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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1963 volume:

DECUSSATA 1963 First Edition Andrean High School Gary, Indiana The Senior Class is proud to present the first edition of the DECUSSATA (DA COO SA TAi. Through- out the past four years, the class of ' 63 nas become accustomed to initiating traditions -- doing, seeing, and being first. For this reason, " Premiere " has been selected as this year ' s DECUSSATA theme. It is Andrean ' s first showing, and first bow, after an unforgettable four-year performance. The name of the yearbook and the colors of the cover are related to St. Andrew, the Apostle. The red symbolizes his martyrdom, and the gold represents his victory. It is thought that St. Andrew was martyred on an X-shaped cross known as " crux decussata”. In fact, the name " Andrean " itself is taken from that of St. Andrew, patron saint of Bishop Grutka. 2 Contents Faculty 20 Students 34 Activities 92 Athletics 124 Senior Directory 148 Patrons 155 August 12, 1958 October 16, 1960 October 16, 1960 Dedication The Most Reverend Andrew G. Grutka, D.D. The good man from the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good. . (Luke 6, 45). Andrean High was realized through the faith, foresight, and guidance of one such good man. Bishop Andrew G. Grutka. Under his able direction, the resources of the diocese were united in a great spirit of sacrifice to establish the first Catholic high school in the city of Gary. In grateful appre- ciation for this opportunity to obtain a Catholic education, we, the members of the senior class, dedicate our first yearbook to His Excellency, Bishop Grutka. Andrean High, the first Catholic high school in the city of Gary, began its history on September 14, 1959, with 331 freshmen enrolled. This school, hoped for by the people of Gary for many years, and sacrificed for during the fund raising campaign begun in 1956, was established by the Most Reverend Andrew G. Grutka, bishop of Gary, as a co-institu- tional school. A co-institutional school is one in which boys and girls are taught in separate classes by a dual faculty under a single administration. As such a school, Andrean has one principal, Father John Burke, C.S.B. and two assistant prin- cipals, Father Robert O ' Halloran, C.S.B. , for the boys and Sister Rose Mary, SS.C.M., for the girls. The Basilian Fathers of Toronto, Canada, and lay men teach the boys; the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius, from Danville, Pennsylvania, and lay women teach the girls. Most of the classrooms are located in two areas, the boys ' wing and the girls ' wing, but all students use the same library and cafeteria facilities. Andrean ' s curricular offerings are divided into two major areas, the college preparatory program and the non-college program with majors in business and homemaking. Besides the atmosphere of a Catholic school, Andrean offers its students opportunities for spiritual growth in the annual three-day retreat, the First Friday Mass, daily Mass, availability of confessors, and accessibility of two chapels. Despite the fact that the boys and girls are taught in separate classes, they take part in many social and extra- curricular activities through the various clubs and activities which have grown up during these four years. Every aspect of Andrean ' s activities — educational, spirit- ual, social, physical- -flows from the basic philosophy of the school, the formation of " the true Christian. . .the super- natural man who thinks, judges and acts consistently in accordance with right reason illumined by the supernatural light of the example and teaching of Christ; in other words. . . the true and finished man of character. " (Pius XI) PATRON St. Andrew, Apostle and Martyr MOTTO " Magister Meus Christus " " Christ Is My Teacher " SCHOOL COLORS Red and Gold NICKNAME " Fighting 59ers " OPENING DATE September 14, 1959 DEDICATION October 16, 1960 ENROLLMENT . 1460 LOCATION 5959 Broadway, Gary, Indiana ■ FATHER WILLIAM J. DUGGAN, CSB, First Principal. It was that wonderful year. . .Latest trends m schools called for completely new concepts in design. Cafeteria. . .out of style. . .doors, offices, lockers, libraries and tile floors were simply non-existent. . .Yes, cow bells were stand-ins for IBM clock systems. . .males inhabited the girls ' corridor, with only a Mason-Dixon line between them. . .our first dance was held in the commercial rooms. . . separate buses were the vogue. . .the priests tramped across the fields to school and the Sisters hot-rodded in from Dyer in just twenty minutes. . .All these events and many more helped to make freshman year unforgettable. STANDING: Sr. Miriam Michael, Fr. Heath, Sr. Huberta, Sr. Rose Mary, Fr. Duggan, Fr. Burke, Sr. Natalie, Fr. Wick, Sr. Emma, Fr. Farrell, Sr. Edwardine, Fr. Higgins. Fr. Rankin, Sr. Alice, Sr. Janet. SITTING: Fr. Brennan, First Football Team FIRST STUDENT COUNCIL S E A T E D: B. Lazzaro, S. Nash, K. Manoski, M. Kalicki, A. Le Claire. STANDING: T. Smith, M. Gregoline, T. Franko, D. Balutewicz, J. Walsh. 9 Bishop Grutka prepares to bless the building. 1960-1961 Sophomore year, like freshman year, had its ups and downs. . .Upon our return in September we became increasingly aware that something new had been added. . .Yes, fresh- men were a fad that year and have been ever since. . .Father Duggan, who was sent to Texas was replaced by Father Burke, our present principal. . .Basketball was a new sport that year and football was much improved. . . The traditional Armageddon Games were in- augurated and the class of ' 63 won the coveted Golden Jug. . .thus ended A n d r e a n ' s second year. . .1960-1961. Annette Le Claire and Terry Smith, Student Council officers, accept the first Armageddon jug for the class of 63. As a football team we knocked off 7 out of 10. . .with Dale Marino heading the city scoring list. . .new sports included wrestling and swimming. . . " Cyrano de Bergerac " was produced as a combined effort by sophomores and juniors. . .Fine Arts Day was a newly added event and a unique one in the Gary area. . .Junior Nite was a night to remember, when a lot of Andrean talent was discovered. . . the biggest social event of the year was our first semi-formal, Twilight Time, which cli- maxed another wonderful year . . 1962. 1961-1962 BELOW: Students present a scene from " Cyrano de Bergerac " for the Fine Arts Day. SIDE- P Pequet, M. Daugherty, E. Laskowski, H. De La Mora, newly-elected Council officers, relax at the spring semi-formal, Twilight Time. Pursuit of Knowledge Growth and Development Spare Moments FACULTY As leaders during the initial four year journey through Andrean High, the entire faculty has furnished guidance and direction for the students. They have sought always. To cultivate in each student a Christ-like character, To point out the way of learning, To plant the seeds of maturity and wisdom. My dear Seniors, With your graduation, the word PIONEER drops from the Andrean vocabulary. The first chapter of what, I pray, will be a long and glorious story comes to an end. Each class that follows will write another chapter of that story. Future chapters may record deeds far more spectacular than yours. They may tell of more militant leaders, more illustrious scholars, more stellar athletes, but none will ever glow with the warm, touching confidence that permeates yours. For you trusted Andrean when, materially speaking, there was little to inspire your confidence. It will be to your everlasting credit that, in those incipient days, you knew only that Andrean represented the solid tradition of Catholic education which you could find nowhere else. On this you anchored your future though your alma mater had neither roof nor walls. This trust of yours will always be an inspiration! I feel a part of this class as I shall of no other. I have been with you from the beginning. I have come to know you so well . . your strengths, your weaknesses, your hopes, your disappointments, your star-reaching arms, your mudclogged feet. I shall never feel so close to another class. So, as you leave Andrean, a part of my heart leaves with you; I hope a part of yours remains behind. May God bless you; may He smooth the way that lies ahead. Father Burke 22 Reverend Robert T. O’Halloran, C . S. B. Assistant Principals Sister Rose Mary, S.S. C.M. 23 FATHER JOSEPH ABEND Guidance English SISTER M. ALICE English Journalism SISTER M. ANATOLIA Clothing FATHER JOHN BARRY English Religion The Sisters express mixed emotions upon leaving Gilory Sta- dium. 24 FATHER PETER BEATON Religion i English SISTER BERNADETTE MARIE English MR. PETER BILLICK Mechanical Drawing FATHER JAMES BURNS Chemistry Geometry MR. GLENN BUTE Physics Geometry SISTER M. CONSTANCE Piano Typing MR. NICHOLAS CRNKOVICH Business Law General Business Salesmanship SISTER M. CYRILLINE Shorthand Clerical Practice Secretarial Practice SISTER M. DANIEL Foods Bookkeeping Typing MR. RICHARD DORNBOS Physical Education MR. DANIEL DYMAN Biology Physical Science FATHER VINCENT ECKERT Treasurer Geometry MR. LEONARD ELSE Typing Biology SISTER M. EMMA Librarian Typing SISTER M. EVANGELA American History FATHER JOHN FARRELL Religion English An after school pause provides time for some shop talk. SISTER M. HUBERTA Latin SISTER M. INNOCENTA Trigonometry Geometry SISTER M. JANE Bookkeeping Typing Spanish SISTER M. JANET Religion The teachers enjoy a break for lunch. SISTER M. JOHANNA Spanish Typing Bookkeeping SISTER M. JEANNE Religion MRS. RITA KALOUSEK American Government English FATHER RICHARD KINSKY American History Spanish Religion decreas increase FATHER EDWIN KLINE Geometry Religion Algebra FATHER JOHN LEE English Speech MR. RAYMOND LINCOLNHOL World History FATHER CHARLES LYNCH English Religion FATHER THOMAS McGILLIS Trigonometry Algebra Geometry FATHER ROBERT McKINNON Religion Art SISTER MARIA CARMEL Chemistry Biology SISTER MARIAN Biology SISTER M. MATTHIAS Religion SISTER MIRIAM MICHAEL Guidance FATHER JOSEPH MOFFATT Religion English Choral SISTER M. NADINE Algebra MISS HA K. PHI-PHUONG F rench MR. JOHN POVLOCK Functional Mathematics Algebra FATHER BERNARD REGAN Latin SISTER REGINA MARIE English MRS. KATHERINE ROGOVICH Functional Mathematics Physical Education MRS. LUCY RUSSELL English MR. RONALD SCHWENZER Typing American History World History MR. WILLIAM SHARP English General Business Typing 31 MISS TERESA WHITTEN World History Typing Miss Phi- Phuong con- ducts the chorus at the French Assembly. FATHER CHARLES SMITH Religion Latin English FATHER FREDERICK SOHN American Government Religion MR. CRUZ VELASCO Spanish Band MR. MICHAEL WESLEY General Business American History Latin 32 Secretarial Staff [Jiith Jinn ’Mfll J II h h Hi ’r »» ' » 3 •$ Mrs. B. Sawyer, Miss B. Sotiroff, Mrs. M. Eisner. Cafeteria Staff Mrs. M. Kupkee, Mrs. M. Quade, Mrs. A. Sicula, Mrs. E. Schutkovske, Mrs. L. Anderson. 33 STUDENTS The members of the first student body, accepting their roles as pioneers, have labored. -- To grow in the life of charity, To develop minds open to knowledge, To blaze a path- ' straight and wide-- for others to follow. Andrean’s First Graduating Class SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: C. Tonello, vice president; R. Kunske, president; H. Lauerman, secretary; R. Fisher, treasurer. " The first chapter of what. . . will be a long and glorious story comes to an end.” ADAMS, ROBERT J. AHERN, SHARON P. ALBIN, SUSAN E. AMBROSE, DENNIS J. 36 JOHN C. AMELING WILLIAM O. ANDERSON JEROME F. ANTON DAVID A. BACKE DENNIS C. BAJGROWICZ NANCY E. BALLAN DENNIS D. BALUTEWICZ THOMAS E. BANAS JAMES R. BARBICK GARY M. BECKER ARTHUR H. BECKMANN LORRAINE J. BECKMANN 37 DENNIS C. BIELFELDT MARY ANN BIROS ALAN A. BLADEK JOLANN M. BOBIN ANDREA M. BOISVERT JOHN B. BOONE LAWRENCE E. BROWN 38 JUDITH A. BUCHEK CHRISTINE R. BUDNER THOMAS A. BUKOWSKI IRENE K. BUMBERA RONALD F. BYSIEK GERALD A. CARAVANA LAWRENCE A. CASTOR MICHAEL A. CHELAP SUSAN B. CHERRY JOHN T. COGGINS RONALD L. CORBE1LLE EDWIN L. DAHLSTROM 39 WILLIAM A. DINGEE KATHRYN L. DITTY ERNEST E. DORSEY NANCY E. DRAG IRENE F. DREYOVICH ROBERT C. DUNN MARY A. EARL GUY J. ECKELS TERRENCE P. EICH SHARON D. ELLIOTT CAROL SUE ENG MARGARET E. EVAN 40 DAVID H. FLOWERS DARIA J. FORSZT THOMAS J. FRANKO KATHLEEN M. FRANSIOLI THOMAS A. FAGEN MICHAEL D. FALATIC RICHARD A. FERNANDEZ WALTER S. FILAR VERNA R. FRANZ ELLEN J. FRAWLEY SHARON L. FREDERICK JANET C. GARNIER KATHLEEN A. GALLAGHER DENNIS L. G ALLION BERTHA GARZA PAUL F. GAST MARGARET A. GAYDOS AGNES M. GAZA PETER A. GIANNINI JANICE B. GLOVER JUDITH L. GOSPODAREK RONALD R. GOSZEWSKI ROBERT J. GRAYSTONE KATHLEEN M. GREGOLINE MICHEAL L. GR EGOLINE MARY JO GRILLO WILLIAM L. GRGURICH THERESA V. GROTHAUS MARY ANN GUERRE PATRICIA J. HALASCHAK JACQUELINE A. HALFMAN JAMES D. HARRINGTON WILLIAM R. HAUBER ELIZABETH A. HAUSSMAN DENNIS P. HECKLER KATHRYN A. HEILSTEDT JAMES C. HENDRICKSON JAY F. HIGGINS VICTORIA A. HILL 44 PATRICIA A. HNAT DARLENE D. HUBBS ROBERT T. HYSONG JANET E. JENSEN EDWARD J. KACERSKI MICHELE A. KALICKI DOROTHY J. KALINA 45 RICHARD A. KALLOK GARY R. KAMINSKI DIANNE K. KAPRAK SUELLEN M. KEEN ANNE K. KLEMOW 46 JOHN J. KLIMEK 47 MARY JEAN KOLOSCI RICHARD D. KOSTELL KAY LYNN KREBES JANICE K. KOCHIS BERNADETTE J. KOLCZAK EDWARD A. KOLCZAK ELAINE M. KOMETZ STEPHEN KORHEL RICHARD C. KORUS ROBERT S. KOWALCZYK THOMAS P. KOZIATEK CHRISTINE J. KRALIS KENNITH KUNDICH RICHARD D. KUNSKE JOHN F. LABUS EDWARD P. LACO KATHLEEN M. LASKO EILEEN M. LASKOWSKI HELEN E. LAUERMAN BARBARA J. LAZZARO ANNETTE M. LECLAIRE HELENA A. LEE LAWRENCE V. LEVENDA LORETTA LOBO CAROL ANN LOVELACE JOHN M. LYNCH DAVID P. MALAK KENNETH W. MANIAK EDWARD G. MASSA . THOMAS R. MATTHEWS 49 FRANK MAYHEW KENNETH J. MAYNER PAULINE M. MAZA MARJORIE MAZEIKAS JEROME M. MAZUR DANIEL McGUIRE MICHAEL L. McINTYRE 50 JOHN T. MENZIE RONALD J. MESARCH DAVID E. MILLS JOHN W. MISKUF JAMES M. MONDEBAUGH JANICE M. MUCHA ROBERT S. MUIR JAMES M. MURFEY JAMES R. MURPHY FRANCINE K. MYSOGLAND MICHAEL K. MYTYK SHERALYN L. NASH si LESLIE E. NEWCOMB MICHELE A. NIEDZIELSKI CURTIS R. NOLL HERBERT P. NOONAN LOUIS G. NOSKO JOHN NOVOTNY MARGARET A. NOWACKI JOHN G. O ' CONNELL CATHERINE M. O ' CONNOR MICHAEL J. OLEJNEK MARLENE E. ONDA LOUISE K. OPALUCH 82 LINDA S. PAWLOSKI MARIE DALE PAWLOWSKI ROSEMARY PETERSON DONALD A. PETKUS JOSEPH J. PETRAS PETER L. PEUQUET GERALD H. PIEKUT 53 ALICIA A. POJETA LAWRENCE M. PRESTON JOHN S. PRUZIN ANGELA PURCELL JANET QUADE MARGARET J. RADA JOHN W. RANDJELOVIC 54 LINDA S. RAY BARBARA A. REYNOLDS MICHAEL E. RICHARDSON JACK A. ROGERS KAREN A. ROKUS BETTY JO RUDA DANIEL J. RUGGABER JANE E. RYAN IRENE J. RZEPKA JUDITH K. SANDUSKY EUGENE F. SARKEY PHILIP J. SAWYER SANDRA S. SCHEIDT MARYANN C. SCHUSTER LINDA K. SCHUTZ JAMES R. SEBBEN SEDONIA M. SEBO LUBOMIR J. SEDLACK MARGARET E. SHAFER KATHLEEN J. SHAPLEY STEPHEN P. SHAW HENRY T. SHEBAT BERNADETTE C. SHESTAK THEODORE J. SIMON 56 GEORGIA C. SLA VO MARY JO SMITH TERRENCE M. SMITH JUDITH A. SLOSARCIK CHARLES R. SMITH • MARY ANN SOHOVICH CAROL J. SOPSIC BARBARA A. SPICER 57 DARLENE J. SPOTILLA ROBERT S. SRAMEK KATHLEEN M. STACK MARY ANN STANZIONE WILLIAM J. STAWICKI KATHLEEN A. STOFA ► JOHN P. STAWICKI STEPHANIE E. SZCZEPKOWSKI SUSAN SZOSTEK 58 CASSANDRA M. SWEDO GEORGE C. TEELING GEORG THURN CLAUDINE TONELLO ROY F. TRUAX MARTHA J. TRULLEY RICHARD E. TRZECIAK LORRAINE J. USKERT PATRICIA M. VAHARY DENNIS J. VALLINO DOROTHY E. VASS LAURA J. VENDRAMIN 59 PHYLLIS J. VENTURELLA CAROL F. VICIAN RICHARD J. VIDUTIS DARRYL L. VLASIC PATRICIA A. VONDERHAAP EMERY VUKOBRATIC JAMES F. WALSH PATRICIA L. WAROT MARIE C. WASILESKI KENNETH E. WEHNER RICHARD T. WILLIAMS THOMAS J. WILLIE 60 BARBARA H. WILLIS DOUGLAS L. WILSON WAYNE T. WOZNIAK HENRY PANKIW JANE B. YOVANOVICH MARY LOUISE ZAJDEL CHARLES LAW EDWARD MENZIE JESSE VILLARREAL THADDEUS T. ZAPINSKI 61 Underclass Officers Junior J. D u r k o 1 1, Treasurer: M. Rykovich, Secretary; C. Holowaty, Vice-President; W. Dainton, Presi- dent. Sophomore J. Walker, Treasurer; C. Yudt, Vice-President, T. Kotulak, Presi- dent, J. Cogis, Secretary. Freshman A. Trapane, President, M. Randjelovic, Vice-President; T. Bennett, Treasurer; J. Huber, Secretary. 62 Class of ’64 FRONT ROW: J. Mirro, R. Wielgus, J. Bodnar, P. Smith, T. Gramals, R. Bauner, J. Scott. MIDDLE ROW: D. Koval, D. Cleland, L. Maeszalek, L. Tomaszewski, M. Holland, P. Sur, T. Venturella. BACK ROW: G. Shevik, R. Fedorchak, R. Ardell, M. Balunda, O. Burley, D Kedziora, R. Bennett, M. Munroe. HR 201 FRONT ROW: M. Saxton, R. Dickerson, R. Yaros, J. Grzesik, A. Pazak. MIDDLE ROW: J. Rada, J. Hysortg, G. Olp, M. Klaker, D. Skarja, T. Connolly. BACK ROW: F. Narcowich, R. Forster, J. Kadelak, F. Lintner, W. Dainton, K. Lach, T. Peters. 63 Class of ’64 HR 120 FRONT ROW: E. Whelan, C. Marcotte, M. Haberkorn, K. Essick, B. Slofkosky, S. Muraida, S. Smith. MIDDLE ROW: S. Shupe, G. Kruze, R. Fetch, C. Hull, M. Vaughan, B. Rozkowski, K. Cogis, P. Phelps. BACK ROW: J. Bushemi, B. Bajgrowicz, M. Clifford, N. Syrk, M. Celenica, J. Jankovich, J. Rickman. FRONT ROW: J. McQuillin, H. Mocan, L. Novotny, K. Haas, E. Nelson. MIDDLE ROW: L. Dluzak, J. Lech, M. Strom, N. Yukon, D. Wasilewski, C. Fedorchak, M. Dougherty, D. Boyle. BACK ROW: I. Ganas, J. Landes, S. Bracket, M. Guerre, J. Lynn, M. Russell, N. Okleja. 64 Class of ’64 FRONT ROW: S. Lustina, J. Carruth, M. Bowman, J. Wahlman, D. Tonk, J. Trapilo, R. Roppolo. MIDDLE ROW: M. Randall, J. Banas, D. Aubuchon, G. Berkheimer, T. Teleky, J. Jensen, J. Zborowski. BACK ROW: C. Connors, T. Kuleck, E. Sepiol, D. Neises, C. Horvath. T. Hallo, G. Dimoff, J. Petrovich. HR 204 FRONT ROW: C. O ' Neill, P. Mlechick, D. Sohacki, W. Clifford, R. Schenher, C. Fraley, J. Keilman, T. Murfey. MIDDLE ROW: A. Smith, H. De La Mora, H. McLaren, R. Hoag, J. Farrell, E. Kaminski, R. Ennis. BACK ROW: B. Beckham, R. Kovecsi, J. Shimko, E. Papp, J. Mastalski, J. Hysong, J. Gravenstreter. 65 Class of ’64 HR 124 FRONT ROW: G. O ' Brien, S. Boby, J. O ' Neil, C. Lasko, M. Krejci, K. Zajdel, C. Ruberti. MIDDLE ROW: A. Menzie, L. Forszt, D. Krebes, R. Cieadlo, M. Alt, C. Kirk, J. Lorence. BACK ROW: R. Clodig, C. Fraser, C. Paulson, J. Janjecic, J. Becker, M. Padgen, J. Unger. FRONT ROW: N. Cwiklinski, D. Charpentier, L. Lorenzo, S. Malloy, J. Stitts, M. Huseman. MIDDLE ROW: N. Reiplinger, K. Settle, E. Jones, N. Drop, S. Cunningham, M. Notaro, M. Caravana. BACK ROW: D. Ford, M. Sohovich, N. Gillespie, P. Heike, J. Petrites, M. Barich, S. Myjak, L. Misevich. 66 Class of ’64 FRONT ROW: G. Kasper, D. Jaksa, L. Perino, R. Mikalowsky, T. Maj, E. Flowers, J. Lefler. MIDDLE ROW: R. Blum, R. Shepard, K. Foley, G. Pyke, J. Conley, J. Stefanovich, J. Basile. BACK ROW: J. Bellich, M. Tilka, L. Leininger, W. Bajgrowicz, J. VanEpps, K. Gruska, J. Crawford, R. Wheeler. HR 223 FRONT ROW: P. Durr, G. Skalba, S. Pavicich, R. Hengstebeck, J. Zubersky, K. Del Rio. MIDDLE ROW: M. Cisarik, W. Kadar, J. Schwab, R. McCall, T. Rzcepka, J. Kish, G. Wyszynski. BACK ROW: R. Nadolski, J. Rurode, R. Gawlik, P. Smith, D. Hutchens, J. Buncich, P. Olejnik. 67 Class of ’64 FRONT ROW: J. Fritz, B. Fransioli, A. Villarreal, M. Michalak, P. Reibty, C. Klotz. MIDDLE ROW: T. Lessard, L. Kubiak, L. Mitchell, J. Pequet, M. McDougall, M. Franz, M. Stack, P. Kelner. BACK ROW: E. Domsic, P. Brodner, J. Bryja, P. Lennertz, S. Fronczak, M. Schiesser, P. McCorkel. HR 126 FRONT ROW: A. Cruz, G. Wolf, E. Kurator, J. Largura, J. Williams. MIDDLE ROW: S. Coplen, C. Hart, S. Wojcik, E. Bays, L. Notaro, P. Stevenson, C. Gilmore. BACK ROW: J. Carpenter, P. Bartley, A. Duney, C. Dorsey, B. Mesterharm, P. Kopack, B. Basista. 68 Class of ’64 FRONT ROW: E. Pasko, L. Banzen, D. Noskoskie, A. Kubiak, C. Klasner, T. Hughes, M. Lehocky, T. Stephan. MIDDLE ROW: P. Ihle, D. Thompson, J. Durkott, J. Coachys, C. Carter, J. Zemelko, A. Browar, T. Sikora. BACK ROW: S. Karafin, R. Voss, D. Klein, M. Ryan, J. Pelletier, G. Mytyk, R. DeLiberty, M. Keles. HR 231 FRONT ROW: A. Fortunak, B. Henderson, F. Evan, N. Johnson, S. Cooper, L. Regal, T. McEvoy, D. Medued. MIDDLE ROW: J. Madej, J. Schneider, T. Lytle, D. Pittman, T. Wozniak, L. Backe, W. Belei. BACK ROW: G. Shapley, D. Bein, G. Grecco, R. Moles, R. Stackert, J. Pazak, S. Wisniewski. 69 Class of ’64 HR 130 FRONT ROW: A. Wasil, N. Williams, L. Fietz, P. Horst, C. Magee, M. Boone. MIDDLE ROW: N. Mathews, C. Torres, J. Burquist, G. Mriscin, M. Rykovich, B. Wiedemann, J. Green, G. Movchan. BACK ROW:L. Gusc.G. Licheniak, M. Hohner, K. Redmon, R. Ladra, V. Stazinski, C. Shay. FRONT ROW: J. Piazza, M. Peet, N. Miccolis, H. Fisher, J. Hernandez, K. Bazin. MIDDLE ROW: P. Tully, R. Lopez, J. Trainer, K. Gerasimovich, B. Balakir, J. Chentnik, B. Roszkowski. BACK ROW: C. Holowaty, J. McGuire, K. Cook, P. Schmidt, L. Nebe, B. Noll, M. Foster. 70 Class of ’65 FRONT ROW: F. McLaren, T. Jones, J. Burley, J. Nash, W. Alvarez. MIDDLE ROW: E. Skolak, A. Warchus, P. Harrigan, V. Bobin, J. Dudak, J. Cimino. BACK ROW: J. Banas, V. Thoreson, M. Pawlak, R. Witt, P. Larko, P. Lobdell. HR 209 FRONT ROW: G. Vassil, J. Galler, G. Gundy. MIDDLE ROW: K. Rattay, T. Kerlin, T. Pado, A. Rizzo, R. Maraszkiewicz. BACK ROW: D. Feczko, T. Kovalcik, J. Puskos, W. Matunas, D. Mockaitis, C. Pfeifer. 71 Class of ’65 FRONT ROW: C. Heveder, J. Valenti, P. Krol, S, Piegat, E. Sobas, C. Gerlach, L. Horvat. MIDDLE ROW: K. Randall, G. Gaydos, J. Wehner, C. Csoka, C. Cholodinski, M. Gregorczyk, B. Warus, H. Kalicki. BACK ROW: B. Sebo, D. Ziel, K. O ' Malley, M. Brown, K. Raab, P. Stasak, R. Brazys. HR 115 FRONTROW: C. Bebber, P. Fagen, K. Horn, K. Hunt, P. Pastor, C. Rusich, C. Chale. MIDDLE KOW: G Kramer, D. Novotny, G. Dobis, A. Saims, S. Kopchik, J. Ward, M. Baumgart, J. Ambre. BACK ROW: R. Klaja, M. Kalousek, M. Kovescl, M. Wisner, E. Rykovich, E. Stazinski, R. Brazys. 72 Class of ’65 FRONT ROW: T. Pytynia, C. Traina, L. Bogee, R. Antos, J. Wojcik. MIDDLE ROW: J. MacDonald, J. Lauerman, L. Skobba, R. Banchansky, H. Schreik, M. Kimmel. BACK ROW: M. Cindric, D. Buchko, J. Wardell, A. Vince, S. Pawlicki, D. Kosnicki, J. Gaza. HR 210 FRONT ROW: R. Beaudry, T. Councilor, E. Modesto, J. Regan, W. Henderlong. MIDDLE ROW: D. Dummel, G. Meier, R. Rose, P. Cash, T. Marencik. BACK ROW: J. Szostek, T. Fitzerald, J. Gutowski, R. Neises, J. Spalding, R. Posavac. 73 Class of ’65 FRONT ROW: L. Naspinski, M. Boby, C. Krejcir, L. Thompson, J. Giacomin, P. Chicos, P. Bergman. MIDDLE ROW: J. Razumich, M. Marcotte, L. Abascal, S. Sowa, M. Levenda, J. Wehner, L. Pruzin. BACK ROW: M. Czarny, F. O ' Neil, B. Malinowski, M. Lebioda, L. ■ |p Pressner, M. Macko, E. Sauer. H K ns FRONT HOW: J. Biancotti, P. Markey, D. Mako, K. Gavin, D. Wilt, P. Fortunak, S. Corrigan. MIDDLE ROW: M. Clifford, J. Moore, C. Bardowski, C. Hay, M. Steiner, D. Weisser, D. Pearman, M. Kreuger. BACK ROW: B. Southworth, L. Spangler, E. Yaros, E. Ivey, C. Shaw, L. Dee, L. Rasmusen. 74 Class of ’65 FRONT ROW: J. Shestak, T. Aubuchon, J. Quade, T. Fitzgerald. MIDDLE ROW: D. Vorwald, D. Wellman, J. Crago, R. Hermes, G. Hagenhuber, J. McDonald. BACK ROW: S. Krysa, M. Cerjeski, R. Bolde, J. Cinkoske, R. Nemtuda, M. Pazak, J. Szymanski. HR 211 FRONT ROW: R. Maffitt, T. Reibly, T. Hufford, J. Sparacino. MIDDLE ROW: J. Monacy, J. Buckley, J. Mellon, R. Loverich, E. Elizondo, F. Grabek. BACK ROW: J. Wysock, A. Urbanek, R. Pouch, F. Bender, J. Kirchens, B. Bara, W. Ryan. Class of ’65 HR □I FRONT ROW: E. Gaydos, M. Gregory, J. Glancy, E. Manalo, L. Anello, J. Arrington, C. Elliott. MIDDLE ROW: C. Dominguez, R. Torres, K. Horkavi, M. Zolondz, M. Durkott, L. Mellon, M. Pranis, M. Reilly. BACK ROW: L. Roznovsky, S. Shurman, B. Senko, M. Murphy, M. Holowaty, H. Wine, J. Williams. FRONT ROW: C. Zarik, J. Kuleck, C. Mytyk, L. Schreiber, P. Pandorf, M. Walter. F. Murphy. MIDDLE ROW: M. Bestich, J. Slofkosky, E. Stazinski, B. Sandusky, C. Lahoski ' , J. Wardell, S. Mayer, G. Mentzel. BACK ROW: M. Loyce, J. Vieceli, D. Parsons, E. Smith, M. Hornick, J. Fort, A. Zelinka. 76 Class of ’65 FRONT ROW: E. Maj, H. Spicer, J. Lucas, J. Herr, J. Comerford. MIDDLE ROW: D. DePaoli, E. Kolarik, R. Fraley, W. Saberniak, R. Jacobs, J. Winandy. BACK ROW: S. Moore, R. Raab, C. Pease, D. Marsden, T. Bilunas, R. Povlock, T. Lennertz. HR 212 FRONT ROW: M. Chagoya, W. Bradley, D. Waite, M. Shimko. MIDDLE ROW: J. Emery, J. Uskert, T. Burdick, R. Persin, T. Meszaros. BACK ROW: F. Kulchar, J. Kasarda, T. Bailey, G. Haley, R. Talian, J. Novina. 77 Class of ’65 HR 122 ROW: D Bonner, H. Witham, T. Szymanski, S. Rogowski, M. Dybas, J. McKinney. MIDDLE ROW: C. Del Rio, J. Patrick, H. Bojarski, L. Piekarz, S. Kolas, J. Gaski, P. Prusinski, fY Oros. BACK ROW: M. Romanyak, E. Wirtes, K. Barta, E. Dominick, S. Ameling, J. Jolley, M. Dunajski. ° J ROW: S Sattler - J - Thyen, R. Vaccaro, P. Grillo, M. Sielski, P. Botsko, K. Hagerstrom. MIDDLE ROW: K. Givens, E. Kleine, C. Yudt, M. Boric, B. Michl, L. Barney, P. Kotulock, K. Gaydos. BACK ROW: M. Lazarian, S. Guba, M. Kelley, J. Cogis, M. Vonderhaar, C. Bunch, S. Dixon. 78 Class of ’65 FRONT ROW: J. Higbee, R. Dickerson, D. Barnack, J. Frees, J. Stofa, W. Vahary. MIDDLE ROW: L. Peterson, J. Remijan, D. Brady, J. Mathews, W. Bailey, J. Malloy. BACK ROW: J. Konrady, T. Cooper, J. Bertram, G. Levenda, G. Jensen, R. Kazmerski, L. Radinsky. HR 213 FRONT ROW: D. Wirtz, C. Zygmunt, R. Blendu, J. Ladra, J. Murphy. MIDDLE ROW: R. Teso, D. Proctor, G; Chentnik, C. Sable, J. Walker, T. Shirey. BACK ROW: R. Erdelac, J. Burke, E. Luczak, G. Mikulich, T. Halfman, D. Gregoline, D. Panozzo. 79 Class of ’65 HR 125 F R ONT R OW: D Guzik, S. Kiel, S. Martin, C. Jackson, S. Smith. MIDDLE ROW: K. Connors, C. Bradach, R. Smith, S. Garcia, A. Vazquez, M. Danko, M. Wark, L. Ford. BACK ROW: B Bickel, P. Sikora, C. Witczak, M. Beres, S. Piet, L. Horton, C. Mulligan. Ta i R °| W ' w ' ;,r Ay ? n- J i Largura, K. Roth, P. Diamond. MIDDLE ROW: D. Enrico, C. KrehP« k M m u P - Kaiser, R. Wojkovich, S. Schenher. BACK ROW: H. Krebes, M. Monroe, M. Kisylia, C. Hanzal, C. Kundich, C. Labanowski, M. McGregor. 80 Class of ’65 FRONT ROW: D. Chieply, W. Ladra, F. Valtierra, T. Blosl, T. Fazekas. MIDDLE ROW: R. Miller, J. Hillis, J. Lewis, G. Mattie, R. Balakir, J. Kelley. BACK ROW: L. Funk, A. Nalbor, J. Rajscih, D. Pszonka, S. Burkus, D. Grigonis, A. Petrites. HR 214 r iM f. Jk- | n • • FRONT ROW: J. Briggs, T. Kotulak, M. Sabocik, R. Pauer. MIDDLE ROW: J. Bartalomeo, N. COrbielle, J. Sinnott.M. Regan, D. Hand. BACK ROW: E. Svetanoff, R. Testi, H. Dombrowski, W. Walla, W. Wisniewski, N. Jocus. Class of ’66 FRONT ROW: E. Butor, C. Markovich, C. Schneider, P. Starkey, J. Tonk, S. Dernik, R. White. MIDDLE ROW: M. Dolato, M. Juarez, C. Washington, E. Niedojadlo, B. Durkott, M. Christoph, C. Ladra, M. Mager. BACK ROW: R. Szostek, C. Pogo, M. Karaffa, K. Rattay, M. Peller, M. Mirro.D. Gursky. 82 FRONT ROW: C. Coggins, P. Mihal, S. Yaros, S. VanGiessen, P. Honkoski, K. Bielski. MIDDLE ROW: R. Otero, M. Primer, S. Ridgely, J. Comerford, A. Gardner, S. Huber, J. Kvarta, P. Banashak. BACK ROW: D. Zancanaro, P. Henderlong, L. Ferguson, M. Guiney, J. Sierkoski, K. Kocan, M. O ' Keefe. Class of ’66 FRONT ROW: W. Coggins, J. Santelik, M. Kellogg, L. Brunanski, K. Cory, D. Kochvar. MIDDLE ROW: D. Labash, D. Masty, D. Hallo, J. Rickman, M. Hepner, D. Graham. BACK ROW: K. Lissey, G. Hutman, P. Giegel, J. Morgan, L. West, W. Eich, F. Petrites. 83 FRONT ROW: D. Cook, T. Butler, A. Metz, D. Driver, L. Largura. MIDDLE ROW: M. Wahlman, T. Torres, P. McCorkel, M. Pampalone, T. Frawley, A. Delbern. BACK ROW: G. Boehmer, D. Stinson, L. Sparacino, T. Zaberdac, S. Shepard, R. Talaga, P. Gast. HR 206 Class of ’66 HR 116 R0W: T. Hnat, H. Hufford, M. Kollasch, A. Emery, D. Clark, J. Kerlin, MIDDLE ROW- RAr!c th Rnw - V r ° n ’ B i? ln P V J R °PP° lo J - Zielinski, J. Terlicher, E. Burke, S. Smith! Lehockey? W " B Grynovlch J - Omdrovich, S. Swayze, E. Moss, K. Hostinsky, C. Rawley, S. v - A. Troutwine, T. Willey, P. Popa, N. Mikos. MIDDLE ROW. O. Halaschak, M. Bochnowski, J. Balunda, S. Pfeifer, P. Senak, M. Oxue, D Fraser B ' Wozniak 2 BACK R0W: N- Yuha ’ B ‘ Vith L - Kuzm a, C. Gorman, J. Raelson, p! Nescak! 84 Class of ’66 FRONT ROW: G. Muraida, J. Smart, T. Harding, G. Charpentier, D. Dudash, J. Grabek. MIDDLE ROW: E. Peters, R. Pawloski, K. Klusovsky, M. Horkavi, N. Schiralli, M. Tombers. BACK ROW: D. Manista, G. Guernsey, D. Bartos, K. Leshk, G. Burwinkel, J. Reynolds, J. O ' Kelley. HR 215 FRONT ROW: R. Molik, D. Steininger, F. Swigon, J. Wilski, L. Cook. MIDDLE ROW: R. Nagdeman, J. Keilman, W. Kuchar, M. Benyo, R. Mericsko, J. Goszewski, D. Warner. BACK ROW: D. Frankovich, T. Rykovich, T. Anderson, J. Velasina, L. Kupchik, J. Brodner, D. Mlechick, R. Dainton. 85 Class of ’66 HR 119 r nni T n R P » : , R ° w ? n - B Burns, D. Hrnjak, J. Nestler, D. Wirtz, M. Kairns, C. Zablocki. MIDDLE ROW: G. Patitsas, M. Koziatek, B. Ornelas, B. Soohey, J. Kielkowski, V. Shepherd, M. Vuk°, D. Gregor. BACK ROW: J.Syrk.P. Hush, B. Yaros, J. Carter, P. Lacko, C. Mangione, E. Dabrowski. FRONT ROW: D. Dergo, M. Fusillo, P. Biernat.S. Gross, S. Arts, C. Ramirez. MIDDLE ROW: 1. Sposito, M. Redar, M. Peet, M. Markey, N. Szikora, S. Mikulich, K. Hecimovich, M. 1 ovlinski. BACK ROW: L. Hodsden, P. Clifford, C. Tulley, S. Mucci, M. Kolosci, S. McCarthy, G. Enrico. 86 Class FRONT ROW: J. Kochis, M. Lewis, C. Harding, P. Slivka, D. Stevers. MIDDLE ROW: E. Guerre, D. Corgan, L. Mesberg, L. Martinez, T. Wojnarowski, J. Schaifer, H. Washington. BACK ROW: R. Peterson, J. Sockit, R. Beeching, D. Nagdeman, F. Scott, P. Sala, W. Monahan. HR 216 FRONT ROW: H. Brooks, M. Alverez, T. Lahaie, R. Kelley, R. Rice. MIDDLE ROW: T. Basich, J. Bushemi, W. Huber, T. Davis, D. Franz, P. Coduti, J. Pabian. BACK ROW: T. Ebersberger, J. Gardner, M. Bertram, J. Van Epps, M. Chapko, J. Kuchta, D. Graden. 87 Class of ’66 HR 123 FRONT ROW: R. Coplen, M. Malham, M. Heveder, P. Finney, J. Huber, S. Zloza, S. Naddy. MIDDLE ROW: Y. Rodriguez, M. Purevich, R. Petrites, J. Murfey, M. Ellman, C. Horvath, P. Bogner, J. Olivieri. BACK ROW: A. Morton, E. Zelinka, W. Grot, D. Marmor, J. Sullivan, M. Talian, L. Atzhorn, S. Weber. FRONT ROW: J. Gordon, S. Kramer, L. McTigue, S. Rattay, S. Hagerty, K. Kolakovich, S. Schultz. MIDDLE ROW: N. Kiel, C. Michalak, S. Dickerson, B. Smith, W. Jurdzy, M. Bucheck, M. Owen. BACK ROW: M. Poncsak, C. Marquette, M. Trinoskey, K. Vaughan, M. Wise, S. Campbell, N. Yesh. 88 Class of ’66 FRONT ROW: W. Brissette, J. Hap, C. Walla, J. Uskert, R. Manolo. MIDDLE ROW: D. Ladra, J. Crawford, J. Terek, P. Swan, R. Spingenberg, T. McGuire. BACK ROW: R. Galka, W. Saminski, D. Kotulak, E. Roberts, T. Bennett, M. Pavel, T. Ruggaber. FRONT ROW: J. Grobauskas, W. Klimek, C. Moles, C. Markovich, L. Casale. MIDDLE ROW: P. Kauziok, M. Krysak, J. Prieto, T. Schest, J. Burns. BACK ROW: T. Gonsiorowski, W. Ameling, R. Lee, M. McDonald, J. Mulligan, A. Holok. 89 Class of ’66 HR 128 FRONT ROW: M. Charpentier, J. Holzaphel, J. Pitchford, J. Shingler, C. Hein, P. Minier, S. Wirtz. MIDDLE ROW: M. Joganic, M. Ward, P. McKenzie, M. Kalinowski, S. Zakutansky, M. Sanders, L. Burns, M. Boric. BACK ROW: M. Ambrose, M. Randjelovic, M. Fedorchak, C. Rodgers, P. Magee, K. Markle, M. Reed. FRONT ROW: M. Oros, T. Prenizny, S. Kordys, P. Bartok, C. Duney, P. Tokarchuk. MIDDLE ROW: G. Koch, B. Gregorcyzk, J. Thomas, M. Gundy, S. Denny, D. Yaros, P. Spindler, M. Clifford. BACK ROW: P. Gajewski, P. Lunghoffer, P. Mulroe, L. Pauer, E. Noll, P. Howse, R. Unger. 90 Class of ’66 FRONT ROW: D. Burkart, J. Klein, J. Ambre, J. Mosley, R. Zborowski. MIDDLE ROW: M. Lazar, D. McDevitt, M, Scelsi, R. Candiano, J. Sumichrast, N. Tarullo, J. Babinscak. BACK ROW: P. Bender, S. Novina, J. Rouhselange, J. Shepitka, B. Mader, S. Jedynak, M. Kallok. 218 FRONT ROW: B. Brady, R. Glinski, R. Krol, R. Furto, A. Trapane. MIDDLE ROW: J. Sum, D. Crane, J. Collings, M. Midash, M Lachowicz, R. Paul, J. Dockus. BACK ROW: M. Peuquet, J.’Scecina, D. Grisselle, M. Herndon, G. Sperka, R. Haluska, J. Wiatrolik. 91 ACTIVITIES As builders of tradition, the students of Andrean High have cooperated with the administration to produce activities which aim. To develop fully the unique talents of each student. To allow students to participate in new and varied experiences, To complement and further classroom studies. Student Council " But everyone else has a Directory!!! " OFFICERS: E. Laskowski, Vice-President; P. Peuquet, President; H. De La Mora, Treasurer; M. Dougherty, Secretary. Since its beginning in 1959, the Andrean Student Council has been a " clearinghouse " for co-ordinating activities within the school. Its efforts have always been directed toward the development of Andrean students as Christian ladies and gentlemen, and the promotion of a closer harmony between faculty and students. Throughout the last year, Council pro- jects have ranged from publication of a Student Directory to the organization of a school-wide Mardi Gras. Dances sponsored by the Council in 1962-1963 included the Victory Ball and the Christmas Fantasy. In response to student wishes, they initiated an after school snack bar and sponsored weekly ice-skating parties. R. Kunske gives one of his many speeches at a Senate meeting of the Council. 94 The Andrean Society 1961-1962 FRONT ROW: E. Frawley, B. Slofkosky, K. Shapley, S. Frederick, M. Biros, J. Ryan, M. Krejci, M. Evan. MIDDLE ROW: B. Krebes, J. Williams, C. Fraser, N. Okleja, M. Schiesser, M. Foster, M. McDougall, E. Domsic, S. Fronczak, D. Meves, M. Guerre. BACK ROW: R. Yaros, M. Saxton, R. Kunske, D. Balutewicz, F. Narcowich, T. Eich, F. Evan. FRONT ROW: L. Naspinski, M. Boric, M. Beres, M. McGregor, L. Rasmusen, C. Bunch, S. Kopchik, J. Ambre. BACK ROW: F. McLaren W. Henderlong, M. Sabocik, J. Walker, E. Svetanoff, T. Halfman, J. Gutowski, T. Kotulak, J. Mellon, T. Pytynia. 96 The Forensic Society Fr. Lee conducts a group discussion concerning the new constitution and by-laws of the Society. 97 National Honor Society The National Honor Society was established at Andrean in December of 1962. The Chapter was named in honor of the Most Reverend George B. Flahiff, C.S.B., Archbishop of Winnepeg, because he is an outstanding example of the qualities of scholar- ship, character, leadership, and service - qualities which should be possessed by members of the Society. Archbishop Flahiff poses with Bishop Grutka in the main hall during a visit to Andrean. Fr. Burke presents E. Vukobratic with his certificate of membership in the N.H.S. A candle lighting ceremony preceded the initiation of members into the N.H.S. Here Sophomores L. Rasmusen and J. Walker look on while J. Gaski lights the candle of Service. Fr. Burke explains the parable of the talents to the student body. The entire Archbishop Flahiff Chapter of the National Honor Society assembled with Fr. Burke, Fr. Abend, and Sr. Miriam Michael after the initiation ceremony. Library Assistants The Catholic Associa- tion of Student Library As- sistants (CASLA) was es- tablished to help provide increased and improved li- brary service in the school. Under the guidance of Sister Emma, club members take care of all the non-professional library tasks-circulating, shelving, filing, and stamping books. Most of this work is done in the library after school or during the students free periods. Through mem- bership in the club stu- dents learn library rules and regulations, acquire an interest in books and people, and attend conven- tions in the area. Library assistants, M. Sohovich, L. Ferguson, K. Lasko, M. Kovesci, and B. Mesterharm, repair and classify material for circulation to the students. Our Lady of Good Council Sodality Our Lady of Good Council Soda- lity offers its members a Way of Life, .one designed to foster per- sonal sanctification and to promote apostolic labors. To help accom- plish these aims the Sodality spons- or projects such as a Thanksgiving food drive, Days of Recollection and the presentation of a play at Easter time. The members also participate in charitable and social events, including a Christmas card sale and skating party. SODALITY MODERATORS AND OFFICERS: Fr. Abend, Moderator; T. Councilor, Treas- urer; E. Svetanoff, President; M. Boric, Secretary; S. Albin, Vice President; Sr. Cyrilline, Moderator. Fr. Abend speaks at one of the Days of Recollection sponsored Sodalists enjoy their Christmas party, by the Sodality. At Christmas time the Sodalists conducted their annual food drive for the poor. Mission Society MISSION CLUB OFFICERS AND MODERATOR: J. Jankovich, Sec- retary; K. Manoski, President; Fr. Barry, Moderator; C. O ' Connor, Vice-President; and D. Ambrose, Treasurer. 101 Planning a page are K. Lasko, and M. McDougall, news editors, and T. Lessard and P. Hieke, makeup editors. The Acropolis ACROPOLIS ADVISOR AND EDITORS: R. DeLiberty, Sr. Alice, and M. McDougall. To give students training in re- sponsibility and leadership, to foster an interest in journalism, and to pro- vide a useful outlet for writing talent are the purposes of Andrean ' s school newspaper THE ACROPOLIS. Students gain experience in all phases of put- ting out the paper, .interviewing, re- porting, writing, editing, and layout. They also have the opportunity to attend and participate in journalism meetings and conventions. The history of THE ACROPOLIS dates back to 1959, the first year of Andrean ' s establishment. A staff of freshmen under the direction of Sister Alice produced a four-page mimeographed copy. The paper is now printed and distributed seven times a year by the Journalism Class and the ACROPOLIS staff. 1 02 Members of the editorial board discuss the many ways available for presenting a problem and solving it. Shown working are: S. Fronczak, P. Phelps, E. Pasko, M. Huseman, E. Domsic, and H. Lee. R. Mayer and J. Gamier, exchange editors, are busily addressing envelopes as J. Yovanovich, circulation manager for the ACROPOLIS, and F. McLaren look on. T. Venturella and D. Gall ion, the artists of the ACROPOLIS, check the typing of L. Misevich and M. Horner. Interviewing Bishop Grutka after his re- turn in December from the Ecumenical Council are student reporters M. McDougall and K. Laskofrom Andrean, with other reporters from Bishop Noll and St. Mary ' s. The Decussata J. Lynch and S. Frederick examine the patron cards with K. Krebes, business manager. EDITORS: S. Frederick and J. Lynch. M. Russell, J. Ryan, K. Fransioli, A. Le Claire, D. Backe, R. Mayer, J. Bobin, and E. Beluschak, members of the staff select activity pictures for print. 104 PART OF THE DECUSSATA STAFF: C. Fraser, J. Walsh, K. Shapley, K. Lasko, J. Buchek, D. Gallion, and F. McLaren sort faculty pictures for the yearbook. ABSENT: Artist T. Venturella. Quill and Scroll FRONT ROW: S. Frederick, H. Lauerman, H. Lee. BACK ROW: J. Ryan, D. Petkus, D. Backe, K. Fransioli. 10s Fine Arts Day Originating in 1961, as the culmination of a summer reading program, the Fine Arts Day was an attempt made by Sister Miriam Michael and participants in the program to further interest in the arts among Andrean students. Be- cause of its success in the previous year, the Fine Arts Day was again held, with " Fine Arts and the Modern Youth " as its theme. Informal talks on literature, art, and music, given by prominent speakers, plus a scene from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, presented by the Drama Club under direction of Fr. McKinnon, highlighted the day’s program. S. Frederick, chairman of the Fine Arts Day Committee, chats with Sister Alice, one of the originators of the Day, and Miss Eva Sedlak, a speaker. Mr. Billick points out to R. Fisher and L. Newcomb the unusual dolls on display at Fine Arts Day. 106 Professor John Howett of Notre Dame illustrat- ed his art lecture with slides. Some parents attending Fine Arts Day glance at the art work of Ken Mayner. The Andrean Historical Society HISTORICAL SOCIETY ADVISOR AND OFFICERS: Sr. Evangela, Moderator; E. Frawley, President; T. Trapane, Vice-President; D. Dudash, Secretary; C. Hysong, Treasurer; and M. McDougall, Historian. 107 Future Scientists of America Although this was the first year Andrean ' s Chapter of the F.S.A. was in operation, the members lost no time in sparking activities. Under the direction of Mr. Daniel J. Dyman the Club elected officers and drafted a constitution. The purpose of the Club is to incorporate the various science clubs into one unit. Students interested in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics are encouraged to work on various projects. All proj- ects are then entered in the annual Science Fair held in the spring. F.S.A. OFFICERS: I. Ganas, Secretary; L. Regal, Vice-President; O. Burley, Treasurer; R. Yaros, President. Chemistry Club Members of the Chemistry Club meet after school to try new and different experiments. T. Stephan, R. Larkin, I. Ganas, J. Kielman, M. Saxton, Fr. Burns, Moderator; G. Thurn, L. Regal, P. Stevenson, O. Burley, A. Menzie, J. Mirro, D. Boyle, R. Yaros. 1 08 Biology Club members prepare their projects for the Science Fair. Junior biologists explore the world of micro-organisms and bacteria. Mary Kalousek shows the techniques she used when working on her embryology project. 109 Future Flomemakers of America Mrs. Kaprak manages to keep her smile through a hectic evening of work. Strictly for women is the F.H.A. initiated at Andrean in February, 1 961 . The purpose of the organization, in the field of home- making, is to help individuals improve personal, family, and community life. This year the Chapter had the privilege of playing host to a fall District Meeting. Some other projects included distributing Christmas stockings to orphans and making seasonal favors for the old folks ' homes. A Christmas Party, Mother and Daughter Tea, Daddy- Date Night, and a spring style show in which the " models " displayed their dressmaking ability, were among the social events sponsored by the group. Dianne Kaprak and Barb Spicer, Andrean F. H. A. officers, pose with district officers at fall District meeting. Mrs. Kalousek finds receptive ears for her speech on In order to produce a perfect crust, one must Democracy at the Mother-Daughter Tea. have a white thumb! i to Sister Daniel, Moderator; K. Janiczek, Recreational Leader; J. Gamier, Treasurer; E. Beluschak, Vice-President; D. Kaprak, President; C. Klotz, Secretary; B. Spicer, Reporter; Mrs. R. Kaprak, Chapter Mother. STANDING: B. Kolczak, Historian; H. Kish, Parliamentarian; C. Vician, Projects Chairman. Math Club M. Krejci, Treasurer; G. Pyke, Vice-President; R. De Liberty, President; N. Okleja, Secretary. Sister Innocenta moderates the Math Club. 1 1 1 Future Business Club Members of the Business Club watch as P. Vahary and I. Dreyovich examine the new electric typewriters. FBC officers: G. Wolf, Treasurer; H. Mocan, Vice-Pres- ident; K. Janiczek, President; B. Kolczak, Secretary. Radio Club Members of the Radio Club try to contact Radio Moscow on the crystal set they built. R. Paul, E. Guerre, J. Sokit, Fr. Kline, Moderator; L. Brunansky, F. Scott, K. Rattay. SEATED: R. Krol. » 12 Latin Club Sister Huberts and the Latin Club display some of their projects. Many of these works were exhibited at the annual Latin Conference held this year at Horace Mann High School. The Club ' s officers are B. Slofkosky, President; B. Durkott, Vice-President; J. Slofkosky, Secretary; and P. Hush, Treasurer. Spanish Club SEATED: P. Lennertz, L. Napinski, P. Bartley, K. Bazin. STANDING: D. Mako, A. Ayala, J. Pruzin, J. Anton, Sister M. Jane, Moderator; J. Bobin, S. Regan. 1 13 Mr. W. Clifford, President; Mrs. A. Grecco, Corresponding Secretary; Mr. C. Connors, Treasurer; Fr. B. Regan, Moderator; Mrs. D. Shafer, Recording Secretary; Mrs. J. Harrington, Vice-President; Mrs. F. Fransioli, Financial Secretary; Mr. J. Foley, Vice-President; Mr. H. Malham, Program Chair- man. Parents Club The Andrean Parents Club, organized in 1960, has a twofold purpose: to enable parents to get to know each other better; and to offer assistance to the admin- istration for improving school facilities. Last year ' s social events raised funds for draperies for the cafeteria and several classrooms. This year, the pro- ceeds of the style show and card party, the cabaret dances, and the Sports Night, enabled the Club to completely outfit the stage with curtains, lights and sound equip- ment. The parents enjoy some coffee and conversation after a Parents Club meeting. 1 14 REV. JOSEPH MOFFATT, MR. CRUZ VELASCO C s.B. Director of the Band Director of the Music Department SITTING: B. Bajgrowicz, Librarian; P. Smith Senior Librarian; L. Newcomb, Vice-President. STANDING: J. Miskuf, Presi- dent; J. Caravana, Manager. Since its founding, Andrean High School has endeavored to develop, often very successfully, its own distinctive tradition in the arts. Adding to and con- tinuing in this fine tradition is the Music Department, comprised of instrumental and vocal groups. Besides maintaining a high standard, this department realizes the important role it plays in the forma- tion of the attitudes of the student body toward the fine arts in general and music in particular. Today, more than ever, people are beginning to see the importance of music in the whole man. They are beginning to see the fine art of music as a part of the development of man as an artist. It is the purpose of the Andrean Music Department to help develop its members into artists who will sing, in their own musical way, the praises of creation. The Band Boosters take a break from their job of encouraging the Band 115 CLARINETS BACK ROW: G. Eckels, D. Korus, J. Rajsich, R. Kovesci, J. Petrovich. MIDDLE ROW: S. Pavicich, E. Mankey, R. Moles, C. Carter. FRONT ROW: N. Ballan, G. Mentzel, C. Kundich. FLUTES-OBOE: W. Palmer, T. Meszaros, P. Smith. Andrean TRUMPETS: B. Ardell, L. Casale, M. Kovesci, G. Enrico, P. Hnat, B. Springenberg. ABSENT: J. Kieffer. BARITONE-TROMBONES: J. Caravana, D. Graham, B. Bailey, D. Hand, D. Flowers. 116 Band FRENCH HORNS: P. Maza, M. Dunajski, B. Bajgrowicz, D. Marsden. SAXOPHONES BACK ROW: T. Shebat, J. Miskuf, B. Kallok. MIDDLE ROW: P. Smith, L. Gusc, E. Bickel, D. Enrico. FRONT ROW: B. Dingee, J. Basile, J. Mayersky. PERCUSSION BACK ROW: J. Bodnar, T. Jones, J. BASS-TYMPANI: M. Lewis, M. Tilka, T. Zapinski. Zabrowski, K. Gruszka. FRONT ROW: L. Newcomb, S. Smith, L. Lorenzo. 1 17 Choral BOTTOM ROW: B. Shetak, pianist; L. Horvath, K. Haas, C. Zarik, E. Sulich, P. Whitten, S. Regan, S. Ahern, D. Meves, K. Gavin. MIDDLE ROW: L. Mellon, S. Kolas, M. Pranis, J. Wardell, M. Walter, E. Kometz, L. Vendramin, K. Gregoline, L. Uskert, L. Ford, H. Bojarski. TOP ROW: M. Loyce, S. Ameling, A. Purcell, S. Albin, E. Ivey, E. Yaros, J. Jolley, E. Dominick, M. Monroe, B. Noll, D. Forszt. SIDE: Officers, E. Kometz, Librarian; K. Manoski, Vice-President; J. Murphy, President; C. Smith, Librarian. BOTTOM ROW: E. Sobas, M. Grillo, J. Jensen, J. Caravana, T. Rizzo, K. Gerasimovich, C. Kralis, D. Kalina. SECOND ROW: D. Sebo, K. Manoski, J. Coggins, T. Murfey, K. Mayner, J. Anton, K. Zajdel, N. Matthews. THIRD ROW: M. Kisylia, J. Novotny, F. Aragon, F. Narcavich, C. Smith, D. Bajgrowicz, C. Kirk. TOP ROW: J. Labus, T. Bukowski, T. Kuleck, J. Murphy, L. Preston, D. Gundy. ns DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS: S. Albin, Vice-President; J. Durkott, President; J. Higgins, Treasurer; and S. Nash, Secretary. Drama Club The Drama Club, under the direction of Father Robert McKinnon, has pledged itself to pro- viding wholesome and enjoyable en- tertainment. Its first presentation, given at the second annual Fine Arts Day, an excerpt from Harper Lee ' s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, was a promise of greater things to come. The Club ' s first major production, Thornton Wilder ' s OUR TOWN, dis- played Andrean ' s theatrical talent. To climax the year ' s endeavors, the members captivated their audiences with Meredith Willson ' s THE MUSIC MAN. Our Town Stage Manager Emily Webb . George Gibbs Dr. Gibbs Mrs. Gibbs Mr. Webb Mrs. Webb Simon Stimson . . T. Murfey M. Holowaty . J. Higgins . J. Durkott . . S. Nash . R. Kunske M. Wasileski E. Pasko 119 Harold Hill J. Durkott Marian Paroo ... C. O ' Connor Mrs. Paroo K. Haas Amaryllis .... M. B. Fusello Winthrop Paroo ... M. Pudlow Mayor Shinn .... J. Petrovich Eulalie Shinn .... A. Purcell Zaneeta Shinn .... I. Ganas Tommy Djilas .... T. Rizzo Marcellus Washburn J. Caravana Quartet . . L. Preston, J. Rodgers, J. Murphy, M. Tilka The girls in Booster Club form an " A " as they cheer in their new red and gold pep tops. Booster Club BOOSTER CLUB OFFICERS: M. Kalicki, President; K. Manoski, Vice-President; L. Pawloski, Secretary; and D. Charpentier, Treasurer. 122 V ' 1 ' ■ Toni, Cathy, Bobbie, Eileen, and Mary Ann pose with Coach Dornbos’ little ones, David and Mary Ann, who helped with the crowning ceremony. Miss Andrean Shown with their escorts for the evening are the Miss Andrean candidates Claudine Tonello and Phillip Sawyer, Catherine O ' Connor and Robert Dunn, Barbara Lazzaro and Steve Korhel, Eileen Laskowski and John Randjelovic, Mary Ann Guerre and Robert Fisher. 123 ATHLETICS During Andrean’s first four seasons of athletic competition, sporting events have served to-- discipline the body as well as the mind, strengthen the essential quality of self-sacrifice, nourish the spirit of competition and good sportsmanship. Football MR. RICHARD DORNBOS Athletic Director and Head Coach FR. JOHN FARRELL, C.S.B. Executive Director of Athletics FIRST ROW: D. McGuire, A. Beckman, A. Kisylia, T. Smith, J. Novotny, T. Franko, D. Marino, H. Noonan, R. Muir, D. Mills, L. Levenda, G. Becker, E. Vukobratic, T. Bukowski. SECOND ROW: F. Mayhew, M. Cerjeski, D. Koval, J. Hysong, S. Lustina, W. Dainton, R. Roppolo, R. Corbeille, J. Anton, R. Kallok, R. Sramek, D. Cleland, J. Hysong, M. Markovich, J. Grecco, J. Burke, S. Cooper. THIRD ROW: L. Sedlak, S. Pawlicki, J. Bunsich, E. Papp, M. Keles, D. Panozzo, J. VanEpps, J. Coachys, K. Foley, C. Connors, A. Pazak, T. Bilunas, R. Stackert, J. Dudak, P. Mlechick, J. Carava, Mr. Andrew Kirk, head trainer. FOURTH ROW: Coach R. Lincolnhol, Rev. J. Farrell, Coach R. Dornbos. Fans display mixed emotions at Andrean ' s first homecoming game against Merrillville. In Andrean ' s second year of varsity football, each game was faced with the skill, vigor, and enthusiasm that left us with a 7-3 season. During one winning streak that spanned two seasons, the Fighting 59ers gained nine consecutive victories. Two of our seven victories were over Froebel and Merrillville, while the teams that beat us were the out- standing Hobart, South Bend Central, and Calumet squads. DREAN OPP. 13 Chesterton 6 14 Gary Froebel 7 20 Wheaton St. Francis 7 16 River Forest 13 7 Hobart 21 14 Muskegon Catholic 6 81 Chicago Hgts. Marian 6 0 South Bend Central 35 27 Merrillville 7 12 Gary Calumet 20 127 129 Cleland sidesteps Pirate tacklers. It ' s a gruelling battle, Dave! Marino chalks up another T.D. Sophomore Reserve Football FRONT ROW: T. Kotulak, G. Vassil, T. Rizzo, B. Matunas, B. Pauer, J. Bartolomeo, J. Cortese, J. Burley. MIDDLE ROW: Fr. Sohn, coach; C. Zygmunt, J. Lauerman, mgrs.; J. Rajsich, P. Larko, J. Quade, J. Gutowski, T. Bailey, J. Syzmanski. BACK ROW: J. Novina, T. Fitzgerald, H. Dombrowski, M. Cindric, P. Lee, T. Vince, S. Krysa, D. Pszonka, J. Walker, J. Gaza. Freshman Footbal 130 FRONT ROW: J. Babinscak, J. Goszewski, D. Graden, M. Lewis, B. Kelley, B. Coggins, C. Markovich, N Shiralli, E. Guerre. MiDDLE ROW: D. Stinson, W. Kuchar, S. Novina, T. Bennett, T. Rykovich, J. Morgan, D. Warnek, J. Sokit, M. Herndon, B. Bailey. BACK ROW: J. Grabek, J. Brodnar, D. Mastey, R. VnccM-f A A H 2 1 ?! c 1 ' . M v Pavo1 ’ D - Mlechik - M - Kallok, B. Eich, P. Sala, G. Burwinkel, N. Crnkovich, coach. AtShbNl: B. Balikir, B. Persin, J. Crago, H. Spicer, R. Kazmerski, B. Levenda, B. Walla, J. Regan, F. Valtterra, B. Bara, S. Pawlicki, Mr. Billich, coach. 6 Cross-Country FIRST ROW: R. Schenher, J. Rogers, E. Kasper. SECOND ROW: T. Fitzgerald, W. Wisniewski, J. Rickman. ANDRE AN OPP. 25 Mich. City St. Mary ' s 31 32 River Forest 23 23 Wheeler 32 32 Wheaton St. Francis 23 42 River Forest 18 33 Griffith 22 40 Merrillville 23 24 Hebron 31 26 Liberty Township 31 94 Mich. City St. Mary ' s 44 24 Dyer 33 18 East Gary 40 Fr. Kinsky, coach, presents Ron Schenher with an award. 131 Varsity Cheerleaders J. Janjecic, M. Guerre, B. Lazzaro, J. Glover, B. Wiedemann. Following the teams through victory and defeat, the cheerleaders raised the school spirit to an all time high. It was evident in the girls ' coordination and unparalleled tech- nique that many hours had been spent in practice and hard work. Under the supervision of Mrs. Rogovich, the girls developed within them- selves the skills for arousing the spirit that has made our school outstanding in athletic events. Not only was the varsity represented, but the reserve and freshman cheer- leaders also led their teams on to victory. 132 MRS. D. ROGOVICH Director of Cheerleaders Reserve Cheerleaders D. Guzik, J. Valenti, M. Guerre, H. Krebes, P. Markey, K, Gerasimovich, Freshman Cheerleaders J. Kerlin, E. Burke, S. Smith, D. Clark, C. Ramirez, J. Terlicher. 1 33 vHOREx KHOREXa ' OREX ksdrex . V»ORE ( RHDRE4 V OREX j OREXX v ORE SFr n ?nw J p-Jh andj c l0Vi u D M - c Ce r jesk f. J - Coachys, T. Wozniak, T. Fitzgerald, R. Schener. SEClONp ROW: Father Farrell, R. Stackert, D. Panozzo, M. Chelap, D. Pszonka, J. Gravenstreeter, Coach R. Dornbos. 134 Varsity Basketball Despite their lack of height and com- parative inexperience, the basketball team produced a surprisingly good record of 10-10. Our team placed third in our own holiday tourney, avenging their defeat by trouncing River Forest later in the season. The first part of the season was marked by a string of losses, but the 59ers proved themselves by displaying impressive victories against Muskegon, Michigan City St. Mary’s, and DeMotte in the second half of the schedule. Highlighting the Michigan City St. Mary ' s game, Dan Pszonka set the Andrean gym scoring record by chalking up 34 points. Combining enthusiasm with skill, the fighting 59er basketball team met each game with the determination to win which made them a truly great squad. ANDREAN OPP. 54 Edison 77 51 E. Gary Edison 57 50 Chicago Carver 59 56 Wheaton St. Francis 37 47 Hobart 65 64 Muskegon Catholic 59 62 Hammond Gavit 56 60 River Forest 71 66 Mich. City St. Mary ' s 63 61 Rolling Prarie 59 49 South Bend St. Joseph ' s 72 43 Boone Grove 44 64 Mich City St. Mary ' s 53 63 DeMotte 55 56 Calumet 70 62 Wheeler 51 59 Chicago Hgts. Marian 71 49 Wheatfield 46 49 River Forest 45 67 Hebron 69 Cerjeski raises the score. Jump, Mike, Jump! fjj m Stackert jumps high for a rebound. " Ernie made a basket just like that. " 136 " Hey, what ' s everybody looking at? " Cerjeski scores again. 1 37 FRONT ROW: J. McDonald, R. Jacobs, J. Burke, B. Bara, T. Fitzgerald, R. Erdelac, J. Ladra. BACK ROW: J. Kuchta, J. Gutowski, A. Vince, S. Pawlicki, D. Pszonka, S. Burkus, D. Koznicki, T. Bilunas, Fr. O ' Halloran. Reserve Basketball DREAN OPP. The future members of the 33 Edison 29 Andrean varsity had a good 44 E. Gary Edison 43 season. They proved very ag- 33 Chicago Carver 31 gressive and posted a 13-7 won 33 Wheaton St. Francis 61 and lost record. Father 32 Hobart 30 O ' Halloran coached the team and 30 Hammond Gavit 35 showed them the basic funda- 39 South Bend St. Joseph ' s 52 mentals of the game. 44 Boone Grove 24 29 Mich. City St. Mary ' s 38 41 DeMotte 29 35 Calumet 31 46 Wheeler 19 39 Wheatfield 38 39 Chicago Hgts. Marian 31 23 River Forest 34 55 Hebron 56 138 FRONT ROW: C. Harding, W. Coggins, D. Stinson, L. Martinez, D. Ladra. BACK ROW: J. LaHaie, Manager, T. Rykovich, T. Bennett, D. Grisselle, A. Holok, D. Nagdeman, Mr. N. Crnkovich, Coach. Freshman Basketball FRONT ROW: D. Burkhart, J. Shaefer, R. Nagdeman, L. Cook, W. Kuchar, J. Rickman. BACK ROW: J. LaHaie, Manager; R. Candiano, T. Zaberdac, L. West, W. Eich, L. Kupchik, D. Warner, Mr. M. Wesley, C.S.B., Assistant Coach. 139 Varsity Wrestling FRONT ROW: C. Moles, M. Shimko, G. Vassil, H. Spicer. MIDDLE ROW: J. Burley, S. Lustina, R. Bauner, D. Cleland, J. Dudak. BACK ROW: T. Banas, W. Wisniewski, W. Dainton, P. Jensen, Coach Lincolnhol. Reserve Wrestling FRONT ROW: W. Brissette, J. Stephanovich, T. Jones, W. Ameling, T. Gonsiorowski, R. Manalo, J. Monacy. MIDDLE ROW: M. Selsi, F. Swiggon, M. Lewis, T. Frawley, R. Beeching, D. Franz, R. Kelley. BACK ROW: P. Lee, M. Pavel, L. Leininger, M. Kallok, J. Bartolomeo, D. Wellman, A. Kyslia. Swimming Team FRONT ROW: W. Clifford, J. Kieffer, J. Higgins, F. Lintner, G. Jensen, T. Cooper, T. Kerlin. MIDDLE ROW: C. Fraley, F. Fraley, T. Gramals, M. Marasco, W. Brady, C. O ' Neill, D. Proctor. BACK ROW: T. Burdick, P. Sur, T. Matthews, W. Monahan, J. Crawford, K. Lissey. Varsity Track FRONT ROW: T. Banas, D. Marino, J. Novotny, J. Rogers. MIDDLE ROW: G. Kaminski, T. Ebersberger, T. Franko, H. Pankiw. BACK ROW: H. Noonan, R. Corbeille, S. Korhel, A. Kysilia. Reserve Track FRONT ROW: C. Hagenhuber, J. Lauerman, J. Cortese, J. Uskert. MIDDLE ROW: R. Hermes, D. Wellman, J. Bartolomeo, J. Quade, V. Bobin. BACK ROW: J. Novina, J. Dudak, T. Rizzo, C. Sable, R. Kazmerski, D. Proctor. 142 Golf The golf squad had a very impressive record last year of 14 victories and only 4 defeats. The team produced a season worthy of professionals, and with such a perform- ance looked forward to an even better one this year. D. Gregoline, D. Koznicki, J. Rurode, T. Rzepka, F. Narcowich, Fr. O ' Halloran. Senior Letterman FRONT ROW: G. Kamniski, T. Bukowski, H. Noonan, B. Scramek, D. Pszonka, M. Chelap, R. Kallok, J. Higgins, Coach, R. Dornbos. MIDDLE ROW: J. Novotony, E. Menzie, J. Randjelovic, R. Corbeille, J. Rogers, D. Marino. BACK ROW: T. Franko, A. Kyslia, E. Vukobratic, J. Klemek, A. Beckmann, B. Muir, L. Levenda. 143 SEATED: K. Settle, L. Uskert, J. Piazza, J. Gamier. STANDING: K. Gregoline, M. Celenica, K. Manoski, M. Zajdel, B. Roszkowski, J. Lynn, M. Rykovich. G.A.A. Andrean ' s athletic program not only devotes its attention to the boys, but also provides various activities for the girls, TheGirls ' Athletic Association was in- troduced in to Andrean in 1961, and ever since, has pro- vided a basic program of girls ' intramural sport com- petition. The girls may partic- ipate in a number of activ- ities such as volleyball, wallball, basketball, ping- pong, bowling, and badmin- ton. 144 G.A.A. BASKETBALL CHAMPS FRONT ROW: K. Manoski, M. A. Guerre, C. O ' Connor. BACK ROW: M. Zajdel, M. Mazeikas, N. Drag, M. Stanzione, T. Tonello, J. Ryan. 145 FRESHMAN INTRAMURAL CHAMPS FRONT ROW: N. Turillo, D. Nagdeman, D. Kotulak, F. Swigon, K. Sowney, T. Faberdac, J. Brodner. BACK ROW: Fr. Lynch, B. Springenberg, B. Manalo, R. Nagdeman, T. Gonsiorowski, D. Koch ran, G. Boehmer, B. Kelley, Fr. Kline. Intramurals Supervised by Mr. Sharp and Mr. Wesley, the intra- mural sports constitute a basic part of Andrean ' s life. To many boys, intramurals provide an opportunity to bal- ance scholastic work with re- creation. The class compet- ition is an outlet for energy and is marked by keen com- petition and sportsmanship. The general aim of the intramural program is to attract sports lovers to a schedule of football and basketball which will appeal to everyone. It also provides an opportunity for all boys to participate in Andrean ' s sports, and enjoy the physical benefits of them. MR. SHARP and MR. WESLEY, coaches. 146 SENIOR BASKETBALL CHAMPS FRONT ROW: D. Flowers, E, Kacerski, J. Villarreal, J. Menzie. BACK ROW: R. Muir, G. Becker, R. Dunn, E. Massa. FR ONT ROW: D. Chieply, F. Valtierra. BACK ROW: M. Sabocik, W. Walla, D. Hand, J. Sinnott. Senior Directory ADAMS, BOB Holy Trinity Basketball 3,4; X -Country 3; Intra- murals 2. AHERN, SHARON St. Francis Xavier Booster Club 3,4; Choral 2,4; FBLA 4; FHA 2; GAA 3,4. ALBIN, SUE St. Luke Acropolis 1,2; Choral 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; Latin Club 2; Sodality 3,4; Student Council 2 Sec. , 3 Vice-Pres. ; Andrean Society 1; Honor Roll 2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4; Gary Optimist Citiz. Award 2,3. AMBROSE, DENNIS SS. Peter Paul Football 2; Missions 4; Track 2. ANDERSON, BILL St. Mark Football 1; Intramurals 2,3,4. AMELING, JOHN SS. Peter Paul Biology 2; Sodality 3; Radio Club 2,3,4; Track 2; Intramurals 2,3. ANTON, JERRY St. Mark Basketball 2; Choral 3,4; Football 1,2,3; Spanish Club 4; Track 2; Intramurals 3,4; Latin Award 1. BACKE, DAVE SS. Peter Paul Acropolis 1,2, 3, 4; Decussata 4; Drama Club 4; Sodality 3; Quill Scroll 3,4; Intramurals 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Golf 3; Natl. Honor Society 4. BAJGROWICZ, DENNIS St. Hedwig Cheerleader 4; Choral 2,3,4; Li- brary Asst. 2; Sodality 4; Intra- murals 2,3. B ALLAN, NANCY Holy Family Band 2,3,4; Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3; GAA 3; Sodality 3; Honor Roll 3. BALUTEWICZ, DENNIS Holy Angels Student Council 1; Andrean Society 1,2; Latin Award 3; Natl. Honor Society 4; Missions 3; Natl. Merit Recognition 4; Joe Berg 4. BANAS, TOM Sacred Heart Basketball 2; X-Country 4; Football 1,2,3; Track 2,3; Wrestling 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. BARBICK, JIM St. Joseph Missions 2; Intramurals 2,3. BECKER, GARY St. Mary Band 3; Basketball 3; Biology Club 3; Chemistry Club 3; Football 4; French Club 3; Physics Club 4; Track 3; Intramurals 2,4. BECKMANN, ARTHUR St. Mary Biology Club 4; Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3; Wrestling 3; Intramurals 2,3,4. BECKMANN, LORRAINE St. Mary French Club 3; FHA 3,4. BELUSCHAK, ELAINE St. Emeric Decussata 4; Booster Club 3; FBLA 4; FHA 3,4; GAA 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3. BICKEL, ELAINE SS. Peter Paul Band 2,3,4; Debate Club 2; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 3. BIELFELDT, DENNIS St. Mark Acropolis 1; Football 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. BIROS, MARY ANN St. Luke Acropolis 2; Booster Club 3; Cheer- leader 3; Drama Club 4; French Club 3; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Missions 2; Andrean Society 1,2,3; Latin Award 2; Joe Berg 3. BLADEK, ALAN St. Casimir Chemistry Club 3; Football 2; Honor Roll 1,3. BOB IN, JOLANN SS. Peter Paul Decussata 4; Biology Club 2; Drama Club 4; Forensics 3; Latin Club 2; Library Asst. 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. BOISVERT, ANDREA St. Mark Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3; Drama Club 4; French Club 3; GAA 3; Latin Club 2; Library Asst. 2. BOONE, JOHN Holy Angels Intramurals 3. BROWN, LARRY Holy Rosary Acropolis 2; Biology Club 2; Choral Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; Intra- murals 2. BUCHEK, JUDY St. Mark Acropolis 1,2; Booster Club 3,4; Chemistry Club 3; Decussata 4; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Andrean Society 1,2; Honor Roll 3; Natl. Honor Soc. 4. BUDNER, CHRISTINE St. Hedwig French Club 3; FBLA 4; FHA 2,4. BUKOWSKI, TOM Holy Family Choral 2,4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 2; Wrestling 3; Intramurals 2,3,4. BUMBERA, IRENE St. Francis Xavier FBLA 4; FHA 2. BYSIEK, RON Assumption B.V.M. Football 1. CARAVANA, JERRY St. Mark Band 2,3,4; Basketball 3,4; Choral 4; Drama Club 4; Football 2,3,4; Missions 2; Intramurals 3. CASTOR, LARRY St. Joseph Acropolis 1; Intramurals 2,3,4. CHELAP, MIKE St. Mark Basketball 2,3,4; X-Country 3; Mis- sions 3; Spanish Club 4; Student Council 1,3; Track 2,3; Lettermen Club 3,4; Latin Award 1; Natl. Honor Society 4; Honor Roll 1. CHERRY, SUE St. Michael Biology Club 3; Drama Club 4; GAA 3; Library Asst. 2. COGGINS, JOHN Holy Angels Choral 2,3,4; Missions 2,4; Spanish Club 4; Track 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1. CORBEILLE, RON SS. Peter Paul DAHLSTROM, EDDIE St. Francis Xavier Band 2; Library Asst. 4; Intra- murals 2. DINGEE, BILL Assumption B.V.M. Acropolis 1; Band 2,3,4; Intramurals 2; Andrean Society 1,2; Honor Roll 3. DITTY, KATHY St. Mark Booster Club 4; Cheerleader 3; FHA 3; GAA 4. DORSEY, ERNIE St. Monica Basketball 2,3,4; X-Country 3,4; Radio Club 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Track 2,3,4. DRAG, NANCY St. Mary of the Lake Booster Club 3; Drama Club 4; FHA 1 46 3; GAA 3,4. DREYOVICH, IRENE St. Francis Xavier Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3,4; FBLA 4; GAA 3; Library Asst. 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3. DUNN, BOB St. Mark Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 3; Choral 2; Math Club 3; Physics Club 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2,3. EARL, MARY St. Mark Biology Club 3; Booster Club 3,4; FBLA 3,4; FHA 2; GAA 4; Library Asst. 2. ECKELS, GUY St. Mary of the Lake Band 2,3,4; Chemistry Club 3; Honor Roll 1,3; Andrean Society 2; Natl. Honor Society 4. EICH, TERRY SS. Peter Paul Biology Club 2; Intramurals 2,3; Golf 2; Andrean Society 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. ELLIOTT, SHARON St. Mary of the Lake FBLA 4; GAA 3; Honor Roll 1. ENG, CAROL SUE St. Mary of the Lake Biology Club 3; Booster Club 3,4; FBLA 3,4; FHA 2; GAA 4; Library Asst. 2. EVAN, MARGIE St. Luke Acropolis 2; Choral 2; Drama Club 4; GAA 4; Latin Club 2; Andrean Society 1,2,3; Latin Award 2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. FAGEN, TOM St. Mark Acropolis 1; Football 2; Track 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. FALATIC, MIKE St. Joseph Track 2. FERNANDEZ, RICH St. Casimir Acropolis 3; Biology Club 4. FILAR, WALTER St. Hedwig FISHER, BOB Holy Angels Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 3; Drama Club 4; Forensics 2; Student Council 3,4; Senior Class Treas- urer; Track 2; Intramurals 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. FLOWERS, DAVID St. Monica Band 2,3,4; Track 3; Intramurals 2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. FORSZT, DEDE St. Hedwig Choral 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; FHA 2,3; GAA 3,4; Student Council 4. FRANKO, TOM Holy Trinity Acropolis 1; Band 1,2; Basketball 2; Drama Club 4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 1,2; Track 2,3; Wrestling 3; Intramurals 4; Honor Roll 1. FRANSIOLI, KATHY SS. Peter Paul Acropolis 1,2,3; Decussata 4; Booster Club 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Student Council 3; Honor Roll 1,3; French Club 3. FRANZ, VERNA St. Mary FHA 2,3,4. FRAWLEY, ELLEN St. Luke Acropolis 3; Chemistry Club 3; Historical Society 4; Andrean So- ciety 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4; Natl. Merit Recognition 4. FREDERICK, SHARON St. Francis Xavier Acropolis 1,2,3; Decussata 4; Latin Club 3; Sodality 3,4; Quill Si Scroll 3,4; Andrean Society 1,2,3; Gary Optimist Citiz. Award 3; Latin Award 1,2; Natl. Honor Society 4, Treasurer. FROEHLING, ELLEN SS. Peter 8i Paul Acropolis 1,2,3; Band 2; Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3; Drama Club 4; Latin Club 2; Library Asst. 3. FUNK, JERRY St. Mary of the Lake Missions 2,3; Track 2; Intramurals 2,3; Andrean Society 1; Honor Roll 2.3. GALLAGHER, KATHY Holy Angels Honor Roll 2. G ALLION, DENNIS Holy Angels Acropolis 1,2, 3, 4; Biology Club 2; Choral 2; Intramurals 2; Honor Roll 1.2.3. GARNIER, JANET St. Mary Acropolis 3; Booster Club 3,4; FHA 4; GAA 3,4. GARZA, BERTHA St. Mary of the Lake FBLA 4; Missions 4; Spanish Club 4. GAST, PAUL St. Paul Andrean Society 1; Honor Roll 2; Latin Award 3. GAYDOS, PEGGY Holy Rosary Debate Club 1,2; FBLA 3,4; GAA 3,4; Library Asst. 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3. GAZA, AGNES SS. Peter Paul Drama Club 4; Missions 4; Sodality 4. GIANNINI, PETE SS. Peter Paul Missions 4; Track 2. GLOVER, JAN St. Monica Booster Club 3,4; Cheerleader 2,4; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Latin Award 2; Natl. Honor Society 4. GOSPODAREK, JUDY St. Hedwig Booster Club 3,4; FHA 2,3; GAA 3,4; Majorette 3. GOSZEWSKI, RON St. Luke Acropolis 1; X-Country 3,4; Football 1,2; Missions 2; Track 3,4; Intra- murals 2,3,4. GRAYSTONE, BOB St. Mary of the Lake Track 2; Intramurals 2,3. GREGOLINE, KATHY St. Joseph Booster Club 3,4; Choral 2,4; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 1. GREGOLINE, MIKE St. Mark Debate Club 4; Football 2; Student Council 1,3, Pres.; Track 2; Intra- murals 2; Andrean Society 1; Gary Optimist Citiz. Award 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3; Latin Award 2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. GRGURICH, BILL St. Casimir Acropolis 1,2; Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 3; Football 2; Math Club 3; Intramurals 2,3. GRILLO, MARY JO St. Hedwig Acropolis 2; Biology Club 2; Choral 2,4; Drama Club 4; GAA 4; Student Council 2; Honor Roll 1,2. GROTHAUS, VICKI Holy Angels Biology Club 3; FHA 2,3,4; GAA 3. GUERRE, MARY ANN St. Mary of the Lake Acropolis 2; Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Andrean Society 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. HALASCHAK, PAT St. Emeric FBLA 4; FHA 3; Sodality 3. HALFMAN, JACKIE SS. Peter Paul Acropolis 1; Booster Club 3; Chem- istry Club 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3. HARRINGTON, JIM St. Bridget 149 Basketball 2; Football 2; Intra- murals 3,4. HAUBER, BILL St. Mary of the Lake Track 2,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. HAUSSMAN, BETSY SS. Peter Paul FBLA 4; Historical Society 4; Ho nor Roll 1,2. HECKLER, DENNIS St. Mary of the Lake X-Country 3; Student Council 2; Intramurals 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Latin Award 2. HEILSTEDT, KATHIE Holy Angels French Club 3; Latin Club 2. HENDRICKSON, JIM St. Mark Biology Club 2; Football 1; Physics Club 4; Track 2; Honor Roll 2. HIGGINS, JAY St. Mary of the Lake Acropolis 1; Biology Club 2; Drama Club 4; Football 1,2; Math Club 2; Student Council 4; Track 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. HILL, VICKI St. Mary of the Lake Band 2,3; Booster Club 3,4; FBLA 4; FHA 4; GAA 3,4; Missions 4. HNAT, PATRICIA St. Bridget Band 2,3,4; Booster Club 3; FHA 2; GAA 3. HUBBS, DARLENE St. Francis Xavier FBLA 4; FHA 2; GAA 3,4. HYSONG, BOB St. Mark Missions 3,4; Wrestling 3; Intra- murals 2,4. JANDA, JUDY St. Mark Booster Club 3,4; FBLA 4; FHA 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; Library Asst. 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Majorette 3,4; Latin Award 1. JANICZEK, KAREN Assumption B.V.M. Booster Club 4; FBLA 4; FHA 3,4; GAA 3; Library Asst. 2. JENSEN, JAN Blessed Sacrament Biology Club 2; Choral 4; Drama Club 4; FBLA 4; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Library Asst. 2; Missions 3; Sodality 4; Honor Roll 1; Natl. Honor Society 4. KACERSKI, ED St. Hedwig Missions 4; Intramurals 2,3,4. KALICKI, MICHELE St. Hedwig Booster Club 3,4; Choral 2; FBLA 4; GAA 3,4; Student Council 1,2; Honor Roll 1,2,3. KALINA, DOROTHY St. Francis Xavier Choral 2,3,4. KALLOK, RICH St. Michael Band 2,3,4; Chemistry Club 3; Foot- ball 4; Track 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor So- ciety 4. KAMINSKI, GARY Holy Family Choral 3; Football 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3. KAPRAK, DIANNE St. Mark Acropolis 2; Booster Club 3,4; Drama Club 4; French Club 3; FHA 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; Library Asst. 2; Majorette 3,4. KEEN, SUE St. Thomas More Biology Club 3; Booster Club 3,4; GAA 3,4; Missions 3. KIEFFER, JIM Holy Angels Band 2,3,4; Biology Club 2; X- Country 4; Swimming 3,4; Andrean Society 3; Honor Roll 1,2; Natl. Honor Society 4; Joe Berg 3,4. KISH, HELENE St. Emeric FHA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Library Asst. 2,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. KISYLIA, ANDY St. Mark Chemistry Club 3; Football 1,2, 3,4; Radio Club 2; Wrestling 3; Intra- murals 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Joe Berg 3,4. KLEMOW, ANNE St. Casimir KLIMEK, JOHN Blessed Sacrament Basketball 3; Intramurals 2,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3. KOCHIS, JAN SS. Peter Paul Acropolis 1,2; Biology Club 2; FHA 3; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3. KOLCZAK, BERNADETTE Assumption B.V.M. Booster Club 4; FBLA 4; FHA 3,4; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3. KOLCZAK, ED Holy Family Track 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. KOLOSCI, MARY St. Francis Xavier Band 2; FBLA 4; FHA 2,3. KOMETZ, ELAINE SS. Peter Paul Choral 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; FHA 2,3; GAA 3,4. KORHEL, STEVE SS. Peter Paul Football 3; Radio Club 3; Track 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. KORUS, RICH Holy Angels Band 2,3,4; X-Country 4; Track 2,4; Intramurals 2,4. KOSTELL, RICK St. Michael Acropolis 1; Biology Club 2; Honor Roll 3. KOWALCZYK, BOB St. Mark Biology Club 3; X-Country 3; Mis- sions 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. KOZIATEK, TOM St. Mark Biology Club 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. KRAL1S, CHRIS St. Mark Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3,4; Chemistry Club 3; Choral 4; Drama Club 4; Lati n Club 2; Missions 2; Honor Roll 1,2. KREBES, KAY SS. Peter Paul Acropolis 3,4; Decussata 4; Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3; GAA 3,4; Library Asst. 2; Honor Roll 1,2. KUNDICH, KEN St. Mark KUNSKE, RICH St. Mark Acropolis 1,2; Band 2,3; Biology Club 2; Drama Club 4; Chemistry Club 3; Coin Club 2; Forensics 1,2; Physics Club 4; Student Council 2 Treasurer, 4; Senior Class Presi- dent; Track 2; Intramurals 2; Andrean Society 2; Natl. Honor So- ciety 4. LABUS, JOHN St. Mark Acropolis 1; Choral 2,3,4; Physics Club 4; Intramurals 2,3,4. LACO, ED St. Francis Xavier Football 1; Missions 2. LASKO, KATHY St. Paul Acropolis 4; Decussata 4; Biology Club 2; Latin Club 2,3; Library Asst. 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2; Natl. Honor Society 4. LASKOWSKI, EILEEN St. Mark Acropolis 1,2; Booster Club 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 1; Student Council 4, Vice- Pres. LAUERMAN, HELEN SS. Peter Paul i so Acropolis 1,2,3; Biology Club 2,3; Booster Club 3,4; Choral 2; French Club 3; FHA 4; GAA 3,4; Missions 2,3; Quill Scroll 3,4; Student Council 3; Senior Class Secretary; Andrean Society 1,3; Honor Roll 2; Latin Award 2; Natl. Honor Society 4. LAW, CHARLES St. Monica LAZZARO, BOBBIE St. Mark Booster Club 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; Student Council 1, Vice- Pres. LECLAIRE, ANNETTE SS. Peter Paul Acropolis 1,2; Decussata 4; Biology Club 2,3; Booster Club 3,4; French Club 3; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Student Council 1 Sec., 2 Vice- Pres.; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. LEE, HELENA Holy Angels GAA 4; Missions 4; Natl. Honor Society 4. LEVENDA, LARRY St. Francis Xavier Football 1,2, 3, 4; Wrestling 3; Intra- murals 2,3. LOBO, LORI St. Mark Booster Club 3,4; FHA 2,3,4; GAA 4; Library Asst. 2; Missions 2; Honor Roll 1. LOVELACE, CAROL St. Bridget Acropolis 1,3; FBLA 3,4. LYNCH, JACK St. Joseph Decussata 4; Biology Club 2; Chem- istry Club 3; Football 2; Latin Club 2; Track 2; Intramurals 2. MALAK, DAVID Holy Family Band 2,3; Intramurals 2; Honor Roll 2,3. MANIAK, KEN St. Luke Acropolis 2; Biology Club 2; Chem- istry Club 3; Latin Club 2; Library Asst. 3; Intramurals 2,3. MANKEY, ED SS. Peter Paul Band 1,2, 3, 4; Track 2,4; Intramurals 2,3; Honor Roll 1. MANOSKI, KATHY St. Luke Booster Club 3,4; Choral 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; Missions 2,3,4; Student Council 1; Honor Roll 1; Natl. Honor So- ciety 4. MARINO, DALE Holy Angels Choral 2,3; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 1,2; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 3; Intramurals 2,3. MASSA, ED St. Mary of the Lake Basketball 2; Missions 3; Track 2; Intramurals 3,4. MATTHEWS, TOM Holy Angels Choral 2; Intramurals 2,3; Swim- ming 2,3,4. MAYER, ROBIN St. Michael Acropolis 1,4; Biology Club 2; Debate Club 1,2, 3, 4; GAA 3; Latin Club 2; Sodality 3,4. MAYERSKY, JIM St. Michael Band 2,3,4; Track 2; Intramurals 2.3. MAYHEW, FRANK St. Joseph Basketball 2; Biology Club 2; Foot- ball 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Honor Roll 2. MAYNER, KEN St. Francis Xavier Choral 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; Mis- sions 3; Sodality 4; Spanish Club 4; Honor Roll 3,4. MAZA, PAULINE St. Francis Xavier Band 2,3,4; FBLA 4; FHA 2,3. MAZEIKAS, MARGIE SS. Peter Paul Acropolis 1,2; GAA 4; Latin Club 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3. MAZUR, JERRY St. Hedwig Band 2,3; Radio Club 2; Physics Club 4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3. McGUIRE, DAN St. Mark Basketball 2; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Track 2,3; Intramurals 3,4; Honor Roll 1.2.3. McIntyre, mike S t. Bridget X-Country 3; Football 2; Intra- murals 2,3,4. MENZIE, ED St. Joseph MENZIE, JOHN St. Joseph Chemistry Club 4; Debate Club 4; French Club 3; Missions 3; Intra- murals 3,4. MESARCH, RON St. Michael X-Country 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. MILLS, DAVE St. Mary of the Lake Band 2,3; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Track 2,3; Intramurals 2,3. MISKUF, JOHN St. Mark Acropolis 1,2; Band 2,3,4; Sodality 3; Intramurals 2; Honor Roll 1; Natl. Honor Society 4. MONDEBAUGH, JIM St. Bridget Intramurals 3. MUCHA, JANICE St. Ann GAA 3; Latin Club 2; Andrean So- ciety 1,2; Honor Roll 3; Latin Award MUIR, BOB St. Mark Basketball 2,3; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Missions 2; Track 2,3; Intramurals 4. MURFEY, JIM Holy Trinity Coin Club 3; Spanish Club 3; Intra- murals 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Merit Recognition 4. MURPHY, JIM SS. Peter Paul Choral 2,4; Football 1,2,3; Track 4; Intramurals 3. MYSOGLAND, FRANCINE St. Hedwig FBLA 4; FHA 2,3; GAA 3; Majorette 3. MYTYK, MIKE St. Hedwig Library Asst. 2; Track 2. NASH, SHERRI St. Mary of the Lake Acropolis 1; Booster Club 3,4; Cheerleader 2; Drama Club 4; French Club 3; FHA 3; GAA 3,4; Student Council 1; Andrean Society 1,2; Latin Award 1; Natl. Honor Society 4. NEWCOMB, LESLIE St. Mary of the Lake Band 2; Booster Club 3; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor So- ciety 4. NIEDZIELSKI, MITCHIE St. Mary of the Lake Acropolis 1; Booster Club 3; Cheer- leader 2; FBLA 4; FH A 3; GAA 3,4; Missions 3; Honor Roll 1. NOLL, CURT St. Bridget NOONAN, HERB St. Mary Football 1,2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 3; Intra- murals 2,3,4. NOSKO, LOUIS St. Luke Choral 2,3; Intramurals 2,3. NOVOTNY, BUTCH St. Mark Choral 2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 4; Track 2,3,4; Intra- murals 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3. 1 31 NOWACKI, PEGGY St. Joseph Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3,4; GAA 3; Latin Club 2. O ' CONNELL, JOHN St. Francis Xavier Chemistry Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Physics Club 4; Honor Roll 1. O’CONNOR, CATHY St. Mark Acropolis 1,2; Band 2; Booster Club 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3; Drama Club 4; Forensics 3; French Club 3; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Missions 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. OLEJNIK, MIKE Sacred Heart Booster Club 4; Football 2,3; Honor Roll 1,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. ONDA, MARLENE St. Emeric Booster Club 3; Choral 2; Drama Club 4; FHA 2; GAA 3. OPALUCH, LOUISE St. Hedwig Booster Club 4; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Library Asst. 2,3; Mis- sions 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Latin Award 3. PADOL, CAROL Sacred Heart FBLA 4; FHA 2,3; GAA 3,4. PALMER, WENDELL St. Monica Band 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Track 2; Intramurals 3. PANKIW, HENRY St. Hedwig Sodality 3; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 3; Intramurals 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3. PAWLOSKI, LYNN St. Francis Xavier Booster Club 3,4; FBLA 4; FHA 2,3; GAA 3,4. PAWLOWSKI, DALE Holy Angels Acropolis 1,2,3; Band 2,3; Drama Club 4; French Club 3; GAA 3,4; Andrean Society 1; Honor Roll 2,3. PETERSON, ROSEMARY St. Francis Xavier Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3,4; French Club 3; FBLA 4; GAA 3; Library Asst. 3; Missions 2; Honor Roll 1,2. PETKUS, DON St. Casimir Acropolis 2,3; Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 3; Forensics 1,2, 3,4; Library Asst. 2; Missions 2; Quill Scroll 3,4; Intramurals 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Latin Award 2; Natl. Honor Society 4. PETRAS, JOE Blessed Sacrament Football 1,2; Physics Club 4; Radio Club 2; Track 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Andrean Society 2,3; Honor Roll 1. PEUQUET, PETE St. Paul Basketball 3,4; X-Country 3; Track 4; Student Council 3,4, Pres.; Honor Roll 2; Intramurals 2,4; Lettermen Club 3,4; Natl. Honor Society 4. PIEKUT, JERRY Blessed Sacrament Spanish Club 4; Intramurals 3,4. POJETA, ALICIA St. Paul Booster Club 3,4; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 3. PRESTON, LARRY Holy Angels Choral 2,3,4; Intramurals 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3. PRUZIN, JOHN Sacred Heart Basketball 2,3; X-Country 3; Foot- ball 2,3; Spanish Club 4; Student Council 3; Track 2; Andrean So- ciety 1; Honor Roll 2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. PSZONKA, DAN St. Patrick Basketball 2,3,4; X-Country 4; Foot- ball 1; Track 2,3,4. PUDLOW, KAREN SS. Peter Paul Acropolis 1,2,3; Choral 2; GAA 3,4; Sodality 4; Honor Roll 2,3. PURCELL, ANGELA St. Thomas More Choral 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; Foren- sics 3,4; French Club 3; Missions 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. QUADE, JANET St. Mark Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3,4; GAA 4; Library Asst. 2; Honor Roll 1,2; Latin Award 1. RADA, MARGIE SS. Peter Paul FHA 3,4; GAA 3,4; Student Council 1; Honor Roll 1,2,3. RANDJELOVIC, JOHN St. Mark Basketball 2,3,4; X-Country 3,4; Student Council 3; Track 2; Letter- men Club 3,4; Honor Roll 2. RAY, LINDA SS. Peter Paul GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3. REYNOLDS, BARBARA St. Mark FBLA 4; GAA 3,4. RICHARDSON, MIKE St. Emeric Drama Club 4. ROGERS, JACK SS. Peter Paul Biology Club 2; Choral 2,3; X-Country 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Intra- murals 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3. ROKOS, KAREN St. Mary of the Lake Booster Club 3,4; Drama Club 4; GAA 3,4; French Club 3. RUDA, BETTY JO St. Joseph Booster Club 3; GAA 3; Sodality 3; Honor Roll 1,2. RUGGABER, DAN St. Mary of the Lake Intramurals 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3. RYAN, JANE Holy Angels Acropolis 1,2,3; Decussata 4; Drama Club 4; Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3,4; GAA 3,4; Historical Society 4; Latin Club 2; Quill Scroll 3,4; Andrean Society 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4; Joe Berg 3,4. RZEPKA, IRENE St. Joseph FBLA 4; GAA 3,4. SANDUSKY, JUDY Sacred Heart Booster Club 4; GAA 4. SARKEY, GENE Blessed Sacrament Intramurals 2,3,4. SAWYER, PHIL St. Mary of the Lake Library Asst. 2; Intramurals 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3. SCHEIDT, SANDY St. Ann Booster Club 3,4; French Club 3; GAA 3,4. SCHUSTER, MARYANN SS. Peter Paul French Club 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3. SCHUTZ, LINDA St. Ann FBLA 4; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2. SEBBEN, JIM Holy Trinity Intramurals 2,3,4. SEBO, DONIE St. Joseph Booster Club 3,4; Choral 2,3,4; FHA 3; GAA 3,4; Library Asst. 2. SEDLAK, LUBKO Holy Trinity Acropolis 1; Band 2; Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 3; X-Country 4; Honor Roll 3. SHAFER, PEGGY SS. Peter Paul Booster Club 4; FHA 3; GAA 3,4. SHAPLEY, KATHY St. Mark Acropolis 1,2,3; Decussata 4; Drama Club 4; Chemistry Club 3; Latin Club 2; Andrean Society 1,2,3; Latin 1 52 Award 2; Natl. Honor Society 4. SHAW, STEVE St. Francis Xavier Basketball 2; Football 1; Track 2,4; Sodality 4. SHEBAT, HENRY Immaculate Heart of Mary Band 2,3,4; Missions 3; Sodality 3; Student Council 3. SHESTAK, BERNIE Holy Trinity Acropolis 1; Booster Club 3,4; GAA 3,4; Choral 2,3,4. SIMON, TED SS. Peter Paul Biology Club 3; Radio Club 3; Intra- murals 3. SLAVO, GEORGIA St. Casimir Drama Club 4; FHA 2,3,4; GAA 3; Sodality 3; Student Council 4; Honor Roll 2,3; Latin Award 2. SLOSARCIK, JUDY Holy Trinity Booster Club 3; French Club 3; GAA 3,4; Majorette 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3. SMITH, CHUCK SS. Peter Paul Chemistry Club 3; Choral 2,4; Track 4; Wrestling 3; Intramurals 3,4. SMITH, MARY JO Immaculate Heart of Mary Band 2,4; FHA 2,3; GAA 3; Radio Club 2. SMITH, PAT Holy Angels Acropolis 1,2,3; Band 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; French Club 3; GAA 3,4; Latin Club 2; Andrean Society 1; Honor Roll 2. SMITH, TERRY Holy Angels Football 1,2,4; Student Council 1 Pres., 2 Pres.; Intramurals 2,3; Gary Optimist Citiz. Award 2; Latin Award 2,3; Andrean Society 1; Honor Roll 2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. SOHOVICH, MARY ANN Holy Trinity Drama Club 4; FHA 3; GAA 3; Latin Club 2; Library Asst. 2,4. SOPSIC, CAROL St. Mary Debate Club 2; French Club 3; FHA 3,4; Honor Roll 3. SPICER, BARB Blessed Sacrament Acropolis 3; Booster Club 3,4; FHA 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 3. SPOTILLA, DARLENE St. Mark Booster Club 3,4; GAA 3,4. SRAMEK, BOB Holy Angels Biology Club2; Football 3,4; Physics Club 4; Radio Club 2; Track 2,3; Intramurals 2,3. STACK, KATHY St. Mary of the Lake Latin Club 2; Library Asst. 2; Honor Roll 1; Sodality 3,4. STANZIONE, MARY ANN St. Mark Booster Club 4; French Club 3; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3. STAWICKI, JOHN St. Mark Choral 2,3; Football 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. STAWICKI, BILL St. Mark Intramurals 2,3,4; Physics Club 4. STOFA, KATHY Immaculate Heart of Mary Biology Club 2; Latin Club 2,3; Andrean Society 1,2; Honor Roll 3; Latin Award 1,2; Natl. Honor So- ciety 4. SZCZEPKOWSKI, STEVIE Sacred Heart Booster Club 3; FBLA 3,4; GAA 3; Library Asst. 2; Andrean Society 3; Honor Roll 1,2. SZOSTEK, SUE Sacred Heart FBLA 4; FHA 2,3; GAA 3,4. SZWEDO, CASSIE Assumption B.V.M. Booster Club 4; FBLA 4; FHA 3,4; GAA 3,4; Library Asst. 2; Honor Roll 1. TEELING, CHRIS St. Francis Xavier Choral 2; Intramurals 2,3. THURN, GEORGE Holy Angels Natl. Honor Society 4. TONELLO, TONI Sacred Heart Acropolis 3; Booster Clu b 3,4; Drama Club 4; French Club 3; FBLA 4; GAA 3,4; Sodality 3; Student Council 3; Senior Class V i c e- P resident. TRUAX, ROY Holy Rosary Chemistry Club 3,4; Track 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Merit Semi-Finalist 4; Natl. Honor Society 4. TRULLEY, MARTY St. Mary Biology Club 2; Booster Club 3,4; Drama Club 4; Library Asst. 2; Student Council 4; Missions 4; Latin Award 2; Sodality 3. TRZECIAK, RICH St. Ann Football 1,2,3; Physics Club4; Radio Club 2; Track 2; Intramurals 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3. USKERT, LORRAINE Holy Trinity Booster Club 3,4; Choral 2,3,4; GAA 3,4; FBLA 4; Honor Roll 1,3. VAHARY, PAT St. Mark Acropolis 2; Biology Club 2; FBLA 4; GAA 3; Latin Cfub 2; Missions 4; Honor Roll 1. VALLINO, DENNIS Immaculate Heart of Mary X-Country 3; Intramurals 2,3. VASS, DOROTHY St. Emeric Band 2; GAA 3,4. VENDRAMIN, LAURA Immaculate Heart of Mary VENTURELLA, PHYLLIS St. Mark Andrean Society 1; Honor Roll 2,3; Latin Award 2; French Club 3. VIC IAN, CAROL St. Mark Booster Club 4; Cheerleader 2; FHA 2,3,4; French Club 3; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 1 ,2. VIDUTIS, RICH St. Casimir Acropolis 2,3; Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 3,4; Debate Club 2; Library Asst. 2; Physics Club 4. VILLAREAL, JESSE Holy Trinity Basketball 2; X-Country 3; Missions 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. VLASIC, DARRYL SS. Peter Paul X-Country 4; Track 4; Wrestling 4; Intramurals 3,4. VONDERHAAR, PAT St. Mark Booster Club 4; FHA 2,3; GAA 3,4; Missions 3. VUKOBRATIC, EMERY St. Mark Football 3,4; Radio Club 3; Student Council 2; Track 2,3; Intramurals 2; Lettermen Club 3,4; Andrean Society 1,2; Honor Roll 3; Gary Optimist Citiz. Award 4; Natl. Honor Society 4. WALSH, JIM Assumption B.V.M. Decussata 4; Chemistry Club 3; Choral 2,3; Student Council 1; Intra- murals 3; Honor Roll 1,2,3. WAROT, PAT SS. Peter Paul Band 2; FHA 2,4; GAA 3,4. WASILESKI, MARIE St. Hedwig Acropolis 2; Biology Club 2; Drama Club 4; Chemistry Club 3; French Club 3; Library Asst. 2; Missions 2; Student Council 3; Honor Roll 2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4; Gary Optimist 1 53 Citiz. Award 4. WEHNER, KEN SS. Peter Paul Biology Club 2. WILLIAMS, RICK SS. Peter Paul Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 3; Football 1,2; Radio Club 2; Spanish Club 2; Intramurals 2. WILLIE, TOM SS. Peter Paul Library Asst. 2; Math Club 3. WILLIS, BARB Sacred Heart FBLA 4; FHA 3; GAA 3,4; Honor Roll 2. WILSON, DOUG Assumption B.V.M. Library Asst. 4. WOZNIAK, WAYNE St. Mark Acropolis 1; Biology Club 2; Chem- istry Club 3; Latin Club 3,4; Radio Club 2; Missions 3; Physics Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Intramurals 2; Andrean Society 1; Latin Award 1. YOVANOVICH, JANE St. Francis Xavier Booster Club 3,4; Drama Club 4; GAA 3,4; Library Asst. 3; Sodality 3,4; Student Council 1; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Natl. Honor Society 4. ZAJDEL, MARY LOU St. Mark Booster Club 3; French Club3;GAA 3,4; Library Asst. 2; Honor Roll 1,2; Latin Award 1,2. ZAPINSKI, TED St. Joseph Acropolis 1; Band 2,3,4; Biology Club 3; Football 1,2,3; Missions 3; Intramurals 2,3,4. 1 54 Special Patrons Most Reverend Andrew G. Grutka , D.D. Very Reverend F. J. Melevage Rev. M. Fred Bach The Basilian Fathers of Andrean High School Rev. John N. Beckmann Rev. James A. Coriden The Sister of Saints Cyril Methodius of Andrean High School Rev. Louis Duray Rev. Joseph H. Hammes Rev. Lawrence Heeg Rev. Michael Kenney Rev. Matthew Kish Rev. Clemens L. Koors Rev. William Martin Rev. Walter S. Mastey Priests of St. Mark ' s St. Luke ' s Parish Rev. Louis B. Wozniak Catholic Youth Organization Fontbonne College Marycrest College Mary Manse College Mount Mary College Personal Patrons Mr. Mrs. William Ameling Dr. A. E. Bardowski Mr. Mike Bellich Mr. Mrs. Quentin Blachly Mr. Mrs. Vincent Bobin Mr. Mrs. John Bodak Mr. Mrs. Archie Boisvert Mr. Dave Botsch Mr. Mrs. Robert Brady Mr. Mrs. Joseph J. Bucheck Mr. Mrs. Andrew Bugyis Dr. G. V. Carter Catanzarite Family Mr. George Chacharis Mr. Mrs. Cy Chalia Mr. Mrs. George Cherry Mr. Mrs. Ste ve Chicos Mr. Mrs. Wm. E. Christy Corlin Family James J. Crandall Dr. D. S. Davidson Mr. Mrs. John J. Dee John G. Diamond Raymond J. Doherty, M.D. Mrs. Robert F. Doig Mr. Mrs. Joe Dubravich Mr. Mrs. Philip D. Ensalaco Mrs. Mrs. George J. Evanseck Dr. Mrs. Matthew J. Fadell Thomas R. Fadell Walter Fetla Thomas Fitzgerald Mrs. Viola Flynn Dr. J.J. Forszt, County Commissioner Mr. Mrs. Joseph Franko Miss Rose Franko Mr. Mrs. L. B. Franz Bernice R. Gambel Mr. Mrs. A1 Ganz Pierre Gilles, M.D. Mr. Mrs. Russell Gunn Mr. Mrs. Steve Hamara Robert J. Hart Mrs. Sue Heatherson Mr. Mrs. D. L. Helman Mr. Mrs. Clyde Hendrickson Mr. Mrs. William Hess Eugene C. Hicks, C.L.U. Homeroom 118 Homeroom 120 Senior Homeroom 122 Homeroom 125 Senior Homeroom 219 Homeroom 220 Senior Homeroom 223 James E. Jacobs Dr. A.A. Jahns Mr. Mrs. Joseph Janiczek Mr. Mrs. Edward T. Jocus Mr. Mrs. Nick Juricich Cantor and Mrs. John Kahanick Mr. Mrs. Andrew Kallok Dr. Mrs. G. L. Kalousek Mr. Mrs. Edward Kaminski Dr. Joseph R. Kaminski Richard Kaplan, Lawyer Raymond S. Kastendieck Mr. Mrs. Louis E. Keen Dr. Frank J. Kendrick Mr. Paul E. Ketchmark Mr. Mrs. William Kish Mrs. Geneva Kollasch Mr. Mrs. V. G. Komenich Dr. Mrs. J. E. Kopcha Mr. Mrs. John Kozel Mr. Mrs. J. G. Kralis Mr. Mrs. Joseph Kralis Mr. Mrs. M. Kralis Mr. Mrs. John Kubik Mr. Mrs. Michael Lasko J. J. Laskosky Anthony Laterzo, Deputy Controller Dr. Mrs. Henry S. Lebioda Mr. Mrs. George E. Lee Dr. F. Levinson Mr. Mrs. Joseph Linoski John Lowenstine Mr. Mrs. Don Lytle Dr. Mrs. Francisco S. Manalo J. L. Meagher Juan Mediua Mr. Mrs. Leo C. Meister Justina Mele Thaddeus M. Menzie Mr. Robert C. Meter A Friend Mr. Mrs. John Miller Dr. Mrs. R. C. Minczewski Arthur M. Mirich Dr. John A. Mirro Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Nash, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Kenneth Nash, Sr. Mr. Martin Novosel Mr. Mrs. Richard Olejnik E. J. Orgon D. D. S. Mrs. Gladys M. Osborn Mr. Mrs. John Otawka Family Dr. Leonard Pavacik Joseph M. Pavlik, D. D. S. Mrs. Ronald J. Pawloski Mr. Mrs. J. A. Pawloski Mrs. Bernice Pawlowski Mrs. Tony Penzato Mr. Mrs. Carl C. Peterson A Friend Leslie 0. Pruitt Lee Purcell Dr. Mrs. Richard Purcell Dr. Mrs. J. J. Reed Mrs. Merle Richardson Mr. Mrs. Frank Rokos A Friend Judge Anthony B. Roszkowski Mrs. Clarence C. Russell Mr. Mrs. Clarence Russell Dr. Mrs. H. J. Ryan Mr. Mrs. Robert P. Scheidt Mr. Mrs. R. E. Schleicher Mr. Mrs. J. J. Schuster Edward G. Schutz Mr. Mrs. Richard Schweisthal Dr. Mrs. John Scully Dr. Thomas J. Senese Mr. Mrs. James R. Shapley Mr. Mrs. Phillip Sharrar A Friend The Frank and Henry Shebat Families Dr. M. Shellhouse Mr. Mrs. Julius Simon Mr. Mrs. Michael Skinta Mr. Mrs. Ted Sikora Mrs. Grace Smith Mr. Mrs. W. C. Smith Mr. Mrs. John Smolnicky Miss Marie Sohaski Mr. Mrs. Victor Someson Mr. Mrs. Andrew Sotak, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Thomas Spencer Mrs. C. H. Spindler A Friend Mr. Mrs. Paul M. Stropke Nick A. Svetich Mr. Mrs. Nick J. Thiros Dr. Mrs. Michael A. Tilka, Jr. W.C. Todd Mr. Mrs. John F. Tonello Mr. Mrs. John Tonello A Friend Abel Vazquez Alice Vazquez Ernesto Vazquez Mr. Mrs. Florentino Vazquez A Friend Eugene A. Vignolo Mr. Mrs. John Visclosky Mr. Mrs. M. Vuckovich Thomas 0. Walsh John R. Walsh Mr. Mrs. D. E. Warner Mr. Mrs. E. L. Wehner Mr. Mrs. Lawrence J. Wehner Wesley E. Weidman Mr. Mrs. Glenn Whitten Teresa Whitten Mr. Mrs. Fred J. Wisner R. W. Wood Mr. Mrs. Stanley Zajdel Michael Zakutansky, C. P. A. George Maryann Zarik Mr. Mrs. John Zelinka Family Dr. Edward Zucker Helen Zudak Wanda Petrovich Business Patrons Ad-Craft Sign Co., Inc. Adele ' s Knit Shop Aladdin Electric Supply Co., Inc Ameling ' s Grocery Andrean Band Boosters Club Ann " E " Hair Styling Anita Dire Piano Studio Aragon Studio Artistic Cleaners Armand ' s Barber Shop Michael Arena Barber Shop Arlin ' s Cleaners Atkins Quality Checked Ice Cream Co. Bank of Indiana ( Glen Park) Bank of Indiana (East Gary) Barbara ' s Beauty Shoppe Barnett ' s, Inc. Barrick Realty Company B. B. Texaco Service Beach Beauty Salon Beach Pharmacy Beauty Spot Restaurant Better Living, Inc. Betty Malinka; City Clerk Wm. Biernat— Concrete Contractor Big-Top Pharmacy Bill’s Texaco Service Station Bohne ' s Super Mart Boiarski Bros. Boldt ' s Standard Service Boric Religious Articles Church Goods Bosak Motor Sales, Inc. Box-O-Chicken Drive-Inn Brunswick Drug Co. Burns Memorial Chapel Buy Low Foods, Inc. Buy-Low Super Market, Inc. 2 Calumet Janitor Supplies Calumet Orthopedic Appliance Co. Carl ' s Phillips 66 Service Station Carroll Chevrolet Cataldi Brothers Restaurant Central Standard Station Christine ' s Beauty Salon Club Oasis Comay ' s Jewelers L. I. Combs Sons, Inc. The Commercial Bank Common Wealth Life Accident Insurance Co Conjalka Realty Co. Consumers Paint Coronet Shop Craig Clothing For Men Cressmoor Lanes 156 Crown Self-Service Shoes Crown Point Electric C S Texaco Devaney Realty Co., Inc. Dixie Dairy Company Don ' s Shoe Service Drake ' s Jewelers Duggan ' s Barber Shop Dykes Funeral Home East Side Prescription Pharmacy Eddie ' s Meats Edmar Super Foods Edward Rexall Drugs Esser Home Furnishings Evelyn ' s Children ' s Apparel Fadell Electric Company, Inc. Falvey ' s Store for Men Boys Farmers State Bank (Robert B. Coolman) Fedorowitz Corp. Fields, Inc. 5th Avenue Motors, Inc. First Federal Savings Loan Association First State Savings Loan Association First United Life Insurance Co. Phil Flanagan Real Estate Frank ' s Super Service Fredric ' s Salon of Beauty Fresno Food Shop Garden City Foods Gary Auditor ' s Office Gary Bond Mortgage Company Gary Book Store Gary Bowling Supply Gary Camera Gary Engraving Co. Gary General Tire Service Co. Gary Intercity Lines, Inc. Gary National Bank Gary Shoe Supply Corp. Gary Surgical Supply Corp. Geisen Funeral Home Geisen Furniture, Inc. General Coal Oil Co., Inc. George ' s Barber Shop Glen Park Pharmacy H. Gordon Sons, Inc. Hacker ' s Standard Service Haines Jewelers Hobart Plumbing Heating Hobart Shoes Hunter ' s Inn Hoosier Florists Hotel Gary, L.O. Doty — Manager C. W. Huber, Inc. Jack Pete ' s Lake St. Gulf Service Jacobsens, Inc. Jacobsens, Inc. Jakob Print Shop Jakoby Real Estate Agency John H. Jannasch Insurance Agency, Inc. Jennie ' s Grill Jim ' s Deep Rock Service John ' s Radio TV Sales Service Johnsons Drugs Jones Restaurant Keehn ' s Hardware Kesel ' s Gambles Store Kouts Lumber Company Krath ' s Bakery Lach Stillinovich Funeral Homes Lake Mortgage Company, Inc. LeClaire Company Linton McColly, Inc. Ray Liss Body Shop Lloyd ' s Luggage Lochmandy Buick Sales Lou ' s City Service Luke ' s Market Baskets ' Lukens-Striegel 55th Avenue Pharmacy Lundquist Paint-Hdwe-Furniture Mac Dewey Apparel For Men Macy ' s Jewelers Mammas Zeheralis, Inc. Mary Ann ' s Shop McAnary Ford, Inc. McClenthen Rambler Dan Mcleod Singer-Sewing Center Meadows Apothecary Meister Drugs Michael ' s Service Station Milbrath Ready Mix Concrete, Inc. Mildred ' s Card Yarn Shop Milgrams Quality Shoes Miller Insurance Jay Minier ' s Beauty Salon Bob Moos-Goodyear Morningside Drugs O. R. Mott Jewelers Mullen Oil Company, Inc. Muscat Furniture Store Tom Nasons Appliance Co. Northern Indiana Public Service Company NuLook Beauty Salon Nuzzo Brothers Food Shop Nuzzo Cleaners Palm Grove Restaurant Parents Club of St. Pauls Pat ' s Catering Service Pearson ' s Philipp ' s Drive In Cleaners Phipps Realty Co. William Penn Fraternal Association Pickart-Croll Agency, Inc. Plumb, Tuckett Hubbard, Engnrs. Pola ' s Clothing Portage Real Estate William A. Pozzo, Inc. Bud Pressner Music Recording Service Pruzin Funeral Home Publix Cleaners Radigan Brothers Randolph Body Shop Rearick ' s, Inc. Rendina Funeral Home Ribordy ' s Pharmacy Ridge Lanes, Inc. Ridge Road Investment, Corp. George C. Rogge Insurance Agency Msgr. Ryder — K. of C. Safety Bureau-Gary Sheet Tin Mill Scarsdale Pharmacy Scheddell and Wendt Bros. Schiesser ' s Hardware Schmal ' s Dairy Schneider ' s Standard Service Seven-Up Bottling Company J. B. Shaver Motors, Inc. Sievers Drug Co. Singer Sewing Machine Co. Tony Smith Dairy Farm Sno White Bakery Spiegel Catalog Shopping Center Square Deal Coal Fuel Oil State Farm Insurance State Theatre Stephens Hair Fashion Studio, Inc. Sterling-Coner Studios Stephen ' s Standard Service Summerfield GMC Truck Company Joe Tittle Sons Food Centers Topper Formal Wear Town Country General Contractor Troxel Jewelers, Inc. 12-20 Bowling Lanes Vanaman ' s Service Jr. Vanity Shoes Veach Flowers Vel ' s Chez Nous Village Barber Shop Village Card and Camera Walter Lennertz Oldsmobile Wayfarer Inn Willett Ford Sales Wilson ' s Restaurant Wiseway Super Food Center Wittenberg ' s Sporting Goods Woodland Pharmacy Wunder Co., Inc. Y.M.C.A. Cafeteria Y W Open Air Theatre Zupko ' s Liquor Store sa The editors of the DECUSSATA wish to thank the following who have contributed to the production of this, our first annual: Andrean faculty and students Mr. Robert Lewis, Sterling-Coner photographer Fr. Robert McKinnon, C.S.B., art consultant Fr. Edwin Kline, C.S.B., photographs Mr. Frank J. Mraz, photographs Floyd Aragon, photographs OUR SUNDAY VISITOR, photographs A special note of appreciation goes to our hardworking staff and typists for their time and effort; to Father Charles Smith, C.S.B., moderator, and Mr. John Povlock, C.S.B., his assistant, for their inspiration, patience, and guidance. All of these helped to make our yearbook what we hope will be a precedent for future DECUSSATA staffs. Co-editors 160 Uthoqiaphod 6 Bound by WALSWOHTH Mo . U. S A. i 3

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