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 - Class of 1955

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i ’ . Andersen, Indiana Where have you been? " Umm, good! " Just hitched! " Two ' s company, Three ' s a crowd What ' s six? " Pick up sticks! " Aren’t we glamour gals! " Too much of one thing! " Hey! That ' s not allowed! FOREWORD DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY GRADUATE SCHOOL CLASSES RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES ATHLETICS OUR ADVERTISERS 1 ’ •«« y i % ' P tecwvui Education may be defined as the pursuit, the dissemination, and the ac¬ cumulation of knowledge. But that is not enough. Since knowledge is power to be used either for good or for evil, to kill or to make alive, to save or to destroy, it follows that the educational process must do something to provide a proper motive. To inform a man is not enough--in fact, it may be danger¬ ous. Man’s motives must be made righteous. Here is where CHRISTIAN education comes in. Someone has said that the pursuit of knowledge is a RELIGIOUS duty. Let us not forget that the bright¬ est spots inhuman history are found in those periods when religion and learn¬ ing were in the closest bonds. Those bonds need to be strengthened in our day. We do well to reflect that the most creative periods of the church were those marked by the ministry of men whose hearts we re warm with religious fervor and whose intellects were il¬ lumined with knowledge. Pre sident — - s mmk ' Tfecv t te t redcdence wxM O tce ' vi. t e (£aC£eye Executive (?a tt tUttee John A. Morrison, President; Earl Martin, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Russell Olt, Dean; Robert Reardon, Executive Vice-President; Adam W. Miller, Dean of the School of Theology; C. L. Edwards, Treasurer. John A. Morrison, Chairman; George Blackwell; John H. Kane, Harold Achor; Steele C. Smith; Russell Olt, Secretary to the Committee. E. E. Perry, Chairman John H. Kane, Secretary 1955 - John H. Kane, Anderson, Indiana; Ray W. Keith, Exeter, California; George Blackwell, Anderson, Indiana. 1956 - Paul Froehlich, Tenafly, New Jersey; Harold Achor, Anderson, Indiana; Cecil Baldwin, Grand Junction, Colorado. 1957 - R. C. Caudill, Middletown, Ohio; S. P. Dunn, Chicago, Illinois; E. E. Perry, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 1958 - Lawrence E. Strobel, Pasadena, California; Frank A. Towers, Franklin, Pennsylvania; Glen E. Marshall, St. Joseph, Michigan. 1959 - D. L. Slaybaugh, Akron, Indiana; Denzel R. Lovely, Dayton, Ohio; Victor Gritzmacher, Lansing, Michigan. 6 ?k ‘DecUcatto t Men are needed who seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Business men of the world seek first to make money. God ' s business men must seek first to make a life of usefulness to God and humanity. The world’s teach¬ ers aim for the job with the highest salary and position. God ' s teachers seek to love and serve their fellow men. The world ' s physicians and technologists seek for fame and salary. God ' s physicians seek first of all to bring men into right relationship with God, for lasting cures come no other way. God ' s men seek to solve the great social problems of poverty, prejudice, and illness of every kind, knowing full well that " he who loves God should love his brother also. " 0 4 7 Going up or coming down?” Beautiful day to study! " Right in the palm of my hand! " No! No! No! " Dearly Beloved. . Studying hard, Lottie?” O ccenA 0$ s4dntufid iatto«t VILA DEUBACH Director of Student Personnel NANCY OSBORNE Head Women ' s Counselor ADAM W. MILLER LOUISE C. JOHNSON Head Men’s Registrar Counselor WILMA E. PONDER Librarian I C. L. EDWARDS Comptroller HELEN A. HOLTON Director of Admissions ROBERT REARDON Executive Vice-President n -JSL , •• m y gS .1 1 | S J . Pna n RUTHVEN H. BYRUM A.B. Assistant Professor of Art MARY LOU BARR A.M. Assistant Professor of Business PAUL BREITWEISER, Mus. M. Professor of Piano and Theory of Music ROBERT BRUPBACHER JR. Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Psychology JOHN A. BUEHLER Ph. D. Associate Professor of Chemistry JOHN O. CARRINGTON, A.M. Assistant Professor of History i VALOROUS B. CLEAR, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Social Science HELEN CRAIG, A.M. Lecturer in Art VILA DEUBACH Ph. D. Professor of English MALCOLM G. GRESSMAN, A.M. Instructoi in English and Speech ELLWOOD ROSS EKSTROM Mus. M. Instructor in Applied Music ROBERT GLENN FALLS Ph.D., C. P.A. Assistant Professor of Business FLORENCE J. EGGERT, A.M. Assistant Professor of Spanish TREVA ABELL GRESSMAN, B.S. Assistant Instructor in Home Economics WALTER S. HALDEMAN B.D., M.S. Professor of Religious Education CECIL H. HARTSELLE, Mus. M. Professor of Applied Music and Theory LEWIS A. HENNIGAR, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Philosophy and Psychology Director of Psychological Clinic ELAINE J. HARPER A.M. Instructor in English ZYLPHA D. HURLBUT, A.M. Assistant Professor of Biology LOUISE C. JOHNSON, CARL H. KARDATZKE, Ph. D. M.S. Professor of Education Assistant Professor of Education ANNA E. KOGLIN, A.M. Professor of German INGYR MARIE LIEN Mus. M. Associate Professor of Applied Music HAROLD F. LINAMEN, M.S. Assistant Professor of Business GERTRUDE LITTLE, A.M. (Elect) Actihg Instructor in Religious Education I PHYLLIS A. LONG B.S. Assistant Instructor in Physical Education JAMES D. MACHOLTZ, A.M. ROBERT W. MACHOLTZ, A.M. Instructor in Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education EARL L. MARTIN A.M., B.D., D.D. Professor of Bible and Applied Theology NIXON MUMPER, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of English MARIE JOINER MAYO, M.S. Instructor in Biology ADAM W. MILLER, A.M., D.D Professor of New Testament LEONA B. NELSON Ph. D. Associate Professor of Social Science ROBERT A. NICHOLSON Ph. D. Associate Professor of Theory of Music and Music Education GLORIA OLIVE, A.M. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics RUSSELL OLT, A.M LL.D., Dean Professor of Philosophy and Psychology JOHN I. OWEN Ph. D. Associate Professor of Chemistry NANCY F. OSBORNE, Ph. D Professor of Romance Languages FLORENCE A. ORR, A.M. Assistant Professor of English ERNEST P. RANGAZAS M.S., P.E. Dir. Assistant Professor of Physical Education JAMES REES, M.S. Instructor in Biology HERMAN REICHENBACH, Ph.D. Instructor in Chemistry and Physics FREDERICK SHOOT Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Bible NOT PICTURED: DEAN A. ARNOLD, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Social Science MAXINE BARCUS, A.B. Lecturer in Physical Education ELBRIDGE G. MACKENZIE A.M. Assistant Professor of Education VAUGHN PETTIGREW, B.S. Lecturer in Physical Education LEOLA E. FORD. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology MARIE STRONG, A.M. Instructor in Bible CANDACE STONE Ph.D. Professor of Social Science ANNE BAKER URBAN, M.A. Instructor in English LUCILE WILLOWBY A.M. Assistant Professor of English GERALDINE LYON OWEN, A. M. Assistant to Director of Student Personnel. ELWOOD H. PHILLIPS Book Store Manager THOMAS M. RAMSAY Field Representative JEAN SNYDER Secretary to the Dean CHASE STIERS Maintenance Superintendent LUCILLE STRAWN, B. S. Assistant to Registrar 0 ?acuitcf ADAM W. MILLER. Dean Biblical Literature GENE W. NEWBERRY Theology JOHN W. V. SMITH Church History HAROLD L. PHILLIPS Preaching BURT E. COODY Religious Educa¬ tion Psychology of Re¬ ligion. T. FRANKLIN MIL¬ LER Religious Education School ROBERT H. REARDON The Pastoral Ministry ROBERT A. NICH¬ OLSON Church Music BEVERLY C. ANDERSON Waterford, Ontario, Cana¬ da; A. B. Anderson College; history major; Inter-semi¬ nary Commission. Plans to enter ministry. THOMAS E. COCKERHAM Campbellsburg, Indiana; B. S. Anderson College; his¬ tory major; Social Life Commission; Athletic Commission ;Chairman Social Life Commission. Plans to be a rural pastor. DONALD D. JOHNSON Portland, Oregon; A. B. Pacific Bible College,Bible major; Social Action Com¬ mission; Chairman Social Action Commission; Inter- seminary Union. Missionary to British Guiana, South America. HERBERT RAYMOND LU¬ CAS Middletown, Ohio. HAROLD L. MINKLER Los Angeles, California; A. B. Anderson College; Bible major; Chairman Publica¬ tions Committee. Plans to enter pastoral ministry. DAVID IRVIN PARKER Kendall, Florida; B. S. An¬ derson College; Social Ac¬ tion Commission; Chair¬ man Social Action Com¬ mission; Plans to enter pas¬ toral ministry. SIDNEY JOHNSON Cullman, Alabama; B. Th. Anderson College; Athletic Commission; Inter-semi¬ nary Commission ;Christian Service Commission; Chairman Christian Service Commission; Vice Presi¬ dent of Seminary Union; President of Seminary Un¬ ion; Missionary to India. PAUL RAYMOND WAGNER Brookings, South Dakota; B. Th. Anderson College; Re¬ ligious Education major; Seminary Union; Christian Action Commission, Social Life Commission. PHILIP L. KINLEY Hutchinson, Kansas; A. B. Anderson College; Secre¬ tary of Seminary Union; Chairman of Social Life Commission; Chairman Publications Commission. Missionary to Japan. SenCon 20 fluHCOnA First Row: John R. Johnson, Koshy Philip, Earl Heath, Helen Fox, Arnold DeYoung, Ed Hender- lite, Robert Sprague. Second Row: Bill Ellis, Bill Miller, Dale Grubbs, Sam Betts, Cecil Watson, Gilbert Tinker, How¬ ard Russell. Third Row: Clarence Powell, Wade Raby, L. H. Gilliam, Fred Morgan, Paul Carder, Jack Duff, Ralph Hatch, Ralph Hough. 7tticCdtesi First Row: Paul Whalen, Bob Deal, Edward Hook, James Sharp, Alen Egly. Second Row: Lee Fox, Everett Richey, A1 Conner, Arnold Coody.Gene Price. O ccefU : First Row: Bob Deal, Athletic Commission Chairman; Sidney Johnson, President of Semi¬ nary Union; Bill Ellis, Interseminary Commission Chairman; David Parker, Social Action Commission Chairman. Second Row: Tom Cockerham, Social Life Commission Chairman; Ralph Hatch, Secre¬ tary-Treasurer Seminary Union; Jim Sharp, Vice President Seminary Union; Philip Kin- ley, Publications Commission Chairman. i i : ! i 1 ( i tyuut School 0 20tve First Row: Jean Johnson; Mrs. Adam Miller, Advisor; Phyllis Kinley, Vice President; Luetisha Parker, President; Janet Cockerham, Secretary; Vivian Coody, Treasurer; Mrs. Burt Coody, Advisor; Betty Carter, Betty Lucas. Second Row: Harriet Anderson; Betty Jo Johnson, Marcella Russell; Marilyn DeYoung; Jean Fulton, Gwen Minkler; Laura Withrow; Alice Swann; Mary Richey; Jeanette Cox; Carol Hook; Wanda Downey. Third Row: Jane Duff; Barbara Taylor; Maxine Miller; Veneta Howell; Dorothy Sharp; Frankie Watson; Gerry Con¬ ner; Gloria Wagner; Mary Hensley; Evelyn Spencer; Betty Heath. • ' •. .1 — -srt Ronald Hines--Vice President Hazel Pk., Michigan Luanna Boyer--Secretary-Treasurer Ashtabula, Ohio Paul Hart--President St. Louis, Missouri Irwin Abell Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Barbara Arthur Akron, Indiana Wesley Abramson Clinton, Iowa Jack Atkins Dayton, Ohio Mary Adair Anderson, Indiana Harold Ausbun Hugoton, Kansas Janice Adcock Anderson, Indiana Esther Baker Jacksonville, Florida Pat Arnold Wiley, Colorado Eunice Baker DeSoto, Missouri Willis Bailey Washington Court House, Ohio Larry Barnhart Anderson, Indiana Barbara Bassett Pulaski, Virginia Jackie Becraft Mt. Sterling, Ken¬ tucky Beverly Bengston Anderson, Indiana Everett Bernard Glenn Boelke Hammond, Louisiana Durham, Kansas Lottie Borlin Miami, Florida Pat Boston Luanna Boyer Louisville, Kentucky Ashtabula, Ohio 25 Lewis Briscoe Dumas, Texas Clarys Butgereit Benton Harbor Michigan Joan Brown St. Louis, Missouri Hugh Bynum Slocomb, Alabama Sylvia Brown Rossmoyne, Ohio Richard Cambell Evergreen Park, II linois Robert Browning Anderson, Indiana Tom Cappas Chicago, Illinois Lillie Bullard Miami, Florida Nelda Causby Morganton, North Carolina Ruth Clark Pleasant Plains, Ohio Delanor Collins Mt. Carmel, Illinois Jeanine Combs Anderson, Indiana Pat Cook Ashland, Kansas Dorothy Cromlish Midland, Michigan James Crosthwaite Carlton Cumberbatch Morehead, Kentucky Port-of-Spain,Trini¬ dad, B. W. I. Vora Lee Currey Sublette, Kansas Fred Damaske Everett Deidiker Sivanton, Ohio Chicago, Illinois 26 Dick Diggins Denver, Colorado Rebecca Ford Ft. Wayne, Indiana Mildred Dobkins Neodesba, Kansas William Dudgeon Anderson. Indiana Adrienne Etheridge San Jose, California Cecil Friesen Winton, California Donald Fairchild St. Elmo, Illinois Dan Frost Miami, Florida Louise Fraysur Dan Friesen Wincherter, Ken- Atwater, California tucky Demos Gallender Tickfair, Louisiana Martha Hagan West Plains, Missouri Delbert Gavin Wichita, Kansas Ruth Halliburton Mountain Grove, Missouri Janice George New Bethleham, Pennsylvania Marian Halliburton Mountain Grove, Missouri Etta Mae Grantland Decatur, Alabama Rita Jo Hankins Depew, Oklahoma Gloria Gross Eld red, Tennessee Pat Harshbarger Springfield, Ohio 27 Robert Hart Lewisburg, Tennes¬ see Gleora Herr South Bend, Indiana Richard Hartung Huntertown, Indiana Duane Hoak Toledo, Ohio Elna Mae Hastings Greenfield, Indiana Calvin Honeycutt Warwick, Virginia Orville Hendricks Atwater, California Betty Jo Hopkins Colorado Springs, Colorado Bonieta Hen South Bend, Indiana Joyce Huey Princeton, Indiana Everett Humphrey Flint, Michigan Ruth Jones Dixon, Missouri Ruth Hurst Hot Springs, Arkan¬ sas Elaine Kardatzke Elmore, Ohio Mikie Ito Hokkaido, Japan Jon Kardatzke Wichita, Kansas Linda Jackson Pendleton, Indiana Merl Kardatzke Elmore, Ohio Don Janke Benton Harbor, Michigan Ellen Kennedy Butler, Pennsylvania 28 Wayne King New Albany, Indiana Walter Kujawski Toledo, Ohio Nancy Kirks Olathe, Colorado Betty Lee Tulsa, Oklahoma Jack Klapp Lima, Ohio Elnora Leimkuehler St. Louis, Missouri Connie Klinger Sandusky, Ohio Aleta Leppien Alma, Michigan Loretta Koss Hammond, Indiana Patti Janning Anchorage, Alaska Jean Linamen Jamestown, New York Charles Luzby Baltimore, Maryland John Little Wausan, Wisconsin Richard Me Cool Newkirk, Oklahoma Charles Long Lima, Ohio William McDonald Carrollton, Kentucky Ellen Lovan Plymouth, North Carolina Norma McDowell St. Albans, West Vir¬ ginia Sandra Loveland Cushing, Oklahoma Jane McGillen Anderson, Indiana 29 Twila Martindale Wichita, Kansas Connie Mitchell Barbury, Maryland Dick Maynard Anderson, Indiana Margreta Morgan Wichita, Kansas Ivan Meyer St. Louis, Missouri Milo Myhre Kirkhaven, Minne¬ sota Herbert Miller Sullivan, Illinois Stella Nelson Hayden, Missouri Marilyn Miller Whitmire, South Dakota Gerald Nevitt Indianapolis, Indiana Ormand Niehaus Hill City, Kansas Raymond Pantry Bristow, Oklahoma Ray Ogle Moscow, Idaho Carol Parker Kendall, Florida Dora Oliver Akron, Indiana Elaine Parker San Jose, California Gerald Overholt Akron, Ohio Tom Poston Anderson, Indiana Ardith Owens Coleman, Michigan Maggie Lee Quarles Roanoke, Virginia 30 Jane Ralston Helena Reed Jackie Reese Rock vale, Tennessee Logan, West Virginia Lima, Ohio David Reynolds West Middlesex, Pennsylvania Steve Reynolds South Charleston, West Virginia Jim Rinehart Tom Royer Carol Ruez Lee Schneider Marforie Schofield Newberry, South Decatur, Alabama Baltimore, Maryland Yakima, Washington Lima, Ohio Carolina Dolores Schrank Plant City, Florida Cliff Schutjer Judy Selvidge Nancy Shumaker Bill Smeltzer Hickory, North Caro- Greeneville, Tennes- Distant, Pennsylvania Gallipolis, Ohio lina see Volin Spear Sue Spencer Phyllis Spitzmesser Gladys Squier Jorene Stilles Birmingham, Alabama Miamisburg, Ohio Elwood, Indiana Jefferson City, E. Peoria. Illinois Missouri 31 Martin Stillings Bellegontaine, Ohio Ruby Tarlor Sullivan, Illinois Beverly Strater Kittanning, Pennsyl¬ vania Herbert Thompson Fayetteville, West Virginia Sue Strickler Decatur, Indiana Wayne Towers Franklin, Pennsyl¬ vania Don Swagerty Goddard, Kansas David Troutman Anderson, Indiana Lavonne Swart Dayton, Ohio David Turner Indianapolis, Indiana Saundra Ward Aaron Warren Royal Oak, Michigan Frankewing, Tennes¬ see Greama Walker Springfield, Missouri Alice Williams York Springs, Penn¬ sylvania Dan Williams Williamson, West Virginia Judy Williams Alexandria, Indiana Jim Warren Nappanee, Indiana Velma Williamson Williamson, West Virginia Alton Watts New Castle, Indiana Jack Wilson Omar, West Virginia 32 Darrell Winters Anderson, Indiana Luella Woodcox Paul Yerden Robert Young South Bend, Indiana Allegan, Michigan Sand Springs., Oklahoma PHOTOGRAPHER Class Pictures Tony Lewyllen 38 0 p te4 6«Ktut ' Tfot “Ptetwiect John Adams Janice Adcock Florence Allison James Bailey Carol Barber Bob Barnes Thelma Barnette Pat Beardsley Beverly Bengston Alfred Bennett Harry Benson James Bentley Daisy Black Jack Bloom Vivian Bobrick Robert Borgers Raymond Bostwick Dennis Bowser Joy Brennestuhl James Britt Elga Brock Proctor Burress, Jr. Robert Butler Larry Byrd Paul Callen Dyle Carroll Shedrick Casimere Wayne Cavender Bob Chandler Nancy Clark Virginia Cook Gerald Commer Carlton Cumberbatch Fred Damaske Lewis Darby Anna Davis Dick Dixon Carla Engleman Jess Etchison Nancy Falconbury Wendell Farrelly Jim Ferguson Keith Fleshman Coramae Foist Carl Foley June Franks Dan Friesen Don Furney Christine Giering Ingeborg Gibbons Earl Gray Kenneth Gray John Gunter Barbara Hall Desmond Hall William Hammock Paul Hart Curtis Harvey Fay Harvey Jack Hartly Mark Haynie William Herbig Ronald Hines Donald Hull Carol Hunter Ida Johnston Daneen Jones Richard Kardatzke Janet Keen Marlowe Kinch Carol Kinion Jerry Kolb Ralph Lane Gene Law Eileen Leonard Aleta Leppien Don Lewis Bob Lohman Bob Lovelace Bob Lucas Mavis Lunsford Ella McCall Bill McCarel Paul McClure Charles McCracken Jane Mclntire Jim McMains Ralph Marsh, Jr. Marilyn Maupin Paul Meier Carl Merrick Bryon Miller Paul Miller Rebecca Minix Wayne Moad Lawrence Montgomery George Nassar Jerry O’Dell Delores Ours Rudolph Pearson Barbara Poe Gorden Powell Clessie Powell Janice Price Howard Prond Herbert Pruitt Rick Rash Nathan Reist James Reynolds Jack Rhoads Edward Richards Charles Riggle Raymond Robertson Gordon Roedding Wesley Rouse Ernie Rulli Dean Schield Janet Schrader Edward Scott Delores Segner Belah Sellers, Jr. Vance Schreckengast Betty Sloan Donald E. Smith Don E. Smith Robert Smith Robert Spell Logan Sprunger Florence Squires Evan Staley Ellen Stephenson William Stephenson Robert Stoebe Jerry Sullivan Eugene Sweezea Gordon Taylor Coy Thomason James Treadway Don Vance Edward Van Horn Berniece Vermillion James Vincent Eula Wares Ivan Waring William Warth Ronald Whitehead Carol Whitt Thomas Williams, Jr. Lowell Wilson Nancy -Zieglar 34 11 T» ' ' 3wSJ ■ ;V 4 £yB ,04a £ ■ ' ' P " ■ w ' }2 ... Lv. 1 M I ' K 4 jfp J ' fBWB I XT E " 1 Betty Clemons--Secretary Bloomington, Illinois Art Pay--Treasurer Chicago, Illinois Bobby Jo Harris--Vice President Niagara Falls, New York Delwin Brown--President Anderson, Indiana Vada Alexander Roger Allen Gary Ausbun Satanta, Kansas Distant, Pennsylvania Hugoton, Kansas Fred Baird Dale Banks Creston, Ohio Clarkston, Washing¬ ton Rodney Bargerstock Kittanning, Pennsyl¬ vania Robert Bartz Stevensville, Michi gan David Baylor New Albany, Indiana Dale Bengston Anderson, Indiana John Boyer Erie, Pennsylvania Delwin Brown Lloyd Brown Anderson, Indiana Anderson, Indiana Jack Burford Charleston, West Virginia Christine Burns Francis Carpenter Rockvale, Tennessee Charleston, West Virginia 37 Erna Chesterman Betty M. Clemons Johnson City, Tenn. Bloomington, Ill. Hester Click Frankfort, Ind. Coralie Coe Delores Combs Grand Cayman, E. Prairie, Mo. B.W.I. Verl Conn Geraldine Donna J. Cook David Coolidge Kenneth Cooper San Diego, Calif. Connaway Bluefield, W. Va. Owatonna, Minn. Louisville, Ky. Delta, Colo. Ronald E. Crump David L. Day Rob ert Deimiston Thelma Des Jardins Eleanor Dillard Louisville, Ky. Springfield, Ohio Allegan, Mich. Modesto, Calif. Montesano, Wash. 38 Donald K. Durfee Mt. Pleasant. Mich, Carla Engleman New Albany, Ind. Clifford Felche Goodricti, N. Dak. Hans Fichtenberg Biebesheim, Germany Carolyn Fillers Neota, Tenn. Margaret J. Fites North Canton, Ohio Ivis Foster Cohasset, Minn. James Fox Denver, Colo. Helen Frost Miami, Florida Bobbie Germany Palco, Kansas Doris Gray Willmar, Minn. Barbara Hall Portageville, Mo. Larry Harding Memphis, Tenn. Barbara Jo Harris Niagara Falls, N.Y. Manker Harris Flint. Mich. 39 Jack Hartly Alexandria, Indiana Glenn Hensley Kirklin, Indiana Betty Hill Princeton, Indiana Grad a Hogue West Frankfort, Illinois Ronald Holder Alva, Oklahoma Ed Janke Cleveland, Ohio Hilda Jeeninga Phillip Jones Florence Kanyuck Chicago, Illinois New Albany, Indiana Townvilie, Pennsyl¬ vania Larry Klein Akron, Indiana Dolores Koglin Audrey Koons Lewis Kujawski Lloyd Lambert Ronald Longstreth Goodridge, Minnesota Akron, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Decatur, Illinois St. Louis, Missouri 40 Julia McCullough Boston. Massa¬ chusetts Vivian McFarling Elizabeth McGreger Wolsey, South Distant, Pannsylvania Dakota Irvin Martin Bloomington, Illinois Louis Mitten East St. Louis, Missouri Beatrice Montes New York, New York Doris Morehouse Otsego, Michigan Jerry Moreland St. Louis, Missouri Sylvia Mosley Altadena, California John Muenze Baltimore, Mary¬ land Elden Nielsen Arlington, South Dakota Anna Nelson Hayden, Missouri 41 Marion E. Panton Georgetown, Grand Cayman, B.W.I. Carolyn Pence Springfield, Ohio Janet Phillips Anderson, Ind. Earl Clair Radaker FairmountCity, Pa. Marvin D. Roberts Bloomington, Ill. Barbara Robertson Houston, Texas Charles R. Rodden Muskogee, Okla. Kenneth Rogers Alma, Michigan Darla M. Schrock Shellbyville, Ind. Marvin L. Schwarts Wiley, Colo. Melvin R. Schwarts Shirley Scott Wiley, Colo. Rockfor d, Ill. Glen D. Sealock Colorado Springs, Colorado Mary Lou Shafer Daytona Beach, Fla. Clayton Shriver Charlotte, Mich. 42 Marilyn Skrha Reading, Penn. L. Kathy Smith. Anderson, Ind. Merrill D. Smith Dacoma, Okla. Myrtle Starr Hickory, N.C. Gwen Stauffer Edmonton, Alberta. Canada F. E. Strombeck Hazel Park, Mich. Kenneth E. Swick Akron,Ind. Larry W. Thornton Midland, Mich. Frank E. Tufts Elkhom City, Ky. William Vencil.Jr. Baltimore, Md. Patricia Wallace Fayetteville, Tenn. John Walter James R.Wehsollek Baltimore, Maryland Alexandria, Ind. Lois Weiland Rock Springs, Wise. Judith J. Wells St. Louis, Mo. 43 Harold O. Welsh Agency, Iowa Lucille Jean White Barryton, Michigan O. Dale Williams Decatur, Illinois Thelma Williams Tulsa, Oklahoma Beulah Winter Chicago, Illinois Doretha JuneWolfen- Thelma Yerden barger Allegan, Michigan Hotchkiss, Colorado Jennie Baker William F. Barker Charles Barrett, Jr. Charles O. Bates Betty Lou Beard Nancy Lee Brownell Janet Mary Caldwell Joanne Margaret Caldwell Robert Eugene Clinage David Earl Collins Don Colvin Wilbur Conklin Jack Cox Bernadean Cummings Roger Cunningham Janet C. Davis Truman A. Davis Don L. DeBolt William Lee DeLisle Brian Lowell Detweiler Joyce DeYoung Bob E. Dial Darleta Janice Dill Barbara Jean Dowdy 7tot ‘PtctunecC Wayne H. Eaton Patricia Dianne Erish Ruth Angeline Falls William John Farmen Luana Lee Fesing Margaret Jane Fites Elfrieda E. Fluck Lloyd Gail Frix Beecher Hadley C. Delon Hales Bonnie Ray Harding Reba Jean Hendricks Nettie Mae Hennigar Jerry Wayne Henricks Robert D. Hepler Raymond D. Hills Madjeska B. Hollawell James Virgil Holm Richard Holsworth Charles Jestice Lyndell Jones Roberta Faye Jones Thomas C. Kelsey Vernon Y. Kerry Clifford Kindig Glenn Jay Law John A. Lawson James Kenneth Lockhart Philip LoPresti Barbara Ann McKenzie Joseph M. McMeekin John Paul Mefford Helen Kay Minich Kenneth Joe Mix Gordon Carl Moffitt William Roy Monday James Dale Moore Beatrice Morgan Nancy Lee Morgan Shirley Gene Morton Kenneth Neal Billy Ray Nickell Elias Olinghouse Robert D. Parker Ardath Pay Patricia Ann Popp Betty Lou Powell Carol Ann Price Merrill W. Pyle Joseph Roberts Toni Camille Romano Donald Rooney Denver Rowe Edward James Russells Paul Saltzman James Nichael Scofield Jo Ann Showalter Alvin Shrewsbury William James Sinclair Horace Peter Slagle Stuart Slaybaugh Eugene Smith Robert Jack Smith Marv L. South Carroll Roger Spencer Benjamin Stewart Ira Stone Lucille Thomas Preston Tilford Don L. Tunnell Paul R. Wagner Hubert Warner John L. Washington George Watkins J. R. Weber Jay White Janice Willis Richard Wood some Lloyd J. Wysong Edward A. Zwichel 44 VCt “Sc Seeing Tfou . ■ Shirley Squires Lois Stephenson Robert Routt Dr. John Buehler Secretary-Treasure Vice President President Advisor Port Huron, Michigan Ellettsville, Indiana Urbana, Ohio Janice Elaine Anderson Lima, Ohio Marilyn Anderson Waterford, Ontario, Canada Beverly Ann Barton Sand Springs, Oklahoma Georgene Elaine Bruner Caldwell, Kansas Ethel Campbell Winchester, Kentucky Myrlen Earl Chesnut Elkhart, Kansas James Robert Cockerham Campbellsburg, Indiana Eunice Collias Chicago, Illinois Dolly Mae Copeland St. James, Missouri Alta Ruthe Crose Anderson, Indiana Frank Curtis Madison, Illinois Richard Lee Daudert South Haven, Michigan Teresa Estelle Beardsley Chico, California Betty Marie Bowen Muskegon, Michigan Billie Brawner Nashville, Tennessee 47 I I Sue Ann Davies So. Charleston, West Virginia Myrna Lee Durham Tampa, Florida Mark Allen Ehman Atlanta, Indiana Alice Marie Eldridge Garden City, Kansas Hans Fichtenberg Biebesheim, Germany Charles Roy-Fluck Lansdale, Pennsylvania Donald Vernon Francis Lima, Ohio James M. Fritz Markleville, Indiana Patricia Jean Gooch Midland, Michigan George Eugene Grater Olathe, Colorado Rolland Keith Gray Anderson, Indiana Mable V. Grubbs Crawfordsville, Indiana Louetta Marie Hency Mansfield, Ohio Carl Millard Henderson Franklin, Pennsylvania James Laurence Hess Baltimore, Maryland Harry L. Holden Hickman Mills, Missouri Juanita June Howell Piqua, Ohio Ronald Merle Jack San Jose, California Darrell Jones Decatur, Illinois Bonnie Maxine Kerry Harmony, Pennsylvania Tom Duane Kurtz Lima, Ohio Robert James Loney Pomona, California Ward N. Love Anderson, Indiana Barbara Jean Marshall St. Joseph, Michigan Nilah Meier Sao Paulo, Brazil Gene Miller Great Bend, Kansas Harold Eugene Morton Alexandria, Indiana Norman Eugene Moses DeSoto, Missouri Jean Mowrer Wabash, Indiana Jack Munn Springfield, Ohio 49 Guy LaVerne Neal Anderson, Indiana Mark A. Panton Georgetown, Grand Cayman, B.W.I. Marie Louise Parkerson LaPorte, Indiana B. Raymond Price Sapulpa, Oklahoma Shirley Ann Pruitt Lakewood, Ohio Jeanne Pugh Lindsay, California Glenn Quam Willmar, Minnesota Carlton Reinholz Phoenix, Arizona Robert Robinson Franklin, Pennsylvania Alma June Sampson Chicago, Illinois Wanda Gail Schliep Harvard, Nebraska Eugene Clarence Slack Anderson, Indiana Neva Norene Slack Anderson, Indiana J. Loren Smith Anderson, Indiana Thomas Edward Smith Fairview Park, Ohio 50 John Wilbur Snyder Franklin, Pennsylvania Ella Marie Sonnenberg Waterford, Ontario, Canada Dorothy Ann Spangler Anderson, Indiana Dorothy Sue Speagle Hickory, North Carolina Lois Vearl Stephenson Ellettsville, Indiana Ruth Pearl Stephenson Ellettsville, Indiana Dolores Tate Charleston, West Virginia Donald Ray Tawney So. Charleston, West Virginia Lloyd Tiedeman Sherwood, Oregon David Raymond Troutman Mt. Carmel, Illinois James Howard Veatch Bloomfield, Indiana William B. Walker Blacksburg, Virginia Gibb Webber Anderson, Indiana Jolene Weeks Quitman, Mississippi Jesse Woodward Anderson, Indiana 51 Betty Allen Raymond Asher Norman Atkins Edna Bentley Glenn Berry Gerald Edward Blevins Gordon N. Boelke Jerry Brandon Walter James Braten Sharon Louise Brown John C. Brundage Andrew Bugg Virgil Eugene Carr Kathleen Faye Carver Constance Joan Clark Ronda S. Connaway Ronald Crump James Robert Culp James Arthur Demske Cas Arnold Downs, Jr. Phil Alan Drake Leta Ann Eiler Patricia Adair Charles Allen Robert Brant Margaret Causby Ted Cooke Bill Davis James Dugger Joseph Dye Nilah Gerig Lillburn H. Gilliam DeLena Goodman Glenn Graham Betty Grubbs Paul Hader flu Uwt4- ‘Pcctu ' ied ' Cristeen K. Estes Dean Leroy Flora Edward L. Foggs Phyllis Maxine Fritzler Lois Guysinger Alan Wayne Halbleib Lavonne Hales Raymond D. Hills James Merle Howard Veneta Jean Howe George Franklin Hunter Lena R. Jackson Joie D. Jarred William Jeffries Jerald Jestice Gerald L. Johnson James E. Johnson John Fred Keck Chester Eugene Kingery Bernard R. Lallathin Bobby Ray Lunsford Paul Maynard McMeekin Harpole McMullin Bill Ward Meridith James Merzouk Meriem Lee Nicholes Howard Lynn Pentz Fred Eugene Pinkerton Romajean Ringle Betty Jean Robertson Robert Thomas Routt Elizabeth Jane Royster Adrian Paul Shoemaker Bob Dean Sloan J. Edgar Smith Norma V. Smith Gary Albert Smock Jean Snyder Shirley Squires Jack Leslie Taylor William E. Todd Claude Turner James Louis Vines Mary Ruth Wise Betty Jane Zumwalt Se tto ' Tfot T cctu ied Sherrill Hayes Robert Huffman Cecil Edison Jones Oliver Edward Jones Robert Lee Jay Lewis David Lynch Jackson McGill Wanda Mclntire Martha McVicker Fred D. Morgan Anne Nichols Carl Nisbet Geraldine Owen Robert D. Parker William Patterson Madonna Persons Geraldine Robertson David Ryner Ruth Terrell Herman Terry Darrell Thompson Roger Til ford Donald Trisler Laura Withrow Oral Withrow William Wright Palmer Yale David Yamada 52 Dick Lau--President Cleveland, Ohio Gwen Minkler Secretary-Treasurer Glendale, California Lovell Sorrell—Vice President Springfield, Missouri ARLO ANDERSON, A.B. Hatfield, Pennsylvania Booster Club 2, Treasurer 3,4; Green Knights 1; Sci¬ ence Club 1,2, Treasurer 3,4; Young Republicans 4; Student Volunteers 4. DONNABELLE ANGLIN Nappanee, Indiana IRC 1,2,3; DramaticsClub 1,2; FT A 2,3,4. AARON AUBUCHON, B.S. Wichita, Kansas Friends University 1; Triad Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3; Baseball 2,3,4; Sci¬ ence Club 2; Dramatics Club 2,3; Forensic Club 2; Fine Arts Club 2,3; Alpha Psi Omega 3,4; A Club 3; A Cappella Choir 3,4. ELWIN ABPLANALP, B.S. Sunman, Indiana Science Club 3,4; Sigma Zega 4; Amateur Radio Club 4. RICHARD J. BARTLETT, A.B. Burt, Michigan Alma College, Alma Michigan 1; Ministerial Fellowship 2,3,4; IV-C Club 2,3,4. EVELYN JOYCE ALLEN, B.S. Distant, Pennsylvania Soeurettes 1; Youth Ad¬ vance Trio; Girls Chorus 2,3; Camarada Club 2,3, 4; A Cappella Choir 3,4; Anderson College Trio 2, 3,4. NORMAN EUGENE BEARD, B.S. Akron, Ohio Booster Club 2,3, President 4; Green Knights President 1; Student Council 1,2; FBLAl.2,3,4; Vice-Presi¬ dent Sophomore Class; Christianity - In- Action Director2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3; Who ' s Who 3; Honor So¬ ciety President. BARBARA ANN BEST,B.S. Birmingham, Alabama Pep Club 2,3, Vice-Pres¬ ident 4; Science Club 1, 2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Chromatic Club 2, 3,4; Soeurettes 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Inter-Social Clubs Committee Chair¬ man 4; Student Council 4; Who’s Who 4; FT A 4. ESTHER BEATTY Lima, Ohio RICHARD BROWN Chillicothe, Ohio Sachem Club 2,3,4; Bas¬ ketball 1,2,3,4; A Club 1,2,3,4; Who ' s Who 3; Student Council 4; Chris- tianity-In-Action 4. 55 CAROLYN BURCHETT, B.S. Lanett, Alabama Camarada Club 2,3,4; Soeurettes 1; Dramatics Club 1; IRC 1; Echoes Staff 2; WSGA 1,2, Vice- President 3; Dames Club 3,4; Science Club 3; FTA 4. JAMES C. BURCHETT. B.S. Toledo, Ohio Sachem Club 2, Secretary 3, President 4; IRC 1,2,3, 4; Green Knights 1; Min¬ isterial Fellowship 2,3,4; A Club 3; Football 3; Dra¬ matics Club 3,4, FRANK H. CAUVEL, A.B. Franklin, Pennsylvania CHARLES THOMAS CLEMONS Mitchell, Indiana Sachem Club 2,3,4; Bas¬ ketball 1,2,3,4; A Club 2,3,4; Track Team 3; Football 3,4. HAL C. COUNTS, Jr., B.S. Roanoke, Virginia Triad Club 2, Secretary 3, Treasurer4; FBLA1; Ten¬ nis Team 4. JAMES ROBERT CHAPMAN, A.B. Falfurrias, Texas IV-C 2,3,4,5; Ministerial Fellowship 2,3,4; Science Club 1. MINNIE LOU CHESNUT B.S. Elkhart, Kansas Pep Club 2,3,4. m DAN GEORGE DALLAS, A.B. Chicago, Illinois Northern Baptist Sem¬ inary, Evanston, Illinois 1, 2,3; IRC 4; Christianity- In-Action 4; Cross Country 4; Track 4; Sachem Club 4; Ministerial Fellowship 4. GLORIA ANN DeFILIPPO, B.S. Holland, Ohio Camarada Club 2,3,4; Forensic Club 1; Ander- sonian 1,2,3. MARYLIN ROSE DeYOUNG, B.S. Plainwell, Michigan Pep Club 3,4; Science Clubl; Soeurettes 1; Stu¬ dent Volunteers 1; Western Michigan College, Kala¬ mazoo, Michigan 2; FTA 3, Vice-President 4. JAMES E. EAKMAN, A.B. Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania Sachem Club 3,4; Min¬ isterial Fellowship 1,2; Science Club 4; FBLA 4. MARY EVELYN EBERSOLE Anderson, Indiana Cihu Club 2, Secretary 3, President 4; Dramatics Club 1; Science Club 1, Secretary - Treasurer 2; FTA 1,2,3,4; Andersonian Staff 3,4. GLENN WAYNE ECKMAN, BTh. North Apollo, Pennsylvania Triad Club 3,4. GERALDINE OLSON DIAL, B.S. DeSoto, Missouri Cihu Club 2,3,4; Soeur- ettes 1; Forensic Club 1; Science Club 1; FTA 3,4; Christianity-In-Action 4. CHESTER L. EDWARDS, B.S. Topeka, Kansas ROWENNA DODGE Lakewood, Ohio Camarada Club 2,3,4; Fine Arts Club 2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4. EVELYN M. ELIAS, B.S. Los Angeles, California Los Angeles State College 1,2; Pep Club 3,4; FTA 3, President 4; Christianity- In-Action 3; IRC 3; Sec¬ retary - Treasurer Young Democratic Club 4; Fine Arts 3, Secretary-Treas¬ urer 4; WRA 3,4. MARCELLA MARIE ELLIS Scott Depot, West Virginia Marshall College, Hunt¬ ington, W. Va. 1; Cam¬ arada Club 2, Treasurer 3,4; Dramatics Club 2,3; Student Publications 3; Alpha Psi Omega 3,4; WRA 3; Echoes 4. DUKE E. ELLIS Cayuga, Indiana Sachem Club 2,3,4; A Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Science Club 1,2; IRC 2. ANDY ERISH, A.B. Farrell, Pennsylvania Triad Club 2,3,4; Minis¬ terial Fellowship 1; Di¬ rector of Youth Advance Radio Broadcast 3; A Cap¬ pella Choir 2,3. 57 ROBERT A. FAIRBURN, A.B. Lima, Ohio C. ROBERT FARLOW, A.B. St. Paul, Indiana Booster Club 2,3,4; Dra¬ matics Club 1,2,3,4; Min¬ isterial Fellowship 1; IRC 1,2,3,4; Science Club 1; Fine Arts Vice-President 2, President 3, Vice-Pres¬ ident 4; Andersonian Staff 3; Christianity-In-Action 3; Echoes Staff 3,4. ROBERT LOUIS FOGLI Chicago, Illinois Sachem Club 2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Chromatic Club 3; Fine Arts 3,4; Andersonian Staff 1,3; Echoes Staff 2; Green Knights 1. ROBERT E. GARRIS, A.B. Anderson, Indiana Triad Club 4; Ministerial Fellowship 4. ELLIS K. GIERING Mercer, Pennsylvania Triad Club 2,3,4; Science Club 1,2. RUTH FOSTER, B.S. Springfield, Ohio Pep Club 2,3, President 4; Science Club 1,2; A Cap¬ pella Choir 2,3, Secretary 4; WSGA Treasurer 2; Judiciary Chairman 3; FT A 3,4; WRA 3,4; Who ' s Who 4; Chromatic Club 3; Christianity-In-Action 3. C.-DANIEL HARDEN, A.B. Ashland, Kansas Booster Club 3,4; Green Knights 1; Student Council 1; Forensic Society 1; Ministerial Fellowship 1; Pacific Bible College 2. GILBERT FRITZLER, B.S. Flint, Michigan Booster Club 2,3, Treas¬ urer 4; Golf 1,2,3,4; Sigma Zeta 3, Vice-President 4; FT A 1. JOYCE H. HENSLEY, B.S. Charlotte, North Carolina Columbia Bible College 1,2; CihuClub 3,4;Chris¬ tianity-In-Action 3; Stu¬ dent Volunteers 3; Who ' s Who 4. DAVID JOHNSON Baltimore, Maryland MARY ANN HINKLE, A.B. Cozad, Nebraska Kiarney Nebraska State Teachers College 1; Pep Club 3,4; Dramatics Club 2; WRA 3,4; Girls’ Bas¬ ketball 3,4. CARL DONALD HOLM Scottsbluff, Nebraska Triad Club 2,3,4; Chris- tianity-In-Action 3,4; Ministerial Fellowship 2, 3,4. DONALD A. LAU, A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Triad Club 2,3,4,5; Min¬ isterial Fellowship 1,2,3, 4; FBLA 1,2,3,4,5; Chris- tianity-In-Action 3; Sci¬ ence Club 3; Fine Arts Club 4; Who’s Who 4; IRC 4; Dramatics Club 4; FT A 4,5; Sigma Tau Delta 5. RUTH KILPATRICK, B.S. Payne, Ohio Pep Club 2, Secretary 3,4; So§urettes 1; Ministerial Fellowship 1; Dramatics Club 1; Student Volunteers 1; Science Club 2; FTA 2,3,4. MARY KINSER Middletown, Ohio Camarada Club 2,3,4; FTA 3,4; Echoes Staff 1, 2,3; Student Council 1; Chromatic Club 2. RICHARD LOUIS KORTOKRAX, B.S. Ottoville, Ohio Sachem Club 2,3,4; A Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; FBLA 3,4; Who’s Who 4. HAROLD JOSEPH JOHNSON, BTh. Hartselle, Alabama Ministerial Fellowship 2, 3,4. RICHARD R. LAU, A.B. Cleveland, Ohio SachemClub2,3,4; Fresh¬ man Class President; An- dersonian Staff 1, Editor - In-Chief3; Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1,2; Forensic Club 1; Green Knights 1; Minis¬ terial Fellowship 1; Homecoming Committee 1, Chairman 2,3; Student Council 1,3,4; Junior Class President; Alpha Psi Omega 3, President 4; Chairman of Student Pub¬ lications 4; Senior Class President. 59 ROBERTA RUTH LIGHTY Satanta, Kansas Cartiarada Club 3,4,5; Soeurettes 1; Dramatics Club 1; Spanish Club 1; Student Volunteers 1; French Club 1. RUBY IRENE LIGHTY, B.S. Satanta, Kansas Camarada Club 2,3,4,5; Soeurettes 1; Dramatics Club 1; FTA 3,4. R. LEROY MARTIN, BTh. Apollo, Pennsylvania Triad Club 4; Ministerial Fellowship 1,2,4; Science Club 1,2; Ball State Teachers College, Muncie Indiana 3. RICHARD LEE MOCK ELAINE MOORE Los Angeles, California Phoenix, Arizona IV-C 2,3; Science Club CihuClub2,3, Vice-Pres- 2,3; Radio Club 4. ident 4; FTA 4; Science Club 1,2; IRC 1,2; FBLA 1,2; Band 1,2,3. RAY SHELDON MESECHER, B.S. Bowdon, North Dakota Triad Club 2,3,4; FBLA 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Min¬ isterial Fellowship 1,2; FTA 3,4; Forensic Club 1; A Club 4. DONALD NELSON MORRIS, A.B. Freeport, Illinois Illinois State Normal Uni¬ versity 1; Northern Illinois State Teachers College 2; IV-C 3, President 4; IRC 4; Ministerial Fellow¬ ship 3,4. CHARLES E. NIELSEN, A.B. Arlington, South Dakota Triad Club 2,3, President 4; Green Knights 1; Sci¬ ence Club 1,2; Ministerial Fellowship 3,4; IRC 3; Who’s Who 4. GWENDOLYN MILES MINKLER, B.S. Glendale, California Seattle Pacific College 1; Pasadena College, Pas¬ adena, California 2; Pep Club 3,4; A Cappella Choir 3,4; Senior Class Secretary; May Queen At¬ tendant 3. LAVON O ' NEAL Satanta, Kansas Pep Club 2,3, Secretary 4; Science Club 1,2; Stu¬ dent Volunteers 1; Soeur¬ ettes 1; Chromatic Club 2; FBLA Secretary-Treas¬ urer 3, Secretary 4. 60 I CAROLYN FAYE PATTY Anderson, Indiana Camarada Club 2,3,4; A Cappella Choir Accom¬ panist 2,3,4; Chromatic Club 2. RONALD EUGENE PATTY Sapulpa, Oklahoma Sachem Club 2,3,4; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3; Student Coun¬ cil Vice-President 3; Baseball 1,2,3; AClub2,3; A Cappella Choir 3, Pres¬ ident 4; Echoes Staff 3; Who’s Who 3. PAUL OUTZS, A.B. Ruston, Louisiana Booster Club 2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2; A Club 1; Green Knights 1; Vice- President Sophomore Class; Tennis Team 2,4; Vice-President Junior Class. MARY MARIE JOHNSON PARKER, A.B. Parsons, Kansas Cihu Club 2,3,4; Science Club 1,2,3; IRC 1,2,3,4; Ministerial Fellowship 1, 2,3,4; Student Volunteers 2 . DONNA MAE PRESTON, B.S. Norcatur, Kansas Fort Hays Kansas State College 1,2; Pep Club 3, Vice-President 4; Dra¬ matics Club 3; WRA 4. RUTH MARILYN PHILE, A.B. Ravenna, Ohio Pep Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; Forensic Club 1, Sec¬ retary 2; Dramatics Club 1,Secretary2,3; Judiciary Chairman 3; Student Vol¬ unteers 1; French Club; Christianity-In-Action 3; Echoes 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, Secretary 4. ROY D. POORE, BTh. Arkansas City, Kansas WARREN S. POPP, B.S. Petaluma, California Booster Club 2,3, Sec¬ retary 4; Student Council 2,3; Vice-President Green Knights; A Club 2,3, Sec¬ retary 4; FBLA 2,3,4; Vice-President Junior Class. GEORGE EMORY PENTZ, B.S. Eldred, Pennsylvania TriadClub2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Football 2; FBLA 2. 3; IRC 2. LEE DEAN PRESTON, A.B. Norcatur, Kansas Booster Club 2,3,4; For¬ ensic Club 2; IRC 2; Dra¬ matics Club 1,2,3,4; Alpha Psi Omega 2,3,4. 61 GEORGE REED, A.B. Harrisburg, Illinois Pacific Bible College 1, 2; Booster Club 3,4; Min¬ isterial Fellowship 3,4; Dormitory Counselor 4; Who’s Who 4. JAMES E. ROYSTER, A.B. Royal Oak, Michigan Triad Club 2, Vice-Presi¬ dent 3,4; Green Knights Treasurer; Forensic So¬ ciety 1; Andersonian Staff 1; Varsity Golf 1,2,3,4; Men’s Judiciary Commit¬ tee 1; Religious Life Com¬ mittee Chairman 2; Stu¬ dent Council 2; President 4; A Club 2,3,4; Minister¬ ial Fellowship 3; Chris- tianity-In-Action 2; Who ' s Who 3. EDITH HELOISE RICHARDSON St. Elmo, Illinois Pacific Bible College 2,3; Student Volunteers 1; Ministerial Fellowship 1; WSGA 1,2; Cihu Club 4; Science Club 4; FTA 4. PAUL EDWARD RIDDLE, B.S. Middletown, Ohio Triad Club 2,3,4; Tennis Team2,3; Basketball 1,2; Student Volunteers 1; Chromatic Club 2; IRC 3, 4; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4; Student Council 4; Ander¬ sonian Staff 4. HOWARD JAMES RUSSELL Flint, Michigan Sachem Club 3,4; Min¬ isterial Fellowship 2,3. CHARLES B. RIDGWAY Hot Springs, Arkansas Henderson State Teachers College, Arkansas 1; Sachem Club 2,3,4; Min¬ isterial Fellowship 2;Sec¬ retary-Treasurer 3; Presi¬ dent 4. FRANK S. ROBERTSON Anderson, Indiana IV-C Club 2,3,4. MILDRED SCHWEIKERT, B.S. Lancaster, Ohio Camarada Club 2,3,4; Girl’s Basketball 2,3,4; WRA President 3, Vice- President 4; Student Coun¬ cil 3; Echoes Staff 2. FORREST EUGENE SHAFFER, Jr., B.S. Robertsdale, Pennsylvania Triad-Club2,3,4; Forensic Club 1; Band 3,4. v 4 62 I JOYCE HODGES SNELLING, B.S. Medford, Oklahoma Camarada Club 2,3,4; Chromatic Club 2, Presi¬ dents; Student Council 1, 3; Soeurettes 1; A Cap- pella Choir 1,2, Secretary 3, Vice-President4; Who ' s Who 4. LEONARD W. SNYDER So. Charleston, West Virginia Sachem Club 2, President 3,4; Secretary, Student Council 4; Baseball 3; Ministerial Fellowship 1, 2,3,4. LOVELL J. SORRELL, A.B. Springfield, Missouri Booster Club 2,3,4; Green Knights 1; Cross Country 2; Baseball 2; A Club 3,4; Senior Class Vice-Presi¬ dent; Religious Life Com¬ mittee 4. EVELYN JEAN SICKAL Burlington, Michigan Pep Club 2,3,4; Soeurettes Vice-President 1; Girl ' s Basketball 1,2, Team Captain 3,4; Andersonian Staff 1; WRA Vice-Presi¬ dent 3, President 4; Sci¬ ence Club 4. ROBERT LEE SPRAGUE, A.B. Maroa, Illinois Triad Club 2,3,4,5; Green Knights 1; Ministerial Fel¬ lowship 2,3,4; IRC 3,4,5; Honor Society 3,4, Sec¬ retary-Treasurer 5; Chris- tianity-In-Action 4,5; Who ' s Who 5. ROBERT E. SMITH, B.S. Anderson, Indiana Sachem Club 2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 3,4. GEORGE W. SWART, BTh. Flagstaff, Arizona Ministerial Fellowship 3, 4; Christianity-In-Action 4. DON THACKER Nitro, West Virginia Booster Club 2,3,4; Reli¬ gious Life Committee 2; Science Club President 2; Assistant Director of Christianity-In-Action 3, Director 4; French Club President 3; Who ' s Who 4. JOSEPH CLINTON TAYLOR So. Charleston, West Virginia Booster Club 1,2, Vice- President 3,4; Anderson College Quartet 2; A Cap¬ pella Choir 3; Student Council 3; Track 1,2,3; Basketball 1. RHEBA L. TAYLOR, A.B. Decatur, Indiana Cihu Club 2,3,4,5; Sci¬ ence Club 1, Secretary 2, 3,4,5; IRC 1,2; Sigma Zeta 3, Secretary 4; Pres¬ ident 5. 63 DONALD E. VAUGHN, A.B. South Bend, Indiana Sachem Club 2, Treasurer 3,4; Ministerial Fellow¬ ship 1,2,4; Christianity- In-Action 3; FTA 4. JOHN V. WARE Urbana, Ohio Booster Club 2,3,4; Band 3,4; Ministerial Fellow¬ ship 1,2,3,4. FRANK G. WATTS, BTh. Alliance, Ohio Syford Poetry Award 2,3. JAMES EVERETT WILLIAMS, A.B. Alexandria, Indiana Booster Club 2,3,4; Min¬ isterial Fellowship 2,3,4. HENRY MARLIN WILLIAMS, Jr. Indianapolis, Indiana Triad Club 2,3, Vice- President 4; Dramatics Club 4; Green Knights 1; Forensic Club Vice-Pres¬ ident 1; Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana 3; Young Democratic Club 4. RUTH DIAL WISE, B.S. Cedar Rapids, Iowa CihuClub4; Christianity In-Action 4; FTA Sec retary 4. JOAN LEE WESTFALL, B.S. Piqua, Ohio Pep Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; Dramatics Club 2,3,4; WSGA 1, Vice-President 3; Andersonian Staff 2; IRC Vice-President 2; So¬ cial Committee Chair¬ man 3; WRA 3,4; Student Council 3; FTA 4; Alpha Psi Omega Secretary 4. WILLARD D. YEAKEL, B.S. Allentown, Pennsylvania IV-C Club 4; Band 1,2; FTA 3, Vice-President 4; IRC 4. C HARLES WHITMILL, A.B. Anderson, Indiana 64 7Reli pto t 0 2Vee We were inspired by Bro. Boyer ' s dynamic messages. We anticipated the spiritual guidance provided us by our leaders. o Hmcttee ToraE. Smith, Chairman, Barbara Harris, Ruth Stephenson, Lovell Sorrell, John Washington Religious Emphasis Week, morning prayer meetings, singspirations, dorm prayer groups --these are among the activities sponsored by the Religious Life Committee. For the first time this year the committee is sponsoring an all-school program, plus helping to provide a picture of Christ for the Student Lounge. School worship services before vaca¬ tions, all night prayer vigils are an endless round, but a thrilling and rewarding task. With the students ' co-operation and God’s guidance the purpose of the Religious Life Committee, increasing and strengthening the kingdom of God, comes nearer fulfillment. 67 EAST HALL NORTH HALL MEN’S RESIDENCE HALL HHHHH 69 ... Student Leaders FIRST ROW: L. Hales, Institutions Chairman; J. Weeks, Sec. -Treas.; D. Thacker, Director; J. Carter, Ass’t. Director; P. Harshbarger, Ass ' t. Chairman, Institutions Comm. SECOND ROW: G. Berry, HospitalComm. Chairman; R. Connaway, Shut-In Comm. Chair¬ man; T. Williams, Main Street Comm. Chairman; H. Hart, Fritz- lar Friends Chairman; K. Rogers, Social Work Comm. Chairman; T. Yerden, Literature Chairman; D. Day, Hospital Follow-up Comm. Chairman; S. Buress, Ass ' t. Chairman, HospitalComm. Miss Strong Adviser Lloyd Lambert has been unusually effective in working with the prisoners in the Pendleton State Reformatory. Lloyd has sacrificed much of his time in doing evangelistic work and teaching them aboutChrist. Lloyd is also chairman of the Jail Service, and is responsible for the success of both of these endeavors. Lambert SHUT-IN VISITATION JAIL SERVICE SOCIAL WORKERS NURSING HOME VISITATION p 1 r it ”4 1 m m - ” s4 tct Rev. and Mrs. W. Dale Oldham Park Place Church of God Rev. and Mrs. John M. Clark Sherman Street Church of God 72 0 pa tuiie Rev. Irene Clarkson Cloverdale Church of God Rev. and Mrs. Wm. E. Todd and Family Arrow Heights Church of God Rev. and Mrs. Wm. Eddy and Family South Meridian Church of God 73 Rev. and Mrs. Roscoe Snowden and Son East Side Church of God Rev. and Mrs. Ernest H. Gross and Family North Anderson Church of God ‘THtucete ' Uai 0 ?eiCouKi iCfr FIRST ROW: T. Williams, G. Ausbun, M. Chestnut, C. Ridgway, Pres., J. Woodward, G. Moses, S. Casimere. S ICOND ROW: D. Ausbun, F. Watts, B. Smith, G. Reid, J. Rinehart, A. Watt, G. Hensley. THIRD ROW: P. Drake, W. Halbleib, L. Mitten, S. Slaybough, C. Nielson, D. Flora, D. Hales, C. Kissell. FOURTH ROW: B. Browning, M.McMeekin, C. Reinholz, C. Shriver. Student l oCuutee FIRST ROW: L. Sprunger, G. Bruner, E. Sonnenberg, L. Frasier, D. Campbell. SECOND ROW: N. Meier, C. Hurst, T. Bearsley, T. DesJardins. THIRD ROW: F. Carpenter, F. Kanyuck, M. Hagen. L. Borlin. 75 South Meridian Sherman Street Park Place Sherman Street ?cviecveCC FIRST ROW: R. Culp, J. Royster,L. Snyder. SECOND ROW: D. Brown, B. Best, R. Routt, R. Stephenson, D. Williams, T. Smith, B. Barton.’D. Spangler. THIRD ROW: R. Spencer, R. Brown, L. Sorrell. R. Lau, P. Hart. Student (ZouuctC The Anderson College Student Council ' s membership is composed of the Student Personnel Executive Committee, presi¬ dent, vice-president, secretary-treas¬ urer, president . of each of the four classes, chairman of each of the ten all¬ school committees, and the president of W.S.G.A. The purpose of the Student Council is toco-ordinate all student ac¬ tivities of Anderson College and to reg¬ ulate athletics, publications, social and religious activities, student organiza¬ tions, the Student Center, health, disci¬ pline, Harvest Festival, May Festival, and numerous other activities which may arise during the school-year. 80 Student 0%yauc$atcoue (Pomnutte FIRST ROW: Dr. Osbourne, Dr. Deubach, Miss Strong, Miss Olive. SECOND ROW: B. Smith, R. Stephenson, M. Panton, M. Ellis. G. Sealock. This committee regulates the activ¬ ities of all campus organizations and interest clubs on campus. R. Stephenson, Chairman 81 B. Bowen, D. Spangler, Chairman, D. Brown. The Health Committee was formed with the students ' welfare in mind. Working with Dr. Ashcraft and the faculty committee on health, it strives for better health and safety conditions around the school. J. Taylor, S. Pruit, B. Barton, J. Westfall, G. Grader. s4t£Cetic 0O4ft Kittee R. Brown, Chairman The Athletics Committee promotes and regulates the Intra - Mural and Inter-Collegiate athletic activities. SociaC (? un tUttee B. Barton, Chairman This committee makes and maintains the social activities calendar and co¬ ordinates all social activities. K (fovcnsunettt s4ud TR eyutatiou4 onwuttee Row 1. H. Reed, D. Spangler, Row 2. Dale Williams, chairman, K. Neal, J. Blevins, E. Alan. The responsibility of this com¬ mittee is to ratify new rules or eliminate old rules made by the WSGA and MC...and, onappeal, approve, confirm , modify or veto a penalty of the judiciary committee. Student (Centex ( antnuttee This committee formulates and administers the policies of the Student Center. D. Ellis, R. Spencer, T. Romano, J. Wilson, J. Mefford. 83 The Men’s Committee came in¬ to being in the fall of 1951. It is most active in two fields; that of handling disciplinary prob¬ lems among the men and the planning of an annual formal. First Row: G. Reed, L. Sorrell, Chairman. Second Row: K. Neal,G. Weber, G. Fritzler, T. Clemons, L. Preston, G. Sealock. Student tfovenutneut s4 40CCCltt0U T. Yerden, Treasurer; D. Tate, Assistant Vice President; B. Harris, Big-Little Sister Chair¬ man; T. Romano, Secretary. The Women’s Student Govern¬ ment Association is an organ¬ ization composed of all the women students on the campus. Its purpose is " to be helpful to every woman student in making her adjustments in college and in attaining the goals of ideal womanhood " . One of its ma¬ jor activities is the planning of an all-school formal. 84 President.Mary Ebersole Vice President.Elaine Moore Secretary .Dotty Speagle Treasurer.Georgene Brunner Advisor.Jean Holt @Cct First Row: G. Stauffer, J. Holt, R. Taylor, M. Ebersole, E. Moore, D. Speagle, G. Bruner, P. Adair. Second Row: R. Wise, R. Hendricks, J. Carter, M. Parker, E. Sonnenburg, F. Carpenter, B. Dowdy, M. Starr. Third Row: T. Williams, L. Jackson, M. Me Vicker, C. Coe, G. Dial, D. Coglin, A. Eldridge. The Cihu Club expresses its aim of " Can I Help You " on the campus, in the nation, and around the world. The spirit of Cihu is spread as mem¬ bers give themselves to full-time Christian service and as they enter other walks of life. A project on campus this year was the providing of better accommodations for vistors. The Memorial Day picnic, the all¬ school skating party, an all-school play and a formal banquet provided opportunities for Christian fellowship on campus and among club mem¬ bers . First Row: J. Brundage, D. Williams, J. Moreland, L. Thorton, V. Clear, W. Popp, N. Beard, J. Taylor, G. Fritzler, D. Bengston, D. Day. Second Row: A. Anderson, D. Coolidge, M. Ehman, P. Jones, D. Frances, G. Weber, D. Brown, T. Kurtz, D. Grubbs, G. Sealock, J. Boyer, D. Thacker. Third Row: J. Ware, L. Sorrell, G. Quam, L. Preston, G. Grader, C. Henderson, B. Farlow, G. Reed, B. Parker, D. Hardin, R. Huck, R. Jack. ‘Soodten (?Cu The Booster Club, organized in 1 936, carries forward its traditional pur¬ pose of boosting general college functions. Social and religious brother¬ hood is symbolized by their emblem, the " fleur-de-lis , " and the Christian cross on a shield, which reflects the spirit of the club. The Booster Club exists to carry out projects that will lift Anderson College to a higher level as a Christian school and to promote a Christian collegiate spirit among the students. The club sponsored the annual " Booster State Stunt Night, " Freshman Breakfast, an all-night hike each semester, an Alumni Breakfast, a Spring Formal, and a 3-Act Musical Production. President.Norman Beard Vice President.Joby Taylor Secretary.Warren Popp Treasurer.Gilbert Fritzler Advisor.Dr. Val Clear 86 First Row: M. Anderson, G. DeFillipo, J. Mowrer, M. Panton, B. Grubbs, B. Bowen, M. Ellis, H. Frost. Second Row: D. Tate.R. Dodge, L. Hency, D. Ingram, A. Crose, D. Spangler, B. Zumwalt, E. Chesterman. Third Row: E. Allen, J. Phillips, E. McGregor, B. Harris, J. Snelling, M. Grubbs, R. Lighty, L. Withrow. Fourth Row: K. Smith, A. Sampson, B. Robertson, B. Clemens, L. Buysinger, B. Cummings, T. Yearden, R. Conaway. The aim of the Camarada Club is to promote the interests of our Alma Mater and sponsor service projects for her benefit. The Camaradas strive to achieve a more practical Christian friendship and arouse a greater appreciation of life itself. The Care Carnival, one of the high¬ lights of the year, makes possible the extension of the symbolic " hand clasp " into war devastated countries through Care packages. President.Doris Ingram Vice President.Louetta Hency Secretary.Dotty Spangler Treasurer.Alta Crose Historian.Rowenna Dodge Advisor.Ann and Ross Eckstrom First Row: Dr. Buehler, D. Trisler, J. Walters, G. Miller, D. Morris, P. Yale. Second Row: R. Hills, B. Sinclair, J. Hess, F. Robertson, M. McMeekin, S. Slaybaugh. I M-gglcd The IV-C club from the time of its organization in 1950 has been dedi¬ cated to service in the four major fields symbolized by the four " C ' s " - Church, Country, College, and Club. The diamond emblem is so arranged as to illustrate that all service stems from the Club and is Christ-cen¬ tered in nature. This year the club has extended its activities in both service and social functions. Among the high lights of the year were the overnight hike to Mounds Park, the formal, contribution of Thanksgiving baskets to needy families, annual presentation of a free-throw trophy to the basketball player with the highest free-throw shooting average in regular season play, and improvement of the student parking lot. The member s of the IV-C Club donated their time selling Christmas trees and in turn used the profits for Christmas baskets for needy families and scholarships for bringing worthy students to Anderson College. Don Morris.President Palmer Yale.Chaplain John Walters. . . . Corresponding Secretary Dr. Buehler.Advisor 88 First Row: W. Mclntire, E. Collias, R. Kilpatrick, E. Bentley, D. Preston, E. Campbell, D. Copeland, Miss Lien, B. Barton, J. Howell, L. O’Neil, B. Best, M. DeYoung, R. Phile. Second Row: j. DeYoung, D. Dill, A. Koons, K. Carver, B. Brawner, E Sickall, C. Pence, E. Elias, D. Goens, G. Minkler. Third Row: J. Wells, T. Romano, J. Anderson, D. Shrock, D. Cook, D. Gray, J. Pugh, P. Gooch, N. Mierer, J, Wastfall. Pefi (?Cu The Pep Club and school spirit are considered synonymous words around Anderson College. PEP stands for Christian Personality, Education, and Progress. Founded in 1934, the Pep Club has the honor of being the first club on A.C. Campus. The club activities are many and varied. Holiday and seasonal decora¬ tions and projects, a family which the club has adopted, the annual for¬ mal, informals and parties, and a banquet for the basketball team are a- mong the activities. An original musical was a highlight of the year. President.Beverly Barton Vice President.Juanita Howell Secretary.Lavonne O ' Neil Treasurer.Dolly Copeland Advisor.Miss Lien iff FirstRow: J. Brandon, B. Loney, W. Love, J. Snyder, J. Burchett, L. Smith, B. Lee, Dr. Falls. Second Row: B. Smith, A. Pay, J. Mefford, J. Taylor, R. Allen, D. Johnson, T. Clemons, K. Neal, R. Robinson, N. Atkins. Third Row: D. Hales, M. Pyle, B. Bartz, B. Vencil, D. Vaughn, J. Eakman, D. Ellis, R. Spencer, H. Terry, B. Routt. Fourth Row: B. Wright, D. Ridgewav, M. Panton, R. Price, J. Hendricks, L. Snyder, G. Watkins, E. Tuffs, D. Lau, R. Culp. S c6e( t The word Sachem is an Indian word meaning leader. The Sachem Club feels that Christian leadership, in all phases of life, is the solution to many of the world problems of today. The way the Sachem Club develops leadership is by participating in many activities throughout the school year. Projects sponsored by the Sachems for this year included printing the new eight-page basketball programs and raising money on " Sachem Day " for the scholarship award given to some worthy student each year. President. Vice President. . Secretary . Treasurer. Advisor. Chaplain.. Historian. Sergeant At Arms James Burchett . . . Bob Loney . . Loren Smith Jerry Brandon .... Dr. Falls . . Ward Love . John Snyder .... Bob Lee 90 Vw ' i ' ‘AV First Row: F. Shaffer, Dr. Shoot, C. Nielsen, H. Williams, H. Counts. Second Row: W. Eckman, C. Shriver, D. Debolt, G. Smock, D. Jones, B. Nickell, G. Hency, J. Holm, J. Royster, R. Longstreth. Third Row: R. Tilford, L. Kujawski, D. Bailey, K. Mix, G. Moffitt, R. Mesecher, C. Reinholtz, E. Foggs, D. Rooney. Fourth Row: K. Rogers, R. Holder, P. Riddle, A. Aubuchon, L. Martin, J. Veech, R. Garrison, K. Grey. 7%ccuC (?Cu An original all-school Amateur Hour, week-end evangelistic trips, inter¬ social-club bicycle relays, and an all-school dramatic production, are just a few of the many channels through which the Triad Club is contri¬ buting in a positive way to various student needs on the campus of Ander¬ son College. Since its beginning in 1948 the Triad Club has been deter¬ mined that " We shall not live in vain. " The Triads strive to place pro¬ per emphasis on the religious, academic, and social phases of college life. A triangular emblem symbolizes this three-fold purpose. President.Charles Nielsen Vice President.Hank Williams Secretary.Forrest Shaffer Treasurer.Hal Counts Chaplin.Ken Rogers Advisor.Dr. Shoot D€une first Row: A. Frick, F. Taylor, G. Vaughn, M. Bartlett, F. Henderson, J. Snyder, D. Smith. Second Row: D. Ridg- way.P. Johnson, A. Meyer, Mrs. Falls, M. Trisler, Mrs. Haldeman, Mrs. Morrison, D. Webb, C. Beird, C. Sweezy. Third Row: P. Watts, A. Hall, R. Kurtz, J. Price, G. Munn, R. Carr, J. Gray, M. Shrewsbury, A. Parker, B. McMullin, D.Coveil, M. Bailey, B. Wilson. Fourth Row: B. McCool, S. Terry, H. Giering, G. Turner, D. Thacker, R. Walkins, S. Fritzler, M. Dean, M. Cox. Advisors.Mrs. W. Haldeman Mrs. J. Morrison Mrs. G. Falls The purpose of the Dames Club is to promote friendliness and under¬ standing among the married ladies of Anderson College. The club is both social and educational in nature. Four interest groups, Home Ec¬ onomics, Drama, Music, and Divinity Dames , provide a balanced program for the club. The club sponsors a project each year, and one of the outstanding activi¬ ties this year was the presentation of the play " Danger --Girls Working. " 92 Front Row: B. Hammock, C. Thomason, T. Cappas, P. McClure, D. Reynolds, R. Boswick. Second Row: A. Warren, D. Fairchild, D. McCool, R. Hines, J. Overholt. Third Row! P. Yerden, W. Abramson, B. Bourgess, W. Baily.J. Little. Fourth Row: M. Kardatzke ' , C. Friesen, E. Able, D. Friesen, O. Hendricks. Fifth Row: F. Damaski, B. MacDonald, P. Hart, D. Lewis. President.Dave Reynolds Vice President.Tom Cappas Sec. Treas.Paul McClure — Jj «— Bilal Ml, ' % t§ ill ' ll Bba ■Ml 1 ‘fpA. m ■ m Green Knights and Soeurettes are clubs organized for freshmen stu¬ dents with a grade aver age above .65. These two clubs are designed to in¬ troduce freshmen to social club life on campus. Soeunettea Front Row: S. Ware, S. Strickler, C. Ruez, J. Beacraft, J. McIntyre, M. Morgan. Second Row: S. Loveland, E. Wares, J. Huey, L. Woodcox, B. Bassett, H. Reed. Third Row: N. Shumaker, L. Frazier, L. Borlin, R. Taylor, G. Herr, J. Williams. Fourth Row: J. Keene, D. JonesKlele.J. Ralston, P. Spitzmesser, C. Butgereit, L. Boyer. President . . . Vice President Secretary . . . Treasurer. . . , Reporter . . . . Advisor .... Margretta Morgan , . . Louana Boyer , . . Sue Strickler . . Jackie Becraft . . . .Ruby Taylor , . .Dr. Leola Ford ' putcvie 7eac ie ' i s4«neniM Future Teachers of America is another national organization founded on our campus , and in¬ cludes all those who are inter¬ ested in teaching. Among the activities of the club was a trip to Indianapolis to attend the In¬ diana State Teachers Conven¬ tion. President.. Evelyn Elias V. President.Marilyn DeYoung Sec.-Treasurer.Mrs. Ruth Wise Program Chairman.Georgene Bruner Advisor.Dr. Kardatze First Row: R. Wise, T. Williams, N. Schroeder, R. Foster, M. Ellis. Second Row: D. Seagle, D. Tate, B. Best, R. Kilpatrick, E. Elias. Third Row: E. Moore, J. Howell, B. Browner, W. Shliep, R. Dial Wise, M. DeYoung, E. Richardson. Fourth Row: D. Lau, W. Yeakel, R. Mesecher. ‘putu ' ie eculen s4( t uc z The goals of this local chap¬ ter of the National Organiza¬ tion are to aid in promotion of better relationships between local merchants , industry, and ihe college, and to contribute toward the training of future business leaders. In its fifth year on the campus, FBLA continues to make a sig¬ nificant contribution to the ed¬ ucation of its members. An ad¬ visory council, composed of lo¬ cal business leaders, works with the club in its many activ¬ ities . President.Bob Watkins First Row: J. Brundage, D. Dill, V. Alexander, R. Halliburton, S. Vice President.Bernadine Cummings Nelson G. Hensley. Second Row: I. Foster, C. Burns, V. Currey, Cor. Secretary.Dolores Koglin D. Klele, K. Cooper, Miss Barr. Third Row: B. Cummings, D. Rec. Secretary.Vada Alexander Koglin, L. Byrd, L. Kjawski. Fourth Row: W. Eaton, B. Sellers, B. Treasurer..William Monday Watkins, B. Monday, Professor Linamen. Fifth Row: C. Henderson, Asst, to President.John Brundage H. Prond, Dr. Falls, R. Mesecher, W. Smeltzer. Advisor.Miss Barr 94 First Row: J. Combs, S. Davies, H. Reed, S. Mosley, L. Fesing, B. Basseh, N. Meier, J. Wells. Second Row: Dr. Stone Miss Willowby, M. Parker, B. Robertson, B. Montes, T. Romano, T. Williams, E. Kennedy. Third Row: M. Panton,’ J. Adcock, R. Stephenson, Dr. Nelson, M. Parkerson, E. Sonnenberg, G. Hogue. Fourth Row: Dr. Clear, Mr. Rees! H. Hardt, H. Jenninga, D. Gray, N. Clark, G. Bruner. Fifth Row: C. Schutjer, E. Scott, D. Banks, Mr. Carrington, R. Woodsome, P. Meier, C. Nielsen. Sixth Row: Mr. Troutman, T. Clemons, M. Harris, D. Troutman, D. Coolidge N. Russells. ’ The IRC aims to study and discuss contemporary world affairs and to this pur¬ pose plans panel discussions, group meetings, and lectures by visiting world travelers and missionaries. Outstanding events sponsored by the club this year are observance of United Nations Day, an annual international dinner, and a model United Nations assembly for high schools of surrounding counties. The club is affiliated with the Carnegie En¬ dowment for International Peace. President ..D. R. Troutman 1st V. President .David Coolidge 2nd V.President.Richard Woodsome 3rd V. President.Gerald Coomer Secretary.Marie Parkerson Advisor.Prof. Carrington ROW 1: T. Romano, J. Crosthwaite, D. Thacker,D. Tunnell, R. Phyle, Dr. Osborne. ROW 2: J. Wells,R. Bargerstock, D. Yamada, J. Price, J. Bincent, B. MeFarlane, B. Barton, J. Kardatzke, J. Caldwell. It is the purpose of the French Club to promote abetter understanding of French people and their customs. This year a Christmas party for two welfare children was sponsored by the club. The childrenwere delighted by the many gifts they received. President.Don Thacker Vice President.Jim Crosthwaite Secretary.Toni Romano Advisor.Dr. Nancy Osborne 3im 2 mam ■ i V o sS ‘ r P e iroc - n ry eP- r oP elaU l’ t tAcg p. c °L t tso . ,d et ’ 1 p. p v t ) 3. « V- »«• • sT ' o ’ t- , row. G - s «V e V;vV ck V c V Set ' e svP%’ Ti u te t (?6 viu 6 The Anderson College Women’s Chorus is a group of approximately thirty-five young women who are chosen by audition. Meeting twice a week, these chorus members learn a variety of music dating from the time of Bach and Handel to our present-day composers. The enjoyment of singing classical, popular and sacred music is heightened by frequent appear¬ ances in chapel, concert, and all - school pro¬ grams . pcne s4%t (2Cu . U i f ' J w r H L r Y „ .. , W ) ' W m if ■) t % 9 A M 1 m FirstRow: A. Nichols, G. Brunner, R. Dodge. Second Row: B. Brawner, G. Stauffer, E. Elias, W. Shliep. Third Row: V. McFarling, L. Eiler, R. Byrum, B. Farlow. Fourth Row: M. McMeekin, B. Smith, L. Wysong. The Fine Arts Club was estab¬ lished to develop and encourage an interest in art on our cam¬ pus. Group trips to museums, art studios, scenic points of inter¬ est, and exhibits are promoted to increase interest in the fine arts. Each spring the Fine Arts Club sponsors an exhibit of stu¬ dent work in the main lobby. The club activities are aimed at encouraging students to ex¬ press and develop their artis¬ tic talents. 0 D ' MUH ttC4 @Cc( FrontRow: M. Gressman, Advisor, D. Banks, Treasurer, M. Panton, Recording Secretary, M. Durham, Vice President, L. Preston, President, D. Cromlish, Corresponding Secretary, J. Adcock, Historian, R. Holder, Chaplain. Second Row: A. Williams, J. Wells, B. Hall, M. Morgan, B. Hopkins, J. McIntyre, C. Ruez, J. Beacraft, S. Strickler, S. Loveland, J. Willis. Third Row: L. Jackson, A. Sampson, M. Skrha, B. Robertson, J. Mowrer, L. Frazier, L. Feasing, M. Adair, S. Ward, B. Herr, A. Nichols, J. Westfall. Fourth Row: F. Damaske, L. Boyer, M. Myhre, D. Schields, E. Lovan, R. Longstreth, G. Herr, R. Crump, D. Hull, R. Lane, L. Thornton. Fifth Row: J. Klapp, E. Scott, I. Abell, B. McDonald, J. White, D. Troutman, H. Williams, C. Schutjer, J. Burchett. The Dramatics Club, organized in 1926, is one of the oldest and most active clubs on the Anderson College campus. The puprose of this club is to aid in the development of balanced Christian personalities, through creative interpretation and participation in dramatic productions. The club presents two major productions annually, those for this year being an outstanding presentation of " Great Expectations " and a bib¬ lical drama presented in a tour of Church of God congrega¬ tions throughout various sections of the country. Sigma Zeta is a national honorary society which has as its purpose the stimulation of interests in the field of science. High scholastic at¬ tainments and exceptional leader ship are the major re¬ quirements for admission in¬ to the society. FIRST ROW: G. Fritzler, Miss Johnson, J. Gooch, E. Alplanalp, Miss Olive, Dr. Buehler; SECOND ROW: C. Felche, Dr. Reese, P. Saltzman, R. Holder, J. Roberts, Prof. Reichenbach. ' TfatautaC ' teuton. Society The Honor Society of Anderson College, organized as a model chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, first appeared in 1947 to give spe¬ cial recognition to students who excel in academic fields. The purpose of the An¬ derson College Honor Society is threefold; to promote (l) a regard for scholarship and the principles of integrity on which scholarship depends, (2) discriminating cultural interest and appreciation, and (3) an awareness of significant events and movements of the age in which we live. i j ■ m IJP JR ' ' M N. Beard, Dr. Stone, R. Sprague. 98 ‘Pat Otttey The highest recognition the amateur thespian can receive is to be admitted to Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary- dramatic society. Admission is open to those students who have satisfactory scholarship plus active participation in both the acting and production phases of college dramatics. The Anderson College chapter, the Lambda Theta cast, was organized in the spring of 1948. FIRST ROW: W. Downey, L. Preston, D. Lau, R. Price, A. Nichols. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gressman, M. Ellis, J. Westfall, J. Hess. Siyma 0 7 !uc The Iota Epsilon Chapter of the national English honorary society, Sigma Tau Delta, at¬ tempts to deepen and expand the fellowship of English fac¬ ulty and students , and to stim¬ ulate their interest in litera¬ ture and in writing. The group this year has worked through a writer ' s club to carry out these aims. Membership is granted to those who meet the require¬ ments of the national organi¬ zation, including attainment in scholarship, interest and achievement in literature, and creative writing. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Urban, Miss Ponder, Miss Orr, Dr. Deubach, Miss Willowby, Miss Johnson. SECOND ROW: P. Riddle, J. Gooch, Mr. Gressman, Dr. Owen, D. Spangler, D. Lau. 99 s4 tdesi4 U z i Left to Right. N. Russells, D. Damaske, M. Harris, D. Holsworth, J. White, Ray Price, Editor in chief. Center, Miss Willowby. Seated. D. Ours. Row 1. G. Squier.J. Phillips, G. Hogue, S. Reynolds, V. McFarlin, P. Saltzman. Row 2. L. Jones, B. Loney. ' pcMtcatton Seated. Dr. Falls, D. Lau, M. Ellis. Standing. Miss Coglin, R. Price, Miss Orr, Dr. Owens, N. Smith, Mr. Linamen, K. Neal. The Publications Committee regu¬ lates all student publications circu¬ l ating on campus. G. Squires, T. Romano, M. Ellis, S. Loveland, G. Hogue,.H. Welsh. Dr. Glenn Falls Echoes Advisor J. Wells, S. Mosley, L. Borlin, N. Smith, B. Loney, J. Brown, B. Farlow. 101 4 I 0 ( IfCE ftce Hours s» % m 100 BOB ROUTT RUTH FOSTER DON THACKER ROBERT SPRAGUE JOYCE SNELLING 102 BARBARA BEST 103 ROWENNA DODGE s)i L(y DICK LAU DICK KORTOKRAX GEORGE REED BOB CULP s4ttdenAo t @oCteye z td Small but mighty . . . congratulations to the Anderson College Band and its director, Mr. Gressman. It has made a significant contribution to school spirit in many ways: marching in the homecoming parade, per¬ forming at football and basketball games, adding spirit to pep rallies, and participating in spring activities. We are proud of our band and its progress this year. First Row: D. Cook, J. Davis, A. Pay, A. La Pine, V. Alexander, B. Hall, M. Gressman, director. Second Row: F. Shaffer, D. Fairchild, D. Damaske, P. Rurbaker. Third Row: T. Davis, C. Schutjor, M. Myre, J. Ware. s4 The Anderson College Choir consists of members from 18 different states, all dedicated to bringing the best of music to its audiences. The extensive program of this group consists of frequent chapel appearances, programs in numerous local churches and clubs, and participation in the annual May Music Festival, as well as the Christmas Music Festival. Each year the choir takes an inter-state tour, this year covering the states of Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. It also takes other shorter trips, and has made appear¬ ances on television, radio and recording program. Row 1: G. Miles Mlnkler, B. Marshall, B. Zummwalt, C. Clark, S. Ruckman, R. Foster, C. Patty, E. Allen, R. Dodge. Row 2: J. Snelling, L. Withrow, L. Hency, K. Carver, R. Stevenson, R. Terrell, D. Spangler, E. Campbell, L. Steven¬ son, D. Goens. Row 3: E. Bentley B. Best, B. Smith, D. Coolidge, R. Parker, J. Burford, G. Quam, G. Sealock, D. Bengston. Row 4: E. Pinkerton, R. Fogli, D. Turner, R. Patty, E. Martin, Schofield, T. Kurtz, D. Grubbs, L. Wilson, M. Ekman, Not pictured; A. Aubuchon s4 uiteu ' i The American Radio Club was organ¬ ized this year on the campus. This picture represents a portion of its members. The club is training its members so that they may obtain their ham (amateur radio) li¬ censes. Pictured at the bottom of the page is their equipment, aVikings II Transmitter, 130 watts, located in room 060 of Old Main. This is the first club of this type on campus. FIRST ROW: T. Kelsey, L. Kumawski. SECOND ROW: F. Robertson, Prof. Reichenbach. THIRD ROW: E. Janke, J. Kardatzke, R. Bostwick. FOURTH ROW: D. Mock, A. Erish, M. Myree. FIFTH ROW: T. Williams, D. Campbell, J. McGill. Tom Williams--President Dick Mock--Vice President Frank Robertson--Sec.-Treas. 106 Science The purposes of the Sci¬ ence Club are five in num¬ ber. They are: 1. To pro¬ vide a means of expression and education in the fields of science for all students interested. Z. To provide a medium of learning about the newest developments in science. 3. To provide an approach to the study of science different from that of classro o m s and text¬ books. 4. To publicize the science division of the col¬ lege. 5. To stimulate fel¬ lowship among the science faculty and students. Membership is available to any student who mani¬ fests an interest in science, and a willingness to accept responsibility in furthering the progress of the club after attending two consec¬ utive meetings. FIRST ROW: Prof. Rees, Dr. Hurlbut, R. Taylor, C. Ruez, J. Beacraft, B. Swartz, G. Bruner, A. Davis, J. Mclntire. SECOND RO W: M. Dob- kins, C. Hurst, B. Herr, M. Schwartz. THIRD ROW: N. McDowell, N. Shoemaker, C. Butgeret, T. Barnett, F. Carpenter. FOURTH ROW: H. Reed, N. Kirks, R. Jones, E. Richardson. FIFTH ROW: C. Burns, L. White, T. Beardsley, B. Robertson. SIXTH ROW: C. Coe, B. DeYoung. SEVENTH ROW: H. Jeeninga, G. Herr, R. Taylor, H. Hardt. EIGHT ROW: R. Smith, R. Bostwick, D. Baylor, M. Schwartz, P. Jones, J. Kolb. NINTH ROW: A. Anderson, W. Abramson, C. Felche, J. Kardatzke. TENTH ROW: B. Barnhart, F. Damaske, M. Kardatzke, C. Honeycutt. 107 I i i i II i i 1! if i , President.Evelyn Sickal Vice President.Millie Schweikert Secretary.Christine Burns Advisor.Miss Long One of the newer interest clubs on campus is the Women’s Recrea¬ tional Association. The purpose of this organization is to promote good sportsmanship, interest and skill in athletics for women. Every Thursday night the girls meet in the gym and have a program. We have intercollegiate basketball games with other colleges such as Taylor, Earlham, Hanover , Butler, andlndiana Central. There are play- days at other schools, and intramural play among teams and clubs. Our social events are all-day hikes, swimming parties, and some field trips. It is a club whereby all can come and join the fun in sports such as archery, badminton, tennis , bowling, basketball, hiking, and other sports. = TV: 0 p f t€ XH€Ut tAc 6eyi fU t? TOUt? eta ttuutecf. " C r) • • • r§ ••• ••• ©. . .5C " 112 Initiation of new members Christmas tree in lobby of Old Main. (2juh4VmuCcl s4etcvttie4- Cate Catttt v mmm 0wm i iMRi vXW;X;vXvXvlv XX : ;‘X v:vvX %v Y " Presents Christmas Pageant Madame Butterfly " Student Recital A trip to East Side Dairy " 76e ‘ftyecvtf’ ' Uci s4(C-Sc6 oC “Pep s4(t-Sc6ocC @ 4e €ctciti 119 Stunt Night Winner South Stunt Night Queen Jeanine Price 0 DtcuK ztic6 (?lu (fceat Sxfeectatcotui Halowe ' en Party. 122 ' P ' tayen, o6 k i t ‘TTCo ' vu mi tncute z ui frvt U4 tetC fop ? 1 C (££ t Repaired Student Parking Lot I. V. C. Formal HRIST i ■ ... %. f 4 ? 1 M P 1 lj| First Place --Joby Taylor--Vocal Solo Sachem Formal Cihu Formal Camarada Formal Pep Formal Anything goes at AC The Business Type Hats and more hats! 126 Anderson College Candidate for the 1955 Cherry Blossom Queen Contest Miss Janet Phillips Anderson, Indiana ' ytycviv st pe4ttcuz£ Third Place -- Cihu Club Camarada Club First Place Float Contest -- Booster Club Second Place -- Pep Club Sachem Club Donna Preston, Norcatur, Kansas; Marian Panton, Grand Cayman, B.W.I.; Connie Clark, Bondurant, Iowa; Helena Reed, Logan, West Virginia. t 19 .. ■ rs JjL 4 LMfc B r ' ' T f I WM | BfciSj . |l I 3 9 im ' i rr;: ■ - • -.- — »V%if rv $ , 4 i Jjpr nl?1 dPcZ 1 -l. V a . , lj[ l TM ' V • - ■ ’ 4 t— J JSlJr I DHL y J — — r ' " " -I — Bag --..... : 11 t - —— l • . 4 ’’ " A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody " " My Didn ' t It Rain! " 130 132 ' 7 .-■• V ' « m ■ H : ' 0 Bob Lee; Honorary teamcaptain, allcon¬ ference team four year letterman. Bob Lucas: All Con¬ ference. Jim Wehsollek: Most valuable player. Alma Hanover Taylor Indiana Central Earlam Manchester Defiance Franklin Central State Don Smith Lloyd Frix: All Con fere nee. Ray Asher Jerry Brandon Jerry Hendricks Joe Roberts Charlie Jestice Bob Loney Keith Fleishman Jim Ferguson George Nassar P. A. LoPresti Bob Lohman Roger Allen Paul McClure Don Vance Bob Hepler Don Lewis Skip " Haynie Tom Clemons Willis Bailey First row: B. Detwiler, R. Hines, R. Allen, T, Clemens, R. Clinage, J. Wehsollek, J, Ferguson, D. Lewis, P. Lo Presti, D. Vance, D. Smith. Second row: W. Farley, K. Fleschman.R. Asher, B. Helper, B. Lucas, L. Frix, G. Nas- sar, P. McClure, J. Roberts, B. Lee, R. Macholtz, Asst. Coach. Third row: J. Macholtz, Coach; H. Proud, W. Bailey, J. Brandon, C. Jestice, B. Lohman, M. Haynie, J. Hendricks, R. Loney, D. Furney, R. Spencer. P. Tilford, Manager. 137 Richie Brown Forward Bob Routt Guard Jack Wilson Center Mark Haynie Forward Bob Bartz Guard i 138 Gordon Moffit Guard Duke Ellis Forward Dick Kortokrax Center Ken Lockhart Forward 139 l cvt4£ty fluKCM First row: D. Smith, D. Maynard, J. Warren, J. Bloom, B. Niehaus, K. Swick. Second row: Coach J. Macholtz, M. Haynie, B. Butler, B. Lohman, D. Frost, A. Bennett, P. Tilford, Mgr. First row: G. Moffit, B. Routt, B. Bartz, D. Ellis, R. Brown, D. Frost. Second row: Coach B. Macholtz, K. Lock¬ hart, M. Haynie, D. Kortokrax, J. Wilson, B. Culp, J. Taylor, Mgr. First row: J. Moreland, B. Lovelace, E. Richards, S. Reynolds. Second row: D. Dallas, L. Sprunger, I. Able, S. Marsh. Third row: Coach B. Deal, R. Tilford, J. Veatch. (?no44. (Zecat tc? First row: T. Royer, D. Holsworth, P. Riddle, P. Ouzts, Second row: J. Duff, B, Bartz, R. Brown, H, Counts, J. Taylor. 7e uU Standing: D. Tate, J, Wells, N. Clark, C. Whitt. Kneeling: J. Combs, D. Banks. First row: Mary Adair, Millie Schweikert, Miss Long, Coach, Evelyn Sickal, Linda Jackson, Chris Burns. Second row: Judy Wells, Betty Sloan, Sylvia Brown, Donna Cook, Thelma Des Jardins, Nancy Ziegler. First row: Bernadine Cummings, Barbara Bassett, Nancy Adair, Millie Schweikert, Evelyn Sickal, Linda Jackson, Miss Long, Advisor, Sylvia Brown. Second row . Chris Burns, Maggie Quarries, Carol Kinion, Delores Koglin, Ida Johnson, Hilda Jeeninga, Lillie Bullard, Margie Schofield, Jay Jones, Thelma Barnett. i ‘2( o4fte t6 T eenecitcoit s44 ociatio t Z4 et zCC S viejiMVid JK V AC. Opp. Indiana Tech. 97 83 St. Joseph ' s 96 84 Central State 85 89 Franklin 67 77 Hanover 100 91 Earlham 75 70 Taylor 87 76 Benton Harbor 89 63 Ind. State 81 67 De Pauw 52 48 N. W. Louisiana 59 65 Oakland City 113 75 Manchester 97 80 Indiana Central 90 85 Lockbourne Air Base 91 81 Central State 98 78 Indiana Tech. 85 92 Wittenberg 107 91 Findlay 94 114 Earlham 91 43 Manchester 69 65 Hanover 76 80 Oakland City 63 50 Franklin 70 64 Indiana Central 58 60 Taylor wm s4 1 2006 ‘TOaCfatty. Doeo«t t6e Street, s4 cCjCdoevut “TTtet TPCy S fc ANDERSON, INDIANA ELEVEN )S SUITE 1 W ' EAST TENTH STREET GRIFFITH BUILDING TELEPHONE 6 119 PORTRAITS . WEDDINGS . CHILD PORTRAITURE . REPRODUCTIONS . OILS . FRAMES 3 STARS TO GUIDE YOU- ★ an open mind... ★ an honest heart... ★ a sincere regard for your fellow man ... If success and happiness are your goals in life — make these the stars by which you chart your course. DELCO-REMY DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION, ANDERSON, INDIANA THE BRIGHTEST NAME IN LIGHTS The Home of the Automatic Headlight Control AUTRONIC-EYE GUIDE LAMP DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORR We are fellow-laborers of the Kingdom, each according to his talents and calling. Some of us are preachers; some are teachers. And some are publishers. Our duties are different. But our objective is the same. A world turned from evil. A world acknowledging Christ and obeying His precepts. We who are publishers are responsible for a vital link in the chain of Christian witness. If this link is to hold, we must use our every resource in forging it. Working, hand-in-hand with other Christian agencies, we cannot, for a moment, slacken our effort. One weak link will impair the strength of the whole. " TOGETHER " YOU NEED YOUR PUBLISHING HOUSE: YOUR PUBLISHING HOUSE NEEDS YOU. Gospel Trumpet Company anderson, Indiana THE WRIGHT STORE FOR COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN For the latest in fashions, look in the windows of... HOYT WRIGHT COMPANY 911 Meridian Street GWINNS ' EAST SIDE DRUG STORE 802 E. 8th Street Prescriptions Accurately Compounded Priced Reasonably FOUNTAIN and FOOD — WHITMANS CANDIES FREE DELIVERY PHONE 33191 Try Our Delicious Steaks and Chops VICTORY RESTAURANT " Excellent Food " OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY Phone 9853 21-23 W. 12th St. GEO. ANTON, Owner ANDERSON, INDIANA Better Clothing For Men ANDERSON INDIANA 75 Years of Know-How J -J mi DINNER HOUSEWARES STAR CHINA CO. 902 MAIN “Famous for Toasted Cheeseburgers ' THE ALIBI DRIVE-IN Try Our Sunday Dinner “ Evening and Sunday Short Orders a Specialty. ” Elmo Flatt, Owner 1405 Jackson St. Phone 9623 Compliments of HILL ' S Where You Shop and Save In Anderson Compliments of ANDERSON COLLEGE BOOK STORE KEESLING HARDWARE LOWE BROS. PAINTS Plumbing — Electrical Household Needs 720 E. 8th St. Park Place MILK and ICE CREAM Produced by East Side Jersey Dairy 722 Broadway ANDERSON, INDIANA Phone 7781 THE GREAT CHINA RESTAURANT Specializing in Cantonese and American , Cuisine We Also Prepare Food to Take Out Phone 9772 I 108 Main Street Anderson, Indiana McMAHAN LEIB CO. Wholesalers 1417 Meridian Street EAST SIDE DRUG STORE TOM DEARING, Owner Reliable Prescriptions Reasonable Service Meet Me at Tom ' s for Sodas and Sandwiches 702 East Eighth St. PHONE 2-3243 VANDERBUR SHELL SERVICE Phone 9936 724 Milton Ave. TIRES —BATTERY SERVICE LUBRICATION — GAS — OIL AND ACCESSORIES Road Service COMPLIMENTS OF J. C. PENNEY COMPANY Anderson, Indiana THE F. C. CLINE LUMBER CO HOME BUILDING MATERIALS 400-432 MAIN ST. PHONE 2-2315 ' There ' s a material difference ' Best Wishes to Class of 1954 AMERICAN PLAYGROUND DEVICE CO. ANDERSON, INDIANA R. R. BYRUM PAUL J. BYRUM Quality Homes 1400 East Eighth Street PHONE 2-3678 Compliments of WELLS INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 1035 Main Street Phone 8874 Anderson, Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF STRATZMAN ' S GROCERY 1804 East 5th ANDERSON SPORTING GOODS Incorporated TROPHIES FOOTBALL BASKETBALL Phone 5828 1028 Main Street Anderson, Indiana MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM BEATRICE FOODS 1817 Columbus Avenue 4511 Dial 6564 1520 Meridian St., Anderson FURNITURE WAREHOUSE SALES Wholesale and Retail Complete Line of Furniture Appliances and Pianos SAVE NOW FOR THE FUTURE Complete Personal Service Banking Facilities Main Office — 10th and Meridian South Branch - 29th and Main Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations to- Class of 1955 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Room 125, Old Main Compliments of ABBOTT REALTY CO. Complete Insurance Service Mortgage Loans 903 E. 8th St. Phone 36635 Serving Park Place! Serving You PARKWAY PASTRY SHOP Wedding and Birthday Cakes All Pastries Baked In Our Own Oven 724 E. 8th St. PHONE 7368 " Let ' s Go to Gadberry ' s " FINE MEATS QUALITY GROCERIES GADBERRY ' S GROCERY LUNCH Corner 5th and College Phone 4012 The Madison County Lumber Company PHONE 6631 1421 Jackson Street Anderson, Indiana A. R. CRIST AND J. R. MAYER Doctors of Optometry Dependable Service Since 1926 Lenses Duplicated One Day Service Anderson Bank Bldg. 2 W - 10th St. Phone 5265 Best Wishes Compliments of Class of 1955 Franny’s Restaurant Montgomery Ward and Co. 903 E. 23rd St. and 1325 - 29 Meridian Street Raven Drive-In and Dairy Mart Phone 7761 723 E. 8th St. Compliments of Let Us Be Your Florist Selecting the Correct Flowers for Every Occasion Is No Problem at Achor’s Gulf Service POSY SHOP 8th and Cottage Phone 69724 “Flowers Please” WE DELIVER Flowers By Wire Inc. Tires . Batteries . Gulflex Lubrication Trailers for Rent Steam Cleaning Two Convenient Locations Flower Shop Greenhouse Uptown Flower Shop Nursery Rd. at E. 10th St. 5 East 12th Phone 2-9249 Phone 3-1515 Anderson, Indiana Compliments of ARROW PONTIAC 303 Pendleton Ave. Phone 4485 For Portable Typewriters, Fountain Pens Zipper Ring Binders MILLER HUGGINS, INC. Right on Meridian at 1212 “Everything for Every Office” Sales - Rentals Repairs Phone 4404 OUR SLOGAN: “As Good as the best, better than the rest” Courteous Dependable Service HIGGINS SON Cleaning and Pressing Call 2-6680 We’ll Do the Rest 317 Cottag e Avenue Anderson, Indiana Compliments of HERMAN FRANCE Owen Cities Service There ' s Nothing to Equal the Food at THE GOOD EARTH RESTAURANT CANTONESE and AMERICAN CUISINE fcxpertly Prepared — Graciously Served Food Prepared to Take Out 13 EAST NINTH STREET, ANDERSON, INDIANA—Phone 9643 801 East Eighth Phone 9897 Best Wishes BALLINGER TELEVISION SERVICE Service calls made day or night Rex Ballinger 408 East 8th Street Phone 3-2917 Anderson, Indiana DRANBERGER’S PINK DRIVE IN Eat Inside or In Your Car Featuring Our Own “DranBurger” Plenty Of Parking Space 1236 Broadway Phone 9074 Compliments of CLAIR CALL Men ' s Wear 19 W. 11th St. Anderson E. G. VERNON SON, INC. Established 1868 Coal and Builders Supplies 5th at Main Telephone 3-5326 WHITE FROST DRIVE IN Breakfast—Lunches—Dinners 2 E. 5th Street Dial 9656 Join Together to Protect Each Other MEMBERSHIP IN THE “LAYMEN” IS OPEN TO MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD AND THEIR FAMILIES Maximum Death Benefits Are Now on the Following Basis for All AGES 10 TO 70 INCLUSIVE 10 to 20 ! 21 to 30 $1,000 | $900 31 to 35 $800 36 to 40 $700 41 to 45 $600 46 to 50 $500 51 to 55 $400 56 to 60 $320 61 to 65 66 to 70 $240 $160 Membership may be obtained for children as soon after birth as they are known to be normal and healthy. The maximum benefits for children are as follows: Birth to 1 yr. $100 1-2 yrs. $200 2-3 $300 3-4 $400 4-5 $500 5-6 $600 6-7 $700 7-8 $800 8-9 $900 9-10 $1,000 The cost for children is the same as for adults EVERYONE PAYS $1.00 A MONTH There is nothing mysterious or complicated about the “Laymen.” It is a simple, inexpensive plan whereby members of the Church of God and their families have “joined themselves to¬ gether” with the common purpose of mutual helpfulness and protection. You owe it to your¬ self and dependents to get complete information. In addition to the above benefits you may have additional benefits by paying another dollar a month. LAYMEN OF THE CHURCH OF GOD Box 820, Anderson, Indiana Phone No. 7788 Rooms 550-566 Citizens Bank Building HATCHETT ' S CONFECTIONERY . ; 5th and Nursery Road Where Service Means Service HARDWARE —PAINTS ELECTRICAL —MILL SUPPLY l aufmarff 7th and Meridian Dial 4491 Your Friends and Neighbors Will Tell You— • IT ' S PLEASANT • IT ' S SATISFYING • IT ' S CONVENIENT • IT ' S ECONOMICAL TO SHOP AT THE Banner Store 927 Meridian St. Phone 6675 McDonald Furniture Co. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS " Why not trade here? Your neighbor does. " 1206 Meridian St. Phone 20267 Compliments of STANDT ' S JEWELERS " Home of Keepsake Diamonds " 12th and Meridian Streets Office Supplies and Systems Gifts Books Greeting Cards for Stationery Games Athletic Equipment Sportswear DECKER’S 67 Steps off Meridian on Eleventh Phone No. 4467 SIMPLEX MFG. CO. Welding and Machine Work Sixteenth and Jackson Streets Phone 5212 Compliments of DONNELLY AUTO PARTS Complete Glass Service 4 Grand Avenue Phone 569 Compliments of PHILLIPS MOTORS Harley-Davidson Sales and Service 2311 Broadway ANDERSON, INDIANA Dinner ware Crystal Sterling Decorative Accessories Bridal Registry Service Diamonds Wedding Rings Watches J ewelry Silverplate Watch Repair Service ®8P| P ; 1 WL k MtJ Zj » ? M jMPM i. J M IB .v. 1 J| ill 4u- H L | I : Ml Mr % . |p TjjA ' • Jfrui l;Cv 4g|S if, ■ V u JgMtew 1 Milm. R :Bm 1 ’ u - • % r -;’: i$g 5 fr $J!P|y » !f v fjaSgaBr : il iw m v. BM i iu ; tc r Mt %

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