Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY)

 - Class of 1948

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Andover Central High School - Memoirs Yearbook (Andover, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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   XL EsT School FOUNDED-1822 The Andover "r!rn school was founded in 18?? end in 1899 ft hJ h school was ©stab school, pictured above, was centralised and erected In 1929 and associate with -his fine building are isany memories • nd . e the Clas • us name this book ” ' 11 of thosi who have aided us in : ' • , and Principal, J Kessler. 7 7 »T.7?T. TLy?fv photos ar H014 W sri o oy pp pa osm p, v.k ..............•—— ■V' - -;v • -In The Sunset Days of life most men retire and look backward with pleasure on the past, ’Vith you, it has been different. A great deal of your energy in the past few years has been spent in Improving our school. The faith you have shown in our young” people re-emphasizes your belief in them as well as the future of our country. It is with this in mind that we, the Senior ''lass, dedicate this Annual to you, our Friend and T’eirhbor. Class of 143 MR. S UEL B. CR f'DALI Mr. S. B. '"’randall , president of the Andover Board of Education started his life in Andover. A graduate of Andover Union School in 1893 Yr. frandal' n at Alfred University from which he graduated with a B. S. in 1397. Prom Alfred S. randall moved to Columbia University where he was te in 19)4 with a Ph. D. . Two years later in 1906 ?'r. Crandall received his L.L.B. frorr. Georgetown Uni vers I ty. As a distinguished and well educuted gentleman Mr. S. B. Crandall now serves Andover Central School as President of tl rd of Education.BOARD OF EDUCATION L. to R. - Supt. . r. Garwood, Dr. S. Scott, V. V. Lvnch, R. V. Harder, S. B. Crandall, Pres, of Board, C. R. Burdick, W. J, Alderson, Clerk of Board SENIOR AD T:,CR Murlyn K. Conde PRINCIPAL JAMES H. KESSLER VICE PRINCIPAL George E. RellDOLORES SNYDER-"DEE"-THEAS. Major- Latin Yearb ok-Crranizations Student Council- 4 Hi-Herald- 4 Library Co r.cil- 5,4 Latin Club- 1,L,3 Badminton- 4 Class Play- 4 Ambition- Secretary RuSE ?.:ARY BAKER-"ROSIE"-SEC. Major- Science. Latin Honor Roll- 1,2,2,4 Hi-Herald- 1,2,5,4-Editor I '.a jor A Secretary of Student Counci Secretary of Camera Club Chorus- 1,2,3,4 Class Flay- 4 Ambit! n- Science Teacher ROBERT SMITH- "RAY”- PRESIDENT Major-Science Hi-Heraid-1,2(Asst. Ed.),3,4 Major A Baseball-2,5,4-1 Manager Basketball-2,2-1 Manager Track-1,2-Rochestar, 4 Athletic Club- 2,3,4 Student Council-4-Vice President Senior Play English PIay-4 Ambition- Journalism HELEN YA NIE-"ALEE"- V. Major- Latin, Science Honor Roll- 1,2 Hi-Herald- 1,2,2,4 Library Council- 1,2.2 Camera Club- 2 Latin Club- 1,2,2 Chorus- 1,2,4 Orchestra- 5 Band- 1 Senior Play Ambition- Nursing PRES. (LASS OPfICCRS 1 A rr DORIS ATTF-LL-"SHORTY" Major- Home Lcononic3 Yearbook-Administration Library Council-3,4 V. Pres. Library Councll-3 Camera Club-3 Chorus-1,3,4 4-:i-3,4 Amb It ion-? lay piano JOHN BKIDGE-"JOHNHY" Salutatorlan Major- Business, Science Yearbook- Editor-in-chief Honor Roll- 1,2,3 HI-Herald- 4 Camera- 4 author of English Play Senior Play ambition- Teaching PHYLLIS BI KDICK-"RED" Major- Latin Yearbook- adminstrator Honor Roll- 1,2,3,4 Latin Club- 1,2,3 Chorus- 1,2,3,4 Orchestra- 1,2,3,4 Band- 1,2,3,4 Senior Play Ambition- Play console organ O-if JAMES BUROETT-"JIK" Valedictorian Major-Math, Science Yearbook- Organization Major A Student Council Pres- 4 Class President- 2,3 Baseball- 1,2,3,4 Basketball- 1,2,3,4 ambition- Electrical Engineer LILA CHILDS-11MAZIE" Major- History Yearbook- typist Honor Roll- 1,2,4 Hl-ilerald- 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3 Band- 1,2,3 Cheer Leader- 1,2,3 Senior Play ambition- be successful APJpRIE COLLINS-"MADGE" Major- Science Yearbook- Business Mgr. Honor Roll- 1,2,4 Student Council Sec.- 1,3 Cheer Leader- 3,4 Badminton- 4 Senior Play English Play Chorus- 4- iunbitlon- bo successful HAROI.Ir DCOG£-W:.:0!:i Major- Business a lor A baseball- 2,o asketball- c boccer- 4 Athletic Club 2,2,4 Ltudent Coi.r.cil- 4 Ambition- D.H.l.A. FATRICTA DCLAN-"IRISH" ! i ajor- Latin i:I-Herald- 1.2,2,4 Latin Club 2,4 Vice Preside:.t- 2 Library Co ncil- 2,2 Chorus- 1,4 Cheer Teader- 2 Major letter Ambition- be a coach ;A".L FJ: : HR-"JOrMNY” math, -Major letter A Basketball- 4 Athletic Club- 4 Latin Club -2,4 Intralraurals- 1,2 English rloy- 4 Latin Play- 2 Ambition- Teacher wwifw-w1»-v T«rrrr,'PrTV » HARRIET hERHIM i-"D? CKY" Major- History h'onrr Roll- 1,2 1 ritralmurals- 2.4 Ambition- Veterina!r .an LA.VRE CE T;OYT - ” RLVY” Major- History Major letter A Basketball manager-Canera Club- 2,4 F. F. A- 4 Intramuralr- 1,;.3 Senior Flay Ambition- tr ck driver KATHRYN JOYCE-"KAY” Major- History Honor Roll- 2 Band- 1,2.2,4 Orchestra- 1,2 Chorus- 4 Latin Club- 1,2.2 Intramurals- 2 Ambiti 'n- Beautician . .. v. 2-VIN LY1JCH-"lav" Major- odenct, Math Major letter a Basketball- 1,2,3 Track- 3 Athletic Club- 3 Orchestra- 1 Band- 1 inbition- Dentist PHI LIS MAS CIIO-" PHIL” Major- Hone Lconomics IU-Horald- 3 Chorus- 3,4 Library Club Council- 3,4 F.H.A.- 4 Corning, North Side Ambit! n- Nurse EaRL RICHARDSON- "RASPUTIN 1 Major- Business Ill-Herald- 4 Major A Basketball- 1,2,3,4 Baseball- 1,2,3,4 Track- 1,3,4 athletic Club- 1,2,3,4 Intralmurals- 1,2 vmb!tion- to be successful PHILIP MASCIIO-”PHIL 5 Major- History F•F•a— 4 Camera Club- 3,4-Pres. Intranurals- 3,4 Corning, North Side iinbltion- Llectrician PHYLLIS NYE-,,PHILn Major- Homemaking Honor Roll- 1,2,3,4 Hl-IIcrald- 4 Major A Orchestra- 4 Band- 4 Chorus- 3,4 Senior Play Ambition- Interior Decorator JO ANN TiJLLTv L-,,JO" Major- Hone Lconomics Honor Roll- 1,2,3,4 HI-Herald- 1,2,3,4 Orchestra- 1,2 Chorus- 1,2,4 ambition- secretary  Jtcdi ajj tycum Early in the Fall of 1947 the Hi Herald voted to sponsor a hall of fame. This hall of fame was to include five members of the Senior Class who were judged as follows: 1. Scholarship. 2. Student must be in the upper half of the class. 3. Personality. 4. Neatness. 5. Physical and moral development. 6. Sportsmanship. These were the main requirements. Each member of the Hall of Fame receives membership to the National Honor Society. This is the beginning of a tradition which will, we hope, be kept in years to come. eM-ail (tf tf-arne. James R. Burgett John C. Bridge Rose Mary Baker John Karl Fisher Helen Cathrine YannieGlaM Will To Coach Chaffee we leave a small box of dog biscuits for his dog “Rusty”. To Miss Taylor we leave a telescope so that she can keep track of all the latest happenings in A. C. S. To Mr. Conde we leave a new car in the place of his old, dying car which has stood up under much wear and tear that the Seniors have given it. To Mrs. Greene we leave the Key for the new school car so she can have it for her summer trips. To Mr. Kessler we leave a new tie in the place of those he has worn out this year by cleaning his glasses on them. To Mrs. Conde we leave a gavel so that she can call her fifth period study hall to order. To Mr. Reil we leave a bottle of Epsom Salts for his Physics Class. To Mrs. Gath we leave a lantern to light her way on dismal evenings. To Mr. Carmody we leave a megaphone so that all his students will be able to hear him always. To Mrs. McFadden, we leave a zeeeeeeeero, although it is not like those given to us, we do not want her to run out of them lor the rest of the pupils of the school. To Mrs. Joyce we leave a bottle of Sunny Sol for a more sunny disposition. To Mr. Bronson we leave a truck to carry his F.F.A. boys around in, especially when it comes time to plant trees again. To Mrs. Briggs we leave a baby to start her out on her family. We refer Mr. Bartz to a Charles Atlas Course, but until this comes, we leave him a year’s supply of vitamin pills to start his training with. To Mrs. Dahl we leave a bottle of air wick which we hope will be placed in the Home Making room to get rid of those horrible cooking odors which come from there. To John Nobles we leave a stool in the boiler room so that he can watch the activities there. To Jim Nobles we leave a harmonica so he can w’hile away his spare hours. Phyllis Burdick leaves her musical ability to Mary Alice Horan. Kay Joyce leaves her Square Dancing ability to Carl Waters. Kevin Lynch leaves his crew cut to Albert Chamberlain. Rose Mary Baker leaves her curls to Thelma Mickle and her scholastic knowledge to Lena Bridge. Jim Burgett leaves his six study halls to Jimmy Baker and John Connor. Dolores Snyder leaves her gracefulness to Jean Blauvelt. Madge Collins leaves her height to Sara Padden and her weight to Agnes Davis. John Bridge leaves his athletic ability to Don Mulconery. Ray Smith leaves gladly. Pat Dolan leaves her gymnastic talents to Donna Nobles. Doris Atwell leaves her height to Joan McAndrew. Larry Hoyt leaves his Business Law marks to whoever wants them. Helen Yannie leaves her artistic talents to Alfred Davis. Lila Childs leaves her promptness of being to school and classes to Mary Margaret Dean. Karl Fisher leaves his best that the basketball team will have the best of luck next year. Harriet Herring leaves her scientific ability to Evelyn Glover. Harold Dodge leaves his promptness of handing in assignments to Don Scott. Philis Mascho leaves her ability to create a disturbance to Barney Bostick. Earl Richardson leaves a pair of shears to Bill Holt and Ralph Howard so they will cut their hair. Phyllis Nye leaves her ability to play the slide trombone to Wilda Mascho. Philip Mascho leaves his bashfulness to Teddy O’Dell. Jo Ann Theetge leaves her red hair to Hattie Wahl.How i rs. Foeley, Beverly Clair, Sara Padden, Joan Woodruff, Carlin Mathor, Robert Burner, Mattie Wahl, Barbara Harsh, Mar aret Jackson, 211a Mae Clair, Carl Clark, Teddy O'Dell, Bruoe Nye Row II Janes Baker, Beta Goodrich, Norna Perry, Mary Ellen Driscoll, .lary i.llco Horan, Bonise O'Doll, Ann Marie Green, Evelyn Glover, Jayne Shsr-.vool, Jo'un Connor Row III Rosemary Mead, Richard ynch, Betty Isaman, Joan Joyce, Paul IcCorniek, Ruth Shutt. Mar ; ir ;-rot jean. Hose Marie Baker, Ruth Halsey CLASS of '50 ow I Mr. Hell, Annabelle O'Dell, Joyce Linza, Honaid Atwell, Kenneth Nye, Gloria r :lTheressa Padden, Betty Smith, Betty Howland, Nedra Burrows, Francis Baker, dward Ryan, Kenneth Milligan ow li Acquinas Lynch, Robert Carpenter, Mary Ellen Connor, Robert Dunham, Maxine iller, Joan VcAndrew, Donald Vulconery, Joan Jackson, Vary Louise Dunham, Teddy nnKuren, :ow III Albert f'nmberlain, ivobert Marsh, Robert Baker, Duane Hackett, Jos rrith, Donald Scott, William Holt, Le Roy Caple, Barbara Wintemberg CLASS rf '51 r n ■ rr r r"f ? Row I Everett .avis, Patricia Sackett, Louise Loucks, Ruth Curry, Marcella Smith, Carolyn Prices harry Poster, John Dougherty, Theresa Joyce, Franklin Cornish, Colleen KcAndrew, Janet Hall How II Mrs. HcFadder., Alice Bostick, Elizabeth Bridge, Ruby Ordiway, Maxine Baker, Richard Reisman, Dean Fisher, Jack Perrin, Richard Hancock, Phyllis Burger RowIII Agnes Davis, Charles Dougherty, Victor Daley, Barnett Bostick, Charles Snyder, Jack V heaton, Duane Green. STUDENT COUNCIL sat; Row I Mr. Reil, Beverly Sutor, Ronald Atwell, Ann Greene, Marcella Smith, Dolores i Snvder, Bettv Halsey, Barbara Wintemberg, Evelyn Glover, i Row II Rose Mary Baker, Gay Rogers, Robert Purger, Philip Mascho, Carl Clark, ] Ronald Sutor I Row III Joseph Smith, Robert Smith, James Burgett, Harold DodgeRow I Mr. Carnody, Lyle Slocum, Michael Connors, Ronald Howland, Dale Pel ton, Neva Curry, Paul Clark, Mary Brown, Wayne Atwell, Billie Ryan, Beverly Sutor, Roger Wright, Paul Atwell, Bill 3orsi ch Row II Ronald Sutor, Carl 'Waters, Ronald Ellis, Dale Green, Jean Blauvelt, Dick Nye, Mary Lou Clark, Donald Greenan, Ernest LaPollette, Ralph Howard, Clyde Jackson, William Glover, Daniel Lynch, Ligorie Lynch, Row III Clarice Nye, Delores Brown, Darwin Lehman, Jo Ann Marsh, Betty Sutherland, Beverly Hackett, Joyce Spicer, Margaret Daley fit A l ULCO ta )avis, tlvan [ 'VO |Row I Mrs Gath, Richard Fulton, Jesse Wessman, James Conde, Rosett Dolan, James Miles, Wilda Maacho, Betty Harris, Carl Atwell, John Baker, Marion !Milligan, Row II Douglas ’Wheaton, William McNeil, Beth Whitaker, Phyllis Perry, Marie Kemp, Laura Mae Croyle, Joann Scribner, Richard Davis Row I LI Thelma Mickle, Priscilla Baker, Kent Harder, Anna Bell, Douglas Jones, !Donald Joyce, Joseph Gavin, Charity Ann Howland, Gay Rogers, Alfred Davis, Norman Ellis, LaVerne Sherman CLASS .f £ Row I James Fadden, Betty Ann Kemp, Carol Harris, Marjorie Mix, Duane Scribner, | Cera Id Oreen, Mary Jane Sackett, Mi]riired Brings, Charles Lehman, Catherine Kemp Charles Davis, Tommy Ryan Row II Nicholas Thisse, Ann Marvel, Ruth Halsey, James Mickle, Duane Scribner Carol Nve, Patricia Relsman, Jack Rosintoski Row III Mrs. Schwarzenbach, Teddy Smith, Martha Creenman, Richard Clark, Shirley Tidd, Don Sutherland, Francis Hann, Raymond Halsey, Louis Claire Clover. CLASS »f 5135 Row I Roger Phelrs, William Elster, David Conde , John Atwell, Jares Yannie, Rozer Theetge, Richard Burger, Donald Lewis, Sandra Bostwick, Carol Curtis Row II Miss Church, James Crossman, Sandra Skuse, Beverly Kemp, Beverly Loucks, Ruth Davis, Mildred Miles, Mary Ann Joyce. Row III Phyllis Mix, Katherine Mickle, Donald Hall, Edward Harkenrider, Leslie Monahan, Paul Reisnan, Shirley Ordiway, Janice Fulton. Row I Miss Jordan, Pat Baker, Mary O’Dell, Joyce Fuller, Barbara Clark, Leroy Halsey, Marlon Northrup, Theron Burdick, Donald Perry, Ernest Woirich, Francis Vickers, Avery Mead, Janes Connor Row II Yvonne Clement, Alura Grossman, Janes Jackson, Doris Barnhart, Michael Thisse, Larry Brown, Ann'Harvey, Lorraiie Cornish, Michael Smith Row in Lucille S.Tilth, Barbara Or’diway, David Marsh, Robert Sherman, George Gavin, Virginia Beil., Betty Roinard, Raymond DuBois, Jar.ot Lang, Mary Hall, Charles Howland. CLASS of '56 Row I Mi3s Baker, Kenneth Perry, Lewis Burgess, Elmer Joe Manroe, T.'artin Smith k Lois Lehman, Barbara Schoonover, Joan Clark, Diane Lewis, Nancy H ulin, Joan Daley Patrick Brown Rov; II Annabelle Kemp, Jackie Vickers, Patricia Padden, Terry Mulholland, Sylvia L Lusk, Dorothy Appier, Crystle Reinard, Robert Grossman, Ralph Mix Row III Bradley Wright, Charles Gavin, Oort Marsh, Norman Pelton, Ronald Glover, pj Ronald DuBois, Patrick Crandall, Richard Rosintoski, Tommy Loucks, Jerry Rogers. IRow I Mrs. Helmer, Donald Howard, Richard Smith, Dixie Appier, Ruth Kemp, ?4ary Reisman, Jane Brown, Harriett Dean, Carol Brown, Sandra Joyce Row II Jocelyn Joyce, Jacqueline Baker, Corrine Alvold, Carolyn Clark, Jay Curtis John Dean, Myrtle Gayhart, Karen Corwin, Richard Kemp Row III Grant Kemp, Ruth Huffcut, Marilyn Harris, Norma Freeland, Alice Beil, Charles Loescher, Lee Hancock, Paul Vincent, Dale Ordiway Row I Mrs. Parsons, Clair Goodrldge, Shirley Hall, Edna Reinard, Dora Stocking, Richard Grossman, Beatrice Tidd, Bernice Atwell, Lorraine Baker, Jean Davis, Dennis Joyce, Mary Theresa MeAndrew, Keith Perry Row II Patricia Vincent, Marie McAndrew, Mary Lou Mix, Suzanne Thisse, Helen Stocking, Roger Lewis, Patrick Padden, Karl Gavin, Merle Brown Row III Lynford O'Dell, Richard Stocking, Clarence Halsey, Ernest Burgess, Harold Rifenburg, Sally Clark, Richard Baker, Merle Sherman, James Harvey  c LASS «f 58 '1 I r | u 1 ff'rw Row I Mrs. Woodward, Mary Lou Kemp, Ila Pern Marsh, Olin Els ter, Nellie Mae Day hi Thomas Smith,‘Jack Clark, Robert Barnhart, Florence Reisman, David Loescher, Arlene Cannon, Row II Corinne Schoonover, Richard Lewis, Leo Alvoid, John Mickle, Anna Davis, Loretta Grossman, Robert VanCuren, Larry Perrin, Keith Howland, Thelma Skinner. Row I Mrs. 3ennett, Lyndon Goodridge, Lois Pelton, Sylvia Clark, Beverly Smith, Charles Manroe, Donna Barnhart, Connie Burch, Freda Kupp, Franklin Davis, Bruce hi Lehman, Richard RIfenburg, Clarence Carson Row II Edward Gayhart, Charlotte Clarke, Leo Burrett,’Maureen Dahl, Robert Neville1 Ronald Stocking, Shirley Vickers, Charles Whiting, Lenore Baker, Mabel GreekRow I Mrs. Hall, Gerald Padden, Robert Dolan, Timothy Thisse, Mary Brown, Barnes Scott, Joan Sootheran, Francis Adams, Janes Mulholland, Thomas Neville, Alice i Barnhart, Carol Ryan, Pauline Clark, Leo ? cAr.drew. | Row II Victor Burch, Robert Conde’, Paul Reinard, Richard Mix, Ronald Lewis, Donna Rice, Anne Church, Carol Howard, Mabel Halsey, Wrexie Balcom, Carl DuBois j Absent: Roger Winchel f] Row I Mrs. Connor, Mary Burress, Joyce Ann Day, Herman Greek, Carolyn Brundage, Judith Baker, Virginia Atwell, Reta Lunn, Claudette Corwin, Cordelia O’Dell, Alberta Phelps, Laura Els ter. .•3 Row II Robert Clark, Robert Sackett, Robert McClure, Kenneth Moag, Leo DuBois, Frank Sutherland, John Common, Robert Winchel, Donald Harris, Victor Kemp, June ' Burch. Ww v, iUl«l Ml imLLjUuljiidU ;. urf-ulAliWUli iUaL 4iA lUl m t UU Mt lit I CLASS of 60 Z3WEBEK2E- :;ov; : iss Kecktenwald, Shirley Snyder, Paul Waters, Daniel Mullen, Irene Clark, Barbara Barnhart, Warren Ilann, Honor Glover, Lois Kemp, Betty Short, Helen Hall, Wayne Keough. How II Lllen Balcom, Michial Vincent, Lester Stocking, Beth Soothoran, Mary ;ath, Billy Woodruff, Carl Lehman, Allana Gilkes, Mary Freeland. Row 2 Mrs. Robison, Flora Sherrnan, Pat Howland, Ann Cannon, Nancy DeReraer, Lucil Riffenbur, , Sally Smith, Harold Hall, Paul Glover, Manly George, Robert 3rown, Jean Updike, Vera Llllot. Row II Re ina 3aker, Beverly Barney, Linda Coffin, Donna Clements, Clifford Glove Garth Hulin, Billie Moag, Sylvester Smith, Richard Baker, Linda Marvel. mr Lc-'t to Right-Front Roy ; Ronald Sutor, Duane Hackett, Kenneth Milligan, Robert Burger, James Burgett ( Cartain ), Jack Wheaton, William Holt, Charles Snyder, Richard Lynch, 2nd row: Coach Lynford Chaffee, Hebert Baker, Robert Carpenter, Robert Dunham, John Connor, Ligourl Lynch, Harold Dodge, Bruce Nye, Denial Lvnch, Back Row; Clyde Jackson l manager ), Archie Baker, Kenneth Nye, Donald Vulconery, Donal ‘ ' Le Roy Carle, Victor Daley, and Dean Fisher. Robert. Burger was hi h scorer r the team with 20 r scored were as follows; Hackett - 5, Mulconery - 4, Mill! Lynch, Richard - 2, and Daley - 2. Coach Cha ‘fee mane the statemei commerced for the '‘irst time in And-results ar.d the team standing in thi port from the student body and much finish was favorable. The locals gi Almond and Richburg a rough time am year there are hopes of a better te; back, this experience v ill put A. C tangle with good teams. rts, the others v ho in - 4, Burrett - 2, cce Oct if Cct J.V.Cct. 14th Andover- 2 At t s th at follow; "Consider! ng that ver t his year, I am very pi eased w! leag ue. I think the team had fine coore ration among team memb ers, in ve t: e two leading county t v ere i never ste-ned on by a ny team. n as there v ill be some .:.en with ex S. i n a much more favorahl SCORE . AND DATE FOLLOW: 7 V. Home Canaseraga 0 At Belmont 6 6 At Alfred-Alnond- 1C 10 Eojne Allentown 12 At Scio 2 At Allentown Oct 17th Andover- 7 Home Richburg denotes all league games doubt but what Andover will produce a good team next, season. tou h obstacle to overcome this past season due to the ‘'act ield of soccer. The boys made a good show-i will Y ithout a doubt do a much better Job next Ion or the excellent Job Ponf.hpvs, "Bob” came through with twenty points “ b rut There is no The locals had a that they had no experience in t during the '47 season ar season. Robert Burger should receive somerecognl • e done in scoring for the Pa pj-»s excellent record is pot easy to attai ’• the irane c soccer.Alfred-Almond, Nov. 18 48 28 ttBolivar, Nov. 25 32 28 L.fc Whitesville, Dec. 12 28 48 L. Sc io, Dec. 16 17 60 L.- Allentown, Dec. 19 27 46 Canisteo Jan. 6 57 19 L. Genesee, Jan. 8 27 37 L.-ft Richburg, Jan. 13 25 30 L. Belmont, Jan. 16 32 37 Canisteo, Jan. 20 53 24 L. Whitesville, Jan. 23 16 29 L. Scio, Jan. 30 33 65 «-Al °red-Almond, Feb. 3 54 30 L. Allentown, Feb. 6 26 56 L. Genesee, Feb. 10 20 36 T. Richburg, Feb. 12 37 40 L Oliver, Feb. 14 48 36 L. Belmont Feb. 20 33 39 P0 Friendship Feb. 26 42 33 657 723 L. - denotes league games - denotes home games F0 - playoff game at Alfred-Almond Richardson, Earl 166 195 Mulconery, Don 100 134 Burgett, James 66 12. Lynch. Richard 67 91 Holt, William 63 77 Burger, Robert 24 33 Lynch, Kevin 14 20 Fisher, Karl 12 14 Caple, LeRoy 11 13 Dodge, Harold 9 9 Sherwood, Wayne 5 7 569 722 Allentown-credit 2 724 This has been the first year in the history of A.C.S. teams that a team has gone the entire season without a league defeat. The Pant; ers won 12 league games and lost none other than the playoff game with Friendship. They have indeed made a fine record, vansiTv TLA?' SCORES INDIVIDUAL SCORING OPPONENT DATE Opp. ACS L.G. All Row I Dick Lynch, Jim Burgett, Lari Richardson, Bob Burger, Don Mulconer; , Row II Coach Chaffee, Karl Fisher, Harold Dodge, Le Roy Caple, Bill Holt, Bob Carpenter, and Clyde Jackson (managers)JUNIOR OTSITV How I Chuck Snyder, John How II Joe Smith, Bob Row III Coach Chaffee, Mickey Baker, Abe Davis Connor, Dan Lynch, Ron Sutor, 3aker, Duane Hackett, Don Scott, Ken Millij Dean r'isher, Jack Wheaton, Paul McCormick, an, Vic Daley Lipouri Lynch Andover All Leapue 23 A1 frea-Almond 29 Scott, Donald 120 29 Bolivar 26 Baker, Robert 126 c 40 Whitesville 20 Milligan, Kenneth 99 75 42 Scio 10 Hackett, Duane 66 30 48 Allentown 12 Smith, Joseph 56 39 24 Canisteo 34 Lynch, Daniel 51 51 27 Genesee 13 Daley, Victor 51 39 45 Richburg 30 Sutor, Ronald 29 26 46 Belmont 14 Wheaton, Jack 27 2 e 40 Canisteo 46 Snyder, Charles 28 28 42 .hitesville 19 McCormick, Paul 12 12 22 Scio 5 Connors, John 11 11 21 A1 'reti-Almond 34 Dunham, Robert 0 o9 Allentown 12 O’Dell, Teddy 1 1 46 Genesee 13 25 Richburg 17 714 549 30 Bolivar 29 Opponents 423 249 52 Belmont 26 41 P.0. Angelica 44 Cn the whole, the team turned 714 . 423 ir. an excellent, season, outscoring their opponents by 291 r oints. The or Varsity m'ssed the co’ :r.ty chamnionsh lip by one rame. The loc als had rol ed un 2; consecutive let; ;e victories and were beaten fr r the "irs time in two seasons by Angelica in the county title CWECRLtADERS Betty Howland, Louise Dunham, Madge Collins, Barbara Wlntemberg, Evelyn Glover JUNIOR mrrv C-UCEftlEADERS Marlon Milligan, Carolyn Briggs, Gay Rogers, Beverly Sutor, Wllda MaschoORCHESTRA P;°w IU Dean, R. "ead, A.K. Green, C. Davis, T. Dickie, R.M. Baker, P. 3aker, ..A. Horan, C. Briggs, A. Wood, p. Burdick, H.M. Baker, ’ ’ P;0W II n Sherwood, K. Harder, K.L. Clark, M.E. Driscoll, s. Clover, K. Joyce, £rsA BrigSsi «V. ...ascho, M. Milligan, B. Bostick, T. Smith, L. O’Dell, P. Nye, K. Nye, B. Sutor 9 J 9 : • ?alcer : ickle C. Davis, R. Phelps, C. Loischer, K. Corwin, r.A. Horan f M. Northru?, B. Sutor, M.E. Driscoll, E. Glover E Dow II A.M. Greene, .V. Sherwood, K. Harder, M.I. Clark, T. Smith, V. "ascho, K. Rye, B. Bostick, L. Slocum, R. Hancock, P, Nye, P. Burdick, Louise O’Dell, !!. Milligan, Mrs. Briggs.  on Rowland, Mascho, H. Yannie, V. • illiran, B. Sutor, r.A. Kemp • • Rogers, D. Snyder, J.A. Scribner, L.M. Croyle, P. Mascho, T. Mickles 1 • • • • 5r er ., . . Mrs. Briggs, B. S and, C. Bri oran» Joyce, D. Atwell, B. Hackett, M.B. Connor, K. or, p. Do: itchell, R.K. Baker, J. Joyce, P. Bye, P. Baker. ■ terry, A. Bostick, J. Jackson, M. Collins, M. Filler, B. Isaaan. R. :tt, . . -r ’or, J. "cCandrew, A. Davis, C. live, “ " Halsey. CAfltftA Bcv I vr. Reil, Phyllis Burger, Jack Perrin, Carl Clark, Philip Mascho, Rose varv Baker, Lois Konr.e gar, bvorrett Davis, Ronald Atwell Hov II Rbert 1 rer, Phyllis Mitchell, Joann Jackson, Bruce Nve, Nedra Burrows “ Connor TT Theodore O'Dell, John Bridge, Barnett Bostick. WI-WBWJ) Row I EllaMae Clai '. Ronald Atwell, Robert Smith, Franklin Cornish, 3everly Clair Betty Smith, Nedra ; urrows, Acquinas Lynch, Barbara 7 intenberg, Ruth Halsey, Lois: Honnegar, Reta Gocdridge, Rose Marie Baker, Margaret Jackson Row II Mrs. McFadden, Madge Collins, John Dougherty, Rosemary Mead, Evelyn Gloverh| Phyllis Mitchell, Carolyn Briggs, Louise O'Dell, Mary Alice Horan, Mary Ellen Drisec . M.ary Ellen Connor, John Bridge, Joann Joyce, Phyllis Burger Row m Gloria Clair, Helen Yannie, Patricia Dolan, Rose Mary Baker, Ruth Shutt, Joann McAndrew, Phyllis live, Betty Isaman, Norma Perry Dolores Snyder. LIBRARY COUNCIL I Joann Woodruff, Joann Joyce, Hary Alice Horan, Rita Go'dridre, RosenaryfTead b| Evelyn Glover, Barbara Harsh, Betty Isaman, Ilorma Perry, Kargare . Jackson, Dolo- gj Row res Snyder, Hattie Wahl, Wary Ellen Driscoll Row TI : rs. Conde', Ann Harle Green, Rose Vary Baker, Philis ,'ascho, Ruth Halsey, Louise'O'Dell, Doris Atwell, Rose Harie Baker, Ella Hae Clair fJU 'BV3ma mE3x Row I Beverly Clulr, Joan Jackson, ’'ary Ellen Driscoll, Louise O’Dell, Teresa Toyce, Hedra Burrows, Janet Hall, Maxine Baker, Ruth Halsey, Betty Isaian, Barb -pa "arsh Row II “rs. Dahl, Evelyn Glover, Rosemary ?'ead, Ella ,rae Clair, Joan Joyce honnerar, ”ary ”ar aret Dean, Joan Jackson, Lois ker, Franklin Corn sh, Robert Burner, Paul HcComick, Carl Clark, Theodore »D • 11 , Roaal d t. ell, .er: ioth "ill lgan, Richard Reis nan, Edward Ryan, Row II Hr. Bronson, Richard I;—' , Cl rles Dougherty, Robert Harsh, Philip Maseho Duane Greene, Harold Dod-o. - t':; iv -.y w ■; ».y n 'xvjv: v: r.: v h v:1 ".7 w "W7JT'.h v- ' . Eh h7T "T’T77T’.TT TTv! I 1 WW 441 CLUB Row I J. Conde', M. Connor, J. Miles, C. Atwell, J. Baker, R, Fulton, W. Atwell, R. Wright, E. Davis, P. Atwell, A. Baker, W. McNeil, R. Clark Row II Mr. Bronson, C. Waters, R. Atwell, F. Cornish, D. Lehman, L. Slocum, K. Harder, R. Relsman, R. Nye, J. Gavin RowIII D. Joyce, D. Jones, K. Milligan, B. Burger, R. Hancock, B. Baker, L Lynch, C. Doughtery. B. Marsh, C. Clark, T. 0 Dell, D. Green Row I R. Kemp, D. Joyce, R. Smith, M. Brown, K. Perry, G. Clark, P. Vincent, C. Halsey, L. Oil , J. Harvey Row II L. Brown, J. Mickle, 2. Scribner, C. Gavin, 3. Wright, R. Glover, R. K. Perry, T. Loucks, M. Smith, P. Brown, T. Ryan, c« Goodridge, E. Welrlck Pow III Mr. Bronson, F. Atwell, F. Relsman, T. Smith, M. Smith, G. JCemr, J. R. Hale ey, A. Mead, T. urci 1 ck, H. RIFenburg Row IV R. Burger, D. Lewis, C. Ho-.vland, R. Sherman, L. Clair, C. Sutherland, G. Gavin, R. Halsey, J. Jackson, D. ’ arsh, R. Du Pois, W. Elster, R. Clark, G. Green, t. Gavin Mix, t Dean  " , •■ ar.iyn :.arrls, .arlor orthrup, Jean - . 1 Ann Kcmo, Petty Reran, Carol Harris, Sa:. .- Elements, ucllc - .ith, I.arjorle e Joyce, . rackett. itv.«ck, i-aura Brossmar.. tv' x, Carol 1-iye, Beverly Loucks, Katherine Kem •.nr a •• FI! Ros Mary Baker, nrie Kemp, t at Baker, Janet Lang, Deris Atwell, Phyllis : erry, Joar.n Jackson, Bay Rogers. Ann Marvel, uetty Harris, Beatrice Ticid -A : r li:a :-?;:cho, arion Mi Hi an, Beth iVhittaker, Joann Scribner, Ann Bond, Thelma Mickle, Ann Bell, Phyllis lye, Kathryn Joyce, Louise C'Drll, Teresa Joyce, Y'rvllis Bur px Ter c o :r t]'or.!:s v dcr- ful service rut forth in the iy vjw. vnv ;,y y.’ v«' ’A v.’ iv ivflavertisinxmusuzzrxz. tmnmttmmm . . THE MEMBERS OF THE HI HERALD STAFF take this opportunity to thank THE NEWS PRINTING HOUSE for the fine co-operation in the past in the publication of our school paper, The Hi Herald. WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION to Mr. Laurence Bartz and Andover Central School for their splendid cooperation in helping with the photography. ROLAND STUDIO Lincoln Building Friendship, N. Y. 7 4e j StocitasUfe. The interpretation of the word Exchange in business life is that of parting with something in return for its equivalent. Our interpretation of Exchange is the giving of self for the privilege in return of serving others; of parting with selfishness and receiving in return the satisfaction of discharging our duty to our Fellow-men, to our Community and to our Nation. We, the members of the Exchange Club of Andover, hope that the Senior Class of ’48 will set this as their goal.CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES From Your Druggist EVERETT N. CLAIR Ph.G. COMPLIMENTS OF THE ANDOVER NATIONAL BANK Federal Reserve System - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Resources Over $1,500,000.00AND-WELL PRODUCERS CO-OPERATIVE INC. Meetings held each third Saturday of every other month. Carlton Greene, President Lawrence Perkins, Vice President H. W. Jackson, Secretary-Treasurer Floyd Pease, Director Harry Baker, Director Anthony Dougherty, Director Erwin Lewis, Director THE MUSIC YOU LOVE JOE ROSETTI AND HIS ORCHESTRA 802 Washington St. OLEAN, N. Y. Telephone 8915BAKER’S HARDWARE WALLPAPER MOORE’S PAINTS DISHES GIFTWARE MATTRESSES FELT BASE RUGS REFRIGERATORS RADIOS DEEP FREEZERS BABY CARRIAGES AND STROLLERS GENERAL HARDWARE NEVER RUN DOWN HEELS ALWAYS STAND on GOOD SOLES E. YANNIE Expert Shoe Repair COMPLIMENTS OF CUBA ICE CREAM HUBBELL SHEET METAL PLUMBING ROOFING Phone 174 Andover, N. Y. CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of ’48 LAUTERBORN’S RESTAURANT TO SENIOR CLASS OF 1948 FARMER’S FEED COMPLIMENTS OF SUPPLY RECREATION CLUB OF Feed - Seed - Lime - Fertilizer ANDOVER Custom Grinding and Mixing ANDOVER, N. Y. ANTIQUES BOUGHT AND SOLD D. S. COLLISTER H. D. MILLIGAN THE MARKET BASKET Furniture Refinishing and Repairing GROCERIES AND MEATS CABINET MAKERS FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES 66 Chestnut St. Phone 2170 ANDOVER, N. Y. R. RANDALL, Mgr. COMPLIMENTS OF SHORT’S SERVICE STATION “Jerry” Hyland “Herm” Wallace DAIRYMEN’S LEAGUE PLANT COMPLIMENTS OF ANDOVER, N. Y. Part of Sub-District 19-A MERCHANTS’ DIVISION F. R. Mead, Pres.; Wesley Merriman, Vice. Pres.; Harry Smith, Sec-Treas. WELLSVILLE CHAMBER Plant Manager, Wm. Woodruff, Alfred Station, N. Y. Dairy Serviceman, Dewey Northrup OF COMMERCE BEST WISHES FROM DR. J. ROBERT COMMON DENTIST VICKERS SON QUALITY MEATS GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES POP ICE CREAM PHONE 273 FORD AND PECKHAM Andover, N. Y. - Phone 175 Wellsville, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y., Phone MO-6541 KEMP’S TRUCKING SERVICE WELLSVILLE FEED SUPPLY CO., INC. Distributors of PARK POLLARD FEED MACHINERY REPAIR PARTS ANDOVER, N. Y. Andover, N. Y. Wellsville, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF C. V. HOWLAND WHITAKER’S SUPPLY CO. ATLANTIC STATION ROOFING - PAINTS - LUMBER Phone 796 Andover, N. Y. r TO EACH ’48 GRADUATE CONGRATULATIONS FOLSING’S QUALITY MERCHANDISE MEET THE GANG COMPLIMENTS OF at NIAGARA ELECTRON GREENE’S SODA BAR LABORATORIES P. M. Hackett “The Busiest Spot in Town” ANDOVER, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS OF BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS EMPIRE GAS FUEL HOWARD L. GATH CO., LTD. YOUR GAS COMPANY BOSTWICK’S GENERAL MERCHANDISE “ A Big Store in a Small Town” MAIN STREET ANDOVER, N. Y. ‘ l' ’a {.' -y v: )■!.' ’,v 'A1 ’a1 COMPLIMENTS OF R. J. SOOTHERAN ATTORNEY iaiaa m iii iii ui't'ii'ih'tVi ■a. a a a at aa a a a a a a ::t a ..-Z5] "i' .v .-.--.j jL,Tr-jspr -' rjr COMPLIMENTS OF JOYCE HOTEL Phone 153 Main St. BUTLER GARAGE DEALER IN USED CARS AND TRUCKS If you want to buy or sell — See us! Chestnut Street Andover, New York STEUBEN SILK MILLS ANDOVER, N. Y. Manufacturers of FINER DRESS FABRICS BEST WISHES To the Senior Class HENRY TROOST LIQUOR STORE COMPLIMENTS OF ANDOVER ENGINEERING CO. H. E. HERRING, Mgr. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY STEPHENS INSURANCE AGENCY 11 North Main St. ANDOVER, NEW YORK  BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF ’48 LESTER YORK SONS ANDOVER GARAGE General Automotive Repairing PRODUCE DEALER Phone 327 LIME AND FERTILIZER Main Street Andover, N. Y. OTTO B. NYE WHOLESALE FOOD PRODUCTS CHEESE HONEY CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF ’48 KARCANES RESTAURANT REYNOLDS’ MARKET UPDYKE RESTAURANT Highest Quality DINNERS MEATS AND GROCERIES and Birdseye Frozen Foods LEGAL BEVERAGES EDWARD RYAN TRUCKING COMPLIMENTS OF LYNCH-BURGETT POST, No. 397 AMERICAN LEGION Express and Freight Pickup Meets First d s Dances Held GARBAGE DISPOSAL Thursday of MM Each Month SaE Every Friday Night Phone 8X Visiting Members Always Cordially Welcome It is only through the kindness and generosity of our advertisers and anyone who assisted us that the publication of this annual was possible. To those who assisted us in any way, our heartfelt thanks. To our advertisers, our heartfelt thanks and continued patronage. CLASS ’48 DAV-SON CORK BACK- If BULLETIN BOARDS The above Illustration shows th® 24 z 36" size DAV-SON Cork Back Bulletin Board with singl Mt In glass door, lock and koy. Soo prlco list. For Use in: FACTORIES SCHOOLS OFFICES STORES CHURCHES CLUBS PUBLIC BUILDINGS HOSPITALS SALES ROOMS The above Illustration shows the 24" z 36" size DAV-SON Cork Back Bulletin Board, plain, without glass door. See price list PRICE LIST DAV-SON Cork Back Bulletin Boards are constructed with light walnut finish frames. Posting surface consists of V " cork mounted on Vi" 3-ply veneer. These Bulletins are made to last, as only the finest materials are used. Furnished in the following slses and styles. Order by Style and Size. STYLE: PLAIN—NO GLASS 12 z 18" J 4.1S 18" z 24" ................................. 5.75 24 z 36" 9.20 36" z 48" 14.65 36" z 60" .................................. 17.50 STYLE: SINGLE SET IN GLASS DOOR 18" z 24" ... SI4.50 24" z 30" .................................. 17.50 24" z 36" 20.00 STYLE: TWO SET IN GLASS DOORS 30" z 48" ..................................530.00 30" z 60" 32.50 36" z 48" .................................. 31.25 36" z 60" .................................. 36.25 All prices F.O.B. Chicago—Special Sizes and Finishes to order. The above illustration shows the 30" z 48" size DAV-SON Cork Back Bulletin Board with two set in glass doors, lock and koy. See price list School Gift service 4925 GLENDALE KANSAS CITY 4. MISSOURI CHANGEABLE LETTER OR BULLET CONSULT v; 'V vi ; u w y '2 iv1L' fl. . V fl. W K ,v vj mzrvm’w. w. 'v. $m w. %  Price Per Box - 80c PLUS YOUR STATE SALES TAX SEND MONEY ORDER FOR ONE OR MORE BOXES TO: SCHOOL GIFT SERVICE 4925 Glendale KANSAS CITY 4, MISSOURI nl VsIHJ For All Occasions % A Perfect Gift Note is Always % „• Treasured W AVAILABLE V ALSO fN PLAIN NOTES AND CHRISTMAS NOTES SHEET SIZE 4X5 FOLDED BOX CONTENT 6 SO SORRY 6 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 6 CONGRATULATIONS 6 BON VOYAGE 24 ENVELOPES

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