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% THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE c ONTENTS FACULTY 16 STUDENT LIFE 34 FRESHMEN 52 CLUBS 70 SOPHOMORES 94 JUNIORS 130 SPORTS 148 SENIORS 198 ADS 228 O.K., that ' s all fine and dandy, but what IS the time of your life. ' ' Well, so far in our long and fruitful lives, it probably is the time we ' ve spent at Bloomfield Hills Andover Senior High School. Now, none of us are ready to jump out of our chair, arms flung high into the air, and admit that, yes, we ' ve had a BLAST dur- ing these years at An- dover. But stop a minute or two, and think back on your life. When have you had a better time? Kinder- garten.- ' Well, maybe that ' s because we didn ' t have homework or our classes consisted of cutting, past- ing and coloring. . . . • ' " ; - ' ¥a-gi(i j« iggg w;, - : ' ' : . y -.«: ;fa with THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE: Ba- sically it ' s all the tun, crazy, zany and obnoxious things we ' ve done our friends. Of course, there were some bad times, but we ignore them ' cause it just doesn ' t rain in Bloomfield Hills. Times like running around the neighborhood at 3:00 in the morning in pjs, overnight float parties, and skipping class to go out for lunch. While Seniors move on to become little fishes in a big sea, the Juniors be- come big fishes in a little sea. The Sophomores are headed into their toughest year and the Freshmen - well, they ' re just glad to be moving up to the Sophomore positions. But through all this, we have to admit, so far, Andover has been the place we ' ve had the time of our lives. — Kelly Nelson 43 Vain hopes and ambitions create foundations for our lives. Battles of truth, of right and wrong rage amidst the border of our age. Youth thrives on idealism giving us sane minds. Peace is impossi- ble-ultimate de- struction less pos- sible. Our assimilable desires collide with thoughts of our future; I can be . . . It will be . . . It must be . . . for us. — Sree Nallamothu I A brief moment, a pause in time- Familiar faces, forgotten names. A smile passes full of Uncertainty as we prepare for A future outside . . . How big a role does Chance play? — Sree Nallamothu Suspended in definite time, we search for our- selves through faintly lighted hallways. We si- lently acknowledge a sense of freedom within these imprisoning walls of high school. With home- work as an excuse, our minds avoid dwelling in reality. Our existence thrives upon idealistic vi- sions of outrageous dreams we need not justi- fy ... n (s We ' ll find a time to think, a time to dream, and a time to be. In this time, we face authority and fear as one; we exper- ience tragedies and grow; and we believe in friendship and find strength. With this knowl- edge and strength, each one of us seeks visions to follow- some vi- sions while others stand confidently alone. — Sree Nallamothu. WbrH ViM Y Up u I =U l Time REal sometimes Frightening But always Full of our THougHTs And Dreams TiMe defines existencE We EXIST AND Will — Sree Nallamothu HILLCRIEJJT iiniTORS c u ndover ' s faculty: unique people each with a different personality all united to accomplish one task — teach. The knowledge a person would gain by just talking to each of them for fifteen minutes would be tremendous. We learn from them, laugh with them, hate them at times and look up to them as our friends. They teach us to be scientists, mathematicians, journalists, philosophers, and good caring people. They give us more than just knowledge. They give us a part of themselves — their thoughts and opinions, their criticism, their praise and their understanding. Some of them are funny, some are serious, some are more lenient than others, and some are more enjoyable to be with than others. They all must like teenagers or why would they spend so much time m a high school . Do they want to feel younger by being around a younger generation or do they ,ust want to be with us.? Every students who walks through Andover halls may not be a sweet angel. The faculty understands this very well. The faculty may yell scream, and throw a fit because the students do not always give them their 100% attention ' but the faculty should understand one thought: Andover students may not always give them the attention and respect that they deserve, and they may not show how much they appreciate and care about all that the teachers are doing for them, but the students do care. No matter what kmd of teacher the person is - funny, serious, cruel, or nice - Andover students will never forget them, and they all say, " Thank You. " Board of Education Board of Education: Top: David McGraw, Barbara Dolliver, Sharon Tosch, Edward Fleischmann Bottom: Suzanne VonEnde. Linda Finkel. Thomas Wilson. " I enjoy being superinten- dent and nothing is more important than education. I believe that this school district is a great school district. " W. Robert Docking PhD Superintendent " Recognize that gradu- ation is a significant take- off point in the learning process. " Gary M. Doyle Deputy Superintendent " I like the dynamics of working with people . who like what they are doing. " Norman Quinn Director of Health, P.E Athletics Faculty and Administrators A President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer ... so far it sounds like the members of Andover ' s class office, doesn ' t it? But this team also has three hard-working Trustees, a Deputy Superintendent, and a Superintendent. Yes, we ' re talking about the Board of Education. Most Andover students have never met this board, even though it does not go unnoticed. It is usually listed in Andover Music and Sports programs, the " Andover Action, " and most other publications of Bloomfield Hills Schools. What exactly do the people across the street from us do? ' Well, they negotiate improvements to benefit the schools such as the addition of cable television this year), listen to the parents ' praise and complaints, and implement dynamic curriculum changes. All Bloomfield Hill Schools can depend upon their Board of Education for superb educational service. Their main focus is, however, establishing school policies. These policies allow our school system to become more effective in its main goal: educating. The Board of Education, along with the District Administration, provides the foundation for our school. Andover ' s Administrators, another group of dedicated people, spend most of their time making sure that the school and functions connected with it, runs smoothly. They solve problems and provide guidance for the school. Their wish to make Andover the best it can be motivates them to develop new ideas such as in-school suspension. " Without them Andover would be reduced to chaos. " We should all express our warm thanks and gratitude to the Board and Administration for their concern and dedication toward our education. " It ' s the greatest time of your lives, Seniors, and I hope that our teaching you in grades 9-12 will have prepared you for a life as well as making each of you a better per- son. " Mr. John Toma Principal " As our first Freshmen class to spend four years at Andover, I hope your memories are full of won- derful times with friends, class and activities. " Mrs. Janette Gwinn Vice -Principal " It has really been a plea- sure working with stu- dents who are sincerely interested in their educa- tion, and still take the time to be involved in nu- merous athletic and co- curricular activities. " Dr. David Symington Vice -Principal Faculty Counselors and Secretaries - ' We asked the counselors, some of our fa vorite people, to express their feelings on Andover students and to tell us a little bit about themselves. Their responses vary from sincere wishes for their stu- dents future success to reflections on their past years in education. Mr. Ceremuga: Every class has its own person- ality. It is as if all 348 seniors are melted into one person. This year ' s class I would characterize as a positive, ambitious and pleasant person. This senior class is a plea - sure to be around. I will be sorry to see them leave. Dr. Johnson: Dr. Johnson has been working at Andover as a counselor for 13 years and he says, " I enjoy working just as much now as I did 13 years ago. " He says that Andover is a wonderful school with a " super group of kids. " He enjoys visita- tions from the former graduated students and likes seeing how much they have changed since their years at Andover. He enjoys kids tremendously and enjoys working with them everyday. Ms. King: I have been in education from Secretaries: Mary Rae Bragg Dorothy Colenso Linda Dunbar Cynthia Fahr Caddy Mennely Gloria Stein bach 20 Faculty elementary to junior high school and, then, to the university level. When I finally wound my way back to Michigan and Bloomfield Hills. I knew that I had found the BEST of all worlds. There is noth- ing better than working with An- dover High School students and staff I appreciate the ability, spirit, creativity and humor I find at every turn. Thanks, Andover, I love be- ing here! Ms. Posch: This is my 10th year working for Bloomfield Hills Schools. I have been here at Andover for eight years. I am enjoying this school year tremendously. I feel I have a wonderful group of seniors in my alphabetical section. I know I don ' t know everything about all of them, but there are many seniors that Eve come to know quite well. I truly care about all of them and wish them well. Andover is a great place and Em glad to be a part of it. Mr. Wolfe: Having spent 23 years at An- dover — as a student, teacher, and counselor supervisor — hopefully indicates how much I care about the school and especially the stu - dents with whom I have worked over the years. It is so important for teachers and administrators to be accessible to students, to pro- vide answers and set moral and academic examples for them, and to enforce discipline in a firm, fair, and caring manner. It has always been such a pleasure to work with students who care about their fu- ture and to help create a future for those who don ' t know how. ; Counselors: Many Ceremaga Tom Johnson Jan King Ellen Posch James Wolfe Andover ' s administration consists of a princi- pal, two vice -principals, and five wonderful counselors, all of which Andover students could not live without. Our counselors take care of minute problems like changing a class to more important and tedious problems such as sending out senior college applications, all solved without fail. Besides these, each of our counselors has mastered a field making them unique in their own way. Mr. Martin Ceremuga deals with the career center. Dr. Thomas Johnson is our one and only college coordinator. Ms. Janet King is in charge of the Special Education Department. Mrs. Ellen Posche is the public relations coordinator as well as the organizer for the " Andover Action " . Mr. James Wolfe, our testing coordinator, arranges everything from the Sophomores taking the MEAP, Juniors taking the PSAT, to preparing students taking the SAT. Andover is proud of them all and we are glad to say, " Thanks for being with us. " Andover has a team which is almost as popular as the Varsity Football Team and just as enthusi- astic and dedicated towards their work. Andover secretaries are the finest secretaries any high school can have. They work together to accom- plish all tasks. They answer phones, write passes, type memos and agendas. There are secretaries working in the counseling office, the main office, and the attendance office. Whatever they do or wherever they work, they always set a placid atmosphere. Faculty 21 Science G. Blair W. Cheyne M. Drake Science con ' t: S. Fraser J. Hillman C. KeUiher Science con ' t: D. Kwasny D. Mathena E. Wer dt Hxpe n m ents. data, hypotheses. Mr. Bla ir. Miss Wendt. — what do they all have in common. ' ' Science of course! Chemis- try. Biology. Physics and many other sci- ence-related courses are the site of experiments, ani- mal dissections, and science contests. Mr. Hillman ' s A. P. Physics had its tra- ditional egg drop which turned out to he a real sticky mess! Interested students join the science club. Here they employ their newly acquired knowledge and have fun as well. Faculty English con ' t: 5. Dorenbusch S. Feigenson A. HcYinoss J. Mice English con ' t M. Honeyman F. Knight P. Manin G. Sima English con ' t L. Swans D. Tyman J. Verlinden J. Zolman English Andover scud ems experience lit- erature and writing from three -para- graph essays to Shal esperean sonnets, from " A Modest Proposal. " to The Catcher In The Rye. The English De- partment emphasizes literature and writing courses to develop the stu- dents ' understanding of the language and promotes writing contests spon- sored by the " Detroit Free Press " and Wayne State University. The Andover English Department presents a variety of classes for the different interests and abilities of Andover students. Math: H. Hassenzahl H. Henderson C. King H. Mourer E. Okuniewski Math con ' t: D. Reinhard L. Robinson E. Schroll M. Shelly R. Siwajek U ijs - ! Business, Computers Business: 1. What one does for a living. 2. What one has a right or duty to do. 3. A matter or affair. -4. The buying and selling of goods and ser- vices; commerce, trade. 5. A place where things are made or sold. As one can see, Business is defined in many ways, and at Andover it is taught in many ways. Andover ' s Busi- ness Department teaches typing, ac- counting, shorthand, economics, and other business -related activities. Business students learn aspects of merchandising and marketing, and a few advance to work in the Baron Village Shop for business credit. One business credit is required for gradu- ation, and Andover students have no problem choosing business classes from the wide variety offered. M Faculty Math Math: the group ot sciences using numbers and symbols m dealing with the relationships and measurements of amounts and forms. Math is one of the oldest forms of the sciences which is constantly used. Ftom the aba- cus to the scientific calculators to numbet ptoblems. accutacy today can be easier achieved. The math teachers involve their students in many activities apart from learning and compre- hending numbers and symbols, such as the traditional Michigan Math Prize Competition. Senior students fascinated with the world without words join the Calculus Club to further en- hance their knowledge. A- W, Business: B. Dugan S. Flumecfek C. Genereaux R. Hurdle D. Malik f Business con ' t: R. Maxwell E. Shegina Computers: Chen D. Fraser L. Seitz Faculty Social Studies: F. Beau doe n F. Buford Social Studies cofi ' t: P. Dain J. Farrell Social Studies con ' t; Huff C. Johnson Social Studies con ' t K. Johnson V. Najjar Social Studies con ' t: 5. Oerkficz C Price Social Studies U.S. History, psychology, philosophy. European History and American Government are only a small fraction of the many social studies classes offered at Andover. Educational and entertaining, social studies classes give one a variety of knowledge. Many classes take field trips to broaden their view on the subjects they are studying. They all read about interesting, fascinating events and facts, and the teachers always present history and news in an exciting manner. Social Studies is an essential pan of a well rounded education. Phys. Ed., Home Ec. Physical Education is an important part of high school, training one physically as well as mentally. A CPR course, a 1 V2 mile run, and a Vt mile swim are required for graduation as well as IV2 more credits of Physical Education. These classes are stren- uous, demanding and rewarding. Home Economics at Andover gives stu- dents the opportunity to learn the funda- mentals of sewing and cooking. The Home Economics department provides many courses ranging from Interior Decorating to the BVI as well. Phys. Ed.: D. Bessolo M. Lane Phys. Ed. con ' t: C. Powell B. Winowiecki Health: 5. Price Home Ec: J. Levett Foreign Language: B. Chasco J. Gelman E. Kuhlhavi F. Vance Foreign Language con ' t: O. Vandegrift M. Vennettelli R. Williams J. Wolk Comm unica dons, Art, Music and Drama Our communications teachers at Andover try and give the most realistic experience to our students, maybe they are teaching the next Dan Rathers or Case Kasum. Here at Andover art teachers try to help students brmt; out their utmost talents in all medias. The Andover Music Department performed everything from sweet serene classical pieces to vibrant, bouncy rock and roll. The Big Bad Baron Marching Band performed at half-time performances. And the symphonic and concert bands held their own concerts. The Drama Department presented two sensational plays this year. In November they staged, " }bu Can ' t Take It With You. " directed by Mark Honey man; m the spring. Andover ' s Music and Drama Department present- ed " My Fair Lady " under the direction of Dr. Sima. Foreign Language Andover has eight very nice, talented, special teachers who all have something in common — be- ing foreign language teachers. All foreign language students improve their English by learning another language. Unfortunately, the ma- jority of Andover students are en- rolled in French and Spanish classes where as only a handful learn German and Latin. Learning a foreign language is a merit for anyone, and Andover has eight of the finest teachers to learn from. ! J ' --jr f - ' - 1 ,. ! ' ' ,- k ' ' - ' kk mM Music: R. Ambrose . I A. Jabnke T B. Snyder ' . Communications: " • : p 5ower5 1 P. Clees Communications Cont.: D. Oleksiak Art: J. Hartom T. Hoydic N. Jackson W. Rustemier LRC: E. Brouhard D. Campbell J. Fletcher D. Miserez S. Parsons K. Walton Media Center: R. Ashley S. Noetzold Paraprofessionals: M Ambruster D. Hollams T. Maridada D. Owens D. Reynolds R. Self M. Smak Work Study: R. Rasmussen Social Worker: B. Millsap Psycologist: D. Chase Student Teacher: M Jackson D. Zack Parking Lot: F. Munro T. Murphy Head Custodians: D. Rieck C. Weathers Nature Center The E.L. Johnson Nature Center, located on Franklin Road, is a home to many animals such as deer and squirrels. It is place where many students go to learn about nature and its relations with man. Andover students are not the only students to visit the nature center. Much of the public tour the grounds to learn, have a good time and enjoy the scenery. W Support Staff Few people realize the role the support staff plays in our school. They are responsible for the school ' s physical ' appearance as well as the food the students are served. We have two parking lot attendants monitor- ing the students ' cars as well as keep- ing the lot functioning. Our custo- dial staff makes sure that the school remains pleasant and the lunch staff makes sure that the students ' meals are well-balanced and delicious. Without these people and their hard work, Andover would not function very well. Top: Theresa Augistinac, Betty Studnicki, Jackie Groat, Gloriann Haitz, Gretchen Arnold. Bottom: Kitchen leader Shirley Lane. Eva Smith, Marlene Spooner. Not Pictured: Eleanor Frasa, Karen Franklin, Shirley Miesel Faculty 31 5tudy! Study! Study! Have you evei sat in class won- dering what your teachers were like during their high school days? Did they sit in class acting like perfect little angels while their teachers lectured, or did they sit in the back of their classrooms pass- ing notes about their hot date last Saturday night? They tell us to sit down, be quiet, take notes and study. Did they do that? Didn ' t they aa like teenagers once upon time? Be real, of course they did! Wouldn ' t you think even Andover teachers daydreamed and slept through an occasional class? Are they really as smart as we think they are? It is true Andover teachers are the finest teachers any school could have, but were they the fin- est students any other teacher could have? Mr. Okuniewski Math B Law { French B + English A Potsdam University New York Mr. Johnson Math C French B Science B + English D- Fordson High School Ms. Swarts Math Business Science English Davison High School Say it again . . . Okuniewski: You beccha! Hite: I hive answered that question be- Vance: N ' Oubllez pas que je vous aime! on ' t forget that I love you!) Mr. Kwasney: Okey Dokey, Smokey! Mr. Blait: Basically Hutdle: Hypothetically speaking Mouter. See you in summet school! Mi. Buford: The buck stops here. Would you choose teaching as a career again knowing what you know now? Ms. Kelliher Yes. it keeps you young, but at the same time gives you gtay hair. Mr. Okuniewski: It is too early to tell. Ms. Hite: It makes no difference; I have already lost my mind. Ms. Williams: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do not regret my decision to become a teacher at all, in fact I enjoy it! Mr. Hoydic: Yes, since I am an Artist Teacher it gives me a chance to practice both. Anonymous: Yes, having summers off is great! Every school has an assistant principle, but none have one like Andover ' s Dr. Symington. As assistant principal. Dr. Symington ' s list of administrative duties runs long. Under his guidance, athletic assem- blies and banquets. Senior Commencement and the Senior Party are made possible. Dr. Symington assists Mr. Toma in staff evaluations as well as supervision. Dr. Symington also works with student govern - ment. the science and physical education departments, and the police liason. These duties listed are only a fraction of those Dr. Symington must perform and attend to on a daily basis. We applaud his excel- lence. T U D 1 bfe A J Academics; A major part of a student ' s life. For some it is the only part of their high school lives; but biology, algebra, and English are not the only reasons kids go to school. Every high school differs from one another, but what makes Andover unique is the involvement and the way students present themselves here. The life of a student from Freshman Orientation to Graduation matures and flourishes. The students learn about the many qualities in life as well as himself herself. Homecoming activities, band, choir, foreign language clubs, student leadership and National Honor Society are all parts which make a student a separate entity. If all teenagers did the same things, life would be extremely boring. Andover joins everyone ' s talents to accomplish all feats. Andover has actors and actresses for school plays, jocks for sports and musicians for concerts. The variety performed is tremendous. A student ' s life here at Andover can 1 - time of his her life. T I 1. GREED AND DECEPTIONeventually lead to the fall of Ptiilippine President Ferdinand Marcos, wfio flees his country after losing the election to the popular Corazon Aquino. 2. ON THE RUN, President of Haiti " Baby Doc " Duvalier and his wife Michelle drive through the gates of the Port-au-Prince airport to board a U.S. Air Force transport plane which carries them to France. 3. HOLLYWOOD HUNK Clint Eastwood ' s " day Is made " by the residents of Carmel-by- the-Sea, CA, after they elect him mayor in April. 4. SAM AND DIANE are at it again to make " Cheers " one of the top-rated shows of 1986. Along with " The Cosby Show, " they brought NBC and its Thursday night line-up to the top of the ratings chart. 5. A HORRIFIED NATION LOOKS ON as the seven crew members of the space shuttle Challenger, including school teacher Christa McAullffe, are killed when the craft explodes 73 seconds after its televised launch on Jan 28,1986. 6. AMERICA ' S PRIDE AND JOY, the Statue of Liberty celebrates her 100th birthday with a complete renovation and a nationwide party on July 4, 1986. Photos by: AP Wide Wbrld Photos 7. BACK HOME, pilots Jeana Yeager and Dick Rutan wave to a crowd in Mojave, CA, on Dec. 23, after completing the first nonstop, global circumnavigation without refueling on the aircraft Voyager. 8. A NIGHTMARE TURNS TO REALITY for the Soviet people when a nuclear reactor explodes at the Chernobyl power station in April. 9. WORLD TRAVELER Pope John Paul II visits Mother Theresa ' s clinic in Calcutta during his 10-day journey through the Indian continent in February. 10. WEDDING BELLS ring for Caroline Kennedy, daughter of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and the late John F. Kennedy, and Edwin Schlossberg, a New York businessman and artist. 1 1 . IR ANSCAM involves four White House staffers (National Security Adviser John Poindexter, Lt. Col. Oliver North, White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan, and CIA Director William Casey). 12. A DROUGHT-RIDDEN southeastern United States experiences the worst dry spell on record in 1986. Farmers from southern Pennsylvania to northern Florida are on the verge of ruin as their crops wilt at the peak of the drought. 1. IN A SHOW OF MILITARY STRENGTH. U.S. planes bomb targets in and near Tripoli in response to Libyan-backed terrorism. " We have done what we had to do. If necessary, we shall do it again, " said President Reagan. 2. THE FOURTH BLAST in Paris during one week in September occurs at police headquarters. A terrorist group claimed responsibility for the explosion that injured 36 people, six of them seriously. 3. A CASH IS CROWNED Miss America 1987. Miss Tennesee Kellye Cash, grandniece of country star Johnny Cash, received the title and crown from outgoing Miss America Susan Atkin. 4. SWEET TASTE OF VICTORY is savored by the New York Mets when they win the World Series. The Mets beat the Boston Red Sox in the seventh game of the Series by a score of 8-5. 5. A NEW LEADING MAN, Tom Cruise takes the screen with well-known heartthrob Paul Newman in their mOvie " The Color of Money. " Cruise also starred in the 1986 blockbuster " Top Gun " with Kelly McGillis. 6. DISAPPOINTED LEADERS, Presklent Reagan and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev fail to reach an agreement on the arms talks and leave the Reykjavik summit in failure. Photos by: AP Wide Wbrld Photos 7. SWEEPING OVERHAUL of tax laws cuts taxes for some workers while eliminating some of the traditional deductions. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski and Sen. Bob Packwood were instrumental in the overhaul. 8. SINGERS WIN GRAIVIIVIY AWARDS. Whitney Houston tor " Best Female Pop Vocal Performance " ; Don Henley for " Best Male Rock Vocal " ; and Stevie Wonder for " Best Male Rhythm and Blues Vocal. " 9. BOTH CHARGED WITH ESPIONAGE, Soviet U.N. employee Gennadiy Zakharov arrested in New brk City, and American journalist Nicholas Daniloff arrested in Moscow, are later released in what some called a " trade. " 10. A FORMER " FUN-LOVING- BACHELOR, Britain ' s Prince Andrew marries the red-haired English commoner Sarah Ferguson ( " F«rgie " ) in July at Westminster Abbey. 11. AMERICAS HOLLYWOOD fioWORITES DIE IN 1986: The elegant leading man, Cary Grant; King of Swing Benny Goodman; Hollywood toughguy James Cagney; and Ted Knight, who co-starred In the " Mary Tyler Moore Show. " 12. THE BEGINNING OF HELP for AIDS victims is discovered in a DuPont laboratory. The Isostat system enables hospital labs to isolate and treat the microorganisms that attack AIDS victims. Co-op The Co-op program became a part of the Andover curriculum in 1963. It was introduced by Mrs. Betty Dugan so that the students could " earn " and " learn " at the same time. The enrollment was small at first, but as the student body became aware of the opportunities available more and more opted for the course so that they could gain exposure to possible careers. Monthly breakfasts were held so that speakers could enlighten students on particular areas of employment. An annual employer -employee banquet was held so that Co-ops could show their appreciation to their bosses for the opportunity to work for them. There were many young men and women in the program; students were required to work a minimum of fifteen hours a week. With seventy -five percent of the students continuing their jobs through the summer, the program ' s success increases every year. On the bottom right hand corner is Deb Walker, Andover ' s first co-op student. At the top right hand corner is Ms. Betty Dugan at the 1967 Co-op Christmas party. At the top left hand corner is Ms. Dugan with Elaine and Joyce Greziack. Featured in the bottom left hand corner, the 1986-87 CO -Op Students. Sadie Hawkins I can ' t ask him! What if he says no! Well, how does it feel girls? Each year Sadie Hawkins gives girls a chance to ask their favorite guy to spend Valen- tine ' s Day with them; it also gives them a chance to see romance from the oppo- site side. This year couples danced amidst heart-shaped balloons, to the latest music from WBFH. Can you think of a better way to spend Valentine ' s Day? Student Life 41 wBFH t ms This year WBFH is celebrating its 10th year of broadcasting. The FM radio station went over the air Oaober 1, 1976. Over the years, the station has made many physical improvements to the studios located in the southeast wing of Andover. Mr. Pete Bowers has been the manager since day one and has seen the station grow as an educational experience for students in all grades. Hundreds of WBFH staff students have graced the Bloomfield air -waves bringing listeners good music, local news, community information and sports. WBFH DJs have provided music and lights for school dances, the MDA Superdance and the Radio Marathon Broadcast for the March of Dimes. Quite a few WBFH graduates have continued their radio participation in college and some have pursued careers in broadcasting working at commercial and t.v. stations. WBFH is proud of its decade -long service to the community and looks forward to another ten years of providing hands-on experience to the DJs of tomorrow. Tenth Anniversary First Row Down: Dan Galens, Jeeremy Olen, David Lipski, Second Row: Matt Block, Pettr Starkel, Marty Kaufman, Scott Hubley. Third Row: Doug Pfaff, Celeste Montone, Matt Jenkins, Dan Lippitt. Fourth Row: Tom Fontane, Marc Silver, Andrea Mellon, Joanne Purtan, Guy Cacciarelli, Jaimie Soffm. Last Row: Ada Lee, Anne-Renee Hartman, Dave Patton, Kristen Van Meet, Samantha Hurwitz, Joanne Bloom, Scott Anderson. Not Pictured: Naren Sinha, Liz Wilner, Rob Goldman, Derrick Dekonick, Joel Cohen, Dominic Lianciolo, Scott Arciniegas. 0-14-0 20-6-8 What do these numbers have in common? No, they are not the measurements of weird-looking females. They are the keys to a student ' s locker, his home away from home. A locker is more than just a place to leave one ' s books. It is a statement of a student ' s identity. Lockers can be dressed up with mirrors, pictures, and pretty posters, or dressed down with last week ' s egg salad and last year ' s gym socks. They are dressing rooms to primp and preen, or storage areas to stash little unwanted freshmen. Locker shelves covered in color-coordinated contact paper, magnetic memo pads, and books lined up in order of decreasing size are the signs of a neat freak. On the other hand, those less careful with the school ' s precious property tend to throw their books in their lockers until opening them becomes a health hazard. Students even show their quirks through the way they remove their locks. Athletes tend to throw their locks heavily into the top shelf while the dreamers leave them on the handles. The more daring types don ' t bother with a lock at all. Even with their ability to greatly enhance the smell of a tuna fish sandwich in the course of the year, lockers provide a cornerstone of high school life. Lisa Bass Do you know your soc. security number? There are no known isotopes of the element with the atomic number of A. 20 B. 38 C. 56 D. 88 Does this question look familiar? If it don ' t now, it will by the time you graduate. It is a typical problem from the SAT or ACT. By the end of their high school careers almost everyone will have taken these Even though they are frequently called unfair and biased, t major part of the college acceptance criteria. They „ , grading scale, and they both need a dreaded 2 pencil, passage, they mark a point, where the student decides wh future-at least for the next four or five years. In 20 year: 44 Student Life know .■■. ' " " " " ,,, Attention: cafeterias can damage your health There are many things for a freshman to watch out for in the Andover cafeteria. Let ' s face it, the BVI is an experience ail its own. Before choosing a seat, a freshman should check above him for pickles, on the seat for possible spilled Coke, and to the side for smeared mustard on the walls. Next he must decide if the burritos are really as gross as they look, and if a burger would be any better. Are the fries good today? If he eats the onion rings, will he blow his 6th hour class away with his breath? Also, is it cool to put cream cheese on a bagel? By the time he has decided what to get, the line has become as long as the line at Bloomingdale ' s on the day after Christmas. After he finally arrived back at his table, he discovers that it has been overrun by Seniors whose mischievous smiles suggest that a food fight is imminent. Maybe he should have spent his lunch hour in the library. Lisa Bass Revolution? No, this was not a commimist organization designed to overthrow democracy in a Bolshevik revolution. Although they did plant spies in the French and Spanish clubs, their main goal was to learn about Russian culture, aside from political views. After naming a Czar and choosing Russian names, they enhanced their vocabulary with such Russian words as " " Da " and their palate with a Russian dinner. Overall the comrades enjoyed an interesting cultural experience. First Row: J. Braun. Second Row: K. Droboi, N. Ballard, T. Clarke. Third Row: D. Paulioski, C. Addison. J. Freedland. Fourth Row: M. Azarbayejaoi, P. Morse, B. Hogden, E. Dujovny. Student Life 4 Uncommon Friends The definition of siblings is two or more people sharing one common parent. Not only do siblings share at least one parent, they may also share many other things: a bathroom, a home, a car, clothes, a bedroom, and maybe even a friendship. How would you like to share some of these things and then also have to share Andovers halls. ' ' Here are a few brothers and sisters sharing our school. Features on the top left are Becky and Joe Lash, and Teresa and Grace Nam. On the bottom left are Jessica and JoAnne Purtan and Courtney and Katie Robbins. On the top right are Kirk and Andre Guanco, in the center right are Matt and Travis Green, and on the bottom right are Cory and Trisha Clarke. 46 Student Life Stand By Me Ten years after graduation as you rummage through a trunk of high school momentos — a senior yearbook, half a football ticket, piaures from the prom, report cards from your freshman year — you will not remember your sopho- more grade point average, your physic teachers name, Or your locker combination. You will, remember, as many say, the greatest part of high school: the friends that were made over tlie years. Friends are people with whom you shared your innermost feelings and thoughts, those people who spent not only the good times with you, but also endured the bad. Friends are the people that make school a little more bearable and a lot more fun. You can ' t take it with you This year ' s fall play, " You Can ' t Take It With You, " was a humorous account of two families trying to re- solve their differences so that their two children could get married and be happy. The director this year, Mr. Mark Honeyman, thoroughly en- joyed doing this production. He was blessed with a wonderful cast and very cooperative techies. He said he " ...cherished every moment of working with these young people. " Featured below are some of the memorable scenes from " You Can ' t Take It With You. " Top left is Marty Kaufman, and Jill Pippel portraying their roles as Tony and Alice. Top right is Debbie Moretsky as Gay Wellington. To the middle left are the techies and to the right, the cast pic- ture. At the bottom left are Marty Haenick and Tony Allen as G-men. In the center is Scott Arciniegais and Wendy Shanker as Mr. and Mrs. Sycamore and at the right, the Syca- more family. Class elections On September 26, 1986, elections were held for class officers. After intense, often humorous campaigns, the day of truth ar- rived. Each candidate made promises in vary- ing ways. After listen- ing closely to each promise and debating the best ideas, each member of the student body set out to select his or her favorite can- didate. The votes were counted and these were the people elect- ed to guide each class. Featured on the top left are the freshman class officers, Andy Shepak, Betty Choi, Marni Lustig, Rachel Feldstein, and their su- pervisors, Ms. King and Mr. Okuniewski. On the top right are the sophomore class officers, Cheryl Wirth- lin, Robyn Lash, Mike Dorfman, David Kri- van, and their advisor Mr. Heymoss. On the bottom left are the ju- nior class officers, Al- berto Arriola, Laura Freedman, Matt Cho- sid, Erika, Lansky, and their advisor, Mr. Honeyman. The senior officers are featured at bottom right, Joe Lash, Amy Proctor, Jeff Har- rison, and Stephenie Kane. Insets are their Advisor Mr. Brouhard and senior class presi- dent Jeff Wirthlin. Student Life 49 A la mode Est-ce que vous etes a la mode? Are you in style? In the 50 ' s, it was poodle skirts and bobby socks. In the 60 ' s it was short skirts and long hair. The 70 ' s brought in the look of bell bottoms, pointed collars, and sideburns. Twenty years from now, what will people say about the 80 ' s fashion? Ala mode-vive le difference! 50 Student Life Student Life )1 R inth graders, otherwise known as Freshmen, are constantly teased by th ' , I k upperclassmen and are not exactly the faculty ' s favorites, but they are a I k wonderful bunch of kids even if they are the youngest. They are z I k vivacious group actively involved in school trying to blend in with tht I atmosphere while adjusting themselves to high school life. They havi I H shown their school spirit by participating in Homecoming activities anc I H getting involved with the many clubs. i " Freshmen started off in September hiding in lockers avoiding the hallways, afraid of being stepped on by the Seniors. By end of November, they started becomint: more confident and " at home " at Andover. They struggled through mid -terms and DAT testing, and many of them looked forward to a better start with second semester. Second semester seemed easier than the first now that they knew the teachers ' expectations and test routines and what one can do to make homework simpler. They knew what classes they could scam out of and what classes they have to put all their energy into to receive decent grades. They got used to being pushed back in the lunchline like everywhere else; and by the end of the year, finals did not seem too frightening anymore. Many of them look back and laugh at themselves for the many mistakes they made during the year which at the time looked like a catastrophe. They have acquired much confidence, courage and bravery since then, and are all ready t( challenge their Sophomore year. I t H M J ¥ N LOUIS AIELLO ANNETHERESE ALEXANDER GERALD ANDERSON ANTO ARSLANIAN PAUL ASTOLFI TIMOTHY BACK CHRISTINE BAKER JOSHUA BAKER ROBIN BALTOSIEWICH BARAK BARFI PATRICIA BARRICK AMY BARRON MARLA BAS DAVID BEHAYLO LISA BELIAN GREGORY BELL MICHELLE BERKOVICK CHRISTA BERNARDI LARA BIHLMEYER 54 Freshmen JASON BLUM GREGORY =!ACHEL BOLTZ BRAUN JONATHAN BROOKE KATHRYN JULIE BRUNER BROOKS DARYL DAVID CANTRELL BROWNBACK JONATHAN CHAIT JAGQUELIN CHAZEN SHANON CHERNY KEITH CHICK BETTY CHOI AMY CHOUDHURY MATTHEW CITRON CORY CLARKE DEREK CLAYTON SCOTT COCHRANE Freshmen 55 86 Freshmen NADAV DUJOVNY KARI DUNKELBERGER ERIC ECKL NOA EISENBERG LISSA ERLIGH MICHELE FARBER JASON EISERT BRANT ETTLINGER KELLY FARNEN ELISA EIZELMAN ANDREA FAHRUN SALLY FELDMAN RACHEL FELDSTEIN DAVID FITZPATRICK CRYSTAL FLYNN KIMBERLY FOLEY DARIN FRANK STEVEN FREEDMAN WILLIE FREGIA LAUREN FRIEDMAN MATTHEW FRIEDMAN CINDY FRIEDSAM JON FRY Freshmen 57 JENNIFER GALBRAITH JENNIFER GARFIELD ARK GASTAUT REBECCA PAM GERSTEIN GASTMAN JULIE GERSUK CALVIN GEORGE CHRISTINA USA GERGIS GIBSON OREN GOLAN ANDREA GOLDMAN KIMBERLY GOLDSTEIN JOEL GONZALEZ JENNIFER TARA GOSS GREENEBAUM CATHERINE KIRK GUANCO GOURGUECHON CHRISTOPHER GUMP • » Freshmen ROBYN GURSTEN SABRINA HAQUE HARPER mm BRADLEY HABER TIFFANY HARPER HENDERSON SETH HALPERN JENNIFER NOELLE DEBRA HALPRIN HASTINGS HERBERT GERARDO BRET HAVEY KELLY HIGGINS HANNEMAN RODRICKA DAVID HOBBS NICOLA HOLT ERICA HUGHES PATRICK HYNES HAWKINS TIMOTHY HOENER JOHN HOPKINS LEE HURWITZ DAVID ISENBERG KAORI IWABUCHI LEAH JACOBS MICHAEL JANIGIAN JULIE JANKE MICHAEL JOH JENNIFER JOHNSON KIERAN JOSHI PAULA JUIP NICOLE KAPLAN WENDY KAPLAN SANDRA KASIEWICZ MARY KOUKHAB TANJA KERN KIELA KERN JASON KIEF SHARON KIM JAMES KIM JULANNE KLEINKE ANDREW KORCEK STEVEN KORECK KURT KOWITZ KRISTIN KRUG GEORGE KUNZ TANYA KURINIJ 60 Freshmen JENNIFER LAKRITZ TODD LANSKY JULIE LAWTON SUSAN LEE GENEVA LEMON DAVID LENTER GABRIEL LEVITT MARCI LIGHT LISA LIM GENEVIEVE LONG MARNI LUSTIG ROSANNE MALAKUTI TERRY MALONE ALICIA MALTZMAN MARK McCAMMON LAURIE Mcdonald lia meach MICHELLE MEKLIR JENNIFER MELLEN ERIC MICHAELS JENNIFER MICHAELS Freshmen 61 EUGENE PAIK CHRIS PERO TAMARA JUN J PICEU POLLAK DARIN MILLER NOEL MONTALES JENNIFER NAFSU PANGILINAN RACHEL PINSKY MARK PRINCE JOSEPH MILLER LAWRENCE SARA NEWMAN DONALD ALAN PYLE CRAIG MILLER MORRIS JESSICA PERELLA ANDREW CAROLYN MORSE NORTON DANIEL MILLMAN ■I H ■ ■H DAVID ANDREW MOSS OCONNELL H l 1 MONAGHAN MOLLY MURPHY ANNIE OZOLINS H 1 62 Freshmen " ODD RAVEN ROBERT RHEIN DIANA RIEGHEL 3RYAN REINICKE MARIA CHRISTINE RIGCOBONO RODRIGUEZ SGOTT ROSE ALEXIA SARFAS RONALD KATHERINE KIERSTEN SCHNEIDER ROSMAN SGALZI MARK JAIMEY ROTH REBEGGA SCHWARTZ JOEL SGHEFFLER ANDREW RUBENSTEIN BRIAN SHAPACK JOHN SANGER SGHERRER ADAM SHAPIRO CATHERINE SARAH SHAW SGHMITZ FresSmen 6 MICHAEL SHER JACQUELINE SHERMAN JILL SHERR LOREN SHEVITZ KIRSTEN SILVERMAN JILL SILVERSTONE JULIE SKURNOWICZ LAUREL SIMMER JILL SKURNOWICZ AMY SIMON HAEJUN SON SUJATHA ALISON STAHL SINGARACHARLU JAY STARR TARINA SITTO .V 64 Freshmen ;rika stenstrom )EREK STRAFFON lEFFREY STURMAN TONG SUN SUH AMY SUROWITZ STAGEY TAYLGR RGNALD TERRELL JENNIFER TIGAY MARGARET TOMBEAU BRYON SREEKANTH DANIELLE TURNQUIST VEMURI WALSH MARC TUSHMAN JENNIFER DANIEL WEISS MANUEL VINCENT! FELISA WEISS VALDIVIESO BENJAMIN VONENDE Freshmen 65 MARGIE ILYSSA WOLIN BRADLEY WEITZMAN ANDREW WOOD ZAMLER ERIC WHETSELL MANHAL MARC WIETZKE YALDOO LAURA CHRISTOPHER WINKLEMAN YOO MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER WOLFE YOON 66 Freshmen MICHAEL ZEER RACHEL ZOBEL Freshmen 67 Ci8 Freshmen c u Academics are not the only parts involved with school life. For an exciting, adventurous, fun, yet, hard-working life, one has to be involved with clubs. What would the world be without music.- ' Andover music students could not live without it. They practice long hours benefiting themselves and the school are are always rewarded at the end by their applauding peers. Foreign language clubs, science and math clubs, NHS and the Shield are not here at Andover for the teachers and administrators, but for the students to enjoy and learn from. They are here to benefit from and to help others. What would you be holding right now if it wasn ' t got the yearbook staff. ' ' Aren ' t you glad Andover has clubs. Get involved in National Honor Society The National Honor Society selects a new group of students each year based upon their leadership and academic performances. The society consists of seniors who have achieved a G.P.A of 3.5 or above. Led by Mrs. Noetzold, Mrs. Kulhavi, President Eleanor Sun, Vice- President Karin Yoo, Treasurer Becky Cutting, Secretary Toni Walsh, and secretary Nora Bucher, the NHS promoted activities which benefitted the school and community. NHS ushered at Open House and College Night, and planned a Valentine ' s Day party for the Mature Minglers. NHS also tutored elementary and mid- dle school children in biology, algebra, foreign language and English. These dedicated students met the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 a.m. Andover is proud of all its National Honor Society members. First Row: J. Bookstein, T. Clarke. D. Paulinski, V. Vellila J. Lash, S. Paik. N. Ballard, Second Row: K. Sachs, D. Alspec tor, K. Rhew, D. Greenberg, L. Schwartz, V, Yeokum, S Nallamoihu, H. Salah, M. Kaufman, P. Ho, Thnd Row: B Liebcrman, N. Bucher, T Walsh, B ( utting, K. Voo, E, Sun J. Jeffries, K. Drobol, D. Robbins, Fourth Row Mrs. Noel zold, M. McGraw, M. A arbaye|ani, ( . Chung, A. Spillman K. Elsenberg, C. Prince, H. Hill, A. ( harnes, D. Mouerer, J Bloom, J. Stalman. Fifth Row: E. Dujovny, D. Barns, D Caswell, M. Kanuck, J. Braun, G. Cacciarelli, J. Couchman M. Silver, E. Leung, M. Lee. M. Haenick, T. LaClair, ) Cohen, E. 0?olins. C. Gordon, Y. Haque. S. Sherburne. Sixth Row B. Hogden, S. Pancratz, M. Philippari, B. Blouch, J Lampertius, J. Mansour, C. Stannard, K. Anderson, T. Lee, S Weiss, S. Fitzgerald, D. Lehmkuhl. Get involved in Student Leadership Student Leadership consisted of 27 dedicated students this year all raising money, helping charities and sponsoring dances to benefit the school and the community. President Rob Gold- man, Vice-President Brian Satovsky and Trea- surer Marly Belkin were involved in such events as the canned food drive and Fun Day. They met 5th hour every day organizing commitees and coloring posters advertising the Turnabout Dance, the Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance and the MDA Superdance. Much praise should also be given to advisor Mr. Blair who is congratulat- ed on another successful year along with the Student Leadership Members. First row: S. Cohen, M. Belkin, B. Sarovsky. B. Oleshansky, R. Goldman, S. Freedman Second row; K. Nelson. L. Freedman, K. Bolen. K.Johnson, B. Choi. A. Shapack. R. Leitman Third row: Mr. Blair, M. Friedman, L. Stone, M. Fogelman, C. Robbins, K. Rosman, M. Lieberman, S. Sherr, L. Herbert, A. Malizman, A. Prottor, S. Lieberman, K. Buiierfield. K. Schaffner Get involved in French Andover ' s French Club met twice a month to prepare for various activities. The club started off with a treasure hunt and then challenged the Spanish Club to a soccer game. Miss Vance, the club sponsor along with President Eleanor Sun, Vice-President Caroline Chang, Treasurer Jennifer Bookstein, and Secretary Drew Peters, arranged all the activities and meetings. The club also studied French without using textbooks. They improved their French by watching a French film and watching a French play. Later in the year they had a French game night and had dinner which consisted of only French foods. Who says language classes are boring r The French Club could easily prove you wrong! First Row. E. Sun. P GurnsteinJ Stein. J Gattesman. C Reeve. K. Dixon. D Wicl e(n. T Good, K Bockoff. L. Rosman, Miss Vance, S. Kushner. L. Clayton. T Lee. S Panek. M Holt. M Rose. J Sturman Second Row: J Varga. V Turchow. J. Bookstein. G Horn. L. Turetsky. L McNabb. W Shanket. C Deturns. R Tuagi. Third Row A Worph. E Lee. T Clarke. L Barron. S Broner. D Greenberg. S Pauk.J McGlacor,. L Pcrsonette.J Olen. H. Hoffman. M Brownback. N Lutz Fourth Row: D Peters. B Bourfi. T Lee. J Braun. R. Helsner. D Robbins. S Lieberman, R. Leitman. S Rao. L Horn. J Cantwell. G Nam. Fifth Row: S Cohen. A Moers. A Colton. J Brooks. D Miller, S Paxton. P Garlapaty. D. Rudie, S. Bednes, S. Otterstrom, S. Blake, S. Choudhury, T. Tobin. M. Lieberman, A. Arriola, T. Drelichman. L. Dickstein. 74 Clubs Get involved in Spanish The Spanish Club, sponsored by Mrs. Gelman, met approximately every two weeks during the first semester planning projects to benefit themselves and the commu- nity. Their traditional progressive dinner and soccer game against the other foreign language clubs led the Spanish Club to the start of another successful year. This years members contacted Hispanics in the community to im prove their Spanish and to learn more about the culture They also expanded their knowledge by setting up fund raisers which were provided throughout the year foi scholarships pertaining to foreign travel and study. Con gratulations Spanish Club for another funfiUed memora ble year. Firsc Row; S Eisenberg, S Nallamathu, V Tuchow, N. Ballard, S. Doll. Mrs, Gelman. C. Lerchin, P. Robinson. L. Frcedman. Second Row; A Carnes. K Rickard. J Purtan. M Dorfman, G Vander- Giesscn. M Pasik, D Gantz, N Segal Third Row; J. Bernstein. B. Cutting. A. Cortes. E. Drelichman. J. Lynn. N, Tesslet. K. Turner. E. Lansky. Fourth Row; D Rosenberg, C Durbin.J Kurshncr. D Lustig. R. Kamwise. M Mansour. M, Frank, K. Steinberg. R Drobot, G. Guertin. Get involved in Shield Get involved in What special event happened during 7th hour this year? Gym, biology, algebra? Not quite — the talented members of the " Shield " staff wrote the masterpieces which were read by hundreds of people. The " Shield " was different this year for it actually looked like a professional newspa- per one would buy at the news stand. This is because a creative adjustment was made this year. They printed the newspaper on real news- print. Under the new sponsor, Vicki Najjar, the hard-working, dedicated staff toiled long hours preparing up-to-date news involving Andover, the community, and the world. Chief Editor Kathy Rhew and the rest of the staff can be very proud of themselves and are commended for their outstanding work on the " ' Shield. " First Row- Ms. Najjar. E. Sun, S. Nallamoihu, A. Opper, A. Byck, K. Rhew Ediior ■ ir Chief. Second Row A. Light, D. Robbins, L. Dickstein, E. Adams, J. Burnsiein, Third Row S Lieberman. T. Lee. E. Ho, B. Rhew, C. Chung, Fourth Row- C. Siannard, R. Nemeih, M Sheehan, L. Halabu. Clubs 77 Get involved in Care and share Care and Share was begun in September and already has 107 members, who pay $1 a month dues that goes to those at the Focus: HOPE ma- chinist school which helps train the unemployed. Tangible evidence of the club was the Thanks- giving food drive. Members helped coordinate students and staff donations at 11 of the 13 Hills district schools. They raised 235 complete turkey dinners which was calculated to feed 1,700 peo- ple. Deliveries were made to the Machinist School, Cass Corridor Youth Advocates, Light- house and Crossroads. Miss Charlene Price, the sponsor of Care and Share, said she was taken by surprise by the popularity of Care and Share. " I can ' t keep up with this. It ' s just snowballing. " Front Row: K. Yessayan, M. Frank, S. Krug, C. Munoz, J Kiltie, Second Row; J. Purtan, D. Margolis, N. Tessler, J Kahn, C. Reeve, D. Wickem, E. Sun.J. Varga.J. Warshaw, E Vanderkloot Thitd Row S. Blake, E. Engelman, A. Opper, A Byck. E. Grzesiak, D. Moretsky, K. Nelson, L. Turetsky, H Salah, S. Nallamoihu, Mrs. Price Fourth Row: T. Turner, S. Plutt, A. Sherburne, M. Kahl, D. Paulinski, J. Bell, C. Mill man, L. ( " layion, V. Leung, M. Rosenthal. C. Kahn, Fifth Row D. Krug.J. Juip. L. Oilman. J. Lamperiuis. M. Goldberg, I Karp. M. Lieberman, S. Cohen, A. Moers, N. Ballard, J lefferics, S. Haley, Sixth Row J. Brunna, B. Walsh, E. Wang R. Young. J. Mansour, M. Nanar, N. Schore, S. Hurwiiz, S Sherr, A. Mellon. J. Meyers, C. DeTurris, M. Seligman, B Rosenthal Get involved in Forensics Sponsored by Patricia Clees, the Forensics Class this year competed against five other schools across the state. Categories ranged from storytelling to drama interpreta- tion, from sales presentations to impromptu speeches. They met in January, February, March, and April, usually after school. They spent hours rehearsing for state and regional competitions, and as always, they carried on the tradition of a high standard of excellence. First Row: S. Shaw, M. Branchea, M. Koocob, J. Sturnman, B. Du- browski, A. Choudhury. Second Row: G. Didia, M. Kaufman, J. Purtan C. Monione, C. Lerchin, M. Haeoick, K. McCoubrey, S. Weimore, J Greenbaum. Third Row: C. Weisenihal, K. Luzod. B. Weeby, R. Droboi A. Light, J. Tureisky.J. Lovey, L. Eriich. L. Bihimeyer. Fourth Row: J Sonaenschein, K. Steinberg, M. Steinberg, S. Gursten, P. Morse, M. Lee S. Cochrane, T. Goss. Fifth Row: W. Shaoker. R. Shy, T. Allen. S DiosiDore, A. Nasi, Mrs. Clecs, R. Eisenberg. Get involved in band Get involved in , ' . ' ' , ' , -»i •♦ ' m The Big Bad Baron Marching Band, directed by Mr. Bob Ambrose, consists of 80 talented musicians. The Marching Band competed in many festivals, one being the District Marching Festival in which they received a Division I rating — the highest possible rating. They also entertained during half-time performances at home football games providing fans and parents with breathtaking shows. Color guard captains Becky Cut- ting and Julie Juip led the other eight guards who performed with the band providing beautiful colorful visual effects. Drum Majors were Lynn Candela, Steve Reap and Ann Pero. Congratulations to all of you on your sensational performances! Featured on the upper left hand corner is the 1986 Marching Band. In the lower left hand corner are the 1986 Drum Majors: Lynn Candela, Steve Reap and Ann Pero. In the lower left hand corner are the 1986 Color Guards. Get involved in Chamber Singers Mr. Bruce Snyder directed the Chamber Singers select ensemble, and changed 20 Andover juniors and seniors from ordinary musically talented stu- dents to professionals. The male and female singers sang everything from pieces of music dating back from the I600 ' s to current music written today. They averaged about fifty concerts this year per- forming at schools, churches, and festivals. With the ladies ' beautiful red dresses and the men ' s hand- some tuxedos, the Chamber Singers ' appearance dazzled its audiences just as much as their voices did. Congratulations Chamber Singers on your jobs well done! First Row J. Pipple. K. Duda, H. Hill, E. Leung, M. Frank. T. George, A. Carnes. G. Chung, J. Purtan. Second Row M. Bal- dwin. J. Scizino, K. Yessayan, R. Larson, L. Blouch, P. Starkel, B. Kenty, A. Tucker, H. Young, A. Coriez, V. Leung. Get involved in JILLS Andover ' s honor vocal ensemble, the Jills, under the direc- tion of Mr. Bruce Snyder, began its 32nd year with a sensation- al start by singing the National Anthem at Cobo Hall for President Reagan. These ten juniors and seniors auditioned among many others for the honorable title of a Jill last spring. They were selected for performances on music theory, sight reading, bell ringing, blend and voice. Character, responsibil- ity, and personality were other important aspects in choosing the ladies. They performed in places ranging from hospitals to international conventions entertaining crowds of 25 to 1400 people. Organized in 1955, this tradition of excellence still continues today. It is a privilege and great honor to be a Jill of Andover High School, and Andover wishes them nothing but the best in their musical careers. First Row: K. Yoo, S. Resnick. Second Row: V. Siorm, W. Rhein, N. Bucher, I. Sherman. Third Row: C. Weiss, S. McLean, B. Allen, T. Walsh. Get involved in Cantando Choir Cantando choir is composed of first-year choir students, some of whom become members of the select ensemble, the Jills. These young talented girls begin their musical journey here in this class and may advance to higher places such as Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and the Jills Ensemble. Under the direction of Mr. Bruce Sny- der, these singers performed in the Winter Con- cert, a Pops Concert, sang in churches and even at Cobo Hall for President Reagan. These bright performers enjoyed entertaining people throughout the year and hope to entertain many more in years to come. First Row J.Janke, A. Munoz.J. Creger. H. Son, M. Pacis J. Purtan. Second Row: M. Riccobono. L. Bass, E. Hughes, C. Gourgvechon, S. Hague, B. Bryant. Concert Choir Concert choir! It ' s back! After a three year disappearance, it is better and stronger than ever, singing songs from Mozart to Whitney Houston. The members are comprised of freshmen, soph- omores, juniors and seniors, both men and women, entertaining schools, churches, and colleges with their beautiful voices. This choir is primarily for students dealing with conflicts enabling them to join the selected ensembles. Under the direction of Mr. Bruce Snyder, Concert choir performed with the entire music department during the annual winter concert. They also enter- tained audiences in the spring with a pops concert as well as performing for judges during festival. Andover wishes these mem- bers the best of luck and is looking forward to seeing concert choir in years to come. First Row Mr. Snyder. B. Singaracharlu, S. S|oberg,J. Bigman, C. Terr. A. Second Row A. Jamieson, J. Rice, Y. Haque, K. Dixon, L. McNabb, K. Bross Third Row R. Hawkins, J. Vincinti. T, Takahashi. B. Rosenthal, N J. Cantwell, M. Lawrence Fourth Row N. Olson, T. George, R. Lawson.J. Bloch, J. Meyers Sabbagh Duda.J. Minkin, Choi, L. Get involved in Stagecraft Imagine going to a play and not seeing any lights or sets. Just a dark, empty stage. Now, put skilled people backstage to build the sets, set the lights, and control the sound. At Andover, the group of people that performs these tasks are the " Techies. " Jason Milen, Technical Director, collaborates with an amazing crew that works swiftly and produces quality workmanship and back- stage expertise during a production. This year they successfully produced You Can ' t Take It Wkh Y ou and My Fair Lady. An Im- mense number of hours after school are spent on the set design, construction, and painting. Andover is fortunate to have such a skilled and dedicated group of people to perform the " not so glamorous " part of the theatre. First Row M. Callas, T. Anders, B. Margolis, B. Von Ende, D. Kaplan, M. Dembs, C. Foley, P. Weiizman. M. Baldin. L. Winkelman. Second row D. Gann. R. Richardson, P. Gersuk, D. Carlock, B. Huey, M. Cooper, Mr. Honeyman. Third Row M. Sherr, K. Sclaes. G. Long. L. Shevitz, J. Siein, R. Knight,J. Didia, A. Surowiiz.J. Brooks. Fourth Row: L. Daly. J. Anders, D. Cantrell.J. Milen. Get involved in Orchestra THE ANDOVER SYMPHONY ORCHES TRA, under the direction of Mrs. Alicja Jahnke meets every school day fifth hour in the choii room. This energetic group of talented musi cians is able to bring any piece of music alive with a wave of a baton. They have various con certs throughout the year, compete at the Or chestra Festival, and finish off the school year with the traditional Senior Concerto held at Kirk in the Hills. First row M. Pasik. D. Alspecior.J. Kim, N. Charboneau, D Greenberg Second row E. Drelichman, Mrs. Jahnke, M. Pack, L. Kim, L. Cottle, I. Hom, P. Ho, G. Vander Geissen, H. Kim, A. Drelichman Third row C. Chung, C. Yun, G. Staples, J. Goldsmith, B. Rhew, R. Pacis, S. Doll THE ANDOVER PHILHARMONIC OR- CHESTRA, under the direction of Mrs. Jahnke, meets every day after school day sixth hour in the band room. This group performs with the Sym- phony Orchestra on many concerts while allow- ing a more individualistic approach to music. First Row B. Singaracharlu, A. Belain, S. Kim. Second Row |. Coon, A. Mohindra, M. Fisburn, A. Wood, Mrs. Jahnke, T. Eckert. Get involved in I THE ANDOVER CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, under the direc- tion of Mrs.Jahnke, is composed of dedicated musicians from the Symphony Orchestra. This group meets during and after school. The students play in duets, trios, and quartets, as well as in larger groups. They perform throughout the metropolitan area and par- ticipate in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival held in March. First row: D. Alspecior. N. Charboneau, D. Greenberg Second Vander Geissen, K. Rhew. I. Horn. Mrs.Jahnke Third row H. Ki Staples, J. Goldsmith, S. Doll L. Cottle. G. . R. Rhew, G. S5SB Get involved in Apple II, IBM, Mackintosh, the Co dor . . . Computers! Computers are used everyday, everywhere — in houses, offices, schools, restaurants, and even in one ' s own car. Our fast moving highly technical world could not survive without them in our fast-paced life. Andover ' s Computer Club, sponsored by Donald Fraser, meets at least twice a month enhancing their knowledge in the field of computers. After School, computer students practice and de- sign programs with computers. Outside Andover boundaries, these students par- ticipate in activities and computer contests. This team, usually placing third in compe- tition, not only fiddle around with disks and terminals, but they also meet with guest speakers gaining valuable informa- tion helpful in their computer studies. Stu- dents also learn various computer lan- guages. All in all the 1986-87 Computer Club had another enjoyable year. First Row E. Ho, J. Cohen, M. Dinda, G. Kunz, T. Lee. Second Row; B. Gastman, V. Belecsky, J. Couchman, B. Robinson, E. Sun, M. Kadian, Third Row: E. Leung, G. Mueller, J. Cohen, S. Blake, K. Droboi, A. Li. Computers mmo- Get involved in Racquetball Racquetball members had another funfilled year playing racqetball at the Franklin Racquetball Club. The athletic students made friends at the club, won and lost matches, and had a good time during the eight week season. Under supervision of Cathy King, the members met one or two times a week practicing, struggling and improving their talents on the court. In the winter, a special tournament was held among Andover players. Unfortunately the session ended after the tournament, but return- ing Andover players are looking forward to next year ' s events. First Row: A. Chen, M. Rosenblaii, G. DeHondt. Second Row; A. Moss, J. Cohen. A. Brennecke, M. Hoeoer, P. Brennecke, S. Hubley. Third Row: R. Korowise. D. Carlock, Miss Kiog, S. Raches, R. Shillmao, J. Couchmao. Get involved in Cluster! Community service First Row H. Salah. D. Garni, B. Milen, K. Kaiz, A. Tillis. G. Eder. Second Row: L. McGrath. D. Cohen, K. Rickard, C. Teer. J. Pippel, S. Rao, S. Solomon. Third Row A. Adams, M. Malizman, J. Kiide, K. (lark, J. Massura, S. Krug, M. Cherny. Fourth Row; J. Schiciano, B. Sorack. J. Wheailey, J. Kraus, T. Marcus, P. Cherechwich, L. Bouch, Mr. VColfe. Calculus First row: J. Couchman, P. Ho, Second row: T. Clark, S. Doll, K. Yoo, T. Walsh, B. Cutiing, V. Vellia. Third row: K. Rhew, D. Paulinski, J. Braun, D. Yakar, E. Ho, B. Ausier, E. Sun, C. Prince. Fourth row: L. Bass, A. Li. M. Azarbayejani, M. Kanuck, B. Rhew, T. Lee. C. Chung. Fifth row: B. Gaspin, £. Leung, D. Caswell, J. Olen, J. Cohen, A. Wolf, M. Phillipari, C. Siannard. 1 H iPDi PBB I ' ' fcyRl " rs n iJ gjFIBH] hMH fi l « f X ini m- mff ?3 ' n a, NM m ' s ' ■VfllNi Wt fi ' nn K S ' t Ls |l ii Hfl||i ■ M m I M - J B H Sonnet First Row: M. Steinberg, K. Bolen, S. Lee, L. Malone. Second Row L. Hebert, S. Bednas, D. Naveita, G. Meullcr, R. Rhew, A. Doerr, J. Digiovanni, G. Nam, T. Hart. Third Row: H. Winowieki, M. Lipkowiiz, S. Rao, R. Goldman, R. Resnick, J. Stahlman, Df clubs Get involved in Music theater Firsi Row N. Ruhensicin, J. Varga, G. Singaracharlu, Y. Haque, G. VanderCiiesen, Second Row M. Lighi, A. Hansell. M. Kaufman, C. Weisenthal, A. U ' ood, S. Schroes, Third Row J. Vincenti, I. Wolin, M. Schroge, G. Didia, S. Dinsmoore, Mr. Snyder. Odyssey of the mind First Row: T. Pollack, C. Yoo. J. Tigay, K. Joshi, S. Charny, P. Gersiein. Second Row M. Markowiiz, A. Sarfas, H. Cottle, A. Ozolins.J. Pangilinan, M. Wietzke. ASEQ First Row A. Proctor, V Yeokum, S Nallamothu, V. Vclilla. D. Paulinski. Second Row S. Lee. A. Docrr, M. Cook, M. Philippart, S. Blake, J. Braun, M. Azarbayeiani. Third Row B. Rhew. E. Ho, f . Gordon, E. Sun, B. Hogden, P. Morse, E. Dujovny. Get involved in Candids 3f clubs Get involved in Done At Last! ■ Missy And Jenny 9} o H O A Sophomore — what exactly is a Sophomore? A Freshman graduate? People who have one aspect in common — being fifteen years old; or is a Sophomore just there going through the year before they turn sweet sixteen? They are at a time in their lives where they put down the baseball and bat and spend more time discovering and trying new ways and ideas. They become more aware of the world and its happenings. These inquisitive creatures have learned to ask dozens of questions impatiently waiting for replys. " What really are the Seven Wonders of the world? " " Is there really a Lockness Monster? " " Tell ma about the bombing of Hiroshima. " The urge to satisfy their curiosity demands attention. Andover Sophomores are a lively group. Most of them are lost between the Freshmen and the Juniors on a day-to-day basis, but they leave their mark when they want to be noticed. Sophomores put up a tough fight in Homecoming events and displayed themselves in their bright red T-shirts not to be lost between the Freshmen and the Juniors. They are actively involved in athletics and clubs and perform their best at everything they do. Andover is looking forward next year to an exuberant Junior class. The class of ' 89 has not failed yet, and Andover already knows that they will be victorious in years to come. M O R P: CHRISTA ABBO DAVID APOIAN ANTHONY RACHAEL GEORGE BARLOW ABRAHAM ARRIOLA AMANDA LENA AGREE BRANDON BARNETT JULIE AUSTER ADAM BARRON ALSPECTER JENNIFER ANDREW THOMAS AUSTER BELETSKIY ANDERS ROOZBEH BARKHORDARI ARA BELIAN 96 Sophomore LAURA JENNIFER ALAN BLOCH WILLIAM BOYD AMY BRIM ELIZABETH BENAKOVICH BIELFIELD OLIVER BLOND MICHELLE MARYBETH BRYANT MARK KEVIN BIGMAN JENNIFER BRANCHEAU BROWNBACK CHRISTINA BERNSTEIN MICHAEL BOODEN DANIEL BREE JO ANN BRUZINA BUELTER DEBORAH BLIEDEN CHRISTINA BIEDERMAN CALLAS Sophomores 97 r JAMES CAMDEN JENNIFER DOUGLAS CHAMPION DEBRA COHEN JASON COHEN CAMPBELL JENNIFER CANTWELL HALIM CHO JAE-HO CHOI KRISTEN CHANG BOBBY CHUNG MATTHEW NICHOLE MICHAEL CLARE COHEN CHARBONEAU TOD CLARE SEAN CARNEY ANDREW CHEN CRAIG CARSON LEIGHTON CHEN JEFFREY COHEN JASON CONTI ; 98 Sophomores ENDAL CRAIG SON CUBBIN RIKA CULTON IFFANY CURTIS lARTINA DEGED GERALD DEHONDT SUSAN DELGAUDIO LISA DELIDOW MICHAEL DERRICO KARL DIEHL MEREDITH JAMES DOLL DINCOLO TRICIA EMANUEL DINES DONEGAN KERRIE DIXON MICHAEL DORFMAN ROBERTA RANDALL DROBOT EISENBERG MATTHEW GARY DURHAM EZMERLIAN DAVID MERRICK EDMONDSON FARBER Sophomores 99 CHRISTINA FARINOLA RAMI FAWAZ JAY FELDMAN CRAIG FELHANDLER JULIE FISCHER AMANDA FISHBURN MARLO FOGELMAN ELIZABETH JENNIFER FREEDLAND BRIAN FREUND JASON FRIEDENBERG ALYSSA FRIEDMAN WENDY FRIEDMAN BRIAN GALBRAITH JEFFREY GALLANT PATRICIA GERSUK ROBIN GETTLESON KEVIN CLICK RACHEL GOLDBERGER JENNIFER GOLDFARB MARC FINK FRANKLIN ANDREW FREDENBERG i H KiKl ' ■■■Kg lUO S.iph DANIEL GORDON LAURA GOSS MARK GREEN TAMARA BRAD GRAVA TRAVIS GREEN GORDON ANDREW GISELLE AMY HANSELL GREENFIELD GUERTIN KOHEI HARADA DAVID GRUSHKA MARTIN ROBERT HAENICK HARRISON MARLO HALL JONATHON ANDREW HEGGEN HANKINS MATTHEW KRISTIAN HANNA HOENER Sophomores 101 HINDY HOFFMAN NIKOLE HOUSER KELLY BRADLEY JAROS JEFFREY KASUMI JACOBSON JENNIFER JENO HOGDEN IWABUCHI MATTHEW ERIC JOHNSON IRENE HOM ARIANA JAGKIER JACOBSON ANNE JAMIESON KENDELL JOHNSON STUART KANE MICHAEL SEAN KANUCK KADIAN TURHAN STEVEN KARABEY KALLABAT 102 Soph MIRIAM KARBAL KATHLEEN NICHOLE KLIX JULIE KATZ KELLY CHARLOTTE KARENE KATZ ELIZABETH KIM KNIGHT SHARONE KATZ HELEN KIM JOHN KNOCH DAWN KAYLOR JANE KIM ROBERT VINGE KOZA DAVID KRIVAN STEPHANIE LISA KIM KORNWISE RAYMOND KOZA GRANT KRAVITZ LEAH KRIVAN KUHN SHALINA KUMAR Sophomores 10? 104 Sophomores ANDREW SHANNON KEON LUZOD BRIAN MAHNKEN LINOVITZ LUDWIG MICHAEL LYNCH MARVIN MATTHEW ADAM LUTZ MICHELLE LYNN MANSOUR LORENCE NICOLE LUTZ REBECCA ELLIOT .LOW MARGOLIS STEVEN MARSH AARON MAXIM I GARY MCCONLOGUE KELLY MCCOUBREY KELLY MCDONALD LARRY MCGHAW LYNN MCGRATH KRISTINA MCGRAW JULIE MCLAUGHLIN KRISTIN MCLEAN LAUREL MCNAB ALAN MILLMAN BRAHAMAJEE AMY MENG NICOLE MINKIN NALLAMOTHU SHAWN MEURER BETH MORETSKY GRACE NAM JONATHON CORINNE CHRISTOPHER MEYER MOSIER NAVETTA JONATHON KARYN MOSS BARTHOLOMEW MILLER NICOLAY STEPHEN NOVAK YOSHIE OHASHI JENNIFER OLEN ANTONIO OLLIVERRA NOWELL OLSON MARIA PACIS ALISON OPPER STAGEY PANEK DIANA OWENS TIMOTHY PARCELLA lor. Soph. JOSEPH PETRUCCO NICOLE PHILLIPART MICHAEL RAIMI VIVEK RAJAGOPAL MANDAR RAUT SHAYAM PAREK KELLY PATTON MINDY PASIK ANTHONY PENKETH MARLA PIKSTEIN BRIAN RAZNICK LAUREN SHAWN POLONY JASON RICE PERSONETTE JESSICA PURTAN CAROLYN PETICOLAS SARA RIDEOUT KATHLEEN ROBBINS HENRY ROBERTELLI DAVID ROBERTS SANDY ROCKIND iml d€ DARREN RODNER JEFFREY ROGERS NOEL ROLLINS MATTHEW RONTAL MELISSA ROSE ADAM ROSENBERG BRADLEY ROSENBERG MARC ROSENBLATT DEBORAH ROSENSTEIN BROOKE ROSENTHAL FURIO ROSSI JARED ROTH JONATHON RUBY RODERICK RUCKER ANAMARIE SABBAGH JASON SAMSON KRISTEN SCALES DAVID SCHAFFNER RONA SCHAVER MARNIE SCHLOSS M. BRYAN SCHNEIDER JULIE SCHNEIDER SUSAN SCHNOES MARCY SCHWARTZMAN 108 Sophomoi NICOLE SEGEL ROBERT SEMAAN KEVIN SENDI WENDY SHANKER ANDREW SHEPARD ARAM SHERMAN LEEAT SHEVACH RANDALL SHILLMAN DAVID SIEBERT MEGAN SILBERMAN SCOTT SILVER EVERETT SIMMONS GEETHA SINGARACHARLU LIZA SISSKIND SARA SJOBERG KAREN SMILEY HEATHER SMITH SCOTT SMITH DEAN SNYDER PAMELA SOLOWAY JASON SONNENSCHEIN H A M Sopnomofcs 109 KEVIN STANLEY GARY STRIGKLER TERUKO GREGORY KENSUKE TAKAHASHI STAPLES SUGIHARA JUSTIN THADDEUS TONG PIL SUH TATTERSALL STAWIGK DAVID SWISHER KARI TERNES MATTHEW STEIN ANDREW SWORD BRENDEN LISA STONE TEXTER JENNIFER THURSWELL JASON TINGSON FARAJ TOMINA JOSHUA PAUL TOBY ANGE LA TORRIE TURETSKY RACHANA TYAGI M 110 Sophomores DAVID UMPHREY ANDREW VITALE MELISSA JOHN WOLFE JONATHON CATHERINE WEINBERG GREGORY VANZILE WALSH JENNIFER WEISS WOLGIN ASHA JACOUELYN CHERYL DAVID WORTH VELUSWAMY WEINBERG WIRTHLIN CHRISTINE CHARLES YUN WRIGHT CHAD ZAMLER MELINDA YERKE OLIVIA ZEER PAUL YOON Sophomores 1 1 1 Cca ' i b BakMl. Xcs iV araumood It ' s c mU oS iijUTiti iciiwn iJuMlTiicw m l n F 9t c 1J 04 K C r-- i fll- ' time (tim),n. 1. the period between two events or during which something exists, happens, etc. 2. the exact or proper instant, hour, day, year, etc. 3. the passing hours, days, years, etc.; every moment there has ever been or ever will be. -Webster ' s New World Dictionary ' F ' " ?! M " " - ime is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is SWEPT by and another takes its place, and this too will be SWEPT AWAY. -Marcus Aurelius Antonius Hxxx rrcni ' Time is . . . Time was . . . Time is past. i-Robert Greene Time is the Life of the Soul. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow As every thread of gold is valuable so is every moment of time. -John Mason Horn coming You cannot step twice into the same stream. For as you are stepping in, other and yet other waters flow on. -Heraclitus -} Time present and time past Are both perhaps in time future, And time future contained in time past. -George Eliot Mary Ann Cross Shallow men speak of the past; wise men of the present; and fools of the future. -Mme, du Deffand Just a reminder About three years ago, the Students Against Drunk Driving program was started at Andover. The purpose of SADD is to stop drinking and driving; their motto is, " If you ' re going to drink, DON ' T drive. " Right before Winter Holiday Break, SADD staged a mock accident to " shock " the students into the reality of drinking and driving. They had excellent cooperation from the Board Office and the Police and Fire departments of Bloomfield Hills. Comments from the student -participants were great: One student participant said the mock accident really did frighten her because when the EMS bandaged her body, she lost her mobility. She could not even turn her head to see how her friends had fared in the accident. Another SADD student be- lieved the mock accident would be a worthless exercise; but after participating in it, he felt differently and was convinced that there is indeed danger in drinking and driving. J u N i l Juniors are not as childish as Sophomores and Freshmen nor are they as sophisti- cated as Seniors. They lie somewhere in between, caught in the middle. They are too young for college applications yet they are too old for the MEAP. Where exactly do Juniors stand? They are the ones who unite the school body. Usually they are the ones receiving the biggest hassle from Andover faculty and students. There are jobs Seniors will not simply do because they are " Seniors " and the underclassmen simply cannot do. This leaves the Juniors. At this age, Juniors are ready to explore new beginnings, face more challenges and learn new ideas. It is a stage in life where they truly discover themselves. Andover Juniors have progressed very well through the years. As Freshmen they acted like Freshmen. As Sophomores they made fun of the Freshmen and as Juniors they are looking forward to being Seniors. They are facing the hardest year now, but it is almost over. They are learning and struggling everyday only because they know hard work brings rewards. The class of ' 88 is a dynamic Junior class and Andover is looking forward to the day when they will be Seniors. They are all truly " great and fabulous! " L 1 % ERIKA ADAMS CORDELIA ADDISON JAMES ALLEN JENNIFER ALLEN JAMES ANDERS SCOTT TONY ALLEN SCOTT WENDY ALLEN ANDERSON KRISTEN ANDREWS ARCINIEGAS JENNIFER ARNK OFF ALBERTO ARRIOLA KENNETH ARTZ MEIRAV BARR MAHA AZZOW SCOTT BEDNAS DANIEL BAKER CHRISTINA BEHAYLO " -O . -y 1 ii I f W 1 ' ' filt B ■ 132 ■ ' f - A... JmBKk 1 VICTOR GLENN BILLER BRIAN BLOUCH BELETSKY JASON ELIZABETH MARTY BELKIN BITKOWSKI BOUCH JACQUELINE SEAN KATIE BOCKOFF BELL BLACKMAN JOHN BONNETT JULIE BERNSTEIN SARAH BLAKE DOUGLAS JILL BIGMAN LEONARD BLOCH BRADLEY ERICK BRONSON JASON BROOKS KATHERYN JAMES KEVIN BROWN BURCH BROOKS JAMES BURGESS 134 JUNIORS JENNIFER CHRISTY GHOUN CHUNG JAMES CILIBERTO ALISSA CITRON LISA CLAYTON JAYSON COHEN STEVEN COHEN DENIZ COLAK AMY COLTON KIMBERLY COOK JONATHON COOPER ELIZABETH COTTLE ROBERT COWLES REBECCA CRAMER CHRISTEN DETURRIS " i R... JAMES DIGIOVANNI JOSEPH DIGIOVANNI BRITTON DIVER JENNIFER DOBIE AMY DOERR ALVERO CORTES " % ' - Juniors 155 lic«se K... !fS PATRICK DOYLE BETH CHRISTINE ERNESTO DUBROWSKY DURONIO DRELICHMAN KIRK DUDA JULIE ECKERT TANIA CHRIS DURBIN RODNEY DRELICHMAN EDELHEIT DORON EISENBERG DANIEL EPSTEIN REBECCA EWING SONIA FAWAZ TAMARA FELDSTEIN TODD FELIX CORRIE FOLEY MICHELLE FRANK LAURA FREEDMAN PAUL FRIEDMAN DAVID FRY BRADLEY FUQUA DANIEL GALENS PAVAN GARLAPATY BRIAN GASTMAN 136 Juniors TERRY GEORGE DAVID GOLDMAN TRACY GOODE POLLY GERGIS ILYSE GOLDMAN JENNIFER CHRISTINE ROBBY GERHARD GOLDMAN ANDREA JEFFREY GHANCHI GOLDSMITh LORI OILMAN ROBERT GONZALEZ GOTTESMAN MATTHEW GREEN DAVID GREINER PAUL GRUSCHE NDRE GUANCO STEVE GURSTEN LAITH HALABU JOEL GURMAN MICHAEL HAASE SEAN HALEY SUSAN MERWIN HO JAYME KAHAN IRIS KARP HARTMAN BRETT HUEY MARGIE KAHN GREG KATANICK TAGGERT OMAR JALIL CYNTHIA KAHN JASON KATZ HENDERSON KELLY JENKINS JOSEPH KARIN KATZ DANIELLE HERSH DEREK KABEL KALLABAT MELISSA RENEE DEBORAH KATZMAN HEUSSNER KAPLAN ERLING HO 138 Juniors JU»»-ii- J. ' JI --j JJF«L. " ' MICHAEL KELLEY LESLIE KOLLIN STEFANIE KUSHNER ALEXANDER ANDREW LAKIND ERICA LANSKY ELYSE LAKRITZ THOMAS GEOFFREY BRENDA KENTY NORMAN KOZA KYRIAKAPOULOUS LANGDON PARSIA KIANI SHERYL KRUG EDUARDS LACIS LAUBERT KATHERYN LEBRATO EUNICE LEE SUSY LEE TZIELAN LEE JHONSON KIM SAMUEL KIM STEPHANIE KSOLL CHRIS KUHLMAN juniurs 1 V ALAN LIGHT MATTHEW LINDQUIST JAY LEIBOVITZ STEPHANIE REBECCA LIBETT LEITMAN DARCY LICHT VIVIAN LEUNG KARI DANIEL LIPPITT SCOTT DANIEL LEVY LICHTENSTEIN RICHARD LITTLE TANYA LEYNOV MARLA LIEBERMAN STACY LIEBERMAN TIMOTHY MARC MARCELLI KEITH MATSON LUDWIG TODD MARCUS JEFFREY JEFFREY LYNN KEVIN MCCAMMON MARKOWITZ EDWARD MCPHERSON ERIC MARRIA MACFADDEN JONATHAN LOVY CHRISTOPHER JOHN MARTENS CLAUDIA MAESO MCPARTLIN LISA MALONE MICHAEL MEDVED 140 Juniofs )EREK MEISNER KRISTIE MILLER CHRISTOPHER ANDREA MELLON lENNIFER MEYERS lASON MILEN :raig miller CHERYL MORILL MILLMAN PETER MORSE ANDREW MOERS JEREMY AMIT MOHINDRA MORTON ERNEST MORAN GEORGE MUELLER SEAN MULLEN ANGELA MUNOZ RIE OHASHI CHRISTOPHER JEREMY OLEN MUNOZ DAVID NAVETTA RAINA NEMETH BRADLEY OLESHANSKI IRENA GRILLE DAVID NEWMAN KAREN ORR NICOLAS OSPINA SARA OTTERSTROM Juniors 141 " .w " ' i i RONALD OTTO ANN MARIE SHERRI PLUTT REGINALD PACIS PERO SCOTT RACHES SCOTT PAXTON DENNIS PETERS JENNIFER DAVARI PAYNE GEORGE PETZER RAMSEY DIANA PERELLA ROBERT SWARUPA RAO PIERCE CATHERINE JILL PIPPEL RECK 142 Juniors CAROLYN REEVE RENEE BLAKE ROBERT RHEW RICHARDSON ROBINSON LAURA JANICE RIDEOUT GEOFFREY RICHARDSON DAVID RIECHEL ROETHER LOREN ROSEN DANIEL RACHEL JENNIFER ROBIN ROSENBERG RUBENSTEIN VALERIE CARISA DANA RUBIN SARFRAS ROSENTHAL DAVID RUBIN BRIAN MICHELLE SATOVSKY ROSENTHAL Juniors 145 JOHN SCHLAEFFLIN NICHOLAS SCHLEGAL L. SCHULTZ STACY SHARPE KATHERYN SHAW JUDY SHEI STEPHEN SHEPARD ALYSON SHERBURNE INGRID SHERMAN STACY SHERR RANDALL SHY MARK SIMMER NAHENDRA SINHA CYNTHIA SLOWIN JAMES SMITHBAUER GORDON SNAVELY SHIRA SOLOMON MONICA SPIRO DAVID STAEHLIN DAVID STANNARD MICHAEL STAVROPOULIS KIMBERLY STEINBERG MELISSA SELIGMAN MARK SEWARD FJbj 144 Juniors SWORD THOMAS TALBOT CYNTHIA TEER STEPHEN DANIEL STERN MARLON STONE VICTORIA STORM TELESCO KEVIN STOINOFF DAVID STONE JULIE STURMAN YUKA SUGIHARA ANDREA TILIS KELLI TURNER GREGORY LORI TRAVERS BRADLEY URDAN AARON TUCKER ROBERT OSMAN TURAN VANDAM TRACY TURNER EILEEN VANDERKLOOT MARK VELILLA ANTHONY VINCENTI Juniors 145 € ROBERT WADE CARLA WEISS MELISSA ALEXANDER RYOTA ERIC WALTON JEFFREY WILLIAMS WOOLF YAMAMOTO JASON WARD WETIZMAN ALAN WILSON TERRA WORK KRISTEN JENNIFER KAREN CHRISOPHER YESSAYAN WARSHAW WHITLEDGE WINIEKI BETHANY WEEBY ALLYSON WHORF DEBORAH WICKAM HEATHER WINIEKI JORDON WOLFE 146 Juniors V yiszrj m i imh Pii lSr 8H l BH I ■ k-r ' ' i B " ' M Juniors 147 o o one can make you inferior without your consent " - Eleanor Roosevelt Opportunities in life don ' t happen; they are made. Everyone is made a successful human being. It is up to each person to harness his unique talents. If he is to excel, he will pay a price. Does this come easy. No, he will have to work long and hard. The sacrifice is great at first, but the longer the dedication, the more character obtained. Hard work is the building block of life. Set a goal to build a person -a person you can live with for the rest of your life. -Chip Winiecki R VARSITY FOOTBALL EXCITING AGGRESSION 150 Sports The 1986 Varsity football campaign started out with a 28-8 victory over a weak Birming- ham Groves squad. A defensive lapse that allowed Kimball to score a go-ahead touchdown with 31 seconds to play evened Andover ' s record at 1-1. The following Friday it was two touchdown runs by Brian Eisenberg and a dramatic fumble recovery by Pauljoshi that made the difference in a 14-13 overtime win over Fernadale. Sadly, the Ferndale game was followed by four straight SMA losses to Hazel Park, Seaholm, Troy, and Southfield. Finally, the homecoming game against Berkley offered some excitement. The game climaxed with an overtime touchdown pass to Tagg Henderson, followed by the wildest, most amazing play of the year. A fumbled extra p oint attempt turned into an endless scramble by Eisenberg, ending with a 40- yard bomb to Mike Kelly for a 2 point, game clinching conversion. In a satisfying end to the season, the Barons retained the sword with a 42-0 win over Lahser. 1. Brian Eisenberg attempts a field goal against Groves. 2. Coach Siwajek does his thing on the sideline. 5 The yards were tough to get against the Berkley defense. 4. The rugged look of senior leadership on Brian Tolstedt 5 Brian shows his elusive qualities as he worms away from two hulking foes. 6. In the trenches during the opening game. 7. Joel Wheatley, a player needed on both offense and defense. 8. The special teams gather under a kick. 9. The Barons on a water break, the high point of their after- noon at the Silverdome. H : , -=.5» - ' X BOTTOM ROW; T Gumbleton.J. Anders, C. Strickler, W, Kim, T. Green, J. Heggen, R. Harrison, B. Grava. D. Abbo, S Buford, T. Bu- tord SECOND ROW: Head Coach F Buford, D. Brown, B. Huey, J. McCammon, G. Langdon, P. Grusche, C. Foley, M Marcelli, E. Moran, M. Green, K. Geova THIRD ROW J. Pippel.J Sjoberg, M. Cress, P. Joshi, J. Cillberto, T. McPadden,; D. Alien, S Bednas, P. Doyle. T Henderson, C. ShiUaire, Coach Siwajck TOP ROW: C. Teer, J. Wheatley, B. Tolstedt, J. Bruzina, S. Bogdonavich, C, Winiecki, M. Murphy, D. Krug. E. Heggen, B. Eisenberg, J. Wirthlin Sports J.V. Football TheJ.V. football team did not have as many wins as they may have deserved, with talent such as Steve Novak, Tong Suh, Danny Gordon and Jeff McCam- mon, they did not go without a win. The J.V. team beat Hazel Park thanks to the freshman and junior leadership by Jeff McCammon and Jim Cileberto who were lent to the J.V by the Varsity team. The final record of the J.V was one and eight, an improvement from the year before. Coached by Gordy Richardson, the team has improved greatly and should be an asset next year on the Varsity. Top Row (ojth Walton. Jae Choi, Scott Lynch, Aram Sherman. Danny Gordon. Steve Marsh, Joey Petrucco, Gordy Richardson Second Row: Matt Rontel. Steve Novak, Henry Robertall, Dave Stalin. Matt Cohen. Tong Suh Third Row; Brian Schneider, Scott Laicer, Josh Tretsky Jody Deil, Tom Anders. 1. 1. Jim Ciliberto prepares for battle 2. The Baron line ready for aaion. 3. Jeff McCammon trying to strip the ball. 4. Tom Anders sacks the quarterback. 152 Sports Freshman Football This year ' s Freshman Football Team, at the insistence of coaches Cuthrell and Turner, started practicing m the sweltering August heat. It rapidly became aparent that they would have an excellent season when they defeated theJ.V. team in a pre- season scrimmage. Led by co- captains Kirk Guanco and Joe Miller, they kicked off the season with a victory, winning the first freshman football game in Andover history: breaking the three -year losing streak. Although they suffered various player injuries, the team completed an outstanding season. 1. Look out here we come! 2. Now that I ' ve got it, what do 1 do with iti } Medic! 4. A minot pile-up on I- T . 5. Can we talk. ' Front Row: Cory Clarke, Ray Fregia, jon Chait, Keith Chick Second Row: Scott CcKhrane, Darin Miller, Jason Blum. Tim Back, Kirk Guanco, Jaimey Roth. Back Row: Matt Turner (coach). Mark McCammon, Todd Raven. James Kim, Joe Millet Erie Marmo, Louis Aicllo. Todd Lansky, Al Cutheral (coach). Not Piauted Lawrence Morns, Jon Brooke. Derek Clayton, Byron Turnquist. Sports BOYS SOCCER ON THE BALL!. ' ! 154 Sports 1. Scott Fitzgerald concentrates on the ball. 2. Up, up. and away! 3. Don ' t slip! 4. and 5. Coach Campbell and Coach Sakorafis deep in concentration. 6. Andre Guanco races an opponent for the ball. 7. A couple of soccer stars taking a rest. 8. Diehard Baron fans cheer the team on. 9. Players congratulate Chris Maeso after a spectacular goal. The Story of this years Boys Varsity Soccer Team goes much beyond the start of their 7-9-3 season. The team worked hard since November, partici- pated in an indoor league, played in a spring league, and spent a week at Sauk Valley Soccer Qmp. They started their season on a positive note by beating a tough Cranbrook squad 1-0. At one pxsint. Coach Tony Sakorafis ' team won three out of four games. Ken Artz, Chris Maeso, and Dave Caswell contributed offensively much over this period. Late in the sea- son, however, the team was pla- gued by an inability to score. Eventually, they overcame this problem and finished the sea- son by beating Berkley 3-1. Captains Scott Fitzgerald and Chip Carrick led the team to victories and their first two dis- trict playoff games. The team ended the season by losing a hard fought game to cross - town rival Lahser 1-0. Throughout that game, as well as the season, the Varsity Bar- ons got strong defensive per- formances from Jeff Couch - man, Andre Guanco, Dave Stone, and Alberto Arriola. Overall, the Varsity Soccer Team played a satisfying sea- son. Front Row: Andre Guanco, Marty Kaufman, David Krivan, Scott Fitzgerald. Chip Carrick, Chris Maeso Second Row: Steve Telesco, Alberto Arriola, Ken Artz, Brad Jaros. Dave Caswell Back Row Drew Pe- ters. Dave Stone. Paul Butter- field. Andy Shephard. Dave Harris, Coach Dr Tony Skora- fis. Coach Colin Campbell, Eric Marria, Joe Kafi. Dave Yakar, Jeff Couchman. Sports 155 JV. Soccer The 1986 Andover Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Team was not a dominating force in the Southeastern Michigan Association this year; however, the players seem to have much potential. Although the team started off with a 1-5-1 record, many of their losses proved to be close. Goalies Jon Cooper and John Wolfe received much defensive help from Co-Captain Kevin Brown. The offen- sive play, on Coach John Parrel ' s well- rounded team, was led by Leighton Chen and Co -Captain Mark Rosenblatt. Overall, players on this years Junior Varsity Team should strengthen next year ' s Baron ' s Varsity Soccer Team. 1 Look at that concentration 2 Marc Rosenblatt in good form, 3. Barons on the run 4. Andy Fredenberg counters the shde tack le. 5 Jon Cooper ready to kjck From Row: Derek Straffon. Kevin Ghck. Jon Cooper, John Wolfe. Leighton Chen. Matt Durham, Second Row: George Arriola, Dave Fredenberg, Sean Kanuck, Andy Shepard, Jeff Stone, Marc Rosenblatt Back Row: Coach John Farrel. Andy Fredenberg. Brad Fuqua, Mark Green, Andy Sword, Kevin Brown, Jason Sampson. 156 Sports .1 Freshman Soccer Although the 1986-87 Frosh Soccer Team did not score as many goals as it would have liked to this year, it showed much agression and dedication to the sport. In each game, regardless of the outcome, they played and fought until the final tick vanished from the clock. Offensive player Seth Halpren helped lead the team with ten goals. While he and others scored the goals. Bob Rhein and Marc Cohen stopped their opponents ' goals. No matter who scored or stopped the goals, or if the team won or lost. Coach Neil Rust was always there to guide them. He helped his players come closer to their potential and helped them with his own knowledge to become better players. Overall, we expect a positive future for the 1986 Andover Freshman Soccer Players. I. Rob Lakiitz in great form. 2 Marc, don ' t stare at the ball! Kick it! 3 Marc Cohen strtrtetches for the ball. 4. Coach Rust shouting out the game plan. it ' m ' i ? I ' n—iirfr ' " ' ' ' Front Row: Harper Henderson, Seth Halpren, Bob Rhein, Marc Cohen. Nadav Dujovny. Second Row: Brad Haver, Lee Hurwitz, Andy Cot, Anto Arslanian Back Row: Marc Weitze, Tim Hohnei, Dave Costurd, Mark Prince, Coach Neil Rust. Spons n? GOLF LOOKING GOOD ON THE LINKS 158 Sports For the men ' s golf team, 1986 will be remembered as a fine year. The team finished second in the league standings and third in the Southeastern Michigan Association tournament. Their only league losse s occurred against Hazel Park and Troy, the eventual league champions. Seniors Doug Whetsell, Mike Shee- han, and Greg Geiger carried the load for the Barons, usually turning in the low rounds. The middle of the team ' s season was highlighted by their participation and seventh place finish in the Tri -state Invitational Tournament in Ohio. Doug Whetsell made the weekend trip a success when he fired a 74. Despite a poor showing at the regional tournament that made them miss the cut for the state tournament, the team showed their style by knocking off high -ranked opjxsnents throughout the successful season. 1. The 1986 mens golf team 2. Glenn Billet itudies a putt atop one of Wabeeks tolling, elevated gteens. }. A Baton foutsome turns fot a fmal salute befote heading fot the 19th hole. 4. Undei the close scrutiny of Dr. Dennis, Greg Geiger slams a tee shot. 5. Dr. Dennis-the man behind the golf aaion at Andovet. 6. Although possibly too orange and too slovenly, Mike Sheehan starred again in 1986 with scrappy play, ind outstanding short game, and consistent low scores. 7. Captain Doug Whetsell. a frequent medalist for Andover, makes his way through another sub-40 round. 8. Glenn Biller gets ready on the praaice green. FRONT ROW: Peter Cook, David Brownback. Erick Bronson, Gary Ezmerlian. SECOND ROW; Eric WhetseU, Mike Lee, Kevin StatJey, Matt Jenkins, Jeff Hogden BACK ROW: Coach Dermis, Glenn Biller, Greg Geiger, Doug WhetseU, Dov Lustig, Mike Sheehan Sports 1» CROSS COUNTRY SPEEDY GUYS- HISTORIC GALS 160 Sports The 1986 Girls cross country team ran past five of their eight opponents and to a second place finish in the SMA. The season began with summertime weight and distance training, and culmi- nated with the feat of qualifying as a team for the state meet. The 86 girls were the first Baron team ever to do so. The top lady runners were seniors Trisha Clarke, Kristine Drobot, and Ruth Fellingham, who finished her four year career with a 12th place mdividual finish at the state meet. The boys cross country squad finished }-6 and fifth in the league. Although the team managed to defeat Ferndale, Southfield, and Cranbrook, they could not make the cut for the state meet. The top times for the male Baron runners were turned in by Mohsen Azerbayejani, Tim Parcella, and Keith Matson. 1. Look!! Over there!! It ' s one of those Cran- brook stragglers finally finishing!! 2. A group of dehydrated Baron men learn what going into oxygen debt is all about. 3. Pete and Mohsen leading the pack, making their opponents eat some serious dust. 4. A gasp- ing Brennecke. pondering whether or not to pass out. 5. The ladies, poised for the gun and ready to face their three miles. 6. Chris- tina Buelter speeds through another meet. 7. Already all-area and all-state, Ruth Fel- lingham solidifies her title as Fan Favorite by charging to another victory. FRONT ROW Bobby Rhew, Jason Sonnenschein, John Ruby, Tim Parcella, Charles Yun, Phillip Bren- necke, Andrew Brennecke, Jeff Braun. Brahma)ee Nal- lamothu, Vivek Ka)agopal. BACK ROW Coach Steve Price, Mark Bernstein, Sean Kanuck, Pete Morse, Scott Lehmkuhl. Alex Wolf, Keith Matson, Scott Smith, Eugene Leung, Mohsen A2erbayejani, Coach Paul Dain FRONT ROW: Trisha Clarke. Ruth Fellingham, Kirstcn Silverman BACK ROW Coach Steve Price, Christina Buelter, Amy Doerr, Nancy Ballard. Gwyn Vander-Giessen, Kristine Dtobot, Jennifer Freedland, Coach Paul Dain NOT PICTURED: Cheryl Wirthlin Sports Ifil GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL ON THE BREAK 162 Sports iM llll Under the coaching of Mr. Dave Balog, girls varsity basketball built a team of new recruits into a well respected team. The new members of the varsity squad (Cathy Walsh, Bethany " Banana " Weeby, Sara Otterstrom. Jennifer Christy and Amanda Fishburn) have proven to be necessary to the success of this year ' s season. The girls improved their fundamentals, concen- trated on composure and worked well on developing team morale and unity. Although consisting primarily of juniors and sophomores, the team played competitively with the league ' s powerhouses including Berkley and Hazel Park. Team captains Sue Hartman and Jenny Ramsey led the team through ups and downs while continuing to maintain that self-confidence necessary for a successful season. 1, Jenny demonstrating good form. 2. Say. hey baby, better luck next time! 3. The sky is the limit. 4. Sue debates the drive. 5. Mandy demonstrates great defense. Back Row: Jenny Ramsey. Terra Work, Sara Otterstrom. Coach Balog. Amanda Fish- burn. Nicole Philippart. Front Row: Bethany Weeby, Cathy Walsh. Sue Hartman, Jcruiifet Christy. Coach Balog Sports 163 1. Nicky Hausct towering over the opponent for two points. 2. Kris, demonstrating good form, scores the winning basket. I.V. Basketball • The J.V. team, consisting of juniors, sophomotes and one freshman was con- structed under the leadership of Coach Winslow, a new member to the South- eastern Michigan Association. Their skill at ballhandling and their quickness on fastbreaks established the basis for their wins. Guard Maria Pacis and forward Kris Krug worked the offense while " tower " Nicky Hauser ripped the re- bounds down on the defensive end. " They played competively all year long and never gave up. They set goals this year, and have achieved all of them, " said Coach Winslow. Front Row Helen Kim. Kelly Jenkins, Maria Pacis Back Row: Coach Wins- low. Kelly McDonald. Kris Abbo. Nicky Hauser. Kristin Krug. Katie Shaw. (Missing from photo: Sandy Ro- chind. Libby Conle) 164 Spor 52ij ;T54 ?34 k: 20! -10- .W %« ' Coach Winslow . Sara exploits the opposition ' s height problem, resulting in another )aton hoop. 2. All right girls, four more points and there is no Maaice tomorrow Frosh Basketball The Andover Girls Basketball Program has improved tremendously with the addition of the freshmen girls. This is the first freshmen team to play in three years at Andover. This is a signal that the basketball program is on the rebound. The girls played very competitively this season under the coaching of Jean Buford who stated in pre-season practice: " Well, I got two more players yesterday, not I ' m up to eight. Lookin ' better. " This exact attitude, the willingness to build on minimal experience enabled the team to work as respected athletes on developing the fundamental skills needed to be successful. In the years to come, these girls will be the league ' s most talked about opponent. Front Row: Felisa Weiss, Genieve Long, Kim Foley. Sabrina Haque, Lia Meach. Maria Riccobono. Back Row: Coach Buford. Radricka Hawkins, Noelle Herbert, Sara Shaw, Lauren Freedman, Danielle Walsh. Sports 165 VARSITY TENNIS LADY NETTERS SERVE UP WINS 166 Sports The 1986 Girls Tennis Team started the season slowly by dropping three o f their first five matches, but rebounded to even their overall record at 6-6 and also have an impressive 6-1 league record — good for a second place SMA finish. The only league loss was by a narrow margin to state power Birmingham Seaholm. The Baron singles line-up featued (in order of rank), Kristy Lynch, Jenny Goldfarb, Christy Rodriguez, and, sharing the duties at the number four spot, Debbie Wickham and Iris Karp. In a hard fought Regional match at Waterford Oaks, the girls barely beat out Rochester Adams for the coveted opportunity to go to Midland for the state finals. Under the expert guidance of Coach Johnson, combined with the point -winning performances of Kristy Lynch and the doubles team of Carol Hruby and Lori Travers, the team finished the season as the sixteenth best in Michigan. Kristy Lynch summed up the 1986 campaign by saying, " Because of our poor start, it was very satisfying to reach the finals and do as well as we did. " 1. Stacy and Maria Lleberman relax in the shade, brazenly pos • ing for photos that will delay their match. 2. Keith Johnson, a man whose name is synony- mous with tennis success, stands guard at the entrance to the courts. 3. Kristy Lynch, the top seed, has all of the qualities of the perfea student -athlete 4 Iris Karp ready to smash either an ace or the back of Lori s head. 5. Widespread and group sloth, a problem on any team 6 With a dazzling style, Michelle Brancheau crushes a backhand FRONT ROW: Monica Spiro, Michelle Brancheau, Jenny Goldfarb. Lisa Barron, Maria Lieberman SECOND ROW Vanessa VelUla, Alyson Sherburne, Debbie W.ckham, arol Hruby BACK ROW Kristy Lynch. Cynthia Slowin, Iris Karp. Lori Travers, Stacy Lieberman. Coach Keith Johnson. Sports 167 Andover athletics: faces in the crowd GIRLS SWIMMING HARD WORK AND SUCCESS FOR LADY SPLASHERS 170 Sporti ' S »» »W P W i HOH iUlifg||| |f|||||| , , „ JUS. .r4 ' . The Andover girls swim team began working in August to regain the state title that was elsewhere for the first time in the decade. The practice schedule consisted of about 22-24 hours per week, with weight and water training beginning as early as 6:15 a.m. The intense toil manifested itself in an undefeated season for the team. The most exciting part of the regular season was the weekend tri-meet in which Andover beat rival Ann Arbor Pioneer. The team went on to win the SMA and Oakland County Titles, both meets they had lost m ' 85. The SMA meet featured Amy Charnes, who swam to three individual league records and shared one with Heather Young, Sam Wetmore, and Amy Proctor. The depth and talent of the 1986 swim team showed when Val Sarfas, Carolyn Peticolas, Jill Stallman, Heather Young, Heather Winiecki, Angle Torrie, Tonya Drelichman, Diane Perella, Sarah Blake, Amy Charnes, Amy Proctor, and Rachel Zobel all swam well enough to qualify for the state meet. 1. Senior Heather Young strikes a stylish pose by the deep end. 2. Kristin Butterfield and Rachel Zobel maintain a )ovial demeanor during practice. 3. The senior swimmers stand for recognition before their last home meet. 4, A. graceful Baron diver demonstrates her form. 5. The swimmers grab a quick break between the endless laps. 6. Coach Lane, the mastermind behind the swim program ' s success. FRONT ROW P. Gerstein, H, Winiecki. K. Jodloski, J. Kleinke. J. Schneider. R Zobel. A Torrie. T. Drelichman, L. Personette, D, Cohen SECOND ROW L Bihimeyer, J Rideout, C. Peticohs, K Birch. T. Kuhn, J- Norton. S. Wetmore. S. Sharpe TOP ROW; P Peterson. L, Whetloffet, V. Sarfas, J Stallman, S Blake. J Allen. D Petella, A. Charnes. K. Butterfield. A. Proctor, Coach Lane Sports State Champs! mm ft n m ■ 172 Spons I. Amy Proaor- a key element of the championship. 2. State champion and aU-American Amy Chatnes sits and enjoys the thrill of victory. 3 Last minute words from Mr. Lane 4. Andover guys decorate the MSU pool area. 5 Jill and Heather are not sure they want to jump. 6. Heather and Amy take the leap, but where did Jill go? 7 The seniors grasp the trophy on the viaory stand. The last obstacle between Andover and a perfect season was the state meet, December 5th and 6th in East Lansing. Contributions and points were pro- vided by many swimmers -points that would all be vitally important as the closely fought meet came to an end. Andover jumped out to a quick lead with a state record-breaking swim in the 200 yd. medley relay. The members of the relay team were Val Sarfas at backstroke, Amy Charnes at breast- stroke, Jill Stallman at butterfly, and Carolyn Peti- colas at freestyle. Amy Proctor placed 4th in the 200 free and 6th in the 100 free. Val Sarfas was 3rd in the 100 backstroke. Andover saw the meet turn in their favor when they dominated the breast- stroke. In that event, Amy Charnes placed first, Rachel Zobel 4th, Jill Stallman 5th, and Angie Torrie 10th. Heather Young and Heather Winiecki both swam strong races, placing in the 500 free. Amy Charnes also broke her own state record in the 200 yd. individual medley qualifying heat and finished 2nd in the final. The meets outcome was decided by the final relay, where a 3rd place An- dover finish gave them their 6th title in seven years. VARSITY MENS BASKETBALL HARD TIMES FOR ANDOVER HOOPS 174 Sports 4 i Hopes for the Varsity Basketball Team were high entering the 1986-87 season, and seemingly, with good reason. With the stability of a new coach. Rick Krisniski, and the return of seniors loaded with size and experience, the team looked ready to have a competitive season, a rarity in the last decade of Andover basketball. Unfortunately, before Christmas break, the Barons suffered losses by 5, 4, 3, and 2 points. An especially crushing defeat came at home against Ha2el Park when the team lost a 12-point lead in the final quarter. The team finally got some wins with two victories over Royal Oak Kimball and one over Cranbrook, raising hopes that they could salvage the season with a distria championship. The team got consistent play from Jason Campbell and Jeff Harrison, fme outside play from Loren Charboneau, poise from Ken Artz, and benefitted from the emergence of Joel Wheatley. ||M|fi il;; I. Jason Campbell shows his elusive style as lie moves to- wards the basket. 2 Point guard Ken Artz — the mar who starts the Baron offense. 3- 3 -point man Loren Charboneau displays his fine point at the line. 4. Jeff Harrison shoots over a Seaholm defender. 5. Perer nial varsity man Mark Philippart hits his drive. 6. Two Barons and their exhausted counterparts. 7. A stylish Coach Krisniski calls time out. A fRk fff 4 1 mm Tjfjk U 1 nffl V TmH ' I 1 . FRONT ROW: T. Gumbleton, L. Charboneau. M. Mansour, A. Kyriakopolous, R. Bo|i, A. OrUle. K. Artz. BACK ROW: Coach Okeneuski, A. Moers. D. Hobbs, J. Campbell, J. Harrison, J. Wheatley, M. Philippart, Coach Krisnicki. Sports 175 J.V. Basketball Although the 1986-87 Andover Junior Varsity Basketball team started out slowly, they had much talent and desire. Commenc- ing the season with a 0-5 record, they had much to prove. For the team to be success- ful, guards Ray Fregia and Chris Pero had to control the tempo and limit the turnovers. Since the team lacked height, forwards Andy Beletskiy, Darin Frank, and Brad Rosenberg had to physically control the boards. Also, to be successful, the team needed consistent scoring from top scorers Andy and Dave Fredenberg. The first game they put this all together resulted in an im- pressive victory over Kimball. Providing the players work over the summer, next year they can contribute substantially to the Varsity squad. 1 After an impressive steal. Ray Freg lay-up. 2 Andy Fredenberg takes the " J " over a couple of opponents h Forward Brad Rosenberg attempts the breal away lay-up in practice 4 The bench concentrates on the play 5. Coach " O " smiles for the media. Front Craig Felhandler. Brad Jaros Second Row: Mike Doyle, Rod Rucker, Chris Pero, Ray Fregia. Greg Wolgin, Coach Okuniew ki Third Row John Meyer. Brad Rosen- berg. Grant Kravitz, Brian Freund, Darin Frank. Andy Beletskiy, Andy Freden- berg, Davd Fredenberg, Sports Freshman Basketball The 1986-87 Andover Freshman basketball team shows much promise for the future Andover Varsity squad. Starting off at a 2-3 record, Coach Doug Zack ' s team proved that they were competitive with other squads. Not only were they competitive but seemingly a favorite in most of their games. Losing three close games at the start of the year, the team showed faith in themselves and bounced back. Led mainly by Kirk Guanco, Andy Whetsell, Jason Blum, Jon Weber and Larry Morris, the team was quick and scrappy. They would give 110 percent until the final buzzer sounds. Overall, this year ' s Freshman basketball team leaves much to be anticipated for the future Varsity squad. Kirk Guanco attempts the bounce pass by opposing defenders. Todd Raven with the reverse lay-up. Barons warm up before critical league game- Slim Whetsel figure skates through the crowd. Barons fast break by the opponents. Front: Duane Bent. Andy Whetsel, Dave Brownback. Second Row: Coach Zack, Gabe Levitt. Adam Shapiro. Bob Rhein, Robb Lakritz, Matt Citron. Lee Hurwitz Third Row: Larry Morns, Ron Terrell, Byron Turnquist. Jon Weber, Jason Blum. Kirk Guanco. Fourth Row: Todd Raven, Mark Tushman. Sports 177 VARSITY HOCKEY SKATING TO VICTORY 178 Sports 1. Baron ' s lead the race to the puck, 2. Jeremy Olen uses the opponent as an arm rest. 3- Scott McPherson in action. 4. Goahe, Brad Sorock anticipates the artival of the puck. 5. Coach Parrel looks toward his bench. 6. Look guys! A fight! 7. Baron swipes the puck away from an opponent 8. Matt Kcriluk in great form. 9. Chris Conn faces off 10. Baron smashes the opponent on the ice. The 1986-87 Andover Varsity Hockey Team, although losing more than winning, had a decent season this year. Led by Coaches John Farrel and Colin Campbell, the team recorded four victories against cross-town rival Lahser. In games against top state contenders Livonia Churchill and Wyan- dott, the Barons showed their defensive poise by holding Churchill to four goals and beating Wyan- dott. Winning mainly with tough defense, the Bar- ons are led defensively by Chris Conti, Jeremy Olen, Ken Anderson, assistant captain Matt Kirilik, and goalie Brad Sorock. Also the team had a hardworking, aggressive offense which was led by assistant Captain Terry George, Eric Maria, Captain John Massura, and Scott McPherson. Overall This year ' s Varsity Hockey Squad was complementary to Andover ' s rich hockey history. Front Row: Paul Staffani, Brad Zamler, Todd Lansky. Brad Sorock, Darren Levin, Matt Cohen, Adam Chayet. M. Brian Schneider Back Row: Assistant Coach Bruce McPherson, Coach Colin Campbell, Scott McPherson, Terry George. Joe Petrucco, Todd Marcus. Jeremy Olin. Matt Kiriluk, Ken Anderson, Chris Conti, Eric Maria. John Massura, Marc Cohen, Coach John Farrel Sports 179 VARSITY SKI TEAM 1 The gang is almost all here. 2. What up. Kelly? 3. Are we having fun yet? 4. You think you ' re a stud, huh! 5. Tag that gate, Jen! 6. Is the ski team really this tough? 7. Relaxing after a challenging meet. 8. Nice form. Missy. 9. The three four musketeers 10. The COURSE. KICKIN ' BACK Sports Although the 1986-87 ski season never reached its goal, the team man- aged to have top finishers. The team was led by captains Anthony Derrico and Kristen VanMeer. The skiers went through a very intense dry land exhi- bition that consisted of running, bleachers, people slalom, and many other vigorous exercises. Throughout the season there was never a dull mo- ment, on the bus and off. All the Andover Racers reached new goals; aside from that, they enjoyed a fun- filled season, and should be congratu- lated on their dedication and hard work. Top Row: M Bernstein, M. Katzman, K- Jenktns. T. Lantor. Second Row: D. Lenter. J. Brooke, ) Wolf, M. Medved, A. Barlow. E. Adams. Third Row: B. Galbraith. D. Straffon, A. Lutz.J. Ramsey, J. Galbraith, R. Baltosievich Fourth Row: L. Conscdme, L. Sisskind, M. Schwanz, J. Piceu. Bottom Row: K VanMeer, A. Derrico. BOYS SWIMMING TRYING TO STAY ON TOP 182 Sports The 1986-87 Mens Swim Team entered the season with a tough task -to repeat as champions for the state. The goal was a reahstic one, seeing that the Barons were loaded with talented and dedicated people, many of which had state meet experience. The team started off by winning two relay meets at Rochester and Troy. The team easily swam by inferior league foes such as Ferndale, Seaholm, Hazel Park, and Kimball on their way to another SMA title. The highlight of the regular season, however, was the unexpected ease with which they beat rival Ann Arbor Pioneer and Ohio champs, St. Francis, in a tri-meet in which Andover fans were treated to some of the finest high school swimming in the midwest. With Steve Pancratz dominating the freestyle events, Charlie Chung winning the breast stroke, and transfer star Jason Sciciano diving the way he can, the team looks ' ■■epared to repeat as state champs. 1. Steve gets the last minute word from Mr. Lane. 2. Charlie Chung, the premiere breast, stroker in the area. 3. Along with Tim LaClair.jason handles the diving duties. 4. Hate to disturb your repose, but it is time to swim! 5. Perfea form as usual. 6. Greg and Craig discuss strategy. 7. Poised for the gun. the Andover swimmiers ready themselves for another viaory. r o BOTTOM ROW T Lee. R Barkhordan, R Otto, P Cook, F. Rossi, j. Millet, M. Schultz, B. Chung, M. Dernco SECOND ROW: C. Chung, T, Laubert, C. Millet, A. Wilson, G. Cacciarelli, T. LaClair, A. Drclichman, D Perella TOP ROW: P Pctcison, G BiUer. S. Pancratz, G. Geiger, D Lehmkuhl. S. Lchmkuhl. S. Marsh. L. Whetloffer. M. Lane Sports VARSITY WRESTLING THE VIEW FROM THE MAT 184 Spons 1. With the captains leading the stretches, the team prepares for the meet 2. A Baron feels the squeeze as his opponents grabs the upper hand, and everything else. 3. Ken Genova demonstrates his Hulkster hold. 4. The nucleus of the team. 5. A rather Hght situation. 6. Two grapplers square off. The 1986-87 wrestling team experienced a mixture of success and failure. They recorded dual meet victories over Seaholm, Berkley, and, by an extremely wide margin, Lahser. The highlights of the season were mostly provided by the two captains, Jeff Ross and Joe Lash. Both Ross and Lash now hold spots on the all-time Baron wrestling record boards as a result of the outstanding seasons. Ross won the Baron Invitational Tournament in his 100th career victory. He also advanced to regional competition by win- ning his district. Senior Dave Abbo was also a standout for the Barons. Although the intense training and starvation did not pro- duce a lot of victories, the program appears to be in good hands under Coach Drake, Coach Reynolds, and the younger wrestlers returning for the next season. Jeff Wirthlin gave his appraisal of the season by saying, " We were hurt by having to forfeit at some of the weight classes. Those matches aside, we wrestled well -especially against Lahser. " • J FRONT ROW: P. Clayton. M. Weitzke. P. Ung, P. Toby, P. Coradona, G Lavine, J. Baker, D Bahcho, D. Edmonson. E. Beumont MIDDLE ROW; P. Gcrstem, E Eizelman, A. Sorowitz, E Simmons, J. Cele- berto. J Rice. A. Sherman, H. Choe, D Wiess, D Campbell, F. Long. S. Foley, BACK ROWS: Coach Drake, L Meech, S. Bogdanovich, W. Kim, G. Sword, J. Spberg, J. Lash, P Joshi, C Carrick, M. Kelly. J. Gonzales, D Abbo. M. Woife,J. Wirthlin, A. Tucker, J. Cooper, J Tattersall, J Ross, S. Kasiewicz, M Callas, Coach Reynolds Sports 185 GIRLS VARSITY VOLLEYBALL BUMP, SET, SPIKE, DIG IT 186 Spons The girls Varsity Volleyball team has gotten a new start this year. Tracy Jones, a member of the girls volleyball team at Oakland Univer- sity, joined the Andover coaching staff. The girls have improved tremendously in their fundamental skills and can serve more consis- tently than the year before. The seniors gave a fine performance and will be greatly missed. The remainder of the girls played their best and lo ok to improve their record in the years to come. Fiimiiiiiii M si .ju il 1. Kristy spikes one by the block. 2. Maria sends one over. 3. Brenda prepares her attack. 4. Andover patiently awaits the he serve. 5. Slipping by the block. 6. FREE BALL!!!!!! 7. Maria sets it up. The Andover 1986-1987 Varsity Volleyball team Bottom row (L-R) M. Pacis, C Chang. M. Watko, T. Nam. K. Jodloski. T. Lee. Top row (LR) L Suciu. S. Ksoll. B Kcnty. K Reck. A. Proctor, K Rickard. Sports J.V. Volleyball The Junior Varsity Volleyball team went through the same change as the Varsity this year. Kelly Williams, from the girls volleyball team at Oakland University, took over the job of coaching this young team. They learned all the fundamentals and became a strong unit. With all of these players either playing last year or being new this year the team had a lot to learn. They progressed well throughout the season and ended up working very well together. Bonom row (LR) R Tyagi.J. Bruzina, G. Nam. L. Kim, L Kim. (Top tow) (LR)J Skurnowicz, J Kim, Coach T Jones, M Pasik, J. Skurnowicz. 188 Sports Freshman Volleyball Freshman Volleyball has only been at Andover for four years but has been well received. Coach Jean Buford ' s unique style of coaching for example, switching the captains periodically, has kept the team spirits high. Everyone played and the team ' s effort showed. The practices everyday were long and hard, but fun for the team. The teams record was respectable and the players should be proud. 1. Should 1 hit It ' 2. Help, 1 cant teach it. 5. An Jotdait going foi the dunk. 4. I got it. 1 got it! Top Row: D Walsh, A Bar- ron. C. Morse. H. Cottle, S. Lee, Coach Bufotd Bottom Row: B. Singaracharlu. T. Harper. S. Kim. M. Riccobono. ) Has- tings. Sports 189 VARSITY CHEERLEADING CHEER TO VICTORY 190 sports Under Maggy Zidars supportive coaching, this year ' s Varsity Cheerleading Squad kept up a long-standing tra- dition of dedication and excellence providing the Baron ' s basketball and football teams with enthusiastic support throughout their seasons. Led by Co-Captains Debby Moretsky and M.V.P. Stephanie Kane, the 1986 Squad was an especially dedicated group of girls. Two of their unique experiences were cheering at a Detroit Lions foot- ball game and dancing with Seniors from the Varsity football team at a pep assembly. Probably the best char- acteristic of these 14 dedicated girls was their always cheery attitude. Whether our team dominated the game, or lost a heartbreaker, there was always a smile on each girl ' s face. Though the 1986 Cheerleading season will be remembered by the entire squad, it will especially be remembered by the Senior Cheerleaders. 1. Cheryl and Stephanie, flying high. 2. A fabulous mount at the pep assembly. 3. Tracy Goode, cheering with a smile. 4. The girls take a well- deserved break to pose for ■ piaure. 5. Andrea and Stephanie cheer for the Barons. 6. Cheerleading buddies. 7. Cheryl, follow Erickas lead! Clap . . . don ' t pray! 8. A close up of Stephanie Kushner. 9. Stacey Sherr, obviously pleased with a Baron ' s viaory. Front Row: Gretchen Giltner, Stephanie Libett, Laura Freedman, Stephanie Kane, Erika Adams Second Row: Samantha Hurwit z, Jill Bigman. Tracy Goode. Cheryl Millman Back Row: Stephanie Kushner. Stacey Sherr, Andrea Mellon, Debby Moretsky. Patty Robinson. Sports J.V. Cheerleading The J.V cheerleading squad held tryouts last spring. Approximately twenty girls tried out, but only nine girls made the team. Our J.V cheerleaders are not only proud and supportive of their football and basketball players, but of their school as well. This year the girls went to a regional competition and received a rating of excellent. They are coached by Lisa -Anne Tomei who has done a very good )ob with the girls. The J.V. squad is always peppy and contributes to the success of the J.V. sports of Andover. Top Row Shalina Kumar. Cheryle Wirthlin. Debbie Rosensteen. Kristin McLean. Debbie Biederman. Bottom Row; Jen Auster, Ariana Jackier, Rona Shaver, Robyn Lash 192 Sports 5 Come on girls, say Cheese ' 4 Cheerleaders kicking back at halftime 2 Chciyl and friends do the can-can. 1 J.V checrleadets pose be- fore the game. The moment finally arrived, the nine freshmen cheerleaders were losen. What a thrill it was when they called Shelli.Jill, Stacey, Andrea, ong, Jackie, Tara, Michelle and Mary as the 1986-87 cheerleaders. Then came the hardest part, practices were not quite what they had tpected them to be; they were time consuming and took much hard fork. The results were well worth it! Not only had they learned the true leaning of cooperation and responsibility, but they had established nine isting friendships. Frosh Cheerleading 1. Stacey showing a lot of pep and spirit in her smile. 2. " I was voted Most Valuable Player, " 3. Hard work pays off at the assembly, great mount girls! 4. Go Barons! Back Row; Stacey Laker. Mary Kouk- hab. Tara Goss, Shelli Boyer, Michelle Meklir. From Row: Jill Sherr, Tong Sun Suh, Jacqueline Sherman, Andrea Gold- man. Sports 193 Pom-Pon The Andover Pom-Pon squad showed a great deal of spirit throughout the 1986-87 school year. The season began with ardu- ous practices in the hot July sun to prepare the teams for summer camp competition. Other than winning several ribbons and gaining the most spirited award, the squad learned new skills to entertain Andover fans at football, soccer, and basketball games. The twenty girls made a terrific squad and contributed to making a sensational season. 1 Hey, Cindee, stop sleeping on the job ' 2. Bosom buddies, forever, 3. Stop, in the name of love , , . 4. Nice legs, Maria. Top Row: Knstie Miller, Nichol Rubenstein, Maria Baldwin. Amy Colton, Marcie Kahl. Uyse Gold- man, Kan Lichtenstein, Holly Hill. Middle Row: Jenny Meyers, Celeste Montone, Heather Lambert, Sue Delgaudio, Lisa Daly. Bonom Row: Maria Cooper, Cindee Teer, Rachel Rubenstein, Marni Schloss, Maria Dembs i-M Spor Gymnastics The 1987 Girls Gymnastics Team grew from four gymnasts ast year to six highly talented gymnasts. Their flexibility, bal- ance and coordination awed their audience. They performed with great skill and grace numerous front walk overs, back bends, back hand -springs, cartwheels, )umps, leaps and somer- saults. Andover wishes the best of luck to these future Olympi- ans! Tricia Barnck perfects the beam A beautiful Baronette. Sarah Blake on the mat. Look at the camera! Smile ' Roseanne Malakuti m superb form. Front. Row: L. Bagnokavich, S. Blake. P. Barnck. Back Row: Coach VanZile. N. Herbert, T Sitto, J. Katz, Coach Gumbleton ■{5 E N I light always begins at the lowest level, where it is only possible to rise. The ascention, which may be long, hard and slow, can only be successful after the mind has learned to pursue its boundaries. Those who understand the insig- nificance of limits will quickly rise above the clouds but those who glide with the currents will go nowhere. Flying into the wind enhances the true thrill of accomplishment and provides endurance for the thinner air near the peak. If one learns speed, accuracy, skill and determination, eventually one can spread his wings and soar into the future. SE ( • AAA !T ' W ' i M ' tf y-i 1 David Abbo Amy Adams Edward Adams JefTrey Ajluni Victoria Alexander Beth Allen Dcbra Alspector Kenneth Anderson Lori Anderson Michelle Auster Mohsen Azarbaveiani Maria 5aldin Nancy Ballard Stephen Bard David Barris Nil ssf, Lisa Barron 6EN10Q(S - Elisa Bass Adi Becker-Zachor Darlcnc Bee Amy Ben-Meir Need a loan? Clare Dennethum Dachcl Berke Joanne Bloom Donnie Boji Ratherine Bolen mnifer Bookstein 4 Yearbooks Parking Permit Cap Gown Book Fines Senior Pictures Lunch for 4 years Underclassmen Pictures (3) Class Dues for 4 Years Sports equipment Athletic Passes for 4 Years College Applications (3) SAT ACT ACH Paper (lined)(1000 sheet per year) College Processing test (3) A.P. ' s cost (2) Library Fines Calculator Boxer Shorts at Homecoming Homecoming newspaper Shield (5 issues for 4 years) Class Ring Class Sweatshirt Who ' s Who Workbooks (3) Cliff Notes (7) Field Trips (4) Physicals (4) Graduation Announcements Senior Trip Books (5) Donut Runs Prom Ticket Prom Wear Homecoming Tickets (3) Total Graduating Seniors Total Spent by class of ' 87 90.00 10.00 11.25 30.00 100.00 800.00 34.50 8.00 150.00 40.00 105.00 41.50 40.00 3.00 98.00 20.00 35.00 2.50 .25 5.00 170.00 15.00 2.00 18.00 24.50 45.00 100.00 40.00 700.00 15.00 10.00 50.00 100.00 36.00 2949.50 x344 $1,014,628.00 We are always paying for our education. Not only is it costly in " blood, sweat, toil, and tears, " it also costs a considerable amount of cold , hard cash. In four years the senior class has spent over one million dollars, where did it all go? Favorite Excuses Famous One Liners Symington said I could-Neal Schore I was attacked by a group of Freshmen girls.-Marty Kauf- man I had to make enchiladas for Mexican food day.-Dawn Margolis Mom, I think I ' m sickl-Shelly Auster I ' m a senior.-Matt Block I ' m not as stupid as I look.-Toni Walsh They made me. -Nicole Joachim My dog died.-Lynne Herbert Lynn ' s dog died. -Courtney Robbins But it ' s a Jewish holiday. -Alice Kim My mom forgot to put it in my folder. -Ed Adams My brother ate it.-Stacie Isenberg I know you are but what am l.-Neal Schore Bang my dog!-Amy Opper Oh, I wish I was a big blue frog!-Karin Yoo Reach for her tonsils now!-Becky Cutting This is WHAT hour?-Marty Kaufman Jail Bait!-Mike Carr Life ' s too short to dance with ugly women. -Dan Brown Oh, my God-He ' s Italianl-Joanne Bloom I ' ll put it in your mailbox by the end of the day.-Ed Adams I ' m a happy camper. -Marcy Eisenberg Dou,i2,la s Borchardt 6lephanic Bor.Mnd JetTrc) ' 5raun Andrew Brennecke Phillip Brennecke i iM ;ph:iiii:- broncr Laura Bronson Daniel Brown John Bruzina Nora Bucher ■ EN10Q(S Famous Last Words College Fears I don ' t have a license and registration.- Marty Kaufman There ' s a test today?- Dan Brown Catch you on the flipside.- Dawn Margolis Braish ' e ' Baba- Matt Blocl I win.- Chip Winiecki I promise I ' ll be a gentleman.- John Massura I don ' t think there are any cops in the parking lot.- Celeste Montone My parents are out of town!- Kristy Lynch Get in there my son.- Todd Kroll Your mailbox was full.- Ed Adams Would I lie?- Ruth Fellingham Where ' s the bash?- Anonymous Not enough toilet paper.- Heather Lambert Where to put the full- size fridge.- Ed Adams That I ' ll go and no one else will show up.- Lynne Herbert Rooming with Joanne Purtan.- Beth Allen Rooming with Beth Allen.- Joanne Purtan Although we did not have enough answers to the question, " How do you wish to leave your mark on Andover? " , we thought that we should warn everyone about this re- sponse: Take hostages - everyone else has them.- Maria Cooper Kristin ButLerfield Paul BuLlcrfield Annette Byck Guy Cacciarelli Michael Callas Pamela Callehaut Jennifer Camden Jason Cambell tynn Candela Paul Carncv ■ lM,.JiiJ w % . .ji. Um Michael Carr ( ' litrl- " ( ;irrick Pavid Ca.wcll Steven Calon Amv Chamc.s Marc,o Chazen Maici I ' hcrnv I ii Kvuik Chiine Kimberl) ' Clark Tnsha Clarke Donald Cochrane Joel Cohen Jayson Colton Elizabeth Considine Chri iLophcr Conli Peter Cook Maria Cooper Jellre) ' Couchman Michael Cre s Pjradlcy Cummins tScotl Curtis DcLx cca Cutting ti .;i [ " ' alv laiia lV-nil s Farewell Soon, with the simple adjustment ot a tassle, we will be initiated into the real world. In the past four years we have shared our lives. We have seen each other mature and grow into responsible peo- ple. We have seen each other in the halls for 740 days, and at parties on 210 Friday nights. We are a part of one another ' s memories. And now we must say goodbye, a goodbye that may be forever. Anthonv Ocrnco Matthew Dcsmon Shelly Auster Dawn Margolis Kim Eisenberg Katie Rosman Alyse Feldman Jon S]oberg David Krivan Amy Spilman Lauren Linovitz Joel Wheatley Loren Dick tcin Suzane Din moore Kristine Drohot Qobert Dube Eial Dujovny Timothy Eckert Gayle Eder Brian Eisenberg Kimberly Eisenberg Marcy Eisenberg Erica Engelraan Kimberly Eynon Meli sa Earnick Alyse Eeldraan Pamela Eeldman 5rian Eelhandler Duth Eellingham DoberL FershLman Mark Eew (Scott Fitzgerald Deanna Fogel Heather Ford (Sharyl Freeman Amy Freund Elizabeth Frey David Friedman Debra Gantz Gregory Geiger Allison Gelzayd Kenneth Geneva Aaron George Hedy Cold Melissa Goldberg Nancy Golumbia Caryn Gordon Lisa Gra) ' Dana Greenberg cSKN10D6 Ian Griggs Elaine Grze siak Joyce Grzesiak Michael Haenick K] Senior Open Lunch Pau ilOOMFIILO HIU.9 Issued to: I understand and agree to adhere to the Senior Lunch Rules and all applicable school policies and rules. I understand that failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of this pass. 10 At ijrr.:.s 0 ■. ' V CC ' . : Have car, travel. Student Signature Why do I do this? I know that when the lunch bell rings, and the school empties of Seniors, we will surge to the parking lot, and create a situation like Orchard Lake Road in rush hour. Throwing my books onto the back seat I will slam down the gas pedal and head toward the nearest fast food convenience. After searching for a place to squeeze my car, I will sprint into the restaurant and holler my order at the waitress, then glare at her in frustration when it takes 10 minutes to prepare. Knowing that 6th hour starts in a scant 7 minutes, I will head stuffing my food down as I rush to make the lights. All of this activity will, of course, result in a stom- ach ache 6th hour. Teachers are not prome to giving passes to students who wish to find Alka-Seltzer. Oh, oh, there goes the bell, do I go to Arby ' s? Olga ' s? Burger King? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Being a Senior can really be tough. Yasmina flaquc Jefirey Harrison Tc an Hart Douglaa Hauaman Andrew Hayman Eric tieggen Debbie Heller 1., Herbert. Paul Higgin Oaniei Milt Seniors spent a great amount of time choosing colleges and decid- ing their futures. Have you memo- rized your Social Security Num- ber? Getting through the halls between classes is always tough, but Chip seems to have mas- tered the technique. Kelly ' s " Under- ground Under- wear " was high fashion for the class of ' 87. The boxers say it all! Most seniors turned eighteen this year, and Karin celebrat- ed in typical senior style. This IS the time to remember ' cause it will not last forever those are the days to hold on to ' cause we won ' t although we ' ll want to this is the time but time is gonna change . . . SPRING BREAK ' 87- seniors travel to California, Mexico, Florida, Ger- many, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. " Don ' t you forget about me " Prom ' 87 Holly Hill Milchell Hilt Pe; v Ho Brett Hodden Grace Horn (Shannan Howell Carolyn Hruhy (Scott Hubley Donna Hurley cSamantha Hurwitz Jicole Hyman 6tacie Isenherg 6ander Jacohowitz Laura Jacobs Jennifer JefTne David Jenkins Nicole Joachim Knsta Jodloski Tonya Johnson Barbara Jones Joanne Rallabal Niosrccn Kallabat (Stephanie Kane Matthew Ranuck Andrea Kasiewicz The good life THE GOOD LIFE: (n.) The state of being of a second semester senior, who has been accepted to the college of his choice. Characterized by an acute case of senioritis, a poor attendance record, and a slightly reduced workload, as compared to his junior year (see example below). Junior schedule: 1st A. P. European History 2nd British Lit. 3rd American government U.S. Ill 4th A. P. Spanish 400 5th AP. Biology 6th A. P. Computer Science 7th Accounting Senior schedule: 1st Study hall 2nd Quest 3rd Teacher assistant 4th Campus Living 5th Excused 6th Excused 7th Excused .8-7 A98 ' COUNSELOR NAME NUMBER HOMEROOM BIR WOLFE , J 1935 00112 2 11 FCTOO Sm5i» - -TKW COURSE NAME S Q 1 02 03 04 05 06 07 23702 23612 2B350 2JA04 22602 21242 OB 02 02 03 02 02 09 AMER G ADU PR AP CAL EiASrc YEARBO FRNCH UR MOD OVT GG CULUS OK 500AP L.IT2 S2 S2 S2 S2 R2 B2 S2 i 1 Martin Kaufman Kristen Keefe Alice Kim Mian Kiriluk Jeffrey Kirschner ■ ' A Julie KitUe William Knighl Martin Kowitz James Kraus Erika Krinsky Todd Kroll l ougki Krug Timothy LaClair cStacey Laker Heather Lambert Jeffrey Lamhroff Joseph Lampertius Joseph Lash Can ' Lavine Mary Lebrato |[ J ' i m Michael Lee Thomas Lee David Lchmkuhl Deborah Leich Dana Le son Mara Lipkowitz Dov Lustig Kri,stin Lynch Michelle Mallzman John Mansour Dawn Margolis Michael Marsh (ScnioreS Barry Marx John Massura Diane Mauerer 4. EHH ■ H H w t ' ISl ' ■ HJVk M pJBfi " i ' . fx Hp ' 1 ? v r ' " HM Vk tfi - IK K » Mrli i. vl Ev jyjj ■ B ■ 1 l K III M n Sjlj IBS s.. Jetlrcv Maz;i Patrick McCoubrcy Margaret McGraw 6lacev McLean David Miller KriijLa Miller Suzanne Milk )ruce rlillman Amy MonLgoraer) ' Celeste Montone Deborah Moretsky Jennifer Morgan Mark Najjar (Sree Nallamothu Teresa Nam Adih Nasi Dana Nelson Kelly Nelson Grace Nielsen Dawn Paulin.Hki Joel Pcaiiman Mark Philippail I ' niKi Pippcl JctlVcv Pint I Cviilhia Prina Victoria Prizer Amy Proctor JoAnne Purtan W f 4«fe£ik Moi an Patani Stanford Papp Kcdar Paul t M Trevor Paymond iStcvon Pcap P h ■!! L ' iri ( arah Pc nick Wcndv Plx Kalhlccn Phew Kri Lina Dickard Courtne) ' Dobbins David Dobbin Jim Dobertson Patricia Dobinson Hana 6a a Mark inccr Nora an|ian Krisline (SchafFner Jason Schiciano ikmm Ralhn ' n (Schine Aaron (Schneider Neal Schore Lisa (Schwarlzman cSENlODS David CC Karen cSemaan Jessica Shapiro Kiraberly 6hell ri hepps (Sarah 5»herburne Christopher (Shiliaire Stacy (Silberman Marc (Silver What is your favorite weekend activity? Partying with friends. -Sari Shepps Watching the Smurfs.-Amy Opper Stu(jying!-Karin Yoo Going out with friends.-Becky Cutting Shopping at garages and establishments in Keego. -Marty Kaufnnan Watching Ed Adams and Ken Geneva ski.- Anthony Derrico Quarter Bounce-Mike Carr Bashing heavy. -Neal Schore Do you really want to know?-Anonymous Eating fig leaves while reading the Talmud. - Anonymous Squirrel hunting in my car. -Anonymous Going away. -Dawn Margolis Parties, what else?-Joanne Bloom Watching WWF midget wrestling. -Courtney Robbins Sitting back and watching CNN news or Senate sessions (Wouldn ' t Mr. Dain be proud!). -Marc Silver Staying home with my parents.-Kelly Nelson " Ringing bells. " -Sarah Resnick Jon 6jober§ Deborah Slovis Bra(dror(d (Smillie Michael (Sneider Hyuk ang (Son Bradley 6orock Amy 6pilman Charles cSlannard Peter (Slarkel Julie (Stein Jill (Stallraan Meh 6a Sternberg Jeffrey 6tone l ' ' What do you want to What was your most be when you grow up? embarrassing moment? Why grow up?-Marty Kaufman Ecj A(jams ' probation officer. -Anthony Derrico A child. -Chris Thoreson A famous writer. -Shelly Auster Hot (jog vendor in Central park. -Dave Abbo Smart. -Celeste Montone A cactus in Arizona-Maria Dembs A catalyst of change.-Nancy Ballard A " Pepper. " -Holly Rodgers A 34B.-Dana Nelson Perfect. -Nicole Joachim Independently wealthy. -Becky Cutting Eating a stranger ' s french fries in the lunch line while thinking she was a friend of mine. -Amy Opper When I sat on the toilet and found that someone had rubbed Vick ' s Vapo-rub on the seat.-Karin Yoo Scoring for the opponent in a soccer game . . . twice.-Jeff Couchman When someone pulled down my sweatpants (and under- wear) in cooking class. All could be seen. -David Abbo Prom dress falling down while dancing with my counselor. - Holly Hill Starting the chanting at the Homecoming assembly . . . and getting caught. -Anonymous Leaving the car seat of my multicolored Volkswagen in the parking lot after school. -Dan Brown Locking my keys in a running car in the parking lot. -Tim Eckert Laura 6uciu KIcanor 6iin Jeffrey Tandoc Natalie Te sler Kristin Thoreson kSkiik Timothy Tobin Brian Tobtedt Victoria Tuchow Lauren Turetsky Cwyn Vander- ' Giessen )| ;» il ' Rirsten Vanmeer Jennifer Varcha Vanessa Velilla Matthew VonEnde Leslee Wallach f» - i Antoinett WaLsh Brandon WaL h Mar ' Watko Elizabeth WeLx r t iL an Webster Crait; Wei enthal ' l i h n ' P;ini. ' l;i W ' it .nian 6amantha Wetmore Liward Whang Joel Wheatley William WhcL cll Chip Winiccki JclT Wirthlin Mclinda Wol w " Pavid Yakar VancoS. a Ycokum Karin Yoo Heather Young Doger Young iVniors Not Pictured: Mark Allen. Stephan Bogdanovic. Michael Bradford. Carol Collins. Call Didia. John Piidia. KiniLx- rly t oran. Pichard Lawson. Fred Mahnken. Barton Morris. Michael Murphy. Timothy NeUon. Audrey Perez. Maria l pe. Bradley Dehder. James Pobertson. Vincent Shammami. Michael iSheehan. Crai Wood. Manel Yaldo CSENIOD6 Traub The morning of February 19 was a time filled with excitement and anxiety for TRAUB scholarship participants; Beth Allen, Nora Bucher, Lynn Candela, Timothy Eckert, Dana Greenburg, Scott Riggs, Peggy Ho, Shannon Howell, Amy Montgomery, David Patton, Maria Pope, Kath- leen Rhew, Karen Sachs, Jessica Shapiro, Victoria Tuchow, Lauren Tur- etsky, Vanessa Yeokum, and Karen Yoo. These seniors displayed special proficiency in the realms of art and music. This scholarship was estab- lished in the memory of Robert CJ, Traub in order to encourage the cultivation of artistic talents. Applicants who have exceptional abilities in the fields of art and music are considered relative to their outstanding character, personality, and other personal qual ifications. This year ' s win- ners were Maria Pope and Victoria Tuchow. They were given the option of spending a month in either Europe or Asia. Andover high is very proud of them and wishes them the best of luck in the fields that they have chosen. Baronitis Andover ' s school spirit has been defined as awful, non- humorous, un- caring, but most of all, non-existent. We at the Hillcresc call this state Baronitis. To show that there is still some school spirit, and that some people do still care, we have dedicated this page to some of the people who still have Andover spirit left in them. We know that there are more of you out there that we have not been able to represent. u ■ u u ] HOME 4IONUt» 1 pcmoD VISITOR f Mi M 1. 4£fl OULS FOUL 5. u S -■.msmuoMn, Practices i iJS ss ' ? " Oh coach, not again! " These words ring throughout the gym, pool, track, football field and baseball diamond as the athlete pushes himself to the limit. These rituals, called practices, are physical torture to better the athlete for that week ' s win or loss. Every sport at Andover demands a lot out of every single athlete. Andover sports are well recognized throughout state. Our students work hard to fit sports into their schedule. They put up with old school uniforms, crowded facilities, and irregular practice schedules. Andovers coaches are very demanding and will n ot tolerate absences from practice. Many of them demand at least 2 days a week of weight room time from all athletes. Many practices start in the mid -summer in the 80 degree heat, or in the winter and fall where temperatures might reach the freezing point. For all the athletes who have put in a hard day ' s work, this one ' s for you! Feature 227 A D V E R T I t is very hard to think of things to say on a division page. We debated telling you about the production costs of a yearbook, and the people who advertised with us. We could tell you about the effort in making this book or the process involved in printing a 272 page publication. We could discuss our theme, but if you do not understand it by now, it ' s too late. We could say a few more corny things or comment on politics and life in our time. Finally, we decided to encourage you to patronize our advertizers. Please patronize our advertisers. We would also like to thank them for their support. -The Editors S E MEN OPEN SATURDAY GENERAL OFFICE SUPPLY CO. DETROIT • 144 PENOBSCOT BLDG. 962-7983 WYANDOTTE • 2948 BIDDLE AVE. 285-9595 BIRMINGHAM • 6612 TELEGRAPH RD. 626-4700 1020 S. WOODWARD 642-6330 School Supplies-Cards - Gifts •9 MXYEHSON ' S •• ••••• • Buddy sBar-B-QueJ W © .RIB TICKUNO OOOD " ©W©W WEST BLOOMFIELD 6676 Orchard Lake Rd. At West Bloomfield Plaza South of Maple 851-4250 Congrats To The Class Of 1987 Beautif works Vicky, Barb, Pat, Deny, Mr. Jon, Gloria, Eva, Sam, Sharon 29306 Northwestern Hwy Southfield, Ml 48034 tor appointments (313) 356-6590 Congratulations To The Class Of 1987 MARK SILVERMAN Best Wishes To The Graduating Class! COURMtl SKOP Congratulations Class Of ' 87 R.T. MANAGEMENT Congratulations from LABARONS SPORTS Pool Tables, Mopeds Congratulations Stacey As Editor And Jills Love, MOM, DAD AND KRISTIN w YOU ' RE IMPORTANT TO US ,. Autobahn motors Mazda ' Volkswagen • Peugeot • rii 1765 TELEGRAPH ROAD • BLOOMFIELD HILLS • MICHIGAN • 338-4531 All The Best For The Class Of 1990 SHAPACK, MCCULLOUGH FRANK Attorneys At Law DRUGS R LESS 2142 Elizabeth Lake Pontiac, Mich 48053 Michael ISasanchuk R.PH. TELEPHONE 821-6646 MACK MEDICAL CLINIC PERCIVAL H. PANGILINAN, M.D.. P.C. MEDICINE a SURGERY 1325 Mack Avenue Detroit, Mich. 48215 record outlet RECORDS, TAPES AND T-SHIRTS AT DISCOUNT PRICES 29208 Orchard Lake Road Farmington Hills, Michigan 855-1122 Mon Sat Ticket World Sunday 10 AM-9 PM 12 PM-6 PM al 6255 ORCHARD LAKE RD, • W. BLOOMFIELD. Ml 48033 PHONE; (313) 737-0714 MERUN ' S THE RESTAURANT FEATtmiNG CONEY ISLANDS en QQ 2 CONEYS q l.yy SMALL DRINK BREAKFAST-LUNCH-DINNER LOCATED CROSSWINDS CORNER ORCHARD LAKE RD. LONE PINE RD. WEST BLOOMFIELD 851-4221 OVERTIM Ads 233 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF " 87 ' Planning for your future . . . • Stocks • Mutual Funds • Bonds • Financial Planning • Professional Investment Management Harold Gordon, General Partner a good move 30800 Telegraph Rd • Suite 1875 • Birmingham. MI 48010 • (313) 645-6900 • Member New York Stock Exchange. Inc. STPC cmiA mvenA c£ cleaners TEL 855-3366 RONALD D. KERWIN, M.D., P.C. DjqMATOLOGY Diseases The S-. 67fi5 ORCHARD LAKE RD DAILY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE BETWEEN 1.1 AND 15 MILE RD INCLUDING SATURDAYS EVENINGS VV BlOOMFIELD MICH 48C33 Oa ® ' « 553-3S60 SSa57 Oc ior-d Lk. Rd (THE BAi S LOAF) " A fresh approach to baking " GODIVA Chocolatier Bruxelles-New York Paris-Cologne " We Specialize In The Special " Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, Michigan 354-LOAF STAGE A RESTAURANT DELICATESSEN Ce. Presents an All Star Cast of Fine Foods Starring Famous Stage Specialties and a supporting cast of Delicious Delicacies. cocktails • carryout • catering On The Boardwalk 6873 Orchard Lake Rd. W. Bloomfield, Michigan 48033 855-6622 CLOSED MONDAYS Orchard Mall 6315 Orchard Lake Rd West Bioomlield. Ml 48033 (313) 855-1511 ANGEL BERGER NORA GOLD CAROLE GOLDSTEIN Closet 30700 Telegraph Road Bingham Center. Suite 1 630 Birmingham, Michigan 4801 JEAN JARRETT (313)642-6884 COMPLIMENTS OF DEVON DRUGS GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATES Elegant Children ' (313) 851-6615 WE ' RE rop KID nriarcl M9t f 6385 Ofchaid LoA» »d W tt Bloomfl«4d. mkh 48033 ks by definition OfTices in the Area W, Maple - Cranbrook W. Maple - Inkster Middlebelt - 14 Mile Road W. Long Lake - Telegraph Woodward - Big Beaver Orchard Lake - Pontlac Trail Orchard Lake - Maple m VIDEO-MATICS if MOVIE RENTALS TAPING SERVICE MITCH and CHRISSIE BLACK - OWNERS 2960 Sa habaw Road 2811 Orchard Lake Road Drayion Plains, Ml 48020 Kccgo Harbor, Ml 48053 (313)673 3600 (313)681-5608 ONDINE ' S a beauty salon ' in the franklin racquet club ' 29633 Franklin Road SouthfieM, Ml 48034 357-4343 Congratulations i Graduates! The Home of Good things to Eat! Btll napp5 3900 Telegraph Rd. 6 ' (2-2338 foniUl 5pen I 7 A.M.- 9PM » EVERYDAY FRANKLIN SHOPPING PLAZA 29145 NORTHWESTERN HWY. (corner of 12 Mile Road) CARRY OUT SIT DOWN DINING You ll like the way we do banking Standard Federal Bank Savings Financial Services ESCE Stand vrd Federfvl GOOD LUCK BARONS! COLONY PRESS, INC. 1 220 MORSE ROYAL OAK. MICHIGAN 48067 (313) 543-5808 c o I PRINTING AT ITS BEST! o n HUNTINGTON PRESS p r 18444 W. Ten Mile Road 6 Suite 101 S Southfield, Mi 48075 S (313)559-4660 You Don ' t Need Angles For Your Best Printing Call (313)559-4662 KELLY ASSISTED LIVING™ HOME CARE Tailored to 1 individual needs. We work as an extension of your family to help you live at home. We assist with meals, light housekeeping, bathing, dressing, from a few hours to 24 hours a day. Call for a free in-home assessment by a Kelly registered nursing supervisor. 644-9131 30555 Southfield Rd. Southfield KELLY ASSISTED UVING SERVICES BECAUSE HOME IS WHERE YOU REALLY LIVE. A subsidiary of Kelly Sen ' ices, the Kelly Girl ° People. Excellent employment opportunities. Distributors OF SYLVAN LAKE World ' s Largest Discounter of Pro Line Clubs Accessories FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED 2530 Orchard Lake Road Sylvan Lake, Michigan 48053 (313)681-7780 Congratulations To The Class Of 1987 THE ANDOVER ADMINISTRATORS On your search for knowledge, you now set forth on a quest through Hfe. Mr. Ceremuga Dr. Johnson Mr. Toma Dr. Symington Mrs. Gwinn Ms. King Mrs. Posch Mr. Wolfe " We wish the Class of h7 the best of luck in the future. " FROM ANDOVER GIRLS ' BASKETBALL BOOSTERS GREAT SEASON GIRLS! cntAmrvenA )£ cleaners T»lephon« (313) W-Am Onibection-c eahaxqinq- SaLEi and e tu ' ce DR. THOMAS VESTEVICH, PC. ORTHODONTIST Off c« Hotr By Appomtmant 838 WEST LONG LAKE ROAD BLOOMFIELO HILLS. MICHIGAN 480)3 FIRE DEFENSE EQUIPMENT CO. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - SAFETY FIRST PROD. AUTOMATIC FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS RON KELLY 885 OAKMAN BLVD. DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48238 PHONE (313) 883-6121 BEN, JIM MIKE EVOI A PIANO ORGAN :P[i,.ALISTS Ev®Lfl mu ic BALDWIN AND YOUNG CHANG RANOS LOWREY ORGANS 4977 DIXIE HWV DRAYTON PLAINS Ml 48020 PHONE 674 0433 2 184 TEIEGRAPH BLOOMFIELDHIUS MI48013 PHONE 334 0566 FLORAL CO. 2()93()Ht !I. K1) I.. KI-: KI). • P(). TI. C, Ml 48053 V) Scrvlnn the I ' oiiliuc . rcu Since 1H9 ) . " V) (313)332-0127 Andover Media Center JOiLoomji£.Ld iJ- Laza cSnos ::z s.xuLc£. 6626 TELEGRAPH AT MAPLE 855 5899 cAAaLL noc :t £.xvi(Z£. LAKESIDE MALL 247 0980 OnCHARO LAKE. MICHIOAN 4S093 An occasional flower or a flower for any occasion. hlnutr fruit nrrangementt Inltrior arcriforici htoivtri by W in PHONE 313026-0442 JACK RIDPIIN DICK KAIDATZKI 851 -0444 DAVE BENNETT PRINTING a OFFICE SUPPLIES IN THE WEST 6704 ORCHARD LAKE RD. BLOOMFIELD PLAZA w. Bloomfield, mi 48033 THE ANDOVER ADMINISTRATORS On your search for knowledge, you now set forth on a quest through Hfe. Mr. Ceremuga Dr. Johnson Mr. Toma Dr. Symington Mrs. Gwinn Mr. Wolfe ' We wish the Class of ' 87 the best of luck in the future. " Ms. King Mrs. Posch .. A TOTAL ART GRAPHIC h ART SUPPLY AND REPRODUCTION CENTER! Fine Art Supplies • Custom Framing • Drafting Engineering Supplies • Commercial and Graphic Art Supplies • Color Copies • Stats • Tables • Chairs • Taborets • Lamps • Blue Printing more. ijmorgrafic In the LaMirage Center 29555 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, Ml 48034 (313)353-5525 Congratulations Best Wishes To The Class Of ' 87 From: PTO Congratulations to the class of 1987 Seniors, Good Luck In The Future. OAKLAND MEDICAL CLINIC The Class Of 1989 i[FHutton Gary M Najarian VP Gerald J Norris Consulting Services EF Hutton Company Inc 3000 Town Center Suite 3001 Southfield Ml 48075 Telephone (313) 358-3200 Ml Watts 1 (800) 482-0168 US Watts 1 (800)521-2297 Video-Matics • MOVIE RENTALS • TAPING SERVICE • EQUIPMENT RENTALS K 2»«0 aASNABAW ROAQ 1474 ORCHAM) LAKE RQAO DIMYTOM PLAINB. MICMKIAM ttfOtO SVVVAM LAKI. MtCHtOAM 4aOM CAU.-«r9-M00 CAU-«t1-M0« Congratulations rcistphoto I " I and camera Seniors! 4276 Orchard Lake Road West Bloomfield, Ml 48033 681-1713 681-1714 Sock Shop Ltd. " Everything for the Leg " 32930 Middlebelt. Suite A Farminglon Hills, MI 48018 (313) 626-0611 HELEN LEVY MARCIA SEIFMAN CKL INDUSTRIES WIRE-CUT EDM 21 75 AVON INDUSTRIAL DRIVE AUBURN HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN 48057 (313)853-7767 UvtYo Mm v ' . Edna Ndiiio h Located in the losef and Company Beauty Salon 32 South Telegraph Road • Pontiac Michigan 48053 683-2280 Pine Lake Mall 4331 Orchard Lake Rd West Bloomfield. 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Mi 48033 (313) 681-6144 STAN S WARREN OFFICE 626-6080 WARREN OPTICAL CO. GEORGE G WARREN ORCHARD MALL 3J9 ORCHARD LAKE ROAD WEST BLOOMFIELD. Ml 48033 JMTVISIOIMS ADVERTISING AND DESIGN Who Are We? We ' re one, two, and three color print advertising special- ists. We ' re advertising budget consultants. We ' re a pro- fessional design service. We ' re your advertising specialty connection. In fact, we can do just about anythiing dealing with advertising and marketing of small business for less than you would expect to pay! Call or write for more information today and let us do the rest to mal e your business a success. Who are we? We ' re JMT-VISIONS ADVERTISING and DESIGN. " Our vision is your success " (313) 683-1299 3886 MCDIVITT DRIVE • WEST BLOOMFIELD, Ml 48033 ANVOVER soccsn BOOSTERS CHEER THE CLASS OF ' 87 Many Thanks And Much Love To The Cast Of " You Can ' t Take It With You " WALL DECOR 3367 ORCHARD LAKE RD PONTIAC MICH 48053 (313) 681-2335 IN THE snvAN CENTER Frames, Prints, posters and Poster Supplies, Custom Framing and " MORE " Mr. Honeyman BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 87 CHEM-MET SERVICES, INC. LIQUID ENVIRONMENTALISTS [RED PINE POTTERY 627-6281 sue kolb i john ' hartom 345 WOLf E RD. ORTONVILiE, Ml. 48462 (313)855-5230 BenD ,UU®RKS. inc. ' IDA JOYRICH GHINDAMARRICH 32751 FRANKLIN ROAD FRANKLIN, MICHIGAN 48025 I BARRY ' S LETS RENT IT - PARTY RENTAL - 855-0480 29212 Orchard Lake Road Farmington Hills, Michigan south of 13 mile rood J8 Fashions for less Middlebelt at 14 mile 851-5414 Hallelujah!! Now You Can Make Up Your Own Reading List!! Metro News Center Telegraph-Maple c,, Trciwzl clkirLiii iM.m-mM.m-mmmkm.mwmmmmTr Lynn Walters Owner B714 ORCHARD LAKE RD. • WEST BLOGMFIELD. Ml 4B033 313-855-9750 ■-1 Josef and Company Beauty Salon 32 South Telegraph Road Pontiac, Michigan 48053 683-2280 JIM COULTER IVindsurfing s HIGH PERFORMANCE SAILBOAROS ANO ACCESSORIES Harbor Pines Center 2867 Orchard Lake. Keego Hart or. Ml 4B033 (313| 681-1300 RESV: 334 561 S«rrin« Lnach k Dioaer Mon. Uiru Sat EvaqrSmiiay I I tJK. to 2 p JB. Dinner iUrt» at 2K)0 BIi30M«1ELDS 2395 Woodward Aw ' AtWoodw. BloomfieldHUU ard At Square Lake Road .f . HeCBAL ' AND-FLORAl.-F NrA5;e5 % JUDY HUE, Herba rst CLARKSTON. MICHIGAN Congratulations and Good Luck from M RESTAURANT AND DELICATESSEN 6724 ORCMARD LAKE RDAO WEST BLOOMFIELD. Ml dB033 (31 3) B55Bd33 Soutti of Maple in the West Bloomfield Plaza Congratulates The Class Of ' 87 6646 Telegrcipi Roc J Bi mmgLm. M ' cLgcn 480I0 (313)855-4005 Bloomf.eU Pl 7 :. ALSO AT: ONE ON ONE ATHLETIC CLUB 6343 Farmington Rd. W. Bloomfield, Michigan FREDRICK JEWELERS OF BLOOMFIELD 869 W. Long Lake Road Bloomfield Hills Michigan 48013 646-0973 Cul and C.url 682-4147 Anthony M. Sakorafis, D. D. S. 200 E. BR014 N BIR VIINGHAM 258 -6760 GeofjJetcNvn office supplies Office PRINTING Products OFFICE FURNITURE 334-3500 1990 WOODWARD • BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN 48013 sylvan learning Center Wfe teach reading wtd natti to ttudenls ol all ag«s and abilities. Wc otter individualtzed program, cerlilled instrudorv and a proven back record ol wcces In major cities across America. CALL NOW 643-READ (7323) I H! Jff 3250 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 101 l !lj Troy, Michigan 48084 . " Charlotte Terry, Dirpcfor WwBT Linda Hoagland, Director Congratulates The Class Of ' 87 6646 Telegraph Ro J Qirmingncim, | |icniigc?n 40010 (313)855-4005 Bloomf,eU PIcjtc YOUR TOTAL CUISINE CENTER Congratulations Marty Love, MOM AND DAD BR-TK INTERNATIONAL Brad 855-0259 Todd 332-9884 SALES SERVICE vi C KftUU LINE OF . 10 SPEEDS MOUNTAIN BIKES BMX TRICYCLES ACCESSORIES ITALIAN FRAME SALES (ssa-ooes) 30 9 ORCHARD LK RO KEEOO HARBOR Thanks You Congratulations Class Of ' 87 WOODSID E HOSPITAL T) " specialty foods • 626-7790 Pontiac, Ml full catering service available Congratulations Class of 1987 STRIKE ' N ' PARE LAMES 4065 West Mixpk VsKui Bowling Is Fun 644-8300 Congratulations To Nora And All Her Classmates Love, MOM, DAD, JOAN, BILL, MATT, ANNE, AND JOHN -Q HiFP TODAY S PASMiONS On MEN 4 WOME iQ Orchard Mall 6309 Orchard Lake Road West Bloomtield. Ml 48033 (313) 855-4585 custom framing archieves mounting dry mounting creative matting art supplies selected prints available (313) 6820962 21 75 CASS LAKE ROAD KEEGO HARBOR, MICHIGAN 48033 (corner ot Orchard Lake Cass Lake Rd ) t HtyisOur v c poOSOQg 6215 Orchard Lake Road West Bloomfield, Ml 48033 737-0022 OPUS 3 hair care for euervone 682-7714 4272 ORCHARD LAKE ROAD WEST BLOOMFIELD Ml 48(D33 . iina Speck, so Frank Hull, Barbara WooH 1618 ncenvood Dr. Troy, Michigan 48098 (313)641-8285 i!C!ti90Ut[ Unn Excellence in Dining and Lodging Since 1938 Award winning dining rooms Superb Sunday Brunch Hotel Accommodations Banquet facilities for 4 or 400 West Wing Grand Opening Fall 1986 (313) 644- 1400 1475 N. Woodward Bloomfield Hills, MI. OAK MAPLE CHUCK 855-5271 HARDWOOD Fireicood STACKED DELIVERED . . . FREE 1 C» ' Ray ' s Quality Painting Service Painnng w Perfection ' Free Estimates Licensed and Guaranteed Do Work for Dearborn ' s Elderly Neat Work. Responsible RAY YOUVON REFERRAL GATEWAY TRAVEL SERVICE for all your travel needs PINE LAKE MARINA Sales And Service 3599 Orchard Lake Rd. Rochelle Lieberman travel consultant 26645 W, Twelve Mile Southtield 353-8600 Congratulations Debi! We Are Very Proud Of You! Love, MOM, DAD, BILL AND MATT Supra Ski Boat And Inboard Runabouts GRACE SCALIA ' S ine Family Hair Care Center ? 2150 Walnut Lake Road — 851-7464 JjTRIKE ' N ' PARI LAMES 4065 Wc5t , ' tAplc T UHui ' 3ijTnmAham ' ,AiKluA t- 0 ' 0 mimMishitt iatuuKr 6U- 500 4198 Orchard Lake Rd. West Bloomfield, Ml 48033 OFFICE: (313)6831 122 BRUCE M. KINNEY President REAI.TOB MARILYN T. LEVINSON Manager chujeitzer i-fiSliomes golden lOhoenix " Restaurant CHINESE . XD . MERIC ; DIXIN ' G . XD C RRY01T OPEN ' 7 DA " i ' S MOX.-TPIL ' RS. 11:30-9:30 FRI. SAT. 11:30-11:30 Sl ' N. 12:(X)-9:30 4067 V. LVPLE RO. D DIRM1NGIL M, Ml 48010 42-a ' «6 4196 Orchard Lake West Bloomneld. Ml 48033 OFFICE: (3 I 3) 683 1122 m. LYN BALMAN REALTOR Associate TWO MILLIOM DOLLAR CLUB MEMBER chuueitzer •j gS Reol Ejioie. Inc. I I Homes. A - ■ jnd Gardens m " TO BE SINCERELY ENTHUSIASTIC YOU MUST FIRST ACT IT " CAFE SEIKO WATCHES Congratulations Class Of ' 87 Stacie: 1 i H Congratulations! We ' re so proud of you K . ! HI Good health, happiness and success ■ W , H always ' . .JV-, . 1 Love. " A L H Mom, Dad and David m k jH lT ■ M ii l j Owl Drug 3236 Orchard Lake Rd. Phone 682-61 12 Orchard Lake, Michigan 48033 We give a hoot about your health. (3 1 3) 5 1-5533 In Honor Of The Faculty At Andover High School From Vies VENDING To All Seniors On WBFH Staff: Thanks For Capping Off Te ' n Years Of Great Radio On The BIFF! Keep Rockin ' And Remember Your Roots When You Become Famous! BOWCO ' I get by with a little help from my friends. " Thanks to all! (esp Kris. Nance, Lisa, El. Jess, Clare, Lori Cory) TLC P.S.Good Luck! I ' ll miss you. P.P.S.Do you like it " ! THE HILLCREST THANKS THE 1987 PATRONS CAPITOL BUILDING LANSING, MICHIGAN 46909 (5171373-0824 Dr. and Mrs. J. Scott Allen Ryan Johnson The Chen Family Kari, Cheryl, and Tracy The Desi Arnez Family The Kaplans The Donegan Family Cathy King The Duronio Family Hi Rach, Tiff, and Kari -Liza Fat Albert and Buckwheat Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael Lynch Dr. and Mrs. Howard Friedman Mr. and Mrs. E.W. McLean Linda and Joel Gershenson The Moers Family The Greenfield Family Good Luck Seniors-KKR The Robert Jenkins Family Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Rose Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson The Sachs Family Eric Johnson Mark Silverman JUDITH R. MILLER STATE REPRESENTATIVE 65TH DISTRICT „ - , ., 877 S ADAMS BIRMINGHAM. MICHIGAN 48008 1313)433-3080 MARCELLI CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. I General Conlraclors 1803 Haggertv Road Walled Lake, Michigan 48088 Phone: 313 624-2000 TONY MARCELLI PRESIDENT I ail lYri da . Ot)§ l§M 4 lilt Mi« el lircclri Pail? 4HU€) Congratulations AndoMcr Class Of ' 87 BLDOMFIELO HILLS EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Cares About V u I Ma SCHISM CLUB: ON THE RISEl Do you know the difference btween a guelf and a ghibbeline? If so, you are probably a member of the schism club. The schism club was developed by two A. P. European students, Jeff " Rasputin " Harrison and Matt " Caligula " Von Ende, out of a need for a large history club at Andover. Quickly, a large, tightly -knit unit of students rose from the masses to band together, thus firming up the central organ of the schism club. The club met periodically during the year in order to tackle the long and hard units dished out by Mr. Keith Johnson, their figurehead, himself an honorary member. The members also met often on the weekends in order to schism (brainstorm) about upcoming units. The club was named after the historical " great schism " of 1378-1417. The membership thought this was a shockingly long schism until Mr. Johnson ex- plained that there were three popes involved. So if you see an A. P. history student clad in the trademark black t-shirt, look for the thick and weighty textbook under his arm. You then can be certain you are dealing with a " schism-club- member. " 1. The club logo. 2. A few of the members gather around their favorite substitute. Mi. Basel 3. Mr. Johnson gestures to one of the absorbed countries or possibly fur- ther, to Rasputin ' s home. 4. His divine baselness strikes a pose. i Mr. Johnson nods off during a dull moment. Mit.,;:V ' " LaBnt Jewelers ' Chez d ' Or« Exquisite Fine Jewhy BfO L e Ra • west aioomiioio. u i atec in 47in Si Jewftlry tjichango CemCra d V ' JcH elcrs s ' oierl §,am ' , BEJ JAMin WHOLESALE JEWELRY 47ST J«,elfy i " g« « B mn«ld. .- l 49033 Master Watchmaker 6645 orchard lake rd. s est bloomfield. mi 48033 737-2323 47TH STREET JEWELRY EXCHANGE Congratulations To Murph And The Class Of ' 87 Blood Sweat And Tears " Thanks! Ms. Najjar Best Of Luck Next Year, Love, THE STAFF (esp. Trisha 8c Stacey) P.S. Always remember; When in doubt, wing it. BUBBLE St SQUEAK 363 Commerce Rd, Union Lake MI 48085 363-6489 Congratulations Vanessa!!! Bring your high school ID with you for a Great Frame Up $5.00 discount. Stop in soon, we ' ll be looking for you! Calling All High School Students! We won ' t mess around with your framing . . The Great Frame Up ' vise ' (Definition of ' vise ' - an instument that positions and holds two corners of a frame together) gives you an easy $5.00 off when you frame your high school diploma or mug shot. (Good only on framing orders over $25.00) GOOD LUCK. LYNNE MOM Do-it-yourself, custom commercial framing available. IBlBQHBEGflpaiilBQjD cmocc f nACTT - j r-iACT U® STORES COAST-TO-COAST Frame With Your Friends Store Hours Monday thru Friday Saturday Sunday Have A Fun And Safe Year! BERNARD A. FRIEDMAN DISTRICT JUDGE VISION, COMMITMENT AND PERSEVERANCE Will Always Be Rewarded Congratulations BRIAN TOLSTEDT KEEGO HARDWARE 3041 Orchard Lk. Rd. Keego Harbor. Mich. 313 682-2660 DISCOUNT VIDEO 4153 Orchard Lk. Rd. West Bloomfield, Mich. 313 855-4450 You made " the great escape " despite calculus! Congratulations! We ' re proud of you! Love, Mom, Earl, Ken, Siandy and Charlie Congratulations, Jennifer. Quien no see adventura. No pasa la mare. Love, Mom. Dad, Paul, Brian, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa and Bonnie Trisha. We wish you success and happiness in college and your career. Congratulations to you. Mom, Dad, Cory Congratulations Becky. To a wonderful future. Love, Mom, Dad, Meg and Amy Congratulations Kelly. From first to last ■ You ' ve done a great job. Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations, Dana! Keep your sights set high! Love. Mom and Dad Congratulations, Allison, Our best wishes to you in college and youi future career Work hard, be fair to all. stay sharp and on top. Love, always. Mom and Dad Congratualtionsf Good luck in college. We love you. Mom. Dad and Scott Congratulations, Suzanne. You did it. We love you. Love. Mom and Dad xxoo HILLCREST STAFF 1987 .— =»tV, Co-editors Special thanks: Stacey McLean Trisha Clarke N. Ballard B. Berschback Cory R. Dennis K. Drobot D. Gift J. Hartom A. Heymoss J. Hite K. Johnson Josten ' s Mother ' s Pizza K. Nelson A. Shepard Simon and Garfunkel J. Sonnenschien D. Tyman C. Yun Craine and Williams Studios Our Parents Sree Nallamothu Scott Raches Sree Nallamothu Andy Greenfield Andy Greenfield Scott Raches (back) Jun Pangilinan (endsheet) We would also like to thank Mr. Snyder, Mr. Dain and Mr. Price for their understanding during the production of this book. The Editors 1987 Hillcrest Staff Clockwise from top left: Faculty: Kristin McLean Kelly Farnen Christina Buelter Student Life Features: Lauren Friedman Chiristine Duronio Steve Shepard Tricia Donegan Kristy Rickard Clubs: Missy Rose Jennifer Jotinson Underclassmen: Tami Gordon Sherri Lavine Business: Karen Whitledge (manager) Kristy Lynch Sports: Jenny Ramsey Andy Moers Jeff Harrison Ted McFadden (not pictured) Copy Editor: Yasmina Haque Ads: Kevin Bigman David Worth Andy Chen Typist: Neil Ollivierra Artists: Sree Nallamothu Shannah Howell Andy Greenfield Head Photographer Mark " T " Green Photographer Jun Pangilinan Photographer Scott Raches Photographer Abbo. Chiista 46. 154 Abbo, Dav.d 121, 151, 200 Abraham, Rachael 96, 109 Adamj, Amy 77, 90, 200 Adams, Edwaid 200 Adams, Eiika 132, 190. 191, 270 Addison, Cordelu 45. 132 Agr«, Lena 96 AicUo. Louis 54, 153 AieUo, Sam Ajluni, Jeffrey 125, 200 Alexander, Annetherese 54 Alexander, Viaoria 200 Allen, Beth 8, 83, 200 Allen. James 2, 152, 147, 151, 227 Allen, Jennifer 82. 132. 171 Allen. Mark 30 AUen. Tony 48. 79. 130. 135. 142 Allen. Wendy 132 Alspeaor. Debra 86. 87. 72. 200 Alspeaor. Julie 52. 96 Amouzegar. Siamak Anders. James 85. 152. 151 Anders. Thomas 4«. 85. 96. 152 Anderson. Gerald 54. 80 Anderson. Kenneth 72. 200 Anderson. Lori 6. 200 Anderson. Scon 45. 152 Andrews. Knsten 152 Apouin. David 96 Aicinegas. Scott 48. 80. 119. 152 Amkoff. Jennifer 152 Arriola. Alberto 49. 74. 152. 155 Arriola. George 80. 96. 156 Arslanian. Anro 54. 157 Anz, Kenneth 112, 122, 132, 155 Astolfi. Paul 29. 54. 80 Auster. Brandon 90. 96 Auster. Jennifer 96. 101. 103. 118. 192 Auster. Michelle 200. 206. 215 Azarbayi n, K 97, Xi -yer. th 54. Student Inde ' liiK iM 200 ,. Mohsen 45. 72. 80, 90,191, i61 ' Bi. .w 20H Azzow, Maha 132 Back. Timothy 54. 155 Baker. Christme 54, 65. Jf Baker. Daniel 152 ■ ' %, Baker. Joshua 54 ' . Baldin. Maria 48. 8jL85,. 5, Ballard. Nancy 2 «, 72, 78. |0. 161 Baltosicwich, Rol Bard. Stephen Barfi. Barak 54 Barkhorda: Barlow. Anthon Bamett. Amandi Ban, Meir Bartick. Patricia Bams. David 22. Barron. Adam 96 Barron. Amy 54 Banon. Lisa 74. 167, Bas. Maria 54 Bass. ELsa 84. 190. 200 Bauman. Burke Beaumonr. Eric Becker. Zachor. Adi 200 Bednas. Scott 74. 90. 152. 151 Bee. Darlene 200 Behaylo. Christina 152 Behaylo. David 54 Beletskiy. Andrey 96. 176 Beletskiy. Viktor 80. 155 Belian. Ara 86. 96 Belian, Lisa 54 Belkin, Martin 75, 153 Bell. Gregory 54 BeU. Jacquelyn 52. 78. 155. 147 BenMeir. Amy 56. 80. 200 Benakovich, Laura 97 Bennethum. Clare 6. 201 Bent. Duane 177 Berke. Rachel 56. 201 Berkovic. MicheUe 54 Bernardi. Chnsta 54. 80 Bernstein. Julie 75. 77. 127. 155 Bernstein. Mark 95. 161 Biederman. Deboiah 96, 103, 192 Bielfield, Jennifer 97 Bigman,Jill 84, 114, 133. 190. 191 Biller, Glenn 135, 159 Bitkowski, Angela 9, 19, 125 Bitkowski, Jason 153 Blackman. Sean 135 Blake, Sarah 74, 78, 88, 155, 171 Blau, All 54 Blieden, Michael 48, 97 Bloch, Alan 97 Bloch, Leah 54, 84 Bloch, Leonard 133 Bloch, Nathan 201 Block, Jonathan 54 Block, Matthew 43, 112, 201 Blond, Olivier 97 Bloom, Joanne 43. 72, 201 Blouch, Brian 72, 155 Blum, Jason " 55, 153. 177 Bockoff. Karlfe 2, 10. 74. 133 Bogdanovic. sWi 151 Boji, Ronnie 20% Ef eo, Kithfiinf «, 75. 90, 95, 201 BoSz, Raditl M Bonnett. Juhn kii, iu BcHidin, Jennifer B -x)k stein, Jenni It f 22. 74, Borchardt, Douglas 202 Borsand. Stephanie 202 Souch, Elizabeth 50, 82, . B d, William 97 Boy«(j Shelli 57. 58 BtadfcSL Michael Bradford l ben Bradley. DiiogUs 15 Brancheau. MicheUe Braun. Gregory 54 Brau n, Jeffrey 45, 72 79 I61j 191 20. Btee, Daniel 80. 97 98 ■iKcke. Andrew 84. 161 jiecke. PhiUip 89 161, 198 202 , L..i,.i, Amy 97 ' s . Btoner, Stephanie 74, 202 Broojon, Enck 153, 159 Branson, Laura 202 Brooke, Jpnarhan 54 Brooks, James 153 Brooks, Jason 74. g-i 112, 133, 144 Br j»ks. Kathryo ,54 Jeffrey 84 1, DutW 96, 151, 202 n 13J. i% Browiback. David 6. 29, 34, 97, 159, ' Brownbafk, A rybeth 74, 80 ' fttoerj ulie S4 » uzina. Jo Ann.„ „ Brozina,John 78. 80. 97. 151, 2 Btyani, Elizabeth 84, ' 97 Bucher, Nora 72. 80, W, 202 Bueker. Christina 97, 161. 262 ' Butch, Kathnn 115, IJ5,,171 ss. Ja1 rl» ■ Kristm Callas. Michael Callebaut. Pamela 203 Camden. James 98, 205 Camden, Jennifer OmpbeU, Douglas 10, 98 CampbeU, Jason 128, 205 Campo, Christopher 134 Candela, Lynn 80, 207 Cantrell, Daniel 48, 85, 154 Canttell, Daryl 54 CantwelLIsimifer 74, 84, 97, 98 A m ( hang, ChA ChiKi Charbont-au, Nn..lf kj. 87, 98 Chamcs, Amy 72. 75. 82. 170. 171. 175. 204 Chayet. Adam 154 Chazen. Jacquelin 54 Chazen. Margo 204 Chen. Andrew 89. 98. 262 Chen. Leighton 98. 156 Chetecwich. Pamela 90. 154 Chemy, Marci 90. 204 Chemey, Craig Chemy. Shanon 55 Chick, Keith 55, 155 Cho, Halim 98 Choi, Betty 49, 54, 56, 59, 67, 73, 122 Choi, JaeHo 84, 98 Choi, JaeWoong 134 Chosid, Matthew 8, 49, 82. 184 Choudhury, Amy 55. 74. 79 Choudhuty, Sourab 154 Christy. Jennifer 117. 135, ,163 ' Chung. Bobby 80, 98 Chung. Ghuon 48. 90. 92. 1 Chung, Un Ktung 72. 86. 204 Cihbeito. mes 155. 151 Cition, Alissa 134 Matthew 55. 177 Michael 98 " Tod 98. 90 ' V ( -, irk Kunberly 90, 20tf HT , ke Cory 35. 4 5, ■ ' 125. 153 t irke Trisha ' 44. 45. 72. 74. 161. 204, 2 :3 ' lanon Dere 55 « Ijm n Lisa TV 78. 135 iKhrane. DonaM 198. 2C Cochrane, otl Ssfc, 1 ' Cohen Debraiiill»,«071 Cohen f ascm 98 f Cohen, Jayson ajJliJ .hen Jciiicj 98, 2691 .hen Joel 52, 2(M f W - hen, Marcl66. jp2. n i hen. Marthw|5e Cohen Stevfcl 75. 74. 28. Colak Deniz 135 m S Us , 79, 99 Con» Cxx k, Kimbcf Cook.jtrjufei Cook. i ter 91, 1 , 205 Coourfr, Jonathan W, " C gpa.MMtU 6. 47,85, ' , 5cwtes. Atvaro 75. 80, 119. 135 Cofwin,.Laura 56 CoJSIti ' David 56, 157 Cottle. Elizabeth 86, 87, 117, 135 r.mie, HoUy 47, 56, 80, 91 Couchman, Jeffrey 72, 88, 89, 90, 155. 205 Cowles. Robert 135 Craig. Kendal 5. 99, 102 Cramer, Rebecca 135 Ctegar, Jennifer 54, 66, 74, 89, 119 Cress, Michael 55, 80, 151, 205 Cubbm, Jason 99 Culton, Erika 99 Cummms, Bradley 205 Cun 205 Curtis, Tiffany 99 Cuttmg, Rebecca 24, 72, 75. 80. 90. 265 Daly. Lisa 48. 55. 194. 205 Cas»eII7WI»l(r !r90. 204, Caton. Steven 204 Chait. Jonathan 54. 155 Champion, Jennifer 98, 101 Dembs, Maria 85, 194, 205, E eporrc, Leon Derrico, Anthony 206 Derrico, Michael 99 JW4C Cv. Matthew 206 Chrisren 74, 78, 155 •ehpe 56 Dickstem, Loren 75, 77, 206 Didia, Gail 48, 79, 91, 95 Didia, John 48, 95 Diehl, Jody 155 Diehl, Karl 99, 152 Digiovanni, James 90, 135 Digiovanni, Joseph 155 Dmcolo. Meredith 99 Dmda, Mahooya 56, 88 Dmes, Emanuel 99 Dinsmoore, Suzanne 79, 91, 206 Diver, Britton 5, 155 ( ; Duron, Dustm Duron, Ketrie 74, 84, 99 Do, Hoan 56 Dobie, Jennifer 155, 147 Doerr. Amy 90. 91. 155. 161 DoU. James 99 Doll. Susan 75. 86. 87. 90. 121. 206 Donegan. Tricia 6. 11. 47. 99, 225, 263 Doohttle, Cory Doolittle, Jennifer 206 Doran. Kimberly Dorfman, Lisa 56 Dorfman, Michael 49. 75. 99 Dowd, lichaei 206 Doyle, iSlichael 56, 17S Doyle, P nck 136, llf Doyle, Tin Drelichmao, AmImI 86, 2 DreUchman. Einesto 75. A 127. 156 E telichman, Tama 7 117, 136, 171 Dreycr. Oun Drobot, i6btin? it 88, 10, |07 DtobOt, Roberta T. ' Dufce, Robert 207 Duktosrskv. Beth 7 Dada, Kirk 48, q, S4, 13 5V 1 » DuVvna, £ial 45. 72, 91, 207, fl5? Dujovny, Nadav 5 ' f 157 1 Dunket(wrgcr, ira57 V Durbih, Chr 5, W6 t Durham, M miew 99ff% j. yfxiroiliQ, Chrisflne 6, I3isf,i(if EcI CJuUb 115, 116. 15 . fcken. Tpiothy 8 " Edefceit. Rodney Edcr. G|He 90. 2 qilmonJon. Btvi. Ei|«»(berg. D 36. 147 Eisenbeig, | rly 72. 206. 207 EticntMlJpPBtcy 207 . fdu ig: Noa 57 Eisenberj;, Randall 48. 79. 99,n57 Eizehnan. Elisa 57. 80 Eizelman. Marc Engelman. Erica 78. 207 Epstein. Daniel 156. 147 ErUch. Lissa 57. 79 Ertlmgcr. Brant 57 Ewing. Rebecca 136. 147 Eynon. Kunberly 207 Ezmerlun. Gary 99. 159 Fahrun. Andrea 57, 201 Farber, Merrick 99 Farber, Michele 57, 270 Faruiola, Christma 100 Famen, KeUy 57, 62, 262 Famick, MeLssa 207 Fawaz, Rami 100, 122 Fawaz, Soma 8, 136 Feldman, Alyse 205, 207 Feldman, Jay 10, 106 Feldman, Pamela 207 Feldman, SaUy 57 Feldstem, Rachel 89, 57 Feldstein, Tamara 136 Felhandler, Brian 121, 207 Felhandler, Oaig 100, 176 Feluc, Todd 136 Fellingham, Ruth 122, 158, 151, 207 Fellman, Laine Fersbtntan, Robert 207 Few, Mark 207 1 ink, Marc :00 Fischer. JuUc 100 Fishbum, Amanda 86. 100. 163 Fiizgerald. Scott 72. 80. 155. 207 Kiczpatnck, David 56. 57 Flymi. Crystal 57 Fogel. Deanna 207 Fogelman, Mario 73 Foley. Corrie 85. I3«. 151 Foley. Kimberly 55, 57, 165 Ford. Heather 207 Frank, Darm 57. 176 FratJi. Michelle 48. 75, 136 Franklin. Elizabeth lOO Fredenberg. Andrew 100, 156. 176 Frcdenberg. David 150. 176 Fteedland. Jenrufer 45. 100, 161 Freedman. Laura 49. 73. 75. 94. 116, 136. 190. 191 Freedman. Steven 57. 64. 73 Freeman, Evelyn Freeman. Sharyl 208 Fregia. W. 57. 153. 176 Freund. Amy 30. 80, 208 Freund, Brian 80. 100. 176 Frey. Elizabeth 208 Fricdenberg. Jason 100 Friedman. Alyssa 50. 100 Friedman. David 208 Fnedman. Lauren 57. 68, 165. 263 Friedman. Matthew 57. 65. 73 Friedman. Paul 136 Friedman, Wendy 100 Friedsam. Cmdy Fry. David 136 Fry, Jon 87. 80 Fuqua. Bradley 156. 156 Galbraith. Brian ICO Galbraith. Jennifer 58 Galens. Daniel 43, 136 Gallant. Jeffrey 100 Gantz. Debra 48. 75. 85. 90, 208 Garfield. Jennifer 58 Garlapaty. Pavan 76, 80. 136 Gistauc. Mark 58 Gastmaiv Brian 9. 136 Gasman, Rebecca 58. 88 Geiger. Gregory 59, 208 Gelzayd. Allison 208 Genova. Kenneth 151. 208 George. Aaron 208 George. Calvin 58 George. Tammy George. Terry 82. 84. 187 G«igu, List }g Gergis, PoUy 137 Gtthacd, Christine 137 Gwstein. Pamela 55. 58. 74. 91. 171 Gersuk, Julie 58 Gersuk. Patricia 83. 100 Gettleson. Robm 97, 100 Ghandchi, Andrea 137 Gibson. Christina 83 Gilbert, Elizabeth Gilman, Lon 78, 157. 270 Giltner, Gretchen 190. 191, 208. 215 Glick, Kevin XOO. 156 Golan, Oien 58 Gold, Hedy 47. 208 Goldberg. Joshua Goldberg. Melissa 78. 206 Goldberger. Rachel 100 Goldfarb. Jennifer 100. 167 Goldman. Andrea 58. 60, 193 Goldman. David 270 Goldman, Ilyje 137, 194, 270 Goldman, Robby 11. 73. 137. 190 Goldsmith. Jeffrey 86. 87 Goldstein, Kimberly 58. 271 Columbia, Nancy 117. 208 Gonzalez. Joel 58 Gonzalez. Robert 137 Goode, Tracy 74. 137, 190. 191 Gordon, Caryn 50, 72, 80. 208 Gordon, Daniel 101 Gordon. Tamara 96, 99. 101, 265 Goss, Laura 101 Goss, Tara 60, 79, 98, 195 Goctesman, Jennifer 74. 112. 152. 157. 147 Gourguechon, Catherine 58. 84 Grava. Brad 101. 151. 271 Gray. Lisa 208 Green, Mark 156, 201 Green. Marthew 44. 137. 151 Green. Travis 44. 101. 151 Greenberg. Dana 72. 74. 86. 87. 208 Greenebaum. Jennifer 58. 79 Greenfield. Andrew 101. 263 Greinet. David 137 Greinert. Nancy Griggs. Allan 208 Grubaugh. Dorian Grusche. Paul 137, 151 Gtushka, David 81. 101 Gtzesiak. ElaitK 78, 208 Grzesiak, Joyce 208 Guanco, Andre 44, 155, 158 Guanco, Kirk 44, 58, 137, 153. 177 Guertin. Giselle 101 Gump. Christopher 58. 80, 123 Gurman,Joel 22, 157 Gurstciv Robyn 79. 157 Gursten, Steven 79, 157 Gutowsky, Larry Haase. Michael Haber. Bradley 59 Haenick. Martin 48. 79. 151. 208 Haenick. Michael 72 Halabu. Laith 77. 157 Haley. Sean 85. 47, 78. 137 Hall, Mario 101, 270 Halpem, Seth 55. 157 Halprin. Debra 59. 67 Hankins, Andrew 101 Hanna, Kristian 101. 106 Hanneman, Gerardo 59 Hansell, Amy 91, 101 Haque. Sabrina 59. 84, 165 Haque. Yasmina 9. 72. 84. 91. 209. 262 Harada, Kohei 101 Harper. Tiffany 56. 59. 67 Harris. Jeffrey Harrison. Jeffrey 7. 49. 82. 209, 263 Han. Tegan 90. 209 Hanman. Arm -Marie 43 Hartman. Susan 158, 163 Hastings, Jenrufer 59 Hausman. Douglas 209 Havey. Bret 59. 157 Hawkins. Rodncka 54, 84. 165 Hayman, Andrew 209 Heffertun, Patrick Heggen. Eric 151. 209 Heggen. Jonathon 101. 151 Heller. Debbie 209 Henderson. Harper 25. 59. 157 Henderson. Taggan 138. 151 Herbert. Lynne 75, 90, 209 Herbert. Noelle 59. 66. 165 Hersh. Damelle 158 Heussner. Renee 74, 138 Higgins, Kelly 59 Higgins, Paul 209 HUf, Daniel 209 Hill, Christopher Hill, Holly 72, 82, 126, 194. 211. 269 Hik, MitcheU Ho, Eriing 77, 88, 158 Ho, Merwm 138 Ho. Peggy 5. 72. 86, 90, 211 Hobbs, David 59 Hoener, Matthew 89. lOl Hoener, Timothy 59, 157 Hoffman. Hindy 74, 102 Hogden. Brett 45. 72. 211 Hogden. Jeffrey 102. 159 HoUey, Michele Holmes. Susan Holt. Nicola 59, 74 Hom, Grace 74. 80. 102. 127. 211 Hom. Irene 74, 86. 87. 128 Hopkiiu. John 59 Houser. Nikole 102. 164 HowtU. Shannan 211, 262 Hruby. Carolyn 122, 167, 211 HuWey, Scott 19, 45, 80, 89, 211 Huey. Brett 48, 85. 138, 151 Hughes, Erica 59. 84 Hurley. Donna 211 Hurwitz. Lee 59, 78, 157, 177 Hurwitz, Samantha 5, 43. 190. 191. 2U Hyman. Nicole 211 Hynes. Patrick 59 Isenberg. David 59 Isenberg, Sucie 211 Jackier. Anana 8, lOO. 102, 192, 272 icobowitz. Sander 211 icobs. Laura 211 lacobs. Leah 60. 271 icobson, Kelly 102 icobson. Matthew 48. 93. 102 falil. Omar 158 .. Craig Anne 84. 102 tamgian. Michael 59. 270 ' anke. JuUe 59. 60. 84. 171 laros, Bradley 102. 155. 158. 176 efferies. Jennifer 72. 78. 80. 211 fenkins, David 211 lenkins. Kelly 135, 138. 164 lenkins. Matt 159 leno. Jennifer 74, 102, 116. 269 loachim, Nicole 24 lodloski, Krisu 24, 170. 171 loh. Michael 60 [ohnson, Eric 102 lohnson, Jennifer 50, 60, 263 lohnson, Kendell U, 24. 92. 102. 116 lohnson. Keri 73 [ohnson. Tonya 100. 211 Barbara 80. 211 Joshi.Jai 91. 151. 212 loshi. Kieran 60, 80 uip, JuUe 78, 80 uip, Paula 60. 80. 125. 212 Kabel. Derek 138 Kadans. Mark 212 Kadian. Michael 88. 102 Kafi. Joseph 155. 158. 212 Kahan. Jayme 5, 158 Kahl, Marcie 78, 158. 194. 269 Kahn, Cynthia 78. 128 Kahn, Jeremy 78, 212 Kallabat, Joanne 212 Kallabat. Joseph Kallabat, Nisreen 58. 212 Kallabat. Steven 102 Kane. Stephame 49, 82. 120. 122, 190, 191, 212, 227 Kane. Stuan 102 Kanuck. Matthew 72, 90, 212 Kanuck, Sean 102, 156, 161 Kaplan. Deborah 85. 158 Kaplan. Nicole 60 Kaplan. Wendy 60. 65 Karabajakian. Nicole Karabey. Turhan 102 Karbal. Mirum 105 Karp. Iris 78. 158. 167 Kasiewicz, Andrea Kasiewicz. Sandra 60, 212 Katanick. Greg 158 Katz, Jason Katz. Julie 10. 130 Katz, Julie Katz, Karene 103. 108, 117 Katz, Kann 22. 90. 138 Katz. Sharone 103. 109 Katzman, MeUssa 22. 52. 79. 117. 139 Kaufman. Martin 45. 48, 72, 79, 91. 122. 155. 213 Kaukha. Mary 60 Kaz, Sucey Kaylor. Dawn 105 Keefe, Kristen 215 Keltey. Michael 159 Kelly, Kathleen 103, 109 Kenty. Bttnda 82. 139 Kern. Kiela 60. 82 Kcm, Tanja 60. 66 Kiani, Parsia 139 Kief. Jason 60 Kim. AUce 112, 158, 213 Kim. Elizabeth 105 Kim. Eric Kim. Helen 86. 87. 105. 169 Kim. James 60. 155 Kim. Jane 105 Kim. Jhonson 159 Kim. Lisa 86. 105 Kim. Samuel 86. 139 Kim. Sharon 60 Kim, Won 151 Kiriluk. Allan 213 Kirjchner. Jeffrey 75. 213 Kittle. Juliann 24. 78. 90. 213. 215 Klem. Jason Kleinke. Julanne 60 Klii. Nicole 103 Knight. Charlotte 103 Knight. WiUiam 85. 213 Knoch. John 103 KoUm. Leslie 159 Komorowski. Robert Korcek. Andrew Koreck. Steven 60 Kornwise. Roben 75. 89. 103 Koukhab. Mary 193 Kowitz. Kun 60 Kowitz, Martin 213 Koza. Norman 139. 144 Koza. Raymond 103 Koza. Vincent 105 Kozak. Richard Klaus. James 90. 215 Kravitz. Grant 105. 176 Krinsky. Encka 215 Krivan. David 49. 105. 120. 155. 206 Krivan. Leah 7. 103. 271 Kroll. Todd 142. 213 Krug. Douglas 75, 151. 213 Krug. Kristin 60. 164 Krug. Sheryl 90. 139 Ksoll. Stephame 126. 139 Kubickc. Shawn Kuhlman, Chris 139 Kuhn. Stephanie 96. 103. 109 Kumar. Shalina 30. 80. 105. 192 Kunz. George 60. 88 Kruimj. Tanya 60. 80 Kushner, Stefanie 5. 74. 132. 139. 190. 191 Kyriakopoulos, Alexander 139 Lacis. Eduards 139 Laclair. Timothy 72. 213 Laffrey. Amy Laker. Scott 104. 152 Laker. Stacey 47. 195. 213 Lakind. Andrew 139 Lakritz. Elyse 139 Lakriiz, Jcnmfer 61 Lakntz. Robb 177 Lambert. Heather 194. 213. 251 Lambroff. Jeffrey 213 Lampenius. Joseph 72, 78, 21} Lande, David 104 Lang. Harry Langdon, Geoffrey 139. 151 Lansky, Erica 49. 75. 189. 144. 145 Lansky. Todd 61. 63. 153 Lantor. Todd 104 Lash. Joseph 44. 49. 72. 82. 213 Lash. Rebecca 44. 47. 1. HI Lash. Robyn 49. 104. 111. 192 Lauben. Thomas 139 Lavine. Gary 213 Lavine. Sheni 70. 96. 99. 104. 263 Lawrence. Michael 84, 104 Lawson, Richard 82. 84 Lawton. JuUe 61, 69 Lebrato, Kathryne 139 Lebrato, Mary 213 Lccier, Yotande Lee, Eumce 74, 139 Lee. Michael 72. 79. 159. 214 Lee. Susan 61. 90. 91 Lee. Susy 36. 80. 90. 159 Lee. Thomas 72. 74. 214 Lee, Tzielan 74, 80. 88, 90, 139 Lehmkuhl. David 72, 214 Lehmkuhl. Scon 104. 161 Leibovitz. Jay 140 Leich. Deborah 214 Leitman. Rebecca 11. 73. 74. 92. 131. 140 Lele. Arun Lemon. Geneva 61 Lenter. David 61 Lerchin. Cheryl 29. 75. 104. 147 Lesser. Julie 79. 104 Lesson. Daru 214 L«ung. Eugene 72. 82. 114. 161. 214 Leung. Vivian 47. 78, 82, 88, 140 Levm. Darrin 104 Levitt, Gabriel 61, 177 Levy, Daniel 48 Leynov, Tanya 140 Li. Albert 88. 90. 214 Libert. Stephanie 112. 128. 152. 140. 190, 191 Licht, Darcy 140 Lichtenstein, Kaii 140. 194 Liddicoat. Jeffrey 71. 80. 120, 158, 214, 271 Lieberman, Laura 72. 214 Liebennan. Maria 7}. 74, 78. 90, 93. 180. 166. 167 LkbetiMn. Sucy 7J. 71. 78. 77, 9i. lU, 1 ). 146, 166 Light, Alin 77, 79. 180 Light, Mmci 61, 91 Lim. Lisa 61 Lin, Frank 104 Liodquist. Matthew 140 Linovicz, Andrew 105 Linovitz. Lauren 20S, 214, 215 Lipkowitz. Mara 190, 214 Lippitt. Daniel 43, 140 Little. Richard 140 Long. Genevieve 48, 61. 85, 145 Lorencc. Matthew 105 Levy, EUiot 9 Lovy, Jonathan 48, 79, 105. 140 Ludwig. Shannon 105 Ludwig. Timothy 140 Lustig. Dov 75. 93. 95. 159. 214 Lujtig. Mami 49. 56. 59. 61. 65 Lutz, Adam 104. 105 Lucz, Nicole 74. 96. 105 LiMod. Keon 79. 105 Lynch. Kristin 167. 214, 215. 262 Lynch. Michael 105. 152 Lynn, Jeffrey 75. 140 Lynn, Michelle 105 Macphcrson. Scott 140, 147 Maeso. Christopher 140. 155. 158 Mahnken, Bnan 105 Mahnken. Fred Malakuti. Rosanne 61 Malone. Kimberly Malone. Lisa 50. 80. 90 Malone. Terry 61. 140 Maltzman, Alicia 61. 73 Maltzman, Michelle 40. 125. 214 Mansour, John 72. 78. 93. 214 Mansour. Marvin 10. 75. 105 Marcelli. Marc 140. 151 Marcos. Todd 90. 140. 147 Margolis. Dawn 78, 206, 214 Margolis, Rebecca 85. 105 Maiino. Eric 59. 153 Markowitz. Kevin 91. 140 Mar kowitz, Meryl Matria. Eric 140. 155 Marsh. Michael 214 Marsh, Steven 105. 152 Martens, John 140 Marx, Barry 214 Massura, John 90, 214, 271 Matson. Keith 140, 161 Mauetrr, Diane 72, 214 Maxim, Aaron 105 Maza, Jeffrey 216 Mccammon, Jeffrey 24, 146. 147, 151 McCammon, Mark 61. 153 McConlogue. Ory 80, 105. 119 McCoubrey, Kefly 79. 93. 105, 109, 121 McCoubrey, Patrick 98, 216 McDonald, Kelly 105, 164 McDonald, Laurie 61 McFaddeo, Edwa d 30, 136, 138, 140, 151 McGhaw, Larry 105 McGtath, Lynn 90, 105 McGraw, Kristina 105, 216 McGiaw, Margaret 72. 79. 80 McKay, Michael McLaughlirt, Julie 105 McLean, Kristin 107. 128, 192, 262. 264 McLean. Stacey 83. 105, 216. 262 McNabb. Uurel 74. 84. 106 McPartlin, Qaudia 140 Meach. Lia 61, 165 Medved. Michael 10. 140 Meisner, Derek 141, 143 Meklir. MicheUe 61. 69. 193 McUen. Jermifer 61 Mellon. Andrea 11. 22. 43. 78. 141. 190. 191 Meng. Amy 106 Meuret, Sluwn 106 Me er. Jonathon 78. 84, 106. 176 Meyers. Jennifer l4l. 194 Michaels, Eric 61 Michaels. Jennifer 61 Mihailovic. Christian Milen, Jason 68. 85. I4l Miller, Craig 62 Miller, Craig 141 Miller. Darin 62. 153 IMiller, David 74, 80, 216 Miller, Jonathan 80. 106 MiUer. Joseph 62. 153 Miller, Krista 125, 216 Miller, Suzanne 141, 144, 194. 269 Millman, Alan 106 MiUman, Andrew 62 Millman, Bruce 90, 216 Millman, Cheryl 78, 141. 148, 190, 191 Minkin, Nicole Mitchell. Peter 84, 101. 106, 110 Moers, Andrew 74, 78, 139, 141, 263 Mohindra. Amir 86. 181. 207 Monaghan, David 62 Montales, Noel 62 Montgomery, Amy 216 Montone, Celeste 43, 47, 79, 194. 215, 217, 269 Moran, Eraest 141. 151 Moretsky. Beth 106 Moretsky. Deborah 48. 78. 92. 93. 190, 191, 217 Morgan. Jennifer 217 Moritz. Michael Morrill. Christopher 141 Morris. Barton Morris. Lawrence 62. 177 Morse. Carolyn 62 Morse. Peter 45. 79. 91. 141. 161 Morton, Jeremy 141 Mosier. Corinne 102. 106 Moss. Andrew 62, 89 Moss, Katyn 106 Mueller, George 88. 92. 141 MuUen, Michael Mullen. Sean 141 Munoz, Angela 84, 113, 141 Munoz, Christofer 141 Munoz, David Murphy. Michael 151. 213 Murphy. MoUy 62 Nafsu. Jermifer 62 Najjar. Mark 217 Nallamothu. Brahmajee 106. 161 Nallamothu, Sree 72. 75. 77. 78. 215. 217. 262 Nam. Grace 44. 74. 90, 106, 269 Nam, Teresa 44. 217 Nasi. Adib 79. 217 Navetta, Christopher 106 Navetta. David 90. I4l Neff. Brandyn 217 Nelson. Daiu Nelson, Kelly 73, 78, 93, 215, 217 Nelson, Timothy Nemeth, Raina 10, 76, 77, 141 Nevala, Steven Newman, David 141 Newman, Sara 62 Nicolay, Bartholomew 106. 112 Nielsen, Grace 217 Niwa, Shigekatsu 218 Norton. Jessi ca 62. 171 Novak, Stephen 106, 152 Obrten, Ejieen Oconnell, Danid 62 Ohashi, Ric 141 Ohashi. Yoshie 80. 106, 272 . j L Olen, Jeremy 43. 141 CMeshansky. Bradley 73, 141 OUerman, Leah Olivierta, Neil 262 OUiviena, Antonio 106 OUivicrra, John Olson. Nowell 84. 106 Opper. Alison 106 Opper. Amy 76. 77. 78. 218 OriUe. Irened 181 Orr. Karen 19. Wl Ospina, Nicolas 10. 141 Ottetstrom, Sara 24, 135, 141, 163 Otto, Ronald 142 Owens. Diana 106 Ozoiins. Annie 80. 122 Ozolins, Ellen 62. 72. 91. 123. 218 Pacis. Maria 64. 106, 164 Pacis, Reginald 86. 142 PaOc Eugene 62 Paik, Serena 72, 74, 218 Pancratz, Stephen 72. 80. 218 Panek. Stacey 74. 106 Pangilinan. Jun 62, 91 ParccUa, Timothy 106. 161 Parekh. Shyan 107 Pasik. Mindy 75. 86, 142 Patton, David 3. 43. 213. 225 Patton. Kelly 102. 107 Paulinski. Dawn 45. 72. 78. 90. 113. 218 Paiton. Scott 74. 80. 142 Payne. Davari 142 Pearlman. Joel 218 Penkcrh. Anthony Penketh. Christoph 107 Perella. Diane 142. 171 Perella. Donald 62 Perez. Audrey Pero. Ann Marie 80, 116. 142 Pero. Chris 62. 176 Personette, Lauren 74. 107. 171 Peters. Dennis 74. 112. 135. 142. 155 Peticolas. Carolyn 167. 171 Petrucco. Joseph 107. 152 Petzcr. jary Petzer. George 142 Philipport. Mark 72. 218 Philippart. Nicole 107. 163 Piceu. J 36, 62 Pierce, Robert 142 Pikstein. MarU 107 Pinsky. Rachel 62 PippeL Donald 151. 218 Pippel. Jill 98. 82. 90. 114, 142 Plutt. Jeffery 218 Plutt. Sherri 73. 142 PoUak. Tamara 62, 80. 91 Poloney, Shawn 107 Pope. Maru 225 Prince, Cynthia 72, 218 Prince, Mark 62. 157 Prizer. Viaoria 219 Ptoaor, Amy 49. 73, 82, 91. 115, 122, 170, 172. 173, 219 Purtan, Jessica 44, 47, 82. 84, 107. 111. 120 Purtan, Joanne 43. 44. 78. 79. 126. 219 Pyle. Alan 62 Raches. Scott 89. 142 Rafani. Mojgan 219 Raimi, Michael 107 Rajagopal. Vivek 107. 161 Ramsey. Jennifer 135, 142, 163, M3 Rao, Swarupa 94, 90, 142 Rapp, Stanford 219 Raut. Kedar 219 Raal. Mandar 107 Raven, Todd 63, 153, 177 Raymond, Trevor 219 Raznick, Brian 107 Reap, Steven 80. 158.219, 271 Reck. Cathrine 117. 142 Reeve, Carolyn 74. 78. 90, 143 Rehder, Biadley Reinicke, Bryan 63, 80 Reneker, Rochelle 219 Resnick, Sarah 85. 90, 126, 219 Rhein, Robert 57, 63 Rhein, Wendy 83, 177, 219 Rhew. Kathleen 72. 76. 77. 87. 90 Rhew. Robert 77. 86, 87. 91. 143. 161 Riccobono. Maria 63, 84, 165 Rice. Jason 107 Rice. Joliaim 84 RKhardson, Laura 143 Richardson, Renee 43. 85 Rickard. Kristina 6. 75. 90. 158. 166. 220. 263 Rideout, Janice 143, 171 Rideout, Sara 107 Riechel. David 143 RiecheL Diana 63 Robbins. Courtney 44. 73, 95, 93. 158, 210, 226 Robbins, David 72. 74. 77, 220 Robbins, Kathleen 7, 44, 47, 98, 107, HI Robertelli, Henry 103, 152 Roberts. David 107 Robertson. James Robinson. Blake 48, 80. 88, 92, 143 Robinson. Patricia 75, 190. 191. 220 Rockind. Sandy 80. 107 Rodnet. Darren 80. 108 Rodriguez, Christine Roether. Geoffrey 85, 137, 143, 147 Rogers. HoUie 220 Rogers, Jeffrey 106 Rollins. Noel 108 Rental. Matthew 108, 152 Rose. Melissa 74, 108, 263 Rose. Scott 63 Rosen. Loren 143 Rosenberg, Adam 108 Rosenberg. Bradley 108, 176 Rosenberg. Daniel 75. 176 Rosenblatt. Marc 80. 89. 108. 56. 269 Rosenstein. Deborah 97. 103, 108, 192, 269 Rosenrhal, Brooke 78, 84, 108, 110 Rosenrhal, Carisa 143 Rosenrhal, Howard Rosenthal, Michelle 78, 143 Rosman, Elizabeth 47. 74. 122. 220 Rosman, Katherine 63. 64. 65, 73. 92, 206 Ross, Jeffrey 62, 220 Rossi, Funo 108 Roth, Jauney 63, 153 Roth, Jared 108 Roumayah, Christopher Rubenstein. Joel 63 Rubenstein, Nicole 91, 112, 126, 194, 220 Rubenstein, Rachel 72, 143, 194, 269 Rubin, Dana 143 Rubin, David 143 Rubin, Jennifer 143 Ruby, Jonathan 108, 161 Rucker. Roderick 108, 176 Sabbagh, Anamarie 47, 84, 108 Sachs, Karen 72, 220, 225 Sackrison, John Salah, Hana 5. 72. 90. 220 Samson. Jason 108. 156 Sanger. John 63 Sanger, Mark 220 Sanjian. Nora 220 Sarfas. Alexia 63, 80, 91 Sarfas, Valerie 143, 171 Satovsky, Brian 73, 143 Scales. Kristen 48, 85, 108, 269 Scalzi. Kiersten 63. 73. 80 Sdia fner, David 108 Schaffncr, Kristine 73, 220 Schaver, Rona 6. 108. 272 Scheffla. Rebecca 63 Scherrer, Brian 53. 63 Schiciaru). Jason Schine. Karhryn 220 Schlaefflin, John 144 Schlegel, Nicholas 144 Schloss, Marnie 108. 194. 269. 272 Schmitz, Catherme 63. 80 Schneider. Aaron 220 Schneider. Julie 108. 171 Schneider. M Bryan 152 Schneider, Ronald 63 Schnoes, Susan 91. 108 Schore, Neal 78, 220 Schultz, U 144 Schwartz, Mark 63 Schwartzman. Lisa 72, 220 Schwartzman, Marcy 108, 147 Seel, David 220 SeemaaJill 144 Segel. Nicole 7 109 Seligman, Melissa 78, 144 Semaan, Karen 109, 221 Semaan, Robert 7 Sendi, Kevin 109 Seward, Mark 144 Shahari, Surupa 271 Shammami, Vmcent Shanker, Wendy 48, 74. 79. 93. 95. 109 Shapack, Andrew 49. 56, 59, 63, 67, 73 Shapiro, Adam 63, 67, 177 Shapro, Darren 138 Shapiro. Dama Shapiro, Jessica 80, 221 Sharpe, Sucey 144. 171 Shaver, Rona 192 Shaw, Katheryn 144, 164 Shaw, Sarah 63, 79, 165 Sheehan, Michael 77, 159 Shei. Judy 144 Shell, Kimberly (. 80. 221 Shepard, Andrew IW, 155. 136 Shepard. Stephen 144. 149, 158, 26} Shepps. Sari Sher. Michael 64, 85 Sherburne. Alyson 78. 93. 144, 167 Sherburne. Sarah 72, 221 Sherman, Aram 109. 152 Sherman. Ingrid 83, 114. 136. 144 Sherman. Jacqueline 64. 69, 193 Sherr. Jill 48, 58, 61, 64, 193 Sherr. Stacey 73. 78. 144. 190, 191 Shevach, Leeat 47. 109 Shevitz, Loren 85. 104 Shillaiie. Christopher 125. 221 ShUlman. Randall 89. 109 Shouneyia, Joann 221 Shwedel. Ari 10, 79. 144 Shy. Randall Siebert, David 109 Silberman. Megan 109 Silberman, Stacy 221 Silver. Marc 43. 72. 221 SUver, Scott 23. 48. 109 Silverman. Denise Silverman. Kirsten 23. 64. 161 Silverslone. jiU 64 Simmer. Laurel 64. 271 Simmer. Mark 141 Simmons. Everett 109. 127 Simon. Amy 64 Singaracharlu. Geetha 84. 86, 109 Singaracharlu, Sujatha 64. 91 Sinha. Narendra 144 Siukind. Liza 96, 109 Sitto. Tahru 64 Sjoberg. Jon 84. 151. 206, 221 Sjoberg, Sara 109 Skumowicz, Jiil 64 Skumowicz, Julie 64 Slovis, Deborah 221 Siowin. Cynthia 123, 144. 167 Smiley, Karen 96. 109. 173 SmiUie. Bradford 221 Smith. Heather 109 Smith. Scon 109. 116. 161 Smithhauer, James 144 Snavely. Gordon 144 Sneider. Michael 222 Snyder, Dean 109 Solomon, Shira 90, 144 Soloway, Pamela 109 Son, Haejun 64, 84 Son, Hyuksang 222 Sonnenschein. Jason 79. 92. 109. 161 Sorock, Bradley 90. 222 Spilman. Amy 72, 206, 222 Spiro, Monica 120, 144, 167 Staehlin. David 144. 1)2 Stahl. Alison 64 Stallman. Jill 72. 171. 190, 222 Stanley, Kevin 110, 159 Stannard, Charles 72, 77, 90, 144. 222 Stannard. David Staples. Gregory 86. 87. 110 Starkel. Peter 43. 82. 22q Start. Jay 64 StavTopoulos, Michael 144 Stawick. Thaddeus 110 Stein. Julie 74, 80, 85, 121, 222, 227 ADMINISTRATION Toma.John 19 Q«mn,Jan 19 Symington, David 19 Ceremuga, Marty 20 Johnson, Tom 20 King, Jan 20 Poach, Ellen 21 Wolfe. James 21 SECRETARIES LoPretc, Bamic 21 Bragg, Mary Rae 20 Colenso, Dorothy 20 E unbar, Linda 20 Fahr, Cynthia 21 Mencely, Caddy 21 SteintMch, Gloria 21 TEACHERS Ambrose, Robert 29 Ashley, Roger 30 Beaudoen. Fred 26 Benjamin. Harriet 23 Bessolo. Don 27 Blair. Glenn 22 Bowers. Pete 29 Bright. Marilyn 23 Brouhard. Ed 30 Buford. Frank 26. 151 Campbell. Debbie 30 Chasco. Beth 28 Chase. Dick 30 Chcyne. Wayne 22 Stein, Matthew 110 Steinberg, Kimberly 29, 75, 144 Steinberg, Melissa 79, 90, 222 Stenstrom, Erika 45 Stem, Daniel 144, 145 Stem, Melissa Stoinoff, Kevin 145 Stone, David 25, 55, 145, 158 Stone, Jeffrey 156, 222 Stone, Lisa 73, 92. 110. 270 Stone, Marlon 80, 115, 138, 145, 145 Storm, Victoru 82, 92. 114. 130. 145 Straffon. Derek 65 Strickler. Cary 110. 151, 270 Sturman, Jeffrey 65 Sturman. Julie 74. 79. 145 Suciu. Laura 25. 223 Sugihara. Kensuke Sugihara. Yuka 145 Suh. Tong Pil 104, 110. 152 Suh, Tong Sun 58, 61, 64, 193 Sun. Eleanor 72. 74. 76. 77, 78, 88, 90, 91, 158 Surowitz, Amy 55, 65, 85 Swisher, David 110 Sword, Andrew 110, 156 Sword. Gregory 134. 145 Szezcony, Kimberly Takahashi, Teruko 84. 110 Talbot. Thomas 145 Tamaddoni. Shoh Tandoc, Jeffrey 225 Tattersall, Justui 110 Taylor. Stacey 57, 58, 56 Teer, Cynthia 84, 145, 151, 194. 269 Telesco. Stephen 134. 145. 155, 158 Temes, Kan 96, 110 Terrell, Ronald 65, 177 Tessler, Natalie 75, 78, 223 Tener. Brendan 110 Thoreson. Kristin 223 ThursweU, Jennifer 47, 110, 115 Tigay, Jennifer 65, 91 TiUs. Andrea 90. 145 Tingson. Joseph 110 Tobin. Tunothy 74. 223 Toby. Paul 110 Tolstedl. Brian 151. 223 Tombeau. Margaret 65 Tomina. Faraj 110 Tome, Angela 110, 171 Travers, Lori 145. 167 Tuchow. Viaoria 74. 75, 80, 225. 225 Tucker, Aaron 82, 145 Tucket, April Turan, Osman 145 Turetsky. Joshua 79. 110. 1)2 Turetsky, Uuren 74. 78. 223 Turner, Kelli 75, 145 Turner. Tracey 78. 145 Tumquist. Byron 65. 177 Tushman, Marc 65. 177 Tyagi. Rachana 74, 110 Umphrey, David HI Urdan, Bradley 145 Valdivieso, Manuel 65 Vandam, Robert 80, 145 Vander Giessen, Gwyn 75, 86, 87, 91, 126, 161, 225 Vanderkloot, Eileen 22, 78, 145 Vanmeer, Kirsten 43, 223 Vanzile. Jonathon 111 Vargha. Jennifer 74, 78, 91. 233. 270 Vatsis. Theodore VeliUa, Marc 145 VeliUa, Vanessa 72, 90, 91, 167, 215, 223 Veluswamy. Asha 111 Vemuri, Sreekanth 65 Vincenti, Anthony 145 Vincenti, Jennifer 65, 84. 91 Vitale, Andrew 111 Vivun, John Vonende, Benjamm 65, 85 Vonende. Matthew 223 Wade. Robert 146 Walker. Stephen Wallach. Usiee 223 Walsh. Antomett 48. 72. 80. 85. 90, 216, 223 Walsh, Brandon 78, 95. 215. 225 Walsh. Catherme 80. Ill, 165 Walsh. DanieUe 65. 80, 165 Walsh. Donald Walsh, Michael Walton, Eric 146 Ward. Jason 146 Warshaw, Jennifer 78, 146 Watko. Mary 223 Weber, Ebzabeth 47, 122, 223 Weber, Jonathan 177 Webster, Susan 215. 223 Weeby, Bethany 47, 79, 146, 165 Weinberg, Jacquelyn HI Wemberg, Megan Wemberg, Melissa 104, 111, 115 Weisenthal, Craig 48, 79, 91, 224 Weiss. CarU 85. 146 Weiss, Daniel 65 Weiss, Felisa 65, 165 Weiss, Jenmfcr 111 Weiss, Stephen 72, 124 Weitzman, Jeffrey 146, 224 Faculty Index Qees, Parricia 29, 79 E am, Paul 26. 161 Dennis. Richard 23 Dorenbusch. Sally 23 Drake. Madeline 22 Dugan. Betty 25 Farrell. John 26 Feigenson, Susan 23 FiUmore. Colleen Fiumerfelt. Sharmon 25 Eraser. Don 25 Fraser. Sue 22 Gelman. Judy 28. 75 Fianom. John 29 Hassenzahl. Akmer 24 Henderson, Hal 24 Heymoss. Art 23 HiUnun, John 22 Hite,Judy 23 HoUums, D Honeyman, Mark 25, 85, 272 Hoydic, Thomas 29 Huff, James 26 Hurdle, Robert 25 Jackson. Nancy 29. 225 Jahnke. ALc)a 29 Johnson. Charles 26 Johnson. Keith 26 Kelliher, Cheryl 22 Kulg, Otherinc 24 Krught, Fay 25 Kulhavi. Esther 28 Kwasny. Dennis 22 Lane, Michael 27 Leven, Josephine 27 Malik. Diane 25 Martm. Patricia 23 Mathena. Daniel 22 Maxwell, Ross 25 Miner, Susan Miserez, David 30 Mourcr, Horace 24 Noetzold, Shirley 30, 72 Naiiar. Vicki 26, 77, 78, 262 Oeikfitz, Shirley 26 CMeksiak, Donna 29 Okuniewski, Ed 24, 176 Parsons. Sandra 30 Powell. Caryl 27 Price. Charleen 78 Price. Steve 27. 161 Rasmussen. Robert 50 Reinhard. Douglas 24 Robinson. Linda 24 Rustemier. WiUum 29 SchroL. Eileen 24 Scitz. Lmda 25 Shegina. Ernest 25 Shelly. Michael 24 Sima, Gerald 23 Siwaiek. Roger 24. 151 Snyder, Bruce 29 Spike. Doug 50 Swarts. L 25 Tyman. Deborah 25 Vance. Florence 83 Vandenbussche, Christine Vandegtift, Odilc 28 Weitzman, Marcie 66 Weitzman, Pamela 85. 224 Wetmore. Samantha 79, 170, 171. 173. 224 Whang. Edward 224 Wheatley. Joel 90, 151. 206. 224 Whetsell. Eric 66. 159. 224 Whetsell, William 159. 177. 224 .....,., Whitledge. Karen 135. 146. 262 " •■■ " • " " " ' Whorf, Allyson 117. 146 Wickham. Deborah 74. 78, 120. 146, 167 Wieneke, Christopher Wietzke, Marc 66, 91, 157 Williams, MeUssa 146 Wilson, Allan 146 Winiecki. Christopher 146. 151, 224 Winiecki. Heather 90, 146. 171 Winkelman. Laura 66. 85 Winhlin. Cheryl 49. 105. HI. 122, 192, 226 Winhlin, Jeff 49, 82, 118, 157, 224, 226 Wolf. MeUnda 90. 112, 224 Wolfe, John 111. 156 Wolfe. Jordan 146 Wolfe. Matthew 65. 66 Wolgin. Gregory 111. 176 Wolin. Dyssa 66 Wood. Andrew 66, 86. 91 Wood. Craig Woolf, Alexander 74, 146, 161 Work. Terra 146. 165 Worth, David 111. 262 Wright. Christme 111 Wright. Jon Yakar. David 155. 158. 190. 229 Yaldoo. Manel Yaldoo. Manhal 66 Yamamoto, Ryota 146 Yates, G Yates, MicheUe Yeokum. Vanessa 72, 91, 115. 229 Yetke, MeUnda 1 1 1 Yessayan, Kristen 74, 82, 146 Yoo, Christopher 55. 60. 8 0, 91 Yoo. Karm 72. 80. 85. 90, 224 Yoon. Christopher 66 Yoon. Paul 80. Ill Young, Heather 82. 170, 175, 224 Young. Roger 78. 224 Yun. Charles 86, 111, 161 Zamler. Bradley 60 Zamler, Chad HI Zeer, Michael 66 Z«er, CHivia 111 Zobel, Rachel 66, 170, 171 Vermenilli, Mary 28 Verlinden. Joanne 25 Walton, Kevm 30 Wendt, Emily 22 Willums, Rhiannon 28 Wmowiecki, Brenda 27 Wolk, Joyce 28 Zolman, Judy 25 PARAPROFESSIONALS Armbruster, Michael 30, 272 Chen, Judy 25 Fletcher, Joan 50 Genereaux, Carol 25 Jackson, N 50 Maridada, Thomas 30 MiUsap, B 30 Munro. Francis 30 Murphy, Tom 30 Owens, Delores 30 Reynolds, Dana 30 Self, Robert 50 Smak, Mark 30 Zack. D 30 Austiruc, T 31 Siuniki. B 31 Groat. J 51 FUhz. G 31 Arnold, G 51 Lane, S 31 Riek, D 30 Smith. E 31 Spooner. M. 31 Weathers. C 50 Conclusion Now, For The Real World Nothing Gold Can Stay Nature ' s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leafs a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf So Eden sank to grief So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. -Robert Frost u

Suggestions in the Andover High School - Hillcrest Yearbook (Bloomfield Hills, MI) collection:

Andover High School - Hillcrest Yearbook (Bloomfield Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 267

1987, pg 267

Andover High School - Hillcrest Yearbook (Bloomfield Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 222

1987, pg 222

Andover High School - Hillcrest Yearbook (Bloomfield Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 150

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Andover High School - Hillcrest Yearbook (Bloomfield Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 269

1987, pg 269

Andover High School - Hillcrest Yearbook (Bloomfield Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 155

1987, pg 155

Andover High School - Hillcrest Yearbook (Bloomfield Hills, MI) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 74

1987, pg 74

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