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IANDO ER CENTRAL SCHOOL FOUNDED -182 2 In lf?22 the Andover Union School was founded and in 1399 a high school wao established In 1939 the new modern school, pictured above, was rent rail zed and erected.Associated with this fine building are many fine memortis! and we the class of 50 do name this book MEMOIRS . We the class of '50 wish to thank all those who have aided us in anv wav’in making our graduation possible and our yearbook a success—the board of education, Principal James H. Kessler, faculty members, and the people who have supported our school. We, the seniors of '50 have a great deal to remember. But above all Mr. Cond', your leadership and guidance throughout the last year remain outstanding. While under your guidance, instruction and encouragement, we, as a class, come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of teachers. Those who get what they can out of a job and those who try to put some -thing into the job. You are definitely in the latter croup. You have done a great deal for the youth of Andover because of your fondness of teaching and your wonderful philosophy of education. It is with the utmost sincerity and highest degree of respect that we, the Seniors of 1950, dedicate this year book to you in the hope that you will accept our tribute. Mr. Murlyn Conde' was born April 5, 1905, in Montour Falls, New York. He attended Cook Academy, Ohio Northern University and Alfred University, where he obtained his B. S. and M. S. His teaching career began in 1934 at Cook Academy where he was a teacher of history and math, coach, Head Master and field representative. In 1942 he entered the American Red Cross as a field director and served in the United States, Africa, and Sicily until 1943. Upon his return from Africa, Mr. Conde' worked with the Red Cross as a fund raiser and in the field of public relations in the New York City area. In April 1945, he came to Andover where he taught history until June. For the next year he taught in Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, Virginia. In September 1946, Mr. Condi' returned again to Andover where he took the position as instructor of the high school social studies department and senior class advisor.C. v• ?urdic J. H. Kessler Principal « J. Alderson Clerk .V. V. Lynch P. V. Harder G. E. Poll Vice PrlncioalLlture ). Juni-.T ..irh Ur , - . lie: 1 Eaucati n Kl . CAKMODY Junior i.igh Social Studies - • hOL usic School Nurse . ISS •laj. ISS .CChS . I. owe nomics HI O • . .cr «DDl.ii I 1 rK J,T r» . TsrT :77T7r..-:ss. ■ . .; 'zzrz;zsrzz:.'r' CLASS OFFICERS PRE3IPENT ROBERT FRANKLIN CAR!ENTER-nTY Major - Math, Science Class Officer -President 3, 4 Yearbook - Typist, Solicitor National Honor Society - 4 Senior Play - ''lint Purdy Student Council - 4 Basketball - 3 Baseball - 3, 4 Soccer - 2, 3, 4 Tre'k - 1, 2, 3 Camera ''lub -1,2 Athletic Club - 1,2,3,4 Ambition-Mechanical Engineer VICE-PRESIDENT GLORIA MAE CLAIR- DITTY Major - Science, Business Class Officer - Vice Pres.-4 Yearbook - Solicitor Honor Roll - 4 Senior Play -Imogene Vankydon Student Council - 4 Glee Club - 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Herald - 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Council - 3 4 F. H. A. - 3, 4 Car. ;ra Club - 2 Ambition - Dental Hygienist SECRETARY ROBERT DALE BAKER- BOB Major-Science, agric. Class Officer -Sec. 3,4 Yearbook - Typist National Honor Soc. - 4 Honor Roll -1,2, 3 Student Council-1,2,3,4 Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer - 2, 3, 4 Track - 2, 3 Hi-Herald - 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. - 1, 2, 3, 4 4-H - 1, 2, 3, 4 Athletic Club - 1,2,3,4 mbition-Be Successful TREASURER BETTY JO SMITH - BETT Major - Business Class Officer-Treas.4 Yearbook - Solicitor Honor Roll - 4 Student Council - 1 Hi-Herald - 1, 2, 3 Library Council - 3 F. H. A. - 3 'hnbition - Housewife RONALD ARL ATY.ELL- PON” Major- Agriculture Senior Play- Dilworth Dickrell Student Council- 2, 3 Basketball- 3 4- baseball- 2 Soccer- 3 k Track- 2, ), !| Hi-Herald- 1, 2 P. t.-. A.- 1, ?, 3, k 4-h- 1, ?, 3, 1+ Athletic Club- ?, 3» ! Ambition- graduate FRANCES SaPOPA BAKER- BENNY” Major- Business Yearbook- Typist Cheerleader- 3 Glee Club - 1, 2, 3, U Band- 1, 2, 3, k Orchestra- 1, P, 3 Camera Club- 1 Ambition- Secretary NrDPA JEANETTE BURRO .VS- ONE n Major- Business, -.omemaking Yearbook- -ditor-in-Chief Senior Play- Pamela Gordon Student Council- 1 Cheerleader- 3 Glee Club- 2, 3 k Hi-Herald- 1, 2, 3, k Library Council- 3 4 F. H. A.- ?, 3, 1+ Camera Club- 3. !+ k-H- 1+ Ambition- a successful life CLATON ALFRED RiJRDICK- Major- Agriculture Honor Roll- 1 . F. A.- 1. 2, 3. k Ambition- to finish high school LE ROY FRANCIS CAPL CLAY” Major- Business Basketball- 1, 2, 3 14-Soccer- p, 3 Track- 1, 2, 3» k Glee Club- 1, [4. Camera Club- 14. Athletic Club- 1, 2, 3 k Ambition- Military Service JOAN DIANE JACKSON- JACKIE Major - Business, Horae Ec. Senior Play - Abby Glee Club - 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi -Herald - 1, 3, 4 Library Council - 3, 4 F. H. A. - 2, 3, 4 Camera Club - 1, 2, 3 4-H - 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambition - Nurse ROBERT EUGENE DUNHAM EFFE Major-Science, Commercial Basketball - 1, 2, 3, A Baseball - 1, 2, 3, A Soccer -2,4 Tournaments -3,4 Ambition-tour the country LOIS JANET HONEGGER BOB Major-Business, Horae Ec Yearbook-Adv. Chairman Student Council - 4 Hi-Herald - 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Council -3,4 F. H. A. - 2, 3, 4 Camera Club - 1, 2, 3. 4 4-H - 4 Ambition - teacher ,RY ELLEN CONNOR - MARY Major - Science Student Council - 4 Glee Club - 1, 2, 3, U Hi-Herald - 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Council - 3 F. H. A. - 3, 4 Camera Club - 2 Ambition - Registered Nurse DOROTHY MAXINE FILLER- MAC Major - Business Yearbook - Accountant Honor Roll Student Council - 4 Glee Club - 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Council -3,4 National Honor Society - 4 F. H. A. - 3, 4 Ambition - StenographerJOYCE JOANNE LINZA - JOYCEE Major - Business, Honemaking Yearbook - Typist, Advertising Agent Honor Roll - 4 Senior Play - Betty Lou Cheerleader - 1, 3 Glee Club - 1, 2 Band - 1 Orchestra - 1 Hi-Herald - 1, 2, 3 Library Council - j, A F. H. A. - 3,4 Camera Club - 1, 2 Ambition - Dental Hygienist BARBARA AQUINAS LYNCH - QUINIE Major - Science Senior Play - Hortence Glee Club - 1 Hi-Herald - 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Council - 4 F. H. A. - 3, 4 Camera Club - 1 Ambition - Nurse JOAN MARIE MeANDREWS - JOANIE Major - Math, Latin Yearbook - Identification Honor Roll - 2 Senior Play - Melvina Glee Club - 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Herald - 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Council -3,4 F. H. A. - 3, 4 Camera Club - 4 Ambition-Fashion Designer J iMES ROBERT MARSH - BOB Major - Agriculture Yearbook-Assistant Editor F. F. A. . 1, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club - 2, 3, 4 4-H - 1, 2, 3, 4 Ambition - To Graduate KENNETH MILLIGAN- SKEET Major - Agriculture Yearbook-Typist,Lay Out Senior Play Basketball - 1, 2, 3, ‘ Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer - 2, 3, 4 F. F. a. - 1, 2, 3, 4 4-H - 1, 2, 3, 4 Athletic Club-1,2,3,4 Ambition - To GraduateANNABELI O'DELL - GUS Major - Business, Homemaking Yearbook - Identification Glee Club - 4 Library Council -3(4 F. H. A. - 3i 4 Camera Club - 4 Ambition - Teacher BARBARA JEnN WINTEKBERG- BARB Major - Business Yearbook - Advertising Agent Honor Roll -1,2,3 Cheerleader - 1, 2, 3 Hi-Herald - 1, 2, 3, A Ass't Editor Library Council -3,4 F. H. - 3, 4 Ambition - Teacher DONALD KULCONERY - MO Major - Business Yearbook - Trimmer Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4 Soccer - 2, 3,4 TrA lf — ? Athletic dlub - 1,2,3,4 Ambition - To Graduate KENNETH WILLIhM NYE - OTTER Major - Business Yearbook - Lay Out Sen;or Play - Winston Baseball - 4 Soccer - 2, 3, 4 Track - 2 Band - 1, 2, 3, U Orchestra - 1, 2 Athletic Club - 2, 3, A Ambition - Mechanic JOSEPH SMITH - 3MIFFY Major - Math, Science Class Officer-President 2 Yearbook - Trimmer National Honor Society -3, 4 Senior Play - Ross Student Council - 2, 3. 4 President Student Council 4 Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball - 1, 2, 3, 4 Athletic Club - 1, 2, 3,4 Ambition - Engineer THEODORA VANKUREN - TEDDY Major - Business Cheerleade- - 3 Glee Club - 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Herald - 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Council -3,4 F. H. A. - 3, U ' mbiticn -Dental HygienisteMail ojj fycune. Early in the Fall of 1947 the Hi Herald voted to sponsor a hall of fame. This hall of fame was to include five members of the Senior Class who were judged as follows: 1. Scholarship. 2. Student must be in the upper half of the class. 3. Personality. 4. Neatness. 5. Physical and moral development. 6. Sportsmanship. These were the main requirements. Each member of the Hall of Fame receives membership to the National Honor Society. This is a tradition which will, we hope, be kept in years to come.eMail oj fycuneCLASS WILL We, the Senior Class and Graduate of Andover Central School, in the county of Allegany, state of New York, being of sound?? and disposing mind and mindful of the uncertainty of life, do make, and publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, in the manner following, that is to say: Ronald Atwell leaves his reckless driving habits to Dick Hancock. Frances Baker leaves her overused clarinet to anyone who has lots of wind. Robert Baker leaves—and takes Betty Smith with him. Claton Burdick leaves his shyness to Charles ougherty. Nedra Burrows leaves her name Bones to Donna Nobles. Gloria Clair leaves her harem to Maxine Baker to dispose of as she sees fit. Mary Ellen Connor leaves her gift of gab and silly giggle to Betty Harris. LeRoy Caple leaves his height to Donny Perry. Robert Dunham leaves his fancy footwork in basketball to the basketball team. Robert Carpenter leaves his ability to fill any seat well to Dale Pelton. Maxine Filler leaves her feminie charms and sportsmanship to Marcy Smith. Lois Honegger leaves her saying, MY BOBBY to whom can take it'way from her. Joan Jackson leaves her ability to speed to 65 m.p.h. to Clyde Jackson. Joyce Linza leaves her Tune cards to WLEA. Aquinas Lynch leaves her diet to Phyllis Perry. Robert Marsh leaves his manly physique to Leslie Monahan. Joan McAndrew leaves her sweet personality to Mary Brown. Kenneth Nye leaves his unruly hair to Rodney Wheeler. Kenneth Milligan leaves his trusty red jacket to keep Teresa Joyce warm. Annabelle O'Dell leaves her gum on Mr. Conde’s desk for agnes Davis to use. Betty Smith leaves her waistline to Marie Kemp. Donald Mulconery leaves his shyness to Vic Daley. Joseph Smith leaves his flirting ability to Dean Fisher. Theodora Vancuren leaves her gum snapping to aii.ce Bostick. Barbara Wintemberg leaves her ability to get along with people to Dick Nye. The entire class leaves that last swell year to the Juniors to enjoy next year as much as we did this year. To Mr. Holden we leave some sound proofing material to sound proof his room. To Mr. Kessler we leave this pair of suspenders so he won't have to hitch up his pants next year. To Mr. Conde' we leave this book, How to Tempt Fish so there can be no more excuses for no fish. We leave to Mrs. Conde' a baseball bat to use in her study halls next year. To Miss McCarthy we willingly leave a little dog to carry messages back and forth from Bill. To Mr. Bartz we leave this money so he wbn’t have to worry about the yearbook advertising next year. To Mr. Reil we leave this fan to take away the smell of Chemistry next year. To Miss Block we leave a pair of earmuffs to keep her warm in Utica. To Mrs. McFadden we leave thi3 hearing aid so she can hear the newscasts of the seniors next year. To Mr. Witzel we leave a new washing machine so he can do his own washing instead of sending it to the Homemaking department. To Mr. Bronson we leave a watch with 46 hours so he will have enough time to take care of his FFA, 4-H, Vet’s program, and tree planting. To Mrs. Greene we leave a horse to match her buccanner boots she wore so much last winter. To Jim Nobles we leave these special seeds for the flower bed outside. To John Nobles we leave this bottle of Sloans Liniment. To Mr. Mandel we leave some pin-ups so he will have a change from his college books next year in his office. To Mrs. Gath we leave a rope so she can keep better track of Howard. To Mr. Carraody we leave a sponge to soak up the water in his cellar. To Mrs. Baker we leave this broomstick skirt so she can have a change in style. To Miss Taylor we leave a pillow so she won't get secretary's spread. To the cafeteria help we leave this new stove so they won't bum the scalloped potatoes next year. To the school we leave an eraser to erase the pencil marks we have made on the desks and tooks in the past twelve years. Lastly we hereby appoint the President of the Senior Class of '50-'51 to make it his or her duty to see that Uis degree is carried out. Signed and sealed, Class of nineteen hundred and fifty' ■ CLASS OF 51 ROW 1-Everett Davis, Harry Foster, Dean Fisher, Archie Baker. ROW 2-Matt Lynch, nlice Bostick, Ruby Ordiway, Danjaan Crandall, Donna Noble3, Teresa Joyce, Eunice Hall, Caroline Briggs, Patricia Sackett, John Dougherty. ROW 3-Richard Hancock, Phyllis Burger, Janet Hall, agnes Davis, Victor Daley, Charles Dougherty, Jack Wheaton, Charles Snyder, Marcella Smith. Colleen Me Andrews, Maxine Baker, Ruth Curry, Don Juann, Kenyon, Miss. Block. CLASS OF 52 ROW 1-Janice Hall, Billie Ryan, nonaid Howland, nita Nichols, Neva Curry, Lois Ruger, Doris Burdick, Micheal Connor. ROW 2-Mr. Riel, Joann Marsh, Dolores Brown, Mary Brown, Margaret Daley, Beverly Sutor. Betty Sutherland, Joyce Spicer. , ROW 3-Paul Atwell, Paul Clark, Roger Wright, Mary Lou Clark, Clarice lye, Wayne Atwell, Dale Pelton. r. ROW t-Carl Waters, Richard Nye, Lyle Slocum, Ralph Howard, William Clover Ligouri Lynch, Dale Green, William Gorsuch.CLASS OF 53 ROW 1-Rosetta Davis, James Conde', Jimmy Kiles, Evan Dolan, Carl .itwell, Jesse Grossman, Marie Kemp. ROW 2-Marion Milligan, Johnny Baker, Laura Mae Croyle, Thelma Mickle, Betty Harris, Billy McNeil, Opal Tanner. ROW 3-Alfred Davis, Anna Beil, La Verne Sherman, Richard Davis, Kent Harder, Phyllis Perry, Mrs. McFadden. ROW L-Ronald Monahan, Gay Rogers, Charity Howland, onald Joyce, Joe 0“‘ - CLASS OF 5 OW 1-Bill Elster, Mary Jane Sackett, Catherine Kemp, Charles Lehman, Sandra Skuse, Ruth Davis, Betty Ann Kemp, Jim Grossman, Roger Tyjg0 ♦ rg OW 2-Leo Glover. James Mickle, Mildred Briggs, Ann Marie Joyce, Carol Nye, Jack ftosintoski, Gerald Green, James Padden. OW 3-Mr. Carmody, Beverly Loucks, Mildred Miles, Shirley Tidd, Ruth Atwell, Betty Tanner, Charles Davis, James Yannie. :0W L-Richard Clark, Ted Smith, Mary Ann Joyce, nn fcood , Patricia Reisman, Ann Marvel, John Atwell. :0W 5-Douglas Wheaton, Francis Hann, Leslie Monahan.CLASS OF 55 ROW 1-Mrs. Mary Baker, Richard Kemp, David Marsh, Richard Theron Burdick, Roland Sweet, David Conde, James Connor, Smith. ROW 2-Barbara 01ark, Alura Grossman, Lorraine Cornish, Kathryn Betty Rienard, Virginia Beil, Patricia Baker,Janet Lang, Ordiway, Barbara Ordiway, Lois Freeman. Burger, Micheal Mickle, Shirley ROW 1-Marion Northrup, Donald Lewis, Eddie Harkenrider, Charles Howland, Ernest Weirch, Donald Perry,Roy Halsey, Doris Barnhart. ROW 2-Mrs. Joyce, Joyce Fuller, Una Sweet, Ann Harvey, Mary O'Dell, Lucille Smith, Sandra Bostwick. ROW 3-Francis Vickers, Donald Spencer, Robert Sherman. Absent: Albert Eccleston. I ROW 1-Donald Burdick, Eloner Monroe, Raymond Hoffman, Robert Grossman, Martin Smith, Irvin Hall, Bradley Wright, Roger Phelps, Pat Brown, Tommy Loucks. ROW 2-Alice Beil, Phyllis Riffle, Terry Mulholland, Crystle Reinard, Dorothy Appier, Joselyn Joyce, Patricia Padden, Ruth Huffcut , Myrtle Gayheart, Annabell Kemp. ROW 3-Mrs. Schwarzenbach, Jean Daley, Barbara Mandell, Karen Corwin, Diane Lewis, Jerry Rogers, Robert Hoffman, Ronald Du Bois, Kenneth Perry, Cort Karsh, Nancy Hulin, Barbara Schoonover, Marilyn Harris, Lois Lehman. ROW 1-Kathleen Burdick, Mary Teresa McAndrews, Dixie Appear, Donald Howard, Roger Lewis, Gerald Matacale,Dennis Joyce.Richard Smith, Gloria Marsh. , ROW 2-Vivian Tanner, Joan Clark, Sally Clarke, Paul Vincent, Caroline Clarke, Corrine Alvord, John Dean, Dale Ordiway, Grant Kemp. ROW 3-Patrick Crandall, Norman Pelton, Richard Baker, Sandra Joyce, Jacqueline Baker, Charles Gavin, Charles Loescher, Jacqueline Vickers, Sylvia Lusk, Richard Rosintoski, Miss Church.CLAS S OF 57 ROW 1-Harriet Dean, Dale Spencer, Edna Reinard, Richard Grossman, Marie McAndrew, Richard Stocking, Dolores Hall, William Demining , Merle Brown. ROW 2-Patricia Vincent, James Rifi'le, Helen Stocking. James Harvey, Jean Davis, Jerry Clarke, Mary Reisinan, Claire Goodrich. ROW 3-Ronald Glover, Lorraine Baker, Jane Brown, Karl Gavin, Barbara Du Bois, Bernard Hoffman, Bernice Atwell, Miss Jordan, Merle Sherman. CLASS OF 58 ROW 1-Illa Fern Marsh, Lois Pelton, Olin Lister, Thomas Smith, Patrick Padden, Ronald Stocking, Sylvia Clark, anna Davis. ROW 2-Arlene Cannon, Leo Burgett, Edward Gayhart, Richard Rifenburg, Bruce Lehman, Corrine Schoonover, Shirley Vickers, Freda Kupp, Donna Barnhart. ROW 3-Ida Burdick, Franklin Davis, Kieth Perry, James Fraser, Roger Swick, David Loescher, Lynford O'Dell, Leo Alvord, Kieth Howland, Miss Baker, Bernadine Hollenbeck, Charlotte Clarke.4 u 3CLASS OF 58 •‘'59 ROW 1-Charles Whiting, Clifford Tanner, Clarence Carson, Robert Barnhart, Victor Birch, Robert Dolan, Robert Conde', Linden Goodrich. ROW 2-Carol Ryan, lberta Phelps, Florence Reisman, Loretta Grossman, Donna Rice, Connie Birch, Beverly Smith, Virginia Sortore, Alice Barnhart. ROW 3-Mrs. Helner, Robert Winchell, Jack Clark, Lenore Baker,fclaine Reid, Earl Eccleston, Thelma Skinner, Richard Lewis, Joyce Day, Theodore Reid, Mary Lou Kemp, Edgar Hoagland. CUSS OF 59 ROW 1-Leo MeAndrew, Robert Sackett, Francis Adams, James Mulholland, Robert McClure, James Scott, Ronald Lewis, William Slocum, Leo DuBois, Kenneth Moag, Frank Sutherland. ROW 2-David Henry, Pauline Clark, Wrecie Balcomm, Reta Lunn, Gerald Padden, Cordelia O’Dell, Virginia .vtwell, Carol Howard,June 3-Miss Schermerhorn, Judith Baker, Anne Church, Claudette Corwin, Mary Lois Brown, Laura Elster, Donald Harris, Theodore Demming, Joan Sootheran, Roger Winchel,Carl DuBois, Paul Reinard, Charles Manroe, Patricia V.est, John Common. ROW r CLASS OF 60 ROW l-Lester Stocking, Ann Cannon, Nancy De Remer, Betty Short, Hazel Lehman, Mable Halsey, Mary Gath, Sally Smith, Paul Winchell. ROW 2-Mrs. Carmody, Lucille Refinberg, Barbara Barnhart, Warren Hann, Delores Halsey, Shirley Snyder, Susanne, James Carver, Wayne Keough, Robert Brown. ROW 3-Sylvester Smith, Betty Jo Barney, Ronald Swick, Larry Tanner. ROW 1-Mrs. Tompkins, Wrexie Balcon, Richard Baker, Regina Baker, William Woodruff, Alfred Whiting, Michal Vincent, Vera Elliott, Leslie Marsh, Victor Kemp. ROW 2-Robert Reid, Allana Gilkes, Linda Marvel, Marjorie Eccle3ton, Irene Clarke, Flora Sherman, Linda Coffin, Mary Beth Sootheranland, Beverly Barney. ROW 3-Paul Waters, Claude RifTie, Homor Glover, Beverly Freeman, Lee Storms, Carl Lehman, Patrick Howland, Garth Hulin. ’ ' rlCLASS OF 61 ROW 1-Edward Green, Allan Corwin, Wally Clarke, Wayne 3urch, Gary Wightman, Burton Carver, Lynford Bledsoe, Billy Elliott, Murlyn Whiting, Eugene O'Dell. ROW 2-Sylvia DuBois, Carroll Swarts, Carol Clark, Barbara Hawks , Venecia Howe, ‘'■03amund Baker, Ellen Joyce, Sandra Burch, Lois Reil, Herald Tanner, Virginia Lewis, Neil Storms, Thomas Freeman, Merton Genung, Barbara Pelton, Charlotte Dean, Mrs. Connor. BOW 1-Karen Stocking, Maxine Mead, David Carson, Lloyd Hollenbeck,David Kemp, Lyle Nye, Clifford Grover, Hugh Church, Adelbert Gayhart, ROW 2-Sharon Strouse, Patricia Bronson, Lynda Matison, Dorothes Meriam, Ruth Ann Padden, Kenneth Heselton, Harold Perry, Bruce Vickers, Philip Barrett. ROW 3-Merton Wright, Carol Eshenbough, Carol Hoagland, Rosintoski, Michael Ludden, William Moag. Jean Day, GaryCLASS CF 62 ROW 1-James Arnier, Donald Frazer, Gary Burdick, James Lehman, Jean Rifenburg, Gary Lee O'D.ll, Gerald Burch, Alice Keouth, Carolyn Cornell. ROW 2-Mrs. Robinson, John Walters, Harry Campbell, Susan Will, Bruce Brundape, Roger Lewis, John Hunt, Barbara Grossman, Kaye Bostwick, i-lwyn Burdick, Denna Wittie, Daniel Elliott, Paul Peters. ROW 1-Billy Riffle, Gail Wightman, Lynn Carnody, Sandra Bird, Harold Peters, Cheryl Storms, Allan Skinner, iimothy Brown, Connie Bronson, Carole Carver, Mis. Corwin. ROW 2-Daniel Merriam, Lou Loescher, Alecia Reisrnan, rhilip Clark , Theodore Edwards, Brian Frizell, Larry Eccleston, bncil Glover, Duane Herrick. , . „ ROW 3-Peggy Adams, Robert Clarke, nuth Waters,Judy George, herbert Raub.ROW 1- Charles Lehman, Evan Dolan, Jimmy Conde', James lilies, Ken Nye, Mike Connor. a . 2- Kent harder, Clyue Jackson, Kenneth Milligan, Ronald Atwell, Dean Fisher, Vic Daley, Richard Davis, Dale lelion. . 3- Doug heaton, Mr. tfitzel, Francis nann, Robert Baker, Donala Mulconcry, Charles Snyder, Jack Wheaton, Robert Carpenter. The 19V9 Soccer Team won only one game while losing five and tleing one. The locals lost to Alfred-Almond, ocio, ielmont, Richburg, and Wellsville while do ..: 'red-Almcnd and tieing Allento m. Most of these games were much closer than the score indicates and with a few t could have been won by the locals. i .. scorer for the team was Don ulconery with six points. Following are the 3 cores of the g; Andover Opponents Andover 0— —2 Belmont ft Andover 5— —e Hichburg Andover 6 -13 Alfred-Alir. nd Andover 1— —7 Scio Andover b— —2 AJ fred-Almond Andover 0—- —0 Allentov.n Andover 0— —7 V ellsville denotes league ga mes denotes home paines ROW 1 - James Conde , Wayne Atwell, nonald Atwell, Kenneth Milligan, Donald Mulconery, Jack Wheaton, Mike Connor . ROW 2 - Mr. Witzel, Victor Daley, “obert Baker, Joseph Smith, Le Roy Caple, Charles Snyder, Robert Dunham, Tim Marsh . -----Managers TEAM SCORES OPPONENT A3C. 0pp. Alfred-Almond 37 30 Belmont AS 25 W'hitesville L 31 30 Canisteo 33 36 Bolivar 21 42 Scio L 48 30 Richburg L uu 24 Alfred-Almond 37 67 Allentown L 42 56 Whitesville L 39 45 Bolivar us 47 3cio L 42 3S Richburg L 40 36 Allentown L 35 34 Canisteo 37 47 Angelica tS 42 denotes home games. L denotes league games. denotes Allegany County, Section -C playoff at Alfred-Almond. INDIVIDUAL SCORING L.G. ALL Joseph Smith 104 153 Robert Dunham 105 128 Robert Baker 97 125 Donald Mulconery 27 43 LeRoy Caple Jack Wheaton 31 41 19 41 Charles Snvder 30 40 Kenneth Milligan 24 30 Victor Daley 2 8 ftonald ntwell 4 6 Wayne Atwell 2 4 321 621 Opponents 273 629 1-2, Class The Andover Varsity won nine out of sixteen games, winning three nonleague games while losing four. The team had a good year in the won and lost department. They took first place in the Section 2, but lost in the County playoffs to 'Angelica.ROW 1 - Mickey Baker, Carl Atwell, Richard Davis, Kent Harder, Lyle Slocum, Paul Atwell, Dale Pelton. ROW 2- Mr. Witzel, Clyde Jackson,Dean risher, Boug Wheaton, Dale Green, Ronald Monahan, Francis Hann, kick Hancock, Ralph Howard. ROW 3 - Managers Francis Vickers, Ernest Wierch, James Mickle. TEAM SCORES INDIVIDUAL SCORING OPPONENT ACS. 0pp. L. G. ALL Alfred-Almond 23 35 Dean Fisher 30 87 Belmont 22 16 Richard Davis 43 67 Whitesville L 28 18 Douglas Wheaton 25 42 Canisteo IS 37 Francis Hann 27 38 Bolivar 6 28 Ronald Monahan 32 38 Scio L 39 20 Richard Hancock 14 30 Richburg L 28 32 Wayne Atwell 24 27 Alfred-Almond 44 39 Kent Harder 7 23 Allentown L 38 17 Lyle Slocum 14 17 Whitesville L 20 23 Archie Baker 4 11 Bolivar 30 54 Ralph Howard 1 9 Sclo L 28 19 °lyde Jackson 0 7 Richburr L 14 26 Dale Green 3 5 Allentown L 33 31 Dale Pelton 4 4 Canisteo 36 46 Carl Atwell 0 2 Paul Atwell 0 0 U57 44l 228 Opponents 186 441 denotes hone games. L denotes league games. The Junior VarAity had a rather unsuccessful season this year, winning 7 out of 16 games. They won two non-league games while losing five. Their league game record was five wins against three defeats.VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - R - Clarice Nye, Anita Nichols, Beverly Sutor, Marion Milligan, Charity Howland. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERSBASEBALL ROW 1 - Donald Mulconery, Richard Lynch. Robert unham, Joseph Smith, ,-irchie Baker, Wayne Atwell, Charles Snyder, Robert Baker. ROW 2 - Coach Chaffee, Jack Wheaton, Robert Carpenter, John Connor, Francis Hann, Dean Fisher, Ernest La Follete, Clyde Jackson, Dale Pelton, Michael Connor (manager). The 1949 Andover Central School baseball team had a very successful season as they won ten of thirteen games, won the Allegany County baseball championship, and took the combined Allegany-Steuben County championship before losing to Gorham in the section V semi-finals. After downing Greenwood in the season's opener, the Panthers took Troupsburg, Canisteo, Ifred-Almond, Whitesville, hichburg. and Scio before losing to Wellsvilie in the eighth game of the year. A victory over Allentown came next before downing Belmont for the county championship. Troupsburg defeated the Panthers in extra-innings at Troupsburg. The locals captured the Allegany-Steuben crown by defeating Campbell then lost to Gorham in the semi-finals. Charles Snyder led the locals with a batting average of .475 and catcher Joe Smith had only one error to post a fielding average of .993.Don Mulconery set a school record as he fanned seventeen men while pitching -.e locals to the championship against Belmont. Only Dick Lynch, John Conr.or, and Darwin Lehman are lost this year. Following are the scores of the games played: Andover 4 ■3 Greenwood Andover 7 ■5 Alfred-Almond Andover 9 • 1 Troupsburg § Andover 10 .« Canisteo Andover e -6 Hichburg 4 ndover 6 -5 Whitesville Andover 7 -1 Scio “ndover 3 -5 Wellsville Andover 7 -0 Allentown Andover 4 -0 Belmont Andover 5 -6 Troupsburg Ilk Andover 6 -3 Campbell A ndover 3 -7 Gorham -denotes -denotes home games j)W-denotes ♦-denotes league games fhhf§-denotes county championship Allegany-Steuben championship Semi-Finals at Hornell.ROW 1-James Conde', John Baker, “onald Atwell, Paul Atwell, Robert Dunham. ROW 2-Mr. Conde', Dale Green, Le Roy Caple, Vic Daley. This year, 1950, is the first time in the history of Andover Central School that the track students have had a regulated one quarter mile cinder track to practice on. The track plus pits; for high jump, pole vault and running broad jump makes our field the best in Allegany County. With thi3 new sport added to the list of activities the students now participate in, we Seniors ask the students to support track as whole heartedly as they support baseball, basketball, soccer and leave our best wishes that the track team might build up to become a major sport in Andover Central School.ROW 1-Mr. Carmody, Lewis Clair, Edward Harkenrider, Charles Davis, Leslie Monaham, Richard Clark, Ted Smith, Jim Grossman. ROW 2-Francis Vickers, Mike Smith, Jim Jackson, Jerry Green, Jack Rosintoski, Charles Lehman, Robert Sherman, Jim Connor. ROW 3-Donald Perry, Avery Mead, Charles Howland. CUB CHEERLEADERS L-R—Mary Jane Sackett, Mildred Briggs, Patricia Baker, Alura Grossman, Mary Ann Joyce, Carol Nye. %1 C, rlROW 1-Theodore Smith, Richard Hancock, Eunice Hall, Charles Davis, David Conde, Beverly Sutor, Marion Milligan, Thelma Mickle. ROW 2-Mr. Holden, Douglas Wheaton, Kent Harder, Marion Northrup , Frances Baker, Gay Rogers, Carl Waters,Ann Wood,Caroline Briggs, Francis Hann, James Conde, Mary Lou Clark. ROW 1-Colleen Me Andrew, Eunice Hall, Dennis Joyce, Marion Northrup, Janet Lang, Karen Corwin, Charles Loulsher, Norman Pelton, 3ev erly Sutor. ROW 2-Mary Lou Clark,David Conde, James Conde, Marion Milligan, Thelma Mickle, Francis Hann, Kent Harder, Douglas Wheaton, Carl Waters, Richard Hancock, Kenneth Nye, Charles Davis, Francis Baker, Richard Kemp, Theodore Smith. ORCHE smGLEE CLUB ROW 1-Shirley Tidd, Marion Milligan, Beverly Sutor, Janice Hall, Mary Brown, Laura Mae Croyle, Beverly Loucks, nne Marvel, Carol Nye, Ruth Curry, Gloria Clair, Patricia Sackett, Sandra Bostwick . ROW 2-Clarice Nye, Shirley Ordiway, Barbara Ordiway, Mary Anne Joyce, Thelma Mickle, Donna Nobles, Eunice Hall, Caroline Briggs , Mary Jane Sackett, Alura Grossman, Lucille Smith, Patricia Baker, Joyce Fuller. ROW 3-Mary O'Dell, Janet Hall, Maxine Baker, Thedora Vancuren, Francis Baker, Jesse Grossman, Kay Mickle, Marie Kemp, Phyllis Perry, Betty Sutherland, Anita Nickols, Billy Ryan, Ruby Ordiway, Ruth Atwell. ROW 4-James Mickle, harity Howland, Mchard Hancock, Gay Rogers, Le Roy Caple, Phyllis Burger, Carl Waters, Alice Bostwick, Francis Hann, Nedra Burrows, Agnes Davis, Mary Lou Clark , Carl Atwell, Joan Jackson, Maxine Filler, Janet Lang, Lois Ruger, Teresa Joyce, Neva Curry, Mr. Holden. LIBRARY COUNCIL ROW 1-Lois Honegger, Caroline Briggs, Colleen McAndrew, Eunice Hall, Maxine Baker, Joan Jackson, Marcella Smith, Annabelle O'Dell, Joan McAndrew, Mrs. Conde. ROW 2-Phyllis Burger, Nedra Burrows, Maxine Filler, Gloria Clair, Barbara Wintemberg, Joyce Linza,Thedora Vancuren, Aquinas Lynch.1- Jimmy Connor, Dean isher, Bob Baker, Joe Smith, Caroline Briggs, Marion Milligan, Charles Davis, Mr. Mandell. , J „ 2- Maxine Filler, Mary Ellen Connor, Maxine Baker, Lois Honnegger, Gloria Clair, Nedra Burrows. ROW 3-Llgouri Lynch, Donald Joyce, Robert Carpenter. ROW ROW HI-HERALD AmuA ROW 1-Lois Honegger, Joan McAndrew, Phyllis Burger, Robert Baker, Barbara Wintemberg, Mary Ellen Connor, Theodora Vankuren, Aquinas Lynch, Nedra Burrows, Gloria Clair. ROW 2-Caroline Briggs, Colleen McAndrew, Joan Jackson, Dean Fisher, Gay Rogers, Charity Howland, Marcella Smith, Marion Milligan, Mrs. McFadden.CAMERA CLUB ROW 1- Charity Howland, Caroline Briggs, Phyllis Burger, Paul Clark, Colleen McAndrew, Anita Nichols. ROW 2- Teresa Joyce, Dan Jan Crandall, Maxine Baker, Lyle Slocum , Mr. Reil, Marcella Smith, Eunice Hall, Nedra Burrows. ROW 3- Lois Honegger, Jean McAndrew, Gay Rogers, Dick Hancock. GIRLS 4-H CLUB ROW 1-Sally Clark, Sandra Joyce, Patricia Vincent, Barbara Schoonover, Marilyn Harris, Dixie Appier, Mary Teresa Me Andrews, Dolores Hall, Corrine Schoonover, Freda Kupp, Lois Pelton, Florence Reisman, Connie Burch, Mary Lou Kemp, Carol Ryan, Loretta Grossman, Mary Reisman, Marie Me Andrews, Jane Brown. ROW 2-Thelma Mickle, Marie Kemp, Marion Milligan, Shirley Tidd, Beverly Loucks, Jocelyn Joyce, Doris Barnhart, Katharine Kemp, Lucille Smith, Sandra Bostwick, Marion Northrup, Joyce Fuller, Shirley Vickers, Harriet Dean, Barbara Clark, Diane Lewis , Jacqueline Baker. ROW 3-Mary Jane Sackett, Terry Mulholand, Janet Lang, Kathryn Mickle, Lorraine Cornish, Alura Grossman, Mable Gayhart, Annabell Kemp, Ruth Huffcutt, Nancy Hulin, Dorothy Appier. Patricia Padden, Jacqueline Vickers, Lois Freeman, Mary O’Dell, Patricia Baker, Ann Harvey, Anne Marie Joyce.I % k 'I 'ROW 1-Gay Rogers, Marion Milligan, Pat Sackett, Loi3 Honegger, J0an Me Andrew, Joyce Linza, Gloria Clair, Maxine Filler, Annabelle O'Dell, Maxine Baker, Teddy Van Kuren, Marcella Smith, Clarice Nye, Mary Ellen Connors, Aquinas Lynch. ROW 2-Miss Me Carthy, Charity Howland, Anita Nichols, Phyllis Perry, Betty Sutherland, Billy Ryan, Alice Bostwick, Ruby Ordiway, Anna Beil, Janet Hall, Donna Nobles, Joann Jackson, Agnes Davis, Betty Smith. Phyllis Burger, Barbara Wintemberg.Tereasa Joyce, Colleen Me Andrew, Caroline Briggs, Eunice Hall, Nedra Burrows, Janice Hall. r' I ROW 1-Clayton Burdick, Ron Atwell, Robert Marsh, Robert Baker, Ken Milligan, Dale Green. ROW 2-Mr. Bronson, Paul Clark, “oger Wright, Carl twell,James Miles, Gessie Grossman, Paul Atwell. ROW 3-Dick Hancock, Lyle Slocum, Carl Waters, Everett Davis, Ron Monahan, Rodney Wheeler, Laveme Sherman, Richard Davis.I IBOY’S 4-H CLUB 1st row Mr. Bronson, Lynford O'Dell, William Deming, Merle Sherman Ronald Glover, Clair Goodridge, Charles Monroe, Robert Conde, John Mickle, Tommy Smith. 2nd row Olin Elster, Richard Rifenberg, James Fraser, Edward Gayhart, Dennis Joyce, Victor Birch, Richard Lewis, Robert Winchell. 3rd row James Mickle, Harold Rifenberg, Paul Vincent, Keith Perry, Fredrick Hombeck,Clarence Carson,Jack Clark, Lyndon Goodridge, Keith Howland, Richard Baker, James Harvey, Roy Halsey, Albert Ecelston, Earnest Wierich. Lth row Richard Burger, Elmer J0e Monroe, Paul Reisman, Raymond DuBois, Bradley Wright, Charles Gavin, Donald Burdick, John Dean, Grant Kemp, Irvin Hall, Kenneth Perry, Merle Brown, Donald Lewis, William Elster. 5th row Reger Wright, Lyle Slocum, Wayne Atwell, Dale Green, RonAtwell, Paul Atwell,Rodney Wheeler,Carl Atwell, Jame3 Miles,Paul Clark, Robert warsh, John Atwell.1 'DRIVERS EDUCATION ROW 1 - Ronald Atwell, Paul Atwell, Joyce Linza, Annabelle O'Dell, Paul Clark. ROW 2 - Mr. Sheffield, Dale Green, Claton Burdick, Aichard Kye, Frances Baker, Lois Honeeger, Nedra Burrows, Maxine Filler. 31 ” A vote of thanks to Jim and John Nobles for our clean and attractive building. To Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Livermore, and Mrs. Grossman, we wish to express our thanks for the wonderful service and food put forth in the cafeteria.GUESS WHO •aXg qqauuay ‘qsj w qaaqog xi8M V PI®U0H ‘saideo Xoaaq •Bzupq aoXop ‘uaanguBA Xppax ‘jstitj aupxew ‘SjaqmaquTft BJeqjeg ‘uosgoep uboj ‘SMOjjng BJpag ‘aageg saoupjj ‘qouXq spuBnby ‘JT®T0 8TJ°TO ‘UdT«iS Xqqag pictures H-l -C moh H-1 -Z Mog g-1 -I Mog I  Jlte. SfiiAit C'xdtcuufe The Interpretation of the word Exchange in business life is that of parting with something in return for its equivalent. Our interpretation of Exchange is the giving of self for the privilege in return of serving others; of parting with selfishness and receiving in return the satisfaction of discharging our duty to our Fel-lowmen, to our Community and to our Nation. We, the members of the Exchange Club of Andover, hope that the Senior Class of ’50 will set this as their goal.I I s.Baker's Hardware WALLPAPER MOORE’S PAINT DISHES GIFTWARE MATTRESSES FELT BASE RUGS REFRIGERATORS RADIOS DEEP FREEZERS Baby Carriages and Strollers GENERAL HARDWARE CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Clair's Pharmacy Compliments of Seven Wonders of the World? Of course, no one is a dinner at SHORT'S Service Station “Jerry” Hyland “Herm” Wallace Andover BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS Complete HOTPOINT Kitchen HOWARD L. GATH ANDOVER ELECTRIC Sales and Service Compliments of CENTER STREET GARAGE Mingus Hoover Compliments of VOGUE BEAUTY SALON YOUR HAIR STYLIST Jerry LynchWISHING ALL OF YOU GOOD HEALTH, SUCCESS and PROSPERITY JOE ROSETTI AND ORCHESTRA 802 Washington St Phone 8915 Olean, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF LOOHN’S CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS 450 CANISTEO ST. HORNELL, N. Y. Compliments of R. J. SOOTHERAN APPLIANCES Attorney HIGBY ELECTRIC Electrical ContractorsIt Has Been Nice Knowing You Seniors of 1950 TO THE CLASS OF 1950 GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES ROLAND STUDIO Lincoln Building Friendship FOLSING’S COMPLIMENTS OF THE ANDOVER NATIONAL BANK Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Resourses over $15,000,000.00 Patronize Your Home Town Jeweler and Alumnus Standard Brands — Quality Merchandise “Keepsake” Diamonds Bulova, Hamilton, Elgin, Longines-Wittnnauer Watches FLOYD C VARS SON “Ken” Vars, owner ANDOVER, N. Y.' » I 'VICKERS SON QUALITY MEATS GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES POP ICE CREAM Phone 273 Compliments of James B. Mulholland Funeral Home Compliments of Compliments of DR. S. B. SCOTT CUBA ICE CREAM Cuba, N. Y. Compliments of TO EACH FORD PECKHAM 1950 GRADUATE— CONGRATULATIONS Andover, N. Y. C. B. CAPLE ContractorBEST WISHES TO THE The members of the Hi Herald Staff take this opportunity to thank SENIOR CLASS THE NEWS PRINTING HOUSE for the fine co-operation in the past LOUIS JOYCE in the publication of our school paper, the HI HERALD Compliments of STEUBEN SACKETT’S SILK MILLS FOOD MARKET Manufacturers of Andover, New York FINER DRESS FABRICS BOSTWICK’S GENERAL MERCHANDISE “A BIG STORE IN A SMALL TOWN” Main Street Andover, N. Y. Compliments of HENRY STEPHENS We, the yearbook staff, wish to thank the Advertisers, for without INSURANCE AGENCY benefit of their generosity this Yearbook could not have been Esther M. Temple, Prop. produced. 11 N. Main St. Andover, N. Y. ' I E. 1LESTER YORK REYNOLDS’ MARKET SONS Highest Quality PRODUCE DEALERS MEATS and GROCERIES LIME AND FERTILIZERS BIRDSEYE FROZEN FOODS ! The MARKET BASKET Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Babcock GROCERIES WELLSVILLE DRY CLEANERS Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 24 East Fassett Street R. Ennis, Mgr. Wellsville, N. Y. ODORLESS DRY CLEANING Best Wishes to Class of ’50 DRINK MILK ANDOVER GARAGE For Health and Enjoyment General Auto Repairing ELMHURST DAIRY, ESSO Phone 3176 GAS Inc. Main Street - Andover, N. Y. Wellsville, N. Y. Compliments of UPDYKE’S SMITH’S RESTAURANT DINNERS ATLANTIC STATION and Phone 796 Andover, N. Y. LEGAL BEVERAGES FARMERS FEED SUPPLY Feed - Seed - Lime - Fertilizer Custom Grinding and Mixing Andover, N. Y. MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT “PICKUPS” Coffee Shop — Tap Room For delicious food and fine drinks Phone 510 38-40 N. Main St. Wellsville BEST WISHES to the Compliments of SENIORS OF 1950 BURREL C. WILLIAMS from — INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE DR. J. R. COMMON Phone 349 6 Elm St. Dentist 1 Andover, N. Y. 1 Compliments of Compliments of NIAGARA ELECTRON JOYCE HOTEL LABORATORIES Phone 153 Main Street P. M. Hackett Andover, New York Prop. - D. Dugo T. Scaglione OTTO B. NYE LYNCH-BURGETT POST 397 AMERICAN LEGION WHOLESALE MEETS SECOND $$ fegL DANCES HELD FOOD PRODUCTS MONDAY OF EACH MONTH Pp each sat. gp NIGHT Cheese Honey Visiting Members Always Cordially Welcome  1 YOUR YEARBOOK WAS SUPPLIED by the INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS KANSAS CITY T fcuMjfaetureKd Sxcltteiveicf fo t6e ScAoola Itnerica, Cun 40 (A cyean, GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL CARDS DIPLOMAS YEARBOOKS CAPS and GOWNS STATIONERY ine. Stati.ont.iij NOW AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL FRANCHISE DEALER FOR NAME OF CLOSEST DEALER WRITE TO ‘Jolmhaiis 608 DELAWARE KANSAS CITY 6, MISSOURI ft 'DAV-SON CORK BACK - = ■BULLETIN BOARDS RECORD THIS WEEK M T W T F LOST TIME ACCIDENT SERIOUS DOCTOR CASES ANNOUNCEMENTS OUR CONCENTRATED DRIVE THE LAST TWO MONTHS FOR 100 PER CENT ATTENDANCE ANO PRODUCTION IS SHOWING GOOD RESULTS DIRECTORY FLOOR CAFETERIA 3 ° WEST EMPLOYMENT OFFICE H.L. KRUSE 18T EAST DAV-SON cork back and changeable letter bulletin boards are constructed with light walnut finish frames. The cork posting surface consists of Va inch cork mounted on Va inch 3-ply veneer. The changeable letter insert is of grooved wood felt covered. These bulletins are made to endure as only the finest of materials are used in their construction. Bulletin board with two set in glass doors, cork. Both sides STYLE: TWO SET IN GLASS 30 x 48' ........ $30.00 30 x 60 .......... 32.50 36 x 48 .......... 31.25 36 x 60 ........... 36.25 ALL PRICES F. O. B. CHICAGO For Use In schools CHURCHES FACTORIES OFFICES STORES CLUBS PUBLIC BUILDINGS Bulletin board with two set in glass doors. One side cork the other changeable letter insert. (Letters are not included) 30 x 48 ....... $44.85 30 x 60 ........ 51.40 36 x 48 ...... 49 40 36 x 60 ......... 59.35 SPEC'AL ASSORTMENT OF 600 % AND 1 INCH LETTERS $12.00 THESE BULLETIN BOARDS ARE FITTED WITH A LOCK AND KEY TO INSURE NO UNAUTHORIZED CHANGE OR ANNOUNCEMENTS. School Gift Service 4925 GLENDALE KANSAS CITY 4. MISSOURI K I HAVE k CHANGEABLE I III I R OR CORK BULLETIN FOR EVERY N El 0 - C 0 N S 011 USI I ?

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