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 - Class of 1958

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U h,3 jmox CCaa oj?58 [VjXlQMitb Xlta yjrruQcrv-oo G iObioll xk cJwnrt A YvJlcrueAo, m JUjLK cytJLFOREWORD We, the Senior Class, who are about to depart as graduates of 1958 sincerely hope that in future years this issue of the Memiors will be a cherished remembrance of our few short years at Andover Central; a reminder of classmates we associated with, of teams we cheered, of those who helped us to face the future. We have tried to bind within these pages some memory that we have experienced while at Andover Central School; some small' token that might bring happiness to someone in later years. Most of us have been students here for four years. Now as the doors close behind us we step out to face a future that is very uncertain. Whatever degree of success or failure we may find in years to come, if a glance at these pages will lighten our labors, for only a moment, we will feel that our yearbook was worthwhile. YEARBOOK STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Edward Gayhart, Assistant Editor; Dennis McGillivray, Subscription Manager; Bruce Lehman, Advertising Manager; Charles Whiting. Editor. Absent: Connie Burch, Art Editor. This page is co-sponsored by THE CITIZENS BANK VARS PHARMACYIn Memory of a Classmate LYNFORD O’DELL Mark ye the leaves, for men are like thereto When leaves by winds into the dust are whirled Soon the green forest buddeth millions new, And lo, the beauty of spring is on the world So come, so pass, all that are bom of man. Iliad, Book VI. lines 146-149DEDICATION It is with utmost sincerity that we, the Seniors of 1958 dedicate this yearbook to Mrs. Doris Wesche and Mr. Richard Griffith as their increasing patience and sincere helpfulness have contributed greatly toward the happiness and success of the class. We bestow the honor on Mr. Richard Griffith who helped us to make our Junior year one of the most enjoyable that the class has ever had. We appreciate his advice and artistic ability which helped to make our Junior play such a success. We bestow the honor on Mrs. Doris Wesche for her strong confidence in us when others have had doubts. Despite her many obligations and responsibilities she has found time to guide us and be a wonderful friend to the class. This page is sponsored by THE JOYCE PIPELINE COMPANY Andover, New York Mr. Kessler - PRINCIPAL SCHOOL BOARD SEATED: Mr. Crandall, Mr. Burrows. STANDING: Dr. Common, Mr. Burdick, Mr. Dougherty, Mr. Alderson, Clerk. Mr. Reii - VICE-PRINCIPAL Mr. Carmody - VICE - PRINCIPAL Mr. Garwood - SUPERINTENDENTJim Nobles Mr. Gibbs GUIDANCE Mrs. Green, NURSE LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Perry, J. Brown, I. Ruger, N. Gorsuch. LEFT TO RIGHT: Cornell, F. Vickers, W. Kemp, J. Jackson, O. Kemp, C. Gleason.HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY KESSLER - Biology WESCHE - Business REIL - Science Math WILLIAMS - History Ball - Home Economics CONDE - Library English STACKWICK - Physical Education CANNON - Physical Education BRONSON - Agriculture CANALE - Music BRITTAIN - Music GRIFFITH - ArtFACULTY STANDING, Left to Right Mrs. Shaner Miss Church SEATED tv Mrs. Helmer Miss Baken MisstfAfflan STANDING, Left to Right MRS. CORWIN MRS. RIGGS SEATED, MRS. HALL MRS. CONNER MRS. PECKHAM STANDING Mrs. Schwarzenbach Mrs. Boyce SEATED Mrs. Joyce Miss Scheeder Mr. CarmodyVALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN LEO BURGETT “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.” Major: Math Science Senior Activities: Class President; Wrestling; Hi-Herald;Camera Club;Soccer; Student Council; Mixed Chorus; Varsity Club; National Honor Society; Hall of Fame; Senior Play (Chauncy). LOIS PELTON "Always sweet, always fair, always willing to do her share.” Major: Math, Science, Homemaking Senior Activities: Varsity Cheerleader; Mixed Chorus; Girls’ Chorus; Band; Orchestra; Hi-Herald; Student Council; National Honor Society; Hall of Fame, Senior Play (Roxanne). HALL OF FAME ILA MARSH CONNIE LEE BURCH “Connie” ‘‘Always ready for fun and laughter, but with a worry for work undone. Major: Homemaking Senior Activities: F.H.A.; Art Editor (Yearbook), Camera Club. BRENDA BUTLER "Brenda” “A small voice is better than a big echo." Major: Business Senior Activities: Camera Club; G.A.A.; Hi-Herald. CLARENCE CARSON "Pat” “Did you hear this joke. . .” Major: Agriculture Senior Activities: F.F.A. CHARLOTTE CLARKE “Char” "Diamonds are a girls best friend.” Major: Business Senior Activities: Girls’ Chorus; F.H.A.; Camera Club; G.A.A.; Hi-Herald; Majorette. SYLVIA CLARK "Sylvia” "Fight team fight!” Major: Business Senior Activities: Varsity Cheerleader; Drum Majorette; Hi-Herald; G.A.A.;MixedChorus; Senior Play (Bernadine).ANNA DAVIS “Annie ’ “Live fast, love hard, and die young, Major: Business Senior Activities: G.A.A.; Girls Chorus. FRANKLIN DAVIS “Frank “Be homeward bound by 5:00 A.M.” Major: Business Senior Activities: Boys’Chorus. NELLIE MAE DAY “Nell “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Major: Homemaking Senior Activities: Girls Chorus; Mixed Chorus; F.H.A.; G.A.A. EDWARD GAYHART “Ed “Don’t brag about what you can do — just do it. Major: Science and Agriculture Senior Activities: F.F.A.; Assistant Editor (Yearbook).BERNADINE HOLLENBECK “Bug- Major: Homemaking Senior Activities: Senior Play (Miss Thorndike). MICHAEL KEITH HOWLAND “Keith" “When I am silent, you had better watch out.” Major: Math, Science Senior Activities: Camera Club; Varsity Club; Basketball; Senior Play (Flash Honer). AGNES JOYCE “Aggie” “Can an Irish be quiet.” Major: Business, Homemaking Senior Activities: Camera Club; G.A.A. LYDON EARL GOODRIDGE “I get out of life what I can the easy way and work for the rest.” Major: Agriculture Senior Activities: Camera Club; Mixed Chorus; Boys' Chorus; Band; Orchestra; F.F.A.; Student Council (President). LORETTA GROSSMAN "She's a dilly.” Major: Business, Homemaking Cheerleader Varsity; Camera Club; Mixed Chorus; Girls’ Chorus; G.A.A.; Senior Play (Clarissia).THANA KIBBE “Watch those vocal chords.” Major: Commercial, Home Economics Senior Activities: Hi-Herald; Sextette; Majorette; Chorus; Junior Play; Senior Play. FREDA KUPP "Freda" “A lover of fun and fun to be with." Major: Math and Science Senior Activities: Hi-Herald; Camera Club; Girls’ Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Acc.; Junior Chorus; Ensemble; Class Play ;Hall of Fame; Orchestra. BRUCE LEHMAN “Corky” “Fill my cup til it doth runneth over.” Major: Math and Science Senior Activities: Hi-Herald; YearbookStaff; Camera Club; Mixed Chorus; Soccer; Basketball; Baseball; Class Play. MARIE MC ANDREW “Tootie” "Talking is my pastime.” Major: Commercial. Home Economics Senior Activities: Hi-Herald; F.H.A.; Chorus; G.A.A. ILA MARSH "Ha” "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Major: Commercial. Home Economics Senior Activities: Hi-Herald; G.A.A.; Hall of F ame.PATRICK PADDEN ••Pat” ‘‘Better Stop for Red Lights . . Major: Agriculture and Business Senior Activities: Basketball; F.F.A.; Soccer; Baseball; Camera Club; Varsity Club. FLORENCE REISMAN ‘‘Let the World Slide by. I won’t move an inch.” Major: Homemaking Senior Activities: F.H.A. RICHARD RIFENBURG “Dick” “Singing and Yodelling.” Major: Agriculture Senior Activities: Boys’ Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Senior Play (Announcer). DENNIS MCGILLIVRAY “Denny” “If I graduate............." Major: Business Senior Activities: Mixed Chorus, Basket- ball, Track; Soccer; Subscription Manager (Yearbook). TERRY MOORE “Terry” “Ain’t Love Grand." Major: Agriculture Senior Activities: Mixed Chorus; Boys’ Chorus; All County Chorus; F.F.A.; Camera Club; Track.THOMAS SMITH "Tom” “I came, I saw, I conquered!" Major: Math, Science Senior Activities: Mixed Chorus; Hi-Herald; Camera Club; Varsity Club; Baseball; Wrestling; Vice-President of Senior Class; Senior Play (Photography); Hall of Fame. RICHARD STOCKING "Dick" "If all work is done today, none will be left for tomorrow.” Major: Business CAROLYN JUNE THORP "Junie" "Getting ready for Fredie." Major: Art and Homemaking Senior Activities: Girls Ensemble; Mixed Chorus; Girls’ Chorus; F.H.A.;G.A.A.;Camera Club; Majorette; Senior Play (Miss Prescott). JEAN TINGLEY "Shag" "Always friendly, always fair, never seems to have a care.” Major: Business Senior Activities: Girls’ Chorus. SHIRLEY VICKERS “Just a minute.’’ Major: Business and Homemaking Senior Activities: Girls’ Chorus; Girls’ Ensemble; Student Council; G.A.A.; Camera Club; Mixed Chorus. CHARLES COWLES WHITING “Charlie” "Work hard and hope high so at the end he may say, well done.” Major: Math, Science Senior Activities: Baseball, Orchestra; Hi- Herald; Senior Play (Prof. Garfield), Editor of Yearbook; Hall of Fame.INFORMAL SENIORS Our Secretary People Grade "A ’’ What a headache We'll never make it Yodelling Now Miss Davis I'm from Life MagazineMilk Truck - Huh Where's that Boy Our Queen The Chairman Flash O Boy Lets See American History is a habit YupJUNIORS FRONT ROW, Left to Right: A. Barnhart, C. Clark, D. Barnhart, A. Phelps, C. Corwin, V. Atwell. SECOND ROW: R. Conde, A. Church, C. O’Dell, J. Day, J. Baker, J. Sootheran, C. Ryan, J. Padden, C. Manroe. BACK ROW: R. Lewis, R. Sackett, R. McClure, E. Hoagland, J. Mulholland, J. Common, R. Windiell, R. Winchell, W. Shawl, L. Alvord. SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW, Left to Right: A. Whiting, R. Baker, S. Snyder, N. DeRemer, M. Halsey, L. Coffin, A. Cannon, B. Freeman, F. Sherman, R. Baker, V. Sortore, H. Lehman. MIDDLE ROW: P. Winchell, R. Brown, L. Marsh, W. Woodruff, L. Elster, M. B. Sootheran, S. Smith, L. Rifenburg, J. Brundage, R. Waldeck, J. Updyke, I. Clarke. BACK ROW: J. Carr, V. Burch, H. Glover, D. Halsey, G. Thorpe, L. McAndrew, G. Waldeck, R. Lewis, G. Hulin, G. Woodard, W. Hann, G. McCormick.FRESHMAN FIRST ROW, Left to Right: B. Pelton, J. Burch, C. Clark, B, Clark. E. Joyce, P. Clark. B. Barnhart, V. Howe, M. Mead, R. Padden, W. Clark, K. Heselton, E. O’Dell, L. Hollenbeck, H, Church, G. Wight-man. L. Stocking. SECOND ROW; R. Baker, J. Day, M. Dixon, L. Nye, S. Strouse, C. Hoagland, L. House. C. Lefever, P. Bronson, G. Rosintoski, L. Reil, E. Green, N. Storms, C. Butler, T. Seamans. V. Kemp. THIRD ROW; K. Stocking, L. Tanner. M. Hawks, V. Lewis, L. Marvel. D. Harris. P. Waters, J. Brun-dage, M. George, C. Dean. C. Eshenbaugh, N. Gibbs. C. Greenfield. EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: B. Hawks. C. Sherman, G. Whightman, J. Rifenburg, C. Cornell. K. Bost-wick, B. Grossman, I. Fuller. SECOND ROW: T. Brown, C. Grover. S. Bird, S. Thorp. H. Campbell, S. Burch, T. Freeman, J. Appier, H. Lefever, G. Burdick. THIRD ROW; C. Bronson, D. Dodge, C. Storms. A. Gayhart. J. George. R. Waters, J. Hunt. A. Corwin, H. Perry. B. Brundage, B. Vickers. BACK ROW: P. Glover, D. Burdick, R. Manroe, P. Adams, C. Wheeler, P. Howland. J. Tingley, R. Clark. G. Tanner. D. Kemp. A. Kelly. J. Walters. P. Barrett.SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Clark, E. Hoose, D. Rossman, J. Greene, A. McAndrew. J. Cook. MIDDLE ROW; N. Porter. J. Burger. B. Whitesell, S. Robinson, C. Meyn, A. Brown, M. A. McClure, B. Lusk, C. Mead. BACK ROW; J. Campbell, C. Peckham, L. Sootheran, M. Howland, R. Dougherty, L. Cable, S. Thorp, C. Caple, J. Reil. SEVENTH GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: P. Perry, J. Woodruff. L. Carmody, S. Clarke. J. Clarke. R. Vickers. B. Johnson, J. Sprague. J. Lehman, J. Carr. BACK ROW: C. Miles, C. Baker. A. Reisman, E. Glover. H. Raub, W. Monroe. M. Whiting, F. Coy, R. Whitesall, P. Clark.SIXTH GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: M. Baker, D. Price, R. Kemp, G. Hoover, A. Conde, S. Robinson, S. Howland, D. Collins, C. Sisson. MIDDLE ROW: D. Gibbs, A. Helm, G. Burdick, R. McGillivary, G. Freeland, B. Childs, B. Ford, B. Clark, N. Pitts, V. Wollworth, P. Hames, D. Stackwick, J. Nichols. BACK ROW: H. Sherman, C. Burdick, K. Rosintoski, M. Main, M. Caple, A. Gross, J. Adams, K. Greenfield, L. Hurd, L. Kessler, M. Smith, N. Manroe, L. DeRemer. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: R. Rowland, J. Day, C. Baker, B. Fuller, J. DeRemer, S. Tidd, D. Kemp, B. Harris, B. Clark, D. Nye. MIDDLE ROW: M. Baker, D. Glover, L. Kemp, S. McGillivary, J. Cannon, E. Perry, V. Lynch, E. Raub, R. Smith, K. Lehman, D. Wightman. BACK ROW: D. Kemp, W. Emery, R. Dodge, D. Mulholland, D. Harvey, B. Caple, J. Coats, G. O'Dell, N. Sprague, J. Greenfield, G. Brown, D. Rossman.FIFTH GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: D. Densmore, D. Miles, L. Davis, J. Cook, B. Tuttle, R. Allen, C. Grover, S. Congelli, D. Vars, R. Mead, D. Smith. MIDDLE ROW; S. Bird, D. Brundage, W. Gross-man, J. Dunham, J. Raub, W. Wahl, J. Fox, R. Gayhart, J. Common, S. Baker. BACK ROW: D. Brown, E. McAndrew, P. Gath. K. Coats, E. Smith, I. Conner, J. Strouse, D. Thorp, N. Alvord. FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: C. Pitts, B. Rowland, R. Cornell, T. Ordiway, M. Lynch, S. Dugan, J. Harvey, E. Bird, R. Congelli, D. McCormick. MIDDLE ROW: C. Nye, B. Nevol, D. Brown, D. Dunham, S. Coats, D. Freeland, K. Shillman, M. Lehman, G. Storms, W. Green, M. Clarke, E. Perry, G. Ordiway. BACK ROW: S. Roeske, J. Wahl, R. Emery, D. Davis, M. Howland. D. White- sell, J. Billings, R. Joyce, D. Nye, W. Clarke.THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: S. Hawks, M. DeRemer, E. Bird, K. Joyce, W. Merrick, R. Price. G. Hulse, L. Cook, B. Bird. MIDDLE ROW: L. Sprague, S. Baker, E. Sackett, C. Updyke, C. Heselton, D. Thorp, D. Lehman, R. Lang. BACK ROW: M. Meyn, L. Hurd, D. Alvord, H. Fauzey, E. Lewis, W. Bixby, G. Rosintoski, D. Brundage, H. Hann, D. Whitesell. THIRD GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: D. Peckham, T. Kent, M. Rick, D. Vickers, J. Cook, C. Lewis, F. Kelley, C. Steadman, M. Ordiway, T. Wahl. MIDDLE ROW: R. Gardner, H. Bissell, R. Kelley, C. Wallace, R. Dixon, D. Howard, J. Hames, R. Baker, R. Dodge, N. Greenfield, J. Jones. BACK ROW: H. Bertrand, A. Nye, M. Rose, J. Tuttle, D. Robinson, G. Bronson, S. Loucks, N. Halsey, R. McCormick, K. Slocum, L. Bernard, N. Howland.SECOND GRADE SEATED, Left to Right: M. Greene, D. Foster, S. Reil, R. Baker, D. Livingston, R. Joyce, C. Nevol, J. Baker. MIDDLE ROW: R. Barnes, S. Congelli, J. DeRemer, D. Lehman, J. Nye, P. Schrader, C. Perry. BACK ROW: R. Gallagher, C. Joyce, S. Crandall, D. Butler, D. Slocum, L. Hurd, A. Cornelius, G. Bixby, J. Stover. SECOND GRADE SEATED, Left to Right: L. Gardner, D. Fox, M. Corwin, G. Clarke, S. McClure, A. Dodge. MIDDLE ROW: M. Brundage, M. Joyce, D. Leon, K. Freeland, J. Stephens, D. Billings. BACK ROW: C. Densmore, W. Hurlburt, N. Lewis, D. Harris, W. Davis, M. Alvord, L. Clark, N. Sherwood, D. Sherman, G. Rossman, E. Santos, D. Polmateer.FIRST GRADE SEATED, Left to Right: D. Vars, J. Joyce, R. McCormick, R. Tomm. MIDDLE ROW: D. Price, B. Perkins, P. Dixon, D. Manwaring, M. Sprague, R. Schrader, J. Scott, M. Howland. BACK ROW: C. Gibbs, C. Howard, C. Walter, L. Dunham, S. Conner, C. Baker, D. Stackwick, J. Hyland, R. Brown, S. Bissell, K. Scott. FIRST GRADE SEATED, Left to Right: R. Godown, R. Lynch, J. Rose. MIDDLE ROW: J. Howland, H. Coats. M. Wahl, H. Sisson, K. Gavin, J. Freeland, M. Tuttle, M. Adams. BACK ROW: D. Leon, T. Miles, M. Dugan, N. Thorp, R. Joyce, M. Stover, T. Dixon, W. Carr, C. Thompson, D. Billings, M. Whitesell, J. Dibble.STANDING, Left to Right: D. Baines, H. Freeland, T. Polmateer, D. Baker, R. Brown, C. Fauzey, M. Manwaring, M. Cornell, C. Preston. SEATED: D. Ormsby, J. Wahl. K. Nevol, M. Smith, K. Gorsuch. ABSENT: L. Eshenbaugh, K. Hubbard, D. Rose. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Howland, S. Jones, L. Bernard, C. Congelli, E. Gardner, J. Kent, J. Day, D. Stephens. MIDDLE ROW: D. Roeske, P. Nye, C. Densmore, D. Reisman, J. Patterson. E. Jackson. N. Cornelius, C. Ireland. BACK ROW: J. Williams, D. Pitts, D. Sootheran, V. Howard, C. Bergerson, E. Matison, V. Slocum. KINDERGARTEN KINDERGARTENLEFT TO RIGHT: R. Conde, J. Sootheran, J. Common, L. Burgett, J. Day, J. Baker, A. Church. C. Corwin, A, Barnhart. STUDENT COUNCIL SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Cannon, C. Cornell, J. Mulholland, J. Common, A. Brown, G. Woodard, T, Smith, S. Vickers, L. Pelton. STANDING: F. Coy, L. Goodridge, L. Burgett. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETYLIBRARY COUNCIL FRONT ROW, Left to Right: N. DeRemer, A. Church, C. Corwin, C. Ryan, J. Baker, C. Clarke, Mrs. Conde, Advisor; B. Freeman, J. Updyke, B. Sootheran, V. Sortore. BACK ROW: J. Sootheran, J. Day, L. McAndrew, J. Baker, C. Dixon, C. Monroe, J. Mickle, M. Whitney, J. Brundage. HI HERALD SEATED, Left to Right: I. Marsh, J. Sootheran, Mrs. McFadden, Advisor; J. Baker, C. Clark, L. Pelton, C. Ryan. FIRST ROW: L. Coffin, C. Corwin, A. Church, J. Day, J. Brundage, C. Thorp, M. McAndrew, J. Day, B. Conde, R. Baker. SECOND ROW: L. Burgett, B. Lehman, T. Smith, J. Common, F. Kupp, J. Mulholland, N. DeRemer, C. Whiting, B. Butler, S. Clarke.FIRST ROW, Left to Right: E. Hoagland. C. Eshenbaugh, L. Reil, O. Fuller, A. Cannon. SECOND ROW: K. Bostwick, L. Cable, G. Wightman. W. Woodruff, M. A. McClure, P. Bronson, J. Mulholland. THIRD ROW; R. McClure, R. Conde, B. Grossman, E. Green, E.Hoose. J. Burch, D. Mulholland, Mr. Canale, Director; D. Rossman, T. Seamans. MAJORETTES KNEELING: D. Brown. STANDING. LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Kibbe, J. Sootheran, S. Clark, C. Thorpe, C. Clark.FIRST ROW, Left to Right: J. Green, A. Church, V. Howe, E. Joyce. SECOND ROW; L. Goodridge, R. Winchell, N. Gibbs, H. Church, L. Coffin, B. Lusk, J. Woodruff. THIRD ROW; G. Waldeck, L. Pelton, C. Corwin, C. Caple, L. Kessler, R. Waldeck, J. Common. JUNIOR BAND FRONT ROW, Left to Right: M. McClure, M. Caple, J. Rifenburg, M. Mead, L. Sootheran, G. Whight-man, D. Mulholland, C. Burdick, J. Burch. SECOND ROW: L. Carmody, A. McAndrew, J. Conde, D. Burdick, S. Thorpe, K. Heslton, B. Lusk, C. Mein, C. Cornell, K. Caple, J. Cook, J. George, E. Hoose. LAST ROW: S. Burch, S. Robinson, J. Campbell, L. Kessler, L. Hollenbeck, Mr. Canale.ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW, Left to Right: A. Church, C. Corwin, J. Sootheran, V. Howe. E. Joyce, C. Bronson. L. Coffin, F, Kupp. MIDDLE ROW: D. Gibbs, J. Walters, R. McClure, L. Pelton, C. Eshenbaugh, L. Reil, J. Green1, A. Cannon, R. E. Waldeck, C. Whiting, E. Green, J. Woodruff. STANDING: J. Day, Mr. Canale, Director; D. Rossman, L. Stocking, J. Carr. DANCE BAND FRONT ROW, Left to Right: N. Gibbs, L. Coffin, G. Wightman, E. Hoagland, C. Corwin, T. Kibbe. BACK ROW; E. Green, R. McClure, R. Waldeck, J. Common, R. Conde, Mr. Canale, Director; F. Kupp.PEP BAND LEFT COLUMN: A. Hoose, J. Woodruff, P. Bronson, J. Burch, E. Hoagland, B. Conde, B. McClure. SECOND COLUMN: L. Kessler, O. Fuller, R. Walldeck, L. Caple, C. Eshenbaugh, L. Goodridge. THIRD COLUMN: J. Greene, C. Corwin, L. Reil, B. Grossman, B. Woodruff, R. Winchell, D. Ross-man. FCXJRTH COLUMN: C. Cable, N. Gibbs, H. Church, G. Wightman, K. Bostwick, E. Green, T. Seamans. GIRLS’ ENSEMBLE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: E. Joyce, Accompanist; D. Brittain, Director; L. Pelton, C. Corwin, A. Church, T. Kibbe. SECOND ROW: R. Waldeck, C. Thorpe, J. Sootheran, C. O'Dell. THIRD ROW: F. Kupp, C. Dean, S. Vickers, N. Gibbs.QIRLS’ CHORUS FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Miss Brittain, Director; F. Kupp, Accompanist; L. Pelton.T. Kibbe, A. Phelps, E. Joyce, N. DeRemer, R. Padden, V. Howe, M. Mead. SECOND ROW: M. Halsey, A. Davis, D. Barnhart, V. Sortore, N. Day, L. Coffin, L. Grossman, C. Clark, H. Lehman, P. Clark, B. Freeman, A. Cannon. THIRD ROW: C. Corwin, G. Tingley, A. Church, S. Clark, J. Updyke, L. Rifenburg, B. Sootheran, S. Smith, L. Reil, S. Strouse, J. Day, K. Ryan, J. Brundage, B. Pelton, C. O’Dell. FOURTH ROW: M. McAndrew, C. Clark, C. Thorp, F. Reisman, J. Day, M. Whitney, C. Eshenbaugh, N. Gibbs, L. Marvel, D. Halsey, J. Carr, S. Vickers, J. Sootheran, J. Baker, R. Waldeck, C. Hoagland, V. Lewis. BOYS’ CHORUS FRONT ROW, Left to Right: L. Pelton, Accompanist; B. Conde, G. Padden, M. George, F. Davis, R. McClure, J. Walters. BACK ROW: T. Monroe, L. Goodridge, J. Mulholland, J. Common, R. Win-chell, G. Woodward, Mr. Canale, Director.MIXED CHORUS FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Director, Miss Brittain; F. Kupp, Accompanist; A. Phelps, C. O’Dell, L. Pelton, A. Cannon, E. Joyce, L. Grossman, N. Day, A. Church, C. Corwin, C. Clark, P. Clark, V. Howe, MIDDLE ROW: L. Rifenburg, S. Clark, J. Day, C. Eshenbaugh, C. Dean, D. Halsey, S. Vickers, N. Gibbs. J. Sootheran, C. Thorp, R. Waldeck, T. Kibbe. BACK ROW; T. Monroe, L. Goodridge, B. Lehman, L. Burgett, R, Winchell, J. Common, G. Woodard, B. McClure. T. Smith, L. Stocking. JUNIOR CHORUS FRONT ROW, Left to Right: F. Kupp, Accompanist; C. Peckham, C. Baker, C. Church, L. Sootheran, J. Campbell, S. Thorp, D. Burdick, R. Walters, R. Monroe, C. Bronson, J. George, C. Storms, S. Thorp, C. Cornell, S. Burch. MIDDLE ROW; Miss Brittain, Director; C. Mead, C. Sherman, J. Burger. B. Hawks, S. Robenson, J. Rifenburg, L. Carmody, C. Niles, J. Clarke, S. Clarke, P. Perry, M. McClure. BACK ROW: J. Cook, J. Green, D. Rossman, R. Dougherty. R. Clarke. A. Kelly, J. Walter, E. Glover, M. Wright, T, Freeman, J. Hunt, P. Barrett, A. Corwin, E. Hoose, I. Lehman.CAMERA CLUB SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Butler, L. Coffin, J. Updyke, M. B. Sootheran, J. Day, R. Padden, C. Dean, R. E. Waldeck. FRONT ROW, Standing: W. Woodruff, C. Thorp, C. Clark, B. Freeman, A. Cannon, N. DeRemer. P. Clark. S. Vickers, L. Grossman, E. Joyce, C. Clark, L. ReiL BACK ROW: R. McClure, J. Common, B. Lehman, R. Conde, J. Mulhoiland, P. Padden, W. Shawl, T. Smith, L. Burgett, G. Padden, K. Howland, A. Joyce, R. Baker, T. Monroe, L. Goodridge, S. Smith, W. Hann, G. Woodard, P. Bronson, F. Kupp, L. Me Andrew, L. Marvel, G. Hulin, Mr. Reil, Advisor. G-A.A. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: T. Kibbe, S. Clark, N, Day, B. Butler, I. Marsh, L. Grossman, S. Vickers, A. Joyce, J. Davis. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Cannon, Coach; A. Barnhart, V. Howe, P. Clark, C. Clark, B. Barney. B. Freeman, N. DeRemer, M. Halsey. THIRD ROW: V. Atwell, A. Cannon, C. Ryan. M. B. Sootheran, P. Bronson. L. Rifenburg, L. Coffin. S. Smith, A. Phelps. BACK ROW; K. Stocking. V. Lewis, J. Burch, L. Elster, C. O’Dell, J. Updyke, N. Gibbs, J. Baker, J. Day, J. Sootheran.FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FRONT ROW, Left to Right: H. O'Dell, P. Winchell, G. Padden, T. Monroe, E. Gayhart, P. Padden, L. Alvord, R. Baker, W. Clarke. SECOND ROW: C. Manroe, G. McCormick, V. Burch, B. Sackett, G. Hulin, T. Seamans, M. George, L. House, V. Kemp. BACK ROW: Mr. Bronson, Advisor; C. Carson, R. Lewis, G. Thorn, L. McAndrew, J. Mickle, R. Winchell, R. Lewis, L. Goodridge, C. Greenfield. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA F.H.A. OFFICERS: Mabel Halsey, Alberta Phelps. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: H. Lehman, C. Clark, C. Thorp, C. Clarke, F. Reisman, N. Day, K. Ryan, J. Burch, M. Mead. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Ball, Advisor; V. Howe. P. Clark, B. Barnhart, N. DeRemer, J. Day, J. Updyke, J. Brundage, R. Waldeck, B. Pelton, I. Clarke. BACK ROW: K. Stocking, M. McAndrew, V. Lewis, J. Carr, M. Whitney, C. Eshenb'augh, D. Halsey, C. Dean, L. Marvel, S. Strouse, C. Hoagland.VARSITY BASKETBALL STANDING, Left to Right: L. McAndrew, D. McGillivray, J. Mulholland, P. Padden, J. Common, B. Lehman, K. Howland, B. Sackett. KNEELING: Coach Stackwick. J.V. BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Thorp, R. Lewis, G. Woodard, W. Hann, T. Seamans, B. Conde, L. Stocking, P. Winchell, G. Rosintoski, V. Kemp, L. Marsh, M. George, D. Harris, C. Dixon, G. Waldeck. MIDDLE: Coach Stackwick.VARSITY CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Grossman, S. Smith, B. Sootheran, L. Pulton, S. Clark. J.V. CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Coffin, A. Cannon, E. Joyce, B. Freeman, V. Howe. BASEBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Dixon, J. Mulholland, L. McAndrew. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Gross, B. Lehman, Coach Stackwick. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Whiting, W. Shawl. R. Baker LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Smith, R. Sackett, P. WinchellKNEELING, Left to Right: L. Hollenbeck, N. Storms, L. Nye, L. Stocking, G. Rosintoski, V. Kemp, W. Woodruff. STANDING: K. Harder, R. Lewis, R. Lewis, R. Sackett, C. Dixon, J. Mulholland, R. Stocking, K. Howland, J. Common, P. Padden, D. McGillivray, T. Smith, L. Burgett, R. Winchell, G. Hulin, G. Waldeck, W. Shawl, Coach Stackwick. TRACK LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Johnson, A. Whiting, B. Mays, R. Conde, R. McClure, D. Joyce, J. Common, R. Lewis, G. Waldeck.VA RESTLING BACK ROW, Left to Right: W. Shawl, L. Burgett, R. Stocking, H. Glover. FRONT ROW: L. Hollenbeck, W. Clarke, T. Smith. VARSITY CLUB FRONT ROW, Left to Right: P. Padden, B. Lehman, T. Monroe, T. Smith, R. Lewis. R. Sackett. BACK ROW: K. Howland, W. Shawl, J. Mulholland, J. Common, L. Burgett, Coach Stackwick.CUBS CUBS KNEELING, Left to Right: J. Lehman, Mr. Carmody, Coach; Burdick. STANDING: J. Carr, J. Appier, T. Freeman, J. Walters, E. Glover, M. Wright, A. Kelly, J. Tingley, P. Barrett, A. Corwin. MANAGERS AND SCOREKEEPERS LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Storms, W. Manroe, J. Hunt, J. George. SCORES WE THEY Scio 23 28 37 24 Angelica 28 14 35 30 23 20 WE THEY Bolivar 29 28 32 45 Scio 23 21 Jasper 23 20 BelmontJUNIOR CUB CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Miles, M. McClure, L. Carmody, C. Peckham, J. Woodruff. SENIOR CUB CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: O. Fuller, B. Grossman, G. Wightman, K. Bostwick, C. Cornell."When you think of Pictures -Think of Thatcher Fine Portraiture our Specialty Children - Family Groups Compliments of THATCHER BROTHERS Weddings Photography for Yearbooks Compliments THATCHER STUDIO of Over the A and P Store in Wellsville Phone 911 KEYSTONE GARAGE Compliments Compliments of of ATLANTIC SERVICE Andover New York SANBORN PHARMACY James C. Eichler Walgreen Agency Drug Store 138 N. Main St. Wellsville New York BAKERS HARDWARE Compliments of THE DINET Main Street Andover New YorkCompliments of NIAGARA ELECTRON LABORATORIES P. M. Hackett Andover New York Compliments of THE MARKET BASKET STORE LEO V. LUDDEN SHOE STORE "Where Feet Find Happiness" 59 N. Main Street Wellsville New York Compliments of SEARS ROEBUCK CO. Hornell New York Compliments of FAYE BROWN PAUL ORDIWAY BARBER SHOPS Compliments of HAZEL'S BEAUTY SALON Compliments of SACKETT'S FOOD MARKET Andover New York Congratulations DR. J. R. COMMON DENTISTCompliments of JACOBS BROS. 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Bronson, Agent Pleasant Avenue Andover New York Phone 4611 NATIONAL GRANGE INSURANCE COMPANIES Home Office Keene New Hampshire The Members of the Hi Herald Staff take this opportunity to thank The for their splendid cooperation in the past in the publication of our school paper the HI HERALD NEWS PRINTING HOUSESTATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL INSTITUTE AT ALFRED WISH ALL THE STUDENTS AT ANDOVER CENTRAL SCHOOL SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN THE YEARS AHEAD. Compliments Compliments of of GLIDDEN GALLERIES THE HOTEL JOYCE EVERYTHING IN POTTERY DON AND ALICE "DENNY" Alfred New York Andover New YorkCompliments of DE BARABIERI'S SPORTING GOODS STORE Wellsville New York ALBILL RECORD MART Your Headquarters For Television Sets Service 48 N. 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