Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY)

 - Class of 1955

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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1955 volume:

THIS BOOK BELONGS TO Andover High School Andover High School The pride of every student here Come on you old grads Join with us young lads Andover High School now we cheer Rah! Rah! Now is the time, boys To make a big noise No matter what the people say For there is nought to fear The gang’s all here So Hail, Andover High School HailtOArf ? 'yrvnit pwvg -if, TVTTfVl prwfl v v prryv n? rrwy b ym t ihh Vft TWl p £5 V '}n4 Y?3 °) t rfarTT12 VJ»y • c 72 v 7 • , 7nt ryyift rf7v YJ S ir 'yr-nesisrj 'ri rp i vt Y yv X++ty ' ' ? ? ’ -yrr TrT rTsrfr p n rry ppruotf '£ 'vun?u fr{) frw-fc. ' i7 • - T vu Yin 'ff? ’ ° rrrYm 'j? ' rut+-r nfZjj-' 'tn yyjTQ 'p cuTu p™ f rwmiy m t ' rrpTsrj nscJ sriQ 'If siT)Trr£, 'Tryhofo 1 Dedication It is with the deepest of gratitude and the greatestof sincerity, that we, the Seniors of 1955, dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Helen Bartz and Mr. Carlyle Carmody. We bestow this honor on Mrs. Bartz for her strong confidence in us when others have had doubts. We all appreciate her wonderful direction of our Junior and Senior plays and hope we didn’t give her too many gray hairs. We bestow this honor on Mr. Carmody for getting us started on our high school attitudes. As our eighth grade advisor he inspired sportsmanship and fair play. Our extra curricular activities were made more enjoyable by his friendliness. We believe this to be the greatest honor we can bestow and hope this lasting memento can repay in some small way Mrs. Bartz and Mr. Carmody for their part in our develop- ment.5'xvtewa’td YEARBOOK STAFF Advertising Manager..............................................E. Weirich Assistant Editor..........................................A. Harvey ..................................................L. Smith Business Manager.................................................R. Halsey Sports Editor....................................................C. Howland ADVISORS Mr. Williams, Mrs. Wesche, Mrs. Mitchell “When time, who steals our years away, shall steal our pleasures too, the memory of the past will stay and half our joy renew.” To refresh the memories of our school years, to remember who our classmates were, and to provide a source of enjoyment in later years, is the purpose of publishing our yearbook. We realize that some of the happiest and most carefree years of our lives have passed while we have attended A. C. S. All of us will leave (?) with different ideas, attitudes, and much knowledge. Through our association with students and faculty, co-operating for common goals, and most of all, through the knowledge which we have obtained, we hope that we will face the world as competent and responsible individuals. It is our hope that many will find enjoyment from this yearbook. We - the seniors of 1955 - give you the “55 Memoirs.”Qdmini biaJtioti JAMES H. KESSLER Principal - Biology Instructor B. S. Hobart, M. S. Syracuse GEORGE E. REIL Vice Principal - Math, Science B. S. Geneseo, M.A. Alfred SCHOOL BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Common, S. Crandall, C. Burdick, F. Burrows, A. Dougherty, W. Alderson. SUPERINTENDENT W. H. GARWOOD DONALD H. GIBBS, Guidance Counselor Oswego State Normal, B. A. Alfred, M. Ed., St. Lawrence U.JxicuiUf 04-cdUL Mrs. Riggs Mrs. Corwir. Mrs. Hall Mrs. Connor Kindergarten Kindergarten Grade 1 , Grade 1 Mrs. Helmer Miss Schermerhom Miss Baker Miss Jordan Grade 3 4 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 $ £.- sSu-c C Mrs. Vars Miss Churcti Grade 2 Grade 2 Mrs. Boyce Mrs. Schwarzenbach Grade 5 6 Grade 6 Mrs. Conde Mrs. Bartz Lib. • Eng. 2 Grade 7 --- Music Miss Madison Homemaking - Mrs. Wesche Commercial Mrs. Joyce Jr. H. S. Math. Mr. Bronson Agriculture Mr. Carmody Social Study '-i »tA w J f Mr. Ca 4nci, r . Canale Music Mr. Williams History Mr. Stackwick Phys. Ed. Mr. Newell Phys. Ed. Mrs. McFadden Mrs. Mitchell Mrs. Woodruff English Art SubstituteCAFETERIA STAFF Left to Right: Mrs. Perry Mrs. Brown Mrs. Kemp Mrs. Glover CUSTODIANS James and John Nobles SECRETARY, Miss Agnes Taylor BUS DRIVERS TOP ROW G. Smith C. Howland C. Gleason BOTTOM ROW J. Brundage G. Skuse F. Vickers SCHOOL NURSE, Mrs. Florence Green DENTAL HYGIENIST, Miss Kathleen GatesUJtyiA a s. 15 The is tine SvsdfT® U»iii h|Te -fort fu«-ri School for «ie'r« uJ«V o •■»' OJCll AHM L cActAAl Y%i u2 i£jul -Aa i oJUamJ Cl a tu sxuAo nnnyrn ci. - ■2AAhAuA l AL'n L yCA yi tcui 1r wl Jto ofzfZA Xu t H( l OAzAQAXCC C 1h- Z-riJL ' ■ Auip f. ’ ° sCtsruiL 'COn uf X l A J O+jOcX., tAt, A lAZAL, 6-thxA. ‘ Mu, jdxATAAyi CJLtjbd iA —f if i± L±±± 1 UK»T 'V 1 ——■ -7-±= —€— "If a woman's eyes are blue, watch the things she's apt to do." Math, Science PATRICIA BAKER "Tresh" Business "Ha p p y, free, and young, I laughed and danced and talked and sung." "Sandy" SANDRA BOSTWICK DORIS BARNHART " Dorry" Home Economics, Business "Better three hours early than a minute too late.""I was shipwrecked before I got"I am a great eater of beef, and I believe that it does harm to my wit." Math, Science "Chat" CHARLES HOWLAND ANNE HARVEY " Annie" Math, Science "Work done squarely and unwasted days." EDWARD HARKENRIDER "Ed" Business "Leader of men, follower of "I ll speak in a monstrous little voice." Agriculture " Fred" FREDERICK JOHNSON women.«y ' 9 RICHARD KEMP M Dick” Science ” A conqueror of women shall he be.” JANET LANG "Jan” Business "Herhail shall be of what color it pleased God.” "Tobacco is a dirty weed; Hike it." Agriculture ” Louie" DONALD LEWIS "We grant, although he had much wit. He was very shy of using it." Math, Science, Business " Dave" DAVID MARSHAVERY MEAD "Ave" Math, Science "Wit and humor are the work of genius." "Though she be but little, she is fierce." Home Economics "Gussie" MARY O’DELL CATHERINE MICKLE "Kay" Business "I’ll put a girdle round about this earth o’ forty minutes."MICHAEL SMITH " Mike” Math, Science "What wind blew you in here?" "Now for good luck,cast an old shoe after me.” Art, Business "Rick” DUANE SCRIBNER ' I . ■ LUCILLE SMITH "Ceil” Math, Science ”She s very thoughtful, very fair, always willing to do her share." t, lFRANCIS VICKERS "Butch" Business "I do with my friends as I do with my books. I have them where I can find them,but seldom use them." " A lion among ladies is a dreadful thing." Business " Ernie" ERNEST WEIRICH GEORGE WHEELER "George" Agriculture He sleeps and the world rolls on.QJLoaa JWapAecy. The day has finally arrived . . . June 18th, 1965. Beautiful, blue, and majestic, the Andover Pond serves as a perfect reunion place for the class of 1955. Small sailboats and many people swimming are seen. Our class was very lucky, for all of the food and beverages were donated by the district manager of the Nu-Way stores, Ernie Weirich. Fred Johnson was kind enough to pick up the members of the class from all parts of the country in his taxi fleet, which has made him one of the wealthiest men in New York City. Miss Doris Barnhart declined a ride with Fred in favor of her newest, bright yellow English B.S.A. motorcycle. Miss Barnhart collects these from all parts of the globe. One of the guests of honor at the picnic is Dave Marsh, the newly elected Mayor of Elm Valley and new proprietor of the fabulous road-house called “Dave's.” Miss Janet Lang Astor Vanderbilt Black Taylor is the envy of the ladies present. She has a two carat diamond from each of her previous four husbands. She is a permanent resident of Reno. The entertainment is being furnished by the renowned Metropolitan star, Miss Catherine Mickle, who is famous for her many types of voices. Mr. James Connor, the Paramount Pictures leading man, has just arrived. He still has the trophy he won for the best looking man in Andover. What is that noise? Moo-moo. David Conde’, the leading dairy man in the vicinity is arriving now. His favorite cow, “Bessie” has followed him. Those basketballs seem to be stuck to Ed Harkenrider’s hands. Since he has been playing for the Boston Celtics he hasn’t been able to get rid of the balls. Probably one of the best or the best cook in the senior class was Anne Harvey. Although Miss Harvey has just won the world “goose berry pie” contest at Paris, she was kind enough to fly back for the reunion. Michael Smith, now a professional wrestler under the name of the “Arctic Seal,” is having much fun showing the rest of the boys a few of his wrestling tricks, one of them being his famous “Roller Coaster” hold. We did have trouble recognizing Mary O’Dell and Barbara Clark. Both Miss O’Dell and Miss Clark are modeling for Harry Conover, and receive a copy of each article modeled. Patricia Baker now holds a most unusual job. Always seeking adventure, she succeeded in discovering the undersea city of “Atlantis.” She is now Queen Patricia. George Wheeler is so busy with his business affairs in the salmon fishing industry that he sent along his brother with one of the largest salmons ever caught in the Columbia River. It was sent in a specially chartered plane. Realizing her high school ambition. Miss Sandra Bostwick has become THE buyer for all clothing stores in the West. Miss Bostwick is never seen without her hound dog “Fifi.” The Theron Burdick, Donald Lewis team have finally patented their new formula for a potato. The amazing thing about this potato is that it is red, white, and blue, and the arrangement resembles the flag. Joyce Fuller and Lorraine Cornish have taken over the very lucrative business of undertaker in the communities of Wellsville and Andover. They agreed to give us a sample of their embalming method today. Every Sunday in the newspaper you see the comic section “Horsey.” The author and illustrator of this section is none other than our own Duane Scribner. You all know “Speeder” Kemp, usually known as “Dick.” Always interested in cars, Dick has now perfected one that runs on energy taken from the weather, whatever it may be. Les Paul and Mary Ford were famous ten years ago. Now, however, they have been replaced by the team of Richard Burger and Alura Grossman. As you may have guessed, Richard plays the guitar and Alura sings. Yes, oil has actually been found on Pingrey Hill. After drilling for ten years Roy Halsey struck oil and is now the richest man in the country. Francis Vickers, better known as “Butch” is back from his hunting trip to Africa. He has brought the class a tiger’s tooth as a souvenir. Charles Howland and Avery Mead have not been separated yet. They have taken over the Funcrest Roller Rink and do a feature skate every night. Mrs. Bluebelle, the former Miss Lucille Smith, arrived with her famous penguin "Liberace” which proved to be one of the main attractions of the reunion.Jnquvdtiq Jtejjwtf L NAME SHE IS SHE THINKS SHE IS AMBITION PASTIME P. Baker Witty Shy Play piccolo Training fleas D. Barnhart Cute Unnoticed Drive the red convertible Sewing S. Bostwick Double jointed An actress Ride a mule Gooing B. Clark Quiet Unloved Be left alone Gazzing L. Cornish Sarcastic Bewitching To vanish Gabbing J. Fuller Good dancer A big girl now To attain that devine figure Flagpole sitting A. Grossman O. K. Important Be popular Flirting A. Harvey Intelligent Too tall Be first lady president Cooking J. Lang A 2nd Liberace Too old Be a stock car driver Talking M. O’Dell Tiny Fat Be a cowboy's sweetheart Arguing K. Mickle Silly Crooner Crooner Eating L. Smith A willing worker Judge Skin a snake Hunting NAME HE IS HE THINKS HE IS AMBITION PASTIME T. Burdick An inventor Handy Be a cowboy Chasing pony tails R. Burger Clever Smart Build Skating D. Conde' A bluffer Intelligent Be an ACS janitor Touring J. Connor Handsome Clark Gable Master of dancing Sleeping R. Halsey A devil Tough To graduate Sleeping C. Howland Good looking A big boy Be Mr. America Eating E. Harkenrider Athletic A great lover Be a gangster Skipping school F. Johnson Foolish A riot Gallant dancer Goofing off R. Kemp Stocky Band Leader Be a tight rope walker Playing cars D. Lewis Tall In love Grow side burns Racing his motor D. Marsh A philosopher A Genius Grab bag collector Playing violin A. Mead A comedian Irresistible Speak Chinese Collecting insects D. Scribner Skinny Handsome Be the circus muscle man Drawing M. Smith Short Romeo Grow an inch Making whoopee B. Vickers Popular Over worked Print $100 bills Hunting (dear) E. Weirich Engaged Mister Fixit Raise a Family Fixing lockers G. Wheeler Slow Fast Go faster DisappearingCiaoAWM We, the Senior Class and Graduates of 1955 of Andover Central in the county of Allegany, state of New York, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament: PAT BAKER leaves her talk to any one who can handle it. DORIS BARNHART leaves her business brain to the SANDY BOSTWICK leaves her contortionists ability to Madeline Wheeler. BARBARA CLARK leaves her violent temper to Myrtle Gayhart. LORRAINE CORNISH leaves her lonely Saturday nights on the hill to Sandy Joyce. JOYCE FULLER leaves her knee socks to Jean Daley, Jean’s are liable to wear out. ALURA GROSSMAN leaves her tan sweater to Jocelyn Joyce. ANNE HARVEY leaves her ears to Mary Teresa McAndrew, Teresa needs them. JANET LANG will leave and take the Dugo kids with her. KAY MICKLE leaves her assortment of large dresses to Bernadine Hollenbeck. MARY O’DELL leaves her boys to anyone who can handle them. LUCILLE SMITH leaves her pretty green eyes to Elmer Joe Monroe. EDDIE HARKENRIDER leaves his way with women to Bob Perry. CHARLES HOWLAND leaves his muscles to "Toot Rifenburg. AVERY MEAD leaves his unusual gait to Harriet Dean. JAMES CONNOR leaves his wavy hair to Jim Jones. DAVE CONDE leaves his foul shooting ability to "Bull Goodridge. DAVE MARSH leaves his wildness to Bradley Wright. MIKE SMITH leaves his wrestling ability to “Bob" Grossman. FRED JOHNSON leaves his manners to Denny Joyce. ERNIE WEIRICH leaves his down-payment on an engagement ring to Roger Phelps. ROY HALSEY leaves his ability to pick on people to Roger Lewis. TIM MARSH left. DUANE SCRIBNER leaves his ability to fill a seat to Jim Harvey. BUTCH VICKERS leaves the time clock to any one who can hold it down. GEORGE WHEELER leaves his sweetheart “Ginny" to Cort Marsh. RICHARD KEMP leaves his band leading ability to Mr. Canale. RICHARD BURGER leaves his skating ability to Merle Brown. THERON BURDICK leaves his farming ability to “Leo" Alvord. DONALD LEWIS leaves his trips to Friendship to anyone who enjoys bumming home about 2 o’clock in the morning. 3ted iq4 giie Will To Mr. Kessler we leave a mask with a smile on it. To Mr. Reil we leave a dictionary so he can find some new words in the place of therefore, dogmatically, etc. so other classes won’t get too bored. To Mr. Bronson we leave this tonic to stimulate his F. F. A. basketball team into winning. To Coach Stackwick we leave a shield to put around the player who is unfortunate enough to have to sit by him during basketball games, so he won’t crack the poor players ribs with his constant jabbing of his elbow. To Coach Newell we leave a blind fold full of holes so he can take the towels into the girls' locker room. To Mr. Canale we leave a new set of seat covers for his car that were ruined on Halloween. To Mr. Carmody we leave a bank with $100 capital in case some class has a dance next year and goes in the hole. To Mr. Williams we leave a baby sitter so he can bring his wife to the senior dances next year. To Jim Nobles we leave a reliable partner so he may rest sometime during the day. To John Nobles we leave a pair of roller skates so he no longer will have to walk the halls. To Mr. Gibbs we leave this meal ticket to the Ponce de Leon in Hornell and with it goes the guarantee that each plate of Pizza he eats will put on 10 lbs. weight. To Mrs. Mac Fadden we leave this box of candy to sweeten up all the sorrows we have caused her. To Mrs. Bartz we leave this address and advise her to use it, SMOKE NO MORE TABLETS IN CARE OF CINCINNATI 1. OHIO. To Mrs. Joyce we leave an ear trumpet so she won’t miss any of the idle gossip in the halls. To Miss Madison we leave this cook book with guaranteed recipes to replace those that look good but never seem to turn out. To Mrs. Wesche we leave this traffic cop and also a red and green light to direct the increasing activities of the Junior Class. To Mrs. Mitchell we leave a club so she can have a little more control over her study hall. To Mrs. Conde we leave a record “Keep quiet blues." To Miss Taylor we leave a proof reader to correct her typing errors. To Mrs. Green we leave some more patients so she won’t be so hard to locate in other parts of the building. To Mr. Raykovitz we leave a book "How to Referee Basketball" by "Taps." Gallager. To Miss Gates we leave a file to clean nicotine and tar stains off the athletes teeth. To Miss Brittain we leave this bloodhound to track down her sextette members who try to make a fast getaway from practice on Tuesday night.cuss history rfrl '5$ ScZ s AxJZ U LHty AxL Jl, Urz, 1W zoAiru rmt ty- £. Ufa yfriAwJ ai. AAnakt,- sftvi n, out . £. J. hLe. 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'7Aa AuaXIc avtuI AAUalZaaL At- fid Afft Aft AAia AUAlfifAt, AtfixjAA-' Jiftl LiAACt AfttyAA aaaUI Ary+ft AUAU ry- a - A rtfiAnfinSPONSORED Sandra Bostwick LEADERSHIP NEATNESS SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT BY THE HI HERALD STAFF 9ta£l a 5ame Lucille Smith PERSONALITY SERVICE COOPERATIONThis is us our Freshman year. Do you recognize us? k Here are some of us when we were in kindergarten. ROW ONE: A. Grossman, P. Baker, S. Bostwick, L. Lehman, and J. Fuller. ROW TWO: D. Lewis, D. Grosman, M. Smith, L. Smith, R. Phelps, and N. Freeman.FIRST ROW: R. Grossman, P. Riffle, S. Lusk. N. Hulin, D. Appier, R. Kemp, G. Marsh, M. Harris, D. Lewis, V. Broughton, Mrs. Mitchell. Mrs. Wesche. SECOND ROW: T. MulhoUand, K. Corwin, P. Padden, J. Vickers, J. Joyce, J. Daley, J. Baker, J. Clark, M. Gayhart, A. Beil. THIRD ROW: C. Marsh, R. Phelps, N. Pelton, J. Rogers, B. Wright, M. Smith, R. Rosintoski, B. Perry. FIRST ROW: C. Clarke, S. Clarke, M. Brown, T. McAndrew, J. Brown, L. Babcock, M. Reisman, D. Appier, B. Atwell, V. Zwack, Mr. Reil. SECOND ROW: H. Dean, S. Joyce, J. Jones, E. Monroe, R. Lewis, R. Grossman, J. Clark, H. Rifenburg, D. Joyce. THIRD ROW: D. Thorpe, J. Riffle. C. Good-ridge, C. Halsey, J. Harvey, R. Glover, M. Sherman. 'pieoAme ROW ONE: K. Howland, T. Smith, L. Pelton, F. Hornbeck, R. Eno, L. Grossman, A. Davis, C. Burch, A, Joyce, T, Kibbe, S. Vickers, F. Kupp, Mrs. McFadden, Miss Madison. ROW TWO: R. White, M. White, S. Clark, C. Thorpe, C. Clark. M. Wheeler, J. Davis, E. Reinard, B. Hollenbeck, E. Day, I. Marsh, M. McAndrew, R. Stocking, E. Gayhart. ROW THREE: R. Warner. R. Barnhart, L. O’Dell, T. Monroe, R. Rifenburg, R. Stocking, C. Tanner. C. Whiting, P. Carson, K. Perry. P. Padden, B. Lehman, L. Bur-gett, F. Davis, L. Goodridge. ROW ONE: J. Day, A. Church, J. Common, I. Noble, A. Barnhart, V. Atwell, M. Brown, J. Baker, R. Lunn, C. Ryan. Mr. Carmody. ROW TWtt C. O’Dell, D. Barnhart, A. Phelps. J. Sootheran, J. Clark. R. Conde’, E. Hoagland, L. Alvord, G. McCormick, W. Shawl, C. Monroe. ROW THREE: G. Padden. J. Mulholland, R. Lewis, R. Winchell. R. Sackett, V. Burch, R. McClure. R. Winchell. F. Adams. ABSENT: C. Corwin, C. Brundage, R. Washburn, J. Mickle.7th Qxade ROW ONE: A. Cannon, J. Carr, L. Coffin, L. Marsh, L. Stocking, D, Harris, B, Short, I. Clarke, H. Lehman, J. Burch, R. Baker, P. Clark, M. B. Sootheran, N. DeRemer, J. Brundage, B, Barnhart. ROW TWO: L. Pease, B. Freeman, L. Rifenburg, S. Deming, M. Halsey, D. Halsey, F. Sherman, B. J. Barney, J. Updyke, H. Hornbeck, R. Lewis, L. Storms, L. McAndrew, T. Deming, F. Sutherland, Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. Bartz. ROW THREE: W. Hann, A. Whiting, D. Eno, H. Glover, C. Riffle, L. Tanner, G.Thorp, W. Woodruff, G. Hulin, R. Brown, R. Baker, D. White, K. Moag, G. Woodard, P. Winchell, R. Reinard, C. Lehman.ScxtA tirade ROW ONE: C. Clark, L. Reil, V. Howe, E. Joyce, R. Padden, B. Hawks, P. Merry, V. Lewis, S. Strouse Mrs. Schwarzenbach. ROW TWO: C. Eshenbaugh, C. Dean, N. Gibbs. J. Brundage. A. Gayhart. G. Tanner, G. Rosintoski, M. George. P. Barrett, V. Kemp. ROW THREE: W. Clark, K. Heselton, L. Hollenbeck. D. Woodard, P. Glover, W. Burch, E. Greene, L. Nye, E. O’Dell, H. Church. R. White. ABSENT:' B. Van Etten, K. Stocking, J. Day. ROW ONE: G. Burdick. B. Vickers, R. Eno, G. Wightman, M. Mead, S. Bird, R. Baker, A. Skinner, C. Grover, Mrs. Boyce. ROW TWO: P. Waters. M. Wright, P. Howland, S. Burch, C. Hoagland. M. Dixon. B. Pelton, A. Reisman, P. Bronson, R. Monroe. ROW THREE: L. House, D. Kemp, A. Corwin, N. Storms, J. Hunt, R. Whitesell, B. Brundage. FIRST ROW: G. Burch, W. Riffle, J. Lehman, G. Pease, C. Cornell, D. Burdick, O. Fuller, G. Wightman, M. Bledsoe, R. Van Etten, H. Perry, B. Grossman, C. Storms, ROW TWO: J. George, S, Thorp, K. Bostwick, C. Wheeler, C. Sherman, P. Adams, J. Rifenburg, R. Waters, C. Bronson, D. Wittie, Miss Jordan. ROW THREE: T. Brown, R. Whitesell, B. Johnson, J. Appier, T. Freeman, H. Campbell, A. Kelley, J. Walter, R. Clarke, W. Moag, T. Edwards, H. Raub, M. Whiting, P. Jones. ROW ONE: J. Cook, S. Van Etten, P. Perry, A. McAndrew, B. Gordon, J. Burger, L. Carmody, M. McClure, S. White, N. Porter, J. Woodruff, A. Dugo, D. Kemp. ROW TWO: J. Reil, A. Brown, C. Meyn, M. Howland, L. Cable, L. Sootheran, J. Clarke, B. Pease, J. Campbell, C. Baker, B. Whitesell, Miss Baker. ROW THREE: J. Adams, J. Carr, E. Hoose, P. Hornbeck, E. Glover, R. Dougherty, B. Forrest, F. Coy, G. Schrader, J. Greene.FIRST ROW: D. Gibbs, V. Woolworth, A. Conde', M. Baker, R. Kemp, B. Harris, D. Kemp, G. Hoover, P. Hames, L. DeRemer, C. Mead, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Helmer, D. Wolfe. L. Kessler. S. Robinson. S. Clarke, B. Lusk, S. Thorp, C. Peckham, J. Joyce, C. Caple, M. Caple. THIRD ROW: D. Stackwick, G. O'Dell, D. Deming, K. Wittie, C. Burdick, W. Monroe, P. Clark, D. Harvey, W. Childs, R. Vickers, W. Emery. ABSENT: V. Lynch, D. Collen, K. Rosintoski, E. Alvord. FIRST ROW: B. Cable, M. Smith, S. Robinson, E. Perry, G. Brown, D. Mulholland, H. Sherman, J. Coats, M. Main. SECOND ROW: Miss Schermerhorn, M. Baker, R. Goodridge, J. Billings, C. Sisson, B. Clark, B. Fuller, S. Howland, D. Glover, J. Nichols, J. Franklin. THIRD ROW: L. Skinner, K. Lehman, E. Raub, D. Price, J. Strouse, W. Grossman, J. Cannon. ABSENT: N. Manroe, R. Allen, W. Ford, E. Warren, G. Burdick, A. Helm. 7fond tyradeFIRST ROW: J. Garthwait, R. Dugo, E. McAndrew, D. Brundage, K. Coats, D, Brown, P, Gath, J. Raub, W. Grant. ROW TWO: Mrs. Vars. B. Tuttle. R. Harm, C. Baker, B. Warren, J. Day. W. Green, J. Cook, R. Mead, E. Perry, D. Smith. ROW THREE: M. Howland. I. Conner, W. Wahl, D. Thorp, R. Edelman, R. Van Etten. ABSENT: L. Davis, E. Smith, D. Wightman. FIRST ROW: D. Nye, R. Rowland, D. Vars, S. McGillivray, T. Pease, A. Bartz, S. Coats, C. Grover, Miss Church. ROW TWO: J. Billings, C. Franklin, B. Clark, D. Davis, S. Baker, L. Kemp, R. Gayhart, S. Tidd, R. Smith. ROW THREE: D. Whitesell, J. Dunham, S. Bird, B. Short, S. Brown, J. Common, J. DeRemer, B. Davison. ABSENT: N. Alvord, D. Densmore.FIRST ROW: Mrs. Connor, B. Van Etten, P. Wallace, B. Bird, R. Cornell, T. Ordiway, W. Merrick, C. Bledsoe, M. L. Lynch. S. Dugan. ROW TWO: R. Kelley. B. Neval.C. Heselton, S. Baker, G. Storms, T. Joyce, W. Clarke, R. Emery, G. Rosintoski. ABSENT: D. Brundage, J. Harvey, S. Roeske, B. Rowland. K. Shellman. R. Congelli, J. Atkinson. FIRST ROW: D. Vickers, R. Van Etten, D. McCormick, E. Bird, L. Cook, D. Dunham, D. Nye, G. Ordiway, M. Clarke, T. Sherwood. ROW TWO: M. Lehman, D. Thorp, E. Burch, L. Greene. D. Lehman, E. Lewis, B. Schrader. H. Fauzey, D. Alvord. ROW THREE: R. Joyce, M. Schrader. W. Bixby, J. Wahl. cKcUnQ4nteK FIRST ROW: Mrs. Riggs, M. DeRemer, D. Robinson, M. Dugo, A. Nye, C. Densmore, N. Mattison, J. Tuttle, K. Schrader, S. Joyce, R. Lang. ROW TWO: L. Benedict, D. Sanford. J. Cook, D. Whitesell, N. Howland, J. Hames, G. Bronson, L. Chelgreen, D. Peckham. S. Lynch. ABSENT: R. McCormick, C. Lewis. FIRST ROW: R. Price, E. Bird, M. Rose, E. Brown, K. Joyce, J. Jones, S. Loucks, C. Wallace, V. Madsen, N. Halsey. ROW TWO: M. Meyn, R. Dixon, M. Ordiway, C. Steadman, L. Wolf, R. Gardner, T. Wahl, H. Hann, G. Wallace, D. Collins, Mrs. Corwin. ROW THREE: J. Bartz, D. Sherman, F. Kelley, S. Sherwood, T. Kent, C. Updyke. ABSENT: M. Rick, R. Baker, K. Slocum, E. Sackett.{Band ROW ONE, Left to Right Dick Kemp-Baritone Fred Hombeck-Baritone Kay Mickle-Baritone Charles Whiting-Trumpet Garth Hulin-Trumpet Lyle Nye-Trumpet James Jones-Trumpet Karen Corwin-Trumpet Robert McClure-Trumpet Robert Conde-Trumpet Dixie Appier-Sax Nancy Hulin-Sax Carolyn Thorp-Clarinet Carolyn Clarke-Clarinet Dennis Joyce-Clarinet Edgar Hoagland-Clarinet Sally Clark-French Horn Corine Alvord-Clarinet Hugh Church-Clarinet Carol Eshenbough-Clarinet ROW TWO, Left to Right John Common-Trombone James Riffle-Trombone James Appier-Trombone Roger Phelps-Tuba Mr. Canale-Director Barbara Clark-Baritone Lindy-Goodridge-Drums Dorothe Appier-Bells John Mickle-Drums Richard Baker-Snare Drum Ronald Glover-DrumChcfie toa B. Barney, C. Clarke, C. Corwin. F. Kupp, D, Marsh, D. Appier, Miss Brittain, A. Church, B. Clark, C. Alvord, S. Clark, E. Hoagland, L. Pelton, N. Hulin, D. Appier, H. Dean, R. Common, K. Mickle, K. Corwin, R. McClure. FIRST ROW: E. Hoagland, D. Appier, N. Hulin, D. Joyce, K. Mickle, R. Common, R. Kemp. ROW TWO: C. Clarke, R. Conde, K. Corwin, R. McClure, B. Lehman, Mr. Canale. iDunce JiandSjeniox QfmnuA FRONT ROW: Miss Brittain, C. Clarke, G. Marsh. R. Kemp, J. Baker, D. Appier, J. Vickers. D. Appier, M. McAndrew, S. Bostwick, B. Tidd, J. Clark, V. Broughton, M. OfDelU J. Brown. J, Fuller. SECOND ROW: C, Thorp. F. Reisman, J. Daley, S. Clark, D. Barnhart, L. Cornish, N. Hulin, P. Baker. P. Riffle, L. Smith, S. Lusk, D.Lewis, P. Padden, M. Harris, K, Corwin, S. Vickers, H. Dean, M. Reisman, C. Alvord, B. Atwell. THIRD ROW: A. Davis. L. Pelton, F. Kupp, N. Day, S. Clark, S. Clark. M. McAndrews, S. Joyce, K. Mickle, J. Joyce, T. Mulholland, A. Grossman, M. Wheeler, R. White, M. White, A. Joyce, L. Grossman, T. Kibbe, E. Reinard. FRONT ROW: J. Carr, C. Corwin, R. Phelps, P. Winchell, H. Hornbeck, D. White, F. Sutherland. J. Mickle, L. Storms, T. Demming, L. Stocking, M. Kemp. M. Brown. C. O’Dell, L. Pelton, R. Lunn, A. Church, L. Coffin, N. DeRemer, B. Short, R. Baker. J. Brundage, M. Pennsworth, J. Updyke, B. Sootheran, F. Sherman, A. Barnhart, B. Barnhart, L. Rifenburg, S. Smith, A. Cannon, L. Pease, Miss Brittain, J. Baker, B. Freeman, D. Barnhart, C. Ryan, I. Clark, M. Halsey, B. Barney. I. Nobles, D. Halsey, S. Demming, V. Atwell, L. Marvel, J. Burch, B. Barney, S. Synder, J. Day. Juniox Qfw’tuAJiayA’ Qfuwua, FIRST ROW: Mr. Canale, J. Jones, R. Kemp, N. Pelton, F. Davis, L. Burgett, C. Halsey. ROW TWO: E. Weirich, J. Harvey, R. Glover, C. Goodridge, T. Monroe. Mr. Canale, R. McClure, R. Winchell, J. Mulholland, R. Common. ‘Baya (LuwdetteAlioced dfuvtuo. ROW ONE: Miss Brittain, J. Daley, T. Kibbe, R. White, M. White, Mr. Canale. ROW TWO: D. Appier, P. Baker, S. Bostwick, J. Vickers, T. McAndrew, S. Clark, C. Thorp, N. Day. ROW THREE: J. Lang, K. Mickle, S. Vickers, S. Clark, C. Clarke, N. Hulin, D. Lewis, K. Corwin, L. Smith, M. O'Dell, G. Marsh. ROW FOUR: J. Riffle, F. Hornbeck, G. Rogers, E. Harkenrider, D. Kemp, N. Pelton, E. Weirich, R. Glover, J. Harvey, C. Goodridge. C. Clarke, P. Baker, J. Daley, L. Smith, D. Appier, J. Lang, K. Mickle. SextetteHitvuvuf Council FIRST ROW: Mrs. Conde’, P. Baker, T. Mulholland, M. O’Dell, D. Lewis, S. Bostwick, A. Grossman, P. Padden, M. Harris, S. Lusk, G. Marsh, R. Kemp. SECOND ROW: L. Smith, J. Joyce, J. Vickers, B. Clark, L. Cornish, A. Harvey, K. Corwin, D. Appier, K. Mickle, E. Weirich. THIRD ROW: R. Gross-man, D. Marsh, G. Wheeler, B. Perry, B. Sherman, B. Vickers, C. Marsh, M. Smith. FIRST ROW: M. Smith, S. Bostwick, E. Harkenrider, C. Howland, B. Vickers, A. Mead, L. Smith, Mr. Reil, T. Smith. SECOND ROW: T. Burdick. F. Hornbeck, B. Perry, A. Harvey, R. Grossman, J. Connor, D. Conde’, R. Burger. J. Joyce, E. Weirich, K. Howland. THIRD ROW: J. Daley, P. Baker, D. Lewis, L. Cornish, B. Clark, J. Vickers, T. McAndrew, S. Joyce, J. Fuller. Cam ta Clu fruiwte watwta, afi Qmenica ROW ONE: L. Goodridge, G. Wheeler, R. Glover, B. Wright. D. Lewis, F. Johnson, R. Halsey. T. Marsh, R. Baker, Mr. Bronson. ROW TWO: J. Jones, P. Carson, R. Barnhart, T. Monroe, C. Tanner, C. Halsey, R. Perry. R. Stocking, E. Gayhart, L. O’Dell,G. Padden. ROW THREE: J. Riffle. H. Rifenburg, R. Gross-man, J. Clark, M. Sherman, M. Brown, K. Perry, R. Rifenburg, E. Monroe. R. Lewis. ROW ONE: F. Kupp, C. Burch, C. Clark, Miss Madison, N. Hulin, G. Marsh, J. Vickers, D. Lewis, R. Kemp, K. Corwin, D. Appier, L. Grossman, A. Joyce. ROW TWO: M. McAndrew, F. Riesman, C. Thorpe, T. McAndrew, D. Appier. S. Clark. M. O’Dell, T. Kibbe, L. Pelton, B. Tidd. T. Mulholland, A. Grossman. ROW THREE: M. Wheller, V. Zwack, B. Atwell, M. Riesman, S. Vickers, S. Lusk, C. Clark, M. White, R. White, P. Riffle, M. Harris, P. Padden, C. Alvord, B. Hollenbeck. uiwte- 9tomemakeH of Gmexica,Student @ouKCil FIRST ROW: L. Smith, R. Grossman, R. Eno, K. Corwin, J. Joyce, A, Mead, J. Connor. ROW TWO: R. Common, D. Appier. D. Lewis. K. Howland. P. Riffle. J. Vickers. ROW THREE: A. Phelps. C. Clarke. T. McAndrew, L. Marsh, R. Baker. FIRST ROW: M. Smith, J. Connor, B. Lehman, C. Howland, E. Harkenrider, F. Vickers, K. Howland, J. Harvey, D. Conde’, E. Weirich. ROW TWO: T. Mulholland, D. Appier, T. McAndrew, L. Smith, D. Lewis, Mrs. McFadden, T. Kibbe, J. Fuller, L. Pelton. ROW THREE: J. Daley, F. Kupp, S. Joyce, C. Clarke, A. Grossman, A. Harvey, M. Wheeler, J. Joyce, K. Mickle, S. Bostwick, C. Marsh. ROW FOUR: C. Goodridge, M. McAndrew, R. Kemp, G. Marsh, P. Baker, K. Corwin, M. Harris, P. Padden, N. Hulin, D. Appier. (Side IBoyo? 4-91 ROW ONE: L. Alvord, J. Clark. H. Hornbeck, R. Baker, L. Tanner, K. Moag, D. Harris, R. Winchell, F. Sutherland, T. Smith, F. Hornbeck. ROW TWO: F. Adams, C. Monroe, L. McAndrews, R, Glover, K. Perry, R. Halsey, R. Sherman, R. Perry, R.Rifenburg, P. Padden. ROW THREE: Mr. Bronson, j. Harvey, L. O’Dell, R. Baker, E. Weirich, T. Burdick, C. Halsey, J. Clark, T. Monroe, R. Lewis. ROW FOUR: L. Goodridge, E. Gayhart, C. Tanner. ROW ONE: P. Waters, L. Hollenbeck, E. Green, D. White, G. O’Dell, W. Clarke, D. Crandall, L. Tanner, A. Gayhart, G. O’Dell, J. Lehman. ROW TWO: H. Pensworth, F. Coy, R. Dougherty, R. Davis, W. Monroe, Pat Howland, M. Wright, P. Barrett. ROW THREE: Mr. Bronson, R. Brown, D. Deming, J. Brundage, J. Walters, H. Perry, P. Jones, B. Moag, J. Adams. IJeunge IBeya 4-91%)xiu c’ 3Hominy. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: P. Baker, S. Bostwick, M. Smith, J. Joyce, F. Johnson, R. Burger, D. Barnhart, J. Baker, D. Lewis, S. Lusk, K. Corwin. ROW TWO: Mr. Raykovitz, L. Smith, B. Wright, R. Smith, R. Kemp, L. Cornish, A. Harvey, A. Grossman, K. Mickle, D. Appier. ROW THREE: B. Clark, A. Beil, C. Howland, R. Phelps, T. Burdick. C. Marsh, F. Vickers, R. Halsey, J. Connor. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Kemp, J. Clark, J. Vickers, T. McAndrews, D. Lewis, M. O’Dell, B. Clark. M. Harris. P. Padden, G. Marsh, J. Fuller. ROW TWO: L. Smith, D. Barnhart, P. Riffle, K. Mickle. L. Cornish, J. Joyce, T. Mulholland, A. Harvey, S. Joyce, A. Grossman, P. Baker, J. Daley. q. a. a.SPORTSSia eftall FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D, Joyce. C. Howland, Manager, L. Burgett; C. Davis, M. Smith. SECOND ROW: Manager, B. Grossman; C. Goodridge, J.Riffle, D. Scribner, D. Thorp. D. Baker, Coach Stackwick, D. Rosintoski, B. Perry, J. Connor, N. Pelton, D. Kemp, A. Mead, Manager, T. Monroe. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: E.Monroe, A. Mead,M. Smith, R. Halsey, C. Davis. SECOND ROW: M. Sherman, R. Lewis, G. Green, G. Clark, D. Burger, D. Joyce. THIRD ROW: Coach Stackwick, Manager, Hornbeck; J. Jones, D. Rosintoski, T. Loucks, F. Johnson, J. Rogers, D. Kemp, D. Scribner, J. Riffle, Managers Howard, Conde. JxackJ utia, FRONT ROW: Coach Stack wick, Roger Phelps, Mike Smith. SECOND ROW: Norm Pelton, Jerry Rogers, Dave Conde. FRONT ROW: A. Mead, L. Burgett, R. Eno, T. Smith, B. Lehman, R. Grossman, D. Joyce, N. Pelton. SECOND ROW: Coaches Stackwick, Newell; J. Harvey, C. Goodridge, R. Rosintoski, F. Vickers, R. Baker, R. Glover, Managers, F. Hornbeck, B. Grossman. THIRD ROW: C. Howland, J. Connors, K. P rry, R. Burger, D. Conde, J. Riffle, J. Clark, M. Smith, Managers, H. Glover, C. Riffle. Sxtccei U. SlcusAetfiatl FRONT ROW: ••Corky" Lehman. Pat Padden, Dennis Joyce. Lynford O'Dell, Keith Perry. Roger Lewis, Clair Goodridge, Charles Whiting, Richard Rosintoski, “Spud" Glover, Coach Stackwick. BACK ROW: Managers Donald Harris, and Carl Lehman. ABSENT: Keith Howland. FRONT ROW: Elmer Monroe, Mike Smith. Lindy Goodridge, “Smoky” Eno, Tom Smith. BACK ROW: Coach Newell, Richard Grossman, "Jerry" Clark, Theron Burdick, and Harold Riffenburg. WAMiling,QAeexleadeHAScotefiaivid F. Vickers, R. Grossman, N. Pelton, D. Scribner, G. Thorp. Jiaax alt The 1954 Baseball Team ended up with a losing season. Under Coach Stackwick's guiding hand they won 5 games and lost 6. The team won 4 league games, while losing 6 and winning one non - league game with Alfred-Almond. The team lost 3 players: Charles Davis, Charles Lehman, and Jim Grossman through graduation. Scores of Games: Andover 6 Alfred-Almond 0 Andover 10 Scio 9 Andover 6 Scio 14 Andover 3 Belmont 4 Andover 0 Belmont 2 Andover 5 Whitesville 6 Andover 3 Whitesville 2 Andover 2 Canaseraga 3 Andover 3 Canaseraga 7 Andover 8 Allentown 3 Andover 6 Allentown 1 Sacc t The 1954 Soccer Team had tough sledding in their Allegany County Class C debut. The team played hard in every game but lost many close and hard fought games. They wound up with a record of 2 wins, 4 losses and 2 ties. Andover loses 7 of its first team through graduation this year. Jjennia, The Andover Tennis Team had a very successful season with two of its top players, Mike Smith and Dave Conde representing Allegany County in the Section V Tennis Tournament held in Rochester.3xach The 1954 Track Team competed in about 6 meets with the Andover boys doing very well in the competition. While competing with schools of higher classification, the team held its own. In the B-C County meet Andover placed two boys on the team which traveled to Rochester. They were Gerald Green in the shot put event and Charles Davis in the 100 yard dash event. Wx xtimg, Coach Donald Newel on arriving at Andover this year started the first wrestling team in Andover High School history. The team progressed rapidly and Andover should present one of the best teams in the county next year. OHaa ietfUM The Andover Junior Varsity completed a fifteen game schedule with a 10-5 won lost record. The team lost to Scio and Allentown in league competition to end up second in the league. Arkport, Alfred-Almond and Troupsburg are the only other teams that won over Andover this season. Dick Rosintoski and •'Spud” Glover led the scoring for the Wildcats with 143 and 140 points respectively. The Andover Varsity has won 16 games while losing 1 game in one of the most successful seasons Andover has ever witnessed. The Panthers having completed this record earned the chance to go to Rochester March 26 and compete in the Class D Section V finals. Andovers lone lost came December 3 at Scio in the first meeting between the two teams. The score was 51-49 but Andover avenged this loss when Scio ventured to Andover. An overflow crowd saw the Panthers whip Scio 70-45. As a result Andover and Scio remained tied in the league. In a special playoff game Andover again beat Scio. HIGHLIGHTS: Ed Harkenrider was Andover’s leading scorer and Ed also holds the individual scoring record for one game (36). Marty Smith’s last second field goal won the Section II title for Andover. Another great game was Andover’s 57-55 overtime victory over Arkport. Andover has won the Allegany Section II Crown and has beaten Campbell 35-27 in the quarterfinals and beat Wyoming 53-46 in the semifinals. Andover played Rushford in Rochester for the Section V Class D Crown. The Varsity won this game 66-45 to finish a very successful season. RESULTS: Andover 75 Alfred-Almond 46 •Andover 70 Scio 45 Andover 46 Arkport 38 Andover 57 Arkport 55 Andover 62 Belmont 49 •Andover 80 Richburg 55 •Andover 49 Scio 51 •Andover 68 Whitesville 40 Andover 70 Canaseraga 43 •Andover 91 Allentown 36 •Andover 80 Whitesville 53 Andover 77 T roupsburg 48 •Andover 73 Richburg 42 xAndover 35 Campbell 27 Andover 82 Greenwood 36 xxAndover 53 Wyoming 46 •Andover 78 Allentown 38 xxx Andover 66 Rushford 45 Denotes league games x Quarterfinal game xx Semifinal game xxx Final gamedu AT FRONT: Coach Carmody. STANDING: Managers Hann and Padden, "Billy” Woodruff, Victor Burch, Jim Mulholland, John Mickle, John Common, Richard Lewis, Bob Sackett, Glenn Thorp, Bob Conde, Claude Riffle, Les Marsh, Manager Paul WinchelL LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Church, Joan Sootheran, Beverly Freeman, Linda Pease, Ann Church, Judy Carr, Sally Smith, Suzzane Deming, Claudette Corwin, Linda Coffin, Alberta Phelps. Cu6 CAeex£eade%A, School Cahndax Opening of School Sept. 7 Teachers' Conference May 16 Snake Dance Sept. 21 Moving Up Day June School Fair Sept. 23 Regents Examinations June 17-23 Teachere' Conference Oct. 22 Alumni Banquet June 25 Senior Play Nov. 5 Baccalaureate June 26 Senior Dance Dec. 10 Commencement June 27 Oratorical Contest Jan. 14 Music Festival Band April 29 Chorus 30 Sports Banquet May 11 BASEBALL Witds BASKETBALL Scio April 26 Arkport Nov. 19 Belmont April 29 Belmont Nov. 30 Whitesville May 3 Canaseraga Dec. 7 Canaseraga May 6 Whitesville Dec. 17 Allentown May 10 Richburg Jan. 7 Scio May 13 Greenwood Jan. 11 Belmont May 17 Scio Jan. 21 Whitesville May 20 Allentown Feb. 1 Canaseraga May 24 Arkport Feb. 4 Allentown May 27 Whitesville Feb. 11 Richburg Feb. 18 Troupsburg Mar. 1 In the post-season play Andover won the Section V Class ”D" Title TRACKMEETS TRIANGULAR SPRING MEET SPRING MEET Arkport May 1 Wellsville May 8 Andover May 15 Whitesville Alfred-Almond A B C Meet May 22 Andover Andover B-C-Meet May 26 Mono (luuvtds PRIZE SPONSOR Homemaking Prize Bakers Hardware $25.00 U. S. Savings Bond to a Senior High Student N.Y. State Regents Scholarship Prize Bakers Hardware-Senior winning $100.00 U. S. Savings Bond a State Regents Scholarship Freshman Prize Grange $5.00 Vocational Agriculture Certificate Award Grange Reader's Digest Award Reader's Digest Spelling Contest Buffalo Evening News English Prize Harry Joyce First Prize $5.00 Second Prize $2.50 Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Awards Geometry Prize Masonic Lodge First Prize $5.00 Second Prize $3.00 Third Prize $2.00 American History Prize American Legion and Aux. First Prize $5.00 Second Prize $5.00 £etten of ’psieciatieti Dear Faculty, WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS, WISH that we had given you more trouble. We do not desire TO THANK YOU, WHO HAVE MADE THESE FOUR YEARS so unpleasant, for they were not at all VERY DEAR TO US. WE ARE, INDEED, TODAY HAPPY that we were so hard to teach, pleased AND SATISFIED WITH OUR EFFORTS AND sorry that more conversation did not take place WITH OUR FRIENDS, WHO HAVE SPURRED US ON— to a fatal loss of leisure, instead of ON TO SUCCESS. THIS SHOULD ALWAYS BE IMPRESSED upon the minds of future classes, as it is UPON OUR MEMORY. OUR CLASS IS VERY CONTENT with those unprepared lessons, days of absence and WITH THE IMPRESSION WE HAVE GIVEN that we are unworthy and unbecoming to our ALMA MATER. WE REGRET THAT OUR intellects have been broadened. The loss of AFFECTION FOR OUR SURROUNDINGS WAS ever sweet to us. It is most sad that it was NOT MORE PRONOUNCED. WE HOPE THAT THE CLASS OF 1956 will imitate us, while many a class yet unborn WILL TROD OUR PATH. THE CLASS OF «55 P.S. LEST YOU BE MISTAKEN READ EVERY OTHER LINE.THE SPIRIT OF EXCHANGE The interpretation of the word Exchange in business life is that of parting with something in return for its equivalent. Our interpretation of Exchange is the giving of self for the privilege in return of serving others; of parting with selfishness and receiving in return the satisfaction of discharging our duty to our Fellowmen, to our Community and to our Nation. We, the members of the Exchange Club of Andover, hope that the Senior Class of 55 will set this as their goal.Congratulations and Best Wishes CLAIR'S REXALL PHARMACY Careful Prescription Service Compliments of ANDOVER NATIONAL RANKFOR A REAL TREAT GET Compliments of WOODKUFFS ICE CREAM F. E. LUNN and SON LUMBER COMPANY It’s Super “EVERYTHING FOR BUILDING” CHEAPER BY THE GALLON 256 West State Street Phone 426 Wellsville, New York EAT REFRESHING CUBA ICE CREAM Compliments “The Best by Quality Test” Distributors of COMPLIMENTS OF HEARTS' DELIGHT CUBA Food Products ICE CREAM CO. SCOVILLE BROWN CO. Cuba New York Wellsville, N. Y.THE MEN’S SHOP Best Of Luck 117 Main Street Hornell, N. Y. To The Senior Class of ’55 32 Liberty Street VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP Bath, N. Y. Jean Lynch 141 Main Street Dansville, N. Y. Home of Rayette Permanents Compliments of Good Food Good Coffee FITZPATRICK PONTIAC 15 Lodes Street Always Open Wellsville, N. Y. BUNGALOW DINER Phone 481 Compliments of Compliments of ELMHURST DAIRY CENTER STREET GARAGE Wellsville, N, Y. Mingus and Hoover Compliments KENNETH KERTON FLORIST of North Main Street SACKETT’S FOOD MARKET Wellsville New York Andover New York JAY MADSEN MURRAY STEVENS EQUIPMENT CO. , INC. HORNELL’S LARGEST CLOTHIERS Distributor of CARPENTER SCHOOL COACHES Federation Building 120 Wilson Ave. Bath, New York 3 8 Broadway Hornell, N. Y. Best SUNNYDALE FARMS, INC. Wishes Andover N. Y. BAKER'S HARDWARE B. Burger, Mgr. Compliments Compliments of of BURREL C. WILLIAMS R. J. SOOTHERAN Insurance Agency General Insurance Attorney Dial 2543 6 Elm Street Andover, New YorkCompliments Compliments of of LOOHN’S JACOBS BROS. Hornell, N. Y. CLEANERS and Home of Weather-Bird Shoes LAUNDERERS A. McHENRY CO. 450 Canisteo Street Diamonds Watches Silver Hornell, N. Y. Quality Jewelers SANITONE DRY CLEANING for over a century “A business built on satisfaction” 106 Main Hornell Compliments of SMITH’S ESSO SERVICE Compliments of MODERN CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS 197 Canisteo Street Andover, New York Hornell, N. Y. Phone 1313 HOTEL FASSET FORD AND PECKHAM Parties, Banquets, and Dances Quonset Buildings Dearborn Ford Phone 744 Farm Equipment Tractor Wellsville Andover, N. Y.Congratulations to Compliments Class of 1954 of WINEBURG GLEASON, INC. “Charneil” 100 Main Street Hornell, N. Y. SHORT'S SERVICE STATION Sincere Best Sinclair Gas Oil Wishes “Herm” Wallace F rom ART DEDRICK AND Phone 3125 HIS ORCHESTRA Good Luck Compliments to the of Class of 1954 HAZEL’S BEAUTY SALON DR. S. B. SCOTT Andover Compliments Congratulations of DR. J. R. COMMON JAMES B. MULHOLLAND Dentist Funeral HomeCompliments of HOPKINS LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY 120 South Main Street Wellsville, N. Y. Compliments of LADIES’ AUXILIARY of Andover Fire Department Andover, N. Y. Compliments ALBILL RECORD MART of PFUNTER SALES AND Your Headquarters For SERVICE Television Sets Service Dodge Plymouth Railroad Avenue 43 N. Main St. Wellsville, N. Y. Wellsville, New York Phone 966 Compliments Nancy Lee Popcorn of QUALITY PACKAGED BEANS WELLSVILLE LUMBER CO. Congratulations and “The yard of cheerful service” Best Wishes Phone 1836 from Railroad Ave. Wellsville P. M. Hulin FRED D. RICE MUSIC HOUSE Compliments of Arthur D. Runzo FARMERS’ FEED SUPPLY Everything in Music Since 1890 Andover, New York Wellsville, N. Y. Phone 263Best Wishes and Regards Compliments To The Senior Class of Good Food Good Coffee Always Open JOYCE’S MODERN DINER Woodrow Davie Louis Joyce OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC Good Luck To The Senior Class Sales and Service Specializing in Front End Alignment HIGBY ELECTRIC and Wheel Balancing JERRY HACKETT MOTORS, INC. Mrs. Nora Higby 126 S. Main St. Wellsville, N. Y. Best Wishes to Class of ’55 Compliments ANDOVER GARAGE of General Auto Repairing DINET ESSO GAS Home Cooked Foods Phone 4685 Main Street Andover, N. Y. Main Street Andover, N. Y. -Diamonds- Compliments Name Brand Watches of Bulova Hamilton PETE’S FRIENDLY SERVICE Elgin Croton (Shock Proof) S H Green Stamps Mobilgas Mobiloil FLOYD C. VARS SON Jewelers Open 24 Hours 215 North Main “Ken” Vars Andover, N. Y. Wellsville, New YorkCompliments of Compliments of FUNCREST THE MARKET BASKET ROLLER RINK Wellsville New York STORE Friendly Rink with the Compliments of FRANK O’CONNOR SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Refined Atmosphere 691 Main Street Buffalo 3, N. Y. Phone 1543 Complete Line of Athletic Equipment Compliments Compliments of of HENRY STEPHENS DE BARABIERI’S Insurance Agency SPORTING GOODS STORE Esther M. Temple, Prop. 11 North Main Street Wellsville, New York Andover New York Compliments of TUTTLE’S STORE R. B. I. Tested Business Training Since 1863 One and Two Year Courses in Accountancy - Sales - Advertising Merchandising - Medical Secretarial Standard Secretarial Andover New York ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE 172 Clinton Ave. S., Rochester, N. Y.The members of the Hi Herald Staff take this opportunity to thank the NEWS PRINTING HOUSE for their splendid cooperation in the past in the publication of our school paper the HI HERALD Elk Brand Certified Seeds The Best Quality of Potatoes and Oats E. L. KENT AND SON Compliments of NIAGARA ELECTRON LABORATORIES P. M. Hackett Andover New York MEMOIRS PHOTOGRAPHY From the Studio Of LILJEQVIST 139 West William Street Bath, New YorkLynch--Burgett Post 397 FULLER'S AMERICAN LEGION RESTAURANT Legal Beverages Craig Snyder -- Commander Full Course Dinners Meetings every second Tues. of each month Main Street Andover, N. Y. Compliments Compliments of of RALPH THOMAS BARBER SHOP STEUBEN FABRICS Phone 1504 Wellsville, N. Y. LEON’S SALES AND SERVICE VICKERS AND SON Congratulations Minneapolis Moline Massey Harris Equipment Quality Meats Groceries Fruits Vegetables Pop - Baked Goods - Ice Cream Phone 4822 Andover, N. Y. Phone 2725 Compliments of Congratulations - Class of ’55 “Don” and Alice McGillivray WELLSVILLE FARM SUPPLY HOTEL JOYCE R. D. 3 Wellsville, N. Y. Andover, New York Phone 8915 Compliments of Compliments of MIDWAY RUSTIC RESTAURANT RED AND WHITE STORE Meals Lunches Ice Cream Bar Home of quality foods and General Merchandise Route 17 East of Wellsville Andover, New York Phone 4363 Compliments Compliments of of THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ANDOVER GRANGE AUXILIARY OF ANDOVER INC. Southern Ticw 7 J 'Concrete Products Compliments of I PHONE office Moevtu. IVisvc 1 R 1739-01 4.H8 43M VV-I OTTO B. NYE AND SON Wholesale Food Products TM. Cheese and Honey ctfLinxvt Mnmi'F«r''N«i»J F PfMLHP PifOBocTi JOYCE PIPE LINE COMPANY Complete Facilities For Any Pipe Line Job James V. Joyce, Proprietor Phone 2626 or 4816 R. F. D. No. 2 Andover, New YorkNatural Gas The Ideal Fuel EMPIRE GAS and FUEL CO.. LIMITED LESTER YORK -- YORK BROTHERS Producer Dealer Lime and Fertilizer Lime Spreading Service Phone 3 593 Andover, N. Y. The senior class of Andover High School, Andover, N.Y. wishes to thank the advertisers who made this book possible. CLASS OF ’55 PRTRONS LIST 7%, v 0U. fccuckj. YY C as 'YYV - C y aJjL —INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers (over Monulotfurers Book Binders FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas CityAndover High School Andover High School The pride of every student here Come on you old grads Join with us young lads Andover High School now we cheer Rah! Rah! Now is the time, boys To make a big noise No matter what the people say For there is nought to fear The gang’s all here A „ J TT- ■m '»-wkwmmarnw w w.'W$ m v. . -V.. y Xv v viT ! • V'1 AV« r y it '..',', y • » V Vii '. W V» 'Mir1 i}f ?' . V »TO a . A!». i . v yj -.y jQ V WO; 0"» ATA)Ym g.i «. . y Vvv. . . , ' §M 'mM'i javyp jKwffl jAjfifR n‘; 4 jfjfM- ■V.' r ' ■ JU »y,V ,i uj • iir '. ,.v .'to ,; TvV' fiv •'■ y£ s9flOx r.’• ¥;Kffi . Sf A; ‘w?’: •' 'fiSKm my- v '?. fij.ViM ; i i v vft ‘ 1lyj dj '. MN | y '.' ■r W- 'f V 1 J09IB99I JJWWy 1 T li A r Tel ' ' VjVi HM UH tl.v W i1,’.!,' •; J?i i TO}- •. M(Srw • :•• ,v. y.;;«: »- « Vi , y ;l .{• .• ' 'A i tf M AufttW . - v • ‘ IIRi W . V , v, iflUl '• '.■ '' WU ! sV'.: ’ ' iV '' r.'jyicn’ ■ ' •VV " "•• li fj'li V«'vvv 'V'' V 1 'VI' v H MvV) i y v, KWv X sSy y v o ,!,yv M ' 1 . kV r! ii iv. • . . r

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