Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY)

 - Class of 1956

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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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FOREWORD ANDOVER E ARLY DAYS Nestled among the h1lls of Allegany IS the vxllage of Andover whlch or1g1nated from a pornon of the town of Independence on January 21 1824 The f1rst pxoneer setthng 1n what IS now the townshlp of Andover was Stephen Cole who lll 1797 had a son Damel the f1rst whlte chxld born tn Allegany County The vlllage of Andover s f1rst 1nhab1tant was Alpheus Baker The f1rst settlers m Andover camemby way of the McHenry valley from Almond and crossed the hxlls to Elm Valley Alpheus Baker assxsted by h1s sons and Joseph Woodruff tn 1810 cut a passage through the woods where the road now leads from Andover to Alfred The mam occupations at IhlS t1me when Andover was called Bakerstown were loggmg and agrxculture as compared to today s da1ry farms and manufacturmg plants One of the fxrst Saw m1lls was located on what IS now the Charles Caple Property At that t1me the vxllage contaxned two log houses and one frame house the property of Asa S Allen who was Andover s f1rst merchant and pastor of the Congregatlonal Church LOIS Strong taught the f1rst school m her father s home m 1819 The f1rst school was bu1lt lil 1822 or 1823 ll was a log structure located on Mam Street The Un1on Graded School a two story wooden burldzng, orgamzed tn 1869 was located near Earl J Allen s present home The gounds extended from the corner of Elm Street to Center Street The next school to be butlt was on the same grounds on the corner a short d1stance above the old school. Th1s buxldmg was used unt1l the constructxon of our present school Then on I une 26 1940 after e1ghteen months of actual constructlon Andover Central School was ded1cated Our bu1ld1ng whlch xs of Colomal archltectural deslgn was erected by L C Whttford Company of Wellsvllle for the sum of 3380 000 We are all justly proud of our school whlch means so much to the pupxls and to the commumty. I . I 0 . . . . . . , , i 9 0 0 1 1 . 1 . , . . . l , . . . g . . . . , . . . . g . - I n . n 1 I D 9 . , , . . , . DEDICATION Our Town frrendly generous and peaceful means much to us We the graduatmg class are happy to have had the prlvllege of growmg up 1n Andover Here we have been taught how to be democratic Amerlcan c1t1zens leamxng the true value of freedom For all that Andover has QIVBD us we are grateful To show our apprecxanon the Semor Class of 1956 dedrcates Ih1S yearbook to you OUR TOWN I 9 9 - 1 1 . , . 0 9 ' ----..-..-" " , o W. H. GARWOOD JAMES H. KESSLER Superintendent Principal ADMINISTRATION W f'14 SCHOOL BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Common, S. Crandall, C. Burdick, F. Burrows, A. Dougherty, W. Alderson. DONALD H. 51335 GEQRGE E, REIL CHARLES M. WILLIAMS Guidance Teacher Vice -Principal Senior Advisor 'lf V A f 1 ,f ffffgg' 54' cfj 5 5' Lf C, 6445776 Mrs. Florence Greene, School Nurse CAFETERIA STAFF Miss Kathleen Gates, Dental Hygienist LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Brown Mrs. Glover, Mrs. Cook. in 9 x ik? . X E 3 ,ii Mr. Raykovitz Drivers Training Teacher BUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Leslie Brundage, GailSmith, Bob Baker, Glenn Skuse, Charles Gleason, Francis Vickers. A .ev-mf if Miss Agnes Taylor Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT: John and James Nobles, Custodians f, . if my 3239551 f Qi: if J W? f,x2r?2f'7 W" Y V 3g55,zff,f,'i,,Q, , Will they A SW if ,Af 55:51 ,. V Q? 'E Fa , f Q , .qv by A ,W ,M 5, 'xi child -SY' , .V E I 'im 'U 'F :gl 'Y' f W 'T K 'W E' .xl f 1131 f 12 .35 . sv ug. Q -lf?,gg 0 " W' V 254 - f U V4 , ., ,, , Lf .. X? Y . -Q? W V. Q Af- Wy, , f. A JZ- rf,-Q. H- ,ff J ' 3' Qi? ji 3' ' R2 ,,,. f, "V .W V fy Riff--ik . f if f 31 1 KQV QF i 1 i xi f S x is X Xi S N S W Wx fW W X X X xx X x X S S wc, X X S XXX K se' X g X X X S xX 2 W Z W N X S SSX 90 my Q if. 0263 346 5806 at Xsvzvz- 1 5 H Y F bxxcakgu wing Qiibtfeixtb wg me M whei-Ackgc1X coxsigshkwks 'Mg Qgwgz og 65:-abuakz gi 436452, sm g M W5 -1: Xyexzbg, bex: -aw ew mulch X sq, bw fy, lf-gf' fr in ff! I EW 'J Y! -0-Q! . X S S X X X Q Q X X Q S X X xg X X S 5 S X X X X S S X Q S X Q S X X X X X Q S S Sw S X Q X x X S S S X X X x X X X X R X N X ' S 1 S R fix is X X N Q X Q S E S S XS E 5 X Q X Q QQN NS QXX X X X Q S x x. X S NS X , X - A is . Q nl ' ' 1 ' v , grvbofg 2 Q xx. "Z: Y . , X.. YQ, ' as" Q 6 of . , ' W ws, if . Y X X3 -5 g . X XX Y YN , Ci, X, i ks 17 K, 7 Y XV' if X 1 f- X ,f X X KA fr f .4-Q R , I 5- " 1 'ff Z, ,. J , X 'Si - " A 1 4 -- !f?f f-If fi i xii, wG57LV'+Q5Mpl, L W wmgswfy' MVXXXEM T T O R I A N 'Lf w iv xx X MARILYN? HAM A W' WU Tod fi W V A loger of Pun and to be with ,tf in ,L L , - .1 l A N x, U Lk' U' I " YE? .I , M' F iw i XP'-3 -Jr 'X , 4 Q ix X xi ' ',fMYqR?1,E VGAYHART . J 'XJ Ji X 5"A small voice is better than a big ec " RUTH JEAN KEMP "Ruthie" "A small packageg full of pep" TERRY MULHOLLAND "Terry" "Today is so full and interesting there isn 't time to worry about tomorrow" XJ wx 4 and H I fy N' 'ix Ax? ix 'XV 'Y fix? SBK J' AN . L v Q ws Q5 A si A Y E w 5 W :XM W J mL sq? vi K3 -I 1 A . xi i R it si Q5 Mi KEN ANN 1 -, .J Q3 fx Y? JACQUELINE BAKER A, ' "Jackie" "Let the world slide: I won't budge an inch" x V I K.-5 , g,sLff1x ' ,,' Vi, vb! x' C 'IL V If yy Lfifxfy' L '.'i,vx'ALL , 'JOCELYN JOYCE ' no "Jo" "Nice as can be, full of fun, ready to laugh with everyone" 419 141 'luv-av JACQUELINE VICKERS .Tackle Always friendly always fair never seems to have a care' L ALICE BELL Allie She s a worker not a shirker Z 5 4 flf ffm! L C 46 K PHYLLIS 5RIFFLE Phi Though we ve teased her for being slow she 11 always get where she wants to go GLORIA MARSH G 0 A pleasure to be with a pleasure to kno full of sparkle and zest that s our Glo Qui. Qiiogyuwwaywu kinds Q JERRY ROGERS erry "This young man is quite good and never too bad" d, never BRADLEY WRIG Brad "To worry litt e and study less is his idea of happiness" LL 4u4"'fv rf XJ PATRICIA PADDEN 3 "Can an Irish heart be qu1et'7 VIA' LUSK X X1 Mxiways sweet to do her share .L K Y! xx 'x 4 JOAN CLARK Bug "I'm hereg even 1f I don t tell everyone JEAN DALEY CHU "I come late yet I come KAREN LEE CORWIN Kay "With her musical talent she could not only be a musician but a whole band NANCY WASHBURN U "She doesn 't long for great suc e She ly j' dreams of happiness xr N 4. QQLYJL Jjlcf X -,N Xp ' ,J5 THOMAS LoUcKs '-Tom" "Young fellow wil ,be young fel1ows" x " . .' ' N1 . v ivy-:NN y 5: , . K4 ,rw lt,gw.,f '. 7' ' Lf - 'Q' , X r r , X W 'J KJ' NJ I . - up Y XVI. YL xx ' NN. C' Af' 'X -NF! ' V :H 'RV ' f 'X APN , 5 -is LN Xl QJ-f .N 0. s ,RA - , V , i O1 it 'i 'Pu' 2- 'N x X5 ' Nkoiiiniln PELTON "Norma "I from care am freegflylljbvgrenllllthey 1 content likeV,9q1e" fl U' . tg' if 5 'l We F' ' 1 9 r .,i .1 WY," . Ax -4-K! L14 ,V -fu i ,A tx bffi fir H .. 1 ff ,J if t ,V J' wi ' K ' bw dl ' Xp 'X ' V' l 7 X I I 'Q' bw' y IN ' ML.1 JV I 1 , ' ff' L WV' - ' A A A lx ,1 J X 4 'WJ' X Uqf gm H 'JV IL X," vv 'VJ " fb ji MJ , . ,Y Ao' O 4 ffyvyfwv , .VJ " 'V if' 1 WC if x ,W 0 X 5 x Ros PEQBY U It 'fob'- 5 , I "One good hear is t I million great minds" I fhaf t iw lm' r 'i X E f I 'I , ' 4 ' 1 CA.. ICH RD ROSINTOSKI "Diclg3 "I hate girls, they irritate meg how Ilove being irritated" V . ROGER PHELPS "R0g" "Never speak sense when nonsense will do as well" J ROBERT GROSSMAN "Bob" "Try to argue if you can: I can beat most any man. " NANCY LEE HULIN "Nan" "The only way to have a friend is to be one." MARTIN SMITH "Many" "What I do is all that concerns meg not what other people think. " CORT MARSH "Cort" "In future life he willexcel, because his work is done so well." f 1 V ' L tgl 3 wif, V X 1 MXH V., pc: -yxgz., .l,' 4 ' :N ' ' i ,f LJ , .LC , 57117 q,.'1,,j QUDIL . .g J ,fa-xref Q 1 .X ,VJZUQ Y Q ' " " .-u ", fvlflwfe-1 Alhf'-1' 1,75 L, -, L za z- 1 if AU ' 1 st 1--' ,,wzf1..lfJ lfv.7f,ouLf Diffs Lfr,f'MJ r J ' cf 6"4L,Vyulf?jfZ0"'1'f:3 is , I 1 W! O We, the Senior Class of 1956, wish to extend our deepest ap Q ' X if 5, . . . . JJ f A L preciation to our class advisor, Mr. Charles Williams. U J I . A f ' X! Through his willingness to give effort and time to our proJects J, ' we have become a successful class. is L Wk Without his support, our class trip would never have been made 0 U' J possible. ld It is with much gratitude to Mr. Williams that we leave our final L GMM year at A.C.S. HALL FAME LEADERSHIP Gloria Marsh Dorothy Applet FRIENDLINESS ATHLETIC ABILITY SCHOLARSHIP COOPERATIVENESS NEATNESS PERSONALITY 2 , 2 Robert Grossman Diane Lewig Karen Corwin ACHIEVEMENTS SPORTSMAN SHIP SINCERITY Grossman Robert Math Sc1ence Busmess Pres1dent SENIOR ACTIY IT IES App1er Dorothy Frances Math and SCICHCC Student Counc1l 3 Cxrculatlon Ed1tor 4 F H A 23 H1 Herald 1 2 3 4 Camera Club 4 L1brary Counc1l 3 4 Sen1or Play MISS Bender J un1or Play MISS Puckett Band 1 2 3 4 L1brar1an 2 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 ACS P A 1 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 3 4 Nat1onal Honor Socxety 34 Pep Band 3 Oratorxcal Contest 2 3 Un1ted Natxons Contest 3 Sextette 3 4 County Chorus 4 Al'l'lb1IlOl'l to get her R N and then her Phys1calTherap1sts degree Hobby readmg Baker J acquehne Ellen Busmess and Home Econom 1cs F H A 12 G A A 1 Chorus 1234 Amb1t1on a Caterer Hobb1es cooklng mustc and travehng. Betl Altce Busmess and Home Econorrucs G A A 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 Amb1t1on To be successful Hobby Wr1t1ng letters Clark Joan Busmess L1brary Cotmctl 4 G A A 1 2 3 4 Sen1or Play Sandra Kmg Chorus 1 2 3 4 Cheerleadmg 24 Majorette 1 2 3 4 Amb1t1on Suc cessful Secretary Hobby sports Corwm Karen Lee Math and Sc1ence Treasurer of Student C0l.ll'lC11 2 3 4 L1brary COUIICII 3 4 G A A 4 J un1or Play M1ss Holt Band 9 years Orchestra 5 years Chorus 1234 ACSPA 34 Pep Band 3 4 Dance Band 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 3 4 Amb1t1on To be a good nurse Hobb1es Babysutmg wmter sports and musxc Daley Jean Ann Sc1ence and Math VICE Pres1dent of Freshman and Sophomore Class F H A 12 H1 Herald 1 2 3 Camera Club 2 3 4 L1brary Counc1l 4 G A A 1234 Chorus 1234 Sextette 234 M1xed Chorus 3 4 County Chorus 2 3 Amb1t1on X Ray Techn1can Hobby Archery Gayhart Myrtle Sc1ence and Busmess 4 H 8 years Amb1t1on To be successful tn all walks of my 11fe Hobby Drawing. of J un1or and Sen1or Class Yearbook Sports Ed1tor Student COl1IlCl1 3 4 V106 Pres1dent both years Cam era Club 34 L1brary Counc1l 34 Treasurer 3 Jumor Play Henry K Dodson Semor Play Grant Terry Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety 3 4 Amb1t1on To be a success Hobby Books Harr1s Mar1lyn Math and Sc1ence F H A 123 H1 Herald 1234 L1brary Counc1l 34 G A A 1234 Band 1 Chorus 1234 ACSPA 1234 Jun1or Play Dov1e F1nkled1nk Sen1or Play Mable Crane Amb1t1on To be a teacher Hobby Readmg and archery Hulm Nancy Lee Math and Sc1ence Treasurer of Juntor Class F H A 2 3 4 H1 Herald 23 4 Student Counc1l 2 Treasurer L1brary COlll'lCl1 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Secretary and Treasurer 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 V1ce Pres1dent 4 A C S P A 2 3 4 Pep Band 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 34 Dance Band 234 County Band 34 Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety 3 4 J un1or Play Old Lady Amb1t1on To be an elementary teacher Hobb1es CO0k1l'lg and MUSIC Joyce Jocelyn Math and Busmess F H A 1 2 H1 Herald 1 2 3 4 Student Counc1l 3 4 Secretary both years Camera Club 1 2 34 L1brary Counc1l 34 Chorus 1234 ACSPA 1234 Cheerleadmg 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 4 Jur11or Play Lott1e Nelson Amb1t1on to be a dental hyg1en1st urer 3 Pres1dent 4 Ph Herald 1 2 3 4 Student Coun cxl 4 Camera Club 4 L1brary COUDC11 3 4 G A A 1 2 3 4 V1ce Pres1dent 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 M1xed Chorus 4 A C S P A 2 3 4 Juruor Play Llttle Gxrl Sen1or Play Rose Jorden Ambmon to be a good secretary Hobby wr1t1ng letters Lew1s D1aneKay Math andSc1enoe Pres1dent Fresh man Class Secretary Sophomore Class Student COl.ll'lCll Representat1ve Semor Class Yearbook Ed1tor F H A 1 2 3 4 Vtce Pres1dent 3 New York State Pres1dent H1 Herald l 2 34 Co Edltor Student Counc1l 4 Pres1dent 4 Camera Club 34 L1brary Counc1l 34 G A A 1234 Chorus 3 4 MlX6d Chorus 3 4 Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety 3 4 Jun1or Play Angela Warren Semor Play Velda Stevens Freshman Award Geometry lst Pr1ze H1story 2nd PPIZS Amb1t1on to be successful Hobb1es collectmg DICIUFCS and read1ng Loucks Thomas R Math and SCIBHCC Basketball 1 2 3 Baseball 4 Track 1 2 H1 Herald 1 2 Jumor Play Dr Jackson Sen1or Play Cl1fNewk1rk Amb1 t1on to be successful HObb1eS bOWllIlg and hunnng. a I 9 Q , u I : u s r Q 1 Q 1 r n 1 ..... , , , I I Sophorrlore Class: F. H. A. 2,3,4g Hi-Herald 3,4g Kemp, Ruth Jean-Business: F. H. A. 1,2,3,4g Treas- : , ' ' : .'... ' Z r 9 9 U D ' . 2 n u r Q .. . . - . . , . ' , : ' ' - ll u 0 I I ,I :I I I I I S 3 . - I-D L I o I s 4: .- ' ' . ' - , ' . ' ' . : . . . . . . : 1.2. Lusk Sylvla Mar1e Math and Sc1ence Secretary m ,Tumor Class F H A 1234 Treasurer 4 H1 Herald 1 Camera Club 4 L1brary Counc1l 34 Pres1dent 4 Chorus 1234 ACSPA 1 Mlxed Chorus 4 Geometry 3rd prme Sen1or Play Nona Pollard Amb1t1on to be successful Hobby sewmg. Marsh Cort Leland Bus1ness Secretary of Sen1or Class Yearbook Advert1smg Manager H1 Herald 3 4 Lxbrary Counctl 3 4 Secretary 4 A C S P A 3 4 Natlonal Honor SOCIBIY 3 4 Amb1t1on to be a sec retary Hobby stamp collect1ng. Marsh G1Or1a Rae Bus1ness Yearbook Co Ed1tor F H A 1 2 3 4 News Reporter 3 Secretary 4 H1 Herald 1 2 3 4 Ed1tor 4 Camera Club 4 Llbrary COl1l'lC1134 GAA 1234 Chorus 1234 M1xed Chorus 3 4 A C S P A 1 2 3 4 Orator1cal Contest 3 4 Jun1or Play Pat Pr1or Sen1or Play Sylv1a Lee Amb1t1on to be a secretary Hobby read1ng and wr1t1ng. Mulholland Terry Ann Bus1ness F H A 1 2 3 H1 Herald 1 2 3 4 Camera Club 4 L1brary Councll 3 4 G A A 1 2 3 4 Cheerleadlng 1 2 3 4 ,Tumor Play Dod1e Amb1t1on to be a Med1cal Secretary HObb1CS readmg and sew1ng Padden Patr1c1a Home Econom1cs F H A 1 2 3 H Herald 3 4 Lxbrary Councll 3 4 G A A 1 2 3 Chorus 1234 ACSPA 34 Jumor Play Amb1t1on tobe a secretary Hobby readmg Pelton Norman Baker Math and Sc1ence VICE Pres1dent Sen1or Class Yearbook Staff Student Councll 2 Basketball 1 2 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 Soccer 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Band 1 M1xed Chorus 3 4 Boys Chorus 1 2 3 J un1or Play Jonathon Puckett Semor Play Eddxe Beach Amb1t1on to become an engmeer Perry Robert Donald Agrxculture and Bus1ness F F A 1 2 3 Camera Club 2 3 4 4 H 5 years Base ball 2 3 Boys Chorus 3 4 J un1or Play Hoofendyke Amb1t1on to graduate Hobby studylng fore1gn lan guages Phelps Roger Math and Sc1ence Pres1dent Sopho more Class Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Soccer 1 Band '7 years Amb1t1on to be an electr1ca1 engxneer Hobb1es model a1rplanes and hunt1ng Rogers, Jerry Math and SCICHCC Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 123 M1xed Chorus 3 Jumor Play Jack Benson Amb1t1on to be successful Hobby Huntmg. R1ffle Phyl11s Math and Sc1ence V1ce Pl'SS1dBl'lI Jumor Class F H A 1 2 3 4 V106 Pres1dent4 Student Counc1l 3 4 Camera Club 4 G A A 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 234 ACS P A 4 Mui Chorus 4 ,Tumor and Sen1or Play Prompter Amb1t1on to become a good nurse Hobby dancmg, Ros1ntosk1 R1chard Lawrence Math SCICHCB and Art Art Ed1tor Yearbook Basketball 1 2 34 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Soccer 1 2 3 4 Hobby draw1ng Amb1t1on draw1ng Sm1th Mart1n Math SCISHCC and BUSIHCSS H1 Herald 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 A C S P A 4 Sen1or Play Sam F1Sk Amb1t1on to become an engmeer V1ckers Jacquehne Joanne BUSIHCSS T r e a s u r e r Seruor Class F I-I A 1,2 3 Pres1dent3 StudentCoun c1l 2 3 Camera Club 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent 4 Llbrary Councll 3 4 G A A 1 2 3 4 Sextette 4 M1xed Chorus 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Cheerleadmg 1 2 3 4 .Tumor Play Dott1e Carlson H1 Herald 1 Amb1t1on to be a secretary Hobby sports Washburn Nancy Lee Bus1ness F H A 3 4 G A A 3 Chorus 4 Queen of Fa1r4 Amb1t1on tobe success ful HObblCS cookmg and sew1ng Wflgllt Bradley Agrlculture F F A 1 2 3 4 Hobby Racmg cars Amb1t1on to graduate I " . ' - 1 ' 1 D 1 ' Y 11 11 1 1 I'--1111 1 ' 1 ' ' ' 1 11 ' ' 1111111111 - - I 1 - . - ', ' 1 1 1 7 C I I , --- . - - 1 1 1 1 ' I 11 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . . I. . ' ' ' 1 1111 1 ,, 11111111 , , - 1 . ", , 111 1 1 .Y -1 . 1 - 1 1 1 I - l - I .. . -- 3 . . .- . I , ' illllffl I all I . ' ' ' "" ' 11 1---1111 "" ' ' 1111111111 1 2... ' 11 ' - "- I 'ffl 'U ' ' 91111111911 : - 11 1 I 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 l I flff 1111 1111 1111 I 1 ' 1---111 ' - ' 1111 1 11 ."'fl: ,ffl ' Y Y 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1111 1111 1111 g lull!! I I - . 1 - 111-1111- 11 11---111 1 I 1 11111111.11 1 ' 11-1 11 1 ' 1 ' 1 11 1111 1 111.11111 1 1 ' 1 ' 11 1111 1111 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 11 1111 1 f 1 1111 1111 1 , 1 , ' . - ' 1 . I1 111 1 1 1 1---11--- 1 I ' 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' -1 1 1---1111 ' --1111 111' 1 ' 1 ' 1 HONOR AWARDS IN Y State Regents Scholarslup Prme F reshman PFIZE Vocatxonal AQFICUIIUFC Certxfxcate Award Reader s DIQCSI Award Spelhng Contest Enghsh PFIZB Babe Ruth Sportsmanshlp Awards Geometry PFIZC Amerlcan Hxstory Pr1ze Bakers Hardware Semor wmnmg a State Regents Scholarshtp gets S100 U S SHVIDQ Bond Grange S5 OO Grange Reader s D1gest Buffalo Evemng News Harry Joyce Ftrst Pr1ze 355 00 Second Pr1ze32 50 Masomc Lodge FIFSI Pr1ze S5 OO Second Pr1zeS3,00 Thlrd PFIZC 552 00 Amerlcan Leg1on and Aux F1rst Pr1ze S5 O0 Second PFIZB S2 O0 , . , r . . . 0 .. CLASS HISTORY As we, the Semor Class of 1956 draw near the cllmax of our hlgh School years, we have much to look forward to and yet we have many happy memortes of our days at Andover Central School to look back on Although some of us began school here and others of us have jomed the class through the years we have become a closely kn1t and loyal class In 7th grade where Mrs Joyce and Mrs Baker acted as our homeroom advlsors we were very lmpressed w1th passmg classes and the new freedom glven us Durxng our 8th grade year Mr Carmody superv1sed our room and furthered some of the boys mterest rn sports 1n thetr second year as Cubs Upon enter1ng hxgh school we felt that we really belonged Mrs McFadden acted as our advlsor but we spent httle txme rn her room as we were very busy w1th our many act1v1t1es Durmg thxs exc1t1ng and a httle bxt strange year our offlcers were Dtane Lewls Jean Daley Roger Phelps and Jerry Rogers Mr Rell acted as our homeroom supervlsor 1n our sophomore year when we were led by Roger Phelps Jean Daley Dlane Lew1s and Karen Corwxn Dorothy Appxer entered the Oratorrcal Con test and placed 3rd The geometry prlzes were won by DIEIIIC Lewts Marnn Srruth and Sylvta Lusk respectlvely When we entered our ,Tumor year we were d1v1ded mto two homerooms supervlsed by Mrs Wesche and Mrs M1tchell Our class officers were Robert Grossman Phyllls Rxffle Sylvta Lusk and Nancy Huhn We presented our J umor play the name of wh1ch was Take Your Med1c1ne The cast conslsted of Jack1e Vlckers Terry Mulholland Ruth Kemp Glona Marsh Nancy Huhn Dorothy Appler Karen Corwln D1ane Lew1s Marxlyn Harrls Patrxcla Padden Robert Grossman Norman Pelton Tom Loucks ,Tocelynjoyce Jerry Rogers Robert Perry Phylhs R1ffle and Jerry Rogers were chosen to attend Glrls and Boys State wh1le Marty Smlth and Dlane Lewls won the hlstory prtzes Dorothy App1er agaln entered the Oratorlcal Contest and won lst pnze here ln the county contest she placed 2nd Glorla Marsh became edxtor of the H1 Herald wh1le Ruth Kamp . , . n - ' u . . , . I I I . v 1 . ' ' I . , . f ' a r 9 . . . ,K . . ,, . , . 1 n n r n I I I I I I I I I I ' . , , . . , . . . was elected Presxdent of the F H A replac1ng,Tack1e V1ckers Dlane Lew1s was also promment 1n F H A achlevxng the posmon of State Prestdent Our J umor year ended wtth all of madly mak1ng plans to ra1se money for our class tr1p to New York the perm1ss1on for whxch Dorothy Appxer and Robert Grossman worked very hard to obta1n We elected our yearbook staff wh1ch conslsted of Dxane Lew1s Glorla Marsh Robert Grossman Dorothy Appter Norman Pelton Dxck Ros1ntosk1 and Cort Marsh Jerry Rogers and Marty Srruth were selected as members of the Cotmty All Stars Durmg our Jumor year Robert Grossman Dxane Lew1s Dorothy Appter Nancy Hulm and Cort Marsh were selected for the Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety When we returned to school thxs September suddenly the rea11zat1on struck us that thxs was our f1nal year at A C S It dxdn t seem possxble but soon we were well 1nto a busy and wonderful year From the begmrung of school we trted every money makmg scheme we could thmk of from bake sales to sponsormg a c1rcus Our offlcers were Robert Grossman Norman Pelton Cort Marsh and Jackxe Vxckers Bob d1d such a good job as our Pres1dent 1n our ,Tumor year that we elected h1m to lead us ln our Sentor year also Nancy Washburn was elected queen of the fa1r rn September Our play Stranger m the Ntght was held 1n November wtth a cast consxstxng of Mar11yn Harr1s Glorxa Marsh Norman Pelton Sylv1a Lusk Dorothy Appter Joan Clark Ruth Kemp D1ane Lew1s Bob Grossman Tom Loucks Mart1n Srruth and Roger Phelps Dorothy App1er Dtane Lewts Robert Grossman Karen Corw1n and Glor1a Marsh were chosen to the Hall of Fame and D1ane Lewxs was elected Presldent of the Student Councll As our Semor year progresses we feel that the class of 56 IS the best ever and no matter where our hves lead us we shall always remember the days spent at Andover Central School. ' . I D I I Y ' 1 1 9 u . . , . . - I I , . .4 . . H . . . . ' U I n 9 u 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 ' 1 1 I . , . 'BFE rim M Weren't we great! What a play! Hi Sam .an HY The S315 with 3 hard job Good work b0Y5 That was the night What's my cue? Who's nervous? Boss lady Working hard? What's cooking? Her Royal Highness UNDERCLASSMEN 2"""""-' -ill' . AB c 1: E F CA T Tancnarx fDOC1' vi' -J if' il ,gs--'J ,XSEQA . X X S L X: ? f- -QQ ,Q --11.1.5-.. .-11-1 c 1111 ,ig-1l2 : i-ii-1-1--Q.-. 11.1- - 1.-1.--k -. 1, 5 --.-1lT- -1-31h- s 1 -- .. I-,,,... - H - - -Eg -1 -- i,--- -:A , 1, i.. 1 ,Q -11 ig. 1' ,Z -T, 1 -Q i 6' "..,.'t .. '- ii- f4 A, i ! cFe?"' I ,, -- Q ! 1. 4, - ,-'--' I i A ---. -Y ' 11 5.4 1 i 1- ' ' -Y , Y 5 , 'Y ---D ib 1 " 1 G 1 l I , ' i.-- 1 "" f 7 4 .1-1111 iii X?" ih- faa ,...... ---f, --N I 41:----Y 3 L 9 .,- T,,,Tf--- . A ,. , in 11 " ' gal 5 lfg., f - l - -SV ' I J' Q: f Q- ::,,,,,,.., It W - ,, 'k - f ' if -------l-- - ' 4 -,4 1 Y ' - 1 711- ' Y Q L ' af' - ' L- -- . 4 ' u F-A A ., 71 V f r A, -if f'C' .- ,H - 1 f Y i dt 1-A V AU, Y Y, V 1 Q. 5- 1-.ns Q ' 4, wut . ON-..f Mrs. Wesche Mr. Reil """'s. l' IUNIORS FIRST Row, Left ro Right: C. Clarke, B. Stewart, S. Clarke, D. Appier, M. McAndrew, I. Riffle. SECOND ROW: H. Dean, C. Alvord M. Reisman, B. Atwell, L. Babcock, R. Glover, C. Goodridge, D. Thorpe. THIRD ROW: R. Smith, C. Halsey, R. Grossman, D. Joyce, M. Sherman, J. Harvey, G. Clarke, R. Lewis. Mrs. Mitchell x SOPIIOMORES FIRST ROW, Left to Right: T. Kibbe, A. Davis, S. Clark, C. Burch, A. Joyce, J. Davis. SECOND ROW: L. Pelton M. McAndrew, L. Burgett, B. Lehman, T. Monroe, L. Gross- man, I. Marsh. THIRD ROW: B. Hollenbeck, S. Vickers, M. Wheeler, C. Clarke, F. Reisrnan, C. Thorpe, N. Day, R. Rifenburg, D. McGi1livray, R. Barnhart, T. Smith. FOURTH ROW: R. Warriner, L. Goodridge, F. Davis, E. Gayhart, R. Stocking, K. Howland, C. Whiting, K. Perry, P. Padden. FRESHMEN FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Conde, V. Burch, R. Barnhart, R. hmm. SECOND ROW: R. Washburn, A. Phelps, I. Mulholland, I. Sootheran, G. Padden, C. Corwin, I. Day. THIRD ROW: L. Alvord, C. Brundae, K. Ryan, D. Barnhart, M. Brown, A. Church, I. Baker, C. O'Del1, C. Manroe, E. Hoagland. FOURTH ROW: G. McCormick, R. McClure, R. Sackett, W. Shaw, I. Common, R. Lewis, R. Winchell, J. Clarke, R. Winchell. Mrs. MacFadden EIGHT!-I GRADE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: I. Updyke, M. Whitney, L. Marsh, G. Woodard, R. Baker, x - A. Cannon, N. DeRemer, M. Sootheran, J. Brundage. SECOND ROW: I. Carr, B. A Barney, L. Rifenburg, H. Lehman, F. Sherman, R. Baker, C. Stewart, L. Coffin, B. Freeman, B. Bamey. THIRD ROW: C. Whiting, R. Brown, I. Burch, D. Halsey,I . M- , Clarke, M. Halsey, R. Waldeck, C. Riffle, B. Woodruff, P. Winchell. FOURTH ROW: L. Stocking, L. Storms, P. Reinard, R. Lewis, D. Harris, M. Peterson, H. Hombeck , L. McAndrews, G. Waldeck, W. Harm. FIFTH ROW: F. Sutherland, C. Lehman, G. Thorp, C. Dixon, H. Glover, G. Hulin. ABSENT: S. Smith, S. Snyder. 'G , an Mr Carmody if FIRST ROW: Front to Backg V. Kemp, N Storms C Dean N G1bbS I Brundage L Re1l V Lew1s SECOND ROW: P. Barrett, E. O'Dell C Hoagland M Dlxon L House C Clarke I Day THIRD ROW: L. Nye. G. Rosintoski, G Baker G Tanner P Clark K Stocking ABSENT L Hollenbeck. INSET: Mrs. Joyce. 7TH GRADES FIRST ROW: Front to Back, V Howe, C. Lefever, P. Glover, E Joyce, P. Bronson, L. Marvel, P Waters. SECOND ROW: B. Barn- hart, A. Gayhart, H. Church, E Greene. D. Woodward, C. Eshen- baugh, M. George, C. Greenfield THIRD ROW: G. Wighunan, s Burch, R. Padden, W. Clarke, S Strouse, B. Pelton, M. Mead, K Heselton. INSET: Miss Richardson. SIXTH GRADE AMW, ,V k"'-qq 9 -' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: A. Kelley, A. Corwin, C. Storms, H. Campbell. SECOND ROW: T. Edwards, D. Kemp, I. George, S. Thorp, B. Brundage, S. Bird. THIRD , ROW: J. Hunt, B. Grossman, R. Monroe, C. Wheeler. FOURTH ROW: A, Reisman, I R. Clarke, M. Whiting, M. Bledsoe. FIFTH ROW: G. Burdick, I. Lehman, H. Lefever, X, C. Greenfield, B. Vickers, R. Waters, I. Walters, R: Whitesell, M. Wright, P, I X Howland, H. Raub, Mrs. Schwalzenbach FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Kemp, E. Hoose, J. Greene, D. Rossman, B. Forrest, I. Appier, T. Brown. SECOND ROW: B. Johnson, N. Porter, I. Burger, P. Perry, L. Carmody, A, McAndrews, I. Clarke, B, Hawks, L. Sootheran, C. Comell, H. Perry. THIRD ROW: M. Howland, E. Glover, F. Coy, C. Bronson, J. Rifenburg, P. Adams, D. Burdick, C. Sherman, O. Fuller, T. Freeman. ABSENT: C. Baker, P, Hombeck. vu Mrs. Boyce FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Vickers, P. Clark, I. Carr, R. Dougherty, G. O'Dell, D. Kemp, W. Monroe. SECOND ROW: I. Cook, C. Mead, A. Brown, S. Robinson, J. Reil. THIRD ROW: A. Skinner, S. Clarke, L. Cable, J. Woodruff. FOURTH ROW: R. Kemp, R. McGillivray, C. Caple, C. Meyn, S. Thorp, B. Lusk, C. Peckham, I. Joyce, J, Campbell, B. Whitesell, K. Greenfield, B. Gordon. ABSENT: B. Harris, M. McClure. Miss Jordan FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Collins, B. Ford, S. Howland. SECOND ROW: D. Glover, G. Burdick, N. Monore, P. Hames, M. Caple, A. Helm. THIRD ROW: C. Sisson, E. Perry, D. Price, G. Hoover, M. Main, B. Emery. FOURTH ROW: V. Lynch, J. Coats, L. DeRemer, D. Harvey, D. Mulholland, C. Burdick. FIFTH ROW: M. Baker, D. lbssman, J. Cannon, I. Nichols, L. Skinner, B. Fuller, S. Robinson, D. 5 Gibbs, B. Childs, R. Stewart, V. Woolworth, M. Smith, B. Cable, K. Rosintoski, D. Stackwick, M. Baker. A. Conde. ABSENT: L. Kessler. Miss Baker THIRD GRADE D. Davis, J. Cook, R. Gayhart, D. Whitesell. ABSENT: I. Connor. Miss Schermerhorn BACK ROW, Left to Right: J. Raub, S. Coats, K. Coats, M. Howland, N. Alvord. SECOND TABLE: D. Smith, J. Dunham, R. Hann, L. Davis, S. Bird, D. Brundage, S. McGil1ivia1'Y, I. Day. FIRST TABLE: S. Baker, B. Clark, S. Luce, D. Thorp, THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Rowland, D. Nye, D. Brown, P. Gath, R. Allen. SECOND ROW: R. Mead, D. Vars, I. Strouse, W. Wahl, I. Garthwaite, D. Densmore THIRD ROW: R. Edelman, L. Kemp. J. DeRemer, R, Smith, E. McAndrews, S. Tidd FOURTH ROW: E. Raub, I. Greenfield, I. Billings, B. Clarke, H. Washbum, H. Sherman, K. Lehman, W. Grossman, R. Goodridge, G. Brown, D. Bogle, G. Freeland ABSENT: I. Common, D, Mghtman, B. Tuttle, C. Baker, E. Smith. 1 Mrs. Helmer Mrs. Peckham SECOND GRADE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Vickers, N. Greenfield, R. Cornell. SECOND ROW: C. Bledsoe, E. Perry, W. Clarke, M. Clarke, L. Luce. THIRD ROW: D. Nye, C. Hesselton, D. Lehman, G. Ordiway, E. Bird, R. Emery, FOURTH ROW: G, Storms, B. Nevol, S. Baker, G. Rosintoski. FIFTH ROW: D. Dunham, D, Brown, K. Shellman, ABSENT: S. Berry, R. Congelli, I. Billings, M. Lynch. n J-'31 szconn GRADE I-I" ID 5' -1-.S N 3 . .., 1 FIRST ROW: D, McCormick, B, Rowland, A. Ordiway, W, Merrick. SECOND ROW: L. Cook, B. Bird, D, Freeland, C, Nye, S. Dugan, THIRD ROW: R. Joyce, W. Greene, M, Lehman, H. Fauzey, FOURTH ROW: D, Alvord, D. Stile, T, Joyce, R. Hall, FIFTH ROW: J. Harvey, J, Wahl. ABSENT: W, Bisby, D, Brundage, S. Roe- ske, D. Thorp, E. Lewis. n--f Miss Church Q FIRST GRADE ', FIRST Row, Left to Right: C. Densmore, V. Madsen, E. Bird, C. Updyke, R. Price, SECOND ROW: R. Lang, H. Bissell, C. Steadman, L. Chelgreen, N. Howland. THIRD ROW: R. Baker, R. Gardener, D. Sanford, D. Collins, I. Rose, H. Hann, T. Kent, A. Nye, K. Joyce. ABSENT: D. Peckham, E. Sackett, M. Stiles, T. Whal, C. Wallace. -1 .QQ Mrs. Connor sill FIRST GRADE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: E. Brown, N. Halsey, M. Deremer. SECOND ROW: D Sherman, K. Freeland, I. Saulzgiver, I. Hames, R. Kelly, D. Robinson, K. Slocum J. Nye. THIRD ROW: S. Joyce, D. Whitesell, I. Cook, S. Loucks, M. Meyn, R Dixon, G. Bronson, C. lewis. ABSENT: M. Rick, I. Jones, R. McCormick,F, Kelley 3 , M. Ordiway, H. Bertrand. Mrs, H311 This Page is Sponsored by: JOYCE PIPE LINE KINDERGARTEN ABSENT: L. Gsrdner, C. Berry, S. Congelli, D. Harris. Mrs. Corwin EXTREME LEFT: C. Hall, M. Joyce, W. Chelgreen, J. Lefever, D. Fox, W. Davis, D. Leon, R. Barnes, D. Palmareer, M. Brundage, S. Reil, G. Clarke, M. Alvord, J. Freeland, S. Clarke. J. DeRemer, G. Bixby, S. McClure, R. Gallagher, D. Slocum. KINDERGARTEN FIRST ROW, Left to Right: C. Perry, D. Lehman, D. Foster, M. Corwin, M. Greene, A. Mitchell, R. Baker. SECOND ROW: C. Nevol, R. Joyce, C. Densmore, L. Clark, D. Billings. THIRD ROW: R. Brown, C. Joyce, M. Whitesel1,G. Rossman, ABSENT: P. Schrader, J. Baker. Mrs. Riggs Q KX WY Q ACTIVITI GJFF 'EBL Q69 of I J? 5' TVDEN7' cbwvc ig I: f f I-fflrsrrsl f 7 .X I .Z XJ I AV' Yx A ,4 ' I '- ' I ' I 1 4 I I5 ' -'xiii' ' I f . ' Z- ' Z 11 if . -S I I X i- SA "' ' . " Z 1 1 I I---Y Z 'gbbif .9 K f 1 , A., I ' rx g, --Q, iii i ' , K- 1 X Q, ' - I I Q--:ll ,- iki. 4 'I' - ff f I if I ' " 'O i I -X I I I I - .T N - II A 'L r gi l X 1 5.aA'f, Q 'Qtr c-:L 49 4 L " 'Y 6 , FIRST ROW: Left to RightgC. Clark, T. Kibbe, J. Clark. SECOND ROW: E. Hoagland, D. Joyce C. Eshenbaugh, E. Joyce. THIRD ROW: C. Alvord, C. Storms, K. Bostwick, H. Church, L. Good- ridge, S. Clarke. FOURTH ROW: I. Mickle, L. Marsh, G. Waldeck, D. Appier, B. Grossman, E Green, G. Hulin, C. Whiting. Mr. Canale ,f BAND FIRST ROW: Left to Right, S. Clark, C. Thorp. SECOND ROW: V. Howe, N. Gibbs, D. Appier N. Hulin. THIRD ROW: O. Fuller, I. Green, H. Hornbeck, I. Appier, C. Goodridge, I. Common F. Hombeck. FORTH ROW: L. Nye, R. Conde, R. McClure, K. Corwin, R. Phelps, L. Storms This page sponsored by Clair's Pharmacy and the Andover National Bank PEP BAND LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Nye, J. Common, C. Goodridge, N. Hulin, E. Hoagland, R, Phelps, C. Alvord, C. Eshenbaugh, C. Whiting, K. Corwin, R. McClure. JUNIOR BAND FIRST ROW: C. Storms, L. Reil, L. Cable, L. Soorheran, E. Joyce, V. Howe, N. Gibbs, W. Emery, A. Corwin, J. Woodruff. SECOND ROW: D. Burdick, B. Lusk, J. Reil, G. Wighrman, J. Conde, M. Caple, L. Kessler, R. Waldeck, J. Sootheran, H. Hirnbeck, J. Appier. THIRD ROW: L. Storms, R. Winchell, A. Phelps, O. Fuller. J. Greene, C. Caple, J. Burch, B. Grossman, E. Greene, L. Nye. FOURTH ROW: J. Carr, C. Riffle, G. Waldeck, P. Winchell, D. Harris, Mr. Canale. 1 2 E DANCE BAND FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Canale, E. Hoagland, N. Hulin, D. Appier, D. Joyce C. Goodridge, R. Common. SECOND ROW: R. Conde, K. Corwin, R. McClure, B. Lehman, C. Whiting. G E R M A N BAND LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Hoagland, D. Joyce, R. Phelps, J. Common, R. McClure. Bovs' CHORUS FIRST ROW, Lefxto Right: G. Padden, R. Conde', M. Peterson, R. McClure. L. Burgett, R. Barnhart, F. Davis, L. Pe1ton.SECOND ROW:R, Rifenburg, L. Good- ridge, L. Stomxs, T. Smith, B. Lehman, D. McGillivary, R. Winchell, J. Mul- holland. THIRD ROW: T. Monroe, K. Perry, 1. Common, J. Mickle, C. Good- ridge. J. Harvey, R. Perry, Director, I. Canale. ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW, Left to Right: A. Church, D. Appier, E. Joyce, V. Howe, N. Hulin, D. Appier. SECOND ROW: C. Corwin, C. Hoagland, L. Babcock, C. Alvord, E Hoagland, A. Phelps, L. Nye, B. Lehman, K. Corwin. THIRD ROW: J. Sootheran L. Coffin, J. Walrers, C. Clarke, L. Goodridge, S. Clarke, L. Pelton, C. Riffle,L Marsh. Q I O I .- Miss Brittain GIRLS' CHORUS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: S. Lusk, D. Appier, S. Clark, M. McAndrew, T. Kibbe, R. Kemp. S. Vickers, J. Vickers, K. Corwin, J. Daley, C. Clarke. SECOND ROW: R. Washbum, D. lewis, J. Clark, K. Ryan, A. Joyce, J. Day, A. Church, S. Joyce, V. Zwack, N. Day, P. Riffle. THIRD ROW: M. Harris, D. Appier, C. Alvord, J. Baker, C. Corwin, A. Davis, L. Grossman, A. Philps, H. Dean, M. McAndrew, L. Babcock, M. Wheeler, N. Hulin. FOURTH ROW: P. Padden, F. Reisman, B. AWGN. N. Washbum, G. Marsh, L. Pelton, V. Atwell, J. Baker, S. Clark, C. Thorp, C. Clark, J. Sootheran, B. Stewart, T. Mulholland, J. Joyce, Director, D. Brittain. SEXTETTE LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Vickers, D. Appier, C. Clarke J. Daley, T. Kibbe, S. Joyce S. Vickers, Director D. Brittain. This Page Sponsored by: THE ANDOVER EXCHANGE CLUB. MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: Left to Right, C. Clarke, R. Kemp, L. Pelton, A. Church, S. Clarke, N. Day, M. McAndrew, T. Kibbe, G. Marsh, L. Babcock, I. Vickers, J. Sootheran, SECOND ROW: S. Vickers,S. Clark, D. Lewis, D. Appier, S. Lusk, I. Day, N. Hu- lin, P. Riffle. C. Thorp, K. Corwin, S. Joyce, I. Daley, B. Stewart, I. Joyce. THIRD ROW: R. McClure, R. Rifenburg, L. Goodridge, T. Monroe, B. Lehman, J. Riffle, R. Winclell, I. Mickle, C. Goodridge, I. Harvey, N. Pelton, R. Perry, Director, Miss Brittain. IUNIOR CHORUS FIRST ROW: Left to Right, L. Pelton, L. Coffin, C. Stewart, A. Cannon, B. Freeman, R. Baker, C. Clark, P. Clark, P. Padden, M.Mead, S. Suouse, L. Marvel. SECOND ROW: C. Dean, B. Barney, B. Pelton, F. Sherman, S. Burch, H. Lehman, R. Wal- deck. I. Carr, I. Updyke, V. Lewis. THIRD ROW: M. Whitney, D. Halsey, L. Rif- enburg, N. Gibbs, I. Brundage, K. Stockin, M. Halsey, I. Clark, J. Burch, J. Day. FOURTH ROW: C. Dixon, M. Peterson, D. Harris, H. Hornbeck, W. Hann, V. Kemp, G. Taner. FIFTH ROW: L. House, N.'Storms, P. Wincell, E. O'Dell. K. Heselton, L. Nye, L. Hollenbeck. Director, Miss Brittain. one STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW Left to Right K Corwrn S Clarke D Lewrs R Grossman I Joyce R Kemp T McAndrew SECOND ROW L Burgett T Monroe I Day B Leh man P Rrffle I Rlffle G Woodward G Roslntoski G Wrghtman Mr Glbbs Duector LIBRARY COUNCIL FIRST ROW Left to Rrght N Huhn S Lusk D Appier C Marsh P Padden S Clarke J Daley SECOND ROW R Kemp J Vickers D Apprer J Clark L Bab cock R Grossman C Clarke B Stewart C Alvord I Joyce D Lewrs G Marsh K Corwm M Harns it Mrs Conde HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Mr. Bronson FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R, Barnhart, R, Winchell, R, Smith, T, Monroe, C, Hal- sey, R, Lewis, P, Padden, R, Warriner, SECOND ROW: G, Padden, V, Burch, G McCormick, R, Grossman, R, Sackett, C, Manroe, J, Clark, L, Goodridge, D, Mc- Gillvary, THIRD ROW: L, Alvord, E, Gayhart, R, Stocking, R, Glover, K, Perry,I Clark, R, Lewis, R, Rifenburg, FUTURE FIRST ROW: Left to Right, L. Pelton, T. Kibbe, N.Hulin, A. Joyce, P. Riffle, R. Kemp, G. Marsh,C. Alvord, S. Lusk, R. Lunn, S. Vickers. SECOND ROW: R. Wash- burn, K. Ryan, M. Brown, A. Phelps, C. O'Del1, M. Reisman, B. Atwell. C. Corwin. I. Sootheran, A. Barnhart. THIRD ROW: K. Corwin, N. Washburn, C. Burch, C. Thorp, F. Reisman, C. Clark. M. McAndrew, M. Wheeler, B. Hollenbeck, D. Lewis. This page sponsored by the F. F. A. 8: F. H. A. Miss B311 OLDER BOYS -H FIRST ROW, Left to Right: E. O'Dell, W. Clark, J. Harvey, R. Riffenburg, T. Monroe J. Clark, D. Harris, C. Lehman, SECOND ROW: L. Tanner, L. Hollenbeck, P Barrett, R. Stocking, E. Gayhart, L. Stocking, R. Brown, N. Storms. THIRD ROW: C. Monroe, A. Gayhart, K. Perry, C. Halsey. I. Clark, R. Lewis, G. Tanner, R. Baker. FOURTH ROW: R. Glover, L. Alvord, B. McCom1ick, V. Kemp, F. Sootherland, P. Waters, L. McAndrews. YOUNGER BOYS -H FIRST ROW, Left to Right: G. Brown, I. Greenfield, M. Baker, W. Manroe, F. Coy D. Gibbs, R. Goodridge, L. Skinner, D. Mulholland. SECOND ROW: D. Rossman A. Skinner, C. Greenfield, E. Glover, H. Perry, T. Brown, G. O'Dell, D. Kemp, I Lehman. THIRD ROW: I. Walters, A. Kelly, T. Edwards, T. Freeman, R. Weitzel P. Howland, M. Wright, R. Dougherty. HI-HERALD STAFF FIRST ROW, Left to Right: H. Dean, M. Harris, P. Padden, C. Corwin, J. Joyce. SECOND ROW: T. Kibbe, D. Appier, B. Lehman, R. Kemp, D. Lewis, G. Marsh. THIRD ROW: D. Appier, S. Clarke, N. Hulin, C. Clarke, P. Riffle, I. Sootheran, T, McAndrew, R. Washburn, R. Lunn, A. Church, A. Phelps, K. Ryan. FOURTH ROW: C. Alvord, B. Stewart, C. Goodridge, D. Joyce, J. Baker, I. Day, M. Wheeler, K. Corwin M. McAndrew, Advisor, Mrs. MacFadden. CAMERA CLUB FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Lewis, S. Lusk, R. Kemp, G. Marsh, S. Vickers, B. Stewart, J, Vickers. SECOND ROW: P. Riffle, D. Appier, L. Babcock, A. Joyce, T. Kibbe, T. McAndrew, H. Dean, J. Joyce, J. Daley, C. Clarke. THIRD ROW: R. Grossman, L. Burgett, T. Smith, T. Monroe, K. Howland, P. Padden, B. Lehman, Advisor, G. Reil. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW, Left to Right: C. Marsh, D. Lewis, D. Appier, N. Hulin, R. Grossman. SECOND ROW: C. Alvord, D. Joyce. G.A.A. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: A. Barnhart, L. Pelton, V. Atwell, R. Kemp. SECOND ROW: C. Corwin, S. Clark, L. Grossman, A. Phelps, B. Atwell, C. O'De11, P. Riffle, T. Mulholland, G. Marsh, T. McAndrew, M. Brown, K. Ryan, C. Brundage. THIRD ROW: A. Joyce, I. Marsh, B. Hollenbeck, H. Dean, J. Clark, R. Washburn, M. Harris, R. Lunn, N. Day, D. Lewis, K. Corwin. FOURTH ROW: A. Davis, M. McAndrew, F. Reisman, C. ThOrP. I. Vickers, S. Vickers, D. Barnhart, T. Kihbe, FIFTH ROW: L. Babcock, J. Davis, J. Joyce, A. Beil, S. Joyce, J. Daley. tin L Q Nu s ,L 1. ai I Q A 2 .4 C, SPOR s ff 4,4 x X- ir 5 l -If ,f " ,ff fzffff lr iff ,ff "" V V 1" f ? if l' X g ' 59 X X, wo' 'W X A ff if lf I 'nl . -""' Qf 95,1 f X Q , la fr U s - ff '7 ' X Y! " fl X ,-ff 5 5- 4" f ef -tts , A 'iso-Fx 1:5 ' P Q" , , 1, 5 ' f7 f ff! 1 f ,K ff Y - X ' g ff f X fg .af ' ' IIA 1v':1 .I ii ' 5 ? 4555155 , f ' f f UQ' Q19 ! f f 5 K I 'UZ X -i f ff' 1 f 7 f' !,, Q , gif f' 7 K 'F' ff! I ,f it X, I, if fff,,!. 1 '-K - ' k , ,,j,,I2 A I .ZX if ?1ifL,A wx I " , . X 1725? 5 - " Y ,ff - ' - P ' , in f 'ff i i "' I ' - x If K, ' ,f I X 4 2 Q 2 ff I. VARSITY BASKETBALL "Marry" Smith k ,es 0 fx " 91 :J WJ? l L WW I y' Rogers fl! E 2 4 --5, ? . Coach "Stack" Stackwick ,fa RW , ,I 5,17 si' 6 jkwiivt V F ff Wx ,, Donn Thorp "Dick" Rosintoski "Denny" Joyce "Bruce" Lehman ps XE X . ,,..4v"'--X LV. BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Sackett, L. Goodridge, Coach Stackwick, P. Padden, D. McGi11ivary. SECOND ROW: V. Burch, R. Conde, C. Goodridge, I. Common, K. Howland, K. Perry, R. Lewis, R. Stocking, D. Lewis, J. Mulholland. .v,,...,, -I 4. H .- kit . WRESTLING FIRST ROW, left t0 Right: F. Hombeck, T. Smith. SECOND ROW: I. Mickle, R. Grossman, G. Clark, R. Stocking, W. Shaw, G. Padden. Mr. Johnson 4 . 4 Q v p f' A - ,, pf. uw.: ' 1' -Q . ' - ,iw 4 N ' 1 'b , ':f"""q,-'. , x.l ,. .K Q ' 5 if -J: 4 , 4 1 Q, ' 4 ,Megan 'Lk 1 M, as-ML' my MRM Y , -ww 0 nb! ww -if-My .1 fv- f 'I f' at f ,x ,f . ,. f X ,, f-R , , f ,Q f 1 x, ' ., I J nf -if , X. jf. A! f ,fa f' Q' - ff ,fy f. If ff' , fy ff f,x"fl,',Qf"f i w 1 nl .rl-2 '1- I 'lab ' 2 -....- I wx I' if wi, sw r 5 , 1 3 xxx' N ns dvi K-5 ,Y I K 1 wmwemmnnvlmmn yfamif 'aww W ., X 111' - riff! I ' f 1 4, ff. ff I J I If fZ"i,f6iff1' , P 3 A. 1 ,. C ,QV Ng, ,+9UVf,9 ,.m0v,',9 BASEBALL FIRST ROW, Left to Right J. Riffle, A. Mead, D. Ioyce, T. Smith, M. Smith, C Howland, K. Perry, G. Padden, H. Glover, W. Hann. SECOND ROW: C. Tanner, D Scribner, R. Perry, N. Pelton, D. Thorp, D. Baker, Mr. Stackwick, E. Harkenrider, D Rosintoski, K. Howland, J. Harvey, R. Grossman. , L -........Agg ,f SOCCER FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Johnson, R. Winchell, R. Conde, 1. Mulholland, R Grossman, T. Smith. SECOND ROW: R. Glover, R. Baker, B. Shaw, I. C1arke,R Lewis, F. Hornbeck. THIRD ROW: G. Rosintoski, K. Perry, B. Lehman, J, Riffle, C Goodridge, N. Pelton, R. Rifenburg, C. Lehman, W. Hann. This Page Co-Sponsored by MEMORY STUDIO of Hornell 'D . P K f VARSITY CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: J. Vickers, T. Mulholland, T. McAndrew. SECOND ROW: H. Dean, J. Joyce LV. CHEERLEADERS LEFI' TO RIGHT: L. Pelton, I. Clark, B. Stewart, S. Clark, L. Grossman. K Z V3 i if , WH GA . . M. ,. ig f. yy m I 51 CUBS LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Kemp, P. Winchell, C. Riffle, A. Whiting, D. Harris, L. Nye, W. Woodruff L. Marsh. SECOND ROW: R. Baker, C. Lehman, G. Waldeck, C. Dixon, Mr. Carmody, L. McAndrew G. Thorp, R. Lewis, W. Hann, G. Wightman. Dec. Dec. Dec. Ian. Ian. Jan. Ian . Feb Feb Feb 2 6 16 6 10 13 '27 '7 10 17 CUB SCHEDULE Scio Belmont Whitesville Belmont Whitesville Scio Greenwood Bolivar Greenwood Bolivar home away away home home away away home home away C .ff V+ .Ti 1 if if if Q3 ummm wwf 'sl ,rs JY 5 'u h?a i is My m New .35 , , fha, .eg .-M f- f : .,, 5 2 if ,mf - QQ Au 6 :fy 4 be Z w faq -v-www. 'H f Qian as If B I 3. H 1 12553, fi 9 Vi 1510 ff? ' 3 ,gig 2 ,, W M, ., . ,K e if :af f - . 'f f K ga 5 5 , ' k ai an f yeh HM ' :guard fs --f ' k' V una: qw an 1 ' Q 0 w 451 Q, wi fn . - ' ' i W U a, V QQ' J' v ,v 9: i v eh w UH if.. A iw - QQ, "ik 151 ,Q KJ I1 ,0- 107' pf i 9-1 A, . -1.-,rs . 3: -ew., ' 2- sl bi Q: Q ' 'f ',-1'-5, ' 1 V1.5 gf, Q' 'wx-'N' if PM .1 'may ,haf mfr i ' Y fi V iii, A " 3 , Vgzwg A ' + .la X 1 ,- r ,I 4 .,a 253- an November 1 Alf d Alm d January Canaseraga BASEBALL Andover had rts most successful year rn baseball last year In wrnnrng the Sectron V Class D champronslup rt became the frrst team from Andover to do so rn thrs sport Below rs the schedule for the playoff games Andover Bradford Andover Hemlock 0 fno rut no runj Andover Canersaga 2 SOCCER The soccer team had a very poor season tlus year havrng won 3 and lost 5 Havrng mostly Sophomores and Jumors on the squad we wrsh them the best of luck next year and hope they have a better season BASKETBALL Due to the fact that the basketballseasonhas not been completed we are 1lSUI1g the scores of the completed games and congratulate the team on havrng such a successful season November 2 Angehca Greenwood Whltesvrlle 1 Rrchburg Allentown December December December January January Fe bruary Fe bruary Fe bruary Fe burary February W R E S T L I N G Due to the fact that the wrestlrng season has just beg and wrshmg the team the best of luck January 20 January 27 February 3 February 1 0 at Frrendshlp at Rrchburg at Belmont at Andover Scro Whrtesvrlle Troups burg Richburg Allentown 24 Scro un we are llstmg the schedule Andover s tenms team sent two boys Dave Conde and Bruce Lehman to the Sec tronal Playoffs rn 1 very successful season 3 1 4 ' , 3 H - V 7 ' - ' 57-51 10 2 ' 65-51 13 ' December 2 Arkport 59-64 January 27 Arkport 6 67-35 3 ' ' 9 ' ' 60-40 7 6 ' 78-38 10 ' 6 74-61 17 7 Compliments LUSKS TELEVISION SERVICE Best of Luck To The Senior Class of '56 VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP Jean Lynch Home of Rayette Permanents Comphments NIAGARA ELECTRON LABORATORIES P M Hackett Andover w York Compllments JACOBS BROS Hornell New York Home of Pro tec tlve Shoes MURRAY TEVE S HORNE LL S LARGEST CLOTHIERS 38 Broadway Hornell New York Complunents of OTTO B NYE Wholesale Food Products Cheese and Honey li... Compllments FARMERS FEED SUPPLY Andover lNew York of of Ne ' of Federation Building of Ti. -I I -Diamonds- Name Brand Watches Bulova Hamilton Elgin Croton lShock Proof! FLOYD C VARS gl SON Jewelers Ken Vars Andover New York Compltments BURREL C WILLIAMS Insurance Agency General Insurance Dtal 2543 6 Elm Street Andover New York ll0CKWEl.I. BRO . and C0 Allegany County s Oldest and Largest Department Store Wellsvllle New York Compltments B 81 H ELECTRIC James Burgett Ernest H Htgby Andover New York Compllments Insurance Agency Esther M Temple Prop 11 North Mam Street Andover New York A MC HENRY 81 CO Dlamonds Watches Stlver Qualtty Jewelers for over a century 106 Mam Hornell Compltments SACKETT S FOOD MARKET Andover New York ..I O of of of HENRY STEPHENS , , of Compltrnents J SOOTHERAN Attorney Compllments SMITHS ESSO SERVICE Andover New York For a Real Treat Get Ice Cream It s Super Cheaper by the Gallon X N xmxxxxxxm I SOUTHERN TIER CONCRETE PRODUCTS Phone Offlce Res Hornell Alfred Wlsvl Exclusxve Manufacturers of Remlap Products R B I Tested Buslness Tramlng Smce 1863 One and Two Year Courses tn Accountancy Sales Advert1s1ng Merchand1s1ng Medlcal Secretartal Standard Secretartal ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE 172 Cl1nton Ave S Rochester 4 New York li.. Legal Beverages Full Course Dtnner Maln Street Andover New York glint woonnuw' F msn' nssmunl T Cornphments WELLSVILLE LUMBER CO The yard of cheerful servlce Phone 1836 Rallroad Ave Wellsvllle ED S CHWAL B STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY Any Tmme Any Where Phone 1579 J Barnes Butldmg Wellsvllle New York KENNETH KERTON FLORIST North lVla1n Street Wellsvllle New York STISSER S Palnts Wallpaper Glfts Gold Seal Floor St Wallcoverlng Red Stamps 54 North Maln Phone 2042 Wellsvllle New York Comphments HOPKINS LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY 120 South lVIa1n Street Wellsvllle New York For all your Beauty Servlce go to the RUTH ANN BEAUTY SHOPPE 35 E State Street Phone 1560 Wellsvllle New York FRED D RICE MUSIC HOUSE Arthur D Runzo lVIus1c Suppher Smce 1890 Phone 263 Wellsvllle New York l 1 Comphments PETE S FRIENDLY SERVICE S St H Green Stamps Mobllgas St Moblloll Open 24 Hours 215 North Matn Wellsvllle New York I " of at ' 79 - , We give and Redeem National of ' of Comphments WOOLWORTH CO Wellsvllle New York Comphments DE BARABIERI S SPORTING GOODS STORE Wellsvllle New York Comphments F E UNN and S0 LUMBER COMPANTY Everythlng for Bulldlng 2 West State Street Phone 426 We11sv111e New York Cornphments D1StF1bUtOFS HEART DELIGIIT SCOVILLE BROWN St CO Wellsvllle New York Comphments PF UNTNER SALES AND SERVICE Dodge Plymouth Rallroad Avenue Wellsvllle New York ALBILL RECORD MART Your Headquarters For Televlslon Sets SL Servlce N Mam St We11sv111e New York Phone 966 I . i . of of of . .l. A A - of o ,, . - - ,, Food Products 56 . of 48 . ' . .. I .1 F L, JAY IIAIISEN EII IPIIE 'I' CII. I . Safetylmer School Coaches Bath New York Compliments of the IIEIICIIA 'I' ' IIIVI I0 Wellsv1lle Chamber Commerce Inc The members of the H1 Herald Staff take th1s opportumty to thank e EII PRINTING IIIIUSE for thelr splendld cooperatlon 1n the past m the publlcatlon of our school paper the HI HERALD 4 Complnnents Cornpllments RED AND WHITE STORE Home of quallty foods and General Merc handlse Andover New York Ph 4363 of - of th HAZEL'S BEAUTY SALON - 1 u Cornphrnents Comphrnents E LMHURST DAIRY CENTER STREET GARAGE Wellsvllle New York Mmgus and Hoover Hornell e Comphments LEO V LUDDEN SHOE STORE Where Feet Fmd Happmess York Wellsvllle New York W Complunents Cornphrnents WINEBURG 81 GLEASON INC SMUTZINGERS STORE Hornell New York Andover New York HOTEL FASSETT Cornphments Partles Banquets and Dances of Phone 744 TUTTLE SL ROCKWELL CO Wellsvllle Hornell New York I fo I Q . of of of ll ' ' D! MAC BRIDES 59 N. Main Street N . of of 71 Compliments THE MARKET BASKET STORE Compliments VOGUE SHOP Wellsvllle New York Compllments of SEARS ROEBUCK 81 CO Hornell New York Compllments DINET Home Cooked Food Mam Street Andover New York COATS DRUG CO O G Coats Ph G 21 North Mam St Wellsvllle New York The latest IH Halr Style The Newest In Techmques Phones 738 W MARIANS BEAUTY SHOPPE Fran and Maman Moher 196 Mam Street Hornell New York FORD AND PE CKHAM Quonset Bulldmgs Dearborn Ford Farm Equlpment Tractor Andover New York l..i. Oldsmoblle Cad1llac Sales and Servlce SpeCl3.llZl1'1g ln Front End Allgnment and Wheel Balancmg JERRY HACKETT MOTORS IlNC 126 S Mam St Wellsvmlle New York of of i ' of ,4 L . . . , . . T , . f' . F Cornphrnents REGAN S DRUG STORE The Rexall Store We11sv111e New York THE MEN S SHOP 177 Maln Street Hornell New York 32 L1bertV Street Bath New York 141 Mam Street Dansvllle New York Cornphments THACHER BROS Hornell New York Best Wtshes Class of 56 General Auto Repalrmg Keystone Gas Phone 4685 Mam Street Andover New York SUNNYDALE FARMS INC Andover New York B Burger Mgr Mlllmery Sports Wear Access orles KIRK S Hornell New York H Best Wlshes BAKER S HARDWARE Cornphrnents of FITZPATRICK PONTIAC 15 Lodes Street Wellsvllle New York Phone 481 I Fr I . . ' R of , to I ANDOVER GARAGE of St F Natural Gas The Ideal Fuel EMPIRE Compllments LOOHN S CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS San1tone Dry Cleanlng 450 Camsteo Street Hornell and FUEL C0 LIMITED Dr J R Common Dentlst Good Luck to the Class of 56 Dr S B Sc tt Andover Cornplunents JAMES B MULHOLLAND Funeral Horne Cornpllments of ATI!-I TIC EIIVICE 'IATIO Andover New York I... I' I V a A of GA " Congratulations of . . . O ' Complunents Congratulatlons Class of 56 Don and Allce MCG1111VFHy GlennE Bronson Agt Pleasant Avenue Andover New York HOTEL JOYCE Phone 4511 Andover New York Ph 3915 NATIONAL GRANGE INSURANCE COMPANIES HorneOff1ce Keene N Complunents EMPIRE TRAVEL Cornpllments of BROTHERS Producer Dealer Lune and Fertlllzer Llme Spreadlng SSTVICE Phone 3593 Andover New York Lynch Burgett Post H397 MEEICA LEGl0 Mlles Gorsuch Commander Meetmgs every second Tuesday Phone 4822 Andover New York 1...- I . of ' , . H LESTER YORK -- YORK of . . . , I Elk Brand Certified Seeds The Best Quality Potatoes and Oats E, L. KENT AND SON C ompliments of FRANK O'CONNOR SPORTING GOODS 691 Main Street MA 7266 Buffalo 3, New York Complete Line of Athletic Equipment School and Team Outfitters C omplim ents LADIES AUXILIARY Andover Fire Department Andover New York Compliments BAKER BROTHERS Compliments Compliments FAYE BROWN PA UL ORDIWAY BARBER SHOPS The senior class of Andover Smclalr Gas 8' O11 High schooi Andover New York He-rm Wallace Phone 3 12 5 wishes to thank the advertisers who made this book possible CLASS OF 56 HORT' ERVICE TATIO , I7 Eat Refreshing Cuba Ice C ream Compliments of The Best by Quality Test" T Compllments of ROLLER Rl K Wellsvllle Ne ICE CREAM co Fmjililihimk R efmed Atmosphere Cuba New York Phone 1543 W York I' I' I' I' I' I' I' Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs PAT IJST Dale Green8t Alan Kenneth Burd1ck R1chard Appler Howard Green Kenneth Cook John Walter Maurlce Goodrldge FRIEND Mr Su Mrs Roy Wrlght Mr Charles Snyder Mr 8: Mrs Melvln Coy Walter Mlke Gath James Nobles Mr Sz Mrs Raymond Lehman Mr 8: Mrs Kenneth McClure M1ss Jeanette Ball Mr 81 Mrs John Nobles W D Hunter Koskle Muslc Company Hornell Mason s Alfred New York Endlcott and Johnson Cannons Wellsvllle Eleanor Young Kn1t Shop Hornell Laurence Corwln Holl1s Peckham Joseph Canale R1chard R1ggs M1ss Dorothy Br1tta1n Mrs Marco Conde James H Kessler Mr 8: Mrs Dor-aldG1bbs Mr 8: Mrs Charles W1ll1ams Mr 8a Mrs Robert Sweet Mr 85 Mrs Mr Sz Mrs Mr Sz Mrs Mr 81 Mrs NY Compllments of Andover Grange Aux1l1ary , . M.a . .. M.8n . ' ' ' , M.a .' ' ', , M.a . ' M.a . , ' . -' , M.a . ' ' . . ' Ei gy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Kunsusflty r u gill: 'YI Ing, Punwhers lover Mawfuiiurevs Book Bwdf MCVORY HUME UFFNKE 'ww -aggwfaitiw f'-1-f'f.:Vf " 'I .1 fr: '-' ' m.',"- 42. - , A: s" iff1'Q55"-1-M?f'33'dx'klb1fl 'S igning F ' , J 1 1 "M ,iff .f ' , ' bf 5 r ALMA MATER Let s give a cheer for Andover High School And let us pledge to her aright Others may like black or crimson, But for us 1t's purple and white. Let all our troubles be forgotten, Let high school spirits rule. We ll Join and give a royal effort For the good of our old school. Andover High School! Andover High School! The pride of every student here. Come on your old grads, Join with us young lads. Andover High School, now we cheer Rah! Rah! Now 1S the time, boys, To make a big noise, No matter what the people say. For there is naught to fear, The gang's all here. So Hail Andover High School Hail! T177

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