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Introduction To me, graduation does not mean that I will leave school. It only means that I will move on to other schools, whether they are enclosed by four walls or are like an open meadow. Learning is not confined to a mere thirteen years of my life, it is my entire life. This was only the beginning. Let us now embark on our tasks. For life is our task, broken up into many lessons and many responsibilities. Let us always be learning, as learning is one of these many responsibilities. Let us learn and be learned, for the ultimate task of our life is passing on that knowledge, which we have obtained, to our children. Let us not ignorantly and selfishly deprive our children of those things that make life worth living, for that would be taking away their purpose for living. There still is a purpose for living—for life itself. As we must someday die and so are merely temporary, let us now endeavor to seek truths that will not perish with our bodies, but will continue on and be carried in the hearts of our children. Marcella Smith York Art EditorReAch fop the $tAp$ An6$et ijoup gcwdj hfcjjh UIaK6 up Mii look At ljOUp$elf An6 open ifoupuiira to Uj. Cop the futupe 15 6efope pu An6 i|Ou Imveto niAke it countOonro put. tfoufjelf £oum Out. mate qouj 5pipi 5 mount. $o p€ACll f opt-he JtAfJ Anb botit let qoup SF W fAU qetAheAb nth UlOpl6 MouVe cot-t-o ct-ar taUl. 1 D£A AA Z)G0G£Uefiication Mrs. Rosemary Burger We the Class of 1978, at this time would like to dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Rosemary Burger, Rosie to us if we should meet her on the street. It is impossible to thank her enough for all her friendly suggestions, individual help, as well as criticisms.An ouer Central §djool 1BT8 fMemoirs 5Mr. Curville Jordan District Principal TO THE ANDOVER CENTRAL SCHOOL GRADUATING CLASS OF 1978, WHOSE GROWTH, ACHIEVEMENTS AND FAILURES I HAVE OBSERVED THROUGH THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS: WHOSE ENTHUSIASM, CAPABILITY, STRAIGHT FORWARDNESS, REBELLIOUSNESS, AND L1KEABILITY, AS INDIVIDUALS AND AS A BODY HAS EQUALLED, IF NOT SURPASSED, THAT OF ANY OTHER GRADUATING CLASS IT HAS BEEN MY PRIVILEGE TO HAVE SUPERVISED, I WISH YOU PEACE, LOVE AND SUCCESS. IT IS MY MOST SINCERE HOPE THAT THESE FORMATIVE YEARS HAVE INSTILLED IN EACH OF YOU A SENSE OF COMMITMENT FOR THOSE THINGS THAT NEED CHANGING AND AN UNDERSTANDING FOR THOSE THINGS THAT CAN'T BE CHANGED. 6$oar of lEbucation Mr. Conner Stephens President Mrs. Mary K. Slade Vice President Mr. Paul G. McCormick Mr. Richard Godown Mrs. Virginia Milligan Clerk 7Mrs. Kelly 'financial Secretary £0rs. Sfenry district Principal’s SecretaryiMr. fflacCrea (Burger Art tfr. Hnglisi] humanities £Hrs. Knapp Mr. Nicol §r. hifiltj §orial §tu5ies §r. hifitl? t£nglislj (Career Education£flrs. i£aker fHatlj Mr. SJarben Industrial Arts iHecljaniral Drawing£Mrs. (ffopp ffflisB Bice $panisl? jr §ocial Studies §r. C iotl? iEncUisIf Journalism £Mr. Coon UJiss Slroxell JJljysiral iE ucation Physical lE ucationMr. (faila §r. Sfiglj §ciencr fMr. 8ale tfr. fBiglj Science fMiss (Boofiridj i ome tEronomics DHrs. SSoyer Rocal fRusir 13Mrs. McCormick Mrs. Eaines School Nurse Teacher Dental Hygienist 14 Miss Sullivan Business Typing Mr. Davis Driver’s EducationMrs. Graham Speech Therapist Mrs. Cary Librarian Ms. Perdue-Fiset Psychologist Mr. Hanks Guidance Counselor Mr. Russell Administrative Assistant is16 Mr. Ordiway Mr. SackettCustodians Standing: Mrs. Nevol Seated: Mr. Sisson, Mr. Vickers Cafeteria Mrs. Schrader, Mrs. Brown Mrs. Fanton 17Mrs. Meyn Teacher’s Aid Mrs. Gaus Teacher’s Aid Mrs. Joyce Teacher’s Aid Miss Harris Remedial Reading 18ij n dc r c cU6 menKindergarten Bottom Row-R. Sease, B. Heuring, K. Marvin, B. Barry, T. Clemons, V. Hurlburt, R. Lyng, Middle Row-J. Kelley G. Strouse, T. Riffle, J. Godown, M. McNeill, L. Clark, Top Row-C. Cook, G. Martin, K. Monahan, A. Walters, J. Fanton, D. Vinson, Absent: D. Boyle, M. Hollenbeck 20Bottom Row—J. Fox, D. Robbins, J. Marvin, W. Clarke, R. Crowner, W. Allen, Middle Row J. Lehman, A. Ireland. T. Wilson, S. Phillips, D. Johnson, Top Row—L. Dodge, A. Mac Jones, S. Smith, J. Dugan, D. Burns, M. Frost, Absent—J. Hyde, C. Seamons £Mrs. Persons 21Jfirst (Bra e Bottom Row-J. Sibble, J. Enipson, S. Neeley, K. Brainard, J. Burdick, K. Leurs, J. Sherwood, Middle Row-S. Nevol, K. Neff. D. Barney, G. Lehman, R. Jordan, A. Whitehouse, Top Row- M. Fitch, L. Kellup, P. Bryan, K. Herr, B. VanStine, C. Thorp, Absent-S. Joyce 22 Mrs. BurdickBottom Row-R. Clark, T. Cooper, M. Joyce, B. Drake, R. Waters, B. Stewart, Middle Row—R. Smith, T. Warner, T. Phillips, T. Fanton, J. Waufle, S. Lewis, Top Row—K. Ordiway, K. Snell. M. Dodge. L. Ordiway, B. Greene, C. Jackson, Absent—J. Dougherty 23 Mrs. Kelleher§econ (Brafie Bottom Row-S. Dugan, S. Dain, R. Outman, M. McGillivray, S. Drake, K. Wittie, T. Sibble, S. Hoagland, T. Lewis, D. Price, L. Gavin, E. Allen. B. Golish, M. Farnum, S. Snell, L. Manion, Middle Row-J. Dannheim, M. Davis, Top Row-B. Brundage, C. Perry, M. Harrington, C. Marvin, D. Baker, J. Lehman 24Bottom Row-C. Mulholland, T. Scott, R. Seamon, L. Deming, B. JoPerry, R. Ordiway, J. Waufle, K. Kear, T. Mielke, A. Briggs, P. Jackson, D. Harris, B. Heuring. K. Cornell, A. Winslow, S. Manion, L. Horan, H. Cook,’ Middle Row-R. Godown, T. Hess, Top Row-J. Bartew, B. Walters, J. Middaugh, P.M. McCormick, P. Bruce, M. Bowers, Absent—T. Howard 25 Miss Ruggiero(Sra e Bottom Row-J. Neff, S. Storms, D. Ordiway, D. Meyers, D. Dugan, K. Jones, L. Perry, M. George, B. Buckwalter, V. Jordan, Middle Row-B. Clarke, T. Brown, D. Mead, D. Garner, K. Neeley, K. Rear, G. Brown, D. Burns, M. Graham, Top Row-W. Bennett, M. Middaugh, K. DeMun, C. Worden, M. Clark, M. McCormick, A. White, Absent-S. Clarke, M. Emery, M. Burton Miss Farrell 26Bottom Row: S. Hyde, D. Meyers, D. Dugan, W. Smith, S. Dean, C. Cooper, T. Warner, K. Carson, S. Wilson Middle Row: T. Fitch, C. Worden, R. Kaple, C. Deming, B. Ward, P. Howland, D. Drake, T. Lehman. Top Row: L Clark, T. Sherwood, V. Slade, D. Jones, T. Thorp, S. Swartz, R. Martin, J. Gavin, M. Hardy, C. Mielke. 27 Mrs. MarshJfourtlj (Sra e Bottom Row-P. Ordiway, M. Alvord, L. Herr, Middle Row-L. Brown, E. White, M. Perry, J. Burton, C. Storms, Top Row-F. Fitch, A. Stocking, M. Ray, W. Jones, J. Dannheim, J. Manion, Absent-B. Braley Mrs. Peterson Miss TorresBottom Row—J. Joyce, D. Frost, P. Brundage, B. Goodridge, Middle Row—T. Jones, D. Miller, P. Cornelius, W. Merrick, M. Snell, Top Row-G. Smith, M. Middaugh, S. Hyde, J. Neidermaier, T. Lewis, R. Buckwalter 29 Mr. GillJFiftlj (Bra e Bottom Row—C. Drake. L. Allen. J. Dain. S. Neuroth. K. Ryan. Middle Row-C. Hoagland. D. Glover. J. Crittenden. D. Burns, D. Dodge. D. Horan. R. Nlanion. C. Ryan. D. Burrows. Top Row—K. Gavin. P. Cornell. G. Ordiway, D. Jones. T. Drake. T. Howard. J. Burton. D. Thorp ao Mrs McNeil]Bottom Row-K. Clarke. A. Ray. A. Miller. D. Frost. S. Clarke. M. Patrick, A. Spangler, M. McLaughlin. D. Worden. Top Row-S. Godown, C. Golish. P. McNeil. B. Bruce. I. Whitehouse. B. Thorp, T. Jordan. T. McCormick. T. George. C- Sutherland. Absent-J. Granger, K. Snell 31 Mrs. YoungSixtlj 6ra e Bottom Row—D. Polmateer, C. Alvord, S. Atwell, J. Dean, D. Cornelius, T. Ordiway, S. Lehman, M. Joyce, Middle Row-B. Cooper, S. Dodge, T. Howard, S. Carson, C. Hall, J. Sease, M. Emery, Top Row-D. Horan, P. Dougherty, G. Bailey, C. Merriam, K. Loercher, T. Fanton, T. Ward, K. Mosher, G. Perry, D. Marsh Mr. Pilling 32Bottom Row-W. Niedermaier, C. Outman, S. Baxter, N. Storms, J. Lehman, J. Smith, Middle Row-L. Cole, H. Davis, R. Meyers, M. Cornell, T. Fanton, N. Brown. R. Bowers, K. Perkins, W. Hurlburt, Top Row—R. Burton, C. Jones, T. Monahan, S. Green, M. Drake, G. Granger, T. Middaugh, D. Howland, A. Carlin 33Special Education Bottom Row: D. Merriam, D. Glover. Top Row: S. Smith, J. Fuller, D. Jackson.36Actiuities 37§tu6ent Council Bottom Row: D. Kerkeslager, J. Hardy, S. York, S. Bliss, P. Stewart, B. Barden, T. Richardson, B. Gavin. Top Row: T. Lehman, D. Howland, L. Howland, L. Howland.Principal’s A uisorij Council Front. Mr. Jordan. Top Row: P. Atwell, S. Buckwalter, Mr. Nicol, Mr. MacCrea, Mrs. Knapp, S. Bliss. Miss Goodrich, D. Howland, L. Howland. 39ICtbraru Council Bottom Row: J. Lehman, P. Lounsberry, S. Thorp, B. Perry, E. Lehman, D. Whitesell, Second Row: L. Monahan, S. Boyle, V. Ordiway, T. Michaels, S. Horan, D. Cooper, B. Empson. Third Row: K. Behn, D. Dodge, K. McCormick, C. McCormick, C. Buckwalter, K. Sweet, C. Austin, M. McCormick. Top Row: M. Rowley, J. Hurl-burt, K. Perkins, R. Glover, D. Greene, S. Allen, D. Clemons, R. Empson, T. Davis. Jfuture Nurses 40 Front: J. Monroe, Back: D. Tomm, M. Mead, V. Carson, Mrs. McCormick, B. Empson.§r. GHjoir §r. 8San 41lft 25an SDance SJan 42Harsity Club Bottom Row: J. Smith, R. Davis, G. Milligan, G. Milligan, Second Row: S. Richardson, S. Buckwalter, B. Gross-man, E. MacMichael, M. Geer, R. Vosburg, Third Row: B. Ennis, S. Dibble, C. Weber, P. Atwell, R. Grantier, Top Row: T. Dougherty, D. Burns. g. A. A. Bottom Row: V. Carson, J. Monroe, T. Grossman, D. Grossman, Second Row: L. Burns, K. Dunham. R. Baker, M. Mead, C. McCormick, L. Howland, D. Howland, C. Halsey, C. Howland, Third Row: L. Dugan, L. Howland, D. Wallace, T. Richardson, K. Bryan, S. Lehman, M. McNeill, J. Carson, T. Bruce. Top Row: J. Hall, S. York, B. Barden, S. Bliss, M. Mead, L. Boyle, B. Mosher, B. Wilson, P. Briggs, D. Burrows, D. Cooper.46Che future belong to thoyi uiho believe in the beAut-tj of the ip breAmj. AmAn6A BfAbleif§euentlj (Bra e Bottom Row: M. Mclauglin, B. Bryan, D. Hall, T. Padden. M. Polmateer. Middle Row: D. Riffle, S. Starks, Y. Hess, L. Manion, L. Jordan, C. Hurlburt, M. McCormick, M. Mead. Top Row: B. Baker, J. Ordiway, S. Perkins, B. Carlin, D. Spencer, B. Gavin, M. Whitehouse, N. George, G. Slade. 48Bottom Row: M. Bennett, N. Bliss, S. Rowley. Second Row: M. Ward, S. Boyle, T. Michaels, M. Dannheim, M. Miller, C. Fish, V. Ordiway. Third Row: L. Baker, K. Behn, K. Thorp, Z. Rose, V. Monahan. Top Row: J. Mul-holland, T. Briggs, D. Brownell, B. Glover. 49fEigtitt; (Sraiie Bottom Row: S. Allen, K. Scribner, D. Greene, T. Niedermaier, L. Monahan, Middle Row: C. Buckwalter, D. Braley, N. Michaels, W. Ordiway, C. Spencer, L. Strouse, S. Cornell, C. Cornelius. Top Row: C. McNeill, L. Carter, M. Dougherty, D. Lehman, G. Grossman, R. Empson, D. Herr, M. Milligan, T. Monahan, D. Kerkeslager.Bottom Row. B. Austin, P. Glover, S. Davis, T. Bennett, M. Davis, T. Ordiway. Middle Row: C. Manion, C Allen, B. Leonard, D. Dcyo, B. Gilbert, M. Stein, C. George, T. Jones, G. Hoagland. Top Row: G. Smith, B. Wallace, M. DeRemer, T. Lehman, D. Marsh, T. Horan, J. Ryan, J. Hardy.Nintlj (Sra e Bottom Row: J. Kerkeslager, K. Behn, B. Sease. Middle Row: J. Fuller, C. Thorp, G. Milligan, C. Howland, L. Howland, L. Burns, D. Sturdevant, D. Burrows, D. Snell, Top Row: M. Wittie, D. Winslow, E. Brownell, G. Hardy, C. Austin, K. Sweet, E. Jones, K. Ray. 52Bottom Row: T. Perry, C. Spencer, C. Perry, S. Meyers, C. Manion, C. Starks. Middle Row: D. Whitesell, T. Outman, K. McCormick, C. Niedermaier, P. Glover, E. Jones, T. Connors, J. Clark, J. Lehman, C. Lehman. Top Row: D. Clemons, J. Hurlburt, M. McNeill, D. Freund, G. Cole, M. Rowley, R. Gavin, K. Perkins, K. Ordiway, B. Fish, P. Joyce, J. Grossman. 53Sentlj (Bra e Bottom Row: B. Deming, T. Sade, E. Outman, B. Walker, D. Tomm, M. McNeill, S. Lehman, K. Dunham, L. Perkins, K. Perry, J. Howland. Middle Row: A. Russell, M. Smith, J. Hall, D. Cooper, B. Stewart, B. Lang, R. Baker, B. Empson, K. Clark, D. Burrows, D. Gilbert, P. Lounsberry. Top Row: T. Gavin, B. Mosher, K. Perkins, A. Kemp, T. Davis. 54Bottom Row: S. Haskins, D. Wallace, J. McCormick, K. Dodge. Middle Row: B. Fish, R. Glover, G. Baker, T. Manion, N. Perry, M. Gavin, S. York, S. Brown, R. Davis, R. Glover. Top Row: A. Spencer, T. Greene, J. Car-son, B. Smith, B. Wilson. 55iEleuentlf ©ra e Bottom Row: T. Grossman, K. Michaels, K. Neidermaier, T. Richardson, D. Weitzel, K. Bryan, K. Hall. Middle Row: L. Hess, M. Lehman, P. Atwell, P. Briggs, J. Ryan, D. Wahl, D. Grossman, E. Lehman, B. Perry. Top Row: D. Grantier, J. Dugan, D. Rogers, C. Deming, L. Witter, J. Monroe.Bottom Row: D. Stein, P. Kniffin, G. Godown, M. Mead, T. Strouse, A. Dougherty. Middle Row: S. Bliss, K. Clark, D. Howland, S. Horan, A. Kerkeslager, B. Dodge, J. Perkins. Top Row: L. Dugan, L. Howland, T. Bruce, D. Wallace, D. Burns, J. Manion, J. Smith.58The Panthers finished off the 1977 Soccer season with an impressive 11-3-2 record. They came up with a 3-2 victory over Alfred-Almond, which were rated as the top team in the county. The team lost 9 seniors this year, they are Marty Geer, Steve Dibble, Scott Richardson, Rex Vosburg, Tracy Preston, Eric MacMichaei, Steve Buckwalter, Ron Rosin-toski,and Don Perry. Next years outlook is promising as they have returning juniors. Pat Atwell, Jeff Smith, T.J. Strouse, Tony Dougherty, Dan Burns, and Jeff Manion. The Panthers eventually fell victim to a strong Jasper team in the sectionals. 60SSoy’s §occer Bottom Row: C. McNeill, J. Hardy, J. Kerkeslager. Second Row: D. Lehman, D. Burns, S. Richardson, J. Smith, T. Dougherty, J. Dugan, R. Gavin, T. Monahan. Third Row: M. Milligan, R. Vosburg, T. Strouse, E. MacMichael, G. Milligan, G. Milligan, M. Geer. Top Row: J. Grossman, M. McNeill, S. Buckwalter, C. Weber. P. Atwell, S. Dibble.(Birl’s Barsity §occer Bottom Row: C. Wallace, T. Richardson, K. Bryan, T. Grossman, M. Mead, M. Mead, Second Row: D. Ordlway, P. Briggs. D. Cooper, K. Dunham, M. McCormick, Third Row: L. Dugan. B. Barden, S. Dougherty, B. Lehman, L. Dugan. Top Row: L. Howland, M. McNeill, S. Bliss, L. Howland. 62Junior Uarsity Bottom Row: M. Mead, T. Perkins, R. Baker, Mrs. Knapp, V. Carson, B. Wilson, M. McCormick. Second Row: D. Snell, J. Carson,T. Bruce, D. Grossman, K. Perkins, Top Row: D. Wallace, J. Hall, S. York, L. Burns, C. Howland. 63Cross-ffiountry Varsity: Jim Dugan, Brett Grossman, Rob Davis, Jamie McCormick 64 Junior Varsity: Bottom Row: B. Baker, C. Hurlburt, M. Bennett. Top Row: G. Grossman, J. Bridge, N. Bliss, M. J. Polmateer, L. Monahan,UoIIeyball Bottom Row: D. Thorp, B. Mosher, B. Stewart. Middle Row: C. Thorp, J. Lehman, C. Howland, D. Ordiway, M. Mead, C. Wallace, D. Burrows. Top Row: Coach-Mrs. Peterson, M. McCormick, M. McNeill, D. Wallace, S. Lehman, J. Carson, L. Howland, B. Wilson, B. Lehman, S. Grantier. 65Harstty (Basketball Bottom Row: S. Richardson, D. Weitzal, M. Geer, R. Grantier, R. Vosburg. Back Row: T. Dougherty, P. Atwell, T. Preston, M. Lehman, S. Dibble, R. Rosintoski. Coach: Mr. Nicol 669.13. basketball bottom Row: M. McNeill, G. Baker, A. Spencer, R. Glover, D. Wallace, J. Green. Back Row: K. Ordiway, P Joyce, K. Perry, G. Milligan, J. McCormick, A. Russell, R. Gavin, Coach: Mr. Gill 67(Bub Bottom Row: S. Davis, C. George, M. Dannheim. Middle Row: B. Baker, L. Carter, B. Carlin. Top Row: R. Emp-son, M. Ward, P. Atwell—coach, T. Monahan, G. Hoagland. Bottom Row: K. Thorp, N. Bliss, T. Jones, B. Gilbert, M. J. Polmateer. Top Row: L. Baker, S. Dibble—coach, G. Smith, D. Marsh, F. Joyce, D. Lehman, D. Herr, M. McNeill—coach, J. Hardy. Basketball Bottom Row: B. Bryan, C. Manion, M. Cornell, J. Lehman, L. Manion, M. Miller, N. Michaels. Top Row: J. Stewart, J. Joyce, J. Bridge, B. Gilbert, R. Vosburg-coach, B. Wallace, B. Gavin, J. Mulholland, M. Whitehouse. Bottom Row: W. Ordiway, T. Padden, T. Bennett, D. Mead. Middle Row: S. Boyle, M. Mead, Z. Rose. Top Row: T. Lehman, G. Slade, M. DeRemer, S. Richardson—coach, T. Horan, M. Bennett, D. Spencer, C. McNiell, G. Milligan—coach, B. Austin, B. Glover, M. Milligan. 69eiljeerlea ers From Left to Right: L. Dugan, K. Dunham, C. Cornell, S. Bliss, K. Joyce, L. Witter, T. Manion, S. York, D. Howland, L. Howland. 70(Birls SJasketball Bottom Row: M. McCormick, S. Bliss, C. Howland, J. Hall, Second Row: D. Bliss, K. Joyce, B. Schweigart, D. Gilbert, C. Hall, S. Lehman, B. Wilson, C. Thorpe, Third Row: S. Grantier, J. Carson, M. Mead, Fourth Row: L. Howland, T. Bruce, Top Row: L. Howland, B. Lenman, L. Dugan. 71§urimmtng Bottom Row: T. Grossman, D. Cooper, B. Gilbert, M. Polmateer, M. Mead, M. Milligan, B. Gilbert. Top Row: A. Kemp, E. MacMichael, G. Milligan, S. Buckwalter, B. Grossman, J. Perkins, R. Davis. 72baseball Bottom Row E. NfocMichael, T. Grainier. T. Mead,Coach- Mr.Coon.Top Row: J. Dugan. R. Grantier. A. Russell, R Yoshutg, P Atwell, M. Geer, S. Haskins. D. Perry. Softball Bottom Row: C. Thorp, M. McNeill, L. Howland, T. Joyce, T. Grossman, B. Empson. Top Row. C. Haskins. P. Briggs. M. Mead, B. Wilson, D. Ordlway, C. Wallace, B. Lenman. 75®rack Douom kow: m. loric, l. Bridge, U. Gooper.J. Carson. Second Row: G. Milligan, K. Perry, T. McCormick, R. Davis. Top Row: T. Dougherty, T. Mead, M. Grossman, R. Vosburg, B. Ennis, P. Atwell, Coach-John Davis. 76(Tennis Bottom Row: S. Bliss, L. Dugan, S. York, J. Monroe: Top Row: T. Davis, C. Weber, B. Ennis, C. Schweigart, S. Buck-waiter, G. Milligan, S. Wilson, B. Weber. 7778SJrett ileffrey (Srossman §teuen CSTlalr Sluckuialter tEric i£tt fUacfHidjael SSren a i£ee iEmpson§usan Elizabeth ICorie {Elizabeth iBri ge $ork $aula iloy §teuiartUarla Ann (ftrbtuiay SSetli Ann harden onalb ilack iEcsintoski iHex fHicljael Uosburg 82Teresa fH. §paratta ?Karen Louise Uoyce Martin Dale (Beer Hancock 83(Beorge tErnest fHilltgan Rebecca l a §d|iupigart ©eresa fJJarie Perkins -§ljeUy Ann (BrantieriBren a See fteljman (Tracy fHerton Preston Cynthia fHarie HJallace 85(Diaries 53. fl3rber §teucn §rott Nibble §cott Anbreui iRicljardson fRelody ICee Crittendenif. kelson ©imottjy Stall Stephens {lay iEliuin l ess 2Keuin iBraftley Stoker 87•Deanna fleiglj Do gc 88 GJljristopljer Vincent (BreenSell tOilbur ilacksonDonald {Boyne Perry Sfyonda dean and §cott (Eee Hancock-Sfifall of Jfame92 93949596 97Yearbook §taff Bottom Row: N. Herr, M. York, L. Bridge, P. Stewart, D. MacMichael. Top Row: B. Grossman, L. Marsh, T. Stephens, S. Richardson, S. Dougherty, B. Empson, B. Barden, K. Joyce, S. Buckwalter.This finished book is our 1978 Memoirs. We hope you enjoy looking and reading it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. But none of it could have been done without the cooperation of the faculty, staff, students, surrounding communities, and especially our advisor, Mr. MacCrea. To all of these great people we extend a hearty THANK-YOU! These years at ACS have been good to each and everyone in the graduating class of 1978. Here, we have molded and taught until now we are ready to make the first big step of our lives. Again, let us say thank-you. Steven Buckwalter, Editor Susan Dougherty, Co-Editor 99Compliments of DAVIE’S Wellsville New York Compliments of MALLERY T.V. V1CJ1 Bolivar Road Wellsville New York Compliments of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Wellsville New York SEARS AND ROEBUCK CO. 126 Main Street Wellsville, New York Bruce Reuning 100Congratulations to the Senior Class Compliments of DEAN PHARMACY Andover New York Purina Chows D L FEEDS For All the Farmers Needs Custom Grinding Bulk Feed Fertilizer Lime Andover New York Congratulations Seniors from the F.H.A. Best Wishes to the Class of 78 HERALD FORD, INC. Main Street 478-8417 Andover New York Congratulations to the Class of 1978 ALFRED SPORTS CENTER Main Street Alfred Congratulations to The Class of 78 “All is not Gold that Glitters” Student Council 101 Congratulations Seniors CANNON’S THE HAIR LOFT UNISEX SALON Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. 118 North Main St. Wellsville, N.Y. CQO coin oyo-o i u HARKNESS CLOTHING North Main Street Wellsville New York Congratulations to the Class of 1978 Dick O'Brien—Jim Holbrook CHARLES’ JEWELERS North Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 Compliment of Best Wishes To The Class of ’78 KOELER’S FRIENDLY TAVERN S. Main Street Andover, N.Y. N R COUNTRY CASUALS Main Street Andover N.Y. 102 Compliments of HAMMER’S JEWELERS 96 North Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. Phone: 593-1670 FRED D. RICE MUSIC HOUSE Music Suppliers Since 1880 Wellsville, N.Y. Arthur D. Runzo Best Wishes to The MULHOLLAND’S FUNERAL HOME Class of 78 Congratulations to the SACKETTS FOOD MART. Class of 1978 Andover New York Compliments of Jim Mulholland ?ockwe 's WELLSVILLE, fl. Y. Wellsville Olean Co uder sport 716-593-6369 716-373-1303 814-274-7575 PARISO OPTICAL VIC PAR ISO DAN HADSELL The Friendly Corner Compliments of KARKANES RESTAURANT Ding Fotine Andover SHORT’S SERVICE STATION 478-8375 Andover New York 103 Compliments of E. W. CRANDALL SON COLLEGE BOOK STORE Congratulations to The Class of 1978 Alfred, N.Y. Squirrels Nest Motel Alfred New York Congratulations to The Class of 1978 from SOUTHERN-TIER CONCRETE Alfred New York Congratulations Graduates buy-rite uquors independently ow Nicoloff’s Wines Spirits Andover Rd. Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 104Purina Chows D L FEEDS For All the Farmers Needs Custom Grinding Bulk Feed Fertilizer and Lime Water Street Andover, N.Y. Compliments of MCDONALD’S® REST. Bolivar Road Wellsville New York TOM’S TIQUE SHOP Antiques—Furniture—Coins Buy—Sell—Collectables Andover New York Congratulations Class of 78 Compliments of A R GENERAL HARDWARE 11 E. Greenwood Street Andover 478-8284 N.Y. Best Wishes to The Class of 1978 KERTONS FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Main Street, Wellsville 14895 Congratulations to The Class of 78 from the G.A.A. Compliments of JOHN E. JOYCE Backhoe, Dozer, Topsoil, Landscaping, Septic Tank, Dumptruck Service Andover — 478-8582 — N.Y. Congratulations to The Class of 78 PINE CREST POULTRY FARM Tip-Toe “Home of the Fresh Egg” Alfred Station—New York 105Health ‘N’ Happiness To The Class of 1978 MRS. CHARITY McCORMICK School Nurse-Teacher Compliments of CROSS DINER Open 24 Hours Take Outs Wellsville New York Compliments of PAUL G. McCORMICK Maple Syrup Maple Sugar All Sizes—Shipped Anywhere R.D. 7 607-478-8903 Congratulations! To the Class Graduating in 1978 HARRIS SUPPLY CO. Wellsville New York THE GALLERY 43 N. Main Street Alfred. N Y. 14802 May Nothing But Good News Come From Andover Class of 78 Good Luck Best Wishes “THE ALFRED SUN" Compliments of HOUSE OF GLASS INDUSTRIES New York Ar THE LARGE THE LARGEST SHOWING OF FINE FURNITURE IN THE SOUTHERN TIER. Phone: 593-2222 23-33 N. Main St. Wellsville, N. Y. WellsvilleSeven Convenient Locations To Serve All Your Banking Needs Alfred—Andover—Bolivar—Cuba Olean—Wellsville—Whitesville Best Wishes To The Class of 78 From THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY 607-478-8437 Wellsville • Olean • Andover • Alfred • Whitesville • Bolivar • CubaCompliments of THE MARKET BASKET Every Market Basket Item Must Please in Every Respect or Your Money Will Be Cheerfully Refunded 108Compliments of Andover, N.Y.Riedman Agency, Inc. INSURANCE and BONDS Compliments and Best Wishes 107 North Main Street. Wellsville. New York Telephone 593-4244 Compliments of PETERSON DRUG COMPANY Wellsville, New York Congratulations, Graduates AIR PREHEATER Wellsville, New York JcUfioA. CMC CtNTfP'' 80 South Moin Street. Wellieille. New York U89f Phon. (716) 593-3994 RONALD G TAYLOR, Own DOUG’S FLOWER SHOP J. Doug Gilbert, Owner (607) 324-1400 Hornell New York WHEATON AGENCY, INC ALFRED, NEW YORK 14802 PHONE: (607) 587-4451 Daniel R. George Consultant Insuranceinter col log kite prose, inc. HarTY GeeA

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