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•N. 4 , ! , j-e£.( s L ‘ d-C v! £ rU A .fj tc.. OHL 7 yjr. sy?wuu 0 7l — yl i t fr-, iT y- " y O c tAu £ 4 - 4 t,.- »9 ■ JA - £c, ] s. 1 ir P Ip GC 977.202 AN23EC, 1949 ALL r jr j - r 7 . -fik t 6 » IV " v " ij 1 d 0 s tn Ok i A V- EN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 833 01 758 6063 Strips S tt? 7 v ( ' If, fl s iJ S - 7 ECHOES THE YEARBOOK OF ■ mm t dp- . :v- ' ijUBjipw-—- L ' W. ;• f ■% $ m’wr f f I ' j I I •0 m i » 9 t r » , , f » iV -J — i - CONTENTS Foreword Dedication Faculty Classes Senior - 27 Junior - 45 Sophomore 53 Freshman - 63 • • h SL Religion - 75 - ' Clubs - 83 Features - 107 Sports - 153 Index ... - 185 sk FOREWORD Anderson College has long provided a pattern of life for men and women who have labored within her walls. In the future she will symbolize many precious memories for students who have struggled here— memories of friendships acquired, activities enjoyed, growth in both the intellectual and the spiritual realms, as well as many midnights in preparation for those inevitable finals. This book is a window through which we see an image of much which occurred during the past year. As you leaf through it, may each page hold for you some relived joy and renew the inspi¬ ration of the hours spent at Anderson College. THE STAFF Claude Good, Managing Editor [ 8 ] DEDICATION FOR HIS FAITHFUL SERVICE AS TEACHER AND AS COUNSELOR, AND FOR THE INSPIRATION HE HAS GIVEN THE MANY STUDENTS WHO HAVE ATTENDED ANDERSON COLLEGE, WE AFFECTION¬ ATELY DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO DR. ADAM W. MILLER. A nderson College, as a Christian college, serves the Church and humanity by educating and dedicating young people to service in such Christian vocations as the minis¬ try, missionary work, teaching, social welfare work, and other fields of Christian humanitarian service. Looking through her windows back over the fifteen years I have been associated with Anderson College, I can see young men and women who now serve in India, China, Africa, Egypt, Syria, the West Indies, and several European countries — ministers, missionaries, doctors, nurses, teachers, and businessmen—because there was something vital at Anderson College that challenged them to such consecrated service. The number who thus serve in this country would make a long marching line from the doors of the College back through the years. As I look through her windows into the future I feel a new sense of dedication to the tasks that are hers. The Church has no dependable source from which to draw such leaders as are needed for its work at home and abroad other than those young men and women who come year after year from Christian colleges with such aims as those of Anderson College. It is said that the atmosphere of the present age is thickening with modern paganism. Something must be done to make it Christian. The most powerful method for changing our world is through such leadership as comes from a truly Christian college. A dream I have for Anderson College comes to me out of the past. In bygone days the campuses of Christian colleges have felt the mighty surge of some great ideal¬ istic or Christian movement, such as the great Student Volunteer Movement that thrust thousands of young men and women out into the most remote parts of the earth to build a new world. I dream of some such mighty movement sweeping over the campus of Anderson College that will make her name beloved in many places and lands. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE John A. Morrison, Chairman Russell Olt, Secretary O. J. Flynt W. Dale Oldham Steele C. Smith E. F. Adcock BOARD OF TRUSTEES W. H. Hunt, Chairman John Kane, Secretary 1949 John A. Morrison, Anderson, Indiana Myrle Cross, Miami, Florida C. L. Quinn, Anderson, Indiana 1950 John Kane, Anderson, Indiana I. K. Dawson, Everett, Washington Geo. Blackwell, South Bend, Indiana 1951 Paul Froehlich, Tenafly, New Jersey Harold Achor, Anderson, Indiana W. Dale Oldham, Anderson, Indiana 1952 R. C. Caudill, Middletown, Ohio S. P. Dunn, Chicago, Illinois E. E. Perry, Washington, D.C. 1953 E. F. Adcock, Anderson, Indiana W. H. Hunt, Anderson, Indiana H. H. Kissinger, Hutchinson, Kansas [in OFFICERS OF THE COLLEGE John A. Morrison, President Earl Martin, Vice-President Russell Olt, Dean C. L. Edwards, Treasurer Throughout the history of education, various philosophies of education have come to the forefront for emphasis at certain periods. At the present moment two conflicting theories of education strive for mastery—the secularistic view and the Christian view. The former holds that man’s life can be lived and regulated suc¬ cessfully without God or religion. That view is that religion is not essentially bad; it is just unnecessary. The Christian theory of education is at one with the Christian view of all reality. It holds that no adequate education is possible which ignores the basic concept of man’s spiritu¬ ality and his relation to God, the Father of all men. Anderson College holds unswervingly to the Christian view and has no interest in education divorced from the Christian religion. Such a view checks with the laws which undergird the moral and spiritual universe. John A. Morrison, President [ 12 ] Another milestone is past. For seniors it marks a starting point. Most of the training of the past four years will be forgotten, but the levels reached in insight, broader horizons, social liv¬ ing, mental development, emotional maturation under stimulating conditions will never be ob¬ literated. No senior is the same personality he was when he entered college as a freshman. He under¬ stands God better, knows better how to live with others, is broader minded, more tolerant, higher minded! Moreover, he will be out of the class of those mentally poverty-stricken individuals who become afflicted with ennui. We now bid you good-by and Godspeed, con¬ fident of your loyalty to your alma mater, which you will help to build in quality and usefulness as added years come and go. Russell Olt, Dean FROM THE DEAN ROBERT H. REARDON B.D., S.T.M. it. e-sa V ; ' Serving as Assistant to the President, Mr. Reardon helps relieve the burden of duties carried by Dr. Morrison. In addition to this work he is instructor in Religious Education and Applied Theology. jSf 7 % • J 7 w - % ■■ w ADAM W. MILLER A.M..D.D. Sooner or later all men get acquainted with Dr. Miller, Head Men’s Counselor. With the expansion of the counseling service for students, Dr. Miller has found himself with a key job in the personnel system. He is also Professor of New Testament. NANCY OSBORNE Ph.D. Heading the feminine side of the counseling system is Dr. Osborne, Head Women’s Counselor. In addition to her duties as Romance Languages Professor, she deals with the problems of Ander¬ son College’s co-eds. C. L. EDWARDS Comptroller WILMA E. PONDER, a.m Librarian LOUISE C. JOHNSON, m.s Registrar HELEN HOLTON, a.b. Secretary to the President and Co-ordinator of Veterans’ a. John A. Buehler, ph.d Assistant Professor of Chemistry Mary Lou Barr, a.m. Instructor in Business Education Myrl H. Ahrendt, a.m. Instructor in Mathematics and Physics Ruthven H. Byrum, a.b. Assistant Professor of Art Nancy Clampitt, b.s Instructor in Physical Education Valorous B. Clear, a.b. Assistant to the Head Counselor and Assistant Professor of Social Science IBV 3JB? ■fY % 1 HA l m fiWKBwr. Florence Eggert, a.m. Instructor in Spanish Mattie B. Fry, a.m. Acting Professor of Education Harold Garr, b.s., c.p.a. Acting Assistant Instructor in Business Education Walter S. Haldeman, b.d., m.s. in ed. Professor of Religious Education Anna E. Koglin, a.m. Professor of German mm Amy K. Lopez, a.m. Professor of Humanities Ingyr M. Lien, mus.m. Assistant Professor of Applied Music Frank Hedden, b.s. Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Instructor in Physical Education Zylpha D. Hurlbut, a.m. Assistant Professor of Biology Carl Kardatzke, ph.d. Professor of Education Earl L. Martin, a.m., b.d., d.d. Professor of Bible and Applied Theology Robert E. McDonald, a.b. Acting Assistant Instructor ry Leona B. Nelson, a.m. Assistant Professor of Social Science Robert A. Nicholson, a.m. ctor in Theory of Music and Music Education Frederick G. Shackleton, a.m. Instructor in Music James W. Sibert, m.s. Instructor in Physical Education Theo Reynolds, a.b., b.s. Acting Assistant Instructor in Biology Juanita Whitaker Pulos, b.s. Acting Assistant Instructor in Piano Ruth Ann Ramsay, a.b. Acting Assistant Instructor in Robert S. Ramsay, jf . u . Acting Instructor in Psychology Speech Vivian Ahrendt, a.b. Lecturer in English Composition Axchie A. Bolitho, a.b. Lecturer in Missions Candace Stone, ph.d. Professor of Social Science Marie Strong, b.s. Acting Instructor in Bible and Religion Jack R. Weaver, a.m. Instructor in Biology Lucile Willowby, a.m. Instructor in English Robert Hurst, b.s. Assistant in Mathematics W. Shirell Fox Director of Public Relations Helen Craig, a.m. Lecturer in Art Robert Morris, a.b., m.d. Lecturer in Biology Harold L. Phillips, a.m., b.d. Lecturer in Applied Theology LeOTA HuLSART, A.B., A.B. IN L.S. Cataloguer Valera Notley, b.l.s., m.s. Cataloguer Vergie Bowlby, a.b. Secretary to the Dean Cynthia Kane Supervisor of Dormitories Anne Conrad Manager Alumni Office Barbara Good, b.s. Postal Clerk John Kane, th.b. Executive Secretary Alumni Association Faculty and Staff Not Pictured Henry C Clausen, Mus.M. Professor of Vocal Music and Theory, Emeritus Paul Breitweiser, Mus.M. Professor of Piano and Theory of Music On sabbatical leave Treva McCreary Cockerham, Mus.M. Instructor in Music Glenn Friermood Lecturer in Applied Music Margaret Friermood Lecturer in Applied Music Charles Cheeks Field Representative T. M. Ramsey Field Representative Euretha Sorrell Matron Warren Polhemus, a.b., m.d. Director of Health and Attending Physician Dorothy Macholtz Information Desk Clerk Alton G. Lee Chief Accountant Beulah Woods, R.N. School Nurse Grace Whitney Manager Dining Hall Evelyn Williamson, b.s. Assi stant to the Co-ordinator of Student Personnel Calvin R. Withers Maintenance Manager Other Noninstructional Full-Time Employees ADMISSIONS Shirlee Scheller Wilma Hurst BOOKSTORE Edna Cravens BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Amy Dudeck Cashier Violet Hall D. R. Troutman MAINTENANCE Luther Gallop Mrs. Alice Jenkins Charles Kissell Aubrey Lydick Fireman Lawrence McClure Head Janitor Leroy McCreary Zello Rouse Electrician C. A. Stiers F 01 email PERSONNEL Gwenn Goodrick CAFETERIA REGISTRAR’S OFFICE Willie Eggers Ruth Guiher Wilma Harriger Gloria Wagner Curtis Maness Cook INFORMATION Dorothy Macholtz Switchboard Operator CRETARIES Hazel Dodge Secretary to the Head Men ' s and Women ' s Counselors Ruth Horevay Secretary to the Librarian Instructional Student Assistants Joe Batdorf Biology Norman Sweeny Richard Swank Chemistry Biology [ 26 } Kinney, Preside} Verle Fridley, Vice-President Vivian Phelps, Secretary e n i o R s Esther Acheson, B.S. Ogallah, Kan. Camarada Club; Student Volunteers. Douglas Peter Anger, B.S. Royal Oak, Mich. " A” Club; G. I. Club, president 2; Booster Club; Inter¬ national Relations Club; Green Inkers; Baseball; Football. Annabelle Annis, B.S. Lansing, Mich. Cihu Club, reporter 3; Student Volunteers; Green Inkers; Sigma Tau Delta. Olive H. Arms, A.B. Akron, O. Student Volunteers; Dramatics Club, The Hoosier School- Master. Last Stop; Spanish Club; Fine Arts Club; Sigma Zeta. Jim Austin Baraboo, Wis. Robert C. Austin, A.B. Fulton, N.Y. Transferred from Oswego State Teacher’s College, Oswego, N.Y.; International Relations Club; Student Volunteers, presi¬ dent 4; Anderson College Honor Society, vice-president 4; Fine Arts Club; German Fellowship; Ministerial Fellowship; Sachem Club; President, Park Place Youth Fellowship 4. Don Barnett, B.S. Anderson. Ind. Booster Club; " A” Club, treasurer 3; Basketball, Letter 2; Baseball, Letter 2. Phillip Barwick Middlehury, bid. [ 28 ] Dewayne Bert Bell, A.B. Sacramento, Calif. Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 3, 4; International Relations Club, secretary 3; Sachem Club; Ministerial Fellowship; Fine Arts Club; Ander¬ son College Honorary Society; Sigma Tau Delta. Hugh A. Bishop. B.Th. Olathe, Colo. Ministerial Fellowship. John Bobak Butler, Pa. John Bouseman, A.B. Alma, III. Booster Club, historian 2; Debate Team 2, 3; Debate Club, vice-president 2; Green Inkers; Sigma Tau Delta; Inter¬ national Relations Club, president 3; Family Portrait; Track; Andersonian, news editor 3, editor in chief Echoes and Ander- sonian 4; Intramurals; Student Volunteers; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Robert E. Boyette, A.B. Meridian, Miss. Transferred from Livingston State Teachers’ College, Living¬ ston, Ala.; Pastor, Roseburg Church of God, Marion, Ind.; Ministerial Fellowship; International Relations Club; South¬ erners Club; G.I. Club; Triad Club; Student Council; Intra¬ mural basketball. Don Lee Boze Flint, Mich. Flavy Brown, Jr., A.B. South Charleston, W.Va. Ministerial Fellowship; Echoes staff; Cross-Country Track Team; " A” Club; Booster Club; Student Pastor, Pickard, Ind. Loyd G. Butler, B.Th. Little Rock, Ark. Ministeria l Fellowship; Smilin’ Through. [ 29 ] Norman Butler Howesville, Ky. Jack Owen Cassidy, A.B. Middletown, O. Ministerial Fellowship; International Relations Club; Sachem Club; Green Inkers; Student Council, chairman Committee of Student Organizations 4. Ethel Chalmers, B.S. Huntington, Ind. Student Volunteers. J. D. Chelette, A.B. Alexandria, La. Student Council, vice-chairman 3, chairman 4; President Students 4; Andersonian, News Editor 3; Sachem Club; Dramatics Club, Family Portrait; Sigma Tau Delta; Ander¬ son College Honorary Society 3, 4; G.I. Club, treasurer 2; Debating Club; M.P.A., president 3; Who’s Who Among Students of American Colleges and Universities; Assistant to Men’s Counselor 4; Southerners Club. Ella Cleveland Clare, Mich. Art B. Coberly, Jr., A.B. Dundalk, Md. Easterners Club, president 2; Sachem Club, vice-president 2; VOICE OF YOUTH Broadcast; Chairman Student Organiza¬ tion Committee 3; French Club; String Ensemble; Student Council. Glenn Cook Anderson, Ind. Isom R. Crockett, A.B. Wichita, Kan. Oklahoma-Kansas Club, vice-president 1; French Club; Sachem Club, chaplain 4; German Fellowship; International Relations Club; Fine Arts Club; A Cappella Choir; Student Council, chairman Health Committee, 2-4; Dramatics Club; United Nations Model Assembly. [ 30 ] Doris Davis, B.S. Eustis, Fla. A.B., Anderson College, ’47; Nawaka Club; Spanish Club, president 3; W.A.A.; Los Buscadores, president 5. Rollo Dennis Anderson, Ind. Charles Detweiler Anderson, Ind. Thola Dewitt Athens, Pa. W. B. Eddy Decatur, Ala. Don Deena Fleenor, A.B. Anderson, bjd. French Club, vice-president 1; Day Dodgers; Dramatics Club; Freshman Women’s Club, president 1; Echoes, Literary Edi¬ tor 1; Family Portrait; Pep Club, treasurer 3, president 4; Clubs Committee; May Queen Attendant 2; Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges atid Universities. Verle Fridley Anderson, Ind. Melvin Goerz, A.B. Anderson, Ind. Booster Club, secretary 2, vice-president 4; Andersonian, business manager 2; Student Publications, business manager 3; Echoes, layout 4. [ 31 ] Philip Good Merino, Colo. Francis Gough Alexandria, Ind. Kenneth Green, A.B. London, Ontario, Canada International Relations Club. Edgar Gijyer, A.B. Anderson, Ind. Student Volunteers, recording secretary 2; Debate Club, presi¬ dent 2, 3; Debate Team; Ministerial Fellowship; Sachem Club; President, Anderson College Honor Society 4; Student Council, chairman Religious Life Committee 4. Paul R. Hand, B.Th. Petersburg, Ind. Pastor, Arcadia, Ind., 3 and 4; Resident Pastor, Petersburg, Ind.; Ministerial Fellowship; G.I. Club. Lydia Hansen, A.B. Gunn, Alberta, Canada Graduated R.N., Royal Alexandria Hospital, Edmonton, Al¬ berta, Canada, transferred from Alberta Bible Institute; Student Volunteers; German Fellowship, secretary 4; Cihu Club; International Relations Club; Green Inkers; Sigma Tau Delta. Max F. Harriger, A.B. Punxsutawney, Pa. Booster Club. Marvin J. Hartman, A.B. Kalamazoo, Mich. Sachem Club, reporter 3, president 4; International Relations Club, 1st vice-president 3; Ministerial Fellowship; Student Council. [ 32 ] George H. Harwell Birmingham, Ala. Raymond Hastings Anderson, Ind. Evah Belle Hatch Anderson, Ind. Helen Henshaw, A.B. Charlevoix, Mich. Spanish Club; Student Volunteers; Dramatics Club; Cama- rada Club, secretary ’44-’45, ’47-’48; Clubs Committee; Sigma Tau Delta; College Choir; Echoes Staff, Club Editor 3. William Earl Henshaw St. Louis, Mo. Jodie Hollaway, A.B. Detroit, Mich. Booster Club, secretary 3, historian 4; Student Volunteers; International Relations Club; G.I. Club; Fine Arts Club; Religious Life Committee; Ministerial Fellowship; Intramurals. Juanita C. Humphrey, B.S. Bellville, O. Cihu Club; Green Inkers; Student Volunteers; Day Dodgers. Alvin Wayne Johnson, B.Th. Seminole, Okla. G.I. Club; Green Inkers, president 4. [ 33 ] Herman B. Johnson, B.S. Farmhaven, Miss. M.P.A., vice-president 3; Triad Club; Fine Arts Club; South¬ erners Club; Intramurals. C. Jean Kilmer foplin, Mo. Georgetta Kinney, B.S. Elkhart, Ind. aV Dramatics Club; Student Volunteers; Chairman, mittee; Fine Arts Club; Gamarada Club; College Choi ; International Relations Club. John I. Kinney, A.B. High Point, N.C. Sachem Club; International Relations Club; Fine Arts Club; Southerners Club; G.I. Club; Student Council, vice-president 4; Decorations Committee, May Queen’s Court 1, 2, 3; Sigma Zeta; President, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, Senior Class; Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni¬ versities. Chester R. Kline, B.Th. Anderson, Ind. Ministerial Fellowship, vice-president 4. Ruth Lenardson Koch, B.S. Allegan, Mich. Nawaka Club; Student Volunteers; Christian Volunteers; Dramatics Club; Fine Arts Club; Green Inkers. Charles A. Lee Bloomington, 111. Walter Lehmann, A.B. San Diego, Calif. Ministerial Fellowship. [ 34 ] Robert Macholtz, B.S. St. Joseph, Mich. Student Council; Chairman, Athletic Committee; " A” Club; Sachem Club; Echoes 3; Andersonian 3; Intramural Council; Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni¬ versities; Baseball; Basketball. Richard C. Maness, B.Th. Laurence, Kan. Basketball; Baseball; Football; Ministerial Fellowship; Dra¬ matics Club, president 4; College Choir; Alpha Psi Omega; Sigma Tau Delta; Green Inkers; Booster Club; Student Organization Committee; Advertising Manager, Andersonian; Echoes Advertising Manager 4; Gospel Team; Family Portrait, A Grain of Wheat, Smilin’ Through, The Betrayal, A Night at an Inn; A House on the Sand, Radio plays. Lawrence McClure Winslow, Ind. George McCool, B.S. Indianapolis, Ind. Transferred from Indiana University, Captain Wrestling Team I.U.; " A” Club; International Relations Club; Football; Track. James Lennon, A.B. Portland, Me. Sigma Tau Delta; Triad Club; Green Inkers; Debating Club. LaVonne Little Lima, O. John Lorton Tampa, Fla. Charles Loewen Hutchinson, Kan. [ 35 ] Marlyn Meyer, A.B. Rock Springs, Wis. Student Volunteers; German Fellowship; Sigma Zeta; Honor Society. John E. Miller, B.S. Alpha, Mich. G.I. Club. George Mingle, B.S. Columbus, O. Transferred from Butler University, Football; Basketball; Tennis; Director of Intramural Athletics 4. James Mooney South Charleston, W. Va. Oswald Murray, A.B. Jamaica , British West Indies Freshman President; Booster Club; Green Inkers; Ander- son ' tan 3; Letter in Tennis. Mildred Nickell, A.B. Dayton, O. French Club; Day Dodgers; Student Volunteers; Christian Volunteers; Dramatics Club, What a Life, Last Stop; Cihu Club, secretary 3; Sigma Tau Delta, secretary 4; Model U.N. Assembly; Echoes Staff 4; Government and Regulations Com¬ mittee 4. Frances Norris, B.Th. Ruston, La. Transferred from Louisiana Tech, A.B. Degree. Martin LaVern Norris, B.Th. Ruston, La. Transferred from Louisiana Tech; B.S. Degree, L.S.U. [ 36 ] Alvin Nusz. B.S. Elk City, Okla. Attended Sayre (Okla.) Junior College, Oklahoma Uni¬ versity, and transferred from East Central State College (Ada, Okla.), President Student Body, Sayre Junior College; Minis¬ terial Fellowship, Gospel Team. Ruth O. Owen, B.S. Golden, Colo. Transferred from University of Denver (Colo.), Sigma Kappa; Dramatics Club; International Relations Club; Fine Arts Club, secretary; Pep Club; Colorado Club, treasurer; Photography Club; Christian Volunteers; W.A.A. Margaret Owsley, B.S. Poca, W. Va. Attended God’s Bible School and College, Cincinnati, O., and Morris Harvey College, Charleston, W.Va.; Green Inkers, secretary-treasurer 3; Sigma Tau Delta; Cihu Club; Smilin ' Through; Radio Plays. Vivian Phelps, A.B. Cedar Rapids, la. Vice-President Junior Class; Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class; Ministerial Fellowship, secretary-treasurer 4; Cihu Club. Eugene W. Powell, A.B., B.S. Hutchinson, Kan. Student Volunteers; Booster Club, vice-president 2, 3, presi¬ dent 4; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Basketball; Base¬ ball; Echoes Staff 2, Advertising Manager; Social Committee 4; Clubs Committee 5. Joseph Puchek, B.S. Sharpsrille, Pa. Andersonian, Assistant Business Manager 3; Fine Arts Club, vice-president 3; Sachem Club, treasurer 3; G.I. Club, secre¬ tary-treasurer 2. Donald Puller Stockton, Calif. Virginia Quattrone, B.S. Welch, W.Va. [ 37 ] 3c C - -£yLA-ty Ina Jean Gorton Quisenberry, 4.B. Evart, Mich: Camarada Club, president 3; Student Council; Sigma Zeta, secretary 4; Social Committee; W.S.G.A., secretary 2; May Queen Attendant 3. Bruce Radaker, A.B. Rimersburg, Pa. Ministerial Fellowship. Eugene Ramsey Marion, 111. Orville P. Ratzlaff, A.B. Highmore, S.D. Transferred from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill.; Inter¬ national Relations Club; Echoes and Andersonian, assistant circulation manager 3; Green Inkers; Student Volunteers. Almeda Rawlings Anderson, bid. Harry H. Redmond, A.B. Erie, Pa. Debate Team; Dramatics Club, president and business man¬ ager 3, vice-president and business manager 4, Family Por¬ trait, Saturday Evening Ghost, The Betrayal; Sigma Tau Delta; Alpha Psi Omega, cast director 4; Easterners Club, president 4; Andersonian, circulation manager 2. Geraldine Robertson Dayton, Pa. Simon Robinson Wayzata, Minn. [ 38 ] Victor Skorinko, A.B. Palmerton, Pa. G.I. Club; French Club; Easterners Club. Billie R. Smith, B.Th. Decatur, Ala. Ministerial Fellowship. Gilbert B. Scheller, B.S. Springfield, III. Sachem Club; G.I. Club. Gordon Schieck, A.B. Fort Steele, British Columbia, Canada Transferred from Alberta Bible Institute, instructor 1942-45; International Relations Club; Green Inkers; Ministerial Fel¬ lowship. Elaine Schroeder, B.S. Muskegan Heights, Mich. Camarada Club, treasurer 3; Dramatics Club; Student Volun¬ teers; College Choir; Christian Volunteers; Nawaka Club; W.S.G.A., Lounge Chairman 2; All-School Publications Com¬ mittee; W.A.A.; Park Place Youth Fellowship, treasurer 2 Andersonian Staff 2, 3, 4. Clayton R. Shankland, B.S. Crest on, O. Everell Rockhill Baraboo, Wis. Olive Santon, B.S. Huntington, lnd. Cihu Club, corresponding secretary 4; A.B. Degree, A.C.T.S., 1947; Dormitory president 5. [ 39 ] Carl T. Smith, B.S. Kansas City, Kan. Sachem Club, secretary-treasurer 1938; International Relations Club, Model Security Council 3, Chairman Finance Com¬ mittee; Model UN Assembly 4. Genevieve Brown Smith, A.B. Huntingburg, Ind. Dramatics Club, The Last Stop; French Club; Cihu Club, treasurer 2; W.S.G. A., secretary 3; Sigma Tau Delta. June Delores Smith Anderson, Ind. Lynn Smith Sayre, Pa. Velma Snyder, B.S. Springfield, III. Cihu Club; W.S.G.A., vice-president 3, president 4; College Choir, president 4; Andersonian Staff 2, 3, 4; Secretary- Treasurer Sophomore Class; Student Council; Student Volun¬ teers; Christian Volunteers, The Great Big Door Step; Sigma Tau Delta. Charles Solid, A.B. Bertha, Minn. Sigma Tau Delta. Euretha Sorrell, B.Th. Lanett, Ala. Student Volunteers; Nawaka Club, secretary 1; Southerners Club, secretary 1; Assistant Dorm Counselor. Glenn Steei.f. Sidney, O. [ 40 ] Jim Stewart Moss, Miss. Robert Stone, B.S. Indianapolis, Ind. Football; Track; " A” Club. Lucille Strawn Princeton, Ind. Frederick C. Stroebel, A.B. Milwaukee, Wis. Booster Club; Andersonian, sports editor 2; International Relations Club, president 4; Baseball; Intramurals. Richard Lowell. Swank, B.S. Trotwood, 0. Transferred from Miami University, Oxford, O.; G.I. Club; Radio Choir; College Choir; Vocal Ensemble; Fine Arts Club, president 3; Student Council, Government and Regu¬ lations Committee; Green Inkers; Band; Orchestra; Assistant Editor, Student’s Handbook 4; Triad Club; Minister of Music, Anderson Church of the Brethren 4. Lonnie B. Swann, A.B. Bradenton, Fla. Transferred from University of Tampa, Fla.; Fine Arts Club; Green Inkers; Southerners Club; Glee Club; G.I. Club; Ministerial Fellowship; Andersonian, managing editor 4; Student Council; Triad Club, president 4. Norman Paul Sweeny, A.B. Anderson, Ind. Transferred from Purdue University; Sachem Club, secretary 3; Sigma Zcta, president 4; Student Council, secretary- treasurer 4; Publications Committee; Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. George Leonard Taylor, B.Th. Wyoming, Del. A.B. Degree A.C.T.S., 1940; Student Volunteers; Ministerial Fellowship, Gospel Team Chairman; Easterners Club. [ 41 ] Jack L. Taylor, B.S. Cleveland, O. Young Republicans; International Relations Club, 2nd vice- president 3; Model Assembly; Sachem Club; Clubs Com¬ mittee. Charles F. Thomas Dayton, O. Donna Stanley Thomas, A.B. Tulsa, Okla. Dramatics Club, Great Big Door Step, Hoosier Schoolmaster; Oklahoma-Kansas Club, president 1; Freshmen Women’s Club, secretary-treasurer 1; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class; Echoes, class editor 2; C.ihu Club, president 4; Band. Peter Tjart, A.B. Castor, Alberta, Canada Attended Alberta Bible Institute, Camrose, Alberta, Canada, 1940-1945; International Relations Club. James Garrison Toon Huntsville, Ala. Charles Treffry Flint, Mich. Clyde H. Waite Jamestoivn, N.Y. Walter Warnock Cincinnati, O. [ 42 ] Kenneth Watkins Anderson, Ind. William Jeff Webb, B.S. Hickman, Ky. Photography Club, secretary-treasurer 2; Southerners Club; Ministerial Fellowship. Wyatt J. Weeks, A.B. Charleston, W. Va. G.I. Club; International Relations Club; Ministerial Fellow¬ ship; Triad Club, secretary 4. Joyce Weiler. B.S. Willow Springs, Aio. International Relations Club; Spanish Club; Glee Club; Fine Arts Club; Student Volunteers. Joyce Wilcox Vermontville, Mich. Carl C. Williams, Jr., B.Th. Anderson, lnd. John Williams Maud, O. [ 43 ] Russell C. Wilson, B.Th. Punxsutawney, Pa. Ministerial Fellowship; G.I. Club, chairman 2; " A” Club; Intramural Council; Student Council 3, 4, chairman Govern¬ ment and Regulations Committee 3; Sachem Club; Deco¬ rations Committee, May Festival 3; Supply Pastor, Walnut Hills Church of God, Cincinnati 4; Athletic Ticket Manager 4; Easterners Club; Who’s Who Among Studnts in American Colleges and Universities. William Worth, A.B. Almeria, Neb. Ministerial Fellowship, vice-president 4; Triad Club; Pastor, South Muncie Church of God, Muncie, Ind. Ruth McQuinn Middletoivn, O. Aletta van der Breggen Haarlem, Holland Graduate Nurse, Holland; Auditing. SENIORS NOT PICTURED Luther Leon Anderson Leon Barnes Burdette Bidwell Vergie Bowlby Marshall Call Chester Cantley Paul Chappell, B.Th. Roy Davis Walter Duvall Edna Elmore William Giesler Jerry Hamon Robert Hill William Johnson David Martyn Maxine Morehouse Milton Proctor Cecil Shultz Glen Sutherland Charles Traister Beulah Woods Robert Wynn Otto Yount, B.S. Motto " Out of a Sheltered Harbor—Into an Open Sea.” [ 44 ] Glenn Rankin, President Don Rice, Vice-President James Mooney, Secretary ROBERT E. ABSHER Anderson, Ind. BEVERLY C. ANDERSON Waterford, Ontario, Canada JACK R. ANDERSON Erie, Pa. JOSEPH C. ANDERSON Anderson, Ind. ALBERT E. AUGUSTSON Dixon, III. PATSY J. AUSTIN Shawnee, Okla. GLEN A. BALL Athens, Ind. GRACE J. BALL Butler, N. ]. ESTHER M. BEATY Lima, O. DORA BISHOP Olathe, Colo. CARROLL E. BLOYD Lincoln, III. EMILY BOTTS Mt. Sterling, Ky. AMBROSE BERKEBILE Anderson, Ind. FRANCES A. BROWN Barryton, Mich. HUBERT G. BUNYAN Huntington, W. Va. BARNEY W. BURGIN Poplar Bluff, Mo. LEE BUTGEREIT Benton Harbor, Mich. ALFRED B. CAIN Cincinnati, O. ROBERT C. CARTER Wheeling. W. Va. GEORGE CERBUS Sharon, Pa. [ 46 ] MILDRED L. CHEEKS Anderson, hid. HENRY M. COKER Houston, Tex. MARLIN W. COLLINGWOOD Natrona Heights, Pa. ORVILLE B. COLLINS Baraboo, Wis. GERALD CULBERTSON Indianapolis, Ind. BYRON CROSTHWAITE Dayton, O. U fivUrU -’ DONALD M. DEAN Columbus, O. PATRICIA A. DEAN Windsor Heights, W. Va. GEORGE F. DENNISTON Sturgis, Mich. JESSE D. DILLON, Jr. Dundalk, Md. EVELYNNE N. DREGER Garretsville, O. WILLIAM DREGER Garretsville, O. EUGENE C. DYER Clawson, Mich. WILLIAM T. EVANS Canton, O. KARL E. FALDON Gloucester City, N. J. LEROY N. FALLIN Estella, Okla. VERN L. FORSBERG New Castle, Pa. YVONNE C. FORTNER Effingham, III. LOREN E. FRIDDLE Anderson, Ind. [ 47 ] CLAUDE GOOD Merino, Colo. ■B|| KENNETH L. GOOD Merino, Colo. RUDY GRUBICH Cedar Rapids, la. MAXINE L. GRUNWALD Rolla, Mo. ROBERT J. HAZEN Bellville, O. HARRY W. HEATH Anderson, bid. EDISON HOFFMAN St. ]oseph, Mich. EDWARD C. HOOK Farmers, Ky. GERALD E. HORST Indianapolis, hid. RALPH W. HOUSE Arcadia, Ind. CHESTER HUGHES Middletown, O. RALPH B. JOHNSON Cullman, Ala. CHARLES W. JONES, Jr. Bradenton, Fla. HERMAN KEENEY Anderson, bid. HAROLD R. KOHLOFF Milwaukee, Wis. MARJORIE C. LAMMERS Delton, Mich. THOMAS LEE Bristow, Okla. WILLIE L. LEGG Aloss, Miss. ROY L. LIGHTY Satanta, Kan. DORA P. LIVINGSTON Portsmouth, O. RYLAND LACKORE Kansas City, Mo. [ 48 ] JAMES D. MACHOLTZ St. Joseph, Mich. EDITH MALONE St. Louis, Mo. ROY E. MARTIN, Jr. Fort Meade, Fla. WILLIAM A. MATTHEWS Moss, Miss. CLARENCE A. McGILLEN, Jr. South Bend, Ind. JUNE M. McMILLEN St. Louis, Mo. CARL E. MILLER Clovis , N. M. HELEN D. MILLER Princeton, Ind. MARION A. MITTAN Brookings, S. Dak. GENE R. MOORE Anderson, Ind. RALPtJ D. MORTON Ashland, Ky. FELIX P. MURRELL Danville, III. ARLO F. NEWELL Stafford, Kan. CARL W. PETERSON St. Paul, Minn. LLOYD W. PFANDER Petaluma, Calif. ALLAN R. POWELL Hagerstown, Md. DONALD G. PYLE La Junta, Colo. WILBUR J. QUALMAN Clinton, la. GLENN RANKIN Rushville, Ind. ALBERT L. RATCLIFF Springfield, O. [ 49 ] DOROTHY L. RAUNER Anderson, Ind. DON L. RICE Independence, Mo. FORREST O. RICHEY Indianapolis, Ind. CARL F. ROACH Flint, Mich. EDA O. ROSE Booker, Tex. ELLA M. RUEFENACHT Aurora, III. ALOMA RUTH SALTZMANN Cleveland, O. GLENN JAMES SANDS Anderson, Ind. HOMER RAYMOND SCHAUER Erie, Pa. VELMA MAXINE SCHNEIDER St. Louis, Mo. EVELYN MARGARET SEELEY Round Lake, N. Y. MARION MERLE SELL El Monte, Calif. LEON SKORINKO Palmerton, Pa. EDWARD JAMES SMITH Beckley, W. Va. LORRAINE BODDY SMITH Denver, Colo. TOM AINSLEE SMITH Lebanon, Ore. CHESTER TAYLOR Bonnie, III. CHARLES FREDRICK TEBBY Anderson, Ind. MARION ELIZABETH TESSIER West Palm Beach, Fla. LEE CHARLES THEODORE Pontiac, Mich. PERCY WOODROW TRAMEL Eustis, Fla. MINA TRICK Anderson, lnd. VIRGIL F. TRICK Anderson, lnd. RALPH EDWARD WELTON New Boston, O. BYRON A. WESTLAKE Creswell, Ore. LEE WIENS San Diego, Calif. LOREN ROUSH WILLIAMS Summitville, lnd. MILDRED WILLIAMS Erenchburg, Ky. GEORGE FAXON WILLIAMSON Sheridan, Mich. MERL LESLIE WISE Cedar Rapids, la. AVA MARIE WITHERS Cummings, N. Dak. JOYCE M. GRANDFIELD WIUFF Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada RODNEY WOOD Anderson, lnd. WILBURN HALICY WOOD Anderson, lnd. DONNA JEAN WORTH Hudson, lnd. JUNIORS NOT PICTURED HELEN ACHOR RONALD ACHOR JACK ALLEN JOHN ALLEN, Jr. PAUL AUMILLER JAMES BARRETT DAN BEDSOLE RUTH BENJAMIN JOE BLANCHARD PAUL CLAUSEN CLARENCE CLEMONS J. R. EDWARDS JAMES FAIR CLAIRE GAYLE NANCY GOODELL ERNEST GROSS JACK HAYES JULIAN HOLGUIN MERRILL HOLLOWAY IRA HUNTER ROBERT KELL EVA KULHAVEY EUGENE MENDENHALL SAVILLA MILLER JOHN MOWERY CLAIRE OVERBAY ERNEST OWEN EDWARD PARR DORIS PEELER BEATRICE PICKERING RALPH PORTWOOD LYNN RAMEY WILLIAM SEBREE BULA STAUB FERD THOMA DARREL THOMPSON WAYNE THOMPSON FERN TIPTON NORMAN WALKER CECIL WILDER JOHN WILSON LAWRENCE WITHERS JAMES WOODWARD Alma Mater Anderson, our Alma Mater, Guide of soul and mind, Thou hast taught within thy borders To aid all mankind. So for this thy noble purpose May our best avail; Friend of all that’s good and upright, Hail to thee, all hail! Hail to thee, our Alma Mater; Long thy name shall ring In our hearts forever highest; Loud thy praise we sing. As thy loyal sons and daughters Strive we ne’er to fail, Lift thy name and ideals higher; Anderson, all hail! [ 52 ] Joe Batdorf, President RaxMONA Larabee, Vice-President Donna Carpenter, Secretary SOPHOMORES MARY L. AHLEMANN Princeton, Ind. TWILA E. ALEXANDER Union City, lnd. ANNE ALLENDORF Federalsburg, Aid. HOMER D. ALLEN Mitchell, Ind. BILL N. AMEREDES Weirton, W. Va. JAMES A. ANDERSON Gary, Ind. JOSEPH T. BATDORF Midland, Mich. VADENA R. BEASLEY Central City, la. ROLAND G. BEHNKE Alpena, Mich. ADOLPH E. BEICH Sykeston, N. Dak. CLARENCE J. BELLAMY Ashland, Ky. FRANK E. BENNETT Curivensville, Pa. VONCEIL BENSON Meridian, Miss. SAMUEL S. BETTS Scio, O. GEORGE D. BLACKWELL Meridian, Miss. AUDRIA MAE BLACKWELL Meridian, Miss. F. LEONARD BLEVINS Springfield, O. NAOMI RUTH BODDY Denver, Colo. ROBERT QUINTEN BOGGESS Springfield, O. EVELYN MAY BOHANNAN Anderson, lnd. [ 54 ] JUANITA BRASWELL Lufkin, Tex. HELEN MARGRETE BROWN Anderson, Ind. DONALD WILLIAM BURNS Anderson, Ind. % JACK EDWARD BURNS Morganton, N. C. ADELINE BULLER Benton Harbor, Mich. MARILYN BUTGEREIT Benton Harbor, Mich. ESTHER E. CANTLEY Satanta, Kan. DONNA L. CARPENTER Anderson, Ind. JOHN CHERNEY Torrington, Conn. JAMES O. CHILDS Dundalk, Md. PAUL J. CLAY Dayton, O. JOAN E. CLINE Danville, Ky. GEORGE L. COBLE Huntington, Ind. FRANCES WILLODINE COKER Middletown, O. HENRY D. COLE Cedar Rapids, la. FRED G. COLLINGWOOD Natrona Heights, Pa. DONALD L. COLLINS Chattanooga, Tenn. DORIS I. COOK Neodosha, Kan. DOROTHY V. DAVIS North Apollo, Pa. FLORENCE M. DAVIS Anderson, Ind. [ 55 ] , MARY DAVIS Sylacauga, Ala. BETTY L. DeVOL Anderson, Ind. THOMAS L. DeVOL Anderson, Ind. BLANCHE E. DeYOUNG Almena, Kan. FRANCES E. DIEZEL Los Angeles, Calif. ROY R. DOCKTER Bergen, N. Dak. ELAINE D. DRE Grafton, O. GLENN M. DuBOIS Anderson, Ind. EDWARD C. DUTY Poiver, W. Va. RALPH E. EARNEST Moundsrille, W. Va. LUETISHA A. FENNER Portsmouth, O. WILETTA A. FLEENOR Anderson, Ind. MARY FORTNEY Ypsilanti, Mich. HARRY A. FRY Venango, Pa. MAXINE S. GARHART Canton, O. DONALD B. GOENS San Fernando, Calif. NAOMI I. GOLDEN Winchester, Ky. H. LA VERNE GOODRICK Medford, Okla. JOSEPH F. HALLAM Doniphan, Mo. DAN HARMAN Baltimore, Md. [ 56 ] TRUMAN A. HARRIS Kansas City, Kan. WILBER B. HATCH Erie, Pa. HARRY S. HEBENTHAL Blairsville, Pa. IVANELL HENDERSON Benton, III. JOHN HOREVAY Hubbard, O. k RAYMOND L. HORNE Laurel, Miss. GUSTAV JEENINGA Ymuiden, Netherlands BENARDA L. JEWITT Cadiz, O. IRENE JOHNSON Liberal, Kan. MARIAN LUCILLE JOHNSON Creston, O. MAURICE ROWE JOINER Birmingham, Ala. CHARLES AARON JONES Russell Springs, Ky. CHARLES EDWARD JONES Indianapolis, Ind. WANDA RUTH JONES Ft. Meade, Fla. WILLIAM ARTHUR KELLY Anderson, Ind. CHARLES DANIEL KLINE Anderson, Ind. LESTER ALLEN KLINE Anderson, Ind. KENNETH KNIGHT Pomona, Calif. AVON KNOX Pryor, Okla. LaWANDA F. KOGLIN Duluth, Minn. [ 57 ] I [58] RICHARD OLIVER KREPS Anderson, Ind. RAMONA PAULINE LARABEE Anderson, Ind. MARGARET E. LEHMANN Distant, Pa. CLYDE MILTON LENZ Dodge City, Kan. DON RAYMOND LEWIS Parkersburg, W. Va. JAMES LITTON Dallas, Tex. AARON LONG Charleston, W. Va. PHYLLIS ANNE LONG Anderson, Ind. OLIN DALE MATTHEWS Norwood, N. C. JACK McGILL Detroit, Mich. ruth McKinney Zoe, Ky. ALICE IRENE McGUIRE Miami, Fla. ROBERT LEE METZ Lima, O. MARY LOUISE MIDKIFF South Charleston, W. Va. JO ANNE MILLER Princeton, Ind. ALLEN WENDELL MOORE Anderson, Ind. ALTA LUCILLE MOORE Bessemer, Ala. DOYLE NEWTON Anderson, Ind. RUTH W. OBURN St. Louis, Mo. DELORIS OESCH New Springfield, O. BEATRICE J. OVERHOLT Akron, O. CAROL L. OLSON Indianapolis, Ind. ORAN W. PASS Tampa, Fla. GRACE PERRY Monroe City, Ind. JOY T. POWELL North Kansas City, Mo. HORACE C. PULSIPHER Detroit, Mich. NATALIE C. REAGAN Federalsburg, Md. JESSIE H. REEDY Detroit, Mich. GERTRUDE E. RICH Greenville, Mich. RUTH RITTER Benton FI arbor, Mich. FRANK S. ROBERTSON Bloomington, III. DONALD L. ROBINSON Covington, O. ANNA MAE RUSSELL West Palm Beach, Fla. DANTE A. SCHIAVONNE Weirton, W. Va. JAMES SEBRING North Girard, Pa. RUTH L. SHOEMAKER Athens, Pa. PHYLLIS JEAN SNARR Bloomington, Ind. FREDERICK J. SPONHALTZ Cadiz, Ohio AUSTIN ELMER SOWERS Newton Falls, O. WILLIAM L. STAUB Wichita, Kan. [ 59 ] RICHARD NELSON TAZELAAR Washington, D.C. BILLY JOE THOMAS Ashland, Ky. WILLIAM A. THOMAS Anderson, lnd. ALLEN W. THOMPSON Alasury, O. DOROTHY JEAN TILL Laurel, Miss. GILBERT ELMER TINKER Nuevo, Calif. BETTE LOUISE TROUTMAN Lapel, lnd. EARL ARTHUR VELOSKY New Philadelphia, O. PAUL RAYMOND WAGNER Bt oo kings, S. Dak. FAITH PHARES WALKER Eugene, Ore. JUNE PHARES WALKER Eugene, Ore. MARTHA P. WALKER Eugene, Ore. CHARLES WALTER Cincinnati, O. JAMES EL WOOD WALTERS, Jr. Cayuga, lnd. J. ROBERT WEBER Anderson, lnd. SANFORD E. WELLMAN Morganton, N. C. GERALD EUGENE STITT Anderson, bid. JOYCE DELORES STONE Anderson, lnd. LLOYD MERRILL TATE Anderson, lnd. BARBARA E. TAYLOR Anderson, lnd. [ 60 ] JOYCE ANN WHEELER Brownsville, Tex. LAWRENCE WHITE Du Bois, Pa. OBADIAH WILLIAMS Cincinnati, 0. JARVIS WIUFF Newport, Minn. CHARLES WOOD Inkster, Mich. PAUL LAWRENCE YUTZY Toledo, O. WILLIAM ATSALIS JAMES BOST AUDREY BOUSEMAN CARTER BYFIELD L. B. CARROLL JOHN CLARK WANDA CONNELLY WINCE COVHER EDNA CRAVENS LEWIS D’ALESSIO WARREN DAMIS ELVIN DAVIS ELBERT EBERSOLE WILLIE EGGERS 2 yr. Certificate OTTO ENGELMANN RUBY ENGLAND ROBERT FIELDS GUS HANGES SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED JAMES HANNA HOWARD MOREHOUSE CHARLES HARDY MARCUS MORGAN JONATHAN HART CARL A. MUNSON PAUL HARTZLER KELSA NIXON MARVIN HELSEL PAUL O’NEILL LAWRENCE HINDERER EVERETT PARKS ESTHER IKAST BONNYLYNE PORTWOOD BENNY JOHNSON FLOYD PROCTOR KENNETH JOHNSON CLEBURNE QUINN TIM KARAMITROS WILBUR RAPSILBER ALFRED KNOWLES ZELLO ROUSE ALTON LEE DONALD SCHLABACH MARGUERITE LEONARD THOMAS SPENCER GRANT LOCKHART ILA STEWART EDWIN McGRAW ROBERT WEASEL glenn McMullen WILLIAM WESNER EUGENE MADISON DONALD WRIGHT RAMONA MARTIN GLENN YOUNG DELORES MINNIEAR [61] FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED EDGAR ADKINS ARTHUR AUSTIN CLAUDE BECKLEHIMER DAVID BENTLEY WILLIAM BLACKWELL JOYCE BROWN MARJORIE BULLER NILE BUTNER GARLAND CAMPBELL GEORGE CAMPBELL EARL CARTER ARTHUR CHRISTIANSON CHARLES CLEMONS BETTY COLBY CALVIN CORWIN PATRICIA CROPP MARTHA DAILEY PAUL D’ALESSIO JOSEPH DELWEY MYRA DERR RICHARD DUER CARL ERSKINE HERSCHELL FARMER MARVIN FIFER CHARLES FRAZIER ROBERT FREEMAN CHARLES GEORGE CHARLES GRAY ROBERT GRAY JACOB GROESCHEL MARABETH GROESCHEL TROY HALL BRUCE HAMMAN MILTON HAMON WILLIAM HARPER CLIFFORD HEARD ROBERT ROSEBERRY THOMAS ROWAN RAYMOND SCOTT ALTON SIMMONS TED SMITH JOE STOOPS CHARLES SWINFORD WILLIAM THOMAS ROGER TILFORD VIRGIL WHITEHURST ARTHUR WHITMILL MAURICE WRIGHT THOMAS WRIGLEY [ 62 ] Warren Gourley, President Paul Arthur, Vice-President Norma Allen, Secretary F R E S H M E N MARILYN R. ADCOCK Anderson, Ind. NORMA J. ALLEN Distant, Pa. STANLEY D. ALMLOFF Des Moines, la. LEON ANDERSON Meridian, Miss. JUANITA BALLARD Knapp, Wis. WANDA BALLARD Menomonie, Wis. MARIANNE I. BARBEE Grove City, O. RAMONA BARNES Huntington, Ind. CHARLES E. BARRETT Anderson, Ind. DARL L. BECKHAM Ponder, Mo. MARY LOU BEERS Curwensville, Pa. JOYCE D. BELLAMY Ashland, Ky. SARAH E. BEST Atlanta, Ga. JERRY BOCK Indianapolis, Ind. JANET BOLIN Jamestown, N.Y. [ 64 ] LeROY P. ANDERSON Erie, Pa. PAUL F. ARTHUR Charleston, W. Va. BURNEDITH AUTRY Dearborn, Mich. BARBARA BAIR Springville, Ind. ROBERT ARNOLD BOYER Anderson, Ind. MARTHA JANE BRADFORD Decatur, Ala. PHYLLIS M. BUNNER Toledo. O. WILLIAM O. BURDETT St. Charier, Pa. IOLA BURGAN Murray, la. ELSIE BERNICE BURCH Farmington, Mo. RICHARD L. BURKHART Merino, Colo. THELMA JEAN BYRUM Anderson, Ind. ROBERT L. CARPENTER Lakeview, O. GORDON D. CARRIER Spring Lake, Mich. GELENE ALYCE CARROLL Ottumwa, la. DRUCILLA A. CIMA Madrid, la. SUE C. CLINE Morganlon, N.C. ELSIE Y. COBOURN Brookhaven, Pa. THOMAS E. COCKERHAM Cam pbellsburg, Ind. CHRISTOPHER COLLIAS Chicago, III. PATSY LOU COLLINGWOOD Natrona Heights. Pa. PALMER W. COLLINS West Palm Beach. Fla. CONNIE M. COLWELL Seminole. Okla. HAROLD A. CONRAD Parma, O. SAMUEL J. CORNELIUS Kansas City. Mo. [ 65 ] JACK COUSINS Kit tanning. Pa. HERSCHEL L. CRAIG Bedford. Ind. PHILIP R. CRUBAUGH Bloomington, Ind. LEONARD H. CURRY Akron. O. FRED R. DAVIS Anderson. Ind. PRINCE E. DEAL, Jr. Morganton, N.C. ROBERT O. DEAL Hickory, N.C. MARTHA E. DRAPER Carthage, Miss. HENRY A. DREGF.R Gralton. O. ROSEMARY DYER San Francisco, Calif. ALBERT EASTERLING Anderson, Ind. LUELLA J. ELLIS Yorktown, Ind. WILLIAM C. ELLIS Scott Depot, W. Va. ANN ESPEY Bessemer, Ala. WILLIAM R. FADELY Pendleton, Ind. JOHN L. FIELDS Piitua, Ohio OLIVE M. FISCUS North Apollo, Pa. STANLEY FLUCK Lansdale, Pa. JOAN FORD Indianapolis, Ind. LORREN FORSBERG Ashtabula, O. MARION W. FRAYSUR Ait. Sterling, Ky. LOWELL E. FRICK West Frankfort, III. MARY LOU FUNDERBURG Huntington, lnd. DICK GEIGER Lakeview, O. DEAN A. GERIG Akron, lnd. PHYLLIS E. GILLESPIE Ouatonna, Minn. LEW GOODRICK Bedford, lnd. WARREN N. GOURLEY Anderson, lnd. DONA GRIFFITH Anderson, lnd. WALTER GRUBIC Cedar Rapids, la. RICHARD H. HARP Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES E. HARRIS Columbus, O. MARILYN J. HARRISON West Plains, Mo. ROBERT M. HARTLEY West Frankfort. III. CARL HAWKINS Anderson, lnd. CHARLES R. HAWKINS Anderson, lnd. DALE E. HENCY Montrose. Colo. CARROLL J. HENDRIX Carthage. Mo. THELMA LORENE HENDRIX Fagleville. Tenn. JOY HENSLEY Oak Ridge. Tenn. [ 67 ] ip HMi [ 68 ] EDWIN W. HICKSON Big Spring, Tex. GWEN HITCHINGS Portsmouth, Va. RALPH N. HOAR Emden, III. ROMAYNE HOUGHTELIN Owatonna, Minn. HARRY A. HOWELL New Martinsville, W. Va. HOWARD G. HOWELL Beckley, W. Va. RUTH A. HYATT Atlanta, Ga. DONALD E. INSLEY Bellejontaine, O. THEDA JOHNSON Midland, Mich. BEVERLY JOHNSTON Arnold, Pa. ROBERT JOSLEN Portland, Ore. KENNETH KARDATZKE Lindsey, 0. BONNIE KEARNS Hamilton. O. AUBREY KENDALL Kendall, Fla. WALTER KUJAWSKI Toledo, O. GARNETTA LASH Wheeling, W ' . V a. F. LUCILLE LENNEX Dennison, O. LOIS LENZ Dodge City, Kan. LOUIS HENRY LERNER Arnold, Pa. GLENDA LITTLE Bastrop, La. samuel j. McCullough Roanoke, Ala. CLIFFORD McDANlEL, Jr. Casey Creek, Ky. INEZ JEAN KIDD Franklin, O. PHILIP L. KINLEY Hutchinson, Kan. DONNA JEAN KINNEE Bay City, Mich. SAM KOCH Clinton, Okla. WILLIAM D. McGILLEN South Bend, bid. JAMES FLOYD McGUIRE Miami, Fla. RUTH ANNE McNELLY Portsmouth. O. PEGGY JEAN MIMS Hickory. N.C. DONNA LEE MATHIS St. Elmo, III. WILLIAM ALVIN MILLER Mio, Mich. GAYLE ELAINE MILLAR Milwaukeej W is. RUSSELL LOREN MILLER Bedford, Ind. JAMES W. MOHNS .Milwaukee, Wis. COLLEEN MORGAN Detroit, Mich. [ORGAN , . ' y HOMER LEE MURRELL Crab Orchard, Ky. ROBERT CLYDE MONG Waverly, la. CHARLES N. MOORE Hickory, N.C. ELMER E. OBURN St. Louis, Mo. DOUGLAS R. OLDHAM Anderson, Ind. ARNOLD OWSLEY Nitro, 1 V. Va. EMERSON N. MUTTERSPAUGH Middletown, Ind. GENEVA P. NELSON St. Monticello, III. JOHN NEMIRE Kalamazoo, Mich. ANNE NICHOLS Chicago, III. NICHOLS yx( 0 . KdL u STANLEY NICHOLS Chicago, III. lOJk. FRED NIGHTINGALE Lansing, Mich. JEAN NOLAN Lima, O, j ■%vl IS- u . OBLINGER Los Angeles, Calif. DAVID I. PARKER Kendall, Fla. WILLIAM E. PATTERSON Pittsburgh, Pa. RANDALL J. PEACOCK Flint, Mich. AMANDA PETSAS Hammond, Ind. [ 70 ] EVELYN M. PHILLIPS Plymouth. Mich. MERLE E. PHILLIPS San Diego, Calif. JIM PICKENS Charleston, W. Va. DONALD D. PICKETT Blue Mound, III. DORIS M. PLEASANT New Castle, Ind. R. EUGENE PRICE Hickory, N.C. NELDA F. RANDLE Decatur, Ala. JEAN R. RATZLAFF Stoneboro, Pa. DANIEL J. RAY Reedsburg, Wis. THOMAS H. REDMOND Anderson, Ind. ELIZABETH A. REED Logansport, Ind. LOUIS REVELANT New Brighton, Pa. NORMA J. REYNOLDS Joliet, III. MARY LOUISE RICHARDSON St. Elmo, III. ROBERT ROBBINS Anderson, Ind. ARBUTUS F. ROBERTS St. Albans, W. Va. MARCELLA L. ROCKHILL Reedsburg, Wis. RUSSELL ROLAND Anderson. Ind. RICHARD LEE ROTHMAN Nashville, Tenn. JOYCE ROUSSEAU St. Petersburg, Fla. LaRUE RUPP New Bethlehem, Pa. EDWARD J. RUSSELLS Chicago, III. HOY E. RYAN Anderson, hid. EDWIN SANDERS Middletown, Ind. WILHELMINA SCHIECK Fort Steele, British Columbia, Canada BETTY LOUISE SCHLIEP Harvard, Neb. JOHN DEAN SCHMIDT Forrest, III. SHIRLEY JEAN SEARS Midland, Mich. KENNETH EARL SEELEY Grove City, O. MAURICE SERGEANT Juniata, Neb. CLIFFORD M. SEXTON Anderion, Ind. JACK SHAFFNER Elwood, Ind. FLORENCE MAY SHOTWELL Scranton, Pa. LOUIS H. SHOWERS Du Bois, Pa. MARGARET J. SIMMONS Daytona Beach, Fla. JOANNA SMITH Oak Grove, La. PAUL M. SMITH Duncannon, Pa. ROBERT E. SMITH Apponaug, R.I. ROBERT N. SMITH Cleveland, O. RUTHIE MAE SMITH Bastrop, La. MARGARET SHIRLEY STAUFFER Wheel inn,, W. Va. MARTHA STRICKLER Anderson, Ind. ROBERT SULLIVAN North Little Rock, Ark. DANIEL G. SWEENEY Detroit, Mich. BARBARA J. SWITZER Belding, Mich. JOHN O. TANT Birmingham, Ala. ARDELLE TELLINGHUISEN White, S.Dak. DONALD L. THACKER Nilro, W. Va. JOHN THOMSON Union City, N.J. AMOS A. TILTON Raymondville, Mo. VIRGINIA TITLEY Anderson, Ind. WESLEY L. TRICK Anderson, Ind. D. RAYMOND TROUTMAN Mt. Carmel, III. CHARLOTTE TURLEY South Charleston, W. Va. MARVIN LEE TUTTLE Danville, III. VELMA VAN HOOSE South Shore, Ky. KENNETH I. WALKER North Apollo, Pa. ISAAC WEATHERLY, Jr. Anderson, Ind. VERGIE WELLMAN Morganton, N.C. RODNEY C. WHALON Fulton, N.Y. [ 73 ] OUR PASTORS IN THE CITY Skinner Gross B H ST. tftOMOALC Fleenor RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE Edgar Guyer, Chairman James Stewart Jodie Hollaway Ruth McQuinn LEADERS OF RELIGIOUS LIFE ON THE CAMPUS OFFICERS OF THE MINISTERIAL FELLOWSHIP Clyde Waite, President Chester Kline, Vice-President Vivian Phelps, Secretary-Treasurer The Ministerial Fellowship sponsored the traveling gospel teams throughout the year. SOUTH SIDE CHURCH HAS BEEN INSTRU¬ MENTAL IN THE BUILDING OF THE CHAN MEMORIAL. THIS BUILDING WILL BE A COMPLETE YOUTH CENTER. IT WILL HAVE FACILITIES FOR RECREATION AS WELL AS FOR WORSHIP. Spiritual Life Is Strengthened on the Campus PRAYER GROUP IN EAST HALL Leaders: June McMillen Jean Ratzlaff PRAYER—FELLOWSHIP IN NORTH HALL Leaders: Avon Knox Norma Allen In addition to the prayer groups meeting each Monday night at the girls’ dormitories, some of the groups have " prayer buddies” who meet regularly. A general prayer meet¬ ing is conducted voluntarily each evening through the school week by students at six o’clock in Main 203. Faculty members meet at seven o’clock each Tuesday morning for a period of worship and prayer. THE GIRLS GAIN STRENGTH THROUGH PRAYER IN MAIN BUILDING Leaders: Ryland Lackore Natalie Reagan RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK The College is a religious institution with Christian principles as its foun¬ dation. It gets most of its support from Christian people. It is controlled and operated by Christian men and women. The Administration recommends that each student take an active part in the religious program of the School. One week in each semester is set aside for religious emphasis. In the fall semester, members of the Faculty brought timely messages of inspi¬ ration. In the spring semester, Dr. Dale Oldham delivered many equally inspiring messages. Dr. Oldham Inspires Students in the Spring Semester When you are in college and have a full pro¬ gram of study and work, it is essential that you deliberately " take time to be holy,” as the song has it. The spirit of man cannot run on momentum; it must be fed regularly on the Bread of Life. To make it easier and more convenient for students to find a set time for worship and inspiration, regular chapel services are held for college s tudents in the Park Place church three mornings a week. In addition to this the College sponsors a special Religious Emphasis Week in the spring and again in the fall. The guest minister is available for counseling at stated periods during the day, when students may bring him their problems. In the fall of 1949, it is planned, the special Religious Emphasis Week will also include evening services in the Park Place church. [ 79 ] Students Speak Around the World on the Christian Brotherhood Hour The forty voices who sing His praise each week from coast to coast and from Alaska to Mexico on the Christian Brotherhood Hour are our own college students. The above picture shows the choir on the platform at the Park Place church during a chapel service devoted to the Christian Brotherhood Hour. While Radio Director Richard Meischke auditions the singing of these hundreds of students from the CBH control room, Prof. Robert Nicholson re¬ hearses them in the large auditorium. In the words of the director, " They sound great. " Jean Barnes is at the piano, Waneta Mont¬ gomery Geron at the organ. The student body joined in for the broad¬ cast pictured above, which was heard by an international audience during May of this year. Under the baton (two hands, ten fingers, and one hundred muscles) of Professor Nichol¬ son, young and talented choral conductor, the choir recorded for Tru Tone Records an album of seven inspired hymns and spirituals. [ 80 ] I -I Row 1: Marianne Barbee, Dorothy Till, Adeline Buller, Phyllis Bunner, Wanda Jones, Maxine Grunwald, Jean Kidd, Joan Cline, Ruth McQuinn. Row 2: Shirley Williams, Ann Espey, Joyce Wilcox, Evelyn Seeley, Marjorie Lammers, Ethel Chalmers, Lydia Hansen, Georgetta Kinney, Claire Gayle, Thola Dewitt. Row 3: Bill Ellis, Mack Johnson, Herschel Craig, Donald Insley, Leroy Falling, Charles W. Jones, Kenneth Seeley. Row 4: Ralph Hoar, Paul Yutzy, Philip Kinley, Leonard Taylor, Byron Crosthwaite, Orville Ratzlaff, Herman Harwell, Robert Austin. Mr. Ben H. Watt Dr. E. Stanley Jones Dr. John Trevor RELIGIOUS LEADERS VISIT OUR CAMPUS [ 82 ] I ! i I i ■ •u I ■ ? || li Row 1: Jodie Hollaway, Don Goens, Paul Arthur, Carl Peterson, Lonnie Swann, Paul Yutzy, Bill Worth, Vivian Phelps, Herschel Craig, Sidney Johnson, John Mowery, Charlie Kissell, Chester Kline. Row 2: Flavy Brown, Walter Duvall, Don Collins, Carl Williams, Lloyd Butler, Robert Boyette, Ralph Morton, Kenneth Good, Glen Ball, Walter Lehmann, Marion Fraysur, Harry Hebenthal, Chester Taylor. Row 3. Pat Ryan, Bill Ellis, Rodney Wha- lon, Jack Cassidy, Don Pickett, Lee Theo¬ dore, Homer Murrell, Ralph Hoar, Jeff Webb, Alvin NuSz, Daniel Sweeney, Ed¬ ward Duty, Jack McGill, Henry Cole, Gus Jeeninga, Charles Detweiler. Row 4: Art Coberly, Robert Hill, Horace Pulsipher, Lester Kline, Charles Treffry, Edgar Smith, Leonard Taylor, John Bobak, Phil Crubaugh, James Stewart, Ralph Johnson, Norman Butler, Verle Fridley. MINISTERIAL FELLOWSHIP The Ministerial Fellowship as an organization is a group of upperclassmen who have found that unity brings even greater results in the Lord’s work. But this is not exclusively an upperclassmen’s club. Anyone who is interested in promoting the kingdom of God can join by filing an application. All ordained ministers are wel¬ comed. The purpose of the Ministerial Fellowship is to meet the need, which every minister feels, of fellowship with those who share the same primary goal. The second purpose, perhaps as great as the first, is the educational value de¬ rived as the group sits at the feet of the older ministers. The meeting held in Main 203 the first and third Thurs¬ day of every month is for the express reason of learning from the advice of experienced leaders. Much is being accomplished through the Ministerial Fellowship by the Gospel Teams. A Gospel Team con¬ sists of five members who are sent by request to various churches in a radius of 150 miles of Anderson. The team members select a chairman, song director, pianist, and speaker from their group. Each team sends all the offer¬ ings it receives to the Ministerial Fellowship. Officers of the club were: Clyde Waite, president; Chester Kline, vice-president; Vivian Phelps, secretary-treasurer; and Harold Phillips, adviser. [ 83 ] Row 1: Velma Snyder, Vivian Phelps. Marilyn Butgereit, Norma Allen, Dr. Vila Deubach (adviser), Georgetta Kinney, Joyce Wheeler, Marion Tessier, Donna Carpenter. Row 2: George Cerbus, Paul Yutzy, James Toon, Lowell Williamson, John Kinney (vice-president ), Norman Sweeny (sec¬ retary-treasurer), Lonnie Swann, Kenneth Walker. Row 3: Joe Batdorf, Warren Gourley, Bob Weber, J. D. Chelette (president ), Lee Butgereit, Marvin Hartman, Robert Boy¬ ette, Glenn Rankin, Kenneth Good, Law¬ rence White. STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of the Student Council is to co-ordinate all activities of Anderson College and to stimulate co-oper¬ ation and efficiency in student organizations and com¬ mittees. Faculty members on the council (Dean, Head Men’s Counselor, et al.) are placed by position and are eight in number. Student membership consists of the president, vice-presi¬ dent, and secretary-treasurer of the Council; president and vice-president of each class; and one additional representative for each fifty members or fraction thereof of each class. The Student Council acts as the official representative of students of Anderson College to make their views artic¬ ulate and to care for their best interest. This Council works closely with other organizations and with the Col¬ lege Administration and Faculty. I [ 84 ] Joseph D. Chf.lette President John Kinney Vice-President Norman Sweeny Secretary-T re usurer Activities of Student Council Sponsoring a mock national presidential election in con¬ junction with the Great Issues Course. Sponsoring the election of students to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Assuming duties and positions of administration on Student Council; the formation of Freshmen Men’s and Women’s Social Clubs with sponsorship of the Men’s Assembly and the Women’s Assembly; the formation in conjunction with administration of the Student Union Committee for the men’s new dormitory. CHAIRMEN OF ALL-SCHOOL COMMITTEES Edgar Guycr, Religious Life. The Committee is designed to present a balanced religious program to the student. James Fair, Publications. This committee defines the policy of student publications and selects the student publications staff. James Toon, Athletics. The promotion and organization of intramural sports are the concern of this committee. Georgetta Kinney, Social Life. This committee schedules social functions in order to avoid overlapping. Not Pictured Jack Cassidy, Clubs Marion Tessier, Student Health Lowell Williamson, Government and Regulations [ 85 ] John Bouseman Publications Editor in Chief George Cerbus Publications Business Manager Marion Sell Publications Photographer Miss Lucile Willowby Publications Faculty Adviser [ 86 ] TYPISTS Not Pictured Jean Kidd Joyce Rousseau Marjorie Buller Ella Cleveland EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Pictured at right Ryland Lackore Marian Johnson Mildred Nickell Richard Burkhart Elaine Dreger Aubrey Kendall Philip Good EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS [87] ADVERTISING STAFF Richard Maness, Manage Collins, Assistants. arripna Barnes % Claude Good Chairman of Board of Editors SECTION EDITORS Gilbert Tinker, Features; Don Collins, Classes; Charles Kline, Clubs; Don Pickett, Sports; Melvin Goerz, Layout; William Johnson, Art. Not pictured: William Eddy, Re¬ ligion; and Ernest Gross, Index. ECHOES Florence Shotwell Page One—News. Seated: Jean Kidd, Joanna Smith, Esther Ikast. Standing: Paul Arthur, Raymond Scott, Raymond Horne, Merle Wise, James Fair (editor). Page Three—Society. Seated: Phyllis Long (editor), Claire Gayle, Joy Powell. Standing: Elaine Schroeder, Paul Clay, Raymond Horne, Esther Ikast. ANDERSONIAN 1948-49 Lonnie Swann Managing Editor Page Two—Features and Editorials: Elaine Schroe- dcr, Juanita Braswell, Velma Snyder, Marilyn Butger- eit (editor). Page Four—Sports. Seated: Billy Joe Thomas, Sam Cornelius, Jack Cousins. Standing: Dick Burkhart, Dick Quesenberry, J. D. Dillon (editor). Row 1: Dr. riser), Phyllis Mae Russell, Fleenor, Alta Carol Olson. Maty Cathryne Park ( ad- Long " , Wiletta Fleenor, Anna Irene Johnson, Don Deena Moore, Ivanell Henderson, Row 2: Deloris Oesch, Savilla Miller, Betty Schliep, Elaine Dreger, Naomi Golden, Donna Carpenter, Mary Mid- kiff, Anne Allendorf, Jean Snarr, Ella Cleveland. Row 3: Marilyn Butgereit, Vivian Wills, Joy Powell, Yvonne Fortner, Natalie Rea¬ gan, Fern Tipton, Aloma Saltzmann, Joyce Stone, Evelyn Bohannan, Marion Tessier, Joyce Wheeler, Blanche DeYoung, Helen Brown, Jessie Reedy. PEP CLUB The Pep Club had as its motto this year, " No criticism.” The main objectives of this club are to promote Christian Personality, Education, and Progress as emphasized through spiritual growth of members, scholastic en¬ deavors, and appreciation of music by the club’s choir which presents religious and semiclassical programs; to support school projects and to encourage school spirit. The high light of the year was Rose Ma rie, the annual musical, given on April 30. The Pep Club choir appeared at the Park Place Church several times and participated in some of the Christian Brotherhood Hour broadcasts. This club sponsored the first all-school ice skating party this year. The two-year project to buy furnishings for the snack bar to be set up in the Student Union, now under construction, was completed. This year’s officers were: Don Deena Fleenor, president; Phyllis Long, vice-presi¬ dent; Irene Johnson, secretary; Aloma Saltzmann, treas¬ urer; Dr. Mary Park, faculty adviser. [ 89 ] | mmmmm i i ■ ill Row 1: George Cerbus, Richard Maness, Paul Clausen, John Bouseman, Melvin Goerz, Charles Thomas, Max Harriger. Row 2: Jodie Hollaway, Douglas Anger, Lowell Williamson, Arlo Newell, Flavy Brown, Ernest Gross, James Childs, Fred Stroebel. Row 3: Eugene Powell, Orville Collins, Charles Lee, Everett Parks, Lee Theodore, James Mooney, Alfred Cain, Charles Loe- wen, Tim Karamitros. BOOSTER CLUB The Booster Club was organized in October, 1936, for the purpose of boosting general College functions, es¬ pecially athletic activities. The spirit of the Booster Club is reflected in their emblem, the Christian cross, which stands for the strength of religion, and the fleur-de-lis which symbolizes loyalty to a cause. It is for the ideals represented on their emblem that the club strives to pro¬ mote campus activities and intercollegiate participation in sports. This year the club sent lard to the Church of God Bible Training School in Fritzlar, Germany. Mr. Farrell Scott, noted tenor soloist, and the Booster Club chorus were sponsored in a presentation on February 4. The annual " State Stunt Night” was sponsored by the Booster Club. Officers for this year were: Eugene Powell, president; Melvin Goerz, vice-president; Arlo Newell, secretary; Don Boze, treasurer and store manager; Jodie Hollaway, historian; Dr. Val Clear, faculty adviser. [ 90 ] Camarada is a Spanish word meaning " comrade,” or " partner”; it is symbolized by the clasped hands on the emblem, and it is an ideal to which each girl aspires. This club was organized in the fall of 1942 upon the realization of the need for another girls’ service club. The organiza¬ tion’s main objective is to hold high the torch of friend¬ ship and service through daily Christian living and to sponsor service projects for the school and for others. The comedy Say It with Music was presented on March 12 by this club. The annual freshman breakfast hike was again sponsored by the Camaradas. Leadership of this group was vested in the following officers for this year: Maxine Grunwald, president; Frances Diezel, vice- president; Eva Kulhavey, secretary; Marjorie Lammers, treasurer; Wanda Jones, historian; Miss Theo Reynolds, faculty adviser. CAMARADA CLUB Row I: Maxine Grunwald, Frances Diezel, Prof. Theo Reynolds (adviser), Marjorie Lammers, Eva Kulhavey, Wanda Jones. Row 2: Margaret Lehmann, Helen Hen- shaw, Ina Jean Quisenberry, Georgetta Kinney, Elaine Schroeder, Ramona Martin, Juanita Braswell. Row 3: Dorothy Davis, Claire Gayle, Martha Walker, Faith Walker, Jane Ball, Patricia Austin, Geraldine Robertson, Esther Cantley, Ruth McQuinn, Evelynne Dreger. Row 4: Patricia Dean, Ryland Lackore, Beatrice Overholt, Eda Rose, June Walker, Ramona Larabee, Almeda Rawlings. R Approved by the Student Council of Anderson College on April 13, 1948, the Triad Club was the third men’s social organization to be organized on the campus. Al¬ though it is but one year old, it has already made great strides in achieving the goals set forth in its constitution. This club has for its purpose of existence a threefold principle: its members desire to contribute in a positive manner to the satisfaction of the religious, academic, and social needs of Anderson College and Theological Semi¬ nary students. These three constituents are not to be disproportionately emphasized, for each is assumed to have a critical and weighted significance, thereby making for perfect harmony in the club’s activities. This club sponsored an all-night prayer vigil this year. On October 8, the club presented Mrs. Ruth Ann Ramsay, dramatic artist, and Miss Ingyr Marie Lien, violinist, in a musical- dramatic program. Activities were co-ordinated under the leadership of Lonnie Swann, president; Ralph John¬ son, vice-president; Wyatt Weeks, secretary; Maurice Joiner, treasurer; Allan Powell, historian; Prof. Robert Ramsay, faculty adviser. TRIAD CLUB Row 1: John Mowery, Vern Forsberg, Earl Henshaw, Lonnie Swann, Charles W. Jones, Ralph Morton, Aaron Long, George Black- well, Wyatt Weeks. Row 2: Charles Wood, Bob Boyette, James Fair, Don Collins, Richard Swank, James Toon, Dante Schiavone, James Stewart, Verle Fridley, Prof. Robert Ramsay ( ad¬ viser ). Row 3: Charles Kline, Charles Treffry, Wayne Johnson, Eugene Ramsey, Raymond Horne, Allan Powell, Don Rice, Jarvis Wiuff, Ralph Johnson, Beverly Anderson. Row 1: Velma Snyder, Vivian Phelps, Evah Belle Hatch, Joyce Wilcox, Prof. Zylpha Hurlbut (adviser), Donna Thomas, Joyce Wiuff, Ruth Ritter, Mary Fortney, Lucille Strawn. Row 2: Ruth Shoemaker, Genevieve Smith, Vonceil Benson, La Wanda Koglin, Anna- belle Annis, Esther Ikast, Frances Brown, Joan Cline, June McMillen, Olive Santon. Row 3: Avon Knox, Ava Withers, Ruth McKinney, Mildred Nickell, Juanita Humphrey, Twila Alexander, Ruby Eng¬ land, Lydia Hansen, Doris Davis. CIHU The Cihu Club is an outgrowth of the Women’s Club of 1945-46, which was organized to help integrate fresh¬ men women into college life and promote a fellowship among them. In the spring of 1946 it became a major women’s organization. The name Cihu is very significant in that it means, " Can I Help You?” This was taken from the booklet written by Dr. Frank C. Laubach, Let’s All Cihu, and it has consistently been the purpose of the club to fulfill the objectives which are implied in its name. The purpose of the club is: to work together in projects of service, both as individuals and as a group; to promote friendship wherever and whenever Cihu CLUB I i members meet others; to have a special interest in cre¬ ating friendship and fellowship; and to afford oppor¬ tunities for association, both in recreation and devotions. A concrete example of their help was shown in their sending of a CARE package each month to some needy family in Europe. The club sponsored the all-school roller skating party on November 6 and a vesper service for freshmen women on May 6. Officers for this year were: Donna Thomas, president; Emily Botts, vice-president; Evah Belle Hatch, secretary; Joyce Wilcox, treasurer; Joyce Wiuff, historian; Miss Zylpha Hurlbut, faculty adviser. [ 93 ] Sachem is an Indian name meaning " leader,” or " chief.” Sachems incorporate the finest aspiration of manhood in their motto: " God first, others second, self last.” The aim of this club is to create and maintain school spirit on a high level. Contributions of several kinds were made to the College and to other institutions. The Sachem Scholarship was awarded again this year—designed to help some worthy student. In commemoration of their eleventh anniversary, the Sachems presented on January 7 Austin Goetz’s comedy, Papa Behave. Officers for this year were: Marvin Hartman, president; Bill Eddy, vice-president; James Macholtz, secretary and store man¬ ager; C. Jean Kilmer, treasurer; Isom Crockett, chaplain; Marshall Call, historian; Don Pyle, sergeant at arms; and Dr. John Buehler, faculty adviser. SACHEM CLUB Row 1: Dr. John A. Buehler ( adviser ), James Austin, Don Pyle, James Macholtz, Marvin Hartman, Isom Crockett, J. D. Chelette, John Kinney, Edgar Guyer, C. Jean Kilmer. Row 2: Don Lewis, Felix Murrell, Lee Butgereit, Jack Taylor, Joseph Anderson, Gerald Culbertson, Donald Puller, Jack Cassidy, Gus Jeeninga. Row 3: Robert Austin, Joseph Batdorf, Henry Coker, Truman Harris, Carl Mun¬ son, John Cherney, Marshall Call, Paul Yutzy, Lawrence White. Row 4: Carl Smith, Albert Ratcliff, Jack Anderson, Shirell Fox, Carter Byfield, Joseph Puchek, Norman Sweeny, Billy Joe Thomas. [94] I ert Smith, Phil Jenkins, Henry Dreger, Dan Harman, Billy Joe Thomas, Paul Arthur, Raymond Scott, Herman Harwell, Loren Friddle. Row 4: Percy Tramel, Martha Dailey, John Schmidt, Prince Deal, Aubrey Matthews, Tom Cockerham, Don Rice, Philip Kin- ley, Sam Betts, Lee Theodore, Fred Col- lingwood, Harold Conrad, Wilber Hatch, Carl Miller, Roy Martin, Isom Crockett. DRAMATICS CLUB Seated: Richard Maness, Orville Collins, Prof. Ruth Ann Ramsay (adviser), Esther Beaty, Harry Redmond. Row 1: Lucille Lennex, Juanita Ballard, Wanda Ballard, Jean Nolan, Jean Snarr, Florence Shotwell, Marian Johnson, Mari¬ lyn Adcock, Norma Reynolds, Elaine Dreger, Jane Bradford, Doris Peeler, Gar- netta Lash, Geneva Nelson, Anne Nichols. Row 2: Beverly Johnston, Mary Funder- burg, Mary Midkiff, Esther Ikast, Aloma Saltzmann, Ardelle Tellinghuisen, Norma Allen, June Walker, Gayle Miller, Joanna Smith, Peggy Mims, Drucilla Cima, Joyce Rousseau, Rosella Whitehead, Shirley Sears. Row 3: Alta Moore, Ann Espey, Joyce Wilcox, Stanley Nichols, Marvin Tuttle, Obadiah Williams, Charles Hawkins, Rob- The purpose of this organization is the development of personality through creative interpretation and experience in participating in dramatic productions. Organized in 1926, the club is one of the oldest and most active on the campus. The romantic comedy Smilin’ Through, and Our Hearts Were Young and Gay were the major productions of the first semester. The Betrayal, a drama of the passion of Christ, in three acts, was the major pro¬ duction of the second semester. This production was taken on a tour of Church of God congregations in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. During the second semester a series of one-act plays was sponsored by the club and directed by students. New lighting equipment and a new set of scenery were presented to the dramatic department by this club. The officers of this year were: Richard Maness, president; Harry Redmond, vice-presi¬ dent and business manager; Esther Beaty, secretary; Or¬ ville Collins, treasurer and assistant business manager; Mrs. Ruth Ann Ramsay, faculty adviser. j r .,1 iJl Yt iMI Kr » ■ %- - ■ wM i jggii 7 • ” M v M j wf- ' m J ARyik d H d !§- - ■«« Pp«. ■ |p . ■ iB r v E9 % rv 1 K s- m ip Si m «r- 9 v 91 r ■ J3E ■ Mil ' This is an organ ization of persons interested in the study and discussion of current international problems and the promotion of peace. The club sponsored several important projects this year: the American Melting Pot Dinner, held on November 5, for various cultural groups in the city of Anderson; and the Model General Assembly of the United Nations, held on the campus March 25-26, for students of the high schools in the vicinity of Ander¬ son and students of Anderson College, Franklin College, and Taylor University. The club, an organization of about seventy-five persons, carried out an interesting schedule of monthly programs, including the presentation of a number of chapel speakers. Community interest and backing of the club were emphasized by the fact that more than seventy prominent Anderson citizens accepted invitations to serve as city sponsors of the club. The International Relations Club is affiliated with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Collegiate Council of the American Association for the United Nations, Inc. Officers for this year included: Fred Stroebel, president; Jarvis Wiuff, first vice-president; Carl Munson, second vice-president; Obadiah Williams, third vice- president; Claude Good, secretary; Vern Forsberg, treasurer; Miss Leona Nelson and Miss Amy Lopez, faculty advisers. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB ||M ifi I ■Er I waS P- -j-m ■!» u Row 1: LaVonne Little, Marguerite Leon¬ ard, Prof. Amy Lopez, Prof. Leona Nel¬ son, Lydia Hansen, Aletta van der Breggen, Donna Carpenter, Deloris Minniear. Row 2: Peter Tjart, John Bouseman, Dan Bedsole, Gordon Schieck, Jarvis Wiuff, John Kinney, Carl Smith, Claude Good, Gus Jeeninga. Row 3: Vern Forsberg, Richard Harp, Jim Mohns, J. R. Edwards, Palmer Collins, Jack Taylor, Carl Munson, Aubrey Ken¬ dall, Jack Cousins, Fred Stroebel, Prof. Robert McDonald. [96] Row 1: Velma Snyder, Evah Belle Hatch, Dean Russell Olt, Prof. Florence Orr, Dr. Vila Deubach, Dr. Mary Park (adviser), Prof. Amy Lopez, Shirell Fox, Prof. Lucile Willowby, Prof. Ruth Ann Ramsay. Row 2: Helen Henshaw, Evelynne Dreg- er, Lydia Hansen, Jarvis Wiuff, Mildred Nickell, Genevieve Brown Smith, Anna- belle Annis, Marilyn Butgereit, Margaret Owsley, Claire Gayle, John Lorton, Alvin Wayne Johnson, Verle Fridley. Row 3: Dick Maness, Harry Redmond, John Bouseman, Oswald Murray, Loren Friddle, James Childs, James Stewart, Jerry Hamon, Charles Solid, Fred Stroebel, Don Puller. SIGMA TAU DELTA Iota Epsilon Chapter of the national professional English honorary fraternity, Sigma Tau Delta, has completed its first year of activities on the Anderson College campus. An honor society dedicated to encouraging fellowship among faculty and students of English, as well as pro¬ viding avenues for appreciation of literature and the nurture of creative effort in the school, Sigma Tau Delta offers opportunities for meaningful expression through activities centered around its motto, " Sincerity, Truth, and Design.” Members are admitted to the Chapter under the require¬ ments of the national office, including attainment in scholarship, interest and achievement in literature, and creative endeavor. Initiation ceremonies are conducted in a setting emphasizing the purposes and ideals of the society. Significant speakers are brought to the campus for the benefit of the student body as occasion indicates. An expanding program is visualized for the coming years in which the society can render ever-increasing service in promoting living literature and its aims as an integral part of Anderson College life. [97] I M. A. The Men’s Assembly is composed of all male students on the campus. It aims at the proper adjustment of all relationships of men to college life. Officers this year were: Leroy Butgereit, president; Henry Coker, vice- president; Truman Harris, secretary-treasurer. The Fine Arts Club was organized to stimulate and en¬ courage interest and appreciation of music, drama, paint¬ ing, and literature. It tries to bring at least one lecturer in each of the four fields to the campus in addition to sponsoring art exhibits and teas in honor of outstanding achievements of its members. Prof. Ruthven Byrum is faculty adviser. This year’s officers were: William John¬ son, president; George Cerbus, vice-president; Ruth Owen, secretary-treasurer. Henry Coker Leroy Butgereit Truman Harris FINE ARTS CLUB Row 1: Joyce Stone, Romaine Houghtelin, Marian Johnson, Mary Funderberg, Doris Peeler, Ella Cleveland. Row 2: William Johnson, George Cerbus, Joyce Weiler, Esther Ikast, Blanche De¬ Young, Ruth Owens, Don Goens. Row 3: Richard Swank, Isom Crockett, Allen Moore, Lee Theodore, Tom Cocker- ham, Loren Friddle, Prof. Ruthven Byrum ( adviser ), Kenneth Knight. 1 ,c 4 L JHSgl 3 » 1 mg . irj Vsw-j W jKpTll r sr ' ;■ 11 ' m ! If 1, 1 1 m ■. a W. S. G. A. The Women’s Student Government Association is an organization of all the women students of the campus. Its aim is to help women students to adjust themselves to college life and to prepare for ideal womanhood. Officers this year were: Velma Snyder, president; Patricia Austin, vice-president; Ryland Lackore, secretary; June Walker, treasurer. The German Fellowship consists of present and past Ger¬ man students and others who are interested in sending packages to Germany. Its purpose is to promote a general appreciation of German culture and a better understand¬ ing of the German people. Prof. Anna Koglin is faculty adviser. Officers were: Don Collins, president; Lydia Hansen, secretary; Kenneth G ood, treasurer. Velma Snyder President Patricia Austin Vice-President June Walker T reasurer Ryland Lackore Secretary GERMAN FELLOWSHIP Row 1: Ruth Ritter, Marilyn Butgereit, Lydia Hansen, Prof. Anna Koglin ( ad¬ viser ), Prof. Amy Lopez, Ethel Chalmers, Ramona Larabee. Row 2: Gus Jeeninga, Earl Velosky, Harold Conrad, Don Collins, Charles Loewen, Stanley Fluck, Bob Austin. Row 3: Dick Harp, Oswald Murray, Joe Batdorf, Don Puller, Charles Kline, Peter Tjart, Raymond Scott. S i ill 6 ) H • ' §m m ;I i k || 1 Mi % ' niwnwf a 1 , tBp ■. v j t i Davis, Mary Lou Beers. Row 2: Doris Peeler, Florence Shotwell, Eva Joanne Kulhavey, Natalie Reagan, Evelyn Seeley, Jane Ball, Larue Rupp. Row 3: John Horevay, Leonard Taylor, Louis Lerner, John Cherney, Lawrence White. (George Cerbus, president, is not pictured.) Row 1: Prof. Florence Jean Eggert ( adviser ), Sarah Best, Doris Davis {president ), Irene McGuire. Row 2: Jean Kidd, Loren Friddle, Allen Moore, Byron Crosthwaite, Ann Espey. Row 3: Donald Dean, Palmer Collins, Eugene Ramsay, Herman Harwell. Row 1: Mrs. John Horevay, Mrs. Charles Treffry, Mrs. Allan Thompson, Mrs. Jodie Hollaway, Mrs. Carl Peterson, Mrs. Wal¬ ter Haldeman, Mrs. Clayton Shankland, Mrs. James Childs. Row 2: Mrs. Verle Fridley, Mrs. Charles Cheeks, Mrs. Percy Tramel, Mrs. James Toon, Mrs. Alvin Nusz, Mrs. Don Rice, Mrs. Donald Dean, Mrs. Albert Augustson. Row 3: Mrs. Herman Johnson, Mrs. Lewis Revelant, Mrs. Maurice Joiner, Mrs. Eu¬ gene Madison, Mrs. Loyd Butler, Mrs. Ambrose Berkebile, Mrs. Carl Kardatzke, Mrs. Claude Good, Mrs. Edward Duty. Row 4: Mrs. Jeff Webb, Mrs. Leonard Taylor, Mrs. Leon Barnes, Mrs. Raymond Wagner, Mrs. William Staub, Mrs. George Williamson, Mrs. Clyde Waite, Mrs. Thomas Lee, Mrs. Martin Norris. DAMES CLUB The Dames Club is composed of married women students, wives of students, and wives of faculty members. Its purpose is to promote fellowship among the married women of the College. The club is subdivided into several interest groups which meet at various times during the month. The artcraft group has studied textile painting and in¬ terior decorating under the leadership of Mrs. James Sebring and Mrs. William Worth. Prof. Ruthven Byrum is the adviser. is chairman of the Dames Club dramatic group. The choir meets once a week under the leadership of Mrs. William Staub, with Mrs. Wyatt Weeks as chairman. Problems of parents are discussed by the child study group. Mrs. Rudy Grubich is chairman and Mrs. Carl Kardatzke, adviser. The knitting group meets once a month, with Mrs. Percy Tramel as chairman. Several plays have been presented by the drama group, directed by Mrs. Walter S. Haldeman. Mrs. Fred Stroebel The qualifications necessary for the successful minister’s wife are studied by the ministers’ wives group. This group has regular monthly meetings with Mrs. Charles Cheeks as chairman and Mrs. John A. Morrison as adviser. The officers of the Dames Club are: Mrs. John Morrison, sponsor; Mrs. James Childs, president; Mrs. Frederick Stroebel, vice-president; Mrs. Herman Johnson, secretary; Mrs. Loyd Butler, treasurer. [101] Row 1: Marion Tessier, Prof. Zylpha Hurlbut, Prof. Theo Reynolds, Ina Jean Quisenberry. Row 2: Norman Sweeny {presi¬ dent), Marlyn Meyer, Olive Arms, John Kinney, Dr. John Buehler. Row 3: Prof. Jack Weaver, Larry Withers, Jim Macholtz, Philip Good. SIGMA ZETA Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatics fra¬ ternity. To be a member one must have satisfactory scholarship and participation in both acting and pro¬ duction phases of college dramatics. The Lambda Theta cast was organized in the spring of 1948. The purpose of this national honorary science society, Sigma Zeta, is to encourage and foster the attainment of knowledge of all the sciences. This is the first year of organization at Anderson College. ALPHA PSI OMEGA L - . JU it r ? k V 4 Y A j a - 3 Row 1: Prof. Ruth Ann Ramsay {adviser). Prof. Lucile Willow- by, Prof. Theo Reynolds, Dr. Mary C. Park. Row 2: Loren Friddle, LaVonne Little, Joyce Wilcox {secretary), Aloma Saltzmann, Esther Beaty, Vern Forsberg {vice-president). Row 3: Don Burns, Harry Red¬ mond, Charles Lee, Dick Maness {president), Wilbur Hatch, Or¬ ville Collins. Row 1: Prof. Helen Hall ( ad¬ viser) i, Ruth Koch, LaVonne Little, Jean Kidd. Row 2: Doris Peeler, Annabelle Annis, Lydia Hansen, Claire Gayle, Marian Johnson. Row 3: Peter Tjart (secretary- treasurer}, Lawrence White, Oba- diah Williams, Wayne Johnson (president ), Don Puller, Loren Friddle. GREEN INKERS The Green Inkers Club was formed to encourage and instruct students interested in creative writing. The " Green Inker,” an annual booklet composed of student efforts in poetry, essay, etc., was first published in the spring of 1948. The Photography Club promotes interest in photography among the students. Its meetings consist of the showing of slides and photos taken by members, and of lectures on phases of photography. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Row 1 (seated): Vergie Bowlby, Peggy Mims, Dr. Mary C. Park. Row 2: Dr. John Buehler (ad¬ viser), Bill Oblinger, Fred Nightingale, Dean Gerig, Merle Wise (president), Prof. Robert E. McDonald. [103} Row 1: Velma Snyder, Ella Cleveland, Margaret Stauffer, Joyce Stone, Doris Davis, Doris Peeler, Ramona Martin, Bonny- lyne Portwood, Ivanell Henderson. Row 2: Helen Henshaw, Jacqueline Sim¬ mons, Evelynne Dreger, Doris Johnson, Mary Ahlemann, Fern Tipton, Ryland Lackore, Willodine Coker, Elaine Schroe- der, Barbara Taylor. Row 3: Georgetta Kinney, Audrey Bouse- man, Glenn DuBois, Earl Henshaw, Doug¬ las Oldham, Joe Bellamy, Homer Schauer, Richard Tazelaar, Paul Clausen, Donna Carpenter. Row 4: C. Jean Kilmer, Paul Jenkins, Charles Wood, Henry Coker, Lowell Wil¬ liamson, Ernest Gross, John Lorton, Robert Boyer, Henry Dreger, Glenn Young, Rich¬ ard Maness. OLLEGE CHOIR One of the most inspiratiorial and active organizations on the campus is the fo$ -voice College Choir, whose members represent sixteen different states. The singing of religious music is its main emphasis. Membership is restricted, for certain requirements must be met. Under the able direction of Prof. Robert A. Nicholson, the choir this year sang regularly on the Christian Brother¬ hood Hour, took a major part in the annual May Music Festival, sang occasionally in chapel, and made the annual V fourteen congregations of the Church of God in New York City, Washington, D.C., Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. As one of its special presentations, the choir sang The German Requiem, by Johannes Brahms, at Yorktown, Indiana, and Park Place Church. Officers for this year were: Velma Snyder, presi¬ dent; C. Jean Kilmer, vice-president; Barbara Taylor, - concert tour (Mjarch 25 through April 4), singing in V I . r? K pji secretary; Paul Clausen, treasurer. Accompanist was Don¬ na Carpenter. A A Row 1: Herman Harwell, Robert Smith, Dean Gerig, Jack Knowles, Prof. Fred Shackleton (director ). Row 2: J. D. Dillon, Douglas Oldham, Row 1: Martha Draper, Betty Schliep, Florence Shotwell, Doris Pleasant, Nelda Randle, Alta Moore, Martha Strickler, Prof. Robert Nicholson (director). GLEE CLUBS Troy Hall, Charles Moore, Connie Mack Caldwell, Lewellyn Goodrick, Byron West- lake. Row 2: Phyllis Gillespie, Donna Griffith, Beverly Johnston, Edna Witham, Gayle Millar, Ardella Tellinghuisen, Helen Brown, Theda Johnson, Mary Lou Beers. Lee Theodore, Kenneth Knight, Paul Yutzy, Harry Hebenthal. Row 3: Maurice Sergeant, William Ob- linger, Ralph Hoar, Raymond Wagner, [105] Row 3: Anne Nichols, Joyce Weiler, Mary Funderburg, Janet Bolin, Patsy Colling- wood, Norma Reynolds, Adeline Buller, Jean Ratzlaff, Marjorie Buller. Seated: Richard Swank, June Walker, Martha Walker, Olive Santon, Ralph Hoar, Charles Thomas. Standing: Prof. Fred Shackleton, Bill Patterson, Harry Hebenthal, Byron Westlake, Robert Joslin, Henry Dreger, Dick Burkhart, Claude Good. ANDERSON COLLEGE BAND [ 106 ] Row 1: Robert Deal, Charles Hawkins, Robert N. Smith, Douglas Oldham, Charles Whitmill. Row 2: Bill Ellis, Jerry Boch, Prince Deal, Marion Fraysur, Paul Smith, Clifford Sex¬ ton. Row 3: Aubrey Kendall, Phillip Kinley, Thomas Cockerham, Henry Dreger, Prof. Robert McDonald (adviser). The Green Knights, newly organized freshmen men’s club, was organized for the purpose of help¬ ing freshmen become adjusted religiously, socially, and academically to the standards of Anderson College. The Green Knights were organized under the direction of the Student Council on March 1, 1949 . The officers elected at this meeting were: Charles GREEN KNIGHTSy jj y ' ?sra R. Hawkins, president; Douglas Oldham, vice- president; Robert Smith, secretary; Robert Deal, treasurer; Charles Whitmill, historian. On March 22, the club unanimously agreed to ask Prof. Robert McDonald to be faculty adviser. This club will be carried on from year to year with the officers of the preceding year remaining in office until the new members are organized. [107] Row 1: Faith Walker, June Walker, Mar¬ tha Walker, Joyce Hensley, Dick Swank, Verle Robey, Claude Good, Earl Gadberry, Paul Yutzy, Oswald Murray and John Lor- ton. Row 2: Richard Burkhart, George Dennis- ton, Miss Ingyr Marie Lien (conductor), Robert Mong, Betty Leavenworth, Carolyn Dennis, La Wanda Koglin and Stanley Nichols. ORCHESTRA The orchestra had its beginning last year under the direction of Miss Ingyr Marie Lien. Organized as a string ensemble, it has been expanded this year into an orchestra of twenty-four pieces. The outstanding event of the year for the orchestra was its participation in the May Festival. Next year, plans are to enlarge the wood-wind sec¬ tion and add a percussion group. The orchestra also plans to present a concert. [108} Features Registration PLAY BALL STRIKE THREE Freshmen Initiation! Onions, pigtails, Lipstick, rouge. Hacked-off stockings, Mismatched socks. Rolled-up pant legs, Faded slacks. Fire chute, snake dance, College Gym. Stinking Freshmen— But no more— For the Soph’mores Washed ’em off!! —Lawrence White ti [ 112 ] tt Those Upperclassmen They sent me down the fire escape; My head with oil(?) they did anoint; They closed my eyes with some old rag, Then rolled me down a cliff. They took my shoes; then tortured me; They later hitched me up to drive Me o’er the city streets, then dumped Me in the river cold. But worse than this, I had to sit And smile and clap and seem amused At all the antics they performed, Not showing I was bored. —Lawrence White At® £C gS ' CHUCK LEE—IN PERSON cAJu- tL State Night Stunt the mop ha ' r THRtE [ 115 } State Stunt Night Queen and Attendants FIEDELBAUM [ 116 } MISS ROSEBUD RUSS CONVICTED—GUILTY OF LIVING EAST OF THE ROCKIES TRUE LOVE NEVER FAILS LET ME HEAR THAT HIGH NOTE 2 1 L ■ iW r 1 | G . FlJ THE GLOWWORM—MILLS HOUSE STYLE GET-TOGETHER IN " OLE " MAIN JUG” RECEIVES A CALL EL? VEL? VASHING DR. EDUARD C. LINDEMAN New York City GUEST SPEAKER [ 125 ] Melting-Pot Dinner fish, fish, aMD okB VlSH CA at oSB BO k Alumni Days [ 126 ] SCALP ’EM, BOOSTERS! VARSITY VERSUS RESERVES MA lB AlSS MRS. R OBERT S. RAMSAY Tri-Ad Night Men’s New Dormitory Near Completion--April During the current school year, a group of interested citizens in Anderson felt that the city should share in the expansion program of Anderson College and under the leadership of Mr. Linfield Myers, president of the Anderson Bank, Mr. T. C. Werbe, president of the Lynch Corporation, Mr. Frank Zoll, general secretary of the Anderson Y.M.C.A., and Mr. Everett Hartung of the Broadway Sales Company, it was decided that the city should share in the program to the extent of one hundred thousand dollars. Through the untiring efforts of the above-mentioned men together with a host of others, three-fourths of the goal was already pledged by the Christmas season, 1948. The plan called for the last twenty-five thousand dollars to be raised through a popular campaign among local organizations, and the question was raised as to whether the students at the college would care to take a quota of twenty-five hundred dollars. Dr. Morrison agreed to go before the students with the proposition and ask them for support. To say that this was a step of faith is to put it mildly. Some ninety per cent of the students at the college are working to put themselves through school. The part-time employment opportunities had all but vanished and many students, in early January, felt that they might not be able to last the semester through financially. However, President Morrison in a stirring chapel address presented the matter of Christian education and the great spiritual objectives of the college to the student body in a challenging and forceful manner. At the end of his talk he asked, with some slight fear as to the response, for a show of hands indicating whether the stu¬ dents would pledge and the amount. A great sea of hands went up all over the chapel. It was a great spiritual experience to see the sacrifice and devotion of these students who, many of them, were in the most dire finan¬ cial circumstances. When the last pledge was counted, there was pledged by the student body of Anderson College over four thousand dollars, almost double the amount expected by any of us. There was hardly a dry eye in the house that day as this great Christian student body again affirmed its love and devotion to the great basic ideals and objectives of the Alma Mater. The enthusiasm engendered was with¬ out doubt the spark which made the city campaign succeed in its effort to raise one hundred thousand dollars locally for the expansion program of Anderson College. „ —Robert Reardon [ 133 ] T Finals s ■■ - 1 ’; T $ SfiSEfR V. ■ ' %gT» i l W ' o :-.Jpj , ‘SggB i [ 137 ] RAVEN’S NEST MAY’S GRAY’S . H r v . -fr 1 ML ' h y M W% Ir Jr ipi % % V K |i|l 1 F ood My stummik says I’ve got to eat— But classtime’s cornin’ soon, you see, So I’ll just slide across the street And get a snack from Gadberry. Where can I go at half-past eight To find a bite to eat? I’ll trot Across to the Raven’s Nest to see If Wayne can fill that empty spot. Then when I’m coming back from town And get too weak to make it home, I get a milkshake down at May’s And slurp away and watch it foam. But Sunday night right after church, I go out Fifth to visit Gray’s; And if a ’burger’s left for me, I find to walk there really pays. —Lawrence White GADBERRY’S CAFETERIA [ 139 ] Election Day at Anderson College Art at Anderson College PAINTING u.-j. m. L H ’ X v 4 ' WsMrwi ' £2S$iu ' ■ J:jM V Mi i WINTER WONDERLAND MRS. FOX AND THE MISTLETOE WORK FOR ONE OBJECTIVE TAKE A DEEP BREATH —HOLD IT! ■Row 1: Lowell Williamson, James Macholtz, Homer Schauer, Dewayne Bell, Russell Wilson, Robert Macholtz, Norman Sweeny. Row 2: Joseph Chelette, Don Deena Fleenor, John Bouseman. ho’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges We present here the group of Junior and Senior students who were chosen as repre¬ sentatives of Anderson College for the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universi¬ ties and Colleges. [ 147 } BASKETBALL USHERS AND TICKET SALESMEN CARL ERSKINE ENTERS ANDERSON COLLEGE I. R.C. Model United Nations General Assembly ENGLAND OPENS THE SESSION LT. GEN. WILLIS D. CRITTENBERGER GUEST SPEAKER AT BANQUET NORTH ATLANTIC DEFENSE PACT t $ ,i ■4 f!!Wf nP -r n f y j iim WmS SA lT SflYfft Camarada Play A SURE CURE FOR MEN-HATERS THE LIBRARY MANY HAPPY HOURS SPENT HERE? NEW POST OFFICE BUT THE SAME OLD STORY, NO LETTER TODAY. INFORMATION, PLEASE ' iV i i’l if L 1 MtJf Sjflr ffjT rjri " ' ? yftKaaw t tilM i m of raSaE- “4 3 t! 4 iiT ii « • yy v Ui; || ' ■ J3| ft : A -f i i«33CV ' ' » B8iSato g fei ' ' aKM f 3 i v s ■? . f 7 ysf iU W|fl | } M y h jtl NEW BOOKSTORE BOOKS, BOOKS, AND MORE BOOKS! Attendants —Don Deena Fleenor and Ina Quisenberry, seniors; Wanda Jones and Maxine Grunwald, juniors; Anne Allendorf and Esther Ikast, sophomores; Vergie Wellman and Peggy Mims, fresh¬ men. Velma Snyder, May Queen, 1949 laven Gridders And Harru Manchester Is Host To Double Bill me Will Be Aired In Afternoon By WCBC »wo games successfully and Its No. 1 position with- Hoosier College Conference e, ’Pop” Hedden’s Anderson eleven moves in on the «ter Spartans Saturday in it which pits a much strong- crew against a practically t7 aggregation which play- son to a 0-0 tie last year, and his proteges will be ad by a large crowd of the group leaving for ;hester in mid-morning, me has been set for 2 1 for the benefit of fans tten 1, WCBC will broad- by play description of Anderson and Man- rs will show their -mile course. Coach take most of his ..he northern city vhich marks the derson 1948 sea- ss country team on in the Hooe- ce. S T’ oach Harold the familiar thoroughly College in telage of ie of the ■rs of the •tang used with the nson went It wasn’t ■ that the tilized ex- rand, will gle wing What A Difference A Year Makes By GENE DYER m By CHARLES LAUGHLIN Bulletin Sports Editor Cleveland, Oct. 8. — Home of the All-America Conference football champions and potential abode of the World S ' - kings, this city is one whirlwind of sports fever on Lake Erie with a strong stock of mixed r • " metro- shelter and rr " ' Barnett, Smith To Coach Vets Don Barnett and Bob Smith, Anderson High School a- fame, will pilot the 1948 ball players who ar- the local Grc” Veterar tition Rains Delay . Senes Cleveland, and trains — c the other late barreled menat game of the W The rains c. more were sci trains, bearing Boston Braves Ians, plus all been writing p about ’em, wer ule on their Be After the Ir day’s secohd the big class letes took oft stadium to re The Braves were due at standard tim- changed to 7 an 7:05 a. m, to greet ’em were moved 1 Commissioi Chandler, w ' sion on dele game, is • ' according, while two papermen noon and hours beh The g (central press bo- den ' - S ' c Football, as sports go, is new at Anderson College. It first found a place on the athletic program in the fall of 1947 under the guiding eye of genial Frank " Pop” Hedden, athletic director and head coach. That first year found two ties, one victory, and five losses chalked up in the Raven scorebook. The 1948 season, however, presented an entirely different picture. With Hanover, the Ravens rode undefeated over Hoosier College Conference com¬ petition to share the title. The two defeats in six games came on gridirons away from home. The Heddenmen went through half of the season with¬ out being scored on and gained recognition as the last undefeated, untied, unscored-on eleven in the nation to be dropped from that category. It was no easy task for Coach Hedden to develop such a machine, but his efforts were well rewarded. Home games were played on the new athletic field, although facilities were only of a temporary nature. Members of the pigskin crew voted Carter Byfield, Indianapolis, Ind., " Most Valuable Player of 1948,” to join Jim Macholtz, St. Joseph, Mich., holder of the 1947 title. [ 154 ] HOOSIER CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPIONS Row 1: left to right: Joe Bellamy ( student manager ), John Wilson, William Sebree, Ray Wilson, Ike Weatherly, Bill Ameredes, Tom Redmond, Bob Freeman, William Atsalis, Don Lewis. Row 2: Otto Engelmann ( student manager ), Chuck Harris, Phil Jenkins, Anthony Miscione, John Thompson, Joseph Delwey, Jim Hanna, Don Pyle, Jim Macholtz, Jim Barrett, Albert Ratcliff, Dick Quesenberry. Row 3: " Pop” Hedden ( head coach ), Henry Schrenker ( assistant coach ), Paul Smith, Kenneth Seeley, Hubert Bunyan, Bob Stone, Jerry Horst, Jim Pickens, Don Jarrell, Kenneth Walker. Top row: Frank Welton ( assistant coach ), Bob Absher, George McCool, Dante Schiavone, Carter Byfield, Jack Cousins, Charles Traister, Tom Spencer, Kelsa Nixon, Bruce Hamman. [ 155 ] p I Beginning its second year in intercollegiate football, the Anderson Ravens battled the Earlham eleven to defeat In spite of the smooth-working Franklin Grizzlies, the Raven Pigskinners walked off with a 40 to 0 victory. ANDERSON EARLHAM 35 ANDERSON 0 FRANKLIN 40 0 I ANDERSON ANDERSON MANCHESTER McKENDREE After battling the Manchester Spartans to a scoreless tie last season, the Ravens came back to win by a 21 to 0 score this year. In spite of the mud and water, the Ravens overwhelmed the Illinois team 80 to 0. This proved to be a good show¬ ing for a homecoming. [157] p ANDERSON - - 7 ANDERSON - - 18 BALL STATE - 14 INDIANA CENTRAL 7 In spite of the sterling performance turned in by the Ravens, the Ball State Cardinals eked out a 14 to 7 victory in the last seconds of play. The Ravens got back into the winning column by down¬ ing the Central Greyhounds 18 to 7 in a very exciting game. ANDERSON ANDERSON OLIVET CANTERBURY Falling for the second time this season, " the Eleddenmen” showed wonderful, smooth-working ball playing but were unable to make a second touchdown. The Ravens fought a victorious 28 to 12 battle against the strong Canterbury squad. This wound up the second year of football with six wins and two losses for the Heddenmen. [159] I LETTERMEN Bill Ameredes, John Wilson, Jim Macholtz, Bob Free¬ man, Carter Byfield (page 156) ; Bob Absher, Don Lewis, William Atsalis, Jerry Horst, John Thompson (page 157) ; Jim Barrett, Tom Redmond, Bob Stone, Ike Weatherly, Dick Quesenberry (page 158); George McCool, Ray Wilson, Jim Hanna, Kenneth Walker, Don Pyle (page ku " Ok . ■ - 1 ft V .V ' LETTERMEN —(Continued) 159). William Sebree, Albert Ratcliff, Bruce Hamman, Jack Cousins, Don Jarrell (page 160); Kenneth Seeley,. Charles Harris, Jim Pickens, Dante Schiavone (page 161). Not pictured individually, James Mohns; Otto Englemann and Joe Bellamy, managers. At left: Two Heddens. [ 161 ] With just nine seconds remaining in the Ball State-Anderson game on October 20, fast Fred Kehoe, of Ball State, rocketed over the goal line to give Ball State a 14-7 vic¬ tory over the Ravens. This loss brought an end to both the Ander¬ son four-game winning streak and the Raven claim to being the only undefeated, untied, and unscored-on team in the nation. Previous to this the Raven gridders had tallied 176 points in four games while hold¬ ing opponents scoreless. Raven gridders and fans look forward to next year in high hopes of overcoming the powerful Ball State squad and avenging this year’s last-minute setback. BALL S TAT E CARDINALS WIN IN LAST NINE SECONDS [162] kfk ROW 1: Daniel Ray, George Cerbus, Billy Joe Thomas, Julian Holguin, Harry Fry, Robert Gray. ROW 2: James Sibert, track coach; Richard Harp, Doyle Newton, Roger Tilford, Don Boze, Charles Loewen, and Flavy Brown, manager. Hoosier College Conference Cross-Country Champions Coach James Sibert saw his cross-country harriers come through the season with a clean slate this year. The first encounter with Manchester resulted in a 20-42 score. Franklin next fell here, 15-48. A perfect score, 15-40, was set against Canter¬ bury on the local three-mile course. In a quadrangular meet at Franklin, Anderson scored 24 points to Indiana Central’s 59, Franklin’s 61, and Hanover’s 68. In the Little State meet at Notre Dame, where the Ravens came in second, Ball State won 27 to Anderson’s 50. Pictured at left arc Roger Tilford, Billy Joe Thomas and Don Boze, who con¬ sistently copped three out of the first four places and often came in first, second, and third, respectively. As the season progressed several ace runners were sidelined because of injuries. These included Truman Harris and Chuck Loew ' en, 1947 lettermen, and Robert Gray, 1945 Anderson High School cross-country captain. The Raven harriers are holders of the Hoosier Conference Cross-Country title for both 1947 and 1948. [ 163 ] Row 1: George Mingle, Paul O’Neil, Benny Johnson, Robert Boyer, Charles Harris, Charles Barrett, Don Barnett, Jim Woodward, John Horevay. Raven Basketball Squad This year’s varsity basketball team, by placing sixth in the Hoosier Conference (winning only four of their ten encounters), fell short of expectations. Their record for the entire season, however, was 11 wins, 11 losses. Raven scores ranged from 39 points against Franklin to 90 against Assumption College. One bad break for the Ravens was the injury of " Jumping” Johnny Wilson, who sat out four games. In spite of this, Johnny added another star to his crown by taking the Indiana collegiate basketball championship for total individual points for the season. This was his third consecutive year for that title and, as last year, he again ranked third in national scoring among smaller colleges. Johnny played 18 games, made 177 field goals and 104 free throws, and thereby gained a total of 458 points for a 25.5 average. He set a new record for the highest individual score in a single game in the Anderson Wigwam by making 49 points in the game with Assumption College. Two players graduated this year; they were George Mingle and Don Barnett. Mingle’s long set-shots and Barnett’s smooth ball handling were important factors in the Raven offense. " B” team, the pride and joy of Anderson College, won 11 of their 13 games. The future looks bright for the Raven cagers. [ 165 ] Row 2: James Sibert (assistant coach). Jack Schaffner, Virgil Whitehurst, Isaac Weatherly, Edwin Sanders, John Wilson, J. Robert Smith, Loren Williams, Frank Pop” Hedden {coach). Row 3: Dick Geiger, John Thomson, Joe C. Anderson, Merrill Holloway, Robert Freeman, Everett Parks, Jim Macholtz, Warren Gourley, Eldon Williams {man¬ ager). Ravens in Action [169] Basketball Lettermen Page 166 JOE C. ANDERSON DON BARNETT GARLAND--CAMPBELL ROBERT FREEMAN , Page 167 WARRrE-N-GOW-R ' LEY MERRILL HOLLOWAY JIM MACHOLTZ PAUL O’NEIL Page 168 J. ROBERT SMITH - - LOREN WILLIAMS JOHN WLL50N JIM WOODWARD - U Raven Flight Ravens 76; Olivet 48. Ravens 48; Evansville 47. Ravens 86; Adrian 55. Ravens 47; Hanover 51. Ravens 79; Concordia 60. Ravens 77; James Millikin 76. Ravens 49; Dayton U. 63. Ravens 39; Franklin 47. Ravens 61; Indiana Central 75. Ravens 55; Earlham 53. Ravens 73; Rose Polytechnic 52. Ravens 54; Ball State 67. Ravens 73; Manchester 55. Ravens 75; Illinois Normal 68. Ravens 90; Assumption 62. Ravens 51; Canterbury 62. Ravens 53; Hanover 57. Ravens 59; Earlham 56. Ravens 57; Dayton U. 73. Ravens 61; St. Joe 82. Ravens 58; James Millikin 69. Six Ravens Are On All-Conference Teams In their second year of football, Anderson Ravens topped the Hoosier Conference list by a tie with Hanover for the trophy. Five Ravens were chosen to fill positions on the honorary all-conference team: Bill Ameredes, guard; Carter Byfield, back; James Macholtz, back; Tom Redmond, end; Dante Schiavone, tackle. Five Hanover men were also named on the honorary eleven. Byfield was chosen by teammates as most valuable player, and Macholtz was ninth in the nation and second in the conference to Jim Peterson (second nationally) of Hanover in total yards on offense. Macholtz gained 1,393 yards to Peterson’s 1,389. John Wilson, Anderson, Ind., was chosen all-confer¬ ence basketball center and finished the season first in the state and third in the nation for the third consecu¬ tive year. His record score was 49 points (against As¬ sumption College here) which was also the record- breaker for individual scor¬ ing in the Anderson Wig¬ wam. tv spaugh, Paul O ' Neil, Russell Wilson Macholtz, Percy Tramel, Jack Anderson, (assistant coach). Bob Macholtz, Everett Parks, Norman Row 2: James Litton, Kelsa Nixon, James Walker, John Wilson. BASEBALL On March 14, the 1949 Raven Baseball team, under the coaching of James Sibert and Assistant Coach Russell Wilson, began the development of what promised to be one of the best teams in Raven baseball history. Coach Sibert stated that he had one of the largest turnouts Anderson has yet known and that the team would have more depth in every position than j • it had last year. Approximately twenty-five boys turned out for practice at the baseball field when weather permitted. Workouts in the gymnasium were substituted in bad weather. In addition to the thirteen scheduled games, seven of which were played on the college field, several practice games were played. Row 1. James Sibert (coach), Don Barnett, Tom Redmond, Jack Cousins, Virgil White¬ hurst, Sam Cornelius, Emerson Mutter- Pitchers (at right) : E. Mutterspaugh R. Macholtz E. Parks J. Anderson Eldon Williams —Student Manager (All Sports) At Top: J. Wilson E. Williams J. Cousins P. Tramel K. Nixon S. Cornelias Below: P. O’Neil J. Litton J. Macholtz ' W ■ , Row 1. Roger Tilford, Billy Joe Thomas, Loren Williams, Julian Holguin, Truman Harris, Edwin Sanders. Row 2. John Wilson, David Bentley, George McCool, Carter Byfield, Bob Stone, James Mohns, Bobby Joe Sullivan, Obadiah Williams, Don Boze. TRACK The third year of Anderson’s track history saw the Raven spike-bearers going all out to keep the college in the running for the Hoosier Conference all¬ sports trophy. Under the coaching of Frank " Pop” Hedden, who was assisted by Bob Smith, the cindermen gave a good account of themselves. Among the old-timers were: Don Boze and Truman Harris in the distance events; Jim Macholtz in the dash; Fred Sponhaltz and Bob Stone in the discus throw and shot-put; and Carter Byfield in the pole vault, shot-put and discus throw. John Wilson transferred his speed from the hardwood to the cinders to help amass those precious points. Among newcomers to the squad were three of the cross-country men: Billy Joe Thomas, Roger Tilford, and Bob Gray. The squad had its home track for practice this season for the first time; most of the meets, however, were scheduled away from home. [ 175 ] Anderson Thinlies Lead T rack Events OUT IN FRONT Obadiah, ' Red,” Billy Joe, Jim, Bobby Joe, John [176] Pole Vault—C. Byheld EVENTS Shot-Put—C. Byheld Discus—C. Byheld Rubdown—B. Smith High Jump—J. Wilson . - ♦ V ■ DAN BEDSOLE ,LEE THEODORE EDISON HOFFMAN EVERETT PARKS, Not Pictured ENNIS The tennis team this year began the season with the goal of equaling the record made by last year’s sextet. In 1947-48 the team won second place in the Hoosier Conference meet and third place in the Little State meet. This year’s team began under a handicap, however, since Edison Hoffman, player-manager, was the only letterman to report. Other players were Lee Theodore, Dan Bedsole, George Denniston, and Everett Parks. Six matches were scheduled in addition to the conference meet held at Earl- ham College. Eight points toward the Hoosier College Conference all-sports trophy were accredited to the winning tennis team participating in conference play. The dual objective of the tennis team was to build a strong competitive team to aid in winning the all-sports trophy this year, and to have a well-developed veteran team for next year. ! [178] W. A. A. - Members of the Women’s Athletic Association met regularly on Monday evenings and, under the direction of Mina Trick, physical education assistant, and Prof. Nancy Clampitt, were responsible for the intramural sports among girls. Volleyball was the main sport and was played between teams from the various dormitories and the girls out of dorms. Badminton was enthusiastically chal¬ lenged as the spring sport. Club officers were: Gwen Hitchings, president; Arbutus Roberts, vice-president; Peggy Mims, recorder; Gelene Carroll, secretary-treasurer; Mrs. Clampitt, faculty adviser. Row 1. Wanda Ballard, Arbutus Roberts, Gwen Hitchings, Gayle Millar, Irene Mc¬ Guire. Row 2. Miss Mina Trick (assistant), Theda Johnson, Elsie Coburn, Eda Rose, Avon Knox, Faith Walker, Sarah Best, Prof. Nancy Clampitt (adviser). Women’s P. E. Classes At right: Eda Rose, Faith Walker, Gayle Millar; Gwen Hitchings, Elsie Coburn; Wanda Ballard. The women’s beginning physical education classes in the fall and winter participated in fencing, soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball, and badminton in addition to the regular postural, marching, and setting-up exercises. In the spring, the indoor sports were rep softball except when the weather was bad a?id the classes met again in the gym. An advanced class studied the art of tumbling. Swim¬ ming classes for those who wished the subject were held in the indoor pool at the Y.M.C.A. for women only with Mrs. Jane Ritter, the women’s director at the " Y,” giving instruction. Mrs. Nancy Clampitt was in charge of women’s physical training at the college. She was assisted by Miss Mina Trick. Above: Miss Mina Trick, Nelda Randle, Gelene Carroll [ 181 ] heerleaders Boost School Spir. MIMS HARWELL SEARS WILLIAMS This year Shirley Sears, Peggy Mims, Herman Harwell, Obadiah Williams, and Richard Harp were elected cheer¬ leaders. With the help of Dr. John Buehler, adviser, and " Peachie” Riggle, mascot, the cheerleaders were able to boost the teams to victory and to in¬ spire the fans with a greater sense of school spirit. 17 A Men’s Intramural Champions INTRAMURAL TOUCH FOOTBALL Row 1: Claude Good Arlo Newell James Austin Row 2: Felix Murrell Fred Stroebel Robert Macholtz John Horevay Flavy Brown An intramural program of touch football, volley¬ ball, tennis, and softball was carried on during the school year. Coach Jim Sibert and his co-workers directed the program which was highly successful in that many students participated in the activities. The " Married Men No. 1” team emerged winners both in football and in basketball after very close races. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Row 1: John Bouseman Robert Macholtz Albert Ratcliff Edward Duty Row 2: Claude Good Lynn Smith Ronald Achor Edison Hoffman Henry Coker Flavy Brown if mm £ vyr.tXy MB R y m i " k L Vti ' [JL Row 1: Flavy Brown, Bob Gray, John Thomson, Dante Schiavone, Loren Wil¬ liams, Albert Ratcliff, Charles Loewen, Harry Fry, George Cerbus. Row 2: Dick Quesenberry, Douglas Anger, Robert Freeman, Robert Stone, Carter By¬ field, Robert Absher, Don Boze, James Litton, Truman Harris. Row 3: Don Pyle, Joe Anderson, Everett Parks, Norman Walker, Jack Cousins, Warren Gourley, James Macholtz, Eugene Powell, John Wilson. “A” CLUB Membership in the " A” Club is gained through the receiving of a letter in any of the intercollegiate sports. Officers for the year were: Albert Ratcliff, president; Merrill Holloway, vice-president; Percy Tramel, secretary-treasurer; Coach Frank " Pop” Hedden, faculty adviser. Members added to the club the second semester included Roger Tilford, Bob Gray, Billy Joe Thomas, Daniel Ray, Doyle Newton, Dick Harp, Joe Bellamy, Ike Weatherly, Tom Redmond, Bob Freeman, John Thomson, Joseph Delwey, Jim Hanna, Dick Quesenberry, Paul Smith, Kenneth Seeley, Hubert Bunyari, Jerry Horst, Don Jarrell, Kenneth Walker, Jack Cousins, Bruce Hamman, and Warren Gourley. The club sponsored the sale of programs at foot¬ ball and basketball games. Funds raised were used for a banquet honoring the Anderson College Hoosier Conference champion teams of the year. INDEX — A — - Beaty, Esther Mae . .46, 78, 95, 102 Absher, Robert Eugene .... ...46, 155, 157, 184 Beckham, Dari Lamar .. .64 Acheson, Esther . .28, 111 Becklehimer, Claude Robert . .62 Achor, Helen E. .51 Bedsole, Danny Travis . .51, 96, 178 Achor, Ronald Marvin .... .51, 183 Beers, Mary Lou . .64, 100, 105 Adcock, Marilyn Rose. .64, 95, 122 Behnke, Roland Garnet . .54 Adkins, Edgar Wallace . .62 Beich, Adolph Ernest . .54 Ahlemann, Mary Louise .. .54, 104 Bell, Dewayne Bert . .29, 147 Ahrendt, Myrl . .17 Bellamy, Clarence Joseph . .54, 104, 155 Ahrendt, Vivian . .22 Bellamy, Toyce Dare . .64 Alexander, Twila Evon .. .54, 93 Benjamin, Ruth Elinor . .51 Allen, Homer Dennis . .54 Bennett, Frank Edward . .54 Allen, Jack Edwin . .51 Benson, Vonceil . ..93 Allen, John Griffieth, Jr. .51 Bentley, David Eugene . .62, 175 Allen, Norma Jane . .63, 64, 84, 95 Berkebile, Ambrose Millard . .46 Allendorf, Sylvia Anne .... .51, 89, 100, 151, 152 Berkebile, Mrs. Ambrose . .101 Almoff, Stanley Dean . .54, 117, 122 Best, Sarah Elaine... .64, 100, 179 Ameredes, Bill . -51, 155, 156, 171 Betts, Samuel Sherman .. .-.-.54, 95 Anderson, Beverly . .46, 92 Bidwell, Burdette Leroy . ...44, 144 Anderson, Jack R.. .46, 171, 172, 174 Bishop, Dora ... .46 Anderson, James A. .54 Bishop, Hugh Asbury ... .29 Anderson, Joseph Carl .... ...46, 94, 148, 166, 184 Blackwell, Audria Mae . ...54 Anderson, Leroy Paul . .64 Blackwell, George Dewie, Jr. ... -54, 92 Anderson, Luther L. .44 Blackwell, William Herbert . .62 Anger, Douglas Peter . .. 28, 90, 184 Blanchard, Joe David . .51 Annis, Annabelle . .28, 93, 97, 103 Blevins, Famon Leonard . .54 Arms, Olive .. .28, 102 Bloyd, Carroll Eugene . .46 Arthur, Paul....63, 83, 88, 95, 113, 117, 135, 138, 141 Bobak, John .. .29, 83 Atsalis, William Basil . .61, 155, 157 Bock, Jerry Fredrick . ..64, 107 Augustson, Albert Eugene .... ...46 Boddy, Naomi Ruth . .54 Augustson, Virginia S. .101 Boggess, Robert Quinten . -.54 Aumiller, Paul .. .51 Bohannan, Evelyn Maye .. .54, 89, 141 Austin, Arthur Elden . ... .62 Bolin, Janet Phyllis .. .64, 105 Austin, James T. .28, 94, 183 Bolitho, Axchie . .22 Austin, Patsy . .46, 91, 99 Bost, James Vann . .61 Austin, Robert C. .28, 82, 94, 99 Botts, Emily . —46, 129, 139, 141 Autry, Burnedith Louise .. .64 ' Bouseman, Audrey Evans . ...61, 104 Bouseman, John William ..29, 86, 90, 96, 97, 147, 183 — B - Bouseman, Mary . ...138 Bair, Barbara Martha . ...64 Bowlby, Vergie . .24, 44, 103 Ball, Glen . .46, 81, 83 Boyer, Robert Arnold . .64, 104, 115, 167 Ball, Grace Jane . ...46, 91, 100, 137, 150 Boyette, Robert Earl . .29, 83, 84, 92 Ballard, Martha Juanita ... .64, 95 Boze, Don Lee Ballard, Wanda Rebecca .. .64, 78, 95, 179, 180 29, 116, 118, 121, 148, 163, 175, 176, 184 Barbee, Marianne Irene ... .64, 82 Bradford, Martha Jane . .65, 95 Barnes, Jean . ..101 Braswell, Norma Juanita . .55, 88, 91 Barnes, Leon Dodds . .44 Breitweiser, Paul . .24 Barnes, Romona Germaine ... .64, 87 Brown, Flavy Buster, Jr.29, 46, 83, 90, 163, 183 Barnett, Donald Belle. .28, 164, 166, 170, 172, 174 Brown, Frances Anna . .93 Barr, Mary Lou . .17 Brown, Helen Margrete . .55, 89, 105, 138 Barrett, Charles Edward, Jr. .64 Brown, Joyce Illane . .62 Barrett, James Lester . .51, 121, 155, 158 Buehler, John .17, 94, 102, 103, 127 Barwick, W. Phillip . .28 Buller, Adeline Virginia . .55, 82, 105, 137 Batdorf, Joseph T. 26, 53, 54, 84, 94, 99, 127 Buller, Marjorie Florence. .55, 62, 143, 165 Beasley, Vadena Rose .... .54 Bunner, Phyllis Marie . .65, 82, 138 [ 185 ] MORGAN’S MUSIC Charles Morgan, Owner CONN — SELMER — OLDS — SOLOVOX GIBSON — JESSE FRENCH PIANOS Phone 947 8 E. Eighth Anderson, Indiana The EAST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY Producers of BEST-EVER DAIRY PRODUCTS Produces the Malted Milk that— “Made Its Way by the Way It ' s Made” DAIRY BAR STORES 1009 Central 722 Broadway Anderson, Indiana Bunyan, Hubert Gordon .46, 155 Burch, Elsie Bernice ...„65 Burdett, William Owen .65 Burgan, Iola Marie .65 Burgin, Barney Wayne .46, 81 Burkhart, Howard Stephen .149 Burkhart, Richard .65, 87, 88, 106, 108, 117, 149 Burns, Donald William.55, 102, 135, 136 Burns, Jack Edward .55 Butgereit, LeRoy .46, 84, 94, 98, 110 Butgereit, Marilyn .55, 84, 88, 89, 97, 99 Butler, Loyd Garner .29, 81, 83 Butler, Mrs. Loyd .101 Butler, Norman C.30, 81, 83 Butner, Nile .62 Byfield, Carter Lee 61, 94, 109, 155, 156, 171, 175, 177, 184 Byrum, Ruthven .17, 98, 140 Byrum, Thelma Jean .65 — C — Cain, Alfred Bud .46, 90, 148 Call, Marshall Byron .44, 94, 127 Campbell, Garland LaVerne .62, 166 Campbell, George .62 Cantley, Esther Elsie .55, 91, 120 Cantley, Owen Chester .44, 112, 120 Carpenter, Donna Lee ....53, 55, 84, 89, 96, 104, 124 Carpenter, Robert Leo .65 Carrier, Gordon Dell .65 Carroll, Gelene Alyce.65, 111, 119, 129, 181 Carroll, John .149 Carroll, L. B.61 Carter, Earl Lewis .62 Carter, Robert Clinton .46 Cassidy, Jack Owen .30, 83, 94 Cerbus, George, 46, 84, 86, 90, 98, 124, 148, 163, 184 Chalmers, Ethel .30, 82, 99 Chappell, Paul .44 Cheeks, Charlie .24 Cheeks, Mildred Louise .47, 101 Chelette, Joseph Dairl .30, 84, 85, 94, 147 Cherney, John .55, 94, 100, 140 Childs, James Oliver .55, 90, 97 The Alibi Mike Lemon, Owner FOUNTAIN SERVICE FAMOUS CHEZBURGS Phone 8277 14th and Jackson Anderson, Indiana [ 186 ] SERVICE PARTS cH Qulde JlampA JUcjiit tUe Way ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT QUALITY and General Motors Corporation Anderson, Indiana, U. S . A. OUR SLOGAN: “As good as the best, better than the rest” COURTEOUS DEPENDABLE SERVICE Higgins Son CLEANING and PRESSING Call 2-6680—We’ll Do the Rest 317 Cottage Avenue Anderson, Indiana Childs, Mrs. James O. 101 Christianson, Arthur Ludwig ..62 Cima, Drucilla Armilda . ...65, 95 Clampitt, Nancy . 17, 179 Clark, John Moses . —61, , 75 Clausen, Henry C. ..24 Clausen, Paul Fredrick.51, 90 , 104, 106 , 117, 124 Clay, Paul John Calvin . -55, , 88, 140 Clear, Val . -17, 124 Clemons, Charles Thomas . .62, 135 Clemons, Clarence Marion .... -51 Cleveland, Ella Margaret . o 00 98, 104 Cline, Joan . .55, 82. , 93 Cline, Sue Clark .. ..65 Coberly, Art Bernard, Jr. ...30, 83, 137 Coble, George Leroy . ..55 Cobourn, Elsie Yarnall .. .65, 179, 180 Cockerham, Thomas Ezra . ....65, 95, 98, 107, 123 Cockerham, Treva McCreary .. ..24 Coker, Frances Willodine . -55, 104 Coker, Henry Milton, Jr. .47, 94, 98, 104, 183 Colby, Betty Jean . ..62 Cole, Henry D. ...55, 83 Collias, Christopher . ..65 Collingwood, Fred G. ...55, 95 Collingwood, Marlin W. ..47 Collingwood, Patsy Lou . .65, 105 Collins, Donald Lee .! 55, 83, , 87 , 92, 99, 140 Compliments of LYNCH CORPORATION Anderson, Indiana [ 188 ] DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITURE by Greystone Studios ANDERSON M U N C I E [ 189 ] The Behrens Co. “Red Spot Folks ” ARTISTS’ SUPPLIES PAINTS WALLPAPER 1221 Meridian Dial 3-3029 Compliments of Sharon S. Bell Manager of Your A. P. SUPER-MARKET SCHOGER’S c p Linoleum and Linowall Venetian Blinds DuPont “Tontine” Window Shades Wood or Steel Kitchen Cabinets, Carpets Rugs, Asphalt and Rubber Tiles Electric Appliances Phone 8811 28 West 9th Street Anderson, Indiana Collins, Orville Bert.47, 87. 90, 95, 102 Collins, Palmer Warner .65, 96, 100 Colwell, Connie Mack .65, 105 Connelly, Wanda Gail .61 Conrad, Ann .24 Conrad, Harold August.24, 65, 95, 99, 149 Cook, Doris Imogene .55 Cook, Glenn Alexander .30 Cook, Joan .138 Cornelius, Samuel Jesse.65, 88, 172, 174 Corwin, Calvin Arthur .62 Cousins, Jack Eugene 66, 88, 96, 155, 160, 172, 174, 175, 184 Covher, Wince Waldo .61 Craig, Helen .23 Craig, Hersche l Leo .66, 82, 83, 135 Cravens, Edna .26, 61, 113, 151 Crittenberger, Lt. Gen. Willis D.149 Crockett, Isom R...30, 94, 95, 98, 138 Cropp, Patricia Helene .62 Crosthwaite, Russell Byron .47, 82, 100 Crubaugh, Phillip Ray .66, 83 Culbertson, Gerald Johnson .47, 94 Curry, Leonard Hale .66 — D — Dailey, Martha Lou .62, 95 D’Alessio, Lewis .61 D’Alessio, Paul .62 Damis, Warren Ronald .61 Davis, Doris Virginia.31, 93, 100, 104 Davis, Dorothy Virginia.55, 91, 100 Davis, Elvin Thomas .61, 143 Davis, Florence M.55 Davis, Frederick Russell .66, 115 Davis, Jerome.130 Davis, Mary Carolyn .56, 109, 143 Davis, Roy Emanuel .44 Deal, Prince Edward, Jr.66, 95, 107 Deal, Robert Oscar .66, 107 Dean, Donald Marvin . 47, 100 Dean, Mrs. Donald .101 Dean, Patricia Ann .47, 91 Delwey, Joseph Anthony .62, 155 Dennis, Rollo Douglas .31 Denniston, George Franklin .47, 108, 178 Derr, Myra Jo . 62 Detweiler, Charles Wesley ...31, 83 Deubach, Vila .14, 84, 97 De Vol, Betty Lois .56 De Vol, Thomas Lewis .56 Dewitt, Thola Beatrice .31, 82 De Young, Blanche Elaine.56, 89, 98, 119, 139 Diezel, Frances Evelyn.56, 91, 112, 137, 150 Dillon, Jesse Drummond, Jr.47, 81, 88, 105 Dixie Four .124 Dockter, Roy Richard .-.56 Dodge, Hazel Frances .26 Draper, Martha E.66, 105, 116, 136 [ 190 ] Drcger, Elaine Doris . Dregcr, Evelynnc . Drcger, Henry Adolph, Jr., Dregcr, William . DuBois, Glenn Merwin . Dudeck, Amy . Duer, Richard Clevering . Duty, Edward Cecil . Duty, Frances Louise . Duvall, Columbus Walter, Dyer, Eugene Calvin . Dyer, Rosemary . .56, 78, 87, 89, 95, 111 .47, 91, 97, 104 66 , 95, 104, 106, 107, 122 .:.47 .56, 104, 117, 124 .26 . 62 .56, 83, 183 .101 Jr.44, 83 .47, 124 .66 — E — Earnest, Ralph Eugene .56 Easterling, Albert Crayton . 66 Ebcrsole, Elbert . 6 l Eddy, William Benjamin .31 Edwards, C. L. 16 Edwards, J. R. .51, 96 Eggers, Willie C. 26 , 61 Eggert, Florence .18, 100 Ellis, Luella Janet . 66 Ellis, William Clarence . 66 , 82, 83, 107 Elmore, Edna E...44 Engelmann, Otto J. 61 , 155 England, Ruby Lee . 61 , 93, 140 Erskine, Carl Daniel . 62 , 148 Espey, Sara Ann . 66 , 82, 95, 100 Evans, William Thurlow, Jr.47 — F — Fadely, William Roscoe . 66 Fair, James Woodson .51, 85, 88 , 92 , 112 Faldon, Karl Earl .47 Falling, Leroy .47, 82, 109 Farmer, Herschell D. 62 Fenner, Luetisha Anna .56 Fields, John Lester . 66 Fields, Robert Wildon . 61 Fifer, Marvin Leroy . 62 Fiscus, Olive Maude . 66 Fleenor, Don Deena J.31, 89, 113, 146, 147, 152 Fleenor, Wiletta A.56, 89, 116 Fleenor, Rev. William A.75 Fluck, Abram Stanley. 66 , 99, 140 Ford, Ellen Joan . 66 Forsberg, Donald Lorren .;. 66 Forsberg, Vern Leonard .47, 92, 96 , 102 Fortner, Yvonne Charlotte .47, 89, 113 Fortney, Mary June .56, 93, 138 Fox, W. Shirell .23, 97, 146 Fox, Mrs. Shirell .146 Fraysur, Marion Walter .67, 83, 107 Frazier, Charles William . 62 Freeman, Robert Lee 62, 155, 156, 166, 168, 169, 170, 184 Frick, Lowell Eugene . 67 Friddle, Loren Edgar 47, 95, 97, 98, 100, 102, 103, 123 Not... Clothes at the Lowest Price, but the Rest Clothes at the Price Bing ' s Quality Since 1880 1002 Meridian Street Anderson, Indiana Compliments of Anderson Camera Shop, Inc. 1122 Meridian Street ANDERSON, INDIANA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Phone 8834 Compliments of Dorothy May Shop 1027 Meridian Anderson, Indiana [ 191 } IT’S DIETZEN’S! AT “1 ' OUR GROCER’S LOOK £ IK. • $ Y s r hJL i fflr | ' F0R CARN ' TAP 0UR BEST BUY 7 ' If You Had a Million Dollars You Couldn’t Buy a Better Bread. Fridley, Verle Edwin . Fridley, Mrs. Verle . Friermood, Glen . Friermood, Margaret . Fry, Harry Alfred . Fry, Mattie . Funderburg, Mary Louise 27, 31, 83, 92, 97 . 101 ....24 ...24 .56, 16,3, 184 .18 ....67, 95, 98, 105 — G — Gadberry, Earl .108 Gallop, Luther .26 Garhart, Maxine Sarah .56, 137 Garr, Harold .18 Gayle, Elsie Mavis Claire 31, 78, 82, 88, 91, 97, 103, 143 Geiger, Richard Gene .67, 127 George, Charles . 62 Gerig, Dean Arden.67, 103, 105, 123 Geisler, William Harold .44 Gillespie, Phyllis Elaine .67, 105 Goens, Donald B.56, 81, 83, 98 Goerz, Melvin David .31, 87, 90, 124 Golden, Naomi Lee .56, 89, 137 Good, Barbara .24, 101, 151 Good, Kenneth Lee .48, 81, 83, 84, 117, 151 Good, Philip Ray.32, 87, 102, 118, 140, 149 Good, William Claude, 47, 87, 96, 106, 108, 117, 183 Goodell, Nancy .•-.51 Goodrick, D. Llewellyn .67, 105 RENTALS — REPAIRS — SUPPLIES for TYPEWRITERS — ADDING MACHINES EVERYTHING FOR EVERY OFFICE Right on Meridian Street at 1212 Phone 4404 [ 192 ] The Qlass of 49 is ready for the big job ahead You have learned to think clearly, to decide wisely, to judge tolerantly. You have learned to team in harmony with people of all creeds, races and religions, and have come to respect their beliefs. You have learned to work competitively in the class¬ room, and to accept both victory and defeat with equal grace on the playing field. Now, more than ever before, America and the entire world needs these gifts that you are equipped to give. Delco-Remy extends its best wishes to the Class of ’49. Delco-Remy DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION ANDERSON, INDIANA WHEREVER WHEELS TURN OR PROPELLERS SPIN [ 193 ] Goodrick, Gwenn .26 Goodrick, Howard Laverne .56 Gough, Francis Loyd .32 Gourley, Warren Neil .63, 67, 84, 184 Gray, Charles William .62 Gray, Robert Lewis .62, 163, 184 Green, Kenneth Merton .32 Griffith, Dona Lois .67, 105 Groeschel, Jacob Roger .62 Groeschel, Marabeth Jane . 62 Gross, Rev. Ernest H.75 Gross, Ernest H.56, 90, 104, 106, 117, 124, 126 Grubic, Walter Benjamin .67 Grubich, Rudy A.48 Grunwald, Maxine Line, 48, 82, 91, 112, 142, 150, 152 Guiher, Ruth .26 Guyer, Edgar Lowell ...32, 76, 85, 94 — H — Haldeman, Walter .18, 118, 137, 140 Haldeman, Mrs. Walter .101 Hall, Helen ... ..18, 103 Hall, Troy . .. 62 , 105 Hall, Violet . ..26 Hallam, Joseph Franklin ..56 Hamman, Bruce Douglas .. . 62 , 155, 160 Hamon, Jerry Dale . .44, 97 Hamon, Milton Luther .. ..62 Hand, Paul Russel . .32 Hanges, Constantine Jim ... ...61 Hanna, James Eugene . 61, 155, 159 Hansen, Lydia C. 32 , 78, 82, 93, 96 , ,97, ,99, 103, 112 Hardy, Charles . ..61 Harman, Daniel Clifton ... 56, 95, 118, 122 Harp, Harry Richard . .96, 97, 99, 163, 182 Harper, William Burt, Jr. ..62 Harriger, Max Frederick . .32, , 90 Harriger, Wilma . .. 26 , 140 Harris, Charles Edgar, Jr. . ...67, 155 Harris, Truman Arthur . .57, 94, 98, 175, 184 Harrison, Marilyn Joyce ... ..67 TheF.C. LUMBER Pho " e CLINE 400-432 Main Street 2-2315 Ladies’ Apparel and Accessories Best Wishes Towne Shoppe MILLINERY Hill’s Department Store Phone 5962 832 Main Street 835 Meridian Street Hardware — Paints Electrical — Mill Supply Klus Flower Shop Flowers for FUNERALS WEDDINGS CORSAGES 7th and Meridian Dial 4491 Phone 3115 423 East 8th Street [ 194 ] Hart, Johnathan Malcolm, Jr. 61 Hartley, Robert Maurice .67 Hartman, Marvin J. 32 , 84, 94, 126 Hartselle, Cecil .-.18 Hartzler, Paul Levi . 61 Harwell, George H.33, 82, 95, 100 , 105, 143, 182 Hastings, Raymond Ellis .33 Hatch, Evah Belle .33, 93, 97 Hatch, Wilber Bryson .57, 95, 102 , 117, 118, 123 Hawkins, Carl William .67 Hawkins, Charles Raymond .67, 95, 117, 122 , 123 Hayes, Jack Ware .51 Hazen, Robert John .48 Heard, Clifford William . 62 Heath, Harry William .48, 151 Hebenthal, Harry Summer .57, 83, 105, 106 Hedden, Frank " Pop” .19, 155 Helsel, Marvin Phillip . 61 Hency, Dale Edward .67 Henderson, Ivanell .57, 89, 104 Hendrix, Carroll James .67 Hendrix, Thelma Lorene .67 Henshaw, Helen Hamlin.33, 91, 97, 104, 120 Henshaw, William Earl .33, 92 , 104, 120 Hensley, Cornelia Joyce .67, 108, 119 Hershberger, Harold Leroy . 62 Hickson, Edwin Wayne . 68 Hill, Robert L.44, 83 Hinderer, Lawrence Leslie . 61 Hitchings, Gwendolyn Hope .... 68 , 116 , 117, 179, 180 Hoar, Ralph Nelson . 68 , 81, 82, 83, 105, 106 Hoffman, Edison .48, 178, 183 Holguin, Julian Tex .51, 163, 175 Hollaway, Jodie.33, 76, 83, 90 , 124 Hollaway, Katie Gibbs . 101 Holloway, Merrill E.51, 167, 169 Holton, Helen A. 16 Hook, Edward Charles .48 Horcvay, John .57, 100 , 183 Horevay, Ruth Cerbus . 26 , 101 Horne, Raymond Llewellyn .57, 88 , 92 Horst, Gerald Edward .48, 155, 157 Houghtelin, Levora Romayne . 68 , 98 House, Doris Abernathy . 62 House, Ralph William .48 Howell, Harry Austin . 68 Howell, Howard Grant . 68 Hughes, Chester .48 Hulsart, Leota . 23 Humphrey, Juanita Celeste . 33 , 93 Hunter, Ira David .51 Hurlbut, Zylpha . 19 , 93 , 102 Hurst, Robert . 23 Hurst, Wilma . 26 Hyatt, Ruth Ann . 66 , 68 — I — Ikast, Esther Lillian . 61 , 88 , 94, 95, 98 , 137, 152 Insley, Donald Edwin . 68 , 82, 138 Bob Morrison, Inc. SALES AND SERVICE FORD 24-Hour Wrecker Service Dial 2-0275 516 Meridian Anderson, Indiana Hamburgers 15c “Buy ’em by the sack. You’ll like ’em the way we fry them” Hill’s Snappy Service It is a pleasure for us to greet the class of ' 49 The Music and Hobby Shop INCORPORATED YOUR MUSICAL HEADQUARTERS for ANDERSON Phone 9305 12th and Jackson Streets Anderson, Indiana [ 195 ] Compliments of Madison Engraving Company ARTISTS and ENGRAVERS 703 East 8th Street Anderson, Indiana Something New. . . For Work and Play IT’S THE LEWIES (for men and boys) AND LU-LEWIES (for ladies) Lewallen Tailors 1111 V-i Meridian Street ROEBUCK and CO. CONGRATULATES 19 4 9 ANDERSON, INDIANA Jackson, Mary Maxine . Jacobs, Roy Martin . Jameson, William Earl ... Jarrell, Donald Eugene . Jeeninga, Gustav . Jenkins, Mrs. Alice . Jenkins, Paul Alex. Jenkins, Philip Allen . Jenkins, Thomas Nathaniel Jewitt, Benarda Lucille ... Johnson, Alvin Wayne. Johnson, Benny Eugene ... Johnson, Daniel Boone ... Johnson, Doris Arlene . Johnson, Geneva Irene. Johnson, Harriet Joiner ... Johnson, Herman B. Johnson, Kenneth Ray . Johnson, Louise . Johnson, Marian Lucille .... Johnson, Orville Howell ... Johnson, Ralph Byrum .. Johnson, Sidney McClellan Johnson, Theda Ann . Johnson, William Gustav . Johnston, Beverly June. Joiner, Maurice . Joiner, Mrs. Maurice . Jones, Charles Aaron . Jones, Charles Edward . Jones, Charles Wilbert, Jr. Jones, E. Stanley . Jones, Wanda Ruth .122 ..6 2 .62 .68, 155, 160 ..57, 83, 94, 96, 99 .26 ...68, 100, 104, 107 .68, 95, 116, 155 .68 .57 .33, 97, 103 .61 .62 .68, 104 .57, 89, 120 .101 .34 .61 .16 57, 87, 95, 98, 103 .62 .48, 83, 92, 120 .68, 82, 83 ...68, 105, 135, 179 .44, 87, 98 .68, 95, 105 .57 .101 .57 .57, 138 ..48, 82, 92 .82 57, 82, 91, 112, 143, 149, 150, 152 Joslen, Robert A.68, 106, 117, 140 — K — Kane, Cynthia .33 Kane, John .33, 126 Karamitros, Tim .61, 90 Kardatzke, Carl .19, 140 Kardatzke, Mrs. Carl.101 Kardatzke, Kenneth Duane .68, 139 Kearns, Bonnie Celine .68 Keeney, Herman A.48 Kell, Robert Anthony .57 Kelly, William Arthur.57 Kendall, Aubrey Valentine .68, 87, 96, 107, 126 Kidd, Inez Jean .69, 82, 88, 100, 103 Kilmer, C. Jean .,.34, 94, 104 King, Kenneth Lee .62 Kinley, Philip Leonard .69, 82, 95, 107 Kinnee, Donna Jean .69 Kinney, Georgetta F. 34, 82, 84, 85, 91, 104, 141, 150 Kinney, John 1.27, 34, 84, 85, 94, 96, 102 Kissell, Charlie...26, 83, 118 [ 196 ] Kline, Charles Daniel . Kline, Chester Robert . Kline, Lester Allen . Knight, Kenneth Homer .. Knotts, Joseph Robert .... Knowles, Alfred Jackson . Knox, Avon . Koch, Ruth Leonardson ... Koch, Sam . Koglin, Anna . Koglin, LaWanda Faythe . Kohloff, Harold Roy . Kreps, Richard Oliver . Kujawski, Walter Eugene Kulhavey, Eva Joanne. ....57, 87, 92, 99 ....34, 76, 81, 83 .57, 83 .57, 105, 136 . 62 .61, 105 .57, 93, 179 .34, 103 .69 .19, 99 .57, 93, 108, 140 .48 .58, 138, 151 .69 51, 91, 100, 142 — L — Lackore, Ryland Elaine.48, 87, 91, 99, 104, 136 Lammers, Marjorie Christine .48, 82, 91, 112, 143 Larabee, Ramona Pauline.53, 58, 91, 99, 143 Lash, Garnetta Virginia .69, 95, 117, 143 Leavenworth, Elizabeth Clara .108 Lee, Alton Gerald .25, 61 Lee, Charles Allen 34, 90, 102, 115, 118, 123, 124, 148 Lee, Mrs. Thomas .101 Lee, Willie Thomas .48 Legg, Willie L.48 Lehmann, Margaret Elizabeth .58, 91 Lehmann, Walter .34, 83 Lennex, F. Lucille .69, 95, 122 Lennon, Edward James .35, 141 Lenz, Clyde Milton .58 Lenz, Lois Virginia .69 Leonard, Marguerite Kay .61, 96 Lerner, Louis Henry .69, 100, 140 Lewis, Don Raymond .58, 94, 148, 155, 157 Lien, Ingyr .19, 108, 140 Lighty, Roy Lyle . 48 Lindeman, Edward C.125 Little, Glenda Mae .69, 129 Little, Thelma LaVonne .35, 96, 102, 103 Litton, James Herbert.58, 172, 174, 184 Livingston, Dora Pauline .48 Lockhart, Grant William .61, 137 Loewen, Arthur C.62, 90 Loewen, Chas. H.35, 99, 118, 138, 139, 163, 184 Long, Aaron W.58, 81, 92 Long, Phyllis Ann .58, 88, 89 Lopez, Amy Kathleen .19, 96, 97, 99, 125, 140 Lorton, John Waldo.35, 97, 104, 108 Lydick, Aubrey .26 — M — McCardle, Duane Bevis .62 McClure, Lawrence E.26, 35 McCollough, Samuel Jefferson .69 McCool, George Wayne .35, 155, 159, 175 Smith Floral Company £2 The Best In CORSAGES and CUT FLOWERS VVE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS 700 High Street £2 Anderson, Indiana 8 West 11th May’s Comer Store DRUGS, SUNDRIES AND COSMETICS “Always at Your Service” Phone 9721 702 East 8th Street Gadberry’s Grocery 6? Lunch “Let’s Go to Gadberry’s’’ FINE MEATS QUALITY GROCERIES Corner 5th and College Phone 4012 [ 197 ] McCreary, Leroy .26 McDaniel, Clifford, Jr.69 McDonald, Robert E.20, 96, 103, 107, 147 McFarling, Ted Williams .62 McGill, Jackson Edward .58, 83 McGillen, Clarence Albert, Jr.49 McGillen, William Daniel .69 McGraw, Edwin Dale .61 McGuire, Alice Irene.58, 100, 135, 179 McGuire, James Floyd .69, 135 McKinney, Ruth .58, 93 McMillen, June Melba.49, 93, 112 McMullen, Glenn Douglas .61 McNelly, Ruth Anne .69 McQuinn, Ruth .44, 76, 82, 91, 143, 150 Macholtz, Dorothy .26, 151 Macholtz, James Donald .49, 94, 102, 116, 127, 147, 155, 156, 167, 171, 172, 174, 176, 184 Macholtz, Robert.25, 35, 172, 174, 183 Madison, Eugene Grant .61 Madison, Mrs. Eugene .101 Malone, Edith .49 Maness, Curtis .26 Maness, Richard Curtis 35, 87, 90, 95, 97, 102, 104, 122, 123 Martin, Earl .20 Martin, Ramona Jean.91, 104, 143, 150 Surber Son TAILORS “Let Us Make Your Next Suit” Phone 2-5418 Anderson FASHION-WISE CREATORS Post Office Cafe GUS S. PANCOL, Proprietor Home-Baked Pies Our Specialty 24-HOUR SERVICE 16 West 11th Street Anderson, Indiana “Where the Athletes Eat” Martin, Roy Edgar, Jr. -49, 61, 95, 122, 123 Martyn, David Jacques . ..44 Mathis, Donna Lee . ..69 Matthews, Olin Dale . ..58 Matthews, William Aubrey . ...49, , 95 Mendenhall, Eugene Leslie, Jr. -51 Metz, Robert Lee . ...58 Meyer, Marlyn Lois . .36, 102 Midkiff, Mary Louise . -58, 89, 95, 116, 120 Millar, Gayle Elaine.69, 95, 105, 122, 179, 180 Miller, Dr. Adam . ..15 Miller, Carl Eugene .. -49, 95, 118, 123 Miller, Grace . .100 Miller, Helen Denton . -49, 142 Miller, Jo Anne . ...58 Miller, John Edwin ... -36 Miller, Phillip Wayne . ...62 Miller, Russel Loren . -69 Miller, Savilla Mae . ...51, 89, 142 Miller, William Alvin . ...69 Mims, Peggy Jean .69, 95, 103, 139, 152, 179 Mingle, George William . .36, ' 167, 170 Minniear, Deloris Jeanne . ...61, , 96 Miscione, Anthony Frank . .62, 155 Mittan, Marion Albert . ...49 Mohns, James William . ...70, 96, 175 Mong, Robert Clyde . -70, 108 Mooney, James Corbett, Jr. .36, 45, 90, 124, 148 Moore, Allen Wendell ... ....58, 98, 100 Moore, Alta Lucille . -89, 95, 100 Moore, Charles Nelson . .70, 105 Moore, Gene Ray . ...49 Morehouse, Howard Grant .... ...61 Morehouse, Maxine . ...44 Morgan, Colleen Ellen . ...70 Morgan, Marcus Harold . ...61 Morrison, Dr. John ... ...12 Morrison, Mrs. John . .101 Morris, Ralph Daniel . ...23 Morton, Ralph . .49, 83 , 92 Mowery, John Austin ... .51, 83 , 92 Munson, Carl Albert . ...61, 94, 96, 149 Murray, John William . ...62 Murray, Oswald Uriah .. ....36, 97, 99, 108, 124 Murrell, Felix P. -49, 94, 183 Murrell, Homer Lee . ...70. , 83 Mutterspaugh, Emerson . ..70, 172, 174 — N - Nelson, Geneva Pearl . ...70, 95, 143 Nelson, Leona . ...20, 96, 127 Nemire, John Jacob . ...70 Newell, Arlo Frederic . -49 , 81, 90, 183 Newton, Doyle Lee . ..58, 163 Nicholson, Robert . ...20, 80, 105 Nichols, Anne . ...70, 95, 105 Nichols, Stanley . ...70, 95, 108 Nickell, Mildred Anne. 36, 87, 93 97 [ 198 ] t£, ■ r etvice entwietCLa [ 199 ] b j «L TL today, seems a faraway cry from the methods used when Johann Gutenberg first devised versatility by the use of his crude movable types. Those basic methods, now universally adopted, and standing a monument to his memory, have never changed. We Americans, to whom PRINTING has become such an integral part of our daily existence, use it in our business, for educational advancement, and entertain¬ ment in every walk of life. Be it the daily newspaper, billboard, sky-writing or the ether-borne wave, still to PRINTING do we concede the sphere of endurance and permanency in the transmitting and recording of our thoughts. SO WITH THIS COLLEGE ANNUAL ... the pictures, slogan club names, and advertisements of contributing firms . . . how they call you back every time you open the covers. We at Commercial Service sincerely wish for you, students of A.C.T.S., many, many occasions of happy reminiscence as you browse through these pages of the ’49 ECHOES. It’s Schuster’s, Inc. for MEN’S AND BOY’S WEAR Phone 6678 Comer 8th and Main FINE CHINESE AND AMERICAN FOODS The Good Earth CHOP SUEY TO TAKE HOME RESERVATIONS FOR PRIVATE PARTIES 13 East 9th Street Phone 9643 FLOOR COVERINGS WINDOW SHADES CABINETS VENETIAN BLINDS JANITOR SUPPLIES THE FLOOR STORE Nightingale, Frederick Melvin .70, 103 Nixon, Kelsa William .61, 155, 172, 174 Nolan, Jean .70, 95 Norris, Frances Ouzts .36, 101 Norris, Martin LaVern .36 Notley, Valera .24 Nusz, Alvin .37, 83 Nusz, Wilma Hathcoat .101 — O — Oblinger, William Nicholas Oburn, Elmer E. Oburn, Ruth W. Oemler, William Kenneth . Oesch, Deloris Mae . Oldham, Douglas Reed . Oldham, W. Dale. Olson, Carol Lea . Olt, Dean Russell . O’Neill, Paul Edwin . Orr, Florence . Osborne, Nancy . Overbay, M. Claire . Overholt, Beatrice Joyce. Owen, Ernest Edward . Owen, Ruth Oleta . Owsley, Arnold . Owsley, Margaret C. .70, 103, 105, 135 .70, 135, 136 .58 .62 .58, 89, 113, 125 70, 104, 105, 107, 111 .75, 79 .59, 89, 119, 137 .13, 97 .61, 167, 172, 174 .20, 97 .15 .51 ..59, 91, 143 .51 .37, 98 .37, 70 .97 — P — Park, Mary Cathryne.20, 89, 97, 102, 103 Parker, David Irvin .70 Parks, Everett Leroy, 61, 90, 115, 124, 172, 174, 184 Parr, Edward Von .51 Pass, Oran Wayne .59 Patterson, William Eugene .70, 106 Peacock, Randall James .70 Peeler, Doris Mae.51, 95, 98, 100, 103, 104, 138 Perry, Grace .59 Peterson, Carl Wendell .49, 83 Peterson, Mrs. Carl .101 Petsas, Amanda .70 Pfander, Lloyd Warren . 49 Phelps, Vivian Z.27, 37, 76, 83, 84, 93 “NEW” Eavey Super-Market “The Finest Food Market in ROBERT MILLER, Proprietor North America” Anderson, Indiana 934 Main Street Elwood, Indiana 1405 Main Street Phone 2-2875 Phone 1453 1808 Meridian Street Anderson, Indiana [ 200 ] TheF C - LUMBER Phone CLINE 400-432 Main Street 2-2315 Phillips, Evelyn Mary . ..71 Phillips, Harold . -23 Phillips, Merle Elaine . ..71 Pickens, James Colliers . .71, 155, 161 Pickering, Beatrice Wall . -51 Pickering, Maurice Adrian . ..62 Pickett, Donald Dean . F ' T 00 r 00 r- 123, 125 Pleasant, Doris Mae . ..71, 105 Polhemus, Warren C. -25 Ponder, Wilma E. ..16 Portwood, Bonnylyne Weidner ...61, 104 Portwood, Ralph Eugene . -51 Powell, Allan Raymond . .49 ; , 92 Powell, Eugene Wyatt . .37, 90, 124, 184 Powell, Joy Theodora. ...59, 88 , 89 Prather, Robert Neal . -62 Price, Ralph Eugene . .71, 123, 136 Proctor, Floyd Collins . -61, 138 Proctor, Milton Eugene . -44 Puchek, Joseph, Jr. .37, 94 Puller, Donald Lee . .36, 87, 93, 97 Pulos, Juanita . -21 Pulsipher, Horace Charles . .59, 83 Pyle, Donald Glenn . -49, 94, 155, 159, 184 — Q — Qualman, Wilbur Jay .49 Quattrone, Virginia .37 Quesenberry, Richard Benjamen, 62, 88, 155, 158, 184 Quinn, Cleburne Lowell . . .61 Quisenberry, Ina Jean .38, 91, 102, 143, 152 — R — Radaker, Bruce Hilton .... Ramey, Lynn Everette .... Ramsay, Ruth Ann. Ramsay, Robert . Ramsay, T. M. Ramsey, H. Eugene . Randle, Nelda Faye . Rankin, Howard Glenn ... Rapsilber, Wilbur Albert .38 .51 .21, 95, 97, 102 .21, 92 .24 .38, 100 71, 105, 134, 151, 181 .45, 49, 84, 112 .61 Ratcliff, Albert Laverne 49, 94, 109, 112, 125, 155, 160, 183 Ratzlaff, Jean Roberta .71, 105 Ratzlaff, Orville Paul .38 Rauner, Dorothy Lucille .50 Rawlings, Almeda.38, 91 Ray, Daniel James .71, 163 Reagan, Natalie Carolyn .59, 89, 100 Reardon, Robert .14, 109 Redmond, Harry Hamilton .38, 95, 97, 102 Compliments of Startzman’s Grocery 1804 East 5th Anderson Sporting Goods INC. TROPHIES FOOTBALL — BASKETBALL Phone 5828 1028 Main Street Anderson, Indiana Your Friends and Neighbors Will Tell You • IT S PLEASANT • IT’S SATISFYING • IT’S CONVENIENT • IT’S ECONOMICAL to Shop at the iBunm Store A BETTER STORE FOR THE THRIFTY [ 201 ] Redmond, Thomas Heflin . ..71, 155, 157, 171, 172 Reed, Elizabeth Ann . ...71 Reed, Rev. William E. ...75 Reedy, Jessie Helen . ....59 , 89 Revelant, Louis . ...71 Revelant, Mrs. Louis . .101 Reynolds, Norma Jean . -71, 95, 105, 122, 137 Reynolds, Theo . ....21, 91, 102 Rice, Donald Lawrence . 45, 50, 92 , 95 Rice, June Hardin . .101 Rich, Gertrude Exclena . -59 Richardson, Mary Louise . ..71, 138 Richey, Forrest Oliver . ...50 Riggle, Peachie . 182 Ritter, Ruth . .59, 93, , 99 Roach, Carl Fay . ..50 Robbins, Robert Russell . ..71 Roberts, Arbutus Fern . -71, 135, 179 Robertson, Frank S. ..59 Robertson, Geraldine Wall . .38 , 91, 100 Robey, Verle . 108 Robinson, Donald Leroy. -59, 138 Robinson, Simon Bisbee . ..38 Rockhill, Everell Jay . -39 Rockhill, Marcella Lorraine ..71 Ronald, Russell Dale . ...71 Rose, Eda Omega.50, 91, 125, 143, 150, 179, 180 Roseberry, Robert W. 62 Rossin, Janice .149 Rothman, Richard Lee .71 Rouse, Zello Edwin .26, 61 Rousseau, Edith Joyce .71, 95, 122 Rowan, Thomas John .62 Ruefenacht, Ella Mae .50 Rupp, Anna LaRue .72, 100 Russell, Anna Mae Violet .59, 89, 120 Russells, Edward James .72 Ryan, Hoy Elwood .72, 81, 83 — S — Saltzmann, Aloma Ruth .50, 89, 95, 102, 113, 122 Sanders, Edwin Emanuel.72, 175 Sands, Glenn James .50 Santon, Olive Jeannette .34, 93, 106, 112 Schauer, Homer Raymond .50, 104, 124, 147 Scheller, Gilbert Bernard .39 Scheller, Shirlee .26 Schiavone, Dante Anthony, 59, 92, 148, 155, 171, 184 Schieck, Gordon Alfred .39, 96 Schieck, Wilhelmina .72 Schlabach, Donald Keith ...61 Schliep, Betty Louise .72, 89, 105 Schmidt, John Dean.72, 95 Schneider, Velma Maxine .50, 142 Schrenker, Henry . 155 The Wright Store for College Men and Women V For the latest in fashions, look in the windows of.. . r HOYT WRIGHT COMPANY 911 Meridian Street [ 202 ] Schrocder, Hazel Elaine . ...39, 88, 91, 104, 150 Scott, Clyde . .99 Scott, Farrell . .124 Scott, Raymond . .62, 88, 95 Sears, Shirley Jean ...72, 95, 182 Sebrce, William T. ..51, 155, 160 Sebring, James . .59 Seeley, Evelyn Margaret. ....50, 82, 100 Seeley, Kenneth Earl . .72, 82, 155, 161 Sell, Marion Merle . .50, 86 Sergeant, Maurice Dean . .72, 105 Sexton, Ronda Clifford . .72, 107, 135 Shackleton, Fred . .21, 105, 106 Shaffner, Jack Howard . .72 Shankland, Clayton Russel .. .39 Shankland, Mrs. Clayton . .101 Shoemaker, Ruth Louise . ... 59, 93, 137 Shotwell, Florence May . -72, 95, 100, 105, 116 Showers, Louis Herman . .72 Shricker, Governor . .130 Shultz, Cecil G. .44 Sibert, James .. .21, 109, 163, 172 Simmons, Alton Leroy . .62 Simmons, Margaret Jacqueline .72, 78, 104 Skinner, Rev. George . .75 Skorinko, Leon . .50 Skorinko, Victor . .39 Smith, Billie Roy . .39 Smith, Carl Thurman . .40, 94, 96 Smith, Edgar ... ..83 Smith, Edward James . .50, 137 Smith, Genevieve Brown . .40, 93, 97 Smith, Joanna Klemme . .95, 72, 119, 122 Smith, John Robert . ..39, 148, 177 Smith, June Delores . ..40 Smith, Lorraine R. Boddy . .40, 50 Smith, Lynn Howard . .183 Smith, Rev. Nathan . .75 Smith, Paul Monroe . ..72, 107, 155 Smith, Robert Ellsworth . ...72, 107, 110 Smith, Robert Norton . -72, 95, 105, 122, 123 Smith, Ruthie Mae . .72 Smith, Ted Cecil . .62 Cathedral of Fashion Oma 45 IjixiM m OndiAAan Star China Company “If worth having, we have it " ★★★ ★★ Phone 7122 902 Main Anderson, Indiana Sauter’s for Shoes SANDLER’S OF BOSTON 1215 Meridian Phone 2-2418 For GOOD FOOD — and FRIENDLY SERVICE Shop at FOODLAND Phone 8038 812 East 8th Anderson, Indiana [ 203 ] Smith, Tom Ainslee .50 Snarr, Phyllis Jean.59, 89, 95, 116, 117 Snozz ...136 Snyder, Velma Mary, 40, 84, 88, 93, 97, 99, 104, 152 Solid, Charles Harlan .40, 97 Sorrell, Euretha Lillian.24, 40 Sowers, Austin Elmer . 59 Spencer, Thomas Eugene .61, 151 Sponhaltz, Frederick John .59 Staub, Bula May .101 Staub, William Lawrence .59 Stauffer, Margaret Shirley .73, 104 Steele, Glenn Lakin .....40 Stewart, Ila Faye .61 Stewart, James Wilbur.41, 76, 83, 92, 97, 112 Stiers, C. A.26 Stitt, Gerald Eugene .60 Stone, Candace .22, 125 Stone, Joyce Delores .60, 88, 89, 104 Stone, Robert Harvey.41, 155, 157, 175, 184 Stoops, Joe Neil .62 Strawn, Lucille Ann .41, 93 Strickler, Martha Bonniegene .73 Stroebel, Frederick Charles ....41, 90, 96, 97, 124, 183 Strong, Marie .22 Sullivan, Bobby Joe .73, 175, 176 Sullivan, Harold Leroy .62 Sutherland, Glen 0.44 SALES and SERVICE BODY and FENDER WORK PARTS AND ACCESSORIES ARROW PONTIAC INC. Phone 8835 1520 Main Street Anderson, Indiana Compliments of The Madison County Lumber Company Phone 6631 1421 Jackson St. Anderson, Indiana Swank, Richard Lowell .26, 41, 92, 98, 106, 108 Swann, Lonnie Botts, Jr.41, 83, 84, 92, 120 Sweeney, Daniel Graham .72, 83 Sweeny, Norman Paul.26, 41, 84, 85, 94, 102, 147 Swinford, Charles Russell .62 Switzer, Barbara Jean .73 — T — Tant, John Oscar .73 Tate, Loyd Merrill .60 Taylor, Barbara Evelyn .60, 104 Taylor, Chester Adam .50, 83 Taylor, George Leonard.41, 82, 83, 104 Taylor, Mrs. George .101 Taylor, Jack Leland .92, 94, 96 Taylor, Matilda Grace . 100 Tazelaar, Richard Nelson .60, 104, 110 Tebby, Charles Frederick .50 Tellinghuisen, Ardelle Jeanette .73, 95, 105, 129 Tessier, Marion Elizabeth .50, 84, 89, 102, 136 Thacker, Donald Lee .73 Theodore, Lee Charles 50, 83, 90, 95, 98, 105, 118, 178 Thoma, Ferd .51 Thomas, Billy Joe 60 , 81, 88, 94, 95, 123, 163, 175, 176 Thomas, Charles Franklin .42, 90, 106, 124 Thomas, Donna Stanley .42, 93, 124 Thomas, William Alexander .60 Thomas, William Luther .62 Thompson, Allan Wheeler .60 Thompson, Mrs. Allan .101 Thompson, Darrel Dean .51 Thompson, Wayne A.51 Thomson, John .73, 139, 155, 157 Tilford, Roger .62, 138, 163, 175 Till, Dorothy Jean .60, 82 Tilton, Amos Andrew .73 Tinker, Gilbert Elmer .60, 87, 109, 117, 118 Tipton, Ruth Fern .51, 89, 104 Titley, Virginia Elizabeth .73 Tjart, Peter .42, 96, 99, 103 Toon, James Garrison.42, 84, 85, 92, 120 Toon, Vasso Blackman .101, 120 Traister, Charles Benton .44, 135 Tramel, Geraldine Espey .. ' ..101 Tramel, Percy Woodrow.51, 95, 172, 174 Treffry, Agnes Henderson .101 Treffry, Charles Edmund .42, 81, 83, 92 Trick, Mina Edriel .51, 179, 181 Trick, Virgil Forrest ..51 Trick, Wesley LaWayne .73 Troutman, Bette Louise .60, 151 Troutman, David Raymond .26, 73 Turley, Charlotte Pauline .73 Tuttle, Marvin Lee.73, 95, 123 — V — Van der Breggen, Aletta .44, 96 [ 204 ] Van Hoose, Velma Ruth .73 Velosky, Earl Arthur .60, 99 — W — Wagner, Gloria Ikast .26, 101 Wagner, Paul Raymond .60, 105 Waite, Clyde Henry .42, 76, 81 Waite, Mrs. Clyde .101 Walker, Faith Phares .60, 91, 108, 141, 179, 180 Walker, June Phares 60, 91, 95, 99, 106, 108, 116, 117, 150, 151 Walker, Kenneth Irvin .73, 84, 138, 155, 159 Walker, Martha Phares.60, 91, 106, 108, 139, 143 Walker, Norman Hubert.51, 138, 143, 172, 184 Walter, Charles Gene .60 Walters, James Elwood, Jr.60 Warnock, Walter Jack .42 Watkins, Kenneth Warren . 43 Weasel, Robert James .61 Weatherly, Isaac, Jr.73, 155, 158 Weaver, Jack .22, 102 Webb, Mrs. Jeff .101 Webb, William Jefferson .83 Weber, John Robert.60, 84 Weeks, Wyatt James .81, 92 Weiler, Joyce .82, 98, 105 Wellman, Sanford Edison .60, 135 Wellman, Vergie Mae .73, 140, 152 Welton, Frank .155 Welton, Ralph Edward .51 Wesner, William .61 Westlake, Andrew Byron .51, 105, 106, 117 Whalon, Rodney Charles .73, 83 Wheeler, Joyce Ann .61, 84, 89, HI, 140 White, Lawrence.61, 84, 94, 100, 134, 141 Whitehead, Rosella Ann .74, 95 Whitehurst, Virgil Edwards .62, 172 Whitmill, Arthur Jackson .62 Whitmill, Charles Alexander .74, 107 Whitney, Grace .25 Wiens, Leonald Allen .51 Wiggins, Bette J.74, 113 Wilcox, Emma Joyce .82, 93, 95, 102 Wilder, Cecil Wayne .51 Williams, Blanche Mildred .51, 116 Williams, Carl Carnelius, Jr.83 Williams, Eldon Lowell .74, 118, 174 Williams, John Charles .43 Williams, Loren Roush 51, 127, 168, 169, 175, 176, 184 Williams, Obadiah.61, 95, 103, 175, 176, 182 Williams, Shirley Naomi .74, 82 Williamson, Evelyn .25 Williamson, George Faxon, Jr.51 Williamson, Mrs. George .101 Williamson, Lowell James .84, 90, 104, 124, 147 Willowby, Lucile .22, 86, 97, 102 Wills, Vivian June .73, 89 Wilson, Jack Irvin .74, 115 Wilson, John Edward ....51, 148, 155, 156, 164, 166 , 168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 174, 175, 176, 177, 184 Wilson, Raymond Lee .74, 155, 159 A. R. CRIST Doctor of Optometry DEPENDABLE SERVICE SINCE 1926 Lenses Duplicated One-Day Service 2 West 10th Street ANDERSON, INDIANA [ 205 ] Join Together to Protect Each Other MEMBERSHIP IN THE “LAYMEN” IS OPEN TO MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD AND THEIR FAMILIES Maximum Death Benefits Are Now on the Following Basis for All AGES 10 TO 70 INCLUSIVE 10 to 20 $1,000 21 to 30 $900 31 to 35 $800 36 to 40 $700 41 to 45 $600 46 to 50 $500 51 to 55 $400 56 to 60 $320 61 to 65 $240 66 to 70 $160 Membership may be obtained for children as soon after birth as they are known to be normal and healthy. The maximum benefits for children are as follows: Birth to 1 yr. 1-2 yrs. 2-3 3-4 4-5 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 5-6 6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10 $600 $700 $800 $900 $1000 The cost for children is the same as for adults. EVERYONE PAYS $1.00 A MONTH There is nothing mysterious or complicated about the “Laymen.” It is a simple, inexpensive plan whereby members of the Church of God and their families have “joined themselves together” with the common purpose of mutual helpfulness and protection. You owe it to yourself and dependents to get complete information. In addition to the above benefits you may have additional benefits by paying another dollar a month. LAYMEN of the CHURCH of GOD Box 820, Anderson, Indiana Rooms 550-566 Citizens Bank Building [ 206 ] Wilson, Russell Clark 44, 118, 125, 147, 151, 172, 174 Wise, Merl Leslie.-51, 88, 103 Witham, Edna Lee ...74, 105 Withers, Ava ...51, 93, 149 Withers, Calvin .25 Withers, Lawrence Thomas .51, 102, Wiuff, Jarvis C.61, 92, 96, 110 Wiuff, Joyce Grandfield .51, 93, 97 Wokeck, Glenn Franklyn .74 Wood, Alvin Rodney ..51 Wood, Amy Mae .74 Wood, Charles William .61, 92, 104, 106, 112 Wood, Wilburn Halicy .51 Woods, Beulah M.25, 44 Woodward, James Richmond, 51, 127, 168, 169, 170 Worth, Donna Jean . 51 Worth, William Dewey .44, 83 Wr ight, Donald Paul .61 Wright, Martha Jane .74 Wright, Maurice Clinton .62 Wrigley, Thomas Grainge, Jr.62 Wynn, Robert Clarence. 44 — Y — Yager, Velma Lee .74 Yale, Palmer Leroy .74 Young, Glenn Clyde .61, 104 Yount, Otto —.44 Yutzy, Paul Lawrence, 61, 81, 82, 83, 84, 94, 105, 116 pOSY SHOp “Flowers Please” WE DELIVER Weddings Our Specialty Corsages That Are Different FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Nursery Road at East 10th Dial 2-9249 FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYWHERE Distributors of SPALDING • RAWLINGS WILSON 585 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 585 “Play Hard with the Best and Win” DECKER’S, Inc. 67 Steps off Meridian Dial 4467 Anderson, Indiana [ 207 ] Church of God World Service ANDERSON INDIANA Home Missions Foreign Missions Christian Education Free Literature and Blind Ministers’ Pension and Aid Anderson College and Theological Seminary Pacific Bible College EVERY PERSON GIVING TO TrfE LOCAL CHURCH EVERY CHURCH GIVING TO WORLD SERVICE [ 208 ]

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