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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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An over Central AnK’tu'r K.U, flYlcmoir?DEDICATION Mr. MacCrea Mr.MacCrea has been with Andover Central School since 1958. He has been a loyal friend as well as a teacher to all of us. For many years Mr.MacCrea has been the Memoirs" advisor. He also spent many years as the Senior Class advisor. We decided we would like to dedicate the 1984 "Memoirs" to the man that spent many hours helping us with the yearbook in the past. We wish him all the luck in his teaching and fine arts careers. Thank you for everything Mr.MacCrea. The 1984 "Memoirs" Staffche BOARD OF EDUCATION Mrs. Hollenbeck,Mrs. Barney,Mr. Graves,Mr. Greene ADMINISTRATION Mr.Peterson PrincipalA.C.S. ALMA MATER Let's give a cheer for Andover High School And let us pledge to her aright Others may like black or crimson. But for us it's purple and white. Let all our troubles be forgotten, Let high school spirits rule. We'll join and give a royal effort For the good of our old school Andover High School! Andover High School! The pride of every student here. Come on you old grads, Join with us young lads. Andover High School, now we cheer Rah 1 Rah! Now is the time, boys. To make a big noise, No matter what the people say. For there is naught to fear, The gang's all here. So Hail, Andover High School, Hail!FACULTYMrs. Manning Account Clerk Mrs. Burke Business Manager Mrs. Sherwood Principal Secretary Mr. Hale Guidance Counselor Mrs. Henry Superintendent Secretary Mrs. Emery Mrs. Wray Teacher's AidesMrs. Darr Vocal Mr. Possemato Instrumental Mr. Buchholz Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing Driver Ed Mrs. Lehman Home Economics Mrs. Witherow Engligh Speech Mr. Roby English Mrs Copp English SpanishTHf LAKE ANDOVER N V Our Memoir's theme is TIME. We decided that we would like to take a look back in time at our home town in which we have spent so many joyous moments. We though that you would like to take a look at the old barbershop, main street, the original town bridge, O'Leary Horse shoeing, the Lake Andover where our great grandparents enjoyed their summer days, and one of the most beautiful homes in Andover which we all know as "The Brick".SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS SENIORSHall Fame DEB " MARSH HALL OF FAME CONSISTS OF SENIORS CHOSEN BY THE FACULTY AT THE BEGINNING OF THEIR SENIOR YEAR. THESE STUDENTS HAVE CONSTANTLY PORTRAYED THE QUALITIES OF SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, CHARACTER, AND SERVICE THROUGH OUT HIGH SCHOOL. HALL OF FAME IS NOT BASED ON JUST ONE OF THESE QUALITIES ALONE, BUT ON ALL OF THEM AND WHAT THAT STUDENT HAS CONTRIBUTED TO THEIR SCHOOL. JENNIFER LEHMAN9 Q'bJgp Cxrorv (LolaXutna XULJ CsoCls CIAajuo Gztvu -JL 7xjtfi 5t j£asrdcrv (Wir 'bob  b%JTf .0 LQ8 A— i iRemember When...the girls were taller than the boys. ...Nicky didn't wear cowboy boots. ...Chris had an exercise show. ...Suzy decided to take a closer look at the leaves. ...the girls got their hair wet in the pool. ...homework was fun. ...we liked to disect things. ...we all played an instrument. ...Lisa thought of other things besides Bruce. ...Mike sang saprano. ...we all had a curfew. ...we thought "French" was a nationality. ...Jeff had glasses. ...Jennifer wanted to see what a snowbank looked like, close-upI ...we all wore plaid pants and bellbottoms. ...we were punished by standing at the tin shed. ...Freida Bowzentitsel was our favorite fourth grade friend. ...Hanzel and Gretle were our favorite couple. ...Keith wasn't the He-Man that he is today. ...we had all our good times at A.C.S.lilJUNIORS Front Row: E. Slawson, T. Ordiway, S. Lehman, J. Dain, A. Miller, D. Frost, K. Ryan. Second Row: C. Merrium, S. Neuroth, D. Thorpe, D. Burrows, M. Ryan, K, Clarke, S. Clarke. Third Row: B Manion, T. George, J. Dean, B. Thorp, D. Burns, B. Bruce, D. Horan. Last Row: D, Dodge, T. Burke, G. Ordiway, P. Cornell, P. Dougherty, M. Joyce, D. Howland, S. Carson, I. WhitehouseSOPHOMORES Front Row: S.Hyde, L.Stevens, L.Herr, P.Ordiway, M.Perry,C. Sutherland, 2nd Row: C.Golish, T.McCormick, M.Ray, A.Ray,M.Lampman, B.Good-ridge, A.Seamans, D.Miller, G.Smith Back Row: M.Patrick, R.Buckwalter L.Brown, T.Jordan, J.Burton, D.Frost, S.Shaver, D.WordenFRESHMEN Front Row: S.Wilson, B.Clark, D.Meyers, T.Brown, D.Gardner,D. Dodge, C.Nichols 2nd Row: S.Clarke, D.Dugan, D.Ordiway, S.Hyde P.Brundage, D.Meyers, M.Alvord, M.Seamans, V.Marble, B.Conner Row 3: V.Slade, V.Jordan, G.Wray, G.Huey, T.Cook, S.Dean, K. Rear, W.Merrick, A.Knight Row 4: T.Thorp, R.Martin, D.Moore, D.Dugan, J.Brown, B.Buckwalter, M.Hardy. M.Emery, Row 5: M. Clark, S.Swartz, D.Howard, D.Stocking, C.Hoagland, and K.DeMunGrade Eight Front row: K.Carson, T.Sibble, L.Austin, P.Jackson, D.Harris, S.Dugan, L. Horan, A.White, R.Padden, B.Golish, H.Cook, Row 2: T.Cook, D. Dodge, M. McGillvary, C.Baily, M.Serrah, J.Lehman, S.Dain, R.Stevens, D.Baker, T.Lehman, M.Bowers, C.Deming, C.Morrison, Row 3: R.Wilkins, J.Garner, L.Gavin,M.Huey,S.Hoagland,L.Demming,J.Waffle,K.Wittie,L.Manion,D. Bradstreet,A.Briggs,R.Artuletta,J.Middaugh, Row 4: D.Smith,T.Hess,C. Petty,P.Bruce,A.Winslow,J.Gavin,M.Davis,K.Cornel1,M.Harrington,B.Walters ,G.Murphy,T.Sherwood,B.Ward,W.BennettGrade Seven Row 1- J.Sibble, E.Clark, K.Herr, L.Kelley, T.Fanton, Row 2-J.Burdick, S.Arnold, K.Brainard, N.Moore, S.Joyce, M.Joyce, B.Greene, T.Scott, C.Higday, Row 3- S.Conner, J.Sherwood, S. Shaver, A,Rectenwald, D.Barney, G.Lehman, Row 4- C. Tripphahn, M.Dodge, T.Howard, R.Wilkins, C.Thorp, K.Nelson, Row 5- L.Starr, R.Ordiway, J.Gamer, N.Kocher, J.Dougherty, M.Famum, Row 6- T. Dolph, R.Carter, B.Brundage, T.Howard, Row 7- T.Howard, R.Jordan, A.Whitehouse, B.VanStine, P.Bryon.Grade Six Front Row: B.Barry,L.urdiway, L.Dodge,G.Strouse 2nd Row: Mr. Gill, C.Morrison,M.McNeill, C.Seamans,M.Frost, J.Dugan,S. Smith,L.lripphahn, J.Hyde,J.Kelley. V.Hurlburt,L.Greenfield, J.Gardiner,K.Ordiway 3rd Row: M.Slawson, S.Dieter, T.Ormsby G. Martin, M.Hollenbeck, J.Fox, B.Murray, J. VJauf le, C .Cook, B. Ormsby, W.Clarke, M.Ripley, K.Monahan,J.Lehman Back Row: Mr. Roberts, J.Fanton,T.Wilson,A.Walters, D.Morris, Mr.LuccoGrade Five Front Row: T.Jenison, K.Frost, J.Ordiway, T.Dening,2nd Row: T. Smith, B.Thorp, H.Clark, E.Bradstreet, T.Howard, D.Davis, S. Czechorowski 3rd Row: R.George, D.Boyle, J.Layton, A.Burdick, R.Carter, D.Latten, N.Donaldson, H.McGillivary, L.Lehman, 4th Row: Miss Alberti, T.Schetteine, T.Archuleta, F.Sutherland,S. Ordiway, B.Wilkins, K.Monahan, C.Nichols, T.Serra, S.Neuroth C.McKay, B.Greenfield, Mrs.McNeillGrade Four Row One: A. Machinski, D. Hobson, C. Mothersell, H. Dean, J. McNaughton, C. Seaman, K. Mothersell, J. Burdick. Row Two: D. Farnum, S. Goodridge, B. Leasure, J. Howard, A. Dean, B. Dickerson, B. Schultz, M. Waterbury. Row Three: B. Bird, L. Hollenbeck, J. Rifenburg, J. Monahan, E. Ormsby. R w Four: D. Dodge, K. Graves, K. Swartz, J, Mitchell, J. Fuller, G. Schultz, €. Clark, T, Emery, A, Barnett, C. Clark. Fifth Row: S. White, T, Lindbnrg, D. Davis, R. Wilson, S. Sherwood, D. Manion, T, Serra, J. Buckwalter, T. Cook. Sisth Row: Miss Keating, Miss Deierlein, Mrs. Peterson.Grade Three Row One; B. Wray, J. Troutman, C. Sherwood, Row Two: T. Czechorowski, M. Behn, J. Brundage, T. Price, A. Ward, S. Beckwith. Row Three: K. D6 Mun, D. Alvord, A. Butler, T. Denning, D. Roeske. Row Four; J. Matison, J. Gardiner, D. Givens, D. Davis, J. Price, M. Burke. Row Five: S. Burton, S. Manion, L. Moline, D. Paterson, D. Gardener, C. Brown, I. Lanpman. Row Six: A. Densmore, Mrs. Marsh, S. Greene, Mrs. Harder, R Beckhorn.Grade Two Row One: J. Huey, T. Ingraham, K. Miller, S. Towner, H. Stocking, A. Baker, T. Dibble, J. McNaughton. Row Two: M. Buchholz, K. Harris,M. Hyland, M. Wiesczyzck, E. Harrington, N. Lehman, D. Greenfield, E. Miller, N. Fuller, D. Grant. Row Three: G. Kinnicutt, E. Brown, S. Kemp, E. Kent, N. Moore, C. Nichols. Row Four: N. Tiffany, J. Cartwright, S. Bishop, J. Billings, N. Folsom, J. Mckay, H. Cook, N. Schettine. Mrs. Horan. Row Eive: K. Layton, J. Shutt, K. Fanton, J-B. Waters, R. Morris, J. Emery. Mrs. Shay.Front Row: A.Gaylord, C.Mitchell, T.Denning, B.Calladine, C. Saunders 2nd Row: C.Barnett, S.Leasure, S.Hancock, C.Peelman M.Gates 3rd Row: Mrs.Clark, C.Givens, L.McNeill, A.Reinschmidt, S.Horton, K.Green 4th Row: P.DirV r-Kon, T.Putnam, R.Hobson, M. Wieszczyk, K.Drake Grade One Front Row: J.Patterson, P.Fanton, C.Ward, 2nd Row: C.Beckhorn, C.Seger, C.Kinnicutt. J.Brown, T.Perkins,M.Green, Mrs.Coly, J. Burke 3rd Row: K.Ormsby, S.Archuleta, A.Cornell, C.Clarke,J. Wieszczyk, S.Donaldson,G.Green, J.Densmore,A.DeanRow 1: C.Butler,H.Brown,J.Eshenbaugh,D.Archuleta,A.Matison,B.Gaylord Row 2: J.Roeske,J.Kent,M.Tidd,P.Baker,T.Bird Row 3: N.Monahan,S. Gardner,M.York.J.Tucker,N.Monroe,C.Morris,R.Beckwith,C.Horton,M.Grant Kindergarten Row 1; k.Dibble,J.Burdick,S.Folsom,H.Dickerson Row 2: J.Bryan,M.Morris, M.Gordon,A.Keir,C.Peelman,J.Baker Row 3: P.Haines,J.Baker,S.Swartz, K.Miller,J.Emery,C.Vance Row 4: J.Baker,C.Wainwright SPORTSBASEBALL In 1983, the Andover Baseball Team went through a rebuilding year. With only two returning starters, (both outfielders), the Panthers not only won the South Division Championship, they also won the Allegany County Championship. Then in the sectional playoffs, the team did something that no other Andover baseball team had done in 27 years - they went to the sectional finals in Rochester's Silver Stadium. Our overall record was 13 wins and 5 losses. The season was characterized by a philosophy that "no part is greater than its whole". A great team attitude followed. This was a season to remember, a season to build on, and a season that Andover fi.l.l lot soon forget. CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPSCROSS COUNTRYWe had a relatively young and inexperienced team this year. With Pat and Doug Howland as fullbacks and Bill Bruce playing goal. All three of whom where selected for the Second Team All-Stars. Controlling the middle of the field were halfbacks Chris Conner and Doug and Don Horan. Chris and Doug, along with Pete McNeill, were selected for the First Team All-Stars. Pete, Todd Rougeux, Brian Thorp, Ian Whitehouse, and Russ Buckwalter supplied the scoring punch on the forward line. This lineup was backed by a strong bench of equally capable players.JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1983-84 Andover Junior Varsity Basketball Team was built on plenty of inexperience. There were no returning starters from the previous season and only two part-time players back. Our team won only a handful of games, but its personality was one of great hustle and desire. These ten men worked as hard as any Andover team could have. We will have five returning players next season with plenty of experience this time.VARSITY BASKETBALL This year we had a young basketball team with little varsity experience, getting off to a very good start. We seemed to be coming along well until injuries set in. Even though we were injured and losing we never stopped hustling. We will have six players returning next year and look forward to a good season.The 1984 Cheerleading squad was a fairly new squad. This year they participated in a Cheerleading Competiton in Wellsville at the Greenwood Tournement. They are proud to announce that they brought home the trophy for the best Cheerleading squad in the tournement. The Seniors were Debby Marsh,Michelle Emery, and Jennifer Lehman.VOLLEYBALL This years Volleyball team had a good season ending with a record of 7-5, which was an improvement over last year. We traveled to Savona for the first round of sectionals where our season abruptly ended. The team will be losing seniors: Suzy Atwell, Lisa Cole, and Ann Carlin. Suzy was the only five year player and had an outstanding season. Cherie Rougeux was also an asset to the team as she made the county all-star team. We wish the seniors "Good-Luck", we'll miss youlSoftball The 1983 softball team ended it's season with a record of 7-3. These three wins were against Angelica, Whitesville, and Bolivar. Seniors leaving the team are Brenda Ormsby, Cheryl Hurlburt, Kathy Thorp, and Mary Jo Palmateer.GIRL’S BASKETBALL 1984 was a building year for the Girls' Basketball Team. Only one player returned from the 1983 squad, Senior Suzy Atwell. In her fifth Varsity Season, Sue averaged 15 points per game, and as team captain she provided on-court leadership for the young team. The future looks bright with the development of several good freshmen, including Michelle Clark, who lead the team in rebounding. The team's 1-17 record is misleading in that, in Coach Roby's words,"The girls improved with every game. I was particularly gratified to see that they never became discouraged."The 1984 Swim Team with it's seven swimmers had a very good year. With three close swim meets, the team finally won their last home meet against Naples. This was Andover's Swim Team's first win in 12 years. David Polmateer and Doug Horan later went on to represent Andover in the sectionals. Though not getting far, they had a great year.ORGANIZATIONSFUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICASTUDENT COUNCIL This year the members of Student Council decided to put the emphasis on you- "the student". Most of out activities have been to support and help out fellos classmates. Among these have been Christmas Activities and a dance. Another project was Spirit Week - a week for dressing up, having fun and supporting our various athletes. To top this off we wound-up with a Homecoming Dance. Student Council is exactly what its name says and we hope to go on contributing to our school and community.4 Spirit Week K I —NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYLIBRARYYEARBOOK STAFF The 1983-84 Memoirs Staff faced the task of producing a yearbook with enthusiasm and confidence. Under the leadership of Editor Debby Marsh and with the skills of photographers Michelle Emery, Shawr. Neuroth,Darci Burrows, Suzi Atwell and Mr.Paul Neuroth we tackled the formidable task of doing our own photography. To compliment the photos Todd Burke, Bill Bruce and Jennifer Lehman provided write-ups. Our cover art work was done by Tim George. Behind the scenes Ann Spangler and Jennifer Lehman and staff sought and organized the ad contributors who make yearbook production possible. Finally our layout staff, who worked long hours, put this collection of memories together. Ke hope ycu enjoy itl -Mrs. JohnstonJUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 1983 I The 1983 Prom took much time and effort. The boys built the gazebo while the girls made tissue flowers and painted. After hours of hard work the gym was transformed into a beautiful midsummer's night park. As the couples crossed the bridge into the gym the moon shown down and the Peter Lovie Band played. The couples danced and as you can see even the chaoerones had fun. KING QUEEN MARK WHITEHOUSE KATHY THORP ATTENDANTS GARY SLADE MELANIE MILLER MIKE CORNELL LISA COLEWith this special m holiday comes many changes. I As the fall slowly changes ■ into winter we all get into I the spirit of Halloween! A I very welcomed change of pact' ■ from our usual school day. I THAT'S «• • • • sinew LIZ!..It may appear that only the younger children are busily getting their costums around. NOT TRUE! In the high school many unfamiliar faces appeared this year. We all enjoyed the parade, tricks and treats,and of course the shaving cream fights.JUNIOR CHORUS JUNIOR BAND£, i m m s i R m f-v SHHOHO H0IN3SMARCHING BANDSENIOR BAND ADSCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 19841 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Horan Miss Alberti The Style Shoppe Shaners Mrs. Peterson Mrs. Baker Country Florist Mr. and Mrs. Johnston Rice's Music Mr. and Mrs. David Marsh Miss Keating Mr. Hale Mrs. Hackimer First Jewlers Debbie's Clip -n- Curl Mrs. Copp Jack and Lois Darr Mr. Close Rev. and Mrs. Clark Cannons Burrous Mr. Babcock Mrs. Witherow: Think you can or think you cant either way you are right! Mrs. Sherwood: With love and best wishes to the class of 84! Mr. Roby: Use your vision though the world wears bifocals! SFC Floyd L. Sharp: US Army Recruiting Station Wellsville New York Paul's Shop Haircuts + Styles by appointments 478-8280 Congratulations Class of 84! Mrs. Henry: You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough! Mrs. Harder: Congrats and best wishes! Mr. Gill: Swim though life with ease! Mr. and Mrs. Bradstreet: All the best to the class of 84!Bill Gary fan Sally ANDOVER MEDICAL GROUP, P.C. Deanne Cathy Steve Arlene Esther Linda Carol EATING HOUSE 7elephone 78 dO07 18 South Main 5t Dally Specials Fish Fries Friday Sa SOOTHERAN HUTTER ATTORNEYS AT LAW 15 MAIN STREET ANDOVER. NEW YORK 14806 ROBERT G. HUTTER Compliments Wittie Industries arl Wittie Tki.kphoxe 607.478.8414 478-8478SSAKS AMD KOemek, CO. Bruce Reuning 95 South Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. ■COLUMBIA BANKINGI FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ROBERT W. BOYD Assistant Vice President 4196 Bolivar Road, Rte 417 West Wellsville, New York 14896 ou'Re -the (64 to GveRijThmc} uJe ho BROWN AND STOUT AGENCY, INC. INSURANCE 125 NORTH MAIN ST. WELLSVILLE, N. Y. 14895 TELEPHONE 593-4296 Sbank Key Bank of Western New York N.A, Involved. Innovative. Professional.CASEY OPTICAL COMPANY Compliments 12 Martin St. — Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 — Phono 716-593-6063 TH €HAIRDRESSERS 110 North Main Street Wellsville. New York 14895 Phone (716) 593-3280 CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS BLARNEY STONE INN 27 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, N.Y. PROP. PAT O'DONNELL Compliments of: WELLSVILLE HOUSE OF GLASS, INC. GLASS ■ MIRRORS - STORE FRONTS GLAZING Paul J Blitz BOLIVAR ROAD WELLSVILLE. N V. Phone 503.1106 GGd® 54 North Mam Street • Wellsville, New MdtV: 14895 (716) 593-4570 CmqraTuJn Lons fOm (HhtvraUfl Les McKay Owner-Manager Kathy Denting Asst. Manager ANDOVER TRADING POST ANDOVER. NY 14806 HINTING SUPPLIES - GUNS - BOUGHT - SOLO - TRADED AMMO - WOOD STOVES • GROCERIES - BEER - GAS Phone: 607-478-8600 Open 7 Days A W’eek ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS COMPLETE CAMPING FACILITIES Your Hosts, Dan Lee Spangler Phone (607) 478-8180 1 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES I Faom 1 ANDOVER ■ HAIR TRIVIA 1 11 E Gaeemoood St. 1 next to haAdiwAe 1 478-8184 1 HcuAAtijloAt Sylvia Compliments of SOUTH MAIN LUMBER (A division of Hollands Lumber Co. Inc.) 126 S. Main St. BccWGRATU L AT IONS TO THE CLASS OF '84!! 1 Compliment of 1 AMPERSAND PRESS 1 Andover 14, Y, 14806 I RichaAd Roiintoski Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 Phone 716-593-4601 1 CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of SliaAon L. Hausett, J. Donald Hauselt, Attorney at Laiv 1 Class of '84 1 FISHER’S PHARMACY Wellsville New York 1 Phone 593-2611 We toa t the Cla -6 of, '84... ANDOVER I 138 N. Main St. jCJQuok 1 Wellsville, N.Y. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES!Purina Chow D L FEEDS For All the Farmers' Needs Custom Grinding Bulk Feed Fertilizer Lime BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 198V Kerton Florist Flowers for all Occasions Main Street, Wellsville 14895 Andover New York m Tech Center hAisWs To ’-cCct— csH... HERALD FORD INC. Main Street 478-8417 6 w Center Street, p o box 25 i Andover ny 14806 Andover New York L R Sanitary Waste Disposal ANDOVER, NY 14806 PHONE 607-478-8 i 22 PAUL NEUROTH ' S -foi -Ftad. ( u Fu €l LORI JEFFREY Manager RD 2 • BOX A106 478 8495 'Best wishes HieItsville OutiSooj 2i.n6oveK ITlim TThea.t'Re rhoRpslrio l 5a.le ©(§ 2 lobz the V ict| cle 1T3 aox 570vze.vm AlfKe6 Station .5€rtous bicycles (ior uthen aertttmi thete is trhfcujhole point • Ladies’apparel ♦Dresses • Sports weacr Style Shoppe" UN RAY TWIN N. MAIN ST. WELLSVILLE, N.Y. cusromHomes + ambition ‘tfchap.b ‘BaH k. ‘Uuiliintj ContTRACfot P.O.Box 101,2vti6oYeH,T?.lj pH: msob Pxul l euKot LS Gech (SeirtreR 2 u6ovei ,T2H . JOSTEN5 

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