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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1986 volume:

DEDICATION We would like to dedicate the 1986 yearbook to Mrs. Witherow. While no other teacher ever stayed long enough to replace Mrs. Burger, Mrs. Witherow stuck it out and hurdled all the obstacles we threw into her path as all students do to a new teacher. We are all glad to have had you for a teacher. We hope you are around for a long time to come. The Yearbook StaffADMINISTRATION Mr. Schroeder, Mr. Bradstreet, Mr. Hale SCHOOL BOARD his A6ove h [ Go chine oum seir 6e wmie. Ur iscoCompowr cfr yfrlicceb :o Q: . che cfafopcAdte Mr. Demming, Mr. Green Neuroth, Mrs. Hollenbeck, Mr. WhitehouseFACULTY Mrs. Copp- English, Spanish Mr. Close- Jr. High Social Studies Mr. MClntosh-Business Mrs. Bee-English Mrs. Witherow- Jr. High English Mrs. Moore- High School Social Studies, PsychologyMrs. Baker- High School Math Mr. Faber- Jr. High Math Mr. DiCaprio- Sr. High Science Mrs. Warrick-Fowler-Spanish Mrs. Kaffitz- Jr. High Science Mr. Bale-Science, ComputersMiss Keating-Resource Room Mr. Buchholz-Shop Mr. MacCrea-High School Art, Humanities Mrs. Lehman-Home Ec. Mrs. Johnston-Elem. ArtMr. Shoales-Band Miss Troxell-Girls' Gym Mrs. Darr-Music © Mrs. McCormick-Nurse Health Mr. Coon-Boys' GymCLASS OF 86 Most Respected: MARIE PERRY Most Likely To Become President: MARIE PERRY Most Courteous: BONNIE BOODRIDGE Perfect Pair: CONNIE AND DAN Best All-Around Girl: SUSAN HYDE Best All-Around Boy: GREG SMITH Class Cupid: PAULA ORDIWAY Most Athletic Girl: SUSAN HYDE Most Athletic Boy: GREG SMITH Class Dreamboat: LEE BROWN Biggist Heart Breaker: LESLIE STEVENS Girl With The Nicest Smile: SUSAN HYDE Boy With The Nicest Smile: ANDY SEAMANS Girl With The Prettiest Eyes: SUSAN HYDE Boy With The Nicest Eyes: LEE BROWN Shyest Girl: BONNIE GOODRIDGE Shyest Boy: DICK HELMS Best Dressed Girl: LESLIE STEVENS Best Dressed Boy: DOUG MILLER Most Gullable: PAULA ORDIWAY Class Artist: LESLIE STEVENS Preppiest Senior: LORI HERR AND SUSAN HYDE Laziest Senior: JOHN BURTON Busiest Senior: MARIE PERRY Senior With The Most Freckles: ANDY SEAMANS AND BONNIE GOODRIDGE Our Einstein: RUSTY BUCKWALTER Most Cool: LEE BROWN AND MIKE PATRICK Girl Joker: LAURIE ALLEN Boy Joker: LEE BROWN Music Maestro: MARIE PERRY Most Popular Girl: SUSAN HYDE Most Popular Boy: GREG SMITH Most Corrupt: LEE BROWN Simply Perfect: LESLIE STEVENSClass Personalities Captain Video: SCOTT SHAVER Loudest Senior: ANDY STOCKING AND LORI HERR Most Likely to be seen on Broadway: LESLIE STEVENS Class Redneck: MARIE PERRY Most Eccentric: LESLIE STEVENS Most Emotional: LORI HERR Class Gossip: PAULA ORDIWAY Biggest Flirts: LESLIE STEVENS AND LEE BROWN Nicest Personality: SUSAN HYDE AND DON FROST Best Physique: DOUG MILLER Best Figure: SUSAN HYDE Boy With The Tightest Jeans: LEE BROWN Most Likely To Start an Argument: LEE BROWN Our Nerds: LEE PROWN, ANDY SEAMANS, MIKE PATRICK Class Spaz: JOHN BURTON Class Airheads: LESLIE STEVENS AND PAULA ORDIWAY Boy With The Cutest Dimples: LEE BROWN Girl With The Nicest Walk: SUSAN HYDE Boy With The Nicest Walk: ANDY SEAMANS Class Personalities Shyest-Dick Helms Bonnie Good.ridge Class Flirts-Leslie Stevens Lee Brown Captain Video-Scott ShaverClass Nerds--Lee Brown Mike Patrick Best Dressed-Leslie Stevens Doug Miller Andy Seamens Laziest-John Burton Most Studious-Marie PerryHall of Fame Bonnie GoodrichSENIORS John M. Burton MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE; Tennis Bus GRIPE: School FAVORITE SAYING: "Who Cares??" Donald James Frost MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Meeting Stephanie...... GRIPE: English Class FAVORITE SAYING: "Get OUT of HFRE!" 1986 Bonnie C. Goodridge MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Physics class GRIPE: School lasts too long!" FAVORITE SAYING: "Oh Sugar!"Kelison R. Helms III MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Meeting Bud!!! GRIPE: Bucket seats FAVORITE SAYING: "It's Casual!" Lori J. Herr MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Meeting a "very close friend" in homeroom. Soccer, Sr. Lounge, and Driver's Ed. GRIPE: Mornings; Soccer practice, and B.O.C.E.S. Rides. FAVORITE SAYING: Susan I. Hyde "Who Cares??" MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Doing the announcements, fun times and fights with Scott. GRIPE: Getting up in the morning FAVORITE SAYING: "Whatever" Terry R. McCormick MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Playing third base in Silver Stadium and Leslie. GRIPE: "Teachers!!!!!!!!" FAVORITE SAYING: "Shut Up!!!!"Doug Miller MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE Parties at the "Bud Inn" GRIPE; Working at Market Basket FAVORITE SAYING: "Noway! ! ! '' Paula D. Ordivay MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: When Lori and I did Teen Time and I goofed! GRIPE: Life itself FAVORITE SAYING: Life's a beach and then you drowned!!! licheal L. Patrick IOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: ill of the parties before the iances. iRIPE: 'he way some of the teachers hink they're God!!!! 'AVORITE SAYING: I don't know!!!" Marie E. Perry MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Physics class with 4 1985 Seniors. GRIPE: Having to study for tests and Regents. FAVORITE SAYING: "Give me a break!"Andrew T. Seamans MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Meeting Michelle GRIPE; Karmon Kear at parties FAVORITE SAYING: "If it feels good, do it!" Scott Shaver MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE Having In-House GRIPE; School lasts too long!! FAVORITE SAYING; "Hey Dude!" Gregory M. Smith MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE; Diving into the swimming pool during a swim meet and having my shorts fall off!!!!!!! GRIPE: English Class FAVORITE SAYING; "I don't believe it!!!!" T.eslie A. Stevens MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE; Rides on the Tennis bus, Fun times and fights with Terry. GRIPE; Tooooo much homework!!! FAVORITE SAYING; "Get A Grip!"Andrew J. Stocking MSOT MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: Hitting my head on the diving board in 3rd grade. GRIPE; English Class FAVORITE SAYING; "I Knew That!" Connie S. Sutherland MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE; Sr. Lounge and Dances GRIPE; Teachers FAVORITE SAYING; "I don't know?!" Dan J. Worden MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE; The time we spent together in the Senior Lounge. GRIPE; Teachers,"Workbook Mentality". FAVORITE SAYING; "So how about it baby?"Row 1:G.Huey,D.Dugan,Mrs.Moore,D.Dugan,S.Swartz, Row 2;S.Whitesall,S.Wilson,S.Clarke,R.Martin,D.Moore,T.Cook. Row 3:D.Stocking,D.Howard,M.Clarke,V.Slade,E.White,J.Neidermaier W.Merrick,K.Kear,M.Ray,S.Dean. Row 4:M.Hardy,M.George,T.Brown,D.Burns,P.Howland,D.Meyers, M.Alvord,S.Hyde, Row 5:J.Helms,D.Dodge,K.DeMun,B.Clarke,C.Hoagland,M.Emery, A.Knight,J.Brown,C.Nichols . % SOPHOMORES ? a- £ •9 Row Is K.Witty,S.Hoagland,D.Baker,B,Walters,R.Stevens, D.Bradstreet,P.Bruce,R.Padden,D.Gardiner Row 2: L.Gavin,K.Cornell,M.McGillivary,D.Dodge,L.Horan, D.Harris,S.Dugan,A.Winslow Row 3: P.Jackson,M. Davis, T. Cook, T.Sibble,L.Demming,T. Lehman AmBriggs,S.Dain,L.Manion Row 4: T.Hess,C.Perry,B.Golish,Mrs.Baker,A.Freeland, M.Serra,M.Bowers,T.Seamen,R.Wilkins,J.Waufle,K.Carson Row 5: J.Gardner,K.Gilbert,M.Harrington,D.Cornell,F.Ripley, P.Wells,J.Lehman,W.BennettRow 1: J.Burdick,D.Barney,G.Lehman,C.Thorp,J.Sherwood, J.Funk,C.Bailey,C.Higday Row 2: Mr. Faber, N .Moore, R .Carter , B .VanSt ine, L . Kelley, C.Trippahan,J.Sibble,K.Herr,A.Whitehouse Row 3: B.Green,E.Clark,P.Bryan,N.Kocher,R.Wilkins,T.Howard, T.Howard,J.Cardiner,T.Fanton,K.BrainardRow 1s L.Dodge,D.Price,S.Smith,L.Greenfield,T.Riffle,V.Hurlbert, K.Monahan,G.Martin,J.Dugan. Row 2:T.Dolph,D.Morris,A.Walters,B.Greenfield,R.Howland, M.Joyce,J.Wauffle. Row 3:S.Dieter,B.Murray,J.Fanton,J.Dougherty. Row 1:S.Shavers,M.McNeill,C.Morrison,J.Kelly,M.Frost,J.Hyde, A.Recktenwald. Row 2:Mrs.Bee,R.Wilkens,L.Trippahan,T.Wilson,J.Gardiner, C.Wiess,S.Helms,M.Dodge, Row 3:M.Hollenbeck,T.Ormsby,D.Nowentner,M.Farnum,R.Waters, R.Morris,S.Joyce,R.Jordan.Grade Seven Row 1:T.Howard,C.Nichols,E.Brads t reet,B.Thorp,T.Sche 11 ine, K.Frost,T.Smith Row 2:N.Donaldson,J.Snyder,H.Clarke,L.Lehman,K.Monahan Row 3:Mr.Bale,J.Layton,B.Greenfield,C.McKay,L.Ordiway,w r W.Clarke. Row 1:B.Wilkins,M.Lunn,H.McGillivary,T.Denning,M.Helms, A.Burdick,C.Clark, Row 2:M.Fanton,R.George,S.Neuroth,B.Barry,S.Ordiway,D.Latten, J.Ordiway,Mr.Close. Row 3:R.Carter,F.Sutherland,B.Ormsby,T.Serra,D.Davis.Grade Six Row 1: D.Hopson,J.McNaughton,J.Monahan,M.Lunn, A.Dean,J.Mitchell,D.Farnum,B.Gor yer, A.Machinski,A.Whitesell Row 2: Mr.Roberts,D.Davis,J.Thomas,M.Lunn, B.Dickerson,S.White,S.Sherwood,D.Dodge, L.Hollenbeck,J.Rifenburg,Mr.Gill Row 3: K.Bridge,K.Graves,C.Seamen,T.Cook,D.Manion C.Clark,A.Ormsby Row 4 : S.Goodridge,B.Leisure,C.Weiss,D.Raisch, K.Doane,H.Dean,J.Burdick,A.Barnett, M. Waterburv, K. Svjartz Row 1: T. Denning,!,. Moline, J. Gardner, M. Daniels, S.Manion, T.Emery,L.McGinnis Row 2: R.Wilson,T.Serra,T.Price,B.Harris,H.Stocking,K.DeMun, R.Beckhorn,S.Green Row 3: S.Burton,D.Davis,C,Brown,A.Densmore,C.Sherwood, M.Behn,J.Price,J.Troutman,M.Burke,A.Ward Row 4: Mrs.McNeill,A.Butler,D.Alvord,D,Roeske,H.Machinski, D.Givens,J.Matison,D.Gardner,Mrs.KeillRow 1: E.Harrington,J.McKay,T.Schettine,N.Fuller,K.Layton M. Tiffany,D.Whitesall,C.MacDonald, Row 2: J.Huey,S.Kemp,J.Cartwright,E.Kent,N.Moore,J.Shutt N. Folsom Row 3: E.Brundage,E.Brown,J.Emery Row 1: K.Miller,S.Towner,D.Greenfirld,M.Sherwood,E.Miller C.Nichols,P.Outman,N.Lehman Row 2: K.Sease,J.Cornell,J.McNaughton,J.Waters,D.Grant M.Raisch,M.Wieszczyk Row 3: M.Lamper,K.Fanton,G.Kinnicutt,R.MorrisGrade Three Row 1: A.George,K.Green,M.Greene,C.Kinnicutt,C.Barnett, A.Cornell,J.Blouvet,J.Wieszczyk,K.Saunders Row 2: P.Dickerson,C.Giglio,A.Dean,C.Doane,J.Densmore, A.Gaylord, D. Kn ight,C.Ward Row 3: K.Drake,J.Johnson,T.Perkins,P,Fanton,C.Segar, R.Hobson,J.Cline Row 1: Row 2 : Row 3: J. Burke,M Wieszczyk,S.Hancock,S.Donaldson,B.Calladine C.Givens,G.Green,C.Clark,C.Hamlin M.Gates,c.peelman, J.Ferri0 c.jpat-j-ick,Mrs Marsh C.Johnson,L.McNeill,K.Ormsby,S.Leasure K. Walters,T.Denning,J.Dytche,K.Mitchell,J.Nowentner, J. Brown, A. Remschmidt, D. Green fie.IdRow 1: J. A. K. Kent, C. Beckhorn, Bloovet, M. Grant, Miller. B. J. Gaylord, R. Denning, Trickett, C. Butler, Row 2: S. Swartz, C. Morris, T. Putnam, K. Pitts, Mrs. Horan, M. Morris, J. Emery, R. Beckwith. Row 3: D. Whitesall, M. Lamper. Grade Two Row 1: Row 2 : Row 3 s C. Vance, J. Roeske, H. Brown, T. Padden, A. Matison, S. Trickett, T. Trickett, N. Monahan, A. Keir. M. Tidd, J. Baker, S. Folsom, Mrs. Shay, H. Dickerson, K. Graves, J. Baker. J. Eshenbough, P. Baker, N. Moore, S. Butler.Row 1: H.Kemp,C.Drake,S.Kelley,R.DiMarte, R.Howland,J.Dyt che,E.Hall,M.Barry Row 2: B.Hamlin,G.Lamper,J.Joyce,Mrs.Stark, E.Lehman,L.Fuller,C.Pearlman Grade One Row 1: K.Bledsoe,S.Neff,M.Grant,T.Green,B.Graves A.Westbrook,R.Hess,R.Waters,A.Huey Row 2: S.Butler,!..Spencer,S.Burton,S.Putnam, Mrs.Thomas,S.Henry,R.Belmont,M.Fuller, W.BucholzRow 1: T.Lunn,M.Wiesczyzk,C.Wahl,A.Wiasniewski,E.Bennett, N.Coddington,H.Lamper,S.Saunders. Row 2: M.Hancock,J.Black,B.Perkins,B.Moline,C.Calladine, S.Henry,A.Miller,P.Vance, Row 3: R.Paddleton,B.Lamper,Mrs.Howard,M.Kinnicutt,C.Green J.Sparatta. Kindergarten Row 1:B.Lyon,S.Glass,M.Fouregillo,L.Donaldson,R.Clark, B.Lehman,B.Seger,S.McDonald,J.Padden, Row 2:C.Green,B.Wieczyck,K.Sommers,J.Baily,J.Gardener, M.Jackson,C.Cornell. Row 3:B.Howland,J.Outman,M.Monroe,B.Densmore,F Richmond, K.Kailbourne.BOY’S SOCCER Row 1 Row 2 :D.Baker,J.Lehman,R.Stevens,D.Bradstreet,A.Whitehouse K.Herr,P.Bryan,M.Bowers,J.Helms :A.Freeland,D.Burhs,P,Bruce,B.Clarke,F.Ripley, P.Howland,G.Smith,D.Cornell,J.BurtonGIRL’S SOCCER •Jr.'W - Rowl. T.Riffle,V.Hurlbert,S.Dugan,L.Herr,T.Lehman,S.Hyde D.Ordiway,M.McNeill,J.Hyde. Row2. J.Burdick,P.Jackson,D.Moore,J.Sherwood,S.Dain , A.Briggs. Row3. Mr.DiCaprio,C,Bailey,C,Thorp,T.Thorp,L.Horan, S.Hoagland,L.Manion,H.Cook,D.Dugan,Mr.Gill Row4.Mr. Close.Although this was Andover's fourth year with boy's volleyball, it was the first year we have played in the newly formed league. This year's team is one of rebuilding strength and skills necessary to compete against much larger schools with more abudance of talent. Despite the out come of the season s record, it is my hope that a% each person who plays the sport carries the respect, dignity, and skill to carry on their athletic challenges in their adult life.VOLLEYBALL ©VARSITY BASKETBALL The Andover Boys Varsity Basketball team had a very successful season With only one returning Varsity player. We won two games and gave seven juniors valuable experience for next year. our players play hard every game. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The Andover Boys Junior Varsity Basketball team had a perfect record of 18 and 0. We won the Greenwood J.V. Christmas Tournament for the 2nd year in a row. It was a fantastic season and a great team effort that paid off.5,6,7 8 Grade Basketball The Cub Basketball program has been very successful this year. Sportsmanship and teamwork was our ultimate goal and using this approach both teams had a winning seasons. At press time the 5 6th grade team was 5-1 and the 7 8th grade team was 9-1. Congratulations on a great year.GIRL’S BASKETBALL The 1986 girls' basketball season was a season of learning and of gaining much needed experience. With the lack of a Junior High or JV program, the girls find it difficult to compete at the High School level. This, however, has never dampened their desire and determination to succeed. With no graduating seniors and the possibility of everyone returning, next years season has possibilities of being a much more successful one.VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The Varsity Cheerleaders competed in four competitions. They took first place at the Greenwood Christmas Tournament. The cheerleaders competed in two pom-pom competitions. They placed third out of seven schools in the Caledonia Mumford Competition. The Varsity sqad also participated in the Section V competition, where they were evaluated all season long by other.coaches. At the end of the regular season we were ranked sixth out of the thirteen Class D schools competing. The Varsity team will be losing Leslie Stevens a co-captain, to graduation.JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERSBASEBALL The 1985 Andover Baseball Team won 16 straight games, extending our winning streak to 32 straight victories. Our record was 16-1. We also won the County Championship for the 3rd year in a row and for the 4th time in 5 seasons. In May, we also won the Andover Baseball Tournament for the 3rd straight year and it was our 4th time in 5 seasons. Our seniors won 9 Baseball Championships in their 4 years of play here at Andover. That includes the perfect 16 and 0 season of 1984 in which we won the sectional title. Their overall record of 55-8 is truly unbelievable. tTENNIS TEAM Row 1: Row 2 s Missing Coach: Amy Winslow, Leslie Stevens, David Bradstreet. Mark Harrington, John Burton, Andy Stocking, from photo: Brian Thorp, Shaun Carson Dave WinslowJUNIOR SENIOR CHORUS Row 1:J.Ordiway,S.Helms,T.Rif fle,K.Monahan,K.Monahan,C.Nichols K. Frost,B.Thorp,H.Clarhe,E.Bradstreet Row2:S.Neuroth,D.Latin,J.Kelly,M.Frost,L.Trippahan,J.Hyde, J.Gardiner,L.Greenfield,T.Wilson Row 3:B.Greenfield, fl .'George , J . Dougherty, S . Dain , Mrs . Darr, L. Manion,M.McNeill,A.Briggs, Row 4:G.Lehman,M.Davis,K.Cornell,J.Waufle,S.Swartz,D.Dugan D.Moore,V.Jordan, Row 5:M.Perry,M.Harrington,B.GoodridgeSENIOR BAND Row 1:J.Layton,C.McKay,P.Bryan,N.Moore,R.Stevens,B.Greenfield, D.Latin, Row 2:D.Barney,G.Lehman,S.Dain,M.Davis,M.Perry,V.Jordan, J.Burdick Row 3:D.Harris,L.Gavin,M.McGillivary,L.Horan,C.Bailgy,J.Gardner D .Moore , A. Slfodking , M. Harrington , M. HardyJUNIOR BAND5 6 7 8 CHORUSElementary ChoirElementary Band Row 1:C.Nichols,D.Farnum,L.Hollenbeck,J.Rifenburg,K.Bridge, M.Tiffany,K.Layton,S.Burton. Row 2:J.Burdick,C.Clark,B.Dickerson,D.Givens,D.Alvord,T.Cook, K.Swartz N- Mi'etosd£ —l i. i rf • -J 1 U——j }..J—g V d- jr vi7 = =4 STAGE BAND Row 1: Mark Hardy Row 2: Amy Burdick; Julie Burkick; Richard Stevens. Row 3: James Gardner; Mark Harrington; Andy Stocking.VNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYSTUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: Dean Latten; Lance Dodge; Norman Moore; Aaron Whitehouse; Richard Stevens. Row 2: Coleigh McKay; Brian Greenfield; Bonnie Goodridge; Marie Perry; Leslie Stevens; Jill Hyde; Greta Martin; Bridgette Thorp; Dodie Moore Row 3: Stephanie Dain; Amy Briggs; Lisa Deming; Tracy Sibble; Tammy Thorp; Stevie Hyde; Tonya Cook; Julie Burdick. Row 4s Bobby Murray; John Dougherty; Greg Smith; Andy Knight; Pat Howland; John Fanton; Ernie Clarke; Cindy Morrison; Mary McNeill; Anne Recktanwald.Leslie to Jerry "That title should be on straight--You've been working on it since 3:05!" (it's now 4:05). Mrs. Johnston to Leslie "How many pages are done?" Bonnie + Marie to Mrs. Johnston "We've been back there three times and last time they said the manager would be in today. He wasn't." Mrs. Johnston to Bonnie + Marie "How many ads did you sell?" Jerry to Rita "The copy is too wide-not too long." sigh... Mrs. Johnston to Rita "How many more pages need typing?" Mark to Vicki "What else can I do to this page?" Vicki to Mark "Want me to think of something brilliant?" Working under pressure; Re-dos and deadlines. A yearbook we hope you'll enjoy. Our thanks to everyone who helped + support our efforts. Mrs. Johnston4-H Library CouncilSpecial EventsJUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Prom King: Ian Whitehouse Prom Queen: Shawne Neuroth Junior Attendants: Greg Smith, Leslie StevensOn April 25, 1985, the class of "87" went to New York City on an exchange program. We went to Abraham Lincoln High and stayed with their class of "87”. We went with our host to their classes. And on Saturday, we went to the World Trade Center, Metropolitan Museum, Central Park, and rode the Staten Island Ferry. They came here on May 25, 1985. On Friday, they attend our classes. On Saturday, we took them to the Ag Tech Farm, MacCreas' Farm (where the students were allowed to shoot black powder rifles) and to Carne1s horse farm where we rode horses and went on a hayride. We also went canoeing on Andover Pond. We would like to thank the Board of Education for allowing us to go.Bus Drivers: Mrs. Thorp, Mr. Sackett, Mr. Thorp, Mr. Witter, Mr. Kemp, Mr. Mr. Graves, Mrs. Mosher, GoodridgePATRONS LIST Good Luck-Mr. Close Good Luck-Diane Kintzel Best Wishes-Mrs. Howard Congratulations-Mrs. Marsh Keep Reading-Mrs. Hackimer Hang in There Dear Hearts-Mrs. Best Wishes for the future-May Good Luck-Mrs. Peterson Best Wishes-Mrs. Coly Best Wishes! Miss Thomas Congratulations-Mrs. Shay Slain Leibhe! Mr. MacCrea Moore you go far-Love Mrs. Sherwood Congratulations Class of '86-Mrs. Baker Felicitaciones a la clase de 1986-Senora Copp Swim through life with ease...Mr. Gill 3est Wishes and Good Fortune-Mr. Roberts Congratulations + Best Wishes From Mr. + Mrs. Francis Horan Health! and Much Happiness-Mrs. McCormick Congratulations + Good Luck-M. J. McNiell May all your hopes and dreams for the future come true-V. Keill Pray life by the rules and you'll always be a winner-J. M. Troxel "Give all you have been, or could be." Good Luck! Mrs. Bee "No dream is ever too big. How ever it takes a real winner to achieve what he sets out to do." Mr. M. Shoales Good Luck Seniors-Mrs. Starks Good Luck for life after school-Mr. Buchholz Best Wishes and Congratulations! Mrs. Johnston Kinfolk Foods 14k W. University St. Alfred Bill's Antiques and Used Funiture 20 Field St. Wellsville, NY 14895 Compliments of Cannons Rice Music House 160 N. Main St. 593-1670 Wellsville Travel Service 168 N. Main St. 716-593-2342 Worth W. Smith Co. R.D.3 Wellsville, NY 14895 Vanmark Printing Bolivar Rd. Wellsville,NY 14895 Karl L. Butler Bolivar Rd. Wellsville, NY 14895--Nationwide Insurance Rep. Congratulations From D+J Body Shop Wellsville, Ny 14895 Short's Service Station Andover Rd. Wellsville NY 14895 593-3680 Malory Television Bolivar Rd. Wellsville NY 14895 Wendies Gift and Gun Shop Andover NY Raubers Furniture and Appliances Wellsville NY Cudden's Shoes La Gra Family Salon Wellsville Arnoys and Dye Inc. Compliments of Montgomery Wards Wellsville NY Congratulations from the Wellsville Pennysaver Congratulations Clancy's 1892 Wellsville NY Alfred Craft Co-op, Handcrafted Gifts 3 Mill Street, Alfred NY 1480.' Congratulations Seniors from Pine Tree Motel Andover, NY 14806 Andover Liquor Store 478-8108 H. Edward Yazak CPA 85 N. Main St. Wellsville NY 14895 Country Florist Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 from Anita's Beauty ShopDear Seniors, When we think of the past two years, we wonder how we fit so many memories into such a short span of time. Memories such as: Lion's dinners--dressing up and serving so many people so quickly; crazy pictures out by the flag pole and on the new playground; Maple Festivalmaking lots of pizza and long hours washing dishes and freezing hours in the courtyard; numerous selling profects--partners that made the going more fun; making "umpteen" salads; parties and get togethers, AND ABOVE ALL, on glorious trip in the Bahamas together. You all--each on of you--have made tha last two years so special for us both. We thank you for the opportunity of being your advisors. During this time we watched you grow into more mature adults; we've seen your dreams emerge, grow and take definite shape. And our dreams for you are that your dreams may come true. We both pray that each of your lives will be fulfilled--and that each of you will be happy. As you leave A.C.S. always remember the good you've accomplished, the fun you've had, and how you've grown so close. Keep the memories and the closeness. With much love, Mom W. and Uncle Bob Thank-You We the class of 1986, would like to thank Mrs. Witherow and Bob Goodridge for all the support and guidance they have given us. In our junior year when we were severely in debt, they took over as our class advisors, and not only took us out of debt and got us a senior trip, but got us a senior trip to the Bahamas 1 With their help and organizing we have raised $10,000 for the trip to the Bahamas. Mrs. Witherow also drew our class closer together and made us more like one big family with "Mom" at the head. To hear any good news and listen to any problems no matter how small. Bob Goodridge is the adopted uncle who also helped us through the rough times and was willing to be there when Mrs. Witherow wasn't able to be there. Again we thank both Mrs. Witherow, "Mom" and Bob Goodridge, "Uncle" for all their caring support. Thank you!! Love, The Seniors 1986Bejt CSt$l|£$ MiSqUaru South Vlean kurribtK. 'TIP ' s jfcfe. JJfatdCMfion TXuto Cjlzvs Vitm MAfnct Station (607) $87 9315 'Jamts mtitta VKtrptlUton C QOOaqj© ab®y QGDO@Q@ Z Auota. 54 North Mam Street • Wellsville, New VtxV 14895 (716)593-4570 ijs RU: A NDOVE R GENERAL HARDWARE QUALITY-VALUE ■ m q 5 sc ' e© ® r STOVf PIPE • PLUMilNO SUPPLIES tOOfINO • OLASS CUTTINO "ISSEST 478-8284 Shout's Self! — Service Om Stop ttfet 2xii" t{t.244 AUfyStationCompliments of: WELLSVILLE HOUSE OF GLASS, INC. GLASS • MIRRORS STORE FRONTS GL»ZINO Paul J Blitz BOLIVAR ROAD WCL.l SVIL.l e. N V. Phone 503-110© SSAKS A A1® KCO. Bruce Reuning 95 South Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. • Ladies’ apparel •"Dresses • Sports wear Jttjle Shoppy CLINE'S RETREADING CO., INC. Jlorth Plain Lunbtr ffWtU. Tj li. lSf S3 jBB Lboi)3JM AXy Monday thru Sat. 6:00-5:00 Thurs. Fri. evenings till 8:30 Gout . ) Compute ” Howt CtnUr Ted Trutquare BROWN AND STOUT AGENCY, INC. INSURANCE t25 NORTH MAIN ST. TELEPHONE sWELLSVILlE, N. Y. 14895 593-4296 Car ft Truck Tlrai Ratraadad Hara with a Family Touch for Good Quality ft 6arvica 81 HANOVER ST. TELEPHONE WELLSVILLE, NY 14895 (716)593-6050Le9 McKay Owner-Manager Kathy Deming Asst. Manager ANDOVER TRADING POST ANDOVER. NY 1480 HINTING SUPPLIES - GUNS - BOUGHT - SOLD TRADED AMMO WOOD STOVES - GROCERIES • BEER - GAS Phone: 607-478-8600 Open 7 Days A Week IBrookfi AOWflYj FARM HOME CENTER W, Dyke Street Phone Wellsvllle, NY 14895 (716) 593-4060 Cowplimerrtrs of- Streer, Z idoveufl y-IFISHER'V PHARMACY 5fxRSp )mmi xij mntnvaSt lSe hviller t27j |g|| llxirdressers I O N. V in Street Phone Vel 5vHle,A .Y. ta h Cit iy so ripi«i -«F-i Sourer jie r cmcntf bdixUon Qttfcfr Strout Realty Inc. Homes-Camps-Farms Appraisals All you need to know about Real Estate George Hackett,Realtor 593-1753 593-1210 florist H 7ampin 593-1 3 V  X 4J) unctuS. JtOnxZvc. ’ydbuTctpL, 61avUy §uw) V MEMBER National Society of Public Accountants Penna. Society of Public Accountants ¥). Richard Me]V)S accounting and tax service Ebenezer Oil Building Wellsville, NY 14895

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