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3 1833 06735 5583 GC 977.202 AN23EC, 1968 What is past is prologue.. Shakespeare: The Tempest 2 i 1 Vn - We, f ie students of today, are the past, the present, the future .. . We are the past, for we share a heritage of 50 years of dedication and vision and a legacy from those before us. 1 We are the present. Don’t tell us we cant find the answers; we intend to try! Our facilities are excellent and expanding .. . our enthusiasm is unlimited . . . our teachers are creative, stimulating. We often are doubtful and confused, but we possess an abundant confidence in today . . . jpr ml 4 1 6 We are the present. AC is to us a place of dialogue, of excitement, of stress, of responsibility of awakening ... and, at times, a place of disappointment and flexibility Primarily, Anderson College is a place of growing. 8 SPIllISfl ' ■ v ' tfSiii Ull . |l i ' -v f s ?• : £ ' ” , ’p v-f i We are ffoe present.. . individuals searching for purpose .. .for commitment. We try many avenues in our search. Some are foolish . .. some wise. We seek to focus our capabilities .. . to face our limitations. 9 10 We are the future . .. Look around! Headlines offer us no escape. Parents remind us . . . teachers encourage us . . . yet, no one can understand our actions, for we do not unde rstand ourselves. We find meaning in our heritage. n We are the future. We feel at times insignificant. .. at times perceptive . . . other times rude, thoughtful, outgoing, frivolous, even studious. Constantly, we are searching. We revere the past. .. the present excites us .. . we are determining the future. HH mW 12 13 14 i - 15 16 Table of Contents Campus Life . 18 Organizations . 46 Sports . 76 People . 96 Ads . 150 Index . 172 17 19 Convenience is having a Saga Food meal ticket. Students anticipate The summer is ended. New and returning students arrive from every part of the country. Some have worked, some have continued college studies and some have experienced the thrill of going on Tri-S. Another school year begins. We stand in long book¬ store lines heavily laden with material for the new semester. Impatiently we wait to register. The familiar sight of freshmen beanies appears during Freshman Week. As Rush Week draws near, indecisive students appraise social clubs. Then, initiation is in store for those who have pledged. Adjustment takes place and a routine pattern is set. Getting up for an eight o’clock class, fighting the crowd at the post office after chapel, doing research for a term paper, trying to find your advisor to change a schedule, walking down the hill to Music Hall sev¬ eral times a day, popping pop corn in your room—all become a part of a college student’s life. A steeply inclined college street is a skateboard race track for Dave Bastine and other students with energy. excess a new school year of events Freshmen meet with advisors to plan their semester schedules. Camarada initiate Barbara Reay begs for pennies. Dorm life is hectic, but Janet Durham finds time to listen to some of her favorite records. 21 Dad s Day brings anxious fathers to campus to watch their sons play. Fall brings serious and fun times The Booster dunk is becoming a traditional part of initiation On the Amici hayride the wagons are crowded but no one week, seems to mind. 23 Queen Cozette Beach happily receives her crown from Zola Troutman. Homecoming events focus on royalty Past queens are an added feature at half-time events. From left: Zola Troutman (1967), Mrs. Karen Seibert Thole (1966), Mrs. Twila Tucker Briscoe (1965), Mrs. Mary Starkey Bowman (1964), Mrs. Sandra Haynes Miller (1963), Mrs. Bernice Still Asel (1962), Mrs. Naomi Benson McCutchen (1960), Mrs. Hester Click Ball (1958), Mrs. Judy Wells Renbarger (1957). 24 Amici’s float captures first place in the 50th Anniversary Parade. Linda Thornburg dramatically por¬ trays St. Joan of Arc in the home¬ coming play. Homecoming Court (from top): Queen Cozette Beach, Mona Hoffman, Kathy Xlenchinger, Becky Yanik, Cheri Amand. Moments of laughter and tears linger Long weeks of hard work and anxious waiting were climaxed by Anderson’s Jubilee Homecoming. The campus became a wonderland by night as the Fresh¬ men Illumination gave light to the walks that led students and visitors across campus to open dorms, art exhibits, the drama, “The Lark” and the annual alumni banquet. Every homecoming carries with it tradition that has lasted through the years, but yet each fall brings some¬ thing new and different. It is within the students at Anderson College that we .find the excitement of a homecoming weekend. It is in these special days when students share their world with family and friends. . The homecoming court and their escorts, from left: Myron Noble, Cheri Amand, Ron Long, Queen Cozette Beach, Richard Forsberg, Kathy Menchinger, Dennis Jackson, Becky Yanik, Jim Allen, Mona Hoffman. 1 lomeeoming floats create lots of hard work, with no exception for Triad club members and initiates. kt ' ■ x« m m J 26 w! ■ W If i • WF , L ill je . Al. WT V - •- ;« i mm k Mb The pep rally bonfire warms the Raven spirit as cheerleaders prepare to lead a few yells. Alumni and fans come out in cold weather to watch the Ravens triumph. Gaily decorated halls and unlocked doors brim; hundreds through the dorms during open house. 27 Skip Pluhar, Milo Miller, Dan Evans and Ken Bncy perform while the Taxmen take a break from their concert. Students help package blankets for refugees after a basketball game. Eva Hsu demonstrates how to use chop sticks at the Far East Happening. Karen Profitt and Ken Wade “whoop-it-up” at Taeda’s It was a dismal day for the daring damsels at the Powder Puff football Grand Ole Opiy. game. The campus pace accelerates M arianne Fullmer sings a duet with Dennis Brizendine at the Arete Pep Christmas Capers. 29 Productions bring the year to a close In a ski lodge setting, Booster Club presents Humbleman’s Holiday, an excellent program in song. Halftime events at the final basketball game bring Amici mem¬ bers a 27-26 victory over Boosters in efforts to stuff a bathtub. Doug Shearer, as Emile de Becque, sings “Some Enchanted Evening” to Ensign Nellie Forbush, played by Marsha Frier- mood, during dress rehearsal for South Pacific. The campus community cooperates in the Brick-a-Month cam¬ paign. Dr. Sander Kleis and Jean Walkof spend extra hours calling alumni. The cast of Romeo and Juliet review scripts in preparation for the production given at May Festival. Bloody Mary, played by Bonny Kerr, bargains with Luther Billis, portrayed by Dan Rinker, for grass skirts and shrunken heads brought from Bali Hai. “Shucks, pleats ain’t hard, Miss Forbush,” says Billis, after washing the Ensign’s laundry in a scene of the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s production of South Pacific. 31 May Festival climaxes the school year Spring is here. The campus is covered with a varie¬ gated green sheath. Along with nature’s change comes the climax of the school year, May Festival. The student body votes for one senior girl to be May Queen. Each class also chooses two representatives as attendants. May Festival is happy, fun-filled happen¬ ings: crowning of the Queen by President Reardon, the spring concert, open house, the bike race, the kite¬ flying contest, and the play, “Romeo and Juliet.” Mona Hoffman greets Milo Miller with a radiant smile as she learns of being selected as May Queen. Mona Hoffman, 1968 May Queen. HHHH 32 Freshman attendant Freshman attendant Sophomore attendant Sophomore attendant Carol Richardson Patricia Spittler Marsha Friermood Alvena Jeeninga Junior attendant Junior attendant Senior attendant Senior attendant Becky Yanik Sue Guthrie Janet Funk Margaret Strattman 33 Speakers, entertainers visit on campus The New Folk, sponsored by the Social Clubs Council, gave an inspiring concert to AC students to help establish Campus Crusade for Christ. Ed Kilbourne, a student from Asbury Theological Seminary, sang folk songs in a performance sponsored by Student Council. The Alpha-Omega players portrayed “The World of Carl Sandburg” in convocation. 34 Religious Emphasis Week, chapel-convocation and other special events have brought world leaders, rep¬ utable community figures, entertainers and speakers of common interest to campus. Among other visitors were Indiana Supreme Court Justice Donald Hunter, Turkish actress Sirim Devrim, Rev. James Massey, actor Philip Huston, educator Melvin Hyde, poet Paul Engle, violinist Sergui Luca, pianist Jeffrey Siegel, Israeli National Opera star Shoshana Shoshan, tenor James Bailey, pro-football star Carroll Dale, Dan- forth Lecturers Kay Baxter and George Kelsey. John Spencer Churchill, British literary leader and nephew of the late Prime Minister Winston Churchill, appeared as a con¬ vocation guest speaking on the famed Churchill family. W. Shirell Fox, assistant to President Reardon, welcomes Dr. P. K. Banerjee, Minister, Embassy of India, to campus for a series of classroom and convocation lectures. Seniors are recognized at the final convocation of the year. 35 Dean Nicholson leads AC students in singing “Sakura” during one of the services at Mt. Aso, Japan, youth camp. Gordon Garrett takes a few minutes from a busy schedule at a Missouri camp site to counsel. Tri-S is world-wide involvement Sally Cunningham uses her artistic abilities to help some camp¬ ers with their crafts at Camp Good News in Cape Cod, Mas¬ sachusetts. Dean and Mrs. Nicholson (not pictured) traveled to Japan with George Ramsey, Jr., Kathy Buck, Doug Crose, Sue Robin¬ son, Drew Helvey, Trish Bentley, Les Mosier, Debbie Strickler, Linda Thornburg and Jim Cook. 36 Dianne Shoudel, while staying with a family in India under the Experiment in Interna¬ tional Living Program, learns to drive—Indian style. Kathy Buck and Trish Bentley help paint the Fukuska Church of God as one of their projects during the Japan trip. Mark Kane and Dick Gifford use shovels and other crude tools to work on the foundation for a new building on the Alaska State Camp Grounds. Student Summer Service is a door through which one out of ten AC students ventures to seek a new world. It is an opportunity to show concern through involvement and service to others. Tri-S’ers travel around the globe under auspices of several organiza¬ tions combined with our own programs. They work in fields with farmers in Africa and Germany, erect buildings in South America and Alaska and help in Bible Schools in the Caribbean. From these opportuni¬ ties, students become a part of the community in which they live. Tri-S is a sharing experience and a learning experience as well. 37 Groups tour throughout the U.S The LYRICS—Rena Taylor, Sandy Festian, Rena Elkins and Jan Armey will present programs at churches mainly in the Southern states. The KINSMEN—Doug Shearer, Frank Yerden, Dan Evans, Jeff Nielsen and Al Lucas will he traveling along the Eastern Coastal area. The SYMPHONETTES-Diana Bunyan, Cozette Beach, Linda Farst and Kay Yerden are visiting churches in the West and Northwest and will end their tour at the Minneapolis Interna¬ tional Youth Convention. The TRITONES—Barbara Starkey, Kathy Buck, Chris Walters and Vonda Germany will conduct church services in the Middle and Northeastern states, including a visit to Ontario, Canada. Senior Recitals Pictured above are Larry Adams, Ernesteen Howell, Kerry Meyer and Ruth Helbling. Seniors were heard in recitals. These included Larry Adams and Kerry Meyer, studying piano with Dr. Paul Breitweiser; Ernesteen Howell, piano student of Dr. DeVon Helbling; Ruth Helbling, studying piano with Dr. Helbling and organ with Mrs. Shirley King Coolidge. Each student met the challenge by perform¬ ing in individual recitals, above and beyond the re¬ quirements for a music education major. The ECHOES—Rose Marlowe, Kay Pylate, Joyce Blair and Kathy Roberts sing in Midwest churches from Indiana to Nebraska. The COLLEGIATES—John Sutherland, Steve Reinhardt, Joe Cookston, Jim Dodson and Ron Fritts tour the Great Lakes area and make an appearance at the International Youth Con¬ vention in Minneapolis. m Its as 39 The function of Student Council is to regulate prob¬ lems on the campus and establish an understanding between the faculty, the administration and students. This year the Council worked on a major constitu¬ tional revision, which resulted in changing the name of the organization to Student Government Associa¬ tion. Projects initiated by the Council were the judi¬ ciary board for student appeal, the student-faculty board for better student relations, monthly luncheons with the administration and dorm dialogue. The Coun¬ cil serves AC by sponsoring a radio program once a week and writing a column in THE ANDERSON- IAN. The traditional used-book sale and Ed Kilbourne Concert were sponsored by the Council, in addition to the coordination of Tri-S Happenings. President Carolyn Akin uses her concern in campus affairs to lead a Student Gov¬ ernment Association meeting. 40 Student Council becomes Student Government Association Members of the Student Government Association. First Row: Samuel Stewart, John Gibson, Rod Shotten, Carol Richardson, Carl Kramer, Doug Johnson. Second Row: Dean of Women Cleda Anderson (Advisor), Carolyn Akin, Jim Cook, Mona Hoffman, Mark Kane, Margaret Strattman, Drew Helvey. p The officers of Student Government Association (from left): Mark Kane (Treas.), Mona Hoffman (Sec.), Jim Cook (V- Pres.), Carolyn Akin (Pres.). Mrs. Cleda Anderson, Dean of Women, serves as advisor to Student Government. Members listen to Mona Hoffman as she reads minutes of the previous meeting. 41 RA’s and Senates serve in the dorms THIRD STREET DORM-First Row: Mrs. Inez Busch (Resi¬ dent Counselor), Sue Guthrie (Dorm Chairman), Ginger Kees, Janet Funk, Peggy Young, Jill Newberry. Second Row: Stewart McDivitt, Dan Clark, Ken Wade, Zola Troutman, Sue Crane, Margaret Strattman, Dianne Shoudel, Jacqueline Sellers, Merle Strege, Jon White, Richard Masters. MARTIN HALL—First Row: Mrs. Henrietta Cross (Resident Counselor), Barbara Reay, Linda Putnam, Cheryl Reddinger, Kathy Ramsey, Second Row: Vicki Butterfield; Carol Pendleton (Dorm Chairman), Carol Eliason, Mari¬ lyn Majors, Linda Thornburg. 42 f SMITH HALL—First Row: Mrs. Helen Achor (Resident Counselor), Jim Allen (Dorm Chairman), Keith Klepper, Les Mosier, Gordon Garrett. Second Row: Dave Van Norman, DUNN HALL—First Row: Arnold Setzer (Resident Coun¬ selor), Milo Miller, Rod Shotton. Second Row: John Gibson, Dan Geer, Dave Heitzenrater, Doug Shearer, Bob Mathis. Glenn Burns, Ron Long, Sam Stewart, Jim Cook, Dennis Jackson. MORRISON HALL—First Row: Bonita Smith, Mrs. Trecil Thompson (Resident Counselor), Joyce Hinderer (Dorm Chairman), Sheila Smart, Susan Hollett. Second Row: Cozette Beach, Connie Butterfield, Louise Soetenga, Jeanette Sutter, Linda Watkins, Bonnie Bailey. 4- A- • T Mr ■i % 7 I M 43 1 Hard work and time is spent in preparation for the publication of THE ANDERSONIAN, which is printed and circulated bi-weekly by the students. THE ANDERSONIAN is the voice of news on the campus expressing opinions of students, as well as faculty members, and relating topics of the world situation today. This opportunity is given through editorials, features and letters to the editor. Daryl Smith was business manager of both THE ANDER¬ SONIAN and ECHOES. The ANDERSONIAN voices Carl Kramer discusses the next deadline with co-curricular activities editor Pat Richardson, features editor Fran Foronda and news editor Marianne Shelburn. As editor-in-chief, Carl Kramer must see that campus events Philip Wallace and Douglas Vermillion each served a semester are covered accurately and deadlines met. as managing editor. campus expressions ;—■ i | j Cartoonist Steve Lortz explains a football cartoon to sports editor Roland Kramer. W. Shirell Fox is advisor for the student publications, THE ANDERSONIAN and ECHOES. Gloria Igney, typing editor, and Linda French, circulation manager, devoted much time to THE ANDERSONIAN staff. 45 % 46 We are the present. .. We become involved in Organizations . . . 47 Amici takes first prize for homecoming First Row: Wes Traister, Ed Ross, Ed Hager (Chap.), Dick Gifford (Treas.), Keith Klepper (V-Pres.), Dennis Jackson (Pres.), Bob Jasper (Sec.), Jerry Benson (Hist.), Tom Butler, Charles Stanley, Jon White. Second Row: Larry Hooks, Ken Bucy, Jim Fenstermaker, Dale Fiegland, Terrell Tierney, Ken Ray. Jim Hill, Barry Chessor, Marty Zeis, Richard Arny, Don Matas. Third Row: Don Howell, Skip Lotten, Glen Cox, Jim Amici, social club, began activities by sponsoring its traditional all-school hayride. During Anderson’s homecoming, Amici proudly took first place for the best float—an initial claim to the award. Supporting the motto, “The club that sets precedents,” Amici challenged Booster Club to a football game and was victorious. Amici’s activities included a winter trip to a Ft. Wayne hockey game, an inter-club basketball tournament and a May spring formal. Building morale on campus, Amici generated enthusiasm and friend¬ ship. Allen, Doug Shearer, Glenn Burns, Barry Hippensteel, foe Snowden, Skip Pluhar, Jim Bowen, Earl Wiens. Fourth Row: Steve McNutt, Phil Lentz, Larry Rider, Mark Kane, Larry Kearns, Gerald Burg, Lee Kurtz, Rick Pressel, Darrel Trexler, Rick Crose, Martin Harmon. Fifth Row: Fred Dailey, Ron Catlett, Mike Sheffield, Monty Coble, Jim Russell, Mike Bever, David Irwin, Roland Lehnus, Eugene Hitt. Amici wins football game over Boosters. 48 float, sponsors hayride Fred Dailey, Amici pledge, endures a swat as part of the official initiation for Amici. Booster upholds musical tradition, presents 7 ' iL dPpBf IK R ' MI V’ IV i p y V m ■ ' l " 9Dl h BF, itFmiA ■ v r " m k - m r r r [MHBk a SSkr vJhK ' mu BBft. 11 — TO Ik . ?? P h I pvT 9KSK ■ HP First Row: Mike Osteen, Rick Masters, Cal Bloom, Dave Van Norman, Tony Wolfe (Chap.), Bill Webster (Hist.), Dennis Shankland (Treas.), Duane Leatherman (Sec.), Dan Clark (V-Pres.), Ren Baldwin (Pres.), H. L. Baker (Advisor). Second Row: Jim Scott, Barbee Arington, Don Secrest, Ron Fritts, Larry Minnick, Larry Hardman, Carl Haga, Jim Dodson, Dennis Carroll, Bob Mathis. Third Row: Bill Hargett, Keith Nye, Dan Brooks, David Liverett, John Suko, Gary Jones, Randy Rice, Brent Cowden, Les Mosier, Dale Landis, Chuck Rich. Fourth Row: Fred Clemens, Carl Kramer, Fred Halting, Rick Reinhardt, Jeff Nielsen, Harry Simmerman, Rod Shotton, Stewart McDivitt, Duane Wright, Rick Cox. Fifth Row: Robert Turner, Max Shellenbarger, Merle Strege, Ken Hatch, Merle Turner, Mike McDonald, Kerry Meyer, Ron Duncan, Don Clingenpeel, Milo Miller, Tom McLaughlin. Booster, the oldest men’s club, started the year off right by entertaining the women’s dorms with evening serenades. During first semester, Boosters united in an effort to beat Amici in a football game, entertained the campus with the Booster dunk and slave sale and welcomed the Christmas season with the Humble- man’s Holiday presentation. Second semester con¬ cluded with an all-school and their annual spring formal. The Contemporaries, a select group of Boosters, perform at Humblemen’s Holiday. 50 - --- HumblemerTs Holiday Cozette Beach is this year’s Booster Belle. Cozette, a member of the homecoming court, rides in style. 51 Sachem initiates Little Sisters and presents Sachem Club, being the second oldest men’s club on campus, strives to promote a close relationship be¬ tween students and faculty. In addition to various rush activities, the organization has initiated “Little Sisters, comprised of ten beautiful young ladies who serve as hostesses. There were many homecoming projects preceded by a hayride and weiner roast. Money making projects included sports programs and an all-school concert featuring the Taxmen. Another all-school, an ice-skating party and a club formal made a fine conclusion to this year’s Sachem agenda. Cheri Amand is this year’s Sachem Sweetheart. Cheri Amand was honored as one of the members of the Homecoming Court. 52 Taxmen in concert First Row: J.C. Thompson (Advisor), Myron Noble (Pres.), Greg Risk, (V-Pres.), Ron L. Shangle (Sec.), Jeff Risk (Treas.), Mark Thompson (Sgt.-at-arms), Jim Noggle (Hist.). Second Row: Dave Garrett, Merv Bennett, Greg Baker, Art Fenrick, Bob Abbott, Don Epperly, James Donhoft, Tom Bates. Third Row: Ed Childers, Buzz Hoover, Terry Mnrawski, Ted Williams, Mike Mahoney, Glen Atkins, Curt Nickel, Jerry Keesling, Ed Meredith. Fourth Row: Mike Bass, Mike Taylor, Dan Geer, Dan Cnrless, Dave Heitzenrater, Ron Long, Keith Jordan, Jack Ice, Larry Hanna. Sachem’s outstanding football players ride in the Homecoming parade. Little Sisters: Seated: Connie Bass, Cheryl Warren, Cheri Amand, Marian Lewellyn, Carol Whiteherse. Standing: Zola Troutman, Jan Crnikshank, Sherry Jordan, Judy Smith, Karen Dunhoft. 53 Triad presents annual amateur hour, mm H Til WAlm ' V- i ' v 1 v ' • T.V li y " ff % ■ 4L Jj( First Row: Robert Darkwood, Keith Hossler, Franklin Litondo, Daryl Smith, Daryl Yoder (Chap.), Dennis Gradeless (Hist.), Thomas Trick (Treas.), Philip Patterson (Sec.), Gerald Brewer (V-Pres.), Kenneth Wade (Pres.), Thomas Pappas (Advisor). Second Row: Andy Hoover, Ricardo Shaw, John Sutherland, Tom Kittinger, Dave Sherry, Bill Shoot, Terry Spradlin, Don Schultheis, Donald Rilling, Gerald Barr, Bernard Fraley, Jr. Third Row: Sam Stewart, David Jack, Randy Hammel, John Armstrong, Ron McKinney, Doug Smoot, Charles Strawn, Bob Bernhardt, Keith Allshouse. Striving to uphold excellence. Triad began the year by presenting its annual amateur hour early in the fall. In addition, the club sponsored a donkey basket¬ ball game. Activities included working on the home¬ coming float, a caroling party with Taeda and a spring formal. The club promotes scholarship, friendship and faith, which is “Kappa Theta Mu,” the club motto. Terry Spradlin gets wet as fellow initiates await their turn. 54 ' Fifty Years Ago-go’ TRIAD Sue Guthrie is this year’s Triad Sweetheart. President Ken Wade presents an award to Vonda Germany for her excellent piano performance of “Falling Leaves.” 55 c.: - S ' ' A First Row: Glenn Burns (Pres.), Dennis Jackson (V-Pres.), Stewart McDivitt (Sec.), Jim Snyder (Treas.), Jim Cook (Sgt-at- Arms). Second Row: Chan Roach, Lawrence Chewning, Steve McNutt, Ed Ross, Bob Abbott, Jim Noggle, Don Schultheis, Gerald Burg, Phil Lentz. Third Row: Philip Wallace, Dale P. Webster, Richard Lindsey, Fred Dailey, Bob Jasper, Warren Martindale, Keith Buehler, Doug Grose, Ralph Allen, Limvood Watkins. Circle K promotes leadership President Reardon speaks to Circle K members. Glenn Burns leads the men of Circle K in a decisive discussion. A primary objective of Circle K International is to provide an opportunity for leadership, training and service through a variety of projects and programs. Luggage lifting for the freshman girls, serving a can¬ dle-light dinner, decorating a Christmas tree in Old Main and planning for homecoming and campus beautification are a few specialties of Circle K. Slides on Viet Nam, travel movies and a talk with President Reardon helped widen interest in the world situation. 56 Arete Pep supports Oklahoma Indian boy j As Anderson’s oldest women’s social club on cam- M pus, Pepsters unite in an effort to contribute to campus JBr life. Arete Pep began with a cook-out at Mounds Park, joined in trick-or-treating at Halloween for Anderson’s orphanage and highlighted the holidays with their Christmas Capers performance, Frost ’n Fantasy. They also sponsored a number of shoe shines and had a successful weekend formal. Cozette Beach, Judy Smith and Karen Amand fish in the Rock Garden dressed in mis-matched outfits. Pep initiates proudly wear their banners. From left: Kathy Oemler, Marsha Friermood, Kathy Nlenchinger, Linda Bull, Linda McCarty, Marianne Fullmer, Bonita Smith, Karen Amand, Lana Dacus, Cozette Beach. First Row: Carolyn Chewning (Pres.), Cheri Amand (V-Pres.), Judy Price (Sec.), Jan Cruikshank (Treas.), Cheryl Warren (Hist.), Carol Stevens (Chap.), Kathy Oemler, Marsha Frier- mood. Second Row: Judy Smith, Sheila Smart, Sandy Ferrell, Gayle Nelson, Kathy Menehinger, Nancy Walton, Linda Mc¬ Carty, Loisanne Fuqua, Sally Cunningham. Third Row: Bonita Smith, Lana Dacus, Cozette Beach, Karen Amand, Wanda Phillips, Marianne Fullmer, Diane Mundy, Linda Bull. First Row: Marjorie Ebanks (Standing), Jeannie Tramel, Sue Crane (Pres.), Joyce Hinderer (V-Pres.), Marilyn Majors (Sec.), Becky Yanik (Treas.), Yvonne Phile (Hist.), Sue Guthrie (Chap.), Lynette Gable, Karen Arms, Imy Tate, Connie Foster. Second Row: Regina Gould, Marilou Menchinger, Sharon Ann Davis, June Brayfield, Barb Reay, Patty Altenbernt, Jacqueline Sellers, Camarada decorates Camarada s float receives an honorable mention at the home¬ coming festivities. Marian Lewellyn, Jill Newberry, Karolyn Janke, Hallie Olson. Third Row: Dianne Shoudel, Judy Riggle, Cathy Miller, Phyllis Bolt, Alwine Jeeninga, Lynn Ewell, Louise Soetenga, Trish Bentley, Celeste Carroll, Ruth Ann Helbling, JoAnn Ruede- busch. Old Main Louise Soetenga faithfully fulfills initiation requirements by giving Kleenex away in Old Main lobby. Camarada, largest womens social club on campus, began the year by hearing Rev. David New speak of his experience with the Hippies. The club joined Amici for a taffy pull and the Sachem for an ice-skat¬ ing party. Old Main Christmas decorations were Camarada’s contribution to the holiday spirit on campus. Second semester brought the annual Cama¬ rada all-school and spring formal. 58 Taeda holds annual Grand Ole Opry First Row: Zella Warren (Advisor), Janet Funk (Pres.), Ginger Kees (V-Pres.), Linda Putnam (Sec.), Jane Copeland (Treas.), Clella Gilbert (Hist.), Pat Richardson (Publicity Dir.), Kathy Ramsey (Chap.). Second Row: Connie Friend, Shaiyn Crouch, Pat Preisig, Mary Lu Waggy, Maxine Norton, Rena Taylor, Tonda Wittkamper, Tina Kufeldt. Third Row: Sharon Ritter, Maiy Johnson, Janet Barker, Charlotte Kingsbury, Carol Mid¬ dleton, Connie Leedom, Linda Smallwood, Ellen Yeske, Sharon Bates. Fourth Row: Naomi Evans, Darlene Birch, Judie Bennett, Carol Eliason, Joan Stinson. Janet Barker sings “Much More” in the Taeda all-school. Shaiyn Crouch and Connie Leedom carry stuffed animals as part of a traditional requirement for Taeda initiates. Taeda’s light once again shined with the Grand Ole Opry early in the school year. Other club activities ranged from a formal dinner to a pizza party and a fun time at the YMCA. In addition a combination Christmas caroling party with Triad was enjoyed. The all-club Valentine Party planned by Taeda was only second to the annual formal in the spring. Taeda con¬ tinues to uphold their motto, “Love, light and laughter.” 59 Freshmen join Soeurettes, Arcita SOEURETTES: First Row: Leatha Hargett (Pres.), Patricia Spittler (V-Pres.), Lois Kleinhenn (Sec.), Carol Richardson (Treas.), Kay Pylate (Chap.), Sue Taylor, Diane Unruh, Glenda Clark, Ronnie Lockhart, Cindy Traister, Bonnie Jo Callison. Second Row: Joan Bentley, Helen Clippinger, Esther Beason, Elaine Berry, Judy Van Sipe, Barbara Blackwell, Rita Smith, Vicki Maguire, Sandy Martin, Cheri Clark, Pat Strickler, Phyllis Morgan. Third Row: Becky Merriken, Bonnie Beck, Marie Staker, Jan Keating, Antha Merriman, Barb Mader, Cheryl Hurst, Joyce McBride, Barbara Ratliff " , Candy Parken, Eunice Johnson, Linda Ritehhart, Susan Shotton. ARCITA: First Row: Tim East (Pres.), Kirk Bookout (Treas.), Larry Ingram (Sec.), Cole P. Dawson, Linwood Watkins, Jim Fry, Duane Tunnel, Mike Hughes. Second Row: Tim Wood- w; ird, Larry Fenters, Dan Perkins, Tim Highley, Lawrence Chewning, Ed Morris, George Jones, Mark Watson. Third Row: Ralph MeCay, Ken Beckham, Doug Johnson, Paul VanNorman, Ben Newell, Glen Frederick, Dennis Denton, Tom Hay. 60 AFC promotes an interest in missions First Row: Marjorie Ebanks, Sue Tsang, Eva Hsu, Carol Thomas, Elaine Whitesel, Jane Heffelfinger, Vicki Kirby, Ardith Kapsal, Mary Lou Kapsal. Second Row: C. Jean Kilmer (Advisor), David Harris (Pres.), Diana Smith (V-Pres.), Carolyn Burnett (Sec.-Treas.), Kenneth Collins, Emanuel Armstead, Dean Wehneman, Peggy Young. Third Row: Fred Ours, Terry Carroll, Marcia Kirby, Naomi Evans, Ramona Holland, Linda Smith. CIA is involved in the community First Row: Milton Buettner (Advisor), Dennis Gradeless (Dir.- in-Chief), Keith Hossler (Organizational Dir.), Connie Rogers (Recording Sec.), Kathy Ramsey (Corresponding Sec.), Jane Copeland (Pub. Dir.), John Armstrong (Treas.). Second Row: Marjorie Ebanks, Sandy Cogeer, Roxie Miles, Jane Heffel- finger, Rena Elkins, Linda Peacock, Connie Leedom, Sandy McBrier. Third Row: Gwen Taylor, Chanwick Roach, Fred Ours, Jerry Handley, Dianne Shoudel. 61 IRC holds model UN and annual banquet First Row: Fran Foronda (Sec.), Rick Reinhardt (Treas.), Carl Haga (V-Pres.), Joe Smith (Pres.), Susan Robinson. Second Row: Tim S. Meyer, John W. Gibson, Carolyn Mor¬ gan, Larry Ingram, Marjorie Ebanks, Diana Runyan, Remard Fraley, Jr. Third Row: John Akard, Dale P. Webster, Fred Harting, Kenneth Hatch, Philip Wallace. Debaters study national issues First Row: Donna Dar- land, Sharon Smith, Dave Oldham, Dennis Carroll (Pres.), Dan Murrell. Second Row: Joe Smith, Roland Kramer, James McAlhaney, Linwood Watkins, John White. 62 Acting class stages Mouse That Roared’ Duane Leatherman as Count Mountjoy, Judy Munsen as Queen Gloriana and Lowell Davidson as David Benter dramatically put efforts into their parts. The Mouse That Roared, a performance given by the Speech Department, offered many students acting experience while also fulfilling class requirements. Under the instruction of Dr. Malcolm Gressman, the students received a knowledge of basic speech skills. Ken Wade as Tully Bascom, John Blevins as Prof. Kokintz, Terry Spradlin and Ed Hutcheson as soldiers work hard at rehearsal to reach perfection. Drama Club serves acting interests First Row: Duane Proctor (Pres.), Marsha Friermood (V- Waggy, Bonny Kerr, Elaine Berry, Rebecca Milstead, Judie Pres.), Pattricia Preisig (Sec.), Terry Spradlin (Chap.), Marian Bennett, Eugene Hitt, Judy Munsen, Mary Ann Tierney. Lewellyn, Carrie Kirk, Marie Staker. Second Row: Mary Lu 63 Gamma Delta Iota serves medical interests First Row: Dr. Jerry Stevenson (Advisor), Tom Trick (Pres.), Gail Chapman, Sandra Festian, Janet Durham, Dave Capron, Richard Arny, Franklin Litondo. Second Row: Daryl Yoder, Ray Reed, Rex Shellenbarger, Gerald Burg, Gerald Brewer, Randy Hammel, Bill Webb, Gerald Barr, Paris Anderson. MENC enlightens students in music First Row: Christine Clay, Sylvia Noles, Joan Merrill, Brenda Cherrington, Antha Merriman, Merline Trexler, Karen Homer, Sue Haller, Connie Foster. Second Row: Gloria Igney, Janet Barker, Carol Richardson, Jeanette Sutter, Jane Cleveland, Al Lucas, Danny Evans, Mark Haskins, Jim Scott (V-Pres.), Bill Hargett (Pres.). Third Row: Fran Foronda, Rick Taylor, Rick Cox, Mike McDonald, Kerry Meyer, Joe Cookston, Dan Rinker, Thomas W. Kittinger. 64 SNEA informs students about teaching ’BP -Hi H 28 s.. i .. M Sjl - MB ; ■ • - |y « " jp Jos! -mk .5 ® ■nr First Row: Clarena Allen, Patricia Preisig, Kay Yerden, Connie Parker, Sharon Ann Davis, Becky Gothberg, Marian Lewellyn, Maxine Norton. Second Row: Harriet Ulery, Marianne Shel- burn, Roxie Miles (Corres. Sec.), Kathy Goodwin, (Reporter), Jane Heffelfinger (Rec. Sec.), David Cooper (V-Pres.), Wanda Phillips (Pres.), Elva Mae Ragsdale (Advisor), H. Howard Lash (Advisor). Third Row: Mary Johnson, Carol Eliason, Carol Pendleton, Fran Foronda, Gloria Igney, Linda Pickens. WAC offers experience in broadcasting ■L J R 1 m ■mk- A Mb ' k ■ ?■ f. il ' Wm‘ bl 1 - SB HM V mj ’ Ip w ' J First Row: Bonny Kerr, Ruth Underhill, Sherry Capps, Marie Staker, Sandy Cooper, Larry Fenters, Mike Hughes, Duane Tramel, Larry Wilson, Kurt Essex, Dan Fuller. Second Row: Phyllis Detweiler, Duane Proctor, Carolyn Morgan, Ron Maurer, Gary Shripka, Carla Caudill, Judy Riggle, Bob Bernhardt, Roland Kramer, Ward Otte, Phil Harrington, Dennis Kruse. 65 SAM Club and SAM First Row: Thomas Farrar (Pres.), Bob Cahoon (V-Pres.), Maxine Norton, (See.), Dave Von Almen (Treas.), Alma Seal. Second Row: Richard Lindsey, Ralph Allen, Jerry Sprouse, Helen Bloom, Dennis Morehead, Darrel Trexler. Enterprises, Inc. First Row: Earl Mitscheleu, M arvin Trexler (Treas.), Dave Alberts (V-Pres.), Steven Teeters (Pres.), Joy Havens. Second Row: John Wells, Ron Shangle, Irvin Rockhill, Richard Sprague (Advisor). Scuba Club offers training in diving Kneeling: Larry Hooks (Pres.), Jim Allen (V-Pres.), Dick Gifford Ruedebusch, Fran Foronda, Glenn Burns, Dick Whetstone, (Sec.-Treas.), Ken Sheffer (Instructor). On Board: Karen Andy Cook, Bob Jasper. Back Row: Dave Capron, Phil Lentz, Amand, Pauletta Howard, Penny Poole, Ginger Kees, JoAnn John Rockhill, Bill Boggs, Jon White, Bill Purdy. Young Democrats Seated: Carl Haga (Pres.), Dale P. Webster (V-Pres.), Linda Watkins (Sec-Treas.). Standing: Daryl Smith (Pari.), Jim Cook (Sgt.-at-Arms), Fred Hal ting (Chap.). Young Republicans First Row: Chan Roach (Pres.), Sandy Cooper (Corres. See.), Phyllis Bolt (Recording See.), Roland Kramer (Treas.), Mary Ln Waggy, Alan Turner, Larry Gilbert, Fred Dailey, Keith Byerman, John Wells. Second Row: Marian Lewellyn, Ginger Reed, Phil Wallace, Rich Jacobson, John Howard, Joe Timber- man, Lawrence Chewning, Jim Noggle, Dale Tingley, Kathy Oemler, Carrie Kirk. 67 Choir and Campus Singers CHOIR: First Row: Connie Foster, Sheryl Riggs, Rena Elkins, Susan Hollett, Kathy Menehinger, Sharon Davis. Second Row: Kathy Reardon, Mona Hoffman, Marian Miller, Barbara Leclear, Brenda Dockery, Chris Walters. Third Row: Janet Barker, Chris Clay, Cozette Beach, Antha Merriman, Carol Richardson, Lynette Gable. Fourth Row: Gloria Igney, Wanda Phillips, Becky Tanner, Imy Tate, Kathy Buck, Rita Frost. Fifth Row: Ruth Helbling, Yvonne Phile, Ernesteen Howell, Barbara Starkey, Jeanette Sutter, Joan Merrill. Sixth Row: Dan Evans, Jim Scott, Al Lucas, Gary Jones, Cal Bloom, Jim Dodson, Dennis Shankland. Seventh Row: Ron Fritz, Marty Miller, Doug Shearer, Daryl Yoder, George Ramsey, Renard Baldwin. Eighth Row: Rick Cox, Steve Winslow, Steve Reinhardt, John Suko, Joe Cookston, Dale Landis, John Sutherland. Ninth Row: Bill Hargett, Fred Clemens, Dan Rinker, Milo Miller, Kerry Meyer, Ken Buey, Terry Jones, Jim Boyle. 68 perform throughout the year CAMPUS SINGERS: First Row: Prof. F. Dale Bengston (Di- Menehinger, Ken Bucy (with bass). Second Row: Drew Helvey, rector), Larry Adams (Accompanist), Renard Baldwin, Connie Bill Hargett, George Ramsey, John Suko, Marty Miller, Terry Foster, Christine Walters, Kathy Reardon, Rita Frost, Jeanette Jones, Kerry Meyer, Jim Scott, Dale Landis, Allen Lucas. Sutter, Yvonne Phile, Ruth Helbling, Becky Tanner, Kathy Professor Bengston searches for a phrase that needs extra re¬ hearsing. After competitive auditions are completed in the spring, the newly selected voices, along with those already in the college choir, return early for pre-fall choir rehearsals. Under the direction of Prof. Bengston, the choir performs for a number of campus events, such as chapel, Festival of Hymns, May Festival, Senior Chapel and Anderson College Commencement. The college choir also participates in considerable touring. A trip to Florida was taken during Easter vacation and an appearance at the International Con¬ vention in Minnesota is scheduled. Other concerts were given in churches throughout the city of Ander¬ son. The Campus Singers, a select group, entertained at various places in Indianapolis, the Copper Kettle, the faculty Christmas Party and a number of churches in the surrounding area. Aside from the choir, the Cam¬ pus Singers must rehearse additional selections under the direction of Mr. Bengston. 69 AC students are elected to Who’s Who Larry Adams Carolyn Akin John Blevins Dennis Carroll Fred Clemens Jim Cook Trudi Fulda Larry Grubbs Jerry Handley Ken Hatch Drew Helvey Mona Hoffman 70 in American Universities and Colleges Carl Kramer Duane Leatherman Stewart MeDivitt Marilou Menchinger Michael Osteen George Ramsey, Jr. Kathy Reardon Ron Shangle Each spring students are elected to Who’s Who. Those who qualify are full-time juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Campus voters consider the student’s scholar¬ ship, his participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, his citizenship and service to the school and his promise of future usefulness. A certificate of recognition is awarded to each member. Margaret Strattman Zola Troutman 71 Alpha Chi recognizes high scholarship First Row: Dennis Carroll, Sharon Davis, Ruth Dodd, Trudi Fulda, Jerry Handley, Carl Kramer, Joretta May, Stewart McDivitt. Second Row: Mari- lou Menehinger, Michael Osteen, Beverley Pitts, Kathy Reardon, Charles Rich, Sharon Ritter, Dianne Shoudel, John Thornberry. Third Row: Thomas Trick, Robert Turner, Dr. Kenneth Cook (Sponsor). Kappa Mu Epsilon advances mathematics First Row: Lynda Borders, Glenn Burns, Robert Darkwood, Sharon Davis, Suzanne Flowers, Fran Foronda, Connie Friend, Mark Haskins. Second Row: Charlotte Kingsbury, Duane Leatherman, Stewart McDivitt, Ron McKinney, Jeanette Morey, David Oldham, Patricia Richardson, Howard Sergeant. Third Row: Max Shellenbarger, Janet Singer, Rena Taylor, Thomas Trick, Robert Turner, William Webb, Jr., Thomas Harbron, Mil¬ dred Hopkins. Fourth Row: Dr. Gloria Olive (Sponsor), Paul Saltzmann, Kenneth Turner. 72 Pi G amma Mu forwards social sciences First Row: Patricia Bentley, James Bowen, Betty Buckbee, Arthur Fenrick, Dennis Gradeless, David Hancock, Jerry Handley, Kenneth Hatch. Second Row: Gary Heller, Drew Helvey, Michael Hicks, John Kemler, Carl Kramer, Lyle Marsh, Joretta May, Edward Ross. Third Row: Daryl Smith, Samuel Stewart, Merle Strege, Terrell Tierney, Charles Warren, Dr. John Carrington, Frederick Damaske (Sponsor), Dr. Glenn Falls. Fourth Row: Dr. LaVern Norris, Dr. Thomas Pappas. Sigma Zeta honors science achievement First Row: Sharon Davis, Clella Gil¬ bert, Suzanne Flowers, Fran Foronda, John Kemler, Charlotte Kingsbury, Duane Leatherman, Stewart McDivitt. Second Row: Thomas McLaughlin, Carol Middleton, Kathy Reardon, Pa¬ tricia Richardson, Max Shellenbarger, David Sherry, James Shoot, Thomas Trick. Third Row: Robert Turner, Sue Tsang, William Webb, Jr., William Webster, Daryl Yoder. Dr. Kenneth Cook (Sponsor). 73 Alpha Phi Gamma pursues journalism Joan Blaskowsky, Francine Foronda, Larry Grubbs, Gloria Igney, Carl Kramer, Roland Kramer. Michael Osteen, Beverley Pitts, Pa¬ tricia Richardson, Marianne Shelburn, Daryl Smith, W. Shirell Fox (Spon¬ sor). Alpha Psi Omega engages in dramatics Karen Anns, John Blevins, Joddie Brown, Thomas Brown, Vicki Butter¬ field, Ron Carr. Dennis Carroll, Fred Clemens, Lowell Davidson, Marsha Friermood, Trudi Fulda, Edwin Hutcheson. Gary Jones, Duane Leatherman, Gayle Nelson, David Oldham, Pattricia Prei- sig, Duane Proctor. Judy Riggle, JoAnn Ruedebusch, Ken Sheffer, Lynda Smallwood, Terry Spradlin, Merle Strege. Linda Thornburg, Ken Wade, Mary Lu Waggy, Mary Beth Coolidge, Ken¬ neth Crouch, Dr. Malcolm Gressman (Sponsor). 74 Sigma Tau Delta recognizes English scholarship First Row: Leann Dunkle, Harold Funk, Larry Grubbs, Linda Hunt. Second Row: Michael Osteen, Beverley Pitts, Kenneth Shafer, Dr. Thomas Robertson (Sponsor). Kappa Epsilon Sigma Phi Eta Sigma honors freshman men First Row: David Bebee, Janies Boyle, Joseph Cookston, Ronald McKinney. Second Row: David Oldham, Joseph Smith, Carl Kramer (Senior Advisor), Dr. Frederick Shoot (Sponsor). - Freshman Women First Row: Charlotte Day, Cynthia Hollis, Kathy Knouff, Kathy Menchinger, Cheryl Poore, Susan Robinson, Mary Ellen Schlabach, Bonita Smith. Seco nd Row: Donna Stewart. New Freshmen: Linda Allen, Joyce Blair, Diana Bunyan, Marlea Cox, Dorothy Craig, Rose Marlowe, Joyce McBride. Third Row: Becky Merriken, Judy Munsen, Melba Pack, Kay Pylate, Sabra Rice, Carol Richardson, Sally Thorn- berry, Patricia White. Fourth Row: Wanda Woolums, Mary Beth Coolidge, Juanita Leonard, Dr. Elva Mae Ragsdale (Sponsor). 75 76 We are the present. . . Wefind excitement in Sports . . . 77 Cheerleaders direct enthusiasm VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Kathy Oemler, Nancy Walton, Sheila Smart, Jan Roush, Cheryl Warren. Spirits are boosted, as cheerleaders leap into the air to inspire the Ravens on to victory. This year found the eight Anderson College cheer¬ leaders a very close-knit group cheering at all varsity games. Bonfire pep rallies, practice sessions which often turned into gab-fests, restaurants enroute to and from away games, early-morning breakfasts at Peach’s, spring picnics and the special end of season banquet added variety to each girl’s year of cheering. JhhhHHIHH ALTERNATE CHEERLEADERS: Linda McCarty, Vickie Richards, Marie Staker. 78 With skill developed through many hours of practice, Dennis Denton serves toward his Franklin opponent. First Row: Gene Reardon, Larry Morace, Dennis Denton. Sec¬ ond Row: Randal Hammel, Ron Maurer, Coach Jim Usher. Tennis team strives to improve skill Fancy footwork pays off for the Raven’s number one man, Randal Hammel, as he scores against his opponent. This year’s tennis team, coached by Jim Usher showed much improvement over last year. Although the team was small and inexperienced, good potential was developed for the future. Randal Hammel and Larry Morace led the scoring as they ranked as the top players on the Raven team. TENNIS RECORD Fall 1968 Sept. 23 Hanover Anderson 0 Opponent 7 Sept. 30 Taylor 0 7 Oct. 3 Indiana Central 0 7 Oct. 7 Franklin 4 3 Oct. 10 Earlham 0 7 Oct. 14 Goshen 0 7 Oct. 21 Manchester 0 7 79 First Row: Ted Williams, Terry Murawski, Mike Wood, Tim East, Victor Brown, Otis Brown, Charles Arrendale. Second Row: Dave Atkins, Paul Suko, Dick Spitzmesser, Ed Morris, Mark Thompson, Grant Millikan, Gene Radaker. Third Row: Ray Monroe, Andy Hoover, Don Epperly, Mike Mahoney, Keith Jordan (Captain), Dave Garrett, Greg Risk. Fourth Row: Bill Rigel, Larry Hardman, Doug Johnson, Ron Becker, Jerry Mahoney, Lester Tasker, Phil Morgan. Fifth Row: Steve Teller, Mike Taylor, Bill Sehrelengost, Mike Simerly, Buzz Hoover, Pat Bruin. Sixth Row: Merv Bennett (Trainer), Line Coach Ron Parr, Head Coach Dick Young, Backfield Coach Jim M acholtz. Enthusiastically cheered on by homecoming visitors, Mike Wood races down the field for a touchdown. UMIttl Halfback Mike Wood picks up valuable yardage in the game against Franklin. Ravens conquer IC at homecoming Handicapped by lack of depth and experience, the Raven squad managed one win in the nine outings last fall. The single victory came in the thrilling home¬ coming game against Indiana Central. Two of the most exciting moments during the season were the mud battle against Defiance and Mike Wood’s two punt returns in the IC game. Elected Most Valuable Player by the Ravens, sophomore Ted Williams received All-Conference and Honorable Mention in the NAIA. Dan Geer received All-Conference while Terry Murawski was awarded Honorable Mention in the NAIA. With most of the team returning next fall, the Ravens are looking forward to a rewarding season. FOOTBALL RECORD Fall 1967 Ander son Opponent Sept. 23 Hanover 21 33 Sept. 30 Taylor 35 44 Oct. 7 Franklin 23 40 Oct. 14 Bluffton, Ohio 21 47 Oct. 21 Manchester 0 28 Oct. 28 Indiana Central (Homecoming) 26 6 Nov. 4 Ashland, Ohio 33 53 Nov. 11 Defiance, Ohio 6 14 Nov. 18 Earlham 7 28 Head Coach Dick Young gives Mike Mahoney pointers on defensive strategy. 81 As the Ravens fight the Hanover defense, Bill Rigel kicks the point after touchdown. Football team makes gallant efforts Gene Radaker (82) and Terry Mahoney (52) work hard to stop the Indiana Central of¬ fense. 82 I Cross Country develops endurance With only two returning lettermen, Raven harriers relied on sophomores and freshmen for strength. Out¬ standing runners Mike Kiernan and Doug Mitchell held the best scores throughout the season. Terry Magsig, serving his second year as coach, encouraged the team to one of the most successful seasons in recent years. J CROSS COUNTRY Fall 1967 Anderson Oppone Sept. 23 I lanover 36 21 Sept. 30 Taylor 50 15 Oct. Q O Taylor Invitational 9th Oct. 1 Franklin 23 34 Oct. 18 Earlham 50 15 Oct. 21 Manchester 37 19 Oct. 25 Marian 16 46 Oct. 31 Indiana Central 45 15 Nov. 3 Little-Big State (Butler) 12th (Little) 17 th (Big) Nov. 11 I ICC Meet (Earlham) 6th Matching stride for stride, Mike Kiernan and Kirk Bookont lead the race over the four-mile course. Faces are set with determination as the Ravens fight for positions at the start of the meet against Franklin. Front Row: Ron Grimes, Bill Shoot, Doug Mitchell, Kirk Book- out, Keith Hossler, Kurt Essex. SeconcT Row: Gary Shripka, Dave Hay, Ben Newell, Glenn Burns, Mike Kiernan (Captain), Coach Terry Magsig. Cagers gain valuable experience, end First Row: Tim Miller, Dave Hey, Doug Jennings, Tom Bates (Co-captain), Rick Williams, Greg Baker, Tom Lichlikner, Tom Ward (Manager). Second Row: Asst. Coach Don Bran¬ don, Coach Ron Parr, Bruce McCall, Dennis Bittner, Ron Long (Co-captain), Dave Heitzenrater, Jack Ice, Bill Taylor, Dan Curless. BASKETBALL RECORD Winter 1967-1968 Nov. 21 Huntington Anderson 90 Opponent 74 Nov. 28 Bluffton 72 83 Dec. 2 St. Francis 99 78 Dec. 5 Hanover 72 93 Dec. 9 Manchester 78 101 Dec. 12 Franklin 86 82 Dec. 14 St. Joseph’s 87 82 Jan. 4 Oakland City 79 87 Jan. 9 Goshen 103 90 Jan. 13 Indiana Central 67 78 Jan. 20 Indiana Tech 72 77 Jan. 27 Earlham 81 91 Jan. 30 Taylor 87 101 Feb. 3 Manchester 74 72 Feb. 6 Earlham 69 110 Feb. 10 Hanover 89 86 Feb. 13 Indiana Central 70 78 Feb. 17 Franklin 79 77 Feb. 20 Wilmington (Ohio) 75 76 Feb. 24 Marian 75 100 Feb. 27 Taylor 101 92 Tim Miller (44) sets for rebound as Dennis Bittner (34) out leaps op¬ ponents to tap in the loose ball. 84 season with a 5-7 conference record Lack of a good solid pivot man and speed in the back court hindered the Raven team this year. “Al¬ though the Ravens were out-classed in several games, they were never out hustled,” commented Coach Ron Parr. Leading the Raven attack were juniors Ron Long (Most Valuable Player, All-Conference) and Tom Bates (Honorary Captain). Long, also a high scorer on the team, averaged 20.8 points per game, while Dave Heitzenrater and Tim Miller averaged 15.9 and 14.9 points respectively. Put out of action late in the season with a broken hand, Heitzenrater was grabing nine rebounds a game. With all of the Ravens returning next year, the team is looking for¬ ward to a much improved season. Coach Ron Parr strains to get instructions to Raven cagers on the floor. Calm, cool and deadly, Ron Long displays the excellent form which gave him a remarkable .835 percentage from the ford line. 85 “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game,” says Coach Ron Parr as he boosts Raven morale during a halftime pep talk. Breaking free for an easy lay-up, freshman Dennis Bittner (34) demonstrates the skill which earned him a starting position on the Raven squad. A twenty-five footer by Doug Jennings (22) adds excitement to a home game. 86 1 . $ . If? M iS W-Tct @7 ' • r ni gg ; . MR. ,,i • v ®| ■ 4 I f§i ■mm., r ■!y ffff- 1 — ' ' t v h First Row: Ray Huffman, Rich Amy (Co-captain), Dave Ralph McGee, Jim Allen (Co-captain), Terry Adams, Ray Capron, Rex Garringer, Fred Dailey, Ken Walter. Second Row: Monroe, Ed Morris, Coach Dick Young. Wrestling requires total performance With only three experienced men returning, the 1967-68 season proved to be a building year for the Raven team. However, each individual had a good attitude and improved greatly during the season. Victorious in their last two meets against conference foes Hanover and Franklin, the matmen finished the season with a 2-7 record. Traveling to Earlham on Feb. 23-24, the Ravens placed fifth in the HCC Meet. Individuals excelling in the conference were Jim Allen (6-6), Terry Adams (3-6) and Fred Dailey (2-6), fourth, and Rich Arny (7-4), third. Voted most valuable player was Jim Allen. AC matmen Ray Monroe, Rich Arny and Jim Allen dis¬ cuss opponents with Coach Young in preparation for the HCC meet. Terry Tierney, Joe Snowden and Jim Stombock are briefed by Coach Erskine as the Ravens come at bat. Dan VonBargen, Max Hopple and Tony Wolfe warm up for the game with Hanover. Ravens team up to throw out an opponent at first. 88 Ravens take 3rd place in Conference Front Row: Terry Tierney, Joe Snowden, Jim Stombock, Tony Wolfe Ed Meredith, Greg Baker, Rick Masters, Otis Brown, Ted Williams. Second Row: Dave Meredith (Manager), Terry A trip South during Easter vacation and games with Georgia Tech and Maryville, Tenn., along with Ed Meredith’s 18 strikeouts in the game against Louisville, highlighted the baseball season last spring. Although losing many lettermen through graduation, the Raven squad managed 3rd place in the Conference. Playing their best game of the season, the Ravens still lost to Earlham and thus did not go to the NAIA playoffs. BASEBALL RECORD Spring 1967 Anderson Opponent April 8 Goshen 11,10 1,6 April 15 Indiana Central 11, 3 3,1 April 18 Manchester 7, 2 LI April 25 Louisville 7, 0 0,1 April 29 Taylor 0, 2 12,4 May 10 St. Josephs 6 i May 13 Hanover 7, 2 Id May 19 Earlham 5, 0 1,1 Murray, Max Hopple, Terry Murawski, Ken Hoppes, Dave Heitzenrater, David Hey, Dan Von Bargen, Daiyl Lehnus (Captain), Jim Hill, Coach Carl Erskine. 89 Trackmen strive to better records Mark Kane and Glenn Burns demonstrate perfect timing which is needed in the mile relay. Determination and endurance are key factors which make John Quinn Anderson’s number one runner. In spite of having one of its poorest seasons, AC’s thinclads, under Coach Jim Macholtz, were able to break and tie several school records. Voted Most Valuable Runner and Captain, Jim Hall set a new school record in the 440 yard intermediate hurdles, ran one leg of the mile relay, and threw the javelin. Tom Hill, in the long and triple jump, and John Quinn, in the two-mile, placed for Anderson in the Conference. Also scoring consistently during the season were Jim Noggle and Jeff ' Risk in field events and sprints respectively. TRACK RECORD Spring 1967 Anderson Opponent April 4 Manchester 18 127 April 15 • Concordia Sr. College 70 71 April 19 Franklin 51 94 April 22 Indiana Central Triangular 3rd May 2 Indiana Tech 90 55 May 9 Hanover 63 2 7212 May 20 HCC Meet (Indianapolis) 7th Long hours of practice pay off for Gaiy Bays and Jim Noggle as they out distance their opponents in the hurdles. Using every ounce of energy, Dan Geer strives to better his mark in the shot. First Row: Mark Kane, Tom Hill, John Quinn, Herb Baker, Daryl Dennis, Jim McAlhaney. Second Row: Jim Hall (Cap¬ tain), Glenn Burns, Jeff Risk, Jim Noggle, Mike Kiernan, Gary Bays, Joe Smith. Third Row: Dan Gurless, Dan Geer, Rich Sharp, John Wiley, Dave Kirkwood, Coach Jim Macholtz. 91 Golf team plays successful matches COLF RECORD Spring 1967 April 6 Ball State Anderson 1 Opponent 14 April 15 Taylor 8 7 April 18 Franklin 12 3 April 21 Earlham 6 9 April 27 Taylor 10 5 May 5 Manchester 7 8 May 9 Indiana Central 8 7 May 12 HCC Meet (Marian) 5th Coaching the Ravens for a second year, Anderson businessman Harry Forse was a big asset to the AC golf te am. Returning lettermen Barry Hippensteel and Lou Gerig, top two men on the team, led the Ravens to a 5-4 season record. The linksmen played good matches throughout the season and had a chance to win the Hoosier Conference. However, on the Marion course the Ravens had a poor day, which resulted in taking fifth in the league. Displaying good form, Gary Hammond chips the ball out of a sand trap onto the green. From left: Jim Tanner, Dan McClintock, Barry Hippensteel, Lou Gerig, Gary Hammond, Coach Harry Forse. 92 Intramurals relieve the tensions of dorm life as teams from Co-Ed and Smith exert energy in a Thursday night basket¬ ball game. Intramurals provide variety of sports The intramural program at AC is designed for students who are not involved in varsity sports. Com¬ petition ran high as teams formed from the dorms, married students, seminary students and faculty. They met each other in touch football and basketball, in addition to participating in paddle ball, volleyball, and table tennis tournaments. Later in the spring co¬ educational softball teams gave the more attractive side of the campus an opportunity to participate along with the men in sports. Dr. James Macholtz, PE Director, meets with head coaches Dick Young, Ron Parr and Carl Erskine to plan varsity sports and intramurals for the coming year. Terry Tierney, quarterback of the victorious touch football team, searches for a pass receiver in a cham¬ pionship game. WRA serves recreational interests and First Row: Barbara Ponsler, Jane Heffelfinger, Becky Merriken, Pat Strickler, Durenda Long, Bobbie Douglas, Sheila Smart. Second Row: Dr. Gloria Olive (Sponsor), Marka Eckhardt (Director of Intramurals), Gertrude Wunsch (Di¬ rector of Intercollegiate Sports), Cheryl Poore (Pres.), Fran Foronda (V-Pres.), Linda Kolb (Sec.), Linda Watkins (Treas.), Audrea Baldwin (Chap.), Carla Smith (Sports Chairman), Shirley Bauman (Sports Chairman). Intercollegiate volleyball team practices for upcoming Purdue Invitational. Linda Allen, Karen Keys and Cheryl Poore, accom¬ panied by cheerleader Chuck Rich, courageously lead their fearless females onto the gridiron. rij X ii v4 % U 11 » y j I: r . V . A A K I 94 hosts ARFICW Conference Gwen Carter, Linda Farst and Cheryl Poore battle for a rebound during basketball practice. Fun, Fitness and Fellowship are the key words connected with Anderson College’s Women’s Recrea¬ tion Association. WRA has a two-fold purpose: To serve the recreational interests and social needs of all women students by providing a variety of sports and recreational activities in a friendly, informal atmosphere, and to offer the more competitive an opportunity to participate in intercollegiate competi¬ tion. Highlighting this year’s activities was the annual state Athletic and Recreation Federation Conference held at Anderson and attended by eleven Hoosier colleges and universities. Activities included a half¬ time football game, camping, track, badminton and intercollegiate basketball and volleyball. 95 Steering Committee Linda Kolb (Registration Chairman), Cheryl Poore (Co-chairman), Bobbie Douglas (Co-chairman), Gertrude Wunsch (Advisor), Carla Smith (Entertainment Chairman), Shirley Baumann (Banquet Chairman) and Audrea Baldwin (Display), prepare for registration at the 1968 ARFICW Conference on January 5-6. Freshmen and upperclassmen girl’s football clash provides excitement during half time at the Defiance football game. 96 We are the present. . . We find lasting friendships in People ... President Reardon This year marks our half-century as an educational institution. As history goes, this is a relatively short span of time. But given the acceleration of civilization these past fifty years, this represents a vast portion of men’s lonely pilgrimage on this planet. During the next half- century changes in our lives and our in¬ stitution will far surpass anything we now can envision. For this reason the broadly educated man, rather than the specialist, will have the best chances to cope with change and adapt his life to it. The man of deep Christian commit¬ ments surely will be more able to find his way. —President Robert H. Reardon 98 An institution of higher learning is a complex organism—but at its heart it is people. We do well to remember this in a year of planning and con¬ structing physical facilities. Our past can be best measured by our faculty and students: their dreams, achieve¬ ments, weaknesses changed to strengths and service to others. Our future though larger in scope, still will test our sense of direction and our firmness of commitment. Then we wish for you both large opportunities and clear directions as you move ahead in your education and life work. —Dean Robert Nicholson Dean Nicholson 99 Officers of Administration C. L. EDWARDS W. SHIRELL FOX NORMAN BEARD VILA DEUBACH Business Manager Assistant to the President Dean of Students Librarian and Director of Publicity HELEN A. HOLTON Registrar C. JEAN KILMER Director of Admissions GILBERT FRITZLER Controller CALVIN HANSON Director of Development and Alumni Affairs Dean Beard talks with General Motors representatives. Mr. Rees explains a detailed point in biology lecture. Faculty CLEDA A. ANDERSON, A.M. Dean of Women F. DALE BENGTSON, Mus. M. Assistant Professor of Music PAUL BREITWEISER, Ph.D. Professor of Music DELWIN W. BROWN, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion MILTON A. BUETTNER, A.M. Assistant Professor of English JOHN O. CARRINGTON, Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Science VALOROUS B. CLEAR, Ph.D. Professor or Sociology arid Social Work ARNOLD A. COODY, B.D Dean of Men KENNETH E. COOK, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry ELSIE E. COTTINGHAM, B.S. Instructor in Librari- anship Faculty 101 KENNETH L. CROSE, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History FREDERICK H. DAMASKE, A.M. Assistant Professor of Political Science VILA A. DEUBACH, Ph.D. Professor of English MARKA M. ECKHARDT, A.B. Instructor in Physical Education R. GLENN FALLS, D.B.A. Associate Dean and Professor of Business and Economics JOHN P. GEE, Dr. Jenninga examines an ancient vase from the Middle East. M.F.A. Instructor in Art MARCIA P. GLENN, MAT. Instructor in English MALCOLM G. GRESSMAN, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Speech THOMAS R. HARBRON, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physics Director, Computing Center ELAINE J. HARPER, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English DeVON W. HELBLING, Mus. Ed.D. Associate Professor of Music 102 Faculty Dr. Clear uses a few free moments between elasses to dictate notes to his secretary. LEWIS A. HENNIGAR, Ph.D. Professor of Philoso¬ phy and Psychology MILDRED HOPKINS, M.S. Visiting Associate Professor of Mathe¬ matics HENRYK. H. HUANG, A.M. Visiting Associate Professor of Biology GUSTAV JENNINGA, Th.D. Associate Professor of Religion Director, Museum of Bible and Near Eastern Studies JAMES H. KING, Mus. M. Assistant Professor of Music SANDER J. KLEIS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy BERNARD R. LALLATHIN, A.M. Assistant Professor of Biology H. HOWARD LASH, M.Ed. Associate Professor of Education Director of Evening School BARBARA J. LEIGHTON, M.L.S. Assistant Professor of Librarianship JUANITA E. LEONARD, A.M. Instructor in Sociol¬ ogy and Social Work Faculty 103 HAROLD F. LINAMEN, Ed.D. Professor of Business and Economics GERTRUDE I. LITTLE, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Religion HAROLD L. LOWE, M.M.E. Assistant Professor of Music ELBRIDGE G. MacKENZIE, Ph.D. Professor of Educa¬ tion and Director of Teacher Education JAMES D. MACHOLTZ, P.E.D. Ptofessor of Physical Education ROBERT W. MACHOLTZ, P.E. Dir. Associate Professor of Physical Education, Director of Inter¬ collegiate Athletics TERRY A. MAGSIG, M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Business and Eco¬ nomics MARIE J. MAYO, M.S. Associate Professor of Biology NILAH P. MEIER, M.A.T. Assistant Professor of Spanish WILLIAM MILLER, M.S. Instructor in Physics 104 Faculty DARLENE MILLER, A.M. Director, Audiovisual and Instructional Materials Center FRANCES F. MILLER, M.S. Assistant Professor of English M. LaVERN NORRIS, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology GLORIA OLIVE, Ph.D. Professor of Mathe¬ matics NANCY F. OSBORNE, Ph.D. Professor of French THOMAS N. PAPPAS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Histoiy and Political Science; Director, Foreign Study and Travel RONALD G. PARR, M.S. Instructor in Physical Education MARIETA P. PICKETT, M.S. Instructor in Music BETTY W. POGUE, I Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education ELVA M. RAGSDALE, Ed.D Associate Professor of Education Mr. Lowe shows a student correct finger positions on the bass. Faculty 105 GEORGE H. RAMSEY, B.D. Associate Professor of Bible JAMES R. REES, A.M. Associate Professor of Biology RUSSELL R. RENZ, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education NORMA T. RIDER, B.L.S. ' Assistant Professor of English THOMAS L. ROBERTSON, |R., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English JOHN L. ROYS, Ph.D. PAUL W. SALTZMANN, Associate Professor of A.M. Psychology Assistant Professor of Mathematics W. LEO SANDERS, M.S. Visiting Professor of Education FREDERICK v. SHOOT, RICHARD E. SNYDER, Ph.D. A.M. Associate Dean Instructor in Librarian- Professor of Bible ship Director, Summer Ses¬ sions RALPH H. SPRAGUE, RICHARD L. SPRAGUE, NORMAN W. JERRY L. STEVENSON, MARIE STRONG, A.M. JR., D.B.A. B.S. STEINAKER, A.M. M.D. Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Instructor of Business Assistant Professor of Professor of Biology Bible Business and Econom- and Computer Sciences English Premedical Advisor ics Director of Special Serv¬ ices, Computing Center PETER TJART, A.M. Associate Professor of German KENNETH V. TURNER, JR., A.B. Instructor in Mathemat¬ ics GIBB E. WEBBER, A.M. Assistant Professor of English GERTRUDE E. WUNSCH, A.B. Associate Professor o Physical Education RICHARD M. YOUNG, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education 106 Faculty STAFF WILLIAM ABELL, M.D College Psychiatrist HELEN ACHOR, A.B. Resident Director H.L. BAKER, A.M. Assistant Dean of Stu¬ dents and Director of Financial Aid JOHN W. BATDORF Placement Officer INEZ BUSCH Director of Student Activities RODNEY C. CAUDILL, M.D. College Psychiatrist HENRIETTA CROSS KENNETH JAMES EDWARDS, VIVIAN RONALD MOORE, Resident Director CROUCH, A.B A.B. McFARLING A.B. Admissions Counselor Director of Recruit- Managing Editor, Chief Accountant ment Anderson Col¬ lege News Production Direc¬ tor for Graphic Arts WILLIAM K. PATTERSON, M.D. College Physician ELWOOD H. ALAN REHN, B.B.A. ARNOLD SETZER, PHILLIPS Manager, Saga Food A.B. Manager, Bookstore Service Director of Residence ancf College Rentals Halls LUCILLE A. STRAWN, B.S. Assistant Registrar TRECIL THOMPSON Resident Director Staff 107 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS— Ron Duncan, Treasurer Stewart McDivitt, Vice President Jill Newberry, Secretary Ken Hatch, President i • ...» 1 fl Seniors MELVA LEE ACHESON — Palco, Kansas — Ele¬ mentary Education — CIA, AFC, Rel-Vo-Prep LARRY LYNN ADAMS - Shiloh, Ohio — Music Education — Booster, Who’s Who, Men’s Senate, Choir, Tour Group, MENC DAVID KEITH ADKINS — Oxon Hill, Maryland — Physical Education — SNEA, Young Democrats, PE Major and Minor Club, Football CAROLYN WAYNE AKIN — Danville, Kentucky — Speech — Arete Pep, Who’s Who, Student Council (President), Debate, CIA, SNEA, WRA, Religious Life Council, oung Republicans, French Club, Soeurettes 108 Seniors DAVID CURTIS ALBERTS — Yreka, California - Accounting — SAM Club, SAM Enterprises, Inc. (Vice President), Judo Club, Scuba Club EDNA MAE ALEXANDER — Anderson, Indiana — Elementary Education JAMES GILBERT ALLEN - Flat Rock, Michigan — Sociology — Amici, Men’s Senate (President), CIA (Co-Captain), Wrestling, Scuba Club DIANA STOVER ANTHONY — Beckley, West Vir¬ ginia — Elementary Education — SNEA EMANUEL LOYD ARMSTEAD — Chicago, Illinois — Bible and Religion —AFC, Rel-Vo-Prep, CIA JAMES GLEN ATKINS - Dewey, Oklahoma — Social Studies — Sachem, CIA, Football, Wrestling RENARD LEE BALDWIN — Peoria, Illinois — Music Education — Booster (President) GARY RONALD BAYS — Rochelle, Illinois — Physi¬ cal Education — PE Major and Minor Club (vice President, President), Track PATRICIA ELLEN BEARD — Anderson, Indiana — Elmentary Education JlL fP V (fm J :» H jr, nr TL Ji VIRGINIA IRENE BEARD — Abilene, Texas — Ele¬ mentary Education — SNEA JUDITH CAROL BENNETT — Eaton Rapids, Mich¬ igan — Sociology — Taeda, SAM Club, CIA, WRA, Young Republicans, Drama Club PATRICIA ANN BENTLEY — Sylacauga, Alabama — Social Studies —Camarada, Pi Gamma Mu (Recorder) ROBERT ALAN BERNHARDT — Scottsbluff, Ne¬ braska — Business Administration — Triad, WAC Radio (Technical Director) DONNA ROEME R BLACK — New Lexington, Ohio — Elementary Education DAVID THOMAS BOYLE — Anderson, Indiana — Business Administration HELEN AGNES BRAINERD - Midland, Michigan — Sociology — Taeda, Sam Club, CIA, WSGA CAROLYN M. BRAUNBERGER — Minot, North Dakota — Biology GERALD FRANKLIN BREWER - Lapeer, Michi¬ gan — Biology — Triad (Vice President), Gamma Delta Iota Seniors i09 JAMES GORDON BRIDGES — Anderson, Indiana — English DAN BROOKS — Elkhart, Indiana — Social Studies — Booster, Sophomore Class Vice President, Men’s Senate (Secretary-Treasurer, President), Choir, Cam¬ pus Singers, CIA, SNEA, Tour Group JOSEPH FRANKLIN BROOKS — Hickory, North Carolina — Sociology BETTY LORAINE BUCKBEE — Eugene, Oregon — Social Work — Alpha Chi, WSGA (Treasurer) GERALD BEAUDETTE BURG — Benton Harbor, Michigan — Biology — Amici (Treasurer), Circle K (Treasurer), Debate, CIA (Team Captain), Band, Golf, Gamma Delta Iota, Arcita HOMER EUGENE BURKETT — Anderson, Indiana — Physics and Mathematics BONNIE KAREN BURRIS — Indianapolis, Indiana — English — Camarada (Secretary), CIA, SNEA DENNIS BURRIS — Noblesville, Indiana — History FREDERICK DAVID CLEMENS — Huntington, Indiana — Bible and Religion — Booster, Who’s Who, Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Men’s Senate, Choir, Campus Singers, Tour Group, Arcita JANE CLEVELAND — Anderson, Indiana — Music Education — SNEA, MENC JAMES RANDALL COOK - Bedford, Indiana - Bible and Religion, History — Who’s Who, Phi Beta Sigma, Student Council (Vice President), Men’s Senate, Circle K (Board of Directors, Vice President), Debate, CIA (Director), Religious Life Council, Young Democrats, WAC Radio, Arcita (Vice President) BRENDA S. COOPER — Morganton, North Carolina — English — French Club (President), SNEA DEBRA ANN CREASON —Middletown, Indiana — Psychology and English SHARON ANN DAVIS — Zanesville, Ohio — Mathe¬ matics — Camarada, Alpha Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon (Treasurer), Sigma Zeta (Secretary), Choir, Tour Group, SNEA, Drama Club DARYL GAY DENNIS - St. Albans, West Virginia — Business Administration — SAM Club, Cross Country, Track JEANNE KAY DRAKE — York Springs, Pennsylvania — Biology — Rel-Vo-Prep WILMA GERALDINE DREGER — Arnold, Penn¬ sylvania — Psychology RONALD VERLE DUNCAN — Kingsport, Tennessee — Bible and Religion — Booster, Men’s Senate, Fresh¬ man Class Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer, Meister Singers, CIA, Rel-Vo-Prep, Religious Life Council (Chairman) 110 Seniors LEANN DUNKLE — Tionest, Pennsylvania — English and Psychology — Arete Pep, Sigma Tau Delta, SNEA, Sourettes PAUL WAYNE EDIE — Garden Grove, California — Bible and Religion STELLA EDWARDS — Zanesville, Ohio — Social Work — Camarada TROY DUANE ELAM — West Chester, Ohio — Bible and Religion — CIA (Team Captain) ARTHUR CARL FENRICK — St. Joseph, Michigan — Social Studies JAMES ERVIN FENSTERMAKER — Fort Wayne, Indiana — Political Science — Amici (Historian), Circle K, IRC, Young Democrats, Amateur Radio Club (President) JERRY ALLEN FETTINGER — Mt. Vernon, Illinois — Sociology SUZANNE GROVE FLOWERS - Bedford, Indiana — Mathematics — Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, Soeurettes RONALD LORREN FORSBERG — Tampa, Florida — Psychology — Booster, Men’s Senate, CIA (Treas¬ urer), Arcita wmatm HENRY BERTRAM FOX — Anderson, Indiana — Mathematics SUSAN ROMANO FRANGELLO — Decatur, Illinois — Social Work — Arete Pep, French Club SERITA ADELL FROST — Miami, Florida — Social Studies - Choir, SNEA, WSGA, Rel-Vo-Prep JOHN FULDA — Athens, Pennsylvania — Sociology TRUDI HOFFMAN FULDA — Pendleton, Indiana — Elementary Education — Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Alpha Psi Omega, Choir, Tour Group, IRC (Secretary), SNEA LYNETTE DIANE GABLE — Cedar Rapids, Iowa — Social Studies — Camarada, Choir, Band, SNEA CAROL JOYCE GEER — Toledo, Ohio — Elemen¬ tary Education LOU GERIG — Elwood, Indiana — Social Studies — Booster, ECHOES, ANDERSONIAN, Student Coun¬ cil, Freshman Class Vice President, Junior Class Vice President, Men’s Senate, Young Republicans, IRC, SNEA, Golf, Arcita ROLAND LEE GRAUMAN — Tremont City, Ohio — English —Amici, Meister Singers, Tour Group, CIA Seniors 111 LARRY LEN GRURRS — Timmonsville, South Carolina — English — Booster, ECHOES (Sports Assistant), ANDERSONIAN (Sports Editor), Who’s Who, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau Delta (Vice Presi¬ dent), Alpha Phi Gamma, Student Council, Circle K (President, Vice President, Board of Directors), Sigma Tau Delta Creative Writing Award, Sopho¬ more Class Vice President, Areita JERRY WAYNE HANDLEY — Skelton, West Vir¬ ginia — Sociology, Bible and Religion — Who’s Who, Alpha Chi (Vice President, President), Phi Eta Sigma (Vice President), Pi Gamma Mu, Tri-S, CIA (Direc¬ tor-In-Chief), AFC, Rel-Vo-Prep, Areita LARRY LEE HAN NA — Effingham, Illinois — Mathe- »v»r fir C WILLIAM LOYD HARGETT — Orchard Lake, Michigan — Music Education — Booster, Choir, Cam¬ pus Singers, Tour Group, CIA, SNEA, MENC (Vice President, President), Religious Life Council, Music Chairman of Religious Emphasis Week DAVID ALLEN V HARRIS — Springfield, Ohio — Bible and Religion, Social Work — CIA, AFC (Presi¬ dent), Rel-Vo-Prep DOUGLAS KEITH HARTLEY — Worland, Wyoming — Social Work, Psychology — Baseball KENNETH EUGENE HATCH — Anderson, Indiana — Sociology — Booster (Chaplain, Vice President), Who’s Who, Pi Gamma Mu (Vice President), Senior Class President; IRC (President), Football, Areita JOYCE MARIE HAVENS — Germantown, Ohio — Business Education — SAM Club (Secretary), CIA (Secretary), SNEA, SAM Enterprises, Inc. LOLA MARLENE HEATH —Alexandria, Indiana — Elementary Education — SNEA GARY OWEN HELLER — Oaklawn, Illinois — Soci- ology — Pi Gamma Mu CONSTANCE JUNE HELMKER — St. Joseph, Mich¬ igan — Elementary Education — CIA, Soeurettes DONNA MCKINNEY HELVEY — Abingdon, Vir¬ ginia — Music Education — Arete Pep, Sophomore Class Secretary, Cheerleader, Tri-S, MENCT, Soeur¬ ettes (Vice President) WILMA JEAN HIATT — Anderson, Indiana — Ele¬ mentary Education MICHAEL LYNN HICKS — Continental, Ohio — History THOMAS EUGENE HILL — Bradford, Ohio - Mathematics — Sachem (Chaplain), SNEA, Basket¬ ball, Track HERBERT ANDREW HOOVER — Saltville, Virginia — Mathematics — Triad, SNEA, Football, Wrestling, Judo Club PAULETTA JUNE HOWARD — Bonnie, Illnois — Art ERNESTEEN BERNICE HOWELL — Anderson, Indiana — Music Education — Arete Pep (Chaplain), Choir (Accompanist), SNEA, MENCT (Secretary- Treasurer), Rel-Vo-Prep 112 Seniors JOHN ROBERT HUEY — Princeton, Indiana — Busi¬ ness Administration EDWIN LEON HUTCHESON - Butler, Pennsyl- vania — Speech and Sociology — Alpha Psi Omega (Treasurer, Vice President), Tour Groups, CIA, IRC (Treasurer), SNEA (Vice President), AFC, Young Democrats, German Club, Drama Club NANCY LOUISE HUTTON - Anderson, Indiana - Social Work — Arete Pep (Chaplain) JACK EUGENE ICE — Green Camp, Ohio — Busi¬ ness Administration GLORIA SHARON IGNEY — Saint Petersburg, Florida — Music Education — ANDERSONIA (Typing Editor), Choir, Tour Group, CIA, SNEA, MENC, WSGA DENNIS RAY JACKSON — Cincinnati, Ohio — Busi¬ ness Education — Amici (President), Student Council (Treasurer), Men’s Senate, Circle K (Vice President, Sergeant-at-Arms), CIA KAROLYN ANN JANKE — Parma, Ohio — English — Camarada, CIA, SNEA, Drama Club ROBERT WILSON JASPER — Vandergrift, Pennsyl¬ vania — Mathematics — Amici (Secretary), Circle K, SNEA, Drama Club, Scuba Club, Arcita KEITH E. JORDAN — Independence, Missouri — Physical Education — Sachem, Football, Basketball JERRY MARK KEESLING — Anderson, Indiana — Social Studies — Sachem, Basketball, Track OHN EDWARD KEMLER — Alma, Michigan — Aiology — Sigma Zeta (Vice President), Gamma Delta ota (Treasurer) 3RUCE D. KING — Anderson, Indiana — English — SNEA MARY KOLLAR — South Bend, Indiana — English DENNIS EUGENE KOLLARS — Cridersville, Ohio — English — SNEA CARL EDWARD KRAMER - Speed, Indiana - History and Political Science — Booster Club, AN- DERSONIAN (Associate Editor, Editor), Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Phi Eta Sigma (Historian, Senior Advisor), Alpha Phi Gamma, Pi Gamma Mu (President), Stu¬ dent Council, Debate, IRC (Vice President), SNEA (Vice President), Tri-S, Young Republicans ANITA KAY KUFELDT — Anderson, Indiana — Ele¬ mentary Education — Taeda, Choir, CIA, SNEA, Soeurettes DALE DOUGLAS LANDIS — Dayton, Ohio — Music Education — Booster Club, Choir, Campus Singers, Tour Group, MENC LARRY LEACH — Cicero, Indiana — Accounting Seniors 113 DUANE LYNN LEATHERMAN — Sturgis, Michigan — Mathematics — Booster (Secretary), Who’s Who, Kappa Mu Epsilon (Vice President, President), Sigma Zeta, Alpha Psi Omega (President), Men’s Senate, SNEA, Drama Club, Wrestling, Arcita FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT LITONDO — Kenya, East Africa — Biology — Triad (Secretary), CIA (Co-cap- tain), AFC, Young Democrats, German Club, Gamma Delta Iota GARY RAY LITTLE — Metropolis, Illinois — Social Studies — SNEA (Parliamentarian) DAVID LIVERETT — Decatur, Alabama — Art — Booster, ECHOES (Assistant Art Editor), CIA, SNEA, RICHARD LEE MASTERS - Wichita, Kansas — Accounting — Booster, Student Council (Junior Class Representative), Men’s Senate, Religious Life Council, Baseball. RAE JEANIENE MATSON — Elkart, Indiana — Ele¬ mentary Education — Choir, CIA, SNEA, Drama Club DOROTHY ANNA MAY — Big Rapids, Michigan — Elementary Education JORETTA ANN MAY — Anderson, Indiana — Soci¬ ology — Alpha Chi, Pi Gamma Mu HOWARD WILLARD McCLINTOCK — Lapel, Indiana — Business Administration. STEWART EUGENE McDIVITT — Eldred, Penn¬ sylvania — Psychology — Booster, Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, Senior Class Vice President, Men’s Senate, Circle K (Secretary), CIA, SNEA, Basketball CHRISTOPHER CARSON McGILLEN - Anderson, Indiana — Elementary Education THOMAS RALPH McLAUGHLIN — Jamestown, Pennsylvania — Mathematics — Booster, Kappa Mu Epsilon (Treasurer, Secretary), Sigma Zeta, Freshman Award in Mathematics HOWARD STEVEN McNUTT - Pendleton, Indiana — Biology MARILYN RUTH MEFFORD — West Monterey, Pennsylvania — Elementary Education — Arete Pep, SNEA PAUL DAVID MEIER — Anderson, Indiana — Spanish MARILOU MENCHINGER — Benton Harbor, Michi¬ gan — Elementary Education — Camarada (Vice- President), Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Freshman Class Secretary, Resident Assistant, IRC, SNEA (Secretary), WSGA, May Court Attendant, Tri-S, Soeurettes JOAN INGALLS MERRILL - Chatham, New Jersey — Music Education — Choir CIA, MENC JOYCE MESSICK — Rhoaesdale, Maryland — Psy¬ chology .Seniors KERRY LEON MEYER — Bloomington, Illinois — Music Education — Booster, Choir, Campus Singers, Tour Group, MENC ROBERT LEE MILLER — Miami, Florida — Busi¬ ness Administration — SAM Club LARRY DALE MINNICK — Monticello, Indiana — English — Booster, Student Council, Men’s Senate, Circle K, French Club, Arcita GERALD DEE MOORE — Harvey, Illinois — Biol- L SLIE HAROLD MOSIER — Rushville, Indiana — Bible and Religion — Booster, Chaplain; Men’s Senate, Tri-S, Rel-Vo-rrep, Arcita MERVIN MOSS — Goulds, Florida — Sociology — Circle K, SAM Club, Football MARGARET MARIE MUNN — Wayne, Ohio - English —SNE A WAYNE FRANKLIN NELSON — Baltimore, Mary¬ land — History — CIA, AFC (Vice President), Rel-Vo- Prep, Religious Life Council, Arcita ALMA ANN NEWBERRY — Anderson, Indiana — Elementary Education ■H JILL DIANE NEWBERRY — Anderson, Indiana — English — Camarada (Secretary, President), ECHOES, Senior Class Secretary, Resident Assistant, Women’s Senate (Secretary), Soeurettes CURTISS HARTLEY NICKEL — St. Joseph, Michi¬ gan — Psychology — Sachem (Secretary), CIA MYRON ESTEL NOBLE — Anderson, Indiana — Business Administration — Sachem (Treasurer, Presi¬ dent) ROGER DEAN NOBLE - Warren, Ohio — Biology RONALD EUGENE NOBLE - Warren, Ohio — History — Band, CIA, Young Republicans, Arcita ABBY NOGGLE — Anderson, Indiana — Music Edu¬ cation — Camarada, CIA, SNEA, MENC, Majorette MAXINE NORTON — Jacksonville, Florida — Busi¬ ness Education MICHAEL TREESH OLIVER - Alexandria, Indi¬ ana — Mathematics HALLIE CAROLYNE OLSEN - Stoneboro, Penn¬ sylvania — Elementary Education — Camarada, SNEA Seniors 115 MICHAEL DALE OSTEEN — Hampton, Virginia — English — Booster, ANDERSON1AN (Assistant Editor), Who’s Who, Alpha Chi, Sigma Tau Delta (President), Alpha Phi Gamma, Junior Class President, Debate, IRC, Young Republicans, Wrestling, Golf FREDI PALMER — Clarkston, Washington — Ele¬ mentary Education — Resident Assistant, CIA, SNEA, WRA, AFC CONNIE PARKER — Mishawaka, Indiana — French — Arete Pep, Choir, Band, SNEA, MENC, French Club, Judo Club, Soeurettes KAREN SUE PARSONS — Bessemer, Alabama — Social Work — Choir, CIA, MENC, WSGA, Rel-Vo- Prep PHILIP DALE PATTERSON — Akins, Virginia — Chemistry — Triad (Chaplain, Secretary), CIA LINDA MARIE PEACOCK — Hulbert, Michigan — Social Work — CIA, AFC, Spanish Club CAROL YVONNE PENDLETON — Enid, Oklahoma — Elementary Education — Camarada, Resident Assistant, Dorm Chairman, Tour Group, SNEA (Presi¬ dent, State Treasurer), French Club, Soeurettes (Sec¬ retary) CYNTHIA L. PISTOLE — Anderson, Indiana — Eng¬ lish — Arete Pep, Junior Class Treasurer, Soeurettes BEVERLEY MILLER PITTS — Anderson, Indiana — English — ECHOES (Associate Editor), Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Phi Gamma, SNEA C. ROBERT POST — Pendleton, Indiana — Business Education — Sachem, SAM Club, SAM Enterprises, Inc., SNEA, Scuba Club, Wrestling PATTRICIA EILENE PREISIG — Brighton, Colo¬ rado — Elementary Education — Taeda, Alpha Psi Omega, CIA, SNEA, W SGA, German Club, Drama Club (Secretary) JOHN QUINN — Piqua, Ohio — Psychology — Amici, Men’s Senate, Young Republicans (Vice President), Spanish Club, Cross Country, All-HCC, Track, FCA SHERRILL FLICK QUINN - Lima, Ohio - Ele¬ mentary Education — CIA, SNEA, Rel-Vo-Prep (Co- Chairman), Religious Life Council (Secretary) ROY RATCLIFF — Florence, Kentucky — Mathe¬ matics ELIZABETH BRASWELL REID - Lufkin, Texas — Elementary Education — Camarada, SNEA, Rel- Vo-Prep CHARLES ELMER RICH - Columbus, Ohio - Psychology — Booster Club, Alpha Chi JEFFREY RISK — Anderson, Indiana — Business Education — Sachem (Treasurer), Football, Track JOHN ANTHONY ROBERTSON - Beckley, West Virginia — Biology 116 Seniors MICHAEL THOMAS ROBERTSON - Beckley, West Virginia — Bible and History — SNEA, Young Democrats N. EDWARD ROSS — Fayetteville, West Virginia — Social Studies — Amici, Pi Gamma Mu, Circle K (Board of Directors), Rel-Vo-Prep, Arcita PAULETTE JE AN RUBY - Erie, North Dakota - Elementary? Education JOANN KAY RUEDEBUSCH — Wichita, Kansas — Social Work — Camarada, Alpha Psi Omega, Pi Gamma Mu, Resident Assistant, Tour Group, WSGA, Scuba Club, Soeurettes JUDITH ILAH SANDSTROM — Benton Harbor, Michigan — Elementary Education DONALD HARRY SCHULTHEIS — Baltimore, Maryland — Elementary Education JAMES MARCELLOUS SCOTT — Defiance, Ohio — Music RONALD LEE SHANGLE — Midland, Michigan — Business Administration and Psychology — Sachem (Secretary), Who’s Who, SAM Club, SAM Enter¬ prises, Inc., Spanish Club, Football KENNETH HAROLD SHEFFER - Livonia, Michi¬ gan — Chemistry — Alpha Psi Omega, Drama Club (President) Judo Club, Scuba Club Instructor MAX EUGENE SHELLENBARGER - Auburn, In¬ diana — Mathematics — Booster, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, SNEA DAVID DALE SHERRY — Mount Vernon, Ohio - Mathematics — Triad, Sigma Zeta, CIA, SNEA, AFC, Arcita DIANNE LUCILLE SHOUDEL — Grabill, Indiana — Art — Camarada, Alpha Chi, Resident Assistant, CIA (Co-Captain), SNEA, Soeurettes CHARLES ROLANE SHUMATE — Meridian, Mis¬ sissippi — Bible and Religion — Amici (Chaplain), Men s Senate, Tour Group, Rel-Vo-Prep, Religious Life Council DIANN LEE SMITH — Lorimor, Iowa — English — CIA, SNEA, WSGA, Rel-Vo-Prep, French Club, Soeurettes TERRY GENE SPRADLIN — Wichita, Kansas — Bible and Religion — Triad, Alpha Psi Omega, Tour Group, Young Republicians, Drama Club (Chaplain), Band CHARLES EDGAR STANLEY — Vandergrift, Penn¬ sylvania — Sociology — Amici, Circle K, Arcita CAROL MOORE STEVENS — Kalamazoo, Michigan — English — Arete Pep PATRICIA JOAN STINSON — Lovington, Illinois - French — Taeda, WSGA, Rel-Vo-Prep, French Club Seniors 117 FRANK JOSEPH STRANO — Glastonbury, Con¬ necticut — Sociology — Circle K, Debate, Young Democrats MARGARET ELLEN STRATTMAN - Jamaica, New York — Elementary Education — Taeda, ECHOES (Feature Editor), Who’s Who, Student Council (Senior Representative), CIA, SNEA, WSGA (Secretary), AFC LADONNA PARKER SULLIVAN - East Prairie, Missouri — English — Camarada (Chaplain), Sigma Tau Delta (Secretary), Junior Class Secretary, Dorm Chairman, SNEA, WSGA ROBERT DANIEL SUMNER — Indianapolis, In¬ diana — Elementary Education — SNEA, Basketball JAMES DALE TANNER — Anderson, Indiana — Business Administration — Amici (Historian), Golf IMOGENE GRETCHEN TATE - Columbus, Ohio — English — Camarada, ECHOES (Copy Editor), Choir, aNEA, Soeurettes STEVEN BOYD TEETERS - Lapel, Indiana - Ac¬ counting — SAM Club, SAM Enterprises, Inc. (Presi¬ dent) CHARLOTTE ELAINE THOMAS — Roderfield, West Virginia — History MARK WALKER THOMPSON - Mio, Michigan - Physical Education — Sachem (Sergeant-at-Arms), Football JOHN PHILIP THORNBERY - Middletown, Ohio -Art —CIA, SNEA TERRELL LEE TIERNEY — Torrance, California — Social Studies — Amici, Pi Gamma Mu, SNEA, PE Majors and Minors Club, Basketball, Baseball JOHN WESLEY TRAISTER - New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania — Biology — Amici, SNEA, Wrestling VERNA JEAN TRAMEL — New Castle, Indiana — Elementary Education — Camarada, SNEA (Cor¬ responding Secretaiy), French Club, Soeurettes ZOLA MARY TROUTMAN — Saltville, Virginia — English — Camarada, Who’s Who, Student Council (Secretary), Resident Assistant, SNEA, Soeurettes, Homecoming Court (Attendant, Queen), May Court SIU-MAN SUE TSANG — Kowloon, Hong Kong — Chemistry CHERYL WEITNER TURNER - Clinton, Oklahoma — Mathematics ROBERT JAMES TURNER - Germantown, Ohio - Chemistry — Booster, Alpha Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, Young Republicans, German Club, AFC DAVID JAMES VONALMEN — Lima, Ohio — Ac¬ counting — SAM Club 118 Seniors MARY LU WAGGY — Brighton, Colorado — English — Taeda, Alpha Psi Omega, CIA, SNEA, AFC, Rel- Vo-Prep, Young Republicans, French Club, Drama Club (Chaplain) NANCY JO WALTON — Anderson, Indiana — Physi¬ cal Education — Arete Pep Club, Cheerleader, SNEA, WRA, PE Majors and Minors Club (Secretary) CHARLES HENRY WARREN — Clatskame, Or ego n — Sociology — Amici, Chaplain; Pi Gamma Mu, CIA, AFC (Vice President), Track WILLIAM JEFFERSON WEBB — Midland, Michi¬ gan — Chemistry — Amici (Secretary), Sigma Zeta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Football, Gamma Delta Iota, CIA SHARON L6UISE WEBSTER - Athens, Pennsyl¬ vania — Business Administration — SAM Club, CIA WILLIAM IBY WEBSTER — St. Louis, Missouri — Physics — Booster (Historian), Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Zeta (President), IRC, WAC Arcita JOHN G. WELLS — Hamilton, Ohio — Psychology — Amici, SAM Enterprises, Inc. (Board of Directors), Young Republicans STEPHEN EDWARD WEST - Anderson, Indiana — Business Administration — ANDERSONIAN (Photog¬ rapher), SAM Enterprises, Inc. (Secretary, President) PAMELA KAY WHETSEL — Lapel, Indiana — Phys¬ ical Education and Social Work — CIA, SNEA, WRA, Judo Club, Scuba Club HHHH DOYLE GENE WHITE — Springfield, Missouri — Business Administration JIMMIE DEE WHITE — Anderson, Indiana — Busi- ness JON RIGDON WHITE — Cridersville, Ohio — Eng¬ lish — Amici (Vice-president), Men’s Senate, Circle K, Debate, SNEA, Track, Scuba Club, Arcita, Tri-S, WAC CAROLE DOREEN WHITEHERSE — Indianapolis, Indiana — Elementary Education — SNEA, Judo Club, Sachem Little Sister HOWARD EDMUND WILE —Anderson, Indiana — Mathematics DUANE KEITH WRIGHT — Conrad, Montana — History — Boosters, Men’s Senate PEGGY JUNE YOUNG - Yuma, Arizona - Elemen¬ tary Education — Resident Assistant, SNEA, AFC, Religious Life Council CAROL BOYD YOUNT — Willoughby, Ohio — Eng¬ lish MARTY LEE ZEIS — South Bend, Indiana — Ger¬ man Seniors 119 UNIOR CLASS OFFICERS— i im Snyder, President im Eoff, Vice President unda Putnam, Secretary Dave VanNorman, Treasurer Juniors Drew Helvey, Junior Class representative, stops for a coffee break. Old Main gets a touch of holiday cheer. -v - ' S ' i ' s CYl % 4; ' I at J ROBERT ABBOTT Springfield, Ohio CLARENA ALLEN Dodge City, Kansas KEITH ALLSHOUSE Butler, Pennsylvania PATTY ALTENBERNT Wyoming, Michigan CHERI AMAND Kettering, Ohio BARBEE ARINGTON Shreveport, Louisiana karen Arms Elmhurst, Illinois JOHN ARMSTRONG Walworth, New York RICHARD ARNY Barberton, Ohio JANET BARKER Cincinnati, Ohio GERALD BARR Matawan, New Jersey DAVID BASTINE Anderson, Indiana SHARON BATES Princeton, Indiana THOMAS BATES Germantown, Ohio SHIRLEY BAUMANN Piqua, Ohio M. DALE BENEFIELD Chelsea, Alabama F. GERALD BENSON San Diego, California JOAN BLASKOWSKY Seattle, Washington CALVIN BLOOM Erie, Pennsylvania PHYLLIS BOUT Pierceton, Indiana JANE BORAM Liverpool, Ohio LYNDA BORDERS Lanett, Alabama JAMES BOWEN Kingsport, Tennessee PHILLIS BOWERS Wichita, Kansas RAYMOND BRADWAY Wichita, Kansas JUNE BRAYFIELD Wichita, Kansas DENNIS BRIZENDINE Alameda, California BARBARA BROWN Greensburg, Indiana JODDIE BROWN Butler, New Jersey OTIS BROWN Chesterfield, Indiana THOMAS BROWN Lima, Ohio Students enjoy spending free time in the Student Center. Juniors 121 VICTOR BROWN Cincinnati, Ohio KENNETH BUCY Indianapolis, Indiana LINDA BULL Springfield, Ohio CAROLYN BURNETT Charlotte, Michigan GLENN BURNS Hickory, North Carolina THOMAS BUTLER Springfield, Ohio VICTORIA BUTTERFIELD Piqua, Ohio DAVID CAPRON Rockford, Michigan DAVID CARLISLE Anderson, Indiana RONALD CARR Roanoke, Virginia DENNIS CARROLL Streamwood, Illinois CELESTE CARROLL West Birmingham, Alabama CARLA CAUDILL Anderson, Indiana SAMUEL CHERNEY Mount Vernon, Ohio CAROLYN CHEWNING Bishopville, South Carolina EDWARD CHILDERS Anderson, Indiana G. DAN CLARK Knoxville, Tennessee DONALD CLINGENPEEL Wheeler, Michigan JANET CLOCK St. Joseph, Michigan MONTY COBLE Huntington, Indiana Skip Pluhar explores the world of chemistry. 122 Juniors •:v. r , . unar a a ' .i.ju ' s u; ; " o-i; . in j LINDA COLLINS Saltville, Virginia STEVEN COOK Anderson, Indiana JANE COPELAND Cleveland, Ohio MARCIA CORNS Springfield, Ohio RICK COX Springfield, Ohio MICHAEL COY Sheridan, Indiana SUSAN CRANE Anderson, Indiana RICHARD CROSE Anderson, Indiana JANET CRUIKSHANK Dolton, Illinois SALLY CUNNINGHAM South Bend, Indiana PAUL DAGENHART Greenstone, Pennsylvania ROBERT D ARKWOOD Chicago, Illinois CHARLOTTE DAY Wheaton, Maryland BEVERLY DECKER Clinton, Iowa CONNIE DIAL Sonora, California BRENDA DOCKERY Johnson City, Tennessee RUTH DODD Midland, Michigan ROBERTA DOUGLAS Elkhart, Indiana JANET DURHAM Cincinnati, Ohio SHARON EASTERLING Upland, California DUANE ECKELBERG Manassas, Virginia RENA ELKINS Oak Grove, Louisiana JAMES EOFF Elmore, Ohio DONALD EPPERLY South Charleston, West Virginia NAOMI EVANS Hoopeston, Illinois Juniors 123 LYNN EWELL Cleveland, Ohio LINDA FARST Coldwater, Michigan SANDRA FERRELL St. Albans, West Virginia SANDRA FESTIAN Detroit, Michigan DALE FIEGLAND Cleveland, Ohio FRANCINE FORONDA Chicago, Illinois CONNIE FOSTER Benton Harbor, Michigan BERNARD FRALEY Winchester, Kentucky CONSTANCE FRIEND Columbus, Ohio LOISANNE FUQUA Fortville, Indiana DIANA GARD Mount Carmel, Illinois GORDON GARRETT Hamilton, Ohio CHYRL GERMANY Dolton, Illinois DICK GIFFORD Jenison, Michigan CLELLA GILBERT Largo, Florida LARRY GILBERT Jacksonville, Illinois KATHLEEN GOODWIN Racine, Wisconsin DEBORAH GOTTKE Fort Lauderdale, Florida REGINA GOULD Bedford, Indiana DENNIS GRADELESS Mishawaka, Indiana LINDA GRAY Columbus, Ohio JOY GRIBBEN Niagara Falls, New York SANDRA GRINEWITZKI Benton Harbor, Michigan SHEILA GROPP Lanett, Alabama SUSAN GUTHRIE Erie, Pennsylvania EDWARD HAGER South Charleston, West Virginia JAMES HEFFELFINGER Anderson, Indiana P. DREW HELVEY Anderson, Indiana JAMES HILL Calumet City, Illinois JOYCE HINDERER Canton, Ohio BARRY HIPPENSTEEL Winamac, Indiana RAMONA HOLLAND Metropolis, Illinois KEITH HOSSLER Auburn, Washington EVA HSU Kowloon, Hong Kong LINDA HUNT Hamilton, Ohio DAVID HURLESS Wiltshire, Ohio DAVID IRWIN Erie, Pennsylvania DAVID JACK Elwood, Indiana M. DARLENEJACKSON Big Spring, Texas FREDERICK JAMES Noblesville, Indiana 124 Juniors MARY JOHNSON Cleveland, Ohio ROSALIND JOHNSTON Warsaw, Indiana GARYJONES Wichita, Kansas TERRY JONES Anderson, Indiana MARK KANE Anderson, Indiana ARDITH KAPSAL Tucson, Arizona LAWRENCE KEARNS Hamilton, Ohio KAREN KECK Mooresville, Indiana DOROTHY KEENE Benton, Arkansas BONNIE KERR Grand bland, Michigan CHARLOTTE KINGSBURY Anderson, Indiana SCOTT KIRBY Canton, Ohio THOMAS KITTINGER Fairfield, Pennsylvania KEITH KLEPPER Albion, Michigan DENNIS KRUSE Auburn, Indiana KRISTINA KUFELDT Anderson, Indiana K. LEE KURTZ Lima, Ohio PATRICIA LAVRINC Florence, Kentucky SANDRA LAWYER Petersburg, Indiana ROLAND LEHNUS Logansport, Indiana MARIAN LEWELLYN Noblesville, Indiana JUDITH LIGHTY Oil City, Pennsylvania DIANE LINDSEY Columbus, Ohio RHEA LONG Anderson, Indiana RONALD LONG Miamisburg, Ohio OLLIN LOTTEN, JR. Flint, Michigan MAX LOUDENBACK Anderson, Indiana ALLEN LUCAS Clarion, Pennsylvania CAROLYN MADER Arvada, Colorado TERRY MAHNKE Decatur, Illinois MARILYN MAJORS Charlevoix, Michigan KRISTINE MARTIN Alma, Michigan DONALD MATAS Johnstown, Pennsylvania MICKEY MAY Anderson, Indiana JAMES McALHANEY Anderson, Indiana LINDA McCARTY Akron, Ohio DANIEL McCLINTOCK Lapel, Indiana JANICE McCLINTOCK Ottumwa, Iowa BEVERLY McCUTCHAN Louisville, Kentucky LOUISE McFARLING Lansing, Michigan anita McKinley Watsonville, California WILLIAM MEREDITH Louisville, Kentucky CAROL MIDDLETON Anderson, Indiana ROXIE MILES Distant, Pennsylvania CATHY MILLER Middletown, Ohio STEVEN MOBLEY Mount Carmel, Illinois JUDITH MORGAN San Diego, California DIANE MUNDY Piqua, Ohio FRANK MURRAY Logansport, Indiana LELA MUSTER Canton, Ohio GAYLE NELSON Minneapolis, Minnesota JACK NEWKIRK Mount Carmel, Illinois JAMES NOGGLE Noblesville, Indiana 126 J uniors KAY NULPH Climax, Pennsylvania FREDERICK OURS Springfield, Ohio ANNABELLE PETERS Springfield, Ohio YVONNE PHILE Anderson, Indiana WANDA PHILLIPS Anderson, Indiana LINDA PILCHER Syracuse, Indiana SHARENPILO Akron, Ohio CHARLES PLUHAR Racine, Wisconsin RICHARD PRESSEL Rochester, Indiana JUDITH PRICE South Charleston, West Virginia LINDA PUTNAM Minneapolis, Minnesota KATHRYN RAMSEY Mishawaka, Indiana KATHLEEN REARDON Anderson, Indiana CHERYL REDDINGER Distant, Pennsylvania GINGER REED Piqua, Ohio ELLEN RICH Anderson, Indiana PATRICIA RICHARDSON Anderson, Indiana JUDITH RIGGLE Huntington, Indiana GREGORY RISK Anderson, Indiana SHARON RITTER Indianapolis, Indiana CHANWICK ROACH DeGraff, Ohio PAMELA ROBERTS Louisville, Kentucky ERVIN ROCKHILL Racine, Wisconsin LINDA SALISBURY Lansing, Michigan DONALD SECREST Drexel, North Carolina JACQUELINE SELLERS Lima, Ohio DENNIS SHANKLAND Wichita, Kansas JAMES SHOOT Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Three ballet beauties demonstrate their grace at Christ¬ mas Capers. Juniors 127 Students are challenged by a periodic test. WILLIAM SHOOT Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ROBERT SHOWALTER Muncie, Indiana LARETTA SHUMATE Benton Harbor, Michigan SUE SIPKA Newton Falls, Ohio LYNDA SMALLWOOD Danville, Kentucky SHEILA SMART Lexington, Kentucky CARLASMITH Palmerton, Pennsylvania DARYL SMITH Anderson, Indiana DIANA SMITH Mishawaka, Indiana DOUGLAS SMOOT Miami, Florida JOE SNOWDEN Anderson, Indiana JAMES SNYDER Indianapolis, Indiana JAMES SPARKS New Albany, Indiana SAMUEL STEWART Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MICHAEL STOHLER Anderson, Indiana MARGARET STOWE Elkhart, Indiana MERLE STREGE Newport, Minnesota JOHN SUKO Hecla, South Dakota JOHN SUTHERLAND Mystic, Connecticut JEANETTE SUTTER Chicago, Illinois RENA TAYLOR New Philadelphia, Ohio TRIXIE THARP Cassopolis, Michigan CAROL THOMAS Vista, California RUFUS THOMAS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania LINDA THORNBURG Aqderson, Indiana 128 Juniors ROSALIE TINGLEY Erie, Pennsylvania DARREL TREXLER Dodge City, Kansas THOMAS TRICK Indianapolis, Indiana REGINA TROUTMAN Saltville, Virginia BARBARA TURNER Nashville, Indiana BENNY TURNER Crab Orchard, Kentucky DAVID VAN NORMAN Frankfort, Kentucky R. KENNETH WADE Atlanta, Georgia KENNETH WATTER Calumet City, Illinois LOUISE WALTON East Liverpool, Ohio THOMAS WARD Leavittsburg, Ohio RICHARD WATERS Neptune, New Jersey NANCY WEAVER Bloomington, Illinois MICHAEL WELCH Anderson, Indiana ALAN WHITESEL Anderson, Indiana LONNIE WIENS San Diego, California STEPHEN WINSLOW Franklin, Pennsylvania CAROL WISER Ithaca, Michigan TONDA WITTKAMPER Elwood, Indiana TONY WOLFE Parkersburg, West Virginia P. MICHAEL WOOD Logansport, Indiana GLENDA WRIGHT Anderson, Indiana REBECCA YANIK Anderson, Indiana ELLEN YESKE Parma, Ohio DARYL YODER Springfield, Ohio Jerry Benson’s comic truck is a familiar sight on campus. Juniors 129 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS— Bob Mathis, Vice President Glen Cox, President Louise Soetenga, Treasurer Marsha Friermood, Secretary Sophomores Sophomore Cozette Beach, 1967-68 Homecoming Queen, gets a congratulatory kiss from W. Shirell Fox. Sophomores fill responsible jobs on campus. I TERRY ADAMS Columbus, Ohio JOHN AKARD Indianapolis, Indiana RALPH ALLEN Flint, Michigan ROBERT ALLEN Distant, Pennsylvania KAREN AMAND Kettering, Ohio MILDRED ANDERSON Indianapolis, Indiana JANET ARMEY Fort Wayne, Indiana PAULA ASHTON Anderson, Indiana REBECCA ATTS Franklin, Pennsylvania GREGORY BAKER Lapel, Indiana AUDREA BALDWIN New Castle, Indiana MARSHA BARNES Anderson, Indiana COZETTE BEACH Sanford, Michigan MERVIL BENNETT La Junta, Colorado DAVID BEST Anniston, Alabama MICHAEL BEVER Dayton, Ohio PAMELA BEVIS Birmingham, Alabama DARLENE BIRCH Winchester, Kentucky ELIZABETH BLANTON Fairborn, Ohio HELEN BLOOM Uniontown, Ohio CAROL BOWMAN Rossburg, Ohio HELEN BOYD Meridian, Mississippi JAMES BOYLE LaFayette, Georgia SUSIE BRICKER Frankfort, Indiana JANICE BRIDGES Anderson, Indiana SHERYL BROCK Speedway, Indiana MARY BRUNGARD New Middletown, Ohio INGRID BUCHDRUCKER Cleveland, Ohio PATRICIA BUCK Falesburg, Illinois LINDA BUNDRICK Columbia, South Carolina SHARON BURCHETT Cincinnati, Ohio Phil Harrington, sophomore, tastes our 50th anniversary cake. Sophomores 131 -v ' CANDICE BUTTERFIELD Piqua, Ohio ROBERT CAHOON Anderson, Indiana CONNIE CAMP Lake Milton, Ohio RONALD CATLETT East Rochester, Ohio GAIL CHAPMAN Saltville, Virginia JENNIE CHAPPELL Big Spring, Texas ROLAND CkEW Tampa, Florida SANDRA CLARK Independence, Missouri CHRISTINE CLAY Kendallville, Indiana DONNA COBB East Prairie, Missouri LAWRENCE CONN Middletown, Indiana JEANNIE COOK Bedford, Indiana JOSEPH COOKSTON West Liberty, Ohio DAVID COOPER Pendleton, Indiana SANDRA COOPER LaFayette, Georgia BRENT COWDEN East Rochester, Ohio GLENDON COX Richmond, Indiana KAREN CRAWFORD Anderson, Indiana SUZY CRISWELL Bedford, Indiana GAY CROOK Akron, Ohio A snow free-for-all takes place in front of Dunn Hall. 132 Sophomores Class is out—destination unknown. SHARYN CROUCH Anderson, Indiana NORMAN CULP Midland, Michigan LANA DACUS Sikeston, Missouri FRED DAILEY Mount Vernon, Ohio DONNA DARLAND Saginaw, Michigan CHERYL DARRAH East Canton, Ohio SHARON DAVIS Muncie, Indiana TIMOTHY DEPEW Hamilton, Ohio PHYLLIS DETWEILER Union City, Indiana JOAN DOVE East Bernard, Texas TWILA DRUMMOND Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania MARTHA DUNCAN Kingsport, Tennessee CATHYDUNN Anderson, Indiana MARGIE EBANKS West Bay, Grand Cayman KURT ESSEX Westfield, Indiana JANICE ETCHISON Anderson, Indiana LARRY EVANS Sand Springs, Oklahoma THOMAS FARRAR Wheeler, Michigan LARRY FICKEL Grove City, Ohio RICHARD FLOYD Rushville, Indiana Sophomores 133 STEPHEN FOX Anderson, Indiana MARSHA FRIERMOOD Anderson, Indiana RONALD FRITTS Ashland, Kentucky MICHAEL FRY Topeka, Indiana MARIANNE FULLMER Escondido, California ROBERT GAINES Muncie, Indiana JOYCE GARRISON Glouchester, New Jersey DANIEL GEER Toledo, Ohio JOHN GIBSON Columbus, Ohio REBECCA GOTHBERG Battle Creek, Michigan NANCY GOULD Clio, Michigan JANE BRANN Anderson, Indiana WAYNE GRIM Anderson, Indiana CARL HAGA Virginia Beach, Virginia SUSAN HALLER Coleman, Michigan LARRY HARDMAN Trotwood, Ohio GARY HARRINGTON Anderson, Indiana PHILIP HARRINGTON Anderson, Indiana FRED HARTING Greenfield, Indiana MARK HASKINS Battle Creek, Michigan JANE HEFFELFINGER Anderson, Indiana DAVID HEY Columbia City, Indiana LINDA HILYARD St. Louis, Missouri EUGENE HITT Sikeston, Missouri SUSAN HOLLETT Columbus, Indiana CYNTHIA HOLLIS Paris, Kentucky HARRIS HOOVER Kingsport, Tennessee CAROL HOVERMAN Decatur, Indiana JOHN HOWARD St. Louis, Missouri SANDRA HOWARD Rushville, Indiana JACQUELINE JACOBS Lima, Ohio 134 Sophomores I RICHARD JACOBSON Evergreen Park, Illinois ALWINE JEENINGA Chicago, Illinois JAMES JOHNSON Anderson, Indiana JANET JONES Anderson, Indiana MICHAEL KEECH Anderson, Indiana CONSTANCE KENNEDY Rushville, Indiana VICKI KIRBY Clinton, Iowa CARRIE KIRK Peoria, Illinois KATHRYN KNOUFF Piqua, Ohio LINDA KOLB Princeton, Indiana RUTH KOONS New Castle, Indiana ROLAND KRAMER Speed, Indiana SHIRLEY KUHNS Connellsville, Pennsylvania LARRY LABRUYERE Cape Girardeau, Missouri JEANETTE LANIER Columbia City, Indiana DAN LAYTON Anderson, Indiana CONNIE LEEDOM Cranford, New Jersey NANCY LEHNER Racine, Wisconsin PHILIP LENTZ Findlay, Ohio RUTH LINES Pinckney, Michigan DURENDA LONG Anderson, Indiana MICHAEL MAHONEY Anderson, Indiana NANCY MARTIN Indianapolis, Indiana RICHARD MARTIN Bloomington, New Jersey WARREN MARTINDALE Columbus, Ohio ROBERT MATHIS Newark, Ohio WILLIAM MAURER Ocean City, New Jersey SANDRA McBRIER Elkhart, Indiana NANCY McCARROLL Anderson, Indiana michael McDonald Anderson, Indiana RALPH McGEE Cincinnati, Ohio Cheerleader Tom Ward boosts morale at W.R.A. powder- puff football game Sophomores 135 Blankets and hay make for an annual Amici hayride ronald McKinney Reseda, California DEBORAH McNUTT Chicago, Illinois SUSAN MEEKS Indianapolis, Indiana KATHLEEN MENCHINGER Benton Harbor, Michigan TIMOTHY MEYER Anderson, Indiana DANIEL MILLER Newton Falls, Ohio E. ROGER MILLER Germantown, Ohio JOYCE MILLER Fort Collins, Colorado KAREN MILLER Versailles, Ohio MARIAN MILLER Little Rock, Arkansas MILO MILLER Toledo, Ohio REBECCA MILSTEAD Bryans Road, Maryland JONATHAN MITSCHELEN Winterset, Iowa LARRY MORACE Shreveport, Louisiana DENNIS MOREHEAD Indianapolis, Indiana JEANNETTE MOREY Lincoln, Nebraska CAROLYN MORGAN Pittsburg, Pennsylvania CHARLOTTE MUNSELL Morenci, Michigan JERRY MURPHY Sikeston, Missouri LARRY NAFZIGER VVakarusa, Indiana 136 Sophomores CYNTHIA NEWBERRY New Boston, Ohio SYLVIA NOLES Sikeston, Missouri KEITH NYE Cedar Rapids, Iowa KATHY OEMLER Anderson, Indiana DAVID OLDHAM Harrisburg, Pennsylvania NANCY OLSON Desoto, Missouri WARD OTTE Elmore, Ohio BECKY PENCE Anderson, Indiana VICKI PITTS Elgin, Illinois CHERYL POORE Anderson, Indiana KENNETH RAY Albion, Michigan BARBARA REAY Clio, Michigan ROY REECER Kokomo, Indiana RITA REED Huntington, Indiana SANDRATIEESE Dayton, Ohio LINDA REEVES Middletown, Ohio RICHARD REINHARDT Benton Harbor, Michigan STEVE REINHARDT Hickory, North Carolina RANDY RICE Charlotte, North Carolina PAUL RICHARDS Newton Falls, Ohio Social club meetings provide information and fun. Sophomores 137 WILLIAM RIGEL Jacksonville, Florida SHERYL RIGGS Galesburg, Illinois DONALD. RILLING Akron, Ohio DAN RINKER Anderson, Indiana PAULA ROBERTS Greenwood, Indiana MELANIE ROBERTSON Clio, Michigan JUDY ROBINSON Pendleton, Indiana MARK ROBINSON Piqua, Ohio JOHN ROCKHILL Portage, Wisconsin JANIS ROUSH Indianapolis, Indiana WAYNE SEMPSROTT Lebanon, Ohio HOWARD SERGEANT Hastings, Nebraska GLORIA SETZER Anderson, Indiana DOUGLAS SHEARER Springfield, Ohio MICHAEL SHEFFIELD Fairborn, Ohio MARIANNE SHELBURN Anderson, Indiana JACQUIE SHERMAN Kalamazoo, Michigan RODNEY SHOTTON Satanta, Kansas GARY SHRIPKA Westfield, Indiana MICHAEL SIMERLY Johnson City, Tennessee HARRY SIMMERMAN Rural Retreat, Virginia JANET SIMMONS Lansing, Michigan MICHAEL SIZEMORE Gary, Indiana KAREN SKAGGS Anderson, Indiana PATRICIA SLAYTON Dearborn, Michigan BONITA SMITH Liberal, Kansas JOE SMITH Drexel, North Carolina ELISA SMITH Gloucester, New Jersey JULIA SMITH Palmerton, Pennsylvania LINDA SMITH Anderson, Indiana SHARON SMITH Windsor Heights, West Virginia LOUISE SOETENGA Racine, Wisconsin JERRY SPROUSE Stroh, Indiana BARBARA STARKEY Memphis, Tennessee Note taking is a necessit 138 Sophomores I during classroom lectures. DONNA STEWART M inford, Ohio JAMES STOMBOCK Huntington, West Virginia RONDA STREMMEL Piqua, Ohio DEBORAH STRICKLER Decatur, Indiana GWENDOLYN TAYLOR Alsip, Illinois JEANNINE TAYLOR Bay City, Michigan CAROLYN TEFFT Alma, Michigan NANCY THOMPSON Anderson, Indiana JOSEPH TIMBERMAN Connersville, Indiana CHARLOTTE TIRRE New Castle, Pennsylvania JOHN TOURJEE Mishawaka, Indiana MERLINE TREXLER Dodge City, Kansas ALAN TURNER Peoria, Illinois MERLE TURNER Kinsley, Kansas RUTH UNDERHILL St. Louis, Missouri JOHN PHILLIP WALLACE Indianapolis, Indiana KAREN WALTER Auburn, Indiana CHRISTINE WALTERS Columbus, Indiana LINDA WATKINS Mishawaka, Indiana ARLENE WEBB Anderson, Indiana DALE WEBSTER Athens, Pennsylvania RENNA WHEATLEY Hollywood, Florida RICHARD WHETSTONE Tallmadge, Ohio ELAINE WHITESEL Anderson, Indiana CHARLES WHITTOM Doniphan, Missouri EARL WIENS San Diego, California THEODORE WILLIAMS Indianapolis, Indiana LARRY WILSON Aurora, Illinois LINDA WRIGHT South Shore, Kentucky GLORIA YATES Ottumwa, Iowa PAUL YATES Plant City, Florida KAY YERDEN Saginaw, Michigan NOLAN YOUNG Liberal, Kansas JAY ZERBE South Bend, Indiana Sophomores 139 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS— Ron Maurer, Treasurer Karen Strege, Secretary Paul Suko, Vice President Frank Yerden, President L Wvv trJflt 41 rTW ■ m . flMk v ■ 1 Freshmen ' !••• • • • • • . Traditional beanies top freshmen in September. Freshmen light up the campus at Homecoming. 140 Freshmen LINDA ALLEN Anderson, Indiana MARTHA ALTMIRE Eau Caire, Pennsylvania LOIS AMICK Anderson, Indiana LINDA ANDERSON Troy, Ohio PAUL AYERS Anderson, Indiana KEITH BAILEY Scottsbluff, Nebraska CONNIE BASS Anderson, Indiana LINDA BAYS Noblesville, Indiana ESTHER BEASON Lebanon, Indiana BONNIE BECK East Canton, Ohio RONALD BECKER Tucson, Arizona KENNETH BECKHAM Shipman, Illinois CONNIE BELL Flint, Michigan DEBORAH BELL Butler, Indiana PATRICIA BELLOMY Huntington, West Virginia JOAN BENTLEY Sylacauga, Alabama ELAINE BERRY Springfield, Ohio LINDA BERRY Sand Springs, Oklahoma SHARON BERTRAM Middletown, Ohio DOROTHEA BLACKWELDER Anderson, Indiana BARBARA BLACKWELL Montgomery, Alabama BEVERLY BLACKWELL Champaign, Illinois JOYCE BLAIR Pendleton, Indiana ROY BLAIR Anderson, Indiana WANDA BLOCHER Springfield, Ohio SUSAN BOGGS Barberton, Ohio MARJA BOHLING Flint, Michigan D. KIRK BOOKOUT Anderson, Indiana Freshmen powder-puffers show football spirit. Freshmen 141 New students on campus go to faculty-student reception. BEVERLY BORDEN Kenya, East Africa CYNTHIA BORUFF Phoenix, Arizona SELDON BRADLEY St. Tames, Missouri JOHN BRATTAIN Anderson, Indiana CHARLES BRINKMAN Lindsey, Ohio DEBORAH BRYANT Indianapolis, Indiana KEITH BUEHLER Brattleboro, Vermont ELIZABETH BURCH London, Ontario MARTHA BURNS Hickory, North Carolina BONNIE CALLISON Springfield, Ohio KAREN CANIFF Cedar Springs, Michigan SHERRY CAPPS Kansasville, Wisconsin TERRY CARROLL Pendleton, Indiana BRENDA CHERRINGTON Galesburg, Illinois BOYD CHESTER Valdese, North Carolina LAWRENCE CHEWNING Bishopville, South Carolina CHERICLARK South Bend, Indiana GLENDA CLARK Washington, Indiana HELEN CLIPPINGER Cedar Rapids, Iowa L. JANE COCKRAN Beckley, West Virginia KENNETH COLLINS Covington, Ohio MARSHA COODY Gretna, Louisiana P. DIANNE COOK West Palm Beach, Florida MARLEA COX Springfield, Ohio DOROTHY CRAIG Fort Wayne, Indiana warn 142 Freshmen DENISE CRIPE Goshen, Indiana KATHLEEN CRIPPS Dayton, Ohio JOYCE CULLER Auburn, Indiana STEVE CURRENT Troy, Ohio DEBRA DARNELL Huntington, West Virginia W. DENNIS DECKER Anderson, Indiana DENNIS DENTON Phoenix, Arizona DELORES DEYOUNG Prairie View, Kansas JAMES DIETRICK Lakeview, Michigan ROGER DIGGES Dixon, Illinois LINDA DRABENSTOT Huntington, Indiana LINDA EADS Drayton Plains, Michigan TIMOTHY EAST Anderson, Indiana GARY ENGLE Elkhart, Indiana DANNY EVANS Springfield, Ohio SONJA FELKER Zaphyrhills, Florida ARTHUR FELTS Anderson, Indiana LANNY FENTERS Orestes, Indiana RUTH FISHER Toledo, Ohio SHARON FLESHMAN Enid, Oklahoma SHARON FLOYD Rushville, Indiana KATHLEEN FOTH Milwaukee, Wisconsin CATHERINE FOUGHT Topeka, Indiana GLEN FREDERICK Tucson, Arizona LINDA FRENCH New Whiteland, Indiana Freshmen 143 DANNY FULLER Alexandria, Indiana JOYCE FULTON Jackson, Mississippi TERENA GEHRIG Freeland, Michigan JEAN GEIERSBACH Alma, Michigan VONDA GERMANY Bessemer, Alabama STEPHEN GILBERT Anderson, Indiana BETH GILLELAND Lorain, Ohio MARY GLOVER Hickman, Kentucky EMILY GOV AN Glen Ellyn, Illinois CHRISTINA GRAUMAN Galesburg, Illinois EMILY GRAY LaGrange, Indiana JACQUELINE GREAVER Staunton, Virginia VERNA GULLETT Flint, Michigan CAROLYN HAMM Petersburg, Indiana CARLA HAMMOND Middletown, Ohio PAULA HAND Birmingham, Alabama JEANNE HANNA Anderson, Indiana LEATHA HARGETT Noblesville, Indiana STEPHANIE HARSHBARGER Urbana, Ohio JO LYNN HARTLEY Roanoke, Indiana GEORGIA DEE HARTWELL Minneapolis, Minnesota FRANCISHAYES Guys Mills, Pennsylvania MARLENE HELSEL Decatur, Indiana STEVEN HENCY Vincennes, Indiana TIMOTHY HIGHLEY Dayton, Ohio CONNIE HOBBS Alexandria, Indiana HAZEL HOFFMAN Barryton, Michigan KAREN HORNER Hugoton, Kansas DONALD HOWARD Lexington, Kentucky LAURA HOWARD Newton Falls, Ohio BARBARA HUFF Winchester, Kentucky MICHAEL HUGHES Marion, Kentucky NANCY HUNTER Hartville, Ohio CHERYL HURST Oklahoma City, Oklahoma CHARLOTTE HUTSON Bedford, Indiana PHYLLIS IGNEY St. Petersburg, Florida LARRY INGRAM New Whiteland, Indiana PAULA JARVIS Shelbyville, Indiana ELLEN JERRILS Anderson, Indiana BRIAN JOHNSON Kalamazoo, Michigan 144 Freshmen hnl A moment of beauty in a hurried world of campus life. EUNICE JOHNSON Anderson, Indiana NORMAN JOHNSON Anderson, Indiana MARYLOU KAPSAL Tucson, Arizona JANET KEATING Huntington, West Virginia KAREN KEFFER Ashland, Kentucky DALE KEMLER Alma, Michigan J. DAVID KENDRICK Flint, Michigan KAREN KEYS Anderson, Indiana A. LEE KINGERY Boones, Mill, Virginia ROSA KINGSBURY Anderson, Indiana CONNIE KISSINGER Littleton, Colorado LOIS KLEINHENN Anderson, Indiana SUSAN KOHL Springfield, Ohio PAUL LANGWORTHY Miamisburg, Ohio DIANNE LAWRENCE Anderson, Indiana THOMAS LECHLITNER Wakarusa, Indiana T. LERUE LEMMOND Decatur, Alabama ANNA LINDZY Anderson, Indiana DEBORAH LINEBACK Bluefield, West Virginia PENNY LITTON Dallas, Texas TERRY LITTRELL Markelville, Indiana J. DONALD LLOYD Burlington, Michigan BONNIE LOCKHART Titusville, Pennsylvania STEPHEN LOCKHART Titusville, Pennsylvania DAVID LONG Dayton, Ohio Freshmen 145 L. CYNTHIA LORIMER Elmhurst, Illinois JOY LOYD Portageville, Missouri BARBARA MADER Arvada, Colorado VICKI MAGUIRE Houston, Texas ROSE MARLOWE Highland, Michigan MARY MARTIN Lansing, Michigan SALLY MARTIN Columbus, Ohio SANDRA MARTIN Norfolk, Virginia MAURENE MAUCH Midland, Michigan MARILYN MAURER Gloucester City, New Jersey RONALD MAURER Chattanooga, Tennessee RONDA MAY Saginaw, Michig an RALPH McCAY Linden, Indiana JOYCE McBRIDE Denver, Colorado DIXIE McCULLY Daleville, Indiana CATHERINE McLEAN South Bend, Indiana TERRY MELDRUM Galesburg, Illinois REBECCA MERRIKEN Cambridge, Maryland ANTHA MERRLVlAN Wichita, Kansas KAREN METSKER Noblesville, Indiana BRENDA MILAM Dayton, Ohio MONIQUE MILLER Alexandria, Indiana WEND ALL MILLER Indianapolis, Indiana GRANT MILLIKAN Roseville, California ERNEST MILLNES Nashville, Indiana KENNETH MISHLER Knox, Indiana RAY MONROE Urbana, Ohio THELMA MOODY Benton, Arkansas PHILIP MORGAN Anderson, Indiana PHYLLIS MORGAN Niles, Michigan TERESA MUMAUGH Kalamazoo, Michigan 146 Freshmen JUDITH MUNSEN Chicago, Illinois FREDA MURRAY Shirley, Indiana JONATHAN MURRELL Elyria, Ohio MARTHA NEESE Anderson, Indiana SHANE NELSON Minneapolis, Minnesota BENNY NEWELL Mount Holly, New Jersey REBECCA NEWELL St. Louis, Missouri PAUL NICHOLSON Anderson, Indiana MICHAEL ODOM Alexandria, Indiana SUE OTTO Indianapolis, Indiana THOMAS OWEN Anderson, Indiana DARLENE OWENS Pendleton, Indiana MELBA PACK Ashland, Kentucky CANDACE PARKER Findlay, Ohio BERNUS PHILLIPS Anderson, Indiana BEVERLY PHILLIPS Toledo, Ohio GLORIA PHILLIPS Springfield, Ohio RUTH PHILLIPS Jamestown, New York ROBERT PILCHER Syracuse, Indiana DIANA POND Rushville, Indiana BARBARA PONSLER Chesterfield, Indiana JANET POWELL Noblesville, Indiana KAREN PROFITT Winchester, Kentucky EMILY PYLATE Meridian, Mississippi BRUCE RADAKER Connellsville, Pennsylvania DONALD RADAKER Rimersburg, Pennsylvani? JOHN RAMBIS Anderson, Indiana BARBARA RATLIFF Rocky Ford, Colorado PHYLLIS REED LaGrange, Indiana SAYBRA RICE Logansport, Indiana VICKI RICHARDS Indianapolis, Indiana CAROL RICHARDSON Anderson, Indiana LINDA RITCHHART Anderson, Indiana KATHRYN ROBERTS Saltville, Virginia NANCY ROBETON Anderson, Indiana MARY ROBINSON Portageville, Missouri JAMESROBY Anderson, Indiana MARCIA RODDEN Ponca City, Oklahoma JOHN ROUINTREE West Plains, Missouri EDITH RUBRIGHT Murrysville, Pennsylvania Freshmen 147 SANDRA RUSSELL Dallas, Texas DARYLNNA SATTERWHITE Sharon, Pennsylvania REBECCA SAULS Leisure City, Florida JO ANNE SA VYER Liberty, Indiana WILLIAM SCHRECENGOST North Apollo, Pennsylvania ALMA SEAL Anderson, Indiana JERRY SEAL Eldred, Pennsylvania CHERYL SEIBERT Chesterfield, Indiana DORIS SEREDAY Masuiy, Ohio BEVERLY SHEARER Springfield, Ohio DEREAMA SHERRILL Drexel, North Carolina SUSAN SHOTTON Satanta, Kansas HERMAN SLAUGHTER Indianapolis, Indiana JOYCE SLAYBAUGH Connersville, Indiana BARBARA SMITH Auburn, Indiana RITA SMITH Washington, Indiana PATRICIA SPITTLER Fostoria, Ohio MARIE STALER Plains, Kansas CONNIE STEWART Tipton, Indiana FAYE STEWART Anderson, Indiana MARY STEWART Pittsburg, Pennsylvania COLLEEN STOHTER Uniontown, Ohio LINDA STOVER Beckley, West Virginia GAIL STOWERS Toledo, Ohio KAREN STREGE Newport, Minnesota PATRICIA STRICKLER " Roanoke, " Virginia PAUL SUKO Hecla, South Dakota RON LANTHROP Eaton, Ohio MARTHA TAYLOR Birmingham, Alabama STEPHEN TELFER Alexandria, Indiana THOMAS TERRY St. Albans, West Virginia SALLY THORNBERRY Middletown, Ohio JACQUELINE THRASHER Racine, Winsconsin MARY ANN TIERNEY Torrance, California DIANA TRACY Defiance, Ohio LUCINDA TRAISTER New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania ROBERT TRAM EL New Castle, Indiana CAROL TRUMAN Springfield, Ohio BONITA TURNER Detroit, Michigan NEIL TURNER Peoria, Illinois 1 48 F reshman DIANA UNRUH Warsaw, Indiana PAUL VAN NORMAN Frankfort, Kentucky JUDY VAN SIPE Ithaca, Michigan JULIE VAUTAW Elwood, Indiana GREGORY VICKERY Decatur, Illinois BECKY WALTON Anderson, Indiana DAVID WATKINS Bellefontaine, Ohio LINWOOD WATKINS Williamsburg, Virginia SHARON WATKINS Hot Springs, Arkansas KATHLEEN WATTERS LaGrange, Indiana DEAN WEHNEMAN Houston, Ohio KAREN WHALEN DeSoto, Missouri CYNTHIA WHISMAN Noblesville, Indiana PATRICIA WHITE Battle Creek, Michigan RONALD WHITTOM Doniphan, Missouri RICHARD WIDENER Pendleton, Indiana SUSAN WIEGAND East Peoria, Illinois VIRGINIA WILDERMUTH Akron, Indiana VIVIAN WILLIAMS Oakland, California CHRISTINA WILLINGHAM Toledo, Ohio CHARLOTTE WILSON Butler, Kentucky KATHERINE WINGO Roanoke, Virginia PHILIP LEATH St. Louis, Missouri TIM WOODWARD St. Louis, Missouri MARILYN YOUNG Anderson, Indiana Freshman 149 150 We are the present. . . We develop community interest in Advertising . .. „ II mm 11 nil i mu mi i mil 151 Pictured above are two of the many Delco-Remy plants which have been instrumental in the economic and cultural growth of Anderson and surrounding communities. Delco-Remy Division of General Motors, Anderson, Indiana 152 CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY 742 Main 642-8051 Anderson, Indiana Thinking along the domestic line, Chris Clay looks at a clothes washer from Central Indiana Gas Company. MONTGOMERY WARD Mounds Mall Shopping Center . . . Anderson, Indiana Phone 644-3611 Wanda Blocher and Bob Mathis inspect a tent from Mont¬ gomery Ward’s complete camping line. ANDERSON FEDERAL SAVINGS The Largest Federal Savings and Loan Association in Madison County Joyce Garrison enjoys using the fine banking facilities of An¬ derson Federal. 153 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF ANDERSON COLLEGE Linda Thornburg, representing the girls from Martin Hall, sec¬ ond-west, gives a contribution for the Brick-a-Month Cam¬ paign to Alumni Director Calvin Hanson. VERNONS ANDERSON TRAVEL BUREAU Three AC boys look over the quality hardware products from Vernon’s. Anderson Bank Lobby Looking into the future, Glen Cox gets some information on Portugal from Jane Bradford of the Travel Bureau. WHBU RADIO First in Anderson First in Programs • CBS Radio • AC Football Basketball • Nite-watch Dial 1240 Nick Hall and Barry Chessor get an inside view of broadcasting from sportscaster Sam Roberts. 154 MILLER HUGGINS, INC. 1212 Meridian Phone 644-4404 Dan Marshall and Cheryl Hurst look over typewriters from Miller Huggins’ vast selection. SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. Sears has everything Sears’ swinging styles are modeled by Becky Sauls, Mary Tier¬ ney and Marie Staker. - A RUSS REGENOLD PONTIAC, INC. 303 Pendleton Avenue Phone 644-2571 Charlie Arrendale admires a new Firebird from Regenold’s. The Perfect Pair — Your Wedding and NORM COOK STUDIO Natural Color Photography 502 West 11th Anderson, Indiana Phone 644-4532 Naturally Better! 155 ANDERSON LAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS Two Convenient Locations for Students 520 East 8th 109 East 8th COIN KING SIZE — 109 and East 8th Route Service Phone 644-4425 724 West 8th, Anderson Phone 643-5315 FIRST SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Main Office: 33 West Tenth Street in downtown Anderson Colonial Drive-up: close to the Campus at 7th and 109 By-Pass Connie Foster and Bob Abbott know that their savings earn MORE at First Savings . . . and, it’s the MORE that counts. 156 FAIRWAY FORD SALES INC. 516 Meridian Phone 642-0275 A new Mustang looks appealing to Paul Yates and Larry Wilson. things go better,! .-with Coke TRADE-MARK( Marilyn Maurer, Katie McLean, Verna Gullett and Glenda Clark enjoy a Coke break in the snack bar. EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY 722 Broadway Phone 644-7781 An ice cream cone from East Side Dairy cools a warm afternoon for Greg Baker. lol hi BURDiE fkgajnsT A LIGHT TO THE WORLD THROUGH overseas missions home missions Christian education anderson college warner pacific college literature evangelism ministers’ pensions Christian brotherhood hour CHURCH OF GOD WORLD SERVICE the UNITED WAY in which the Church of God strives to obey the Great Commission “Go Ye Into All the World . . 158 DECKER’S OFFICE PRODUCTS SPORTING GOODS 21 West Eleventh Phone 643-7447 Phyllis Bolt and Linda Pilcher know the best comes from Deckers. KEESLING HARDWARE 720 East 8th Street Phone 644-6572 KELLEY’S FURNITURE 1129 Meridian Street Phone 644-7759 BERT T. OWENS “We can’t make all the ice cream, so we make just the best.” 1800 Lincoln 2326 Columbus 642-1466 644-9909 Sally Cunningham and Marilyn Majors know First National is first. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Full service Bank with offices in Elwood and Anderson. 159 ANDERSON. INDIANA London Fog, worn by Landis Harper, is just one of the many brands of distinction from Clair Call. STAR CHINA AND HOUSEWARES, INC. 902 Main Street 644-2801 Gifts - China - Houseware Connie Foster and Bob Abbott select a china pattern from Star China. CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES GENERAL PHOTOGRAPHY ODELL PHOTOGRAPHERS, INC. MAIN AT 19TH STREET PHONES 643-3170 642-4493 P. O. BOX 1788 ANDERSON, INDIANA 46014 HUNTER - WEIDNER CHEVROLET, INC. Anderson’s Oldest and Largest Auto Dealership Merle Strenge is checking out the new ’68 Chevrolets. CITIZENS BANK Main Office - 11th and Meridian Streets West Office - Edgewood Plaza East Side - East 8th and 109 By-Pass South Side - 37th and Main Streets Drive-Up Branch - 11th and Main Streets Ayrway Shopping Center F. C. CLINE LUMBER CO. ALLIED BUILDING CENTER 300-432 MAIN STREET ANDERSON. INDIANA ennciii ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY • ANDERSON, INDIANA y » 8 ° hk p» » i awr .r. w | K , " ; w .. fffi Tte M 1 , ' : ,1 ‘v B«i Loisanne Fuqua and Skip Lotten find shopping fun at Pay Less. PAY LESS SUPER MARKETS, INC. 161 HktI Jsii 1 y BTl. - LAYMEN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Home Office: 1100 Broadway Anderson, Indiana 927 and 1102 Meridian Street The Finest in Hardware Since 1882 KAUFMANS Phone 644-4491 Kaufman ' S -HAVE r THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERHOOD HOUR Reaching all continents to proclaim “A United Church For A Divided World” Dr. R. Eugene Sterner 162 WARNER PRESS, INC. Mi lOMtY [otttts SfVMflf tki Linda McCarty and Linda Bull browse through Warner Press’s large book selection. Large enough to serve your needs Small enough to know them! . 163 ANDERSON COLLEGE BOOKSTORE Linda Drabenstot considers a book from the complete line car ried in the bookstore. ANDERSON BANKING COMPANY Main Office—10th Meridian Drive-in—900 Jackson East Branch—Mounds Mall South Branch—11 East 29th West Branch—3314 Nichol Avenue North Branch—Cross at Broadway A.B.C. serves Madison County as a full service bank. 165 Cheri Amand and Jan Cruikshank model the latest Wasson’s fashions for spring. Mounds Mull 166 KIRKMAN’S JEWELRY AND GIFT STORE 1213 Meridian 644-8837 Marian Lewellyn and Jim Noggle de¬ cide on a watch from Kirkman’s vast selection. DIETZEN’S BAKERY THE FLAVOR OF HOLSUM SANDWICH BREAD IS LOCKED IN BY GENTLE TWISTING . . . DR. J. R. MAYER DR R. J. PATROHAY DOCTORS OF OPTOMETRY ECHOES Staff produces yearbook Editor-in-chief Fran Foronda and as¬ sociate editor Beverley Pitts discuss photographs for a layout. Jay Zerbe (Art Editor), Joyce Garrison (Office Manager), Lynda Smallwood (Campus Life Editor), Joan Blaskowsky (People Editor), Glenn Burns (Sports Editor), Linda Bull (Ads Assistant) and Elaine Berry (Organizations Editor) look over last year’s ECHOES. 168 j i ECHOES Staff Members—First Row: Phyllis Bolt, Linda Bun- drick, Sandra Ferrell, Judy Robinson, Shirley Kuhns. Second Row: Pam Roberts, Linda Watkins, Mike Simerly, Dennis Brizendine, Sharon Ritter. Staff members spend a nightly session in the Theology Seminar room sorting class pictures. Staff photographer Charles Sowders and assistant Steve Fox provided professional photography service to the ECHOES staff. The yearbook staff began in early October to or¬ ganize and produce the 1968 ECHOES. Planning a theme, drawing layouts, shooting pictures, writing copy and typing final sheets filled free hours of many staff members. Assisted by a full-time professional photographer, the staff attempted to produce a book that would uphold the award-winning tradition of the ECHOES. 169 We are the future . . . our school year closes . . . we use our knowledge to face tomorrow . . . our school prepares to serve the students of tomorrow . . . “The past is but a prologue . . ” 170 1967-1968: Jubilee Anniversary 171 FACULTY, ADMINISTRATION AND STAFF A Abell, William 107 Achor, Helen 43,107 Anderson, Cleda 40,41,101 B Baker, H. L. 50,107 Batdorf, John 107 Beard, Norman 100 Bengtson, F. Dale 69,101 Brandon, Don 34 Breitweiser, Paul 101 Brown, Delwin 101 Buettner, Milton 61,101 Busch, Inez 42,107 C Carrington, John 73,101 Caudill, Rodney 107 Clear, Valorous 101,103 Coody, Arnold 101 Cook, Kenneth 72,73,101 Coolidge, Mary Beth 74,75 Cottingham, Elsie 101 Crose, Ksnneth 102 Cross, Henrietta 43,107 Crouch, Kenneth 74,107 D Damaske, Frederick 73,102 Deubach, Vila 100,102 E Eckhardt, Marka 94,102 Edwards, C. L. 100 Edwards, James 107 STUDENT INDEX A Abbott, Robert 53,56,121,126, 156,160 Acheson, Melva 108 Adams, Larry 69,70,108 Adams, Terry 87,131 Adkins, Dave 80,108 Akard, John 62,131 Akin, Carolyn 40,41,70,108 Alberts, Dave 66,109 Alexander, Edna 109 Allen, Clarena Faye 65,121 Allen, Jim 26,43,48,66,87,109 Allen, Linda 75,94,141 Allen, Ralph 56,66,131 Allen, Robert 131 Allshouse, Keith 54,121 Altenbernt, Patty 58 Altmire, Martha 141 Amand, Cheri 25,26,52,53,57, 121,123,166 Amand, Karen 57,66,131,164 Amick, Lois 141 Anderson, Linda 141 Anderson, Mildred 131 Anderson, Paris 64 Anthony, Diana 109 Arington, Barbee 50,121 Armey, Jan 38,131 Arms, Karen 58,74,121 Armstead, Emanuel 61,109 Armstrong, John 54,61,121 Arny, Richard 48,64,87,121 Arrendale, Charles 80,155 Ashton, Paula 131 Atkins, James 53,109 Atts, Becky 131 Ayers, Paul 141 B Bailey, Bonnie 42 Erskine, Carl 88,89,93 F Falls, Robert 73,102 Farmen, William 102 Fox, W. Shirell, 35,45,74,100, 130 Fritzler, Cilbert 100 G Gee, John 102 Glenn, Marcia 102 Gressman, Malcolm 74,102 H Hanson, Calvin 100,154 Harbron, Thomas 72,102,125 Harper, Elaine 102 Helbling, DeVon 102 Hennigar, Lewis 103 Holton, Helen 100 Hopkins, Mildred 72,103 Huang, Henry 103 J Jeeninga, Gustav 102,103 K Kilmer, C. Jean 61,100 King, James 103 Kleis, Sander 30,103 L Lallathin, Bernard 103 Lash, H. Howard 65,103 Leighton, Barbara 103 Leonard, Juanita 75,103 Linaman, Harold 104 Little, Gertrude 104 Lowe, Harold 104,105 M MacKenzie, Elbridge 104 Macholtz, James 80,91,93,104 Maeholtz, Robert 104 Magsig, Terry, 83,104 Mayo, Marie 104 McFarling, Vivian 107 Meier, Nilah 104 Miller, Charles 104 Miller, Elizabeth 105 Mill er, Frances 105 Moore, Ronald 106 N Nicholson, Robert A. 36,99 Norris, M. LaVern 73,105 O Olive, Gloria 72,94,105 Osborne, Nancy 105 P Pappas, Thomas 54,105 Parr, Ronald 80,84,85,86, 93,105 Patterson, William 106 Phillips, Elwood 106 Pickett, Marieta 105 Pogue, Betty 105 R Ragsdale, Elva 65,75,105 Ramsey, George 106 Reardon, Robert 56,98 Rehn, Alan 106 Rees, James 101,106 Renz, Russell 106 Rider, Norma 106 Robertson, Thomas 75,106 Roys, John 106 S Saltzmann, Paul 72,106 Sanders, W. Leo 106 Setzer, Arnold 43,106 Shoot, Frederick 75,106 Snyder, Richard 66,106 Sowders, Charles 169 Sprague, Ralph 106 Sprague, Richard 106 Steinaker, Norman 106 Stevenson, Jerry 64,106 Strawn, Lucille 106 Strong, Marie 106 T Thompson, Trecil 43,106 Tjart, Peter 106 Turner, Kenneth 72,106 W Walkof, Jean 31 Warren, Zella 59 Webber, Gibb 106 Wunsch, Gertrude 94,95,106 Y Young, Richard 80,81,87, 93,106 Bailey, Keith 141 Baker, Greg 53,84,89,131,157 Baldwin, Audrea 94,95,131 Barker, Janet 59,64,68,121 Barnes, Marsha 131 Barr, Gerald 54,64,121 Bass, Connie 53,141 Bass, Michael 53 Bastine, David 20,121 Bates, Sharon 59,121 Bates, Tom 53,84,121 Baumann, Shirley 9 4,95,121 Bays, Gary 90,91,109 Bays, Linda 141 Beach, Cozette 24,25,26,38,42, 51,57,68,130,131 Beard, Pat 109 Beard, Virginia 109 Beason, Esther 60,141 Bebee, David 75 Beck, Bonnie 60,141 Becker, Ronald 141 Beckham, Kenneth 60,141 Bell, Connie 141 Bell, Deborah 141 Bellomy, Patricia 141 Benefield, Dale 121 Bennett, Judy 59,63,109 Bennett, Mervil 53,80,131 Benson, F. Gerald 48,121,129 Bentley, Joan 60,141 Bentley, Patricia 36,37,58,73, 109 Bernhardt, Robert .54,65,109 Berry, Elaine 60,63,141,168 Berry, Linda 141 Betram, Sharon 141 Best, David 131 Bever, Michael 48,131 Bevis, Pamela 131 Birch, Darlene 59,131 Bittner, Dennis 84,86 Black, Donna 109 Blackwelder, Dorothea 141 Blackwell, Barbara 141 Blackwell, Beverly 141 Blair, Joyce 39,75,141 Blair, Roy 141 Blanton, Elizabeth 131 Blaskowsky, Joan 74,121,168 Blevins, John 63,70,74 Blocher, Wanda 141,153 Bloom, Calvin 50,68,121 Bloom, Helen 66,131 Boggs, William 66 Boggs, Susan 141 Bohling, Marja 141 Bolt, Phyllis 58,67,121,159,169 Bookout, Donald 60,83,141 Boram, Jane 121 Borden, Beverly 142 Borders, Lynda 72,121 Boruff, Cynthia 142 Bowen, James 48,73,121 Bowers, Phillis 121 Bowman, Carol 131 Boyd, Helen 131 Boyle, David 109 Boyle, James 68,75,131 Bradley, Seldon 142 Bradway, Raymond 121 Brainerd, Helen 109 Brann, Jane 134 Brattain, John 142 Braunberger, Carolyn 109 Brayfield, June 58,121 Brewer, Gerald 54,64,109 Brieker, Sue 131 Bridges, James 110 Bridges, Janice 131 Brinkman, Charles 142 Brizendine, Dennis 29,121,169 Brock, Sheryl 131 Brooks, Danny 50,110 Brooks, Joseph 110 172 Brown, Barbara 121 Brown, Jocldie 74,121 Brown, Otis 80,89,121 Brown, Thomas 74,121 Brown, Victor 80,122 Bruin, George 80 Brungartl, Mary 131 Bryant, Deborah 142 Buchdrueker, Ingrid 131 Buck, Kathy 36,37,38,68 Buck, Patricia 131 Buckbee, Betty 73,110 Bucy, Ken 28,48,68,69,122 Buehler, Keith 56,142 Bull, Linda 57,122,163,168 Bundriek, Linda 131,169 Bunyan, Diana 62,38,62,75,78 Burch, Elizabeth 142 Burchett, Sharon 131 Burg, Gerald 48,56,64,110 Burkett, Homer 110 Burnett, Carolyn 61,122 Burns, Glenn 43,48,56,66,83, 90,91,122,168 Burns, Martha 142 Burris, Bonnie 110 Burris, Dennis 110 Butler, Tom 48,122 Butterfield, Candice 132 Butterfield, Constance 42 Butterfield, Vickie 43,74,122 Byerman, Keith 67 C Cahoon, Robert 66,132 Callison, Bonnie 60,142 Camp, Connie 132 Caniff, Karen 142 Capps, Sherry 65,142 Capron, Dave 64,66,87,122 Carlisle, Dave 122 Carr, Ronald 74,122 Carroll, Dennis 50,62,70,72, 74,122 Carroll, Miriam 58,122 Carroll, Terry 61,142 Carter, Gwen 95 Catlett, Ron 48,132 Caudill, Carla 65,122 Chapman, Gail 64,132 Chappell, Jennie 132 Cherney, Sam 122 Cherrington, Brenda 64,142 Chessor, Barry 48,154 Chester, Boyd 142 Chew, Edwin 142 Chewning, Lawrence 56,60, 67,142 Chewning, Carolyn 57,122 Childers, Edward 53,122 Clark, Cheri 60,142 Clark, Gerald 42,50,122 Clark, Glenda 60,142,157 Clark, Sandy 132 Clay, Chris 64,68,132,153 Clemens, Fred 50,68,70,74,110 Cleveland, Jane 64,110 Clingenpeel, Don 50,122 Clippinger, Helen 60,142 Clock, Janet 122 Cobb, Donna 132 Coble, Monty 48,122 Cochran, Lora 142 Colclesser, Sandra 61 Collins, Ken 61,142 Collins, Linda 123 Conn, Lawrence 132 Coody, Marsha 142 Cook, Andrew 66 Cook, Jeannie 132 Cook, Tim 36,40,41,43,.56,67, 70,110 Cook, Paula 142 Cook, Steve 123 Cookston, Joe 39,64,68,75,132 Cooper, Brenda 110 Cooper, Sandy 65,67,132 Copeland, Jane 59,61,123 Corns, Marcia 123 Cowden, Arthur 50,132 Cox, Glen 48,130,132,154 Cox, Marlea 75,142 Cox, Rick 50,64,68,123 Coy, Michael 123 Craig, Dorothy 75,142 Crane, Susan 42,58,123 Crawford, Karen 132 Creason, Debra 110 Cripe, Denise 143 Criswell, Lorolyn 132 Crook, Gay 132 Crose, Doug 36,56 Crose, Richard 48,123 Crouch, Sharyn 59,133 Cruikshank, Janet 53,57,123, 166 Culler, Joyce 143 Culp, Norman 133 Cunningham, Sally 36,57,123, 159 Curless, Danny 53,84,91 Current, Steve 143 D Dacus, Lana 57,133 Dagenliart, Paul 123 Dailey, Fred 29,48,49,56,67, 87,133 Darkwood, Robert 54,72,123 Darland, Donna 62,133 Darnell, Debra 143 Darrah, Cheryl 133 Davidson, Lowell 63,74 Davis, Sharon Ann 72,73,110, 133 Davis, Sharon Kay 58,65,68 Dawson, Cole 60 Day, Charlotte 75,123 Decker, Beverly 123 Decker, Dennis 143 Decker, Willard 143 Dennis, Daryl 91,110 Denton, Dennis 60,79,143 DePew, Timothy 133 Detweiler, Phyllis 65,133 DeYoung, Delores 143 Dial, Connie 123 Dietrick, James 143 Digges, Roger 143 Dockery, Brenda 68,123 Dodd, Ruth 72,123 Dodson, James 39,50,68 Douglas, Roberta 94,95,123 Dove, Joan 133 Drabenstot, Linda 143,164 Drake, Jeanne 110 Dreger, Wilma 110 Drummond, Twila 133 Duncan, Martha 133 Duncan, Ronald 50,108,110 Dunhoft, James 53 Dunkle, Leann 75,111 Dunn, Cathy 133 Durham, Janet 21,64,123 E Eads, Linda 143 East, Timothy 60,80,143 Easterling, Sharon 123 Ebanks, Marjorie 58,61,62,133 Eckelberg, Duane 123 Edie, Wayne 111 Edwards, Stella 111 Elam, Troy 111 Eliason, Carol 43,59,61 Elkins, Rena 38,61,68,123 Engle, Gary 143 Eoff, James 120,123 Epperly, Donald 53,123 Essex, Kurt 65,83,133 Etchison, Janice 133 Evans, Danny 28,38,64,68,143 Evans, Naomi 59,61,123 Evans, Robert 133 Ewell, Lynn 58,124 F Farrar, Thomas 66,133 Farst, Linda 38,95,124 Felker, Sonja 143 Felts, Arthur 143 Fenriek, Arthur 53,73,111 Fenstermaker, James 48,111 Fenters, Lanny 60,65,143 Ferrell, Sandra 57,124,169 Festian, Sandra 38,64,124 Fettinger, Jerry 111 Fickel, Larry 133 Fiegland, Dale 48,124 Fisher, Ruth 143 Eleshman, Sharon 143 Flowers, Suzanne 72,73,111 Floyd, Richard 133 Floyd, Sharon 143 Foronda, Francine 44,62,64, 65,66,72,73,74,94,124,168 Forsberg, Richard 26 Forsberg, Ronald 111 Foster, Connie 58,64,68,69, 124,156,160 Foth, Kathleen 143 Fought, Catherine 143 Fox, Henry 111 Fox, Stephen 134,169 Fraley, Bernard 54,62,124 Frangello, Susan 111 Frederick, Glen 60,143 French, Linda 45,143 Friend, Constance 59,72,124 Friermood, Marsha 30,31,33, 57,63,74,130,134 Fritts, Ronald 39,50,68,134 Frost, Serita 68,69,111 Fry, James 60 Fulda, John 111 Fulda, Trudi 70,72,74,111 Fuller, Danny 65 Fullmer, Marianne 29,57,134 Fulton, Joyce 144 Funk, Harold 75 Funk, Janet 33,42,59 Fuqua, Loisanne 57,124,161 G Cable, Lynette 58,68,111 Gaines, Robert 134 Card, Diana 124 Garrett, David 53,80 Garrett, Gordon 36,43,124 Garringer, Rex 87 Garrison, Joyce 134,153,168 Ceer, Carol 111 Geer, Daniel Edward 43,53,91, 134 Gehrig, Terena 144 Geiersbaeh, Jean 144 Gerig, Louis 92,111 Germany, Chyrl 124 Germany, Vonda 38,55,144 Gibson, John 40,43,62,134 Gifford, ' Dick 37,48,66,124 Gilbert, Clella 59,73,124 Gilbert, Larry 67,124 Gilbert, Stephen 144 Gilleland, Beth 144 Glover, Mary 144 Goodwin, Kathleen 65,124 Gothberg, Rebecca 65,134 Cottke, Deborah 124 Could, Nancy 134 Could, Regina 58,124 Govan, Emily 144 Gradeless, Dennis 54,61,73,124 Grauman, Christina 144 Grauman, Roland 111 Gray, Emily 144 Gray, Linda 124 Greaver, Jacqueline 144 Gribben, Joy 124 Grim, Wayne 134 Grimes, Ronald 83 Grinewitzki, Sandra 124 Gropp, Sheila 124 Grubbs, Larry 70,74,75,112 Gullett, Verna 144,157 Guthrie, Susan 33,42,55,58,124 H Haga, Carl 50,62,67,134 Hager, Edward 48,124 Hall, James 91 Haller, Susan 64,134 Hamm, Carolyn 144 Hammel, Randal 54,64,79 Hammond, Carla 144 Hammond, Gary 92 Hancock, David 73 Hand, Paula 144 Handley, Jerry 61,70,72,73, 112 Hanna, Jeanne 144 Hanna, Larry 53,112 Hardman, Larry 50,80,134 Hargett, Kay 60,144 Hargett, Bill 50,64,68,69,112 Harmon, Martin 48 Harper, Landis 160 Harrington, Gary 134 173 Harrington, Philip 65,131,134 Harris, David 61,112 Harshbarger, Stephanie 144 Harting, Leslie 50,62,67,134 Hartley, Douglas 112 Hartley, Jo 144 Hartwell, Georgiadee 144 Haskins, Mark 64,72,134 Hatch, Kenneth 50,62,70,73, 108,112 Havens, Joyce 66,112 Hay, Thomas 60 Hayes, Francis 144 Heath, Lola 112 Heffelfinger, James 124 Heffelfinger, Rebecca 61,65, 94,134 Heitzenrater, David 43,53, 84,89 Helbling, Ruth 58,68,69 Heller, Gary 73,112 Helmker, Constance 112 Helsel, Marlene 144 Helvey, Donna 112 Helvey, Drew 36,40,69,70,73, 120,124 Hency, Steven 144 Hey, David 83,84,89,134 Hiatt, Wilma 112 Hicks, Michael 73,112 Highley, Timothy 60,144 Hill, James 48,89,124 Hill, Thomas 91,112 Hilyard, Linda 134 Hinderer, Joyce 42,58,124 Hippensteel, Barry 92,124 Hitt, Eugene 48,63,134 Hobbs, Connie 144 Hoffman, Hazel 144 Hoffman, Mona 25,26,32,40, 41,68,70 Holland, Romana 61,124 Hollett, Susan 42,68,134 Hollis, Cynthia 75,134 Hooks, Larry 48,66,165 Hoover, Buzz 53,80,134 Hoover, Herbert 54,112 Hoppel, Max 88,89 Hoppes, Kenny 89 Horner, Karen 64,144 Hossler, Keith 54,61,83,124 Hoverman, Carol 134 Howard, Donald 144 Howard, John 67,134 Howard, Laura 144 Howard, Pauletta 66,112 Howard, Sandy 134 Howell, Donald 48 Howell, Ernesteen 68,112 Hsu, Eva 28,61,124 Huey, John 113 Huff, Barbara 144 Huffman, Ray 87 Hughes, Michael 60,65,144 Hunt, Linda 75,124 Hunter, Nancy 144 Hurless, David 124 Hurst, Cheryl 60,144,155 Hutcheson, Edwin 63,113 Hutson, Charlotte 144 Hutton, Nancy 113 I Ice, Jack 84,113 Igney, Gloria 45,64,65,68,74, 113 Igney, Phyllis 144 Ingram, Larry 60,62,144 Irwin, David 48,124 J Jack David 54,124 Jackson, Dennis 23,26,43,48, 56,113 Jackson, Margaret 124 Jacobs, Jacqueline 134 Jacobson, Richard 67,135 James, Frederick 124 Janke, Karolyn 58,113 Jarvis, Paula 144 Jasper, Robert 48,56,66,113 Jennings, Abvine (or Alvena) 33,58,135 Jennings, Douglas 84,86 Jerrils, Ellen 144 Johnson, Brian 144 Johnson, Gertrude 60,145 Johnson, James 135 Johnson, Mary 59,65,125 Johnson, Norman 45,60,80,145 Johnston, Rosalind 125 Jones, Gary 50,68,74,125 Tones, George 60 Tones, Janet 135 Jones, Terry 68,69,125 Jordan, Keith 53,80,113 K Kane, Mark 37,40,41,48,90, 125 Kapsal, Ardith 61,125 Kapsal, Marylou 61,145 Kearns, Lawrence 48,125 Keating, Janet 60,145 Keck, Karen 125 Keech, Michael 135 Keene, Dorothy 125 Kees, Ginger 42,59,66 Keesling, Jerry 53,113 Keffer, Karen 145 Kemler, Dale 145 Kemler, John 73,113 Kendrick, John 145 Kennedy, Constance 135 Kerr, Bonny 31,63,65,125 Keys, Karen 94,145 Kiernan, Michael 83,91 King, Bruce 113 Kingery, Arlie 145 Kingsbury, Charlotte 59,72,73, 125 Kingsbury, Rosa 145 Kirby, Marcia 61 Kirby, Scott 125 Kirby, Vicki 61,135 Kirk, Carrie 63,67,135 Kissinger, Connie 145 Kittinger, Thomas .54,64,125 Kleinhenn, Lois 60,125 Klepper, Keith 43,48,125 Knouff, Kathryn 75,135 Kohl, Susan 145 Kolb, Linda 94,95,135 Kollar, Mary 113 Kollars, Dennis 113 Koons, Ruth 135 Kramer, Carl 40,44,50,71, 72,73,74,75,113 Kramer, Roland 45,62,65,67, 74,135 Kruse, Dennis 65,125 Kufeldt, Anita 113 Kufeldt, Kristina 59,113,125 Kuhns, Shirley 135,169 Kurtz, Kenneth 48,125 L Labruyere, Larry 135 Landis, Dale 50,68,69,113 Langworthy, Paul 145 Lanier, Jeanette 135 Lanthrop, Ronald 148 Lavrinc, Patricia 125 Lawrence, Dianne 145 Lawyer, Sandra 125 Layton, Dan 135 Leach, Larry 113 Leatherman, Duane 50,63,71, 72,73,74,114 Lechlitner, Thomas 145 Leclear, Barbara 68 Leedom, Connie 59,61,135 Lehner, Nancy 135 Lehnus, Roland 48,125 Lemmond, Thelda 145 Lentz. Philip 48,56,66,135 Lewellyn, Marian 53,58,63,65, 67,125,167 Lighty, Judith 125 Lindsey, Diane 125 Lindsey, Richard 56,66 Lindzy, Anna 145 Lines, Ruth 135 Lineback, Deborah 145 Litondo, Franklin 54,64,114 Little, Cary 114 Jdtton, Penny 145 Littrell, Terry 145 Liverett, Jimmie 50,114 Lloyd, James 145 Lockhart, Bonnie 60,145 Lockhart, Stephen 145 T ong, David 145 Tmng, Durenda 94,135 Tmng, Rhea 125 Lone. Ronald 26,43,53,84,85, 125 Lorimer, Linda 146 Lortz, Stenhen 45 Tmtten, Ollin 48,126.161 Tmundenbaek. Max 126 fmyd. Jov 146 T.ucas, Allen 38,64,68,69,126 M Mader, Barbara 60,146 Mader, Carolyn 126 Maguire, Vicki 60,146 Mahnke, Terry 126 Mahoney, Jeremiah 80,82 Mahoney, Michael 53,80,81, 135 Majors, Marilyn 43,58,126,159 Marlowe, Rose 39,75,146 Marsh, Lyle 73 Martin, Kristine 126 Martin, Mary 146 Martin, Nancy 135 Martin, Richard 135 Martin, Sally 146 Martin. Sandra 60,146 Martindale, Warren 56,135 Masters. Richard 42,50,89,114 Matas, Donald 48,126 Mathis, Robert 43,50,130,135, 153 Matson, Rae 114 Mauch, Maurene 146 Maurer, Marilyn 146,157 Maurer, Ronald 65,79,140,146 Maurer, William 135 May, Dorothy 114 May, Joretta 72,73,114 May, Mickey 126 May, Ronda 146 MeAlhaney, James 62,91,126 McBride, Joyce 60,75,146 McBrier, Sandra 61,135 McCall, Bruce 84 McCarroll, Nancy 135 McCarty, Linda 57,78,126,163 McCay, Ralph 60,146 McClintock, Daniel 92,126 McClintock, Howard 114 McClintock, Janice 126 McCully, Dixie 146 McCutchan, Beverly 126 McDivitt, Stewart 42,50,56, McDonald, Michael 50,64,135 McFarling, Louise 126 McGee, Ralph 87,135 McCillen, Christopher 114 McKinley, Anita 126 McKinney, Ronald 54,72,75,136 McLaughlin, Thomas 50,73,114 McLean, Catherine 146,157 McNutt, Debrah 136 McNutt, Howard 48,56,114 Meeks, Susan 136 Mefford, Marilyn 114 Meier, Paul 114 Meldrum, Terry 146 Menchinger, Kathleen 25,26, 57,68,69,75,136 Menchinger, Marilou 58,71, 72.114 Meredith, David 89 Meredith, William 53,89,126 Merriken, Rebecca 60,75,94,146 Merrill, Joan 64,68,114 Merriman, Antha 60,64,68,146 Messick, Joyce 114 Metsker, Karen 146 Meyer, Kerry 50,64,68,69,115 Meyer, Timothy 62,136 Middleton, Carol 59,73,126 Milam, Brenda 146 Miles, Roxie 61,65,126 Miller, Cathy 58,126 Miller, Daniel 136 Miller, Earl 136 Miller, Joyce 136 Miller, Karen 136 Miller, Marian 68,136 Miller, Martin 68,69 Miller, Milo 28,32,43,50,68,136 Miller, Monique 146 Miller, Robert 115 Miller, Timothy 84 Miller, Wendell 146 Millikan, Grant 80,146 Milnes, Ernest 146 Milstead, Rebecca 63,136 Minnick, Larry 50,115 Mishler. Kenneth 146 Mitchell, Douglas 83 Mitschelen, Earl 66 Mitschelen, Jonathan 136 Mobley, Steven 126 Monroe, James 80,87,146 Moody, Thelma 146 Moore, Gerald 115 Morace, Larry 79,136 Morehead, Dennis 66,136 Morey, Jeannette 72,136 Morgan, Carolyn 62,65,136 Morgan, Judith 126 Morgan, Philip 80,146 Morgan, Phyllis 60,146 Morris, Edward 60,80,87 174 Mosier, Leslie 36,43,50,115 Moss, Mervin 115 Mumaugh, Teresa 146 Mundy, Diane 57,126 Munn, Margaret 115 Munsell, Charlotte 136 Munsen, Judith 22,63,75,147 Murawski, Terry 53,80,89 Murphy, Jerry 136 Murray, Frank 126 Murray, Freda 147 Murrell, Daniel 62,147 Muster, Lela 126 N Nafziger, Larry 136 Neese, Martha 147 Nelson, Gayle 57,74,126 Nelson, Shane 147 Nelson, Wayne 115 Newberry, Alma 115 Newberry, Cynthia 137 Newberry, Jill 42,58,108,115 Newell, Benny 60,83,147 Newell, Rebecca 147 Newkirk, Jack 126 Nicholson, Paul 147 Nickel, Curtis 53,115 Nielsen, Jeffrey 38,50 Noble, Myron 26,53,115 Noble, Roger 115 Noble, Ronald 115 Noggle, Abby 115 Noggle, James 53,56,67,90,91, 126,167 Noles, Sylvia 64,137 Norton, Maxine 59,65,66,115 Nulph, Kay 127 Nye, Keith 50,137 O Odom, Michael 147 Oemler, Kathy 57,67,78,137 Oldham, David 62,72,74,75, 137 Oliver, Michael 115 Olson, Hallie 58,115 Olson, Nancy 137 Osteen, Michael 50,71,72,74, 75,116 Otte, Ward 65,137 Otto, Sue 147 Ours, Frederick 61,127 Owen, Thomas 147 Owens, Darlene 147 P Pack, Melba 75,147 Palmer, Freda 116 Parken, Candace 60,147 Parker, Connie 65,116 Parsons, Karen 23,116 Patterson, Philip 54,116 Peacock, Linda 61,116 Pence, Becky 137 Pendleton, Carol 43,65,116 Perkins, Edgar 60 Peters, Annabelle 127 Phile, Yvonne 58,68,69,127 Phillips, Bernus 147 Phillips, Beverly 147 Phillips, Gloria 147 Phillips, Ruth 147 Phillips, Wanda 57,65,67,127 Pickens, Linda 65 Pilcher, Linda 127,159 Pilcher, Robert 147 Pilo, Sharen 127 Pistole. Cynthia 116 Pitts, Beverley 72,74,75,116, 168 Pitts, Vicky 137 Pluhar, Charles 28,48,122,127 Pond, Diana 147 Ponsler, Barbara 95,147 Poole, Penelope 66 Poore, Cheryl 75,94,95,137 Post, Charles 116 Powell, Janet 147 Preisig, Pattricia 59,63,65,74, 116 Pressel, Richard 48,127 Price, Judith 57,127 Proctor, Milton 63,65,74 Profitt, Karen 29,147 Purdy, William 66 Putnam, Linda 43,59,120,127 Pylate, Kay 39,60,75,147 Q Quinn, John 90,91,116 Quinn, Sherrill 116 R Radaker, Bruce 80,82,147 Radaker, Donald 147 Rambis, John 147 Ramsey, George 36,68,69,71 Ramsey, Kathryn 43,59,61,127 Ratcliff, Roy 116 Ratliff, Barbara 60,147 Ray, Kenneth 48,137 Reardon, Kathleen 68,69,71, 72,73,127,164 Reardon, Eugene 79 Reay, Barbara 21,43,58,137 Reddinger, Cheryl 43,127 Reecer, Roy 137 Reed, Ginger 67,127 Reed, Phyllis 147 Reed, Ray 64 Reed, Rita 137 Reese, Sandra 137 Reeves, Linda 137 Reid, Elizabeth 116 Reinhardt, Richard 50,62,137 Reinhardt, Steve 39,68,137 Rice, Randall 50,137 Rice, Saybra 75,147 Rich, Charles 50,72,94,116 Rich, Ellen 127 Richards, Paul 137 Richards, Vicki 78,147 Richardson, Carol 33,40,60,64, 68,75,147 Richardson, Patricia 44,59,72, 73,74,127 Rider, Larry 48 Rigel, William 80,82,138 Riggle, Judith 58,65,74,127 Riggs, Sheryl 68,138 Rilling, Donald 54,138 Rinker, Dan 31,64,68,138 Risk, Gregory 53,80,127 Risk, Jeffrey 53,91,116 Ritchart, Linda 60,147 Ritter, Sharon 59,72,127,169 Roach, Chanwick 56,61,67,127 Roberts, Kathryn 39,147 Roberts, Pamela 127,169 Roberts, Paula 138 Robertson, John 116 Robertson, Melanie 138 Robertson, Michael 117 Robeton, Nancy 147 Robinson, Judy 138,169 Robinson, Mark 138 Robinson, Mary 147 Robinson, Susan 36,62,75 Robv, Tames 147 Rockhill, Ervin 66,127 Rockhill. Tohn 66,138 Rodden, Marcia 147 Rogers, Consuelo 61 Ross. Edward 48 56.73 Rouintree, John 147 Roush, Janis 78,138 Rubright, Edith 147 Ruby, Paulette 117 Ruedebusch, Jo Ann 58,66,74, 117 Russell, James 48 Russell, Sandra 148 S Salisbury, Linda 127 Sandstrom, Judith 117 Satterwhite, Darylnna 148 Sauls, Rebecca 148,155 Sawyer, Jo Anne 148 Schlabach, Mary 75 Schrecengost, William 80,148 Schultheis, Donald 54,56,117 Scott, James 50,64,68,69,117 Seal, Alma 66,148 Seal, Jerry 148 Secrest, Donald 50,127 Seibert, Cheryl 148 Sellers, Jacqueline 42,58,127 Sempsrott, Wayne 138 Sereday, Doris 148 Sergeant, Howard 72,138 Setzer, Gloria 138 Shafer, Kenneth 75 Shangle, Ronald 53,66,71,117 Shankland, Dennis 50,68,127 Shaw, Ricardo 54 Shearer, Beverly 148 Shearer, Douglas 30,38,43,48, 68,138 Sheffer, Kenneth 66,74,117 Sheffield, Michael 48,138 Shelburn, Marianne 44,65,74, 138 Shellenbarger, Max 50,72,73, 117 Shellenbarger, Rex 64 Sherman, Jacqualyn 138 Sherrill, Dereama 148 Sherry, David 54,73,117 Shoot, James 23,73,127 Shoot, William 54,83,128 Shotton, Rodney 40,43,50,138 Shotton, Susan 60,148 Shoudel, Dianne 37,42,58,61, 72,117 Showalter, Robert 128 Shripka, Gary 65,83,138 Shumate, Charles 117 Shumate, Laretta 128 Simerly, Michael 80,138,169 Simmerman, Harry 50,138 Simmons, Janet 138 Singer, Janet 72 Sipka, Sue 128 Sizemore, Michael 138 Skaggs, Karen 138 Slaughter, Herman 148 Slaybaugh, Joyce 148 Slayton, Patricia 138 Smallwood, Lynda 59,74,128, 168 Smart, Sheila 42,57,78,94,128 Smith, Barbara 148 Smith, Bonita 42,57,75,138 Smith, Carla 94,95,128 Smith, Daryl 44,54,67,73,74, 128 Smith, Diana 61,128 Smith, Diann 117 Smith, Joe 62,75,91,138 Smith, Elisa 138 Smith, Julia 53,57,138 Smith, Linda 61,138 Smith, Rita 60,148 Smith, Sharon 62,138 Smoot, Douglas 54,128 Snowden, Joe 48,88,89,128 Snyder, James 56,120,128 Soetenga, Louise 42,58,130,138 Sparks, James 128 Spittler, Patricia 33,60,148 Spitzmesser, Edwin 80 Spradlin, Terry 54,63,74,117 Sprouse, Jerry 66,138 Staker, Marie 60,63,65,78,148, 155 Stanley, Charles 23,48,117 Starkey, Barbara 38,68,138 Stevens, Carol 57,117 Stewart, Connie 148 Stewart, Donna 75,139 Stewart, Faye 148 Stewart, Mary 148 Stewart, Samuel 40,43,54,73, 128 Stinson, Patricia 59,117 Stohler, Colleen 148 Stohler, Michael 128 Stombock, James 88,89,139 Stover, Linda 148 Stowe, Margaret 128 Stowers, Gail 148 Strano, Frank 118 Strattman, Margaret 33,40,42, 71 ,H8 Strawn, Charles 54 Strege, Karen 140,148 Strege, Merle 42,50,73,74, 128,160 Stremmel, Ronda 139 Striekler, Deborah 36,139 Strickler, Patricia 60,94,148 Suko, John 50,68,69,128 Suko, Paul 80,128,140,148 Sullivan, Ladonna 118 175 Sumner, Robert 118 Sutherland, John 39,54,68,128 Sutter, Jeanette 42,64,68,69, 128 T Tanner, James 92,118 Tanner, Rebecca 68,69 Tasker, Earl 80 Tate, Imogene 58,68,118 Taylor, Gwendolyn 61,139 Taylor, Jeannine 139 Taylor, Martha 60,148 Taylor, Michael 53,80 Taylor, Rena 38,59,72,128 Taylor, Rickard 64 Taylor, William 84 Teeters, Steven 66,118 Tefft, Carolyn 139 Telfer, Stephen 80,148 Terry, Thomas 148 Tharp, Trixie 128 Thomas, Carol 61,128 Thomas, Charlotte 118 Thomas, Rufus 128 Thompson, Mark 53,80,118 Thompson, Nancy 139 Thornberry, Sally 75,148 Thornbery, John 72,118 Thornburg, Linda 25,36,43,74, 128,154 Thrasher, Jacqueline 148 Tierney, Mary 63,148,155 Tierney, Terrell 48,73,88,89, 93,118 Timberman, Leonard 67,139 Tingley, Dale 67 Tingley, Rosalie 129 Tirre, Charlotte 139 Tourjee, John 139 Tracy, Diana 148 Traister, John 48,118 Traister, Lucinda 60,148 Tramel, Robert 60,65,148 Tramel, Verna 58,118 Trexler, Darrel 48,66,129 Trexler, Marvin 66 Trexler, Merline 64,139 Trick, Thomas 54,64.72,73,129 Troutman, Regina 129 Troutman, Zola 24,42,53,71,118 Truman. Carol 148 Tsang, Sue 61,73 Turner, Alan 67,139 Turner, Barbara 129 Turner, Benny 129 Turner, Bonita 148 Turner, Cheryl 118 Turner, Merle 50,139 Turner, Neil 148 Turner, Robert 50,72,73,118 U Ulery, Harriett 65 Underhill, Ruth 65,139 Unruh, Diana 60,149 V Van Sipe, Judy 60,149 VanNorman, David 43,50,120, 129 VanNorman, Paul 60,149 Vautaw, Julie 149 Vermillion, Douglas 44 Vickrey, Gregory 149 VonAlmen, David 66,118 W Wade, Kenneth 29,42,54,55,63, 74,129 Waggy, Mary 59,63,67,74,119 Wallace, John 44,56,62,67,139 Walter, Karen 139 Walter, Kenneth 87,129 Walters, Christine 38,68,69, 139 Walton, Louise 129 Walton, Nancy 57,78,119 Walton, Rebecca 149 Ward, Thomas 84,129,135 Warren, Cheryl 53,57,78 Waters, Richard 129 Watkins, David 149 Watkins, Linda 42,67,94,139, 169 Watkins, Linwood 56,60,62, 149 Watkins, Sharon 149 Watson, Mark 60 Watters, Kathleen 149 Weaver, Nancy 129 Webb, Arlene 139 Webb, William 64,72,73,119 Webster, Dale 56,62,67,139 Webster, Sharon 119 Webster, William 50,73,119 Wehneman, Dean 61,149 Welch, Michael 129 Wells, John 66,67,119 West, Stephen 119 Whalen, Karen 149 Wheatley, Renna 139 Whetsel, Pamela 119 Whetstone, Richard 66,139 Whisman, Cynthia 149 White, Doyle 119 White, Jimmie 119 White, Jon 42,48,62,66,119 White, Patricia 75,149 Whiteherse, Carole 53,119 Whitesel, Allen 129 Whitesel, Elaine 61,139 Whittom, Charles 139 Whittom, Ronald 149 Widener, Richard 149 Wiegand, Susan 149 Wiens, Earl 48,139 Wiens, Lonnie 129 Wildermuth, Virginia 149 Wile, Howard 119 Williams, Ricky 84 Williams, Theodore 53,80,89, 139 Williams, Vivian 149 Willingham, Christina 149 Wilson, Charlotte 149 Wilson, Larry 65,139,157 Wingo, Katherine 149 Winslow, Stephen 68,129 Wiser, Carol 129 Wittkamper, Tonda 59,129 Wolfe, Tonv 50,88.89,129 Wood, Paul 80,81,129 Woodward. Philip 60,149 Woolums, Wanda 75 Wright, Duane 50,119 Wrieht, Glenda 129 Wright, Linda 139 Y Yanik, Rebecca 25,26,33,49, 58,129 Yates, Gloria 139 Yates, Paul 139,157 Yerden, Frank 38,140 Yerden, Kay 38,65.139 Yeske, Ellen 59,129 Yoder, Daryl 54,64,68,73,129 Young, Marilyn 149 Young, Nolan 139 Young, Peggy 42,61,119 Yount, Carol 119 Z Zeis, Marty 48,119 Zerbe, Jay 139,168 EDITOR’S MESSAGE Producing the Fiftieth Anniversary ECHOES was a challenge and genuine learning experience only for those staff members who put forth efforts. The theme, “The past is but prologue,” was selected to represent Anderson College’s jubilee anniversary. Consequently, the division of the book is in three parts: a brief re¬ collection of the PAST in the introduction, a review of the PRESENT year throughout the body of the book and a glimpse of the FUTURE in the closing section. From this particular organization it is hoped that one can feel a part of the heritage of our college, as well as share the activities of our past year. Special acknowledgement is given to the associate editor, BEVERLEY PITTS, who devoted an unlimited amount of spare time to production of the annual. CHARLES SOWDERS, AC photographer, deserves recognition as he catered to many last minute requests, thus spending long, extra hours printing pictures at deadline time. Staff members ELAINE BERRY, JOAN BLASKOWSKY and JOYCE GARRISON deserve special mention for their responsibility, consideration and conscientiousness. Appreciation is given to GLENN BURNS for his willingness to help, his encouragement and his moral support. On behalf of the staff, gratitude and thanks is expressed to FRANK WOCHITZ (Paragon Press Representative), VIVIAN McFARLING (Graphic Arts Director) and W. SHIRELL FOX (Advisor). -FRAN FORONDA STAFF Editor-in-chief Fran Foronda Associate Editor Beverley Pitts Campus Life Editor Lynda Smallwood Assistants Shirley Kuhns Pam Roberts Organizations Editor Elaine Berry Assistants Sharon Ritter Judy Robinson Sports Editor Glenn Burns Assistant Mike Simerly People Editor Joan Blaskowsky Assistants Jeannie Cook Bonny Kerr Advertisements Assistants Phyllis Bolt Linda Bull Art Editor Jay Zerbe Assistant Dennis Brizendine Office Manager Joyce Garrison Typists Linda Bundrick Sandra Ferrell Marsha Friermood Linda Watkins Photographer Charles Sowders Assistant Steve Fox Business Manager Daryl Smith Other Assistants Dave Liverett Sharon Pilo Advisor W. Shirell Fox 176 . ' V; j

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