Anderson Union High School - Aurora Yearbook (Anderson, CA)

 - Class of 1938

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Anderson Union High School - Aurora Yearbook (Anderson, CA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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ff W Mfg. ,wjdfiw ,rig Qtr www fix Sxww X w . YQ GJ QSM wp 4 HMM Wffw' PN S by 2253 X3 Q3 IFZEZZWZ 7V' y'wf,- W I I -V '7 A1440 V CEM? 75,0517 uf! C5 71 0 'S ww WZ R ,gf Q Q Rr is MW W 5 E? gf Q gd lem N 2 L jj!! V,-VJ .3 1, 575.12 N 54 . X S MMM' 7Q7fff9f 4 N X E 'ii-K, Q, EQ .Yi Vx. -1 :liz iF a 119341-- LW- ., , Q -1 ' .1 lam X' ,gm Q- ' . 1.51 ..4'Jv-, A , HM, ' .a.- , 1 -M .f i4Zjf11 , ,ir-L-. .- t nxlxci , , -x JR 1 as If ' J uf WAHI .Lk A 'ft YA' 1: T Xa 39. fl? ' 1 1'xJ-.f 1 1 1 ra' f'f as.. ug Q ls! ' ' NH 1 ' 1 , J A X 0 '49 PF bmffiv -. ,Z 5fQ,, , 4 ? -r 1 - - 7 - , v - v ., :f.i1vmf?oW1fW W5QI A , fff- Y-' ' n 1- 1- 1 1, - .-v v- ' .rfm .m '- I fN 5 ' 1' 'A ' H QI -- -v v,v v., Y-v PQMA H v U ' PYTLKY O X C '. . DAG . VN 2 H 5 1 A4 ,. IQ Q2 E E 3 CQ 1' N4 nl IQ QI E r 4 QI IE il E IQ QI is IQ ' 1 Q1 :Q Q: 25 Q IE QI IQ QI JE QI ' Q , 12 Q3 .1 .V Q, lg ' 61044 Q' :E Me Samoa Ii Q 1' ' S : Zfmm 1 ' 'I 14 ir L 6 '1 ,, . Q 74 I J , 4 ' 'n 'I 'u 1 3 V 1 mae 1 .1 . 1, V 1, 7 : 793i 1 ' I lg Q2 I Y ,P I 1' 5, Q5 rg' lk xv ,Q M C Q Vg -f lb 51 W 4 1s g V 4 12 5: :P TS F af' ' J4 Ph g rg Q' 153 V' 1,5 5 '1 Q- sg is 1 I gi gk 4 K 52 'R PI 19 1 vw1W1W1wJawwsM41Ls'4Jlk'41L?44W'W 5 I5 . A 0 1,044 34 - - - M wxww: LP!- A- M 4' ' A '53 ' Q1 v1.10 -1 v uw H ume' -.- - - - 1 Av41py4J , .- ---A --- FUIIEWIIRII USING OUR CLASS MOTTO NWHEN WE BUILD, WE BUILD FOREVERW AS A THEME, WE WISH TO PRE- SENT A NEW AND DIFFERENT AURORA . . . ONE THAT WILL HELP US TO g'BUILD', PLEASANT MEMORIES AROUND THE SCHOOL DAYS WE HAVE SPENT TOGETHER. -- -:1zqx-.w,', e I ff,-oui4.1.f,5j. llElllUA'l'l0 W e, the Senior Class of 1938, respectfully dedicate this edition of the Aurora to our Principal, Mr. Laurence Harper, whose constant leadership and advice during the past four years have been an inspiration to our class. Faculty Members Top Razr: Mr. McCormick Mr. Marliaye Miss Lf-tson Miss Lane Front Rolr: Miss Sllllllltlllb Mrs. Hightower Miss Wil1'unx Mrs. Gill , I M, . ' 'fl W lx If IYMIY ,fx ATIXA 'J Trustees Mr. Wilcox Mr. Smith Mr. Marx Mr. Mitcllvll Mr. Miller Mr. Harper Prinui pal 'H Mr. Tyler Vice-Principa 'Owls' 'wh Q 'A N. V fe? un B ,I I Q an X I . j K 1 s fa JEAN BALL. GEORGE BROCE . M f . fag - in A V. , vw: ik? 5' Iii Wg E' f 151 ' K V x BRUNETTA GERY MARIE GRIFFITH I ff , '- x I YI. , ' rl f A ' - A 'Tw If JESS MORAVEC DOROTHY MOSS 'Qs 'fl LESLIE RASMUSSEN RUTH RICHARDSON MR ' 5. 'Q K za, 1 Wg 11 A A X A, ' N I in IORS ROBERT CARTER Pre.rz'n'enf HX , BARBARA MARY HUFFMAN ROBT. KENNICOTT wx .-. MAYRE OLI PHANT , ,qi 'X ' IES? -In V W ,EE EEN LOWELL ROGERS CASSIE ' 'R Y I' A ' N4- X-9. g N aff. A I Q gm 0,73 'J3' I M 4 i X '- DOROTHY SPANN JANET STEARMAN PHI LLIP SUTTER WALTER PARK BUTMAN BETTY COWLES I? PATRA MALTZNER 'N Q K FQ Ig I . RALPH porrsk RAUSE JIM RUBLE PI-IYLLIS HARRIS AURORA STAFF Tn Rnfzn' Rnbcrl lllrter. Rxtl h P P Putter, Lt-well Rtugcrs. jim Ruhlv. Walter Park. Third Ruffin' Geurtrv lirurv. lim- mett llcnipcwull. l'.itr:t Mt-Itzm-1, .lvss Murrivcr. Lcsliv Rasmussen l'hillip Sutlvr. Huh Kcimirntt Srrrnnf Ruff: N.ith.ilic Mallit-ws, Nlgiry lluflmam, ,Inner Slczurlnzln. Ruth Rirlilalrtlsuii. Cassie Ruusc. liilcur xxvlllll liivc-ntlulyn Rvlil. Miss' l:Xrlvisnrl. fran! Rnfzu' Betty Until:-s, -Ioan Bull. H:irh.u'.i liuimzin. lirimullzi Gvry. hlzlric Cirilhth. llumtluy Muss. Nlayrv Uliphzml, Phyllis llziiris. l'ii't11n'y Umillrilx Rosvlnaly Scl- lxlml. Stella l'l1'.uhly, .-Xsslshmt l'inlitm's. SENIOR PLAY Ruhert Carter Etlilur Clrarafter .lack Challis .,,,,.,.,.....,. Kennedy Ellswurth ,, Kate Challis ,,.........., Myra Vernan ,,,.,, Mastvr ..,,.....,, Emily .,,.,,, Matilda ,,,,.A. Andrew .,,,. , Antoineltv . , , Beatrice . N4 - ,yy ti 1 R4 1 J C A S T Playful' by ...,,,,,.lvss Muravec ,..,.,,,..Robrrt Carter , Ruth Richardson ,, ,Janet Stearman ,,,,,,,r.,,..Jin1 Ruhle ,..,,Mayre Oliphant ,,,,,,Cassic Rouse , , ,,Walter Park ,,...,,Marie Criffttli ,,..,...Barbara Ayer PIHIPHECY Time: lndefinite Future. Place: A. U. H. S. Come all ye students gather roun' And hear how our class went to town. First in the class is Robert Carter, He won his fame because he can barter. And next is farmer Walter Park, He raises pigs just for a lark. To George Broce's movie the critics said, Ban it. lt got by because he played opposite Janet. The Olympic games were won in truth By a girl--you'll never guess-it's Ruth. Betty Cowles' fame you'll never guess, She's billed in a circus as a giantess. As a lion tamer Brunetta the Brave ln the ring daily is escaping the grave. And a girl finally got Phillip Sutter Who became very rich making peanut butter. Barbara Butman, demure and petite, Has all the opera world at her feet. ,lim Ruble, known as Swing King De-Lux, Receives his fan-mail in great big trucks. And speaking of swing brings us to mind Jess Moravec is not to be left behind. He and Pat Moltzner are a well-known pair Who have a swing session each night on the air. Lowell Rogers one time went hunting for grouse, lt was a spring day, so he wandered astray And instead brought home sweet Cassie Rouse. Two rising young chemists, Rasmussen and Walker, Are trying to discover why a girl's such a talker. Long known in Paree, Grace White and Marie Are reporting fashions, oh yes! Wee, wee. A well-known physician is student Ralph Potter, He made a great fortune by selling ftzz water. Dot Moss is a Doc of mental cases, She always has fun QI think she's the onei Who cures her patients by making funny faces. Jean Ball has won fame as a clarinet tooter, We've heard she has many and many a suiter. Mayre Oliphant, who was a brain storm in school, As a medium, all others she certainly can fool. Dorothy Spann and Phyllis Harris, By their marriages are they trying to scare us? Mary H. is now Shasta County's prize wife! Do you think Bill'ed lose her? Not on your life! And last we'll remind you in case you've forgot, The country's President is Bob Kennicott. Name Dorothy Moss... Mary Huffman ..... Mayre Oliphant ........ .....,.,, Janet Stearmanu, Dorothy Spann ..... Ruth Richardson ...., ...,..,.. George Broce ....... Patra Moltzner ..., ,less Moravec ........ Mane Grliiith .,.......,. ,,,...,,, .lim Ruble ...,...... Walter Park ...,..... Phillip Sutter .,,. Betty Cowles ........ Brunetta Gery ...,,. Lowell Rogers ...... Robert Carter l...... .l....... Bob Kennicott .,,., Barbara Butman.. Ralph Potter ,,,...... ..,..,... Phyllis Harris ...... Jean Ball ,....,......... Leslle Rasmussen ................. Grace White ........, ..,...... Cassie Rouse ........ H0110 CUPE Known as Mossback .......,.. .......... ..i..i...Mare........... Elephant, ..... .. ....,....Darlene....,..... .........Dotta.......... Ritchy ..,,.,.. Brocie .,...... Patra P ......... Freckles ..,,..... Joe Bush .......... .......... ........i.Spark......... .,.,.....Ph1ps.,.... . ..,,..... Butch ..,.,.,, , .........Brewie.... Shlfty ......... Cart ......... Pres ........ Angel ....,....,,.. Bushy Brows ,.,..,,. .......... . ......... Pxlly ......,....... . Johnnie .....,,...... .....,,,.. Rasslemussles ...... ...l...... Weather Man ....... ......... 20 Years From Now Editor of Ballyhoo ,.....,.. .,... Burlesque ........ Mrs. Corby ..,.....,. Grandmother ,......... ..........Sec. to President,..,..,,. ,.......,..Traveling Salesman..,....,.,... ..........Bubble Dancer.......... Preacher .......... Opera Star ...,.,..., Flea Trainer .,..... Fire Chief ....... Life Guard .,..,,..,. Mrs. Ferguson ..,. Nudist Colony ,........., Undertaker ..,..,....... Orchestra Leader ....,. Poet ......................... Minister's Wife ,........ Truck Driver ...... Navy Mother ,.....,..,......,...,... Angle Worm Grower. Cigar Store Operator. .Night Club Hostess ............. ..........Flag Pole Sitter.....,.. Hobby Giggling .,....,.. Singing, ..... .. Dancing ......,..,...,.....,.,.. Being Independent ...... Interior Decorating ...... ..........Apple Polishing....,..,.. Flirting. .....,.,......... Gabbmg .......... Blondes .......,... New Clothes ....,.. J am Sessions ......... Grinnings .,..... Apple Squeezin's ,..,. ..,. Making Goo-Goo Eyes Arguing with Betty...,. Bugs .,.,.,.,.....,.....,........... Fraternity Laff', ....,..,. Girls ,.,.,.,., ,,.,.....,. Blushing ............. .... Race Track Driving ,.,. Navy .............,.. .... Rat Racing ........... Day Dreaming ...,.,..., Primping .,..,.,.,,...., Acting Serious ..,...... Ambition Scholarship ...A............... A..... ' ' Mountaineer's Wife. Old Maid .,...A............. as llllllll CUPE Songology Darktown Strutters Ball ......,. He's Away Up Thar .A..... Dream of Love .............A............. lt's a Deep Secret ......... ..... ' 'My Heart Is Taking Lessons ........ Six Husbands ,.,..,.......,, ,......,.. Ultra Sophistication ........ ......... ' Explorer .....,...,....,....., Lose Weight .............. ......... ' Man About Town ......... ......... ' A.B. Degree ............ Rosemary Selland ..,..... ......... Mae West ........,,..,.. Own a Distillery .......... ....i.,.. ' Butcher's Spouse .,.... ....,.... ' Artist's Model ....... History Teacher ....... Be a Bachelor ,.,...,.,.. President, U. S. A ........ ......... ' Movie Siren ............... ua as ss 'Kid in the Three-cornered Pants 'I Want a New Romance ............,... I Double Dare You ......... 'Whisperingn ...........,....... 'My Dear .........,,,...,i...,............ ....,.... That's What I Learned in College Oh Boom .,........................................ My Old Flame ............................ 'There Is a Tavem in the Town .... 'Geel Butcher Swell ........,......... 'Silhouetted in the Moonlight .i.... 'l'm an Old Cowhand .....,..Y..... I Got Rhythm .,.,..,.. 'Ten Pretty Girls ............. 'Chapel in the Moonlight ...... To be a Big Shot .,........ ......... ' 'Icga Dagga ....................... Family Battleship .,....... ..... ' 'Red Sails in the Sunset .....,, Curves ,,,...,.....,,,.,,.., Football Coach ..,,.... To Get Married ...,..... ....., Farmer ...........,.... A Gypsy Told Me ........... 'I Can Dream, Can't I? ..,... 'Boo Hoo ....................... 'Trust and Obey ....... Cause of Death .............Winning a Scholarship .,,...,,.Brother-in-Law .....,...Suzie-Q ....,....Mussed Eyebrows . ......,. Divorce .........Electric Eel ....,....Tropic Heat .,....,,.Lost Weight Blonde .....,............Two-Hour Exam .........Banana Peel Three Alarm .....,...Water .........Meat Cleaver ,....,...Caught a Man .......,.Love Bug .........Sit-Down Strike .........Girls Demerit .,.......Crack Up .........Swiss Navy .r.......Dieting .........Nightmare .........Swallowed False Teeth .....,...Palpitation of the Heart CLASS WILL I, Patra Moltzner, most humble and discreet, Bequeath to Emma Welbourn my tendency to eat. I, Jess Moravec, in my will do state, My lounge-room in shop shall go to Purl Wait. I, George Broce, leave to Frambes my willingness To go down town at noon on husines. I, Ruth Richardson, gladly pass on To Rosemary Selland a dance and a song. I, Bob Kennicott, leave to Wallace Broce The ability to date freshmen girls by the gross. I, Phillip Sutter, a pest and a tease, Will to Harry Bates the girls I did please. I, Bob Carter, the handsome blonde brute, Will to Harvey my ability to toot. To Leah Jean Miller, I, Jean Ball, Leave a clarinet to play out in the hall. I, Barbara Butman, my coyness bestow To Marian, my sisterg she needs it, I know. I, Brunetta Cery, leave my gym clothes to the care Of a freshman, and hope no more holes she will tea I, Betty Cowles, leave my bashfulness here To short Clara Stites. IShe needs it, I fear.l I, Marie Griffith, leave my giggles To Mary Richards to go with her wiggles. I, Mary Huffman, petite, blonde and fair, Leave to Eleanor Ballou my lovely long hair. I, Mayre Oliphant, will my dancing feet To Olga to counteract whatever she may eat. I, Walter Park, long, lean and lanky, Leave my height to short little Frankie. I, Ralph Potter, leave, by heck, To the Juniors my knowledge in Business Ec. I, Leslie Rasmussen, leave my car To Dolores Wilsey to drive very far. I, Jim Ruble, humble and quiet, Leave this school in a general riot. I, Lowell Rogers, tall and slender, Leave to Bennett an old bent fender. I, Cassie Rouse, leave to anyone who can, My ability to make teachers eat out of my hand. I, Dorothy Spann, leave my nice smile To grouchy teachers, the kids,' to beguile. I, Janet Stearman, leave to Joe Doss All my school days that were a loss. I, Grace White, leave my bashful manner To that he-man sophomore, Calvin Danner. I, Phyllis Harris, a sweet young wife, Leave school to begin my married life. I, Dorothy Moss, leave to Jessie Sass My ability with an A all subjects to pass X' W Uaqawgpifcvfm .1 fr, .I ,, 3 , v' 9 I-Q 6 ' 9 .9 N W .Qi 1 , 1. :ff 5 ' ' 3 x 3, W ,Q '11, 1 if W X, ?' 4 95 N 41? X an gg ig ' . '. , ,, 7 7 s .. .. 415 S ,3g,,f,'7-.' 40' 1 x ' ' ' X 2 I I ' If rrrk , 'f xii ,,,, , v,.' 115124 1 QP 'l'f' W 'L' X ' L iQ . .3 - E , fi? fi, f ... .A ,EE 1, .,. at .Q I fit 4... 1 'Ai'nr ',-Q' ' V Fin. fl'-A 4 'f ' 'F Q? 14 7'8 Y V N8 ' --Q ' 5 wwngpfb-J' . b ,, 1' l,K T ' f 4 . w al lr ff? .+,r v I -4 1 im 7 . an S xc I fg M-f, 4 I' N XM 'Y ,sk 3 4 1 Q w N q fe x 1 Rf?- .-Q lin 6 fy p 1:5 -K' sm ff 'X 1 , ' 'iffy N .4 J SOPHOMORE CLASS Hai K' Ruftx' llurtivn ,Ml:i1t1s.pXllwrl llnllnmn. Purl VVziit, George Wul- lmurn tYeIl l.9:1tlcr l-Il. Dunne Spoon, lfllwrt Bennctt. lmslia: XYilli:lms lNum. Cum, lffl. llairry Bates, Timothy Smith. lfrctl M:trx,XYilli:lm Crown, Frsink Munro. fzlrrul Vlhcrg, Nlunvi' Ruliaun. Austin Smith, Dun Wil- wy. lhlelvin Tlnunpsrm. llvumv lNlt'l7:lni0lf, fffrilrr Rnflx' l'imm:i NY:-llwuui'n tYt-ll l,c.nlcr I-21. Tvsric Kwllcrt. .Nlicc 'INlltlH'l1lS,YlUllIllil B.ill. ,Iugin lX'lnnl.ii:m'r. llullnn lhluntlcll. flair.: lVlcmt:lgncr. Iiliit- Hutnmn. Phyllis Sutter. Yiryinia St-rim. Rlaiutlc lXlittl1cll..-Xlvin Alitlvrsmi. Stanley Rouse. llurvvy fzirlci' Ll'rrs. 23, Sidney lhlrismln, flzllltlv funk fl'iin:incc KR-until ll, lhllss Lclsnm ffklvlsurl, fran! RIIfl'.' Annie Ntiruio, Au- tlrvy lVitln'rCll. Lilentlulzl Stvwxlrt. ,lusic lllrtlwell. Shirley Smith fYice-l't'cs. ll. lfrailifes Sclnlmpf, Kay Griflilh CTU-its, l--Il. Mal- Lrnvrtz' Vlhmls, Belly Mt-I'Ime..n fl in.1nCt' Q'uunt'il fl. llnlvy Ull- lVIz1rx:.irrt Lcnnm. L'hn'inc llflincsscc, lfvclyn Rm1l1lrc't'. Clam Stiles. l.:lYonne Sits, fYit'c' l'rc-S. ZH. Bvtty llnsc-ntlsrlmn 1501: l-ll. Uutlvn Scxlwn, Rul- lxlntl Clint: l'ir'Inn',r Umillril: l'ilc-:lm-ur lhllmvii Il'rc-sitlc-nt ll. Nlvrlc lYlsc-r:irvvt'. l'cs l t-qzvlwii. Eleanor Ballon Prvsiflf-nt llarvey Carter Presitlf-nt FRI'bHMAN Twp Ruff llumixl-nu xmul H-In Ilmxnvl. In-1 ll.llv Urns' Alf Rm--I lI.ll Inn. R.zlp Tllirfl R117 xiwl D. .l.l lmnk. ll. I.v.nlvl fl Hil-I,u I.-11 Smith. Ph 5:1-ra, M41 H i11.lmc il'luw. li Pits. Il. Spmmvl. H1nlu'UfN Sfmrnl R I-5041 ID.- Spmuxx. Xu Vluilpul, llm'nxiqlu'- XX nlwv. R 4fI.lI1m'l. R.unm, R 'l.lx'lwu In mm ull: I ml I R1-Iullsnll. l rnnl Rn? L.: lhllv. 11.11111-23. Gun. 25. Knully. Nlxnlllymx lnulmnu Hull ilmllc-N XM Luk Rout fxmll lmulu Il Ru imma! XX N l'i4Iurrr Um 1Xlu'l'lra ' lhm Ain ll Rc'ixl.XYill1lnn Nl: lux Iul Stun Clxrxlulu Huhu kluim . w ' lun 1-r, Alulm 'Wm vu 511.1111 Xvm Yuxnglul kllnlx H llculy Wlxlc nu 1 Llmllv- li. I llmlull ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OFFICERS F1111 Sc-nz !'SIff'l' Twp Ruff! Harm-3 Llxrlvl 1Yc-Il l.4-.uh-1 I. Rm:-ln.l1y Svll.4mI1Scc.b. lkalc NIL lfcuiu iXircl'u-5.1, lhmrlhy KLM 1l'ulw, Blur . P. Frnnl Ruff! Y.xllix,Inllxnn1l CTI-ll l.1-.ulvl l. H--lu KL-rxvliunl 1l'1cx.l. l'.1lm Nlullvm-1 ilu-.aa 7, Sllfillg SPIN f'Stf r Twp Ruff? R1.eul11.4ly' Svlhluml lSn's.b: fX1.u1.m liutlnml ll ixx.u-nu' K1-uuulxxxsw-:nm I. klw' UWT Hur' l'lcN.P, lhvlwllxp Klum- 1l'l1lv. Muni. - n.,.' ' hun! lxmr, l'.mm,l Hn-Ilwulu Null l.1-,uh-11. R1-lun-rt C.x1'Icl 4 l'u-5.3, M4514-Ol: vhnnl I Ira-.1i.J. I lmlu Mxlwllllx IN vll l,c.ulcrb. 'QP -m....,,,,, Q C? NILIIAII' l,rlIIlll1 . , 1 If :' .. , 'x A pr. ,Pj ,....-.act X . 'C I 'lui as fi gs. I If .J if If-wiv Suv wslslillll I'AIlIlII' HIGH VIEWS . SIAPI' . ,pf-4 ,e -gf ' fy 'A' Sb -an ,vb Qi lnp Hurry' klcw INIm.1ws. CI.lunIe UML. k'l1.ullm-N Wm-.Ia Wm- ffrrllfr lx'n:1': IXI.ux' IIuIIm.lx1 N1-II.: Hr.I.Ix. KI.cls.m lIulm.m Iwm-I I'.lll.l Klullfuvl Him l..nm' KMIxiwxl. l'runI Knfrx Ivwlm' 51w, II.nIw.ll.l IIuln1.m, Mun' xirllhllu, Iiclly Ihlwluulvlu-aux, I,.lX num' sms. l'iIlnr, v Umillfulx II.1xu-y K'.uru-u In-.zu Il.unu-IX. Kmxlc Ilmlw I,--um-II Ill-uma, GIRLS GLICIC Top Rmrx' Nm.: Salluluxpl. IXI.n Rinlmlnlx. Run-1u.ny Sm-II.nmI. SI:-ll.c Iimflnlp. Illmucrxv l'Iu-fwn. IM-Ilwmn. :Ml.l Nlxllvl. IXI.lly I.lm- Imnk. I'IlylIlN uw:-, Mullin Yvuaiu I'IlxIIIs Yullcl ffrrllrrknffy' Ium' IIm'l1xiqm-N.X in III Ilwluluwm hrlllnlllu- Ixnnllx I''VI'I11lm'. 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Wlllmlll Nl:lu'l. l' R4 I Rum mi XM n -n. .A U fx CALIFORNIA Sc:110LARs11u' FF:nRRA'rI0N F111 I Sf'I71f'SN'l' 70,6 Run lnlc N1n'I vllil1 ixlm- In IU lxnnnl lmx Rxlal -Q, -- . v x - 4. I - .ly1'4'Hlplx.ll1l. Alias Imlsuxx LM! xlxml, frnnl Rrrlff SICHA HIMHV. A1411 lu Hlxllxmlu. Hutly lmsclulfnhfm. liulmm liummu. Dunalfl Wilsvy Preside-nl Simlnvy Pzlrisollu l'rc-sidvnl HOME ECONOMICS CLUB up l1'u':z'.' Rlvsm-111.11'y Sn-ll.111ml. I 1l1'.1 M11lt7111-1. iil.11Iyw l':1lki11a 'rcs Ill. l11111u1-111' V111-sw11 I 111111.1 YH-II11111111. lilsiv l411l111.111. Il11'll1-IL11115. l.1l.1 R-1lv1-1-.llfu . . , thy Kiwis lX1u' I 11-5. l-fl, l11l1:il1i.l M.11l11-us. f nlrr Rfwzx' SLvll.1 B1:l1l1ly'fS0n'.- l11.14. ll, Ruby k'.1ll.1s IY1-ll ndrr 21. l .11111y Imk Q51-1. 7 l1m.1s. -L .-Ml41lXl1llur, M.11ykI.1111' lui, lr1111 'Xlul 11 Y111,111i1 .y:11-.111, 1. ml. 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Fanny Lmk. linupcnv: Vlicssmi. lfmma VVL-llmurn lYell Lcailer lj, .Mla Nlillcr. lilsic Bulnxau. Phyllis llarris. l'l'xlsar.i Biivnili Qlicc-Pres. ll. Brunctla Gery, hlaric Grilliih. Cfnlrr Rnrw: hlrs, lliphluwcr l.Mlvisul H. Nlarian Bulrnan. Kay Grillilh, glcssic Sass. Clorinc llvn- ncswc. livelyu Ruunlrvr. hlary xlanu Luck, fassic Rouse, hlayrv Uliphanl. .Iulia Wilsun. lic ty lXlrl'lwrsuxi. fron! Rofzz' SIL-lla Braclnly. Rusr- mary' Scllaml. Frames Schumpf, .Xuclrcy YYilhcrcll, lNlarp::lrct nxx. Bette Brnfu. Ruth Sass, Bully Llnvlcs. La Xurmc Sass. Belly Duscmlsrlmu. Leah ,lean Miller. BAND Top Rzmu' llullan Muuilcll. Nlil- alrcil Philpwl. XYilliam Crmve, Phyllis Triplclt. flauilv funk. Gcuwc Vfclhuurn. Shirley Smith. I,aYuum- Sass, ,lim Ruhlc, Rolaml Uline. lYall1u'o Brwc, l':l'llIllUll llcmpcwnlf. Tumniy Yauplin. Buster llarcr. lfrnlrr Roizr: .lean Ball. Daviil Rush. Ge-nrgc lirm'v:. l.cah -loan Millur, Bcliy liuscmlsclmn. Kay lirillilh. fharlcs Mi-Kee. 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Ru: Ilniay Hull Spuuu 4 md- IT:-rulhy llnHm:ln In RMI: mls Hello lIrm'u,,Iul1l udgvrs, I.c:lh ,loam Smres ollry- Basket Imll lmll III U JI I0 JU -IU 4 ll 8 'P Il 4 II'8 4 PEP SOCIETY Rdfk Row: ,lime Doss CTre:1s.l, Riflmnl Runse, Norman Putter. Uzilc lX1cl crrin. Stella Brxulnly, Num Sclmnlpl, Glcmlolzi Stewnrl. Ruscnislry Scllzuml, Fleamir B411- luu, Perry llmlscvn. Robert Cnr- lvr fPr0S.5. Evelyn Rnuntrcc, Clinrlcs Xlumls. Srmnrl Rnifm' Ruth Riclmrilsmi. Kay Grillilli, Shirley Smith. lfmmn Vlfellmurn. Clnrlys Calkins. Nlslyrc Oliplmnt. Virginian Hull, Phyllis Stiller. Billie Bzlll. EVA Nair: Smith, Clarins Ilenncssee, Mrs. Hightower Qihlvisorl. fron! Roizw: Cassie Rouse. Nhriv Grilnlli. Julia NYilsun. Bette' Bruce, Lc.ili jenn Niillcr. Holly Dusemlsrllrwn, lnings-no Cliessmi. L'llCI'l0 Vlhucls. Vnlris Qlulinsun. Jessie Sass. Frances Schumpf. Qluzmilzi Crillin. Nlilclrrrl Pliilpot, Film Multzncr fVicc-Prcs.J. SPWW McDONALD'S CHAPEL THEODORE MCDONALD D7 FUNERAL DIRECTOR AMBULANCE SERVICE Weaverville Redding IT PAYS TO BE HEALD TRAINED A diplorna from I'Ieald's has started many a young rnan and woman on the road to success in the business world. Those who have employed Heald graduates recoqnize that training which has been received is sound and practical I-Ieald graduates are welcomed. Think it over-then arrange for your training NOW. ' Heald's Business College and Secretarial School SACRAMENTO Luke W. Peart. President Main 6339 DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY Manufacturers of EVERYTHING IN LUMBER AND ITS PRODUCTS CORRUGATED STEEL D COMPOSITION ROOFING D NAILS WIRE FENCE D HARDWOOD FLOORING BEE I-IIVES D SUPPLIES Cottonwood Redding Anderson P. O. Box 158 Telephone Anderson 201 We Are Independent C. A. TANDY Distributor of SIGNAL Products LEE TIRES SIGNAL BATTERIES Anderson. California AI- HIGHTOWER'S SERVICE THE corrouwoon cnsmvnznv U. 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What trouble Adam had, No man in days of yore Could say, when Adam cracked a joke, 'Tve heard that one before. Judge: You admit you drove over this man with a loaded truck? Crowe: Yes, your honor. Judge: And what have you to say in your defense? Crowe: I didnlt know it was loaded. During an explanation Miss Lane said to a student, Did you follow me? Valris: Yes, except when you were between me and the blackboard. Miss Lane: UI try to make myself clear, but I can't make myself transparent. Teacher: Willie, spell weatherf' Willie: MW-I-E-T-H-O-U-R. Teacher: Sit down, Willie. Thatls the worst spell of weather we've had this year. Political Candidate: Will you join our party? Bright Young Thing: Certainly! When is it? Heroine tfranticallyl : Is there no succor? Voice from Audience: Sure: I paid two bits to see this show. Why is a pancake like the sun? - Dot's easy, answered the Swede: It rises out of der yeast, and sets behind der vest. Mr. Park: Hard work never killed anybody. Walter: That's just the trouble, father. I want to engage in something that has the spice of danger in it. Betty Broce was in love and anxious to hear the news. So youive seen daddy, darling? Did he behave like a lamb? she asked. Bob Carter: Absolutely! Every time I spoke he said 'Bah'l Grace White: Well, Brunetta, I graduate at the end of this month. Surprised? Brunetta: No, I've been expecting it for yearsf' Lowell Rogers: It's great, speeding along like this. Don't you feel glad you are alive? Kay: Clad isn't the word. I'm amazed. Mr. MacKaye: Who was the smartest in- Venter? Doss: i'Thomas A Edison. He invented the phonograph and the radio so people would stay up all night and use his electric light bulbsf' Mr. Tyler: Isn't it wonderful how little chicks get out of their shells? Riggins: What gets me is how they get in. Mrs. Harper: 'Tm reading a mystery book. Mr. Harper: Why, that looks like our house- hold budget. Mrs. Harper: It is. Mr. Broce: Son, your school reportnshows a lot of very low marks. How about it. George: Well, you see, Dad, everything's so high nowadays, I thought it was time some items were marked down. O Bill Richards, in bed with a cold? was told that he had a temperature. How high is it, doc? he wanted to know. A hundred and one. What's the world's record? Bob Kennicott's father was paying a visit to his son at the university, and thought it might be a good idea if they had their photograph taken. The photographer suggested that the son should stand with his hand on his father's shoulder. The father objected. It would be much more lifelike, he said coldly, if he stood with his hand in my pocket. They had lost their way in their new and ex- pensive car. There's a sign, dearg are we on the right road? With a flashlight he read: To the Poor- house. Yes, he answered. We're on the right road, hut we didn't know it. Rosemary Selland: My fiance is telling every- one in the navy that he is coming home to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. Mary Richards: Too bad, darling, after be- ing engaged to you for such a long time. Mr. Reid: Well, I received a note from your teacher today. Frankie: Honest? Give me a quarter and I won't breathe a word about it. Doctor, I'm scared to death. This will be my first operation. Sure, I know just how you feel. You're my first patient. Cherie Woods fto policeman at the cornerl : Please, Mr. Policeman, have you seen a lady without a little girl that looks like me? Jim Ruble 'Cto man he just ran over? : Hey, look out back there! Jess Moravec: What's the matter, you aren't coming back, are you? Q , w .. .. ...,. .' 15225-'5-au: 1, - 1,3395 .u X J . 14:2- . y A' , 1 . fm V' - ' . I 55 'b j3'i ' n I' . :T .F-.JV . af 'f--.J , J ' E w,E ,..., I l , : , , . V . l , , , V l f . 3, J , ,, 'J4.f. N 4 Z ff-'T , rr' fi' . -v n.:1,,:vw 7 - :YM .VI-1,-15 t:1:g?P5 :',f'Lf' if ' f:': ' ,, QV ' ,g:,'-1+ ..':1. rg-- ,' . x-. 5'-4, XL J 1 7 . -wv :K .1,..'- .-Jw. z-M ,, ff . -L Y 3. 3 if ly . . -, 'iffz-A .V .: Y- 17. Sf' . ' ff'7f Ll -wi-Z . 5 v , f . ,x G '. I - , 1' , 4 5 v J... 4 ' .A - ':, .- . .I 1 ., ' ' 1, V 1 I 3.. 1 x .f ..,,f . ,, .A 'Hi' ...Vw .. . ,. ' . J . . . M- , , .:.', -' lk , , 1 UE' . . ,, L I K Hz Q 1 1 ,,' 9 Z PI' , f f . 5 + 1, ' ' ' .1 Q w , f- , 5. ' +A , ,N --In -t. V T 'i , . aa 1 i. . 5 F V 4 I X J 4 -3 MW Mm iii 0 F S S' S' Jw' 2 if M 5 E QQ ix 5? My Gaiam E V .MM M wif Q so gf E 5 E V' 4-9 cr bl .B g . .31 if WS! 'faq Q! M2 xx Wim FX: ,Z,'Z2hUwww Z,,,,,m,ZZ!f4M0x f S S xg em. fs! WK, W, A E W E if W wtf Lmuwdiiixwa ffl-ff N W YE T X' . A 14 ri M M fx xx 2 A A ZWQWQWL ' Q, ip in 1 ix XQWW2 Q1 Q9 -1 -.

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