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memoiRS 1954 andovcR centRAl school Let's give a cheer for Andover High School And let us pledge to her aright Others may like black or crimson, But for us it's purple and white. Let all our troubles be forgotten. Let high school spirits rule. We'll join and give a royal effort For the good of our old school. Andover High School! Andover High School! The pride of every student here. Come on you old grads, Join with us young lads. Andover High School, now we cheer Rah! Rah! Now is the time, boys. To make a big noise, No matter what the people say. For there is naught to fear, The gang's all here. So Hail, Andover High School Hailin memoRiAm The time is the graduation of the class of '54, the place-Andover High, and as we stand in the door waiting to step outside for the last time, our happiness is marred by only one thing-- that two fine people couldn’t be here to share our joy, Ruth Elizabeth Atwell and Donald Sutherland. Ruth Elizabeth Atwell was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Atwell in Whitesville on June 14, 1936. Her life was taken on May 7, 1952 in an automobile accident. Donald Robert Sutherland was born to Mrs. and the late Darwin Sutherland on October 1, 1934 and in June of 1948 he was fatally Injured by the turning over of a tractor, dedication It Is with the utmost sincerity and highest degree of respect that we, the seniors of 1954, dedicate our year book to Mr. Charles M. Williams, who has helped make this year the most enjoyable year the class has ever had. We bestow upon him our sincere appreciation and gratitude for his untiring effort in being our class advisor, as well as being A. C. S.’s high school history teacher. Mr. Williams has been a magnet to which every senior has been drawn at one time or another to help fulfill our class activities. Charles M. Williams was born in Stuebenvelle, Ohio, and was graduated from Olean High School. He was graduated from St. Bonaven-ture and later attended Columbia University, Alfred University, and Syracuse University. He taught a year at Scio Central School before coming to A. C. S. to become high school history teacher and senior class advisor. This is his second year at Andover. And It Is with great enthusiasm that the class of ’54 gives this honor to Mr. Williams and hopes he will continue to teach at A. C. S. for many years to come. fORGWORd Our school means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It’s primarily a school of learning. English, math, science, agriculture, business, history, music, homemaking, and art are a variety of courses to arouse the interest of each individual student. But that isn’t all the school is teaching us. Responsibility, initiative, and private thinking are encouraged through discussions and participation in extra-curricular activities to fit us as young adults in a world in which communism and democracy are each striving for domination. As we look out into the world, we see many new hopes and new dreams. We realize that soon we are to leave Andover Central School. It is now time for our yearbook. May many happy memories come to those who leaf through the pages of this book. May our work not be in vain. ' We give to you our book.THE ’54 MEMOIRS Mr. Johnson, Charles Davis, Mimsi Briggs, Mary Joyce. Roger Theetge, Ted Smith, and Leslie Monahan. ye RBook staffaCnninistRAtion SCHOOL BOARD SUPERINTENDENT L-R R. Common, S. Crandall, R. White, W. Alderson, C. W. H. Garwood Caple, C. Burdick. Principal B. S. Hobart JAMES H. KESSLER Biology Instructor M. S. Syracuse GEORGE E. REIL Vice Principal, Math, Science B. S. Geneseo State M. A. Alfred University DONALD H. GIBBS Guidance Counselor Oswego State Normal School Alfred U., B. A. St, Lawrence U. M. Ed.faculty Mrs. Riggs Mrs. Corwin Mrs. Hall Mrs. Connor Miss Church Mrs. Vars Kindergarten Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 2 Geneseo Fredonia Geneseo Geneseo Geneseo Brockport Miss Schermerhorn Mrs. Heimer Miss Baker Miss Jordan Grade 3 Grade 3 4 Grade 4 Grade 5 B. Ed. Potsdam Geneseo Geneseo Mrs. Boyce Mrs. Schwarzenbacb Grade 5 6 Grade 6 Kent State Geneseo Miss Chandler Mrs. McFadden Mrs. Conde' Commercial English Latin Librarian B. S. Ithaca B. S. Penn State B. A. Keuka M. S. Alfred Mrs. Joyce Mr. Williams Mr. Reil Grade 7 History Math. Science Geneseo B. A. ST. B.S. Geneseo Bonaventure Mr. Bronson Agriculture B. S. Cornell Mrs. Woodruff Miss Winkelman Mr. Holden Sub. Teacher Music Music B.S. Fredonia B.S. Fredonia M. Ed. Alfred Mr. Johnson Miss Madison Art Home Ec. B. F. A. Syr. B.S. Buffalo M. Ed. Syr. Mr. Caromody Social Studies B. Ed. Geneseo Mr. Stackwick Physical Education B.S. Brockport Mrs. Bartz Grade 7 B. S. SyracuseSECRETARY Miss Agnes Taylor SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Florence A. Green DENTAL HYGIENIST Miss Kathleen Gates CUSTODIANS James and John Nobles CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Perry Mrs. Cooke Mrs. Brown Mrs. Glover BUS DRIVERS L-R Glen Skuse, Francis Vicker, Jim Reisman, Gail Smith, Charles Gleason, Howard Nichols.vAle ictoRun "Honor lies in honest toil.’ ’ MILDRED W. BRIGGS “Mimsi" Major - Mathematics, Science; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Freshman Award, 2nd Prize Geometry Award; American History-2nd Prize; National Honor Society 3,4; Hi Herald 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Junior VarsityCheer-leader 3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Historian 2, News Rep. 3, Secretary 4; Camera Club 2,3,4; Library Council 3,4; G.A.A. 2,3, Pres. 2; Student Council 2, President 2, Secretary 4; Social Editor-Yearbook 4, Co-Editor 3; Junior Play-Agnes; Senior play-Miss Blaine; Hobbies-Reading, swimming; Ambition-To lead a successful life.. SAlUtAtORian “Don’t take life so seriously, you can’t get out of it alive anyway." MARY ANNE JOYCE "Joycie" Major - Math, Science, Business; Secretary 1; Vice Pres. 4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Sec. 2; Camera Club 1,2,3,4; Treas. 3; Pres. 4; F.H.A. 1.2,3,4; Vice Pres. 4; Chorus 1,2,3; Librarian 3; Hi-Herald 1,2,3,4; Varsity Staff 1,2,3; Intramurals 1.2,3,4; Nat. Honor Society 4; Editor of Yearbook 4; Library Council 3,4; Secretary 4; Geometry Prize 3rd-2; American History lst-3; Junior Play-Aunt Caroline; Senior Play-Mrs. Maxwell Hobbies-Skating,reading; Ambition-To become a successful teacher.“After years of faithful service -- I’m laid off." CHARLES LEO DAVIS “Charhe" Major - Math, Science; Student Council 1,3,4; National Honor Society 3; Boys Chorus 3; Vice-President Student Council 3; Co-sport Editor of Yearbook; Junior Play “Ricky”; Senior Play “Hercules”; Class President 1,3; Class Secretary 2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1; Track 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Co-Captain 3; Cro6S Country 3; Captain 3; Hobbies-Hunting and playing baseball Ambition-To graduate from college. “I can live without history or walking, but who in the world can live without talking?” CHARLOTTE MAE CASE “Casey” Major - Homemaking; Intramurals 1,2,3, 4; F. H. A, 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Ambition-To be a successful homemaker. " I don't know anything about anything yet, but I'll soon find out. " DELBERT LEO GLOVER "Leo” Major - Math, Science; Library Council 4; Hobby-Philatelist; Ambition-Graduate from college. “Give me time and I’ll grow up.” MARGARET RUTH DAVIS “Ruthie” Major - Business; F. H. A. 1,2,3,4; Library Council 4; Hobby-Writing and Reading letters; Ambition-To become a successful seoretary.“Caesar was short, Napoleon was short, and I’m not so tall myself." JAMES GROSSMAN "Jim" Major - Mathematics, Science, Business; Treasurer 2; Senior Play; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Soccer. 1,2,3,4; Athletic Assoc. 2; Hobbies-Reading, driving, ping pong, tennis; Ambition-To become an electrical engineer. “Work fascinates me; I can sit and look at it for hours.” GERALD GREEN "Jerry" Major - Agriculture; F.F.A. 2,3,4; Sec. 3; 4-H 1,2,3,4; Library Council 4; Boys Chorus 3,4; Track 2.3,4; Soccer 1; County F.F.A. Sec. 4; F.F.A. Judging Team; Veg. County 1st. 3; State Fair l-34d. Junior Play-DaveThompson, Senior Play -Del Marshall. Hobbies-Hunting, Sports; Ambition-See the world. “To get to school on time, I will endeavor. But as they say: Better late than never.” ANNA MARIE JOYCE “Norm” Majors-Math, science, and Business; G.A.A. 2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Camera Club 3,4; Hi Herald 2,3,4; Library Council 3,4; Student Council 2; Treas. 3; Cheerleading 3.9. J.V:; Varsity. Ambition-Private Secretary. “I’m here--even if I don’t tell everyone." CAROL JOAN HARRIS "Buttons" F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; 4-H 1,2; Library Council 3,4; Chorus 1.2,3,4; Hobby-Reading Arobition-To be an accountant or secretary. Major: Business"Great Men are dying every day. I don’t feel so well myself." DALE E. KENYON "Reverend" Major - Mathematics; Science; F.F.A. 1; Library Council 4; Basketball 2; Volley ball 1,2; Class Historian 4; Treas. 2; Hi Herald 4; Hobbies-photography and traveling; Ambition-lawyer. BETTY ANN KEMP "Kempie" Major - Business; F.H.A. 2,3Treasurer; Chorus 2,3,4; Junior Play-Cicely; Library Council 3,4; Vice-President; 4-H 1,2, Treasurer; Hobbies-reading, cooking; Ambition-to be a success. "A good sport and true; we need more just like him.” CHARLES EUGENE LEHMAN "Charlie" Major - Agriculture; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 2,3,4; Hobbies -hunting, fishing; Ambition-basketball star. “Winsom and gracious-always a lady VIRGINIA ANN KIBBE "Ginny" Major-Homemaking and Business; F.H. A. 1,2,3,4; Parliamentarian 2,3; President 4; Delegate to StateF.H.A. Meeting; Delegate to National F.H.A. Convention in Ohio; Camera Club 2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Pres. 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Librarian; Orchestra 2,3,4; Pres. 2; County Chorus 3; Sextette 2,3,4; Dance Band 4; Clarinet Quartet 4; Hi Herald 3; Junior Play; Hobbies-babysitting, playing the piano; Ambition-to be a successful secretary.“What he wants to get out of school most is himself." CLAUDE MARSH “Tim” Major - Business; Basketball mgr. - 8th, 1; Track mgr. - 8th, 1; Hi-Herald 3; F. F.A. 4; Hobbies-sleeping and eating; Ambition-to go into business for myself. “Chatting always and giggling too, when your’round Bev you can’t be blue.” BEVERLY LOUCKS "Bev” Major - Business; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Camera Club 2,3,4; 4-H 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Secretary 4; Library council 3,4; Treas. 4; Hobbies-skating, reading; Ambition-Secretary. “I came, I bluffed. I graduated." JAMES GEORGE MICKLE "Mickle” “She shifted her brain into neutral and let her tongue rattle on." ANN LEAH MARVEL “Captain” Major - Homemaking Business; Library Council 3,4; Pres. 4; Hi-Herald. Varsity 2,3,4; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4; Pres. 2; Camera Club 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Treas. 4; Senior Chorus 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Hist. 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 3,4; Lit. Staff 3.4; Hobbies-Homemaking, skating, dancing; Ambition-to live a successful life. Major - Agriculture; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Soccer 1,2; Hobby-lighter side of life; Ambition-be a Casanova.“Frorrrthe crown of his head to the sole of his foot, he is all mirth.” LESLIE JOHN MONAHAN “Les” Major - Business; Student Council 2; Treasurer 9; Secretary 11; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Captain 3; Basketball 1,2,3; Co-Captain 3; Track 1,2,3; Ping-Pong 2,3; Doubles Champion; Yearbook-Sports Editor; Ambition-to graduate from school. “They say love makes the world go a-round, catch me I’m getting dizzy.’’ MILDRED MAE MILES “Millie” Major - Science; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Parliamentarian 4; Hi Herald 2,3; Library Council 4; Senior Play-Aunt Mary; Junior Play; Hobbies-crocheting, writing, roller skating; Ambition-to be a good housekeeper. “When there is mischief brewing--he is doing the stirring.” JAMES PADDEN “Jimmy" Major - Agriculture; F.F.A. 1,2,3,4; Pres.; Boys’ Chorus 3; Hobby-buying cars, farming; Ambition-become member of a hot rod association “Hear that healthy laugh? That’s our Carol.” CAROL JEAN NYE “Sara" F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, Song leader 1,2,3, Treas. 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Student Council Rep. Sextet 1,2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Pres.; Library Council 3,4;-Pres. 3; Student Council 4; Treas. of Athletic Assoc.; Junior Varsity Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheerleader 2; Camera Club 3,4; Treas. 1,2; Hobby-going to movies; Ambition-Secretary.“Boys annoy me; but ohl how I love to be annoyed." MARY JANE SACKETT "Satchel" Major - Business; Treas. 4; Senior Play Bernadine; Junior Play-Beryl; Camera Club 1,2,3.4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; Historian 3; N.P. 4; Library Council 3,4; Vice-Pres. 3; Student Council 4; G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4; Sec. 3; Honor Roll 2,3,4; 4-H 1,2; News reporter; Hobby-Reading or skating; Ambition-teacher or secretary. “Her heart is like a trolley; always room for one more.” PATRICIA ANN REISMAN "Pat" Major - Business and Home Economics; F.H.A. 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; G.A.A. 1, 2,3,4; Hobby-Reading; Ambition-To become a secretary. “One way to get ahead and stay ahead is to use your head.” ROBERT THEODORE SMITH “Ted” Major - Mathematics and Science; Mgr. of Yearbook; Oratorical Contest 2,3,4; Boy’s Chorus 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Capt. 2; Baseball 1,2,3; Track 2; Soccer 1.2; 3rd prize 1; 1st prize 2; 2nd prize in county 2; 1st prize 3; county 1; Hobby-Floriculture; Ambition-To become a successful doctor of medicine. •’Curiosity killed the cat, now it’s killing me.” SANDRA JEAN SKUSE “Sandy" F.H.A. 1,2,3.4; Hi-Herald 1,2; Library Council 3,4; Junior play-Ulna; Hobbies-roiler skating, watching television and reading; Ambition-To join the Wacs or Waves after college."I’m going to tell that Einstein a few things.” ROGER L. THEETGE "Rog” Major - Mathematics and Science; Lighting Senior Play ’53; Lighting Junior Play 52; Chairman, Advertising Committee, Yearbook; Hobby-driving; Ambition-To go to college and become a successful electrical engineer. "The only way to have a friend is to be one." BETTY ANN TANNER “Peanuts” Major - Home Economics and Business; Senior intramurals Hobbies-Collecting snapshots and writing poems; Ambition-To become a secretary. “Bubbling over with laughter and fun, with never a worry for work undone.” WANDA THORP “Fido" Major - Home Economics; F.H.A. 3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2; Red Cross Representative 1; Hobby-Art; Am-bition-To become a housewife.cLass ppophecy It is Thursday, June 16, 1964 when we find the class of 54 attending the annual Alumni Banquet being held in the new Andover School. The success of the students of 54 was clearly seen through out the banquet. Miss Briggs, the new Brenda Starr of the “New York Times ’ arrived early to get all the necessary data for her column. We find that Miss Mary Jane Sackett has become famous as she recently won the title “Miss America of 1964. Miss Mary Ann Joyce, and Professor of Mathematics at Vassar could not attend as she was not able to find anyone capable of taking her job during her absence. Mr. Tim Marsh, now famous traveler and explorer, was slated as speaker for the banquet. Mr. Marsh’s topic was “Marcia , his newly discovered continent which he has returned from exploring. To the disappointment of his old classmates. Dr. Ted Smith was called away on an emergency case and had to hurry away in his new Cadillac. As we look around the table we find many young seniors receiving advice from Miss Beverly Loucks who is now writing Dorothy Dix's Love Lorn Column. We find another famous classmate. Miss Mildred Miles exclaiming to Miss Betty Tanner how wonderful her recent book of poems is.Miss Miles is now a world-known poetessand artist and her latest painting is hanging in the Art Gallery of Gay Parii. Mr. Rogers Theetge, now a world famous race driver, is seen telling how he won the Le Mans sport car race in France with his new Jaguar. From the class of 54 there are many nationally know people. Mr. James Grossman is now the Treasurer of the United States, and Miss Betty Kemp is secretary to the President. Mr. Charles Davis is now a nationally praised engineer. The Davis Company (Davis Vickers) have recently completed the construction of a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean. Mr. Charles Lehman is widely known in the sports world as he has taken Mel Allen’s position as play by play announcer for the New York Yankee Games. Also known by all sport fans is Mr. Les Monahap. Mr. Monahan is now the Yankees star pitcher but is digging ditches on the side to support his very extravagant wife, the former Patricia Baker. Out of this outstanding class we find many are well known in the social world. Miss Carol Jean Nye now has her own show at the Stork Club and Miss Virginia Kibbe is the top singing star on the T.V. Hit Parade. Miss Ruth Davis is now a famous model for Mademoiselle of Paris. Mr. Gerald Green has recently arrived home from his trip around the world where he has been lecturing on how to raise cattle. To the surprise of everyone the marriages of the celebrities of the class of 54 have been few. We learn that the former Miss Wanda Thorpe is now married to Mr. John Baker and making a happy home for their family. The former Miss Patricia Reisman was unable to attend the banquet as she is on her honeymoon at the Riviera. Mr. James Mickle, who now owns a thousand acre farm, wasn’t able to attend the banquet. Mr. Mickle is in the middle of harvesting his new crop, a cross between a potato and a carrot to simplify stew making. The well known Mr. Dale Kenyon unexpectedly arrived after he had finished making the modern version movie of Rudolph Valentino. We find that Mr. Leo Glover, Mr. Kenyon’s old school buddy, is stationed in Alaska for the International Salesman. Miss Charlotte Case has become a very important person in the village of Andover as she is now Post Mistress. Miss Case is going to be sure she doesn’t miss any letters from Mr. Dick Clark. We find Miss Carol Harris discussing the part she plays with the Ringling Bros, circus as a midget. Sharing fame for the class of 54 is Miss Sandra Skuse. We learn that she is now the world’s fastest typist and has won the national typing contest with a speed of 135 words per minute. As the banquet comes to a close we find Miss Ann Marvel speaking to Miss Anna Marie Joyce about her well established business as a marriage broker on 42nd street in New York City. Miss Joyce is telling of all the pleasures of her new job as private secretary to Eddie Fisher. As the Banquet closed everyone expressed their enjoyment in being re-assembled and discussing their wonderful, unforgettable years in the halls of A.C.S. inquip inq r epoRteR NAME SHE IS SHE THINKS SHE IS SHE WOULD LIKE TO BE SHE IS ALWAYS SEEN M. Briggs hard working too slim Juluis La Rosa's Secretary reading C. Case silly in love with Dick gossiping R. Davis short a knockout married flirting C. Harris shy always right a farmer’ . wife but seldom heard A. M Joyce always late sophisticated a Dlonde discussing people M. A. Joyce intelligent too fat left alone with Ann B. A. Kemp quiet unnoticed 5' 8" working V. Kibbe talented unimportant beautician looking solemn B. Loucks witty too serious in love snickering A. Marvel talkative a scatterbrain satisfied with Mary Ann M. Miles artistic shapely married walking C. Nye likeable mistreated Jesse's wife at Woodruffs P. Reisman reserved too tall Jane Russell at Alfred M. J. Sackett a day dreamer in love a policewoman blushing S. Skuse pleasingly plump too slow air stewardess with an armful B. Tanner handy unobserved a noted poet around W. Thorp cute in love married anywhere but home NAME HE IS HE THINKS HE IS HE WOULD LIKE TO BE HE IS ALWAYS SEEN C. Davis good looking in love an engineer laughing L. Glover ambitious lazy an undertaker doing homework G. Green stocky athletic a hermit betting J. Grossman reliable important a jockey arguing D. Kenyon tall over-worked president- preaching C. Lehman a good sport under estimated famous hunting T. Marsh happy-go-lucky boisterous Joe Di Maggio chewing gum J. Mickle cooperative wise a grave-digger combing his hair L. Monahan comical unnecessary Bob Hope having fun J. Padden good-natured unwanted a crooner chauffeuring T. Smith studious shy a doctor cracking jokes R. Theetge Einstein II irresistable M. Monroe's husband drivingCUSS will We, the Senior Class and Graduates of 1954 of Andover Central School in the county of Allegany, state of New York, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament: Mimsi Briggs leaves her brains to Mr. Kessler’s next year’s biology class for analysis. Charolotte Case leaves her letter writing ability to Annabelle Kemp. Charles Davis leaves his perfect attendance record to Bill Deming. Ruth Davis leaves her ability to apply lipstick to Barbara Clark. Leo Glover leaves his good nature to Ernest Weirich. Gerald Green leaves his big fat zeroes in English to David Marsh. James Grossman leaves his arguing ability to Ann Harvey. Carol Harris leaves her quiet ways to Alura Grossman. Anna Marie Joyce leaves her ability to get to school "no matter what" to Ed Harkenrider. Mary Anne Joyce leaves her yearbook editorship to anyone who wants the headache. Betty Ann Kemp leaves her ability to get along with people to Mary Teresa Me Andrew. Dale Kenyon leaves his speaking ability to i. xt year’s Oratorical Contest members. Virginia Kibbe leaves her second soprano voice to Shirley Ordiway. Charles Lehman leaves his good sportsmanship to Dale Spencer. Tim Marsh leaves his books to Richard Burger. They’re in good condition-they haven’t been used this year. Beverly Loucks leaves her interest in Scio to Sandra Joyce. Ann Marvel leaves a Year’s supply of kleenex to those who were always borrowing from her. Jim Mickle leaves his naturally curly hair to "Dick” Baker. Mildred Miles leaves her walk to Corrine Alvord. Les Monahan leaves his heighth to "Denny" Joyce. Carol Nye leaves her modest giggle to Jocelyn Joyce. James Padden leaves a year’s supply of guard rails to anyone who drives with one hand. Pat Reisman leaves her ability to get along with the male population to Jean Daley. Mary Jane Sackett leaves her ability to ignore boys to Joyce Fuller. Sandra Skuse leaves her ability to fill any seat well to Duane Scribner. Ted Smith leaves his shyness to his brother "Mike". Roger Theetgee leaves his brush cut to “Jim” Riffle. Betty Tanner leaves her role as class poet to anyone who is ambitious enough to use it. Wanda Thorp leaves and on the run to catch up with John Baker who graduated last year. To the Junior Class we leave our ability to get along so well together. To the Sophomores we leave our pep and class spirit. To the Freshmen we leave our quietness ana ability to get work done on time. TEACHER’S WILL To Mr. Kessler we leave a pair of sneakers for him to put on when he makes his daily trips through the halls. To Miss Taylor we leave a ticket toParis—"They say the Frenchmen are pretty nice. Miss Taylor.” To Mrs. Green we leave a new book of methods to cure aches and pains sther than sleeping and soaking. To Mr. Holden we leave "Liberace’s” ability to play the piano. To Miss Winkleman we leave a giant size box of pep to feed her orchestra in the coming years. To Coach Stackwick, we leave a new stick because we feel that so many guys have been told to get on the stick, it might break at any time. To Miss Mastromonaco, we leave a new kind of car made of hard rubber that will stand the bumps and bangs of her driving. To Mr. Bronson, we leave a different bow and arrow so he will stand a better chance of getting a deer next year. To Mr. Carmody, we leave five pairs of stilts for next year’s cub team in hopes that they will come out on top.To Mrs. Bartz, we leave a package of bright red hair dye to take care of all the gray hairs we caused her while supervising the class play. To Mr. Reil, we leave a Marilyn Monroe calendar for his darkroom. To Mrs. McFadden, we leave a bottle of last minute hair tonic to use on Zane in the morning. To Mrs. Conde’, we leave a pint size billy club to calm down the second period study hall. To Miss Chandler, we leave the latest edition of a current book now on the newsstand entitled, “The Ten Essential Elements of a Successful Marriage’ To Mr. Williams, we set aside a plot of land for a golf course with enlarged holes so he will be able to better his game of golf. To Mrs. Joyce, we leave a lounge in her room so all the teachers won’t have to sit on the same chair when they come to visit her. To Miss Madison, we leave a box of "Cream of Wheat” to give her vim and vigor after a week-end in Buffalo. To Mr. Johnson, we leave a padlock so he can lock up his 2 h pencils which always disappear after mechanical drawing class. To Mr. Dodson, we have a muzzle so he will be unable to make any comment to next year’s driving students. To Jim and John, we leave two mops, one apiece, with their names engraved on the handles. To Miss Gates, we leave an upper and lower plate of teeth which she can practice on in her spare time. To Mr. Gibbs, we leave a private secretary to take care of the report cards that pile up on his desk after exams. Signed and Sealed Class of ’54 CUSS hlStORV As we near the end of our high school careers, we begin to wish we were back in the seventh grade again. At the close of school in the sixth grade, Donald Sutherland left us when his father’s tractor tipped over. In the seventh grade, we were divided into two homerooms, Mrs. Margaret Joyce’s and Mrs. Ethel Gath’s. Although we had our ups and downs in that year, it was a happy one. In our eighth grade, Mr. Carlyle Carmody was our homeroom teacher. Although we were in the same homeroom, the class was divided. Since Mrs. Ethel Gath left, we had Mrs. Mary Baker from Wellsville as our English teacher. Ronald Sweet, Irene Hulburt, Darrell Brown, Raymond Halsey, and Edgar Silsby left that year making the class somewhat smaller. During that year, Charlotte Case was welcomed to our eighth grade class. In our freshman year, Mrs. Marie McFadden was our homeroom teacher. Mary Button, Clair Van-Schaick, and Virginia Kibbe were Welcomed by our ninth grade class. Francis Hann, John Atwell, William Elster, and Richard Clark left the freshmen. In June of our freshman year, Ann Wood left to attend school in Canisteo. In our sophomore year, Donald Kuzak joined our class, but left us soon. David McHenry entered our class, and Irene Hurlburt was welcomed back by her old classmates. Douglas Wheaton also left for the Marines.It seems Gerald Green did the most blushing that year when he was selected to read the love scenes from the original plays which were written for class presentation. During Christmas vacation that year Mrs. Mary Dougherty left us to join her husband. Mrs. Bertha Miller took her place as Home Economics teacher. Betty Ann Kemp, Ruth Atwell, Sandra Skuse, and Shirley Tidd all took agriculture from Mr. Glenn Bronson that year while Anna Marie Joyce, Mimsi Briggs, and Carol Jean Nye were cheerleaders. Ted Smith, Charles Lehman, Jack Rosintoski, Gerald Green and George Wheeler played Junior Varsity while Leslie Monahan and Charles Davis played Varsity. Charles Davis was president of the seventh, eighth, ninth, and eleventh grade homerooms. Mimsi Briggs was president during the sophomore year. Ted Smith was vice-president of his ninth, tenth and eleventh grade homerooms. In the ninth grade Mary Ann Joyce was class secretary and Carol Jean Nye was secretary in the tenth grade. Mimsi Briggs was treasurer in our freshman year and Carol Jean Nye handled the money during our sophomore year. Student Council representatives for our Freshman year were Douglas Wheaton and Charles Davis. In our sophomore year Leslie Monahan represented us. Gerald Green represented us last year and Charles Davis represents us this year. When we entered our junior year we found that Ruth Atwell, Catherine Kemp, and Irene Hurlburt were no longer with us. WandaThorp, Martin Halbert and Clair VanSchoick left us before the year was over. What a crazy bunch we were last year and what odd odors we created in the chemistry laboratory, when we weren’t blowing things up, that is. Charles Davis was president; Ted Smith, vice-president; James Grossman, treasurer; and Leslie Monahan was secretary. Our junior play “Who Killed Aunt Carolyn" was a big success. Mary Jane Sackett, Mimsi Briggs, Sandra Skuse, Betty Ann Kemp, Mary Ann Joyce, Carol Jean Nye, Millie Miles and Virginia Kibbe were the actresses whileCharles Davis, Ted Smith, Gerald Green, and Dale Kenyon were the actors. The most cheerful day of our junior year was the day we picked out our class rings. As we entered our Senior year at A.C.S. we discovered that David McHenry and Shirley Tidd had left us. Later in the first semester James Yannie joined the Navy and Jack Rosintoski transferred to Belmont and later joined the Army. Evan Dolan returned to A.C.S. as a Senior this year but joined the Air Force at the close of the first semester. This year Ted Smith is our president, Mary Ann Joyce our vice-president, Mary Jane Sackett our treasurer, Mimsi Briggs our Secretary and Dale Kenyon our class historian. We cannot say that our Senior year has been too disappointing, for we have worked together, argued, had fun and planned for that night when Mr. Kessler hands each of us our diplomas. Roger Theetge, Mary Ann Joyce, James Padden and James Mickle all have cars to drive this year. Ted Smith, our president, has taken on a great deal of responsibility as a class officer. Mary Ann Joyce has also worked extra hard. Mimsi Briggs is still gening the A’s In English, while Betty Ann Kemp is still a little on the shy side. Some girls find it difficult to get boy friends but as you can see that isn’t Ann Marvel’s problem. Carol Jean Nye became engaged to Jessie Grossman. James Grossman can be seen working in the Market Basket Store every other week. Tim Marsh holds the record for being kicked out of class. Gerald Green found writing to English girls interesting this year. Dale Kenyon entertained the English class occasionally by reading letters which he received from English girls. These notations are not meant tohurt character, but to record memories of the grand class of 1954. We sincerely hope that our Alma Mater is as proud of us as we are of it. Like any other class we have a class debt to pay. This yearbook is, naturally, a part of our debt. In order to pay this debt we have sold magazines, puf on a play, a square dance, had a bake sale, had a refreshment stand at the school fair, and we are also looking forward to the Senior Ball, Class Banquet and Senior dinners to raise money.This yearbook was paid for primarily by selling subscriptions and advertisements. The subscriptions were sold by Ted Smith, Mary Ann Joyce, Tim Marsh, Leo Glover, and Dale Kenyon. The advertising was handled by Roger Theetge and his committee. Our Senior play “Just Ducky,” starring Mary Ann Joyce, Mimsi Briggs, Carol Jean Nye, Mary Jane Sackett, Mildred Miles, Ruth Davis, Charles Davis, Ted Smith, Gerald Green, James Grossman, Tim Marsh, and Dale Kenyon was a dramatic success. We are indebted to Mrs. Bartz for her endurance in making our Junior and Senior plays possible. Charles Davis is in his 13th year of perfect attendance while Ted Smith won the county oratorical contest and placed fourth in the district contest. We also attended the Fall Festival at Alfred University where Sandra Skuse placed fifth in the typing contest. Sandra was the only prize winner In Allegany County. national. honoR society The National Honor Society specifies that only 15% of the students in the senior class, and the same percentage of the junior class are eligible to become members of this select society. To be a member of this group means that a student must excel among his classmates in leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Students are elected to membership by the faculty. The two juniors elected this year are Lucille Smith and Anne Harvey. Charles Davis, Mary Anne Joyce, Mildred Briggs, Theodore Smith.Theodore Smith Mary Jane Sackett SPONSORED BY THE HI HERALD STAFF hall oP pame LEADERSHIP NEATNESS SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT PERSONALITY SERVICE Mimsi Briggs Charles Davis Virginia Kibbe COOPERATION16 1-Ruth 2-Leo 3-Betty Ann 4-Mary Jane 5-Roger 6-Beverly 7-Carol 8-Sandra 9-Wanda 10-Jerry 11-Ted 12-Patricia 13-Betty 14-Charlie D. 15-Mimsi 16-6th Grade A. C. S. quess who?jumoRS FIRST ROW Left to Right; Michal Smith, Avery Mead, Francis Vickers, Ann Harvey, Kathryn Mickle, Alura Grossman, David Conde, David Marsh, Frederick Johnson. SECOND ROW: Miss Doris Chandler, Charles Howland, Lucille Smith, Duane Scribner, Richard Kemp, Donald Lewis, Roy Halsey, Robert Sherman, Theron Burdick, Ernest Weirich, Sandra Bostwick, Edward Harkenrider, George Wheeler, Mr. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Joyce Fuller, Barbara Clark, Lorraine Cornish, Shirley Ordiway, Janet Gleason, Janet Lang, Doris Barnhart. Mary O’Dell, Lena Jones. ABSENT: Patricia Baker, Pat-rica Hickey, James Connor, Richard Burger. FIRST ROW: Left to Right; Bradley Wright, Cort Marsh, Thomas Loucks, Norman Pelton, Richard Rosintoski. SECOND ROW: Jean Daley, DianeLewis, Karen Corwin, Nancy Hulin, Alice Beil, Terry Mulholland, Ella Mae Stimson, Phyllis Riffle. THIRD ROW: Jaqueline Vickers, Jocelyn Joyce, Patrica Padden, Dorthy Appier, Velma Broughton, Vivan Tanner, Sylvia Lusk, Annabelle Kemp, Myrtle Gayhart, Joan Clark. FOURTH ROW: Robert Perry, Martin Smith, Ruth Kemp, Marilyn Harris, Jacqueline Baker, Lois Lehman, Gloria Marsh, Robert Grossman, Jerry Rogers. ABSENT: Roger Phelps. sophomorespReshmen FIRST ROW: Left to Right; James Jones, Richard Grossman, Elmer Monroe, Richard Smith, Jerry Clark, Clarence Halsey, Merle Brown, SECOND ROW: Bill Demming, Don Thorp, Richard Baker, Sandra Joyce, Sally Clark, Harriet Dean, Barbara Du Bois. Roger Lewis. THIRD ROW: Mrs, Marie Me Fadden, Clair Goodridge. Merle Sherman, Harold Rifenburg, Ronald Glover, James Riffle, Bernice Atwell, Mary Reisman, Virginia Zwach, Corrine Alvord, James Harvey. FOURTH ROW: Donald Howard, Helen Stocking, Beatrice Tidd, Jane Brown, Denny Joyce, Mary T. Me Andrew, Dixie Appier. Lorraine Babcock. ABSENT: Dale Spencer, Karl Gavin. FIRST ROW: Charles Whiting, KeithHowland.BruceLehman, Leo Burgert, Lynford O’Dell, Franklin Davis, Edward Gayhart, Clifford Tanner, Lyndon Goodridge, Clarence Carson, Robert Eck, Tom Smith. SECOND ROW: Ronald Stocking, Richard Stocking, Curtis Crandall. Terry Monroe, Florence Reisman, Nellie Day, Carolyn Thorpe, Shirley Vickers, Madeline Wheeler, Keith Perry. THIRD ROW: Mr. Carmody, Fred Hornbeck, Charlotte Clarke, Jean Davis, Patrick Padden, James Frazer, Freda Kupp, Bernadine Hollenbeck, Shirley Button, Thana Kibbe, Agnes Joyce, Robert Barnhart, Mr. Bronson. FOURTH ROW: Marie McAndrews, Margaret White, Connie Burch, Diane Helm, Ila Marsh, Sylvia Clark, Lois Pelton, Loretta Grossman, Anna Davis. ABSENT: Ruth White, Edna Reinard, Richard Rifenburg. eighth QRA6e sevenths QRAde FIRST ROW: Virginia Sortore, Reta Lunn, James Mulholland, Robert McClure, Carol Howard, Cordelia O’Dell, Richard Lewis. SECOND ROW: Robert Sackett, William Shawl, Ann Holmes, Mary Kemp, Joan Sootheran, Robert Winchell, John Mickle, Mrs. Joyce. THIRD ROW: Gerald Padden, Roger Winchell, Gary McCormick, Edgar Hoagland. FIRST ROW: Donna Barnhart, Alberta Phelps, John Common, Anne Church, Jack Clark, Karol Ryan, Joyce Day. SECOND ROW: Mrs.Bartz, Robin Dolan, Francis Adams, Carolyn Brundage, Virginia Atwell, Judy Baker, Claudette Corwin, Leo Alvord, Robert Conde’. THIRD ROW: Mary Brown, Charles Monroe, Victor Burch, Alice Barnhart. ABSENT; Loretta Allen. seventh-b QRa6eSixth QRAde FIRST ROW: Warren Hann, Carl Lehman, Judith Brundage, Betty Jones, June Burch, Linda Coffin, Barbara Barnhart, Robert Brown, Billy Woodruff, Richard Baker, Alfrec Whiting, Regina Baker, Pauline Clark. SECOND ROW: Irene Clarke, Lucille Rifenburg. Ann Cannon, Linda Pease, Gary Woodard, Homer Glover, Paul Reinard, Leo Du Bois, Carl Du Bois, Garth Hulin, Sally Smith, Linda MarveL THIRD ROW: Mrs. Schwarzen-bach, Frank Sutherland, Charles Dixon, Ronald Lewis, Mable Halsey, Shirley Snyder, Beverly Freeman, Betty Jo Barney, Glenn Thorp, Dennis White, Henry Hornbeck, Teddy Deming, Judith Carr. FIRST ROW: Paul Glover, Flora Sherman, Leslie Marsh, Lois Reil, Hugh Church, Nancy De Remer, Ellen Joyce Lyle Nye, Paul Winchell. Carol Clarke, Venicia Howe. SECOND ROW: Carol Eshenbough, Nancy Gibbs, Betty Short, Jean Updyke, Larry Tanner, Edward Greene, Lester Stocking, Mary Beth Sootheran, Camille Crandall, Lynda Matison, Gary Rosintoski. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Boyce, Suzanne Demming, Leo McAndrews, Beverly Barney, Dolores Halsey, Lee Storms, Claude Riffle, Kenneth Moag, Victor Kemp, Donald Harris. ABSENT: Hazel Lehman, Charlotte Dean. fifth anC sixth QRAdefifth QRA6e FIRST ROW: Philip Barrett, Gary Wightman, Sandra Burch, Rosamond Baker, Ruth Padden, Diane Button, Richard White, Clifford Grover, Barbara Hawks, Maxine Mead, Marjorie Dixon, Wayne Burch. SECOND ROW: NeilStorms, Carroll Swarts, Eugene O’Dell, Gerald Tanner, Wally Clarke, Kenneth Heselton. Lloyd Hollenbeck, Patricia Bronson, Karen Stocking, Barbara Pelton, Sharon Strouse. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Du Bois, Jeanne Day, Paul Waters, Merton Wright, Patrick Howland, James Brundage, Carol Hoagland, Merton Genung, Larry House, David Woodard, Adelbert Gayhart, Virginia Lewis. ENTERED LATE: Brenda Van Etten. FIRST ROW: Gerald Burch, Gary Brudick, Sandra Bird, Gary O’Dell, James Lehman, Daniel Deming, James Appier, Harold Perry, Allan Skinner, Donald Fraser, Paul Jones, Olive Fuller. SECOND ROW: Roslyn Monroe, Allen Corwin, John Hunt, Theodore Edwards, Connie Bronson, Sandra Thorp, Bruce Johnson, David Kemp, Alecia Reisman, Carol Sherman, Jean Rifenburg, Bruce Brundage. THIRD ROW: Carol Wheeler, William Moag, Thomas Freeman, Herbert Raub, Bruce Vickers, Peggy Adams, Robert Clarke, Harry Campbell, Merlyn Whiting. ABSENT: Kaye Bostwick. fOURth QRAdethiRdan6 fouRth QRA6e FIRST ROW: Mary Ann McClure, Jeanne Campbell, Marilyn Genung, Judith Woodruff, Alberta Dungo, James Greene, Elevin Hoose, Susan White, Ann McAndrew, Jon Cook, William Riffle. SECOND ROW: Deanna Witter, Lynn Cable, Janis Reil, Cheryl Storms, Timothy Brown, Barbara Grossman, Gerald Pease, Charlene Baker. Carolyn Cornell, Gail Wightman, Lynne Sootheran. THIRD ROW: Mrs.Helmer, Robert Dougherty, Florence Bogle, Judy George, Alan Kelley, John Walter, Gerald Prior, Sandra Howe, Bruce Forrest, Sally Holmes, Dale CrandalL ABSENT: Jane Burger. ENTERED LATE: Marjorie Beldsoe, Sandra Van Etten. FIRST ROW: Philip Clarke, Frank Coy, George Schrader, Cathy Caple, Sharon Thorpe, Encil Glover. Peter Hornbeck, William Monroe, Jane Joyce', Mattie Howland, Richard Howe, Miss Schermerhorn. SECOND ROW: David Rossman, ConnieMeyn, Barbara Pease, Loula Jones, Joseph Adams, Barbara Gordon, Robert Vickers, Darlene Hickey, Sharon Robinson, Shiela Clarke, Alice Brown, Joseph Carr, CarolPeckham. THIRD ROW: Shirley Wilcox, Lynne Carmody, Nikkie Porter, Karl Wittie, Richard Davis, Ronald Kemp, Bruce Harris, Donald Kemp, Pearl Perry, Delbert Kemp, Charlotte Mead, Judith Clarke. ABSENT: Beverly Lusk.second QRAde FIRST ROW: Eugene Raub, George Hoover, Gary Brown, Robert Smith, Michael Baker, Donald Gibbs, James Cannon, Connie Sisson, Robert Goodridge, Ann Conde . SECOND ROW: Lee Kessler, Mary Ellen Smith, Linda De Remer, Victoria Woolworth, Penelope Harries, Gail Burdick, Alan Helm, Sharlotte Robinson, Ruth Allen, Danny Rossman. THIRD ROW: Charles Burdick, Diane Wolf, David Bogle, Harold Sherman, Zane McFadden, Douglas Mulholland, William C lds, John Coats, Miss Church. FIRST ROW: Dorothea Glover, Deborah Collins, Kenneth Lehman, Bonnie Fuller, Beverly Clark, Judy Billings, Melinda Baker, Jane Nichols, William Ford, Esther Holmes. SECOND ROW: John Karcanes, Larry Skinner, Billy Grossman, Ethel Perry, Mary Ethel Caple, Victoria Lynch, Karen Rosintoski, Daniel Stackwlck. Marian Main. THIRD ROW: John Strouse, Beth Cable, Fred Du Bois, Donald Harvey, William Emery.pIRSt QRA6e FIRST ROW: Nancy Davis, Bonnie Short, Rose Ann Dugo, Sheila Brown, Dianne Vars, Bonita Tuttle, Linda Davis, Danny Dlnsmore, Jeffrey Common. SECOND ROW: Sheila Taft, Larry Wallace, Stewart Bird, Wayne Grant, Earl Perry. Allen Bartz, Dennis Nye, Robert Edelman. THIRD ROW: Stephen Baker, Sandra Tidd, Ellen McAndrews, Diane Brown, Katherine Coats, Duane Davis, David Thorp, William Bixby, Mrs. Connor. ABSENT: Jimmy Dunham, Danny Smith, and Robert VanEtten. FIRST ROW: Raymond Mead, William Green, Marilyn Davis. Mabel Homes, Cheryl Baker, Thomas Pease, Roger Rowland, Jean DeRemer, JeanetteDay, Blair Clark, Donald Brundage. SECOND ROW: Celia Grover, Jacqueline Tingley, Joseph Raub, John Billings, Ronald Hann, Dale Swarts, Robert Gayhart, Judy Peters, Shirley Coats, Jane Cook. THIRD ROW: Linda Kemp, Patricia Gath, Edward Smith, Ira Conner, Martin Howland, Norman Alvord, William Wahl, Mrs. HalL flRSt QRAdekinOeRQARten FIRST ROW: Left to Right; Robert Joseph Joyce, Deborah Dunham, Esther Bird, Stephen Baker, Elaine Burch, Connie Heselton, Robert CornelL SECOND ROW: Rebecca Kelly, Kathryn Shellman, Patrick Gonter, Mary Lou Lehman, Lois Greene. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Riggs, David Brundage, Steven Roeske, Robert Tingley. Donna Brown, William Schrader, ABSENT: Robert Emery, John WahL NEW PUPILS: Charles Bledsoe, Beverly Van Etten. FIRST ROW: Left to Right Linda Jones, Sheila Dugan, Deena McCormick, Martha Lou Lynch, Larry Cook, Bene Rowland, David Vickers. Kleason Holmes. SECOND ROW: Douglas Nye, William Knoll, Michael Schrader, Maxson Clarke, Harold Fauzey, Diane Lehman, Ella Lewis, Jean Harvey, Mrs. Corwin. THIRD ROW: David Alvord, Beryl Bird. Gayle Storms, William Clarke, Diana Thorp, Stephen Berry, Bonnie Nevol, Tom Joyce. ABSENT: William Merrick. NEW PUPILS: Joseph Atkinson, Raymond Van Etten, Steven RoeskeBan 6 DIRECTOR-G. S. Holden CLARINET-1st V. Kibbe, E. Hoagland, C. Clarke 2nd D. Joyce, C. Alvord, C. Eshenbaugh 3rd S. Button, C. Thorpe, M. Harris, L. Storms, B. Woodruff, S. Storms. TRUMPET-lst K. Corwin, B. McClure, 2nd C. Lehman, B. Conde, L. Nye, 3rd C. Whiting, J. Jones, G. Hulin, L. Storms TROMBONE-lst J. Common 2nd J. Riffle, K. M. Mickle 3rd C. Goodridge, J. Appier BARITONE-lst F. Hornbeck, 2nd D. Kemp BASS-lst-J. Rogers, R. Phelps BELL-1st D. Appier SAX-1st N. Hulin, D. Appier DRUMS-D. Baker, S. Glover, J. Mickle HORNS-S. Clarke, L. Goodrige, B. Clarke DIRECTOR-Miss Winkleman PIANO-Carolyn Clarke VIOLIN-R. Baker, D. Marsh, D. Appier, A. Church VIOLIN 2-A, Holmes, F. Kupp, C. Corwin, J. So-otheran B. Barney CLARINET-V. Kibbe. C. Alvord SAX-D. Appier, N. Hulin BASS VIOL-J. Brown CELLO-H. Dean DRUMS-K. Mickle, J. Mickle FRENCH HORN-S. Clarke, B. Clarke TROMBONE-J. Common TRUMPET-K. Corwin, R. McClure opchestRAOance Band SITTING: C. Clarke, V. Kibbe, K. Mickle, N. Hulin, J. Common, D. Appier, R. Kemp. H. Hoagland. STANDING: J. Brown, K. Corwin, R. McClure, R. Baker, B. Lehman, Mr. Holden. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: V. Kibbe, C. Nye, P. Baker, S. Bostwick, R. Kemp, B. Kemp, D. Appier. SECOND ROW: C. Harris, P. Riffle, S. Lusk, E. Stimson, T. Mulholland, J. Joyce, S. Joyce, A. Marvel, A. Grossman, K. Mickle, C. Clarke. THIRD ROW: J. Brown, H. Dean, B. Atwell, M. Reisman, L. Smith, P. Hickey, J. Daley, J. Lang, J. Fuller, N. Hulin, S. Clarke, D. Appier, C. Alvord, S. Ordiway, J. Vickers, D. Lewis, J. Clarke, K. Corwin, D. Barnhart, P. Padden, G. Marsh, M. McAndrews, B. Tidd, T. Harris. semoR chopusjunioR choRus FIRST ROW: Left to Right; S. Vickers, N. Day, B. Hollenbeck, D. Barnhart, T. Kibbe, D. Helm, C. Corwin, C. O’DelL SECOND ROW: Miss Winkleman, A. Phelps, K. Pyan, F. Kupp, R. White, J. Baker, A. Church, C. Howard. THIRD ROW: J. Mulholland, R. Lunn, L. Grossman, A. Barnhart, M. Kemp, M. Brown, L. Pelton, V. Atwell, A. Joyce, J. Mickle. FOURTH ROW: R. Winchell, L. Burgett, C. Carson, M. Wheller, F. Reisman, C. Thorpe, M. McAndrew, R. Conde’, G. Padden, R. McClure. FIFTH ROW: T. Smith, B. Lehman. L. O’Dell, K. Perry, R. Rifenburg, F. Hornbeck, T. Monroe, K. Howland, J. Common, C. Tanner. FIRST ROW: Left to Right, Mr. Holden, D. Joyce, C. Goodridge, G. Green, J. Rogers, E. Harkenrider, J. Mickle, R. Kemp. SECOND ROW: J. Connors. C. Howland, D. Conde’, F. Vickers, N. Pelton, E. Dolan, A. Mead. maLe choRusSEXTETTE C. Clarke Mr. Holden V. Kibbe L. Smith E. Stimson J. Daley C. Nye K. Mickle BRASS QUARTETTE K. Mickle J. Common K. Corwin R. McClure Mr. Holden CLARINET QUINTETTE C. Alvord V. Kibbe C. Clarke D. Joyce E. Hoagland Mr. Holden JUNIOR HIGH BOYS CHORUS FIRST ROW: F. Hornbeck, R. Rifenburg, L. Burgett, Miss Winkleman, B. Lehman, K. Howland, L. O’Dell. SECOND ROW: J. Mulholland, J. Common, R. Winchell, R. McClure.camcRA cLub FIRST ROW: S. Bostwick. President, M. A. Joyce, Vice President, Ed. Harkenrider, Secretary, L. Smith, Treasurer, J. Vickers, Mr. Reil, J. Fuller. SECOND ROW: T. Burdick, C. Howland, R. Burger, G. Green, F. Vickers, D. Conde’, R. Perry, J. Connors, E. Weirich. THIRD ROW: L. Cornish, A. Joyce. B. Clark, J. Joyce. M. Briggs, A. Marvel, V. Kibbe, P. Baker, A. Harvey. ABSENT: B. Loucks, M. J. Sackett. FIRST ROW: C. Harris, J. Grossman, A. Marvel, President, B. Kemp, Vice President, M. Joyce, Secretary, B. Loucks, Treasurer, M. Sackett, Student Council Representative, Mrs. Conde’, R. Davis, S. Skuse. SECOND ROW: D. Marsh, D. Kenyon, G. Green, J. Mickle, L. Glover, J. Padden, F. Vickers. THIRD ROW: K. Mickle, M. Briggs, A. Grossman, A. Harvey. J. Gleason, L. Smith, L. Cornish. FOURTH ROW: M. O’Dell, M. Miles, J. FuUer, C. Nye, V. Kibbe, A. Joyce, S. Bostwick, P. Baker, B. Clark. Library council i . «•putuRe homemakeRS of ameRicA FIRST ROW, Left to Right: V. Kibbe-President, M. Joyce-Vice President, M. Briggs-Secretary, C. Nye-Treasurer, M. Sackett-News, A. Marvel-Historian, J. Vickers-Song Leader, M. Miles-Parliamentarian. SECOND ROW: Miss Madison, K. Corwin, E. Stimson, P. Riffle, P. Padden, B. Loucks, J. Gleason, P. Hickey, A. Grossman, K. Mickle, P. Reisman, J. Joyce, S. Lusk, A. Harvey. THIRD ROW: T. Mulholland, C. Alvord, D. Appier, S. Clarke, D. Lewis, D. Appier, N. Hulin, M. Harris, G. Marsh, W. Thorpe, C. Case, L. Cornish, B. Clark, S. Skuse. FOURTH ROW: J. Fuller, B. Tidd, M. O’Dell, H. Deah, B. Atwell, J. Brown, M. Reisman, C. Clark, S. Joyce, L. Smith, J. Daley, P. Baker, A. Joyce, S. Bostwick, T. McAndrew, C. Harris, R. Davis. R. Kemp. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: C. Davis-President, C. Nye-Vice President, S. Bostwick-Secteary, N. Hulin-Treasurer, L. Smith, M.Sackett.K. Corwin. SECOND ROW: K. Howland, C. Clark, V. Kib-be, R. Baker, T. Smith, E. Harkenrider, C. Howland, F. Hornbeck, A. Mead, J. Common, Advisor, Mr. Gibbs. student counciLhi heRAld FIRST ROW, Left to Right: S.Bostwick, editor, L. Smith, Co-editor, M, Briggs, M. Sack-ett, A. Marvel, M. Joyce, A. Harvey, Mrs. McFadden. SECOND ROW: D. Appier. C. Alvord, K. Mickle, N. Hulin, A. Grossman, D. Kenyon, D. Conde, F. Vickers, J. Connor, M. Smith, D. Joyce. THIRD ROW: M. Harris, M. McAndrews, C. Clark, D. Appier, D. Lewis, S. Joyce, A. Joyce, E. Stimpson, G. Marsh, J. Fuller, P. Baker, B. Clark, R. Kemp, S. Skuse. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: C. Halsey, M. Brown, R. Halsey, F. Johnson, J. Padden, B. Wright, D. Lewis, R. Baker. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bronson, T. Marsh, R. Perry, J. Clarke, R. Lewis, M. Sherman, H. Rifenburg, C. Lehman. ROW THREE: C. Halsey, M. Brown, R. Halsey, F. Johnson, J. Padden, B. Wright, D. Lewis, R. Baker. futuRe pARmeRs of ameRicaFIRST ROW: Left to Right; J. Green, J. Mickle, R. Sherman, R. Halsey, D. Lewis, R. Baker, SECOND ROW: Mr. Bronson, F. Hornbeck, K. Perry, R. Rifenburg, T. Burdick, R. Perry, G. Wheeler, T. Monroe, C. Crandall, C. Tanner. THIRD ROW: C. Carson, P. Padden, B. Lehman, T. Smith, L. O’Dell, L. Goodridge, R. Winchell, E. Gayhart. FIRST ROW: Left to Right; G. O’Dell, D. Deming, R. Davis. H. Pensworth, H. Perry, J. Lehman, J. Adams, R. Howe, R. White. SECOND ROW: C. Swartz, P. Howland, L. McAndrew, F. Sutherland, J. Brundage, H. Hornbeck, M. Wright, P. Waters. THIRD ROW: D. Crandall, T. Brown, L. Hollenbeck, A. Gayhart, R. Dougherty, R. Baker, R. Brown, P. Barren. FOURTH ROW: D. Rossman, F. Coy, E. Glover, E. O’Dell, W. Monroe, W. Moag, L. Tanner, K. Moag, G. Tanner, D. Harris, M. Genung, P. Jones. youngen Boys 4-h cLub6riV6R s tRaininq FIRST ROW: R. Davis, W. Thorpe, B. Loucks, M. Sackett, M. Briggs, J. Fuller, M. ODell, S. Skuse. ROW TWO: Mr. Dodson. J. Grossman. G. Green. J. Mickle, D. Kenyon, L. Glover. V. Kibbe, M. Miles, C. Case. FIRST ROW: C. Nye, B. Loucks, A. Marvel, Mrs. Woodruff, K. Mickle, J. Clark, M. Sackett, M. Briggs. SECOND ROW: B. Bardnhart, L. Cornish. V. Kibbe, E. Stimson. P. Riffle, J. Gleason. P. Padden, D. Lewis, J. Joyce, P.Riesman, A. Beil, T. Mulholland, A. Joyce, A. Harvey, A. Grossman. THIRD ROW: M. O’Dell, M. Harris, R. Kemp. G. Marsh, M. McAndrew, J. Daley, S. Joyce, A. Joyce, P. Hickey, L. Smith, J. Fuller, P. Baker, S. Bostwick, B. Clark, C. Case, J. Vickers. Q. A.BAS6BALL FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Baker, M. Smith, D. Conde’, R. Phelps, C. Lehman, J. Grossman, Jesse Grossman, C, Atwell, C. Davis, N. Pelton, M. Smith, J. Riffle. SEC-ONE ROW: D. Thorp, R. Kemp, R. Rosintoski, E. Harkenrider, C. Howland, L. Monahan, Coach Stackwick, R. Davis, J. Rogers, J. Connor, T. Smith, A. Mead, and R. Grossman. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Coach Stackwick, A. Payne, R. Kemp, R. Burger, D. McHenry, F. Vickers, and J. Green. SECOND ROW: F. Hornbeck, J. Baker, J. Yannie, C. Howland, R. Davis, R. Rosintoski, F. Johnson, C. Davis and D. Joyce. tRACktennis FIRST ROW: R. Burger, A. Mead, M. Smith, D. Conde , R. Phelps, SECOND ROW: J. Yan-nie, C. Howland, E. Harkenrider, Coach Stackwick, G. Rogers, F. Vickers, J. Baker, A. Payne. FIRST ROW: R. Grossman, N. Pelton, M. Smith, F. Vickers, J. Connors, C. Howland, R. Baker, G. Wheeler, E. Harkenrider, R. Rosinto’ski, D. Conde , C. Lehman, F. Johnson, J. Harvey, J. Riffle, A. Mead, R. Lewis, J. Grossman, Coach Stackwick. S0CC6RVARsity Basket ball Coach Stackwick, K. Howland, M. Smith, A. Mead, C. Davis, G. Green, T. Smith, D. Conde, C. Howland, E. Harkenrider, J. Rogers. Coach Stackwick, C. Goodrige, T. Loucks, J. Riffle, D. Lewis, R. Rosintoski, R. Baker, D. Thorpe, D. Schribner, N. Pelton, R. Lewis, D. Joyce, B. Lehman, D. Howard. j. v. Basketballthe SCOR6BOAR6 BASEBALL The Andover baseball team had a very successful season winning eleven and losing one. Andover was county champs, and went to the semi-finals undefeated, losing to Lyndonville 5 to 1. Andover 19 8 Angelica Andover 3 0 Canaseraga " 23 1 Allentown " 6 5 Whitesville « 5 4 Scio " 1 0 Arkport » 8 2 Alfred Almond " 3 2 Friendship - 5 4 Homell - 7 1 Arkport •• 10 2 Whitesville " 1 5 Lyndonville TRACK This year the track team had a fairly successful year as they had three county champions. They are; Archie Payne in the shot put; Rich Davis in the 100-yard dash and the 440 relay team consisting of John Baker, Rich Davis, Dick Rosintoski and Charlie Davis. Jerry Green took second place in the shot put. In the section V finals the A.C.S. boys made a fine showing bringing home two second places and one third. Rich Davis placed second in a very close 100-dash run. The 440 relay team placed second, being beat out by a one-tenth of a second by a fine Waterloo team and Archie Payne placed third in the shot put. SOCCER The 1953 soccer team had a record of four wins, four losses, and three ties. Andover won from Angelica, Belmont and Allentown twice, lost to Alfred-Almond, Scio twice and Canaseraga, while they tied with Canaserage, Belmont and Whitesville. Howland led the scoring with 10, followed by Mead with 8, Conde’ Connor with 6 each and Lehman with 5. Lost from the team will be Jim Grossman, Charlie Lehman, George Wheeler and Fred Johnson. Andover 6 0 Angelica Andover 0 0 Canaseraga " 7 0 Belmont - 2 2 Belmont - 0 2 Alfred Almond - 5 5 Whitesville " 0 2 Scio - 0 2 Scio 10 " 1 1 Allentown 4 Canaseraga 12 2 Allentown TENNIS The Andover tennis team had a successful season winning three matches while losing one. The wins were Allentown, and Bolivar twice. The only loss was to Allentown. Ed Harkenrider and Dave Conde’ represented Andover in the semi-finals at Rochester. VARSITY BASKETBALL The Andover Varsity had a successful season by ending with a record of twelve wins and four losses. Andover 51 42 Fillmore Andover 50 52 Arkport » 53 46 Belmont - 39 27 Whitesville « 49 41 Canisteo - 62 71 Scio " 61 31 Troupsburg •• 61 35 Allentown " 60 62 Canaseraga " 56 42 Belmont ” 54 33 Whitesville " 55 37 Greenwood ” 53 60 Scio " 40 32 Allentown •• 62 58 Canisteo - 57 52 Canaseraga J.V. BASKETBALL The Junior Varsity had a successful season winning 11 and losing 5. In league competition the J.V.’s had a 6-4 record. Andover 36 25 Fillmore Andover 56 20 Arkport » 50 32 Belmont - 25 28 Whitesville " 33 41 Canisteo " 38 42 Scio " 49 23 Troupsburg " 42 36 Allentown " 32 31 Canaseraga 60 28 Belmont " 43 19 Whitesville " 40 33 Greenwood « 23 31 Scio 48 37 Allentown » 33 25 Canisteo " 38 53 Canaseragavarsity cheeRle deRS Jackie Vickers, Sandra Bostwick, Alura Grossman, Lucille Smith, Anna Marie Joyce, Terry MulhoUand, Barbara Clark, Sandra Joyce, Mary T. McAndrew, Jocelyn Joyce. junioR VARsity cheeRleaOeRsCUBS FIRST ROW: R. Conde', P. Padden, R. Sackett, T. Smith, B. Lehman, J. Mulholland, J. Mickle. SECOND ROW: Mr. Carmody. R. Common, C. Tanner, F. Hornbeck, K. Howland, K. Perry, R. Rifen-burg, G. Padden. FIRST ROW: L. Pelton, C. Corwin, F. Kupp, C. Thorpe, M. White, R. White, A. Phelps, D. Helm. CUB CheeRlCAdCRSschool cAlendAR School opened Sept. 8 Basketball with Fillmore Nov. Soccer snake dance Sept. 23 Basketball at Arkport Nov. School fair Sept. 24 Oratorical Contest Dec. Seventh grade skating Sept. 25 Basketball at Whitesville Dec. Soccer game at Alfred Almond Sept. 28 Basketball at Canisteo Dec. Soccer game with Scio Oct. 1 Basketball with Scio Dec. Teacher’s Conference Oct. 5 Basketball at Troupsburg Jan. Soccer game with Canaseraga Oct. 8 Basketball at Allentown Jan. Soccer game with Belmont Oct. 13 Basketball with Canaseraga Jan. Soccer game with Whitesville Oct. 15 Basketball with Belmont Jan. Eighth grade skating Oct. 16 Senior Dance Jan. Soccer game at Scio Oct. 19 Potato Show Feb. Soccer game with Allentown Oct. 21 F. H. A. Mother-Daughter Banquet Mar. Teacher's Conference Oct. 22 Senior Supper Mar. Soccer game at Canaseraga Oct. 26 Senior Dance Apr. Soccer game at Allentown Oct. 28 Junior Play Apr. Sophomore party Nov. 6 Music Festival May Jr. High Chorus skating Nov. 6 Regents examinations June 21 F. F. A. Dance Nov. 13 School closed June Hobo Day Nov. 14 Alumni Banquet June Senior Play Nov. 19 Baccalaureate June Commencement June honop AWARDS HOME ECONOMICS PRIZE FIRST PRIZE $20 SECOND PRIZE $5 FRESHMAN PRIZE FIRST PRIZE $5 VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE CERTIFICATE AWARD READER’S DIGEST AWARD SPELLING CONTEST THE ENGLISH PRIZE FIRST PRIZE $5 SECOND PRIZE $2.50 THE GEOMETRY PRIZE FIRST PRIZE $5 SECOND PRIZE $3 THIRD PRIZE $2 BABE RUTH SPORTSMANSHIP AWARDS . 20 . 24 , 4 , 4 , 15 18 5 8 15 22 29 18 4 11 2 9 7-8 -24 25 26 27 28 THE AMERICAN HISTORY PRIZE FIRST PRIZE $5 SECOND PRIZE $5MEMOIRS PHOTOGRAPHY From the Studio of The members of the Hi Herald Staff take this opportunity to thank the NEWS PRINTING LIL JEQ VIST HOUSE for their splendid cooperation in the past in the publication of our school paper the BATH NEW YORK HI HERALD Compliments BAKER'S HARDWARE of F. E. LllNN Wallpaper - Moore’s Paints Dishes - Giftware and SON Linoleum - Felt Base Rugs Hoover Cleaners LUMBER COMPANY Shingles - Roof Coating Magic Chef Ranges “EVERYTHING FOR BUILDING” General Hardware Roll Roofing 256 West State Street Phone 426 Wellsville, New YorkTHE SPIRIT OF EXCHANGE The interpretation of the word Exchange in business life is that of parting withsomething in return for its equivalent. Our interpretation of Exchange is the giving of self for the privilege in return of serving others; of parting with selfishness and receiving in return the satisfaction of discharging our duty to our Fellowmen, to our Community and to our Nation. We, the members of the Exchange Club of Andover, hope that the Senior Class of '54 will set this as their goal.Congratulations and Best Wishes CLAIRS REXALL PHARMACY Careful Prescription Service Compliments of ANDOVER NATIONAL RANKCompliments of Compliments of CLARA AND MARGARET SHORT'S SERVICE STATION "Jerry” Hyland DINET Diamond Rings -Bulova, Elgin, Longines-Wittnauer, Hamilton Croton "Shockproof" Watches "Herm" Wallace FLOYD C. VARS SON JEWELERS "Ken" Vars Andover, N. Y. A, McHENRY CO. Quality Jewelers for over a century 106 Main Hornell Best Wishes to Class of ’54 ANDOVER GARAGE General Auto Repairing ESSO GAS Phone 4685 Main Street Andover, N. Y. Compliments of JACOBS BROS. Hornell, N.Y. Candy and Gasoline TEXACO SERVICE STATION W. D. Hunter Home of Weather-Bird ShoesCompliments of LOOHN'S CLEANERS and LAUDERERS 450 Canisteo Street Hornell, New York SANITONE DRY CLEANING “A Business Built On Satisfaction” Compliments Distributors of JAY MADSEN EQUIPMENT CO HEARTS' DELIGHT Food Products Distributor of CARPENTER SCHOOL COACHES SCOVILLE BROWN CO. 120 Wilson Ave. Wellsville, N. Y. Bath, New YorkCompliments Movies are your best entertainment of BABCOCK AND TEMPLE THEATRES HAZEL’S BEAUTY SALON Wellsville, N. Y. Congratulations Compliments Class of 1954 of F O L S I N G ’ S GRAVE’S RESTAURANT “quality merchandise" “Norm" and “Jean" Compliments Compliments of of BURREL C. WILLIAMS CENTER STREET GARAGE Insurance Agency General Insurance Mingus and Hoover Dial 2543 6 Elm Street Andover, New York Congratulations Compliments of DR. J. R. COMMON JAMES B. MULHOLLAND Dentist Funeral Home Compliments Compliments of of DE BARABIERI’S THE SPORTING GOODS STORE MARKET BASKET Wellsville, New York Self Service Meats Compliments Fresh Fruits Vegetables of the C. M. Tingley, Mgr. FIREMEN’S AUXILIARY Congratulations HOTEL FASSET To All Parties, Banquets, and Dances HOTEL JOYCE Phone 744 Ernie and Ida Burdick Wellsville Compliments COOK'S of ESSO STATION WELLSVILLE LUMBER CO. U. S. Royal Tires “The yard of cheerful service’’ Andover, N. Y. Wellsville, N. Y Phone 1836 Railroad Ave. WellsvilleFRED D. RICE MUSIC HOUSE Arthur D. Runzo Everything in Music Since 1890 Wellsville, N. Y. Phone 263 Compliments of SMITH’S ATLANTIC SERVICE Andover, New York Compliments Good Food Good Coffee Always Open BUNGALOW DINER of LINCOLN - MERCURY Wellsville, N. Y. Compliments of FARMERS’ FEED SUPPLY THE MEN’S SHOP 117 Main Street Hornell, N. Y. 32 Liberty St. Andover, New York Bath, N. Y. OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC Congratulations Sales and Service Specializing in Front End Alignment and to Class of 1954 Wheel Balancing WINEBURG GLEASON, INC. JERRY HACKETT MOTORS, INC. “Charneil” 126 S. Main St. 100 Main Street Wellsville, N. Y. Hornell, N. Y.FULLER’S RESTAURANT Full Course Dinners Legal Beverages Compliments of NIAGARA ELECTRON LABORATORIES P. M. Hackett Andover New York Compliments of SACKETT’S FOOD MARKET Andover New York Compliments of R. J. SOOTHE RAN Attorney Compliments Nancy Lee Popcorn of QUALITY PACKAGED BEANS HENRY STEPHENS Congratulations Insurance Agency and Esther M. Temple, Prop. Best Wishes 11 North Main Street from Andover New York P. M. Hulin Compliments of JOYCE’S Louis Joyce Good Luck to the Class of 1954 DR. S. B. SCOTT AndoverFOR A REAL TREAT GET Compliments of FUNCREST ROLLER RINK Wellsville N. Y. WOODRUFF'S ICE CREAM It’s Super Friendly Rink with the Refined Atmosphere SUNNYDALE FARMS, INC. Andover N. Y. CHEAPER BY THE GALLON B. Burger, Compliments of Mgr. Compliments of FRANK O’CONNOR SPORTS GOODS THE H. H. WILLIAMS CO. 691 Main St. Buffalo, N. Y. MA 7266 Groceries ALBILL RECORD MART Dry Goods and Notions FORD AND PECKHAM Your Headquarters For Television Sets Service 48 N. Main St. Wellsville, N. Y. Phone 966 Dearborn Farm Equipment Ford TractorCOMPLIMENTS OF F.F.A. COMPLIMENTS OF F.H.A.Compliments of Good Luck To The Senior Class OTTO B. NYE Wholesale Food Products HIGBY ELECTRIC Cheese and Honey Mrs. Nora Higby Best Wishes Best Of Luck To The Senior Class of ’54 STEUBEN FABRICS VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP E. J. Allen Jean Lynch Andover New York Home of Rayette Permanents Congratulations Elk Brand Certified Seeds LEOL LUSK TELEVISION SERVICE Compliments of The Best Quality of Potatoes and Oats Mrs. Pauline Lusk Andover, New York Phone 3600 E. L. KENT AND SON Best Wishes and Regards To The Senior Class Lynch--Burgett Post 397 Good Food Good Coffee Always Open AMERICAN LEGION MODERN DINER George J. Karcanes--Commander Woodrow Davie Meetings Every Tuesday of Each Month.RED AND WHITE KENNETH KERTON FLORIST Wellsville N. Y. Home of quality foods Marion Theetge Wm. A. Lang, Prop. Andover Agent WETTLIN FLORAL CO. Canisteo Rd. Horneli N. Y. Compliments of Andover Representative TUTTLE’S STORE Marion Theetge MURRAY STEVENS HORNELL’S LARGEST CLOTHIERS 3 8 Broadway Federation Building Horneli, N. Y. It is only through the kindness and generosity of our advertisers and anyone who assisted us that the publication of this annual was possible. To those who assisted us in any way we give our heartfelt thanks. To our advertisers we offer our appreciation and continued patronage. CLASS OF '54EAT REFRESHING CUBA ICE CREAM COMPLIMENTS OF “The Best by Quality Test” COMPLIMENTS OF MATT and PAUL CUBA BARBER SHOP ICE CREAM CO. Cuba New York Main St. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF NEW BARBER SHOP FAY BROWN N. Main Street BARBER SHOP REASONABLE PRICES Owned and Operated By Main Street DON HOWARDINTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers Cover Monuiodurers Book Binders FACTORY HOME OFFICE Kansas City • ■ 

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