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I ■! 1969 ECHOES Table of Contents To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted . . . 5 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance . . . i ! 7 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing . . . 8 If II n | | 1 St •5 I . ,m ffjqggaLy? Jjp r ' 8S S3; 3 iff ¥ Sin ■ II 111 1 HI ' 10 I 12 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a tim and a time to speak. . . . 13 14 A time to love; and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven . . . 15 CAMPUS LIFE 17 Returning students activate campus As fall approached, students activated the silent dorms of summer. They climbed the stairs and plodded through the halls, ladened with luggage and all those things which give character to the previously bare rooms. With a look of unbelief, each student began the task of disentangling the collage of books, clothes and paraphenalia. The chattering voices foretold another busy, work-dominated year at AC. New faces greeted one as he sauntered from the dorm to the Student Center. Freshmen occupied convocation seats that graduating seniors relinquished with few qualms. Lines of freshmen shuffled in and out of the Registrar’s Office. AC was revived from a dormant summer. As semester I begins, a busy rush to and from classes resumes. Post office employees sort incoming and outgoing mail for faculty and campus students. 18 As often as it rains, one would think it is part of the curriculum A calm day offers a moment of repose during a crowded schedule. An afternoon study break is best spent playing football. There were freshmen and more Taeda’s Rush Party, “Down on the Farm”, illustrates the fun and uniqueness of social club rush parties for perspective members. Alvena Jeeninga, Jeannette Sutter, Twenties”. Imy Tate and Louise Soetenga frolic in “Tip toe Through the 20 freshmen, the pace accelerated The hustle and bustle continued as Rush Week sneaked upon potential social club members. Tension mounted, final decisions were made and initiation week hastened. Humble initiates awkwardly ascended stairs to classrooms, where they were confronted with ripples of laughter, paddle-happy club members or subtle rebuffs because of unpleasant breath! When formal initiation arrived, new members beamed in their added status as club members. Most students would not hesitate to acknowledge that the quality of chapel programs has risen. The Alpha-Omega players charmed its audience with selections from Spoon River Anthology while Joe and Penny Aronson captured hearts with their folk¬ singing performance. Student participation convo finds Dr. Gustav Jeeninga replying to student questions. Vickie Maguire makes use of quiet library surroundings. 21 Homecoming Anderson College pressed “toward the light” as the igniting of a giant torch designated the official begin¬ ning of Homecoming 68. Aglow with hundreds of candles, campus walkways became paths to myriad activities. Suspense mounted as announcement of the new homecoming queen neared. A maximum capacity crowd thundered approval of Miss Jeanie Cook as she began her week-end reign. Following coronation, the first presentation of A Hatful of Rain, captured the attention of its viewers. Friday night events were concluded as students gathered for a snake-dance and pep rally. The bon¬ fire crackled and smoke filled the eyes of many con¬ fident Ravens. Homecoming court and escorts: Queen Jeanne Cook, Merle Strege; Carol Richardson, Jim Cook; Cheryl Warren, Jim Noggle; Vicki Richards, Greg Baker; Linda Thornburg, Barry Hippensteel. Having been newly crowned by last year’s Homecoming Queen, Cozette Beach, and receiving roses from Dan Geer, Queen Jeanne Cook graciously expresses her gratitude for the opportunity of reigning throughout Homecoming week-end. 22 adds color to fall term Ken Wade and Jim McAlhaney portray Polo and Johnny, respectively, in Homecoming play. President Reardon lights the traditional Homecoming torch. 23 Orange and black prevails at game Packed and jammed with floats and convertibles, Athletic Park echoed with roaring engines firing up for the Homecoming parade. Shoulder to shoulder, wedged in rows of threes and fours, spectators lined Meridian Street and College Avenue, captivated by twenty-two floats that jerked and jarred through the streets. Propelled by tractors, jalopies, late-model cars and man-power, the floats see-sawed and motors groaned under burdensome loads. The floats cast anchor at the football field as crowds amassed to view the game. Spirits soared; the end-zones, side-lines and bleachers were jammed with people. Yells of victory pierced the air as the game climaxed. Crowds dispersed and all that remained were the tissue covered creations fluttering in the wind. m • Wn | ' OF ' i 1 yk, JLJ. Of nS ve team psyches themselves while watching the Dorm decorations liven the campus for homecoming week-end. Homecoming crowds cheer the Ravens to victory. John Sutherland, Cal Bloom, Marsha Friermood, JoAnn Roudebush, Fred Clemens and Gary Powell perform at the Homecoming Coffee House. 25 i •HCIMHOPQRSTUYWXYZ rvi . i i ||y , I ■w i ISJjLJ At the close of the semester, Mona Miller ends student teaching. Hours of practice are required for performance of the Messiah. The excitement of Homecoming wore away soon, but the college pace was by no means sluggish. The col¬ lege calendar said good-bye to football games and ushered in basketball season. To make a week-end hasten, clubs actively participated with Taeda’s Grand Ole Opry, Sachem’s Newlywed Game and Amici’s production of Wait Until Dark. With a combination of Rev. David Grubbs and Ron Patty, Religious Emphasis Week inspired many stu¬ dents to Christian commitment. Everyone anticipated the brief, but much needed, rest that would be theirs at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, 26 », N .P Pu A ' nCm - « Si Daryl Yoder uses a graduated cylinder to measure distilled water. Al 26 981b S Pm I? EU Gd ™ - ' « Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge M 9380 bb 847 bB I33? bB 71 63 54 65 37 6977 72 59 Tc (99) Re 186? Ru Rh 10107 102905 Os lr 190 ? 192 2 Pd CO Cd 106 4 107.870 112.40 Pt Au Hg 195 09 196 967 200.59 In 114.8? Tl 204 37 Sn 118.69 Christmas offers needed vacation Deadlines, rehearsals, club, finals Mike Brinkman deciphers the importance of material in a lecture. After vacation classes resumed, the pain of registration for Semester II began. A student patiently waited for an hour and a half to be told all his classes were closed and to check with his advisor for revision. Seniors hastened to the Office of the Registrar to obtain applications for that long awaited day of graduation—they thought would never come. The campus glistened with Christmas as students diligently decorated for the “wreath and holly” season. All sides of Christmas were depicted in the Humble- men’s Holiday, Christmas Capers and the Celebration of Candles and Carols. Bags were packed and jammed with two weeks of clothing, and it was homeward bound once again. 28 occupy students waking hours Faculty became waiters at the annual dress-up Christmas dinner. Members of the cast of Antigone rehearse for perfection. Entertainment accents night-time Judy Munsen and Linda Thornburg, daughters of Oedipos, talk to the nurse, portrayed by Becky Merriken, in an early morning scene. Sharon Ritter, student teacher at Anderson South Side Junior High, prompts a vivid reply by one of her students. Antigone, played by Linda Thornburg, awaits her execution, with Jim McAlhaney, in the modern version of Antigone pre¬ sented by Alpha Psi. 30 Reflecting part of the religious aspect of the Soul Shows, Eunice Holloway sings “Only What You Do For Christ”. activities at AC Second semester began with a clean slate, and vow after vow were made for better study habits. All went well until women’s dorm hours were changed to 12 o’clock on week nights and 2 a.m. on week ends. A lot of self-discipline was required of the lady night owls. The performers in Annie Get Your Gun delighted the audience for two night time performances. Color¬ ful costuming and central staging represented many hours of off-stage work. Shelia Smart and Dan Wright, along with all the other members of the cast, sang their way into the hearts of the spectators. Basketball games high-lighted after-class hours as AC students turned out for Tuesday and Saturday night games. Black students at AC presented their first per¬ formance, which related many areas of African cul¬ ture. Experience in Soul hopefully will be an annual production. Carl Jackson, singing at Soul Show, presents his original “Conversation with Mr. Ghetto”. 31 Frank Bulter, portrayed by Dan Wright, charms all the young ladies in Annie Get Your Gun. Fun and laughter spell I Sheila Smart, Annie, and Kay Pylate, Dolly, have conflicting Lanny Fenters broadcasts an original from WAC radio sta- ideas about the bird Annie shot off Dolly’s hat. tion. 32 Gary Jones takes time to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee at the Snack Bar. happiness Talent and more talent is recognized at AC as the Avanti Boosters produced Camelot in March. Bill Rigel, Marsha Friermood and Merle Strege played lead roles as Lancelot, Guinevere and King Arthur. Campus Singers travelled to Huntington, West Vir¬ ginia, where they appeared on area television and sang in concert at local congregations and at the Christian Center at Marshall University. They also presented many of the same songs to AC students in chapel-convocation. Contempory folk songs and and new religious hymns had significant spiritual impact. The men of Sachem give way to the varsity basketball team. 33 Senior Attendant Vicki Butterfield Queen Shelia Smart Senior Attendant Becky Yanik May Festival highlights semester two Junior Attendants—Marsha Frier- mood, Alvena Jeeninga, Bonita Smith Spring . . . the time for riding bicycles, flying kites, having carnivals, crowning queens and the lusty month of May. May Festival combines all these ac¬ tivities, building a spirit of fun, romance and beauty into many lives—while a Japanese motif combined these exciting activities for pleasures and memories. Festivities began with the crowning of the queen, continued with a banquet and a Festival of Drama. Saturday began with a kite flying contest and bicycle race. College choir again presented a choral concert. All for the Queen. Sophomore Attendants—Antha Merri- man, Carol Richardson, Vicki Rich¬ ards Freshman Attendants—Mary Mulford, Brenda Forsburg, Cheryl Wolfe 35 Lasting friendships are formed here Karen Profitt and Gene Reardon seem class discussion. very interested in The Downstairs Attic added extra entertainment for Saturday nights as students plodded through tons of seemingly insignificant paper work. Upper division papers created the usual nuisance and applications for graduation trickled into the Office of the Regis¬ trar. Mid-term grades caused many students to put forth extra effort. Remembrances of earlier promises of study, crossed minds as they re-pledged to make the grade. Spring vacation breezed students home or to favor¬ ite beaches for a time of relaxation and fun in the sun. Easter season was a time of reflection and worship as Christians celebrated the resurrected Christ. The end of the semester brought a sigh of relief from seniors who at last reaped the rewards of four years of hard work. Classes are over, grades distrib¬ uted and students disperse for the summer. The campus is quiet. Joyce McBride, an art major, creates an original modem art design. Russell Olt Student Center houses bowling lanes used in classes and for recreation. 36 Becky Reardon presents folk songs from various countries in chapel-convo. Mrs. Conner performs one of her many daily duties as school nurse. Tri-S At home And abroad Carla Smith counsels with a young friend at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. John Mitschelen proves talents while working on the Navajo Reservation at Camp Asaayi. The Kinsmen traveled as representatives of the school throughout the U.S. Student Summer Service has passed through the fourth portal and is entering its fifth year. Students involve themselves in the lives and cultures of many people in Africa, South America, Europe, several island groups and in underpriveleged areas of the United States. A student is given the opportunity to creatively approach the diverse problems which may confront him. His talents and skills enrich the lives of those he is able to help. Most important, though, is his own enrichment by those he helps. Connie Kissinger enjoys a time of relaxation while serving in Camp work. Tumbling can be fun, so the story goes at Camp Good Hope. 39 Marsha Friermood, chairman of Homecoming Committee, as¬ signs responsibilities to committee members. Student Government Association Sue Robinson, Secretary, takes a break. Joe Smith is VP. Dale Webster, Treasurer of SGA 40 SGA area representatives—First row: Marsha Friermood, Kay Hargett, Marilyn Majors; Second row: Cal Bloom, Roland Kramer, Daryl Smith The purpose of the Anderson College Student Gov¬ ernment Association is to maintain an alertness to the needs of the student body, to serve as a co¬ ordinating organ of student activities and to promote —in manners conducive to the process of representa¬ tive group concensus—improvements in the character of the campus community. Through SGA, the cam¬ pus realized such activities as Religious Emphasis Week, the Gene Cotton Concert, co-ordination of social clubs, Homecoming and general campus elec¬ tions. The Student Government Association as a whole underwrote organizational projects with special SGA funds established by the legislature for that purpose and organized, for the first time in AC Student Gov¬ ernment history, extensive information and records in a convenient filing system. encourages total involvement Drew Helvey, President, student teaches. 41 The ANDERSONIAN: Phil Wallace serves as editor-in-chief of school newspaper. News of the campus is published bi-weekly by mem¬ bers of the ANDERSONIAN staff. The ANDERSON- IAN expresses opinions of students, as well as faculty members, and relates topics of the world situation today. This opportunity is given through editorials, features and letters to the editor. Bob Coffman, Sports Editor for semester two, and Joe Allison, Associate Editor John Howard, Reporter; Marsha Friermood, Reporter; Sharyn Crouch, Reporter; Marianne Shelbum, Copy Editor; Cathy Cruse, Reporter; Peggy Perry, Office Manager communication link on the Campus Tony Wolfe, Contributing Editor; Duane Eckelberg, Contrib¬ uting Editor; Roland Kramer, Sports Editor; Steve Lortz, Cartoonist Dave Oldham, Associate Editor, and Keith Byerman, Manag¬ ing Editor, exchanged positions at the end of semester one Doug Vermillion, Assistant Editor; Linda Richardson, Colum¬ nist; Norma Hall, Assistant Editor 43 Doug Johnson, associate editor, porportions track pictures for deadline. W. Shirell Fox serves as consultant for student publications, THE ANDERSONIAN and ECHOES. ECHOES staff recalls 1969 The ECHOES staff, often working long and late hours, giving up many precious hours of free time, strove to produce a reflective book. Planning a theme, drawing layouts, shooting pictures, writing copy and typing final sheets was a difficult—but challenging assignment. Ron Carr, Editor-in-Chief, approves copy for the book. 44 Cindy Wisemen, General Assistant; Sandy Ferrell, Office Manager; Viv Alvarez, Typist; and Pat Strickler review copy and type for the second deadline. school year Lois Kleinhenn, Campus Life; Bonny Kerr, Advertising; Dot Blackwelder, assistant; and Doug Johnson check progress on their section. Not pictured—Judy VanSipe, Layout Editor; Pat Slayton, Art Editor; Jan Keating, Copy Editor; Mark Roller and Doug Fuller, Co-Organizations Editors Daryl Smith, Business Manager for ECHOES and THE ANDER- SONIAN, reviews ad with Len Blevins. 45 ORGANIZATIONS 47 AMICI Amici produces Wait Until Dark. Amici announces Linda Thornburg as Angel is 1 nS Brady Wilson and Paul Nicholson work on float. Painted house All school hayride Award-winning float “Wait Until Dark” Fort Wayne hockey game Weekend trip to Kalamazoo Social clubs’ basketball tourney Amici formal Ralph Allen, Hist., Rich Arny, Ken Beckham, Dave Best, Mike Bever, Glenn Burns, Tom Butler Ron Carr, Barry Chessor, Monty Coble, Glen Cox, Rick Crose, Fred Dailey, Dick Gifford, VP Drew Helvey, Corr. Sec., Jim Hill, Eugene Hitt, Dave Ir¬ win, Terry Jones, Mark Kane, Pres., Dave Kendrick Keith Klepper, Roland Leh- nus, Skip Lotten, Dan Miller, Steve Mobley, Paul Nichol¬ son, Tom Owen Ken Ray, Rec. Sec., Larry Rider, Dan Rinker, Howard Sergeant, Doug Shearer, Mike Sheffield, Joe Snow¬ den Jerry Sprouse, Chuck Whit- tom, Chap, Ron Whittom, Earl Wiens, Brady Wilson, Frank Yerden, Marty Zeis. Not pictured—Todd Clear, Rick Long 49 Hayride in Mt. Comfort, Indiana Rush takes twelve Booster Belle is Carol Richardson Second place float Humbemen’s Hoilday, Contemporaries Camelot Booster formal in Chicago BOOSTER A 18 Carol Richardson is Booster Belle. Fred Ours, Bob Mathis and Bill Snyder work on Float. Dale Webster, Tony Wolfe. Chap, Nolan Young Not Pic tured—Jeff Nielsen Gary Anderson, Barbee Ar- ington, Ken Baldwin, John Blevins, Cal Bloom, Kirk Bookout, Dennis Caroll, Sec. Dan Clark, Pres., Don Clin- enpeel, Joe Cookston, Rick Cox, Jim Dodson, Kurt Es¬ sex, Tom Farrar Ron Fritts, Steve Gilbert, Carl Haga, Larry Hardman, Fred Harting, VP, Gary Jones, Rick Lindsey Don Lloyd, Bob Mathis, Mike McDonald, Fred Ours, Rick Reinhardt, Don Reyn¬ olds, Bill Rigel John Rouintree, Don Secrest, Treas., Wayne Sempsrott, Rod Shotton, Harry Sim- merman, Jim Snider, Merle Strege Paul Suko, Bill Taylor, Duane Tramel, Merle Turn¬ er, Hist., Neil Turner, Dave Van Norman, Paul Van Nor¬ man Newlywed game is emceed by Paul Saltzman. Not Pictured—Dave Garrett. Rex Garringer, Nick Hall, Dave Heitzenrater, Mike Leak, Dan Perkins SACHEM Bob Abbott, Terry Adams, Charlie Arendale, Greg Bak¬ er, Chap., Tom Bates, Merv Bennett, VP, Vic Brown, Ed Childers, Sec. Dan Curless, Fred Donnell, Tim East, Don Epperly, Treas., Larry Fickle, Dan Geer, Larry Hanna, Buzz Hoover, Hist. Rick Jacobson, Doug John¬ son, Terry Littrell, Mike Mahoney, Rick Martin, Ter¬ ry Meldrum, Ed Meldrum, Ed Meredith, Ray Monroe Phil Morgan, Jim Noggle, Pres., Ray Reecer, Bill Sch- recengost, Dick Spitzmesser, Steve Telfer, Ken Walters, Jeff Widener 52 Sachem selects Vicki Richards as Sweetheart. Sachem hayride Newlywed game Chose Sachem Little Sisters Derbies and canes Donated food to Aappalachian families Earlam College banner for gym Revised Track Records A new club song Sponsored Taxmen Concert Tim East learns what it means to be a Sachem initiate. Keith Allshouse, Tom Brown, Treas., Dennis Gradeless, Randy Hammel, Jim Heffil- fenger, Sec. John Howard, Dave Jack, Tom Kittinger, Larry La- bruyere, Ron McKinney Dan Murrell, Dave Oldham, Chan Roach, Don Schultheis, Daryl Smith, VP John Sutherland, Pres., Tom Trick, Alan Turner, Ken Wade, Charles Strawn Not Pictured—Doug Davis, Ran¬ dy Smith Triad Float, “Wring Out a Victory.” 54 TRIAD Triad Amatuer Hour Rush week and formal initiation Homecoming breakfast for Alumni Kay Hargett is Triad Sweetheart Fort Wayne hockey game Triad formal Sponsored All American Redheads Cheryl Hurst performs at annual amateur hour. ARETE Shoe shines Christmas Capers Programs at Americana Nursing Home Third place float in Homecoming parade All school Date night in “Indy” Renovating house by Amici and Pep initiates Weekend formal Judy Blair performs at annual Christmas Capers Jan Armey, Chap., Vicki Ashley, Cozette Beach, Joan Blaskowsky, Linda Bull, Lin¬ da Bundrick, VP, Carolyn Chewning, Sally Cunning¬ ham, Pres. Gloria Edwards, Vicki Fe- chenda, Sandy Ferrell, Fran Foronda, Marsha Friermood, Loisanne Fuqua, Verna Gul- lett, Paula Hand Linda Hilyard, Sue Hollett, Cheryl Hurst, Jan Keating, Joyce Keith, Sandy Martin, Linda McCarty, Bev Mc- Cutchan Diane Mundy, Kathy Oem- ler, Kay Pylate, Margo Rhodes, Vicki Richards, Judy Robinson, Becky Sauls, Pat Slayton, Hist. Sheila Smart, Bonnie Smith, Treas., Judy Smith, Barb Starkey, Gail Stowers, Candy Tomlinson, Cheryl Warren, Linda Watkins, Sec. 56 CAM ARAD A :ky Yanik passes out roses at rush party. Old members picnic at Shadyside Park Tiptoe Through the Twenties” Halloween party with Boosters Christmas party at orphanage, taffy pull New Year s Eve party at Camp Tanglewood Performance at Peaches Ice skating party with Sachem Winter formal Ice cream social in May Connie Abbott, Patty Alten- bernt, Karen Arms, Ester Beason, Dottie Blackwelder, Helen Bloom, Phyllis Bolt, Hist., June Brayfield, Candie Butterfield Connie Butterfield, Vicki Butterfield, Celeste Carroll, Sharon Davis, VP, Marjie Ebanks, Rena Elkins, Emily Govan, Jackie Greaver, Sue Guthrie, Treas. Carla Hammond, Kay Har¬ gett, Ruth Helbling, Jackie Jacobs, Alvena Jeeninga, Connie Kennedy, Bonnie Kerr, Marian Lewellyn, Sec., Sandy Livingston Marilyn Majors, Rose Mar¬ lowe, Sally Martin, Cathy Miller, Marian Miller, Judy Morgan, Cindy Newberry, Gloria Phillips, Barb Reay, Chap. Ginger Reed, Sandy Reese, Judy Riggle, Doria Selent, Sue Sipka, Carla Smith, Louise Soetenga, Donna Stewart, Karen Strege Jeanette Sutter, Imy Tate, Merline Trexler, Rosalie Trexler, Carolyn Tefft, Sha¬ ron Watkins, Virginia Wild- ermuth, Becky Yanik, Pres., Gloria Yates Not pictured— Nancy McMullen 57 Darlene Birch, Sheryl Brock, Sandy Cooper, Sharyn Crouch, Sec., Donna Dar- land, Delores DeYoung, Con¬ nie Friend, Nancy Gould lane Heffelfinger, Cindy Hol¬ lis, Chap., Mary K. Johnson, Charlotte Kingsbury, Rosa Kingsbury, Tina Kufeldt, Connie Leedom, Treas., Carol Middleton, Hist. Pat Preisig, Sharon Ritter, Pam Roberts, VP, Ronda Stremmel, Trixie Tharp, Pat White, Tonda Wittkamper, Pres. Not pictured—Karen Locy Taeda sponsors “after the game” weiner roast. TAEDA Operation Shop Early—Vietnam 1968 All school Weiner roast Rush, “Down on the Farm” Dining at Holiday Inn Grand Ole Opry “Christmas Swing Out” Triad—Taeda Christmas Party and Caroling All social clubs Valentine party Club formal 58 Dinner meeting also provides a time for fun. First Row: Ralph Allen, Linwood Watkins, Don Schultheis, Keith Buehler. Second Row: Jack Crocker, Drew Helvey, Paul Van Norman, Roland Kramer, John Nesseth CIRCLE K Luggage lift Sold apples at football games Visited Marion VA Hospital Ushered for Religious Emphasis Week Collected money for Tri-S movies Campus Beautification A bracelet for Homecoming and May Queens Campus illumination Apples are sold to Homecoming crowd. Ralph Allen presides at semester one meeting. Freshmen float Arcita sponsors the Attic Moments of Inspiration Cheerblock organized Sweatshirts with emblems Arcita Beaute is Kathy Grams Swimming party Valentine’s skit, Spring formal Kathy Grams serves as first Arcita Beaute. Not pictured—Rod Anderson, Jim Gholson, Mike Hagerman, Paul Hester, Greg Houston, Bill McLellan, Mike Parks, Mike Peterson, Steve Smith, Steve VanNorman, Treas. Norm Atkins, John Auker- man, Chuck Baker, Steve Birch, Dennis Brasill, Steve Chenoweth, Roger Clark, Jack Crocker Don Dean, Phil Dukes, Chap, Ron Foudy, VP, Craig Frank, Dave Fuller, Doug Fuller, Sec., Norm Hyslip, Dave Jones Roger Lehman, Larry Mc¬ Coy, Paul Miller, Vaughn Miller, Dave Mills, Herb Moore, Ed Nelson, Mark Phelps Dave Reames, Tim Robbs, Mike Rood, Mark Roller, Pres., Rick Shaw, Barry Taylor, Sam Walters, Randy Yeley 60 SOEURETTES Freshmen party with Arcita Homecoming float Slumber party Christmas caroling party Christmas greeting in Chapel Spring formal Freshmen float captures fourth place. Not pictured—Dorothy Akard, Cora Burkey, Chap., Linda Combs, Treas., Peggy Fleming, Linda Gar¬ rison, Connie Goodrick, Elaine Hall, Ruthie John¬ son, Sec., Anita Lee, Suzanne McMillan, Linda Rankin, Wanda Thomason, Janet Williams, Rhonda Williams Vivian Alvarez, Janet Baker, Marsha Bate, Gayle Berger, Pamela Burgin, Chap, Char¬ lene Christensen, Ruth Cros Donna Davis, Norma Fox, Nelda Grantland, Brenda Hatchel, Jolinda Hinds, Mary Holfacker, Susan Horway Beverly Karns, Marsha Kirbyson, Kathy Kesterke, Marsha Kistler, Joyce Lim- bach, Diane Lovely, Pres., Linda Mayhew Cherlyn Meese, Brenda Mil¬ ler, Linda Myers, Jacqueline Nelson, Beth Newberry, Su¬ san Newberry, Samme Ne¬ well, VP Donna Osborn, Mischele Parks, Carol Pistole, Marcia Pontious, Dianne Richard¬ son, Carleen Scott, Phyllis Scott Brenda Shook, Charlotte Stevenson, Janice Strange, Pamela Taylor, Carol Trick, Roseanna Turner, Vera Zoll 61 AFC emphasizes foreign missions jg I - I tS ft First Row: C. Jean Kilmer, Advisor; Carolyn Burnett, Pres., Naomi Evans, VP, Cheryl Reddinger, Sec., Dan Casler, Treas., Vonda Germany, Religious Life Council Representa¬ tive, Terry Carroll, Religious Life Council Representative, Ambassadors for Christ serves those who are inter¬ ested in Christian service through the channel of home and foreign missions, as well as those interested in personal Christian growth and group involvement through club meetings and gospel teams. Outside speakers, missionaries home on furlough and college students having Tri-S experiences provided interesting club meetings. Mary Margaret Bowles; Second row: Diana Smith, Linda Overbay, Karen Howard, Janice Bridges, Jotham Olembo, Joe Allison, Bill Patrie, Bob Knight, Dean Wehneman C. Jean Kilmer leads AFC members in devotions at retreat. 62 First row: Diana Gard, Sherman Street Story Hour Team; Elaine Whitesel, Literacy Clinic; Ronda May, Children’s Home Team; Judy VanSipe, Mental Hospital Team; Margie Morris, Girls’ Home Team; Second row: Sharyn Crouch, Migrant Ministry; Sandy Cooper, Jail Team; Martha Burns, Sherman Street Story Hour; Connie Leedom, Literacy Clinic; Neil Turner, Girls’ Home; Jane Heffelfinger, Shut-In Visita¬ tion Christianity-in-Action makes good use of religious fervor of its members in service to needy people in Anderson and surrounding areas. Students are given the opportunity for personal growth and development in Christian living by their volunteer service to others. They promote betterment through service in religious and social welfare areas. Special C.I.A. teams visit rest homes, penal institutions, homes of shut-in and hospitals. This year their program provided partici¬ pation in the ministry to migrant workers. CIA has outreach in Anderson area Executive Council: Fred Ours, Director-In-Chief; Don Casler, Organizational Director; Jane Heffelfinger, Cor. Sec.; Kathy Ramsey, Promotional Director; Dennie Gradeless, Chap. 4vSkVi» V ' IS m,. IS t “Soul Experience” highlights . . . And He picks up His hoe And He picks up his courage, And to the fields He does go. The sweat drips from His forehead, His body pleads for sustenance, And His baby cries, Because The pail of milk is gone . . . And She deceives its stomach By substituting a clear, thin Liquid stuff . . . called water. And He works harder and harder . . . Until His arms are wracked with pain, And His feet are sore with blisters. And when the evening sun has set, He departs His work and heads For the four walls. And night slowly passed on And daylight showed once more. And He picked up His hoe And He picked up His courage, And to the fields He did go. by DOROTHY CRAIG First row: John W. Gibson, Daphne Davis, Brenda Holbert, Elsa Johnson, Glenda Finch, Dorothy Craig, Gerald Carter; Second row: Eunice Hollaway, Janette Hall, Rodaylia Rand, 64 Olivia Fefee, Delna Bryan, Carl Jackson, Robert White, Mickey McKenzie, Tim Cooley black student activities on campus Students model traditional African dress. Dorothy Craig recites The Pauper before being crowned 1969 Soul Queen. John Gibson reads original composition during Soul Show. Black students, at specific times each year, anticipate bringing cultural entertainment to the campus. Work¬ ing with, and bringing relief to, members of the black community in the City of Anderson occupies large segments of time by student participants as they help to foster a knowledge of past achievements of black people in America. First row: Carl Hage, Pres., Sue Robinson, Sec., John Gibson, Chap., Joe Smith, VP, Dale Webster, Treas., Keith Byerman, Carol Richardson; Second row: Elsa Johnson, Janette Hall, Norma Hall, Kathy Cripps, Roland Kramer, Steve Lange, David Eckelberg Model UN highlights IRC agenda The International Relations Club endeavors to arouse interest of students in international politics and to increase appreciation of the diversity of world cul¬ tures. IRC studies and discusses the contemporary world situation and is affiliated with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Each year it sponsors an international smorgasbord and the Model United General Assembly for area high school stu¬ dents. Nations represented by high school students debate current topics at the model UN. 66 First row: Bob Cahoon, Pres., Don Talbert, VP, Jerry Sprouse, Treas.; Second row: Dr. Harold Linamen, Advisor, Sandy Fer¬ rell, Steve Mobley, Margo Rhodes, Darrell Shepperd SAM Club lifts business interests SAM represents the Society for the Advancement of Management. The purpose of SAM Club is to foster a better understanding between business students and the business world. They desire to promote mutual growth and understanding among members and to provide for professional and social growth of business students of Anderson College. SAM Club sponsored an all-school skate for a fund-raising project. MENC advances musical interest MENC, the Music Educators National Conference, affords music students opportunities for professional orientation and developments while in school, and enables them to maintain contact with the music education field. Student participation in programs, discussions, practical demonstrations, performing in groups of the state and national meetings and campus activities broadens a student’s concept of the profes¬ sion. First row: Tana L. Meldrum, Nita Lewis, Susan Newberry, Rick Cox, Pres., Cozette Beach, Sec.- Treas., Steve Winslow, VP, Antha Merriman, Ruth Helbling, Catherine Fought; Second row: Janet Ar¬ mey, Rena Taylor, Merline Trexler, Rick Mallonee, Tom Kittinger, Mike McDonald, Philip Dukes, Ray Sweeney, Sylvia Noles, Sue Haller, Chris Clay 67 First row: Bonny Kerr, Eloine Raab, Jana Hood, Ginger Kees, Sec., Joenita Shilling, Frieda Flynn; Second row: Steve Hency, Dave Carlisle, Dave Alien, Doug Fuller, Doug Davis, Dave Fuller, John Morse, Dave Kendrick, Treas., Dan Mashue. Not pictured: Dick Gifford, Pres., Larry Hooks Scuba Club offers diving experience Scuba Club is for any person interested in scuba diving. Each year the club offers instruction in scuba diving for its members. Club events involved local diving trips, topped off with a trip to Florida during spring-break. For a fund-raising project, the club sponsored a sports-car rally. 68 SEA aids in teaching preparation ' t j: f: rrrtrr r i ml mZ if Jr Jjj First row: Gary Shripka, Dave Cooper, Pres., Sharon Bates, VP, Jane Copeland, Rec. Sec., Becky Gothberg, Treas., Mary Johnson, Cor. Sec., Clarena Allen, Hist., Eileon Ruth, Dennis Gradeless, Kay Hargett, June Brayfield, Sherril Kraft, Patricia Rosby, Linda Myers, Pat Strickler, Regina Buttz, Janice Bridges, Dr. Elva Mae Ragsdale, Advisor, James Marshall, Advisor; Second row: Durenda Long, Kris Kemler, Stephanie Lewis, Joyce Slaybaugh, Lori Nulph, Linda Wright, Fran Foronda, Marilyn Majors, Lou Ann Eckelbarger, Audrea Baldwin, Twila Drummond, Karen Homer, Helen Bloom, Diana Smith, Kathy Ramsey, Roxie Miles, Carl L. Jackson SEA is a preprofessional organization seeking to aid the student considering a teaching career in elemen¬ tary or secondary education. The club provides ac¬ tivities which keep the student in touch with current trends in the teaching profession. Some of its pro¬ grams included a Christmas party at Ball State Uni¬ versity, Dr. Kuncle from Ball State University, who spoke on educational games, informal discussions with student teachers and an informal supper with informative skits. Future teachers keep well informed through SEA 69 Some like to sing, sP ill ?| fiTv a; m i vr- ! I kj, i | 1 pJ l. -1 . • |; pi f f . .JJ ■ JR i 3 T’d ' T I M Cl wm I ? I wt a | T ; F y 1 1 L 1 1 CAMPUS SINGERS—First Row: Connie Abbott, Sharon Davis, Kathy Buck, Cozette Beach, Jeanette Sutter, Barbara Starkey, Antha Merriman, Carol Richardson, Marian Miller, Rena Elkins. Second Row: Renard Baldwin, Calvin Bloom, David Irwin, Gary Jones, Steve Reinhart, Gary Powell, Mike Parker, Joe Cookston, Ron Fritts, James Dodson, Allen Lucas, F. Dale Bengtson “April try-outs bring new voices” along with those already participating in college choir. Under the direction of Professor Bengtson, the choir’s per¬ formances enhance such campus events as Festival of Hymns, The Celebration of Candles and Carols, Senior Chapel and Commencement. During Spring vacation the choir toured, presenting concerts through¬ out the Northeastern States. Concerts were given in the Anderson area churches preceding and following Easter vacation. Prof. Bengtson gives the choir a complete understanding of rhythm before beginning a new song. 70 Choir and Campus Singers perform First Row: Janet Armey, Rena Elkins, Chris Reinhardt, Kathy Ramsey, Shelly Ramsbarger, Carol Richardson, Kathy Buck, Ruth Helbling, Barbara Ratliff, Marsha Friermood, Marian Miller, Antha Merriman, Rose Marlowe, Sharon Davis, Hope Havens. Second Row: Esther Beason, Rena Taylor, Janet Barker, Joan Merrill, Christine Clay, Cheryl Hurst, Eunice Hollaway, Cozette Beach, Kay Pylate, Barbara Starkey, Jeanette Sutter, Jeannie Cook, Chris Densmore, Karen Strege, Carol Pendleton, Diane Mundy, Imy Tate, Linda Thornburg, Vonda Germany, Carolyn Morgan. Third Row: David Doty, Cal Bloom, Daryl Smith, Don Secrest, John Sutherland, Mark Haskins, Allen Lucas, Ron Fritts, Dave Irwin, Doug Shearer, Mike Parker, Gary Powell, John Rouintree, Bill Taylor, Merle Strege, Tony Wolfe, Rick Reinhardt, Ken Ward, George Ram¬ sey, Dan Miller, Drew Helvey, Mike McDonald, Terry Carroll, Jeff Nielsen, Henry Layne, Terry Jones, Dan Rinker, Gary Jones, Steve Reinhardt, Fred Harting, Joe Cookston, Nolan Young, Rick Cox, Jim Dodson, Ren Baldwin 71 WRA serves Sports interests Fun, Fitness and Fellowship are words expressing the purpose of Women’s Recreational Association. Goal of the organization is to promote physical fitness at Anderson College while experiencing Christian fel¬ lowship. Activities include basketball, bowling, badminton, tennis, field hockey, camping, volleyball and also co- recreational swimming, ice skating and softball. Cheryl Poore displays her overhand serving ability ' p i 1 ft 1 1 i | SB 1 m | T MRi First row: Marjorie Morningstar, Advisor, Martha Altmire, Gloria Yates, Pub. Chr., Durenda Long, Sec., Paula Hand, Patty Altenbernt, Sheila Smart, Pres., Jo Lynn Hartley, VP, Linda Anderson, Chap., Jolinda Hinds, Norma Fox, Linda Combs, Pat Strickler; Second row: Roxie Miles, Martha Bums, Candie Butterfield, Linda Allen, Shirley A. Brumann, Andrea Baldwin, Cherlyn Meese, Twila Drummond, Cheryl Poore, Sports Chairman, Susan Horevay, Pam Taylor, Fran Foronda, Cora Burkey, Jan Kluth First row: Dr. Suitberto Tabares, Fred L. Dailey, Pres., Rich Jacobson, VP, Sherry Lee West, Cor. Sec., Richard Lindsey, Treas., Art Ingram, Carole Whicker, Keith Buehler; Second row: Ralph Allen, Chan Roach, Mike O’Leary Gamer, Phil Spalding, Ray Sweeney, Jeffery Spires, Jim Noggle, Roland D. Kramer, Mike Eastman; Not pictured: Mrs. Helen Achor Advisor ’ Young Republicans aid Mrs Achor Anderson College Young Republicans polled, cam¬ paigned, rallied, cheered and debated. They even constructed the first political party float to appear in a Homecoming parade. As members of both Indi¬ ana Federation of College Young Republicans and the Midwest Federation of College Young Republicans, they sought to promote the ideals and platform of the Republican Party on the college campus. At the vic¬ tory party held Election Day, they celebrated Mrs. Achor’s success in being elected to the Indiana House of Representatives and other victories of the GOP. Young Republicans enter float in Homecoming parade. 73 AC students elected to Who’s Who Victoria Butterfield Cozette Beach Cal Bloom Glenn Burns Dan Clark Joe Cookston Fran Foronda Marsha Friermood Ruth Helbling Bob Mathis Milo Miller Carol Pendleton 74 in American Colleges, Universities Kathryn Ramsey Sheila Smart Joe Smith Joe Snowden Louise Soetenga Merle Strege Linda Thornburg Thomas Trick Not pictured David Heitzenrater David Van Norman Tony Wolfe Daryl Yoder 75 Alpha Chi David Arthur Bebee David Miles Best Jane Ellen Brann Keith Eldon Byerman Dennis Dwight Carroll Joseph Lynn Cookston C. Steven Cousparis Sharon Ann Davis Charlotte Pearl Day Richard Dean Floyd Mark Edward Haskins Ruth Ann Plaskins Kathryn Ann Knouff Marian Norman Lewellyn Sandra Ann Livingston Rose Ann Marlowe Ronald James McKinney Linda Pickens Miller Jonathan James Mitschelen David Ball Oldham Melba June Pack Cheryl Marie Poore Mary Kathleen Reardon Ramsey Richard Kent Rice Sharon Sue Ritter Susan Eileen Robinson Keith Franklin Sellers Sue Ann Sipka Bonita Irene Smith Daryl Richard Smith Donald Joe Smith Joe Rodney Snowden Thomas Lee Trick Christine Lynn Walters Linda Gail Wright Alpha Chi, which recognizes juniors and seniors who achieve academic excellence throughout their college career, was first known as the Anderson College Hon¬ or Society. Tony Kester Wolfe Dr. Kenneth Cook, Advisor 76 Karen Anns Dorothea Blackwelder John Blevins Cal Bloom Thomas Brown Vicki Butterfield Ron Carr Dennis Carroll Fred Clemens Robert Cole Marsha Friermood John Gibson David Irwin Gary Jones Bonnie Kerr James McAlhaney Rebecca Merriken Linda Smallwood Morehead Judy Morgan David Oldham Duane Proctor Judy Riggle Pam Roberts Linda Salisbury Keith Sellers Merle Strege Linda Thornburg Kenneth Wade Mary Beth Collidge Lowell Davidson Alpha Psi Omega, the honorary dramatic society, chooses members from students with satisfactory scholarship and participation in acting and production phrases of college dramatics. Psi Omega Alpha Phi Gamma Alpha Phi Gamma recognizes leaders in college pub¬ lications for students’ individual ability and achieve¬ ment in journalistic pursuits. Doug Johnson Jan Keating Bonny Kerr Lois Kleinhenn Roland D. Kramer Marianne Shelburn Judy VanSipe SFV ' VI Daryl R. Smith Phil Wallace fab si ' Wm • ? Dr. Vila Deubach il 1 W. Shirell Fox, Advisor ML 1 ■ L Dr. Thomas Robertson, Jr. Joan Blaskowsky Keith Byerman Ron Carr Fran Foronda Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta is the national honorary English so¬ ciety. The Greek symbols, which compose the name, represents the motto, “Sincerity, Truth and Design.” Rebecca Atts Dennis Carroll Francine Foronda Lyle Marsh Susan Meeks Sharon Pilo Linda Thornburg Dr. Thomas L. Robertson, Jr., Advisor 78 Kappa Epsilon Kappa Epsilon Sigma recognizes freshmen women who have achieved academic excellence in their first semester of college. Ruby Delrose Smith Sally Jean Thombery Patricia Jeanne White Elva Mae Ragsdale, Advisor Linda Ann Allen Glenda Sue Blair Mary Margaret Bowles Jane Ellen Brann Carolyn Lou Burnett Jane Katherine Copeland Marlea Lynne Cox Ruth Ann Crose Catherine Cruse Charolotte Pearl Day Lou Ann Eckelbarger Patricia Mae Foote Brenda Funk Montana Marie Gardner Cynthia Clay Hollis Susan Ruth Horevay Karen Louise Homer Janice Ann Kluth Kathryn Ann Knouff Marian Norma Lewellyn Diane Kendall Lovely Rose Ann Marlowe Joyce Ann McBride Rebecca Anne Merriken Judy Munsen Melba June Pack Carole Ann Pistole Cheryl Marie Poore Emily Kay Pylate Saybra Kaye Rice Carol Ann Richardson Linda Hunt Richardson Sharon Sue Ritter Susan Eileen Robinson Sue Sipka Bonita Irene Smith 79 Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma recognizes freshmen men who have achieved academic excellence in their first semester of college. Larry C. Ingram N. Doug Johnson Ernest L. Milnes David Oldham David Lee Pettigrew Mark C. Roller Paul D. Van Norman Dr. Gustav Jeeninga, Advisor Stephen L. Birch Steve Cousparis Todd R. Clear Craig F. Frank Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu, the national social science honor so¬ ciety, recognizes students who excel in the disciplines of history, economics, sociology and political science. James Bowen Tom Butler Victor Campbell Dennis Gradeless Drew Helvey Larry Kearns Lyle Marsh Susan Robinson Samuel Stewart Merle Strege Dr. John Carrington Dr. Glenn Falls Dr. LaVeme Norris Dr. Thomas Pappas ■MM 80 Kappa Mu Epsilon C 5 -mem Lynda Borders Glenn Bums Robert Darkwood Sharon Davis Francine Foronda Connie Friend Mark Haskins Charlotte Kingsbury Ronald McKinney Pat Richardson Shoot Rena Taylor Tom Trick David Chin Paul Saltzmann Ruben Schwieger Kenneth Turner Kappa Mu Epsilon, mathematics honor society, rec¬ ognizes students who demonstrate superior achieve¬ ment in mathematics. Its objectives include oppor¬ tunity for affiliation with similar organizations in other colleges. 81 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. SPORTS 83 16 15 23 73 65 5 53 First Row: John Sigman, manager; Jim Macholtz, Asst. Coach; Dick Young, Head Coach; Don Brandon, Asst. Coach. Second Row: Morgan, B. Rigel, Christenson, Cardone, Brown, Bran¬ ham, Tasker, Abernathy, Monroe, Montgomery, Arrendale, Anderson, Isenhower, Adkinson, Hogan. Third Row: Combs, East, McMurray, Allen, Stanley, Garrett, Albert, Snowden, Johnson, Telfer, Murawski, Epperly, Schrecengost, J. Wood, Spitzmesser, Mackenzie. Fourth Row: Williams, M. Wood, Bentley, Campbell, Millikan, J. Rigel, Wright, Arthur, Zebelian, Jones, Bain, Hoover, Geer, Hagerman, Perkins, Colhepp Ravens co-champs with Manchester The success story of the year for Anderson College was the Raven football squad, which climbed from last place in the conference last year to a tie for the HCC crown in 1968. Probably the high point for AC fans was the season finale when the defense held on in the closing minutes to beat the Taylor Trojans. Who could forget Quarter¬ back Terry Murawski’s tackle-eligible touchdown pass to Bill Rigel? One can imagine the scene as the final gun ended the game and jubilant fans rushed on the muddy field to embrace their Hoosier College Conference co-champions. 84 Ravens and Hanover Panthers square off at line of scrimmage. Spirits soar after another Raven touchdown. Coach Young surveys the game situation on the field. Wood is MVP Date Opponent We They Sept. 21 Wilmington 28 7 Sept. 28 Manchester 12 19 Oct. 5 Hanover 21 19 Oct. 12 Earlham 27 17 Oct. 19 BlufFton 12 20 Oct. 26 Indiana Central 30 7 Nov. 2 Franklin 49 18 Nov. 9 Defiance 12 52 Nov. 16 Taylor 27 21 85 Four are named All-Conference Dan Geer—All-Conference defensive tackle. Ray Monroe—All Conference line backer. 86 We entertain our Dads’ while playing the Hanover Panthers. L mt ' y y ftjjwBsr ■ y : ' ' " m : fe% ! 87 Cheerleaders evoke enthusiasm Combine eight voices and a victory cheer and what do you have? Five varsity and three alternate cheer¬ leaders. The AC cheerleaders devote a great deal of time and practice each year as they cheer the Ravens on to victory. The cheer-group is present at all varsity games and provides spirit-boosting yells for the home crowd. CHEERLEADERS: Alberta Cerbus, Shelia Smart, Cheryl Warren, Linda McCarty, Vicki Richards. J Vicki Richards is concerned. Vicki Maguire, alternate cheerleader, is familiar sight to the balcony crowd. fty 88 Cross Country letters six AC Harriers finished fifth among seven teams for the HCC meet at Taylor Nov. 9. Holding the best score throughout the season was transfer student Mike Leake. Coach Gibb Webber, interim coach, encour¬ aged the team to one of the most successful seasons in recent years. The harriers look to a better season next fall. Date Opponent We They Sept. 21 Franklin 22 37 Sept. 28 Manchester 15 41 Sept. 5 Hanover 27 28 Sept. 8 T aylor Invitational 9th Oct. 12 Earlham 16 41 Oct. 24 Marian 38 20 Oct. 28 Indiana Central 19 36 Nov. 1 Big-Little State 18th Nov. 9 HCC 5th Harriers out-distance opposition in home meet. ' " " Ayv, ' ' i . ♦ - if . ! PS Coach Gibb Webber starts team in meet against Marion. Matmen win home invitational Starting with several inexperienced wrestlers, AC continued to show improvement throughout the sea¬ son. High point came during the first Anderson Col¬ lege Invitational Wrestling Tournament as the Ravens edged the University of Dayton to capture the crown. After ending dual competition with a 4-8 mark, the Ravens took fifth place in the HCC tournament, also held at Anderson. Coach Dick Young will have six lettermen back next season—Bill Isenhour, Ed Nelson, Ray Monroe, Roland Van Horn, Paul Honaker and Fred Dailey. Date Opponent We They Dec. 14 Defiance 8 29 Dec. 17 St. Joseph 19 18 Jan.11 Indiana Central 13 00 Jan. 11 Manchester 5 32 Jan. 11 Franklin 36 3 Jan.14 Earlham 6 29 Jan.19 Bluffton 28 13 Jan. 29 Taylor 12 21 Feb. 1 Manchester 6 32 Feb. 4 DePauw 16 19 Feb. 11 Franklin 26 13 Feb. 15 Cincinnati 9 00 First row: Rich Amy, Dick Gifford, Fred Dailey, Paul Honaker; Second row: Bill Isenhour, Ed Nelson, Coach Dick Young, Paul Van Horn and Ray Monroe. Gifford on his way to first place at the AC In¬ vitational. Returning lettermen Barry Hippensteel and Lou Gerig captured medalist honors, leading AC golfers to a season that saw them falling only to Hanover in regular season play. Anderson finished second to Hanover in the HCC tourney, but looks to the championship next year with returning lettermen and experience. Also brightening Anderson’s hopes is con¬ sistent play by Dan McClintock, Gary Hammond and Mike Mahoney. Hope for team and conference medalist lies in returning letter- man Barry Hippensteel. Date Opponent We They March 29 Hanover eh 13i April 16 Franklin 13 2 April 19 Earlham 9 6 April 23 Ball State-Butler- Cincinnati Fourth April 25 Taylor 9 5 h May 3 Manchester 11 4 May 7 Indiana Central 9 6 May 13 Marian 11 7 May 17 HCC Tourney Second Linksmen finish second in HCC Three consistent golfers last spring were Barry Hippen¬ steel, Mike Mahoney, Lou Gerig. Tennis team strives to improve skill Dennis Denton Ron Maurer Gene Reardon The tennis team made a valiant effort against oppo¬ nents, though the record does not show it. Coached by Mark Thompson, the netters improved over last year. Although small and inexperienced, good potential was developed for next year. Date Opponent We They Sept. 28 Manchester 0 7 Oct. 1 Indiana Central 2 5 Oct. 5 Hanover 2 5 Oct. 12 Earlham 1 6 Oct. 15 Taylor 0 7 Oct. 19 Goshen 2 5 Oct. 24 Franklin 0 7 Coach Mark Thompson Not pictured—David Halsell, Bill McLellan Les Toon 92 First Row: Mike Leake, Dan Perkins, Terry Littrel, Mike Wood, Ray Monroe, Keith Allshouse, Scott Kirby, Robert Pilcher, Tom Hill, Jeff Risk. Second Row: Coach James Macholtz, Dan Curless, Dennis Bittner, Keith Jordan, Ben Newell, Tim Miller, Terry Adams, Mike Coy, Glenn Burns, Gary Stripka, Jim Noggle New records for Raven Cindermen Coach Macholtz’s trackmen failed to improve upon last year’s mark, but Honorary Captain, Glenn Burns led in intermediate foot races, while Most Valuable Player Ben Newell tied the mark in the 440 yard dash of 50.6 seconds. Dennis Bittner set a new record in the high jump of 6 feet, 2M inches, while the old mile relay record fell to the team of Jeff Risk, Mike Coy, Glenn Burns and Ben Newell in a time of 3 minutes, 25.5 seconds. The Ravens had the strength for first places this year, but lacked depth to follow up with seconds and thirds to bring in necessary victory points. Date Opponent We They April 19 Concordia 51 93 April 23 Indiana Central- Oakland City Third April 27 Franklin-Oakland City- Rose Poly Fourth April 30 Indiana Tech 112 32 May 4 Manchester-Goshen Third May 7 Hanover-Marian Second May 14 Franklin 55 89 May 18 HCC Meet Seventh Ray Monroe trys for distance in shotput. 93 Tom Bates hits another jumper against Taylor. AC Roundballers Have 11-12 Season Facing some of the best small college teams in Indi¬ ana late in the season, the Ravens barely missed a winning season with an 11-12 record, after jumping to an 8-5 start. AC did have several high spots in the season, however, including two record-breaking per¬ formances. Against Indiana Central, senior All-HCC forward Ron Long broke the O. C. Lewis Gymnasium scoring record of 40 points by drilling in 46. Less than a month later, the Ravens established a team scoring record in crushing Manchester, 133-90. Tom Bates led the AC assault as he came within two points of equaling Long’s record in hitting 44. Long, averaging 22.9, again led the Ravens in scoring as well as rebounding, grabbing 11.3. The Iceman sinks one from the charity line. t 94 savehs ravew 1 t . . ' 7 ' First row: Dave Heitzenrater, Jack Ice, Ron Long, Dennis Bittner, Dave Hey, Dan Curless, Greg Baker, Tom Bates; Second row: Coach Don Brandon, Steve Lewis, Roger Chalk, Coach Macholtz lectures during half time. Doug Jennings, Tim Miller, Coach Bob Macholtz, Manager Gary Ruse Date Opponent We They Nov. 23 Huntington 90 72 Nov. 25 Grace S5 83 Dec. 3 Hanover 68 82 Dec. 7 Manchester 105 SO Dec. 10 Franklin 71 75 Dec. 14 Taylor 72 80 Dec. 17 St. Joseph 69 81 Jan. 3 Troy State University 97 76 Jan. 4 Troy State University 72 69 Jan. 9 Goshen 98 91 Jan. 11 Indiana Central 91 106 Jan. 14 St. Benedict 92 78 Jan. 18 Ind. Inst, of Technology 84 83 Jan. 25 Earlham 80 88 Jan. 28 Taylor 98 99 Feb. 1 Manchester 133 90 Feb. 4 Earlham 93 101 Feb. 8 Hanover 78 106 Feb. 11 Indiana Central 80 94 Feb. 15 Franklin 73 78 Feb. 18 Wilmington (Ohio) 102 94 Feb. 22 Marian 82 93 Feb. 27 Bluffton 92 84 95 Seniors Long, Bates and Ice retire Dennis Bittner tips for two Ron Long s 46 points is new AC scoring record. What did you say, Coach? By the looks of fans, the Ravens must have just scored. Eight lettermen will return next year to carry the banner. Juniors Doug Jennings, Dan Curless, Dave Hey, Dave Heitzenrater and Greg Baker and sopho¬ mores Tim Miller and Dennis Bittner, along with freshman Steve Lewis, will form the nucleus of the 1969-70 Ravens. Jack Ice makes it look easy. Coach Erskine steps to mound to talk to one of pitching staff. Date Opponent We They April 8 Maryville 11 5 April 9 Maryville 2 2 April 11 Georgia Tech 4 16 April 12 G eorgia Tech 10 14 April 20 Franklin 5 0 4 0 April 23 Louisville 0 2 7 5 April 27 Taylor 4 1 1 5 April 30 Ball State 3 8 May 4 Marian 3 7 9 8 May 7 Indiana Central 2 3 4 0 May 13 Hanover 1 10 0 4 May 17 Earlham 3 1 2 1 Joe Snowden, catcher, warms up before game with Franklin. 98 Pitchers lead Ravens, second inHCC Coach Erskin enjoyed a strong pitching staff last year, finishing second in HCC standings. Leading the Anderson attack were pitchers Charlie Arrendale Ed Meredith, and Dave Heitzenrater and batsmen Jim Hill, Joe Snowden, John Gibson and Terry Tierney. After enjoying good conference action, the Ravens were disappointed when not given a playoff to see who would go to the NAIA. Pitcher Ed Meredith warms up before pitching two-hit, twelve strike, shut-out against Indiana Central. First Row: Duane Wright, Fred Donnell, Rick Masters, Mark Watson, Terry Tierney, Jim Dunhoft, Terry Murawski, Bill Schreckengost, John Gibson. Second Row: Joe Snowden, Don 99 Reynolds, Jim Hill, Ed Meredith, David Hey, Bruce McCall, Dave Heitzenrater, Steve Telfer, Dennis Hankins, Coach Carl Erskine. A last second shot of an intramural game Men’s intramurals provide recreation The Anderson College intramurals program is de¬ signed to meet the recreational needs of students not involved in varsity athletics. Teams are organized in several different areas. In the dorms, teams are formed according to floors, while married students, seminary students, faculty and special areas, such as Maintenance, also enter squads in the competition. Team sports offered in the fall and winter include touch football, basketball and volleyball. Individual competition takes place in paddle ball and table tennis. An unusual aspect of the program takes place in the spring when men and women are given a chance to take part in the program jointly in intra¬ mural softball. Pre-game warmups Lady netmen suffer losing season •• f faf li ‘ft A majority of the student body drifts through col¬ lege unaware of the active extramural volleyball and basketball teams. Contests carry these ladies through¬ out the state to different colleges and universities. Highlighting the end of the basketball season and beginning of volleyball season was the Purdue In¬ vitational Sport Day, where a variety of activities beckoned an early morning departure. After suffering a losing season, the basketball team hopes to have a much improved season next year. First row: Cheryl Poore, Cindy Traister, Bonnie Smith, Pat Strickler, Mary Lou Meyers; Second row: Pam Taylor, Twila Drummond, Audrea Baldwin, Coach Gertrude Winsch, Linda Watson, Shirley Baumann, Cindy Whisman First row: Shirley Baumann, Myra Johnson, Cheryl Poore, Linda Watson; Second row: Cindy Traister, Marja Bohling, Pam Taylor, Pat Strickler, Barbara Ponsler, Twila Drummond, Audrea Baldwin, Becky Merriken, Martha Burns 102 A time to be born, and a time to die, a time to love; and a time to hate; a time to keep silence; a time to speak. PEOPLE 103 President Reardon Many years from now this years ECHOES may be a treasured family keepsake, its pages filled with strange faces and events which belonged to another day. Perhaps one of our great grandchildren, leafing through its pages, may ask: “What kind of people were they? To what did they give their lives? How did they use their opportunities? What was the quality and depth of their involvement in the great issues of their troubled times?” Today I am proud of the community and its people who gave birth to Anderson College more than a half a century ago. When another 50 years rolls by, it would be heartening to believe that our ancestors will be able to express some justifiable pride in us. 104 Dean Nicholson “Higher education” sounds very impersonal—as do “student body,” “administration,” “faculty.” The fact is, however, these really mean an individual student in consort with books, materials, a teacher, himself Learning is very personal and reflects the motivation, style of living and purposes of the individual. In this year of transition, with “Old Main” dramatically changing to “new main,” the most important part of our life continues to be the growth and learning each of us experiences individually in face-to-face contacts, in service and study projects around the world—and in occasional solitary reflection and illumination. 105 ADMINISTRATION Anderson College cannot be defined in terms of stu¬ dents alone. The faculty is composed of members of unquestioned competence in their particular field. In addition to teaching, they are assigned as advisors to assist students in planning their course of study and to see that he meets the academic requirements for grad¬ uation. Faculty obligations do not stop with Anderson Col¬ lege. Many hold positions of leadership and responsi¬ bility in the civic community. Others are active mem¬ bers in Church of God congregations of Anderson. The engineers of school machinery C. L. EDWARDS Business Manager W. SHIRELL FOX Assistant to the President and Director of Publicity PAUL E. SAGO Vice-President for Finan¬ cial Affairs NORMAN BEARD Dean of Students VILA DEUBACH Librarian HELEN HOLTON Registrar C. JEAN KILMER Director of Admissions GILBERT FRITZLER Controller CALVIN M. HANSON Director of Development and Alumni Affairs 106 FACULTY CLEDA A. ANDERSON, A.M. Dean of Women F. DALE BENGSTON, Mus. M. Assistant Professor of Music DON BRANDON, A.M. Instructor in Physical Education PAUL BREITWEISER, Ph.D. Professor of Music DELWIN BROWN, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion MILTON A. BUETTNER, A.M. Assistant Professor of English JOHN O. CARRINGTON, Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Sci- ence DAVID CHIN, M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics VAL B. CLEAR, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology and Social Work ARNOLD A. COODY, B.D. Dean of Men KENNETH E. COOK, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry SHIRLEY COOLIDGE, M.Mus. Instructor in Organ Traveling took many abroad ELSIE COTTINGHAM, B.S. Instructor in Librarianship KENNETH L. CROSE, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History GRETA DOMINIC, B. Mus. Instructor in Voice GLENN FALLS, D.B.A. Associate Dean and Professor of Busi¬ ness and Economics WILLIAM J. FARMEN, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology JOHN GEE, M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art MARCIA GLENN, M.A.T. Instructor in English THOMAS HARBRON, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physics Director, Computing Center 107 FACULTY ELAINE HARPER, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English DeVON W. HELBLING, Mus.Ed.D. Associate Professor of Music LEWIS A. HENNIGAR, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy and Psychol- cSiSTAV JEENINGA, Th.D. Associate Professor of Religion, Di¬ rector of Museum of Bible and Near Eastern Studies JAMES KING, Mus.M. Assistant Professor of Music SANDER KLEIS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy BERNARD R. LALLATHIN, A.M. Assistant Professor of Biology H. HOWARD LASH, M.Ed. Associate Professor of Education, Di¬ rector of Evening School The scope of knowledge was broadened BARBARA J. LEIGHTON, M.L.S. Assistant Professor of Librarianship HAROLD F. LINAMEN, Ed.D. Professor of Business and Economics MARVIN LINDEMUTH, A.M. Associate Professor of Education, As¬ sistant to the Dean of the College GERTRUDE I. LITTLE, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Religion HAROLD LOWE, M.M.E. Assistant Professor of Music WILLIAM D. McCARTY, A.M. Instructor in History and Political Sci- ence JAMES D. MacHOLTZ, P.E.D. Professor of Physical Education ROBERT W. MacHOLTZ, P.E.Dir. Associate Professor of Physical Edu¬ cation, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics ELBRIDGE MacKENZIE, Ph.D. Professor of Education and Director of Teacher Education TERRY MAGSIG, M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Business and Economics JAMES MARSHALL, A.M. Instructor in Education MARIE MAYO, M.S. Associate Professor of Biology 108 FACULTY NILAH MEIER, M.A.T. Assistant Professor of Spanish CHARLES MILLER, M.S. Instructor in Physical Science DARLENE MILLER, A.M. Assistant Professor of Education, Di¬ rector of Audiovisual and Instruc¬ tional Materials Center MARJORIE MORNINGSTAR, A.B. Instructor in Physical Education M. LaVERN NORRIS, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology NANCY F. OSBORNE, Ph.D. Professor of French THOMAS N. PAPPAS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History and Political Science, Director of Foi Study and Travel ONKAR PHALORA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology 1 oreign MARIETA PICKETT, M.S. Instructor in Piano ELVA MAE RAGSDALE, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education GEORGE RAMSEY, B.D. Associate Professor of Religion JAMES R. REES, A.M. Associate Professor of Biology Success in educating was their goal RUSSELL R. RENZ, Ed.D. Professor of Education NORMA J. RIDER, B.L.S. Assistant Professor of English THOMAS ROBERTSON, JR., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English JOHN L. ROYS, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology PAUL SALTZMANN, A.M. Assistant Professor of Mathematics W. LEO SANDERS, M.S. Visiting Professor of Education RUBEN SCHWIEGER, A.B. Instructor in Mathematics FREDERICK V. SHOOT, Ph.D. Associate Dean; Professor of Religion; Director, Summer School 109 FACULTY RICHARD E. SNYDER, A.M. Instructor in Librarianship RICHARD L. SPRAGUE, B.S. Instructor in Business and Computer Sciences WANDA STARKEY, A.B. Instructor in English NORMAN W. STEINAKER, A.M. Assistant Professor of English JERRY L. STEVENSON, M.D. Professor of Biology, Premedical Ad¬ visor MARIE STRONG, A.M. Associate Professor of Religion SUITBERTO TABARES, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Spanish MILDRED THURSTON, A.M. Associate Professor of Education Leadership qualities were exemplified PETER TJART, A.M. Associate Professor of German and Russian KENNETH TURNER, JR., A.B. Instructor in Mathematics GIBB E. WEBBER, A.M. Assistant Professor of English ARDELIA-LEE WILLIAMS, A.M. Assistant Professor of Art CARL WILLIAMS, A.M. Assistant Professor of Sociology GERTRUDE WUNSCH, A.B. Associate Professor of Physical Edu¬ cation RICHARD M. YOUNG, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Edu¬ cation no Key positions were filled in community HELEN ACHOR, A.B. Resident Direc¬ tor H. L. BAKER, A.M. Assistant Dean of Students, Di¬ rector of Finan¬ cial Aid JOHN W. BATDORF Placement Offi¬ cer INEZ BUSCH Director of Stu¬ dent Activities EUGENIA CAMPBELL, A.B. Associate in Li- brarianship RODNEY C. CAUDILL, M.D. College Psychi¬ atrist HENRIETTA CROSS Resident Direc¬ tor KENNETH CROUCH, A.M. Admissions Counselor LOWELL DAVIDSON, A.B. Dramatics Technical Di¬ rector JAMES EDWARDS, A.B. Director of Re¬ cruitment HERBERT LINAMEN, A.B. College Bursar RONALD MOORE, A.B. Chief Account ant EDWARD OLDHAM Director of Safety and Se¬ curity WILLIAM K. PATTER¬ SON, M.D. College Physi¬ cian ALAN REHN, B.B.A. Manager, Saga Food Service ARNOLD SETZER, A.B. Director of Resi¬ dence Halls LUCILLE A. STRAWN, B.S. Assistant Reg¬ istrar TRECIL THOMPSON Resident Direc¬ tor in SENIORS Many reflect on past achievements CONNIE FOSTER ABBOTT MARCELLA LEE ABELL CLARENA FAYE ALLEN PATTY LOU ALTENBERNT CHERYL LYNN AMAND PARIS RUDOLPH ANDERSON KAREN SUZANNE ARMS RICHARD ANDREW ARNY DAVID ROLLAND BAKER RENARD LEE BALDWIN LETTY MILLS BALL JANET LEE BARKER SHARON LEE BATES THOMAS WAYNE BATES MAURICE DALE BENEFIELD Connie Abbott Benton Harbor, Michigan Music Education Marcella Abell Niles, Michigan Elementary Education Clarena Allen Dodge City, Kansas Elementary Education Patty Altenbernt Wyoming Michigan Physical Education Cheryl Amand Kettering, Ohio Elementary Education Paris Anderson Washington, D.C. Biology Karen Arms Elmhurst, Illinois Spanish Richard Amy Barberton, Ohio Biology David Baker Oakwood, Ohio Social Work Renard Baldwin Peoria, Illinois Music Education Letty Ball Anderson, Indiana Business Education Janet Barker Cincinnati, Ohio Social Work Sharon Bates Princeton, Indiana Elementary Education Thomas Bates Germantown, Ohio Business Education M. Dale Benefield Chelsea, Alabama Bible 112 SENIORS JOAN SANDRA BLASKOWSKY JOHN MORRISON BLEVINS CALVIN CARLYLE BLOOM Joan Blaskowsky Seattle, Washington English John Blevins Anderson, Indiana Social Studies Calvin Bloom Erie, Pennsylvania Sociology; Bible PHYLLIS ELSIE BOLT LYNDA ELAINE BORDERS JAMES HOWARD BOWEN Phyllis Bolt Pierceton, Indiana Elementary Education Lynda Borders Lanett, Alabama Mathematics James Bowen Kingsport, Tennessee Sociology Others survey their future with hope ALBERTA JUNE BRAYFIELD THOMAS EDWARD BROWN LINDA SUE BULL CAROLYN LOU BURNETT GLENN ALLEN BURNS THOMAS LYNN BUTLER VICTORIA LOU BUTTERFIELD REGINA GOULD BUTTZ VICTOR LYNN CAMPBELL June Brayfield Wichita, Kansas Elementary Education Thomas Brown Lima, Ohio Speech Linda Bull Springfield, Ohio Social Studies Carolyn Burnett Charlotte, Michigan Elementary Education Glenn Burns Hickory, North Carolina Mathematics Thomas Butler Springfield, Ohio Social Work Victoria Butterfield Piqua, Ohio Speech Regina Buttz Bedford, Indiana Elementary Education Victor Campbell Anderson, Indiana Business Administration 113 SENIORS DAVID ROBERT CARLISLE RONALD ALTON CARR DENNIS DWIGHT CARROLL MIRIAM CELESTE CARROLL SAMUEL PETER CHERNEY MARY CAROLYN CHEWNING David Carlisle Anderson, Indiana Elementary Education Ron Carr Roanoke, Virginia Speech Dennis Carroll Streamwood, Illinois English; Speech M. Celeste Carroll Birmingham, Alabama Business Administration Samuel Cherney Mount Vernon, Ohio Sociology M. Carolyn Chewning Bishopville, South Carolina Social Work Some abandoned the well-worn path EDWARD LEE CHILDERS GERALD DANIEL CLARK DONALD ROY CLINGENPEEL JANET RAYE CLOCK MONTY LEE COBLE ROBERT EVAN COLE JANE KATHERINE COPELAND WINSTON WAYNE COVHER RICKEY DENNIS COX Edward Childers Anderson, Indiana Biology G. Daniel Clark Knoxville, Tennessee Religion Donald Clingenpeel Wheeler, Michigan Biology Janet Clock St. Joseph, Michigan Elementary Education Monty Coble Huntington, Indiana Bible; Sociology Robert Cole Tallmadge, Ohio Speech Jane Copeland Cleveland, Ohio Elementary Education; History Winston Covher Anderson, Indiana Accounting Rickey Cox Springfield, Ohio Music Education SENIORS SUSAN JO CRANE RUTH DODD CULP SALLY JO CUNNINGHAM ROBERT ALLEN DARKWOOD SHARON ANN DAVIS BRENDA JOYCE DOCKERY ROBERTA LYNNE DOUGLAS NORMA FAYE EARLY SHARON KAYE EASTERLING Susan Crane Anderson, Indiana Elementary Education Ruth Culp Midland, Michigan Spanish Sally Cunningham South Bend, Indiana Social Work Robert Darkwood Chicago, Illinois Mathematics Sharon Davis Zanesville, Ohio Mathematics Brenda Dockery Johnson City, Tennessee Elementary Education Roberta Douglas Elkhart, Indiana Social Work Norma Early Anderson, Indiana Elementary Education Sharon Easterling Upland, California History The road taken made the difference CAROL ANITRA ELIASON RENA ELKINS DONALD MARSHALL EPPERLY NAOMI MARIE EVANS SANDRA KAY FERRELL DALE ARTHUR FIEGLAND Carol Eliason Bakersfield, California English Rena Elkins Oak Grove, Louisiana Music Education Donald Epperly South Charleston, West Virginia Business Education Naomi Evans Hopperston, Illinois Social Work Sandra Ferrell St. Albans, West Virginia Business Administration Dale Fiegland Cleveland, Ohio Physical Education 115 i SENIORS FRANCINE ELEANOR FORONDA HENRY BERTRAM FOX CONSTANCE JO FRIEND HAROLD WALTER FUNK JANET LUCILLE FUNK DIANA RAE GARD Francine Foronda Chicago, Illinois English Henry Fox Bridgeport, Ohio Mathematics Constance Friend Columbus, Ohio Mathematics Harold Funk Goshen, Indiana English Janet Funk Burlington, Michigan Elementary Education Diana Gara Mount Carmel, Illinois Social Studies Midnight silence was familiar sound GORDON JOHN GARRETT RICHARD JAMES GIFFORD CLELLA ANN GILBERT LARRY ALLEN GILBERT DENNIS HOWARD GLOFF KATHLEEN MARIE GOODWIN DENNIS LAWRENCE GRADELESS MYRA JOY GRIBBEN RONALD CHARLES GRIMES Gordon Garrett Hamilton, Ohio Sociology Richard Gifford Jenison, Michigan Social Work Clella Gilbert Largo, Florida Biology Larry Gilbert Jacksonville, Illinois French Dennis Gloff Valparaiso, Indiana Business Administration Kathleen Goodwin Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education Dennis Gradeless Mishawaka, Indiana Social Studies Joy Gribben Niagara Falls, New York Elementary Education Ronald Grimes Oakwood, Ohio Mathematics 116 SENIORS SANDRA ANN GRINEWITZKI SUSAN FRANCES GUTHRIE RANDAL LEE HAMMEL JAMES ELLIS HEFFELFINGER RUTH ANN HELBLING PHILIP DREW HELVEY Sandra Grinewitzki Benton Harbor, Michigan Elementary Education Susan Guthrie Erie, Pennsylvania Social Work Randy Hamniel Huntington, Indiana Biology Jim Heffelfinger Anderson, Indiana Mathematics Ruth Helbling Prineville, Oregon Music Education Drew Helvey Anderson, Indiana Social Studies They cherished brief hours of rest JOYCE ANNE HINDERER DONALD BERYL HOWELL EVA CHI-WEN HSU DAVID CARLYLE HURLESS JACK EUGENE ICE DAVID MACK IRWIN DAVID ALLEN JACK MARY KATHRYN JOHNSON ROSALIND ADELE JOHNSTON Joyce Hinderer Chesterfield, Indiana Sociology Don Howell Montclair, California Political Science Eva Hsu Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Chemistry David Hurless Wilshire, Ohio Social Studies Jack Ice Green Camp, Ohio Business Education David Irwin Erie, Pennsylvania Accounting David Elwoo f ack Indiana Mathematics fohnson Cleveland, Ohio Elementary Education Rosalind Johnston Warsaw, Indiana Business Education 117 SENIORS GARY LAVERNE JONES EVELYN BOHANNA KACHELEIN MARK STANTON KANE LAWRENCE LEE KEARNS GINGER LEE KEES CHARLOTTE ANN KINGSRURY Gary Jones Wichita, Kansas Sociology Evelyn Kachelein Anderson, Indiana Elementary Education Mark Kane Anderson, Indiana Sociology Lawrence Kearns Hamilton, Ohio Art Ginger Kees Hamilton, Ohio Marriage and Family Relations Charlotte Kingsbury Anderson, Indiana Mathematics Christian values withstood the tests THOxMAS WILLIAM KITTINGER KRISTINA SUE KUFELDT KENNETH LEROY KURTZ DALE DOUGLAS LANDIS MARIAN NORMA LEWELLYN JUDITH DILLE LIGHTY DIANA MARTIN LINDSEY SANDRA ANN LIVINGSTON DURENDA SUE LONG Tom Kittinger Fairfield, Pennsylvania Music Education Kristina Kufeldt Anderson, Indiana Sociology Lee Kurtz Lima, Ohio Biology Dale Landis Dayton, Ohio Music Education Marian Lewellyn Noblesville, Indiana Elementary Education Judy Lighty Oil City, Pennsylvania English Diana Lindsey Columbus, Ohio Elementary Education Sandra Livingston Dayton, Ohio French Durenda Long Anderson, Inaiana Physical Education 118 SENIORS RONALD ARTHUR LONG DANIEL RAY LORIGAN OLLIN ORLAND LOTTEN MAX EARL LOUDENRACK TERRY DEAN MAHNKE MARILYN ELIZABETH MAJORS RALPH LYLE MARSH KRISTINE LOUISE MARTIN MICKEY DARLENE MAY Ron Long Miamisburg, Ohio Physical Education Dan Lorigan Kittanning, Pennsylvania Religion Ollin Lotten Flint, Michigan English M ax Loudenback Anderson, Indiana Psychology; Sociology Terry Mannke Decatur, Illinois Art Marilyn Majors Charlevoix, Michigan Elementary Education Lyle Marsh Waverly, Iowa English; History Kristine Martin Alma, Michigan Elementary Education Mickey May Anderson, Indiana French Some sowed love, reaped happiness JAMES LAWRENCE McALHANEY LINDA CAROL McCARTY DANIEL RAY McCLINTOCK JANICE CARROL McCLINTOCK BEVERLY MAE McCUTCHAN ANITA KAYLEEN McKinley James McCalhaney Anderson, Indiana Religion Linda McCarty Akron, Ohio Physical Education Dan McClintock Lapel, Indiana Business Education Janice McClintock Ottumwa, Iowa Physical Education Beverly McCutchan Louisville, Kentucky Sociology Kayleen McKinley Watsonville, California Business Administration SENIORS Some questions were never answered CAROL ANN MIDDLETON ROXIE LYNN MILES CATHY SEBASTIAN MILLER MONA HOFFMAN MILLER STEVEN KENT MOBLEY LYNDA MOREHEAD MARVIN LEE MULLINS DORIS ROBINSON MUNDY FRANK LEE MURRAY MARSHA McDonald MURRAY ARTHUR STEPHEN NEWBERRY JAMES ALLEN NOGGLE KAY LORRAINE NULPH FREDERICK PHILLIP OURS CAROL YVONNE PENDLETON Carol Middleton Indianapolis, Indiana Biology Roxie Miles Distant, Pennsylvania Elementary Education Cathy Miller Middletown, Ohio Elementary Education Mona Miller Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania Elementary Education Steve Mobley Mt. Carmel, Illinois Business Education Lynda Morehead Danville, Kentucky English; Speech Marvin Mullins Hamilton, Ohio Biology Diana Mundy Piqua, Ohio Music Education Lee Murray Logansport, Indiana Religion; Sociology Marsha Murray Cicero, Indiana Elementary Education Arthur Newberry Anderson, Indiana Business Administration Jim Noggle Noblesvnle, Indiana Mathematics Kay Nulph Climax, Pennsylvania Elementary Education Fred Ours Springfield, Ohio Sociology Carol Pendleton Enid, Oklahoma Elementary Education 120 SENIORS WANDA LEE PHILLIPS LINDA SUE PICKENS LINDA LEE PILCHER Wanda Phillips Anderson, Indiana Elementary Education Linda Pickens Mansfield, Ohio Spanish Linda Pilcher Syracuse, Indiana Elementary Education SHAREN LEE PILO PATRICIA EILENE PREISIG RICHARD PRESSEL Sharen Pilo Akron, Ohio English Patricia Preisig Brighton, Colorado Elementary Education Rick Pressel Rochester, Indiana Sociology Some answers were never questioned MILTON DUANE PROCTOR KATHRYN LILLIAN RAMSEY STEPHEN EMERSON REDDING CHERYL LYNN REDDINGER ELLEN STEPHENS RICH LINDA RICHARDSON LARRY HUGH RIDER JUDITH KAY RIGGLE SHARON SUE RITTER Duane Proctor Jefferson, Ohio Speech Kathryn Ramsey Mishawaka, Indiana Elementary Education Stephen Redding Pendleton, Indiana Biology; Chemistry Cheryl Reddinger Distant, Pennsylvania English Ellen Rich Lansdale, Pennsylvania French Linda Richardson Hamilton, Ohio English Larry Rider Huntington, Indiana Psychology Judy Riggle Huntington, Indiana Speech Snaron Ritter Indianapolis, Indiana English 121 SENIORS MARY LOU RIPLEY CHANWICK ALTON ROACH PAMELA ANN ROBERTS SUSAN EILEEN ROBINSON EILEEN SNIDER RUTH LINDA JEAN SALISBURY Mary Lou Ripley Newburg, Missouri Elementary Education Chan Roacn DeGraff, Ohio Social Science Pam Roberts Louisville, Kentucky English Sue Robinson Dillsboro, Indiana Social Studies Eileen Ruth St. Paris, Ohio Elementary Education Linda Salisbury Lansing, Michigan History Seniors applied for graduate status DONALD HARRY SCHULTHEIS JAMES MARCELLOUS SCOTT DONALD WAYNE SECREST DENNIS SHANKLAND JAMES LAFAYETTE SHOOT JUDITH PRICE SIMERLY SUE ANN SIPKA SHELIA KAY SMART CARLA JEAN SMITH Don Schultheis Baltimore, Maryland Elementary Education Jim Scott Defiance, Ohio Music Education Don Secrest Drexel, North Carolina Accounting Dennis Shankland Russell, Kansas Accounting Jim Shoot Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Biology; Chemistry Judy bimerly South Charleston, West Virginia Elementary Education Su e Sipka Newton Falls, Ohio Spanish Snelia Smart Lexington, Kentucky Physical Education Carla Smith Palmerton, Pennsylvania Physical Education 122 SENIORS Orders for caps and gown increased DARYL RICHARD SMITH DIANA RUTH SMITH PAUL JUNIOR SMITH JAMES LESLIE SPARKS SAMUEL STEWART MICHAEL KENT STOHLER CHARLES WILLARD STRAWN MERLE DENNIS STREGE JOHN WILLIAM SUTHERLAND JEANETTE KAY SUTTER IMOGENE GRETCHEN TATE LILLIAN TAYLOR RENA FAYE TAYLOR WILLIAM HOWARD TAYLOR TRIXIE JANE THARP Daryl Smith Anderson, Indiana Political Science Diana Smith Mishawaka, Indiana Elementary Education Paul Smith Billings, Montana Religion Jim Sparks New Albany, Indiana Religion Sam Stewart Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania History Mike Stohler Anderson, Indiana Business Administration Chuck Strawn Connersville, Indiana Mathmatics Merle Strege Minneapolis, Minnesota History John Sutherland Noank, Connecticut Sacred Music Jeanette Sutter Oak Park, Illinois Music Education Imy Tate Columbus, Ohio English Lillian Taylor Anderson, Indiana Biology Rena Taylor New Philadelphia, Ohio Music Education Bill Taylor Alsip, Illinois Bible Trixie Tharp Cassopolis, Michigan Elementary Education 123 i SENIORS CAROL JOYCE THOMAS RUFUS LARRY THOMAS LINDA ROSE THORNBURG Carol Thomas Vista, California Elementary Education Rufus Thomas Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Sociology Linda Thornburg Anderson, Indiana English DARREL GLENN TREXLER ROSALIE TREXLER THOMAS LEE TRICK Darrel Trexler Dodge City, Kansas Busi)iess Administration Rosalie Trexler Erie, Pennsylvania Elementary Education Tom Trick Indianapolis, Indiana Chemistry Grades attested to individual worth BENNY RAY TURNER HARRIETT AMANDA ULERY DAVID LAWRENCE VAN NORMAN RICHARD KENNETH WADE KENNETH RAYMOND WALTER CHARLES PAUL WARNE SANDRA KAY WEATHERFORD MICHAEL GENE WFI OH LINDA PUTNAM WHITTOM Ben Turner Crab Orchard, Kentucky Elementary Education Harriett Ulery Anderson, Indiana English Dave Van Norman Frankfort, Kentucky Religion Ken Wade Atlanta, Georgia Speech Ken Walter Calumet City, Illinois Psychology Charles Warne Anderson, Indiana Physehology Sandy Weatherford Lawrence, Indiana English Mike Welch Anderson, Indiana Elementary Education Linda Whittom South Minneapolis, Minnesota Sociology 124 SENIORS Seniors envisioned job opportunities TONDA LEE WHITTKAMPER TONY KESTER WOLFE GEORGE DAVID WOODARD DARYL HOAK YODER RONALD VERNON YODER MARTY LEE ZEIS Tonda Wittkamper Elwood, Indiana Elementary Education Tony Wolfe Parkersburg, West Virginia Bible George Woodard Rochelle, Illinois Accounting Daryl Yoder Springfield, Indiana Chemistry Ron Yoder Midland, Michigan Accounting Marty Zeis Fort Wayne, Indiana German I hold a devotion to Anderson College that just will not quit. If I were a Freshman, one could easily write this attitude off as infatuation, triggered by such things as brainwashing from childhood by parents, the excitement of first attending college, or a lucky break in getting all the classes and professors one wanted. However, it only takes one semester for this surface love to wear off and for the hard facts about Anderson College to be realized. It is at this time that most students evaluate the school in relation to their own personal needs and, if they do not find it relevant, they either transfer or make the rest of their years at school one continuous gripe. The transfer student is searching and, through persistence, will find that for which he looks. The griper, however, accomplishes little more than a degree and an even more closed mind with which to defend himself from the world of “anti-him.” 125 i JUNIORS ROBERT ABBOTT TERRY ADAMS RALPH ALLEN ROBERT ALLEN KEITH ALLSHOUSE BARBEE ARINGTON JANET ARMEY JOHN ARMSTRONG VICTORIA ASHLEY REBECCA ATTS GREGORY BAKER AUDREA BALDWIN SHIRLEY BAUMANN COZETTE BEACH KRISTEN BENEDICT MERVIL BENNETT Does Anderson College compare? As a transfer stu¬ dent, I find myself constantly comparing Anderson with a Southern church-associated university I attend¬ ed. I think the greater religious emphasis reflected here accounts for the unity, warmth and friendliness of the student body, where formerly at the university, I found a cool, indifferent over-all attitude. Personal concern shown by professors here contrasts sharply to the university “shape up or ship out” idea. Here at Anderson the key word that relates my per¬ sonal feeling is happiness. The friends I have found, the new horizons that have opened up, the chance to become involved in a significant way, the vibrant school spirit are exactly what the doctor ordered for my college experience. Dr. Breitweiser performs during convocation. 126 JUNIORS DAVID BEST DARLENE BIRCH HELEN BLOOM CAROL BOWMAN HELEN BOYD JANE BRANN JANICE BRIDCES SHERYL BROCK MARY BRUNGARD KATHLEEN BUCK LINDA BUNDRICK CANDICE BUTTERFIELD CONSTANCE BUTTERFIELD ROBERT CAHOON CONNIE CAMP RICHARD CARPENTER CHRISTINE CLAY JEANNE COOK STEVEN COOK JOSEPH COOKSTON DAVID COOPER SANDRA COOPER RICHARD CROSE SHARYN CROUCH 127 1 JUNIORS Friendship, true expression of man’s soul, diverts him from the strain and stress of daily toil. From primitive times man has tried to keep in harmony with himself by having friends. Friends separate man from other living species of animals by refining his humanity. Friends are important—friendship is a precious thing. Anderson College has provided for me a community where I have met friends; friends who always have been there when the chips are down, friends who really are my friends by definition of the word. Yes, I would attribute to my stay here, the developing of long-term friendships I have acquired through the Anderson College community. Private voice lessons develops special talent of Antha Merri- man. NORMAN CULP FRED DAILEY DONNA DARLAND JAMES DODSON TWILA DRUMMOND CATHY DUNN MARJORIE EBANKS GLORIA EDWARDS DENNIS EIDE KURT ESSEX JANICE ETCHISON DAVID FARRAR THOMAS FARRAR LINDA FARST VICTORIA FECHENDA LARRY FICKEL 128 If % JUNIORS JUNE FISHBACK KEITH FLOWERS RICHARD FLOYD MARSHA FRIERMOOD RONALD FRITTS MICHAEL FRY ROBERT GAINES JOYCE GARRISON DANIEL GEER JOHN GIBSON REBECCA GOTHBERG CARL HAGA SUSAN HALLER GARY HAMMOND LARRY HARDMAN LANDIS HARPER GARY HARRINGTON FRED HARTING MARK HASKINS REBECCA HEFFELFINGER JAMES HILL LINDA HILYARD BARRY HIPPENSTEEL EUGENE HITT 129 JUNIORS RAMONA HOLLAND SUSAN HOLLETT CYNTHIA HOLLIS HARRIS HOOVER JOHN HOWARD KAREN HOWARD JACQUELINE JACOBS RICHARD JACOBSON ALVENA JEENINGA MICHAEL KEECH BONNY KERR PAUL KILBURN VICKI KIRBY CARRIE KIRK KEITH KLEPPER KATHRYN KNOUFF I came to Anderson College to find myself. Here I can assess and evaluate my capabilities. Here I can learn to accept my shortcomings. Here I can grow. Here I can explore the intellectual horizons of our time. Here mv curiosity is stimulated by earnest professors, by foreign students, by life itself. Here I can wipe the sands of apathy from my eyes, yawn and wake up. Good morning, life! How are you today? I can dream here and make my dreams come true. I can cry and be heard. I can love and be loved. I can lead and be led. I can give and, here, I can receive. It is a two way street here. You ask me why. Why An¬ derson College? Here I will lay a foundation. Not only will this foundation be intellectual and academic but it will be spiritual and social. The sum of the ac¬ complishments of my life will depend on this founda¬ tion. It must be good. Joan Blaskowsky confers with Milton Buettner between classes. 130 JUNIORS ROLAND KRAMER SHIRLEY KUHNS LARRY LaBRUYERE CONNIE LEEDOM ROLAND LEHNUS STEPHANIE LEWIS RUTH LINE PAULA LOUDENBACK RONNIE LOWE ALLEN LUCAS RICHARD MARTIN WARREN MARTINDALE ROBERT MATHIS JOSEPH McCRAW Michael McDonald ronald McKinney JERRY McVICKER SUSAN MEEKS JOYCE MILLER KAREN MILLER MARIAN MILLER MILO MILLER JOHNTHAN MITSCHELEN DENNIS MOREHEAD 131 JUNIORS I, like so many Anderson College students when asked what they like or appreciate most about Anderson College, respond with: the fellowship that they have as students, friends and acquaintences. Through such interactions I have grown in my Christian faith. All students here do not always exemplify Christian ideals, however, Anderson College is Christ centered and the people characterize this aim. Anderson College is more than an institution in which to learn. It is a place for each student to mature and to grow, as stated in Luke 2:52 . . . in wisdom and statue and favor with God and man ...” I am proud of Anderson College, it’s heritage and the people who have contributed to it. And I am thankful I have the privilege of being a part of this college community. Cal Bloom and John Sutherland perform for week-end coffee house. CAROLYN MORGAN JUDITH MORGAN TERRY MURAWSKI SYLVIA NOLES KATHY OEMLER DAVID OLDHAM NANCY OLSON WARD OTTE BARBARA REAY ROY REECER GINGER REED RITA REED SANDRA REESE RICHARD REINHARDT MARGO RHODES KENT RICE 132 JUNIORS MICHAEL RICHARDSON ROSEMARY RICHARDSON WILLIAM RIGEL PATRICIA RIPPEE PAULA ROBERTS JUDY ROBINSON MARK ROBINSON JOHN ROCKHILL JENNIE SALISBURY KEITH SELLERS WAYNE SEMSROTT HOWARD SERGEANT DOUGLAS SHEARER DARRELL SHEPPERD LARRY SHERWOOD JERRY SHOOT RODNEY SHOTTON GARY SHRIPKA HARRY SIMMERMAN PATRICIA SLAYTON BONITA SMITH BRENT SMITH JULIA SMITH TAMES SNYDER 133 JUNIORS LOUISE SOETENGA BARBARA STARKEY DONNA STEWART JOANNA STOWELL RONDA STREMMEL GWENDOLYN TAYLOR CAROLYN TEFFT CANDACE TOMLINSON MERLINE TREXLER ALAN TURNER MERLE TURNER PHILIP WALLACE KAREN WALTER CHRISTINE WALTERS JEANETTE WARD LINDA WATKINS Student Government Association encourages student participation. 134 JUNIORS ARLENE WEBB DALE WEBSTER ALLEN WHITESEL ELAINE WHITESEL CHARLES WHITTOM EARL WIENS THEODORE WILLIAMS VELMA WILSON MICHAEL WOOD GLENDA WRIGHT LINDA WRIGHT REBECCAYANIK GLORIA YATES PAUL YATES NOLAN YOUNG WILDA YOUNG Anderson College has impressive buildings, food facil¬ ities and a highly competent faculty; so do state-sup¬ ported institutions. What is the difference? Maybe it is easier to become a number and forget you are a human being when you are part of a massive educa¬ tional assemblage. Anderson College is not a mega¬ campus. It came into being through the dedication and sacrifice of a small group. Here the priorities for the development of the total person are better bal¬ anced. Though this difference provides the opportunity for a significant college experience it does not guaran¬ tee that each of us will actually develop into a whole person who moves toward maturity and awareness. It is up to us to take advantage of the opportunities for development. Even though this quest can be pain¬ fully slow and difficult, it is one of the most rewarding experiences of living. 135 SOPHOMORES LINDA ALLEN MARTHA ALTMIRE GARY ANDERSON CHARLES ARRENDALE KEITH BAILEY LINDA BARKER LINDA BAYS ESTHER BEASON BONNIE BECK KENNETH BECKHAM DEBORAH BELL PATRICIA BELLOMY JOAN BENTLY ELAINE BERRY SHARON BERTRAM DENNIS BITTNER DOROTHEA BLACKWELDER BARBARA BLACKWELL BEVERLY BLACKWELL JUDY BLAIR ROY BLAIR MARJA BOHLING BEVERLY BORDEN DEBORAH BOWSER JOHN BRATTAIN COLE DAWSON LINDA DAYMON DENNIS DECKER CHRISTINE DENSMORE DENNIS DENTON DELORES DeYOUNG JAMES DIETRICK ROGER DIGGES RANDY DONALDSON FREDERICK DONNELL VIRGINIA DORTMUND PAULINE DOTY LINDA DRABENSTOT SUE EADS NANCY ECCLES GARY ENGLE OLIVIA FEFEE ARTHUR FELTS LANNY FENTERS EVELYN FLEGEL SHARON FLOYD KATHLEEN FOTH CATHERINE FOUGHT GEORGE FRANKLIN LINDA FRENCH [AMES FRY 136 SOPHOMORES CHARLES BRINKMAN BARBARA BROMLEY KEITH BUEHLER ELIZABETH BURCH MARTHA BURNS BONNIE CALLISON KAREN CANIFF SHERRY CAPPS TERRY CARROLL DANIEL CASLER ALBERTA CERBUS ROGER CHALK LAWRENCE CHEWNING CHERI CLARK GLENDA CLARK TODD CLEAR KENNETH COLLINS JIMMY COMBS DARLENE COUGHLIN STEVEN COUSPARIS MARLEA COX DOROTHY CRAIG DENISE CRIPE KATHLEEN CRIPPS JOYCE CULLER DOUGLAS DAVIS ft- 137 SOPHOMORES MILLICENT FRYE DANNY FULLER DANNY GARNER TERENA GEHRIG IEANGEIERSBACH VONDA GERMANY STEPHEN GILBERT BETH GILLELAND JANNICEGORLEY EMILY GOVAN EMILY GRAY JACQUELINE GREAVER VERNA GULLETT NORMAN GUTHRIE CRAIG HACKNEY CAROLYN HAMM CARLA HAMMOND PAULA HAND JEANNE HANNA MELANIE HARBRECHT KAY HARGETT STEPHANIE HARSHBARGER JO LYNN HARTLEY GEORGIADEE HARTWELL BETH HARVEY RUTH HASKINS CONNIE KISSINGER LOIS KLEINHENN SUSAN KOHL IVAN LaMASTER RONALD LANTHROP HENRY LAYNE THOMAS LECHLITNER LERUE LEMMOND DAVID LINDEMUTH RICHARD LINDSEY DEBORAH LINEBACK TERRY LITTRELL JAMES LLOYD BONNIE LOCKHART KAREN LOCY DAVID LONG CYNITHIA LORIMER BARBARA MADER VICKI MAGUIRE JAMES MARKGRAF 138 SOPHOMORES WANDA HATTON HOPE HAVENS THOMAS HAY FRANCIS HAYES STEVEN HENCY TIMOTHY HIGHLEY HAZEL HOFFMEN ROBERT HOGAN JACQUELINE HOOKER KAREN HORNER LAURA HOWARD BARBARA HUFF NANCY HUNTER CHERYL HURST CHARLOTTE HUTSON PHYLLIS IGNEY DOUGLAS JOHNSON JANET JONES JAN KEATING KATHERINE KEEN JOYCE KEITH DALE KEMLER DAVID KENDRICK ROSE KERR KAREN KEYS ROSA KINGSBURY The most important and often difficult task of the col¬ lege student is discovering himself and how and where he can put himself into usefulness in the world. The reason this process is difficult is due to the fact the search for selfhood takes one into the painful ex¬ periences of life. The course is not charted in a text¬ book, nor can it be delineated by a lecture, but can only be found in the sweat, tears and anguish of dis¬ covering self and finding meaning in the world. Above all it requires one to leave the safe and familiar and dare to walk into the dangerous and unfamiliar. My years at Anderson College have provided the opportunities to engage in the discovering of myself. This search has not been an easy task, but the im¬ portant things of life have never been easy to acquire. I leave Anderson College with no answers, only ques¬ tions; but with me I take the courage to live with these questions. 139 SOPHOMORES ROSE MARLOWE SALLY MARTIN SANDRA MARTIN DANIEL MASHUE CHARLES MATHIS RON MAURER RHONDA MAY JOYCE McBRIDE DIXIE McCULLY MARIANNE McLaughlin nancy McMullen MARC MEANS TERRY MELDRUM REBECCA MERRIKEN ANTHA MERRIMAN KAREN METSKER TIM MILLER GRANT MILLIKAN ERNEST MILNES KEN MISHLER JOYCE MOORE PHYLLIS MORGAN MARJORIE MORRIS JUDY MUNSEN FREDA MURRAY STEVE REINHARDT DON REYNOLDS SAYBRA RICE VICKI RICHARDS CAROL RICHARDSON DAN RINKER LINDA RITCHHART KATHY ROBERTS NANCY ROBETON JAMES ROBY LINDA RUBY BECKY SAULS WILLIAM SCHRECENGOST CAROL SCHWARTZ CHERYL SEIBERT DUANE SEMPSROTT DORIS SEREDAY JACQUALYN SHERMAN DEREAMA SHERRILL KAREN SHERWOOD 140 SOPHOMORES DANIEL MURRELL CYNTHIA NEWBERRY BENNY NEWELL REBECCA NEWELL EARL NICHOLS GARY NUNLEY SUE OTTO THOMAS OWEN DARLENE OWENS MELBA PACK CANDACE PARKEN WILLIAM PATRIE GLORIA PHILLIPS ALTON PHIPPS ANN POLK DIANA POND BARBARA PONSLER KAREN PROFITT KAY PYLATE JOHN RAMBIS ROCHELLE RAMSPERGER RODAYLIA RAND BARBARA RATLIFF EUGENE REARDON LARRY RECTOR PHYLLIS REED SOPHOMORES SUSAN SHOTTON JOHNNY SIGMAN JOYCE SLAYBAUGH BARBARA SMITH LINDA SMITH LYALL SMITH RANDALL SPENCE JEFFREY SPIRES PATRICIA SPITTLER RICHARD SPITZMESSER MARIE STAKER CONNIE STEWART LINDA STOVER GAIL STOWERS KAREN STREGE PATRICIA STRICKLER LESTER TASKER SUE TAYLOR STEPHEN TELFER THOMAS TERRY RODNEY THOLE SALLY THORNBERRY MARY ANN TIERNEY DIANA TRACY LUCINDA TRAISTER DUANE TRAMEL RONALD WHITTOM JEFFREY WIDENER MAX WIESENAUER VIRGINIA WILDERMUTH JAMES WILEY RICK WILLIAMS BRADY WILSON CHARLOTTE WILSON TIMOTHY WOODWARD SUSAN WOODARD FRANK YERDEN MARK ZEBELIAN M2 — SOPHOMORES NEIL TURNER DIANA UNRUH PAUL VanNORMAN JUDY VanSIPE COLLETT VARNER JULIE VAUTAW TIMOTHY WALSH DAVID WATKINS In Memoriam of Wanda Blocher LINWOOD WATKINS SHARON WATKINS JAMES WATSON MARK WATSON DEAN WEHNEMAN BARBARA WEST KAREN WHALEN PATRICIA WHITE If I can help somebody as I pass along, If I can cheer somebody with a word or song, If I can show somebody that he’s traveling wrong, Then my living shall not be in vain. If I can do my duty as a Christian ought, If I can bring back beauty to a world upwrought, If I can spread love’s message that the master taught, Then my living shall not be in vain. Her living was not in vain. FRESHMEN ROXANN ABRAHAM BRUCE ADAMS CANDACE ALLEN JOSEPH ALLISON VIVIAN ALVAREZ MICHAEL ANDERSON HARVEY ARTHUR NORMAN ATKINS JOHN AUKERMAN RICK AYERS ROBERT BAIN CHARLES BAKER JANET BAKER JO ANN BARBER JO ETTA BARKER MARSHA BATE BELINDA BATES VIVIAN BAUGHER DOUGLAS BENDER JANET BENJAMIN CONNIE BENNETT KAREN BENTLEY GAYLE BERGER CHARLES BERTSCHMAN STEPHEN BIRCH GLENDA BLAIR MARY MARGARET BOWLES RICKI BRANDON DONALD BRANHAM DENNIS BRASILL MICHAEL BRINKMAN DYWANE BROWN DELNA BRYAN ROBERT BUEHLER PAMELA BURGIN CORA BURKEY LUANA BURRIS JUDY BUTLER LINDA CALLEN DORINDA CAMPBELL FRANK CAMPBELL LARRY CANTERBURY CRISTIN CAUDILL STEVEN CHENOWETH EUNICE CHERNEY DEBORAH CHILTON CHARLENE CHRISTENSEN ROGER CLARK ROBERT COFFMAN 144 FRESHMEN In an age when the academic community is riven by the strife of students violently clamoring for more free¬ dom, Anderson College offers a kaleidescope of op¬ portunities for individuals seeking the freedom to be in a church oriented atmosphere. A freedom to discover life, to feel its throbbing pulse in laughter, heartbreak, dreams, and tragedies of newly discovered friends. A freedom to be involved in a very real sense by reaching out to people through Tri-S, Christianity-In- Action, Ambassadors for Christ, or simply a well-timed smile or a word in a manner that surpasses any demon¬ stration of social protest. A freedom to abide by the limitations of conduct each choose when applying to the institution, or to work to change them according to the best benefit of a majority of students. A freedom to learn and to participate in an academic search for truth and to express dissenting viewpoints without fear of unjust retribution for these opinions. A freedom to change and, in the discovery of a new self, to be hampered by the ignorance of scoffing of peers, who neither care nor wish to care about one’s inner conflicts and new awakenings. A freedom to be for every individual ... to be going towards the light. The Bishop’s Mantle is presented for freshmen orientation. FREDRICK COHLHEPP DEBORAH COLLINGWOOD ROBERT CONFER TIMOTHY COOLEY PHYLLIS COPHER LINDA COWAN JACK CROCKER RUTH CROSE RITA CROWDER CATHERINE CRUSE JO ANN DANFORD DAPHNE DAVIS DONNA DAVIS WILLIAM DAVIS DONALD DEAN GARY DECKER PATSY DENNIS RICKFORD DEWARD KATHLEEN DOBBINS DUANE DOHSE GROVER DOTSON 145 FRESHMEN Alpha-Omega players present Spoon River Anthology in convocation. F. DAVID DOTY PHILIP DUKES ROGER DUNHOFT E. MICHAEL EASTMAN LOU ANN ECKELBARGER JAMES EUSTACE GLENDA FINCH D. ROYCE FITTS SUSAN FLANDERS FREIDA FLYNN TIMOTHY FOLKERS PATRICIA FOOTE DEBORAH FORD JACQUELINE FORKNER BRENDA FORSBERG NORMA FOX CRAIG FRANK LINDA FREED DAVID FULLER DOUGLAS FULLER BRENDA FUNK 146 FRESHMEN M. MARIE GARDNER MIKE GARNER DONNA GEORGE REBECCA GERON KATHLEEN GRAMS NELDA GRANTLAND RONALD GREENE ELAINE HALL JANETTE HALL JUDITH HART CYNTHIA HASKIN BRENDA HATCHEL MARLENE HELSEL BONITA HENNIS JOHN HERMAN JOLINDA HINDS RICHARD HIVELY MARY HOF ACKER NANCY HOLCOMB EUNICE HOLLAWAY JANA HOOD SUSAN HOREVAY DEBORAH HOSIER CATHLEEN HOWARD NANCY HUDSON ROBERT HUDSON LORA HULBERT NORMAN HYSLIP ARTHUR INGRAM CARL JACKSON REBECCA JACKSON H. STANLEY JENKINS CAROL JOHNSON ELSA JOHNSON MARY RUTH JOHNSON PATRICIA JOHNSTON DAVID JONES CORENE KACHELEIN BEVERLY KARNS MARSHA KERBYSON KATHLEEN KESTERKE DAVID KEYS MITCH KIRKWOOD MARSHA KISTLER JANICE KLUTH BOB KNIGHT SYLVIA KRAMER MICHAEL KRINER SHIRLEY LaMASTER mmm 147 Whatever benefit I have received in the last four years from Anderson College almost entirely has been the result of those who teach here. From them I learned the importance of objective listening. That is, they know the value of man’s thought or of his training, whether or not he is able to com¬ municate with his students in an entertaining way. They also have shown me the reverse, that performance in a classroom does not indicate scholarship. I have been taught the importance of eclectic knowl¬ edge—that every subject has a contribution to the whole learning process and in many ways comple¬ ments all other subjects pursued. I have learned, pain¬ fully at times, that knowledge is useless without ap¬ plication, that every detail must have a practical rea¬ son for being taught, if it is to be taught well. Although I often disagree with Anderson College’s reason for being so pragmatic, I am glad involvement is taught as a basis to fullfillment. In the area of involvement, I have been impressed with the work as well as with the indifference of some. I have seen the respect accorded those who have be¬ come involved in civil, social, and academic affairs. To these few go most of the cause behind whatever I may effect. George Ramsey delivers a stimulating rapid pace lecture. MARSHALL LAWRENCE PATRICIA LAWSON ROGER LEHMAN JUANITA LEWIS STEVE LEWIS JOYCE LIMBACH KAREN LINE JAMES LITTLE CHERYL LONG DIANE LOVELY SHARON MARCUM DAVID MARTIN SHERRY MARTIN GWYNDOLYN MAULER LINDA MAYHEW PATRICK McBEE HOBART McCANDLESS DEBORAH McCORMICK LAWRENCE McCOY MARLA McCOY DIANE McCUNE 148 FRESHMEN KATHLEEN McKinley JAMES McLaughlin CHERLYN MEESE TANA MELDRUM DONTIE MIKLICH BRENDA MILLER PAUL MILLER VAUGHN MILLER DAVID MITSCHELEN JOYCE MITSCHELEN GARY MONTGOMERY HERBERT MOORE LINDA MOORE SUE MOSER PAUL MOSS MARY MULFORD JULIA MUNN LINDA MYERS TERRY NEAL DEBRA NEESE EDWARD NELSON JACQUELINE NELSON JOHN NESSETH BETH NEWBERRY SUSAN NEWBERRY DEBORAH NEWELL SAMME NEWELL MARJORIE NORTON WILLIAM OLDHAM JOTHAM OLEMBO DONNA OSBORN MARGARET OSBURN WANDA PACK MICHELE PARKS PATRICIA PARKS MARKLIN PERRY PEGGY PERRY DAVID PETTIGREW MARK PHELPS DENNIS PICKENS CAROLE PISTOLE DEBORAH POE JULIE POLUS MARCIA PONTIOUS JAMES POWELL NEVA POWLESS RODERICK PRESSEL PAMELA PRESTON FREDERICK PR OEBSTING 149 FRESHMEN THOMAS PYLE JUDITH QUEEN ELOINE RAAB LINDA RANKIN JOHN REAMES BRENDA REYNOLDS ROBERT RICE CONNIE RICHARDSON DIANE RICHARDSON DONNA RICHARDSON JAMES RIGEL MARK ROLLER MICHAEL ROOP PATRICIA ROSBY SHARON ROSS DENO ROUSOPOULOS GARY RUSE JOHN RUTLEDGE LEILA SABA GARY SCHARNHORST FRANCES SCHMIDT JOE SCHEPP CARLEEN SCOTT PHYLLIS SCOTT STACY SCOTT GARY SELENT RICKEY SHAW DIANE SHEAKLEY JOENITA SHILLING MARC IA SHIPLEY ROGELIO SHETTLEWOOD BRENDA SHOOK DAVID SIMPSON SUZANNE SLAYBAUGH DENA SMITH DONALD K. SMITH LOIS SMITH MICHAEL SMITH RICHARD SMITH RONALD SMITH RUBY SMITH SCOTT SMITH DEAN SNYDER TERRY SODERQUIST PHILLIP SPALDING JAMES SPENCER ROBERT STANLEY CHARLOTTE STEVENSON DENNIS STEWART FAYE STEWART COLEE STINSON JANICE STRANGE STEPHEN STULL EARL SWEENEY KENNETH SWISHER BARRY TAYLOR 150 FRESHMEN PAMELA TAYLOR JOHN TERRY JOE THOMAS KAREN THOMAS WANDA THOMASON LESLIE TOON CAROL TRICK JACQUELYN TURNER ROSEANNA TURNER STEPHEN TURNER SANDRA VAUGHN MELANIE VROUVAS NANCY WAGNER SAM WATKINS TERESA WATKINS SUSAN WEAK GERALD WEIl NER STEPHEN WELLS SHERRY WEST CAROL WHICKER PAULINE WICKERSON DONNA WHITE GLENN WHITESEL RILLY WILLIS ROY WILSON CHERYL WOLFE DANIEL WRIGHT SANDRA WRIGHT RANDY YELEY LINDA ZINN VERA ZOLL College comes and goes in four short years. Upon graduating from high school, one thinks, finally the work is over and one knows everything, while college is just a means for attaining higher income. Quite a contrast results when, upon graduating from college, one realizes how much he does not know. In this four year span many changes occur, some never finding a stable position, but fluctuating ceaselessly. As time moves on, opinions are formed. Perhaps disappoint¬ ment is felt due to lack of social activity on campus, particularly weekends, or eccentric professors with extremely conservative ideals who cannot or will not accept the new generation because of its liberalism. It is perhaps only as a senior that one can appreciate what already may have passed through his fingers. For then one realizes the sum total of all factors—disap¬ pointment, satisfaction, frustration, defeat—has wid¬ ened and increased his immunity to life’s many prob¬ Dr. Onkar Phalora assists Lee Kurtz. lems. 151 152 A time to get; and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away. ADVERTISING 153 ON A NEW THRESHOLD ANDERSON COLLEGE ALUMNI HAVE PLAYED A SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN THE EXPANSION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ITS ALMA MATER IN 1968 Dr. Lowell Smith Mary Lou Young Calvin Hanson Rita Jo Yerden W. Shirell Fox 154 Barbara Starkey and Tony Wolfe find grocery shopping at Pay Less a real delight. Fashions are the style and Daryl Smith and Jeannie Cook know Hoyt Wright is the place to go PAY LESS SUPERMARKETS INC. Hoyt Wright Co. 155 911 MERIDAN MOUNDS MALL SHOPPING CENTER F. C. CLINE LUMBER CO. ALLIED BUILDING CENTER ANDERSON. INDIANA ennetff ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY m ANDERSON, INDIANA Connie Friend and Helen Bloom get a first hand look at the new gas ranges CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHY Kodacolor Processing With 24 Hour Service Main at 19th Street Anderson, Indiana ODELL PHOTOGRAPHERS INC. Sandy Livingston and Shiela Smart check on the book list for the new semester. ANDERSON COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Karen Strege and Esther Beason show their spring outfits and accessories from the beautiful selection available at Wassons. Mounds Mull 157 ANDERSON BANKING COMPANY ... your full service bank Main Office—I Oth and Meridian Drive-in—900 Jackson East Branch—Mounds Mall South Branch—11 East 29th West Branch—3314 Nichol Ave. North Branch—Cross at Broadway 10 YEAR COMPARISON Beginning Beginning 1958 1968 Business in force Business written $2,234,000 $79,662,000 for year 2,242,000 27,332,000 Premium Income 36,815 2,083,000 Assets Home Office 286,477 7,572,497 (sq. ft.) 600 21,600 Number of States ONE EIGHT INSURANCE COMPANY HOME OFFICE: I 100 Broadway 158 Anderson, Indiana Kirkman’s Jewelry and Gift Store 1213 Main 644-8837 For all household gifts, necessary and deco¬ rative, Linda Farst knows that Star China is unexcelled in Anderson. STAR CHINA AND HOUSEWARES, INC. 902 MAIN STREET ANDERSON, Indiana Karen Proffit takes a look at the beautiful ring selection available at Kirkman ' s Jewelry VERNON’S Main and 5th Sts. Anderson, Indiana Karen Miller makes her wishful selection from the large showroom of furniture at Kelly ' s KELLY’S FURNITURE I 129 Meridian Street Phone 644-7759 Glenda Finch and Cathy Miller admire the light fixtures displayed at Vernon ' s. RUSS REGENOLD PONTIAC, INC. 303 Pendleton Avenue Anderson, Indiana Bonneville is the first choice of Ralph McGee HUNTER WE1DNER CHEVROLET, INC. Anderson ' s Oldest And Largest Automobile Dealership Fred Dailey proudly displays his choice: the 1969 Corvette Stingray John Campetelle, Ken Wade, Glenda Clark, Debbie Bowser, find it easy to relax with a Coke. 160 WARNER PRESS, INC The Warner Press Bookstore—Just south of the campus The Christian Bookstore—at the Mounds Mall Large enough to serve your needs Small enough to know them! 161 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Full service Bank with offices in Elwood and Anderson Stephanie Lewis finds banking a real pleasure at First National. 5 Gu i d e LAMP DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS CORP. 162 DIETZEN’S BAKERY Becky Merriken briefs through wide book selections at Decker ' s DECKER’S Elaine Whitesell gets the experts advice on the freshness of Holsum bread. Dr. J. R. MAYER Dr. R J PATROHAY Doctors of Optometry Lens Duplicated Contact Lenses 1023 Meridian 644-5265 163 MAUTZ AND OREN INC. Engineer ' s and Constructors Effingham, Illinois ANDERSON TRAVEL BUREAU Located in the Anderson Bank Lobby The Finest in Hardware Since Paul Donahue and Jane Bradford point out the advantages of a European trip to Cheryl Reddinger THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERHOOD HOUR Reaching all continents to proclaim " A United Church for a Divided World " Dr. R. Eugene Sterner 1882 KAUFMANS Phone 644-4491 Kaufman ' s -HAVE r Marsha Friermood enjoys the convenience found at Citizens Banking Co. CITIZENS BANKING Main Office—I Ith and Meridian St. 164 with 5 Branch Offices to Serve You. SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. Sears SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Char Christianson, Beth Burch, and Jackie Hooker, make the spring selection at Sears. Sandy Cooper picks up some professional tips from a disc jockey WHBU RADIO CBS Radio • Nite Watch AC. Football and Basketball BERT T. OWENS " We Can ' t Make All The Ice Cream ... First in Anderson 1800—Lincoln 2326—Columbus 642-1466 644-9909 ... So We Just Make The Best. " SAGA FOOD SERVICE ANDERSON COLLEGE CAFETERIA Mae Kite and Linda Owens get a " behind the scene " look at the college cafeteria with Al Rehn 165 It still is. We were pretty young ourselves when we joined General Motors. But look at us now. We’re the world’s largest producer of automotive electrical equipment, making everything from generators for cars to batteries for missiles. Indiana was a great starting place for us, it’ll be a great starting place for you. Because here at Delco-Remy we need people like you. Young people trained and anxious to meet the many challenges of transportation. If science, engineering or research interests you, dig in now. Study hard. Prepare for a career. Then look us up. Right after college. Here in Anderson, Indiana. MARK OF EXCELLENCE Division of General Motors • Anderson, Indiana ANDERSON FEDERAL SAVINGS The Largest Federal Savings and Loan Association in Madison County Ron Fritts examining the Bank Vault of An¬ derson Federal Savings Bobbie Douglas examines the eye-catching sportswear at Ward ' s MONTGOMERY WARDS BROADWAY SALES INC. Julie Munn and Rusty Wilson talk over the possibilities of a new Charger MOUNDS MALL SHOPPING CENTER ANDERSON, INDIANA 644-3611 167 MILLER HUGGINS, INC. 1212 Meridian Phone 644-4404 Glenda Clark finds a wide selection of type¬ writers to fit any need at Miller Huggins. NORM COOK STUDIO NATURAL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY Phone 643-5315 502 West I Ith Anderson, Indiana A - S: “A MATTER OF LIFE” CHURCH OF GOD WORLD SERVICE OVERSEAS MISSIONS CHRISTIAN EDUCATION HOME MISSIONS WARNER PACIFIC COLLEGE CHRISTIAN BROTHERHOOD HOUR ANDERSON COLLEGE ' ; v - ' V ' ' LITERATURE EVANGELISM GULF-COAST BIBLE COLLEGE 169 Abbott, Connie 57, 70, 112, Sachem Little Sister, Choir, Campus Singers, Band, Tri-S, CIA, MENC Abbott, Bob 52, 126 Abell, Marcella 112 Abernathy, Phillip 84 Abraham, Roxann 144 Adams, Bruce 144 Adams, Terry 52, 93, 126 Akard, Dorothy 61 Albert, Tim 84 Allen, Candace 144 Allen, Clarena 69, 112, CIA, SEA, Hist., Orchestra Allen, David 68 Allen, Linda 72, 136 Allen, Ralph 49, 59, 73, 126 Allen, Bob 84, 126 Allison, Joe 42, 62, 126 Altenbernt, Patty 57, 72, 112, Camarada, CIA, WRA Altmire, Martha 72, 136 Alvarez, Viv 45, 61, 144 Amand, Cheryl 112 Anderson, Gary 51, 136 Anderson, Linda 72 Anderson, Paris 64, 112, Triad, CIA, Gamma Delta Iota, Football, Track, Scuba Club, ICL Anderson, Rod 60 Anderson, Sam 84 Anderson, Tom 144 Arrington, Barbee 51, 126 Armey, Janet 56, 67, 71, 126, Arete Pep, Chap., SGA Choir, Tri-S, CIA, MENC, Soeurettes Arms, Karen 57, 77, 112, Camarada, Alpha Psi Omega, Soeurettes, Spanish Club, French Club, Sec.-Treas., Dra¬ ma Club Armstrong, John 126 Amy, Richard 49, 90, 112, Amici, Gam¬ ma Delta Iota, Sec., Wrestling, Capt., Scuba Club, Arcita Arrendale, Charles 52, 84, 99, 136 Arthur, Harvey 84, 144 Ashley, Victoria 56, 126 Atkins, Norma 60, 144 Atkinson, David 84 Atts, Rebecca 126 Aukerman, John 60, 144 Ayers, Rick 144 Bailey, Keith 136, Band, Tri-S, CIA, Pep Band Bain, Bob 84, 144 Baker, Charles 60, 144 Baker, David 112 Baker, Greg 22, 52, 95, 126 Baker, Janet 61, 144 Baldwin, Audrea 69, 72, 101, 126 Baldwin, Ren 51, 70, 71, 112 Ball, Letty 112 Barber, Joann 144 Barker, Janet 71, 112, Taeda, Pi Gam¬ ma Mu, Choir, Tri-S, CIA, MENC, Drama Club Barker, JoEtta 144 Barker, Linda 136 Bate, Marsha 61, 144 Bates, Belinda 144 Bates, Sharon 69, 112, CIA, SEA, VP Bates, Tom 52, 94, 96, 112, Sachem, Basketball, Capt., Arcita Baugher, Vivian 144 Baumann, Shirley 72, 101, 126 Bays, Linda 136 Beach, Cozette 23, 56, 67, 70, 71, 74, 126 Beason, Esther 6, 7, 1 Beck, Bonnie 136 Beckham, Kenneth 49, 136 Bell, Deborah 136 Bellomy, Patricia 136 Bender, Douglas 144 Benedict, Kristen 126 Benefield, Maurice 112 Benjamin, Janet 144 Bennett, Mervil 52, 126 Bentley, Joan 136 Bentley, Karen 144 Bentley, Steven 84 Berger, Gayle 61, 144 Berry, Elaine 136 Bertram, Sharon 136 Bertschman, Charles 144 Best, David 49, 76, 127, Amici, Alpha Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Religious Life Council Bever, Michael 49 Birch, Dayle 58, 127 Birch, Stephen 60, 80, 144 Bittner, Dennis 93, 94, 95, 96, 136 Blackwelder, Dorothea 45, 57, 136 Blackwell, Beverly 136 Blair, Glenda 144 Blair, Judy 56, 136 Blair, Roy 136 Blakowsky, Joan 56, 113, 130 Arete Pep, ECHOES, Peoples Editor, Alpha Phi Gamma Blevins, John 51, 77, 113 Blocher, Wanda 143 Bloom, Calvin 25, 40, 51, 70, 71, 74, 77, 113, 132, Booster, Who’s Who, Alpha Psi Omega, Student Council, Area Rep., Campus Singers Bloom, Helen 57, 127, 169 Bohling, Kay 101, 136 Bolt, Phyllis 57, 113, SEA, WRA, Young Republicans, Sec. Bookout, Kirk 51 Borden, Beverly 136 Borders, Lynda 81, 113, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, Sec., SEA, Soeurettes Bowen, James 80, 113 Bowles, Margaret 62, 114 Bowman, Carol 127 Bowser, Deborah 136 Boyd, Helen 127 Brandon, Ricki 144 Branham, Harold 84, 144 Brann, Jane 76, 127 Brasill, Dennis 60, 144 Braztain, John 136 Brayfield, June 57, 69, 113 Bridges, Jan 62, 69, 127 Brinkman, Charles 137 Brinkman, Mike 28, 144 Brook, Sheryl 58, 127 Bromley, Barbara 137 Brown, Dywane 144 Brown, Tom 54, 77, 113 Brown, Vic 52, 84, Sachem, Football, Arcita Brungard, Mary 127 Bryan, Delna 64, 144 Buck, Kathy 70, 71, 127 Buehler, Keith 59, 137 Buehler, Bob 73, 144 Bull, Linda 56, 113, Arete Pep, ECHOES, Ads Editor, SEA, Young Republicans, Soeurettes, French Club Bundrick, Linda 56, 127 Burch, Beth 137 Burgan, Stephen 144 Burgin, Pamela 61 Burkey, Cora 61, 72, 144 Burnett, Carol 62 Burnett, Carolyn 113, R.A., Tri-S, AFC, Pres. Burns, Glenn 49, 74, 93, 113, Amici, ECHOES, Sports Editor, Who’s Who, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, Men’s Senate, Circle K, Tri-S, Cross Country, Captain, Track, Captain, Scuba Club Burns, Martha 63, 72, 137 Burris, Luana Sue 144 Butler, Judy 144 Butler, Tom 49, 80, 113 Butterfield, Candy 57, 72, 127 Butterfield, Connie 57, 72, 127 Butterfield, Vicki 57, 74, 113, Camarada, Who’s Who, Alpha Psi Omega, RA, Dorm Chairman, Tri-S Buttz, Regina 69, 113, Camarada, SEA, Judo Club, Soeurettes Byerman, Keith 43, 66, 76 Cahoon, Bob 67, 127 Callen, Linda 144 Callison, Bonnie 137 Camp, Connie 127 Campbell, Dorinda 144 Campbell, Frank 144 Campbell, Philip 84 Campbell, Vic 80, 113, Pi Gamma Mu, Football Caniff, Karen 137 Canterbury, Larry 144 Capps, Sherry 137 Cardone, Jim 84 Carlisle, Dave 68, 114, SEA, Golf, Scuba Carpenter, Dick 127 Carr, Ron 44, 49, 77, 114 Amici, ECHOES, Editor-in-Chief, Genrl. As¬ sistant, Organizations Ed., Alpha Psi Omega, VP, Alpha Phi Gamma, Circle K, Tri-S, IRC, WAC, Young Republicans, Drama Club, Arcita Carroll, Dennis 37, 57, 76, 77, 114 Booster Club, Sec., Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, SGA, RA, Debate, Tri-S, WAC Carroll, Celeste 57, 114 Camarada, AN- DERSONIAN, Typing Ed., RA, SAM, Tri-S, CIA Carroll, Terry 62, 71, 137 Carter, Gerald 64 Casler, Dan 62, 63, 137 Caudill, Cris 144 Cerbus, Alberta 88, 137 Chalk, Roger 95, 137 Chenoweth, Steven 60, 144 Chemey, Eunice 144 Cherney, Sam 114 Chessor, Barry 49 Chewning, Lawrence 137 Chewning, Carolyn, Areta Pep, Pres., Treas., Soeurettes, 56, 114 Childers, Ed 52, 114, Sachem, Sec., Gamma Delta Iota, Track Chilton, Debbie 144 Christensen, Charlene 61, 144 Christensen, Rich 84 Clark, Cheri 137 Clark, Dan 51, 74, 114, Booster Club, VP, Pres., Who’s Who, RA. Rel-Vo- Prep, Pres., Religious Life Council, Rep.-at-Large Clark, Glenda, 137 Clark, Roger 60, 144 Clay, Chris 67, 71, 127 Clear, Todd 137 Clemens, Fred 77 Clingenpeel, Dan 51, 114, Boosters Club, WAC, Young Republicans, Football Clock, Janet 114 170 Coble, Monty 49, 114, Amici, WAC, Rel-Vo-Prep, Religious Life Council Coffman, Bob 42, 144 Cohlhepp, Fred 84, 145 Cole, Bob 77, 114 Collingwood, Debbie 145 Collins, Ken 137 Combs, Jim 84, 137 Combs, Linda 61, 72 Confer, Bob 145 Cook, Jeannie 22, 23, 127, 171 Cook, Steve 127 Cookston, Joseph 51, 70, 71, 74, 127 Cooley, Tim 64, 145 Cooper, David 69, 127 Cooper, Sandy 58, 63, 127 Copeland, Jane 69, 114, Taeda, Treas., Kappa Epsilon Sigma, Tri-S, CIA, SEA, Religious Life Council, Sec., Soeurettes Copher, Phyllis Anne 145 Coughlin, Darlene 137 Cousparis, Steve 76, 80, 137 Covher, Wayne 114 Cowan, Linda 145 Cox, Glen 49 Cox, Marlea Lynne 137 Cox, Rick 51, 71, 67, 93, 114, Booster, Choir, Tri-S, MENC, Pres., Rel-Vo- Prep, Religious Life Council, Arcita Coy, Mike 93, Cross Country, Track Craig, Dorothy 64, 65, 137 Crane, Sue 115 Cripe, Denise Kay 137 Cripps, Kathy 66, 137 Crocker, Jack 59, 60, 145 Crose, Rick 49, 127 Crose, Ruth 61, 145 Crouch, Sharyn 42, 58, 63, 127 Crowder, Rita 145 Cruse, Cathy 42, 45 Culler, Joyce 137 Culp, Norm 128 Cunningham, Sally 56, 115, Arete Pep, Pres., Mental Health Club, Soeurettes Curless, Dan 52, 93, 195 Dailey, Fred 49, 72, 90, 128 Danford, Cheryl 132, 145 Darkwood, Bob 81, 115 Darland, Donna 58, 128 Davis, Daphne 64, 145 Davis, Donna Jean 61, 145 Davis, Douglas 68, 137 Davis, Sharon 57, 70, 71, 115, Camarada, VP, Alpha Chi, Treas., Sigma Zeta, Sec., Kappa Mu Epsilon, RA, Choir, Tri-S, CIA, SEA, Drama Club Davis, William 145 Dawson, Cole 136 Daymon, Linda 136 Dean, Donald 60, 145 Decker, Dennis 136 Decker, Gary 145 Dennis, Patsy 145 Densmore, Chris 71, 136 Denton, Dennis 92, 136 Deward, Rick 145 Deyoung, Delores 58, 136 Dietrick, Jim 136 Digges, Roger 136 Dobbins, Kathy 145 Dockery, Brenda 115 Dodd, Ruth 115 Dodson, Jim 51, 70, 71, 128 Dohse, Duane Will 145 Donaldson, Randy 136 Donnell, Fred 52, 99, 136 Dartmund, Virgipia 136 Dotson, Grover 145 Doty, David 71, 146 Doty, Pauline 136 Douglas, Roberta 115 Drabenstot Linda 136 Drummond, Twila 69, 72, 101, 128 Dukes, Philip 60, 67, 146 Dunhoft, Roger 146 Dunn, Cathy 128 Eads, Sue 136 Early, Norma 115 East, Tim 52, 53, 84 Easterling, Sharon 115 Eastman, Mike 146, 173 Ebanks, Marjorie 57, 128 Eccles, Nancy 136 Eckelbarger, Lou Ann 69, 146 Eckelberg, David Paul 66 Eckelberg, Duana 43 Edwards, Gloria 56, 128 Eide, Dennis 128 Eliason, Carol 115, Taeda, RA, SEA Elkins, Rena 57, 70, 71, 115, Camarada, Choir, Campus Singers, Tri-S, CIA, MENC Engle, Gary 136 Epperly, Don 52, 84, 87, 115, Sachem, Treas.. Football, Honorary Captain, Wrestling, Arcita Essex, Kurt 51, 128 Etchison, Janice 128 Eustace, Jim 146 Evans, Naomi, 62, 115, Taeda, CIA, WSGA, AFC, VP, Soeurettes Farrar, Dava 128 Farrar, Tom 51, 128 Booster, RA, SAM, Pres., Choir, Young Republicans Farst, Linda 128 Fechenda, Vicki 56, 128, Pep, RA, French Club, Spanish Culb, Pres. Fefee, Olivia 64, 65, 136 Felts, Arthur Lee 136 Fenters, Lanny 32, 136 Ferrell, Sandy 45, 56, 67, 115, Arete Pep, ECHOES, Typist, Office Mgr., SAM, Drama Club, Sourettes Festian, Sandy Tri S, Judo Club, Soeur¬ ettes Fiegland, Dale 115, Amici, Wrestling, Scuba Club, Pre-Med Club Fickel, Larry 52, 128 Finch, Glenda 64, 146 Fishback, June 127 Fitts, Doyce 51, 146 Flanders, Susan 146 Flegel, Evelyn Kay 136 Fleming, Margaret 61 Flowers, Keith 129, SAM, Pres. Floyd, Rick 76, 129 Floyd, Sharon 136 Flynn, Frieda Jean 146, 168 Folkers, Tim 146 Foote, Patricia 146 Ford, Debbie 146 Forkner, Jackie 146 Foronda, Fran 56, 69, 72, 74, 81, 116 Arete Pep, ECHOES, Editor-in- Chief, ANDERSONIAN, Feature Edi¬ tor, Who’s Who, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, Alpha Phi Gamma, Sigma Tau Delta, RA, Tri-S, IRC, Sec., SEA, MENC, WRA, VP, Scuba Club, Judo Club, Soeurettes Forsberg, Brenda 146 Foth, Kathy 136 Foudy, Ron 60 Fought, Cathy 67, 136 Fox, Henry 116 SEA Fox, Norma 61, 72, 146 Frank, Craig 60, 80, 146 Franklin, Mike 136 Freed, Linda Carol 146 French, Linda 136 Friend, Connie, 58, 81, 116, Taeda, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Rec.-Treas., Sigma Zeta, SEA Friermood, Marsha 25, 40, 41, 42, 56, 71, 74, 77, 129 Fritts, Ron 70, 71, 129 Fry, Jim 136 Fry, Mike 129 Frye, Millie 138 Fuller, Danny 138 Fuller, David 60, 68, 146 Fuller, Doug 60, 68, 146 Funk, Brenda 146 Funk, Harold 116 Funk, Janet 116 Fuqua, Loisanne 56 Gaines, Bob 129 Gard, Diana 63, 116, Tri-S, CIA, Co- Capt., SEA Gardner, Marie 147 Gamer, Danny 138 Gamer, Mike 73, 147 Garrett, David 84 Garrett, Gordon 116, Amici, RA Garrison, Joyce 129 Garrison, Linda 61 Geer, Dan 23, 52, 84, 86, 129 Gehrig, Terena 138 Geiersbach, Jean Ellen 138 George, Donna 147 Germany, Vonda 62, 71, 138 Geron, Becky 147 Gholston, Debbie 60 Gibson, John 64, 65, 66, 77, 99, 129 Gifford, Dick 49, 90, 116, Amici, Treas., VP, Tri-S, Wrestling, Captain, Scuba Club, Pres., Sec.-Treas. Gilbert, Clella 116, Taeda, Hist., Sigma Zeta, CIA, Gamma Delta Iota, Sec. Gilbert, Larry 116, Band, CIA, MENC, Young Republican, French Club Gilbert, Steve 51, 138 Gilleland, Beth 138 Gloff, Denny 116, Basketball, Baseball Goodrick, Connie 61 Goodwin, Kathy 116, CIA, SEA, Reporter Gorley, Jannice 138 Gothberg, Becky 69, 129 Gould, Nancy 58 Govan, Emily 57, 138 Gradeless, Dennis 54, 69, 116, Triad, Hist. Pi Gamma Mu, CIA, Director- in-Chief, Co-Captain, Chap. SEA, AFC, Young Republican Grams, Kathy 60, 147 Grantland, Nelda Lynn 61, 147 Gray, Emily Sue 138 Greaver, Jacquie 57, 138 Greene, Rondald 147 Gribben, Joy 116 Grimes, Ron 116 Grinewitzki, Sandy 117 Gullett, Vema 56, 138 Guthrie, Norm 138 Guthrie, Sue 57, 117, Camarada, Chap¬ lain, Treas., May Court, Tri-S, CIA, Dorm Chairman, RA. Hackney, Craig 138 Haga, Carl 51, 66, 129 Hagerman, Steve 60, 84 Hall, Elaine 61, 147 Hall, Janette 64, 66, 147 Hall, Norma 43, 66 Haller, Sue 67, 129 Halsell, David 92 171 Hamm, Carolyn Faye 138 Hammel, Randy 54, 117, Triad, Gamma Delta Iota, Basketball, Tennis, Arcita Hammond, Carla 57, 138 Hammond, Gary 129 Hand, Paula 56, 72, 138 Hankins, Denny 99 Hanna, Jeanne Michele 138 Hanna, Larry 52 Harbrecht, Melanie 138 Hardman, Larry 51, 129 Hargett, Kay 55, 57, 69, 138 Harper, Landis 129 Harshbarger, Stephanie 138 Hart, Judy 147 Harting, Fred 51, 71, 129 Hartley, Jo Lynn 72, 138 Hartwell, Georgiades 138 Harvey, Beth Ann 138 Haskins, Mark 81, 129 Haskins, Ruth 71, 76, 138 Hatchel, Brenda 61, 147 Hatton, Wanda 139 Havens, Hope 71 Hay, Tom 139 Hayes, Frank 139 Heffelfinger, Jim 45, 117, Triad, Sec., CIA, AFC, Young Republicans Heffelfinger, Jane 58, 63, 129 Heitzenrater, Dave 75, 95, 99 Helbling, Ruth Ann 57, 67, 71, 74, 117 Helsel, Marlene 147 Helvey, Drew 41, 49, 59, 71, 80, 117, Amici, Who’s Who, Pi Gamma Mu, SGA, Pres., Circle K, Debate, Choir, Campus Singers, Tri-S, IRC, SEA, WAC, Religious Life Council Hency, Steve 68, 139 Hennis, Bonnie 147 Herman, John 147 Hester, Paul 60 Hey, Dave 96, 99 Highley, Tim 139 Hill, Jim 49, 99, 129 Hill, Tom 93 Hilyard, Linda 56, 129 Hinderer, Joyce 117, Camarada, VP, SGA, RA, Dorm Chairman Hinds, Jolinda 61, 72, 147 Hippensteel, Barry 22, 91, 129 Hitt, Eugene 49, 129 Hively, Richard 147 Hodge, Mary Lou 122 Hofacker, Mary Jane 61, 147 Hoffman, Hazel Marie 139 Hogan, Bob 84, 139 Holbert, Brenda 64 Holcomb, Nancy 147 Holland, Ramona 130 Hollaway, Eunice 31, 64, 71, 147 Hollett, Sue 56, 130 Hollis, Cindy 58, 130 Honaker, Paul 90 Hood, Jana Kay 68, 147 Hooker, Jackie 139 Hoover, Buzz 52, 84, 130 Horevay, Sue 61, 72, 147 Hamer, Karen 69, 139 Hosier, Debbie 147 Howard, John 42, 54, 130 Howard, Karen 62, 130 Howard, Laura 139 Howell, Don 41, 117, Amici, SGA, IRC, Young Democrats Hsu, Eva Chi-Wen 117 Hudson, Nancy 147 Hudson, Bob 147 Huff, Barbara 139 Hulbert, Lora Lee 147 Hunt, Linda 43, 121 Hunter, Nancy 139 Hurless, Dave 117, Pi Gamma Mu, CIA, Cp 1 A Arcifji Hurst, Cheryl 41, 55, 56, 71, 139 Hutson, Charlotte 139 Hyslip, Norman 60, 147 Ice, Jack 94, 95, 96, 117 Igney, Phyliss 139 Ingram, Larry 80 Ingram, Art 72, 147 Irwin, Dave 49, 70, 71, 77, 117 Isenhour, Bill 84, 90 Jack, David 54, 117 Jackson, Carl 31, 69, 64, 147 Jackson, Becky 147 Jacobs, Jackie 57, 130 Jacobson, Dick 52, 72, 130 Jeeninga, Alvena 20, 57, 130 Jenkins, Stan 147 Jennings, Doug 94, 95 Johnson, Brian 84 Johnson, Carol 147 Johnson, Elsa 64, 66, 147 Johnson, Mary 58, 69, 117, Taeda, SEA, Cor. Sec., AFC Johnson, Mary R. 61, 147 Johnson, Myra 101 Johnson, Doug 45, 64, 80, 139 Johnston, Pat 52, 147 Johnston, Rosalind 117 Jones, David 60, 147 Jones, Gary 32, 51, 70, 71, 77, 118, Booster, Alpha Psi Omega, Choir, Campus Singers Tri-S, Religious Life Council Jones, Janet 139 Jones, Terry 49, 71 Jordan, Keith 93 Kachelein, Joan 147 Kachelein, Evelyn 118, SEA Kane, Mark 49, 118, Amici, Pres., SGA, Treas., Tri-S, IRC, Football, Track, Wrestling Karns, Beverly, 61, 147 Kearns, Lee 80, 118, Amici, Pi Gamma Mu Keating, Jan 56, 139 Keech, Mike 130 Keen, Kathy 139 Kees, Ginger 68, 118, Taeda, VP, RA, Tri-S, Scuba Club Keith, Joyce 54, 139 Kemler, Dale 139 Kendrick, David 49, 68, 139 Kennedy, Connie 57 Kerbyson, Marsha 61, 147 Kerr, Bonny 45, 57, 68, 77, 130 Cam¬ arada, ECHOES, Adv. Ed., Peoples Asst., Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Phi Gamma, Scuba Club, CIA, SEA, WAC, Drama Club, Soeurettes Kerr, Rose 139 Kesterke, Kathy 61, 147 Keys, David 147 Keys, Karen 139 Kilburn, Paul 130 Kingsbury, Charlotte 58, 81, 118, Taeda, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta Kingsbury, Rosa 58, 139 Kirby, Vicki 130 Kirk, Carrie 130 Kirkwood, Mitch 147 Kissinger, Connie 39, 138 Kistler, Marsha 61, 147 Kittenger, Tom 54, 67, 118, Triad, Band, MENC Kleinhenn, Lois 45, 138 Klepper, Keith 49, 130 Kluth, Jan 72, 147 Knight, Bob 62, 147 Knouff, Kathy 76, 130, Alpha Chi, Kappa Epsilon Sigma, Tri-S, SEA, French Club, Soeurettes Kohl, Sue 138 Kraft, Sherrill 69 Kramer, Roland 41, 43, 59, 66, 73, 131 Kramer, Sylvia 41, 47 Kriner, Mike 147 Kufeldt, Kristina 58, 118 Kuhns, Shirley 131 Kurtz, Lee 118, 151, Amici, Circle K, Gamma Delta Iota, VP, Treas., Young Republicans, Golf, Arcita, Sec. Labruyere, Larry 54, 131, Triad, Band, Hist. Lamaster, Ivan 138 Landis, Dale 118 Lange, Steve 66 Lanthrop, Ron 138 Lawrence, Marshall 148 Lawson, Pat 148 Layne, Henry 71, 138 Leak, Mike 99, 93 Lechlitner, Tom 138 Lee, Anita 61 Leedom, Connie 58, 63, 131 Lehman, Roger 60, 148 Lehnus, Roland 49, 131 Lemmond, Lerue 138 Lewellyn, Marian 57, 118, Camarada, Sec., Alpha Chi, Kappa Epsilon Sigma, Sachem Little Sister, SEA, Young Republicans, Judo Club, Sec., Drama Club, Soeurettes Lewis, Juanita 67, 148 Lewis, Stephanie 69, 131 Lewis, Steve 95, 148 Lighty, Judy 118, SEA Limbach, Joyce 61, 148 Lindemuth, Dave 138 Lindsey, Diane 118 Lindsey, Rick 51, 72, 138 Line, Karen 148 Line, Ruth 131 Lineback, Debbie 138 Little, Jim 148 Littrell, Terry 52, 93, 138 Livingston, Sandy 57, 76, 118, Camarada, Alpha Chi, CIA, French Club, Pres. Lloyd, James, Donald 51, 138 Lockhart, Bonnie 138 Lacy, Karen 138 Long, Cheryl Jean 148 Long, Dave 138 Long, Durenda 69, 72, 118 Long, Ron 95, 96, 119, Sachem, RA, Tri-S, Basketball, MVP, Baseball, FCA, Pres., Arcita, Treas. Lorigan, Dan 119 Lorimer, Linda 138 Lortz, Steve 43 Lotten, Skip 49, 119 Loudenback, Max 119, Russian Club Lovely, Diane 61, 148 Lowe, Ron 131 Lucas, Al 70, 71, 131, Circle K, Choir, Tri-S, CIA, MENC, Arcita Mader, Barbara 138 Maguire, Vicki 21, 88, 138 Mahnke, Terry Mahoney, Mike 52, 91 Majors, Marilyn 41, 57, 69, 119, SGA, Resident Representative, RA, Tri-S, CIA, SEA, Camarada, Sec. Mallonee, Richard 67 Marcum, Sharon 148 172 Markgraf, Jim 138 Marlowe, Rose 57, 71, 76, 140 Marsh, Lyle 80, 119 Martin, Dave 148 Martin, Kris 69, 119, Tri-S, SEA, Ju¬ diciary Council, Soeurettes Martin, Rich 52, 131 Martin, Sally 56, 57, 146 Martin, Sandy 140 Martin, Sherry 148 Martindale, Warren 131 Mashue, Dan 68, 140 Mathis, Ed 140 Mathis, Bob 50, 51, 74, 131 Mauler, Gwen 148 Maurer, Ron 92, 140 May, Mickey 119, French Club, German Club, SEA May, Ronda 63, 140 Mayhew, Linda 61, 140 McAlhaney, Jim 23, 30, 77, 119, Alpha Psi Omega, Circle K, Debate, Young Democrats, Cross Country, Track, Wrestling McBee, Pat 148 McBride, Joyce 36, 140 McCall, Bruce 99 McCandless, Bart 148 McCarty, Linda 56, 88, 119, Arete Pep, Cheerleader, Tri-S, WRA, Soeurettes McClintock, Dan 119, Golf McClintock, Jan 119, WRA, Dramatics, Club, Judo Club, Soeurettes McCormick, Debbie 148 McCoy, Lawrence 60, 148 McCoy, Marla Ann 148 McCraw, Joe 131 McCulley, Dixie 140 McCune, Diane 148 McCutchan, Bev 56, 119, Arete Pep, German Club, Mental Health Club, Judo Club McDonald, Mike 51, 67, 71, 131 Me Gee, Ralph 64 McKenzie, Mickey 64, 84 McKinley, Kay 119, Tri-S, Soeurettes McKinney, Ron 54, 76, 81, 131 McLaughlin, Jim 149 McLoughlin, Marianne 140 McLellan, Bill 60, 92 McMillan, Suzanne 61 McMullen, Nancy 140 McMurray, Jim 84 McVicker, Jerry 131 Means, Marc 140 Meeks, Sue 131 Meese, Cherlyn 61, 72, 148 Meldrum, Tana 67, 149 Meldrum, Terry 52, 140 Meredith, Ed 52, 199, Sachem, Baseball, Mgr., MVP Mernken, Becky 77, 101, 140 Merrill, Joan 71 Merriman, Antha 67, 70, 71, 128, 140 Metsker, Karen 140 Meyer, Mary Lou 101 Middleton, Carol 58, 120 Miklich, Sue 149 Miles, Roxie Lynn 69, 72, 120 Miller, Brenda 61, 149 Miller, Cathy 57, 120, Camarada, Tri-S, SEA Miller, Dan 49, 71 Miller, Joyce 131 Miller, Karen 131 Miller, Marian 57, 70, 71, 131 Miller, Milo 74, 131 Miller, Mona 26, 120 Miller, Paul 60, 149 Miller, Tim 93, 140, 195 Miller, Vaughn 60, 148 Millikan, Grant 84, 140 Mills, David 60 Milnes, Ernest 80, 140 Misheer, Kenneth 140 Mitschelan, David 149 Mitschelen, Jon 38, 76, 131, Alpha Chi, Sigma Zeta, Tri-S Mitschelen, Joyce 149 Mobley, Steve 49, 67, 120 Monroe, James 52, 84, 86, 90, 93 Montgomery, Gary 84, 149 Moore, Joyce 140 Moore, Linda 149 Morehead, Dennis 131 Morehead, Lynda 77, 120, Taeda, ECH¬ OES, Campus Life Ed., Alpha Psi Omega, SEA Morgan, Carolyn 65, 71, 132 Morgan, Judy 57, 77, 132, Camarada, Alpha Psi Omega Morgan, Philip 52, 84 Morgan, Phyllis 140 Morris, Marjorie 63, 140 Morse, John 68, Gamma Delta Iota, Scuba Moser, Sue 149 Moss, Paul 149 Mulford, Mary 149 Mullins, Marvin 120, Band, IRC Mundy, Diane, 32, 56, 71, 120 Munn, Julia 149 Munsen, Judy 30, 140 Murawski, Terry 84, 99, 132 Murray, Frank 120, Band, CIA Murray, Freda Lois 140 Murray, Marsha 120 Murrell, Dan 54, 141 Myers, Linda 61, 69, 149 Neal, Terry 149 Neese, Debra 149 Nelson, Jacqueline Sue 149 Nesseth, John 59, 149 Newberry, Steve 120 Newberry, Beth 61, 149 Newberry, Cynthia 57, 141 Newberry, Sue 61, 67, 149 Newell, Ben 93, 141 Newell, Debbie 149 Newell, Samme 61, 149 Nichols, Earl 141 Nicholson, Paul 49 Nielsen Teff 71 Noggle’ Jim 22, 52, 73, 120, 193, Sach¬ em, Hist., Pres., Circle K, Judo, Young Republican, Track, Arcita, Sec. Noles, Sylvia 67, 132 Norton, Marjorie 149 Nulph, Kay 69, 120 Nunley, Gary 141 Oemler, Kathy 56, 132 Oldham, David 34, 43, 76, 77, 80, 132 Oldham, William 149 Olembo, Jotham 62, 149 Olson, Nancy 132 Osborn, Donna 61, 149 Osburn, Margaret 149 Otte, Ward 132 Otto, Sue 141 Ours, Fred 50, 51, 63, 120, Boosters, Band, CIA, Director-in-Chief, AFC Overbay, Linda 62 Owen, Tom 49, 141 Owens, Darlene 141 Pack, Melba 76, 141 Pack, Wanda 149 Parken, Candace 141 Parker, Mike 70, 71 Parks, Mike 60 Parks, Michele 61, 149 Parks, Pat 149 Patrie, Bill 62, 141 Pendleton, Carol 71, 74, 120 Perkins, Dan 84, 93 Perry, Marklin 149 Perry, Peggy 42, 149 Petersen, Mike 60 Pettigrew, David 80, 149 Phelps, Mark 60, 149 Phillips, Gloria 57, 141 Phipps, Alton 141 Pickens, Dennis 149 Pickens, Linda 70, 121 Pilcher, Linda 121 Pilcher, Bob 93 Pilo, Sharen 121 Pistole, Carole 61, 149 Poe, Deborah 149 Polk, Chole 141 Polus, Julie 149 Pond, Linda 141 Ponsler, Barbara 101, 141 Pontious, Marcia 61, 149 Poore, Cheryl 72, 76, 101 Powell, Gary 25, 70, 71, 149 Powless, Neva 149 Preisig, Pat 58, 121 Pressel, Rick 121 Pressel, Roderick 149 Preston, Pamela 149 Proctor, Duane 77, 121 Proebsting, Fred 37, 149 Profitt, Karen 36, 141 Pylate, Kay 32, 56, 71, 141 Pyle, Tom 150 Queen, Judy 150 Raab, Ruth 68, 150 Rambis, John 141 Ramsey, George 71 Ramsey, Kathryn 63, 69, 75, 121, Taeda, Chap., Who’s Who, RA, CIA, Sec., SEA Ramsey, Kathleen 71 Ramsperger, Shelly 71, 141 Rand, Rodaylia 61, 141 Rankin, Linda 61, 150 Raliff, Barbara 71, 141 Ray, Ken 49 Reames, John 60, 150 Reardon, Gene 36, 92, 141 Reay, Barbara 57, 132, Camarada, Chap., SGA, RA, Tri-S, Religious Life Coun. Rector, Larry 141 Redding, Steve 121 Reddinger, Cheryl 62, 121, RA, CIA, SEA, AFC, Sec., Spanish Club Reecer, Roy 52, 132 Reed, Ginger 57, 132 Reed, Phyllis 141 Reed, Rita 132 Reese, Sandra 57, 132 Reinhardt, Rick 51, 132 Reinhardt, Steve 70, 71, 140 Reynolds, Brenda 150 Reynolds, Don 51, 99, 140 Rhodes, Margo 56, 61, 132 Rice, Kent 76, 132 Rice, Bob 150 Rice, Saybra Kaye 140 Rich, Ellen 121 Richards, Vicki 22, 53, 56, 88, 97, 140 Richardson, Carol 22, 50, 70, 71, 66, 140 Richardson, Cheryl 61, 150 Richardson, Donna 150 Richardson, Mike 133 Richardson, Rosemary 133 173 Rider, Larry 49, 121, Amici, ECHOES, Sports, Freshman Class Treas., Circle K, IRC Rigel, Jim 84, 150 Rigel, Bill 51, 84, 133 Riggle, Judy 57, 77, 121, Camarada, Alpha Psi Omega, CIA, WAC, WRA, Drama Club, Sec., Soeurettes Rinker, Dan 49, 71, 140 Rippee, Pat 133 Risk, Jeff 93 Ritchhart, Linda 140 Ritter, Sharon 58, 76, 121 Roach, Chanwick 54, 73, 122, Triad, Chap., Circle K, CIA, Co-Capt., AFC, Young Repu blicans, Pres., CSF, Pres. Robbs, Tim 60 Roberts, Kathy 140 Roberts, Pam 58, 77, 122 Roberts, Paula 133 Robeton, Nancy 140 Robinson, Judy 56, 133 Robinson, Mark 133 Robinson, Sue 40, 66, 122, Camarada, Alpha Chi, Kappa Sigma Epsilon, SGA, Sec., Tri-S, CIA, IRC Roby, Jim 140 Rockhill, John 133 Roller, Mark 60, 80, 150 Roop, Mike 60, 150 Rosby, Pat 69, 150 Ross, Sharon 150 Rouintree, John 51, 71 Rousopoulos, Deno 150 Ruby, Linda 140 Ruse, Gary 95, 150 Ruth, Eileen 69, 122 Rutledge, John 150 Saba, Leila 150 Salisbury, Jennie 133 Salisbury, Linda 122, 77, Alpha Psi Omega, Tri-S Satterwhite, Darlynna 65 Sauls, Becky 56, 140 Schamhorst, Gary 150 Schepp, Joe 150 Schmidt, Fran 150 Schrecengost, Bill 52, 84, 99, 140 Schultheis, Don 54, 59, 122, Triad, Circle K Schwartz, Carol 140 Scott, Carleen 61, 150 Scott, Jim 122 Scott, Phyllis 61, 150 Scott, Stacy 150 Secrest, Don 51, 71, 122, Booster, Treas., SAM, Choir Seibert, Cheryl 140 Selent, Doria 57 Selent ,Gary 150 Sellers, Keith 76, 77, 133 Sempsrott, Wayne 51, 133, 140 Sereday, Doris 140 Sergeant, Howard 49, 133 Shankland, Dennis 122, Booster, Treas., Choir, Band, Tri-S, MENC Shaw, Rickey 60, 150 Sheakley, Diana 150 Shearer, Doug 49, 71, 133 Sheffield, Mike 49 Shelbum, Marianne 42 Sheppard, Darrell Keith 133, 167 Sherman, Jacquie 140 Sherrill, Dereama 140 Sherwood, Karen 140 Sherwood, Larry 133 Shettlewood, Rogelio Enri 150 Shilling, Joenita Elizabeth 68, 150 Shipley, Marcia Sue 150 Shook, Brenda 61, 150 Shoot, James 122, Triad, Sigma Zeta, Debate, Band, Gamma Delta Iota, Treas., Orchestra Shoot, Jerry 133 Shoot, Bill 81 Shotton, Rod 51, 133 Shotton, Sue 142 Shripka, Gary 69, 93, 133 Sigman, John 84, 142 Simerly, Judy 122 Simmerman, Harry 51, 133 Simpson, David lSO Sipka, Sue 57, 76, 122, C amarada, Alpha Chi, Kappa Epsilon Sigma, Choir, Spanish Club, French Club, Soeurettes Slaybaugh, Joyce 69, 142 Slaybaugh, Suzanne 150 Slayton, Pat 56, 133 Smart, Sheila 32, 56, 72, 75, 88, 97, 122, Arete Pep, ECHOES, Who’s Who, Freshman Class Sec., Homecoming Court, Cheerleader, Tri-S, CIA, WRA, Pres., WSGA, AFC, RA, Soeurettes Smith, Barbara 142 Smith, Bonnie 56, 76, 101, 133 Smith, Brent 133 Smith, Carla 38, 57, 122, Camarada, PEMM, Pres., VP, Sec., Tri-S, WRA, xnpi -I i " pjt " pc Smith, Daryl 41, 45, 54, 71, 76, 123, Triad, VP, ECHOES, Bus. Mgr. AN- DERSONIAN, Bus. Mgr., Alpha Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pres., Pi Gamma Mu, VP, Alpha Phi Gamma, Pres., SGA, Sophomore Class Treas., Choir, Tri- S, SEA, Young Democrats, Pres. Smith, Gayle 150 Smith, Diana 62, 69, 123 Smith, Joe 15, 40, 66, Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Gamma Mu, VP, SGA, VP, Debate, Tri-S, IRC, Pres., Track Smith, Donald 150 Smith, Judy 56, 133 Smith, Linda 142 Smith, Lois 150 Smith, Lyall 142 Smith, Michael 150 Smith, Paul 123 Smith, Dick 150 Smith, Ron 150 Smith, Ruby 150 Smith, Scott 150 Smith, Steve 60 Snowden, Joe 49, 75, 84, 87, 98, 99, 76, Amici, Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Football, Captain, Baseball Snyder, Jim 51, 133, Booster, Junior Class Pres., Circle K., Treas., Rel-Vo- Prep, Wrestling, Arcita Snyder, Dean 150 Soderquist, Terry Allan 150 Soetenga, Louise 20, 57, 75, 134 Spalding, Phil 73, 150 Sparks, Jim 123, Alpha Psi Omega, Tri- S, WAC Spence, Randy 142 Spencer, Jim 150 Spries, Jeff 73, 142 Spittler, Pat 142 Spitzmesser, Dick 52, 84, 142 Sprouse, Jerry 49, 67 Staker, Marie 142 Stanley, Bob 84, 150 Starkey, Barb 51, 56, 70, 71, 134 Stevenson, Charlotte 61, 150 Stewart, Connie 142 Stewart, Dennis Bruce 150 Stewart, Donna 57, 134 Stewart, Faye 150 Stewart, Sam 80, 123, Triad, Kappa Theta Mu, Pi Gamma Mu, Sec., SGA, Sophomore Class Pres., RA, Tri-S, CIA, IRC, Tennis Stinson, Colee 150 Stohler, Mike 123 Stover, Linda 142 Stowell, Joanna Beth 134 Stowers, Gail 56, 142 Strange, Janice 61, 150 Strawn, Charles 54, 123, Triad, SEA, Arcita Strege, Karen 57, 71, 142 Strege, Merle 22, 51, 71, 76, 77, 80, 123, Booster, Who’s Who, Pi Gamma Mu, Pres., Alpha Psi Omega, RA, Choir, Arcita, Pres. Stremmel, Ronda 58, 134 Strickier, Pat 45, 69, 72, 101, 142 Stull, Steve 150 Suko, Paul 51 Sutherland, John 25, 54, 71, 123, 132, Triad, Pres., Choir, Tri-S, CIA Sutter, Jeanette 20, 57, 70, 71, 123, Camarada, RA, Choir, Campus Sing¬ ers, MENC Sweeney, Ray 67, 73, 150 Swisher, Ken 150 Talbert, Don 67 Tasker, Les 84, 142 Tate, Imagene 20, 57, 123, 171 Taylor, Barry 60, 150 Taylor, Gwen 134 Taylor, Lillian 123 Taylor, Martha 142 Taylor, Pam 61, 72, 101, 151 Taylor, Rena 71, 67, 81, 123, Taeda, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Choir, Tri-S, CIA, MENC, WSGA Taylor, Bill 51, 71, 123 Tefft, Carolyn 57, 134 Telfer, Steve 52, 84, 99, 142 Terry, John 151 Terry, Tom 142 Tharp, Trixie 58, 123, Taeda, Band, SEA, Young Democrats Thole, Rod 142 Thomas, Carol 124 Thomas, Joe 151 Thomas, Karen 151 Thomas, Rufus 124 Thomason, Wanda 61, 151 Thombery, Sally 142 Thornburg, Linda 22, 30, 48, 71, 75, 77, 124, Who’s Who, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, RA, Homecoming Court, Choir, Tri-S, SEA Tierney, Mary Ann 142 Tierney, Terry 99 Tomlinson, Candy 56, 134 Toon, Les 92, 151 Tracy, Diana 142 Traister, Cindy 142, 181 Tramel, Duane 51, 142 Trexler, Darrel 124 Trexler, Merline 57, 67, 134 Trexler, Rosalie 57, 124 Trick, Carol 61, 151 Trick, Tom 54, 75, 76, 81, 124, Triad, Treas., Chap., Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Treas., Sigma Zeta, Pres., Kappa Mu Epsilon, RA, Tri-S, Gamma Delta Iota, Pres., WAC Turner, Alan 54, 134 Turner, Benny 124 Turner, Jackie 151 Turner, Merle 51, 134 Turner, Neil 51, 63, 143 174 Turner, Roseanna 61, 151 Turner, Steve 151 Ulery, Harriett 124 Unruh, Diana 143 Vanhorn, Roland Timothy 90 Van Norman, Dave 51, 75, 124, Booster, Who’s Who, SGA, Junior Class Treas., Circle K. Sec., Band, WAC, Arcita Van Norman, Paul 51, 59, 143 Van Norman, Steve 60 Van Sipe, Judy 63, 143 Varner, Collett 143 Vaughn, Sandy 151 Vautaw, Julie 143 Vermillion, Doug 43 Vrouvas, Melanie 151 Wade, Ken 23, 54, 77, 124, Triad, Pres., VP, ANDERSONIAN, Alpha Psi Omega, Pres., Tri-S, German Club, RA Wagner, Nancy 151 Wallace, Phil 42, 134 Walsh, Steve 143 Walter, Karen 134 Walter, Ken 52, 124 Walter, Samuel Richard 60 Walters, Chris 71, 134 Ward, Jeanette 134 Ward, Ken 71 Warne, Charles 124 Warren, Cheryl 22, 56, 88, 97, Arete Pep, RA, Homecoming Court, Cheer¬ leader, Captain, Sachem Little Sister Watkins, David 143 Watkins, Linda 56, 134 Watkins, Linwood 59, 143 Watkins, Sharon 57, 143 Watkins, Teresa 151 Watson, James 143 Watson, Mark 99, 101, 143 Weak, Sue 151 Weatherford, Sandy 124 Webb, Arlene 135 Webster, Dale 40, 51, 135, 63 Wehneman, Ray 62, 143 Weider, Greg 41 Weitner, Gary 151 Welch, Mike 124 Wells, Steve 151 West, Barb 143 West, Sherry 72, 57 Whalen, Karen 143 Whicker, Carol 72, 151 Wilson, Brady 49, 142 Wilson, Charl otte 142 Wilson, Roy 151 Wilson, Velma 135 Winslow, Steve 67, Choir, Tri-S, CIA MENC, VP Wittkamper, Tonda 58, 25, Taeda, Pres., SEA Wolfe, Cheryl 151 Wolfe, Tony 43, 51, 71, 75, 125, Boost¬ er, Chap, ANDERSONIAN, Contrib¬ uting Ed. Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Sr. Advisor, Choir, Tri-S, Baseball Wood, John 84 Wood, Paul 84, 86, 87, 93, 135 Woodward, George 125 Woodward, Susan 65 Woodward, Tim 142 Wright, Dan 32, 84, 99, 151 Wright, Duane 99 Wright, Glenda 135 Wright, Linda 69, 76, 135 Wright, Sandra 151 Whisman, Cindy 45, 101 White, Donna 151 White, Pat 58, 143 White, Bob 64 Whitesel, Allen 135 Whitesel, Glenn 151 Whittom, Charles 49, 135 Whittom, Linda Putnam 124, Taeda, Sec., Pi Gamma Mu, RA, Dorm Chairman, CIA Treas., Religious Life Council, Sec. Wittom, Ron 49, 142 Widener, Jeff 52, 142 Wiens, Earl 9, 142 Wiesenauer, Max 143 Wildermuth, Virginia 57, 142 Wiely, James 142 Wilkerson, Pauline 151 Williams, Janet 61 Williams, Rhonda 61 Williams, Ted 84, 85, 155 Willis, Billy 151 Yanik, Becky 57, 135, Camarada, Treas., Pres., Homecoming Court, May Court, WRA Amici Angel, PEEM, Soeurettes Yates, Gloria 57, 135, 172 Yates, Paul 135 Yeley, Randy 60, 151 Yerden, Frank 49, 142 Yoder, Daryl 27, 75, 125 Triad, Chap., Who’s Who, Sigma Zeta, VP, Choir, Tri-S, Gamma Delta Iota, Pres. Yoder, Wanda Phillips, 121, Arete Pep, Kappa Epsilon Sigma, VP Choir, SEA Pres. Yoder, Ronald 25 Young, Nolan 36, 51, 71, 135 Young, Wilda 135 Zeis, Marty 49,125, Amici, Phi Eta Sigma, Band, IRC, German Club, Mental Health Club Zinn, Linda 151 Zoll, Vera 61,151 175 Progress is always hard to accept when it affects what we believe or how we think something should be. Every happening worth remembering cannot be put into a small book. We feel that merely seeing the face of a forgotten campus friend will bring back to our minds a whole set of events, memories and emo¬ tions, both important and insignificant. Without the cooperation of each student, our pro¬ duction of the ECHOES would have been impossible. So, we of the staff thank you, each student, faculty and staff member for your patience, help and under¬ standing. Editor-in-chief Associate Editor Layout Editor Copy Editor Campus Life People Sports Advertisements Art Editor Office Manager Staff Ron Carr Doug Johnson Judy VanSipe Jan Keating Lois Kleinhenn Joe Schepp Gary Ruse Ronny Kerr Pat Slayton Sandy Ferrell Viv Alvarez, Cozette Beach Jeanne Cook, Pat Strickler General Assistants Ron Foudy, Doug Fuller Steve Lewis, Mark Roller Les Toon, Brady Wilson C xOrrO Photographer Assistant Advisor Charles Sowders Earl Tharp W. Shirell Fox 176 ' i : S ' .-- H

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