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im memoirs AnpovekWe, the graduating class of '81 would like to present this edition of Memoirs in memory of a dear and dedicated teacher and friend, Mrs. Rose Mary Burger, affectionately known throughout the community as "Rosie". Mrs. Burger was always one of the first to think of others whether this entailed hospital visitations, sending flowers, food, or cards to people who found themselves in distress or simply rendering the little thank-yous which most of us tend to forget. Although her main function was meant to be that of an English teacher, she was dedicated to her family, her church, and our school. She taught her students courtesy, honesty, love of country and above all, a sense of justice. Whether one agreed with Mrs. Burger or not on any given point, there was no choice but to conceed that whatever stand she took was derived at through a process of reasoning with an unflinching eye upon fairness. We will not be receiving our Senior Class breakfast at the Burger home prior to our Senior Class trip this year as so many Senior Classes before us have done. Also, we will not have the opportunity to render our thanks prior to graduation. We have hopes that this book will serve to remind the students, teachers and all the people of Andover of the remembered and cherished goodness of a fine human being. 4LET ME DIE, WORKING Let me die, working. Still tackling plans unfinished, tasks undone! Clean to its end, swift may my race be run. No laggard steps, no faltering, no shirking; Let me die, working! Let me die, thinking. Let me fare forth still with an open mind, Fresh secrets to unfold, new truths to find. My soul undimmed, alert, no question blinking; Let me die, thinking Let me die, laughing No sighing o'er past sins; they are forgiven. Spilled on this earth are all the joys of Heaven; The wine of life, the cup of mirth quaffing. Let me die, laughing! S. Hall Young THERE IS NO DEATH In one sense there is no death. The life of a soul on earth lasts beyond his departure. You will always feel that life touching yours, that voice speaking to you, that spirit looking out of other eyes, talking to you in the familiar things he touched, worked with, loved as familiar friends. He lives on in your life and in the lives of all others that knew him. Angelo Patri 5Administration L| f ... Mr. Bradstreet Superintendent of Schools Mr. Borden Budding Principal Mr. Hanks Guidance CounslerMrs. Burke Secretary of Finance 7Darla Bryan Secretary Mrs. Scott Copying Room V Miss Harris Reading 10 Miss O’Rourke Speech TherapistMrs. Joyce Mrs. Meyn Teachers Aid Teachers Aid Mrs. Shelp Psychologist13Mr. Buckwalter Science Mr. Lucco Jr. High History Drivers Ed Mr. Bale Science Mrs. Kattpp Sr. High HistoryMr. Nicol Jr. Sr. High English Mr. Faber Jr. High Math Accounting 15Mrs. Hackimer LibrarianMr. Gill Sixth Grade Mr. Pilling Sixth Grade 20 What do you want?ER G A First Row: A. Densmore, T. Denning, S. Burton, J. Price. M. Burke, C. Brown, A. Ward, J. Moore, M. Behn Second Row: H. Stocking. O. Johnston, D. Givens, L. Moline, C. Sherwood, J. Ireland, H. Storms, J. Butler Third Row: H. Machinski, S. Greene, M. Butler, B. Harris, J. Brundage Fourth Row: J. Waters, G. Black, D. Garner, S. Clark, J. Mattison, D. Roeske, J. Emery, D. Alvord 1 2 3 4 5 22First Row: H. Dean, B. Johnson, J. Mitchell, W. Dickerson, R. Wilson, J. Buck waiter, K. Mothersell, R. Manion. C. Weiss, T. Price Second Row: L. Hollenbeck, W. Mosier, L. McGinnis, E. Ormsby, D. Johnson, B. Lea sure, S. Sherwood, A. Dean. J. Rifcnburg Third Row: J. McNaughton, H. Harrington, J. Burdick, C. Mothersell, W. Cook, K. Swartz, T. Emery. J. Hulse, J. Fuller, A. Macliinski Fourth Row: M. Ormsby, K. Graves, C. Clarke. D. Dodge, K. Bridge, A. White, A. Barnett. D. Farnum 23E D S E C O N D First Row: B. Thorp, S. Goodrtdge. C. Clark. T. Quant. T. Denning. T. Smith. D. Hobson. Second Row: B. Wilkins. K. Hoyer, S. Godcnvn, H. McGillivray. K. Monahan. J. Ordtway. L. Lehman. A. Burdick. K. Frost. M. Fanton, H. Clarke Third Row: J. Monahan, C. Allen, R. Hulse, S. Seuroth. C. McKay, D. Johnson, W. Allen. F. Sutherland. D. Fatten. R. Carter. B. Jackson. R. George. E. Harvey. C. Clark H- 1 T i 3 1 rAtL- i-36- n 31 (o 24Third Grade First Row: C. Cook. M. Slawson. C. Wetss, D. Boyle, . Fanton, B. Jackson, B. Ormsby Second Row: C. Seamans, K. Monahan, A. Walters, J. Hyde. T. Wilson, J. Fox, G. Martin, . Godown, W. Clarke, L. Dodge Fourth Row: S. Smith, M. McNeill, L. Tnppahanan, T. Riffle, A. Ireland. M. Frost, J. Kelley, V. Hurlburt. R. Sease, S. Dieter, D. Moms. T. Ormsby. J. Lehman, J. Waulfle, M. Hollenbeck. B. Barry 25First Row: N. Kocher; T. Fanton; N. Moore; J. Empson; K. Brainard; D. Barney; K. Snell; K. Ordiway; S. Shaver; M. Farnum; A. Herr; C. Perry; S. Joyce; M. Dodge. Second Row: T. Cooper; J. Sihble; A. Rectenwald; C. Thorp; L. Ordiway; R. Wilkins; J. Burdick; S. Lewis; G. Lehman; J. Sherwood; L. Higday; T. Scott; R. Waters; R. Clark; M. Joyce; B. Drake; S. Mosier; R. Carter. Third Row: W. Greene; C. Tripphahn; A. Whitehouse; B. VanStine; T. Warner; F. Kelley. 26FIFTH GRADE First Row: M. Davis, S. Dam, H. Cook, J. Waufle, A. Briggs, A. Winslow, D. Dodge, R. Or diway, L. Manion, D. Harris, T. Hulse, S. Drake Second Row: C. Worden, K. Cornell, T. Cook, K. Wittie, M. McGillivary, P. Boyle, S. Hoagland, T. Lewis, L. Denting, D. Price, P. Jackson, L. Gavin, P. McKinley, K. Kear, L. Horan Third Row: C. Cooper, T. Sibhle, L. Denting, J. Mtddaugh, E. Allen, B. Bruitdage, M. Harrington, M. Graham, D. Baker, B. Golish, C. Worden, K. Sweet Fourth Row: S. Dugan, P. Bruce, S. Conner, T. Hess, R. Walters, R. Wilkins, . Wltal, C. Perry, R. Padden, J. Gavin, S. Snell, C. Mulholland, R. Stevens, J. Lehman, T. Sherwood, W. Bennett 27First Row: B. Ward. M. Middaugh, K. Dcmun, D. Dodge. D. Stocking. B. Connor, C. Morris Second Rqp : D. Moore, T. Cook, S. Clark, V. Slade, K. Carson, S. Bailey, S. Storms Third Row: T. Warner, V. Jordan, D. Meyers, M. Clark, T. Thorp Fourth Row: D. Dugan, S. Swartz, D. Meyers, K. Hoyer, D. Drake. B. Clark, S. Dean, D. Garner, A. White, T. Lehman, D. Smith, R. Martin Fifth Row: K. Kear, D. Dugan, S. Hyde, T. Brown, S. Wilson, D. Ordiway, M. Emery, C. Denting, J. Brown, D. Mead Sixth Row: M. Seamans, P. Howland, B. Buckwalter, M. George 28 We're Getting Ready To Go UpWe're Coming Out! First Row: G. Joyce, T. Jones, C. Storms, A. Stocking Second Row: R. Smith, L. Herr, M. Alvord, B. Goodridge, M. Snell, C. Hoagland Third Row: P. Or diway, D. Frost, R. Buckwalter, D. Glover Fourth Row: C. Sutherland, P. Brundage, L. Brown, M. Ray, £. Stevens, W. Merrick Fifth Row: L. Slawson, M. Middaugh, S. Hyde, S. McKinley, E. White, J. Burton, G. Smith, D. Hoyer, S. Shavers Sixth Row: K. Snell, . Niedermaier, M. Patrick, M. Perry Seventh Row: S. Padden, D. Miller 29 Seventh GradeV 'c-1 N'" uXTX1-’ S.V We're Hanging in There! t ' . C' f h° V frY 't' VVW. o? o? x ' v "■ " “• “■v 'ACto'T 0dtT xjc'v C- Vxj rxtxWu JTi W i t- xacv cov Hi, oaoe rOo rv cocfr lqCM t rcorO, Dux: A H -frec try a yS out eA Ptea.3 X Keep ni oa srh 6ee s i yfeof - - acc m because AC ma.n a.t y n gr d »or oeJJ +t e Kfi-p sVYuoo - F rs Kouv C. Go is t, D. Horan, B. Throp, S. Carson, D. Dodge, T. George, B. Neidermaier, G. Or diway, B. Manion Second Row: L. Allen, A. Miller, A. Spangler, D. Throp, S. Neuroth, K. Ryan, A. Ray, T. Drake, S. Lehman, T. Ward, T. Ordiway, L. Slawson Third Row: K. Clarke, J. Dain, D. Burrows, D. Frost, J. Granger, I. Whitehouse, S. Clark, J. Dean, S. Dodge, D. Burns, D. Stocking Fourth Row: B. Bruce, G. Bailey, P. Cornell, P. McNeill, K. Gavin, P. Dougherty, D. Howland, D. Warden, N. Storms V ool? vo WA Sovht. £SoV W S ° IodV tr , 3e O-e Nou3 uaoAAj V o-Vo S«-e M°° lA "A 4 3 C . CUn s CoV .f c Snte A I PI A Eighth Grade A, C H H«-s v, we.31Freshmen First Row: T. Fanton Second Row: S. Baxter, J. Bridge, M. Emery, D. Polmateer, W. Hurlburt, ]. Smith, K. Perkins, T. Fanton Third Row: D. Horan, A. Carlin, K. Mosher, B. Cooper, N. Brown, H. Davis, C. Alvord, ]. Lehman, S. Atwell, B. Meyers, B. Bryan, T. Smith Fourth Row: G. Granger, S. Green, L. Cole, M. Cornell, T. Monahan, L. Baker, S. McClure, D. Marsh, C. Conner 32Class Officers o6 is co Compose che A(fliccre 2x61 Vicc-Prcs. Keith Cartwright Sec.-Tres. Jennifer Lehman Pres. Tim Font onSophomores Row 1—J. Miller, T. Michael, C. Hurlburt, M. Miller, K. Behn, L. Manion, T. Padden, N. Bliss. Row 2—S. Rowley, N. George, S. Boyle, D. Riffle, C. Fish, V. Ordiway, B. Ormsby, L. Jordan, Y. Hess, K. Throp, S. Mead, L. Carter, M. Ward. Row 3—G. Slade, B. Gavin, B. Baker, M. Whitehouse, P. Bradstreet, J. Joyce, B. Carlin, J. Mulholland, B. Hulse, T. Slawson, J. Ordiway, M. Bennet, B. Glover. 3435JUNIORS Row 1: K. Scribner; S. Thorp; M. Dai'is; C. Allen. Row 2: C. Buckwalter; M. Emery; K. Ray; W. Ordiway; S. Davis; J. Ryan; J. Hardy; C. McNeill; D. Marsh; D. Lehman; T. Ordiway; G. Hoagland. Row 3: C. George; L. Monahan; P. Glover; B. Leonard; N. Michael; M. Stent; C. McKinley; B. Gilbert; T. Lehman; T. Monahan; D. Clemons; D. Kerkeslager; J. Shaver. Row 4: T. Bennett; M. DeReamer; M. Milligan; B. Wallace; R. Empson; T. Horan; B. Gilbert; D. Herr. 36Hoagland; N. Michael; and f. Ryan. ’TJo chine own self 6e ru 37To the Senior Class of 1981: Sometimes 1 shut my eyes. And think about times that used to be. The way they were. In my long lost memories. Times that we shared together, Things that we used to do, The memories that will always be there. Especially the ones of you. Remembering our first day of Junior High, And how we had to overcome our fears, To learn to stand up all alone, And somehow get through the next six years. And now we're nearing the end of Senior High, Our days of high school are almost through, We've made it to "OUR GRADUATION", The event that we've all been looking forward to. This has been our last year together, The year that started back last fall. The one that we will always remember. The most meaningful year of all. Deanna Sturdevant Class Officers PRES.—D. Sturdevant; VICE PRES.—C. Perry; TRES.—K. Niederniiaer SEC.—V. CarsonHall of Fame Vicky L. Carson Deanna M. SturdcvanlKenneth A. Bchn 42Vicky L. Carson Guy K. Cole lulie A. ClarkMichael E. Faber 44Joyce C. Fuller 4547Jason L. Kerkeslagcr Christina M. Lehman 4849Darren Monahan 50Karl D. Perkins 5152Constance M. Riffenburg 53Kimberly A. Sweet 54 Tena M. Washburn 55William Scaso Lisa Doming 56Across A black and white ball you kick! White ball you hit with hands! Pom-pom girls! Jmall ball pitched overhand! Large ball pitched underhand! Makes a lot of racquet! Down 1. Shoot for the hoop! 2. Run, jump, and toss! 3. Fish like this!Soccer This year the Boys' Soccer team had an outstanding season. We got off to a slow start, but improved exceptionally. We were seated 8th as we headed into sectional play. The first sectional game was with 9th seated Arkport. We played well and won with a final score of 8-0. The quarter final game was played against ft 1 seated Cohocton, favored to win, but Andover quickly changed that by coming out on top 2-0. The semi-final game was against our long time rival, Scio. We were out for revenge and conquered it, 1-0. Andover then proceeded to the Section V finals where we met Whilesville in a tough game. It ended up in a tie, 2-2, even after two five minute overtime periods. A shootout followed with A.C.S. victorious 3-0. The winner determined the entry in the state finals. A.C.S. and Whitesville were both declared co-champs of Section V. A.C.S. met and was defeated in the state semi-finals at NorthRose to play Chauteguey and was defeated 4-0. Five seniors that will be missed a great deal next year are: Guy Milligan; Mike McNeill; Bill Sease; Paul Joyce; and Jason Kerkeslager. Four that were selected for the 1980 all star team. They are: Guy, Mike; Paul and Jason. Guy was also selected as the MVP of Section V ply and Mike was selected as the best goalie in the Southern division. This season was very special for not only the team and Coach Coon, but also to the school fans, and the community. This was the first year that Andover has ever gone as far as the state finals. We hope that next year we can go as far and even farther. Good Luck next season and LETS DO IT. 58Kneeling: D. Burrows, T. Washburn, T. Monahan, D. Sturdevanl, T. Ordiway Standing, left to right: T. Bennett, T. Michael, B. Cooper, K. Behn, H. Davis, S. Mead, M. Polmateer, M. Emery, M. Miller, B. Gilbert, N. Michael. C. Alvord, L. Manion, W. Ordiway Girls Soccer The girls' soccer team had a successful season in 1980, with a league record of 6 wins-2 losses and an overall record of 7-5. The girls made it to the sectionals, but lost to Greenwood in the first round. Seniors who will be greatly missed next year are: Linda Burns; Denise Burrows; Deanna Sturdevant, and Tena Washburn. The team is looking forward to another good season in 1981. 60Cross Country Sitting: C. Hurlburt, S. Carson, Row 1: B. Sease, M. McNeill, D. Herr, D. Lehman, Row 2: G. Hoagland, D. Horan 7th-8th grade Cross Country Top to bottom: S. Carson, B. Manion, R. Buckwalter, G. Smith, J. Joyce 61The Andover tennis team had one of their best seasons ever. Our record was 6 wins 2 losses, and we were undefeated against everyone except Fillmore, which defeated us twice. Next season with our starters returning should even be better. Kneeling: G. Cole: G. Tlirop; T. Slawson Standing: K. Beltn; L. Cole; N. Bliss; D. Winslow Tennis Team 62Sitting: G. Smith; ]. Sease; D. Frost; D. Mead; K. Thorp; S. Mead; K. Behn; T. Michael; S. Dain; K. Carson; L. Horan. Standing: M. Polmateer; B. Orrnsby; D. Herr; T. Horan; J. Shaver; M. Milligan; B. Gilbert; P. Brad-street; M. DeRemer; D. Polmateer 63This year the varsity squad under a new coach posted a 5-11 league season. The team will be losing 3 seniors who are: Paul Joyce, Mike McNeill, and Guy Milligan. Is of yet the sectionals have not begun, but Coach Lucco has an optomistic outlook going in to them. Good Luck Next Year.Junior Varsity Basketball Row 1: M. Whitehouse. Row 2: T. Fanton; T. Fanton. Row 3: B. Carlin; M. Bennett; D. Flint. Row 4: M. Cornell; C. Conner; J. Smith; D. Horan; S. McClure; Row 5: G. Slade; J. Joyce; L. Baker; L. Carter; J. Bridge; B. Glover; B. Gavin. This year the J.V. squad posted a 5-10 record under the coaching of Mr. Dick Rosintoski. There are many new and upcoming players getting ready for varsity play. Good Luck next year. 65Girls' Basketball The girls' basketball team had a trying season against some tough competition, including strong teams from Cuba, Scio, and Wellsville. The team is young and will only lose one senior; Tena Washburn. With more experience, the out look for the future is bright. Also, hopefully, more girls will come out for the team next year.Cub Basketball All-Stars Kneeling: D. Miller; I. Whilehouse; B. Bruce; J. Smith; K. Snell; M. Patrick; B. Niedermaier Standing: P. Cornell; P. McNeill; Coach Dave Hanks; D. Howland; P. Doughlerg; M. oyer CUB BASKETBALL 1980-81 This year's Cub Basketball Program has proven to be very successful as over forty students involved themselves in learning the fundamentals of the game. A major objective of this program is not only the learning of basic basketball skills, but also the development of a positive attitude towards oneself, others, and the game itself. A special thanks goes to Mr. Jamie McCormick who volunteered his services with those eager fifth and sixth grade ball players. 67MAVERICKS Kneeling: R. Buckwalter; J. Crittenden Standing: K. Snell; J. Smith; P. Cornell GLOBETROTTERS Kneeling: D. Miller; S. Carson; S. McKinley. Standing: P. Dougherty; D. Horan; K. Gavin.SIXERS Kneeling: B. Bruce; M. Patrick. Standing: J. Niedennaier; D. Howland: I. Whitehouse. LAKERS Kneeling: G. Smith; M. Snell. Standing: P. McNeill; B. Niederntaicr; M. Joyce.GIRL'S TRACK Kneeling: B. Gilbert, D. Sturdevanl, D. Cooper Standing: B. Wilson, S. Davis, L. Burns, C. Hurlburt, M. Polmateer Last years girls' track team did a super job, 2 of the girls placed in the counties, and 3 of the girls placed in section 5. They were freshman Cheryl Hurlburt who took first place in the 2 mile at the counties and first in the 1 mile at sectionals, senior Berneata Wilson who took fourth place in shot put and discus, junior Linda Burns who took first the hurdles at the counties and fourth in the hurdles at the sectionals. The rest of the team also did a super job, it takes a team. Lets make next year even better! 70First Row: J. Joyce, M. DcReamer, M. Faber, J. McCormick, Second Row: T. Slade, D. Wallace, T. Ordrway, K. Perry Fourth Row: J. Shaver, B. Sease, R. Davis, D. Herr, M. McNeill, B. Gilbert 71Softball Kneeling: W. Ordiway, C. Alvord Standing: C. Throp, D. Snell, T. Washburn, C. Howland, D. Burrows, D. Cooper, D. Sturdevant, S. Lehman, D. Burrows Second Row: V. Carson, M. Mead, M. Polmateer, B. Ormsby, S. Davis The 1980 girls' softball team did a good job, for losing the seniors that they did from the year before. This year their overall record was 2 wins, 5 losses. They lost three seniors who did a terrific job. First base, Stephanie Lehman, third base, Doreen Burrows; and our very important catcher Denise Cooper, who was injured early in the season. Good luck this year! 72The 1980 Baseball season was one of rebuilding and injuries. The Panthers started off real strong with a 5-1 record in league play. But two key injuries along with an inexperienced pitching staff caused a weak finish for the ball team. Andover will have back this season 10 returning lettermen along with 7 of the returning starters from 1980. There are signs of a good base for the 1981 season. Some of the high points of 1980 was the selection of Mike McNeill for 1st team all stars and Bill Wallace as honorable mention. Tim Slade and Kevin Ordiway both received the traditional award given to the Most Improved Player. Mike lead the team in batting average with a .395 average and with hits with 15. Both Mike and Bill tied for the team lead in, R.B.I.'s and extra base hits. Standing: T. Horan; D. Horan; C. McNeill; G. Milligan. Silling: G. Hoagland; . Howland; T. Monahan; T. Lehman; M. McNeill; T. Slade; P. Joyce: K. Ordiway; B. Wallace; G. Baker. Baseball 73This year the volleyball team did quite well, we ended our season tied for second place in our division. We are losing 7 seniors, who are Cindy Thorp, Chris Howland, Vicky Carson, Jeanne Lehman, Deanna Sturdevant, Denise Burrows, and Linda Howland who made the county all-star team, Good luck next year. Row I: D. Burrows, D. Thorp, . Lehman. Row 2: S. Davis, B. Ormsby, C. Alvord, V. Flint, Row 3: S. Atwell, D. Burrows, C. Howland, J. Lehman, C. Thorp, M. Emery, Row 4: D. Sturdevant, L. Howland, V. Carson 74Cheerleaders This year the 1980-81 cheerleading squad had a new advisor. Miss Nancy O'Rourke. The squad was fairly new itself, because of only six returnees from last year, but the girls adjusted quickly and were very enthusiastic. This year we had one carwash, several bake sales, and had a M M’s sale to raise money for new pom pons. We also participated in the third annual Pom Pon Competition and unfortunately did not do as well as last year, but the girls tried their best. At the annual Christmas Tournament tropheys were given out to cheerleading all-stars Linda Burns received the honor from the Andover Squad. There will be four seniors leaving the squad who are Linda Burns, captain; Vicky Carson, co-captain; Chris Manion; and Jeanne Lehman, all of whom will be missed greatly. L. Manion M. Miller; M. Emery; J. Lehman C. Manion; N. Bliss; B. Gilbert; . Lehman V. Carson; B. Leonard; L. Burns T. Briggs Absent: T. Padden 755-8th GRADE BOY'S SOCCER 765-8th GRADE GIRLS SOCCER This fall a 5-8 grade girl's soccer squad was formed to help the girls develop their skills. The girls were divided into two teams and were coached by Darla Bryan and Brenda Dibble. There is a promising outlook for these girls to participate in varsity soccer in the years to come. This year there was also a 5-8 grade boy's soccer squad formed under the coaching of Jamie McCormick, Gary Barden, Steve Buckwalter and Scott Richardson. The boys were divided into four teams and scrimmaged each other and later, all stars were picked. These boys played Wellsville twice and won all four games. The varsity soccer team will definitely benefit from these "guys" in the years to come! 77¥Library Council Kneeling: E. Slawson; T. Or diway; S. Boyle; L. Stevens; L. Herr; S. Padden; B. Thorp; T. Fanton; K. Snell Row 1 Sitting: K. Clark; . Granger; A. Miller; L. Allen; T. Michael; C. Hurlburt; K. Behn; T. Padden; L. Manion; ]. Smith; S. Carson Row 2 Standing: L. Jordan; C. Lehman; T. Conner; D. Snell; J. Mulhollatid. i4s a Library Council Member, we collect Campbell soup lables to obtain film projectors and other school needs. To earn our money we have Boqjg Fairs every year. To be a member you give up one day a week to help Mrs. Hackimer in the elemenjjmy) library.Red Cross We have suffered the loss of our long time advisor Mrs. Burger, but everyone helped us to get reorganized, and we thank you all. The Firemen and Faculty participated in a Donkey Basketball game with the proceeds donated to the Red Cross in memory of Mrs. Burger. We had a membership drive at the beginning of the school year. It was very successful and we gained many new members. Also this year we have helped with two blood banks. We would like to thank the community for their continued support.FHA Kneeling: W. Ordiway, S. Cornell Sitting: C. Howland, M. Emery, K. Ray, C. McKinley Standing: A. Carlin, L. Cole, H. Davis, T. Monahan, L. Manion, Standing: A. Carlin, L. Cole, H. Davis, T. Monahan, L. Manion, N. Michael, V. Carson, M. Miller, T. Bennett, S. Green, T. Michael, S. Mead, K. Thorp.National Honor Society 85 Bottom to Top: S. Davis, C. Buckwalter, C. McNeill, J. Hardy, J. Kerkeslager, D. Sturdevant, J. Fuller, D. BurrowsCAST CALEB JONES .........Darryl Kerkeslager JOHNNY SUTTON .......Jon Ryan BERT FOLGER .........Karl Perkins DOREEN DELANY .......Sharon Davis LORNA FARNSWORTH ...Carol Buckwalter KITTY SAMPSON .......Vicky Carson GARY SAMPSON ........Marc Rowley MA CLANTON ..........Nancy Michael FRANK SNELL .........Mike McNeill ELIZABETH MASON .....Kathy Ray HALL1E H ALLAH AN ...Shari Thorp PHANTOMS Tena Washburn Tori Jones Jim Shavers Nancy Michael Mr. Barden Mr. Gill Mr. Hanks Mr. Bradstreet CREW SOUND .............Glenn Thorp, Marc Rowley LIGHTS .................Paul Joyce, Glenn Thorp PROPS ..............Tena Washburn, Mary Emery MAKE-UP ......Marcie Stein, Colleen McKinley, Lida Burns, Chris Howland and Mrs. Harder STAGING ...................................Cast ADVERTISING ...........Chris Howland, Jon Ryan, John Hardy, Chris Green TICKETS.......................Chris Howland PROGRAMS ........................Chris Green DIRECTORS Cindy Thorp Tena Washburn Mary Emery Mrs. Burger Colleen McKinley Mike McNeill Marcie Stein Bill Sease Tammy Bennett Shari Thorp Karl Perkins Mary Emery 86JR. SR. PLAY This year we produced a three act mystery-fantasy, “The Ghosts go West". This was an exceptionally hard play to stage because of the variety of stage positions, the phantoms speaking in unison, many mood changes, and the unusual sound effects. During our rehearsals we worked hard, learned a lot about acting and each other and had a successful final performance! We would like to give a special thanks to our director, Mrs. "Rosie" Burger. Faculty, Staff, community and fellow students for helping us make our play a great success! p C L R A E Y W Andover Central School Junior-Senior Plav The Ghost Goes West A Mystery Fantasy in Three Acts November 14, 1980 8:15 p.m. Admission Adults-$1.75 Students—SI .00Bus Drivers Left to Right: Mr. Socket t; Mr. Or diway; Mrs. Mosher; Mr. Goodridge; Mr. WitterFirst Row: D. Glover, S. McKinley, T. Jones. B. Man ion, L. Slawson Second Row: D. Frost, J. Man ion, D. Horan, R. Buckwalter, D. Burns Third Row: M. Perry, A. Spangler, D. Frost, D. Burrows Fourth Row: J. Dain, Mr. Trenchard, S. Neuroth Fifth Row: D. Throp, B. Bruce Jr. Band 90Elementary Band Kneeling: M. MacGillivary, M. Davis, S. Conner, S. Dain, L. Horan, T. Sibble, S. Swartz, L. Mamon. V. Jordan. D. Moore. P. Jackson First Row: K. Cornell, P. Boyle, K. Wit tie, P. McKinley, A. Briggs, D. Harris, L. Gavin. M. Drake. S. Drake, B. Conner Second Row: C. Perry, D. Meyers. T. Brown, P. Howland, D. Mead, L. Clark, M. Hardy. T. Warner, D. Meyers, L. Denting, H. Cook Third Row: P. Bruce, B. Buck waiter, R. Wilkins, J. Lehman, R. Stevens, D. Baker, W. Bennett. C. Mulholland. M. Bowers, D. Garner The Elementary Band consists of 4-6 grade band students who practice their music weekly for concerts. These students also attend regular music lessons and are assisted by high school students as well as Mr. Trenchard. These "youngsters" show a promising contribution in the future to the Jr. and Sr. bands.SENIOR BAND We have a very small senior band this year due to the loss of last year's seniors. We are all trying our best even though we are playing music for much larger bands. Our officers are: President: Cindy Thorp Vice Pres.: Sharon Davis Sec: Tammy Padden Tres.: Brenda Gilbert We are losing two seniors: Guy Milligan and Cindy Thorp. We hope the band will continue to prosper in the future. 92DANCE BAND This year we performed for the Jr. and Sr. play and held our regular pops concert in the spring. We would like to go on to different schools and perform in the future as has been done here previously. We can already see a promising future in our high school's dance bands thanks to Mr. Trenchard and upcoming band students. Kneeling: left, Bruce Gilbert, Guy Milligan, Mike DeReamer Standing: left, Kathy Thorp, Nancy Bliss, Sharon Davis, Paul Bradstreet, Mr. Trenchard, Sean McClure, Cindy Thorp, Suzy Atwell, Connie Alvord 93Marching Band In the spring of 1979, a group of interested parents and friends of ACS band members met and established a band booster organization. A steering committee was nominated with Mrs. Gail Hardy elected president. The initial task was to engage in a major fund-raising campaign to raise at least $5,000. This money, together with funds entrusted to the school by a previously-organized band booster group, would be sufficient to purchase new band uniforms for the ICS marching band. Each extra-curricular activity at the school is supported by a group of loyal fans—mostly parents of the children participating in the activity. Without the support and attendance by the adults at these functions, the spirit of competition—win or lose—would be lost. The band, too, has a very large, loyal, supportive following—parents and members of this community who feel strongly the spirit of competition. We feel that our marching band is on display to a huge segment of the area population at parades, and these band members represent, not only the school, but their community. A proper uniform allows the band participants and members of the community to have a real sense of pride in their band since it is the band which symbolizes a community and leaves a lasting impression. It teas difficult to think of a way to raise the amount of money needed by our group. We finally decided on a 400 Club which started September 8 and culminated in the elimination draw on December 1, 1979. During the course of this project, we had receipts in excess of $10,000 and gave cash prizes totaling $300. More than 5,600 was raised over our original goal. People took this opportunity to express their feelings about the band, and we sensed, perhaps for the first time, how really important the band is to our local people. This fund-raising campaign has proven that we, without regard to local politics and personalities, can engage in an activity on a level of hard work, shared responsibilities, mutual cooperation, and goal attainment. In conclusion, we consider this a significant contribution to our band and our community. We believe that the outcome of this campaign is indicative of the community spirit felt by our organization and the people of Andover; and it says in terms of dollars and cents that we support our band, our school, and our town. The above exerpt was part of a presentation by Gail Hardy to the Board of Education. A sincere thanks to the community for their concern in music at ACS. 94JR. CHOIR First Row: T. Drake, M. Perry Second Row: D. Thorp, J. Dam, A. Spangler, D. Frost, D. Burrows, B. Goodrich, L. Stevens, L. Herr, P. Brundage, D. Hoyer, Mrs. Boyer, Third Row: S. Carson, P. McNeill, D. Miller, M. Patrick, D. Horan, A. Stocking, . Brawn. J. Burton, D. Frost, Mrs. Marsh 96SENIOR CHOIR 97Band Officers Pres. Cindy Thorp Vice Pres. Sharon Davis Sec. Tammy Padden Tres. Brenda Gilbert Pres. Chris Man ion Vice Pres. Sharon Davis Sec. Tres. Linda Howland Student Council Rep. Sarah Boyle Theresa Conner Director Mrs. Boyer Accomp. Mrs. Baker Choir Officers 98Yearbook Staff 1980-81 The Memoirs Staff of 1980-81 Editor—Chris Howland Copy Editor—Deanna Sturdevant Secretary of Finance— Linda Howland Sports Editor—Cindy Thorp Advertising—Vicky Carson, Mike McNeill, Sonoma Meyers Layout—Linda Burns, Charlene Perry, Guy Milligan, Tim Lehman Co-Art Editors—Cindy Thorp, Jon Ryan Photography—Denise Burrows and Marc Rowley There was a lot of hard work and fun along the way in producing this edition of "Memoirs''. We hope you enjoy it, as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Ne would like to thank all of the faculty, staff and students for cooperating with us while we were taking pictures, selling advertising and selling subscriptions. Chris Howland, Editor 1981 Memoirs A special thanks goes to Bill Moogan, Terry Simmons and Kelly Ray for their photography work. THANK YOU 99An exchange between students of the Bronx, New York and Andover students... .two cultures under the same flag but different in purpose and outlook. Here we are at the planning stage.PATRONS' PAGE Best Wishes Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Bradstreet Mrs. O'Shaughnessy Mrs. Clark Congratulations: Mrs. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Coly Congratulations to the Class of 81: The Ray Lehmans The Burrows Good Luck in the Future: Mr. Gill Keep Reading Mrs. Hackimer Mrs. Scott Best Wishes to you all: Mrs. McNeill Come to the Covered Bridge Farm for Maple Syrup— The Buckwatter Family, Route 21, Andover, N.Y. Have a good life: The MacCreas Strive to be all you can be. Reach for the stars. Kim ].R. Gayhart Wishing the Best to All. Mr. Lucco The Carsons Success to All: The McKinleys Miss Goodrich u shes iO C.k96 of v?6" Congratulations and Best Wishes for a bright future to the Class of '81 We'll miss you. Charlie Sandra Howland Congratulations to the Class of '81: Fran Jeanette Horan Mr. Bale Best of everything in the future: The Nicols Best wishes for future success Mr. Mrs. Young Good Luck in Reaching Those Goals Dave Debbie Hanks Congratulations to the Class of '81 and Best of Luck in the future: Mr. Bucholz Best of Everything to all: Karen 6• Ralph Peterson Best of Wishes for the future to the Class of '81: Mrs. Baker Congratulations to the Class of '81: Phyllis Burdick Mrs. Harder Mr. Mrs. Rand Morris Chad Be not afraid of moving slowly: be afraid only of standing still. Love, Mrs. Henry 102 Congratulations to the Senior Class from the Congratulations to the Class of 81' and best of luck VARSITY CLUB "You support us, so we support you." in the future. from the F.H.A. Congratulations to the Class of 81' from the Class of 82' Good Luck! Best Wishes from CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! AMPERSAND PRESS Andover N.Y. Richard Rosintoski Compliments of THE MUSIC DEPT. The Concert Band Compliments of THE VILLAGE ATHLETE Concert Choir Wellsville, N.Y. Marching Band 103COMPLIMENTS OF ANDOVERCompliments of the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Andover, New York President—Harold Huffcut Vice-President—Howard Me Andrew Sec.-Treasurer—Barbara Walker Compliments of PETERSON DRUG COMPANY Wellsville, New York Best Wishes to the Class of '81 HERALD FORD INC. Main Street 478-8417 Andover Compliments of the DOUGH BOX Wellsville New York New YorkCongratulations to the Class of '81 Soy.. HELLO ..{a gmtfowl tuufft! MARKET BASKET MEANS FOOl fallo - -cow: ao —Congratulations to the Class of 1981 CHARLES' JEWELERS North Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. vA? 14895 Acker's Quaker State, Corner of Dyke and Main Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 716-593-6394 Licensed Repair Shop Inc. Bill fan Gary Sally ANDOVER MEDICAL GROUP, P.C. Deanne Esther Cathy Linda Steve Arlene Carol Compliments of La Gra Coiffures JOLLY DEE'S Super Cuts for Guys Gals Park Plaza Banquet and Steakhouse Wellsville Wellsville, NY 14895 716-1321 Salad Bar 593-3674 108BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF "81" CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS OF 1981 KOEHLER'S FRIENDLY TAVERN BLARNEY STONE INN S. MAIN STREET ANDOVER, N.Y. 27 MAIN STREET PROP. ANDOVER, N.Y. PAT O'DONNELL Glass Collision Mechanical Work DON F. THORP Andover, NY 14806 (607) 478-8611 "CHOW" BEST WISHES FROM ROESKE’S ARCO THE BARDENS SHORTLINE BUS DEPOT ONE STOP SERVICE STATION 109Compliments of J. Donald Hauselt, Attorney at Law Compliments of Paul's Barber Shop by appointment only 26 Rochambeau Ave. Andover, New York 478-8280 Wellsville New York Congratulations to the Class of 1981 Wellsville Outdoor Theater Rt. 417 Wellsville, New York DEAN'S PHARMACY Main Street Andover, N.Y. 478-8332 American Greeting Cards Russell Stover Candies Photo Department Timex Watches Gifts Jewelry Complete Prescription Service Andover Mini Theater Andover, New York Glenn D. Thorp And Family CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 FROM ROGER'S TEXACO ANDOVER RD. WELLSVILLE, N.Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1981 THE HAIR LOFT North Main Street oSV •V.£ Wellsville, Neiv York 593-5210 Dyke Street Andover, N.Y. CONGRATULATIONS! To The Class Of "8V’ Woodruff T.V. 478-8209 no1716) 593 6020 WELLSVILLE SEWING CENTER SINGER SALES AND SERVICE ANDOVER TRADING POST ANDOVER. NY 14806 168H NORTH MAIN STREET WELLSVILLE. NEW YORK 14895 Quaker State Products—Groceries—Beer Ammo—Ice—Free Information . Guns, Sporting Goods, LES MCKAY OPEN 607—478-8600 till 9 pm CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "81" Phone: 593-1670 593-2342 WELLSVILLE TRAVEL SERVICE FRED D. RICE MUSIC HOUSE Music Suppliers Since 1880 Wellsville, N.Y. Arthur D. Runzo 118 NORTH MAIN STREET WELLSVILLE • PAINTS GENERAL HARDWARE See Us For QUALITY VALUE RELIABILITY WE DO ROOFING • LAWN GARDEN SUPPLIES • ROOFING AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES • GLASS CUT TO ORDER congratulations from: JEFFREY’S CONSTRUCTION SEPTIC SYSTEMS • BACKHOE BULLDOZING • DUMPTRUCK SNOWPLOWING ROGER E. JEFFREY. SR. RD 2 • BOX A106 ANDOVER. NY 14806 (607) 478-8495 478-8284 11 E. GREENWOOD 111Compliments of Wellsville Agway Main Street Wellsville, New York 593-4060 Deming Construction Company SEWAGE SYSTEMS LANDSCAPING DUMPTRUCK HAULING (FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN) ANDOVER NY 14806 607 478 8435 You're A B.I.P. at Bells Supermarket CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1981 Kerton Florist Flowers for all Occasions Main Street, Wellsville 14895 Compliments of DAVIE'S Main Street Wellsville, New York Phone: 478-8933 HIS 'N HERS Styling Salon Super Cuts for Guys Gals 10 Main Street Andover, N.Y. 14806 113Congratulations to the Class of 81 " HAIR CARE KENT FARMS JEANNE WAUFLE potatoes and Christmas trees 22 Elm Street Alfred, N.Y. Don Kathy Kent 478-8805 Phone: 587-8400 Compliments of Congratulations to the Class of 81 JIM MULHOLLAND THE Church Street Andover In Andover jsfcu, York Laudromat Henry Diane MercierCongratulations to the Class of 1981 CONGRA TULA TIONS Andover Senior Class From the ANDOVER CLERGY ASSOCIATION Purina Chow D L FEEDS For All the Farmers' Needs From Your Custom Grinding Bulk Feed Fertilizer Lime ANDOVER LIONS CLUB Andover New York HfU NIAGARA ELECTRON Compliments of Jim Gram Andover, N.Y. 115Compliments of PAUL G. MC CORMICK -y Vn£A 'C CANNON'S 4°° ° Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar All Sizes — Shipped Anywhere R.D. No. 2 Andover 607-478-8903 Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. Best Wishes to the Class of 81’ Health Happiness to the Class of 81' D J BODY SHOP Bolivar Road MRS. CHARITY MC CORMICK Wellsville New York School Nurse — Teacher Congratulations and Best Wishes from Keith Phip at the Andover Restaurant KARL BUTLER INSURANCE King Electric Bldg. Bolivar Road Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 Phone 593-5123 Mallery T.V. RCA— SYLVANIA—LITTON Microwave Ovens SALES and SERVICE Compliments of ANITA'S BEAUTY SHOP Wellsville, N.Y. 593-5650 Andover, N.Y. 478-8636 163 BANK Key Bank of Western New York N.A. Involved. Innovative. Professional. Offices in Wellsville, Alfred, Andover, Belmont, Bolivar, Cuba, Whitesville, Olean.Envin Swartz President John McCormick Vice President Compliments of Andover Rod Gun Club Torn Neff Secretary Jerry Vance Treasurer Compliments of SHORT'S SERVICE STATION . | ffrc. u Andover fHAY V A. O01 CORNER TAVERN Fred Baker John Hyland ANDOVER, NY 14806 Congratulations to the Class of 8T FROM A FRIEND Congratulations, Graduates AIR PREHEATER Wellsville, New York 1)8Simmons Photographic Services Free-lance Industrial, Portrait Commercial Studio, Location Laboratory Services Wellsville, New York V 716-593-5893 pr nA. dock u AV ?ockive 's WELLSVILLE, fi. Compliments of Richard C. Schrader Village Justice East Valley Arts commercial fine arts iall mediumsI East Valley Rd. KOEHLER TACK SHOP Ken McClure Compliments We Care About Andover, N.Y. Your Horse °f Wittie Industries 478-8657 Karl Wittie nature notes 478-8521 478-8478 119Award Winning Photographer WILLIAM G. MOOGAN Congratulations and Good Luck to The Class of 8V FROM: Small Engine Repair Briggs Straton Tecumseh Eska DECKS MOWER SERVICE Now Performing Creative Photography For Jacobsen: Lawnmowers Snowblowers Poulan: Chainsaws—Weed Eaters OUR STUDIO 206 Main St. Hornell, N.Y. Compliments of: James Deck 164 Farnum St. 716-593-6188 Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 (607)- 324-4800 Congratulations to the HOUSE OF GLASS Class of 1981 INDUSTRIES SOUTHERN-TIER CONCRETE Chuck Alfred fessup New York Wellsville Compliments of: FASSET LANE LUMBER INC. New York Wellsville N.Y. 593-2596 120

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