Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY)

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“We the people . . . tWe the Students Of the ’76 yearbook Staff. . .in order to form a more perfect memory of our years at A- C. S.And as a symbol of our blessings and liberty to our posteritydo ordain and establish this yearbook as a memorandum 4Memoirs 1976 Andover Central School Upon the hills, the horses feed On bits of clover, hay, and week. While through the valley down below, A river of life so smoothly flows. Each one has one, and then another, A man, a dog, a sheep, a brother, W ith which to pass the timeless hours In small town shops or fields of flowers. The eyes of the young that sparkle like gold. The wisdom, laughs, and memories of the old. The water, the air, the love of the place. These we'll remember of Andover's grace.Underclassmen Memories of memories, A child's eyes that never lie Of rainbows and butterflies That once were real-And now seem ideal, As memories. 71) S. Snell 2) R. Godown 3) B. Brundage 4) C. Mulholland 5) T. Scott 6) B. Heuring 7) C. Densmore 8) A. Winslow 9) A. Nye 10) L. Manion 11) H. Cook 12) J. Waufle 13) L. Deming 14) D. Harris 15) K. Kear 16) D. Price 17) M. McGillivaray 18) R. Walters 19) L. Gavin 20) B. Dorsey 21) T. Champlin 22) J. Wahl 23) T. Sibble 24) K. Wittie 25) P. Jackson ABSENT: S. Bird. S. Joyce 8 Kindergarten1)P. Bruce 2) M. Farnum 3) P. McCormick 4) M. Bowers 5) T. Loveless 6) T. Hulse 7) M. Davis 8) T. Mielke 9) P. Boyle 10) L. Horan 11) M. Herrington 12) A. Briggs 13) S. Dain 14) J. Dannheim 15) T. Lewis 16) J. Lehman 17) S. Manion 18) S. Hoagland 19) S. Drake 20) T. Hess 21) B. Golish 22) C. Marvin 23) C. Perry 24) D. Baker ABSENT: R. Outman 91) K. Kear 2) K. Neely 3) V. Jordan 4) D. Ordiway 5) S. Hyde 6) M. McCormick 7) B. Strouse 8) R. Martin 9) S. Bays 10) T. Thorp 11) D. Burns 12) B. Ward 13) B. Clark 14) G. Brown 15) D. Mead 16) M. Hardy 17) B. Rowley 18) T. Brown 19) T. Fitch 20) M. George 21) K. Carson 22) C. Cooper 23) M. Clark 24) C. Deming 25) S. Dean 26) T. O'Hara 27) T. Lehman 28) K. Jones 29) D. Drake 30) V. Slade 31) D. Mascho 32) L. Clark 33) L. Perry 34) L. Graves 35) P. Howland 36) D. Garner 37) C. Mielke 38) J. Gavin 39) T. Sherwood 40) S. Clarke 41) W. Bennett 42) J. Outman 43) A. White 44) J. Bartow 45) Mrs. Kelleher 46) Mrs. Burdick 10Tirst Grade nSecond Grade 121) S. Davis 2) D. Miller 3) J. Niedermaier 4) B. Goodridge 5) G. Joyce 6) W. Merrick 7) T. Lewis 8) S. Hyde 9) F. Fitch 10) M. Perry 11) M. Dunning 12) J. Manion 13) D. Frost 14) A. Stocking 15) M. Snell 16) D. Henlen 17) D. Strong 18) P. Ordiway 19) G. Hall 20) L. Brown 21) E. White 22) J. Burton 23) L. Herr 24) C. Champlin 25) J. Dannheim 26) P. Brundage 27) T. Mascho 28) D. Buchsenschutz 29) W. Jones 30) B. Austin 31) M. Ray 32) Miss Ruggiero 33) Miss Scutt 131) J. Crittenden 2) D. Frost 3) S. Godown 4) A. Miller 5) L. Allen 6) S. Neuroth 7) D. Burns 8) A. Ray 9) J. Granger 10) T. Drake 11) D. Burrows 12) K. Clarke 13) B. Bruce 14) C. Sutherland 15) T. Starks 141—4 @ © ® ® (s 1) C. Hoagland 2) S. Clarke 3) K. Ryan 4) D. Horan 5) R. Manion 6) J. Buchsenschutz 7) D. Glover 8) D. Dodge 9) T. Me Cormick 10) B. Thorp 11) J. Dain 12) T. Jordan 13) J. O'Hara 14) C. Golish 15) I. Whitehouse 16) D. Thorp 17) B. Mascho 18) K. Gavin 19) A. Spangler 20) Mrs. Marsh 21) Mrs. Harder 22) Miss Schindelheim 151) L. Outman 2) T. Ward 3) C. Merriam 4) W Hurlburt 5) S. Henlin 6) L. Cole 7) J. Lehman 8) S. Green 9) T. Monahan 10) C. Dunning 11) K. Perkins 12) B. Bowers 13) N. Brown 14) K. Snell 15) G. Granger 16) C. Jones 17) M. Burdick 18) L. Graves 19) S. Lehman 20) T. Fanton 21) P. McNeill 22) M. Buchsenschutz 23) D. Horan 24) D. Howland 25) D. Polmateer 26) T. Henlin 27) W. Neidermaier 28) G. Perry 29) M. Joyce 30) S, Dodge 161) J. Densmore 2) K. Mosher 3) C. Outman 4) S. Carson 5) P. Dougherty 6) T. Fanton 7) J. Smith 8) M. Emery 9) B. Cooper 10) Mrs. Vars 11) D. Marsh 12) L. Baer 13) T. Ordiway 14) A. Carlin 15) H. Davis 16) A. Mac-Michael 17) S. Atwell 18) J. Dean 19) J. Hall fourth Grade 171) M. Miller 2) D. Spencer 3) Y. Hess 4) B. Baker 5) F. Joyce 6) B. Carlin 7) M. Polmateer 8) S. Starks 9) S. Fish 10) S. Boyle 11) S. Mead 12) D. Riffle 13) Miss Keisel 14) K. Thorp 15) T. Briggs 16) M. Ward 17) Mrs. McNeill 18) J. Bridge 19) B. Glover 20) W. Dannheim 21) M. Bennet Tiftk Qrade 181) Mrs. Young 2) C. Hurlburt 3) V. Monahan 4) L. Manlon 5) S. Perkins 6) N. George 7) J. Mulholland 8) B. Ceglia 9) B. Hulse 10) L. Jordan 11) M. McCormick 12) K. Behn 13) M. Dannheim 14) B. Brian 15) J. Ordiway 16) S. Bays 17) M. Whitehouse 18) N. Bliss 191) L. Monahan 2) C. Manlon 3) S. Cornell 4) B. Leo nard 5) K. Scribner 6) M. Davis 7) T. Ordiway 8) S. Allen 9) B. Gavin 10) J. Joyce 11) D. Baer 12) M. Rogers 13) S. Watters 14) R. Empson 15) Mr. Young 16) B. Austin 17) L. Baker 18) G. Hoagland 19) L. Strouse 20) T. Neidermaier 21) B. Wallace 22) D. Lehman 23) T. Monahan 201) D. Herr 2) J. Ryan 3) W. Ordiway 4) K. Ray 5) P. Glover 6) M. DeRemer 7) M. Grossman 8) C. McNeill 9) J. Hardy 10) G. Smith 11) T. Horan 12) G. Slade 13) C. George 14) T. Bennett 15) S. Thorp 16) M. Emery 17) R. Sturdevant 18) M. Milligan 19) T. Lehman 20) Mrs. Boyce 21) D. Marsh 22) S. Davis 23) C. Buck-walter 24) T. Waters 25) L. Allen 26) M. Stein 27) C. Spencer Sixth GradeSeventh Grade 24 I) M. Dougherty 2) A. Waters 3) K. McCormick 4) K. Tickle 5) C. Howland 6) L. Albaugh 7) K. Nei-dermaier 8) D. Stuedevant 9) C. Thorp 10) T. Perry II) C. Spencer 12) D. Snell 13) V. Carson 14) J. Mercier 15) S. Austin 16) D. Burrows 17) J. Hall 18) O. Milligan 19) J. Grossman 20) R. Gavin 21) Greene 22) M. McNeill 23) A. Edwards V $1) K. Perkins 2) D. Chapman 3) J. Fuller 4) T. Outman 5) C. Stark 6) J. Lehman 7) T. Conners 8) P. Glover 9) J. Clark 10) L. Howland 11) G. Hardy 12) L. Bums 13) D. Whitesell 14) C. Lehman 15) C. Perry 16) K. Behn 17) D. Freund 18) K. Ray 19) G. Cole 20) C. Manion 21) G. Thorp 22) J. Hurlburt 23) M. Rowley 24) D. Winslow 25) M. Wittie 25Eighth Grade 1) C. Schweigart 2) J. Howland 3) B. Clemons 4) J. Walker 5) W. Perry 6) K. Ordiway 7) T. Slade 8) B. Smith 9) J. Densmore 10) S. Haskins 11) B. Lang 12) W. Deming 13) P. Joyce 14) D. Clemons 15) M. Gavin 16) P. Lounsberry 17) R. Bridge 18) B. Empson 19) D. Burrows 20) T. Davis 21) K. Dunham 22) G. Baker 23) M. McNeill 24) L. Perkins 25) J. Green 26) S. York 27) J. Carson 28) A. Spencer 29) R. Geffers 30) D. Wallace 31) E. Outman 261) S. Brown 2) S. Shaw 3) B. Mosher 4) K. Clark 5) S. Lehman 6) L. Gruber 7) B. Wilson 8) B. Stewart 9) M. Smith 10) D. Tomm 11) R. Baker 12) B. Fish 13) K. Perry 14) D. Monahan 15) J. Day 16) M. Loring 17) R. Glover 18) R. Davis 19) K. Dodge 20) J. McCormick 21) A. Russell 22) A. Kemp 23) T. Green 24) S. Bundy 271) R. Chapman 2) J. Jackson 3) D. Bums 4) T. Dougherty 5) J. Perkins 6) J. Shaw 7) R. Grantier 8) K. Clark 9) T. Richardson 10) T. Bruce 11) S. Horan 12) K. Shaw 13) L. Hess 14) P. Briggs 15) D. Grossman 28Ninth Grade 1) D. Hall 2) P. Atwell 3) C. Brown 4) B. Perry 5) C. Deming 6) D. Howland 7) L. Howland 8) D. Rogers 9) D. Wallace 10) S. Bliss 11) T. Strouse 12) G. Weber 13) J. Monroe 14) T. Grossman 15) M. Mead 16) C. Halsey 17) K. Bryan 18) J. Ryan 19) E. Lehman 20) D. Wahl 21) M. Chapman 22) D. Perry 23) K. Neid' ermaier 24) B. Dodge 25) D. Stein 26) J. Manion 291) S. Richardson 2) G. Burch 3) R. Vosburg 4) C. McCormick 5) R. Geffers 6) M. Smith 7) N. Herr 8) L. Bridge 9) C. Wallace 10) B. Lehman 11) D. Dodge 12) S. Allen 13) D. Ordiway 14) T. Perkins 15) K. Russell 16) W. Cahill 17) B. Bryan 18) R. Gruber 19) J. Gavin 20) G. Davis 21) K. Baker 301) S. Dibble 2) C. Weber 3) B. Grossman 4) S. Buckwalter 5) T. Stephens 6) E. MacMichael 7) T. Preston8) J. Hess 9) B. Ennis 10) L. Marsh 11) D. Nevol 12) D. Perry 13) M. Lehman 14) M. Geer 15) G. Milligan 16) S. Grantier 17) P. Stewart 18) B. Barden 19) S. Dougherty 20) A. Baker 21) B. Empson 22) K. Joyce 23) R. Schwiegart 24) M. Crittenden 25) T. Sparatta 3132Eleventh Grade 1) J. Nye 2) C. Halsey 3) J. Geffers 4) M. Carson 5) K. Fruend 6) N. McLean 7) C. Davis 8) B. Scott 9) B. Polmateer 10) J. Green 11) Mrs. Knapp 12) T. Neider-maier 13) E. Billings 14) C. Lounsberry 15) M. Sparatta 16) B. Edwards 17) E. Joyce 18) T. Joyce 19) K. Hall 20) A. Winslow 21) B. Walker 22) O. Perkins 23) T. Grantier 24) R. Rosintoski 25) S. Burton 26) M. York 27) L. Spencer 28) M. Jackson 29) C. Haskins 30) B. Vosburg 31) S. Wilson 32) H. Carson 33) S. Stewart 34) M. Clark 35) D. Burns 36) T. Mead 37) L. Grossman 38) B. Weber 39) C. Schrader 40) J. Grossman 41) W. Briggs 42) S. Bundyfaculty 3526Curville {Jordan Principal PRINaPAL'S ADVISORY COUNCIL The Principal's Advisory Council was organized at the end of the last school year by our principal, Mr. Jordan. This council, which consists of five faculty representatives cooperating with five students, meets twice a month with the purpose of discussing, advising and recommending issues and actions to the principal. A few of the recommendations and accomplishments of this organization include the shortening of ninth periods, detention as an alternative to suspension, and the reorganization of the annual Christmas parties for grades 9-12 into various service activities. All have been quite successful. Both the faculty and students who are members feel the benefits have been mutual and the experience of working hand in hand with one another is enlightening as well as encouraging for both. Seated: Mr. Nicol, Mr. Jordan, Miss Goodrich, Mrs. Knapp, Standing: Mr. MacCrea, Rob Hyland, Teresa Joyce, Mr. Russell, Dale Russell, Brian Halsey 37 Principal’s Advisory CouncilDebra Knapp History Ckeerleading Slmo Harden ShopClifton Zcnnis Jr. High Science Ois Koijer Vocal Music glean K Sr. High Science flaney Potter Instrumental Music 39Genevieve Zeacker’s Aid Soyce M Remedial Reading Qlemt Davis Driver’s Education llZmell Physical Education Volleyball Softball Basketball Soccer flon Coon Physical Education Swimming Soccer BaseballRosemary Rurger j)r.. Sr. High En journalism William Soy jr., Sr. High English Richard fticol jr., Sr. High English Zrack Cross Country j.V. basketball Sandy R Spanishflames Saber Math Cindy Maker Math Mary Sullivan Commercial Charity McCormick School Nurse Hr. High Health 9 n ‘Jocelyn M Dental HygienistCafeteria Attendants Hus Drivers CustodiansVarsity basketball 46Cheerleaders 47Swim Zeam Qirl’s basketball49 Varsity Club Qirl’s Athletic Associationbaseball Our 1975 Baseball Team did exceptionally well and their season record was five wins and seven losses. The team, under Coach Jon Coon, then advanced into post-season play, which took them all the way to the semi-finals against a tough Bradford team. Although Bradford came away with the 4-2 victory, our Panthers should be well remembered for their final 7-8 record. Absent from the picture is the only Class of '75 Senior, Bill Cornell, Shawn McCormick, and Jeff Briggs who also put in a fine effort as part of our Panther squad. 5253The girls have really made tracks this year. Some four years ago, there was a bare minimum of interest which resulted in teams with just enough members to make up one squad. The athletes had to purchase their own uniforms which consisted of numbered football jerseys used for every sport. Well, look at us now! We have accumulated a uniform for each sport over the years. We even have real metal goal cages with nets for soccer and hats for softball. The girls have decided to let people know they are here. 54The SOCCER TEAM, losing the four year, veteran senior, Diane Bliss, and three year veteran senior, Brenda Haugh, had an overall record of 11-4-1, after losing a tough sectional game against Hammondsport. The VOLLEYBALL TEAM also went to sectionals with an 8-1 record and lost to a fine Elba team. Seniors for the team are Diane Bliss, Dawn Green, and Debbie Buck waiter. Cross Country 55Soccer Belmt. And. 6 Opp. 0 A-A 4 2 Scio 7 0 Grnwd. 2 0 Whtsv. 3 0 Richb. 4 0 Wlsv. 2 1 Belmt. 5 0 A-A 3 0 Scio 2 0 Whtsv. 4 0 Richb. 7 0 South D Angel. 3 0 Champs Alleg. D Belfs. 2 1 Champs Cohoct. 3 2 Whtsv. 3 1 Section V Total 60 7 Champs Congratulations, guys, for going, "All The Way!" Seniors: Gary Barden, Terry McCormick, Dale Russell, Jay MacMichael, Marty Grossman, Doug Preston, Bob Wallace, Bob Spencer, Ray Thompson, Rob Hyland, Rick Cahill, Russ Godown, Steve Scott, Rick Rouse. Allegany County All Stars-. Gary Barden, Jay MacMichael, Rob Hyland, Steve Scott, Tim Mead. 56{junior Varsity Varsity .O.dS.S. 58ActivitiesElementary Choir Senior Choir 60©• N)Hi Herald JCibrary Council 6364Audio-Visual Club Ked Cross Council 65Senior Wand filmier Wand 6768697071727374Zerrancc jCynch Patrick McCormick £isa Couclla MarshChristopher Cyneh Wahl Eric Charles Wilson Hames Carl Pitts78Brenda Diane Maughso818283Steven Bruce Scott Kobin Diane Qeffers Zarri Cin Price 84Kicky Martin Kouse 87Susan Jlleene Emery“George" crossing the Delaware?! To whom it may concern: After many headaches . . . and an awful lot of fun-we've come up with this collection of pictures, words, and feelings that we hope will bring back the happy thoughts of our time spent here at A. C. S . . .for many years to come. A little something from myself--I'm fairly new here and I’ve found something very special about OUR town. It's been said that "houses are made of brick and stone, but homes are made of love alone". . .well I really feel like I’m at HOME! This town has SOMETHING about it which I’d be hard pressed to put my finger on--but whatever it is--let's hang on to it! God’s very best to you all in the future, 92 Debbie Buckwalter Yearbook Editor93yearbook Staff I believe some introductions are in order. Well, starting to the far left at the top, there is me, your faithful writer but less than able typist of a copy editor. There you see me utilizing the not-yet-famous Bliss one finger typing method. Moving down we see Teresa Joyce, one of our three Junior staff members, giving Rob Hyland, our head advertising man, the "Aw, come on" look. Below them are two of Rob's advertising cohorts, Gary "Zep" Barden and Cathy Swartz. It looks as if someone caught the chief poobahs of our layout department laying it out. That's Brian Halsey and Lisa Marsh. What's that grin on Kevin MacCrea's face? It’s hard to tell what those art department people find so humorous 94at times. Another Junior staff member Marcy Jackson with Doug Preston of advertising are scrutinizing my copy. The other Junior, Tim Mead was absent for his picture. Our studious secretary Teresa Smith is hard at work. At least SHE can type. Debbie Buckwalter looks like she's giving one tired sigh of relief. There were a few long nights, especially for the editor. The photography staff Russ Go-down and Nancy Stephens with the more than appreciated help of Mr. Moogan and Our Studio of Alfred, gave us some great memories to look at. Above them is another art and design man, Steve Scott. In his typical pose we have a man to whom we are most grateful. Our advisor, Mr. MacCrea is, as usual overseeing us all, and for him we have this to leave with our many thanks. 95J, dmtising 97Congratulations Seniors STEPHEN’S RACKET SHOP Tennis Racket Restringing 478-8286 Alfred Station New York Congratulations To The Class Of ’76 PINE CREST POULTRY FARM TIP-TOP Alfred Station, New York Best Wishes From The ALLEGANY HIGHLANDERS Compliments of SNYDER ELECTRIC Plumbing-Heating Electric Contractors Almond-Alfred Road Almond, N.Y. Wm. Earl Snyder Loving is leaving one’s self to go towards others. Nancy Congratulations to The Class of ’76 From SOUTHERN-TIER CONCRETE Alfred New York Congratulations To The Class of ’76 ALFRED SPORTS CENTER i Main Street Alfred Compliments of FLASH MARK INC. ALFRED SUB SHOP Alfred, N.Y. SUB SHOP WEST Wellsville, N.Y. 98Congratulations To The 76 Class From Doris Mulconery and Ethel Kelley Congratulations To The Senior Class From The Clan MacCrea Health ‘n’ Happiness To The Class of 1976 Mrs. Charity McCormick School Nurse—Teacher Terrance Lynch Patrick McCormick Success Always To The Graduating Class of 1976 ESCHEW OBFUSCATION From Bill Joy Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Carmody Best of Luck Norbert F. Lynch Compliments of Chestnut Street THE ANDOVER SCHOOL BOARD Andover 99CASEY OPTICAL COMPANY 12 Martin St. - Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 - Phone 716-593-6063 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES AIR PREHEATER WELLSVILLE, NEW YORK 100Compliments of JOYCE PIPELINE COMPANY AND JOYCE WESTERN CORPORATION Andover New YorkCompliments of Chamber of Commerce of Andover, New York President—Rose Mary Burger Vice-President—Edward Wilson Secretary—Ralph Allen Purina Chows Good Luck To All Of You COLLEGE SPOT Alfred, N.Y. D L FEEDS For All The Farmers Needs Custom Grinding Bulk Feed Fertilizer and Lime Water Street Andover, N.Y. COLE’S RESTAURANT Homemade Donuts and Pies Daily Spaghetti on Thursdays Fish Fry on Fridays “Chow” Open 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mon.—Thurs. 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Fridays 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays From Al and Gina Barden 102Best Wishes Graduate Compliments of THE ALFRED GIANT FOOD MART Congratulations To The Class of 1976 H. EDWARD YAZAK HARKNESS CLOTHING North Main Street Wellsville New York Dick O’Brien Jim Holbrook Congratulations to The Graduating Class of 76 Compliments of HARRIS SUPPLY COMPANY Wellsville New York Thanks For All The Beautiful Memories I Love You All! Cathy Swartz Best Of Everything Always To The Class of “76” From Lyn Griffiths Congratulations To The Graduating Class Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 76 L. C. WHITFORD CO. INC. WELLSVILLE SUPER DUPER Wellsville, New York Wellsville New York 103Best Wishes To The Class of ’76 KERTONS FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions Compliments of DAVIE’S Wellsville, NY Main St., Wellsville, NY Compliments CANNON’S Of A Friend Main Street Wellsville, NY Best Wishes To The Class of 76 J9 o The Largest Showing 4 Of Fine Furniture In Qj The Southern Tier Compliments of HAMMER’S JEWELERS 96 North Main Street Wellsville, NY Wellsville, NY Congratulations To The Class of 76 CHARLES JEWELERS Compliments of RICHARD E. NEAL PHOTOGRAPHER North Main Street Wellsville, NY Studio: 16iy2 N. Main Wellsville, NY 593-5805 104Compliments of THE MARKET BASKET Every Market Basket Item Must Please in Every Respect or Your Money Will Be Cheerfully Refunded Compliments of Riedman Agency, Inc. Associate VARS PHARMACY Hyslip Hyslip Insurance Bonds Congratulations to the Class of 76 Wellsville, NY 14895 Bolivar, NY 14895 Andover, NY 716-593-4244 716-928-1830 105The most bank for your money. Member F.D.l.C. and Federal Reserve System Wellsville • Andover • Alfred • Whitesville • Bolivar • Cuba • Olean 106Compliments of PHONE 593-1670 jSjrci 9. tce (iHustc Housc MUSIC SUPPLIERS SINCE 1B9C WELLSVILLE, N. Y. WHELPLEY IMPLEMENTS John Deere International Trucks McCulloch CO. Wellsville ARTHUR D. RUNZ□ Andover Road 593-8420 New York THE CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCH “For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout . . I Thes. 4:16 Dear Ones: Don’t you see everything pointing to the coming of Jesus Christ?” Wouldn’t you like to be ready to meet him? You CAN be! “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” Acts 16:31 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1976 Lisa Marsh Cathy Swartz Andover, New York Rev. Jeffrey A. Machey, Pastor “Trust in the Lord with all your heart . . in all your ways acknowledge Him make your paths straight.” 107 Compliments of Compliments Of E. W. CRANDALL SON COLLEGE BOOK ROESKE’S ARCO STORE Alfred, NY Big or Small We Fix ’Em All Andover, NY Best Wishes To Compliments The Class of 76 Of The KOELER’S FRIENDLY ANDOVER QUAKER TAVERN STATE General Automotive Repair S. Main Street New York State Inspection Andover, NY 478-8401 Best Wishes Compliments To The Of Class of 76 SHORT’S SERVICE SACKETT’S MARKET STATION Andover, NY Andover, NY The Friendly Corner BEST WISHES KARCANE’S RESTAURANT "Ding” Foutine Andover 108 THE GALLERY 43 North Main Street Alfred, New York 14802 SEARS ROEBUCK CO. 126 N. Main St. Wellsville, N.Y. Bruce Reuning Congratulations! Compliments LEO V. LUDDEN REALTY Wellsville, N.Y. Of TEXAS HOT Best Wishes To The LOUIE’S SHOE REPAIR SERVICE 161 E. Dyke St., Class of 76 Wellsville N.Y. LA GRA COIFFURES Our Daily Task Wellsville New York "We Doctor Shoes, Heel Them, Attend Their Dyeing And Save Their Soles.’’ TURBODYNE CORPORATION Steam Turbine Division Wellsville New York 109PAM’S BEAUTY SHOP 161 E. Dyke St. Wellsville 593-6173 Hairstyling, Blow-Combing Cuts, Coloring, Permanents Ear Piercing (by appointment) Compliments of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. Wellsville New York Congratulations To The Class of ’76 ALLEN, DYGERT, HAUSER INSURANCE Wellsville New York Our Best Wishes ARNOYS DYE, INC. 27 Jefferson St. Wellsville Industrial—Hardware Tools — Equip. “Good tools don’t cost— they pay.” Compliments of FISHERS PHARMACY N. Main Street Wellsville Best Wishes To The Class of '76 D J BODY SHOP Bolivar Road Wellsville New York Compliments of WELLSVILLE AUTO DEALERS Compliments of MALLERY T.V. A Bolivar Road Wellsville New YorkCongratulations to the Class of 76 GLENN BRONSON INSURANCE AGENT Hardy Hill Road Andover New York Compliments of The N R COUNTRY CASUALS STUDENT COUNCIL Main Street Andover NY Wishes To Express Their Congratulations To The SENIORS of the Congratulations To The Class of 76 CLASS of 76 May Your Future Be The Brightest FREDRICK’S GROCERY 70 Pine St. Wellsville NY GOOD LUCK to all the GRADUATES Compliments Of Congratulations to The Class of 76 THE GASLIGHT RESTAURANT Compliments of Wellsville NY Jim Mulholland MULHOLLAND’S FUNERAL HOME Congratulations to The Class of 76 Compliments of BAKER BROTHERS CONTRACTORS STACE’S CORNER BARBER SHOP “Andover’s Best” 587-2622 Don Bob 478-8368 478-8859 1 N. Main St. Alfred, NY Best Wishes To The Class of 76 Congratulations to The Class of 76 CASTLE APARTMENTS STEARNS LITTLE RED HEN Andover 478-8962 Alfred Station NY Compliments of PAUL G. MC CORMICK Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar All Sizes—Shipped Anywhere RD 2 Andover 607-478-8903 “Win when you can . . . but when you lose, act as if you enjoyed it for a change.” Anonymous Best of Luck Mrs. Knapp If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not Congratulations of bite you. That is the difference between a dog and a man. ANDOVER LAUNDRETTE Mark Twain Andover New YorkCompliments of Congratulation CROSS DINER This Bi-Centennial Open 24 Hours Year Take Out THE SHAMROCK Wellsville New York INN Wait Till Next Year From Compliments of Janet and Marcy NORTH MAIN LUMBER lA DiuiQinn of MnllanH s Lumber Co., Inc.) At times, it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you’re a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Hornell, N.Y. —James G. Sinclair Doug Preston Congratulations To The Best Wishes Class of 76 To The } Compliments Of Class of 76 The J. C. PENNEY’S MEN’S SHOP The Friendly Place 99-101 Main Street, Hornell Hornell Compliments Of The TEXAS CAFE Congratulations To The Class of 76 OFFICE: U. S. Navy Recruiting Station 47 North Main Street Wellsville, N.Y. 14895 Phone: 593-6339 Hornell, N.Y. EOI “TK” Haney, U.S.N. Navy Recruiter 113 Oz Hotline; Compliments of A crisis intervention center, drop-in place, temporary crash pad, referral system, and talking place. We’re here to listen. Phone no. 871-2112 BEAMER’S HOME FOR ADULTS 172 Early Street Wellsville New York Compliments of NICOLOFF’S WINES AND SPIRITS Andover Road Wellsville, N.Y. Compliments of 1 BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH A Going Church for a Coming Lord. A. MC HENRY AND CO. Fine Jewelers Since 1853 One small enough to know you . . . One big enough to help you. 106 Main St. Hornell Proverbs 14:34—"Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." C. Lowell Hall, Pastor For The Life That Lasts Drink Milk INDEPENDENCE GOSPEL FELLOWSHIP Independence, N.Y. 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