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z Y-, 93' 2 u . l E : MLA-wf, 7f7f-.J 951. 17 W-H7 ' Mi 1 W x,gf',!!Fg!"L 25 fx fi Y 7,1 44 ' . - Q. fCf'ffTfff rfm I IWW FW! f ,mfffmm Wffrfrff X fffflff "" I I Edited By THE SEN 1 ANDOVER HIGH -AIA P. gs If 'lg is 2 ,, -dh.. J, VAX: I r' f' - Q I X 1 if yy 'ka K IG! L A 1 ff TO THD BOYS OF ANDOVLR HIGH SCHOOL WHO SERVED IN TH ARHED FORCES OF THE UNITQD STATTS DLRTNG THB S COND WORLD WAL P? 13 .P 5 1. .14 A V-1 -q pg -r H , .- 1 -1 , '11 Ii: K if X v f Loren Waggener Earl Snooks David Means Paul Pray Jim Duncan Harold Fuller Delmond Allen Robert Dodge Ivan Jackson ' m"y'V tri ii ,VK fffmgax Egiil Deverne Davis Delbert Reeves Marte Cook Marvin Means Carrol Nyler Jarret Molen Glenn Fitzgerald Robert Ambler Bob Scott 3 Roger Moore Joe Belford Ralph Holderman Jake Stice Francis Bell rHarold Shannon Kenneth Phillips James Van Biber wHoward Holmes Emery Pinney Fred Myers Richard Bally Carl Smith Jerry Cook Merlyn Wolf Delmond Porter Lloyd Hoyle Delmar Colen wlrwin Phillips Lowell Myler Raymond Bridge Lloyde Jeffery Ralph Moser Paul Shannon Donnie Eldridge Richard Malcom Robert Malcom Max Malcom Roy Harkrader, Jr Bob Brant Richard Knebler James McConnell Timothy McConnell Ralph Bally Robert Fitzgerald Charles Vounkin Howard Nairn Laddie Detwiler Leonard Wintermote Charles Carr Lee Bally Marvin Harkrader Robert Miles Clifford Good uMartin Green Ray McVey Bill Holmes Roy Rickards, Jr. Harry NcVey Glenn McVey Wayne Keith Jack Tolliver The l9h9 nTrojan Memoriesn tells the story of the last four successful years of the class of 'MQ in Andover High School. The staff hopes that from time to time this book will refresh your memories with its pictorial record of the events and faces which have made these moments dear to you. If the 'Trojann has missed an activity or omit- ted a face it is because the staff is not infallible. If the pages of this issue on the whole seem to merit your appro- val, we shall be generously re- paid for the hours spent in its making. 4 llf Mr. C.M. Fitzgerald Treasurer BUARH UI Mr. E.B. Fulk President Mr. J.K. Fortney Secretary EDUCAIIU Lindsey R. Clark Superintendent FAOUlTY iiepvg' A UOVlR QV John R. McGraw ,!,5..f X nf,f1i:' 'Y e- jf iee 1 Eg ff' ,5,qA 9-. gf' Coach, Social Science Muriel E. Schaefer .7 KA rf. K , lg -, Mathematics, English HIGH SCH00l Kathryn E. Tedlock Harriet Bowen 'Wk le 1 -49 Q? -""'J Ms. Typing, Home Economics Music, English 6 W -en' , Mix! E' Ruth M. Ellis Grace L. Aubuchon 14" FACUlIY First and Second Grades Third Grades Donna Francis Hazle E. Sechrist Principal xfe SCHUUI . .4-ffm -. Seventh and Eighth Grades Irene Meyersick 5 BX 1 o .Tm - one Q, Z V-me . . 0 til nw .. f X ' "5 G5 .fit it of I ,X vi 5 Fourth and Fifth Grades Fifth and Sixth Grades 7 SI Illll MASS HISHIHY I9 49 moo !y,?' It was a clear sparkling morning in September of 19h5. The thought of being in high school struck both terror and delight in the hearts of eleven much scrubbed and starched freshmen. Our sponsor was Mr. Brown, the Coach. To make us official mem- bers of the high school, we were naturally initiated by the sen- ior class. The girls wore stocking caps over their hair and were dressed like boys. The boys wore make up and dressed as girls. All of us wore onions tied around our necks all day. That even- ing we went to Augusta Park for a wiener roast and afterwards to a skating party. Those in our class were: Joe Clark, Doris Don- aldson, James Evans, Margie Flinn, Fred Graham, Raymond Holmes, Betty Pray, Doris Hladik, Bob Pray, Eugene Moser, and Ina Pray. At the beginning of our Sophomore year there were only seven of us, but later on we had eleven in our class, when Lyle Timmons, Dale Hobson, Juanita Koob and Carol Timmons joined our ranks. On November 22, of this year, our class presented a three act mystery play entitled 'The Dummy'. We cleared 320.69 on the play. Joe Clark and Margie Flinn left our class later on that year, which left us with a class of nine. Our Junior Class consisted of twelve students. The three new students were: Leta Nixon, Allene Gruber, and Mary Louise Clark. One of our main high lights of our Junior year was our Junior Class Play, 'Aunt Susie Shoots the Works". We also gave a Box Supper. Our Junior-Senior Banquet was a very lovely affair given in the school gym. The theme of our banquet was an 'Old Fashioned Gardenn. There was also a lovely Basket-ball banquet given in the gym that year. OH, Happy Day! Seniors ------ at last! It was a long three years but it was worth it. Our main projects for our last year were the school paper, the Annual, sneak day, our Senior trip, and our Senior play. Two of our class mates, Ina Pray and Juanita Koob, didn't finish their schooling at Andover. There is one new student in the Senior Class this year, Raymond Bird. The Senior graduating class of l9h9 consists of ---- Bob Pray Dale Hobson, Eugene Moser, Lyle Timmons, Raymond Bird, Allene Gruber, Doris Donaldson, Carol Timmons, Betty Pray, Leta Nixon and Mary Louise Clark. The'h9er's of one-hundred years ago had for their slogan--- 'California or Bust". We ,the lp9er's of the 20th Century have the slogan,"Success or Bust". 8 ENHOR ILL Betty wills her part in the Senior Play to Jo Ann Stockdale. GBUS Wills his pacifying ways to all the couples following in high school. Carol wills her forceful methods of self defense to Dutch Courtney. B0b Wi11S his farming ability to Raymond Bird and his spaghetti farm. Doris wills her two Editor-in-chief jobs to the Junior Class. Lyle wills his star on his letter sweater to the next one in line. Mary wills her unworn glasses to Mary Lou. Dale wills his curls to LeRoy Hladik along with a comb, Leta wills her office job to Deanie Perrine. Raymond wills his pocket watch to Bob F. so he can get to Ginger's on time. Allene wills her scholastic ability to the first one that holds up classes. LASS RGPHECY TIME--1960 I, Dale Hobson, by this time had made a small fortune of a million and a half dollars as an automobile dealer,strict1y Fords of course.Having been single all this time I thought I'd make a trip around the United States and look for a wife. As I was speeding along in my new Ford, I came upon the thriving Metropolis of Kansas City, Missouri. Slightly exceeding the speed limit, I was requested by the minions of the law to make a personal appear- ance at the police station. While answering their questions, I found that the Sheriffvs wife was the former Carol Timmons, a fellow class mate of mine at Andover High in l9h9. Carol came to Kansas City on a weekend, met the Sheriff and remained to become his wife. Learning that she had kept up her contacts with the other members of our class, the following information was gleaned from our conversation about the graduates of l9h9. Lyle,the brother had gone through Oklahoma A. R M. Although school was tough, at times, Lyle finished and is now back at Andover High as coach, using the fast break. Gene happened to be using his pilots license to good advantage as he was flying the mall to different parts of the U. S. Doris is a bookkeeper in a post office at Oakland, california. Leta is working as a secretary in the Telephone Company at Wich1ta.Mary is a school teacher in the grade school at Andover. I bet she and Lyle are really running that school. Allene now owns her own restaurant in st. Louis, Missouri and is doing very well. Raymond is a partner in the prominant oil business of E. H. Adair and R. H. Bird Oil Company. Betty is the wife of Kenneth Fulk,who works at the Boeing Airplane Plant. Bob Pray is running one of the largest dairy farms near Wichita, and he has cows on it too. well, it looks as if the class of l9h9 has done very well for itself, and since Carol's husband has released me from the charge of speeding, I will mosey on my way. 9 3 fig TQ Q L K 1' ' , - V 'kfbfff' . M PX 'S' '. '. TUX 5, 5 5 gQgAQffgff'5i 4, EFF I sf?'kf -, X ' f kgflmf Jn' 251107 Secretary-Treasurer Qld,-V-.4X,'ZfMfZf'f eside2 President 3 fiagzawgwv A2311 '7+"6'147V i '. st' x 3044 334 Il P' ff? 9 Qu Q06 Qu- 'Q aff' fl. Xl,-P 5 1 H - , A 1, gy- 5' 1' : it X, .' 55212 fi ly? 4 ek - L1 ' 15.- 1 Q. II - I n: Al ' ew I' M: nf -vu. f ' '22 '-1 I - 'vffh 3 '1- 5 N - 415'P M " 72 02 ,Y .vo X A 'V' ' A Rssse ssag lsg A-Q.. .5 ,- f 'if Di 1 49 I f ua . ef . X ky 4 K T419 K1 ' ' W ,gg 1. N4w 'si I I , , ,JW .7 ,-..: My TOP ROW: walter Courtney--President. SECOND ROW: Nellie Brown--Treasurer Don Beck--Vice President. THIRD ROW: Eugene Shanks, Phyllis Hill, LeRoy Hladik. FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Pray, Warren Alliston, Anglia Green, Deanie Perrine--secretary, Tommie Laisure. FIFTH ROW: Pat Belford, Marion Medley Jeannie Aubuchon, Bob Flinn, Norma Royse. Charlene Oakes Knot picturedj 12 l"T1Tii?2l7E:3".1m2'j ' . .5 T A-A sfzirvvtzrs-.M 'Qlfflp Scfcvl ,555 93' Cowfflff JU IUH HISIUHY September 2, l9h7 was a very thrilling day for us -- just the thought of our first day in high school turned our hearts for a couple of flip- flops. This was the largest There were nineteen of us. We really were a sight for sore eyes on The boys dressed like girls -- ribbons, make-up overalls and shirts. We had a wonderful odor class to enter high school in four years. the day of our initiation. and all. The girls wore around our necks all day. It had a fragrance that was somewhat like Tabu -- well, we can dream can't we? That night was climaxed with an all-school party. From that night on, we were full fledged high school students. The officers for our freshman year were: President--Tom ie Laisure, Vice President--Don Beck, Treasurer-- Walter Courtney, and Secretary--Deanie Perrine. At the beginning of our Sophomore year we had lost Elmer Nelson,Vernon Upshaw, Harry werts and Marilyn General Educational Development alency which with additional school diploma. This year was few members of our class who Wager. In December, Test and received a high school subjects rather an uneventful Harry Wilscam took the Ncertificate of Equiv- entitled him to a high one, but we did have a took part in various activities. Jeanne, Norma, Deanie and Pat were in the Triple Trio. While we are proud to say, Dutch, Don, and Marion lettered Don lettered in baseball. Our Don Beck, Vice President--Norma --Deanie Perrine. At the beginning of this class. Phyllis Hill came to us in basketball. Tommie, Marion, Dutch and officers for this year were: President-- Royse, Treasurer--Jeanne Aubuchon,Secretary year, l9l4,8-14.9, there were seventeen in our from Whitewater and Nellie Brown from East High Wichita. The first semester we had the misfortune to loose Andy McElhiney, who went to Rose Hill, to live. At the Beginning of the fifth six-weeks it was our good fortune to add another to our ranks, Charlene Oakes, who came to us from Plainview. That brought our total number back to seventeen. One of the high lights this year was our class play, 'Aunt Minnie From Minnesotan, which we presented November 22, to a well filled house. December 22, we sponsored an all-school party. We first went to the theatre in Augusta: then to the skating rink to finish an evening of fun. The Junior English class entered the one-act play contest which was held in Wichita in March. we presented 'The Re-taming of the Shrew,' Tommie, Warren, Marion, and Walter entered the Annual National High school Essay Contestgwriting on the subject: Wmy Part in America's Future.' Another outstanding highlight of this year was our Junior-Senior Banquet which was held in the cafeteria, Thursday, May 5. In imagination, we took the seniors and other guests to the land of the Southern Seas, where blows a Hawlian breeze. In the moonlight so fair was a garden rare. The Juniors and Seniors had a tryst to keep there. ' Those participating in extra-curricular activities were: Walter, Don, Tommie, Bob, Eugene and Marion in basketball. Jeanne, Phyllis H., Deanie, Pat,and Norma in the sextette. walter and Don were in the boy's quartette. Norma, Pat, and Phyllis Hill in the girl's quartetts. We combined fun with hard work, this year, in order to start our class fund, since up to our junior year our bank balance stood at zero. At the beginning of the year, we served a dinner to the superintendents and principals of the county. We sold magazine subscriptions, Christmas cards, and took turns with the seniors serving food at the basketball games. We felt that our efforts were rewarded when we took invoice of our bank balance at the end of the year: this was what a unified class could do. Our class officers for this year were: President--Walter Courtney, Vice President--Don Beck, Secretary--Deanie Perrine, Treasurer--Nellie BPOWDQ I3 v Llfif 5, X A M ov Lee Doziifald FL JUS gfav Reah Wilscam Catherine Green 'ik 95 -K' mmf Ya ,I 1 "hx, ,1 .,mtx SIIPHIINIIIRE HISHIRY Is it true? APB we really in high school at last? or is it just another dream? As we faintly remember, there were nine members enrolled as Freshmen. They were: Ruby Pray, Reah Wilscam, Alpha Nelson, catherine Green, Marian Nixon, Donald Lee Fitzgerald, Bert Pray, Sam Bally, and Charles Boucher. Of the nine freshmen, three started their school years together. A few weeks after the beginning of school there came a dey, which every freshman dreaded, -- initiation day. The freshmen had to wear gunny sack dresses with an onion tied around their necks. They had to go bare- footed with a ribbon around each big toe. The girls had to wear their hair straight, no make-up nor jewelry. The boys had to wear lipstick. Everyone had to have an 'FW printed on their forehead. After school that day we went over to the Augusta Park. Everyone enjoyed eating watermelon. After- ward, we went to the skating rink. All of the freshmen had to skate. We are proud to say that Donald Lee Fitzgerald received a basketball letter during his freshman year. h Our sophomore year was really a joyful year. There have been additions to our small class. Th6 new-comers of this year were: Joe Hanson, Jo Ann Stockdale, Mary Lou Mullins, Annette Dees, and Jack Oakes. There were four in our class who took places on the basketball team this year. Those were: B6Pt Pray, Joe Hanson, sam Bally, and Donald Lee Fitzgerald. Marian Nixon and Mary Lou Mullins were chosen to be in the G1rl's Triple TPl0. Ruby and Bert Pray were King and Queen for the Sophomore Class at the School Carnival, and served as attendants during the coronation ceremonies. ,CX 4 xy: C I 15 3 5 F155 umm 5f5SQI75RK Jack Wolf i t llkigi President K E. .-Q , Ztslnggse J X P f :TY I 1 M' K X. K K XR Q5 E x- oeee ,fe SSX? L... 1 Nagy ,f L1 i Q32 -31-To-. .. N, .W.,., Q-' 5 5 ww MN-wg,-K X ,.,.. , 5 K f- -,I Q .f . .,., , N-M... M, W 9 as 5: . k V Q t 51 A k k gl: . 1, -7. F, X kQm 2 X I. I. 32, : Bland PP 'IR S me x Q K '? ' ' ' Dorothy Vonna Scott AWnm,! Donaldson Seo. Treas, 4 V Qi KQV texte 1 3 'sff3J A Leland Borg Vice Pres. Ruby Laura Holloway BPOWH Kenneth Virginia Fortney Mills Roberts I6 Q-gs T' .5E5v .,:-' 1' --V V. . v- Y-7---Y---Y----1. HHSHMA HISHIRY P x 7 September, l9h8, eight eager eyed, shy freshmen entered Andover High school: four boys -- Jack Wolf, Bland Fortney, Leland Borg, and Bobby Berry, four girls -- Laura Brown, Ruby Holloway, Dorothy Donaldson, and Vonna Scott. Bobby Berry left to join the Navy, and later, Virginia ROb6PtS and Kenneth Mills joined the class. Our class officers are: President-- Jack wolf, Vice President--Leland Borg, Secretary-Treasurer--Vonna Scott, Reporter--Dorothy Donaldson. ' shortly after they galloped upstairs, the upper classmen initiated them, in order to make them feel at home in the high school. The girls were pretty in ten beribboned pigtails, shorts and long shirts. The boys wore their hair parted in the middle, and they also wore shorts and shirts. The Freshmen had to bow to all seniors and carry their books to class. That evening, there was a big all-school party in the Augusta park honoring the Freshman. They had to not only hunt the weiner sticks, but after the roast they had to extinguish the fire by crawling on their hands and knees from the pump to the fire, carrying water in their mouth. The meal was over: we all then enjoyed a nice time at the skating rink. In the all-school carnival, in which everyone participated, the freshmen ran a novelty booth. The girls did most of the work, while the boys were running around helping everyone else. The Freshmen netted a good income for the night. Five girls and four boys are near the finishing line. They have striven, played, and heckled the teachers for nine monthsgare now .about to take a step to the next grade, envying perhaps the seniors, who are graduating this year. While the seniors will probably look back to the freshman and say, 'I wish I could live that life over again.' I7 SE Nl QR PL A7 The Senior Class presented, 'The Improper Henry Propper", Friday night, April 22, 19149 On the day of her wedding to an impoverished Euro- pean prince, Billie Vandercoff, an American heiress, elopes with her family chauffeur, Henry, his name is-- Henry Propper--but to B1ll1e's domineering mother he's far from that! She and the Prince overtake the eloping pair in a Florida hotel--just in time to prevent their marriage by a local justice of the peace. Taking pos- session of her daughter, Mrs. Vandercoff bars Henry from his own honeymoon suite, and makes plans to marry Billie and the Prince right then and there. With the aid of his best friend, Sid, Henry tires to save Billie from the impending ceremony, and to get in to talk to her, he masquerades as a colored maid. In the meantime, Sid's wife, Dora, and her wisecracking sister, Bonnie, believing Sid is the one eloping, have followed him to the hotel. Henry tells Billie to go through with the ceremony with the Prince,that he has bribed the Justice of the Peace to read his name instead of the Pr1nce's, and from his disguise as a chambermaid, Henry will call out 'I do.n As he has a license, they will be married right in front of her mother's eyes. The plan seems ideal, after many lively mix-ups, Henry finds himself married all right, but married to Mrs. Vandercoff. She is just as thunderstruck as he is,for by marrying again she loses control of her fortune. However, all's well in the end,as the last ceremony unites the right couple and the widow's fortune is partially restored. CAST OF CHARACTERS Sid Hurd ----- a young married man ---- Dale Hobson D0ra -------- - - his wife ------- Leta Nixon Bonnie --------- her sister ----- Carol Timmons Henry Propper- - - Sid's best friend ---- Lyle Timmons Billie Vandercoff- - - an heiress ------ Betty Pray Prince G. Oliverra- - -her fiance ------ Gene Moser Mrs. Vandercoff ---- her mother ----- Allene Gruber Mr. Quurtz ------ hotel manager ------- Bob Pray California ----- -a colored maid ----- Mary Clark Bertha --------- a page girl- - - Doris Donaldson Mr. Gillicudy- - a Justice of the Peace- - Raymond Bird w ang: El2!? ' W'h . A M V 5 fs Q 1 yr 3 K Ls ' ,V L- , iff Je 'X' ' v Q 9 .Qs -,,,..,...-,--.,-,--- ., W,.,T,.,,,Y. .M ..-,,,.,,-lun-qpqnw --. ---an --,fwfr-rw-1 -f-W1-f'f'r"H-M mm ' l"' "' "" 'Vi " " ' FRONT ROW, left to rightg Eugene shank, Don Beck, Walter courtney, Lyle Timmons, Marion Medley, Donald Lee Fitzgerald. BACK ROW: Jack Wolf, Tommie Laisure, Dale Hobson, Coach McGraw, Bob Flinn, Leland Borg, Sam Bally. BfE3EBf LL The two sports in which Andover engages in interscholastic competition are baseball and basketball. Baseball is played in both the spring and fall. The Trojans participate in a double round robin with other teams in the south half of the Butler county League. The Andover boys have not been too strong in this sport fn recent years, but are now showing increased interest and zest for the game. A new ball diamond, new uniforms and a desire to know and play better baseball has greatly enhanced their attitude toward the sport. By learning fundamentals and by increasing their skills and abilities, the Trojans are looking toward a more brilliant future in the 'Great Ameri- can Game.' GOBDSMITH'S SPORTING GOODS CO., Wichita, Kansas I9 5,55 B W V15 The Trojans with seven lettermen avail- able anticipated a successful 19148-1.5.9 season. Lack of height, sickness, and injuries all played a major part in keeping the won-lost record on the negative side. The boys played fine, hustling ball and gave every team on the schedule a hardbattle. The season's record for the Andoverites showed eight victories and twelve defeats. Seven of these games were lost by from one to four points. In Butler County play Andover finished fifth in the South half, winning three and losing seven. Four of the defeats were by one and two points. The games which highlighted the season's play were with Benton. Both games with their ancient, "arch" rivals resulted in defeats, but the outcome of each game was in doubt until the final whistle. The largest crowd ever to see a basketball game in Andover turned out for the Benton game and saw the Contributed by E.H. ADAIR OIL CO.,W1chita, Kansas 20 Trojans lost a close, well-played contest. In the county tournament, Andover advanced to the second round before losing to Potwin. They led in this game until Timmons and Beck were both removed because of fouls. The Trojans made a surprisingly strong show- ing at Mulvane, winning over Belle Plaine, before losing to Mulvane in the semi-finals. The boys played their best game of the year against Mulvane before losing, L7-39. Mulvane won the tournament and are probably state champoins. Lyle Timmons was a consistent offensive threat throughout the season, having a fifteen point average per game. Walter Courtney, Don Beck, Don Fitzgerald and Dale Hobson all showed flashed of offensive brillance at various times during the season. The following boys will receive letters for the season's play: Lyle Timmons, Walter Courtney, Don Beck, Dale Hobson, Don Fitz- gerald, Eugene Moser, Marion Medley, and Bob Pray. Four boys, Timmons, Hobson, Moser and Pray will be lost through graduation. The rest will be back, taller and stronger, hoping for a fine season in 19,49-50. The WBW team had an average season, playing a fourteen game schedule, winning about half of their games. Tommie Laisure, Bob Pray and Eugene Moser led the play for the UBN squad, as well as seeing action on the nAn team. . SEASON'S RECORD i A Andover Towanda Andover Potwin Andover LSOH Andover Douglass Andover Latham Andover Rose Hill Andover Benton Andover Leon Andover Potwin Andover Douglass Andover Towanda 27 Andover 314. , H039 H111 ll-5 Andover 62 gpps sg Latham F49 Andover M1 l 2, A slr ,, Benton M2 Andover 38 ,QfsD'F? Whitewater 29 Andover 30 zm we, ,ACAE 5 Po twin 14.2 Andover 36 "n 'figi Augusta 'B' 33 Andover 33 E1 v p is Belle Plains 29 Andover 39 f d Mulvane Ll-7 Andover 25 if E5 Douglass 33 contributed by E.H. ADAIR OIL CO., Wichita, Kansas ". wA ps Q5 st 'B 'W . W.. Q x ...J '7 'TL 'JL 'Y I-T.. 00 Pa fi ggi k.J .4 P F' Th pep Club with their leaders Jo Ann Stogkdale ang Betty Pray' ready to cheer their team on to victory. l"TTF"'NFNl ...C ..f !!...1 w v In 1 in f J Xe w e, y A Xym MOSER SERVICE STATION, Wichita: Kansas 22 Left to right, Top row: Marion Medley Dale Hobson Tommie Laisure Eugene Moser Bottom row: Don Beck Lyle Timmons Walter Courtney Don Fitzgerald Bob Pray - ,.,............Y..f..-Q -.- .e.,-...W..,,-..-.-.,n.-.M-.J...c- ' , Y, - Y, - e PH YSJCAL E DUCATION GAS The thud of bat against ball, the swish of a basketball through the cords, the gym reverberating with noise and laughter all add up to the that the Andover boys are attending their favorite class. Physical education is a required subject for all boys who pass a sical examination. One unit of work is a state requisite for each The majority of boys take more than the required amount. The reasons for this are varied, but they all embody the ideas have made America famous as a sports loving nation. Love of sport, sportsmanship, a chance to use ability and skill in competition is as ural to the boys of Andover as baked beans are to Boston fact ph? boy. that good nat Various sports and activities engaged in during the physical education period are: baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, other games and last but not least, calisthenics. All boys regardless of skill have a good time in ngym' because they get to play. A boy who cannot make the school team and engage in competi tion with other schools, need not have his love for sports lessened be cause he is not as well co-ordinated as some of his fellow students. Physical education and the sports engaged in, tend to make all Trojan boys more fit, both mentally and physically Through the courtesy of GRANT-BILLINGS FRUIT CO., Wichita, kansas. 0 Q O 1 Q O 23 Although this is not a regular Win the classroomn picture,it is an important part of the school activi- ties. Shown here is Mr. Clark, our prin- cipal, with one of the office girls, Leta Nixon. Busily at work here, the Trojan Staff is in the act of preparing one of This page sponsored by a Friend. O0 S C JA U GIRLS GLEE CLUB Qvv.'?"6SQ QW ix N Wx if KXDX S X . XJ Q ' 1, X K wt Fw Z - N 1 Q: w,V . v A o 27 This page made possible by CLARK'S GROCERY AND LOCKER PLANT 6' 44' .rf SNS wir Aibb fn QONN BELFORD GROCERY ,.r. , Qs NJ bfi , F ff This page sponsors is d by L. S. DACK LUMBER COMPANY v-IJ H R F .A f-' F' N J A J F KING,Q,UEEN mn Arrmumnrs The school carnival, October 28, l9LL8, was a very interesting event. It took place in the school gymnasium which was filled with colorful booths, streamers, and jack-o-laterns. Of course it required a lot of work on the part of both the teachers and the students, but with everyone doing his part the job was completed to the satisfaction of all. One of the highlights of the evening was the election of the king and queen from high school and of the prince and princess from the grades. The candidates for king and queen were Dorothy Donaldson and Jack Wolf, Ruby Pray and Bert Pray, Deanie Perrine and Don Beck, and Betty Pray and Dale Hobson. The candidates for prince and princess were Susan Seaney and Bill Rollins, Marjorie Hanshaw and James Creed, Joan Gardner and David Davis, Darlene Montgomery and Gary Banshaw, and Darla Gardner and Dale Davis. Dale Hobson and Betty Pray were chosen as, king and queen, and to com- plete the 'Royal Family', Bill Rollins and Susan Seaney were chosen as the and princess. CH 1:1149 E AND WING Through the courtesy of THE ANDOVER STATE BANK P Hula Royse Cafeteria Manager 4 M A Ada M Hobs on Asslstant 1 45 'YI' M V 5- urgb before ya cefeter vlan we wc' Olen Buchanan School Custodian 31 Compliments of R. W. DODGE MOTOR SERVICE 5-W... .-V....-...... ,, , ,.,.m,. ...M ...1 f ia,.......,1.-.. , . . . .-...W,'a-isiiam-.-.-,--K J N a 'P JL 0 X P A J LEX UNT MJNNJ E FRQM M 1NNEso'fAH CAST OF CHARACTERS Aunt Minnie Miller ------ from Minnesota- - - - - -Deanie Perrine Mrs. Emily Evans -------- her sister -------- Phyllis Hill Elvira Evans ------ Mrs. Evans' older daughter ---- Phyllis Pray Eva Evans- -------- her younger daughter- - ' ' - -Norma Royse Emery Eaton- - - ------- Eva's fiance ------- Marion Medley Guy Graham- - -who would like to be Elv1ra's fiance- Warren Alliston Silas Spencer ------- the mayor of the town ----- Eugene Shank Patience Perkins- - -head of every com ittee in town-Teanne Aubuchon Andy Andrews ---- a former suitor of Aunt Minnie's ----- Don Beck Cornelia Curtis ----- just back from the city ---- Anglia Green Hella Nelson ------- a milliner and modiste ----- Pat Belford Worthington Winter ------- a promoter ------ Walter Courtney The Juniors, in an all star cast, presented 'Aunt Minnie From Minnesota' to a large and appreciative audience, Monday night, Nov, 22. The very fine presentation was due, not only to stage in- terpretation and acting, but also to the untiring work of the sponsor and coach, Mrs. Kathryn Tedlock. Mrs. Tedlock was ably assisted by the Advertising and Property Manager, Nella Brown: the Stage Manager, Bob Flinng his assistant, LeRoy Hladikg and the Finance Chairman, Tom ie Laisure. Thb music which was enjoyed between the acts was presented by lrs. Bowen and a group of girls. 'Aunt Minnie' begins the play full of pep, dressed fit-to-kill and filled with modern ideas. She was a born old maid when she left the town of Brandon twenty years before, but returns a wealthy, re- juvenated, streamlined maiden lady filled with ideas to develop the sleepy town of Brandon into a thriving and modern community. As a 'waker-upper' she has no peer and she sets the wheels of progress in motion by financing all sorts of business enterprises. But she runs into a snag when she brings from Minnesota one Worthington Winter, a promoter, to help her develop the town. Minnie falls for his scheme and his words of love like a 'ton of bricks' and he skips out of town leaving Minnie a poorer but wiser woman. Her business ventures teeter on the ragged edge of failure, but are saved through the efforts of her former suitor, Andy Andrews. Aunt Minnie dressed as Joan of Arc rides at the head of the 'Boost Brandon'parade and leads the town and herself to victory. 32 Courtesy or umwa com: DAIRY PRODUCTS .v, ,.,-.l-We W- , , ? 1 1 , . TRANSPORTATION U ii Q n W? ll WMM Legg H fwl fy fi - liwggia - asmdfhu S ,fl ON MMhMiwMiife lf, ' ' "'-" A " ' i5TDPANDOVfRSCl100lm5l!m jwwmdi WW About 75 Per cent of to and from school by bus The buses are owned 33 per pupil per month. Mr. Mohler driving from school each day. Mr Andover School bus. Mr. Moore transports several years has run a this year he is operating DODGE the pupils of the Andover School are transported by the school and the expenses amount to about about M8 miles a day, transports M6 pupils to and . Mohler for the past two years has driven the 55 pupils about MO miles each day. Mr. Moore for bus owned by himself for the Andover Schools,but Andover's largest bus. Mr. Gardner transports M2 pupils about 60 miles. Mr. Gardner, a new bus driver this year, is transporting pupils from the newly consolidated district south of Andover SPENCER AUTO SERVICE COMPANY DODGE R PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE nJob Ratedn TRUCKS 1210 East Douglas, Wichita, Kansas nOn Automobile Rown 34 . EW? I t K ' , X ' I psf E 3 ' 3 I A as X !fO w Y I iii T if Xi xl J W f 1' 1 , QI' Af if ,, I f TEAM w " wg " . K f ' lQx Rudy ' x , ,fx f , v x 4 ' . -Fl TX Y NJ ,APN 'xii 7 Kgf ' A . 116' . ' , xx" . I l 3-egg Skxxxfnhgf f Q i ' X- g A - Vi-'Q 7 Q Y .gi il X Q T g ..... N LM 3' vu' ':-kL, x A. 'my 2 su, a K 5 C 'lxvii 5 fx Af wi- ,.,f :sip W Q, Q 1 d ,,ff:ifasiE?aisi'4'f' XX 2 N ' '..Q X 'T"I'?'Q - :Ex .1122 , X 1-2 I Pa - if ,FS :IAEA RNC S90 5 n m : .. x Q z ' J uf' LEFT TO RIGHT: lst Row: Susan Seaney, Joyce Ruth, Lorraine Hanshaw, Sharon Hacker, Carolyn Moler, Mary Donaldson. 2nd Rowg Judy Scott, Loretta Klein, Connie Graham, Clara Kay Mohler, Gary Thompson, David Hladik, David Young, Carol Carr. 3rd Row: Bill Rollins, ReRoy Higg- ins, Jack Fortney, Calvin Barnhart, Don Winslow, James Bush, Neil Friend, Roger Higgins. nth Row: Johnnie Gardner, Richard Marshall, Eugene Barnhart, Charles Maple, Eugene Berney, Kent Duncan, David Deskines. Not Pictured: Wanda Rider, Viola Deere, Gayla Faidley, Walter Price, Terry Oakes, Phillip and Bobby Watson. P Left to Right: Brenda Sweasy, Mildred Jackson, Janice Courtney Donna Marilyn Hanshaw, Edith Barney, Ann Wheeler, Marjorie Hanshaw Francis Karyn Holmes. 2nd Row: Jerry Ruth, James Close, James Creed Lonnie Clark, James Donaldson, Donald Gibson, Larry Ruth, Wilson. Not Pictured: Barbara Deere, nCongratu1at1ons', BOND BAKERIES, Wichita, Kansas ,W Y , ,Y,, W., I' C9 U R 'r H A N D F if FRONT ROW: Beverly Gibson, Carol Clay, Ethel Creed,, Eunice Holloway, I O rl Evelyn Nixon, Eileen Seaney SECOND ROW: Alfred Wilson, Roger Rick- ard, Sharon Thompson, Beth Hanson, Sharell Boucher, Marlene Donaldson, Jimmy Don Hladik. THIRD ROW: Laverne Wedel, Carol Holloway, Alvin Borg, David Davis, Yvonne Moler,JoEtta Marshall, Richard Dean Higgins, Curtis Greed. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Rollins, Becky Graham, Virginia Malcom, Jean Gardner, Ronald Young, Richard Wheeler, James Fortney, Richard Tucker, Mrs. Aubuchon--Teacher. H F I F T H A N D SJ X A J R- H FRONT ROW: Rose Boucher,Shirley Hladik, Wanda Koob, Harlis Montgomery, Myrtle Holloway. SECOND ROW: Richard Hagan, Delbert Aubuchon, Charlann Seaney, Grace Pray, Darelene Montgomery, Maude Hoult, Gary Hanshaw. THIRD ROW: Bruce Moody, Howard Higgins, Jimmie Upshaw, David Moody, Ronald Brown, Hanford Holloway, Marvin Holmes. FOURTH ROW: Carol Alliston, Roberta Nixon, Joann Upshar, Buster Scott, Charles Friend, Jack Decker, George Klein, Alvin Honier, Miss Meyersick--Teacher. Not pictured!-Stewart Price, Nedwin Price. THE BOYER OIL COMPANY sponsored this page 37 S E. F" C. N H Seventh Grade: Melvin Minerd, John Fortney, Floyd Wedel, Roy League, David Houldt, Donald Borg, Hershel Holloway, Buddy Johnston, Donald Moody, Kenneth Fuller, Jimmie Clay, Eldon Hagan, Duane Donaldson, Agnes Green, Betty Jane Jackson, Mrs. Sechrist, Nadine Ruth, Dolores Klein, Darla Gardner, Joyce Weerts, Benita Mohler. r" ...J Eighth Grade: Clarence Brown, Lee Gardner, Raymond Close, Keith Seery, Kenneth Higgins, Dale Davis, Norman Hacker, Glen Scott, Mrs. Sechrist Glennie Scott, Loretta Boucher, Violet Nelson, Francis Brown, Donna Ruth! V 4 Courtesy of COMMERCE MILL M ELEVATOR CO., Wichita, Kansas G Q-J H . , , ...,...,-. ..1..-.....-.-'.---.., N M-- s --f Wfjieffw ff f QM M55 ' X X ' P X X. X, M QQ M V QM X CLOUD BYE OLD A N DOVE R HIGH CTORIAL YE BOOHS CUSTOM VER5 u '1X.E'3Q,?:F'1 - -N-'V ..,.-...V . MX- f- --V 'Y' L ,,..g-I L Pe' YV' 1 x Ox J x f 'f .M 1 1 .. ? .2 'TW ww ,W Mimi' ' ' 4 .. Ps., '

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