Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY)

 - Class of 1949

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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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t u - ,1 'I 3-A a DEDICATION tKVTm' vrssTr!Trrrsrrammsr r mmk a .v.-gn i ■■■■■■■■■■ i The year, for us, has ended, and yet we will long remember the constant an - wl lin is si at a: throughout this last school year. You have participated in the building of the great structure of democracy, knowing that its foundations and pillars rest on the honor and good faith of the citizens in future generations. Y r pi iloj...hy of education has been a progressive one. It is with these thoughts ir mind thatwe dedicate this yearbook to you. 5th the ut .ost respect and sin-cerity, we, the Senior: , •. Ler, our tribute. Mr. James H. Kessler, Prii cipal of the Andover Central School, was born November 10, - . in Mexico, New York. After , ting from the Mexico High School, Hr. Kessler attended Hobart Celle.e where he earned a Bachelor of Science decree. ?rcm Syracuse TTn!vers!ty, lie also obtained a Master of Science and Education degree. i'is teaching career began in South Glen Falls, New York, in 1929 and in March of 1930 scams principal of Thsresa High School. Prom 1943-1945 he was with the Red Cross arid in the latter part of 1945 he accept , tne principal-ship at Hunt Memorial School. In 1946-47, Mr. Kessler came to Andover, where, in addition to his duties as Principal, he also teaches Biology. m m?  JWftY WW iMmvMR ft iy stti- fflggg.v. „,.v, ..y..;.Yn ADMINISTRATION UAitu u: ' jsuuuATiv’n . - . . . rwood ! r. . . ... . Cruncall, Pres, of ?oard, C. R. Burdick, 7. J. Alderson, Clerk of '.oard ppT' f» T PAT JAKES H. KESSLER VICE PR INC I PAT. Oeorr© E Re II Bw gng agaBMpaaam SENIOR Murlyn K, ADVISOR Condef  T'RS. JOYCE Junior Hirh ”at ernatics fm w w tv '.v 'A iv p. jw va'Wt : .■■•, ..V IJffiafl S.. ..V .T, -V, , .V, M «■ im RTGUARDS0? Kusic YR. CAR?f0DY Junior Rich Social Studies . School Rurse appCTgannM 0........ 5ng3 ish 'ISS TAYLOR Secretary MR. • M '• Art RS. C01 Iibrary Physical Education . Commercial Subjects KISS MCCARTHY Rome Economics -. • frr» » rnde ms. scr : pz::r3ACH 6th Grade ‘■ pr G: TORCH 5t.j f- 6th Grade » pO rnO,fTTT,T° 2nd Grade , .. 1st Grade RjgwKjg 7 ”TSS °.Ara 4th Grade ”TSS SCH5R?!SRH0RN 3rd Grade » ne W2T.,' -Gi 3rd .•• 4th Grade mS. M.I 131 Grace d ,fHS. VATTGALTO 2nd Grade 5th irad©jpaanoEamEamgi •V jiYrtiWY t !rt v twrs tv tj kYifr fc i l h'l ?.'? iV? i?. iffir I CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT 3UHGER- BOB -PRESIDENT Class Officer- 3,4 Major- Agriculture Honor Roll- 1 Basketball- 1,2,3,4 Baseball- 3 Soccer- 3,.4 Track- 2 Student Council- 1,2,3 F.F.A.- 1,2,3,4- 4H- 1,2,3,4 Ambition- To graduate Camera Club- 3,4 BEVERLY CLAIR- BEV - TREAS. Major- Business Honor Roll- 3,4 Cheerleader- 2 Hi-Herald- 3,4 Glee Club- 1,2,4 F.H.A.- 3,4 Intramurals- 3 Ambition- Secretary .A Lm !T.V '.VW WAYNE SHERWOOD- VICE PRESIDENT Class Officer- 1,4 Major- Business Honor Roll- 2,4 Varsity Basketball- 3,4 J.V. 3asketball- 1,2 Senior Play Orchestra- 1,2,3,4 Band- 1,2,3,4 4H- 1 Intramurals- 2,3 Ambition- Swing Drummer EVELYN GLOVER- EVE - SEC. Major- Math Class President- 2 Yearbook- Assistant Editor National Honor Society Cheerleader- 3 Senior Play Student Council- 2,3 Hi-Herald- 1,2,3,4 Orchestra- 1,2,3,4 Band- 1,2,3,4 Glee Club- 1,2 Library Council- 1,2,3,4 F.H.A.- 3,4 Ambition— Secretary  g a g JAMES BAKER- JIM” Major- Science Intramurals- 1,2,3,14-Ambition- To graduate JOHN BAKER- JOE BISCUIT Major- Agriculture, History Senior Play F.F.A.- 1,2,3, I-1,2,3,14-Athletic Club- 2 Ambition- New and Used Car business Camera Club- 2 ROSEMARIE BAKER- ROSIE Valedictorian Major- Business Yearbook- Typist National Honor Society Honor Roll- 3,1|-Hi-Herald- 2,3,l4-(2ditor) Orchestra- 2,3 U-Glee Club- Library Council- 2,3 P.H.A.- I4. Majorette- I4. Ambition- To travel ELLA MAE CLAIR- RED Major- Home Economics Honor Roll-Hi-Herald- r Library Council- 3,14-F.H.A.- l . Intramurals- 1,2,3,14-Ambition- Art Teacher CARL CLARK Major- Agriculture Honor Roll- 1 Senior Play Student Council- 3 Hi-Herald- I4. F.F.A.- 1,2,3,14-1+H- 1,2,3,14-Camera Club- 2,3,14-Ambition- In the field of Agriculture JOHN CONNOR- PIN Major- Math, Science Varsity Basketball- I4. J.V. Basketball- 3 Baseball- 2 Soccer- 3 Senior Play Athletic Club- Ij. Camera Club- 2,3,14-Ambition- Attend Geneseo vm ms -' • Trnrmissaw T7T7 § MARY MARGARET DEAN Major- Rome Economics Orchestra- 1,2,3 ,]+ F.H.A.- 3,1+ 2+H- 1 Intramurals- 1+ Ambition- Home Economic Teacher MARY ELLEN DRISCOLL Major- Science Yearbook- Advertising Senior Plav Hi-Herald- 1,2,3,]+ Orchestra-Band- 3,4 Glee Club- 1,2 Library Council- 2,3,1+ F.H.A.- 3,4 Ambition- Nurse RETA JEAN GOODRIDGE- RETE Major- Business Yearbook- Advertising Hi-Herald- 2,3,4 Glee Club- 1,2,3 Library Council- l,2,3,i+ )+ Intramurals- 2,3 Ambition- Secretary ANN MARIE GREEN- ANNIE Class Officer- Historian Major- Science Honor Roll- 1+ Senior Play Student Council- 3 Orchestra- 1,2,3,4. Library Council- 3,4 Ambition- Nurse Camera Club- 2 RUTH HALSEY- RUTHIE Major- Business Yearbook- Business Mgr Student Council- 3 Hi-Herald- 2,3,1 . Orchestra- 2 Band- 2 Glee Club- 1,2,3 Library Council- 1,2,3,] -F.H.A.- 3,4 Tournaments- 3 Intramurals- 2,3 Ambition- Secretary MARY ALICE HORAN- MARY A Major- Business Yearbook- Organization Hi-Herald- 1,2,3, i+ Orchestra-1,2,3,4 Band- 1,2,3,4 Glee Club- 1,2,3 Library Council- 1,2,3,1 . F.II.A. - 4 Tournament- Shuffleboard-Ambition- Secretary 3 i 1 aagnaBnnniggag aa i wmnmWBmfBMi  ' p MARGARET JACKSON- HARO Major- Business Hi-Herald- 1,2,3, 4 Library Council- 2,3, P.H.A- ij. Ambition- to go to R.B T. JOAN JOYCE- ”JOYCIE Major- Business Senior Play Hi- Herald- l,2,3 l|. Glee Club- 1,2,3 4 F H A.- 3 4 Intramurals- 1,2,3 -4-Ambition- 3eautician RICHARD LYNCH- DlCK Class Officer- 3 Major- Science, Math National Honor Society Varsity Basketball- 3 4-J.V Basketball- 2 Baseball-Soccer- 3,14. Track- 2,3, 4 P.P.A.- 2,3 Athletic Club- 2,3»?4 Intramurals- 1,2,3 4 Ambition- To be successful BARBARA MARSH- BARB Major- Home Economics Hi-Herald- 2 Glee Club- 1 Library Council-2,3A P.H.A.- 3 A Camera Club- 2 Ambition- In the field of Homemaking MARLIN KATHEK- RUNT” Major- Business Yearbook- Subscriber Honor Roll- I J.V. Basketball Senior Play Intramurals- 1,2,3 Ambition- Business Management PAUL MG CORMICK- ' PUDGE Major- Agriculture, Business Varsity Basketball- J+ J.V. Basketball- 3 F.F.A.- 2,3,li Sec. 3-Vice Pres. h. Athletic Club- 3 A Intramurals- 1,2 Ambition- New Car dealer 4. h.  gSIMMffi ROSEMARY .MEAD Major- Math Yearbook- Editor-in-chief Nutional Honor Society Class Officer- 1,3 Senior Play Hi-Herald- 1,2,3,If Orchestra- 1,2,3 4 Glee Club- 1,2 Library Council- l,2,3 lf F.H.A.- 3,'f Ambition- Secretary bruce im: Major- Business, Agriculture Yearbook- Solicitor Varsity Basketball- If Soccer- 3 4 Track- 2,3 Senior Play Band- 1 Library Council- I4 F.F.A.- 1,2,3 I4H- 1,2,3 Camera Club- 1,2,3,’f Ambition- Salesman LOUISE 01 DELL- WEEZIE Major- Honemakinr Hi-Herald- 1,2,3,If Orchestra- 2,3 4 Band- 2,3,.'; Glee Club- 1,2,3,If Library Council- 2,3 F.H.A.- 3,If IfH- 2 Ambition- Beautician TlTEODORE O'DELL- TEDDY Major- Business, Agriculture Honor Roll- 3 J.V. Basketball- 2 Senior Play Orchestra- 3 lf 3and- 3 If Ieo Club- If F.F.A.- 2,1,4 'fU- 1,2,3 4 Athletic Club- 3 Camera Club- 3 Jf Ambition- Radio Operator SARA RITA PADDEN- SARA Major- Business Library Council- 2 Ambition- 3eauticlan Camera Club- 2 NORMA PERRY- PIGGY Major- Science Cheerleader- If Hi-Herald- 1 2,3,14 Glee Club- 1,2,3 14 Library Council- 2,3,If F.H.A.- , Intramurals- 1,2,3 4 Ambition- Nursing or Singer Camera Club- If f! % 'A rx ».r i iv,» v»wiv The 'lui dance Teacher helre a ■ . RUTH SHUTT- RUDY Salutatorian Major- Science, Business Yearbook- Typist Honor Roll- 3J+ Student Council- 2,3 Hi-Herald- 1,2,3,!+ Orchestra- 2,3 Band- 2,3 Library Council- 2,3,!+ F.H.A.- 1+ Intraraurals- 1,2,3,1+ Camera Club- 2 Ambition- Medical Secretary HATTIE WAHL- RED Major- Business Yearbook- Typist Honor Roll- Ij. Majorette- 1+ Hi-Herald- 1,2,1+ Glee Club- 2 Library Council- 2,3 F.H.A.- 1+ Camera Club- 2,1+ Ambition- Dietician JOAN WOODRUFF- JOAN Major- Business Yearbook- Organization Hi-Herald- 1,2,3 Glee Club- 1 Library Council- 1,2,3 F.H.A.- 3,»+ Ambition- To be a Secretary rev Vwi w avrtftvgva v av r. Memo uam RICHARD HANN RICHARD BURDICK lieAx xi ie A u ud x uteAia Jp jncci U UtUf xi Jxjfi Jf bUQ b xti xhiA hosi x ualit , j tte UAt(f. fjok+i Cjixtoth i I -g-WW;,reMail jo]j tf-cune. Early in the Fall of 1947 the Hi Herald voted to sponsor a hall of fame. This hall of fame was to include five members of the Senior Class who were judged as follows: 1. Scholarship. 2. Student must be in the upper half of the class. 3. Personality. 4. Neatness. 5. Physical and moral development. 6. Sportsmanship. These were the main requirements. Each member of the Hall of Fame receives membership to the National Honor Society. This is a tradition which will, we hope, be kept in years to come. 7eMail joJj tf-ame Rosemarie Baker Ann Marie Greene A ' Richard Lynch Rosemary Mead Evelyn Louise Glover  Liui LS. A v. A-. .v. '■ £ 44 To Mrs. Gath we leave a maid to work Saturdays in place of Reta Goodridge. To Mr. Carmody we leave this check in advance payment for playing at the prom. To Mr. Reil we leave this dictionary so he can use new words in place of consequently and therefore. To Mrs. McFaaden we leave this new zero because the one from last year must be worn out. To Mr. Bronson we leave this can of polish so he can polish his new car during the summer. To Mrs. Conde we leave a dust cloth so she can dust her own library. To Mr. Conde we leave this fish to take the place of all those that “got away.” To Miss McCarty we leave this new and larger notebook so she can keep notes during the summer to give to her classes next year. To Mrs. Joyce we leave this bubble gum so she can chew with her classes next year. To Mr. Bartz we leave a new can of rubber cement to take the place of that the seniors used up in making their yearbook. To Mrs. Feeley we leave this rope to tie Connie up during the summer so that she will know where she is. To Miss Shoup we leave a house in Andover so she can stay here. To Jim Nobles we leave this bell to put on so we can find him when we want him. To John Nobles we leave this deck of cards so he can play solitare during his spare time. To Mrs. Greene we leave a box of tea bags so she can have more tea during school next year. To Mr. Richardson we leave this box of aspirin to cure all the headaches that we have caused him this year. To Mr. Chaffee we leave this dog to bring to school to remind him of Rusty. To Miss Taylor we leave this wagon so she can cart the absence list around. To Mr. Kessler we leave this package of sight savers so he can keep his glasses clean without using his tie. Sara Padden leaves her height and weight to Joan Jackson. Rosemary Mead leaves her ability for playing the violin to Carl Waters. Mary Ellen Driscoll leaves her chemical ability to Aquinas Lynch. Paul McCormick leaves his name of “Casanova” to Vic Daley. James Baker leaves his ability to wisecrack to Joe Smith. John Baker leaves his car to whoever will have it. Louse O’Dell leaves her short, curly hair to Opal Tanner. Ruth Halsey leaves her diamond ring to Aggie Davis so she doesn’t have to sport a ten cent job. Reta Goodridge leaves her height to Annabell O’Dell. Joan Joyce leaves her strut to Sandra Skuse. Mary Alice Horan leaves her job as switchboard operator to anyone who likes to hear the latest gossip. Evelyn Glover leaves her ability to play the clarinet to Thelma Mickle. Ruth Shutt leaves her shoulders to Betty Smith. Teddy O’Dell leaves Nedra Burrows in care of LaVerne Sherman while he works. Marlin Mather leaves Frances Baker gladly. Norma Perry leaves all her claims on Dale Green to her sister Phyllis. Wayne Sherwfood leaves his ability to play the drums to Kent Harder. Hattie Wahl leaves her typing ability to Lois Honegger. Joan Woodruff’s 8th period algebra class can be purchased at low cost by calling 232 after 12 each night. John Connor leaves his job at the Market Basket to Clayton Burdick. Rosemarie Baker leaves her ability to write editorials to Barb Wintemberg. Ella Mae Clair leaves her sporting ability to Mary Lou Clark. Bob Burger leaves his presidency of the Senior Class to Bob Carpenter. Mary Margaret Dean leaves her waistline to Jean Blauvelt. Margaret Jackson leaves her ability to study to Franklin Cornish. Harriet Herring leaves her ability to get to school on time to Skeet Milligan. Richard Lynch leaves his ability to play basketball to Dick Hancock. Barbara Marsh leaves her co-operativeness to the entire Junior Class for their Senior Class next year. Bruce Nye leaves his daily newrs-report to Charlie Dougherty. Carl Clarke leaves his seriousness to Mickey Baker. Beverley Clair leaves her quietness to Mary Ellen Connor. Ann Marie Green likes school so well that she decided not to leave. 1-' '-'i '.j u1 '.vu1 wpis,',’!’i iii'.'.I!,.1.,i-uv m,1 av • 7y. vjswsvsslt?. ‘ CLASS OF 50 1st row- Mrs. Feeley, Joyce Llnza, Kenneth Nye, Betty Smith, Gloria Clair, Teresa Padden, Ronald Atwell, Frances Baker, Nedra 3urrows, .Margaret Howard, Barbara .Yintember -, Theodora Van Kuren 2nd row- Mary Connor, Maxine Filler, Agui.na3 Lynch, Lois Honegger, Clayton 3urdick, Kenneth Milligan, Joan Jackson, Leroy Caples, Joseph Smith, Donald Mulconery, Robert Baker, Robert Dunham, Robert Marsh, Robert Carpenter CLASS OF 51 Danjaan Crandall, Teresa Joyce, Donna Nobles, Ruby Ordway, Unice Hall. 2ND ROW- Marcella Smith, Everett Davis, John Doughtery, Colleen McAndrew, [3 Alice 3ostick, Maxine Baker, Robert Demminrs, Agnes Davis, Jack .Yheaton, H Mr. Peil. 3RD ROY.- Phylli3 Burger, Franklin Cornish, Dean Fisher, Carles Snyder, Richard Hancock, Charles Doughtery, Theodore Brown, Victor Daily. mm an WBMBOKk  vf vas» flWMTMfN » « » av i. «, wffyrfo- iv,ff. Wf S t fii kVi 77 CLASS OF 52 igimaimimCTBm I ft 1ST ROW- Micheal Connor, Ronald Howland, Neva Curry, Dale Felton, Wayne Atwell, Billie Ryan, Roger Wright, 3everly Sutor, Mary Brown, Clarice Nye, Janice Hall, Doris Burdick 2ND ROW- Dolores Brown, Lois Ruger, JoAnn Marsh, Paul Clark, Margaret Daily, Beverly Hackett, Paul Atwell, Joyce Spicer, Betty Sutherland, Lyle Slocum, Mrs. MeFadden 3RD ROW- Darwin Lehman, Jean Blauvelt, Mary Lou Clark, Kathleen Bell, Ernest LaFollette, Ralph Howard, Clyde Jackson, William Clover, Ronald Ellis, Ligouri Lynch J4.TH ROW- Dale Green, Ronald Sutor, William Oorsuch, Daniel Lynch, Carl Waters CLASS OF 53 IS PC Jesse Grossman, James Conde, Rosetta Davis, van Dol ■irlan J ligan, Laura Mae Croyle, James Miles, Marie Kemp, Be John Baker, Phyllis Perry, et . William McNeil, Kent Harder, Anna Beil, Charit r. Onrmociy nald Joyce, Jos Alfred Davis, a Rogers an, Carl er At !.? w w w w f jj w vj m w w am mgifflR  CUSS OF 5H 1ST HOV - Betty Kemp, Charles Davis, Janes Mickle, Mary Sackett, Carol Harris Darrell Brown, Janes Grossman, Roger Thetgee 2ND HOW- Mrs. Joyce, Jack Rosintoski, Leslie Monahan, Beverly Loucks, James Yannie, Ruth Atwell, Irene Hulburt 3RD HOA- Theodore Smith, Douglas Wheaton, Mary Joyce, Ann Marvel, Roland Sweety 1ST ROW- uth Davis, Sandra Glover, william Sister, G Skuse, Duane Scribner, era Id Greer:, Jar’ie s Pad Char dnan, ROW- .rs. Gath, M 1 ore d .lulgnr Sllsby, Carol Nye, Shir ri-fs, Ann arie Joyc ley Tidd, Patricia ReI :e, Cfi ther 1 nv a Kemp 3RT R Ann Wood, MI1 ir nd Hal icriqx?(i » • • 1ST PO'.Y- Parbara Clark, Una Sweet, ichael Smith, andra Rostv ick, Ro er Phelps, Roy Halsey, Doris Parnhart, ary O'Dell, Alura Crossman, Lorraine Cornish, vvonne Element. 2'fD ROY- Mrs. Schy arzenbach, °ichard Purrer, Kathryn ''ick e, Donald lewis, Morion Acker, Ernest Yeirich, Shirley Crdiway, Charles T’o vland, Donald Ferry, Richard Kemp, Fatricia Baker. 3RD RO’7- David Condo, etty Roinard, James Jackson, Edward Harkinreider, Robert Sherman, ruce ilron, Virginia oil, Francis Vickers. Donald nora r. 55 • 56 CLASS OF 55 1ST RC - Ruth Kemn, ’'ar’Tvn Harris, Barbara Schoonover, Jane rown, ’'arion ’'orthrup, Joyce Fuller, Diane Lewis, Jocelyn Joyce, Annnbelle Kemp, Myrtle Gayhart. 2??D R0.7- Karen Corv !n, Robert Crossman, Bradley %irht, very ?fead, Trvin Hall, rucille Smith, Verr ? ulholland , Terr” Borers, Janet I.any, Miss Chur v 3Rt ROY - mheron Burdick, narbara Ordiway, David Marsh, Robert Hoffman, Anne Garvey, Janes Connor.CLASS OF 56 . ul Vincent, Bale Crdiw , Jerry ckers• !D RO'V- Richard Roslntoske, Cort trlcia Padden, Kenneth Perry, M • 6 - Mice Bell, Raymond Hoffi ucks, Paul Reisman, iss Jordan yr al Reinard. Donald Burdick. tin •oe. anner, acqueli andall, s7 ick Brown, man Felton, Haney Hulln CLAS S OF 57 RC Ronald Howard, Roger 1 wis, Harriett Dean, Dennis Joyce, Mary Here ”cAndrew, Dixie Airier, Kathleen Burdick, Rdna Reinard, Deraid tfatacale, ill iam Doming, Mary Reisman. 2ND ROW- ”iss Baker, Joan Davis, Richard Smith, Richard Droa8man, Richard Stocking, Clarence Halsey, Sandra Joyce, Sally Clarke, Dale Spencer, Verio Sherman, Beatrice Tied. 3RD ROW- orrine Alvord, Carolyn Clarke, Torraine Baker, Richard Baker, Barbara DuHois, T'arl flavin, Harold Riffenblirg, Bernard Hoffman.   22 -u CLASS OF 58 1ST ROW- ”iss Scherraerhorn, Anna Davis, Ioretta Sr • , , re , Charlotte lark. 2ND ROW- Florence Reisman, T' ici.rird Rifent urg, Davi art, . , - Bari Bccleston, Lynford •Dell, ' lchard Lewis, John Fraser, Leo Alvord, Robert Neville, Ltl Greek, Thelma Skinner, Frederick Hornbeck. rry. CLASS CF 51-’■'58 1ST ROW- Sylvia Clark, Arlene Cannon, Edward Oayhart, Lois Pelton, Franklin Davis, Ila Fern Marsh, Thomas Smith, Beverly Smith, Raymond Acker 2ND ROW- Leo Burkett, Delores Hall, Freda Kupp, Donna 3a'pnart, Bernadir.e Hollenbeck, Corinne Schoonover, Olin El3ter, Keith Howland. 3RD RO.V- Mrs. Helmer, Marie McAndrew, Clair loodridpe, Patricia Vincent, Merle Brorm, Bernice Atwell, Ronald Glover, James Harvey.  iVflfc fa M fa'M fr fa CLASS Cf 59 rnhart, Virginia Cortore, Virginia Atwell, Carol Howard, Victor Kemp, ?!ary Brown, Kenneth oar;, • obert Dolan, Robert 'CClure . - Mr . nlio, Carolyn runda-e, Gilbert Acker, Ann • , , . La, Day, - ‘rands ■ ms, Paul Relnar2, Vic Sutherland. PC V- Gerald Fadden, Peta Tunn, ''or- alia C’ ell, ”a el Trql 5ey, Claudette Corwin, noKen ond- , June urch, Judy Baker, Donald -arris, Alberta Phelps, - . cins, Donna -ice, Charles Manroe, 3d gar Hoagland, Carol . w, Teddy Demine , Jean Sootheran, Robert 7inchell, Jimmy 1 ollan ' •mmmh ■ vs i« iwigWftMiMSfr CLASS OF 60 ROW- lee Storms, Paul '.Yinchell , Richard Baker, Paul Glover, Robert nrown, Michal Vincent, Vera Elliott, Flora an Linda Coffin, War , Dolores JTalsey. 2:n ROW- Mrs• Hall, Linda Marvel, Lucille Riffenburg, Sara Smith, Marjorie Eccleston, Donna Element, Patrick Rowland, Warren Hann, Paul Waters, ettv Jo Barney. ABfRTJT- Larrv Tanner, .Tames Carver, Carl Lehman. wiitta mm tim vw overly Barney, Clifford Grovei .... rnhart. Mane •, - od Lester Stocking, Jean ’’-'dyke, ?romer Glover. erina t • 2?R ?r 'rs • 'onnors, Beth Sootl ran, ' 1 1 ani Sylvester $ :.lth, Suzanne Demi nr:, S ir 7ayne Peough, Garth Hulin. aker, 7 111 la: Irene '“'larke, Glikes, Ann C William Voa % nr-i, ruce . ' ■ x ' mQ “Vj 1ST ROT- rs. ,7olfe, Carole Clark, 3arbara Hawks, Harold Perry, Paul Peters, Karen Stocking, Gary Wightman, Carol Sherman, Rosamund Baker, Burton Carver, Hugh Church, Allen Corwin 2ND ROYi- Lyle Nye, Adalbert Gaygart Jr., Philip Barrett, Carol Silsby, Jeanne Day, Carol Hoagland, Edward Green, Charlotte Dean, Carol 'shenbaupih 7 CLASS OF 61 T| 5 i uilllgan, Kenneth Muleonery, Don Burgett, jim Burger, Robert Lynch, Dick anaserflf’e credit Opponents WMLs, VWIWWHVW U SOCCER The local soccer team had a fairly successful l?liO season by winning-four fames while losing three. They won two out of four league games and finished third in a six team league. The team be iseraga and won one out of two non-league games with Viellsville In the three non-league tilts played. This was the seeond year of soccer in Andover and the team is improving each year because of the added experience. GAMES PLAYED, SCORE AND DATE POLLC •.: Sept Sept (L) Sept Sept (L) Oct. (L) ' Oct • (L)»Oct. denotes , 21st Andover- 2 Well9ville- 0 , 2)}th Andover- 8 Canaseraga- 3 , 28th Andover- 2 Fichburr - ? , 20th Andover- 1 Vellsville- 1 lhth Andover- h ellsvllle- 1 19th Andover- 6 Allentown - 1 22nd Andover- 2 5clo - 8 home games (L)denotes league ames INDIVIDUAL SCOPING 1ST ROW- Richard Lynch, Ronald Sutor, Robert Burger, Kenneth Milligan, Charles Snyder, Jack Wheaton, James Burgett, Robert Carpenter. 2ND ROW- Donald Mulconery, Leroy Caples, Victor Daley, Ernest LaFollette, Dean Fisher, Kenneth Nye, Clyde Jackson, Bruce Nye. 3RD ROW- Coach Chaffee, Robert Baker, William Glover, Ronald Atwell, Dale Pelton, Douglas Wheaton, Kenneth Gath. fit t.Y» V 4MVMMAV CV AV•»«»»■»« VARSITY oac:. Chaffoe, Kenneth rilligan, Donald ' aknr, Pichard lynch. Dale elton. ■ Bruce :'yq, Paul JlcCormick, 7 ayne Sherwood, , onnor, Daniel I vA T gelo .'57 0 7 oDreenbur ? (1 ' . liteaville 21 Bolivar (L) Ceriosee 24 (I )5cio 34 Greenwood KO 35 - 42 . . ilc 01 f Milligan, Kenneth Lynch, Dan She r w o od , ’«a yri e Daley, Victor cCormick, iaul TTye, Bruce Conners, John €96 (I.) - denotes league frames - denotes hone -ames v. - Andover Opponents ver Varsity won sLx r' sen games, winninr only one ' a poor season 1 e won ar.i lost department but they lost several close games and ca e In thir Yhitesvi11e and Plchburg. wmmm Wl'4 kY7 WSVYl 1 JUNIOR VARSII7 rrnnmxsEBrtewem . ■ O .V- C , . .'.lie a t on, H ona 1 d Chari© Carpenter, ’►ale Green, Ronald At well, e • » no Atwell. ichael Conner. Richard Hancock, Clyde yacks on, P Howard, : ■ . Andover Opponent . Total •3 A1 fred-Alrr.ond Daley, Victor 70 !jl Canisteo 29 Wheaton, Jack ( Tj ) • ' 2 Genesee 20 Sutor, Ronnie 11? Solo 11 Dunham, Robert 23 r olivar 27 behraan, Sonny Pichburr 2); |. Greenwood Atwell, .ayne 37 (1 M Allentown Howard, Ralph 23 12 Canlsteo h2 Pi slier, Dean ft.) 30 Whlteaville 15 LaPollette, 12 25 Bolivar Jackson, Clyde 11 (L) 39 Genesee 18 Hancock, Dick 11 (T.) 30 Pichburg 22 Atwell, onnle 11 m 5? Scio 17 Green, hale 10 10 Mi Greenwood 33 Carpenter, R. y (T.)-)l9 Allentown 23 7?l( •)|0 A1fred-Almond 29 1(77 Whlteavil1e 26 Opponents 233 539 ft.) 55 Rushford U2 Andover, averc e i3 77li 519 Opponents 27 - denotes hone rames (I) - league games. The Junior Varsity baa a very successful 19J:8-19!i9 basketball season. They won sixteen games, ]' .-r three, and won the county championship easily. The team won ten league games without a loss to extend a winning streak of thirty-two consecutive league wins. J.V • t6 '.W.)9 y ft A KJMft  Rrawratt Hki«m w»wiwicBBS OMflNK vmmt m i mMtwiMf iv % » V;fVV •'V '' .eodora ' an I'uren, Barban , rancor Taker, Joyce I.inza. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS edra urrows. Clarice fye. Peverly Tutor, ’ eva Curry, ”orma Per   TST O'V- Colleen Northrup, Borer Charles I.cescher Rose Marie Raker 2ND 3 - illiara Ellen Driscoll, Harkenreider, Iv Thelma Vickie, 3RD P0V7- Evelyn Heodore mith, rm MeAndr . , Janet , Hattl MeVeil Chario s orett D heodor© •: » James •m» Vf f . ws; r'Stit.'W ew, Janice Hall, Eunice Hall, Dennis Joyce, Marian Robert Crossman, Ann Marie Creen, David Conde, T.anr, Donald T.ewir, ’M chard Kemo, Horman Belton, e vYahl. , Alfred Davis, ary Alice Horan, Reverlv Sutor, Mar; Davis, Francis Hann, James Conde, Anna Beil, Edward In, Jean Blauvelt, Richard Hancock, O’Doll, ’.Yayne Sherwood, ’ranees Baker, %Tary I ou Clark, Douglas Theaton, i c k 1 e , Danjaan Crandall, Jean Blauvelt, Carolyn Briers, Ann 7 ood, ' . , Ann Croon, Richard Hancock, Rosemarie Raker, ayne Sherwood, Theodore O’Dell, Kent Harder, Tucille Smith, ary Driscoll, Mary Horan, Touise O’Dell, Theodore Smith, Cha nice Hall, Beverly Sutor, Frances aker, Mr. Richardson, ary Clark, Charles Davis, Thelma Mickle, Marian Milligan, D ''or-.-in 'dton, Danjaan Crandall, f,arian TJorthrur. BAND ORCHE STRAi 1 s «v y£y iS7 vgvv«v«v viw»SMKftM«waffgwgy gwi ., I ; iV Yu yffi f mpv a » fliwi»iw»w»vw GLEE CLUB 1ST ROW- Hattie Wahl, Joan .Joyce, T ois Honerrar, TTedra Rurrows, Carl Clark Phyllis Purser, Caroline Prirgs, Colleen McAndrew, r. no! i . 2ND ROW- Paul Clark, Ronald Atwell, T yle Slocum, John Jonnor, -ruce %Tye, 'heodoro O’Dell, Robert nurr-er, ve ett Rn is. riu mi 'if hf Hi m wi m n »■ iii'» T iw fy 1 1 ’t HTTg”nyvp PirrHTxr ST ROT- Thelma ’ ickle, Neva Curry, Marian 1 !lli«, neverl ye, Ruth Curry, Phyllis Perry, I aura Croyle, u'etty Rrrls, urer, !'ary nrov r., Teresa Joyce, Margaret Howard. Lse O’Dell, Ci , , •• eocore van ruren, prances aKor, Maxine Filler, . Evan Dolan. CRD ROW- Richard Hancock, Ruth Shutt, Sutherland, Jean Blauvelt, Ruby; ne ri rs , Janice • rna Ferry , Ann ’ ari Fill $ axine rake: IS, onna ?Tobl' ary Ellen t ker. Joan Joyce, Ca CAMERA CLUB  - y»t .-v. iV.i . ,v. ,--i ■»!,.. HI-HERAID Clair, Nedra Burrows, Mary Driscoll, Norma Perry, Colleen McAndrew, Mary Connor, Rosemarie Baker. 2ND ROW- Jean Blauvelt, Ruth Halsey, Theodora Van Kuren, Barbara .Yintemberg, Evelyn Glover, Ruth Shutt, Margaret Jackson, Hattie Wahl, Rosemary Mead, Reta Goodridge. 3RD ROYi - Ruth Curry, Ernest LaFollette, Lois Honegger, Phyllis Burger, Lila Clair, Joan McAndrew, Joan Jackson, Joyce Linza, Beverly Clair. LIBRARY COUNCIL mabelle O'Dell, rs, Conde , Ann Green, Lois Koneggar, T'ary Driscoll, ---------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- • ’’’-‘ckson. Barbara Marsh, %'arraret JacV 2ND ROW- Nedra Burrows, Mary Connor, Barbara intemberg, Ruth Halsey, Norm Perry, Ella 'lair, Reta Goodridge, Bruce Nye, Joan T v,son, Joan McAndr w, ’ axine Rillor, meresn Padden, Gloria Jlair, .1 Si. RO - Joyce Linza, Beverly Clair, Teresa Joyco, Norma Perry, Nedra ’arrows, Mary lean, Ella Clair, '.ary Horan, Mary )llon rlscoll Joan oodruff, Billie Ryan, Barbara Marsh, Ionise ’Dell, Gloria Clair, Mar.sret Howard, Teresa Padden, Betty Sutherland nna Nobles. Danjaan Crandall, Clarice Nye, Maxine Biller, Maxine aker, Rut ey, Theodora Van Kuren, Barbara Vi LT .-, jr, c son, Ruth Shutt, Miss McCarthy ,''7 ROW- Tois Toner. :cr, Evelyn Glover, Rosemary Mead, Rita Ooodridge, A Davis, Joan Jackson, Rosemarie Baker, Hattie »ahl, Jean Blauvelt, Aquinas lynch F.F.A 1° ROW- Borer Wright, Paul Clark, Ronald Atwell, Lyle Slocum, Paul Atwell, Franklin Cornish, Robert Dening, Donald Greenon, Richard TTye, Robert ?'arsh, 'r. Bronson. 2!C1 RC.7- Robert Burger, Carl Clark, Theodore 0 0611, Clayton Burdick, Henneth Milligan, R chard Hancock, John Baker, Daniel lynch, Cari Waters, Charles Dougherty, Robert Baker, Paul McCormick, Dale Green. iMiiX F.H.Ap ivrs-wvr v m? m H v .rM. i - - Jcnde', Duane Scribner, Jhi , raid Ireen, Carl Atwell, ne! Vf1 r , John Baker, yi 11, no er P'r i -h t, Favl Clark. 2ND ' - rett D vis, Archie Baker, Paul Atwell, Hi ;hard k, ' I ’ c'Teil, Honald Vtwell, ?'ent ;'arder, T le Slocum, Ichard ’Pre, Darwin Lehman, John .'.twell, -obert Deminr. - ' ■ nneth Hilligan, Pr nkl in Cornish, . . Carl Clark, ’ obert Baker, nnf ’ ''i r • 'reen, Chari or BOY'S it-H CLUB :as '’nnenp a vxi , '•Ward G avhart, Paul Vi ncent, Harvey, Ivnford nhart, Dennis Joyce, .Terry Hatacale, erle ' rown, Johnny ickle, Clare Goodridge, 'erle Sherman, Paul Vincent, PIchard P lth. - Keitl Perry, Keith Howland, Clarence Halsey, Jam O'Dell, Frederick Kornbeck, ITartin Smith, Albery :-:ccle?ton, Gerald j. Grant Temp, Vicheal 5 ith, Bradley Vright, John Dean, Dale Ordway. R - Ernest Veirich, Hoy , ymond Hoff lan, Bernard Hoffman, Honald Glover, Donald iick, Patrick Brown, Charles .•••:■ n ;, Riel Richard Baker, Harold Piffenburg, , Hr. 4TH ROW- Theron Burdick, David Vars . • , 1 Peisman, James Jackson, Raymond Dubois, Robert Sherman, Bruce Wilson, Dona] ! Lewis, oucks Char?er cavln. M is t' TVfflfWVt -lN 4tvAt+Ji ViV f:S2S 7 £jg ui ft ? mflmftiwtiw ffilwiK torntmtm GIRLS 4-H CLUB rriS| ■' ■ • , yce Fuller, ,Tane ' rown, rs, ITance Kulln, Annabelle Kemr , ' , M layhart, .Mura 'wo3s 'in, nrol Karris. - ;I« Lt , J • tt, Yvonne ement, orry Mulholl Treno Kulburf, Tanot Tar. , ratrici Kaker, .nno ::arvoy, vnthryn f.'ickle, Kathryn I'or.r, irio Kemp, Jarol ye, Ann l-farie Toyce, etty Harris, Charity •crs, t It ikor, nn Marvel, Shirley Kidd. voto of therJ-s to Jim and John r clet r. and attractive buildinr. To ’iss 'Valton, !'rs, T.ivermore, and ,fiss fJrossman, we wish tc express our thanks for the wonderful service and food put forth in the cafeteria. apgiw 'invxmv i WNE VV v S • WttWf ».? »r y '.7 y T'j  • Wt V S 7fc7tfv 4Mtft DRIVERS EDUCATION 1CT HOW- Kenneth Milligan, Bruce Mye, Ruth Halsey, Carl Clark, Reta Goodridge 2ND ROW- Ruth Shutt, Joan Joyce, Mary Horan, Mr. Dobson, Hattie Wahl, Harriet Herring, Rosemarie Baker, Margaret Jackson, CUB5 1ST ROV - Janes Conde, Carl Atwell, Richard Davis, Ronald Monahan, Douglas Wheaton, Kent Harder. 2 YD ROV.- Mr. Carmody, Charles Davis, Raymond Halsey, Francis Hann, Theodore Smith, Charles Lehman, James Yannie. W! TV f ' V '-AVI 7m firzr rsni WIW • -Vlv « « fY » ttWtfN iMMtNMWA ' '7 ''' W ■ TTT'I? HIT? V9T7 7»r  temnttat BmannttB WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION to the Andover Central School for their splendid cooperation in helping with the photography. ROLAND STUDIO Lincoln Building Friendship, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF The Andover National Bank Federal Reserve System - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Resources Over $1,500,000.00KM mmim The Interpretation of the word Exchange in business life is that of parting with something in return for its equivalent. Our interpretation of Exchange is the giving of self for the privilege in return of serving others; of parting with selfishness and receiving in return the satisfaction of discharging our duty to our Fellow-men, to our Community and to our Nation. We, the members of the Exchange Club of Andover, hope that the Senior Class of ’49 will set this as their goal. ■-?' .»vy 'n wr friar v n i.v TT.’. irmrym-mitv.1!! m'vxwBAKER'S HARDWARE WALLPAPER DISHES MATTRESSES MOORE’S PAINTS GIFTWARE FELT BASE RUGS RADIOS DEEP FREEZERS REFRIGERATORS BABY CARRIAGES AND STROLLERS GENERAL HARDWARE Q uuyicMAciiio uL sG t R U l Utih L CLAIR’S PHARMACY  THE MEMBERS OF THE HI HERALD STAFF Take This Opportunity To Thank THE NEWS PRINTING HOUSE for the fine co-operation in the past in the publication of our school paper, The Hi Herald. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF CUBA ICE CREAM C. V. HOWLAND SUPPLY CO. CUBA, NEW YORK ROOFING - PAINTS - LUMBER AND-WELL PRODUCERS CO-OPERATIVE INC. Meetings held each third Saturday of every other month. Carlton Greene, President Laurence Perkins, Vice President H. W. Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer Floyd Pease, Director Harry Baker, Directoi Anthony Dougherty, Director Erwin Lewis, Director COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF SACKETT’S SUNNYDALE FOOD MARKET FARMS, Inc. ANDOVER, N. Y. Milk and Milk Products Ke pA ke. 2 iam(uut BULOVA, ELGIN, LONGINES-WHITTNAUER, HAMILTON WATCHES FLOYD C. VARS 6- SON JEWELERS “KEN” VARS ANDOVER NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS DR. J. R. BERGERSON LOUIS JOYCE COMPLIMENTS OF BEST WISHES FROM HENRY STEPHENS INSURANCE AGENCY ESTHER M. TEMPLE, Prop. DR. J. R. COMMON 11 North Main Street Andover, New York DENTIST ft a iVi iy. A iVi iVi iSm 2 mama mm anminimaBnimi mammi nm am £Uud I ij I B j I FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER FARM SUPPLIES WELLSVILLE FEED SUPPLY CO., Inc. Andover, N. Y. Wellsville, N. Y. STEUBEN SILK MILLS ANDOVER, N. Y. Manufacturers of FINER DRESS FABRICS OTTO B. NYE WHOLESALE FOOD PRODUCTS CHEESE HONEY COMPLIMENTS CLASS OF ’49 BURREL C. WILLIAMS INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 349 6 Elm Street COMPLIMENTS OF ELMHURST DAIRY A Glass of Milk is a Glass of Health Use More Dairy Products LESTER YORK SONS PRODUCE DEALERS LIME and FERTILIZER BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF ’49 ANDOVER GARAGE General Automobile Repairing PHONE 3176 Main Street Andover, N. Y. 7 I   vWWIV lNVlY fN REYNOLDS’ MARKET HIGHEST QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES BIRDSEYE FROZEN FOODS COMPLIMENTS OF THE SAD SHACK RESTAURANT Main St. Andover, N. Y. Bostwick’s General Merchandise “A Big Store in a Small Town” MAIN STREET ANDOVER, N. Y. THE MARKET BASKET COMPLIMENTS OF GROCERIES O’DELL’S TEXACO Fresh Fruits and Vegetables STATION R. ENNIS, Mgr. ANDOVER, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF MEET THE GANG VOGUE SALON AT YOUR HAIR STYLIST GREEN’S SODA BAR JERRY LYNCH “The Busiest Spot in Town' a I § § B § 3 5 S nv '.v '!v?y,! .vr M WWt1 3lWl ■ 4 L? y va; T IMU v asy va'p v:.;,v y ; ..y.wxl 1 i •: r ■ 4 A VV.S x,'x. f ia-'jli rifted W-A «MWr .vVa .-TSra. A ■«.». v..' J ,w. u i?: S t .fl'r: .V rtf« a' .erg; v Complete Hotpoint Kitchen ANDOVER ELECTRIC SALES AND SERVICE FARMER’S FEED SUPPLY Feed - Seed - Lime - Fertilizer Custom Grinding and Mixing ANDOVER, N. Y. FORD and PECKHAM Ml COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF R. J. SOOTHERAN NIAGARA ELECTRON LABORATORIES P. M. Haclcett ATTORNEY ANDOVER, NEW YORK YOUR BEST FRIEND IN AN COMPLIMENTS OF EMERGENCY CENTER STREET ALLEGANY MUTUAL GARAGE TELEPHONE CO. MINGUS HOOVER VI TO gjai apgumggaEgw BEST WISHES To the Class of ’49 LOOHN’S CLEANERS LAUNDERERS HORNELL, N. Y. HUBBELL SHEET METAL PLUMBING and ROOFING Phone 174 Andover, N. Y. DAIRYMEN’S LEAGUE PLANT ANDOVER, N. Y. Part of Sub-Dist 19A Wesley Merriman, Pres.; Charles Clark, Vice Pres.; Harry Smith, Sec-Treas. Plant Manager, Wm. Woodruff, Alfred Station, N. Y. Dairy Serviceman, Dewey Northrup COMPLIMENTS OF EMPIRE GAS FUEL CO., LTD. YOUR GAS COMPANY %Aha QfaducAe MAY YOU EACH ENJOY Health, Wealth and Happiness FOLSING’S BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS COMPLIMENTS OF HOWARD L. GATH DR. S. B. SCOTT law 'A' w w ’xw wmum w vj '■! vm w j-' yj s-v-v '■? yj y.u.'.m vak.' v-il-1 'J ItfiiSJoSiM V V IM VWKV MW9f s UPDYKE’S RESTAURANT DINNERS AND LEGAL BEVERAGES COMPLIMENTS OF JOYCE HOTEL Phone 153 Main Street COMPLIMENTS OF FOR A SNACK OR WHITAKER’S A MEAL YOUR ARE ALWAYS WELCOME ATLANTIC STATION Phone 796 Andover, N. Y. AT BUNGALOW DINER G. L. PRIOR, Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF SHORT'S SERVICE STATION “JERRY” HYLAND “HERM” WALLACE FOR THE BEST IN RED AND WHITE DAIRY PRODUCTS LOOK FOR WOODRUFF’S CHEESE HOME OF QUALITY FOODS WM. A. LANG, Prop. I s I my w yjt .iM'AUAiw otpeebe irrrrBfT 7 yiiojoi :w 'A’ Wf.7. .V. .7. ■'. .Y .7. .7. .V. ... .. ... , n.. COMPLIMENTS OF LYNCH-BURGETT POST No. 397 AMERICAN LEGION Meets 2nd Monday of Each Month Dances Held Each Friday Night Visiting Members Always Cordially Welcome COMPLIMENTS OF ANDOVER GRANGE NO. 1098 VICKERS SON QUALITY MEATS GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES POP ICE CREAM PHONE 273 EDWARD RYAN TRUCKING Express and Freight Pickup SAW MILL WORK GARBAGE DISPOSAL Phone 8X COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES B. MULHOLLAND FUNERAL HOME TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1949 COMPLIMENTS OF RECREATION CLUB OF ANDOVER It is only through the kindness and generosity of our advertisers and any one who assisted us that the publication of this annual was possible. To those who assisted us in any way we give our heartfelt thanks. To our advertisers we offer our appreciation and continued patronage. CLASS ’49 I I  i Compliment Your Letter WITH StatioiLEXLj Your Dealer Has vsv vivj y.' ww vm gv, y.' ws-ww w v .y.; -' '.t.--1 u y ■'■ '.r I ', DAV-SON CORK BACK BULLETIN BOARDS SAFETY RECORD THIS WEEK MTWlTiFjS LOST TIME ACCIOENT SERIOUS DOCTOR CASES ANNOUNCEMENTS OUR CONCENTRATED DRIVE THE LAST TWO MONTHS FOR 100 PER CENT ATTENDANCE AND PRODUCTION IS SHOWING GOOD RESULTS DIRECTORY FLOOR CAFETERIA 3rd WEST EMPLOYMENT OFFICE H.L. KRUSE 1ST EAST DAV-SON cork back and changeable letter bulletin boards are constructed with light walnut finish frames. The cork posting surface consists of ]A inch cork mounted on ]A inch 3-ply veneer. The changeable letter insert is of grooved wood felt covered. These bulletins are made to endure as only the finest of materials are used in their construction. Bulletin board with two set OR USE ,N Bulletin board with two set , , D iL ., SCHOOLS in glass doors. One side cork mg ass oors. o sldes CHURCHES the other changeable letter cork FACTORIES insert- STYLE: TWO SET IN GLASS OFFICES ( Letters are not included) 3° x48 ...... $30.00 CTflRCC 30 x48 S44.85 30 X 60 - 32.50 I '-'rrto 30 x 60 5140 36 31.25 CLUBS It 'to- 59 3? 36” 60 36 25 59 35 ALLPRICK:: R rmrA public SPEC'AL ASSORTMENT OF 600 ?i ALL PRICES F. O. B. CHICAGO BUILDINGS AND 1 INCH LETTERS $12.00 THESE BULLETIN BOARDS ARE FITTED WITH A LOCK AND KEY TO INSURE NO UNAUTHORIZED CHANGE OR ANNOUNCEMENTS. t .„ . DISTRIBUTORS: School Gift Service ' '■ TtJf 4925 GLENDALE KANSAS CITY 4. MISSOURI I - 

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