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Contents Dedication Seniors faculty 4 Admin. Underclassmen Sports ...... Activities . . . Music ....... Advertisements'Dedication We the graduating class of 1982 would like to dedicate our edition of Memoirs to Mr. David Hanks, for his time in assisting the students in their decision-making. Since we have entered Senior High School, Dave Hanks has been the one guiding us to our decisions concerning our education as well as those personal decisions which will shape our futures. One way in which he helps is by pointing our our abilities and matching them to our interests, thereby preparing us for a higher education as well as some future employment plan. Dave is a well-liked person in the school as well as in the community. One reason for this is his friendly attitude at all times, as well as his one to one approach on an equal level with the student. Most students see Dave more as a member of their peer group than as an elder. Mr. Hanks is involved in many of the school activities, such as the Student Council, either directly or otherwise. His advice is well appreciated, and we are grateful for all the help he has given us. 23Zhe X carbook Staff editor: Jon Ryan art editor: John Hardy copy editor: Carole Buckwalter secretary of finance: Sharon Davis photography: Anne Bradstreet Shari Thorp layout: Chris George Vicki Flint Kathy Ray Todd Monahan Dan Herr Dave Marsh We, the producers of this book, hope you enjoy browsing through its contents and seeing your children in their various activities. An abundance of work went into this publication, and we hope that it can mean as much to you as it does to us. We wish to thank the residents of Andover, as well as the surrounding communities, for their patronage, without which this book would not be possible. We also would like to thank our advisor, William MacCrea, for his guidance and support in our decision-making. A special thanks goes out to Terri Simmons and his wife for their photography work which, we might add, was outstanding. And lastly, we would like to thank Rick Castro, who was our representative from Jostens American, for his time in answering our questions. Ed. advertisements: Tim Lehman Mary Emery Sharon Davis sports write-ups: Chris McNeill Junior interns: Cathy Thorp -ads Gary Slade -layout 4Stone-Giving So you’ll He Ccaving Mow Zhis Speck Of A Zown. Zhis Drop Of Civilization Cupped Jn Relentless Mills. Where Maple Zree Meads How Zo Watch Us Dike (Jray-Maired Couples M Zheir Windows. Deafened Hy Meavy Snowflakes And Sharp Whispers So Quiet We Can Mear Ourselves; Silence Echoes Jn Zhis Zown. J Suppose Jfs Mo Zinte Zo Walk Once More Zhe Slate And Concrete Sidewalks Weaving Under Zrees And Over Zree Roots. And Jfs Mo Zime Zo Walk you Again Where Railroad Zracks (Jrow Rusty As Sunsets Heyond Zhe Zhird Pond’s Zrestle. Perhaps you know Where J Mean-Where Small- Zown Jeet Stop Cong Enough Zo Cet Small- Zown Eyes Stare At Zhe Curved Zracks’ Vanishing Rails. Dips Muttering Vows Of Voluntary Exile Hefore Small- Zown Calloused Mands Say Jfs Cold— Zime Zo (Jo. And Jeet Walk Zheir Shadows Home. Hut Jt Js Zime Jor Stone-Jiving. Cool Earth-Hone Pressed Jn your Sweaty Palm Zo Draw you Hack Zo Zhese Relentless Mills. Come See Me Zhen; Til He Mere. Mazel Eyes Scanning Zhe Jringes Of Maple And Oak Woodlots Jor Albino Deer Jn Zhe Snow. D iane HlissCucinda M. Allen Anne M. Hradstreet Zanuny M- Mennett Steven Allen Carole JC. Hack waiterKalplt S. Smpson fjr. Brenda JC. Gilbert ----- Christine Jl. George Vie hi JC. Mint Bruce S. Gilbert 8Pamela . Qlover (janj K. Hoayland ‘John C. Manly S. Daniel Herr Timothy P. Moran 9Zori JC. ‘Jones Donald IV. Jjelution 10 Darryl £. Kerkeslager Heverly J. LeonardDavid jC. Marsh Colleen J. McKinley Nancy M- Michael Christopher V. McNeill Monte M. MilliganJCeDorna Monahan Wanda K. Ordiway Zoby W. Ordiway Zodd K. Monahan Kathy M- Kay 12‘Jonathan J. Ryan Gregory J. Smith James J. Shavers Kathy J. Scribner Marcie J. Stein 13Shari A- Zhorp William 3. Wallace 14 . . . The Senior Class!Senior Class Officers Cindy Allen-secretary Jon Ryan-treasurer John Hardy-Vice president Todd Monahan-president 16Wood Slivers And Ocean Weed Zrees On Zrees Oh Zrees. Do Zhe Wooded Mills (?row Out Of Zhe Slat Stream Stood Plain. Zree- Zop Waves Poll Juto Zhe East, Wave Zo wards Zhe Atlantic. And Somehow. Mill-Cocked. J Miss Zhe Sea Mot Waving Pack, J Miss Zhe Salt Sweat On Zhe Chilled- Zo- Zhe-Bone Body, Zhe Odors Of Ocean. Brown kelp And Sea- Washed Snarls Of Wood Slivers And So anting (Jreen Ocean Weed. Stones Black As Sorest Mumus And White As Kiver Kapids Cay Jn Brown Bed Sand Ground Srom Zhe Granite And Sandstone Beneath Ceeward Bent Zrees And Ziehen Clinging Zo Zhe Earth-Sprinkled Crevices Of Zooming Barren Kock Mills. And Mow. With Zhe Kagweed Zop-Meavy And Sumac Slanting Ked, J Smell Again Zhe Sea Mining With Sugar Maple Sawdust. Brown Oak Ceaves. Beechnuts And Moss Mear Zhe Salt-Cick Zree Stands. J Mear Zhe Whisper Of An Ocean Zrickling Out Of Zhe Aieadow Spring. Diane BlissMr. Bradstreet - Superintendant Of Schools Mr. Barden - Building Principal 18Our Sinccrest gratitude . . . The senior class of 1982 would like to convey a very warm and sincere thank-you to the faculty and staff of Andover Central School for their cooperation in the production of our edition of Memoirs . We understand the problems that arise, especially during the times when we are taking the pictures, and the faculty was very kind when these problems arose. We would also like to thank the elementary students who participated in the Contest. We hope that it will help to make the younger students appreciate this book as much as we do. We would also like send out a very special thanks to Diane Bliss, who graciously contributed some of her poetry. They add something very special to our yearbook, and it means a lot to us to be able to use them. In closing, we would like to say good-bye and thank-you for everything you have done for us in the past thirteen years of our education WE LOVE YOU ALL!jCois Dan Vocal Music War jerk JCeluuan Home Economics Hetty Haekimer Librarian Ellen Keating Resource Room ftancy Baker Speech TherapistDebra Knapp Sr. High Social Studies, Psychology '•James Cueco Jr. High Social Studies, Driver's Ed Harvey Passemato Instrumental Music Karen Copp Sr. High English, Spanish, Journalism Kiehard j ieol Sr. High English, Administrative Intern Catherine Witherow Jr. High English, DramaI {John Kuckwalter Sr. High Science Clifton Hale l High Science Charity J icConniek SNT, Health, Business Law Margaret Shelp Psychologist jIon Coon fane Zronell Physical EducationCindy Baker High School Math, Business flames Jaber High School Math, Accounting William JlaeCrea High School Art, Humanities JCynn ‘Johnston Elementary Art Blair Buchholz Industrial Arts, Driver's Ed. Kenee Benanati Art practice teacherSPONSORS’ Congratulations to the Class of 1982, Mr. and Mrs. “David Marsh (food luck in the future-. Mr. fill Wishing you success in the future, Mrs. Doris Harder Keep reading, Betty Hackimer Cook out world, here they come! A friend (MfJ.B.) food wishes always to good group of students, M- y. McMeill Zhe fear of the Cord is the beginning of wisdom. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buckwalter Sr. “Best wishes,” Mr. and Mrs. Brad street Congratulations to the Class of ’82, Rich. Carol, and Helena Davis We’ll be blue without you Class of '82, Wdll miss you! Signed, Class of 1984 Congratulations compatriots! Best of luck always. With love—fon Jf you can imagine it. you can achieve it. Jf you can dream it. you can become it.--------Cove. Mrs. Henry Pr. 9,10 PAfS 26SPONSORS’ dor all the happy, sad. and silly sentimental times we’ve shared. J celebrate you my friends. Anne May your future be the “spike of a lifetime; and may you have many happy “returns , karen Peterson “CHOW Mr. and Mrs. Par den Congratulations dronu Mrs. ] ouny Mrs. Hurke Mr. and Mrs. lJohn £. Darr. ffr. Cathy Witherow Mr. and Mrs. Robert ff. Puckwalter Mr. and Mrs. {John Suekwalter Mrs. Coly 27The yearbook staff sponsored a contest for K-6 to have them put their ideas into the yearbook. We had the teachers each pick the two best drawings or pictures from their classes and from these we had the tough time of choosing winners. We asked K-3 to draw us pictures of either the school, teachers, or what they'd they like to see in the yearbook. We had 4-6 write poems for us either having to do with the school or what they'd like to see in the yearbook. After reading through the poems and looking through the pictures, we chose one of each, and these are what the 1982 yearbook staff chose for this year's yearbook. Dean Latten-3rd grade 28Senior Blessing May you remember this school with smiles, not tears; May you have loved this school all through the years. May you go out into the world and have a long successful Life, A life without trouble, worry, or strife. Michele Davis 6th grade ALMA MATER Let's give a cheer for Andover High School And let us pledge to her aright Others may like black or crimson, But for us it's purple and white. Let all our troubles be forgotten, Let high school spirits rule. We'll join and give a royal effort For the good of our old school Andover High School! Andover High School! The pride of evry student here. Come on you old grads, Join with us young lads. Andover High School, now we cheer Rah! Rah! Now is the time, boys. To make a big noise, No matter what the people say. For there is naught to fear. The gang's all here. So Hail, Andover High School, Hail! 29Autograph PageAutograph Page3334 Mus Drivers Mr. Sackett Mr. Thorp Mrs. Mosier Mr. Witter Mr. Goodrich Custodians sitting: Mr. Sisson Mr. Ordiway Mr. Howland standing: Mrs. Nevol Mr. VickersCafeteria Staff Mrs. 3an ton Mrs. Urown 35B. Baker K. Behn M. Bennett N. Bliss P. Bradstreet T. Briggs L. Carter M. Dannheim C. Fish Eleventh Y. Hess B. Holcomb C. Hurlburt L. Jordan 3tJ. Joyce L. Manion T. Michael M. Miller J. Mulholland J. Ordiway V. Ordiway B. Ormsby M. Polmateer D. Riffle S. Rowley C. Slade T. Slawson K. Thorp M. Ward M. Whitehouse 37C. Alvord S. Atwell G. Bailey L. Baker B. Cooper M. Cornell H. Davis S. Dodge S. Baxter B. Bowers N. Brown , B. Bryan A. Carlin K. Cartwright L. Cole C. Conners 38B. Meyers T. Monahan D. Palmateer K. Perkins J. Sease J. Smith D. Spencer 39T. Jordan M. Joyce S. Lehman B. Manion S. Neuroth C. Ordiway T. Ordiway A. Ray K. Ryan E. Slawson A. Spangler N. Storms B. Thorp D. Thorp ' V P. McNeill C. Merriom A. Miller T. Ward I. Whitehouse43V. Jordan K. Kear T. Lehman R. Martin D. Meyers 'Jt D. Meyers M. Middaugh D. Moore C. Morris C. Murphy C. Nicols J. Niedermaier D. Ordiway M. Seamans V. Slade R. Smith S. Storm S. Swartz T. Thorp B. Ward A. White S. Wilson G. WrayV7 Mr. Gill Sixth E. Allen P. Arnold D. Baker W. Bennet M. Bowers 0 V • c ' P. Boyle D. Bradstreet B. Brundage H. Cook T. Cook r rife: D. Dodge S. Drake S. Dugan J. Gavin L. Gavin C. Cooper K. Cornell S. Dain M. Davis L. Deming B. Golish M. Graham M. Harrington D. Harris T. HessS. Arnold D. Barney below left P. Bryan J. Burdick above R. Carter R. Clark W. Clarke S. Connors T. Cooper M. Dodge J. Dougherty B. Drake J. Empson T. Fanton M. Farnum B. Greene K. Herr C. Higday teachers: Mrs. McNeill, Mr. Pilling; and Miss AlbertiA. Whitehouse R. Wilkins Jiftk Qrade 49 r- - ----- M. Hollenbeck V. Hurlburt . • ' k. J- Hyde B. Barry D. Boyle C. Cook S. Dieter L. Dodge J. Dugan J. Fanton a ' A. Ireland B. Jackson J. Kelley G. Martin J. Fox M. Frost L. Greenfield Mrs. Peterson Mrs. ColyM. McNeill K. Monahan D. Morris R. Morris fourth @rade C. Morrison K. Ordiway B. Ormsby T. Ormsby T. Riffle C. Seamons R. Sease M. Slawson S. Smith L. Tripphahn A. Walters 51 J. Wauffle T. Wilson52 B. Jackson D. Hobson Mrs. Marsh4 J. Lehman L. Manion H. McGillivray C. McKay Zliird Grade J. Monahan K. Monahan K. Monahan S. Neuroth C. Nicols J. Ordiway S. Phillips T. Quant T. Serra T. Smith F. Sutherland B. Thorp Mrs. HarderSecond Qrade J. Burdick C. Clarke T. Cook A. Dean H. Dean W. Dickerson D. Doge T. Emery D. Farnum ). Fuller S. Goodridge K. Graves H. Harrington L. Hollenbeck M. James 54Mrs. Young Mrs. Horan B. Leasure A. Michinski R. Manion L. McGinnis J. McNaughton ). Mitchell C. Mothersell K. Mothersell E. Ormsby J. Rifenburg H. Scovell T. Serra S. Sherwood K. Swartz S. White R. WilsonT. Denning A. Densmore J. Faulkner D. Garner D. Givens Mrs. Burdick dirst S6A. Baker S. Bishop E. Brown E. Brundage M. Bucholz J. Burley J. Cartwright A. Clark H. Cook A. Dean J. Densmore P. Dickerson K. Fanton N. Folson N. Fuller D. Grant D. Greenfield Kindergarten Mrs. Meyers ▼ ) ■ D! h Greenfield E. Harrington R. Hobson S. Horton B. IrelandR. Johnston S. Kemp E. Kent N. Lehman E. Matison N. Moore B. Morris Mrs. Howard C. NicholsJSoys’ Soccer 1st row: B.Glover, L.Carter, B Bruce, P Bradstreet, D.Burns. manager D.Baker, B Thorp, P.McNeill, I.Y hitehouse, B.Baker.2nd row: C.Conner, D.lehman, M.DeRemer, J.Joyce, G.Smith, B.Gilbert, T.lehman, D.Herr, D. Marsh. M.Milligan, T.Horan. R.Empson, G.Hoagland, I.Shaver, T.SIawson, M.Bennettl 62At 16-1-1 Teamwork Spelled Success For The Purple With fifteen seniors and seven juniors, the Purple Panthers were expected to have another great soccer season. As expected Andover did field a team that was the best in the county. The sad note is that we failed to win the sectionals for a berth to compete in the State tournament where we had won an excellent chance to see how good we really were. We were defeated 2 to 1 in the championship game by Greenwood, even though we dominated most of the game. However, the Purple and White hooters did win their division and the County Championship with a record of 14-0-1. This was Andover's 2nd County championship in three years, which is an accomplishment that few players can look back upon as they grow older. Lost to graduation are senior starters Mike DeRemer, Ralph Empson, Bruce Gilbert, Danny Herr, Tim Lehman, Chris McNeill, Monte Milligan, Todd Monahan, Greg Smith, and Bill Wallace. Don Lehman, Dave Marsh, Jim Shaver, Tim Horan, and Gary Hoagland were seniors who played exceptionally well wherever they were needed. All of these seniors are very proud of their winning ways and would like to thank Coach Coon for his strong backing for the past few years 63(}irIs’ Soccer 1st row: Coach Kathy Doming. 2nd row: T.Ordiway, T.Bennett, W.Ordiway, M.Al-vord-scorekeeper. 3rd row: B.Gilbcrt, B.Leonard, C.Alvord, H.Davis, M.Miller, E.SIawson, M.Polmateer, M.Emery, S.Davis, D.Thorp, T.Monahan, B.Ormsby. 4th row: N.Michael, K.Behn, L.Manion, C.Hurlburt, T.Michael.The Andover Panther's girl's soccer season was a season of ups and downs as they finished with a record of 5-5-1, which was good enough to take second place in the Southern division of the girls Allegany County Soccer League. The Lady Panthers could have easily finished with a record of 7-3-0, as they lost two games by one goal each- games which they had dominated. They also could have made a win out of their tie game. Look for the Lady Panthers to be strong in '82 Kathy Deming took over the purple and white this year in her first season as a soccer coach, and did remarkably well when you consider such powerhouses as Wells-ville and Scio. The girls look to be just as strong next year with seven returning juniors who started throughout the season. Seniors who will be missed are Nancy Michael, Branda Gilbert, Sharon Davis, Tammy Bennett, and Mary Emery. Wanda Ordiway was hurt early in the season and had to sit out for the remainder of the year, but her defense was certainly missed. 65Track Team T. Ordiway, R. Empson, B. Cooper, M. Emery, C. Hurlbury, G. Smith. Cross Country D. Marsh, R. Empson, j. Hardy, D. Horan, J. Shaver, D. Horan, D. Kerkenslanger, K. Gavin 66top row: M. Emery, V. Flint row two: S. Davis, A. Bradstreet row three: D. Thorp, B. Ormsby row four: S. Greene, M. Dannheim, C. Fish, D. Riffle, D. Burrows, C. Alvord row five: S. Atwell, L. Fenti, L. Cole, J. Lehman, S. Dain- manager Success is one word that could easily describe the volleyball team. No one expected the girls to have a good season, as they lost three very good seniors last year, but coach Peterson hussled them up to a 6-0 record. With a late seasonal slump, the Andover netters finished third in the county, and therefore gained a berth in the sectionals where they were defeated by the strong Scio team. Next year's team loses the following seniors: Vicki Flint, Sharon Davis, Anne Bradstreet, and Mary Emery. Volleyball 67Swim Zeam 1st row: T. Lehman, L. Horan, P. Jackson, L. Deming, D. Horan, G. Smith, D. Frost. 2nd row: P. Bradstreet, B. Gilbert, T. Horan, D. Herr, M. DeRcmer, C. Hurlburt 3rd row: J. Shaver, D. Polmateer, L. Manion, T. Michael, B. Ormsby, D. Frost, J. Joyce.Ckcerleading 1st row: K.Thorp, B.Gilbert. 2nd row: K.Behn, A.Carlin.3rd row: M.E-mery, J.Lehman, S.Neuroth, J.Dain, T.Ordiway, A.Miller.Varsity basketball lop: J. Empson - manager row two: B. Glover, G. Smith, D. Marsh, G. Hoagland - mascot, T. Lehman, T. Monahan, row one: P. Howland - manager, M. Whitehouse, J. Joyce, R. Empson, C. McNeil, absent: B. Wallace, L. Carter, D. Lehman.junior Varsity basketball above sitting: A. Whitehouse, D. Baker, J. Lehman - managers. B. Bruce, K. Gavin, P. McNeill, P. Dougherty, D. Howland, I. Whitehouse, C. Conner, standing: Mr. Gill, J. Smith, M. Cornell, T. Fanton, P. Cornell, L. Baker.Qirls Basketball 72 C. Alvord, S. Davis, S. Atwell, C. Hurlbert, L. Manion, and T. Michael735-S Soccer . 4.Cub basketball standing: G. Smith D. Miller A. Stor king M Patrick T. McCormick P. Howland sitting: D. Garner D. Dodge M. Emery B. Ward ). Brown J. Lehman 75baseball Zcam back: B. Gavin T. Monahan T. Lehman T. Horan G. Hoagland front: C. Conner C. McNeill M. Hardy D. Horan P. Howland J. Ordiway G. Smith Mr. Gill Wise coaching, good pitching, solid defense, and strong hitting all contributed to a county championship for the 1981 Panther baseball team. Coach Gill's club yielded some very fine pitching from Tim Lehman, Bill Wallace, and Brian Gavin. Mike McNeill, Bill Wallace, Todd Monahan, And Kevin Ordiway led the Panthers at the plate as their big sticks produced the needed runs for the county crown. The Panthers also won their own tournament, which was the first in recent years, with convincing wins over Scio and Greenwood. Seniors who are going to be missed include Guy Milligan, Kevin Ordiway, Mike McNeill, and Paul Joyce who had to sit out the whole last season with an injury. 76Zennis back: B. Bowers L. Manion middle: T. Slawson N. Brown front: Mr. Bale R. StevensSoftball 1st row: K. Thorp, B. Ormsby 2nd row: A. Bradstreet, M. Emery D. Thorp 3rd row: L. Cole, T. Ordiway, S. Davis, S, Atwell, C. Alvord 4th row: W. Ordiway, H. Davis, C. Hurl-burl The softball team had a disappointing season last year, but the girls considered it a season to give them experience for the upcoming years. They lost to graduation Deanna Sturdevant, Linda Howland, Chris Howland, Denise Burrows, Vicky Carson, And Tena Washburn. With the experienced players the team will have this year, the girls hope for a good season. 78Cross Country The Andover fans were amazed this year to find fourteen boys participating in Cross Country. The team was led by Doug Horan until the middle of the season, when David Marsh and John Hardy began to pick up the pace, and gave Doug a little trouble in holding his lead. The rest of the team was close behind, including Donald Horan, Tim Slawson, John Sease, Kevin Gavin, George Bailey, and Terry Henlin. The season started with a meet at home asgainst Cuba. Most of our boys had not run in a meet before, so this meet gave them the experience they needed. We traveled to Rochester, to run, along with all of the other schools in the world. There were thirty schools in our race, so we did very well in finishing fourteenth. The individual effort was excellent, making the boys confident of their abilities. The rest of the season went well for the team, but we were not able to total up enough points to win a meet until going to Wellsville. We did not know it until we got there, but the Bath Cross Country team was there also. Our team knew we couldn't beat a school as big as Bath, but when the score was totalled, we had won. Our record in cross country was not very good, but the spirit at the end of the season was extremely high. We will be losing seven seniors this year including Dave Marsh, John Hardy, Tim Horan, Ralph Empson, Chris McNeill, Darryl Kerkeslager, and Jim Shavers. This will hurt the team, but we are confident that other boys and girls will take their place. We would like to thank those people who came to support us, and maybe next year, there will be a greater number. We would also like to thank Coach Buchholz for helping us in our meets. Swim Team The 1982 Swim team gave a great effort in their meets this year. Even though they did not win a meet, they only lost a few of them by slim margins. They were a much improved team, and it showed in their overall times. Everyone did a great job, and senior Bruce Gilbert qualified for sectionals. Other seniors who will be leaving are Danny Herr, Mike DeRemer, Monte Milligan, and Jim Shavers. • The Swim team had a new coach this year, Gary Bixby. He helped the team to improve throughout the season. Kathy Stedman also helped the team to better itself, and both her and Gary were behind the team one hundred percent. We hope they will come back next year, and we also hope the team has a good season next year. 79Jn Zhe Passing A Cong Zlzin Shadow. Swift As Storm Clouds. Sizes through Chose Valleys — Solemn Starlings Cwo Zhousand Strong Heating JVois ess Wings. Zhey Weave. Sour Abreast. He tween High-A relied Soot hills. Zwo Wingspans Of White Sky Hetween Saclz freen Head Stroking Zhrough Zhiek-Shadowed Sleepy Air. Zwo Zhousand (fold Heaks Pieree Zhe Purple Zwilight’s Web. Past Sand-Meavy Waking Eyes Helow. Zliey Drive On Jn Silver .Harness Until. Well Hehind Zhe Cast Sew Hardened Stragglers. Sheer (fold Heins Pull Zight Above (frey-Cit Valleys. And A Stone. White With Sire. Polls Atop Zhe Sarthest (frey-Caeed Mill. Diane Hlissyr. - Cast PLAY CAST 1st row: D.Kerkeslager, M.Whitehouse, N.Bliss, S.Davis, J.Mulholland, K.Ray, 2nd row: M.Emery, J.Ryan, T.Bennett, L.Manion, P.Bradstreet, T.Michael, J.Shavers, C.Buckwalter, Mrs.Witherow, Director. 82Play Crew PLAY CREW 1st row: M.Emery, J.Mulholland, B.Leonard, K.Ray, M.Dannheim. 2nd row: K.Behn, J.Ryan, J.Joyce, D.Kerkeslager M.Bennett, J.Ordiway, 83National Manor Society Sharon Davis John Hardy Darryl Kerkenslager Carole Buckwalter Mr. Buckwalter: advisor 85Student Council library Council3.H.A back row: B. Cooper, T. Monahan, B. Bryan, T. Ward, T. Ordiway, M. Emery, M. Emery, A. Miller, J. Granger, Mrs. Lehman, row two: E. Slawson, T. Drake, B Leonard, H. Davis, A. Carlin, L. Allen, A. Ray, C. Thorp, row one: T. Bennett, L. Cole, K. Ray, W. Ordiway.Zhrough Zlie Night Tonight. Tike Mist Kising The Pipe Smoke Swirls Jn And Out Of Vision And (frows diner. Vine-Tike Around The Kitchen Tight. Jt Seems Tike Waves. Or Sea Spray. Or The dog Strolling Out Of These Valleys. The green Cradled Arms. And Into The Highlands. growing Thin Between Teaf-dingers Of Such Deep-Hooted dibers As Trees. Tike Those Trees Hold The Hills Do Veins Hind Our Hearts. And Our Eyes Weave Through Our Minds’ Mazes Until We Stumble Onto The Same Dark Pond Where The Heron. Keed-Tegged, Stands On The Morning Mist. The Same Teaf-Arched Pathway Where The Deer. Bark- Hided. Moves Through The Tree-Columned Temple. The Same Black Cavern Where The Blue Star-dire. Moon-Mirrored. Burns Eternally At The Passage’s End. Opening To Another. One Other. Misted Morning Beginning. D iane BlissSenior Band Officers D. Marsh D. Burns S. Davis D. Marshjunior Choir I Junior Maud 92Marching Hand 93Deer Hunter Drinking spring waters with the deer seals our brotherhood. Sating his flesh makes strong mg own. Antler-handling mg walking stick upholds mg weakness, knowing the deer-runs through the forest is knowing mg heart’s veins. Hunting the deer. J hold mg brother's still heart in mg hand. Diane Miss 953BANK Key Bank of Western New York N.A. Involved. Innovative. Professional. % Offices in Wellsville, Alfred, Andover, Belmont, Bolivar, Cuba, Whitesville, Olean.BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OE 82 KOEHLER'S FRIENDLY TAVERN . PAINTS AJWOVSK GENERAL HARDWARE See Us For QUALITY VALUE RELIABILITY WE DO ROOFING • LAWN h GARDEN SUPPLIES S. MAIN STREET Marie Koehler: ANDOVER, N.Y. proprieter • ROOFING AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES • GLASS CUT TO ORDER 478-8284 II E. GREENWOOD PSPSJ con a uozzxm comp AM 03 OjCSAA' DEAN'S PHARMACY Main Street Andover, N.Y. 478-8332 American Greeting Cards Russell Stover Candies Photo Department Timex Watches Gifts Jewelry Complete Prescription Service 716-372-3065 [ALFRED POCRTS IN MAIN »» ALPNIO NV 14 02 4®. A ANDOVER TRADING POST ANDOVER. NY 14806 home of the SJ IMEISTER QUAKER STATE PRODUCTS - GROCERIES BEER AMMO - ICE FREE INFORMATION Marty Emmie Curran TELEPHONE 587-9144 LES McKAY 607-478-8600 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 97Purina Chow Best Wishes from D L FEEDS AMPERSAND PRESS For All the Farmers' Needs Custom Grinding Bulk Feed Fertilizer Lime Andover N.Y. Richard Rosintoski CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS OF 1982 lilt BLARNEY STONE INN Andover New York 27 MAIN STREET PROP. ANDOVER, N.Y. PAT O'DONNELL BEST WISHES FROM ROESKE'S Congratulations to the Class of 1982 ARC O Wellsville Outdoor Theater SHORTLINE BUS DEPOT ONE STOP SERVICE STATION Rt. 417 Wellsville, New York Andover Mini Theater Deming Construction Company SEWAGE SYSTEMS LANDSCAPING DUMPTRUCK HAULING (FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN) ANDOVER NY 14806 607 478 8435 Andover, New York Glenn D. Thorp And Family 98 Congratulations to the class of '82 HELLO .M gneat Iwby a!mejwys We toast the class of 1982! QJ3Z SHOP AtfDOVSK CRAFTS, GIFTS, GUNS, AMMO, FISHING, and jCJQUOK szoks ARCHERY SUPPLIES. TROPICAL FISH AND SUPPLIES CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES! BILL JAN GARY SALLY AfflDOVSK msdjcajc group, p.e. DEANNE ESTHER JOYCE LINDA STEVE ARLENE BARB KSGWMV y. SOOZHSKAfl SHOKVS SSKVJCS Attorney At Law SZA ZJOj Main Street Herm Wallace: Proprieter Andover, N.Y. Andover, New York 478-8495 00BEST WISHES FROM ROESKE'S ARCO SHORTLINE BUS DEPOT ONE STOP SERVICE STATION Phone: 478-8933 HIS 'N HERS Styling Salon Super Cuts for Guys Gals 10 Main Street Andover, N.Y. 14806 DON F. THORP 1—] ANDOVER, NY 14806 (607)478-8611 Compliments of f 'SocLf (ojoik) ANITA'S BEAUTY SHOP Andover, N.Y. 478-8636 COLLISION CORNER TAVERN Fred Baker John Hyland ANDOVER, NY 14806 101AMDOVSK VeflZAjC Main Street in Andover Open: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday: 8:30 am. - 5:15 pm. Thursday: 11:30 am. - 8:15 pm. Closed Wednesdays 607-478-8426 Compliments Of yoyes pjps cm eo. yoyes wssrew corn Andover, flew yorkCompliments of PETERSON DRUG COMPANY Compliments of DAVIE'S Main Street Wellsville, New York Compliments of: FASSET LANE LUMBER INC. Wellsville N.Y. 593-2596 Wellsville, New York AGWAY Compliments of Compliments of Wellsville Agway ]. Donald Hauselt, Attorney at Law Wellsville New York Main Street Wellsville, New York 593-4060 Compliments of JOLLY DEE'S Pockwe 's wHD2SZZZ!!BCBBVr Banquet and Steakhouse Salad Bar Wellsville 593-3674 103Compliments Of mown Am szouz ms my. m. Jnsurance 125 North Main Street Zelephone Wellsville, NV- 1 895 593-4296 C 0DOa 3© a.oS Q[i)[]@G@ ZAAooca. Good luck Graduates! 54 North Main Street • Wellsville, New York 14895 (716) 593-4570 Best Wishes Zo The Class Of 19S2 KSKZON 7MKJSZS ■flowers dor All Occasions! Alain Street Wellsville 14S95 593-4443Congratulations Class 1982 JroM: Amovsn PKSSSKVAZJOtf eOKPOKAZJOW 4 Main St. Bore 137 Andover, New ork 14806 (607) 478-8009Compliments of: WELLSVILLE HOUSE OF GLASS, INC. BOLIVAR ROAD WELLSVILLE. N. Y. Paul J. Blitz Phone 503.1106 Congratulations, Graduates Ek AIR PREHEATER Wellsville, New YorkOLEAN TRAVEL SERVICE WELISVILLE TRAVEL SERVICE HORNELL TRAVEL SERVICE ARCADE TRAVEL SERVICE 7K8D 0. KJCS WELLSVILLE JlX. TRAVEL SERVICE, INC. N Mam Street Wellsville. New York 14895 Office (716) 593-2342 Home (716) 593-2281 MUSJC Mouse Music Suppliers Since 1880 Wellsville, N.Y. 593-1670 A.D. Runzo CA QKA UMJjCV SAjCOM Full Service zms ume vcass Six Stylists To Serve You! Park Plaza Wellsville, N.Y. 593-1321 55 N. Main St. Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 593-1909 ms ---. ZRUSZ § Phone: 716-593-4830 trade's 3lowers We Specialize in Service 48 N. Main St. Wellsville. NY 14895 Nearest our Needs! THE HAIRDRESSERS AAA MINI PLAZA 716 593 3280 BOl IVAR ROAD WELLSVILLE. NY 14895 107NIAGARA ELECTRON Compliments of Compliments of Jim Gram JIM MULHOLLAND Andover, N.Y. Church Street Andover New York Erwin Szoartz John McCormick President Vice President Compliments of Andover Rod Gun Club Tom Neff lerry Vance Secretary Treasurer Compliments °f Wittie Industries Karl Wittie 478-8478 Congratulations to the Class of 1982 From the ANDOVER CLERGY ASSOCIATION 108CONGRATULATIONS Andover Senior Class From Your ANDOVER LIONS CLUB Congratulations to the Class of 82 VMS AJW0V8K jCAUMDKOMAZ Henry Diane Mercier Health 'n' Happiness to the Class of 82 MRS. CHARITY MC CORMICK School Nurse — TeacherCompliments of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Andover, New York President—Harold Huffcut Vice-President—Howard Me Andrew Sec.-Treasurer—Barbara Walker CONGRATULATIONS! TO THE CLASS OF 82 WOO'D KU37 V. Dyke Street Andover, N.Y. eovsKex) mDQs ?akm Maple Syrup The Buckwalter Family Rt. 21, Andover 478-8096 Sears SSAKS Am KOSMCK, CO. Bruce Reuning 95 South Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. Compliments of: PAUC'S UAKUSK SHOP appointment only; Dan Redmond open Mon. Wed. 9-5 no appointment necessary 478-8280CANNON'S Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. BEST WISHES FROM: smnsys eowszKuezjow SEPTIC SYSTEMS BACKHOE BULLDOZER DUMPTRUCK SNOWPLOWING ROGER E. JEFFREY, SR. R.D. 2 BOX A-106 ANDOVER, N.Y. 14806 (607) 478-8495 tfJAMZ 7007) MAKKSZ Alfred, ft.] . 14802 Uakery - Deli (Jeff Bradley M 587-8197 in

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