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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1987 volume:

Foreword Throughout our years at ACS we have gone from learning how to tie our shoes to learning Algebra. All of us were faced with tough times, and somehow we made it through them okay. Now as graduation approaches we begin to realize that our almost eternal thirteen years at Andover Central have meant more than Algebra or Biology. We were learning, learning about life and being individuals. As you leave high school in search of your dreams, remember... Whether some of us choose to join the Armed Forces...or choose to go to college... or even to seek employment directly after high school... no matter what road you travel, always be an individual and seek happiness, in whatever form it may be.DEDICATION 'i'ha Class of 1987 would like to dedicate the 1987 Edition of Memoirs to two very fine ladies; Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Johnston. Mrs. Moore was our Social Studies teacher, our Homeroom teacher, and class advisor through our high school years. Her devotion to our class may have gone unnoticed at times, but it is still very much appreciated.Mrs. Johnston has worked many hours on the yearbook as our advisor in addition to her teaching of Elementary Art. Much of her time after school and on weekends was spent trying to pull together the loose ends of this book. To Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Johnston, we give our thanks and best wishes for years to come. The Class of 1987YEARBOOK STAFF Row 1. Mark Hardy, Inge De Lamper, Jerry Brown Row 2. Vicki Jordan, Stephanie Wilson, Geraldine Lehman, Rita Martin, Dodie Moore, Meghan McGillivray Row 3. Kim Cornell, Stacey Swartz, Mark Harrington, Donna Barney, Ben ClarkeFACULTY STAFFBOARD OF EDUCATION Mrs. Markle Guidance Mr. kjov Id Guidance Couselor Mr . Demina Mr . Whitehouse Mrs. Hollenbeck Mr. Neuroth Mr. Vance Mr. Bradstreet Superintendent Mr. Schroeder PrincipalMrs. Baker Mr. McIntosh Mr. FaberMrs. McCormick Mrs. Johnston Mr. Buchholz Miss Bowen Mr. DiCaorio Mr. Bale Mrs. LehmanMr. Shoales Ms . Starks Mrs. Neuland Mrs. Hackimer Miss Keating Miss HartMiss Troxell Mr. Kosciewicz Mrs. McGrav; Miss Oelwang Mrs . Sherv ood Mrs. Graves Mrs. EmeryMrs. Burdick Mrs. Nevol Mrs. Funk Mrs. Meyn Mrs. ShelpCafeteria Staff Bus Drivers Row 1- Mr. Ordiway, Mr. Witter Row 2- Mr. Goodridge, Mr. Sackett, Mr Thorp, Mr. Graver,, Mrs. MosherCUSTODIANS Mr. Goodridge, Mr. Ordiway, Mr. Barner, Mr. Monroe James Burdick, Tim Smith, Lyle Thomas, Paul MariotteLAST WILL AND TESTAMENT to "Round Bale". is not taking, (nothing) the students for making the shop Wes Merrick leaves Hoags. James Manion leaves all his sweet day-dreams in psychology. Chris Hoagland leaves all his bad grades to who ever wants them. Donna Ordiway leaves her shy and quiet ways to any teacher who is gullable enough to believe it!!! Melissa Ray leaves the bathrooms that have no soap, the showers that have no hotwater, and the lockers that don't work to anyone who wants them. Vicki Slade leaves all her greetings and good fortune to Richard and Hoagie. Darrin DiMarzo leaves Andover school Andy Knight leaves all the things he Tim Jenison leaves the dedication of the best it could possibly be. Doug Glover leaves the members that hang in the halls and at the shop Diane Dugan leaves falling down on stairways to Hoagie and Coleen. Glenna Huey leave all her books and locker to anybody who wants them. Dana Stocking leaves Hoags. Dale Burns leaves the Senior lounge which is no longer in use. Steph Wilson leaves Kim her "Greatest love of all",my singing talents Stacey Clarke leaves Mr Mac her locker, books, classes, etc. Cliff Nichols leaves all the good and bad teachers. Mark Hardy leaves his Intelligence (ha! ha!) and Intellect (ha! ha!) to the very needy underclassmen. Jim Helms leaves behind all his bad memories. Steph Dean leaves all her bad memories and is keeping the good ones. Debbie Dugan leaves lots of love to Susie and Redge. Jerry Brown leaves Andover in search of better women and a higher educat ion. Ben Clarke leaves Willie Bennett his curly blond hair. Tonya Cook leaves the girls her excuses for getting out of gym class Vim Brown leaves all his hairstyles to anybody who will take them. Tammy Thorp leaves the school pool to anyone who's into swamps. Dawn Meyers leaves her Business Law class and Mr. McIntosh to whoever: wants them. -Inge DeLamper leaves an invitation to come visit her in Belgium. Dan Meyers leaves a blank check for deposit to Tonya and Kelinda. Vicki Jordan leaves her lost belongings to anyone who can find them Michelle Clark leaves to the people the willingness to make a good life. Sharon Whitesell leaves some hair for Mr. McIntosh's head. Dodie Moore leaves her personality to Meghan so she can bug Mr. Dice’ Kelinda Kear leaves McDonalds to anyone tough enough to clean up aft-.. a sick person and then eat a Big Mac afterwards. Rita Martin leaves her quiet ways to Mary McNeil.Douglas Encil Glover Mark Wightman Hardy Patrick Clifford Howland Mark Andrew George James Herbert Helms Christopher Lee HoaglandTammy Lynn Thorp Andrew William Knight Glenna Dean Huey Kelinda Jane Kear Stephanie Lynn Hyde Victoria Dawn JordanT H E N First Row: Jude Wahl, Todd Sherwood, Stevie Hyde, Kelly Neeley, Jimmy Gavin, Danny Ganer, Dale Burns, Cheryl Cooper. Second Row: Barbie Strouse, Amy Terry, Fat Howland, Vicki Jordan, Charlie Deming, Eric Allen, Mike Middaugh, Mark George, Donna Ordiway, Larry Clark, Kelly Carson, Megan McCormick. Third Row: Stacy Clarke, Shelly Bays, Mrs. Morris, Danny Drake. Around Table: Charles Mielke, Tammy Thorp, Darla Mascho, Paula Burlingame, Tim Brown, Steph Dean, Tim Fitch, Cameron Densmore, Mark Emery, Willy Bennet. Standing: Kelinda Kear, Ben Clarke, Troy O'Hara, Mark Hardy, Louie Perry, Stacey Swartz, Michelle Clark, Toni Lehman, Vicki Slade, Jerry Brown, Dennis Mead. Teacher--Mrs. GriffithsRow 1: D. Meyers, M. Ray, D. Moore, S. Swartz, S. Wilson, K. Kear, Row 2: S. Whitesell, J. Manion, M. Emery, W. Merrick, K. DeMun, S. Dean, R. Martin, M. Clark. Row 3: P. Howland V.Jordan, I. DeLamper, D. Meyers, G. Huey, V. Slade, D. Dugan. Row 4: M. George, T. Cook, J. Brown, B. Clarke, J. Helms, S. Hyde, Row 5: D. Burns, A. Knight, D. Stocking, J. Niedermaier, C. Hoagland, M. Hardy, T. Thorp.Dodie Marie Moore Rita Carliss MartinDana Stocking John Matthew Niedermaier Clifford Charles Nichols Melissa Ann Ray Donna Lyn Ordiway Vicki Lynn SladeConfidential File of 1987 Name She is She thinks She is She would like to be She is always seen Glenna H. Steph W. Stevie H. Sharon W. Vicki J. Kelinda K. Rita M. Dawn M. Tammy T. Dodie M. Michelle C Stacey C. Tonya C. Steph D. Inge D. Debra D. Diane D. Donna 0. Bebita P. Missy R. Vicki S. Stacey S. engaged a "?" a tease a farmgirl silly "Saccharin" nice attractive my cousin always cold tough quiet a WCC slave a mother from Belgum in love tiny quiet from Panama engaged pretty skinny in love a Librarian sexy angelic intelligent Brilliant a typist in love something a sex symbol a boxer cool in love a match maker smart special beautiful shy domesticated grand innocent a beautition married a bug wanted an artist a teacher a poet a herder happy or not to be warm a bouncer wild intelligent psychologist American with Brian beautiful innocent a nun a critic a model a model with Monte with Sharon flirting with Steph W. hitting skunks at McDonalds baling hay in the Magnum in a classic and heard in fights partying with Mike with Paula in America babysitting being loud with Bob with a boy primping selling M M's chopping hair Name He is He thinks he is He would like to be He is always seem Jim H. Mark H. Chris H. Pat H. Andy K. James M. Wesley M. Danny M. Cliff N. John N. Jerry B. Tim B. Dale B. Ben C. Keith D. Darrin D. Mark E. Mark G. Doug G. Dana S. Ed W. Tim J. short different a pruner a Tank a bird a diver the chin-up champ a wise guy gullable a Niedermaier Busy unshaven late a golden boy calm New Lively The King a shop major vain a big boy an Army boy a breaker a philosopher graduating an athlete single tired an artist cool Hulk Hogan a tough guy Romeo superb pele Mr. Fashion a stud a serviceman in love cool a soldier awesome Andre the Big Rambo a teacher a womanizer graduated in a keg a fireman awake a stunt man Stevies man Alfred E N tougher a comedian He-man on time a gigilo at boces a rock star rich a stud ravishing perfect bigger in Vietnam with Kelly in the art rm. chasing girls with Bird in the Subaru sleeping in the shop in the halls on his porch wrestling in the art rm. watching TV making jokes in fashion with Doug M. at Kwik Fill at Bells unexpectedly with Cindy H. wearing a hat growing with the Army Timothy Jenison Darrin DeMarzo Stacey Ann Swartz Stephanie Lynn Wilson Edward Ransom White Sharon Ann WhitesellExchange Students Suri Hiatis Palacios "Bebita" Ingeborg Regina Christiaan De LamperRow 1. Mrs. Baker, T. Sibble, T. Cook, P. Jackson, W. Bennett, R. Walters, R. Stevens, Mrs. Sherwood, Row 2. M. Davis, J. Lehman, D. Bradstreet, S. Hoagland, L. Manion, J. Waufle P. Burlingame, P. Bruce, Row 3. T. Seamans, D. Harris, K. Cornell, A. Winslow, D. Dodge, S. Dugan, L. Horan, M. Huey, A. White, Row 4. L. Gavin, K. Gilbert, T. Sherwood, J. Gardiner, D. Baker, K. Carson, M. Harrington, Row 5. D. Helveston, M. Serra, D. Cornell, B. Golish, T. Lehman, A. Briggs, C. Perry, D. Garner, R. Wilkins, T. Hess. Absent: M. McGillivray, K. Kear.SOPHOMORES Row 1: J. Burdick, L. Burlingame, C. Thorp, D. Barney, G. Lehman, N ! Kocher, K. Herr, R. Carter. Row 2: J. Sibble, J. Perry, C. Bailey, J. Sherwood, C. Higday, T. Phillips. Row 3: B. Greene, A. Whitehouse, J. Gavin, P. Bryan, C. Tripphahn, E. Clark, N. Moore, B. VanStine, R. Padden, L. Kelley, M. Kornaker, D. Helveston, T. Howard, T. Fanton, J. Gardiner, R. Wilkins. Absent: M. Bowers, K. Brainard, C. Deming, P. McCormick, D. SmithFRESHMEN Row 1; C. Weiss, J. Gardiner, J. Hyde, J. Kelley, D. Price, S. Smith G. Martin, Row 2: V. Hurlburt, M. Frost, M. Farnum, T, Wilson, K. Green, L. Greenfield, D. Nowetner, J. Fanton, Row 3: K. Monahan, L. Tripphahn, W. Winters, D. McCarthy, S. Dieter, T. Dolph, M. Joyce, D. Morris, R. Morris, C. Morrison, J. Waufle, M. McNeill, T. Ormsby. Absent; M. Hollenbeck, R. Roach, D, Burns, J. Dougherty, T. Riffle, A, Walters, R. Howland.Row 1: C. Nichols, K. Ordiway, S. Czechorowski, E. Bradstreet, M. Dodge. Row 2: B. Greenfield, C. Clarke, A. Burdick, B. Barry, W. Clarke, B. Ormsby. Row 3: D. Donaldson, S. Ordway, S. Phillips, L. Dodge, T. Howard, J. Ordiway. Row 4; J. Layton, C. McKay, D. Latten L. Ordiway, T. Denning, H. McGillivray, H. Clarke, K. Frost. Row 5: T. Serra, K. Monahan, T. Schettine, F. Sutherland, B. Thorp, R Wilkins, R. George. Absent: R. Carter, D. Perry, S. Neuroth, J. Snyder. EIGHTH GRADESEVENTH GRADE Row 1: L. Lehman, T. Smith, M. Waterbury, B. Leasure, K. Bridge, J. Rifenburg, D. Farnum, R. Gonyer, D. Raish, C. Clarke, J. Burdick, K. Swartz, S. Goodridge, C. Weiss, M. Fanton, A. Whitesell. Row 2: E. Ormsby, A. Barnett, K. Graves, H. Dean, R. Manion, T. Cook, J. Mona han, D. Dodge, C. Clark. Row 3: A. Dean, B. Dickerson, J. Mitchell, J. McNaughton. Absent: H. Harrington, L. Hollenbeck, R. Moore, D. Drew, J. Fuller, J. Kornaker, A. Machinski, D. Perry, C. Seaman, S. Sherwood .Grade Six Row 1- David Alvord, Mark Daniels, David Garner, Tim Serra, Tim Emery Row 2- Janene Price, Sandy Beckwith, Stacey Greene, Karen Demun, Sandy Burton, Colleen Brown, Tonya Denning, Molly Burke, Alicia Ward Row 3- Mr. Witcher, Mr. Roberts Row 1- Jason Troutman, Justin Gardiner, Angela Bulter, Missy Phillip Cissy Czechorowski, Diane Hobson Row 2- Dennis Givens, Scott White, Kenny Schrader, Roy Wison, Howie Machinski, Anna DensmoreGrade Five Row 1- E. Harrington, K. Sease, K. Harris, N. Ruller, N. Schettine J. McKay, C. Macdonald. Row 2- J. Matison, R. Morris, E. Kent, M. Bucholz, S. Kemp, N. Folsom, E. Matison, M. Tiffany. Row 3- Mrs. McNeill, J. Shutt, E. Brundage, N. Folsom, J. Emery, E. Brown, H. Stocking, N. Lehman, K. Layton. Row 1- D.Helveston, J.Huey, D.Greenfield, S.Towner, J.McNaughton, E.Miller, Row 2- C.Nichols, G. Kinnicutt, L.Schrader, D.Grant, P.Outman, M.Raich, D.Whitesell, Row 3- Miss Moretti, L.Gena, M. Wiesczyk, K.Fanton, T.Price, J.WatersGrade Four Row 1- A. Dean, C. Saunders, A. George, J. uieszcyk, G. Green Row 2- J. Densmore, C. Barnett, C. Kinnicutt, A. Cornell, J. Blouvet, P. Knight, M. Green, Row 3- P. Dickerson, T. Perkins, M. Green, A. Gaylord, P. Fanton, C. Ward, R. Hobson, K. Drake, Mrs. Coly Row 1- C. Hamlin, K. Green, C. Mitchell, M. Wiesczyk, B. Calladir. Row 2- C. Givens, S. Hancock, S. Donaldson, M. Burke, C. Clark L. McNeill. Row 3 - B. Peasure, J. Wainwright, J. Dytche, J. Nowetner, D. Greenfield, A. Reinschmidt, J. Brown, K. Watlers, K. Ormsby, M. Gates. Mrs. PetersonGrade Three Row 1- Seth Folsom, Angela Matison, Julie Roeske, Heather Brown, Carrie Vance Row 2- Nola Monahan, Jennifer Baker, Heather Dickerson, Angela Kier, Nathan Monroe, Phillip Baker, Mike Tidd, Sean Butler, Jay Baker Row 3- Miss Brown, Mrs. Marsh Row 1- Donnie Whitesell, Tim Putman, Ray Denning, Adam Blouvet, JOhn Eshenbaugh, Chris Butler Row 2- Rhonda Beckwith, Kristy Pitts, Michelle Morris, Jennifer Emery, Jodi Byran, Chad Morris, Steve Swartz Row 3- Mrs. HarderGrade Two Row 1; J. Joyce, W. Buholz, R. Belmont, J. Kent. Row 2: C. Drake, S Kelly, A. Westbrook, S. Neff, L. Fuller, L. Spencer, R. Demarte, B. Graves, H. Kemp, R. Hess. Row 3s Mrs. Shay, Miss Gilberti. Row 1; B. Kurtz, M. Fuller, D. Lehman, R. Dunn, J. Matison, S. Burton Row 2; B. Hamlin, K. Weshe, S. Putnam, J. Dytche, S. Butler, L. Perry M. Berry. Row 3: Mrs. HoranGrade One Row l: J. Gardiner, M. Monroe, R. Clark, C. Green, J. Outman, M. Hancock, J. Black, C. Calladine. Row 2: M. Frungillo, B. Wiesczyck, S. MacDonald, B. Perkins, P. Vance, C. Wahl, L. Donaldson, K. Sommers, B. Lyon, Mrs. Starks. Row 1: C. Green, is. niank, V. Barner, M. Wiesczyck, J. Sparatta, M. Jackson, J. Padden. Row 2; B. Moline, B.J. Howland, B. Lehman.'s. Saunders, T. Green, C. Cornell, J. Ordiway, E. Bennet. Row 3: Miss KeatingKindergarten Row 1: E. Rear, J Merrick, J. Si'oble, T. Troutman, D. Wahl, S. Allen, A. Joyce, B. Barner, D. Green, Row 2; Miss Hart, J. Hyland, A, Tidd, M. Morris, C. Baker, B. Baldwin, A. Brown, S. Cavagna, M. Pitts, J. Dieter Row 1: G. Weber, M. Calladine, A. Haines, T. Price, S. Green, M. Briggs, C. Belmont, J. Grardiner. Row 2: B. Densmore, A. Black, T. Wesche, J. Dunn, R. Glover, T. Weisczyk, A. Bucholz, A. Wlasniewski, L. Layland. Row 3: Miss Burrows, Mrs. HowardACTIVITIESSenior Chorus Junior ChorusJunior Band Senior BandElementary I ChoirSTUDENT COUNCIL FHAJR.-SR. PLAYLIBRARY COUNCIL 4-HGIRLS’ SOCCERVolleyballVARSITY BASKETBALL JV BASKETBALLGIRLS’ BASKETBALL SWIMMINGBoy’s Girl’s Junior High 5 th 6 th GradeBasketball BasketballBaseball BASEBALL 1986 BASEBALL The 1986 Andover Central Baseball team had a season record of 12 wins, 7 losses. At one point their record was 10 wins, 1 loss until their all-star catcher Pat Howland was injured during a game. At the sectionals they won 1-0 against Jasper with Pete Bruce making a one-hitter. Only 3 seniors left so this year's team looks very promising.Softballc H E E R L VARSITY JV E A D E R SCUB CHEERLEADERSBOY’S VOLLEYBALLJUNIOR-SENIOR PROM VNEW YORK The Andover sophomore students visited New York City in May of 1986. It was an 8 hour trip on a school bus. When we arrived,there was a pizza party for the Andover students. Then everyone went to Kings Plaza and shopped and saw a movie. The next day we attended Abraham Lincoln High School. Then that evening we went to see a New York Yankees game. The following day we went into the city . We went on a ferry and saw the Statue of Liberty. Then we went to the World Trade Center. The students took a tour through Manhattan and Greenwich Village. We also walked down Wall Street. We were on our own that evening. The following morning we departed and came back to AndoverThe New York City students arrived on Saturday, Nov. 1. We had a pizza party and a Halloween dance upon their arrival. On Sunday we played basketball and went swimming in the morning. Later in the say we visited MacCrea's farm. There we went on a hike and shot rifles. On Monday the NYC students attended our school. After school everyone went horseback riding in Hartsville. Then they spent the evening with their hosts at home and departed the following morningPatrons Page Congratulations from MacBride's, Hornell Congratulations from Harold's Army-Navy, Hornell Best Wishes from Burrous Furniture Congratulations from the College Book Store, Alfred Compliments of Shorts Service Station, Andover Compliments of Rockwell's, Wellsville Congratulations from Debbie's Hair Designs, Wellsville Best Wishes, The Sherwin-Williams Co., Wellsville Congratulations Seniors from Hair Care, Alfred Congratulations from College Mobil, Alfred Station Congratulations-Peoples Deli, Alfred Congratulations from The Penny Pincher, Hornell Congratulations from Waldorf's Jewelers, Hornell Best Wishes from Tuttle Rockwell Co. Best Wishes from Karn's Bike Shop, Hornell Compliments of Pizza King, Wellsville Best Wishes-Embeser Law Offices, W.L. Embser, Ebenezer Building Best Wishes from Kinfolk, Alfred Compliments of Alfred Craft co-op Best Wishes from Cannons, Wellsville Congratulations from Rice Music House, Wellsville Best Wishes from Wellsville Pennysaver Best Wishes from Ludden's Shoes, Wellsville Congratulations from Wellsville Travel ServiceF.W. WOOLWORTH Values-Our Tradition 17 Broadway Hornell, N.Y. Ph. 324-6571 9:30-5:30 Sat.- Wed. Till 9:00 on Thur. and Fri. closed Sears ssars Am KosmieK. eo. Bruce Reuning 95 South Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. Compliments of Crandall's Jewelers HORNELL VIDEO THEATER Continuing an Alfred Tradition Since 1864 plaza 21 Hornell, NY 14843 324-3774 36 North Main St. Alfred, N.Y. 14802 (607) 587-9441 Best Wishes From Stephen Walker Silversmith 10 Baeney St. Andover Alfred Pharmacy 15N.Main St. Alfred, N.Y. (607) 587-9222BROWN AND STOUT AGENCY, INC. INSURANCE 125 North Main St. Wellsville, NY 14895 Telephone 593-4296 SrnokB f Uj (aoway) FARM HOME CENTER W. Dyke Street Wellsville. NY 14895 Phone (716) 593-4060 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1985 Kerton Florist Flowers for all Occasions Main Street, Wellsville 14895 FRIENDLY RESTAURANT 41 Main St Hornell N.Y. DOCS' EAST ELM STREET GARAGE INC. Hornell Arkport Road Hornell, New York 14843 "Doc" Joe Camp Dr. Allan M. Robbins owners Phone ((607) 324-0946 Compliments of PETERSON DRUG COMPANY WELLSVILLE, NEW YORKCompliments of SOUTH MAIN LUMBER (A division of Hollands Lumber) 126 S. Main St. Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 Phone (716)593-4601 ALFRED COLLISION AUTO GL7CC Rt. 244 Alfred Station (607) 587-9335 James Firtitta - Proprietor Patz Dairy Heifers Used Machinery WILMER G. MARTIN RD 2, Andover, NY 14806 607-478-8934 Compliments of HERALD FORD, INC. FISHER'S PHARMACY N. Main Street Wellsville N.Y. Commercial Land Developement Andover, New York 14806 design - constructionfinancing - leasing (607) 478-8417CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS BLARNEY STONE INN 27 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, N.Y. PROP. PAT O'DONNELL MAXWELL HOUSE YUBAN SANKA TRADING POST FOOD SERVICE ANDOVER, NY 14806 COFFEE TEA HOT CHOCOLATE EQUIPMENT FILTERS RESTAURANT SUPPLIES Phone: 607-478-8600 LES McKAY Prop. Give-Good Measure Pressed down, shaken together. Running over STANLEE Alfred Station, N.Y. Good Luck Class of '87 GORSUCH'S 34 Main St., Andover, NY 478-8990 Our very Best Wishes to the Class of 1987 From the folks at BURNSEY'S Subs-Pizza-Ice Cream Main Street - 417, Andover May you be blessed Guided to good things. Short’s Self Service Route 244 Alfred Station Discount Gas Oil Groceries Mixers Magazines Cold Beer 'Your one stop saving place” A NDOVE R general hardware QUALITY-VALUE Poulon ITOVt PIPI • PIUMIING SUPPtICS ■OOfINO • GLASS CUTTING Q £ 11 I Of nwood ANDOVIR 478-8284 rfT? Tech Center 6 W Center Street p o Box 25 i Andover NY 14606 PAUL NEUROTH Phone 607 478 8 1 22Bill Jan Gary Sally ANDOVER MEDICAL GROUP, P.C. Judy Arlene Linda Carol Compliments of J. Donald Hauselt, Attorney at Law Wellsville New York ANNE M. BRADDOCK JUDITH E. SAMBER Attorney at Law Thornton Building 93 North Main Street Wellsville, New York 14895 (716) 593-2636 KENT FARMS elk brand certified seeds-potatoes - oats- x-mas trees Andover, New York 14806 Farm (607) 478-8805 X-Mas Trees 478-8860 - Kathy or TomCompliment of- IT m Stree r, ridoveRnT y- Bot L Wishes from H. Edward Yazak Certified Public Accountant Purina Chow D L FEEDS For All the Farmers' Needs Ebenezer Building 85 N. Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 (716) 593-5014 Custom Grinding Bulk Feed Fertilizer Lime SINGER SEWING Machines and Repair Wallpaper 55 N. Main St.Best Wishes To The Class of 87 From Andover Rod Gun Club DAVIE'S Serving The Southern Teir For 70 Years Infants, Girl's and Boy's wear, Formals, Women's Wear, HQS For Boys and Girls Scout Wear 9:45 am -5:15- Thurs. til 8:30pm Wednesday-closed at Noon 112-114 N. Main, Wellsville SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST BOARD OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Box 115 Alfred Station, NY 14803 JOSTEN'S Ernest K.Bee, Jr. Executive Director Larry McCullen 124 S Water St Knoxville, Pa 814-326-4402 (607) 587-8527PATRONS Best of luck in the future. You will be missed. Love, Mrs. Sherwood Best Wishes to the class of 1987. Gene DiCaprio Best of Luck Seniors! It's been a pleasure working with you. Mrs. Johnston Best of Luck to the class of '87. Mr. and Mrs. Bradstreet Best Wishes Class of '87! Mrs. Baker Best of luck to the class of '87. Mr. Bale Lots of Love and Luck to a very special class. Mr. MacCrea Dear Hearts: You've been a great class. I've really enjoyed you and we share some special memories. I love you all. Good luck always, C. Moore Congradulations to the Seniors from Mrs. Peterson The future is yours. Best of Luck. Marjorie Lehman Health 'n' Happiness 'n' Good Luck, too to my former classmates. Megan McCormick and Mrs. McCormick! Congradulations! The school will seem quiet with out you guys around. Mr. McIntosh If you deliberately plan to be less than you are capable of being, then you will be unhappy for the rest of your life. Mrs. Witherow Many speakers can rise to the occasion, but few know when to sit down. I hope that as you sit down daily you will know you have done your best. God bless each of you always. Mr. Schroeder Best wishes to the class who has cone a great deal to improve our school. Mr. Buchholz Live each day so that you will neither be afraid of tomorrow nor ashamed of yesterday. Love, Mrs. Henry May your reach always exceed your grasp! Good Luck! Mrs. Bee May your future be as bright as the promises of God. Love, all the Mart insAUTOGRAPHSJOSTENS

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