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 f DITOR: hal sjsson COPY CDlTOR : diane leon LAY OUT •• mar»iy flout land linda leon art editor : libbij ufsh advertising : nadine webev bob bvown cherijl subscriptions : vie hard go c own cindij walien wiavwr G«mttir aL Sckoo) ArJ.oYer, f r YankFOREWORD The past four years have been trying yet prosperous ones for the members of the senior class. We are now eager to take our place among those who have graduated. We are enthusiastic about continuing to learn as we go forth to serve. Nevertheless, we feel a deep regret at leaving our school where we have spent so many enjoyable times with our friends. Therefore, the purpose of our yearbook is to provide a means of helping each student remember the plesant happenings of his school life, memories that he will always cherish. We have tried to gather facts that will bring the commonplace things to mind, as well as the excitement of big important events. We want our book to be a symbol of the friendships we have made, the good sportsmanship and spirit of cooperation we have witnessed and tried to develop, AND the knowledge we have gained in school. It is our sincere hope that in the future, this yearbook will serve its purpose and help everyone of us to recall his happy school days. 2DEDICATION "There are always in the world a few inspired men whose acquaintance is beyond price.” Plato It would be wonderful to dedicate this yearbook to everyone who has helped and influenced us throughout our lifetimes. But it is impossible to list here, with due acknowledgement. all those to whom we are indebted for advice and help. We can thank them only in general terms, quite inadequately, but very sincerely. We feel that we are truly indebted to a particular individual for his time and advice. We, the Class of 1969, respectfully dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Barden, who through his patience and his kind understanding has helped pave our way in our courses of study. We would like to record here a debt which we’ll never be able to repay. From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful to Mr. Barden for his friendly suggestions and criticisms that will be of immeasurable benefit to us. We are appreciative, not only for his intellectual help, but also for his moral support of enthusiasm and friendship. He has conducted his classes with the welfare of the students in mind. His tact, good judgment, and willingness to help everyone have made him our RESPECTED leader. Our hats are off to you, Mr. "B”. 5prnmmmmmtffftmm"Our Principal 7 Mr. Kessler Board of Education PRESIDENT: CLERK: TREASURER: COLLECTOR: Carl Burdick Mary K. Slade L. Reid Mattison Mrs. Geraldine S. Oakes MEMBERS: Lawrence Godown, Conner Stephens, Mrs. Mary K. Slade, and Francis Horan. These people comprise the Andover Board of Education. Few students ever come into contact with the members of this board, but to them and Mr. Kessler we are indebted for the many advantages that our school offers. Behind the activity of our daily routine, stands this group to aid every pupil as he strives toward his goal. 7MRS. BURGER Jr. High English MISS SULLIVAN Commercial MISS GOODRICH Home Economics MRS. SHEAR English 8MR. FRASCELLA Jr. High Science 9MR. CARMODY Jr. High Social Studies MR. BARDEN Industrial Arts MR. BRACE Driver Education 10 MR. MICHAELS SpanishMRS. CONDE Librarian MRS. RICHARDSON Librarian MISS HARRIS Remedial Reading MRS. SWEENEY Speech 1213 MRS. PHILLIPS Dental Hygienist MR. TOWERS PsychologistMRS. MULCONERY Secretary MRS. KELLY Accountant M MRS. MEYN MRS. JOYCE Teacher’s AidesPractice Teachers Bus Drivers MISS HANES Some of the Andover Central School students were privileged in being taught by these three practice teachers from Alfred University. May we express our thanks to Miss Hanes, Miss Kenyon, and Mr. Horst for the knowledge they have given to us in the short time they were here. MR. HORST BACK ROW: Mr. Vars, Mr. Mulholland. Mr. Kemp, Mr. Hogan, Mr. Kemp. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Gavin, Mr. Vickers. 15Janitors Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Schrader, Mrs. Langworthy, Mrs. Brown. 16Kindergarten 18 BOTTOM ROW: D. Sturdevant, J. Richmond, M. Meachan, D. Wood, L. Davis, D. Burrows, T. Perry, P. Glover. SECOND ROW: J. Murray, M. Wittie, M. Hazzard, G. Thorp, M. Rowley, J. Hulin, J. Clark, J. Fuller. ABSENT: D. Greene, L. Howland.KINDERGARTEN, MRS. BRACE-BOTTOM ROW: C. Austin, C. Howland, J. Thomas, E. Green, J. Denning. SECOND ROW: S. Allen, R. Gavin, M. Fuller, D. McGillivray, J. Lehman, C. Manion. THIRD ROW: A. Waters, V. Carson, T. Conners, J. Hurlburt, G. Taylor, C. Perry, D. Winslow. ABSENT: L. Burns, G. Slade, C. Spencer. 19First Grade MRS. BURDICK MRS. M1NARCIK FIRST GRADE MRS. BURDICK-SEATED: (Beginning with row in foreground) J. Day, P. Lounsberry, D. Freund. W. Deming, R. Baker, A. Kemp, S. Bundy, M. Loring, K. Ordiway, J. Thomas, B. Clemons, M. Gavin. STANDING: K. Horton, J. Densmore, K. Dunham, N. Perry, K. Clark, M. Dougherty, D. Burrows, T. Gavin. D. Miles, G. Milligan. K. Perry, R. Gef-fers, J. Grossman. ABSENT: T. Slade, S. Cramer, D. Cooper. 20FIRST GRADE-MRS. MINARCIK—(WALL TO AISLE)-FIRST ROW: D. Whitesell, T. Davis, D. Ennis, D. Snell, S. Brown. SECOND ROW: T. Greene, K. Dodge. T. Manion, J. Howland, T. Fuller. THIRD ROW: P. Ransom, D. Wallace, P. France, R. Lang.C. Cornell, J. Barber. FOURTH ROW: C. Schweigart, R. Davis, S. Shaw, A. Russell, B. Wilson. FIFTH ROW: D. Monahan, D. Clemons, P. Joyce, B. Empson, R. Bridge, J. Murray, D. Tomm, G. Baker, R. Glover. 21Second Grade MISS CHURCH-BACK ROW: D. McGillivray, J. Monroe, B. Perry, J. Ryan, J. Meacham, E. Lehman, T. Grossman, J. Jack-son, A. Dougherty, M. Downing, D. Burns, L. Howland, C. Halsey, T. Richardson. FRONT ROW: Pamela Briggs, M. Ransom, S. Bliss, L. Brady, S. Shear, T. Baker. ABSENT: J. Shaw. 22 MISS CHURCH MRS. PECKHAM2ND GRADE, MRS. PECKHAM-STANDING: R. Cornell, D. Rogers, G. Weber, C. Deming, L. Hess, P. Dannheim, L. Perkins, B. Dodge, D. Wahl, C. Barnes, D. Howland. SEATED-LAST ROW: T. Wood, S. Horan, K. Dening, J. McCormick. MIDDLE ROW: K. Clark, J. Green, D. Wallace, V. Smith, M. Mead. FRONT ROW: A. Spencer, M. France, B. Green ABSENT: K. Shaw. 23Third Grade MRS. HARDER MRS. MARSH 24 THIRD GRADE MRS. HARDER-STANDING: P. Bliss, S. Dibble, K. Russell, P. Dixon, J. Perkins, B. Barden, G. Milligan, C. Wallace, M. Geer, R. Geffers, E. McAndrew, C. Angood, M. Crittendon, J. Hess, J. Thomas. SEATED: D. Dodge, D. Perry, J. Manion, D. Wood, S. Richardson, J. Granic, C. Smith, B. Grossman, J. Loring, C. Brown. ABSENT: W. Lynch.THIRD GRADE MRS. MARSH-STANDING: T. Stephens, L. Snyder, K. Cornell, G. Burch, S. Dougherty, K. Murray, J. Bickal, D. Perry, K. Joyce, A. Baker, R. Angood, N. Herr, L. Bridge, D. Ordiway, C. Densmore. THIRD ROW: I. Downing, C. Weber, D. Nevol.J. Gavin. SECOND ROW: E. Hurlburt, S. Allen, E. MacMichael, L. Gruber. FIRST ROW: R. Schwei-gart, S. Denning, B. Empson, J. Richmond. 25Fourth Grade MRS. VARS MRS. DILLER FOURTH GRADE MRS. VARS-FRONT ROW: D. Burns. R. Gruber, T. Ransom, J. Brady. SECOND ROW: M. Clark, R. Cornell, J. Nye, C. Davis. THIRD ROW: D. Downing, G. Polmateer, C. Halsey, W. Cahill. FOURTH ROW: K. Baker, J. Grossman, T. Panton, B. Weber, C. Schrader, L. Spencer, W. Briggs. ABSENT: S. Wilson, P. Cramer.FOURTH GRADE MISS HARRIS-FRONT ROW: B. Ennis, T. Preston, L. Wolter, C. Green. SECOND ROW: E. Joyce, D. Monhan, J. Wood, B. Scott, E. Billings, M. Jackson. BACK ROW: N. McLean, L. Grossman, C. Lounsberry, J. Geffers, G. Baker, C. Geffers, M. Carson, S. Bundy, T. Joyce, T. Mead, H. Barber, A. Winslow, 0. Perkins. 27Fifth Grade MRS. BOYCE MRS. PLAISTEAD FIFTH GRADE MRS. BOYCE-STANDING: K. Fruend, R. Wallace, G. Barden, N. Olds, T. McCormick, M. Grossman, R. Godown, K. Shaw, R. Gruber, E. Wilson. FIRST ROW, Seated: J. Densniore, T. Denning, J. Green, E. Dougherty. SECOND ROW: D. Allen, R. Geffers, P.grossman, L. Clark, S. Manroe. ABSENT: R. Scott. 28FIFTH GRADE MRS. PLAISTEAD-FRONT ROW: D. Preston, B. Halsey, P. Freeland, D. Russell. SECOND ROW: M. Davis, M. Richardson, D. Gavin, C. Wahl, N. Stevens. THIRD ROW: R. Hyland, J. MacMichael, J. Pitts. STANDING: C. Swartz, B. Haugh, C. Vars, J. Davis, R. Rouse, B. Spencer, L. Baker, D. Bliss, J. Atwell, J. Thomas. ABSENT: J. Mosher, K. Shaw.Sixth Grade SIXTH GRADE MRS. ALEXANDER-STANDING: J. Briggs, M. Bliss, D. Baker, M. Baker, L. Mulconery, S. McCormick, R. Nichols, K. Freeland, D. Snyder. MIDDLE ROW, Seated: T. Price, V. Westbrook, M. Nevol, L. Brown, S. Panton. FRONT ROW: B. Cornell, C. Dodge, R. Cahill. ABSENT: C. Tomm.MRS. ALEXANDER MRS. SCHWARZENBACH SIXTH GRADE MRS. SCHWARZENBACH-BACK ROW: J. Jackson, J. Perry, V. Bird, L. Burns, L. Smith, K. Hess, C. Ryan, C. Gavin, C. Givens, D. Gruber. SECOND ROW: R. Allen, L. Tidd, C. Dougherty, L. Hahn. THIRD ROW: M. Lynch, T. Hyland, J. Dibble, G. Golisli. FRONT ROW: R. Burch, J. Thomas, C. Mattison. 317TH GRADE-FIRST ROW: J. Simons, D. Ordiway, D. Davis, J. Petrie, C. Densmore, J. Nevol, D. Burns, B. Lynch, S. Middaugh, K. Geer, Chad Grossman, S. Dunham. SECOND ROW: A. Davis, E. Bronson, D. Gorsuch, K. Ormsby, D. Hurlburt, H. McCormick, C. Clark, M. Dibble, R. Billings, L. McLean, C. Barden, N. Kelley, L. Jones. THIRD ROW: B. Wolter, K. Baker, R. Golish, B. Jackson, C. Weber, L. Tomm, J. Howland, G. Givens, K. Westbrook, M. Snyder, G. Burger, T. Polmateer, G. Rossman, D. Haugh, K. Shaw, D. Mitchell, C. Roeske, S. Herr, J. Bliss. ABSENT: R. Atwell. 328TH GRADE-BACK ROW: G. Givens, R. Godown, S. Church, N. Potter, D. Lang, A. Green, J. Baker, F. Baker, B. Cannon, D. Buchholz, E. Billings, C. Densmore, R. Slade, J. Brady, M. Dibble, E. Bickal, N. Barnes, M. Gavin, J. Rouse, C. Joyce, D. Ordiway, R. Pitts. MIDDLE ROW: A. Hess, L. Gram, B. Leonard, S. Boyer, K. Spencer, P. Billings, C. Joyce, E. Atwell, D. Fuller, R. Scott, C. Merrick, B. Perry, C. Weatherby, M. Bird, C. Baker, E. Batchelor. FRONT ROW: C. Harvey, A. Mithcell, D. Matison, G. Briggs, R. Tidd, D. Dodge, G. Weber, D. Green, D. Burrows, M. Panton, P. Mulconery, R. Jackson, D. Petrie, T. MacMichael, R. Pease. ABSENT: E. Wilson, H. Rouse.Freshmen 34 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS-BACK ROW: J. MacMichael, T. Wallace. MIDDLE ROW: J. Atwell, M. Shellman. FIRST ROW: J. Hyland.JUNIORS-LAST ROW: M. Cornell. L. Collins, S. Stephens, S. Pease, S. Givens, A. Slade, C. Gram, S. Phelps, S. Tomm, D. Greer, D. Freeland, J. Winger, G. Shellman, R. Beagle, D. Clark, A. Burr, D. Kaple. A. Harvey. MIDDLE ROW: G. Herr, M. Burnside, L. An-good, J. Perry, S. Emery, J. Hollo well, N. Clarke, S. Merrick, D. Baker, V. Atwell. P. Dibble. D. Carmody, K. Gavin. L. Panton, D. Nichols. FRONT ROW: P. Lynch, R. Brown, D. Williams. T. Matison, R. Leonard, R. Potter, R. Godown, J. Lang, D. Baker, P. Pelton. ABSENT: D. Barnes, E. Buchholz, D. Price, D. Slade, J. Wightman, K. Hubbard, Denise Maples. 36 CLASS OFFICERS: D. Baker, T. Polmateer, C. Preston, D. Grant, M. Thorp. Eleventh GradeJimmy Thomas, Mike Gavin, Dell Jackson, Rod Godown. Special Class 37SWIMMING-TOP ROW: D. Pitts, R. Godown, R. Beagle, D. Green, J. Lang. MIDDLE ROW: D. Dodge, P. Pelton, A. Burr, R. Godown, D. Sisson, J. Grossman. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Barden, D. Petrie, D. Burrows, G. Weber, T. MacMichael, D. Lang, K. Shaw. 3940SOCCER All of us were interested in sports, either as spectators, competitors, or both. In the line of A.C.S. sports, the Panthers played a great season of soccer with a good display of team effort this fall. Our team clinched the first place title in Allegany Class C. Sports. The team was undefeate'd in league action and otherwise only lost one non-league game. We received a trophy to brighten our trophy case and also gained the right to enter the sectionals. Luck wasn’t with us, so we lost. Everything considered, soccer season was very successful to Coach Hewes and the team. And to the spectators, it was very enjoyable. 1968 SOCCER SCHEDULE September 20 Greenwood We They 1 5 September 25 Jasper 2 1 September 27 Scio 3 2 October 1 Alfred-Almond 2 1 October 2 Jasper 0 0 October 4 Fillmore 3 3 October 8 Friendship 1 0 October 9 Greenwood 2 0 October 15 Scio 1 1 October 17 Alfred-Almond 1 0 October 22 Fillmore 3 3 October 25 Friendship 2 1 November 2 North Rose 1 4 41Basketbal 42VARSITY TEAMBACK ROW: “Screamer” Fanton, “Oliver” Grant, “Buzz” Hyland, “The Kid” Joyce “Smush” Brown, “Scramble” Tomm, “Sleepy” Boyer, “Musket” Polmateer, “Knuckles” Howland, “Poached” Tomm, “Gunner” Joyce. FIRST ROW: “Freddie” Baker, Coach Hewes, “Robbie” Jackson. With all seriousness, we admire and appreciate your unlimited effort during this basketball season. Our regular season record was 11 wins and 7 losses. "BIG JOHN” 3Junior Varsity RACK. ROW M. Pan ton. A. Gram, S. Phelps. R. Potter. R. Brown. MIDDLE ROW J. Hyland.T. Wallace. J. MacMkhael.M. Jackson. FIRST ROW: D. Baker. W, Geer. J. Davis.Varsity Cheerleaders R. Green, C. Preston, K. Gorsuch, N. Thorp, M. Thorp, L. Curey. Junior Varsity S. Lewis, B. Pteston. M. Shell-man, J, AtwefI, P. Crittenden, R. Tattle. B. Kemp.Track STANDING: Mr. Russell, J. Howland, R. Boyer,S. Tomm,H. Freeland. KNEELING: R. Joyce, D. Green, R. Godown, R. Godown. Baseball BACK ROW: R. Post, R. Schrader, P. Dixon, G. Shellman, R. Joyce, C. Joyce, R. Tomm, R. Brown. FRONT ROW: D. Sisson, T. Polmateer, R. Brown, J. Partridge, D. Grant, T. Dolan, F. Baker, Mr. Hewes. 46TOP ROW: M. Panton, R. Pitts, T. MacMichael, E. Wilson, E. Wilson, D. Lang, B. Leonard, N. Potter, S. Church, J. Baker, C. Joyce. FIFTH ROW: G. Weber, L. Gram, K. Shaw. C. Schwartz, S. Boyer, C. Tomm, G. Burger, P. Mulconery, J. Dibble, D. Burrows, L. Tomm, S. Lewis. FOURTH ROW: B. Jackson, D. Ordiway, K. Shaw, C. Mattison, E. Atwell, N. Kelley, E. Bronson, A. Davids, L. Mulconery, S. Pantqp, S. Walker, G. Dodge. THIRD ROW: C. Grossman, R. Cahill, C. Dougherty, M. Bliss, D. Snyder, D. Petrie, K. Shaw, D. Baker, L. Brown, J. Pitts. Mrs. Potter. SECOND ROW: N. Stephens, J. MacMichael, R. Wallace, J. Davis, C. Vars, M. Richardson, D. Bliss, D. Hall. FIRST ROW: B. Halsey, D. Preston, J. Petrie, S. McCormick. 50Dance Band BOTTOM ROW: M. Jackson, B. Tomm, E. Wilson, T. Mac-Michael, D. Pitts, J. Gross-man, J. Atwell, B. Preston, J. MacMichael. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Potter, C. Preston, J. Brown, D. Baker, N. Potter, B. Leonard, D. Burrows. TOP ROW: B. Brown, D. Godown, R. Brown, T. Wallace, M. Howland. K. Richardson, C. Pelton, S. Phelps. Pep Band BOTTOM ROW: J. Gross-man, D. Pitts, J. Petrie. SECOND ROW: S. Pease, D. Carmody, P. Pelton, D. Nichols, Y. Mattison. THIRD ROW: D. Baker, C. Pelton, N. Potter, B. Leonard, K. Richardson, T. MacMichael, M. Howland, Mrs. Potter. TOP ROW: J. Brown, D. Burrows, G. Weber, D. Lang, R. Godown. 51FIRST ROW: N. Kelly, C. Barden, E. Atwell, C. Joyce, L. McLean, E. Hess, D. Burns, K. Geer. SECOND ROW: S. Lewis, G. Burger, J. Petrie, E. Bronson, C. Merrick, R. Scott, A. Davis, G. Rossman, K. Spencer. THIRD ROW: L. Tomm, P. Crittenden, R. Tuttle, B. Kemp,S. Boyer, P. Billings,T. Wallace,G. Weber, J. Atwell, D. Sisson, C. Baker, P. Mulconery.FOURTH ROW: C. Joyce, K. Richardson, K. Davis, D. Burrows, B. Cannon, J. MacMichael, J. Rouse, B. Leonard, S. Church, B. Preston, Y. Mattison, M. Jackson, N. Potter, J. Bliss. Junior High Choir Intermediate Choir FIRST ROW. M. Richardson, D. Bliss, L. Baker, L. Clark, K. Freund, P. Grossman, R. Godown, V. Bird, J. Briggs. SECOND ROW: D. Preston, R. Geffers, D. Allen, L. Burns, L. Brown, D. Baker, C. Dodge, M. Bliss. THIRD ROW: R. Rouse, N. Stephens, M. Davis, J. Pitts, D. Russell, J. Densmore, L. Smith, C. Ryan, K. Hess, C. Matison, D. Snyder. FOURTH ROW: S. McMormick, L. Hahn, B. Halsey, K. Swartz, E. Wilson, C. Givens, M. Nevol, L. Mulconery, M. Baker, S. Panton, C. Dougherty.SENIOR CHOIR-FIRST ROW: E. Atwell, J. Wight-man, L. Collins. SECOND ROW: S. Stephens, S. Boyer, S. Merrick, D. Stephens, D. Baker, J. Atwell, S. Lewis, D. Nichols. THIRD ROW: P. Crittenden, B. Preston, Y. Mattison, T. Wallace, D. Herr, C. Berger-son, R. Tuttle, B. Kemp. FOURTH ROW: C. Joyce, R. Godown, J. MacMichael, A. Burr, S. Tomm, M. Jackson, J. Lang, K. Richardson. FIFTH ROW: C. Preston, C. McCormick, P. Dixon, S. Phelps, R. God-own, R. Brown, M. Shellman, M. Thorp. SIXTH ROW: G. Herr, C. Pelton, H. Sison, T. Polmateer, B. Boyer, B. Brown, J. Hyland, N. Thorp.National Honor Society STANDING: M. Howland, R. Tomm, R. Brown, R. Lynch, R. Schrader, D. Leon. SEATED: C. Preston, E. Ulsh, M. Tuttle, L. Leon, D. Baker. 56STANDING: M. Thorp, W. Davis, D. Baker, R. Boyer, N. Weber. SEATED: (MIDDLE ROW) K. Gavin, D. Nichols, E. Bronson, J. Atwell. FIRST ROW: T. Wallace, G. Burger, H. Sisson. Student Council 57 00 «oter ion ind uir ireaks le to ms .il' r not. ; time artic-. The i easy that s be- i r»a r- Tine Hi Herald Andover, N. Y., March 13, 1969 Three-Hour Pre-Licensing Classroom Instruction All persons, sixteen years and over, taking a Driver’s Test after April 1, 1969, must have certification that they have attended the three-hour pre-licensing classroom instruction. This card can be presented at the time of the Road Test appointment. Classes have been scheduled in Andover and surrounding schools. Forms for registration will be available in each school and may Junior Play The Juniors are in final stages for their spring production — “Father Knows Best”, a charming three-act comedy abou the more light-hearted aspects of family life. Does father (Tom Polmateer) always know best? Getting her first date with Ralph (Danny Grant) wasn’t easy and Betty (Debbie Baker) is afraid it may be her last. Father has called off their plans to go dancing. After reading a newspaper story about - . n Rep. James F. Hastings Announces Representative James F. Hastings urges all young men interested in seeking appointment to a United States Service Academy to contact him immediately. The Congressman said all interested in competing for a Congressional appointment to Annapolis, West Point or the Air Force Academy should write to him as promptly as possible. Representative Hastings said ap- nlinonfe wanlJ on oArv.nolifion in P The 1 ing Co March Tile from ( ' Rose arid fi-and Ki The will p; Finals a writ. an y iers. gers let- rson the This ’irst, elop h, I ■'.pee the sing lling sons well gift, bet, nost — May 6 — Andover Central School (Room 222) 7:00 May 12 — Angelica Central School — 7:00 p. m. May 19 — Fillmore Central School — 7:00 p.m. May 26 — Cuba Central School — 7:00 p.m. June 2 — Richburg Central School — 7:00 p.m. June 9 — Scio Central School — 7:00 p.m. June 16 — Belfast Central School — 7:00 p.m. June 17 — Alfred-Almond Central School 7:00 p.m. June 23 — Wellsville High School (Room 1021 — 7:00 p.m. July 14 — Belmont Central School — 7:00 p.m. July 28 — Belmont Central Auditorium, Fridav March 21 at 8:00 p. m. It is under the direction of Mrs. Kessler and produced by special arrangements with the Dramatic Publishing Company. t-ub Senior Interview by Grace Herr This week’s honored Senior is Robert Edward Thaddeus Lynch, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lynch. “Bob” was born May 11, 1961. He has one brother, Brian and two sisters, Martha Lou and Victoria. “Bob” has been very active in many activities while here in school. He’s been in Hi Herald, four years; National Honor So- rietv three v rs- Pert Cr„,° by Rick Schrader In basketball action last week the Warriors nipped the Lakers by a score of 22 - IS. High men for the Warriors were Fred Baker. Steve Dunham, and Brian Can- non each with sitf points. High nk man for the Lakers was Mike Dibble with eleven points. In the second game the Royals beat the Celtics 18 to 14. High men for the Royals were Bob Jackson and Don Lang, each having seven points. High men for the Celtics were Tom MacMichael and Alan Mitchell with five points apiece. Activity Sheet Pea But 1 wu-: Cob F !’■■» Stir Mill F Ban part to Ban S; Ban —Red Cross RED CROSS-FIRST ROW: C. Harvey, B. Polmateer, R. Tuttle, C. Joyce, J. Wightman, K. Hubbard, M. Thorp, D. Leon, P. Dixon, N. Weber, C. Joyce, J. Atwell, E. Atwell, L. Collins, L. Tomm, B. Preston, J. Day, R. Shear. SECOND ROW: R. Schrader, A. Davis, B. Kemp, C. Simons, D. Gorsuch, D. Stephens, G. Givens, S. Merrick, K. Spencer, J. Perry, K. Weather-by, K. Burch, S. Briggs, P. Billings, S. Herr, H. McCormick, K. Baker, L. McLean. THIRD ROW: C. Densmore, E. Bronson, J. Brown, C. Weatherby, C. Weber, K. Ormsby, S. Lewis, S. Boyer, M. Gavin, L. Angood, Y. Mattison, M. Burnside, N. Clarke, D. Baker, D. Kaple, H. Rouse. FOURTH ROW: K. Geer, J. Nevol, P. Crittenden, M. Snyder, G. Burger, J. Davis, W. Davis, K. Richardson, C. Walter, K. Gavin, L. Panton, D. Carmody, D. Baker, S. Emery, S. Stephens, P. Tuttle, M. Dibble, J. Petrie. FIFTH ROW: J. Simons, A. Gram, C. Preston, J. Kent, C. Congelli, S. Pease, A. Burr, J. Wahl, R. Brown, H. Sisson, K. Davis, B. Jackson, M. Dibble, L. Jackson, B. Greer, Mrs. Burger. SIXTH ROW: B. Leonard, L. Leon, M. Howland, J. Howland, T. Dixon, T. Polmateer, G. Shellman, B. Lynch, D. Burrows, J. Hyland, G. Herr, N. Thorp, M. Shellman, C. McCormick, S. Dunham, D. Ordiway. 60Future Nurses BACK ROW: S. Emery, K. Hubbard, J. Day, K. Gavin, J. Kent, G. Herr, K. Bucholtz, J. Hyland, L. Curey, M. Howland, D. Nichols, S. Pease, S. Stephens, N. Clarke. FRONT ROW: D. Maples, L. Collins, J. Wightman, Joyce Freeland, C. Walter, M. Thorp, J. Perry, V. Atwell. Camera Club STANDING: A. Folsom, C. Graves, C. Wolters. SEATED: C. Pitts, P. Pelton. 61F.H.A. G.A.A.Hall of Fame ROBERT BROWN DIANE LEON MARY HOWLAND RICHARD GODOWN ELIZABETH ULSH 63Seniors Class Officer's R. Godown, R. Schrader, H. Sisson, R. Tomm. Donald Billings Robert BoyerROBERT E. BROWN “You don’t have to hang from a tree to be a nut.” KATHLEEN BUCHHOLTZ “1 didn’t know what time it was. LYN CUREY “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.” LARRY CLARK “To class I’m always late, and sadder things I could relate.” 67JOYCE DIBBLE “A sparkle in her eye and one on her finger.” CALVIN DENSMORE “A man who makes a small noise is better than one who is but a big echo.” 6869ERNEST HARVEY “Do you belong to the asylum or are you just here on a visit.” 70WANDA HOLLOWELL "Blessed are the small, because they come no smaller”. JUDY HYLAND “Gotta’ make up for lost time. 71RICHARD JOYCE “I hate girls, they irritate me. 1 love to be irritated.” ROBERT JOYCE “Ask me no questions and 1 can tell you no fibs.” DIANE LEON “The sky is my goal.” LINDA LEON “1 would be better if I could, but it’s so lonesome being good.” 7273BRENDA PERKINS “A shy face is better than a forward heart.” RUTH SHEAR “Two dimples tack her smile in place.” RICHARD SCHRADER “To worry little and study less, is my idea of happiness.” DAVID SCHWEIGART I exist as I am—that is enough.”HAROLD F. SISSON “Size alone doesn’t make a man.” MARGARET A. TUTTLE “Million dollar eyes—she wears contacs.” ROBERT TOMM “Right on top: Tip Top.” NOREEN R. THORP “A girl with brown hair will have brown hair until she dyes.” 75CINDY WALTER “Quiet sort of girl that does things quietly.” ELIZABETH ULSH “Lovely to look at and lovely to know .....There is no gathering the rose without being pricked by the thorns.” DOUG VARS “Success comes in cans; failures in can’ts.” NADINE WEBER “Is she talking again............or yet?”77Mule Jack Sweet Jude One of a Kind Cinders Timber Wolf Super Chick Sleeping Picker SurelyBong Freckles Bug Eye Fuzz Head Simple Turnpike BrownieIf you do that one more time. I’ll I always take marks. Simple!” Settle down! You’ve got a regents to pass in June.” 80Letter of 'Predation Dear Faculty, WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS, WISH that we had gotten into more mischief. We don’t want TO GIVE OUR THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE punished us although we were right, or haven’t HELPED US IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL. (And we can’t forget those.blessed teachers that sent us to the office.) WE ARE, TRUELY, VERY PLEASED that you had difficulty in teaching us, pleased AND SATISFIED WITH OUR EFFORTS AND regret that more gossip and notes didn’t take place WITH OUR BUDDIES, WHO HAVE ENCOURAGED US ON- to a fatal waste of time, instead of ON TO SUCCESS. THIS SHOULD BE OF IMPORTANCE to all future classes, as it is TO OUR MEMORIES. OUR CLASS IS MOST CONTENT with those unprepared assignments, days of absence, and WITH THE IMPRESSION WE HAVE BESTOWED that we are not well liked and unworthy TO THE WORLD. WE ARE SORRY THAT OUR minds have been broadened. The lacking of APPRECIATION FOR OUR SURROUNDINGS WAS honored by us. It is sad to think it was NOT MORE EXPRESSED. WE HOPE THAT THE CLASS OF 1970 will resemble our ways, and others, too, WILL ALSO REALIZE HOW FORTUNATE THEY ARE. THE CLASS OF ‘69 P. S. NO, DON’T DOUBT US. READ ONLY EVERY OTHER LINE. 81Compliments of JOYCE PIPELINE COMPANY Greenwood Road Andover New York Phone 478-5626 82Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors from FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA Andover New York Congratulation to the Class of 1969 from ANDOVER RESTAURANT Margie Wilkinson Phone 478-8197 Congratulations to Class of ’69 R.J. SOOTHERAN Phone—478-4111 Andover New York Compliments of BAKER’S HARDWARE Andover New York 478-4425 Compliments of “Ken” Vars VARS’ MENS BOYS WEAR Main Street New York Congratulations from VARS PHARMACY Wendell R. Vars 24 Hour Prescription Service Main Street Andover New York 83 AndoverCompliments of THE VOGUE BEAUTY SALON Andover New York 478-3244 Compliments of MARGARET’S RESTAURANT Main Street Andover New York Compliments of JAMES MULHOLLAND Church St. Andover New York Congratulations Seniors GLENN E. BRONSON INSURANCE BROKER Andover N.Y. Compliments of Farmer’s Feed Supply Andover New York Phone—478-5331 Compliments of SACKETT’S FOOD MARKET Main Street Andover New York Compliments of SUNNYDALE FARMS Compliments of Phone 478-3575 SHORT’S SERVICE STATION Andover New York Andover New YorkCompliments of HARRY LEON Andover New York WOODRUFF T.V. Sales and Service for Motorola and Zenith Black and White, Color T.V. Stereo Andover New York Congratulation to the Graduating Seniors from HENRY STEPHENS INSURANCE AGENCY 478-5565 Compliments of PINE TREE MOTEL Mr. Mrs. Richard Baker, Prop. Andover, New York 478-8264 Congratulations to the Class of 1969 from WEBER’S RESTAURANT Andover New York Compliments of H.H. WILLIAMS CO. Groceries—Dry Goods Notions Andover New York Compliments of ALAN L. FOLSOM, M.D. By Appointment Only Andover New York 478-8244 Congratulations to the Class of 1969 from HOWIE’S QUAKERSTATE Tires, Batteries Greasing, Inspection Tune-up’s Andover N.Y. 478-8253 85Congratulations to Class of 1969 MALLERY T.V. Bolivar Rd. Wellsville, N.Y. Home of RCA Victor Diamonds Watches CHARLE’S JEWELER’S 110 North Main St. Wellsville, N.Y. Watch Jewelry Repairing For the Lift that Lasts Drink ELMHURST DAIRY MILK Dial—593-2551 Wellsville New York Compliments of LUNN LUMBER Everything for Building 256 West State St. Phone 593-2426 Wellsville New York Compliments of HOPKINS LUMBER CO. 120 S. Main St. Phone 593-3240 Wellsville New York Compliments of DAVIE'S Allegany Counties Most Complete Clothing Store Wellsville N.Y. WELLSVILLE DAILY REPORTER Our 88th Year Serving Allegany and Potter Counties Letter and Offset Commercial Printing D J BODY SHOP 24 Hour Towing Service Heavy Duty Equipment Collision Work Refinishing Call 593-3854 Bolivar Rd. Wellsville New YorkCompliments of FRED D. RICE MUSIC HOUSE Arthur D. Runzo Your Music Supply House Since 1890 Wellsville N.Y. ARGENTIERI BROS. CLEANERS LAUNDERS W. Hanover Street Wellsville. N. Y. 593-1140 Office 889 Broadway, Hornell Pk. Del. in Andover—Tues. Fri. Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Fur Storage Vault—The Only One in Alleghany County Compliments of TRIANGLE SHOES The Prettiest Legs in Town Wear Triangle Shoes 94 N. Main St. Wellsville New York Compliments of WHEIPIEY IMPL. CO. INC. Wellsville, N.Y. PAUL F. CULBERT SONS Allis—Chalmers New Idea New Holland Sales—Service—Parts Phone 716-593-2580 Wellsville N.Y. Rt. 19 South Compliments of HARRY F. JOYCE Certified Public Accountant Andover, N.Y. Compliments of WELLSVILLE FLYING SERVICE INC. Airtaxi—Instruction—Sales M.J. Tarantine—Pres. Phone (716) 593-3350 Wellsville N.Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1969 HOTEL JOYCE Andover New York 87Compliments of DR. J.R. COMMON Phone—478-5662 Main Street Andover New York Compliments of FORD AND PECKHAM Main Street Andover New York 478-5555 Compliments of ALFRED IGA Alfred New York Compliments of THE ANDOVER MARKET BASKET Andover, New York Compliments of IDE’S GROCERY Alfred, New York 88Compliments of GLIDDEN GALLERIES Congratulations from SOUTHERN TIER CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. Alfred Phone 8 Concrete Blocks New York (607) 587-5700 Septic Tanks Alfred New York Thorp Brothers Atlantic Lubrications Minor Repairs Washings 24 Hour Towing Phone 478-8222 Andover New York Compliments of THORP’S BILLIARD PARLOR Main Street Andover New York Congratulations to the Class of 1969 ANDOVER THEATER Andover New York Compliments of Compliments to the Class of 1969 E.W. CRANDALL SON from and ANDOVER P.T.A. COLLEGE BOOK STORE Main St. Alfred, New York 89THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK 7 2 AND TRUST COMPANY Member • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation • Federal Reserve System 7 Andover Progressive Community Banking Since 1895 Conveniently located offices Serving Allegany County Wellsville Alfred Bolivar Cuba Whitesville Member FDIC Member Federal Reserve SystemCompliments of CANNON’S MENS BOYS CLOTHING FURNISHINGS Wellsville New York Compliments of KERTON’S FLORISTS Flowers For All Occasions Wellsville New York Compliments of WELLSVILLE AUTO-DEALERS Wellsville New York Compliments of JIM DEAN BODY SHOP Wellsville New York Compliments of THOMAS M. DEAN Wellsville, New York Compliments of WELLSVILLE HOUSE OF GLASS Bolivar Rd. Wellsville New York Heart’s Delight Food Products Distributed By SCOVILLE, BROWN AND CO. Wellsville, N.Y. Congratulations to the Class of 1969 WELLSVILLE TRAVEL SERVICE GIFT SHOP Wellsville New York 9?Compliments of M " - 11 ELEUTOO SERVICE FOFOM FLOOR OF FINE FURNITURE 25 N. Main St. Wellsville New York Compliments of ROCKWELL BROTHERS Alleganys’ Oldest and Largest Department Store Wellsville New York The Air Preheater Company Wellsville, New York Compliments of THE ANDOVER CLASS OF 1969 Congratulations to the Class of 1969 From Worthington Corporation Wellsville, New York Compliments of TEXAS HOT Wellsville New York Congratulations to the Seniors of 1969 UMIKER’S MONUMENT WORKS Wellsville New York 9?Compliments of THE COFFEEPOT Andover—Alfred Rd. Compliments of J.J. NEWBERRY Allegany's Most Complete Department Store Wellsville New York Compliments of Roy Reta Alden ALDEN WALGREEN AGENCY DRUGS Free deliver to our many friends in Andover! Free Parking in the Rear Wellsville, New York Compliments of Compliments of FRED SHORT SON WHOLESALE COATS DRUG CO. Sinclair Gas and Oil Wellsville New York Russell Stover Candies Wellsville, N.Y. 93 Compliments of PAUL A. Gignac Commercial and Industrial Photography Alfred Phone 587-2880 New York Compliments of CANACADEA COUNTRY STORE Alfred Station New York Congratulations to the Class of ’69 PINECREST POULTRY FARM “The home of the fresh eggs” New York THE AMERICAN LEGION LYNCH-BURGETT POST NO. 397 “For God and Country” Meetings Every Third Tuesday Garth C. Hulin, Commander Alfred StationCompliments of FRANKLIN FURNITURE “Makers of Happy Homes” 120 Main St. Hornell, N.Y. Phone 324-3011 The Members of the Hi-Herald Staff Take This Opporturnity to Thank THE NEWS PRINTING HOUSE For Their Cooperation in the Past Publication of Our School Paper! THE HI-HERALD Best Wishes to the Class of ’69 ANDOVER GARAGE INC. General Auto Repair Keystone Gas Phone 478-4685 Main Street Andover New York Compliments of EISENHEIMER CHEVROLET INC. Hornell New York Compliments of HORNELL BOWL Hornell New York 95Compliments of THE TEXAS CAFE and RUSS DAVIS FORD MERCURY Hornell New York EARL LEON’S GARAGE General Repairing Wrecker Service Used Parts and Welding Andover R.D.1 N.Y. 587-3199 Compliments of VILLAGE COFFEE SHOP Wellsville New York and Congratulations to the Class of 1969 A FRIEND 96 |i|»|a ■ i|ivi [MiiSfliii I- I I i'llt b'l-'11 . I •’ f ‘I I' I’ I Hi !|« i i :li't Ji'l'l'il’l'i'ln- • :1:1:1a Ilf 4 • f 4% =-T M «

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