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Introducing . .The 1980 Edition Of "MEMOIRS" Andover Central School Andover, New Yorkmu——1 n iiuiiiH»uuiiu»HUiMiuiwiaiwaaa« tv.yji»i»HiHwiwimmiiBWWww r1 . mmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmatum ................. Btlttlbt iHH H HI tl HI f Itl 1:11 f i f ■ '•Mitvimwi 4Mrs. Harder has been an extremely devoted teacher for many years here at ACS. She helped to give us guidance when we were young, but has also assisted us in our ventures throughout high school. Mrs. Harder supports our activities and buys our "useful" trinkets. The Jr.-Sr. Play members have had the priveledge of Mrs. Harder's knowledge and experience in preparing to "break a leg". Mrs. Harder always seems to have a pleasant smile and a friendly "hello" for us as we pass her in the halls. We all love and respect her very much. We're all sure to miss her when we graduate. 5Board of Education Mrs. Slade Vice-President Mr. Godown President Mr. McCormick Member 6 Mrs. Milligan Clerk Mr. Lehman MemberAdministration To the Graduating Class of 1980 Now that you have completed your first thirteen years of formal education, begin to learn. As Henry Ford said, "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young." Mr. Jordan Superintendent of Schools The most difficult part of having a job like this is that I know that every year I will lose good friends after graduation. Best of Luck Always 7 Mr. Barden Building PrincipalMrs. Burger Jr. High English Mr. Cay a Sr. High Science Mr. Bale Jr. High Science Mrs. Boyer Vocal Music Typing Mr. Coon Physical Education 10Mr. Hanks Guidance Counselor Mrs. Henry Secretary Mr. Janson Jr. High Social Studies Mechanical Drawing Shop Mrs. Knapp Sr. High Social Studies Miss Harris Remedial Reading 12Mr. Lang Elementary Art Mr. MacCrea Art Humanities Mr. Lucco fr. High Social Studies Driver Education Mrs. McKinley Secretary Mrs. McCormick SNT Health Business Law 13Mr. Nicol Sr. High English Mrs. Shelp Psychologist Miss Regan Speech Mrs. Reda Remedial Reading Mr. Trenchard Instrumental Music Music Theory 14Miss Troxell Physical Education Mrs. Wells YETP Aides: Mrs. Meyn, Mrs. Joyce 15Cafeteria StaffMichele J. McNeill Stephanie L. Lehman Scholarship Hall Fame James D. Walker Service Kelly D. Dunham Character Leadership Sportsmanship 19Guy L. Baker 22Shelly A. Brown HjJ° Q -ficxX n - — rOu3 J pTL . Jjyytf Jp u • fmp k uda cooui e-' CXjc iO UJz no UotX. OlA jul Cxmd oM Dorene M. Burrows Kathy S. Clark Denise L. CooperChristine M. Deming Kevin E. Dodge William L. Deming Roy L. Glover 25Beth A. Empson ■CVs. a B V f William P. Fish Marlene L. Gavin 26Teresa A. Gavin Ronald L. Glover Debora R. Gilbert Tracy L. Greene 27Julie L. Hall Joseph P. Howland Scott V. Haskins Ann M. Kemp 28Rebecca A. Lang L. Lehman Tracey A. ManionJames A. McCormick 30Remember When . Robyn Baker wore cat eye glasses? We had to wear dresses everyday to school? All the boys were in choir? We all TRIED to have perfect attendance? Michele took Sue and Shelly to Judge Baker's court for kissing boys? We played Chinese jumprope everyday, all day long? Denise was afraid Marty wanted to marry her? Milk and cookies parties were fun? Everyone was on the Honor Roll? Little League games were exciting? The only way to get hold of a boy was by the hair? We all bought the Bay City Rollers first Album? Boys and girls “innocently" shared tents at Tent City? He had the whole world in his hand while everyone was sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Everyone went skating on Friday nights? Janet Barber was the Great Pumpkin? Mr. Bale taught us sex education and oh how he blushed? Kelly's favorite outfit was her leopard skin jumper and her black go-go boots? The girls had long hair and the boys had short? It was an honor to be Playground queen? Everyone wanted a banana bike? Anne Kemp slapped Michele in gym class because of all her followers? Clark Schweigart used to get homesick at birthday parties? Tom's 1979 play party was crashed? Dorene was bribed to throw confetti in Chemistry Class and Rob was to blame? The Yearbook Staff was WANTED by the law? 1 REMEMBER )Yearbook Staff Editor—Stephanie Lehman Copy Editor—Brenda Smith Sports Editor—Michele McNeill Art Editor—Berneata Wilson Photography—Tim Slade Finance Secretary—Shelly Brown Lay-Out—Sue York Guy Baker Advertising—Rob Davis Tom Davis Subscriptions and Sales—Beth Empson True, we all had our specific jobs to do, but to get every thing done we all had to help each other. At times Brenda was chief typist, Steph did the ads, while Berneata played errand boy. Much hard work, frustration, and worry (along with a few arguments) went into this book. We have tried our hardest to present ACS 1980 in this yearbook. We hope you enjoy our creation — “Memoirs" 1980. Sincerely, The "Memoirs" Staff "Sometimes we sat and thought, other times we just sat," as was once said - "to know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything." 35Always Have a Dream Forget about the days when it's been cloudy, but don't forget your hours in the sun . . . Forget about the times you've been defeated, but don't forget the victories you've won. Forget about the mistakes that you can't change now, but don't forget the lessons that you've learned . . . Forget about misfortunes you've encountered, but don't forget the times your luck has turned. Forget about the days when you've been lonely, but don't forget the friendly smiles you've seen . . . Forget about the plans that didn't seem to work out right, but don't forget to ALWAYS HAVE A DREAM. Amanda Bradley Poet's Corner A Thought for Today This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be done forever, leaving in its place something I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, not loss; good, not evil; success, not failure; in order that I shall not regret the price I paid for it. 36Front Row: S. Meyers, K. Ray, C. Lehman, T. Perry, D. Whitesell. Second Row: D. Smith, K. Ordiway, G. Milligan, T. Washburn, J. Lehman, C. Manion Third Row: C. Perkins, G. Thorp, D. Winslow, B. Sease, M. McNeill, C. Niedermaier, M. Rowley, C. Perry C.Thorp. Sturdevant, D. Snell, ■Pk 38 f Pi'y kFront Row: J. Clark, C. Green, K. Sweet Second Row: G. Cole, J. Kerkeslager, G. Hardy, L. Burns, D. Burrows, C. Howland, Third Row: K. Behn, J. Hurlburt, T. Conner, R Gavin, P. Joyce, D. Freund, P. Glover, J. Fuller, V. Carson, L. Howland. Class of '81 39First Row: K. Scribner, M. Davis, W. Ordiway, C. George, G. Smith, M. DeRemer. Second Row: M. Emery, C. Allen, M. Stein, N. Michael, P. Glover, R. Empson, T. Ordiway. Third Row: S. Allen, D. Greene, B. Wallace, M. Dougherty, T. Lehman, M. Milligan, B. Gilbert, J. Shaver. Tenth 40 GradeFirst Row: C. McKinley, T. Jones, K. Ray, B. Leonard, C. Spencer, S. Thorpe. Second Row: T. Bennett, S. Davis, V. Flint, C. Buckwalter, J. Hardy, C. McNeill. Third Row: B. Gilbert, D. Kerkeslager, D. Herr, T. Horan, G. Hoagland Fourth Row: T. Smith, T. Neidermaier, D. Lehman, T. Monahan, D. Marsh.On Ground: D. Marble, G. Slade, L. Carter, Y. Hess. Second Row: T. Michael, L. Manion, V. Ordiway, C. Fish, L. Jordan. Third Row: B. Carlin, N. Bliss, S. Boyle. Top: B. Baker, J. Ordiway, T. Slawson. Ninth Grade 42On Ground: M. J. Polmateer, D. Riffle, V. Monahan. Second Row: M. Mead, C. Hurlburt, K. Thorp, M. Miller, T. Padden, K. Behn, D. Hall. Third Row: M. Bennett, T. Briggs, S. Rowley, N. George, J. Mulholland, M. Whitehouse. Top: B. Gavin, K. Ordiway, B. Glover, J. Joyce. 43Eighth Grade 44 On Ground; D. Stocking, T. Middaugh, D. Spencer, G. Granger, L. Baker, W. Hurlbert, R. Bowers, T. Fanton. On Slide: A. Carlin, H. Davis, T. Monahan, S. Atwell, K. Mosher, S. Greene, M. Emery, D. Polmateer, S. Baxter.Class of '84 45 On Ground: J. Sease, K. Perkins, S. Dodge, D. Flint, K. Cartwright, J. Bridge, R. Meyers, M. Cornell, N. Brown. On Slide: B. Cooper, C. Alvord, B. Bryan, J. Lehman, L. Cole, D. Marsh, D. Moran, T. Fanton, J. SmithSeventh Grade First Row: S. Shaver, P. McNeill, B. Thorp, I. Whitehouse, P. Dougherty. Second Row: D. Dodge, S. Clarke, M. Patrick, C. Sutherland, J. Dain, D. Frost, C. Merriam, A. Ray, A. Thomas. Third Row: N. Storms, C. Hall, S. Neuroth, A. Seamons, T. Ordiway, S. Lehman. Fourth Row: S. Carson, D. Horan, J. Dean, P. Cornell, J. Granger. Absent from picture: J. Burton, M. Drake, G. Bailey, T. o- r xce. r c - OjC tSSiM 0 First Row: L. Allen, T. George, T. Jordon, R. Manion, D. Worden, D. Burns, Second Row: E. Slawson, C. Drake, K. Clarke, D. Thorp, T. McCormick, C. Golish, B. Neidermaier, M. Joyce, S. Padden, K. Snell, B. Bruce, C. Ordiway, G. Ordiway. Third Row: K. Gavin, A. Spangler, A. Miller, D. Burrows, D. Howland. 47Sixth Grade Class of '86 Mr. Pilling Front Row: R. Buckwalter, J. Manion, M. Snell, J. Burton, G. Smith, W. Merrick, A. Stocking, D. Frost, J. Joyce, M. Middaugh, C. Storms, D. Glover, B. Goodridge, P. Brundage, R. Smith. Back Row: L. Brown, J. Niedermaier, S. McKinley, D. Miller, E. White, C. Hoagland, T. Jones, M. Perry, M. Alvord, P. Ordiway, M. Ray, L. Herr, L. Stevens, S. Hyde, L. Slawson. 48 111 I'ft III Sil ■■ ?7i Special Education D. Glover, R. Whitesell, D. MerriamFifth Grade Mrs. McNeill Front Row: J. Gavin, B. Ward, D. Mead, D. Drake, C. Bailey, T. Cook, T. Thorp. Middle Row: D. Meyers, C. Deming, D. Smith, L. Clark, M. Middaugh, D. Ordiway, D. Dugan, T. Lehman, G. Brown, K. DeMun. Back Row: K. Carson, T. Sherwood, M. Clark, C. Worden, S. Swartz, V. Slade, S. Hyde, S. Dean, S. Wilson 50Mrs. Clark Front Row: V. Jordan, A. White, T. Warner, D. Meyers, D. Dugan, K. Kear, D. Moore. Middle Row: D. Burns, K. Hoyer, P. Howland, M. Emery, M. Seamans, T. Brown, M. George, D. Garner, D. Stocking. Back Row: B. Buckwalter, W. Bennett, M. McCormick, B. Clarke, D. Dodge, S. Clarke, M. Hardy, C. Worden, R. Martin, S. Storms, C. Cooper. Class of '87 51Front Row: L. Horan, T. Cook, L. Gavin, L. Deming, P. McKinley, S. Dain, J. Bartow, S. Snell, R. Padden, Back Row: L. Manion, S. Drake, K. Cornell, A. Winslow, J. Wauffle, J. Wahl, P. McCormick, T. Hess, K. Kear, H. Cook, D. Harris, P. Bruce, C. Manion, C. Perry, M. Harrington, P. Jackson. Fourth Grade Mr. Gill 52Class Mrs. Peterson 53 Front Row: R. Walters, P. Boyle, M. MacGillivary, K. Wittie, A. Briggs, S. Dugan, T. Sibble, M. Bowers. Back Row: T. Lewis, B. Perry, J. Lehman, M. Davis, B. Brundage, J. Middaugh, R. Wilkens, D. Dodge, D. Price, S. Hoagland, B. Golish, T. Scott, D. Baker, C. Mulholland, R. Stevens.Front Row: K. Brainard, K. Ordiway, K. Snell, N. Moore, J. Burdick, R. Clark, P. Bryan, A. Whitehouse Back Row: B. Drake, S. Shaver, A. Recktenwald, M. Joyce, S. Joyce, T. Cooper, J. Dougherty, R. Jordan, N. Kocher, S. Lewis, R. Waters. Third Grade 54 Mrs. HarderMrs. Marsh Front Row: R. Wilkins, M. Dodge, L. Ordiway, J. Empson, C. Kautz, R. Carter, C. Perry, L. Kelley. Back Row: T. Warner, T. Fanton, C. Thorp, D. Barney, G. Lehman, J. Sherwood, J. Sibble, M. Farnum, B. Greene, B. Van Stine. 55Second Grade Mrs. Horan Front Row: J. Lehman, V. Hurlburt, L. Dodge, J. Dugan, M. Frost, B. Barry, K. Marvin, R. Wolf. Back Row: R. Sease, S. Roeske, L. Clark, D. Mori, K. Monahan, G. Martin, T. Riffle, J. Fanton. 56Class of '90 Mrs. Young 57 Back Row: J. Fox, J. Waufle, T. Wilson, W. Clarke, A. Walters, C. Cook, T. Ormsby, M. Slawson. Front Row (standing): M. Hollenbeck, D. Boyle, C. Seamans, M. McNeill, J. Godown, S. Smith, J. Kelley. Kneeling: D. Burns, J. Hyde.Front Row: D. VanSkiver, B. Wilkins, C. Clark, D. Hobson. Second Row: J. Monahan, S. Neuroth, J. Ordiway, R. George, C. Clark, D. Salyers, S. Goodridge, S. Godown. Third Row: M. Fanton, S. White, F. Sutherland, B. Allen. 58First Grade Mrs. Burdick Front Row: A. Burdick, K. Frost, T. Denning, L. Lehman, H. McGillivray, B. Thorp, C. McKay, K. Hoyer. Second Row: D. Latten, T. Smith, R. Carter, F. Knight, H. Clarke, E. Harvey, C. Allen, K. Monahan. 59Kindergarten On Ground: K. Schrader, T. Emery, A. Dean. J. Beers, K. Mothersell, J. Rifenburg, B. Kautz. Inside Tire: T. Price, A. Machinski, T. Cook. Standing On Tire: L. Ormsby, L. Hollenbeck, D. Farnum, D. Dodge, K. Bridge, L. McGinnis. 60 Miss JohnstonOn Ground: H. Harrington, L. Salyers, B. Thomas, D. Manion, J. Burdick, H. Dean. Inside Tire: J. Mitchell, K. Graves, K. Swartz. Standing On Tire: C. Mothersell, R. Wilson, L. Moline, C. Clarke, S. Sherwood, T. Buckwalten. Class '92 Mrs. PersonsBoys' Soccer The boys soccer team had an exceptional season. We were a young team and may have lacked experience but we made up for it in pride and hussle. We finished the season with a record of 14-3-2. We were B.C. Champs and won the Allegany County Championship over Friendship 2-1. From our team, Chris McNeill, Guy Milligan, and Kevin Perry were chosen for the County All-Star Team. During the season, we scored an average of 3.5 goals per game and allowing the opponent to only 1.4 a game. Along with this outstanding season, we went to the Sectional Finals and were upset by Scio 2-1. However, we are only losing four seniors, Scott Haskins, Jamie McCormick, Kevin Perry, and Jose Del Rio. With the experience and enthusiasm gained this year, we all should be looking forward to another fine season! 64Cross Country 65The girls had a young and somewhat inexperienced team. Due to injuries before the season, two seniors - Kelly Dunham and Michele McNeill, and a junior- Linda Howland were not able to play. Dorene Burrows and Denise Cooper were the remaining seniors. We would like to make special mention of goalie Denise Cooper for the outstanding job she did in the cage. Best of luck to the girls next year! 66During the past few years a new program in girls' soccer has been started —the Junior Varsity team. It has been initiated to give girls who are not on the varsity squad a chance to play soccer. This is to give them a chance to gain experience and to sharpen their skills. We would like to compliment the girls on their fine efforts and great amount of enthusiasm. 67Boys' Varsity Basketball The 1979-1980 Varsity Boys' Basketball team's season was highlighted by the development of the young players. With only one senior, Kevin Perry, playing regularly, the season record was 6-12 with three losses in the last seconds of the game. This sets a good foundation for the future success in the next two years. A great amount of leadership was shown throughout the season by the seniors: Kevin Perry, Jamie McCormick, Rob Davis, and Guy Baker. The sophomores and juniors on the team were: Mike McNeill, Paul Joyce, Guy Milligan, Todd Monahan, and Chris McNeill. The 1997-1980 season was one aimed at individual learning and development for the players. It is only the first step toward winning seasons in the future. 68The 1979-1980 Junior Varsity basketball season was a very successful campaign. The team sported a 10-6 record, with winning streaks of 4 and 3. The basketball team's forte was defense. Andover's team this year yielded only 43.0 points to their opponents per ball game. The best average on defense in recent years. Along with the fine defense (which was a great overall team effort), there were offensive stars. Lloyd Carter lead the team in scoring as a freshman guard. Don Lehman, a returning starter, was close behind. Other contributors were Tim Lehman, Dave Marsh, Ralph Empson, and Brian Gavin. Bruce Gilbert lead the team in rebounding. Gary Hoagland, and Greg Smith also gave fine offensive support. Overall, this team performed well under pressure and in creating it. A strong defensive team with championship credentials. Junior Varsity Basketball ■mb 69The 1980 girls' varsity basketball team has proven to be an extremely cohesive and enthusiastic group of atheletes. The five seniors have been invaluable in terms of the leadership and motivation they have provided to their younger teammates. If one measures success through dedication, pride, sportmanship, and competion then this years team will undoubtedly be successful. Girls' Varsity Basketball 70The junior varsity has been working very hard at learning and mastering the fundamental skills of the game. It was encouraging to see so many ladies come out for the team. If these individuals continue working Andover will indeed be a team to be reckoned with for years to come. Junior Varsity 71Swimming Team 72Volleyball 73Cub Basketball LakersSixers Nets 75Track Team 76i ennis l earn 77BaseballSoftball County Babe RuthCheerleaders This year the Andover Cheerleading Squad was expanded to twelve cheerleaders plus one alternate and two panther mascots. Our advisor for the past three years has been Mrs. Debbie Persons. This year we participated in the second annual Allegany County Pom-Pom Competition in February and are proud to say, brought home the First Place trophy. We were also asked to perform the routine at the Championship game in Alfred. In addition to this trophy, we were presented with the Betty Howden award for the most spirited cheerleading squad in Allegany County. This award is given to the most spirited, enthusiastic squad throughout the season, based on ratings from evaluation sheets completed after every game by an unknown source. We also participated in the overall County Cheerleading Competition. The squad will be losing six seniors: Shelly Brown, Kelly Dunham, Julie Hall Tracey Manion, Michelle McKinley, Sue York We wish next year's squad as much luck and support as we have had in the past. Also we would like to express our heartfelt "THANKS" and appreciation to Mrs. Persons for the time, patience, enthusiasm, and support she invested in us throughout the past years.National The Nationl Honor Society is based on 4 qualifications: scholarship, 85 or above average; service, in school and community; leadership and character that is common in the well rounded student. The qualifications start the first day of the freshman year to January of the sophomore year. A person is selected by the faculty of grades 7 thru 12. The Andover chapter is now going to the national constitution instead of the local one. Scholarships are given to the top members in the county by the Allegany County Committee of National Honor Society. Honor Society 82Student Council The Student Council is a service organization to the school. It serves as the center of the school activities. Everything that goes on in the school has to go through the Student Council to get on the school calendar. This year's officers are: President: Sue York, Vice-President: Tracy Manion, Secretary: Linda Howland, Treasurer: Kelly Dunhan. 83Varsity Club 85Advisory Superintendent's Council 86Senior Choir 87Senior Band Junior Band 88Dance Band Thanks to the continued support of our community, a band boosters club was formed this year. In order to raise money for new band uniforms, they held a 400 Club drawing and brought in $5600! General enthusiasm of students and parents was the stepping stone to the "rebirth" of the A.C.S. Marching Band. This year's band won various prizes in parades during the summer of 1979. We hope to continue winning and would like to improve our ratings. 2SL band LF. H. A. Red CrossLibrary CouncilPlay CastANDOVER CENTRAL SCHOOL Al "L-, Junior - Senior Play V Washington Never Slept Here A Mystery Comedy in Three A as OCTOBER 26, 1979 8:15 P.M. Admission: Adults $1.50, Students .75 Special Arrangement with Art Play Co.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jr.-Sr. Play Cas t Miss Snyder Lyndon Mathews Gladys Mathews Beckv Mathews Stephanie Lehman Bugs Rafferty Joe the Reporter Tourist Nathanial W. White Hyacinth White Nancy Talbot .. .Michelle McKinley Rodney Mathews Boy Miss Lilibet Miss Ewell Dick the Reporter Tourist Mary the Maid Tourist Tourist Tourist Jennie Mathews Jack Fisher Tourist Tourist Peggy Lounsberry Bov Boy Ghost Play Crew Denise Burrows Denise Tomm Brenda Smith Dorene Burrows Guy Baker Cindy Thorp Peggy Lounsberry Monica Smith Kathy Perkins Becky Lang Anne Kemp Vicky Carson Chris Howland Director — Mrs. Burger Assitant Directors — Sue York. Linda Bums 93A Friendly HELLO to the Senior Class ; from Congratulations and THE Good Luck STROBE-LITE INN to the Class of '80 Congratulations The STUDENT COUNCIL to the Class of '80 and best of luck in the future. from the Congratulations to F. H. A. the Senior Class from the VARSITY CLUB "We support you, so you support us." To the Class of 1980 -'Walk slowly. All you can ever come to is yourself." GIRL'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Seven Convenient Locations fji' ... £r? q To Serve All Your Banking Needs O- jJ'Alfred—Andover—Bolivar—Cuba O Olpan—Wpllsvillp—Whitpsvillp 0 cT 0 -V v :- 3 . Best Wishes i V To The Class of 79 From THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY 607-478-8437 Mimb«r F.D.I.C. and Federal Reeerve System Wellsvllla • Olsan • Ariow • Alfred • WhJtwvill • Bolivar • CubaPurina Chow Best Wishes from Roeske's ARCO D L FEEDS For All the Farmers' Needs Custom Grinding Bulk Feed Fertilizer Lime Shortline Bus Depot One stop service station 478-8222 Compliments of Andover ANDOVER ROD GUN CLUB Cindy Vance Secretary Congratulations to the Class of 1980 Kilbane Road Andover, N.Y. Erwin Swartz President ''CHOW' SOUTHERN-TIER CONCRETE The Bardens Alfred New York Congratulations to the Class of '80 from ERNIDA'S WENDY'S Gifts, Hunting Supplies, and JewelryJEFFREY’S CONSTRUCTION BACKHOE DUMP TRUCK SERVICE SNOW PLOWING ROGER JEFFREY NEVA'S SUB SHOP Main Street Andover, New York 14806 8HOVIL HOLLOW ROAD ANDOVER, NEW YORK 14800 phone: 478-8247 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Andover, New York President — Harold Huffcut Vice-President — Howard McAndrew Sec-Treasurer — Barbara Walker phone: 478-8933 Best Wishes to the HIS 'N HERS Class of '80 Styling Salon KOEHLER'S FRIENDLY Super Cuts for Guys and Gals TAVERN 10 Main St. Andover, N.Y. S. Main Street 14806 Andover, N.Y. 97DM NIAGARA ELECTRON Compliments of Compliments of Jim Gram PAUL G. MC CORMICK Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar All Sizes — Shipped Anywhere R.D. No. 2 Andover 607-478-8903 Andover, N.Y. Health 'n' Happiness to the Class of 1980 Compliments of MRS. CHARITY MC CORMICK ANITA'S BEAUTY SHOP H School Nurse — Teacher Andover, N.Y. 478-8636 Compliments of the "Friendly Corner" Compliments of KARCANES RESTAURANT JIM MULHOLLAND Ding Tina Andover, N.Y. Legal Beverages 478-8373 Church Street Compliments of the DOUGH BOX Andover New York Wellsville New YorkCongratulations to the Class of 1980 CHARLES' JEWELERS North Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. 148 35 HAIR CARE JEANNE WAUFLE Compliments of 11 Elm Street Alfred, N.Y. HOUSE OF GLASS INDUSTRIES PHONE: 587-8400 KARL BUTLER INSURANCE Wellsville Best Wishes to the Class of '80 New York King Electric Bldg. Bolivar Road Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 Phone 593-5123 MALLERY T.V. RCA and D J BODY SHOP SYLVANIA Sales and Bolivar Road Service Wellsville New York Wellsville, New York 99Glass Collision DON F. THORP DEAN’S PHARMACY MAIN STREET ANDOVER, N.Y. 478-8332 American greeting cards Russell Stover Candies Photo Department Timex Watches Gifts Andover, NY 14806 (607) 478-8611 Complete Jewelry Presciption Service Bolivar Rd. Wellsville, N.Y. "Nobody Can Do It, Like "THEY" Can" fYYYYYYYYYYYYYYI 100VfiDMfiRK PRiDTiDG RUBBER jTfiMPS Good Luck to the Class of '80 GODOWN'S 151 Bolivar Road, 716-593-3869 Hill Top Poultry Farm Wellsville, NY 14895 - ' Phone: 593-1321 m C50EfTURES 46 Park Ave. Wellsville, N.Y. For A Lovelier You Best Wishes from GRAPHIC DESIGNS ASSOCIATES Andover, N.Y. Richard Rosintoski 178 N. Main St., Wellsville, New York 14895 Compliments of SHORT'S SERVICE STATION RONALD G. TAYLOR, Owner Phone (716) 593-3994 GENERAL ANPOYER hardware • PAINTS See Us For QUALITY VALUE RELIABILITY WE DO ROOFING • LAWN GARDEN SUPPLIES • ROOFING AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES • GLASS CUT TO ORDER 478-8284 11 E. GREENWOOD Andover Andover Best Wishes to the Class of'80 HERALD FORD INC. Main Street 478-8417 New York 101Best Wishes to The Class of 1980 DEAN'S PHARMACY Main Street Andover, N.Y. 478-8332 KERTON FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Main Street, Wellsville 14895 American Greeting Cards Russell Stover Candies Photo Department Timex Watches Gifts Jewelry Complete Prescription Service Best Wishes to the Class of 1980 The Red Cross would like to thank all the people who have helped support the following activities: Court Masters game Blood Mobile Red Cross Swim-a-thon THANK YOU We're looking forward to your continued support. 102Good Luck To The Class of 1980 From the Library Council 'May reading be the Joy of your life". NOW FOREVER HQ [Ui Iroquois Telephone Corporation A LA-—I r . l T l I C...1 A M mb r of Continental Telephone Syjtem 6329 Routt 21 Alfred Stotion, Ntw York 14803 Congratulations to the Class of 1980 ( PM Continental Telephone System 103- ■ K ■ v, -y y A? . Jr .$ y tv r Compliments of » of r r) V ) lA ‘ vP (F rtj!££ Andover, N.Y.Compliments of Quality Audio Systems for home and car at the most reasonable prices. OPEN MON -SAT. 10A.M,5:3OPJl THURS. EVENING 593-1313 67 N. MAIN - WELLSVILLE THE VILLAGE ATHLETE Wellsville, N.Y. CANNON'S "Before you buy. Give us a try' Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. Compliments of DAVIE'S Wellsville New York j?ocktve 's WELLSVILLE, fl. Y. Compliments of FISHER'S PHARMACY N. Main Street Wellsville N.Y. 105901 ' 1 cooi V5" 137ISVfl 137UIVVMBill Jan Gary SallY ANDOVER MEDICAL , P.C. Deanne Cathy Steve Ester Linda Carol The Music Department of Andover Central School would like to WISH THE BEST OF LUCK to its Graduating Seniors!!! Congratulations to the Class of 1980 From the ANDOVER CLERGY ASSOCIATIONCONGRATULATIONS Andover Senior Class From Your ANDOVER LIONS CLUB Congratulations to the Class of 1980 Vahalla Game Farm Kennels Quigg Hollow k T Award Winning Photograj her William 6. Moogan Now Performing Creative Photography for Our Studio 206 Main St.. Ilomrll. N'.Y. (6071 324-4800 Fassett Lane Lumber, Inc. True Value Hardware Wellsville, N.Y. 593-2596 108You're A B.I.P. at Bells Supermarket Compliments of PETERSON DRUG COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 1980 WELLSVILLE, NEW YORK Phone: 593-1670 FRED D. RICE MUSIC HOUSE Music Suppliers Since 1880 Wellsville, N.Y. Arthur D. Runzo "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." 109INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS SHAWNEE MISSION. KANSAS WINNIPEG MANITOBA

Suggestions in the Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) collection:

Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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