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Vw, 1953 Scfuml ALMA MATER et s grve a cheer for Andover l-hgh School And let us pledge to her aught Others may lrke black or crrmson But for us It s purple and whlte Let all our troubles be forgotten Let hrgh school sprrrts rule We ll jorn and grve a royal effort For the good of our old school Andover Hrgh School' Andover Hrgh School' The prrde of every student here Come on four old grads jom mth ws young lads Andover Hrgh School novv we cheer Now 1 the trme oovs To make a brg norsf. Nlo matter what the people say For there rs naught to fear The gang s all here So Ha1l Andover Hrgn School H ll' L ' ' ' . . . . Y Y , . " v ' vu If ' ' x Rah! Rall! 1 A AS 5 . s l , n , Rl, l U' f . ! R -1 Y g ' ' .- a'. i 1m John We the class of 1953 are proud to have the honor of dedrcatrng thrs year book to Jrm and John Nobles our farthful custodrans who rn turn have dedrcated therr 11ves to loyal and endless work at Andover Central School Durmg our thrrteen years atA C S we have truly apprecxated the wonderful atmosphere and t1dy surroundrngs that they have labored so drllgently to secure for us John Nobles was born 1n Wellsvrlle on February 4 1893 For srxteen years he lrved on a farm near Whrtesvrlle where he mended school Durrng hrs srx teenth year he and hrs famrly moved to Andover Before berng em loyed at A C S John was rn the srlk rndustry as a foreman loom frxer andjweaver James Nobles was born on a farm near Whrtesvrlle on July 27 1897 He at tended school rn Wh1ICSV11lC and later Andover Before he became custodran at Andover Jrm too worked rn the srlk rndustry as an expert twrster and weaver Jrm and John as they are called by every student and faculty member have worked at Andover Central for thrrteen and twelve years respectrvely ,-. A 1 K ,, N , fx it " J i I I J. 1, S Editor-in-Chief Charity Howland fi Each year it is the goal of each yearbook staff to create the best book published. As the book grows under the watchful eyes of the advisor, editor and staff members, obstacles arise. Not every finan- cial and mechanical difficulty can be met with a smile. Day by day first ideas are exchanged for new ones. At last -- tis bound and ready for the sneak preview. lt may not be the book of the century but it was the endless cooperation of Mr. Johnson, Mr. Kessler, the faculty and the staff members that gave the 1953 MEMOIRS the finishing touches and made it the book of the year. We the MEMOIRS staff of 1953 present our annual for your approval and hope you shall enjoy it now and in the future as much as we have enjoyed working together to bring it to you. 1ST ROW L-R Gay Rogers, Art Ed.g Laura Croyle, Subs. Chrn.g Mildred Briggs, Co-ed., Charity Howland, Ed.-in Ch Carl Atwell, Co-ed.: James Conde, Bus. Mgr. g Marion Mil rgan, Adv. Chm.g Mr. Johnson. 2ND ROW L-R Rosetta Davisg Betty Harris, Lit. Ed.: Corinne Hyland, Soc. d.: John Baker, Ronald Monahan, Sports Ed.g Richard Davis, Alm. Ed.: Archie Payne, Sr. Cl. Ed.g Jesse Grossman, Evan Dolan. Sw!! 0- 'Q YV' Id'- SCHOOL BOARD SEATED S B Crandall Dr J R Common STANDING D L DeRemer C R Burd1ck A L Dougherty W Alderson al" 319' 477' il F., James H. Kessler , , George E. Reil Prim-ipgrl Biologylnstrucwr Vice Principal, Mathyt ence 8.3. Hobart ILS. Geneseo State ALS. in Ed. Syracuse he-C N! t XX .Y in .7 Mr, Holden Music B.S. Fredonia ,yy A D r I 1 wir. Bronson g il, ,Dv Agriculture ,,:,C' B.S. Cornell Miss Jordan Grade 5 Geneseo Mrs. Carmody Grade 2 B. Ed. Geneseo Mrs. Schwarzenbach Grade 6 Geneseo W , Mrs. Conde Librarian B.A. Keuka Mrs. Woodruff Sub. Teacher Mrs. Robison Kindergarten Geneseo Q3 Mr. Carmody Social Studies B. Ed. Geneseo Miss Schermerhorn Grade 3 B. Ed. Potsdam -' .ff V ,. . -. WT' AAFAJVX 3 ff ' dt ' I I' N I I Vx. J Lpqdltd 4-fr-si ,Wk I 4' X r. Wil1ian1s,Y'5. , ' Mr. Johnson History I' -xg. Arr B.A. St. Boneventure ,yt , J B.F.A. Syraonst . Yo' 1 -- ' fi 1 S 'S Mr. Kessler Mr. Stack 3, 'IZXJN Principal Physficaxl Edi ion 1 in J' -' Mrs. Greenx Nurse R. N. Park , Avenue Hospital 1 'x Mrs. Joyce is Grade 7 Geneseo .5 rf. U! A N151 S as Mrs. McFadden English 84 Latin B.S. Penn State M.S. Alfred N Miss Taylor . Secretary ' Hornell qi Miss Winkelman Music B. S. Fredonia ' A B. S..BrOelipor1 , 1 Q tv Miss Madison ,Mrs. Corwin Home Economics ' " Kindergarten B.S. Buffalo ' Fredonia Miss Church Miss Adams Grade 5 8a 6 Grade 2 Geneseo B.A. Geneseo Mrs. Connor Mrs. Helmer Grade l Grade 3 8a 4 Geneseo Miss Baker Grade 4 Geneseo Miss Chandler Commercial B . S. Ithaca Mrs. Bartz Grade 7 B.S. Syracuse Mrs. Hall Grade 1 Geneseo iv N., f+,,,.! W H C rrwood Mrs Florence A Greene be hool Superrntendent School Nurse D S B Sc t Mrss Kathleen Gates Schocl Doctor Dental Hygrenrst 5 1' Wim' X 4 r M, x Mr. Donald H. Gibbs Mr. LeRoy Dodson Guidance Counsellor Driver Training Oswego State Normal School Oswego Stare--B.S. Alfred University--B,A. Bonaventure--M. Ed St. Lawrence University--M. Ed. 1' rf' FRONT ROW STANDING .nv-5 BUS DRIVERS L R Glenn Skuse Howard Nrchols Francrs Vrckers Garl Smrth Hank Allen Charles Gleason CAFETERIA STAF LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Lrvermore Mrs Glover Mrs Perry Mrs Brown N'-r" I 'Q , ,n:..,,H. James Conde "Jim" Majors - Mathematics, Science Yearbook - Business Manager Camera Club - 2,3,4g Treasure Student Council Representative Hi Herald - 2, 3,4 Boy's Chorus - 3,4 Band - 1,4 Orchestra - 1,2,4 Honor Society - 3, 4 Basketball - 2, 3 T ack 1 2,3 4 Soccer 1 2 3 4 Junior Play Slick Conway Hobbies Speed Boat Racing Ambrtron Naval Engineer r-3 -4 A -n Gay Frances Rogers Major Mathematics Secretary 3 Historian 4 Yearbook 3 typtst 4 Art Edrtor Library Council 3 4 4 H 1 2 3 4 Secretary 2 3 4 State Meeting 2 4 H Leader 3 4 Camera Club 1 2 3 4 Secretary 4 A 2 3 4 Secretary 2 H1 Herald 1 2 3 4 Varsity Staff 1 2 3 4 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Student Council 2 4 Athletic Association Secretary Treasurer F H A 1 2 3 4 secretary 2 3 State meeting 2 Band 2 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 jf ournaments Ping Pong 1 2 3 Shumeboard 1 2 3 Badminton 1 nior Varsity Cheerleader 2 J Varsity Cheerleader 3 4 unior Play Aunt Susie Hobbies Reading Roller skating Babysitting Ambition Elementary Teacher Aj! School Librarian :J A-XL r ' I 1 It 1 I Q 2 I G:A..-..:'," -,3 Qounty Chorus - 4, Sexytettey -'3,4g Voice 'Class - 4 w 7 ' - . . 1 - . . : ' . "7 , f. . 2'3 vw jf, ' i - ji! 1. ,f ,gi ' ' - U H J t'Vf.,-f' U If :ffV4s , 'KW' -silk' Carl Atwell Tony Ma1or Busrness Agrrculture Secretary 1 2 Prestdent 3 4 Yearbook Co Edrtor F F A 1 2 3 4 Treas 2 3 Presrdent 4 4 H 1 2 3 4 Secretary 1 2 Vrce Pres 3 Lrbrary Councrl 4 Boy s Chorus 4 Student Councrl 2 3 4 Vrce Pres 3 Pres 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Co Capt 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Capt 3 Soccer 1 2 3 4 County F F A Treasurer 4 "' Q F F A Judgrng Team Vegetable County 1st 4 2nd 3 2nd as 1nd1v1dual State Farr 5 Wellsvtlle Potato Show 1st team lst 1Dd1V Junror Play Johnny Rogers Hobbres Gotng to the movres Ambrtron To get rnarrred and settle down John Lawerence Baker Johnny Major Agrrculture Yearbook Sports F F A 4 Treasurer 4 Mrxed Chorus 1 2 Boy s Chorus 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Hobbres Sleeprng Ambrtron To Graduate Laura Mae Croyle Sookre Major Busrness Class Secretary 4 Yearbook Typrst 3, Subscrtpuon Ldttor 4 Lrbrary Councrl 3,4, Vrce Pres 3, Treas 4 F. H. A 2, 3, 4 Chours-1,2,3,4g Lrbrarran-4 County Chorus-4 Sextette-2,3,4 Junior Play-Portia Lark Hobby-Babysitting Ambition-To be a secretary Rlchard Davrs Drck Ma1or Busmess Vrce Presrdent 3 4 Yearbook Alumnr lldrtor 4 F F A 1 2 BoysChorus 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Co Capt 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 Soccer 1 2 3 4 Co Capt 4 Foul Shootrng at Alfred 2 3 Volleyball 2 3 I-lobbres Huntmg Ambrtron To graduate I Llp!! I Rosetta Davrs Rosre Major Busrness Yearbook 4 F l-l A 2 3 4 Vrce Presrdent 4 Jumor Play Mrs Edward Dunmng l-lobbres Readrng Babysrttmg Ambrtron To see the U S A and to be teacher Evan Dolan EZ Major Math Screrrce 4 H 1 Boy s Chorus 1 4 Basketball 2 Track 3 4 Soccer 1 2 4 Tennrs 3 4 l-lobbres Roller skatrnq Drrvmg a car Amb1tron To graduate and go to college Ll M Betty Harris Mert Major Math Jesse Grossman "Jess" Major -Agriculture Yearbook-4: F. F. A. -1, 2, 3, 4g Vice President-4g Library Council-4: Mixed Chorus-1,2g Boy's Chorus-3,4g Basketball-Mgr. 3: Track-23 Soccer -2, 3, 43 Baseball-2, 3, 45 Hobbies-Hunting, Fishing Ambition-Live to be two hundred years old ff! ,ff fu! Yearbook Literary Editor Lrbrary Council 3 4 Secretary 4 4 H 1 Vw 2 3 4 F H A 1 2 3 4 Chorus 3 4 Junior Play Luara Dawson Hobby Collecting snapshots Ambition To be a secretary .8 Y Charity Ann Howland Chat Major Math Science Vice President 2 Library Council 3 4 Yearbook Literary 3 Edrtor in Chief 4 4 H 1 2 3 4 Secretary 1 President 2 3 Camera C ub 1 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Pres 4 G A A 2 3 4 Treasurer 2 H1 Herald 1 2 3 4 Co Editor 3 Edrtor 4 Student Council 2 Secretary 3 A C S P A 1 2 3 4 County Secretary 4 Varsity Cheerleader 1 2 3 Band 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Librarian 2 Presi dent 4 Honor Society 3 F H A 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 2 Presldent 3 4 State Officer 3 Nat1onal Vice President 4 State Meetings Natronal Junior Play Scarlet Ambition Home Economics Teacher Hobby F H A I if ' if ,Xl I uf-'. l X T - ,f ,I DVI. AO" il-"J ' 1 J 5--V' J-V' " - f 0 av' ' ,719 1 14 "W 7' . 'I sv V ,tiff J, L Q, .-'.'--2. .-.5 -. -3.- 1--.-,:.:--"'-is .-:-i..-,.-:': -: D- - I I xr ' D 'S - -3 I - 53:-4: Corrrne Hyland Corky Major Home Economrcs V1ce Presrdent 2 3 G C S Student Councrl 4 A C S Treas 3 G C S Yearbook 2 3 Socral Edrtor 4 Lrbrary Councrl 2 3 4 Pr s G C S Photography Club 3 NewsReporter G C S G A A 4 ecretary-G C S F H A 4 Socra m C S Lcadershrp Club 2 G C S Chorus 1 2 3 4 Vrce Presrdent G C S J V Cheerleader 1 2 G C S Co Capt Hobbres-Go to the movres Ambrtron To get marrred M Thelma ackson Tommre Major Marh Busmess Yearbook 4 L1braryCounc1l 3 4 Secretary 3 4 H 1 2 3 F H A Band 1 2 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Junror Play Madam Zola Hobbres Letterwrlung Crochetrng Ambrtron To rarse a famrly g?'E Marron Mrllrgan Mona Major Math Scrence Presrdent 1 2 Treasurer 3 Yearbook 3 4 Advertrsrng Edrtor L1braryCounc11 3 4 4 H 1 2 3 G A A 2 3 4 V1ce Presrdent H1 Herald 1 2 3 4 Varsrty staff 1 2 3 4 Student Councrl 1 2 3 Red Cross Sec F H A 1 2 3 4 News Reporter 3 Band 1 2 4 P es l Lrbrarran 2 3 Student Councrl 4 Chorus l 2 3 Sextette 2 3 4 Orchestra l 2 4 Vrce Pres 1 4 Lrb 2 Varsrty Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Junror Play Joy Herbert Hobbres Dorn anythmg musrcal Ambrtron To ie a Physrcal Educauon Teacher J u C 1 ff Y QI-'I..p -2 " 4 2,3, Q s 1 . ..: . . .-2,3,: 'rch .-2,35 G. . . '. 'I -. .'. . ',-, '12 ' 5 ' - ,.. . . " 3.4: :..3.4: M-. . ,s I 's if -. .. . l X ":1..3f7 ' -3,44 s ,gr AX., '--.': -s -.1 " '-4: Q ' '-.2--..: ..--..:' '-2: - -I n vi . -D v Us '-I 1 v4- A". .--iz . . .-, ,,: -: L -,,3, ' sr.: ' '-,Q '-: -,,,'4: 'n-1: . P-1 oi --ss ' 5 f Www Ronald Monahan Ron Mayor Busrness Treasurer 4 Yearbook 4 Sports Edrtor A Student Councrl 3 X-yr Basketball 1 2 3 Scorekeeper 4 Volleyball 2 3 Hobby Hunttng Ambrtron To graduate Archre Lawerence Payne Arch Major Busrness F A Yearbook Class Htstory Boy s Chorus 2 3 4 Athens Pa C S Basketball 1 2 3 4 Athens Track 2 3 4 Athens Pa Soccer 4 Football 1 2 3 Athens Pa 1 2 3 Hobby Frshmg Ambrtton To graduate 4, .Dzovpfzecq Leavrng our htgh school memorres behrnd we the class of 1953 look ahead to the future and ftnd ourselves ten years later tn many and varled sttuattons Deep down tn the heart of Texas we ftnd our class presrdent Carl Atwell and the former Cortnne Hyland happrly marrred lrvrng on the largest ranch and have 12 lrttle o1l QATJ wells Happy go lucky Johnny Baker IS strll frghtrng wrth Wanda Throp and rs havmg Just as much fun makrng up. Studrous hm Conde has frmshed Webb lnstrtute, Oklahoma U and Mtchrgan U rn two years and flew to Arabia Just last week rn search of hrs harem Ttny Laura Mae Croyle has stuck to her dtet farthfully and rs but a mere shadow upon the stage. In thrs day and age we address Drck Davrs as "Ch1ef" srnce he has the job of chref accountant rn the mmt keep mg track of lke's money In 1963 Rosetta Davts 15 content to be a teacher's wrfe espectally when the teacher rs Laverne Croft. A F.F. . - 1.2, A Qnyyii , - 1' I D 5 'ffl K Foul Shooting at Alfred - 3 X " sf Y' it A ' -,,: , .-2gA...-3,4 Q -,..: .PL-2.1: f ' 1 1 Q 1 - ' 2 O The Legend of Sleepy Hollow rs berng rewrrtten by Ezzte Doran and he rs strll proud of the fact that he holds the record of sleeprng the most rn class As rn hrgh school hrs phobra rs strll alarm clocks After tryrng all the Charles Atlas courses Lrttle Jesse Grossman rs now 6 feet 112 rnches tall and werghs 399 pounds If you haven t seen htm around lately rt s hrs new Job rn the circus that keeps htm so busy xl e now frnd Betty Harrrs strll tryrng to frnrsh R B I on her good looks and uell Jeepers hurry up GENIUS Charrty llowland rs also rn ashrngton after havrng been elected natronal presrdent of the 1 ertcan Legron QMEN S DIVISIO J and rs strll the val wrth the ross cheeks llavrng just bought out Gleason s Restaurant and expandrno r to frllthe entrre block Thelma Jackson trade enough money to retrre to Bermuda Operatrng a beauty salon that specralrzed rn red rrnses to men only rs Marron Mrllrgan who gave up her career of physrcal ed teacher to do thrs As an admrral rn the Navy we salute Ron Monahan who rs happrly marrred and rs lrvrng wrth hrs wrfe a Wac rn Srberra Red headed Archre Payne rs now a four star general rn command of all Unrted Natrons forces rn New Zealand Gay Rogers has stuck to her promrse and rs an old mard school teacher teachrng rn Italy Wherever the class of 1953 may roam rn the course of therrlrves you may be sure that they wrll be the same happy successful and enjoyable group that they were rn A C S 0, Let us rmagine ourselves back rn 1947 when the Senrors of 1953 were rn seventh grade Yes thrs was an event ful year and a proud one for us At thrs tune there were 31 of us Marton Mrllrgan and Gay Rogers were elected to the cheerleadrng squad whrle everyone else Jorned an organrzatron that was open to seventh graders The boys needed some emoyment so rn erghth grade wrth Mr Carmody the frrst cub team was organrzed Charrty Howland and Marron Mrllrgan were among the cub cheerleaders Laura Mae Croyle and Charity Howland were among the proudest when they won the grade school spelhng contest Of course when we entered the Freshman Class we consrdered ourselves the best Marron Mrllrgan held the post tron as Presrdent of the class while Kent Harder acted as Vrce Presrdent Carl Atwell as Secretary and Laveme Sherman as Treasurer Marion Millrgan received an award as the outstandrng Freshman thrs year Our Sophomore year was eventful and fun The baseball team wrth the help of four Sophomores Rrchard Davrs Jesse Grossman John Baker and Carl Atwell went to Rochester three tunes to play those all rrnportant playoffs Carl Atwell set a record for the most pornts scored rn a soccer game Thrs strll remams .hm Conde and Charrty Howland en tered the oratorrcal contest where Jrm won frrst place whrch entrtled htm to the county contest where he recerved second prrze. MarronMillrgan, Charity Howland and Carl Arwell led our successful class thrs year. In agrrculture, F. F. A. and 4 H, Carl Arwell recerved many local, county and state ribbons through his excellent Judging abrlrty Gay Rogers, J rm Conde, and Thelma Jackson were very pleased when they leamed that they had recerved 55. 00, 53. 00 and 32, O0 re spectrvely for therr hrgh averages rn Geometry On now to our Junror year where the Junrors made history wrth the frrst Junror Play, "Aunt Susre Shoots the Works " In the lead were Gay Rogers as Aunt Susre and Kent Harder as Omar Bradley Charrty Howland as Scarlet played the ,, ,, . . . . , . . . , . . .. . . .. , J , . . , . . . . 1 . . . . r 1 n . , V . . ,,. . . . V . - - ' t .. rrrl ., . 5. . . , r .. . . . O . . . , . ,O . . 1 C' L . ' r ' c o . . . . . ,, ,, . . . . Y . . I , . . . U Q , - . 1 - ' - I . . . I , I I ' dumb matd wtth Bill McNetll as her opposrte The mysterious Madam Zola was portrayed by Thelma Jackson Joy by Marlon Mrlltgan Cynthra by Rosetta Davrs Slrck Conway by Jtm Conde Laura Dawson by Betty Harris Johnny Rogers by Carl Atwell and Portta Lark by Laura Croyle Thts was one of the htghltghts of our Jumor year Drck Davts set a record for the most pornts scored in a basketball game Our Hack team was well represented by Junrors Drck Davts and Carl Atwell part of the relay team set a record tn the Rochester ftnals Dtck came rn frrst U1 the 100 yard dash and Arclue Payne represented Andover m the shot put Kent Harder and Charrty Howland received awards tn Htstory for havmg the htghest averages Dunng thts successful year Carl Atwell as Presrdent Rrchard Davts as Vrce Presrdent Gay Rogers as Secretary and Marlon Mrllrgan as Treasurer drrected the class acttvitres When entertng the Semor Clam we realrzed that we had ftnally reached the top CarlAtwel1 as Prestdent Rrchard Davrs as Vtce Presxdent Laura Croyle as Secretary Ronald Monahan as Treasurer Corinne Hyland as Student Councrl Representattve and Gay Rogers as Htstonan led the class Betty Hams Laura Croyle and Gay Rogers were entered ln a state typtng contest at Alfred Unrversrty wrth Gay wmnmg ftfth pnze As a National F H A officer Chanty Howland saw the Untted States thxs year Carl Atwell was then chosen to gurde the Student Councxl of Andover Central School About the only thtng that the present Sentor Clas ts weak rn is a little matter called students Along the way we seemed to have lost about half of our class as rt now has a grand total of 16 puptls As for the future well who can tell? But I m sure that we wtll always remember thrs Senior Class Carl Atwell and Cortnne Hyland wrll be remembered as always getttng along very well together whtle Marion Mrlllgan was always worrted about her red? 2? hatr The qutet ones Betty Hams and Rosetta Davrs couldn t get a word tn edgewlse because Gay Rogers was always talktng too much Charity Howland was always wrtttng letters concerrung F H A while Laura Croyle was busy wrth the Seruor records Thelma Jackson was always busy writing letters to her husband Jack Keeping the alarm clocks rtngtng was Evan Dolan who just couldn t get any place on tune while Ron Monahan who was offtctal score keeper of the basketball team was just the opposrte All of the brarns in the class seemed to take to James Conde whrle the ICSI of us had to study constantly Richard Davis must of had an allergy anyways whenever a girl spoke his face was the color of a beet Archte Payne and John Baker never seemed to get along with Mtss Chandler especially in bookkeeprng and last but not least Jesse Grosman whose rnterest centered on gtrls of any kmd Now rt 15 the end of our school years together and we feel sure that although our class has been small we have con mbuted much to Andover Central School. , , . . . 9 I ri 1 1 S . . , f I ' . - Q ' 9 I . 1 - S . . - . . D ' . 1 v n 3 ' n n . . . s 9 -- , . . , . . . . . . . , . . . p . . . . . , . . . . , . . . , . -- . NAME Laura Croyle Rosetta Davrs Betty Hams Charrty Howland Marron Mrllrgan Corrnne Hyland Gay Rogers Thelma Jackson NAME Carl Atwell John Baker James Conde Rrchard Davrs Evan Dolan Jesse Grossman Rona ld Monahan Archre Payne finquixing Hlepxvztex SHE IS a srnger short s hard workrng lrvely cute easrly angered happy HE rs ood lookrng appy go lucky studrous good sport always late short quret an rrrestrble SHE THIN KS SHE IS homely unobserved a an orator popular rn love rn love hard workrng HE THINKS HE IS in love a charrner a lady s man s Ernstern a Romeo unobserved brrllrant SHE WOULD LIKE TO BE rt s a secret a teacher a secretary presrdent a true red head marrred an old mard school teacher rn the money HE WOULD LIKE TO BE marrred famous Ben Blu rn the movres on Mars ta a lady s man rrch SHE IS ALWAYS SEEN babysrttrng wrth an eye on Lavern Croft wrth Laura you can t mrss flrrtrn wrth arl talkrng and heard HE IS ALWAYS SEEN wrth Corrnne ar urng bra g ng eatrng sleeprng broke blushrng flrrtrng redhead '10 We the class of 1953 berng of sound body but unsound mrnd leave our last worldy possessrons to the followrng students and faculty Carl Atwell leaves hrs Tonr to Ed Harkennder James Conde leaves hrs drctronary of brg words rn the chemrstry lab to Trm Marsh Laura Croyle leaves her srngrng abrlrty to Mary Jane Sackett R1chard Davrs leaves hrs athletrc abrlrty to Jay Taylor Evan Doland leaves hrs abrlrty to get to school on trme to Anna Marre Joyce Betty Hams leaves her qruet drsposrtron and drgnrty to Beverly Loucks Jesse Grossman leaves hrs laughable drsposrtron to Emre Werrrch harrty Howland leaves her achrevements and rnterests rn F H A to Mary O Dell Corrnne Hyland leaves her drrvrng abrlrty to anyone who rs brave enough to take rt Marron Mrllrgan leaves her cheerleadrng abrlrty to Kay Mrckle Ronald Monahan leaves hrs herght to Jrm Grossman Archre Payne leaves hrs curly red harr to anyone thrnkrng of gettrng a red rrnse next year Gay Rogers leaves and wrshes she could take a P G Rosetta Davrs leaves her srze to Janet Gleason Thelma Jackson leaves her old boyfrrends to Carol Harris CI ' hy f t ' . . . p Q - ' I . . ' . h E I - - ' g ' i . . by n . . 8 . . U John Baker leaves fand on the runl. Mrs Joyce we leave a new supply of sarcastrc remarks Mrs Bartz we leave some headache powders for the nrght before next year s senror play Mr Carmody we leave a new bus especrally for the use of the Cubs Mrs McFadden we leave an extra parr of glasses for when she leaves her other parr home Mr Rerl we leave a bottle of arrwrck to sweeten the arr rn the scrence room after the students prepare hydrogen sulfrde Mr Johnson we leave a gallon of gas to make up for what he used to carry semors to get therr photos plus some asprrrn Mrss Chandler we leave a package of typrng paper to replace what the senrors borrowed Mrs Conde we leave a detecttve to solve next year s lost books M1ss Madrson we leave a magnet to prck up all the prns that collect there for some mysterrous reason Coach Stackwrck we leave a bell to ue around hrs neck so the new reporters can frnd htm To Mr Wrllrams we leave a week s vacatron after gettrng r1d of thrs class plus a book on parlrementary precedure to keep meeungs rn order Bronson we leave a gas mask so he won t get ceresan rn hrs eyes whrle cleanrng oats Kessler we leave a watchdog to place rn the upstairs hall to see that the students don t mrsbehave Grbbs we leave new references to take the place of the ones the 53 senrors wore out M1ss Taylor we leave a specral bookkeeper to count all the money of the class of 1954 Mr Holden we leave a babysrtter for hrs 3 lrttle boys for the comrng four years M1ss Wrnkleman we leave a book of smrles for use rn the future M1ss Mastromonaco we leave some money to treat all the krds after losrng her bets Mr Dodson we leave a new set of nerves for next year s drrvrng class Mrs Green we leave an assrstarrt nurse to take over dutres when she decrdes to make a call on Mrs Joyce hm and John we leave a lrttle peace and quretness after the class of 1953 departs To Mrss Gates we leave a httle more trme so she can become better acquarnted wrth the A C S students To . ' . To . , ' ' ' . To . ' . To . ' ' . To ' . . . . . , . To . ' ' ' ' . To ' ' ' ' . To . ' ' . To . . . . . U To Mr. ' ' ' ' ' . To Mr. ' ' ' ' . To Mr. ' ' ' . To ' ' . T0 . ' ' " " ' ' . To ' ' ' ' . T0 ' ' ' . To . ' ' ' . T0 . ' ' ' . . To . . . ' J HOME ECONOMICS PRIZE Thrs rs awarded by Baker s Hardware to the outstandrng senror grrl and Jumor hrgh grrl Frrst Prrze IS S20 and second rs S5 00 FRESHMEN PRIZE Frve dollars rs awarded by the AndoverGrange to the most outstandrng member of the freshman class Consrdera t1on rs grven to scholarshrp crtrzenshrp and actrvrtles VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE CERTIFICATE AWARD The Amerrcan Agrrculturrst Foundatron grves a certlfrcate for outstandrng work as a vocatronal agrrculturist rn cludrng practrcal application and good crtrzenshrp READER S DIGEST AWARD One year subscriptron to the Reader s Drgest Magazrne rs awarded to the Valedrctorran by the publrshers of Reader s Drgest Thrs rs presented not only rn recognrtion of past accomphshmenrs but rn antrcrpatron of unusual achrevements to come SPELLING CONTEST The Buffalo Evemng News grves awards to the champron speller of the IunrorH1gh School for the year A Webster THE ENGLISH PRIZE Each year an Englrsh Prrze Ls awarded to the senrors who have the hrghest average rn Englrsh Thrs award rs grven on the basis of four years of high school work rncludmg Regents The prrzes which are S5 00 and S2 50 are grven rn memory of Helen A Joyce and Marte Joyce Harvey THE GEOMETRY PRIZE The student havmg the hrghest average rn Plane Geometry recerves S5 00 as first prrze whrle second and third places recerve S3 00 and S2 00 respectrvely The mark must also rnclude the Regent mark These awards are grven by the Andover Masonic Lodge 8558 BABE RUTH SPORTSMANSHIP AWARDS All students rn the senror class are eligrble to receive the rndrvldual medallron awards The Sportsmanshrp awards wrll be made each year to the two students fboy and gulj rn the semor class who rn the oprnron of their fellow students have made the greatest contrrbution to the spurt of sportsmanshrp and fau' play during the year An attractrve sportsmanshlp placque ffor permanent drsplayj wrll be grven to each partrcrpatrng school Space wrll be provrded on th1s placque for engraving the names of the two students chosen each year by the school THE AMERICAN HISTORY PRIZE To the puprls havmg the hrghest yearly average lll Amerrcan Hrstory the Amerrcan Legion and LegronAux1l1ary award a frrst and second prrze of S5 O0 each I Dictionary and a certificate are the prizes given. , . Laura Mae Croyle SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT of fhune SPONSORED BY THE HI HERALD STAFF LEADERSHIP NEATNESS 4 ' James Conde SERVICE COOPERATION Charuy Ann Howland PERSONALITY 'fs mam. I 5 4 x Marion Edith Milligan Gay Frances Rogers If x I, J . I Amen VK' 1 A .V V '-I if I . . I ,ll 1 :'1 1 W, it ,:-,.,... 5 , t , X . 424, 1 f 'r,t su' 'r - N. QA fb, I0 W, 'fatsct ' M"-N , , f , F, 1 1ST Row: Theodore Smith, Charles Lehman, Charles Davis, David McHenry, Roger Thetgee, James Grossman, 2ND ROW: Ruth Davis, Carol Harris, Betty Ann Kemp, Sandra Skuse, Wanda Thorp, Anna Marie Joyce, Charlotte Case, Mildred Miles: 3RD ROW: Mr Johnson, Leo Glover, Claude Marsh, Gerald Greene, James Mickle, Jack Rosintoski, Leslie Monahan, Dale Kenyon, Miss Chandler: 4TH ROW: James Padden, Beverly Loucks, Patricia Riesman, Ann Marvel, Mary Ann Joyce, Mary Jane Sackett, Mildred Briggs, Shirley Tidd, James Yannieg ABSENT: Betty Tanner, Virginia Kibbe Carol Nye, ' sl . - .- Hx-f' , C ' I ' , - f 4 'V' ' ,7 ' 44 I 9' I 'J' Q1 -' 1 H f .J F lwyaufy kg x.: r fy , r 1 L f F if 7, 'J FX-rg ' v Vi, L 1 , .pf O 1ST ROW: Herb VanSchaick, Mike Smith, Dave Conde, Dick Burger, Avery Mead, Roy Halsey, Francis Vickers, Fred Johnson: 2ND ROW: Shirley Ordiway, Joyce Fuller, Mary O'De , Barbara Clark, Lorraine Cornish, Doris Barnhart, Sandra Bostwick, Lena Jones: 3RD ROW: Ernest Weirich, Theron Burdick, Jay Taylor, Donald Lewis, Ed Harkinrider, Dick Kemp, Robert Sherman, David Marsh, Charles Howland, Mr. Reil: 4TH ROW: Janet Lang, Virginia Beil, Janet G1?aio2!Alura Grossman, Ann Harvey, Kay Mickle, Pat Baker, Lucille Smith at f K .fx S P if , ,gf v-CQ, , f Sup I rtt fix? U r- -Liar lv ff l ,L 'ef 1-LJ t .4-.41...Y-.-w -...Tri sway,-1,1 5,9 ll .U-- i . j Ar In :-19' 5 I ' ' 1ST ROW: Thomas Loucks, Robert Grossman, Pat Crandall, Roger Phelps, Norman Pelton, John Dean, Bradley Wright Martin Smith, Charles Prentice, ZND ROW: Mrs. Mclfaddeng Ruth Kemp, Gloria Marsh, Marilyn Harris, Jackie Ba er Annabelle Kemp, Vivian Tanner. Lois Lehman, Jackie Vickers, SRD ROW: Cort Marsh, Richard Rosintoski, Jerry Rogers Kenneth Perry, Howard Hall, Alice Beil, Sylvia Lusk, Myrtle Gayhart, Nancy Huling 4TH ROW: Ella Mae Stimpson Patricia Padden, Phyllis Riffle, Dorothy Appier, Jocelyn Joyce, Jean Daley, Terry Mulholland, Crystle Reinard, Joan Clark Diane Lewis, ABSENT: Velma Broughton, Robert Perry, Karen Corwin 1ST ROW: James Jones, Richard Grossman, Dennis Joyce, Roger Lewis, Dale Spencer, Elmer Monroe, Donald Howard ZND ROW: Mr. Carmody, Beatrice Tidd, Dixie Appier, Harriet Dean, Teresa McAndrew, Helen Stockingg 3RD ROW Corinne Alvord, Sandra Joyce, Karl Gavin, Ronald Glover, Richard Baker, Harold Rifenburg, Barbara DuBois, Sally Clarke 4TH ROW: Jerry Clarke, Merle Brown, Clair Goodridge, Merle Sherman, James Riffle, Laverne Greene, James Harvey Clarence Halsey I Q L x , - 2 J .PH -.J'f'5o 1 If h ' 4 l '4 , E IN ' L 'mix 1ST ROW QND ROW 3RD ROW ABSENT: 1ST ROW ZND ROW 3RD ROW ABSENT: L-R L-R . rf S Cl Bruce Lehman, Clarence Carson, Shirley Button, Lynford O'Dell, Connie Burch, lla Marsh, Florence Reisman, Thana Kibbe Keith Howland, George Mather, Fred Hombeck, Madeline Wheeler, Betty Livergood, Charlotte Clark, Berna dine Hollenbeck Loretta Grossman, Sylvia Clark, Pat Padden, Tom Smith, Anna Davis, Mrs. Joyce Richard Rifenburg, Keith Perry, Clifford Tanner Nellie Day, Margaret White, Ruth White, Marie McAndrew, Shirley Vickers, Curtis Crandall, Terry Monroe, Mrs. Bartz, Carolyn Thorpe, Edna Reinard, Jean Davis, Charles Whiting,Richard Stocking, James Fraser, Robert Barnhart Diane Helm, Lois Pelton, Freda Kupp, Ronald Stocking, Edward Gayhart, Leo Burgett, Franklin Davis, Lyndon Goodridge Margin Prentice, Danny Richey S .93 'x N ' 3 s , ,svgfg f, on X3 Q.. U ,W ,ws M91 ' ll 'ci' 1 J 1ST ROW L-R 2ND ROW 3RD ROW 4TH ROW ABSENT: 1ST ROW L-R 2ND ROW 3RD ROW l uns i val, 'lg fl - AN, i- '-44' li E'-k'. 1 Math Ro er Winchell, William Shawl, Robert Saclcett, Leo McAndrew, Robert Conde, Edgar Hoailand Ju ith Baker, CarolHoward, Mary Brown, Anne Church, Francis Adams, James Mulholland, Ro ert McClure, Anne Holmes, Reta Lynn Robert Winchell, Alberta Phelps, Joan Sootheran, John Common, Clifton Mather, Joyce DaY. John Mickle Richard Lewis, Mrs. Schwarzenbach Alice Barnhart, Mary Lou Kemp, Claudette Corwin, Cordelia O'Del1, Carolyn Brundage, Victor Burch, Kenneth Moad, Gerald Padden Milton Goodwin Miss Church, Warren Hann, Theodore Deming, Charles Manroe, Virginia Atwell, Virginia Sortore, Linda Coffin, Nancy DeRemer, Pauline Clark Ronald Glover, Henry Hornbeck, Beverly Barney, Leo Alvord, Donna Barnhart, Karol Ryan, Beverly Free- n arth Hulin ma , G ' Hazel Lehman, June Burch, Judith Brundage, Hfmer Glover, Robert Brown, Richard Baker, Regina Baker ffifthand 12116 tw if I4 Q :Q-tx X y rglf,-, W - --F ' aw- -1,-...Januar l K 9 153' 4, . ,am he ffilfffb 1ST ROW Donald Harris, Lester Stocking, Larry Tanner, Lucille Rifenburg, Mary Beth Sootheran, Ann Cannon, Paul Glover, Claude Riffle, Victor Kemp 2ND ROW Leon Nichols, Judith Carr, MabelHalsey, Mary Whitney, Betty Io Bamey, Dolores Halsey, Frank Sutherland, Shirley Snyder SRD ROW Linda Marvel, Sally Smith, Lee Storms, Glenn Thorp, Dennis White, Paul Reinard, Carl Lehman, Linda Pease, Irene Clarke 4TH ROW Miss Jordan, Paul Winchell, Leslie Marsh, Alfred Whiting, Suzanne Deming, Barbara Barnhart, Flora Sherman, Betty Jones, William Woodruff, Jean Updyke, Betty Short 1ST ROW L-R Gary Rosintoski, Merton Genung, Gerald Tanner, Lawrence House, Adelbert Gayhart, Edward Greene, Carroll Swarts, Merton Wright 2ND ROW Barbara Hawks, Venecia Howe, Carole Clark, Maxine Mead, Ellen Joyce, Sandra Burch, Karen Stocking, Rosamond Baker, Lois Reil 3RD ROW Patricia Bronson, Carol Hoagland, Carol Eshenbaugh, Camille Crandall, Charlotte Dean, Nancy Gibbs, Lynda Marison, Sylvia DuBois, Barbara Pelton, Miss Baker 4TH ROW Wayne Burch, David Carson, Hugh Church, Lyle Nye, Neil Storms, Clifford Grover, Richard White, Gary Wightman, Wally Clarke fkufztfn ..a,..,.,,,,.,,., ,r., , . an HD ful ' A fa f"- zL...M. i 41:3 ,H at f, uw ll-S ' NM v-ye X J Q1 xl 'xr , , ..- L... s 3 ax 1 Sf-N" 'lligj 1ST ROW 2ND ROW 3RD ROW ABSENT: 1ST ROW ZND ROW 3RD ROW A7 Sammi Peter Hornbeck, Alberta Dugo, Jeanne Campbell, Robert Vickers, Janet Burger, Connie Meyn, Barbara Pease, Sharon Thorp, Sharon Robinson Encil Glover, Robert Dougherty, David Rossman, Janis Reil, Lynne'Sootheran, Sandra Sweet, Gerald Prior, Cathy Caple, Mrs. Carmody Jen Cook, Ronald Kemp, Ann Conde, Ann McAndrew, Judy Clarke, Carol Peckham, Joseph Adams, Emily Alvord, Nikkie Porter, Loula Bell Jones Bruce Forrest, Robert Goodwin Beverly Lusk, Shiela Clarke, Charlotte Mead, Jimmy Greene, Donald Kemp, Bruce Harris, Pearl Perry, Lynne Carmody, Mary Ann McClure Alice Brown, Sally Holmes, Lynn Cable, William Monroe, Phillip Clarke, Dale Crandall, Mattie Howland Harold Sabin, Karl Wittie, Elwin Hoose, Barbara Gordon, Marilyn Genung, Frank Coy, Delbert Kemp, Joe Carr, Judy Woodruff, Susan White, Teacher - Miss Adams Second l -u-fl K -1 Jr 1 1ST ROW L R Bonnre Warren Rose Ann Dugo Thomas Pease Dan1elSm1th Raymond Mead Wrllram Green Earl Perry 2ND ROW L R Mrs Robrson Sandra Trdd Stephen Baker Wrllram Brxby Lrla Clarke John Brlhngs Mamn Howland ABSENT 1ST ROW ZND ROW 3RD ROW ABSENT -- iilsus L Clthletico, l ...I -S X Andover partrcrpated rn 3 dual meets thrs year losrng two to Hornell and Wellsvrlle by the scores of 128 86 and 118 '76 respectrvely and wrnnrng one agarnst Alfred Almond 99 '77 Andover also partrcrpated rn aqurn tangular meet at Homell placrng second Seven boys were honored to try out rn the frnals at the Rochester raceway Rrch Davrs the fleet footed runner rn the 100 yard dash ser a new record whrch was 10 8 The 440 relay team made up of Rrch Davrs Charhe Davrs Ron Howland and Carl Atwell In thrs great event the boys went out wholeheartedly to set another record whrch went at 48 seconds flat Wayne Atwell the mrle runner gave all he had but could not take frrst place but came very close as he frmshed second rrght on the heels of the first place runner Butch Vrckers and Archre Payne who were tryrng out for the shot put to compete rn the fmals had poor luck and were beat by 112 mch Altogether the track team had a very successful season and we hope they w1ll do as well rn the comrng years 49 1ST ROW L R R Phelps M Smrth Managers 'PND D Pelton H VanSch1ack J Grossman C Atwell R Howland A Mead C Davrs RD Coach Stackwrck D Conde J Baker K Harder V Atwell E Harkrnrrder C Howland R Dav1s T Smrth L Monahan R Rosrntoskr The 1952 baseball team boasted an undefeated season unul the very last ame whrch they lost to Alfred Almond 'I to 2 Thts decrsrve game causeda four waydeadlovk for frrst place between A1 red Almond Angelrca Canaseraga and Andover An exhaustrng playoff schedule one wh1ch thrs team w11l never fortget began at ntne 0 clock the very same evenlug Andover elrmrnated Alfred Almond 8 to a under the lrghts and a ter a brref nrght s rest went on to defeat Canaseraga8 to 4 next mornrng at Belmont A dog ured but spurred Andover team enterrng rnto tts fourth game wrth rn 24 hours flnally went down to defeat rn the frnals at the hands of a fresh Augelrca team who rallred to wrn late tn the game by a score of 4 to 2 Hats off to a very frne effort on the part of our boys l Nlsf' .7 ' 1 1ST ROW L-R C. Howland, D. Conde, E. Harkenrider 2ND ROW K. Harder, J. Yannie, Coach Stackwick, E. Dolan, 1. Connors 1ST ROW L-R C. Davis, R. Burger, F. Johnson 2ND ROW Coach Stackwick, A. Mead, J. Rogers, D. Rosintoski, F. Hornbeck fox' 'K .n 144, ln - 1ST RO'V L R E Dolan D Conde F Johnson I Grossman R Davrs C Atwell I Conde A Mead R Burger R Grossman QND ROW LR Coach Stackwrck C Lehman R Rosrntoskr C Howland G Wheeler E Harlenrrder I Rogers I Rosmtoskm A Payne E Werrrch I Grossman The Panthers had a very successful season thrsyear wrnnmg stx Angelrca Belmont Scto Allentown Canaserana Almond The Panthers scrappy backfreld was scored upon only three trmes durrng the entrre season Twlce at the hands of Alfred Almond and once by Wellsvtlle The ltne showed much drtve and could score when pressure was on a com brnatron whrch made the best soccer team tn the hrstory of Andover Carl A well Jesse Grossman Archre Payne Jrm Conde and Drck Davrs w1ll be mlssed durrng next season OPPONENTS Angellca Belmont Sclo Allentown Canasera a Xhrtesvt le Alfred Almond Wellsvrlle Alfred Almond 44 -. . I I . ' ' 1 1 ' 1 , 1 O 1 and Whitesvilleg tieing two- Alfred Almond and Wellsville. The team's only defeat was in the playoff against Alfred A.C.S. - ' 2 O 6 O ' 8 O ' 10 O . lg 2 0 f. 1' ' ' l2 0 2 2 ' 2 2 O 2 .. Q 1ST ROW L R C Tanner C llvhlflflg 2ND ROW E Harkenrrder L Monahan R Davrs A Payne T Smrth G Green C Davrs C lehman J Baker C Atwell Coach Stackwrck Our varsrty basketball team enjoyed a successful season thrs year wrnnrng 11 and losrnq 3 In league compe t1t1on our team frnrshed thrrd behrnd Alfreu Almond and Canaseraga Good work team and we hope next year s varsrty w1l1 do equally as well Hrghest scorers for Andover were L Monahan 196 Harlfenrrder 195 R Davrs 148 Atwell 100 and C Davrs 65 Arkport Genesee SCIO Canrsteo Canaseraga Allentown Whrtesvrlle Alfred Almond Scro Troupsburg Canaseraga Greenwood Allentown Whrtesvrlle Alfred Almond Total ACS 783 OPP 4w After losrnv the1r flrst 4 games the J V basketball team came back to Wm eleven straight thus wrnnrnv the champ xonshrp for Sectron I At the trme of thrs wrrtrng the I V s have yet to play for the county champronshrp So we wrsh our boys the best of luck Hrghesr scorers for the! V were C Howland 185 D Conde 126 G Rogers 103 A Mead 88 and M Smrth 85 . . . . J.V.'s 44 40 47 34 ' F, ' ' g , , , ' 50 40 ' ' , r' ' -1 - ' u . X . . . . . .sr ' . .I 50 56 f ' ' l 1 ' 67 33 ', ' . .' I ' V -: K ' 40 27 . , , Q , ' , 3 , I ' 5 . ' 39 59 3 , ' , ,, ' 54 86 78 59 50 58 46 35 67 48 ' ' 52 45 ' 39 35 6 f K1 U Jfyirf '39 ' L 39 Q5 . .1 3' 1 . - 7 1'-X' L ? EY 1 mifagfl sd 425-fi: , ' ., 'x ,, A 'il M ' I K - K I I 4, X , n Y P9 , 8. L, . , I - , b , L' 5 nf :fx 5- Fw 3NY.?LJ L. .L J.. f ff' 5 -f 1ST ROW L-R T. Loncks, H. VanSchiack, R. Phelps, K. Perry, C. Prentice, R. Rosintoski, Pelton ZND J. Connor, R. Sherman, A. lx1ead,C. Howland, D. Conde, J. Rosintoski. 3RD J. Harxcy, D. Lewis, M. Smith, 5- Rogers, R. Grossman lST ROW L-R B, Lehman, D. Rifenberg, R. Lewis, D. Joyce, T. Smith ZND Mr. Carmody, J. Riffle, G. Mather, D. Baker, J. Clark, K. Howland, L. Goodridge, D. Howard Zac U M Q :E-I M 6 '9""'Mi2'w, T 40 X 4 . .v ' 'ff x iq .K H! KEY ' gxg ..-A. Q Thelma Ia ckson Gay Rogers Chartty Howland Carl Atwell Rrchard Davls Archte Payne I' III K 34,0 -r-1 "Nm if 4522 Connne Hyland Betty Hams James Conde Rosetta Davts Laura Mae Croyle Marron Mrlhgan actwxtleo 'FIV X Qfgdsg-:L fiutwze , af ' 1ST ROW L-R W. Thorpe, B. Clark, M. O'Dell, M. Milligan, J. Vickers ZND ROW 3RD ROW 4TH ROW 5TH ROW Miss Madison, M. Sackett, -Hist., L. Smith - Sec., C. Howland - Pres., R. Davis - V. Pres. , M. Briggs - News Rep., B. Kemp - Treas., C. Harris, J. Fuller, A. Joyce, S. Tidd A. Grossman, T. Mulholland, P. Riffle, A. Marvel, M. Joyce, B. Loucks, A. Harvey, S. Bostwick, C. Case, P. Reisman P. Baker, L. Croyle, B. Harris, L. Cornish, M. Miles, J. Joyce, G. Rogers, K. Mickle, P. Padden, J. Daley C. Hyland,J. Baker, D. Lewis, R. Kemp, T. Harris, R. Davis, S. Skuse 1ST ROW L-R C. Korwin, J. Baker, K. Ryan, A. Phelps, M. Kemp, C. Brundage, C. Howard 2ND ROW J. Joyce, V. Sortore, V. Atwell, A. Church, G. Rogers, Leader ' ,4-.76 A P. , ffl Soccer Belmont fherel Oct U. S. Army Kenneth Milligan Joseph Smith U. S. Air Force Donald Mulconery Clyde Jackson Bruce Nye Kenneth Nye Leroy Caple Syracuse University Robert Carpenter Buffalo College Caroline Briggs Carl Waters Morrisville School Billie Ryan Farming Dale Green Paul Clark Charles Dou herty Clayton Bur ick Working in Wellsville Collen McAndrews Ruth Curry Teresa Joyce Mary Lou Clark School opens 8th Grade Skating Party School Farr Soccer at Angelica Soccer at Alfred Almond Jr Chorus Skating Party Assemblx 7th Grade Skating Partv Cross Country Meet U. S. Navy Rodney Wheeler Waves Nedra Burrows Alfred University Mary Brown Roger Wright Lois Ruger John Dougherty Hyland Hospital Eunice Hall Patricia Sackett Bryant 8L Stratton Charles Snyder Harry Foster Ronald Howland Washington D C Clarlce Nye Married Ruby Ordiwav Agnes Davis Dangann Crandall Donna Nobles Richard Hancock Annabell O Bell Joyce Spicer Lyle Slocum Sduwl Ga Sept Sept ' Sept Sept Oct Oct C ct Soeeer Soccer Soct er at Wellsxille Allentown Chercb ating Party Seto Chercj soccer 1 f at ti eragw C e Da at lricndsup Vl triet tndx S Soc er it Belmont U. S. Marines Jack Wheaton Robert Dunham Ronald Atwell University Of Buffalo Dean Fisher Gloria Clair Geneseo College Dale Pelton Margaret Daley St James Hospital Mary Ellen Connors Marcella Smith fhxllrs Berger Bible School Robert M rrsh Ci11f0I'I1l'l Janet Hall Lois llonnc get Joyce Ltnza JoAnn Marsh Barbara Wintembero Maxine Fuller Anita Wichols Frances Baker Bill Clover Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct ' ,St-pt. 2 5 -t ' H . - ' 3 " 12 5 1- I ' - - . 10 ' . 17 fl-Il Sk' ' Y ' A . 10 - ' t . 1,9 Q 2 -Q" ' ' . 14 . - Sept. 22 Senior Social llour Oct, 17 - . 26 '-tt j.1's-.Au . 20 . ' 1 . 26 eolleg' 5' ' f W gl' . 20 j , , 1 THA . is 'r Rall, . 21 A ' Y 1 . 3 4-li C: j 'Bale . 21 1' 3 , 3 f c- -L W . 22 Teachers Conference Teachers Conference Gtrls Play Day Mother 81 Daughter Banquet Skattng Party 5 8: 6 Cross Country Geneva FHA Hobo Day 8a Dance Armtstlce Day 4 H Achrevement Day Fall l-estrval Alfred Sophomore Skattng Party Wh1tesv1lle Assembly Prog Faculty Dtnner Junlor Play Basketball Arkport Basketball Genesee Basketball Cubs Greenwood Amertcan Legton Banquet Basketball Wellsvrlle Basketball Scxo Cub Basketball Whltesvtlle Basketball Camsteo Oratorrcal Contest Basketball Canaseraga Cub Basketball Genesee Chrtstmas Program Assembly Program Faculty Chrtstmas Program Gtrls Play Day Basketball Allentown Cub Basketball Whttesvtlle Basketball Whrtesvxlle Cub Basketball Sc1o Basketball Alfred Almond Cub Basketball Genesee County Oratortcal Contest Seruor Dance Cub Basketball Wellsvtlle Cub Basketball Bohvar Basketball Troupsburg Basketball Canaseraga Cub Basketball Allentown Assembly Program Basketball Greenwood Faculty Tea Basketball Allentown Cub Basketball Scto County Musrc Concert Guls Play Day Basketball Wh1tesv1lle Cub Basketball Bohvar Foul Shoottng Tournament Cub Basketball Greenwood A C S P A Meettng Basketball Alfred Almond Freshmen Skattng Party Cub Basketball Allentown L1brary Counctl Candy Sale Basketball Playoff J V Sentor Roast Pork Supper Father 81 Son Banquet Assembly Program Senror Play County Mustc Festtval County Mustc Fesuval Assembly Program Mustc Concert Muslc Concert Alumnx Banquet Baccalaureate Graduatton Oct Oct Oct blow Nov Nov Wow Nov Nov Nov Nov Nox Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec an an an an an an an an an e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ar ar ly ar ar ar lv ar Apr May May May 'viav May June lille June V l '. - ' ' J . - ' ' J . - ' J . - - J . - J . ' I . ' l . - ' J A Basketball-Scio Jan. - ' J i - Fb. - Fb. - Fb. Fb. - Fb. Fb. - Fb. - ' Fb. ' Fb. " Fb. - ' ' Fb. - ' Fb. ' Fb. - Fb. . . . . . ' Fb. - - Fb. ' Fb. - M . ' ' M . ' -. . 1. ' M . M . l. ' l vaespmznfe gon so 47'loNP' The Interpretatlon of the word Exchange 1n buslness l1fe lS that of partmg Wlth somethlng ln return for 1ts equlvalent Our mterpretatlon of Exchange is the g1v1ng of self for the prlvllege ln return of servmg others of partlng wlth self1shness and rece1v1ng 1n return the satis factlon of d1scharg1ng our duty to our Fellowmen to our Cornmunlty and to our Nation We the members of the Exchange Club of Andover hope that the Senlor Class of 53 w11l set th1s as thelr goal 5 42 D S3 4' v COTVIPLIMENTS OF ERNICE TATIO Jerry Hyland Herrn Wallace A MCHENRY 8: CO Quallty Jewelers for over a century Mam Hornell Compllments of Clara and Margaret DINET Dlarnond Rmgs Bulova Elgln Longlnes Wlttnauer Harnllton Croton Shockproof Watches FLOYD C VARS SL SON J e w e le r s Ken Vars Andover N Y ass of ANDOVER GARAGE General Auto Repalrlng Esso Gas Phone 46 85 Maln Street Andover N Y Cornpllrnents of Cornpllrnents of JACOBS BROS GENESEE GAME NIGHT Hornell N Y Home of Weather Bxrd Shoes GENESEE FIREMEN Howe SL Nlchols Comm HORT' Best Wishes To . 0 Cl '53 6 ' I LO0HNS CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS HEARTS DELIGHT EQUWMENT C0 Hoon PRUDUCTS COMPLIIVIENTS OF 9 450 Canisteo Street Hornell, "A BUSINESS BUILT ON SATISFACTION" CO PLIMENTS Distributors of 9 I ' Distributor of SCOVILLE BROWN SL CO I ' 120 Wilson . i I Complunents of HAZEL S BEAUTY SALON MOVIES are your best entertalnrnent BABCOCK AND TE MPLE THEATRES Wellsvllle N Y Congratulatlons ass of 1 FOLSINGS quallty merchandtse Cornpllrnents of FOSS BROS CO INC 194 196 No Mam St Wellsvllle IN Y Candy clgars tobacco sundrles Comphments of CENTER STREET GARAGE MlHgUS and Hoover Compllments of BURREL C WILLIAMS Insurance Agency General Insurance Dlal 2543 6 Elm Street Andover N Y Congratulatlons D J R COMIVI N Dentlst I...-... Compllments of TAMES B MULHOLLAND Funeral Home I 1 . . Cl 9 5 3 ' " ' c 4 I , , , Wholesale Dist. of R 0 s s L O CO0K' ESSO STATIO ILS IIUYAL TIRES Andover N Y We11sv111e N Y H O T E L F A S S E T Partles Banquets Dances Phone 744 Wellsvllle Compllments of the FIREMEN S AUXILIARY PFUNTNER SALES SL SERVICE 26 Jefferson Street Wellsvllle New York Compllrnents f DE BARABIERI S SPORTING GOODS STORE Wellsvllle New York Comphments of WELLSVILLE LUMBER CO Rallroad Ave Wellsvllle N Y Phone 1836 Compllments of THE MARKET BASKET Self Servlce Meats Fresh Frults gl Vegetables Taylor M r ' o "The Yard of Cheerful Service" I . . I v I ' P . J . , g . BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1953 ' ' I I GISRIQ -11121571 if U S 4 Bm! rf ""'e's 1, 6510 LY HBRGETO MEETINGS EVERY SECOND TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH Andover Studen S of Today are The Leaders of Tomorrow ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE 172 Cllnton Avenue S Rochester4 N Y FULLER S RESTAURANT Full Course Dlnners Legal Beverages H ompllments of JOYCES FRATNR S RESTAURAN I' Frank Polemenl Prop Amerlcan 81 Itallan Food Legal Beverages Elm Valley New Y ork 1,1 .xr , I : Y - ' .. X j : 7 ' 2 X 'I Dx New York R. 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