Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY)

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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1965 volume:

FOREWORD (????) .... We hope so, anyway. The world is so full of tears, cynicism, and negative thought, that we would rather see our school and our town in their happier sides. We are going away now -- and we want to remember our school years as happy, constructive ones. True, our book isa bit topsy-turvey and twisted a round in spots, but why not? Most of it is intentional .... so follow Ed’s babby britches through our annual. See us now and remember us in the years ahead as a topsy-turvy class which never the less appreciates what we have had here. OUR DEDICATION............................ We have considered many teachers who have helped us through our school years; some friends of the school, and leaders of our community as well. Somehow our thoughts return to the man who is always busy -- but never too much so to take time to unlock doors for our forgotten books. He has helped us tie our shoes and given us our birthday spankings. He has given us a friendly nod and a smile when we’ve been sent out of the class to stand alone and “friendless in the hall. And what a smile it is! To you, Jim -- our yearbook and our hearts.Mr. Kessler, Principal, advisor of our youth; terror and saint. OUR BOARD OF EDUCATION--Mr. Dougherty, Mr. Burdick, Mr. Gath, Mr. Tuttle and Mr. MacMichael. Missing from this picture is Doctor Robert Common.MISS AGNES TAYLOR Secretary MRS. FLORENCE GREENE School Nurse STAFF MR. MICHAEL TOWER School Psychologist 5CAFETERIA STAFF PRACTICE TEACHERSOliver Kemp, Fred Middaugh, Gordon Steadman, Franny Vickers, Bill Woodruff, Art Kemp. OUR BUS DRIVERS Not many people would care to change places with any of our bus-drivers. Theirs is a noisy, and for the most part, pretty thankless job. Yet in the history of our school not one child has ever been injured as a result of a bus accident. This year Oliver Kemp and his crew received a safety citation from the State Education Department. It’s only a piece of paper--but think what it means. Thanks, gentlemen. Jim Nobles and Jim Cannon, Custodians. 7MRS. WOODRUFF English and Latin MRS. CONDE1 Librarian MR. MILLS History MR. BRONSON Science MR. MUMMA MR. CARMODY Mathematics Jr. High Science and Cit. Ed. 8MR. BAYLINE Commercial MR. MC CLURE Music MRS. MC CLURE MusicMR. RUSSELL Agriculture MR. BARDEN Industrial Arts MRS. BEMAN Homemaking MR. OVERSLAUGH Physical Education MISS TROXELL Physical Education MR. BRACE Driver Education 10MISS JORDAN Grade Five MR. WILCOX Grade Six MRS. SCHWARZENBACH Grade Six MRS. PERRI Grade Five MISS HARRIS MRS. VARS Grade Four Grade Four N MRS. REIL Grade ThreeMRS. PECKHAM Grade Two MISS TRIPP MISS CHURCH Grade Three Grade TwoBACK ROW: B. Scott, S. Bundy, E. Billings. T. Mead, T. Joyce, T. Preston, S. Wilson, S. Poole, D. Cerrillo, K. Baker. MIDDLE: J. Wood, D. L. Morris, C. Lounsberry, B. Ennis, R. Angood, C. Halsey, C. Davis. FRONT: E. Joyce, L. Grossman, T. Panton, J. Hess, N. Dean, D. Jackson. TEACHER: MRS. CORWIN. KINDERGARTEN FRONT ROW: M. Clark, C. Densmore, C. Schraeder, D. Perry, O. Perkins, R. Dittmeyer. MIDDLE: M. Jackson, J. Geffers, C. Geffers, N. McLean, G. Baker, D. Kittell, M. Carson. BACK: D. Monahan, W. Briggs, D. Burns, D. Lynch, B. Polmateer, R. Gruber, H. Barber, R. Rosintoski, B. Weber. TEACHER: MRS. RIGGS.FRONT ROW: R. Wallace, D. Russell, M. Richardson, J. Atwell, C. Cornish. MIDDLE ROW: M. Davis, S. Richardson, P. Freeland, R. Geffers, D. Gavin, L. Baker, L. Clark. BACK ROW: M. Grossman, D. Preston, K. Shaw, E. Dougherty, E. Wilson, B. Haugh, M. McCormick, R. Rouse, G. Barden. Absent were D. Geer, A. Kenyon, T. Smith. TEACHER: MRS. CONNOR FIRST GRADE BACK ROW: K. Freund, L. Kittell, C. Vars, L. Smith, B. Halsey, R. Gruber, J. Pitts. W. Cahill, L. Spencer. MIDDLE ROW: J. Holmes, D. Allen, R. Godown, L. Dunham, T. Denning, M. Weber, N. Stephans. FRONT ROW: S. Scott, J. MacMichael, T. McCormick, M. Cornelius, J. Davis, R. Spencer. TEACHER: MRS. HAY. 15BACK ROW: V. Westbrook, K. Freeland, T. Smith, J. Dibble, P. Grimes, L. Tidd, C. Gavin, E. Dittmeyer, J. Densmore. MIDDLE: J. Briggs, L. Brown, M. Baker, M. Nevol, T. Price, J. Jackson. FRONT: B. Burch, B. Cornell, C. Wahl, C. Dougherty, D. Snyder. TEACHER: MISS CHURCH SECOND GRADE BACK ROW: D. Childs, R. Cahill, D. Burgett, S. Manroe, R. Allen, C. Tomm, L. Hahn, R. Nichols, M. Grimes, L. Mulconery. MIDDLE: V. Bird, K. Hess, J. Perry, S. Panton, C. Ryan, C. Givens, L. Bums, D. Baker. FRONT: K. MacCrea, M. Gavin, K. Shaw, C. Dodge, M. Cornish, S. McCormick. TEACHER: MRS. PECKHAM. 16BACK ROW: R. Billings, C. Weber, J. Howland, G. Burger, R. Kittell, K. Westbrook, L. Tomm, S, Herr, C. Roeske. MIDDLE: S. Dunham, L. McLean, C. Barden, K. Ormsby, N. Kelley, C. Cornish, M. Snyder. FRONT: C. Grossman, K. Geer, C. Mattison, J. Petrie, B. Lynch, R. MacCrea. ABSENT: A. Davis. TEACHER: MRS. REIL. THIRD GRADE BACK ROW: K. Shaw, D. Mitchell, A. Dunham, D. Haugh, B. Jackson, M. Dibble, J. Nevol, B. Lynch, T. Polmateer, E. Bronson. MIDDLE: H. McCormick, E. Cerrillo, K. Baker, D. Gorsuch, L. Jones, C. Clark, R. Atwell. FRONT: D. Davis, D. Ordiway, G. Rossman, S. Mid-daugh, D. Burns, R. Ford. TEACHER: MISS TRIPP.TEACHER: MRS. VARS. FOURTH GRADE BACK ROW: J. Rouse, B. Leonard, D. Redding, E. Wilson, S. Burgett, M. Dibble, G. Givens, A. Mitchell, Y. Dunham, C. Joyce. MIDDLE: M. Gavin, E. Atwell, P. Billings, B. Cerrillo, C. Baker, E. Hess, B. Perry. FRONT: P. Mulconery, R. Tidd, C. Densmore, R. Godown, R. Pease, G. Briggs. ABSENT: C. Taylor and L. Gram. TEACHER: MISS HARRIS. BACK ROW: G. Weber, D. Burrows, E. Billings, E. Stearns, S. Church, D. Matison, N. Potter, D. Dodge, C. Weatherby, M. Panton. THIRD: D. Ordiway, J. Baker, D. Lang, D. Petrie, R. Jackson. SECOND: C. Joyce, K. Spencer, M. Bird, N. Barnes, T. Childs. FRONT: B. Cannon, D. Fuller, C. Merrick, R. Scott, T. MacMichael. 18BACK ROW: E. Snyder, J. Davis, G. Givens, J. Howland, F. Baker, M. Poole, S. Lewis, Y. Mattison, C. McCormick, P. Ford, T. Wallace, D. Herr, B. Jackson. MIDDLE: K. Burch, L. Ross, S. Lewis, B. Preston, K. Davis, J. Atwell, S. Briggs. FRONT: C. Densmore, D. Morris, W. Geer, D. Dodge, D. Sisson. TEACHER MISS JORDAN. FIFTH GRADE BACK ROW: P. Middaugh, L. Hess, H. Rouse, M. Jackson, T. Kemp, R. Hyland, D. Burrows, P. Matison, M. Shellman, J. Lynch, L. Nevol, R. Pitts, J. Brown. MIDDLE: K. Richardson, R. Tuttle, B. Kemp, J. Congelli, M. Dodge, R. Lehman. FRONT: J. MacMichael, D. Gallagher, J. Dean, J. Grossman, D. Baker, D. Westbrook. TEACHER: MRS. PERRI.BACK ROW: D. Williams, G. Shellman, A. Slade, K. Weatherby, D. Nichols, K. Gavin, S. Givens, L. Panton, P. Dibble, V. Billings, M. Bernard, F. Fuller. MIDDLE: D. Freeland, S. Pease, L. Collins, B. Rouse, D. Baker, L. Angood, R. Potter. FRONT: R. Brown, D. Clark, R. Godown, T. Matison, P. Pelton. TEACHER: MRS. SCHWARZENBACH. SIXTH GRADE BACK ROW: L. Bernard, V. Atwell, S. Tomm. M. Cornell, D. Barnes, W. Dodge, K. Hubbard, S. Phelps, D. Carmody, D. Slade, M. Burnside. MIDDLE: S. Emery, N. Clarke, S. Merrick, J. Wightman, G. Herr, S. Stephens, J. Perry. FRONT: C. Densmore, J. Lang, R. Leonard, D. Baker, D. Ormsby, J. Smith. ABSENT: A. Gram. TEACHER: MR. WILCOX. 20s E V E N T H BACK ROW: C. Thompson, D. Price, G. Wahl, D. Grant, T. Polmateer, S. Clarke, D. Pitts, J. Howland, H. Freeland. MIDDLE ROW: C Preston, C. Congelli, D. Roeske, D. Baker, K. Gorsuch, D. Osgood, M. Thorp, E. Matison, D. Kaple, C. Fauzey, J. Day. FRONT ROW: M. Smith, J. Kent, N. Burch, K. Nevol, L. Eschen-baugh, P. Nye, D. Masters, D. Geer, M. Wahl, C. Bcrgerson, D. Stephens. Absent, D. Miller. BACK ROW: D. Vars, T. Lynch. H. Sisson, T. Weber. FOURTH ROW: M. Whitsell. F. Middaugh R. Joyce, D. Billings, R. McCormick, C. Densmore, L. Clark, T. Dixon, R. Burdick. THIRD ROW: W. Davis, P. Dixon, R. Lynch, R. Joyce, R. Godown, J. Joyce. R. Brown, R. Schrader, R. Tomm. .SECOND ROW: N. Thorp. J. Hyland, J. Miller. S. Fuller, Sh. Fuller. C. Walters. S. Conner, M. Howland, C. Pel ton, D. Leon, J. Howland. FRONT ROW: C. Masters T. Miles, D. Scott. S. Fuller, K. McCormick, K. Gavin, J. Dibble. L. Dunham, B. Perkins. J. Nye. J. Freeland, L. Leon, P. Tuttle.BACK ROW: J. LeFever, J. Stephens, D. Polmateer, J. Hames, T. McCormick, W. Hurlburt, D. Sherman. R. Wilson, K. Pease, A. Dodge. FOURTH: D. Whitesell, R. Barnes, J. DeRemer, G. Rossman, G. Bixby, E. Sackett, C. Joyce, R. Gallagher, T. Joyce, R. Moline. THIRD: C. Nevol, T. Ordiway, G. Clarke, R. Baker, S. Reil, M. Alvord, M. Manion, N. Greenfield, J. Baker, D. Leon. SECOND: R. Burton, D. Lehman, M. Greene, M. Corwin, D. Geer, D. Billings, C. Pitts, C. Densmore, L. Bernard, B. Burch. FRONT: S. McClure, P. Schrader, C. Perry, D. Fox, E. Bird, S. Congelli, R. Price, D. Harris. F R E S H M E N S O P H O M O R E S BACK ROW: D. Angood, R. Emery, D. Peckham, D. Vickers, F. Kelley, M. Howland, H. Hann, D. Alvord, J. Billings, T. Wahl. THIRD: D. Geer, R. Kelley, M. Rick, R. Dixon, C. Steadman, D. Collins, M. Meyn, C. Wallace, L. Middaugh, A. Nye. SECOND: B. Carver, G. Ordiway, B. Clark, R. Baker, L. Givens, B. Bird, D. Brundage, T. Kent, N. Howland, D. Whitesell. FRONT: E. Perry, R. McCormick, R. Lang, J. Tuttle, M. DeRemer, M. Smith, N. Halsey, K. Joyce, G. Bronson, C. Lewis. 22BACK ROW: D. Nye, S. Roeske, L. Cook, H. Fauzey, J. Wahl, D. Meacham, R. Joyce, R. Weber, W. Bixby, J. Strouse, W. Clarke, M. Clarke. MIDDLE: D. Thorp, G. Storms, M. Middaugh, W. Greene, D, Brown, K. Shellman, K. Lehman, E. Burch, S. Bird, B. Nevol, M. Lynch. FRONT: R. Congelli, C. Nye, D. Freeland, J. Harvey, L. Davis, R. Cornell, E. Bird, D. Dunham, D. Lehman, D. McCormick, W. Merrick. ABSENT: S. Baker, N. Billings, S. Burton, P. Morris, G. Rosinstoski, T. Scott. CLASS OFFICERS BACK: Bob Joyce, President. FRONT: Jean Harvey, Secretary-Treasurer; Ralph Weber, Vice-President. ABSENT: Bill Greene, Student Council. 23President: D. Smith; Secretary: M. Lynch; Treasurer: D. Dunham. STUDENT COUNCIL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY To be elected to this elite group, a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior must display the traits of SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, CHARACTER and SERVICE. 26Jean DeRemer, Editor; Sharon Congelli, Co-Editor; Dan Smith, Sports Editor; Mrs. Woodruff, Faculty Advisor. HI HERALD LIBRARY COUNCIL Mrs. Conde, Advising Librarian.FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA from "COWS AND PLOWS,” "POTS AND PANS” to FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICAA SCHOOL FAIR The School Fair was organized in 1944 as an Agricultural Fair. A year later, the FHA helped present the Fair. The homemaking and agriculture teachers at that time were Mrs. Robert Ingerson and Mr. Carl Fribolin. Gradually, The Fair--as it is commonly known--became a money-making project for the high school. But no matter how much--or little--money the classes make, students as well as parents and teachers enjoy an evening of Carnival and Country Fair. CAMERA CLUB FUTURE NURSES BACK ROW: B. Tuttle, B. Nevol, D. McCormick. FRONT: D. Dunham, D. Brown, K. Shellman. 30SENIOR AND JUNIOR RED CROSS32GIRLS 4-H MAJORETTES B. Tuttle, Drum Major D. Brown, J. Woolworth, J. Cook.34 SENIOR CHOIRJUNIOR CHOIRELEMENTARY CHOIR PEP BANDDANCE BAND ORCHESTRASENIOR BAND 38JUNIOR BAND 39CHRISTMAS FESTIVALSOCCER 42VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY CHEERLEADERS 43J.V. BASKETBALL J.V. CHEERLEADERS 44"FIN-MEN WRESTLERS 45BASEBALL TRACKVARSITY CLUB G.A.A.Davie Wightman, Mr. MacCrea, advisor; Jean DeRemer, Dan Smith, editor; Tom Manion, Ruth Allen, Dianne Vars. YEARBOOK STAFF CLASS OFFICERS Bonnie Tuttle Vice-President Davie Wightman Treasurer Dan Smith President 50 Ellen McAndrew Secreta ry Eddie Smith Student CouncilSharon Congelli Jean DeRemer Patricia Gath HALL OF FAME Cheryl BakerNorman Alvord Life’s a little thing. Cheryl Baker Better no rule than cruel. The sky is his goal Michael Baker. Ruth Allen A diamond in the rough.Young fellows will be young fellows! STEPHEN BAKER JUDY BILLINGS I'm goinna get married. DIANE BROWN Ask me no questions and I can tell you no fibs. GAIL BURDICK Rich is good works.SHARON CONGELLI I'll find a way or make one. IRA CONNER Thou little thinkist and less thoest do. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. " JANE COOK JEFFERY COMMON "Faint heart ne'er won fair lady. " 55I shall go softly all my years. Live lucky and be happy. Look not thou down, but up. JEANETTE DAY DANNY DENSMORE RONALD COOK I I believe in my work. JEAN DE REMERTime is but a stream I go a-fishing in. JAMES FOX The wind bloweth where it liveth. PATRICIA GATH Busy here and there. ROBERT GAYHART Eat, eat, and be merry. JAMES DUNHAM 57"What you doing that for?" WILLIAM GROSSMAN CELIA GROVER Can an Irish heart be quiet? ELLEN MC ANDREW Make my coffee strong! THOMAS MANION 58"Tender, lovin' care. DIANA MILES "Give me twenty acres and I'll turn this thing around.' Life! I know not what thou DENNIS NYE DONALD PRICE We wonder what mischief he'll do next. RAYMOND MEAD 59This young man is quite a lad, never too good, never too bad. EUGENE RAUB The guy who always manages to manage. JOSEPH RAUB I DO believe in the wee people. DANIEL SMITH When I am silent, you had better watch out! EDWARD SMITHDAVID THORP You don't have to hang from a tree to be a nut. SANDRA TIDD A smile that never goes away. ROBERT SMITH But that is another question. 61She was a phantom of the night. DIANNE VARS 62 We've got the teachers I am a very humble person. exactly where they want us. WILLIAM WAHL DAVIE WIGHTMAN A blush is nice, but sometimes inconvenient. JANET WOOLWORTH Compliments of PAUL A. GIGNAC Commercial and Industrial Photography Phone 587-2800 A1f red New York IROQUOIS TELEPHONE CORP. Cong ratu1 at i ons To The Class of 165 Comp iments of DR. J. R. COMMON Phone 478-5662 Ma i n St reet Andove r New York Compli ments of MARGARET'S RESTAURANT Main Street Andover New York 64Compl imerits of PINE TREE MOTEL Andover New York Comp i men ts of BAKER' S HARDWARE Andove r New York THE AMERICAN LEGION Lynch-Burgett Post 397 For God And Country Meeting - Third Tuesdays Ralph 0. Burgett Commande r Compliments Of VOGUE BEAUTY SALON Andover New York Comp 1i men ts of JAMES MULHOLLAND Church Street Andover New York E. W. CRANDALL SON COLLEGE BOOK STORE Most Complete Line of Pre-College and College Supplies in the Area Stationery Books - Outlines - Jewelry Giftware - Watches 32 N. Ma i n A 1fred Comp 1i men t s of FULLER'S RESTAURANT Andover New York 65FORD AND PECKHAM BUILDING DIVISION Main Street Andover, New York Phone: 478-5555 STRAN-STEEL BUILDINGS ...For Industrial, Commercial And Farm Use Design, Financing and Leasing Compliments of BURDICK SYRUP SUPPLIES Carroll and Merabah Burdick Andover Rt. 21 New York Congratu1 at i ons from SOUTHERN TIER CONCRETE BLOCKS Concrete Products Septic Tanks Alfred New York Compliments of ALFRED AGWAY Alfred Station New York 66Best Wi shes Andove r To The Class of 165 F rom BULK - TAINERS Designers and Builders of Bulk-Storage and Bulk Transport Facilities Phone 478-5851 New YorkCompliments Compl iments of of HENERY STEPHENS INSURANCE BOSTWICK'S AGENCY Alfred Andover New York Stationery Sportswear Best Wishes to Class of '65 ANDOVER GARAGE General Auto Repair Keystone Gas Phone 478- 685 Main Street Andover New York Compliments of Compli ments of NIAGARA SHORT'S Sr ELECTRON LABS. SERVICE STATION James A. Gram Andover New York Rt. 17 Andover New York Compliments of Compliments of THE H. H. WILLIAMS COMPANY SACKETT'S FOOD MARKET Groceries, Dry Goods, Not i ons Main Street Andover New York Andover New York 68 Compliments Compli ments of of FAY PAUL BROWN ORDIWAY JOYCE HOTEL BARBER SHOPS Main Street Andover New York Andover New York Comp 1i men t s of Compliments of FARMER'S FEED SUPPLY NYE TRACTOR SALES Qua 1 i ty Feeds Route 17 At Elm Valley Andover New York Andover New York Best W i shes Compliments of DR. S. B. SCOTT MARKET BASKET Center Street Andover New York Andover New York Congratulat i ons Compliments to the Class of '65 of R. J. SOOTHERN PINE CREST FARM Phone A78-A111 Route 21 Andover New York Alfred Station New York 69 THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Qf We 1 1 PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY BANKING Since 1895 Conveniently Located Offices Serving Allegany County Andover Alfred We 11sv i11e Bolivar Whi tesv i1le Member FDIC Member Fed. Res. SystemComp 1 i merits of JOYCE PIPELINE COMPANY Greenwood Rd. Andover, New York Phone 478-5626 71Compliments of SEARS AND ROEBUCK CO. Horne 11 New York Compliments of WORTHINGTON CORPORATION We 11sv i11e New York Compliments THE AIR of PRE-HEATER SUNNYDALE FARMS COMPANY of Wei 1svi1le, New York Compliments Compl iments The of A. MC HENERY AND CO. Andover Jewelers For Over Class of 1965 Fine Diamonds Diamond Jewelry Hornell 106 Main New York 72Compliments of UMIKERS MONUMENT WORKS AND UMIKER'S MARKET We 11svi11e New York Compliments of JACOB'S BROS. Home of Pro-tec-tiv Shoes 121 Main Horne 1 New York Compliments of WELLSVILLE Compliments of AUTO SCOTT'S GUN SHOP DEALERS Horne 11 New York Wellsville New York Compliments of YANDA'S SERVICE STATION Rt. 17 on the Andover Road Wellsville New York FRED D. SHORT SON Wholesalers of Petroleum Products Rt. 17 Andover Road Wellsville New York ELMHURST DAIRY You Never Outgrow Your Need For Milk Phone 101 For Home Delivery Wellsville New York 73Congratu1 at ions F rom THE VARS STORES Vars Pharmacy Vars Bros. "Gift Box" Vars' Mens and Boys Wear Floyd C . Vars £- Son, Jewelers Kenneth F. Vars Wende11 R. Va rs Main Street Andover New YorkComp 1iments of L00HNS CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS 450 Canisteo St. Phone Hornell 324-1360 Geneseo 589-Cuba 242 Fabric Care Center Hornel 1 New York Comp 1i men t s of SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. Kenmore Coldspot A11 state Si 1vertone Wellsville New York Compliments of WELLSVILLE HOUSE OF GLASS Edward C. Schiavi-Phone 1106 Pittsburg Paints Glass For: Auto-Safety Home-Table Tops-Mirrors Store-Complete Fronts Replacements Boli va r Road Wellsville New York Compliments of FRED D. RICE-MUSIC HOUSE Arthur D. Runzo Your Music Supply House Since 1890 Wellsville New York Comp 1 imerits of COAT'S DRUG COMPANY Oliver G. Coats-Dean Fisher 21 North Ma i n Wellsville New York Compliments of W.T. GRANT COMPANY Your Friendly Department Store 102 North Main Street Wellsville New York Compliments of HALL'S DRUG STORE Cong ratu1 at i ons Class of '65 Estab1i shed 1852 LUDDEN SHOE STORE P.R. Ryan Wellsville New York Wellsville New York 75Comp 1iments of REGAN'S DRUG STORE Wei 1svi11e New York Comp 1i ments of CANNON'S Men's and Boys' Clothing and Fu rn ish i ngs Wellsville New York Compliments of Comp 1imen ts of J.J. NEWBERRY SC0V1LLE BROWNE CO. Alleghany's Most Complete Department Store Wellsville New York Wellsville New York Compliments of Compliments of ROCKWELL BROS. KERTON'S FLORIST Alleghany's Oldest S- Largest Dept. Store Flowers For All Occasions Phone 27 Wellsville New York Meet Your Friends At The TEXAS HOT Wellsville New York Comp 1iments of WELLSVILLE LUMBER CO. Phone 1836 Wellsville New York 76Best Wishes F rom Roy Reta SANBORN PHARMACY Free Delivery to Andover We 11svi11e New York Andover Congratulations to The Graduating Seniors F rom FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA New York The Members of The Hi-Hearald Staff Take This Opportunity to Thank The NEWS PRINTING HOUSE For Their Splendid Cooperation in The Past In The Publication of Our School Paper THE HI-HEARALD 77Cong ratu1 at i ons Sen i ors Andove r GLEN E. BRONSON Insurance Broker New York Comp 1iments to The Class of 1965 F rom ANDOVER PTA The Class of 1965 wi shes to thank a 1 1 of the people who have made the production of this yearbook possible.INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City — Winnipeg Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements USA

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