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W4 Dedication A teacher earns students ' respect in a variety of ways — by showing a student the correct way without belittling him, by using humor as a tool of learning, by being friendly yet firm, and especially by conveying enthusi- asm in and out of the classroom. These qualities are immediately evident in the choice made by the class of 1974 — Mr. Pat Cambria. Mr. Cambria has enriched our three years tremen- dously. His own experiences, which he has shared with many of us, have been both colorful and instructive. We are grateful to have known him at Andover High and proud to dedicate this year ' s yearbook to him. CTION In this yearbook we have molded pictures and words into a meaning- ful statement of our class. The staff has reached out to all corners of the student body, trying to capture the feelings of individuals. Our life for three years has been more than an 8:00 to 2:00 existence. There have been outside trips, weekend parties, plays, and activities which have made these years worth remember- ing. There has also been the inescap- able effect of the outside world on our day to day lives. The way we re- act to our surrounding society is the essence of what makes this yearbook unique. The Editor Ladies and gentlemen: your official town of Andover tour bus will be arriving in a few minutes. Please have tickets or money ready, and watch your step. Good afternoon ladies and gentle- men I ' m your tour guide Miss Rob- inson and I ' ll be with you for your trip around Andover. On your right you will now get a most impressive view of Rickey ' s Variety Store. Rick- ey ' s is a major gathering place for people interested in social interac- tion, and contributes many beer cans to our ecological crisis. Contin- uing down Shawsheen Road we come to the Andover High School, that magnificent center of learning and wisdom. If you ' ll look out the window on your left you ' ll get a quick glance of the Town of Andover Sanitary Land Fill. For a time, students at Andover High School braved the wilds of this infamous trash heap and ended up with sore backs, dirty feet and a cleaner environment. We ' re now moving up the main street of town featuring Memorial Hall Library, a Gulf Station, and Phil- lip ' s Academy. Ahead of us is the station where you started this tour. Thank you for your attention, and have a pleasant day. Please watch your step as you leave the bus. P decisions. Outside winter grey snow melting into grfeen ' rass spring America slumps in an easy chair mesmerized by TV reality — an artificially colored 20x15 screen. life flickers on in successive images: machine gun shots rutted mud roads flooded rice fields wounded on aluminum stretchers with white bandanas — silk screened in blood camouflage green the only bush left airplane thunder petrifies Asian children America hears their screams 10,000 miles away in his cozy chair eating Hood ' s ice cream a multimillion dollar satellite twinkling above; this amazing box captures his attention with gory reality and has the added attraction of an on-off switch, the world ' s a stage and we ' re all players: Indochina dies on hijackers fly on Nicaragua quakes on forests burn on mideast cries on Europe bickers on Russia zooms on U.S. declines on Watergate bugs on life drags on spring grows on and he watches on. Do the freed POW ' s see this U.S. or: the teary smiles of their families the token bracelets fans have on the red carpet salute of the military? brainwashing there — here — everywhere propaganda absorbancy level 90% and rising h Nixonomics — phase one, two, three strikes you ' re out meat boycotters parade by in the April mud , fat cattle moo for cheaper grazing fields 3 ' " ' blown up TV coverage ignores starving milfions yi ice cream rose ten cents last week yet America eats on a " Watergate on the brain — Nixon Chinese torture ioA information drop by drop — incrimination stop soon stop watching patterns flow, the ice cream in his bowl turning to cold sou — iliLAmerica keeps stirring circles then tired throws it on the floor FUNDS AGAINST DISCRIMINATION VETOED BUDGET TIGHT MILITARY AIRFIELDS CLOSE ALCOHOL LATEST TEENAGE DRUG GLORIA STEINEM — JOAN OF ARC SPACE LAB MISSION FIGHT AGE 18 TO DRINK AND VOTE BURNING BRA AND PETTICOAT WOUNDED KNEE CONTINUES TO BLEED VIRAL CANCER BREAKTHROUGH SEEN ALI AND ERASER CONGRESS AND NADER BUY FROST FREE REFRIGERATOR GAY LIB JOINED IN MATRIMONY WHO WOULD PAY THE ALIMONY STAY TUNED NOW AS NBC PRESENTS THE AMERICAN FAMILY sitting in his little world escaping to the box his life appears in syncopated flashes everyone part of American family — tragedy Ir jf 0%, a camera in every toothbrush a mike in every shower the situation comedy unfolding behind closed eyes dreamlike spring unreal to the involved audience America haunted with his nightmares the dirty snow has become dirty water and the grass is rich with the grease of America ' s life. PENTAGON PAPER ELLSBERG FREED SYSTEM MODERN COFFEE NO CAFFEINE STATES... 1. LIBBY SEIFEL 10 LYSISTKm AMEII.ICRr 7 DREAM 13 s p R I N G S P 0 R T S 7 3 mm Boy ' s Track Girl ' s Softball when the skies are stored in the cellar and the hockey skates are hung on their hooks, our thoughts naturally turn to spring sports. The track shoes, baseball bats, tennis rackets and soft- ball gloves appear with the change in temperature. Over the newly appeared grass run the muddy feet of the spring athletes valiantly attempting to surpass their skills and speed of the pre- vious year. The tennis courts are filled, the pitchers are warm- ing up, and the stop watches are clicking. The competition is keen, the work is hard, but the rewards are great. In Appreciation: Benjamin Dimlich Assistant Principal, " Benjie " , as he is affectionately known by the faculty, has been in charge of scheduling 1500 students. In the era of mini-courses, one term and one semester courses, multi-lev- eling, and all the rest, this is no easy task. Yet Mr. Dimlich has mastered this maze with tremendous patience and skill. Mr. Dimlich is retiring this year and will be sorely missed by students and faculty alike. Teachers will especially miss his subtle humor and generous assistance. The class of 1974 wish- es him well in the years ahead. 24 Mr. Perry Aim high! Mr. Louis Annese " The only thing we have to fear is educational freedom. " Mr. John Boyle " I ' m not breathing down your neck. " Mr. James Brennan " If you would be unloved and forgotten, be reasonable. " " Pre- tend to be good always and even God will befooled. " — Eliot Rosewater " Depend not on institu- tions for what you need to know . . . true learning is self-taught. " Harold Taylor Columbia U. 1%8 Mr. Richard Evans " The writer ' s voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help him endure and prevail. " Faulkner Mrs. Peggy Fenton " Life is what Vou make it. " Mrs. Hattie Hannigen " Happiness is the lot of he who works for the happiness of others. " Chinese Proverb - Mrs. bandy Hawkes " Thus grew the tale of wonderland: thus slowly, one by one, its quaint events were hammered out — " Am OUVENiR • santor n; • Miss Louise Hayes VHsk. " In this short life that only " lasts an hour, how much, how little is within our power! " Mr. SylvioTurcotte " To sin by silence, when they should protest makes cowards of men. " Abraham Lincoln Mrs. Nancy McLaughlin " Non illegitimi carborundum est IP Mrs. ( J m Mrs. Carol Movahed " More words mean less hold onto the center. " Lao-Tsu Mrs. Mary Anne Johnson " And what I assume you shall assume, for every atom belong- ng to me as good belongs to you. " Walt Whitman Mr. Philip Nelson To respect yourself and your fellow man you first must have a respect for life. Mr. John Curtin Bert Reynolds eat your heart out. Mr. Forrest Morton " The future is some- thing which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever one does, whatever one is. " — C. S. Lewis Mr. Hartley Peakes I use quotations to justify or condemn actions taken by others. One of my pre- sent favorites is a quote from John C. Calhoun. " the very essence of a free government consists in considering offices as public trusts, bestowed for the benefit of an individual or a party. " Mr. John McCusker Dynamite! Mr. Walshe To be young, pure of mind; To grow with patterned thought put out by society at large To think, to do, to act: not hypocracy, not imprinting, not mere symbolism. To assist, to resolve, to know human beings To contribute, to alter patterned thought, to wane To retire, pass on, live free, be satisfied Your generation has gone through one of a multitude of changes as centuries move on. To know is is be able Mr. Prince Sa vie est breve Un peu d ' espoire Un peu de Reve Et puis, Bonsoir Miss Guess " Life for Life " Mrs. Goclowski La vida es, sueno y Ids suenos suenos san (Calderon dela Barca) Miss Mayland A pause that Refreshes Mr. Desjardins Bon Appetit Mrs. Bennani " To Thine own self be true " Mr. Byrne Health Ind. Arts ■no ' 01 sr.?. (U — cn OJ 01 5? Miss Westcott " Were you sick when you came to school this morning? ' Mr. Lawson " A teacher affects eternity — he can never tell where his influence stops. Business ■ — Miss Samra " If you don ' t get it in, ya ' d better leave town. " Mrs. O ' Dowd " Doubts are more cruel than the worst of truths. " Mr. Richardson " Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. " Mr. Dengler " To support your aca- demic efforts through unity of reason and expe- rience is my bag. " Mrs. Ryden A day without the zoom lens is like a day without sunshine. " Mr. Zettlemeyer Knowledge is of two kinds! We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it. " Mr. Tozier The happiness of your life depends on the character of your thoughts. Mrs. Shaw ALWAYS do your best. Make a total committment with utmost effort in all you at- tempt — attempt all you dare — and dare to become in- volved it makes your soul happy. Mrs. Lawson Let us not look backward in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness. Mr. Lee Mr. Swift We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. Miss Tribou Hang on baby, Friday ' s coming!! Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing I our grief. i A A smile for every friend, A friend for every smile. 47 Krista Abels Joyce E. Abugov James M. Adatns Howard Alberque If you smile at me I will un- Jim, Sam Al derstand — that ' s something everybody does in the same language . . z ' Debra L. Anderson Debi, I.D. Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together. Richard T. Anderson 52 Wasn ' t too long ago we were sitting Indian fashion in front of our kindergarten teacher listening to PETER RABBIT. Funny how one seems to grow out of such silly stories, along with afternoon naps and morning milk and crackers. But then, sometimes I wonder if we ' ve really gotten so sophisticated. There ' s one type of story everyone loves to hear and that ' s the story of his past. All of a sudden a real life series of events begins with " Once upon a time " Russell J. Arsenault David Joseph Ashton Human Dog, Dave ' The best beer drinker in town. Alison Atwood ' Give respect when you get respect. " Joseph A. Auchterlonie Joe Uncc um d imc Once upon a time there lived a group of people in a little town north of Horseshoe Harbor. This town was filled with hills that went over and over and over so many times that one day the AND caught up with the OVER, and it became " ANDOVER. " These people were very lonely and decided to open up their town for people from the Outside. They feared a mean red dragon, though, and made sure their town was pro- tected by setting up Rules. They used Rules to make people follow their standards so that the town might be run right. There was, however, a bigger rule maker who was in charge of the outside, and sometimes his voice would be heard in a box. He was called the General. It was in this year that many children were born; these being the ones I am here to tell you about. Julie Beaulieu Jewels Sandra L. Bedard Sandie Nancy A. Bennett Elizabeth Bernard Betty The Outside was having a chess board war. The black checks felt equal to the white checks, but in History the white always won. This year a big black check, King, was News. He never came Inside, though. In Andover the babies grew and no-one was touched by what was going on Outside. Soon the babies became CHILDREN, and they walked, talked and watched Space Age throw a big ball into the sky. Outside the US grew two more States and a new Ruler came over the box. He was handsome and spoke to the people ' s Hearts, and the children loved this Alphabet Man — AJ BP CK. Soon on the box, Man flew into the sky to play with the big ball. Their parents and teachers said this was important, but the children were learning to read, and their books seemed much closer than this man above the Earth. Girls chase the boys? Seth Beroz Susan M. Berube Karen Billings Muff " Cool your jets! ' Michelle Bitler 54 Sharon Boucher All I ever need is vou. Dave Bovenzi Maria Bowen Mark Andre Bozen Boze With learning to write came the worst battle so far in the chess war. AJ BF CK wrote up fairer Rules and he made friends with the Other Outside, so that a Nuclear Sea Serpent might not eat anymore children. King marched to see him, and Andover watched the Outside flick by on the box. Autumn came, and the children began to learn the multiplication facts. Very soon they learned one of life. Parents cried, too. They were told the Alphabet Man would not be on the box anymore Instead the J went after with C — AL BB CJ — like this Texan had come AFTER their Alphabet Man. Many more Rules were made by the Texan, and new bureaus created Great Society. A red-yellow-white-black war was starting, and there was much Fear. The Texan sent Men from the Outside, and some from the Inside away. The children stopped playing boys chase the girls. Now everyone " giggled " at the mention of the opposite " sex. " Outside, everyone was fighting, even the doves clawed the hawks. Kathleen Brennan Kathy Chris Bresnahan Brez I ' d rather be here than in Philadelphia. Phillip Brilliant Barry Bronson Brons 55 Often they were flown into caves along with leftover black checks. They then cooed at the moon together. The children on the inside watched the moon, too. They searched for a piece of Space Age dust which they knew was going to prove the moon was not made of cheese. Very suddenly the children were in their last year of Grade School, and they became the big brothers to all the youngers. That year King and AR BF CK were shot. It was their job to comfort the youngers who knew something important had been lost, though they didn ' t understand what. Greg K. Brown Lori Buchan Kevin J. Burke Digby, Burkie i i I Craig Burns Rat 2+2=4 Cynthia Burns Cindi Robert Burrow Bubba, Bob Ellen Buzzett Today is only yesterday ' s tomorrow. r Linda Maria Cairns 56 Junior High came and with it Sophistication. No more fairy tales allowed. Who was here to listen to baby nonsense? Adulthood — trying to keep up with the protest movement and the Ruler election was " In. " The Inside was part of the Out- side now that Inside brothers were fighting 10,000 miles away. Morato- riums were held on the park green, and protest flags were used for armbands. The dress code had been relaxed, but not for " disrespect- fulness " the school loudspeaker blared. In California birds were covered with oil slick, and the town dump became more than a place to leave trash — High school students collected newspapers there. Now they could smoke on school grounds. Hot Line started, and Andover finally recognized its drug problem. Graduation from ninth grade came and left, all the false prestige freshman had had, gone in the face of a new world — High School. But now it ' s time for them to tell their own tale. They are of that age, now, where the story must be more than allegorical paragraphs. It must capture the flavor of life in the tiny society which held them from 8:00 ' til at least 2:00 everyday for three years. Alan Cameron Kodak Instamatic Dianne Calandrello Kevin Campbell Glenn Cameron Cantwell Well, you ' re a senior now, Funny how one year makes so much difference. Last year your biggest problem was tomorrow. But that was yesterday; The problem is real now. You never knew so much could come at you so fast. And it ' s clustering in your mind: Confusion, confusion, CONFUSION. Hey there, don ' t take it seriously, Life ' s got a long way to go. Anticipation, preparation, exploration, Concentration, determination, aggravation. All creation, perfect formation, perpetration. Again probation? Hypothesization, much frustration, deterioration, Disorganization, SANITATION!!! Thank God graduation! Now only dissipation? What a useless complication? Karenlee Caughey Karen, Half Breed David Chapman Dave David Cheyette Ellen M.Chiids Wayne Churchill Stoney Linda Clapp " Look to this day, for it is life, the very life of life. " Scott D. Clark Richard A. Clendaniel 58 The first month of sophomore year was really scary. It was such a change goi ng from a big shot 9th grader to a " Little Sophomore. " Everyone was always with their ]r. High friends, so there were two groups, East and West. And those tradi- tional studies! I must have counted all of the squares on the walls and floor! I also became an expert at making up excuses to get out of studies. Gradually we branched out and made new friends. Junior year everyone was friends with each other. It felt good to have a class younger than you, so you didn ' t feel like the babies of the school. In junior year most of the kids got their cars. I won ' t for- get all those Sunday ' s piling as many kids as I could in my car and just riding around all day, or going to the beach if anyone had money. If someone brought a car to school, we would sneak off to have break- fast or lunch somewhere, especially when the snack bar closed. In winter everyone would get outside and have snowball fights. Sitting through classes with wet clothes and hair didn ' t go over too well with the teachers. Once spring hit, forget t Everyone headed outside to get an early start on their tan. Mr. Silverman was busy all day trying to keep everyone " behind the school, " after a while he just gave up. During spring don ' t expect to find anyone in school after their last class! Senior year is always the best. At first everyone was so worried about colleges, and if they ' d get accepted, but after awhile everyone relaxed. On weekends there was always something to do, you could never die of boredom. The year went by so fast, just like the others. I ' ve really loved my high school years; hasn ' t everyone? 59 Kim M. Cooper Lisa Mary Cox Meatball Thomas B. Copeland Martha Cox Tom, Snake Everyone is insane, the dangerous ones are the ones that won ' t admit Emma Cormier Peter A. Crossan Pete William C. Crowley Leslie Ellen Culbert B.C., Bill Maybe, Just ONE. HOW WE MADE OUR WAY THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL WITH THE TOP 100 When I say goodbye to MISS AMERICAN PIE I ' ll say goodbye to you. But she ' ll stay around, just as I ' m hoping you will, too. Ah . you ' d ask, " DO YA WANNA DANCE? " and we ' d CROCO- DILE ROCK and MONSTER MASH those nights away. We ' d be DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT, you BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY, and JUST LISTEN TO THE MUSIC of an OLD FASHIONED LOVE SONG and laugh " YOUR MOMMA DON ' T DANCE AND YOUR DADDY DONT ROCK AND ROLL. Oh can it be those days are near and yet so far? ME AND JULIO DOWN BY THE SCHOOLYARD were just THICK AS BRICK, but when SCHOOL ' S OUT, it was SATURDAY IN THE PARK and we ' d have ELDERBERRY WINE and BROWN SUGAR just DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT on COUNTRY ROADS. BACK WHEN MY HAIR WAS SHORT we had SISTER MARY ELEPHANT, and DAY BY DAY in class I ' d be STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU. But now times have changed and on RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS we plan how WE ' VE GOTTA GET YOU A WOMAN, so you can frolic in WINTERWOOD. There ' d be times when I was down And ALONE AGAIN NATURALLY. But you ' d come around and MAKE ME SMILE And whisper just LEAN ON ME. If I were to ask JULIE, JULIE, DO YOU LOVE ME? OH BABE WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? You ' re a BROWN EYED GIRL, you ' re DIAMOND GIRL. Oh won ' t you be my MAGGIE MAY? Well, CISCO KID I know you ' re FEELIN GROOVY, but you ' ve got to MAKE UP YOUR MIND because I WANNA BE WITH YOU, and BEHIND BLUE EYES you know YOU ' VE GOT A FRIEND. Hey, LITTLE WILLY you BABY BLUE, I don ' t care what they say, IT ' S NICE TO BE WITH YOU. LEROY BROWN you ' ve broken CECILIA ' S heart. And now my SWEET GYPSY ROSE is gonna RUN TO ME and fall apart. Hey, Friend, you are the SUN- SHINE OF MY LIFE, and I know you LOVE ME LIKE A ROCK. So TIE A YELLOW RIBBON ROUND THE OLD OAK TREE, and I ' ll remember you ANGIE. When CLOSE TO YOU, I WALK ON WATER in the SUMMER BREEZE, but WITHOUT YOU, I AM A ROCK. 60 Thanks to KODACHROME I have a PHOTOGRAPH of JUST YOU ' N ME And ALL I KNOW is if it ' s time to go. I don ' t want to leave you hurriedly. ' I just wanna talk and think and sit before you ' re SO FAR AWAY. Just IMAGINE soon we ' ll be REELING IN THE YEARS and I have a REA- SON TO BELIEVE that EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY. Hey, don ' t feel bad. It ' s ONLY THE BEGINNING. We can ' t be LIVING IN THE PAST because there ' s so much more for us ahead. We ' ve taken what we can here and now it ' s time to move on. ALL THINGS MUST PASS, you know. Yes EVERYTHING ' S ALL RIGHT. We ' ve had a GENER-- ATION LANDSLIDE this class of ours. So let ' s play the LAST SONG and let the ANTICIPATION of the coming years hurry on. Outside there is just a STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, just all built up to make it look nice. So you ' ve got to live for the good and drift with the bad. SAIL ON SAILOR, and go your way IMMIGRATION MAN You ' ve got so much to do in such a short time span. Kathy Daigle David G. Dargie Darge, George It ' s such a WILD WORLD out there that I have some choice words of advice: DONT MESS AROUND WITH JIM, and look out for AVENG- ING ANNIE, SUPERWOMAN, FRANKENSTEIN, ROCKETMAN, SPACEMAN, and all those other " things " in OUTERSPACE. Also beware of the DEAD SKUNK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. Out there, there ' s BLACK AND WHITE and FIRE AND RAIN, but remem- ber there ' s a BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER and a YELLOW BRICK ROAD that leads to my door, so when I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE it will be PEACE LIKE A RIVER because I know we once brought JOY TO THE WORLD. SIGNS pointing everywhere But one leads DOWN THE RIVER where I AM I SAID " HELLO, IT ' S ME. " Hoping to find someone there. Soon ... I AM A WOMAN with FATHER AND SON, but I want you to know that sharing my high school days with you has helped me COLOR MY WORLD. Dorothy Marie Daly Denise Dargoonlan Dottie, Ziggy, Spot Den, Denny 61 Carol Darling Hips, Lips, and Fingertips Paul Dearborn Beth Ann DeFranco Jack Degan ' No Kidding " Three students are at a lunch table looking bleakly at their loaded trays, student 1 What is it? student 2 (studying the food with an experienced eye) Well . looks like you ' ve got a soy bean burger with left-over soup and apple-crapple for dessert. students What ' s in the soup? student 2 Hm (thoughtfully takes a sip) Last Monday ' s sauerkraut, noodles from the stuff we had two weeks ago still haven ' t figured out what was in that — some old corn, left over sesame seeds, and it tastes like they got the broth from boiling your soybean burger. student 1 the soybean burger tastes funny. student 2 Well with the price of soybeans these days they ' re always looking for substitutes, student 3 Yeah, you ' d be surprised with what they can do with plastics, student 1 How can you just sit there and eat it? student 2 Oh, you get used to it. Your taste buds atrophy and you eventually develop an IRON STOMACH. student 3 (getting up to go) Well, I ' ve got to go to Biology, so I ' ll see you later, (he looks down at the food and smiles) We ' ve got dissections today mm Donna L. DeKavis Andrea DelDuca If I am not for myself, who is for me? William P. DeLuca " DeLuc " Joseph P. DeManche Joe 62 Joan Dembkoski Ronald Demers Donna Dennis ' Where ' s the party tonight? ' Denise DeVelis Deni Paul Daniel Dillon Dill, Pickle Joyce Desjardin Learn as if you live forever, live as if you die tomorrow! w H. • • twp - n» f «C JO}. ,cpii e . t |«ii C i $ = r j: 4- • M ■ T r a f3la«.-fo cjakt op irN 1 r f |- S | ... -fe haota ' J " ... -tenunjic... . . . -le. ruupw h. -from -Hk. ouJand ... -to sK«j ' " ' papu ' airp|«nu... " fc looL -Hx. diieks . . . o loelca}- • -W 3fe»j » i« j fiom plan nfctllioro . . , njnurkfW Jiw y ' ' K rgttWlT -Ib da. S 3 Leon Dobbins Brother Lee " If you are dissatisfied with your life don ' t sit back and let it go to waste, change it. " Patricia Donovan Pat ' put ' em off to the side " 63 Cynthia Doyle Janice Marie Doyle OVERHEARD IN THE LIBRARY LARRY: M. Colleen Driscoll Col, Smiley A Joy that is shared is a joy made double. Timothy D. Driscoll Tim ' All good times must pass, but in my memory they ' ll last. SARA: LARRY: SARA: LARRY: MR. PHILLIPS: LARRY: MR. PHILLIPS: " and so then he said to me, ' Larry, I don ' t believe your theory at all, man was not made to suffer. The ti- tle of the essay was WHAT IS THE REASON FOR MAN ' S EXISTENCE. You couldn ' t have done much research to come up with that theory. And on top of that, you did not even give one reason backing your theory. ' " " And so then what did you say? " " I gave him a good reason backing my theory that man was made to suffer. " " Yeah? Alright alright what was it? " " . . written essays " " What is this about written essays? " " Oh, Hi Judy. Pull up a study carroll and sit down. " " We were just discussing Mr. Turcotte ' s written exer- cises on . . . " O.K. kiddies that ' s it. Let ' s go. I ' ve had enough of the small talk here today, so why don ' t you just find a bet- ter place to talk. " " What better place than one that harbors the wisdom and words of our illustrious authors and . . OUT!!!!!! Robert James Driscoll Drisc, Whale Richard R. Dube ' Reverend Anthony Dubose Tony Deni Dufault Debbie J. Dufresne Deb Lisa Dufresne THE MEDIA CENTER DN THE SUBJECT OF STUDY CARROLLS 45: IE: AS: JE: US: Hello, I am Mrs. Crump. 1 am in charge of library planning for all the schools in Andover. What do you think about all these won- derful new study carrolls we have put in for all you wonderful students? Well personally I . They are lightweight and easy to move, and don ' t they blend in well with our concrete walls? I don ' t . . . They are indestructable too, you know, so you naughty little stu- dents can ' t break them. And taking out the tables certainly cuts down on the amount of talking in this media center. We chose these pencil-proof carr . why, where are you going? To a study room. I ' ll leave your precious library like all the other students, so you can have the whole thing to yourself. Then it will be nice and quiet . . Live Margaret Jean Dye Marti it up now, because you ' re only young once in life. Bernard M. Edelstein Buddy if you have built castles in the air your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. " — Thoreau Andrea L. Eldred Helyse Elliott Barbara L. Ellis Karen Lee Erickson B.B.B. , Andy, Toothpicks Lyse B.B.B. For the earth is hollow, and I have " Precious and few " touched the skies. STUDENT: COMPUTER: STUDENT: C: STUDENT: C: STUDENT: C: STUDENT: C: STUDENT: C: STUDENT: C: STUDENT: C: STUDENT: C: STUDENT: LOG IN WHAT? LOGIN 2203 AHS UNAUTHORIZED ACCOUNT LOGIN 2203 AHS? WHAT? LOGIN 2203 AHS? EjSL WHAT? GEHRT JTURY KGITH JFUR%T (KGITJH K@KKLUIYO?! OH, REALLY? RARY HAD A KITTLE RAMB ITZ FLEAS WUZ GITE AC ZNOE ANT EZERYHAIR THAD RARY ENT DE RAMB WUZ SURR TO MO ?!! BYE WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? LOG OUT INITIATING SELF-DESTRUKT SEQUENCE 5 ILLEGAL SYNTAX BYE Ed Estabrook Ann Euiie Annual, Annie, Yules Steven Evans Christine Farnham Chris, Jinx " Live-life-to-its fullest. " G. Bartlett Farreil Bart, Brillo Karen Fearing Gayle D. Feeney Bunny None so blind as those that wil not see. Dan Feier 66 Steve Feinberg Pierre Alfred J. Fichera Buddy Robert Fisher Bob Louis Charles Fisk " A man is measured by friends. " The somewhat fake and made-up heads of my late night friends stare me in the face. They seem in a disordered way, like plastic, mechanical dolls. They talk to me and lecture me, But I can ' t talk to them. For they hear me not. But yet I rule them For with one switch, they ' re off. 67 m il Jane Fortier Cheryl Rose Foster Cher 7 Andrew Frackiewicz Susan M. Calvin Sue, Galveston Gregory Fuller Big Wheels, Budda The sky would fall if: we didn ' t have pizza, chicken, and hot dogs every week we couldn ' t smoke we didn ' t have honor studies there were no jocks the warriors lost the loud speaker worked we could talk in the library we had open campus there were no field trips the field hockey team didn ' t wear their socks the bath- rooms were clean you went to class without getting bored people started using the trash barrels there was a dress code. " Aren ' t you glad Don ' t you wish everybody did Charles Garabedian Chuck, Crash, Cadillac Jack RobertJ.Gildeall Bob Shevawn Godin Sherrie Mankind must put an ena to war before war puts an end to Mankind. Antonio M. Gonzalez Tony, Bojo To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence. Carlos Gonzalez " Cisco " " My World is a Ghetto " — member that!! " I ' m Martha Mansur, AFS student from Brazil. I came here in August 73 from a " scholarship " . I live with my host family, the Ca- tanzaro ' s and I ' m a senior in Andover High School. I really enjoy the people, the country and the American way of life. Everything is new for me, mainly the school. My first few days here were really funny. My English was bad and I had difficulty in understanding and speaking. Because of this I had some confusion, like my " Kitchen sala sandwitch " . The teachers and the kids were understanding and tried to help me in every way possible. I love living here and I always will remember everything. " William Conya Bill Debbie L. Cordon Deb, Deb-Deb " Farout!! " 69 Lynne Marie Hale Lynnie Live each day as it comes; don ' t dream life away! Elizabeth Parker Hall Liz John F. Hamilton Katherine Ann Hamilton Kathy Dear Mr. Physics, I remembered how you taught us to catch a nervous trout. Well, I was out jumping up and down on the bank at just the right angle singing, " Here trout, here nervous trout! " just like you told us. But I didn ' t catch that trout, Mr. Physics. Instead I got my theory of falling objects mixed up with my gravity laws. I drowned. Gulp gulply yours, faithful student Kathy S. Hammersia God gave man two ears and one mouth so that he may hear more than he may peak. MarkC. Hanlon Brenda Joyce Hanson Joseph Patrick Harding Ghost r 1(0 Susan M. Harnden Red Cheryl J. Harris William Harrison Bill Dean Stanly Hart Dino " I don ' t Know " On my journey I grew lonely, and sought companionship. I chanced upon another traveller, and took up with her. We travelled together and grew close We came to a place, a school, A Humble School, small, quiet and full of love and hate, too. But most of all other travellers. We, my partner and I, decided to stay and watch this little kingdom. Soon, we became part of this world and shared our love and hate and ourselves, and we saw the lovers and haters exchanging their livelihoods in beautiful and cruel manners. We thought and decided that it was well within the school. So, the lovers loved, and the haters hated, but all survived and we loved, too. Not much time passed before tyranny befell our Humble School and our lovers were separated and our haters caged and we became — well adjusted and proper. When the lovers dared join and haters dared escape from their bonds a Great Storm fell upon them and they were suppressed and the foolishness of their ways was pointed out to them and they were normal again until the next time they dared defy the Great Storm- Cathy Lynn Hartford William E. Haskell Diane Marie Haywood Dide Marie I am glad it is almost over. 72 This continued for a great while and my campanion, my lover, and I stared at each other from a distance and decided that all was not well in our Humble School So we left that place and continued our journey, but now, close again for we were not threatened by the Great Storm And now on the road away away from this place we find the chance to tell those who approach it, with their love and hate, to beware of the tyranny and the Great Storm. They will know what it it is like to be normal and proper, and they will leave, too. Michael Hershon Mike Linda Hinckley Betty Lou Hilton To be trusted is a greater compli ment Than to be Loved. Nancy M. Hinman Patty Louise Healy Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. Cathy Henry John K. Hilton Big) Enjoy it Janna Kim Hobbs Smile, and let the world in! 73 Behind spider laces Spider hands spangle the scrapbooks with gathered mennories Corsages dry-crackles, flakes A lifetime pressed in baby tears and ribbons In a house of lavender and time The light goes out forever " Just Call Me Angel ? " 1 0 Carol Maria Hodgman Dream, but don ' t let dreams be your master. Paul D. Hoffman Judith A. Holihan Jodi, J.J.J. Charles E. Holmes Chuck Laura Hopley Laurie, Hippity How can I go forward when I don ' t know which way I ' m facing? Susan E. Hopkins Squeaky Kenneth J. Hubbell " Hubbs " Debbie Hughes 210 74 Shelley Hunt The time has come When all gr€ men shall fall. Mark S. Hutchins " Hutch " Only seven years to go. Linda B. Issenberg Smile at the world, and it smiles back. George Itz David Jackson Jacks Paula S. Janusz Joy is opening up your heart and letting it laugh out loud. Jan Karr brennan Kavanagn The prom was more than a dinner dance, it became a symbol of the adulthood most of us had almost reached, and the hell of a lot of fun we ' d had through High School. Once it was over, you knew a little part of you was over, too, but why not reminisce about the nerve racking experiences: " You know what I hated the most? Going to his parent ' s house to have them all look me over and take zillions of pictures. What ' s more, the pictures turned out really bad! I guess we both couldn ' t wait to get out of his house. Then we went to the party. I never had more fun in my life than I did at that party. Everyone was in much a rowdy mood, I couldn ' t believe it. " I know. Everyone looked so nice. It ' s funny how a person can change so much by putting on makeup, setting their hair, and wearing a beautiful gown. And the boys all looked so handsome! " At first I didn ' t know what to do, I sat there like a lump on a log. But as soon as din- ner was over, we were rowdy as ever. The boys started to ask us to dance. I must ' ve danced with every boy in that place except for my date. I finally got him up to dance, after dragging him across the floor. So many things happened during the prom, I couldn ' t begin to tell you. It was the best time of my life, and I ' ll never forget it. I have the picture to haunt me! " Judith R. Keating Keats Paula Mary Kelley PK, Kelley Who we are is God ' s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God. Frank M. Kenney Stephen Koch I ' m inside On an outside day And it ' s sad That on a day So eager to please I must be here In a building That ' s not pleasing At all. The sun is willing To smile on anything Beneath it. Why am I trapped Under frowning flourescent lights? The warm earth And green grass Will comfort All who will let it Yet I sit In this unfriendly desk That stares at me In bored grey. Let me out I don ' t want to be in On this outside day. Sally Kruse Crash " Nailed! " 76 Timothy Lannan Tim Jeffrey Lavin Jeff John Lee Thomas LaPointe Susan J. Lawson Sue Paula Leed P.B., buddy The only way to have a friend is to be one — Ralph Waldo Emerson both of us are are standing on this damn teeter-totter and it won ' t tip over, and I can ' t really touch like I oughta — I wanta, though, you know; I ' m up, you ' re down you ' re flying, I frown You reach, I run, I reach, you make fun. When are we going to be able to see each other — brother? Deborah L. Lee Debbie 77 Barbara Lenes David Leonard " Pleebe " Diane Levi " Lev " Kim Liponis More than once, and actually, upon many times Bartholemew Book had sat out those cold, splritful Saturdays with most everyone else watching the school football team. But behind those large, foggy wire rims he viewed mainly the movements of PomPom. Ah, she was worth the 50 f!!! Tinged with blue and gold, she bounced and jumped and blew good cheer for all those seated and this alone jangled every verb in his structure. The unfortunate aspect of his infatuation was, of course, it was one-sided. PomPom eyed Ath- lete Foot Fungus, who sprawled and spread and crawled all over the field. To her. Fungus was the " Real Thing " . " But why not me, " Book questioned her, " I have so much more to offer you. " " Like what? " she responded. " Fungus is dar- ing, dashing, and dauntless, while you are only dull, depressing, and dismal. " Mary Anne L ' ltalien David Lockwood William B. Lussier " Billy " Heather Lybrand 78 sheila M. Lynch " Lynchie " John L. Lyons ' Lance Latouch, Jack " Craig MacDonald Peter MacDonald " I may seem that way on the outside, but well, you can ' t judge a book by its cover. " " On the inside you ' re no different. Fun- gus eats Wheaties, while you eat words. " Book let the subject drop. PomPom ' s only approval and adulation was for Fun- gus. Ah, well, jocks couldn ' t be that special could they? He needed her. He really did. She was the most tangible thing in his life. He must win her back but how? Contemplation — consideration — inspection — decision! He had it! He would open up new doors to her. Doors she had never seen. And really, she c ouldn ' t say no, because once she started one, it would go on and on and on. It nev- er ended. A hallway of doors, each more moving, fascinating, and interesting than the one before it. Jean Patricia MacDougall " Mac, Gino, Papa Gino " Always face towards the sun, and the shadows shall forever be be- hind you. Stephen B. MacKay Donna Lee MacMillan 79 Anne Maddox Donna Marie Mailloux " PomPom " he ventured toward her one day, " would you like to read this? " " Read? Are you kidding? " , Fungus interrupted, " Why don ' t you get lost in the library. " " Please, Pom-Pom, " Book said ignoring Fungus, " if you ' ll just spend a few pages in nny world, I promise you ' ll never want to leave again. " As Pom-Pom began to look interested. Book continued " And after this there ' s more; just wait till HAMLET, GONE WITH THE WIND, COLD BLOOD, and a zillion others. Then there ' s Browning and Keats, Shelly and Poe, and oh heavens, there ' s just no limit to the places, adventures, and emotions. " " Aw go ' way, " growled Fungus. " Fungus, " Pom-Pom asked, " exactly what have you read recently? " Steven F. Maguire Martha de Souza Mansur Dorothy Marchaj Janice Marie Marino " Coffeebean " Dotty " Tomorrow will always be a better Whole world is like a dream and day " please don ' t wake me. 80 " Hm, well, I ' ve um (er) I ' ve started. CAPTAIN MARVEL FINDS THE GINGERBREAD MEN. " " Well why don ' t you finish it while I go with Book to the library, " Pom-Pom concluded. " What???! " , Fungus could only slither away. " I really don ' t know what I ever saw in him in the first place, " Pom- Pom said to Book, " You ' re so much more complete and organized than he is. " " Well actually, I ' ve only been that way since I started using the Dewey Decimal System. " Book answered. " Oh Book, (sigh) you say the sweetest things! " And together the two lived happily after every page. The End MORAL: Early to read, and early to learn, makes a kid a bookworm. Lucille M. Marino Sharon Markle Lu " To each his own. " Linda Martin Robert McCarthy Mac, Bob What you do during the week, you do on Saturday. 81 " When I made cheering, I never imag- ined that fourteen girls who were so dif- ferent could become so close to one another. Remember, how we used to bake for the boys and decorate their locker rooms Friday during football season? Remember our superstitions: going out to the football field on Fridays for our practices — We ' ve got " Spirit " , all right! Who ' ll ever forget the time we came out for cheering, and the whole football team was dancing around singing our school song? Everything we did for the boys, no mat- ter how big or small, they really appreciat- ed, and I guess that ' s what made us the happiest squad around! " The Girl ' s Huddle ' Future Shock " Mary A. McEneaney Mac Terrible, Terrible Terrible. Rosemary McGoff Rossa James McHale Jim Robert B. Mclntyre Mac, Bruce Cheryl A. McKeough John McKew Once I get out of here I ' m never coming back! Sharon L. McManus Christopher McQuade 82 4 Marcia McQuade Marsh, Missy Maryellen Medeiros David J. Meinelt Douglas Merkel Doug Sandra Montgomery Heather E. Moody Sandy Hope there is a statute of limita- t p I tions for human error. George T. Morin Gorge Dave Mosher Harry Richard Moss Pete Mueller The Mule Shiny as a Cadillac, shift from gear to gear, We ' re from Andover High School, and here ' s our cheer! Popcorn, peanuts, onion soup, we ' ve got the BEST team, POO-pOOp-pe-dOOp Jeff: ah, urn, urn, ah, um, thank-you Mr. Vickers where did you get those jokes! jokes? Mr. King: Get the pies ready We ' re peppy Krista: SUCCESS!!! Janna: Let ' s have floats this year Lee: Where have you been, we started the float 2 weeks ago Marcia: We ' re having " Something Else " for the group at the Victory Dance Laurie: instead of the " Truth " ? Ann: publicity is finished! Frank: oh, what was it? Tothe Richmondsat7:00a.m. SURE!! Kevin L. Muise Diana C. Mulcahy Di Books are the best things, well used; 84 William J. Mulcahy Bill Jeannine L. Murphy Murph Teresa Murphy Douglas J. Nangie Doug Deborah Nannis Doreen M. Nardone Doe; Silva ... and the queen is I forgot the flowers MORE crepe paper!?! ... get PYSCHED Ellen; $108.00 worth of penny candy Bettyjean: the invitations aren ' t done yet let ' s paint the rock Jamie: sell Pepsi at the dance Lisa: decorations will look great — hopefully door prize Patty: where ' s your BLUE and GOLD?!? Colleen: smile this is fun! Tim: o.k. guys this is the game plan Soccer v.s. Faculty Hocketts ' game pizza Tony: Homecoming is here! Win! warriors a highlighted half time Carol: FAN- TASTIC, just as we planned FHOMECOMING " 73 " can ' t be topped!!! iiMmimiiMimiii Edward A. Need Ed Never cease the search knowledge. Marjorie Neil for 85 Regina Caroline Newman " Rex " Karen J. Nicholas " Honey Peanut Little Knick ' Martin Nikonchuk " Marty " Wright Niziak " Neeze " WOMEN!! SPORTS ITZ, CANTWELL TAKE SAT ' S Andover High School ' s two top cross-country runners, did not run in the first annual Mass. State Coaches ' Cross Country meet held Saturday, at Boston ' s Franklin Park. Captains George Itz and Glen Cantwell were unable to attend the meet because of S.A.T. ' s (Scholastic Aptitude Test), which were giv- en at Andover High. In exclusive interviews that the two harriers, George Itz stat- ed that he could have had a stronger finish in the English por- tion of the test, while Glen Cantwell said that if it hadn ' t been for the intense heat in the test center, he would have given better performance in the Math section. Itz will be competing in the State Finals, to be held on the 2.8 mile course at Franklin Park, this Saturday. While Itz and Cantwell were taking the S.A.T. ' s, Dave Pratt, Greg Barton, and Winn Gaynor, all of Andover, ran in the Boston meet. Michael Noel " Mickey " There is but one answer to all life ' s problems — Jesus Christ. Peter Noury " Pete " Mary Elizabeth O ' Leary " Mother, Mum, Smash " If you have a problem come to mother. 86 Denise Obermeier " Denny " Gregory Obermeier " Greg " Carol Jean Oldaker " Big " O " Sunshine " Michael R. Ota " Mike " The first row (including not one downtrodden pers on) held erect branches of tiny circular woodpecker holes (and many stat- ues of eyeless silver bees.) As the music became lower the muted flutes and the waning saxes relaxed. Next came the clashing brass like many knights with shivering armor. Their expressive sound bombarded your ears. Their cos- tumes of patriotic colors plucked up the exaggerated melody. Then the princely flags came gently by like floating swans way up in the marshmallow clouds. Then the path filled with whirling batons, gallant soldiers on each side. Appearing next were the thundering drums making a tremen- dous rumbling hinting the finale. The people watching, appre- ciating the triumphant beating of the mysterious rhythym, ap- plauded immensely. The band sits in their special quarters during the game. They talk but not in the same way as ordinary people. They speak with the sounds and tones of their instruments. At half time the band bounces out of its quarters to perform. And it gives every show all its got. Then it ' s cookie time! The band earns its pay in cookies. Rather poor pay but to the members of the band it ' s very sweet and it suits them fine. At the end of a long day the band marches out with its neck held high, perhaps because the football team has won again, but more likely because the band itself is a winner. Barbara A. Pace Rick Page ' SC Rambler ' Ann L. Palmier! " Annie " " A. P. " " each living thing has need of other living things depends upon and is depended upon. " Nicola J. Pangonis " Nicki " 87 Cynthia A. Pelrine Cindy, Cyn, Punk Those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep it from themselves. Mark R. L. Perreault Marco Judith Ann Peterof Judy Remember do what you want to do, not what others think you should. Lyn Peterson Valerie Y. Pierrat Val Part of being a person is realizing that you can ' t make it by yourself. Patricia Ann Pierro Patty, Pat I hope you ' ll excuse me for butting in — its a common fault of storytell- ers. We can ' t stand to see any im- portant details left out. During these years so many changes came about in the Outside, and also in High School, that I couldn ' t bear to see them skipped over. As sopho- mores a snack bar was opened, and the students successfully kept it open for at least six months that first year. Then spring came, and with it napkin paper airplanes, fork darts and sugar doughnut snow. A show- down resulted: the administration winning of course, and the snack bar was temporarily closed. This open and closed game has been going on ever since. Kane Pillsbury Jack, Adolph The more you know the tunafish you eat, the more you eat the tuna-fish you know. 88 A student court and advisory com- mittee were talked about and formed. Like most judicial systems this one had a great start and a poor showing afterwards; however the advisory committee continues to haunt the school committee meetings to this day. The student newspaper did a take-off on the Lawrence paper — Larry Pigeon Tribune, but like most radical changes lost its flavor in a few months. SAC came into full swing, and many of the students taught younger kids how to be better gymnasts than themselves! Also, other students going to the elemen- tary and secondary schools were involved in Educational Involvement. A Theatre Workshop was started, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND was performed for West Elementary by a creative English class. Raphael Pizarro Ray Alan Place Doug Place Susan Poleatewich Frankie ]. Polizotti Frankie, J.P. Please, F uh Cus Barbara M. Popadak BobbI Be Good Alan K. Porter Ak 89 More and more of the Outside pervaded the High School scene. The nostalgia of the older generation was brought back in movies, SUMMER OF 42, the soap opera LOVE STORY, GONE WITH THE WIND and THE LAST PICTURE SHOW. (Remember the 50 ' s Dance — there ' s more of that to come!) The starving people of Bangladesh prompted some students to FAST for money raising. Others WALKED 25 miles for The March of Dimes. Everyone was fed up with Nixon ' s PLANS for peace and many with the Attica prison riots and the Vi- etnamese civilian murders, but by the spring of their sophomore year the school uprisings had quieted down. Gaye L. Putnam " Putt " Be happy, be gay! Cynthia Joan Radula Cindy Marleah Ramsdell Frederick G. Ramsey Fred Mark Raye Marcia Regan Nancy A. Retelle Steve Richards Laurie Ellen Richmond The sun in the sky, a smile on my face, and a tear, just in case Sharon Marie Ringland Alan Robinson No more did hoards of students pile into the park green — save the weekly beetles. The Outside was there — they realized that — but the Inside was catching up to them. College and plans for THEIR future seemed so much more important than " current events " . The question of the fighting in Viet- nam being stopped now, became being stopped soon. They griped about the bombings under their breath, but most didn ' t have time to concern themselves with such alien pre-occupations. Mean- while, the warriors were still winning the Merrimack Valley Conference, getting into the soccer state finals and winning the field hockey trophy. 91 James Robinton Carol A. Rourke " Sunshine " Janet Ruggiero Ruggy Cynthia Rushforth Cindi Robert J. Ross Rosie Belts were tightening along with Nixon ' s phases, and more and more kids got jobs for their winter trips to Europe and their Hondas Hijacking became a real issue as they flew to Europe — " Gee, do you think we could actually miss an extra week of school? " Arguments were waged between parents and students on abortion, and mean- while, several girls disappeared for weekends, (if they were lucky?). The battle between Tricky Dick and George raced on, ending in complete fiasco for the Democratic party. More great men died off and the world cried a little softer, the blow deadened by repetition. Finally our troops began trickling home, but even then the real her- oes were left to rot alone — killed or maimed for life — the returning POW ' s stealing the show. Families sat glued to TV ' s but not glued to the reality of it all. But I ' ve rambled too long. I will return the story back to the students. Merril Rouff Michael ]. Roy Mitse If you try hard enough you can do anything. r MASSACHUSETTS 92 Maryellen Russell Mellon Julie Ann Russem Be cheerful; strive to be happy. Patrick Russo Pat David John Schlegel George For the world is round, and the sun never sets, that it doesn ' t rise, somplace else. Debra Salots Brian Schneider Robin Salter ' Keep on truckin ' " Elizabeth Schneider Schnidder Only that day dawns to which we are awake. 93 The gentle monotones of the rain bring back memories of happy times. I retreat under the covers, silently wishing I were not alone. The soft movement of the rain soothes me. And though I ' m in the dark I can see your smile. And though you ' re far away I can still feel the warmth of your touch. How I miss you. I shed a single tear. The noise of the rain continues. And I am comforted. 94 Gary P. Sirois Fruity, Pucks Gerard Skinder Gerry If someone could crawl inside of my mind What a horrible place he ' d happen to find. His head wouldn ' t stop as it jerked back and forth Frantic ' ly following neon flashes of thought Whizzing up — whizzing down — swishing into the air Lost — being sucked into a subconscious snare. He ' d feel out of place Like he took up space Which could easily be crammed with more items to store Mammoth memory banks Rotating gears and cranks Would keep pounding away at his head to be sure. All around him he ' d feel the instinct — effervesce Which makes the rhyme — reason in this cranial mess Then he ' d suddenly stop wringing his hands in distress And scream very loudly — " i see I am blessed. Thank God there are some of us sane and suppressed Whose minds don ' t spout havoc — untamed wilderness! And with that, he ' d promptly storm out of my ear — I ' d hear him whistling when still very near. And I ' d sit with my mind — You see we ' re one of a kind — And together we ' d talk in emphatical words Of what just had occurred. Rae Ellen Smith Rae Kevin Staid " It doesn ' t matter " Robert St. Amand Robby, Saint Gary P. Stansfield " There has to be something better than this. " 95 Tell me, have you ever sat in front of your desk, After a working day, Preparing for a working night; And with your legs stretched out, Way out into the inner reaches of the corner, Your back aching fronri the comfortable position And your mind empty of all thoughts While at the same time bursting with confusion. Have you thought, really deep thoughts. Of really deep, dark, penetrating questions. That no one can answer but yourself? Why am I here, thinking these deep thoughts. These deep dark penetrating questions? That ' ll never be answered Until they ' re not asked. Mark Farrell Sweetser " Sweets " , " Little Rock " " Ya Gotta Believe " Patricia A. Tateosian " Patty " " The Armenian " Wake up every morning with a smile on your face Patricia Lee Taylor Cathleen E. Tellier Daniel Tellini Linda Temple Lee Cathy Danny, Dan Sunrise don ' t last all morning; but rain doesn ' t last all day. 97 Summer vacation had come to a grinding halt before most students were really aware it had started. After just get- ting used to sleeping later than 9:00, they were abruptly faced with the inescapable 6:30 reveille. Of course, none of them was really sorry vacation had ended. After all, this was their BIG year, at last they were SENIORS. Most of them didn ' t feel any different, however, and secretly they hoped returning to the living monument of the past thir- teen years would make them feel like the " seniors " they were labeled. The first weeks were incredible. Groups would be talking about some " senior " who ' d just gotten arrested when they ' d suddenly realize he ' d GRADUATED last year! HE wasn ' t the senior anymore, but they THEMSELVES were. They ' d giggle with embarassment, someone would crack a joke and for the brief second they might feel " seniorish " . Gail Thomson Elaine Lenora Thorsen Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. i i Benjamin Tlndley o ' i. ' A " " " e ' sV % A Israel Nancy Thompson Bonnie Jean (Timmons) Blackington Stephen Tobias jack The A.H.S football team belongs in the N.F.L. Linda Turow 98 William Valentine Julie Van Schaikwyk Elizabeth Viehmann Brian S. Vogt Bill, Billy Van Beth Felix Questions, gang? By this time everyone knew someone who ' d gone away to school, gone to work in some distant place, been mugged in Boston or had their apart- ment robbed. Conversations were starting to sound like cocktail parties; but, however nonchalantly adult they sounded, the seniors were torn up inside. They wanted to yell their loudest, pull the same stunts as last year, act as freaky as ever, but somewhere deep inside a new reserve had been tucked away which tinged every childish deed with an " aren ' t you a little too old for that now? " They had to come to grips with the idea that this was the FINALE, that the year they ' d seemed to spend their whole life preparing for was here. And yet, they were still faced with homerooms, home- work, often unbearable classes, filthy bathrooms and the caged-in-feeling which comes from educational discipline. Outside of all the club and goyernnientai activities, the most impressjve school project was th.eof h .anti-smo,King,« " ' Spyro P. Vulgaropulos Spike Audrey Walz Andrea Lee Wakeley Brucie Farkque You can ' t always get what you want. Lorrie Wallis Lors 1 The Anti-Smoking Committee WANTS the smoking privilege . . . " Well " " Smoke gets in your eyes " I ' ve quit for two days! . . . publicity plus no butts about it I hope this program doesn ' t go up in smoke put out that cigarette . I ' ll be different and go to class for once . Smoking Sam Says . . . are you trying to be Kool? " Smoking In The Boys Room " I ' ve quit for a week! NEWS: T.V. time at East amazing how 200 kids can fit into a room for 25 amazing how 25 parents can fit in a room for 600 (parents night) it ' s Project Breathe — NOT Breath! CANDY cigarettes passed out at the dance anyone for a pacifier? . I ' ve quit for a week and a half! . my lungs look like that? give me some air . Cold Turkey is for the birds picket pledge sheet: Batman pledged . . lunch at McDonalds ' again . nobody smokes at West?! . . ha- ha . smokes what?? do you have a match? . SUCCESS!!!!!! I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janet Walsh Kathleen Webster Kathy Patricia Lynn Wermers Lynn KathyJ. White Kath, Kaff, Whitey Benjamin Johnson Lang Whitney, " Ben " Ul 1 o 2 -H to O c 5 73 Project Breathe 6 o = ' .. i iliga School i " ! Speakers, Filias , Panels , ' s anti-s;-;o: i-;g ;. i:;-iS ( " w " ' ' 11 1. ' 03 fl S cd 22 I The Andover High school youngsters will be conducting J} C " Project Breath " beginning Saturday and continuing " through the week. Anti-Smoking Campaign i5 I Directed By Students | i!i;iV;ii. ' .i ' i:!.a; loioi to (iiiit o drive plaiincA w- ' ' ' !vve. , vV- S u 11 d J y G 1 0 be J n 1 1 ,-| ; V 1 ' ) " 4 s Students ready fight " 2 oto wipe out smoking " -V J Hotline C S 2 j x vc- o Halts ahou( if Smo cmg Som ' Demonsf rotes fo Sfucfents Hppp||!«|||||l! Ill " ' Chester F. Whitney Chet, Eli Russell Whitton " Russ " KarlaWierenga - Jennifer A. Wilbur 101 Randi L.Wilbur Gifford Wilcox Giff Ann Marie Wilde Ruth Dawn Williams " Blush " Walter Winward Jonthan Wobesky Jon Brenda L. Wright David W. Wright Dave, Wright-o 102 Karen Weber 4 Karen Ann Wrigley Midyears came and went incredibly fast with second semester bringing the largest emigration from school ever seen! Internships, work studies and early graduation left the library with that morguish look. Parking spaces were at an all time maximum and the absentee list malfunctioned for three straight weeks! The pressure was slowly draining off from school work, but those waiting to hear from colleges were getting more and more anxious as their friends received word earlier than they did. For many, inflation meant an even tougher road to college, and af- ter-school jobs began to take up more of their time. Seniors were beginning to realize that being seniors was just being yourself with forty million deci- sions staring you in the face.. Where do I want to go to school, if I want to go? Is this job paying enough or do I want one that I don ' t like that pays more? Do we break up now, in June or right before we leave next year, or better, when is a good time to get married? Is all that money they ' re of- fering me for going into the navy worth giving up four years of my life? etc Ask any senior and they ' ll tell you the etceteras. Robert Yaghmoorian I hope you won ' t get me, as the story teller, wrong. It ' s not that seniors had an incre- dibly tough year; they just had to learn how to suppress all the anxieties written about for the last few pages for hours on end. Believe me it ' s alot easier than it sounds. — after all they practiced the whole year. By June they were so proficient at it that if you ' d dare cut that thin thread holding them to reali- ty, they would have floated away. In fact, graduation come pretty close to doing just that! Patricia E Young " Patti " Susan J. Young " Sue, Suzie " " I ' m impressed ' Richard S. Zollner 103 We ' ve come full circle now. We ' ve lived our story. We ' re moving on to a new horizon to begin again. Soon there will be a new storyteller to conjure up memories of the future ' s " past " . Frame by frame our high school days will fade into nostalgia, replaced by patterned images of the Outside. But as long as these pages withstand our anx- ious thumbing, this book will be able to momentarily regenerate a tiny segment of the film we call life. It ' s on an ending page such as this, that one wants to philosophize, to pull the meat out of the past eighteen years, to decide why we are who we are, but at the same time to avoid sounding trite or worse, overly sentimental. We ' ve grown up with rock, assassination, war, demonstration, cars, inflation, " peace " , space exploration, smog and indoctrination. Now we are of the voting majority, and we must help make the decisions which will affect our future. We ' ve been labeled the " spoiled generation " , and undoubtably rightly so. We haven ' t starved, been without clothes or sent to war, but we have been visually, if not personally, confronted by all three. Our strength will lie in our imaginations — how far into the future we can look, to see what today ' s decisions will mean to our children ' s children. Soon they will be writing their yearbook. We ' re the ones who must give them a good world to write about (one without Watergate, pollution and murder). Graduation is a symbol of our new role in society. Our days of merely complaining about the way the world was, is and may become are over. Now we are the ones who are responsible for seeing that what is wrong changes for the better. 104 The Year of the Warrior Run man — come on — Push it He ' s catching up to ya. Little farther world rec- ord time Your beating him. Little more man, push it. Everything in those legs. RUN! At the end of the sprint, there lies a man with his drugged looking eyes and gritting teeth. His mind seeks the pleasures of leisure yet he overcomes his desires and begins to run again. 1 down 14 to go and still more. The Coaches Mr. Collins Mr. Bourdelais Mr. Vickers Mr. King One more Rep., come on man, over your head You can do it. The body quivers with pain, yet the weight t akes off in a skyward direction. He ' s done it. Add 10 lbs. and more to go. Puddles of sweat and stress form in his stomach. His body cries for rest, yet he goes on. From the cold winter of 72 to the hot summer of 73, each man that seeks to put on a uniform has gone through these individual workouts to fulfill his goals of becoming the fastest, strongest, quickest, and most mentally prepared that his body ' s potential will allow him to. As he strives to reach his potential, he is re- minded of the most true statement in football, " There ' s no easy way out. " All year he pushes his body, for soon he will be part of a group of people known as a " Taumo " . He does not know the meaning of it yet, but in time he will under- stand its meaning. As this man uses his abilities along with the other m en he plays with and sometimes against, a noticeable change occurs. He ' s educated his mind. He understands the meaning of " Taumo " . A TEAM. He ' s become at- tached with a union of other men to work together, and as this team goes forth, each man truly cares about each other and learns to share the sweetness and bitterness of playing. Even though the sweetness of victory was felt for nine games and the bitterness of defeat was felt at the finale, each man has learned the most important thing of his life; To be able to understand when the most dedicated of coaches in the world, tells you after your defeat, that no one can ever stop you from doing your best, and as you pushed your body throughout the year, so may your mind and spirits ' potential never be cut short. The Scoreboard Andover 13 vs Wilmington 8 Andover 21 vs Dracut 0 Andover 9 vs Chelmsford 3 Andover 35 vs Billerica 0 Andover 35 vs Austin Prep 6 Andover 21 vs Central Catholic 14 Andover Andover 19 36 vs vs Methuen Lawrence 6 12 Superbowl Andoyer 28 vs Tewksbiiry Andover 12 vs Catholic Memorial 41 1 1 : 1 r FIRST ROW: Co-captains Ray Pizarro, Jeff Towne. SECOND ROW; Steve Richards, Bobby St. Amand, Dave Ashton, Greg Fuller, George Sted- man, Mickey Noel, Dave Jackson, Bill Haskell, Mark Sweetser, Frank Kenney, Bill Deiuca, Bobby Burrows, Bob McCarthy. THIRD ROW: Steve Fabiani, Bill Kenney, Dave Bovenzi, Bruce Maclntyre, T. J. Stamus, Jeff Winters, John MacDonald, Brian Flannery, Ralph Borelli, Bill Alexan- der, Paul Maclntyre, Mark Hamilton, Dana Gould, Craig Traub. FOURTH ROW: John Hamilton, Guerry Grune, Mike Shea, Gerry Skinder, Glen Verrette, Russell Tassinari, Craig Eosefow, David Tallini, John Aiello, Paul Rindone, Steve Foote, Greg Brown. 106 107 109 IGHIVIN,6EA7 HAT OTHER TF Vll GO GOf Fvtdai Cctcbci 2 6: rieid Hcckey I ' i. BiKeiica Soccei 1 ' 6. facuttu tlatlu in hi m Satuidau Cctcbci 27: V6. Te.n ' kibuiij 1:30 Cicii Ccunttii State Cf.aa ' (ecf 3 •• Vance eatulir.a " c t ki iia E(6e " i:30 Homecoming Committee j?:;;:; ' I; One of the less well known but more interest- ing sports at A.H.S. is soccer. This year ' s cap- tains, Dave Vivian and Kevin Campbell, led the : team through a successful 14-2 season, and on ' ' ■ to state competition. Much of this success can 1; .; be attributed to the tremendous efforts of the - coaches, Mr. Lee and Mr. Lawson. To them go . .. our sincerest thanks. The seniors wish a suc- i ' l i cessful season to next year ' s team and captains ' Joe Wotjkun and Harry Collins. F I E L D H O C K E Y The field hockey team, coached by Mrs. Rachael Normile, won the Merrimack League Championship for the second consecutive year. Led by co-captains Rossa McGoff and All-Star Sally Kruse, they defeated Wilmington after two playoff games. Scorers were Sally Kruse with 12 goals, Carolyn Ramsdell and Susan White with 3 goals, and Mary O ' Leary and Laura Rice with one goal each. The defense was exceptionally strong, led by All-Star center half Ellen Childs and backed up by All-Star goalie Jannie McDonald. What can they attribute their great success to? Some say it was Regina ' s unending spirit — all over the school. Others say it was Janet ' s constant inspiration — " Do you guys want jackets or not? " But whoever you ask, they all agree that the main reason they won, was due to one practice in particular — on a particularly muddy day. Scrambling around in the mud, often on all fours, does much to lift spirits. The JV team, coached by Miss Jo-Ann Samra, had a winning season. May the team next year have great success. Andover vs. Billerica 2-1 Andover vs. Tewksbury 4-0 Andover vs. Chelmsford 5-4 Andover vs. Wilmington 1-1 Andover vs. Dracut 4-0 Andover vs. Methuen 2-0 Andover vs. Billerica 0-1 Andover vs. Wilmington 0-0 Andover vs. Wilmington 0-0 Andover vs. Wilmington 2-0 114 To win is the name of our game. Cross Country M V c c h a m This year ' s cross-country team had it ' s most success- ful season topped off by a M.V.C. League meet Championship. The team had an 8-1 record, which gained a co-championship in the league. In addi- tion, the cross-country team got a second in the Northern Area Meet, and a fourth place in the State Class Meet and Catholic Memorial Invitational Meet. Golden Warrior Captain George Itz went undefeat- ed in the regular dual meet season and along with Glen Cantwell, Dave Pratt, Craig Burton, Rick St. Louis, Winn Gaynor, and Pat Russo completed the group known as the Deadly Seven. Also running for the Warriors were senior Randy Dagley, Bob Driscoll, Seth Beroz, Steve Tobias, Glen Pulsford, juniors, John Dibotteto, and sophomores Jeff Cadimus, Mike Healy, Joe Fox, and First Year Coach Jerry Grasso running with the team at every practice. 115 The Andover High School " Golden Warrior " basketball team, led by Mick- ey Noel, Mark Sweetser, Greg Brown, and George Stedman, finished up the 1972-73 season with an impressive 14-5 record. This was supposed to be a re- building year for Coach Hixon as a re- sult of the loss of 67 " Scott White and 6 ' 5 " Carnell Cooper. Somebody forgot to tell the " Golden Warriors " for not only did they end up with a fine rec- ord, but also qualified for the Tech Tourney for the sixth straight year. Congratulations to Coach Hixon and the " warrior " team. 118 119 G I R L S B A S K E T B A L L If you want a game from a different view the way girls play basketball is totally new While the boys are still knockin we girls keep a rockin and swishem and sockem straight thru! Our stands may be empty but our seats are quite full we take it from our coach and give the refs bull our scoring and pushing and the way we fast break was so very exciting the bench kept awake we take the losses along with the wins ' cause once the game ends the real passes begin when our team runs up court we create quite a breeze and if we knock each other out we ' ve still got our jayvees now the season has ended back to baking and weavin but don ' t laugh at us, at least we broke even . we ' ve got what it takes we ' ve got pride and esteem but when they talk about basketball we ' re not what they mean ! The 73-74 Hockey Team led by Co-Captains Bob Driscoll and Ken Hubbell underwent a building year (ending up sixth in the M.V.C.). Because of the loss of ten of twelve starters from last year ' s State Quarter Finalists, many new faces appeared in the line-up this year. Among the newcomers were leading scorers Steve Hillmann and Mark Farnham who along with Ken Hubbell made up the first line. Also up front were Jeff Lavin, Wright Niziak, Brian Flannery, John Shaw, Harry Collins, and Tim Tanner. On defense were Bob Driscoll, Bob Messersmith, Kurt Anderson, Jack Tanner, Dale Crossan, and Jim Watson, while the goal was protected well by Chris Cullinan. 123 " At a way Rebecca " Co-captain Karen Billings Don ' t tell me — is he here? The championship " The mighty-mighty seniors!? " Thanks to Gloria ' s and Copper ' s per- sistent coaxing and assistance, Shaw ' s Squaws completed this season with 7 wins and 1 loss, making them number 2 in the Merrimack Valley League. Special congratulations go to the co- captains, Ellen and Karen, for qualify- ing for the state individuals. The whole team has worked together well, and each individual has proven herself es- sential to the team — by spotting, ob- taining a needed point, or lifting the team spirit a bit higher! " Come on you guys! " Co-captain Ellen Childs 124 Only one and a half points! Gymnastics Girl ' s Scoreboard Methuen 36.85 " A " 51.60 Medford 51.65 " A " 54.85 Gloucester 50.90 " A " 60.10 Peabody 49.85 " A " 56.45 Masconomet 51.90 " A " 67.05 Billerica 47.55 " A " 54.60 N. Reading 71.65 " A " 70.20 Lowell 68.85 " A " 70.35 Steadily increasing TOP — Kim Meyers, Lori Buchan, Co-captain Karen Billings, Co-captain Ellen Childs, Patty Healy. STANDING — Coach Sue Shaw, Kathy Degan, Carolyn Ramsdell, Elaine Kelly, Nancy Sullivan, Assistant coach Marnie Lawson. KNEELING — Meg Allen, Moreen Gilday, Diane Kelly, Janet Moreau, Brenda Chalifour, Chris Gutermann. Missing — Ginny Dow and Sue Childs. Up now. Fireball Fred. It ' s nice to have support. N. Reading 54.10 " A " 80.25 Winthrop 76.35 " A " 79.30 Tewksbury 50.20 " A " 74.85 Salem N.H. 79.05 " A " 79.10 Saugus 55.60 " A " 78.95 Masconomet 54.80 " A " 79.80 Beverly 62.10 " A " 77.90 L. Sudbury 116.30 " A " 80.70 TOP — Gary Obermeier, Dave Sirois, Russell Tassinari, Shawn Winters, Ralph Borrelli, Rick Jaffe, Coach Jackie Gleason, Assistant coach Steve Sirois. MIDDLE — Harold Webber, Doug Spencer, Dave Mirisola, Roy Charland, Jerry Gould, Steve Mitten, Robert Hinkley. BOTTOM — John Porrotta, Jim Connors, Tom Marble, Co-captain Greg Obermeier, Co-captain Rodney Stedman, Tim Newhouse, John Cheetham. 125 All Brawn no brain Co-captain Rodney Stedman. It ' s a long drop Jimbo. The co-captains for Andover are?? Co-captain Greg Obermeier. The boys gymnastic team, coached by Jack Gleason and Steve Sirois, has had a really fine season. A record of 7 wins and 2 losses has brought them to sec- ond place in the North Shore League. A pat on the back to co- captain Rodney Stedman. Ralph Borrelli. Dave Mirisola, Shawn Winters and Jerry Gould for mak- ing it to state individuals. Co-captains Greg Obermier and Rodney Stedman will be leaving a well rounded team to next year ' s tri captains: Ralph Borrelli, Dave Sirois and Dave Mirisola. Return- ing lettermen are Shawn Winters. Russ Tassinari, Gary Obermier, Rick Jaffee, Jim Connors and Roy Charland. Promising upcoming Juniors include Jerry Gould, Tom Marble, John Cheetham, Steve Mitten, Tim Newhouse, John Por- rotta, Doug Spencer and (last but not least) Harold Webber. They ' ll be looking forward to an even better season. is this right, Mallet? CATCH ME!! It won ' t break, Will it?! Eat your heart out Lone Ranger Shine on Harvest Moon! 126 FIRST ROW: Bill Haskell, Peter Mueller, tri-captain s: Bob McCarthy, Ray Pizarro and George Itz; Pat Russo, Mike Roy, Greg Fuller. SECOND ROW: Bruce Maclntyre, Glen Cantwell, Bill DeLuca, Bob Burrows, Bart Farrell, Marty Nikonchuk, Randy Dagley, Richie St. Louis, THIRD ROW: Winn Gaynor, Greg Cantwell, B. Fortier, T. J. Stamus, Joe Wojtkun, David Pratt, Paul Maclntyre, Mike Russo, S. Burton. FOURTH ROW: Jeff Jordon, Mike Detroia, Peter Reilly, John Fox, Connors, Jeff Cadmus, Tim Dewhirst, Dave Packard. FIFTH ROW: Dick Bourdeiais Coach, James Myers, Jim De- yermond, Mark Skinder, Mitch Sawaya, Dave Rindone, Carmen lanaccelli Coach. Indoor Track 8-0 Tewksbury — 69 to 17 Lawrence — 67 to 19 Wilmington — 45 to 41 Bilevica — 55 to 31 Austin Prep. 71 to 15 Central Catholic — 69.5 to 16.5 Chelmsford — 58 to 28 Methuen — 68 to 18 League Meet — 49.5 ANDOVER undefeated winners! 127 Sports -Tuesday, February 12, 1974 Perfect AHS derails rest of the league 1 Class Officers SENIORS President — Tony Gonzales Vice President — Tim Driscoll Secretary Treasurer — Patti Healy JUNIORS President — Jim Moore Vice President — Karyl Levinson Secretary Treasurer Joan McNamara SOPHOMORES President — Ginger Eaton Vice President — Carolyn O ' Hara Secretary Treasurer — Jane Allen 130 Student Advisory Committee Greg Brown, Bob McCarthy, Sandy Healy, Mark Hamilton, Mark Sweetser. As surprising as it may seem there is a form of student government that has been working hard this year for the student body. It ' s the Student Advisory Council and this year marks its second year in existence at Andover High its objectives a) institutionalising an effective form of student government, and b) changes in school policy. Junior committee members (Ms.) Sandy Healy and (Mr.) Mark Hamilton contributed greatly to the success of this year ' s committee. Sandy served as secretary of the council and Mark fought fearlessly as the chairman of the smoking committee to preserve the student smoking rights. Seniors were, Greg Brown who served as chairman of the council. Bob Mc- Carthy, who was largely responsible for the success of the New School program with Phillips. Handling the Social Activ- ities Committee was Mark Sweetser, and our State Representative was Ann Palmieri. this has been a public service announcement . . State and Regional Advisory Councils What is it? A group of students from public and non-public schools throughout the Commonwealth who meet regularly with the Commissioners representatives. Why? To provide for the Commissioner an advisory group of students drawn from a variety of educational com- munities as recipients of current educational programming. To provide for youth an opportunity to advise the Chief State School Officer as to our educational needs and concerns. What has been done? Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities. A Student Service Center. What are we doing? A Position paper on the Confidentiality of Student Records. Guidelines for Due Process procedures. Public Relations. We have also worked on numerous other projects. We have submitted bills on Student Rights and Responsi- bilites and Suspension and Expulsion. These were not passed, we need your help and support. State Representative Ann Palmieri Ann Palmieri 132 American Field Service A.F.S. American Field Service — What is it? In basic terms, it is an im- port-export firm responsible for the exchanging of students throughout the world. What does the club do? Well, it has a fan- tastic time educating visiting students and exposing everyone to different experiences. The following commentary portrays some of our results: " SAMBA! That ' s it Oystein, wiggle them hips Martha can do it. Hey Craig, why the contented look? And what ' s that GREEN STUFF you ' ve been drinking so much lately? Mrs. Davis, do you know what ' s going on because Dean sure doesn ' t By the way Mr. President, what kind of a BODY is it you have? Uh, Martha could you repeat that again please OH NO!!! Ellen wants to go where??? Remember that bail we had at the ball Dick you sure swing a mean waltz! Ellen what do you mean YOU got the tickets I GOT THEM!! Remember Audi? (no not the car) and on the subject of names, its Dudu, not Dodo!!! Our thanks to Mark D. and his traveling stereo . . . Lisa, you are cordially invited its sing along with Cindy time . but we still haven ' t gotten Charlie off the MTA . Kev- in, talk about a man of few words . . congratulations Frank and Nancy and we still love our country . . (Which one is it?) " Martha Mansur From Brazil LEFT — Craig MacDonald, visited Argentina. RIGHT — Kevin Staid, visited Brazil . el presidente Dean Hart. when the Ecology Club met in September we knew something was wrong. For three years litter campaigns and earth days had contributed to environmental awareness in Andover. The town had assumed the recycling program. We were looking forward to working again in the elementary schools and taking nature trips but . . The Ecology movement had matured. Public interest had peaked and declined as people came to realize the cost of pollution con- trol and the consequent threat to life style. Many of the involved dropped out as they became discouraged or bored. Our club was .na xception. » ..i o rTiaLe ' ' matters worse several new crises sud- denly emerged to capture public attention — cri- sis in government and economy and finally an energy crisis pushed environmental concern into ' the background. All of this at a time when envi ronmental questions were more challenging than ever before. What kind of planning and leg- islation do we need to make man happy while observing the limits and needs of nature? How do we go about such things? decided to reorganize A.E.A., Andover Ecol- i " Action, a club made up of students from the ««i " -J i— High School and Phillip ' s Academy. Our goal was to inform and activate the public and to effect legislation. To do this we had to first develop re- source materials, legislative contacts and com- munication with local, state and national envi- ronmental organizations. . " Old Ocean ' s grey and melancholy Are but the solemn decorations all Of the great tomb of man. " In the process we have learned a lot about commitment and about ourselves. Rather than the traditional group picture we would like to share some thoughts with you. Think of a spring day . . " Thanatopsis " . . . Jonathon Livingston Seagull the Beatles, singing " Across the Universe " . . " Go forth, under the open sky, and To Nature ' s teachings, while from all around Comes a still voice. " ' Nothings going to change my world. " . " The gull sees farthest who flies highest. ' PHOTO CLUB Like the nation, the Photography Club hid its adnninistrative difficulties with routine occupations of picture taking for the YEARBOOK, Football program and school system, and the necessary indoctrination of new mem- bers. However, news soon leaked out of real darkroom activities. When the following exerpts from a day ' s tape hidden behind the WBCN button fell into YEARBOOK hands: Hey, what is this place — a clubhouse? No, it ' s a secret society Where did you get the furniture? @ $%4 ' . Greg, the ceiling is SHOCKING Where ' s Applebee? Playing tennis, in graphics, RIDING around? Libby, Libby, Libby and the Labell, Labell, Labell Hey, it ' s One More Print Cheyette A.K. is a DOPE We love you Blueberry Muffin — from the fellas Applebeee has developer on the brain So what, A.K. has fixer on the knees Steve — What are you holding? Did you hear that ? BLEEP The Mating Call of a rubber duckie ??? President Tom Appleton, questioning the veracity of the above material, used executive privilege in reclaiming the tapes. Veep " Spiro " Mufson was soon deemed responsible for the administrative " difficulties " , and his last statement regretfully informed us that the entire 6 months of recorded data were erased by Secretary Libby Seifel while accidentally pressing the record button as she listened to an unexpected obscene phone call. students teaching students Educational what?!! it ' s students teaching stu- dents, . Or in layman ' s terms a program where kids from the High Sch ool teach, (or try anyway) kids from the Jr. Highs, South and Bancroft schools during C, D, F and G periods, . . (you may have no- ticed them hightailing it over the hill every day) . . Now you may ask, " How does one become an involvee? " . first you must talk to Head Involver, Mr. Silverman, (YES, he DOES do more than suspend people), who will assign you with a supervising teach- er, or to put that in layman ' s terms . your CO. in the front lines from whom you receive the orders of the day the third and last step is facing the enemy more commonly known as your students . Seri- ously though, here ' s one involvee ' s opinion . . . " It ' s a fantastic program, you learn from the kids as they learn from you! ! ! " Marine Science pictures from Gloucester Harbor The Lake yacht Advisor — Mr. Lake President — Chris Cullinen Secretary — Cheryl Foster The Marine Science Club at the High School is full of brave souls who repeatedly storm our beaches prov- ing time and time again that the ocean IS salty! ! They learn of life in tidal pools and sample exotic fishes, (remember all those sharks and clams)? Board the Albatross for adventure and then climb into your dory and row!! Feel the salty breezes against your face, (this is better than an Old Spice commercial) . . . but never forget all the trips to Gloucster Harbor and Cape Ann that were rained out! ! ! ! The Botany Club ' s membership doubled this year . . 5 members instead of 2 . last year the club took care of plants in the main foyer, this year they also tend to any plants teachers in the school may have and take care of the greenhouse. Head Botanist Mr. Vurgaropulos said the club hasn ' t been too active this year but they are always on the look-out for new members . and you don ' t even need a green thumb to join!!!! Botany Club Advisor: Mr. Vurgaropulos 139 The Future Nurses isn ' t just another club at Andover High, and mem- bership isn ' t limited exclusively to people interested in pursuing nurs- ing as a career. It ' s open to ALL students, and involves all fields of medicine. This year marked the first year of its existence at the school and the theme was learning by doing (or at least getting as close as possible). For Halloween the girls visited a local nursing home with treats for all. Another activity was a tour of Lawrence General Hospital. So whether its nursing or being a veterinarian, join the nurses club and see. Future Nurses Advisor — Miss Wescott Math Team Math League people are very human people. They can ' t help it if they ' re crazy enough to like free dinners, boisterous bus rides and the use of their very hidden wits. Mathenians are not a differ- ent race of people. They like the same things as everyone else. Only they know that they don ' t have to go to the movies to see Frankenstein. He ' s looking over their shoulders during the tests, trying to see how well Chelmsford ' s doing com- pared to Andover. The Mathenians turn and smirk at him, " Andover will get you yet. " The Mathenians come to each meet well prepared. They all know that if they don ' t know how long Mr. McGoo had had had had 5 turnips growing be- fore the fungus attacked at the rate of 7 bites per second then they should put a num- ber 1 in the answer box. And to tie tongues together they ' ll tell you that after 3 torturous timed tests of ten toxic minutes, if you haven ' t totalled terribly terrific, don ' t dare drown. Because the fungus turns to tempting you, to tickle tickle at 2 tic- kles ten times twelve. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Last and not at all least. 2, 4, 6, 8, who do math- enians appreciate? 4, 16, 36, 64 and Mr. Lawson. National Honor Society President — Julie Russem Vice President — Susan White Publicity — Greg Brown Secretary — Diane Prescott Induction Ceremony — Elizabeth Seifel Service Projects Chairmen — Joseph Demanche Fund Raising — Karen Babicki George Stedman MEMBERS: Bernard Edelstein Cheryl Harris Sally Kruse Barbara Lenes Craig MacDonald Douglas Merkel Heather Moody Diana Mulcahy Edward Need Marleah Ramsdell David Schlegel George Stedman Mark Sweetser Elaine Thorsen Richard Zollner This year was the first year that a Swim Club was organized at Andover High School. The Club ' s great enthusiasm, ener- gy and spirit, has made their first effort worthwhile. The Club practices every Monday and Wednesday nights at the Greater Lawrence Vocational School. They have competed against many schools and hope that the team will propser in years to come. w I m c I u b 147 The Audio Visual Department is located above the library and is easily recog- nised by the sign on its door which reads, NO THRU-WAY A.V. ONLY! ! Run by Mrs. Ryden (Mr. Dengler can be found here also) the A.V. Department is where you can find all those audio-visual aids like; projectors, record players, tape recorders, . extension cords . . and an efficiently trained staff of au- dio-visual aides to help you when your aids won ' t work, won ' t work, won ' t work . . . The Library Changes It ' s Name ... to; Media Center Directed by Mr. Phillips, the library took on a new look this year. First of all its nanne, (it ' s no longer the library for those of you who haven ' t heard), is now the Media Cen- ter. Next were the new lighted cubicles and the wall which separates the magazine section from the rest of the center. All this renovating of the library was to transform it into a living center where students can do research through more than books. Mi- cro-film, slides, tapes, and even the T.V. can be used by all students just by asking. The Media-production room houses the Center ' s new stereo which can be used by any student in a free period, who wishes to listen to or to tape the library ' s records or just listen to his own albums or tapes. Ski Team Spread Eagle n Three years ago a group of Andover High School seniors, and a skiing enthusiast by the nanne of Joe Sweeney, formed Andover High ' s first Ski Team. Interest in skiing at other schools in the area result- ed in the formation of the Merrimack Valley Ski League. Although the team is student sponsored and stu- dent supported by dues and fund raising drives, the original idea was eventually to become a var- sity sport. At present it still isn ' t, but in the future, hopefully things will change. Skiing is one sport that can be enjoyed by all, and at any age. Mr. Sweeney, our coach is an excellent example, as he is still racing at age 60. The Student Sponsored Ski Team at Andover thanks Mr. Sweeney for his effort and patience during the past three years, and hopefully through that effort skiing will become a varsity sport. Brennan Kavanagh Ski Team Treasurer This year the Outing Club opened its membership to the whole town instead of just Andover High students and is now sponsored by the recreation department. But so far, any attempts at taking any weekend trips or day hikes have been canceled be- cause of weather, though the club ' s annual trip to Mt. Isolation is still in the planning stages for some time in February. (Vicky, we ' ll eat your beef-stew yet! !) The reasoning behind becoming a function open to the town was to attract experi- enced climbers and hikers in the town, as well as those who have no experience in back-packing or camping. This would give the club a wider range of resources to use when planning trips. In previous years, the Outing Club has been one of the most ac- tive groups in the school. With interest and a little help from the weather, it can be- come one of the most active in town too. J The ABC House at 134 Main Street. THE ABC EXPERIENCE For those of you who do not know what ABC is I will explain. ABC stands for A BETTER CHANCE, a program in which minority students are brought from their hometown schools to new schools for a better education. The program started in Andover six years ago. This is my second year in Andover and I am a senior from Camden, Arkansas. I live in the ABC House on 134 Main Street. There are twelve other ABC students in the house this year. They come from states all over the country; Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, North Carolina and Washington D.C. We have three sophomores, seven juniors and three seniors in the house. When I first came last year, it was hard to fit in to this new system. A system in which I had thirteen other brothers and we all had to work together. There are quite a few jobs to do around the ABC House and they are divided among all of us. In coming here I had to adjust to alot of new rules, like study hours from seven o ' clock to ten o ' clock and lights out at ten forty-five. It was hard, but I finally got into the swing of things. In the ABC House we all work together. Beside the students there are two tutors from Merrimack College and the directors or house parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rogers. Overall I would say that everything has worked out for me. I will graduate in june and hope to go on to college. Some of the things that happened here will have a great bear- ing on my life and I will always remember the ABC House at 134 Main Street. Leon Dobbins The Newcomer ' s Club is open to all students in the high school who have lived in Andover less than two years. Its purpose is to initiate new students into the school and town while offering social and recreational opportunities. This year the club has been bowling, skating and is planning a trip to one of the museums in Boston. So if you ' re new to the system, don ' t stand in a corner and bite your nails, join the Newcomer ' s. BACK ROW — John Kieschinsky, Dan Shepard, Willie Hodge, Paul Marinelii, Ken Marinelli, Ralph Doughty, Daryll Amey. FRONT ROW — Barbara Collins, Lynn Palmer, Andee Fisher, Martha Mansur, Bozena Wislocka. SAC KIND i 1st ROW — Diane Saunders, Regina Park, Chris Reddington, Ann Saba, Maureen Garnna, Nancy O ' Connor. 2nd ROW — Maureen Byrne, Sue Donnelly, Donna Lee Jacobson, Debbie Saba, Joy Scribner, Debbie Mascott, Kim Liponis, Andrea Eldred. BACK — Mr. Ryan, Kevin Saba, Peter Crossan. Student Guidance Committee Pep Club!! Let ' s hear it for SPIRIT!! iThey Long To Be) CLOSE TO OU Guitar Mr. Collins The three choral groups at the A.H.S. are all directed by Mr. Gould and Mr. Collins. CHORALE is an all girls choir meeting three times a week, A CAPELLA is a selected mixed chorus which meets every day, and Madrigal is a group of sixteen students who take advanced singing in addition to A Capella. This year Mr. Gould also held voice classes and harmony courses. Mrs. Culp 156 The Madrigal Singers. want to announce that the school play this year, Mr. Peepers was a toot-tootler. Jolly is the word. Nice word. The cast was filled with ladies with eager shining faces and men with the eyes of eagles. The show had a new nurse who explained her uniform and a strapless young lady who cried at the slightest littlest things. It drove her " father " crazy. The show was mobbed with little friends who were always trying to crawl out the win- dows. Whatever did they find so, so, appealing about the dark? And then there was Mr. Caldicotts little black book the variable condenser, all the little iron men, the samovar, the abadades, OH!! All those devils!!! Those romantic little devils!! I thank you Junior, wowie, take my pulse, and you too, Mr. Peepers, you dog you, you crazy lady killer, and Nancy ' s lovely cranium. And we won ' t forget the wow at the drinking fountain when Mr. King and Mr. Brennan added their touch. Well, that ' s the way she goes, Ah? Went! ! JAMES D. DOHERTY — Class of ' 33 JOSEPH B. DOHERTY — Class of ' 27 WILLIAM A. DOHERTY — Class of ' 25 JOHN P. S. DOHERTY — Class of ' 17 FRANCIS I. McBRIDE — Class of ' 62 WILLIAM J. DOHERTY — Class of ' 65 JOSEPH B. DOHERTY, JR. — Class of ' 68 JAMES D. DOHERTY, JR. — Class of ' 76 DOHERTY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. DOHERTY REALTY AGENCY, INC. 21 ELM ST. ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 161 KRISTA ABELS ■ ' 3 Fulton Rd. Cheerleader 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Homecoming 4; Band 2; Swim Club 2,3; Pep Club 3,4; Play 3. JOYCE E. ABUGOV 18 Sherbourne St. Acapella Choir 2; Cheerleader 2; Outing Club 2,3; Class Vice Pres. 2; Homeroom Secretary 2,3; Hotline 2, 3; Treasurer 4; Ecology Club 4; Al- ice in Wonderland 3. JAMES M. ADAMS 20 Birch Rd. HOWARD ALBERQUE 5 Matthews Wrestling 4; Football 3. DEBRA L. ANDERSON 10 Chandler Circle Homeroom Rep. 2; Gymnastics 3; Homecoming 4; Ski Club 2,3; Of- fice Aide 4; A.F.S. 4; Pep Club 2,3,4. RICHARD T. ANDERSON 105 Wildwood Rd. TOM C. APPLETON 4 Harding St. JULIE BEAULIEU 272 High Plain Rd. International Club 4; Prom Com- mittee 3; Horsemanship Club Pres. 4; Pep Club 3,4; Homecoming 4; Chorale 2. SANDRA L. BEDARD 11 Lesley Ave. Methuen JOHN BELANGER NANCY A. BENNETT 28 County Rd. ELIZABETH ANN BERNARD 459R South Main St. Warriors 3,4; Band 2,3,4; Newspa- per Business Manager 3,4; Year- book Rep. 3. SETH BEROZ 7 Mary Lou Lane Tennis 3,4; Cross Country 4; Year- book 3,4; Photography Club 2,3,4; Newspaper 3. SUSAN M. BERUBE KAREN BILLINGS CHRIS BRESNAHAN 211 Salem St. Baseball 2,3,4. PHILLIP BRILLIANT BARRY BRONSON 35 Juniper Rd. GREG BROWN 21 Gleason Chairman Student Advisory Council 4; Homeroom Rep. 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Boys Basketball Club 2,3,4; Football 2,4; Soccer 3; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4. LORI BUCHAN 19 Prospect Rd. J.V. Hockey 2; Varsity Hockey 3,4; Varsity Gymnastics 2,3,4; Outing Club 2,4; Latin Club 2. KEVIN J. BURKE 10 Mary Lou Lane CRAIG BURNS 56 Wildwood Rd. CYNTHIA BURNS 85 Central St. Student Directory 45 Woodland Rd. RUSSELL J. ARSENAULT DAVID JOSEPH ASHTON 64 Stevens Football 2,3,4; Track. ALISON ATWOOD 3 Tobey Lane Softball 2,3. JOSEPH A. AUCHTERLONIE 62 Essex St. KAREN ANN BABICKI 122 Greenwood Rd. Band 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Girls Track 2,3. KATHERINE LEE BARTHOLDI 4 Agawam Lane Homecoming 4; Pep Club 4; Intra- murals 4; Prom Committee 3; Hu- manities 4; Outward Bound 4. BONNIE BAR! LETT 18 Ridge St. Spanish Club 2; Yearbook 4; Year- book Homeroom Rep. 4; Interna- tional Club 4. RAYMOND BEATTIE " ■ , 45 Bartlctt St. Gymnastics 2,3; capt. 4; Varsity Club 4; Ski Club 2,3; Pep Club 2,3. MICHELLE BITLER 150 Shawsheen Rd. Band 2,3,4. SHARON BOUCHER 66 Chestnut St. DAVE BOVENZI 214 Haggetts Pond Rd. Football 2,4; Soccer 3; Spring Track 2,3,4; Indoor Track 2. MARiA BOWEN 12 Bannister Rd. Track 2; Musical 2; Prom Commit- tee 3. MARK ANDRE BOZEN 290 Lowell St. KATHLEEN BRENNAN 12Carmel Rd. Decisions Unlimited 2; Creative Workshop 3; Art Show Committee 3; Dance Club 3; Color Guard 4; Yearbook Literary Staff 4; Silvers- mith Guild 3, Sec. 4. ROBERT BURROW 27 Wolcott Ave. Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Win- ter Track 2,3,4. ELLEN BUZZETT 6 Deerberry Lane LINDA MARIE CAIRNS 7 Hawthorne Circle Majorettes 2; Co-head 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4. ALAN CAMERON 241 Holt Road Ski Club 3; Spring Track 3; Photog- raphy Club 2,3; Marine Sciences 3. KEVIN CAMPBELL 4 Cindy Soccer 2,3,4; Capt. Hockey 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Capt. GLEN CAMERON CANTWELL 6 West Parish Drive Cross Country 4; Outdoor Track 3, 4; Indoor Track 4; Soccer 3. KEVIN E. CARNEY 12 Burnham Rd. Football 2. BEST OF LUCK HUGHES PHARMACY 16 MAIN ST. ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 475-0107 Alan L. Hughes Regular Pharmacist " Punchard High " class of 1953 CYNTHIA LOIS CARTER 373 South Main St. Guidance Office Aide 2,3,4; Year- book 3; Newspaper 3. LISAMARIE CATANZARO 400 Lowell St. Homeroom Clerk 2; Rotating Rep. 3; ].V. Hockey 3; Play 3,4; A.F.S. 4; Pep Club 4; Homecoming 4; Grad- uation Committee 4; Yearbook 4; Educational Involvement 3,4. KARENLEE CAUCHEY 26 York Prom Committee 3; Warriors 3,4; Homecoming 4; Outing Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Ski Team 3,4; Swim Team 4. DAVID CHAPMAN 30 Wolcott Ave. Yearbook 3. DAVID CHEYETTE 4 College Circle Humanities Club 2,3,4; Photogra- phy Club 2,3,4; Ecology Club 2,3; Alice in Wonderland 3; Yearbook Photography Staff 3; Editor 4. ELLEN M. CHILDS 41 Porter Rd. J.V. Field Hockey 2; Varsity 3,4; Gymnastics 2,3; Capt. 4; J.V. Tennis 2; Varsity 3,4; Homecoming 4; Ecol- ogy Club 3; Yearbook 4. WAYNE CHURCHILL LINDA CLAPP 269 South Main St. Chorale 2,3; Girls Glee Club 2; Edu- cational Involvement 4; Library Aide 4. SCOTT D. CLARK 21 Corbett St. RICHARD A. CLENDANIEL 5 Lockway Rd. Field Hockey 2,3; Class Sec.-Treas. 3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Graduation Cojnmittee 4; Home- coming Co-Chairman 4; Musical 2, 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Yearbook Rep 2, 3; Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 2; Accapella 2,3. LEIGH CLEVELAND DONNA E. COHEN 5 William St. Student Tudor 3,4; Teacher ' s Aide 4; Yearbook 3,4; Tennis 2; Observor Editor 4; Senate 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Outing Club 4; Photography Club 4. H. MYLES COATES 6 Richard Circle Boys Basketball Club 2,3,4; ).V. Bas- ketball 2; Varsity 3,4; Newspaper 4. CATHLEEN COBURN MARCELLECOLANERI 6 Wolcott Avenue. Accapella Choir 2,3,4; International Club 4. BETTY JEAN COLLINS 125ArgillaRd. JUSTINE COLLINS 131 Elm St. Ski Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Field Hockey 2,3; Yearbook 3; Home- coming 3; Horsemanship Club 4;; Spanish Club 2; Outing Club 2,3,4. LESLIE ANNE CONSTANZA 8 Fulton Rd. Chorale 2; Play 3,4; Prom CommWi- ' tee 3. Dance Club 3; Horsemanship Club 4; Silversmiths Guild 3,4; Education- al Involvement 3,4; Pep Club 2. THOMAS B. COPELAND 65 Dascomb Rd. LISA MARY COX 20 Haverhill St. Band 2,3,4; Girls Basketball 3. PETER A. CROSSAN 8 Sequoia Lane Outing Club 2,3,4; Outward Bound 2,3; Co-Chairman Student Guid- ance Committee 4; Student Gov- ernment 3. WILLIAM C. CROWLEY 6 Prospect Rd. JANEY ANN CULBERT Box 40 Off Beacon St. LESLIE ELLEN CULBERT 200 Laramie Rd. Griffin, Ga. 30223 Ski Club 2,3; Office Aide 2,3; Prom Committee 3. CHRISTOPHER ROBERT CULLINAN 20 Marie Drive Hockey 2,3,4; Outing Club 2; Ma- rine Science Club 4. RONALD P. GUSHING 22 Arthur Rd. RANDOLPH DAGLEV 6 Phaeton Circle Basketball 3; Spring Track 3; Cross Country 4; Band 2,3,4. KATHYDAIGLE 13 Alderbrook Rd. Modern Dancing 3. DOROTHY MARIE DALY 20 Wolcott Ave. Spanish Club 2; Pep Club 2; Year- book 4; Office Aide 2. STEPHEN DANFORTH 122 High St. Baseball 2,3,4. DAVID G. DARGIE 5 Patricia Circle Gymnastics 2,3,4. DENISE DARGOONIAN 22 Blanchard St. Horsemanship Club 4. CAROL DARLING 9 Mayflower Drive PAUL DEARBORN 109 Elm St. BETH ANN DEFRANCO 54 Juniper Rd. Decisions Unlimited 2; Ecology Club 2; Treas. 3; Photography Club 2. JOHN JOSEPH DEGAN III 11 College Circle DONNA L. DE KAVIS 5 Juliette Street ANDREA DEL DUCA 92 Elm Street WILLIAM DELUCA 61 Birch Rd. Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Baseball 2. JOSEPH 9 Amherst Rd. Yearbook 4; National Honor Socie- ty 3,4. DONNA DENNIS 7 Farrwood Drive Acapella Choir 2,3,4; School Play 3, 4. JOYCE DESjARDIN 46 Enmore St. DENISE DEVELIS 11 Hansom Rd. Prom Committee 3; Pep Club 3. PAUL DANIEL DILLON 386 South Main Street LEON DOBBINS 134 Main Street Outing Club 3; Newcomer ' s Club 3; Basketball 3. PATRICIA DONOVAN 186 North Main St. F.T.A. 2,3,4. CYNTHIA DOYLE JANICE MARIE DOYLE 11 Westwind Rd. Best Wishes to the Class of " 74 " FAY DRISCOLL INC. General Tire Distributors 576 Haverhill Street Lawrence, Massachusetts tel. 683-3131 t if 4 CONGRATULATIONS t- . ViS, F.T.A. 2,3; Dance Club 3. M. COLLEEN DRISCOLL 39 Morton St. Outing Club 2; Pep Club 2,3; Vice Pres. 4; Business and Advertising Co-Editor 4; Ski Club 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Prom Queen 3; J.V. Field Hockey 2; Co-Capt. 3; Varsity 4; Yearbook Rep. 2,3,4; Graduation Committee 4; Homecoming Com- mittee 4. ROBERT JAMES DRISCOLL 1 Marland Dr. Hockey 2,3 Co-capt. 4; Baseball 2,3, 4; Cross Country 4; Yearbook Staff 4. TIMOTHY DRISCOLL 39 Morton Street Outing Club 2; Musical 2,3,4; Soc- cer 3; Vice Pres. 3; Prom Committee 3; Ski Team 2,3; Yearbook 4; Vice Pres. 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Graduation Committee 4. RICHARD R. DUBE 228 Chandler Rd. Latin Club 2; Photography Club 3,4; Soccer 4; Lab Assistant 2. ANTHONY DUBOSE 17 Wolcott Ave. Basketball 2,3; Track 3. DENI DUFAULT 491 So. Main St. DEBBIE J. DUFRESNE 15 Enmore St. Field Hockey 2. MARGARET DYE 25 Smithshire Estates Ski Club 3,4; Ski Team 3; Basketball 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Future Nurses of America 3,4; Yearbook 4; Marching Band 2,3,4. BERNARD EDELSTEIN 1 Glen Cove Teenage Adult Collaborative 2; Ecology Club 2,3,4; Photography Club 2,3; Student Advisory Com- mittee 3; Yearbook Editor 4; Senate 2,3; Ski Team 2,3. ANDREA ELDRED 53 River Street Homecoming Committee 4; Gradu- ation Committee 4; Student Guid- ance Committee 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Yearbook 4. HELYSE ELLIOTT 5 Midland Circle BARBARA ELLIS 377 Salem Street Ski Team 2; Ski Club 3,4; Yearbook 4; Graduation Committee 4. KAREN ERICKSON 56 Ballardvale Road Latin Club 2; Music Man 2; Theater Workshop 2,3,4; Ecology Club A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Alice in Wonderland 3; Marine Bi- ology Club 4. ED ESTABROOK 369 High Plain Road Ski Team 3,4. ANN EULIE 37 Juniper Road Chorale 2; Humanities 4. STEVEN EVANS 177 Shawsheen Road MAUREEN FARLEY 12 Longwood Drive CHRISTINE FARNHAM 122 Chestnut Street Homeroom Clerk 2,3; Play 3; Pep Club 2. BART FARRELL 6 Strawberry Hill Road KAREN FEARING GAYLE FEENEY 13 Bowdoin Road Prom Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Yearbook 4; Chorale 2; Pep Club 4. DAN FEIER 10 College Circle Ecology Club 2,3,4. •it MCGOVERN ' S PHARMACY INC. Prescriptions Free Delivery Service 414 Lowell St. Lawrence, Massachusetts tel. 686-6651 DANA ' S SPORT SHOP Sports Gear and Get-Up From around the World 62 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 165 REINHOLD ' s FOOTWEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 13 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 22 Smithshire Estates S.A.C. 3; Humanities 3; Marine Bi- ology Club 4. ALFRED FICHERA 33 Kirkland Drive Homeroom Representative 2; Golf 2,3Capt. 4; Yearbook 4. ROBERT FISHER 71 Wildwood Road LOUIS FISK 24 Fox Hill Road Latin Club 2; Basketball 2,3; Tennis 3, capt. 4. ANN FITZGERALD 69 Lovejoy Road MARK ALAN FLEISCHER 7 YaleRd. STEVE FOOTE 117Balardvale Rd. Football 4. JO ANN FORTI 3 Sheffield Circle Girls Track Field 2,4; Hep Club 2,3, 4; |r. Prom Committee 3; Home- coming Comm. 4, Yearbook Sales 2, 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Homeroom clerk 2; Homeroom Rep. 3; Senior Play — stage crew 2. CHERYL ROSE FOSTER 96 Central St. Homecoming 4; Yearbook 4; Play 4; Marine Science Club 4. DAVID FOURNIER 163 Shawsheen Rd. ANDREW FRACKIEWIEZ 6 Ivanhoe Lane Marine Science Club 4. JAMES D. FREDERICK 191 AndoverSt. Soccer 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Track 3,4; Homecoming Committee 4. GREGORY FULLER 37 Linwood Rd. Football 2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4; Winter Track 4. PETER NELSON FULLER 10 Wolcott Ave. Track 2; Outing Club 2,3,4; Sac 2,3; Outwardbound Club 2,3; Ski Club 2,3,4; Ski Team 3,4; Chess Club 3. MAUREEN GALVIN 17 Memorial Circle SUSAN M. GALVIN .KMemP.dalXirde,, . CHARLES GARABEDIAN 214 Chandler Road ROBERT J. GILDEA III 5 Thresher Rd. Soccer 3,4; Baseball 3,4,2. SHEVAWN GODIN 3 Longwood Drive HOWARD GOLDSTEIN 8 Crescent Drive Ecology Club 4. WILLIAM GONYA 4 Johnson Rd. School Play 3; Football 1; Tennis, Varsity 4 Track, Varsity 1,2,3,4; Skiing; Student Government 1; Gymnastics 1. ANTONIO M. GONZALEZ 64 High Street Class President 2; Area Gov ' t Rep. 2, 3; Student Senate 2,3; Outing Club 2,3,4; Accappella Choir 2,3,4; Chair- man Homecoming 3; Homeroom Gov ' t Rep. 2,3; Class President 4. CARLOS GONZALEZ 134 Main St. Winter Track 3; Spring Track 3; Outing Club 3; Chemistry tutor 4; FORD ' S COFFEE SHOP Ayapi gives to All BEST WISHES COMPLIMENTS OF " OFF THE RACK 77 MAIN STREET (REAR) 475-6028 and ROCKINGHAM MALL SALEM, N.H. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF " 74 " LOUIS J. SIROIS CONSTRUCTION 51 JULIETTE ST. ANDOVER Majorettes 2; Office Helper 2. ELIZABETH PARKER HALL 79 Tewksbury St. Chorale 3; Colorguard 4; Spanish Club 3; Spanish Trip 3; Pep Club 1, 3; Prom Comm. 3; Newspaper 4. JOHN F. HAMILTON 14Ballardvale Rd. Gymnastics 2; Football 3,4; Gym- . nasties 3; Springs Track 3. KATHERINE ANN HAMILTON 14BallardvaleRd. KATHY S. HAMMERSLA 12 Crescent Drive Ecology Club 2,3,4; Judo 3; News- paper 3. MARK C. HANLON 39 Linwood St. Ski Team 2; Spanish Club 2; Ecology Club 2. BRENDA JOYCE HANSON 32 Kathleen Drive SUSAN M. HARNDEN 62 Haggetts Pond Rd. Office Aid 4. JOSEPH PATTRICK HARDINS 129 Haverhill St. Complimenfs of ELANDER AND SWANTON, INC. Men ' s and Young Men ' s Clothing and Haberdashery Shoes for Men, Women, and Children 54-58 MAIN STREET ANDOVER A. B.C. Vice President; Work S;udy. DEBBIE GORDON 33 Lincoln St. Girls Basketball 2,3,4; France Trip 4; Spain Trip 2; England Trip 3; Girls Softball 2,3,4; Ski Club 4; Outing Club 4; Band 2,3,4. LAURY ANN GOTTESFIELD 4 Forbes Lane J.V. Varsity Field Hockey 2,3,4; Varsity Tennis 2,3,4; J.V. Basketball 2; Math League 2,3,4; Theatre Workshop 4; National Honor Socie- ty 4; Varsity Club 4; Band Orches- tra 1,2,3,4. DANA GOULD 6 Stratford Rd. Madrigal Singers 2,3,4; Acappella Choir 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Basket- ball 2; Track 3,4; Play; Student Leaders Program 3,4; Education Involvement 4. SANDRA L. GRANT 198 Jenkins Road Silversmith Guild 2,4. NANCY GRAY 31 County Rd. Acappella Choir 2,3,4; Girls Track 3; A.F.S. 4; Future Teachers of Ameri- ca 2,3; Play 2. GORDON M. GREENHOW 38 Maple Ave. EDWARD S. GRIGOLI 4 Random Lane Drum Major 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 1,2, 3,4; Summer Stock Play 2; High School Play 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1, 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; All- State Band 1,2,3,4; All-Eastern Band 3; N.E. District Orchestra 1,2,3,4. GUERRY L. GRUNE 2 Magnolia Ave. Basketball Team 2; Basketball Club 2,3,4; Ecology Club 2,3,4; V.P. of Marine Science Club 4; Newspaper 4; Tennis Team 3,4; Swim Team 4; Football Team 4. CYNTHIA ANN HAEFLING 27 Princeton Ave. Outing Club 2; A.F.S. 3,4; Photogra- phy Club 4; Yearbook Photography 4. LYNNE MARIE HALE 147 River Rd. €sso] Tel. Days 475-2321 Nights 475-3953 Walkup s Garage Foreign and Domestic Car Repairs 17 RAILROAD STREET ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Andover Savings Bank Andover, North Andover, Methuen CHERYL ). HARRIS 16 Princeton Avenue Horsemanship Club 3,4; Silversmith Guild 3; Track Team 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Dance band 3; homeroom rep. 2; Phys. Ed. Program 3; Honor Society 3,4; Sec. of Soc. Studies 2. WILLIAM HARRISON 253 S. Main St. DEAN STANLEY HART 6 Stevens Circle Outing Club 1,2,3,4; A.F.S. 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Soccer 2,3,4; Outward Bound 2; Orienteering Club 4. CATHY LYNN HARTFORD 339 Salem St. DENNIS HARTY WILLIAM E. HASKELL III 18 Fox Hill Rd. Football 2,3,4; Winter Track 3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4. DIANE MARIE HAYWOOD 33 Fox Hill Rd. PATTY LOUISE HEALY 126 Lowell St. Field Hockey J.V. 3, Varsity 4; Girls I Track 2,4; Gymnastics J.V. 2; Varsity] 3,4, CATHY HENRY 100 Elm St. MICHAEL HERSHON 6 Argyle Rd. Newspaper 3,4; Humanities 2,3. BETTY LOU HILTON 207 Highland Rd. JOHN K. HILTON 207 Highland Rd. LINDA HINCKLEY 6 Stirling Rd. NANCY M. HINMAN 46 Wildwood Rd. Ski Club 2,3,4; Homecoming Com- mittee 4; Yearbook Committee 4. JANNA KIM HOBBS 43 Farrwood Drive Chorale 2; Choir 3,4; Play 2,3,4; Color Guard 3; Pep Club 4; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming 4; Homeroom Clerk 3; Yearbook 4. CAROL MARIA HODGMAN 85 Shawsheen Rd. Homeroom Rep. 2; Spanish Club 2, 3; Yearbook 3; Advertising and Business Co-Editor 4; Homecoming 4; International Club 4; Yearbook Homeroom Rep. 4; Graduation Committee 4; Spain Trip 2. PAUL DAVID HOFFMAN 57 Marilyn Rd. lUDITH A. HOLIHAN 68 Salem St. CHARLES E. HOLMES 112 Tewksbury SYDNEY A. HOOD 233 Holt Rd. SUSAN ELIZABETH HOPKINS 272 River Rd. Musical 2,4; Yearbook Literary Staff 4; Color Guard 2,3; Head 4; Cho- rale 2,3; Prom Committee 3. LAURA HOPLEY 56 Salem St. Humanity Club 3; Basketball 2; Spanish Club 2; Decisions Unlimit- ed 2. KENNETH j. HUBBELL 74 Wild Rose Drive Homeroom Rep. 2,3; J.V. Football 2; Hockey 2,3; Capt. 4; Varsity Golf 3,4. DEBBIE HUGHES 6 Forest Drive Girls Track 2; Marine Biology Club 4. SHELLEY HUNT 22Kirkland Drive MARK STEVEN HUTCHINS 60 High St. French Club 2; Pep Club 2,3: Hnmpromine 3.4. 168 ROSE GLEN DAIRY BAR DIVISION OF WILD ROSE FARM Andover St. ANDOVER LYDIA ' S HAIR STYLIST THE LATEST TREND IN HAIRDOS AND CUTS Located at 4 PARK ST. (top of FHughes Pharmacy) ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Prop: LydiaTateosian 475-4721 LINDA BETH ISSENBERG 14Smithshire Estates Yearbook Co-Activities Editor 4; Pep Club 2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; In- ternational Club 4; Yearbook! Homeroom Rep. 2,3,4; Graduation | Committee 4. GEORGE ITZ 6 Twinbrooks Circle Outing Club 2,3; Outward Bound 2; I Cross Country 2,3; Capt. 4; Indoor! Track 2,3; Co-Capt. 4; Outdoor! Track 2,3; Co-Capt. 4; Varsity Club| 2,3,4. DAVID JACKSON 12 McKenney Circle Football 2,3,4; Baseball 4. PAULA SUSAN JANUSZ 63 Brown St. BRENNAN M. KAVANAGH 8 Washington Ave. Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 2; Treas. 3; Ski Team 2, 3; Treas. 4; Ski Club 2; Newspaper 4. JAN KNARR Abbot Bridge Drive JUDITH R. KEATING 13 Florence St. Homecoming Committt ■ ; Year- book 4. PAULA MARIE KELLEY BIdg. C-1 Apt. 3 Colonial Drive Guidance Office Aide 2; Newspa- per Co-Sports Editor 3; Co-Editor 4; Color Guard 4; Homecoming 4. FRANK M. KENNbY II 11 Sagamore Drive Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; A.F.S. 4. D. STEVEN KETZLER 32 River Rd. Soccer 2; Concert Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 2,3,4. THOMAS KING 14 Downing STEPHEN KOCH 71 Osgood St. Photography Club 2; Math Club 2,3 4. HARRY KRIKORIAN 22 Gleason St. Ham Club Treas. 2. SALLY KRUSE 12 Arcadia Rd. Field Hockey 3; Co-Capt. 4; Basket- ball 3; Capt. 4; Tennis 2,3,4; Marine Science Club 4; Pep Club 3; Home- coming 4; National Honor Society 3,4. STEVEN KUBLIN 20 Candlewood TIMOTHY MICHAEL LANNAN 47 High St. Newspaper 4. THOMAS LAPOINTE 29 Strawberry Hill Rd. Hockey 2,3,4; Marine Science Club. KAREN ANNE LARSON 60 Central St. Hotline — Decisions Unlimited 2; Homeroom Rep. 3; Guidance Committee 4; Humanities Club 3. LAURA L. LAURENZA ' 132 Andover St. Ecology Club 2; Photography Club 2; Homeroom Clerk 2,3. JEFFREY C. LAVIN 9 Robandy Rd. Hockey 2,3,4. SUSAN JANE LAWSON 7 Abbott Bridge Drive Girls Basketball 3,4; Play 3; A.F.S. 4; Yearbook 4. DEBORAH L. LEE 5 Alderbrook Rd. JOHN LEE 60 Wildwood Rd. T.A.C. 2. PAULA B. LEED 169 49 Juniper Rd. Homeroom Rep. 2,3,4; Ecology Club 2,3; Photography Club 2; Red Cross Volunteer Committee 2; Y.E.S. Club 3, Pres. 4 Debating Club 3; Newspaper 2; North East Region Youth for Easter Seals Chairman 3,4. BARBARA LENES 3 Hackney Circle Softball 2. DAVID LEONARD 4 Arrowood Lanne DIANE LEVI , 52 Balmoral St. KIM LIPONIS 8BradlfeeRd. ' , Student Guidance Committee 4; International Club 4. MARY ANNE L ' lTALIEN 20 Elysian Drive Latin Club 2; Basketball 2,3,4; soft- ball 2,3,4; Chorale 2,3; Play 2,3,4; A CappellaChoir4. DAVID LOCKWOOD WILLIAM B. LUSSIER 11 High St. Rotating Rep. 2; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Basketball 2; Play 2; Jazz-Rock Singers 4. HEATHER LYBRAND SOShawsheen Rd. Ecology Club 3, V.P. 4; A.E.A. 4. SHEILA M. LYNCH 30 Juliette Office Aide 3,4. JOHN L. LYONS 5 Rennie Drive Ski Team 3; Co-Capt. 4, CRAIG MACDONALD 2 Hampton Lane A.F.S. Club 2,3,4; Outing Club 3,4; Ecology Club 2; Photography Club 2,3,4; Russian Club 2,3; Yearbook 3, 4. PETER MACDONALD Methuen Spanish Club 2; Play 4; Yearbook 4; Gymnastics 2,3,4; Outing Club 4. JEAN PATRICIA MACDOUGALL 39 McKenney Circle Homeroom Rep. 3; Senator, Co- Chairman 3. SUSAN J. MACDONALD 90 Elmwood Rd. STEPHEN B. MACKAY 289 Lowell St. DONNA LEE MACMILLAN 27 Bannister Rd. MICHAEL J. MADENSKY 4 Dean Circle ANNE MADDOX Silversmith Guild 2; Treas. 4. STEVEN F. MAGUIRE 22 Ivy Lane Outing Club 2; Ski Team 2,4; Na- tional Honor Society 4. DONNA MARIE E. MAILLOUX 39 Topping Rd. DIANE M. MANSOUR 12 Regis Rd. Homeroom Clerk 2,3. MARTHA DE SOUZA MANSUR 400 Lowell St. A.F.S. 4; Pep Club 4; New Comers Club 4; Homecoming 4; Yearbook 4. DOROTHY MARCHAJ A-2 Colonial Drive Ski Team 2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; Ecology Club 2,3,4. PAUL MARINELLI 3 Marigold Lane New Comers ' Club 4. JANICE MARIE MARINO 19 Juniper Rd. LUCILLE M. MARINO 164 Beacon St. A Cappella Choir 2; Pep Club 2,3; Spanish Club 3; Spanish Trip 3; Color Guard 4; Yearbook 4; Prom " THE HONEST ONE " LINCOLN ORANGE JUICE DRINK COMPLIMENTS OF ARLINGTON TRUST CO. SHAWSHEEN OFFICE Best Wishes to the Class of 74 Russem ' s Lawrence — Methuen Mall COLLINS REALTY THE GALLERY OF HOMES 5 Andover St. Andover, Massachusetts 475-1242 Committee 3,4; Chorale 2,3; Play 2, 4. JEFF MARKHAM 83 Gould Rd. SHARON MARKLE 126 BellvueRd. VIOLET MARNIE 104 Main St. jILL ]. MARTELLUCCi 8 Boston Rd. LINDA MARTIN ANN MCATAMNEY 59 Memorial Circle ROBERT MCCARTHY 65 Lovejoy Rd. Football 2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4; Winter Track 2,3,4; Student Adviso- ry Council 4. MICHAEL MCCANN 9Fiske St. MARY A. MCENEANEY 61 Salem St. Varsity Tennis 2,3; Yearbook 4; Girls Assistant Sports Editor 4. ROSEMARY MCGOFF 11 Appletree Lane J.V. Field Hockey 2; Varsity 3; Capt. 4; Ski Team 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Ecol- ogy Club 3; Yearbook 4. JAMES MCHALE 30 Wild Rose Drive ROBERT BRUCE MCINTYRE 1 Carisbrooke St. Football 2,3,4; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4; Homeroom Rep. 2. CHERYL A. MCKEOUGH SHARON LEE MCMANUS 15 Lowell Jet. Rd. CHRISTOPHER MCQUADE 175 Elm St. JOHN MCKEW 111 Greenwood Rd. MARCIA MCQUADE 23Cleason St. J.V. Field Hockey 3; Pep Club 3,4; Homecoming 4; Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4; Ski Club 4; Swim Club 4. LINDA MCWHINNIE 22 Chester MARYELLEN MEDEIRAS DAVID JOHN MEINELT 173 Elm SL ; Football 2. DOUGLAS MERKEL 1 Standish Circle ROBERT MEROLA JR. I Hunter Drive ROBERT E. MESSERSMITH 22 Cutler Rd. Hockey 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3. ELIZABETH MEYER 79 Woburn St. KIMBERLY ANN MEYERS 17 Pennie Drive Gymnastics 2,3,4; Warriors 4; Track 2,3,4. SANDRA MONTGOMERY II Carriage Hill Rd. Spanish Club 2; Yearbook 4; Pep Club 3,4; International Club 4; Graduation Committee 4. HEATHER E. MOODY 12Suncrest Rd. Ecology Club Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Home- room Rep. GEORGE I. MORIN 72 Park St. DAVE MOSHER 54 Woodland Rd. Best Wishes io the Class of 73 from RUSSELL G. DOYLE Class of 49 DOYLE LUMBER CO., INC. 63 CHANDLER ROAD ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 01810 WILLIAMS Fine Jewelry Olde Andover Village Andover, Massachusetts Soccer 4; Boseball 2,3,4. RICHARD MOSS Prim Minister of Ecology Club 4. PETER MUELLER 8 Brenlwool Circle Football 2; Coach 3,4; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Outdoor Track 2,3,4. KEVIN MUISE 20 Aldcrbrook Rd. DIAN.A C. MULCAHY 259 North Main Apt. 80 B Horsemanship Club 3,4; Humani- ties Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; French Club 2,3; Ham Radio Club 2; An- dover Store Front 2,3, WILLIAM JOSEPH MULCAHY 259 North Main Apt. SOB Chess Club 2,3. JEANNINE LOUISE MURPHY 12 Alderbrook Rd. Play 2; Glee Club 2; F.T.A. 2,3; Edu- cational Involvement 3,4; Color Guard 4. TERESA MURPHY . DOUGLAS J. NANGLE 3 .-Xyer St. Football 3. DEBBIE NANNIS 4 Amherst Spanish Club 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Yearbook Pep 4; Yearbook 4. DOREEN M. NARDONE 89 Lowell St. Homeroom Rep. 2,3,4. MARJORIE NEIL 49 Balmoral St. Silversmith Guild 2,3,4. REGINA CAROLINE NEWMAN 19 River St. MARTIN NIKONCHUK 48 Wildrose Drive Soccer 2,3,4; Indoor Track 2. WRIGHT NIZIAk 49 Birch Rd. Soccer 4; Hockey 3,4; Humanities 3. MICHAEL NOEL 272 North Main St. Varsity Football 3,4; Varsity Basket- ball 3, Capt. 4. PETER NOURY UENISE OBERMEIER 7 Donald Circle New Comers Club 2,3; Office Aide 2,3,4; Guidance Aide 2,3,4; Deci- sions Unlimited 2. JAYF O ' CONNOR MARY ELIZABETH O ' LEARY 43 Wildwood Rd. Pep Club 2,3,4; Field Hockey 2,3,4; Girls Track 2,3,4; Ski Team 4; Home- coming 4; Girls Basketball 4; Prom Committee 3. ANN L. PALMIERI 40 Enmore Street Homeroom Rep 2,3; Senate 3; Homecoming 2,3,4; Pep Club 2, Trcas. 3, Pres. 4; Yearbook Rep. 2,3, 1; Underclassman Co-e(iitor 3, Se- nior Section Editor 4; Class Pr( s. 3; Field Hockey 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Homecoming .Attendani 4; A.H.S. Regional Rep. 2,3,4 and State Rep. 3,4 to Mass. State Board ot Ed.; Assessment of Ed. in Ma. 4; Student Advisory Comm. 4. CYNTHIA A. PEI.RINE 87 Argilla Rd. Future Nurses of America 3,4; Span- ish Club 2,3; Spain Trip 2; Yearf)ook 4; Acappella Choir 2,3,4. MARK S. PERRAULT MARK R. L. PERREAULT 46 WhittierSt. JUDITH ANN PETEROF 309 River Rd. LYN PETERSON 60 River St. Homeroom Rep. 2. VALERIE PIERRAT 48 Farrwood Drive PATRICIA ANN PIERRO 543 Lowell St. KANE PILLSBURY 17 Towksburv M. Wresilini? J, 4. STEPHEN M. PITMAN 348 North Main St. RAPHAEL PI ARRO 114 l ovcjov R(l. V.irsitv l )Otl) ill 2,5,4; Wintt-r 2,J,4; Spring l,i,4- ALAN PL.ACE 8 Deorb( rrv L.ino Hoc kcv 2,3,4; B.isrb.ill 2,4. DOUG PL AC f 8 Dei ' riicrrv Line SUSAN PC)L[ MLVVICH I RANK ). POLIZOI II Hb C .rccnwood Rd V intci I r.u k 2,3,4. HARHAKA M. POPADAK bCLuk Ri . ALAN K. PORTER 166Lowfll St. Photot!;r.iphv Club 2,3,4; Ecology Club 2,3. CORINNE MARIf POWERS 75 Lovc ' iov R(i. Ski TcMJTi 2,3,4; GirK Trac k 2,3,4. DIANE PRESC OTT 18 Burnham Rd. National Honor So icMv 3,4; Latin ( lul) 2. C HI RVl A. PROVASOLI iO High St. SiKcnsmiths Guild 2; (,iils Track }; Horsemanship ( " liib C O-C liairnian 4. GLEN A. PULSrORD 18 KathlcH n Drive- ( ross Countrv 3,4. GAYI I , PUTNAM 12 Charlotte- Drive Acappclla Choir 2,3,4; Girls Softball 2,3,4. CYNTHIA )OAN RADULA 141 North Si. Chorale 2,3,4; Prom CotTimitlec 3; Play 2,4; Color Guard 4; Prep Club 3; Pep Club 2,3, MARLEAH RAMSDELL 70 Holt Rd. ).V. Field Hockey 2; Varsilv 3,4; Var- sity Sollball 2,),4, FREDERICK G. RAMSEY 6 Harding St. Soc cer 2,3; Hoc key 2. MARK RAYi MARCIA REGAN NANCY A. RETELL 64 Reservation Rd. Ski Team 2. STEVE RICHARDS 115 Salem St. Football 2,3,4; Baseball 3; Home- room Rep. 2. LAURIE ELLEN RICHMOND 5 Roc k O ' Dundee Rd. Girls Track 2,4; MocJern [Jance 3,4; Color Gurad 4; Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4; Homec oming 4; Play 4. SHARON MARIE RINGLAND 148 North St. Gymnastics 2,3; Play 3,4; Elome- coming 4; Yearbook 4. KAREN ROBERTS ALAN ROBINSON lAMES ROBINTON KXJrfnendly, neighborhood hamburger. PACKET RESEARCH CORP 19 LUPINE ROAD ANDOVER, MASS SHERATON ROLLING GREEN MOTOR INN Jct.of93 Rte. 133 Andover function facilities up to 750 people call475-5400 Good Luck to All my Andover Friends Anonymous Tel. 475-1564 HOUSE OF CLEAN Total fabric care and 1 hour service 77 Main Street Andover, Massachusetts 15 Lincoln Circle Amateur Radio Club 2,3,4. ROBERT J. ROSS 2 Buxton Court MERRIL ROUFF CAROL A. ROURKE 3 Deerberry Circle MICHAEL J. ROY 18 Cuba St. Football 2,3,4; Hockey 2; Winter Track 3,4; Spring Track 2,3,4. STEPHEN ROYAL 54 Brookfield JANET RUGCIERO 183 Elm St. Pep Club 2; Hotline 2,3; Decisions Unlimited 2. CYNTHIA KUSHFORTH MARYELLEN RUSSELL 2 Yale Rd. JULIE ANN RUSSEM 21 Karlton Circle Field Hockey 3; Ski Team 2,3,4; Tennis 2,3; National Honor Society 3; Pres. 4; Ecology Club 3,4; Theatre Workshop 3,4; Photography Club 3, 4; Easter Seals 3; Yearbook 4. PATRICK RUSSO 7 Sherry Drive Football 2; Cross Country 3,4; Indoor Track 2,3,4; Spring Track 2,3, 4; Russian Club 2,3; Newspaper 4. DEBRA SALOIS 214 North Main St. Girls Spring Track 2; Yearbook 4. ROBIN SALTER 28 High St. Play 3; International 4. DAVID JOHN SCHLEGEL 81 Cross St. Band 2,3,4; Musical 2,3,4; Math League 2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4. BRIAN SCHNEIDER ELIZABETH SCHNEIDER 63 Highland Rd. District Band 4; " Alice in Wonder- land " 3. JAMES SCIUTO Andover St. ELIZABETH SEIFEL 56 Porter Rd. Basketball 2; Ecology 3,4; Photogra- phy Club 3,4; Theatre Workshop 3, 4; A.E.A. 4; Music 2,3; Newspaper 2, 3; Yearbook 4; Math League 2,3,4. ROBERT SHEAFF 6 Washington Ave. MICHAEL SHEA JEFFREY SHEEHY JOSEPH SHELZI FRANK JAMES SHERMAN 3 Midland Circle Soccer 2,3,4; Tennis 3; District Cho- rus 3; A in W 3. GARY P. SIROIS 172 Puckus GERARD SKINDER 189 High Plain Rd. Baseball 2,3,4; Football 3,4; Ski Team 2; Acappella Choir 3,4. LAURENCE S. SLOVIN 26 Hemlock Rd. Yearbook 4; Track 2,3,4; Newspaper Editor 4; Graduation Committee 4. JOHN RICHARD SMITH 3 Parnassus Place RAE ELLEN SMITH 29 Enmore St. ROBERT DOUGLAS ST. AMAND 11 Oak St. Football 2,3,4. KEVIN STAID 10 Nancy Circle A.F.S. Club 2,4; Pres. 3; Outing Club 2,3,4; Outward Bound Pres. 2; Pho- tography Club 3; Orienteering Club 4. GARY PETER STANSFIELD 9 College Circle Marine Science Club 4. GEORGE H. STEDMAN 78 Lowell St. Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Compliments of Richard A. McGovern M.D. 1 compliments of BOTTOMS UP ROSF FRANK SHOPPF y I 96 Main St. Track 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Boys ' Basl etbail club 3,4. RODNEY G. STEDMAN 78 Lowell St. Soccer 2,3,4; Gymnastics 2,3; Co- Capt.4. SANDRA M. STOVALL 80 Memorial Circle Hotline 2,3. CATHY STRASSEL CATHERINE M. STROBEL 35 Gould Rd. Hotline 2; Modern Dance 3. ROBERT M. STONE 25 East Lincoln Circle Winter Track 3. KATHLEEN H. SULLIVAN 261 High Plain Rd. Photography Club 3; Internship 4; New Comers Club 4; Yearbook 4. FRANKLIN P. SWAIN 15 Cedar Rd. Outing Club 2,3; Outward Bound 2, 3; Choir 3,4; Homecoming 4. MARK FARRELL SWEETSER 40 Wildrose Drive Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3; Capt. 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Graduation Committee 4; Year- book Sports Editor 4; Boys Basket- bail Club 3,4; Orientation Commit- tee 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Advisory Committee 4. PATRICIA A. TATEOSIAN 1 Blanchard St. Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4; Homecoming 4; International Club 4; Graduation Committee 4. ANN TAYLOR 15 Charlotte Drive LESLEY TAYLOR PATRICIA LEE TAYLOR 52 Lowell St. French Club 2: Pep Club 2,4; Play 2, 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Jazz and Rock Group Choreographer and Capt. 4; Homecoming 4. CATHLEEN ELLEN TELLIER 151 Shawsheen Rd. French Club 2; Latin Club 2; Inter- national Club 4. DANIEL TELLINI LINDA TEMPLE GAIL THOMPSON NANCY THOMPSON 6 Howell Drive Educational Involvement 4. ELAINE LENORA THORSEN 282 Bayberry Lane Westport, Conn. Cheerleading 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Yearbook 4; Pep Club 4; Home- coming 4. BONNIE JEAN TIMMONS (BLACK- INGTON) 3 Brechin Terace Easter Seals Society 3. BENJAMIN TINDLEY STEPHEN TOBIAS 59 Lowell St. Photography Club 2; Golf Team 2,3, 4. CRAIG TRAUB 100 Argilla Rd. Baseball 2,3,4; Football 3,4. LINDA TUROW 6 Mayflower Drive STEPHEN VAIL 9 Elysian Drive WILLIAM VALENTINE SHERRIL VAN VLEET 112 Dascomb Rd. JULIE VAN SCHALKWYK 111 Salem St. Science Club 2,3,4; International Club 4; Math Club 4. KEITH VERRETTE 4 Gardner Football 2; Basketball 2; Baseball 2, 3,4. ELIZABETH VIEHMANN DAVID VIVIAN GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS 73 Compliments of TROMBLY MOTOR COACH SERVICE, INC. 1 25 Bypass N. Andover 686-9703 ' Distributor of Michelin Tires " Compliments of W. A. SCHLOTT TIRE CO. 160-170 SO. Broadway Lawrence, Massachusetts (617) 685-0771 BRIAN S. VOGT 11 Carmel Rd. Tennis 3. SPYRO P. VULCAROPULOS 478 River Rd. Tennis 3,4; Basketball Manaxer 3,4. ANDREA LEE WAKELEY 4 Wakeley Lanes Humanities Club 3,4. LORRIE WALLIS 16 Samos Lane JANET WALSH AUDREY WALZ 4 Embassy Lane Pep Club 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Year- book 4. KATHLEEN WEBSTER 44 Vine St. PATRICIA LYNN WERMERS 19 Kenilworth St. CHERYL LYNN WHITE 8 Appollo C irc Ic J.V. Bc)sk( ' tb.ill 2; V.irsity J,4; Pkiy 2; Chor.ilc 2,3,4; Pep Club 2, Prop Club .3; Color Cu.ird 4. KATHY J. WHITE 22 Lincoln St. Office Aide 2,3,4. SDSAN WHITF 27 Bdrtlct St. Ficic) Hockey 2,3,4; B.iskolb.ill 2; Softball 2; Track 3,4; Prom Commit- tee 3; Homecoming Comm. 4; Yearbook 3,4; Pep Club 2,3, treas. 4. MARK WHITE BENjAMIN JOHNSON EANC. WHITNEY 14Hicjcfen Field A.F.S. 2, treas. 2; Outing club 2,3. CHESTER F. WHITNEY 278 High Plain Rd. RUSSELL WHITTON 31 Dufton Rd. Band 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4. KARLA WIERENGA 38 Sheridan Rd. Latin Clul) 2; Ciirls Chorale 2,3,4. JENNIFER A. WILBUR 62Brookfield Rd. Band 2; Softball 2,3; Outing Club 4; International Club 4; Spain Trip 2. RANDI L. WILBUR 2 MeacJow Brook Drive Humanities 3,4; Photography 4. GIFFORD WILCOX 27 Hemlock Rd. Football 2. ANN MARIE WILDE 40CorbettSt. Sec. Treas. 2; Basketball 2; Field Flockey 3; Play 2,3; Prom Comm. 3; Homecoming 4; Track 2,3,4; Under- graduate Ed. 3; Layout Editor 4. RUTH DAWN WILLIAMS 238 Andover St. Easter Seals Society 3. WALTER WINWARD JONATHAN WOBESKY Salem St. BRENDA L. WRIGHT 124 High St. Homeroom Clerk 3. ' -..i, ;.; ' ' ■!•• DAVID W. WRIGHT " ' " ' ■[ 13 Carisbrooke Soccer 1; School play 2,3,4; Football 3; Ski Team 4; Choir 2,3,4; Madrigal 3,4; Ffoc key 3. ; . KAREN ANN WRIGLEY ' ' " ■ 12 Oak Street ROBERT YAGHMOORIAN 5 Cassimere St, . • ■ PATRICIA E. YOUNG 16 Sagamore Dr. J.V. Gymnastics 2; Acapella 2,3,4; Ski Team 2; treas. 3, co-capt. 4; Jazz rock ciance group 4. SUSAN J. YOUNG 63 Bailey Rd. Easter Seal Soc iety 3. RICHARD S. ZOLLNER 249 Highland Rd. WALKUP ' S GARAGE FOREIGN DOMESTIC CAR REPAIRS 17 RAILROAD ST. ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS GRECOE- JEWELERS OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELRY CERTIFIED REPAIR SERVICE Every Pattern of Sterling Silver Made In America Available Here 26 PARK STREET 475-0830 WILLIAM ' S FINE JEWELRY OLDE ANDOVER VILLAGE ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Congratulations ANDOVER GIFT HOUSE 11 MAIN ST. ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 01810 Raytheon: The household word you never hear. In the kitchen, we ' re better known by the connpanies we keep. Our subsidiaries, Amana and Caloric, spe- cialize in products that make life more com- fortable, more convenient. For instance, Amana Radarange® micro- wave ovens that dramatically cut cooking times and conserve energy. Freezers and refri- gerators you never have to defrost. Step saving trash compactors. Caloric ranges with self- cleaning ovens. Quality products from quality companies. Raytheon Companies. rRAYTHEONJ Congratulations to the Class of 1974. Raytheon Andover. An Equal Opportunity Employer YOU ' RE IN GOOD COMPANY when you work with your friends at THE ANDOVER COMPANIES 305 NORTH MAIN ST. SHAWSHEEN VILLAGE ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 180 Our best wishes to the Class of 74 F. P. REILLY Sewer Water Septic Systems Back Hoe Bulldozer Work 85 Dascomb Road Andover, Massachusetts Tel: 475-1237 CHANNEL BUILDING CO., INC. ENGINEERS CONSTRUCTORS MUSGROVE BUILDING ELM SQUARE ANDOVER, MASS. BEST OF LUCK TO .. U3s AjvOo -Wnq-w3 Nrt Aid THE CLASS OF 1974 COMPLIMENTS OF BOB ' S PACKAGE STORE OuO:: 89 PARK STREET LAWRENCE, — MASSACHUSETTS o 3 O- ' CXx.Y 34 PARK STREET, ANDOVER or THE 19 ESSEX ST. ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 475-3350 Congratulations to the class of 74 WHITWORTH ' S SPORTING GOODS 487 ESSEX ST. LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS ANDOVER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING COMPANY 54 ANDOVER STREET ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS TOWN PRINTING CO Complete Printing Service 26 ESSEX STREET Andover, Massachusetts Tel. 475-0626 4 Q|AN Daft 42 PARK ST. COMPLETE LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS TEL. 475-9660 4 ' 7 Compliments of MACARTNEY ' S 5 MAIN ST. ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS p THE FURNITURE BARN INC. FEATURING Etbat Allen AMIRICAN TRADITIONAL INTERIORS Open Monday, thru Friday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. WILSON ' S CORNER Jet. Routes 114 125 NORTH ANDOVER 685-3546 1 iZ Congratulations to the class of " 74 " WOOD WORTH MOTORS INC. Shawsheen Square Andover, Massachusetts TELEPHONE: 475-6200 ANDOVER PLUMBING HEATING CO. THE PIED PIPERS OF ANDOVER 211 No. Main Street Andover, Massachusetts Tel phone 475-5121 cArthur ' s mwNE HOUSE HESTAVRANT 4 Newbury Street Lawrence, Massachusetts ANDOVER HOCKEY SHOP Specialists in All your Needs 5A Lowell Street Andover, Massachusetts 475-7474 Skate Sharpening 1 . i IC€ CR€flm. SHOPS CHAPLIN KIELEY HOWE INC. Best Wishes THE HOWE AGENCY — Realtors — COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 52 MAIN STREET 475-5100 48 Haven St. Reading, Ma. 01867 944-7900 1380 Heat Rd. Bedford, Ma. 01730 275-6858 5 Lupine Rd. Andover, Ma. 01810 475-0365 HEATING CORPORATION DALRYMPLEOILINC Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning Frigidaire Appliances TRIPOLI BAKERY INC. 104 Common Str. Lawrence, Ma. Makers Of Italian Bread, Sub Rolls, Hard Crust Rolls, American Roils, Full Line Of Pastries And Pizza RUFUS PAVU BALIS FRIENDS Pipes Papers, Jewelry, Records Post Office Ave. Andover, Ma. 475-8391 Compliments of MIDWAY VARIETY STORE 54 Haverhill St. Andover UNDEEPARK LAWRENCE COOPERATIVE BANK 300 Essex St. Lawrence, Ma 688-1861 4 Main St. Andover Ma. 475-9500 AMICI CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION P.O. Box 103 Andover, Ma. 01810 (617) 475-1001 Best of Luck HES PHARMACY 16 Main Street Andover, Ma. Alan L. Hughes Reg. Pharmacist " Punchard High " SMART FLAGG Insurance For Over 100 Years 91 Main Street Andover, Mass. 475-6161 I Affiliate — Fred C. Church, Inc. Lowell • Chelmsford • Littleton MERRIMACK VALLEY NATIONAL BANK 23 Main Street Andover mm BISHOP ' S RESTAURANT ARABIC FOODS — AMERICAN FOODS 99 Hampshire Street Lawrence, Mass. 54 Haverhill St. Complimentsof MIDWAY VARIETY STORE Andover, Mass. DUNDEE PARK LAWRENCE COOPERATIVE BANK Home mortgages Insured savings KENNETH P. THOMPSON CO., INC. Office Products 77 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. 01810 475-2811 •683-2769 ITS THE PEPSI 475-3415 BERNARDIN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 26 CHESTNUT STREET -475-3414 REAL ESTATE AGENCY, INC. — ANDOVER, MASS. McALOON ' S PACKAGE STORE, INC. The Friendliest Package Store in Town. 531 CHICKERING RD. NO. ANDOVER, MASS. 682-8029 JOSEPH W. WATSON Water — Sewer — Septic System Installations 53 Dascomb Rd. Excavating — Bulldozer Work Telephone 475-3262 Andover, Mass. GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 74 ' THE ANDOVER INN JERRY O ' DONOGHUE Innkeeper Congratulations and Best Wishes For A Happy Future to the CLASS OF 1974 from Bay State National MEMBER Federal Deposit insurance Cofporaiion Federal Reserve System OFFERING COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES Best Wishes to the Class of 74 ' from UNIVERSITY CAP AND GOWN 192 ROBERT E. LOOK ASSOCIATES REALTOR Ghoice Andover Homes 4 Railroad Street Andover, Mass. 475-5800 BEST OF LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS w J. H. HORNE SONS CO. PAPER MILL MACHINERY LAWRENCE, MASS. BYRON CLEVELAND JR. PRESIDENT LEE DODD REALTY 30 PARK ST. ANDOVER 475-8543 THE DAME SHOP 48 MAIN ST. ANDOVER 475-1653 OLD COLONY TENNIS Andover, Ma. COMPLIMENTS AND BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1974 LIGGETT REXALL DRUGS Shawsheen Plaza Andover BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1974 WILMINGTON FORD SALES 275 MAIN STREET ■ i ' ■ •, ' •• , I .: --■ , ' . . • -ii I i ' , ' . I... ' WlLMiNGTON, MA. m Mr. and Mrs. J. Leo Bernard Mr. and Mrs. J. Hardcastle Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grigoli Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wormwood Mr. and Mrs. Franklin P. Swain Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard White Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lebowitz Mr. and Mrs. F. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. R. Feier Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Silverman Mr. and Mrs. David Batchelder Mr. and Mrs. J. Gus Gutermann Mr. and Mrs. Saul Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. John R. Allen Mr. and Mrs. James Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Sideri Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Young Mr. and Mrs. Donald Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Turesky Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Marcoux Mr. and Mrs. Paul McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Neil Traub s Mr. and Mrs. Roy St. Gemain | Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Russem « Mr. and Mrs. John Feeney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Foote Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Issenberg Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hodgman Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hixon Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Sweetser Mr. and Mrs. James White Mr. and Mrs. Vivcent D. Marino Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred R. Cormier Doug and lora Alexander Ted and Dorothy Bartholdi | Joel and Lois Edelstein Renee and Fred Cheyette ' Jane and Bob Hinman John and Martha Eaton Barbara and Bob Haefling Stephen Bradford The Peakes Family Mr. Gerald Desjardins Mr. Douglas V. Walshe Mr. Forrest Morton Patrons John " Waily " Me05 ker Kathy White and Sheila Lynch Velvet Star Kristen Hubbell and Brothers Dean and Sue The Palmieri Family The Morrison Family A. B. Swartz Zap — the love of my life Rosebud Co-pilot Frosty ' s A to Z Group The Shoe Tree Linda Lovelace Oscar Felix " Marge " " S ' Lyd " Uncle John Barbara David Debi Jimmie Mother The Groundhogs with Mark Bozen Patty, Sandy, and Mike Healy Frik Frak Big Mac and Little Mac S. Freud, Phd. HORIZON Y ' all The Masked Feather Annie P. and Rossa Snow Queenie P. " Hutch " , " Bubba " , and " Veo " Jo-Jo Bojo Got ' cha Ha-Ha-Ha Willie Don Big, Bad, and Bossy Heckle Jeckle Joli Rog Bea Big Bob Lil ' Ruth Punkin Kathie, Coleen, Tim, Cyd Jamie Tina The Officers, Class of 75 Steve Maria The Cafeteria Women The Smoking Committee Cough, Cough Love the Wee Ones! Class of 76 Jamie, Julie, Meg Good Luck — Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. McKallagat The Class With Class!! 74 197 CREATIVE CONTRIBUTIONS: Writers: Cindy Burns, Lisa Catanzaro, Karen Erick- son, Steven Evans, Laurie Gottesfeld, Maria lacobo, Steve Koch, Martha Mansur, David Schlegel, Ben- thley Whitfield. Artists: Russ Arsenault, Bill Kenney, Dotty Marchaj, Frank Sherman . Photograph ers: AK Porter Neil Mufson, Alan Cam- eron, Jeff Labell. EDITORS Editor-in-Chief — Buddy Edelstein. Literary Editor — Libby Seifel. Art Editor — Richard Moss. Photography Editors — David Chey- ette, Tom Appleton . Layout Editor — Ann Wilde. Sales Editors — Tim Driscoll, Julie Russem. Faculty Editor — Carol Hodgman Senior Section Editor — Ann Palmieri Underclassmen Editors — Jayne Eichner, Nancy Colombosian. Sports Editors — Sally Kruse, Bob McCarthy. Activities Editors — Sue Lawson, Linda Issenberg. Financial Editors — Coleen Driscoll, Gayle Feeney. Advisors — John McCusker, Sally O ' Brien. STAFF (listed Z-A) Susan White, Jeff Towne, Larry Slovin, Mark Sweet- ser, Karen Shack, Mona Perrault, Regina Parks, Ros- sa McGoff, Mary McEneaney, Marcia McQuade, Judy Keating, Donna Lee Jacobson, Patti Healy, Nancy Hinman, Kit Farrington, Marti Dye, Dotty Daly, Betty jean Collins, Lee Cleveland, Barbara Cleveland, Ellen Childs, Linda Cairns, Kffsta Abels. c v 198 RICHARD C. WEIR Publisher ' s Representative Box 66 (617) 525-3561 — Home Magnolia, Ma. 01930 (617) 227-7461 — Answering Service JOSTEN ' S AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY when we came back to school in September, and Bud asked us to be on the Yearbook staff, most of us tried to look enthusia stic. We didn ' t want to hurt the new editor ' s feelings, but inwardly we were groaning. " Who wants to work on the Yearbook? It ' s been so bad lately. There are always a few kids who end up doing the work, and it ' s always THEIR yearbook. " t Bud we started to say, " Gee, I don ' t think the yearbook is really what f»w interested in. I ' m already so involved with everything else. ,to tell you the truth, I don ' t like the way the Yearbook al- ls up being a rtain " groups " — they get all the criticism rliyftbgist at heart, popped back with, " That ' s why I need [the s; Tf.jn;«U ff t have anyone good to work with how can Hrbfl g T? " vil( get you anywhere. All of us joined, ' we vpr bufj ' don ' t think anyone of us regrets it — i tir weVe massacred for six months — but not V jl k staff ever — don ' t they say that every II TiSJfcve haven ' t felt this way the whole time, though. You ' HSve seen the first meetin ?T;hey were called " discussions " . % t 1|y were more like wreA igs matches - - everyone leaning the tables ready to cut sonj sQji else ' s throa; cover de- We wrote to teachers begging for candids and quota anting to let them have a creative voice in their section. Pages wer given out for lay-out — the only problem was only four of us knew how to do it. The week of the deadline we were finding piles of undone pages. Bud and Libby were running around pulling out their hair — and anyone else ' s they could find. Cries of " Where ' s page nine? " came ringing through the halls. " I don ' t know. " " It ' s gotta be here. What ' s her face was supposed to hand it in a week ago. " " Here it is. I was sitting on it. Sorry. " " Oh no. It isn ' t done. " " Not another one. " 4) People were frantically dragged into the faculty dining room to lay out any number of pages. There were even missing person agents responsible for finding Carol — she had the faculty pictures, or Tom — he had the opening page, or Mr. M. — we were always losing the file key. Some of the pages were finally coming. Russ ' s caricatures were fan- tastic, the prom was going to be great in color and the spring section was on its feet. Of course that left the faculty section, dedication and Bud ' s introduction — would it ever end? The faculty section was really tough — every department was to have a theme or symbol and the layouts were impossible. Worst of all it was Monday — that meant another day of classes for Bud and Libby who were beside themselves for ever letting so much go till the end. Richard was being pulled out of his classes whether he liked it or not — he usually didn ' t — to put the finishing artistic touches on the pages or check a layout. The entire faculty dining room was lined with the forty pages. It was almost D period arid that meant twenty starving teachers would be marchiri ' jn — " Tiqt to mention the " Yearbook Guy " . • . ' . , . What irt th ' ' he ' lL J oing to do. Bud? I ' ve got to finish cutting all t ' fie teachexs uit® Pft ' yigP " ' g ' e them on and — damn I FORGOT THE BLI lN Sfiage V ' ve got to think of some way to stall him. " : ' -v ... " LookVe ' H send im tbJunch. " " Great maybe one of the teachers — oh, no the bell must have rung. Mr. Robichaud just waVted in. Where can we move this stuff? If the yearbook guy sees thisVve ' re dead . Oh, hello Bud what ' s his name? What ' s the yearbook guy ' s name? " I ' forgot. " ( " islylcCusker What ' s his name?? knew we ' d never forget it now, d oawith hilarious stories about the deadlines — one hingrwe don ' t want to do — it ' s be one sided, tew yoti abeut the time Anne W. came down with the erti r section was due) or when a box of candids isa ' pf e " t||fed right before an ad deadline — or how the bmkAi 7 but we ' ve taken up enough space. We ' ve est to show all sides of the school, to come up with a Qi£at«ve-year " bbok, and worked hard to get contributions from EV- QNfr e ' rA hoping that we can get next year ' s staff together this •scM t xFriy won ' t have all the troubles starting we did. You even mak e the first deadline if we really work at it! Would you believe . Ann Wilde Hey Baby water-eyed? Don ' t drop tears and show you ' ve cried. It ' s not really wrong And it ' s not a sin. It ' s just that you cried when you went in. . ' Now the times have changed, , And so have you, It ' s time for us all To take a backseat view. We ' ve each left our mark And gone searching for The promising life Of a warrior.

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