Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY)

 - Class of 1963

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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1963 volume:

FOREWORD The yearbook staff wishes to present this book in the sincere hope that the faculty and students will receive it in the same loyal spirit in which it has been produced. As the years go by and you leaf through the yellowed and dusty pages of the “1963 Memoirs”, we hope that pleasant memories of the past will be brought back to you. It is with this wish that we present our annual for your approval, and hope you shall enjoy it now and in the future as much as we have enjoyed working together to bring it to you. The class of 1963 would like to thank all those who made the Memoirs possible. Our most sincere thanks go to Mr. MacCrea, whose unending patience and guidance have made this book possible. Working with him has been a pleasure and an honor. Thanks also go to Mr. Kessler and several of the faculty members, who have been very helpful. The list would not be complete without giving thanks to our generous patrons. To our advertisers, along with our thanks, we pledge our continued patronage.We, the senior class of 1963, wish to dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Donald Gibbs, in honor of all your services rendered at Andover Central School. As guidance counselor for the past nine years, you have shown the pathway of life and happiness to many students. Since your warm personality and sense of 1 jnor are no longer with us, we take this opportunity to express the ’e Sv ools feelings of gra» -r dedicating this yearbook to you, Donald Gib be.ADMINISTRATION AND r CULTYJAMES H. KESSLER Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION—LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Tuttle, Dr. Common, Mr. Dougherty, Mr. Burdick, Mr. Clarke, Mr. MacMichael.MR. MASTERS Guidance MR. TOWER Psychologist CAFETERIA STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Ruger, Mrs. Petty, Mis. Brown. LEFT TO RIGHT: Francis Vickers, Gordon Steadman, Merie Fox, Oliver Kemp, Fred Middaugh, Ted Foster.MRS. CONDE Librarian MR. SWIMLEY Math And Science MR. McGARVEY History FACULTY MR. BRONSON Science MRS. WOODRUFF EnglishMR BARDEN Industrial Arts MR RUSSEL Agriculture MR CARMODY Jr. High History MR MacCREA Art MRS. BOYCE Jr. High Math MRS. BURGER Jr. High EnglishMRS. HORAN Home Economics MR. STACKWICK Physical Education V MR. McCLURE Music MR. BRACE Driver’s Education MRS. MALLORY Physical Education MRS. McCLURE MusicLEFT TO RIGHT: 1. L. Cable. 2. C. Caple. 3 t.. AlvorJ. 4. B. Johnston. FIRST ROW: P. Perry, L. Carmody, C. Mead, S. Sweet. SECOND ROW: L. Jones. Clarke, M. Howland, C. Peckham. 6. J. Clarke. 7. E. Schoonover. 8. E. Glover. 9. M. A. McClure, Mr. McGarvey. 11. C. Baker. 12. A. McAndrew. 13. L. Carmody.SENIORSVALEDICTORIANHALL OF FAME Robert Dougherty Janis Reil Judith Woodruff James Greene NEATNESS LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SPORTSMANSHIP COOPERATIVENESS Lynn CablePresident CLASS OFFICERS Student Council RepresentativeALVORD, EMILY A. Emily ANDERSON, NICKIE A, Nikkie BAKER, CHARLENE M. Pack-Rat The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed. I do not know any reading more easy, more fascinating, more delightful, than a catalog. Every man is like the company he wants. BURGER, JANET M. Janet What a time! What a civilization! CABLE, LYNN M. Lynn ”We hardly find any persons of good sense save those who agree with us. CAMPBELL, JEANNE A. Jeanie Men often applaud the imita tion and hiss the real thing. CAPLE, CATHY S. Cathy CARMODY, LYNNE M. Lynne CARR, JOESPH Joe Refrain from peering too far. Blessed are the forgetful; for they I call a fig a fig, a spade a spade. get the better of their blunders. CLARK, JANE E. Jane” CLARKE, JUDITH A. Judy CLARKE, SHIELA M. I’m almost frightened out of my seven senses. As good natured a soul as e’er trod on shoe of leather. To know is nothing at all; to agine is everything. COOK, JON R. COY, FRANK E. DOUGHERTY, ROBERT J. jon” ” Frank Bob I took to my heels as fast as I There is nothing so easy but that Tell me what you eat and I will could. it becomes difficult when you do it tell you what you are. with .reluctance. GLOVER, ENCILD. Encil” You’re taking the wrong sow by the ear! GLOVER, PAUL E. Beaver Gratitude is the memory of the heart. GREENE, JAMES N. Jim Wisdom of many and the wit of one. HOWLAND, MATTIE L. JOHNSON, BRUCE E. JOYCE. JANE L. Mattie Bruce Janie What wisdom can you find that is Throw fear to the wind. The quarrels of lovers are the re- greater than kindness? newal of love. MC ANDREW, ANNE D. Annie Deanie Is not life a hundred times to short for us to bore ourselves? MC CLURE, MARY ANN Mary Ann” Better know nothing than half-know many things. MEAD, CHARLOTTE H. Charlotte Everyone complains of his memory, but no one complains of his judgement. MEYN, CONNIE L. Meyns-Mouse MILES, CAROL A. Carol MONROE, WILLIAM A. Willy Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. What is yours is mine and all mine is yours. ’’ Wild elephants are caught by tame; With money it is just the same. PECKHAM, CAROL L. Carol There is no gathering the rose without being pricked by the thorns. PERRY, PEARL M. Pearl Facts are stubborn things. REIL, JANIS K. There's no wholly satisfactory substitute for brains but silence does pretty well. ROSSMAN, DAVID (GEO.) SCHNOOVER, ELWIN E. SOOTHERAN, LYNNE M. -David Elwin Sootheran Wootheran We reproach people for talking about themselves; but it is the subject they treat best. To blow and swallow at the same moment is not easy. There's not the least thing can be said or done, but people will talk and find fault. THORP, SHARON M. Sharon The word that is overhearing is a spur unto strife. VICKERS, ROBERT W. Bob Tell that to the marines-the sailors won't believe it. WHITESELL, BETTY T. Betty Nothing is given so profusely as advice. GRADUATING JUNIORS BURDICK, CHARLES K, Charlie The laugh will then be mine. GROSS, ALICE R. Alice No human thing is of serious importance. YEARBOOK STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Reil, F. Coy, R. Vickers, R. Dougherty, E. Alvord, J. Campbell, J. Greene, J. Cook.CLASS WILL Cathy Caple leaves her giggles to Mr. McGarvey. Jane Joyce leaves her stead-fast heart for one guy to Vickie Woolworth. Paul Glover leaves his good behavior to Raymond Mead. Lynn Cable leaves her calm temper and unhurried life to Mary Caple. Nickie Anderson leaves her eye make-up to Jeanette Day. Peral Perry leaves for Masschusettes. Frank Coy leaves quietness to Bill Emery. Jean Campbell leaves her 7:30 A.M. study halls to Ruth Allen. Encil Glover leaves his afternoon nap in Business Law to Miss Almeter. Lynne Soothern leaves a ton-year supply of kleenex to Steven Congelli. Bruce Johnson leaves his diving ability to Mike Miglis. Jane Clark leaves her ability to get along with Mr. Kessler to Bill Emery. Connie Meyn leaves her task of helping Eddie Sackett to John Strouse. Elwin Schnoover leaves his jolly ways to Mr. Swimley. Betty Whitesell leaves her ability to comb her hair to Bill Clark. Charlene Baker leaves her good times at the Atlantic Station to Jimmy Fox. Judy Clark leaves her shyness to Cheryl Baker. Jim Greene leaves his high school activities to anyone who can handle them. Mattie Howland leaves her quiet ways to Sandra Howland. William Monroe leaves thirty pounds to Eddie Smith. Sharon Thorp leaves her driving ability to Bruce Harris. Joe Carr leaves his timidness to Jeff Common. Shiela Clark leaves her eyelash curler to Bill Ford. Charlie Burdick leaves his Saturday morning aspirin to Bill Greene. Lynne Carmody leaves her Irish temper to Donald Harvey. Charlotte Mead leaves her cooking ability to the Cafeteria Staff. Carol Peckham leaves a certain junior boy for Penny Hames . David Rossman leaves his swimming ability to Jim Dunham. Judy Woodruff and Janis Reil leave together. Ann McAndrew leaves her freckles to Doug Mulholland. Bob Vickers leaves peace and quiet to all the teachers. Alice Gross leaves some of her hair to Mr. Bronson. Bob Doughterty leaves his car to the Andover Police Department. Mary Ann McClure leaves her vitality to Ethel Perry. Janet Burger leaves her eyelashes to Dan Stackwick. Emily Alvord leaves her book bag to anybody that wants it. Carol Miles left with Bill Murray. Jon Cook leaves his height to Ira Connors.UNDERCLASSMENFIRST ROW: D. Price, C. Sisson, D. Collins, N. Pitts, M. Main, D. Glover, J. Nichols, B. Fuller, C, Sherman, B. Clark, B. McGillivary. SECOND ROW: R. Goodridge, D. Gibbs, J. Cannon, M, Whiting, J. Partridge, E, Perry, M. Baker, V. Woolworth, V. Lynch, M. E. Smith, K. Greenfield. THIRD ROW: D. Kemp, D. Rossman, S. Howland, P. Hames, B. Smith, K. Wittie, W. Ford, J. Hunt, J. Coats, J. Greenfield, G. Freeland. FOURTH ROW: R. Kemp, W. Emery, W. Childs, H. Sherman, D. Mulholland, D. Harvey, D. Stackwick, M. E. Caple, K. Rosintoski, B. Cable, L. Kessler. FIRST ROW: D. Smith, R. Mead, D. Nye, J. Day, S. McGillivray, J. Billings, D. Vars, M. Baker, R. Gayhart, D. Densmore. SECOND ROW: J. Dunham, W. Grossman, D. Miles, C. Baker, B. Tuttle, J. Woolworth, J. Cook, L. Kemp, S. Tidd, D. Brown, D. Whightman. THIRD ROW: M. Miglis, T. Scott, S. Congelli, C. Grover, P. Gath. R. Allen, E. McAndrew, J. Deremer, R. Cook, J. Common. FOURTH ROW: G. Burdick, W. Wahl, J. Raub, T. Manion, J. Fox, J. Strouse, D. Thorpe, N. Alvord, S. Baker, I. Connors, E. Smith.FIRST ROW: R. Cornell, B. Merrick, R. Congelli, D. Freeland, B. Greene, G. Rosintoski, S. Baker, D. Lehman, M. Middaugh. SECOND ROW: L, Davis, S. Bird, K. Lehman, B. Clark, G. Ordiway, L. Cook, J. Harvey, D. McCormick, M. Lynch, E. Burch, C. Heselton. THIRD ROW: G. Storms, M. Clarke, D. Dunham, C. Nye, N. Billings, D. Nye, E. Bird, M. Lehman, B. Nevol, D. Thorp, S. Roeske. FOURTH ROW: R, Joyce, B. Clarke, B. Bixby, D. Brown, M, Howland, K. Shellman, R. Whitesell, R. Weber, J. Wahl, H. Fauzev. FIRST ROW: C. Lewis, C. Updyke, T. Kent, J. Tuttle, A. Nye, L. Middaugh, M, DeRemer, T. Ordiway, E. Perry, R. McCormick, N. Howland. SECOND ROW: G. Bronson, R. Kelly, N. Halsey, K. Joyce, B. Carver, R. Dixon, R. Lang, D. Peckham, K. Shrader, T. Wahl, D. Awgood. THIRD ROW: M. Meyn, D. Collins, D. Brundage, T. Joyce, D. Whitesell, D. Alvord, R. Kelly, C. Steadman, M. Smith. FOURTH ROW: C. Wallace, M. Rick, R. Dodge, H. Hann, B. Bird, J. Billings. W. Schrader, D. Vickers, R. Emery.FIRST ROW: J. Baker, J. DeRemer, D. Lehman, M. Manion, G. Clarke, M. Greene. SECOND ROW: D. Harris, S. Reil, M. Alvord, L. Clarke, G. Bixby, D. Polmateer.C. Pius, D. Leon. THIRD ROW: D. Slocum, C. Densmore, G. Rossman, G. Hulse, F. Miglis, K. Freeland, W. Hurlburt, A. Dodge, K. Pease. SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: B. Burch, D. Billings, E. Bird, R. Price, S. Congelli, C. Perry. SECOND ROW: M. Corwin, D. Fox, R. Gallogher, C. Joyce, C. Nevol, N. Greenfield, P. Schrader, S. McClure. THIRD ROW: K. Slocum, J. Lefever, D. Livingston, D. Butler, J. Hames, J. Stephens, T. McCormick, D. Polmateer, E. Sackett.FIRST ROW: Left to Right: R. Lynch, D. Foster , J. McDermott, F. Middaugh. SECOND ROW: L. Leon, R. Schrader, D. Billings, C. Densmore, L. Dunham, K. Gavin, D. Scott. THIRD ROW: J. Nye, K. McCormick, R. Brown, D. Stackwick, R. Godown, C. Walter, J. Joyce, S. Conner, J. Dibble, T. Miles, J. Howland, S. Fuller, P. Tuttle. MRS. SCHWARZENBACH FIRST ROW: Left to Right: P. Dixon, R. McCormick, W. Davis, H. Sisson. SECOND ROW: J. Partridge, D. Grant, T. Lynch, R. Joyce, R. Tomm, C. Masters, M. Howland. THIRD ROW: J. Freeland, W. Carr, D. Campbell, M. Whitesell, C. Pelton, J. Miller, T. Dixon, S. Clarke, C. Gibbs, J. Hyland, S. Fuller, N. Thorp, D. Leon, T. Weber. ABSENT: R. Joyce, D. Vars. MR. WILCOX S I X T H G R A D EFIRST ROW: Left to Right: G. Wahl, D. Sootheran, K. Hubbard, J. Day, K. Gorsuch. SECOND ROW: P. Nye, M. Thorp, D, Baker, T. Polmateer, D. Price, E. Matison, C. Fauzey, C. Preston, K. Nevol. MISS JORDAN FIRST ROW: Left to Right: J. Howland, D. Pitts, V. Slocum, M, Wahl, D. Stephens, N. Burch. SECOND ROW: D. Miller, D. Roeske, D. Masters, D. Osgood, L. Eshenbaugh, M. Smith, H. Freeland, C. Congelli, W. Miglis. ABSENT: J. Kent. F I F T H G R A D E MRS. GROSSFIRST ROW: Left to Right: R. Leonard, D. Carmody, A. Gram, V. Atwell, D. Clark, F. Fuller. SECOND ROW: M. Cornell, D. Nichols, J. Wightman, P. Pelton, C. Densmore, D. Freeland, J. Smith, D. Greene. THIRD ROW: N. Clarke, S. Stephens, R. Brown, G. Shellman, K. Gavin, D. Barnes, A. Slade, L. Panton, S. Phelps, S. Tomm, S. Emery, B. Rouse. ABSENT: L. Bernard. MISS BAKER FIRST ROW: Left to Right: D. Gallagher, R. Godown, L. Angood, S. Pease, J. Lang, T. Matison. SECOND ROW: D. Stackwick, D. Williams, L. Collins, D. Simmons, R. Clark, G.- Herr, M. Bum-side, J. Perry. THIRD ROW: D. Baker, J. McDermott. D. Ormsby, D. Slade, P. Dibble, M. Carr, F. Baumgarten, M. Miglis, K. Schrader, V. Billing, S. Merrick, D. Baker, M. Bernard. MRS. HELMER F O u R T H G R A D ET H I R D G R A D E FIRST ROW: Left to Right: K. Simmons, F. Baker, T. Childs, D. Herr, B. Preston, J. MacMichael, J. Davis. SECOND ROW: D. Baker, D. Sisson, B. Kemp, S. Lewis, K. Richardson, E. Snyder, L. Hess, C. Densmore. THIRD ROW: R. Pitts, D. Westbrook, M. Dodge, D. Schrader, M. Poole, D. Burrows, S. Lewis, P. Ford, Y. Mattison, J. Rouse, M. Jackson, T. Wallace. MRS. REIL FIRST ROW: Left to Right: D. Dodge, K. Davis, S. Briggs, P. Matison, J. Grossman. SECOND ROW: R. Lehman, B. Jackson, P. Middaugh, J. Dean, J. Atwell, K. Burch, J. Brown. THIRD ROW: R. Tuttle, L. Ross, H. Rouse, R. Hyland, M. Shellman, J. Howland, C. McCormick, L. Nevol, J. Lynch, B. Geer. MRS. FELENZFIRST ROW: Left to Right: E. Atwell, R. Scott, P. Mulconery, L. Gram. SECOND ROW: K. Spencer, M. Bird, C. Densmore, M. Panton, P. Miglis, C. Joyce, E. Hess. THIRD ROW: D. Petrie, G. Weber, D. Lowrie, S. Church, C. Joyce, J. Baker, E. Wilson, M. Dibble, D. Burrows, C. Baumgarten, T. MacMichael, MRS. PECKHAM FIRST ROW: Left to Right: D. Matison, G. Briggs, Y. Dunham, D. Fuller, B. Perry, C. Taylor. SECOND ROW: L. Jones, R. Pease, R. Tidd, R. Jackson, C. Baker, J. Schrader, C. Merrick. THIRD ROW: M. Gavin, E. Billings, R. Godown, N. Barnes, S. Burgett, B. Leonard, R. McDermott, B. Cannon, D. Lang. ABSENT: D. Dodge. MISS CHURCH m0 730 QZOOm mQ 730 — F I FIRST ROW: Left to Right: R. Ford, C. Mattison, S. Dunham, B. Lynch, R. MacCrea, J. Jackson, SECOND ROW: C. Cornish, E. Bronson, C. Barden, T. Polmateer, K. Baker, K. Ormsby, H. McCormick, R. Clark. THIRD ROW: J. Nevol, K. Shaw, G. Burger, B. Jackson, S. Hen, K. Westbrook, L. Tomm, M. Snyder, R. Allen, D. Hulse, D. Ordiway. MRS. CONNOR FIRST ROW: Left to Right: J. Howland, K. Geer, D, Childs, D. Gorsuch, C. Roeske, D. Davis. SECOND ROW: L. McLean, C. Clark, G. Rossman, S. Middaugh, K. Freeland, K. Baumgarten, C. Grossman, R. Atwell. THIRD ROW: D. Hurlburt, B. Simmons, A. Davis, D. Butler, L. Smith, M. Dibble, R. Kittell, J. Petrie, C. Weber, N. Kelley, R. Billings, W. Lynch. MRS. TOMPKINSK I E R G A R T E N FIRST ROW: Left to Right: K. MacCrea, C. Ryan, K. Hess, S. Panton, D. Baker, C. Dodge, J. Briggs, J. Densmore. SECOND ROW: C. Dougherty, K. Shaw, R. Nichols, L. Tidd, C. Tomm, D. Burgett, T. Smith, L. Muiconery, B. Cornell, D. Snyder, B. Simmons, M. Gavin. MRS. CORWIN FIRST ROW: Left to Right: R. Rouse, M. Cornish, S. McCormick, V. Bird, V. Westbrook, B. Seifert, S. Scott, J. Perry. SECOND ROW: W. Hulse, T. Price, M. Nevol, B. Burch, L. Brown, C. Gavin, S. Monroe, J. Dibble, R. Hancock, M. Baker, C. Wahl. MRS. RIGGSLEFT TO RIGHT: 1. F. Coy, J. Campbell. 2. .on. 3. L. Cable. 4. J Burgee. 5. M. McClure, J. Clarke, S. Clarke. 6. C. Mead, M. Mead. , McGarvey (with father). R. L. Sootheran. 9. FIRST ROW: R. Allen, B. Grossman, L. Cable. SECOND ROW: J. Campbell, C. Meyn, J. Reil, E. Alvord. 10. J. Woodruff. 11. P. Glover.SENIORM A J O R E T T E S LEFT TO RIGHT E. McAndrew, J. Burger, D. Brown. SENIOR BAND MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Left to Right: L. DeRemer, L. Sootheran, S. Reil, J. Reil. SECOND ROW: D. Collins, S. McClure, M. Corwin, C. Wallace, M. Caple, L. Cable, P, Hames, J. DeRemer, D. Collins. THIRD ROW: V. Lynch, D. Brown, C. Meyn, A. McAndrew, J. Harvey, J. Woodruff, J. Greene, L. Kemp, D. Nye, F. Kelly. LAST ROW: D. Peckham, S. Baker, D. Mulholland, E. Schonover, D. Vars, D. Harvey, J. Cook, L. Kessler, M. Smith, J. Carr, R. Joyce, R. Weber, W. Greene. STANDING: D. Rossman, L. Cook, M. Miglis.SENIOR CHOIR FIRST ROW: Left to Right: L. Kemp. C. Caple, D. Brown, L. Carmody, S. Clark, B. Clarke, S. Roeske, J. Greene, L. Cook. M. McClure, J. Joyce, J. Reil, C. Peckham. SECOND ROW: D. Vars, S. Howland, P. Perry, D. Collins, J. Cook, R. Joyce, D. Gibbs, E. Schonover, C. Sisson, J. Nichols, M. Maine, D. Lehman, N. Pitts. THIRD ROW: E. McAndrew, C. Grover, S. Tidd, D. Thorp, A. McAndrew, L. DeRemer, E. Perry, J. Cook, J. Harvey, M. Lynch, D. Dunham, C. Mead, D. Miles, C. Meyn. FOURTH ROW: L. Cable, M. Smith, A. Gross, J. Strouse, R. Vickers, D. Harvey, K. Wittie, D. Rossman, D. Stackwick, S. Congelli, P. Hames, K. Rosintoski. FIFTH ROW: S. Thorp, C. Miles, L. Soothem, J. Burger, R. Dougherty, M. Caple, C. Shellman, L. Kessler, J. DeRemer. SEATED: D. Vars. FIRST ROW: Left to Right: C. Caple, A. Gross, C. Miles, C. Peckham, J. Burger, M. McClure. SECOND ROW: S. Clark, L. Carmody, P. Perry, S. Thorp. GIRLS’ ENSEMBLEELEMENTARY CHOIR FIRST ROW: D. Stephens, P. Tutle, S. Stephens, S. Emery, G. Herr, D. Baker, J. Wightman, D. Simmons, J. Clarke, S. Pease, P. Ford, D. Clark, D. Herr, J. McDermatt, R. Godown, J. Atwell. SECOND ROW: R. Tuttle, K. Davis, D. Sootheran, F. Fuller, D. Omsby, J. Lynch, M. Wahl, R. Simmons, D. Price, D. Stackwick, J. Lang, L. Dunham, S. Phelps, C. Densmore, S. Lewis, J. Day, D. Nichols, B. Preston, L. Collins. THIRD ROW: J. Perry, D. Scott, T. Miles, M. Smith, J. Kent, C. Preston, N. Burch, L. Leon, R. Brown, H. Sisson, D. Pitts, C. Densmore, G. Shellman, D. Carmody, M. Shellman, S. Lewis. FOURTH ROW: D. Leon, R. Brown, T. Lynch, D. Osgood, T. Polmateer, D. Stackwick, B. Carr, F. Baumgarten, P. Dixon, C. Masters, K. Gavin, K. Gavin, M. Carr, M. Thorp, C. Congelli, P. Dibble. FIFTH ROW: C. Walter, J. Howland, J. Dibble, J. Miller, B. Dodge, C. Pelton, S. Connor, S. Clark, J. Hyland, C. Gibbs, N. Thorp, M. Howland, D. Baker, R. Joyce, J. Joyce, R. Godown.JUNIOR BAND FIRST ROW: Left to Right: D. Collins, S. McClure, M, Corwin, C. Wallace, G. Clark, R. Baker, M. Greene. SECOND ROW: D. Livingston, J. Hyland, C. Walter, S. Reil, R. Godown, P. Schrader, R. Tomm. THIRD ROW: D. Stackwick, W. Carr, R. Brown, M. Tuttle, D. Peckham, J. Stevens, D. Miller. FOURTH ROW: M. Meyn, R. Lang, R. Joyce, G. Rossman. FIFTH ROW: T. Lynch, R. Weber. LEFT SIDE: A. McAndrew, L. Kemp, J. Greene, J. DeRemer, L. Cable, M. Caple, D. Harvey. RIGHT SIDE: M. Smith, J. Cook, L. DeRemer, D. Rossman, E. Schoonover, L. Kessler. MIDDLE ROW: L. Cook, D. Vars. PEP BANDFIRST ROW: D. Gibbs, J. Harvey, S. Congelli, C, Grover, D. Vars, D. Brown. SECOND ROW: D. Collins, J. DeRemer, M. Caple, L. DeRember, R. Weber, D. Harvey. THIRD ROW: J. Greene, E. Schoonover, M. Smith, L. Kessler. FOURTH ROW: D. Rossman, L. Cook, D. Rossman. ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW: J. Reil, J. Greene, J. Harvey, J. Woodruff. SECOND ROW: D. Mulholland, D. Vars, E. Schoonover. THIRD ROW: D. Rossman, M. Smith, L. Kessler. DANCE BANDJUNIOR HIGH GIRLS CHORUS FRONT ROW: D. Lehman, B. Burch, R. Baker, G. Clarke, M. Manion, M. Greene. SECOND ROW: M. Alvord, D. Fox, C. Lewis, A. Nye, L. Middaugh, M. Deremer. THIRD ROW: A. Dodge, K. Pease, R. Dixon, K. Joyce, C. Wallace, M. Corwin. FOURTH ROW: N. Greenfield, M. Meyn, J. Lefever, D. Collins, C. Steadman, M. Smith, G. Bronson, S. Reil. FRONT ROW: P. Hames, J. Greene, R. Dougherty, D. Harvey, E. Alvord, J. Woodruff. SECOND ROW: J. Campbell, J. Reil, V. Lynch, L. Kessler, K. Rosintoski, L. Cable, L. Sootheran, A. Gross, J. Burger, M. Howland, E. Perry. NAT’L HONOR SOCIETYill » lf if. fj I I STUDENT COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Smith, D. McCormick, B. Tuttle, J. Clark, W. Monroe, J. Greene, R. Dougherty, D. Harvey, J. Reil, C. Grover, D. Collins, C. Joyce. FIRST ROW: Left to Right: C. Caple, M. Baker, S. Howland, A. Gross, V. Lynch, K. Rosintoski, P. Perry. SECOND ROW: B. Smith, J. Clark, L. Soothem, L. Cable, J. Joyce, M. Howland, C. Mead. THIRD ROW: Standing: C. Meyn, C. Miles, C. Baker, S. Thorp, M. Maine, D. Glover, J. DeRemer, E. Perry, R. Allen, M. McClure, S. Clark, L. Carmody, J. Burger, B. Cable, D. Collins, C. Sisson. wmm LIBRARY COUNCILHl- HERALD FIRST ROW: Left to Right: J. Day, L. Kemp, E. McAndrew, D. Brown, C. Baker, V. Woolworth, B. Fuller. SECOND ROW: M. Smith, B. Smith, A. Gross, L. Kessler, V. Lynch, J. Woodruff, J. Reil, D. Stackwick, J. Greene. THIRD ROW: E. Alvord, J. Campbell, S. Congelli, S. Tidd, D. Vars, Pa Gath, C. Grover, R. Allen, S. Howland, P. Hames, L. Soothem, L. Cable, A. McAndrew, M. McClure, C. Mead, M. Howland, K. Rosintoskie, C. Peckham, C. Burdick, J. Burger, W. Childs, R. Dougherty. FIRST ROW: Left to Right: R. Cornell, D. Rossman, J. Cook, C. Burdick, J. Greene, J. Cannon, J. Fox, D. Rossman, D. Smith. SECOND ROW: W. Greene, C. Baker, D. McCormick, D. Dunham, B. Fuller, M. Baker, A. Gross, J. Campbell, B. Clark, C. Sisson. THIRD ROW: R. Kemp. J. Nickols, L. Carmody, P. Hames, V. Woolworth, J. Joyce, C. Peckham, J. Burger, J. Reil, J. Woodruff. FOURTH ROW: M. Baker, D. Harvey, J. Can, S. Baker, K. Shellman, D. Brown, B. Smith, S. Congelli, C. Grover, R. Dougherty, E. Smith. CAMERA CLUBJUNIOR HIGH CHOIR FIRST ROW: D. Lehman, B. Burch, R. Baker, G. Clarke, M. Manion, G. Bronson, D. Billings. SECOND ROW: M. Alvord, D. Fox, C. Lewis, A. Nye, L. Middaugh, M. DeRemer, M. Corwin, J. Tuttle. THIRD ROW: N. Greenfield, A. Dodge, K. Pease, R. Dixon, K. Joyce, D. Vickers, B. Carver, C. Joyce, C. Densmore. FOURTH ROW: M. Meyn, J. Lefever, D. Collins, C. Steadman, M. Smith, M. Rick, J. Hames, D. Brundage, J. Billings, H. Hann, J. Stephens.F. H FIRST ROW: E. Alvord, C. Grover, L. Kessler, J. Clarke, J. Joyce, J. Nichols, D. Collins, M. Smith, A. Gross, J. Woolworth. SECOND ROW: E, Burch, C. Sisson, M. Middaugh, C. Baker, J, Day, D. Dunham. D. McDormick, C. Mead, C. Hesleton, C. Sherman, D. Miles, B. Fuller. THIRD ROW: B. Clark, K. Greenfield, C. Nye, N. Billings, J. Billings, D. Glover, M. Main, E. Perry, J. Harvey, J. Cook, B. Tuttle, L. Carmody, S. Clarke. FOURTH ROW: L. Davis, M. Lynch, D. Thorp, M. Baker, S. Thorp, E. Bird, C. Meyn, D. Brown, J. Woodruff, C. Peckham, B. Whitesell, L. Kemp, S. Howland, P. Hames, V. Woolworth. FIFTH ROW: R. Allen, D. Brown, P. Gath, S. Tidd, S. Congelli, L. Cable, B. Smith, B. Cable, C. Baker, C. Miles, K. Rosintoski, V. Lynch, K. Shellman, E. McAnfrews, J. Burger. FIRST ROW: B. Goodridge, D. Rossman, S. Baker, R. Mead, R. Kemp. SECOND ROW: M. Baker, R. Whitesell. J. Raub, J. Greenfield, R. Gayhart. THIRD ROW: B. Johnson, W. Monroe, M. Howland, G. Burdick, J. Dunham, M. Whiting.GIRLS 4-H FIRST ROW: Left to Right: C. Preston, L. Dunham, N. Burch, M. Wahl. SECOND ROW: B. Burch, E. Matison, M. Manion, C. Gavin, K. Gavin. THIRD ROW: C. Mead, E. Burch, E. Bird, D. Glover, N. Halsey. f FIRST ROW: Left to Right: F. Miglas, D. Miller, G. Wahl, D. Schrader, D. Foster, H. Sisson, R. Lynch. SECOND ROW: R. Mead, S. Bird, T. Wahl, F. Kelly, G. Rossman, T. Ordiway, C. Updyke. THIRD ROW: R. Goodridge, M. Clark, T. Joyce, B. Clark, D. Whitesell, S. Roeske, D. Nye, R Emery.G. A. A. FIRST ROW: Left to Right: M. Middaugh, J. Woolworth, J. Cook, 8. Fuller, V. Woolworth, B. Tuttle, J. Harvey, E. Burch, M, Lynch. SECOND ROW: C. Heselton, S. McGillvary, D. McCormick, D. Dunham, M. Baker, B. Clark, C. Baker, D. Collins, L. Davis, D. Miles, C. Sisson. THIRD ROW: N. Billings, R. Allen, E. Bird, B. Nevol, G. Storms, M. Lehman, S. Thorp, S. Clarke, D. Thorp, C. Nye, D. Lehman. FOURTH ROW: D. Brown, K. Shellman, C. Grover, S. Congelli, D. Brown, C. Miles, B. Smith, A. Gross, K. Rosintoski, V. Lynch, E. McAndrews, P. Gath. VARSITY CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT D. Mulholland, B. Ford, B. Childs, D. Stack wick, D. Gibbs, J. Cook, D. Rossman, J. Cannon, B. Johnson.JR. RED CROSS FIRST ROW: M. Middaugh, M. DeRemer, G. Bronson, R. Barnes, J. DeRemer, E. Perry, D. Leon, J. Stevens, D. Billings, E. Bird, D. Slocum, T. Kent, R. Gallagher, Gary Bixby, M. Manion. SECOND ROW: C. Lewis, T. Ordiway, K. Freeland, F. Miglis, C. Joyce, R. Lang, D. Peckham, C. Updyke, D. Rossman, K. Schraeder, D. Butler, R. Baker, C. Densmore, M. Alvord, N. Halsey. THIRD ROW: K. Slocum, D. Vickers, R. Emery, G. Hulse, R. Dixon, M. Rick, C. Steadman, J. Lefever, D. Collins, R. Kelley, M. Meyn, C. Wallace, A. Dodge. FOURTH ROW: K. Joyce, J. Billings, H. Hann, D. Brundage, N. Howland, B. Bird, W. Schraeder, T. Joyce, J. Hames, N. Alvord, R. McCormick, C. Pitts, M. Corwin.SPORTSVARSITY BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Vickers, D. Gibbs, B. Childs, D. Stackwick, D. Thorp, D. Mulholland, I. Connor, J. Carr, J. Cannon, C. Joyce, B. Baker. LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Fuller, C. Peckham, B. Smith, J. Reil, J. Woodruff. VARSITY CHEERLEADERSFIRST ROW: Left to Right: J. Partridge, G. Ordiway, B. Cornell. SECOND ROW: E. Smith, N. Alvord, B. Wahl, B. Joyce, J. Wahl, S. Baker, J. Fox, M. Baker, B. Ford. J. V. BASKETBALL J I FIRST ROW; Left to Right: J. Harvey, D. Brown. » ♦ Miles. CHEERLEADERS SECOND ROW: J. Cook, D. Miles.LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Common, B. Johnson, B. Grossman, D. Rossman, B. Vickers, K. Wittie, D. Harvey, B. Emery, D. Rossman, R Weber, R. Barnes, B. McGiliivary, M. Whiting. WRESTLING FIRST ROW: Left to Right: S. Roeske, J. Partridge, M. Baker. SECOND ROW: K. Freeland, M. Miglis, D. Wightman, G. Burdick, F. Coy, H. Fauzey, B. Clark, J. Greene, B. Miglis.FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Gibbs, W. Ford, R. Philps, J. Carr, J. Cannon. SECOND ROW: Coach Russell, T. Streb, D. Mulholland, I. Connors, J. Common. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Joyce, D. Gibbs, W. Ford, J. Cannon, D. Smith, D. Stack-wick. SECOND ROW: Coach Russel, T. Streb, E. Smith, D. Mulholland, I. Connors, W. Childs, Coach Stackwick.FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Cannon, J. Partridge, K. Lehaan, R. Cornell, L. Cook, W. Greene, D. Smith, G. Ordiway, J. Fox, D. Gibbs. BACK ROW: C. Joyce, R. Kemp, W. Bixby, R. Joyce, D. Stackwick, B. Johnson, D. Mullholland, I. Connors, W. Clarke, E. Smith, W. Monroe, W. Ford, T. 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