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 it i xt r ft nts tnzxiIt is the hope of the Senior Class that this, the 1960 Yearbook, will be a credit to our excellent school. Our school has guided us and has taught us much about the world around us so that as we leave, we will face the future with high ideals. We also hope that you will have fond memories as you leaf through it in years to come.o gMuattan is We, the Senior Class, would like to dedicate this yearbook to our loving parents, for it is they who have given us this wonderful school. They have also given us guidance and advice through the "Best years of our lives." We know that we can never really repay all that we owe, but we sincerely hope that this book is a tribute to them.BOARD OF EDUCATION--FRONT: Dr. R. Common, S. B. Crandall, Mr. Garwood, A. Dourghty. BACK: P. MacMichael, C. Burdick, A. Tuttle. MR. KESSLER Principal MR. WILLIAMS 5 Senior Advisor MISS TAYLOR Secretary MR. GIBBS Guidance MR. GARWOOD Superintendent MR. CARMODY Vice-Principal, Jr. HighMR. BRACE Driver Education MRS. GREENE School Nurse MISS JOYCE Dental Hygienist CUSTODIANS LEFT TO RIGHT: J. NOBLES, F. FOSTER, J. NOBLES. KEMP, O. KEMP, F. MID- DAUGH. KITCHEN MRS. BROWN--Head of Staff BUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT: F. VICKERS T BTYQTFR R RAWFR A 6 LEFT TO RIGHT: E. PERRY, I. RUGER, N. GORSUCH.Yearbook jitaff JUDY CARR Editor ALFRED WHITING Art Editor VICTOR BURCH Co-Art Editor SALLY SMITH Layout Editor GARTH HU LIN Advertising Editor RICHARD BAKER Sales Editortt ItMRS. WOODRUFF English MR. MAC CREA Art MR MC CLURE Music MR. SWIMLEY Mathematics, Science MRS. CONDE English MRS. N1DA BusinessMR. BRONSON Agricultural MR. STACKWICK Sports MISS BALL Homemaking MR. BARDEN Industrial Arts MISS MARTIN Sports MRS. BEE Musict it tr A I ! Speaker FI NLA G. CRAWFORD LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Gross. S. Crandall, Dr. Common, C. Burdick, A. Tuttle, A. Dourghty, P. McMichel, R. Snyder, Dr. Scott, P. Kilbane, H. Joyce, R. Sootheran, R. Tomm, F. Crawford, D. Lyman, R Whitford, W. Garwood, F. Burrows, W. Alderson, M, Lynch, J. Kessler, Rev. Shea. Jfltxrd (UfyorustrtiixXBREGINA BAKER "Jeannie" Business "That's what you think. RICHARD BAKER "Dick" Agriculture VICTOR BURCH "Vic" Agriculture "Mercy" JUDY BRUNDAGE "Judy" Math, Science, and Business "Who? Me?"ANN CANNON "Cannonball" Math and Science JUDY CARR "Judy" Math, Science, and Business I LINDA COFFIN "Coughdrop" Math and Science IRENE CLARK "Clarky" Business and Homemaking "Oh, shoot!" 18NANCY DH REMER "Nan" Business "Be funny." CHARLES DIXON "Charlie" Math and Science That's life. 19 HOMER GLOVER "Homer" Agriculture, Business, and Industrial Art "Pretty likely. ” BEVERLY FREEMAN "Bev" Business "Togs” WARREN HANN "Skip" Business "That’s what she said. " RONALD LEWIS "Ron" Agriculture DELORES HALSEY "Dodie" Business and Homemaking "Chautauqua Lake is in New York State."LEO MC ANDREW "Leo" Agriculture FLORA SHERMAN "Flora" Business and Homemaking LUCILLE RIFENBURG "Lucy" Business S ALLY SMITH "Sally" Math, Science, and Business "Oops."SHIRLEY SNYDER "Shirley" Math and Science "It ain’t so. " GLENN THORPE "Beauty" Business and Agriculture "Mercy Heavens" GAIL WALDECK "Butch" Math and Science "Hi ya, toots I' JEAN UPDYKE "Jean" Math and Science "I don't know." 2223 PAUL WINCHELL "Winch" Agriculture and Business "Oh, my, garsh"HILDA SOTO "Mamy" Business "What’s that' WILLIAM WOODRUFF "Willy John" Math and Science "I came, I saw, I conquered." DAVID ORDIWAY "Dave” Math "Girls" 24(Class "Ulill Regina Baker leaves her eye Make- up to Theo Edwards. Richard Baker leaves his curly hair to Judy Woodruff. Judy Brundage leaves her red hair and freckles to Lois Reil. Victor Burch leaves his smashed-up truck to Carol Eshenbough to bang up. Ann Cannon leaves her jokes to Roberta Edwards. Judy Carr leaves her horses to Deanna Wittie, so she'll have a new sport. Irene Clarke leaves her debating ability to Mattie Howland. Linda Coffin leaves her height to Ira Connors. Charlie Dixon leaves 25 lbs. of his weight to Carolyn Cornell. Beverly Freeman leaves her old flirtatious ways to Dawn Burdick. Nancy DeRemer leaves her Saturday nights to Janis Reil. We leave Homer Glover to Sandy. Dolores Halsey leaves her quietness to Lloyd Hollenbeck. Warren Hann leaves his skipping ability to the majorettes. Garth Hulin leaves his managing ability to Kenny Hessleton. Ronald Lewis leaves his mechanical ability to Paul Glover. Leo McAndrew leaves his graceful leaping ability to Joe Carr. Lucille Rifenburg leaves her sarcastic laugh to future shorthand students. Flora Sherman leaves her shyness to Sharon Strouse and Charolette Dean. Sally Smith leaves her Secretary-Treasurer job to Ellen Joyce. Shirley Snyder leaves her baby-sitting job to Carol Hoagland. Glenn Thorpe leaves for Wellsville. Jean Updyke leaves her Latin ability to Kay Bostwick. Rae Ellen Waldeck leaves her'musical talent to Lee Kessler. Gail Waldeck leaves his ability to be a pest to George Hoover. Alfred Whiting leaves his bullwhip act to John Cook. Paul Winchell leaves his singing ability to Karen Stocking. Gary Woodard leaves his acting ability to Eddie Greene. Bill Woodruff leaves his little black book to Hugh Church. Dave Ordiway leaves his laugh to Louie to carry on the tradition. Hilda Soto leaves her good nature and modesty to Gary Rosintoski. Ronald Stocking leaves his tales of heroism to Harold LeFever. 25(Elass |3rop(]eco The year is 1970. We find the class of 1960 successfully making its way in the world. Unfortunately, Judy Brundage is unable to be with us. We hear that she was detained in an institution for being suspected of pyromania. A recent bulletin from Cape Canaveral reveals that noted rocket engineer, Gail Waldeck, has just been put into orbit. Indefinitely. Judy Carr has sacrificed her love of English to further her career. She is now a leading Beatnik poet. Ronald Lewis, and Ronald Stocking, organizers of the Farmer’s Union, have just asked for fewer working hours, more pay, and paid vacations. As yet, however, the cows haven’t agreed to these demands. Nancy DeRemer has just left for the moon. Now the Man in the Moon won’t get lonesome. The noted actor, Charlie Dixon, is on location working on his latest movie, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” Victor Burch is now working for Walt Disney Drawing Donald Duck cartoons. Shirley Snyder must have stayed too long at Craig Colony. She is now an inmate. Oh well, it happens to the nicest people. Gary Woodard, race car enthusiast, is here after his victory at Indianapolis last week. We find Lucille Rifenburg employed as a lap secretary to Clem Cadiddlehopper. Comedienne Ann Cannon now has her own television show. However, no one is able to see it because the whole series has been censored. Reason: She writes her own jokes. Warren Hann has just won the annual skipping contest in Kalamazoo. He is now preparing for an “Around the World Tour." Delores Halsey owns a world-wide chain of restaurants. We understand that she is still washing dishes, however, since none have automatic dishwashers. Many of you will remember Fabian, but now it’s the singing idol, Paul Winchell, that now has Fabian’s place in the hearts of America’s teenagers. After leaving here today, the well-known wrestler, Gorgeous Garth Hulin travels to Madison Square Garden to defend his title. Because of her extraordinary height, we find Linda Coffin now playing basketball professionally. We understand that the nation’s new Chief Executive, Dick Baker, has just signed a bill abolishing high school mathematics. The former Regina Baker and Beverly Freeman are happily employed in washing diapers and cooking meals. We have just sent a congratulatory wire to A1 “Tex” Whiting for selling his four millionth record of “Hear That Geetar.” He himself likes the record so much that he has bought 3,999,990. Glenn Thorpe has just been fired from his latest job. It seems that his boss objected to his singing and whistling while he worked. We find Rae Ellen leading the Philharmonic Orchestra. That is, what’s left of it. Bill Woodruff has just designed an automobile. He still has to get it to run. On her last visit to Andover. Hilda Soto brought a large canopy to put over the town to keep the snow away. It seems she doesn’t like the cold winters we have. Sally Smith is now treasurer for Rockefeller. It must be quite a change after our rather empty treasury. Homer Glover is busy Drawing up blueprints to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Senator Irene Clark has the honor of holding the new record for filibustering. She talked for 11 days without stopping. Secretary Flora Sherman is the National Shorthand Champion this year. She took dictation at 160 words per minute. Dave Ordiway now owns Slenderella and is literally living off the "fat of the land. " Our most prominent inventor, Jean Updyke invented a new way to teach physics. Don’t. Leo McAndrew has just signed a contract with the Harlem Globetrotters. 2627juniors FRONT ROW, Left to Right: M. Mead, C. LaFever, V. Lewis, R, Padden, C. Clarke, L. Reil, E. Joyce, P, Clark, B. Pelton, M. Dixon. SECOND ROW: C, Hoagland, J, Day, V, Howe, B. Barnhart, P. Bronson, L. Marvel, N. Gibbs, C. Dean, S. Strouse, R. Baker, C. Clark, R. Edwards. THIRD ROW: C. Eshenbaugh, G. Wightman, L. Nye, L. Hollenbeck, C. Bulter, D. Manion, W. Clark, E. O’Dell, H. Church, W. Burch, K. Stocking. FOURTH ROW; T. Seamans, E. Greene, M George, D. Woodard, P Waters, D. Harris, G. Rosintoski, K. Heselton. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: R, Waters, T. Edwards, C. Cornell, G. Wightman, S. Burch, S. Bird, S. Storms. SECOND ROW; S. Thorp, D. Burdick. J. Rifenburg, O. Fuller, K. Bostwick, B. Grossman, D. Wittie, J. George. P. Goodmote, C. Bronson, R. Monroe. THIRD ROW: T. Brown, H. LaFever, B. Vickers, D. Gayhart, D. Carson, L. Ordiway, J. Butch. FOURTH ROW: A. Kelly, P. Howland. J. Hunt, M. Wright, J. Walters, B. Clarke, D. Lehman, J. Appier, A. Corwin.3f regimen FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Clark, L, Cable, M. A. McClure, B. Lusk, C. Pickham, S. Thorp, J. Campbell, S. Robinson, K. Caple, J. Reil, J. Woodruff, A. Reisman, C. Baker. SECOND ROW: C. Sherman, L. Carmody, C. Miles, J. Burger, C. Mead, J. Joyce, A. McAndrew, C. Meyn, B. Whitesell, J. Clark, M. Howland, P. Perry, E. Alvord. THIRD ROW: J. Cook, J. Bishop, S. Clark, J. Greene, J. Carr, B. Vickers, H. Perry, E. Schoonover, P. Barrett, D. Rossman, C. Greenfield, J. Drake, L, Sootheran, N. Porter. FOURTH ROW: B. Brundage, B. Johnson, F. Coy, P. Glover, D. Whitesell, M. Baer, E. Glover, H. Raub, M. Whiting, Dougherty, D. Kemp. OSratb FRONT ROW, Left to Right: N. Pitts, L. Hurd, K. Greenfield, J. Billings, D. Glover. M. E. Caple, S. Howland, V. Lynch, B. Clark, H. Baer, N. Monroe, L. DeRemer. SECOND ROW: C. Sisson, P. Hames, S. Robinson, A. Gross, D. Collins, B. Fuller, V. Woolworth, M. Baker, J. Conde, L. Kessler, M. E. Smith, E. Perry, J. Nichols, R. Kemp, D. Kemp, J. Greenfield, D. Gibbs, D. Rossman, B. McGillvray, D. Price, C. Wittie, G. Lehman, B. Emery, G. Freeland, J. Cannon, B. Harris, D. Kemp, G. Hoover, B. Goodrich, M. Baker. FOURTH ROW: B. Kable, D. Stackwick, B. Childs, B. Ford, D. Mullholand, C. Burdick, H. Sherman, D. Harvey, J. Coats, K. Rosintoski. 30J tfientl] (6rade FRONT ROW: R. Mead, Jane Cook, S. Tidd, J. DeRemer, E. McAndrew, C. Grover, D. Vars, D. Smith. SECOND ROW; J. Common, W. Wahl, J. Fox, W. Grant, R. Cook, E. Raub, J. Strouse, I. Conner, N. Alvord, G. Burdick, S. Baker, D. Brundage, D. Densmore, S. Bird. MRS. JOYCE FRONT ROW; S. Congelli, D. Miles, L. Kemp, P. Gath, R. Allen, D. Brown, S. McGillivray, C. Baker, B. Tuttle, J. Day. SECOND ROW: P. Rowland, K. Lehman, D. Whitman, B. Grossman, E. Smith, B. Smith, D. Thorpe, R. Dodge, G. O’Dell, T. Manion, J. Raub, R. Gayhart, J. Dunham. jleliettttj (f)ratb 31 MRS. SWIMLEYjs»ixtlj OSrade FIRST ROW, Left to Right: B. Rowland, D. McCormick, C. Nye, K. Shellman, D. Thorp, G. Storms, D. Freeland, D. Lehman, E. Burch, C. Heselton, M. Moddaugh. SECOND ROW: W. Merrick, M. Clark, G. Rosintoski, S. Roeske, D, Whitesell, J. Wahl, D. Davis, H, Fauzey, J. Billings, R. Joyce, W. Bixby, B. Clark, R. Bishop. MRS. BOYCE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: L. Davis, E. Bird, J. Harvey, B. Nevol, N. Hadsell, M. L. Lehman; N. Billings, D. Dunham, D. Brown, M. Bishop, M. Lynch. SECOND ROW; R. Cornell, R. Congelli, S. Baker, W. Clarke, L. Hurd. M. Howland. D. Alvord, R. Weber, J. Wasson, William Greene, G, Ordiway, L. Cook. Jltxtfy Qtirade MRS. SCHWARTZENBACH 32-Ilfiftlrj 05rade FRONT ROW, Left to Right: N. Halsey, M. DeRemer, A. Nye, K. Joyce, N. Greenfield, C. Wallace, G. Bronson, D. Robinson, C. Bishop. BACK ROW; T. Kent, C. Updyke, M. Ordiway, F, Kelly, R. Dodge, C. Steadman, M. Meyn, T, Wahl, D. Vickers, N. Howland, D. Peckham, H. Bertrand. MISS JORDAN jfftftl] (tirade FIRST ROW, Left to Right: J. Tuttle, D, Collins, R. Dixon, R. Kelley, M. Rick, C. Lewis, K. Wassen, L. Middaugh, L. Bernard, R. Price. SECOND ROW: R. Baker, R. Lang, T, Ordiway, H. Hann, D. Whitesell, H. Bissell, T. Joyce, R. Emery, D, Brundage, John Hames, R. Gardner, C, Pitts, R. McCormick. 33 MRS. EDWARDSJfourtli (®rade FRONT ROW, Left to Right: D. Livingston, L. Hurd, K. Freeland, M. Joyce. SECOND ROW: M E. Corwin, R. Baker, S. Reil, G. Bixby, S. McClure. THIRD ROW: B, Burch, R. Joyce, L. Gardner, R. Barnes. FOURTH ROW, Seated: C. Densmore, D. Sherman, E. Sackett, D. Slocum. STANDING: C. Nevol, D. Butler, E. Bird, J. Baker, S. Congelli, W. Davis, L. Elliot, P. Schrader. MISS BAKER 3fourth (Srade FIRST ROW, Seated: J. DeRemer, C. Joyce, L. Clark. SECOND ROW: J. Stover, K. Pease, M. Greene. THIRD ROW: R, Gallagher, J. Le Fever, G. Clarke. FOURTH ROW: D. Billings, K. Slocum, G. Rossman. STANDING: D, Lehman, C. Densmore, M. Manion, J. Stephens, D. Fox, W. Hurlburt, A. Dodge, M.Alvord, D. Leon, D. Harris, M. Brundage, D. Polmateer. MRS. HELMER 34(E{]trt{ drade FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Howland, L. Dunham, K. Gavin, C. Walter, C. Gibbs, C. Pelton, S. Conner, J. Dibble. D. Stackwick, T. Miles, D. Leon. SECOND ROW: H. Sisson, R. Godown, D. Billings, F. Middaugh, D. Foster, W. Carr, J. Joyce, R. Tomm, T. Weber, R. Lynch, D. Price, D. Vars. MRS. REIL {Cfyirtt (6rade FRONT ROW, Left to Right: M. Adams, M. Tuttle, B. Perkins, S. Bissell, C. Baker, J. Hyland, J. Nye, M. Howland, N. Thorp, L. Leon, J. Freeland, M. Wahl. SECOND ROW: M. Stover, P. Dixon, R. Brown, R. Bishop, T. Dixon, S. Clark, M. Whitesell, D. Grant, R. McCormick, R. Joyce, R. Schrader. 35 MRS. MC CLUREFRONT ROW, Left to Right: D. Sootheran, J. Williams, H. Freeland, K. Nevol, D. Barnes, J. Howland, G. Wahl. SECOND ROW: D. Roeske, V. Slocum, L. Eshenbaugh, M, Smith, D. Asgood, E. Matison, C. Berger son, J. Kent, K. Hubbard, C. Congelli. MRS. PECKHAM fecund (Srade FRONT ROW. Left to Right: D. Stevens, J. Day, N. Burch, M. Cornell, D. Baker, K. Gorsuch, S. Preston, P. Nye. SECOND ROW; L. Burnard, D. Pitts, C. Fauzey, B. Gardner, T. Polmateer, W. Dodge, L. Buckholz, M. Thop, R. Brown, J. Stevens. 36 MISS CHURCHilftrsi Q5rade FRONT ROW, Left to Right; D. Baker, D. Nichols, A. Slade, M. Adams, R. Hyland, P. Dibble, S. Stevens, V. Atwell, N. Clarke, S. Pease. SECOND ROW; T. Matison, D. Green, J. Lang, T. Baker, R, Leonard, D. Slade, S. Phelps, S. Tomm, C. Densmore, P. Pelton, R. Godown. MRS. CONNOR 3[tr0t 05rade FRONT ROW, Left to Right; V. Billings, G. Herr, L. Panton, L. Collins, M. Bernard, S. Merrick, J. Wightman, Susan Emery, K. Gavin. SECOND ROW; D. Baker, D. Freeland, D. Gallagher, J. Smith, D. Clark, D. Williams, G. Shellman, D. Densmore, T. Williams, C. Gram, D. Stackwick, R. Clark. 37 MRS. HALLFRONT ROW, Left to Right; J. Grossman, D. Sisson, R. Lehman, P. Middaugh, D, Williams, B. Jackson, S. Briggs, E. Ashley. SECOND ROW; F. Baker, K. Richardson, P. Matison, R. Tuttle, R. Pitts, J. Davis, J. Gongelli, L. Hess. THIRD ROW; W, Geer, J. MacMichael, D, Burrows, S. Lewis, M. Shellman, M. Dodge, B. Hadsell. Kindergarten MRS. CORWIN IKindergarten FIRST TABLE: T. Wallace, A. Green, B. Kemp, C. McCormick, E. Billings, M. Jackson, D. Hern, J. Atwell, Y. Mattison, B, Preston. SECOND TABLE; S. Lewis, L. Nevol, D. Baker, P. Ford, D. Westbrook, K. Burch, S. Stevenson, S. Weber, D. Dodge, K. Davis. MRS. RIGGS 38Cirls’ Chorus FRONT ROW, Left to Right: R. Baker, N. DeRemer, P. Clark, J. Clark, C. Clark, E. Joyce, L. Coffin, V. Howe. SECOND ROW: A. Cannon, C. Mead, G. Wightman, J. Joyce, C. Miles, R, Waldeck, C. Cornell, R. Baker, J. Day. THIRD ROW: S. Clark, S. Thorp, K. Stocking, P. Bronson, R. Waters, D. Reisman, C. Dean, L. Reil, J. Burger, C. Peckham, B. Pelton. ,i$ltxed (ttfyorus FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Cook, L Coffin, H. Soto, L. Carmody, C. Clark, P. Padden, J. Woodruff, S. Clark, R. Baker, P. Clark, V. Howe, J. Greene. SECOND ROW: R Baker, B. Freeman. A. Cannon, G. Wightman, J. Burger, C. Peckham, R. Waldeck, E. Joyce, B. Pelton, R Edwards. THIRD ROW: N. De Remer, B. Barnhart, R. Bostwick, L. Rifenburg, C. Cornell, S. Strouse, N. Gibbs, L. Marvel, J. Carr, L. Reil, V. Lewis. J. Day. FOURTH ROW: E. Schoonover, D. Rossman, L. Nye, J. Appier, C. Dix.on, R. Waters, C. Dean, C. Eshenbaugh, J. Walters, E. Greene, B. Woodard, M. George, A. Kelly, A. Corwin. 41®attm ®fotrler0 LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Burger, C. Dean, D. Brown, S. Strouse, D. Wittie. Junior IB and FRONT ROW, Left to Right: S. Burch, J. Campbell, P. Hames, L. Carmody, A. McAndrew, J, Conde, W. Ford, S. Robinson, M. E, Caple, L. Cable. SECOND ROW: K. Bostwick, C. Storms, J. Reil, P. Bronson. L. Reil, E. Hoagland, C. Eshenbaugh, G. Wightman, E. Joyce, V. Howe. THIRD ROW: M.E. Smith, L. Kessler, J. Woodruff, L, Coffin, M. Gibbs, H. Church, S, Bird, O. Fuller, A. Cannon. J. Greene, J, Cook, R. Waldeck. FOURTH ROW; A. Corwin, C. Burdick, T. Seamans, D. Rossman, B. Grossman, D. Vars, E. Schoonover, D, Mulholland, L. Stocking, E. Greene, G. Waldeck, J. Walters. 4243Senior 44(©rdjestra FRONT ROW, Left to Right; D. Gibbs, M. Howland, S. Cangelli, J. Harvey, N. Pitts, D. Brown, C. Grover. SECOND ROW; L. DeRemer, L. Sootheran, J. Rifenburg, G. Wightman, V. Howe, J. Reil, J. Woodruff, D. Harvey. THIRD ROW; J. Greene, O. Fuller, D. Burdick, L, Reil, C. Eshenbaugh, L. Kessler, M. Smith, R, Waldeck. FOURTH ROW; D. Vars, L. Schoonover, D. Rossman, G. Waldeck, J. Day. jBan« 3and FRONT ROW, Left to Right; J. Woodruff, D, Vars, L. Kessler. SECOND ROW; J. Reil. J. Greene, E. Schoonover, M. E. Smith. THIRD ROW: L. Coffin, H. Church, a Waldeck. FOURTH ROW; N. Gibbs, E. Hoagland, E. Joyce, T. Seamans, E. Greene. 45|3ep ®anrf FRONT ROW, Left to Right; W. Ford.J. Campbell, P, Hames, L. Carmody, S. Robinson, L. Cable, S. Burch, M, E, Caple, J. Conde, A. McAndrew. SECOND ROW; J. Woodruff, J, Reil, M, E. Smith, L. Kessler, H. Church, P, Bronson, E. Hoagland, C, Eshenbaugh, L. Reil, S. Bird, R. Waldeck, J. Greene. THIRD ROW: D. Vars, D. Mulholland, C. Burdick, D. Rossman, L. Stocking, E. Greene, E. Schoonover, A. Corwin. junior FRONT ROW, Left to Right: B. Ford, V. Lynch, S. Burch, C, Wallace, J. Conde, M. Lynch, S. Robinson, J. Rifenburg, L. Sootheran, L. DeRemer. SECOND ROW: H. Bissell, M. Meyn, C. Mead, C. Storms, L, Hurd, S. Baker, D. Brundage, J. Wahl, R. Gardner, R. Rowland, D. Vars. LOWER SECOND: L. Davis, D. Collins, J. Common, D. Collins, B. Greene, R. Joyce, J. Carr, M. E. Smith, L. Kessler, D. Burdick, L. Kemp, A. Corwin, J. Strouse, W, Grant, D. Wightman, L. Cook.OSirle’ Ensemble LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Waters, J. Carr C. Dean, N. Gibbs, E. Joyce, R. Waldeck, L. Rifenburg, B. Pelton, C. Clark, G. Wightman. (El]oru0 FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Cook, J. Greene, L. Schoonover, D. Rossman, L. Reil . SECOND ROW: W. Ford, D. Mulholland, B. Dougherty, J. Appier, A. Kelly, E. Greene, J. Walters, G. Waldeck.3Jr. (Ehnrus FRONT ROW, Left to Right: C. Baker, S. Tidd, J. Cook, S. McGillivray, C. Sisson, N. Pitts, B. Tuttle, S. Howland, D. Glover, D. Miles, J. Nichols, C. Grover, E. Perry, S. Congelli. SECOND ROW: R Kemp, B. Goodridge, D. Gibbs, J. DeRemer, C. Robinson, M. Main, R. Allen, B. Clark, D Brown, H. Baer, D. Kemp, M. Baker, J. Day, R. Rowland. THIRD ROW; W. Grant, B. Wahl, K. Wittie, B. Emery, P. Gath, L. Hurd, K. Greenfield, D. Harvey, K. Rosintoski, I. Connors, E. McAndrew. A. Gross, J. Strouse, D. Stack-wick, J. Common, K. Lehman, B. McGillivray. S. A. JL FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. DeRemer, S. Clark, S. Tidd, B. Tuttle. B. Fuller, S. McGillivray, D. Miles. SECOND ROW: S. Burch, P. Gath, A. Gross. A. Reisman, N. Gibbs, C. Storms, J. Burger, E. McAndrew, D. Brown. 48Camera Club FRONT ROW, Left to Right: L. Coffin, S. Synder, R. Waldeck, J. Joyce, C. Miles, G. Wightman, B. Grossman, K, Bostwick, O. Fuller, C. Cornell. SECOND ROW: E. Joyce, A. Cannon, L. Rifenburg, P. Clark, C. Dean, C. Hoagland, L. Reil, S. Strouse, J. Updyke, B. Freeman. THIRD ROW: S. Smith, J. Burger, B. Barnhart, C. Peckham, R. Padden, C. Clark, L. Marvel, L. Carmody, J. Reil, J. Woodruff. FOURTH ROW: G. Hulin, R. Baker, W. Clarke, B, Woodruff, D, Rossman, J. Greene, G. Wightman. FIFTH ROW: D. Ordiway, M. George, G. Woodard, K. Heselton, J. Walters, G. Waldeck, W. Hann, E. Greene, D. Woodard. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: E. Joyce, C. Eshenbaugh, V. Howe, L. Reil, K. Bostwick, R. Waldeck, N. DeRemer, S. Snyder, J. Brundage, R. Baker. SECOND ROW: J. Day, C. Peckham, L. Marvel, J. Woodruff, N, Gibbs, B. Pelton, G. Wightman, H. Church, J. Updyke, V. Lewis, C. Dean, D. Wittie, C. Lafever, L. Rifenburg. STANDING: M.A, McClure, C. Cornell, J. Reil, L. Coffin, A, Cannon, G. Wightman, G. Waldeck, R. Baker, G, Woodard, O. Fuller, B, Grossman, J. George, C. Bronson, S. Strouse. 49LEFT TO RIGHT: G. O’Dell, R. Baker, L, Marvel, B. Pelton, C. Storms, K. Stocking, R. Edwards. M. Dixon, C. Lefever, M. Mead, V. Lewis. 3[3t.A. FRONT ROW, Left to Right; L. Carmody, J. Woodruff, O. Fuller, C. Pecknam, J. George, V. Lewis, T. Edwards, S. Thorpe, P. Clarke. M. Mead. SECOND ROW; B. Barnhart, V. Howe, E. Alvord, R. Monroe, R. Edwards, S. Burch, J. Updyke, N. DeRemer, J. Brundage, B. Grossman. THIRD ROW; C. Mead, C. Bronson, S. Bird. I. Clarke, B. Pelton, K. Stocking, S. Robinson, M, Dixon, P. Goodmote, C. Dean, L, Marvel, C. Eshenbaugh, S. Strouse, J. Carr, R. Waters, C. Storms, J. Day.Rational JHonor jloctttu SEATED, Left to Right: J. Greene, J, Day, T, Edwards, H. Soto, E. Greene, J. Cannon, J. Walters, J. Woodruff, G, O’Dell. STANDING: H. Church, G. Hulin, A. Cannon, R. Baker, B. Grossman. FRONT ROW, Left to Right; A. Cannon, D, Baker, L. Coffin, L. Reil, E. Joyce, V. Howe, C. Eshenbaugh, J. Carr. SECOND ROW; G. Rosintoski, H. Church, G, Hulin, G. Waldeck, E, Greene, K. Heselton, J. Brundage, J. Updyke, L. Rifenburg. (Uouneila. I- FRONT ROW, Left to Right: D. Woodard, R, Baker, L, Me Andrew, R. Lewis. SECOND ROW: W. Burch, T, Brown, G. O’Dell, W, Clarke, D, Kemp, H. LaFever, H. Perry, G. Burch. THIRD ROW: B. Johnson, L. Stocking, D, Haris, R, Stocking, P. Waters, R. Clarke, D. Whitsel, M. Whiting, F. Coy. industrial (Arts (Class©Ider 4-£ FIRST ROW, Left to Right: G. O’Dell, H, Perry, D. Rossman, R. Kemp, M. Baker, R, Goodridge, D. Rossman, B. Wahl, G. Brown. SECOND ROW:J. Dunham, R, Gayhart, J. Strouse, J. Greenfield, E. O’Dell, C. Greenfield, J. Lehman, D. Kemp, G. Burdick. THIRD ROW; B. Johnson, D. Kemp, F. Coy, R, Whitesell, J. Walters, P. Waters, A. Kelly, W. Monroe, W. Clark, M. Whiting. IDomtger 4-£9 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: E. Bird, M. Ordiway, R. McCormick, B. Cornell, D. Peckham, T. Ordiway, J. Stevens. D. Foster. SECOND ROW: W. Merrick, E. Sackett, R. Bird, G. Rossman, B. Clark, T. Wahl, H. Bissell, S. Baker, H. Burtrum, E. Perry. THIRD ROW: F. Kelly. S. Roesky, B. Clark, J. Wahl, H. Fossy, R. Emery, T. Joyce, W. Bixby, J. Hames, M. Clarke. 53ft »jOarsitg basketball DONALD 55 HARRIS TOM SEAMANS3). basketball FRONT ROW; B. Vickers, L. Ordiway, J. Carr, J. Lehman, J. Greene, E. Schoonover. SECOND ROW: F. Coy, J. Appier, G. Rosintoskj, D. Woodard, P. Howland, L. Stocking, R. Manion. jlcorekeeper ®tmer Sc Managers FRONT ROW, Left to Right: B. Vickers, K. Heselton, D. Lehman, W. Grant. SECOND ROW; G. Hulin Mr. Swinley. 56 barsitu basketball 01 tjeer leaders LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Freeman, L. Coffin, E. Joyce, V. Howe, A. Cannon. 3). 9- 01 tjeerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: O. Fuller, B. Grossman, C. Cornell, K. Bostwick, G. Wightman. 57IBaseball ®cam FIRST ROW, Left to Right: W. Burch, L. Hollenbeck, G. Burdick, L. Ordiway, D. Manion, A. Corwin, B, Vickers. SECOND ROW; B. Sackett, L. McAndrew, H. Glover, G. Rosintoski, D. Ordiway. Coach Stackwick, K. Hesselton, B. Clark, B. Shawl, D. Lehman, P. Howland, M. George. J occer ®eant FIRST ROW, Left to Right: P. Howland, B. Woodruff. W. Hann. SECOND ROW: J. Cook, J. Lehman, D. Rossman, P. Winchell, A. Corwin, G. Rosintoski, B. Johnson, J. Bishop. THIRD ROW: D. Gibbs, G. Whitman, F. Coy, K. Hesselton, W. Monroe, A. Kelly, G. Hulin, H. Raub, G. Waldeck, C. Dixon, E. Glover, M. Wright, E. Green, B. Vickers, D. Stackwick. 58®rack ®eam FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Coach Atwell, W, Shawl, R, Lewis, A. Kelly A, Corwin, L. Stocking, J. Carr. SECOND ROW; P. Waters, B. Me Clure, D. Woodard, J. Mulholland, J. Common, G. Waldeck, M. Wright, R. Vickers. ®ettms ®eam LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Wightman, B. Conde, E. Greene, J, Common, E. Hoagland, B. McClure. 59 larsttj) (Club LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Dixon, G. Waldeck, H. Glover, W. Hann, G. Woodard, G. Rosintoski, L. McAndrew, G. Hulin. Mr. Stackwick(Eubs FRONT ROW, Left to Right: R. McGillvary, D. Smith, D. Wightman, W. Grossman, J. Cannon, D. Gibbs. SECOND ROW: J. Fox, J. Strouse, W. Ford, E. Smith, D. Mulholland, W. Childs, N. Alvord, D. Stackwick. (Hub (Efyeerleatbrs LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Woolworth, B. Tuttle, J. Nichols, D. Miles, D. Collins, J. Cook, B. Fuller, E. McAndrew, P. Hames. 61(Hubs jicordkeeper ®tmer Sc iUHanagers (Hub JVttaisor LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Coats, S. Howland, S. Congelli, D. Harvey. Mr. Carmody 62"When you think of Pictures-Think of Thatcher" Fine Portraiture our Spec laity (Weddings-fami 1y groups-ch i1dren) THATCHER STUDIO Wel1svi11e New York (Over the A P Store) Phone 911 Our best wi shes to the Senior Class M W TIRE CO. Phone 627 Wel1svllle New York Southern Tier's Most Complete Tire Service ROCKWELL BROS. AND CO. Allegany County's Oldest and Largest Department Store Wellsvilie New York KENNETH STEBBINS Plumbing Heating Wel1svi11e New York Phone 788 64Comp] imerits of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF ANDOVER, INC Comp] imerits of YORK BROTHERS Lime Sr Fert i 1 i zer Spreading Service Andover New York Comp]iments of E. L. KENT S- SON Certified Seeds Oats Andover New York Compliments of STEUBEN SILK MILLS New York Comp 1i ments of FAYE BROWN PAUL ORDIWAY'S BARBER SHOP Andover New York 65 AndoverCompliments of GLENN E. BRONSON Insurance Broker Andover Phone 4611 Congratulations to Class of I960 HOTEL JOYCE Compliments of THE H. H. WILLIAMS COMPANY Groceries, Dry Goods, Not Ions Andover Phone 3215 Compliments of MARKET BASKET Andover Phone 8915 Andover Compli ments Compliments of New York of BAKER'S HARDWARE FULLER'S RESTAURANT Andover New York Andover New York Compli ments to the Class of I960 from ANDOVER P.T.A. 66Comp 1 i merits of SMUTZINGER'S STORE Andover New York Comp 1i ments of Curt i ss improved Stud Service HAROLD SISSON Local Distributor Best Wishes to Class of '60 ANDOVER GARAGE General Auto Repairing Keystone Gas Phone 4685 Main Street Andover New York GILBERT TAYLOR Ditching and Excavating Serv i ce Andover New York Comp]iments of BAKERS BROTHERS Building Contractors Andover New York Comp] iments of JAMES MULHOLLAND Church Street Andover New York Compliments of STROUSE PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 4600 67 AndoverCompliments of WELLSVILLE LUMBER COMPANY Ra i1 road Avenue Wei 1svi11e New York Phone 1836 TUTTLE ROCKWELL COMPANY Steuben County's Largest Department Store Hornel1 New York Compliments of W1NEBURG GLEASON INC. 100 Main Street Hornel1 New York Phone 15 0 Compli ments of BIG ELMS RESTAURANT 196 Seneca Hornel1 New York LEO V. LUDDEN SHOE STORE "Where Feet Find Happiness" 59 N. Main Street Wellsville New York Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY 181 Main Street Hornel1 New York Compl iments of MAC BRIDES Hornel1 New York Compliments of A. MC HENRY COMPANY Qua 1i ty Jewelry Silverware and Gifts for over 100 years i n Hornel1 68Compliments of HALLS DRUG STORE K. E. Harris P. R. Ryan Estabi i shed 1852 We]1svi11e Comp]i ments of WELDON IAN DAIRY Phone Wei 1svi11e 12 CANNON'S Quality Clothes for Men Boys Compliments of HOPKINS LUMBER COAL CO. Wei 1svi11e New York Wei 1svi1le New York COATS DRUG COMPANY Oliver G. Coats Dean Fisher 21 North Main Wellsvilie New York Compliments of FRED D. RICE MUSIC STORE Wei 1svi11e New York STYLE SHOP "Ladles Apparel" Corsetiere Speciality Ann Cooper, Prop. Phone 373 108 N. Main Street Wellsvilie New York Congratulat i ons Sen i ors TEXAS HOT RESTAURANT Wei 1svi11e New York 69Compl imerits of Claude H. Chase ANDOVER THEATRE Compli ments of JAMES E. BURGETT Andover New York "Cong ratu1 at i ons Sen i ors" Best of Foods - WEE SPOT RESTAURANT Route 17 - East of Wei 1svi11e New York Compliments of FARMER'S FEED SUPPLY Andover New York "Flip 'em, Flop 'em, You'll Top 'em." Grade A Eggs Oven Ready Fowl PINE CREST POULTRY FARMS Phone 3372 Compli ments of SUNNYDALE Compliments of NIAGARA ELECTRON LABORATORIES P. M. Hackett Andover New York Compliments of FUNCREST ROLLER SKATING RINK Wei 1sv i11e New York 70Congratulat i ons to the Graduating Seniors from the FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Especially To These: Jean Updyke Judy Brundage Judy Carr Irene Clark Nancy DeRemer ComplIments of FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ANDOVER CHAPTERL. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro Massachusetts Jewelry's Finest Craftsmen Class Rings and Pins Club and Hospital Insignia Medals - Trophies - Plaques Commencement Invitations Diploma s Representat i ve Robert T. Turnbul1 22 Wa1demer Way Lakewood New York ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE One of the oldest and best-known private business schools in the county, now in its 97th year. One- and two-year Courses in Business Administration, Accountancy, IBM, Sales, Standard. Medical, Legal. Engineering Secretarial Courses. Write for information about RBI's Courses and Business Aptitude Tests. 172 Clinton Avenue, South Rochester 4, New York Compliments of F. E. LUNN SON Wellsvllle New York The Members of the Hl-HERALD STAFF take this opportunity to thank the NEWS PRINTING HOUSE for thei r splend Id cooperation in the past In the publication of Our School Paper, The H l-HERALD Compliments MURRAY STEVENS Hornell's Largest Clothiers 38 Broadway Compliments of LEONARD SCHOOL OF MUSIC Andover New York 72Best W i shes to the Class of 1 60 Compli ments of VARS PHARMACY Andover, New York Compli ments of Comp 1i ments COURTNEY LIQUOR STORE of Roy S- Edith Courtney DR. J. R. BERGERS0N Andover New York WOODRUFF T.V. "ZEN 1TH--THE NO. 1 T. V." Compl iments Handwired chassis for less of and cheaper service. 20,000 volts picture power CENTER STREET GARAGE For Prompt Service Phone 3705 Mingus and Hoover 73JOYCE WESTERN CORPORATION JAMES V. JOYCE PRESIDENT P. 0. Box 385 Andover, New York Phone 2626UM1KER'S RED AND WHITE Telephone 392 Wellsville New York UMIKER'S MONUMENT WORK'S Telephone 1134 Wellsville New York SHORT'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of KENNETH KERTON FLORIST Wellsville New York Wellsville New York Compliments of WARDS JEWELRY STORE 46 North Main Street Wellsville New York DEANS AUTO PARTS Phone 300 Glass For Any Car, Truck, or Bus Radiators Cleaned and RepaI red Towing Service 276 S. Main Street Wei 1svi11e Compliments of KAILBOURNE SUPPLY CO Power Tools and Accessories Phone 1859 Wei 1svi11e New York 75BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '60 FROM BULK - TAINERS Route 17, Andover, New York Designers and Builders Bu1k Transport of Bulk Storage and Fac i1 111es 76CUBA ICE CREAM COMPANY Manufacturers of Quality Frozen Desserts S i nee 1917 Cuba New York Compliments of BELL EQUIPMENT COMPANY W. Hanover Street Wei 1svi11e New York J. J. NEWBERRY COMPANY Allegany County's Most Complete Department Store Wei 1svi11e New York Compliments B AND B MOTOR SALES INC. Route 17 Dyke Street Underpass Wei 1svi11e New York International Trucks Case Machinery Compli ments of REGAN'S DRUG STORE Wellsvilie New York Smart Styles For Teenagers DAVIES Wellsvilie New York 77 Edward C.Schiavi Phone 1106 Compliments WELLSVILLE HOUSE OF GLASS Wellsville New York of Old State Police Barracks LOOHNS CLEANERS Glass for Auto - safety LAUNDERERS Home - table tops-mirrors Store - complete fronts- rep]acements Compliments of Congratulat i ons HENRY STEPHENS DR. J. R. C0MM0M INSURANCE AGENCY Dent i st Andover New York NATURAL GAS The Ideal Modern Fuel EMPIRE GAS AND FUEL COMPANY LIMITED servi ng SOUTHERN ALLEGANY COUNTY Compliments of Compli ments SHORT'S of SERVICE HARRY F. STATION Sinclair Gas Oil JOYCE C.P.A. "Herm" Wal1 ace Andover New York Phone 3125 Compliments of Compliments NYE PADDEN of Ford Farm Ind. Equip. SACKETT'S FOOD MARKET Phone 4575 Andover New York Andover New York D i amonds New Brand Watches Bu1 ova Compliments of Hami1 ton Elgin Croton (Shock Proof) BRIDGE'S HOME DECORATION CENTER FLOYD C. VARS SON Jewelers BETTY'S BEAUTY BAR "Ken" Vars Andover New York 79Phone 8933 Phone 2182 FOX ATLANTIC SERVICE Congratu1 at i ons Repai rs-Ti res-Batteries to the Class of I960 2k Hour Towing Service R. J. S00THERAN S H Stamps Congratulat i ons ORDIWAY'S RESTAURANT DR. K. E. COMFORT 18 Main Street Dent i st Andover New York Comp] imerits of The ANDOVER OFFICE of the CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Whitesville Alfred Wellsvllle 80INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers — Manufacturers Yearbooks — Yearbook Covers Diplomas — Graduation Announcements Factory — Home Office Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A. ■ .y % V V‘ X. • SSL V X- h • • • V ■ v -. • 'x fj .. r X ".t'-y 1 s P X- •• ' . r v x- - . - vj . L b v A- • x % L ■ ' y '■ - «k rZ , W m X T i ■ sV- ' . XX V I-' • ■ -" -"....' v' -ff • •■' » v y ■ - .. V ••'•" 4I ; • V;’ ■ • - . Vv . - l J«v . ' v K ' x' • •;.' V: $' r ■ . I': - -:X vw A 4 . ■ . ' t i ia J f f a v h1 ;•: . , •■ - .. a L i. x it '■ K - V . ’ • 1 v £ • ‘ V . .. ::VA ; v« sv • X £ 4 W . ■ v. i. : X ■‘ X- ■, ' 5 X ■ JX . . :• VV V. X. ffl .V .»• ; • u . i '■ V- • ' .■ v ov- ■ "v". • . A •, . ■ ' ■ • • . T • Vy» X f . V

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