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ECHOES Anderson College Anderson, Indiana Table of Contents • Features 26 • Organizations 50 • Sports 78 • People 96 • Ads 158 II A college day begins Seven a.m. The day starts in the Men’s Residence Hall with a crucial physics test review —or in Martin Hall over a cup of instant coffee and a philosophy paper. Or in a discussion at breakfast in Olt Student Center. Its setting is a world of accelerating pace. And the range of its importance and its potential may come in a con¬ templative walk to the day’s first class .. . 2 15 And comes alive Eight a.m. Every college class¬ room is an experimental labora¬ tory. A place of testing and retest¬ ing. Of agreeing and disagreeing. Of ideas. A college classroom is a place of continuous dialogue. A computing center is challenged and mastered. A rigorous experi¬ ment conducted. Two artists, teacher and student, explore a violin lesson. It is not an easy place to be. Discipline is learned ... Wisdom gained. Myths are shattered. Eleven a.m. A break for lunch and discussion over a thorny issue in an economics lecture. Research in Wilson Library for advanced Spanish classes. Twice-weekly chapel and visiting lecturers pro¬ vide impetus to campus discussion. And always, the communion of faculty and student ideas. Somewhere, dependent on individual values, talents, goals, patterns take shape in diversity. .. Values are reaffirmed Two p.m. College brings with it a whole new set of responsibilities. It is preparation for the student’s next fifty years. It is hard work. Often Wilson Library becomes the center of intensive independent research in many different fields. It is the center, too, for more lighthearted discussion on an autumn-colored day .. . 8 ' ■ ' ■ W - ■ r - ■ , . ’f» ' ! ’ V ' - jjpS ”,Al ' ■ V , ' • V ’ ’•aK , £ - ' S 1 . ” ■. . •» • ,„ .• : • " ' ■ •fTS ' . .• • ; •- ft r •:? . A ' V ' i :w . » ' . 5% " ■ The pace quickens Four p.m. There is excitement in these classrooms. And there is understanding. These are teachers of reason, wisdom, humor, and generosity. In an English workshop, a history seminar, a Bible class, this becomes apparent. The day has been full. Time to reflect, make plans for a Christianity-in-Action weekend story hour, and a debate tour on a reflective walk to Morrison Hall... 1 The campus quiets Six p.m. Momentarily, the campus quiets . . . The evening is not yet underway ... a rethinking of today’s lecture ... a rush to eve¬ ning classes —and then a calm ... a break to contemplate the view of Lewis gym from Martin Hall ... a time to stop and check class notes in the Science Building ... 13 The day ends Ten p.m. Anderson College is many things. It is an early evening walk to meet a date ... a serious conference with an advisor ... It is research for a Freshman class ... It is Religious Emphasis Week and a fireside chat in Olt Center with a Tri-S volunteer discussing Student Summer Service ... It is contemplation, discovery, com¬ munion. It is tradition and innovation. Most of all it is people . .. I 14 Anderson College is people 16 Without us there would be no Anderson College. Without our enthusiasm, there is no school spirit. Without our earnest study, the library is useless. Without us, buildings are empty, athletic teams do not compete, professors cannot pass on their wisdom and knowledge. If we have matured socially and in our religious life, increased our academic ability, gained new insights, then Anderson College has been successful in 1965-66. 17 Together and alone : i We spent most of this college year outside the class¬ room, inventing unique ways of wasting time and re¬ lieving tensions, struggling with simple tasks such as washing, working long hours to make the Homecom¬ ing parade a success. The thousand and one things we have done this year will all be part of our memories of A. C. 18 I 20 At times we have craved noise and excitement. Win¬ ning the football championship and adding to the enthusiasm of a home basketball crowd have been highlights of this year at Anderson. At other times we have merely sat sharing thoughts with our closest friend or evaluating the ideas in our own mind. Reflecting and rememb ering Our memories of this year are of people, events large and small, plays, ballgames, conversations. Yet will we ever forget the walk between the School of Theology and the Science Building in Spring, the gloominess of Old Main at 7 A. M., how funny the cafeteria looked with all its chair legs in the air, the warm glow the campus pos¬ sessed illuminated for Homecoming? After all the present college community has gone to various parts of the country, our memories will be tied to these familiar spots. 22 sammm 1 Anderson College 1965-66 24 Buildings and events are in the background of our memories. But what fills in the forefront in our mind? Most clearly we will remember the personality that lived in the residence hall, the smile of the actor on stage, the cheerleader’s disappointed look, the warmth the Presi¬ dent always conveyed to us in Chapel. We could forget every spot on campus, every event, and still remember the essence of our experi¬ ence as a student this year. Anderson College is people. 25 We recognize and admire the achieve¬ ments of our fellow students. Their abil¬ ities in various aca¬ demic fields, music, journalism, and per¬ sonal relations and leadership have en¬ riched our college life. We, in turn, have contributed to making their lives more meaningful; therefore, we all feel a sense of accom¬ plishment at the suc¬ cess of our fellow students. As we give mutually to each other of ourselves, we become a Chris¬ tian college. 27 Homecoming Queen Seibert Karen I 1 Jeannme Thompson May Queen 4 5; V 1 j i 32 I May Court Nancy Case Donna Stone i Janet Funk, Marilyn Boblitt Marla Smith, Arlene Tjart Marilou Menchinger, Zola Troutman 35 Treasurer Dave Edwards Vice President Howie Stamm Secretary Jeannine Thompson Council Representatives: Rudy Hoffman, Zola Trout¬ man, Marcia Smith and Terry Henry. Council Representatives: Rruce Reinhardt, Dick Freer and Jerry Jenkins. Not pictured, L arry Grubbs. Nyle Kardatzke, advisor. 38 Kappa Mu Epsilon (Math) Left to right: Barbara Chessor, James French, Marilyn Gilbert, Tom Henry, Richard Honeycutt, Steve House, Anne Jackson, Jerry Jenkins, Duane Leatherman, Larry Mercer, Stewart McDivitt, Max Shellenbarger, Robert Turner, Gene Willingham, Tony Wilson, James Wright, Larry McFarling, Gilbert Fritzler, Thomas Harbron, Paul Saltzman and Dr. Gloria Olive. Not pictured is Tom Mclaughlin. .. . Students maintaining high averages are recognized by being invited to join various honorary societies. Such excellence in scholastic attainments is something that, once accomplished, never can be erased, and such scholars are to be admired. Honor Societies Pi Gamma Mu (Social Science) Left to right: Carl Caldwell, Vern Smith, Dr. John Carrington, Dr. Glen Falls, Dr. LaVern Norris and Dr. Thomas Pappas. Alpha Phi Gamma( Journalism) Left to right: Bruce Reinhardt, Vern Smith, Chery Zerbe and W. Shirell Fox, advisor. 39 Alpha Chi (Scholarship) Left to right: Linda Byrd, Barbara Chessor, Ted Corns, Barbara Falls, lerry Henry, Tom Henry, Connie Herman, Richard Honey¬ cutt, Mary Lou Humes, Anne Jackson, Jerry Jenkins, Gerald Keller, Darryl Lehnus, Joretta May, Donald Morey, Guy Perry, Jerry Slcym, Vem Smith, Spencer Spaulding, Ken Upshaw, Ed Weippert, Rosemary White, Royce White and Sharon Benefield. Not pictured is Phil Coulson. The prerequisite for membership in Alpha Chi is the maintenance of a scho¬ lastic average of 3.5 or more. Eligibility begins in the junior year. Alpha Psi Omega (Dramatics) Left to right: Fred Clemens, Larry Cole, Lowell Davidson, Barbara Falls, Steve House, Cathy Jones, Don Kelly, Bev Mefford, Hazel Moore, Jo Ann Ruedebusch, Tom Snyder, Alvin Smith, Rae Smith, Donna Stone, Ken Upshaw, Ellen Ward, Deanne Wilkenson and Dr. Malcolm Gressman, sponsor. 40 Sigma Zeta (Science) Left to right: Jan Blackwell, Barbara Chessor, Barbara Dunham, Dick Honeycutt, Jerry Jenkins, Brenda Nicholes, Martha Oliver, Guy Perry, Connie Reardon, Darlene Sayres, Howie Stamm, Ed Weippert, Kenneth Cook, Thomas Harbron, Mrs. Marie Mayo and James Rees. Sigma Tau Delta (English) Left to right: Linda Baker, Sharon Benefield, Dick Freer, Jeannine Callahan, Norman Steinaker, Sherry Ward, Ken Upshaw and Dr. Thomas Robertson, advisor. Phi Eta Sigma (Freshmen) Left to right: David Boyle, Fred Clemens, Jim Cook, Larry Grubbs, Jerry Handley, Tom Henry, Dick Honeycutt, Jerry Jenkins, David Lewis, Darryl Lehnus, Max Shellenbarger, Bill Webster, Ed Weippert, Carl Kramer, Marty Zeis and Dr. Frederick Shoot, advisor. Not pictured is Phil Coulson. Phi Eta Sigma is an honorary society organized this year. Men only are eligi¬ ble the second semester of their freshmen year, a 3.5 point average being necessary to obtain membership. 41 Editor-in-Chief, Bruce Rheinhardt Andersonian Staff Managing Editor, David Lewis 42 Cartoonist, John Newcomb Photographers, Dick Ruth, Phil Lentz Sports Editor, Rich Davis Layout Editor, Doug Bebee Typist, Celeste Carroll r ' Myai itt 3S|» |f i « l «■ f ' I ■T " ' if aa Bm -Jr’ Editor-in-Chief, Chery Zerbe Publications Advisor, W. Shirell Fox Echoes Staff Assistant Editor, Dan Yelton 44 Sports Editor, Larry Hocker (not pictured); Assistants, Lou Gerig, Larry Grubbs. Features Editor, Sue Miller General Assistant Ron Carr Business Manager, Vem Smith Class Editor, Jan Taylor Bonnie Gifford Carolyn Egelston Ed Weippert Guy Perry Connie Reardon Karen Seibert Chuck Hise Carl Caldwell Nancy Case Rita Pylate in American Colleges and Universities 48 I Barbara Falls Jim Martin We have special needs, interests and abilities. We group with those who share those interests to work, laugh, learn, mature. Our organi¬ zations become a vi¬ tal part of our col¬ lege experience. 51 Amici Angel Booster Belle Sachem Sweetheart Rita Pylate Amici The Amici Club attempts to keep in mind the purpose of social clubs on the campus, namely to provide members with social activities and opportunities for service in the com¬ munity and on the campus. Conse¬ quently, the social theme rather than club business dominated most of the meetings. Sessions were held on improving the etiquette of the club members. Grant Hooker’s ex¬ periences in Europe and other topics of common interest. Amici activities included at a winter formal at a northern Michigan lodge, a barbecue, group trips to Indian¬ apolis and several service projects. [ ' ' 1 spik ■ ' ' ft " y Wm ' J ' WtxfZ Ann First Row: Dick Ruth, Bill Parker, George Majors, Roger Wells and Ralph Sprague. Second Row: John White, Warren Feller, Joe Adcock, Bob Proffit, Ron Marsh. Third Row: Steve Gough, Jim Fenstermaker, Earl Lauridsen, Terry Thole and Jim Tanner. Fourth Row: Charles Warren, Rollie Grauman, Dan VonBargen, John Robertson and Bill Webb. The theme for Amici’s Homecoming float was “His Master’s Voice”. The float captured second place. Since our Homecoming opponents were the Indiana Central Greyhounds. Booster chose for its winning float the theme, “Leave the Driving to Us.” Booster Starting the year’s activities on an enthusiastic note, the “humble” Boosters placed first in Home¬ coming float competition. The club then directed most of its energy to the production of the musical, “Brigadoon,” in cooperation with the Camarada Club. The Broadway hit was presented by the two clubs March 11 and 12 at the Park Place School. The Booster Club celebrated its thirtieth anniver¬ sary year in 1966. Boosters are proud of the con¬ tributions their club has made to the College in the past years. For example, the Alma Mater was written as a club project in 1939. Current Boosters strive to be a part of this tradition, taking active part in many campus activities. First Row: Dean Bye, Mike Osteen, Dan Yelton, Larry Adams, Joe Powell, Spencer Spaulding and Dick Freer. Second Row: Bob Turner, Dwight Hargett, Bill Bellah, Ed Weippert, Vern Smith, Fred Clemens, Steve House and Ken Hatch. Third Row: Jerry Blevins, Carl Kramer, Larry Buford, Duane Leatherman, Jim Hall, Lou Gerig, Bryan Wheat, Terry Henry and Bill Hargett. 55 Sachem Sachem Club members have attempted to benefit Anderson College as a whole as well as demonstrate the workable nature of a social club through close association among themselves and with other club members. Specifically, club activities in¬ clude: a traditional spring formal, the construction of “It’s in the Bag”, a Homecoming float which was award ed Honorable Mention, a Christmas party in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Helvey, a trip to Fort Wayne to see a Hockey game and sev¬ eral interesting club meetings, including special speakers and films on sporting events. First Row: Bob Edwards, Art Fenrick, Jerry Childers, Curt Nickel, Dave Edwards and Tom Hill. Second Row: Rich Davis, Glen Atkins, Howard Stamm, Dan Snyder, Tom Post and Rick Hartley. Third Row: Jim Harkins, Paul Saltzmann, Rich Sharp, Keith Jordan, Gary Pate, Carl Caldwell and Carl Poikonen. Sachems work hard between coke breaks. 56 Triad First Row: Ted Corns, Rich Honeycutt, Bob Edson and Larry Metz. Second Row: Jim Wright, Tony Wilson, Larry McFarling, Thomas V. LeClear and Gary Lindsey. Rae Smith and Eddie Hutcheson do “Information” for annual Triad Amateur Hour. Triad is built on a threefold purpose —to ful¬ fill the social, academic and religious needs of its members. Growing out of the social purpose, the club sponsored the annual Triad Amateur Hour and an all-school entertainment tour. In an effort to increase social concern on campus, Triads had projects to raise money for Tri-S and a project for children. Triad encouraged academic pursuits by awarding a scholar¬ ship to a worthy student and an honorary plaque to the outstanding Triad scholar. 57 Pepsters contributed to the Homecoming spectacular this year by very cleverly build¬ ing a float which fell apart during the parade. With a terrific comeback, Pep successfully presented their annual Christmas Capers for the entertainment of the school at large. Throughout the year, the club held service projects and were the official campus host¬ esses for Homecoming weekend, the Danish Gymnastic Team and our AC football cham¬ pions. In place of a formal, Pep had a camp- out during a spring weekend. Since its organization in 1935, Arete Pep has had as its purpose to show excellence in Christian personality, education and progress. Arete Pep First Row: Cynthia Pistole, Charlotte Sauls, Sandi Adams, Marcia Espey, Bev Logue and Janice Pilcher. Second Row: Sue Romano, Karen Hiller, Phyllis Lenigar, Wanda Har¬ vey, LeAnn Dunkle, Marilyn Grubbs and Connie Edwards. Third Row: Marilyn Boblitt, Diane Coffman, Elyse Parr, Brenda Nicholes, Nancy Hutton, Marilyn Mefford, Peggy Hogge and Sue Miller. i! t ' Wmfflr -A 3 58 ' QV Camarada As the leaves began to turn and harvest approached, Camarada entertained their pledges at Camp Tanglewood. Eighteen new mem¬ bers were chosen to strengthen the chain of fellowship, boosting membership to forty. Later in the semester, members invited dates to a Christmas party at Weiler’s Party Room, which was trans¬ formed into a “Winter Wonder¬ land.” After Christmas, the club began diligent work on “Briga- doon”, the Camarada-Booster all¬ school, production dates March 11 and 12. Money-making projects included corn pickin’, bake sale, mum sale at Homecoming and a profitable visit to a local funeral home. In the spring the club’s fancy turned to thoughts of their formal. 1 JR j USB i NO me f flr HMg| 1 u WjWj if 1 1 ? 1 LJ fnl r L m L k y J m First Row: LeAnna Goossen, Avis Kleis, Tricia Bentley, Diane Shoudel, Sue Carroll, Tabitha Meier, Zola Troutman and Jannie Hay. Second Row: Joyce Benthin, Jackie Sellers, Carol Pendleton, Laura Schulz, JoAnn Ruedebusch, Tina Morgan, Connie Herman, Mary Lou Hodge, Sharon Guss, Royetta Weir, Gerda Gogolin and Marilyn Gilbert. Third Row: Stella Edwards, Donna Stone, Marylou Menchinger, Bonnie Gifford, Carol Bechtel, LaDonna Parker, Celeste Carroll, Jill Newberry, Carolyn Egelston, Becky Stephenson, Jan Taylor, Martha Oliver, Barbara Dunham and Rita Pylate. 59 Taeda Taeda began the year planning for their “Grand Ole Opry” and building their Homecoming float, which placed third in the competition. As a service project, the girls send Christmas boxes to servicemen in Viet Nam and France. Several club meetings were held with leaders in major fields. These and other activities were de¬ signed to help each club member de¬ velop socially and intellectually and become a better world citizen. Taeda presented their annual “Grand Ole Opry” in the Fall. First Row: Sharon Weldon, Darlene Hoover, Helen Brainerd, Sue Montague, Barbara Calvert and Joan Robbins. Second Row: Sharon Dyson, Carol Minton, Joyce Decker, Sheryl Ward, Janet Funk, DeEtta Neff and Jan Gerhart. Third Row: Karen Seibert, Carolyn Grossenbaeher, Lois Settlemeyer, Myra Hutchinson, Paula Barrett and Phyllis Inskeep. 60 Soeurettes First Row: Regina Gould, Loisanne Fuqua, Marsha Kahle, Kay Goad, Francine Foronda, Arlene Tjart, Nancy Gandee, Kathy Noble and Lynda Borders. Second Row: Sharen Pilo, Gina Troutman, Margo Rhodes, Susan Crane, Leslie Kin- ion, Carol Wronek, Shirley Baumaun, Judy Price, Jan Carroll, Sandra Jaquay, Kris Martin and Donna Clark. Third Row: Linda McCarty, Kaye McKinley, Marian Lewellyn, Bonny Kerr, Bev Mc- Cutchan, Judy Blair, Linda Bull, Gay Goode, Penny Schwartz, Carla Smith, Sandy Ferrell and Janie Blevins. Arcita First Row: Ron Carr, Phil King, Vic Brown, Tim Perzanowski, Keith Allshouse and Dave Case. Second Row: Barbee Arington, John Wimer, Jim Mays, Terry Mahnke, Gene Cupp, Gerald Barr, Daryl Yoder and Roger Wells. Third Row: John Williams, Rande Casaday, Dan Shelton, Jim Noggle, Merle Strege, Don Guiher, Bob Helton and Bernard Fraley. “Victorious” freshmen after Tug-of-War. 61 Ambassadors for Christ First Row: Franklin Litondo, Mary Lou Humes, Louise Walter and Sheryl Ward. Second Row: Tom Swartslander, Peggy Stude- baker, Rarbara Sanders, Pam Roberts and Wilma Rales. Third Row: Tina Morgan, Jerry Handley, Wayne Nelson, Phillip Coulson and Chuck Warren. Fourth Row: David P. Royle, Margaret Strattman, Carol Gustafson and Marcia Kirby. Circle K Right: Circle K annually furnishes Christmas for Old Main lobby. Relow: First Row: Vern Smith, Howard Stamm, Jim Noggle, Jim Fenstermaker. Second Row: Edward Ross, Jim Cook, Gary Rurg, Steve House and Jerry Blevins. Third Row: Larry Grubbs, Ron Carr, Ed Weippert, Ron Morrison and Larry Buford. 62 Team Captains, seated: Tabitha Meyer, Linda Peacock, Emma Ber¬ nard (Board) and Carol Olson. Standing: Jerry Handley, Gerry Burg, Curt Nickel and Glen Atkins. Not Pictured: Chuck Hise, DeEtta Neff, Jerry James, Keith Hossler, Mike Richardson, Sue Montague, Jim Allen, Dave Harris, Ron Matas, Paula Barrett, Linda Byrd, Phyllis Inskeep, Karen Trafelet and Arnold Raymond. Christianity- In-Action As the name implies, CIA serves the com¬ munity through a number of teams in¬ cluding Social Action, Jail, Children’s Home, Girls’ Home, Literacy, Methodist Church Story Hour, Sherman Street Story Hour, Nursing Home, Shut-In and Mental Hospital. Left: CIA Board of Directors: Jeroll Lynn Hatinger, Promotional Director; Jim Cook, Director in Chief; Judy DeBusk, Secretary; and Bonnie Gifford, Or¬ ganizational Director. Not pictured: Ron Forsberg, Jim Luttrell and Milton Buettner. Below: Jail Team and Methodist Church Story Hour. 63 Debate Club Above: Duane Eckelberg, Carolyn Akin, Vem Smith and Gary Burg. Upper right: Dick Freer, Ric Neese, Dennis Carroll, John White, Carl Kramer and Carol Bechtel. Dramatic Club Carolyn Wroneck gives make-up demonstration as members look on. Left to right: Lowell Davidson, Linda Kolb, Donna Clark, Carolyn Wroneck, Jan Carroll, Bonita Balingall, Sharon Davis and Mary Lou Waggy. Below: Rehearsing for Christmas Chapel play are Sandy Oldham, Pat Preisig, Judy Riggle, Ron Carr, Rae Jean Bland. French Club First Row: Lynda Smallwood, Carmen Roca, Rosalie Tingley, Sharon Ritter, Jackie Wagstaff, Sandra Weatherford, Pat Stinson and Connie Rogers. Second Row: Carolyn Chewning, Charlotte Tirre, John Wiley, Dan Reid and Evelyn Accad. German Club First Row: Anita Willis, Carla Smith, Gerda Gogolin, Phyllis Bolt, Sharon Smith and Ellen Yeske. Second Row: Franklin Litondo, Rich Honeycutt, Howard Stamm, Daryl Yoder, Eddie Hutcheson and Richard Wade. International Relations Club Seated: Jack Fulda, Trudi Hoffman, Connie Chorlton and Evelyn Accad. Standing: Marty Zeis, Butch Smith, Ken Hatch, Astone Oriedo, Carl Kramer, Eddie Hutcheson and Jim Fenstermaker. I Judo Club Seated: Jan Carroll, Bev McCutchan and Sharon Pilo. Standing: Tim Wildermuth, Jim Noggle and Sam Chemey. 66 ! I ’’ Music Educators National Conference First Row: Lora Strand, Connie Edwards, Joyce Hinderer and Joy Wolfskill. Second Row: Rita Pylate, Jackie For¬ ster, Marcia Guttenfelder, Janet Hull, Marcia Morrison, Mary Terray and Jane Cleveland. Third Row: Tim Kit- tinger, Dwight Hargett, Sharon Rrewer, Sandy Grine- witzki, Kathy Buck and Dave Hall. Fourth Row: Dennie Shankland, Dale Landis, Steve Winslow, Dean Bye, Dave Baker and Larry Adams. Fifth Row: Dr. DeV on Helbling, Leo Hildebrand, Phil King, Steve Longnecker, Jim Martin, Rick Cox and Jim Scott. Radio Club First Row: Lowell Davidson, Bill Boggs and Larry Hooks. Second Row: Jim Fenstermaker, Dan Reid and Ivan Strand. 67 SAM Club SAM Interprises First Row: Sandi Hill, Joy Havens, Myra Hutchinson and Judy DeBusk. Second Row: Dr. Harold Linamen, Earl Lauridsen, Jerry Blevins and Joe Powell. Dr. Ralph Sprague, Richard Sprague, Dave Erb, Vem Smith, Ted Corns and Doug Bebee. Men’s Senate Left—Spencer Spaulding, Vern Smith, Dave Selent, Jim Martin, John Lackey, Ed Weip- pert and Joe Adcock. Lower left —First row: Skip Wright, Ron Duncan, Jim Allen, Arnold Setzer, Chuck Hise and Duane Leatherman. Second row: Ron Forsberg, Dan Brooks, Roger Wells, Lou Gerig and Howard Stamm. Women’s Senate Above, from left: Barbara Dunham, Jan Tay¬ lor, Sandy Adams, Connie Herman, Jan Hay, Donna Stone, Mrs. Aletta Jeeninga, Ruthann Tefft, Carol Bechtel, Paula Barrett, Janet Funk and Carolyn Egelston. Left —First row: Nancy Ice, Marcia Kirby, Jeannine Thomp¬ son, Mary Lou Humes, and Sue Miller. Sec¬ ond row: Bonnie Gifford, Darlene Sayers, Zola Troutman, and Rita Pylate. Scuba Diving Club Kneeling: Jim Allen and Dave Cherney. Standing: Dave Alberts, Larry Hooks, Chick Dortman, Bill Boggs, Bernard Lallathin and Phil Lentz. Women’s Recreation Association Volleyball is one of the many activities WRA provides for AC girls throughout the school year. Student National Educational Association First Row: Sue Waymire, Darlene Sayers, Joyce Johnson, Marilou Menchinger and Kristen Benedict. Second Row: Sandra Royster, Bonny Kerr, Emma Bernard and Ellen Ward. Third Row: Jean Hayden, Lynda Woodward, Gerda Gogalin and Avis Kleis. Fourth Row: Bob Post, Gary Little, Carl E. Kramer and Thomas Swartzlander. 70 Moments of Inspiration Planning Committee Left to right: Carolyn Akin, Connie Otten and Bev Mefford. Not pictured: Wayne Nelson, Carol Minton, David Sherry, Mel Williams, and Pam Roberts. Seated: Mary Lou Waggy and Joan Stinson. Standing: Dale Philmore, Diann Smith and Chuck Shumate. Rel- vo- Prep Men’s Quartet: Bryan Wheat, Bill Bellah, Chuck Shumate, Toni Wolf and pianist Leo Hilderbrand. Tour Groups Summer 1966 Men’s Quartet: Stephen Winslow (pianist). Cal Bloom, Dennis Shankland, Bollie Grauman and Gary Jones. Trio: Carol Pendleton, Jackie Sellers, Mary Lou Hodge and pianist Eileen Snider. Men s Quartet: Bill Hargett, Kerry Meyer, Dan Brooks, Dave Hall and pianist Larry Adams. Drama Trios rehearse for “The People Versus Christ” (above) and “Roger Williams and Mary” (below). Above: Fred Clemens, Linda Cotton and John Blevins. Below: Phil King, Dennis Carroll and Carolyn Akin. Mr. Bengston directs rehearsal Mixed Chorus Presenting Christmas Chapel Anderson College Choir First Row: Donna Stone, Nancy Smith, Rita Pylate, Sharon Dyson, Joan Theilking, Janet Hull, Susie Kardatzke, Connie Edwards, Marcia Smith, Carol Struthers, Sue Miller. Second Row: Marcia Guttenfelder, Sharon Rrewer, Rita Frost, Bar- bara Falls, Sharon Guss, Royetta Abbott, Linda Deihl, Gloria Igney, Linda Loeber, Joy Wolfskill. Third Row: David Hall, Renard Raldwin, Bill Hargett, Ted Corns, Dwight Hargett, Bob Overholt, Bob Edson, Jim Scott, Dale Landis, Dean Bye, Ray Edson, Spencer Spaulding, Larry Adams. Fourth Row: Howard Stamm, Fred Clemens, Bruce Rein¬ hardt, David Lewis, Ed Weippert, Bert Johnson, Douglas Deihl, Steve Longnecker, Kerry Meyer, Steve House, Dan Brooks, Bill Bellah, Jim Martin. ' 1 If; « |W1 1 : 1 J, fm 1 It- - ! | t r 1 :: [ ; ; 1 ■ . r Concert Band Campus Singers First Row: Rita Pylate, Marcia Guttenfelder, Barbara Falls, Royetta Weir, Larry Adams (pianist), Sharon Guss, Suzie Henry, Marcia Smith and Sue Miller. Second Row: Howard Stamm, Fred Clemens, Bruce Reinhardt, Ed Weippert, Kerry Meyer, Bob Overholt, Bill Bellah, Dan Brooks, and Ray Edson. First Row: Merv Moss, Bill Herridge, George Ramsey, Jr., Marcia Guttenfelder, David Shinness, Jim Scott, Linda Byrd and Sharon Brewer. Second Row: Gerald Wiley, David Baker, Gerry Burg, Sherry Houchins, Keith Hossler, Ernesteen Howell, Curt Thacker, Bert Johnson, Greg Salatin and Dwayne Brown. Third Row: Kay Ann Martin, Roy Vetter, Gary R. Bohanon, Patty Crane, Keith Allshouse, Tom Kittinger, Gerald Barr, Greg Comer, David Jack, Rick Boyer, L. Dean Bye, and Steve Noffateo. Fourth Row: Ivan Strand, Rita Pylate, John Armstrong, Paul Dagenhart, Steve C. Longeneeker, Dave Selent, Ron Buser, Jim Shoot, Marvin Mullins, David VanNorman, Larry Gilbert, John Suko, Bill Shoot and Steve McNutt. Mar ching Band HBkW cm BH® v :t«y| f ’ . |9|l|i 1 ■ Those of us who take an active part in sports add an addi¬ tional dimension to our college life. Whether on the in¬ tramural or inter¬ collegiate level, we find great satisfac¬ tion in being a part of a team effort and working hard to im¬ prove our individual skills. 79 Cheerleaders The Magnificent Seven: Marilyn Boblitt, Jane Magsig, Charlotte Sauls, Marcie Espey, Janis Roush, Donna McKinney, Sheila Smart. Marcie Marilyn Donna 80 Cross Country Front Row: Merrill Clum, John Quinn, Daryl Dennis, Ron Grimes and Jim McAlhaney. Back Row: Coach Bob Freeman, Glenn Burns, Ken Benefield, Dave VonAlmen, Jim Hall, Mike Coy and Mike Bass. Not pictured, Richard Shaw and Ron Cozart. Golf Tki li n ■ ■ ' kSi C ‘ §1 JBil Ip -v K Left to Right: Jim Tanner, Lou Gerig, Dave Selent, Neil Carter, Coach Bob Macholtz, Guy Perry and Gary Burg. Not pictured, Mike Osteen and Jerry Whalen. 81 Football First row: Paul O’Haver, Mike Mundy, Bob Cornett, Rich Christenson, Larry Cole, Bob Edwards, Mark Thompson, Jerry Helvy, Rod Bell, Howard Knight and Larry Payne. Second row: Jeff Risk, Will Spitler, Ron Harless, Willie Williamson, Steve Case, Dave Edwards, Keith Jordan, Bill Parker, Ken Bryant, Rick Perry and Glen Atkins. Third row: Coach Dick Young, Dave Decker, Steve Herendeen, Curt Cataline, Vic Cambell, Mel Hull, Don Fitzgerald, Don Clingenpeel, Jerry Childers, George Williams, Vic Brown, Bill Webb and Coach Parr. Fourth row: Roger Wells, Charlie Hatchel, Dan Shelton, Jerry Ball, Terry Wells, Carl Poikonen, Steve Snyder, George Caldwell, Rich Sharp, Rich Sayger, Mike Taylor, Ken Bucy and Larry Davy. Keith Jordan and Bob Cornett stop an Olivet player from gaining substantial yardage while Rick Perry, Walt Smith and Bob Edwards look on. L . | u » 82 Four year lettermen left to right, First row: Dave Edwards, Larry Cole and Jerry Helvey. Second row: Steve Case, Mike Mundy and Howard Knight. The Anderson Ravens of 1965-66 com¬ piled a 4-5 record. The losses came at the hands of strong non-H.C.C. teams such as Olivet, North Central Illinois and George¬ town. The Ravens placed Mike Mundy, Larry Cole, Bob Edwards, Rich Sharp and Jerry Helvey on the all-Conference team. Coach of the Year went to Dick Young. Mike Mundy, Larry Cole, Bob Edwards and Rich Sharp made the N.A.I. A. District 21 team. Howard Knight fights his way for a first down against Hanover. George Caldwell and Rod Bell take a well earned rest. Seniors left to right, first row: Dave Decker, Mike Mundy, Howard Knight and Larry Cole. Second row: Steve Case, George Williams, Jerry Helvey, Paul O’Haver and Dave Edwards. Rich Sharp lets a Manchester player know how it feels to play the Conference champs. Steve Case, quarterback, eludes two would-be Manchester tacklers early in the H.C.C. game. Larry Payne makes another fine catch at the Manchester game. Jerry Ball had the combination of speed and quickness to gain yardage for Anderson this year. The Ravens take the field for their Homecoming tilt against I.C. This game won the title. 84 All Conference Mike Mundy, fullback, shows the power and drive that made him an H.C.C. selection. Larry Cole was a four year letterman and on the all-Conference team. - Jerry Helvey was an all-Conference selection at end. Rich Sharp was very instrumental in the success of the 1965- 66 season. Bob Edwards shows the stance that many of the opposing players saw this year. Coach of the Year, Dick Young, looks over the prospects for next season. Basketball ’65-’66... First Row: Terry Tierney, Darryl Lehnus, Neil Carter, John Wallace and Bueky Allen. Second Row: Coach Maeholtz, Bill Taylor, Gary Pate, Chuck Hise, Ron Long, Terry Morgan, Denny Gloff and manager Dave Erb. Gary Pate — ’64-’65 MVP and Honorary Captain. Chuck Hise—’64-’65 Free Throw Tro¬ phy winner. Terry Morgan —’65-’66 leading scorer. 86 Terry Morgan gets set to fire the ball out to Darryl Lehnus and Ron Long for the fast break. Yeah, Fred! And then he said I was ... WOW! And she’s only a freshman! Gloff shows good form as he shoots a long shot. 87 Chuck Hise tries for two as Terry Morgan waits to rebound. Denny John Wallace drives in for an easy layup. Chuck Hise soars high as Bill Taylor gets set to rebound. Ron Long goes high for his deadly left-handed jump shot. Bill Taylor stops a scoring threat as the “Big Five” take off their shoes and relax in the closing minutes of a game. Front Row: Larry Hocker, Rick Amey, Rich Christian, Jim McAlhaney, Dick Gifford and Mike Osteen. Back Row: Coach Dick Young, Mike Mundy, Curt Cataline, Duane Leatherman, Dick Sharp, Don Fitzgerald, Jim Allen and Phil Colson. Not present, Steve Case, John Wimmer and Don Epperly. Wrestling Co-captain Don Fitzgerald completes takedown on DePauw heavyweight. Wrestling in the 123-pound weight class, Larry Hocker works for a pin. Larry went undefeated in eight dual matches and a tournament. 89 Rich Sharp, most valuable player, set a new record in the 220 yard run last year. He also participated on the record breaking 880 relay team. Mike Bass again demonstrates winning form in the quarter mile run, where he set a new record. Mike was on the mile relay team that also broke an old record. John Quinn set two records, one in the mile run and the other in the two mile run. Track and Field First Row: Walter Hastings, Larry Hocker, Steve House, Bill Parker, Daryl Dennis and Larry Ditty. Second Row: Si Oliver, Tom Hill, Jerry Childers, Warren Hastings, Merrill Clum, Chuck Warren and Terry Thole. Third Row: Mike Bass, Larry Maddox, Ken Benefield, Rich Sharp, Jim Hall, John Quinn and Gary Bays. Fourth Row: Coach Bob Freeman, Coach Ron Parr and Dave Edwards. 90 Merrill Clum, Warren Hastings, Terry Thole and Mike Bass make up the mike relay team that set a new school record. Larry Hooker holds the record in the triple jump. Relay team set school records Si Oliver finishes first for AC in the 220 yard dash. Tom Hill, Jim Hall, Si Oliver and Rich Sharp set a new school record in the 880 relay. Bob Weigle was named MVP while Terry Stevens and Bob Young rips out a single as Max Hopple looks on from the Denny Lehnus were chosen Honorary Co-Captains. batter’s box. ’65 Ravens in NAIA Tourney Kneeling: Rich Christenson, Terry Tierney, Rick Perry, Mike Fox, Richie Davis, Max Hopple, Terry Stevens, Boyce Wood and Bob Young. Standing: Dan VonBargen, Darryl Lehnus, Bob Weigle, Denny Lehnus, Dave Hancock, Denny Gloff, Carl Poikonen, Jerry Stevens and Coach Erskine. 92 Charlie Blackwelder takes a cut as an unidentified Raven heads for home. Coach Carl Erskine was named NAIA District 21 and Hoosier Conference “Coach of the Year” following his successful season. The 1965 Raven diamondmen brought new athletic fame to Anderson College. Winning the Hoosier Conference crown, the Ravens represented Indiana in the Area Six Na¬ tional Association of Intercollegiate Ath¬ letics playoff. Losing their opener to Spring Arbor (Mich.), 4-2, the AC nine came back with wins over Ashland (Ohio), 6-3, Lewis (Wis.), 6-3 and Spring Arbor, 11-1, breaking a five year Area Six championship domina¬ tion by Lewis. Having earned the right to go to the NAIA National Playoff in St. Joseph, Mo., the Ravens set out to face the toughest slate of teams ever to compete in that tourney. Western Washington State blanked th e Orange and Black diamond crew, 3-0, and Whitewater (Wis.) eliminated the Ravens by a narrow 3-2 margin. Anderson pitchers finished the season ranked fourth in the nation and the AC nine was listed tenth in batting with a .306 team average. Posting a 9-1 HCC mark, and 20-5 overall, the Orange and Black baseball team turned in the best season on record in this sport in its history at Anderson College. Bob Weigle was chosen First Team All- American as an outfielder while Terry Stevens and Denny Lehnus made Honor¬ able Mention All-American, Stevens as an infielder and Lehnus as a pitcher. “Coach” Smith, backed up by Denny Gloff, takes a turn at bat. NAIA picks three mmrn Bob Weigle, First Team All-American —outfielder. Terry Stevens, Honorable Mention —infielder. Denny Lehnus, Honorable Mention —pitcher. 94 Scores A.C. OPP FOOTBALL—1965 19 Olivet .20 21 Hanover.12 19 Taylor .13 0 Franklin.13 19 North Central (Ill.) .20 19 Manchester .13 32 Indiana Central .13 7 Georgetown.27 13 Alma (Michigan) .26 1st H.C.C. TENNIS—1965 1 Hanover. 6 0 Taylor. 7 2 Indiana Central . 5 6 Franklin. 1 0 Goshen. 7 0 Manchester . 4 5th H.C.C. CROSS COUNTRY—1965 35 Hanover.22 44 Indiana Central .19 46 Taylor .17 8 th Taylor Invitational 41 Franklin I.T.T.38, 42 5th Earlham Invitational 24 Bellarmine (Ky.) .31 35 Manchester .29 6 th H.C.C. TRAC K—Spring, 1965 59 Manchester . 86 75 Franklin.70 48 Indiana Central .97 21 Earlham.124 5th Earlham Invitational 44 Taylor .83 110 Indiana Technical .35 91 Hanover. 54 4th H.C.C. GOLF—Spring, 1965 16 Taylor . 2 IOV 2 Franklin. TV 2 8 Earlham. 7 9V2 Taylor . 5 V?. 1 Ball State. 14 7 DePauw. 8 5Vz Manchester . 9 V 2 IV 2 Indiana Central. 7% 3rd H.C.C. A.C. OPP BASKETBALL—1965-66 82 Huntington . 68 76 Central State (Ohio) . 82 64 St. Joseph’s . 58 89 Hanover. 65 65 Indiana State .. 67 57 Manchester . 78 85 Franklin. 70 69 Millikin (Illinois) . 59 3rd Marshall Michigan Tournament 88 Oakland City . 67 87 Taylor . 76 85 Goshen. 82 60 Indiana Central. 62 65 Indiana Technical. 74 97 St. Francis. 65 72 Taylor . 89 88 Manchester . 98 100 Earlham. 72 83 Hanover. 70 70 Indiana Central . 72 107 Franklin. 61 93 Ohio Northern. 73 79 Marian . 68 3rd H.C.C. N.A.I.A. Tournament: 104 Indiana Technical. 73 83 Indiana Central .100 WRESTLING—1965-66 24 Taylor . 21 27 Bluffton . 15 16 Indiana Central. 25 1st Kalamazoo Tournament 14 Taylor . 23 14 Manchester . 20 13 DePauw. 27 24 Hanover. 17 2nd H.C.C. BASEBALL—Spring, 1965 3 Butler . 2 7-15 Maryville (Tenn.) .4-1 6 - 4 Cumberland (Ky.) .4-0 7- 3 Earlham.0-2 6 - 6 Manchester .0-0 6-12 Hanover.3-9 15-12 Franklin .0-0 3-16 Taylor .7-1 1 St. Joseph’s . 3 6 - 6 Indiana Central . 1-1 1st H.C.C. 1st N.A.I.A. District 5 8 th In the Nation 95 We have come from every part of the world. We have filled every type of capacity in the col¬ lege community. We have had various goals, standards, habits, backgrounds, likes and dislikes. We shared this year together, shared fun and sadness, confus¬ ion and tranquility, success and defeat. In 1965-66, we were Anderson College. President The Christian faith urges college students today to use their edu¬ cation to help create a better world. The ideal of stewardship runs very deep in the tradition of Anderson College, and I have seen our graduates serving God and their fellow man in genuinely signifi¬ cant ways all around the world. Doors into purposeful and creative work are wide open for the student who is willing to identify his life with a great Cause and stay with it. There is ample evidence on every hand that such lives do make a difference. Dr. Robert H. Reardon 98 Dean A college, contrary to its popular image with buildings and equip¬ ment, consists primarily of people who are committed to a common purpose and calling. It is primarily a mode of association. It depends upon a sense of vital unity which exists through and above the great diversity of interests of its members. For Anderson College this is not only an aspirational goal—it is an attitude which permeates the relation¬ ships of students, teachers, staff, and makes this in fact a college com¬ munity. Dr. Robert A. Nicholson 99 Officers of Administration JOHN A. MORRISON President Emeritus C. L. EDWARDS Rusiness Manager and Treasurer W. SHIRELL FOX Assistant to the President and Director of Publicity NORMAN BEARD Dean of Students VILA DEUBACH Librarian HELEN A. HOLTON Registrar C. JEAN KILMER Director of Admissions GILBERT FRITZLER Controller 100 mwm -:w Faculty PAUL J. ANDERSON, A.M. Instructor in Chemistry FLORENCE ORR BARNETT, A.M. Associate Professor of English F. DALE BENGSTON, Mus. M. Assistant Professor of Music PAUL BREITWEISER, Ph.D. Professor of Music MILTON A. BUETTNER, A.M. Assistant Professor of English JOHN O. CARRINGTON, Ph.D. Professor of History and Political Science VALOROUS B. CLEAR, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology and Social Work KENNETH E. COOK, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry ELSIE COTTINGHAM, B.S. Instructor in Librarianship VILA DEUBACH, Ph.D. Professor of English GLENN FALLS, D.B.A. Associate Dean Professor of Business and Economics WILLIAM FARMEN, A.M. Instructor in Psychology JOHN P. GEE, M.F.A. Instructor in Art MALCOLM GRESSMAN, Ph D. Associate Professor of Speech THOMAS HARBRON, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physics Director, Computing Center ELAINE HARPER, Ph D. Associate Professor of English DeVON HELBLING, D.Mus.Ed. Associate Professor of Music LEWIS A. HENNIGAR, Ph D. Professor of Philosophy and Psychology Director, Psychological Clinic GUSTAV JEENINGA, Th.D. Associate Professor of Bible Director, Museum of Bible and Near Eastern Studies SANDER KLEIS, Ph D. Associate Professor of Philosophy BERNARD LALLATHIN, A.M. Assistant Professor of Biology H. HOWARD LASH, M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Education Director of Evening School BARBARA LEIGHTON, M.L.S. Instructor in Librarianship JUANITA E. LEONARD, A.M. Instructor in Sociology and Social Work INGYR MARIE LIEN, Mus.M. Professor of Music HAROLD F. LINAMEN, Ed.D. Professor of Business and Economics GERTRUDE LITTLE, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Christian Education CHARLES M. LONNBERG, M.S. Associate Professor of Music JAMES D. MACHOLTZ, P.E.D. Associate Professor of Physical Education ROBERT W. MACHOLTZ, M.S., P.E.Dir. Associate Professor of Physical Education Director of Intercollegiate Athletics 102 ELBRIDGE G. MacKENZIE, A M. Professor of Education Director of Teacher Education TERRY A. MAGSIG, M.Ed. Instructor in Business and Economics MARIE JOINER MAYO, M.S. Associate Professor of Biology NILAH MEIER, M.A.T. Assistant Professor of Spanish ELIZABETH MILLER, A.M. Director, Audiovisual and Instructional Materials Center M. LAVERN NORRIS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology GLORIA OLIVE, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics NANCY F. OSBORNE, Ph.D. Professor of French JOHN I. OWEN, Ph D. Associate Professor of English THOMAS N. PAPPAS, Ph D. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science Director, Foreign Study and Travel RONALD PARR, M.S. Instructor in Physical Education BETTY W. POGUE, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Education ELVA MAE RAGSDALE, A M. Assistant Professor of Education GEORGE RAMSEY, B.D. Associate Professor of Bible JAMES R. REES, A.M. Assistant Professor of Biology 103 RUSSELL R. RENZ, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education THOMAS L. ROBERTSON, JR., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English JOHN L. ROYS, Ph D. Associate Professor of Psychology PAUL SALTZMANN, A M. Instructor in Mathematics FREDERICK V. SHOOT, Ph.D. Professor of Bible Director, Summer Sessions Counselor on Academic Affairs JAMES M. SMITH, M.S. Instructor in Physical Science RICHARD SNYDER, B.S. Instructor in Librarianship RALPH SPRAGUE, JR., D.B.A. Assistant Professor of Business and Economics Director of Special Services, Computing Center NORMAN W. STEINAKER, A.M. Instructor in English JERRY STEVENSON, M.D. Professor of Biology Premedical Advisor MARIE STRONG, A.M. Assistant Professor of Bible ANNE ROBERTS SWENSON, Mus.D. Assistant Professor of Music JOHN TERRAY, M.S. Instructor in Mathematics PETER TJART, A.M. Assistant Professor of German THEODORE N. WATTRON, A.M. Instructor in Political Science 104 I GIBB E. WEBBER, A.M. Assistant Professor of English GERTRUDE WUNSCH, A.M. Assistant Professor of Physical Education RICHARD M. YOUNG, M.S. Instructor in Physical Education W. ROBERT YOUNGMAN, M.F.A. Associate Professor of Art Staff H. L. BAKER Assistant Dean of Students Director of Financial Aid JOHN BATDORF Placement Officer MARGARET CAMM Secretary to the Dean C. W. CHEEKS Field Representative VERLE EDWARDS Director of Duplicating and Mail Services EILEEN FUNK Resident Counselor ALETTA JEENINGA Women’s Counselor VIRGINIA JOHNSON Secretary to the President NYLE KARDATZKE Student Activities Counselor JOHN T. LACKEY Men’s Counselor VIVIAN McFARLING Managing Editor, Anderson College News Production Director for Graphic Arts WILLIAM K. PATTERSON College Physician ELWOOD PHILLIPS Manager, Bookstore and College Rentals JACK SAMUELS Admissions Counselor ARNOLD SETZER Resident Counselor LUCILLE ANN STRAWN Assistant Registrar DAVID TROUTMAN Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds ROLAND WARFIELD Food Service Manager 105 1 " I [■ L JJP Senior Class Officers: Keith Abramson, Vice President; Jim Harkins, Treasurer; Carolyn Egelston, Secretary; Carl Caldwell, President. Seniors 106 ROYETTA ABBOTT-Mt. Vernon, Illinois —Christian Education KEITH ABRAMSON — Clinton, Iowa—Business Administration — Sachem 2, 3; Senior Class Vice President; Basketball 3 DAVID ACKERMAN - Olean, New York — Social Studies MARCIA YOUNG ACKERMAN- Williamson, New York —Psycholo¬ gy DON R. ADAIR —Pryor, Oklahoma — Social Studies —Triad 2 JOSEPH ADCOCK - Philadelphia, Mississippi —Psychology, Sociolo¬ gy-Amici 3, 4; Men’s Senate 2, Secretary 3, President 4; Circle K 2, Secretary 3, 4; CIA 3; French Club 2 RONALD ALLEN —Greensburg, Indiana —Physical Education GWYN ANGUS - Johnstown, Pennsylvania — Mathematics CAROL BAIN - Dover, Ohio - Ele¬ mentary Education —Taeda 3, Vice President 4; CIA 1; French Club 1 LINDA KATHLENE BAKER- Hamilton, Ohio—English —Taeda 3, 4; ANDERSONIAN 2; Sigma Tau Delta 4; Orchestra 3; CIA 2, 3, 4; Rel-Vo-Prep 2; Ambassadors for Christ 3; Dramatics Club 4; French Club 2 WARREN EDWARD BALL-Con- nersville, Indiana —Psychology — Triad 2, 3, Secretary 4; Cross Coun¬ try 2,3; Track 1, 2, 4 BASIL L. BALLARD - Miamis- burg, Ohio — Bible, Religion — Men’s Glee Club 2; CIA 1, 2; Rel- Vo-Prep 1, 2 107 JOHN R. BARNO —Montclair, Cali¬ fornia—Psychology—Amici 2, 3, Vice President 4; Young Republi¬ cans Treasurer 3 PHILLIP DALE BARTON-Adel- phi, Maryland — Bible, Religion DOUGLAS BEBEE — Federals- burg, Maryland —Business Admin¬ istration SHARON KAY BECKHAM - Plain- view, Illinois —Elementary Educa¬ tion— SNEA 1 KENNETH WAYNE BENEFIELD — Genoa, Ohio —Business —Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3; Arcita Secretary 1 SHARON KARDATZKE BENE¬ FIELD—Elmore, Ohio —English — Alpha Chi 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta Secretary 3, President 4 EMMA BERNARD - Hammond, Louisiana —Elementary Education — Camarada 3, 4; CIA 2, Secretary 3,4; SNEA 2, Historian 4; Religious Life Council 3, 4; Ambassadors for Christ CHARLES BLACKWELDER- Anderson, Indiana —Sociology — Student Council 3; Football 2, 3; Baseball 1,2, 3,4 JERRY L. BLEVINS-Charlotte, North Carolina —Busin ess Admin¬ istration-Booster 3, 4; Circle K 1, 4; SAM Club 4; CIA 1, 3; Arcita Treasurer 1 LOIS B. BRIDGES-Anderson, Indiana — Biology CAROLYN SEIDEL BRINDEL — Louisville, Kentucky —Art TWILA TUCKER BRISCOE - Welch, West Virginia — Applied Music —Arete Pep 3, 4; Resident Assistant 2, 3; Homecoming Queen 3; May Court 2; Choir 3, 4; Lyric Trio 1, 2; WSGA Treasurer 3; Re¬ ligious Life Council 3 108 JOHN BRIZENDINE-Escondido, California — Biology WILLIAM M. BROCK —Anderson, Indiana —Accounting—SAM En¬ terprises Chairman of the Board 3 HAROLD BURGESS-Blooming¬ ton, Illinois — Sociology — Men’s Glee Club 1; Envoys Quartet 1; Rel- Vo-Prep 1, 2 DAVE BURNETT - Charlotte, Michigan —Bible, Religion —CIA 1, 2, 3; Rel-Vo-Prep 1, 2 JOYCE BUTLER — Phoenix, Ari¬ zona-Physical Education —Arete Pep 2, 3, 4; Who’s Who 3; Student Council 3; Resident Assistant 2; May Court 2; CIA 1, 2 JEANNINE BYARD - Remus, Michigan — Music L. DEAN BYE —Flat River, Mis¬ souri—Music—Booster 3, 4; Choir 4; CIA 3,4; MENC 3,4 JAMES LARRY BYRUM-Ander¬ son, Indiana — Business Administra¬ tion — Triad 2; MENC 2, 3,4 CARL HOWARD CALDWELL - Anderson, Indiana —Social Studies — Sachem 2, 3, President 4; Who’s Who 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Student Appeals 3; Debate Outstanding Re¬ searcher 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 3; Track 1 VICTORIA B. CALDWELL - Richmond, Indiana —Psychology CAROLYN CARPENTER - Big Rapids, Michigan — Sociology NANCY CASE-Benton Harbor, Michigan — Spanish, French — Who’s Who 4 109 PAUL STEPHENS CASE-Walla Walla, Washington —French, Ger¬ man-Sachem 2, 3, 4; Who’s Who 3; Circle K 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3; Wrestling 3,4 PETER T. CHIONOS — Gary, In¬ diana — Sociology — ANDERSON- IAN 1, 2; CIA 1, 2, 4; Crusaders 1 CONNIE CHORLTON - Cedar Rapids, Iowa — Art DIANA COFFMAN - Dayton, Ohio — Elementary Education — Arete Pep 2, Historian 3, 4; CIA 1 LARRY COLE — St. Louis, Missouri — Art —Sachem 2, 3, 4; Football 1, All-HCC 2, 3,4; Track 1 KAY COODY — Anderson, Indiana — English — SNEA 2, 3; French Club 2 C. THEODORE CORNS-Dayton, Ohio — Accounting, Business Ad¬ ministration-Triad 3, President 4; Who’s Who 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4; SAM Enterprises 4; Choir 4; Men’s Glee Club 2; Meistersingers 3; CIA 2; Tri-S 3; Homecoming Play 3 MARILYN DAVIDSON-Harris¬ burg, Illinois —Elementary Educa¬ tion RICHARD M. DAVIS - Eustis, Florida —Spanish —Sachem 3, His¬ torian 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Fellowship 3, 4 LARRY WILLIAM DAVY-Casso- polis, Michigan —Mathematics JERRY DeBOLT —Anderson, Indi¬ ana—Business Administration LINDA DEIHL-Denver, Colo¬ rado— Music—Who’s Who 4 no MARILYN DRAKE —Piqua, Ohio — Elementary Education —Cama- rada 2, 3, 4; CIA 1; SNEA2 WESLEY C. DRUMMOND - Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania—Bi¬ ology ROBERT A. DUDGEON-Ander¬ son, Indiana — Sociology LUCINDA DYSON - Anderson, Indiana —Elementary Education — CIA 4; SNEA4 SHARON DYSON - Bridgeport, Ohio —Elementary Education RAY EDSON — Flint, Michigan — Biology —Triad 2, Vice President 3, President 4; Sigma Zeta 2,3; Cir¬ cle K 3; Choir 4; Band 3; Cross Country 3 DAVID M. EDWARDS - Kettering, Ohio — Physical Education — Sachem 2, 3, Chaplain 4; Student Council Treasurer 4; Football 1, 2, 3,4; Baseball 2; Wrestling 2 CAROLYN JEAN EGELSTON- Middletown, Ohio —Elementary Education — Camarada 2, Secretary 3, 4; Who’s Who 4; Dorm Chairman 3; Resident Assistant 4; Senior Class Secretary 4; May Court 3; CIA 1; SNEA 2, Secretary 3, 4; WRA Secretary 2, 4; Soeurettes 1 MARCIE ESPEY — Anderson, Indi¬ ana—Business—Arete Pep 2, 3, Vice President 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Homecoming Court 4; SAM Club Secretary 3 DOUGLAS M. FARNEY-Forrest, Illinois — Sociology — Sachem 3, 4 WARREN EDWARD FELLER - Roanoke, Virginia —Business Ad¬ ministration — Amici 2, 3,4 LINDA FLANARY-Norton, Vir¬ ginia — Psychology, Physical Edu¬ cation 111 CAROL FOUGHT-Topeka, Indi¬ ana-Elementary Education CHARLES FREDERICK FOX - Bridgeport, Ohio — Social Studies JAMES FRENCH - Stranton, Michigan — Mathematics CAROLE FRITZLER - Portland, Oregon —Christian Education SHIRLEY FUNK - Burlington, Michigan —Elementary Education — Taeda 2, 3, Historian 4; CIA 2; SNEA 3, 4; Ambassadors for Christ 3,4 B. JANET GERHART - Lima, Ohio — Elementary Education —Taeda 3,4; Band 1; CIA 2; Soeurettes 1 BONNIE GIFFORD - Wyoming, Michigan —Social Studies —Cama- rada 2, Vice President 3, 4; Who’s Who 4; Glee Club 1; CIA 1, 2, 3, 4; SNEA 4; WSGA 1,2,3, Treasurer 4 MARILYN JOANN GILBERT - Kennett Square, Pennsylvania — Mathematics —Camarada 2, 3, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 3, 4; IRC 3; May Festival Committee 2 STEVE GOUGH —Peru, Indiana — Biology — Amici 3, 4 MARTHA GRAFTON - Leech- burg, Pennsylvania— Music LARRY D. GRAY-Anderson, Indi¬ ana-Social Studies —Amici Histor¬ ian 2; Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,4 MARCIA GUTTENFELDER - Vancouver, Washington — Music 112 GARRETT HARBRON-Clinton, Iowa — Mathematics DWIGHT HARGETT - Nobles- ville, Indiana —Music—Booster 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Messenger’s Quartet 4; Envoy Quartet 3; Men’s Glee Club 1; Brass Choir 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; MENC 3, 4 JAMES LEON HARKINS - Metro¬ polis, Illinois — Spanish, Social Studies —Sachem 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Treasurer 4; CIA 1; SNEA 1,4 DIANNA HARTMAN - Lima, Ohio — Sociology — Taeda 3; Girl’s Glee Club 1; WRA 1,2 STEVEN HAVER-Lima, Ohio - Biology JEAN DIANNE HAYDEN-Ben¬ ton Harbor, Michigan —Elementary Education —Taeda 3, 4; CIA 2, 3, 4; WRA 4 GERALD ALLEN HELVEY - Benton Harbor, Michigan — Physi¬ cal Education —Sachem 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 1, 2, 3, Honorary Captain, All- HCC 4; Baseball 1 KENDALL HENDRICKSON — Salina, Kansas —Mathematics THOMAS R. HENRY - Apollo, Pennsylvania — Sociology — Triad 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Alpha Chi 3, Treasurer 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon Treasurer 2, 3, 4; Sigma Zeta 2; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Freshman Mathe¬ matics Award JEANNINE HIGGINS - Yuipaca, California — English — Taeda 2, Publicity Chairman 3; Sigma Tau Delta 2, Vice President 3, 4; CIA 1, 2; IRC 1; Soeurettes 1 LEO HILDEBRAND - Wetaski- win, Alberta, Canada — Music — Triad 3, 4; Choir 4; Band 4; IRC 4; SNEA 4; MENC 3, 4 LARRY KEITH HOCKER - El- wood, Indiana —Physical Educa¬ tion-Sachem 2, 3, 4; ECHOES Sports Editor 3, 4; Alpha Phi Gam¬ ma 3, 4; Circle K 1; SNEA 3, 4; Football 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Wres¬ tling 2, 3,4 [ 13 ] RUDY HOFFMAN-Benton Har¬ bor, Michigan — English — Triad 2, Treasurer 3, 4; ANDERSONIAN 3, 4; Student Council 4; SNEA 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Young Republicans 2, Treasurer 3; Track 1 GRANT HOOKER - Portland, Oregon —Social Studies JANET HULL —Chattanooga, Ten¬ nessee — Music — Choir 2; Band 1; CIA 1; MENC 3; French Club 1; Soeurettes 1 MARY LOUISE HUMES-Canton, Ohio — Social Studies, Bible — Who’s Who 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Dorm Chairman 4; Resident Assistant 3; CIA 2, 3; SNEA 4; Tri-S 3; Re¬ ligious Life Council 4; Ambassa¬ dors for Christ 3, President 4; Pre- Theological Fellowship 3, 4; Soeurettes 1 NANCY L. ICE —Alexandria, Indi¬ ana — Social Studies — Taeda 2, 3, 4; Resident Assistant 3, 4; CIA 1, 2, 3; SNEA 4; Soeurettes 1 JERRY JAMES— Anderson, Indi¬ ana—Bible, Religion JAMES JENKINS-West Chester, Ohio — Chemistry JERRY A. JENKINS-Stoneboro, Pennsylvania — Chemistry — Triad 2, Secretary 3, 4; Who’s Who 4; Al¬ pha Chi 3, President 4; Sigma Zeta 3, Vice President 4; Kappa Mu Ep¬ silon 3, 4 BERTEL JOHNSON-Kalamazoo, Michigan — Music — Choir 4; Band 4; Brass Choir 2; MENC 2, Vice President 3, 4 DAVID KEMLER — Alma, Michi¬ gan-Art JUDITH KIRKS-Olathe, Colora¬ do-Elementary Education —Alpha Chi 3,4; CIA 2, 3 AVIS ANN KLEIS - Anderson, Indiana —Elementary Education — Camarada 2, 3, 4; Girl’s Glee Club 1; SNEA 3, Corresponding Secre¬ tary 4; Young Republicans 3 [ 04 ] HOWARD KNIGHT - Miami, Florida — Accounting — Amici 2, 3, 4; Circle K 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3,4 EARL BENTON LAURIDSEN - Hamilton, Ohio —Business Admin¬ istration - Amici 3, 4; SAM Club 3, Treasurer 4; Young Republicans 2, 3, 4; Arcita 1 ETHEL JUNE LAWRENCE - Lima, Ohio — Elementary Educa¬ tion PAULINE LAWRENCE - Lima, Ohio — Elementary Education ROBERT RAY LAWRENCE - South Charleston, West Virginia — Social Studies-Booster 3, 4; CIA 2 , 3, 4; Ambassadors for Christ 3, 4; Pre-Theological Fellowship 3, 4; Dramatics Club 4 THOMAS V. LeCLEAR - Green¬ ville, Michigan - Mathematics - Triad 2, 3, 4; Men’s Glee Club 1, 2; CIA 1, 2; Chess Club 3, 4 DELORES LEHMAN - Nevada, Iowa— Sociology GARY LEON LINDSEY - Bedford, Indiana — Mathematics — Triad 2, Vice President 3, 4 JERRY LISTER — Lafayette, Indi¬ ana-Social Studies AMELIA A. LITONDO — Kakame- ga, Kenya, East Africa — English LINDA LOEBER —Clinton, Iowa — English ERNIE LOPEZ — Somerset, Texas — Physical Education [ 115 ] MARILYN McDANIEL - Meno¬ monee Falls, Wisconsin — Social Studies — Camarada 2; Girl’s Glee Club 1; CIA 1; IRC 1 JOAN MACO — Chicago, Illinois — Elementary Education — Arete Pep 2; ECHOES 2 MARDEL MAGSIG — Anderson, Indiana —Elementary Education — Arete Pep 2; SNEA 3 GEORGE MAJORS — Charlevoix, Michigan —Social Studies PEGGY HARRIS MARSH-Ander- son, Indiana — Sociology — Cama¬ rada 2, 3 RONALD L. MARSH - Anderson, Indiana — Business Administration — Amici 2, 3, Vice President 4 JAMES RAY MARTIN - Jackson¬ ville, Florida — Music — Booster 2, 3, 4; Who’s Who 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Choralaires 2; Andersonian Quartet 2, 3, 4; Men’s Glee Club 2; Band 3, 4; Circle K 1; CIA 1; MENC 2,3,4; Rel-Vo-Prep 2, 3 RONALD R. MATAS-Johnstown, Pennsylvania — English — Booster 4; Men’s Senate Secretary-Treasur¬ er 4; Circle K 4; CIA 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 4; Chess Club 4; Judo Club 4 BEVERLY KAYE MEFFORD - Milwaukee, Wisconsin — Elemen¬ tary Education —Alpha Psi Omega 3; Dramatics Club 2, President 3, 4; Moments of Inspiration 2; Young Republicans Secretary 2, 3,4 TABITHA MEIER - Marechal C. Rondon, Oeste do Parana, Brazil, South America — Spanish — Cama¬ rada 3, Chaplain 4; Who’s Who 4; CIA 1, 2, 3, 4; Religious Life Coun¬ cil Secretary 2, 3; Ambassadors for Christ President 3, 4 LARRY MERCER — Anderson, Indiana — Mathematics LARRY R. METZ - Elwood, Indi¬ ana — Psychology — Triad 2, 3, Chaplain 4; Chess Club President 3, Secretary 4 [ 116 ] ROBERT W. MOODY — Lansing, Michigan — Sociology — Band 1; Rel-Vo-Prep 2, 3 RONALD MOORE-Eustis, Flori¬ da — Accounting TINA MORGAN —Albion, Michi¬ gan — Sociology — Camarada 3, 4; CIA 2, 3; Ambassadors for Christ 3,4; Spanish Fellowship 4 MICHAEL DEAN MUNDY-An- derson, Indiana —Mathematics JOHN NELSON - Clarkston, Washington —Bible, Religion PAUL W. O’HAVER - Swayzee, Indiana—Sociology, Physical Edu¬ cation — Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Base¬ ball Manager 2, 3; Track 1 MARTHA OLIVER - Plymouth, Indiana— Biology ASTONE M. ORIEDO — Masene, Kenya, East Africa — Social Stud¬ ies — Amici 4; IRC 4; Young Dem¬ ocrats 4 GAIL OUTLAW - Miami, Florida — Elementary Education —Taeda 2 GARY PATE - Markleville, Indi¬ ana-Physical Education —Sachem 2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1 A. HUGH PHIPP-Church Hill, Tennessee — Social Studies — Sachem 2; Basketball 1, 2; Cross Country 1 BEATRICE PICKERING - Day- ton, Pennsylvania — Elementary Education [ HZ ] JAMES POWELL - Midland, Michigan — Sociology — Orches¬ tra 1, 2; Men’s Glee Club 1; Young Republicans 2 DANIEL LEE REID - Cedar Rapids, Iowa — Mathematics — IRC 1; Radio Club Secretary 1, President 2, 3, Vice President 4 JAN M. RIDENHOUR —Charlotte, North Carolina — Social Studies — Booster 2, 3, 4; SNEA 4; Rel-Vo- Prep 2, 3; Radio Club 1, President 2, Vice President 3; Pre-Theologi- cal Fellowship 3,4; Crusaders 1 ANITA JOAN ROBBINS - Sheri¬ dan, Indiana — Elementary Educa¬ tion — Taeda 2, 3, 4; Girl’s Glee Club 1; IRC 1; SNEA 1 MICHAEL ROBINSON - Pendle¬ ton, Indiana — Booster 3; CIA 1; Track 3 KAREN ROTHROCK —Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—Social Studies ANNE WORL RUMMEL-Ander¬ son, Indiana —Biology RICHARD RUTH - Manassas Park, Virginia—Social Studies NANCY SANDEFUR - Markle- ville, Indiana —Physical Education BEVERLY ANN SCHEMMER - Union City, Indiana — Elementary Education LAURA JEAN SCHULZ - Euclid, Ohio — Business Administration — Camarada 3, 4; ECHOES 2; AN- DERSONIAN 3; Orchestra 1; Cirl’s Glee Club 1; CIA 2, 4; Soeurettes 1 HELENA SEALOCK - Logan, West Virginia — Psychology [ U8 1 KAREN SEIBERT-Madera, Cali¬ fornia-Physical Education —Taeda 3, 4; Who’s Who 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Amici Angel 4; Home¬ coming Court 3; CIA 3; SNEA 3, 4; WRA President 3, 4 DAVID SELENT — Albion, Michi¬ gan—Bible, Religion LOIS ARLENE SETTLEMEYER — Huntington, Indiana — Chemis¬ try — Taeda 3, Treasurer 4; Girl’s Glee Club 1; Band 1; CIA 2, 3; Soeurettes 1 EMILY SHARP — Sumter, South Carolina — English PAULA JEAN SHELLER - Lapel, Indiana —Elementary Education — SNEA 1,4 ALVIN ROSS SMITH - Liberal, Kansas — Business Administration DUANE ALAN SMITH —Kinsman, Ohio — Bible — Triad 2; CIA 1; Rel-Vo-Prep 1, 2; Young Republi¬ cans 3; Pre-Theological Fellowship 2,3 VERNON SMITH — Anderson, Indiana — Economics — Booster 2, President 3, 4; ECHOES Business Manager 4; ANDERSONIAN Busi¬ ness Manager 4; LITERATI Busi¬ ness Manager 1, 2; Who’s Who 3; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Alpha Phi Gamma 3, President 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Freshman Class Treasurer 1; Men’s Senate 2, Vice President 3, 4; SAM Enterprises President 4; Debate 3, 4; Circle K 2, Vice President 3, President 4; IRC 1, 2, 3, 4; Home¬ coming Chairman 2 WALTER SMITH - Plymouth, Michigan —Physical Education ROBERT SNYDER —Alma, Michi¬ gan— Sociology THOMAS PAUL SNYDER- Franklin, Pennsylvania—Speech — Sachem 2; Alpha Psi Omega Vice President 3; CIA 2 RICHARD SPRAGUE - Ander¬ son, Indiana — Business Adminis¬ tration — Booster 2, 3, 4; SAM Club 2, 3; SAM Enterprises President 3, Director 4 [ 119 ] HOWARD W. STAMM - Gales¬ burg, Illinois — Biology — Sachem 2, 3, 4; Who’s Who 3; Sigma Zeta 2, 3, President 4; Student Council Vice President 4; Sophomore Class President 2; Junior Class President 3; Men’s Senate 2, 3, 4; Circle K 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Arcita President I JERRY STEVENS - Defiance, Ohio — Social Studies — Basket¬ ball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 DAVID STEWART - Charleston, West Virginia — Business Admin¬ istration DONNA STONE-Plainfield, Indi¬ ana— English ROBERT STOOPS - Anderson, Indiana — Chemistry RUTHANN TEFFT- Alma, Michi¬ gan — Mathematics — Camarada 3, 4; Resident Assistant 4; CIA 1,2 JOAN THIELKING - Batavia, Ohio — English — Choir 4; French Club 1,2 JEANNINE THOMPSON - Springfield, Ohio — Elementary Education — Arete Pep 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who 3; Student Council Secretary 4; Resident Assistant 2, 3, 4; May Court 2; CIA 1, 2, Secre¬ tary 3; SNEA 3, 4; WSGA President 3; French Club 1; Soeurettes Presi¬ dent 1 KENNETH E. UPSHAW - Ander¬ son, Indiana — Speech — Booster 2, Vice President 3, President 4; Who’s Who 4; Alpha Chi 3, Vice President 4; Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4 DANIEL RALPH VON BARGEN — Reading, Ohio — Social Studies - Amici 2, 3, 4; IRC 2, 3; SNEA 3, 4; Rel-Vo-Prep 2; Baseball 2,3,4 ELLEN WARD — Anderson, Indi¬ ana — Elementary Education — Homecoming Play 4; SNEA 2, 3, 4 [ 120 ] SHERYL WARD - Leavittsburg, Ohio — English — Taeda .‘3, 4; AN- DERSONIAN 3; Sigma Tau Delta President 3, 4; Girl’s Glee Club 1; CIA 3, 4; Missions Club 3, 4; Soeurettes I CAROLYN STRICKLER WAY- MIRE — Decatur, Indiana — Ele¬ mentary Education — SNEA 3, 4; Dramatics 1, 2; Soeurettes Secre¬ tary 1 EDWEIPPERT — Wichita, Kansas — Riology — Who’s Who 4 ROGER L. WELLS - Scott Depot, West Virginia — Business Adminis¬ tration — Amici 2, 3, President 4; Men’s Senate 2, President 3, 4; Football 1 BRYAN L. WHEAT - St. Paul, Minnesota — Sociology — Booster 2,3,4 TONY REX WILSON - Anderson, Indiana — Mathematics — Triad 2; Kappa Mu Epsilon 3; CIA 1; French Club 2; Track 1 k A • r C BERNARD WINGO - Roanoke, Virginia — Bible, Religion - Choir 2; Pre-Theological Fellowship 2, 3,4 LYNDA G. WOODWARD - Lapel, Indiana — Elementary Education ROBERT YOUNG-Pomona, Cali¬ fornia— Sachem 4; Baseball 3,4 CHERYL LYNN ZERBE - South Bend, Indiana — Art — Arete Pep 2, 3, 4; ECHOES Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Who’s Who 4; Alpha Phi Gamma Secretary 3, Vice President 4; May Court 3; Dorm President 1; Soeurettes 1 [ ' 21 ] SHs 7 ■ iBHiT ' - ' % • ’ X ; : s ' ' J ksw . 5 r ' j Junior Class Officers: Karen Sue Kardatzke, Secretary; Dan Brooks, Vice President; Marilyn Boblitt, Treasurer; Charles Hise, President. Juniors MARCELLA ELSTON ABELL Niles, Michigan EVELYN ACCAD . Beirut, Lebanon MELVA ACHESON Palco, Kansas 1 IJS®r CASSANDRA ADAMS Lebanon, Ohio CAROLYN AKIN Danville, Kentucky DAVID ALBERTS Yreka, California EDNA ALEXANDER Anderson, Indiana ROGER ARMSTRONG Greenville, Michigan JACK ARROWOOD Cleveland, Ohio DAVID BAILEY Canon City, Colorado WILMA BALES Rural Retreat, Virginia PAULA BARRETT Shawnee, Kansas MICHAEL BASS Anderson, Indiana PATRICIA BEARD Abilene, Texas CAROL BECHTEL East Canton, Ohio WILLIAM BELLAH Tucson, Arizona BETTE BLACKSON Mercer, Pennsylvania JANET BLACKWELL Anderson, Indiana MARILYN BOBLITT Lima, Ohio JAMES BOWEN Kingsport, Tennessee HELEN BRAINERD Midland, Michigan SHARON BREWER Holt, Michigan YVONNE BREWER West Chester, Ohio PATRICIA BRIDGE Plymouth, Michigan DAN BROOKS Elkart, Indiana KENNETH BRYANT Cincinnati, Ohio KATHY BUCK Mooresville, Indiana DENNIS BURRIS Noblesville, Indiana FRED BURNETT Birmingham, Alabama LINDA BYRD Sikeston, Missouri JAMES CARTER Anderson, Indiana NEIL CARTER Dearborn Heights, Mich. [ 124 ] KATHRYN CAVENDER Charleston, W. Virginia BARBARA CHESSOR Portageville, Missouri JERRY CHILDERS Anderson, Indiana PHILLIP COULSON Husum, Washington LOWELL DAVIDSON Anderson, Indiana JUDY DeBUSK Middleton, Ohio HELENA DECKER New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania JOYCE DECKER Clinton, Iowa JEANNE DRAKE York Springs, Pennsylvania BARBARA DUNHAM Anderson, Indiana MARKA MURRAY ECKHARDT Shirley, Indiana JEAN EDMONSON Cincinnati, Ohio ROBERT EDSON Flint, Michigan DAVID EDWARDS Anderson, Indiana ROBERT EDWARDS Dayton, Ohio DAVID ERB Wabash, Indiana LINDA FALLON Shelbyville, Indiana [ 125 ] BARBARA FALLS Anderson, Indiana JAMES FENSTERMAKER Fort Wayne, Indiana ROSE MARIE FLANAGAN Pritchard, Alabama ROBERT FOLLETT Casspolis, Michigan RICHARD FREER Troy, Michigan JACK FULDA Athens, Pennsylvania JANET FUNK Burlington, Michigan MARY ANN GAITHER Alexandria, Indiana DENNIS GLOFF Valparaiso, Indiana GERDA GOGOLIN Cleveland, Ohio LeANNA GOOSSEN Marion, South Dakota WAYNE GORDON Salem, Oregon ALICE GRAY LaGrange, Indiana CAROLYN GROSSENBACHER Fremont, Michigan SUE GRUBBS Fayetteville, Tennessee SHARON GUSS Anderson, Indiana JOHNNIE GUTHRIE Townley, Alabama [ 126 ] JAMES HALL Benton Harbor, Michigan DAVID HANCOCK Howell, Michigan JANE HANSON Berkeley, Illinois FRANCES F. HARDMAN Atlanta, Georgia RICK HARTLEY Roanoke, Indiana WANDA HARVEY Columbia City, Indiana JEROL HATINGER Edmore, Michigan JANICE HAY Covington, Kentucky TERRY HENRY Anderson, Indiana CONNIE HERMAN Berne, Indiana DAVID HERNBLOOM Burlington, Colorado CHARLES HISE Metamora, Illinois SANDI HILL Anderson, Indiana JERRY HOCKER Elwood, Indiana SANDRA B. HOFFMAN Benton Harbor, Michigan RICHARD HONEYCUTT Newport News, Virginia DARLENE HOOVER Saltville, Virginia [ 127 ] STEPHEN HOUSE Markleville, Indiana ROBERT HUITT St. Louis, Missouri MYRA HUTCHINSON Otsego, Michigan EARL IMEL Anderson, Indiana PHYLLIS INSKEEP Marion, Indiana ANN JACKSON Columbia, South Carolina LILLIAN JACKSON Anderson, Indiana PHYLLIS JONES Anderson, Indiana SARAH JONES Anderson, Indiana KAREN SUE KARDATZKE Wichita, Kansas JAMES KEITH Birmingham, Alabama GERALD KELLER Ft. Lauderdale, Florida RETA KESTERKE Eau Claire, Michigan MARCIA KIRBY Canton, Ohio MARY KOLLAR South Bend, Indiana LARRY LEACH Cicero, Indiana DARRYL LEHNUS Kankakee, Illinois [ ] PHYLLIS LENIGAR Athens, Ohio DAVID LEWIS - Sikeston, Missouri BEVERLY LOGUE Park Forest, Illinois PAUL LUND Farmington, Minnesota DALE McCOLLOUGH Greenville, S. C. LARRY McFARLING Boise, Idaho RICHARD MAXEDON Sullivan, Illinois JORETTA MAY Anderson, Indiana PATRICIA MERCER Erie, North Dakota KERRY MEYER Bloomington, Indiana CHERYL MILLER North Webster, Indiana SUE MILLER Anderson, Indiana LARRY MINNICK Lebanon, Indiana CAROL MINTON Middletown, Indiana SUE MONTAGUE Kerman, California GERALD MOORE Harvey, Illinois LESTER MOORE Mt. Carmel, Illinois [ 129 ] DONALD MOREY Arlington, Virginia TERRY MORGAN Anderson, Indiana MERVIN MOSS Goulds, Florida TERRY MURRAY Cicero, Indiana PEGGY NETTLETON Des Moines, Iowa ALMA NEWRERRY Anderson, Indiana JOHN NEWCOMR Madera, California BRENDA NICHOLES Guyman, Oklahoma ROGER NOBLE Warren, Ohio MICHAEL OLIVER Alexandria, Indiana CAROL OLSON Desoto, Missouri ROBERT OVERHOLT Wichita, Kansas NANCY PACE Bedford, Indiana FREDA PALMER Clarkston, Washington WILLIAM PARKER Detroit, Michigan LARRY PARKS Avilla, Indiana BONNIE PATRICK Albequerque, New Mexico [ 130 ] PHILIP PATTERSON Atkins, Virginia RICHARD PERRY Deeota, West Virginia JANICE PILCHER Syracuse, Indiana CARL POIKONEN Racine, Wisconsin ABBY PORTER Anderson, Indiana ROBERT POST Pendleton, Indiana JOE POWELL Noblesville, Indiana GWEN PRINTY Pomona, California ROBERT PROFFIT Hamilton, Ohio RITA PYLATE Meridian, Mississippi ARNOLD RAYMOND Homestead, Florida BRUCE REINHARDT Benton Harbor, Michigan JANET REPLOGLE Muncie, Indiana BARBARA SANDERS Saltville, Virginia JUDITH SANDSTROM Benton Harbor, Michigan DARLENE SAYERS Indianapolis, Indiana CRAIG SEELEY Cedar Rapids, Iowa [ 131 ] RICHARD SHARP Sumter, South Carolina ALBERT SIMMONS Chicago, Illinois HAROLD SMITH Plymouth, Michigan MARCIA SMITH Palmerton, Pennsylvania RAE SMITH Lebanon, Missouri THOMAS SNYDER Anderson, Indiana SPENCER SPAULDING Brookings, South Dakota MARLA STAHNKE Fairfield, Nebraska JERRY STOUT Lapel, Indiana CAROL STRUTHERS Three Rivers, Michigan BEVERLY SULGROVE Wichita, Kansas THOMAS SWARTZLANDER Ford City, Pennsylvania JANET TAYLOR Anderson, Indiana KARON TEETERS Anderson, Indiana TERRY THOLE Wichita, Kansas MARK THOMPSON Mio, Michigan KAREN TRAFELET Detroit, Michigan [ 132 ] JACK WILEY Belpre, Ohio DALE WILSON Benton, Arkansas MELVYN WILLIAMS Anderson, Indiana EUGENE WILLINGHAM Toledo, Ohio ANITA WILLIS Potaka, Indiana BOYCE WOOD Anderson, Indiana GARY WOOD Mishawaka, Indiana JAMES WRIGHT Anderson, Indiana DANIEL YELTON Florence, Kentucky LOU ELLEN TRUE Anderson, Indiana JOHN WARNER Cincinnati, Ohio SHARON WEBSTER Athens, Pennsylvania SHARON WELDON Callensburg, Pennsylvania PAMELA WHETSEL Lapel, Indiana ROSEMARY WHITE Birmingham, Alabama ROYCE WHITE Odessa, Texas SHIRLEY WIETE New Point, Indiana SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Judy Raker, Treasurer; Ron Morrison, President; Donna McKinney, Secretary; Larry Grubbs, Vice President. Sophomores [ 134 ] ELLEN ABBOTT Mishawaka, Indiana WAYNE ABSHER West Frankfort, Illinois LARRY ADAMS Anderson, Indiana MARGARET ADCOCK Anderson, Indiana JAMES ALLEN Flat Rock, Michigan ANDY ANDERSON Anderson, Indiana GLEN ATKINS Dewey, Oklahoma JUDITH BAKER Anderson, Indiana RENARD BALDWIN Peoria, Illinois BONITA BALINGALL Pendleton, Indiana DWAYNE BARNHILL Fishers, Indiana NORMA BARRY Paris, Illinois GARY BAYS Rochelle, Illinois WILLIAM BEAMAN Wilmington, Delaware VIRGINIA BEARD Abilene, Texas ROGER BEESON Summitville, Indiana JUDITH BENNETT Eaton Rapids, Michigan JOYCE BENTHIN Hoopeston, Illinois PATRICIA BENTLEY Sylacauga, Alabama ROBERT BERNHARDT ScottsblufF, Nebraska GARY BOHANON Peoria, Illinois DAVID BOYLE Chicago, Illinois KATHALEEN BRASWELL Lufkin, Texas LARRY BUFORD Lexington, Kentucky [ 35 ] GERALD BURG Benton Harbor, Michigan BONNIE BURRIS Indianapolis, Indiana MARVIN CAMPBELL Peoria, Illinois SUE CARROLL Portsmouth, Ohio MARY JANE CASKEY Shelby, Ohio RICHARD CHRISTENSON Chesterfield, Indiana FREDERICK CLEMENS Huntington, Indiana MERRILL CLUM Chillicothe, Ohio RICHARD COLLEY Connersville, Indiana JAMES COOK West Palm Beach, Fla. SHARON DAVIS Zanesville, Ohio DARYL DENNIS St. Albans, West Virginia JEANNETTE DeVORE Cambridge Springs, Pa. BRENDA DOUB Akron, Indiana TIMOTHY DOUGLAS Markelville, Indiana GERALDINE DREGER Fayetteville, West Virginia RONALD DUNCAN Kingsport, Tennessee JAMES DUNHOFT Ludlow, Kentucky LE ANN DUNKLE Tionesta, Pennsylvania CONNIE EDWARDS Mishawaka, Indiana STELLA EDWARDS Zanesville, Ohio LYNN EWELL Cleveland, Ohio ARTHUR FENRICK St. Joseph, Michigan [ 136 ] DALE FILLMORE Norwalk, California SHERRIL FLICK Lima, Ohio JERRY FLOWERS New Castle, Indiana KEITH FLOWERS Lapel, Indiana FAYE FORD Carlisle, Iowa RONALD FORSBERG Tampa, Florida MICHAEL FOX Middletown, Indiana WILLIAM FULDA Athens, Pennsylvania NANCY FURNISH Gas City, Indiana CAROL GEER Toledo, Ohio LOUIS GERIG Elwood, Indiana JOAN GOOD Timonium, Maryland ROLAND GRAUMAN Tremont City, Ohio SUZANNE GROVE Bedford, Indiana LARRY GRUBBS Timmonsville, S. C. CAROL GUSTAFSON Joliet, Illinois DAVID HALL Vero Beach, Florida JACKIE HAMILTON Goshen, Indiana JANET HAMILTON St. Louis, Illinois JERRY HANDLEY Skelton, West Virginia PAULA HANSON Glen Rock, New Jersey WILLIAM HARGETT Orchard Lake, Michigan MARTIN HARMON Oakwood, Ohio [ 137 ] DAVID HARRIS Springfield, Ohio KENNETH HATCH Anderson, Indiana CHARLES HATCHEL East Prairie, Missouri JOYCE HAVENS Germantown, Ohio KAY HENDERSON Cola, South Carolina DIANA HESTOR Elkhart, Indiana WILMA HIATT Anderson, Indiana THOMAS HILL Bradford, Ohio EDWARD HLAD Lore City, Ohio MARY HODGE Ottumwa, Iowa JANICE HOFFMAN Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania TRUDI HOFFMAN Pendleton, Indiana ANDREW HOOVER Saltville, Virginia PAULETTA HOWARD Bonnie, Illinois EDWIN HUTCHESON Butler, Pennsylvania NANCY HUTTON Anderson, Indiana GLORIA IGNEY St. Petersburg, Florida JOYCE INGLAND Columbus, Ohio DENNIS JACKSON Cincinnati, Ohio KAROLYN JANKE Parma, Ohio ROBERT JASPER Vandergrift, Pennsylvania JOYCE JOHNSON Hazel Park, Michigan PATRICIA JONES Vero Beach, Florida [ 138 ] KEITH JORDAN Independence, Missouri JERRY KEESLING Anderson, Indiana JOHN KEMLER Alma, Michigan DIANE KIRKLAND Akron, Ohio SHARON KORSKY Middletown, Indiana CARL KRAMER Speed, Indiana DALE LANDIS Dayton, Ohio DUANE LEATHERMAN Sturgis, Michigan KEITH LEIS Dayton, Ohio JOHN LEPPIEN Alma, Michigan NANCY LINN North Webster, Indiana FRANKLIN LITONDO Kakamega, Kenya GARY LITTLE Metropolis, Illinois DAVID LIVERETT Decatur, Alabama STEVE LONGNECKER Wichita, Kansas STEWART McDIVITT Eldred, Pennsylvania donna McKinney Abingdon, Virginia STEVEN McNUTT Pendleton, Indiana JUDY McREYNOLDS Liberal, Kansas TIMOTHY MARSH Anderson, Indiana DIANE MARTIN Columbus, Ohio CARYL MARTINDALE Columbus, Ohio RICHARD MASTERS Wichita, Kansas [ ' 39 ] JOYCE MESSICK Rhodesdale, Maryland ANITA MILLER Anderson, Indiana LETTY MILLS Huntington, Indiana CAROL MOORE Kalamazoo, Michigan RAE MATSON Elkhart, Indiana MARILYN MEFFORD West Monterey, Pa. MARILOU MENCHINGER Benton Harbor, Michigan MELBA MOORE Phoenix, Arizona DENNIS MORGAN New Kensington, Pa. RONALD MORRISON St. Louis, Missouri LESLIE MOSIER Rushville, Indiana SANDRA MULLINS Bluefield, West Virginia DeETTA NEFF Columbus, Ohio WAYNE NELSON Baltimore, Maryland JILL NEWBERRY Anderson, Indiana CURTISS NICKEL St. Joseph, Michigan MYRON NOBLE Anderson, Indiana MAXINE NORTON Jacksonville, Florida HALLIE OLSON Stoneboro, Pennsylvania MICHAEL OSTEEN Staunton, Virginia JOAN PARKER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania LaDONNA PARKER East Prairie, Missouri ELYSE PARR St. Albans, West Virginia [ 140 ] THOMAS PARRETT Indianapolis, Indiana KAREN PARSONS Bessemer, Alabama JOSEPH PEDIGO Decatur, Illinois LINDA PEACOCK Hulbert, Michigan CHRISTOPHER PENCE New Bethlehem, Pa. CAROL PENDLETON Enid, Oklahoma CYNTHIA PISTOLE Anderson, Indiana JEANNE PLACIDI Ca mbridge Springs, Pa. PATRICIA PREISIG Brighton, Colorado JOHN QUINN Piqua, Ohio ROY RATCLIFF Florence, Kentucky JEFFREY RISK Anderson, Indiana MICHAEL ROBERTSON Beekley, West Virginia MARVIN ROCKHILL Racine, Wisconsin SUSAN ROMANO Decatur, Illinois NORMAN ROSS Fayetteville, W. Virginia PAULETTE RUBY Erie, North Dakota JOANN RUEDEBUSCH Wichita, Kansas CHARLOTTE SAULS Spartanburg, S. C. JAMES SCOTT Defiance, Ohio R. LAMAR SEATON Mishawaka, Indiana RAY SELENT Albion, Michigan JACQUELINE SELLERS Lima, Ohio [ 141 ] RONALD SHANGLE Midland, Michigan MAX SHELLENBARGER Auburn, Indiana DA VID SHERRY Mt. Vernon, Ohio DIANNE SHOUDEL Grabill, Indiana CHARLES SHUMATE Meridian, Mississippi DIANA SMITH Lorimore, Iowa NANCY SMITH Plymouth, Michigan EILEEN SNIDER St. Paris, Ohio CAROLYN SOWDERS Dayton, Ohio BYRON SPRUNGER Hueytown, Alabama CHARLES STANLEY Vandergrift, Pennsylvania BRUCE STANSBERRY Alexandria, Indiana REBECCA STEPHENSON Lovington, Illinois PATRICIA STINSON Lovington, Illinois ROBERT SUMNER Indianapolis, Indiana JAMES TANNER Anderson, Indiana JANET ANN TAYLOR Mt. Vernon, Illinois STEVEN TEETERS Lapel, Indiana ANN THOMAS Winchester, Kentucky PHILIP THOMAS Winchester, Kentucky TERRELL TIERNEY Torrance, California WESLEY TRAISTER New Bethlehem, Pa. JEAN TRAMEL New Castle, Indiana [ M2 ] ZOLA TROUTMAN Glasgow, Missouri ROSIE TRUMBLE Orange, Texas ROBERT TURNER Germantown, Ohio HARRIETT ULERY Anderson, Indiana DAVID VON ALMEN Lima, Ohio MARY LU WAGGY Brighton, Colorado JAMES WALTON East Liverpool, Ohio THOMAS WARD Leavittsburg, Ohio CHARLES WARREN Clatskanie, Oregon WILLIAM WEBB Midland, Michigan WILLIAM WEBSTER St. Louis, Missouri CHERYL WEITNER Clinton, Oklahoma KATHY WETKOWSKI Benton Harbor, Michigan DOYLE WHITE Springfield, Missouri JON WHITE Cridersville, Ohio JOHN WILEY Anderson, Indiana PATRICIA WILLS Princeton, West Virginia STEPHEN WINSLOW Franklin, Pennsylvania JOY WOLFSKILL Temple, Pennsylvania DAVID WOODARD Rochelle, Illinois DUANE WRIGHT Conrad, Montana CAROL YOUNT Willoughbv, Ohio MARTY ZEIS Ft. Wayne, Indiana [ M3 ] Freshmen Class Officers: John Blevins, President; George Ramsey, Treasurer; Doug Smoot, Vice President; Sheila Smart, Secretary. Freshmen [ 144 ] ROBERT ABBOTT Springfield, Ohio PORTER ADAMS Lebanon, Ohio LORETTA AIRGOOD Benton Harbor, Michigan LINDA ALLEN Anderson, Indiana LINDA ALLEN Muncie, Indiana VELDA ALLIS Louisville, Kentucky KEITH ALLSHOUSE Butler, Pennsylvania CHERYL AMAND Kettering, Ohio KENT ARBUCKLE Elwood, Indiana BARBEE ARINGTON Shreveport, Louisiana KAREN ARMS Elmhurst, Illinois JOHN ARMSTRONG Walworth, New York RICHARD ARNY Barberton, Ohio HAROLD BACHE Uhrichsville, Ohio DAVID BAKER Oakwood, Ohio JANET BARKER Cincinnati, Ohio GERALD BARR Matawan, New Jersey SHARON BATES Princeton, Indiana THOMAS BATES Germantown, Ohio SHIRLEY BAUMANN Piqua, Ohio DIANA BEAL Canton, Ohio JAMES BEASON Anderson, Indiana GAIL BEATTY Eau Claire, Pennsylvania KRISTEN BENEDICT Belding, Michigan DALE BENEFIELD Chelsea, Alabama JUDY BLAIR Kingsport, Tennessee RAE BLAND Martinsville, Indiana JANIE BLEVINS Huntington, West Virginia JOHN BLEVINS Anderson, Indiana CALVIN BLOOM Erie, Pennsylvania [ H5 ] JOHN BOGGS Barberton, Ohio BOGER BOHANON Forrest, Illinois PHYLLIS BOLT Piereeton, Indiana LYNDA BORDERS Lanett, Alabama KATHY BRAINERD Midland, Michigan ALAN BRIGHT Kingsport, Tenn. JACK BROWN Indianapolis, Ind. JODDIE BROWN Butler, New Jersey LINDA BROWN New Albany, Ind. VICTOR BROWN Cincinnati, Ohio DAVE BURKETT Anderson, Indiana LINDA BULL Springfield, Ohio CARO LYN BURNETT Charlotte, Michigan GLENN BURNS Hickory, N. C. THOMAS BUTLER Springfield, Ohio VICTORIA BUTTERFIELD Chesterfield, Ind. WESLEY BYBEE Denver, Colorado GEORGE CALDWELL Richmond, Indiana VICTOR CAMPBELL Anderson, Indiana SHERYLL CAPIN Greenwood, Ind. DAVE CARLISLE Anderson, Indiana PATRICIA CARMICHAEL Kansas City, Mo. RONALD CARR Roanoke, Virginia DENNIS CARROLL Elgin, Illinois JANICE CARROLL Ottumwa, Iowa RANDE CASADAY Erie, Pennsylvania DAVID C4SE Canton, Ohio [ 146 ] SAMUEL CHERNY Mt. Vernon, Ohio CAROLYN CHEWNING Bishopville, S. C. EDWARD CHILDERS Anderson, Indiana EILEEN CHILDS Norton, Virginia DONNA CLARK New Castle, Ind. GERALD CLARK Knoxville, Tenn. CARL CLAY Anderson, Indiana DONALD CLINGENPEEL Wheeler, Michigan MONTY COBLE Huntington, Ind. SHELIA COCHRAN Beckley, W. Va. ROBERT COLE Akron, Ohio CHERYL COLEMAN Oak Hill, W. Va. GREGORY, COMER Upper Sandusky, O. ROBERT CORNETT Kingsport, Tenn. MARCIA CORNS Davton, Ohio LINDA COTTON Columbus, Ohio RICK COX Springfield, Ohio PATTY CRANE Anderson, Indiana SUSAN CRANE Anderson, Indiana REBECCA CREEK Anderson, Indiana KAREN CRIPPEN Hilo, Hawaii MARTHA CROWDER Kingsport, Tenn. JANET CRUIKSHANK Dolton, Illinois SALLY CUNNINGHAM South Bend, Ind. EUGENE CUPP Hamilton, Ohio PAUL DAGENHART Greenstone, Pa. ROBERT DARKWOOD Chicago, Illinois [ 147 ] LORETTA DAVIDSON Anderson, Indiana DOUGLAS DAVIS Columbus, Indiana CAROL DECKER Lansing, Michigan CATHERINE DERRING Akron, Indiana TIMOTHY DeWARD Kalamazoo, Mich. RUTH DODD Midland, Michigan JANEEN DONALDSON Pittsburgh, Pa. ROBERTA DOUGLAS Elkhart, Indiana JERRY DUERKSEN Coos Bay, Oregon JANET DURHAM Cincinnati, Ohio KATHY EASTIN Wheatridge, Colo. DUANE ECKELBERG Manassas, Virginia RAY EDDY Marritt Island, Fla. RICHARD ELLIOTT Fort Wayne, Ind. JAMES EOFF Elmore, Ohio DONALD EPPERLY S. Charleston, W. Va. JANICE ETCHISON Anderson, Indiana LINDA FARST Coldwater, Mich. VICTORIA FECHENDA Hamilton, Ohio SANDRA FERRELL St. Albans, W. Va. SANDRA FESTIAN Detroit, Michigan DALE FIEGLAND Cleveland, Ohio FRANCINE FORONDA Chicago, Illinois JACQUELYN FORRESTER Baroda, Michigan BERNARD FRALEY Winchester, Ky. CONSTANCE FRIEND Columbus, Ohio CAMILLIA FRYE Dayton, Ohio [ 148 ] HAROLD FUNK Goshen, Indiana LOISANNE FUQUA Fortville, Indiana EDWARD GALLOWAY Akron, Ohio NANCY GANDEE Charleston, W. Va. GORDON GARRETT Hamilton, Ohio RICHARD GIFFORD Wyoming, Michigan CLELLA GILBERT Largo, Florida ROBERT GILBERT Noblesville, Ind. KATHRYN GOAD Kingsport, Tenn. GAY GOODE Indian Head, Md. KATHLEEN GOODWIN Racine, Wis. REGINA GOULD Bedford, Indiana DENNIS GRADELESS Mishawaka, Ind. DONNA GRAMS Benton Harbor, Mich. LINDA GRAY Columbus, Ohio RONALD GRIMES Oakwood, Ohio SANDRA GRINEWITZKI Benton Harbor, Mich. GARY GROSSNICKLE N. Manchester, Ind. DONALD GUIHER Butler, Pa. SUSAN GUTHRIE Erie, Pennsylvania JUDY HACKLER Three Rivers, Mich. EDWARD HAGER S. Charleston, W. Va. SHARON HALE St. Louis, Missouri JAMES HALL Anderson, Indiana GREGORY HAMMEL Columbia City, Ind. RANDAL HAMMEL Huntington, Ind. JALYNNE HARDMAN Kettering, Ohio [ M9 ] VICKI HARVEY Connersville, Ind. RONNAL HARLESS Edmore, Michigan JAMES HEFFELFINGER Anderson, Indiana RORERT HELTON Hamilton, Ohio JAY HERSCHELL Indianapolis, Ind. THOMAS HERVEY Elwood, Indiana JOSEPH HESS S. Charleston, Ohio JOYCE HINDERER Canton, Ohio HARRY HIPPENSTEEL Winamac, Indiana NORMAN HOLDEMAN Cozad, Nebraska LARRY HOOKS Sunbury, Pa. KEITH HOSSLER Auburn, Wash. SHERRY HOUCHINS Mt. Carmel, Illinois PHILLIP HOUCK Springfield, Ohio DUANE HOUSER Louisville, Ohio ERNESTEEN HOWELL Anderson, Indiana PATRICIA HOWELL Louisville, Ky. MELVIN HULL Dayton, Ohio LINDA HUNT Hamilton, Ohio DAVID HURLESS Willshire, Ohio LINDA HUSKEY Kansas City, Kansas DAVID JACK Elwood, Indiana SANDRA JAQUAY Kendallville, Ind. GAIL JERMAN Homestead, Florida MARY JOHNSON Cleveland, Ohio BARBARA JONES Wichita, Kansas DAN JONES Decatur, Alabama [ 150 ] GARY JONES Wichita, Kansas GERALD JONES Pendleton, Indiana TERRY JONES Anderson, Indiana MARSHA KAHLE Anderson, Indiana MARK KANE Anderson, Indiana ARDITH KAPSAL Tucson, Arizona KAREN KECK Mooresville, Ind. LAWRENCE KEARNS Hamilton, Ohio CONSTANCE KEENE Renton, Arkansas GINGER KEES Hamilton, Ohio JOYCE KEITH Atwater, Calif. LARRY KELCHNER Anderson, Indiana BONNY KERR Grand Blanc, Mich. ROSE KERR Middletown, Ohio JOYCE KING Stroh, Indiana PHILLIP KING Campbellsville, Ky. LESLEE KINION Muskogee, Okla. THOMAS KITTINGER Fairfield, Pa. KEITH KLEPPER Albion, Michigan LINDA KOLB Princeton, Indiana KRISTINA KUFELDT Anderson, Indiana PATRICIA LAVRINC Florence, Kentucky DAN LAYTON Anderson, Indiana BARBARA LeCLEAR Greenville, Mich. PHILIP LENTZ Arlington, Virginia MARIAN LEWELLYN Noblesville, Ind. CLARENCE LONG Las Cruces, N. Mex. [ ' 51 ] RHEA LONG Anderson, Indiana LINDA McCARTY Akron, Ohio THOMAS McCARROLL Anderson, Indiana WILMA McCLURE Lafayette, Indiana ANN McCRYSTAL Anderson, Indiana BEVERLY McCUTCHAN Jeffersontown, Ky. LOUISE McFARLING Boise, Idaho LARRY McGEE Cincinnati, Ohio EILEEN McILROY Olympia, Wash. ANITA McKINLEY Scottsbluff, Neb. Virginia McMillan Tampa, Florida ERROL McNEELY Racine, Wisconsin CAROLYN MADER Arvada, Colorado JANE MAGSIG Gibsonburg, Ohio TERRY MAHNKE Decatur, Illinois MARILYN MAJORS Charlevoix, Mich. LYLE MARSH Waverly, Iowa KAY MARTIN Nappanee, Indiana KRISTINE MARTIN Alma, Michigan CHERYL MASSIE Hamilton, Ohio DAVID MATAS Johnstown, Pa. DONALD MATAS Johnstown, Pa. JUDY MATTHEWS Anderson, Indiana MARY MATTISON Livonia, Michigan MICKEY MAY Anderson, Indiana JAMES MAYS Richmond, Ky. MICHAEL MEADOWS Heath, Ohio [ 152 ] KAREN, MEANS Indianapolis, Ind. ALBERT MEGL St. Louis, Missouri CAROL MIDDLETON Indianapolis, Ind. ROXIE MILES Distant, Pa. LISA MILLER Mitchell, Indiana CAROLYN MOORE Hickory, N. C. MARCIA MORRISON McLean, Illinois MARVIN MULLINS Hamilton, Ohio JERRY MURPHY Sikeston, Missouri LEE MURRAY Logansport, Ind. LELA MUSTER Canton, Ohio LAURA MUTTERSPAUGH Crawfordsville, Ind. GAYLE NELSON Minneapolis, Minn. GEORGE NEVINS Elgin, Illinois JEAN NEWILL Pendleton, Indiana KATHY NOBLE Lombard, Illinois JAMES NOGGLE Noblesville, Ind. LORRAINE NULPH Climax, Pa. SANDRA OLDHAM Racine, Wisconsin CONNIE OTTEN Erlanger, Kentucky FREDERICK OURS Springfield, Ohio PATRICK PALMATIER Burlington, Mich. PAULA PARE Pittsburgh, Pa. CHARLES PEARSON Anderson, Indiana NITA PERRY Indianapolis, Ind. THOMAS PERZANOWSKI Hammond, Indiana DORIA PETERSON Coodland, Indiana [ ' 53 ] WANDA PHILLIPS Anderson, Indiana YVONNE PHILE Anderson, Indiana LINDA PICKENS Mansfield, Ohio LINDA PILCHER Syracuse, Indiana SHARON PILO Akron, Ohio CHARLES PLUHAR Racine, Wisconsin RALPH PORTWOOD Homestead, Fla. RICHARD PRESSEL Rochester, Indiana JOHN PRESSER Anderson, Indiana JUDITH PRICE S. Charleston, W. Va. DUANE PROCTOR Jefferson, Ohio GARY PROEBSTING Maryland Heights, Mo. LINDA PUTNAM Minneapolis, Minn. KATHY RAMSEY Mishewaka, Ind. CAROL RAZOR New Castle, Ind. KATHLEEN REARDON Anderson, Indiana CHERYL REDDINGER Distant, Pa. GINGER REED Piqua, Ohio RITA REED Huntington, Indiana CERESA REHBEIN Arab, Alabama MARGO RHODES Anderson, Indiana MICHAEL RICHARDSON Hamilton, Ohio PATRICIA RICHARDSON Anderson, Indiana JUDY RIGGLE Huntington, Ind. CONSTANCE RIGSBY Hoopeston, Illinois PATRICIA RIPPEE Santa Maria, Calif. SHARON RITTER Indianapolis, Ind. [ 154 ] CHANWICK ROACH Mt. Clemens, Mich. PAMELA ROBERTS Louisville, Ky. CARMEN ROCA Fremont, Ohio DAVID RODGERS Columbus, Indiana CONSYELO ROGERS Cincinnati, Ohio JANIS ROUSH Indianapolis, Ind. TED ROWAN Gothanburg, Neb. PENNY SCHWARTZ S. Charleston, W. Va. REBECCA SEIBEL Wichita, Kansas DENNIS SHANKLAND Russell, Kansas FREDERICK SHOOT Anderson, Indiana JAMES SHOOT Oklahoma City, Okla. WILLIAM SHOOT Oklahoma City, Okla. JOHN SICKMILLER Oakwood, Ohio SUE SIPKA Newton Falls, Ohio LYNDA SMALLWOOD Danville, Kentucky SHEILA SMART Lexington, Ky. CARLA SMITH Palmerton, Pa. DARYL SMITH Anderson, Indiana DIANA SMITH Mishawaka, Ind. MARLA SMITH Oklahoma City, Okla. PATRICIA SMITH St. Petersburg, Fla. SHARON SMITH Fortville, Indiana SHERRIL SMITH Wichita, Kansas DOUGLAS SMOOT Hialeah, Florida JAMES SNYDER Indianapolis, Ind. WILLIAM SPITTLER Fostoria, Ohio [ 155 ] DIANE STELTER Bridgman, Mich. WILLIAM STEMPLE Barberton, Ohio GEORGE STONE Plainfield, Ohio MARGARET STOWE Elkhart, Indiana MERLE STREGE Newport, Minn. RICHARD STRICKLING Ashland, Ohio PEGGY STUDEBAKER Tampa, Florida JOHN SUKO Hecla, South Dakota JEANNETTE SUTTER Chicago, Illinois JEANNINE TAYLOR Bay City, Michigan RENA TAYLOR New Philadelphia, Ohio WILLIAM TAYLOR Alsip, Illinois RONALD TEDDER Madisonville, Ky. MARY TERRAY Hubbard, Ohio TRIXIE THARP Cassopolis, Mich. ROSALIE TINGLEY Erie, Pennsylvania CHARLOTTE TIRRE New Castle, Pa. ARLENE TJART Baxter Springs, Kan. THOMAS TRICK Indianapolis, Ind. REGINA TROUTMAN Glasgow, Missouri KENT UNDERWOOD Pendleton, Indiana DAVID Van NORMAN Frankfort, Kentucky GERALD VICKERY Elwood, Indiana RICHARD WADE Atlanta, Georgia JACQUELINE WAGSTAFF New York City, N. Y. JOHN WALLACE Anderson, Indiana KENNETH WALTER Calumet, Illinois [ 156 ] JEANETTE WARD Kalamazoo, Mich. KAYE WATT Grove City, Pa. DOROTHEA WEBER Chicago, Illinois ROGER WELLS Kettering, Ohio TERRY WELLS Scott Depot, W. Va. GERALD WEYLAND Winter Park, Fla. WALTER T. WHITE Bartlesville, Okla. ALLEN WHITESEL Anderson, Indiana LEONARD WIENS San Diego, Calif. TIMOTHY WILDERMUTH Akron, Indiana BARBARA WILKERSON Nashville, Indiana GARY WILLIAMS Summitville, Indiana DONALD WILSON Aurora, Illinois JOHN WIMER New Castle, Pa. BETTY WITHIEM Grown Point, Ind. TONDA WHITTKAMPER Elwood, Indiana TONY WOLFE Parkersburg, W. Va. JEAN WOLLAM Ypsilanti, Michigan MICHAEL WOOD Logansport, Ind. CLIFFORD WRIGHT Indianapolis, Ind. GLENDA WRIGHT Anderson, Indiana CAROL WRONEK Harbor Creek, Pa. WAYNE WYCOFF St. James, Mo. REBECCA YANIK Anderson, Indiana KENNETH YATES Vinemont, Ala. ELLEN YESKE Parma, Ohio DARYL YODER Springfield, Ohio [ 157 ] All of us take part in the business life of the community, ei¬ ther as workers or customers. We are grateful for the con¬ tribution the busi¬ ness community gives to our campus as a whole and to us as individuals. [ 159 ] foreign missions home missions Christian education anderson college warner pacific college free literature ministers’ pensions Christian brotherhood hour L v iKiuiwr v H y nwiBf ' u,J n nmi fll ilk flMiw ,r» ■Hilfilin AMI mt iivniiMfii ink iniTMiiiBirrrr nauur MiiiHH ■■■ nw ewiee the UNITED WAY in which the Church of God strives to obey the Great Commission, “Go Ye Into All the World.” New Home Office located at 1100 Broadway, Anderson, Indiana. LAYMEN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY SERVICE FOR MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS We invite your requests for any information you might Here are the Points Participation—Life Time Income Guaranteed Cash Return—Emergency desire concerning your own individual insurance needs. Cash Dividends Guaranteed INTENTIONS for you Compound Interest DECKER ' S OFFICE SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS 67 Steps off Meridian on Eleventh Phone 643-7447 Citizens Banking Com pany MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ANDERSON, INDIANA Main Office —11th and Meridian Sts. West Office—Edgewood Plaza East Side —East 8th and 109 By-Pass South Side —37th and Main Sts. Drive-Up Branch —11th and Main Sts. [ 161 ] OPEN 24 HOURS PAY LESS SUPER MARKETS, INC. ANDERSON—MUNCIE—LAFAYETTE WHBU RADIO First in Anderson— First in Programs • CBS Radio • Anderson College Football and Basketball • Nite-Watch Get the WHBU Habit- Dial 1240 ANDERSON, INDIANA [ 162 ] l PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 18th and Louise Streets Phone 642-1119 FOR SOCIABLE OCCASIONS COME ALIVE You ' re in the Pepsi Generation [ 163 ] A government insured savings and loan institution Anderson Loan Association 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER Congratulations to the Class of 1966 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF ANDERSON COLLEGE REV. ARLO NEWELL-President HOWARD KARDATZKE — Vice President MRS. JEAN SNYDER-Secretary W. SHIRELL FOX-Acting Director Keep in Touch With Your College Through Your Alumni CENTRAL INDIANA GAS COMPANY Association Anderson, Indiana [ 164 ] Servi ng Around The World • “To evangelize with the Printed Word” • Curriculum Materials and Church School Supplies • Religious Books, Tracts and Magazines • “Christian Art”® full-color Every Sunday Bulletin Service • “Sunshine Line”® Greeting Cards • Religious Film Rental Library WARNER PRESS, INC. ® Publication Board of the Church of God Anderson, Indiana 46011 San Jose, California 95108 Shop in our beautiful retail stores: WARNER PRESS —East 5th at Chestnut —Anderson, Indiana EVANGEL BOOKSTORE —96 So. 2nd St. —San Jose, California BETTER BOOK and BIBLE HOUSE—4049 N.E. Sandy Blvd.—Portland, Oregon Publishing Church of God materials for the Church of God ANDERSON LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANERS Two Convenient Locations for Students 520 East 8th 1 09 and East 8th COIN KING SIZE 109 and East 8th THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERHOOD DR. DALE OLDHAM Executive Director and Speaker HOUR ft Route Service Phone 644-4425 Reaching all continents to proclaim ' A United Church For A Divided World ' now in our 20th year HOME OF Guide-Matic Automatic Headlight Controls T-3 Safety-Aim Headlamps [ 166 ] GUIDE LAMP DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS DR. J. R. MAYER DR. R. J. PATROHAY Doctors of Optometry One Day Service Phone 644-5265 HiUUANP uii Lenses Duplicated Contact Lenses Dependable Service Since 1926 ANDERSON BANK BLDG. 2 West 10th Street JEWELRY AND GIFTS DINNERWARE CRYSTAL STERLING DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES DIAMONDS WEDDING RINGS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVER PLATE Bridal Registry Service Watch Repair SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 1213 Meridian [ 167 ] Y1521 L 9115 T15 S1512225 P181521251319. Good. (And congratulations. If you substi¬ tuted the right letters for their corresponding numbers, you’ve just solved another one.) That’s the way curiosity works. If you have it, you just can’t leave a problem alone until it’s solved. We know. Lots of us are the same way. Like you, we’re curious about things. We ask ques¬ tions. And we hunt for answers. Maybe that’s why we’re in a problem-solving business. You might enjoy some of the things we’re doing at our new Engineering and Research facility in Anderson. If we want to see what something really looks like, we pop it under our electron microscope and magnify it up to 200,000 diameters. (For example, we can magnify the diameter of a human hair to a width of 50 feet.) If we want to analyze materials for their metallic elements, we use our spectrograph. It’s accurate down to a few parts per million. And these are only two of the many instruments we use to find answers to our questions. Scientists, engineers, technicians ... we all work together. And when we’re done, we’ve got an electronic ignition system for cars. Or a control device for missiles. Or a new kind of generator. Then on to the next problem. Sound like something to look into? It is. If you are doing well in your college science and mathematics courses, maybe you’d enjoy a career in research. Of course, it’s no snap getting there. You’ve got lots of study and hard work ahead of you. But after college, if you still like to solve problems, stop by. We’ll save a couple for you. Delco -Remy Division of General Motors • Anderson, Indiana ANDERSON BANKING COMPANY Main Office: 10th and Meridian Drive In Branch: 900 Jackson East Branch: Mounds Mall South Branch: 11 East 29th West Branch: 3314 Nichol Ave. Member of F.D.I.C. Why not open a checking account —The cost is low and we furnish FREE PERSONALIZED Checks. ANDERSON COLLEGE BOOK STORE ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS PHONE 644-5828 1028 Main 169 PEPPING norm cook STUDIO ANDERSON. INDIANA HOYT WRIGHT COMPANY 907 Meridian things go better,! with Coke A r d i kj u r f V R1N r i WA TRADE-MARK ® The Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Anderson, Indiana Mounds Mall Shopping Center . . . Anderson, Indiana PHONE 644-3611 Join the Thousands Switching to WARDS—for Wards is Truly " All the Store You ' ll Ever Want. " THE F. C. CLINE R. R. BYRUM LUMBER COMPANY PAUL J. BYRUM Home Building Materials Quality Homes 400-432 Main Street 1400 East Eighth Street Phone 642-2315 Phone 642-3678 " There ' s a Material Difference " O lMmA HAROLD E. ROZELLE fl fyVWlr FUNERAL HOME RANNER FAIR, Inc. 172 BERT T. OWENS " We can ' t make all the ice cream, so we make just the best. " Store No. I 1800 Lincoln PHONE 642-1466 Store No. 2 2326 Columbus PHONE 644-9909 J. C. PENNEY CO. Best Wishes! TOM DEARINGS PRESCRIPTION DRUGS 702 East 8th 802 East 8th North Side 1500 Broadway The Finest in Hardware Since 1882 KAUFMANS Phone 644-4491 ANDERSON, INDIANA Kaufman ' s -HAVE r 173 The smart, young, AC student knows where the latest styles and fashions are available in a wide selection. H.P. Wasson and Co., in the Mounds Mall Shopping Center, has it all. A walk through Wasson’s is like a stroll past a series of smart shops, the Varsity, the Petite, the Village, the Junior Shop and depart¬ ments for the accessories that make the outfit complete. All geared to serve the particular tastes of any college student. Style and fashion reign supreme at a price that AC students can afford. MOUNDS MALL Wasson’s Anderson customer conveniences include . . . gift wrapping service . . . budget charge accounts with many months to pay . . . prompt phone order service, dial 644-2811, and we’re open Monday through Saturday, 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. 174 IF IT ' S FASHION, IT ' S AT VERNON ' S Building Supply Center UTTKa Since 1868 Main at Fifth Street smart apparel . . . 936 meridian PHONE 644-1213 Sportswear . . . Dresses . . . Coats Junior . . . Petite . . . Misses ' Sizes Anderson, Indiana Anderson Federal Savings The Largest Federal Savings and Loan Association in Madison County Jackson at Eleventh 175 8 S «R « iIIi r ' We k w tewto ■ffee ca uod 4et! CASUAL - CAMPUSY FUN-TO-WEAR FASHIONS PLUS ALL THE BRANDS YOU LOVE! PouI Ncmu MOUNDS MALL SHOP SIX NIGHTS ' TIL 9 OPEN AN OPTION CHARGE HUNTER CHEVROLET Anderson ' s Oldest and Largest Auto Dealership 603 Meridian Street Phone 642-8041 " You’ll Like ’Best Ever 1 Milk and Ice Cream From the EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY " 722 Broadway Phone 644-7781 Wednesday —Chicken Thursday — Steak Friday— Fish Complete Carry Out Service Open 6 Till 10 Closed on Monday 109 By-Pass at Ninth Phone 644-1234 i If it ' s new . . . if it ' s for young men and students ... you ' ll find it at The Varsity Shop Now carrying a complete line of young ladies ' sportswear next door. Zke Varsity Shop 922 Meridian Street FIRST NATIONAL BANK SOUTHDALE PLAZA A Full Service Bank 177 All-college index A Abbot, Ellen 135 Abbot, Robert I45 Abbot, Royetta 59, 75, 76, 107 Abell, Marcella Elston 123 Abramson, Keith 106, 107 Absher, Wayne 135 Accad, Evelyn 65, 66, 123 Acheson, Melva 123 Ackerman, David 107 Ackerman, Marcia Young 107 Adair, Don 107 Adams, Larry 55, 67, 72, 75, 76, 135 Adams, Porter I45 Adams, Sandi 58, 69, 123 Adcock, Joe 54, 69, 107 Adcock, Margaret 1 35 Airgood, Loretta I45 Akin, Carolyn 64, 73, 123 Alberts, Dave 70, 123 Alexander, Edna 123 Allen, Jim 69, 70, 89, 135 Allen, Linda I45 Allen, Linda I45 Allen, Ronald 86, 107 Allis, Velda I45 Allshouse, Keith 61, 77, I45 Anderson, Andy 135 Angus, Gwyn 107 Anderson, Paul, Jr. 107 Arbuckle, Kent I45 Arington, Barbee 61, I45 Armand, Cheryl I45 Arms, Karen I45 Armstrong, John 77, I45 Armstrong, Roger 123 Arney, Rick 89, I45 Arrowood, Jack 123 Atkin, Carolyn 71 Atkins, Glen 56, 63, 82, 135 B Bache, Harold I45 Bailey, David 123 Bain, Carol 107 Baine, John R. 108 Baker, Dave 67, 77, I45 Baker, H. L. 105 Baker, Judy 31, 134, 135 Baker, Linda 4I, 107 Baldwin, Renard 75, 135 Bales, Wilma 62, 123 Balingall, Bonita 64, 135 Ball, Jerry 82, 84 Ball, Warren Edward 107 Ballard, Basil 107 Barker, Janet I45 Barnett, Florence Orr 101 Barnhill, Dwayne 135 Barr, Gerald 61, 77, I45 Barrett, Paula 60, 69, 123 Barry, Norma 135 Barton, Phillip Dale 108 Bass, Mike 81, 90, 91, 123 Batdorf, John 105 Bates, Sharon I45 Bates, Thomas I45 Baumaum, Shirley 61, I45 Bays, Gary 90, 135 Beal, Diana I45 Beaman, William 135 Beard, Norman 100 Beard, Patricia 123 Beard, Virginia 135 Beason, James I45 Beatly, Gail I45 Bebee, Doug 43, 68, 108 Bechtel, Carol 59, 64, 69, 123 Beckham, Sharon Kay 108 Beeson, Roger 135 Bell, Rod 82, 83 Bellah, Bill 55, 72, 75, 76, 12 4 Benedict, Kristen 70, I45 Benefield, Dale I45 Benefield, Ken 81, 90, 108 Benefield, Sharon 4O, 4I, 108 Bengston, Dale 74, 101 Bennett, Judith 135 Benthen, Joyce 59, 135 Bentley, Tricia 59, 135 Bernard, Emma 63, 70, 108 Bernhardt, Robert 135 Blackson, Bette 124 Blackwelder, Charlie 93, 108 Blackwell, Jan 4I, 124 Blair, Judy 61, I45 Bland, Rae Jean 64, I45 Blevins, Janie 61, I45 Blevins, Jerry 55, 62, 68, 108 Blevins, John 73, I44, I45 Bloom, Cal 72, I45 Boblitt, Marilyn 35, 58, 80, 122, 124 Boggs, Bill 67, 70 Boggs, John I46 Bohanon, Gary 77, 135 Bohanon, Roger I46 Bolt, Phyllis 65, I46 Borders, Lynda 61, I46 Bowen, James 124 Boyer, Rick 77 Boyle, David 4I, 62 Boyle, Gary 135 Brainerd, Helen 60, 124 Brainerd, Kathy I46 Braswell, Kathaleen 135 Breitweiser, Paul 101 Brewer, Sharon 67, 75, 77, 124 Brewer, Yvonne 124 Bridge, Patricia 124 Bridges, Louis B. 108 Bright, Alan I46 Brindel, Carolyn Seidel 108 Briscoe, Twila Tucker 108 Brizendine, John 109 Brooks, Dan 69, 72, 75, 76, 122, 124 Brown, Dwayne 77 Brown, Jack I45 Brown, Joddie I46 Brown, Linda I46 Brown, Vic 61, 82, I46 Brock, William M. 109 Bryant, Ken 82, 124 Buck, Kathy 67, 124 Bucy, Ken 82 Buettner, Milton A. 101 Buford, Larry 55, 62, 135 Bull, Linda 61, I46 Burg, Gary 62, 63, 64, 77, 81, 136 Burgess, Harold 109 Burkett, Dave I46 Burnett, Carolyn I46 Burnett, David 109 Burnett, Fred 124 Burns, Glenn 81, I46 Burris, Bonnie 136 Burris, Dennis 124 Buser, Ron 77 Butler, Joyce 109 Butler, Thomas I46 Butterfield, Victoria I46 Byard, Jeannine 109 Bybee, Wesley I46 Bye, Dean 55, 67, 75, 77, 109 Byrd, Linda 4O, 77, 124 Byrum, James 109 C Caldwell, Carl 39, 48, 56, 106, 109 Caldwell, George 82, 83, I46 Caldwell, Victoria 109 Calvert, Barbara 60 Cambell, Vic 82 Camm, Margaret 105 Campbell, Marvin 136 Campbell, Victor I46 Capin, Sheryll I46 Carlisle, Dave I46 Carmichael, Patricia I46 Carpenter, Carolyn 109 Carr, Ronald 45, 61, 62, 64, I46 Carroll, Celeste 43, 59 Carroll, Dennis 64, 73, I46 178 Carroll, Jan 61, 64 , 66 , I 46 Carroll, Sue 59, 136 Carrington, Dr. John 39, 101 Carter, James 124 Carter, Neil 81, 86 , 124 Casaday, Rande 61, I 46 Case, Dave 61, I 46 Case, Nancy 34 , 48 , 109 Case, Steve 82, 83, 84 , 110 Caskey, Mary Jane 136 Cataline, Curt 82, 89 Cavender, Kathryn 125 Cheeks, C. W. 105 Cherney, Dave 70 Cherney, Sam 66, I 47 Chessor, Barbara 39, 4 O, 4 I, 125 Chewning, Carolyn 65, I 47 Childers, Edward I 47 Childers, Jerry 56, 82, 90, 125 Childs, Eileen I 47 Chionos, Peter T. 110 Chorlton, Connie 66 , 110 Christenson, Rich 82, 89, 92, 136 Clark, Donna 61, 64 , I 47 Clark, Gerald I 47 Clay, Carl I 47 Clear, Valorous B. 101 Clemens, Fred 4 O, 4 I, 55, 73, 75, 136 Cleveland, Jane 67 Clingenpeel, Don 82, I 47 Clum, Merrill 81, 90, 91, 136 Coble, Monty I 47 Cochron, Sheila I 47 Coffman, Diana 58, 110 Cole, Larry 4 O, 82, 83, 85, 110 Cole, Robert I 47 Coleman, Cheryl I 47 Colley, Richard 136 Cornett, Bob 82, I 47 Corns, Marcia I 47 Corns, Ted 4 O, 49 , 57, 68 , 75, 110 Comer, Gregory 77, I 47 Coody, Kay 110 Cook, Jim 4 I, 62, 63, 136 Cook, Kenneth 4 I, 101 Cottingham, Elsie 101 Cotton, Linda 73, I 47 Coulson, Phillip 62, 89, 125 Cox, Rick 67, I 47 Coyy, Mike 81 Crane, Patty 77, I 47 Crane, Susan 61 Creek, Rebecca I 47 Crippen, Karen I 47 Crowder, Martha I 47 Cruikshank, Janet I 47 Cunningham, Sally I 47 Cupp, Gene 61, I 47 D Dagenhart, Paul 77, I 47 Darkwood, Robert I 47 Davidson, Loretta I 48 Davidson, Lowell 4 O, 64 , 67, 125 Davidson, Marilyn 110 Davis, Douglas I 47 Davis, Rich 43 , 56, 92, 110 Davis, Sharon 64 , 136 Davy, Larry 82, 110 DeBolt, Jerry 110 DeBusk, Judy 63, 68, 125 Decker, Carol I 47 Decker, Dave 82, 83 Decker, Helena 125 Decker, Joyce 60, 125 Deihl, Douglas 75 Deihl, Linda 46 , 75, 110 Dennis Daryl 81, 90, 136 Derring, Catherine I 47 Deubach, Vila 100, 101 DeVore, Jeannette 136 DeWard, Timothy I 47 Ditty, Larry 90 Dodd, Ruth I 48 Donaldson, Janeen I 47 Dortman, Chick 70 Doub, Brenda 136 Douglas, Roberta I 47 Douglas, Timothy 136 Drake, Jeanne 125 Drake, Marilyn 111 Dreger, Geraldine 136 Drummond, Wesley C. Ill Dudgeon, Robert A. Ill Duerksen, Jerry I 47 Dunhoft, James 136 76, Duncan, Ronald 69, 136 Dunham, Barbara 4 I, 59, 69, 125 Dunkle, LeAnn 58, 136 Durham, Janet I 47 Dyson, Lucinda 111 Dyson, Sharon 60, 75 E Eastin, Kathy I 48 Eckelberg, Duane 64 , I 47 Eckhardt, Marka Murray 125 Eddy, Ray I 48 Edmonson, Jean 125 Edson, Ray 75, 76, 111 Edson, Robert 57, 75, 125 Edwards, Bob 56, 82, 83, 85, 125 Edwards, Connie 58, 67, 75, 136 Edwards, C. L. 100 Edwards, David 125 Edwards, David 37, 56, 82, 90, 111 Edwards, Stella 59, 136 Edwards, Verle 105 Egelston, Carolyn 47 , 59, 69, 106, 111 Elliott, Richard I 48 Eoff, James I 48 Epperly, Donald I 48 Erb, Dave 68 , 86 , 125 Erskine, Carl 92, 93 Espey, Marcie 58, 80, 111 Etchison, Janice I 48 Ewell, Lynn 136 F Falls, Barbara 4 O, 49 , 75, 76, 126 Falls, Glenn 39, 101 Fallon, Linda 125 Farmen, William 101 Farney, Douglas M. Ill Farst, Linda I 48 Fechenda, Victoria I 48 Feller, Warren 54 , 111 Fenrick, Art 56, 136 Fenstermaker, Jim 54 , 62, 67, 126 Ferrell, Sandra 61, I 48 Festian, Sandra I 48 Fiegland, Dale I 48 Fillmore, Dale 137 Fitzgerald, Don 82, 89 Flannagan, Rose 126 Flannary, Linda 111 Flick, Sherrill 137 Flowers, Jerry 137 Flowers, Keith 137 Follet, Robert 126 Ford, Faye 137 Foronda, Francine 61, I 48 Forsberg, Rich 69, 137 Forster, Jackie 67, I 48 Fought, Carol 112 Fox, Charles 112 Fox, Michael 92, 137 Fox, W. Shirell 39, 44 , 100 Fraley, Bernard 61, I 48 Freeman, Bob 81, 90 Freer, Richard 38, 4 I, 55, 64 , 126 French, James 39, 112 Friend, Constance I 44 Fritzler, Carole 112 Fritzler, Gilbert 39, 100 Frost, Rita 75 Frye, Camillia I 48 Fulda, Jack 66 , 126 Fulda, William 137 Funk, Eileen 105 Funk, Harold I 49 Funk, Janet 35, 60, 69, 126 Funk, Shirley 112 Fuqua, Loisanne 61, I 49 Furnish, Nancy 137 G Gaither, Mary Ann 126 Galloway, Edward I 49 Gandee, Nancy 61, I 49 Garrett, Gordon I 49 Gee, John P. 101 Gerhart, Janet 60, 112 Gerig, Lou 45 , 55, 69, 81, 137 Geer, Carol 137 Gifford, Bonnie 47 , 59, 63, 69, 112 Gifford, Richard 89, I 49 Gilbert, Clella I 49 Gilbert, Larry 77 Gilbert, Marilyn 39, 59, 112 Gilbert, Robert I 49 Gloff, Dennis 86, 87, 92, 93, 126 Goad, Kathryn 61, I 49 Gogolin, Gerda 59, 65, 70, 126 Good, Joan 137 Goode, Gay 61, I 49 Goodwin, Kathleen I 49 Goosen, LeAnne 59, 126 Gordon, Wayne 126 179 Gough, Steve 54, 112 Gould, Regina 61, I 49 Gradeless, Dennis I 49 Grafton, Martha 112 Grams, Donna I 49 Grauman, Roland 54, 72, 137 Gray, Alice 126 Gray, Larry D. 112 Gray, Linda I 49 Gressman 4 O, 101 Grimes, Ron 81, I 49 Grinewitzki, Sandra 67, I 49 Grossenbacher, Carolyn 60, 126 Grossnickle, Gary I 49 Grove, Suzanne 137 Grubbs, Larry 4 I, 45 , 62, 134, 137 Grubbs, Sue 58, 126 Guiher, Donald 61, I 49 Guss, Sharon 59, 75, 76, 126 Gustafson, Carol 62, 137 Guthrie, Johnnie 126 Guthrie, Susan I 49 Guttenfelder, Marcia 67, 75, 76, 77, 112 H Hackler, Judy I 49 Hager, Edward I 49 Hale, Sharon I 49 Hall, David 67, 72, 75, 137 Hall, James 81, 90, 91, 127 Hall, James I 49 Hamilton, Jackie 137 Hamilton, Janet 137 Hammel, Gregory I 49 Hammel, Randal I 49 Hancock, David 92, 127 Handley, Jerry 4 I, 62, 63, 137 Hanson, Jane 127 Hanson, Paula 137 Harbron, Garrett 113 Harbron, Thomas 39, 4 I, 101 Hardman, Frances F. 127 Hardman, Jalynne I 49 Hargett, Bill 55, 72, 75, 137 Hargett, Dwight 55, 67, 75, 113 Harkins, James 56, 106, 113 Hartley, Rick 56, 127 Harless, Ron 50, 82 Harmon, Martin 137 Harper, Elaine 102 Harris, David 138 Hartman, Diane 113 Harvey, Vicki 150 Harvey, Wanda 58, 127 Hastings, Walter 90 Hastings, Warren 90, 91 Hatch, Kenneth 55, 66 , 138 Hatchel, Charles 82, 138 Hatinger, Jerol 63, 127 Havens, Joyce 68 , 138 Hay, Jan 45 , 59, 69, 127 Hayden, Jean 70, 113 Haver, Steven 113 Heffelfinger, James 150 Helbling, DeVon 67, 102 Helton, Robert 61, 150 Helvey, Jerry 82, 83, 85, 113 Henderson, Kay 138 Hendrickson, Kendall 113 Henningar, Lewis A. 102 Henry, Terry 38, 4 O, 55, 127 Henry, Thomas 39, 4 O, 4 I, 113 Herendeen, Steve 82 Herman, Connie 4 O, 59, 69, 127 Hernbloom, David 127 Herridge, Bill 77 Herschell, Jay 150 Hervey, Thomas 150 Hess, Joseph 150 Hestor, Diane 138 Hiatt, Wilma 138 Higgins, Jeannine 4 I, 113 Hildebrand, Leo 67, 72, 113 Hill, Sandi 68 , 127 Hill, Thomas 56, 90, 91, 138 Hiller, Karen 58 Hinderer, Joyce 67, 150 Hippensteel, Barry 150 Hise, Charles 48 , 69, 86 , 87, 88 , 122, 127 Hlad, Edward 138 Hocker, Larry 89, 90, 91, 113 Hocker, Jerry 127 Hodge, Mary Lou 59, 72, 138 Hoffman, Janice 138 Hoffman, Rudy 38, II 4 Hoffman, Sandra 127 Hoffman, Trudi 66 , 138 Hogge, Peggy 58 Holdeman, Norman 150 Holton, Helen A. 100 Honeycutt, Richard 39, 4 O, 4 I, 44 , 57, 65, 127 Hooker, Grant II 4 Hooks, Larry 67, 70, 150 Hoover, Andrew 138 Hoover, Darlene 60, 127 Hopple, Max 92 Hossler, Keith 77, 150 Houchins, Sherry 77, 150 Houck, Phillip 150 House, Steve 39, 4 O, 55, 62, 75, 90, 128 Houser, Duane 150 Howard, Pavletta 138 Howell, Ernesteen 77, 150 Howell, Patricia 150 Huitt, Robert 128 Hull, Janet 67, 75, II 4 Hull, Melvin 82, 150 Hull, Sharon 67 Humes, Mary Lou 4 O, 46 , 62, 69, II 4 Hunt, Linda 150 Hurless, David 150 Huskey, Linda 150 Hutcheson, Edwin 57, 65, 138 Hutchinson, Myra 60, 68 , 128 Hutton, Nancy 58, 138 I Ice, Nancy 69, II 4 Igney, Gloria 75, 138 Ingland, Joyce 138 Innskeep, Phyllis 60, 128 Irnel, Earl 128 J Jack, David 77, 150 Jackson, Ann 39, 4 O, 128 Jackson, Dennis 138 Jackson, Tillian 128 James, Jerry II 4 Janke, Karolyn 138 Jaquay, Sandra 61, 150 Jasper, Robert 138 Jeeninga, Mrs. Aletta 69, 105 Jeeninga, Gustav 102 Jenkins, James II 4 Jenkins, Jerry 38, 39, 4 O, 4 I, 46 , II 4 Jerman, Gail 150 Johnson, Bert 75, 77, II 4 Johnson, Joyce 70, 138 Johnson, Virginia 105 Jones, Barbara 150 Jones, Cathy 4 O Jones, Dan 150 Jones, Gary 72, 151 Jones, Gerald 151 Johnson, Mary 150 Jones, Patricia 138 Jones, Phyllis 128 Jones, Sarah 128 Jones, Terry 151 Jordan, Keith 56, 82, 139 Kahle, Marsha 151, 61 Kane, Mark 151 Kapsal, Ardith 151 Kardatzke, Susie 75, 76, 122, 128 Kardatzke, Nyle 38, 105 Kearns, Lawrence 151 Keck, Karen 151 Keene, Constance 151 Kees, Ginger 151 Keesling, Jerry 139 Keith, James 128 Keith, Joyce 151 Kelchner, Larry 151 Keller, Gerald 4 O, 128 Kelly, Don 4 O Kemler, David II 4 Kemler, John 139 Kerr, Bonny 61, 70, 151 Kerr, Rose 151 Keske, Ellen 65 Kesterke, Rita 128 Kilmer, C. Jean 100 King, Joyce 151 King, Phil 61. 67, 73, 151 Kinion, Leslie 61, 151 Kirby, Marcia 62, 69, 128 Kirkland, Diane 139 Kirks, Judith II 4 Kittinger, Tom 67, 77, 151 Kleis, Avis 59, 70, II 4 Kleis, Sander 102 Klepper, Keith 151 Knight, Howard 82, 83, 115 Kolb, Linda 64 , 151 Kollar, Mary 128 Korsky, Sharon 139 180 Kramer, Carl 4 I, 55, 64 , 70, 139 Kufeldt, Kristina 151 L Lackey, John 69, 105 Lallathin, Bernard 70, 102 Landis, Dare 67, 75, 139 Lash, Howard 102 Lauridsen, Earl 54 , 68, 115 Lavrinc, Patricia 151 Lawrence, Ethel June 115 Lawrence, Pauline 115 Lawrence, Robert 115 Layton, Dan 151 Leach, Larry 128 Leatherman, Duane 39, 55, 69, 89, 139 Le Clear, Barbara 151 Le Clear, Thomas 57, 115 Lehman, Delores 115 Lehnus, Darryl 4 O, 4 I, 86 , 87, 92, 128 Leighton, Barbara 102 Leis, Keith 139 Leniger, Phyllis 58, 129 Lentz, Phil 43 , 70, 151 Leonard, Juanita 102 Leppien, John 139 Lewellyn, Marian 61, 151 Lewis, David 4 I, 42 , 75, 129 Lien, Ingyr Marie 102 Linamen, Dr. Harold 68 , 102 Lindsay, Gary 57, 115 Linn, Nancy 139 Lister, Jerry 115 Litondo, Amelia 115 Litondo, Frank 62, 65, 139 Little, Gary 139 Little, Gertrude 102 Liverett, David 139 Loeber, Linda 75, 115 Logue, Beverly 58, 129 Long, Clarence 151 Long, Rhea 152 Long, Ron 86 , 87, 88 Longnecker, Steve 67, 75, 77, 139 Lonnberg, Charles 102 Lopez, Ernie 115 Lund, Paul 129 M MacKenzie, Elbridge 103 McAlhaney, Jim 81, 89 McCarroll, Thomas 152 McCarty, Linda 61, 152 McClure, Wilma 151 McCollough, Dale 129 McCrystal, Ann 152 McCutchan, Beverly 61, 66 , 152 McDaniel, Marilyn 116 McDivitt, Stewart 39, 139 McFarling, Larry 39, 57, 129 McFarling, Louise 152 McFarling, Vivian 105 McGee, Larry 152 Mcllroy, Eileen 152 McKinley, Anita 152 McKinley, Kaye 61 McKinney, Donna 80, 134 McMillan, Virginia 152 McNeely, Errol 152 McNutt, Steve 77, 139 McReynolds, Judy 139 Macholtz, James 102 Macholtz, Bob 81, 86, 102 Maco, Joan 116 Maddox, Larry 90 Mader, Carolyn 152 Magsig, Jane 80, 152 Magsig, Mardel 116 Magsig, Terry 103 Mahnke, Terry 61, 152 Majors, George 34 , 116 Majors, Marilyn 152 Marsh, Lyle 152 Marsh, Peggy Harris 116 Marsh, Ron 54 , 116 Marsh, Timothy 139 Martin, Diane 139 Martin, Jim 49 , 67, 69, 75, 116 Martin, Kay 77, 152 Martin, Kris 61, 152 Martindale, Caryl 139 Massie, Cheryl 152 Masters, Richard 139 Matas, David 152 Matas, Donald 152 Matas, Ronald 116 Matson, Rae I 4 O Matthews, Judy 152 Mattison, Mary 152 Maxedon, Richard 129 May, Joretta, 4 O, 129 May, Mickey 152 Mayo, Mrs. Marie 4 I, 103 Mays, Jim 61, 152 Meadows, Michael 152 Means, Karen 153 Mefford, Beverly 4 O, 116 Mefford, Marilyn 58, I 4 O Megl, Albert 153 Meier, Nilah 103 Meier, Tabitha 46 , 59, 116 Menchinger, Marilou 35, 59, 70, I 4 O Mercer, Larry 39, 116 Mercer, Patricia 129 Messick, Joyce I 4 O Metz, Larry 57, 116 Meyer, Kerry 72, 75, 76, 129 Middleton, Carol 153 Miles, Roxie 153 Miller, Anita I 4 O Miller, Cheryl 129 Miller, Darlene 103 Miller, Lisa 153 Miller, Sue 4 5, 58, 69, 75, 76, 129 Mills, Letty I 4 O Minnick, Larry 129 Minton, Carol 60, 71, 129 Montague, Sue 60, 129 Moody, Robert 117 Moore, Carol I 4 O Moore, Carolyn 153 Moore, Gerald 129 Moore, Hazel 4 O Moore, Lester 129 Moore, Melba I 4 O Moore, Ronald 117 Morey, Donald 4 O, 130 Morgan, Dennis I 4 O Morgan, Terry 86 , 87, 130 Morgan, Tina 117 Morrison, John 100 Morrison, Marcia 67, 153 Morrison, Ron 62, 134, I 4 O Mosier, Leslie I 4 O Moss, Mervin 77, 130 Mullins, Marvin 77, 153 Mullins, Sandra I 4 O Mundy, Mike 82, 83, 85, 89, 117 Murphy, Jerry 153 Murray Lee 153 Murray, Terry 130 Muster, Lela 153 Mutterspaugh, Laura 153 N Neese, Richard 64 Neff. DeEtta 60, I 4 O Nelson, Gayle 153 Nelson, John 117 Nelson, Wayne 62, 71, I 4 O Nettleton, Peggy 130 Nevins, George 153 Newberry, Alma 130 Newberry, Jill 59, I 4 O Newcomb, John 43 , 130 Newill, Jean 153 Nicholes, Brenda 4 I, 58, 130 Nicholson, Robert 99 Nickel, Curt 56, 63, I 4 O Noble, Kathy 61, 153 Noble, Myron I 4 O Noble, Roger 130 Noffateo, Steve 77 Noggle, Jim 61, 62, 66 , 153 Norris, Dr. LaVern 39, 103 Norton, Maxine I 49 Nulph, Lorraine 153 O O’Haver, Paul 82, 117 Oldham, Sandra 64 , 153 Olive, Gloria 39, 103 Oliver, Martha 4 I, 59, 117 Oliver, Michael 130 Oliver, Silas 90, 91 Olson, Carol 63, 130 Olson, Hallie I 4 O Oriedo, Astone 66 , 117 Osborne, Nancy 103 Osteen, Mike 55, 89, I 4 O Otten, Connie 71, 153 Ours, Frederick 153 Outlaw, Gail 117 Overholt, Bob 75, 76, 130 Owen, John 103 181 p Pace, Nancy 130 Palmatier, Patrick 153 Palmer, Freda 130 Pappas, Thomas N. 39, 103 Pare, Paula 153 Parker, Joan I 4 O Parker, LaDonna 59, I 4 O Parker, William 54, 82, 90, 130 Parks, Larry 130 Parr, Elyse 58, I 4 O Parr, Ronald 82, 90, 103 Parrett, Thomas I 4 I Parsons, Karen I 4 I Pate, Gary 56, 86 , 117 Patrick, Bonnie 130 Patterson, Philip 131 Patterson, Willian K. 105 Payne, Larry 82, 84 Peacock, Linda 63, I 4 I Pearson, Charles 153 Pedigo, Joseph I 4 I Pence, Christopher I 4 I Pendleton, Carol 59, 72, I 4 I Perry, Guy 4 O, 4 I, 47 , 81 Perry, Nita 153 Perry, Richard 82, 92, 131 Perzanowski, Tom 61, 153 Peterson, Doria 153 Phile, Yvonne 154 Phillips, Elwood 105 Phillips, Wanda 154 Philmore, Dale 71 Phipp, Hugh 117 Pickens, Linda 154 Pickering, Beatrice 117 Pilcher, Janice 58, 131 Pilcher, Linda 154 Pilo, Sharon 61, 66 , 154 Pistole, Cynthia 58, I 4 I Placidi, Jeanne I 4 I Pluhar, Charles 154 Pogue, Betty W. 103 Poikonen, Carl 56, 82, 92, 131 Porter, Abby 131 Portwood, Ralph 154 Post, Tom 56 Post, Robert 70, 131 Powell, James 118 Powell, Joe 55, 68 , 131 Preisig, Patricia 64 , I 4 I Pressel, Richard 154 Presser, John 154 Price, Judith 61, 154 Printy, Gwen 53, 131 Proctor, Duane 154 Proebsting, Gary 154 Proffit, Robert j 4 , 131 Putnam, Linda lj 4 Pylate, Rita 48 , 53, 59, 67, 69, 75, 76, 77, 131 Q Quinn, John 81, 90, I 4 I R Ragsdale, Elva Mae 103 Ramsey, George 103 Ramsey, Jr., George 77, I 44 Ramsey, Kathy 154 Ratcliff, Ray 4 I Raymond, Arnold 131 Razor, Carol 154 Reardon, Connie 30, 4 I, 47 Reardon, Kathleen 154 Reardon, Robert 98 Reddinger, Cheryl 154 Reed, Ginger 154 Reed, Rita 154 Rees, James 4 I, 103 Rehbein, Ceresa 154 Reid, Dan 65, 67, 118 Reinhardt, Bruce 38, 39, 42 , 46 , 75, 76, 131 Renz, Russell R. IO 4 Replogle, Janet 131 Rhodes, Margo 61, 154 Richardson, Michael 154 Richardson, Patricia 154 Ridenhour, Jan M. 118 Riggle, Judy 64 , 154 Rigsby, Constance 154 Rippee, Patricia 154 Risk, Jeff 82, I 4 I Ritter, Sharon 65, 154 Roach, Chanwick 155 Robbins, Joan 60, 118 Roberts, Pam 62, 71, 155 Robertson, John 54 Robertson, Michael I 4 I Robertson, Thomas L. 4 I, IO 4 Robinson, Michael 118 Roca, Carmen 65, 155 Rockhill, Marvin I 4 I Rodgers, David 155 Rogers, Consyelo 65, 155 Romano, Sue 58, I 4 I Ross, Edward 62 Ross, Norman I 4 I Rothrock, Karen 118 Roush, Janis 80, 155 Rowan, Ted 155 Roys, John L. IO 4 Royster, Sandra 70 Ruby, Paulette I 4 I Ruedebusch, Jo Ann 4 O, 59, I 4 I Rummel, Anne 118 Ruth, Richard 43 , 54, 118 S Salatin, Greg 77 Saltzman, Paul 39, 56, IO 4 Samuels, Jack 105 Sandefur, Nancy 118 Sanders, Barbara 62, 131 Sandstrom, Judith 131 Sauls, Charlotte 58, 80, I 4 I Sayres, Darlene 4 I, 69, 70, 131 Sayger, Rich 82 Schemmer, Beverly Ann 118 Schulz, Laura 59, 118 Schwartz, Penny 155 Scott, Jim 67, 75, 77, I 4 I Sealock, Helena 118 Seaton, Lamar R. I 4 I Seeley, Craig 131 Seibel, Rebecca 155 Seibert, Karen 28, 29, 48 , 52, 60, 119 Selent, David 69, 77, 81, 119 Selent, Ray I 4 I Sellers, Jacquie 59, 72, I 4 I Settlemeyer, Louis 60, 118 Setzer, Arnold 69, 105 Shangle, Ron I 42 Shankland, Dennis 67, 72, 155 Sharp, Emily 119 Sharp, Richard 56, 82, 83, 84 , 85, 89, 90, 91, 132 Shellenbarger, Max 39, 4 I, I 42 Sheller, Paula 119 Shelton, Dan 61, 82 Sherry, David 71, I 42 Shinness, David 77 Shoot, Frederick V. 4 I, IO 4 Shoot, Frederick 155 Shoot, Jim 77, 155 Shoot, William 77, 155 Shoudel, Diane 59, I 42 Shumate, Charles 71, 72, I 42 Sickmiller, John 155 Simmons, Albert 132 Sipka, Sue 155 Sloan, Jerry 4 O Smallwood, Linda 65, 155 Smart, Sheila 80, I 44 , 155 Smith, Alvin 4 O, 66 , 119 Smith, Carla 61, 65, 155 Smith, Daryl 155 Smith, Diana 71, I 42 Smith, Diana 155 Smith, Duane 119 Smith, Galen 93 Smith, Harold 132 Smith, James M. IO 4 Smith, Marcia 38, 75, 76, 132 Smith, Marla 35, 155 Smith, Nancy 75, I 42 Smith, Patricia 155 Smith, Rae 4 O, 57, 132 Smith, Sharon 65, 155 Smith, Sherril 155 Smith, Vernon 39, 4 O, 45 , 55, 62, 64 , 68 , 69, 119 Smith, Walter 82, 119 Smoot, Doug I 44 , 155 Snider, Eileen 72, I 42 Snyder, Dan 56 Snyder, James 155 Snyder, Richard IO 4 Snyder, Robert 119 Snyder, Steve 82 Snyder, Thomas 4 O, 119 Snyder, Thomas 132 Sowders, Carolyn I 42 Spaulding, Spencer 4 O, 55, 69, 75, 132 Spitler, William 82, 155 Sprague, Ralph 54 , 68, IO 4 Sprague, Richard 68 , 119 Sprunger, Byron I 42 Stahnke, Marla 132 Stamm, Howard 37, 4 I, 56, 62, 65, 69, 75, 76, 120 Stanley, Charles I 42 Stansberry, Bruce I 42 Steinaker, Norman 4 I, IO 4 Stelter, Diane 156 Stemple, William 156 182 Stephenson, Becky 59, I 42 Stevens, Jerry 92, 120 Stevens, Terry 92, 94 Stevenson, Jerry IO 4 Stewart, David 120 Stinson, Patricia 65, I 42 Stone, Donna 34 , 46 , 59, 69, 75, 120 Stone, George 156 Stoops. Robert 120 Stout, Jerry 132 Stowe, Margaret 156 Strand, Ivan 67, 77 Strand, Lora 67 Strattman, Margaret 62 Strawn, Lucille Ann 105 Strege, Merle 61, 156 Strickling, Richard 156 Strong, Marie IO 4 Struthers, Carol 75, 132 Studebaker, Peggy 62, 156 Suko, John 77, 156 Sulgrove, Beverly 132 Sumner, Robert I 42 Sutter, Jeannette 156 Swartz, Penny 61 Swartzlander, Thomas 62, 70, 132 Swenson, Anne Roberts IO 4 T Tanner, James 54 , 81, I 42 Taylor, Janet 45 , 59, 69, 132 Taylor Janet Ann I 42 Jeannine, Taylor 156 Taylor, Mike 82 Taylor, Rena 156 Taylor, William 86, 88, 156 Tedder, Ronald 156 Teeters, Karon 132 Teeters, Steven I 42 Tefft, Ruthann 69, 120 Terray, John IO 4 Terray, Mary 67, 156 Thacker, Curt 77 Tharp, Trixie 156 Theilking, Joan 75, 120 Thole, Terry 36, 54 , 90, 91, 132 Thomas, Ann I 42 Thomas, Philip I 42 Thompson, Jeannine 32, 33, 37, 69, 120 Thompson, Mark 82, 132 Tierney, Terry 86 , 92, I 42 Tingley, Rosalie 65, 156 Tirre, Charlotte 65, 156 Tjart, Arlene 35, 61 Tjart, Peter IO 4 Trafelet, Karen 132 Traister, Wesley I 42 Tramel, Jean I 42 Trick, Thomas 156 Troutman, David 105 Troutman, Regina 61, 156 Troutman, Zola 30, 35, 38, 52, 59, 69, I 43 True, Lou Ellen 133 Trumble, Rosie I 43 Turner, Robert 39, 55, I 43 U Ulery, Harriett I 43 Underwood, Kent 156 Upshaw, Kenneth 4 O, 4 I, 49 , 120 V Van Norman, David 77, 156 Vetter, Ray 77 Von Almen, David 81, I 43 Von Bargen, Daniel 54 , 92, 120 Vickery, Gerald 156 W Wade, Richard 65, 156 Waggy, Mary Lou 64 , 71, I 43 Wagstaff, Jacqueline 65, 156 Wallace, John 86 , 88 , 156 Walter, Kenneth 156 Walton, James I 43 Walton, Louise 62 Ward, Ellen 4 O, 70, 120 Ward, Jeannette 157 Ward, Sherry 4 I, 60, 62, 121 Ward, Thomas I 43 Warfield, Roland 105 Warren, Charles 54 , 62, 90, I 43 Warner, John 133 Watt, Kaye 157 Wattron, Theodore N. IO 4 Waymire, Carolyn 70, 121 Weatherford, Sandra 65 Webb, William 54 , 82, I 43 Webber, Gibb E. 105 Weber, Dorthea 157 Webster, Sharon 133 Webster, William 4 I, I 43 Weigle, Bob 92, 94 Wimer, John 157 Weippert, Ed 4 O, 4 I, 47 , 55, 62, 69, 75, 76, 121 Weitner, Cheryl I 43 Weldon, Sharon 60, 133 Wells, Roger 54 , 61, 69, 82, 121 Wells, Roger 157 W 7 ells, Terry 82, 157 Wetkowski, Kathy I 43 Wevland, Gerald 157 Wheat, Bryan 55, 72, 121 Whetzel, Pamela 133 White, Doyle I 43 White, Jon 54 , 64 , I 43 White, Rosemary 4 O, 133 White, Royce 4 O, 133 White, Walter T. 157 Whitesel, Allen 157 Whittkamper, Tonda 157 Wiens, Leonard 157 Wiete, Shirley 133 Wiley, Gerald 77 Wiley, Jack 133 Wiley, John 65, I 43 Wildermuth, Timothy 66 , 157 Wilkenson, Deanne 4 O Wilkerson, Barbara 157 Williams, Gary 157 Williams, George 82, 83 Williams, John 61 Williams, Melvyn 71, 133 Williamson, Willie 82 Willingham, Eugene 39 , 133 Willis, Anita 65, 133 Wills, Patricia I 43 Wilson, Dale 133 Wilson, Donald 157 Wilson, Tony 39, 57, 121 Wimer, John 61 Wingo, Bernard 121 Winslow, Stephen 67, 72, I 43 Withiem, Betty 157 Wolfe, Tony 72, 157 Wolfskill, Joy 67, 75, I 43 Wollam, Jean 157 Wood, Boyce 92, 133 Wood, Gary 133 Wood, Michael 157 Woodard, David I 43 Woodward, Lynda 70, 121 Wright, Clifford 157 Wright, Duane 69, I 43 Wright, Glenda 157 Wright, James 39, 57, 133 Wronek, Carol 61, 64 , 157 Wunsch, Gertrude 105 Wycoff, Wayne 157 Y Yanik, Rebecca 157 Yates, Kenneth 157 Yelton, Daniel 44 , 55, 133 Yeske, Ellen 157 Yoder, Daryl 61, 65, 157 Young, Richard 82, 83, 85, 89, 105 Young, Robert 92, 121 Youngman, W. Robert 105 Yount, Carol I 43 Z Zeis, Marty 4 I, 66 , I 43 Zerbe, Cheryl 39, 44 , 121 183 Acknowledgements People, being people, unfortu¬ nately are not equipped with the ability to recall perfectly faces and events they have known and experienced in the past. Since we have known many people worth remember¬ ing and shared in events worth recalling, this past year, the “Echoes” staff has attempted to record permanently as many of these as possible. Of course, every happening worth re¬ membering cannot be put into a small book. We hope that seeing a face of a forgotten campus friend will bring back to your mind a whole set of memories of events and emo¬ tions, important and insignifi¬ cant. This year has been exciting. It has changed us. We have lived so intensely, thought many thoughts, shared many experi¬ ences with so many people. We do not want to forget this year, expecially our friends who have made it meaningful. This edition of the “Echoes” is to keep us from forgetting. A great amount of cooperation is necessary to produce a year¬ book. Most photographs used in the “Echoes” have taken the cooperation of at least four par¬ ties to produce, the photogra¬ pher, the yearbook section edi¬ tor, the person or persons being photographed, and the weath¬ erman. To get all four parties cooperating at the same time in the same spot is a huge task. When this situation is multi¬ plied by the number of photo¬ graphs in the book, one can easily see the big job facing the yearbook staff. Without the cooperation of each student, our production of the “Echoes” would have been impossible. So we thank you, each student, faculty and staff member, for your patience and help. We would also like to ex¬ tend a special word of appre¬ ciation to the business con¬ cerns supporting this yearbook through the advertising section. Editor-in-chief, Chery Zerbe Assistant Editor, Dan Yelton Features Editor, Sue Miller Organizations Editor, Jan Hay Sports Editor, Larry Hocker People Editor, Jan Taylor Art Editor, Larry Cole Advertising and Business Manager, Vernon K. Smith Photographers, Dick Ruth and Phil Lentz Assistants —Jill Newberry, Ron Carr, Lou Gerig and Larry Grubbs Advisor—W. Shirell Fox 184

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