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0 FOREWORD i The spirit of Anderson College is far greater than men, events, students, youth, parents, former students or even the future. Everyone who even, so much as glances at this book will have a conception of Anderson College. It may o be a memory .... beautiful or bitter; dreams . . . blasted or realized; friends . . . made or lost; a weekend ... or four years. On the following pages of the I960 ECHOES we have attempted to grasp in panoramic review the spirit of AC. In trying to picture each phase of Anderson College in its proper perspective, the staff has made several changes this year. We hope that these changes will make this volume of the ECHOES more meaningful to every person who looks through its pages, whether as a casual observer or a careful student of its contents. , V 3 } ... ’ ' m Va YA V YA YA A vA |s3n, our Alma Mater duicft of sotil and mind; Tjhdu has taught within thy borders; To aid all mankind. So for this thy noble purpose . May put best avail. I ' t v Friend of all that’s good and upright Hail to thee, all hail! ijllf 1 ONTENTS STUDENT LIFE FEATURES BEAUTY HONORS ACTIVITIES PUBLICATIONS STUDENT GOVERNMENT MUSIC CHEERLEADERS ATHLETICS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL MINOR SPORTS INTRAMURALS ORGANIZATIONS SOCIAL CLUBS INTEREST CLUBS PEOPLE ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES TUDENT LIFE The college is students and theirs is the life of the college. They are everywhere . . . alone, in twos, in groups. A chat be¬ tween classes, a walk through the camp grounds, or a stolen forty winks in chapel; all are in their lives. In this section, the ECHOES presents the happenings in stu¬ dent life at Anderson College for this year. Pick out the ones you were in and relive the memories of these days. FALL SEMESTER BEGINS Roger digs deep to buy books for the new term. The fall semester suddenly arrived, with students scarcely having time to unpack their clothes, buy their books, and study their schedules before the first football game. From this time forward, life for the student was one continuous round of activities: foot¬ ball games, parties, concerts, a gala Home¬ coming, exams, and long hours of classes vied for this time. Lowly Frosh push peanuts ND ENDS IN CHAOS Football fans remain loyal in spite of rain. icross the football field. Nyle finally reaches the last step of registration—the pay-off! CASUAL GLIMPSES AT ' Terry takes " Twirp Week” seriously. Pepsters decorate the goal posts. Cecelia smiles for her ECHOES picture. Social clubs sin each Wednesday The voting machine is used for all campus elections ANDERSON COLLEGE LIFE Spirit is high at basketball games. Vera and Jerry take a break from studies. Mary escorts Mr. Brown on " Dads’ Day Barrett develops ECHOES pictures. Preparations are made for the annual choir tour. RAIN FAILS TO DAMPEN Pep Club worm squirms into third place. Camarada’s Viking Ship places first in float competition HOMECOMING SPIRIT Although the floats were bedraggled and droopy, and the queens had to carry umbrellas while the crowd shivered in the damp wind, the 1959 Home¬ coming will long be remembered by A.C. fans. Even a steady downpour of rain failed to daunt the Ravens as they gained sweet revenge over Hanover, the only team to defeat them last year, and won the HCC crown. Queen Neomi smiles in the rain. The A.C. marching band leads the Homecoming parade. Second place goes to Sachem’s " Panther.” Members of the board are worried as Mrs. Pratridge is given controlling interest. ACTING PROVIDES CREATIVE OUTLETS Gene plays the big " executive.” This is serious business. do for Donna’s " Solid Gold Cadillac.” The final scene shows what a woman’s influence can a business. CAMARADA SPONSORS CARE CARNIVAL SS m m Getting set for the turtle race. The crowd has a circus at the CARE Carnival. It’s all for a good cause, pro¬ fessor. Dick demonstrates skill Sam tries for fun Student Council Skate provides fun for all Pep and Sachem rehearse for the " Curious Savage Smitty tries the trampoline ■ ■ f i W.I.CkSI It y st 43$ wM tij 5 f- I . ?v| I Jw|J ENTERTAINMENT IS VARIED Sports provide one of the most popular forms Anderson College. of entertainment at Time out for refreshments at Y-Night. FORMALS ADD GLAMOUR TO COLLEGE LIFE 17 Dr. Donaldson counsels with students. The " Festival of Hymns " was an inspiring climax to Religious Emphasis Week Dr. W. Albert Donaldson was the speaker for this year’s annual Religious Emphasis Week. This week of special services, discussion and counseling is a highlight in the lives of Ander¬ son College students. t STUDENTS EXPRESS FAITH AND RECEIVE! Holy God, we praise Thy name! RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK UIDANCE THROUGH WORSHIP AND SERVICE Worship and service to others are only two of the many ways Anderson students show the im¬ portance of religion in their lives. The true spirit of a living faith is personified through the lives of the students in classes, athletics, dorm life and extracurricular activities. The new Park Place Church nears completion Worship plays a vital part in the lives of Anderson College students. Local churches welcome students. CIA teams visit orphange and Girls’ Home. ILL ? ' ' jjf J- Irjkr si 1 1 MilMWitei 1 JPlL jf| g!®r T : - Hk i y m m jpi rjrAJi 5 ippip Individual Division crown goes to Liz. Triad Sweetheart, Neoma Benson, pre¬ sents Novelty Division trophy to the Freshman Girls’ Trio. Del Rico’s capture first in Group Division. TRIADS PRESENT ANNUAL AMATEUR HOUR STUDENT COUNCIL NETS 1000 BLANKETS PROJECT BLANKETS’’ The beginning of a project to collect blankets for Hungarian refugees. Blankets pile up at the telethon. The cooperation of whole student body brings about success Project leaders receive money for blankets. CLASSES ARE INTERESTING; Freshman pencils fly to keep up with Mr. Buttner. Darrell, Margaret, and Tom take advan¬ tage of the fine science facilities of AC. Art classes are more popular than ever this year No socializing in the Periodical Room! Girls’ P.E. Class gets in the swim at the Y. ASSIGNMENTS DIFFICULT What ? Curt in the library ? CKIVANNil l c ■ V-i- ' EATURES BEAUTY HONORS Beauty is here represented by queens and sweethearts. Through quiet charm and graceful actions, the freshness of a smile and the warmth of laughter, their beauty is shared by all. Upon those who have proven themselves outstanding, we bestow honors. It is in them that we see the characteristics of leadership and citizen¬ ship ... the qualities of scholarship and service. n ip m.i WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES ROBERT ASEL . . . Music major, active member of Booster Club, served as president of MENC. SUE BRADY . . . Psychology major, served as Editor of ECHOES, had been ECHOES Feature Editor, Pep Club president and vice president, ANDERSONIAN News Editor, worked on several Stu¬ dent Council Committees. ROBERTA EDSON . . . majored in Music education, interested in music activities, choir, band, orchestra and Women’s Chorus, served as Winnetaska Club treasurer, active in CIA. MARNA EMLEY . . . Psychology, Sociology majors, served as IRC treasurer, president of Winnetaska Club, participated in CIA, mem¬ ber of Student Council, chairman of Religious Life Committee, Senior Class secretary. ARLENE FOLEY ... a Biology major, member of Alpha Chi, Sigma Zeta secretary, served as historian for Pep Club, on ANDER¬ SONIAN staff, active in Biology Club, member of Sigma Tau Delta, SNEA member. PIXIE HUGHES . . . majored in Music education, served as chap¬ lain for Fidet et Amore Club, held posts as president and secretary of WSGA, member of Student Council, a Student Assistant. BETTYE JONES . . . History major, served as class secretary, mem¬ ber of ECHOES staff, secretary of Pep Club, member of Social Life Committee, participated in IRC program, member of Dramatics Club. STUDENTS WHO RECEIVE NYLE KARDATZKE ... a Mathematics major, vice president of the Student Council, member of Triad Club, participated in IRC. STANLEY KARDATZKE . . . major in Biology, active Sachem Club member, sang in AC quartet, Junior Class vice president. SHIRLEY KING . . . majored in Music education, took an active interest in Camarada Club, sang in the college choir, member of Women’s Chorus, participated in SNEA program, MENC vice presi¬ dent. STANLEY KIRKPATRICK . . . Biology major, served Freshman Class as vice president, AC quartet member, active in Booster Club. HYLA KLABUNDE . . . majored in Sociology, served as vice president of Pep Club, member of Queen’s Court, German Fellow¬ ship vice president. JAMES KUFELDT ... a Psychology major, active in Association of Men Students, participated in track, sang in AC choir. KARLA LICK . . . Sociology major, active in AC band, Camarada Club member, participated in German Club, served on Student Council. EXERT EFFORT RECOGNITION PHYLLIS MILLER ... an English major, served both as president and vice president of Pep Club, class secretary, member of Student Council, May Queen attendant. SANDRA MOODY . . . major in Business education, very active in Fidet et Amore Club, served as chaplain, secretary and president, secretary of class and Soevrettes, member of SNEA, vice president of WSGA, member of Student Council, served as Student Assistant. THOMAS MORGAN . . . History major, vice president of Senior Class, Booster Club member, chairman of Government and Ethics Committee of Student Council, member of Men’s Senate, active in IRC. ROLEEN SMITH . . . Music major, member of the choir, served as Camarada Club secretary, active in Dramatics Club, participated in SNEA and MENC. WINFRED SMITH . . . majored in Sociology, participated in CIA program, member of Dramatics Club, twice president of Sociology Club, Triad Club member, active in Radio Club. GILBERT STAFFORD . . . Sociology, Religious Education major, active in Ministerial Fellowship, served as secretary during sophomore year, participated in Dramatics, and Sociology Clubs, I VC Club president, worked in CIA program. JOYCE WEAVER ... a History major, ANDERSONIAN editor for two years, sophomore class treasurer, member of Student Council, active in IRC, served as Pep Club vice president, member of WRA. SIGMA TAU DELTA STANDING: Dr. Thomas Robertson, Mr. W. Shirell Fox, Mr. Malcolm Gressman, Dr. Vila Deubach, Miss Lucille Willowby. SITTING: Miss Wilma Sherwin, Twyla Yoder, Helen Achor, Arlene Foley, Miss Florence Orr. KAPPA MU EPSILON SEATED: Miss Gloria Olive, Gilbert Fritz- ler, Mr. Paul Saltzmann, Nyle Kardatzke, Arlene Dudgeon, Barbara Shields, Larry Sherry, Jack Anderson, Ruben Schwieger, Evelyn Ward, Myrna Williams. STANDING: Donald Johnson, James Coe. HONOR ALPHA PSI OMEGA Glen Koglin, Lowell Stultz, Sita Kieth, Mr. Malcolm Gressman, Kenneth Crouch. ' SOCIETIES ALPHA CHI STANDING: Evelyn Ward, Dr. Marie Mayo, Dr. Pichon Loh, Dr. Kenneth Cook, Donald Miller, Carol Harting, Twyla Yoder. SEATED: Arlene Foley, Stan Kirkpatrick, Barbara Shields. Each honor society exemplifies scholastic ability in various academic areas. Alpha Chi is the overall honor society which recognizes academic mastery as well as emphasizing elements which make scholarship effective. SIGMA ZETA STANDING: Dr. Marie Mayo, Dr. Zylpha Hurlbut, Mr. Karnes, Mr. James Rees, Jack Anderson, Dr. Kenneth Cook, Dr. John Buehler. SITTING: Evelyn Ward, Arlene Larry Beaty, Barbara Shields. WWKP V CTIVITIES PUBLICATIONS STUDENT GOVERNMENT MUSIC CHEERLEADERS By our hand a leader is chosen. In his hand we place the gavel—the symbol of leadership and character. He wields the gavel with humility of attitude.and love for AC. In him we see the fulfillment of our own spirit, our progress and discipline. In this section are those activities through which the leaders on our campus serve the college. For willing and conscientious service we are grateful. I Business Manager ALFRED BARTZ Advisor W. SHIRELL FOX THIRTY-NINTH Yf j Editor SUE BRADY RBOOK PUBLISHED Activities BETTY STUBBS ELOUISE KINION, Editor Athletics CARY HARBRECHT GORDON PALMER, Editor JERRY RUARK Favorites VERA EVANS Advertisements DAVE TROUTMAN Art Editor EVAN STALEY Organizations sharon McLaughlin Student Life ELVA WILLIAMS JUDY BALLARD Typists SHIRLEY G ' EETING PAT PELFREY ANDERSONIAN KEEPS STUDENTS INFORMED Advisor W. SHIRELL FOX Editor JOYCE WEAVER Sports Editor ROBERT STONE News Editor DAN JERNIGAN Activities Editor ROBERTA HALL Second Page RAY BRENNAN FIRST ROW: Sita Keith, Donna White, Sue Brady, Charles Dale. SECOND ROW: Robert Stone, Ivan Terrill, Bryce Allison, Carol Harting, E ldridge Ellis, Bill Massie, John Capper, Wes Gillespie. BLUE BOOK STAFF Carolyn McCutcheon Shirley Hile Sandra Moody, Editor ANDERSONIAN REPORTERS STUDENT DIRECTORY PUBLISHED STUDENTS ASSIST IN DORMS FIRST ROW: Della Shonk, Jeanette Elders, Ellen Begemann, Barbara Ruez, Sharon Mullins, Caro¬ lyn Wilson, Twyla Yoder. SECOND ROW: Betty Baylor, N.W.R.H. Chairman; Roxie Warren, Morrison Chairman; Nancy Phillips, Mona Egelston, Marna Emley, Vicki Cook, Norma Lockhart, Carol Shultz, Margie Harlow. THIRD ROW: Dr. Osborne, Edra O Dell, Ginger Davey, Shirley King, Judy Lashbrook, Laura Tuffentsamer, Barbara Shields, Shirley Byrum, Pixie Hughes, Roberta Edson, Sandy Moody, Nita Evans, Myrna Gustafson. FIRST ROW: Don Dawson, H. L. Baker, Tom Morgan. SECOND ROW: Sam Leonard, Ralph Sprague, Eldridge Ellis, Dave Mohney. STUDENT COUNCIL PROGRAM REVITALIZED TWYLA YODER, Secretary CAROL HARTING, President NYLE KARDATZKE, Vice President SEATED: Wanda Wildermuth, Evan Staley, Twyla Yoder, Carol Harting, Nyle Kardatzke, Sam Leonard, Joyce Weaver. FIRST ROW: Judy Ballard, Karla Lick, Jeanette Elders, Deloris Hargett, Marna Emley, Phyllis Miller, Barbara Ruez. SECOND ROW: Vern Maddox, Gordon Palmer, Lowell Stultz, Ken Crouch, Tom Morgan, Gary Gerould, Bill Hazelbauer, Bill Norris, Roger Brewer. U— DISCIPLINARY BOARD STANDING: Pixie Hughes, Dave Mohney, Bill Norris, Chairman. SEATED: Della Shonk, Phyllis Miller, Chairman. ATHLETIC H. L. Baker, Wanda Wildermuth, Chairman; Jim Heneger. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Sam Leonard, Chairman; Sue Brady, Ruben Schwieger. SOCIAL COORDINATOR Roger Brewer, Barbara Ruez, Chairman. STUDENT COUNCIL COMMITT S INTEGRATE CAMPUS LIFE SOCIAL RESEARCH Judy Ballard, Chairman; Marlene Chesterman, Gary Gerould, Roger Brewer. W.S.G.A. OFFICERS Shirley Byrum, Kay Hoover, Judy Lashbrook, Pixie Hughes, President. RELIGIOUS LIFE Fred Shively, Bob Asel, Dave Reynolds, Ardith DeYoung, Ralph Sprague, Marna Emly, Chairman; Sam Leonard, Phyllis Miller, Twyla Yoder. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Donna White, Sue Brady, Joyce Weaver, Gary Horn- back, Chairman. GOVERNMENT AND ETHICS Tom Morgan, Chairman; Mary Jane Ralston, Don Johnson. SOPHOMORE DIANNE MAGZIG Treasurer KAYE HUGHES Secretary ERILYNNEE MENCHIN- GER . Vice President GARY GEROULD . President SENIOR GORDON PALMER ... President TOM MORGAN ... Vice President ELOUISE KINION ....... Treasurer MARNA EMELY ... Secretary OFFICERS GUIDE JUNIOR LOWELL STULTZ . President ED BOWMAN Treasurer STAN KARDATZKE.. Vice President JACKIE NEVITT . Secretary CLASS ACTIVITIES FRESHMAN DARELL DEAN .... President JOYCE MAURER Treasurer SANDRA WILLISON. Secretary BOB ADCOCK Vice President r T» ° ria Boohef . Sever] Good Betty Baylor, P eggy Don P n ’ Ardith DeY oung TI b D ar D rv° hn B] °°l d uer- Dave Tate, Doug Smith B -da CHARLES R. STANLEY OFFICERS Director Charles R. Stanley Secretary and Historian Juanita Evans Vice President Ardith DeYoung President Irv Martin CHOIR AND GLEE CLUBS I UNDER NEW DIRECTION WOMEN’S GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Jeanne Gordon, Althea Forde, Sandra Thor, Helen Wilcox, Dawn Shields. SECOND ROW: Janice Brabtree, Cindy Carlstrom, Sylvia Settlmyer, Sandra Haynes, Janice Mc- Intire, Carol Booher. THIRD ROW: Norma Walker, Sandra Thompson, Wilda Ruth, Pearl Snyder, Judy Cole, Willie Myers, Ginger Simmons. FOURTH ROW: Susan Smith, Kathi Klabunde, Elizabeth Wright, Marlene Weingard, Marcia Powell, Edra O’Dell, Marilyne Miller. MEN’S GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Larry Collins, Darrell Dean, Randall Childers, Fred Staker, Bob DeNoon. SECOND ROW: Howard Briggs, John Bloom, Don Dawson, Rupert Billions, Keith Brewer, Tom Dye. THIRD ROW: Don Talley, D. C. Holloway, Tom Babb, Harold Smith, Don McGee, Lloyd Bowen, Bill Jackson, FOURTH ROW: Gary Fussell, Jim Jenkins, Dan Walton, Phil Fair, Dave Tate, Eston Hunter, Gene Miller, Ralph Toon. IN TWO MOODS The marching band performs at Homecoming. DRUM MAJORETTE: Carolyn Rains. MAJORETTES: Judy Brobst, Head Twirler; Colleen Griffin Donna Brooks Sand:, Janice Morgan, Karen Sydell, Bonnie Chilcate. ’ Sanda McCutchan A.C. BAND FIRST ROW: Phyllis Fortner, Phillip Paul, Bob Asel, Karla Lick, Beverly Squires, Dan Kanyuck, Linnea Hutchinson, Judy Lashbrook. SECOND ROW: Janice Mclntire, Karen McKee, Herbert Nobles, Roger Brewer, Gary Fuseli, Barbara Bartels, Erilynne Menchinger, Larry Collins, Berneda Benson, Dale Stultz, Beverly Rouintree. THIRD ROW: Ruth Hartung, Carolyn Edson, Joyce McCurdy, Dorcas Beaty, Ralph Sprague, Bryce Allison, Larry Beard, Roberta Hall, Bythel Compton, Dave Tolly, Ken Chesher, Bob Denoon, Jim Bailey, Madonna Beaty, Eston Hunter. FOURTH ROW: Bill Coulson, Denton Johnson, Ruth Ann Miller, Jerry Pirkey, Bob Hall, Norma Dreger, Tom Miller, Rex Patton, Dave Decker, Dave Sleet, Bill Hazelbauer. TOUR GROUPS REPRESENT A. C ENVOYS QUARTET MELODAIRES TRIO BETTY AVED JUANITA EVANS SANDY MOORE BEVERLY ROUINTREE, Pianist TED MARTAIN D. C. HOLLOWAY RALPH TOON FRED SHIVELY BOB ASEL, Pianist COLLEGAIRES QUARTET DENNIS NEAL RON SHEARER JIM KUFELDT JOHN BLOOM KEN COX, Pianist CHEERLEADERS SPARK SCHOOL SPIRIT SANDY HAYNES BETTYE JONES MARY BATDORF, Captain JOANIE DETWEILER MARY CHESSER RUTH RILEY CAROLYN RAINS MARLENE WEINGARD Alternates iHRH jgiL ' fK " 9- i ' vHflKS -P f H| U i SS B B , - 1 ... - rttt m ■ . S3 THLETICS FALL SPORTS WINTER SPORTS SPRING SPORTS INTRAMURALS Football, tennis, track, basketball, baseball, intramurals . . . here is something that appeals to everyone, active participant or interested spectator. Whether it is the touchdown well earned, the first tip-in at the basketball game, or sliding into home- plate with the cry of " safe,” these next pages will show you the pictures. The real spirit, thrill, and pride, however, we must recall in our memories. PARTICIPANTS. AND SPECTATORS As participant, spectator, or coach, athletics this year have been fun. This phase of our campus life is perpetuated for us in the follow¬ ing pages. K MMT k DONALD KARNES—Cross Country Coach. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM FIRST ROW: Darrell Walling, Charles Loomis, Gary Gerould, Jerry Blevins, Bill Piatt. SECOND ROW: Ray Anger, Charles New, Bob Brooks, Martin Grizell, Ernest Lehman. TENNIS TEAM FIRST ROW: John Bloom, Jack Longneeker, Alfred Bartz. SECOND ROW Rick Strombeck, Stan Kirkpatrick, Ted Martin, Rupert Billions, Dave Stamm Prospects for next Fall FALL SPORTS: TENNIS AND CROSS COUNTRY RAVENS CAPTURE FIRST FIRST ROW: Alan Ware, Leon Munson, Dick Spitzmesser, Gerry Wright, Paul Lambert, Terry Havens, H. L. Baker, Charles Martin, Frank Cleckley. Ron Parr, SECOND ROW: Nat Johnson, Don Dawson, Dick Howell, Don Lukens, Ken Lighty. Fred Staker, Larry Day, Bill Norris. ELDRIDGE ELLIS—Trainer North Central ... Manchester . Taylor . Franklin . Indiana Central . Hanover .. Mt. Union, Ohio Defiance, Ohio . HOOSIER CONFERENCE CROWN THIRD ROW: Garry Hornback, Jim Temple, Arden Bradley, Richard Burchett, Larry Osnes, Gary Corbin, Ralph Engel, Bob Kanable, Gary Keith, Bob Stone. FOURTH ROW: Coach Macholtz, Bob Adcock, Bythel Compton, Cary Harbrecht, Ben Klein, John Shroades, Dienzel Dennis, Gus Carlson, Jerry Ruark, Don Brandon. SEASON SUMMARY A two-point loss in 1958 knocked Anderson from a Hoosier Conference Championship and high national rank¬ ing. From that moment on, the Ravens were determined to sweep the Conference in ’59. This they did. No opponent came close as the mighty Ravens trampled over conference foes to win their first undisputed Hoosier Conference Championship. However, the chance to go all the way to the N.A.I.A. Bowl play-offs was snapped in the bud in the season opener. The crippled Ravens wilted in the last half to take a bitter defeat from North Central of Illinois, 13-6. Gus Carlson scored the lone A.C. touchdown in the 2nd quarter. NINE SELECTED FOR ALL-HCC BILL NORRIS Tackle BEN KLEIN Tackle BOB STONE Honorary Captain Halfback PAUL LAMBERT Most Valuable Player Fullback DENZIL DENNIS End GUS CARLSON Quarterback RON PARR Center NAT JOHNSON Halfback GARY CORBIN Guard ? ' Mgg :•; - fn $m pr-;. :• SS .W i A.C. TRIUMPHS H. L. BAKER Halfback DON BROWN Fullback The Ravens took their spite out on conference foe Manchester and soundly whipped the Spartans, 27-6. Halfback Bob Stone scored two touchdowns and passed to Dienzel Dennis, good for 48 yards and 6 points. Paul Lambert accounted for the other TD. With Quarterback Carlson at the controls the machine was now in gear. Against a good Taylor team, Gus connected on touchdown passes of 30 yards to Brandon and 25 yards to Dennis. He also scored himself. Dennis scored the last TD on a fumble recovery and 2 yard run. A fine showing on Dad’s Day sent Taylor home nursing a 33-13 setback. JIM TEMPLE End DON BRANDON End TERRY HAVENS Halfback BOB KANABLE Guard ON GRIDIRON JOHN SHROADES Tackle LEON MUNSON Guard GARRY HORNBACK Center JERRY RUARK Tackle Fullback Lambert had quite a day in lead¬ ing the Ravens over the Franklin Grizzlies, ending with a 33-6 score. Paul scored three touchdowns, one on a 35 yard pass inter¬ ception. Carlson passed two more touch¬ downs; receiving them were Brandon and Terry Havens. SUCCESSFUL SEASON £§sl . , »t r . ; » , Indiana Central did not have a chance. From the start they were completely outclassed by the mighty Raven front wall. I.C., listed second nationally on passing yardage, gained only a net of 31 yards against Anderson’s rugged defense. Defensive stal¬ warts were Linebacker Don Dawson, End Nat Johnson, Linemen Bill Norris and Ron Parr. Contributing touchdowns were Stone, two by Lambert, Havens, Dennis, Johnson, and Alan Ware. Final score, A.C. -45, I.C. -0. CHARLES MARTIN Tackle GERRY WRIGHT Guard ARDEN BRADLY End LARRY OSNES Halfback CARY HARBRECHT Tackle DICK SPITZMESSER Halfback THRILLS RAVEN FANS The big day was here! What a coincidence the Hanover game was on Homecoming weekend. Little time was wasted in showing the large Homecoming crowd, and the Panthers, that the Ravens wanted and were going to get revenge. Stone scored early in the game and later added another. Lambert also scored two TD’s, one on a 14 yard pass from Carlson. Gus also kicked his ninth and tenth extra points of the season. The final score, 26-7. 67 DON LUKENS Halfback FRED STAKER Halfback LARRY DAY Guard BOB ADCOCK End GARY KEITH CLIFF KOEHN Fullback Pi ■ j- ■ . . . ■ u,tin ■ v --•» V; L - ® : ■ „ SEASON ENDS WITH 7-1 RECORD RALPH ENGLE Fullback KEN LIGHTY End ALAN WARE Halfback DON DAWSON Halfback The season was concluded in Ohio. At Defiance, in knee-high mud, the Ravens won 39-12. The scoring pa rade was, Stone, two TD’s from Havens, Carlson, and, believe it or not, Linemen Norris and Parr hit pay dirt. Norris scored on a reception from Carlson and Parr ran 38 yards with a -recovered fumble. At Mount Union, a hard-fought victory was earned. Showing real spirit, the team came from behind to win 15-6. This ended a great year with a 7-1 record. Stone went 40 yards after getting a lateral from Dennis. Havens added a second-half touchdown to put the game on ice. 68 JIM MACHOLTZ - ALL HCC COACH WINTER SPORT: BASKETBALL L , each ’ Dick HoweI1 Bob Stone Barrett Bates, Alfred Bartz. Don Brando , Nat Johns” H ’ D ‘ en " e ‘ D ' nniS ' Km S,raw " ' }xk PfWer “’ Walt « Coach: BOB MACHOLTZ mm INDIVIDUAL POINT AVERAGE Asst. Coach: J. PAUL KING Ken Strawn .... Games Ave. 10 9 Dienzel Dennis iy.z 1 C n Dick Leach . lO.U Barrett Bates IZ.4 Walter Lewis I z .u Jack Pflederer Dick Howell y.i 7.3 Bob Stone ... 2 A Erskine Hawkins 9.4 Nat Johnson Z.U Alfred Barty .. Don Brandon 1 .Z .3 0 Manager: DON MASHUE Trainer: EVAN STALEY Coach Macholtz and team talk over their next foe. Time out to hunt for a contact lense seven footer? TEAM MEETS TOUGH FOES Jack adds two points against Tennessee State. Lewis scores gracefully in Central game. A.C.. lost many rebounds this g Strawn receive against Taylor Dennis scores from the key. Bates was all alone for this one Dennis rarely gets a shot blocked HARD WORK PAYS OFF Strawn tips against Wilberforce Nat goes up for a try in a Junior Varsity game W mwj mm UPPERCLASSMEN NAT JOHNSON Junior JACK PFLEDERER Sophomore BOB STONE ALFRED BARTZ Sophomore DIENZEL DENNIS Junior Only Senior DICK LEACH Sophomore DICK HOWELL Sophomore FRESHMEN WALTER LEWIS ERSKINE HAWKINS I960 SCHEDULE Ear lam „.. Marian . WILBERFORCE . Central State Manchester - TENN. STATE HANOVER ... INDIANA TECH .... St. Joseph’s ..-. OAKLAND CITY . Indiana Central TAYLOR . .. FRANKLIN . Wiberforce .. Indiana Tech . MANCHESTER . Hanover ... MARIAN .. Taylor . INDIANA CENTRAL Franklin . Tenn. State .. AC OPP. 68 69 75 64 107 62 73 79 68 81 62 85 56 65 75 76 66 94 83 93 92 102 82 76 92 82 106 86 97 87 100 88 83 68 67 68 86 90 83 82 80 86 75 96 KEN STRAWN BARRETT BATES DON BRANDON i 75 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Left to Right: Beatrice Meckley, Joyce McCurdy, Betty Aved, .Norma Dreger, Vickie Cook, Carol Talent, Charlene Roberts, Carolyn Rains, Juanita Wollert, Sylvia Settlemyre, Brenda Elton, Joy Montgomery, Dorcus Beaty, Marcia Eck. Sylvia Settlemyre Juanita Wollert Coach Gertrude Wunsch gives the girls a pep talk before a game. Manager, NORMA DREGER, Senior Elouise Kinion is standing on the left end. SPRING SPORTS: GOLF I960 Left to Right: Gus Carlson, Bob Stone, Larry DeHority, Paul Lambert, Coach Jim Macholtz, John Capper, Tom Abbey, Roger Brewer. BASEBALL 1959 FIRST ROW: Frank Cleckley, Evan Staley, John Blevins, FI. L. Bak ROW: Larry Yelton, A1 Reinholtz, Paul Lambert, Stewart Blair, Bill N ROW: Bob Stone, J. Paul King, Don Lukens, Randy King, Bill Johnson Coach Ernie Rangazas and Manager Frank Cleckley ti-m | PITCHING, HITTING, FIELDING, AND CATCHING Senior J. Paul King delivers to senior Paul Lambert. Bill Norris singles to right field. Paul Lambert and Coach Rangazas brush up on signals. Alfred Bartz, Dick Howell and Don Lukens, exchange pointers at home plate. M| ■KHlaMi i r. - ££ - T|r, -V, • . ' ■. ' . f ■’ " ' ’ If ‘ ' ... ■ r % . . « £ ' «.»A « . .. »V V • i t u ' . jBl ' Mta J L| Hb ■ rW ‘ V 1 ' 1 - J 1 ■ v ' ' % » N -- ■ ' ' • • i, ' v. „ : [ Jfl V®SB| ||| t •; ' ' 1 v - ■ ’; J Ron Fields sets new conference javelin record. Nat Johnson sets new conference broad jump record. TRACK 1959 Terry Havens breaks the tape. Opponents pick up first and second place in 220 yard dash. TRACK I960 FIRST ROW: Charles Loomis, Terry Havens, Nat Johnson, Don Johnson, Phil Germany, Kenneth Lighty. SECOND ROW: Charles New, Larry Blevins, Gary Gerould, Dave Stamm, Coach Tames Macholtz. Phil Germany and Terry Havens fight for first. Varsity sports, respected at AC by every student, add not only to the stature and prestige of the college, but contribute to the development of participants and spec¬ tators, physically and socially. a INTRAMURALS: FOOTBALL Jack Pflederer adds surprise to a popular fall intramural sport by intercepting a pass. Long passes are popular and hard to catch. Paul Stravrakos was supposed to catch this one. Larry DeHority shoots for team number six. Mid-air foul caught by the photographer. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS FIRST ROW: Larry DeHority, Paul Stav- rakos, Larry Yelton, Norman Morlan, Bob Kanable. SECOND ROW: Jim Miller, Russ Woods, Jim Bailey, Phil Hempleman, Ivan De¬ Young, Roger Adcock, Roger Allen. BASKETBALL i t 1 STSsa Kf| ■ m ■ ■ Wrf £ - 1 2 ' m.W • 1 « - K A ,t CS ' lf r --¥ 1 ii 3 RGANIZATIONS SOCIAL CLUBS INTEREST CLUBS Organizations to meet diverse interests and enable all to participate in school life is one of the secrets of a well-balanced cur¬ riculum. Our strength in social clubs lies in brotherhood with singleness of purpose. Not soon to be forgotten are " All Schools,” building floats, and singing on the stairs. A practical expression of that gained from books finds an outlet in interest clubs. Action is centered around foreign affairs, radio, government, politics, dramatics, and religion. 85 SACHEM ROW ONE: Larry Yelton, James Coe, Bill Norris, Jack Longnecker, Don Johnson, Dick Christen, LaVern Norris. ROW TWO: Ken Crouch, Robert Wolfe, Alan Ware, Don Lukens, Stanley Wolf¬ ram, Dick Howell, Dick Leach, Dave Stamm. ROW THREE: Bruce Wells, Tom Mercer, Daniel Jernigan, Charlie New, Jerry G. Ruark, Gordon K. Reitz, Ken Lighty, Charles Loomis, Alfred Bartz. ROW FOUR: Eldridge Ellis, Bruce Carr, John Shroades, Arlyn Engbrecht, Vernon Maddox, Dienzel Dennis, Lee Kinch, Sonny Hochenberry, Paul Lambert. The Sachem Club feels that Christian leadership in every facet of life is the solution to many of the present-day world problems. This is symbolized by the club name—an Indian word for leader. Sachem Club develops leadership by participating in many activ¬ ities throughout the school year. The Sachem float which portrayed the theme, " Lost in a Raven’ Jungle,” won second place in the Homecoming Parade. The comedy, " The Curious Savage,” pre¬ sented in cooperation with the Pep Club, provided the school with an outstanding night of entertainment. Bill Norris fills the office of president and Dick Christen acts as vice president. Don Johnson holds the secretary’s post and Jack Longnecker holds the purse strings of the club. Jim Coe is the club chaplain and Dr. LaVern Norris is the faculty advisor. Prominent Sachems include Gordon Palmer, president of the senior class, Little All- American, Bill Norris, and Bruce Carr regional vice president of IRC. The Sachems united with the Pepsters to produce " The Curious Savage.” PEP Pep Club, which has the distinction of being the oldest social club on campus, stands for the development of Christian person¬ ality, education and progress. The Pep-Sachem All School, " The Curious Savage,’’ was one of the outstanding dramatic presenta¬ tions of the year. Phyllis Miller is club president and Hyla Klu- bunde serves as vice president. Notes were kept by Vickie Cook and Ardith DeYoung was in charge of finances. Carolyn Rains is club historian and the club advisor is Dr. Marie Mayo. Pepsters who have made a mark on the campus include Carol Harting, president of the Student Council, Joyce Weaver, ANDERSONIAN editor, Sue Brady, editor of the ECHOES, and May Queen at¬ tendants Phyllis Miller and Ardith DeYoung. Mary Batdorf, Carolyn Rains, and Bettye Jones, loyal club members, have served the college as members of the cheerleading squad. Judy Ballard was elected May Queen and reigned in the Homecoming court. Hyla and Phyllis welcome Pep’s official John Kane. ' sweetheart ' ROW ONE: Marie Mayo, Phyllis Miller, Vickie Cook, Carolyn Rains, Hyla Klabunde, Ardith DeYoung, Jackie Pringle, Jeanette Lewis, Beverly Squier. ROW TWO: Virginia Klossner, Winsome Miller, Judy Ballard, Betty Baylor, Lynda Jae Day, Diane Magsig, Marlene Chesterman, Della Shonk. ROW THREE: Joyce Hagadus, Erilynne Menchinger, Carolyn Lohman, Mary Jane Ralston, Elouise Kinion, Marjory Norris, Averil Von Eeden, Sue Brady. ROW FOUR: Vera Evans, Juanita Wollert, Ced. Good, Donna White, Carol Harting, Betty Ann Jones. ROW ONE: Jim Lee, Bob Lewis, Duane Brewbaker, Evan Staley, Jerry Evans, James Shelton, Donald A. Courtney. ROW TWO: Larry Sherry, Dale Moore, Ivan Terrill, Phil Germany, James Upchurch, Jerry Pipes, A1 Reinholz, Ron Shearer. ROW THREE: J. Grant Bentley, Andrew J. Boring, Curtis Furnish, Don Burns, Jack Peflederer, Eston Hunter, Benny Williams, Nyle Kard- atzke, A. L. Walker. TRIAD The triangular emblem of Triad Club symbolizes a proper emphasis on the religious, academic and social phases of college life. One of the first actions of the club this year was to place a TV set in the cafeteria so the students could watch the World Series. The Triad Amateur Hour was held just after the club sweetheart, Neoma Benson, had been elected Homecoming Queen. The second semester was rounded out by the Triad-Fide et Amore play, " The Night of January 16th,” and the formal at the Edgewood Country Club. Club officers were Bob Leis, president, and Jerry Evans, vice president. Duane Brewbaker served as secretary and Bob Stone was in charge of club finances. Prominent Triads on campus are Student Council vice president, Nyle Kard- atzke, Ben Klein, who received Honorable Mention in the Little All-American ratings, and Bob Stone who received Special Mention. Triad ' s sweetheart was also chosen for Homecoming Queen. ROW ONE: Ellen Begemann, Janet Graeff, Laura Tuffentsamer, Jeannette Elders, Donna Hill, Marilyn Thomas, Marna Emley. ROW TWO: Marsha Schemmer, Betty Thompson, Carolyn Mc- Cutcheon, Bonita Driscoll, Gaitha Meier, Sara Swigart, Berneda Benson. ROW THREE: Barbara Bartles, Julia Palace, Ann Eggers, Judy Dills, Kay Hoover. WINNETASKA Winnetaska was an Indian maiden who had high ideals, lofty ambitions and a desire to help others. This four-fold- purpose club provides for the social, academic, spiritual and cultural enrichment of each member. The club highlight of the year was the Booster-Winnetaska All School, " Trial By Jury. " Club president Jeanette Elders attended the Homecoming Queen as a member of her court. The office of vice president is held by Sara Swiegart; the secretary is Donna Hill. Myrna Williams serves as treasurer and Mrs. Gressman is faculty advisor. Celebrating our third birthday. BOOSTER The Booster Club, organized in 1936, carries forward its traditional purpose of boosting college functions. The Booster Club has carried out projects to lift the campus community to a higher level and promote a Christian collegiate spirit. The Booster-Winnetaska All School, " Trial by Jury,’’ an operetta comedy by Gilbert and Sullivan, was a highlight of the year. The presidency of the club is held by Bill Hazelbauer and Jim Moore serves as vice president. Irv Martin is assigned to the post of secretary and Ralph Sprague serves the club as treasurer. ' W. Shirell Fox is the club advisor. Booster blazers were seen all over campus as Lowell Stultz and Gary Gerould served as presidents of their academic classes. Bill Hazelbauer directs the college band and Tom Morgan served as chairman of the Govern¬ ment and Ethics Committee of the Student Council. MIKE MOORE —Booster Mascot ROW ONE: Don Dawson, Jim Moore, Bill Hazelbauer, Irvin Martin, Ralph Sprague, Lowell Stultz, Bob Asel, H. L. Baker. ROW TWO: Don Mitten, Dennis Neal, Fred Shively, Tom Malbone, Ed Kufeldt, Tom Morgan, Dave Mohney, Dwayne Williams, Gary Wallace. ROW THREE: Gary Gerould, Terry Havens, Riley Adams, Erskine Hawkins, Jim Bailey, D. C. Holloway, Gene Miller, Randall Childers, John Bloom. ROW FOUR: Phil Fair, Stan Kirkipatrick, Cary Harbrecht, Doug Smith, Ed Bowman, Sam Leonard, Roger Brewer, Dale Dyer, James Kufeldt. FIDE ET AMORE The English translation of the club name is " By faith and love, all things are possible.” The club members make a practical translation of this motto by their lives. This year has been active with skating party, the initiation of an Alumni club and window decorations at Christmas time. The gavel was wielded by Barbara Ruez and Rowena Long served as vice president. Charlotte Mercer, secretary, and Reda Coffee, treasurer, rounded out the corps of officers. Miss Gertrude Wunsch is club advisor. Fidets sponsor an All-School skate. ROW ONE: Nancy Phillips, Darlene Miller, Reda Coffey, Charlotte Mercer, Margie Harlow, Sandy Moody, Gertrude Wunsch, Deloris Hargett. ROW TWO: Caroline Marsh, Bert Bennett, Edna Davis, Linnea Hutchinson, Myrna Pontious, Jeanne Gordon, Rowena Long, Carol Shultz. ROW THREE: Norma Lockhart, Janice Voge, Margaret Havens, Mary Butler, Joyce Bragdon, Pixie Hughes, Billie Faye Guthrie, Ruth Hargett. CAMARADA friendship and arouse a greater appreciation ot life itself. Camaradas copped first prize in the Homecoming Float contest with their float centered around the theme " Alas, the Golden Cup.” The Care Carnival provided a circus of fun with a sense of accomplishment. The proceeds of the carnival were used to purchase CARE packages to be sent abroad. Karla Lick served as club president, assisted by vice president, Peggy Maddox. Secretary Roleen Smith and treasurer Barbara Shields completed the executive corps of the club. June Kay Richardson serves as club historian and Mrs. Louetta Beard is club advisor. Prominent Camarada mem bers include Neoma Benson, Triad Sweetheart and Homecoming Queen and Twyla Yoder who served as Student Council secretary. Camarada’s CARE Carnival netted $150 ROW ONE: Louetta Beard, Karla Lick, Peggy Maddox, Roleen Smith, Barbara Shields, Joanne Mace, Judy Forsberg, Katherine Collier, Twyla Yoder, Kay Murphy. ROW TWO: Leota Mc¬ Cullough, Evelyn Sayers, Gloria Booher, Carolyn Walling, Gay Nixon, Norma Dreger, Beverly Rouintree, Jinny Livingston, Kathi Klabunde. ROW THREE: Gailya Coe, Raylene Crayne, Judy Lashbrook, Beverly Urps, Nita Evans, Carolyn Wilson, Ester Peckett, Sharon Mullins. ROW FOUR: Marlys Schutjer, Neoma Benson, Eileen Ellis, Nancy Zaph, Kay Hughes, Joy Montgomery, Bernadene Smith. CRUSADERS ROW ONE: Fred Staker, Gary Keith, Larry Osnes, Pres.; Kendall Cox, Secretary-treasurer; Bob Hiutt, Chaplain; Frank Noble. ROW TWO: Tom Boble, Bob Adcock, Irvan De Young, Phil Hemple- man, Ralph Engel, Jerry Parlette, Rick La Macchio. ROW ONE: Cherie DeLong, Cindie Carlstrom, Marlene Weingard, Lois Ann Shroyer, Carolyn Edwards, Nancy Clevenger, Sandy Haynes. ROW TWO: Mary LaFon, Ruth Ann Shackleton, Joyce Ann Vaughn, Carol Jean Raab, Cornelia Barnette, Loula Lambros, Joycelyn Miller. ROW THREE: Sandie Thor, Pearl Snyder, Loulie Lincoln, Karen Loepp, Leola Luyster, Karen McKee, Imy Tate. ROW FOUR: Carol Anderson, Judy Hanson, Joy Maurer, Sandy McCutchan, Karen Johnson, Carolyn Lautaret, Wilda Ruth. SOURETTES C.I.A. EXECUTIVE BOARD Mfe, IP “ -ip fl 4 ' t - -■L 4 — 1? ' f 5, J p a ! 1 m. ■ Lowell Stultz, Clara Clark, Dorothy Pierce, Ken Thomas, Fred Shively, Director, Miss Strong, I June Clifford, Louise Wiseman, Lloyd Bowen, Kay Murphy. CIA SERVES THE COMMUNITY Christianity-In-Action, as its name implies, provides an outlet to the campus com¬ munity for Christian service to those in need in this area. The phases consist of Jail Visitation, Nursing Home Visitation, Shut-In Visitation, Children’s Story Hour, Orphan¬ age, Girl’s Home, State Epileptic Hospital Visitation, and Social and Family Assistance Program. These phases are co-ordinated by the Executive Board. Moreover, the work of Christianity-In-Action is co-ordinated with other departments in the college and in the church through the Religious Life Department, headed by Miss Marie Strong. IRC SPONSORS MODEL U.N. ASSEMBLY Organized in 1945, the IRC of Anderson College exists for the purpose of encourag¬ ing an understanding of international affairs. Each year it conducts a very ambitious program of activities. In addition to bringing outstanding speakers to the campus, it sponsors an annual International Smorgasbord. The annual Model United Nations As¬ sembly brings to the campus students from over twenty high schools in central Indiana, who conduct two model sessions of the U.N. General Assembly. An additional attraction of the Model U.N. is the guest speaker. At the I960 Assembly it had Dr. D. N. Chatter- jee, the Indian Minister to the U.S. Past speakers have included such outstanding figures as the Chinese Ambassador, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Malayan Ambassador. n? T - 1: j El en Be S eman Dr - Loh Barbara Shields, Sara Swigart. ROW 2: Averil Von Eeden Phil Lindsay, Judy Lashbrook, Jerry Evans. ROW 3: Margaret Pierce, Gideon Wandera Curt Furnish. ROW 4 : Bruce Carr, Donna Hill, Kathi Klabunde, Roberta Hall. ROW 5: Bob Harris. Sharon McLaughlin, Wanda Wildermuth, Barbara Bartels. ROW 6: Vera Evans, Ben Williams Dave Telfer, George Smith, Dave Thompson, Melvyn Hester. ROW ONE: Mr. Karnes, Sara Swigart, Vickie Cook. ROW TWO: i Barbara Shields, Dr. Mayo, Ruben Swigart, Arlene Foley, Betty Thomp¬ son, Dave Price. ROW THREE: Riley Adams, Dr. Hurlbut, Winston Roberts, Gary Corbin, James Upchurch, Gerald Evans. H INTEREST CLUBS BIOLOGY RADIO CLUB SEATED: Jerry Rumsey, Don Burns, Da Jernigan. STANDING: Tommy Babs, Dr. Cook. i MEET VARIED NEEDS GERMAN FELLOWSHIP SEATED: Glen Koglin, Orville Ratzlaff. STANDING: Kathi Klabunde, Secretary; Mr. Tjart, Bob DeNoon, President; Marilyn Middleton, Meriellen Owens. CLUB ROW ONE: Nancy Phillips, Lorelei Lincoln, Wilda Ruth, Frank Noble, Ivan Terrill. ROW TWO: Gloria Harvey, Lois DeYoung, Carol Anderson, Gwen Yoder, Joy Montgomery, Dr. Rees. ROW THREE: Stanly Wolfram, Gloria Sickal, Dan Waldon, Marlene Weingard. Shirley ”hor, Toula Lambros, Della Shonk, Diane Magsig, Nancy Courtney, Gloria kal, Reta Geris, Ray Brennen, Howard Briggs, Dr. Osborne, Marlys Gustaf. SOMOS AMIGOS SOMOS AMIGOS is a club for students with an interest in Spanish-speaking peo¬ ple and their cultures. Among special activities were a pre-Easter meeting with the Ministerial Fellowship as guests at a program on Spanish Missions, participa¬ tion with the Spanish classes in the an¬ nual Pan-American exhibit held in April, and a dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Indianapolis. The programs of regular meetings have included skits, Spanish music and travelogs illustrated with slides from Mexico. Refreshments usually are Spanish. STANDING: Ron Longnecker, Joy Montgomery, Ken Hardman, Wes Gillespie, President; Chuck Martin, Ruth Hargett, Secretary; Lee Kinch, Vice President; Bob Leis, Treasurer; Jon Olds, Miss Willowby, Ron Shearer. SEATED: Averil Von Eeden. LINGUISTS STUDY FOREIGN CULTURES F.B.LA ROW ONE: Mary Lou Barr, Sandy Moody, Shirley Hile, Janice Voge, Charlotte Mercer, Nancy Zapf, Secretary; Sylvia Settlemyre, Corresponding secretary. ROW TWO: Daniel Jernigan, President; Bob Leis, Glenn Falls, Phil Fair, H. L. Baker, Carl Knupp, Gideon Wandera, Vice President. ROW THREE: Ronnie Stiles, treasurer; Bryce Allison, Jon Olds, David Troutman, reporter; James Shelton. S.N.E.A Ardith De Young, Donna White, Lowell Stultz, Pres.; Peggy Maddox, Betty Baylor. Wanda Wildermuth, Shirley Geeting, Joyce Hagadus,Bonnie Driscoll. s. ' IISI ] 1 1 1 i a 3 sr p jl I ! . i FORENSIC SOCIETY SEATED: Ron Clark, Donna White, Glen Koglin. STANDING: Peggy Maddox, Mr. Gressman, Roger Adcock, Jim Bailey, Pat Pelfrey. NEEDS MET FROM DRAMATICS CLUB SEATED: Donna White, June Clifford, Jan Graeff, Sonia Meyer, Karen McKee, Carol Schultz, Rose Roark. STANDING: Mr. Gressman, Ken Crouch, Curt Furnish, Roger Adcock, Harold Mickley, Ron Clark, Glen Koglin. i SPEECH TO SPORTS ROW 1: Carolyn Rains, Vera Evans, Vickie Cook, Wanda Wildermuth, Nita Wollert, President; Norma Dreger. ROW 2: Sharon McLaughlin, Marcia Eck, Betty Aved, Jan Kinion, Elouise Kinion, Miss Wunsch. ROW 3: Betty Stubbs, Mary Painter, Ruth Evans, Brenda Elton, Lila Stinson. A-CLUB ROW 1: Larry Blevins, Terry Havens, Dienzel Dennis, Ben Klein. ROW 2: Eldridge Ellis, Larry Yelton, Gus Carlson, J. Paul King. ROW 3: Jerry Ruark, Paul Lambert, Melvyn Hester, Garry Hornback. ROW 4: Roger Brewer, Charlie Loomis, Gary Gerould, Ralph Engle. ROW 5: Alan Ware, Gary Corbin, Bud Bartz, Dick Howell. ROW 6: Dave Stamm, Martin Gazelle, Ron Parr, Don Brandon, Jim Temple, Bob Kanable, John Shroades. WOMEN’S RECREATION ASSOCIATION wmmm ' : ”;i m s$M -] EOPLE ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES Run through your memories the many people who make up college life . . . your housemother, the nurse, the prof whose lectures put you to sleep and those who inspired you to excel. Think of your room¬ mate, those with whom you shared your most intimate thoughts, the cooks in the college cafeteria and, of course, that one whose special smile quickened the beat of your heart. On the following pages are these people and the others who make up Anderson College. ROBERT A. NICHOLSON NANCY OSBORNE Head Women ' s Counselor VILA DEUBACH Librarian OFFICERS OF HELEN A. HOLTON NORMAN BEARD Registrar and Director of Admissions Assistant to the President and Director of Student Affairs . C. L. EDWARDS Comptroller and Treasurer JOHN A. MORRISON President Emeritus :N.v ADMINISTRATION ADAM W. MILLER Vice President and Dean of the School of Theology JOHN KANE Vice President for Church Relations FACULTY ROBERT A. NICHOLSON, Ph.D Professor of Music CECIL H. HARTSELLE, Ph.D. Professor of Music VILA DEUBACH, Ph.D. Librarian Professor of English PAUL BREITWEISER, Ph.D. Professor of Music ADAM W. MILLER, A.M., D.D. Professor of Bible NANCY F. OSBORNE, Ph.D. Professor of French LEWIS A. HENNIGAR, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy and Psychology Director, Psychological Clinic ZYLPHA D. HURLBUT, Ph.D. Professor of Biology JOHN A. BUEHLER, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry WILLIAM H. MIKESELL, Ph.D Visiting Professor of Psychology INGYR MARIE LIEN, MUS.M. Associate Professor of Music JOHN I. OWEN, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English VALOROUS B. CLEAR, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology R. GLENN FALLS, C.P.A., D.B.A. Associate Professor of Business and Economics FREDERICK V. SHOOT, Ph.D. Director, General Education Program Director, Evening School Associate Professor of Bible JOHN O. CARRINGTON, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History and Political Science 109 HAROLD F. LINAMEN, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Business and Economics PICHON P. Y. LOH, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History and Political Science MARY LOU BARR, A.M. Assistant Professor of Business and Economics ELBRIDGE G. MacKENZIE, A.M. Assistant Professor of Education ft! FLORENCE A. ORR, A.M. Assistant Professor of English LUCILE WILLOWBY, A. M. Assistant Professor of Spanish and English GLORIA OLIVE, A.M. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics ELAINE J. HARPER, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English HELEN A. HOLTON, M.S. Registrar and Director of Admissions Assistant Professor of Education C. QUENTIN WITHROW, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Applied Theolo DONALD A. COURTNEY, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Religious Educat MARTIN LAVERN NORRIS, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology MALCOLM G. GRESSMAN, A.M. Assistant Professor of English and Speech JAMES D. MACHOLTZ, P.E.D. Assistant Professor of Physical Education KENNETH E. COOK, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry MARIE JOINER MAYO, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology DONALD M. KARNES, M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology TREVA A. GRESSMAN, M.S. in H.Ec Instructor in Home Economics WILMA SHERWIN, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English ETHELYN MARIE STRONG, A.M. Assistant Professor of Bible RUSSELL RENZ, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Education WILLIAM R. YOUNGMAN, M.F.A. Assistant Professor of Art ROBERT W. MACHOLTZ, A.M., P.E. Dir Assistant Professor of Physical Education JAMES R. REES, A.M. Assistant Professor of Biology GERTRUDE I. LITTLE, A.M. Instructor in Religious Education CHARLES M. LONNBERG, M.S Instructor in Music GERTRUDE E. WUNSCH, A.M. Instructor of Physical Education THOMAS L. ROBERTSON, JR., A.M Instructor in English PETER TJART, A.M. Instructor in German NORMAN BEARD, B.D. Director of Student Affairs Instructor in Speech JOSEPH D. CHELETTE, B.D. Assistant to Head Men’s Counselor Instructor in Bible RONALD E. JOINER, S.T.M. Instructor in Bible and Applied Theology RUSSELL HEDGER, M.S.M. Instructor in Music D. LOWELL JONES, M.S.S. Instructor in History and Political Science CHARLES R. STANLEY, M.S.M. Instructor in Music MILTON A. BUETTNER, A.B. Instructor in English SANDOR SZILASSY, M.A., J.D. Instructor in Library Science PAUL SALTZMAN, B.S. Acting Instructor in Mathematics LOUETTA BEARD, B.S. Lecturer in Music W. SHIRELL FOX, A.B. Lecturer in Journalism EXECUTIVES CHASE STIERS Maintenance Superintendent FRED HAYES Manager of the Prophet Co. VERLE EDWARDS Director of Duplicating and Mail Services HOUSEMOTHERS it ? ■ ■ ELWOOD H. PHILLIPS Bookstore Manager CLARA MAE MORRISON Men’s Residence Hall GRACE MAKINGS Morrison Hall DORA BATDORF Women’s New Residence Hall JOSEPH STAMPER, M.D. Director of Health and Attending Physician W. SHIRELL FOX, A. B. Director of Publicity GILBERT FRITZLER, B.S. Chief Accountant LUCILLE ANN STRAWN, B.S. Assistant Registrar GWEN CHESHER, B.S. Assistant to the Director of Student Affairs STAFF BEULAH WOODS, R.N., A.B. Assistant Director of Health SANDOR SZILASSY, M.A., J.D : Assistant Librarian CLASS OF ’60 BRYCE ALLISON Anderson, Indiana Radio Club; FBLA 3, 4. H. L. BAKER Sand Springs, Oklahoma JUDY BALLARD Anderson, Indiana Homecoming Queen Attendant 1, 2, 4; Pep Club 3, 4; Class Secretary 3; ECHOES Staff 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Social Life Comm. Chairman 4; Choir 3, 4; May Queen Attendant 3, SNEA 3, 4; Sachem Sweetheart 2, 4. ; FRANCIS BATHAUER Anderson, Indiana BETTY BAYLOR New Albany, Indiana Choir 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Student Assistant 3; Dormitory Chairman 4; SNEA 4. CAROL SUE BRADY Orlando, Florida Who’s Who 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; President 3; ECHOES Staff 2, 3, 4, Features Editor 2, 3, Editor 4; Student Council 3, Publications Comm. 2, 3, 4, Chairman 3, Student Union Comm. 3; ANDERSONIAN 2, 3, News Editor 2, 3; IRC 1, 2, 3; WRA 1, 2, 3. ' sssm MARIANNE BREITLING Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Winnetaska Club 3, 4, 5; Cihu 2; FBLA 2, 3, 4; Biology Club 1, 2, 3 Corresponding Secretary 3. CARL DUANE BREWBAKER Anderson, Indiana ROBERT LEE BROWNING Anderson, Indiana WALTON CARTER Norton, Virginia IV-C Club 3, 4; Choir 3; Religious Life Committee 3. KENNETH F. CHESHER Madera, California Booster Club, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; CIA 1, 2; SNEA 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2. REDA COFFEY Anderson, Indiana Fide et Amore Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; SNEA 2, 3, 4. JIM COLLINSWORTH Ashland, Kentucky ECHOES Staff Photographer 1, 2, 3, 4; ANDER- SONIAN Staff Photographer 2, 3, 4; Triad Club 2, 3, 4; Photography Club 3, 4. CHARLES DALE Hamilton, Ohio ECHOES Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA 3, 4; French Club 3; Blue Book Staff 2, 4; Baseball 2; ANDERSONIAN 3, 4. RICHARD DAUDERT South Haven, Michigan DON DAWSON San Jose, California Track 1, 2, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 1, 2; " A” Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4; Choir 3, 4; Student Union Comm. 3; Men’s Senate 3, 4, President 3; Stu¬ dent Regulations Comm. 3; Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Treas¬ urer 2. JERRY DEESE Hickory, North Carolina ARDITH DE YOUNG Anderson, Indiana Choir 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4, His¬ torian 2, Treasurer 3, 4; Religious Life Comm. 4; SNEA 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2; Dramatics Club 2, 3. NORMA DREGER North Ridgeville, Ohio WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Vice President 4; IRC 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3; ANDERSONIAN 2; Band 1, 2. BONITA DRISCOLL Springfield, Ohio Winnetaska Club 3; CIA 4; Biology Club 1; SNEA 1. RUTH DUDGEON Lansdale, Pennsylvania Kappa Mu Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Girls’ Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Fide et Amore Club 3; IRC 3, 4. WILLIAM DUDGEON Petersburg, Indiana Sachem Club 2, 3, 4; Photography Club 3, Treasurer 3; IRC 3, 4; German Fellowship 2, 3. THOMAS DYE Anderson, Indiana Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Men’s Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERTA EDSON Flint, Michigan Choir 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Women’s Chorus 1; MENC 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Winne- taska Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3; CIA 1; Who’s Who 4. MONA EGELSTON Middletown, Ohio Winnetaska Club 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, 3, Vice President 3; WRA 1; Student Assistant 4; CIA 1, 2. ELDRIDGE ELLIS Scott Depot, West Virginia Football 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; " A” Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 2; Sachem Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, Government and Regulations Comm. Chairman 2; Stu¬ dent Assistant 4; SNEA 3, 4; ANDERSONIAN 3, 4; Athletic Trainer, 3, 4. MARNA EMLEY Huntington, Indiana CIA 1, 2; IRC 2, 4, Treasurer 2; Who’s Who 4; Winne¬ taska Club 2, 3, 4, President 3; Student Council 4; Re¬ ligious Life Comm. Chairman 4; Class Secretary 4. ARLENE FOLEY Middletown, Ohio Who’s Who 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Sigma Zeta 3, 4, Secre¬ tary 4; Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4, Secretary 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Historian 3; Biology Club 2, 3, 4; SNEA 3, 4, Secretary 3, ANDERSONIAN 1. EDNA FOX Ashtabula, Ohio Choir 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3; Women’s Chorus 1, 2, 3; FT A 4; Chromatics 1, 2; Dramatics Club 1. HAROLYN FOX New Martinsville, West Virginia Fide et Amore 2, 3; Student Assistant 2, 3. m V MYRNA GUSTAFSON Palco, Kansas Who’s Who 3; Fide et Amore Club 2, 3, 4; Choir 3, 4; MENC 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Band 1, 2, Secretary 2; CIA 1, 2; Student Assistant 3, 4. JOYCE HAGADUS Greenville, Michigan Pep Club 3, 4; CIA 4; Biology Club 1; SNEA 1. DALE HALL Covington, Kentucky ROBERT HALL Morehead, Kentucky Band 2, 3. KAY HARGRAVES Fontana, California WRA 1; MENC 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Women’s Chorus 1; Winnetaska Club 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; CIA 1, 2, 3. MARGARET HARLOW Jeffersontown, Kentucky Fide et Amore Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; FBLA 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4; SNEA 4. CAROL HARTING Greenfield, Ohio IRC 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 3; Who’s Who 3; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4, Social Comm. 2, 3, Chairman 3, President 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4. WILLIAM J. HAZELBAUER Chicago, Illinois Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2; Choir 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Student Council 4; Who’s Who 3. GARRY HORNBACK Caseyville, Illinois Football 2, 3, 4; " A” Club 2, 3, 4; AMS 2, 3; ECHOES Staff 2, 3, Sports Editor 3; ANDERSONIAN 2, 3, Ed¬ itor 2; Triad Club 2, 3, 4; Publications Comm. 2, 3, 4, Chairman 4; Student Council 4; IRC 4. PIXIE HUGHES Lake Charles, Louisiana Fide et Amore Club 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3; WSGA Secre¬ tary 2, President 4; Student Assistant 3, 4; Student Council 2; Who’s Who 4. RICHARD ICE Anderson, Indiana FBLA 1, 2, 3, President 3; Purdue Union Scholarship - ECHOES Staff 2; Spanish Club 4. ’ JAMES JENKINS Cleveland, Ohio Football 3, 4; IV-C Club 2, 3, 4; " A” Club 3, 4. BETTYE JONES Anderson, Indiana Class Secretary 2; Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Social Life Comm. 3; Cheerleader 3, 4; IRC 2, 3, 4; ECHOES Staff 3, 4; Forensic 2; Dramatics Club 2; Who’s Who 4. PAUL JONES Mt. Vernon, Illinois Ministerial Fellowship 3, Vice President 3; IV-C Club 3. ■ ■m. SITA KEITH Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania J. PAUL KING Campbellsville, Kentucky Coach J-V Basketball Team 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2. SHIRLEY KING Dayton, Ohio Camarada Club 2, 3, 4; MENC 3, 4, Vice President 3; Women’s Chorus 1; Choir 2, 3, 4; SNEA 4; Who’s Who 4. ELOUISE KINION Portland, Oregon Pep Club 2, 3, 4; WSGA Treasurer 3; Class Treasurer 4; WRA 1, 2, 3, 4; ECHOES Staff 3, 4, Organizations Editor 4; SNEA 4. GLEN KOGLIN Goodridge, Minnesota Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Forensic Club 3, 4, President 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. PAUL LAMBERT Bellefontaine, Ohio Student Council 1, 2; Sachem Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; " A” Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Class Vice President 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 1, 2, 4. CHANG HA LEE Seoul, Korea IRC 4. L. SAMUEL LEONARD New Castle, Pennsylvania Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 4, Student Or¬ ganizations Comm. Chairman 4; Student Assistant 4. BERNARD LUND Big Sandy, Montana RICHARD LUTZ Millington, Michigan DONALD KEITH McGEE Anderson, Indiana Basketball 1; Track 1; Ministerial Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; IRC 1; Radio Club 2; FBLA 2, 3. RONALD McKNIGHT Kalamazoo, Michigan Ministerial Fellowship 3, 4; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; CIA 2. BLANCHE LINVILLE Greensburg, Indiana NORMA JEAN LOCKHART Morning View, Kentucky Fide et Amore Club 2, 3, 4; WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2; SNEA 4. DAVID LUELLEN Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania ECHOES 4, Literary Editor 4; CIA 4; IRC 4; SNEA 4. DONALD LUKENS Pendleton, Indiana VERA MacKENZIE Anderson, Indiana PEGGY MADDOX Hammond, Indiana Camarada Club 2, 4, Vice President 4; Choir 4; SNEA 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Intersocial Club Comm. 4; CIA 1, 2, 4; Dramatics Club 1, 2, 4; Forensic Club 4. JOANNE MALBONE Benton Harbor, Michigan Camarada Club 3, 4. THOMAS MALBONE Kalamazoo, Michigan Booster Club 3, 4. WILLIAM MASSIE Hamilton, Ohio FBLA 2, 3, 4. GENE MILLER Eau Claire, Wisconsin Who’s Who 3; Student Council 4; AMS 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Men’s Glee Club 2, President 2. PHYLLIS KARDATZKE MILLER Anderson, Indiana Class Secretary 1; May Queen Attendant 1; Student Council 3; Pep Club 2, 3, Vice President 2, President 3; Who’s Who 3. DAVID MOHNEY St. Petersburg, Florida Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 4; CIA Assistant Director 1; Track 1; Men’s Senate 3, 4, Vice President 3, Presi¬ dent 4; Men’s Glee Club 1, 2. SANDY MOODY Bessemer, Alabama Class Secretary 1; WSGA Vice President 2; Soeurettes Secretary 1; Student Council 2; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; SNEA 3; Student Assistant 3, 4; Fide et Amore Club 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, Secretary 3, President 4; Who’s Who 4. CAROLYN MOORE Eustis, Florida JAMES MOORE Eustis, Florida Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Choir 4, College Quartet 1. BOB MORGAN Matheny, West Virginia Ministerial Fellowship 4. THOMAS MORGAN San Diego, California Booster Club 3, 4; Student Council 4; Class Vice Presi¬ dent 4; Men’s Senate 4; Vice President 4; IRC 3, 4; Who’s Who 4. S. GENE MORTON Winslow, Indiana DENNIS NEAL Fredonia, Pennsylvania Choir 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4. ORMAND NIEHAUS Hill City, Kansas Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Class President 2, : 3; Student Council 2, 4; Triad Club 2, 3, 4. BILL NORRIS Sand Springs, Oklahoma Sachem Club 3, 4, President 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, MVP 2, All-HCC 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4. GORDON PALMER Charleston, West Virginia Class President 4; Class Vice President 3; Kappa Mu Epsilon 3, 4; Sachem Club 3, 4; Band 1, 3, 4{ ECHOES Staff 3, 4, Sports Editor 4; ANDERSONIAN 3; Stu¬ dent Council 4; Dramatics Club 3; Ministerial Fellow¬ ship 3; IRC 4. HERBERT E. PRUETT Indianapolis, Indiana FLORENCE RANDOLPH Townville, Pennsylvania MARTIN RANDOLPH Oklahoma City, Oklahoma DAVID REYNOLDS Sharpsville, Pennsylvania Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Who’s Who 3; Religious Life Comm. 4; CIA 1, 3, Director 3; Choir 2, 3, 4; Minis¬ terial Fellowship 3; Green Knights President 1. SHIRLEY RICHARDSON Winchester, Kentucky WINSTON ROBERTS Kingston, Jamaica Biology Club 2, 3, 4, President 3; Sigma Zeta 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Who’s Who 3; Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2; IRC 1, 2, 3, 4; CIA 1, 2; Dramatics Club 1; IVC Club 3, 4, President 4; SNEA 4; Student Coun¬ cil 4; Dormitory Senator 2. MURIEL SCHRANK ROEDER Lakeland, Florida Soeurettes Treasurer 1; WSGA Treasurer 2; Winnetaska Club 2, 3; CIA 1. BARBARA RUEZ Baltimore, Maryland Student Coordination Comm. 4; WRA 1,2; Student As¬ sistant 3, 4; SNEA 3, 4; CIA 1, 2; Fide et Amore Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3. JERRY RUMSEY Decatur, Illinois Radio Club 3; IV-C Club 2, 3, 4. CAROL SHULTZ Kingston, Jamaica Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Chaplain 3; Fide et Amore Club 2, 3, 4; CIA 1, 2; WRA 1, 2, Chaplain 2; IRC 2. . DAVID SLEET Connersville, Indiana Football 1, 2, 3; Track 1; Band 3; IRC 1, 2, 3; " A” Club 2, 3. II ROLEEN SMITH Tucson, Arizona Camarada Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 1, 2; SNEA 3, 4; MENC 4; Who’s Who 4. WINFRED SMITH Detroit, Michigan Sociology Club 3, 4, President 3, 4; Triad Club 2, 3, 4; Dramatics Club 1; Biology Club 1; CIA 1, 2, 3, 4; Who’s Who 4. RALPH SPRAGUE Chicago, Illinois Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; CIA Director 3; Who’s Who 3; Sigma Zeta 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 4; Choir 3; SNEA 4; Men’s Glee Club 2. GILBERT STAFFORD Detroit, Michigan Ministerial Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; IV-C Club 2, 3. 4, President 3; IRC 4; Dramatics Club 1; Sociology Club 4; CIA 1; Who’s Who 4. EVAN STALEY Farmington, Michigan Football 2, 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Triad Club 2, 3, 4, Treas¬ urer 3, President 4; Student Council 4; " A” Club 2, 3, 4; ANDERSONIAN 3, Sports Editor 3; ECHOES 2, 4, Art Editor 4; SNEA 4. ROBERT STONE Nitro, West Virginia FBLA 2, 3, 4; Triad Club 3, 4; French Club 4; Foot¬ ball 1, 2, 3, 4, HCC 2, 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4, HCC 3, MVP 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 4; Little-All-American- Football 3; " A” Club 2, 3, 4. FREDRICK STROMBECK Hazel Park, Michigan Tennis 2, 3, 4; " A” Club 2, 3, 4. RICHARD TANDY Farmington, Michigan Camera Club 3, 4, President 4; Triad Club 3, 4, 5; CIA 1, 2, 3. IVAN TERRILL Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania NELLIE THARP Sugar Creek, Missouri CIA 1, 2; Winnetaska Club 3, 4, 5; Spanish Club 3 MARILYN THOMAS Charleston, West Virginia Winnetaska Club 4; SNEA 4. WALTER TRUEX Elkhart, Indiana IV-C Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice President 3; Ministerial Fel¬ lowship 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Golf 1, 2, 3. BEN ULLMER Brookville, Ohio IV-C Club 3, 4. BETTY THOMPSON Covington, Georgia Biology Club 3; WSGA 2, 3, 4; Winnetaska Club 3, 4; SNEA 4. KENNETH TINSLEY Rockford, Illinois IV-C Club 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, Vice President 4. JAMES UPCHURCH Yazoo City, Mississippi Triad Club 2, 3, 4; Band 1. ALBERT WALKER Ingalls, Indiana Golf 1, 3, 4; Triad Club 3, 4; SNEA 3; Dramatics Club 1. CHARLES WARNE Jamestown, New York Triad Club 3, 4. ROXIE WARREN ; Hartford City, Indiana JOYCE WEAVER Piqua, Ohio Who’s Who 4; ANDERSONIAN 2, 3, 4, Editor 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2; IRC 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4, Government and Regulations Comm. 3, Publications Comm. 3, 4; Class Treasurer 2; WRA 2, 4. DONNA WHITE Eva, Oklahoma Choir 2, 3, 4; Forensic Society 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Pep Club 4; SNEA 3, 4; Dramatics Club 2, 4; Publications Comm. 4; ECHOES Staff 3, 4; ANDERSONIAN 3, 4; IRC 4; MENC 2; English Club 3. WILLIAM WHITE Cleveland, Ohio Golf 1; Ministerial Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; CIA 1, 2, 3, 4, Director 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Men’s Sen¬ ate 2, Treasurer 2. JERRY WICHAEL Springfield, Ohio Choir 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Fellowship 2, 3; CIA 1, 2; Camera Club 2. WANDA WILDERMUTH Akron, Indiana WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Treasurer 4; Girls’ Basketball 1, 2, 3; IRC 1, 2, 3, 4; SNEA 3, 4; Student Council Athletic Committee 4; ANDERSONIAN 2, 3, 4; CIA 1, 4; Band 2. CAROLYN WILSON Oklahoma City, Oklahoma DAN WILLIAMS York Springs, Pennsylvania CIA 1, 2, 3; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3. MYRNA WILLIAMS Chicago, Illinois Alpha Chi 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, President 4; Winnetaska Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; English Club 1, 2, 3. JUANITA WOLLERT Lamar, Colorado Pep Club 3, 4; WRA 3, 4, President 4. TWYLA YODER Springfield, Ohio Choir 2, 3, 4; Camarada Club 2, 3, 4; Alpha Chi 3, 4; Who’s Who 3; Student Council Secretary 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Sigma Tau Delta 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; SNEA 2, 3; WSGA Secretary 3; CIA 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 4; May Queen Attendant 1; Dramatics Club 1, 2; IRC 3. CLASS OF ’61 ROBERT ASEL Eldred, Pennsylvania DORCAS BEATY La Grange, Indiana DENNIS BEECHER Oceanside, California BERT BENNETT Baltimore, Maryland BERNEDA BENSON Ashley, Michigan NELSON BENSON Kosciusko, Mississippi JOHN BLOOM Erie, Pennsylvania NEOMA BENSON Jackson, Mississippi J. GRANT BENTLEY Lowell, Indiana ED BOWMAN Charlotte, Michigan RAYMOND BRENNAN Chicago, Illinois ROGER BREWER Holt, Michigan DON BROWN Covington, Kentucky BILL BURCH Louisville, Kentucky DON BURNS Dayton, Ohio MARY BUTLER Bedford, Indiana SHIRLEY BYRUM Melbourne, Florida JOHN W. CAPPER Canton, Ohio BRUCE CARR Royal Oak, Michigan RICHARD CHRISTEN Toledo, Ohio ROGER CHRISTIANSEN Belding, Michigan JUNE CLIFFORD Ashland, Kentucky • Jpgi Hiiii JAMES COE Auburn, Indiana JOHN COFFEY Anderson, Indiana KATHERINE COLLIER Franklin, Ohio VICKIE COOK Bluefield, West Virginia KENNETH CROUCH Anderson, Indiana WILLIAM DAMASKE Pomona, California LYNDA JAE DAY Soldier, Kentucky DALE DYER Flushing, Michigan ROY J. EBANKS Junction, Jamaica, B.W.I. ANN EGGERS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma JEANNETTE ELDERS Hickman, Kentucky JERALD EVANS Grand Rapids, Michigan JUANITA EVANS Hoopeston, Illinois VERA EVANS Springfield, Ohio PHIL FAIR Muskogee, Oklahoma CURTIS FURNISH Anderson, Indiana SHIRLEY ANN GEETING Anderson, Indiana PHILIP GERMANY Scottsbluff, Nebraska WES GILLESPIE Bellefonta-ine, Ohio JEANNE GORDON Lebanon, Oregon JANET GRAEFF Hamilton, Indiana PAUL C. GRAFTON Leechburg, Pennsylvania ROBERTA HALL Baltimore, Maryland WILLIAM HAND Baltimore, Maryland DELORIS HARGETT Noblesville, Indiana RUTH HARGETT Orchard Lake, Michigan SHIRLEY HILE Dayton, Ohio DONNA HILL Bradford, Ohio VNALDRA HOCKENBERRY Carlisle, Pennsylvania D. C. HOLLOWAY Hartselle, Alabama VIRGIL HOLT Cincinnati, Ohio KA Y HOOVER Lima, Ohio ESTON HUNTER St. Petersburg, Florida STANLEY W.. HUNTER Murphysboro, Illinois JOE HURT Beckley, West Virginia DANIEL D. JERNIGAN Somerset, Kentucky DONALD JOHNSON Gordon, Nebraska DON JULIAN Anderson, Indiana RICHARD KARDATZKE Elmore, Ohio NYLE KARDATZKE Elmore, Ohio STAN KARDATZKE Wichita, Kansas STANLEY KIRKPATRICK Mitchell, Indiana KATHI KLABUNDE Essen, Germany CLIFF KOEHN Livingston, California JUDY LASHBROOK Hazel Park, Michigan ROBERT LEIS Dayton, Ohio KARLA LICK Cleveland, Ohio JACK LONGNECKER Oklahoma City, Oklahoma JERRY LUCAS Anderson, Indiana Joseph McAllister Anderson, Indiana LARRY McCAW E. Carondelet, Illinois leota McCullough Medford, Oregon CAROLYN McCUTCHEON Hartselle, Alabama JO ANNE MACE Oregon, Ohio VERNON MADDOX Scott Depot, W. Virginia TED MARTIN Pomona, California PHILLIP LINDSEY Bedford, Indiana CAROLYN LOHMAN Indianapolis, Indiana ROWENA LONG Eufaula, Oklahoma BEATRICE MECKLEY Kane, Pennsylvania CHARLOTTE MERCER Stroh, Indiana HAROLD MICKLEY Anderson, Indiana DAVID PRICE Baltimore, Maryland SHARON MULLINS Muskogee, Oklahoma ALBERT MURPHY Yazoo City, Mississippi JANET NASSAR Yonkers, New York JACKIE NEVITT Indianapolis, Indiana CHARLES NEW South Charleston, West Virginia HERBERT NOBLES Newton, Kansas EDRA O’DELL Nowata, Oklahoma JON OLDS Topeka, Kansas PATRICIA PELFREY Middletown, Ohio JERRY PIPES Indianapolis, Indiana JULIET POWLESS Alexandria, Indiana DON MITTEN Toppenish, Washington JOY MONTGOMERY Clinton, Ontario, Canada DALE MOORE Toledo, Ohio CAROLYN RABEL Pontiac, Michigan CAROLYN RAINS Orange, Texas TOMMY DAN RAY Kerrville, Texas DELORES RAYLE Dupont, Ohio ALFRED REINHOLZ Phoenix, Arizona GORDON REITZ Orchard Park, New York JAMES REYNOLDS Toledo, Ohio PATSY RICHARDSON Decatur, Illinois JERRY G. RUARK New Boston, Ohio EVELYN SAYERS Indianapolis, Indiana LARRY SHERRY Jefferson, Ohio JAMES SHELTON Otwell, Indiana BARBARA SHIELDS La Porte, Indiana FRED SHIVELY Springfield, Ohio ALLEN STIERS Anderson, Indiana EDWARD WICHAEL Springfield, Ohio BENNY WILLIAMS Pontiac, Michigan DWAYNE WILLIAMS Decatur, Illinois ELVA WILLIAMS Baton Rouge, Louisiana CAROL WISE Inglewood, California LOUISE WISEMAN Irvine, Kentucky V " ' ; ' ' ; A V A VERA CAMERON Parkersburg, West Virginia EUGENIE CAMPBELL Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. WANDA JEAN CARTMILL Parkersburg, West Virginia MARLENE CHESTERMAN Chico, California RANDALL CHILDERS Sand Springs, Oklahoma RON CLARK Anderson, Indiana BYRON CLEMONS Bloomington, Illinois GAILYA COE Grand Cayman, B.W.I. JUDY COLE Midland, Michigan RAYLENE CRAYNE Denver, Colorado GINGER DAVEY Maumee, Ohio EDNA DAVIS St. Elmo, Illinois JOYCE BRISCOE Tipp City, Ohio LILLY BROWN Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I. GERHARD BUCHDRUCKER Cleveland, Ohio DAN E. BURDA Bellaire, Ohio JERRY DeBOLT Lapel, Indiana DAVE DECKER Urbana, Ohio ROBERT DeNOON Lapel, Indiana JOAN DETWEILER Tallmadge, Ohio LOIS DE YOUNG Prairie View, Kansas JUDY DILLE Oil City, Pennsylvania JIM EASTHAM Huntington, West Virginia EILEEN ELLIS Allegan, Michigan BRENDA ELTON Toledo, Ohio ARLYN ENGBRECHT Wichita, Kansas RUTH EVANS Springfield, Ohio DAVE FARNEY Forrest, Illinois CAROLYN FORBES Hardin, Montana JUDY FORSBERG Lakeland, Florida PHYLLIS FORTNER Effingham, Illinois NORMA FURNISH Anderson, Indiana GARY GEROULD Midland, Michigan MARY GLECKER Elmore, Ohio GARY GLENN Federalsburg, Maryland CEDALIA GOOD Elkhart, Indiana MARLLYS GUSTAFSON Palco, Kansas BILLIE FAYE GUTHRIE Tounley, Alabama CARY HARBRECHT St. Paul Park, Minnesota GARRETT HARBRON Clinton, Iowa PHILLIP HARP Anderson, Indiana CHARLES HARRINGTON Odessa, Texas RUTH ANN HARTONG Chesterland, Ohio MARGARET HAVENS Germantown, Ohio TERRY HAVENS LaPorte, Indiana ERSKINE HAWKINS Cleveland, Ohio GORDON HEISER Taylor, Pennsylvania ASTRID HENNIG Racine, Wisconsin OLIVER HOGUE Crossett, Arkansas TERRY HOGUE Crossett, Arkansas DICK HOWELL Lapel, Indiana DANNA KAYE HUGHES Lake Charles, Louisiana WILLIAM F. HUNTER Taylor, Pennsylvania LINNEA HUTCHINSON Anderson, Indiana DENNY JOHNSTON Adrian, Pennsylvania NAT JOHNSON Anderson, Indiana VIRGINIA KLOSSNER St. James, Missouri CAROLYN KLUTZ Charlotte, North Carolina CARL KNUPP Franklin, Pennsylvania ED KUFELDT Homestead, Florida RENA KUKAL Walla Walla, Washington TIM LEAKE Brookhaven, Pennsylvania JIM LEE Hammond, Indiana JEANETTE LEWIS Lakeside, Ohio KENNETH LIGHTY Ulysses, Kansas MARGIE LITTLE Dayton, Ohio JENNY LIVINGSTON Cristobal, Panama, Canal Zone CHARLES LOOMIS Madrid, Iowa JOYCE McCURDY Shadyside, Ohio sharon McLaughlin Terre Haute, Indiana JOAN MACO Chicago, Illinois DIANE MAGSIG Gibsonburg, Ohio CAROLINE MARSH Tulsa, Oklahoma CECIL KEITH MASON Kokomo, Indiana GAITHA MEIER Eustis, Florida RICHARD MELTON Cleveland, Ohio ERILYNNE MENCHINGER Benton Harbor, Michigan DARLENE MILLER Miami, Florida THOMAS MERCER Stroh, Indiana JACK MOORE Clinton, Illinois REX PATTON Wyandotte, Michigan NANCY PHILLIPS Plant City, Llorida ESTHER PICKETT Chicago, Illinois MARGARET PIERCE Sheridan, Indiana MYRNA PONTIOUS Port Hope, Michigan MARY JANE RALSTON Wichita, Kansas LINDA REASER Logan, West Virginia STEVE RIGDON Urhana, Ohio ROSE ANN ROARK Monroe, Michigan CHARLOTTE ROBERTS South Charleston, West Virginia BEVERLY ROUINTREE West Plains, Missouri JAMES E. SANDERS Mt. Carmel, Illinois SUSAN SANDS Traverse City, Michigan MARLYS SHUTJER Hickory, North Carolina RUBEN D. SCHWIEGER Kenya, British East Africa SYLVIA SETTLEMYRE Hickory, North Carolina RONALD SHEARER Springfield, Ohio RONALD SHOTTON Chesterfield, Indiana HAROLD SMITH Plymouth, Michigan KEITH SMITH Knox, Pennsylvania RICHARD SNYDER Anderson, Indiana BEVERLY SQUIER Jefferson City, Missouri DAVE STAMM Galesburg, Illinois JANET STANFORTH Cedarville, Ohio CATHERINE STARKEY San Antonio, Texas DREW STEPHENS New Castle, Indiana DAVID STEVENS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania BERNIECE STILL Fort Collins, Colorado ROBERT STOW Anderson, Indiana EVA SWEET Jackson, Michigan DAVID TELFER Alexandria, Indiana MYRNADEL THOMAS Oil City, Pennsylvania CHARLES TAPP Hot Springs, Arkansas JANICE VOGE Bertha, Minnesota GARY WALLACE Los Angeles, California CAROLYN WALLING Union City, Indiana ALAN WARE Urbana, Ohio JEWETT BRUCE WELLS Norton, Virginia DOROTHY WEST Carlisle, Pennsylvania PEGGY WEST Indianapolis, Indiana GARLAND L. WHITE St. Louis, Missouri KEN WILSON Fortville, Indiana VERNON WILSON Exeter, California NANCY ZAPH Reading, Pennsylvania 148 Artist’s Sketch of the Proposed Anderson College Gymnasium CLASS OF ’63 RONALD ARNOLD Dayton, Ohio LOVA ATKINS Dayton, Ohio TOM BABB New Albany, Indiana DORIS BAGLEY Parma, Ohio CLYDENE BARKER Liberal, Kansas KATHY BARKER Ashland, Kentucky BARRETT BATES Elmore, Ohio GARY BATES Erlanger, Kentucky LARRY BELLAMY East Peoria, Illinois ROBERT ADCOCK Anderson, Indiana CAROL ANDERSON Aurora, Illinois SHARON ANDERSON Fair Laure, New Jersey DON ANTHONY Distant, Pennsylvania RONALD BAYLOR New Albany, Indiana MADONNA BEATY LaGrange, Indiana LARRY BEAIRD Benton Harbor, Michigan AL BENNETT La Junta, Colorado BELINDA BENNETT Independence, Missouri JULLTS BLACK Wichita, Kansas PHILLIP BLAKE Anderson, Indiana JANEEN BLOOM Bridgeport, Indiana CAROL BOOHER Lansing, Michigan ARDEN BRADLEY Mt. Morris, Michigan DON BRANDON Vinemont, Alabama CECILIA BRECKENRIDGE Washington, D. C. KEITH BREWER Holt, Michigan HOWARD BRIGGS Flemingsburg, Kentucky JUDY B ROB ST Anderson, Indiana DONNA BROOKS Elwood, Indiana ROBERT S. BROOKS North Tarrytown, New York LARRY BROWN Anderson, Indiana SHEILA BUCK Anderson, Indiana BERNARD BUTLER Anderson, Indiana DICK BURCHETT Toledo, Ohio JOAN BURRELL Sugarcreek, Ohio JACK BUSBY Noblesville, Indiana BARBARA CADE Anderson. Indiana DUNCAN CAMPBELL Detroit, Michigan CINDIE CARLSTROM Jamestown, New York DENNIS CARROLL Ottumwa, Iowa RAYMOND CARROLL Rocky Lord, Colorado MARY CHESHER Mad era, California BONNIE CHILCOTE Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CLARIE CLARK Wichita, Kansas NANCY CLEVENGER Anderson, Indiana LARRY COLLINS Norton, Virginia BYTHEL COMPTON Palmer, Alaska GARY CORBIN Bedford, Indiana WILLIAM COULSON York Springs, Pennsylvania KENDALL COX Richmond, Indiana JANICE CRABTREE Somerville, Alabama JUDY CRAIG Rick Creek, Virginia PHYLLIS CRAIG Ripley, Oklahoma LARRY DAY Bedford, Indiana DARRELL DEAN Bowling Green, Kentucky CHERIE DeLONG Midland, Michigan IVAN DeYOUNG Anderson, Indiana HARRY C. DIXON Ashland, Kentucky ROBERT DULIN Lawrence, Kansas BETTY EBERSOLE Antwerp, Ohio MARCIA ECK Enid, Oklahoma CAROLYN EDSON Flint, Michigan CAROLYN EDWARDS Piqua, Ohio RALPH ENGEL Willmar, Minnesota JERRY FLOWERS New Castle, Indiana ALTHEA FORDE Brooklyn, New York JOHN FREEMAN Clare, Michigan GARY FUSSELL Wichita, Kansas RETA GERIG Auburn, Indiana JOANNA GOUGH Anderson, Indiana JERRY J. GOULD Crystal, Michigan EMMA GRAHAM Stoneboro, Pennsylvania MARTIN GRIZZELL Kansas City, Kansas COLLEEN GRIFFIN St. Louis, Missouri DONNA HALL Benton Harbor, Michigan JIM HAND Plant City, Florida JUDY HANSON Berkeley, Illinois KEN HARDMAN Low Point, Illinois DAVID HARP Anderson, Indiana ROBERT HARRISON Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I PATRICIA HARTER Hobbs, Indiana FRANK HARTSELL Pasadena, California GLORIA HARVEY Indianapolis, Indiana SANDRA HAYNES Wichita, Kansas PHILIP HEMPLEMAN Anderson, Indiana JIM HENEGAR Tulsa, Oklahoma JETTA HENRY Pryor, Oklahoma CHARLES T. HERNER Indianapolis, Indiana RONALD GENE HOGUE Crossett, Arkansas WILLIAM J. HOLDER Anderson, Indiana lOHN HOWLAND Hastings, Nebraska BOB HUITT Cahokia, Illinois WAYNE HUTCHINS Roseburg, Oregon WILLIAM JACKSON Columbia, South Carolina JANICE JAMESON Longansport, Indiana KAREN JOHNSON New Kensington, Pennsylvania HAROLD JONES Butler, New Jersey THORA JORGENSEN Grand Rapids, Michigan BOB KANABLE Anderson, Indiana LOIS KARDATZKE Elmore, Ohio GARY KEITH New Albany, Indiana RUTH KELLEY Cadiz, Ohio BRENDA KERLEY Hickory. North Carolina ELIZABETH KOKER Detroit, Michigan MARY LAFON Blacksburg, Virginia RICH LaMACCHIO Birmingham, Michigan TOULA LAMBROS Argos Arbolis, Greece BILL L ASHBROOK Hazel Park, Michigan CAROLYN LAUTARET Kalispell, Montana CAROL LeMAY Richmond, Indiana WALTER LEWIS Chillicothe, Ohio HERBERT LINAMEN Greenhurst, New York LORELEI LINCOLN Zephyrhills, Florida KAREN LOEPP Elkhart, Kansas PAULINE LOVE Syracuse, New York LEOLA LUYSTER Parma, Ohio SANDY McCUTCHAN Louisville, Kentucky JANICE McINTIRE Hewitt, Minnesota KAREN McKEE Cincinnati, Ohio DONALD MASHUE Midland, Michigan JOYCE MAURER Ocean City, New Jersey PATRICIA MEAD Pontiac, Michigan CECILE MERREN Grand Cayman, B.W.I. MARILYN MIDDLETON Lajunta, Colorado BERNADINE MILAM Columbus, Ohio JOYCELYN MILLER Wichita, Kansas MARILYNE MILLER Metropolis, Illinois RUTH MILLER Eau Claire, Wisconsin TOM A. MILLER Anderson, Indiana DORTHA MITCHELL Marbury, Maryland NORMAN MORELAND St. Louis, Missouri JANICE MORGAN Royal Oak, Michigan JERRY NORRIS Nelsonvile, Ohio WILLIE JEAN MYERS Stratford, Connecticut MYRL NISEY Anderson, Indiana FRANK NOBLE Meadville, Pennsylvania LARRY OSNES Cedar Rapids, Iowa MARY PAINTER Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania JACQUELINE PANIK North Riverside, Illinois JERRY PARLETTE Marion, Ohio RON PARR Metropolis, Illinois ELLEN PERRY Stanton, Michigan MARY BETH PHELPS Anderson, Indiana WILLIAM E. PIAT Springfield, Ohio DOROTHY PIERCE Sheridan, Indiana ROSS L. PIPES Indianapolis, Indiana CONNIE PLASTERER Grand Rapids, Michigan JAMES L. POWELL Midland, Michigan GARY NOSLER North Sacramento, California MARJORIE O’BRINGER LaPorte, Indiana BARBARA ODOM Brooklyn, New York RONNIE ORR Indianapolis, Indiana RUTH RILEY Hill City, Kansas MARCIA POWELL Butler, Pennsylvania CAROL RAAB West Lafayette, Indiana CAROL ANN RATZLAFF Anderson, Indiana BETSY ROSS West Lafayette, Indiana MARIE ROSS Canton, Ohio LORETTA RUMSEY Decatur, Illinois WILDA RUTH Cincinnati, Ohio DAWN SCHIELD Grand Rapids, Minnesota KAREN SEYDEL Detroit, Michigan RUTH SHABAN Ontario, Canada KEN SHEFFER Livonia, Michigan LOIS SHROYER South Vienna, Ohio GLORIA SICKAL Clare, Michigan VIRGINIA SIMMONS Chicago, Illinois DAWN SMITH Butler, Pennsylvania GEORGE SMITH San-la-mar, Jamaica, B.W.I. JANE SMITH Paris, Kentucky SHIRLEY SMITH Chillicothe, Ohio DIANE SNEAD Odessa, Texas PEARL SNYDER Springfield, Illinois RUTH SNYDER Greenville, Michigan REX SPELL Anderson, Indiana RICHARD SPITZMESSER Elwood, Indiana CAROLYN TALLENT Sandy Springs, Oklahoma IMOGENE TATE Aurora, Illinois JIM TEMPLE Fort Lauderdale, Florida KENNETH THOMAS Bloomington, Indiana JAY THOMPSON Anderson, Indiana SANDRA THOR Jamestown, New York GLORIA TOLLES Saginaw, Michigan DAVID TOLLY Richmond, Michigan RALPH TOON Fayetteville, Tennessee BRYCE TRUMBLE Orange, Texas GLENDA KAY USHER Meridian, Mississippi JOYCE VAUGHN Princeton, Indiana FRED STAKER Plains, Kansas CHARLOTTE STANLEY Flushing, Michigan KENNETH STRAWN Connersville, Indiana ANN SULLIVAN Pryor, Oklahoma GENEVA WATTS Streamwood, Illinois HOPE VINEYARD Kingsport, Tennessee WILMAS VAN OSDOL Union City, Indiana NORMA WALKER Pontiac, Michigan BRAD WILSON West Alexandria, Ohio LARRY WILSON South Charleston, West Virginia MYRNA WOLF Modesto, California SALLY WOODS Kalamazoo, Michigan DIXIE WORKMAN Anderson, Indiana GERRY WRIGHT Flint, Michigan ELIZABETH WRIGHT Wichita, Kansas GWENLYN YODER Springfield, Ohio MARLENE WEINGARD Tionesta, Pennsylvania HELEN WILCOX Vermontville, Michigan GEORGE WILLIAMS York Springs, Pennsylvania SANDRA WILLISON Saegertown, Pennsylvania Students enjoy outdoor classes with the arrival of Spring 159 DVERTISEMENTS Above it all rises the fact that, among the fun and frolic we are here to gain an education. Laughter, tears, loneli¬ ness and triumph fade before the academic pursuits, for we have been placed here to pursue knowledge and achieve scholarship to better equip ourselves for a place in the human world. 161 Taking Christ to all the world through — MISSIONS EDUCATION EVANGELISM BENEVOLENCE WORLD SERVICE AGENCIES Missionary Board Board of Church Extension and Home Missions Anderson College and Theological Seminary Board of Christian Education Board of Pensions Warner Pacific College Radio and Television Commission Ministers ' Aid Fund Free Literature Fund CHURCH OF GOD WORLD SERVICE A Division of the Executive Council The Brightest Name in Lights GUIDE-MATIC POWER HEADLIGHT CONTROL AND T-3 SAFETY AIM HEADLAMPS Reliable — Dependable GUIDE LAMP DIVISION General Motors Corp. ANDERSON, INDIANA E. 0. VERNON SON, INC. ANDERSON COLLEGE Established 1868 Coal and Builders Supplies 5th at Main Telephone 3-5326 BOOK STORE CITIZEN ' S BANKING COMPANY ANDERSON, INDIANA Main Office— 1 Ith and Meridian Streets FLOWERS BY HOPPER 200 East Ninth When It ' s Flowers — Say It With Ours PHONE 6573 West Side — 3629 Nichol East Side — East 8th and 109 By-Pass South Side — 37th and Main Streets PETERSEN LUMBER CO. Cabinets, Millwork Complete Line of Building Materials and New Homes. 1701 Ohio Ave. Phone 8891 HOOSIER MOTOR COURT Individual Units — Ceramic Tile Showers — Television On State Roads 9 and 67 South of Anderson, Ind. Phone 3-6142 R.R. 3 A. R. CRIST AND J. R. MAYER Doctors of Optometry Dependable Service Since 1926 Lenses Duplicated One Day Service ANDERSON BANK BLDG. 2 W. I Oth St. PHONE 5265 Your Friends and Neighbors Will Tell You . . . It ' s PLEASANT It’s CONVENIENT It’s SATISFYING KLUS FLOWER SHOP 423 E. 8th St. Phone 3-3115 It ' s ECONOMICAL to Shop at BANNER STORE 927 Meridian St. Phone 6675 FARRIS CAFETERIA Phone 9853 35 West 12th FRISCH ' S BIG BOY DRIVE INN Congratulations, Class of ' 60 ORDER BY PHONE AND TAKE ' EM HOME Phone — 24848 DWYER VENDING Full Line of 500 Broadway Anderson, Indiana Vending Machines LAWRENCE-KREHE STUDIOS • | DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY Portraiture . Weddings . Natural . Color Commercial . Copies . Oil Painting Thanks to the students and faculty for their cooperation in allowing us to photograph their portraits for the I960 Echoes. ANDERSON BANKING CO. BERT T. OWENS " We can ' t make all the ice cream, so we make just the best. " Store No. I 1800 Lincoln PHONE 21466 Store No. 2 2326 Columbus PHONE 9909 Save Now tor the Future Complete Banking Facilities MAIN OFFICE . 10th and Meridian SOUTH BRANCH . 29th and Main CHESTERFIELD BRANCH Chesterfield, Ind. FRANKTON BRANCH . Frankton, Ind. WEST BRANCH.3314 Nichol Ave. Road MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS Phone 5828 1028 Main MAY IT ALWAYS BE SAID . . . GOSPEL TRUMPET COMPANY . . . Across From the Campus . . . Vera enjoys typing on an electric typewriter from MILLER HUGGINS, INC. Our New Address THE FLOOR STORE 123 E. 10+h St. —Dial 2-2875 ANDERSON, INDIANA To the Class of I960 CONGRATULATIONS From SEARS in Anderson 1212 Meridian Phone 4404 The Modern Store for the Modern Shopp er PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. AND KURTZ BEVERAGES I 8th and Louise St. PHONE 211 19 WHBU RADIO First in Anderson — First in Programs CBS Radio Anderson College Football and Basketball Nite-Watch Get the WHBU Habit - DIAL 1240 To the Class of I960 Best Wishes for the Future TOM DEARING PAT PATTERSON BOB DEPIRRO Prescription Specialists EAST SIDE DRUG STORES 702 East Eight 802 East Eight VANDERBUR SHELL SERVICE Phone 9936 — 724 Milton Ave. Tires — Battery — Service — Lubrication Gas, Oil and Accessories Road Service Always Reach for HOLSUM BREAD . . . It ' s Super Nutritious . . . Baked by DIETZEN ' S BAKERY Congratulations to Class of I960 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Room 125, Old Main THE MADISON COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Phone 663 I 1421 Jackson Street ANDERSON, INDIANA J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Anderson, Indiana electrical energy for the needs of motion The experimental Firebird III is a rigorous, critical test for the best new ideas from many General Motors divisions. Delco-Remy contributions? They range from a transistorized voltage regulator to a 110-volt auxiliary a.c. generator which is powerful enough to supply electrical energy for an appliance or, in emer¬ gencies, even home power systems. Wherever today’s vehicles are set in motion, electri¬ cal forces — and the precision-engineered systems which create, transform and control them —play an essential role. Out of our consistent research will come even better Delco-Remy electrical systems for the needs of motion tomorrow. Delco-Remy From the highway to the stars DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS, ANDERSON, INDIANA Best Wishes to the Class of I960 ANDERSON FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION JACKSON AT ELEVENTH Anderson, Indiana BING ' S The Store for Men and Young Men ENG ' S GREAT CHINA RESTAURANT Specializing in Cantonese and American Cuisine We Also Prepare Food to Take Out Phone 9772 1108 Main Street Best Wishes to Anderson Indiana Class of I960 - AMERICAN PLAYGROUND DEVICE COMPANY Serving Park Place! Serving You PARKWAY PASTRY SHOP WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES All Pastries Baked in Our Own Oven 724 E. 8th St. Phone 7368 FLOWERS BY HOPPER 200 East Ninth When It ' s Flowers — Say It With Ours Phone 6573 ANDERSON, INDIANA DECKER ' S Office Supplies Sporting Goods 67 Steps Off Meridian on Eleventh PHONE: 37447 KEESLING HARDWARE STORE GEORGE W. BLACKWELL INC. 720 E. 8th St. Phone 6572 E. G. VERNON SON, INC. Established 1868 Coal and Builders Supplies 5th at Main Telephone 3-5326 Real Estate and Insurance " It It ' s on the Earth, We Insure It " " Let Us Help You Find a Home " 900 MERIDIAN PHONE 3-3347 The Doorway to Security Free Customer Parking An Insured Savings Institution 33 West Tenth St., Anderson, Ind. It It ' s in Fashion It ' s at ROTH ' S SMART APPAREL ... 936 MERIDIAN R. R. BYRUM PAUL J. BYRUM Quality Homes 1400 East Eighth Street PHONE 2-3678 Best Wishes to Class of I960 DINNERWARE CRYSTAL STERLING DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES DIAMONDS WEDDING RINGS WATCHES JEWELRY SILVER PLATE Bridal Registry Service Watch Repair Service Budget Terms Budget Terms CENTRAL INDIANA GAS CO. ANDERSON, INDIANA VERMILLION JEWELERS Royal Higness Diamonds Elgin — Bulova Benrus — Armond Duval Altons 1120 Meridian St. PIERCE GOVERNOR COMPANY, INC. 1625 OHIO AVENUE Anderson, Indiana PHONE 3-6933 TOWN MOTEL All Rooms With TV and Air Conditioning ART ' S PIZZA PLACE 231 E. 13th St. Anderson, Ind. PHONE 2-6303 INDOOR PARKING Telephone 6393 10th and Main St. In Downtown ANDERSON, INDIANA . French Fries . French Fried Onions . Cheeseburgers . Hamburgers . Salads . Ice Cream . Sausage . Salami, Beef and Ham Sandwiches . Italian Ravioli . Pizza Congratulations to the Class of I960 CLAIR CALL The Men ' s Store NINETEEN WEST ELEVENTH ST. STAR CHINA CO. Spaghetti — to carry out or eat herel 9th and Main Streets FRED W. YORK READMORE Gifts Books Magazines Greeting Cards 1037 Main, Anderson, Ind. " You ' ll like ' BEST EVER ' milk and ice cream from the EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY. " 722 Broadway Phone 7781 -i ■i RECREATION EQUIPMENT CORP. MANUFACTURERS OF: Playground Equipment Swimming Pool Equipment Bicycle Racks Basketball Backstops Indoor and Outdoor Picnic Tables and Grill Flag Poles and Tennis Nets 724 West Eighth St. Anderson, Indiana Your Good Neighbor Station WCBC MAR-JON MOTEL Approved State Road 67 East Phone 7506 Anderson, Ind. 1470 KC Indiana ' s Better Music Station REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO. Bill Kleiboeker, Owner General Electric Sales and Service 1025 Main Street Dial 2-3364 Anderson, Ind. McDonald furniture Phone Phone Free TV SHOWROOMS, INC. in Units 3-6931 i n Units Shop Suburban and Save Junction 9 and 67 INDIANA MOTEL Walter Rathfon, Vice-Pres. Road 9 and 67 South Anderson, Indiana Phone 3-6971 Anderson, Ind. Free Coffee Fred and Frances Leaf, Owners THE F. C. CLINE LUMBER CO. HOME BUILDING 400-423 MAIN ST. | MATERIALS PHONE 2-2315 " There ' s a Material Difference " GREAT NORTHERN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Gary Ausbun is selling Paul Lambert and Bud Stone a student college insurance plan. The Wright Store for Young Men and Women HOYT WRIGHT COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of I960 From the ECHOES STAFF HOOSIER MOTOR COURT Individual Units—Ceramic Tile Showers Television—Simmons Furniture—Air-Conditioned On State Road 9 and 67 PHONE 3-6142 South of Anderson, Ind. R. R. 3, Box 90 Let ' s All Patronize Our Advertisers 907 MERIDIAN MATTHEW LUMBER CORP. " Call the Lumber Number " Phone 6671 PHONE 39088 AUTOGRAPHS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made "

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