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 f ANDOVER CENTRAL 1 ALMA MATER Let's ive a cheer for Andover Hi Ti School. Let1s pledge to her aright. Others may like black or crimson. But for us it's purple and white. Let all our troubles be forgotten. Let hi ;h school spirits rule. We'll join and give a royal effort -’or the good of our old school. Come on you old c;rads, Join with us youn - lads. Anaover Hirrh School, now we cheer Hah! Hah! I.Tow is the time, boys. To make a big noise. No matter what the people say. ?or there is naught to fear. The :;an :'s all here. So hail, Anc.over High School Hail! IN MEMORUM MR. MURLYN CONDE• As we consider leaving A.C.S., our thoughts turn to many happy hours spent in the senior home room where our former class advis'or, Mr, Conde', was always ready with a bit of friendly advice or encouragement when it was needed. "Let's go, seniors, we've got to put this over!" is a phrase which was often heard in room 214 when the class was planning a dance. Such encouragement is invaluable when you are feeling low. Mr. Murlyn Conde' was always ready with such a word. Teaching was more than a job to Mr. Conde'. It was his whole life. Every student in his class was a personal friend and problem to him. With these fond thoughts we dedicate this page of 1952 "Memoirs" to the memory of one whose leadership has been an outstanding factor in our high school lives and to one who will never be forgotten as a very dear friend. MR. LAURENCE BARTZ When we, the class of 1952, think over the past four years; Mr. Laurence Bartz is among the teachers who stand out in our minds as special. He was always willing to help us with booklet covers for senior projects and it was Mr. Bartz who began work on this year's annual. Helping others was one of his main objects as a teacher and much of his time was devoted to this virtue. If he had been with us longer, he would have carried out his generous philosophy by doing much work on the 1952 edition of "Memoirs". As in previous years, he would have done much more than was necessary to make our yearbook a success. Perhaps it is inadequate, but we wish to offer this small portion of our book as a tribute to a nan who was one of Andover Central School's finest faculty members. WILLIAM GORSUCH A page in a high school yearbook seems insufficient to offer in memory of one who died fighting for his country. If William Gorsuch had not answered the call of duty, he would be with us today working toward our mutual goal. He was destined to join the United States Marine Corps and give his life, the price of stopping aggression in Korea. Vie wish he could be here with us now and enjoy our triumph at completing a job,which we hope, was well done. However, he has done his jot well and it is with warm thoughts and humble gratitude that we set this page of Memoirs" aside as tribute to Bill Gorsuch, who gave his life so that we might live in peace and freedom. BEVERLY HACKETj? Losing Beverly Hackett from our midst in our sophomore year was a great blow to us all. She was a person whose fine character anu pleasing personality made her a friend to every one. Even when others were not so cheerful, her ready smile was always outstanding. Bev" was an active member of her class and servea as president during her last year with us. :he was also a member of the student council and jlee club. -ven though she is not among the graduating class, we carry her memory in our hearts as vie '1.. c.ecicate this page to Beverly Hackett.The senior class of l y52 dedicates this yearbook to Mr. Marvin liancci, w..0 has been an outstanding figure in our lives. V e wish to express our sincere gratitude for his patient guidance and Lis untiring: efforts as our class advisor. Publishing this book could not have been possible without the original ideas and co-operative spirit of Mr. Handel. His efficiency as guidance director has mace him a valuable member of our faculty and his interest in the adult education program has made him an important citizen of our community. Mr. Iiandel was born in Phoenix, Lew York on January 5, 1909. He is graduate of Phoenix High School and Syracuse University and has done graduate work at Buffalo University, New York University, Alfred University, and Cornell University. Mr.Handel holds a bachelor and master of science degree in education and is now working toward his doctor of education degree. While, in college he was a member of the Sigma Hu Fraternity and now holds honorary membership in Gamma Pho Tau. Phi Delta Epkilon and Phi Delta Kappa. Before coming to Andover in 1949, he taught at Starkey Seminary and at felnira Heights until he entered the armed service in 1942. He served as a field director for the American National Led Cross until 1944, when he joined the Air Corps and served in Iiorth Africa until 1956. After he returned to teaching, he taught at Naples Central School for three years. At present he is employed as guidance counselor for Andover, Scio, anc ir hitesville Central Schools.FORWARD Neva Curry Edito r The members of the senior class and the yearbook staff join to express their appreciation to Neva Curry, editor-in-chief, her co-editors, and special editors for all the work done on the 1932 Memoirs." Then she took the ‘position, she was faceu with the problem of organizing a staff composed of seniors and underclassmen, who, although they had volunteered, were inexperienced. To help distribute and do the necessary work, she appointed several special editors, who were supervised by co-editors. inita Nichols and Dale Green. These special editors were Mary Brown, literary; Billie Ryan, art; Wayne Atwell, alumni; Dale Pelton, sports; Lois Huger, social editor and Clarice Nye, class editor and Joyce Spicer, chief typist. Financing the yearbook was also a major problem. riary Lou Clark, business fnanager and Clyde Jackson, advertising chairman did much of the work on its solution. They were aided by Leva Curry, Dale Green, and Anita Nichols, who put aside editorship duties to become subscription solicitors. Advertising solicitors, who helped Clyde were Michael Connor, Mary Brown, Anita Nichols," Clarice Nye, and Lois Huger. Even with these helpers much of the actual responsibility was Neva's who merits a special share of the credit for the yearbook. helped to make this 1952 Marvin Mandel, has been a We the class of 1952 wish to thank all those who issue of "Memoirs” possible. Working on this annual with our advisor, Mr pleasure, because of his untiring .efforts and his boundless patience We wish to express our appreciation to Mrs. Marie HcFadden and Miss Doris Chandler who checked all copies for spelling, grammar and typing errors. Mr. James Kessler and many faculty members have also been very helpful. To complete the roster of those to whom we owe gratitude, we must include all the underclassmen who joined the yearbook staff and worked with the seniors • n a new venture. These students did much to make this vearbook a reality. WORRY 1st Row L-R Clarice Nye, Lois Huger, Anita Nichols, Leva Curry, Billie Ryan, Mary Fowler, Mary Brown. 2nd Row Mary Lou Clark, Dale Pelton, Clyde Jackson, Dale Green, Mr. Mandel, Wayne Atwell, Michael Connor, Joyce Spicer. lsc Row L-R Ronald Howland, William McNeill, Kent Harder, Marion Milligan, Mildred Briggs, Neva Curry, Alura Grossman, Patricia Baker, Sandra Bostwick, Dolores Brown. 2nd Row Roger Wright, Gay Rogers, Charity Howlanu, Tim Marsh, James Conde', Rodney Wheeler, Lucille Smith, Irene Hurlburt, Clair VanShaick, JoAnn Marsh, 3rd Row Carl Atwell, John Baker, William Glover, Mr. Mandel, Paul Clark, James Yannie, Carl Waters. Lyle Slocum.1st Row L-R Dr. J. h. Common, S. B. Crandall, W. J. Alderson, Clerk. 2n Row D. L. DeRemer C. R. Burdick, L. Dougherty. L-R W. h. Garwood Scott. School Doctori l  N L■ IP Class Officers Michael Patrick Connor "Mike” Major-Science, Math, Business President-4 Yearbook-Advertising Student Council-3,4; Pres. Treas. 3 uamera Club-1,2,3,4; Vice-Pres. 4 Basketball-Manager 1,2,3 Baseball-Manager 1 Soccer-3 Hobbies-Hunting, Fishing Senior Play-Dan Tennyson Ambition-To be a success 4 William EGgene Glover "Willum" Major-Business Vice-President-4 Yearbook-Alumni assistant Camera Club-4 Track-4 Soccer-1 Male Chorus-4 Hobbles-Reading Senior Play-Von Barf a osychiatrist Lois Marie Ruger-"Freemie" Major-Business, Home Ec. Secretary-4 Yearbook-Social Editor F.H.A.-4 Hi-Herald-4 Student Council-4 Library Council-4, Pres. 4 Chorus-1,2,3 Hobbies-Dancing, Writing letters senior Play-Carla Carlson Ambition-Accountant Mary Lou Clark "Honey" Major-Math, Science Treasurer-4 Yearbook-Business Manager F. H.A.-3,4 Hi-Herald-1,2,3,4 Camera Club-4 Library Council-3 4 4-H-l,2,3,4 Band-1,2,3 4 Orchestra-1,2.3 Chorus-1,2,3 4; Pres. 4 G. A. A.-3,.4 Hobbles-Reading, Playing piano Senior Play-pid 0aret Tennyson,mother Ambition-Nurse Wayne Oliver Atwell "Spicier Major-Science President-3 Vice-President-1 Yearbook-Alumni Editor F.F.A.-3,4; Vice-Pres. 4; County Sentinel-4 Student Council-3,4 Athletic Treas. 4 4-H-l,2,3,4; Vice-Pres. 2 Pres. 3, Basketball-1,2,3,4 Baseball-1,2,3,4 Track-1,2.3,4 Soccer-3;4 Band-4; Pres. 4 Hobbies-Sports Senior Play-Jackie- Tennyson Ambition- To become an officer in the Merchant Marines Mary Cecelia Brown "Mary" Major-Math, Science Treasurer-3 Yearbook-Literary Editor Advertising F.H.A.-l,2,3,4 Hi-Herald-1,2,3,Editor,4 Student Council-4 Library Council-3,4;Treas.4 4-H-l,2,3 Chorus-1,2,3,4; Librarian,4 ACSPA-Treas. 4 Hobbies-Roller skating, Reading Senior Play-Rhodora, maid Dolores Marie Brown "Do" Major-Business Hobbies-Listening to radio. Writing letters Ambition-To be a private secretary Paul David Cl ark-"Paul" Major-Agriculture F.F.A.-1,2,3, Camera Club-1,2,3,4 4-H-10 years Hobbies-Hunting, Fishing, Building model airplanes Amo it ion-Farmer Neva Jean Curry "Dimples" Major-Math, Homemaking Yearbook-Editor, Solicitor Chorus-1,2,3, , Lib. 4 Cheerleading-1 Class Historian-4 Hobbies-Reading, Skating Dancing Senior Play-Linda Barnard Ambition-To be a typist % rtonaia Harvey Ellis'’'Pat" Major-Science Yearbook-Co-Art Editor Student Council-4 Male Glee Club-4 Hobbies-Horseback riding Skating Ambition-to fret some place '.Mary Fowler "Marie Major-Business F.H.A.-4 Hi-Herald-3,4 gobbles-Dancing, art Ambitlon-Psychplogist Howard Dale Green "Dale"" Major-Agriculture Student Council-2,3,4 Treas. 4 Yearbook-Assistant Editor F.F.A.-1,2,3,4: Pres. 3,4 Camera Club-3,4 4-H-l,2,3,4; Vice-Pres. 3 Basketball-1,2,3 Track-2,3 Hobb i e s - Farm i ng Senior Play-Waiter Latherbfc Ambition-Farmer Ronald Wayne Howland "Pete Major-Business Yearbook-Alumni assistant Camera Club-4 Basketball-3,4 Baseball-2,3,4 .Soccer-3,4 Male Chorus-4 Hobbies-Hunting, fishing Senior Play-Policeman Ambition-AccountantClyde Wilbur Jackson "Skip" Major-Business, Math Yearbook-Advertising Manager Camera Club 3,4 Basketball-1,2,3 Baseball-1,2 Soccer-1,2,3,4 Hobbies-Traveling Ambition-To succeed JoAnn Fay Marsh "Jo" Major-Math, Science President-1 Vlce-President-2 Secretary-3 Hobbies-Drawing Ambition-To be a Pastor's or Missionary's wife Anita Jean Nichols Red" Major-Business, Home Economics Yearbook-Assistant Editor, Solicitor, Adv. F.H.A.-3,4; Song leader 3; Vice-President- 4 Hi-Herald-3,4 Camera Club-2 Chorus-2,3,4: Librarian-3 Cheerleading-2,3 Hobbies-Dick, Dancing Senior Play-Jeanne Wilson Ambition-Beautician Clarice Adele Mye "Clare " Major-Business, Home Ecomomics Yearbook-Class Editor, Adv. F.H.A.-1,2,3 4; Treas. 4 Student Council-4 Library Council-4 Chorus-1,2,3,4 Cheerleadingr-1,2,3 Hobbies-Reading, Sewing Senior Play-Miss Booth, a reporter Anibition-HomemakinrT teacher Dale Fuller Pelton "Danny Major-Business YearDOok-Sports Editor Hi-Herald-1,2,3,4 Camera Club-2,3.4 Basketball-2,3,4 Baseball-1,3.4 Track-1,2,3.4 Soccer-2,3,4 Band-3,4 Male Chorus-2,3,4 ACSPA-1,2,3,4 Hobbies-Photography Senior Play-Puff, star athlete Ambition-Hadio announcer. Billie Arlettc Ryan” Bill Major-Business. Home Be. P.H.A.-1,2,3,4 Ki-Keralu-2,3,4 Library Council-3, Chorus-1,2,3,4 Hobbles-Reading, Hiking, Pain tin:: Senior Play-Miss Baker, teacher Ambition-To join Armed forces uodney Ezra Wheeler “Rod Major-Agriculture F.P.A.-i,2,3 4-II-6 years Soccer-4 Male Chorus-4 Lyle Richard Slocum ''Slug" Major-Agriculture F.F.A.-i,2,3,4; Sec. 4 Student Co'uncil-4 Camera Club-1,2,3 4; Pres. 1 4-H-l,2,3, Basketball-2,3,4 Baseball-1,2 Hobbies-Hunting Senior Play-Arthur Barnard, principal Ambiton-To be happy Joyce Elizabeth Spicer "Jo,‘• Major-Business, Home Ec. Yearbook-Typist Hobbies-Dancing, Movies, Reading Ambition-To be successful in the business world and at home Roger LeRoy Wright-“Hog" Major-Agriculture Yearbook-Social Assistant F.F.A.-1,2,3,4 Camera Club-3,4 4-H-5 years Hobbies-Reaaing Ambition-Farmer Carl Kenneth Waters ’Pirk" Major-Math, Science, Agriculture P.F.A.-1,2,3 •Camera Club-1,2,3,4 •4-11-1,2,3,4 Band-2,3 Orchestra-1, ,3,4 Male Chorus-1,2,4 Hobbles-Reading Senior Play-Roger Tennyson, % father Ambiton-TeacherclasslwYlT Being of unsound tninu and bouy, we, the class of 1932, do hereby authorize this as our la3t viill and testament. Wayne Atwell leaves his athletic ability and aggressive spirit to Jay Taylor for use in future years. Dolores Brown leaves David McHenry to Patricia Keisman and Charlotte Case, who have been endeavoring to attract his attention all year. Mary Brown leaves all her battered journalistic ideas to Charity Howland and hopes she will have some better ones. Mary Lou Clark leaves her position as accompanist to glee club and boys cn rus to Janet Lang. She will also inherit Mary Lou1s bitten fingernails, torn out hair and shattered nerves that go with these jobs. Paul Clark leaves his agricultural ability and bashfulness to John Baker in hopes that they will be put to good use. Mike Connor leaves all the headaches of being senior class president— gladly! Neva Curry bequeaths the sore feet and bleary eyes of her career as yearbook editor to the poor unfortunate senior who gets this job in 1933. Margaret Daley leaves her famous high school crush to Anna Marie Joyce for safe keeping. Be careful of him, Annie! Ronald Bllis wishes to give his flare for quitting school to Charles Davis. Mary Fowler gives her many boy friends to anyone who feels capable of controlling them. It will be a big job, so don't be too eager, girls. Bill Glover leaves his Greenwood attachments to Tim Marsh. If you ever need a girl, Tim, Just call for Bill's little black book. Dale Green leaves and wishes he could take Charity with him. Ronald Howland leaves his height. ,to Leslie Monahan. He also loves chocolate cake Les so maybe you’ll inherit that too! Clyde Jackson wishes Gay Rogers to have his ability to speak so slowly and quietly! Pie hopes she’ll ise it!! JoAnn Marsh leaves her angelic personality to Pat baker. Anita Nichols leaves her naturally red hair to Marion Milligan. You won’t have to use the synthetic method now, Mona! Clarice Rye wishes to bequeath her graceful walk to Sandra Dale Pelton leaves his alias Danny Kaye to Avan Dolan, who earned it by trying to be a joker. Lois Huger leaves her secretary’s spread to the coming secretary of the class of 1953 Billie Ryan leaves her artistic ability to Richard Kosintoski, who fi ;hts battles in art every fourth period study hall! Joyce Spicer leaves her famous left hand swing to Joyce Fuller for protection in future year3. Lyle Slocum leaves his ability to annoy Miss Chandler,in typing class to Ron Monahan. Carry on his work well, Ron. Carl Waters leaves his height to Charles Lehman. May you be a big basket ball star with it. Rodney.’. heeler leaves his good looks to Jerry Green. Roger Wright is sorry to have to leave. He'll miss all the mischief he ot into! Be :;ooc, Mary Ann. Having completed this foolish fantasy, we are now ready to meet our fate in the wide wide world. V e shall all leave the pleasures and troubles of seniors to the class of 1953. Good Luck, kids! Mo senior class will of any class leaving A.C.S. would be complete without including the hi h school faculty. To Mr. Handel, who has been a wonderful class advisor, we leave a new typewriter to replace the one worn out while yearbook material was typed. To it . Kessler vie leave a settle of hair uye to cover up the gre; we gave him. To Miss Taylor v e leave this scotch tape, so she won't have to search among senior dance decorations for the office dispenser. T'w Mrs. Green vie g. ve this new pair of shoes to replace those worn out char •in truants. To Mrs. Me-'adder, we leave a box of red Hit to satisfy her passion for . red clothes. overTo lire. Talsion we leave ;hese name ta c to put on an, new at u-entn bio may encounter In the future. To Mrs. Hiller v e leave a new butcher, knife to replace the one worn out Bill Glover while cutting sandwiches for senior -ances. To Hiss Ciiandler v e give this ox of paper clips to replenish all those che seniors used in typing and bookkeeping class. To Hr. Holden v e leave this snow plow, so Bruce won't have to shovel his wall: next winter. To Hiss 01mstcad v e leave her n oi:na:.e "Olmie ihich is now so famous in A.C.S. that v e cannot destroy it. To Miss Davis v e leave a nev voice to replace the one worn o ;t during ser-'or olay practice. To Coach Staclrwick v e present a baby sitter so he won't have to hire one every tine he is chaperon for a senior dance. To Hr. Bronson v e leave a large brief case to carry policies. To Hr. Beil v e leave this pail of cold water to cool him off after one of •his famous blushes. To Mrs. ConcJe1 v e bequeath these three little helpers to share the work of the June inventory. To Hr. CarnocV vie leave a new ucu phone reed to replace tne one he wore out during the pron in 1?31- a little late isn’t it I To Hiss Winkelman v e leave this little man to help her keep order in fourth period study hall. . To Mr. Johnson v e leave this wagon to carry his art equipment around the halls of A.C.S. To Mrs. Joyce v e give this fence to pen in her second period study hall students. To Miss Gro33man v e lcav tni can ope...r to take the place of the one worn out by the seniors opening beets for the roast pork 3upper. To Jin and John Ifobles v e leave the extra set of keys for use by the clas3 of 1953. I.ow that we have left all v e have that's worth leaving-we shall leave our- s ■ “ When our class is nearin' the end of the high school years ..each of us looks back to the seventh rade to find a scene like a full-length play unfolding before our eyes. How smart and above the rest of the world v e felt in the seventh grade where our forty-four members were seated in two homerooms under the leadership of Mrs. Joyce and ?lrs. Gath, .or class meetings v e met in Mrs. Gath’s homeroom. That year wc worked and v e played. When v e entered, eighth rade, the novelty had worn ui'i and we were just another class. Hr. Carmody was our homeroom teacher. That year v e visited t .. skatin' rink. be also lost eight members making our class total 36. Doris and Milton Burdick, Carolyn Snyder and ’Vances Lampheir moved away and Betty Reisman and Henry Baker started to work in tellsville.We had to take a regents that year in all our subjects and with this in mind, v e worked hard, for if we passed we would ue freshmen, the proudest youngsters in A.C.S. 1949. The freshman class, Mrs. ticMadden class advisor, JoAnn Marsh as president, 5everly Hackett, secretary, Ronald Ellis,treasurer. The skating rink, the freshman party and many other scenes flash through our minds. Our freshman class that year held a grand total of 37 members. Doris Burdick rejoined us and two new members entered the class, Janice hall and lathleen Bell, who left shortly afterv arc s. . left our 9th race lookin back with some regrets, but ’lookin forwart to new adventures in the sophomore class.’ f t Entering our sophomore year, we realized some one was missin... Looking around we discovered that Ron Sutor, Dan Lynch and Don Greenan must have tired of vs ana quit- Jean Elauvelt moved away, Beverly Sutor moved to Delaware and Doris Burdick to Troupsburg. Sonny" Darwin Lehman ajid Ralph Howard joined the Navy, Ernest LaFollette was attending Barker and Beverly Hackett had passed away de lost eight members and Gained one, Anita Jean Nichols, making the class registration thirty. Our homeroom was in the lab under the supervision of Mr Reil. Beverly Hackett before her death, was president, JoAnn Marsh, vice president and Beverly Sutor, secretary and treasurer. In our junior year we had diminished until we were twenty-four in number. Ron Ellis joined us the last half of the year. Mary Fowler entered, left and reentered the class in the course of a year and also we received a new member, Rodney Wheeler. Betty Sutherland left us. We were divided into two homerooms, the Girls in the Commercial room with Miss Sauer as our Junior class advisor and the boys in the art room with Mr. Bartz’as their supervisor. Wayne Atwell pro-sided as president. Dale Green as vice-president, JoAnn Marsh as secretary and Mary Brown as treasurer. That year the Junior Girls had a party at Mary Lou Clark's. Later we went to Stony Brook Glen and then we visited the drive-in at Hornell. That year we sold cone hangers from which we made a profit of 160 dollars. Near the end of the year we ordered our rings which we received at the beginning of our senior year. We consulted Mr. Mandel about the next year's schedule and we thought to ourselves , just one more year for all of this: basketball games, parties, jokes and-just one more year to sing our Alma Mater So entered the senior cl ss of 1952 and with it entered almost more than ct class can endure and yet with the knowledge that Mr. Conde' would want us to 'o on, we struggle forward. But we cannot say it has all been sadness, for we have worked together, argued,had fun and planned for the night when Mr. Kessler hands each of us our diplomas. Mike Conner, president of the senior class, ha3 shouldered a great deal of responsibility, since Bill Glover, vice president, who took the Job, so he told •us, because there was little work attached. The class secretary, Lois Huger, tried to read the minutes above the hub-bub and confusion and our class treasurer, Mary Lou Clark, holds the purse strings. Wayne Atwell in the last ear has reformed from grumbling. Dolores Brown is quiet but with a quick, cheeeful laugh. Mary Brown is noted for always havin her work done without being a- rlnd. JoAnn Marsh remai R «niet, studious and v ell liked. Mary bowler, who always hustles and bustles, finished her sehior year in January. Margaret Daley, her dog Skip, and the famous school crush. On dov n through the list of seniors we find Carl Waters, who never failed to entertain us with some weird story for a book report, Rodney Wheeler,who spends most of his time vacationing down on the farm. Tall and lanky Ro- er Wright and Lyle Slocum who fool around more than they work. Ron :ilis has broken the record for quittin and re-entering the halls of .C.S. Neva Curry did a stupendous job on the yearbook while Anita'Nichols will oe remembered as the red head who is big as a minute. Paul Clark had to replace i fan belt to his father's car because of the senior class. Dale "Danny5’ Pelton gas livened up many a party with his imitation, Ronald :iPete’ Howland remained one of the best liked seniors and one of the biggest pests. We shall remember Joyce Spicer as the yearbook typist,Clyde Jackson as the best salesman any class :ould ask for and Billie Ryan as a ready supporter of the class. Bill McNeill tried to rush things b being a junior one half of the year and a senior the next; half and myself Clarice Nye, I never have my work done. Two from the class left us, Dick Nye who is now married and Bill Gorsuch who gave his life in Korea. Mrs. Falsion is our senior supervisor, and Mr. Mandel our advisor. These notations are no - to hurt character, but to record memories of the grand class of 1952. We hope that something which we have done will be of some.benefit to our Alma Mater. Senior Prophecy Leaving our liigh school attachments behind, we not only look back on pleasant memories, but v e must always look on toward the glorious future. Before we leave these halls we wish to publish this prophecy of our lives in the world of men. Let us look in on the class of 1952 ten years from now. Pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals and enjoying his fame, Wayne (babe) Atwell is surrounded by his fans, four Power' s models named Jean, Virginia, Teresa and Shirley. Dolores Brown makes a very efficient housewife as sne cooks all Dave McHenry’s favorite foods in their little house on Pingrey Hill. $ow as we look in on Mary Brown, you probably expect her to be Mrs. Roger Stocum, but she surprised even herself by sticking to her vow and is now head nurse in the children's ward of the Strong Memorial Hospital. Nursing is the profession of another former senior, Mary Lou Clark- She is now working in the office of Dr. Alfred Ross of Andover. Paul Clark is carrying on his father's work by taking care of the farm. He still pursues his high school hobby of photography. The Citizen's National Bank cones before our eyes now and we see Mike Connor, class president who ten years later progressed to president of the bank. Lights, camera, action—the scene changes again and we find ourselves in Washington D.C. employed by the Civil Service Department. What are we doing here? Why looking in on Neva Curry. Teaching is the profession of Marc; Daley. She i3 now ten years older ana still faithful to Skip and her high school sweetheart. Another grand old senior Ronald Bills is living abroad where he is carrying on a successful career of hating women and writing novels. Having brain waves? Well, get your appointment with Dr. Mary Fowler, whc is an eminent psychologist and has her office on Fifth Avenue in New York City. We find Bill "Ace” Glover, who is now a famous United States Air Force pilot. Bill is complaining these days, about how all Marlene's fan mail weights down his plane. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Green, she is the former Charity Howland, are rewriting Cheaper By the Dozen" on their well-populated farm in East Valley. Accounting 13 the career of Pete "Figures" Howland, who is also well knowr. among race track owners for his ability to balance bookies. If you see a typical sailor with a gal in every port ten years from now, you'll knov; it's just Clyde Jackson carrying on as usual. Far off India is the setting for our 3tage now as we see Mr. And Mrs. Don Broun carrying culture to the natives. JoAnn is now the proud mother .of four small redheaded missionaryettes. Another member of the class of 1952, Anita Nichols, may be sten curling tne hair of her patrons between bottle warmings and diaper changes. She is now Firs. Richard Hancock and the mother of twin girls. Clarice Hye always wanted a career as a Home Economics teacher and now in 1962 she has finally reached her goal. Tune in station J-O-K-E-R and you'll find another senior, Danny Kaye Peltor delivering his famous imitations. Lois Ruger, now Mrs. Freeman Dennison is playing the main character in her favorite song "I I'anta Play House With You." Travelinr around the world has been very educational for Billie Ryan and she now is read; to settle down and edit her first book of poetry. Teaching agriculture in Greenwood Central School, Lyle Slocum was found. He and Suzie have temporarily put aside their continual fighting long enough to take their vows. Joyce Spicer is now happily married and is making good use of her Home Economic major. Our old classmate, Carl Waters, has just returned from the first successful rocket trip to the moon and now plans to continue his teaching career. Rodney Wheeler is now a successful farmer and is kept company by his charming bride, Millie. As he always told Miss Chandler, Roger Wright's career is typing at a rate of 205 words a second for the New York Tlm s newspaper.1. Seniors in third raue 2. Seniors in third raoc 3. Anita l.iciiois •:. ill Glover 3. Mary Loa Clark 6. Paul Clark 7. Lois iiuser G. Clyde Jackson 9. Dale Green 10. Mooney Vfnceler 11. i.eva Curry 12. Mary .Jrown 13. .illie Myan 14. Clarice Ilye 15. Ro'-er VJriyht 16. Joyce Spicer 17. JoAnn Marsh 18. Dale Felton uaHlName She is sne thinks she is She would like to be Always seen Dolores Brown Shy Unobserved Left alone • At work Mary Brown Lively In love Thinner Hurrying Mary Lou Clark Giggly Musical Going steady And heard Neva Curry Cute Unobserved Secretary With yearbook photographer Margaret Daley Bashful In love Hitched for good to her dream man Giggling in geometry class Mary Fowler A mystery gal Sedate Going places With a differen ooy friend JoAnn Marsh Hard-working Angelic Married Studying Anita Nichols Red-head Small Married V ith an eye on Richard Clarice Nye Vivacious Sophisticated In the Marines Reading Lois Ruger Short In love A good wife With Freem Billie Ryan A good sport A poet Traveling Writing Joyce Spicer Dignified Unlucky Married At work Name He is He thinks he is He would like Always seen to be Wayne Atwell Handsome A lady'8 man Romeo Joking with Paul Clark Michael Connor Ronald Ellis William Glover Ronald Howland Clyde Jackson William McNeill Dale Pelton Lyle Slocum Carl Waters Rodney Wheeler Roger Wright Mysterious Nonchalant Quiet A good-looker Calm basketball player Dreamer Good-looking A well-dressed male A six-footer Studious A strong man Class clown A farmer Funny A playboy A wise' guy A good boy Rudolf Vaiincino A ”wowM A comedian Neglected A scientist In love Cute Lady-killer Man about town A physicist In the dough Historian A sailor Famous Red SkeltOi. Taller Opera star A good husband A bachelor girls Thinking Teasing With Bill Grinning Flirting Sleeping Idle Clowning. Typing Playing music With Millie Pestering v. A 1 3 School Calendar 51 52 School opened 8th Grade Skating Party Richburg Soccer Game V ellsville Soccer Game (here)' Sclo Soccer Game (there) School Fair Allentov n Soccer Game (there) Sophomore Skating Party Senior 3ake Sale Teachers Conference Junior Hay Aide Senior Social Hour Canaseraga Soccer Game (here) Library Council Candy Sal Alfred-Almond Soccer Game (here Columbus Day Junior Class bake Sale A.C.S.P.A. Meeting at Scio i7. H. A. Meet in;; at Scio Senior Social Hour 4-H Club Achievement Day Red Cros3 Blood Lank College Day at Cuba Teacher's Conference Senior Dane Senior Bake Sale Senior Social Hour Freshman Skating Party F.Ii.A. Hobo Day Armistice Day Alfred A' Tech Festival Senior Roast Pork Supper 5th « 6th Grade Skating Party Senior Bake Sale Junior Play Belmont Basketball Game (here) Thanksgiving Vacation Genesee Basketball Game (here) Cub Game at Whitesville ArkportBasketball Game (there) Library Council Candy Sale Legion Oratorical Contest bt:iAj.or Lake Sale P.H.A. and F.F.A. Party Canasera ;a Basketball Game(there)Dec 11 Cub Basketball at Whitesville Dec 11 Sept 4 Sept 14 Sept lo Sept 21 Sept 25 Sept 27 Sept 28 Sept 23 Sept 29 Oct 1 Oct 3 Oct 5 Oct 9 Oct 9 Oct 11 Oct 12 Oct 13 Oct 16 Oct 16 Oct 19 Oct 20 Oct 21 Oct 23 Oct 25 Oct 26 Oct 27 Nov 2 Nov 9 Nov 10 Nov 12 Nov 14 Nov 15 Nov 17 Nov 17 Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov 22-23 Nov 27 Nov 27 Nov 30 Dec 5 Dec 7 Dec 8 Dec 10 Senior Dance Dec 14 Cub Game at Greenwood Dec 14 Greenwood Basketball Game (here) Dec 18 Whitesville Basketball (here) Dec 2C Christmas Vacation Dec 21-Jan 1 Cub Game at Alfred-Almond Jan 3 Alfred-Almond Basketball (there) Jan 10 Cub G me at Greenwood Jan 10 Senior Dance Jan 11 Scio Basketball Game Jan 15 Canaseraga Basketball (here, Jan lo Cubs played Alfred-Almond (here) Jan 18 Re' ents Examinations Senior Social Hour 4-H Candy Sale Canisteo Basketball (there) Cubs played at A1 f r0d-Aimoud Allentown 3asketball (here) Cubs played Greenwood (there) G.A.A. Played Greenwood Cubs played Wellsville (here) Senior Social Hour Whitesville Basketball (there) Greenwood Cubs played (here) Library Council Candy Sale Alfred-Almond Basketball (here) Cubs played Bolivar (here) Senior Bake Sale Greenwood Basketball (there) Scio Basketball Game (here; Washington s Birthday 4-H Party State Scholarship Zxams Junior and Senior Dance F.H.A. Dinner Physical Ed. Demonstration Easter Vacation Junior Class Bake Sale F.H.A. Banquet Senior Social Hour Senior Dance Senior Social Hour Senior Bake Sale Memorial Day School Closed Alumni Banquet Baccalaureate Commencement Jan 21-24 Jan 25 Jan 23 Jan 2d Ja u 31 Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 13 Feb 14 Feb 14 Feb 15 Feb 16 Feb 19 Feb 21 Feb 22 Feb 29 Mar 5-6 liar 7 Mar 13 Apr 4 Apr 11-lS Apr 19 May 1 May 2 May 9 May 16 May 17 May 3C June 2C June 21 June 22 June 23Hone Dconorics Prize This is awarded and Junior high girl ; Honors raker's Hardware to the outstanding First prize is $20 and second prize is senior V3- high girl Freshman Prize ?ive dollars is awarded by the Andover Grange to the most outstanding nen-her of the freshnan class. Consideration is given to scholarship, citizenship, and activities. Vocational Agriculture Certificate Award The American Agriculturist Foundation gives a certificate for outstanding work as a student of vocational agriculture including practical application and good citizenship. Pleader's Digest Award One gear subscription to the Header's Digest Magazine is awarded to the Valedictorian by the publishers of Reader's Digest. This is presented not only in recognition of past accomplishments but in anticipation of unusual achievements to cone. Spelling Contest The Buffalo Evening Hews gives awards to the champion speller of the Junior High School for the year, a Webster Dictionary and a certificate of honor are the prizes given. The English Prize Each year an English prize is awarded to the Seniors wno have the highest average in English. This award is given on the basis of four years of high school work including Regents. The prizes which are $5.00 and $2.50 are given in memory of Helen A. Joyce and Marie Joyce Harvey. The American History Prize To the pupils having the highest yearly average in American History, the American Legion and Legion Auxiliary award a first and second prize of $5 each. The Geometry Prize The student having the highest average in Plane Geometry receives $5.00 as first prize-while second and third places receive $3.00 and $2.00respective-ly. The mark must also include the Regents mark. These awards are given by the Andover Masonic Lodee,- 5 8. Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Awards All students in the senior class are eligible to receive the individual medallion awards. The Sportsmanship awards will be made each year to the two students(boy and girl) in the senior class, who in the opinion of their fellow students have made the greatest contribution to the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play during the year. An attractive sportsmanship placque (for permanent display will be given to each participatin' school. Space will be provided on this placque for engraving the names of the two students chosen each year by the school. Sportsmanship in its wider educational aspects should be stressed,including activities in the. school room,or the athletic field and playground,in the school community,in the Immediate home environment,and in the church and home community.Jiail jbjj tf-cune In the fall of 1947 the Hi Herald voted to sponsor a Hall of Fame. This included five members of the senior class, who were judged by the high school faculty for their scholarship, personality, neatness, physical and moral development and sportsmanship. This began a tradition which is now an annual custom and which we hope will never be discontinued. The Hall of Fame for 1948 included Helen Catherine Yan-nie, John Karl Fisher, Rose Mary Baker, James R. Burgett and John C. Bridge. In 1949 the five outstanding seniors were Rosemarie Baker, Ann Marie Greene, Richard Lynch, Rosemary Mead and Evelyn Glover. The 1950 Hall of Fame honored the names of Barbara Jean Wintemberg, Dorothy Maxine Filler, Joseph Raymond Smith, Robert Franklin Carpenter and Robert Dale Baker. The class of 1951 added Caroline Stott Briggs, Eunice Jane Hall, Phyllis Jean Burger, James Dean Fisher and Charles Anthony Snyder to the Hall of Fame. Since we have considered the past, let us turn to 1952 and the five seniors who received this honor when the names of Wayne Atwell, Mary Brown, Michael Connor, Jo Ann Marsh and Carl Waters were added to the 1952 Hall of Fame. The requirements for membership were established by the senior class themselves this year. The list of qualifications for the selection made by the faculty included scholarship, co-operativeness, adaptability, friendliness, honesty, neatness, moral courage, helpfulness and leadership. eMcdi jaff fyame1st now L-H Charity Howland, Betty Harris, Marion Milligan, Rosetta Davis, Laura Mae Croyle, Thelma Mickle, Gay Rogers, Miss Chandler. 2nd Row William McNeill, Evan Dolan, Kent Harder, John Baker, James Conde', Jesse Grossman, Carl Atwell, Richard Davis. Ronald Monahan. Do 1 lOiow cne Junior history You can Just bet 1 do. I even remember what happened back when the juniors entered Junior High. What’s that? Can I remember the brave ones who served as class officers? You just bet your britches. Ya see, it is like this. Kent Harder, who then had a prize gold tooth, was president in the seventh and eighth grades, then a gal Marion Milligan took over when they entered high school. Again she was elected president in the sophomore year but lost her goal to a young fener called Carl Atwell when she became a junior. The vice-president back in seventh grade was a new Joe called Dick Pulton and Wilda Mascho was secretary-treasurer, while in eighth grade Carl Atwell was vice-president and Marlon Milligan secretary-treasurer. In the followin ; years vice-president was given to Carl Atwell, Charity Howland and Dick Davis as the secretary-treasurer position was delegated to Lavern Sherman and Carl Atwell. During the junior year the class decided to change the policy and have a secretary and treasurer. Gay Rogers and Marion Milligan were elected to read the minutes and handle the money. uourse cne juniors peppeu up cne scnoo±. wny wno do you think started tne first cub cheerleading squad? Course the juniors. Say there, Sonny, mighten I tell ya the 1952 juniors were the first to put on a junior play. Boy! .I'm tellin' ya. Sonny, that ever hit the little settlement of Andover. Yes, Siree, I can see when that young Gay Rogers started to ive orders while she was acting the main role of Aunt: Susie, things went a flyin . By the way the play was called "Aunt Susie Shoots the Works. The cast worked hard to bring in the profit which was $115. Why I can still see the stupid Scarlet characterized by Charity Howland get afraid over nothing. She'd run to her mistress "Misse Joy" played by Marion Milligan and nearly knocked her over. Kent Harder was a riot playing opposite Aunt Susie as Omar Graves. Bill McNeill suited his part perfectly as he played a role of self-assured darkie called LaSalle Johnson, who liked Scarlet, the maid. Characterizing Madam £oia was Thelma Mickle, and as Cynthia, Rosetta Davis was superb. Slick Conway was portrayed by James Conde', Laura Dawson by Betty Harris and talcing the role of Johnny Rogers was Carl Atwell. Last but certainly not least Laura Croyle played the role of Portia Lark. Yes, Sonny, never did I see such a Dlav. it1 a a sad tale abouo the junior class population. It started as a big class of 31 and it now has 15. Many joined the service and other quit or got married. These students were Richard Pulton, JoAnn Scribner, Wilda Mascho, Doug Wheaton, Priscilla Baker, Douglas Jones, Norman Ellis, Beth Whitaker, Donald Joyce, Joe Gavin, Anna Beil, Alfred Davis, LaVern Sherman, Opal Tanner, James Miles, Marie Kemp and Phyllis Perry. es, the junior class is a class to remember. Someday, sonny, when you come to visit GrandDa. and I will tfell you more of their history.Driver Education 1st Row L-R Neva Curry, Lois Ruger, Michael Connor, Evan Dolan. 2nd Row Joyce Spicer, Anita Nichols, JoAnn Marsh, Margaret Daley, Dolores Brown Mr. Dodson, Mary Lou Clark, Lyle Slocum, Ronald Howland. ! ' r t 1st Row L.- -Mr. Reil, Mary jane Sackett, Ruth Atwell, Betty Tanner, Ruth Davis, Sandra Skuse, Betty Kemp, Carol Harris, Charlotte Case, Catherine Kemp, Irene Hurlburt. 2nd Row Ann Marvel,Beverly Loucks,Patricia Reisman,Mary Ann Joyce,Mildred Briggs, Mildred Miles,Anna Marie Joyce.Shirley Tidd,Carol Jean Nye,Virginia Kibbe. 1st Row L-R Leslie Monahan, James Yannie, Clair VanShaick,James Grossman, Rogers Theetge, Charles Lehman, David McHenry, James Padden, George Wheeler. 2nd Row Tim Marsh, James Mickle, Gerald Green, Mr. Reil, Charles Davis, Leo Glover, Theodore Smith. Absent: Jack Rosintoski.gOPHOMORE In seventh grade we were diviaea into two classes, mo, margaret' ’Joyce't x'oom was the homeroom of Betty Kemp, Charles Davis, James Mickle, Mary Sackett, Carol Harris, Darrell Brown, James Grossman, Roger Theetge, Jack Rosintoski, Leslie Monahan, Beverly Loucks, James Yannie, Ruth Atwell, Irene Hulburt, Theodore Smith, Douglas Wheaton, Mary Ann Joyce, Ann Marvel, and Roland Sweet. In Mrs. Ethel Gath's room were Ruth Davis, Sandra Skuse, Duane Scribner, Charles Lehman, Leo Glover, William Elster, Gerald Green, James Padden, Betty Tanner, Mildred Briggs, Ann Marie Joyce, Catherine Kemp, Edgar Silsby, Carol Nye, Shirley Tidd, Patricia Reisman, Ann Wood, Mildred Miles, Richard Clark, John Atwell, Raymond Halsey, and Francis Hann. Although we had our ups and downs in that year, it was a happy one. In our eighth grade Mr. Carlyle Carmody was our home room teacher although we were in the same home room, the class was divided. Since Mrs. -Ethel Gath left, we had Mrs. Mary Baker from Wellsville as our English teacher. Ronald Sweet, Irene Hulburt, Darrell Brown Raymond Halsey and Edgar Silby left that year making the class smaller. During that year Charlotte Case was welcomed to our eight grade class. In our freshman year Mrs. Marie McFadden was our home room teacher. Mary Button, Clair Van Schaick and Virginia Kibbe were welcomed by our ninth grade class. Francis Hann, John Atwell, William Elster and Richard Clark left the freshmen. In June of our freshman year Ann Wood left to attend school in Canis-teo. Now as sophomores we have had a quiet year. Donald Kuzak joined our class, but left us soon. David McHenry entered our class and Irene Hurlburt was welcomed back by her old classmates. Douglas Wheaton also left for the Marines. Gerald Green did the most blushing this year when he was selected to read t on10 3cenes fr°m the orlglnal plays which were written for class presenta- During Christmas vacation Mrs. Mary Dougherty left to Join her husband. We now have Mrs. Bertha Miller in her place as Horae Economics teacher. Betty Kemp, Ruth Atwell, Sandra Skuse, and Shirley Tidd are all taking agriculture this year from Mr. Glenn Bronson. In the sophomore class the cheerleaders are: A na Marie Joyce. Mimsi Brices, and Carol Nye. , , The Junior Var,: ty players are: Ted Smith, Charles Lehman, Jack Rosintos- ki, Gerald Green and George Wheeler. The Varisty players are: Lea Monahan and1 Charles Davis. Charles Davis was president of the seventh, eighth and ninth grade nome-rooms. Mimsi Briggs is president this year. Ted Smith was vice-president of his ninth grade and this year was elected to the same office. Mary Ann Joyce was class secretary in ninth grade and Carol Nye reads our minutes this year Our treasurer for last year was Mimsi Briggs and this year Carol Nye handles the “G"6?- Student Council representatives for last year was Doug Wheaton and Charles Davis. This year Leslie Monahsyi represents us. "if dP  r l 1st Row L-R 2nd Row 3rd Row Jay Taylor, Ernest vVeirich, Duane Scribner, Avery Mead, Michael Smith, LeRoy Halsey, Herbert VanSchalck, Richard Burger,Richard Kemp, David Marsh. Theron Burdick, Charles Howland, David Conde , James Connor,Robert Sherman, Francis Vickers, Fred Johnson. Mrs. McFadden, Donald Lewis, Edward Harkenrider,Donald Spencer. 1st Row L-R Ann Harvey, Doris Barnhart, Mary O'Dell, Joyce Fuller, Barbara Clarki Sandra Bostwick, Lorraine Cornish, Patricia Baker, Alura Grossman. 2nd Row Virginia Beil, Janet Gleason, Lena Jones. Shirley Ordiway,Janet Lan Lucille Smith, Katherine Mickle, Mrs. McFadden.Freshman Class History The freshman class does not have much of a history but e shall try to relate some of the highlights to you. First of all, do you know the names of those in the fresliman class? If you don't, here they are: Sandra Bostwick, Pat 3aker, Doris Barnhart, Theron Burdick Uchard Burner, Virginia Beil, Lorraine Cornish, David Conae', Jim Connor, Joyce Fuller, Janet Gleason, Anne Harvey, Charles Howland, Roy Halsey, Ed Karkenrider, Barbara Clark, Fred Johnson, Dick Kemp, Janet Lang, Kay Mickle, Hairy O'Dell, David Marsh, Alura Grossman, Lucille Smith, Mike Smith, Robert Sherman. Donald Spencer, Jay Taylor, Butch Vickers, Herb Van-Schaick, Avery Head, Donald Lewis, Duane Scribner, Barbara and Shirley Ordiway, Lena Jones, and rnest Weirich. Beginning in our seventh grade year v e had three newcomers; Una and Roily Sweet and Lois Freeman. Our class was divided into two -roups, 7A and 7B. Both sections elected president of Mrs.Joyce's homeroom and Jim Connor,of Mrs.Baker's, homeroom. We voted to have a skating party and a picnic. One important event which took place was the spellin ; contest in which first place was won by James Gross-man, not of our class,and second place by Marion Northrup who left A.C.S. at the end of the year to live in Dansville. Many of our class also "made" the Cub team that year. Donald Perry., who also left at the end of the year, Mike Smith,Butch Vickers,Jim Jackson, Avery Mead, Jim Connor, Charlie Howland, Ed Harkenrider,and Bob Sherman all contributed to help make the Cub's season a success, Vat Baker and Alura Grossman became members of the Cub cheering squad. Sandra Bostwick, Lucille Smith, and Marion liorthrup tried for the J.V. cheering squad - and were successful. Butch Vickers and Ernest Weirich became managers of the J.V. team. We ended the year with a picnic. We also lost another classmate, Lois Freeman, to another school. The new term and we found ourselves, now, in the eighth rade. Jin Connor was again elected president: Lucille Smith, vice-president and Jim Jack son, secretary and treasurer.This term we gained five new students; Janet Gleasoi Fred Johnson, Jay Taylor, Lena Jone3, and Herb Van Schalck. Ue also lost five; Una and Rowland Sweet, Betty Reinarc, Albert Eccleston and Jim Jackson. Wevoted to have a skatin' party and a Halloween party. The Halloween party was held in the gym. In addition to these we had a Christmas and Valentine party and a picnic at the end of the year. Wo had a contest with the seventh grade to see who would get the honors for decoratin their room best at Christmas time. Who won? Why, we did of course. In May we had a softball game against the seventh grade. First the boys played, against the boys, and the girls against the girls. Aftei each of the games a picnic supper was held on the school grounds. Mr. Carmod;, took moving pictures of parts of these games. You asked, ’Who won?" We did. An important part of our eighth year was Mr.Mandel's givin us tests to determine where our interests and abilities lay. These helped us prepare our high school schedules and perhaps helped us decide what we wanted to do when high school was finished. We remembered that on one test Doris Barnhart had d remarkably high average in Space Relations, deciding what boxes of certain designs would look like when put together and viewed from different positions. During junior high school Roy Halsey and Ed Karkenrider were our champion ping-pong players. Jan Taylor, Don Spencer, and Kay Mickle were the spellin champions of our class. V e also remember that Mr. Carmody told Mike Smith he should patent his laugh. Our high school life began as we took the role of the freshman class. To start the year off Lucille Smith was elected president, Fred Johnson, vice-Dres-ident Charlie Howland, secretary Jj.m Connor, treasurer and Alura Grossman, student council representative. V e gained one new student, Duane Scribner, and have lost none. V e have enjoyed a Bleating party,a Christmas party, and have not decided on the type of our s onri semester oar tv. Those who are taking i atin I have been having some interesting times with the contests that Mrs. McFadden has been havin'- to help create interest in the subject. Points are ;iven for class recitations and tests and the losing side voted to treat the winnin side to ice cream. To date we have had four of these and are ready to start on the fifth. Those taking this subject are: Pat Baker, Sandy Bostwick, Anne Harvey. Janet Lang, Lucille Smith, Dave Conde', Jim Connor, Charlie Howland Avery Mead, Jay Taylor, and Jim Yannie, who is not of our class. Comin ; into high school we are allowed to join many new organizations. One of these is the Hi-Herald for which some of us write articles. We came out highest contributors in the high school for the Junior Red Cross and the March of Dimes Campai ,ns. The majority of the ooys were on the J.V.'s and some of the girls were cheerleaders. Our school life until now has been happy and successful. Jean Dal acqueline Carol H. Jocelyn Ooyc Karen Corv ln Phyllis Riff Lewis,Sylvia Mr. Carmody, Kemp, Haney Jacq laymond Shawl Karl Gavin, les Loescher h, Patrick C andall1st 2n - 3rd : 017 .ov; ; lO VI ca trice Tide, or.ita Stewart, Mary Reisman, Marie He Andrew, -Bernice Atwell, Sandra Joyce, Carolyn Clarke, Sally Clarke. Dennis Joyce, Merle Sherman, Cerald Clarke, Hiss ;avis, James Harvey, Harold Rifenburg, Richard Grossman. arl.ara Du ois, Richard Baker, Donald Spencer, Ronald Glover, Roger Lew's. James Jones, Corrine Alvord. 1st Row L-R 2nd Row Absent: Jean -'avia Jane rown, Dixie Appier, Mary Teresa MeAndrew, Mrs. Joyce, !.arr e ean, He en . cocking, i.dna Heinarci, Lorraine Balcer Richard -Jtoekin Merle 'rovrn, Clarence Halsey,Oonald Howard Clair Goodrid. e, James - Marl Gavin. iff'le, Richard Smith, Llmer Monroe1st Row L-R Donna Barnhart, Shirley Vickers, Lois Pelton, Florence Re 1 smart, Madeline Wheeler,, Freda Kupp, Charlotte Clark, Anna Davis, Connie Burch, Sylvia Clark. 2nd Row Robert Barnhart, Leo Eurgett, George Mather, Ronald Stocking, Margaret White, Ruth White, Keith Perry, Clifford Tanner, Curtis Crandall, Edward Gayhart. 3rd Row Lynford O'Dell, Tommy Smith, Jack Clark, Franklin Davis, Keith Howland, Clarence Carson, ?red Hornbeck, Pat Padden, Leo Alvord. 1st Row L-R David oescher, Bruce Lehman, Thana Kibbe, Shirley Button, Richard Rifenburg, Loretta Grossman, Lyndon Goodridge, Miss Church. 2nd Row Eernadine Hollenbeck, James "’raser, Ila Marsh, Robert Conde• Marv Brown, Rolln Dolan, John Mickle, Robert McClure. 3rd Row Beta Lunn, Claudette Corwin, Judith Baker, Joyce Day, Ed ar Koa-land Robert Sackett, Carolyn Brundage. Absent: Joan Sootheran, Robert Wincheli.Merton Genun; Gary Whitman Absent 1st Hov L-H Lyle rye,Carol Bshenbau :h,Hu::h Church,Lynda atison,Carol Hoagland. Charlotte Dean, Edward Greene, Maxine Mead, Leo Storms, Mrs. Helrner. 2nd How lien Joyce, Richard White, Venecia Howe,Carole Clark, Carl Lehman, liable Halsey, Bar'ara Barnhart, William Woodruff, Lynda Marvel. 3rd Row Paul Winchel, Larry Tanner,Luciile Rifenburg,Lester Stocking;, Irene Clark, Alfred Whitinc, lora Sherman, Victor Kemp, Gary Rosintoski. 1st Row L-H 2nd : :ow 3rd Row Absent: Alice Barnhart, Cordelia 0»Dell, James ii.'.lhollant , Carl DuEois 1'ranees .dams,’.'illlam Riawl,Carol Ryan,. ic ard Lewis, Alberta Phelps, Miss Jordan, Gerald Padden, Kenneth iioac, John Common, Har Kemp Virginia Atwell, Victor Lurch, Pauline Clark, Carol Howard. " Leo lie Andrew, Wilson Michols, Virginia Sortore, LonalG Lewis, William Slocum, Charles : .oni'oc, Clifton Mather, June Lurch, Ann Church! Ann IIolrne3, o er nc iell.Linda Coffin. Beverly Barney, Nancy DeRemer, Ann Cannon, Hazel Lehman, 3etty Lot Jones, Dolores Halsey, Shirley Snyder, Donald Harris. 2nd Row Leo DeRemer, Sally Smith, Carol Stewart, Beverly Freeman, Betty Jo Barney, Judith Brunda e, Richard Baker, Warren Hand, Lee Storms, Henry Hornbeck, Leslie Harsh, Miss Baker. 3rd Row Dennis White, Robert Brown, Homer Glover, Garth Hulin, Paul Waters, Paul Glover, Claude Riffle, Patrick Howland, rank Sutherland, Paul Reinard. 1st row L-R Barbara Hawks, Harold Ferry, David Carson, Clifford Grover, a,ue urch, iancra -.rc’ ., Hesclton, Br :ce Vickcrc, aren otockln ;, Dorothea Merriara, Dianeton. Prc ow lc' d I.ollenjeck, .lien Corwin, .. -at i ei-, camiLlls via . a-.l, • t-, In , ally Clarke, Patricia ronso: , ..a -o trouae, eral anner, Adalbert Gayhart, -uper.e C ell. .ow arbara Pelton, Lois eil, Phillip arrett, arr no.ise, V..r inis Dewis, i.fisc Schermerhorn, Carol Swartz, Jeanr.e Jay, Sylvia ‘ B.ois, Dillian Hoa i'erton ri I t, James Branca e.1st Row L-a Laye Bostwick, Lou Loescher, Ruth V.’aters, arbara Grossman, Diane Wittie, Jeanette Day, Peyj;y Adams, Carol Sherman, Carolyn Cornell. 2nd Row Geralc' r ircn, o ert Clarke, onald raser, barry Campbell, James Appier, Gary O'Dell, iirs. Carmody, Paul Jone3, .lan Kelley, John Hunt, Bruce Brundare, John Walter, Daniel T err5an. 1st bcv; L- . . illy Riffle, ar; . urciicli, -b e: '('wares, avic Kemp, r ce Johnson,Thomas 2nd Row Gail b-lyhtman,Jean bifenbury, Cher:; kins, Sandra ace,Alccia beis.ian, awn Absent: Allen Skinner thy Brovin, Ja: es Lehman, Theodore r e eman, ' nc : 1 Glover, Her "ert .a u . 1 ?: ter-is, Conn e ronson,IIrs.Tomp-rdick,Patricia Carol Wheeler I- , ..%w 1st Row L-. 2nd . low 3rd Row ulv Clarks, Connie e; n, oharcn .o'- inson, Judith ’.oocrrff, Martha Lae L-ouson, nn Ac .n.drev?, . ary .nn i’icCli re, A15.ce rown, Laura Ilerrian, Marilyn Gen Alberta »ter,Janet ur er,j everlji Lusk, -all:, Charlene aker,Lynn Ca le, Janis Ieil,Lar ara Gordon. Raymond Gleason, Robert o herty, •’rank Coy, Harold Sa-'in, Phill: p Clark, Jon coo!:, -;onaln Kenp, Robert Vickers, red o'.:. 1st Row L-A 2nd Row 3rd Row Carle, - an, ale Crandall, L nn m. Peter Hornbeck, Jeanne Canr ell, Joseph 'a,., an.ra -otson, . 11c, i.arl . Ittic, Lynne Carmody, lwin Loose. Shiela Clarke, Jame3 Greene, Charolettc ’es« , Pearl Perry, 1 ert I .. , »uoe .• : .no Condo’, Jcnald tcrop. usan1st Row L-R 2nd Row 3rd Row Absent: Sandra Rowland, Penelope Hanes, Karen Rosintoski, Deborah Colllr.s, Victoria Lynch, uth Allen, lancy Monroe, Mrs. Robison. Janes Cannon, William nord, Douglas Mulholland, Zane Mc.'aduen, Michael alcer, Cary rown, John Coats, Duane Davis, Ethel Ferry. Robert Goodridye, anny Rossnan, Harold Sherman, Beverly Clark, sther Holmes, rBelinda Baker, Judy hillings. Robert Smith, Georye Hoover. lot ow L-.. ’ary thel Carle, Connie Chilson, Beth Cable, Sharlotte Robinson, Dorothea Glover, Mrs. Corwin, Jane Nichols, Katherine Coats, Mary -lien Smith, Linda DeRener, Lee Kessler. 2nd Row Connie Sisson,Victoria V oolworth,Marian Main,Edmlnd Libert,Peggy Da r Don-ale- harve , -.i chard Stewart, Daniel Stackwick,Larry Skinner, Ira Lee Connor. • Row William mery, Hrene Saab, Gail Burdick, John Karcanes,William Grossman, William Chiles,John Saunders,Kenneth Lehman,Charles Burdick,John Strouse. sent: os a.: one aker; ]The Andover varsity had a mediocre season but they showed lots of strength In the clutch. They won eight games and lost eight. Their league record was four wins and six losses. They won four and lost two of their non-league games which compiled their even record. They scored seventy or more points four times, hit sixty once, fifty or more twice, forty or more four times and thirty or more five times. The varsity outscored their opponents 810 to 705 and their average per game was 50 5 8 points. The school scoring record was broken twice during the season, Richard Davis scored twenty-nine points against Scio and then in his la3t appearance in ah Andover uniform, Lyle Slocum scored thirty-one points. On •their home court they won six and lost but two. Richard Davis scored one hundred fifty-five points in sixteen games,Les Monahan tallied one hundred thirty-seven, Lyle Slocum poured in one hundred forty-one, Wayne Atwell scored one hundred twenty-six from his guard position. The scores follow: 2 uJul 3 fcouyu, 6 7 8 ?7 eryyjoJ r(fuZ ,0 chdUx Andover 73 Belmont 41 Andover 60 Genesee 31 Andover 33 Arkport 58 R. Davis 155 Andover 40 Canaseraga 48 L. Slocum 141 Andover 48 Allentown 51 L. Monahan 137 Andover 53 Greenwood 44 W« Atwell 126 Andover 40 Whitesville 47 R. Monahan 82 Andover 39 Alfred-Almond 65 C. Davis 66 Andover 72 Scio 35 D. Pelton 27 Andover 54 Canaseraga 44 C. Atwell 26 Andover 36 Canlsteo 52 R. Howland 26 Andover 73 Allentown 36 K. Harder 15 Andover 30 Whitesville 32 E. Harkenrider 4 Andover 38 Alfred-Almond 57 Andover 45 Greenwood 30 Andover 76 Scio 34 - denotes league games - denotes home gamesBasketball L-R Michael Smith, James Conde', Charles Lehman, Avery Mead, Duane Scribner, Theodore Smith, David Conde , Mr. Stackwick, Donald Lewis, Charles Howland, Gerald Green, Edward Harkenrider, John Baker, Richard Burger. Th%Junlor Varslt ’ h a a very successful season winning the county championship. Other than the county play-off the team had a wonderful record winnin l’s out of a possible 16 games. Opponent ACS OPP Belmont 50 20 Genesee 50 35 Arkport 32 44 Canaseraga 38 37 Allentown 48 28 Greenwood 50 22 Whitesville 37 40 Alfred-Almond 53 38 0 Scio 58 44 Canaserara 57 45 0 Canisteo 29 40 0 Allentown 57 19 Whitesville 31 29 Alfred-Almond 37 36 Greenwood 4p 22 Scio 57 39 Angelica 35 28 Edward Harkenrider Theodore Smith Gerald Green Charles Howland John Baker Charles Lehman Avery Mead David Conde1 Robert Sherman Jack Rosintoski George Wheeler Duane Scribner Donald Lewis Robert Burger James Conde' Michael Smith Opponents it - denotes league games ,r - denotes play-off 231 112 83 75 63 52 25 24 22 13 9 6 1 3 2 728 538 Games Individual Scoresxronu-jBack Marion foj lllean, Anna Marie Joyce,Carol Nye.uay Rogers,Charity Howianu. t-R Barbara Clark, Sandra Bostwiclc, Patricia ker,Lucille Smith, Mildred Briggs.Soccer 1st ? r L-R Ronald Howland, Wayne Atwell, Prances Vickers, Edward Harkenrlder, Kent Harder, Clyde Jackson,William McNeill,Carl Atwell,Dale Pelton. 2nd Row Rodney Wheeler, Charles Lehman, James Connor, Theodore Smith, Avery Mead, James Conde', David Conde’, Richard Davis. 3rd Row George Wheeler, Ronald Glover, James Riffle, Evan Dolan, Ernest Weirich, Norman Pelton. Mr. Stackwick. The ±9pi ouccer team had a very successrui season winning p gaiueo onu losing •3. The locals lost to Alfred-Almond, Canaseraga and Richburg while win" Scio, Allentown, Greenwood twice and Wellsville. Games Andover 0 Scio 2 Andover 12 Greenwood 0 Andover 14 Allentown 0 • Andover 2 Richburg 4 Andover 2 Alfred-Almond 4 Andover 4 Wellsville 3 Andover 12 Greenwood 4 Andover 4 Canaseraga 7 - denotes home games - denotes league gamesThe 1951 Bas ,ateam had a very successful season, winning the county championship from Friendship 11-10. The team then went to Hornell to play Campbell and winning from them 3 to 2. They went to Rochester and played South Byron whom they swamped 13 to 1. Then the finals at Phelps, New York where too many errors lost the game for Andover to a strong Red Creek 10 to 4. 1st Row L-R Richard Baker, Ronald Glover, Charles Loescher, Roger Phelps James Riffle, Jerry Rogers. ’ 2nd Row John Button, Thomas Loucks, Dennis Joyce, Mr. Carmody, Martin Smith. Norman Pelton, Dale Ordiway. omicrvG A. A 1st Row L- 2nd Row 3rd Row Lucille Smith, Lorraine Cornish, Mary Ann Joyce, Mildred 3r gs. Gay Rogers, Anna Marie Joyce, Barbara Clark, Joyce Puller, Patricia Baker. Alura Grossman. , . . Miss Olmsted, Irene Hurlburt, Shirley Tidd, Ann Marvel, Patricia Reisman, Charity Howland, Carol Nye, Virginia Kibbe. Sandra Bostwick, Marion Milligan, Mary Jane Sackett, oeverly Loucrfs, Ann Harvey, Charlotte Case, Mary Lou-Clark, Mary O'Dell. Track Team 1st Row L-K Tim Marsh, trances Vickers, Dennis Joyce, Kent harcer, can Atwell. 2nd Row James Conde’, John Baker, Wayne Atwell, Leslie Monahan, Richard Davis, Ronald Glover, jrd Row Dale Pelton, James Yannie, Jessie Grossman, Mr. Stackwick.Alumni Class or 8-° M Robert burger Beverly Clair Evelyn Glover James Baker Ella Mae Clair Carl Clark John Connor Mary Margaret Dean Mary Ellen Driscoll fteta Jean Goodridge Ann Marie Green Margaret Jackson Barbara Marsh Paul McCormick Louise O'Dell Norma Perry Joan Woodruff Marrled U. S. Air Force In United States Navy serving in Cuba Helping mother at Elm Valley Store Gone co angiana co live wich Jim wonunt ror otcis Eastern Oil Co-Telepnone operator in Rochester Working at Woodruff Cheese Serving with United States Arajj in California larking at Clair's Drugstore Practicing Nursing working for Personal Finance Co. in Hornell Sayre Hospital, Nursing Working at Ford Peckhara Living in Wellsvllle working farm at home Working at Almond Training at St. James Working in Wellsvllle Hattie warn, Kuth Shutt, Sara Rita Padden. Rosemary Mead, Joan Joyce, Mary Alice Horn, Hutn Halsey, Rosemarie Baker Wayne Sherwood, John baker Bpuce Nye, Theodore O'Dell, Marlin Matner, Richard Lynch Class of 50 Kenneth Milligan U. S. Marines U. S. Air Force Betty Smith and Bob Baker Robert Carpenter Nedra Burrows Maxine Fuller Clayton Burdick Mary Ellen Connor Joan Jackson Aquinas Lynch Joan McAndrews Robert Marsh Joseph Smith Theodora anKuren Annabell O'Dell Gloria Clair Married Trinidad Junior College, Trinidad. Colorado Ronald Atwell, Robert uunhaa LeRoy Caple. Donald Muiconery, Kenneth Nye Married, parents of a daugnter Syracuse University Waves Married, mother of two children Working on a farm in Troupsburg Nurse at St. James Mercy Hospital Doing odd jobs Attending International Beaucv Academy Telephone operator at Wellsvllle Attending Bible scnooi at Johnson City Attending Alfred University Is secretary in Rochester Working at the Alfred Pottery Attending the University of Buffalo Frances Baker, Joyce Linza, Barbara Wintemburg,Lois Honnegei Class of 1951 Maxine Baker Frank Cornish Charles- Doughert John Dougherty Ruth Curry Arlene Edwards Richard Hancock Teresa Joyce Janet Hall ColleenMcAndrews Married Living at home Working in Washington for the government Working for Empire Gas and Fuel Co. Running a milk route Attending Alfred University Working at Worthington Secretary Working n Olean Attending the Rochester Business Institute Working in California Operator at the Wellsvllle Telephone Office Danjaan Crandall, Agnes Davis, Ruby Ordiway - -- ---------- Archie Baker, Alice Bostwick, Donna Nobles Attending Bryant and Stratton - Victor Daley, Harry Foster, Jack Wheaton Charles Snyder ' Attending the University of Buffalo - Caroline Briggs, Dean Fisher Nursing at Hyland Hospital - Patricia Sacfecc. Eunice Hall Nursing at, the St. James Mercy Hospital - Phyllis Burger, Marcella Smiths 3V tV .6 cv; ofo 0e -$P WOrch esfr a 1st Row L-R Dorothy Appier, Ann Church, Freda Kupp, Lois Peltdn, Claudette Corwin, Thelma Mickle. '2nd Row Gay Rogers, David Marsh, Richard Baker, Carl Waters, Harriet Dean, Jane Brown, Miss Winkelman. Male Chorus Dale Pelton, Kent Harder, Richard Kemp, Ronald Howland, William McNeill. Carl Waters, James Mickle, Jesse Grossman Baker, William Glover, Mr. Holden. Roger Wright, Lyle Slocum, Edward Harkenrlder, Ronald Ellis, James Conde', Roy Halsey, Francis Vickers, JohrSextette L-R Mary Lou Clark, nnlta Nichols, Laura Mae Crbyle,Clarice Nye,Virginia i .ioje, Carol Nye, Marion Milligan, Mr. George Holden, Director. Camera Club iso Row L-R Mary Loi Clark, wary Ann Joyce, Charity Howland, Gay Rogers, Milareu Briggs, Ann Marvel, Mary Jane Sackett, Irene Hurlburt. and Row Mr. Reil, Dale Pelton, Jerry Green, Kent Harder, Ronald Howland, Jame3 Conde', Michael Connor. 3r j-flow Paul Clark, Roger Wright, Edward Harkenriaer, Carl Waters, Dale Green, William Glover, Clyde Jackson.Future Homemakers of America niiarea tfriggs, Clarice Wye, Anita Nichols, Charity Carol Nye, Marion Milligan, Virginia Kibbe, Sandra 1st now ii-it Mary cou ciarK, Howland, Gay Rogers, Bostwick. Mrs. Miller, Carol Harris, Charlotte Case, Betty Harris, Irene Hurlburt Beverly Louclcs, Anna Marie Joyce, Shirley Tidd, Mary Jane Sackett, Betty Kemp, Lucille Smith. , Wary Ann Joyce,Lois Huger,Patricia Reisman,Ruth Atwell,Joyce Fuller. arbara Clark, Ruth Davis, Rosetta Davis, Sandra Skuse, Alura Grossman. ThPimaaMLvT’OWM th 1'T1Mf M1ckle,Laura Mae Croyle.Ann Marvel,Billie Ryan, Thelma Mickle.Mildred Miles,Ann Harvey,Lorraine Cornish, Patricia Baker. 2nd Row 3rd Row Uh Row 1st Row t, r Mr. Smith, Roger Wright, Rodney Wheeler, Wayne Atwell. Dale Green Carl Atwell, Lyle Slocum, Mr. Bronson. ’ 2“ SeLS??1Srtd“Se“y“C' !" ld 0re"' “"«».» ••« Grossman 3rd Row Roy Halsey, James Padden, Paul Clark, Herbert Van Schaick.Library Council 1st Row L-R Billie Ryan, Laura Mae Croyle, Thelma Mickle, Lois Huger, Mary 3rowi% Marion Milligan, Charity Howland, Gay Rogers, Clarice Nye. 2nd Row Mrs. Conde', Betty Harris, Mary Lou Clark. 1st Row L-R 2nd Row 3rd Row Student Council Wayne Atwell, Dale Green, Carl Atwell, Michael Connor, Charity Howland, Lucille Smith. Lois Ruger, Anna Marie Joyce, Mildred Briggs, Martin Smitn, Uorrine Alvord, Clarice Nye, Jane Brown, Marion Milligan, Alura Grossman, Ronald Monahan, Leslie Monahan, Mr. Mandel Mary 'brownAlvord, James Mulholland Edward Gayhart. ommy Smith, Le larence Carson4 H Club 1st How L-R Terry Mulholland, Jean Daley,Kay Mickle, Charity Howland,Gay Rogers, Ann Marvel, Thelma Mickle, Mary Jaine Sackett, Betty Kemp, 2nd Row Jacqueline Vickers, Charlotte Case, Betty Harris,Irene Hurlburt, Beverly Loucks, Anna Marie Joyce, Shirley Tidd, Marlon Milligan, Virginia Kibbe, 3rd Row Jocelyn Joyce, Carol Harris, Mary Lou Clark, Ruth Atwell, Mary O'Dell, Joyce Puller, Janet Lang, Sandra Skuse. 1st Row L-R Sylvia Clark, Loretta Grossman, Thana Kibbe, Margaret White, Ruth White, Barbara Pelton, Charlotte Clark, Connie Burch, Florence Reisman 2nd Row Gay Rogers, Madeline Wheeler, Shirley Button, Shirley Vickers, Freda Kudo, Bernadine Hollenbeck, Dr- is Barnhart Jocelyn Joyce.1st Row L-R 2nd Row 3rd Row Mary Fowler, Marion Milligan, Sandra Bostwick, Charity Howland, Mary 3rown, Mildred Briggs, Gay Rogers. Mrs. MoPadden, Lois Ruger, Anita Nichols, Billie Ryan, Mary Lou Clark, Mary Ann Joyce. Kent Harder, Dale Pelton, JoAnn Marsh, Ann Marvel. 1st Row L-P 2nd Row 3rd Row Irene Hurlburt, Charity Howland Mrs. Mcl’adden, Anna Marie Joyce Lucille Smith. Clair VanSchaick, Janies Conde'. Mary Brown, Shirley Tidd. Patricia Baker, Mary Jane Sackett,Sr. Chorus 1st Row ‘L-R Mr. Holden, Anita Nichols,Lois Huger,Sandra Bostwick, Joyce Fuller, Mildred Briggs, Patricia Baker, Lucille Smith, Alura Grossman, Mary Brown, Marion Milligan, Neva Curry, Mary Lou Clark. 2nd Row Carol Harris, Shirley Ordiway, Charlotte Case, Laura Mae Croyle, Betty Harris, Thelma Mickle, Clarice Nye, Ann Marvel, Virginia Kibbe, Beverly Loucks, Shirley Tidd, Irene Hurlburt, Betty Kemp. 3rd Row Patricia Reisnan, Mary Ann Joyce, Ruth Atwell, Charity Howland, Gay HogerSj .Katherine Mickle, Carol Nye. Mary O'Dell, Billie Ryan. Jr. Chorus 1st Row L-R 2nd Rov; 3rd Row l th Row Sylvia Lusk, Ruth Huffcut, Jacqueline Vickers, Jocelyn Joyce, Terry Mulholland,Jean Daley,Lila Mae Stimson, Marilyn Harris,Gloria Marsh. Miss Uinkelman, Carolyn Clarke, Sandra Joyce, Diane Lewis, Phyllis Riffle, Mary Teresa McAndrew, Patricia Padden, Sally Clarke, Karen Corwin, Harriet Dean, Janet Lang. Dixie Appier, Corrine Alvord, Jane Brown, Bonita Stewart, Fancy Hulin, Ruth Kemp, Dorothy Appier, Velma Broughton, Beatrice Tidd. Jacqueline Baker, Barbara Handel, Bernice Atwell, James Riffle, Richard Baker, Ronald Glover, Dennis Joyce, Donald Howard. 7 4e BfiiAdi A-jj £''xxUtcauje. The Interpretation of the word Exchange in business life is that of parting with something in return for its equivalent. Our interpretation of Exchange is the giving of self for the privilege in return of serving others; of parting with selfishness and receiving in return the satisfaction of discharging our duty to our Fel-lowmen, to our Community and to our Nation. We, the members of the Exchange Club of Andover, hope that the Senior Class of ‘52 will set this as their goal.OTTO B. NYE WHOLESALE Food Products CHEESE — HONEY FARMERS FEED SUPPLY FEED, SEED, LIME, FERTILIZER Custom Grinding and Mixing DONALD DEREMER, Mgr. Andover New York COMPLIMENTS OF THACHER BROTHERS Almond Rd. Hornell, N. Y. RICHARDSON FURNITURE STORE QUALITY FURNITURE Canisteo New York COMPLIMENTS OF F. E. LUNN SON LUMBER COMPANY “Everything for the Builders” 256 West State St. Wellsville, N. Y. Phone 426 FOR A REAL TREAT GET Woodruff's Ice Cream IT'S SUPER Cheaper by the GallonCONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS TO DR. J. R. COMMON CLASS OF 1952 Dentist Smith’s Altantic Station HOTEL JOYCE Proprietors Benny Dugo Tom Scaglione BEST WISHES SPECIALIZING IN CLASS ’52 Spaghetti Meatballs — Pizza Short Orders and VOGUE SALON ALL LEGAL BEVERAGES Phone 8915 Andover, N.Y. JEAN LYNCH TELEVISION — SPORTS BEST OF LUCK TO CLASS OF ’52 BARRETT ■ STUART Your Yearbook Photographer 11 Seneca St. Homell, N. Y. Film Finishings Phone 29 Weddings Photo Stats Commercial Photos by Ray FetskoCOMPLIMENTS OF The Andover National Bank Federal Reserve System - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Resources Over $1,500,000.00 QowyurfulatiosU Xutul U Wtiit i CLAIR'S PHARMACY Careful Prescription ServiceCOMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF DR. ALFRED ROSS Hazel’s Beauty Salon BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF ’52 COMPLIMENTS OF ANDOVER GARAGE CLARA and MARGARET General Auto Repairing ESSO Phone 4685 GAS D I N E T Main Street Andover, N. Y. Bostwick’s General Merchandise “A Big Store in a Small Town” MAIN STREET ANDOVER, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF SHORT’S SERVICE STATION “JERRY” HYLAND “HERM” WALLACECARPENTER SCHOOL COACHES Distributed By Jay Madsen Equipment Company Bath, New York - Phone 472 DIAMOND RINGS .BULOVA, ELGIN, LONGINES--WHITTNAUER, HAMILTON CROTON “Shockproof Watches FLOYD C. VARS SON HORNELL AUTO SUPPLY 58 BROADWAY “KEN- JEWELERS VARS Andover, N. Hornell, Y. New York COMPLIMENTS OF And-Well Producers Cooperative, Inc. The Cooperative of the Better Dairymen THE MEMBERS OF THE HI HERALD STAFF Take This Opportunity To Thank THE NEWS PRINTING HOUSE for the fine co-operation in the publication of our school paper, the Hi Herald, during the past yearSaunders Service Station NASH GARAGE WELLSVILLE, NEW YORK Business Prefers RBI Graduates Approved For You By The Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York COMPLIMENTS OF Rochester Business Institute 172 Clinton Avenue South Rochester 4, New York C. B. CAPLE COMPLIMENTS OF Wineburg Gleason Inc. Eldredge Barber Shop 100 Main St. Hornell, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF ALFRED UNIVERSITY Alfred New York LOOHN’S CLEANERS and Launderers 450 Canisteo St. Phone 1368 Hornell, N. Y. FOUNDED 1836 NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Approved SANITNOE ServiceBEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1952 Lynch Burgett Post No. 397 Andover, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF Cook's Esso Station Route 17 Andover, N. Y. A Store Like Ours Could Not Exist Without Such Friends as YOU, So Once Again We Wish the Best In Everything You Do. FOLSING’S EAT REFRESHING CUBA ICE CREAM “The Best by Quality Test” COMPLIMENTS OF Cuba Ice Cream Co. CUBA NEW YORKCOMPLIMENTS OF Appliances HIGBY ELECTRIC FORD and PECKHAM Dearborn Ford Farm Equipment Tractor COMPLIMENTS OF THE MARKET BASKET SELF SERVICE MEATS FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES P. J. TAYLOR, Mgr. COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES B. MULHOLLAND FUNERAL HOME COMPLIMENTS OF NIAGARA ELECTRON LABORATORIES P. M. HACKETT Andover New York COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY STEPHENS Insurance Agency ESTHER M. TEMPLE, Prop. 11 North Main Street Andover New York COMPLIMENTS OF SACKETT’S FOOD MARKET Andover New York BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS LOUIS JOYCEIt is only through the kindness and generosity of our advertisers and all who assisted us that the publication of this annual was possible. To those who assisted us in any way, our heartfelt thanks. To our advertisers, our heartfelt thanks and continued patronage. Class ’52 L. G. BALFOUR CO. Attleboro Mass. Official Class Ring Jewelers to Andover Central School Represented by ROBERT T. TURNBULL Lakewood New York 3 R’s Add Another-R for Refreshment COMPLIMENTS OF ELMHURST DAIRY INC. 59 ERIE AVENUE SUNNYDALE FARMS INC. ANDOVER, N. Y. Hornell New York LEO S. SNYDER, Mgr. PATRONS Wellsville Dry Cleaners Walter (Mike) Gath Mr. and Mrs. Everett Clark Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Ruger Crandall Chiavetta Hawkins Ray and Shirley Cicerella Fay Brown From a Friend Supply Co., Inc.COMPLIMENTS OF P. M. HULIN COMPLIMENTS OF BURREL C. WILLIAMS Insurance Agency GENERAL INSURANCE Dial 2543 6 Elm Street Andover, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF R. J. SOOTHERAN ATTORNEY VICKERS and SON QUALITY MEATS GROCERIES — — FRUITS VEGETABLES POP — — — ICE CREAM Phone 2725 BAKER'S HARDWARE WALLPAPER MOORE’S PAINTS DISHES GIFTWARE LINOLEUM FELT BASE RUGS HOOVER CLEANERS MAGIC CHEF RANGES SHINGLES ROLL ROOFING ROOF COATING GENERAL HARDWARECOMPLIMENTS OF LESTER YORK SONS FRANK O’CONNOR Sporting Goods Produce Dealers SCHOOL and TEAM OUTFITTERS 890 Main St. Buffalo 2, N. Y. LIME and FERTILIZERS COMPLIMENTS OF Allegany Telephone Co., Inc. 11N. Main Street, Alfred, New York W. B. HARRISON FOR GOOD TELEVISION WHILE HAVING A SNACK OR A MEAL Pfuntner Sales Service You Arc Always Welcome At BUNGALOW DINER G. L. PRIOR, Prop. 26 JEFFERSON STREET Wellsville, New York COMPLIMENTS OF CENTER STREET GARAGE MINGUS and HOOVER NATURAL GAS The Ideal Fuel EMPIRE GAS FUEL Company, Limited We Extend Best Wishes for the Success of Your 1952 Yearbook Mrs. Martha Robinson Kindergarten Geneseo Normal 6 years at A.C.S. Mrs. Florence Corwin Kindergarten Fredonia Normal 2 years at A.C.S. Mrs. Laura Hall Grade one Geneseo Normal 7 years at A.C.S. Mrs. Monica Connor Grade one Geneseo State 6 years at A.C.S. Mrs. Patricia Tompkins, B.E. Grade two Geneseo State 4 years at A.C.S. Mrs. Elizabeth Carmody, B.E. Grade two Geneseo State 3 years at A.C.S. Miss Scharlie Schermerhorn,B.i Grade three Potsdam Geneseo 4 years at A.C.S. Mrs. Carolyn Helmer Grade three and four 7 years at A.C.S. Mrs. Harriet Schwarzenbach Grade six Geneseo Normal 24 years at A.C.S. Miss Ruby Jordan Grade five Geneseo State 23 years at A.C.S. Miss Doris Church Grade five and six Geneseo State 7 years at A.C.S. Miss Ruth Baker Grade four Geneseo State 23 years at A.C.S.BUS DRIVERS Mr. Don llichols, Mr. Albert Rogers, Mr. Charles Gleason, Mr. Glenn Skuse, Mr. Gail Smith, Mr. Erancis Vickers CUSTODIANS Mr. Jim Nobles, Mr. John Nobles CAFETERIA STAFF L-R Mrs. Evelyn Glover,MissMargaret Grossman, Mrs.Leila Livermore, Miss Carolyn Walton L A George S. Holden, B.S. Fredonia State Graduate Work- Fredonia State, Harpur College, Alfred Univ. Activities- Sr. Chorus, Jr. Band, Sr. Band, Sextette, Baton Twirlers, Music Festival. 3 years at A.C.S. Lois Winkelman, B.S. Freaonla otate Music Activities- Voice Class,Junior Chorus String Orchestra. 2 years at A.C.S. Mr. Edward Stackwick, B.S. Brockport State Physical Education Activities- Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer Teams, Dancing Class,Intramurals 1st year at A.C.S. Miss Helen Olmstead, B.S. Brockport State Physical Education Activities- Girls' Athletic Association, Cheerleaders' Advisor,Intramural Dancing Class. 1st year at A.C.S. Mr. LeRoy Dodson, B.S. Oswego State, M. Ed. at . Bonaventure,Drivers Ed. Freooj Drivers Education Teaches at- Andover, Bolivar, Cuba, Wellsville, Whitesville Glenn E. Bronson, B.S. Cornell Agriculture Graduate Y ork-Alfred University Activities- Boys' 4-H, Future '.’arners of America 7 years at A.C.S. fir. Donald Smith, Cadet TeacherA 5 Laura Davis, B. A. Houghton Colleg Grade Seven, Jr. High English 1st year at A.C.S. Mrs. Marco Conde', B.A. Keuka College Librarian Graduate Library Work- Geneseo State Activities- Library Council 6 years at A.C.S. Mr. Carlyle Carmody, B.Ed. Geneseo State Grade Eight, Social Studies, Science Graduate Work- Alfred University 6 years at A.C.S.•James Hewitt Kessler, 3.S. Hobart M.S. In Ed. Syracuse Principal Biology Instructor 6 years at A.C.S. Miss Agnes Taylor, Hornell Business. College Secretary 8 years at A.C.S. George E. Rell, B.S. Geneseo State Vice Principal, Mathematics, Science Graduate Study- Alfred University, Albany State 8 years at A.C.S. Activities- Camera Club,Sophomore Class Advisor Mrs. Florence Agnes Greene, R.In Park Avenue Hospital School Nurse Advance Work- University of Buffalo, St. Bonaventure 10 years at A.C.S. ii Marvin C. Handel, M.S. Ed. Syracuse Guidance Graduate Work- Cornell University, Jew York University, Columbia Univ. Buffalo University, Alfred Univ. Activities- Yearbook Advisor,Senior Class Advisor, Student Council. 5 years at A.C.S.Mildred Worthington Palsion 1st year at A.C.G. B. A Rochester Doris Jean Chandler, E.S. Ithaca Commercial 1st year at A.C.S. Activities - Junior Class Advisor, Yearbook Typist Mrs. Bertha Miller, B.S. Buffalo State Homemaking 1st year at A.C.S. Activities - F.H.A. Mrs. Marie McFadden, B.A. Penn State M.S. Alfred University English Latin 7- years at A.C.S. Activities- Freshman Class Advisor, Hi-Herald Advisor

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