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 - Class of 1951

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ECHOES Anderson College and Theological Seminary ANDERSON, INDIANA 19 5 1 .llilliiliiliiliiiiiniiimilliiiillilliliHHiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiMiiiMiiiiiidiimmmiim iiiimiiiiiiMiiiimimiiitiuniiimiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiMiiiiiMiiMHiiiimiiiiiiiiii Wo r s h i p . . . Service. . . Learning... Expression... Friendship... 4 I M 1 0 $ 5 , .. r- t ' ‘ ■ -? . ■ - , ;.. .r P T£? ; 4 : ‘ ' % , ' r’ • :» Ai .••. ■- r■ y -3L . $fr£+ : ' ,■ . ' yjf ' i %££ ' ' .v4 i £ ■ ?. T ■ ’ ■ v « f - v %rr2T » • rjn%.. j-jr • yjf V+ -f X ‘ ? - • x ■ v r a M Main 5 C«b ’ rV V x 4. r « . ♦ . Bf m sr lj II §F 1 ID l-flt 111 11 W¥% ir -T .11114 • M i iffr ' ®®® if 1 PJi i iii ■! ' !• 1 i ilt in if a H§ i - UNjj JHffer 11 - ! jjQBt Tf -- p fc.- Kg HP - ’i ■yjg . j| Ww Y M Jk SlIpF J y ?; . §r H$j tts- 1 It Ui 1 ilJjf J L f JO w ? aJ; ’’ .Jp Jfljjj fS KflL ' iJ i jESi :■ ' $ j| 4i ' fSk 1 f FOREWORD The aim of every yearbook staff is to produce a book which will thrill the heart of each student as the volume is first opened and then grow in importance as the years pass by. It is our desire to present an open window through which the panorama of newly acquired friendships, the myriad social and athletic events enjoyed, and the spiritual growth attained is laid out before us to view in years to come. We sincerely hope we have fulfilled our aim. THE 1951 ECHOES STAFF Marvin L. Tuttle, Editor For his unselfish devotion to the college CHARLES KISSELL We sincerely dedicate . . . Charlie” Kissell was born in 1892 in the central part of Russia. Being of Lithuanian nationality, he was not privileged to get much of an education, because in his day, and in that country, education was not considered im¬ portant. When he was fifteen, his only sister, who was then living in the United States, sent him a ticket to come to America. The intrigue which centered around his being smuggled out of the country in a load of hay is only one of the many interesting incidents of his life. After coming to this country, he settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and then migrated to Illinois. The Great Lakes offered many possibilities for a young adventurous fellow, so Charlie went to work on the boats. Later he worked in an automobile factory in Detroit, a machine shop in Cincin¬ nati, and a mine in Jasper, Alabama. In 1913 he was married. Both of his daughters are still living, one in Anderson, and one in the South. Anderson College received him in 1924, and he has lived here ever since. Music is his special interest, as well as the Ministerial Fellowship. Charlie still takes lessons from an instructor in town. For his 27 years of faithful service, it gives us, the members of the 1951 Echoes staff, great pleasure to dedicate this yearbook to him. Anderson College and Theological Seminary OFFICERS OF THE COLLEGE John A. Morrison, President Earl Martin, Vice-President Russell Olt, Dean C. L. Edwards, Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE John A. Morrison, Chairman E. F. Adcock Steele C. Smith W. Dale Oldham O. J. Flynt Russell Olt, Secretary to the Committee BOARD OF TRUSTEES W. H. Hunt, Chairman John Kane, Secretary 1951 Paul Froehlich, Tenafly, New Jersey Harold Achor, Anderson, Indiana W. Dale Oldham, Anderson, Indiana 1952 R. C. Caudill, Middletown, Ohio S. P. Dunn, Chicago, Illinois E. E. Perry, Washington, D.C. 1953 E. F. Adcock, Anderson, Indiana W. H. Hunt, Anderson, Indiana H. H. Kissinger, Hutchinson, Kansas 1954 John A. Morrison, Anderson, Indiana Denzel R. Lovely, Los Angeles, Calif. C. L. Quinn, Anderson, Indiana 1955 John Kane, Anderson, Indiana Ray Keith, Exeter, California George Blackwell, Indianapolis, Indiana Dr. John A. Morrison President V if Y Dr. Russell Olt 1 1 Robert H. Reardon, b.d., s.t.m. Assistant to the President Instructor in Religious Education and Applied Theology Vila Deubach, ph.d. Co-ordinator of Student Personnel Professor of English Adam W. Miller, a.m., d.d. Head Alen’s Counselor Professor of New Testament Nancy Osborne, ph.d. Head Women’s Counselor Professor of French Louise C. Johnson, m.s. Registrar Wilma E. Ponder, a.m. Librarian C. L. Edwards Comptroller Helen Holton, a.b. Secretary to the President Co-ordinator of Veterans’ Affairs Earl L. Martin, a.m., b.d., d.d. Professor of Bible and Applied Theology Dean of Graduate School of Theology Anna E. Koglin, a.m. Professor of German Cecil H. Hartselle, mus.m. Professor of Piano, Theory, and Voice Walter S. Haldeman, b.d., m.s. Professor of Religious Education Carl H. Kardatzke, ph.d. Professor of Education Paul Breitweiser, mus.m. Professor of Piano and Theory of Music Candace Stone, ph.d. Professor of Social Science Mattie B. Fry, a.m. Professor of Education Gene W. Newberry, b.d., ph.d. Associate Professor of Bible Ingyr Marie Lien, mus.m. Associate Professor of Applied Music Lewis A. Hennigar, ph.d. Associate Professor of Philosophy and Psychology Ruthven Holmes Byrum, a.b. Assistant Professor of Art John A. Buehler, ph.d. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Valorous B. Clear, a.b. Assistant to the Head Counselor Assistant Professor of Social Science Leona B. Nelson, a.m. Assistant Professor of Social Science Zylpha D. Hurlbut, a.m. Assistant Professor of Biology Robert A. Nicholson, a.m. Assistant Professor of Theory of Music and Music Education Mary Lou Barr, a.m. Assistant Professor ' of Business James W. Sibert, p.e. dir. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Elbridge G. Mackenzie, a.m. Assistant Professor of Education Myrl H. Ahrendt, a.m. Instructor in Mathematics and Physics Florence Orr, a.m. Instructor in English Lucile Willowby, a.m. Instructor in English Florence Jean Eggert, a.m. Instructor in Spanish Harold F. Linamen, m.s. Instructor in Business John O. Carrington, a.m. Instructor in History Robert W. Kerr, a.m. Instructor in Physical Education, Coach Nancy Clampitt, m.s. Instructor in Physical Education Robert S. Ramsay, a.m. Instructor in Philosophy and Psychology Burt E. Coody, b.d., m.s. Instructor in Bible Marie Joiner Mayo, m.s. Instructor in Biology Ann F. Baker, a.m. Instructor in English Elaine Harper, a.m. Instructor in English Betty J. Lindenschmidt, m.s. Instructor in English Oliver S. Oesch, a.m. Instructor in History Ross Ekstrom, mus.m. Instructor in Applied AXusic Malcolm Gressman, a.m. Acting Instructor in Speech Treva Abell, b.s. Assistant Instructor in blome Economics Ruth Ann Ramsay, a.b. Acting Assistant Instructor in Speech Harold L. Phillips, a.m., b.d. Lecturer in Applied Theology Helen Craig, a.m. Lecturer in Art W. Shirell Fox, a.b. Lecturer in journalism Director of Publicity T. Franklin Miller, a.b. Lecturer in Religious Education Edgar Williams, a.b., b.d. Lecturer in Greek Warren Polhemus, a.b., m.d. Director of Health and Attending Physician John H. Kane, th.b. Executive Secretary, Alumni Assn. Maxine Linamen, b.s. Assistant to the Co-ordinator of Student Personnel Beulah Woods, r.n., a.b. School Nurse Leota Hulsart, A.B., A.B. in L.S. Cataloguer Valera Notley, b.l.s., m.s. Cataloguer Donald Barnett, b.s. Athletic Manager Alton G. Lee Chief Accountant Cynthia Kane Supervisor of Dormitories Chase Stiers Maintenance Manager Marie Dugger Manager of Dining Hall Vergie Bowlby Secretary to the Dean SENIORS Anne Allendorf, Secretary-Treasurer Dan Harman, President Roy Lighty, Vice-President - Homer D. Allen Mitchell, Indiana Bette Troutman Ackerman, A.B. Lapel, Indiana Sylvia Anne Allendorf, B.S. Federalsburg, Maryland PEP CLUB, Secretary; Dramatics Club; Easter¬ ner’s Club, Secretary; Stu¬ dent Council; Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurer; May Queen Attendant. Bill Nick Ameredes, B.S. Weirton, West Virginia BOOSTER CLUB; Student Council; Student Athletic Committee, Chairman; A” Club; Andersonian; Foot¬ ball. William Basil Atsalis, B.S. Weirton, West Virginia IV-C CLUB; Football; A” Club, Secretary- Treasurer; Green Inkers; I.R.C.; Fine Arts Club ; Science Club; Southern Club. Robert Paul Aumiller, B.S. Union City, Indiana IV-C CLUB; I.R.C. Club; Science Club. Patsy Jo Austin, A.B. Shawnee, Oklahoma CAMARADA CLUB; Stu¬ dent Volunteers; W.S.- G.A., Vice-President. Glenn Aldean Ball, Joseph T. Batdorf B.Th. Midland, Michigan Akron, Indiana IV-C CLUB; Ministerial Fellowship, Vice-President. Vadena Rose Beasley, B.S. Central City, Iowa CIHU CLUB; Student Council. N John Bobak, Jr., B.Th. Butler, Pennsylvania Ministerial Fellowship; Easterner’s Club, President. Marilyn Lucille, A.B. Benton Harbor, Mich. PEP CLUB; Freshman Class, Vice-President; W.S.G.A., President, Vice- President, Social Chairman; I.R.C.; Andersonian; Ger¬ man Fellowship, Treasurer; Sigma Tau Delta, Secre¬ tary; Student Council; W.A.A.; Green Inkers; Who ' s Who; Junior Class, Secretary; French Club. George Dewie Blackwell, Jr., A.B. Meridian, Mississippi TRIAD CLUB; Ministerial Fellowship. Robert Quinten Boggess, A.B. Springfield, Ohio Norma Juanita Braswell, B.S Lufkin, Texas CAMARADA CLUB; W.S.G.A. Alvin LeRoy Butgereit, B.S. Benton Harbor, Mich. SACHEM CLUB; Student Council. Ambrose Milliard Berkebile, B.S. Anderson, Indiana Fine Arts Club; F.B.L.A., President; I.R.C. Darl Lamar Beckham, B.S. Ponder, Missouri SACHEM CLUB; F.B.- L.A., Treasurer; IRC. Danny Travis Bedsole, A.B. Longview, Texas SACHEM CLUB; Tennis; I.R.C. Club; Science Club; Who’s Who; German Fellowship; Glee Club. Clarence Joseph Bellamy Ashland, Kentucky Chester Cantley Dry Creek, West Virginia Robert Lewis Butterfield Modesto, California Esther Elsie Cantley Satanta, Kansas Carter Lee Byfield, B.S Indianapolis, Indiana BOOSTER CLUB; A’ Club, President; Who’s Who; Football; Track. Robert Clinton Carter Wheeling, West Virginia John Cherney, A.B. T orrington, Connecticut SACHEM CLUB, Presi¬ dent; Easterner’s Club, Vice-President; Student Publications Committee, Chairman; Science Club; French Club; I.R.C.; Who’s Who. James Oliver Childs, A.B. Dundalk, Maryland BOOSTER CLUB; Minis¬ terial Fellowship; Honor Society, V ice-President; Sigma Tau Delta, Presi- d e n t, Vice-President; Men’s Assembly, Presi¬ dent; Green Inkers; Eas¬ terner’s Club; Syford Po¬ etry Award. Paul F. Clausen, A.B. Anderson, Indiana BOOSTER CLUB, Presi¬ dent; A Cappella Choir, Treasurer; King’s Mes¬ senger Quartet; Echoes, of Peace Quartet; Christian Brotherhood Hour Quar¬ tet; Mixed Ensemble; Andersonian; International Relations Club; Student Council. George Cerbus, A.B. Sharon, Pennsylvania BOOSTER CLUB, Secre¬ tary; Who’s Who; A Club; Cross Country; Science Club; Student Volunteers; Sigma Zeta, Secretary; Spanish Club, Vice-President; Easterner’s Club, President, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Men’s Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; College Choir; Sanctuary Choir; Fine Arts Club, Vice- President; Student Council; Student Publications, Business Manager, Adver¬ tising Manager. Clarence M. Clemons, B.Th. Anderson, Indiana Edward Cecil Duty Short Creek, West Virginia Eugene Calvin Dyer, B.S. New Castle, Indiana BOOSTER CLUB; A” Club; Fine Arts Club; Football; Choir; College Quartet; Christian Broth¬ erhood Hour Quartet. Donald Lee Collins, A.B. Chattanooga, Tennessee TRIAD CLUB; Student Council; Echoes; German Fellowship, President; Stu¬ dent Religious Life Com¬ mittee, Chairman; Govern¬ ment and Regulations Committee, Chairman. Orville Bert Collins Baraboo, Wisconsin Otto Junior Engelmann, B.S. Anderson, Indiana IV-C CLUB; A” Club; Football Manager. Frances Evelyn Diezel, B.S. Gardena, California CAMARADA CLUB, Vice-President; Student Volunteers; Dramatics Club; Alpha Psi Omega. Ralph Eugene Earnest, A.B. Moundsville, West Virginia IV-C CLUB. Jesse Drummond Dillon, Jr., A.B. Dundalk, Maryland BOOSTER CLUB; Eas¬ terner’s Club; Andersoni- an; Ministerial Fellow¬ ship; Glee Club; Science Club. Jack Eugene Cousins Kittanning, Pennsylvania Thomas Lewis DeVol, B.S. Arcadia, Indiana F.B.L.A., President. Mary Fadukovich Hart, A.B. Joliet, Illinois CAMARADA CLUB; Debate Club; Dramatics Club; Science Club, I.R.C.; Judiciary Chair¬ man; Who’s Who. Harry Alfred Fry, A.B Venango, Pennsylvania A” Club; Student Coun- Yvonne Fortner, B.S. Effingham, Illinois PEP CLUB, Vice-President, Secretary; F.B.L.A.; Fine Arts; I.R.C.; Dramatics Club; Student Volunteers; W.A.A.; W.S.G.A. Nancy Goodell, A.B. Co has set, Minnesota Fine Arts Club; Minister ial Fellowship; Interna tional Relations Club. Rudy A. Grubich, A.B. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Myron R. Hagen Grand Junction, Colo. Student Volunteers, Presi¬ dent. Constantine J. Hanges Oklahoma City, Okla. Student Volunteers, Presi¬ dent. Daniel Clifton Harman, A.B. Baltimore, Maryland BOOSTER CLUB; Senior Class, President; Easter¬ ner ' s Club, Vice-President; Dramatics Club; Green Inkers; Science Club; Ministerial Fellowship; Alpha Psi Omega; Ander- sonian; President of Park Place Youth Fellowship. Raymond E. Hastings. A.B. Anderson. Indiana Ministerial Fellowship. Wilber M. Hatch, A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania BOOSTER CLUB, Treas¬ urer; Science Club. Vice- President ; Dramatics Club; Ministerial Fellowship; Track; Andersonian. S v ; LeRoy M. Hoff Hastings, Nebraska Marvin Philip Helsel Kittanning, Pennsylvania William Earl Henshaw, A.B. St. Louis, Missouri TRIAD CLUB; Student Volunteer, President; Glee Club; Choir; Christian Volunteers: Baseball. John Horevay Sharon, Pennsylvania Joy Elizabeth B.S. Rapid City, South Dakota lKAST, Cl HU CLUB; F.B.L.A.; Student Volunteers. Charles Wilbert Jones. Jr., B.Th. Bradenton, Florida Herman A. Keeney, A.B Anderson, Indiana TRIAD CLUB. TRIAD CLUB; Student Volunteers; Ministerial Fellowship. Chester Hughes Middletown, Ohio Thomas Nathaniel Jenkins Anderson, Indiana Gustav Jeeninga, A.B. Ymuiden, Netherlands SACHEM CLUB; I.R.C.; German Fellowship, M.A., Vice-President; Student Volunteers; Who’s Who. William Arthur Kelly, B.S. Anderson, Indiana Science Club Charles Daniel Kline, A.B. Anderson, Indiana TRIAD CLUB; Student Council, Vice-President: Echoes; Student Publica¬ tions Committee, Chair¬ man; Science Club; Ger¬ man Fellowship; Sigma Zeta. Lester Allen Kline, B.Th. Anderson, Indiana Ministerial Fellowship. Ethel Ruth Knf.pp, B.S. Anderson, Indiana Kenneth Homer Knight, B.S. Pomona, California BOOSTER CLUB; Pacific Bible College; University of Oregon Extension; Ball State Teachers College; Fine Arts Club, President: I.R.C. Avon Knox, B.S. Pryor, Oklahoma CIHU CLUB; Who’s Who; Debate Team; Sig¬ ma Tau Delta; Green Inkers; Dramatics Club, President. LaWanda Faythf, Koglin Duluth, Minnesota Don Raymond Lewis, B.S. Parkersburg, West Virginia SACHEM CLUB; Foot¬ ball; Baseball; Track; Vivian June Lewis, B.S. Green Inkers; Fine Arts Lewisville, Indiana Roy Lylf, Lighty Club; A Club; Ander- PEP CLUB. Satanta, Kansas sonian. James Herbert Litton Dallas, Texas Doyle Lee Newton, B.S. Anderson, Indiana SACHEM CLUB. Phyllis Anne Long, B.S. Anderson, Indiana PEP CLUB; W.A.A. Eugene Leslie Mendenhall, Jr., A.B. Farmersville, Ohio SACHEM CLUB; A” Club; Cross Country. Carol Lea Olson Indianapolis, Indiana Carl Albert Munson, A.B. Anderson, Indiana SACHEM CLUB; I.R.C., President, Vice-President; Student Council, President; Science Club, President; Who’s Who. Ruth McKinney, B.S. Zoe, Kentucky CIHU CLUB, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Glee Club; Science Club; Fine Arts Club; Dramatics Club; I.R.C. Paul Edwin O ' Neill, B.S. Anderson, Indiana IV-C CLUB, President, Vice-President; A” Club; Football; Basketball; Base¬ ball. James Donald Macholtz, B.S. St. Joseph, Michigan SACHEM CLUB, Secre¬ tary; Who’s Who; Basket¬ ball; Football; Baseball; Track; Sophomore Class, President; Student Coun¬ cil, President; A” Club, Vice-President. Lawrence E. McClure Winslow, Indiana Edward Von Parr, B.S. Montevideo, Minnesota Horace C. Pulsipher, B.Th. Alma, Michigan IV-C CLUB; Ministerial Fellowship. Howard Glenn Rankin, B.Th. Rushville, Indiana TRIAD CLUB; Junior Class, President; Senior Class, Vice-President; Col¬ lege Choir; Christian Vol¬ unteers; Student Volun¬ teers, Treasurer. Forrest Oliver Richey, B.Th. Indianapolis, Indiana IV-C CLUB, Vice-Presi¬ dent; Ministerial Fellow¬ ship, Secretary. Robert Russell Robbins, B.S. Anderson, Indiana G.I. Club. Haward Elwood Rogers, B.Th. Metropolis, Illinois IV-C CLUB; Ministerial Fellowship; Science Club, I.R.C. Willie Legg Roller, B.S. Moss, Mississippi PEP CLUB; F.B.L.A. Club. Thomas Talmadge Salter, B.S. Pineland, Texas Sigma Tau Delta; Science Club; Student Volun teers. Glenn James Sands, B.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. IV-C C LUB; French Club; Sigma Zeta, Presi¬ dent; Science Club. Dante Anthony Schiavone, B.S. Weirton, West Virginia TRIAD CLUB; Football; A” Club; Andersonian; Southern Club; Student Council; Student Athletic Committee, Chairman. George Robert Sundstrom, A.B. Anderson, Indiana Ferd Thoma, B.S. Fremont, Ohio TRIAD CLUB. James Elwyn Sharp Lena Station, Louisiana Edward James Smith, B.Th. Beckley, West Virginia Ministerial Fellowship; Green Inkers. Richard Nelson Tazelaar, B.S. Washington, D.C. BOOSTER CLUB; Choir; Easterner’s Club; Science Club; F.B.L.A.; Fine Arts Club. Lee Charles Theodore, B.S. Pontiac, Michigan BOOSTER CLUB; Ten¬ nis; A Cappella Choir; Alpha Psi Omega; Dra¬ matics Club. Lloyd Merrill Tate, B.Th. Akron, Ohio IV-C CLUB. Fred John Sponhaltz, B.S. Cadiz, Ohio IV-C CLUB; I.R.C.; Sci¬ ence Club; Track. Alice Stork, B.S. Belding, Michigan CAMARADA CLUB. Dean Stork Defiance, Ohio Billy Joe Thomas Catlettsburg, Kentucky Allan Wheeler Thompson, A.B. Masury, Ohio IV-C CLUB; I.R.C.; Ministerial Fellowship. Earl Arthur Velosky, A.B. New Philadelphia, Ohio Paul Raymond Wagner, B.Th. Brookings, South Dakota TRIAD CLUB; Ministerial Fellowship; Glee Club. Sanford Edison Wellman Morgantown, North Carolina Obadiah Williams, B.Th. Cincinnati, Ohio SACHEM CLUB; Minis¬ terial Fellowship; I.R.C., Vice-President; Green Inkers; Fine Arts Club; Dramatics Club; Glee Club; Debate Team; Track; Cross Country; Freshman Class, President; Cheerleader; French Club; Alpha Psi Omega; Stu¬ dent Council. Jarvis Christensen Wiuff, A.B. Newport, Minnesota TRIAD CLUB. Charles William Wood, B.S. Inkster, Michigan TRIAD CLUB; Choir, President; College Quar¬ tet; Christian Brotherhood Hour Quartet. Leonald Allen Wiens, A.B. San Diego, California SACHEM CLUB; Minis¬ terial Fellowship; Track. Donald Paul Wright, A.B. Anderson, Indiana Student Council; Ander- sonian. JUNIORS Dr. Carl Kardatzke, Adviser Jane Bradford, Vice-President Warren Gourley, President Beverly Johnston, Secretary-Treasurer a MARILYN ADCOCK Anderson, Indiana c FRANK EDWARD BENNETT Curwensville, Pennsylvania e VONCEIL BENSON Union, Mississippi g ALTA RUTH BURT Portland, Oregon i DRUCILLA CIMA Madrid, Iowa b EVELYN ANDERSON West Brooklyn, Illinois d HOWARD BENSON ]ackson, Mississippi f JANE BRADFORD Decatur, Alabama h NORMA BUTGEREIT Distant, Pennsylvania j THOMAS COCKERHAM Campbellsburg, Indiana k m HENRY COLE Cedar Rapids, Iowa HAROLD CONRAD Parma, Ohio KENNETH COOK n SAMUEL Juniata, Nebraska CORNELIUS Kansas City, Missouri a PAUL D ' ALESSIO Brunswick, Maine c HERBERT DIETZ Portland, Oregon e ALBERT EASTERLING Anderson, Indiana g ABRAM FLUCK Lansdale, Pennsylvania i DEAN GERIG Akron. Indiana b ROBERT DEAL Hickory, North Carolina d BLANCHE DeYOUNG Almena, Kansas f ELBERT EBERSOLE Defiance, Ohio h LeROY FULTON Daytona Beach, Florida j PHYLLIS GILLESPIE Owatonna, Minnesota J WARREN GOURLEY Anderson, Indiana RICHARD HARP Atlanta, Georgia m CHARLES HARRIS Columbus, Ohio ROBERT HARTLEY West Frankfort, Illinois fa t a ALMA HAUSE Fort Lupton, Colorado c HARRY HEBENTHAL Blairsville, Pennsylvania e RALPH HOAR Emden, Illinois g ROMAYNE HOUGHTELIN Owatonna, Minnesota i PAUL HUNTER West Palm Beach, Florida b CHARLES HAWKINS Indianapolis, Indiana d ROBERT HIRD Flannibal, Missouri i EDWARD HOOK Farmers, Kentucky h ROBERT HUFFMAN Bloomington, Indiana j BENARDA JEWITT Cadiz, Ohio k SIDNEY JOHNSON Cullman, Alabama 1 THEDA JOHNSON Midland, Michigan m BEVERLY JOHNSTON Arnold, Pennsylvania LYDIA JOINER Hammond, Louisiana a g CHARLES A. JONES Russell Springs, Kentucky KENNETH KARDATZKE Elmore, Ohio AUBREY KENDALL Kendall, Florida b TIM KARAMITROS Los Angeles, California d BONNIE KEARNS Hamilton, Ohio f PHILIP KINLEY Hutchinson, Kansas CLIFFORD McDANIEL Casey Creek, Kentucky GAYLE MILLAR Milwaukee, Wisconsin h ROBERT METZ Lima, Ohio j JOHN MILLER Phoenix, Arizona k RUSSELL MILLER Bedford, Indiana m DELORIS MINNIEAR Anderson, Indiana 1 CAROL MINKLER Pasadena, California n COLLEEN MORGAN Bellevue, Ohio GEORGE NEWELL Belva, West Virginia ANNE NICHOLS Chicago, Illinois STANLEY NICHOLS Chicago, Illinois DOUGLAS OLDHAM Anderson, Indiana RANDALL PEACOCK Flint, Michigan DAVID PARKER Kendall, Florida DORIS PEELER Washington, D.C EUGENE PRICE Hickory, North Carolina TOM PYEATT Oklahoma City, Oklahoma JEAN RATZLAFF Stoneboro, Pennsylvania k NATALIE REAGAN Federalsburg, Maryland HAWARD ROGERS Metropolis, Illinois m RICHARD ROTHMAN Nashville, Tennessee HOY RYAN Lexington, Ohio } a HERBERT SCHUMM Will shire. Ohio c CLIFFORD SEXTON Anderson. Indiana e ANN SMITH Anderson. Indiana g JEAN SNARR Bloomington. Indiana i MARTHA STRICKLER Anderson. Indiana b SHIRLEY SEARS Midland. Michigan d FLORENCE SHOTWELL Taylor. Pennsylvania ( TED SMITH Anderson. Indiana h BURNLEY SPENCER Stanton, Kentucky j ELIZABETH SUNDSTROM Anderson Indiana ?3S k BARBARA SWITZER Belding. Michigan m DORIS TAZELAAR Fairfield. Nebraska 1 CHESTER TAYLOR Bonnie. Illinois n MAXINE THOMPSON La Grange. Georgia 4 . a VADEN THOMSON Wichita, Kansas c MARVIN TUTTLE Danville, Illinois e JEAN WARD Lima, Ohio g JOHN WILLIAMS Longview, Texas b VIRGINIA TITLEY Anderson, Indiana d JUNE WALKER Eugene, Oregon f RODNEY WHALON Fulton, New York h MAURICE WRIGHT Alexandria, Indiana i PAUL YUTZY Toledo. Ohio SENIORS NOT PICTURED JUNIORS NOT PICTURED SAMUEL BETTS JOE BLANCHARD MARSHALL CALL ELLA CLEVELAND FRED COLLINGWOOD MARLIN COLLINGWOOD BYRON CROSTHWAITE LEWIS D ' ALESSIO TRUMAN HARRIS ALTON LEE THELMA LITTLE CHARLES LOEWEN JAY MOONEY RAMONA MOONEY THELDA QUINN CARL ROACH WILLIAM SEBREE JAMES SEBRING LEON SKORINKO WILLIAM SLOAN LAVERA SMITH JOYCE STONE VIRGIL TRICK EARL VELOSKY GEORGE WILLIAMSON LAWRENCE WITHERS WILLIAM BOWSER ROBERT FREEMAN JAMES HANNA RONALD JARRELL PAUL JENKINS BENNY JOHNSON SAM KOCH LOUTS LERNER AARON LON G JACKSON McGILL DALE McGRAW OLIN MATTHEWS CHARLES NEWBERRY ROBERT NISWANDER WILLIAM OBLINGER EVERETT PARKS THOMAS REDMOND KENNETH SEELEY DANIEL SWEENEY DARREL THOMPSON ROGER TILFORD SOPHOMORES Jerry Carey, President Letha Wood, Secretary-Treasurer Jack Howell, Vice-President Mr. John Carrington, Adviser PAT ADAIR Pryor, Oklahoma h JO ANNE BEVILLE Daytona Beach, Florida b LeROY ANDERSON BERNICE BILLINGS Erie, Pennsylvania Louisville, Kentucky c JIM BAILEY Hu go ton, Kansas d FRANK BALES k Groseclose, Virginia e PHYLLIS BARD 1 Grand Rapids, Michigan JACK BIN ION q South Charleston, West Virginia OMER r BLEVINS Middletown, Ohio PHYLLIS s BLUHM Bertha, Minnesota CAROLYN CARMICHAEL West Point, Georgia VIRGIL CARR Canton, Ohio DONALD CAVENDER Charleston, West Virginia CONSTANCE CLARK Bondurant, Iowa TOM CLEMONS Mitchell, Indiana f WILLIAM BEAMAN Wilmington, Delaware g ROSEANN BECKERMAN Mt. Carmel, Illinois m DOROTHY BROWN South Charleston, West Virginia n JERRY CAREY South Whitley, Indiana t PAT COLLINGWOOD Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania u MARY CULLISON Louisville, Illinois a JAMES CUNEO Anderson, Indiana b GERTRUDE DAVIS Apollo, Pennsylvania h RONALD EDWARDS Anderson, Indiana i GERALD EGELSTON Middletown, Ohio o OLIVE FISCUS North Apollo, Pennsylvania p MARVEL FREEBY Long Beach, California g c MILDRED DIEL Kinderhook, New York d EDDIE DOWNEY Wichita, Kansas ) DANIEL EGERT Aurora, Colorado k MARIAN EGLY Danville, Illinois q HAROLD FREED Ellwood City, Pennsylvania r NILA GERIG Ft. Wayne, Indiana e CAS DOWNS South Charleston, West Virginia WILLIAM FELTS s GUSSIE Anderson, Indiana GER MANY Palco, Kansas { ARTHUR DYE Lebanon, Indiana g DWIGHT DYE Anderson, Indiana m GLEN FERGUSON Elkhart, Kansas n ENOCH FINLEY Huntington, West Virginia t DONALD GOOCH Midland, Michigan u BURD GRAY Butler, New Jersey to m h BETTY HARP o Atlanta, Georgia i NANCY p HARRISON Valdese, a HERMAN GREISER Lansdale, Louisiana b DONA GRIFFITH Anderson, Indiana North Carolina c DALE GRUBBS j Crawfordsville, Indiana d GORDON k Austin Anderson, Indiana e ROBERT HAMEL 1 Anderson, Indiana WAYNE q HARTING Greenfield, Indiana RALPH HATCH r Erie, Pennsylvania NADINE s HOLLIMAN Riverton, Iowa JOYCE KENNEDY Daytona Beach, f WAYNE HAND Plant City, Florida m CARL HOLM t McCook, Nebraska g DANIEL HARGER Anderson, Indiana JACKIE u HOWELL Lapel, Indiana Florida BONNIE KERRY Harmony, Pennsylvania WILLIAM KIRKWOOD New Kensington, Pennsylvania I.) r 1 li a DOROTHY KIZER Tulsa, Oklahoma b LEONARD KLAASSEN Owosso, Michigan c MARIE KUFELDT Homestead, Florida d FREDA LaFOE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma e GARNETTA LASH Wheeling, West Virginia f DAVID LaVIERE Ell wood City, Pennsylvania g FRED LICK Cleveland, Ohio h BETTY LIGHTCAP Anderson, Indiana i BETH LIGHTY Dallas, Texas ) ROBERTA LIGHTY Satanta, Kansas k LAVERNE LILLY Florahome, Florida 1 HAROLD LONG Charleston, West Virginia m JANET LONG Anderson, Indiana n ROBERT LUCAS Curwensville, Pennsylvania o LAURA MAKINGS Trenton, Nebraska p CALVIN MARSHALL Brooklyn, New York q DOREEN MARTIN Bowdon, North Dakota r DUANE McCARDLE Springfield, Ohio s DALE MEANS Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania t FRED MENCHINGER Benton Harbor, Michigan u EUGENE MENDENHALL Farmersville, Ohio fa fa wL ' ll a GEORGE MERRICK Anderson, Indiana b BARBARA MILLER La Canada, California c EVELYN MILLER Cushing, Oklahoma d JACQUELINE MONTEITH Springfield, Ohio e HUBERT MURRAY Charleston, West Virginia f JANET MYERS Anderson, Indiana g ESTEL NEACE Detroit, Michigan EARLENE NEILL o RUTH POWELL Detroit, Michigan Hamilton, Ohio CHARLES P AGNES PRICE NEWBERRY New Boston, Ohio Torch, Missouri LEROY OESCH q JAMES RAINES New Springfield, Apollo, Ohio Pennsylvania WILLIAM t MARY PERRY RICHARDSON Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania St. Elmo, Illinois EDDIE PHIPPS s PAUL RIDER San Antonio, Texas Charleston, West Virginia m DONALD PICKETT Blue Mound, Illinois n ROSCOE POLING South Charleston, West Virginia a . ♦ h J a ROBERT ROYER Massillon, Ohio b HOWARD RUSSELL Flint, Michigan c RUTH SANDERSON Clinton, Iowa d HEWA SCHIEVE Anderson, Indiana e BETHEL SCHUTJER Grand Rapids, Minnesota ( EDWARD SCHWEIKERT $ in S y h NEIL SHRINER Detroit, Michigan i PAUL SMITH Duncannon, Pennsylvania j RUTHIE SMITH Bastrop, Louisiana k SYLVAN SNELLING Kendall, Florida 1 MARILYN SNIDER Springfield, Ohio m CHARLES STANLEY o RUTH TERRELL Trenton, Nebraska p WILLIAM THOMAS Ashland, Kentucky PANSY THOMPSON Grand Cayman, B.W.l. r JOYCE TINKER Nuevo, California s ELSIE TRICK Farmington, Missouri t JUNE TRUESDELL West Virginia Anderson, Indiana V 1 % w V Lancaster, Ohio Tulsa, Oklahoma Wayne, Michigan f — 1 g HAROLD SCOTT n ILA STEWART u WILLIAM A Noblesville, Indiana Princeton, UPTON f - mr K , JKai •JS. w j jft „ r : q ' w a VELMA VAN HOOSE South Shore, Kentucky b MARY VINES Bessemer, Alabama c BETTY WALKER Hazel Park, Michigan d RUTH WALKER Eugene, Oregon e TED WATTRON Eugene, Oregon f ESTHER WAURICH Wattenscheid, Germany g EDISON WHITE Akron, Indiana h ROSELLA WHITEHEAD Princeton, Indiana i CHARLES WHITMILL Anderson, Indiana j RONALD WILLIAMS Moundsville, West Virginia k JEAN WILSON Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I AGNES WISE Cedar Rapids, Iowa m LETHAWOOD Jackson, Michigan n NOLAN YOUNKMAN Lafayette, Ohio o MARY JONES Ft. Meade, Florida p ROBERT NEACE Detroit, Michigan q ELWIN NORRIS Noxapater, Mississippi r CARL SCHNEIDER St. Louis, Missouri Barbara Leonard, President Mr. Malcolm Gressman, Adviser Alma Ann Bickle, Secretary-Treasurer Eddie Tufts. Vice-President a GILBERT ACHESON Wakeeney, Kansas b JANE ADAIR Pryor, Oklahoma c ORVAS ADAMS Portageville, Missouri d LESTER ALEXANDER Blackwell, Oklahoma e MACK ANDERSON Darlington, South Carolina i WILLIE ANDERSON Cincinnati, Ohio g DONNABELLE ANGLIN Nappanee, Indiana h EVANGELOS ANGELOS Gary, Indiana i CHARLES ARMSTRONG Anderson, Indiana j WILLIAM ARTHUR South Charleston, West Virginia k CATHERINE BAILEY DeSoto, Missouri 1 PROCTOR BARBER Danville, Kentucky m CATHERINE BARNETT Fort Meade, Florida n JAMES BASEY Anderson, Indiana o JOHN BAYMAN St. Marys, Ohio p DAVID BEACH Mt. Pleasant, Michigan q NORMA BEATTY COBALT Ontario, Canada . r WILLIAM BELL Anderson, Indiana s FAY BENEFIELD Jacksonville, Florida t BETTY BENNETT Seattle. Washington u LAURA BENSON Jackson, Mississippi v NORMAN BENTLEY Pomona, California w WANDA BETTS Scio, Ohio x HUSTON BEVER Mt. Carmel, Illinois y ALMA BICKLE Louisville, Kentucky z LORRAINE BICKLE Glendale, California aa BARBARA BIXLER Creston, Ohio a EUGENE BLEILER Logans port, Indiana b RUTH BOESE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma c PATRICIA BRAY Atlanta, Georgia d LOURETTA BREITWEISER Anderson, Indiana j JANICE BURNS Converse. Indiana k MARGARET CAUSBY Morganton, North Carolina 1 ROBERT CAVENDER Charleston. West Virginia m ROBERT CHAPMAN Falfurrias, Texas s CALVIN CORWIN Ashley, Ohio t JAMES CREAMER Pasadena, Maryland u LEOLA CROSTH WAITE Morehead, Kentucky v JEAN DAHMS Hamilton, Ohio e EDWARD BROWN Coeur d’Alene. Idaho n SARAH COFFIELD Cadiz, Ohio w HOWARD DARBY Rupert, West Virginia f GEORGE BUGG 0 EDWARD COLE x JAMES Ashland. Kentucky Central City, lou a DEMSKE Watervliet. Michigan g JACK BUGG Ashland. Kentucky h JAMES BURCHETT Toledo. Ohio i BARNEY BURGIN Poplar Bluff. Missouri p VENETA COLLINS West Palm Beach, Florida q TED COOKE Greensburg, Indiana r GLENDA COOPER Darlington, South Carolina y LOIS DENNY Bluefield, West Virginia z ARNOLD DeYOUNG Almena, Kansas aa CHARLES DORFF Baltimore, Maryland a JACK DUFF Jackson, Michigan b THOMAS DUNIGAN Carthage, Mississippi c JAMES EAKMAN Plumville, Pennsylvania d ELBERTA EBERSOLE Anderson, Indiana e WAYNE ECKMAN North Apollo, Pennsylvania f DORTHEA EDES Kalamazoo, Michigan g FERN EDWARDS Anderson, Indiana j CRISTEEN ESTES East Prairie, Missouri k FREDERICK FINNEY West Middletou n, Ohio 1 EUGENE FISHER Dover, Florida m MARY FLYNN Somerset, Kentucky n ROBERT FOGLI Chicago, Illinois o BLAIR FORD Spokane, W as bin gt on p JOHN FRANKS Savannah, Tennessee s LILBURN GILLIAM Wi se, Virginia t DELPHINE GLORE Detroit, Michigan u NANCY GOODELL Cohasset, Minnesota v ARMITTE GOSNELL Alexandria, Indiana w GLENN GRAHAM Butler, Pennsylvania x THEMA GRAHAM Lebanon, Oregon y SHIRLEY GREENE Kalamazoo, Michigan HOWARD ELDON Anderson, Indiana LOIS ESPER Cleveland, Ohio q PAUL FREELAND Kansas City, Missouri r PHYLLIS FRITZLER Flint, Michigan z LENA GUIHER Anderson, Indiana Z a jA- k a MARGARET GUSTAFSON Palco, Kansas b JANET HALL Guthrie, Oklahoma c WANDA HAND Plant City, Florida d GREENE HANKERSON Lakeland, Florida e DOROTHY HARDIN Clinton, Tennessee f HELEN HARTSELLE Decatur, Alabama r SONIA HARTSELLE Anderson, Indiana h PHYLLIS HECKINGER Toledo, Ohio i MARY HELMS Anderson, Indiana j ROBERT HEPLER New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania k PERRY HENSLEY Daleville, Indiana 1 JOHN HENSON South Charleston, West Virginia mROBERT HENSON Dunbar, West Virginia n OZRA HILL Poplar Bluff, Missouri o FAYE HISSONG Lima, Ohio p ROBERT HODGSON New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania q MARIAN HUFF Woodward, Alabama r LESTER HYSLIP East Prairie, Missouri s DORIS INGRAM Bainbridge, Georgia t WANETA JACKSON Columbia City, Indiana u DALE JEFFERSON Wayne, Michigan v DANIEL JERNIGAN Somerset, Kentucky w DAVID JOHNSON Baltimore, Maryland x GERALD JOHNSON Cadillac, Michigan y HAROLD JOHNSON Harts elle, Alabama z DICK JONES Edmonds, Washington F a ROMA JONES Dixon, Missouri b KENNETH KARRH Bessemer, Alabama c BETTY KEASLER Sikeston, Missouri d BETHEA KIDD Anderson, Indiana e RANDALL KING Campbellsville, Kentucky f CHESTER KINGERY Anderson, Indiana g DORIS KLAASSEN Owosso, Michigan h PHYLLIS LANE Norfolk, Virginia i DONALD LAU Cleveland, Ohio j BARBARA s LEONARD Jackson, Michigan k LENORA t LEWIS East Prairie, Missouri GLENN McAlister Ponca City, Oklahoma LAWRENCE McCLURE Winslow, Indiana t — 3 — 1 NELDA LICHTENHAHN Lakewood, Colorado m RUBY LIGHTY Satanta, Kansas n BETHEL LINDENMAN Morland, Kansas o ESTHER LITT Fredericktown, Ohio p NORMAN LOFLAND Liberal, Kansas q EVELEEN LORTON Tampa, Florida x BARBARA LYDICK Anderson, Indiana u HARRY McCOY Cedar Springs, Michigan v BARBARA ANN McDonald Lima, Ohio w BERNICE McINTYRE Saltville, Virginia x WANDA McINTIRE East Rainelle, West Virginia y HARPOLE McMULLIN Cleveland, Mississippi z LEROY MARTIN Apollo, Pennsylvania a WILLIAM MATHIS St. Elmo, Illinois b CLEMMIE MAYES Detroit, Michigan c BILLIE MEADE Dayton, Ohio e DENNIS MITCHELL Dalton, Minnesota d EUGENE MINTON Moody, Missouri 6 f LAWRENCE MOORE Elkhart, Kansas g MARY MORGAN South Daytona, Florida h ERNEST MORRISON Ponca City, Oklahoma i MERIEM NICHOLES Hugoton, Kansas j CARL NISBET Bainbridge, Georgia k JOHN NYE Cedar Rapids, Iowa 1 PAUL OUZTS Ruslon, Louisiana m GENE PARSONS Praise, Kentucky n GEORGE PENTZ Eldred, Pennsylvania o DANIEL PFENNING Chesterfield, Indiana p RUTH PHILE Ravenna, Ohio q KEITH PIERCE Swanton, Nebraska r THOMAS PIERCE Franklin, Pennsylvania s NORMAN P1RKEY Anderson, Indiana t DORETHA PIRKEY Anderson, Indiana u FLOYD PERKINS Anderson, Indiana v NANCY POLGLAZE Ravenna, Ohio w LEE PRESTON Norcatur, Kansas x ELEANOR PUCHEK Sharon, Pennsylvania y CLARICE RATZLAFF Stoneboro, Pennsylvania z NORBERT RAYLE Anderson, Indiana r p K k a JOYCE REYNOLDS Tiltonsville, Ohio b ALVA RICHARDSON Pana, Illinois c WALTER RIGDON Mooresville, Indiana d ROBERT RIGGS Anderson, Indiana e JO ANN ROBERTSON Nowata, Oklahoma f JOYCE ROBERTSON Bloomington, Illinois g THELMA ROUDEBUSH New Philadelphia, Ohio h BETTYE ROWELL Ft. Meade, Florida i CHARLOTTE SCHNEIDER Okeene, Oklahoma j JOANNE SEAL Oklahoma City, Oklahoma k NORMAN SEELEY Grove City, Ohio 1 DALE SHEEFEL Anderson, Indiana m RICHARD SHOCK Huntington, Indiana n JUDY SHOWALTER Lima, Ohio o EDGAR SKINNER New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania p PAUL SKINNER New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania q JOSEPH SMITH Portsmouth, Ohio r PAUL SMITH Anderson, Indiana s ELEANOR SNELL Baltimore, Maryland t JOHN SNYDER Norton, Kansas u BETTY SOLOMON High Point, North Carolina v BERNIECE SOUTHERLAND Lexington, Kentucky w ROBERT SPRAGUE Maroa, Illinois x WAYNE STROBEL Pasadena, California y HAROLD STRADTNER Michigan City, Indiana z CALEB STANDAFER Middletown, Ohio BILLIE JO WHITAKER Praise. Kentucky b HOWARD WHITE Detroit, Michigan c MABLE WHITE Akron. Indiana d RAY WHITE Kittanning, Pennsylvania DOYLE WHITESEL New Rockford. North Dakota f ARTHUR WILLIAMS Anderson, Indiana g CARL WILLIAMS Springfield, Ohio h JAMES WILLIAMS Alexandria. Indiana WILLIE WILLIAMS Cincinnati, Ohio ] ORAL WITHROW South Charleston. West Virginia k RACHEL WOOD Jackson, Michigan 1 JANET WOOD Reading. Ohio JAMES WORTHINGTON Paris, Kentucky n SARA WORTHINGTON Paris, Kentucky o WILLARD YEAKEL Allentown. Pennsylvania P RONALD YOUNG Wayneshurg. Ohio SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED THOMAS ANDERSON BARBARA BAIR DAVID BATDORF LEROY BOHLING PAUL CARDER L. B. CARROLL EARL CARTER JAMES CHAPMAN RICHARD DUER RAYMOND ELDERS TROY HALL WILLIAM HARPER CLIFFORD HEARD SHIRLEY HOWARD GORDON HOWE HARRY HOWELL CHARLES JONES RICHARD JONES EDITH LINDENMAN HAROLD LONG EUGENE LUDLOW CLAUDE McCOY MILDRED MICKLEY RICHARD METZING EMERSON MUTTERSPAUGH JOE O ' MALLEY ROY POORE HELEN PRUITT MARY RICHARDSON WALTER RIGDON RUSSELL ROBOLD LESTER SCHUBERT MARIANNE SEELEY RICHARD SHOCK DAVID SLEET THOMAS SPENCER ROBERT STRITES DELORES THOMPSON NORRIS THOMPSON JOYCE TINKER HILLARD TURNER NORMAN VELIE WILLIAM WESTLAKE EDISON WHITE DAVID WILLIAMS BILL WRIGHT THOMAS WRIGLEY BOB BAKER CURTIS BELL JAY BENTLEY BETTY BONTEMS EDWARD BROWN EVELYN BURGIN VERNA CARTER ALBERT COMPTON WILLIAM DEVER VORRIS DRENNEN ROBERT DUGGER MARJORIE EASTERLING ROBERT FARRIS DOROTHY GREISER LAVONNE HALES CARL HAWKINS PERRY HENSLEY VERLAND HILL CALVIN JONES CLESTER KINBERL HERVEY LAWRENCE HERMAN LIPPERT, JR. RICHARD MASON Charles McCracken JERRY NELSON WILLIAM O ' DELL RICHARD OGLE MELVIN REYNOLDS JOYCE ROBERTSON ZELLO ROUSE EVELYN SCHNEIDER GEORGE STATER CLARA LORTON SMITH ROSE TATE PHILIP TRUESDELL GLORIA WAGNER HAROLD WELSH LOUISE WISEMAN GERALD YATES Dr. Earl Martin, Dean School of Theology The new graduate school of theology, located in the South Wing of Old Main, was officially opened in October, 1950. Under the able leadership of Dr. Martin, the school is rapidly achieving special distinction in the training of men and women for Christian service. The three-year course leads to a Bachelor of Divinity degree. Faculty and Students Anderson SOUTH MERIDIAN CHURCH OF GOD Rev. William Fleenor, Pastor ARROW HEIGHTS CHURCH OF GOD Rev. Forest Carlson, Pastor PARK PLACE CHURCH OF GOD Dr. W. Dale Oldham, Pastor Churches JACKSON PARK CHURCH OF GOD Rev. George Skinner, Pastor EAST SIDE CHURCH OF GOD Rev. Floyd L. Tunnell !■ REV. T. FRANKLIN MILLER Rev. Miller gave the credit for the suc¬ cess of the Fall revival to Anderson College students. His inspirational mes¬ sages will long be remembered. ROBERT NICHOLSON Song Director Religious PRAYER VICjIL That vital source of life that en¬ ables one to reach out beyond mere human endeavor and seek that which is most noble—Anderson College strives to make this a liv¬ ing reality for the student.” REV. HERBERT JOINER Rev. Herb” Joiner of Louisville, Ken¬ tucky, lifted us to greater heights in the Spring revival at Park Place. Our spiritual lives were enriched greatly by his dynamic sermons. Emphasis RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE Row 1: Nancy Robb, Betty Harp, Phyllis Bluhm Row 2: Aaron Long, Prof. Anna Koglin, Mr. Burt Coody BETTY HARP Chairman of Religious Life Committee Gospel Teams Glen Ferguson, Sam Koch, Lester Alexander, Robert Metz. Robert Royer, Charles Schneider, Edison White, Robert Dugger. Ray Elders, Dwight Dye, Lester Hyslip, Lowell Hunt Ministerial Fellowship Row 1: Mr. Burt Coody, Adviser, George Blackwell, Lester Hyslip, Joan Robertson, Dorothea Perky, Raymond Hastings, Ray Elders, Glen Ball. Row 2: Robert Dugger, Robert Huff¬ man, Robert Metz, Hoy Ryan, Lawrence Ethridge, Richard Rothman. Row 3: Robert Royer, Russell Royer, Dwight Dye, Lowell Hunt, Marion Fraysur, Leonard Klaassen. Row 4: Edison White, Glen Fergu¬ son, Sam Koch, Lester Alexander, Roy Lighty. Row 5: Charles Jones, Richard Maness, Randall Peacock, Charles Schneider, Rod¬ ney Whalen, Eugene Mendenhall, Enoch Finley. Student Volunteers Row 1: Rosie Whitehead, Alma Hause, Mildred Diel, Nancy Harrison, Lydia Joiner. Row 2: Colleen Morgan, Doris In¬ gram, Romayne Houghtelin, Evelyn Anderson, Ann Nichols. Row 4: Lester Hyslip, Charles Haw kins, Sidney Johnson, Randall Peacock Mr. Burt Coody, Adviser, Marion Fray sur, Eugene Mendenhall. Row 3: Louretta Breitweiser, Ruthie Mae Smith, Alta Ruth Burt, Gus Hanges, Charles Jones. PHYLLIS GILLESPIE RUTHIE MAE SMITH CHARLES HAWKINS GEORGE CERBUS Each summer members of the Stu¬ dent Volunteer organization serve the church in many parts of the world. These students sacrifice their time but receive experience and a wonderful blessing in return. Those who heard the call” and answered were Charles Hawkins in Alaska, Phyllis Gillespie and Ruthie Smith in the States, and George Cerbus in Mexico. Dorm Prayer Meetings Regularly throughout the school year the students of Anderson Col¬ lege have their dorm prayer meet¬ ings. We feel that if we are to ac¬ complish anything tomorrow, we must build our foundation today. NORTH HALL Each Monday evening the girls of Morrison Hall and North Hall may be found winding their ways to the places of prayer. The prayer meet¬ ings help create a feeling of oneness among the girls of Anderson College. MORRISON HALL [ ; I LJ H JC 1 r rt‘ Row 1: Mr. Robert Ramsay, Adviser, Robert Hamel, Jerry Egelston, Kenneth Walker, Earl Henshaw, Marion Fraysur, Jack Cousins, President, Ralph Hoar, Leidy Greiser, Olin Matthews. Row 2: Jim Raines, Norris Thomson, Eddie Downey, Dean Gerig, Charles Kline, Herbert Dietz, Charles Wood, Charles Hawkins, Fred Collingwood, Don Collins, Charles Jones, Arthur Dye. Row 3: Gordon Howe, Palmer Collins, Don Cavender, Aubrey Kendall, Omer Blevins, Paul Wagner, Paul Rider, Wayne Harting, Nolan Younkman, Bill Davis, Ted Wattron, Edward Schweikert. A threefold purpose, illustrated by the triangular emblem, is em¬ bodied in the Triad Club. The three points pertain to religious, aca¬ demic, and social activities. Organized in the spring of 1948, it has rapidly assumed one of the leading roles in directing student activities on the campus. An original all-school amateur hour and morning prayer meetings were contributions made to campus life by the Triad Club. Outside this realm, the club also has contributed directly to the church-at-large, by supplying it with outstanding youth leaders in the fields of religion, athletics, and academics. Jack Cousins, president of the club, was assisted by Ralph Hoar, vice-president; Kenneth Walker, secretary; and Robert Hamel, treas¬ urer. Mr. Robert Ramsay is the faculty adviser. MLy. ' SAv 1 4 . ' ■ V 1 W V fi yjp t i; ,v ' - ar H. xvr vf A ' fL 5 1 m a, • i Row 1: Gustav Jeeninga, Dr. John Buehler, Adviser, John Cherney, President, Lee Butgereit, Bob Deal, Lewis D- Alessio, Gene Mendenhall, Glen Bevis. Row 2: Kenneth Seeley, Dean Stork, Gene Price, Dave Williams, Fred Lick, Fred Menchinger, Harold Conrad, Joe Batdorf, Robert Butterfield, Leroy Oesch, Robert Hartley, Obadiah Williams, Paul D ' Alessio. Row 3: Robert Boggess, Henry Cole, Kenneth Kardatzke, Doyle Newton, Leonald Wiens, Bill Wright, Tom Red¬ mond, Jim Macholtz, Carl Munson, Louis Lerner, Jerry Carey, Dari Beckham, Russell Miller. SACH EM CLUB GOD FIRST, OTHERS SECOND, SELF LAST,” the Sachem Club motto, keynotes the prominent successes the club has achieved during the past year. Consisting of some of the most active members in student groups on the campus, this group has forged ahead to previously unknown heights in the fields of religious and academic freedom. Demonstrating their leadership, the Sachems awarded their annual scholarship to a worthy present student. Church worship services were also conducted regularly by the members. President of the Sachem Club this year was John Cherney. Other officers were: Lewis D’Alessio, vice-president; Bob Deal, secretar y; and Dari Beckham, treasurer. Dr. John Buehler is the faculty adviser. JOHN CHERNEY President Row 1: Donna Carpenter, President, Yvonne Fortner, Jean Snarr, Colleen Morgan, Mrs. Marie Mayo, Adviser. Row 2: Joyce Stone, Barbara Bair, Marian Egly, Doris Peeler, Carol Olson. Row 3: Janet Long, Marilyn Butgereit, Mary Richardson Price, Mary Jordan, Deloris Minniear. Row 4: Doris Tazelaar, Evelyn Miller, June Truesdell, Jane Bradford, Beth Lighty. Row 5: Hewa Schieve, Natalie Reagan, Shirley Sears, Marilyn Adcock, Barbara Miller. The Pep Club and school spirit are considered synonomous words around Anderson College. The object of this women’s organization is to promote Christian personality, education, and progress. Being the oldest social club on the campus, the Pepsters can boast of many outstanding alumni who are serving in nearly every section of the universe. This year the Pep schedule included an all-school skating party and a Christmas musical, Land of Jingle Bells.” An added attraction of the club is an all-girl choir, which enriches many services and meetings with their inspirational singing. At the head of Pep Club activities this year was Donna Carpenter. Assisting her were Yvonne Fortner, vice-president; Colleen Morgan, secretary; and Marian Egly, treasurer. The faculty adviser is Mrs. Marie Mayo. DONNA CARPENTER President i r Row 1: Caleb Standafer, Paul Smith, Virgil Trick, Dick Rothman, Dan Sweeney, Kenneth Cook, Rodney Whalon, Donald Brumfield. Row 2: Bill Patterson, Forrest Richey, Paul Hunter, Bill Perry, Norman Velie, Glen Ball, Samuel Betts, Virgil White¬ hurst. Row 3: James Cuneo, John Miller, LeRoy Hoff, Tom Cockerham, Harold Scott, Charles Harris, Fred Sponhaltz, Dale Grubbs. IV-C CLUB Four C’s—Church, College, Country, and Club—tell the story of the IV-C Club. Embodied in the club emblem are the Christian cross, the college seal, and the nation’s shield. The youngest club to appear on the campus, this group was organized in the spring of 1949. As its all-school event it brought the Fort Custer basketball team to the campus, with ex-Raven athlete Johnny Wilson. The IV-C’s have received special distinction in the held of competitive athletics, hav¬ ing won the interclub basketball championship for the second straight year. Virgil Trick headed the club as its president the first semester and Paul O’Neill reigned the second semester. Other officers include Tom Cockerham, vice-president; Norman Velie, secretary; and Charles Harris, treasurer. Mr. Oliver Oesch is the faculty adviser. PAUL O’NEILL President Can I Help You?” This friendly greeting is often heard on the campus and is characteristic of the creed of the Cihus. This club is one of the most active groups on the campus and boasts many leaders among its numbers. Sponsoring the Fall skating party, the Cihus also sponsored an all-school event in the Spring. They were co-sponsors of the all¬ school picnic on Memorial Day. President of the Cihu clan this year was Bonnie Kearns. Co-officers were Ruth McKinney, vice-president, Benarda Jewitt, secretary, Alma Hause, treasurer. Miss Florence Eggert is the faculty adviser. BONNIE KEARNS President Row 1: Vadena Beasley, Avon Knox, Mildred Diel, Esther Waurich, Ruth McKinney, Benarda Jewitt, Bonnie Kearns, President, Florence Eggert, Adviser. Evelyn Anderson. Row 2: LaWanda Koglin, Romayne Houghtelin, Mary Cullison, Ann Nichols, Gertrude Davis, Alma Hause, Betty Walker, Agnes Wise. Row Pat Adair, Lydia Joiner, Ruthie May Smith, Joy Ikast, Rose Ann Beckerman, Thelda Quinn, Olive Fiscus. y- ' -s Row 1: Juanita Braswell, Leola Crosthwaite, Esther Cantley, Phyllis Gillespie, Virginia Titley, Jean Ratzlaff, Pres¬ ident, Norma Butgereit, ' Phyllis Bard. Row 2: Dorothy Kizer, Carolyn Carmichael, Marilyn Snider, Nancy Robbs, JoAnne Beville, Maxine Thompson, Ruth Powell, ' heda Johnson. Row 3: Nila Gerig, Bernice Billings, Joyce Kennedy, Betty Harp, Alice Stork, Frances Diezel, June Walker, Pat Austin, Jacqueline Monteith, Pansy Thompson. Row 4: Earlene Neill, Dorothy Brown, Garnetta Lash, Miss Jean Lindenschmidt, Adviser, Ruth Terrell, Janet Myers, Mary Fadukovich Hart, Phyllis Bluhm, Barbara Switzer. CAMARADA CLUB The Camarada Club gets its name from a Spanish word meaning comrade.” This idea is embodied in its creed which is friendship and service through daily Christian living. The Camaradas were active in the early morning prayer meetings held in the school and sponsored an all-school caroling party dur¬ ing the Yuletide season. A comic opera, The Mikado,” was presented by the club in the Spring. Jean Ratzlaff served as president for the club and other officers were Norma Butgereit, vice-president; Phyllis Bard, secretary; Virginia Titley, treasurer. Miss Jean Lindenschmidt is the faculty adviser. JE AN RATZLAFF President Row 1: Leon VanNorman, Emerson Mutterspaugh, Kenneth Knight, Dwight Dye, Charles Whitmill, Paul Clausen, Mr. Val Clear, Adviser; Wilbur Hatch, Jesse Dillon, Charles Wood, Jack Howell. Row 2: Joe Bellamy, Bill Ameredes, Neil Shriner, Dan Harman, Sidney Johnson, Ronald Edwards, Richard Tazelaar, Gus Hanges, Tom Pyeatt, Lee Theodore, Howard White. Row 3: Paul Jenkins, Jim Sharp, James Litton, John Horevay, Carter Byfield, James Childs, Gene Dyer, Benny Johnson, Charles Stanley, Ralph Hatch, Elbert Jones. Row 4: Richard Maness, Roy Lighty, Charles Newberry, Sylvan Snelling, LeRoy Fulton, Tim Karamitros, William Upton, Hubert Murray, Warren Gourley, Philip Kinley, James Mooney. BOOSTER CLUB The Booster Club’s purpose is designated by its name. This club was organized in October, 1936, for the purpose of boosting general functions and especially athletic activities. The emblem is built around a Christian cross and a fleur-de-lis. A male chorus, composed of Boosters, presented ”30 Guys—And a Gal Go West,” as the all-school contribution. The Boosters also sponsored an all-night prayer vigil during the Spring Religious Em¬ phasis Week. State Stunt Night was under Booster auspices. Heading the club this year as president was Paul Clausen. Other officers include Charles Whitmill, vice-president; Dwight Dye, sec¬ retary; Wilbur Hatch, treasurer. Mr. Val Clear is the faculty adviser. PAUL CLAUSEN President THE ANDERSONIAN Working together is what it takes to be successful in any field of life, and in preparing The Andersonian it takes just that. With the guidance of Billy Joe Thomas and his staff, it has been successful. After Billy Joe resigned in late March, a Board of Editors was appointed, composed of five page editors: Jane Bradford, Dan Harman, Bill Wright, Carl Williams, and Cathy Bailey. These people have gone on with the work just as it was done before. The Andersonian, published weekly, is always welcomed by the students. One reason for this is that they never know what to expect, but they always find it to be of interest. Thanks to a fine staff for the advance and success it has made this year. BILLY JOE THOMAS, Editor Row 1: Estel Neace, Billy Joe Thomas, Dan Harman, Don Wright, Jane Bradford, Carl Williams, Dan Jernigan. Row 2: Ruth Boese, Bernice McIntyre, Freda LaFoe, Drucilla Cima, Marvel Freeby, Betty Wendt, Cathy Bailey, Lois Esper, Beth Schutjer, Shirley Sears, Nancy Harrison, Jacquie Monteith. MARVIN L. TUTTLE, Editor Row 1: Carol Olson, Gussie Germany, Marvin Tuttle, Editor, Natalie Reagan, Joanne Seal. Row 2: Carolyn Carmichael, Sidney Johnson, Kenneth Kardatzke, Kenneth Cook, Dick Rothman, Joyce Kennedy. ECHOES Co-operation is the key to success for all projects undertaken by a group of students, and it was especially important in the production of the 1951 Echoes. Without the earnest and sincere effort of every member, and the capable leader¬ ship of our faithful adviser, W. Shirell Fox, it would have been an impossibility to pro¬ duce this year’s annual. The staff has tried to use its most creative talents to make this Echoes one of which students will be justly proud, and one which will bring back pleasant mem¬ ories of this year at Anderson College. In addition to the regular staff, the Editor would like to give special recognition to Cathy Bailey, Dan Jernigan, and Billie Jo Whitaker, who worked many long, strenuous hours so that the yearbook might be the success it is. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BUSINESS STAFF GENE PRICE Business Alanager BILL PERRY Advertising Manager WILBER HATCH RALPH HATCH Circulation Managers INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club was organized in 1945 to stimulate interest in national and world affairs. Each year this club sponsors a Model United Nations Assembly. This year fourteen high schools were represented by 175 delegates. Topics for discussion at the 1951 Assembly were Rearmament of Germany,” The Declaration of Human Rights” and Admission of Red China to the U.N.” This year’s officers included: Harold Conrad, president; Wayne Harting, first vice- president; Beth Lighty, second vice-president; David Sleet, third vice-president; Earlene Neill, secretary; LeRoy Fulton, treasurer; and Mr. John Carrington, adviser. Row 1: Harold Conrad, President, Wayne Harting, LeRoy Fulton. Row 2: Jean Wilson, Beth Lighty, Joyce Reynolds, Betty Sue Keasler, Hewa Schieve, Freda LaFoe, Joyce Ken¬ nedy. Row 3: Carl Williams, Kenneth Walker, Randall Peacock, Arthur Dye, Tom Pierce, David Sleet, Tom Clemons, Billy Joe Thomas. CARL MUNSON, President STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of the Student Council is to bind together all student activities of Anderson College and to en¬ courage co-operation in all student organizations and committees. It guides student committees which promote and regulate athletics, publications, social and religious activities, recreation, health and discipline. Row 1: Donald Collins, Don Wright, Charles Hawkins, Carl Munson, Robert Deal, Gene Price, Dan Harger. Row 2: Letha Wood, Betty Harp, Barbara Leonard, Bonny Kearns, Maxine Thompson, Waneta Jackson, Alma Bickle, Marilyn Butgereit, Anne Allendorf, Laura Benson, Carol Olson, Jean Vanderpool. Row 3: Bill Ameredes, Jerry Carey, LeRoy Fulton, Phil Kinley, Warren Gourley, James Childs, Harry Fry, Dan Harman. r 1 II J- ffrnrM u— i anr • • 49 L ■ : Jp SPANISH CLUB Row 1: Maxine Thompson, Miss Flor¬ ence Eggert, Adviser, Marian Egly, Carolyn Carmichael, Harriet Wagner, President, Shirley Sears. Row 2: Leola Crosth- waite, Mary Tracy, Phyllis Heckinger, Jean Dahms, Charles Haw¬ kins. Row 3: LeRoy Hoff, Jerry Carey, Arnold D e Y o u n g, Eddie Downey, Gene Men¬ denhall. FRENCH CLUB Row 1: Dr. Nancy Osborne, Adviser, Bet¬ ty Bennett, Jane Adair, Doris Tazelaar, Pres¬ ident, Earlene Neill, Garnetta Lash, Carol Olson. Row 2: Kenneth Cook, Robert Deal, Sylvan Snelling, Vice-Pres¬ ident, Robert Prather, John Cherney, Ted Wattron, Secretary- T reasurer. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Row 1: Barbara Bair, Billie Jo Whitaker, Charlotte Schneider, Betty Phipps, Judy Showalter, Yvonne Fortner, Joy Ikast, Joanne Seal, JoAnne Beville, Miss Mary Lou Barr, Adviser. Row 2: Mr. Harold Linamen, Adviser, Tom Pierce, Louis Lerner, Ambrose Berkebile, President, Bill Perry, Tom Pyeatt, V i c e- President, Thomas De- Vol. Row 3: LeRoy Hoff, Robert Prather, Stan¬ ley Fluck, Richard Tazelaar, Byron Crosth- waite, Dari Beckham, Charles W. Jones, Aithur Dye. Dr. Candace Stone, Adviser, Tom Smith, President, James Childs, LaWanda Koglin. HONOR SOCIETY The Honor Society of Anderson College, organized as a model chapter of Phi Beta I Kappa, first appeared in 1947 to give special recognition to students who excel in academic fields. The purpose of the Anderson College Honor Society is threefold: to promote (1) regard for scholarship and the principles of integrity on which scholarship depends, (2) discriminating cultural interest and appreciations, and (3) an awareness of significant events and movements of the age in which we live. , SIGMA ZETA Sigma Zeta is a national honorary society with a purpose to stimulate interests in the field of science. High scholastic attainments and exceptional leadership are the major requirements for admission into the society. Row 1: Dr. John Buehler, Mildred Diel, Bernice Billings, George Cerbus, Secretary-Treasurer. Row 2: Miss Zylpha Hurlbut, Adviser, Charles Kline, Miss Jean Lindenschmidt, Mrs. Marie Mayo. Row 3: Joe Batdorf, Lawrence Withers, Vice-President, Glenn Sands, President. Row 1: Gene Price, President , Mrs. Ruth Ann Ramsay, Adviser, Mr. Malcolm Gressman, Miss Lucile Willowby, Marvin Tuttle. Row 2: Frances Diezel, Drucilla Cima, Secretary-Treasurer, Gayle Millar, Wilber Hatch, Philip Kinley, Lee Theodore, Dick Maness, Jean Ward, Marilyn Adcock, Florence Shotwell. ALPHA PSI OMEGA The highest recognition the amateur thespian can receive is to be admitted to Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic society. Admission is open only to those students who have satisfactory scholarship plus participation in both the acting and production phases of college dramatics. The Anderson College chapter, the Lambda Theta cast, was organized in the Spring of 1948. Dedicated to encourage fellowship among English faculty and students studying in that field, the Iota Epsilon Chapter of the national professional English honorary society, Sigma Tau Delta, has supplied numerous stimuli for the student toward helping him understand and appreciate literature to a greater extent. Membership is granted to students after they have completed the requirements of the national office, including at¬ tainment in scholarship, interest and achievement in literature, and creative endeavor. S I G MA TAU D E LTA Row 1: James Childs, Charles E. Jones, Tom Pyeatt, Mr. Shirell Fox, Tom Smith, President. Row 2: Tom Salter, Dr. Vila Deubach, Mrs. Ruth Ann Ramsay, Avon Knox, Vice-President, LaWanda Koglin, Miss Lucile Willowby, Mrs. Ann Baker, Philip Kinley. GREEN KNIGHTS Row 1: Harold Stradner, Nor¬ man Seeley, Vice-President, Carl Williams, President, Rob¬ ert Riggs, Secretary, Harry McCoy, Treasurer. Row 2: Dr Lewis Hennigar, Adviser, Dennis Mitchell, Darrel Darby, Leon VanNor- man, Bill Arthur, Charles Armstrong, Harpole McMul- lin, Daniel Jernigan. Row 3: Chester Kingery, Jack Strunk, David Beach, Ray White, Paul Ouzts, Jack Duff, Eddie Tufts, Arnold DeYoung, Donald Lau. SOEURETTES Row 1: Ruth Boese, Doris Ingram, Bettye Rowell, Presi¬ dent, Billie Jo Whitaker, Jean Vanderpool, Vice-President. Row 2: Betty Bennett, Bar¬ bara Bixler, Roma Tomer, Janice Barnett, Helen Wat¬ son, Ruby Lighty. Row 3: Judy Showalter, El- berta Ebersole, Alma Bickle, Waneta Jackson, Secretary- Treasurer, Cathy Bailey, Le- nora Lewis. Row 4: Jane Adair, Jo Ann Robertson, Charlotte Schnei¬ der, Nancy Polglaze, Dorothea Edes. Row 5: Wanda Hand , Car¬ men Walker, Betty Solomon, Phyllis Lane. Row 6: Joanne Seal, Betty Sue Keasler, Lois Esper, Shir¬ ley Greene, Mary Flynn. FORENSIC SOCIETY Row 1: Charles Hawkins, Harpole McMullin, Mr. Mal¬ colm Gressman, Adviser, Mar¬ vin Tuttle. Row 2: Mrs. Ruth Ann Ram¬ say, Adviser, Marilyn Ad¬ cock, Esther Litt, Treasurer, Beverly Johnston, Gayle Mil¬ lar, Mary Helms, Elberta Ebersole, Avon Knox, Nadine Holliman, Ruth PhiIe, Vice- President. GREEN INKERS Row 1: Mrs. Ann Baker, Adviser, Margaret Causby, Jane Bradford, Phyllis Gil¬ lespie. Row 2: Barbara Bair, Don- etta Robertson, Arthur Williams, James Childs, Obad iah Williams, Bonnie Kerry, Secretary-Treasurer. Ruth Powell, President. SCIENCE CLUB Row 1: Mrs. Marie Mayo, Jean Eubanks, Joanne Seal, Mary Hart, Leola Crosthwaite, Fern Ed¬ wards, Doris Ingram, Miss Zylpha Hurlbut, Adviser. Row 2: Glen Bevis, Gus Jeeninga, Robert Deal, Louis Lerner, Dean Stork. Row 3: Robert Aumiller, Randy Peacock, John Hore- vay, Tom Pierce, Virgil Whitehurst. Row 4: Rudy Grubich, Gene Mendenhall, Kenneth Cook, Myron Hagen. Row 5: Mr. Myrl Ahrendt, Fred Collingwood, Joe Batdorf, President. Row 6: Glenn Sands, Paul Kirkpatrick. FINE ARTS Row 1: William Oblinger, Nancy Harrison, Beth Lighty, Barbara Miller, Evelyn Miller, Secretary. Wanda Mclntire, Bethal Schutjer, Louis Lerner. Row 2: Charles Newberry, Carol Olson, Lydia Joiner, Carol Minkler, Beverly Johnston, Freda LaFoe, Treasurer, Gayle Millar. Row 3: Robert Deal, Ruth McKinney, Dorothea Edes, Shirley Greene, Jane Brad¬ ford, Tom Sarver. Row 4: Miss Zylpha Hurl¬ but, Mr. Ruthven Byrum, Adviser, Tom Pierce, Le- Roy Hoff. JAMES CHILDS President LeROY FULTON Secretary-T re usurer PAUL JENKINS Vice-President GAYLE MILLAR Vice-President MARILYN BUTGEREIT President BARBARA SWITZER Secretary MARVEL FREEBY T reasurer -j i DRAMATICS CLUB Avon Knox, President Marilyn Adcock, Vice-President Cathy Bailey, Recording Secretary Nila Gerig, Corresponding Secretary Phil Kinley, Business Manager The Dramatics Club has as its purpose the development of personality through creative interpretation and experience in participating in dramatic productions. The club was organized in 1926 and is known as one of the oldest and most active on the campus. The romantic comedy, The Barretts, was presented first semester and was very successful. He Passed This Way,” a three act religious drama was the major pro¬ duction of the second semester. This play was taken on a tour to Church of God con¬ gregations in Blue Mound, Illinois; St. Louis, St. James, DeSoto, Poplar Bluff, Sikeston and Portageville, Missouri; West Frankfort and Mount Carmel, Illinois. Row 1: June Walker, Donnabelle Anglin, Gary Gillis, David Beach, Charles Stanley, Marilyn Snider, Wanda Hand, Doris Klaassen. Row 2: Caleb Standafer, Director, Ted Cook, Willard Yeakel, John Nye, Janet Wood, Joe O’Malley. MIXED CHORUS Row 1: Doris Peeler, Bonnie Kerry, Mary Ruth Morgan, Barbara Best, Dorothy Hardin, Charles Armstrong, George Cerbus, Louis Lerner, Neil Shriner, Doreen Martin, Agnes Wise, Betty Harp. Row 2: Evelyn Anderson, Marilyn Adcock, Donnabelle Anglin, Joyce Reynolds, Paul Ouzts, Robert Henson, Perry Hensley, Jack Strunk, Colleen Morgan, Shirley Peters, Beth Lighty, Lois Fortner, Anne Allendorf. Row 3: Louretta Breitweiser, Janice Burns, Phyllis Bard, Dwight Dye, Charles Newberry, Samuel Betts, Norman Lofland, Ralph Hoar, Lenora Lewis, Ruth Walker, Shirley Greene, Alma Bickle, Romayne Houghtelin, Janet Wood. Director: Robert Nicholson. The mixed choir is composed of forty-five selected voices. The group appears at various social and church functions during the year and makes an eight-day Spring concert tour to near-by states. This year on a 1,400 mile tour the choir visited fourteen congregations in four states. It also participates in broadcasts of The Christian Brother¬ hood Hour, international radio voice of the Church of God. Row 1: Ella Cleveland, Florence Shotweil, Bernice Billings, Harriet Wagner, Phyllis Bard, Evelyn Miller, Phyllis Gillespie, Betty Harp. Row 2: Marilyn Snider, Dona Griffith, Joyce Stone, Doris Tazelaar, Gayle Millar, Maxine Thompson, Donna Car¬ penter, Doris Peeler, Martha Strickler. Row 3: Phyllis Bluhm, June Walker, Paul Jenkins, Douglas Oldham, Samuel Betts, LeRoy Fulton, Daniel Harger, Neil Shriner, Richard Tazelaar. Row 4: Glen Bevis, George Cerbus, Howard White, Charles Wood, Lee Theodore, Wayne Harting, Tom Pyeatt, Gordon Gustin, Oral Withrow, Paul Clausen. 2 EASTERNER’S CLUB John Bobak. President Dr. Adam Miller. Adviser T. M. Ramsay. Field Representative Whose influence and work in the field have reaped great rewards, in many ways, for Anderson College. Anne Conrad, Manager Alumni Office STIR! FACULTY RECEPTION FRESHMEN REGISTRATION DEAN OLT TAKES SABBATICAL LEAVE DR. MILLER BECOMES ACTING DEAN jMHK UkipummujinBi Initiation Home-coming QUEEN WITH ATTENDANTS Betty Harp queen r CROWNS QUEEN gg , . ' r Tgr -: titt ' — «. IWI w— Barretts HALLOWEEN PARTY CHRISTMAS CAROLERS Little Women Presented by THE DAMES CLUB rar Model United Hewa Schieve Cherry Blossom Princess of Anderson College « g,» ■ V » W 1 TB He Passed This Way Presented by the Dramatics Club on its Annual Ten-Day Tour Row 1: Carl Munson, Avon Knox, Romayne Houghtelin, Norma Butgereit, Carter Byfield. Row 2: Billy Joe Thomas, Gus Jeeninga, Dean Stork, George Cerbus. Row 3: Dan Bedsole, James Childs, John Cherney. Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities Science Day Jr 1 f ! WL | | wa r tr . 1 1 ; , r T , , , g g r■ :: , : ? , i. ,, - , . , 3B H B g! j Queen Yvonne is aided by her Sophomore sister, Lois, in prep¬ aration for the May Festival. May F estival V i »■ May Queen, Yvonne Fortner QUEEN’S COURT Seated: Barbara Leonard, Shirley Peters, Queen Yvonne, Alice Stork, Laura Benson. Standing: Beverly Johnston, Ruth McKinney, Jo Anne Beville, Marilyn Adcock. !».i . « ' L4.U ! -M ’ Presented by THE CAM ARAD A H.I JR Choir and Dramatics Club Tours --— wmw -- it ' .vM ' : t : wry w - r - tt - -gwr ' a ■ ■ 1 ■: 1 1 ■ 1 At 11 , 1 ; ; 1 . . - »t ’T FOUR YEAR VETERAN S The backbone of the Anderson College foot¬ ball team, since inauguration of the game on the campus in 1947, graduates this year. The five men upon whom Coach Kerr has depended to a great extent are: Halfback Jim Macholtz, St. Joseph, Mich; Quarter¬ back Carter Byfield, Indianapolis; Tackle Dante Schiavone and Guard Bill Ameredes, both of Weirton, W. Va.; and Guard Bill Sebree, Indianapolis. Macholtz and Ameredes, along with team¬ mate Tom Redmond, made additional local grid history this year by being chosen for the third straight year on the Hoosier Con¬ ference All-Star team. Coach Kerr will have to look long and hard before he finds replacements for this quintet. RAVEN A.C. Opp. WILMINGTON COLLEGE .13 14 MANCHESTER COLLEGE . 7 0 MARIETTA COLLEGE . . 7 20 CENTRE COLLEGE . . 7 7 CANTERBURY COLLEGE .25 38 Won . 4 Tied . RECORD A.C. Opp. INDIANA CENTRAL . 7 7 TAYLOR UNIVERSITY .20 7 FRANKLIN COLLEGE .27 21 HANOVER COLLEGE.34 7 . 2 Lost. 3 Jim Macholtz, Carter Byfield, Dante Schiavone, Bill Ameredes, Bill Sebree, Coach Kerr. CURTIS BELL End ROD WHALON Center GENE DYER Tackle HENRY SCHRENKER Assistant Coach ROBERT W. KERR Coach BILL AMEREDES Guard BOB HEPLER Quarterback PAUL SKINNER Halfback DAVID LE VIERE Tackle DAVE BATDORF Quarterback vv DON LEWIS Guard JOHN BAYMAN End Fullback KENNETH SEELEY KENNETH WALKER DICK JONES V ITV ' T l J 1 ' 1 ' l ■ TOM REDMOND End WILLIE ANDERSON Quarterback DANTE SCHIAVONE Tackle JIM MACHOLTZ Halfback ED SKINNER Center WILLIE WILLIAMS Guard wn ' mwvrm Row 1: Bill Upton, Student Manager, Bill Oblinger, Willie Williams, Bill Sebree, Bill Ameredes, Kenneth Kardatzke, John Bayman, Paul Skinner, Kenneth Seeley, Bdl Arthur, Student Manager. Row 2- Robert W. Kerr, Coach, Curtis Bell, Ralph Willis, Bob Hepler, Carter Byfield, Dante Schiavone, Kenneth Walker, Fred Lick, John Horevay, Don Lewis, Dick Jones, Henry Schrenker, Assistant Coach. Row 3: Edgar Skinner, Hubert Murray, Jim Macholtz, David LeViere, Willie Anderson, Charles Harris, Robert Hodgson, Bob Baker, Tom Redmond, Dave Batdorf, Rod Whalon. A. C. GRIDDERS RAVENS IN ACTION Row 1: Bill Arthur, Student Manager, Paul Ouzts, Daniel Egert, Gene Mendenhall, Billy Joe Thomas, James Sibert, Coach. Row 2: Norman Bentley, Truman Harris, LeRoy Anderson, Elbert Jones, Obadiah Williams. RAVEN HARRIERS Billy Joe Thomas pulls for the finish line BASKETBALL TEAM RECORD A.C Opp. A.C. Opp. Indiana Technical College .86 58 Chase College .. 94 60 University of Dayton . .41 71 -Wilberforce University. 100 61 University of Notre Dame .. .46 72 Manchester College . 73 66 Hanover College . .57 66 Canterbury College . 81 75 Franklin College. .67 90 Hanover College . 67 71 Shurtleff College. .57 59 Taylor University . 84 89 ♦Wisconsin State Indiana Central College .. 72 73 Teachers College ..51 48 Manchester College ... 55 59 ♦Eastern Illinois State College 44 72 Chase College. 91 83 Kings College . .94 64 °Fort Custer of Michigan . 62 68 Franklin College . .61 59 Wilberforce University .. 99 60 Earlham College . .71 72 Taylor University . .58 62 Indiana Central College .. .65 88 Central States Tourney Indiana Technical College 74 48 “Exhibition Won.11 Lost. 14 Row 1: Charles Harris, Paul O ' Neill, Virgil Whitehurst, Russell Smith, Warren Gourley, Jack Howell, Omer Blevins Robert Kerr, Coach. Row 2: Frank Tufts, Jerry Carey, Fred Menchinger, Armittee Gosnell, Paul Kirkpatrick, Bob Cavender, Everett Parks, Robert Hird, Jerry Egelston. RAVEN BASKETEERS ] WARREN GOURLEY SCORES JACK HOWELL ATTEMPTS A LAY-UP Row 1: Obadiah Williams, Dave Sleet, Russell Smith, Tom Clemons, Calvin Marshall. Row 2: Harry Fry, Willie Anderson, Carter Byfield, Bill Wright, Robert W. Kerr, Coach. TRACK L - ' - ' Row l: Bill Upton, Sam Cornelius, Randall King, Everett Parks. Jerry Egelston, Fred Menchinger, Virgil Whitehurst, Bob Hepler. Row 2: Robert Deal, Charles Newberry, James Litton, Don Cavender, Warren Gourley, Paul O ' Neill. James Dem- ske, Don Barnett, Coach. BASEBALL JAMES LITTON Second Four-Year-Man in Raven Baseball History PAUL O NEILL Three-Year Man INFIELD Demske, Cornelius, Howell, Hepler PITCHING STAFF King, Parks, Egelston, Murray, Mutterspaugh t «. « OUTFIELD Standing: O’Neill, Deal, Litton Kneeling: Whitehurst, Menchinger HP JAMES MACHOLTZ Football CHARLES HARRIS Basketball Most Valuable Players in the Four Major Sports EVERETT PARKS Baseball RUSSELL SMITH Track Colleen Morgan, Joe Stevenson, Neil Shriner, Billie Joe Whitaker (Not Pictured—Connie Clark and Dick Harp) CHEERLEADERS TENNIS TEAM Eugene Bleiler, Dean Stork, Tom Pyeatt, Lee Theodore, Dan Harger, Norris Thomson. Lowell Hunt, Joseph Batdorf, Hoy Ryan, Donald Wright. GOLF TEAM All these are yours YOURS IS COMPETITIVENESS . . . You have learned to get ahead by your own honest endeavors, to accept setbacks but to strive all the harder to attain your goal. YOURS IS SPORTSMANSHIP . . . You have learned to play the game hard, and to accept defeat and victory in a gracious manner. YOURS IS TOLERANCE . . . You have learned to respect the opinions of others, no matter what their race, color, or creed. YOURS IS INTELLIGENCE . . . You have learned to apply yourself, to overcome problems by the simple process of reasoning. Competition is the meat of the great American pie; Sportsmanship is the seasoning. Tolerance is the crust, and Intelligence is the know-how in the making of the pie. In these times of hatred and oppression, America must have men and women endowed with these four characteristics, and all these are yours. Delco-Remv DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION J ANDERSON, INDIANA WHEREVER WHEELS TURN OR PROPELLERS SPIN The Behrens Co. 44 Red Spot Folks’’ Not ... Clothes at the Lowest Price, hut the Best Clothes at the Price ARTISTS’ SUPPLIES Bings PAINTS WALLPAPER Quality Since 1880 1221 Meridian Dial 3-3029 1002 Meridian Street Anderson, Indiana flAOl.MAIK IIO. U. . PAT. OTP. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Phone 8834 Smith Floral Company 22 The Best In CORSAGES and CUT FLOWERS WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS 700 High Street 8 West 11th Phone 2-4816 Anderson, Indiana A. R. CRIST Doctor of Optometry DEPENDABLE SERVICE SINCE 1926 Lenses Duplicated One-Day Service 2 West 10th Street ANDERSON, INDIANA Simplex Mfg. Co. Welding and Machine Work Sixteenth and Jackson Streets Phone 5212 Culligan Soft Water Service 1104 Main Street Phone 9302 ‘ ' Let ' s Go to Gadberry’s FINE MEATS QUALITY GROCERIES Gadberry’s Grocery Lunch Corner 5th and College Phone 4012 Klus Flower Shop Flowers for FUNERALS WEDDINGS CORSAGES Phone 3-3115 423 East 8th Street FLOOR COVERINGS WINDOW SHADES CABINETS VENETIAN BLINDS JANITOR SUPPLIES DECORATING SERVICE Vs. r THE FLOOR STORE Robert Miller, Proprietor Anderson, Indiana 934 Main Street Phone 2-2875 Best Wishes to Class of 1951 American Playground Device Co. Anderson, Indiana seems a faraway cry from the methods used when Johann Gutenberg first devised versatility by the use of his crude movable types. Those basic methods, now universally adopted, and standing a monument to his memory, have never changed. We Americans, to whom PRINTING has become such an integral part of our daily existence, use it in our business, for educational advancement, and entertain¬ ment in every walk of life. Be it the daily newspaper, billboard, sky-writing or the ether-borne wave, still to PRINTING do we concede the sphere of endurance and permanency in the transmitting and recording of our thoughts. SO WITH THIS COLLEGE ANNUAL ... the pictures, slogans, club names, and advertisements of contributing firms . . . how they call you back every time you open the covers. We at Commercial Service sincerely wish for you, students of A.C.T. S., many, many occasions of happy reminiscence as vou browse through the pages of ' 5i ECHOES. ANDERSON ART GLASS COMPANY Glass for every purpose Seventh and Main Streets Phone 74G7 pOSY SHOp “Flowers Please” WE DELIVER Weddings Our Specialty Citizens Banking Co. Anderson, Indiana ■IlHWilSMB O. D. FERREE, Prop. Nursery Road at East lOln Dial 2-924S Telegraphed and Telephone Orders Receive Personal Attention FINE CHINESE AND AMERICAN FOODS The Good Earth TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE CO. CHOP SUEY TO TAKE HOME RESERVATIONS FOR PRIVATE PARTIES Ready-Mix Concrete Madison Avenue and Big Four Railroad 13 East 9th Street Phone 9643 Phone 2-6275 R. R. Byrum Paul J. Byrum Quality Homes 1400 East Eighth Street Phone 2-3678 Hardware — Paints Electrical — Mill Supply 7 ufmarfs HARDWARE 7th and Meridian Dial 4491 Tom Dearing’s East Side Drug Store DRUGS, SUNDRIES AND COSMETICS “Always at Your Service” Phone 9721 702 East 8th Street Surber Son TAILORS MADE-TO-ORDER CLOTHES Phone 2-5418 Anderson, Indiana Compliments of STANDT’S JEWELERS “Home of Keepsake Diamonds” 12th and Meridian Streets Compliments of Startzman’s Grocery 1804 East 5th POST OFFICE CAFE Gus S. Pancol, Proprietor • Home-baked Pies Our Speciality 24-HOUR SERVICE 16 West 11th Street, Anderson, Indiana “Where the Athletes Eat” DAVE PAYTON STUDIO 1023 Broadway Dial 3-3290 “Know Your Photographer” Portrait Commercial Industrial Murals Weddings You’re on the beam with GUIDE original equipment lamps on YOUR car or com¬ mercial vehicle — and more so after you have added one or more of the following accessory items TURN SIGNALS SEALED UNIT FOG LAMPS INNER-CONTROLLED SPOT LAMPS BACK-UP LAMPS GLARE-PROOF MIRRORS GUIDE LAMP DIVISION General Motors Corporation Anderson, Indiana, U.S.A. World’s Largest Manufacturer of Automotive Lighting Equipment for Passenger Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Busses, Road Machinery, Etc. J. P. Hoek Motor Co. SALES AND SERVICE FORD 24-Hour Wrecker Service Dial 2-0275 516 Meridian Anderson, Indiana The Wright Store for College Men and Women For the latest in fashions, look in the windows of . . . HOYT WRIGHT COMPANY 911 Meridian Street Compliments of LYNCH CORPORATION Anderson, Indiana Compliments of The Alibi Mike Lemon, Owner FOUNTAIN SERVICE FAMOUS CHEZBURGS J. C. Penny Company Phone 9623 Anderson, Indiana 14th and Jackson Anderson, Indiana Anderson Sporting Goods INC. TROPHIES FOOTBALL BASKETBALL Phone 5828 1028 Main Street Anderson, Indiana The Madison County Lumber OUR SLOGAN: “As good as the best, better than the rest” COURTEOUS DEPENDABLE SERVICE Company Phone 6631 1421 Jackson Street Anderson, Indiana EAVEY’S SUPER-MARKET Higgins Son CLEANING and PRESSING Call 2-6 680—We’ll Do the Rest “The Finest Food Market in North America r p 1808 Meridian Street Anderson, Indiana 317 Cottage Avenue Anderson, Indiana Join Together to Protect Each Other MEMBERSHIP IN THE “LAYMEN” IS OPEN TO MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD AND THEIR FAMILIES Maximum Death Benefits Are Now on the Following Basis for All AGES 10 TO 70 INCLUSIVE 10 to 20 $1,000 21 to 30 $900 31 to 35 $800 36 to 40 $700 41 to 45 $600 46 to 50 $500 51 to 55 $400 56 to 60 $320 61 to 65 $240 66 to 70 $160 Membership may be obtained for children as soon after birth as they are known to be normal and healthy. The maximum benefits for children are as follows: Birth to 1 yr. 1-2 yrs. 2-3 3-4 4-5 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 5-6 6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10 $600 $700 $800 $900 $1000 The cost for children is the same as for adults. EVERYONE PAYS $1.00 A MONTH There is nothing mysterious or complicated about the “Laymen.” It is a • simple, inexpensive plan whereby members of the Church of God and their families have “joined themselves together” with the common purpose of mutual helpfulness and protection. You owe it to yourself and dependents to get complete information. In addition to the above benefits you may have additional benefits by paying another dollar a month. LAYMEN of the CHURCH of GOD Box 820, Anderson, Indiana Rooms 550-566 Citizens Bank Building The F. C. CLINE LUMBER Phone 2-2315 400-432 Main Street SEARS ROEBUCK and CO. CONGRATULATES WHOLESALERS 1417 Meridian Street COOK BLOCK AND BRICK CO. Producers of Better Concrete Masonry 2013 Mounds Road Phone 2-0249 MODERNIZE YOUR HOME WITH NATIONAL TILE NATIONAL TILE MANUFACTURING CO. ANDERSON, INDIANA Established 1 889 COMPLIMENTS OF Banner Store It is a pleasure for us to greet the class of ’SI The Music and Hobby Shop INCORPORATED Phone 3-3309 12th and Jackson Streets Anderson. Ind. Try Our Delicious Steaks and Chops Victory Restaurant “EXCELLENT FOOD” Open 24 Hours a Day Phone 9853 21-23 W. 12th St. Geo. Anton, Owner Anderson, Ind. Church of God World Service ANDERSON INDIANA Home Missions Foreign Missions Christian Education Free Literature Ministers’ Pension and Aid Anderson College and Theological Seminary Pacific Bible College EVERY PERSON GIVING TO THE LOCAL CHURCH EVERY CHURCH GIVING TO WORLD SERVICE The EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY Producers of BEST-EVER DAIRY PRODUCTS Produces the Malted Milk that— “Made Its Way by the Way It’s Made C p DAIRY BAR STORES 1009 Central 722 Broadway Anderson, Indiana Compliments of McAllen’s FINE FURNITURE 1222 Meridian STAR CHINA COMPANY “If worth having, we have it” Phone 7122 902 Main Street Anderson, Indiana Office Supplies and Systems GIFTS BOOKS £2 £2 GREETING CARDS FOR EVERY OCCASION £2 £2 STATIONERY GAMES Spaulding Rawlings Wilson Athletic Equipment £2 £2 JANTZEN SPORTSWEAR £2 £2 “Play hard wdth the best and win” Phone 4467 D E C K E R’S 67 Steps off Meridian on Eleventh Phone 4467 Congratulations to Class of 1951 Alumni Association Room 125, Old Main “For Friendly Service” F orkner-Manger Lumber Co. 507 East 29th Street Phone 3-3381 JlooJz attoliusn He cJtold+un HlUf, cUoIa+UK DIETZEN’S BAKERY FOR Portable Typewriters Fountain Pens Zipper Ring Binders Drafting Supplies SEE Milled $. Right on Meridian at 1212 “Everything for Every Office” SALES—RENTALS REPAIRS MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM Beatrice Foods 1817 Columbus Avenue CHOP SUEY PREPARED TO TAKE HOME CHAN’S CAFE 1108 Main St. Phone 9772 Hatchett’s Confectionery “The Best Banana Split in Town” COLLEGE STUDENTS ALWAYS WELCOME Fifth and Nursery Road -- ini . ■ «. iJASAb

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