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(®arg arrla Memortum of Jfofoard ISHurdtcl? IKatljImt fillings ttliough their smiles are gone forever, And their voices we can not hear, We will never lose sweet memories Of the ones we loved so dear. 3Jn our lonely hours of thinking. Thoughts of them are always near. They are gone but not forgotten As dawns another year. 2Foreword When we, who have completed this portion of our learning to live in the manner we have chosen, take up this book in the years to come, the significance of its theme may have become even more meaningful. As well as bringing to you fondest memories and recollections of our days together in Andover, may its allusions on every page help you to realize, as we have, that among Books are to be found the greatest of life's teachings. 3Dedication It is with our most sincere thanks and gratitude that we, the Class of 1962, dedicate our year-booktoMr. Kessler, Mr. McGarvey, and Mr. MacCrea. To Mr. Kess ler whom we give grateful acknowledgment for his constant inspiration throughout our school years. To Mr. McGarvey who has been our greatest inspiration through our Senior year. His enthusiasm to further our class has been the staff of our success. To Mr. MacCrea for his patient guidance and untiring efforts in the preparation of this yearbook. Without his plausible contributions, the publication of this annual would have been impossible.JAMES H. KESSLER Principal BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Tuttle, Dr. Common, Mr. Dougherty, Mr. Burdick, Mr. Clarke, Mr. MacMichael. 6Superintendent GARWOOD MISS A. TAYLOR Secretary MR. D. GIBBS Guidance Counselor F. Vickers, T. Foster, F. Middaugh, A. Kemp, E- Petry. l- Ruger, M. Polmateer, J. Brown. O. Kemp. JOHN NOBLES TED FOSTER JIM NOBLES 7MRS. CONDE Librarian MR. MAC CREA MRS. GILLMORE Home Economics MRS. WESHE Commercial MR. SWIMLEY Math MRS. MC CLURE Music MRS. WOODRUFF MR. MC GARVEY Art English HistoryMRS. BURGER Junior High English MR. CARMODY MRS. RIGBY Junior High History Junior High Math MR. MC CLURE Music MR. BRONSON Science MRS. MALLORY Girls' Physical Education MR. BRACE Drivers Education MRS. GREEN NurseMR. BARDON Industrial Arts MR. RUSSELL Agriculture Practice Teachers Miss Neustandt Miss Langer Mr. Moore 1012JAMES APPIER CONNIE BRONSON Hall of Fame JUDY GEORGE JOHN WALTER GAIL WIGHTMAN NEATNESS LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SPORTSMANSHIP COOPERATIVENESS Yearbook Staff J. George, A. Kelley, J. Walter, J. Appier, Mr. MacCrea, M. Wright, K. Bostwick, C. Bronson.APPIER, JAMES R. "Jim" Better no rule than cruel rule. Kaye" Connie' —and she answered I shall go softly with a laugh. all my years."Tim" "Gerry" Live lucky and be Look not thou happy. down, but up. BROWN, TIMOTHY J. BURCH, GERALD R. "Sandy" A vast expenditure of human voice. BURCH, SANDRA J. BURDICK, DAWN L. CARSON, DAVID W.CLARKE, ROBERT S. " Bob" Gentleness succeeds better than violence. ” Carolyn" Of surpassing beauty and in the bloom of youth. CORNELL, CAROLYN M. "Al" Study to be quiet. GAYHART, ADELBERT I.LEHMANN, DAVID M. MONROE, ROSLYN A, "Judy" Modesty and unselfishness are virtues that men praise. " Barb" She was a phantom of the night. "Al" In a smoke-filled room in some hotel. KELLEY, ALLAN J. " Rosy" I believe in my work GEORGE, JUDY L. I only asked for information. Dave"ORDIWAY, LOUIS F. PHILLIPS, RONALD G. But little he'll reck if they let him sleep on. Manner, not gold, is a man’s best adornment. Louie " Ron' RIFENBURG, JEAN E. "Jean" The St. Lawrence is water, and the Mississippi is muddy water, but that, Sir, is liquid history. SEAMANS, DEANNA W. SMITH, SUE A. "DeDe Today is so full and interesting there isn't time to worry about tomorrow."Cheryl" The wind bloweth where is listeth. tm STORMS, CHERYL O. THORP, SANDRA F.I’m goinna get married. Gail' Thou little thinkist--and less thoust do, Mert' -Mm WIGHTMAN, GAIL D, WRIGHT. MERTON C Class Will Sandra Bird--leaves her Saturday nites and square dances to Judy Billings. Kaye Bostwick—leaves her office of class fashion consultant to Dorthea Glover. Connie Bronson--leaves her father to the future Physics classes. Sandra Burch--leaves her ability to really "go steady" to Mary Ann McClure. Dawn Burdick--leaves her maple sugar candy to Billy Childs. Carolyn Cornell--leaves her steadfast heart to Carol Peckham. Olive Fuller--leaves her honorary class midget title to Ira Conner. Judy George—leaves her good conduct to Bruce Harris. Barbara Grossman--leaves the " 1000" insurance policy on her legs to Jeanne Campbell. Rosyln Monroe--leaves her ability to have fun in study hall to Mr. McGarvey. Jean Rifenburg—realistic outlook on life to Mr. McCrea. Deanna Seamans—leaves her waistline to Mr. Russell. Sue Smith--leaves her clothes to Bobbie Smith—and a friend. Cheryl Storms--leaves her heel-plates to Mattie Howland. Sandra Thorp--leaves her ability to laugh to Beverly Clarke. Ruth Waters—leaves her pony tail to Willy Monroe. Gail Wightman—leaves her rings to Mary Ellen Smith. James Appier--leaves his ability to get along with Mr. Kessler to Lee Kessler. Phillip Barrett--leaves his boundless energy to Charlie Burdick. Timothy Brown—leaves his good looks to the highest bidders. Gerald Burch--leaves his outstanding curly hair to Toni Streb. David Carson--leaves his happy-grin to Carol Miles. Robert Clarke—leaves his "Highway-Helper" to Mr. Brace. Allen Corwin--leaves his sociability to Judy Woodruff. Adelbert Gayhart--leaves his sideburns to Penny Hames. Alan Kelly—leaves his blond hair to Lynn Cable. David Lehman—leaves his arguing ability to Bobby Vickers. Louie Ordiway— leaves his car to the junkman. Ronald Phillips—leaves his future address to Melinda. Bruce Vickers--leaves his package carrying ability to Danny Smith. John Walter--leaves for Real (Reil). Merton Wright--leaves his quiet personality to Billy Emery. Duchess--leaves her ability to act to Merly Whiting. 21Class Prophecy We find ourselves in a world of devastation; the year 1975. The reason for this total destruction we suspect is the Andover Class of '62. We find Jim Appier, leader of Greenwich Village, striving to make New York City a separate state. Sandra Bird, was last seen bucking the "WAVES". Her famous last call was "Don't give up the ship. " The Women's Olympic Team is finally making a good show due to the excellent coaching ability of Kaye Bostwick. The field of medicine has suddenly diminished to the capture and slaughter methods. As we look ahead we see Connie Bronson handing a dull jackknife to Dr. Ben Casey. We see both Tim Brown and Gerry Burch, captains in the Armed Forces. Sandra Burch has just been appointed to the position of "Madam President" of Elm Valley. The Log Cabin Maple Syrup Company is now receiving top competition from The Dawn Burdick Maple Syrup Company, Ltd. Dave Carson, we hear, has just been promoted to manager of K.P. Duty, in the Army. Robert Clarke can be seen whizzing by our space station on his way to Mars. In 1975, we find that Carolyn Cornell has joined a friend's combo as the bass fiddler's assistant. "Lady Killer Korwin" is still on the loose. Due warning goes to the opposite sex. Oddie Fuller has just announced her world renoun hair styling. The next ten years we'll be invaded by the Yul Bryner look. Adelbert Gayhart is now flying "high" at 200 feet returning over the Industrial Andover. In her spare time, English teacher, Judy George, has written "George's New Slang Dictionary" for Mrs. Conde's English class. " Air Travel has diminished due to the demand for wider aisles because of bow-legged stewardesses. Is that right Barb Grossman? "Kelley's" new superb design for the automobile industry is lacking one minor detail--no engine. Apparently while undersecretary C. Dave Lehmann, was arguing with President Rockefeller, Russia attacked the United States. Roslyn Monroe is seen riding on the Arizona plains with her multi-million dollar ranch in the background. Louie Ordiway, the barber, has just organized the "Little Louie Barber Shop Quartet", consisting of Dave Carson, Timmie Brown and Gerry Burch. Ronnie Phillips is making a name for himself in the business world. Ronnie has taken over James Hoffa’s place as head of the Labor Unions. Jean Rifenburg, the director of the Highway Safety Council, has just reported an increase in accidents due to the carelessness of certain people. Deanna Seamans has just written a new book concerning her psychiatric patients. "Vic Tanny" is getting stiff competition from Sue Smith’s new invention, "Multi-yoyo" provides exercise for your limbs (fingers). The art culture of the world seems to have gone to "pot". Sandra Thorp is undoubtedly the root of this devastation. We find Bruce Vickers returning to his former job, in the Market Basket. This time Bruce is the managing head of the chain. Lt. Commander of the Air Force, John Q. Walter, leading the counter-attack on Russia, accidently dropped a bomb on New York City. As we gaze into our crystal ball, we see Ruth Waters standing high and dry in her modern kitchen. She has revolutionized meals by inventing capsules, which she feels are more nourishing than meals. Attention! Attention! Anyone knowing the where-abouts of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Taylor (the former Gail Wightman) contact the F. B. I. It seems that the Andover Bank is minus a few thousand dollars. A white streak just breezed down the Thruway. State Trooper, Merton Wright, is after another speeder. As one can see, the class of 1962 has really made a name for itself. Will the world ever recover??? 22Class of 1963 Officers Yearbook Staff President.......................................Lynn Cable Vice-President..........................James Greene Secretary.................................Jane Joyce Treasurer................................Janet Burger Student Council Representative . Robert Dougherty Editor .... Assistant Editor Art Editors . . Subscriptions . Advertisement . Emily Alvord . James Greene Jean Campbell Jon Cook . . Janis Reil Robert Dougherty FRONT ROW: S. Thorp, E. Alvord, C. Baker, S. Clarke, L. Carmody, M. McClure, A. McAndrew, P. Perry, N. Anderson, J. Clark, C. Sherman, C. Mead. SECOND ROW: C. Caple, J. Woodruff, C. Miles, J. Campbell, J. Reil, J. Burger, L. Sootheran, L. Cable, A. Reisman, C. Peckham, C. Meyn, M. Howland, B. Whitesell, J. Clarke, J. Joyce. THIRD ROW: J. Greene, E. Schoonover, D. Ross-man, R. Whitesell, P. Glover, R. Vickers, T. Streb, F. Coy, J. Hunt, H. Campbell, E. Glover, R. Dougherty, B. Johnson, W. Monroe, J. Carr, R. Whitesell, M. Whiting, J. Cook. 24Sophomores FRONT ROW: D. Kemp, R. Kemp, C. Sisson, D. Collins, D. Glover, J. Nichols, N. Pitts, B. Clark, J. Golish, M. Baker, B. Fuller, J. Billings, J. Conde, R. Goodridge, D. Rossman, D. Kemp, D. Gibbs. SECOND ROW: R. McGillivray, D. Brice, G. Hoover. W. Ford, J. Cannon, J. Coats, K. Wittie, G. Freeland, J. Greenfield, J. Partridge, K. Greenfield, V. Woolworth, E. Perry, S. Howland, M. Smith, P. Hames, V. Lynch. THIRD ROW: K. Rosintoski, M. Caple, D. Stackwick, W. Childs, W. Emery, H. Sherman, C. Burdick, D. Mulholland, D. Harvey, B. Cable, L. Kessler, B. Smith, A. Gross, L. DeRemer. Freshmen FRONT ROW: D. Smith, D. Nye, J. Woolworth, C. Baker, C. Grover, J. Common, M. Miglis, R. Mead, D. Densmore, T. Scott, M. Baker, G. Brown, J. Day, D. Vars, R. Rowland. SECOND ROW: J. Cook, D. Brown, L. Kemp, D. Wightman, W. Grant, E. Raub, D. Brundage, S. Baker, W. Wahl, R. Cook, R. Gayhart, W. Grossman, B. Tuttle, D. Miles, S. Congelli, T. Streb. THIRD ROW: J. DeRemer, E. McAndrews, J. Fox, J. Raub, N. Alvord, G. Burdick, D. Thorp, I. Conner, E. Smith, R. Smith, J. Strouse, T. Manion, J. Dunham, P. Gath, R. Allen.Eighth FRONT ROW: B. Clarke, S. Bird, M. Clarke, D. Nye, W. Merrick, L. Cook, W. Greene, R. Congelli, G. Rosintoski, R. Cornell, S. Roeske, S. Baker. SECOND ROW: M. Middaugh, M. Lynch. D. Freeland, N. Billings, J. Harvey, D. Golish, C. Heselton, E. Burch, D. Lehman, M. Lehman, B. Rowland, C. Nye. THIRD ROW: D. McCormick, E. Bird, B. Nevol, G. Storms, R. Joyce, H. Fauzey, W. Bixby, K. Lehman, D. Whitesell, M. Howland, D. Davis, J. Wahl, W. Clarke, K. Shellman, D. Brown, D. Thorp, L. Davis, D. Dunham, G. Ordiway. Seventh FRONT ROW: R. Lang, R. Price, F. Kelley, C. Pitts, J. Tuttle, T. Kent, T. Ordiway, R. McCormick, J. Billings, R. Baker, T. Wahl. SECOND ROW: M. DeRemer, L. Bernard, N. Halsey, A. Nye, L. Middaugh, K. Joyce, C. Lewis. K. Schrader, D. Vickers, H. Hann, N. Howland, D. Peckham. B. Bird. THIRD ROW: E. Perry, G. Bronson, D. Collins. D. Brundage, R. Emery, C. Wallace, M. Meyn, M. Rick, M. Smith, R. Kelley, R. Dixon, C. Steadman, W. Schrader, D. Whitesell, T. Jovce C. Updyke.FRONT ROW: R. Barnes, D. Slocum, C. Densmore, J. DeRemer, J. Baker, M. Brundage. SECOND ROW: D. Harris, M. Manion, M. Alvord, S. Reil, M. Greene, A. Dodge, G. Clarke, D. Lehman, L. Clark. THIRD ROW: F. Miglis, K. Freeland, G. Rossman, R. Baker, W. Hurlburt, K. Pease, G. Hulse, D. Leon. ABSENT: G. Bixby. Mrs. Boyce Sixth FRONT ROW: S. Congelli, E. Sacket, R. Gallagher, C. Nevol, D. Polmateer. SECOND ROW: E. Bird, S. McClure, D. Fox, P. Schrader, D. Livingston, B. Burch, C. Perry, D. Billings. THIRD ROW: M. Corwin, D. Sherman, J. Stephens, C. Joyce, J. Hames, J. Le- fever, S. Slocum, N. Greenfield. Mrs. Schwarzenbach 27Fifth FRONT ROW: J. Dibble, P. Dixon, T. Weber, R. Joyce, D. Scott, D. Vars. SECOND ROW: M. Wahl, H. Sisson, M. Tuttle, R. Lynch, D. Foster, T. Miles, J. Howland, R. McCormick. THIRD ROW: J. Freeland. N. Thorp, D. Grant, J. Joyce. C. Gibbs, S. Clarke, J. Partridge, M. Howland, D. Stackwick. ABSENT: R. Brown. Miss Jordan Mrs. Gross Fifth FRONT ROW: D. Billings, R. Schrader, D. Price, W. Davis, C. Densmore, R. Godown. SECOND ROW: C. Walter, D. Leon, F. Middaugh, J. Nye, K. Gavin, L. Leon, L. Dunham. THIRD ROW: J. Miller, C. Pelton, S. Conner, M. Whitesell, T. Dixon, R. Tomm, T. Lynch. W. Carr. ABSENT: J. Hyland, R. Joyce. 28FRONT ROW: C. Bergerson, K. Nevol, D. Sootheran, J. Kent. SECOND ROW: V. Slocum, W. Miglis, M. Smith, D. Osgood, M. Thorp. THIRD ROW: E. Matison, L. Eshenbaugh, D. Baker, C. Fauzey, W. Dodge, T. Polmateer. ABSENT: Cansace Congelli. | Miss Baker Fourth FRONT ROW- N. Burch, D. Stephens, J. Howland, G. Wahl. SECOND ROW: R. Simmons, J. Day, C. Preston, K. Gorsuch, D. Pitts. THIRD ROW: D. Roeske. P. Nye, K. Hubbard. H. Freeland, D. Miller, E. Steb. Mrs. Helmer 29Miss Walsh Third FRONT ROW: J. Perry. N. Clarke. T. Matison, L. Collins. M. Cornell, B. Rouse. D. Baker. SECOND ROW: D. Nichols, S. Stephens, S. Emery, D. Carmody, A. Slade, K. Gavin, M. Carr, G. Herr. THIRD ROW: D. Gallagher, D. Williams, B. Leonard, K. Schrader, D. Stackwick, L. Bernard. D. Ormsby, P. Pelton. ABSENT: F. Fuller, V. Atwell, A. Gram. Mrs. Reil FRONT ROW: S. Phelps, J. Lang, D. Freeland, D. Clark, R. Godown, D. Green, J. Smith, C. Densmore. SECOND ROW: D. Simmons, J. Wightman, S. Merrick, S. Pease, W. Howard, L. Panton, M. Miglis, P. Dibble. THIRD ROW: D. Baker, S. Tomm, R. Brown, F. Baumgarten, D. Barnes, G. Shellman, D. Slade, M. Bernard. ABSENT: V. Billings, R. Clark. Third 30FRONT ROW: J. Dean, J. MacMichael, D. Baker, K. Simmons, C. Densmore, J. Davis, H. Rouse, J. Grossman. SECOND ROW: J. Brown, K. Burch, K. Davis, B. Preston, P. Ford, K. Richardson, B. Jackson, P. Middaugh. THIRD ROW: E. Snyder, M. Jackson, D. Schrader, S. Lewis, D. Burrows, R. Hyland, J. Lynch, D. Herr, C. McCormick. ABSENT: J. Congelli. Miss Church Second Grade Second Grade FRONT ROW: T. Childs, E. Stearns, D. Sisson, R. Pitts, L. Hess, D. Dodge. SECOND ROW: R. Lehman, J. Rouse, S. Briggs, S. Lewis, B. Kemp. THIRD ROW: F. Baker, W. Geer, L. Nevol, J. Howland, P. Matison, M. Dodge, R. Tuttle, T. Wallace, D. Westbrook. ABSENT: Y. Mattison, M. Shellman. Mrs. Peckham 31First Grade FRONT ROW: E. Atwell, C. Taylor, P. Mulconery, J. Schrader, R. Pease, R. Scott. SECOND ROW: E. Hess, C. Merrick, L. Jones, D. Dodge, D. Lowrie, P. Billings, M. Gavin, S. Church. THIRD ROW: N. Barnes, B. Leonard, C. Joyce, M. Dibble, E. Wilson, S. Burgett, R. Godown, D. Petrie. ABSENT: C. Baumgarten. Mrs. Connor First Grade Mrs. Hall 32 FRONT ROW: M. Panton, R. Jackson, B. Perry, G. Briggs, C. Densmore, D. Matison. SECOND ROW: B. Jackson, C. Joyce, K. Ormsby, P. Miglis, K. Spencer, M. Bird, L. Gram, C. Baker. THIRD ROW: G. Weber, D. Burrows, E. Billings, C. Howard, T. MacMichael, B. Cannon, D. Lang, J. Baker. ABSENT: R. Tidd, D. Fuller.FRONT ROW: K. Geer, G. Rossman, R. MacCrea, J. Jackson, D. Davis. SECOND ROW: S. Middaugh, R. Clark, C. Roeske. B. Simmons, D. Childs, R. Billings, K. Freeland. THIRD ROW: H. McCormick, E. Bronson, A. Davis, S. Herr, M. Snyder, L. Tomm, G. Burger, W. Gavin, S. Dunham, D. Hurlburt. ABSENT: C. Weber, C. Barden. Kindergarten Mrs. Corwin Kindergarten FRONT ROW: C. Clark, M. Gavin, B. Lynch, D. Ordiway, J. Howland. SECOND ROW: D. Hulse, L. McLean, R. Atwell, D. Gorsuch, K. Baker, T. Polmateer. THIRD ROW: C. Cornish, M. Dibble, J. Petrie, R. Allen, K. Westbrook. J. Nevel, L. Hahn, W. Lynch, N. Kelley. ABSENT: R. Ford, C. Grossman, C. Mattison, L. Smith, K. Baumgarten. 33Jean Rifenburg, John Walter, Carolyn Cornell, Louie Ordiway, Merton Wright, Oddie Fuller, Barb Grossman. Director Mrs. Kessler Sandra Thorp, Alan Kelley, Gail Wightman, Barbara Grossman, John Walter, Louie Ordiway. Junior PI "Paint The Town Pink” 36Senior ays "The Very Opposite Sex”Have a Happy 'Tizzies” Party 38Senior 40BandE. McAndrew, J. Burger, C. Cornell, D. Brown. FIRST ROW: G. Wightman, L. DeRemer, L. Sootheran, J. Reil. SECOND ROW: C. Storms, V. Lynch, D. Collins, L. DeRemer, S. Burch, L. Cable, K. Bost-wick, M. Caple, A. Conde, P. Hames. THIRD ROW: C. Meyn, A. McAndrew, J. Woodruff, J. Greene, O. Fuller, D. Burdick, L. Kemp, D. Nye, J. Cook, D. Harvey. FOURTH ROW: S. Baker, D. Mullholland, C. Burdick, D. Vars, E. Schononover. B. Grossman, L. Kessler, J. Appier, M. Smith, J. Carr. FIFTH ROW: L. Cook, W. Greene, D. Ross-man, A. Corwin, J. Walter. 42Senior Choir FRONT ROW: J. Reil, C. Sisson, D. Collins, E. Perry, J. Cook, G. Wightman, A. McAndrew, P. Perry, L. Carmody, J. Nichols, C. Mead, A. Conde. SECOND ROW: D. Vars, S. Howland, C. Cornell, L. Cable, C. Peckham, K. Bostwick, L. DeRemer, J. Burger, M. McClure, M. Smith, S. Clarke, J. Joyce. THIRD ROW: S. Thorpe, J. Rifenburg, J. DeRemer, C. Meyn, E. McAndrew, L. Sootheran, K. Rosintoski, L. Kessler, C. Caple, P. Hames, A. Gross, C. Bronson, J. Woodruff. FOURTH ROW: E. Schoonover, J. Greene, D. Stackwick, A. Corwin, R. Dougherty, J. Walter, D. Harvey. A. Kelley, J. Appier, W. Grant, J. Cook, J. Common, D. Rossman. FRONT ROW: D. Collins, C. Sisson, J. Cook, G. Wightman, J. Rifenburg, P. Perry, J. Nichols. SECOND ROW: S. Howland, A. Gross, C. Peckham, S. Clarke. L. Carmody, P. Hames. THIRD ROW: E. McAndrew, J. DeRemer. J. Burger, C. Caple, L. DeRemer, J. Joyce. Girls ChorusFRONT ROW: M. DeRemer, G. Bronson, D. Lehman, N. Halsey, C. Lewis, D. Collins, C. Wallace, K. Joyce, L. Middaugh, L. Bernard, B. Rowland, B. Cornell. SECOND ROW: M. Middaugh, M. Lynch, M. Meyn, R. Dixon, B. Nevol, D. Thorp, D. Brown, C. Steadman, D. Heselton, M. Smith, E. Burch, J. Harvey, T. Ordiway, E. Perry. THIRD ROW: F. Kelley, B. Emery, H. Hann, B. Joyce,J. Billings, S. Bird, B. Baker, J. Tuttle. Junior High Choir Elementary Choir FRONT ROW: T. Weber, J. Lang, D. Stephens, M. Cornell, N. Clark, J. Wight-man, J. Kent, K. Gavin, D. Densmore, L. Dunham, D. Baker, D. Simmons, G. Herr, R. Leonard, C. Perry. SECOND ROW: R. Godown, P. Tuttle, H. Sisson, R. Joyce, R. Dixon, D. Osgood, D. Baker, E. Streb, M. Carr, R. Brown, R. Simmons, D. Pitts, M. Greene, D. Lehman, P. Dibble. THIRD ROW: M. Corwin, G. Clark, M. Alvord, T. Miles, B. Burch, D. Leon, C. Densmore, J. Dibble, J. Baumgarten, B. Carr, B. Brown, D. Stackwick, B. Tomm, D. Billings, M. Howland. FOURTH ROW: S. McClure, C. Pelton, R. Baker, S. Reil, K. Pease, J. LeFever, C. Joyce, J. Hames, J. Stephens, N. Greenfield, J. Hyland, S. Clark, G. Rossman, B. Joyce. ABSENT: T. Lynch, L. Clark, A. Dodge.Junior Band FRONT ROW: C. Walter, S. McClure, C. Wallace, D. Brown, D. Livingston, S. Reil. SECOND ROW: J. Harvey, M. Meyn, M. Lynch, J. Tuttle, M. Corwin, D. Collins. THIRD ROW: W. Greene, P. Schrader, F. Kelley, D. Peckham, S. Baker, M. Tuttle, R. Joyce, G. Rossman. FOURTH ROW: M. Miglis, L. Cook. FRONT ROW: J. Cook, J. Appier, M. Smith, L. Kessler. SECOND ROW: J. DeRemer, L. Cable, M. Caple, A. Conde. THIRD ROW: G. Wightman, A. McAndrew, L. Kemp, D. Burdick. FOURTH ROW: E. Schoonover, J. Reil, D. Vars, C. Burdick. FOURTH ROW: E. Schoonover, J. Reil, D. Vars, C. Burdick. rlFTH ROW: D. Rossman, J. Walter. D. Harvey, J. Greene.Dance Band FRONT ROW: J. Greene, J. Woodruff, J. Reil. SECOND ROW: J. Appier, M. Smith, L. Kessler. THIRD ROW: D. Rossman, J. Walter, E. Schoonover, D. Vars. Orchestra 46 FRONT ROW: D. Gibbs, M. Howland, J. Harvey, S. Congelli, C. Grover, D. Brown, J. Walter. SECOND ROW: J. Woodruff, D. Burdick, D. Collins, J. DeRemer, A. Conde, D. Harvey, D. Rossman. THIRD ROW: J. Reil. G. Wightman, L. DeRemer, J. Rifenburg, L. Sootheran, L. Cook, D. Rossman. FOURTH ROW: W. Greene, E. Schoonover, D. Vars, L. Kessler.National Honor Society FRONT ROW: J. Campbell, G. Wightman, J. Walter, R. Dougherty, M. Howland, E. Alvord, A. McAndrew. STANDING: J. Woodruff, J. Reil, L. Sootheran, L. Cable, J. Burger, J. Greene. FRONT ROW: G. Bronson, J. Reil, J. George, L. Cable, R. Monroe. STANDING: L. Cook, D. Collins, V. Woolworth, R. Dougherty, S. Thorpe, G. Burch. Student Council 47FRONT ROW: L. Kessler, A. Gross, M. McClure, A. McAndrew, J. Conde, D. Vars, C. Bronson, J. George, C. Mead, J. Burger, G. Wightman, E. Alvord, M. Howland, C. Peckham. SECOND ROW: B. Grossman, O. Fuller, J. Reil, J. Woodruff, V. Lynch, S. Congelli, D. Glover, D. Brown, L. Kemp, R. Allen, K. Rosintoski, P. Gath, E. McAndrew, L. Cable, L. Sootheran, J. Campbell, J. Appier, K. Bostwick, C. Cornell. THIRD ROW: D. Stackwick, R. Dougherty, C. Burdick, W. Childs, J. Green, E. Schoonover. Hi Herald Library Council 48 FRONT ROW: S. Bird, S. Thorpe, E. Perry, M. Baker, S. Howland, A. Gross, l . Collins, V. Lynch, R. Monroe, C. Bronson, L. Sootheran, J. Joyce, L. Cable, P. Perry. SECOND ROW: S. Clarke, L. Carmody, C. Baker, L. DeRemer, J. Clarke, C. Peckham. C. Meyn, M. Howland, C. Mead, C. Caple, C. Storms, C. Miles, J. George, V. Woolworth, R. Smith, J. Burger, B. Cable, K. Rosintoski, M. Maine, D. Glover.Camera Club FRONT ROW: J. Common, W. Grossman, B. Clarke, D. Brown, B. Smith, C. Sisson. SECOND ROW: M. Baker, G. Wightman, J. Campbell, J. Joyce, L. Carmody, C. Peckham, J. Burger, K. Bostwick, B. Grossman, O. Fuller, C. Cornell, B. Fuller, J. Woodruff, V. Woolworth, P. Names, A. Gross. LAST ROW: D. Smith, D. Nye, J. Fox, E. Schoonover, K. Wittie, J. Coats, J. Greene, A. Kelley, C. Burdick, R. Dougherty, J. Appier, J. Walter, D. Harvey, E. Smith, A. Corwin, J. Carr, J. Reil, G. Hoover, J. Nichols. LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Kelley, W. Monroe, M. Wright, L. Ordiway, Varsity Club 49FRONT ROW: T. Streb, A. Conde, D. Vars, M. Baker, V. Woolworth, B. Fuller, S. Thorpe, E. Alvord, S. Bird. C. Bronson, S. Burch, J. Woolworth, C. Baker, J. Billings, J. Day, B. Clarke. SECOND ROW: D. Glover, J. Cook, B. Tuttle, J. Nichols, C. Sisson, D. Collins, J. Woodruff, E. Perry, D. Miles, C. Grover, S. Congelli, L. Kemp, C. Sherman, B. Grossman, O. Fuller. THIRD ROW: S. Thorpe, C. Mead, D. Burdick, D. Brown, P. Hames, M. Smith, S. Howland, C. Miles, A. Reisman, K. Greenfield, J. Joyce, R. Allen, L. DeRemer, L. Carmody, S. Clarke. FOURTH ROW: C. Baker, B. Whitsell, V. Lynch, C. Peckham, J. George, B. Smith, J. Burger, E. McAndrew, K. Caple, L. Kessler, L. Cable, C. Meyn, P. Gath, A. Gross, J. Clarke. F FA 50 FRONT ROW: M. Baker, R. Gayhart, R. Kemp, R. Goodridge, J. Raub, R. Mead, G. Burch. SECOND ROW: Mr. Russel, B. Johnson, W. Monroe, M. Whiting, E. Raub, J. Greenfield. D. Kemp. THIRD ROW: A. Gayhart, F. Coy, R. Whitsell, R. Whitsell, R. Clarke, G. Burdick, J. Dunham.Girl’s 4-H K. Gavin, B. Burch, K. Gavin, C. Preston, G. Wahl. SECOND ROW: N. Halsey, E. Bird, B. Kelley, E. Burch. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Stephens, F. Miglis, E. Sacket, R. McCormick, B. Bird, T. Kent, D. Foster, G. Wahl, W. Davis, R. Mead. SECOND ROW: W. Clarke, J. Wahl, D. Whitsell, B. Clarke, T. Joyce. S. Roeske, M. Clarke. D. Peck-ham, S. Baker, P. Roland, B. Bixby, M. Baker, J. Hames. THIRD ROW: M. Whiting, F. Coy, W. Monroe, D. Whitsell, B. Goodridge, J. Dunham, G. Burdick, B. Johnson. Boys 4-H 51CLASS OF 62 ROW 1-Jame3 Appier, Donald Frazer, Gary Burdick, James Lehman, Jean Rifenburg, Gary Lee O'D.ll, Gerald Burch, Alice Keouth, Carolyn Cornell. ROW 2-Mrs. Robinson, John Walters, Harry Campbell, Susan Will, Bruce Brundage, Roger Lewis, John Hunt, Barbara Grossman, Kaye Bostwick, Rlwyn Burdick, Denna Wittie, Daniel Elliott, Paul Feters. ROW 1-Billy Riffle, Gail Wightman, Lynn Caraody, Sandra Bird, Harold Peters, Cheryl Storms, Allan Skinner, limothy Brown, Connie Bronson, Carole Carver, Mis. Corwin. ROW 2-Daniel Merriam, Lou Loescher, Alecia Rei3mun, Fhilip Clark , Theodore Edwards, Brian Frizell, Larry Eccleston, Encil Glover, Duane Herrick. ROW 3-Peggy Adams, Robert Clarke, Ruth Waters,Judy George, Herbert Raub.Varsity BasketballJunior Varsity Basketball FIRST ROW: J. Partridge, M. Baker, W. Ford, K. Wittie, D. Brundage, Coach Russell, SECOND ROW: W. Childs, E. Smith, N. Alvord, C. Birdick, D. Thorp, J, Strouse, J. Fox, T. Streb. FIRST ROW: J. Coats, G. Freeland, W. Grant, J. Cannon, D. Stackwick, B. Johnson, J, Dunham. SECOND ROW: W. Grossman, D. Gibbs, R. Philips, W. Ford, J. Partridge, J. Fox, D. Thorp, D. Wightman, J. Strouse, STANDING: R. Emery, Coach Russell, R. Vickers, F. Coy, W. Childs, D. Lehmann, I. Conner, M. Wright, D. Mulholland, W. Monroe, T. Streb, E. Smith, L. Ordiway, K. Lehman, D. Harvey, S. Baker. Soccer 55Varsity Cheer- leaders O. Fuller, B, Grossman, C. Cornell, K. Bostwick, J. Woodruff. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders B. Fuller, D. Miles, B. Smith, B. Tuttle, J. Nichols. 56FIRST ROW: B. Johnson, G. Brown, D. Rossman, J. Cook, R. McGillvray, W. Grant. SECOND ROW: W. Monroe, D. Harvey, A. Corwin, B. Vickers, D. Carson, D. Rossman, Coach Barden. FIRST ROW: V. Woolworth, S. Burch, C. Miles, S. Thorp, Coach Mallory, D. Miles, B. Tuttle, V. Lynch, L. Kemp. SECOND ROW: B. Fuller, B. Smith, K. Greenfield, J. Golish, M. Baker, B. Clarke, P. Gath, S. Thorp, C. Storms, T. Streb, J. George. THIRD ROW: C. Sisson, C. Baker, J. Clarke, N. Anderson, M. Howland, S. Bird, C. Grover, R. Allen, C. Bronson, J. Joyce, D. Collins. GAACongratu1 at ions Sen i ors Comp]iments of HUFF HOTEL G reenwood Compl iments of New York GLENN E. BRONSON Insurance Broker Cong ratu1 at i ons from FARMER1S FEED SUPPLY wef- •"itg y SOUTERAN TIER CONCRETE PRODUCTS Concrete Blocks and Septic Tanks Alfred Station A1 f red New York New York MEMORY STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP "Remember With Pictures" Gordon Phillips Owner and Proprietor 23 Main Street Horne 11 New York 59COLLEGE MOBIL SERVICE Complete Line of Mobil Products Mobiloiy Tires - Batteries - Accessories Alfred-Alfred Station Road "SS-H" Green Stamps dl. W. (2%ancla[[ on All Your School and Jewelry Needs 32 North Main Alfred, N.Y. Compliments of THACHER BROTHERS Wei 1sv i 1 1 e New York Andover Comp 1 i ment s of New York Comp 1i ment s of A. MC HENRY AND COMPANY Hornell ,.••• New York 60 FORD PECKHAM BUILDING DIVISION Stran-Steel Buildings Vacation-Land Cabins Andover New YorkCompl imerits to the Class of 1962 from ANDOVER P.T.A. Compl imerits of HARRY JOYCE Andover New York Compliments of The Andover Office of the CITIZENS'NATIONAL BANK Wh i tesv i11e A1fred Wei 1svi1le 61An dove r Best Wi shes to The Class of '62 f rom VARS PHARMACY New York Comp 1i ment s of BAKER' S HARDWARE V f' Andover New York Compliments of MURRAY STEVENS v-.v Horne 11 New York Comp 1i ment s of ARNOY'S DYE Congratu1 at ions to the Class of '62 KINDER'S GULF SERVICE Wel1sv i 1 1 e New York We 11sv i11e New York Cong ratu1 at i ons Sen iors ORDIWAY'S-RESTAURANT Comp 1i ment s of ADDISON CABLE TV, INC. Andover FOOD New York G reenwood New YorkSUNNYDALE FARMS, INC. Andover New York =s o B. Burger, Mgr. Comp 1iments of PINE CREST POULTRY FARMS Flip'em-Flop'em You Can1t Top1em Andover New York Congratu1 at ions Betty1s Beauty Bar Andover New York Compliments of TEXAS HOT 51 Broadway Horne 1 1 FOOD New York Compliments of FOSS BROTHERS CORPORATION Wellsville New York Compliments of KERTEN'S FLORIST Flowers for all occasions Wellsville, New York Compliments of FRED B. RICE MUSIC HOUSE Music Suppliers since 1890 Wellsville, New York Arthur D. Runzo Phone 263 Compliments of FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA of Andover Central School hh Andover New York Compl imerits of Comp 1iment s of HALL'S DRUG STORE THE JOYCE HOTEL Main Street K. E. Harris P. R. Ryan Andover New York Estab1i shed 1852 Wellsville New York UMIKER'S UMIKER'S "" RED AND WHITE MONUMENT WORK'S Telephone 392 Telephone 113 We 11svi11e New York Wellsville New York Compliments Compl iments ) of of HENRY STEPHENS DR. J. R. COMMON, DENTIST INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street Andover New York Andover New York Phone 2662 Compliments Comp 1i men t s of of SACKETT'S FOOD MARKET SHORT'S SERVICE STATION Main Street Rt. 17 Ply is Andover New York s® 64 VjtSoS  Congratulations Seniors Compl iments of i MODERN DINER j[UM) Wei 1svi1le New York WELLSVILLE REPORTER Wei 1sv i11e New York Best Wi shes to the Class of 1962 Compliments of TUTTLE AND ROCKWELL BOSTWICK'S Stueben County1s La rgest Department Store Alfred New York Hornel1 New York Congratu1 at ions to the Class of 1962 Compliments LEONARD SCHOOL OF MUSIC °f NYE TRACTOR SALES Andover, New York Andover New York Compl iments 1 armStV I Compliments of VERMONT EVAPORATOR COMPANY Maple Sugar and Syrup Supplies STEUBEN SILK MILLS Carrol Burdick Representat i ve Andover New York Andover New York Phone 2410 65 Congratulations Seniors Compliments of TEXAS HOT RESTAURANT MORRISON AND LAYF1 ELD BODY SHOP We 11sv i11e New York Dyke Street-Well sv i 1 1 e New York Comp 1iments of Comp 1 iments of J. J. NEWBERRY WARD'S JEWELRY Allegany County1 s Most Complete Department Store "Mr We 11svi11e New York Wellsville New York COATS DRUG COMPANY Oliver G. Coats Dean Fisher Cong ratu1 at i ons to the Class of 1962 21 North Main GEORGE HARKNESS CLOTHING Wellsville New York Wellsville New York Comp 1i men t s of Compliments of ALFRED ATLAS SAND - GRAVEL CANADA DRY f CZ ravdX V at Lfrkut, Horne 11 New York 66 Alfred Station New York Comp 1iments of Compl iments of JACOBS BROTHERS FRANKLIN FURNITURE ( ' H°me" "Home of Air Step Shoes" 121 Main St reet Hornel 1 New York Congratulations Seniors Comp 1i ment s of SEARS AND ROEBUCK MAC BRIDES Hornel1 New York Hornel1 New York Congratu1 at ions Compliments of to the Class of 1962 FAYE PAUL BROWN ORDIWAY LA r 1 ANA BARBER SHOPS Hornel1, New York Andover New York Congratulat ions to the Class of 1962 Comp 1 iments of PINE TREE MOTEL R. J. SOOTHERAN MOTn Andover New York Andover New York 67 Best Wishes to Class of '62 Compliments ANDOVER GARAGE of General Auto Repairing FULLER'S RESTAURANT Keystone Gas Phone A685 Main Street Andover New York C—‘S There ™ f; -■ question abou it • Andover New York » Comp 1i ment s of THE H. H. WILLIAMS COMPANY Complimentb of Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions JAMES MULHOLLAND Church Street Andover New York Andover New York Comp]iments of Phone 8933 Phone 2132 VOGUE BEAUTY FOX ATLANTIC SERVICE SALON Repai rs Ti res Batteries Andover New York 2k Hour Towing Service rArtut' % sewci ov S H Stamps SPtClAtfY ] Andover New York Comp 1i ment s of FARMER'S FEED SUPPLY Comp 1iment s of NIAGARA ELECTRON LABORATORIES Andover New York P. M. Hackett 68 Andover New YorkCompl imerits of JOYCE PIPELINE COMPANY Andover Phone 2626 Greenwood Road fetStru AND «5? New York 69Best Wi shes To The Class of 1962 F rom BULK-TAINERS Phone 2851 Andover, New York Route 17 Designers and Builders of Bulk Storage and 70 Bulk Transport FacilitiesCompliments Best Wishes of DR. S. B. SCOTT MALLERY'S RCA AND ZENITH T.V. Center Street 0% ,ZS 4'r S %) W '••'(■f M ,c S low 11 s Wellsville New York Andover New York The members of the HI-HERALD STAFF take this opportunity to thank the NEWS PRINTING HOUSE for their splendid cooperation in the past in the publication of our school paper. The HI-HERALD Congratu1 ations to the Graduating SENIORS from the FUTURE OF HOMEMAKERS AMERICA Andover New York 71Compl imerits of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF ANDOVER, INC PATRONS LIST SANBORN'S PHARMACY GEORGE MINGIS EDWARD RYAN 72 It is only through the kindness and generosity of our advertisers and anyone who assisted us that the publication of this annual was possible. To those who aided us in any way we give our heartfelt thanks. To our advertisers we offer our appreciation and continued patronage. Yearbook Staff of 1962INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City — Winnipeg Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements USA

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