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and With words and pictures, the staff of the yearbook has tried to capture what it is that makes our school unique — the individuals and groups which comprise it. We are truly living in extraordinary times, having witnessed many unprec- edented historical events. It will be up to us to provide sound and honest leadership in the years ahead as each of us heads down separate paths to establish our lives. However, one wonders if the sheltered life of high school has prepared us for this, especially in view of the multitude of changes which have occurred in our school. Therefore, it is up to each of us to seek further education — some through colleges and some by working with oth- ers — in an attempt to better ourselves and ultimately better the world. — The Editor if you smik Atrne, CAuse ihnt 15 SomdKiN EVERybody, evERywheRe Joes iH e nne Ian3im € Dedication Over the past three years, many faculty members have in- fluenced our individual experiences at Andover High School. But no one person has made a greater effort to enrich both our educational and personal lives quite as much as the choice of the Class of 1975 for the dedication of its yearbook — Miss Sally O ' Brien. Miss O ' Brien has made a true effort to treat and know each of us as individuals rather than some obscure name on a computer sheet. Not only does she provide a listen- ing ear when someone is in need of help, but she also conveys an attitude that she is genuinely interested in being of assistance. She has taught us that by being cheer- ful, along with using sound reasoning, one can more easi- ly solve their problems. She has lifted many of us up when our spirits have been down with her unique enthusiasm for life. It is for the many lessons conveyed to us both inside and outside of the classroom that we truly express our sincere gratitude to Miss O ' Brien, and proudly dedicate this year ' s yearbook to her. " Never wish for more than you are willing to work for. " 3 ames Br, cnnon jLoms Annexe The Board of basics. 14 IFaitk ILook " For the brave there is always a dream. The finding of our dreams is never equal in the glo- ry to the lifetime of searching for it . . " Carol 2ilXdi 2iaca ' I hear the wildwind symphony dream of simple beauty JTWy mM ' Think, believe, visualize liuccess. " for the spirit of creation has picked me up and set me free ILu Center atuird ¥[ ivkc6 " If man does not keep pace with his com- panions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. " HtJSilixAnt I eckei PRINT 18 Robert Doyle 27 Girls ' Softball The 1974 AHS Girls ' Softball Team completed the season with 3 big wins and 7 bigger losses. Coach Marni Lawson provided the spark for out enthusiasm and spirit. Only the best is expected for the coming season. Varsity Baseball The 1974 Boys ' Baseball Team didn ' t have a very impressive rec- ord — 7 wins, 11 losses. Although many key players left the team due to graduation, the 1975 club looks very promising. Under the new coach Bill Vickers, the team will function with new ideas and a new look. Baseball 1975 should give Andov- er High something to talk about besides summer vacation ! 30 Tri-captains Ray Pizarro, Bob McCarthy, and George Itz led the Andover Track Team to a successful sea- son which ended with the winning of the Merrimack Valley League Meet. The 74 team wishes the best of luck to next year ' s team and captains Joe Wojtkun, T. J. Stamas, Dave Pratt, and Rich St. Louis. The 1974 A.H.S. Girls ' Track Team completed the season with an overall record of 3 wins and 2 losses — not bad for an intramural group competing against varsity teams. Although it was held on an intramural basis, there has been alot of interest, enthusiasm and even some athletic talent that will be further culti- vated this coming season, when the Girls ' Track Team will be awarded the varsity status they have earned. Hopefully this years team will do as well as last years team (if not better) with the help of their new coach, Mrs. Sullivan. GOOD LUCK! Girls ' Tennis The Girls ' Tennis Team posted their forth straight championship season led by Sally Kruse. They won each of their twelve games with every match being undefeated. Returning players are: Mary Best, Sarah Best,Tracey Dela- ney, Lisa Gottesfeld, Maria lacobo, Donna Lee jacobson, Karyl Levinson, and Jane Moriarty. We only hope for the best this coming season . Boys ' Tennis The 1974 Boys ' Tennis Team finished out the year with 7 wins 5 losses. Coach Edwin Hawkes ex- pects a better season this year with returning co-cap- tains Rick Jaffe and Roger Gettel, lettermen, Neil Muf- son, Phil Brilliant, Alan Dworkin, Jeff Labell and Jeff Roroncnn e jot t i tmcu " !7eZ me 4 , What U a. baJtZeA L V ' Vt u kat Ljou cvLe, mejzrit to beoome The noisy clatter of our footsteps, so loud and self- assured in the confines of the junior high, were re- duced to meek scuffles by the yawning immenseness of the lobby. I was in awe at the size of this building. Sure, they had said it was big. But . . this big? I be- came convinced of the utter uselessness of orienta- tion as our tour continued. This was not a high school. Rather, this seemed to be a maze of corridors and staircases lying in eager anticipation of trapping and losing unsuspecting freshmen. Perhaps what sur- prised me the most was the fact that the halls were cluttered with kids who looked like they had no par- ticular destination, and who were eyeing us with bla- tant hostility. This new school frightened me . . . I ill moi yeai like beh the lyw a Hi adfr the The tension was visibly building among the group of sophmores huddled in cliques in the front of the school. Although we were all smiling, laughing, and talking about what wonderful summers we had all had, the smiles were somewhat strained, and there was rising anxiety in our voices. Upperclassmen strode by with an air of superiority, for they knew what was coming. Had I known of the mangled schedules, nonexistant classes, and strange people that were to follow, I probably would have turned around and gone home. But I didn ' t . . . I shoved my way past a crowd of pitiful-looking soph- mores and once again entered the school. This was to be a year of comfortable friends and comfortable feelings, just like the seniors had promised us. I had discovered that behind the cement facade of the prison-like building was the element that makes a high school experience unique- ly what it is — the people. As the year wore on, however, a nagging fear was growing in my mind (though I never admitteid it to my friends), the fear of indecisiveness about the future. Where was I headed? And why? My locker slammed shut with a chilling air of finality, and my footsteps echoed eerily in the uneasy silence of the hall . The first time it had been silent ever since I could remember. I had graduated. It was over now, and yet 1 had a strange feel- ing that it couldn ' t be over at all. But it was. And maybe the strangest thing of all was that I knew that I couldn ' t really come here again. Because even if 1 came right to this same spot and stood in front of this same locker, it wouldn ' t be my locker anymore. It would be somebody else ' s locker, some- body else ' s school. Not mine anymore. Because after all, you can ' t go back . . . 39 fi:romi6C{ of 4 Jjke darjicjied i 6iL ouettedL aga (lb the mytyticoL . y putt JoTth ih Jirtt rc of daion TJtc (Leptki of tht jpond once, agaijL turn into a bparkling mtrror and tht TOorLd t}egint lo -pttttyatc ToitA life, TJiroLi kout thcjoreift, out of each fntcro5coj tc nttcJi crayoity Life untten of tht antmcLL loortd. (Ind at a aUo yoakt- in the dero rrmibtentd grobt Jtti OLfreshncbt cihout :me . 7ht i mcll of a Jicy f dUuf, (25 the 5uit % arm6 my i dtf my eyet are Jilted loith the hrillianct of a Hue 6ky and f roMit es of tomorroyo 9rott dtfivicutt te -vorlte " et Kh vdt ib mucK.-mucK. -kOor e X never can {j Tid a tine. To riVtiTae -wttft tKe -previous verst. " Poets naafee it took ed6ij (It tafe.e,6 practice,, 50 t etj i atj) T ut -mafetiri btntt mij atte-m ts Tafees -fjo revet and a latj. X 61 1 |jor fi)0ur6 Vondtring -K K-tcFv -voords to trij CLnd X crtnqe, -whtn X read -x)fiat XVe, -written X -voi-bpv. X coufd unde.Ti tand -vohij l Brian D. Bartlett Margaret L. Bartow Trudie Lyn Batchelder Maureen Ann Bateson Meg McNudie, Trud, Mc Moe, Reen Karen Lee Berberian Jeffrey Mark Berenson If a man does not keep pace withi Red his companions perhaps it is be- cause he hears a different drummer. Anne Louise Bernardin Brian K. Berry It is not what he has, nor even Raz, Mr. Berry what he does, which directly ex- presses the worth of a man, but what he is. Karen Lee Berthel Amy T. Boches Brian A. Bogosian King of Armenia, Bogo Give me the 49ers and 7 Richard John Bono Dick, Bun Don ' t worry about it! Andover High all people cheer With voices loud and clear We will fight with honor and uphold The pride of the blue and gold. Our alma mater stands up high For reaching to the sky, It ' s A-N-D-O-V-E-R You can hear it near and far! Ralph Michael Borrelli Ralston Mark Edward Botsch Bosco Stephen P. Bradford Steve Christine Julie Brennan Linda A. Brennan Timothy Augustine Brennan Red, Crazy 59 Oh! How I ' ll remember worlds gone by and all the people of the past All the moments that I ' ll cherish But they just go by too fast! Peoples ' smiling faces And sunsets I still see In my mmd there is a place for them Will they — remember me? Thomas J. Burke Tommy, Burkie, Tom 60 Mary Elizabeth Campbell Gregory Michael Cantwell Greg Deborah Ann Canuel Debbie, Deb Cathy Carras Little Greek Ode to a Roach How does one attack a roach? I mean, what is the best approach? To come from behind is unsightly, From the front is even more unlikely. But the best way in which not to muff it. Is to pick up the roach and just puff it. Mary Elayne Chalifour Layne, Elayne Edward V. Chafe Ed 61 Carrie Louise Chakarian Roy James Charland Mallet Umit Cinali Andrea Clifton Andy Lynette Marie Clint want to create within myself a state of tranquility; a peace that won ' t erupt and thrust the lasting fires which burns my desires and fragments my dreams. Reality, or what appears to be reality flashes back and forth making it difficult to sort my emotions. Depression and frustration linger on until I realize total confusion can never be extinguished. Understanding this confusion is the beginning to recognizing how to sort problems, making my existence worth the pain. Douglas Andrew Clough mer. Ann Marie Daly James Mark D ' Antoni Mark N. Davis Jim, Eddie, Malto You sing you and I ' ll sing me It ' s the only way that we can keep our individuality Martin Wayne Davis Marty Tous ce que je suis c ' est que je crois, ma recherche continue a jamais finir. Mary T. DeFranco Mare Kathleen Mary Degan Kathy Tracy Angela Delaney 65 66 Richard C. Erler Rick Boyd Alan Estabrook Nightstalker Stephen James Fabian! Fab Robert Brian Faria Bob Vicki Fichera Kathleen Farrington Kit, Rosebud, Ralph 69 Robert Faria Madelaine S. Fisher David Justin Fitzgerald Fitzy, Farmer Brian Paul Flannery Bodean, Bo McDonald ' s . . . Friday and Saturday nights . driving by peering through the windows to see who ' s there walking in . ordering a coke . . . finding a booth . . sitting and sipping . . . slowly . . . slowly . . . until . People! . . . where ' s the party? . . . what ' s there to do? . . . sit down more People! where ' d you guys come from? . . Any good? . Maybe we should stop by . What time is it? . . Uh , . . well . . . Umm . . I think he ' s asking us to leave Wait a minute . . . where was that party again? Janet Leslie Flewwellin 70 Candace E. Forrest Candy Paul David Fortier Foonman Good Point John Robert Fox Foxy Ingrid Elisabeth Franze I am a crazy foreigner! Sandra Jean Fraser Sandy Jason Frost Tuttle Morris Ugh! Jesus Manuel Gonzalez Spic, J.C., Knishell Open a book, open a body, open yourself and come into nne. Michael A. Coumas Marguerite Julie Grant Dream until your dreams come true. tfie pcopEe m c uision of tf eir passing faces hypnotises vm Unnoticed I am an i Tyrone Wendell Graves Tito Debra Lee Gray Debbie, Harry on tf € insidC- Of coofosioo Outsider Kanella Ann Grecoe Kanelli The beginning of something new. Alan B. Green berg 73 Maryjo Jennifer Grillo Kathleen Annette Greenlee Kathy Nancy Jane Griswold Grizz Scott Groezinger JoAnn D. Guilmette Cheer up! Things always look darkest before the dawn. Today, or maybe tomorrow I ' ll be happy. Sometimes I ask myself why I am not happy. It ' s up to me. I live my life the way I choose. So if I want to be happy, I will be! Happy?? Daryl Scott Gustafson Virginia G. Hadam Ginny Meryl Halbach Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Janet Ann Halpert Dartmouth, Knish I 74 Mark Wayne Hamilton William J. Hannon Robin Hanby Donna Lee Hanson Billy Natural ability without education Tas more often raised a man to glory and virtue, than education ivithout a natural ability. Cynthia Ann Harhen Allen E. Hartford Diane M. Hartman Deborah Jean Hayman Cindy Lenny Hartsy, Hartburn, Di Debbie You ' re a mean mother, Steve. Erica Lynn Hill Steven E. Hillman Hillbo Willie Wayne Hodge Clyde Donna Jean Hyslip Elizabeth M. lanazzi Maria C. lacobo Anne P. Igoe Beth, Izzo It is true, I never assisted the sun Annie materially in his risings; but, doubt not, it was of the last im- portance only to be present at it. J 4 Donna Lee Jacobsen DL) Curtis Adelbert Jacques Curt Frederick V. Jaffe Rick, Fireball Fred Life is to Live. Christine M. Johnson Chris with aC! C.J. And all our yesterdays have light- ed fools the way to dusty death. Kristin Lee Johnson Kris with a K! Keep your eye on the ball, your nose to the grindstone, your shoulder to the wheel, your feet on the ground, your head on your shoulders; now, try to get some- thing done. Patricia Ann Johnson Patty Become what you dream you can . Sue Ellen Johnson Elizabeth Victoria Jolliffe Liddy, Lyd, Beth All good times must pass, but i« my memory they ' ll last. f{acL no pierce chc ccui h :cd- if f Lit icuj QiUi ih cy 6 ( if to incur — ' C(r;.uje Mc-y don ' t hcivc cat it ! Margaret Alison Jollife Marge, Problem Person, Scarlet A smile for every friend, a friend for every smile. Jefferson E. Jordan Leroy, 440, up-chuck Robert C. Joynson Egg, Bob John Juarez Radical, Rebel 79 1 . Elizabeth M. Kavanagh Beth Janet Kalil Juanita, Gringo Can you tell me, what is success? Is it to do your own thing or to join the rest? Mary Elizabeth Keefe Keefa n 5r V: Terry Lynn Keeler Buggs it is sad not to be loved, but it is sadder not to be able to love. Ellen Derbyshire Kelleher Stash Worthington, Darby There is a reason for everything a person does. Kenneth L. Keller Buster, Kenny Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. Joshua Robert Kenney I 80 Daniel Ernest King Nihil dictum quod non dictum prius William R. Kenney Scrotes, Bill Martha Ann King Life is what you make it. Daniel E. Koch if something can go wrong, it will . The Box When I was young, I had a box. It was a simple box, About this high and that wide. Yet, although simple, that box contained all the dreams, hopes and desires a little child could have. That box meant everything to me then. But not now. I am older. And somewhere in-between young and old, those hopes, dreams and desires were lost. And with them went the box. But I don ' t need the box anymore, I ' m older and more mature. Boxes are for the young . . . And for the old in search of their youth. Cathi J. Koffman Hope Elise Krikorian Jeffrey Michael Labell Omar John Mike Krikorian Narc, Statie, Vice 81 David ). LaRochelle Roche i Robin I. LaRosa Ribbon Shannon M. Larson Shash Wayne G. Larson Lag Philip E. LaTorre Phil 83 Ann Maria Madensky Gary Paul Maffei Bonnie Leigh Magoon Nancy K. Maloney Annie Bon-Bon, Bon Forgetting is easy, but it ' s remem- bering that hurts. Richard Tine Marino Philip Bruce Markey Ricky Pud 85 Timothy E. McCarthy If you think hfe is a bowl of cher- ries, make sure you don ' t choke on the pits! Janet Marie McDonald Janny, Chicklets John McDonald Mac Connie McEneaney Patricia McHale Patti You ' re a real bargain, Alan. Heidi Mcintosh Paul Arthur Mclntyre Porka Stephen Francis McKallagat Rico, Reeves, Red 87 Mary Jo McLarney Jo Bonnie Jean McManus Jane Marie McNamara Mac Joan Maureen McNamara Sino. a sonn. 0 Soiwdlm ihm cow and cjo so q juudel Qrdtal (3UJI. jxJruy dolj tumo cutJl nma AWL cpe- ihsu -kind 4 till kit Paul Daniel McVey Timothy J. Meyers Tim Kimberley A. Miller Kim Jessie Ann Mills Jess, Millsy Diane A. Moodie Moooodie, Blondie John Mooney Jack, F.O. Brian William Moore B Mary Jane Moriarty Jane 89 Sharon Marie Morris Marie Elizabeth Morrisroe I can not predict what I will be, I can only live what I am. Neil Mufson Some men see things as they are and say, why. I dream things that never were and say, why not . Shirley Napoli Squirrel, Nap Gayle Marie Nardone Raymond Negron Lefty Love is the message. Jill Ellen Neistadt Happy are those who dream dreams are ready to pay the price to make them come true. to a Nina Elizabeth Nicolosi Foch Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. Joseph P. Nolan Thomas F. Norris Tom Judith Ann Nollet Judy 91 92 93 Barbara Ann Powers David John Pratt Carolyn L. Ramsdell Kathleen Mary Randall Study Hall Blues I sit here comfortably in a chair, Thinking I should be somewhere. Although not caring, I feel dandy, Just staring at my feet (aren ' t they handy?) Looking up and gazing around, people as bored as I can be found I lean back in my chair and close my eyes. Thinking of my adventures with F.B.I, spies. I crush the villains and save a friend To make the world a safe place to live in again. I wake up, (at last), only to find, I ' m the only one in the classroom, left behind! I get up to my feet and gather my books entering my next class I get some strange looks. My teacher walks up to me and says with a grin, " How nice of you to join us, won ' t you come in? I ' m here after school, everyone ' s gone home, I look at my teacher, I feel all alone. Yes I sat there comfortable in a chair, I knew I should have been somewhere! MaryAnne Ratte Lianne Locke Reardon Christine Lee Reddington Peter Francis Reilly However rare true love is, true Chris, Reds Riles friendship is rarer. Virgil William Sanchez Diane Carol Saunders Virge, Bill Di, Saunds Consider yourself improperly clothed without a smile upon your face. Linda Anne Savinelli Sav, ' 56 ' , Rinda Swanelli William Joseph Schadlick Linda Doreen Schofield Lora Maureen Schofield A smile is but a shadow of a laugh Weave me the sunshine out of the falling rain Karen Jane Shack Silence is one great art of conver- sation John W. Shaw Bone Nancy Ellen Sheehan Life is living, loving, and parting Daniel Darrell Shepherd Dan Be not disturbed with time. It is only a gray hair away. 97 99 Sharyn LeeTaymor Dick, Weasel You are onlv what you are, when no one is looking. Kyle Joy Thompkins Love without friendship is like a shadow without a sun. Michael James Toscano Tisky Mary E. Tetreault .UJD GOD SaIi): " L: T u H ■K ] ' ••• ' cG Patricia MaryTherrien Patti, Therri-berri. Yucka . . , and a p;reat bolt b. lightenin.T crone, dov n from the heavens , . . , at an initial velocity of 5000r.v a.nd an acceleration of 1 6oonrH soc ...v.ath. a -nrorsortional intensity of --,0 0 ' , Joyce Carole Thibodeau Mark Lewis Travis Nighttrain Susan L. Towne Townie 102 Douglas J.Walsh Bing, Doug When there ' s a will there ' s a wa) — nothing is impossible! N in Nancie E. Walsh Nance Deborah Ann Watts Debbie, Schwatzi, Doey, Carol Stop it, I love it! Paul H. Wedge Paul We were lemonade friends on Monday it was only three cents a glass On Tuesday we were eager-innocents sharing our first grade class It was kneesocks and lunchbags on Wednesday while grade school slowly progressed But Thursday brought nylons and lipstick and " Who is best . . . East or West? " On Friday we all were together and the feud between students was gone For high school put us all under one name with a blue and gold marching-band song Saturdays found us still learning of friendships and futures to be and we saw that our childhood was ending creating a new you and me Tomorrow I see graduation a Sunday-best, fairytale time For my blue and gold banner has faded and the lemonade now is a dime Deborah Joyce Westaway Wendi Lee Wetterberg My aim is the sky, my goal — the stars. Denise M. White Niecy Sing me a rainbow — if you can. Carolee A. Whitney Whi ' 104 Jeffrey John Winters Edgar, Jeff Happy are they who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true Sean Winters Donna Marie Wrigley Campiola Donna M. Yeiter You ' ve got to have friends, but you have to be one too. Joseph Michael Wojtkun Chico, Joe Villanova Diane H. Wright A NOOVER HIGH SCHOQlj Student Handli ok AHS — 1975 and who could forget? School committee ' s drastic changes . . . Homeroom at the end of the day . . . Smoking privileges curbed sharply . . School " boundaries " more strictly enforced Faculty patrol duties . . . Choice of student electives endangered . . . Threat of traditional study halls . . Maybe even a dress code? Corridor passes? Oh no! David E. Young Dave Diane M. Young Jennifer Ellen Young Leonard Young Mark Donald Young Merle Young Jennie Jonathan Charles Zappala John A. Zemis Zap Jack 107 In Iff eiuoriajn TONY STABILE " I ' ll lend you for a little time a child of Mine " He said. For you to love the while he lives and mourn for when he ' s dead. It may be six or seven years, or twenty- two or four. But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for Me? He ' ll bring his charms to gladden you, and shall his stay be brief. You ' ll have his lovely memories as solace for your grief. I fancied that I heard them say, " Dear Lord, Thy Will be done, " For all the joy Thy child shall Bring, the risk of grief we ' ll run. We ' ll shelter him with tenderness. We ' ll love him while we may And for the happiness we ' ve known forever grateful stay; But shall the angels call for him much sooner than we ' ve planned, We ' ll brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand. " My God they shot our leader " the marching crowd did scream now he would never see the essence of his dream Tiptoe quietly back up the stairs Raggedy Ann is saying her prayers. I was a child of the sixties holding Mommy ' s hand in church I was a child so content while others left in search I was a child who knew my address and the flavor of ice cream I liked best I was a child while people faltered and medicine progressed. And then I saw her yesterday she said " why don ' t you come and play? I have a sandbox and a pail and paper rowboats we can sail Said I " I ' m sorry dear R. Ann but I don ' t think I really can besides there ' s lots more time to play you ' d think we only had today " I was a child of the sixties when there was a revolution for anything I was a child when, God knows, they questioned everything Oh Hamlet, Hamlet Where art thou Hamlet? delay is a game which we all have played but if we let it continue our lives surely fade " and I like yourself sir shall grow old if like a crab I could go backward " I was a child of the sixties who didn ' t know where to go when you ' re a child it isn ' t easy there are always things you must outgrow crab crab old and gray sat upon a bench one day watching all the children play thought it best that he not stay knew not if he could or may just get up and walk away so instead he watched them play old gray crab died that way I was a child of the sixtiei letting illusions go by I was a child like any other forced to question why childhood was being cheated her pages were not filled the book was missing chapters as dreams were being killed. R. Ann tried to reach me once more: " think a bit and stay and sit and tell me all about you of all the things that you have done and all you dream to do " I thought " to sail a pea-green boat to sea to catch a firefly and set him free rescue maidens from a dragon ' s fire eat all the cupcakes we desire jump over the moon with a single bound find the pot of gold that ' s never been found build apple-tree houses up to the sky bake red jellybeans in a blueberry pie " " now don ' t get up our time ' s not gone we still have some to say what happen to those dreams and schemes we made the other day? can it be we ' ll never see a bit of dream again? come here my dear please listen here there ' s something I must say hold onto dreams when you are young or else they ' ll dream away " There was a child of the sixties building castles on the shore there was a child told all of love and yet given only war there was a child that kept her dreams hidden deep within a heart keeping all the hope inside letting loneliness depart. For all the future holds is love and a child holds only dreams 3nce a child is given future love is much more than it seems. I think that maybe if we all stitch " i love you " hearts on like R. Ann well then maybe the new child will know love too August, 1974 . . . " Hey man. " " What? " " What are we going to do for an encore? " " How can we possibly top 9-0? " " I don ' t know. It ' s going to be a brutal season next year, yuh know? Wouldn ' t it be nice if we went 10-0 and went back to the superbowl and won! Man, ' Dictator ' would sure remember us. " " Yeah, that ' d be beautiful. " This year ' s football team made Andover History by completing a perfect 10-0 season, and by winning the Eastern Mass Division II Superbowl. The team kept alive a 27 game regular season winning streak. Under the coaching of Richard Collins, William Vickers, and Richard Bour- delais. The Golden Warriors won The Merrimack Valley Conference before the season was even over. There really isn ' t too much one can say — how one person remembers this season depends upon his part in the team ' s success. Now everyone has gone to other sports and are pursuing different interests, but for about three months, everyone functioned as one unit — a whole — realizing what it means to be a team — Taumo. ...( r,aov€r 35 , ' Pers ockef 2 P r.dover iH , LO x r r c far 1 ftndoverz. CheVnas cd 1 .. . . = r dov e.r " AO, TeuiteLsbory Q Rndovex ( me-iV uen (o • • P ov6ov er 41, t)racu.V 7J2 PiAdower 1 BosHrv Prep o . . . . f= r»c4oyer X ) " MVerica 7-... Pindover .o, Lau30 nCe =indover 14, CenVraV CoVfioiic ' E. if r d£ er Z , 6a err,-zo- Super bc)U)l-. William Vickers Richard Bourdelais 114 Richard Collins Soccer 74 Coach Lee Coach Lawson After getting off to a slow start, our soccer team came in fourth place in The Merri- mack Conference, with a final record of 7-4-3. We appreciate the efforts of Coaches Lee and Lawson for putting us back on the winning track. The team ' s final success is attributed to its seniors. Co-captains, Harry Collins and Joe Wojtkun led the team to victorious season. The starting line consisted of Jean Mayard, Rick Jaffe, Steve Hillman, Chris Underwood, and Bill Emmert. Robbie Look, Joe Cox, Keith Marvin, and Tim Dewherst, the defensemen, also partici- pated in the team effort. This year ' s seniors will be greatly missed and wish next year ' s team the best of luck. 118 Field Hockey The girls ' field hockey team, coached by Mrs. Normlle, had only three varsity players returning fronn last year but ended up with a 6-3-1 record. Led by tri-cap- tains Janie McDonald, Carolyn Ramsdell and Regina Park, the team came to a strong 5 game winning streak to end its season. The high scorers for the team were Carolyn Ramsdell and Laura lacoba eacn with. eight goals. The J.V ' s, coached by Miss Samra, must be congratulated for an undefeated sea- son 3-0-7. The co-captains were Meridith McGoff and MaryLou Peterson. We wish the best of luck to next year ' s varsity co-captains Kathy Conroy and Laura lacobo. Cross Country This year ' s X-country team did not follow last year ' s successful season of League Meet Champions. The Warriors, led by Co-captains David Pratt and Richard St. Louis, had a hard time getting the season going, with only three returning letter- men. With sixteen members on the squad, they were the smallest team in the league. This years lettermen were Pratt, St. Louis, Burton, Marbler, D. Emberley, Lewis, and R. Emberley. We would like to thank Mr. Grasso for his fine coaching, and wish the best of luck to next year ' s team. The 1975 Gymnastics Team completed another successful season by capturing the North Shore Gymnastic League Championship. Undefeated in league competition, the only losses were to Lincoln-Sudbury and Burlington, both ranked number two and three in the state. Coach Jack Gleason said he was " very proud " of the boys ' team spirit and hard work which helped make the season so successful. The team had many outstanding members. Co-captain David Miroso- la, the all-around gymnast did very well on floor exercise and parallel bars, and Co-captain Ralph Borreli excelled on floor exercise, and Co-captain David Sirois was outstanding on rings. Other big contributors were Gary Obermeier, Rick Jaffe, Roy Charland, and Russ Tassi- nari. Special thanks to Assistant Coach Dick Ferguson for his help, which made a big difference in the team ' s success. Some promising underclassmen on the team were Doug Spencer, John Parrotta, John Cheetham, Steve Mitton, Russ St. Armand, Dan Sirois, and Matt Mirosola. a 5 K e t b I 74 4 league schedule, ti c er ta nt -Vhat -H-ii Qi fV e, Tech) Toomarrsei -H ie -thick o-9 the Coneerence race, coaching sf-a f ijoiU be s-tronge of ihe season of -the be er ihe he ' eel ind .44 son m hi g lfoai poin-V in " Vf e gind ujlU aqain be in r erri mack valley ■ e plouL ers and iKe ' eel + a+ ihe -be.QJY o Hhe second halC nd uiill be one earns In the ecfion of hQfe 4 4 Andover High ' s Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team fought out a rough season due to an abundance of injuries. Even with a fair record, the teatn proved themselves in the true spirit of Andover High. The team was lead by Captain Ann Daly who was a great help to everyone, along with our coach, Mr. Lawson. The class of 1975 wishes the best of luck to next year ' s team. This year ' s Hockey Team completed the year with a record of 6-10-3. Al- though the team didn ' t win many games, the members hustled and each one gave one hundred percent of himself. The team had what every oth- er Andover High Team has had — pride and a great deal of enthusiasm. Good luck to head coach Dick Valle and next year ' s hockey team. This year ' s Hockey Team completed the year with a record of 6-10-3. Al- though the team didn ' t win many games, the members hustled and each one gave one hundred percent of himself. The team had what every oth- er Andover High Team has had — pride and a great deal of enthusiasm. Good luck to head coach Dick Valle and next year ' s hockey team. 130 The 1974-1975 Indoor Track Team completed a winning season this year led by captains Joe Wojtkun, T.J. Sta- mas, Dave Pratt, and Rich St. Louis. Coached by Mr. Richard Bourdelais and Mr. Robert Welch, the track team represented Andover very well. Leading scorers for the team were J. Wojtkun (high jump), Dave Pratt (mile), J. Meyers (1000 yard run), R. S. Louis (600 yard dash), J. Mayard (hurdles), and A. Sherrard (shotput). m. ' :fTley. X -Asvi. your a.tienliorL icd e. inter e.6te,cl tl. - J c6tL , tColo ctu6 J jnartfit jccenct. dab workcng on the, Lrid nn.c ar we ' to ' fris ' e. thz dte.adLtin.t ' ! the noorrtt5 the. (fj rt iAt AarcL T )ork Je do be.CdtJi5t lOt oudfti to do t6 the :os fD.m. re ' Sportdt tltt Setng the leader the ct-Luh meetings the cEti ' d heiptng the. unhappy, the spe kers the oro ect5 the jtoc tl cante ts tA n stA tht cattn cttL tht eartie t -peojolc the ton Aours the izcarrtioor-k. tht rotoir 3X)cirercji cdch otAer the constant dttermpt imp-rovc on an id to. stirniLiate d of.oS interest in (forci rx, tsLTzgu oL e. tng loelt in a concej-t ■ptan a rtatli ortginat dance cftdie, a -pro pcrou ' M inttr csmL the con5tdnt 02:0s activities motion -ejnotriori. tiv n " 77 a A ?ye yovur attefition d jc there yoilt he d mee iin or dtt -pej pC interested, in ricndsfitp - - . jn ee is Class Karyl Levinson Vice-Pres., Michael Doran Pres., Martha King Sec.Treas. Junior Sophomore Cidss Class Terry Moranville Vice-Pres., Maria Marasco Sec.-Treas. Sue Judy Vignola Sec.-Treas., Matt Mirisola Vice-Pres., Brideau Pres. Susan LaRochelle Pres. 138 POLicy comirrrE: cmtii STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL The Student Advisory Council plays an important role concerning the policies of Andover High School. SAC acts as the liason between the high school and the School Committee. The projects that SAC are concentrating on this year are the BC program, Social Discovery, which deals with the alternate education concept, the Recreation Committee, headed by Gary Ralph, and the Goals Committee, which is an attempt to work with people of the community to establish certain objectives for Andover ' s education. Not only does the SAC work on committees, but they also sponsor student dances and other school pro- jects. This year ' s members include: Bill Alexan- der, Carolyn Collins, Ginger Eaton, Sandy Healy, Mark Hamilton, SAC chairman, and jane Allen, the Regional Advisory Representative. 139 CHILDCflRE A.F.S. is: " A.F.S. Weekend " , Parties, Fireman ' s Ball, " Short Term Exchange " , Miniature U.N. Hands across the water. International Gourmet Dinner, AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE. After the First World War, Americans and the English want- ed to promote better relations throughout the angry world. Drives were organized to raise money for international scholarships. These scholarships were used to bring a for- eign student to another country, thereby spreading world cultures. There are now more than 50 countries involved. Our foreign students this year are Ingrid Franze of Austria and Umit Cinaldi of Turkey. We enjoyed having them here in Andover and we hope that they enjoyed their year and will go back to their respective countries with lots of great stories to tell their families. Ingrid Franze — Austria Umit Cinaldi — Turkey 143 The United Friends Organization, formerly the New- comers ' Club, is a club originally formed with the objective to assist students new to Andover High School in their transitional stage of development in their new school. The members of the club decided to change the name of the club so that not only students new to Andover High could join but also any students who wished to achieve another goal of the club — that of social service to their school community. As most of you are aware, the Student Guidance Committee was formed in September of 1973. Since the time of its creation it has been growing and expanding so as to encompass all the con- ceivable needs of the students that we could serve. We have grown to the point where we have over 30 members who run four subgroups — tu- toring, college career, newsletter, and films — which have reached several hundred people in their prospective endeavors. In edition to the dedication that the committee has shown to the student body we have also accomplished our big- gest goal — the building of a room off the cafete- ria to house our ever-growing operation. Our leader, Mr. Ryan, deserves much credit for estab- lishing the Student Guidance Committee in order the serve the student body better. ABC is Moving On This year was a good one for ABC. The program has broad- ened its achievements even further. This year we have had two accomplishments: the opening of a girls ' program in Andover, and having the largest graduating class in the pro- gram ' s history. This is my last year in the program. I am a senior from the Bronx, N.Y.C. During my three years here 1 have experi- enced many new things, and I ' m sure all of the other guys have also. This year we have seniors from Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio, Philadelphia, Memphis, Washington, D.C., and seven seniors from New York City. We appreciate all the help we have had. We also give thanks to Mr. Deacon, our tutors from Merrimack, and everyone who has helped the ABC cause. We give special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rog- ers, our dorm directors. Well, all I can say for now is good luck in the years ahead to my fellow seniors. Raymond Negron, Class of 1975. Seniors — (STANDING L. TO R.) — Ifean Mayard, Gregory Gantz, Raymond Negron, Nathaniel Williams. (SITTING L. TO R.) — Willie Hodge, Daniel Shepard, Tyrone Graves. 148 TOP ROW (L. TO R.) — Carolyn Moynihan, Carmen Febres, Pamela Holland, Dan Moynihan, Joanne Bowden, Cheryl Ann, Karen Hunter. BOTTOM ROW (L. TO R.) — Aleta Gardner, Kelly, Danny, Carmen Villa, Diane David. A Warm Welcome Throughout ABC ' s eight years of existence, we have never been so thrilled to be Co-Ed, and to have young ladies share the same goals we strive for in Andover ' s ABC program. It has been wonderful sharing so many things with them, and I hope that this feeling carries on throughout our lives. There are many tales to this story, but in every one, the conclusion says, " They lived hap- pily ever after. " I will not put a conclusion on our story, for this is only the beginning. As I reveal the deepest emotions in our hearts, we bid them welcome, peace, love, and prosperity. Ralph Doughty, Class of 1976 when the words " OUTING CLUB " are mentioned the first thing that pops into most peoples ' minds is " Oh yeah that ' s the club that ' s full of those jerks who get their kicks by freezing to death " . Well, let me set you straight. We don ' t get our kicks by freezing to death, although most times that may be the end result. Even so we tackle the cold (Right Lillian!) in order to conquer the mountains, and unrealistic as it may seem, after everyone has complained about their cold feet, their stoves that wouldn ' t light, or their leaky canteens, once the top is reached and that view hits you right between the eyes, you can forget about all your past gripes. Now the only thing that you have to worry about is whether the car will get you back home! (No offense Mark) UT1N6 ' 1 J J J The Botany Club, whose advisor is Mr. Vurgar- opulos, was organized three years ago. Since then it has more than doubled in size. Last year was an active year — participating in a plant sale in the lobby and taking a field trip to the University of Mass. campus to tour the green- houses. This year we are planning to visit the University of New Hampshire campus for the same purpose. The Botany Club ' s responsibili- ties are to take care of the plants in both the greenhouse and the stairways. Our hopes this year are to carry on experiments on the grow- ing of plants and to raise some exotic plants. 151 The 1974-1975 school year was the beginning of Andover High ' s first radio station WAHS. A few students, along with the advisor Mr. Phillips, and the Program Coordinator Ginny Hadam, established the initial radio program in the early fall. Since that time, WAHS has grown to the point where it broadcasts five periods daily, and it offers a variety of pro- grams ranging from jazz and rock to a horri- fying Vincent Price serial. So far the station is heard only through the media center ' s car- rolls, but by the end of the year it is hoped that WAHS will be transmitted throughout the school. The activities of WAHS also in- cluded a field trip to WBZ in Boston, and a visit from a WCCM discjockey. The Andover High Radio Station now has a foundation for creating novel and imaginative programs in the upcoming years. 156 HOR5LhAN5MIP CLUB c er ommunity The Student Leadership Program or the " Better Community " organization is a new group formed this year. The pro- gram ' s aim is to make Andover High School a better place. With the coopera- tion of many responsible students, the program attempts to make all students act together to do away with vandalism and bad attitudes which are present within the student body. There are different com- mittees specializing in certain programs — all of which will hopefully benefit the school. To get its message across, " Better Community " uses the comic strip " B.C. " by Johnny Hart. Along with the leadership and dedication of Mr. Gesing, the " Better Community " program is sure to be a success. 157 159 ABODEELY, Stephen R. 129 Lowell St. Student Guidance Committee 3,4; Band 2,3,4; Golf. ADAMI, Virginia L 4 Athena Circle Color Guard 3. A DORNATO, Victor R. 63 Harold Parker Rd. Math Club 4. AIELLO, John E. II Kirkland Dr. Football 2, 3,4. ALEXANDER, Albert I. 14 Osgood St. Outing Club 2; Lab Ass ' t 3; Tutor 3, 4; Newspaper 2,3. ANDERSON, Kurt G. 14 Rennie Dr. Soccer 2,3; Hockey 2,3,4; Waterski- ing Club 4; Yearbook 4. ATWOOD, Andrea H. 113 Greenwood Rd. District Choir 3; Madrigals 3,4; Vol- leyball 4; H.R. Rep.; National Honor Society 3,4. BANTON, Steven H. 1 Surry Ln. Football 2,3; Track 2,3; Wrestling 3, 4; Madrigals 4. BARTLETT, Brian D. 104 Chestnut St. Ski Club 2; Marine Science Club 4. BARTOW, Margaret L. 31 Bartlet St. Basketball 2; Track 2,3,4; Prom Comm. 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; AFS 2. BATCHELDER,TrudieL. 6R County Rd. Field Hockey 3; Basketball 2,3,4; Yearbook Rep. 2,3,4; Homecoming 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4. BATESON, Maureen A. III ArgillaRd. Prep Club 3; Jogging 2; Pep Club 2, 3. BATTLES, Maryellen 8 Stevens Cir. PEP Club 2,3; Yearbook 3. BECKER, Linda J. 205 Lowell St. Ecology Club 4; Drama Club 3. BENSON, Ruth F. 7 Harvard Rd. Band 2,3,4; Drum Majorette 4; Dra- maClub 3. BENTLEY, Kama E. 79 Dascomb Rd. Ecology Club 3,4; AFS 4. BERBERIAN, Karen L. 259 Lowell St. Concert Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4. BERENSON, Jeffrey M. 5 Amherst Rd. Tennis 2,3,4; Prep Club 3; Yearbook 4. BERNARDIN, AnneL. 168 Haggetts Pond Rd. H.R. Rep. 2,3; FNA 3; Modern Dance 2. BERRY, Brian K. 15 Glen meadow Rd! I 1M Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 3; Waterskiing Club4. BERTH EL, Karen L. 172 Elm St. BEST, Mary E. Phillips Academy Ski Team 2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Field Hockey 2. BEST, Sarah A. Phillips Academy Tennis 2,3,4. BLACK, J. Duncan 7 Sweetbriar Lane Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 3,4; Indoor Track 2; Yearbook 4; H.R. Rep 4. BLAKE, Peter L. 127 Chandler Rd. BOCHES,AmyT. 22 Hemlock Rd. Craftsmen ' s Guild 3. BOGOSIAN, Brian A. 208 River Rd. H.R. Rep. 3; Football 3; Marine Sci- ence 3. BONO, Richard J. 1 Sandy Brook Circle Photography Club 2,3; Pres. 4; Ham Club-4. BORRELLI, Ralph M. 40 Topping Rd. Football 2,3,4; Gymnastics 2,3, Cap- tain 4, Track 2,3,4; H.R.Rep 2,3; Yearbook Rep. BOTSCH, Mark E. 105 Pine St. Baseball 2,3,4; Winter Track 3,4; Soccer 2; Student Leadership. BRADFORD, Stephen P. 19 Kirkland Dr. Sophomore President; Cross Coun- try 2,3,4; Ski Club 2,4; Madrigals 4; Play 2,3,4. BRENNAN, Christine J. 30 Fox Hill Rd. Pep Club 2,3,4. BRENNAN, Timothy A. 12Carmel Rd. BURKE, Douglas B. 138 Jenkins Rd. BURKE, Thomas J. 24 Linda Rd. BURTON, Craig T. 14 Wolcott Ave. Cross Country 2,3,4; Winter Track 2, 3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4. BELANGER,John J. 94 Bellevue Rd. CAFFREY, Ellen 5 Old South Lane Pep Club 2,3. CAMPBELL, Mary E. lOCarisbrookeSt. Pep Club 2,3,4; Homecoming 4; Yearbook 3; Prom Committee 3. CANTWELL, Gregory M. 6 West Parish Dr. Winter Track 3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4; H.R. Rep 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4. CANVEL, Deborah A. 76 Essex St. CARRAS, Cathy 1 Rindge Rd. 164 AFS 2,3,4; Chorale 2; International Club 3. CASELDEN, Edward J. 1 Brookfield Rd. Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Stu- dent Guidance Committee 4. CHADWICK, Paul 182 Summer St. CHALIFOUR, MaryElayne 286 South Main St. Prom Committee 3; Homecoming 4; Yearbook 3; Pep Club 3. CHAFE, Edward V. 21 Stirling St. Botany Club 3,4; Prom Committee 3; H.R. Rep 3: International Club 3, V- Pres. 4; A Cappell Choir. CHAKARIAN, Carrie L. 58 Bellevue Rd. Pep Club 2,3,4; Homecoming 3; Yearbook 4. CHARLAND, RoyJ. 45 Juliette S Gymnastics 3,4; Outing Club 3. CLIFTON, Andrea 132 Holt Rd. Field Hockey 3,4. CLINT, LynetteM. 6SamosLane CLOUGH, Douglas A. 4 Rennie Dr. Ski Team 2,3; A Cappella 2,3. COBURN, Krista E. 7Tobey Lane COFFEY, GeraldineE. 5 Embassy Lane Prom Committee 3. COFFIN, Kurt A. 3 Pilgrim Dr. COLLINS, Barbara J. 68 Wild Rose Dr. Yearbook 4; Outing Club 4; New- comers Club 3; Drama Club 2. COLLINS, Harry T. 97 Wild Rose Dr. Soccer 2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; H.R. Rep 4. COLLINS, James A. 28 Hemlock Rd. COLOMBOSIAN, Nancy L. 55 ArgillaRd. Cheerleader 2, Captain 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3 Homecoming Committee 4; Year- book. COMPARATO, Thomas F. 10 Fulton Rd. Marching Concert Band 2,3,4. CONLON,Hugh D. 17 York St. Football 2,3,4. CONOLLY, Edmond P. 66 High St. CONNER, James R. 9 Harding St. Gymnastics 2,3; H.R. Rep ' 3. CONTARINO, Carol A. 50 River Rd. Play 2; Yearbook 4. COOK, Esther S. 32 Phillips St. CORCORAN, Stephen J. 42 Juniper Rd. Baseball 2,3,4. COX, James B. 71 Argilla Rd. COX, Martha A. 7 York St. Pep Club 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 3. COX, Paul G. 71 Argilla Rd. Tennis 2; Newspaper 2,3. CRAIG, Heather J. 256 Beacon St. Tennis Intramurals 2,3. CROSWELL, Andrew 60 Colonial Dr. Apt. 9 CRUSH, Williams N. 8 Matthews St. Field Hockey 2,3; Gymnastics 2,3; Girls Track 2.3: Prom Committep V CULL, David A. 128 Lovejoy Rd. Soccer 3; Track 2,3,4; H.R. Rep 3. CURTIN, Michael D. 5 Rolling Ridge Rd. Tennis 2; Outing Club 2,4; Ski Team 2,3, Co-Captain 4. DALY, Ann M. 94 Ballardvale Rd. Basketball 2,3,4; Softball 2,3,4; H.R. Rep 4. CUMMINGS, JEANIEA. 47 High Plain Rd. Color Guard 2,3,4; Play 2; Math League 2,3,4; Basketball 2; National Honor Society 3,4. DAVIS, Mark N. 45 Royal Crest Dr. 49 Outing Club. DEMERS, Rosemary A. 7 Chapman Ave. DENNIS, John F. 7 Farrwood Dr. DEROSA, Timothy 158 High Plain Rd. Band 2,3,4; A.V. 3.4. DEROSIER, Michael R. Shawsheen Rd. Football 2. DEVINE, Allen C. 603 Washington Park Dr. DIAK, Thomas P. 4 Linda Rd. DIBITETTO, John B. 15 North St. Cross Country 3; Tennis 3. DOWD, Debra j. 6 Elm Court DRISCOLL,Cyd E. 39 Morton St. Homecoming 3,4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 3; Pep Club 2,3, Pres. 4; H.R. Rep. 2. DRISCOLL, Doreen A. 47 Lovejoy Road „omm. j; n.K. Kep j, . DUBOSE, KatherineL. 26 Timothy Drive Homecoming Comm 4; Pep Club 2, 3,4; Prom Comm. 3; Track 2,3,4; Yearbook 4. DUFFTY, Philip C. 131 Andover St. DUFFY, Tom E. 4 Arundle St. Soccer 3; Basketball 2. DUSTIN,Mary V. 72 WoburnSt. DEFRANCO, MaryT. 54 juniper Rd. Yearbook 4; YES Club; Humanities DITROIA, Michael R. 1 Ivanhoe Lane Baseball 2,3,4; Indoor Track 3,4; Band 2,3,4. DEGAN, Kathleen M. 11 College Circle Gymnastics 2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4; Volleyball 4; Homecoming Commit- tee 4. DIXON, Barbara 30 Cutler Rd. Gymnastics 2,3,4; Ski Club 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming 4. DELANEY,Tracy A. 42 Wild Rose Dr. Tennis 3,4; Ski Club 2; Math Club 4; Swim Club 3. DORAN, Michael P. 66 Brookfield Rd. Play 2; Drama Club 2,3; Smoking Committee 3; Senior President 4. DELUCIA, Nancy 492 South Main St. Volleyball 4. ELLIS, Steven M. 49 Abbot St. Photography Club 4. pt. 4; Pep Club om Committee Winter Track 4;i EOSEFOW, JohnC. 95 Wild Rose Drive Football 2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Prom Comm. 3; Track 2. ERICKSON,Mark O. 56 Ballardvale Rd. Winter Track 2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3, 4; Ecology Club (Avis); Photography Club. ERLER, Richard C. 18 Webster St. Yes Club Prep Club Prom Comm. 3; Yearbook 4; Swim Program 3. ESTABROOK Boyd A. 369 High Plain Rd. FABIANI, Stephen J. 17 Kathleen Drive Football 2,3,4; Capt. 4; Hockey 2,4; Baseball 2,3,4. FAIR, Janice M. 4 Franklin Ave. A Capella Choir 3,4; Chorale 2; Yes Club 3; Yearbook 3,4; Pep Club 2,3. FARIA, LindaJ. 20 Brown St. FARIA, Robert B. 20 Brown St. FARRINGTON, Kathleen 2CheeverCir. Prom Dec. Comm. Chairman 3; Winter Carnival 3; Spanish Exchange 3; Yearbook Layout Editor 4; Home- coming 4. FICHERA,Vicki 33Kirkland Dr. FISHER, MadelaineS. 43 Abbot St. FITZGERALD, David J. 322 River Rd. FLANNERY, David J. 322 River Rd. FLANNERY, Brian P. 8 Beacon St. Football 2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Track 2. FLEWWELLIN, Janet L. 11 Cameron Rd. Yearbook 4.- FORREST,Candace E. Gymnastics 2; Cross Country 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Horsemanship Club 3; Yearbook 4. FORTIER, Paul D. 7 Henderson Ave. Winter Track 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Student Leadership 4. FOX, John R. 50 Walnut Ave. Wrestling 3,4; Football 3,4; Track 3,4. FRACKIEWICZ, Barbara E. 6 Ivanhoe Lane Outing Club 2; Ecology Club 3,4; Photography Club 4; National Hon- or Society 3,4. FRANCIS, Sarahs. 12 Alden Rd. Field Hockey 2,3,4; Ski Team 2,3,4; Basketball 3; Outing Club 2,3,4. FRANZ, Lesley M. 276 Highland Rd. Band 2,3,4; International Club 3. FRANZE, Ingrid E. 32 Morton St. A.F.S.Track4; Photography Club 4. FRANZESE, Karen M. 48 Dascomb Rd. Field Hockey 2; Pep Club 2,3; Prom Comm. 3. ERASER, Sandra J. 82 Haverhill St. International Club 3; Ecology 4. FROST, JasonT. M. 6 Crescent Dr. Guitar 2,3,4. GABLE, David GABLE, Jeffrey R. 35 Sunset Rock Rd. GALVIN, Michael J. 10 Chapman Ave. GANTZ, Gregory 134 Main St. Basketball; Media. GELARDI, Wayne 33 North Street GEORGE, LynneE. 12 Stevens Circle Prom Comm. 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Homecoming 4. GETTEL, Rogers. 8 Bellevue Rd. Amateur Radio Club 2,3,4; Tennis 2, 3; Cocaptain 4. GAYNOR, Edwin GOLDMAN, Jamie L. 8 Joyce Terrace Prep Club 3,4; FNA 2; Pep Club 4; Basketball 2. GONZALEZ, Jesus M. 64 High St. Drama Club 2,3; Spanish Exchange 3; International Club 3; Prom Comm. 3; Creative Workshop 2. GOODSON, Bruce E. 92 WoburnSt. GRANT, Marguerite J. 8 Harvard Rd. Botany Club 2,3,4; AFS 2; Horseman- ship Club 3,4. GRAVES, Tyrone W. 134 Main St. A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Outing Club 2,3,4; H.R. Rep. 3,4; Drama Club 2,3, 4. GRAY, Debra L. 90 Bellevue Rd. Band 2,3. GRECOE, Kanella A. 8 Florence St. GREENBERG, Alan B. 46 Sagamore Dr. National Honor Society 3,4. GRILLO, Mary Jo J. 6 Rennie Dr. Drama Club 3; Tennis 3; Special Needs Program 4. GREENLEE, Kathleen A. 6 Dorset Circle Ski Club 2; Yearbook 2,4; Outing Club 4; Volleyball 4; Student Gov- ernement4. GRISWOLD, Nancy J. 4 Dumbarton St. Band 2,3; Hotline 2; Photography Club 4; Ecology Club 4; Marine Sci- ence Club 3,4. GROEZINGER, Scott 123 Jenkins Rd. GUILMETTE, JoAnn D. Wall Street HALBACH, Meryl 147 Summer St. Craftsmen ' s Guild, Treas. 4; Ecology Club, Sec. 3, Treas. 4; Photography 3, 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Year- book 4. HALPERT,Janet A. 7 Wintergreen Cir. Drama Club 3. GUSTAFSON, Daryl S. 130Lovejoy Rd. HADAM, Virginia G. 56 Birch Rd. Basketball 2; AFS 2; theater Work- shop 2,3; Drama Club 3,4; Yearbook Literary Co-Editor 4. HEALY, Sandra J. 126 Lowell St. Cheerleader 2,3,4; S.A.C. 3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Swim Team 3,4. HECKEN,MargitH. 21 Rose Glen Drive French Club 2,3; Latin Club 2; Yearbook 4. 112Tewksbury St. Softball 2. HOPKINS, Paula M. 11 Downing St. Field Hockey 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Prom Connnn. 3; Homeconning Comm. 4. HAMILTON, Mark W. 2 Bannister Rd. Football 2,3,4; Track 2; Tennis 3,4; S.A.C. 3, Chairman 4; Smoking Comm. Co-chairman 3. HANNON, William J. 55 Lowell Jet. Rd. Winter track 2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3, 4;H.R. Rep2. HEMPSTEAD, David C. 8 Sagamore Dr. Basketball Manager 3; Amateur Ra- dio Club President 2. HANSON, Donna L. 32 Kathleen Drive. HARDCASTLE,Ann 4 Fulton Rd. Yearbook 4; Drama Club 2,3; Hot- line 2,3; AFS 4; International Club 4; WAHS4. HEMSWORTH, Laurie E. 5 Shepley St. Band 2,3; Prep Club 3. HARHEN, Cynthia A. 116 Abbot St. Drama Club 2,3,4; Ski Team 3; Ob- server 2,3; Outing Club 4; School Play 2,3,4. HERR,John R. 8 Oriole Dr. HERRON, Sally L. 45 Maple Avenue FTA 3; Outing Club 3,4; Yearbook 4. HILL, Erica L. 83 Lowell St. Band 2,3,4; International Club 3. HARTMAN, Diane M. 26 Mary Lou Lane Ski Team 2,3,4; Field Hockey 3; Pep Club 3,4; Homecoming Comm. 4; Prom Committee 3. HILLMANN, Steven E. 13 Strawberry Hill Rd. Soccer 2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4. HAYMAN, Deborah J. 75 Wild Ros Drive Basketball 2; Math League 2,4; Col- orguard 2,3; Co-head 4; Chorale 2; A Capella Choir 3. HODGE, William W. 134 Main St. Newcomers Club 2; Basketball 3; Outing Club 2. HOLMES, Penny L. HOPPER, Wayne HUGGINS, Patricia A. 46 Juniper Rd. HUGHES, MaryLou 13 Lockway Rd. Ski Team 4; Play 2. HURLEY, Sheila M. 88 N. Main St. HYSLIP, Donna J. 42 Farrwood Drive lANNAZZI, Elizabeth M. 45 Oriole Drive Pep Club 4; Homecoming Comm. 4. I ACOBO, Maria C. 25 Karlton Circle Basketball 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Inter- national Club Pres. 3; H.R. Rep. 3,4; Yearbook 3,4. JACOBSEN, Donna Lee 8 Marie Dr. Tennis 2,3,4; Homecoming Comm. 4; Prom Comm. 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook 3,4. JACQUES, Curtis A. 6 Gemini Circle Soccer 2; Basketball 2; Track 2; Prom Comm. 3. Soccer 2,3,4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Ten- nis 2,3; Co-capt. 4; Yearbook Sports Editor 4. JOHNSON Christine M. 38 En mo re St. A Capella Choir 2,3; Warriors 3,4; Yearbook 3,4; Homecoming 3,4; Student Council 2. JOHNSON, Kristin L. 8 Random Lane Graphic Arts 3,4. JOHNSON, Patricia A. 20 Chandler Rd. A Capella Choir 3,4; Math League 2, 3,4; Chorale 2; National Honor So- ciety 3,4. JOHNSON, Sue Ellen 25 Ballardvale Rd. Outing Club 2,4; Drama Club 4; Marine Science Club 3,4; Ski Club 2, 3,4. JOLLIFFE, Elizabeth V. 137 Lowell St. Warriors 3,4; Homecoming 3,4; Prom Comm. 3; Yearbook 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4. JOLLIFFE, Margaret A. 137 Lowell St. Prom Comm. 3; Homecoming 3,4; Warriors 3,4; Yearbook 3,4; Track 2, 4. JORDAN, Jefferson E. 39 County Rd. Soccer 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Student Council 4; Ski Team 2,3,4; Winter Track 3. JOYCE, Richard F. 3 Sandy Brook Circle JOYNSON, Robert G. 3CeliaSt. Basketball 2,3,4; Student Gui- Comm. 3,4; Newspaper 3; Outing Club 3. JUAREZ, John, 99 Elm St. Soccer 2,3. KALIL, Janet 56 Lupine Rd. KAVANAGH, Elizabeth M. 8 Washington Ave. )n Ave. Track 2,3,4 Cheerleading 2,3,4; Year- book 4; Ski Team 2,3; Prom Commit- tee 3. KEEFE, Mary E. 15 Robandy Rd. Cheerleader 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Educ. Involv. 3,4; Homecoming 3,4; Prom Comm. 3. KEELER, Terry L. 1 Hartigan Ct. KELLEHER, Ellen D. AFS 2,3, Pres. 4; Horsemanship Club 4; Photography Club 3,4; Swim Team 4. KELLER, Kenneth L. I Landau Lane Outing Club 2; Spanish Club 2; Spain Trip 3; Yearbook 4; Title III 4. KELLEY, Elaine M. 25 Main St. Gymnastics 2,3,4; Track 2,4. KENNEY, Joshua R. 72 Bellevue Rd. KENNEY, William R. II Sagamore Dr. Football 2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4; AFS 4; Wrestling 2,3; Yearbook 2,3,4. KILGO,John KING, Daniel E. 14 Downing St. KING, Martha A. 17 William St. Colorguard 2,3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Homecoming Comm. 4. KNIPE, Wayne KOCH, Daniel E. 71 Osgood St. Math Club 2,3,4; Ecology Club 2,4; Chess Club 2; Latin Club 2; Prep Club 3. KOFFMAN,CathiJ. 9 Punchard Ave. Choir 2,3; Gymnastics 2; Play 2; Band 2. KRIKORIAN,Hope E. 22 Gleason St. Pep Club 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Home- coming 3,4; Prom Comm. 3; Field Hockey 4. KRIKORIAN,JohnM. 67 Memorial Circle LABELL, Jeffrey M. 9 Chandler Rd. Yearbook Photography Editor 4; Photography 2,3, Pres. 4; Tennis 2,3, 4; Hockey 4. WAHS4. LAFOND, Daniel J. 8 Shepley St. Band 2,3,4; Play 2. LAFOUNTAIN, Jeffrey 3 Longwood Dr. Cross Country 2,4; Winter Track 2,4; Out Back 2,3,4. LAFRENIER, Audrey A. 8 Laurel Lane Yearbook 4; Prep Club 3. LANDER, Kirby 9 Heather Dr. Hotline 2; Spanish Club 2; Arts and Crafts Guild 3. LAROCHELLE,J.David 11 Stinson Rd. Humanities 2; Marine Biology 3; Outing Club 4. LAROSA, Robin I. 2 Heather Drive LARSON, Shannon M. 60 Central St. Pep Club 2,3; H.R. Rep. 2. LARSON, Wayne G. 125 Bailey Rd. LATORRE, Philip E. 17 Strawberry Hill Rd. A Capella Choir 2,3,4; Madrigals 4. LEBOWITZ, Pamela A. 122 ArgillaRd. Band 2,3,4; Prep Club 3; Stage Band 2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4. LEFEBVRE, Lisa D. 14 Memorial Circle LEGROS, Joseph J. 522 So. Main St. LENESJudy L. 3 Hackney Circle AFS 3,4; Colorguard 4; International Club 3; Dead Fly Society. LENES, Trudy L. 3 Hackney Circle Band 2,3,4; Softball 3; Dead Fly So- ciety 4. LEVINSON, Karyl F. 26 Birch Road Student Government H.R. Rep. 2; V.P. 3,4; Yearbook 4; J.V. Basketball 3; Choir 3,4; Photography Club 2,3. LEWIS, William D. 25 Linda Rd. LINDSEY, Laura L. 21 Bartlet St. Colorguard 2,3, Co-head 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Co-chairman 4. LIPPI, Karen A. 28 Salem St. AFS 3,4; Theater 2; International Club 3. L ' lTALIEN, Joseph S. 20 Elysian Drive Spring Track 3,4; Winter Track 4. LOEB, Ina E. 26 Strawberry Hill Rd. Orchestra 2; Guidance Aide 4. LOOK, Robert K. 14Kirkland Drive Hockey 2,3,4; Soccer 4; Photography Club 4. LOOSIGIAN, Lauren A. 386 High Plain Rd. Pep Club 2,3,4; Ski Club 2; Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4; Play 2. LUCY, Robert 1 Haven Drive LYNCH, CathleenM. 16 Cuba St. LYNCH, Danny V. 4 Prospect Rd. LYNCH, Leo P. 33 Memorial Circle MACGOWAN, Bradford R. 54 High Plain Rd. Band 2,3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4. MADENSKY, Ann M. 4 Dean Circle MAFFEI,Gary P. 11 Nutmeg Lane MAGOON, Bonnie L. 211 AndoverSt. Theater Workshop 2,3; Drama Club 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; International Club 3, Sec-treasurer 4. MALONEY, Nancy K. 23 Johnson Rd. MALOOF, David 48 Juniper Rd. MARCOUX, Nancy C. 4 Launching Rd. Cheerleader 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; International Club 3; Spanish Re- treat 3; Spanish Tutor 3. MARINO, Richard T. 19 Juniper Rd. Spring track; AFS; Outing Club 3,4; Prom Committee 3. MARKEY, Philip B. 48 Chestnut St. MARKHAM, Barbara A. 83 Gould Rd. MARTELLUCCI, Pamela M. 37 Boston Rd. MARTIN, William D. 7 West Parish Drive MARVIN, Kathleen 9 Partridge Hill Rd. Field Hockey 3,4; Softball 2,3; Bas- ketball 2,3,4. MAYARD,Jean R. 134 Main St. Soccer; Track; Outing Club; New- comers Club. MAYO,R. Mike 3 Whispering Pines Tennis Team. MCCABE, Kim 29 Highland St. Yearbook 4; Warriors 4 Homecom- ing Comm. 4; Prom Comm. 3. MCCALLION, Margaret L. 36 Maple Ave. MCCARTHY, Timothy E. 3 Regis Rd. MCDONALD, Janet M. 8 Chestnut St. Field Hockey 2,3,4; Softball 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Yearbook Rep. 3; Homecoming Comm. 4. MCDONALD, John 73 Park St. Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4. MCENEANEY, Cornelia 61 Salem St. FNA 2,3,4; Ski Team 2,3. MCHALE, Patricia 30 Wild Rose Drive Band 2,3,4; Ed. Involv. 3,4; Brass En- semble 2,3. MCINTYRE, Paul A. 1 Carisbrooke St. Football 2,3,4; Winter Track; Base- ball. MCKALLAGAT, Stephen F. 63 Salem St. Math Club; Exchange Student; AFS- Prom Comm. i MCLARNEY, Maryjo. 23KirklandDr. Basketball 2,3,4; Softball 2,3,4; H.R. Rep. 2; Ski Club 2,3. MCMANUS, Bonnie J. 15 Lowell St. A Capella Choir 3,4. MCNAMARA,JaneM. 6 Downing St. Cheerleader 2; Homecoming Comm. 3,4; H.R. Rep. 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Anti-smoking Comm. 3. MCNAMARA,Joan M. 6 Downing St. Cheerleading 4; Sec-Treas. 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Homecoming 3; H.R Rep. MCVEY, Paul D. 46 Lovejoy Rd. Band 2,3,4. MEYERS, Timothy J. 17 Rennie Drive. Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3; Wrestling 3,4. MILLER, Kimberley A. 19 Memorial Circle MILLS, Jessie A. 63 River St. MILSTONE, David M. 19 William St. Basketball; Intramural Hockey. MINGHELLA, NanciJ. 422 South Main St. Pep Club 3. MINISCALCO,Joan 20 McKenney Circle Ski club 2; Yearbook 4. MONTGOMERY, Kenneth R. 11 Carriage Hill Rd. MODDIE, Diane A. 65 Greenwood Rd. MOONEY,John 7 Washington AVe. MOORE, Brian W. 39 Rattlesnake Hill Rd. Hockey 3,4; Golf 3,4. MORIARTY, M.Jane 22 Cheever Circle Tennis 3,4; Prom Comm. 3; Home- coming 3,4; Yearbook 4; Pep Club 2, 3,4. MORRIS, Sharon M. 159 River Rd. Softball 2,3,4; Educ. Involv. 3; Out- ing Club 4; Yearbook 4. MORRISON, EliseC. 50 Salem St. A Capella Choir 3,4; APS 3; V.P. 4; Musical 2,3,4; H.R. Rep. 2,3,4; Policy Comm. Co-chairman. MORRISROE, Marie E. 37 Clark Rd. A Capella Choir 3,4; Chorale 2; Musical 2,4; Track 2,3. MOSELEY, Ann E. 14Standish Circle Band 2,3,4. MOULTON, Susan G. 28 Reservation Rd. Field Hockey 3 MOWER, James H. 138 Elm St. V.P. 2; President 3; Cross Country 2; Baseball 2,3,4. MUFSON, Neil 93 Wild Rose Drive Yearbook 3; Editor 4; Tennis 2,3,4; Photography Club 2, V.P. 3,4; H.R. Rep. 3; Ski Club 2. MURGIA, Robert D. 8 Canterbury St. NAPOLI, Shirley 14 Alderbrook Rd. NARDONE,GayleM. 89 Lowell St. Homecoming Comm. 4; Prom Queen ' s Attendant 3; Prom Com- mittee 3. NEGRON, Raymond 134 Main St. Spring Track 2; Drama Club 3; Ecol- ogy Club 4; ABC co-editor. NEISTADLJill E. 185 High Plain Rd. Prep Club 3; Yearbook 4. NICOLOSl, NinaE. 29 Marilyn Rd. Band 2,3,4. NOLAN, Joseph P. 110 Wildwood Rd. NOLLET, Judith A. 347 River Rd. Educ. Involv. 3; Title III 4. NORRIS, Thomas F. 7 Walnut Ave. OBERMEiER,Gary 7 Donald Circle Gymnastics. O ' BRIEN, Joanne 25 High St. Pep Club 2; AFS 2; Ski Club 2. O ' CONNELL, Jimmy G. 3 Howell Dr. O ' CONNELL, Philip 36 Lovejoy Rd. O ' CONNOR, Nancy J. 4 Twin Brooks Circle Basketball 2,3; Student Guidance Comm. 3,4; Latin Club 2; Ecology Club 4; Marine Science 4. O ' REILLY, Jane E. 7 Downing St. A Capella Choir 2,3,4; Madrigals 2,3, 4; Musical 2,3,4; H.R. Rep. 2,4; Poli- cy Comm. 4. ORLANDO, Edward F. 25 Launching Rd. Basketball 2; Ecology Club Pres. 4; Marine Science Club 3, Pres. 4. O ' ROURKE, Charles D. 61 Brookfield Rd. OTTES, Peter L. 287 North Main St. PARE, Richard P. 7 Burnham Rd. PARENT, GayleY. 6 Rattlesnake Hill Rd. PARIS, John J. 29 Wolcott Ave. Graphic Arts. PARK, Regina M. 140 Chandler Rd. Field Hockey 2,3,4; Softball 2; Track 3,4; Student Guidance Comm; 3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4. PAYNE, Kimberly A. 55 Juniper Rd. Softball 2,3; Pep Club 3; Ski Team 2. PECK, Jeffrey J. 10 Fairfax Dr. Soccer 2,3,4; Ski Team 2,3. PELC, Julie F. 8Carmel Rd. Outing Club 2; International Club 3; Band 2,3,4. PERRAULT, MonaJ. 3 Middle St. Yearbook 4; Yes Club; Pep Club. PETERSEN, Robert L. 18 Marylou Lane A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Golf 3,4; Yearbook 4; Yes Club 3,4. PETTY, Glen F. 10 Talbot Rd. PETTY, Vivian A. 56 Juniper Rd. PIERSON, Margeret E. 31 Bannister Rd. PORCARO, Donna J. 41 Farrwood Dr. PORTER, Steven S. 3 Ivanhoe Lane Football 2; Basketball 2. POWERS, Barbara A. 75 Lovejoy Rd. Ski teann 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4. PRATT David J. 1 Tobey Lane Cross Country 2,3,4; Winter and Spring Track 2,3,4. RAMSDELL, Carolyn L. 70 Holt Field Hockey 2,3,4; Track 2; Gymnastics 3,4. RANDALL, Kathleen M. 3 Hidden Rd. RATTE, MaryAnne 8 Crescent Drive REARDON,LianneL. 13 Ivy Lane Chorale 2; Spain Trip 3; Ed. Involv. 3, 4; Homecoming Comm. 4; Year- book 4. REDDINGTON, Christine L. 8 Elysian Dr. Cheerleader 2,4; Student Guidance Comm. 3,4; Educ. Involvement 3; Title III 4. REILLY, Peter F. 84 Dascomb Rd. Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Winter Track 3,4; Band 2,3,4. REMING, Kurt A. 101 Elm St. Football 3; Baseball 2,3,4. RENNY, KAREN E. 126 High St. Outing Club 4. RINDGE, John F. 89 Holt Rd. Band 2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Silvers- mith ' s Guild; Student Policy Comm. RINDONE, PaulM. 27 Rock Ridge Rd. Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4. ROBSON, Matthew J. 2 College Circle Ecology Club 2,3,4. ROCHWARG,John 18 Wildwood Rd. ROMANO, Cindy 4 Allen St. Softball 2,3,4; Volleyball 4. ROMANO, Susan L. 3 Candlewood Dr. National Honor Society 2,3,4; New- comers Club 4. ROSEN, Douglas H. 44 Cross St. ROSSITTO, NeilaA. 363 N. Main St. Silversmith ' s Guild V.P. 3; Home- coming Float 4. ROY, Carmel B. 57 North St. RUSSELL, Laura N. 14 High St, Ballardvale Outing Club 2,4; Homecoming Committee 4; Yearbook 4. RUSSO, Michael A. 7 Sherry Drive Football 2,3,4; Indoor Track 3; Bas- ketball 2; Spring Track 3,4; Botany Club 3. SABA, Kevin S. 144 Lovejoy Rd. Student Guidance Comm. 3,4; Year- book 3; Ski Team 3,4; Ski Club 2; Prom Comm. 3. SALOIS, Audrey J. 214 N. Main St. Yearbook 4. SANBORN, Rena E. 56 Jenkins Rd. Chorus 2; Majorettes 2,3; AFS 4; Yearbook 4; Title 111 4. SANCHEZ, Virgil W. 28 Burton Farm Dr. Ski Team 4; Swim team 3,4, SAUNDERS, Diane C. 34 Dufton Rd. Pep Club 2,3,4; Homecoming 4; Chorale 2,3; Student Guidance 4. SAVINELLI, Linda A. 5 Walnut Ave. Ski Team 2,3,4; Softball 3,4. SCHADLICK, William J. 78 High St. Newspaper 3. SCHOFIELD, Linda D. 138 Lowell St. Band 2,3,4. SCHOFIELD, Lora M. 138 Lowell St. Band 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Dead Fly Society 4. SHACK, Karen J. 12 Oriole Dr. H.R. Rep. 2,3; Ecology Club 3; Hu- manitie Club; AFS; Yearbook 4. SHAW, John W. 14 Strawberry Hill Rd. Hockey 2,3. SHEEHAN, Nancy E. 4 Crestwood Dr. Theatre 2,3; AFS 3,4; International Club 3; National Honor Society 3,4. SHEPHERD, Daniel D. 474 Oakwood Columbus, Ohio Outing Club 2; Newcomers Club 2, 3,4; Track 3; Yearbook 2. SHERMAN, Scott M. 23Smithshire Estates Photography Club 2,3,4; Hotline 2,3 Sec. 3 Newcomers Club 2,3; Rocke- try Club 2. SHERRERD, Alan H. 15 Ballardvale Rd. Football 3,4; Winter and Spring Track 2,3,4. SIDERWITCH, Kent A. 6 Landau Lane SILVERMAN, Nicki A. 56 Duftan Rd. Yearbook 4; H.R. Rep. 2. SIMON, MargoL. 4 Lillian Terra Yearbook 4; Ecology Club 2,3; Homecoming Float 4; Red Cross Rep. 3,4; Cross Country 3,4. SIMPSON, Beverly A. 11 Amherst Rd. SIROIS, David P. 51 Juliette St. Gymnastics 2,3; Capt. 4; Outing Club 3; Student Guidance Comm. SHELLCHOCK, Steve C. SMITH, Mike H. 73 High St. SMYTHE, Victoria A. Horsemanship Club 2; Outing Club 2,3, Pres. 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Softball 2,3,4; Volleyball 4. SOCHA, Paula F. 5 Suncrest Rd. Outing Club 2,3,4. SOMMA,MicheleA. 41 Juniper Rd. Hotline 4. SOUZA, David SQUIBB, Carolyn J. 69 Harold Parker Rd. Majorettes 2,3; Yes Club 3; AFS 4; Yearbook 4; Prom Comm. and Queen ' s Court 3. ST. AMAND, Randall D. 11 Oak St. Football 2. ST. GERMAIN, Brenda J. 210 River Rd. Band 2,3,4; Math CI. 4; Swim 4. ST. GERMAIN Roch R. 85 Chandler Rd. Band 2,3,4; Musical 2; Assistant Art Editor Yearbook 4. ST. LOUIS, Richard D. 33 Chandler Rd. Cross Country 3,4, Co-capt. 4; Win- ter Track 2,3, Co-capt. 4; Spring Track 2,3, Co-capt. 4; Yearbook 4; Varsity Club 4. STAMAS, Theodore J. 5 Virginia Rd. Football 2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3, Co- capt. 4; Winter Track 3,4. STARKS, Waneta M. 24 Corbett St. STEIN, Tobie S. A Capella Choir 2,3,4; Play 2,3,4; In- ternship 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Year- book Business Editor 4. STEWART, Leslie A. 92 Greenwood Rd. STRAUSS, Myrna L. 5 Tessier Dr. Track 2,3; Colorguard 3; Educ. In- volvement 3. STUPACK, Robin A. 18 Nutmeg Lane Field Hockey 2,3,4; AHS Swim Club 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Homecoming 4; Yearbook 4. SULLIVAN, Cynthia T. 14Robandy Rd. Field Hockey 2,3,4; Prom Comm. 3; Basketball 2; Homecoming 3,4. SULLIVAN, Debbie A. 35 Wildwood Rd. Photography Club 3; Drama Club; AV 2; SULLIVAN, Mary Lou 261 High Plain Rd. SULLIVAN, Nancy P. 4 Rolling Ridge Rd. Gymnastics 2,3; Track 2,3,4; Sec. Treas. 2; H.R. Rep. 3,4; Yearbook 4. SULLIVAN, Nell SUMNER, Patricia A. 30 County Rd. SUNDSTROM, Paula 7 Crescent Dr. Spring Track 2,3,4. SYIEK, David A. 6 Fulton Rd. TAFT, Philips. 26 Argilla Rd. A Capella Choir; Outing Club. TALLINI, David J. 19MarlandSt. Football 2,3,4; Track 2. TANNER, John V. 10 Charlotte Dr. Hockey 2,3,4. TASSINARI, Russell W. 49 Enmore St. Football 2,3,4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Track 2; FCA. TAYLOR, Leonard E. 15 Charlotte Dr. Hockey 2,3. TAYMOR, Sharyn L. 15 West Parish Dr. Band 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Musical 2,3, 4; Stage Band 2,3,4. TETREAULT, Mary E. Prospect Rd. THERRIEN, Patricia M. 39 Sparkle Drive THOMPKINS, Kyle J. 14 Burton Farm Dr. International Club 2,3; Yearbook 4; Homecoming Comm. 4. THIBODEAU, Joyc e C. 2 Matthews St. Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Varisty Soft- ball 2,3,4; Intramurals 4; H.R. Rep. 4. TOSCANO, James M. 455 Lowell St. TOWNE, Susan L. 59 Maple Ave. TRAVIS, Mark L. 62 Elm St. Yearbook 4; Basketball 2; Prep Club 3,4. TRUJILLO, LiliamG. 37 A High St. International Club 2,3; School paper staff 3; Pep Club 3; Prom Comm. 3; Outing Club 4. TURESKY, Scott D. 18 William St. TYNING, Nancy I. 221 Beacon St. Yearbook 4. VARNEY, Fenton W. 257 No. Main St. WALKUP, Sharon A. 51 Dufton Rd. Yearbook 4; Outing Club 4; Tennis International 3. UNDERWOOD, Christopher 459 Lowell St. Soccer 2,3,4. WALSH, NancieE. 37 Pasho St. Warriors 4; Prom Comm. 3. WEST, Carl F. 27 Lovejoy Rd. Computer Progr. 2,3,4; Outing Club 2,4. WHITTON,Judy E. 49-11 Lupine Rd. Majorette 2; Co-Head 3; Head 4. WILDE, Ellen E. 3 Chandler Circle Swim Club 3; Musical 2,3; Yearbook 4. WILE, Janice L. 201 Highland Rd. WILKINS, Stephen J. 3 William St. Craft ' s Guild 3,4. VONDELL, Dirk D. 51 Maple Ave. Winter Track 2,4. WILLIAMS, Michael A. 178 High St. Outing Club 2. WILLIAMS, Joyce C. 127 Lovejoy Rd. International Club 3; Pol. Comm. 4; Student Council 4. WILLIAMS, Nathaniel 134 Main St. Band 2; Basketball 2; Ecology Club 4; Spanish Club 4. book 4; Prom Comm. 3; Field Hock- ey Mang. 3. YOUNG, David E. 36 Bellevue Rd. YOUNG, Diane M. 129 River Rd. YOUNG, Jennifer E. 9 Abbot St. Chorale 4; A Cappella 4; Nat. Honor Soc. 4. YOUNG, Leonard 18 Summer St. YOUNG, Mark D. 13 Bellevue Rd. Football 2,3; Track 3,4. YOUNG, Merle 36 Bellevue Rd. A Cappella Choir 4. YOUNG, Nancy J. 129 River Rd.o YOUNG, Robert E. 12 Rolling Ridge Rd. Spring Track 3; Ski Team 2,3,4; Stu- dent Rep. 2,3; Outing Club 2,3,4. WEST AWAY, Deborah J. 326 River Rd. Band 1,2,3,4; Nat. Honor Soc. 3,4. WETTERBERG,WendiL. 85 Lowell St. Band 2,3,4; Prep Club 3; H.R. Rep. 4; Tutoring 3; Yearbook 4. WILLWERTH, Jim 416 High Plain Rd. WINTERS, Jeffrey J. 42EnmoreSt. Football 2,3; capt. 4; Basketball 3,4; Track 2. winters ' Sean Boston Rd. ZAPPALA, Jonathan C. 58 Lovejoy Rd. Football 2,3,4. ZEMIS, John Jr. A. 155 Elm St. BRENNAN, Linda A. 21 Sutherland St. Spanish Club 2; AFS 2; Spain Trip 3; Chorale 2; Title III 4. WHITE, DeniseM. 28 Karlto Circle Theatre Workshop 2,3; International Club 3; Prom Comm. 3; Nat. Honor Soc. 3,4. WHITNEY, Carolee A. 6 Partridge Hill Rd. Musical 2,4; Yearbook 4; Homecom- ing 4. WOJTKUN, Joseph M. 19 Moraine St. Soccer 2,3,4; Capt. 4; Track 3,4; Co- Capt. 4; Gymnastics 2; Yearbook 4. WRIGHT, Diane H. 13 Carisbrooke St. A Cappella 3,4; Y.E.S. Club 3,4; Stu- dent Gov. 2. WHITTON, Dennis A. 31 Dufton Rd. Prep Club 3. YEITER, Donna M. 180 Holt R Ski Team 2; Prep Club 2,3,4; Year- William A. Doherty — Class of ' 25 James D. Doherty — Class of ' 35 Joseph B. Doherty — Class of ' 27 John P. S. Doherty — Class of ' 17 Francis J. McBride — Class of ' 62 William J. Doherty — Class of ' 65 Joseph B. Doherty Jr. — Class of ' 68 James D. Doherty Jr. — Class of ' 76 Christopher S. Doherty — Class of ' 70 Jane M. 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Days 475-2321 NIGHTS 475-3953 WALKUP ' S GARAGE Foreign and Domestic Car Repairs 17 RAILROAD STREET ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS GMXimunity Savings ' 450 Essex Street And 305 South Broadway Lawrence, Mass. Silver Sweet Candies 522-526 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. Manufacturers of Dietetic Candies, Hand Dipped Choclates SULLIVAN ' S FURNITURE 218-226 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. 01840 Serving Andover for 88 years BEST W I S H E S Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 From RUSSEM ' S In town Lawrence The Methuen Mall 184 NewEngla niodem oadly newspaper. L nce Ea leTHbune The cdtrful one. " AL " MAGOON ' S SPORTING GOODS Hockey — Tennis Baseball Sportswear: Ship and Shore Billy the Kid Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 DOYLE LUMBER CO., INC. 63 Chandler Road Andover, Mass. 01810 Best of Luck to the Class of 1975 WILMINGTON FORD SALES 275 Main Street Wilmington, Mass. From, GEORGE ' S MARKET 58 Parker St. Lawrence, Mass. Y)ur friendly, ne borhood hamburger. 5- ■1 MACARTNEY ' S Andover 187 CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1975 LAWRENCE COOPERATIVE BANK 300 Essex St. Lawrence 4 Main St. Andover BEST WISHES to the Class of 1975 THE ANDOVER GIFT HOUSE 11 MAIN ST. Tel. 475-1822 BEST WISHES to the Class of ' 75 LA ROCHELLE FORD TRACTOR Main Street North Reading, Mass FORD 188 Congratulations Best Wishes to the Class of 75 BOLTON EMERSON Lawrence, Mass. Up ahead through technology The Stores Where You Get " More For Your Dollar Best Wishes And Good Luck To The Class of 75 GRECOE-JEWELERS THOMPSON ' S Best Wishes To The Class of 1975 LAWRENCE FURNITURE CO. 540-546 Essex Street Lawrence, Massachusetts Quality Homefurnishers Since 1912 Sumner Berenson, Pres. Official School Jewelry Certified Repair Service Every Pattern of Sterling Silver Made in America Available Here 26 Park St. 475-0830 192 A pollution-free, resource-conserving answer to the Earth ' s energy problems by the year 2000? Raytheon, together with three other companies, is currently at work on one solution that would use an inexhaustible energy source — the sun. With satellite power stations, the sun could literally become an electrical powerhouse for the Earth. Such stations, more than 22,000 miles in space, would gather solar energy, convert it first to electricity and then to microwave energy for transmission to Earth. Satellite solar power — not just a designer ' s dream. It may well be a reality by your 25th reunion. RAYTHEON Congratulations to Andover High Sctiool class of 1975. 194 ■I YOUR BANKING CAMPUS mEimimRCN uruev iiinH The Bank With The Big Blue M Best Wishes from . . . PACKET RESEARCH CORP. 19 Lupine Rd. Andover, Mass. SHERATON ROLLING GREEN MOTOR INN 4I Jct.of93 Rte.133 Andover function facilities up to 750 people call 475-5400 YO u R tni}epen(Knt Insurance g ' geht j Best Wishes THE HOWE AGENCY — Realtors — Complete Insurance Service 52 Main Street 475-5100 It REALTOR ® CHANNEL BUILDING CO., INC. Engineers Constructors Musgrove Building Elm Square Andover, Mass. 4 42 PARK ST Daft COMPlEfE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS TEL. 475-9660 195 Best Success To The Class Of 75. We depend on you for the future. WATTS REGULATOR CO. FLOWER okoppe 32 Chestnut St. Tel: at Bartlet, Andover 475-6860 THE FURNITURE BARN INC. FEATURING Etbat Allen AMERICAN TRADITIONAL INTERIORS Open Monday, thru Friday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. WILSON ' S CORNER Jet. Routes 114 125 NORTH ANDOVER 685-3546 196 Patcons Breeeeeeeeens " Bon " and the Gang Stash, Laughing Allegra, Hardcrinkle Little Greek, Miss Williams, Natasha " Norm " Muffy and the Kid Naked Ape a friend Anonymous The Photography Club Ralph Couture Donna Porcaro Diane Saunders James Caruso )ohn McCusker Frederick Jaffe— Sports Editor Ken and Linda Philip and Helen Wormwood Mrs. Connolly Charles Zettelmeyer Mr. Richardson Mr. Mrs. Richard E. Page Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tisbert Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Edward Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haefling Mr. and Mrs. James Leonard Mr. and Mrs. James T. Stamas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young Mr. and Mrs. Gorden McAdams Dr. and Mrs. Herman Rochwarg Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Whitney Blair and Phil Winters Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morchese Mr. and Mrs. William Banton Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. A. Pallone Mrs. Jeanne Davis Porter Mr. and Mrs. John Young Mary Lynn and Jim Fortune Mr. and Mrs. Walter Socha Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. O ' Hara Mr. and Mrs. David R. Peterie Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Tatem Richard Marino Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns Mr. and Mrs. Burton Shaker Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Morchardt Mr. and Mrs. Merrill W. Greenlee Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. George Sherrerd Mr. and Mrs. Francis Witt Mr. and Mrs. B. Pasquale Mrs. Greenjeans and Clutch S. R. Turcotte Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Stein Mr. and Mrs. John Fames and Katherine Mr. and Mrs. Robert Levinson Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Perry, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Francais P. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. James White Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Hawkes Mr. and Mrs. William Becker, Lori and Bil Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fenton Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mufson Mr. and Mrs. Saul Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. Robert MacMackin Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn N. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Look Mr. and Mrs. Robichaud Miss Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Murray Mr. Steven Gesing Virginia L. Tribou Mr. and Mrs. William T. Downs Mr. and Mrs. John D. Terry Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mower Mr. and Mrs. Armand Franzese Mr. and Mrs. Virgel Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grigoli Mr. and Mrs. Hal O ' Connor Mrs. Helen Ringe Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mascott Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Neistadt Mr. and Mrs. Richard White Mr. and Mrs. Donald Richmond Mr. and Mrs. V. Donald Jacobsen Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Hecken Mr. and Mrs. A. Zeder The Byrne Boys — Chad and Mike Beth Ann Byrne Mr. and Mrs. LaFleur Mr. and Mrs. Danforth Mr. and Mrs. O ' Dowd Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Lapoint Gary, Fish, Deb, and Andy Mr. and Mrs. Christopolis Mr. and Mrs. Detroia Mrs. Byron Cleveland, Sr. Mr. Lee Mr. Bourdelais Mr. Tozier Miss Samra Mr. and Mrs. Joel Labell A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Mangella Mr. and Mrs. Stedman Mr. and Mrs. Lyons Hey Lady! SOB! Roger J. Thurber Richelieu Club, Lawrence, Mass. 197 Editor-in-Chief — Nell Mufson Business Editor — Toble Stein Art Editor — Nickl Silverman Senior Section Editors — Donna Lee Jacobsen, Can- dy Forrest, Margit Hecken Photography Editors — Jeff Labell, Barbara Cleve- land Activities Editor — Paula Hopkins Literary Editor — Carolee Whitney Sports Editors — Rick Jaffe, Nancy Colombosian Underclassmen Editors — Alyssa Levinson, Jody Hockswender Adviser — Sarah O ' Brien Staff - Jeff Berenson, Paula Donovan, Cyd Driscoll, Patty Eckfeldt, Rick Erier, Kit Farrlngton, Janet Flewellln, Kathy Greenlee, Beth Kavanaugh, Audrey LaFrenler, Karyl Levinson, Carrie Meir, Mona Perrault, Bob Peterson, Audrey Salois, Margo Simon, Roch St. Germain, Nancy Sullivan, Mark Travis, Ellen Wilde, Joe Wojtkun. Creative Contributors — Alan Dworkin, Ginny Hadam, Cindy Harhen, Maria lacobo, Nina NIcolosi, Roch St. Germain, Robin Stu- pack, Sharyn Taymor. 198 The first meetings of the 1975 Yearbook Staff were cha- otic as I suppose most yearbook beginnings are. A grand turnout of people flocked around the cafeteria tables, examining and commenting on each candid that was piled there. In the background, our dear editor was trying his best to get everyone together so that decisions could be made and work might be started. Decisions — that was the hard part. Everyone wanted this yearbook to be different from all previous ones, so some of the suggestions that came up were quite amusing. I remember one meeting that was centered around the suggestion of cutting the se- nior pictures into oval shapes. No one particularly liked this idea, so it was decided that we would just round the corners of the pictures. However, as the reader will notice, the senior pictures have managed to maintai n their tradi- tional rectangular shapes — the result of much ruthless arguing. After the first few meetings, this " grand turnout " dwin- dled to a mere dozen or so people who managed to at- tend. However, this was a workable number, and now something might be accomplished. The trouble was, some of the staff had a hard time learning to lay out pages. Neil declares that it took R.J. nine times to lay out a 3R Copy Sheet correctly. And R.J. replied nine times, " Whaddya mean I did it wrong? I ' m not doing it over! " The first deadline was approaching much too quickly. It was Monday, and the staff was already dreading Friday, when Mr. Weir (the Yearbook Guy) would enter the school and demand forty completed pages in a large manilla en- velope. As it was, we only had half of them completed. Neil was running around, wringing his hands and saying, " What am I going to give Mr. Weir? " P.H. was moaning, " If Jeff would only take those pictures " But Miss O ' Brien came in with her familiar cry, " I have to get these tests corrected! " One of the biggest problems that presented itself in the first deadline was the fact that the color pictures arrived in black and white, instead of color. It was Friday, and finally in the 2:00 p.m. mail the color pictures showed up. Miss O ' Brien literally layed out the page as Mr. Weir was walk- ing down the stairs. After the first deadline, things settled into a normal pace. However, Neil still brought asprin to every meeting, and P.H. and D.L.J, made their nightly appearances through the cafeteria windows. Everyone was usually recognized by their own particular sayings, which quite often got to be monotonous. For exampe: N.S.: Don ' t jiggle the table T.S.: About the Pepsi ad, I ' m going next week J.L.: You ' ll never guess what happened to those pictures C.W.: What do you think of this poem ? C. F.: You forgot to count the spaces ! K.L.: Can you think of a caption for this ? M.H.: I have to work D. L.J.: He didn ' t get his picture taken yet ! The meetings were generally relaxed. I recall one night when someone was hungry — so we made a trip to Friend- ly ' s and brought back a half-gallon of butter crunch ice cream. Most of us agreed that working was more pleasant when we could dip our spoons into the box of ice cream every two minutes. At the time of the writing of this article, however, there was one day left to complete the last twenty pages of the yearbook. It was at times like these that the usual Monday and Wednesday night meetings were extended to include Tuesday and Thursday night meetings, and several " all af- ternoon " affairs. There was always the threat of " We won ' t get the yearbooks until July if we don ' t make the deadline . " But we ' ve tried. And I ' m sure that if you were to ask any one of us, we would all tell you that it was worth it. I mean, we ' re really going to miss those incredible yearbook meetings! P.S. Good luck to you guys next year!

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