place trophy. Wallace evened the score four days later as they thwarted Andrean ' s attempt to win their second city meet in the last three years. 1 i H - JH WWM ' 1 20 — Athletics Upper left: R. Franz finished his swing. Upper center: J. Matovina putts winning stroke. Upper right: Coach Mike Chelap checks Ron Galloy’s grip. Bottom left: R. Galloy prepares to hit a strong iron. Bottom center: Reserves: P. Beiriger, M. Lazar, R. Bickel, S. Ferguson, D. Aloia. Bottom center: J. Culveyhouse hits an iron right at the pin. Bottom right: P. Mandich pounds out a long tee shot. Varsity Scores Andrean Opponent 172 Portage 182 172 Highland 187 163 Merrillville 165 River Forest 193 158 Hobart 168 161 Lew Wallace 166 Roosevelt 195 153 Wirt 167 Horace Mann 203 161 Emerson 234 West Side Forfeit 166 Valpo 163 156 Emerson 215 West Side 192 163 Wirt 182 Horace Mann 227 City Tournament 2nd Lake Central Invitational 2nd Culver Invitational 9th LaPorte Invitational 1 3th Athletics — 121 John Karver Directs Intramurals Seniors Win Basketball Title Jus 122 — Athletics Upper left: Seniors: R. Morgan, E. Sable, P. Poracky, R. Purnell, T. Nash, D. Pishkur. Upper right: Juniors: J. Fal- lace, D. Garner, J. Jenkins, T. Goetz, W. Ebersberger, S. Euvino. Center right: Sophomores: (front row) M. Lucas, W. Koch, K. Klodzen. (middle row) B. McGuan, D. Lozow, M. Levenda. (last row) R. Lara, W. Jenkins, M. Krajnak, M. Krebes. Athletics — 1 23 Andrean Girls Show Promise On The Basketball Court 1 24 — Athletics Upper left: Varsity: (kneeling) G. Federici, J. Rawley, J. Landeck, L. Balakir, D. Angeli ni, P. Chirby, N. Huber, N. Peller. (standing) M. Leisentritt, D. Cisowski, A. Mytyk, M. Gregor, C. Smith, S. Fuss. Bottom right: Reserves: (kneeling) K. Guerre, J. Jones, K. Ousley, E. Fraiz, C. Gilea, J. Jenkins, (standing) M. Comerford, E. Macey, K. Crane, N. Bellendorf, C. Clifford. Varsity Scores Andrean Opponent 33 Wirt 40 27 Hammond Gavit 52 12 Hammond 52 33 Merrillville 24 37 River Forest 33 28 Valpo 33 20 Hanover Cent 28 19 Lake Central 40 Athletics — 1 25 Green Frosh “Sound of Color” Huck Finn Stay Up All Night Guarding “The Bonfire” Christmas Assembly Lunch Tray Mishaps Class Elections Going to Chicago to See Tora! Tora! Tora!. Big Little Sister Party “Atlantis” “Habla Ud. Espanol?” Fr. Decker’s Magic Tricks Chicken Fried Steak Paul Harvey’s Comments at 2:41 Looking Forward to Christmas Vacation Each Day, Every Day Class Of ’74 Upholds Andrean’s Spiri Garry Aloia Angela Amore Gail Anderson Laura Atzhorn Mary Ann Babjak Mary Ellen Backe Barbara Badylak Nancy Jo Bahun John Bajgrowicz Scott Ballogg Marisela Barcenas Norma Barcenas Most freshmen enter high school for the first time wit mixed feelings of wonder, bewilderment, and excite ment. The Class of ' 74 was no exception. But as the; discovered that these feelings were shared by the entin class, they realized that they were united from the be ginning. Although upperclassmen usually think of fresh men as being " green” and of no importance, the Clas of ' 74 received tremendous support and encourage ment from them. Football games, excursions, sock hop and a big-little sister party made the freshmen feel we come and truly a part of the school. With this sense o security, the freshmen soon developed spirit and pridi in their class with a 10-0 football season. If the fresh men breezed by their first year at Andrean so smooth ly, the next three will surely pass with ease. 1 28 — Underclassmen Laura Barich Robin Barner Ruben Barrera Thomas Bartolomeo Dennis Barunica Lisa Ann Beckham Donald Beiriger Bias Belmonte Karen Ann Benac Roberta Benac Beverly Ann Binzen Mary Jo Black Marie Blando Brian Bobin John Bodnar Pamela Bodnar Bernard Bojarski Olga Bajarski James Bonomo Edward Botsch Michelle Botsko Ramona Bottos Sharon Bova Kevin Brislen Vin Rose Buckhalter Theodore Budner Thomas Bukur Linda Burkhart Geralyn Burrell Mary Ellen Bushemi Mary Elizabeth Bushemi Angela Butler Russell Capellari Doris Carey Claudia Carija Judy Chale Underclassmen — 129 David Charbonneau Stephen Christian Michelle Cieskiewicz Carol Clifford Craig Collins Mary Jane Comerford Thomas Conde Susan Beth Consorti Timothy Cooley Michael Costello Richard Coy Kathleen Crandall Karen Crane Christopher Crouch Maria Cruz Clarence Cunningham Mark Cvitkovich Louise Daniel Barbara Daugherty Denise Davis Robert DeBats Lawrence DeGan Richard Deruntz Patricia Ann Devins SENSITIVITY SESSION THAT DARN FENCE! HABLA UD, ESPANOL? 1 30 — Underclassmen Frosh Awed At Assemblies Karen Devitt Jesse Devitte Robert Dian Cynthia Dixon Chester Dombrowski Gregory Doneff Toni Ann Dorochoff Katherine Doxas Raymond Dorulla Christine Drapac Ralph Duenas Linda Dziewicki Joi Lynn Edwards Alexander Einikis Jack Ellis Ronald Federici Mary Ann Fetsch Eileen Fissinger Janice Lee Fox Joseph Fraiz Robert Franta Anne Marie Frenken Katherine Ann Frest James Gallagher Regina Gallagher Victor Galvez Underclassmen — 131 It’s Amazing To See What Frosh Learn Michael Gerberick Vikkie Geras Mary Beth Gianoli Julius Gil Margaret Gilmore Teresa Glorioso Susan Gobla David Gorney Thomas Goszewski Arnold Gough Diane Marie Gough Anthony Gregory Joseph Griffin Denise Hackley Judith Magel Lisa Hall Paula Halpin Gerianne Hap 1 32 — Underclassmen Lawrence Hargarten James Harris John Harrold Dennis Haworth Susan Hayes John Henderson Gary Higginbotham Thomas Hilton Debra Jean Hiney Martha Hogan John Hohner Virginia Holte David Horkavi Timothy Hornak Nancy Jane Hostetler Janet Hudock Mark Hunker William Huszar James Hynes William Ibarra Donald Jacobs Thomas Jakelich Jane Ann Jancosek John Jancosek Karen Jankowicz Jeanette Jaworski Underclassmen — 133 Steven Jeffreys Jessie Jenkins Darrell Johnson Mary Anne Johnston Joni Jones Joseph Joyce Pamela Karras Maureen Kennedy Thomas Kersting Gregory Kesel Kathleen Kissel Bobbi Knowles Michael Kobylanski George Kosanovich John Kovich Leslie Kozyra Dana Kranik Pamela Kratkoczki Sharon Kray Michael Krcmaric James Krol Tamara Krupchak Robert Kunas Donna Kutzer Timothy LaMere Eileen Lax George Ledak 1 34 — Underclassmen Pamela Lennertz Michael Lepp Richard Lepp Matthew Libassi Carol Libauskas Mathew Lipton Thomas Lobdell George Locasto Daniel Long Susan Longa Loretta Lorenty Gerald Lozinski Laurie Luther Karen Lynch Underclassmen — 135 Diversified Learning Experiences Stir Up Interest Of Freshmen Terrence Lynch Janet Lynn Eileen Macey Donald Mako Nancy Malicki Michael Manno Barbara Marcotte Alice Markle Bonnie Markle Lucy Martin Pierrette Martin Timothy Martin Raul Martinez Timothy Matovina William McCabe Eileen McCarthy Michael McCarthy Mario McDaniel Daniel McDonald Daniel McGrath Paul McGuan Thomas McMahon Robert Melevin William Mellon 136 Underclassmen Anastasia Merkouri Anthony Merza Terri Metz Benjamin Milbrath Audrey Miller Mary Mirich Carlos Molina Joseph Montanio Joseph Monti Sharon Moran Sheila Mullen Patricia Myers Marvin Myles Michael Nacarato Mary Ann Nestler Ray Newberry Patrick O’Brien Stephen Ohm Patrick O ' Keefe Mary O’Rourke Marilynne Ousley Patrick Owens Alan Palansky Christine Pankiw Paulette Parker Dave Parlock Edward Parlock Adrienne Patton Thomas Paulson John Pavlovich Underclassmen — 1 37 John Peck Sandy Persin Lawrence Persley Cheryl Pesdan Patricia Pete Susan Peterson Jane Phipps David Pipas Denise Pisani Carol Poncsak Cynthia Pullins Michael Pusateri Barbara Radigan Louis Rajski Mary Ramirez Manuel Ramos Eugene Rawley Paul Redar Steven Reed Patricia Rees Bridget Reich John Reichle Michael Reinhart Karen Rettig Timothy Ridgely Eugene Roberts Michael Rogers Kathy Rooney 1 38 — Underclassmen Frosh Appreciate Winter Semester Gerald Roszkowski Mark Roszkowski Debbie Rothschild Rita Ruzga Michael Saffa Raymond Saksa David Sanders Mark Sattler Fred Schmidt Edward Schoenfelt Margaret Schwinn Thomas Seibal Lydia Shanko Monica Shedlak Ann Shepherd Christine Shepitka Ellen Sielewicz Ronald Simko Michael Simpson Michael Siwietz Thomas Smar Geralyn Smith Martin Smith Samuel Smith Underclassmen — 139 Henry Smolinski Marsha Sohacki George Sopko Susan Sparks James Spasoff Charlotte Spence Debra Spotilla William Stassen Carin Stazinski Mark Strimbu Matthew Suelzer Christina Sum Robert Swayze Aniko Szabo Lisa Szmutko Doriane Taneff Carl Terlicher Paula Teso 140 — Underclassmen Bernard Tetek Stanley Tokarski Mimi Tomondi Robert Toomire Marlena Towers Harold Tully Linda Turean Mitchell Ulman William VanCleef Mayola Villarruel David Vinzani George Vossberg Michael Waite Peggy Walker Thomas Walla Dana Warner Ranee Warren Robert Webster Becky Wheeler Joyce Wheeler Ellen White Laura Whitten Phil Wiley Gail Williams Samuel Wilson Patricia Wiltshire Marylynn Wojchehowski Theresa Wojkovich Joseph Yuran Michael Yurechko Maria Zacarias Susan Zaloudek Charles Zembillas John Zemelko Underclassmen — 141 Sophomores Enliven School Atmosphere The Class of ' 7 3 is versatile and talented. It has an academic record to be proud of for it is well repre- sented on the Andrean Society and Honor Roll. Also, two of its members, Phil LaMere and Patti Ihnat, re- ceived awards for the National French Exam while only freshmen. The class even pooled its talents to organize a Sophomore Literary Club. The Class of ' 73 participates enthusiastically in all clubs and activities. For instance, they are defending Armageddon soccer champs. This year. Sophomores took charge of the homecoming bonfire. The boys devoted all their energy to building the mountain of wood which they proudly guarded a whole night, even through a raid of unfriendly visitors. Their crea- tive float, a balloon-spouting steam roller, could have easily won a prize. In sports, the Class of ' 73 can boast of having unde- feated freshman and reserve football teams and a winning basketball team. Joe Sullivan is the first sophomore in Andrean ' s history to be in the starting line-up of the varsity football and basketball teams. The Class of ' 73 is a well-rounded group that’s using its potential to move ahead as one of Andrean’s many fine classes. Maria Agana Robert Alvarez Debra Angelini Julia Babiak Anita Bakos Loretta Balakir Sylvia Barajas Nancy Barnum Duane Bartolac Lisa Bartolomei Robert Bartolomeo Peter Battistini 142 — Underclassmen Katherine Beckham Dean Behnke Peter Beiriger Thomas Benson Carl Beougher Peter Beres Lu Ann Bernth Frank Bestich John Bianchi Marcia Bicalho Stanley Bien Bruce Bihlman Vernon Billick Gregor Bires Elizabeth Biros David Bittner Ervin Blando John Blenke Lynda Bodie Deborah Bodnar Carlene Bolinger Victoria Bombassaro Roberta Bo ttos Carol Bowen Ivan Bozicevic Janice Brezik Mary Ellen Brockschmidt Joseph Brodner Natalia Browar Nancy Buergler Underclassmen — 143 Marlene Bunch Carol Burley James Bushemi Patricia Camarena Marcia Cardetti Norma Carey Mary Kay Carpenter Daniel Charbonneau Denise Charbonneau Cynthia Chase Joseph Chiabai Anne Chinery Pamela Chirby Alexis Chouinard Denise Cisowski Georgia Clayton Beth Codespoti Thomas Collins Dante Colza Lauriann Conley Mary Lou Conlon 144 — Underclassmen Sophomore Class Officers: Thomas Vaughan, Deborah Karras, Philip LaMere, Charlotte Smith. James Connelly Charles Cottrell Nancy Coulehan Mary Jean Craig Susan Cunningham Brian Curtis Maxine Cusumano Joanne Davis Paul Denesuk Rudy Denson Denise Dergo Do nald Deruntz Diane Dluzak Linda Domanski Timothy Dougherty Andrew Downs John Driscoll Donna Duriavig Richard Dziadosz Susan Dzyacky Richard Eisman Darlene Ernest David Farrar James Faulkner Gina Federici Scott Ferguson Kathleen Finnerty Charles Fitzhugh Nelson Flores Timothy Flynn Underclassmen — 145 Elaine Fraiz Raymond Franz Kevin Frederick Jack Gagan Donald Gailer James Gavin Edward George Debbie Gibbs Charmaine Gilea Kenneth Gillis Nora Glenn Thomas Glibota Mike Glinski Mitch Glinski Monica Gonzalez Michael Graystone Betsy Gregoline Charles Griffin 146 — Underclassmen Sophs Roll Out Big Red Michele Guizzo Martin Gutierrez Mary Gutowski Linda Hac Catherine Hagel Sara Halfman Janet Hall Thomas Hallett John Halpin Patricia Halpin Peter Hanicq Gregory Haworth Mary Hebert John Hecimovich Janet Helsper Valorie Henderson Mary Hennessey Charles Herzer Catherine Hilton Christine Hrabota Lawrence Hricik Frances Hudock Edwin Hudson Fred Huettner Mary Hughes Josephine Hutchens Donna latarola Patricia Ihnat Patricia M. Ihnat John Ikovic Ted Itin James Jackson Mary Jackson Underclassmen Richard Jackson Theodore Jansen William Jenkins Karen Jones Ralph Jones Kevin Jordan Monica Kamaski Deborah Karras Eva Kedziora Lawrence Kamp Charmayne Kirkland Edward Kish Kathleen Kish Thomas Kish Keith Klodzen James Knies Wayne Koch Raymond Kollasch Karen Konrady Andrea Kopil Jacqueline Korenich Suzanne Korhel Stephanie Kovach Sharon Kowalczyk Karen Kozub Michael Krajnak Michael Krebes Christine Krejci Crystal Krupchak Barbara Lach 148 — Underclassmen Paulette Lafata Edward Lachowitz Robert Laco Nancy Ladra Patrick Lahaie Madaline Landes Richard Lara Jeanie Largura Joyce Largura Henry Lech David Lelek Chris Lemanski Mark Levenda Debra Libauskas Robert Litavecz Gina Litherland Cheryl Long Pamela Longazo Teri Lorenzo David Lozow Mark Lucas Rosellyn Lustina Debbie Lynch Robert Lynn Frank Mader Anthony Maggio John Mallonee Jane Malloy Mary Marasco Suzanne Marszalek Underclassmen — 149 William Martinez Rose Ann Maschenik Peter Mazeikas Kenneth McAllister David McClellan Diane McClellan Kim McConnell James McGuan John McLaren Caryn McLaughlin Regis McMahon Patrick Meeks Lynnette Melevage Martha Mendez Diane Mestrich Annette Michalak Pamela Mihalic John Mikos Mary Ellen Mikuta Cassandra Miller Michael Milosvich Simon Mireles Elaine Mitrisin Alan Mizen 150 — Underclassmen Mary Monahan Danette Moran Deborah Mosley Michelle Moss Terence Mullen Mary Dawn Mulroe Susan Murphy Barbara Mytyk Douglas Nabhan Kathy Noll Eric Nunley Marlene O ' Brien James Obsitnik Pamela Olejnik Sharon O’Neil Kathryn O ' Rourke Mark Oskins Gerard Ousley Keith Owens Debra Pado Terence Paulson John Pavlecich Gregory Pelot John Petalas Kathleen Peterson Jeffrey Pfeifer Underclassmen — 151 Ralph Piazza Stephen Pipas Janet Pishkur Stephen Piwkiewicz Theresa Poncsak Kevin Popa Loretta Porta Mary Powell Timothy Powers Andrew Praschak Mark Priano Joanne Prusiecki Leo Radigan John Rados David Ramos Roger Randall Robert Razumich Kathleen Reardon Joan Rebeck Richard Reed Mary Rees Anthony Rendina Thomas Rezak Richard Rodriguez 152 — Underclassmen William Rose Myron Rupp Toni Lynn Sablich John Sabljak Stephen Sajko Lori Kay Santeramo James Sceniak John Schafer Barbara Schultz Linda Scott Sharon Scully Vincent Sebo Annette Siffin John Simko Debra Singel Patricia Skinner Carolin Skoro Kenneth Slosson Charlotte Smith David Smith Janet Smith Sharon Sohacki Judith Stankovic Michael Stark Mary Starkovich David Starr Underclassmen — 153 Elva Stiles Mary Suelzer Joseph Sullivan Robert Super Diane Svabik Richard Tarkelly Wilvester Thornton Doreen Tokarchuck Melissa Topalski Michal Tsangaris Geraldine Tully Michael Ulman Melissa Underwood Frances Vasquez Wilma Vazquez Thomas Vaughan Mark Verdeyen Cecelia Villareal Cheryl Vincson Michael Voloch 154 — Underclassmen Michael Vrabel Mira Vucicevic Marilyn Vukobratic Andrea Wallo George Walton Clement Watkins Kevin Watts Victoria Watts Kevin Westervelt Nancy Westforth Gregory Williams Charles Wilson James Wiltshire Judy Wojkovich Martin Wood Ronald Yorko Mary Zakuntansky Keith Zimmerman Mark Zimmerman Mary Ann Zolcak Joseph Zych Underclassmen — 155 Donald Wray Linda Wyar Strong Leadership Brings Juniors To End Of School Year The Junior Class is composed of a rich mixture of many diversified talents which are evident in al- most every school activity, ranging from the Art Club to Varsity Track. The Class of 1972 has made its athletic ability apparent by filling the empty ranks in the Varsity teams. By proudly lead- ing the mission collections, the Juniors have dem- onstrated their magnanimous generosity. This am- bidextrous class has already proven its limitless spirit and skill in accomplishing the unexpected by returning as the Armaggedon champs. Many members of the Junior Class have often displayed a great deal of talent in the fields of music, drama and art, by participating in the band, in choral, in plays and aiding in the creation of Acropolis pic- tures and Booster Club signs. Many of the clubs at Andrean, such as SOAP, thrive primarily on the deep concern and participation of its Junior mem- bers. Some exceptional Juniors have been elected to the National Honor Society for their outstand- ing contributions to Andrean, however, the entire Junior Class has become a sturdy building block of our school. Junior Class Officers: Steve Euvino, Peter Mandich, Kathy Medvecz, Denise McDonald James Adams Maureen Ahern Dennis Aloia Diane Amberson Michael Angelini Antoinette Argenta Mary Ann Arini Thomas Atkins Sharon Babagan Edward Badylak Susan Baird Denice Bartkowski 156 — Underclassmen Underclassmen — 157 Paul Bartnicki Gordon Basista Susan Beckman Nancy Bellendorf Dennis Beougher Jan Beres John Bernard Christine Berry Margaret Biancotti Ronald Bickel Nancy Biegel Carol Black Wayde Bonomo Ronald Borchert Theodore Bartolini Allen Bowen Gale Brackett Marilyn Brasich Theresa Brnicky Robert Brodner David Bubas Paul Buckley Richard Buksar Susan Bukur Daniel Burrell Robert Burrell Shirley Burrell Debora Campbell Tom Chale Thomas Chalko Pamela Chalovich Michelle Charbonneau Tony Chentnik Christina Ciesielski Patricia Cieskiewicz William Clarke Deborah Cogelja Christopher Cogis James Culveyhouse Marianne Dabrowski Michael Darmon Cheryl Dauro 158 — Underclassmen Juniors Profit From Study And Relaxation Michael Devitte Danny Doftin Ellyn Doffin Deborah Doneff Charmaine Dorsey Philip Duffy Yvonne Dutkiewicz Kathleen Dziadosz Daniel Dziewicki Wayne Ebersberger Randy Ehrsam Darlene Einikis Rachel Elizondo Joseph Emergy Stephen Euvino Deborah Evans James Fallace Robert Federici Diane Fedorchak David Fernandez Leo Finnerty Underclassmen — 159 Barbara Davis David DeBats Gail Dent Michael Fissinger Daniel Ford Frank Fransioli Linda Friel Merrie Beth Fusillo Marianne Gabriel Margaret Galler Sue Garcher Daniel Garner Susan Gaydos Mary Ellyn Geras Marlene Gilles Thomas Goetz Karen Golubic Gregg Gonzales Patricia Gornick Anthony Grgurich Teresa Griffin 160 — Underclassmen Kathryn Guerre James Gundy Karen Gurniewicz Rita Hagenhuber Kathleen Halloran Richard Hamernik Roderick Hardiman Robert Hargarten Kevin Harris Thomas Hasara Lester Hasse Steven Haubner Tim Hayes Debra Heintz John Hnat Deborah Hodsden Richard Hogan Jeanne Hohner Mary Ann Humenik Raymond Humphrey Ralph latarola Michael Jankowicz Debra Jarvis Rose Jaworski Underclassmen — 161 Juniors Do Their Own Thing John Jenkins Michael Jennings Susan Jennings Emory Joganic Gene Kadar Thomas Kairns William Kaminski Leonard Kareska Gregg Kay Gerald Kegebein Jeff Keiser Jeffrey Kenney James Kiger Michael Kleminski Michael Klich Kevin Klodzen Walter Knoll Mary Beth Kocon Robert Komendera Kevin Komisarcik Kathryn Konrady Ann Korus Michael Kostelnik Irene Koval 162 — Underclassmen i " tt 1j • sJ ■ 1 A A KP j |mu! . , jr ml Charles Krisko Victor Kruk Edward Kruska Carol Lacny Barbara Ladra Thomas Lankford Joyce Laskowski Thomas Lauerman Jeanne Lax Kevin Lax Mark Lazar Mary Ann Leisentritt Stanley Lelek Suzanne Lenahan Joseph Lessard Marlene Libassi Georgene Lozano Bob Luptak Brian Lynch Ann Macey Barbara Macik Maria Magdaleno Randy Maleck Patrick Malloy Peter Mandich Robert Mandula Michael Maretich Jeanine Marker Christopher Markle Nancy Martinez Underclassmen — 163 John Mastalski Jerome Masty Michael Mateo John Matovina Marcia Mattie Charlene Mayersky Jo-Ann Mayoch Karen McConnell Suzanne McCormick Denise McDonald Thomas McGrath Kathleen Medvecz Ross Meehan Joseph Mele Paul Melevin Martin Mendez Mary Meschede Jean Milchak Debbie Miller Runetta Miller Kevin Mirich Janine Modrak Gregory Molchan Eva Lynne Monek Kathy Mulloy Thomas Mulloy Michael Muraida Valerie Nacarato 1 64 — Underclassman John Nalbor Toni Nosiloski Mary Navarro Carol Nelson Frank Novina Tim O ' Brien John O ' Keefe Karen O’Rourke Mireya Orozco Irene Ostrowski Victoria Ozimec Don Parlock Janet Parlos George Pazak Jacqueline Peck Nancy Peller Michael Peloza Judith Pete Marie Petrites Kathryn Petrovich Peter Petruska Karen Phillips Mary Ann Pieczarka Underclassmen — 165 WHAT A LUNCH? HAIL CHIEF! A STITCH IN TIME . . . Michael Pisani Beverly Pogo Beth Ann Popa Katherine Powell Rhonda Prentiss Thomas Pruzin Pamela Radinsky Terri Ransom Judy Rawley Theresa Reardon Ann Reba Derek Regal Steve Reinhart Kevin Relphorde Charles Remenius Patrick Ridgely Marlon Roberts Avis Rogers Robert Rogers Mark Rongers John Ross Margaret Roszkowski Susan Roy Edward Ruzga 166 — Underclassmen Junior Class Leads Missions Toni Ruzich Jo Ellen Saberniak Theresa Schafer Laura Schilling Rocco Schiralli Bruce Schmidt Ronald Seibal Andrea Siminski Janet Singel James Slama Daniel Smith Jennifer Smith Antoinette Smolinski Lawrence Sokolowski Kathryn Sopko Lucille Sosa Thomas Sparacino Linda Spasoff Mary Spellman Robert St. Germain Robert Stark Marie Stassen Martha Stephan Roberta Stevens Richard Sturgeon Robert Sturgeon Underclassmen — 167 Stephen Sulich Terrence Sullivan Thomas Sur Nancy Surprise Joseph Szczerba Irene Szpak Carol Terlicher Anthony Teso Marie Trajkovich Terry Trapane James Trump Charles Turman Jerome Vahary Deborah Van Cleef Lupita Vasquez Kathleen Velasco Karla Vilianoff Patricia Villareal 1 68 — Underclassmen »pP r r Inquisitive Spirit Proves To Be Invaluable Rachel Villareal Nancy Vode Andrew Voloch Mary E. Ward Cynthia Wells Evelyn White Patricia Wojkovich Richard Wojkovich Robert Wszolek George Yaros Michaeline Yaros Mary Yast Allan Yura Helen Yura Joh n Yurechko Mary Yurjevich William Zajdel Martha Zakutansky Anthony Zancanaro Charles Zart Edward Zemelko Julieann Zloza Underclassmen 169 SENIORS THIS YEAR CARDS WILL BE ORDERED AS A PACKAGE DEAL ORDER BUNKS Will BE DISTRIBUTED NEXT WEEK EACH PACKAGE WILL CONTAIN 20 ANNOUNCEMENTS 100 PERSONAL CAROS AND 20 THANK YOU CARDS MORE CARD5 MAY BE ORDERED IF DESIRED PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR BARENTS NOT LATER THAN NEXT WEEK YOUR ORDERS WILL BE DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME ADDRESS ORDERS Will BE RECEIVED AT THE SCHOOL NOT LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1+ NO ORDEgSWUL BE ACCEPTED AFTER FEBRUARY 14 - !’! Marquette Park “Arete” All-Night Parties after the Football Games Terlicher’s “Rah Jackets” The Paper and Candy Drives The Almighty “White Blazer” Prayer Meetings Formals and Tuxedos Memories of 4 Years Singing the Alma Mater for the Last Time Spring Fever Since September Graduation Gym Floor Privileges for Assemblies Snoopy Cartoons Each Day, Every Day We Got By With A Little Help From Our Frien As seniors throughout the country vacate the protec- tive womb of their high schools, most will preserve the usual memories of friendships, football games, and proms. But only Andrean High School’s Class of 1971 can reminisce inheriting the great privilege of sitting on the gym floor for assemblies, participating in a mock U. S. Senate session, and watching T.V. with Bruno and Louella while fluffing flowers for their float. Imagination helped create the mysterious blue of the “Age of Aquarius, " a Junior Bike Day, and the first Mr. Legs. Only through a united effort were the seniors able to raise a tremendous amount of money for their prom with a candy sale, combine all their physical strength to win the Spirit Award for the 1970 Armageddon games, and back their football team completely after losing the all-important Hobart game. Although brains and talent helped, the Class of ' 71 accomplished these things by overcoming their faults, pooling their resources, and thus, developing an exceptional unity. Stephen Bakos Jeff Ballinger Vaughn Beckham Mary Beiriger Kenneth Barich Mary Bartnicki Jean Bellendorf Bruce Berkheimer 1 72 — Seniors Thomas Berry Glenn Bettens George Bizadellis Marianne Bobella Stanley Boric Shirley Botsch Frank Bottos Lawrence Brnicky Marie Bianco Karen Biegel Seniors — 173 Rare Quiet Moments Were Cherished Terrence Burns Debbie Burrell Paul Cafiero Leo Campbell Janet Carija Jane Cash Patrick Charbonneau Deborah Chinery Michael Cechovic Christine Chapko Terrie Chmiel John Cholodinski 174 — Seniors Glenn Claypool Norman Colle Mary Condos Paul Conlon Daniel Csoka Lisa Cunningham Carolyn Cuprinski Michael Cusumano Thoughtfulness And Giving Create Year- Round Christmas Patricia Corgan Shirley Cregg Seniors — 175 Margaret Dauro Alice Davis Gary DeVany Kevin DeVany Donna Doffin David Dolato Patricia Donohue Michael Doyle Jean Dian Russell Dickerson Dennis Dolato James Donner Kathleen Dunn Jeanne Eberhart 1 76 — Seniors : riendship And Unity — A Beautiful Happening MAKE S0NE1JUN6 BEAUTIFUL HAPPEN Michele Ellis Michael Ennis Yvonne Enrico Robert Erickson Mark Fairbairn Gisele Farag Judy Fileff Michael Fink Seniors — 1 77 Kathy Finley Patrick Flood Patrice Flynn Ernest Fodor Michael Franz Sharon Fuss Carol Gardner Randy Gasper 81 ' r X Felicia Flowers Mary Flynn Robert Fox Donald Franz Ronald Galloy Raymond Gapinski Robert Gavin Karen Gawor 1 78 — Sei liors Paper Drive Adds To Prom Funds Margaret Gorney Laurie Grego line Mary Gregor Andrea Gregorczyk Ellen Griffin Thomas Gruenfelder Frances Guba Robert Guizzo Seniors — 1 79 David Gurniewicz Patricia Gustin William Haworth Thomas Hayes James Higgins James Hilton Mary Ann Horvat Nancy Huber Martin Halfman Nicholas Hargarten Vicky Hebert Mary Hecimovich Mary Hodsden Bernard Hohner Annette Hudock Thomas Huffman 180 — Seniors Experience Leads To Understanding Robert Hynes Marguerite Ihnat Margaret Ikovic Palma Ippolito Seniors — 181 Janice Jensen Rhonda Jones Anne-Ellen Joyce Andrew Jury Dawn Kairns Frank Kalvaitis John Karvet Leo Kauziok Kim Keeley Terence Keil Dave Keilman Mary Keiser 1 82 - — Seniors Seniors’ Hidden Talents Unfold Thomas Kirchens David Knies Walter Koch John Komenda William Kotulock Andrew Kovecsi Nancy Kozub Susan Kracich Paula Kranik Susan Kray Seniors — J83 Kathleen Kuchta Geralyn Kunas John Lahaie Dave LaMere Diana Kutzer Mary Ann Kubiak Maria LaFrossia Landen Krupchak Jane Landeck Kevin Largura Patricia Lauerman Marilyn Lax David Lebioda Gerard Ledbetter William Lepp Marsha Levenda 1 84 — Seniors Senior — 1 85 Senior Enthusiasm Is Hair-Raising Mary Ellen Luther Michael Lyczany Martin Macias Julius Madas Victoria Madden Mark Majcher Cheryl Malicki Ronald Mallonee Kathleen Marker Carl Markey Greg Martin Mary Martin 1 86 — Seniors John Matunas Margaret Matthews Peter McCormick Steven McGrath Michael McLaughlin Nancy McMahon Kathy Miccolis Shirley Michl Stniors 187 Berry, Cechovic, Neff And Thomas Are Stacie Miller Joyce Minczewski Vincent Mier Sheila Miles Rita Momola Gregory Moon Maureen Moore Robert Morgan Lynn Morrison John Mosqueda 1 88 — Seniors Leaders Of Vigorous Senior Class Mary Ann Muffoletto Philomena Murfey John Mytyk Colleen Noddy David Nagel Mary Nagel Terril Nash Manuel Navarro Richard Navarro John Nawrocki Paula Neff Thomas Nehring Linda Nestler Christine Nixon Alice Norris Patrick O’Brien Elizabeth Ohm Deborah Oros Lenann Pastuszak Richard Pankiewicz Ted Pappas Susan Pavicic 1 90 — Seniors Andrean Seniors Take A Last Look Keith Pavlish Marilyn Penovich Linda Piekarz David Pishkur Joyce Pfeifer Joseph Piegat Thomas Piwkiewicz Robert Plummer Mark Polomchak Robert Poplon Paul Poracky Edward Povlinski Seniors — 191 Maurice Preston Doreen Pruitt Michelle Pruzin Rufus Purnell Thomas Quade James Raelson Paula Razumich Janice Reno Gilbert Rodriguez Jean Roszkowski Mary Ruggaber Gene Sable Robert Samar Mary Lou Samarzija Dominic Sapone Michael Sarkey 1 92 — Seniors vrete — Memorable Climax Of High School Years Mary Lynn Scecina George Sceniak Michael Schabowski Darlisa Schaerer Mary Schott Thomas Schutz Glenn Shultz Cynthia Servin Senior! — 1 93 Marguerite Setlak Lester Sielski Delegates to Boys’ State — Girls’ State Marianne Simatovich Karen Simmons Fred Simunic Brian Skinner Debbie Sliz Robert Smith Frank Spellman Cheryl Spence Robert Spicer Jane Spindler Katherine Szulborski Debra Terlicher John Tomondi Kim Towers Bernice Trochek Marianne Tully David Urbanek John Vara Maria Vasquez Elizabeth Ventura 1 96 — Seniors Lynn Thoma Ingrid Thomas “We’ve Only Just Begun . . . Thomas Villarreal Joseph Vuich Mary Beth Vygrala Danny Walsh David Waters Deborah Weinand Norman Westforth Kathleen Wheeler Seniors — 197 Donna Wojkovich Kenneth Wooten Marcia Wilusz Alice Wologo Thomas Wozniak William Yurechko Denise Zablocki Kevin Zajdel Kathleen Zimmerman Dennis Zoladz 1 98 — Seniors KIRKLAND S. BARNETT 1953-1970 . . . No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a pro- montory were; . . . Any man ' s death dimin- ishes me. Because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. LEONARD M. RUZGA 1953-1970 Seniors — 199 Class Of 1971 Allison, Lispnard, 1 148 Morton St. Argenta, Ruth D., 1 800 West 49th Ave. Aten, Deborah M., 5873 Grant PI. Bakos, Stephen F., 900 East 49th Ave. Ballinger, Jeff D., 6686 Massachusetts St. Barich, Kenneth J., 4432 Adams St. Barnett, Kirkland S., 3365 West 20th Ave. Bartnicki, Mary C., 320 West 5th Ave. Bartos, Thomas C., 1 142 Vermillion St. Beckham, Vaughn J., 1621 West 64th PI. Beiriger, Mary K., 1 2832 Marshall St., Crown Point Bellendorf, Jean M., 1631 West 54th Ave. Berkheimer, Bruce T., 8532 Pine Ave. Berry, Thomas J., 6727 East 3rd Ave. Bettens, Glenn D., 6 Meadow La. Bianco, Marie R., 3864 Washington St. Biegel, Karen A., 500 East Joliet St., Crown Point Bizadellis, George, 640 Carolina St. Bobella, Marianne F., 4775 Harrison St. Bolinger, Karen M., 2050 West 58th Ave. Bombassaro, Mary Jo A., 4051 Buchanan St. Borchert, Richard, 2419 Riverside, East Gary Boric, Stanley M., 1414 West 1 19th PI., Crown Point Botsch, Shirley A., 4229 East 10th Ave. Bottos, Frank J., 3915 Madison St. Brnicky, Lawrence F., 5490 Fillmore St. Burns, Terrence E., 5480 Dexter Dr. Burrell, Debbie A., 5748 Massachusetts St. Cafiero, Paul J., 741 Harrison St. Campbell, Leo F., 5421 Buchanan St. Carija, Janet S., 5831 Vermont St. Cash, Jane A., 4982 Georgia St. Cechovic, Michael R., 1 640 West 54th Ave. Chapko, Christine M., 3673 Madison St. Charbonneau, Patrick E., 1611 Dale Dr. Chinery, Deborah M. 4108 East 1 1th PI. Chmiel, Terrie, 800 Ohio St. Cholodinski, John, 4080 VanBuren St. Claypool, Glenn J., 3222 West 40th PI. Colle, Norman J., 4628 Fillmore St. Condos, Mary, 744 Adams St. Conlon, Paul D., 341 Maple La., Crown Point Corgan, Patricia J., 3876 Harrison St. Cregg, Shirley A., 600 East 52nd PI. Csoka, Daniel P., 1424 West 55th Ave. Cunningham, Lisa M., 3672 Georgia St. Cuprinski, Carolyn A., 5920 Jefferson St. Cusumano, Michael, 7776 Carolina PI. Dauro, Margaret C., 2429 West 41st Ave. Davis, Alice B., 3546 Washington St. Deluise, Paul M., 181 1 West 53rd PI. Dent, Diane M., 3328 Pennsylvania St. DeVany, Gary P., 1 1 32 St. Joseph St. DeVany, Kevin J., 1401 West 55th Ave., Merrillville Dian, Jean M., 3642 Buchanan St. Dickerson, Russell C., 120 Morningside Ave. Doffin, Donna M., 235 East Greenwood, Crown Point Dolato, David P., 849 East 36th PI. Dolato, Dennis J., 849 East 36th PI. Donner, James A., 725 Newton St. Donohue, Patricia A., 3700 Buchanan St. Doyle, Michael R., 1080 Vanderburg St. Dunn, Kathleen L., 3725 Johnson St. Eberhart, Jeanne M., 1447 Mississippi PI. Ellis, Michele M., 6825 Harrison St. Ennis, Michael K., 1 801 West 40th Ave. Enrico, Yvonne M., 1410 Orchard Dr. Erickson, Robert K., 1 2303 Hermits La., Crown Point Fairbairn, Mark W., 755 Johnson St. Farag, Gisele M., 4208 Adams St. Fileff, Judy L., 622 East 54th PI. Fink, Michael J., 1975 West 57th Ave. Finley, Kathy J., 1 252 Dogwood Dr. Flood, Patrick M., 220 North Henry St. Flowers, Felicia, 2356 Monroe St. Flynn, Mary E., 352 Ellendale Pkwy. Flynn, Patrice M., 5645 Connecticut St. Flynn, Sheila A., 5565 East 73rd Ave. Fodor, Ernest W., 5370 Grant St. Fox, Robert A., 3655 Madison St. Franz, Donald J., 2737 West 58th PI. Franz, Michael J., 6335 Taft St. Fuss, Sharon A., 3765 Jefferson St. Galloy, Ronald J., 1801 West 60th PI. Gapinski, Raymond S., 4800 East 29th Ave., East Gary Gardner, Carol J., 38 North Guyer St., Hobart Gasper, Randy T., 1 348 Benton St. Gavin, Robert B., 5860 Jackson St. Gawor, Karen R., 5067 Madison St. Gibbs, Howard J., 2521 Connecticut St. Gilles, Pierre C., 1325 Bigger St. Gomolka, Debra A., 1440 West 57th Ave. Gordon, Elaine A., 2540 West 1 9th Ave. Gorney, Margaret S., 3031 West 58th Ave. Gregoline, Laurie J., 4464 Kentucky St. Gregor, Mary C., 3839 Monroe St. Gregorczyk, Andrea F., 1 224 West 47th Ave. Griffin, Ellen A., 1706 Clover La., Valpo. Gruenfelder, Thomas M., 6045 Birch Ave. Guba, Frances M., 6947 VanBuren PI., Crown Point Guizzo, Robert J., 3541 Tyler St. Gurniewicz, David E., 4340 Delaware St. Gustin, Patricia J., 3908 Jefferson St. Halfman, Martin J., 12614 Grant St., Crown Point Hargarten, Nicholas P., R.R. 1, Box 154, Valpo. Haworth, William E., 3429 Kentucky St. 200 — Senior Directory Class Of 1971 layes, Thomas D., 631 1 Roosevelt St. lebert, Vicky A., R.R. 2 Ainesworth PI., Hobart lecimovich, Mary J., 7048 Grand Blvd., Hobart liggins, James T., 7127 Ash Ave. lilton, James F., 808 East 44th Ave. lobbs, Susan L., 7301 Ash Ave. lodsden, Mary H., 103 Wayne St., Valpo lohner, Bernard J., R.R. 4, Box 62, Valpo lorvat, Mary Ann R., 8228 Rutledge, Cr ' wn Point luber, Nancy A., 3965 Jackson St. ludock, Annette M., 7130 Virginia St. Huffman, Thomas M., 439 North Kelly St., Hobart Hynes, Robert E., 581 1 Jackson St. hnat. Marguerite R., 1 125 Wells St. kovic, Margaret L., 4860 Monroe St. ppolito, Palma 570 East 49th Ave. lacobs, Richard B., 519 South Court St., Crown Point ames, Jacqueline M., 325 Oriole, Crown Point aroscak, Barbara A., 5431 Maryland St. eler, Wanda M., 4632 Connecticut St. ensen, Janice C., 4022 Monroe St. ones, Rhonda L., 405 East 1 5th Ave. oyce, Ann-Ellen M., 696 Pike St. ury, Andrew J., 468 West 53rd PI. Cairns, Dawn M., 5735 Taft PI. Calvaitis, Frank A., 2214 West 203rd Ave. Carver, John R., 395 South Howard St. Cauziok, Leo J., 2786 West 38th Ave., Hobart Ceil, Terence J., 726 Pierce St. Ceilman, Dave J., 903 West 72nd Ave. Ceiser, Mary E., 5834 Vermont St. Ceeley, Kim, 220 East 59th Ave. Circhens, Thomas L., 560 Connecticut St. Cnies, David R., 3724 Mississippi St. Coch, Walter R., 3745 Rhode Island St. Comenda, John J., 3716 Delaware St. Cotulock, William B., 1028 North Vanderburg St. Covecsi, Andrew R., 373 Jackson St. Cozub, Nancy J., 4236 Harrison St. Cracich, Susan M., 4650 Pierce St. Cranik, Paula K., 3574 Massachusetts St. Cray, Susan J., 1001 East 10th St., Hobart Crupchak, Landen C., 2677 Union St., East Gary Cubiak, Maryann, 300 West 57th Ave. Cuchta, Kathleen J., 430 West 56th PI. Cunas, Geralyn A., 5665 Pennsylvania St. Cutzer, Diana A., 1301 Orchard Dr. Cuyachich, Marco, 4400 Delaware St. aFrossia, Maria C., 710 South Court St., Crown Point ahaie, John P., 41 39 Monroe St. aMere, Dave C., 1 2436 Kingfisher, Crown Point andeck, Jane A., 5975 Harrison St. argura, Kevin M., 825 West 56th PI. auerman, Patricia M., 533 West 56th Ave. ax, Marilyn E., 3714 Harrison St. Lebioda, David H., 230 Morningside Ave. Ledbetter, Gerard, 2128 Jefferson St. Lepp, William F., 243 N. California St., Hobart Levenda, Marsha A., 4554 Lincoln St. Levenda, Michaeleen R., 8224 Taft St., Crown Point Levenda, Victoria J., 1501 Central Ave., East Gary Libauskas, Karen L., 666 Pike St. Liber, George O., 624 Polk St. Locasto, Leon G., 631 West 79th Ave. Longazo, Patricia A., 230 East 59th Ave. Lorence, Michael J., 5506 VanBuren St. Lorenty, Rosie A., 3654 Madison St. Lorenzo, Jeff J., 400 East 69th Ave. Loverich, Rebecca R., 35 Beverly Blvd., Hobart Luksus, Darryl P., 2491 Ranburn Dr. Luther, Mary Ellen, 4026 Louisiana St. Lyczany, Michael A., 422 Harrison Ave. Macias, Martin M., 825 VanBuren St. Madas, Julius A., 921 West 56th PI. Madden, Victoria R., 5607 East State Rd., Crown Point Majcher, Mark C., 6538 Madison St. Malicki, Cheryl M., 600 East 54th PI. Mallonee, Ronald D., 235 West 43rd Ave. Marker, Kathleen A., 4177 Rutledge St. Markey, Carl E., 4855 Jackson St. Martin, Greg M., 7536 Taft St. Martin, Mary C., 239 East South St., Crown Point Matthews, Margaret L., 636 Cleveland St. Matunas, John A., 600 East Ridge Rd. McCormick, Peter C., 742 Ripley St. McGrath, Steven L., 439 North Joliet St., Hobart McLaughlin, Michael G., 1241 East 36th Ave. McMahon, Nancy A., 4229 East 1 1th Ave. Mendez, Mark S., 3620 Johnson St. Miccolis, Kathy A., 2490 West 64th PI. Michalak, Ervin F., 521 East 52nd Ave. Michl, Shirley J., R.R. 1, Hobart Mier, Vincent A., 4381 Pennsylvania St. Miles, Sheila C., 662 Buchanan St. Miller, Stacie M., 1861 West 58th PI. Minczewski, Joyce E., 5528 VanBuren St. Momola, Rita A., 3830 Carolina St. Moon, Gregory C., 4427 Kentucky St. Moore, Maureen G., 1621 West 54th Ave. Morgan, Robert A., 5070 Maryland St. Morrison, Lynn M., 806 Grant St. Mosora, Donna M., 604 West 66th PI. Mosqueda, John R., 346 Buchanan St. Muffoletto, Mary Ann R., 244 Tyler St. Murfey, Philomena C., 3792 Virginia St. Murphy, Mary Jo, 202 East Greenwood. Crown Point Mytyk, April M., 1230 West 475h Ave. Mytyk, John R., 800 Buchanan St. Noddy, Colleen L., 1038 East 1 1th Court Nagel, David A., 234 Elizabeth Dr., Crown Point Senior Directory — 201 Class of 1971 Nagel, Mary F., 4439 Pennsylvania St. Nash, Terry L., 8227 Locust Ave. Navarro, Manuel E., 600 VanBuren St. Nawrocki, John M., 815 Pierce St. Neff, Paula B., 3537 Buchanan St. Nehring, Thomas F., 2118 West 41st Ave. Nestler, Linda L., 326 West 37th Ave Nixon, Christine M., 3860 Tyler St. Norris, Alice L., 340 West 56th PI. O’Brien, Patrick T., 144 South Ridge St., Crown Point Ohm, Elizabeth S., 3643 Adams St. Oros, Deborah A., 5434 Madison St. Pankiewicz, Richard J., 319 West 55th Ave. Pappas, Ted, 6372 Vermont St. Pastuszak, Lenann M., 12026 Lee St., Crown Point Pavicic, Susan K., 608 East Ridge Rd. Pavlish, Keith J., P.O. Box 266, Crown Point Penovich, Marilyn J., 1 706 West 58th Ave. Pfeifer, Joyce D., 2705 West 38th Ave., Hobart Piegat, Joseph F., 504 East Rand St., Hobart Piekarz, Linda J., 3444 Maryland St. Pishkur, Dave M., 4039 Pierce St. Piwkiewicz, Thomas J., 4476 Connecticut ' St. Plummer, Robert A., 247 Taft St. Polomchak, Mark M., 4217 VanBuren St. Poplon, Robert E., 4854 Madison St. Poracky, Paul B., 5598 VanBuren St. Povlinski, Edward D., 445 East Ridge Rd. Preston, Maurice J., 1 957 Chase St. Pruitt, Kay Doreen, 4187 Jefferson St. Pruzin, Michelle M., 1 140 Wallace St. Purnell, Rufus T., 2379 Lincoln St. Quade, Thomas J., 625 West 43rd Ave. Raelson, James F., 706 Campbell St., Valpo Razumich, Paula A., 1401 Meadow D r. Reno, Janice R., 4824 Washington St. Rodriquez, Gilbert M., 3561 Adams St. Roszkowski, Jean A., 5680 Pierce St. Ruggaber, Mary A., 5624 East Fourth Ave. Sable, Gene R., 117 East 41 st Ave. Samar, Robert A., 642 Taft St. Samarzija, Mary Lou, 4641 Delaware St. Sapone, Dominic, 548 Rutledge St. Sarkey, Michael J., 2915 West Ridge Rd. Scecina, Mary L., 3780 Johnson St. Sceniak, George T., 1 108 West 62nd PI. Schabowski, Michael P., 3561 Maryland St. Schaerer, Darlisa, 7433 Hemlock Ave. Schott, Mary L., 6064 East Sixth Place Schutz, Thomas J., 6081 Jefferson St. Servin, Cynthia J., 4357 Lincoln St. Setlak, Marguerite S., 816 East 36th Ave. Shultz, Glenn A., 952 East 48th Place Sielski, Lester B., 5470 Jackson St. Simatovich, Marianne C., R.R. 4, Box 269, Valpo Simmons, Karen J., 318 South Hamilton St. Simunic, Fred J., 7005 Delaware St. Skinner, H. Brian, 651 Water St., Hobart Sliz, Debbie A., 3534 Polk St. Smith, Robert E., 741 Polk St. Smolinski, Stanley, 1650 Delaware St. Solivais, Linda, 5341 Lincoln St. Soltis, Dennis E., 12207 Kingfisher Rd., Crown Point Sotak, Joseph M., 3675 Virginia St. Spellman, Frank W., 6941 Ironwood Ave. Spence, Cheryl G., 2720 Adams St. Spicer, Robert E., 2280 Ranburn Drive Spindler, Jane E., R.R. 2 , Box 510, Cedar Lake Spisak, Paul, 1121 Warren St. Stanley, Susan M., 4253 Harrison St. Suelzer, Raymond G., 756 Fillmore St. Sullivan, Carol D., 3818 Washington St. Sullivan, James K., 767 Louisiana St. Sur, Robert C., 5570 VanBuren St. Syjut, Cheryl A., 6665 VanBuren Place Sylvester, Richard J., 4254 Broadway Szulborski, Katherine T., 5440 Buchanan St. Terlicher, Debra A., 206 West 49th Ave. Thoma, Lynn M., 927 Warrick St. Thomas, Ingrid M., 5900 Roosevelt Place Tomondi, John M., 5380 Connecticut St. Towers, Kim F., 1057 West 10th St., Hobart Trocheck, Bernice M., 4049 Pierce St. Tully, Marianne M., 3738 Monroe St. Urbanek, David C., 4389 Ohio St. Vara, John R., 1121 Lincoln St., Hobart Vazquez, Maria, 1 674 West 40th Ave. Ventura, Elizabeth M., 3967 Lincoln St. Villarreal, Thomas D., 556 King St. Vuich, Joseph E., 5036 Roosevelt St. Vygrala, Mary B., 201 Henry St., Hobart Walsh, Danny J., 3512 Illinois St., Hobart Waters, Dave A., 503 West 51st Place Weinand, Deborah A., 720 North Court St., Crown Point Westforth, Norman G., 4704 Roosevelt St. Wheeler, Kathleen L., 4665 Maryland St. Wiedemann, Marilyn A., 400 Grant St. Wilson, Marguerite F., 4700 East Liverpool Rd., East Gary Wilusz, Marcia J., 1 1 95 Waite St. Wojkovich, Donna M., 5555 Johnson St. Wologo, Alice, 3230 West 45th Ave. Wooten, Kenneth E., 5499 Monroe St. Wozniak, Thomas G., 3642 Jackson St. Yurechko, William C., 8816 Taft St., Crown Point Zablocki, Denise T., 601 West 53rd Ave. Zajdel, Kevin T., 2101 West 51st Ave. Zimmerman, Kathleen L., 7533 Broadway Zoladz, Dennis W., 19 Cleveland St., Hobart 202 — Senior Directory Personal Patrons A friend : rancisco Alvarez Anonymous Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Arini Mr. and Mrs. Steve Badylak Jaldazo ' s Produce Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Beckman Robert J. Begin Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Beiriger Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Beiriger Paul Bellendorf Mrs. Fannye Benford Mr. and Mrs. George W. Berkheimer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Borchert Mr. and Mrs. Michael Botsko Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brodner Mr. and Mrs. Gino P. Burelli Pat Catering Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Chinery William C. Christy, Senator Chuck’s Trailer Rental Mr. And Mrs. Walter Cisowski L. I. Combs and Sons Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James C. Conlon Mr. and Mrs. George Consorti deBie Nursery Mr. arid Mrs. John Devins Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Doneff Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dresh Tom Escott Mr. athd Mrs. Donald Ewen Falcone Brother’s Citgo Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fink Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Fissinger Joseph J. Forszt (Commissioner) Frank’s Store for Men Future Homemakers of America Dr. and Mrs. Gilles Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Glenn Dr. and Mrs. M. R. Gregoline Howard Gross Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Hall Rev. Joseph Hammes Mr. Hal H. Hanifl Mayor Richard G. Hatcher Julia B. Hayes Homeroom 47 — Sr. Alfred’s Frosh girls Homeroom 107 — Miss Trapane’s Sr. Girls Homeroom 116 — Sr. Gilmary ' s Soph Girls Homeroom 117 — Mrs. Landeck’s Frosh Girls Homeroom 118 — Sr. Mary Ann’s Soph Girls Homeroom 1 25 — Sr. Bernice Marie ' s Frosh Girls Homeroom 126 — Sr. Annette ' s Frosh Girls Homeroom 127 — Sr. M. Goretti’s Soph Girls Homeroom 201 — Fr. Schwenzer’s Sr. Boys Homeroom 204 — Mrs. Costello’s Sr. Girls Homeroom 206 — Mr. Rogovich’s Soph Boys Homeroom 218 — Mr. Tobias’ Soph Boys Ollge M. Houston Hub Bootery Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ihnat J-S Records Dr. D. D. Jackson Michael Jankovich Jeannine ' s Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. William Jenkins Oink Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Don Keiser Ken Anderson ' s Barber Shop Kennedy and Lewis Inc. Rev. Michael Kenney Mr. and Mrs. John Klich Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Knies Gary Kostelnik Henry S. Kowalczyk Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krebes Dr. Ralph Kroot Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Kubiak Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Kuleck Mary Kathleen Lach Mr. and Mrs. Fred Larson Dr. and Mrs. H. Lebioda Marilyn Lebioda Kathy Lennertz Mr. and Mrs. John Levenda Mr. Levin Thaddeus B. Lorenty- M. D. Lucas, Clifford, Wildermuth (Attorneys) Main Drugs Mr. and Mrs. George Marks Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Meich Metcalf Drugs Mike’s Superette Dr. and Mrs. Minczewski Dr. R. C. Minczewski Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Mirro Dr. Misecko Iris Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Morrow Mott’s Jewelry Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nash Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Nehring Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nicksic Frank and Patricia Nicksic Mr. and Mrs. Jon Nozrik Off the Square Office and Art Supply Eleanor Peda Mrs. David Pfeifer Mr. Adolph Piekarz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poncsak Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Reardon Rev. Joseph Reed Mr. and Mrs. Vitold Reey Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Redina Jr. Reserve Cheerleaders Henry L. Rooney Patrons — 203 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roush Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Sadowski Roman Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Schaffer Dr. and Mrs. John T. Scully Mr. and Mrs. Semplinski Mr. and Mrs. Fred Simunic H. W. Skinner Clyde Smith Jr. Mrs. D. Sohacki Mr. and Mrs. Britt Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Szymanski Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Tarney Teletronix T. V. Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Terlicher Thrif-T-Mart Foods Jack Tomlin Tony’s Superette Patti Villareal Miss Ann Visclosky Mr. Demko Visclosky Miss Mary Visclosky Charles Waddelou John E. Walsh D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wamsher Dr. H. B. Weissman Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wozniak Mr. and Mrs. Don Wray Mr. Michael Yaros Dr. and Mrs. William S. Yocum Business Patrons A A Service 329 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana B G. Construction 4800 East 29th Avenue East Gary, Indiana Barbara ' s beauty Shoppe 2731 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Aafco Heating Co. 2319 Summer Street Hammond, Indiana Ace Garage 4900 West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana B W Construction 5928 East 81st Avenue Merrillville, Indiana Bairn Insurance Consultants 3290 Grant — Suite 110 Gary, Indiana Barb ' s Grill 1101 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Barker’s School Bus Service 2323 West 47th Avenue Gary, Indiana Ace Hardware 7300 S. Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Ad-Craft Sign Co., Inc. 3745 Broadway Gary, Indiana Adams Village TV, Inc. 3592 Village Court Gary, Indiana Angel, Kayes and Paterson Public Accountants 6685 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Artistic Cleaners 3767 Broadway Gary, Indiana B B Auto Supply 7901 Taft Street Merrillville, Indiana Bank of Indiana 575 Broadway Gary, Indiana Barrick Realty, Inc. 121 West 8th Avenue Gary, Indiana 204 — Patron Beach Cafe 903 Shelby Street Gary, Indiana Bob’s Beauty Salon 232 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Burke Storage and Van Co., Inc. 1 436 Massachusettes St. Gary, Indiana Beauty Spot Restaurant 3806 Broadway Gary, Indiana Bob Weaver Tailors 732 Broadway Gary, Indiana Burns Habor Marine, Inc. 1 700 Marine Street Portage, Indiana Biegel ' s 1 30 North West Street Crown Point, Indiana Bonanza Sirloin Pit 6880 East U. S. 20 Gary, Indiana Buy-Low Supermarket, Inc. 901 East 49th Avenue Gary, Indiana Big Wheel Restaurant 6140 Melton Rood Gary, Indiana Bors Realty 3807 Washington Street Gary, Indiana E. J. Byman Co. 700 State Street Calumet City, Illinois Big Wheel Restaurant 5301 Broadway Gary, Indiana Broadway Medical Laboratories 5490 Broadway Gary, Indiana C L Auto Supply 4088 Broadway Gary, Indiana Blockhouse, Inc. 6300 Cleveland Street Gary, Indiana Budd Company Gary Plant Gary, Indiana C M Package Liquors 4595 Broadway Gary, Indiana Patrons — 205 Business Patrons Calumet Vertical Blind Co. 4736 Adams Street Gary, Indiana Country Lounge Daugherty Oil Co. Ridge Road Montgomery Street 1 000 Georgianna Street Hobart, Indiana Hobart, Indiana Cardinal Cleaners 4777 Broadway Gary, Indiana James J. Crandall 5955 Central Avenue Portage, Indiana Dobis Insurance and Realty 4444 Broadway Gary, Indiana Carlson-Ried Builders, Inc. 14 Marble Street Hammond, Indiana Carmen’s Creative Touch Coiffures 2215 West 78th Avenue Merrillville, Indiana R. F. Carmody, M.D. (Ophthalmologist) 5284 Broadway Gary, Indiana Carpet World, fnc. 7031 East U.S. 20 Gary, Indiana Central Florists 4231 Broadway Gary, Indiana The Chatterbox 7205 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Chevigny Personnel Agency 4795 Broadway Gary, Indiana Chicken Unlimited 5524 Broadway Gary, Indiana Citizens Federal Savings and Loan 1 55 North Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Colonial Mortgage Co. of Indiana, Inc. 5847 Broadway Gary, Indiana Comay ' s Jewelers 624 Broadway Gary, Indiana Cooley’s Norge Village 3933 Cleveland Street Gary, Indiana Crown Meat Market 1 10 South Main Street Crown Point, Indiana DNJ Color Laboratories 1311 Merrillville Road Crown Point, Indiana Dailey Marathon U-Haul Co. 3901 Georgia Street Gary, Indiana Dale Management Inc. 913 Madison Street Gary, Indiana Dallis’ Sporting Goods Inc. 625 South Lake Street Gary, Indiana Dr. Stanley B. Bernsten (Optometrist) 3440 Village Court Gary, Indiana Dr. Scholls Foot Comfort shop 1 05 West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Dunes Gift Shop 616 South Lake Street Gary, Indiana Durvin Trucking Co. 2323 West 47th Avenue Gary, Indiana East Gary Drugs 4294 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Please let me up! 206 — Patrons " If I can just make it to the mistletoe. " Eberhardt ' s Marathon Service 398 West 73rd Street Merrillville, Indiana Edward Don and Co. 2500 South Harlem North Riverside, Illinois Family Billiards 210 South Main Street Crown Point, Indiana First Lady Beauty Salon 7101 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana First State Savings Loan Association 5100 Broadway Gary, Indiana 45th Avenue Shell Service 4492 Cleveland Street Gary, Indiana Frest Dairy Queen 3516 Broadway Gary, Indiana " We ' re chanting for Spiro!” Business Patrons Fran’s Auto Sales 4 West 73rd Avenue Merrillville, Indiana Fry ' s Department Store 305 East Commercial Avenue Lowell, Indiana and 212 South Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Gary Camera Co. 619 Washington Street Gary, Indiana Gary National Bank 14 Convenient Offices P.O. Box 209 Gary, Indiana Gary Office Equipment Co. 701 West 5th Avenue and 523 Broadway Gary, Indiana Gary Photo Service, Inc. 1 1 25 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Gary Sportsmen Club 4209 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Gary Storage Van Co., Inc. 819 Washington Street Gary, Indiana Gary Transfer Co., Inc. 3600 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana General Store Fixture Co. 1221 Broadway Gary, Indiana Gingess Formalwear Center 4845 Broadway Gary, Indiana Giolas Studio 5070 Broadway Gary, Indiana Glen Park Lumber Co., Inc. 4021 Madison Street Gary, Indiana Patrons — 207 Business Patrons Gross Sport Sales 726 Washington Street Gary, Indiana Guaranteed Hardware and Rentals 1 326 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Heine ' s Barber Shop 835 East 49th Avenue Gary, Indiana The Heritage Restaurant U.S. 41 at the Stoplight Cedar Lake, Indiana Hobart Plumbing Heating State Road 1 30 Hobart, Indiana Home Finders Realty Co. 3900 Madison Street Gary, Indiana Homeroom 1 30 Sr. Joan Marie Class of 1 972 Homeroom 1 31 Sr. Cyrilline Class of 1971 Hoosier Florists 1 20 East 1 7th Avenue Gary, Indiana Hoosier State Bank of Indiana Hammond, Indiana Horst’s Hardware 204 South Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Hunch Furs 3654 Broadway Gary, Indiana Industrial Machine Corp. 1201 Merrillville Road Crown Point, Indiana Insurance Service Agency 2111 West Lincoln Highway Crown Point, Indiana Jim ' s Golf Professional Shop 3400 Jefferson Street Gary, Indiana Johnson’s Drug Store 3768 Broadway Gary, Indiana Where’s the ball? " My feet are co cfl” These enzymes aren’t workinq. 208 — Patrons C H News 31 3 West 5th Avenue 3ary, Indiana (enniger ' s Auto Body Shop 1397 Georgia Street 3ary, Indiana Thomas E. Keough Numbing and Heating 2275 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Koney King 4601 Broadway Gary, Indiana Kurth Standard Service 835 West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Lach Funeral Home 6121 Miller Avenue Gary, Indiana Lake side Life Insurance 9 West 6th Avenue Gary, Indiana Lakeside Liquors 1033 Shelby Gary, Indiana Lamp Lounge Restaurant 1400 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Landeck Millwork Co., Inc. 4418 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana Larson’s Lumber Co., Inc. 2701 West 45th Avenue Gary, Indiana Larson ' s Marathon 401 South Grand Boulevard Gary, Indiana Lazerwitz-Finerty Corp. 6666 Madison Street Merrillville, Indiana Lazzaro Glass Co., Inc. 4750 Broadway Gary, Indiana Business Patrons Lennertz Fireplace Store 5583 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Lennertz Oldsmobile 6501 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Len Poliak Buick, Inc. 7301 East U.S. 20 Gary, Indiana Lillian ' s Drive-In 433 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Lincoln National Life Insurance 5681 Broadway Gary, Indiana Lionel Developement Corp. 275 East 1 1th Avenue Gary, Indiana Lisa ' s Exclusives 3896 Broadway Gary, Indiana ■ !■ vr; mm Lucas and Clifford 1 15 West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Luken’s Striegel 5490 Broadway Plaza Gary, Indiana M N Furniture and Appliance Co. 6025 East U.S. 20 Gary, Indiana Marilyn DeBarge Frank 213 Ridge Road Munster, Indiana May Family Center 5400 Broadway Gary, Indiana Meadows Apothecary 51 50 Broadway Gary, Indiana Mercury Moving and Storage, Inc. 7200 South Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Patrons — 209 Business Patrons Merrillville Bakery 7139 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Merrillville Beauty Salon 7602 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Metropolitan Television Co. 5119 Broadway Gary, Indiana A. Metz, Inc. 6900 West 9th Avenue Gary, Indiana Mid-America Homes, Inc. 2821 Lincoln Highway Crown Point, Indiana Mid States Auto Parts Inc. 1971 Broadway and East 5715 Dunes Highway Gary, Indiana Smile on me, J. C. Milbrath Ready-Mix Concrete 901 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Miner-Dunn Restaurants Inc. 301 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Modrak Chemical Products Co. 4610 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Musin Fish Co. 1631 Broadway Gary, Indiana N.A.A.C.P. Youth Council “Youth on the Move " Gary, Indiana Nason ' s Appliance Co. 50th and Broadway Gary, Indiana National Car Rental 5201 Broadway Gary, Indiana Norm’s Conoco Service 1310 West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana Northern Indiana Public Service 840 Broadway Gary, Indiana Bee Institutional Food Service 10700 West Waveland Avenue Franklin Park, Illinois Orbesen Construction Co., Inc. 917 Madison Street Gary, Indiana Our Lady of Consolation Church 8303 Taft Street Crown Point, Indiana Paramount Corner Crown Point and Valparaiso Pfister ' s Barber Shop and Nagedaman ' s South 4767 Cleveland Gary, Indiana Phil Flanagan Real Estate and Insurance 508 South Lake Street Gary, Indiana Philip ' s Ice Cream Inc. 2300 West 15th Avenue Gary, Indiana " Frank, I can’t breathe. " 210 — Patrons Pittsburgh Paint Center 5360 Broadway Merrillville. Indiana Portage National Bank 6200 Central Avenue Portage, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. George Ratkovich 5845 Pennsylvania Street Merrillville, Indiana Redi-Froz Distributing Co., Inc 4001 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Regent Florists B38 West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana A Theological Lunch Try Head and Shoulders. Rendina Funeral Home 456 Clark Road Gary, Indiana Representing Investors Diversified Services, Inc. 170 Huntington Court Gary, Indiana Ridge Lanes Inc. 4950 Broadway Gary, Indiana Riss Sales, Inc. 3691 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Robo Car Wash 3500 Central Avenue and U.S. Highway 20 Gary, Indiana Rocket Service Center Lake Street Gary, Indiana Rockford Life Insurance Co. 47 West 67th Place Merrillville, Indiana Business Patrons Rooda and Son Jewelers 1 5 West 6th Avenue Gary Indiana P. Alan Rosenwinkel Agent — State Farm Insurance 4500 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Rothschild-Gary Agency 504 Broadway Gary, Indiana SS. Peter and Paul Church 5885 Harrison Street Gary, Indiana Sarkey ' s Florist Highland Matchen Florist — Indiana Harbor Big Sister is Watching! Patrons — 211 Business Patrons Scarsdale Pharmacy 737 East 43rd Avenue Gary, Indiana Ted Schilling’s Veach for Flowers 3988 Broadway Gary, Indiana Schmal ' s Dairy Store 213 North Main Street Crown Point, Indiana Scot Drugs 420 Merrillville Road Crown Point, Indiana Scot Lad Foods, Inc. P.O. Box 430 Bradley, Illinois Shoppers Fair 4400 West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana The Grand March Thomas J. Smurdon, Realtor 3799 Central Avenue East Gary, Indiana Sparks Piano and Organ Co. 3901 Broadway Gary, Indiana Squire Lincoln Mercury, Inc. 6701 East Highway 20 Gary, Indiana Standard Paving Co. 2323 West 47th Avenue Gary, Indiana State Farm Insurance (Dick Hanley) 5813 East Dunes Highway Gary, Indiana State Outdoor-Division Of State Sign Co. 2840 West 5th Avenue Gary, Indiana High School is a waste of time . . . . . . unless you find a job that turns you on and makes good use of your education. Inland Steel wants only people who want to use everything they ' ve learned in high school— and strongly desire to grow person- ally and in their chosen field. Inland’s future growth depends on the creativity and productivity of its people. If you want a really challenging opportunity to contribute— with the rewards and responsibil- ities that go with it— Inland wants to talk to you. We need action-seeking graduates for opportunities in clerical . . . production . . . technical . . . and craft apprenticeship areas. Think it dver. If you have high aspirations and a good high school record, take time to find out about a career with us. See: Your School Counselor or Employment Representatives of Inland’s Personnel Department Indiana Harbor Works INLAND STEEL COMPANY Indiana Harbor Works - 3210 Watling Street - East Chicago, Indiana An equal opportunity employer 212 — Patrons Steel Cities Steels, Inc. U.S. 20 and Montgomery Street Gary, Indiana Sterling-Coner Studios 629 Washington Street Gary, Indiana Stewart ' s Business Machines 4409 Broadway Gary, Indiana Stone Quarry Lounge 2596 Portage Mall Portage, Indiana Superior Beverage Co., Inc. 226 East 21st Avenue Gary, Indiana Sy’s Food Mart, Inc. 6161 Cleveland Street Gary, Indiana Teegarden Jewelers 1 3 North Court Street Crown Point, Indiana Thrif-T-Mart Seven Locations to Serve You “What dress code?” Patrons — 213 Business Patrons Tittles Food Centers Gary, Highland, Valporaiso Nothing Like A School Lunch! Toney Smith ' s Dairy Farm 5888 Harrison Gary, Indiana Town Finance 4645 South Broadway Gary, Indiana Troxel Jewelers, Inc. 3570 Village Shopping Center and 526 Broadway Gary, Indiana Turkey Creek Pharmacy 65 West 68th Place Merrillville, Indiana 12 20 Bowl 5600 East 8th Avenue Gary, Indiana Union Florist 1 520 Grant Street Gary, Indiana n n ““ i 3 n J k. — d r o •n n Hj MS n u u L 629 WASHINGTON GARY INDIANA 882-4161 candids weddinqs commeRcials goIor poefeaits 214 — Patrons Universal Pool City 3535 West Ridge Road Gary, Indiana Valpo Billiards 67 Lincolnway Valporaiso, Indiana Vierks’ Hessville Furniture 6727 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana Village Card and Camera, Inc. 3558 Village Court Gary, Indiana Village Texaco Service 3700 Grant Street Gary, Indiana Washburn Realtors 5544 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Welch and Kurtz Realty 2955 West 74th Avenue Merrillville, Indiana The Little Carpenter “I ' ll take this one.” Westforth’s Sports Shop 4704 Roosevelt Gary, Indiana Whitey’s Citgo 5285 Broadway Gary, Indiana Wilco Food Center 6300 Miller Avenue Gary, Indiana William A. Pozzo Inc., Mack Trucks 1 1 00 Madison Gary, Indiana Wiseway Food Center 5340 Broadway Plaza Gary, Indiana Woods Interiors 5825 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana Michael F. Yudt, Attorney at Law 4746 Broadway Gary, Indiana “In no way " Patrons — 215 Acknowledgements James Adams (cover design) Sister M. Alice, SS.C.M. Sister Bernice Marie, SS.C.M. Mr. Elmer Budlove Gary Post Tribune Mr. Dennis Crane Sister Joan Marie, SS.C.M. Rev. Gordon Judd, C.S.B. Mr. Robert Lewis Sister Mary Ann, SS.C.M. Rev. Robert McKinnon, C.S.B. Rev. Ronald Schwenzer, C.S.B. Rev. Charles Smith, C.S.B.

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