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 Dedications During the past four years, Mrs. Baker has been more than an advisor to the Class of 1988, she has been a true friend. We dedicate this yearbook to her and to Mrs. Sherwood, who became our co-advisor last year. They both have sacrificed countless hours for our class projects and we know that sometimes their efforts went unnoticed. However, at this time we would like them to know how much they mean to us. They are role models that will always symbolize diligence and accomplishment. They were faced with an unorganized group of 53 people and they turned them into the graduating Class of 1988. Mrs. Baker is an accomplished musician and mathematician as well as being a dedicated wife and mother. There is no doubt that she cares for her students; whenever help is needed she will always sacrifice her free time.Mrs. Sherwood is an indispensable source of information. Whenever anyone has a question, she is the one to ask and will always give it her best shot. Even if she doesn't have the answer, she knows who does.Yearbook Staff Yearbook Staffs are known to have some of the more conscientious students of any given school. After all, the whole idea is that of producing and publishing a book; a book which is an honored and respected chronicle of a certain group of people in a certain time in American development. Therefore, one is never surprised to hear or read some good reports in regard to staff members. This year's Memoirs has been produced by a group of young people who have gone beyond any usual commitment for they have worked hard to sell more books than have been sold in many years and to raise more production dollar by far than any class in Andover's history. Yet, there is more to life than dollars and sales. Somewhere, quality and an honest sharing of ideals must enter into and journalistic undertaking. This too has been done and done well. Read the book, look at the pictures. I think that you will agree.Mr. Paul Whitehouse, Mr. Jerry Vance, Mr. Paul Neuroth, Mrs. Marcia Moore, Mrs. Carol Hollenbeck Board Of Education And Administration Mrs. Jacqueline Bellamy, Mr. Charles Schroeder, Mrs. Renae KeesburyMrs. Joan Gelatt English Social Studies Mrs. Cathy Witherow English Speech Mrs. Arlene Bee H.S. English Miss Kathy Patrick Jr. High Science Health Mr. Cliff Bale Computers Science Mr. Gene DiCaprio H.S. SciencesMrs. Connie Moore H.S. Social Studies Psychology Mr. Joseph Close Social Studies Ms. Sharon Stout Remedial Math Teacher Mrs. Karen McGraw Reading Connie Dutuier Remedial Reading Ms. Jane Troxell Resource SpecialistMrs. Charity McCormick H.S. Health Nurse Mr. Blair Buchholz Industrial Arts Mr. Lou Macintosh Business Mrs. Marjorie Lehman Home EconomicsMrs. Lynn Johnston Elementary art Mr. William MacCrea H.S. Art Humanities Mr. Micheal Shoales Instrumental Teacher Mrs. Lois Darr Vocal Music r Mr. Jon Coon Physical Education Miss Brenda Bowen Physical EducationMr. Art Roberts 6th Grade Mr. Rich Gill 6th Grade Mrs. Mary Jane McNeill 5th Grade Miss Gina Moretti 5th Grade Mrs. Sharon Coly 4th Grade Mrs. Karen Peterson th GradeMrs. Doris Harder 3rd Grade Mrs. Carol Marsh 3rd Grade Mrs. Faye Shay 2nd Grade Mrs. Jeanette Horan 2nd Grade Miss Ellen Keating 1st Grade Mrs. Katie Starks 1st GradeMrs. Fannie Patterson Student Teacher Mrs. Ester Barrett Student TeacherMr. James Faber Math Mrs. Cindy Baker Math Mrs. Carolyn Emery Teacher's Aid Mr. Robert Kosciovrics Speech Therapist Mrs. Lois Helveston Teachers Aid Mrs. Deb Layton Teacher's Aid Mrs. Rose Burdick. Teacher's AidMrs. Marilyn Bryan, Mr. Steve Small, Mrs. Becky Fanton Cafeteria Staff And Seer e taries Mrs. Sue Henry Mrs. Karen Burke Mrs. Ann Sherwood Ms. Robin Spencer Mrs. Nancy GravesMr. Bob Goodridge, Mrs. Alice Nevol, Mr. Willie Monroe, Mr. Paul Ordiway, Mr. Bob Barner Bus Drivers And Custodians Mr. Ed Sackett, Mrs. Helen Mosher, Mr. Doug Witter, Mrs. Shirley Thorp, Mr. Bob Goodridge, Mr. Paul Ordiway, Mr. Don ThorpKevin Gilbert Hall of Fame » • Amy Winslow Michele Davis Pete Bruce Richard Stevensj— Uiher Beyers SrU-OLCLASS PERSONALITIES GUY GAL BIGGEST FLIRT HIRO KAWASAKI KELLY CARSON BEST LOOKING RICHARD STEVENS LAURA MANION SMARTEST RICHARD STEVENS MICHELE DAVIS MOST ARTISTIC KEVIN GILBERT AMY WINSLOW BIGGEST AIRHEAD DANNY GARNER ANGELA WHITE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED RICHARD STEVENS MICHELE DAVIS FRIENDLIEST MARK HARRINGTON KIM CORNELL BIGGEST BROWN NOSER KEVIN GILBERT MICHELE DAVIS NOSIEST DAVE BRADSTREET JULIE WAUFLE TOUGHEST CHAD PERRY TONI LEHMAN BIGGEST HEART BREAKER BRENT GOLISH LAURA MANION MOST ARGUMENTIVE ERIC WALKER PATTY JACKSON PRETTIEST EYES WILLIE BENNETT MEGHAN McGILLVRAY MOST TALKITIVE DAVID BAKER TRACEY SIBBLE SHYEST TIM HESS LINDA GAVIN NICEST SMILE RICHARD STEVENS JULIE WAUFLE LAZIEST CHRIS HOAGLAND TEMA SEAMANS NICEST, SWEETEST JONNY LEHMAN SUE DUGANBEST DRESSED CLASS CLOWNS AMY BRIGGS DAVID BAKER KEVIN GILBERT LINDA GAVIN MICHELE DAVIS RICHARD STEVENS CLASS COUPLE MOST UNREAL HAIR STEFANIE HOAGLAND DAVE BRADSTREET MICHELE HUEY ERIC WALKER SEXIEST LEGS@2, 23 Q QauuOf OocLgj s )uqajn ft yi Qjnuu})LJoj 'CudhsTiSL (Vvvyvy CKf ft r —$j41 x “fyosvv jZSru — CV ci 5 fpjVjJ oa OJxidcxj cH o ro mnaAJ ) i c tL?tfVQ vo Ll CybadcM)T.V. SHOW - ALF MODEL - CHRISTIE BRINKLEY MOVIE - TOP GUN FOOD - PIZZA ACTOR - MICHAEL J. FOX CAR - FERRARI GROUP - HUEY LEWIS AND THE DRINK - BUDWEISER JEANS - LEVIS SONG - LABAMA SPORTS IMAGE - MISS BOWEN GAME - SOCCER SNEAKER - REEBOK NEWSEXCHANGE STUDENTS Lucy: I like American food, but it gives me pimples and I'm sick of it! Wilson: I am having a great time here in the U.S. and I love the American girls! Hiro: I think the U.S. is a very big country and every- thing is different, the food, the language, and the roads are switched. I like the hamburgers, and the school's potato soupf This year, three exchange students attended Andover Central School, Dwi Ratnani Lucydadewi from Indonesia, Wilson Borguetti from Brazil, and Hiro Kawasaki from Japan. Wilson was hosted by the Herr family and Lucy was hosted by the Sibbles. Returning from last year was Hiro, who lived with Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder. We have been very pleased to have Wilson, Lucy, and Hiro as members of the senior class and hope that they have enjoyed their stay in Andover, New York, U.S.A. A s A um JUbui di f4VL UAUeL 8 2c wca. uIWl 0 A? jb iasa£i' A » 3i%. , u» I i ivlTHEIR BEST TEACHERS ATJuniors Row 1: L. Burlingame, R. Wilkins, K, Brainard, G. Lehman, D. Barney, J, Gardiner, T. Fanton, J. Sherwood, J. Burdick, Row 2: C. Thorp, C. Tripphahn, D. Helveston, J. Gavin, P. Bryan, J. Sibble, N. Moore, B. Greene, Row 3: P. Ditzel, L. Kelley, B. VanStine, R. Carter, P. McCormick, A. Whitehouse, K. Herr, R. Clark.Row i: J. Dugan, J. Hyde, L. Greenfield, S. Smith, C. Morrison, L. Tripphahn, M. Frost, Row 2: J. Kelley, K. Monahan, T. Riffle, D. Price, T. Wilson, J. Waufle, M, McNeil, V. Hurlburt, Row 3: S. Dieter, D. Nowetner, M. Slawson, M. Joyce, J. Fanton, J. Dougherty, Row 4: D. Burns, M. Kornaker, M. Hollenbeck, J. Baker, D. Morris, T. Ormsby. SophomoresFreshmen Row M. B. S. B. F. 1: B. Barry, C. Clarke, J. Synder, K. Frost, L. Dodge, Dodqe. Row 2: R. Sease, H. Clarke, A. Burdick, T. Schettine Wilkens, T. Howard, E. Bradstreet, H, McGillvary, Row 3 Neuroth, D. Latten, R. Carter, C. Nichols, B. Thorp, Greenfield, C. McKay, R. George, Row 4 : K. Gol.ish, T, Serra Sutherland, B. Ormsbv, B. Ordiway, J. Harrington, J. Layton.Row 1: H. Dean, J. McNaughton, K. Graves, T. Cook, J. Burdick, Row 2: J. Rifenburg, S. Goodridge, R. Claypool, L. Lehman, A. Barnette, C. Wiess, C. Seaman, Row 3; D. Rash, E. Ormsby, C. Clarke, A. Machinski, A. Harrison, R. Manion, K. Monahan, Row 4; J. Fuller, B. Leasure, L. Hollenback, C. Clark, D. Farnum, K. Swartz, K. Bridge, M. Waterbarry, Row 5: D. Dodge, D. Perry, T. Denning, B. Dickerson, H. Harrington, M. Fanton, S, Sherwood. Grade EightRow 1: Mr. Faber, D. Roeske, J. Gardiner, D. Burns, M. Daniels, Hobson, J. Brundage, Row 2; A. Dean, J. Price, M. Burke, ]. Gonyer, T. Denning, M. Behn, D. Garner, Row 3: J. Kornaker, •(. Chapman, D. A.lvord, S. Beckwith, K. DeMun, H. Machinsk.i, T. Emery, A. Butler, S. Burton, Row 4; K. Sherwood, S. Greene, R. Wilson, J. Monahan, A. Ward, D. Givens, J. Troutman, T. Serra, C. Brown. Grade SevenHow 1; Mr. Roberts, J. McKay, N. Moore, E. Kent, N. Fuller, M. Wolcott, J. McNaughton, M. Buchholz, G. Kinnicut, S. Kemp, Row 2: H. Stocking, N. Schettine, D. Helveston, S. Towner, C. McDonald, N. Folsom, M. Raish, D. Greenfield, Row 3: J. Howe, M. Tiffany, K. Fanton, R. Morris, J. Shutt, M. Wieszczyk, K. Layton Grade Six Row 1; E. Drew, J. Huey, E. Brown, L. Schraeder, Mr. Gill, Row 2: J. Matison, C. Nichols, E. Harrington, K. Harris, N. Legman, Row 3; M. Pernesky, T. Price, C. Moore, J. Emery, J. WatersRowx: C. Kinnicutt, K. Sease, C. Barnett, S. Hancock J. Wicszczyk, A. Doan, Mrs. McNeill, Row 2: K. Givens A. Gaylord, D. Knight, E. Miller, D. Grant, C. Giglio A. Cornell, Row 3: P. Dickerson, L. Moore, L. Gena K. Conk , C. Den more, Ik Oumrn K. Miller Grade Five Row 1: L. McNeill, T. Denning, J. Burke, S. Donaldson, B. Calladine, J. Nowetner, K. Green Row 2: J. Blouvet, M. Gates, G. Green, C. Seger, C. Ward Row 3: D. Greenfield, K. Ormsby, M. Reinschmidt, C. Clarke, C. Hamlin, M. Green, K. Drake Row 4; A. George, P. Fanton, J. Brown, S. Leasure, Miss MorettiRow 1; A.Keir, N. Monahan, A. Matison, T. Padden, J. Baker, S. Butler, Row 2: H. Dickerson, M. Tidd, P. Baker, K. Graves, Mrs. Coly, J. Baker, C. Vance Grade Four Row li C. Saunders, M. Grant, K. Miller, T. Putnam, R. Denning, C. Butler, B. Gaylord, Row 2; Mrs. Peterson, J. Bryan, S. Swartz, J. Eshenbaugh, M. Morris, J. Emery, K. Pitts, Row 3: C. Morris, R. Hobson, J. Olejniczak, J. Harrison, T. Perkins, B. DensmoreGrade Three Row 1: R. Belmont, L. Fuller, R. Dunn, H. Mack, M. Grant, Mrs. Marsh, Row 2; S. Neff, K. Wesche, S. Burton, A. Blouvet, H. Kemp, Row 3: G. Lamper, C. Tait, S. Burton, J. Kent, E. Lehman, A. Huey Row 1: M. Fuller, M. Barry, W. Bucholz, J. Joyce, C. Gaylord, Mrs. Harder, Row 2: B. Hamlin, R. Demarte, L. Spencer, S. Kelly, C. Drake, W. Fanton, Row 3: L. Perry, R. Hess, R. Beckwith, M. Pensmore, B, GravesRow 1: B. Howland, M. Hancok, R. Clarke, J. Sparatta, C. Wahl Row 2: M. Frungillo, S. Saunders, B. Seager, H. Lamper, B. Lehman, B. Perkins, Row 3; B. Richmand, C. Greene, S. Howe E. Horan, M. Wieszczyk, Mrs. Horan. Grade Two Row 1: Miss Schulze, C. Calladine, J. Gardiner, J. Black, J. Ordiway, Miss Shay, Row 2; P. Vance, E. Blank, J. Harrison B. Wieszczyk, M. Monroe, C. Cornell, D. Thomas, Row 3: M. Brundage, S. McDonald, M. Jackson, S. Putnam, T. Green, C. Green.Row l: M. Briggs, T. Troutman, C. Baker, R, Beckwith, J. Outman, S. Allen, C. Lynch, Row 2; Miss Starks, J. Merrick, A. Tidd, S. Ordiway, J. Sibble, B, Moline, A. Buchholz, A. Joyce, Row 3: V. Barner, M. Morris, G. Weber, L. Donaldson, S. Green, J, Hyland, K. Kailbourne, Mrs. Fuller. Grade One Row 1: J. Sturdevant, L. Thomas, A. Gaylord, T. Wesche, B. Barner, J. Dieter, A. Miller, L. Layland, E. Quant, Row 2; Miss Keating, J. Padden, S. Gavagna, K. Giglio, B. Lyon, A. Wlasniewski, B. Baldwin, C. Belmont, B. Hollenback, Miss Patterson.Row 1: Miss Hart, B. Baldwin, E. Keir, S. Spencer, N. Richmond, B. Horan, Row 2: A. Walker, S. Baker, R. Hackett, S. McKinley, D. Wahl, Row 3s M. Jackson, C. Baker, S. Hess, M. Pitts, D. Green. Kindergarten Row Is j. Gardiner, M. Callidine, J. Ordiway, J. Miller, N. Gaylord, Row 2: Mrs. Barrett, L. Wilcott, A. Wallacla, T. Price, J. Dunn, K. Ward, H. Dickerson, Row 3: J. Rossrucker, A. Sheridan, T. Wlasniewsk.i, T. Wieszczyk, A. Black, L. Davenport.Stage Elementary BandJr.-Sr. Chorus Row Is L. Greenfield, J. Gardiner, T, Fanton, FC Davis, J. Burdick, K. Cornell, P. Jackson, K. Graves, J. Gardiner, C. Weiss, S. Hoagland, K. Rear, L. Manion, A. Briggs, D. Lucy, Row 3; M. Frost, J. Kelley, C. Morrison, V. Hurlburt, D. Harris, K. Brainard, Row 4: M. Harrington, E. Ormsby. Mrs. Darr, G. Lehman, Row 2 s K. Clark, J. Waufle, J. Waufle, K. Monahan, D. Barney, C. Sherwood, A. Ward, D. Latton, L. HollenbeckSenior Band Row 1; J. Burdick, K. Cornell, L. Horan, H. Waters, L. Hollenbeck, J. Rifenburg, Row 2: D. Barney, G. Lehman, M. Davis, K. Clark, E. Ormsby, D. Farnum, A. Barnett, Row 3: B. Dickerson, A. Burdick, T. Schettine, H. McGillivray, E. Bradstreet, M. Harrington, Mr. Shoales, Row 4: F. Sutherland, D. Latton, J. Layton, Shawn Ordway, C. McKay, B. Greenfield.Junior And Senior National Honor SocietyStudent Council And A.V. ClubJunior-Senior Play The Jr Sr class of A.C.S. presented Thorton Wilder's production of "Our Town" November 13, 14, 1988. The play, done in mime, (No Props, No Scenery) focused on the three stages of life: Birth, Marriage, and Death. Narrator Geraldine Lehman and characters, Mark Harrington, Kevin Gilbert, Patty Jackson, Linda Horan, Pete Bruce, and Donna Barney did an outstanding job, under the direction of Mrs. Joanie Gelatt.Musical SLage Lighting Crew: David Nowetner Scott Dieter r=J After the success of "Our Town", the decision was rendered to try another production. "Give My Regards To Broadway", a musical by George M. Cohen, was performed April 30, and May 1 1988. Unlike the serious tone of the fall, this over-dramatized, "play within a play", depicting a starving play director attempting to get his "show on the road." Jim Gardiner, Kim Cornell, Jeremy Baker, and Linda Horan are to be commened for a job well done. Mrs. Karen Copp, Mrs. Connie Moore, and Mrs. Joanie Gelatt organized this show, in the midst of basketball, volleyball, baseball, soft-ball, and tennis, (whew!)Library Council Color GuardBoys’ Soccer The Andover Boys Soccer started on an upswing this season. We won our first six out of seven games capturing the number one spot in Allegany County. Although the second half of the season was a disappointment, we nevertheless made sectional play. We lost to a tough Lyndonville squad, but never lowered our heads. Andover loses only four starters to Graduation this year. With some strong substitutes coming to the forefront, and a good attitude, Andover Boys Soccer should be even stronger striving for higher goals.The Andover Girls' Soccer Team had an outstanding season. We finished up the year with 10-8 and tying 1. We went to the Finals in the Section 5 Championship Tournament for the first time in any girls sport. During the tournament, we defeated the number 2 seeded team Belfast 3 to 2 in a come from behind victory. Toni Lehman led the way in goal by yielding only 1.73 goals per game. Mary McNeill lead the team in scoring with 11 goals and 10 assists and had over 100 shots on goals. Jennifer Dugan scored a goal in 5 straight games. Toni Lehman and Stefanie Hoagland were both selected as Allegany County All Stars. Laura Manion and Sue Dugan were named to the Senior All Star Team. Amy Briggs was named the "Best Defensive Player" in the Section 5 Championship game. Girls ’ SoccerVolleyball The 1987 Girls' Volleyball Team was third in the County this year. We played very well for the most part. The team received many compliments on our skills and our sportsmanship. We all wish the Seniors good luck and happiness.Boys’ Volleyball Boys' Volleyball Team 1987-1988. Congratulations to the boys of the team and to the school for the Allegany County Championship Title. The boys may not have had the best regular season record (Varsity 4-6 : JV 3-4) but they came through when it counted. It was truly an experience for me being 5'3" tall and having to look up at the "10 Foot Wall"! JVs1 Motto - "You Smell". Varsitys' Motto - "Smile" or "Work"! Thanks for a great season! Good-luck in the years to come! The Volleyball Team would like t hard work as being their coach! thank Barb Dillie for all her Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders The Andover Varsity Basketball Team acheived the four goals it had established at the begining of the season: l)to have the best defensive record in the Big 30 2)to win the Greenwood Christmas Tournament 3)win the Allegany County Class 'D' Championship and 4)be amoung the 'Final Four' in the Section Five Basketball Tournament. Along the way to reach these goals we compilied a 19-2 record. Andover also captured the top seed in the Section 5 Class 'D' Tournament; a feat never before achieved. Aaron Whitehouse was the MVP of the Greenwood Christmas Tournament. He and John Fanton were also named to the Tournament Team. Paul McCormick was chosen to the Section 5 Class 'D' All Star Team. We had two representatives on the County All Star Teams. Aaron Whitehouse was on the First Team with John Fanton being placed on the second. Peter Bruce represented Andover on the County 'D' Senior All Star Team. Peter Bruce, Willie Bennett, Richard Stevens, Mark Harrington and Doug Cornell are the Seniors that wil.1 be missed.Junior Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders The 1987-88 J.V. Basketball Team compilied a fine record of 16-2. One of the losses was in overtime to Greenwood (17-1) during the Christmas Tournament. This years team had a nice blend of experience returnees and enthusiastic first year players. The new players received plenty game time. Thanks to the wide margins the starters attained early in many contests. The talent and dedication displayed at the J.V. level this season points to continued success and a winning tradition at Andover Central.BasketballBasketballThe 1987 Tennis Team was a young team. We lost only one player, Stephanie Wilson, to graduation. The Highlight of the season was the doubles team of David Bradstreet and Mark Harrington. Dave and Mark were very successful in regular season matches. In the post-season tournament Mark and Dave (who played with a broken wrist) placed fourth in a bid for the Section 5 Class D sectional placements. TennisBaseball The Andover Baseball team had a very successful season in 1987. The team won the 1987 section 5 championship, along with winning the Andover Baseball Tournament for the 5th time in 7 years. Our overall record was 18 wins and 3 josses. Pat Howland was selected to the All-Allegany All-Star team while also leading the team in Batting Average (.525), Homeruns (6), Putout (148) and Base on Balls (25). Pete Bruce set a school record with 46 hits and led the team with 31 R.B.I.'s. Keith Herr won 10 games without a loss and had a 1.00 E.R.A. Aarron Whitehouse Stole 25 bases. Scored 35 runs and had 41 Assist. Overall, 1987 was a banner year in baseball for Andover.Varsity Softball The 1987 Girls' Varsity Softball team posted a record of 4 wins 7 loses. We were defeated in the first round of playoffs by Scio in a close and exciting game. Seniors on the team were Michelle Clark and Diane Dugan.Junior Varsity Softball Andover's JV Softball team had a successful season last year ending up with a 5-2 record. It was an enjoyable season made successful through hard work and more importantly teamwork. The season was highlighted by an 18 strikeout performance by Mary McNeill during our first game against Richburg.Patrons Best Wishes from Burrous Furniture Congratulations from Waldorf's Jewelers, Hornell Congratulations from Rice Music House, Wellsville Congratulations from Wellsville Travel Service Congratulations from Harold's Army-Navy, Hornell Compliments of Shorts Service Station, Andover Best Wishes from the Wellsville Pennysaver Best Wishes from Karn's Bike Shop, Hornell Congratulations from Dagwood's Eating House Congratulations to the Seniors from D J Body Shop Congratulations Class of '88 from Luddens Best Wishes Class of '88 from Swackhamers Congratulations from Arnoys Dye, Wellsville Congratulations from The Wooden Shuttle, Alfred Congratulations from Sherwin-Williams Co., Wellsville Congratulations from Clancy's Old Time Eatery, Wellsville Best Wishes from Wellsville Dry Cleaners Good Luck from Jolly Dee's Restaurant Best Wishes from Cannon's Best Wishes from Pizza King, Wellsville Best Wishes from Davidsons Furniture, Hornell Be All You Can Be from the US Army Recruiting Staion Congratulations from the College Book Store Best Wishes from Mallery TV, Wellsville Congratulations from the House of Glass, Wellsville Congratulations from La Gra Family Salon, Wellsville Best Wishes from Rockwells, Wellsville Congratulations from Dugan Son Inc., Wellsville Best Wishes from Burrows Furniture, Wellsville Congratulations from Karl Butler Insurance, Wellsville Best Wishes from Tracie's Flowers, Wellsville Congratulations from The Gallery, Alfred Congratulations from Judy Bob HillCongratulations To Senior Class BLARNEY STONE 27 Main Street Prop. Good Luck To The Class of '88 Andover, MY Pat O'Donnell ALLEN, DYGERT HAUSER, INC. 28 Jefferson St. Wellsville, NY 14895 THE HAIRDRESSERS (716) 593-3027 110 North Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 (716) 593-3280 The Parts Store Compliments of 88 S. Main St. Wellsville, N.Y. (716) 593-6858 FISHER'S PHARMACY 138 N. Main St. Wellsville, N.Y. Good Luck to the Free Delivery to Andover Class of '88 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday TUFTY SWAIN CERAMICS 47 Main Street Andover, NY 478-5150Congratulations to the Senior Class HETZEL MOTORS INC. The County's only complete GM Dealer Wellsville, N.Y. (716)593-4150 BROWN STOUT 80 North Main St. Wellsville, NY 14895 ALFRED SPORTS CENTER Telephone Marty Emmie Curran ! 3 N. Main St. Alfred N.Y. 14802 587-9144 593-4296 F.W. Woolworth Best Wishes from H. EDWARD YAZAK Vaiues-Our Tradition 1? Broadway Kornell, N.Y. Ph. 32 -6571 900-500 3at. - Wed. Till 9 00 on Thur and Fri. closed C.P.A. Ebenezer Building 85 N. Main Street Wellsville, NY 14895 (716) 593-5014 Right Now Printing 169 North Main St. Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 (716) 593-5888Short’s Self Service Route 244 Alfred Station Discount Gas - Oil Groceries Mixers - Magazines Cold Beer "Your one stop saving place" For All Your Personal and Business Insurance Needs •X H NDOVE GENERAL HARDWARE QUALITY-VALUE Poulan Q STOVf PIP« • PIUMBINO SUPPtllS tOOftNO • OLASS CUTTINO 111 Ornnwoo ANDOVIR 478-8284 Riedman Corporation INSURANCE and BONDS 107 North Main Street, Wellsville, New York 716 593-4244 Broadway MalL, Hornell, New York 607 324-6666 next door to Hair Trivia Compliments of DUNDEE RACEWAY Races every Friday Night At 8 P.M. (607)234-8686(607)478-8740 Mulholland-Swan Funeral Home, Inc. Stanley E. Swan 7 Church Strbel HERALD FORD, INC. Andover. NY 14806 Commercial Land Development Andover, New York 14806 design - construction - ANDOVER HAIR TRIVIA financing - leasing 11 Greenwood St. Andover, N.Y. 14806 (607) 478-8417 478-8070 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 KERTON FLORIST SEARS Flowers for all Occasions Main Street, Wellsville 14895 Bruce Reuning 95 South Main Street CASEY OPTICAL % COMPANY Wellsville, NY 12 Marlin Street - Wellsville, NY 14895 Phone (716) 593-6063Congratulations Seniors!! Happy Vacation to all ACS students!! SOUTHERN TIER CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. THE GOOD HUMORED ICE CREAM MAN Larry Padden P.O. Box 516, 911 RTE. 244 Alfred, New York 14802 607-587-9292 C.O. Jessup Manager • Andover, NY 14806 UL-M Ta STANLEE HARDWARE iirfT 7 Our Pledge - Give good measure pressed down. Shaken together, Running over. • L ' Rt. 244 Tinkertown Rd. Alfred Station, N.Y. 587-8500 C.H. Joyce, President C.P. Joyce, Vice PresidentCongratulations To The Senior Class PINE TREE MOTEL Rt. 417 Hostess Andover, NY Sally Lynch GORSUCH'S Ted 5ez« Test Wishes From NORTH and SOUTH 34 Main St. Andover, NY 478-8990 Ted Trusquare MAIN LUMBER Horne11 Wellsville THE SILVERSMITH Stephan Walker 10 Barney St. ALFRED PHARMACY Andover 15 North Main Street Alfred, N.Y. 14802 (607) 587-9222Compliments of HAUSELT HAUSELT J. Donald Hauselt, Attorney at Law Purina Chow 120 N. Main St. D L FEEDS Wellsville, NY For All the Farmers' Needs Custom Grinding 1 , c c Bulk Feed Fertilizer Lime OJTipiirri Tllo SL J Beacon Feeds NORSTAR BANK, n.a. Complimerrt-s op TH in Streer, 2indoveR (,y.DOUG"S FLOWER SHOP J. Doug Gilbert, Owner ! Mary Vance, Manager 56 N. Main Street Hornell Alfred, N.Y. 14802 324-1400 Alfred 587-8146 TECH CENTER 6 W. Center Street P.O. BOX 251 Andover, NY 14806 LIN RAY Drive In Inc. Twin Cinema Paul Neuroth Radio Air Tranmission Conditioned Sound 144 N. Main Andover Rd. Wellsville : Wellsville 593-4770 593-3933 (607) 478-8122 Good Luck Graduates from WOODHULL RACEWAY THE DILL PICKLE Restaurant Woodhull, N.Y. -Our 24th Year-320 Modified. street stock Amateur Racing Every Saturday Night 8:00 P.M. Wellsville, NY 20 Miles West of Corning j On Rt. 417 TRACIE 1S FLOWERS (607) 458-5275 Owner Trade Martin 20 Madison St. Wellsville, NY (716) 593-4830GENG HING Chinese Restaurant A and A Plaza Rt. 417 Wellsvile, NY 14895 (716) 593-2414 RIDGE RUNNER Serving local people with their hometown news. As you graduate and go find your dreams remember your hometown roots. 46 Main Street Andover, NY 14806 (607) 478-8806 CRANDALL 1S JEWELERS 32 North Main St. Alfred,N.Y. (607) 587-9441 Hrs: 6 am - 11:45 pm Take Outs 593-1400 Made Fresh Daily Fresh Pies Good Luck Class of '88ANDOVER TRADING POST Andover, N.Y. Hunting Supplies-Guns-Bought-Sold-Traded Ammo-Groceries-Beer-Gas 607-478-8600 SWARTZ'S BAR GRILL Andover, N.Y, 607-478-8876 Good Luck Brooks AGWAYj P’arm 1 Home Center V. Dyke Street Wellsville, NY 1 895 Phone:C?16) 593- 060 ATIQNS GRADS W.JOSEPH EMBSER ATTORNEY AT LAW EBENEZER OIL CO BLOC 85 NORTH MAIN STREET WELLSVILLE. NEW YORK 10095 PHONE 593-1900 AREA CODE 716 Class Of 1988 C-E AIR PREHEATER Wellsville, NY 14895 COMBUSTION ENGINEERING Our very Best Wishes to the Class of 1988 From the folks at Burnseys Subs-Pizza-Ice Cream Main Street - 417, Andover May you be blessed guided to good things.Best Wishes Compliments of To The Class of '88 PETERSON DRUG From ROD GUN CLUB Wellsville, New York CLINE'S RETREATING The Sports Center Car Sc Truck Tires Retreaded Here with a Family Touch For Good Quality Service 81 Hanover St. Telephone Wellsville, NY 1 4-895 716-593-6050 Custom Frinting, School Coats, Hats, Shirts, MLB, NFL Merchandise, Athletic Foot Waer Sc Sportswear Bill Gary Jan Sally ANDOVER MEDICAL GROUP, P.C. Judy Arlene Linda BarbaraJOSTENS

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