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v H 1 1, r ,K,' A 1' x M-, K.. V 1-1: .1 Il b. V' , . 4. 'o W ygfl' ' -'ff .' 5 2 ,Q ' A Q 1 'ffl J ' A ' Ag T 'I .N P ', A I 6 di: i K i ...Mm Y' -av iv. ,- ' U t. . lim , D 'SQ f 'A .1 . A .0 J' ' 4 3, 'lg Witt V , .5 1 .QQ vl, 'vu Q.. ' X " 1 5, ,"',S Q ...LQ L 'Q ' I I tx . YE w- A 'Q' ,. t Q Q, .l . - x 1 1 4 W' " ' M." Y- .- 4..'- ' ' ,S o ' 7 'V 'A -113' V h x J 0 Ra ' J . v' ::.?. 'L' ' V26 0 ' Y A 1 v ' ' ' , 01 G 4 1' ' Vp., .' r- -ur--.. .A gr- . v- ..-f-nl V , 4 H 5 U fl ' - K1 in 16, In , f 4 H 5 wh . 44.1. ?,.' 4 Jrvyh ,-'I' b In ' ' O W Q A , "' , f 1 s U I . ' , 'if - Q : A K ,Q X Q. ll! , :'.i. X in ills, . G-. 0 ' xr V 1. . N Y ' W, A . to A . I ,I 4 ' .v ga , xxx- if 1 Ji . ..:" l '. Q 'wav ' ' fa! . .Q W 3' . ' . , gf, ef -f,, -v 'f , gf.-'jg 1. . . - , 4 -sc.-1 ,f . .3 ' , 'j- w. fy 'i ,. "L, ,,,,,-1 S wg If r v-at U E K QQ 1 ' . ' Ll f , ,, 4 VV' b, A Ari' 4' no' ' Q ' , 'B 1b',,r Q f- ' ' '60 U. 1,-f-.ff f: :Of " 5 MFI QM .V f Q 0 .H xt, V ! 4, ,, A 4-m 1015: 4 A r l' :sud 9' .4-' 3f'.'! .,, ' L. with Q' L m 4. 4 W G. Av, 1' Q 1' .7 ' -' 1 ' ""' J' -' .4 V. 'wvmf-.'.. ,y Nha, ac I-4 1 ,rfffi ""1.-sh' 'F 1,0 4 ,i fi as win..- fff 'Lu 1- 'T k- -f ' ' " u VVWW, Mag xf.. V ' ,V ' .ww N, ,,24.f1!'14 A iii? H---fy .Ua- X X53 -1 ,A-fff,ffwVn,. AJ www ,W ., , -gg , Miz- ml, W :M I 1 W Y. - gf',,,WM '9' -.www -V wg? 1' k"""' 'Q' 7 . ' vw 'f T lm. A , wg im., 'Wh 5573. Q f W fm. l Dv .S-,'.w'. , L 344 . . ' 5 l J .31 is -1 'p4 'Q o. A I .f "ffl ',- ... ' 1. 1 if Al ' - 0 . S' :H ' Q . -1:"r"'f'F' v ' , . 11. if L 0 5 Q- 1 9 6 4 10' 4 4 ,,, . felis, 1 ." ." 01,4 as 3 ,S DOGS! M-- 1 " - -' 11'-:1 1 :1J1:m1,1 . .1 111 . 1 ., 'f 1 1 ' 1 111 M," "' "' 11 11 - , 1fw,, 1 1 'fj, . 11+ '1' 1. 1 1-if , - 1, ,..,,, , 1v- ' 3 s ' 'IH - -1 1 " ' 47' n'V'11 A' ' ' 1, ' " If 1 ' 11' 1, . 1 1 ' .,,f,1,,1g. , K 3,3?1,,,.1J.1ij11,:g1,1f1' g1,,1,,q, 11. -1 1 uv , P5 11' Y ..-13 ' '- 1 13' .1 Q4-, 1 1,-f.,,,1,,,.., 11 ,. 1 11 A 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 .1 ' 1 1 11 ,,,, 1 ' ia 1 1 . 1 711 " W 1 11141111 . A J 1 '. 1111l11.'Zim -.m1bf'1:i'v1"'?1 1 "155i"1fnw1'im1wf1'i+'M'ff"'1 ' 1 1 " .1 if 1 ., ggl ,,,, 1, -,qw if 11-1' Af 11. '1'm,,.,,f,Q, 2,11 f, A V. . 11 1 . ,,,.,,y11g'11f' f'1fw1Sgfp,, 1,1 ,ww 35111, -1 1. ,ww 1 "wer , 1 ' ",'-ml "1 ' A ' ' 1 1 1. -1131 "' 11 ' ' 1 1.1 N 1 ' 1-w'-1-4-'Ss 11""'1 1. , 1 ' , ' ' 1 11 . ,,, .:n15f1, 10' 'Bard' 1 , '1 ' 1 11149.-1 ' ..1 .' 1' 11111 1 1:1 0 , MW, 1 111,11 1m 4,1-'J N. M 1, ,W ,. . 1 11, 1 11 915' 1 1 ,. ,JM 1- -I' M H A , 1 1 , E11 gr 1 JAVA . QW -47, 111 ,, L. .. QFMFSW' 1 1' fri' 1 , -'U 1 , - 12, H 1 ' ' 1 ' . I QM" " '1 - 1 1- :1111-1:'t11.11-11 1:1 1 ...... 1 1 .1 .1 11 1.111 , 1. 1 1111-1111111 . ' 'x ' , Avila 1 1: 1 ' , 11 ' ' " Jjuspi.. 1,0 'PW""1.1 111 '12-. 1 , ef 1 .,, .' av, 1 - "" . ., 1 1'--11"-N , 4, N, .1 mx-1 V 1, . . 1- , 10:11, V 11 qw. qw --1 1.411 "7 11 ,.. ' M' M -1,f11geEvf' .1 -'WW 1 1 J"'5lEP-mg11uf'f'f'V' ' '115Tf1 15" 11' V 1 121 1 -Len--51' GH' 'mb-M111--aug '1 ' - 1 1. 1 we-' sw 11 ,pw 1 1- A 111. 1 1111, 1 1, - 411' ,wig r' ,fum ' -, M111 11. 1 , 1 1.5,,,E,,,w 1 V,-11. ,, 1 , 1 -1 1151 4 1 , 1, -1 L 1 ,4 .1 ..,,.,1 g4g,..,,g,,,,. 1, ,fMn1,w.1 an A -1-11:41 U ,M ,WM-11021 13,5 1, -M., 1 . 1 -1 'W' 1 , -1m1...1... f 'W' 1 W 'W' 1 J . L Q -- 11 .11 -11 3 "U "W" ..,,.W- 'asm-1 ' " 1 1 , ,1. 5,1,1.3Y' 1 . 1, 1117 5- m51:1?f"' 11 1' ,W 1 ' 1 1 1 1 f 1. . .1 W-w. .m f 11. 1 11., , 1 1 11 ,- L , , ,rf 1 11 , . 1 It , 11,, X 1 , M - 1 .-1-.1,""fM' 1' Hx' 11 1 11 A W111 ' K' 1' ' 1 R31 ' 1 ' 'HUF ' 11 1' ,Wm ?' 1 ',, Y., M111 ' ' V' T" V 11 . """"""" 1 , i""' 4 , 1Y1vg:1g1,,,g,i,1 .159 I 1 W Y ' ,11- 1-was-111 .s 'wx wr' ummm -"ar q,gw,f.1 1 .11 W , . 1 , ' Jw. 1., -v ', , -2 1 1 4 .' 1 ,,., 1,12 , 1. L' "fi 1 . ' I . 'Q g '-1 "' 1' uv. Q., ' 8 Shyhiwz' 1' ' 'r ' ' C A sn, sw, -ci , U WP 'W Ax -'11 v1 if v 1 ,1Q1WlE11111J 'fy ff' 1,111-,gg 1' 11.3-mv-W 1.1f111Q1?,11,,L1f5y I -N ,1j HP'-, -'fum' . ,?fm1,m.,, wr .N I 3::1.1m,.1.. '1' 'L 1' 1 QU 'X JB'-f QE BW "wx 1-11 4'-vw1f'FiS1r- -M' "'m.m1. , 1 hang: I W: 1 4:71 . 1 11 W, fig? ....,,1.1..av,.1s1... waz . 1 H I' 1u?M,gw,acm15m:l 1-ow I , '11-df . .......,. ,,,,, .11 S 9 'Q fix, Q 9 e.,,,, ' ,,, K -' 5 I We've Only Iust Begun ARCHER '74 Volume XIII Andover High School Linthicum, Maryland E I I We've Qnly Just Begun . . . To Live 4 af 1 ,rs iw? 34 tmznal f QQ, ff I ' 2, , , V A lf X I WN Zh' , X' 'I if ,I I V2 ,,,, W ' U ,fly W ,. It W A Before the Rising Sun We Smile Ti So Much of Life Ahead 1 :7g"'.' U , 1l,A 7 1 e , So Many Roads to Choose Facul+y ..... ....... I 0 Seniors ........ ....... 44 Underclassmen .... ...... I I 8 Sporfs ......... ...... I 52 Feafures ....... ...... I 84 Organize'I'ions ..... ...... 2 08 Adverfisemeni' ..................................... 238 I I -ME", , Working Together . . Day by Day 5 Lillian DexTer I I I ndover takes another look NOT AGAIN! For The second Time in The school's brieT l3lf2 year hisTory, adminisTraTors Tound Themselves Taced wiTh The Task oT geTTing ready Tor anoTher evaluaTion. EvaluaTion? WhaT's ThaT? Ask one oT Andover's adminisTraTors or any oT The Teachers and you mighT geT The answer, "a loT oT work." AcTually, iT is a process oT sTudying The program oT a school and The way iT Tunc- Tions. This is a naTional sTudy oT second- ary schools. done by The Middle STaTe AssociaTion oT Colleges and Secondary Schools every Ten years. The resulTs deTermine wheTher or noT The school will be accrediTed. MosT oT The work musT be done The year beTore and ThaT's whaT The sTaTT This year had To prepare. MeeTing in boTh I-I a rvey Ta Te curricular and exTracurricular commiTTees Tor monThs, someTimes Twice a week. kepT everyone busy during acTiviTy periods and aTTer school. Finally. by May I The reporTs were ready excepT Tor Tinal ediT- ing and updaTing which will be done in The Tall oT l974. Even Though iT was a loT oT work, Mr. Oliver WiTTig, Andover's principal, com- menTed "ThaT iT Torces you To Take a good look aT yourselT." This was whaT The school did in I965 Tor The TirsT evaluaTion and even Though Andover received high cornmendaTions and was accrediTed, The sTaTT made needed improvemenTs Through The years. Now as They Took anoTher look aT The school They hoped Tor a successTul evalu- aTion in l975. Thomas I-lasTy, Jr. PRINCIPAL OLIVER WITTI6 Iooks over The evalu- afion bookIe+ wiI'Iw Sfudenf Senafe President Dave Lin+I'1icum. 1 William Perry Rufh Waldo Belly Ward Alice Boyd USING THE NEW SNACK LINE. l'wo sfudenls buy a bile o'Fluncl1 from Lillian Schneider. Open lunch creates some problems ONE LUNCH PERIOD? ThaT's righT. This year Andover sTudenTs had a lunch- acTiviTy period which lasTed one Tull hour. During This Time They could go To club meeTings, geT help Trom Teachers, and oT course eaT lunch. They also had The privilege oT going ouT Tor lunch and during The warm spring and Tall days, swarms oT sTudenTs Tilled The shopping cenTer. BuT abouT l,OOO oT Andover's sTudenTs conTinued To eaT in The caTeTeria. To relieve The long lines and congesTion cre- aTed by so many, Mrs. Schroepher seT up a snack line across The hall Trom The caTe- Teria. Here sTudenTs could buy ice cream, juices, and packaged iTems. fn., HaTTie Mae Miller AlberTha Ross ln The caTeTeria hoT lunches conTinued, and These included popular TavoriTes in a poll Taken by The sTudenTs such asp ham- burgers, hoT dogs and spagheTTi. While The caTeTeria was having a booming business, so were The cusTodi- ans. Because oT The open lunch, people aTe everywhere. They also leTT Trash EVERYWHERE, and creaTed more work Tor The cusTodians. This Time also kepT The secreTaries busy. STudenTs Took care OT many prob- lems during lunch, so To lend assisTance, many oT The oTTice sTaTT sTayed close aT hand and eaTing in The oTTice became a habiT wiTh Them. ff . TOP: The caTeTeria sTaTT - R. Novak, E. Jones, J. lunch hour PosTanowicz, E. Carney, L. Schneider, D. Schroef- ABOVE Cherly SchisTer and Sherry Bierman enloy Ter, S. Hawk, lvl. Davis, A. FleTcher relax aTTer The Their lunch away Trom The crowded caTeTeria Mr. Whiting says farewell "I'VE CHANGED ALONG WITH THE CHANGING TIMES," reTlecTed Mr. Richard WhiTing when asked how he TelT abouT his years aT Andover. ATTer I3lf2 years OT guiding Andover sTudenTs, Mr. WhiTing reTired Tollowing The I973- 74 school year. As one oT The schooI's TirsT guidance counselors, lvlr. WhiTing came To And- over when iT opened in I96I. Since Then he helped The school grow Through The Tads and innovaTions oT each year. He admiTTed ThaT he liked iT much beTTer when Andover had a dress code buT he TelT ThaT Theicurriculum oT Today and The early release policies were much more Tlexible and did a beTTer iob oT meeTing The needs oT The sTudenTs. Arranging schedules, Talking over problems, and compiling records Tiller Mr. WhiTing's school day, buT his dedica Tion showed up ouT oT school as well. Eo I5 years, he and his wiTe ran a Teen cen Ter in The LinThicum area every SaTurda' nighT. Many oT Those years They usec Andover's caTeTeria. When The WhiTing gave up The cenTer, nobody wanTed Tc Take iT over. and Andover has noT had I Teen cenTer since. They also saw To iT Tha buses were available To carry sTudenTs Tc all The games. ATTer reTiremenT, The WhiTings plan ned To move back To Pennsylvania, Thei original home, and open a ceramic shop. Living in Pennsylvania, making anc selling ceramics will be a change Tor The WhiTings and Andover wiThouT Mr WhiTing will be a change, Too. I ,'v' MargareT Hinebaugh James Levay IN HIS WORKSHOP AT HOME, Mr. WhiTing works on his hobby, ceramics. 43 f ,, AZT ,1 MW, VV 1 ' X, fum 'fV',' ' ' lwfpzyu, WW I ,, f i ,fran . .K avi.. .. Q44 ,: - i S: if 3 I ij xp ,Mr-, "'-uf' Activity-Lunch creates good business for library WHERE IS EVERYBODY DURING LUNCH? Try The library if you can Tind a seaT. This year because oT The lunch- acTiviTy period, The library Turned inTo Grand CenTral STaTion. Over nineTy peo- ple, on The average, used The library dur- ing ThaT hour. According To The librarians The library could now be called The mulTipurpose room because oT The varieTy oT acTiviTies Taking place. STudenT did homework, They sTudied, They did reTerence work using The sTudy corrals and They used The media equipmenT. Clubs also used The library Tor meeTings and cerTain acTivi- Ties. Mrs.yJulia Caples. librarian, and Mrs. Gloria Oxley, secreTary, boTh were happy wiTh The busy use oT The library during lunch. They TelT The sTudenTs used The Time wisely and were beTTering Their sTudy habiTs. f-ff, xxx Marfin N1CNUH-Y During The lunch acTiviTy period sTudenTs use The Gloria Oxley Julia Caples library To Tinish homework. MUN il ,,,, Can you figure it out? "ITS GREAT. IT gives The sTudenTs a chance To geT help in maTh any period oT The day, any day oT The week," replied Mr. Bohonek when aslced how he TelT abouT The maTh lab. Because The maTh deparTmenT TelT This way, They decided To use The lab To iTs TullesT exTenT This year. FirsT opened in I97l, The lab oper- aTed in room C2l5 Tor Two years. This year iT Tound a new home in C2 I4. Each maTh Teacher supervised The lab someTime every day so The lab was always open. In The lab There were diTTer- enT Types oT insTrumenTs such as a slide rule and compasses. Various Types oT models and diTTerenT maTh games could be used. An elecTronic logic Trainer helped geomeTry sTudenTs wiTh Their TruTh Tables. SeT up basically as a remedial cenTer, The lab expanded iTs services This year when some maTh classes became individ- ualized. STudenTs Trom These classes had The opTion OT using The lab. Due To The success oT The lab Tor bo+h remedial and individualized worlc The maTh Teachers TelT ThaT The maTh curricu- lum would be geared in The same way nexT year. A QS a fd A GeomeTry sTudenT, Donald Sakers, uses The log Trainer in The maTh lab To Tigure ouT his TruTh Table Judy Sulsky Mrs. Sulsky supervises The ma'rh lab during fourrh period. P Joseph Bufler Mahmoud Adioodani Richard Bohonek Alice Evans Deborah Baker Harrie+ Grice .Q fy., . f I wif W ww xx K Q-' wiv 'S 'V W K UV, "" L ,ff -, , ,, ,hlq 4 4 'LVV 6 ,.. qw -Z I ,,-,7w,fgLr, ly, 5 ff ,, ,V K R 4: R F .H METE -1 WEUJH " 1 .v-1 " 5 x I Two Advanced Chemishy sfudenfs. Gene Garre++ Annabel Bowers and Marlon Graham 'resf 'rhe Ph of a solu+ion. Janice Qlexia xnvv-17" Z K ? Students work hard for college crecht AFTER AN ABSENCE of Tour years, Advanced ChemisTry reTurned To The sci- ence curriculum. BuT iT had someThing new To oTTer - college crediT, STudenTs in Advanced PlacemenT ChemisTry, by passing a TesT in May, received eighT hours oT crediT, saving Them abouT S200 in college expenses. BuT The six seniors in The class, Marlon Graham, Gene GarreTT, Sandy l-larTzell, David Coleman. Mike Owens, and Jim CraTTon. had To meeT rigid sTandards To receive The college crediT, such as Three lab hours and Three lecTure hours per John Meslcow lv1iTchell Flegal week. Thus led To many acTiviTy periods spenT in The chem room, where The sTu- denTs, under insTrucTor Mr. John McBride, researched such areas as lcineT- ics and chemical Thermodynamics. Advanced PlacemenT ChemisTry also gave a new loolc To science TaciliTies, wiTh The purchase oT S2500 in chemical equip- menT, including Three SarTorius analyTical balances. This course gave more varieTy To sci- ence sTudies aT Andover .and will be a basis Tor TuTure improvemenT oT The sci- ence curriculum. John lv1cBride BGVVY Fe-BIO Fred Nerg Gall Kellel' Samuel Hy+ovi+z fp K, V Qi , . W 1, kr ,J . I : I M 'X' ' ff -. 4 xxx , gl ' U, ww f J S Hdfa Rio GHS As one of her dufies in her job Jrraining par? of 5 P Alene Hougon HOP, Sharlene Bessucks +akes a pahenfs pulse. HUP students gain experience INTERESTED IN A CAREER IN HEALTH? The I-Iealrh Qccuparions Pro- gram, HOP, designed ro give juniors an opporruniry ro work and gain experience in hospiral-cenrered occuparions was Andover's newesr co-op offering This year. Thirreen srudenrs parricipared in Jrhe program which demonsrrared Jrhe many alrernarives and choices available in rhe healrh services. The srudenrs received rheir rraining ar Kimbrough Army Hospi- 'ral in Forr Meade where rhey reporfed every day afrer Iunch. Each srudenr observed rhe various areas of rhe hospi- 'raI on a rorarion basis, spending a week in each area. They expiored nursing serv- ice, food service adminisrrarion, den- +is+ry, opromeiry, physical Therapy, pafienr adminisrrafion, preveniive medi- cine, vererinary medicine, social services, medical mainrenance, pharmacy, and Iaborarory. Borh academic and non-academic sru- denrs parricipared in The HOP program. The srudenrs, afrer observing rhe various areas of 'Ihe heaI+h field, picked 'rhe one rhey preferred To find employmenf on a cooperarive work-experience basis in Their senior year. Eileen Horowirz Mary Bragg Karhryn Williams Lois Freburger Parricia Wagner Edward Shumaker I Geraldine Riggs Roberl' Buckingham Nelson Marlin Cicero Robinson III A b in i , ,E ' One of +l'1e HOP s+uden+s. June Rice, labels mecli- cine bollles as one of her clu+ies. Ann Wilhelm Q , ' - . J h B d W0'li'nQ as an inventory clerk tor the Southern Sign keeps count and records ot the stock tor the man- JO n Bra' Y SUPPlY COI'T1pany in Glen Burnie. Karen Peterson ager. Une urey Christine Marley 'iz Students get jobs through VEP IN EFFECT FOR THE SECOND YEAR, the Vocational Experience Pro- gram helped students prepare to meet the challenges ot the world atter gradua- tion. Seniors in the last phase ot the three phase program worked in iobs through- out the community. Choosing their work according to per- sonal interests and skills three seniors tound iobs, Karen Peterson kept count and records ot the stock as an inventory clerk tor the Southern Sign Supply Com- pany ot Glen Burnie. Karen's work assisted the manager as to when and how much new merchandise to order. Bill Cecil, who tavored the outdoors, took a iob with a Baltimore construction com- pany. By landing a iob at Westinghouse that incorporates being indoors with handicratt, Rick Rollette touncl a perma- nent position and set himselt up tor lite. sick earned great pay with many bene- its. Karen, Bill, and Rick tound Jobs through VEP. They telt that the on-the- iob know-how gained through these opportunities prepared them to take on the world as adults. Rey Meyer MargueriTe YanoviTch Evelyn Genyer KaThy Bishop Glenn AbboTT Springer Wayne Shipley A NOVEL ANYONE? IT seems as Though Andover had goTTen The reading b I Uiqhe English deparTmenT, under The direcTion OT Mr. Wayne Shipley, added a new period To Andover's school schedule - The susTained reading period. This reading Time was a 25 minuTe period seT aside Three Times a week where The whole school, sTudenTs and Teachers. read. Where did The idea come Trom? AbouT Three years ago aT a workshop Dr. DoroThy Sullivan oT The UniversiTy OT Students get more time to read Maryland spolce on The sublecT "Reading in Secondary Schools." She TelT ThaT.The sTudenTs did noT have enough Time To read because OT home assignmenTs, eTc. LaTer, a TaculTy commiTTee Tried To incor- poraTe The reading Time inTo The T972-73 schedule buT noT unTil This year could a plan be worked ouT. ln scheduling Princi- pal Oliver WiTTig cuT Ten minuTes oTT The TirsT period and Tive minuTes OTT oT The Tollowing Three periods. He combined Them To make The reading Time. During The TirsT semesTer, The reading session roTaTed beTween The TirsT Three periods. To eliminaTe some oT The conTu- sion, ThaT occurred The reading session Tollowed a more consisTenT schedule sec- ond semesTer Tollowing Third period on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. AT The beginning oT The year, more Than I5OO paperbacks, and hardbaclcs were puT inTo circulaTion. WiTh 25 minuTes, Three days a week, everyone had a liTTle more Time To read. ws, .-5 ZA L Q, Nancy Zinlc Delores Williams Maflhew Sfremloa Rosemary Johns Taking advanfage offlne reading period, Tina Sfaclc. Jeff Cowen, and Sue Edmonds. ca+ch up on some reading. Mary Elizabefh Cavanaugh Barbara Young Sandra Greene mf Margarer Lewis Gary Svehla ""--. J.: 57 A ..., F lull v'v I 4' Nav X .rm -f-M wx ,ij Y, iw., 4, -f , ik? ' 3 'ff I of Ki. at x, fm fa' '322'7' 9 f'Q,, H W. -L 7' 'WY , ,W M492 ,fro 5' Reading rnaferial being voiunfary, Caflny Slrrehlen chooses an enjoyable book 'For her reading Hme. JUllUSADQSlUCCl a BUILD YOUR OWN HOUSE in school, compleTe wiTh wall To wall carpeT- ing and aluminum siding? ThaT's whaT The Tour sTudenTs in Mr. Angelucci's Archi- TecTural Drawing class did This year. The drawing class learned The rudimenTs oT housing regulaTions, became acquainTed wiTh all The parTs OT a house and where These parTs go and also used consTruc- Tional deTail. ATTer compleTing blueprinTs each sTu- denT consTrucTed a scale model oT his house using parTs cuT To scale Tor Them by The woodworking class. OTher parTs such as brick, siding, and carpeTing, were simulaTed by using scored sandpaper, glassy paper, and TelT. ATTer compleTing one year OT draTTing, sTudenTs became eligible To Take The class insTead oT DraTTing II, which is more orienTed To designing machine parTs. Bob EiTel summed up The archiTecTure class preTTy well, "You geT To learn whaT a house is made oT and how iT all goes TogeTher." x f-. ,V LQ, .r-.ixffj "-,lf ,xr - x , James Sfarglqer Bob EiTel works on The consTrucTion of his model Robed, M917 home in ArchiTecTural Drawing class. Richard l-larT James Dillon Shape up on Universal G rn FAT AND FLABBY? A 90 POUND WEAKLIN6? All oT This could be reme- died This year wiTh a new piece oT equip- menT in The gym. Finally aTTer years oT waiTing Andover received a Universal Gym. IT came in December aT a cosT oT 32800. Universal is no misnomer in ThaT The machine conTains I5 sTaTions each pro- viding various Types oT weighT Training exercises. Each sTaTion builds up a diTTer- enT parT oT The body if used correcTly. The "gym" proved iTselT invaluable Tor Andover's sporTs program. WeighT Train- STephen Malone ing classes and aThleTic Teams used iT as parT oT Their daily rouTines. lTs populariTy grew To such an exTenT ThaT sTudenT5 came during The acTiviTy lunch period and aTTer school Tor workouTs. Girls used The "gym" as well as The guys and a com- muniTy recreaTion program seT up during The summer made The machine available Tor general use Tive days a week. AlThough The universal gym Took longer Than expecTed To geT here, mosT sTudenTs agreed ThaT iT was well worTh The waiT. Dennis Saylor STudenTs worlceouT on The universal gym. a long awaiTed addiTion To The gym TaciliTies. Earl Cross lif+s weiglnls fo improve his muscle fone on 'flue leg lift a par? of flue universal gym. Jacqueline Callerfon Sally Jo Enlsminger Mike Kelly shows +ha'r 90 percenl of The Time "fha dupe" selecfs The wrong response by going along wifh lhe group. Deborah Malcell 24" xg XE . 14. X , ,' Lf, 'T.,.g fL an Roper? Zerphey Rged Parks Roy Find your identity PSYCHOLOGY CLASS ENRCLL- MENT JUMPED BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS as Andover enTered iTs I973- 74 school year. lniTiaTed only Three years ago, The psychology curriculum aT ThaT Time consisTed oT only Two courses. BuT according To RoberT Fossbender, who TaughT a Tull schedule oT psychology, The number oT sTudenTs This year increased Trom 80 To ISO. To keep abreasT oT The changing cur- riculum, Mr. Fossbender changed his angle oT insTrucTion This year To one sTressing The developmenT oT The individ- ual. He urged sTudenTs To search Tor Their idenTiTies in relaTion To coping wiTh per- sonal idenTiTies, behavior, and anxieTies. "STudenTs musT learn To deTend Them- RoberT Fossbender selves," coniecfred Mr. Fossbender aT The beginning oT The school year. lnciTed ver- bal aTTaclcs by sTudenTs on a Tellow class- maTe proved an excellenT meThod oT insTrucTion on selT-deTense. A varieTy of experimenTs ThroughouT The year puT Theory inTo pracTice. OTTen sTudenTs noT Taking psychology Tound Themselves involved in bizarre psycho- dramas, aggression demonsTraTions, or group pressure exhibiTions. New angles oT Teaching and a wide va rieTy oT experimenTs gave sTudenTs Their TirsT insighTs inTo The area oT psy- chology. ln words oT one psychology sTu- denT, "ThaT course really helps you To geT your head TogeTher." KenneTh CaTlin Thomas Garrigan RuTh Gillham John Fleming Prince Jernigan Charles Gosnell Diane Blewelf , WW' Hungry exchange sfudenfs sample goodies sup- pliecl by 'rhe S+uden+ Senale. .' L-T'fl,b'r I' . "1-'Lf 4, A, fmxg--'ff '-My 1' , u w : 1..,.,hv.3:. ,! ,Q , 1 Psychology sludenfs Try fo gel across a message as perl of an experiment French students travel to Canada STUDYING A FOREIGN LAN- GUAGE has many rewards, buT This year ThirTeen French sTudenTs received a spe- cial one. They aTTended The Colleges STanislaus and Marie cle France in MonT- real, Canada, boTh operaTed by The French governmenT, To Try ouT Their knowledge oT The language TirsT-hand. Accompanied by Miss PaTricia Brown, Mrs. Shahrenaz Adioodani, and Mr. Rob- erT Nichols, French 4 and The Top sTu- denTs Trom French 3 and 2 spenT an inTri- guing week during March in The homes oT French Tamilies residing in The lv1onTreal area. To help Them masTer The Tiner poinTs Shahrenaz Adioodani of pracTical French, The sTudenTs had an opporTuniTy To Tour The ciTy, shop in The underground mall, and Talce in a French movie. In April, a reciprocal visiT occurred when close To TorTy French sTudenTs and chaperones moved in wiTh LinThicum Tamilies To absorb someThing oT The American way oT liTe. ATTer a recepTion in The school library, They headed ouT To Columbia on a shop- ping spree. For The resT oT The visiT, sTu- denTs Toured WashingTon, D.C. and Annapolis. and Tound Time To aTTend classes here aT Andover. Pamela Don PaTricia Brown Inge Bergen Luggage ThaT belongs To The Canadian sTudenTs is symbolic oT The exchange program held This year 1 TOP: To display The arTicles made by Mrs. Burger's craTT class, Diane Furnace arranges Them in The showcase in The main hall. ABOVE: Laura Wickless works on a pair oT leaTher sandals which were one OT The rnosT popular proiecTs. ABOVE RIGHT: RoberT Nichols. Art, inside and out RUSTIC SCENERY AND FRESH AIR lenT inspiraTion To Mr. RoberT Nichols' drawing and painTing classes when They iourneyed To The barn adjoining school properTy as parT oT Their classwork This year. CaTs, horses and The barn iTselT became subiecTs OT The aspiring arTisTs' painTings. This was iusT one oT The places sTudenTs visiTed To geT new ideas To challenge Their creaTiviTy. SomeTimes They Took sTrolls around in The Tield across The sTreeT. A Back in school an inTroducTion To V i 5, 1 K i leaTher work sTimulaTed Their inTeresT During class, aT lunch and aTTer sc sTudenTs could be Tound in ArT Room making belTs, purses, waTch and v bands, sandals, clogs, barreTTs, key chains, and chessboards. Because oT soyig much inTeresT, nexT year an enTire classji ian leaTher has been added To The curricu- um. Displays showing drawings, painTingS. ceramics, sculpTure and oTher craTTs dec- oraTed The building as evidence oT The creaTiviTy and TalenT sTimulaTed by arT courses This year. I ..Nmssi'iY if' ABOVE: ln a relaxed afmosplwere Mr.Nicl'1ols draw- son finds a cooperalive model in 'rlwe old barn 'ro ing class slcefclw nalural scenes. LEFT: Bernice Nel- skelclw. Lois Burger Olin Yoder Adele Degnan Carol MalsTrom ., -raw, Preparing a pie in The co-ed foods class. Tom Warehime and Joanne Taylor pop Their apple pie in The oven To bake. , , , j f , ,. ., , "'-T' vgfllun. Guys prepare for bachelor life EVERYONE KNOWS Tl-TAT TEEN- AGE BOYS have The mosT amazing appeTiTes and, according To Mrs. Adele Degnan, ThaT is The reason why They Take The Toods courses. In The lasT Three years enrollmenT has grown Two and a halT Times and iT looks like iT will conTinue To grow. All oT The Eoods 2 classes This year were co-ed buT in Eoods I, boy and girls separaTed. Because, The girls had home- ec in iunior high and knew The basics, They wenT inTo nuTriTion while The boys learned The TundamenTals. Mrs. Degnan, head oT The home-ec deparTmenT, sTaTed ThaT The co-ed classes were good. Sharing mosT oT The work, The girls and boys goT along Tine baking cookies and main dishes Too. Mrs. Degnan ThoughT The course would help if The guys remained bachelors or if Their wives goT sick and They had To do The cooking. She added, "IT helps Them appreciaTe whaT Mom goes Through Three Times a day." Well, maybe The boys learned some new skills and maybe They will appreciaTe Mom more and be more undersTanding buT This year was iusT a loT oT Tun and good Things To eaT. Aiden Shoup Women'5 lib hits Stage Band Joyce Nellenbach is, lA EQUAL RIGHTS FINALLY came To Andover's STage Band. Eor The TirsT Time in The school's hisTory, Tina STaclc, a sen- ior girl, broke The sex barrier and per- Tormed wiTh The previously all-male group. Considered by The boys and Mr. Shoup as one oT "The gang," Tina played piano and Traveled wiTh The band To quiTe a Tew schools This year. ATTer sTa rT- ing oTT The year wiTh The yearbook assem- bly on December 4, The STage Band con- Tinued wiTh Their perTormances aT The annual STage Band AdiudicaTion aT Rockville High School where They received high raTings oT a ill - superior and Two l2l's - excellenT. They played aT several elemenTary schools including Glendale, Richard Henry Lee, and Hill- Top, and combining wiTh The Chorus. They perTormed Their annual concerT aT lvlarTin Spalding High School. Tina also played Tor The Advanced Chorus which Toured Anne Arundel CounTy. Some oT Their programs included The ChrisTmas ConcerT, Choral AdiudicaTion, and The Spring ConcerT. WiTh all Their Travels, The music deparTmenT had a very busy year. LEFT: The TirsT girl ever To be in The sTage band, Tina STaclc, plays The elecTric piano. ABOVE: Mem- bers oT The sTage band enTerTain The sTudenT body during an assembly. MAHMOUD ADJOODANI Diion UniversiTy, B.S., American Univer- siTy, M.S., UniversiTy oT Maryland: Alge- bra 2, Advanced MaTh. SHAHRENAZ ADJOODANI Tehran UniversiTy, B.A., American Uni- versiTy, M.S.: French I, 2, 3: French Club Advisor. INTERESTS: Music, sewing. JULIUS G. ANGELUCCI FairmonT STaTe College, B.S., WesT Vir- ginia UniversiTy, M.A.: IndusTriaI ArTs DeparTmenT Head: Mechanical Drawing I, 2: ArchiTecTuraI Drawing: Woodwork- ing I, 3. INTERESTS: Reading, sporTs, do-iT-your- seITer. DEBORAH BAKER Clarion STaTe College, B.S.: General MaTh I , 2: Algebra: TrigonomeTry. INTERESTS: MaTh Club, arT, sporTs. INGE S. BERGEN UniversiTy oT Maryland, B.A., Anne Arundel CommuniTy College, A.A.: Ger- man 2. 3, 4: German Club Advisor. INTERESTS: Gardening, swimming, gym- nasTics, reading, dance. KATHY J. BISHOP UniversiTy oT Maryland, B.A.: Compos- iTion I, FacT and FanTasy, Advanced English PaTTerns, Business Communica- Tions. INTERESTS: MoTor cycling, animals, Traveling, sporTs, and people. DIANE BLEWETT Ursinus College, B.A.: World HisTory. INTERESTS: Travel, sewing, reading, gradualre school, TheaTer. RICHARD BOHONEK Slippery Rock STaTe College, B.S.: GeomeTry, General MaTh 2: Baseball Coach, STudenT SenaTe Co-Advisor. INTERESTS: Baseball, iudo. TacuITy coun- cil. Faculty Directory ANNABEL M. BOWERS Concord College, A.B.: B.S.C.S.: Public ReIaTions. INTERESTS: Bridge, kniTTing, reading. JOHN BRADY UniversiTy oT Maryland, B.S.: Business AriThmeTic, Business EducaTion, J.V. Bas- keTbaII Coach. INTERESTS: Tennis, goIT. MARY E. BRAGG ST. Agnes HospiTaI School oT Nursing, R.N.:I-IeaI+I1OccupaTions Program. INTERESTS: GOIT. PATRICIA L. BROWN Lycoming College, B.A., Pennsylvania STaTe UniversiTy, M.S., UniversiTy de MonTpeIIier, Diplome: French I, 2, 4: French Club Advisor. INTERESTS: French cuisine, swimming, piano, Travel. ROBERT C. BUCKINGI-IAM Loyola College. B.S.: CooperaTive Occu- paTions Program. INTERESTS: EveryThing. LOIS BURGER WesTern Maryland, B.A.: CraTTs, Ceram- ics, Design: ArT Club Advisor. INTERESTS: LeaTher work. DAVID R. BURGMAN Anne Arundel CommuniTy College, DaTa Processing Clerk. INTERESTS: MinisTry oT Jehovah's WIT- nesses. JUNE E. BURLEY UniversiTy oT Maryland, B.S.: Typing, ShorThand I : FBLA Advisor. INTERESTS: Sewing, house pIanTs, read- ing, Tropical Tish, Traveling. JOSEPH N. BUTLER Morgan STaTe College, B.S.: Trigonome- Try, General MaTh 2, Algebra I: MaTh Club, Sophomore Class Advisor. INTERESTS: Television, reading, bowl- ing, Army Reserve. JULIA E. CAPLES Bucknell UniversiTy, A.B., UniversiTy oT Maryland, A.P.C.: Media SpeciaIisT: Library Council Advisor. KENNETH WAYNE CATLIN Salisbury STaTe, B.S., M.Ed.: UniTed STaTes HisTory: Baseball Coach: SenaTe Advisor. INTERESTS: All sporTs JACOUELI NE CATTERTON Marshall UniversiTy, A.B.: Physical Edu- caTion, HeaITh, GymnasTics: VarsiTy, J.V. Volleyball Coach, JV BaskeTbaII Coach. MARY ELIZABETH CAVANAUGH UniversiTy oT Maryland, B.A., M.A.: ComposiTion, MyTh and Man Humani- Ties: CAC FacuITy RepresenTaTive, Girls Track Advisor. INTERESTS: Reading, Tishing, bicycling, womens IiberaTion. ADELE DEGNAN Drexel UniversiTy, B.S.: Foods I, 2: Hous- ing. INTERESTS: Home economics acTiviTies, reading, sporTs, music. LILLIAN DEXTER WesTern Maryland College, A.B.: Penn STaTe UniversiTy, M.A., John Hopkins UniversiTy, C.A.S.E.: Supervisor oT InsTrucTion. INTERESTS: CaTs, sporTs, Travel. JAMES R. DILLON Shepherd College, A.B., UniversiTy oT Maryland, M.A.: Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT Chairman, AThIeTic Direc- Tor: WeighT Training: FooTbaII Coach. INTERESTS: Reading, working in yard. all sporTs. PAMELA DON Indiana UniversiTy, B.S.: German I, 2: German Club Advisor. INTERESTS: ParT-Time sTudenT aT Loyola Tor MasTer's degree in clinical psychol- ogy. SALLY JO ENTSMINGER Lynchburg College, B.A., Johns Hopkins UniversiTy, lvl.Ed.: BaskeTball, SoTTbaIl Coach: Team SporTs, Physical EducaTion. INTERESTS: GOIT, sewing. ALICE MARIE EVANS ST. Francis College, B.A.: GeomeTry, General MaTh: Junior Class Advisor. INTERESTS: SporTs. BARRY EEELO UniversiTy oT WesT Virginia, B.S., CaliTor- nia STaTe, M.S.: Advanced Biology, Gen- eral Biology, Pep Club Advisor. INTERESTS: PhoTog raphy. MITCHELL A. ELEGAL Lock Haven STaTe College, B.S., ST. BonavenTure UniversiTy, M.Ed.7 Biology, Advanced Biology. INTERESTS: HunTing, sporTs. JOHN ELEMING Shepherd College, A.B., WesT Virginia UniversiTy, B.A.: Modern European His- Tory, Advanced PlacemenT, World His- Tory: Social STudies DeparTmenT Chair- man, STeering CommiTTee Tor M.S.A. EvaluaTion Chairman. INTERESTS: GoIT, baskeTbaII, reading, Tennis, moTorcycling. ROBERT H. EOSSBENDER UniversiTy oT BalTimore, B.A., Loyola College, M.S.: General Psychology, Child Psychology. INTERESTS: Sailing, mounTain climbing, sporTs, car racing, back packing. LOIS FREBURGER Shippensburg STaTe College, B.S., M.Ed.: Clerical PracTice I, OTTice PracTice. INTERESTS: SporTs. bowling, reading, Traveling, playing cards. Faculty Directory THOMAS EDWARD GARRIGAN UniversiTy oT Maryland, B.A., Towson STaTe, M.Ed., Johns Hopkins, M.V.A.: UniTed STaTes HisTory, HumaniTies: Three CiTies, American PoIi+icaI Power: Senior Class Advisor. INTERESTS: Reading, sporTs, gambling. RUTH GILLHAM Towson STaTe College, B.S.: UniTed STaTes HisTory: STudenT SenaTe Advisor. INTERESTS: Reading, sporTs. EVELYN GONYER Ball STaTe UniversiTy, B.S.: Reading, Skills, Individualized Reading: EaculTy Council, Spelling Clinic. INTERESTS: SporTs, movies, plays, sew- ing. CHARLES L. GOSNELLJR. ErosTburg, B.S.: UniversiTy oT Maryland, M.S.: UniTed STaTes HisTory, Advanced PlacemenT: Tennis Coach. INTERESTS: Woodworking, gunsmiThing, reenacTmenTs. SANDRA GREENE Cheyney STaTe College, B.S.: EacT and EanTasy, Advanced English PaTTerns, ComposiTion. HARRIET B. GRICE ST. Joseph College, B.S.: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 2, MaTh DeparTmenT Chairman. INTERESTS: Reading, Travel. RICHARD HART UniversiTy oT Maryland, B.S.: Physical EducaTion, BaskeTbaII Coach, GoIT Coach, lnTramurals. INTERESTS: GolT, hunTing, camping, canoeing, Traveling. THOMAS LLOYD HASTY JR. Morgan STaTe College, B.S., M.Ed.: AdminisTraTive InTern. INTERESTS: SporTs. MARGARET HINEBAUGH EairmonT STaTe College, A.B.: WesT Vir- ginia UniversiTy, M.A.: Guidance Coun- selor. INTERESTS: Travel, reading, gardening. EILEEN S. HOROWITZ Temple UniversiTy, B.S.: Bookkeeping I, Typing I, Record Keeping. INTERESTS: lnTerior decoraTing, bowl- ing, Traveling. ALENE HOUSTON Morgan STaTe College, B.S.: ShorThand TranscripTion, Typing I, 2: FBLA Co- advisor. INTERESTS: Reading, bowling. SAMUEL HYTOVITZ Shippensburg STaTe College, B.S.: Book- keeping I, 2. INTERESTS: Breaking arms. PRINCE DAVIDJERNIGAN WinsTon Salem STaTe UniversiTy, B.A.: Black CulTural Club Advisor: World His- Tory, American HisTory, Sociology. INTERESTS: SporTs. ROSEMARY JOHNS Shippensburg STaTe College, B.S.: Com- posiTion, PracTicaI Speaking, Man in Cri- sis, ConTemporary Novel. INTERESTS: Playing piano, Tishing. GAIL R. KELLER ErosTburg STaTe College, B.S.: Towson STaTe, M.Ed.: General Biology, Applied Science. JAMES LEVAY WesTern Maryland, A.B.: Guidance Counselor. INTERESTS: Honeycomb blankeT mak- ing, sausage sTuTTing, almond cuTTing, ceramics. MARGARET L. LEWIS Susquehanna UniversiTy, B.A.: LiTerary Types, Maior BriTish WriTers, PracTical WriTing. . - L::Lanai L.-..------..--.,,..,,i,-W,Y,Y-,1a-,-,-H, 7 7- - INTERESTS: Travel. DEBORAH ENID MAKELL Aurora College, B.A.: Black Sfudies, Behavioral Science, Sociology, Unifed Sfafes Hisfory: Black Culfure Club. INTERESTS: Girl Scoufs, Church Acfivi- fies. STEPHEN MALONE Wesf Virginia Universify, B.S.: Team Sporfs, General Physical Educafion, Soc- cer, Soffball: Driver Educafion, Soccer Coach. INTERESTS: Sporfs. CAROL A. MALSTROM Universify of Maryland, B.S.: Home Eco- nomics Deparfmenf Chairman: Foods I, 2. INTERESTS: Skiing, sewing. CHRISTINEA. MARLEY Erosfburg Sfafe College, B.A.: Voca- fional Experience Program, Cheerleader Advisor. INTERESTS: Bowling, sewing, shopping, sleeping. NELSON REED MARTIN Universify of Maryland, B.S.: Disfribufive Educafion, DECA Advisor. INTERESTS: Golf, fennis, fravel. JOHN ROBERT MCBRIDE Bob Jones Universify, B.A., Illinois Wesf- ern Universify, M.S.: Science Deparf- menf Chairman, Chemisfry: Bible Club Advisor. INTERESTS: Camping, church, sporfs. MARTIN B. McNULTY Loyola College, B.S.: Guidance Counse lor. INTERESTS: Camping, sporfs. JOHN P. MESKOW Penn Sfafe Universify, B.S., Morgan Sfafe College, M.S.: Chemisfry, Physics: Chess Club Advisor. Faculty Directory INTERESTS: Sporfs, fishing. ROBERTS. METZ Buffalo Sfafe Universify, B.S.: Wood- working I, 2. INTERESTS: Sailing, boafing, fravel, woodworking. RAY MEYER Waynesburg College, B.A.: Drama as Liferafure, Poefic Imaginafion, Pracfical Speaking, Individualized Reading: NHS Advisor. INTERESTS: Sporfs, singing. CAROL JOYCE NELLENBACK Peabody Conservafory, Guifar, Music in General: Girls' Ensemble Advisor. INTERESTS: Sewing, bicycling, music. FRED NERO California Sfafe Universify, B.S.: Biology. INTERESTS: Playing drums. ROBERT B. NICHOLS Maryland Insfifufe, B.F.A.: Painfing 2, 3, 4: Theafer Arfs, Eundamenfal of Arf: Sfage Crew, Varsify "A" Club Advisor. INTERESTS: Theafre, sailing, golf, fennis, painfing. JANICEOLEXIA California Sfafe College, B.S.: Bofany: Ecology Club. INTERESTS: Sewing, cooking, reading, phofography, classes af Johns Hopkins. GLORIA OXLEY Bard-Avon Secrefarial School: Library Secrefary. INTERESTS: Granddaughfer, sewing, all sporfs, remodeling old farmhouse. REED PARKS California Sfafe College, B.S.: Child Psy- chology, Lafin America, Middle Ages - Presenf, Pre-hisforic - Middle Ages: Senior Class Co-Advisor INTERESTS: Golf. WILLIAM R. PERRY Concord College, B.S.: George Wash- ingfon Universify, M.A.: Assisfanf Princi- pal. INTERESTS: Sporfs, fishing, camping, reading. GERALDINE R. RIGGS Kansas Sfafe College, B.S.: George Washingfon Universify, M.A.: Shorfhand 2, Advanced Transcripfion, Typing 3: Business Educafion Deparfmenf Chair- man. INTERESTS: Music, books, homemaking. SANDRA RIOPELLE Wesf Liberfy Sfafe College, B.A., Coop- erafive Office Educafion. INTERESTS: Sewing, fravel, reading, craffs. CICERO ROBINSON III Shaw Universify, B.A.: Typing. INTERESTS: Bowling, reading, music, card playing. DENNIS SAYLOR Universify of Maryland, B.S.: Gymnas- fics, Life Time Sporfs, Team Sporfs, Bas- kefball, Volleyball: Winfer and Spring Track Team Coach. INTERESTS: Golf, Tennis, Gardening. WAYNE L. SHIPLEY Universify of Maryland, B.A.: Arf of Mofion Picfure, Maior Brifish Wrifers: Advanced Composifion: English Deparf- menf Chairman, Eilm Club Advisor. INTERESTS: Horses, aufo racing. R.ALDEN SHOLIP Penn Sfafe Universify, B.S.: Columbia Universify, M.A.: Music Deparfmenf Chairman, Band, Chorus, Sfage Band. INTERESTS: Wine, women, song. EDWARD J.SHUMAKER Shippensburg Sfafe College, B.S.: Per- sonal Typing, Nofehand: Phofography Club Advisor. INTERESTS: Phofography, skiing. ROY SKILES Weslern Maryland College, B.A.: Social Sludies, American I-lislory, Sociology: Eoolball Assisfanf Coach. INTERESTS: Reading, sporls. GLENN ABBOTT SPRINGER Universi+y ol Norlh Carolina, A.B.: Jour- nalism I, 2, Individualized Reading, Prac- Tical Wriling, Newspaper: Lilerary Mag- azine. INTERESTS: Reading, family, gardening. JAMES STARCI-IER Eairmonl Slale College, B.S.: Elecrron- ics: Drivers Educalion. INTERESTS: Sporrs. MATH EW DANIEL STREM BA S+. Basil College, B.A., Calholic Univer- sily ol America, S.T.B.: Composilion, Advanced Composirion, Crealive Wrir- ing, Modern American Wrilers, Ameri- can I-Ierilage. INTERESTS: Psychological Assessmenl and John Updike. JUDY SU LSKY Slale Universily ol New York, B.A., M.S.: General Malh, Eused Geomelry, Alge- bra I. INTERESTS: Sewing, cycling, skiing, The- aler. GARY JOSEPI-I SVEI-ILA UMBC. B.A.: World ol Movies, Compos- ifion, Man in Crisis: Taros Lilerary Mag- azine Co-Advisor. INTERESTS: Film buff, Iilerary inleresls, wriling, publishing. HARVEY R. TATE California Slale College, B.S., Towson Slafe College, M.Ed.: Adminislralive Faculty Directory Inrern. INTERESTS: Reading, sporls, games, relaxalion. PATRICIA WAGNER Towson Slale College, B.S.: Business Malhemalics: Yearbook Business Advi- sor. INTERESTS: Sewing, cooking. RUTH WALDO Massey Draughon Business School: Sec- relary. INTERESTS: Eederaled Womens Club, sewing. RICHARD L. I WI-IITING Indiana Universily ol Pennsylvania, B.S., Universily of Maryland, M.Ed.: Guid- ance Counselor. INTERESTS: Ceramics, reading, specia- Tor of sporls, poodle perling. S. ANN WILI"IELM Universily ol Norlh Carolina, BSSA.: Dafa Processing: Dafa Processing Club Advisor. INTERESTS: Skiing, reading, goll. DELORES W.WlLLIAMS Cenlral S+al'e Universily, B.S., Ohio Sfale Universiry, M.A.: Composilion, Eacl and Eanlasy, Individualized Read- ing. INTERESTS: Sewing, reading. KATI-IRYN J. WILLIAMS Shepherd College, B.A.: Personal Typ- ing, Business Economics, Business Law. INTERESTS: Cals, needlepoinl, crewel. OLIVER WITTIG Eroslburg Slale, B.S., Universily of Maryland, M.Ed.: Principal. INTERESTS: Gardening, camping, sporls, lennis. MARGUERITE YANOVITCI-I Shepherd College, B.A.: Acling I, 2: Inrernalional Thespian Advisor, Dramal- ics Coach. INTERESTS: Acling, sewing, quilling. OLIN L. YODER Shepherd College, A.B., Maryland lnsli- lule, MFA.: Ceramics, Design, Graphics: Carlooning, Club Advisor. INTERESTS: Travel, reading, painling, sporls. BARBARA YOUNG Froslburg Slale College, B.S., Wesl Vir- ginia Universily, M.A.: Speech I, 2, Yearbook Advisor. INTERESTS: Skiing, Iennis, Ihealer, shop- ping. ROBERT G.ZERPl'lEY Universily of Maryland, B.A., George Washinglon Universily, M.A., Universily ol Ulahg Uniled Slales I'Iis+ory, Urbani- zalion. INTERESTS: Minisler for Church of Chrisl, Communiry Civic Associalion Alhlelic Commillee. NANCY DIANE ZINK Communily College of Ballimore, A.A., Creighlon Universily, M.A., College Nolre Dame of Maryland: Business Com- municalion, Individualized Reading: Tuloring Club Advisor. INTERESTS: Reading, bowling, Iennis sporls. L+. - Ai...n.Nr-------- ,i...............-......--- ,..-....7,...,,,,,,,, A KISS for Luck and A A 1-4 ' 7237580 12,4 ,- Q: , mm ,,py, ,Q K 'L " ' f-7 v, A 1 f :,,: ,A WW f V 'f f nf , ,W Mn 7 f , , ,, f, ,,,,f,,fV Vimf f'f'f ,' "'J'f" ffjfif' -, G i , ,, , ,fww 1544! 4. ,,. 1 ff? ,T .- f.., .. ,,., wavy ff gfff f Mike Owens leads the band MICHAEL ROBERT ACTON "Mike" Ambilion Criminology and law enforce menl BRENDA LEE ADAMS DECA 3 4 Ambilion To go Io college and gel mar rue SUSAN ALBERT ue Ambihon Nursing DOUGLAS EDWARD ALBRIGHT Polack Class Presideni I Siage Band 3 4 Concer+ Band I 2 4 Chorus3 4 Barbershop uar +eI3 4 Spring Play 3 4 MASC Delegale I Elechon Chairman 2 Ambilion Professional musician lusilike Maynard KAREN BETH ALBRIOHT Albrighl Gymnashcs 3 Cheerleader 4 Co capiain 3 NHS 3 Presideni 4 Newspaper 3 4 I+ s Academic 3 Pep Club 4 Ambiiion To heal The sick and adminisier Io +he poor CHARLES WILLIAM ALLERS JR Slash Chuck Eooiball 2 3 4 Lacrosse I 2 3 4 Siage Crew4 Varsily A 3 4 Ambiiion To go info a 'Field of biology CHRISTINE LAVINIA ALLERS Chris Ambihon College ' d. i ..S .. . . :I . : Q - Sianding an imposing 6'6" plus fhe heighi ol hi h I d I Mike Owens prepares +o lead Ihe Marching Band S SANDRA LYNN ALLlS Sandy Amblllon To llnlslw college ERIC RlCl-IARDAMATI Moll Lacrosse I 2 3 4 Soccer Club 4 EDWARD LERGY AMOS MARK ALLEN ANDERSON Eoolball 2 3 4 Lacrosse2 3 4 Ambuluon College DIANE ARLAUSKAS Caclus Drama Club l 2 Tlwespuans 3 4 Pep Club Arnbxluon To llve a free and happy lnce and 'ro sludy In llwe lneld of medicine ..Ed.. "Mark" l. EERN RENEEARMSTEAD Ambnhon To be successful GARRYS ATKINSON Eoofball I 2 3 4 Varsufy A CIub3 Vlce Presrden'r4 Ambnhon College Io sludy business adrnln lslrallon RONALD LEE BAKER on Amblhon To be Vice Presldenf CI-IERYL LYNN BANKE Cherry GAA I Gymnas+rcs3 4 NHS3 4 Mascof 2 CI'1eerIeader3 CapI'am4 Bug A Nlghl 3 4 YearbooIc4 Ambuhon To be a cloclor and always be Happy RICHARD GORDON BARBER IC Ambulnon Cornpulung RICHARD LOWELL BARROWS nc Soccerl 2 3 4 Band 2 3 Slage Band4 French Club 3 4 Mallw Club 3 4 Lacrosse I 2 4 Pep Band 2 3 4 Class Senaforl 2 4 Sludenl Senale I 2 4 CRASC4 Dra mahcs 3 4 NI-IS3 4 I+sAcadernlc 4 Bug A NIQIWI3 Co IVIC4 Ambuhon To 'fell a clecenl lolce HR ., ..D. ku ..R. k.. ll ll Hard Hats add to school spirit L d frumpefer Rick Barrows Ieads +I1e "Hard I-Ia+s" r favorife cheers during a baslcelball ga e fT1 . JEFFREY ALLEN BARTH Arnold Soccerl 2 3 4 Lacrosse I 2 3 4 Senafor 3 VarsI'ry A CIUIJ4 AmIoII'Ion To Iom +I'1e Supremes KIMBERLY ANN BARTI-IOLOME Space AmIJII'IorI To 'rrayel WIIII a Rock n Roll man JOHNJ BARTLINSKI Bogarl Eoo ball I 2 3 4 VICKI ELAINE BAUER Vlclcle VICA 4 AmbII'IorI Bookkeeper JEAN ETTE SUSAN BAXTER Ambmon Eleld of speclal educallon KATHERINE KAY BECK Kafhy AmbII'Ion To keep my head Jrogellwer and slay ou+ of Irouble ALAN WILLIAM BECKER Karafe Club 2 AmbI+IorI To worlc 'For II'Ie Cenlral In+eIII gence Agency ANITA MARIE LOUISE BENSON AmbI+IorI Secrelary 1 I I I I I I I I .. . I I ,,,. I Ambilion: To be riclx. I 'I I' I I IIAIII I I " : . 1 I I I X 4 9 "The Boy Friend" ends dramatic careers for seniors "l've gol The you-don'T-wan'r-'fo-play-wilh-me-blues'' sighs Sheree Eehsenfeld. as Madame Dubonnef, fo Doug Albright porfraying Percival Browne, in "The Boyfriend." MARIA ROSE BETZ a Ambihon To be successful and happy dur ing life MARLENE CATHERINE BETZ Ambihon Make The mosf our of life MARK BRUCE BIGGS Amblhon Veferlnarian KATHLEEN MARIE BILLMAN Kal MascoJr4 Ambillon To work al NSA GLENN WAYNE BIRX x Soccer! 2 3 4 Lacrossel 2 3 4 Bandl 2 Varslly A Club3 4 Yearbook4 French Club 3 Wlnler Track 4 Arnblhon To nnvenf a Iwo legged chair JOSEPH HOPKIN BISESI oe Wreslling 3 4 l.acrosse3 4 Arnblhon To be a Teacher ..Ri .. VI hll Pompon girl 3: Track 3: Pep Club 4: Varsily ..Bi ., ..J ,. vi V 'Imam f' Dave Murph, as Bobby Van Heusen, and Sarah Sfewarl, as Maisie, charlesfon 'For 'rhe Molhers' Club producfion of "The Boyfriend." KATHARINEANNA BISI-l Kalhy Ambilion Speech lherapisl DAVlD BLASZAK German Club 3 4 Ambzlion Docfor MlCl'lAEl. JOSEPH BOCHNIEWICZ Band I 2 Malh Club4 Ambiluon College and To be a denlisl DOROTHY ESTHER BOHN e Thespians 2 Vice Presidenl 3 4 Pep Club dem' Senale 4 CRASC 4 Ambihon Psychoanalyze l-lenry Kissinger CYNTHIA ANN BOLT Cindy Ecology Club 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Wlnler Wonderland Decoralions4 Nl-IS4 Track4 Ambihon Jus? lolive laugh and love WlLLlE FRANKUN BOOKER JR Arnbifion To be a doclor ..D b.. 27 Peace Corps Club 23 Choirusl 2, 47 Slu- MARTIN ALLEN BOSHEERS Marfy Amblhon AA Counfy Police and To play bluegrass musnc LYNN BOWANKO Band I Drama Club4 NHS4 Ambuhon Compulers ANN CATHERINE BOWERS Amblflon Freedom CAROL LEE BOWMAN Korby Amblhon To leach Spanish In hugh school WANDA ELOISE BOWMAN Amblhon To gel married and have chll ren CHARLES LORENZO BOYD Chuck Amblhon To be an accounlanl PAMELA JANE BRADLEY am Yearbook 4 Jumor Prom Relreshmenl COmmllle6 2 Newspaper 3 Ambahon To become an elemenlary school Teacher d.. .,P,. Open lunchl creates free time for students DALE ALAN BRADT Foo+balI3 Varsily A Club Traclc Ambillon Compuler programmer JOANNE BRAFA JOHN ANDREW BRANNOCK JR Lacrosse2 3 4 Varsily A Club4 Ambilion Dafa processing lechnlcnan ROBERT I-IANIEN BRAY I-Ianien or Weeny Dance Commillee Varsily A Club 3 4 Lacrosse I 2 3 4 Amlolhon To unile all Ihe Bruvs and lake over Ihe world LYNN ELLEN BROCATO re Ambnlion To gel a iob and be happy DIANE CSAIL BROCI-I DECA 3 4 Ambihon Be successful Donkey Ball 3, 4: Eoolball I, 2: Junior Prom "ElI' " Taking advanlage of The open lunch period, Rene Po'l'ee and a friend spend some exfra Time on Ihe hillside behind lhe school. Senior Prom features two bands RICHARD I BROCI-I JR uc Ambllnon To be a booklqeeper BARBARA RITA BROCKLEHURST Barb Girls Ensemble 3 4 Chorus2 3 4 Drama Club 4 Amblluon To Iry 'ro qe+ Ihe mosl ouI of Isle MICHAEL EARLE BROOKS STEVEN PAUL BUCI-II-IOLZ Ambrrlon Engineer CANDACE MARIE BU LLEN Candy VICA Pre-slden+4 be-co me a secrefa ry ANGELA CECELIA BU RGESS Angela Ambmon To Inve a long and happy Infe wllh Ivlllie KAREN FAY BURGMAN urg Drama Club 2 3 Thesprans 4 NHS 3 Amblhon To be a secrelary MICHAEL DAVID BURKE Ivlllce Ambnhon Lawyer HR' ku . . Ambilion: To be. successful In life and I'o ..B ., . 2 ' : , 4. A I Sarah Slewarl' and her dare enfoy I'he Diablosf' and each o+her's company. ...C-wr' ,N GEORGE FREDERICK BURKI-IEAD DECA3 Preslden+4 Arnblllon Ivllnlslry DANIEL CHARLES BUSH Danny Amblfron To be successful In wlwalever I do TERRY DIANE CARPENTER Terry AmbIIIOn To be free forever BRENDA KAY CARSON Bren ay Arl' Club 3 Drama Club 4 Library Club 4 Ambmon Bookkeeper NANCY MARIE CASAMENTO Nanc Ecology Club I Arf Club I Sluclenf Senafe 4 CAC Sfuclenf Represenfahve 3 4 CAC Regional Represenfahve 3 Senalor 2 3 4 Sfudenl Senafe Commuffees Clwaurman 2 4 Junior Ring Dance COmmIIIG9 Chairman 3 Drama Club I 2 Tlwesplans2 3 4 Traclc Amblhon Commercial and DFOTSSSIOHGI arhsf Pl-IYLLIS JANE CASTLE PI'1yIl1s Ambnllon To be a secrelary 2, 3, 47 CRASC 2, 3,4gIv1ASC Delegale 2, 3f I I ' I ' DAVID CLAYTON CAVANAUGI-I JR CIayIon Amblhon To Ioe a cabnnefmaker gef mar rled and have a good Ilme BONNIE LOU CAVEY Bonnie Arnbuflon To gef a loIo SHARON KAY CEARFOSS Class Secrefary 2 Dance CommuIIee Amblhon Den+aI I'1yguen1sI WILLIAMT CECIL I Y BasI4eI'baII 2 Track 2 I:ooIbaII 3 Wln+er TracIc4 Amblhon Consfruchon work pipeline THOMAS RICHARD CHERRY Peach Ambxhon Move Io Mexlco and be a farmer "S.C." : ' 2: Phomgraphy CIub4 "B'II " I Justin McCarty performs in gym show No+ To be oufdone by lhe female members of Jrhe daring and skill on 'rhe framp in his comedy rouline. 'r Cl 'r 'r gymnasfics show, Jusfin McCar y emons ra es SHARON LYNN CHRISTEN Sharon Drama Club 2 4 FBLA 3 4 Ecology Club 3 4 Bug A N1gh+2 Ambrhon Teach Jrhe disabled ARMAND ALBERT ClTRONl Ambahon Phofographer DIANE TERESA CLARK Ambuhon To 'hnd unendlng happiness KATHY LYNN CLAY Gymnashcs 2 3 4 Ambuhon To be a gymnashcs Teacher BRlAN SCOTT CLEVENGER Lacrossel 2 3 4 Eoolball I 2 3 4 Ambnhon To go 'lo college and To enloy llfe DAVID WARREN COFER Film Club2 3 4 Ecology Club2 Bug A Nlgh+2 3 4 STudenTUn1on 3 Amblhon Wrure Jrwo besf sellers and rehre al age 22 DAVID THORNTON COLEMAN III Thornfon Chess Club 3 4 Mafh Club 4 NHS 3 MASC Convenhon Worker 2 MASC NewsleHer4 Amblhon Compuleranalysf "Decaden+ Dave" l CHRISTINE MICI-IELE COLLINS CI1rns Ambahon CoIIege 'ro become an Ianf DANIEL BRUCE COLLINS Danny Lacrosse 3 4 Soccer 3 4 NI-IS 4 Amblflon To aHend Towson Sfafe MAUREEN LYNN CONNELL Marny ANDREA JAYE COLLIDGE And: Amblhon To be a IegaI secrefary PATRICK JOHN CORCORAN a Amblhon Gef ou+ of scI'1ooI BEVERLY MARIE CORNS SV VICA Ambnhon To sfay happy DE. Ambifionz Designer. up +.. ..B .. l ANN MARIE COWAN Soflball 25 Ecology Club 43 Decoralions Commillees 4' Track 4' Big 'A' Nigl'x'r 4' Ar? Club 4. Ambilion: College. JEEEERY ROBERT COWEN B Nl-lS3 4 Tennus2 3 4 Soccerl 2 Ambmlson To make ul 'rlmrouglw college CARL LlNWOOD COX JR Lunnxe Eoolball Manager4 Baseball Manager Varsuly A Club Presrolen+4 Ambnluon Law enlorcemenl JANET ELAINE COX Janel Pep Club 3 4 Ecology Club 2 Track 4 A Neghl-4 Arnbuhon To be a nurse ancl enpoy lnce JAMES BRYAN CRAETON sm Lacrosse 3 4 NHS3 Ambxlwon To wm a rnnlllon bucks and rellre a+ 20 TERRY LYNN CRAWFORD DECA Buble Club Ambulson Nurse JEEEREY SUTTON CROCKETT Croclcell Vloleolape Teclwnrcnan Arnbxluon To have flue Taslesl lflaflwead rn Maryland DONNA JEAN CROMWELL Ambuluon To be successful IU The line of cosmelology BARBARA SUE CROSS Bar Ambulnon To be on my own HF H. , 7 I IBlg HJ. ,. an VL we bm ,gf T 4 w MICHAEL JOSEPH DACIEK Mr e Soccerl 2 3 4 BasI4etbaII I 2 3 4 Tennis 3 4 Varsnt A Club 3 4 N Vice Presndent4 Ambition Dentistry MARTY MURPHY DAOENHART Wrestling I 2 3 4 Ambition To wrestle ID college DONNA LYNN DAVIS Donna Senator 2 Student Senate 2 Ambntlon Model KAREN LUCILLE DAVIS Karen DECA3 Ambition Interior decorator STEPHEN WILLIAM ADAMS DAYTON Droop Wrestling I Lacrosse 2 3 4 Eootball 4 Stage Crew3 4 Varsity A CIub ., .k .. li2, . I fy" " I I I: II-IS 3, V Nostalgia influences activities ROBERT LOUIS deANDRADE JOHN GERECKE DEWAAL Soccer I 2 3 4 Track 3 4 IvIaIh Team 2 3 4 French CIub3 4 LIbrary CouncII I 2 NH 3 4 Hs Academuc 3 4 Arrow Sporfs EdI+or4 MASQ NewsIe'rIer EdI+or4 IVIASC Convenhon DeIegaI'e 4 Bug A NIghI3 4 Chess CIubI 2 3 4 TuIorIng4 Sfudenf Senafe CommIII'ees 3 4 CRASC Commdfees 4 WInIer TracIc4 AmbIIIon College 'ro mayor In Ioresfry MICHAEL WILLIAM DIBLASI DEBORAH LYNN DOANE Debble Amblhon To Iead a successful Ilfe DONALD LEE DOANE on BARBARA KAY DODSON Ba s Ambuhon To IIve as Iong as possIbIe DEBORAH SUE DOHLER ue AmbII'Ion To always be as happy as m now . I I I I I I I I I I I I I S II I - II I I I I I I - - II II I I I I I I I I I I , . II - II IID II V II b II IIS II CharIoHe Marine boogies af Ihe Fiffies sock hop heId for 'rhe French exchange sIuden+s in The gym. THQMAS PATRICK DONAHUE Long Sclwlong Foolball 4 Sfaqe Crew 3 4 Amblllon To go 'ro Mexico CYNTHIA ROSE DONAT Cindy Pep Club 3 4 Ecology Club 4 Plwologra pl1yClub3 Traclc4 Bug A Nlgl'1+4 Wm fer Wonderland Decora+lons4 Ambsllon To become a reqlsfered nurse JAMES J DONOI-IUE nm Ambnflon Rafe clerk ALAN DEANE DRAPER Ambnhon To be a lwnqlw sclrnool feaclwer GREGORY JON DREAS Greg Ambmon Career In dajra processing DALE ADRIAN DRENNER Truck Track 4 Hard Hals Ambnhon To succeed vw lv v n In - In v u n - nu an - - I u n wJ' vv lumuv av In nu nu v Jeff Cowen named "Athlete ofthe Week" Fealured on WBAL-TV as "A+I1Ie+e of lhe Week," Jeff Cowen surfaces while praclicing al +I'1e Dundallc YMCA. FRANCIS EDWARD DUFFY ran Foo+baII3 4 Baslcelball 3 I.acrosse3 4 Varslly A Club3 4 Amblluon To I'1elp people and become rich DEBORAH DARLENE EBLER Debbie Pep CIub3 Arnbilnon To be a secrelary EDANA MARIE ECKART Donna Newspaper 2 Ambiluon Legal secrelary NORA KAY ECKART Nor: Gyrnnashcs 2 3 KEVIN WESLEY EDMONDS Foolball 3 Band 2 Ambuhon To live SUSAN MARY EDMUNDS Susie que Pep Club 2 Senalor 4 Class Commillees 3 4 NI'IS3 4 FrencI1CIub3 4 Amblllon To Irve rallwer Jrlwan lusl exlsl CARMEN PATRICIA EDWARDS Baskelball I Volleyball Scorer 3 AmbIIIOD Nursing Cl-IERYL ANN EI-ILERS Cherie DECA3 4 Ambilnon To become a model and lo gel married Ialer HF .. Ambilionz To worlc willw +I'1e airlines JOYCE ELLEN EMGE Joyce Erencln Club 3 4 Drama Club 3 4 Tlwespl ans 4 Ecology Club 3 4 Sof+ball 2 3 4 Volleyball Manager3 Ambnhon To lnve and love ALBERT E EMINIZER Ambmon To succeed In buslness CHANDRA JEANNE ENOCHS Candy Ambrhon Soclal worker ANITA MARIA ERHARDT Neejrs Track Manager 2 3 Drama Club 3 Tlwespl mrHees 3 4 l-lomecomlng Publuclfy Clwalr man 4 Ambnhon To become a good nurse and llve my life 'ro +l1e fullesf SANDRA LOUISE EVERHART Sandy Ambmon To gel married To Jim DOUGLAS EDWARD EAGLEY Doug Soccer2 3 4 Baseball3 Arr Club 3 Ambmon To be a cabunel maker someday ERS. 3 ans 3, 45 NHS 3: Sludenl Senale Com- ix Av.. 1 nu., Q ""f lfvi. 141, ,c , ,X .W SI eaR dRbb fe W d Ia dby+h S PAUL RUSSELL FALLS Ambihon Apprenhce SHEILA AVA FAUST Ambihon To go To Iaw school SHARON LEE FEI-ISENFELD Sheree French Club I Class Presidenl 2 Thespians 3 4 Band I 2 3 Maloreffesl 2 3 s kefball Scorekeeper 2 IVIASC 2 Pep Club I Besl Ac+ress3 Ambihon An independen+Iy weallhy and single adress. CYNTI-IIA ANN EERREE Cindy Cheerleader 2, 31 Varsify "A" Queen 3: Gymnasfics 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Chorus 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: GAA I. Arnbifion: To be successful. BRUCE ALAN EINK Foolrball Ig Track I, 2: Baseball 3, 4: Ping Pong I, 2, 3, 4. Ambi+ion: To be rich and own a Jaguar. MICHAEL JOSEPH FINN "Mike" Arnbiiionz Machinist DORINE ELIZABETH EIORE Arnbirionz To qui? work. Wmter Wonderland held 111 hbrary Sh il osengar+en. Mike Jacobs, an o ie Gar- ber seem caughf up in Ihe holiday mood a+ Jrhe Win r on er nd Dance,sponsore e en- ior class. 2..: I..:Ba- K thy Clay tinishes a basket on the unevens during the gym- Seniors demonstrate skill in gymnastics show tics show. LESLIE LYNN FISHER "Fish" Gymnastics 3 43 Big "A" Night 3 4 Ambition: To have a death as enjoyable as my lite SHARON LYNN FLOREY Lynn Ambition To marry Clitt MICHAEL JOSEPH FOCHT Mi e Ambition To be an oceanographer PATRICIA LYNN FORD Lynn Chorus 3 Ambition To Iive Iite to its tuIIest and to make my parents happy DEBORAH ANN FRANCE Debbie baII Manager 2 3 Pep Club 3 Pompon Squad 3 NHS 3 4 Ambition To become a medlcaI secretary and enloy a happy married lite with Craig JAMES ALLEN FRANZONI im Ambition To be successtul in whatever I do in I te ll 'k ll Drama Club 23 BasIcetbaII Manager 21 Foot- IIJ' Il I ' I . I Donna Janson performs a graceful scale on +I1e balance bea FRANKLIN NICHOLAS FREDERICKS "FranIco" Ambilion: To make II in life DEBORAH MAE FULLER "Debbie" Maiorelle 3,4 Ambilion: To be a I'1air slylisl LARRY MICHAEL FURST Eoolball I, 2 Arnbirionz Mechanic CAROL ADRIENNE GABLER Ambirionz College DARLENE GAITH ER "Doll" Gym CIub3 Ambilrionz Go on Io Morgan Sfale RGBERT EARL GARBER Baseball Ambilion: Denlislry Mike Daciek wins "Male Athlete ofthe Year" CARLA LEE GARDNER Ambilionz To become an X-ray 'rechnician and lo be happily married +o Ronnie in fulure years. SHERMAN KENNY GARLAND Ambilionz To fly a iel. CAROLYN ANNE GARRETT Ambilionx To gel married and raise - GENE HOWARD GARRETT JR Grill Trac I Tennis2 3 4 Band I 2 Newspa per 3 Yearbook 4 NHS 3 Treasurer 4 French Club 3 Chemlslry Club 4 Ambihon Acareerin science CARLA MARIE GASKILL Big A Nlgh'r3 Amblflon To become a 'reacher and To have a happylnfe DEBORAH SUSAN GAVlN De DECA3 4 Ambihon lnlerlorclesiqner aah Dick Harl' names Mike Daciek "Male Alhlele of fh ar" a+ Jrhe Sporls Banquet TXUQ h1"'S. MARK RONALD GEHRING Boo-Boo Ambilion: To go To college. DEBRA LEE GIBBS Debbie Ambi+ion: To c:on+inuesQ+l1 my educafion in dala processing. MILDRED ANN GIBSON Disfribulive Educalion. Ambifionz To become a legal secrelary. DONNA MARIEGILBERTO Ambilionz To live a wonderful long life. BERTI-lA LANE GILLIS Bircly Pep Club I 2' Class Vice-Presiclenf 3' Fool- ball Manager 3. Ambilionz To be a nurse. KAREN MICHELE GRACE Grace Soflball 3 4' Volleyball 4. Ambilionz Secrelary. in ii in in in in n n i ui in i i BARBARA ANN GRAEFE ar Ambulnon To be a nurse MARLON ANTHONY GRAHAM Melvin Sfudenf Senafe I 2 Sludenf Senafe Com mlrfeesl 2 Class Commufleesl 2 3 Soc c r 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Newspaper I 2 Yearbook4 FrencI'1CIubI 3 MaII1CIub4 C ess Club I 2 NHS3 4 Varsnfy A Club 3 4 Boys S+a+e3 CI1ernls'rryCIub4 Amblhon Docfor of Meducune SHARON LOUISE GRAMLICH Ambnhon Alrllne srewardess DEBORAH ANN GRANT Dallas Tlwesplans 2 3 4 NHS 3 4 French Club 4 Frlm Club 3 4 Luferary Magazlne Eds'ror4 Amblhon To fund a road Ieadlng Info a sun sel and a Iwappy ending KATHRYNE ANN GRAY Karlwy Amblllon Legal secrefary GLORIA LYNN GRIFFIN Lynn Ambnflon Bookkeeper IIB bil ' . : ' , . 1 e . , : . : . 1 . : I1 . : . : ' , . . . 1 . : "Class Streakern goes to Jeff Cowen AlThough he dicln'T sTreak aT The Senior Assembly. while modesTly peeking around The sTage curTain. X JeTT Cowen receives The award as "Class STreaker" BRENDA JEAN GROGAN Pep Club 35 Drama Club 2: BaskeTball Man- ager 21 Pom-pon Squad 37 FooTball Man- ager 2, 33 NHS 3, 4. AmbiTion: To become an x-ray Technician and laTer To marry STeve. MICHELE D. GURNY Drama Club 2 3 Yearbook 3 AmbnTlon To aTTend college CATHERINE GUZIK CaThy AmbvTuon To go To college Tor advanced science BEVERLY ROBIN HALL Robin AmbuTlon To be a model and marry Ronnie ZELDA JOYCE HALL DEBORAH LYNN HAMER De I Pep Club I 2 3 4 GAA2 Cheerleader3 4 Newspaper4 AmbnTlon To convunce my Trlends ThaT l m noT crazy CHERYL ANDREA HAMLEN Ham Cheerleader 2 Dance CommlTTees STage Crew4 Drama Club4 Bug A N1ghT AmbuTuon Alrllne sTewardess SHARON LYNN HAMPTON Sherry AmblTlon RecepTronnsT BARBARA ETHEL HANKINS Hank SoTTball Manager I AmbuT1on To have a good Tame un luTe v T - an vu uv - vu rv bun I v v v v n , . . . . . , an an I I - vu In - v 1 - In vw nl 1. l 1 DOLORES FRANCES HANNON Peanul Ambilion To become a millionaire STEVEN MARK HANSON Sleve Baseball 2 3 4 Baslcelball 4 Ambihon To begin my educahon TANYA TYRELLA HARCUM Tanya Black Cullure Club 4 Ambilion Secrelary JOANNE DEBORAH HARDY Inlramural Baslcelball Black Cullural Club Ambihon To go Io Anne Arundel Commu nily College Io be an accounlanl PATRICIA LYNN HARRISON 5 FBLA 3 Big A Nighl Band 2 lvlaiorelles Ambihon To succeed in everylhing I go Io do and enloy lnce Io Hrs lullesl JEANNE LOUISE HARSHMAN Ambilion To be independenl I ll lv ' "Jo-Jo" up Jr.. 2, 3. Senior Superlatives announced at assembly ABOVE: "MosI' Likely Io Succeed" Dave Linlhicum and Karen Albrighl leave The slage al 'rhe Senior Assembly. ABOVE RIGHT: Tim Riley dashes down 'rhe auclilorium aisle 'ro accepl his special award Tor Class "Every'rhing." OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: "Class Brain" Bob Laprade malces anolher appear- ance on slage 'ro receive Ihe "Shies+" award. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Holding up her mosl unique gift Sarah Slewarl conlinues lo lead The school in The lalesf of fashion as "Bes+ Dressed." SANDRA EILEEN I-IARTZELL Sandy Peace Corps Club 3 4 GAA 2 Soffball 2 Tl'Iesplans2 3 4 Ambllnon To be an engineer BONNIE LOUISE I-IAZEN Bonlla Gymnasllcs I 2 3 Ambullon To gel marrxecl and be happy ROBERT TERRENCE I-IESSE Terry Eoolball 2 Arnbnlnon To 'om Jrlwe Lamp Lnglmfers Assoc: ahon JOHN MICHAEL I-IOEY Ambnlnon To go To college MARGARET GAIL I-IOFEMAN ROBERT ALOYSUIS I-IOOAN III o Soccer 4 Baskelball 2 3 4 Lacrosse Slaqe Crew 4 Ambuhon To live In San Francisco KEVIN WILLIAM I-IOGARTY Keyln Ambuhon To become a meclwanuc LINDA CAROL I-IOLTZ Library Council I 2 3 4 AmLJI+IOH To be successful al my worlc MYRNA J I-IOMENS Foofball 2, 3, 47 Baseball 3, 4: Varsify "A" 3 4. VIR bl? 3 , , Q 2, 3,4 Dick Barber wins championslup TERESA LYNN HOOK Terry Pep Club 2 3 Dance Commifrees 3 NHS 3 Secreiary 4 Amblhon Nursing AMY SUZANNE HOWARD Ambihon To be happy in wherever I do ROBIN ANNETTE HUBERS Hubes Gymnasfucs Club Ambihon Teacher for Chrishan Day School DONALD WAYNE HUDSON JR Donclo Soccer 4 French Club 4 NHS 3 4 Band 3 4 Baslcelball 2 Ambihon To be an officer in The USAF MICHAEL JOSEPH HUEFMAN Mi e Ambihon To ge+ rich PATRICIA LEE HUNT a Ambuhon To Travel and be happy DOUGLAS BERNARD HYATT Psycho Eoorball 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Slage Crew 4 Varsify A Club3 4 Ambihon To play pro Baseball II II I I I I II II II II I I I I I I II II X l IIP +II II II I I I I I - II II I 'ring Bruce Fink in 'rhe playoffs. Dick Barber, lable-ie infrarnural champion. dernonsfrafes his powerful "slam" shol' MARLENE BEATRICE INOLE Ambmon Offvce worker DAVID JOSEPH INGRASSIA David Am bmon Accounhng KENNETH EARL IRWIN en Karafe Clubl 2 CI1essCIub2 3 4 Rockef CIub I Sfage Crew 2 3 4 Drama Club 2 Amblrlon To become a dlrecfor DEBRA CECEILIA JACKSON De I Amblhon To be a IeqaI secrerary DAVID MICHAEL JACOBS Ja e Video rape +echmcIan2 3 4 Amblruon To bulld a super +rnIce To beaf Crocke+'r s IIagI1eacII HK .. 'I'I1espIans3,4 I I I I ll BNI .. k .. Seniors claim awards at assembly CAROLE DIANE JANIS I Ambilionz To buy Gene a molorcycle. DONNA MARIEJANSON Drama Club I: Gymnaslics 2, 3, 47 Year- book 3, 4: Cheerleader I, 2: Pep Club I, 2, V Lacrosse Manager 2, 45 Big "A" Niglwl 3, 43 Donkey Baskeiball 4: Flag Eoolball 4: Homecoming Princess 41 Marclm of Dimes Walk-A-Tbon Represenlaiive for Andover 43 Miss Andover Coniesranl. Ambilionz To finish college and gel married and Teacla gymnaslrics. RENEE MARIE JARRETT Ambilion: To be a Iaair slylisl. PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON "Pal" Ambilion: To be successful and gel mar- ried. RUDOLPH JOHN JONES MICHAEL JAMES KELLY "Mike" I Erenclri Club I, 2, 3, 41 NHS 3, 43 Golf 3, 4, Ambilionz Neurosurgeon. Mary Miller accepfs I'mer award as "MosT Talenledu a+ 'rI'1e Se ior Assembly. I x .-,,s iw- 4, lf' ffl' STEVEN WESLEY KEMP "Bear" CAROL MARY KENNY JANE ANN KETTELBERGER Senafor I Dance Cornmiffees I 2 3 4 Pep CIub I 2 4 EI'IA 2 BasIceI'baII Man ager2 3 4 Lacrosse Manager2 3 Year booI44 Ambrflon To become a speech Theraplsf DIANE MARIE KEYSER DECA 3 4 Ambnhon To become a buyer MARY CARL KING Ecology Club 4 Pep Club 4 AmbIIIOU To work af NSA U9 I susf-xm KLEMM I K. IIS II A As one-I1aIIoI+I1e "Class Lovers." Glenna MeIeacIy walks off wifln Iner prize. "WAND is on the air . " DIANNA LYNN KOPPLEMAN "Diane" Ambilionz To be a legal secreiary and gel married someday. SUSAN CAROL KORB "Sue" Gymnasiics I. Ambilion: Elemenlary Teacher. EDWARD ROBERT KOUCHERAVY "Kouch" Track I, 2, 3, 4: "II's Academic" 3, 4: Eooi- ball 2, 3, 4: Eilrn Club 4: Big "A" Nighl 3, 4: NHS 3, 4: Drama Club 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Winier Track 4. Ambiiionz To buy oui Anheuser-Busch. BEVERLY ANN KUCI-IERER "Bev" German Club 3. Ambiiionz Secrefary. DANIEL MIKE LAMARTINA Ambilion: To go To California This summer and when I reiurn go info bricklaying. MARY LOUISE LANE "Mare'I Ambiiionz Beauiician. LYNN NANETTE LANIER "Lynn" Pep Club I, 2, 3, 43 GAA I: German Club 3, 43 Pompon Girl 3. Ambilionr To be an elemeniary school Ieacher. BETTY JEAN LAPP Peace Corps Club 3: Pep Club 4i German Club 4. Ambiiionz College. 5 A WAND engineer and pari-lime DJ, Dave Murph changes a record during one of fhe radio sI'a+ion's days of operalion. I All' I rl ROBERT HOOKER LAPRADE o Arnbnhon Neuroplnyslologlsf TIMOTHY ANTHONY LAURESKA Lugle Lacrosse 2 3 4 Varsnly A Club Year book4 Ambullon To rude a one legged walrus Ilmrouglw The wllds of Transylvania GREGORY ALLEN LAVINDER Greg Baslcefball I 2 Baseball-4 Ambulwon College dale processing field MARJORIE ELLEN LEAGUE Margae Bandl 2 FBLA3 Ivlalore+I'esl 2 Bug A N Il 2 3 Arnblllon Velerlnarlan RUSSELL WILLIAM LEASE GREGORY LEE LEINEWEBER Linus Ambnhon Commercnal ar+ls+ IIB bil iglm I, I, . I I I Ecology-minded semors combine projects Wlth fun Splasliing in +I'1e war a g Eclw Eco gy Club member Joyc +I1eclub's many Jrrip JOHN GORDY LINSENMEYER Ambifion: To become a millionaire. DAVID HERBERT LINTHICUM "Dave" Srudenr Senalre Presidenl 4: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Senaror I, 2, 3: Srudenl Senale Commirrees I, 2, 3, 4: CRASC Del- egale 3, 4: WAND 4: Newspaper 3, 4: CRASC Commirlees 4: MASC Delegafe 4: "I+'s Academic" 4: Film Club 2: MASC Convenrion Commirree Chairman 2: Win- rer Track 4: NHS 3, 4: Varsify "A" Club 3, 4: Mafli Club 3. Ambifion: To find and creare happiness in life. SHARON KAY LINTON MASC Convenrion Housing Coordinaror 2: Pep Club 2: Newspaper 3: Yearbook 4: FBLA 4. Ambilionz To become a courr reporrer. JOHN WILLIAM LISLEJR. Ambirion: Srare police. LINDA ANN LISLE Ambirion: Cosmerology. KENNY RAY LLOYD "Fred" Eoofball 2, 3, 4: Lacrosse 2, 3, 4: Varsily "A" Club 3, 4. Ambirionr College or work. MARGARET LYNN LOCKERMAN "Lynn" Ambirion: To marry Mickey and be Iwappy. I ELAINE LOIS LOMAX Anne Chorus 2 3 Class Commullees 3 Ambxhon To go +o Alaska and rub noses w1'rl'1 an Eskrmo MARY CHRIS LOMAX CIIFIS Arr Club I 2 3 4 DECA3 4 Class Com mllfees 2 3 Ambshon To go 'ro college DENISE MARIE LOTTERER OH Pep Clubl 2 3 Newspaper3 YearbooIc4 Soccer Manager 4 Class Commlllees 4 Amblllon X ray Ieclwnscnan MARY DENISE LOWMAN DEBORAH LEE LUBER Debbie Ambllnon To marry Davxcl and make lm Happy DAVID WAYNE LYNCH Dave Ambuhon To become manager of a slore ..L .. GAA Ig Cheerleading 2, Co-Caplain 33 . . Z . h. THERESA ANN MacDONALD Terry Mascor 3 Cheerleader 4 Amblruon To become a secrerary ANTHONY JEROME MACK Tony EooJrbaIII 2 3 4 Baskefball Ambnrlon S+udy eledrruoal engineering ROBERT LOUIS MACKENZIE ou Amblrlon To graduare EILEEN MARIE MALLETTE DECA 3 4 PATRICIA ANN MANNION Parsy Pom pon Squad 3 FBLA 3 Vnce Presudenf 4 YearIaooI44 Bug A NlgIw+3 Amblrlon To gef as muclfm as possible our of e KENNETH MICHAEL MANNS en Amblhon Dafa processing +ecI'1nnclan IIL II A Ambirion: Eafecracker. Iif . I HK .. e Proper+ and Tina Shack perform +Iweir version of a can- d ring fhe French banquet Seniors perform in French cafe CHARLOTTE MARTHA MARINE "Char" Girls Baskelball: Track Manager: Track Par- licipanlq Black Cullural Club: Chess Club: Sollball. Ambilion: To be a cloclor. CHARLES THOMAS MARKOWSKI "Markowi+z" Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Track I, 4. Ambilion: To be ambilious. DONNA JEAN MARTIN I Ambilion: To be a doc+or's receplionisl, and To make my family happy. JOHN MICHAEL MARTIN JR Superslar Ambihon To see whal' I can gel oul of Isle KIMBERLY JO MARTIN im Amblhon To go on lo college CAROLYN ANN MATHIAS Girls Maclrigal Group 3 NHS 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Chess CIuI33 Ambihon Go mio lhe Air Force and lake up accounhng Le shampooingu never had a beller salesman as Mike Kelly mparls lrue French emolion inlo his shampoo commercial. Fran Duffy crowned "Mr, Andover" Surround SHARON LOUISE MAY Sherrie Soccer Manager 2 3 Lacrosse Manager I 2 Pompon Squad 3 Varsuly Masco'r 4 Pep Club 2 Tennis 2 4 NHS3 4 Senior Class Commiflees 2 Yearbook 4 Big A Nighir Ambihon Social worker AVERY ANN MCBRIDE Amblhon To always have friends BRIAN DAVID MCBRIDE Ambnflon Musician JUSTIN JOHN MCCARTY Squirrel Soccer 2 3 Wreslling 3 4 TracI43 4 Ambihon To be a gymnashcs Ieacher and be successful in life BRUCE REED MCCORMICK Mac Eoofball 4 Tennis 3 4 Ambihon To rock and roll DEBORAH KAYE MCCREARY Debbie Ambihon To always be happy RAYMOND O MCDADE GY SUSAN KATHLEEN MCEACHERN ue Chorus I 2 3 Class Commilfees I Class Secre+ary 3 Ambnlion Probahon officer PHILLIP WILLIAM MCKEWIN Arf CIub3 Ambllion To become an archilecl and enloylife I, 2, 3 Gymnasfics Show 2, 3, 47 Spring Play 3 I HR .. ..S .. , , Q ' ,2, 31 "Phil" ed by his admiring fans, Fran Duffy awaifs The anno cemenl naming him "Mr, And BEVERLY ANN IVICMULLIN ev ADP CIub4 AmbIIIOH Career CYNTHIA CATHERINE MCNEEL Cindy Pep Club 2 3 4 NHS 3 4 Erench Club 3 orus 2 3 4 Bag A Nlqhl 4 Sen Class Comm1++ees Inlrarnural Baskefball I Newspaper3 Yearbook4 Ambmon To work wI'rh handucapped chIl ren KAREN LESLIE MEDICUS Cheerleader 2 Pep Club 2 4 Chorus 3 4 Ecology Club I Erench Club I Class Com mIHeesI 2 4 Newspaper2 3 JunIor Cho rus PIano Accompranusl 3 4 Yearbook 4 Track IvIanaqer4 NHS4 Bug A NIghI4 AmbIlIOH To become an execuhve secre 'rary ADRIA MICHELE IVIEEKS Dance Decorallons Commullees I 2 3 FHA Vlce PresIden+ I Pep Club I 2 AmbI+Ion To be a beauhcuan GLENNA LEAH MELEADY Pep Club 2 Ecology Club 4 Eoofball Man ager I Baskelrball Iv1anager2 Lacrosse Manager2 Bug A NIgh'r2 4 Decorahon Commuffees 4 Track 4 Arl Club4 AmbI+Ion To be a make up ar+Is+ WAYNE SCOTT MEYERS Hof Shol Amblflon To become a mechanuc IIB II II . II I I I I I I Ch . II II . . , , , , IOP I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I ' I I I - II II - I I I I I ' I I I I ' I I - II II . . I I I I I II II Dernonslrarinq 'rhe mighly Archer Ioolball "kick," Brian Cle- venqer and 'Iubby Mosco do a lake-off on Charlie Brown for The Yearbook Assembly. SUSAN ANN MICHAEL ue Wunler Wonderland Commuflee 4 Amblhon To always be happy and success lu un Ie CINDYJO MILLER Candy DECA3 Arl Club 3 Ambuhon To Take life as I+ comes I-IOLLYANN MILLER Ambnlxon To work wlrh Jrhe menlally refarded JEFFREY SCOTT MILLER S MARY ELISABETI-I MILLER Mare Club 2 Lnferary Magaznne 3 Frlm Club 4 NHS 3 4 Newspaper 2 Donkeyball Game 3 Jr Rnng Dance DecoraJrlons3 Arnblhon To fund The rzme lhe place and fhe loved one all Jrogelher MICI-IAEL EDWARD MILLER Mike Ambuhon To mayor In biology Seniors help boost yearbook sales IS .I Q, . . I - A 5 I' Ii A "J II" Thespians 2, 4, Presidenr 3: Peace Corps As ferocious nalives wafch, Cheryl Banke says, "I like him!" and grabs her soon-Io-be-husband I-Iorace, lhe yearbook salesman, porlrayed by Rick Barrows. VICTORIA SUSAN MILLER Vi I Chorus I 2 3 Homecoming CommiHee3 someone in some way WILLIAM HENRY MILLER III Ambihon NIOFIICIGD CRAIG LANCE MINARICK JOI-IN ALAN MINARICK Ambihon To be a success RICHARD ALLEN MINER MARIA M MINGIONI Ambihon College or work .. kk... Ambilionr Io' find happiness and +o help "Bill" RANDY DALE MITCHELL Trac I Amblflon Machmusf JEEEERY WILLIAM MOLLER Mo e Enlm Club Ambmon Cabme+maIcer KATI-IY LYNN MOORE Pep Club Ambuhon Ar+ field or cIen+aI assusI'an+ PAMELA ANN MOORE AmIol+lon To be a drug counselor and Io I'1eIp people who can no+I1eIp +IwemseIves NORMAJEAN MOREIRA Ambnhon To worIcwlTI1 ammals TERRY LEE MOSCO Tubby FOOTI:-aII 3 4 BasebaII2 3 4 Wresfllng I Amblflon To make I+ In Ilfe k . .. I., "Libby" JOYCE LYNNE MOSER u Soflball 2 Baslcelball 3 Pholography Club 3 4 Pep Club 3 4 Wunler Wonderland Decorallons Ambnhon To be happy PAMELA KAY MULKEY am Drama Club 3 Thesplans 4 Amblhon To be The blggesl Yes Trealc In 'rhe world and To Travel To England DAVID NEIL MURPH Murph Soccer! 2 3 Band I 2 3 4 Slage I3and3 S age Crew I 2 Thespnans4 Amblhon College and muslclan REBECCA LYNN MYERS Becky Ambuhon Accounlanl STEVEN MICHAEL NALLY a Amblhon C5e+ a good gob ROBERT ALAN NEWCOMER Nulcey Baseball 4 Amblhon To make Iols of money CRAIG ERIC NEWMAN KENNETH DALE NEWMAN en Amblhon Nahonal Guard "El b" ..P .. 45 MAsc'camm1++eQs,' gprlng Play 3, ..P d.. ..K .. "Scholar Athlete" goes to Jack Powell Jaclc Powell, named "Scholar AI'hIe+e of The Year," member of 'rhe Nalional Honor Sociefy. parlicipaled in varsily foolball and was an aclive 45 LINDA JOAN NIX Gymnasfncsfi 4 Bug A NIQIW3 Ambllron To be a successful lworse rlcler and +ramer DENISEM NOONAN Ambnfnon Somellmmq In +I1e socval worlc SUSANNE ELISE NORRIS Susie Soccer Manager 3 Baslcefball Manager 3 Yearbook 4 Ambllron To become a lawyer and be Iwap pzly marrned MONICA MARIE NOVAKOWSKI Amblllon To keep a few special people Happy DEBORAH GAIL NOYES Amblhon To Jrravel Montel Williams sings with Stage Band Senior class presidenl Monlel Williams displays his ing "Jus'r You 'N' Me" af The Miss Andover Pag- vocal Ialenl. as a member of Ihe Slage Band, sinq- eanf. CHARLES FRANKLIN OWENS Chuck Ambihon To gel' high on life and never come down MICHAEL SCOTT OWENS u Band2 3 4 Slage Band4 Soccerl 2 3 4 Lacrossel 2 4 Big A Nigh+2 4 Baslcel ball 3 French Club 3 Ambilion Medical 'rechnologisr KENNETH LAWRENCE PARDOE Ambilion Eirefighrer EDWARD VINCENT PECUKONIS Eddie Amblrion College THEODORE PALMER PERKINS e Inlramural Baslcelball Ambilion Rehre al age lorry BONNIE MARIE PERRY FHA I Pholography Club 3 Dale Process ing Club Presidenl 4 Ambihon To be successful in life and some day marry Jack KAREN M PETERSON ..P p.. "Ken" IIT dll HBP.. SUSAN NANCY PETROSKI ue Pep Club 2 3 4 Drama Club 3 Cheer leader3 4 NHS 3 4 Chorus4 Maloreffe 2 3 Fearure Twlrler 4 Newspaper 3 4 Homecomlng Comrnlflees 4 KIM DENISE PIASKOWSKI um DECA S+a're Career Conference 4 Amblrlon To own my own dress shop or become a buyer for a relaul srore CONSTANCE ANNE PLATH Connie Ambuhon To always keep Brucue appy MATTHEW W PLATT DEBORAH LYNN PLIENIS Plumrs Amblhon To have a good life ..S .. . . I Ambirion: Pediarric nurse. ..K. .. .. Z . h I Darlene Stracke wins "Miss Andover '74" Darlene Slracke, "Miss Andover I974," makes her firsf appea ance in 'rhe daylime presen+a+ion of 'rhe pageant FREDERICK CARL POOLE "Moose" Class Treasurer I, Baskelball 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4: Varsily "A" Club 3, 45 Spring Play 3. Ambilionz To make a million dollars and walk Jrhree miles in The snow lo school wi1'h 'rwo baked polaloes +o keep me wa rm. SANDRA MARIE POPE "Sandy" Ambilionz To finish up college and be a legal secrelary. RENE MARY POTEE Shorly Amblhon To be able 'ro look down on some body JOHN PAYNE POWELL Jac Eooiball l 2 4 NHS3 4 Ambulruon lnformahon Syslems manage menl SANDRA LEE POWELL Sandy DECA2 3 4 WANDA YVETTE PRICE Wanda Volleyball Ambihon LP nurse ANNA Tl-IERESA PRISCILLA Earpo Drama Club 2 Thespuans 3 Presidenf 4 German Club 3 4 Lllerary Magazine 4 Film Club 4 Hs Academic 4 NFS6 4 Track4 Big A Nlgh'r3 4 Ambihon To learn 'rwenly languages Travel around The world and be Secrelary of Slafe .. k.. Pep Club lg Ecology Club I1 NHS 3, 4: Ed Koucheravy stars in "True SUSAN ELAINE PROPERT Susan NHS 3 4 Thesprans 3 4 Girls Track 3 Sfu denl Senafe Secrelary 4 Arnbshon To go unlo medicine LAURA LEE PROVONCHE Raunchy Provonche Chorus 2 3 4 Band 3 4 Newspaper Sfaff 3 4 Arrow Supplemenf Co Edlror 3 Drama Club 3 4 Blble Discussion 4 Peace Corps Club 2 3 Dance Commlffees 2 3 4 Amblhon To be a good woman for The man l love Jro bear has children 'ro hnd peace of mlnd and fo do lhe wull of Jesus JOHN ALBERT PRZYLEPA John Soccer I NHS 3 4 Ambnhon Eleclrlclan DEBORAH GAIL PUMPHREY Debbie Yearbook 4 FBLA 3 4 Treasurer 4 Pep Cu I Bug A Nrgh+3 4 Ambrhon To fund and creafe happiness ROSALIND BERNADETTE QUEEN Sissy Amblhon To fund a good 'ob To llve m own life and 'ro be happy JACQUELINERENEEQUINN Jaclue Dance Cornmnlleesl 2 Bug A N1gh+3 4 B n l 2 3 Ambuhon To malce lhe people around me happy JANICE E RABICKGW .1 ' T lb:"' .. A ..: . .I . Y I ad,,. Grub Sfarring as +l1e "good guy" in flue Film Club's weslern, "True Grub," Ed Kouclweravy casls a deadly look around for The "bad guy." KATHLEEN A RAY CHERYL ANN REINHARDT Clweryl Amlouhon To be lwappy all my life SHARON LEE REINHARDT Ambmon To be lwappy ELLEN JANE RESTIVO Sl1or+y Volleyball2 3 Cap+arn4 Baslce+ball2 3 4 So1c'rball2 3 4 Ecology Club4 accounrl ng or boolclceeplng BETTY ANN RIDGLEY Band I 2 3 4 Pep Club4 Lrbrary Council Ambnluon Accounlanl' TIMOTHY EARL RIEDEL lm Amblluon Anne Arundel Counly lure flqlmler Ambilionz To go 'ro college and major in 4. ..-I-. .. DEBRA JOANNE RIEGEL "Debbie" Ambuhon To be a secrefary TIMOTHY B RILEY um AFTIIDIIIOD To be Iuappy and To gef +Iwe mos? ouf of Infe DEBORAH ANN RISHEL Debble Arnblfuon To gef married have a Io+ of cI'1lI dren and be very happy ELIZABETH LYNN ROBINSON Beffers Arnblflon To go Io college be Bonnie s sus Ter In Iaw and wan +I'1e muIIuon dollar IoI+ery someday soon ANDREW JAY ROCK Bronson AmbIIIOD Aufo mecnannc WILLIAM JOHN ROLIC5 Ambuhon To be an experf +raveIer ors Iisfen in+en+Iy 'ro Mr. WIIIIQ as he speaks a+ gradua Seniors graduate June 4 I soclal sciences DEBORAH ANN ROSS Debbie Amblhon To marry Glenn SUZANNE ROSS Ambrhon To Irve a Imapp STH' JOHN DAVID ROYAL III Hay AmbIIIOD To work on cars FRANK RUSZIN III Ambnhon To be success'IuI JOHN BERNARD RYKIEL RICHARD PAUL ROLLETTE SI-IEILA IRIS ROSENGARTEN Ambuhon To aHencI college and mayor In y Ince wr+I'1 Dave IISUSII ' 11. I es a rnomen+ of her happiness f+gcIa+ I Class presents watches to sponsors Mr. Reed Parks, one of The Senior class advisors, class presidenl Monlel Williams presenls him al The happily accepls The engraved poclcel walch lhaf Senior Prom. BARBARA J EAN SALMONS a I Ambilion To gel Through college easily and Io live a happy Infe BETTY JEAN HALL SANGER Belsy Ambilion To be a lab 'rechnician SHARON LEE SAUL Sa 'rz espians 2 3 4 Chorus I 2 4 miHees3 4 Ambihon To meer all The people I can and 'ro be whalever I feel JAMES STEPH EN SCHAEFER im Ambilion To cover The world wilh S er man Williams Painls CHRISTINE MARIE SCHIAVONE DAVID GERARD SCHIAVONE Ambirion Eoreslry ELIZABETH ANN SCHIVIEDES Belly Ambihon Nursing CHARLES EDWARD SCHMIDT Chuck ..B b... .. I ,. Th ' ,,gi ,,3, gEiIm Club 2. 3, 47 NHS 4: Track 3: Class Com- ..J. .. .. 1 . h - wx W. if 1-, .Q A, EI 1. DONNA LEE SCHMIDT Donna NHS 3 4 Class Comml++ees 3 4 Ambnhon To lead a happy life and always be wl+l'1 Bob MICHAEL GARY SCHMIDT GLEN CHARLES SCHMINCKE G en Ambuhon Eleclromcs DANIEL LAWRENCE SCHOENE Grease Llgl'1+nlng DONNA LEE SCHOENE AmbIlIOD Model FRANK SCHUMAKER Frank Amblllon To be a success X l "Mike" II l . L' . Senior girlsagree that "There is nothing like a dame" LINDA HOPE SCRUGGS Lynn Ambihon To be a housewife DONNA CLARE SEARS Donnie Ambihon To be able Io live a long and happy life and io reach all my goals JOANN KAREN SEIBERT Amloihon To be happy and successful in all o TERRY WALTER SEPKOWSKI nsep.. Baslceiball I, 2, 3, 4. Ambiiion: To have a happy and successful life. DWIGHT GLENN SHAEEER "DuTch" Eoolball I, 2. Arnbifionz Elecirical engineer. CRAIG DUANESHECKELS Arnbiiion: To become a Maryland S'la're Trooper. OW: Senior girls relax before iheir perform- paniomime The song of +he same name from "Soulh BEL ance in Big "A" Nigh+. RIGHT: "There is nofhin' Pacific." like a dame," emphasize The senior girls, as 'rhev HJC., Id . MICI-IAELJOSEPI-I SHILOW Mre Amblflon To be an GIGCIFICIGH KAREN ANN SHIRLEY Phofography CIub Amblhon To be happy geImarr1ed Io Charlre and gef a good 'ob GREGORY MELVIN SIMMONS Greg Soccer 2 3 Amblhon To succeed and be happy SI-IARON JEANNE SIMPSON FBLA Amblhon Secrefary CAROLINE ELAINE SKIPPER Carol EDWARD E SLAUBAUCSI-I Ambrhon To gef ouI of school and Io go Info The Marines on JuIy IO PETE WILLIAM SLOAN JR Pelrey Ambuhon To pIay music CYNTHIA MARIE SMITH Cmdy Pep Club 2 Cheedeadmg 2 Ambuhon Labfechmcuan DENISE MICHELESMITI-I Ambuhon To make my pare nfs happy ll 'k II Ambifion: To graduaIeI "Ed" I JAMES GUY SMITH "Jim" Arnbirionz To 'rhumb across counrry and live nn Canada JAMES ROY SMITH Smalry Sfage Crew 2 3 4 Amblhon To celebrarel e SHERRY LYNN SMITH S er Amballon To be happy ROBERT STEINMETZ SMITH III o Soccer3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 NHS3 4 Var A Club 3 Ih Club I Hugh School Bowl Team 3 Chess Club I 2 Amblllon Physlcnsl and sem: pro soccer NANCY DOREEN SNYDER Terry Class Commalfees I 2 3 4 Pep Club I 2 4 FHA Vice Presldenl I Presldenr 2 Class Vice Presndenr 2 4 Sludenl Senafe Com mnI+ees4 Baslcelball Manager 2 3 4 Lacrosse Manager2 3 4 NHS3 4 Llbrary Council 4 Sludenl Senafe 4 MASC Con venllon Delegale Mlss Andover Confesl an Amblllon To become an elernenrary school Teacher DAVID WAYNE SOHL GOII3 4 Wlnrer Track3 4 Arnbrllon To go on To college CH ERYL ELAINE SOOTER AmbIlIOH To loin The Navy and Ialce my nurse s framing and go 'ro college " : I I if I1 h ll IIB bll sily " I .45 Mal I ,'2,I3, 4: 3 I I I THERESA MARIESOBISKI ' Jr . December 15 marks Winter Wonderland Bob Smirh and Sue Properr enjoy a quier mome a+ 'rhe senior's annual Winrer Wonderland dance. DANIEL JAMES SOVERNS an Track I ' Foorball 2 3' Srage Band 2 3 Ambifionr Cerlilied public accounlanf SI-IARON LYNN SPERLING Gm BRENDA LOUISE SPRINGSTON Class Commilfees 3 4 Ambilionz To gel married and be nappy in everyllwing Ido ES-IINA MARIE STACK ina' Chorus Pianisr 2 3 4' French Club 3 ' Class Commilfees 3 4' Senalor 4' MASC 3 4' CRASC 4' Srage Band 4' Spring Play 3 4 Ambirionz To learn as muclw as I can abour music and use if Tb briglwlen ollwerslives MARK HOWARD STAUFFER COLEEN MARIE STELLA Ambilion: Minisfer ..D ,. HS .. ..T .. . , , .4. 4 LINDA ANN STEMPINSKI VICKIE LYNN STEPHENS "Gage" DECA I Arnbilion: Nursing and Io conlinue Io work and be nappy willw Ilwe Odenlon Volunleer Eure Deparlmenl DOROTHY MAE STEWART Amblllon To gel a good Iob and Ilve a Iwappy life SARAH POOR STEWART Drama Club I 4 Pep Club I Fllm Club 2 Dance Decoralnons COmmIlI6GS Bug A INIlgI1l'2 3 4 Pom pon gurl 3 Tlwesplans 4 Sfage Crew 4 Eall and Spring Plays 4 Amblhon Modeling and college EUGENE ERANCIS STILLER Gene Ellm Club 3 4 Ambnllon Malce an Oscar wlnnung movie wrule a besl seller book and gel more sleep MICHAEL ALAN STOCKER Mu e Ambulnon To save The world 470' Homecommg queen makes g special appearance Homeco ng ueen Darlene S+ aclce capfive of nal es Jeff Ba Ih a d Bob Bray malces a cameo JULIA GALE STOCKS Jule Cheerleader I Caplam 2 3 Drama CIub2 Chorus I MASC 2 Bug A Nrghf 3 4 Pep CIubI 2 3 Dance Decorahonsl 2 3 4 Donkey Baslcefball 4 Ambuhon To be happy ever afrer KENNETH EARL STONE en Thespuans3 4 Roclcel CIub2 3 Ambxhon Elecrromc Iechmcuan DARLENE ANN STRACKE ar Baslcefball 3 4 Ecology Club 4 Class Trea surer 4 Mard1Gras Comml'r+ee 4 Ambuhon To enloy Isle and hnd happiness by always loolcing on Ihe brlghl side CATHERINE MARIE STREHLEN CaI'hy Peace Corps Club Secrefa ry 2 Ambilionz Secrelary PAMELA SUE STUTLER .. am., Ambifionz To become manager a+ Record Bar DEBORAH LYNN SUDBROOK "Debbie" Ambifionz To succeed in life and Io malce Riclc happy MARY TERESA TACKA "Terri" Ambilionz X-ray Technology appea ance af +he Yearbook Assembly II I' II Class Secrefary 4: Gymnasficsp Yearbook 3: HK .. ..D .. P MICHAEL ROY TAPP Mike Amblhon To be a 'reacher JUDITH ANN THOMAS Judy Pep Club I Vice Presidenl 2 Presidenl 3 4 Refreshmenl Commillees 2 MASC Hosless 2 Senalor 2 Sfudenl Sena+e Treasurer 3 4 Sludenf Senale Newsleller Edi'ror 4 News paper Edllor 4 Sfudenl Senale Commfrlees 3 4 Tickef Commiflee Chairman Donkey Baskelball 4 Youlh In Governmen+4 Ambihon To be happy wifh Joey and To make il in 'rhis world wi+hou+ 'foo many prob ems GEORGE EARL THOMPSON JR Cross Counlry and Track 2 Film Club 4. Ambifionz To make if in radio. MARK EDWARD THORN Film Club 45 Lacrosse I. 2: Track 3, 43 Fool- ball 2, 3.4. Ambilionz To discover a cure for The hang- over. IVA DENISE THORNTON "Denise" Black Culfure Club. Ambilion: To succeed in anyfhinq and ever- y+hing I do. SHARON LUCI LLE TIAHRT "S.T." Pholography Club 3, 4. Ambilionz To have a good lime and some- day se+IIe down. ROBIN MARSHALL TILLERY Ambilion: Hair slylisf. SGIIVPOS Q oo+ h A Iles e Anna Priscilla - another star in "True Grub" S d e in ina barn, sch Ieac er nna Prisci i Th female member of +he "True Grub" casf. KATHRYN MARY TOMLINSON Kafhy Amburuon To work wufh children JAN D TOWNSEND JOSEPH HENRY TRAIL DORIE TRAPP Amblflon Riding lnsfrucfor PENNY ANN TRICE Amblhon To be able To cu+ records 10 TERRY LYNN TRUITT "Tee" Pep Club: Chorus. Ambilion: Chrisfian living. JOANNE MARIETUTKO ..JO., GAA I3 German TuI'or I7 Pep Club I, 2, Secrefary-Treasurer 3, 41 NHS 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 4: Madrigal Chorus 3, 41 German Club 3, 43 Cheerleader 2, 3, Co-Caplain 41 Newspaper 4' Homecoming Commillees 4. Amloilionz Secrelary. STEPHEN WAYNE TYLER Ambifion: Live and have a good Time in ' e and have enough money To do whal I wanl +o do CAROL LYNN VANSKIVER Cheerleader 2 3 Gymnas+lcs3 4 Pep u I Bg A Nlghl 3 4 Commi'rTees3 4 Soccer Manager Amblhon To be happy FRANCES MARIE VARNER ran Ambihon To marry Glenn PAMELA LEIGI-I VEST am Soccer Manager 2 Pep Club I French Club I Ambihon Execuhve secrelary niors give a sfanding ovalion Io 'rhe sfrealcers af Jrhe Sen As bl em y. May 31 last day for semors MIIM 'X LEP' CSAIL LAWRENCE WAGNER Hap Ecology Club I 2 Soccer I 2 Fall PIay4 BasIce+baII I Track 2 one and be a wrldlnfe manager BETTY FAITH WALBURN Amblhon To gef 'rhe mos+ ou'r of Ilfe I can MICHAEL AARON WALDMAN Ml e Sfage Band Band Pep Band Amblhon Manager of Radio Shack BRENDA DIANE WALKER Amblhon To be an Alr Force I and Then a housewife CATI-I ERINE LUCILLE WALTER Cafhy Amblhon To be happy w1'rhI1Ie MICHAEL MAURICE WARCI-I . "Mike" Ambifionx To be successful. neufenanf Amloifionx To help rnake Ihe world a beffer ll 'k II Ca+hy WaI+er waves a '74 goodbye +o Andover. PETER CHRISTIAN WARD THOMAS DUANE WAREI-IIME Tom Track Amblhon Go Io college and mayor In Trans porfahon JUAN LENNIS WARREN DECA Secrefary 4 Amblhon To make Carljron happier BRENDA GAILWASDEN CarIoon CIub 4 Ambuhon To go Io coIIege and become a commerc1aIar+lsI WILLIAM ALBERT WATERS UI'1S Capfam 4 Varsnfy A Club 4 Pang Pong ChampIon3 Bug A NIgIw+3 4 Ambllrlon To go Io coIIege and be success IuI In I Ie KAREN ANN WATTS Ambuhon Compufer operafror "B "Bill" Track I7 Lacrosse 2, 3, 47 Soccer I, 2, 3, ' i . EN -...L Two seniors receive "Girl Athlete ofthe Year" Ann Wellham and Ellen ResTivo, who boTh received "Girl AThIeTe of The Year" in a double award, pres- enT Mrs. CaTTerTon wiTh a plaque from The girls' DIANA MARIE WEISMAN Diane AmbITion To be happy in IiTe BRENDA SUE WEITZEL AmblTlon To geT married and have a Tribe Tull OT Iclds ANN MARIE WELLI-IAM um NHS 3 4 Volleyball 2 CapTaln 3 Co Cap T n4 I3asIceTbaII I 2 3 4 SoTTbaII I 2 3 4 Ecology CIub4 GAA PresldenT2 Mem ber3 4 AmblTlon To become a physical educaTlon malor and coach my own Team KATHY LYNN WELLHAM KaThy RICHARD LOUIS WELLEIN Duc Amblhon To make The mosT ouT of Ilvln MICHELE MARY WHALEY e GAA I Pep Club I SecreTary Treasurer 2 Vlce PresndenT3 4 NHS 3 4 DaTa Process Ing Club 2 SecreTary Treasurer 4 AmbnTuon To work wuTh compuTers and Ilve a happy IlTe WALTER VANCE WHEATLEY JR WheaT ArTrsT Tor Newspaper2 3 4 Amblhon Commercial arTlsT HSI. .. aizll AmbiTion: To be happy. .. . k.. .. Z . . gh "Sh I" Graduating class of 503 largest ever JULIEANNE WHEELER Amblrlon To be happy EDWARD PAUL WHITESELL Newspaper 4 Amblhon To be successful In wI1a'reverI do JOHN FRANKLIN WHITNEY III Amblhon Consfruchon GORDON CLARENCE WILEY Amblrlon Law enforcemenf offncer JANICE LYNN WILK Amblhon To Ilve WIII1 nafure HOLLY MARIE WILLIAMS Band 2 3 4 CI'1orus2 3 4 Pep CIUIJ3 4 BasIceIbaII IvIanager2 3 4 Senafor-4 GIFIS Sfafe Represenrahve Srudenf Senare CommlHees4 Amblflon Plwarmaclsr qw I-Ia r y He d clcson as M W Illam Perry reads 'rhe ames KATHLEEN MARIE WILLIAMS Kalhy Ambuhon To Ilve a very happy life MONTEL BRIAN WILLIAMS Tlny hlny Eoolball I 2 Baslcelball I 2 Srudenl Sen ale 2 3 4 Traclc 2 MASC Delegafe 3 Human Relallons Commlffee I 2 3 CRASC Represenlahve 3 4 Class Pres: denI3 4 People Io PeopIe4 Board of Edu cahon Comml+'ree4 Sfage Band I 2 3 4 Thesplan3 4 Bes'rAc+or2 3 WAND4 Ambuhon To be Presldenl ol 1'he Unlled Sfalesnn 94 JANICE LYNN WINKLER JOSEPH ERIC WINTERSTEIN "S+ein" Foo ball I, 2, 4: Lacrosse I, 2, 3, 45 Sfage Crew 4. Ambilionz To have fried everyrhing al Ieasl once. WANDA KIM WOODLON Black Culrure Club 4: Ar+ Club 4. Ambilionz Model and social worker. RONALD EUGENE WURZBERGER IIROVIII German Club 3, 41 Bible Sludyq Chess Club. Ambifionz To become a biologisl. The Iirsl row of graduales receive fheir diplomas from Dr r n ri r. I ' Irn . 3 4 Seniors gather for the last time - graduation KAREN CAMILLE WYATT Ambition Legal secretary DONNA MARIE YOUNG Ambition College and try to succeed in whatever I do MAJORIE M YOUNG Margie DECA4 HARRY LEE YOU NOOUIST Ambition To get out ot school MICI-IELLE ANNE RITCI-IIEZIEGENI-'IEIN Drama Club 2 3 'Ihesplans4 Ambition To make BIII happy tor the rest ot his I te WILLIAM LEROY ZIEOENI-IEIN III lite and to be with Michelle always MARGARET BONNIE ZILL Bonnie DECA Ambition To marry Roger NORA RAE ZIMMERMAN Ambition To be successtul in whatever ROBERTA ANN ZIMMERMAN Bobbie Ambition To become a paid ambulance technician ' I . I HZ.. Ambition: To make something ot myselt in ' ' : ' Ido. For the tirst time in Andover's history, a class grad- uates out ot school on June 4, I974 at Catonsville Community College. ugu I 1 4 f TOP: Monlel Williams, Mary Miller, Ken Irwin, and Michele Ourny slar in "The Mice l-lave Been Drink- ing Again," Jrhe sophomore one acl' play. ABOVE 'Vl""Ky,y 1 ,f fs," fi E y we ww 1 W ,, W f ,, ' ff fe LEFT: Sophomore class officers ancl Senalors - Nancy Casamenfo. ABOVE RIGHT: Rick Barrows Barbara Floyd. Terry Sobiski, Dave Linfhicum, Rick remembers his six years al Andover l-ligh. Barrows, Jucly Thomas. Sharon Eehsenleld, and Six years at Andover OUR SIX YEARS AT ANDOVER began in The Tall oT l968, sevenTh grade, buT The class did noT become very acTive unTil our Treshman year. ThaT year we sponsored The Freshman Dance, neTTed SI2 on a car wash, and Tried To have a paper drive. I97l-T972 Tound us sophomores. We sponsored The Slave Dance, The SweeT- hearT Dance, sold "74" buTTons and did a booT camp slciT aT Big "A" NighT. Our junior year, wiTh MonTel Williams, presidenT, Birdy Gillis, vice-presidenT, Sue lv1cEachern, secreTary and Barbara Floyd,eTreasurer began our repuTaTion as a class oT "TirsTs." We held our Ring Dance, sponsored The Tilm "l.iTTle Big Man" and upseT The Seniors by Two poinTs in Donkeyball. ln Big "A" NighT we enTered "The Oueer Cowboys" and our one acT play was "No ExiT." Our Jun- ior Prom, The TirsT ever held ouT oT school, was aT The Club Venus. Reed Parks and Tom Garrigan were our class sponsors. SENIORS AT LAST! Along wiTh The same advisors, PresidenT MonTel Wil- liams, Vice-PresidenT Terry Sobislci, Sec- reTary Julie SToclcs, and Treasurer Dar- lene STracke made This year our mosT acTive. Our TirsT big evenT was WinTer Wonderland and we co-sponsored a band concerT wiTh The Class oT I975. We sponsored Big "A" NighT and The Senior Girls perTormed a record panTomime. Our one acT play was "Plaza SuiTe." The lasT day oT school was May 3l and The Senior Prom was held laTer ThaT evening aT The Emerald Gardens wiTh Two bands. GraduaTion was held on June 4 aT CaTonsville CommuniTy College due To The size oT our class - 503. And we were The lasT class To com- pleTely go Through Andover. Q ,. ' 1 T 2 i ,V a , - 5 ' , 3, fi 9 I V f 1 1 T f 2 T my lirl ,f.f ff , TP if T' ' V ' T W -,,, , 7 if , ,, ' ' iliiiifs, Q , , Qgyffr, , if V f' +4 M,- TOP: Freshman oTTicers Barb Dodson, Fred Poole, snowball TighT. BOTTOM: Remember when Tresh- boys' lavaTory and Tellow SenaTors Dave l.inThicum, and Doug AlbrighT baTTle ouT Their TrusTraTions in a man SenaTor Jane KeTTelberger Tried To sTorm The Rick Barrows, and Marlon Graham sTopped her? 7 We've Pound a Place Where There's Room to Grow f Q mb Mer", f f 7 , . L 4 ff I , 5 fur lfzww, If , 5, f 75, fwkfh J 0. 'Q L7 - ffm Mk! 1 ff , , f, ,, , ff 71 ,Y RIGHT: Anna Polsinelli and escor'r, Tim Riley cha? during a break al The Varsify "A" Dance. FAR RIGHT: Mary Duffy and Gary Shea enioy llwe music al flwe Varsify "A" Dance on February I8. Bill Adams. Sue Akonom, Mark Albergo. Scofl Allison, Teri Arnelung. Saral1An+li+z, Cindy Anuszewski, Clirisli Arbogasl, Clwarlorfe Arrnslead, Cryslal Armsfead. George Bach, Lydia Banko.Jol'1n Barber, Don Barclay, Rebecca Barker. Rulli Barling, Jacqueline Barnes,Keil'l'1Barrack, Harold Bassler. Sue Ballwgafe. i' 1 , H ,1 fl 2 W ?lIll KX ,mv- nv 1 I 5-An , ' il 'Wan , lyg .xg in ' x 1 f-. f fr f"fW"'7p771c7zr? , fi ' V ' M1 1 Varsity "A" Dance creates romantic mood for juniors I . , A -I ,gmgeag I , V. y ,, A . 'ii' 95. iz? , i , Vrf g , vr, ,,, '44 X - K 1 V, 7,6 Icy' V f' L5 i A I W .4 i .- 'WG' , ,, ,,,, W,,,,i.,. 4 ,.,,, a ,if fg f, i fl ffj, L7 li' rf' 1 HZ' H iQ, . Z' fy ,,,, V , ,V V, f 7 ff. s -4 ' 1, "' ,Q fin . 4 Aff J fr , - ""f "',' Q fr? ,- , fzcfff , " , - 49 x if. iw ,z fa 1 f?" f P54 f 'X K 1 X I ' A f Q? 1 f wa, 5 5 ' W! i ...,i ,, 1 yi Donna Bayse, Ira Beachy, Harry Beairy, Paul Behringer, Jim Benney. Connie Beniiey, Sharlene Bessicks, Thomas Beihea, Lee Ann Biggs, Jane Birdsong. Lewis Bish, Linda Bifiner, Cheryl Blum, Henry Bock. Michael Bock. John Bogart Amy Bonovich, Bob Booker, Denise Booker, Bonnie Booih. Club members use activity period to make money Y ..,.,.- --,V e -ma, X Jeff Bopp, Debbie Bopst Crysfal Bos+on,' Rick - Q. f- if ,ii Bosfon, Mike Bowanlco, Cailwy Bowman. ix Jw- W i Gail Bowman, Tracy Braicl, Bill Brairclwer, Denny Briqlwi, Debbie Brooks, Brenda Brooks. M q sf R Sianley Brooks, Bob Broselcer, Roberia Brown. Judy "' "" ' V' - .,wgi,f V, ,B i Burqess,Cl'1arles Burley, Melaine Burley. . ,X L ' j I i Q K, ,,.,,, - " M" ,BQJQ i ,,' 21.3 , i ,,,,,,w I f'fQ?l',qR,l, " 'fg'.. fi 1' es, i, ,S I l 5 i Q.. , ,. ,V 'M ' ' A f M 7. , ff? aili mi' lil A li-, liglligii G' I 4,1 'lk' .Il .hw H W. , A ff, fue 1-0 - Linda Buscl'1man,Sbaron Bufala, Janice Byrcl,Kafl'1y A , 'W 'V I ,. X A -ni. f' v-,' 'f Q . if , Byrne, Gail ByTella,Arlene Cammer. W 7 golf? ,. ' ' fy I v fix! My I ',,, Q. ' '- I 4 3' i " W Y f 1.'W l 46 ' ,.,,, - Bi.. , ' 2 r ' f:'1'ip,,af5gAg,i JS, 9 if W" 1-'iffblfllagyi'ff", 1 ",' ' ' ' ' ff , . a ,-.. , x was '," if 1 . l " M 6 2 is i A -v- -5 A fm, W f:"":'7'f Q , f -- V, f ww I s .,,,ss X Yi .ff l xi is ,ii HX---v"h 4 f 'E .ist ii , 4,..s i., Qy-, B , W Q B B csaa Q y ,.4 X, f Xi ll? ff B LL. 5 ln aHemp'r fo beaulify a +eacher's car, Lydia Banko washes cars for fhe newspaper during The lunch- acfivify period. N-vf .41 ar ks iw 'WS , -,Feng 1 '.!X,,. , is-'i 1 -,1-1 . " ' .1 sin., , 2 wi gy 'L fi 2 A . 4,4 gi ix X ,fm F I 'V,V, Y M V ,f ' P vzigg 92 . . 7 ' A' , " Wjfif i gf" .. i 'ahy 1 A f V ' 'V44 ,V A,hh ' ,-. Mfg, , . ,, Richard Campbell, Ron Campbell, Leslie Caperoon, Calrhy Capwell, Alvin Carfer, Frank Carfer, Dawn Casper, Rose Carpinlieri. Ricky Calania, Joe Cenlineo, Sleve Chambers, Debbie Chenowelh, Kevin Chilcoal. Barbara Childs, Greg Chrisikos, Palli Cifko. Mike Clalchey, Jean Cleckner, Kim Clemens, Rob Close, Sleve Colehouse. Donald Coleman, Kalhy Coleman, Mike Colombian. Iuniors win the one-act play Debbie Cornmarafa, Terry Conqdon, Dee Cooke, Mike Corcoran, George Creel. Terry Cremen, Mark Crocamo, Linda Crolsley, Paula Crouse, Rachel Crowe. John Czaikowski, Nancy Davidson, Carla Davis, Robbie Davis, Joyce Decoursey. Terry Denford, Nancy DePries+, Charlie Dixon, Mike Dolch, Sylesle Donahue. competition RIGHT: Jane Birclsong, rhe Grasshopper. climbs oul of 'rhe "Gian+ Peach" in lhe Junior class one- acl play, "Jane and lhe Gianf Peach." FAR RIGHT: Playing Aunf Sponge and Aunf Spiker, Liz Lis and Kafhy Mccarly marvel over 'rhe Gianl Peach as Pafly l-larper, Jane, waifs her cue. SW f 13, '-'fig ,V '35 Vg , , i .v fy ,l I I i,.A WW. 4 73.4 aC 9' ik M Y ' 4 SX I 3? Pk U z X, ' 2 A MQW' Q Q Q ...Q I 'ii Ay! , as og. A R 'ibm ' 6'i..l't . ,c4 . , 2 'V ,f"'!"' i f 'H r 4 , i Q .1 s f. - f . ,- x X - sg-.4 , 'jf F 5 Pkwy X - .-.1 X 'Yr' i-A x. " ,4 .' ff-1. .N 1 I , . - , ,rv - . ,. H . K -I n 1 he ,, ,K . L X., i Va it . A '. f if f' ,, -Ez, ,' ...i - ,f i. .7 ,f,,V,,,,f , Q , w i i f .uf 8 ,V rj! 118 J . S 4 J ., X ,, , W 3 fx j I 'mf 'f Eff , , '. jr ,L 1 C.: . 1 a':' : 1' . ,. , Xen y If "' "wf"'f12 'w ' A 1 1 ',,.r xy -ff in ' liii W, E, V. fi, . 2. K V A K y gy Q' Vi Billy Dorr, Judy Dowling, Ricbard Drelwoltf, Mary l ' ,G ,, i 1,045 i1-,Nj Duffy. Paula Dulnamel. li X X i , rw fa. illfl' f1a'?li" I lv., ' ' ' V931' ffclq L r 'Eff ",l- 2 'i',W 1 Vxazii 1: eZ'?3f" lififliirl Vi 5 4' 3 if " -, "i"i ' . 'S' r r . fr V ,Wig 2 .1 V V' :i2fQ::f,,:Q .' , ' 4.-:,,f A , . ' V . ,i i- l ls 'i5:i?f,i5-li-V , . 5 4-V ,f . f f :q , f. :.,Vf:'f , -V - y . . 4' 2,55 if-Q, gjji, V ,V V ' "hi Terri Duke, Warren Duke,Jul1a Easlland, Howard '-P nz 7? ,gf ' V-V' i i I 5 ' f V, V - V- V . V - Ebberl Bonnie Eckarl V 5, M , .V.. .. , , . -Vffwf ' , ' -ct"'7,V -V Q 1 :.r2iQ'4Sgw'f".1,1e'11. " .' - V My ' V, " V . f 3 Mr., 1- ,L -' ' f vaf fre, ,z fznv-U-' , 1.1 Q., 1' ",' ' . 92 no-af 4 Air 1"' e 1131 re We , xg 5 M , xg, '57 ,,,,,, ' n.:ifEf.i'4'v?2' Roxanne Eckert Valerie Eckert Bruce Edwards, John Eid, Debbie Eisenlwarclf. Ron Ensenaf, Sleye Epley, Mike Eral, Polly Farber Connie Fincliam. Iunior activities extend to gymnastics Doing his part tor the spring gymnastic show, Greg Chrisilcos presses to a shoulder stand. Steve Graves, Cindy Gray, Valerie Gray, Debbie Greer, Pat Grittith, Rita Grittith. Kathleen Grirnes, Kathy Grimes, Debbie Gugliotta, Sharlene Gurry, Kim Hagerty, Cindy Hall. Sharon Hall, Willy Hamer, Cheryl l-larnlen, Bob l-lanien, Debbie Hanley, Kathy l-lansen. 2' M.,- '?"f' ,,,, i , , , i' "lfI'2: t- ,: i ,ff ef' "XT f - -1 K l ii y y, ,713 ' - ith , ,, 'L 1 . i' t' "' yhfyggi 1 Q . U i L if . 1 'tt if 1551 ' if " I 44 yifyv I 7 f 06" 3 , , , K W, zeal 5 , 'W' If , ,M " , 4-1 A . , 5 , 9, B5 1 ' 'Q 'itii i . ,Q f I 957,02 f ,T ,, fy V I KWH ' , i 4 ,. ,M izhwrs-1'Wi!i . , , ,f,, ' "' - 1' ' I ' . ft ff' 95 A 't 1 - nf 2, 21" 3 I 5 ,FE 7: 2. ' We-V7 i ! . . ,M ' f 4,1 I . ' W 1 ,m ms Q lil, f i :if 'WWE IC! ...av 16" A.f, 4' V V, Hex ,763 . . :Jw .E h .2 VY me i n W' it-7 f ,- W -v Q ff" f , ,,, 1. , ,, , 1 2, 4 , ' "' 4.4 , X I . K 33 f , ' ..,.1.Qi7i'-' , X , jg N ' f 1 'i 1 5 F' -og... fir. 5 F l , Wa ' ' 'rfL,' 1 W ax gf Q hs 5 ,ff 2 C f 1 9 ,f V 05 ' ,bak , f, V, 2. 4 -:V ,, :A-5. 1, 'V' an .5 V ,V 1 4 1, , , 1 . l' ff Vf " - f W .- is Q P , . 51 ,K Q .1 f7W""f7f ' 1, ' A 1 H' ' 4 1 ,. ,Q ,f f . 4 , , fm., V V, ,y . M, ,. V V Q' gr, mf , . 3' V .F ' mf, ' , 'V t 1 ff ,V , f '4 41? '41 ,V - f- V , V4 ' ,V -nw. f 4 A V :M jgggsgsl li f' ' V V 5, cw, V, ' fi, 1 I, , W f'2,,,i5-, , l , ' , ' Z., 3' V 'X V fi ' , "N:j3Z'3 V Q is H 'J Q V fry, 1 ' 5. n i f 1 V af' if ,Effu Z, if ., fa liflf ff ' .X La? ,.., 2 1 .,5.,5 H QS.. .V 1 J W Gary Farmer. Cafhy Farfhing. Debbie Ferres Calhy Fercho, Vanessa Fields, Pal Finney. Brian Fisher, Dave Fisher, Holly Fischer, Jim Flelcher, Linda Floyd, Lamar Fosler. Don Frank, Joyce Galloway. Danny Gassaway, Mike Gerharf, Mike Germufh, Nancy Gesek. Karen Gesserf. Dawn Goan, Vicky Goddard, Cheryl Gossman. Sharon Grace, Bill Granf. 7 Laurie Hoffman. Janer Hofmann, Gary Holmes, Sherry Hoofnagle, Don Howard. Mary Par Hrybyk, Rick Hubbard. Laurie Huff, Rick Huguiey, Bob Humphrey, Mark Hunfer, Debbie Hya'r+, PafInglis,Jol'1n Jacobs. Don Jacobs, Gary Janaskie. Renee Jarrefr, Elizabefn Jefferies, Nancy Jennings, Tim Jennings, Diane Johnson. Wade Kauffman, Wade Keeling, Beverly Keeney, Gilberf Kenner, Hakcnul Kim, Denise King, Greg King. wi: ' ""i :j+ . V25 1f5'Ff7A 'V ' Y' M77 f31V',g2,:'.f..'sa-1" " ' "7.':2'1w.f yiiazff k"' i:?'1'g:'-V :fjfyf x ' -' f z-Ev:-fails aff: 5 '7 ' xi 'v .1 . s l , Q H '. J ,jg 4 I t if , ,,,,'x f K - , 'I . , V ,XL ' -'swf' , I J f W f f yew' . J. V my yyiy J 4 L X Q, M. 4 ,,,,- 1.44 "'- 11- . fn, if X. ' 09 : 53 xg . 'sf' , i . -' s' i K' f 1 if - ,. f ,L ' as .ff if' +fx,""' 'Q' i " if EQ' ' , 31. , .. ii Q3 'kg 'S 2 .,., . , , , v W, 2 "P , I . Y' J . . 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C' ,f,, . o f J- . "4r?' K 441,16 V ,a Sandy and Ken play leads ll ll in The Boyfriend During fhe dinner 'rhealer producfion "The Boy- boyfriend, played by Ken Lehman. friend," Polly Brown. Sandy Nehring, finds a True Teresa King, Michele Krall, Karen Kraliclc, Sharon Kniclcrnan, Karen Kniclcman. Bill Korb, Bambi Krall, Lynn Kruger, Bob Kur+h, Lorraine Kushner. Roberl' Larr, Waller Larrimore, Mary Loeb, Sherry Landrelh, Bob Langville. Tim Lang, Rhonda Lea+herman, Ken Lehman, Lynn Leizear, Jerry Lichlenberg. Bill Lins, Donna Lins, John Linsenmeyer, Elizabelh Lis, Sue Lisf. 3231, Q ff 3 gp 2 i 4 A P rf ,mf 6, L' i M "' 'T li 1 -Lwl gll of ,. fe-gf fi if ,C 3 . , 'NW' "Fifi if li f -mf' fun M i Zf A If +437 .. Juniors go nostalgic in Big "A" night skit LEFT: Juniors "rock" +o lhe music of fhe 5O's and 60's in Big "A" Nighi ac+. FAR LEFT: Going back +0 fhe 4O's, Shar Gurry, Debbie l-lyairl, and Leslie Meredifh do Their imifairion of 'rhe Andrews Sisfers. ,W 'as , ""'9"' X Y i 5if- limixi S Nr M193 i 'Viv X X fs ,J ' Yfyf-f.f : 4, ,,,:vif 2 iiiii X o. oo . " 1-559 'fl H ii fig.-4ff,'1f fig Fm.. 3 , ,Q 1-:z -.'- QV' ' l , ,QQ jg. . g' s XE :Qi Q .-Mya, rj X !4-. 'hx' I Sy, 7 'Ti Dale Long, Dave Luber, Diane MacDonald, Richard Manges, Ken Manns. Jackie Marcus, Caihy Masiello, Robin Maianin, Gayle Malfox, Dorofhy Mays. Jimmy McCarriher, Kalhy Mccarry, Neil McCauley, Dorfhea Mcclinfon, Ken McDonald. Greg McLeskey, Dennis McNamara, Jackie McSwain, John Meador, Jeff Meeks. Carol Meisler, Fred Meisier, Leslie Meredilh, Josephine Meyer. Cheryl Miller, Gail Miller, Lary Miller, William Mills, Ricky Moody, Sue Moser, Jim Murray. Gayle Mueller, Jenise Mueller, Roland Muir, Kim Musfin, Robin Myers.Jol'1n Naumann. NV.. If N-w Sandy Nel'1ring,Blalce Neilson, Dan Napfel. Scolf Norflwcraltl, Monica Novalcowski, Darlene O'Brien. FW ' fffM""""'NW12' , - 5 ,W ff' I xA ww, 9' ...eww f f mi , Z V'7vf ' "'f I i ',', ff' 4, . ' f ,':f,1"' 'V' fa ' ' 2 ' V Z Vy,,,,. A 3 , gl," 4...-, 9 , - I K ,,., f y Animal candle sales boost Junior class treasury ,Q ,... ,.., Ki! e-sr Junior represenfalives - Karhy Riggs, Leslie Mer- edilh, Paula Crouse, and Debbie Chenowelh - discuss plans for 'rheir candle sale. CTT il- A 'P r Odaris Oden, Bill Ogle, Claudelle Parker, Jolene Parker, Susan Phelps, Vicki Phoebus. Debbie Plienis, Anna Polsinelli, Karen Prager, Debbie Prodoehl, Joni Propsl, Calhy Prusak. Donna Rawley, Marlha Reeves, Kafhy Reinhardt June Rice, Warren Rice, Kafhy Riggs. Vince Ringgold, Michelle Rilchie, Raymond Robey Robin Robey, Sharon Robinelle, Rick Robinson. I Glenn Rock, Janice Rockhold, Debbie Roe, Mark Rogers, John Ruman, Ray Russell Bogdan Ruslyn, Cindy Saffran, Richard Saffran, Dennis Schalfner, Ken Schiffbauer, Terry Schmedes Dan Schoene. Connie Schoeneman, Ray Schreiner. Arfhur Schreuder. Judy Sears. Karen Selig Amy Semolan, Kim Serio, Ellen Seymour, Mike Schell, Shane Shanabroolc, Kafhy Shea RIGHT: Enioying The sounds of "Legend" a+ 'rhe Junior Prom, Junior Marc Smifh dances wi+h his dale, Janice Roclchold. K Eggxff? ill f , , - ,.g - 0. 5- 14,4 1 fl, ' ,J I ,1 V ra- . 'Y V. Fe 5 7 ' , W 'W ': I cg A , 1 v n L1 , rr I Ya. 'Z in 'V N - J 'I-fd" 4392 5 ,wif f .EQ ,s I A J 49 I . , Hfxh xx Ld, 4.411 'fi 'PN X vc .Kwai-y 7,1 ff' .Wy K fu' i ' J fb 1 , i '21 y M? gi W ,E ,y A ,- ,yy . ,, . '7 5 i I f f E I . , 9 I f- ly i , if X fr, , , V X W 3, W , ,'-' 3 2 , , 1' ' H V' If. 3 A Q i ' 2 , ' .3-2 V, . . L V',, Fyyfgw hy 1 V-2 W - fel... kly. 1 1 vc " , I .' yy: A - '..h" , -- f ,gr 1, 5" 1 , f :Vi ,Q I giv' iv '.,-, :-.- 1,251 , A'f"",' :,,fig' ' "1'-, 3 fcaiyaz if X , Yr A 8, my 'il I , i i , i JW Ai . A iz , f ' ,. .,.. fi i,,. ' 'VV ...I K . ,Tx ,.,,, 'QW K9 4-e-5 -Q , 4' 'T 'X ll 4 JI: 'o n 4 505 fw If 1, .. -.ff , . I V ty, -- 1 ,w N.. ' .i, e. in A 2,2 1, ..,l,. 1 Q , , gy .V 'nmo- x W 1 Eastwind hosts Junior Prom 'qw- nr fb : A A 'S 'av' 'Win' J 1 '--4 .. . -4,41-ii cv, 1 f - L :,,14':J " L i Sl ,.,,, W "wg" V f, , sn f gi 1 A1 , ,nf f ,:f,,,,, rf, ,I my ,Z ,fm lx ,4-7--.. :fi 14' A , ,, , U. 1, ' if 'ff-f ,,-ragga '- V-f my-? Mark ShiHe++, Jon Shue, Tami Shores, Karen Skillman, Anne SmiH1,CaH1y Srnifn, Debbie Smirh Marc Smi'rh Charles Smoof, Doug Sours, Be'rh Sponsler, Elaine Sfack, Tom Sfaples. Jim Sfephens, Mark Sfielper, Bob Sfiller Judy Sfoner, Jane Srorlc, Don Sform, Jim Srracke, Bob Sfraw, Denise S'rurm, Barbara Sullivan, Jim Sufphin Snow brmgs early Chnstmas vac.t1on Vicky Vanilc, Bob Vest Mary Viehmeyer, Andrea Volralh, Vanessa Washinglon, Judy Warers, Joe Websfer. Bud Weishaar, Karhy Wellham. Colleeh Wenlworlh, Valerie Whire, Dwayne Whifmore, Robin Wicker, Karen Wilhelm. Peggi Wilkinson, John Williams, Parriclc Williams. Debora Willingham, Gary Willingham, Debbie Wilson, Shelly Wolfe. Frances Wood, Wanda Woodlon. Beverly Yares, Cindy Young, Ray Zalewslci, Kim Zephir, Leslie 4, f MA, Zimmerman. Jane Talbof. Lydia Tallie, Diane Taylor, Calhy Thomas, Tecloria Thomas. Marvan Thompson, Terry Thompson, Tom Thornfon, Kafhy Tolley, Ron Tormollan. Pam Townsend, Sharon Trice, William Turner. Towles, Penny Trice, Sue Dismissed early because of The firsf snowfall on Sue Pefroslu share in some winler fun ,ff-Q fo- 4 i N ly ! 1--7' fb M53 Xia ' , y,, L E V 'wa fi , 4 P4 r f "'s ' ,, 1 Q.fv,,L f Ji ' ' T 1, ' T December 23, Kafhy Riggs, Karen Medicus, and Sophomores do their part to keep Andover clean Ecology minded sophomores, Valerie Mount Karen Anderson, Terri Sclwiavone, and Andi Carler change oil drums inlo nicely decora+edfrasl'1 cans. .lf ' i I ,.. I' uf pn ye A5 12' ,z or xx K 'raw . a TY , M Q :V ,. ,Q 1 i I ii' if 'E ' , r 1 Mg r, Ii'1 1 2. -,.h" v fvvt . 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'25 , , , A L '1 V fry. ja iw, .. , y ing". 1 MA, 3-' 5 - 4 , ,V fig' V: ?4A:1.,1v ,ni 'L . .M "'2'2 4 1 rf , , f , V, Q' , zjffk' lg' I 5... z 1' 1 A V lil., il W gi, , Q ,W fn 91, 5 Q, ,V ff Aw f , 3 A , .fb " ' Z ' 'Q ,. 7' ,ff I 'ui Y i Z +45 1' , it ff' 7 -"fp, I i I 4' ,Ex :Q-,wi i ,,r I , i , :neil 1 I A a, , Q . W 53-N 4. emig- .' " ' ' - 7 ,' "7 'f f wif, " 'V' z A " 7 ,- if x, "", , . ,fy ',, 'iff V31 1 f ii i'f27i'f'f' "" " "" , ' 77' hd f'i1"-wiv-Y f 3 i1:"r,'Iff'5 ' ff we I? . qi efli -ei- VaW.,w , sre,zwv f J 1- .,,y2 1, is f g,, 5 - W'-ewfg, ',',, 5 ' f ' ' , if-ff . , , ,rf 3 ,"- .ff . ,, ,,g , - ,V 4, ' 7 f, ,+i1ef. A fww' i LTP' , - " 'jg , iff . if ,A f X gif , 53 I 20 M Y L i' Ji 'f M . . ' ' - " ' 1 " .. x is . if , fi f ' 5' fi- v 1 -vii, if wf ii h, A 531 , i , fwfr ,,,,,,, If f 5 fi . , I ', 5,443 A ', f , ,4 inf ,iff , fy, V 'If f Q ffgiz4ifwa,,wf1qy,wx e fnf,wiqgny in wif ,N ' gfyifff , cw if V. w f xv ,373 f 15,4 , .K gf , .. -I ' ,V 5' . J ' Y L ff eff' f. : ,, 4 4 , J J , . .. . J, f J , . rg, ,,., B235 , MM ggi? 3 ' J M , 1 ' 4' 'fe py ggi Qi? f - r"f ,ww ,r ' ' f- ,.'f Q 2,11 1 'ff . . ff 1232.1 ra. me ' . ' ' -V - --M in if M41 if in 4,1 i?i2zif2i5i2 ,f?2S . ' ' ' I 'sf' 1 n 45 an 52? if 211' .732 V, .cl ,, ,, l ff, J ,iir , J ev .ua 5, ,,,,l ,gy 'Qc 4 Mike Beverly, Sherrie Biermann, Carl Blades, Brian Blake, Melonie Blucher, Kafhy Bock, Jim Bohn. Denise Bollinger, Paify Bollinger, Mark Bock, Dean Bonds, Linda Boushell, Donna Bowes, Cyndy Bow- man. Jon Bradley, Frank Brafa, Frances Brannock, Palfy Breeden, Rhonda Bresenhan, Joe Brocafo, Ron Bro- cious. Diane Brocklehursi, Gil Brooks, Kirk Brooks, Mark Brooks, Terri Brooks, Bernice Brown, Karen Brown. Sharon Brown, Harry Bryanf, Jackie Buchanan, Debbie Buckmas+er, Shawn Burgess, Janine Burik, Warren Burke. f Torn Burnham, Maureen Burns, Mike Burns, Anna Bury, John Bu+ler, Cafhie Cammer, Ray Campbell. Debbie Caperoon, Colleen Carlson. K , Andrea Carler, Bob Carler. iii. .., .. is -Ig .iv ' bf w. if C H l K n 5:5 b F Jessie Carfer, Ron Carfer. ii' ' 1 ., V: fr' 'fl ,fp J V xx .fl Ai QQ-A , 14. - Bull Cassell, Audrey Cavanaugh. A A ff,- Ig-f if iw Danny Cecil, Don Chapman. 1. 'f' 1' Connie Clwrisilcos, Linda Clwrzanowslci. I , V uf Ay" K x , um' 3, Z ' K 1 . Q-Lp: . J , ff . .sl ,xv f e 'S A I I Q- 'f,.j.1.1l V Jeff Clnllon, Vick. Clouser. W K ,N,i:j, 2 ,, A -' 5 5 V F 1: - V1-:Y 14.3 ,Qi,:,,: X ,,,,. . K 1 fiuv,-: vb, 1 ,A fi 90' .., 'Em' 3, 1 Zi 4' SL Slave dance adds over S300 to class treasury Craig Close, Cindy Clusler, Shelly Colehouse. Amy Connell, Richard Connelly. Jodi Coolidge, David Cornell, Diane Courfney, Donna Courfney, John Cowger. Arlhur Cox, Ricky Cramer. Pam Crandall, Dale Craver, Debbie Cross. Donna Cross, Earl Cross, Jim Cummings, Marfha Dacielr, Dan Davis. Laura Davis, Loran Davis. Chrisfine Dickey, Pam Dieler, Bruce Dilday. Ric Decosmo. Susan DeLauder, Debbie Diggs, Keifh Dill, Dan Dinlco. John Dolch. Gail Dombroski, Jane Dombroski, Col- leen Donahue, Peggy Donahue. Romper room at Andover Mira Flemming, Kim Flelcher, Cindy Plorey, Roberra Florey, Mark Fonfana, Bruce Ford. Pam Fosfer. Cindy Frederick, Terry Frederick, Beverly Frifz, Ricky Prom, Gary Frye, Jody Pryman, Charles France. Sharon Franks, Lois Frazier, Diane Furniss, Gran? Gablen, Palricia Galand, Cindy Gallion, Susan Garber. John Garmer, Peggy Garreff, Michelle Gauger, Margarel Gawfhrop, Yvonne Gavin, Sleve Ger- ben, Dave Gerloen. Lynn German, Kelly Geschwilm, Jay Gibson, Linda Gibson, Bill Glenn, Mary Goebert Roberf Goe+z. Carol Goodman, Julia Goodwin, Mary Kay Granl- land, Leroy Green, S+even Grey. Glenn Griffilh, Nancy Grimes. Joe Guerassio, Marlin Gullivan, Dave Gurny, Laneifa Hall, Randy Halsey, Susan Hamp+on. Susan I-land. OPPOSITE PAGE: Sophomores en+er "Romper Room" skilin Big "A" Nighl. l',f 'l Mn. 1 V an 5 'I 1 4' 1I-3 1, , , I il 4, .MA I ,' ., jr -eg--ff z '. 1 ff Q f L 1 , V , ,ff ""'n,i ivf 4 "2 a --ff! , '. "1 ff' f i I ' s ' ff -,,,,f M, I ., ,Ifmg ' 12,1 . ,Q " -,.wI1. ' ' 4 ., ' l ? ,af li, , 2' . fs 'S U 5 fu I ' l - we ,L ' P in Fl V f as X f 2 ' Q 4-if " 1 .. ' 'I , ,e-P1 y I' f-,, 'I 1' ,,'?,'f. Ei? -sg., y I K P , I W AF t-1. . -V ,Q , 4 V' 4 H I '. Q 'W 2 ' . ,, ' ,I f 4 ' 1, f , i , . kf 4 ff. ff i - -, 4 Y, ,Ir 1 X r 5, I. ' I, VZ ,rx V in 0 ,, - 1 1 - Y 2. if . zu G, ,F af an ,ia , , , I , ,,,W,, . .2,,, I ,. . , ,E gy, .Q - ,, lf' wif, i i ' ,, - 'ai , :Yr 5 I I VVVV V, fr i 5' , : , -M fi I. ' Ie ' , .M-,' 'Univ 2' -I. , ,, f4,,,,,Q , i V ' H13 i ff! f ! .ggeflv 'Z' Q ' , ' , " , E451 . . 4 . s N iff: . N 'l. lx lm! .,".. V :H If ' i.: Yzmill :,,- , .. fy W ,,,, Z, ..,,,, , , V I f - 4 ,, ,'.Li'f I - 1, " I , I 1, 4 ,. 7 IT , I 'Q V ' ' I, . fi , , x Q , ,M i, ,, 4 , . f , w I, f.u4jf wr 5 ,J f , ,f,:If ' , 4 , Iwi, 5" , , H, , ,X ' wx... I .1 kj V 7:3 5-Mfg' 1 I, rw - ,wi , Il, 41 , ,W 4 , A K II,,m ' ,I 4 vi - ' 1' ff 'Y 1 ' 1 - UT AK E If , ff: "fI , , ,, , ' 'V ' " , , ' my X2 I ' ,,,, 2,4I , - T f r, ,g ,4z,,,.fr 1, ' I ,V VX' Q f 61 'L' ""..4,3v7 il 'Q ' 'Zn ,I ' 1 If?" " f L 4 XI ,If 7, yy., , 1 Q, , I ,f 5, H II V, gag, I ,f ,,. f I 5' 1 aI, ,- A I f, , I ,-Q. Ji, 3 , I, 0 ,mf 4 gl . fy, I , . I A ,I -,fn ff, ,I z, 1 'fr' I 51W fi,If5g . pw ef 1 'ri 72 ' A ' 5' ' 22' JI Wfliii, "' ' ' ' zI, f n: , I f 'wha ri' Q' f aI wa ,:f " , i f IA Millie fi iii? 1 f I .,, ff I, ,. A f , , M I X, rn, Q , VM A IL. , I , L I 5, '-M ' iv ,I , ' 3, ,A I: ' .M :Iv 'I 2.3 , fu ' .6 1 15? 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Ronnie Kuhn, Teddy Labarre, Grover Lacy, Joe Lamarfina, Gre+chen Lambert Greg Lang, Mary LaPrade. Lesler Larr, Sven Laurik, Julie Lauman, Krisfa Lecalo, Denise Lenhart Susan Lewis, Mike Lichfen- burg. Belly Linlhicum, Rose Lis. Jean Lisle. Bruce Lloyd. Curlis Lofz, George Lo'r+erer. Bud Lucas, Denise Lulay, Chris Lundquisr, Dave MacDonald, Mike MacKenzie. Donna Mend, Mark Mand. Kafhy Manning, Carolyn Mannion. Joseph Manns, Richard Marques, Joe Marsiglia, Pauline Mar+ell, Pauline Maflock. Sandy Maxwell, Dawn McAdams. Kafhy McAdams, Kafhy Mcfkvoy, Sandy McCadden, Roberl McCracken, Brenda McCurry. Pa++y McDade, Lou Ann McDermoH, Janice McDowell, Timmy McElroy, Pal McParflin, Cheryl McCloskey, Karen Medice. ii gmg K A- -'ex VV v ' ' . - ': , 3 1 l V at M V 5 M . ,, W- 5, ,M ,, lf. ., V A , E' iw, Sf' fl f '12 'T-if K A--Q :f ' 355 fra Y H g 5 'f if ..- ,., 1 f R V ', 1 rn Q' i ' - W H , ,, ,, 1 1 , '42 5 -s 4, W 'I' 1 V V 1 VV , 5 ,.. -, , A i V, ' C ' Q ' i " , ' 11' NZM I , Wg . 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Danny Perry, Ron- ald Perry, Belh Piaslcowski, Gloria Pinlcney. Brian Prager. Gene Prager, John Price, Ronnie Price. Belly Prodoehl, Evelyn Puclcell, Sharon Pum- phrey, Gary Purcell, Karen Queen. 541 f ' . ,?6,,,. 4 A 4 I .7 ' ' 1 2.51 f M, . ' fm- , ' "5 ' m "J - . " ' A, fl 1 X - 4 ws - . . K 1 ' 1 I' p X. V . 'Hd-'.,.A"-:Af. X 27, cr y W ll : A f -l if . G Q.. 4 ff., iff, '- 9:2 2 ' , X , f . 1 V ,412 4, V I QV? . . 1 A! 5 A 44 gf! 6,255 5, V f, g , v'7:f' I YWTQ, uv - 9 ,, gf!! Q 11- 1 I M My i, Z , , 5353 VV Q. , mf, iii' ' ' , ' . f 'SFAW ,viva s ' ' 5 , 1, .1 ib gae ya . . X ' ... ff ., 1. y 'Z I I ' 1 ' ,:.- ' I 7-55-jeff' a'f'z:mQ::,- '-'a ' ' ' ' P-4 . FW W' ' 1 ' 'fri fa ' -. ' ., f we" .44 fa M4 V f f ., , . ' u. , 74 . l WW... 1 -su. 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Cheryl Schisler, Mary Schisler, Karen Schluefer, Kafhy Schmeisser, Cheryl Schmidt Dave Schoene, Pauline Schreuder. Barbara Schulz, Lorraine Seiler, Diane Selig, Charles Sennefl, Gary Shay, Tommy Shea, Laurie Sherman. f '." , ,,, ' Y , . :y Vw, fx, Y -.,, , i, ,,,, A f- - 1 If e , - , A , -9 f 1, Q . 1 xg-,I .- . i ' 25 , vc x ,,: - . L., L ,V 1 fn' 22 f , '4 . Y ,V jl is in 5,5 ff wt ' Qin.. ff '14 A A , fl' l If fm, i +A, I 4 fv B N " 1 ' - X . 1 f v ii -i an 7 i - ff f 'Azv , fa QQ, ' 'k,, ,. I 1 ,,,, ,, K Ar f1:7, ,,,,V Zvgt' J QA., 3 , ,ggi ,-. f Y ,4 , n : VV 'll M 4 fl! an y sa e oosts rSaSury , . tel. V V, ,ll , 5.V, i , Debbie Upfon, Barbara Vance, LeeAnn Vasas, Sharon Vealefeld, Bonnie Veil, Theresa Verlezza, Karen Viands, Jeff Villanueva, Rhonda Voelker, Bar- bara Wasilewski, Carol Walburn, Cindy Walburn, Pal Wallace, Susan Waller. Harry Walz, Karen Warch, Sharon Warehiem, Karen Websfer, Frank Wehberg, Slave Wehn, John Wellein. Roberl Wellham, Vicki Wells, Mike Whaley, Guy Whealley, Roberl Wheeler, Susie Wheeler, Roberf Whelzler. Doug While, Gary While, Buddy Whilfingfon, Laura Wickless. Johnny Williams, Linda Williams. Shelley Williams, Tracy Williams, Gary Willis, Peggi Wilson, Tom Windmiller, Ned Wolfe, Karen Yoder, Greg Young. Ron Young, Tammy Young, Sandy Ziegenhein, Carol Ziemski, Jeff Zimmerman, Roberf Zimmer- man, Doreen Zinnerl. ' , , Z J' 'V ' ge J 1 ' ' 4 -- ,, , V, .7 1 F mi A aww- . ,,..... i , H 3 5. , as IW' I I ii ' .-,A , -f '-4 " ,, I . 2' 2 y 8 !1 "M J g .I Q y ei , , 9 4, is V5 1. qc V ,, ,, f, of i Dm. 4 lk' x 1 ,,, ,, 5. N- ' " ' I W' L I ,c Zi I i 4 f N FV , , i- 95,2 V 5 'L f , . f , - Wiff ' A I ,ff . . N ,:. aem.2',iizffQfv5,,' i A ""' 5513 " """"' ff my , I ,1 K ' IH,.+z,u , 1 i 1'- " AR Q 5. ' 'V , ' Y , -"r i f Y' ' 2' A 1 1 3 1 5 K I4 5.1 ul, ., I 'rf' , ,A , ,S I ' -vs-5 , X f , ,,, W, 'W' s 2 N N . ,i ff -Q' ' , 1' , . - , I V. 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N K, K K 'K i - I .o , - -. .cz - 41 '- si .I ' 4' 5 ll I ai I A of ii ' 1 x ., A . - ,gc i 3 i 'lf " u ,KQ7 ij i .ef - W, -w ' .K ' ' ' J " 'edgy . 6 . 1 K KK Q K K K K K K, K , J is3.KK.1?K .cm 2:1 X 5:4-KK6 v . : X .K rf xx . K ' 1 ' -A ,-QFNLK K ,. iKK 4 .K , 1 ,. -.25-3 Q QQQQ' 1 . K 2 , its l x s 4 Q 5 lyi ,rii ,, K X ' s a' w ff. his K ' X ,gm -- ' Y is ,z-if si'?3nwa-ak 'Q M mx 'Fmi,. . a i xxx we feswf Q" , W a,awaew .VW1 if i 1 b J ii .. A 2 4 i 2 i ,. ., 1 5 1? if Q ' V ' - 'A ' ff 4. i ,f -' :iii 'G T . 4,1 I . own ei 4 a-Qos 'Q? .V?Vf wif ' x . P 1 22 MJ , K ' ..., JS" X f' ' 'Ni -1 K '- , Aff , K 1 , , , M f -, N -J' Aa. . - ""' f . . 'X Sandy Shives, Greg Shufly, Jeannine Sickel, Peggy Siemer, Tim Simpson, Anila Slebzak, Chuck Smifh, Coule+Te Smilh, Dwighl Smifh, Gary Smifh, Jeff Smilh, Jim Smilh. Linda Smilh, Sfeve Smilh, Alisa Smorgens, Mill Snowden, Ray Snyder, Laura Sohl, Karen Solomon, Joel Sowells, Edi+h Slanley, Ca+hy Sfarry, Bob Slar- soneck. Brian Slaup. Sieve Sleilper, Marilyn Slempinski, Terry Sfephens. Debbie Slieqman, Barbara Sliller, Donna S+i'rh, Rufh Slorm, Joe Sfracke, Melanie Slranz, Kevin S+ree+s, Ed Slrong, Mark Sfurm. Paul Sullivan, Carol Szech, Rick Tabor. Anne Taylor, Jim Taylor, Joanne Taylor, Jim Thiess, Chuck Thomas, Dawn Thompson. Louise Timko, Lore'r'la Treece, Anila Trice. Sophomore officers discuss proliils from candy sale wifh advisor, Mr. Joseph Bu+ler. XJ ai Q 1- 1 s 55,5 - -'N ,,-, 1 -aw" Hard Work and Victories wi , i1, Q25 ,,, V i 1 Y 4 1 1 W. Q 1 Y W 1 w Y Y Y Y i S W I w w 1 S I I , f Wfym. M, , . ,V J BELOW: Pushing pas? a Broolclyn blocker, lefl defensive Ieclcle Chuck Allers moves Ioward +he quaderback. RIGHT: Pal Griffifh execules a quick handoff fo John Shue. TOP RIGHT: Archers pre- pare 'For Ihe coming season by doing grueling calis- Ihenics af praclice, which sfarfed Augusl l5. BOT- TOM RIGHT: VARSITY FOOTBALL - FRONT ROW: K. Lloyd, K. Hergel, B. Cecil. M. Hoey. W. Kauffman. B. Wiesharr, J. Shue, T. Mack, J. Eid llrainerl. SECOND ROW: Mr. Slciles lcoachl, J. Koucheravy Imgnl, M. Anderson, J. Ruman, J. Pow- ell, K. Edmonds, B. McCormick, M. Thorn, W. Rice, D. Hyall. THIRD ROW: J. Barllinslci, B. Lloyd, D, Soverns. M. Schaal. P. lldefonso, S. Day+on, B. Cle- venger, C. Allers, Mr. Dundorf Icoachl. BACK ROW: S. Cro+sley Imgr.I. F. Duffy, E. Koucherevy. P. Griffilh, G. A+kinson. R. I-Iuguley, D. Jacobs. R. Halsey, Mr. Dillon Icoachl. FAR RIGHT: A fired Fred Miesfer heads for 'rhe showers offer his second worlcouf of The day. 9' ... fs -emi .."r"fvfQgQ4j,,-Q., f f -' A AN: -, J , .ajax g. F Q . .sig Angry., ,ff ,QQ ' P' F' sw" .Q ,fy ij rig' -Ri 'N " in Q . 'if' L.. A... I2 WWW u L Gridders finish 6-4, best since '65 SIX AND FOUR - ThaT was The sTory oT The 'I 973 Archer TooTball season. "The year was very saTisTying and we accom- plished some oT our goals ThaT we seT Tor ourselves," said head coach Jim Dillon oT The season. Finishing wiTh The besT record since l965, Archer TooTball was characTerized by a grueling deTense, and a Treewheel- ing, passing oTTense. The Archer deTense, spearheaded by middle-guard Chuck Allers and Tackle Jack Powell, Turned in Two parTicularly ,ouTsTanding perTormances. ln The open- ing loss To Howard, The Archer deTense, in a Tine Team eTTorT, held The explosive Lions scoreless unTil a Tield goal, wiTh six seconds remaining, proved To be The margin oT deTeaT. However in Andover's Tinal game oT The year, The deTense shuT ouT Glen Bur- nie To provide The season's highlighT, The TirsT vicTory ever over The Gophers. OTTensively, Andover possessed a poTenT passing aTTack. QuarTerback PaT GriTTiTh, who led The counTy in passing wiTh IOI7 yards, wenT primarily To spliT end Mike Hoey who ended The year wiTh 26 caTches and 5 T.D.'s. GriTTiTh and Hoey hooked up Tor a 76 yard T.D. pass againsT Glen Burnie which seT an Archer record. For his eTTorTs Hoey was named Andover's TirsT FooTball All-American. A balanced running aTTack was also a TeaTure OT The Archer oTTense. Gary ATkinson led Archer runners wiTh 385 yards gained. Andover gridders received a number oT individual honors wiTh Mike Hoey, Jack Powell, and Brian Clevenger being named To The All-CounTy Team. Fran DuTTy received honorable menTion All- STaTe Tor his eTTorTs aT deTensive end. Coach Dillon accrediTed The winning season To The players who "wanTed To play and weren'T aTraid To work To do iT." MA, y 'V 2 ,iz ., .4 .. z Q ,fir f e ' J ..,., y f .1 nl.. J ,.., 1M Wig f 5 , , ' w I win X .Vs 1 , , ' 5, f waz l Andover shuts BELOW: Ouarferback Paf Griffi+I1 barks off offen- sive signals. RIGHT: CI1uckTI'1omas reaches for Hue pass 'rI1a+ is aImos+ on +arge+. BELOW RIGHT: Rick Huguley makes a diving infercepfion pasf a Nor+I1- easf defensive back. FAR RIGHT: JUNIOR VAR- SITY FOOTBALL - FRONT ROW: E. Cross, R. From, J. Cummings. C. Scnaal, C. Brogunier, J. out Glen Burnie SoweIIs. J. Beazell, M. Griffifh, Mr. AppeI+ IcoacI1I. SECOND ROW: D. Gurny, R. Riggin. G. Pember- Ion, D. Cecil, F. Brafa. THIRD ROW: K. Edmonds, B. Scheffel, P. Gofrleib, J. Janson, T. Pearmon, C. Smi+I'1, R. Beck. BACK ROW: G. Gabler, G. Smifh, C. KeIIner, O. Lacy, M. Smi+I1, B. Cvoe+z, G. Regis- Ier. E R X X P Na . fx 5 ...www Www..-z. f w-Q4-'-as --1 -: V: f. 5. 1 fi: C9931 5v ., . .1 1 sg., I YQ f .LN .. F 1 , snr, , .K ' 'N' fJ,',:ggiggf:i . ,..-Q-wifi? ' , A .f2.,gg1:f.EL,,y .f , 4 Q. 4. Y 1 157 li! 3 ii, f 1' 'a" 1.' .fig ' v ., .. R ,M I ,. . - '-fer. 5 ., U . 2.1 l . ,fun . y so ru,-Iwi, J, ,V 4 . 'M p,,'ijgi Archer kickers - twice champions AFTER A SLOW START, The Archer soccer Team rolled all The way To The Dis- TricT V championship. The counTy race was a close one wiTh Andover, Annapolis and Glen Burnie all Tied Tor TirsT place going inTo The lasT Two games. Annapolis losT, Glen Burnie Tied and The Archers won giving Them The counTy crown. They wenT on To win The disTricT TiTle by deTeaTing Bel Air, buT Dundalk Tinally sTopped Them in The semi-Tinals oT The sTaTe TournamenT. Coach STeve Malone spenT The begin- ning oT The season consTanTly shuTTling posiTions. Only halTback Billy WaTers played The same posiTion as he did The year beTore. BuT by The Time The counTy season began, Malone had Tound The winning combinaTion, and The Archers challced up a 6-I record. DespiTe The championship season, Andover placed only one player on The All-CounTy Team, iunior ScoTT Allison, who was also Tied Tor The counTy's mosT valuable player. The second Team, how- ever, included six Archers, Lance Wag- ner, Billy WaTers, Glenn Birx, JeTT BarTh, Mike Dacielc, and Don Hudson. Coach Malone summed up The season saying ThaT They won as a Team, noT as individuals. si-, BELOW: Dribbling downfield on Ihe way 'ro a 4-0 shuloul of Severn, Billy Wa+ers conlrols The ball. LEFT: Forward Marlon Graham concenlrales on The ball. BOTTOM: Junior varsily righl wing Mike Corcoran sfruggles for 'The ball wilh a Glen Burnie fullback. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT: Leff wing Mike Dacielx sfruggles for The ball wifh a Glen Bur- nie halfback as Glenn Birx an+icipa+es a pass. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Inside Glenn Birx races for a score as an Annapolis fullback Tries 'ro sfop him, OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM LEFT: Firsl year goalie Don Hudson shows his 'Form in Iossing The ball fo one of his halfbaclcs. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: VARSITY SOCCER - FRONT ROW: W. Hamer, M. Bock, J. Dewaal, R. Davis. SECOND ROW: R. Ensenal, M. Graham. THIRD ROW: W. Blolzer, G. Birx, R. Barrows, C. Markow- ski, L. Wagner, D. Fagley, S. Allison. BACK ROW: Coach Malone, B. Walers. M. Dacielc, D. Linfhi- cum, J. Barlh, D. Hudson, M. Owens, B. Smi+h, R. Hogan. X ,f ANDOVER I ,I , Q 23 " I 'OPPCINIENTS I J CardinaI I I l2 f 2 o I FrankIinVIfQf5Q1 3 3 MaIfQfdI MiiII1 I I ArundeI O 3 I -fff I-Nor+heIM5I5+fQ 0 O GIen'BLI I 4 3 Brooklyfa Park I 2 AnnapoIiS're, I I 4 Severn g , O 4 ' Sevefna Park IIZI I 3 Sou+Iwern ,I'I'f I 3 BeIair I I I 2 I DundaII?I 3 if ff ' I ,',' fx? Q ,In 5-X 3,I, . M I sf 5232? v' iv, I E fi! gifsf 4 ,, rf-fc , Yr: .QQQI ' ff Va ' V ' . I? IIf"5? E Kickers lose only one in county BELOW: JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER - FRONT ROW: B. Nellenback, G. Shea, C. Heiser, M. Cor- coran. C. Tomlinson, J. Parrick, B. Ogle. C. Hughes, J. Cliffon, B. Harwell. BACK ROW: K. Byrne lmgr.l. A. S+. Marlin lcoachl, D. Barre++, B. Prager, B. Kurlh, K. Pannell lmgr.l, D. Collins, K. Prager lmgr.l, B. Rusfyn, G. Simmons, J. Zimmer- man. J. Sioughfon, T. Shea. BELOW RIGHT: Annapolis' goalie sfeals +he ball 'From senior inside Jeff Barfh. BOTTOM: Firsf year forward, Rob Hogan, dribbles pas? a Severn hallfback as Bob Smifh awai+s 'rhe oufcome. LEFT: One of 'rhe coun- +y's Mos+ Valuable Players, Sco++ Allison. heads fhe ball oul' of lrouble. FAR LEFT: Mike Daciek chips The ball in from his righl wing posilion. RIGI-IT: Junior cenfer Mike Bowanko goes up for a iump ball agains+ his Annapolis counferparf. BELOW: Guard Bill Blolzer gels Iwo quick poinls on a layup in 'rhe JV game. BELOW RIGI-IT: VAR- SITY BASKETBALL - FRONT ROW: B. Neilson lrngr.l, M. Dacielc lcap+.l, T. Seplcowslci lcaphl. M. Smifh lmgr.I. Coach Hart SECOND ROW: R. I-Iuguley, A. Carfer, B. Humphrey, B. Hogan. BACK ROW: I. Chase, S. Hanson, S. Sfielper, M. Albergo, M. Bowanlco. B. Blolzer. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Guard Bob I-Iogan and forward Alvin Carler Iis+en affenfively 'ro halffime slralegy. FAR RIGHT: Forward Irving Chase goes up high for a lump sho? over Annapolis. Archers suffer from lack of height LACK OE AN EXPERIENCED big man usually means Trouble Tor a baskeT- ball Team and The Archers proved no excepTion. AIThough 6'5" sophomore STeve STieIper ended The season by scor- ing TwenTy poinTs or more a game in Tive oT The IasT six games, The cagers began The season wiTh no sTa rTers over 6' I ". The backcourT duo oT Bob Hogan and Terry Sepkowski was one oT The brighT spoTs oT The season wiTh Hogan seTTing records in sTeals - 65 Tor The year and 95 Tor his career - and assisTs - II againsT Severna Park. Sepkowski seT Three Tree Throw percenTage records - 77.8 per cenT career, 77.97 per cenT This season and I6 Tor I6 againsT Arundel. Terry's ouTside shooTing and Mike Daciek's consisTenT play aT Torward kepT many games aT reasonable scores and Tor Their eTTorTs They won honorable menTion All-CounTy in Two polls. STeve 5TieIper seT a record Tor Tield goal percenTage in a single game oT 80 per cenT. According To Coach Dick I-IarT, The reasons Tor The season's record were lack oT heighT, inconsisTenT scoring and bad breaks - Two losses To Brooklyn Park in The IasT seconds on Toul shoTs. The Archers played very good games againsT counTy powerhouses Annapolis, Severna Park and SouThern buT Their lack OT depTh always showed up in The IasT quarTer. Overall The Archers sTarTed oTT wiTh a very inexperienced Team, buT as 5TieIper's sTrong Tinish revealed, The year's experience was valuable. Sepkowski, Stielper and Hogan set records BELOW LEFT: Terry Sepkowski shows 'rhe skill af oulside shoofing which moved him on+o The 'ren lop scorers lisl. BELOW RIGHT: Senior guard Rob Hogan fasl breaks a lay up. RIGHT: Sophomore S+eve Sfielper scores Two of his lhirfy-one agains+ Soulhern. EAR RIGHT: JV BASKETBALL - FRONT ROW: Coach Brady, C. Heiser, lvl. Cor- coran, J. Pafrick, W. Burke, R. DeCosmo. SECOND ROW: F. Brafa. D. Neall. BACK ROW: D. Hook lmgr.l, T. Shea, B. Blofzer, J. Cliffon, G. March. Lackey Lackey Glen Anna KE RIGHT: Team leader Ann Wellham Iays up Iwo poinls for The Archers againsl league-Ieacling Annapolis. BELOW: Junior Varsily players walch The aclion from +he bench. BOTTOM: JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL - FIRST ROW: M. Ca+- Terfon Icoachl. K. O'Connor, K. Henson. E. Seym- our, B. Lin'rhicum, SECOND ROW: M. Evans lcoachl, V. Mounl, S. Pumphrey, G. Nelson, C. Szech, C. Meisler. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: A Glen Burnie defender is caughl looking as Karen Web- s+er dribbles by. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: VAR- SITY BASKETBALL- FRONT ROW: S. Enfs- minger lcoachl, J. Slorlc, S. Maxwell, V. Gray, D. Johnson. SECOND ROW: C. Hawkes, D. Slraclce, S. Hammond, A. Wellham, R, Henson. TOP ROW: K. Websfer, E. Reslivo, T. Shiavone. OPPOSITE PAGE BOTTOM RIGHT: "Baske+baII Jones" is sung by The Girls Baslcefball reams for Big "A" Nighl. 441 4- a A Girls improve record ENTH U5lA5lv1 AND DESIRE, which conTribuTe To any good sporTs Team, were The key TacTors Tor The success oT girls' baskeTball. The Archer girls Turned a losing 5-7 record oT a year ago inTo a 7- 5 season This year, as They conTinued To become increasingly compeTiTive in counTy play. AlThough baskeTball is a relaTively new sporT Tor girls aT Andover Coach EnTs- minger promised. "As The girls gain experience and improve in TundamenTals, The qualiTy oT The game and The calibre oT play will be upgraded." However, Tor any lack oT skills ThaT The girls may have had, They made up Tor iT in enThusiasm, hard work, and Team play. All members oT The Team, wheTher They saT on The bench or played Tull-Time, were concerned only wiTh whaT was besT Tor The Team. The Team leaders were senior veTerans Ellen ResTivo and Ann Wellham. Valerie Gray, one oT The unsung heroes on The Team, was in The words oT Coach EnTs- minger, . . a real husTler who gave lOO per cenT all The Time." Jane STork and Cherie Hammond, who Tormed an eTTecTive rebounding duo, Tilled ouT The sTarTing lineup. The highlighT oT The season was The I2 poinT vicTory over Brooklyn Park. Archer shooTing was good in ThaT game, as iT was all year wiTh a 58 per cenT Tield goal average over The season. l v l l BELOW: JV WRESTLERS -- FRONT ROW: J. Lamarlina, C. Schaal, G. Willis. BACK ROW: E. Cross. J. Slraclce, B. Weishaar, C. Hughes. S. Ebberl, l'l. Walsh. MANAGERS - B. Vance, D. Smilh. RIGHT: Vidrory is signaled as The referee raises Joe Lamar+ina's hand in JV compe+i'rion. BOTTOM: Grappling lhe Annapolis man down, Jim Sfraclce gains Jrhree poinfs for a Takedown. 1,- Am, Q. i. , K. xx S Grapplers improve record, build for future ALTHOUGH HAMPERED by lack of personnel, fhe varsify wresfling feam improved ifs one win record of lasf year fo a 3-8 record 'rhis season. Underclassmen again made up fhe feam wifh no seniors, six iuniors, and 4 sophomores. ln counfy fournamenf compefifion, fhe Archers had fwo fourfh place finishers, Mike Schaal af l4l lbs. and Mike Bock af lO8. Bofh Mikes shared fhe oufsfanding varsify wresfler honors. New faces wifh liffle experience par- fially filled JV feam slofs, and fhe junior mafmen finished wifh a 2-8 record. Each mafch had four weighf classes forfeifed because fhere were only eighf wresflers. Gary Willis finished in second place in The counfy fournamenf af Il5 lbs. and capfain Jim Sfracke, finished fhird af lO8 lbs. Wifh fhe experience gained by bofh feams, Coach Larry Radford looks for- ward fo nexf yea r. BELOW: Varsify iuniors Mike Schaal and Mike Bock, who bofh placed in fhe counfy fournamenf, pracfice fheir moves. BOTTOM LEFT: VARSITY WRESTLERS - FRONT ROW: R. McOuade, J. Murray, M. Schaal, B. Nellenback. BACK ROW: G. Smifh, P. lldefonso, M. Dagenharf, J. Czaikowski, K. Edmonds, J. Barber, M. Bock. BOTTOM RIGHT: Buddy Weishaar and Annapolis wresfler shake hands before mafch begins. . RIGHT: JV affackman Curris Hughes Takes a sho+ during pre-game warm-up. BELOW: A Severna Park sfick in his back, affackman Bob Bray heads Towards fhe goal. 1, I , 1.7, qw gif f'fQ4!Y7'f,:gfl I C l A79 'Z ,5 K 955351 ' ,, ' ff-'fi -."TiL .,. Archer stickmen go to regional finals UGENTLEMEN, THIS IS PERHAPS THE mosT successTuI season I've ever coached aT Andover." Tha+ was Coach Jon AppeIT's sTaTemenT aTTer The regional playoTT game wiTh Towson, which was The highIighT oT The season. Playing aT CaTonsvilIe CommuniTy Col- lege, The Archers represenTed The AA schools oT Anne Arundel CounTy Tor The public high school championship oT The sTaTe. They IosT, 8-4, buT The game was very exciTing and a IoT closer Than The score indicaTed. Coach AppeIT's Teelings reTIecTed The ToTaI accompIishmenTs OT The varsiTy Team This year as The sTickers Tied Tor TirsT place in The counTy, placed eIevenTh in The sTaTe, and wenT To The regional Tinals. WiTh I6 seniors reTurning wiTh aT leasT Three years playing Time, The lacrosse Team was The mosT experienced yeT. Again This year, The Archers depended on deTense To sTiTIe Their opponenTs hold- ing Them To 2.8 goals a game. This was done wiTh The help oT All-CounTy deTensemen Fran DuTTy and Chuch Allers. DuTTy also became The schooI's Third All-American. ATTacIcman Bob Bray led The oTTense which had a greaT deal oT depTh. BoTh Bray and midTielder Eric WinTersTein made The All-CounTy Team. Coach AppeIT said many Times during The year, "The weak geT weaker and The sTrong geT sTronger," and The experi- enced '74 sTicIcmen proved This wiTh Their mosT prod ucTive season ever. BELOW: During a Time-ouT, Coach AppeI+ gives The Team insTrucTions. BELOW LEFT: Junior ScoTT Allison recovers a loose ball. BOTTOM: VARSITY LACROSSE - FIRST ROW: R. Barrows, J. Bisesi, J. Brannoclc, F. DuTTy, lvl. Albergo. SECOND ROW: D. Sours, B. WaTers, J. CraTTon, K. Lloyd, J. BarTh. THIRD ROW: S. DayTon, L. Wagner, G. Birx, B. Bray. J. Ruman. FOURTH ROW: S. Allison, E. WinTersTein, C. Allers. D. Jacobs, B. Clevenger, E. AmaTi. M. Owens. T. Laureslca, R. CaTania, P. GriTTiTh, R. DrehoTT, R. Hogan. t ,,... ... , I I Team finishes number 11 in state ABOVE: JUNIOR VARSITY LACROSSE - FIRST ROW: J. Beazell, B. Cassell, D. Gurny, C. Hughes, B. Blalce. SECOND ROW: J. Palriclc, B. Lloyd, P. Inglis, D. Dinko, R. Mcglynn, W. Burke. THIRD ROW: G. Pemberfon, C. Kellner, M. Rycler, J. Clif- Ton, P. Ildefonso. J. Cizalcowslci. TOP ROW: P. Duffy, D. Cross. C. Szech, C. Mannion, J. Easson lmgrs.l, J. Gordon lcoachl, T. Slaples, W. Hamer, J. Janson, G. Willis, J. Murray. ABOVE LEFT: All- American Eran Duffy clears 'rhe hall under pressure. TOP: Defending The Archer's goal, Glenn Birx and Tim Laureslca go afrer a ground loall. RIGHT: Jun- iors Don Jacobs, John Ruman and Richard Drehoff kneel wailing fo go info 'rhe game. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Junior Varsily Capfain Bruce Lloyd oulraces his Glen Burnie opponenl for a loose hall. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGHT: Wilh his eyes in+en+Iy on 'rhe ball, Brian Clevenger rides his defenseman. ANDOVER OPPONENTS I4 Paffe rson 4 I9 Kenf Counlry 5 3 S+. Mary's OVON j IO I4, hlih m IQeh'rCo un+yO hIO I O I ON , N O fefAfur1deIf NN ' O I 2 9 , N6rII'1easI A 2 4 I f5IeDIIOII39Ln 2 I 3 I I 3 I,,.,. , 2' ,,.gs.aak .k.- iw:-f-.21-:55-:QQ-mgIg,-,::::::p:-gqzmf' :zzz-X,:f--,-my,:igfQfqg3W,yW- . - 51. Ogg 7 F: i-ias:S1:2.i.2ffkE?si':'.2:9i:-953293 mai? --1'15,l5It32:rEx:3sI5:s22:e:ef:mise: , fa 'GWR-r'VH55-35515e2E1I'-F2'5153E2'5Wf "" I,41:E'!if5L ?:1E'?i1X5:'-S'1E1?f': 2-Q'EE92fE2E215w:1'?1EiI1EWif:-:FEE'25:33'siif?i2gfN'f?FS2g- yviiwlic 3a?gQ,:2?E3X'I' X,:3:2:5i3-jxjid'if' I 5 - 'wisrgz i-' Wfp:5.1' Effflg -3 V. " - Ap: -X:wg,i113,f'- ' A ' , :fl " " z,:5,, ' I I I.i,O,.. .'1A.1, 4 I NffN I I I 1 BELOW: ShorTsTop Robby Newcomer Shows his deTerminaTion while Trying To reach firsT base. CENTER: All-Counfy ouTfielder Fred Poole warms up before a relief piTching performance. BELOW RIGHT: Mike Hoey shows his form aT hiTTing The ball which helped him gef second Team All-CounTy honors. ,-M,,,,,,,,,...,.,-aw-f Indians raid Andover for Hanson AT THE TOP OF THE LIST of counTy piTchers - ThaT's how Sfeve Hanson Top- ped off his high school career. And for his efforTs The Cleveland Indians selecTed him in The sevenTh round of The maior league drafT. In The nine games which Hanson piTched, he sTruck ouT IO2 baT- Ters including a season high of I7 againsT Brooklyn Park, and Tossed Two shuT ouTs. In addifion he made The All Coaches, All Mefro, and All CounTy firsT Teams. Coupled wiTh Hanson's piTching four players baTTing over .300 led The Archers To a 9-5 record in counTy baseball. Fred Poole, also selecTed To The All Coaches 'if ...ek mg: - , .ln , , 3. .V ,. W I K' ry JM ' ' ' . 1- "' ' 'ffl' , '- ,. .i J' QT",-'f "' 1' fe , . . 1. , , "vw, " + ' , ,, ,Q 1 P'-A-W I - . Ts" nag g , ' .I " -' wwf , - ' .v 5-1' " , ,. s . g 1 r . , VZ.-'wiv I .z, My W ' . cl'- ' 'FTS ' ' " Nr . A-g'9"!'w,"",.f i"'.5'--iw,1' i"" i 5 firsT Team, pounded ouT a .44l average while TeammaTes Mike Hoey, John HogarTy, and Tubby Mosco followed close behind. "We had The besT looking Team in The counTy, smoofh and accurafe, buf a cou- ple of bad breaks cosT us The champion- ship," reflecfed Coach Richard Bohonek. For one, The Team IosT piTcher Greg Lavinder in The fifTh game of The season because of TendoniTis. This lack of piTch- ing behind Hanson hurT The Team. "The guTs were There," says Bohonek "buf The luck wasn'T." I . 1 , pg .JSEQQN LEFT: All-Melro pilcher Sfeve Hanson Throws one of The blazing Tasfballs which encouraged profes- sional baseball scouls 'ro draff him. BOTTOM: VARSITY BASEBALL - KNEELING: S, Flanagan lmgnl, C. Dixon, D. Neall, K. Chilcoaf, B. Edwards, M. Sxhaal, R. Newcomer, J. Sowells, D. Hya++, R. Davis, P. Harper lrngnl. STANDING: R. Bohonelc lcoachl, B. Koucheravy lmgr.l, J. Hogarly, R. DeCosmo, T. Congdom, T. lvlosco, F. Poole, lvl. Hoey, K. McKenzie, S. Hanson, C. Heiser, J. King, J. Brady lcoachl. Hiw V'.. ,Lg .,'Vf xl f .,', V.', Q, VgAV1 4 ff 'lrr ,711,l7f'12' , "'r 1 ,lle T, . lr.,, lell ,. . e .. "TlTr r .rr. 'ar' T. 1 r'r.' '.lTl lr.r A A lrrr .Arundell 1 Tl,ee Milf "l, . .". f',-. 1 'EE m l".r, rQr".r rrre .e r 1 .arrrr 2 Fl ,r.. lr.A 2 V. f T T gffrivy'1i..441z'2g W r.-f ,,a, 'l,' ,, rle' l:iTf':5TfT '.h, iii-"QW ' 'W ,..,' fr f' 5541 X ',,'i7 T5':iflYZZQ Pa Scufherh J . Am llrrl .,,f. Urn' . Tlr,o A , Vrlrrl T J ... . ... a qv Sevema ' ,Q-',.,,iw VVV, W 'Wy in , A iffy, fff: ., RIGHT: Roxane Henson ancl Connie Hawks give an example of 'rhe spirir presen+ in girls' sporls. BELOW: Calcher Dawn Casper proved 'ro be a backbone of The defense. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Chris Schiavone ancl Jane Sforlc rool The Archers on To anolher viclory. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Roberfa Brown conlribures To The Archer offense wirh a base hit. FAR ABOVE RIGHT: VARSITY SOFTBALL -- FRONT ROW: B. Johnson, R, Hen- son. C. Hawks, D. Casper, D. Sfifh. SECOND ROW: S. Maxwell, V. Gray, K. Grace, J. Emge, E. Resliyo, D. Johnson, R. Brown, BACK ROW: C. Kelleher Imgr.I, S. Garber Imgr.I. T. Schiavone, J. Slorlc. STANDING: Coach Sally Jo Enrsminger, Coach Jackie Callerlon, A. Wellham, L. Gibson. FAR BELOW RIGHT: Connie Hawks slides safely in'ro home plafe wirh anolher Archer score. 7:2354 Softballers "streak" to winning season STREAKS PLAYED A LARGE PART in The Archer girls' soTTball success This sea- son. The girls had Two long sTrings oT vic- Tories, one oT Tive games and one oT Tour games, which paced Them To a sTrong Third place Tinish in The counTy wiTh an overall record oT IO-4. The Team had a lcnaclc Tor winning The close ones wiTh Tive oT Their wins being decided by Two runs or less. To win The close games, a Team musT have a sTrong deTense and This Team was no excepTion. Anchored by Joyce Emge, The "smooTh- esT shorTsTop in The counTy" in The words oT Coach EnTsminger, The Archers had a Tine deTensive inTield To back up number one piTcher Donna STiTh. l-lowever, The Team also had some Tine hiTTers. Connie Hawks and Ellen ResTivo provided much oT The punch in a lineup which scored an average oT almosT eighT runs a game. The highlighT oT The season Tor The hiTTers on The Team came in The sevenTh game againsT Annapolis. AlThough The deTense leT down and gave up sixTeen runs To Annapolis, The oTTense came Through and scored a season-high nineTeen runs. The Archer girls deTiniTely had a Tine year, however according To Coach EnTs- minger They needed "beTTer concenTra- Tion and poise To win The counTy." M RIGHT: Sophomore Louis Kimble breaks lhe 'rape for a viclory in lhe IOO. BELOW: Bill Turner easily clears IO' in 'rhe counly pole vaull compefilion. BOTTOM LEFT: INDOOR TRACK - FRONT ROW: K. Skillman lmgr.l, A. Smifh lmgr.l, L. Kimble, B. Goelz. M. Hry- hylc. SECOND ROW: S. Wehn, G. Birx, J. Dewaal, D. Linlhicum, J. Manns. M. Graham, G. McLeslcey. BACK ROW: Coach Saylor, D. Drenner, T. Warehime, E. Koucheravy, W. Sohl, J. Newcomb, B. Eilel, C. Marine lmgr.l. BOTTOM RIGHT: School record-holder John Dewaal flashes pasl Severna Park runner in home- slrefch. ' ,Xw'.adi" A C. -'FM' P .., -- .w xx Q dggcgillg. . s V Track Team busts three school records "TOUGH BREAKS." This is how The Archer Track Team's season could be described in one phrase. Each oT The Archer's TirsT Two meeTs was decided by less Than haIT oT a second, as They boTh came down To The IasT race. These Tough Two losses seemed To seT The mood Tor The resT oT The season. The season was disappoinTing espe- cially because The Team had quiTe a Tew ouTsTanding individual perTormers, buT noT enough depTh in mosT evenTs. The besT perTormer on The Team had To be senior John Dewaal. He broke school records in boTh The mile, wiTh a Time oT 4130.8 and The 880, wiTh a Time oT 2:OI. He was also one oT only Two Archers To advance To The sTaTe meeT. OTher ouT- sTanding perTormers were Louis Kimble, who became co-holder oT The school IOO yard dash record, wiTh a Time oT IO.I, Bruce Fink, only oTher Archer To go To The STaTe meeT wiTh a second place in The discus, and Bill Turner, who broke The school record in The pole vaulT, wiTh a vauIT OT I I'2". The indoor season was an unquaIiTied success in iTs TirsT year aT Andover. The Archers Tinished ninTh in The sTaTe meeT, deTeaTing such counTy powers as Arundel and NorTheasT. This Team produced And- over's TirsT sTaTe champion in Louis Kim- ble, who won The 50 yard dash. Coach Dennis Saylor did a Tine iob in condiTioning boTh Teams, wiTh his use oT compuTerized worIcouTs and his dedica- Tion in sTaying wiTh The Team every day Trom mid-winTer To IaTe spring. BELOW LEFT: Bob GoeTz warms up prior To a hard day's worIcouT. BELOW RIGHT: Four year veTeran Ed Koucheravy demonsTraTes The "Fosbury Flop" in The high jump. BOTTOM: OUTDOOR TRACK - FRONT ROW: C. Marine Imgr.I, K. Skillman Imgr.I L. Sohl Imgr.I, K. Medicus Imgr.I, K. Bock Imgr.I SECOND ROW: G. Gabler, B. EiTeI, S. EbberT, G. Farmer, M. Bock, B. GoeTz, G. Creel, D. Drenner. THIRD ROW: J. McCarTy, M. Graham, C. Mar- Icowslci, F. MeisTer, J. Powell, J. Manns, G McLesIcey, B. Nellenbaclc, J. Dewaal, Coach Saylor BACK ROW: D. LinThicum, J. Newcomb, W. Sohl E. Koucheravy, T. Warehime, B. Turner, J. Cum' mings. .Qsmli Rx ' si L.- BELOW: Ellen ResTivo valleys To keep The poinT alive. ABOVE RIGHT: VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAM - FRONT ROW: Coach J. CaTTerTon, K. Grace, E. ResTivo, A. Wellham. BACK ROW: D. Fischer, T. Schiavone, J. STork, C. Hawks, G. Mul- lins, J. Rice, S. Maxwell, R. Henson, L. Gibson. BELOW RIGHT: JV VOLLEYBALL TEAM - FRONT ROW: K. Hansen, M. PaTTi, V. MounT. C. Szech, B. McCurry. BACK ROW: L, Gibson, C. MeisTer, B. LinThicum, D. Fischer. Volleyball and track girls work hard WINNING NINE MEDALS IN THE counTy Track meeT Topped oTT The season Tor The girls' Track Team. Glenda Mullins led The girls by Taking Tour medals in The counTy meeT, while Anne SmiTh earned The only TirsT place medal by winning The discus. OTher medal holders included Carol STone in The 440 yd. run, Melanie Bloucher Taking second in The high lump, and JaneT Cox, Carol STone, Melanie Bloucher, and Glenda Mullins in The 880 relay. Under The direcTion oT Miss Debbie Baker and Mrs. BeTTy Cavanaugh, The Team doubled in size This year and worked hard. In each oT The Two sched- uled Tri-meeTs They placed second and in The disTricT meeT They parTicipaTed buT did noT place. The girls' volleyball Teams wound up a hard ToughT season by posTing a 7-7 record Tor The varsiTy and a 4-4 record Tor JV. According To Mrs. Jackie CaTTerTon, The coach oT boTh Teams, scores don'T always Tell The sTory. Much individual eTTorT and improvemenT Took place behind The scores. Two seniors, Ellen Res- Tivo and Ann Wellham, who shared "Girl AThleTe oT The Year" honors, helped moTivaTe The varsiTy ThroughouT The sea- son. WiTh The loss oT only Three seniors and The experience gained This year The Team developed a sTrong nucleus Tor TuTure seasons. -......""v I , fi . x Y 41 L.......-C -Hel RIGHT: l-lard pracfices on Jrhe low hurdles are sec- ond nalure To Doreen Zinnerf. BELOW: Kicking high. Glenda Mullins shows The form Thai' won Tour medals in 'rhe counly meef. BOTTOM LEFT: Up lo usual form, Ann Cowan breaks The Tape for Tirsl place in The 220-yd. dash, BOTTOM RIGHT: GIRLS TRACK TEAM - FRONT ROW: Coach B. Cavanaugh, T. King, A. Smilh, K. Clemens, C. Boll, J. Cox, C. Donal, G. Meleacly. SECOND ROW: L. Huff, J. Propsl, A. Priscilla, G. Mullins, C. Sfone, C. Meisfer. BACK ROW: Coach D. Balmer, M. Bloucher, A. Cowan. BELOW: The besT oT Three girls on The Team. Peggy GarreTT, Tollows Through on a shoT down The line. MIDDLE: Terry Sephowski in his TirsT year on The Team drove his serve by many opponenTs. RIGHT: A sTrong backhand led JeTT Cowan To vicTory in The number Three posiTion. ANDOVER OPPONENT 6 Brooklyn Park l 4 oy,, An n E, pqlls ,, I 2 A T Severna ,V Q Vg S O U + h Q , f' is T A "4 A 3 4 f ',',,' aff? "f"' w T , , T r Mike Daciek leads netmen to victory ARCHER NETMEN VOLLEYED To a winning record Tor The second year in a row. Led by Mike Daciek, who played in The number one posiTion, The Archers Tin- ished The season wi+h an 8-3 record To place Third in The counTy. In The counTy-disTricT championships, held Tor The TirsT Time This year, JeTT Cowan and Gene GarreTT combined Their skills To place second in The counTy Tor boys' doubles. Sharon May and BeTTy LinThicum did The same in girls' doubles and in boys' and girls' singles Mike Daciek and Peggy GarreTT Tinished sec- ond and Third respecTively. ThroughouT The regular season, Coach Charles Gosnell sTressed Team eTTorT as well as individualiTy. Gosnell, known Tor his line, "The wind is deTiniTely a TacTor," worked hard To keep all members oT The Team well prepared and iT paid oTT. ln his Tour year high school career Mike Daciek had The besT record oT any- one To play Tennis Tor Andover and Tin- ished The '74 season I2-I. JeTT Cowan, seeded number Three on The Team, played well all year winning decisively againsT Severna Park when everyone else losT. Also coming Through To geT The iob done were Gene GarreTT, playing num- ber Two, and Terry Sepkowski, playing TourTh. I W ' " ' ,fi A, ""',, 1 T Ti LEFT: Milce Dacielc. The second besl singles player in The counfy, lays info a serve. BELOW LEFT: TEN- NIS TEAM - FRONT ROW: V. Milewslci, B. Lin+lwi- cum, P. Garrefl. S. May. BACK ROW:Coacl'1Gos- nell, T. Seplcowslci, J. Meelcs, B. McCormick, G. 6arre1"r,J.Cowan. M. Dacielc. BELOW: A+ +l1e ne+, second seeded Gene Garrefl awaifs +l1e ball fo "pu+ if away." 1 "1 -'f , fw- wp ff. , . 333 933 211 B7 F T 'Wf:"f' 33533335 Q . 'T gmggmanu y if E n. V . fy ,Q- -.s.4.,,' ,Q gggi f . I , , gms' Huw!! is :ssl gs f l Ngwgmj Ragga . a ll 'sfll l' L And When the Evening Comes KN -41,64 I ...L wif- I 452' wt , 3 ,rf ' , , f,- ww' fy A. ,fi 5 , 5 Big moment for juniors finally arrives JUNIORS AND THEIR DATES had plenTy To admire The evening oT OcTober I3 as They received Their class rings aT The annual Ring Dance Trom 8 To I I. Principal Oliver WiTTig and Sopho- more class oTTicers assisTed in The disTrib- uTion oT The rings which highlighTed The evening. Gail ByTella, The Junior class presidenT sTaTed. "Four hundred iuniors in all received Their rings." They had been waiTing since May when They ordered Their rings. Their selecTions included a wide varieTy Trom smooTh, all diTTerenT birTh sTones, To sTones wiTh The symbolic "A" on Them. When They weren'T showing oTT Their rings The iuniors danced To The music oT STaggerwing and auTographed a large posTer in The caTeTeria lobby which was a new idea This year. MosT couples Tound Time To dance and accepT The ring Trom Their daTe under The large Tlower decoraTed arbor which replaced The TradiTional ring. The long awaiTed ring will lasT as will The memories oT The evening. OPPOSITE PAGE: Silhoueffed againsf fhe "Class of 75" decorafions, Bob Bray and Robin Ma+inin share a momenf of 'roge+i1erness. TOP LEFT: Old and new rings meef a+ fhe Ring Dance. CENTER LEFT: Under 'rhe arbor Debbie Prodoehl and her daie Don McCombie dance 'ro Hwe sounds of Sfag- gerwing. BOTTOM LEFT: Ron Ensena+ receives his ring from Sophomore Class Presidenf Cyndy Bow- man. BELOW: Junior Bonnie Eckarlr, signs 'rhe "Graffi+i" posrer. 4151 1 4 a X :1 I ki rn 1 Iury's verdict - Not guilty "NOT GUILTYH WAS THE iury's ver- dicT aT The Tall play, "NighT oT January I6Th," sponsored by The drama deparT- menT OcTober 26 and 27. The play, a courTroom drama. Tea- Tured Sharon Feshemfeld playing The parT of Karen Andre, who was charged wiTh murdering her boss, Bjorn Faulkner. DeTending Karen, Debbie GranT pres- enTed her case To a jury picked Trom The audience-y providing a new TwisT To mur- der Trials. PresenTing The evidence againsT Karen was lv1onTel Williams' iob as prosecuTing aTTorney. BUT boTh nighTs he was unable To inTluence The iury To come up wiTh a guilTy verdicT. John Vogel played The judge and oTher acTors included Karen Burgman, ElizabeTh Liz, KaThy Riggs, David CoTer. Nancy CasamenTo, Sarah STewarT, Ken Irwin, Joe WebsTer, Cindy BolT, and Kenny BryanT. Suspense, curiosiTy, and exciTemenT oT "NighT of January l6Th" creaTed an enTerTaining evening Tor Andover Thea- Ter goers. QI q 5 f1 r' S 4? gf Q' SP 443' ff..,"5g':. Q5 5 Wm . Ati T ABOVE: Signifying school spiriT, The Toofball dummy burns. TOP LEFT: Homecoming princess, Karen Albright TOP RIGHT: Homecoming prin- cess, Cheryl Banlce. RIGHT: AT halTTime, Darlene STraclce receives her crown. OPPOSITE TOP: Homecoming princesses Cindy Ferree, Donna Jan- son, Judy Thomas, and queen Darlene STraclce. OPPOSITE BOTTOM: Ready for The game, Chuck Allers bursTs Through The hoop held by cheerleaders Julie EasTland and Linda Floyd. ci- Nm.. 'Z W Ang, 1-T f. 'J' gf , 1 New :ag o-. yf:??fs e. ,. i J Hg Darlene Stracke crowned Homecommg Queen HOMECOMING I974 BEGAN WITH a gusTy bonTire The nighT oT November 2, Tollowed by a pizza parTy in The caTeTeria. These Two evenTs raised spiriT To a high piTch in Time Tor The Tes- TiviTies The nexT day. GeTTing Things sTarTed, The TradiTional Homecoming Parade led oTT SaTurday aT l p.m. Two TloaTs, The Blaclc CulTure Club and The Arrow. parTicipaTed, Tollowed by The annual game and The crowning oT The Homecoming Queen. AT halTTime, Darlene STraclce was crowned by Nancy Doelle, lasT Year's queen. Various clubs and organizaTions presenTed her wiTh remembrances oT The day. The giTTs included an auTographed TooTball and soccer ball, Tlowers, a sTuTTed animal, a waTch, a braceleT, and a necklace. Ending The aTTernoon's evenTs enThusi- asTically, The Andover Archers deTeaTed The Brooklyn Bees I8-6. LaTer ThaT evening Jeremiah provided The music aT The Homecoming Dance held Trom 8 To II. The caTeTeria deco- raTed along a 50's Theme and paper sTars displayed The names oT laTe nighT movie idols. AT IO:OO Jeramiah became Jimmy Joy and The GooTer Boys, a greaser band, and played a solid hour oT roclc and roll music. For The homecoming alumni as well as The Andover sTudenTs The evening was a nosTalgic success. , ,.,-.,, Play wins superior rating "THE BRICK AND THE ROSE," TirsT presenTed aT Andover in I97I, came To The sTage again This year wiTh a diTTerenT casT oT Jay Vogel, Sandy Nehring, Tom O'Brien, Debi Hamer, Ken lrwin, Don Salcers, Dave Colfer, Denise Ballard, and Mary Miller. The school viewed The serious play abouT a drug addicT, January IB, aT Two assemblies. The Tollowing week, The casT and direcTor, Mrs. lvlargueriTe Yano- viTch, Traveled To The CounTy Play FesTi- val aT Glen Burnie High, where They received special recogniTion Tor "BesT AcTing Ensemble" and a "superior" raT- ing lThe highesTl Trom Two ouT oT Three iudges. The group also aTTended The Regional l:esTival and was well received by boTh judges and audience. Originally inTended as a collage Tor voices lmeaning ThaT This parTicular play was noT meanT To be acTed ouTl "The Brick and The Rose" had To be alTered slighTly because oT iTs lengTh - over an hour- and sTaging was added. l i I ABOVE: As The NarraTor, Denise Ballard explains To The audience The evenTs surrounding Tomr'ny's liTe. TOP: ln one oT The play's Tew humorous momenTs Jay Vogel. Don Salcers, Dave Cofer, Ken Irwin and Tom O'Brien enacT a pool room sequence. Vf"""'Uev f 4-ji f ABOVE: Newly crowned Varsily "A" Oueen, Che ryl Banlce, receives 'Flowers 'From John Brannoclc, represenlafive of Varsily "A" Club. CENTER VARSITY "A" COURT - G. Birx, M. Saborri, J Ross, D. Taylor, M. Gun'rher, C. Ferree, C. Banlce 'fu C. Florey, K. Zephir, B. Walers, B. Vance, C. Allers. TOP: Jay Vogel, Debi l-lamer, and Ken Irwin por- 'rray various emofions during "The Brick and 'rhe Rose." Lettermc-2n'5 choice HSNOVVED OUT!" Tha1"s whal' hap- pened l'o The I974 Varsily "A" Dance. lnslead of being held on February 8 as planned, il had lo be rescheduled lor February l8. The nominees and crowd danced To The music of Polifesse while awailing The announcernenl of The winner. Finally Len- nie Cox, presidenl of The Varsily "A" club, crowned senior Cheryl Banke as Jrhe new queen. She was picked oul of a field of six, 'rwo girls from each class, in a penny vole. 4 1 E2 TOP LEFT: "BUT he hasn'T any money, HuberT," Lady BrocIchursT, Debbie GranT, poinTs ouT To Lord BrocIchursT, Ken Irwin, when he Tells her ThaT Their Iong-losT son Tony mighT be living here aT The Rivi- era. TOP RIGHT: Tony, The male lead played by Ken Lehman, sings QT "a room in Bloomsbury" dur- ing "The BoyTriend." ABOVE: Ricardo Huguley and Anna Priscilla careTulIy balancing Trays, serve coTTee To The audience oT "The BoyTriend." ABOVE RIGHT: Polly. The Temale lead held by Sandy Neh- ring, ThoughTTully ponders Tony's proposiTion Tor marriage. "The Boyfriend" entertains at dinner theater SIX SOPFIOMORE, JUNIOR, AND SENIOR GIRLS proved that getting a boytriend can be exciting in the spring musicaI this year, entitled "The Boy- triendf' t'IeId on the evenings ot May 3, 4, and 5 and sponsored by the Andover Moth- ers' Ciub, the pIay was the tirst venture into the dinner theatre arena ever attempted by Andover. Directed by Robert Nichois, with Alden Shoup super- vising the musicai aspects, the show was very well received by both patrons and the cast, who served a tried chicken din- ner betore the 8:30 "curtain" in the cate- teria. Sarah Stewart, Charlotte Armstead, Doreen Zinnert, Brenda Brooks, Sharon Saul, and Sandy Nehring, spent three enthusiastic evenings trapping Dave Murph, Dave Coter, Bill Roiig, Frank Dutty, Ricardo I'IuguIey, and Ken Leh- man, into marriage. Other members ot the cast inciuded Sheree FehsenteId, Doug Albright, Mary MiIIer, Ken Irwin, Debbie Grant, Arthur Cox, Anna PrisciIIa, Meianie Burley, and Tom O'Brien who sang and danced their way through the play set in the gay and trivoious Paris ot I926. ABOVE LEFT: "MuIti-miilionaires and their IittIe pets do it," sing Dave Coter and Charlotte Arm- stead, reterring to the "Riviera," a new dance craze sweeping the south ot France. ABOVE: Mary Miller and Arthur Cox ioin in the tinale singing, "I Could Be I-Iappy With You." BOTTOM LEFT: Fran Dutty, Bill Rolig, Dave Coter, Dave Murph, and Ricardo I-Iuguley show ott their daring costumes as they dance with Sarah Stewart in the "Satety In Numbers" routine. ABOVE: Afler being announced, Donna Jansen and escort Billy Walers, proceed 'rhrough arch formed by ofher couples. RIGI-IT: Charlolfe Arm- sfead does an inlerprefive dance while a vocal quarrel sings. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Confeslanls and escorrs pose for a group shol aI+er receiving 'rheir Trophies. OPPOSITE PAGE RIGI-IT: Lasl year's Miss Andover, Nancy Doelle. embraces Dar- lene Slracke affer announcing her 'ro be The I974 winner. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Providing back- ground music, Douglas Albright Melanie Burley, Brenda Brooks, and Rick I-Iuguley sing "Swing I.ow Sweel Chariot" I H I , G j 9 9 5 Q 4 I D I I OG' KLA .. I 0,52 , ,MV -.5,m49,,. Southern Springtime sets theme for pageant WOULD YOU BELIEVE ANDOVER boys doing the waltz? That's exactIy what I I Varsity "A" members learned to do tor the Miss Andover Pageant. To go aIong with the southern spring- time setting and a nostaIgic Iook at the old south, each contestant and her escort participated in a grand march and then the waltz. During the waItz, the coupIes paused, allowing a question to be asked ot each girI. The question pertained to the girI's interests and tuture pIans, During two daytime assemblies, the school voted on the basis ot the way the girI answered the question aIong with her grades, personaIity, appearance, and poise. To be a contestant, each girl must ,.4.....g have participated in at Ieast two school activities in her senior year. SIides ot each participant showed her various achievements to the audience, and aIso heIped them choose their tavorite. DarIene Stracke seemed to tit all these qualitications to a great many people, and when the big moment came she won the crown ot Miss Andover tor I974. Marlon Graham representing the Archer, the sponsoring organization ot the event, presented Dariene with a tro- phy and she received a bouquet ot roses, a Winnie the Pooh bear, a music box, and several other presents trom school organizations. Sl ,to A ,i M g , ,Q , ,L W Q iii A' , Ji X .1 if -1. 3 I , ,i 's Darlene wins the crown i --Q W f Donna Janson Joanne Tufko Wanda Woodlon Karen Albrighi' Karhy Billman I f, ,X Terry Sobiski Mary Miller Sharon May Cheryl Banke Judy Thomas L h ff 2 juniors follow trend of out-of-school prom WHERE lS THE EASTWTNDY This was asked by many iuniors who Tound Them- selves losT on SaTurday, May 25, while Trying To Tind The Junior Prom. BuT IO7 couples made iT To The EasT- wind in spiTe oT iTs locaTion, and Tound Themselves dancing away The nighf To The sounds oT "Legend" When The Jun- iors weren'T dancing or passing around Their prom memory books, They enioyed The aTmosphere oT The romanTic ouT-oT- school seTTing. An added acTiviTy oT The evening included awarding a door prize To The couple wiTh The winning TickeT and They received a Tree dinner Tor Two aT Lancer's Pub. For her year's work as pres- idenT, The class presenTed Gail ByTella wiTh a lockeT inscribed "From The Class oT '75." The prom ended aT l a.m. wiTh one lasT slow dance and memories To Till The year. e' " 1 L J "' nd ' v , 1. . I ABOVE: Robin Wicker and her daTe Jirn CraTTon daTe enioy a slow dance played by "Legend," TOP: enioy The EasTwind's romanTic seTTing during a Linda CroTsley sTraighTens her daTe's bouTonniere band break. ABOVE RIGHT: Jay Vogel and his as They siT ouT a dance, RIGHT: Arriving aT The EasTwind, Kim Serio, Mary Viehmeyer, and Their daTes anTicipaTe an exciTing evening aT The Prom. ,il ,V 4 ' 2 ABOVE: The "Class of '75," was fhe main Theme of 'rhe Prom, as shown by The decorafions and cenfer- pieces. TOP: While doing The lafesf dance sfeps, Rick Huquley and his dafe "bump" 'ro 'rhe be-af of +he band. ,Z i i 1 1 i F iii ill iii ,,, i i i i i i i i ABOVE: Piafforms were back again 'rnis year: wiider fhan ever. RIGHT: Riding ien speeds +0 school proved fo be one way +o save gas for Sharon Pumphrey. sau: : sw---E i T i T Tl - Q , F ' it Hi . Y 3-fu, - 3 T 2 VT l 4,4 gg , A if ig' ,Q - A Y. 3? Streaking, Watergate, and no gas STREAKING, WATERGATE, AND THE ENERGY CRISIS - ThaT's whaT was news in '74, And Andover TelT The impacT. The year sfarfed oTT wiTh WaTergaTe Tollowed close behind by The energy crunch. All kinds oT Tuel saving measures like Turning ThermosTaTs back To 68 in rooms and 60 in halls, and an exTended ChrisTmas vacaTion made sTudenTs and Teachers aware oT The problem. ln February The gas scare became a realiTy and drivers Tound Themselves waiTing in gas lines Tor hours and some- Times only geTTing S3 worTh. Then The Tad oT The year hiT - sTreak- ing. The nude runners sTarTed TirsT on col- lege campuses and Then spread To high schools. Andover's TirsT sTreaker made his nighTTime dash aT The Slave Dance, March 23, on The Teachers' parking loTp and aT The awards assembly May 3 I, several more seniors made Their appear- ances. On The Tashion scene, jeans conTinued To be The popular way To dress, only This year sTraighT-legged ones Topped The chunkier, wilder Than ever plaTTorms. Hair goT shorTer and dresses goT longer as everyone again looked To The pasT- The 40's and 5O's Tor ideas. Everybody wenT To see The S'l'ing, The ExorcisT, and The Way We Were and some wenT To parTies "on The hill." And when The school year ended, WaTergaTe was sTill around. ABOVE: Screwdrivers on panTs? NoT exacTly buT ThaT's whaT These buckled panTs were called. TOP: Pam Moore shows ThaT bib overalls are worn Tor oTher reasons Than Tarming. ABOVE CENTER: Jeans have been in sTyle Tor ages buT a new acces- sory This year was The iean purse. ABOVE LEFT: Warm weaTher brings bare bellies and halTers as Darlene MaThison shows during a break beTween classes. 204 I I" ABOVE: All dressed up, Armand Cifroni moves fo fhe music of fhe New Diablos. TOP RIGHT: Fern Armsfead and dafe happiiy arrive af fhe prom ready for a greaf evening. BOTTOM RIGHT: Nancy Snyder and dafe pose for a prom picfure in fhe Iobby af fhe Emeraid Gardens. Lil' Rain again for the Senior Prom RAINING ON PROM NIGHT? OI course! If seems fo be parf of fradifion fo rain on fhe nighf of fhe Senior Prom and fhis year was no differenf. Buf fhaf did nof sfop seniors and fheir dafes. Couples sfarfed arriving af fhe Emerald Gardens af 8:I5, even fhough dinner was nof fo be served fiII 9 o'cIock. Before fhey wenf fo sif down, each cou- ple received a Prom program and each senior received a small cordial glass wifh fhe Andover seal on if. When dinner was served fhe menu consisfed of fruif, salad, prime rib of beef, pofafoes. green beans, rolls and apple pie for desserf. Af fhe beginning of The meal, fhe presidenf of fhe Senior cIass, Monfel WiIIiams, addressed fhe group and presenfed giffs fo fhe Sena- fors, officers and fhe cIass sponsors, Mr. Reed Parks and Mr. Tom Garrigan. Af fen o'cIock fhe meal was over, and fhe dance fIoor quickly crowded as con- finuous music came from alfernafing bands, fhe New Diablos and Legend. For fhe resf of fhe evening, couples danced. or had fheir picfures faken ouf in fhe Iobby, or resfed and sampled The punch and snacks. Af I o'cIock, fhe Iasf band fo play, Legend, sfopped and bid fhe dass of '74 farewell and good Iuck. Erom here fhe couples Ieff and wenf fo privafe par- fies or wenf home and packed for The weekend in Ocean Cify. The damp weafher did nof dampen spirifs and everyone had a mosf memora- ble evening. I X. Wann LEFT: Greg Dreas lels loose on lhe clance floor. TOP: Sarah Slewarf fakes a big moufhful of lhe delicious dinner served al The Prom. ABOVE: Sen- ior class President Monfel Williams, shows off his +uxeclo and lop haf. 206 ...Na- i e I - V i l l l I .4 A if ffzy ABOVE: Sfudenls lislen infenlly as 'Fellow graclu- valeclicforian honors. TOP RIGHT: The qradualion ales speak. TOP LEFT: Ending his high school procession files in+o sea+s in fhe gym af Calonsville career wifh a 4.0 record, Marlon Graham wins Cornrnunily College. Class of '74 graduates at Catonsville IN AN UNEAMILIAR SETTING The Class oT '74 graduaTed on June 4. Because oT The large class - 503 seniors, The commencemenT Took place aT CaTonsville CommuniTy College. The exercises were The TirsT To be held away Trom The school. AT abouT 7 p.m. senior advisors, Mr. Reed Parks and Mr. Thomas Garrigan, led The procession inTo The gym. ATTer a sTirring solo by Sharon Saul oT "Sunrise, SunseT," principal Oliver B. WiTTig pres- enTed awards To The graduaTing seniors. Marlon Graham received valedicTorian honors while Richard Barrows and Karen Burgman shared The TiTle OT saluTaTorian. Finally, beTore an audience composed mainly oT proud parenTs and relaTives, Dr. Hendrickson oT The Anne Arundel CounTy Board oT EducaTion presenTed The diplomas. lvlr. WiTTig gave his Fare- well To The seniors, sTressing The many "TirsTs" oT The class and challenging Them To be The TirsT To hold a class reunion. WiTh ThaT The Tassels moved Trom righT To leTT signiTying The change Trom sTu- denT To graduaTe. ABOVE: Ann Bowers receives her diploma Trom Dr. announces Ann Wellham and David LinThicum as Harry Hendrickson. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. WiTTig The recipienTs oT The Leroy G. CarTer Award. 7 Sharing Horizons That Are .mNewtoUs , , 3 w SX ww ws, TOP RIGHT: Livening up 'rlwe aclivilies-luncln period. DJ. Monlel Williams broadcasfs announce- menls and music over WAND. RIGHT: The Library Council, Belly Ridqely, Linda Holrz and Terry Sobi- slci discuss plans for renfinq a copy machine for 'rlme sclnool library. ABOVE: Performing one of his many duries as Sfudeni Senafe President Dave Linllwicum announces flue Homecoming Queen. Senate introduces WA D "GOOD AFTERNOON! THIS IS WAND, RADIO 74. . . " sounded ThroughouT The school every day as The STudenT SenaTe sponsored radio sTaTion came on The air. OperaTing Trom The new STudenT SenaTe oTTice and The PA room. Andover's WAND began broadcasTing music, announcemenTs, and TeaTures lsuch as The anTi-IiTTer "Sin-Bin"l in Janu- ary. This was only one oT The many services and accompIishmenTs oT The SenaTe dur- ing The pasT year. They conTinued To sponsor Homecoming TesTiviTies, Donlcey BasIceTbaII, The Awards and EIecTion assemblies, and The daily canTeen serv- ice. They iniTiaTed "Gripe Day" and Prin- cipaI's Buzz Sessions, which broughT up problems arising in school such as parlc- ing, The acTiviTies-Iunch period, or The energy crisis. ProducTion oT The school handbook, sponsoring WaIIcaThon hikers, holding a recepTion Tor The MonTreaI sTu- denTs and numerous oTher services Tilled Their busy schedule. In addiTion 30 sTudenTs represenTed Andover aT Two MASC ConvenTions and senT ouT The MASC newsIeTTer. Andover also hosTed a CRASC general meeTing and The CRASC banqueT wiTh board members and adminisTraTors. Overall, communicalrions were improved greaTly beTween Those who run The school sysTem and Those who live in iT -The sTudenTs. I 1 i LEFT: WAND engineer Riclc Barrows coordinaTes The records To be played on The radio sTaTion. ABOVE: STUDENT SENATE - ON LADDER AT LEFT: D. ChenoweTh, J. Dewaal, J. Robinson, S. Saul, D. Bohn, K. Riggs. P. Crouse. G. ByTeIla. ON LADDER RIGHT: D. STraclce, C. Marine, H. Wil' liams, R. Barrows. S. Edmunds, M. Williams, L. Ruby, D. ByTeIIa, M. NeumeisTer. ON GROUND: M. STieIper, N. CasamenTo, D. LinThicum, A. Mon- ego, S. ProperT, T. Hughes. RIGHT: Preparing Jrhe Miss Andover Showcase Pam Bradley, Sue Norris, Jane? Cox arrange The candida're's pic+ures. TOP LEFT: NEWSPAPER STAFF - FRONT ROW: Mrs. A. Springer, L. Crofsely, D. Johnson, J. Robinson, L. Meredi+h, D. Mays, J. Thomas. SECOND ROW: W. Whea'rIey. J. DeWaaI, J. Barfh, N. Jennings, T. Obrien. G. ByTeIIa. BACK: G. Holmes, D. Linfhicum. TOP RIGHT: Thinking our new ideas for 'rhe Arrow Jeff Barfh. Judy Thomas, John Dewaal, spend Iong hours in The Arrow office. BOTTOM LEFT: Bringing home fhe Trophy for 'rhe bes+ yearbook in +he sfaie from The Maryland Press Conference Judy presenrs i+ fo Ed Koucheravy. BOTTOM RIGHT: YEAR- BOOK MEMBERS - FRONT ROW: S. May, S. Edmunds, T. Laureska. SECOND ROW: A. Priscilla, J. Keffelberger, C. McNeeI, E. Lis, D. Pumphrey, P. Mannion, K. Medicus, K. Zephir, T. Sobiski, M. Graham. BACK: G. Birx, K. Riggs, C, Barike, E. Koucheravy, pose for a picfure by sfaff phofogra- pher, Sreve Chambers. OPPOSITE: Yearbook sraff QO6S'If1GI'iV6.II S I ! I I , II Staffs work hard to improve publicatlons SPARKED WITH NEW ENTHUSI- ASM THE Archer and Arrow sTaTTs worked To produce beTTer publicaTions This year. lncreasing iTs number OT issues To eleven, The mosT ever, The newspaper sTaTT rushed To meeT Three week dead- lines. AdverTising sales proved To be a Tinancial success along wiTh Three paper drives, Three car washes, and money raised aT The sTudenT canTeen. King Zulu, his daughTer, iungle naTives, and Horace, The yearbook salesman pro- vided exoTic enTerTainmenT aT The year- book assembly, as The new sTaTT cam- paigned and sold subscripTions Tor This year's ediTion oT The Archer. ATTer selling a record 800 books. The sTaTT goT down To The real job oT geTTing The books To The press. When They received word in April ThaT The I973 Archer had won TirsT place in The sTaTe aT The Maryland ScholasTic Press AssociaTion ConvenTion, The sTaTT worked harder Than ever To come up wiTh a book ThaT would bring back The Trophy a second year. BoTh sTaTTs spenT long hours raising money and working Toward deadlines To come up wiTh Their besT ediTions. s A-If 4 Money - always a problem BRCKEI THAT'S WHAT THE VAR- SITY "A" CLUB was This year. Well, noT exacTly. They did end The year wiTh 58, buT losing money on Their annual dance and selling sweaTers, Tee shirTs and iaclc- eTs wiTh Andover wriTTen on Them aT cosT cuT Their Tund raising reTurns. "I wanTed To spread The name oT The school around," sTaTed RoberT Nichols, sponsor. He ThoughT This was accom- plished as many oT The iTems were ordered and sold. So even Though Their acTiviTies didn'T bring in any money, The leTTermen did boosT school spiriT. On The oTher hand The NaTionaI Honor SocieTy, anoTher selecTive organizaTion ended The year wiTh more money Than They ThoughT. From Their paper drives and candy sales, The group neTTed abouT 5600. 0uT oT This They voTed To give Two senior members, Karen AlbrighT and David LinThicum, S50 boolc scholarships. WiTh The resT oT The money They boughT pins and honor cords Tor graduaTion7 and when The bill Tor The cords was less Than anTicipaTed, They ended The year wiTh abouT S I 50 in Their Treasury. The club also disTribuTed The S500 prize money Trom "IT's Academic" in Ten S50 boolc scholarships To seniors. ABOVE: VarsiTy "A" club members, C. lvlarlcowslci, Neilson, J. Brannock, M. SmiTh, unpack mugs which ber Susan Edmunds sells candy aT The canTeenT E, AmaTi, K. Lloyd, E. Koucheravy, G. Chrisilcos, B. were given To Them as souvenirs. TOP: NHS mem- help The club raise money fe ABOVE: The members of 'rhe largesf club a1'And- over, Hue NHS, pose 'For a group slwof 216 Cheerleaders revive tradition of "Mr, Andover" "MR, ANDOVER! WhaT's ThaT?" quesTioned many people. This year The cheerleaders decided To renew The old TradiTion oT "Mr, Andover" and make some money aT The same Time. In a penny voTe conTesT, Fran DuTTy won, ouT OT a Tield oT six. CompeTiTion was Tierce espe- cially among The girl admirers, so The ToTal inTake was over SI7O. AT a pizza parTy held aTTer The Brooklyn Park bas- keTbaII game, The cheerleaders pres'- enTed Mr. Andover wiTh a plaque. This was iusT one oT The cheerleaders' proiecTs To make money Tor pep buses. The cheerleaders also sold EasTer eggs. candy bars, and green and gold shakers. BuT, mosT oT Their Time They spenT in many long hours oT pracTice. IT sTarTed in The hear oT The summer Tor camp and ended in The same heaT oT The nexT sum- mer. A group oT These girls aTTended an lnTernaTional Cheerleading EoundaTion camp held aT UMBC Trom July 22 To July 27. While aT camp, They received The spiriT award and a whiTe ribbon. WiTh Their pracTices and The addiTion oT Two people To The prep squad, The girls were able To cover all sporTing evenTs and give more supporT. TOP LEFT: Army SergeanT PaTsy DuTTy drills The crowd aT Big "A" NighT. TOP RIGHT: Riding on The Homecoming TIoaT, CaThie Cammer leads The crowd in a cheer. ABOVE: COMBINED SOUADS - FRONT ROW: D. Hamer, C. Banke, K, Hag- erTy. SECOND ROW: C. Mannion, P. Harper, S. PeTroski, K. Billman, M. Saboori, D. Hook. P- Endres. THIRD ROW: M. Daciek, C. Cammer. J- EasTIand, A. Bonovich, J. TuTko, M. DuTTy, C. Arm- sTead. M. Viehmeyer, I.. I.. Eloycl. TOP: P. DuTTy, K- AIbrighT, C. ClusTer. 'wa ' ABOVE: Affer a Touchdown, Pa1'+y Endres refledrs Jrhe crowd's spirif wifh her jump. TOP RIGHT: Varsify cheerleader Mary Duffy wafches game, +0 know which cheer fo do nex'r, BOTTOM RIGHT: Waihng for fhe 'ream 'ro come on Julie Easfland and Linda Floyd ge+ ready 'rhe hoop They made. 2 ABOVE: Afrer a long lun filled day, Paula Dulnemel fakes a break lo rubber sore feel. ABOVE RIGHT: Working bard for Pep Club, Sue Pelroslci concen- rrafes on malcing a boosfer posrer. RIG-HT: Relax- ing af Arlinglon Echo members of Ecology Club Talk over The clay's evenls while ealing luncl'1. li X l X me 2 lx. frkwa Pep C1ub,Ecology Club help school SHARING Tl-lE SAME INTEREST, To help The school, The Ecology Club and The Pep Club worlced in Two diTTerenT direcTions This year. For Their goal, To encourage spiriT, The Pep Club Tried a new approach by selling Andover pennanTs Tor TooTball, baslceT- ball, and soccer. AT meeTings held every oTher Wednesday, approximaTely 20 acTive members also supporTed The club by painTing signs Tor The diTTerenT sporTs, and on game days They sponsored and rode pep buses To The games. When aslced The purpose oT Ecology Club, Joyce Emge, presidenT, replied, "To encourage The conservaTion oT our naTural resources by cleaning up liTTered areas, and collecTing and recycling boT- Tles and papers." They carried ouT Their purpose wiTh a Tew oT The year's acTivi- Ties including monThly boTTle drives and clean-up around The school and spending a weekend aT ArlingTon Echo where They planTed Trees and shrubs - a big con- servaTion proiecT. BoTh clubs carried ouT Their ideas and enjoyed doing iT. je. ,W , 'T , - ABOVE: ECOLOGY CLUB - FRONT ROW: L Kruger, R. EnsenaT, J. Emge, C. Hare, K. Kraliclc. L l-loTTman, E. WinTersTein. BACK ROW: S. Cham bers, l-l. Wagner, Mrs. Olexia, adviser, V. Gray, P Duhamel, J. l-loTmann, L. McDermoTT, J. Rhyne TOP: PEP CLUB - FRONT ROW: C. WenTworTh S. PeTroslci, l-l. Williams, T. Williams, B. Lapp, J Thomas. BACK ROW: K. lvleclicus, B. Ridgley, C McNe-el, C. DonaT, J. Cox, J. TuTlco. O "SOUNDS OF SIl.ENCE" RANC5 OUT as The Advanced Chorus per- Tormed This popular Tune aT The I2Th Annual Mid-WinTer ConcerT, March l5. Under The direcTion oT R. Alden Shoup and Richard AlbrighT The Chorus per- Tormed Tunes ranging "Trom MozarT To Simon and GarTunlcel." The Vocal Ensemble, an exTra-curricu- lar group, ThaT rehearses Twice a week during The lunch-acTiviTy period, also parTicipaTed in The concerT. As an added TeaTure aT The ConcerT ,duo pianisTs Cindy Eerree and Tina STaclc perTormed The TirsT movemenT oT "Scara- mouche" by Milhaud. They also per- Choruses sing out Tormed aT a Vocal Ensemble CompefTi Tion on May II. To Tinish up The year? They played aT The Spring ConcerT dfii May 30. 5 OTher acTiviTies such as singing ChrisT- mas carols aT The Harundale Mall, per. Torming The annual ChrisTmas and Spring ConcerTs, and Traveling To ST. John's Tor a concerT. l4epT The Chorus quiTe busy. In addiTion To all This, They compeTecl in The Choral AdiudicaTion, April 23, and as a learning experience, The Chorus Traveled To Glen Burnie l-ligh School Tor a choral workshop. The year, like many oThers, was very producTive Tor The Choruses. ABOVE: The Vocal Ensemble, an exTra-curricular group, sings "Youve GOT a Friend" aT The WinTer ConcerT. TOP: ADVANCED CHORUS - FRONT ROW: N. Snyder, S. Warehime, D. Prodoehl, C. McNeel, S. PeTroslci, J. TuTlco, K. Medicus. B. Brock- IehursT, T. STack, C. Ferree. C. Bolt C. STrehlen, R. Florey. BACK ROW:'Mr. A. Shoup, l-l. Williams, G. Lacy, D. AlbrighT, B. DeAndrade, D. Luber, l-- Larr, S. Saul, R. Crowe. CENTER: Duo pianisTs Tina STaclc and Cindy Eerree perTorrn aT The Mid-VVinTer ConcerT. KBOVE RIGHT: Sharon Warehime Turns pages for xccompanisf Karen Medicus as Mrs. Neflenback iirecfs Hue Ensemble. TOP LEFT: Barbara Brockle- hurs? sings a seledrion from "Godspell." TOP RIGHT: One of fhe 'Five male singers in Hwe Chorus. Bob defkndrade sings our. TOP: MAJORETTES - FRONT ROW: S. Pefroski Ifealure lwirlerl, K. Kraliclc, K. Byrne. BACK ROW: K. Pannell, K. Prager, B. Morgan, D. Zinnerl. D. Fuller. RIGI-IT: Marching Band in full dress uniform pose for picfure. BOTTOM LEFT: STAGE BAND - FRONT ROW: T. Slack, D. Wlwilrnore, M. Waldman. SECOND ROW: M. Arlauslcas. M. Sfrumsky, B. De-Andrade, D. Murph. M. Clalclwey. J. Bonn, D. Soverns, K. Barraclc. BACK ROW: R. Barrows, L. Fosler, M. Owens, D. Albright B. I-Ium- phrey, J. Ruman. BOTTOM RIGI-IT: In flue Sfage Band for The second year, Lamar Fosfer plays IST Trumpet wevzzwiw--1 Bands participate in community AS WAS THE CUSTOM FOR The pasT couple oT years, The Marching Band and maioreTTes again perTormed Tor The communiTy. Taking parT in The LinThicum YouTh-Friends House ChrisTmas Parade, They sTarTed aT Andover and marched Through The sTreeTs oT l.inThicum bringing much enjoymenT To bo+h young and old. Led by drum major Mike Owens, They also perucormed halT-Time shows aT all home TooTball games and in May They made Their annual appearance aT The Flower MarT sponsored by The Women's Club oT LinThicum l'TeighTs. Along wiTh The Marching Band, The STage Band played aT The annual WinTer and Spring ConcerTs. They Traveled To oTher schools To perTorm concerTs, along wiTh parTicipaTing in mosT school assem- blies. To end The year, They played Tor The Awards Assembly and The Miss And- over ConTesT. BELOW: The maioreTTes lead The band on To The Tielcl Tor halT-Time acTiviTies. LEFT: Senior Doug AlbrighT perTorms during halT-Time aT varsiTy TooT- ball game. Q W i V 1 . T A Lu. 4 BELOW: Vanessa Fields looks over The goodies DECA members Cindy Hall, Sandy Powell, and Debbie Eisenhardf have prepared for fhe bake sale. DECA does it again MR. MARTIN GOT BACK TO AND- OVER from DECA's Nafional Leadership Conference, lusf in fime fo congrafulafe Debbie Gavin and Bonnie Zill on fheir winnings af fhe Conference during fhe school's award assembly. Debbie placed in fhe fop I6 of fhe nafion for her Mer- chandise lnformafion Manuel and Bonnie placed fhe same for her Jewelry Sfore Refailing Manuel. High School sfudenfs from all over fhe nafion compefed in fhe confesfs. During fhe school year fhe club held a bake sale and paper drives, which helped fhe club wifh a few of fheir expenses. George Burkhead, fhe club's presi- denf, was named Oufsfanding Disfrib- ufive Educafion Sfudenf in Anne Arundel Counfy. Each year fhe club seems fo have af leasf one member achieve an award and fhis year was no differenf. la--f ABOVE RIGHT: Joyce DeCoursey buys sfafionery ABOVE: DECA - FRONT ROW: Mr. Marfin, S. BACK ROW: D. Cromwell, D. Keyser, M. Young. from a fellow FBLA member Karen Prager. Powell, D. Gavin, J. Warren, E. Malleffe, D. Broch. G. Burlchead, D. Bullen, M. Gibson. R- 'ws x' A. ,AX 5 gf' S. 4 .., -Q Q? Tux 1,1 Q .n, s wt! , I 1. T ar . JG e A 'Q' . J 4 1 4+ f jf NV! 4 1, -'S . , i , ' as 741' , l A 1 3 4 ,,- Lui? Q 5,155 .5 Pat wins first ON MARCH l8Th The business classes were srill in Tull swing aT 3:30 in The aTTer- noon when Andover's FBLA hosTed The annual Region Six FBLA ConTesT. Taking TesTs given in all business subiecTs in com- peTiTion wiTh sTudenTs Trom eigh+ oTher schools, Andover had one TirsT place regional winner, PaTricia Mannion, who noT only Took Top honors in Junior AccounTing buT wenT on To win TirsT place in The sTaTe and a chance Tor naTional compeTiTion in San Francisco. Twelve oTher girls placed second and Third in The regionals. To send Tive sTudenTs and Two sponsors To The STaTe CompeTiTion in Ocean CiTy and PaTricia To The NaTional CompeTi- Tion, The club builT up Their Treasury. They sold Tom WyaTT showcase iTems, sTaTionery, candy, and TiclceTs aT TooTball games. The club members TelT ThaT The club lcepT Them busy all year and ThaT The year was very successTul. 'OP: Mrs. Alene HousTon presenTs PaTricia Man- AccounTing in The Maryland ConTerence. ABOVE: group picTure. ion wiTh a plaque Tor placing Tirsi' in Junior FBLA members sTop Their meeTing To pose Tor a ABOVE: D. Zinnerf prepares a IabIe for 'rhe French cafe. ABOVE RIGHT: French s'ruden+s and parenfs sample 'rhe French cuisine. RIGHT: GERMAN CLUB -- FRONT ROW: R. Leafherman, K. Ges- serf, V. Vanik, L. Biggs. and adviser, Mrs. Inge Ber- gan. BACK ROW: L. Lis, R. Lis, L. Hoffman and J. CIecIcner. STANDING: C. Marine, S. Bufala, and B. Boofh. LOWER RIGHT: Advisers, Miss Brown and Mrs. Adioodani discuss a French CIub ac'rivi'ry before The cIub members - FRONT ROW: L. Vasas, B. GIenn, J. CIecIcner, D. Schaffner, and M. Goeberf. BACK ROW: S. Edmunds. R. Barrows, M. Kelly, S. Garber and K. Bock. STANDING: T. Hughes, and A. Hackman. FAR RIGHT: French s'ruden'rs - D. Schaffner, C. Armsfead, T. Hughes, B. Glenn, M. Goeber+ and J. Emge - perform "AIoueHe" for The Fench Cafe. ,f 2 fn' 1 ' Af .rl f , ' rw f .g.., X ., . I mm m fi' Y 2? W .1 A fm 1,1 VY . DIE DIES df? 1 BHD D DF? Activities fill year for French and German Clubs "TO ENHANCE THE LEARNING oT French people and how They live, Their cusToms, and Their ideas, eTc. ouTside OT a classroom siTuaTion," ThaT is The pur- pose oT The French Club according To PresidenT Joyce Emge. BoTh The French and German Clubs oT Andover TulTilled This purpose, Tilling The year wiTh many acTiviTies. WiTh greaTly increased membership and more involvemenT, The French Club Tocused iTs aTTenTion on more acTiviTies such as going To French producTions, res- TauranTs, counTries, eTc. The acTiviTies included a money-making LinThicum House Tour, OcTober I4, a visiT To a 'French resTauranT, Le Papillion, Decem- ber 7, a sTudenT exchange program beTween Andover French sTudenTs and sTudenTs Trom MonTreal in The laTTer parT oT The year, and The French caTe, Tor The second year in The spring. The pasT school year was a very TruiTTul one Tor The German Club also. WiTh proTiTs Trom German "gummy bear" and Toblerone candies, The club wenT To a German resTauranT and had several par- Ties ThroughouT The year. This year The regular German Club decided To exTend The club Through The summer. The club would be separaTe Trom The regular club wiTh iTs own oTTi- cers. Planning To meeT aT leasT Three Times a monTh, The summer German Club hoped To sponsor acTiviTies including pic- nics, pool parTies, bowling, and a Tew Trips To German TesTivals. BoTh clubs had a loT oT Tun in The acTiv- iTies They sponsored Tor The pasT school year. . fmnnla 7 7 7 Black Cultural Club gets off to a good start TOP RIGHT: PanTomiming The PoinTer SisTers, CharloTTe Marine, Jolene Parker, JoAnne Hardy, and ClaudeTTe Parker perTorm Tor Big "A" NighT. BOTTOM RIGHT: FRONT ROW: J. Galloway, L. Proyonche, J. Goodwin, K. Oueen, W. Woodlon, C. ArmsTead. SECOND ROW: J. Parker, A. Car- Ter, M. Flemming, P. Garland, B. YaTes, R. l-lenson. M. Burley, C, Parker. Miss Mackel. BACK ROW: P. MaTlock, R. BosTon, L. Tallie, A, Mack, C. Arm- sTead, Mr. Jernigan, B. Edwards, C. Marine, Mr. Robinson, B. Brooks. BELOW: On Afro-American Regalia Day. CharloTTe Marine wears her daishiki To school. BLACK AWARENESS rose To new heighTs aT Andover wiTh The TormaTion oT The school's TirsT Black CulTural Club. Under The sponsorship oT Prince Jernigan and Cicero Robinson, The club meT Tues- days and Thursdays during The second halT oT The new acTiviTy-lunch period. To sTarT oTT The year righT, The 33 members enTered a TloaT in The Home- coming Parade and won TirsT place. The celebraTion oT Black l-lisTory Week highlighTed The year's acTiviTies. Begin- ning on February I6, The week saw a vari- eTy oT Black TuncTions. BulleTin boards TeaTuring Black hisTorians, club members wearing ATrican sTyles oT Tashion and a soul iammer day on WAND, The schools radio sTaTion, Took up The beTTer parT of The week. A "Soul Food" Sampler in which sTudenTs could sample TradiTional Black Toods cooked by The moThers oT The club, compleTed The week long celebra- Tion. For Their Tinal proiecT, The goup pres- enTed a combinaTion Tashion show and dance in The caTeTeria May 24. WiTh Their many acTiviTies The club had a busy TirsT year. BELOW: Sfudenfs anxiously wail' +0 sample various "Soul Food" dishes 'rl'1a+ were served during +l1e lunch-ac'rivi'ry period. LEFT: Lydia Tallie waifs for Viclci Clouser's reacfion as she samples "Soul Food" prepared by 'rlwe Black Culfural Club during Black l'-lis+ory Week. Y W, .IQ 'jig nf N.,-4' I 230 1 i l vi ifgfflc' 1 ,, fu, fw 'f My 1 gg, , . iiaf gfil ' 'i ztgif' Je, v f ......-...........M......., ABOVE: THESPIANS - FRONT ROW: K. Burg man. P. Mulkey, S. Fesenfeld, M. Ziegenhein, D. Oranl. SECOND ROW: A. Priscilla, D. Bohn BACK ROW: K, Irwin, M. Miller, K. Sfone, S. Neh ring. L. Hoffman, A. Erhardl, A. lvlonego, D Arlauslcas, S. l-larlzell, S. Saul, N. Casamenlo, J. . 7 205. Vogel. TOP LEFT: Drama Club members vamp lOl' 'rheir Big "A" Nighr panfomime +o "Big Spenderf' TOP RIGHT: Thespian Presidenl Anna Priscilla models a comedy mask on which a Thespian who is being inifialecl musl obrain The signalures of every- one who already is a member. Interest in drama increases BECAUSE OE THE MANY AND VARIED TYPES OE PRODUCTIONS puT on This year aT Andover, Thespian Troupe 11-2347 boasTed iTs largesT group ever- 33 members. All 33 parTicipaTed in some way in The Tull-lengTh Tall play - "The Brick and The Rose:" Big "A" NighT7 The One AcT Play EesTival beTween The Three classes here aT Andover and yearly sponsored by The Thespians: or The spring musical - "The BoyTriend." This year also Tound more Thespians Than ever earning sTars, which represenT Ten hours more work pasT The Ten needed To geT in, and one Thespian, Debbie Grant earning a bar, which represenTs 60 poinTs. Two oTher senior Thespians had already earned bars - Mary Miller and Debbie Bohn, wiTh 96 and 86 poinTs respecTively. WiTh The graduaTion oT This year's sen- iors, There were only nine Thespians leTT. BuT wiTh The hopes oT The Troupe spon- sor, Mrs. MargueriTe YanoviTch, Tor con- Tinued inTeresT and enThusiasm in dra- maTics, perhaps nexT year will bring anoTher large group oT Troupers To if 2347. ABOVE: DRAMA CLUB - FRONT ROW: S. Cris- Ten, B. Morgan. SECOND ROW: K. Riggs, K. Bow- man, D. Cofer. THIRD ROW: L. SmiTh, K. Pannell, D. Salcers. FOURTH ROW: K. Solomon, K. Prager. BACK ROW: J. Meyer, C. Byrne, K. Kraliclc, J. Rhyne. ABOVE RIGHT: Debbie Bohn helps Sharon EesenTeld geT ready Tor The Thespian slciT in Big "A" Nighi. 5fff1q V A 24"-1, . ?'ef3'L'?f 1, "Bad Guy" Mark Albergo calmly surveys 'rlwe Jrerri- fory in +l1e movie "True Grub," produced by flue Film Club. ' Q i 5 5 lf' -2 ,k'f', of 1, ., ,J .1 Film makers and puppeteers provide entertamment TAKING A YEAR and Tilmed on loca- Tion, The Film Club's TeaTure movie oT The year, "True Grub" proved To be a greaT success. STarring Ed Koucheravy, Mark Albergo, Anna Priscilla and Dave CoTer, The Tilm concerned The plighT oT a caTTle rancher chasing The "bad guys" who rob- bed him in The Turn-oT-The-cenTury wesT. Also during The year The club, headed by adviser Wayne Shipley, made a World War ll Tilm, The Tilm "Oh, No" Tor Big "A" NighT and showed various renTed Tilms Tor a small admission during The acTiviTy period. AnoTher group concerned in enTer- TainmenT, The puppeTeers, made 45 per- Tormances oT seven original scripTs wriT- Ten by The sTudenTs. Using hand puppeTs made by arT sTu- denTs, The perTormers Traveled To schools, chariTies, and ladies' clubs ThroughouT The sTaTe, wiTh requesTs Tor shows sTreTching Trom Pennsylvania To Virginia. The puppeTeers' sponsor, Mr. Roberi' Nichols said, "We Tried To give The kids, which someTimes were 350 in number, a good Time and we had a greaT Time doing iT." TOP LEFT: Mark Albergo lumps an unsuspecTing Warch and Sarah STewarT show oTTsome oTThe cre- M Albergo G Thompson J Moller D CoTer K "good guy," Ed Koucheravy, in one oT The TighT aTions made Tor puppeT shows This year, ABOVE: Lloyd D BradT T Thompson R Lease 5CeneS'FfOf'f1'lTl'Ue Grub." TOP RIGHT: Mike FILM CLUB - C. Hadley, 6. Svehla, W. Shipley, 4 Photography, Art Clubs learn and improve Skills "CHECK THE SHUTTER SPEED," suggesTs lvlr. Edward Shumaker To Pho- Tography Club members on one oT Their picTure-Taking ouTings. Through Mr. Shumaker's knowledge, he helped The members To improve Their skill in phoTography. l-le also TaughT Them dark room Techniques and how To mounT picTures. During The year, The club Took picTures oT Andover's TooTball and baskerball Team, seTTing up a display and laTer sell- ing Them Tor a proTiT. The money was used Tor Tinancing field Trips To Washing- Ton's birThplace in Virginia and To The ,ff--"" A Ill' 1 'Wi C Wlwpjpwmy -,..f- 'T 52' A, Tli. X i I 'X wge- ft '.f5 Zeroing in on The obiecT, phoTographer LesTer Larr Tries a close-up. Don Frank, above righT, and Mike News PhoTographer ExhibiT aT The Library oT Congress in WashingTon. Also, during The lunch-acTiviTy period They Traveled Through l.inThicum Tincling picTuresgue places To Take picTures. ConcenTraTing in leaTher, The ArT Club meT during The acTiviTy period several days a week. The monTh beTore ChrisT- mas There were as many as 50 kids work- ing on key chains, belTs, shoes, and purses. They made Things Tor Themselves, and giTTs and sold some iTems aT school TuncTions. Some arT sTudenTs exTended Their class proiecTs inTo The club's Time. ,, X 425' Arlauskas, Top, learn more abouT phoTography OH one of The club's ouTings. Gifs iz' BYU . Fill 3, -.KK-Qs.. X ., lf un: ,wmghq X IM 5 . . 'a-:KE h "' 1 , J A 2,D36xXfyQS 4 WX Um , x V,.. X . Ilfv XC, ,gukvofgyxfd 'xx ,L gQu,0y'tO!J" . K . Q NX A V, A r Q' as X A L V 'Q mi.k0'tf ww, XX Q " ' K ,,'.':-. ., zwkfwwdv at '96 "x ! ,. f - xsisxgljxxg Q If ff f A ' ' N, ' , A M1311 ABOVE: A member of 'rhe AM Club, Susan Walfer Jrhe lunch-ac'rivi+y period, members of The Arf Club G. Nelson, A. Howard, A. Bowers - make shoes, sfains fhe pockefbook she is making. TCP: During - D. Hare, P. Wallace. L. Treece, C. Anuszewslci, belfs and accessories ou'r of leafher, 5 6 ABOVE: CHESS CLUB - FRONT DESK: G. Farmer, M. Bock. P. lldefonso, L. Bish. BACK DESK: M. Bochniewicz, B. Weishaar, J. Sfraclce, H. Kim, J. Bamberger, R. Ensanaf, R. Collins. ABOVE LEET: Pele lldelonso gives advice +0 Thomas Hughes in his malch againsl Jay Eifzhuqh. TOP LEFT: Louis Kimble and Gary Farmer sludy 'rheir pieces for The final moves of Their chess malch. TOP: Ricky COlliHS plans his nexl play as he moves 'foward "Check- male." A Small clubs enjoy interests RELIGION IS STILL VERY MUCl'l A PART OE EDUCATION. This senTimenT was shown every weelc in The acTiviTies oT The Bible Club. The club, led by Mr. John McBride, who majored in religion in col- lege, was esTablished To answer any ques- Tions Thaf sTudenTs had concerning The Bible and how iT could be relaTed To cur- renT issues. AcTiviTies oT The club included lisTening To casseTTe Tapes oT various religious sermons, and observing The NaTionaI Day oT Prayer. The MaTh Team, alThough laclcing enough members To Truly compeTe, did very well in counTy meeTs held aT Anne Arundel CommuniTy College. John Dewaal, did parTicularly well, scoring several perTecT scores aT The compeTi- Tions. Marlon Graham compeTed in The Regional MaTh MeeT and scored Third highesT in The counTy wiTh a score oT 4. Renewed wiTh Tull enThusiasm This year, The Chess Club meT in Mr. John Meslcow's room during The acTiviTy period. The club membership wiTh I3 male members, was aT iTs highesT in several years, and They conducTed quiTe a Tew TournamenTs including a sTudenT- Teacher compeTiTion. All Three clubs enioyed The year's acTiviTies. ABOVE: MATH TEAM - P. l-larper, N. Jennings, ger, R. Brown, T. CrawTord. BACK ROW: F. R. EnsenaT, M. Bochniewicz, Mr. Bufler, T. Jennings. Wood, E. Lis, L. Kimble. TOP: BIBLE CLUB - FRONT ROW: R. Wurzber- 237 I ?. isa Qi pg: Zi mm- aaa--- s.......v.,-sssmsse :ll 2: ll I I I 6 5 I I 5 I E Watching the Signs Along the Wa WEQW77, V zzrviwdflfff EEK? Qmav M855 ID' ffl 3 V 2 'wi -1' nf' if Liv?-azv,-5vie:-',r5?'i'!5f'L Q-.5 ES. ii Stix , " 'WE 1 r 9 V I nfvnvv-mu ,vrm 4. i-7--A-.T-.i-......,.,Y .... -it- 40 L . . "' lL' 4 ., V A..9.x, x 144 4 . Y ' ll .n'mTQv2ln. B 5 'Al- RIGHT: Looking over molrorcycle gear, Eric Aman, W -, Jeff Barrn, Shari May, and Mary Vielnrneyer decide wl'1a'rTo buy. ABQVE: Sharon May rries our a mororcycle a+ EASTPOINT KAWASAKI 74I8 Eas+ern Ave. Bal+imore, Maryland 2 I 224 282-8500 "" yixx ifvxg CompIimen+s of ALBRECHT S PHARMACY OF LINTHICUM THE HOUSE OF PRESCRIPTIONS I A . R T Laibhrourn Diane Taylor and her dale enloy a happy momen+ a+ 'I'I1e Junior Prom. 400 S. Hammonds Ferry Rd. Lin+I1icum Heigh+s, Md. Phone STaI'e 9-7575 For Free Delivery OF l975 LOYOLA FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN IOO Crain Highway S.W. Glen Burnie, Maryland 2I06l MAIN OFFICE Charles and Pres+on S'I'ree+s BaII'imore, Maryland 2I20I Taking advanlaqe oILoyoIa'shigI1 inreresf, Ro Ensanal and Pal Harper fill ouf a bank depos 1' slip. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY Q9 QD C H RYS LE R T PLYMOU.TH lm p e r 1 al GLEN BURNIE GLEN BURNIE 22 BaH'imore-Annapolis Blvd. Ri+e a+ Li+e - Rilchie Hwy. in Glen Burnie Glen Burnie Phone - 766-2560 Phone - 76 I - I 560 . . . Since I953 "Known for +I1e Cuslomers we keep" By Appoinfmenl Bus. 789-4409 R Q BERNIE'S INCOME TAX SERVICE No+ary Public BERNARD Z. KASZEWSKI 29 Mansion Rd. Audifor N. Lin+I1icum, Md. 2I090 I30II 766-I840 Since I936 LAW BROS. SU PPLY, INC. Jon-IN H. LAW as B. and A. Blvd. V, E, BYRD Manager Ferndale, Md. 2 I O6I 409 Medora Road Lin'I'hicum, Maryland 789- I 778 . , ffffff' F17 .fly M JZ , CHUCK'S DRIVE-IN CHUCK AND RUTH PUMPHREY G. R. KOUCHERAVY , 761 3348 ' . 'Q '. lmawl :A 11.5. - " "' T3 CEQIRQES PHQTQGRAPHY COMMERCIAL - GROUPS - EVENTS SPECIALTY: RESTORING - COPYING CUSTOM DEVELOPING - FINISHING 106 SECOND AVE., SO. FERNDALE, MARYLAND 21061 COLOR - BLACK ,..,.-awlm' nfs WU .ff 54, wwwgwwy, M f f 4 ff I I Unpydlxjfl, A51 M144 ff 05,1 z awww? '4I'f'gf9 ' 0 7? if W 9 V' Maggy, f ,- iff 0' 5.x xfjgfgffff gn f I I fn iff? jpg!! Xfvm 3 zftafwdw ff" ,QI ,g?Z,g,f 04" ffl KW? df O ff ff ff ,swf ,, ,yi fff. 4,495 f f f fav' f f f MMM g 1, f ' f ' ,W ffmffmfmfmf ff ,f,,f,, 1 f P' 594 ' Gene Garre'H' 'fakes advanfage of Nor-Lin's good service. NOR LIN'S AUTO PARTS 620 Camp Meade Road Lmfhlcum, Maryland 2 I 090 789-6220 44 CROCKETT'S GROCERY Oak Grove and Hammonds Ferry Roads Linfhicum, Maryland Fas'r Cour'reous Service Helping oul 'rhe gas allendanl, Cheryl Banke 'lills a cus'romer's lanlc wilh gasoline af MAC'S GULF STATION 500 Sou+h Camp Meade Road Lin+hicum, Maryland 2 I 090 BONN'S FLOWERS 304 Annapolis Boulevard Ferndale, Maryland 2 l06I The fines+ in wedding and funeral designs, corsages, frui+ baske+s, e+c. 760-6888 Evenings - 787-426I THE CLASS OF I976 l Marlon Graham checks our fhe menu for a good meal a+ Ense's. ENSE'S SPAGH ETTI HOUSE 6720 Ri+chie Highway 766-2320 Glen Burnie, Maryland X , Did you Set out of IIISII SCIIQQI 100 SDOII P IF YOU OASREO OUT WITHOUT ORDERING YOUR ORAOUATION w- PICTURES YOU RE ROBBINS YOUR ME IVIOFIY-BANK! lac 41 g -4 we RGDFIGVG7 Segal! MaIestIc has yOUr in 7 negatwes On fnle Call and Order A QL, SEGALL MAJESTIC N. Ch . ' , Md. 21 1301-685-5621 :A WW I 6 KI I M A I xx ' I 110 your pictures now. DOn't d'sappOIrIt yOUr lf7,"- N.. 'U' grandchiidren! N I I I ' 1II'.0' X ' -::::i: V .lf I g X -l ,I I ':':l: V... I My 1 an I MINI: 1 Wf I JF 'fl All 5 . I , :L I .Tx my W .,, S v-'IMI 1 II' S I K A C ml I' X D X X A mc G-fm 1 141, 911 aries St 'WNV I Eh? .Nfl BaltImOre 201 --I---" Z' Phone Y ff' 245 6 E l FULL LINE OF 6 CAMERAS AND DARK Room EQUIPMENT 1 IIITIFI C5 Kfeamed -n-G-9 Phone: 760-3833 336 S. Rifchie Hwy. Glen Burnie Glen Burnie Cen+er M Smiflw leaves Gunning's afler a good meal. Nr- Fffedone S+Ofe euNNlNe's CRAB I-lousE Hours: Mon. 'ro Thurs. IO +o 7 390' 5, Hanover 5+,ee+ Fri. IO +0 8 - Sal. I0 'l'O 5 Bal+imore, Maryland 2I225 Sales and Service William Hancock Overhead Type K 426 Kingwood Road Elecfric Operafors Linfhicum Heigh+s, MD ..x. L X- nm, Your Own Local Bank To Serve You OFFICES Glen Burnie Odenfon Rivera Beach A FULL SERVICE BANK Members Federal Deposi+ Insurance Corporaiion R ady for a good lunch, Ed I-loucheravy poinfs ou+ his Iavorile Io Tim H. E. DAILEY TOBACCO CO., INC. 900 Crain Highway, S.W. Glen Burnie, Maryland 2 I Obi Phone: 76 I -3666 ' WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS ' Wholesale Cigare'Hes, Cigars, Candy, Drugs, Paper Goods and Sundries CEDAR HILL FLORIST L ureslca. RII'CI'IIe Hwy. , B I' ,M I d SNYDER s WILLOW eRovE 6 +""0gfma'Y an 84I Hammonds Ferry Road Lin+hicum, Maryland 247 Tliegg. eg .I ll "II I II T lie. I2 5 3 ? E 2 in Q 4 I 1 -i -- .........4un:--3:-.-:le....i.-.............-..-.......,-.-.... -. ..-.. ------1----m - -- 9 L , 9' if . ui D Award Winning Pho+ography by DAVID J. HARE PHOTOGRAPHERS Pho+ographers 'ro many Andover Gradua+es 768-0974 DAVID J. HARE PHOTOGRAPHERS 29I MaCkln+OSh Drive Glen Burnie, Maryland 2I06l UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS RGCTUTTIDQ Service IVY A. ENNELS, JR. J, , M ROBERT C, PACE I:I"5'I SSFQSHHI' " TI " S+aff Sergeani' 6630 NOVTII RITCITIS HIQIWWGY Phone: Marine Corps RecruiI'ing Sub Sfafion Glen Burnie. Maryland 2 I Obl " . I30II 76:-5643 6630 N. Rwchie Highway Phone 76I-5643!6572 IM n'n"': I30II 76I-6572 GIen Burnie, Md. 2I06I The U.S. MARINES OFFERS YOU: Good Jobs ' Educaiion ' TraveI UnIimi+ed IEIEIIEIIEX ANDOVER STUDENTS Sue Norris, Kim Zephir, Sharon Linfon. Debbie Pumphrey and Denise Lorrerer fake down one of Mr. MaI'usIcy's signs. J. E. MATUSKY REAL ESTATE 607 S. Camp Meade Road Phone: 768-I258 Linfhicum, Maryiand 2 I090 Res.: 789-6472 Congra+uIa+ions +o 'rhe Graduafing CIass of I974 From BALTIMORE OXYGEN AND SUPPLY COMPANY GENERAL OFFICE 5 I 92 Raynor Road Linfhicum, Maryland 2 I O90 BRUCE'S SUPPLY CO. Phone STa'I'e 9-0830 Hardware - Pain+s - TooIs Transmission C+. and Firs'I Ave. - Rear of Linfhicum Shopping Cenfer Linihicum, Md. LINDY'S PHARMACY YOUR FAMILY DRUG STORE 5I5 S. Camp Meade Rd. ' Linfhicum, Md. STaIe 9-4040 NAC Ba nkamericard Masfer Charge 249 The Patrons RIC? Cafama DAVE AND KIM '75 9 ue, Thomas Be+h Close Dale and Karen 74 T Melvin S- Cork Dale and rea The Carpenfer s Easfpoinf 1 M f Q Q , ,L Mr. and Wwayne H Mayor rs. Robefr Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sharon and Ed Mr. and i Hard Ha+s of Sandy Hewes s. Thomas Mr. an Gwen Lechowlcz Fa d M and IFSS Mr and Mr r+ Fa 5l'T'Il William Rallill Belly L. Rallill Mr. and Mrs. Ridgley and Family Priscilla Reed The Riddiough Family Roberl L. Rolhrock Herman C. Ramsey The Riggs Family Calhy Spilman William S. Slack Jane and Dick Slrong Sadie E. Schuman The Sala Family Frank, Ellie, and Terry Sobiski Carol Slone William J. Smilh J. and Kimmel Shue Slevie and Sherrie "74" Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scally The Sulphin Family Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Slorm Mr. and Mrs. James Schaeler Mr. Arlhur Sabo Fran and Dave Schmidl The Raymond Smilh Family Mrs. Lawrence Schelenberg Mrs. Gladys Sibley THE HOUSE OF SHEARS 6644 Rilchie Highway Glen Burnie, MD 2IO6I Patrons Shar and Dave The James Slracke Family Roberl F. Smilh, Jr. Calherine L. Sleck Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Snyder Sliegmann Really, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Szech Sharon and Dan Slreel The Sours Family lan Sohl Lisa Slack Mrs. Thomas Slack Dayle Thompson "73" Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Thompson Susan Trumpler Mr. and Mrs. Ken Truller Mr. and Mrs. G. Terrell Pione Tinker "75" Mr. and Mrs. John C. Thorn Mark Thorn Toolie, l Love You, Donna Killy Vincenl Mr. and Mrs. George Viehmeyer Pam Vesl Joe, Mike, Luise and Ann Vladich Theresa Verlezza Kalhy Wellham YS 31 G C40 K A43 f f s 49. 'l' .M ', 6 T y, 7 c lrf' f 5 x f' j pofpo uflxx Randy Wileman Gary Wileman Bob Weisman "73" Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walls Mr. and Mrs. George Walburn The Weiland Family David Woehlke Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wilkerson Mrs. Laura P. Webb Bobby lll and Brandy Whillock Bud - Rulh Wurzberger Cindy Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wenlworlh Wayne in Wonderland Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wills The Underwoods A Mr. and Mrs. Edward Vanskiver Mrs. Waller J. Zylka Zip is greal YEA Tennis, Alice and Dol Mr. and Mrs. Zephir Anna Priscilla "74" I974 ARCH ER STAFF Edilor- Gene Garrell Edilorial Board - Glenn Birx, Marlon Graham, Anna Priscilla Pholographers - Mr. Ed Shumaker Sleve Chambers, Segall Maieslic Business Manager - Elizabelh Lis Cheryl Banke Pam Bradley Sleve Chambers Susan Edmunds Ed Koucheravy Tim Laureska Jane Kellleburger Pal Mannion Sherri May Cindy McNeel Karen Medicus Sue Norris Debbie Pumphrey Kaly Riggs Terry Sobiski Kim Zephir Janel Cox Donna Janson Cover Design - Glenn Birx ADS AIbrechl's Pharmacy - 244 Ballimore OxygeniSupply - 252 Bank ol Glen Burnie - 250 Bernie's Income Tax - 245 Bonn's Flowers - 247 Bruce's Supply - 252 Cedar Hill Florisl- 250 Chuck's Drive-In - 246 Crockell's - 247 Dailey Tobacco Co. - 250 David Hare Pholographer-25I Easlpoinl Kawasaki- 243 Ense's Spaghelli House - 247 George's Pholography - 246 Gunning's Crab House - 249 Hancock Doors - 249 J. K. Malusky - 252 Junior Class - 244 Law Brolher's - 245 Lindy's Pharmacy - 252 Loyola Federal Savings and Loan - 244 Mac's Gull Slalion - 247 Monaco's Camera Shop - 249 Nor-Lin Aulo Pa rls - 246 Segall - 248 Sophomore Class - 247 Snyder's Willow Grove - 250 Tale Dodge-Chrysler-Plymoulh - 245 Tauber's American Slalion - 246 U.S. Marines - 252 V. E. Byrd, Inc. - 245 FACULTY Adioodani, Mahmoud - I9 Adioodani, Shahrenaz- 35 Angelucci, Julius - 29 Baker, Deborah- I9 Bergen, Inge - 35 Bishop, Kalhy-26 Blewell, Diane - 34 Bohonek, Richard - 20 Bowers, Annabel- 20 Brady, John - 25 Bragg, Mary-23 Brown, Palricia - 35 Buckingham, Roberl-24 Burger, Lois - 37 Burley, June - 25 Buller, Joseph- I9 Caples, Julia - I7 Callin, Kennelh - 33 Callerlon, Jacqueline - 3 I Cavanaugh, Mary- 28 Degnan, Adele - 38 Dexler, Lillian - I2 Dillon, James - 30 Don, Pamela - 35 Enlsminger, Sally - 3 I Evans, Alice - I9 -----1---wiv.,-Y.,-un1mn-1.uun-n....-. Directory Feelo, Barry - 2 I Flegal, Milchell - 2 I Fleming, John - 33 Fossbender, Roberl- 33 Freburger, Lois-23 Garrigan, Thomas - 33 Gillham, Rulh - 33 Gonyer, Evelyn - 26 Gosnell, Charles - 34 Greene, Sandra - 28 Grice, Harriel- I9 Harl, Richard - 30 Hasly, Thomas - I2 Hinebaugh, Margarel- I6 Horowilz, Eileen - 23 Houslon, Alene - 22 Hylovilz, Samuel- 22 Jernigan, Prince - 33 Johns, Rosemary - 27 Keller, Gail-2I Levay, James - I6 Lewis, Margarel-28 Makell, Deborah - 32 Malone, Slephen - 30 Malslrom, Carol - 38 Marley, Chrisline - 25 Marlin, Nelson - 24 McBride, John-2I McNully, Marlin- I7 Meskow, John - 2 I Melz, Roberl-29 Meyer, Ray - 26 Nellenback, Carol - 39 Nero, Fred - 2I Nichols, Roberl Olexia, Janice - 20 Oxley, Gloria - I7 Parks, Reed - 32 Perry, William - I3 Riggs, Geraldine - 24 Riopelle, Sandra - 22 Robinson, Cicero - 24 Saylor, Dennis - 30 Shipley, Wayne - 26 Shoup, Alden - 39 Shumaker, Edward - 23 Skiles, Roy - 32 Springer, Glenn - 26 Slarcher, James - 29 Slremba, Malhew- 27 Sulsky, Judy - I9 Svehla, Gary - 28 Tale, Harvey- I2 Wagner, Palricia - 23 Waldo, Rulh- I4 Whiling, Richard - I6 Wilhelm, Ann - 24 Williams, Delores - 27 Williams, Kalhryn - 23 Willig, Oliver- I3 Yanovilch, Marguerile - 26 Yoder, Olin - 37 Young, Barbara - 28 Zerphey, Roberl- 32 Zink, Nancy - 27 FEATURES Fads - 202, 203 Gradualion - 206, 207 Homecoming - I90, I9I Junior Prom - 200, 20I Miss Andover- I96, I97, I98, I99 Musical- The Boylriend - I94, I95 The Nighl olJanuary I6- I88, I89 Play - The Brick and The Rose - I92 Ring Dance - I86, l87 Senior Prom - 204, 205 Varsily "A" Dance - I93 ORGANIZATIONS Arl Club Band-222, 223 Bible Sludy-237 Black Cullure Club - 228, 229 Cheerleaders-2I6, 2l7 Chess Club-237 Chorus-220, 22I DECA-224 Drama Club-23I Ecology Club-2I9 FBLA-225 Film Club-2332 French Club-226 German Club-226 Library Council-2I0 Malh Club-237 NHS-2I4 Newspaper-2l3 Pep Club-2I8 Pholography Club-235 Puppeleers-233 Sludenl Senale - 2I0, 2I I Thespians-230 Varsily "A" Club- 2 I4 Yearbook-2l2 SPORTS Baseball- I74, I75 Baskelball I62, I63, I64, I65 Baske+baII-girIs- I66, I67 Foolball- I54, I55, I56, I57 Lacrosse- l70, l7l, I72, I73 Soccer- I58, I59, l60, I6I Sollball- I76, I77 Tennis- I82, I83 Track- I78, I79 Track-girls- I80 Volleyball- I8l Wreslling- I68, I69 ..-...---...-n..-....g.g..f.'1......-.-- 7 .....-. ..-.. 7,,------ --innn1f......,- -G i1lI I7I Anderson. I7I 4 A Abrahamsen, Roy Acton, Michael 46 Adams, Billy I20 Adams, Brenda 46 Akczinski, Mark I38 Akonom, Sue I20 Student Directory Barber, Richard 75, 48 Barbour, Karen I39 Barclay, Daniel Barclay, Mark Bargar, Judy I39 Barker, Rebecca I20 Barling, Ruth I20 Alascio, William Albergo, Mark I20, I62, 232, 333, I7I. I I6, 222 Albert, Susan 46 Albright, Douglas 46, 50, I97, 220, I I7. 222, 223 Albright, Karen 46, 72, I90, I98, 2I6 Allen, Gary I38 Allers, Charles 46, I54, I55, I9I, I93, Barnes, Jacqueline I20 Barrack, Keith I20, 222 Barrett, Daniel I38, I6I Barrows, Richard 87, I58, 48, 2I I, 226, II7 Barth, Jettrey IO4, I58, I6I,49, 2I2, I7I Bartholome, Kimberly 49 Bassler, Harold I20 Bates, Michael Bathgate, Susan I2O Allers, Christine 46 Allis, Raymond I38 Allis, Sandra 47 Allison, Michael I20, I58, l60, I7I Arnati, Eric 47, 2 I4, I 7 I Amelung, Lauryn I39 Amelung, Teresa I20 Amend, Shirley I39 Amos, Kathy I39 Amundson, Lori I39 Julie I38 Karen I38 Bauer, Vicki 49 Baumgardner, Reed Baxter, Jeanette 49 Beachy, Ira I2I Bealeteld, Sharon Beatty, Harry I2I Beazell, John I38, I57, I72 Beck, Kathy 49 Beck, Russell I57 Beck, William Becker, Alan 49 Anderson, Anderson, Mark 47, I55 Anderson, Viola I38 Antlitz, Sarah I20 Antlitz, Susan I38 Anuszewski, Cynthia I20, 235 Beebe, Margaret Beever, Karen I38 Behringer, Paul I2I Bell, Deborah I38 Beltman, Cheryl Belton, Karen I39 Arbogast, Christi I20 Arlauskas, Diane 47 Arlauskas, Michael I39, 230, 234, 222 Armiger, Ronald I39 Armstead, Charlotte I96, I20, I95, 2I6, 228, 227 Armstead, Crystal I20 Armstead, Fern 48, 204 Ashby, Cheryl I39 Atkinson, Gary I55, 48 B Bach, George I20 Bailey, Sandra I39 Baker, Brenda I38 Baker, Ronald 48 Bender, Jutta I39 Benney, James I2I Benney, Thomas I39 Benson, Anita 49 Bertrand, Melvin Bessicks, Sharlene 22, I2I Bethea, Thomas I2I Betz, Joseph I39 Beverly, Michael I39 Biermann, Sherry I5, I39 Biggs, Leeann I2 I, 226 Biggs, Mark 50 Billman, Kathleen 50, I98, 2I6 Birdsong, Jane I2I, I24 Birx, Glenn 50, I58, 212, I93, Baker, Sandra I38 Baldwin, Daniel Ballard, Denise I38, I92 Bamberger, John I39, 236 Banke, Cheryl 87, 48, l90, 244 Banko, Lydia I20, I23 Banks. Mary I39 Banks, Sharon I39 Barber, John I20, I69 I99,2I6, I93, Bisesi, Joseph 50, I7I Bish, Katherine 5I Bish, Lewis, I2 I, 236 Bittner, Linda I2I Blades, Carlton I39 Blake, Brion I39, I72 Blaszak, David 5I Blotzer, William I58, I62, I65 Blucher, Melonie I39, I8I I Blum, Cheryl I2I Bochniewicz, Michael 5 I, 236, 237 Bock, I-Ienry I2I Bock, Kathryn I39, 226, I79 Bock, Mark I39, 236 Bock, Michael I2I, I58, I69, I79 Bohn Dorothy5I,23I,2II,23O Bohn, James I39, 222 Bollinger, Denise I39 Bollinger, Patricia I39 Bolt, Cynthia 5 I, I8 I, 220 Bonds, Dean I39 Bonovich, Amy I2 I, 2 I 6 Booker, Denise I2I Booker, Robert I2I Booker, Willie 5I Booth, Bonnie I2I, 226 Bopp, Jettrey I22 Bopst, Debra I22 Bosheers, Martin 52 Boston, Crystal I22 Boston, Richard I22, 228 Boston, William Boushell, Lynda I39 Bowanko, Lynn 52 Bowanko, Michael I22, I62 Bowers, Ann 235, 52, 207 Bowes, Donna I39 Bowman, Carol 52 Bowman, Cyndy I39 Bowman, Gail I22 Bowman, Kathleen I22, 23I Bowman, Wanda 52 Boyd, Charles 52 Bradley, Jonathan I39 Bradley, Pamela 2I2, 52 Bradt, Dale 233, 53 Brata, Prank I39, I57, I65 Braid, Tracey I22 Brannock, Frances I39 Brannock, John I93, 53, 2I4, I7I Bratcher, William I22 Bray, Robert I04, I86, 53, I70, I7I Breeden, Patricia I39 Bresenhan, Rhonda I39 Bright, Dennis I22 Brocato, Joseph I39 Broch, Diane 224, 53 Broch, Richard 54 Brocious, Ronald I39 Brocklehurst, Barbara 54, 22 I, 220 Brocklehurst, Diane I39 Brooks, Blane 228 Brooks, Brenda I23, I97 Brooks, Deborah I22 Brooks, Gilbert I39 Brooks Kirk I39 Brooks Mark I39 Brooks Michael 54 Brooks, Nickie Brooks, Slanley 122 Brooks, Terri 139 Broseker, Roberi 122 Brown, Bernice 122, 139 Brown, Karen 139 Brown, Roberla 177,237 Brown, Brown, Sally Sharon 139 Decosrna, Eric 141, 175 Bryanl, Harrison 139 Buchanan, Jackie 139 Buchholz, Sleven 54 Buckmasier, Deborah 139 Bullen, Candace 54 Bullen, Deborah 224 Bullinger, Lynn Burgess, Angela 54 Burgess, Judilh 122 Burgess, Shawn 139 Burgman, Karen 54, 188, 210 Burik, Janine 139 Burke, Michael 54 Burke, Warren 139, 165, 172 Burkhead, George 55, 224 Burley, Charles 122 Burley, Melaine 123, 197 Burns, Maureen 139 Burns, Michael 139 Bury, Anna 139, 228 Buschman, Linda I22 Bush, Daniel 55 Bush, Jerald Buiala, Sharon 122,226 Builer, John 139 Byrd, Janice 122 Byrne, Kaihleen 122, 161, 231, 222 Bylella, Donna 211 By1e11a,Gai1 122,212,211 C Cammer, Arlene 123 Cammer, Calherine 139,216 Campbell, Raymond 139 Campbell, Richard 122 Campbell, Ronald 122 Caperoon, Debra 140 Cafania, Richard 122, 171 Caudle, Roberl Cavallo, Denise Cavanaugh, Audrey 140 Cavanaugh, David 56 Cavey, Bonnie 56 Cearioss, Sharon 56 Cecil, Daniel 140, 157 Cecil, William 56, 155 Cenlineo, Joseph 122 Chambers, Sleven 122, 212, 219 Chapman, James Chapman, Donald 140 Chapman, Francis Chase, Irvin 164, 163 Chenowelh, Deborah 122, 132,211 Cherry, Tom 56 Chilcoai, Kevin 122, 175 Childs, Barbara 123 Chrisikos,Cons1ance 123, 140 Chrisikos, Gregory 126, 214 Chrislen, Sharon 57 Chrzanowski, Linda 140 Cio+o1a,An1'hony Ciiko, Palli 123 Cilroni, Armand 57, 204 Clark, Diane 57 Clalchey, Michael 122,222 C1ay,Ka1'hy 57,66 Cleckner, Jean 122,226 Cleckner, Paul Clemens, Kimberly 122, 181 Clevenger, Brian 57, 86, 155, 172, 171 C1iiTon,Jeiirey 140, 161, 165, 172 Close, Craig 141 Close, Roberl 122 Clouser, Vicki 140,229 C1us1er,Cyn1'hia 141,216 Coier, David 57, 195, 231, 233, 192 Co1ber'r,Vic+oria Cole, Edward Colehouse, Michele 141 Co1ehouse,S+ephen 122 Coleman, David 57 Coleman, Donald 123 Coleman, Karherine 123 Caperoon, Leslie 122 Carlson, Coleen 140 Carpenfer, Terry 55 Carpinlieri, Rosemarie 123 Carson , Brenda 55 Carfer, Alvin 122, 164, 163 Carrer, Andrea 138, 140,228 Collins, Chrisiine 58 Collins, Daniel 58, 161 Collins, Mark Collins, Rickie 236 Commarara, Deborah 124 Compron, Allen Congdon, Terry 124, 175 Connell, Amy 141 Connelly, Richard 141 Cooke, Dee 124 Coolidge, Andrea 58 Carier, Frank 123 Carrer, Jessie 140 Carler, Roberl 140 Carier, Ronald 140 Casamenfo, Nancy 55, 58, 189, 21 1, 230, 1 I6 Casper, Dawn 123, 176, 177 Cassell, Loy 140, 172 Casile, Phyllis 55 Coolidge, Jodi 141 Corbin, Michael Corcoran, Michael 124, 159, 161, 165 Corcoran, Patrick 58 Corns, Beverly 58 Cornwall, David 141 Courlney, Deborah Courlney, Diane 141 Courlney, Donna 141 Cowan, Ann 59,181 Cowen, Jeffery 27, 59, 62, 70, Cowger, Johnny 141 Cox, Arlhur 141, 195 COx,Janel'59, 212, 181,219 Crailon, James 59, 200, 171 Craig, Karen Crandall, Pamela 141 Craun, Bennie Craver, Dale 141 Crawford, Terry 59, 237 Creel, George 124, 179 Cremen, Teresa 124 Crocamo, Mark 124 CrockeJr1,Je1irey 59 Cromwell, Donna 59,224 Cross, Deborah 141, 172 Cross, Donna 141 Cross,1far131,141, 157,168 Crolsley, Linda 124,200 Crouse, Paula 124. 132,211 Crowe, Rachel 124,220 Cummings, James 141, 157 Curlis, Sharon Czaikowski,John 124, 169, 172 D Daciek,Mar1ha 68, 141,216 182,183 Daciek, Michael 158, 160, 162, 183, 60 Dagenharl, Murphy 60, 169 Danronio, Nicholas Davidson, Belly Davidson, Nancy 124 Davis, Carla 124 Davis, Daniel 141 Davis, Donna 60 Davis, Karen 60 Davis, Laura 141 Davis, Loran 141 Davis, Roberl 124, 158, 175 Day1on,S+ephen 155, 60, 171 DeAndrade,Rober1 221, 61, 220, 222 Decoursey, Joyce 124, 224 Delauder, Susan 141 Depriesi, Nancy 124 Depriesl, Roberi Dewaa1,John 158,212, 21 1,61, Deblasi, Michael 61 Dickey, Chrisiina 141 Diggs, Deborah 141 Dill, Keiih 141 Dinko, Daniel 141, 172 Dixon, Charles 124, 175 Doane, Debra 61 Doane, Donald 61 Dohler, Deborah 61 Dolch, John 141 Do1c1i,1v1icI'iae1 124 179,178 5 256 Dombroski, Christine l4I Dombroski, Jane l4I Donahue, Colleen l4I Donahue, Thomas Donat, Cynthia 62, I8 l , 2 I9 Donohue, James 62 Donohue, Syleste l24 Dorness, Mary I42 Dorness, Michael Dorr, William I25 Dotterweich, Thomas I42 Dowling, Judith I25, I42 Doyle, Susan Draper, Alan 62 Dreas, Gregory 62, 205 Drehott, Peggy I43 Drehott, Richard I25, I72, I7l Drenner, Dale 62, I79, I78 Dutty, Francis 63, 85, l55, I95, I72, l7I Dutty, Mary l2l, I25, 2l6, 2I7 Dutty, Patricia I43, 2l6, I72 Duhamel, Paula I25, 2I8, 2I9 Duke, Terri I25 Duke, Warren I25 Durm, Clarence E Easson, Janet I32, I72 Easter, Murray Eastland, Julia I25, I9l, 2I6, 2I7 Ebbert, Howard I25, I68, I79 Eberman, John I43 Ebler, Deborah 63 Eckart, Bonnie I25, l87 Eckart, Edana 63 Eckart, Nora 63 Eckert, Roxanne I25 Eckert, Valerie I25 Edler, Joseph Edmonds, Keith I42, I55, I57, I69 Edmonds, Kevin 63 Edmunds, Susan 27, 58, 63, 2l2, 2l I, 226, 2l4 Edwards, Bruce I25 Edwards, Bryan 238, I75 Edwards, Carmen 63 Ehlers, Cheryl 63 Ehlers, Debra Eid, John I25, I55 Eisenhardt, Debbie I25, 224 Eitel, Robert 29, I79, I78 Emge, Joyce 8l, 226, 227, 2l9, 64, I77 Eminizer, Albert 64 Endres, Patricia I42, 2I6, 2I7 Enochs, Chandra 64 Ensenat, Ronald I25, I58, I87, 24l, 2I9, 236, 237 Epley, Kathleen I43 Epley, Stephen I25 Erhardt, Anita 230,64 Student Directory Ervin, Robert Ethridge, Cindy Evans, Alexander I43 Everhart, Sandra 64 F Fagley, Douglas I58, 64 Falls, Paul 65 Farber, Patricia I25 Farmer, Gary I26, 236, I79 Faro, Michael I43 Farthing, Catherine I27 Faucette, Phyllis Faust, Sheila 65 Fehsenteld, Sharon 50, l88, 23 I, 230, 65, II6 Ferree, Cynthia l9l, I93, 65, 220 Ferree, Robert Ferres, Debra I27 Fetcho, Catherine I27 Fields, Cecelia I43 Fields, Vanessa I27, 224 Fincham, Connie I25 Fink, Bruce 65, I79 Fink, Tena I43 Finn, Michael 65 Finney, Patrick I27 Fiore, Dorine 65 Fiore, Tina I42 Fischer, Donna I42, l80 Fischer, Holly I27 Fisher, Allen Fisher, Bryan I26 Fisher, Charles I42 Fisher, David I27 Fisher, Leslie 66 Fisher, Richard Fitzhugh, Jay I43, 236 Flanagan Susan I43, I75 Flanigan, Patricia I43 Fleming, Mira I42, 228 Fletcher, James I27 Fletcher, Kimberly I42, I44 Florey, Cynthia I42 Florey, Roberta I42, 220 Florey, Sharon 66 Floyd, Kenneth Floyd, Linda l27, l9l, 2l6, 2l7 Focht, Michael 66 Fontana, Mark I42 Ford, Bruce I42 Ford, Patricia 66 ' Forni, Miles Foster, Lamar I27, 222 Foster, Pamela I42 France, Charles I42 France, Deborah 66 Frank, Donald I26, 234 Franks, Sharon I42 Franzoni, James 66 Frazier, Lois I42 Frederick, Franklin 67 Frederick, Theresa I42 Freyman, Jody I42 Fritts, Beverly I42 From, Richard I42, I57 Frye, Gary I42 Fuller, Deborah 67, 222 Furniss, Diane 36, I42 Furst, Larry 67 G Gabler, Carol 67 Gabler, Robert I42, I57, I79 Gaither, Darlene 67 Gallion, Cynthia I42 Galloway, Joyce I27, 229 Garber, Robert 67,64 Garber, Susan I42, 226, I77 Gardner, Carla 68 Garland, Patricia I42, 228 Garland, Sherman 68 Garmer, John I42 Garrett, Carolyn 68 Garrett, Gene 20, 68, I83, 243 Garrett, Peggy I42, I44, I82, I83 Gaskill, Carla 68 Gauger, Michelle I42 Gavin, Debbie 68,224 Gavin, Yvonne I42 Gawthrop, Margaret I42 Gehring, Mark 69 Gerben, David I42 Gerben, Steven I42 Gerhart, Michael I27 German, Lynn I42 Germuth, Michael I27 Gervasio, Brian Gerschwilm, Kathleen I42 Gesek, Nancy I27 Gessert, Karen I26, 226 Gibbs, Debra 69 Gibson, Jay I42 Gibson, Linda I42, l80, I77 Gibson, Mildred 69, 224 Gilberto, Donna 69 Gilde, William Gillis, Bertha 69 Gilson, Susan Glenn, William I42, 226,227 Goan, Dawn I27 Goddard, James Goebert, Mary I42, 226, 227 Goetz, Robert I42, I5l, l79, I78 Goodman, Carol I42 Goodwin, Julie I42, 228 Gottleib, David I57 Grace, John Grace, Karen 69, I80, I77 Grace, Sharon I27 lflinkle, Darlene I28 Grady, Roy Graefe, Barbara 70 Graham, Marlon 20, 70, I57, I58, 2l2 206, I79, l l7, 224, l78 Granf, Deborah 70, l88, l94, 230 Granf, William I27 Granfland, Mary l42 Graves, Sfephen l2o Gray, Cindy l2o Gray, Kafhryne 70 Gray, Valerie I27, loo, 2l9, I77 Green, Leroy l42 Greer, Deborah l27 Grey, Sfeven I42 Griffin, Gloria 70 Griffifh, Glenn l42 Griffifh, Michael l5l Griffifh, Rafrick I27, l54, l55, I5 Griffifh, Rifa I27 Grim, Howard Grimes, Bernard Grimes, Kafhleen l2o Grimes, Kafhryn l2o Grimes, Nancy l42 Grizzel, Johnny Grogan, Brenda 7l Guerassio, Joseph l42 Guglioffa, Debra l2l Gullivan, Marfin l42 Gurny, David l42, l57, I72 Gurry, Sharlene I27, l30 Guzik, Cafherine 7l H Hackley, Roberf Hackley, Rosa Hackman, Ann 22o Hagerfy, Kimberly I27, 2lo Halbig, Deefs Hall, Beverly 7l Hall, Cynfhia I27, 224 Hall, Sharon l2o Hall, Thomas Hall, Zelda 7l Halsey, Randy l42, I55 Hamer, Deborah 7l , 2lo, I93 Hamer, William l2o, l58, l72 Hamilfon, Mark Hamlen, Cheryl 7l, I27 Hammond, Cherie Hampfon, Sharon 7l Hampfon, Susan l42 Hand, Susan I42 Hanley, Debra I27 Hannon, Dolores 72 Hansen, Kafhy I27, loo, l80 Hanson, Sfeven 72, lo2, l75 Harbin, Judy I28 Harcum, Tanya 72 Harding, Lisa I28 Hardy, Joanne 72,228 Hare, Consfance l28, 2 l9, 235 o,l7l Hare, Daniel I45, 235 Harper, Pafricia I25, I28, 2lo, 24l, l75, 237 Harris, Lee l28 Harrison, Pafricia 72 Harrison, Sfeve Harryman, Susan Harshman, Jeanne 72 Harfzell, Sandra 73, 230 Harwell, Brian I28, lol Haslbeck, Cheryl I28 Hawks, Consfance l28, ll7, l80, l7o, l77 Hazen, Bonnie 73 Heafh, Sfeven Heiliger, Regina l45 Heinbauch, Charles l45 l-leiser, William I45, lol, lo5, l75 Helwig, Joseph l28 Heniges, Richard Henson, Roxane l28, lo7, 228, l80, l7o, l77 Hergef, Kevin I55 Herman, Madelynn Herpel, Diane I28 Hesse, Roberf 73 Higgins, Timofhy l45 Hildebrand, Roger Hill, Deborah I28 Hill, Laneifa Hill, Ray Hines, Sheron l45 Hinkle, Timofhy Hinfon, Louise l28 Hird, Maria l45 Hires, Sfephanie l45 Hoey, Michael 73, l55, l74, l75 Hoffman, Gordon Hoffman, Kennefh l45 Hoffman, Laurie I28, 230, 22o, 2l9 Hofmann, Janef l28, 2l9 Hogan, Roberf 73, l58, lol, lo2, lo3, lo4, l7l Hogarfy, John l75 Hogarfy, Kevin 73 Holley, David l45 Holmes, Gary I28, 2l2 Holmes, Kevin I45 Holfz, Linda 73, 2l l Hoofnagle, Sherry l29 Hook, Donald l45, lo5 Hook, Donna I45, 2 l o Hook, Teresa 74 Hopkins, Gary Horvafh, John Hose, Randall l45 Houp, Diane l45 Houp, Douglas I45 Housley, Karen I28 Howard, Amy 74, 235 Howard, Donald l28 Hrybyk, Mary l29 Hrybyk, Richard I45, l78 Hubers, Robin 74 Hudson, Donald 74, l58 Huff, Laurie I28, l8l Huffman, Michael 74 Hughes, Curfis I45, lo8, I72, l70 Hughes, Robin Hughes, Thomas 2l l, 22o, 227, 23o Huguley, Ricardo I28, I55, l57, lo2, l94, l95, l97, 2OI Humphrey, Roberf l28, lo4, 222 Hunf, Harold Hunf, Pafricia 74 Hunfer, Mark I28 Hyaff, Debra l28 Hyaff, Douglas 74, l3o, I55, l75 l lldefonso, Refer I45, l55, 23o, lo9, I72 Inglis, Rafrick l29, l72 lngrassia. David 75 lngrassia. Richard l45 lrwin, Kennefh 75, l94, 230, l92, l93, l lo J Jackson, Debora 75 Jacobs, Donald I28, l55, I72, l7l Jacobs, Edifh l45 Jacobs, Elizabefh Jacobs, John l29 Jacobs, Michael 75, o4 James, Mary l45 Janaskie, Gary I28 Janis, Carole 7o Janis, Nancy l45 Janorske, Brenf l45 Janson, Donna oo, 7o, l9l, l98, l9o Janson,Gerald I45, l57, I72 Jarrell, Julie l45 Jarreff, Renee 7o, I28 Jedrzeiewski, Cafherine l45 Jefferies, Elizabefh I28 Jennings, Nancy I28, 2l2, 237 Jennings, 'limofhy I29, 237 Jensen, Cheryl Jobe, Earl l45 Johnson, Brenda l45, I77 Johnson, Deborah 2 I 2 Johnson, Diane l29, lo7, I77 Johnson, Pafricia 7o Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Donald Jones, Deborah Jones, Kennefh l45 Jones, Rudolph 7o Jordan, David Juba, David K Kabilus, Janice Kane, Deborah l45 257 Q- - if iii----....:-----A--u-.-an1.....-.... ......,.....-...,.-...-..........-.r. ---E1gii.m Katchuk, David I45 Kauttman, Wade I28, I55 Kavanaugh, Melanie Keegan, Linda I45 Keeling, Wade I28 Keener, Gerald I45 Keeney, Beverly I28 Keith, Roger Student Directory Lamartina, Joseph I45, I68 Lambert, Mary I45 Lane, Mary 78 Lang, Gregory I45 Lang, Timothy I30 Langville, Robert I30 Lanier, Lynn 78 Lapp, Betty 78, 2I9 Lucas, Kenneth I46 Lulay, Denise I46 Lundquist, Arthur Lundquist, Christine I46 Lynch, David 8I Kelleher, Cynthia I77 Kelley, Paul Kellner, Carl I45, I57, I72 Kelly, Barbara I45 Kelly, Michael J. 32, 76, 83, 226 Kelly, Michael L. I45 Kemp, Steven 77 Kennedy, Karen I45 Kenner, Gilbert I28 Kenny, Carol 77 Kettelberger, Jane 77, 2l2, I I7 Keyser, Diane 77,224 Kim, t'Iakchul I28, 236 Kim, Soo Kimble, Louis I45, 236, I79, I78, 237 King, Charles I45 King, Denise I29 Laprade, Mary I45 Laprade, Robert 73, 79 Larr, Lester I45, 220, 234 Larr, Robert I30 Larrimore, Walter I30 Latini, Franklin Lauman, Elizabeth I45 Laureska, Timothy 79, 2 I 2, 247, Laurik, Sven I45 Lavinder, Gregory 79 Leach, Robert League, Margie 79 Lease, Russell 79, 233 Leatherman, Rhonda I30, 226 Lecato, Krista I 45 Lehman, Kenneth I29, I30, 94 Leineweber, Gregory 79 M MacDonald, David I46 MacDonald, Deborah MacDonald, Diane I3I MacDonald, Teresa 82 Mack, Anthony 82, I55, 228 Mackenzie, Michael I46 Mackenzie, Robert 82 Mallette, Eileen 82,224 Mand, Donna I46 Mand, Mark I46 Mand, Mary Manger, Deborah Manges, Richard I3I Manning, Kathryn I46 Mannion, Carolyn I46, 2I0, I72 Mannion, Patricia 82, 2I2, 225 Manns,Joseph I46, I79, I78 Manns, Kenneth 82, I3I King, Gregory I29 King, James I45, I75 King, Mary 77 King, Sharon I45 King, Teresa I30, I8I Kingsmore, William I45 Klemm, Susan 77 Klima, Kurt I45 Knapp, Ruth I45 Knickman, Karen I30 Knickman, Sharon I30 Koppleman, Dianna 78 Koppleman, Jerome I45 Korb, Susan 78 Korb, William I30 Koucheravy, Edward 78, 95, I55, 2l2, 233, I79, 247, 2I4 Koucheravy, Elizabeth I45, I75 Kratt, Loren I45 Kratt, Michele I30 Kralick, Karen I30, 23 I , 2I9, 222 Krall, Bambi I30 Krieger, Donald Krieger, Michael I45 Kruger, Anita 2 I9 Kucherer, Beverly 78 Kuehn, Dorothy I45 Kuhn, Ronald I45 Kurth, Robert I30, I6I Kushner, Lorraine I 30 L Labarre, Theodore I45 Lacy, Grover I45, I57, 220 Lamartina, Daniel 78 Leizear, Patricia I30 Lenhart, Denise I45 Lewis, Susan I45 Lichtenberg, Jerome I30 Lichtenberg, Michael I45 Lindsay, Richard Lins, Donna I30 Lins, William I30 Linsenmeyer, John 80, I30 Linsenmeyer, Luann Linthicum, Betty I46, I66, I80, I83 Linthicum, David I3, 72, 80, I58, 2l2, 2I I, 2I0, I78, I79, I I6, I I7, 207 Linton, Sharon 80, 249 Lis, Elizabeth I25, I30, 2l2, 226, 237 Lis, Rose I46, 226 Lisle, Jean I46 Lisle, John 80 Lisle, Linda 80 List, Susan I30 Lloyd, Bruce I46, I55, I72 Lloyd, Kenny 80, I55, 233, 2I4, I7I Lockerman, Margaret 80 Loeb, Mary I30 Lomax, Elaine 8I Lomax, Mary 8I Long, Dale I3I Losh, Tommy Lotterer, Denise 8 I, 249 Lotterer, George I46 Lotz, Curtis I46 Louis, John Lowman, Mary 8I Luber, David I3 I, 220 Lucas, James March, Gregory I65 Marcus, Jacqueline I 3 I Marine, Charlotte 83,228 2II 226 I79 Markowski, Charles 83, I58 2I4 I79 I78 Marques, Richard I46 Marsh, Carol Marsh, Jean Marsiglia, Joseph I46 Martin, Donna 83 Martin, Kimberly 83 Masiello, Catherine I3I Mastromarino, John Matanin, Robin I3 I , I86 Mathews, Mary Mathias, Carolyn 83 Mathison, Darlene 203 Matlock, Pauline I46, 228 Mattox, Gayle I3I Mauler, Timothy Mause, Shirley Maxwell, Larry Maxwell, Sandra I46, I67 I80 I77 May, Sharon 84, I99, 2 I 2 Mayo, Eloise 97 Mays, Dorothy I3 I , 2 I 2 McKnight, Charles McAdams, Dawn I46 McAdams, Kathleen I46 McAvoy, Kathleen I46 McBride, Avery 84 McBride, Brian 84 McCadden, Sandra I46 McCarriher, James I 3 I McCarty, Justin 57, 84, I79 McCarIy, Kalhleen I25, I3I McCauley, Neil I3I McClin+on, Dorlhea I3I McCloskey, Cheryl I46 McCormick, Bruce 84, I55, I83 McCracken, Roberl I46 McCurry, Brenda I46, I80 McDade, Palricia I46 McDade, Raymond 84 McDermoH', LouAnn I46, 2I9 McDonald, Darlene McDowell, Janice I46 McDowell, Thomas McEachern, Susan 84 McElroy, Arnold McGIynn, Raymond I72 McKenzie, Kevin I75 McKewin, Phillip 84 McI.eskey, Gregory I3 I, I79, I78 McMonegaI, Rosemary McMulIin, Beverly 85 McNamara, Dennis I3I McNeeI, Cynlhia 85, 2I2, 2I9 McParIIin, Palrick I46 McOuade, Richard I69 McSwain, Jacklyn I 3 I Meador, John I3 I Medice, Karen I46 Medicus, Karen 85, I37, 2I2, 2I9, 22 I, I 78, I 79, 220 Meeks, Adria 85 Meeks, Jeffery I 3 I , I 83 Meisler, Carol I3I, I66, I8O, I8l Meisler, Frederick I3 I, I55, l8I Meleady, Glenna 77, 85, l8l Meredilh, Leslie I 30, I 3 I , I 32, 2 I 2 Mefcalf, David Meyer, Josephine I 3 I , 23 Meyer, Lowrence I47 Meyers, Brenda Meyers, Mark Meyers, Wayne 85 Michael, Susan 86 Middlelon, Kimberley I47 Milan, Deborah I47 Milewski, Valerie I47, I83 Miller, Cheryl I3 I Miller Cindy 86 Miller, Gail I32 Miller I-Iolly 86 Miller, Jell 86 Miller Lawrence I32 Miller Mary 76, 86, I95, I98, 230, I I6 Miller Mary I., I47 Miller Michael I47 H Miller Michael E. 86 Miller ,Richard I47 Miller, Ronald I47 Miller, Vicloria 87 Miller, William 87 Mills, Dale I47 Mills, William I32 Millon, Peler Minarick, John 87 Minarick, Kalhy Minarick, Craig 87 Miner, Dennis Miner, Ricky 87 Mingioni, Maria 87 Minnick, Brenda I47 Minlon, Ann Milchell, Randy 88 Milchem, Robin I47 Miller, Russell I47 Moller, Jellrey 88, 233 Monego, Alice 2I I, 230 Monroe, William I47 Monfague, Donald MonIgomery,John I47 Moody, Rickey I33 Moore, Cindy Moore, Ka+hy 88 Moore, Pamela 88,203 Moore, Spencer Moreira, Norma 88 Morgan, Bonila I47, 231, 222 Morris, Cynlhia I47 Morlon, Palli I47 Mosco, Terry 86, 88, I 73 Moser, Joyce 89 Moser, Susanne I33 Mounl, Valerie I38, I47, I66, I80 Mueller, Gayle I32 Mueller, Jenise I32 Mues, Ingrid I47 Muir, Roland I32 Mulkey, Pamela 89, 230 Mullen, Alice, I47 Mullins, Glenda I47, I8O, I8I Mummerl, Karen I47, I48 Murph, David 5I, 79, 89, I95, 222 Murray,James I33, I69, I72 Muslin, Kim I33 Myers, Edward Myers, Rebecca 89 Myers, Robin I33 Myers, Slephen I47 N Nally, Sleven 89 Nappel, Daniel I32 Narer, Cynlhia I47 Naumann, John I33 Neall, David I47, I65, I75 Neary, Michael I47 Nehring, Sandra I29, I32, I94, 230 Neigholl, James I47 Neilson, Blake I32, I62, 214 Nellenback, Barry I47, I6I, I69, I79 Nelson, Grace I47, 235 Nelson, Juanifa I47 Nelson, Teresa I47, I66 Neumeisler, Marylou 2I I Newcomb, James I47, I79, I78 Newcomb, Judy Newcomer, Roberl 89, I74, I75, I74 Newman, Kennelh 89 Niemann, Bonnie I47 Nix, Linda 90 Noe, David Norris, Susanne 90, 2 I 2, 249 Norfhcrall, ScoI'+ I33 Norwood, Michael Noseworlhy, Wayne Novakowske, Monica 90, I33 Noyes, Deborah 90 Null, Brenda I48 Nuller, Clarence I48 O O'Brien, Thomas 2 I 2, I92 O'Connor, Kafhleen I48, I66 Oden, Odaris I32 Ogle, William I33, l6I Overlon, Edward I48 Owens, Charles 9I Owens, Michael 46, 9I, I58, 222, 223, l7I Owens, Phyllis P Packwood, Sco'r+ Paddy, Raymond Paddy, William Palmer, Michael Pannell, Karen I49, I6I, 23 I, 222 Pardoe, Kennelh 9I Parker, Claudelle I33, 228 Parker, Jolene I33, 228 Parmenlier, Jane I48, I49 Palrick, John I49, I6I, I64, I72 Palli, Maryann I48, I80 Pearman, Thurman I48, I57 Pease, James I48 Pecukonis, Edward 9I Pemberlon, Gary I48, I57, I72 Perkins, Tammy I48 Perkins, Theodore 9I Perry, Bonnie 9I Perry, Daniel I49 Perry, Ronald I49 Pelerson, Karen 25, 9I Pelroski, Susan I37, 2 I 6, 2l8, 2l9, 92, 222, 220 Phelps, Susan I33 Phoebus, Vicki I33 Piaskowski, BeI'h I49 Piaskowski, Kim 92 Pinkney, Gloria I49 Pills, David Plalh, Conslance 92 Plall, Mallhew 92 Plall, Michael Plienis, Deborah I32, 92 Polsinelli, Anna I20, I33, I94, 2l2 Poole, Frederick I74, I75, 93, I I7 Pope, Carol Pope, Gail 25 1 260 Potee, Rene 53, 93 Powell, Glen Powell, John I55, 88, 93, I79 Powell, Robert Powell, Sandra 224, 93 Prager, Brian I48, l6l Prager, Eugene I48 Prager, Karen I33, I6l, 224, 23l Price, Harold Price, John I48 Price, Kim Price, Ronald I48 Price, Wanda 93 Priscilla, Anna l07, 230, I8 I , 93 Prodoehl, Deborah I33, I87, 220 Prodehl, Elizabeth I48 Propert, Susan 82, 94, IO3, 2ll Propst, Joni I33, l8l Provonche, Laura 94, 228 Prusak, Catherine I33 Przylepa, John 94 Puckett, Evelyn I49 Pumphrey, Deborah 94, 2 I 2, 249 Pumphrey, Sharon I49, I66, 202 Purcell, Gareth I49 Q Queen, Dean Queen, Karen I49, 228 Queen, Rosalind 94 Quinn, Jacqueline 94 Quinn, Linda R Rabbitt, James I49 Ralph, Joyce I49 Ramage, Kenneth Ramsey, Timmy I49 Rawley, Donna I32 Ray, Kathleen 95 Reeves, Martha I33 Register, Gary I49, I57 Reinhardt, Cheryl 95 Reinhardt, Kathy I33 Reinhardt, Richard I49 Reinhardt, Shaton 95 Renehan, Mary I49 , 2 Restivo, Ellen 95, IIO, I67, l80, I77 Rhyne,ea11149,231,219 Rice, June 24, I33, I8O Rice, Warren I33, l55r Ridgley, Betty 95, 2l0, 2l9 Riedel, Timothy 95 Riegel, Debra 96 Riggin, Richard I57, 243 Riggs, Kathy 133, 132, I37, 212, 2 2I I Riley, Timothy 72, I20, 96 Ring, Brian I49 Ringgold, Vincent I32 3 I Student Directory Rishel, Dawn I49 Rishel, Deborah 96 Ritchie, Michelle I33 Ritz, Kevin I49 Roberts, Tomohiro I49 Robey, Raymond I33 Robey, Robin I33 Robinette, Robin I49 Robinette, Sharon I33 Robinson, Brenda I49 Robinson, Elizabeth 96 Robinson, Franklin I49 Robinson, Jon 2l2, 2I I Robinson, Richard I33 Robinson, Shirley I49 Robson, Killy I49 Rock, Andrew 96 Rock, Cindy Rock, Glenn I34 Rockhold, Janice I34, I35 Roe, Deborah I34 Rogers, Anthony I49 Rogers, Mark I34 Rolette, Richard 97 Rolig, William 96 Rolland, Sharon Rollins, Karl I49 Rollins, Kevin I49 Rose, Brenda I49 Rosengarten, Sheila 97, 65 Ross, Deborah 97 Ross, Jerome I72 Ross, Susan 9,7 Royal, John 97 Royal, Sherie I49 Ruark, Richard Ruby, Lisa I49, 2l I, l7I Ruman,John I34, I55, 222, I72 Russell, Raymond l35 Rusta, David Rusta, Peter I49 Rustyn, Bogdan I34, l6l Ruszin, Erank 97 Ruth, Bonnie I49 Ryder, Judith Ryder, Mark I49, I72 Rykiel, John 97 S Saboori, Mehrzad I49, 2l6, I93 Sattran, Cynthia I34 Sattran, Richard I34 Sakers, Donald I8, 23 l, I92 Santord, Michael Sanger, Betty 98 Sansing. Mylinda Santmyer, Cheryl I49 Saul, Sharon 98, 2l l, 230, Sawyer, Cynthia I49 Sawyer, Edna Sawyer, Linda I49 Scally, Thomas I49 Schall, Craig I49, I57, I68 Schall, Michael I34, I55, I75, I69 Schadel, Vincent Schaeter, James 98 Schatter, Mark Schattner, Dennis I34 Schattner, Diana I49, 226, 227 Schettel, Bart I49, I57 Scheppske, Sandra Schiavone, Christine 98, I77 Schiavone, David 98 Schiavone, Theresa I38, I49, I67, I8O I77 Schittbauer, Kenneth I34 Schisler, Cheryl l5, I49 Schisler, Mary I49 Schlueter, Karen I49 Schmedes, Elizabeth 98 Schmedes, Teresa l35 Schmeisser, Kathleen I49 Schmidt, Charles 98 Schmidt, Cheryl I49 Schmidt, Donna 99 Schmincke, Glen 99 Schoene, Daniel 99 Schoene, David I34, I49 Schoene, Donna 99 Schoeneman, Constance I34 Schrader, Donald Schreiner, Raymond I34 Schreuder, Arthur I34 Schreuder, Pauline I49 Schultheis, Charles Schulz, Barbara I49 Schumaker, Erank99 Scott, Valerie Scruggs, Linda I00 Sears, Judy I34 Seibert, Joann IOO Seiler, Lorraine I49 Selig, Diane I49 Selig, Karen l35 Semotan, Amy I34 Sennett, Charles I49 Sepkowski, Terry I00, l62, I64, I82, I83 Serio, Kimberly I34, 20I Seymour, Ellen I34, I66 Shatter, Dwight I00 Shanabrook, Shane I34 Shay, Gerry l2l, I49, I6I Shea, Kathleen I35 Shea, Thomas I49, I65 Sheckels, Craig I00 Shelton, David Sheppard, Jan Sherman, Laurie I49 Shitlett, Mark I34 Shilow, Constance Shilow, Michael IOI Shipley, Karen IOI Shives, Sandra ISO Shores, Tami I34 Shorler, Palricia Shorler, Jacob Shue,Jonalhan I34, IS4 Shiler, John Shully, Gregory ISO Sickel, Jeannine ISO Sieck, Sleven Simmons, Gregory IOI, I6I Simpson, Sharon IOI Simpson, Timolhy ISO Sizemore, Tommy Skerrill, Terry Skillman, Karen I34, I79, I78 Skipper, Caroline IOI Slack, Timolhy Slaubaugh, Edward IOI Slebzak, Anila ISI Sloan, Peler IOI Smallwood, Terry Turner, Waller Smilh, Alberl ISI, IS7 Smilh Callwy 135 Smilh, Coulell ISI Smilh, Deborah I3S Smilh, Debra I68 Smilh, Denise IOI Smilh Donna Smillw Dwighl 151 Smilh, Elizabelh Smilh, Gary ISI, IS7, I69 Smilh, James G. l02 Smilh James R. I02 Smilh James W. ISI Smilh Jellrey ISI Smilh, Linda ISO, 23I Smilh Marc I3S, IS7, I62, 2 Smilh Mary I8I, I79 Smilh Pamela Smilh Roberl I02, IO3 Srnilh Sherry IO2 Smilh Sleven ISO Smilh, Thomas Smool, Charles I34 Smool, Slerling Smorgens, Alisa ISO Snowden, Millon ISO Snyder, Deborah Snyder, Nancy IO2, 204, 220 Snyder, Raymond ISO Sobiske, Theresa S8, I02, I98 I I6 Soboleski, Carol Soboleski, Monica Sohl, David, IO2, I79, I78 Sohl, Laura I4-O, ISI, I79 Solomon, Karen ISI, 23I Sooler, Cheryl I02 Sours, Douglas I34, I7I Soverns, Daniel IO3, ISS, 222 I4,246,92 ,2I2,2l0, Soverns, David Sowells, Joel ISI, IS7, I7S Spencer, William Sponsler, Belh I34 Slack, Elaine I34 Slack, Eslina 27, 39, 82, I03, 220, 222 Slanley, Edilh ISI Slaples, Thomas I34, I72 Slarry, Calhy ISI Slarsoneck, Roberl ISI Slauller, Mark IO3 Slaup, Brian ISI Slella, Colleen I03 Slempinski, Linda IO4 Slempinski, Marilyn ISO Slephens, James I3S Slephens, Terry ISO Slephens, Vickie IO4 Slern, Jack Slewarl, Dorolhy IO4 Slewarl, Sarah SI, S4, S8, 73, IO4, I89, I9S, 233, 205 Sliegmann, Debra ISO Slielper, John I34 Slielper, Slephen ISO, I62, I6S, 2I I Sliller, Barbara ISO Sliller, Eugene IO4 Sliller, Roberl I3S Tapp, Michael IO6 Taylor, Calherine Taylor, Diane I36, 24I, I93 Taylor, James ISO Taylor, Joanne 38, ISI Tesler, Karen Thiess, James ISI Thiess, John Thomas, Calhy I36 Thomas, Judilh IO6, l9l, I99 II6 Thomas, Roy ISI, IS7 Thomas, Tedoria I36 Thompson, Dawn IS7 Thompson, Eugene Thompson, George I06, 233 Thompson, Thompson, Thompson Marvan I36 Peqqv ,Terry I36, 233 Thorn-, Mark I06, ISS Thornlon, Iva IO6 Thornlon, Thomas I 36 Tiahrl, Sharon I06 Tillery, Robin IO6 Timko, Louise ISI Tolley, Kalhy I36 Tomoszewski, Bruce Tomlinson, Chrislopher I6I Slinchcomb, Jellrey Slilh, Donna I48, ISI, I77 Slocks, Jilia IOS Slone, Carol I8I Slone, Kennelh 230 I Sloner, Judilh IOS, I34 Slork,Jane I34, I67, I80, I77 Slorm, Donald I34 ' Slorm, Rulh ISI Sloughlon, John I6l Slracke, Darlene S8, IO4, IOS, I67, l9O, I I9l, I99, 2I I, I97 Slracke, James I34, ISI, 236, I68 Slracke, Joseph Slranz, Melanie ISI Slreels, Kevin ISI Slrehlen, Calherine 28, IOS, 220 Slong, Edward ISI Slrozykowski, Dawn Slrumsky, Milchell 222 Slurm, Denise I3S Slurm, Mark ISI Sudbrook, Deborah IOS Sullivan, Paul ISO Sulphin, James I3S Sulphin, Palricia Szech, Carol ISO, I66, ISO, I72 T Tabor, Paul ISO Tacka, Mary IOS Tacka, Michael Talbol, Jeanelle I 36 Tallie, Lydia I36, 228, 229 Tomlinson, Kalhryn IO7 Tormollan, Ronald I36 Towles, Sharon I36 Townsend, Pam I36 Trail, Joseph IO7 Trapp, Dorie IO7 Treece, Lorella ISI, 23S Trice, Anila ISI Trice, Penny IO7, I36 Trice, Porler Trice, Susan I36 Triplell, Alan Trogler, Palricia Truill, Terry IO8 Trusl, Charles Turner, Mark Turner, William I36, I79, I78 .2I2 Tulko, Joanne IO8, I98, 2I6, 2l9, 220 Tyler, Slephen I08 U Uplon, Debbie ISO V Vanairsdale, David Vance, Barbara ISO, I93, l68 Vandyke, Gregory I43 Vanik, Vicloria I36, 226 Vannoy, David Vanskiver, Carol IO8 Vasas, Lee ISO, 226 Veil, Bonnie ISO Verlezza, Theresa ISO Vest, Charles Vest, Pamela I08 Viands, Karen I50 Viehmeyer, Mary I36, 2I6, 2OI Villanueva, Jettrey I5I Villanueva, Pamela I46 Vint, Brenda Voelker, Rhonda I5I Vogel, John I88, 230, I92, I93, 200 Vogl, Kent Volkman, Emory Volrath, Andrea I36 W Wade, Wendy Wagner, Gail I09 Wagner, Lance I58, I7I Walburn, Carol I5I Walburn, Cindy I5I Waldman, Mechael IO9, 222 Wallace, Bruce Wallace, Patricia I5I, 235 Wallis, Donna Walston, Gregory Walter, Catherine I09 Walter, Susan I5I, 235 Walz, Harry I50 Warch, Karen I50 Warch, Michael I09, 233 Ward, Peter I IO Warehime, Sharon I50, 224, 220 Warehime, Thomas 38, I I0, I79, I78 Warner, William Warren, Joan I IO, 224 Wasden, Brenda I IO Washington, Vanessa I36 Wasilewski, Barbara I5I Walters, Judith Waters, William IIO, I59. I58, I96, I93. I7I Watts, Karen I IO ,Wayson, Brenda Webster, Debra Webster, Joseph I37 Webster, Karen I50, I67 Webster, Robert Weeks, Nancy Wehberg, Francis I50 Wehn, Stephen I50, I78 Weishaar, Charles I36, 236, I68, I69 Weisman, Diana I I I Weitzel, Brenda I I I Wellein, John I50 Wellein, Richard I I I Wellham, Ann III, I66, I67, I80, I77. 207 Wellham, Kathy I I I, I36 Wellham, Robert I50 Wells, Victoria I50 Wentworth, Colleen I36, 2I9 Student Director Wetherbee, Leslie Whaley, Michael I50 Whaley, Michele I I I Wheatley, Guy I50 Wheatley, Walter I I I,2I2 Wheeler, Colleen I50 Wheeler, Glenn Wheeler, Robert Whetzler, Robert I50 White, Clittord White, Gary I50 White, Douglas I50 White, Valerie I36 Whitesell, Edward I I2 Whitmore, Edwin I36, 222 Whitney, Dennis Whitney, John I I2 Whittington, Francis I50 Wicker, Robin I37, 200 Wickless, Laura 36, I50 Wiley, Gordon I I2 Wilhelm, Karen I37 I Wilk, Janice I I2 Wilkinson, Peggy I36 Williams, Deborah Williams Holly 58, I I2, 2I I, 2I9, 220 Williams, John I36 Williams, Johnnie I50 Williams, Kathy I I3 Williams Montel 58, 90, I I3, I88, 2I 2 I0 Williams Patrick I36 Williams, Shelley I50 Williams, Tracey I50, 2I9 Willingham, Debora I36 Willingham, Gary I36 Willis, Gary I50, I68 Wilson, Deborah I37 Wilson, Reginald Windmiller, John Windmiller, Thomas I50 Winemiller, Harvey Winmond, Richard Winterstein 2 I9 Winterstein, J. Eric I I3, I7I Wittman, Charles Wolte, Ned I50 Wolte, Shelly I37 Wood, Donna Wood, Frances I36, 237 Woodlon. Jettrey Woodlon, Wanda I I3, I36, I98, 228 Wurzberger, Ronald I I3, 237 Wyatt, Karen I I4 Y Yates, Beverly I36, 228 Yoder, Karen I50 Young, Cindy I36 Young, Donna I I4 5 Young, Gregory I50 Young, Maiorie 224, I I4 Young, Ronald I50 Young, Tammy I5O Youngquist, Harry I I4 Youngquist, Peggy Z Zalewski, Raymond I36 Zephir, Kimberly I37, 2I2, I93,-249 Ziegenhein, Sandra I50, I I4 Ziegenhein, William I I4 Ziemski, Carol I50 Zill, Margaret I I4 Zimmerman, Jett I50, I6I Zimmerman, Leslie I37 , Zimmerman, Nora I I4 Zimmerman, Roberta I50, I I4 Zinnert, Doreen I50, 226, I8I, 222 fx. L ii 'IH 4. 1 I 2 r E ll I Talking it over just the two of us communicating with one another searching for the answers We've Qnly Just Begun avr ,F ,5 l 1 L 1 . ,f l- .gslv " 4 5.. yr!-if 1 x' ,gfx QI ' .'i.f-T4 L .A I ,Jw " . Y V ., V1 eq ,. 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